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Qfwk ,o, KIJUJJ Jf Y I7 Wi! 6 ,YL X 951, L Lfjppk WQLV PM D I, J ff fa 5 L' IWW ,Q cv' Ml '09 'fllwf X vb S, iv 0-P 10 - 5 1 Di Lv gavxo ,NSA 0 gflwjq kfqkvax Aa XV' !r,Vt9'6e swag y C Y' K f'A6,lf"'5 4,7 L7 . , I' A ,. Lb . r!,4,.fbfx 'lf MN, 617 Zeb ff' xy 0 J Q7 wth W 41' vb 0 L l Ll 5'0' frzlifo gk UM,-f. f' QA' VPU ALAD' - V70 L ALVLAXK cya lu-,Y ' :P QM VM? i VDO KZ' ,ff WL Zwllrf LMM1 , I aff :WW W 60 ,WW W IL! yyzkffi UIHIUK Nb! L3 ,UQ . If ,, 0,7346 ,I G I UZ Q '45 5' K' ' M ' 4ffLf!7 ,L ff X pf f 5 M9 wffo We fm A F ffm? f W9 wwf ,WWE fm W 5 f fjffv A mf' W A ,pf W MSM rl' 7 SEXY 1 WW Ex Um HQJ7'Gfbb 'Xs4' i,Ni v N3 R H5 3' -fx gag? NN 'Ma X Q 5 fx- ,X X P 51 ix K fx 7 S pg X X 'Qx cg V3 y 2 W J -N Vw , , WWX Q iq ig iw f' N X' Q' f J N N x wg ' w Xffjgjxxgggfm TQ fX,f' fl, X XXCJ 5' to ffm SX NP gS1wJ4, 1mgffQ5zvff3 x 51 , 5 X Q S 5 253 PXV X , , y mx V N N. Sfirilk 43,10 5 X ,WW ff 256 P5 P ws ii .,f,lQf,gi,lXC5 QU, QNXEX XggJLiQg!O54J ggi R it .v 1 A--.J ' ,xx 'mm ' ,Lx 1 ' V B45 wg I' gf xEJLxX,g95 Q X 5' Wgj VYQK ' -7 Zi, ,1 : Xi- MQ, gcxxgx -1 L' Elsinore High School l985-86 2l80O Canyon Drive like Elsinore, CA. 92330 1 5 El Lago Volume 57 I 'e Co-Editors: Colton Lawrence Kerry Shay Advisor: I' Ed Jones . i f A xx, 4 as A ' J 4 1 'I . ' ' A? SW' i I i F.. 5, 5' . 4 e F' f! -,ft ' ' np gs 5 I f egg'- ' fi .1 Q' fre? ,P , -I ffl, ,gi 5 2!TABLE OF CONIENTS CAMPUS LIFE .... . . .PAGIE I8 I SPORTS ,... ..... P AGE 40 SENIORS .... PAGE IO4 5 CLUBS .... ..., P AGE Iso UNDERCLASSNIEN .... .. Q f PAGE 1 A use FACULTY ...PAGE zoo CLOSING . . . .... PAGE no 4 TABLE OF CON NIQLIE 2'-,fa ff' Q H' , fx? ,ff ln! OPENINGX4 ,gm Mk.-4' wx 'lx Am if ff" 34 Qgxqxmyl 'YP QQQ XVQW? G53 Xtikf CNS' gf CAQYNQXX W, fe ffk W f9-SQ - A A ,f Q-. a,..AqL"'q-.K' xx fn, f,,' 1 ,ATX X Q x Nw, . 7 X , ,, if f Qsvsdi. Ax 1 , :gf ' 1- ,YV Jr K ' 'ii XGTENIIQGXS . W ss-if in WW . .:::. gssagg wiqmzzssssss- -.....gggiii,,"n"'.?c'f"m31---jigfij"""'iW'i'" "'i'F2E..,.,..,.T.,,.,.,-- ,f V... I mf'i-me-f-ff' - ' 1 ....... W .Iii 3... -2 W ffwz "" Lqtxwf 5Y ,Jf . ,.w1wiww:mww'. ,,.,., .... M1 ,---awww' m,,Wss.ws-s-e-.- 1' ""' 2 WWW- .--mg-, ,,.,...-...m.1....,.,...,.mc-'--H Y -een --fr -- ' M ....,,.mm...ww . xc XX QA XXXxX AXYXX A . XXXX. NXKWRH . , Wlxsxxxx xxw. No matter who you are, once you enter high school you are typecast as a certain type of person. You can try to escape your classification but in one way or another you will always be recognized as this type of person. lt seems that society uses a classification system to keep track of all those it is re- sponsible for. Perhaps this is the same reason why this prac- tice of titlng people diffuses it- self into the ranks of high school students. At every high school you uncover five dis- tinctive classes of students who are the prime elements of a schools social make-up. These five basic classes always in- clude the jock brain, cheer- leader socialite '. and the re- bel. As depicted in the hit mov- ie The Breakfast Club", there are genuine social barriers be- tween persons within these classes and the interaction be- tween these people may not al- ways be pleasant. However. the one thing that is certain is that it is vital for each person to co- exist in society and that classi- fications placed on us even though sometimes unjustly. are just another formality we en- counter when we engage in the high school social arena. Above: Spending many hours in the li- brary, Bruce Neilson is one of the many Elsinore students who excell in academ- ics. Above, right. With his outlandish style and "non-conformity" attitude. it is easy classifying Mike Proctor. Right: Cheerleaders Mandy Krouse. Yvette Fragoso, and Christina Bennett perform the ritual task of hanging WE BELIEVE IN posters for athletes. Right page: Terry Sisco. one ofthe well- known people at Elsinore. takes a break from swimming for a yearbook picture. Far right: Dedication, pain, and integrity is an accumulation of the traits that ath- letes like Brian Anderson possess. Q V I 'V .M 'mls i 'W WWMENQZW oPENlNGfe our Wm Iaii i E , , .X lx: v.-, -V ,vgxjxv V gl-nigh N Y yr K 1-X", Q '..A , hlX.J.J3.sls ,J X X3 bu i H T liilfli9e-was i K NW A ' S XM as eva t or t g g f mf' 1 z 'gc li 'f' C ' J-Tilt' gy :-- ' i Classify-Yourself? I couldn t classify myself because I m 'ust m - Lisa Pulsifer As a nobody with the world to know Alto know - Phillip Wright 'Ist rate' - Jerry Kuehl Friendly, a day dreamer, loud. moody, emotional" - Marcie Halliday 'As a scholar athlete - Tom Collins f 'X S X X xx? x KX l Y X' lxill X Xlxxxwl X. XAXX ws l l X lr 7 X fi vm If sf lc woe f ' N Us R, X ' -Q? X A, X K N , 'fx J AX x Q xiii R- M ' l P v ' ' Q w 1 , t,,,,r Q N C .- ,. , Q X l N V, 5 we can 6 N, at Us X ' f ,EX X 1 ,L N C jx X , W x J W f- N NJ X , x ' J I X 'Ls K X X X x l ' N X X 'X A N H A W 3 x Ju k ' X ' X T T 1 KN? X W N N . hx ' X X FN X 'Nl X X I K I - A . X l X X K 1 N , N X K K, N 4 X R B X L xc f Q X N X X N? A X J RQ! '31 N 1 X lx gl . fs f x i X W S' X .2 X 5 li I I N k ff l. e X C lx PN " X X as ss, X Q N X Q n 3 wa SR , ,Ex QC X H is 'ss Y N L lilac! , . ., 153' ..- g li . 5 "Fun-loving" - Chris Rich "Human" - Lorne Ellickson "Peppy and outgoing" - Paige Maurer "Crazy. Unique" - Kelly Wilkenson "A caring, Sensitive person who likes to have fun" - Ted Dorr "Modll" - Chris Johnston "Sporty, nice. Funny. Casual, and friendly" - Michelle Piper "Somebody who likes to talk a lot and have fun" - Adriane lrevino "Unclassifiable" Brandy Turrentine "Why classify yourself?" - Paul Plan- ansky and Karl Kooser O OPENINGX7 left: Wayne Kizler performs with the band at a home football game. Bottom: Seniors John Hadiis. Rosita Us- tariz. Tommy Luna, Jaymie Mora, and Scott Jessup participate in a graphically classic moment. Right: Ray Sweeney announces a special ASB activity. Middle: Seniors display their "Tiger" pride at a pep rally. Far right: Wendy Lions and her tiger pal watch an Elsinore football game. Bottom, right: Leo club members sponsor a candy fundraiser at a home game. WWJW 5 , ,- ZW WA fi ' , . Q4 , Sa 'Ni 1' , .V I. S. 'F !,!5iF fi' was ,-as b 5 45 ig! . 'a 3? Ei' x if 4 0 -Ju s .i. Every school has its own individ- uality. it's own kind of spirit and pride, but Elsinore High School has a unique kind of pride that can be best described in one word: Classic. We each have captured this spirit and pride in our own special way, creating memories that will last an eternity. Students this year have demon- strated their spirit in a variety of ways. At all the school functions this year, there was a higher rate of attendance than has been cus- tomary in the past several years. At all of the pep rallies. there was a tangible feeling of pride and ex- citement in the air. as all the stu- dents gathered together to display their spirit. Even the football games had bigger turnouts than usual, which generated fantastic results. Our football team won the " z'?2i':--I.- Sunkist League title for the first time in 52 yearsl Also, many dances were a success. such as the dance sponsored by the El Lago staff. This dance, which started off the year, created such a stir, that almost l,00O students attended and claimed that it was "the best dance the high school ever had." Despite opposing factors. such as the loss' of underclassmen to the new Temecula Valley High and the fewer number of students overall on the campus, the red fire of spir- it could not be extinguished. This year was outstanding among others for its high spirits and pride. Time spent among friends, attending school activities. and displaying our pride, all created memories of a classic time. A C s Of Our Ow Q V V 1 ef-,sw , , ,W QV11 E ...., Attending high school is a once in a lifetime experience! Not even college life can repeat the unique atmosphere that one en- counters when they ascend through the levels of high school. When we walk onto the campus, we leave the rest of our world behind and hence, we gather together to become a part of the most impressionable social phenomenon of our entire lives. A significant contribution to the make-up of our personal- ities is made during our high school years. Psychologists sug- gest that our experiences as a baby mold our personalities and that these early periods are cru- cial in the formation of whom we become. However, high school is a time in which these molds can be broken and per- sonalities are often times changed and even the simplelest form of behaviorism such as the way you dress can alter. Our personalities are definitely vul- nerable to flucuation during these years, but change is a con- cept that helps us to develop into our own selves and plays an important part in making us an individual. When we come to- gether as one student body, the most important thing to keep in mind is that no matter what you believe in, where you come from, how you dress, how you think, or what your hobbies are, you are an individual. You are in A CLASS OF YOUR OWN. Right: Shelly Dobbs' concentrates in- tently on an idea in her class. Right, far page: Elsinore High School stu- dents demonstrate who they believe in at a home football game. Far right: Rosita Ustariz enjoys riding horses in her spare time. Right, middle: Showing Elsinores tren- dier fashion. Gigi Gurgely, Cynthia Law- rence and Melissa Cleveland pose for a picture outside of Norco's dance club "After Eight". Bottom, right: Descending from Asia, Chantoze Kim and Pam Neal enjoy Elsin- ores easy-going campus life. OPENING! l0 if 5252 255252 24555 aah., 2 MU' '4'1, w, at , als? L 0 f f M ff , ,' A uf 1 , Q , 8 fs f , ' In , ,V , V , -A 'ig V t ' A V .5 , ,, . . 7 V V M .V 1 1 1- 4 U Q . 6, Vi Sew t ' . .ws ' f' ' ,nw . fl I , ,,.' I A it '. , S . " Wa. . ' 552: , ,W ., ' V 1' I 4 3 - . , f A W f v f 4 Q v r 4, A - W 1 r i' 157. , r s Vw r V H , 2 ,, I' , ' 1' f' SESS? ,, f 5 " . 'Win ff ' ' ,f 25,53 ' W Y , 1 fn 5 4 I ff ,, ' I . 9 few: l , ' 1' 1' , 4 ' 5, 'V J W , X, 4, ,V by , . 1. ff ., 9 , A .Y .. . V . 'Q , : A L. asm' f if ' wi 0 ' " " ,, 7, gg, 2 ,, . ,w W Q. LJ: , .V P- 1 VW WV? - ,V a V I ,if VV V , 2 ' ,, 4 ,f ' -V -nw v , Ai U , , ' J 31. - . MU, ' ,, f., cf t, ,. , 'W ,, W 1 ' .Q 91, ' Q' ' R . 1? , f " .2 W' if , - ,,,, V . . A ' fyiy . .V ' . ' ' , 4 1 . ' af Mi ' Q, f '. 4 , , I ,Z f - M i Q39 , . , if u ,W W , , 4 . 'Y' s ,, ,Eg I ,Q ., f 4 , ,, 3 f- M ,I 3153? , , w e 'G , 'S M' ' , My 1 W VV . ima 1 f , ' L H, ' , if-f ,, 92232: ., - ' ,547 ' 1 , ,V My VV .. is ' A 'li' ' A it i i - ,,,Lf" S r , , f i , r 55,352 M . f, W fab., V ,V ,wma ., . V VV .V , , iVN.,mV,V i ,Q V7 1 " s, , 7 Af ' I ' fm s M , hw, 'KS ' eh, ' VV ' I .V EV ,X , W V V Q t ni 4 me . , C, - ,- f , ,Aww A' f ,g 4 ' I 4 -Q . he .::::.::'fs2.sx1:-:-: - -:-. , SH aw wwgggmggwqggopnasiwwx' :2.-a -f- -..:.:. .: ::- Mg M-f.mgmm.z wmv M Wwmmww N - Wu 'W M 'TL ------ m e s- 2 wiyajigwws 13:3 - sf' s- .2-5:i:f1r :s s: 2gg?SSQS2 fiflvfizvizzgii'SSSQSWQQFQSSQ H Y f4ffz::5::?2W xl? F5 .pf ould you consider yourself in a class of your own? If so. why? 4- M E I X in ,N OPENING! I I A Q Y .1-1 5 , . C1 Xf-' A if-f"k':4f.., W,"+H, X , rfb-,5fi'Y,fff: fn I 3 L A Y - ,fr f 1 " " ' ' " 'fi'-2-f45ig+z?zQif5'i-2 X, - vv -211 4 - , Q-1 Ugmzzfx Q Ii" ' -l ,ll f 'wil ., .4-46' ' --rs l, , is K 111 f u 1 Top, left page: Nena Alvarado and Samantha San- chez: A heavy metal education. Bottom, left page: Kevin Petterson takes advantage of one of EIsinore's two pools during physical educa- tion, lnset. left page: Biology teacher Mr. Sopp explains the dissection procedure to Eric Velk and Natalie Herrle. Left: Determination and perseverance amply de- scribes Elsinore's award winning band. Bottom. left: Kevin Jenkins works on a home eco- nomics class project. Bottom. right: Typing students learn new and useful skills on the schooI's modern equipment. I - K- -,gf',.".'.xi. IO 'l las 'Z :"' X 'Q A Fxx mf., Q T , l K Q , mfy X, 0 . xi, .JTZQ fs Y-V liliffnl r f 'y 5:5-,txglif Ql'f':F: i - H. . ,,, 4, iris' n -all :L ll' 73 Variations on an education: each classroom at Elsinore High is filled with students who have something different to learn. Every student on our campus has different goals and dreams: yet. they work to achieve them on a common ground. The Classroom. Guidance for the future comes from exper- " . I - 4 K, ienced. capable hands. and EUHS's stu- dents welcome it with enthusiasm. No mat- ter what the future might hold. EUHS stu- dents are confident in the knowledge that they will be prepared. For. in the class- room, they have received an educa- tion. Stud nts 'S ? ZZ 53 :mf SE 'Eiga I S2352 33252 Egan . is Si if O P E N I N G X I 4 M ,, fm i 'fy ""' WWW "" ""' W "" W Wijwran- WQEWSQHTHW T:Zx'mNrWwgg,W xwQm1xwrw' W Mar-We- M .wfmm NWS? fm ..... M NN M5352 fe W, Ag .wW',:?,35, 5g . :, 2i. wKgygg-ggfwmwx WM - - - 1 H .. M -0, 4100 'N-.J I , , Q I J ffm' f3'a'1 4 9. The mask crusader Matt Leonard inter- rupts Cwyenne Corral and Susan Kin, Ioch during a conversation. 315' Brian Stekkinger labors on a plant pro- ject in plant science, Undoubtedly there is a reason'for Jerry Baker's grin. , . Tall Flag members Jana Baxter. Christi- na Pancoast. and Claudia Alarcon take 52 a break at practice. OPENTNGXIS We Love You Cournoyer ? Fr nn- is Mmwfxfi sun-.mn-sinus r if .rr- . ,,.,,. n, .f..ans-"..'L"I""'-'M ....:4...g2,, DEDICATIONX I 7 -.NNY . xxx XL X ISXCAMPLIS mm. I 1 um' , qu :fav -nv ' ' CAM PUS LIFE! I9 W--Ti' Q9 sig'-fav in 655635115525 40: BN-'N'-10 'QP Xefej 7 Q Qihfvj Daniele Smith, our beautiful queen, with escorts Robert Ervin and John Hadjis 5 I 4j ll Homecomin Court Aja Christy Brown. Kyle Man- ' derscheid. and Jim Brown Denise Yanagisawa. Wilfred Yanagisawa and Karl Kooser 1 1 Mg if-it" ...ew -5 . J 7""LfrYX X iii! .f D xx Wwe ' R .laymie Mora, Gilbert Mora, and Ricky Winters Angie Baldwin. Joe Bal- dwin, and Richard Trotter HOMECOMINGXZI Homecomin . . . ay I. Students participate in Halloween Dressaup day during Homecoming Week. 2- The EUHS band performs at Homecoming half-time. , H5 . .YY Q X if gf 5 ,. 4, 'fi WM' 2 f , 3. Juniors show their spirit on Halloween Dress-up Day. 4 4. A member of the Coiorguard does her routine at half-time. can -Y. HOMECOMINGXII f Celebration very year, when Homecoming rolls around. one can assume that A.S.B. has some special plans to lake the week. and the night a success. Preparations for this time begin months ahead. sometimes ven as early as September. Every year. it is the goal of A.S.B. to put on a week of fun for the students s well as to put on an original show on the night of Homecoming. Sure, wk have traditions. but ..S.B. tries to come up with a "surprise" for the evening. This year, that surprise came as the Matt ouston helicopter dropped the football onto the field in order to start the i985-86 Homecoming ame. There were other activities during Homecoming week as well. Some of these were Lip-Sync ontests. new Dress-up days, and Balloon sales. One thing is sure. no matter which activity one mined. it had to be enjoyable because of all the spirit and excitement that were prevailing during the 'eek. When the evening finally arrived. it was perfect. Many old alumni returned. the band gave a reat performance at the ceremony, and the spirit of celebration was high. -. 4 exp pc-1,-. , fe l- The Matt Houston helicopter. 2- A group of returning alumni 3- The cheerleaders were at the game in order to induce the encouragement a winning team needs. 'Hi if a x A is fn' gp I H . I 'Q Xe" WY, 1' wvim fig., firms! M W A M '. The Wonderful Worl al ., if ' 7 N lf' 1 3: A A Q ., l ik NX: ww ff? ,,,z .ff X X , g if 5 Jaw . V , , 4 Xue. J FN ' L Q ':. X 1? 'J A Zz HOMECOMlNG!24 f .15 f Make-Ba Iieve Junior Princesses. Lindy Delph and Jennifer Allsup Sophomore Princesses lonia isqueda and Anne Marie Proctor af uw Y A w . ,tl V Q s, V U W? H - ei 0 ' in QA :fd ff.. - , -:sf "pg ' Q ff' fir ' 32.2 RH 'Y' ' 'Msg ivmag. it , i 1 v ':?.Z Q-3 1 'X i iff In a picture nl gallanlry, knight and horse galloped across the field and delivered the new Queens name to the announcer 4. Freshman Princesses. Christie Ridgeway and Alisa Coakley X 'I Lo k-Out 86 X f sm s With an increase in the tide of tardies during the 85-86 school year, the administration devised a tough lock-out policy to curb this troublesome problem. Teachers were instructed to lock their classroom doors once the final bell had sounded. Students still outside of their classes were forced into a retaining area where they remained for the duration of the period. In addition, they were assigned after-school detentions for this same infraction. Most of the student body was quite upset with this policy and voiced disapproval through protests, "sit-outs". and committees established by the House of Representa- tives. However, even though the lock-out may not have been the perfect solution, both students and administrators realized that tardies had been a problem and the lock-out was effective in convincing students to reach their classes on time. Upper Right: Sheli Armstrong discusses the dilemma she has got herself into. Right: Scott Jessup enjoys a leisurely day in retention. Bottom Left: Richie Rabb questions a delin- quent student as Raphael Navarro pleads her case or maybe his own. Bottom Right: Some unfortunate students prolong their last few moments of freedom before entering the black hole, E I ,nf if LOCK-OUTXIS M . -l - TAL szeafmirfxxu y . ,,,,, I W' XB ...s,,, K: K N. 2 for .. .A gh : 4, X . ----L' - i 6 f 5 JkQ5Jf75iffA 5 ' 1. m .,LLL11 L ,sm-. J if Y' '11 f 33 'V Nagy, wsu f ' ,V X, ' s, ' T - 13 , N Qi . ' 'W ,Ji w- Ky ' if If . W X. , M, - . ,Mm- luw. ' , , ,y wif ' X' , , Z -N., 'ka' ggi., wa. .fkml f Right: Mr. Boyer and friends A iv welcome you to their sanctuary, Left: Ms. Johnson. Mr. Gwen, and Mrs. Wirth inform captured students of the planned activities. Bottom Left: No Food or Drinks . . . or Liberty. C0 ,4.5:-M:-".-'.55:f-E5:i:1:5:1:1:I:I:-:-5', ,.g.aj 'ZfI'f'.'IgI'sf'2'I'2'f'igIji'i'If EJ Food OP Dmri F ' A .'. nut:- EE uf'-'51 .'I'2'. ' "E+:-'1 .:'f'?'?513-'i"3'Wm'i:"s 'nk F9 '--1 ff:-:-Q, - LOCK-OUT 27 f ., ssociated Student Bod 5, Svsea' 1: 3 3 NN. On shoulders: fleft to rightj Paige Maurer. Hallie Furr, Adriane Trevino. Cindy Delph. Top row: fleft to rightj Ray Sweeney, Mike Shoemaker, Colton Lawrence, Matt Preilipp. Christy Brown, Denise Yanagisawa, Chris Hamill, Boni Yanagisawa. Cindy Sanchez, Theresa Bolton, Greg Gonzalez. Bottom Row: fleft to rightj Sherry Ratliff. David Skousen, Paige Ashbrook, Jill Haworth, Gina Alexander, Cathie Rich, Antonette Wilson. Officers Take Pride This year our Associated Student Body was truly an inspirational group. Their main goal was to get the students in- volved in the activities. There were many motivating students in ASB this year. Through their leadership and perseverance they got the students in- volved in the activities and made them a success. ASBD8 The most important activities that the ASB was responsible for this year were the Teacher Appreciation Week and our Homecoming 85-86. Our student leaders took pride in their work and it showed! They made this year a year for all of us to remember. SENIORS - Top row: fleft to rightj Christy Brown. Colton Law- rence, Adriane Trevino, Chris Hamill, Denise Yanagisawa. Bot- tom row: Cleft to rightj David Skousen, Sherry Ratliff, Mike Shoemaker. Theresa Bolton, Ray Sweeney. espi n N O O Q rue Origin I awww Thespian Troupe I796- A group of originals bonded by a sense of unity created especially for themselves. These are the Drama Departments elite and each of them has contributed something unique to Archie's Castle. Each carries his own brand of stardust into The Old Bat's domain, dispersing energy. color, and light within a menagerie that is never dull. And onto The Old Bitty's stage, they bring a spark of warmth, combining reality with imagination. becoming a fresh breath in the life of the theatre. Utilizing, but not robbing their own individuality, these I 5 have created a family that laughs, loves. cries and cares. Together they follow the lead of one truly cherished lady. Although most call her Mrs. Cain. she answers to many titles. Old Witch-Old Bag-Old Bat-Old Bitty- Old Hag-Drama Mama-Teacher-Tyrant-Friend Not always complementary perhaps. except that in the eyes of a Thespian. each name means only Beautiful. The family over which this incredible lady presides is held together by secure bonds created of a well established trust. As a group they are iridescent. each another tone, hue, or nuance in the prism of their unity. They are a group full of sound and fury. best described as a current of energy and light. Nowhere on any campus can such a diverse and long standing union be found. The Thespians are as original as the first solo line and as immortal as the stage itself. Q -Diggs N g XX GQ A AX Thespians are special people who reach for their goals and dreams . . . Heather Young To all the "Wanna's": In order to make it you must not talk, not interrupt, and never be caught with a banana Paul Brum- mond Oh I hate her, I just can't stand that girl , . . Kim Fox They say there is life beyond the stage, I refuse to believe it Paul Davidson In my Academy Award accep- tance speech, please don't think I forgot about all of you people I care so much about- You'll be y "The Others" I don't have time to mention . . . Terry Parker Can't do anything this weekend, l'm going to Irvine Erin Zahl Great things come in small pack- ages . . . Mitzi Arndorf y But Donny said , . . Misty Gasper- son Wait a minute I'm in charge- Donny doesn't own the building ...ABC "Act Well Your Partz There II The Honor Lies" Oh Mrs. Cain, they will never know . . . Donny Harvey Being that the true stars of EUHS are graduating this year, my deep- est sympathy is expressed to the amateurs who remain. May God help you . . . Kim Oven- shire Whatever happened to Heather Suva . . . Heather Suva DONNY! I found this filthy scene, you are going to love it . . . Vesper Cleary No Way Vesper! I will not say that on stage . . . Donny Harvey I'lI be the first to admit we are all a bunch of hams-lt's just that some of us stand out more than others Paul Davidson . . . Laurie Brown If you only have one goal in life: set your sights, reach for the sky, and don't ever give up. In this you will find success . , . Charice Leabo To be successful in theatre, one must be truly devoted, and devo- tion takes discipline Heather Mclnnis Others dreams may die with them - mine will live on as long as you ... Jenny Stekkinger THESPIAN!29 El Lago Presents . J? gkkadgfghaa After two years of dormacy, the Winter Semi-formal was revived by the El Lago staff on January 20. i986 at the Pala Mesa Country Club. Only two hundred tickets were available to the dance, and ticket sales prices were 520. per couple and S I2. single. The dance, which was appropriately titled "A Touch Of Class" featured Alex Starway as DJ. while Albert and James captured the evening on film, with excellent couple pictures and unique can- dids. James also provided helium balloons, adding a special touch to the night. Voting for the Senior turn-a-bout King and his under- classmen court took place as the couples began arriv- ing at 8:00pm. At lO:3Opm the underclassmen court was announced. Tim Daily received the most votes for freshman prince, while Scott Cartier and Brian Bainbridge captured the sophomore and junior titles. respectively. After a few anxious minutes, Chris Hamill was an- nounced the King of the Winter Semi-formal. Hamill. who is on ASB, yearbook. and is a varsity soccer player, was escorted by Kim Haskins. The dance, which was dubbed the Freshman and Sophomore prom by the minority seniors, ended at l:O0am but due to the success of the semi-formal, the dance will become an annual event at Elsinore High. Semi-formal couples dance the night away. Admist the balloons. couples rest and enjoy the snacks sew in :Swim RWM M ia W -at NWSMWJ swf CW' is ' GofWfb"'y.,SW' f5Wf'Mw'V'p.gSs "V MMM .Els SP QMGSWPO SEMI-FORMAIJ30 3 Cristina Reeves and Brian Smith. ,ax Rafael Olvera shows off his new dance steps learned only the night before. Terry Cole and "lady friend" jam to the tunes chaperoned by nearby couples. . Q ' ' P :LM X Dan Eastland gets caught quenching his thirst. MS. Boyle presents Chris Hamill with his Turnabout King plaque and crown. I 4 SEMIVFORMALXSI i utureFarmers i The Future Farmers of America is a national organi zation of students enrolled in vocational agricul ture courses. Their purpose is to strengthen th4 confidence of students of vocational agriculture il themselves and their work. The Elsinore FFA is one of many chapters in South ern California and stands out among them. The members followed a program developed by thq chapter officers. The officers were: President - Hol ly Balla, Vice President - Dan Beard, Secretary i Jennifer Ford, Treasurer - Randy Mora. Reportery Gloria Obregon, Sentinel - Aaron Blooding, anl Historian - Linda Rivera. Activities of the FFA included exhibiting livestocl and displaying landscapes at such fairs as the lndif Date Festival and the Hemet Farmers' Fair. Thl members also participated in competitions dealing with parliamentary procedure, public speaking, and livestock, vegetable and floriculture judging. The l985-86 year proved to be rewarding, one filled with hard work and determination. The besl of luck goes out to the graduating seniors, whc after growing through and working with the FFA will be the producers of life's necessities. 4 Imam. -I ,V 1 Wendy Gaylor H I Denise M skowilz K chad Memes t ' Co-President Advisor V gdem ,fm 1 , . "I am very excited to have a SADD chapter on the Elsinore campus". "It is the first time, and I am willing to do anything I can do to help the organization meet its goals and objectives." "We can be the best SADD chapter in Riverside county," said the SADD advisor Denise Moskowitz. SADD stands for Students Against Driving Drunk. The specific goal of every SADD chapter is to reduce the number of deaths and injuries to teenagers and adults alike due to drunk driving accidents. 9' Lisa Magill 1... PIPU Stephanie Estes David Skousen Q V ce P es: E Co T easurer ' ' S.A.D.D.!PG. 33 +I L ge D scape from lsitraz 0 Institute To Derange Students 5 A Qf mn W., It W t g? ' Q 1 in M W my ,A My t The "Sneaking pas! the Knark" Method "Step on it, Norm!" FEATUREXS4 . M R I 1 4 A lockout system, students have been ultimately thwarted in - lf you closely examine the Elsinore High campus. you can see that It's everywhere and almost every student has lt! like a contagious epidemic. the disease is widespread and can strike upon any unsuspecting student. This disease has been diag- nosed by the students as senioritis. ditching, cutting class, taking a one-day vacation, or making a three-day weekend. However, the administration has addressed this disease as tru- ancy. Whatever you wish to cail this disease is irrelevant. for your chief concem is HOW to escape! Because of the fierce opposition, it takes great skill and clever planning to break loose from the confinements of Elsitraz. A student, who is attempting to make his escape. must devise a plan to elude the three most powerful adversaries in Elsitraz. However, it takes the most diabolic calculations and accurate timing to successfully delude the three ferocious. ominous looking. walkie-talkie armed guardsmen. The first method, and possibly the most risky. is the "driving out the gate before anyone can stop you" trick. This entails great courage. good timing, and a fast car in order to pull it off. Another technique used to break free from Elsitraz is the old "forging an excused note to leave school" trick, This method requires accurate forgery and an abundance of luck that the lady in the attendance office will believe the validity of the note. One other strategy, and the most clever one. is the "put- ting friend Qor friendsj in car trunk and driving out the gate." This method can prove to be very successful if one is not seen and the friendqsy can sustain their laughter. Another tactic that can be used, when one is in P.E, or terribly desperate. is the "running out the back gate, where an accomplice is waiting in a get-a-way car." This. also. involves precise timing and an ability to run quickly. Another way in which a student can make his adieu, without the careful scheming and planning. is the bold method of Unonchalantly walking out the front gate, while your conspirator arrives in a car." This method demands an immense amount of audacity and spunk in order to pull off, One other method in which one can steal away from the restricted campus is the "sneaking out the side gate. where your comrade drives out to pick you up" trick. This technique can prove to be victorious if the escapee's departure goes unnoticed, The last method. which is the most daring and rash, is used only by a student who is daring and desperate. This method is the "climb- ing over the fence" trick and should be used only in emergen- cies. iQ 4 After perceiving the growing amount of apprehended students due to their failed attempts. it is obvious that escaping Elsitraz has become more and more difficult to accomplish, Due to .. ' '.' the added restrictions. the car towing. and the modern their unauthorized attempts to leave the campus. However. the school system is not invincible. and there still remains a selected few who possess the cunning to make off towards the ouside world, undetected. fa' get S3441 737 'Qgigvmw ?"""'g. The "Stowaway" Method W- '21 SPM k tfvg -. - L. V4 -14:63 , . K K 'E ssc , wil .4 ., . 4 g g ef-., , F . 'gfE":fa-- 'Tr 'Q C' - 1 " - i 2 1 if " f 6 sri' " 'gl fi fn iff. tea- . . sie, - , .-.. .W . .L .V , K '-: - Y 4- ifqix R X A ue.4,'5y, - . F hion I O O A Style That Will Never Rest! he -.-,Y time ZCCEIHS Nx A lx X s. . X Q ...af . 'oi 9569 X2 co we , e -:JN QC V ado' Agni . vY3'ls igawt an Darren Restad and Tammi Fields enjoying the scenery in casual clothing of mb Aliooge 5 baggie trousers and loose dress shirts. Tammis' style accented by suspend- Wye xjaacyet. ers. - Nu! l me 36 S' 'N as gf S Ave' .K .. frnsnggitg Q Q '- gfxisggfwktf Y' ... . S " i 4 ' " M- A s - gf ii- . . , NS Mfg X K ' Sr , f W -5 and L.l Style belongs to those who do things right. because it would never occur to them to :lo things any other way. Frankly. Elsinore isn't the fashion capital of the world. though it does have its assets. Elsinore, like any other school, has its fashion wars. and those who participate have high potential in the fashionindustry. l'he desire to be unique sprung into the thought patterns of many E.U.H.S. students. even though some "trendies" remain. Trends of the past are no longer significant to the dress of the stylist. Anything is a possible outfit in the mind of the contempest with transending taste. Mixing the expected with the unexpected brings out a style that will never rest. Most of the 'SS-'86 years clothing is a mixture of appearals from the '40's through the '70's eras. with the present clothing of the '80's forming the unique style that keeps away from fashion trends. Fashion and style -are the main factors anywhere. Any one can be "in" fashion. but it takes a real stylist to develop a personal style. All questions of fashionable dress these days revolve around what one achieves and how the person achieves it: since we are, compassionately, well beyond the era of idle people being admired for the ways they shape their idleness. The pity is that so much of what is most lauded these days as achievement Qlargely consisting of single- minded persuit of wealth, fame or powerj, is so lacking in style. Tibor Fekete shows his unique style mixing prints with a silky look. Below: Jamie Mora flashing her basic style of Ioosly buttoned sweater, large turtle- neck, strechable cotton pants accented by paisly socks. DAN DILL, RICH McALPINE, AND HAROLD BEASLY ,WMM W TRACY LEWIS AND MICHELLE HARRIS MIKE PORTER, CHRIS RICH, AND WAYNE WILLIAMS ,0- ' JENNY PETERSON AND LORI COOK ' ,AC mmW'f?w.mM Xa NANCY RICE AND BETH KIRK fp ZW 1 ,W .4 x an V f , . K J, . I l Iii' f .I H L : I ,K , A 5 . 9 ' 15 Wifi ERIK ROGERS AND SCOTT CAMPBELL TRACY MITCHELL AND ROBIN BOSWELL I J' 'GU ,- LEFT TO RIGHT: KARL KOOSER. TERRY SISCO, BRIAN SMITH, ROB PETERS. AND CHRIS MURRAY. BOTTOM ROW, TODD LEE, MIKE PORTER, MIKE NUNNALLY. SCOTT CAMPBELL, AND SCOTT STEW- ART. PAUL RUTHERFORD AND RAFAEL NAVARRO , III if riend AndM morie ACCORDING TO WEBSTER'S DICTIONARY, FRIEND MEANS A PERSON WHOM ONE KNOWS WELL AND IS FOND OF, INTIMATE ASSOCIATE: CLOSE AC- QUINTANCE: A SUPPORTER OR SYMPHATHIZER, OR A PERSON ON THE SAME SIDE IN A STRUGGLE. BUT ALL THOSE WHO HAVE EXPERIENCED A 3SPECIAL BOND WITH ANOTHER PERSON, KNOWS THAT FRIENDSHIP IS NOT BADEQUATELY DESCRIBED IN WORDS. IT'S A UNIQUE RELATIONSHIP WHERE YOU HAVE TO GIVE YOUR ENTIRE SELF CYOUR CARE, RESPECT. LOYALTY, SUPPORT, AND LOVED, BUT, THE SPECIAL THING IS THAT IT DOES NOT SEEM AS IF YOU ARE GIVING ANYTHING AT ALL. YOU ARE MERELY BEING YOUR- SELF. AT OUR SCHOOL TWO THOUSAND STUDENTS ARE THROWN TOGETHER FOR A TOTAL OF 36 MONTHS. THESE STUDENTS ARE FORCED TO SHARE ENDLESS CLASS HOURS. LUNCHES, AND SCHOOL ACTIVITIES. OUT OF THESE 36 MONTHS, INTENSE AND BEAUTIFUL RELATIONSHIPS ARE FORMED, EVEN- TUALLY BLOOMING INTO NEVER-ENDING FRIENDSHIPS. WE MAY GRA- DUATE FROM HIGH SCHOOL. ENTER INTO A NEW LIFE AND BEGIN NEW FRIENDSHIPS BUT, NO MATTER HOW FAR AWAY WE ARE, THE MEMORY OF THE FRIENDS FROM HIGH SCHOOL WILL NEVER DIE. CECILIA GONZALEZ AND ANDREA FULLER ,ff -'K . -..- 'wk 'gk BEST FRIENDSH9 40! SPORTS ,, 4 .r' 4 an 'V T w we 'X SPORTS! 4 I has Paul Bennett drops a Rim running back for a loss of 6 yards. N s ee-. lkgnkw A - f ,ae :Wt V it Larry Tiner goes for a gain of S yards. at at at W Y Y c and physically. My goals never changed during the season, even when we werefin a slump. I knew we would pull ourselves out. No my goals never changed. I never gave up . . . I knew it would happen for us. No one had a doubt, and Coach Blakemore always had faith: that faith brought lOO'Xa out of each and every one of us. Our team goal was to become the Sunkist League Champs, A5 A TEAM IVE ACHIEVED THAT GOAL", A eee j aaag g PAUL BENNETT a.,,..,.f.,... "I was indeed fortunate to have played on the First Elsinore High School Sunkist league championship football team since l937." "Although we started out 0-4, the team and coaching staff never gave up on our goal of becoming League Champions. Key players suffered numerous injuries which kept them out of important League games, but substitute players rose to the occasion which led to our perfect league record of My personal complimergtsgo to the coaching staff for their confidence in me and for being able to get the most out of the talent available, which afforded each player the confidence to know that we were always capable of beating anyone we faced. I especially thank the coaching staff and my teammates for a com- memorative year." ERIC VELK. 4 , Q VARSITY FOOTBALL!42 main was to be the iiii at m abilig bgqf B een Done This season proved to be a collection of pain. strain, but most importantly . . . gain. These fine athletes pulled themselves together from an O-4 start jo the most impressive finish in Elsinore High Schools history. One season no one will ever forget. The first time in 47 years the Tigers brought home the Championship and an undefeated Sunkist League Title. The key to this years success? Dedication in practice. dedication with desire to win was even higher. What made this "team" so special? The the advantage and foundation of strength that the Nteantffgdrew from. g g The standard the football players epitomized was high, but the ability and desire to win was even higher. What made this "team' so special? The pride and teamwork each and every player possessed. They never doubted their abilities, nor their faith. Their confidence had built up after their first four games, knowing then that they were going to go out there and do it. They were confident that at some point and time they would win . . . and they did! CONGRATULATIONS CHAMPS sheila l. K y ll tie.. r R . l . O' C- ci.. .sce ...A is A .eis A W V '- fr M' fr e- ...M . A . . 1 - 5 v f ..e.. I I --f f L . - L Tiger Football: the year of the no-name champions "The best team in 47 years."- Coach Blakemore But " ogethe "There is NO FEAR when Jim Myrick Mourton gn all out to ball. Standing tall and proud is Brian Anderson, contemplating on his next play. Something related to war, thats what it is when the Tigers are on the'Field, 44fVARSlTY FOOTBALL ri Q, Aw.. ey All Becam UU Wx ,N rf E if .Q y W AN. gf-M, , ,,,,, The critical seconds begin here with Eric Velk and Paul Bennett! No one can alter the strength of Tom Collins and Greg Berry. ' QXWN ' QS. A 4 ul Mug-K2 'wa ' T- 5' ..... Q . A X - is eeee 23, e X ff . 1 fn 'W km . 'kwa VARSITY FOOTBALU4-5 Power And Prid We did really well this year, and next year is not going to be an exception. Wedid really well this year, and next year is not going to be an exception. Being quarter- back for the Junior Varsity squad, I felt a sense of Pride, a pride which one obtains by playing on a Varsity team. It was a great feeling going out on the field and winning on both squads. Playing on both Varsity and Junior Varsity gave me a chance to go out there and experi- ment, and find- my true abilities as an athlete. I felt more at ease on the JV field, I felt like I c o u I d t ry n e w things, where as on Varsity' l had the feeling of more seri- ousness and Pride to be a part of this squad. Yes I feel next year we are go- ing to go out there and work as a team. The pride and the will we have ob- tained through this JOVQ seasonwvill carry on for the remainder of S 0 PP. our High School years. 26 Bloomington Harold Beasley. S Yucaipa 26 Rim 38 Notre Dame 30 Banning . - . 4 ,Ngy wr, gt, J2wt,,.A, K fm :V - A SA 13?-i2l7,2'7"5 W 'ff mg For It is a Frosh football player rushing g i a ya d advantage in the h B wll1Sl I 3rd quarter un , u h!" Everyone feels the pain when one team is losing. But the Varsity team was always there to Help. . . Pete Ackerman- Frosh Football Stats EHS OPP I8 Bloomington 0 I2 Yucaipa 7 3l Rim 0 O Temecula 33 33 Banning 25 an Sll'El1 gth, Tommy Stevens goes for the winning FROSH FOOTBALU47 All league player Lori Cook. spikes the ball 1 Lori Cook X L Denise Marcell V. VOLLEYBALU48 ' , ' icki Mashek V Coach DaVolt I Karen Breitwig -if ff, .W ,Q 'J " Q 1 ll , 99, K l Kelly Wilkenson fl? 'L , ' . 'x , -1, 5 ,wi.i,jf5 kk"' 4 in Kim Haskin if f i, A Rebuilding Year For Varsit Spikers I was personally proud of all my players. This year our varsity volleyball team finished in fourth place in the Sun- kist League. The team's goal was to get second place in league, but a few key losses slipped them into fourth and out of contention for a CIF playoff berth. The team was a young team consisting of three sen- iors, five juniors and one sopho- more. This year was considered a rebuilding year for the team. Coach Billie DaVolt had this to say about the season, "The I985 varsity volleyball season might be remem- bered by some as a building year. Although we are graduating only three seniors, I hope their final sea- son brought them some good feel- ings about themselves and their in- dividual talents. An outstanding match against Yucaipa and an all- league selection of Lori Cook may seem small compared to what could have been. Iwill remember the I985 season because of the outstanding young ladies who comprised the team. Many laughs and a few tears. but mostly laughs." Becky Stackhouse and Lori Cook block a spike. i g,Varsity Schedule EHS OPP 0 Yucaipa 3 3 Notre Dame 2 3 Bloomington 3 0 Rim 3 3 Banning Q 3 Notre Dame 5 3 Bloomington I 0 Rim 3 3 Banning 1 ' Yucaipa 3 3 Yucaipa 3 0 Notre Dame 3 1 Bloomington 3 0 Rim 3 3 Banning 0 The varsity team smiles brightly for the camera. V VOLLEYBALU49 ' We've come ia long way. This year our JV volleyball team had quite a struggle. They won only three matches and lost twleve, Under the coaching of Lisa Gal- lagher, they learned how to grow as a team and accept the season as it was. They are great athletes and have a good future ahead of them. Tough Season Fo: Cindy Delph bumps the ball to the opponent, E 4 A E ' 5 0 in H The JV team is as follows: Coach Lisa Gallagher. Kari Lessner. Debra Hopkins. Vivian Berry, Chrissy Tabor, Tammy Sprague, Cindy Delph, and Jamie Baldwin. JV VOLLEYBALU50 nwmwwww X 5 'W E': I, Qi 3? wi, i i wg? 1 ivv4,.,- ...,., ...,,.. N ,W p S- ag' Q. t 4 ff' Q9 Q M 4 5 1 ff, ff' Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Wel- come to Elsinore Union High School. To- night's game is nearly underway. We are proud to bring out the starting five for the Tigers. At center is Senior Erik Rogers, at forward is Junior Shasean Greer, at the other forward is Sophomore Derrick Campbell, at one guard is Sophomore Reggie Hernandez, and at the other guard is Junior Matt Mart- land. As the two teams file onto the court, the referee brings out the game ball. The tip goes to the Tigers and is passed up court to Matt Martland for an easy two point breakaway! ONE HOUR LATER . . . "Well this is the fourth quarter and the Ti- gers are only up by two". A Banning guard steals and scores, and it's now a tie game. Coach Roger Blake calls a time out to go over Elsinore strategy NOW LATE IN THE FOURTH QUARTER . . . "With I2 seconds left on the clock and the scored tied at 54. One of the Banning guards makes a quick drive to the basket, is picked up by Erik Rogers, but makes a great pass to a Banning forward who scores a lay-up as the buzzer sounds. That is the game and the Tigers have to face another frustrating losing effort. "Well now for our post game interview. To- night it will be with Coach Roger Blake of the Elsinore Tigers". Coach Blake, now that the season has ended, could you please tell us how you feel about the teams performance this year? This season was a disappointing one. On every successful team there are many little things peeded to win close games. However. they did improve immensley. After winning only six games out of twenty two in the sum- mer, they bounced back to finish this regular season with nine wins and thirteen losses, I am looking forward to next year. The future is bright . . . ll BASKETBALU52 Wibfgg . ei NN Xl 115.5 ... ij: ,Q ,V 'X M 'F X A - ,K S rila. . -. 4 g Q HTS: v 2 f L l W x. A g ' 9. X K ri M P It arf as ,K ef glii?-Hifg. fr fl Q A Y , K X , 5,33 A , f N " N k it X gf 4 fr rg. X x Q' X X P . M e 6 - ,gg we-.-1i322..,a. if - T 1' r ' ' , Q, g.,,jg1 .:1n5kf+kQ-ich' . ' ' K' 4 X S -fr may ...A t vgyfgg X T , 'X Ffa 5 iif'b5?3t XL W l1Jfm4 Q .. S,-S, jess? 555 , :gg if fiffig 4 5' ii is ' The spirit of the team is the critical differencel a Ladyluc 'ssin Thi eason7 ....,, E '.,,P 3 'b. S- HOYS BASKETBALL, BACK ROM Reggie Hernandez. Kyle Manderxcheid. Tony Moramarco. Erik Rogerx. Eric Velk. Robby Young, Derrick Campbell, BOTTOM ROW: Coach Blake. Gilbert Smalls. Shasean Greer. Matt Martland, Asst, Coach Steve Sparkman. BOYS VARSITY BASKETBALL EHS 49 46 47 5l 53 57 53 73 29 52 55 39 57 STATS I 986 Bloomington Rim Banning Notre Dame Bloomington Rim Banning Yucaipa Yucaipa Notre Dame Bloomington Rim l Banning OPP 33 47 57 56 60 48 72 4I 42 50 52 49 59 at S BASKETBALU53 ON THE FIRING LINE: Coach Roger E literally makes his point during a cr fourth quarter against Notre Dame. a ay hl li LOOKING FOR AN OPEN MAN: Derrick Campbell looking for some help from his teammates, THE SPIRIT OF THE TEAM I5 THE CRITICAL DIFFERENCE. lt was evident that the guys did their best this year, the whole team ran everything as they were supposed to. The hope and determination that was set at the beginning of the season. seemed to fade away after a terrible loss to Rim of the World. The guys just lost their lead, and eventually lost all hope, It seems they came out tougher and more polished after the last Banning game, lt was obvious that they really wanted to win this game more than anything! Perhaps if that feeling was kept through the entire season, maybe it would have been a much more successful season entirely. The guys worked hard, it is evident that they came out more polished than when they first hit the courts. So thats a Victory in itself. VARSITY BASKETBALU54 NM A K k .. .. DOWN THE COURT: Reggie Hernandez demonstra' his own style of hustling down the court. UC ally? issln we-.4 APPLYING STEADY AIM: Erik Rogers is shown here making a free throw shot with his own unique slyle. :Season is -i wp- SURGING UPWARD: Robby Young struggles for a defensive rebound under the Bloomington goal. VARSITY BASKETBALLXSS "This was the most coachable team that I have ever had." Coach Mark Williams .l.V. nd Frosh Sho "I feel that we should have won the Sunkist league. The team was not in the important games, so the team was not enthusi- astic about crucial matches. We came around and were very strong in our last game. If we had played every game like we played our last game against Banning, we would have been undefeated league champs. 2 S at For Success. . . Key players were the element that kept us winners. Dan Dill and Jeff Kipling were the leaders on the court because they did well when the pressure was on. The strongest at center was Nate Shehan. This was Mr. Williams best showing in the Sunkist league, and with a little help from Coach Pete Ret- tinger, they really steered us in the right direction." Mike Moore Q . Q' gl .f V if We-v ,-vs. 1 W .L g 2 ki J 'Fe' i J D, ' . 1 . QI ,gQvw 'Aw 7 GIRLS BASKETBALU58 x,Q,'5g M5 5 f.L' E ,Jie-JN. W' E 2? num 'KX 'Ax ,mg 5.1 '30 What A Team -gp- X L X A A L fe R- -- fm-.+V A ' W., LLLL, ' M, LL,, w fl Fw. X! GIRLS BASKETBALLXGO F1 ..x. .nw--bf-Mix: Va: '- .2 V. Q W MW, .M ,M- wp' N '- ,mhm V .Q "Liga: W: 'xx Lil A K X f ,V i L ,- :V V 1 V- Vi "". 7 - V 'w" V gg '5", ,, .E 5' X V ,if gm' A I f , 'Wff g 4 , E In t df ' --fv " Y 1. V '- f V , ,. V , V' - ' ,, 'f"fg ' 4 - 32 1 , ' - ', K' H I Q , . J VV VV 4 V rfzwiw Wy! ip, , mo' ISU S V , ,. ' V ,V H A mv I ? A ,V ,,,V , f ,4FQ x'Y ' ' :'i , V 4 1 Q ff, 6. ' ,, V, if f t ff -, --4, ,Ml ii H 4. Q 55,2 . fb .Viz , ..- 5, V ,. , 1- " T 3 ., I at gh . fl uf V I if-A 1 L A N' .,,n 'af5X -V fi V 5' .141-7. f ' ' A Q04 fi f' , X K ' f .,,, , ,,,' -- ' - nausea, 1 ' 5 M V L W ' A Kn .'I,, :':"' 'l5gV,V?we:W,.W,,,. ' , ' I ,, V 5 V 9 VVV V V ,-Q What A -cr. Year IVEYSI 3 Ollnt f QQ .wi Q ...... is M y N . 3 '51 ..+, . -- A Sm' H E? R .9 B 4 Q X "S " H I1 ,g Bob cooter U . I' f , . it , d V ,V ,,,, V yy q 1 f ' f - L 5iif3T?f, , ' I as P P a 1 2 if? to 1' P ,i 1 This years Girls Basketball team. coached by Bob "Scooter" Hugh. 'again went UNDEFEATED in 332 H the Sunkist Leagueaylith arecord of I5-0, The Lady Tigers started ouvibe season by takin mel- ---: if , . Jw r, place in the Ontario Toumameat. Theilarsity Girls dominated the whole toumamentmgwesyy if ' over. Krlsti SUUE center for tigers. waschosen as the Most Valuifskflayer of jf tourney. as-wel!-as. Angela Mcfusker and Theresa Bolton were pick on the All-Tvltfhaltent' Team. The Lady Tigers were than up-setted by Moreno Valley. 37-36, and Norco, 52-45. but gifs- ' battled back when league started and never looked back. Wi 'M , 54. .. , ' Q5 i When C,l.F, playoffs came around the Tigers 'were ranked in the top ten. They wereto face. it 'mais Ontario Christian in the first round ol play, When saturday finally arrived the lady 1 ready to terminate the Lady Knights fronr the tournament. The stirted out 3 Tigers had the lead early in the game. Though. by the second quarteytlse two teams 1 Q ' get rough. The referee's were not calling obvious foul! and wyergleisfhlebows fly under each i 1 basket. By the end of the fourth quarter the Lady Tigers had ln the palm of their hands. 53-49. H I With the victory over the Lady Knights the Varsity Girls Uetetoface ConneIly's Koalas on the A f following Tuesdayg which in the Tigers eyes wouidbe a revengematch up. Connelly, going into A N .... 4 s the ame undefeated. while the Ti ers had two Inset. MK!! M difffffltff when if Cililf to 5 , , ., 9 8 , , ,,,, ii. V , ' ""' ' Fi "'i' 'Riga ability. Connelly had the height advantage, but the Tigers speed, endurence and strenght. f f,'g' . lil e 9- " ' From the time when the referee tossed the ball up into the air until the final buzzer went off. - the Tigers and Koalas battled back and forth. each team exchanging baskets. With-in the final .1 , 559 seconds the game was tied. Thelady Tigers iust could not hold on. ConneIIy's Koalas won the game 65-6l. A heart-breaking loss for the Lady Tigers. X7 J ....l Q53 ' V X' af The Lady Tigers would like to thailkail their loyal fans throughout the years. WE LOVE YOU , A A Atuun You ssmuu . . ' 'J affair W Team Picture: Michelle Piper. Kristi Smith. Theresa Bolton, Denise Damron, Diane Phillips, S Cendy Delpll. Angela. McCusker. Liane Brewer f L, . Eg N N . - 'rea ,.. 1 'H E- 'V 'W , L T - X . M . . g .TT ..,, .. . X 'ii - W ' y L' " -. - ' . .- 'iiis yyy Q , , x - - - Girls BasketbaIl!6I A 'Wiki' was igiigqri--QQ ,ki ., '- Q. 1 .h . . . ., . nissan- M Sf' Q3 'E i A 'wwm -umm . MS! Km.. , K Q ,, Q ,af 1 " fl A . , MES ,ff A,AiA , 1'1: 1 'S A .1 f' ,ff X f 'X A l , W 5 '::' ' .....,. Q. ' A - " A - g,ff w fi? A M s 4 f AA,. -' 5 3 5 fl -- ag Ma, ,vi 12-52,345 .. . 1 .l.V. BASKETBALU62 A 1 , .. Q-' - .-Q,-,Q3:.5..Ag,i .. x - . . .rw-f' Aw'- , .wwwx f ,,,,,, 1,4 f f W ,af 'fs 16 2 '1 1 M , . , ,M , 1. f,. ' 1, cl ,my ,,.,' K," ' 4 ff?- 5 N ,L'. , Ni 7 ' " M692 H M.. jf ' is .4 1 - 6 yykjx J NE :Di r m , Q-:iw 2 , A 5-+1 Ar , f af Tiger Wrestling Stats Var it Wre tlin Rubidoux Tourney 3rd El Cajon Tourney 8th Apple Valley 3rd Yucaipa 4209 Five Counties I 3!32 Rim 26!33 Riverside County 2nd y Notre Dame 59-9 leeo Bloomington 24-3 7 Y League Finals 3rd The Elsinore Wrestling Team flexed their muscles this season. and showed them in the local tournaments where they placed high in. The whole team consists of I3 Wrestlers and of these, 8 Tigers qualified for C.I.F. The Tigers took 2nd in all Riverside County. That is the best finish ever. Mark Abbott was the sole qualifier for State. The Tigers did a great job this year! Wsakam ,rf The Agony of defeat! Tom "The Rock" Collins starts his move with concentration. Q VARSITY WRESTLINGXB4 ss X A :slfzi wi' feigq Fight. Pin. jul'-f , Varsity Tigers looking good. League Finals .-am-Q-W Mar 1? is , k Mourton p . . , again. "This years wrestling team showed alot of hard work and determination and it paid off at 0 Coach Campbell VARSITY WRESTLINGXGS "We had a great year with a fine group of young wrestlers. The future of Elsinore wrestling is very bright." Coach Nichols. The .l.V. team consisted of a roster made mostly of freshman wrestlers. Being only that it was the freshmans first year of wrestling they did a fantastic job. The Jr. High competitors were counted as a Ninth grade team, in which had been wrestling for 3 years. S Rhll g ld byh fhgd I Q 0 I tuff opponent. E3 Scott Ritschele wiggles his way out of trouble. EHS Tiger Stats EHS OPP. forfeit La Sierra 3 Alder 69 48 Notre Vista I9 3,-d Elsinore Tourney 69 John W. North I2 26 Fontana 50 36 Sequoia 42 forfeit Colm" W 1 . Q X ie.. ...ng- Ralph Dunn thinking about what he should do next. Varsity Soccer Capture' Wsdid r A W up V Under the leadership of new Varsity coach Paul Joyce, our Varsity soccer team finished with a 9-3-3 record. All three losses were to undefeated league champs Yucaipa. Elsinore's record was good enough to gain second place in league and a berth in the C.l.F. playoffs. The team consisted of I3 seniors and 3 juniors. Under the leadership of certain Seniors, the team pulled through many rough times to have quite a successful season. At the begin- ning, there were many individuals on the team that did not play together. Towards the end of the season they played together as a team and it carried through C.l.F. Zico Estrada scores as Larry Barnes fakes out the opponents Coach Joyce gives a halftime talk. Paul Rutherford sends the ball upfield. V SOCCERXGS Second In unki t 1 . .' . vu 5 bv D. I 5 . ' A "-3. - -1 J an ' 5 W., Q I fi I 'K n, ' .ln 'V s. f f' , 7 Q X 'af' 2 " i . .LQ ' ff.x2g'f.4, in . 1 . A V...u.V35iWf.,,!Q w - .fx , A ' 'ea-5 wg 'J - - W' ,. .K J". ...Y gf-51 , .V 1 j.I.Q1iQi1g.w'fU L mf , " 43-J. ' ' F ,af fw':'2-l,f,flA!"'1 wma. .Y"i3w.L,. K Q . n . -7. ., I awww ..,L. 1 'A 'H "' als . Jf,fwi.w .. ', ,J ?-vZ'mf.4 2.-Jifwa-4. . Ralph Navarro dribbles around an opponent. John Hadiis takes a free kick. 5, N . gf 1 . ., rnr, N ,.L.nn I Z 3 I im Goalie Chris Hamill dives to make a save. SCOREBOARD EHS OPP 2 YLICAIPA 5 I NOTRE DAME I 2 BLOOMINGTON l I RIM I 4 BANNING l 2 NOTRE DAME 2 5 BLOOMINGTON 0 4 RIM I 3 BANNING 0 I YUCAIPA 2 l YUCAIPA 2 3 NOTRE DAME l ' 5 BLOOMINGTON 0 RIM forfeits 2 BANNING 0 1 The team is as follows: Manuel Estrada. Joe Newhaus. Terry Sisco, Martin Langels. Mike Lamb, Paul Rutherford. Scott Stewart, Ferlander Salt. ffront rowj Coach Jim Viera. Chuck Crowder, Ralph Navarro. Larry Barnes, Chris Hamill. John Hadiis. Brian Smith, Tommy Luna. Zico Estrada. and Coach Paul Joyce. V, SQCCERf69 Z A. , H Soccer Ends Sea on In IF I F I E playeclif nl f intensity andtvserhef Aasateam Since the Tigers finished second in league they quali- fied for a wild card berth in the playoffs. The un- ranked Tigers went up against ninth ranked Aquinas in the wild card game. Elsinore went into the game with intensity and the result was a 4-I win. They qualified for the first round against Windward of Mar Vista. Despite having to travel up to Los Angeles and playing on one of the worst fields in CIF, the Tigers once again prevailed, winning 4-I. The win over Windward marked the first time Elsinore ever went past the first round. The win gained them a berth in the quarter-finals against formidable opponent. Whittier Christian, the number three ranked team in the CIF A division. The Tigers won the home field advantage, With the support of the home crowd the Tigers went on to win once again, 4-I. The Tigers made it to the semi-finals! In order to get to the finals, the Tigers had to get past the number one ranked Agoura Chargers. Agoura. the eventual CIF champions. played a nearly flawless games as they shut down Elsinore's offense and beat the Tigers 4-0. The loss ended Elsinore's season and a chance for a CIF championship, Elsinore went so far in the playoffs because the of- fense started putting great shots into the goal and the strong playing by the defense shut down the oppositions' offense. The most important factor for the Tigers success was the players went out onto the field with a great amount of intensity and finally played together as a team should. .sus . gy C C K L ,Wild Card'- g A orb A . 4 A Aquinas I A . A ' A. .First Round . 'f4 - Windward - I. I' I y ' Quarter-Hnals I y 4' . A Whittier Christian I y Semi-finals A I 0 I Agoura 4 m'- in 1- S E x s 5 E E s 3 3 -he : 1 aww. is - . - - .. . . Goalkeeper Chris Hamill and defender Brian Smith save a shot on goal, . .. Xa .N so K K i "" ' Larry Barnes jumps above the rest to head the ball in front of the goal. ,IV Soccer Goes For The "Goal" ,This year's .l.V. :team Puffhifgflig 'themseelves T and T never gave. up. We're proud of fthem. v i ie 85-86 Junior Varsity soccer :ason was one of ups and downs. oming off a slow start in league, rey exploded onto the scenes, be- aming a top contender for first ace. These battles included fierce ays against cross-town rivals, the :mecula Bears, with both teams inning one game and tying the fi- al match. Bad luck found the Ti- :rs when they were forced to for- it their first eight games for using I illegal player, But with their de- rmined team play and excellent saching, the J.V. team ended the :ason in true Tiger form. in --,..s.,..,.a. -Wm-s....,.,..,,,,-..,...s . 'an Vasquez, Ted Dorr. Mike Howard, Nick Strickland, Abe Gustafson. Eric Ortiz. Rick Rios, Shawn Fears. Stacy wers, Brian Marchand, Chris Tafoya, Brian Burns, Marty Rodriguez, Chris Lembo. Jeff Brockway, Juan Estrada. nifer Stehkinger. Chris lembo dives for the ball. sa. 1 'ill ,l.V, Tigers warm up for a game. -i Elsinore Elsinore Elsinore Elsinore Elsinore Elsinore .Elsinore Elsinore Elsinore Elsinore Elsinore Elsinore Elsinore Elsinore Elsinore Yucaipa Notre Dame Temecula Rim Banning Notre Dame Temecula Rim Banning Yucaipa Notre Dame Yucaipa Temecula Rim Banning "Lu ke Warm" Year? emale athletes are the true athletes of the world, and Lady tennis players are the greatest. Linda Westfall O WAY! EUHS OPP 9 Yucaipa 9 I I Notre Dame 7 I 3 Bloomington 5 7 Rim I I I5 Banning 3 7 Norte Dame I I I4 Banning 4 I5 Bloomington 6 8 Yucaipa IO 6 Nortre Dame I2 I 2 Bloomington 6 5 Rim I3 i TENNlS!72 Collen To hits a 2 handed backhand against Rim. Top left to right: Michele Orrls. Debbie Beasley. Debbie Marcell, Them B lton Bottom left to right: Carrie Stevens, Heather Creamer, Lisa McEI 1 Theresa Bolton shows us her unballanced swing. Lisa McElroy is ceremoniously concentrating on the ball. Debbie Beasley shows us her intense look. ending teamillsstartied they were on a undefeated championship. But ap- parently it ended up differently. The team had many new beginners. The most important lesson that Qthe new beginners learned was thaitf"TEAM WORK" is essential ordefffto win. GIRLS TENNlS!73 "They establish a set of goals, not unlike the pros, like a family". Another brave new world un-folded on El- sinore highs tennis courts as unseasonably warm March weather improved tennis ath- letes dispositions and game strategies, This season was supposed to be a rebuilding sea- son for the Tigers: if so, they have done more than expected, So far the Tiger boys tennis team has defeated both Bloomington and Rim of the World, The two victories gave the Tigers a 4-0 record in league. Tennis is definitely an intense sport, You have go to practice to be good at any aport- particularly tennis, lf you miss a day, it takes two to catch up. In that respect, it is like homework, Coach Corral shadows the pro- gram as a team scrutenizing for ways that they can grow as players, In the process, they begin to work better and meld together, par- ticulary in doubles action. They establish a set of values, not unlike the pros, like a family. They work for a common goal, but still they are individuals sensitive to the differences in each that make them tick. TENNISX74 With sheer determination, Ralph Navarro makes the serve. ding, his opponents hit is Carsten Mulen. keeping an eye on the ball, s 45 if 'ma 'Hawrin Th ace "This season proved to be an excellent one"-I'm looking forward to a promising season next year. -Coach Allen Many of the fine moments that were part of the Cross Country season may have not been noticed by many of the student body, but when it came to team members like Chris Murray and Rosita Ustariz it was a different story. "We had a fine team this year, bring- ing home a Co League Championship and being lOth Best team in CIF which is quite an accomplishment. This season proved to be an excellent one. l'm looking forward to a promis- ing season next year." E H? . 4 - - 14' Cv. S ..,. . . wg, . . . . y. Mg, 1 A gv A- T -- K A , y .mksgs-N-yuu.R-,... K K L + . an "e T 'P' g A . K6 A sf XNL 4- , w'SSf5 f fig a K Q Q. -eg K, me . new J-- A, wav .. s g we I L' K Q. 4 A... .N 5.- It is tough, but Rosita Us- tariz pushes her abilities to the fullest extent. Nothing can alter Tonia Es- queda's will to win. ysfcposs COUNTRY Todd Lee striving for the winning point, Setter H., . K -: K -e if 'Q N. . Leading the pack to home is Chris Murray. -A A perfect example of endurance, Dan Bakholdin. CROSS COUNTRYX77 a a r I an ,Sq ,. A . . B QQ. gags ,. .4 its X MISS X as 15' E' 41 is .smfmsgysgiziafi il" A ' V i 1 c M., ,gm '-Ns sf - .gf ,,.-wfg fr "3 s wqjig-ggs--A , v Z . i. N' ' wr' Q-sis ...P 1 , Si lssgf-Egg' This being my first year in track. I find everyone supportive and ins- prational. Hopefully the next year's team will grow bigger and stronger. Vivian Berry. Track is like one big happy family. Stacey Flowers Most of our team's success is attrib- uted to the unity of our team. With- out the help and motivation from each other, our team wouldn't have gone this far. Rosita Ustariz It seems as if every year the Varsity girls are getting larger and stronger and I wish I was here to share the victory with the future track team. It was a great year and I owe thanks to my friends and coaches for their support. Good luck to the future track team. Daniele Smith. "A young. but promising team with great potential for the future." Randy Shultz Girl Track nd Field The girls team really improved tl year. This years team the best team Elsinp High has ever had. The me of some of the most ol I ,.. Sp ss.. H.. . .,,..,1l K he A 'tr ,n'fX-QF? . ' k Q L f ' we J, ' xt .V J is r -we .. SF' 'f:..,s :f .. '. I A . .... . x Q YK ' ,".:,s T m as 3 kgffgilggi :gg i - -:QQ Going for the full length of her season is "number one" girl athlete Danielle Smith. standing girls are. VIVIAN BERRY JOY BREDENTHAL JODY BRUESKE LISA COSTIN PATRICIA CORDOVA CATHY CURTIS TONIA ESQUEDA STACEY FLOWERS MARIA GECK MARCIE HALLIDAY RACHEL HILTON?? CAMI HOLMAN ANNETTE JOHNSON CRYSTAL KENNEDY BOBBIE-SUE LACEY BRENDA MARQUEZ KATHY NELSON SUSIE RALSTON ELIVA RIVERA STACY SAUCEDO DANIELE SMITH ROSITA USTARIZ CAMERON SMITH VANEK STAR' BRIAN STEKKINGER' JEFF SWIFT SCOTT STEWART WAYNE TINGLEY FRANK VASQUEZ' BOB VAVLA JASON WILSON DAN ZIMMERMAN Y S ,. - 1:3 1, was-A 11- - t this time the boy's team looks like they should be the Sunkist League Champs and do very well in CIF finals Boys Track The Elsinore Tiger Track team is Exspected to do very well this year. Some of our Out standing Tigers are PETE ACKERMAN BRIAN ANDERSON' DAN BAKHOLDIN PAUL BENNETT' GREG BERRY TIM BRIDENTHAL DON BURNSIDE KEVIN CAMPBELL JOHN CHURCH' MATT CURTIS TIM DALY TROY DODSON MANUEL ESTRADA JACK GREEK TONY GREER ABE CUSTAFSON DAVID HASKELL JILL HAWORTH MANAGER SCOTT HIGGINS JOSE HILL NASYS KARASOULAS' TODD LEE FRANK LICHOROBIEC' BUCK LONGMORE SAM LOVE NATHAN MARTINEZ ADAM MILLER' CHRIS MURRAY' MICHAEL NUNNALLY - CHRIS OLSEN RANDY PARSON ROB PETERS MIKE PORTER MATT PRIELIPP SCOTT RITCHEL STEVE ROSEBERRY SOLON SCOTT KIRK SHEARIN GARY SHELTON TIM SISCO nd Field Gary Shelton reaches for the limit, Giving it his all is Greg Berry. Chris Olsen and Scott Higgins pass on the stick. 4 2. 54 "i'i7 lft.. Y 4 'lb Q , lh.. in., L Q. -Y L'g.?..17'S" , W, g gr C F , f-fb G -13 WNW' I si K .... V -5,1355 .1-we Q , V-, L, Q , A , ' ., -ss NW M X kxkl ,S-Ls. ,. A ...W Wm ,,,, ' X X r -75 A I+.- Heading on up is Buck Longmore. Nasys Karasoulas reaches for that extra unch .ll WWE sf W QW! l Q The Elsinore Swim Team had a slow st this season. Due to lack of officials a swimmers, several meets were cancelle Despite all of these hangups there was sh determination in the swimmers. This ye was the last year for many of the tea ABOVE-Terry Sisco tak- -55N ing a breath of fresh air. SIXVARSITY SWIM during a Q'-Q embers so there was alot of goals set by e swimmers. As soon as the problems ere solved, which was just in time for vague, individually. they started to show eir Tiger strength. Good job Tigers! 1' M L, . dive!! THE l TEAM! 986 TIGER SWIM VARSH ABOVE A perfect Y SWlM!83 Boys Of ummer 3 y Q . . ' , Top row: Alben Branca, Darren Reslad. Harold Beasley. Coach Brown, Stats K D Baldwin. Coach Esparza, Brian Bainbridge, Eric Velk. Middle Thls year OUI' baseball team IS tfylng to defend IIS Scott Campbell. Ricky Winters. Matt Martland. Brian Graybehl. Victor Coria. Bottom Row: George Benitez, Eric Berry, Phil Varela, Mike Sp Sunkist League title. If they do it successfully it would be their sixth consecutive league title. When the Tigers first started out they relied on a 'strong defensive squad. Our team was fairly small and it didn't look like we had any power hitters on the team, but our guys came through and hit the ball hard and as a result they were hitting home runs, triples and doubles. Our team has many successful young men on the team and should be a strong contender for the league title. I 1 Vince Espana, Joe Pruett. Eric Velk pounds a line drive towards third base. wx PX me-N SSR A-Wy .. f 'L 55,-"'1.:?fsf:fs ..-. fi ik,r H . Q , Q Q K X :,, . X---,ex we-so M sf s f Rf- . r .rii we ' iiii 'rlir ' W 'MW my X - I f 1 6 9 ' ...-.'r . Q ' -S e,,.. K re-' a a .Q so is A -. 1 , , . tt.. A iii.., g,y..igg i, ,. . ,einem if ,591 Vik' i A if .. .11 L. ln: .K 5 .ik5X33iAA:E?zes ...K Pye :- j ,,,k- in V .-e... E 4 K , .V K. tes, Q A . Brian Graybehl shows his pitching form Eric Velk shows determination as he ptiches VARSITY BASEBALU84 Rely Gn Great Defen f Q V VN V M is k,k,.,,X,a asfedw- - ak- f X , .E with Mike Sparks swings at a pitch. Brian Graybehl pitches during pre-game warmup. Hank Alonso gets ready to catch a ball, M., I a r t , ' , ' may iz if " I " y Scott Campbell awaits a pitch. Schedule Yucaipa Notre Dame Bloomington Rim Banning Notre Dame Bloomington Rim Banning Yucaipa Yucaipa Notre Dame Bioomington Rim Banning Mike Sparks tags an opponent George Benitez dives aafely into third base. VARSITY BASEBALU85 mn "We look good in our uniform " Coach D. Cournoyer. 3 Q fa W 'f 'K .ef"' if U M' M 'IE W if ff v ' wwlwwalvnipi-N-Iv M-wqwmvo M W WUMKM' H 13 'E -. Q W if I 'gi fffhk-5, ,if gf ' f , ,ww W s 5- - "ig 'o ff' W' Mn Q - 9? o ,W 5 - , ' W M rf " .... ag 'go N -ff o W ,o if f 5 by ., at Q k Ik., , , any Q 1 H , -sig N f H+- o, fm: ',o of 5 1 ? is 1 A - '- ,121 1' f 2 ' K ' L A 'Y u , f Q H 4? yi' 1 F I H A , . '4 ' 73 gl , W s Qgfx ' A 1 ' f ' lgiiskiafx " 'P If fsr ff Tfsii 5 Q 1 -4 QS -Q -. K 6 1 wslxlb 86 .L Maris, ,ff ww Strong comradeship give Frosh baseball the edge. This was de- finately an exciting season this year for The Frosh baseball team. The main objective of this season was To give experience to the Junior Varsity prospects and also to gain as much knowledge as working together as a team. Al- though they all were young, they worked very well together. The season looks bright for the fresh- man squad. FROSH BASEBALUS7 Var It oftbal This years Varsity Girls Softball team was again coached by Stan Crippen. Crippen feels quite confident that his team this year is capable of repeating as . . . first place league champs. However, he expects a tight race with Rim and Yucaipa, With the quality of play his team produces. he difinitely thinks that they will finish in the top ten. Crippen has predicted the toughest game of the season would be against Yucaipa. He was right. the Tigers lost the game after eight long hard innings. Leading players to look for are Jenny Peterson at third base. Diesta Harley as the catcher. Kelly Wilkenson at first base. Lori Cook as the shortstop. Sherry and sister Angie Ratliffe as the pitchers. GOOD LUCK TIGERS!!! Team Picture: Denise Damron. Lori Cook, Kelly Wilkinson. Becky Stackhouse. Diesta Harley, Jennifer Sandy. Coach Crippen, Jenny Peterson. liane Brewer. Sherry Ratliff. Angela Ratliff, Debra Crowley. and Heather Lyons GIRLS SOFTBALU88 Yucaipa HERE Notre Dame Bloomington Rim of the World Banning Notre Dame Bloomington Rim of the World Woodcrest Tournament Banning Yucaipa Woodcrest Tournament Yucaipa Notre Dame Bloomington Rim of the World Banning Here There Here There There Here There There Here There There Here Here There Here There GIRLS SOFTBALUSQ It's been fun so far even though we haven't won that many games. our team is like a family which is good and I think playing softball with Coach Crippen and Carole for my senior year is going to be better than I thought!!! -Lori Cook ----, Softball tells a lot about a person. It helps one express themselves. This years Softball team does just that. -Angie Ratliff 1' We really have a close knit team this year, we have fun. work hard, win and lose, but no matter what we stick togetherllll -Jenny Peterson GIRLS SOFTBALU90 X f ,,,, ,VV L X . ,V , ,ff " - ff" 4 gy' . 3 M.. We are really working together as a team and not as individuals. lt's not just a strick game of softball. it's a lot of fun especially with our Coaches: Crippen and Carole. lt's not if we won - .. --Lars-X I C 44' I .H This years team is the most united I've ever played on in my whole life. or lost the game. it's if we had fun or not. -Kelly Wilkenson -Sherry Ratliff f T ' r 'MSNQ www. a Wm, t V x l ff. . I think we have the radiest Varsity team yet. we all work together and, we 1 Y fi 5 Z 24 know what to do when one gets down, All I have to say is we are having a rad season. LOVE DIESTA Z V Q32-er To me the sport softball is alot like life: you run around touching all the bases and then you go home . . . TIPPY SKIPPY I This year the team unity is unreal. I feel it has helped us get over our little problems that once in a while pop up. I love you all and will miss ya next year. GO TIGERS! . . .Becky Stackhouse GIRLS SOFTBALLXQI A ' v, -- -tv -vw .l.V. Softball a - ' tough act to follow. junior varsity softball: back row left to right-Kathy Rubecamp. - Tammy Sprague. Mindy Neil. Lora Garcia. Kim Pitts, Coach Penn Decking. front row left to right-Lani Kizler, Jami Baldwin, Renel '- .,A. Christner. Wendy Gaylord. JfV EHS YUCAIPA NOTRE DAME BLOOMINGTON RIM BANNING NOTRE DAME BLOOMINGTON ELSINORE TOURNEY Stats OPP J.V. SOFTBALU92 4 4 W... ,, lib his lr:-fs ii Q K 374126 ,M my 7 it pst 'I Q Vssfv by Frosh: Back Row L to R: Billi Davolt, Debbie Durst, Kim Pitts. Kari Lessner. Natalie Neilson. Kim Pantoia, Rosilind Hamilton. Front Row L to R: Leanne Brown. Jennifer Medina, Mi- chelle Sparks, Monica Flippin, Tammy Spra- gue. Jamie Baldwin. JV: Back Row L to R: Kathy Rubecamp. Tammy Sprague, Mindy Neil. Lora Garcia, Kim Pitts Front Row L to R: Lani Kizler, Jami Baldwin Renel Christner. Wendy Gaylord Frosh Stats ' "Fresh Softball" giving it their best shot FROSH SOFTBALU93 "There is no stopping us from obtaining league championship". This was definately a year I did not expect. The team is very young and experience is limited. We did a lot of things I did not expect. League we really did well, we were shaky in the beginning but came through when it counted. Next year we should be league champs and CIF is defintely looking good. MIKE MOORE. The Tiger Varsity Golf Team: Coach Charlie Johnson, James Cebulla, Devon Huthins. Aaron Vasquea. Mike Moore. Mike To. Eric Hansen. Vasq Th I th Hole Mike Moore "Blasts" out of a trap for another Par. VARSITY GOLF!95 'in Q SGXSPORTS 2 f 5 I I A 9 , 5 , , Jt!,x,t,,...N..W.A...,M.m.,i.,7T,,,KT,,N .v,,, L,,, A -faux fl , t Q Mark Abbott ,,., --+....r....... 5 TI1e,E.U.H.S. Varsity athletes. nf' M W,,, --.-. ...i.A-.- VH ,. - fir, In . Y 'V 5 Ji I V., L-.. ...., ,,,, ,, fe 53531 'f' 5 ? a g' 1 , , . ' z Var it ! ! 4:4 'W- ,J . .9- 1 'N1a'5 4 OI-I. WHAT A FEELING! TIGER VARSITY Brian Anderson puts a move on Lagunas fff X QXTJEIJK5 4 3 ATHLETESI defenders Shasean Greer and Andrea Fuller display a form of Pride to our Alma Mater. lk' . I. VARSITY!97 What Yea r! iff! f'f EIL, if A an V. .wa , N 2 - X , XX, SPORTS CONCLUSIONXSS if I .44 if 'ff ,F 54 wr ' "m 1 M ,fm I ... ,M ,ff wi I M kAb it ...Jill 'Y ' - qi ', - v -, -L4-'idftkf 3.y.., 315-1' 74 ' . . K .. ,v. .iw . ' Q 'ip' ' ' N , ' fl fb ' f 'i rvr- V ' A 'Tin iv- ' ' . .. ' -"' ' George Benitez " ,, Sieve-rxivz , SPORTS CONCLUSION!99 Daniele Smith Briana Piper N I ' 2 .Ba-6. fem, 1--pl -i w 3 ' W - 1' ,1mT3'f13f-'55 Traci Lewis Mandy Krause Angie Baldwin Denise Yanagisawa Teri Parker CHEERLEADERS! I00 A L' U' W 1 1 .-ig f'. .4, 2 5 ff-x O ky X... D ll 3 4 2.4. ,. 1, f. M I EQ 3' 'E Y. A , . y K N .1 .k , x In .5A.w. X F, sifgffil f ' as wigs? y aQ:?Q"". " E "-- I t x in . ,, .L . , X .. - ' Q X -I ' " 1 :Rig , 3,20 D K, my ""'Hfw.,,. xxx ., s f K L ' ,X X Q. ji Y it ' e w if Q. fi E B. f x -ilg psk , a anew- Q.-.r R P . W If su K 5 f i . s , ., me-. , gf' , v . .iq ,, A xxftllh j - ' Q ii! ,',.v'4'fNrrs K Qs ' L-g' -3 s - gg .. 'T f ,ie ' sk 1 5 . The I985-86 Varsity Spirit Squad plays around, left to right. Andrea Fuller, Jammie Melgar, Rori Brinely, Adriane Trevino, Mindi Neil, Teri Parker, Traci Lewis Denise Yanagisawa. Briana Piper, Sheli Armstrong, Cristina Reeves, Angie Baldwin, Christy Brown, Jenny Peterson, Sheila Lambert. Robin Boswell, Joey Rowe Mandy Krouse, Daniele Smith. Mindi Neil Jenny Peterson Cristina Reeves CHEERLEADERS! l02 02005 This year was a year for new beginnings. The Varsity Spirit Squad started their sea- son as soon as they were chosen last April by preparing cheers and routines to delight both camp judges and audiences all over Southern California. The 85-86 squad consisted of I0 songleaders, 6 cheerleaders, 3 mascots and an ever pre- sent advisor. This experimentally large group proved its worthiness by promot- ing spirit, enthusiasm, and pride in both our school life and sports life. The I9- strong squad backed many C.l.F. athletes and also competed themselves at camp and at competitions. Elsinore's Spirit Squad took their spirit camp theme, Take the Lead, to heart and took the lead in everything they accomplished. Jammie Melgar Andrea Fuller Rori Brinely Robin Boswell Joey Rowe Sheila Lambert w L1- CHEERLEADERS! IO3 mama 104 f 1 MARK L. ABBOTT VINCE A. ACOSTA TERESA AGUILAR LISA L. ALLEN LOIS ALLEN RITA G. ALLEN BRIAN ANDERSON SYLVIA ANDREWS KIMBERLY ARASIM ALEX ARCE SHELI' A. ARMSTRONG SCOTT T. ARNOLD JAMES AUSTIN HEATHER L. AUTERY DOLONNA E. AVERY SENIORS! I06 GINA BACA ANGIE BALDWIN HOLLY A. BALLA VINCENT G. BALSITIS JERRY BANGAYAN THERESA BARBEAU LARRY BARNES MARCELLA BARRIOS ERRECA BATCHELOR DEBBIE BEASLEY ANTHONY M. BENELL JORGE BENITEZ PAUL BENNETT GREG BERRY PATRICIA M. BERRY MICHAEL C. BLATCHER Mark Abbot in a lest of strength with Mike Farm er , . . guess who won? ANGIE F. BLAKELY DAVID E. BLANTON MARK BOLANEY THERESA BOLTON ROBIN BOSWELL .IILL BOUDREAUX MICHELLE M. BRADLEY KIMBERELY A. BREWER LIANE D. BREWER TIM K. BRIDENTHAL GREG D. BRINNEMAN JILL M. BROCKMEIER CRYSTAL S. BROWN PAUL D. BRUMUND MONIQUE R. BRYANT COLEEN V. BUGNEL TRISHA L. BULKEMA DAVID W. BULLARD DON S. BURNSIDE' SCOTT R. CAMPBELL KITTY R, CARR ANDRES CARRION-SEVILLANO STACY L. CEMORE VINAYAK CHATURVEDI MICHELL J. CHRISTES KARIANNE CHRISTOPHER DARCY A. CLARK VESPER CLEARY WENDY CLEVELAND KIMBERLY D. CLIFFORD DOUG D. COCKRUM JOY L. COFFMAN I , 1 I N T w 1 I 1 5 'SENIORSII no L4 THOMAS L. COLLINS OSCAR COLOMO LORI D. COOK EVANGELINA COVARRUBIAS HEATHER L. CREAMER CHUCK D. CROWDER THERESA L. CROWELL KARIN A. CROWLEY KYMBERLEY A. CURL DEREK L. CURTIS MATTHEW CURTIS L ANTOIN DAILY DENESE M. DAMRON DAVID M. DAVIDSON' if ? gf.. . .S ,til .Af "3 '95 ' PAUL E. DAVIDSON LORINA L. DAVIS LAURIE A. DEJAYNES JAMES R. DENNISON MICHELLEA P. DESCHAINE STEPHANIE A. DIAZ SUSAN DICOCHEA LEON DIELEN DEANNA L. DILLAHUNTY SHELLY M. DODDS DENNIS A. DRAKE RALPH DUNN JAY DURST GREG M. EASTMAN MICHELLE M. EDMONDS BUFFIE R. ELDER sfmoasf u iz LORNE D. ELLICKSON ERIN C. ENGLE MARTIN I.. ESQUADA EDWARD K. EWBANK CAMBRIA FARNSWORTH DEBBI E. FENDLEY PATRICK W. FERREE DEBBIE A. FIGUEROA ROBERT C. FININIS BRIAN FINLEY KEN L. FIORI MONTIE W. FOLGER MATTHEW D. FORBY WENDY M. FRIEZE SHANNA J. FROST ABIGAIL J. GARCIA 'Y J! K av . " f 'Q' 3 fy, I 'F if! V ' fl ' v. -i- Our spirited seniors stick together. CARY A. GAUT GENE E. GAVLIK MALISSA L. GENTEMAN DAREN R. GERDES JLILIO C. GOMEZ MOISES J. GOMEZ GILBERT Z. GONZALES KRISS L. GORDON DEBORAH L. GOTTLIEB KIM M. GRINDSTAFF SHANNON L. GROH DANNIEL P. GRUMMETT MARTHA S. GUERRERO SUSAN HACHEE STACEY HACKETT I ISXSENIORS b JOHN HADJIS PHAEDRA HALL CHRIS HAMILL ERIC HANSEN MICHELLE HARRIS KENNY G. HARRISON ELKE HARTMEN KATE HEFLEY LAURIE HENION HEIDI L. HERMSDORF PATRICIA HERRING .IONI R. HESSELRODE MARY HIGGINS DAWN HORINE LISA R. HORNING ROBERT HORTON SENIORS! I I4 . -. -15- sffg 1 ' t '-'54 ,H 7,,gitf1'1,a , 1- fQ'1:?, . "ftp v' ff' SHANDA L. HORTON Kmsm ISAACKS RAFE JANIKOWSKI STACEY L. JAUREGUI MICHAEL A. JAYMES MICHELLE A. JENSEN CARYLE A. JESSUP SCOTT S. JESSUP KARIN JOHANSSON JEFF S. JOHNS DERRICK R. JOHNSON ERIK K. JOHNSON SCOTT C. JOHNSON TAMMY J. JONES LISA M. KINCH SUSAN R. KINLOCH I ISXSENIORS SENIORS! I I6 BETHANY L. KIRK DARREL KIRK JOE G. KIZLER MICHAEL KOETSIER MARI J. KOISTINEN KARL K. KOOSER TONY C. KREUL MANDY KROUSE LOREN KUNAU TOD R. LAFFERTY MICHAEL A. LAMB SHEILA D. LAMBERT COLTON D. LAWRENCE TRACY N. LAWRENCE CHARICE D. LEABO KATHY J. LEE ROD D. LEONARD Angie.XMcCusker and Chris Hamill exhibit the side effects of school food. " ' ' ' ' ' " " " KIM LEWIS TRACI LEWIS TRINI M. LOPEZ ANGIE LOVE ALLEN H. LOVETT TOMMY LUNA VAL L. LUNA KAREN L. MACKLEY LISA C, MAGILL GREGORY E. MAGNO Scott Feazell exhibits the marks of a unique indi- vidual. KYLE MANDERSCHEID BRIAN L. MANKA DEBORAH M. MARCELL MELANIE A. MARTIN PATTI A. MARTIN I I 7! SENIORS NATHAN P. MARTINEZ ERICKA M. MATTHIES POLLY K. MAXWELL STEVEN W. MAZEL LINDA A. MENDOZA JAMES J. MERCURIO CHRISTOPHER MEYER RAOLIEL M. MEZIN OLGA L. MICHAELS KYM D. MICHAELSON GREG B. MILLER MICHAEL J. MONTES JOEL C. MONTGOMERY KEVIN R. MOORE JAYMIE R. MORA I ISXSENIORS Our football players show then' :pmt m one of the pep rallies. RANDY P. MORA MELLISA D. MORALES RICHARDA D. MORAN STEVE E. MORICO THERESA A. MC CONNELL ANGELA J. MC CUSKER NORMAN A. MC DONNELL JEANNE MC LELLAN MARK A. MOURTON CHRISTOPHER T. MURRAY CANDIE L. MYERS JAMES C. MYRICK RAFAEL NAVARRO BUNN M. NEAL TIFFANY L. NELSON JOERN NEUHAUS WENDY G. NEWMAN TINA M. NORIEGA MICHAEL T. NUNNALLY GLORIA L. OBREGON SONIA OCHOA WENDY L. ORT MARY E. ORGORALINI KIMBERLY OLSON I CHRIS C. OLSEN MICHELLE ODEKIRK KIMBERLY A. OVENSHIRE MICHAEL A. PAGE DEBBIE L. PALIOKAS TERI M, PARKER TERRY G, PARKER AVELEENA T. PATINO TIM E. PEARMAN KRISTEN PEERY PAUL S. PEREIRA NICHOLAS R. PETERS. JR. SENIORSX I 20 N 0 JENNY L. PETERSON PAUL J. PLANANSKY RICHARD P. POIRIER MICHAEL R. PORTER SHAUN G. POWERS JOE F. PRUETT SHAWN M. RAFTER SALVAIORE RAGUSANO NORMA RAMIREZ ROBBIE RAMIREZ SHERRY L. RAILIFF JERRI L. READ CRISTINA REEVES JAMES L. REEVES GREGG D. REMPHER I2 I fSENIORS DARREN D. RESTAD DAVID M. RESTAD NANCY L. RICE CHRIS M. RICH HERMINIA RIVERA JOE RIVERA ERIK M. ROGERS ROCHELLE I.. ROGERS JAMES P. ROMBOLD ANDREA A. ROSE DORI L. RUNDLETT SANDRA D. SANDY CARMEN l. SARVER TIM R. SCHAEFER SUZANNE M. SCHINDLER BRIGITTE R. SCHLEMMER Senior Sidewalk at Sunset KERRY SHAY ERIK A. SHEARN STEPHANIE N. SHIVELY MICHAEL F. SHOEMAKER VERONICA SIFUENTES TAMI SILVA TERRY E. SISCO PATRICIA L. SISEMORE JENNIFER L. SKINNER DORTHE SKJGOT DAVID R. SKOUSEN BRIAN T. SMITH DANIELE V. SMITH SHAWN R. SMITHSON JAMES SOT0 DAVID L. SPECHT Seniors Shannon Groh and Lonna Davis pal around CHORLOTTE L, SPENCER BECKY J. STACKHOUSE SCOTT K. STEWART LORA S. STOLLINGS JOE R. SULAK ROBIN L. SUMNER RAYMOND J. SWEENEY KRISTY L. TAYLOR MIKE J. THOMPSON TORI M. THOMPSON ANNIE E. TIBBELS MEARDEY S, TIM COLEEN T. TO NEISHA TRAINOR ADRIANE TREVINO STACEY A. TRIPP BRANDY L. TURRENTINE ROSITA USTARIZ JANA L. VAN ROOY SENIORS! I24 ALICIA VARGAS ROBERT VARNER AVELINA M. VASQUEZ ERIC D. VELK BECKY VERA MARIA VERA APRIL VERNILLE ANDRE S. VICTOR THEREA L. VILLA MANUEL VILLEGAS IRMA VIRREY VINCE A. VONRANZOW SCOTT WAKEFIELD AMY R. WILD STEPHANIE A. WILLIAMS WAYNE W. WILLIAMS CHRISTY C. WILSON JAMIE WILSON JULIE B. WILSON I 25! SENIORS SENIORS! I 26 DEBORAH G. WINDER RODERICK WINKIEPLECK JAMES C. WINLUND DON J. WINTER RICKY W. WINTERS JAY C. WOEMPNER GREG L. WORTHEY VLAVONA M. WRIGHT PHILLIP E. WRIGHT DENISE YANAGISAWA J' 1 I 'f V,,,,. 1 IAF, Wil an I ' 55 ' M-qfgkigz ,Eff Ig It We: If 1,,A,'A, Vinayak Chaturvedi's guardian angel. Mr. J. whispers words of advice. Caryle Jessup. Jaymie Mora. Laurie Henion, and Erreca Batchelor perform EIsinore's version of the Rockeltes. 1 Chris Hamill- Being a class officer for three years I have seen the class of I986 take a positive outlook towards school. '86 will al- ways be remembered by EHS as the classiest group on campus. Ray Sweeney- Being a Senior class officer real- ly gave me a lot of pride because I know that I worked towards the success of the graduating class of '86. Christy Brown- As a Senior Class officer. l have watched the Class of '86 put it's foot in the right direction. I am proud to be part of the most spirited and united class on campus. Good luck '86. Theresa Bolton- I am proud to be a member of the class of '86. Remember. there is nothing to fear but fear itself. Senior Class Qfficers: Standing fleft to rightj Treasurer- Theresa Bolton. Presi- dent- Chris Hamill. Secretary- Christy Brown. Kneeling: Vice President- Ray Sweeney. SENIORS- When we first enrolled in high school, we had no idea of what the next four years had in store for us. We didn't know that people we had never known would soon become close friends and we didn't know that these four years would be such trying times. Through these school years we have matured and grown closer. We. the class of l986. have always been the most united class ever since we were freshmen. lt seems as if we were freshman just yesterday and now we are graduating. After four years it is time for us to say good-bye. Good-bye to pep rallies. favorite teachers, homecomings. football games, proms. dances. school food, and most importantly we have to say good-bye to all the close friends we have made in these four years. We no longer have to worry about being tardy, Tbeing thrown in CAP or walking out to the 400's. All we have to worry about now is what we are going to do when we graduate into the real world. Some of us will get jobs, some will go on to college and others will just take a break for a while. Whatever we do, we all will be successful because we all are, and always will be. a part of the best class of all. ,the class of I986. Good luck and see you in I0 years. ' -A quote from Senior class president, Chris Hamill I 27! SENIORS O w. QMEW M W N We I. Christy Brown. Rob Peters. and Denise Yanagisawa just got back from the magic Kingdom. 2. Sheila lamlfert and Jenny Peterson evoke a great response from audience. 3. Paul Planansky pulls for the Seniors during Spirit Week. ,i1',,.y Wt- T6 Wersi Y ' SENIORSX I 28 mmf WMM an- ,Ji X ,11 L ,v Rf Q in-v" 1 CRAZIEST: Rob Peters and Shanda Horton BEST PERSONALITY: Scott Jessup and Christina Reeves MOST TALKATIVE: Jim Austin and Angie Blakely PRETTIEST EYES: Terry Sisco and Angie Baldwin if of-w If ,. 43. t V s. downs, good times and bad! We've had them all together! Jana, thanx for your caring and friendship through everything, I Love You! Andrea - thanx your ears! You mean "massive amounts"! Bear. Beck Beck, Dabee. Womens Auxiliary, french buddies, teachers. flying food!! "Don't cha hate when that happens" Bocboc. Mears My buds, Mary, Andria. "Weiner", "Vin Chat", "Migo". Beck. "De Bee". Chuckie. and all my family friends. I luv ya! Mr. Sop. you're the greatest bud! Chemistry was the best. Water tights and food fights. The family Class of 86 is the BEST. , " Love Ya Oh Please - Be real "Jungle Jana" Jana the Hut l wish it could last forever, I want to thank the seniors of 85 for making me feel as much a part of their class as my own. l'll never forget. the poon patrol. flag brothers, homecoming 84-85. dollar movies, wild parties. haunted house, the night. lake bottom, dancing and more, My second home. the Bennetts fthe junior high gangj, you're all so special to me. Angie, Christy. Tommy you're the best "Best Friends" anyone could ask for. John thanks for everything we've shared. Hey, I couldn't have made it without you mom and dad, you've made my life so wonderful. and I only hope some day I can repay you. . Brandy Turrentine I would like to say Thank's to all my friend's S eph. Kimber, Linda, Heather, Paul. Brendab. My teacher's QC . Blakemore, Cour- noyer.j My family for pushing me through till the end. To the guys for making school worth while QM. S, J,,j To little one, you mean the world to me. To all the people who made my "4" years of high school the best. To a very dear friend Carla, for making my 9th, l0th, I Ith grade wild and crazy, I will always remember the times we spent parting together, To the class of "86". My years at E,U,H.S. will always be with me. A very Special Thanks to a guy I met at the start of my junior year. and been with ever since. The time we spent were great, I look forward to the time ahead, and being with you, I care about you very much. "I Love You!" I love you mom. dad, Heathr. Shannon, Zack. Tammy Jones "Don't take life so seriously. You'Il never get out of it alive". Dr, Hillin. thanks for all those sleepless nights and the paranoia you created, like you said. "a hero must experience purgation . I.N.T.J, all- the way. . Mr. Jones. thanks for being such a good"white" friend for the past four years, You're my hero, Bishop Crippen. may God bless the Yankees. To my good friends Rolf and Miguel thanks. Watch out world here we come. "Tum Tuttie' Ka Thae Ho!" Mr. Boyle. get a shave. Friends . . . Kec'-Chris.. . . Tennis r . , Indio-Q.. . New Music .mS,'Fashion , . New York .Yankees , tan aiisfyam- r - .LA Y ' ' Vinayak Chaturvedi Q - 'rx v' . 1 A" - l'll always remember ASB4fllcp squad. dance, homecoming, and all the great tinres. Class of 86. I love Ya. Brandy. thanks for always being there. The 3.C's,jDarcy. Eric. Mark.'Erile. and Ms. 1, you are the people my heart wilT remember, liglom and Dad you're'thea best. I'm gonna make you proud. And to Kyle. you'are my life a'nd Iqlove You with all my heart. "WE ARE QQNNA MAKE IT" H . Christy Brown I will always remember the many special people that helped me through High School. Thanks to Ms. Fahlberg but most of all Kristie lsaacks: my little "GiGi" She's the bestest friend anyone could ask for. l'd- like to thank everyone who helped me. but there are too many. 'Q Buffie Elder Remember that first day of school our Sophomore year, Scott? That's when it started. I hope it never ends. You're the best thing that's ever happened to me and I love you. Goodbye Mr. Boyle, Mr. Crippen, Mr, Cournoyer. I will miss you! Angie Bal. you do mean a lot. Teri. I will always care. Ann Marie. Cristina, Robin, John-l.uv Ya! Good luck to all my friends! Love Angie Blakley lfll never forget the love, support, and understanding from my parents. thanks. I love you! Pebbles, the brother I never had. what memories. Thanks! Guddo, your shadow was never dull, Harami. tum tutti cate ho! Tikhal 007. "Ifthe blast don't get you. then the fallout will". If you turn blue go see the coach, he'll know what to do. l'll never forgett survivors of Pala Mission - CSF v Tennis and Soccer - RGA and Fo my Latino friends -Jones and Ainsworth for being special- Dr. Srnoc's class - R.Ll. and J.Pi who always make me smile - K.H. and R.R, U2 make my day. sometimes - J.K. I luv ya - L.C. "Oh bless" - Disneyland with PR. EB. NG, and ML. UNFORGETTABLE! Yammie you're generic. hal hal hal Hadii. Shiek and Ham longtime friends. and who, could forget Mar- chanito? WARNING: The gunslinger lives! Good luck Class of "86"I ' ' Rafael Navarro Sandy. Diaii. 1 , , ,N , A-tix' and COME tears shgdgfrgin 1 ., .. , 1 Y ,. Lldve vouhmoiirfind ' T Spending my Senior year with little sister Boni was special. Memories of Cheerleading, ASB, The Prophet and times shared with friends will always be with me, Thanks to Adriane. Erreca and Sheila for always being there. Christina Bennett. we've been through a lot together arull love you sisl You'lI always be in my heart no matter where l got Remember. Cubby wuv's ya' Wubbyl Also a very special thanks to a very special guyl Karl- I could never begin to say how important you are to me. Vou've made my Senior year the best ever and I truely love youl Denise Yanagisawa I will never forget our group. Heather, Brandy. Daniele, my sweet sis Christina. my bro's Tom, Mark. Antoin and especially Brian, Thanks for the special memories of the mountain trip and the Proms, Longfellow, Crippen S Blakemore are true friends, whose advice I will live by forever, Remembering Football will always bring tears to my eyes wishing those years could last forever. Tom, Mark, Brian and I will always hang tough because love bonds brothers together! Thanks Mom, Dad. Christina E Mikey for never losing faith in me, you too Heather. Love Paul Bennet Laurie and Mitch - Things are finally winding down and this period in our lives is coming to a close, We've endured much together and many things have gone by, but the memories I have of the two of you will never fade, I love you! Thank you - Jamie. Steph. Erreca. Caryle, Karren and Jen you gals are the best! Kyle - When I think back on everything I will always smile. Traci Lewis This memory is especially for Erik Rogers and all the fun we've had: Everybody on this earth has got a vice, and mine little darlin' is the opposite of ice. Mine is the running hot waters of the daughter of morality, in other words. this little princess thinks a lol about you. l'm guilty in the first degreel Temptation! Love-U-Tiffany I will always remember my bud's Tina. Keith. Stacia 1Shark!J. Andrea Quan experience"j. Kammers. Montie, Mike. Don. Dougie. Debs. Sfian- non, Matt, Jimmy. Paul, Larry, Polly. Siouxzy. Tawny, Tasha. Bif. Skip. Buffy, Bert, Apes, Heids Snowelle. Gidget and many more. Dancin and dance productions with Marti and Holly, Tennis with Corral and West- fall, Modeling. choreographing and being Dance Club President. My many varied nicknames and all the good times that "rolled" with my friends, But most of all the support of family. friends. and teachers. For each of you have taught me at least one thing about myself. Thankyou! Ericka Matthies Thank you everyone for such wonderful times. Denise. my first friend and Scott my trout buddy- I love you. Adriane and Daniele my sisters in Christ and Devon my guardian and friend, To everyope on Pep Squad we are the best. Rafe and Greg- I love you two more than words. And all my friends whom I love and cherish thank you for smiles. Cheering. El Lago, and Jesus is Lord, Cristina Reeves Many different people have done so much for me and made me the person I am today. Many teachers, Mr. Jones, Mr. Cournoyer. Mr. Sopp. E Mr, Boyer, all helped to guide me through the obstacles. Many friends. some still here: Cristina, one of the most caring people in the world. and some unfortunately gone. Keith Naron. the man who led me to the top and Mike Proctor, creator of many fantastic memories. stories. and legends. I love you all. l'll never forget the i my light at the end of Pant. thanks for all the great when been at school. Laurie. the ornament on the front of my body, Tracie. babysitting me at the Padre game and concert. long talks and our picnic by the lake. Mom. for always The Ricker ff Scott, two very special guys who I love. Caryle Errica. E- Crippen I love you all. The best memories are your faces. man with Love. My memories of Denise, my very first friend and D,S., B.A.. J,S., C.L.. I love you all. And my grumpy bear Tommy. l'll cherish you in my heart always. l'll never forget Pep A,S.8.. Chris dancing on a hill, Devon and Cristina, two blessings in my life, And Mom and Dad for your support. I love you and l'll make you proud. Adriane Trevino Well guy's here we are. I can't believe were graduating High School. It seems like iust yesterday we graduated Jr. High. l'm very happy I had the opportunity to get to know so many good people. There's some- thing special about all of you. Thank's. Good Luck. Congratulations "SG" Michael Montes It's over my friends! You are the best, Special people. Jeanne, thanks for being such a good best bud. I knew we'd make it. Caryn June. good luck next year. Thanks for sharing the fun times with me. The threezof us shared some-"groovey'Q times. Remember the Cheech and Chong Mobile? That was the best., Christi and Kati fthe cleaning ladyy friends always. Lets clean the house next time and no more midnighgfights Cbeanj, Norm. l'll never forget ya! Yoti always made my daysrilteniemis ber I love ya' and l care, To all the others. Neisha. Ray, Lori. Kim. Gina? .luliekl love you all. C-ya 4 . p 's. . C -o 1 -us- .il rr'-N, W is 4', my bt' Yi" M ,yah ,,.l yu uf J. . r K , , S -we . ,,-. . ,..':-, if 1' V. 51' f .V ark- A if s : I K'imber.:'IIjiu1hper,,lA, ni " . ' - ' ' ', . . ' . ' -4 4. -' '-ar. ,e ,,, .Z ' " an it -. 'J 3 1-' , ., 1. 4, ' eg .J r -I sam. fy - - ,3?z:i.T,? f 5, 1 S V .os",11:,V,lfg5, is--5.9 ,151 V Y ,a 1 Q Y ..- 'AL .ff,,,ah6qs-,. a .'.a, .- V- f ,r .Q ,,-1 . ,gf ,in 5 .. V . -f. -,rv..,U-- . ' -. ' ' "-fzkyff ' i.1'.3cfn!'-'2.'gE't"f: J' Q sf' W ff-if , , Q: 0" 3 Q S Y Q 'Q ,lt 4,4351 , Jr., 5 N 'Cv 'iff 'Q K ?Qil?it:T: x -V Q'- J 12 l , KL, ,Q P lr . . 4, A I I I K A-A ' Q 5. . nr' I. xp, g T, .5 A E4 1 H s , V . 3' "1--S M A.-fi.A ' pf,f --, ag ,3- , .51 - EQ.. "1 - fm ' :viii .V f-If U Ugg." - 4 . 1 his W ', ' 'E . W' .4 ' " .ff I J ,E gl. L. I -MY V 'V X 1 v 1. gf Nf"""f.v-Q." ifzfi' ' ' .4 ' , 'f , ix , x. ' ' -. . , ' f x xx ' 3 f 'Q ,F ' .. - ' 2 . ' V .s an x. 1 v at Q X F 1 5 an -oiiy, " 4 ' 1 I - gh. . A K - s . ' '. 'Z . n . ' 4 4 MOST STUDIOUS: Meardy Tim and Marcella Barrios SHYEST1 Rafe Janikowski and Sheli Armstrong MOST CASUAL: Dave Bullard and Beth Kirk BEST SMILE: John Hadjis and Christy Brown 'milw- wfghiz 1393, ll iQ fax gl ,,, wi-ff :4-.L X .1 12 gf "m'WM"' CQ -........x tn...-....,........ MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Vrnayak Chaturvedr and Susan Hachee BIGGEST FLIRT Brandy Turrentme MOST SPIRITED: Chris Hamill and Jenny Peterson MOST DEPENDABLE: Colton Lawrence and Robin Boswell Mom and Dad thanks for putting up with the B.S. through the years. I love you, Deb Fendley Special thanks to all my friends that were always there. Brian Finley, Don McLaughlin, Paul Planansky, and Mike Proctor. It's been great. Norman McDonald How could l ever forget the group? The driveway discussions with Laurie. going through the Taco Shop drive-thru at SDSU with Erreca and without ordering anything. Michael. Chester and fortune cookies were all so much fun! I will love you guys forever! Robin, always. Good luck and God Bless! Stephanie Williams Three years of yearbook. Being Sr, Editor. Everlastingfi friends like Nancy Rice. Elke Hartman. Chris Hamill. Mr, Cournoyer, and Shannon v sis Q at gil' Ill K' 1 A . S i aa-H ' . N' Sv me .Wi . tl' fx . ve! 3 39 .- , jg 'ri as W 4 m., ttl Migge. Special friends like Greg Brinneman, Two years of Vanity Swimming. My sister and friend Debbie Kirk. Getting my car and getting to class late plus, All the fun! Beth Kirk Thanx to the class of '86. You've made my four years great! And to all my special friends, You all know who you are. I luv U! Thank: to all my teachers for putting up with me. and to Hollee, you're the best. Thanks Cheerleaders!! N V Mandy Krouse Well this is llm now out of high school and ready to attack the world. Mom and Dad: Thank you for always being there. I Love You both. Becky, We had great times and I'll never forget them. llenel, I leave you all the good times I had so here. Enjoy everyday you can. because it will sodn be over. Rick, for the unforgetable moments we have shared together and many more to come. I'Il always love you! Miss You Class of "BG" Debbie Figueroa This isn't a Senior Memory it is more of a Thank You letter to: My mom and dad for all the times you helped me when I needed help and advise. For all the money and time you invested in me. Thank you for everything, I LOVE VOU BOTH VERY MUCH. To the rest of my family. I wish you all the best in life, your all very special to me. Thanks to my friends K.M.. S.C., EV., S.G., and D.M,, for all the fun times, GOOD LUCK .. See Ya!!! " Erik Rogers I will always remember my freshman year with Laurie and Neishakand moving to Texas. My sophomore year with Karl and the Nbitclrertil seniors Shanna and Tori, never going to school and always going to the beach, all the fun times at the "the house", the Prophet and Chris M.'s VT, ' -. 7 o 8, I parties. My iunior year. Erreca's and my weird relationship. excorting the queen at Homecoming, ASB. yearbook. being one ofthe three C's. the Prophet and all the ILS., and the disappointing prom. My senior year. the disgusting but fun ASB camp Qveteransj. yearbook, going to Hollywood with K.W. 8 K.K.. and going to S. Francisco with Mike on a Sunday night because we were bored, and everylhing else. I will never forget all the special people I've met during my years in Elsinore. But the people who I will always remember and be friends with for life are Angie MC.. Lisa "O'D." and Shanna K. I love you guys. And a special thanks to my sisters Carole and Cynthia for putting up with me for four years. I love ya. Colton Lawrence I never knew life existed on the other side of the mountain. l had thought! died when I moved here. I probably would have if it weren't for my special friends. You were there when I needed you, you picked me up and wipes my tears, you're very special and I love you all, l'll always remember two years of volleyball and softball, McDonaldland when Katie peed on the carousel. wrestling with Georgie after softball games. dancing all night with Jana, remembering with Debbie the good times we had back home in Newport. Thanks Deb for being my best friend. If in heaven we don't meet hand in hand we'll bear the heat and if it gets to hot Pepsi-Cola will hit the spot Failing Geometry with Pgn and Lori, I want an otterpop really bad. Ski club, Utah Q52 wejrd sclggige and CSE thinks Mom and Dad and family. It's UCl'smted sclibol or bust. Jamin forllife. God Bless this class at sax Jerry'?'lgtd , 4 i e K f-si i' 's wigecky Stackhouse ea Q To the members ofthe Womens Auxiliary and all my good friends of years gone by Here's to ants. the sky. holey Levis, mud pudcllesgand being impaired. In addition to this. let's not forget about lack of sleep. twenty page reports which gave us the opportunity to practice B.S.'ing, Courtly Love which led to the aforementionedB.S,'ing. last minute cramming and the infamous acne causing stress associated with our killer classesYut through all of this. l've had an excellent timex, and to all my friends and jamming teachers. who became my fridhds, l'd like ,,, . two years of who has helped and supported me the most and ally believed in me Freshman year cheering track. to the Prom with Rick Harper I7th Birthday. Football cheering for 88 ' Greg if your a dream I II sleep forever. Mom. Christi Wilson and you Kawen for all that you guys have had togeth games going dancing. the prortig . Y wedge. To everyone that I watched Boingo with. always "Remember What the Wise Man 5aid"! Terry Sisco Greatest memories with my best buddies Mitch. thanks for all the good times in S.D., Ricky you were always there when I needed you. Lori. Errica. Traci. Carol, Jim. Matt, Darren, Susan. Shannon C.. and Missy liisl. I love you all! There will be many good times to come. Thanks Mont and Dad for all your love and support. Jaymie Mora these are the easiest times of our lives. Some say they are ich. We've learned. we've shared a part and cared. Right now is the hardest. it's :day we'Il understand and prosper and and ,for that . . . These are the best of I., MDM, DAD, LA.. T.B.. T.I-I., ETC. .. Deborah M. Marcel! qDeby All 4 years were great! Swimming. Cheerleading, Yearbook, Homecom- ing. close friends, Mr. Boyle and pep rallies fwhen the class of 86 always wonlj made it all fun. Special thanks to Matt Krause, I will always love you. Mark, l'm really glad we finally got to fulfill our freshman wish. Bran, your the bestest friend. I wuv ya! Good luck to the class of 86! N P.S. "Member the Night" Angie Baldwin You ve been taught the meaning of a true but somehow we pulled but our friendship will thank you to Kurt Yinger for If it weren't for your love to lose you. You're everything I do. The last you. Kristii lsaaclrs ,lsend my love to my fanrily and my best friends. Val and Track for friends Thanks Mom and Dad for nearing. My thanks to Keri. Carrie. Shannon. Paul. John and Jeff for v ya! ' Thanks to memories. y A Kathy Lee and Caryle for the use of their homework years I wouldn t have made it without you! the boys that I spent endless hours with at the .s as . s .gg My f. making my senior weekends the best. And all of my love to you. CJ., for being you and understanding ine. I love you. K Jennifer Skinner l'll always remember those great senior memories with Holly in the dance room and all the cheerleaders that became my closest friends. Rori. Shiela. Christy. Danielle, Robin. Adrian. Mindy, Mandy. Joey. Angie. and Teri, and expecially to my best friend Christina. The memo- ries of soccer tryouts with John. Tommy, Cookie. and Tedd. But the greatest senior memories of all was all of my friends I've gone to school with since Junior High, Kyle. Chris. John. Scott. Chuck. and Rob, and ALL the Flagg brothers!!! and my good friend Little Rae during summer school. " Tim Schaefer I would like to thank all the good friends and teachers who cared about me. l'll never forget Homecoming, pep rallies. ASB. Leadership Camp. Veteran's Cab. 3 C's. soccer. Boyle. Crippen. and Jones. Not all things last forever and I guess it had to happen soon. I have to say these last four years have been the best and I'll never forget it. Class of '86, you're the best!! Chris Hamill High School life . . . friends, good times, special times. and memories . , .. football games. sophomore float, sharing rides. Dance production. chemistry mishaps. and Mr. B's neck lines. Summers at beaches. Lake Mead. Mexico and Wash D.C. Thanks to all my best friends Laurie, Mitch, Jaymie. Traci, Steph. Erreca and U.l. Terry. I Love You all. Good Luc! "SG" Grads!!! - ' gg, Caryle Jessup .My sophomore year! Good friends like Beth Kirk. Diane Davis, Steve Martinez, Cathy Mashek. and Angie Blakely. My first love, Tim Henion. Migflogi. Mr. Crippen, and Mr. Cournoyer - I Love You All! Marty f.Brov7ii and the l984 Dance Production. And all the sunrise surfing sessions with 'Jhc Gang". 4" Nancy Rice It has been a great four years of High School. Playing soccer. sharing The years with mfffrjgnds ESPECIALLY Brandy and Brian. who have been the'Best. And Adriane who l'll always cherish each moment ever fshared togetlyera But most of all John H. who has been more than a friend a brother. Also being a T.A. for Holly R. who l'm going to miss dearly. K Tommy Luna Eric Dttage Vellt . . , Air Bear . . . remembers , . , toiletpapering cheer- leader's houses with Ricky. football beach parties. screwing up Kyle's knee in passing Ieagyse, the night with Kate. Angie. and Mark, my sltirlhead. waterslciing with Darren, missing a field goal freshman year against Diamond Bar, snow ski parties at my cabin, and my special listening friend Ricky W. Favorites going snow skiing with the gang. my football secret pal Qwhoever she isl. my game winning inter- ception against Riverside Poly. Future plans , , go to college and study Dentistry. play sports and go pro, lnvolvements . . . Football I-4. Basketball I-4, baseball I-4. Ski Club V.P.. partying. 3 5 Eric Velk I thank all my good friends for the funnest four years ever.VChester, Caryle. Jaymie. Mitch -.yogi guys made it fun! Kiid my three bestest X buddies: Laurie. my prayer pal. Steph, going to SDSU. and the R.C. stuff' and Felix. my cheer pal. and of course. Chrissy! Hove yotfiguys so much! And Colton. you are worth the three yeargwait, I love you! ' Errecm Batchelor I've loved before! Kelly thanks for the special memories! Secretly loving my special Angie. I want to thank you, for making my Dream come lfl-le. Finally thanks mom 5 dad for everything, and Paul E- Sharyn I couIdn't have made it without you. Love you all. Mark Mourton As a sophomore having food fights with the gang at lunch. Taking STAT's for the Freshman and J,V. football team. working with coaches Ford and Anderson going to McD's after every away game it was great. My Jr. year being in the dance production and taking dance again so that I can have a really great fun class. Being with my pals Louna. Janna, Becky. Mary. and the IQSI of the gang. My senior year has been the best so far and I cant wait to go to all the Senior activities. And while we the class of 86 await graduation we will make the best of it!! because the class of 86 has all the class!! ..s6,. By Kim Grindslaff I will always remember being a mascot. playing softball. pizza afterkthe games. Denise's part at lunch, the pep rallies and going crazy with friends, Thanx to all my close buds who made these memories worth while, Mandy, Kelly. Julie. Angie, Brandy. Mark. Shiela, Joe, lianne, Kristie. Paul. Karen. Lori. Christlnia. Shelly, Martin. Heather and espe- cially Stan the man. ' .Jenny Peterson To Phil, Bill. Bill. Ken, and Ed. You've all been the "bestest" friends a guy could ever ask for. You have molded rnylife since the first day I met you. You were there when I needed you the most, Icotildn't ask for anything more. You're one of ,a kind. You're the best, You're my brothers. ' Brothers forever, Frank To all Flaggs. K Welton say "ll's finally over". but it's so sad. You've showed me tltere's more to life than just school and work. Let's never lose contact. How would we survive without each other? Frank Flagg lremember playing ball with my bros. Paul, Mark. and Brian. I love you guys. Football would have been meaningless without you. Coach Bla- kemore is going to make a name for this school. I'll never forget wrestling. I.et's face it. we were awesome this year. Coach Campbell, I love you like a father. Joe and Darren Qmy little brosq. keep the tradition next year. You guys are the best. Last and most important. Heather Creamer. You've made my four years so special. but not half as special as the rest of our life together, I love you. Tom Collins Uhe Rocky Ricky: The special memories that we shared through the years. Best of friends forever. Susan: lntered my life with love, friendship. and understanding. There always is a place in my heart. Eric: The jack of the gang. Lots of memories from the years. To the rest of the people who shared a special part of my life: Wayne, Jamie. Cynthia. Kira, Gilbert. Shannon. Terisa. Robin. Wendy. Eric. and the rest of my friends. Love to my Mom and Dad for all the carring and understanding through the years. Darren Restad I will always remember Homecoming 83, being a varsity cheerleader, and the dance productions. Thanks to all my friends Qespecially to you Robin and Angie. and to the 85-86 Spirit Squad: you're the greatestl. I'll never forget my special friend lohn. I wish you the best of luck. Thanks to Mom and Dad for all their support. Keith Naron, I love you. Teri Parker First of all, I would like to thank all the teachers. fSopp, Reed, Tryon. Gonzales. Jones, Crippen. Ortizj. who made my four years at FIJI-IS mind boggling and stressful, I love you alll!! R Tryon- I would never have beaten Vinayak without you!!! J.JYou mean more to me than just a friend: l'll never forget you. Thanks for all your support!!! Scooter- Whal can I say? You've taught me more than just basketball. The memories will never fade. To all my friends. I'II never forget the good times: going to football games, dances. and even a few parties!! To the one person who added a touch of class to my highschool years - Colton - l'lI love you always!!! The memories will live on forever!! My family- Your support was like a booster chair. I could never have made it without you!!! I dedicate my highschool years to my sister- Tina. Without her getting up and laying out my clothes, and support. I woul?ln't have survived. I love you! Best of luck to the Class of "S6". Love always. Angela McCusker, Angela McCusker I'lI always remember the parties. the,smiles. the tears on our faces. Thanks. Keith, for your support. Eric for your love. and Greg for your special memories, My special friends. Denise, Scott. Rob, Karl and Jenny. Erik R.: May you someday open up and let people see the real you, as I have. Thanks to my loving brother, for you are rfot forgotten. nor will you ever be. As long as life and memory hug will remember thee. . . s. , s. l know you'd be proud. my . Shiela Larnburt H' First of all :l'd like to, thank mvi bglriend Kellyhwhoirz-Qelpedi' me I wf4hFalways remember things like my Jt.tnior'Prom at the Sheraton and through some of the hardest timesfin-'my life. I Ioiie you. Kel! hiv l'd Disneyland the :Text day. .Also my "Mappy I-lew Year '8S". at the like to thank Valerie for all her suppontag for being the best ffiend a Bennett's hogpe. Dad giving up his Jeep to buy me a new car and the girl could ever have. llove you both so much. Jamie. support my parents have given' me. Q will never forget my best and I ' 1 Jamie Wilson greatest friendfiny brother, Paiul Bennett, and the great times with niy Q. 'S' ' friends- Kelly. Christina. Denise, C3leeniDanielIe, Brianilick. Antion. My years at Elsinore will always be remedered for footbalh wrgstliif ark, and PwlfAl5Qlpgjng 3 Spiyit H1 Jaliqrion Daily '84 and Mike and friends. My thanks to my coaches. especially coach camphell. l'Il eilg'SSl!H.qvigg Jgreiffriend allQ3ehgf.likeJCbaeh Blakemore, But always remegnber my special friends. Tom. Brian. Erick. Brandy. most andibqt of all my sweethean Torn Ci:I'IQiglToQe YQH baby". Christy. Heather. Mark A. Danielle. and my sister Christina. and ilP.i.l love you too Brianf J' fe- V L mostly Paul, for all our good times we shared as brothers. To the gi .,,, - al 3, A . f ' aeathegCleamer t e is iii. 'is - . c., 'N -2 4 s c . ' 2...-se. '1- Mme' CUTEST COUPLE: Tom Collins and Heather Creamer FRIENDLIEST: Kyle Manderscheid and Mandy Krouse 'N lx 1 ff. , , :V I J Mm! W ' gr BEST DRESSED: Ricky Winters and Jaymie Mora MOST ATHLETIC: Brian Anderson and Dan- ielle Smilh 1 I SOXCLUBS vi iii: if O 1 W 4 ClUBS!I3I tudent Leaders Evaluate Year ASB is a major organizing body on campus and I think in the three years l've been with the group, we have come a long way. ASB is much like a job and I know that when I stan working, it will really help. You have to be reliable and propmt, and ASB teaches that. This year my office involved orga- nizing everybody. It is like a traffic controler, I have to direct others where to go. I have become a better person in ASB. It has made me friendly, trust- worthy, and responsible. It has been a major part of making me what I am. -Matt Preilipp, ASB PRESIDENT ASB has been a very trying and re- warding experience for me. I have had to deal with many impractical and impersonal people during my reign. but I have only benefited from the whole adventure. Working on the prom, leading the House of Representative, meeting deadlines and fulfilling goals were periods in ASB that I will never for- gen. I would like to thank the following people for making my ASB office a fulfilling one: Cindy S. and Paige M. for showing me how a senior shouldn't act, Jill for brightening my day with her sarcastic but relative remarks, Den- ise, Adriane. Christy, Chris. Greg and Theresa for their friendship and making the l985 leadership camp the incredible fun that it was. fAlways remember VETERAN'S and ASB! I 32 Chris doing the limbo., I'II never forget you guysl No matter how bad the situation was, we always made the best of things. -Colton Lawrence, ASB VICE-PRESIDENT Being in ASB, I have really changed from boring, average, and dull to more social and active in school. I have learned to lead and to take responsibility. ASB gave me exper- ience in leading so I can take charge of my own life. I will be helped into college, be more ad- vanced in my goals, and given per- spective on my abilities. Also, I've learned in ASB that you can't back out of your responsibilities, and you have to take charge. Hard work will see anything through, and if you do things right. then you'll soar to the top. -David Skousen, ASB TREASURER My Responsibilities this year were to take minutes, type. write thank you notes. and keep records of ev- erything going on at EHS. Also, I was in charge of Homecoming ac- tivities along with Mike Shoemaker and I was chair of the poetryfshort story competition during Academ- ic's Week. They both involved a lot of stresslll In ASB I have learned that it is never too hard to accom- plish a goal and that I can make all my dreams come true. ASB has also taught me real responsibility and also how to become an improved person. All of us in ASB had many hopes to make this year the best, and to me, I feel we did our best to do it. l'm proud of all our accom- plishments we have made. -Den- ise Yanagisawa, ASB SECRETARY ,uul" 153 na ,, 4' . gm fe J 9 ff V. V V ,. Y V 11, 4 nb ,ff f 4 V .rv 31 W ,ww WV, ,L f A , ,, A.A , is , . . H' V, .. my E, 45 1 mx I Q we N, 1 . swf ASB has shown me how to work with people in many different situations. This will help me when I start college and my career. l've learned responsibility and l've grown as an individual person. l'm going to miss Denise, Christy, Chris, and Colton the most, and all the fun times we have shared in school and out. I also want to thank Chris and Colton for all the help and support they have given me. They are two people that can always make me smile. ASB was an experience not always en- joyable but unforgetable. -Adriane Trevino- COMM. OF PEP I feel ASB has helped me get through my high school years and it also helped me see the good and bad points of myself and my school, and it has shown me ways to try and do some- thing about those points. I would like to thank Carol Johnson because she has shown me the way to get things done right and to grow as a person. Also, thanks to the whole class because we've been through and have done so much together. If I had the chance I would have gotten the entire students body in one place and tell them how wrong they are about ASB. We worked very hard for them this year and we got nothing back from them. Michael Floyed Shoemaker- COMM. OF SOCIAL ACTIVITIES I would like to thank ASB as a whole because everyone was specisl in their own way. We have disagreed at times but we all shared the same goals: to make Elsinore High a better place. ASB deserves more credit than what they get. We didn't run for office for ourselves, but rather for the school. My office this year involved publicizing all activities that ASB sponsored. I also was responsible for let- ting the students aware of what was going on. I think the ultimate thing ASB would like to achieve in the future is for all of the students to have school pride. "School is what you make of it." -Jill Haworth-COMM. OF PUBLICITY I 1 5 ,S .s X My office involved running all l.C.C. meetings and reporting back to ASB. I would like to see the I.C.C. grow even larger than it is at the present time. I would like to see lots of unity within that group. The thing l'll miss most about ASB is the people! They are a very special group and I will miss all of them. Dealing with people is something you need to do throuqhout your life and ASB has helped me learn how to improve my skill. -Sherry Ratiff- COMM. OF CLUBS ASBH33 X0 Or- r - Y:0xella- -' ,el - ' nion -1- W ge- Feature : Com ' Pl A Q News fy "Being on the Prophet staff for years has been an excellent growing perience and has assisted me in ul my writing skills. Moreover, being on staff has given me an opportunity to as a voice of the students, expressing general opinion on the infallacies of school. Being editor this year was nitely a memorable experience." Lawrence, Co-Editor. "Being a member of the Prophet been a rewarding experience. To lowed to voice my opinion through writing has aided in the developn my writing as a whole. As Co-ec learned new journalism skills and niques and I truly feel that being a a newspaper staff has been a vital my high school period," Karl li Co-Editor anoomst Doug C -r -Q 1flxN3f' W i. ock""" e"l0Ys E e e 'ln I ll t r AM newspape, with a 114. W d . visor, Olga Kokino. 'Sf vv' . . :QL1 , -g I ,TX L T . 'fi' ELSINORE UNION HIGH SCHOOL W VOLUME IS ISSUE I0 JUNE 20, l986 9-:Q Xxspfffg -dl T 4 at l V ,H I -WW' I. ll,,,.wltH-3 rs., st. LL if rfmmm 'members Laurie Smith, Mike Montes, Damon Ridgeway, Paul Plansky. co-editor Karl Kooser, Doug Cockrum, Brandy Turrentine. ane Trevino. co-editor Colton Lawrence, Richarda Moran, and Dawna Cunningham. Prophet A Novelty At EUH geway. who is currently a ju- ' at EUHS, was, according to rence and Kooser, selected his leadership capabilities and erior writing skills. igh school newspaper is con- 'red to be somewhat a novelty mg students of any particular 1 school campus. It is one of only means in which a student actually examine the pages review material that was cre- l specifically for them and r interests and read about ple and events that he or she 1 direct contact with. E PROPHET is no exception! lt 'uely a novelty to the students EUHS. Each issue has always tained fascinating and often as controversial articles that lured the readers attention. le instigating conversation. ln ition THE PROPHET has never ed in its obligation for enter- ing, while informing. Creative feys, reviews and features have earmarked this publication in its efforts to establish a re- spected and distinguished news- paper. Two years ago the PROHET en- countered a dramatic change when Ms. Olga Kokino replaced Ms. Mary Diehl as advisor. Under Ms. Diehl THE PROPHET was ba- sically self-directed with little re- strictions and the paper flour- ished as a humourous and ex- tremely entertaining publication. However, THE PROPHET was pe- nalized several times for what was considered to be "too liberal of journalism practices." Thus, the success of THE PROPHET was tainted by flaws in professionism and too many unsatisfactory page layouts. ln contrast to Ms. DeihI's instruc- tion, Ms. Kokino enforced strict policies and sought to raise the standards of the paper. Proffe- sionalism as far as high school publications go. became appar- ent, and the quality received praise and much attention from practically everyone. Confident of its quality, the staff entered THE PROPHET in the most prestigious newspaper contest in the country, the Colombia Scholastic Press As- sociation. Among several thou- sand high school and college newspaper entries, THE PROPHET was awarded a first place ranking for l984. ln addition, staff members who entered other various writing competitions came away with many ribbons and trophies. The standards had certainly risen. This year's co-editors Karl Kooser and Colton Lawrence have bond- ed together to continue the suc- cess of THE PROPHET under Ms. Kokino, and their ambitions have inspired a fiery determination. With the staff, the editors have exceeded last years accomplish- ments and have risen the quality of journalism to new heights. Ridgeway is Editor For '87 W M -'L Y ,,. ' , , A' 'QW -if f- . :nl A., " , yrzgvuxf-12. .V ' , Nz: " ', 'A zzzthgil' T1 3 gf: xi?-A 1 Damon Ridgeway Junior After reviewing possible candi- dates to serve as editor of the pa- per forthe I987 school year, Olga Kokino. Colton Lawrence and Karl Kooser unanimously chose Damon Ridgeway to fill the posi- tion. Brandy Turrentine and Norman McDon- nell insinuate that completing a layout is stressful to accomplish. THE PROPHET! I 35 ws 3 The Elsinore Union High School Tiger Pride Marching Band was, as always, an asset to the school. They performed throughout the state of California, showing EUHS pride to best advantage. The EUHS Tiger Pride band is led by direc- tor Terry McPherson. Below Top row standing, left to right Samantha Hurlbert, Michelle Fields, Cheli Gutierrez. Jennifer Bishop. Christi Thompson. Gina Woody, Debbie McCulIy, Brenda Latoskey, Gina Alex- ander, Misty Thompson, Kathy Mathews, Jana Baxter. Shields. left to right Stacey Buchanan, Leslie Wolfe, Kristina Pancoast, Kim Pan- toja, Hortensia Cortez, Holly Clark, Kathy Hutchinson. 5 Jim Carl Kristii Isaacs, Cami Row-Director Terry McPherson. Samantha Hurlbert. Valerie Castro, Christie Mailloux. w- ulley. 2nd ro cC dy. Debbie M 00 W ha Darryll Ellis, Gi right pW ett, Glenn Koski, Philli anny Gr don, D n .lor Ala BAND! l 37 Step In Tim . During this I985-I986 school year, our Elsinore High School Dance Club has been worked hard at achieving their goal-the ever famous dance production. The theme of this years production was "A STEP IN TIME". Under the supervision of Holly Romero and the choreography of Ericka Matthies, Nancy Rice, Beth Kirk, Robin Boswell, Teri Parker, Mandy Krouse, Rori Brinley, Julie Miklas, and Jenny Bandy, that goal was achieved. It took a lot of hard work, hours of practice, and miles of determination to make the dream of a success. Without these elements, the members of the Elsinore High School Dance would never have taken "A STEP IN TIME". "Dancing is a way to express your inner feelings. Dancing here at E.U.H.S. one is given the opportuni- ty to have fun while learning a form of art. During the past five years I have witnessed the growth of this club, the hard work that goes into the dance production, a change of instructors. and the excitement be- fore a show or tryout. We've come a long way and I hope to see even more commitment and variety of style in future years." Ericka Matthies-President. "A STEP IN TIME" choreographers: Rori Brinley, Beth Kirk, Teri Parker, Nancy Rice, Ericka Matthies, Jenny Bandy, and Julie Miklas. Tammy Davis. Angie Blakely, and Nicolle Vogt demonstrate warm-up. an important part of dancing. I - I DANCE CLUBXISS in D. i W ., F wt! W me Hollee Romero- the one and only Dance Club Rori Brinley reaches for the stars. . advisor. S-T-R-E-T-C-H-2. 3. 4., . . I April Compos puts her nose to the grindstone so to speak. "I have so many thoughts about the dance produc- tion. it is hard to express them all. My thoughts usually range from spectacular production numbers to nightmares of dancers falling down on the stage for in the pity. My expectations for dance are simple. Have fun, work hard, and always give your very best! I hope you have enjoyed watching us as much as we have enjoyed dancing for you. Hollee Romero- Dance Club Advisor The equipment of dance. Bandy perfects a pose. DANCE CLUB! I 39 Dramas A ass Act page Jennifer Stekkinger and Tammy McNeal hang out outside the theatre. i oRAMAfl4o K 4 M The objective of the Drama class this year was to produce star material. This goal was met when students began to realize their potential under the direction of the renowned Archie Cain. This transition was brought about when students be- gan to realize their self-worth and projected this on the stage. f xg K , Ts W :A-. 1 if 'X H . . ,M X YU! e X , tx, 1 .':- f-V.' X " '7 . 'ii 5 t::.i . ,V 5 1 asf ! its x Paul Brummand and Charice Leabr help to bring back the life of Kim Fo in the play "A Girl in the Mirror" Z - gf +f 5 rm Zahl fn "T ,, ., ,., DRAMAXMI Thespians A Hard Act To Follow "Act well your part for there, all the honor lies." This is definitely an inspirational pas- sage for any actor who graces the stage of a theatre, but those who use this as their motto are not just any actors. They are Thespians. The Thespian Club is an honorary club in which membership can only be gained by mer- itorious participation in Theatre Arts. Here at EHS we have a well-defined Thespian group who are consistently redefining the terms pride ambition and ability They are as sig nificant to the success of EHS as the football team or the marching band Without these special people life on EHS would be lacking in the creative spirit that makes a high school thrive S :SES X f - A WW..- Txm. J ' . . K -A rw X. x..... . Q1 Wk i .5 WH role as Scapino. L"'9!n . ,,.. www ww E'-2' npany of Wayward Saints" DRAMA! I43 FFA The EUHS FFA chapter has been on the move. this year, from dawn until dusk. Between tend- ing their livestock and agriculture and com- peting at fairs like the Date Festival and the Hemet Farmer's Fair, they have not had much idle time. The purpose of all of this hard work is to strengthen their skills and conficlences enough to work in the field of agriculture. 4 Randy of a l"'L'EafAf ui 1 " 'K M K' , V ,,, , I J ,, ,Alf ,W IQ! Over the past several years, members of the Mecha Club at E.U.H.S. have opened their hearts to needy members of our community with donations of food and gifts during the holiday season. However. this year's club members were given the opportunity to take their concern for others beyond the local area. Aware of the destructive earthquake in Mexico City. they decided to raise some money to donate to the Red cross for Mexico City earthquake relief. They chose to raise money through a candy sale which was scheduled as their first fund raiser of the year. Due to their generosity and efforts. the club members were able to present a check of 5500.00 to representatives of the American Red Cross at the Riverside office. I would like to recognize the past members of the Mecha Club for their concern for the less fortunate members of the local community and the current members of the club for their concern for the international community. Well Done! R.G. Arroyo MECHA! l45 Leo and Key Club E-. Serve Th Community, T N' ' X . with if - 5-5 Q if ..,,A A , ,- ' Q it 1' left to right. .laimie Phillips, Missy Brown. Debbie Beasley, Cathy Rubecamp, Gina Alexander, Britt Kibala, Mr. Gonzales. 5 3 Not in any particular order - Debbie Crowley. Karin Crowley, Debbie Beasley, Rod Leonard, Heather Lyons, and David St. Cyr. LEOXKEYX I46 The Leo Club is a service club which is orientated towards benefiting the community. Throughout the school year, many activities have been ac- complished through the efforts of John Gonzales, his wife, and Truman Brown. Their support has been aimed towards the funding of a blood mobile, contributions to the City of Hope, and their efforts which helped bring about for a new victory stand for our bell. Their major goal is to earn money to aid in sight conser- vation. The Key CIub's main purpose is to provide an opportunity for high school students to develop leader- ship through activities and projects. Such projects which have aided our community include: the preparation and distribution of food to the needy during Christmas toime, and various fund raisers which are directed for the improvement of our city. With- out the advisors Breck Allen, Terry Cole, and the support of the Kwain- ias is, the success of the Key Club would not have been possible. Left to right, Andres Carrion, Tina Van, Vuthy Tim, Cheli Gutierrez. Martha Meza, Lynnette lbach, Mrs. Vinkel, Samantha Hurlburt, Martin Irlanda. and Lance Roberts. Not pictured: Debbie Beasley, Mary Orgaline, Andrea Rose, Sheila Griger, Tatia Hielman, Sophy Sary. Kimberly Ovenshire, Paul Fisher, Jeff Lichorobic. BU ndAS: With the assistance of Mrs. Gordon, So- nya Wilson, and Carolyn Jackson, the Black Student Union has become an ac- complished group which has participat- ed in many events. These events consist of attending Regional BSU Conventions, joining the Cultural Business Leaders of America, and the sponsoring of the an- nual Negro History program. The club's main purpose is to develop self pride and leadership which will contribute to each member's success for the future. AFS, the American field service, is the foreign exchange club on campus. Miss Vinkle is the club's advisor, as she has been for two years. There are I5 mem- bers in the club, and Samantha Hurlburt is the president. They meet bi-weekly on Wednesdays. The foreign exchange club sponsors stu- dents from abroad during their stay in the U.S., and sends Elsinore students to foreign countries. This year AFS is spon- soring Andreas Carrion of Panama. Last summer they sent Neil Allan to Japan, and Jack Withers is currently in Austra- lia. The club is looking forward to next year, when they hope to have more stu- dents go abroad. and a larger club mem- bership. Student Learnin Together D11 ..-,, . .E ,, V , . , ., y H 3? of 3 1 V114 W , Not in any particular order - Cindy Delph. Leonora Gore, La Keshia Green, Patricia Barrett, La Shawn Westbrook, Solon Scott, Shelley Wright, Annette Barnes, Diane Phillips, Rosalind Hamilton, Antonette Wilson, Kimie Rials, Nicole Robinson Michelle Janse, Sophia Tuttle, Lorraine Castro, Darryl Armstrong, Bridget Delph. and Samy Love. BSU-AFSXI47 C6 S8 l C.S.F. QCalifornia Scholastic Federationj is a club which exists to honor those students who have chosen to strive for excellence in the field of academics. This, however, does not mean that the CSF members are onl involved in academics, instead the members are of a diverse group with diverse interests. As a result of th! interactions among the individuals with varied backgrounds, cultures, languages, and religions, the mem- bers of CSF have grown and matured mentally, educationally, and philosophically. The dedication, determi- nation, strength, perseverience, and tenacity, have been a major part of the success for CSF members in academics here at Elsinore High School, but more importantly it has been a significant factor in seeking for e a the best in life. an SPEECH AND DEBATEH48 Forei Exch we If P H:ta f is ii' f fe ff. f-if, X. Xb! .lohn f?"s This year we had ten QIOJ foreign exchange students on campus. They were from Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Japan. They liked the weather, numerous TV channels, the friendly people they have met here, and Cheech and Chongs version of "Born in the U.S.A." They don't like lock-out, retention, distance to and from places or cold mornings. Also. they have found American teenagers to be ignorant of Europe. In general. the students have found American teenagers to be the same as European teen- agers. We all dress the same, and act similar- ly. Here, girls wear more makeup and there are larger cards. In Europe, there are no pick- up trucks. All of the foreign exchange stu- dents seem to be having a great time in the K U.S.A. Leon Dielen - Holland, I7 "Roses are red, Violets are blue and I Love you" Dorthe Skjodt - Denmark, I6 "l guess I like it here. but friend, Nick Kirshaw!" Martin Langels - Sweden. I7 "Overall, America is good. Mari Koistinen - Finland, I8 I miss my best "lt's great here! All of the people are so nice." CLUBS! I49 X4 , X X f f 12' W iw f I f W Z ff -I f W 1 , . . W s-+ 5 E 'z 1 fy, 5 , In , Q jgylwk-,nm f .........n-w-....,.-.,...- ... ,,,,,............,....'----1-.... X11 diss .. ., S ,r ,,. l' X i is i is X. 9. Isub- S si . s. f S un K n 1, ,. . x 1 Y Q-Q iQQ,QAQ lL 'Only one more cheer until half-time.' sighs Alisha Covington, The Freshman Spirit Squad comes alive and cheers the frosh foot- ball team to victory. Receiving many ribbons at camp, the fresh- man squad became confident and excited for the year. The freshman squad consists of 8 cheerleaders, and they unana- mously agree what they liked most about their first year cheer- ing was the chance to be a high school cheerleader, and to be near the guys. Frosh pirit Come Alive Y v, t,,,,,qpm',, .v,Y.7, Leanne B,-own Bgni Yanagisawa. Page Maurer, Sabrina Harlan, Amy Paige, Melissa Cleveland, Alisha Covington, and Jeanette Wilson. SPIRIT! l Sl The El Lago staff is proud to say that, through many sleepless nights, numerous gray hairs, and uncountable hours of dedicated work, we pulled together to present this fantastic yearbook. Much of the well-earned credit goes to Mr. Jones, who was this year's new staff advisor. Having a new advisor had its benefits, for we were able to instill new and better ideas into the year's annual. Through Mr. Jones' dedication and careful supervision, the staff overcame obstacles and turned out a book we are proud of. Colton Lawrence and Kerry Shay. the co-editors of this book, decided last year to try for the first time in El Lago's history to have two editors. This changed many aspects of the yearbook production. For one, they often could not agree between themselves on all of the different elements that go into a book. so the staff was given a more active part in choosing things like typography, cover design, and theme. Despite the fact that all of this made the process longer, we feel we came up with a yearbook that is more universally pleasing. Despite the ominous presence of the administration's concerns hanging over us, it did little to damper the enthusiasm of the staff. The claimed "best dance of the year" that was sponsored by the El Lago staff started off the year with a bang, igniting the fire of spirit and pride among the students. And let's not overlook the problems that the staff overcame by devoting their time working nights and weekends to make this yearbook the best from cover to cover for the students at Elsinore. F3355 5. ' rs S R, N ...sf ff I W. .M The 85-86 El Lago Staff: Mike Montes, Nancy Rice. Paul Planinsky. Joe Butler, Susan Hachee, Kerry Shay, Daniele Smith, Chris Hamill, Colton Lawrence, Angela Mc Cusker. Rosita Ustariz, Tammy Davis, Lisa O'DriscoII. Beth Kirk. Cristina Reeves, Tim Schaefer. Estella Lopez, David Specht, Kurtis Hudson. I SIXYEARBOOK Y XXX . ,bl N .1 ' fm-f1,.5lLsil Eff' . if 4-4 O Mr. Jones gives Sheila Lambert some advice on how she should finish her layouts: Sheila was editor of the sports section this year. Nancy Rice and Beth Kirk ham it up for the yearbook camera, An unexpected picture is taken as Tim Schaefer trys to finish his volleyball page. Daniele Smith flashes one of her famous smiles. YEARBOOK! I 53 M, ,, ,Im .,.,, I 5 S K W A ,?A'A1i:IA f I I "ii -II IAA II QI. :II.A,,:f' Il If ,,,, I , - II ,,III,,' A I . , I I . I I IM .,, VV 3 ,,,,, , X ,, -a 2 H, III. A , III ,," . ,, , ,, ,, 9 .. , , .: ... , , 5 , ,,,i?,y,.,,, V .. ., , , , , II ..,, f,,, , I I ,,,, I II . I. I A , I, II A, QI, , ,,,, ,A I, - I , I I , I H I A A - I I -A9 if- A I A -I -- M QQQQQ' Vy I ., A A U AA V I- A I W I, N- , I ,I IIAII W IIS,--: II if ,U . R 'K ' 'X MA ' V -'WMM' W" H We?- w,:I, I I II :IA- I f' ' 1 I 2 , , :A : , , n I- I I I I I ,, - ' - , ,I I I A I ' I: If , , . I A AAIiA--III?Iff---iAAi1fI IIIIIIFA A AA III A I I A ,, ,A A , k , 'Q , Aj, f I ,,,, H , I I II -rff ,I I A -I A I I I if I -If: . .IIIAIIII.lAI:fIf NWI, A AA V A A I' A A' ' . ,,j,,,IIu, K' ff' III 'fAII,IiifIIII?A2!,' IIII'IfUfQ5?f?77III,AA5I..fAAA- '3541,AEE-SWSIAIAIIWVA555.fff55f:55I "" fIIII,II4'y.A ' W" A , If III I AIQIAF ' A , , , , , ,, ..,. I, ,,,,,,,'ff',,, I ,, , ,, , I A I I , I I A I,,IIIIII,I..I, ,,,,,II-,,,-I,,,,,,IIgw,w In I VI , V V I I A , I f II I A " f A I A " I , F 'I17ILfIIIfAZI"4,,QfW' ,, I I I f A V V A J I I , ,,,, II 4 ,,,, AIIIQIIK-IWII,UIIIVEWFA f 'I-YIIAIIZAIIIIT Ii 'II' AA -IIA Ii fi IE.'f'AA5II'IIi'IIIIIIWIITIIIIT I I , , .,,,, , W ,,,, , ,, I A I- , ' - ' H , I ' ,2IQA:g-AA ' QI I EI, -Aff I,I, , :gary ' +A IA , f I ,I,!IA I , I AA "" I , A A I - , , A , 3 , I I, I A , II ""' , AA I ' ' , I I I , AI SI IIIAIAIIA - WIAJAAIA. -. .I I,I 6 ,.,,,,f 7IA!IAM,III:I::Aw1A--Q,IAIII ,I I .-g, IAYIZIAQLI I A A AA I A A , I I , A 4I I II IA -211 ,WW 215 'A A A ,I I 5 9, fs I2 Ig? M I ,, - A ' -,,,, IA C I gf , I:-Aff,-,,e:,I:IIAAIAWZAII-!',, , . .LII ,I,:- I -II , f: 'AA .- 'V i 'II I' A , Ig W Viv' I 2 I A ZIM I II 21W4?cif2A!f-,i,1AI I , , 691 AA I - A I I fw 5 II I, , I , ,,,, ,,,, ,,, ,,..,, I I ,,,, f4,f I ,,,--, v,,, ,,,f,,, I I ,,',,,",f, I I I .,,. I ,,,,,,, ,,, ,I .. I., I ,.,, .,, , I . ,, zz. . , . I , ,,, ,,,, ,. , ,,,, ,,,, ,,:,, V ,.., ,5,, , ,,,,, ,,:,,Z,,IV f W Jr I ,, r' 2, 5,,, I 2,515 A . , . II HWIII - I, . , ,, ,Im ,I , , ,, I --I In ,g,,: If- III-I,ywIIIfIw:.III1I ,,III,Iff,,fI,xIIII ,,IIIII-.aI:..IIIIMIAWDZ, I IWW I,IL- 'Z , I , Iii III W f, II sg: 4 'av I- y WI II ,MII - I, , If' I Il I f4f9fQw IMIWII - , I--v93fT,MIIIMIII I,III,:sIAIIAA Ig IIIIIII-I, - IIIIIIIIIAA--:I-if If , 1, I. g,,IIIII I I , --f-- If f.IIIff'I A ,I- If II I Ia, I 2, Il? I I n II I V, I,,Iw5,- I . II , - I - In , 5 SI, , IIa1:,,, M -,A I , 5 ' 2 9 1 ,-I, , A I fI A A I Q2 .. li? I ,iw 2 3 52M II -A ,, II. , I - , I I, I . , ,fy I ,I ,,fI, ,, I wi I,I I- , I, If ,, K -- ,,,,, . , K, H I ,, W ,I I qi I ,, 25 I ,. I., - I fI - -, I Iwyw .I I4p5,I, , ,, , iw I kj ,I I ,I, ,I - , -,JIIII f- I W III ,, I-If 'IIIHIII 'III2AAJ:4?J'Af?,IUIII'I'5IAjXl I'...iAAfff93IIAIIWIWWZMJSS LW A ' u-- I,I ,ff'9?1m7f,,y r-I-' -"5" ' -Wh! 1' I 57' ff ' 5 , AA' 1 IA7'A3Z"' - fi .IIW3 :A F ZKX I 55 I7IiLIV4fi'f't i'ff,IAiII7AWWf ,Y 'Wg :I , , I , I II I 25, , QQ IQ , A Q U - 2 , 555, ..,. I ,,,, ,,... ,,,, I 'VIII 'A" ni' 'Y ' I II.. -I I IMI, "1" A. 'I ,I ' QI? , A Af 3U9f":I A ' H "" I I W "" "M " "N "W" I I A 53,1 I 2 ""V"" I - , I. , ,,, , , ,S I I , I 64-335 955 AU? ' - f ""'f A IUMA s 2 Asa, S: i .. ., JI 'If ,- ,I AII IIQ I2 A' II, , IM I-5 I MSI? III,Ig 25,3 s, S5 I ,,:x IfII15 g I , IA,wfW IA I5 A II 1 1 I IA I- I , I ,I,I I .I II .Iz ,,,,: .. A- A 3 , If , II 'BI I- IIS 12 , :IiI SI I I, If-III-I III AI ., If , I .IEIIM ,I , II I II ,I II I, yy? II ,, if II 24,5 22 , ,II A I I,I J w :,- FW K W- f Im Iu gaf WAI A 42 s . I g::I, A Af 148 A I Q55 '71, AA IIIII A y , . I I A? If A 5522 22 6 - .I - 1 I- M 9 23422 I 2 . , II H I, , I IM 'A If , : A .. A , I I II A25 ' AFS, A A A ,. , IMI I WJ I . . ,, -A .I ig- , II,, .. A I I I I If Lf A II , I, Ik, , 2 , - I - ,gg , W M M , Ig III f--f , -524+ ,I,I I I A W , N 5, :I I 45, ,, I I. I ,,AII, -Wa' II II gf ,,1I, I 0 6 152 W :--sz-,I , Ijfsg I gA HI .I A - IA ,,fgz,,1eAI ,M I A 2, II 1 I, , If ,,, , ,I II . A I :I m uff . ,-. ,IIIIII IM if IIQZIMQI I -I ,A . AII,I IIIII-- I 5 IA A gf? Wg , I 5 A' I ff . WV? W IA? A I g , 5 -,-, 'I III? I AA if? QI I I 1 I I, IQIIIIII HW' - , I' WI I III,,I 4 fy? QI, . I WI ZW In I , I I , -W 'M ,II 4 -, - , W M II E I, I 5, I, I,I-, I I 5 ,2 I I A, AAAAA . ,..., I AI I A A A I , I I A I ,I gf , ,Q I I, A W IW II -I fgZ, ,, , , I ,A ff I A2 ff WI - Irs AIA, I I, Is, A wg? Q I f si ,- IAQ I ,,,, A, A A I AH AA , , ,IIA , I A A I' --- -IAAAAWAA' ,If I:- -'ij-,gr A 2 If ' , I I A, A ,,,, A 44 , I -'III-3 QI' I AAA .A I , , .... II A I AAAA- A AA - A I, , T A .. W A I A I I , , , I A , I I A I A -,,,,,, IQAIQII.-3-:I,,g:,jI, I AAAA . ,I I ,,, ,, ,IIA A I I A IIIII A II III II I AA : Apu, II II :I If Im, ,5,,,L,,,,III.II.: , ,,,, 7,,,,A,,,f-,I,gg,5II,, I WI IIIIIA , , , ,,I, , ,,,II,4I:IIIIII I III , ., ,, ,I ,,I,,,I ,,, ,,, I,,,,,I,, II ,- ,, I, I- . II,I IIII. I I , , .I I, I I I I I - ,,,, I .. ,I I,I ,I ,,, , ,II II I IS, I, I,--I,I. II,,I,,II,--Iwi, ,I,I,I II, --Q II I II. r.,--fy-IIIIZgIIA .5:VIIIIIIAAII,L,AL,4,3.. ,, ,IIgAAA', , .Q I ,-H3,II - I I,,A, , I ,, ,, I I, I I, A In A I, I I K ,,,,AI,I,, I--'IA TII I AIi'AA.fLwIII"AI - AIA. -jj ,i WliI,,III, AriI:'A'f!'IflV--I A AA IIIIII iii 'I I A A A A - " X I I A , III , ,IIIIIIII I I I Ax- ,I I ,I II 1, A I A AI A I I II ,IIIIIIAIIII I I I I, ,, I I A H , I ,, I ,1I"t - IIA ' -I ,IA - I AA , A " " " I, , ,II ,,,I I . . IL . 'WW W f'IAIAVAAAIA':I,3TAAIE'AAIW II A1-I?IIIV'!fQ,f952'W ,, , I, A II -, I II I I I , . , WAAIAQIIIII, II II, III V A h A Aa A A I - ,,,, ,I , I , , , W A I I I . , ,- ,,,,,IIIII ,Ill-IIII, W'LA Y W ,, ..,,,,, , IIIQWMAQIMQI :,IIIsI 'f Q . MOBILE E LOT as - , Lake Vhe picture on the left is what the fearbook staff sends into Jostens, :ur yearbook publisher. We draw :ur prepared layout on what is :alled a 3-R layout sheet and later :end in the photographs to be sized md cropped. After compiling it all Qogether, the .lostens company fig- ires out what we want each of our :ages to look like, prints it, and :ends us the end product- a com- Jleted yearbook. n gait. CO-Editor Colton lawrence. CO-Editor Kerry Shay. The 85-86 EL LAGO Staff shows their real personal ily. ISGIUNDERCLASSMEN wyrff 0 unosucussmfwnsv Q .xg we 9 e ,oo 5 Y' 56 xo Q0 JUNIORSX I 58 Erik Aaensen Mario A. Abella J. Matthew Abrams Alison Addison Amanda J. Adey Robert R. Aguado Darren K. Allanson Neil W. Allen Michael C. Allison Brad Allred Jennifer L. Allsup Henry M. Alonzo Nena Alvarado , Manuel Alvelo Andy Anaya Antoinette A. Anaya Blake Anderson Kristina A. Anderson Arcelia Arce Carnmi I.. Arias Jessica A. Arnett June Arnini Martha Arriaga Donna G. Awah 'ie ' ' I , h,, 1" f ,J xgr n v' ' WI: x 'S 'L Q , 1 f-- f Law, K 22 4 X Q l I av X -, X. X," ff X X S? as s ,vs Q Q 97 . X 5 an Y 5 S Q, Q...- V ,.. L i f + .uf 3 S .. if :,g . X 9 'S' 1' HE - M" ..: K i MH X Q x xt 1 -:,... ... .. ,t . as F , ,,, .5211 X . ZX X 1 X t K xe X X 5 1 1, . if :Sag J. I .K .XI i XXXXX X S E. -:. S J fe -av .,.. .1 i .VY .. X ,Ss .A 'wa Q.. sew wi . 0 S ' A aw . X X X it X - - Q . -X...-' Q22 f ' , r : -kkk ' 1 :wig 'T 49. av- N5.. X l , qua' si. N , -, XXX, at XX Anthony G. Baglia Brian Bainbridge Karen Baird David Baker Donavon B. Baker Daniel Bakholdin John W. Baldwin Katie Baldwin Tiffani Baldwin Robin L. Ballew Jenny Bandy Annette Barnes Justin Barnes Patricia R. Barrett Brian H. Barrick Julie Barrios Robert E. Bartlett Jeannie M. Batson Kamie Bay Harold R. Beasley Kennith W. Behrends Nancy L. Bellinghausen Thorn C. Beltramo Christina Bennett Kirsten D. Berger Patricia Bernabe Brian J. Bettarel Debbie l. Bidwell Darin S. Bishop Betsy A. Blacher David C. Blackmore Ric Blair Tricia Bland Dallas D. Blooding Jonne Boe Tracey Boggs Norma Bosque: Brian W. Bower Brent l.. Boylan Samantha Brackin Karen Breitwig April Brewer JUNIORSH59 'HJ Miz., so Brad Allred, working with the new auto shop visual equipment. unior's most memorable moments Cindy Miller: My most memorable moment was the day I met Ron here at school. I want to thank him for all the happiness and fun he brought me for those 9 months and for being a good friend now. Tammy Davis, my true best friend, helped me through hard times and alot of pain. We've had loads of fun together and she has been a really special person in my life. Jennifer Allsupz My most memorable time in high school was homecoming night of l985. I was junior princess. It was a dream come true. Thanks to all of my friends they made that night very special. There is one person I want to thank most and that is my best friend Carrie Pierce. Thanks Carrie for being such a great friend. I will never forget you. Todd Lee: I will always remember the "Tri-Todds", and especially the "FIagg Brothers." I had a great time guys! I love you! "Virgil" Flagg Carrie Pierce: My most memorable moment was to see my good friend Jennifer Allsup make it for Homecoming princess. This has been the best year that I have ever had. Thanks to my friends Shela. Kari, Laura, and Ann! Thanks to Martin too, you really made my year special! Tammy Davis: I will never forget the night at Nancy Rice's house with Beth Kirk, Erik R.. Scotti C., and Eric V. That is one night that will be in my mind forever. POP! Cindy Miller. My best friend, thanks for everything you have done for mel I know we have been through some hard times together, but I know everything will be ok! KD you should know how much you I care for you, I will always treasure our friendship! IGOXJUNIORS Krissy Brimer - Rori Brinley Joe Brown T .T Keith Brown Laurie Brown Lora Brown Michelle Bryant Robert Bullard Heather Burnett Craig Burrows Samantha Burton Joe Butler Tommy Campbell Mark Candreva Jay Cantacessi Kelli R. Cantrell Jim F. Carl Dwight Carlson Fela Carrasco Yvonne Carreon .lennifer Carter, ' ..:: sz. "VX I T YS. .f . .L N125-:Y 11: --5 :J :A ' . - i 'S-'S 5 E . E ,Q , .... .. fx . I. Tp F I s X Y X X gl X ek .. . , W af, , X S " X 1 an t v .E 'X i X . of -' 53 Ee. E E Q i X SISXX s N Y s X X Q A B R Ek f Gi S . e 3 5 Q X sr -s sw .25 e 1' e n . .. .---. I EEL .fix -' . p as Q, ,X W 'fgi is ' no s . if s -ff A 4 s -as for N . .. X ' X 1f:'- i C T 3 Q xi S Q 5 5 .sag X s 5 i. X w 'ist ,X . sas: fe. -.. .3 e S1 is I ..... N S AIII I-1 yer Q - . .. . - , s B e . e e 5 .. 5 . . gg , .,. B ,N 3 as . S wk Us L Q li K 'li I 'Gb P was . iff' s f 2 4 v L-. Q .5 ! Kelly Cartier Terri L. Cash Kelly S. Casolari Lauri H. Casleberry Linda Castro Lorraine M. Castro Kim M. Ceika Sandy S. Celeketic Gina M. Charles George Cobb Jill Colburn Richard S. Concliola Lisa Consol Kim Cook Victor Coria Cwennen Corral Lisa M. Coslin Jamie A. Cottingham Richard G. Courson Evangelina Covarrubias John Craig Paul R. Crider Kari Crosby Andre Crowe Debra Crowley Charles J. Curinga Cathy Curtis Scott Daedelow Martin Dahlke Tessa L. Daily Tamara L. Daugherty Kelli Davies Andrea Davis Brandi C. Davis Noel A. Davis Tammy Davis William Davis Jr. Dana De Jong Julie M. Dell Johnny F. Dellinger Cindy A. Delph Laura M. Diaz Cecilia Dicochea Dan C. Dill Norberto Disummo Troy Dodson Mary Doherty Sharlene A. Doherty Dade Dombroski Ted Don' Amy E. Downs Heather A. Drake Duke J. Duclayan Christy B. Duncan A S A . ,ss X X T y .H f f vw xy A Xwfl 1 .Im I JUNIORS! I62 'Rf 3 Andrea Fuller is a Junior with class. x X 5 J: AVN if fits g Q - 5 Q 4 i foghyg :Q rs ...W f . e e...ee.e D e x K umm X NYS E X X X X v an X -N.. Q M 'f ' W- 4 i x X X 4 .1 .Q x X 'N mn s . .9 Q.. . I . . l 'S il 1 J NI - , ft W , 5 x .. ig Y e 3 X xx E . Q ta s f . X 4' X N , .. .. ...km Q E t st a 4 'N C , -5 Q . 'ff : ' - Y Q X -f 2 ,, Jason T. Duncan Jeff Dunham Jeff S. Dyer Stephany Dym Daniel Eastland Robert Echt Dionna J. Eckert Lisa M. Edwards Shawn S. Ellison Robert Elrod Brian Elvidge Cindy L. Engberson Erin Engle Paul T. Ernst Tamrnie Espinoza Angie Escaleta Esequiel E. Estrada Darin L. Eunice Ken Ewbank Paulette Fairchild Chris Farrell Sonja D. Felgar Chad K. Fergerstrom Penny M. Femandez Jennifer L. Ford Kim Fox Yvette M. Fragosa Kristin M. Francis Rick Frasier Tim Freasier Andrea L. Fuller Abigail Garcia Angel Garcia Mike Gardner Ron Gamer Misty Gasperson Mike Gay Joe Geisler David M. Gillies Scott Glass Mauricio Gomez Susie Z. Gonzales JUNIORS! I 63 JUNIORSXIG4 x S Cecelia Gonzales Greg G. Gonzales Manuel Gonzales Nelson R. Gordon Leonara R. Gore Kerry Graham Paul A. Grech .lack F. Greek Vernon Greenamayer Shasean Greer Arceli Gutierrez Glen A. Hagen John Hall Marcie Halliday Roger P. Halterman Denise Hammers Jessica Hamrick Steve Handy Tracey L. Hanks John D. Harker Diesta Harley Jeffrey A, Harris Cathy Harrison Danya L. Hartley I v lsfory 5 1 X f 4 if 2, 1, 'NL 'nn X K' 'M f ,, . Z rc f f , if 'Z 2 f f 1 ' I X K X 'l 2 L Wai W ff V ww 2 V' J U 1 lll W? f 11 if 4 1 ? 1 my-we I 1 QM . U V ,,,, . ef W ' 9 , I A 'I ' 'lf f ' 1 -'J I, ,QF ' 5 f -- "3 + . .. V' ' in If' - uw ,f - 4' ' ' I I V - 2 f . '- 'L ,, YW 1 iff, - ' Z , A '77 'M' ' f ik' "I,-iii f f If in ,,,, A . ' M " 4 , ff ..... V ,, , ,,.,, ,, .,,, .- , , , ,. , V f , f 1 A s ,si f 'ft ' Q , , ' f W . , , ,zz Z? l Q fwf , M wr l Q M MW, f , 5 f' 1Zfzf,4..uf::-. -. uniors' Most Embarrassing Moments Yvette Maurer: I got up on a Saturday morning. and got ready for school. I even went down to the bus stop. Alice Dahlke: Falling asleep backstage and then get- ting pushed out into the hall by the stage manager. Charlie Brown: When Erich Berry paints me in front of the whole school. Chrissy Tabor: When I was walking down the stairs to the beach and slipped and fell, and Jimmy and Kyle kept saying. "Aunt Bunny fell down the stairs." Betsy Blacher. When my friends teased me about the guy I liked and he was right next to me. Laura Diaz: When I thought I won a jackpot at CarI's Jr. and I was screaming - then I found out I didn't even win. 't d A . 2 B I. ,"' X ,t, " X X .X I . L is 'W -1' QW it SY. A .. J y if N l 'L ' I ' 'Q s .Q ,,-. .,:...,:, :,N , ttttt tlixi ttt, . . 5 1.- xx., it 1,,..- x il N as . ses... , we. My ,Q A its-' . 'i i Vlx...-'- ffv 5 ly. sf i k -" yyg yygy y . A i"' I s X l lk s in x li A W X X sl x X Q L-, 2,7 A F. Ie' A . Debbie Harvey Kim Haskin Erin Heap Ron Heartz Shannon L. Heiden Tatia I.. Heilman Karen J. Hemphill Mark A. Hendrix Natalie M. Herrle Stephanie Hickman Scott A. Higgins Sazanne High Lisa A. Hilbert Charlotte R. Hill Cheryl L. Hill Jose C. Hill Sharon L. Hill Noel C. Hinton Jun Hirate Lisa D. Hirrling Bryan Hoffman Michelle M. Holland Mary Holley Shannon Hoole .IUNIORSX I 65 Hope Hauser Candace L. I-lout: Steve Howser Stephanie: L. Hughes Sheri L. Hunks Olen M. Hunter Allison Hursl Lynette lbach Michelle James CJ. .lamniczky A ..55'75i9 N ' . 2 Zi ff 1' we 1 X 1 ,Z ff if ,WW Samantha I.. Hurlburt f zz.. .N W 3 L sy M, Z A Yolanda Jiminez n i llll g JUNIORSH66 Hickman questions Mr. Arroyo in Spanish 3. 5 5 Erik Johnson ,,, " Lorne A. Johnson ! Laticia L. King s K I Rich Kirchoff K .W wh- ay-ww: 'W 1 Q'-LX . ff- f...a,.w 2 W M, , .-Q Cu. , Lisa Klapper Tim Knutson Julie A. Kunau Delisa Kurtz Jack D. Lagreca Charice Leabo Todd R. Lee Sarina M. Lehr Matt Leonard Shela K. Lewis Donna M. Lopresto Kim Love Tausha R. Ludington Laura M. Lynn Ronald J. Lynn Heather J. Lyons Narvella Madden Tonya Madison Doug Madron Robbyn A. Magno Lidia A. Manea Brian E. Marchand Joel N. Marcou Vincent C. Mares Robert W. Marlowe April M. Martinez John L. Martinez Michelle J. Martinez Pascual Martinez Rod Marinez Salvador Martinez Matt Martland Vickie Mashek Kathleen Matthews Yevette M. Maurer Lori R. Mayo JUNIORSX I67 IGSXJUNIORS Rich McAlpine Tricia McCann Michelle McDermott Heather Mclnnis Sam J. McLaughlin Ron McLean Tina McMichael Tamera McNeal Jammie Melgar Tracey Menadue Louis Mendosa Martha R. Meza Peouchanda Miech Julie Miklas Adam L. Miller Cindy Miller Jeffrey J. Miller Chad Mobarry Brenda Moen Michael W. Moore Miryam Morales Pat Moreno Buddy Morgan Mike Moronez Claudina Mota Joe Mowrer Guillermo J. Munoz Irma Murray Mike Neill Brenna Newman Bruce C. Nielson Robert W. Nordland Kelly J. Nunnally Cybele L. O'Brien Tim O'Neal Alfredo Ordonez Michelle Orndorf Maria Ortega Eric D. Ortiz Rosenda Ortiz Patricia Pacuilla Jamie Parker Y, if fg, 'wwf fe gr xo. .. - y L lm . , f df W . . Aft, 6 f' w,, 'la , I ,W ff,.. , tw I X ' ! if f ' B A 0' 1 Lx , 1 , Z. . W Q , e , Z ,,,, V fu- ,Sfiri Y, I 9 s ,Jil 5 new 1.1 ' ' " ff " . ,,.egf.- "af .,, , v f ,, ' . f. . , ,Af ., L.. . ,asm if LQ ' N' M . .. L MA Wm s Richard N. Patterson Dorsey W. Paulk Stacy Peck David Perkal Netherlee Petersen Anna L. Peterson Keith A. Peterson Tere' Peterson Diane Phillips Yvette L. Phillips Carrie Pierce Steve Pilace Briana L. Piper Michelle L. Piper Matt Prielipp Sumyrh Powell Maria Pozo Chad Quinn Henry Ramirez Kamra L. Ramos Darwin Ray Connie Reyman Brooke T, Reynolds Curtis Rhodes JUNlORS!l69 X "fry ? Amy Richardson Damon C. Ridgeway Gary R, Rinehart .lose Rios Linda Rivera Roxanne Rivera Eric C, Roath Tony Rodriguez Antonio Rodriguez Ray Rodriguez Francie Roe Joey J, Roe Cindy Rego Michelle A. Romant Dawn Rorez Carmen Rosario Mark Rosene Steve Roseberry Edward D. Roth John D. Rowe Donald R. Rudy Paul A. Ruiherford Kristine Santa Maria Sopy Sary Mike Sheftner Jill Schmidt Leigh M. Schrader John Seales Anna Selnick 'Crystal Seville 1 X X X Sk M 1 n ,X ,. A .. . . .. xx. .Q . lelee f 4' PU! N. The 3 .rf I i A " "" mn . :. A s ' if :Q an .if. , ' f mf f ff 1 f f 1 5 A 41-. uw., . 5 gay 6 3 p W f',,,k - , 1 f , fl X2 H u I f f 1 fn L vs' " 1 Xxxf I . 2 , 1 1 of f"""! ' 9 ze f - 1 if ,,,. 1 4- if 1 1, 1 1 My Q 'T' '5 .YW Tawny Shafer Lianna A. Sherrod Danny Silva Silvia Silva Todd Silva Jennifer Simon Jennifer Skiles Tina M. Skiles Fashia Skielstad Lori L. Slutter Michael R. Stamp Michael J. Sparks Lori L. Spawn Laura Specht Joanne D. Sprague Michael R, Stamp Tasha Standefer Brian E. Stekkinger Bryan D. Stevenson Alli Stewart Denise K. Stone David A. Strain Kim Stuwe Tausha J. Summers Nino Suttle Heather Suva Carl W. Swanson Chrissy Tabor Chris Tafoya Barbara D. Taylor Eric Tenhundfeld Frances M. Tessers Darrin H, Theis Lori J. Thoman Judith C. Thompson Julie Tino Mike To Kaycie Tolleson Kirsty Trainer Loretta J. Travillion Hans J. Tresvan Sophia Tuttle JUNIORSX I 7 I Jason Vail Ramona VanCamp Phil Varela Aaron D. Vasquez Martha Vasquez Val S. Vasquez Yolanda Vasquez Tina M. Veylupek Carl L. Vicnaire Richard Villa Stacy I.. Vinmans Elizabeth Virrey Janelle C. Volini Khoi D. Vu Tony Washington Shelsia E. Waters Jack Watts Greg Wendel Lashawn Westbrook Lisa Wheat John M. White Kelly A. Wilkinson Becky Williams Catonia R. Williams Tamara E. Williams Amy C. Wilson Scott C. Winchester Jennifer Winder Jack Withers Kenneth J. Woods Darrell E. Wynn Denise M. Wynn Daniel Wysong Katherine Yocham Denise Yeti Heather Young Robbie Young Shelli Younger Erin Zahl Jason Zimmerman David Zoon Chanda S. Zulyvic .,, w ' ,,..,., , if F., .2 - . ,A , , .W L . . I ff' , 1- A " A r ' gi i Mimi? C219 I My f f.. ' .df 1 .Z Q ff .M , ,H ..., , 9' r " If 4 4. Q1 51' X-. .,. V if 4 wi fv- - i ,. 'Fw- V Wk , X .. . f f f A s ,Q Y fff ' f 1 1 X, a l wgwx, ' Wxf ,..- , qi J I V ' an X ' , if 5 if .1 ,W I A ? J 4' 4 4 35. 1 t . 7 f J eg!! ' . .,.. f K f , 9, .. Z - WW M 1, f. 6 C !fe L . W vs 4? ., f..-.4 4 'Q ef f f . 1. V. W X X s .ge .125 x X -55. 4s :lk -. kg? N ,- .... y f i f f ww, 1 W I f ' f f 'f -1.-'FW V. .... e...,W,f NJ e...,-. .4, ff QV? 12. fifi'az.,ffz2f2Mfaazff'f5Ef" f f f X if 2 f 1 f Z f MQ W f S h .. v 4 M f f gy f 44 , A in "exft ff Mff as ,ff .K C ,,,. ii i f ff X K f f QW- 5. f 2 . K Z W 9 Q xi 3 x 0 D Q 1 m i iw. i 1 rf n if N 1 :Ez-9 , xi" ,f ,X "EJ A , -l 169' 5 'B' Sophomore president. Antoinette Wilson Sophomore vice-president. Paige Ashbrook 555 Sophomore treasurer, Gina Alexander Sophomore secretary, Cathie Rich SOPHOMORES! I 74 Carrie Adams Eman Abukndeir Jennifer Aguilar Layne Akers Claudia Alarcon Gina Alexander Jennie Alsnauer Sonia Alvarado Charles Anaya Miller Arcady Sonia Areliz Niccole Amd! Richard Arnett Rosa Arriagai V Victoria Ashbrook David Atwood Brenda Avettaf Darren' Bailey Jayme Baker, V Brandoni8alek' L irene Hales' V i ' Nicole' Ballesteroes Julie Bandelin Kelly Barlow x f 4 X ww " L wiv 48 Ag Z X Mx f V. 1 sa X X ff X , 2, 'VV " VV 3- Q B E E V Z . , 41,720.1 V Vg, but fx 4 ,lf ! M7 , , an , 2 M u,'1 V N ,, A J A V. f 1 nnyn ra . D , rf' 'W , M , , I V , ,,n. ii? kccr ee r A 1 .. in I R Q A -1 J is . M l ' V V X 1 3 ,X X jc W ,,,, ., H., ' ' 55" 'ff an at., V i fe ,W L f f S 4 3 4,-.,,v', - f 1 vw' Q 1 ," u I , J V 1 4 P motive ,,, . V.-iw, frfy ,, , Q K' L- ,, f f 42, Hr ,rl - ,. za 5 I . ' 4 N , ESX , i i i ff f :H- ., ,, : ,, f gl Q 'A rf 3 -sv 1 m ww m"1!'Wn , -:IW ii,4ff:af52Vf?:...: a 1 M IIVV f ar I E3 T: 1 x at f .51 fi 4 ,wa 'f 2 Emmett Barnett Michael Barochiere Andrea Barrera Debra Barrett Mark Barton Jana Baxter Daniel Beard Christa! Beatty Brian Beer Justin Behrens Audra Bennett Erika Berger Paulette Benard Jennifer Bishop Jennifer Blackmore Tammra Bombenger Julie Booth Gary Borthz Francisco Bosquez Richard Botsford Joy Bridenthal Terry Bridges Janet Brown Shelliea Brown Krisma Bryning Amy Buhler Richard Bullock Sean Burney Brian Burno James Burr Adam Caldron Justin Caldwell Randal Callaway Juan Camargo Derek Campbell Shana Canlarini Shane Cantarini Jennifer Cash Felipe Castillo James Cebula James Chapman Jenette Christoferson John Church Jennifer Cicconi Holly Clark Lisa Clark Gail Clayton John Cleary SOPHOMORES! I 75 hat ls The Difference Between Freshman S Sophomore Year? Sharrie Shedrickz I don't get called a freshman: instead, I get the privilege of calling the fresh- men "Freshman", Kimberly McFadden: It is more fun because you are one step above the "Little Twerps." Abe Gustafson: I get more respect and I don't get called a freshman for acting like one. Eric Weber: We have more opportunities and we are moving up in the world. Paige Ashbrook: No one calls me "freshman" anymore and all the freshmen seem short. Jenny Stekkinger: My freshman year, my friends had a reason to call me strange. but now they just call me strange. SOPHOMORES! I 76 Vikki Cline April Campos Tina Conchola Misti Connelly Sheila Constant Anthony Cook Patricia Cordova Doreen Corona Shelly Cowgill Lori Crist Shana Crow Lisa Cuda Aaron Cvitonavich Cathy Cyphers Mark D'Ambrosia Joey Darden Lisa Davis Ron Davis Jennifer DeJong Tracie Deleon Bridget Delph Shannon Denney Alberto Diaz Romualdo Diaz Donny Duclayan Lisa Duesing Brooke Duncan Michael Dunn Dennis Durst Cheryl Dwyer Jay East Karen Eastman , X, pn ,I sf . it sv u fd W dw I 5. W fe-M' ff ff , 5 W if , , if , ,,,, , ' W 0 was ' 'Q if 255 5 4? III ' f , V' f - . 1 , at be " I it " M- 7' QI 5, ,f . 1 '- f af . , f WI. iw' 'FQ , M . - 4' , I 3 . 4 , ,I X 1 I I I ,us V, K I I 'X . , . Kp, 3 . x.. Fm! 1i : Zi: Z " Sgt xx X 'f, x l .2 'Q QE l Ei. ..E:., , X ' 1" L 55 F his I I Nxiis ai: 5' 4- Q-x 3 5, 5 - is 1 wgny K I ff. ..1. sw G3 -of -wh- Ti 3 .. R N. l 'Chi 1? N. we as 'Z YG, A x Q :V .ax Q E N ? I Troy Ederer Kevin Edmundson Lisa Edwards Darrell Ellis Mark Esparza Vincent Esparza Jody Esposito Tonia Esqueda Tarina Estep Stephanie Estes George Fafard Melissa Farrell Donald Fell James Ferree Erin Fischer Maurice Fisher Sean Fleming Isabel Flores Stacy Flowers Michael Forby Jeffrey Forgey James Forte John Foster Charity Frost Kristen Fuqua Martin Gaffey George Gagnon Luann Galea Frank Gallegos Margarita Garcia Roy Garcia Benii Garibay Tracy Garrison John Gatrell Cheri Gaul Harold Gaurkee Michael Gavin Wendy Gaylor Laura Gibbs Vernon Gingrich Jon Goalen lsaac Gomez Elizabeth Gonzalez Maria Gonzalez Treachia Grammer Ricky Grams Patricia Green La Keshia Greene SOPHOMORES! I 77 ?Q:fZg::2ff?::z2mfiifgiiziigiiiggf ?4?32'fff!i57f??'9?5'?s9F? 2 wilefamsws-wf VV f A KQi!v V?ivFlFfff iTTQ l? F+vf4fY?f-4, Hffvivdf? 3988? H?'W'4'3 Sm? Fbfmofd Loal1i2LHenk!e' V W Rochge Hochgesang Vicki Hoffman V Cami Holman Larry Holmes L L Raymond Honeycut! Walter Horton Shawn Hnwry Tammi Humphrey Leroy Jackson , Michael Jackson, was ,V ,454 f ' V WS' eras: "" Ei VV H K f " ' .. ,,,, , , ,, gf . ,, KV 5215 V, Vin . ag 5" 1 i H 5 E : :' 4253 : ff' - ' 'fr' V - 1 VV .QQ f - ' , ,V ' " 5 iff Q- i -, 1, VV , 5 , Z , A V, , .. , , , iii ? ' 3' I V- X H, Wifi i ' ,, ,, L, ,, ,V I , M ,,,,, ,V , , ,.,, ' ' ' V ' -ff' A V ,V . V"V'-21 ' . , ,, , ,,.. ,Q 'VM if Q 7 " 'W , , M gglzvgvv ,,,. :A,, ,,,: 4 L ! .,., , ' V -, +1 ' 1 ' Vff' , a ff? ' ff .. " ' ' 5 f ,M I ,. .t , V E I ,X V Z ,,,, , . 2' M " I 1 , ,0, I ju, V 1 , Qjf' V 4 'Vfg 4 pw Va, 4. , ff' 1 'i V am A f ' V N 1. ,K S vw-:. , Leiia James Francis Janie Wiiliam Jauncey V An na,n1:4ffeV:ay-15' V V VChP'?'i4efffvv 1V VV .,.,,f.Q:V'5f"WZ, . ' 'wx -- ',,-"LW ' , ,V f ,,:,, , ., 2 x ' Y 3 VQVVQVW A , fee. ' "5 ,, If wwf UMW -7, I 55 .. X 1 Q ' ff f if W 5' 6 S' ? f - Fwy W fi - ,: . ,Wm1V,,,,:, , :,1 f . , 'S J V ,, , J ,,.. Crystal Kennedy Steve Kettinger Brett Kibala Chan Kim John Kim Alisa Kimble Jeff Kipling Stephen Kisch Shawna Kissei Loni Kizler Paul Klier Karen Knight Glenn Kcski Michelle Kruse Jerry Kuehl Tina Lagreca Cynthia lawrence James Lawver Edward Dosamantes rs surprised when he learns that his picture will be in the Brenda Leath Dan Leath Heather Leersen David Leonard Brian Legros Jim Lester Eddie Leverette Frank Lichorobiec Rosalinda Lisenbee Brian Little Buck Longmore Lachale Love Mary Lovell Kira Lukfin Christine Lucero Maribel Luis Ursula Macfarland James Macias Jennifer Mack Tonya Madoff Dena Madsen Fred Makepeace Sheilla Malone Christopher Manly Wendy Marba Denise Marcell Janella Marcott Teresa Mariano Brenda Marquez Jason Martin Danielle Martinez Miguel Martinez Mike Martinez Kellie Matke Bronson McDowell Edgar McGhee Lisa McElroy Kimberly McFadden Jo Mckew Ruben Medina Michael Mahmen A Kimberly Meidlein David Mellor Bonnie Melton Gloria Mendoza Rebecca Merino Jose Meza Obdulia Meza Brian Miller Christopher Miller David Miller Jason Miller Kimberly Miller Robert Milliron WLM ,. l t lw ff' , , W A X I f 7 14 'F 4 f W 'f ff , ng in H if 4 as H, . yyy , , I f- ,,,,,, ,, 7 ff 1 a f f nr- f M f H , M I ff! 1 W f iz , I Sr f 42 A , , , gggnff- -1 WVU, . , M W f f , f f , f at il fx X 2 A ,Q .ggi lf l ww , f if .y nf. ,. ff? .yyy ' l lf- L E I 'l', 1 VH, 1 V , 5 ff ig., 2ff:iW H ,,,v,,,w 1q Q! , f ':. EMT? , yy ,f : 5, W - H V . .ia . 2 f iIG!fm,t,w,, rf I - E X f wwf, M ww M fwrzf W 0 J' fs 4 W , M ff fl fi :lim 1 M ff 5 A if JZ y ii ,, Q M Z A 1 L rr, ' . ,, ,"' , ff we 'A' Ty fa V ':, ' f f , fain 1 ,f wr K , f XS: 'ii f ,4 at we 4, if Q no :I" " ' iii , ..,, 4 , ..,. I in ff . ,, f ,W ' ww 2 mf ' Wk ,,. Q figs? I ,1 V 1 f ff I f a W bf ,im f gg ah. W W J Q L, 1 X x 1 M lf 'Pf 1 99 5 W 'Aff '1 Q r W! , f H ia, W f F! z,.. ,J 1,, ,, K , l ff fee' f 2112? N, vgzzz an A if Q - ,W ,, . K EQ W4 J W f I ,fi 1 f W , J f , ak f Za , r A? Q ,-jg. V I A,,, Q ,, if , M . 'K !:., 4 - ' G , 9 Q f 1 , , , M fe 0' K- , ,mf vm 5' 11 My V, , 5: we S , yly, ii 5 ' 5 u X i f 'X , f ,M 2 f 1 X I ff, 7 X a it J , f 2 52, aw fr t 1 V K v if if I , 2 if ' 3 A it aa, f H, .,,. W K f L,,, J r '-PLL-nf, if 4 Q 'QW y,f'l , , zzzmai: .,,1 2 ,ffzz MC W t Q M' . ,yf f " 4 iw ff f X f K , f I Q A - y g, fit I gh , lk , f 1 X , .fi W, 4, H 0 5 '4 it ,f 5 7 i K V ' ' wlbjiw w M V: ..., J 'f Z J f f fl 'jf f 3 ff? ff Y f x7 f' ff W if f W, f if ' 1 ,,, ,,f, ,, ,A ., I' fi r 2 M' 4' uw- SZ' M, , K If " W f -f 1 'W- z , ..,, , J 1 f My Z f like I N fa. ' S M Q . - mwaw e:y:x,.:e M, .5 i m Am S - r if s YW 5 N N H N I kk.. A'-1 52:5 :mv ' N Q55-get if Ui Fi' Monique Monastesse Bryan Montgomery ,..o l ,i:,: . ,.::.: , I1: . X X 3 N k Q :M e-f , f S X X X X X I X :X agn..,g2 " new i X X X X Q 4 x var in FW 'QQ Stewart More Lean Moquin Chad Mora Gaynor Mora Michael Morales Juan Moreno William Morgan Jason Morrell Brian Morrison Elogio Morua Tracy Mayers Jason Nance Mindi Neill Katherine Nelson Heidi Nesselrode Nhung Nguyen Dominique Nyman David O'Blenness Lloyd O'Conner Enrique Ochoa Tami Odwad Erin Ohlendorf Kim Olsen Dan Ortiz Freddy Padgett Kristina Pancoast , fy Jennifer Paquette Anthony Patino Shaun Persing Betsy Peterson F w h N l Kevin Peterson Jamie Phillips Teresa Phillips Todd Phillips Jody Phipps David Rierce Beverly J Pigeon Erick Pinella- Saundra Pidanick Liana Piper Stephanie Powers Ronaldo Pozo Melissa Pwxmife Lisa Pulsifer Terina Ranson Allan Rasmussen Angela Ratliff Ronaid Rawls Tammy Reid Stacy Rein Dana Renfrew Deanna Reyes Donald Reyes Candance Rhine Curtise Rhodes Kim Rials Catherine Rich John Richardson Earl Ringquest Rick Rios K t x ef XL Q ! X l Y 'R .-5 .ie - 4i'xf2e,w:-isei.. . .K i , eii fx. , exam 'xi QR PM ..s.. X ex , X . 11 MQ- -qp1s,Lf.M, ii if 5 K iiiiii u szfsomomonss is x - f ,. l A X g N -s N KN I X --rr , t U aTi":X5'?. - 1 6. . gvgp- ss .. -' , .. , 1, A ,+ J if P' 'Q ' 'RW' of .,..,5 i t Paul Rivard Elvia Rivera Janette Rivera Christina Roberts Niccole Robinson John Roe s 4,:g,,A V , X ff 1 if ,Q f i f , if '-1 ' 2. f41'p if ' . lwwgv "f 1 I :: -"4., f 95 Q 1 Q g ag -'lit H 9 ais 3 gg -. 5 V li fm ai? fi if l Chris Rogers Mike Romero Veronica Roque Lenny Rosevear iiadn 'Roth lashes Rnthgery Gregory Roulson Vickie Rowe Kathleen Rubecamp Jennifer Rushing Paul Runfola Alma Saavedra Leticia Saavedra Ferlander Salt John Samano 'Victoriana Sanborn Matt Sandstrum Christina San Nicholas Scott Sauer Greg Schamagi Peter Schlemmer Coni Schroeder Rebecca Scotty Soma waawn Sewer "Brent Shay Nate Sheanhan Kirk Shearin Sharrie Shedrick ,2A' 7 Gary Shelton Dawn Shephard Jami Shotwell Keith Sinclair SOPHOMORES! I 83 I 84!SOPHOMORES Cameron Smith Colleen Smith Matt Smith Robert Smith Jody Snyder Tara Snyder Bayki Som Ear Som L Joseph Somers David Souliotes lauren Sparks Craig Speers Beverly Steinbeiss Jennifer Stekkinger William Stens Bobby Sterling Connie Sterling Phil Stevens John Stewart Jamie Stout Nicholas Strickland Kyre Stucklini Jeffrey Stuwe Frank Sulak , " . U ' , ""' 2 A he Q fi , 1 . . 2 . Ms f f ,. ,W,, M , , w , 'A . K 91 X fb Kgs 42, A. Q K! Q My . in M j la, , W, ': i . .V W' ': W? ' Z2 I , hz " ' '42 4 " ' ho Is Your Favorite Teacher? Tricia Cordova: My favorite teacher is Ms. Haran because she understands when I have a problem and she always takes the time to help me out. Krisma Bryning: Mrs. Cain because she is honest with you and always reminds you when you do well. Felipe Castillo: Ebert - He's Strange Bryan Peterson: Mrs. Westfall because she doesn't take off points for late assignments and she acts really strange in class. Cheryl Deoyer: Mrs. Westfall because she is fun- ny. interesting, and understanding. She acts like one of the students. Jennifer Cash: Mrs. Smithson. She makes psy- chology interesting and fun. when I thought it would be just another class. Jami Shotwell: Mrs. Fahlberg because she is down to Earth. Allen Tieman: Longfellow because he talks to his kids about other things than math. Elvia Rivera: My favorite teacher is Mrs, Westfall because she is bad. Dan Ortiz: Coach Campbell 'cause he is a cool dude. f . E W .. ,,fa,4. .5 M , 4. 76.1 Af f fi , X gi. f 1 if 1 T Z4 1 W . X 2 X4 X my f Xe YH? X X .se- ' ..: ai ,Eb sw . .1 ,f . ff V 3 if ff M- L we l 1 W1 Denise Marcell and Mindie Neill display sophomore unity ff ' 1 X f if 5 A M, as 7 774 , W Q. - .. is vw' xr I ' I WL, 1' . f f T Q A , 4 Z U Z 3 L Q ws 1 4' v' Q W ,f Z , , f 7 , . K y , 1 K Q 1 lx '. ,l, ,n , N v J, l v if 3, if 1 I ,a l I CU 73 7' ',: -4-s al! f f ' FYIQTXV F 5 . if ,f M NW JAH, " I 5 JE Rebecca Sullivan Misti Sumner Marie Swanson Tracy Thaler Dwain Theis Casandra Thomas David Thompson Shauna Thompson Allan Tieman Larry Tiner Earl Tingley Gabie Torres Tomas Trevino Steven Turpin Shay Turrentine Paul Tusler Ann VanAntwerp Darlene VanCover Alberto Vasquez Tiffany Vernille Nichole Vogt Jeannette Voss Kevin Wadlow Carrie Wakefield Andrew Waltrip Ricky Ward Booker Washington Susan Webb Eric Weber Aubrey Weldon Bethany Wendel Ellen West Bryan Weymouth SOPHOMORES! l 85 e ' Doreen Corona: On my spare time I usually go to the beach or .., ,., ..,4,igie,,.,g,,,,,rQ Christal Beathy, I chase guys and work with my horses. Vicky Horne, I like to listen to music with Chrissy, Erin, and Brandy. Also, check out the massive guys and "Spaz". Glenn Koski, Avoid school work. Loni Kizler, I enjoy playing sports at home, also watching 'l'.V.: another thing I do is go out with my friends. Marchia Henderson, I like to collect things from Menudo. And. go to dances with cute "Mexican" guy's. Q gieig Mindi Neilg Dancing and horseback riding. They're the best. i visit my friends. Mostly I get lazy and sleep or I eat. G .Hi fzgggfziygi: shamaiwata Michelle Wabash, , Gina Woody Jayson Woodward Nancy Wright ' Richard Wright Jefveh-LYafbQi1s1!iT Mwflfelt Yew: q ih"i S Agnes Kim takes off time from History to have her picture taken. SOPHOMORES! I 86 Ridiifd' Yulyevic' ' 4 Nw-x SOPHOMORESX I 87 vfiaxiui Q5 X 'C X09 C5655 Xue' 2 A 2 J 2? ff 5 Hallie Furr, fresh president Boni Yanagisawa. frosh vice president Cyndi Sanchez, fro-sh secretary Paige Maurer, fresh treasurer FRESHMEN! I 88 Pete Ackerman Ron Acosta Rick Aguilar Cynthia Aldrele Jeff Allen Noah Allen Trudi Andersen Chris Armen! Jim Ayree Heather Bailey Jamie Baldwin Jeff Beam Mark Beckers Kristie Beer Dana Bennett John Bernard Vivian Berry Kam Best Jennifer Booth Cheryl Borlhes Brian Boswell Erlinda Boyer Cindi Bradley Rosielinda Briceno John Bfittain Jeff Brockway Donna Brown Leanne Brown K . .,.., E X fy I wi ,. 2. .2 , -fevlf ,zf of Q .,a.. X x . ' 554 K if -Sine .1 -:Sass ' X . XX . X X X X -:: XX X X Q. -if . QX . Q' .X ,ff l X lg X S , X X X X X Q X X X SX N X Q X N e X X 2 is x X s X Q Xna- rf , X if X X Sk X vw 3 Q 5 X . - ,X ,. . Se a. .- l X X ve X s XG Q Q, X M , X E will X i X S 4. nv L 3 XXX " XX, Q N X Xi N X 1 X 3 ,X X N X x X N X X 'J .X X 4, MX .:.-k Y K 8 U 3' X gl I :W . Y .1 1., , , U ' 'E N' 4-X, , Kr. T' :: EJ ' - Bik:zi3:f,' fi? X ff f 'L ew. , 'X V' X . me Q. , V ' gs ,Q I f ,flag If " , f f M ' N 44.4 J - 1 ,K ::XX: . .5 f A 6 J 1, Vg ,f . 1 EZ ' ww ci, I I S 4 W, J, E Q X 5 4 fi Ha' P f 1 2 vm,,:- img. ,, M279 , ,,,,, ,k,, L, 4, V1 'nf- we , ,- - WX. 1 ' 1 2' ' - , Q' ' f - , c, , 1' 'V' A 'f ff 1 f WA 2 A 4 mf' ---f W .J Wf , l Q Y A . ,- if , , 4. . V Y A - .gf - 5 he F J f liz., t V qv In f 'Vi '- . A .. .N z g- vw 1' one "' , 0 'u K' I A 'H 3, p,. ,Q ' .' , t T, f 1 , f I ', ff , ,T ' x ' f v' Ri" J 4 x 'X in 5 ,:, , i 'il V VVVV H . ,,, ,V ,,,,, I xl ,,,,. X, ,HM W 7 J ' J few t ie ,, t. -Y ls LM ' xl L. C' " ff' 5 an - 4 J 5' 'M' ' J v -fl i w 1' 2 Ng. f i,, , ,,,, ,, , yy y ' W H vi ' M K, . U Us , , J 4 ' 'I sa ig' , in 'f 4 HL, , . Jody Brueske Stacy Buchanan Tiffany Buchanan Jill Burnside Jeff Burton Sithan By Don Caldwell Chuck Calhoun Louis Garcia Brian Carr Steve Carroll Missy Carter Fred Cason Marcus Castillo Valerie Castro Michael Cavanaugh Amanda Chance Colleen Chapman John Chieto Michelle Chitwood Renel Christiner Jeff Cichorobcec Scott Clayton Mellissa Cleveland Jeremy Clugston Alisa Coakley Cindy Colangelo Jeff Colley Chris Conner Wendy Conzelmann Jennifer Cook Christi Coon Michelle Coplan James Cordiero Fernando Coria Darleen Corona Elisa Coronel Hortencia Cortez Shannon Costanzo Coqlori Costin Alicia Covington Robby Cox FRESHMEN! I 89 'Chris Crilly Alicia Crowell Ray Dake Vincent Daley Tim Daly Denett Dapron Joe Davidson Tammy Davidson Dodi Davis ' Ray Davis Sheila Davis Peter Dejong Alicia Dela Garzia Michelle Diaz Tonya Dippoiito Eddie Dosamontes Monty Dosamontes Billy Dotson Jody Doyel Mau Drake Jeremy Duncan Nathan Duncan Tim Dupuy Debby Durst Dondi Eckert Robert Eggleston .larmon Estes Pctavio Escobar David Fafard Missy Fanderson Shawn Fears Scoit Fendley Noelle Ferguson Cheryl Fiedler Charie Finelli Monica Flippen April Foster Dawn Foster Wayne Fournier Jim Francis Matt Francis Ruben Franco Desiree Freeman ' Autumn Frost Hallie Puri' Alex Gaeiarco Danny Garcia Ricky ,Garland ' Kelly'Gaurkee 2 , in H , - K W A x f A f f nw W 1 in flf f 4i,M A , IQOXFRESHMEN 3 'ZX if , lg , u 3 fa . Lf" ff HW' ,M " -A .gi :M V 5 ,vxwa , ,G f X X! 5 g W X f , W ,Q ff K 5 We Z f VZ f 'W W Q, ,,f f f 4 Z Z iiifnrf L W U ,WW ii' g, f if E ki lr 3 ., , 'QC If I ,W 1, 4 Q ff! Q f f ff f Wwe fi f f 1 K A 4 , m ,Q if 4 9 5 v ,V -W i ,,, V, .W v ,xl ' ff? X f WI Y 1 l fs, ' f 9 X , . ali 44 4? ,, use , ,, g :5f,f-i i , ' ,A hr 1 Q 11 V X 9 We 1 J' 3 f Y I 9' la A ,yy,, VVG 4 , i i ref! .., ,ww 2 l M- , ,QW ,f f . , mr! f f f , 2 f v ' no f f V "' f 5 sr' f I f ,QW 9 Z v E ,ef W QA 9' f f X f' X 13 fv- f my aj? if 4 X V X 5? -W7 ,A .,. . an. Q QP 95 by 'il 'S r i 'f' Q Ninn, . Liliana Gavrila Maria Geek Debbie George Lori Giambrone Jason Gilenson Cafgling Ggmgz i uuuuuiu Christy Gomez .losefina Gonzales Dawn Gordon Lenny Gordon Rachel Gordon Donol Gosdon Claire Graham Brian Graybehl Antion Green .laime Greene David Griffin Sheila Griger Veronica Grindstaff Danny Guerra Elsa Gutierrez Shea Gutierrez James Hagen William Hall Tina Hambuch Erritte Hamilton Rosalind Hamilton Carey Haney Chrissy Hanrahan Jeff Harber Sabrina Harlan Debbie Harthey Shiloh Harvey Antonio Hatcher Jean Heacock FRESHMEN! l 9 I Mike Henderson Larry Hernandez John Hervasma Wendy Higgins Thara Hill Darlene Hille Jennifer Hillstrom Rachel Hilton Ruby Hilieves Tracy Holderman Kelly Holman Stephanie Hopkins Mike Howard Jennifer Hunt Chris Hunter Jason l-lusted Kathy Hutchinson Craig Hutton Billy Hyatt Marty lrlanda lisa lrvin Lori lrvin Penny .launcey Mike Jeffeiy l92!FRESHMEN :QQ-'24 -11 .- 1' " 'fi' '-zihxf ' ,... - N K , A .W f' . ..., 1 " , Y ev. ' 5, X 4 . -e . 5 all K ,,,. . x Q X X -. , , l Ka at w i "y ay, it 1 ' :-V Q 'X X ,. E - W' i llll ' 'l lll taaaa fv i V' Y? v NA Q N 'X X ie X ' X f f N X X X ww 3 L X ' :E F 2 X ' Sh : t E, . --'- H? ---- i , -aai .N . T' if iw 2 ..... ., Xu.: i 4 I X if A in K-shi' S- "x m iv M it fi ,. w 5- y ., r 1 of I.,-r Sean Jeffery lisa Jenkins Mike Jernigan Jim Jewel Rachel Jhall Rich Johnson Chris Johnston Chris Jones Alan Jordan Catherine Kamper Mark Kasum Doug Kearns David Kelesey Agnes Kim .loo Kim Wayne Kizler Chuck Knudsen Amber Koestier Tonya Kohl Byron Kopeczy Bobby Sue Lacey Punghitia Lamsong Jason Lane Wade Laner Anita Larkin Tina Larson Brenda Lastoskie Nancy Lawson Ty Lawson Donna Leath Kyung Lee Chris Lembo Tony Leon Tria Leonard Kari Lessner Laurel Lewis Amy Little Tracey Little Chandelle Lord Steve Lord Tina Losch Ron Love Sam Love Mike Lovett Luce Allan Anthony Lujan Tammy Lundeen Christine Lutwen James Lyons 1' fav 44 -E igf - av i 'gli 4+ 1- MX Z if E ltr f U Wendy Lyons Mark MacDonald Nick Manea Jason Manetti Patricia Manley Joey Marchand Misty Marlar Tracie Martin Jose Martinez Sharon Mason Paige Maurer David McCarthy Lori McClure Mike McCormick Deborah McCully Timothy McDonald James Mc Glothim Shannon McGuire Carolyn Mclntyre Teresa McNamara Jennifer Medina Sheri Meyers Maria Meza John Miles Denise Miller Sara Minuim Sean Mitchell Danny Moore A Donna Moore Michelle Morales Cindy Moreno Shawn Morrissey Dannielle Moskus , David Mosley Richard Mullins Stephanie Naftin Andy Nagy Benjamin Navarro Bunly Neang Jerry Nelson Robert Nelson Heather Neshem I94!FRESHMEN wffv .1 , 1, cr' , f ,X 2 , , W-5 4 4' ' , a ' ' -E if 'W , ' V 1 " aw I - X ,, , J ... ji f li f if f J 2 f ,,, ,FG T . 2 f 1 t f if f' s 'V J X , 7 at 7 Q f we M f ' L"' fists" , uw ' W 4 ' 4 715, PY ' , Hx? if ' , ff f' 45: ,WI ' 5 so VKLV 4 ,V M- ' in f .2 L, - A " 'aff 5' ' 'i ' 3 . W , fi, Z 6 ,ff AJ 5 N "' ' Y ,V Y' Q--f 1 i -' W s ' defy" , "at, , ' i x H 1. . " I Q WM,, 'V aani KW , 1 V, .' ,M ' ' so f , 'i , , fliff .f ' 1 X , ua V ,ww q 4, V , 1 , X it A ,,,, fa x W W ,if 4 , 41,4 lst f , i W X l g y 'T' 2 5 Ks! if W J .. H ' um ai ,, , was ,J f 1 5,5 ,., any Q.- fav W Q A 5 Q 5 1, 5' , 'fi LW 7, ii W M-v, N . X f Q T ft, 2? ,V Z 'Z - Fifi , n J J y f f , 1 ,Q 2 ' 'EE ' ' : 41 " Agn. , .-lu at V ,,.. 14' He' X A Z if f fm 4,, X 5 ,Zg:,f1if'f53..- ,. ,, f X f f O f ' 1 3 4 Z, 4 f Y W as ff YT. W. , . 5 -ev 1 9 1 ...- ' l...-.... -...- ,..... U" M, ,......... a , 3' f D f V , 1 R, 1 Erik Nieves Kelli Noriega Carl Nuzum Ernie Obregon Matt Obrolo Tonya Orienko Michelle Orris . P l K is M S be ,. , , , aww' 5 ,, 1 'F WW X, W ,Mr 4 ' 2 f fv f fe ,L 4 , af -a f as ,ff , ' "W we H VE 2 R F , .zzf "" v - VKKV: A Z llr in f 'V Moieces Ortega Steve Ortiz Amy Page Kathy Painter Kim Pantoja Milcki Parrish Randy Parsons Shannon Payne Danny Pearson Arthur Perez Belo Perez Scott Perez Lorenzo Perez ll I 5 Joel Perkal Will Petersen Patrick Peterson Daniella Phillips Gerard Phillips Jamie Phipps Danny Pignaiore Lisa Pinela I 21: 'l Q f 8 Y? ' q 5 5 Z 6 ' x nf 2 ai , H . . 'ii -All 5, - W 'f . ,, .iill P ' f . FRESHMEN! I 95 Scott Pirine Kim Pittd Jenna Poirter Maryanne Powell Angela Pfoetel Emily Pullman Lindy Rakow Georgia Ramirez Moises Ramirez Jerold Randolph Reta Ransom Heidi Rasio Liza Rasoo .larred Rathgaber David Raven Bryan Recior Bryan Reece Woody Reeves lowanda Remy Geania I Richards Kassie Richardson Christy Ridgeway Casey Rigsby Tina Riliy Scott Ritschel Andy Rivera Lance Roberts Sharon Roberts Mario Rocha Lynda Rodarte ISGXFRESHMEN 'Hsu 12 f QP? 45... Q wi 'W X Y X N x x 2 Q an , X X ,fe .. . X 1.. R X f 1 .. xnxx " 5 . ' vw? " ,- Q Z e ' .4 'sf K' 'nv 3 A "' -i v if 7 E L ,gg S gp Q 4.5 ' X ' 5 3 -'Q .f .. N iv? :mf 5- I 4 v. , H -if I V5-9 , '5- r V,,,. Q , G kwa ffl. ,ks ..,i 1 A 5, H, -, at at L. X 1 I f 1 ,,A.. I 4 5 rv. N 'Xa' pi f my wr f. A VJ ,F , Christy Rodricuez Laura Rodricuez Marty Rodriguez Renee Rodriguez Tina Rombold Jesse Rozob Pattie Sampson Cyndi Sanchez Patricia Santos Stacy Sauceds Thelma Scaff Lisa Schermerhorn Dona Schiefelbien Nola Schneider Ray Schuhmann Gary Seymour John Seymour Larry Sheehan Chris Shelum Barrett Simon Kim Simpson Tim Sisco Tammy Skiles Nico Smith Diana Snow Jum Som Michelle Sparks Pat Spicer Kathy Sprague Tammy Sprague Loren Stacks Robert Steele Carrie Stevens Sean Stiven Margaret Stokes Jason Stoute Rebecca Strader Billy Studebaker Laurie Sutton Jeff Swift Jerry Snydell Jack Taylor FRESHMENH97 Heather Vincent Lien Vu Trang Vu Frank Vuoso Brandon Wagner Joel Walczak Brent Walker Josie Wallace Alicia Warren Sam Warren Erika Waterson Dawn Waybury Ernie Weidman Christy Westling Ernie Whisemant Jenny White Eddie Wieringa Michelle Wild Jason Wilkinson Ron Wilkenson Daniel William Jason Wilson Jeanette Wilson Jeff Winder Jason Winn Shane Wold James Wood Michael Wood IQSXFRESHMEN E x, ,, f-- we , i +P-if X A ' We rrz Eg., ,,,, - 2,1 if .. f , f f is 5 7 5 Z W f 2 'fe f 3 Q' 5 r X aff I x J v Fw w a- X J 1' . " ' gl AY :M Kim, ,, ' , 5- " . q af 1 , , , at .1 7 'KT' f Q Q f' ,. , 'f .r,.. S.. ,:,, I ,ff W.. , , 1 f I af i X f r H, 'i' R ,,,,,, ggi ,,, ,, ,,L..-Wg? Wy ,, Sw x fffff f My f f , A E f f X 52 1 s f W ' 3 W Z 5 f 0 A 2 Z? in 95 Af 4 , 5 4, fir. ag, ",,"'. ' wwf A .1 "XX ' , 'Q Hyy, , H , W Wylie f - , V f W7 V I , f f X W f Z9 if .4 4: QM 31 f 4 52 , f W ia K W if ,WE I' . , Q T 4 X5 ix. u KH 1. ,J , 4' K ara Minium dreams of the day when she I iiin V , wr-w ' J, :V Z :V :' r f M , ' ' W Q fi, 1, ' cn ,, a wifi ' ff Boni Yanagisawa Shaun Yeager Diane Zavetz Vicki Zimmerman Debbie Zingarelli Lisa Zoeller FRESHMEN! I 99 zoofmcuuv ,mm-1 1 FACULTYIIO! Margaret Akers English Breckenridge Allen Special Education Larry Allen Special Education Track Coach Maria Alonzo Ceramics Aide 'fixfskif ' 5 r.... . N .. E Q- K an AW S 5 E . ,S L. 5 . Q ,X "Aunt Agnes" during Halloween Dress Up 5 Agios its ,XL ,PSU . sk? Elaine Archer Librarian Aide Ralph Arroyo Foreign Language Betty Beeman Special Education Lynne Bell Attendance Clerk L h i v ' f ,,,. f L , ww ,, .awk , ,.,, V wfffsf, ' 'H 2? ' ' , , . M, ,, t-e, ,L ,,,,,,,,, K of' 'Q -'M My yt W L .V at NY Q t K Li N f ff AK K . 44 3 ' , - g -, 'M .., k 1, 1 f Karma , , " . ,,n -14,4 gs 'I V f Lx. ff 1 J f --X 'M A , ' e ' ,tg xy i TT F A Deanna Belt Career Center .lim Bishop School Psychologist Gene Blackler Alternative Studies .A Roger Blake Athletic Director P.E. Driver's Education John Blakemore Social Studies P.E. Varsity Football Coach win, in aarrr X, Z B .V fm 'WW Gail Borths Snack Bar Aide Dennis Boyer 5 1 ,M ROP -Computers ? 3 'Q ,waz Www 'A fe? ,mt ZZ? ww f ..m,fmw 2, 'E W, ,,, ,, . Wm- wg 7 ' R J, if W f A , , ,, . zr f -- 7, , H ' j f ' WW 91 ' gl Stacy Boyle Science Tom Boyle Social Science Joyce Bradley P.E, Mike Brouwer Social Studies English Randy Brown P.E. Driver's Education Varsity Baseball Coach Pat Bundy Campus Aide Pat Byrne Special Education Archie Cain Fine Arts Language FACULTYXIO3 Larry Caley Custodian Randy Campbell P,E, . . . . Jim Davis T VarsltybWi'estllng Coach Ray Corral Stan crippen English erry of' Math Social Science Billie Davolt Schovl Pf'm7'P3l Varsity Tennis Coach Varsity Softball Coach Social Science Dave COVQY Bobbie Coughlin Carol Crosthwaite P.E. P-E' CU5'0d'a" English Senior Class Counselor Varsity Volleyball Coach - Duane Cournoyer Social Science W ,,,, ,Wye v'if ,f . , h,' 1',, ' 'ill T " ,z,y n l soie J M f if ,iV' WW J if , f f A, " -M V W 2 M f Z We sf K Wi, si in f M, e , if af Q rf , X 47 , f ,wwf 7 ffm, , M' 1 5 'M' , Q W x 525' 5 ,, - V' FACULTYXIO4 Penn Decking Alternative Studies P.E. Chuck DeShazer Custodian Linda Duncan Counseling Center Aide John Ebbert Social Science Vocational Education 9? lfijfl W' ifwff' "+ fi Sue Fahlberg Science Prudence Faulkner Resource Clarice Flower School Nurse Sandy Fuller Math . 1 ivy" ,Q M A. iw' me Lesa Gallagher Home Economics Corinne George School Bookkeeper Robin Gillam English John Gonzales Science . lp ik - LQ 15' ff' ' 3 FACULTYXIOS Carol Gordon Science Richard Gordon English Rosemary Gordon Counselor Jim Gwyn Vice Principal FACULTYXIOG l Harriet Hamilton Snackbar Aide Linda Handly Snackbar Aide Steve Haney Vice Principal Linda Hanks Counseling Aide a ga ,ici : Egg 3 2-gf S 5 2 -.3 Theresa Haran Math Darrell Hartzell Work Experience Jeannie Hersey Librarian 2 .ff Dee Hillin English An Louise Hollister Snack Bar Aide l S Regina Hopper Special Education Aide Jenny Hove Counselor Marie Hoyle Snack Bar Aide i Susan lnce Carolyn Jackson Foreign Language Home Economic FACULTYXIO7 S. Bernard James Counselor Carol Johnson Activities Director Charley Johnson P.E. Judy Johnson English sQQ,h'5f,:y V, . FACULTYXIOS Florence Johnson Activities Secretary Ed Jones Social Studies Yearbook Advisor Dave Jones Custodian -a Charles Jordon VEA Aide Paul Joyce Social Studies Theresa Ketchem Agriculture Ed Kingman Electronics Olga Kokino English News Paper Advisor Nancy Kepley Substitute Teacher Nancy Lauritzen Special Education Leonard Levy Math Judy Lippold English , H iw f n 97 Fl , E v x Q i Maury Longfellow Math Sandy Logmore Asst. Principal Secretary Rita Machado English Math Aide S 'XJ' .X h1g.xX HOBBIE TOM MUNTEAN: Swimming, gardening, and woodworking RICK MILAM: Auto repair, gardening, and scuba diving JUDY MIEYRJ Backpacking KATIE OLSEN: Reading. skiing. spending money DlNA MACKEY: Gardening, reading, and traveling LEONARD LEVYi Hand art Qmeial treesy. and reading NANCY LAURITZENQ like to go to plays, and ski JUDY JOHNSONf Softball. wallpapering. and eating free FLORENCE JOHNSON1 Reading good books, and working in my yard CAROL JOHNSON: Sailing. skiing. and golfing THERESA KETCHEM1 Horsebacking in the High Sierra. and skiing THERESA HARAN: Horsebackin riding. and computers ROBIN 6lLLAM: Writing music and singing for the Lord LESA GALLAGHER: Flying SANDY FULLER: Goli, travel. and camping CLARRCE FLOWER: Reading. snow skiing, running. and gardening JOHN EBBERT: Scuba diving BILLIE DAVOLL Gold and silver smithing Dian Mackey Special Education Nancy Manusos SHIP Aide 5 i i Q .L 1 .HM DAVIS: Raising plants. writing, editing a newslet- ter for a townhouse com' munity. CAROL CROSTHWAITE. Golf and needlework BOBBIE COUGHLIM Raises Arabian horses ARCHIE CMN: Reading and travelling PAT BUNDY: Dancing-3 unites" a week. and knit- ting DENNIS BOYER: Sports cars. golf, and cooking JOHN BLAKEMORE: Fly fishing and back-packing PENN DECKING: Surfing Terry McPherson Fine Arts Band Advisor qv. FACULTY!209 1 U WH af?" A ,- EQ, If . 7 A , f 1 ' 1 'Afiw ' f . w . ,?.,32i1 w i X Sylvia Medina Rick Milam Tom Muntean Special Education Aide R.O.P. Librarian Gary Mieyr Kim Miles Louise Murray Home Economic Special Education Aide Counseling Secretary Judy Mieyr Larry Miranda Sue Nesselrode Math Vocational Education Aide FACULTYXIIO lun ""' ,QW l 2 mama fi 'US ,,,,,,.""' ,A-1 .our Mr. Jim Davis. portraying Odysseys. for a K 'Nis- gigs iff' HIM, s....s mms wi am ...EW Curtis Nichols Katie Olsen Bill Olson Meredith Olson Science Special Education Ceramics 5Ci2I1C2 FACULTYXII I Sperro Patakas Math Ed Pencin Vocational Education ' ' 55",- Wmf wr-nv ,g f : 5 ss fw ,...,f ,, , ,,,,,, L f X7 f If W Y 1 " W C ,Qi if gy J x , M' , W fl fa. f , , M W f , 47 0 , 'f , J, My W W f , L ily m f , 'M 1 p 2 Z4 Q- f f , , W Q Q '4' 1 f W 7411 1 if , 2 0 ff, i 43 f 1 2 f ' 42 I 5 Q if 5 2 4 f' ,Z 5? Q 1 M W4 Z 4 rf 4 ff ' , Q 4 2 f, gf 5 ff if X4 If X gf 1 14 W Q , 1,4 44 , 1 f Wg ig g 1 3 4 wi i 5 VVVVV 7.52: :WW I GSW? Sandy Petersen Ceramics Richie Rabb Campus Supervisor V-11 Z. -v Y:,.. ,, s , . -. ':' 7yg ' X f l g 'mx ,-Q ,y 15, K W' 5:2 ,f 'f f ,, W' ,ggivwuf--ff.,,f ,,,, kg 1 ,A 5 g ,, , ' ,,,,, , ,,, E,,, , xx X ,,... ,f f M? V if if if vi Q "Aw V if ez! hiudy Johnson disglai Roger Reese English Mary Rego Attendance Clerk Sara Rekdahl English Sheila Ridgeway Reading Lab Aide Diane Rodriguez GirI's P.E. Aide Hollee Romero Pep Squad Advisor Dance Carol Ross R.o.P. Randy Shultz Social Studies . l i V. v I 'L' 1 l - . 1 'J . , ' N w , , :.:4,,- 5 'Ha 'R 2 '. 1 I ' g.- so 9 .. 'gi A. E . ",f, f F h . Y . "-9 7 f w r . .V ,Y 'D . 5. X "", ' ., ff' Q fit i- V ' ' . 1 ., ..,,, -.4 . . ,- ', A ' ll ' f g., l yr' . ,V l fl f ...X Q I T ,fe -4 'fl 1 I Q .fi , N 4 Q' - ,J ,, I A -f ' f .3 ,, , My ,Q . . 5 , - 5 I ,lt P .. ' .l in e V Q' fi? i Wayne Simard Genette Sizer Quotable Quotes WHAT I5 YOUR OPINION OF YOUTH TODA Y?????? "Todays youth are experiencing many things at an earlier age than youth of past generation. Teachers must recognize this "early sophisti- cation" and help students to use their experiences to deal with the complex and fast changing world in which we live."-Mark Williams "Got to keep trying"-Nancy Lauritzen "I love the variety of dress. Kids have fun today with clothes and fashion design."-Carol Crosthwaile "The youth today are the same as they used to be, lt's today that's different, "- Clarice Flower "Never attribute to malice that which can be explained by stupidity."- Dennis Boyer "ll you think the cost of education is too high . . . TRY IGNORANCEIH- efSteve Haney ulntellegence. is the horse, Education, is the iockey. place your betsflllll-Jeannie Hersey "May all your children bo SOPI-IOMORESX'-Dee Hillin "I wouldn't want to be in your shoes - I don't like reebox!-Dan Reed "A fool learns from his mistakes: a wisentan learns from the mistakes of others,"- Theresa Haran N90 percent are on the move. 5 percent need help, and the other 5 percent let us pray."-Dave Jones "Exciting, Exasperating. Vibrant. and Unique: I find students today a pleasure to teach."-Stacy Boyle "Reach for the Stars"-Archie Cain "l'll never be an annual advisor againl!!!llll"-Ed Jones "The youth of today" have more opportunity to reach their full poten- tial than ever before: however. they have more to distract them from this goal. Don't let anything stand in the way of becoming all God made you to be."-Robin Gilliam "Children keep us at play all our lives CaIvert"- Carol Johnson "Young people today are enthusiastic and fun- Ioving. lt is important to be both of these. How- ever. the youth also need to understand that the "real" world will kick them in the teeth if they are not prepared for English it."-Judy Lippold Plant Operations Supervisor "Kids today are iust like they've been since the beginning ,.. GREATIIV'-Florence Johnson "l have seen the future and it is just like the pre- sent. only longer."-Rog- er Reese "INVESTMENT IN KNOWLEDGE PAYS THE BEST INTEREST"-Elaine Archer "I believe in the youth that l see before me each day-they carry with them all my hope for the future and all the great things yet to be accom- plished."-David Starr "Become masters of time and place."-Tom Munlean E W Q M ei' ' kiss s s was Q xggx is: .3131 N Y' N S zg. . X .K .. te... my 5? ggi .W -W ,cf -- :Egg M., A ' .5 Q .... -WW mmm' 1 M. Skewmwsvzxtkwa ' :": . ' W.,,....s . , .gsm 3 . .wk .we : V 1 g E? 'Rb xv X f -- -1- e 5 Q S X gi, ..1, fi. ... . sm. . m ...., , M ..,... . v -W... we r w S Loretta Smithson Social Studies Ernie Sopp Science Steve Sparkman Social Science FACULTY!! I 4 Jack Stands English David Starr Science Rosemary Swan Long Term Substitute Mickey Testerman Campus Supervisor SW? -6. Elin Thomas R.o.P. Snow Thornsberry Vocational Education Constance Topliss Aide ,K ,W , M L, M 1 1' ,pf 1, . I ,fa it Sadie Vicnaire Snackbar Cindy Vinckel Foreign Language Eileen Warren R.o.P. Lee Watson Vocational Education , . i f 'V 31: f M: V w for K :v..g5,,'331w'..'cff,,,,,,,, . Linda Westfall P.E. Careers Loretta White Snackbar Mark Williams Drivers Education Social Studies XJ Q Q C wp 1 2552 ,, 'J ' 3, ,f1v"?bf is ' 5 's""'- Axe: Ip Q gf Z .Q 1 ff , -1-iff' i g? n gf IU' f ' 9, , 2 ' so I 1 ' ,' 7 .,Ai V V V, , w, f ' 17 ,a"' H as ffm Ig? 4 aii avi 'NM-.. , Sonja Wilson Business Norm Wilson Night Custodian Barbara Wirth Principal's Secretary FACULTY!! I 5 LII TI CAI' CBJ CCD CD7 C 0 g. .Qffmf" CD CJD CK? CLIP ,HC CLC fa i s. zesagxzx .. C 5 CQ? CRD C55 CTI' ATCH THE " E ICR" WITH THE NA E CED CFD CGD CHD I ml., CMD CND C0 p , HYWPQ A CUP CVD C 7 D CPD Duane Coumoyer Sara Rekdahl David Starr Dee Hillian M Roger Blake Terry Cole ' Larry Allen V' y John Gonzales Mikey Testerman , we M" Tom Muntean f Tom Boyle Archie Cain Ralph Arroyo John Ehbert Corinne George h T Gene Blackler Ernie Sopp Charlie Johnson Bill Olsen Sieve Sparkman W Ed Jones Felipe Ortiz Judy Johnson FACULTYXII7 TEACHER g on ' kg.: i. - af sa S-if , 2I8!FAClILTY r. Hallman -five in over twen , u ARE PEGPLE Too! W FACUUYXZIQ ,,,,,,,,,,,,g ,,,,.,,,,.,,., ..,..., 4., ,,,,.,., ,,, .. .,-.,.,,, ,,., , . .-,, ,,,,, ,V WW-V - V V V V Y Y - J 220! CLOSING CLOSINGXJJI Lookin Back l985-S6 Terrorism. Povery, Natural Disaster. Goodwill, Vigilante. Reform and Disease are all words which describe thi l985-86 year. Terrorism continued to make headlines: Lebanon, Belfast, Honduras. Nicaragua, El Salvador and India. Members of the Amal Miltia seized TWA flight 847 in Beruit-An indelible image from a year of terrorism. Marcos' election fraud in the Phillippines resulted in his being run out of the country. Corey Aquino picked up thi peices of his fraudulant rule. U.S. backed Contras needed congressional funding to continue the war against the Nicaraguan Sandinistas. I3 year old Omaira Sanehez's death after 60 hours in the mud epitimized Columbias Agony. The Apartheid policies of South Africa Brought on riots and death, Winnie Mandela worked for the release of he husband, Nelson Mandela. from a South African jail. Gorbachev and Reagan conducte what seemed to be relatively successful peace talks concerning arms reduction Was there steel behind the smile?" Reagan seemed rather convinced. Sylvester StaIlone's, Rambo became a one-man war machine upon being sent back to Viet Nam. Viet Nam vet' protested the movie, pointing out the oven violence. ---"-- - Y -Jr -1- 1.1 e Bill Cosby show continued to make the ratings. Elintroduction of the New Coca-cola had negative repercussions. The pany lost millions in its attempt to appeal to the "New generation" of la drinkers. C most emotional story of the year which gripped the hearts of every erican was the sudden and tragic death of the 7 NASA astronauts. e Aids unique global concert was the first attempt to raise money for the vrld's needy. e director of Miami Vice commented on the show's success, "lt is written 'those more interested in image. emotions. and energy, than plot. char- ter. and words. 85 was the worst year in aeronautical history. s s vw? Cokejstti 455' 4,5 If yy., Despite claims that Aids was not transmittable through casual contact. when a child with the fatal disease was accepted into a New York school. fellow pupils turned up to picket. William "Refrigerator" Perry helped to lead the Chicago Bears to a Super- bowl victory over the New England Patriots. The scene of a cocaine bust in Columbia. Cocaine became a middle class epidemic across America, Rock Hudson's sudden S shocking death from AIDS, the homosexual dis- ease brought the plague home to America. Pete Rose shattered Ty Cobbs all-time record of 4.l9l hits 41, 3 .Eff mas New me . . in 'X ff X N... 1. e e W aeae V .is uf CLOSlNG!223 this cometary pool slowly swirls around the Sun approaches one light year. By any stretch of the imagination, a very long way. How the comets came to exist there is not known for certain. Oort theorized that the comet cloud was the result of a planet orbiting between Mars and Jupiter that had exploded. throwing out hundreds of billions of fragments into space, far outside the orbit of Pluto but still close enough to be held captive by the suns gravity. Today, the commonly held belief is that comets originated with our solar system some 4.6 billion years ago, Some believe that comets may have deposited organic chemicals on earth from which life was eventually created. There are many theories on how many comets leave the Oort cloud. ln one scenario, a passing star sweeps by the outermost reaches of our solar system, "kicking" a comet out from its leisurely stroll. lt then either gains speed and flys into deep space or slows and falls in tothe sun. where it may pass close enough to Jupiter or the other gas giants to have its orbit shaped by . theirs and the suns gravitational fields. W Some comets orbit the sun in the same direction as planets. They move in a counterclockwise direction called a prograde orbit. Halley's, on the other hand. orbits the sun in the opposite direction. This is called a retrograde orbit. Cometary orbits can be of a short period Qless than 200 years to complete one revolutionj or of a longer period, lt is thought that Halleys comet which was captured by the planet Jupiter, though how long ago this happened is anybodys guess. The first known recorded visit Edmond Halley studied the movements of 24 comets. During his research, Halley also discovered that 3 of the 24 comets he studied described the same path around the sun. Also, he realized that they passed the sun approximately every 76 years. Edmond Halley Halley came to the conclusion that the comets of l53l, I607, and I682 were in fact the same. He predicted this same comets return in l758. Edmond Halley died in I742 and never saw his prediction come true. On December 25, l758. true to hypothesis, the comet came. Since that evening, it has been called Halleys Comet, With cosmic predictability. the comet returns on average every 76 years to light up the sky and mans imagination. Since Halleys time, we have come a long way in our understanding of what comets are and how they work. Still, there is more left to discover. Luckily for us, the scientific community has never been better equipped to "dissect" a comet. A long, long time ago in an oort cloud far, far away. . Comets originate in an area outside of our solar system called the Oort Cloud, a region first described by Dutch astronomer Jan Oort. Based on the orbits of comets which had been mathematically determined by other as- tronomers, Oort theorized that the outermost reach of these comets lay in a surrounding region of our solar system. This region is approximately 30,000 to l00,000 Asronomical Units from our Sun. And since one AU is 49,597,870 kilometers, the distance at which to Earth occurred in 240 B.C. It was M W f' 'T not until the l7th century, however 2 rx YW " sn W MN Q that comets were discovered to fol- M .5 , tgtfs c 3 13.15 -. ,- fume" W mm . . " low orbits. 's l T' LK , L 2 I E' ff' J 1 f. N H X r mt, at t it Qi mt M .Mm mmm M i L 0 ws Y. it aw- Mt- ,im y W ,tt ., M ,... A wo. mmm A iw fwwy ii .Q A, , V. in X .g.1C.WQ X . . .W 1 W I N' X Ml' ni Y Trimwtqit '7 at iw M MW 'ff X sump. ff W or My wwiti ' mt. ' ,W Q X ,V il,-IN..-fm ., wti,TL:y V yi" 1 ' sl y A il., fs ' iw f fi' . ' " Q si 2 Z A A Q 3 X ' ,Q ,A ., N , Ha . Ri. 1' as i The bayoux tapestry depicts the appearance of Hal- leys comet in A.D. I066. 224 Though no one understands the process by which it occurs. a tail can disconnect itself from the nucleus. Comet Mool Yerkes Observatory photograph, University of Chicago. scovli i l i ! K and most unchanged objects. scale that most phenomena in as seemingly simple and predict- ipresently known to Man. the universe operate unden and ablei as a comet, human frames A et such Halley's the 76-year average with which of r erence llike space and travels Mu h our me ccfner ot Halley's drops into our neigh- tim hold little meaning for these 9 the Milky Way with a clockwork borhood seems like a downright interplanetary travelers. ' ' ' ' ' ' - n ruc edim of Hall ' ' Th i i 9 , regularity we can all appreciate, nuisance. But as with all events Ct:j,j:5fcj',,'f'f,','f jf,gff,j Q,,,C,,-,,,.d.f.fii'Se phoioliinn it only once. Consider the time- of cosmic significance, even one taken? mo at ioweiiobsemiofy. 1 I' 5 W V I ,M,, ,,,, i C' ,X 1. . V X 1 3 X 1 XJ ' X " -,ELIHS l9S6 F"' IQE yy 0 '4 1 E an 5' at 126 2 " 1 YQ U , ' W9 73 , ,li-XNN' 0 , why' 3. CLOSINGJ229 You Are What You Eat If this statement were true. Elsinore High is full of some pretty weird speci- mens. Out of the 2,000 students at Elsinore, l,I000 ate daily at our school snack bar which offered a menagerie of food of dubious origin. One had to take into account, however, that feeding such a large number of people is no easy task. The school had to battle pilfering students, inflation, and fewer government issued food. This resulted in a large price increase at the begin- ning ofthe l986 school year. The general concensus of the student was: the food is not any better so shy should we have to pay more? Some students suggested a boycott, but nothing ever came of the matter. Eventually, the uproar settled down. students got used to the higher prices, but, they kept requesting reinstallment of carbonated beverages in the cafete- ria, Despite the fact that most students were unhappy with the food, they were getting at school, they just kept eating it. This was largely due to the fact that due to closed campus the only alternative was to bring a sack lunch. There were the few industrious students, however, that managed to evade school policy and snuck out to eat at one of Elsinore's fast food joints. Lunchtime was not the only time this occurred. though. Most of the time a large number of students were to be found at McDonalds eating breakfast when they were supposed to be in their first period class. These same fast food restaurants were again flocked with students after the bell rang. Fast food restaurants were not the only ones to benefit. The ice cream trucks of the valley arrived to do business with the students after school. also. Every day 2 ice cream trucks were to be found parked in front of the school pedaling soft drinks, candy, and ice cream to the famished students. No matter who got the privilege of feeding the students, it seems they did a pretty good job of it. Whether it was a fast food restaurant, mother. the school cafeteria, or an ice cream truck that fed these students, no one straved. A large amount of iunk food was most probably a part of the diet, but, it is to be expected. Let's face it, Ding-Dongs taste much better than Jolly Green Giant beans. Ha: K l 1 Ill W Emi Nl I E52 .fsf i, ' . Roger Blake eats an unidentified object from the cafeteria CLOSlNG!230 'Q l 1 1 N l wr ,Vs- R, 1 , gg 1 . 'QM 4 ""-wmx X l, The ice cream truck caters to the sweet-tooth appetite after school. 2. Angie McCusker ditches Is! period in favor of a McDonald's danish, 3. Carrie Pierce. Heather Burnett, and Jennifer Allsup enjoy each other's company at lunch even if they don't just love ihe food. f gf f 'M Q7 ,yff K, t ,J , ,,., ,3 Q I 4 1, in , 7, ff if if WA. xg' f,"""'Wl 4 41 ffl ff K , Q , J 2' 1 J 'sm , 7' M twill? Cl.OSlNG!23l You ve Come A Lon Wa Bab gm mg, 'l fir' Wi M13 35 if fsiaiiia 44 is As freshmen we advanced from Jr. High with many high expec- tations and goals, hoping that high school would offer us ma- turity and new direction. Throughout our underclassmen years, we emerged from our state of nqaivity and have grown into mature individuals. How- ever, our scars and bruises are proof that our road of advance- was far from smooth. our freshmen year, we survived bomb explo- ment Since have sions, floods, black-outs, fires, CAP nous programs, and the omi- lock-out. Our class has also witnessed the schools im- 232 provement with the construc- tion of the additional build- ings, the new marque and our new victory bell, As seniors, we now look back at our years and laugh at our mistakes and immaturity. But, with a sense of pride and ac- complishment, we can honestly say, "You've come a long way, baby!" ABOVE: Freshman basketball play- ers, coached by Mark Williams, en- joyed a successful year in '83. Three of the team members QEric Velk, Kyle Manderscheid, and s, ' Scott Campbell? eventually became Varsity starters. RIGHT: According to sophomore Varsity mascot Sheila Lambert, "ln l984, the sophomores were radical at pep rallies." The class of '86 walked away with many of the spir- it sticks that year. ABOVE, RIGHT: As freshmen, Am- ber Adams, Terry Sisco, Sean Heim- buck and Kim Grindstaff served as class officers. BOTTOM, RIGHT: Freshmen on- lookers anticipate the beginning of the first meeting for the class of '86, ififm ii wif, .xg X, X m N, x , V Tx .XX That Was Then. . . TIS ...This Is Now ... I fi fi., , ' if A513 Q T i ,f?""' m QA. CLOSING!233 4 What It II bout 1 mvw ,W ,M.,,,m, Hamlll and Nc ,,,. J,,,,4.,..m, , A 'mmf Christy Wilson speaks out in her Government class. ' UHS T' rs. Jenny Peterson loves cheering for the E nge h I from J.D. on his Creative Writing Anthony Bennel gets some e p essay. "What are we here for, anyway?" Many students asked this ' f uestion every year The truth is there were many reasons or q . our going to school even though there were times when we ' ' ' ' O fthe didn't feel as if we were accomplishing anything. ne o main reasons we came to school was to get an education. ' ' d we cheated. There were boring lectures, gruelling tests, ays h ork, term papers. and hours upon hours of monotoa omew nous study. Despite all the hard work we did, learning was t the sole reason for our four years spent at Elsinore Union no High School. We were Sent to school for the additional ' ' ' h companionship. stimulating competition, sports. fort e en- joyment of learning, and most importantly to give us a ' ' ' d' 'd als. chance to mature into well-rounded. responsible in lvl u h l we s ent what were some of our most memorable At sc oo p years. There were times spent with friends. football games h we froze to death pep rallies, times when we were W GTE . victorious in sports. prom night. and then finally graduation. When graduation finally came upon us. one could not help ' ' I. A but look back over their four years spent at high schoo s freshmen. high school was an exciting new horizon. We ' " ld " and looked at the Seniors and thought how much o er h were than us And then we became first, Sopho- maturet ey . mores, then Juniors and the Seniors ceased to be our heroes. When our Senior year came around, it hardly made us feel old. but more like just another step on the ladder of high school. Through it all. though - the boredom. excitement, frustration, tears. and happiness - WE MADE IT!!! We finally grew up. And then we faced the future, bright with trepidation and excitement. And we looked around and ev- erything was big. 235 We Finally Made It! .ww-"""" Hg 'E4Ei ::s::'--s-eva-ra -::.:: -.-:, f ,-,.:.-.-.-:--- 9 ----f E - - -.-: .- M .-.--..,,-.--.-.-.,-.,.,. V ---- .-.-.-.-.....,..,...,,. .:. W.. ...,. as WEE . . . . 1 ...2.: f Es . This is my year - 'l986 '. flag Q I 3 3 the one I thought would never be, 33 . . . . . . . 1 sl ' and rt is still so difficult to believe lt's here. igfggiii lf is i 2. il 3 5 I if Q x lt's funny, as I look back in my mind -I , Q f Et if F 5 is ':" ,g 5, I z . ,, from where I am now, gy 353 l 5 I think of all the situations where I would be a different person - if only I could go back once more, E ,ZTIEQE but I can't, I think this is how I've learned to be ready gi fgisggif for the next day in my life as each goes by. It feels so odd to think all of the days I went through are all over. gg This is now the time for all of us to go on, to leave behind the endlessness of these years in which we grew and learned. , . t The remembrance will always be inside every one of us. 1, 5 2 Sail? " I ' l'm excited inside, very! At the same time I feel a Q Q gf? ig sort of sadness. it Q, ,Q EE. y ggi! , I l look at all of these different faces. people. gg it Most of them, I've known since my freshman year. 1 I ig? E35 l wonder if l'll ever see any of them again. g iliigigf E But maybe it won't matter. We'll each go our individual paths - the ways 556 5522535 we've all desired to be, to live. 553555 I won't forget the times and feelings, nor what they ' meantg 3 lcannot. z i ::zg:.:: "-' V1 WEE fi ' 5115 5 K, '-1242 g :- . B gi rlrrtrr is in and red, , ':'-' --'---s- 1 f W -I-ZZ. Y I' I 5 iss ri: H -f our eyes shine with the single expression of our joy 1 gli H2225 if together, , this very last time. dm ,MM if I . E. igfgigg i s E52 hi s ' ' "Wsm::,:?sss1w' fi ' sl 'Mew' uw ' 1 pzggggv Q Q qggg s,1.m.,,, CLOSINGXZS7 I I 251 333 . P if 2-X 1 So now, as we cover ourselves with these gowns of grey ree gg 353 Q sig? A-my-wftfie vdifmfem AWK miie LWJMAWGCQMGK vw-i WJ :H H -4 li THE EL LAGO STAFF WOULD LIKE TO EXPRESS OUR SINCERE GRATITUDE TO: ALBERTAND JAMES- FOR ALL THOSE RUSH JOBS CORRINE GEORGE - FOR BALANCING ALL OF THOSE RECEIPT BOOKS BRIAN HERTZ - FOR BEING THERE WHEN WE NEEDED YOU SANDYLONGMORE- FOR YOUR COPY MACHINE, YOUR PHONE, YOUR SMILE JOHN COREY- FOR HELPING WITH THE DANCE CSTILL OWE YOU THE J.D.j CAROL JOHNSON - FOR YOUR SUPPORT AND IDEAS CAROLE JONES - FOR NOT DIVORCING MR. JONES GORDON OGILVIE AND MARY LOSEE - FOR THOSE NEAT SHIRTS AND JOHN GEORGE - FOR SAVING US WITH YOUR CAMERA PATRONS: LAKESHORE DRIVE INN SANDY HANSEN EL CARISO COUNTRY STORE ROD WINKLEPLECK CANYON LAKE INSURANCE WILD WOOKWORKING CASUAL CONCEPTS INK ORTEGA STATIONERS SUNSHINE PET CENTER VALLEY MARKET: NELLIES' FOR THAT SOMETHING SPECIAL. . . 7' I " 4, Qocmtrvg 'gg c5tcuiPecJ5e A w f II QL' 1 - 275I3 YNEZ ROAD RANCHO CALIFORNIA PLAZA TEMECULA, CALIFORNIA 676-SSSI v -lla, , -"'A41 1 4, 'hu' Zm Www I I WMI X IL X1 FINISH CARPENTRY I734 RAINBOW VALLEY BLVD. 723-873I FALLBROOK CA. 92028 .ION WILD CONGRATULATIONS AMY!!!! FROM KATHY AND .ION .I I CLOSING!239 TANNING SALGN -I SLINTASTIC E t ' , E X E E E OPEN A WEEK ElE68 l':RIVlERSl E DRIVE LAKE ELSIN RE, CA PHONE 674-7819 Casual Concepts Ink QUALITY SCREEN PRINTING T-SHIRTS-HATS SWEATSHIRTS-TEAM UNIFORMS SPORTING APPAREL BOTTLE SUITS-CAN COOLERS-BAGS APRONS-YOU NAME IT! V T We Can Help You Design Your Logos coNGRAruLAnoNs TO THE cLAss or 676-5982 '35 42066 Avenida Alvarado ooRDoN ooiivie , , MARY Loses, N A M Temecula, California qowmeksp Suite N L JL J ADS! 242 I LAKE ELSINDRE TIRE AN UTD I Q E fr in N 6 DA 1- 'MERLANTILE4 I I THE AREA'S MOST COMPLETE FOOD STORE A',T E' I ,qi-EEE' ,TTF1-S. ,nfl-' ' '- A 'XX QM . . A . 4l065 First Street Temecula, California 92390 17141676-4040 C NTER "Serving the Valley For I4 Years" 420 N. Main Street-674-45l0 Lake Elsinore, CA. 92330 J d d D' k L BI " LSE? m..lf.... Svfm CHINESE f a z sinore, Ca. 92330 L I' clfm 678-me RESTAURANT LeBLANC'S SERVICES, INC. LeBlanc's Arco 8 Mini-mart BUFFET 17595 Grand Ave, Beer and wine Lake Elsinore, Ca. 92330 SATURDAY Lunch I l:30 a.m.- zso pm. 5 Dinner 5:00 p.m.- DIPLOMAPTE AMERICAN TELEPHONE 8:30 Pm, BOARD OF 47143 674-2193 ,450 INTERNAL MEDICINE f714I 676-5916 SUNDAY l2:00 noon-8:30 PURNIMA K. PATEL, Mn., mc. 2120 INTEFINAL MEDICINE CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 'SGI Mission Valley Medical Bldg. 299l0 R I1 C I- R ad ll uso warn-n, sung 2 S If '01 Lake Elsinore, CA 92330 I I CA 91390 Q7I4J 676-6768 2745I Jefferson Avenue Temecula in , I ,.., iii e 3 ""fi 24" X . .. -x NVVAA Q E-I - S . . . , ,,. lb x xv ,A . 4 Vs - - 1 gy 1Q Q-fi I I af.2.IIs ' I PHILLIPS GLASS 81 . WINDOWS BUILDING SLIPPLIES . WOOD DOORS S u B- o TRIM 3. HARDWARE CONTRACTORS -- ' M"f'R0'IS I o SHOWERS OF IHSISI Ihiilrmni IIRIIIQHII IIIIIIII . SKYLICHT Canyon I.HIxl',I'U 9211240 Q ACCESSORIES UND 244-0327 - - - I - I - Residential State License C7 I4, 244-43 I 6 Free estimates Commercial C54-425668 Lic ROBERT BENTER ' CERAMIC TILE Allied Sub-Contractors Association NEW ' REMODEL DARREL wooov DRYWALL ROBERT K. BENTER GEORGE 'WEEKS P.O. BOX 4l97 Reshoot Ceiling 0 Accoustic Canyon Lake. CA 92380 UMD 244'TII-E J.A. Funn PAINTING a DECORATING QQQQNG UCENSE NO' 475890 "' MECON PLUMBING 28 YEARS EXPERIENCE RESIDENTIAL-COMMERCIAL S INDUSTRIAL PAINTING DIVISION L-Q. No 3909970310333 PIPING I ZLi6inRi!L?iEia9n2y5'EQRd' Delores wmv ggQ?r0E:r6I'eCI0' UNI 244-1260 32155-ESRER CANYON LAIRS EA 93533 Phone Q7I4Q 244-2444 -Y: , Phone 244-4590 State Lic. 346I20 , DAVIS ROOFING Co. BILL RYAN GENERAL CONTRACTOR LICQ327962 25275 ANTELOPE RD. JOHN DAVIS RONIOLAND. CA 92380 OWNER ADSXI43 'LOVTW JGOOT Presiaeni I Andrew Tftafl, 17111121111-30841 PAZOMO Practice of Clinical Psychology Qonllicvllk Hypnosis - Marriage Family Counselor J coNGRAruLAnoNs Mission Valley Medical Bldg. . VINAYAKI 21180 Walnut Street iii 31620 Railroad Canyon Road -- H . LAZRSEQEEES Canyon Lake, California 92380 86 Lake Elsinore' CA 92530 Subsidiary o1I?lck Quaas Landscaping, Inc FA R W I Sales-Service-Parts CONSTRUCTION "WHAT WILL BE" EST' Honda of Temecula License No 361504 014,244-5244 ph O Box 4418 27500 Jefferson, Temecula Vance Farlow, Owner Canyon Lake, CA 92380 7'4'676'5773 s00'343"46' Phone: 674-324l or 674-3500 Elsinore Pioneer Lumber Co. ONE STOP BUILDING SUPPLY O 0 I27 Graham Avenue Steflmg Smlth Lake Elsinore, Ca. 92330 0 G e 1- Q- in Nl HUB 'NATIONAL PROPERTIES, INC. INVESTMENT ' REAL ESTATE RON HARTLEYMIR. in E S I G N E R 31568 Railroad Canyon Rd., Suite 130 P,O, Box 9780 - Canyon Lake, fix 92380 17141 2-'14-1985 AZ asaigaiga INCORPORATED , .-i4':u:u1n1u14-1--1- in zaoss oiAz ROAD, TEMECULA, cALiFonNiA 92390 411-0616-6331 Rancho California Plaza Post Office Box 879 Temecula, California 92390 Telephone Q71-0 676-2881 Proprietress IUDY MORAMARCO CLOTHES WITH CLASS LADIES 5519 BOUTIQUE Good Luck and XR Congratulations rg to the - .. 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CA 92390 l7l4l 676-3642 Theresa Villa Class of I986 Congratulations and Good Luck from Chon Villa, Class of '36 EUHS Richard Villa, Class of '60 EUHS And all your family. , . , .,.. 5 9 ,U if m 1 A051245 ADS! 146 gg!! 3451! f I "YfffwMff?!?f':gfwafwM I M A R O L Y N 'S r-of A cut Above to I weswzau. f e - 1: K cor wstructvon comm: ny, fr wrt SDil..TECH 244-9I5I 3l570 Railroad Canyon Road Suite I I, Fairway Plaza Canyon Lake, California 1 92380 ' Geotechnlccl Consultants ' Soil Engineering Inspection 81 Testing Congratulations CONGRATULATIONS '86 SENIORS Class of from MAROLYN "S6" 277l5 Jefferson Avenue. V T Sulite 203 g Jil Wm Y emecuggsgg 1 orma We il l od ' Eiga! - YOUR LOCALLY OWNED AND we OPERATED GROCERY STORES F MAE XA 1 . M7449 ORTEGA GROCERY , wig? My Wal, COMPANY 'ff A W .-xl-fxMo MARKET oR'I'EGfx OAKS Mfxmif ' ' My ' Wade Q' f N. 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CA 92390 f7I4j eve-sesI -It It 'Rl 'IKE 'X awww f - PHv5Ic:AL EXAMIIIAI ON 'F , - PIIVSICAL THERAPY lfgg-,I - NIIIFIIIIQNAL COLINSEIIM I NL1a,,,, - MANIPuLAIIvE Twsmwv - X-FIM AND LAB STUDIES TERRI EINKLE I Sales Representative - 0 0 I COMPLETE FAMILY PRACTICE I I7T4I 738-7 1 D H F 6529 Riverside Ave., suite 120 1.82-Fjgvzgsiii 31"722Agif:RO':ggANvON RD 244-1123 Rwemde' CA 92506 CANYON LAKE, CA 92380 1 1 1 l - i 1 my gr .0 ' .X I A t , L X ' I A . . , I 'X X if I 0 eL..x' . X If ' Y xy x X 7 it . I 1 may g. E' u' ILE 'f I Qian 1 x,,IAh , IRA ling? kk A, ADS!249 ADSIISO ainni una:-mini Congratulations Class of '86 Rancon Corporation 0 27720 Jefferson Avenue Rancon Real Estate Corporation 0 28266 Front Street Rancho California, CA 92390 KANCON 17141 676-5736 H H 1 I 1 1 2 - - W 231:11 gjEfE'L1OIl 244-94 I 5 aryl' acinvllrluu-11 CANYCDN LAKE HAIQDVXAIQE 3I672 Railroad Canyon Road Canyon Lake. CA 92380 A 8: deg, PXZZ ICE QRS EAGLE1 nf MUBILE- 006 PARI-ORS '74, 'f 6? 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' r PLAZA 7 , rn , Ri!7fc7iD7wggH Rd H' -ffl' ,Q-.7 'TAFI .lriifilibnii WOULD LIKE TO WISH +7 2 or "'T' C A A ' THE CLASS OF "se" RANCHO Coon LUCK! Pweica' Therapy 28282 Front Street 28475 Front St. "B" Temecula, CA 92390 Temecula, CA 92396 TRACY L. SAVAGE Fl.P.T. I 675-8707 WILLIAM ATKINS RPT. l714l 676-5814 liiuninnuig - ADS!25l 2 A AAENSON, ERIC I58 AAWALT, DONNA I58 ABBOTT, MARK I06, I07 ABELLA, MARIO I58 ABRAMS, J. I58 ACOSTA, VINCE I06 ADDISON, ALLISON I5S ADEY, AMANDA Issf, -I 57? IIOAQ IAAA AA IO A A APAAAI BLATCI-IER, MICHAEL Io7 BLOODING, AARON- 32 BOLANEY, MARK IOSQL BOLTON, THERESA 2s, Ios BOSWELL, ROBIN Ios BOUDREAUX, JILL Ios AAAII BOYLE, STACY 3I RRAA I BRADLEY, MICHELLE Los, I , BREWER, KIMBERELY Ios Iii BREWER, LIANE Ios BRIDENTHAL, KEN I- l RR'DfNTHALf,,,Il,M BIIEA FQISQQ RLLL I LBIR IBBAEI f ARII LEEIBR LR 7 .... :I-fi :::l" i ".. E iiifl iii ' fiff Iiff I:k'- -- BALLIIL 7 ALV55-Q? 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CINDY 25, 28 DENNISON, JAMES III DESCHAINEQ MICHELLEA III DIAz, STEPHANIE IRRA fi DICOCHEA, susAN E I,I I DIELEN, LEON III DILLAHuNTY, DEANNA III DOBBS, SHELLY I0 DODDS, sHELLY III DORR, TED T DRAKE, DENNIS III DUNN, RALPH Io9, III DURST, JAY II, III AAI ,EA IANLDRELWSY 22,,,ADRA I IRRA f LLERR? ,D i is Ri Ri 22 2 EASTLAND, DAN 3I ARCE'1ALExa EAEA W5 II2 A RERAII22 I EDAARI A 22, I L 2R2i I ,IIIi 72 LLLI Q9 ,, EASTMAN, GREG III ARC'5'1ARC2ElIA ,,I,A '52 REAA NER L LLLL , P694 IRI22 EDMONDS, MICHELLE III ARISIM-RKWRLERLY ARRLL I2, I IL EI ,CI N2222 1 ER5 ,I Y ARRIIBD i ELDER, BuEEIE III 0RMSIR0NG'2f5HIELI 6196211 RARLL DRAAEIR 5 2 RRLL R2 222l Cf AL,2,,, ELLICKSON, LORNE 1, II2 ARNDORFR IWTZI29, - LICB . ,B BC, 22 2L,Y i RN2 DDECC ARRR 3 D 0'2 Q ,,,AR2 LIDD, l IARA, 5 ENGLE ERIN II2 ARNOLD, SCOITIZIOE' 2,,, A DBBBHNRIA Ioe E L I ENN' ROBERT 20 ASI'IBROOK?PAIGE223fr - A RRRI RLLE LLL ., , f E5QuADA MARTIN II2 AUSTIN, -'AMES ,we L D, , 71 , ,, IOQE E EIA2 ,,,,,, ,S AUTERYI HEATHER '00 f ' ' 5 LER22, ,EDII l CARTIER? 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H, LLD, 2 2 I ---- .EE .... 'IIN-Imw--1B.:::fs::Q:D221---.Igm-.-..'::::If--I'-fa:--1 -1" --22:2fre:---suIii12f,Qaissfff::f: giggifzzif f,:e.1I:-ffwgsi,-.E ff:-,Ii-' -Ie: GOMEZ, MOISES II3 GONZALES, GILBERT I I3 GONZALES, GREG 28 GORDON. KRIss I I3 DEBORAH IEEIA35 HRAHRH I KIM II3 HSHL i LAAS GROH, SHANNON II3 GRLIMMETT, DANNIEL II3 GUERRERO, MARTHA II3 GURGELY, GIGI I0 H I-IACI-IEE, SUSAN II3 QIACKETT, STACEY II3 3 I JOHN s. zo, 24.66 PHAEDRA II4 I HALLIDAY, MARCIE T HAMILL, CHRIS 24, 28. 30, 3I. I I6 HANSEN, ERIC II4 HARRIS, MICHELLE II4 HARRISON. KENNY II4 HARTMEN, ELKE II4 HARVEY, DoNNY 29 HASKINS, KIM so HAWORTH, JILL 28 I FIEFLEY, KATE 5, II4, l2I'1 BENTON, LAuRIE II4 HERMSDORF. HEIDI II4 HERRING, PATRICIA II4 HERRLE, NATALIE I3 HEssELRoDE, JONI II4 HIGGINS, MARY II4 HORINE, DAWN II4 HORNING. LISA II4 HoRToN, ROBERT II4 HoRToN, SHANDA IIS ISAACKS, KRISTII II5 J JANIKOWSKI, RAFE IIS JANIKOWSKY, RAFE IIS JAUREGUI, STACY II5 JAYNES, MICHAEL II5 JENKINS, KEVIN I3 JENSEN, MICHELLE II5 JESSUP, CARYLE I I5 JESSUP. SCOTT 8, II5 JOHANSSON, KARIN II5 JOHNS, JEFF IIS JOHNSON, DERRICK II5 JOHNSON, ERIC I06 JOHNSON, ERIK II5 JOHNSON, SCOTT I I5 JOHNSTON. CHRIS 7 JONES, ED I JONES, TAMMY I IS K KETCHEM, TERESA 32 KIM, CHANTOZE I0 KINCH, LISA 3 ,IH I 5 KlNLOCH,SUSAN IS, II5 KIRK, BETHANY II6 KIRK. DARREL lI6 KIZLER, JOE Ins KIZLER, WAYNE s KOETSIER, MICHAEL ue KOISTINEN, MARI :Ie KOOSER. KARL 1, QI, ue KREUL, TONY II6 KRousE, MANDY e, ue KuEHL, JERRY 1 KUNAU. LOREN ne L LAFFERTY, TOD I I6 LAMB, MICHAEL II6 LAMBERT, SHEILA II6 LAURITZEN, NANCY 32 LAWRENCE, CAROLE 24 LAWRENCE, COLTON I, 2 LAWRENCE, COY 24 LAWRENCE. CYNTHIA IO LAWRENCE, TRACY I I6 LEABO, CHARICE 29, I I6 LEE, KATHY II6 LEONARD, MATT I5 LEONARD, ROD II6 LEWIS, GERRY II LIONS, WENDY 8 LUNA, TOMMY 8 LUNA, VAL II MANDERSCI-IEID, KYLE 2I MAURER, PAIGE 28 MAURES, PAIGE 7 MCCUSKER, ANGIE I I6 MCDONNEL, NORMAN I I MCINNIS, HEATHER 29 MELGAR, GAVIN 24 MEZA, JOSE I I3 MONTES, MIKE I I MORA. GILBERT 2I MORA. JAYMIE S. 2I MORA. RANDY 32 MORALES, MICHELLE I7 NAVARRO, RALPH I08 NEAL, PAM I0 NEILSON, BRUCE 6 NEWMAN. WENDY I2O NORIEGA, TINA I20 NUNNALY, MICHAEL I20 8,II6 0 OBREGON. GLORIA 32, I20 OCHOA, SONIA I2O ODEKIRK. MICHELLE I20 OLSEN, CHRIS I20 OLSON, KIMBERLY I20 OLVERA. RAFAEL SI ORGORALINI. MARY I20 ORT. WENDY I20 OVENSHIRE, KIM 29, I20 P PAGE, MICHAEL I20 I PALIOKAS, DEBBIE I20 PANCOAST, CHRISTINA I5 PARKER, TERI l06, I20 PARKER, TERRY 29. I2O PATINO, AVELEENA I20 PEARMAN, TIM I20 PEERY, KRISTEN I2O PERIERA, PAUL I20 PETERS, NOCHOLAS I20 PETERSON, JENNY I2I PETERSON, KEVIN I3 PHILLIPS, THERESA 5 PIPER, MICHELLE 7 PLANANSKY, PAUL 7, I2I POIRIER, RICHARD I2I PORTER, MICHAEL I2I POWERS, SHAUN I2I PREILIPP, MATT 28 PROCTOR, ANNE MARIE 25 PROCTOR, MIKE 6 PRUETT, JOE I2I PULSIFER, LISA 7 RAFTER, SHAWN I2I RAGUSANO, SALVATORE I2I RAMIREZ, NORMA I2I RAMIREZ, ROBBIE I2I RATLIFF, SHERRY 28, I2I READ, JERI I2I REEVES, CHRISTINA SI, I2I REEVES, JAMES I2I REMPHER. GREGG I2I RESTAD, DARREN I22 RESTAD, DAVID I22 RICE, NANCY I22 RICH, CATHIE 28 RICH, CHRIS 7, I22 RIDGEWAY, CHRISTIE 25 RIVERA, HERMINIA I22 RIVERA, JOE I22 ROGERS, ERIC I22 ROGERS, ROCHELLE I22 ROMBOLD, JAMES I22 ROSE, ANDREA I22 RUNDLETT, DORI I22 INDEX!253 L5EE5E?i:5i:f5E7:5.I . L.L.. . -- . . 1- 15' .. A --A . I - L L ., ---z. ,, X ---...-.. .,,,. ,,.ki-....---,- ... X 1: r r . K ff.. iiii S iii V -Xf, .1 A.::,-.. -iiii . Aiiii. .LA.::.,-.. 5 iii .... 5 . 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'5' 5gi5i5-5-ISI BROWN- CHARLIE I07- +655 x Li.'eL:: 7.': f .-LiiVi 'Liigzi LILL ' Eg- L:.L: . . iD: g'L: ... EEZI- ' , BROWN- JOE If '60 ifl 5' -ZDDIIII LL'iEE ...'.... f il- A A ' ' ' BROWN- KENH 5, I 14- -N BROWN- -ORA 5- NS- '60 . 7- 'G' 24 D BRYANT- M'CH'5ll'5 5- '50 :fl .DDDD D A '5' ' D.. 5154 '-255 BULLARD- ROBERT 5' '60 iD. A 'O-'1 D 5 D D. BURNETT, HEATHER 5, IBO . . . 1 DD... . IS, 162 D R' 1 AAADJ f -.- RURROWS- CRAIG 5- '60 "5- '52 . --- 1 BURTON- SAMANTHA 5- 6- '60 AAAA A .... -A5 5R'ORBER'.0 '5.: '62 A ... 55 55 55 A-5- -- ---- '- 55- -- A. ---555 Burma, Jos 6, leo ...-- -...' I5- 62 '52 4 -....-- Aufffffgg AAAAA. -'- IS, .L-16-2 . A - 215- AAAAF AA55 55 A - --. .5i -AAAA -. 5... i .... D.. D . A A A . fi 555 f OEDE -5 '-- f CAMPBEE TOMMOYORSORI55 ...-- .. '-- i f5. DQRRQ Di. 3 .62 . MARK!-5 '7' ..... '555 -- -AA - -. -- - --A .-55 -5555 '7' '62 '7' '63 ... -'-5 5.-.'-15', 55'A 7XRL. "-- '5"-" 2 lf'06i "" Q 5'A 555 DUNHAM' 'EFF '7' '63 A A DYER' 'EFF 20' 24' '23-A '63 ----.. ..- 55' AAA5' -555 f ' DRM' STEPHANY 20' '52 A A . 5 55' 5552 55 E 2 5 .'--2--A i -- 5.55555 555-- R A 52 A ---- -- i .-5 f i - 2255 i 5 .-555 ... ... -.-- --55 -555 AA. - 2 55 5 555 5' len - D .DDA -... .D -D-.--- E ASTLAND. DANIEL 21. 28, 162 -'34 '35- ROBERT 2'- '53 WHELAN. SHANNON S' AAAAAS -555 ---E FSI? ..R5i iff- --Rg A D'ONNA 2'- '55 INDEX!254 EDWARDS, LISA zu, Isa ELLISON. SHAWN 2I. 2s. 135, I34, Iss, Iss EIRDD. ROBERT 2I, Iss ELvIDGE, BRIAN 2I. IoI, Iss ENGRERSDN. CINDY 2I, Iss ENGLE. ERIN 2I, Iss ERNSI, PAUL24, Iss ESCALETA. ANGIE 24, ESPINOZA, TAMMIE 24, 28,I30, 3I, 70. II4, I I6, I63 ESTRADA, ESEQUIAL 24, I63 EUNICE, DARIN 25, 28, 6I.,I63 EWBANK, KEN 25, Iss. 444 44 F I FAIRCHILD, PAULETTE 25. I63 FARRELI, CHRIS 25. I63 A FELGAR, soNJA 25, I63f 4 44444 FERGERSIROM, CI-IAD 25, E53 FERNANDEZ, PENNY 28, I63, I65 FORD, JENNIFER 28, I63 Rox, KIM 28, Iss FRAGOSO, YVETTE 28, I63, FRANCIS, KRISIIN 28, Iss FRASIER, RICK 2s, Iss FRASIER, TIM 2s. ss, eI, I08, I63 FULLER, ANDREA 28, Iss G I GARCIA, ABIGAIL 28, I2I. I63 GARCIA, ANGEL 28, I63 GARDNER, MIKE 28, I63 GARNER, RON 28, I63 GASPERSON, MISTY 28, I63 GAY, MIKE 28. I63 GEISLER, JOE 28, I63 GILLIS, DAVID 29, I63 GINA. CHARLES 8, I0, IGI GLASS. SCOTT 29, I63 GONZALES, CECILIA 29, I I I, I64 GONZALES, GREG 29, I20, I64 GONZALES, MANUEL 29, I64 GORDON, NELSON 29, I64 GORE, LEONARD 29, I64 GRAHAM, KERRY 29, I64 GREECH, PAUL 29, I20, I64 GREEK, JACK 29, I64 GREENMEYER, VERNON 29, I09, I64 GREER, SHAESEN 29, I64 GUTIERREZ, ARCELI 29, II6, I64 H HAGEN, GLEN 29, I64 HALL, JOHN 29, I64 HALLIDAY, MARCIE 30, I64 HALTERMAN, ROGER 30, I64 HAMMERS, DENISE 30, I64 HAMRICK, JESSICA 30, I59, I64 HANDY, STEVE 30, I64 I-IANKS TRACEY SI I64 SFIARKER, 3 I, 'I 64 HARLEY, DIESTA 3I, I64 HARRIS, JEFFREY SI, I64 HARRISON, KATHY SI, 70, I2I HARVEY. DEBBIE 32. I65 HASKIN, KIM 32, I65 I HEAP, ERIN I65 HEARTZ, RONS2, I07, I65 HEIDEN, SHANNON 32, I65 HEILMAN, TATIA 32, I20, I65 HEMPHILL, KAREN 32, IGS I-IENDRIx, 32, IGS I D,,,,, RHERRLE, NAEQREIE 32. aes I HICKMAN, STEPHANIE 32, 165 HIGGINS. SCOTT I06, I07, E65 HIGH, SUZANNE I06, I65 HILBERT, LISA I06, I65 ,QI-! ILL, CHAROLETTE I06, VHILL, CHERYL I06, I65 HILL, JOSE I06, I65 HILL, SHARON I06, I65 HINTON, NOEL I06, I65 HIRATE, JUN I06, I65 HIRNING, LISA 26, I06, 565 HOFFMAN, BRYAN I06, I65 HOLLAND, MICHELLE I06, I65 HOLLEY, MARY I06, I65 HOOLE, SHANNON I06, I65 K KLAPPER, LISA I07, I67 KNUTSON, TIM 70, I07, I67 KUNAU, JULIE I07, I67 KURTZ, DELISSA I07, I26, I67 L LEABO, CHARICE I07, I67 LEE, TODD 85, I07, l67 , LEGRECA, JACK I07, I67 LEHR, SARINA I07, I67 LEONARD, MATT I07, I67 LEWIS, SHEILA I07, I67 LOPRESTO, DONNA I07, I67 LOVE, KIM I07, I67 LUDINGTON, TASHA I08, I67 LYNN, LAURA I08, I67 LYNN, RONALD I08, I67 LYONS, HEATHER I08, I67 MADDEN, NARVELLA I08, I67 MADISON, TONYA I08, I67 MADRON, DOUG I08, I67 MAGNO, ROBBYN 6I, I08, I67 MANEA, LIDIA I08, I67 MARCHAND, BRIAN I08, I67 MARCOTT, JOEL I08, I67 MARES, VINCENT I08, I67 MARLOWE, MARIINEZ. ROBERT I08, I67 APRIL I08, I67 MARTINEZ, JOHN I08, I67 MARTINEZ, MICHELLE I08, IG7 MARTINEZ, PASCUEL I09, I67 MARTINEZ, ROD I09, I67 MAURER, YVETTE I06, I20, I65 ,SE SFIAFER, TAWNEY I09, III SHERROD, LIANNA ss, I09, III ESILVA, DANNY I09, III SILVIA, TODD I09, III SIMON, JENNIFER I09, III sKIIEs. JENNIFER I09, I2e, III sIcILEs, TINA I09, III SLUTTER, LORI I09, III SPARKS, MICHAEL I09, III STAMP, MICFIAEI. I09, ITE T TABOR, CHRISSY I07, I65 W WILLIAMS, BECKY I09, I72 WILLIAMS, CATONIA I09, I34, I72 I IWILLIAMS, TAMARA I09, I72 WILSON. AMY I09, III, I72 WINCHESTER, SCOTT IIO, I72 WINDER, JENNIFER IIO. I72 WITHERS, JACK IIO, I72 WOODS, KENNETH IIO, I72 WYNN, DARREL IIO, I72 WYNN, DENISE IIO, I72 WYSONG. DANIEL IIO. I72 Y YETT, DENISE IIO, I72 YOCHAM, KATHERINE IIO, I72 YOUNG, HEATHER IIO, I72 YOUNG ROBBIE IIO, I72 YOUNGER, SHELLI IIO, I72 Z ZAHL, ERIN IIO, I72 ZIMMERMAN, JASON IIO, I72 ZOON, DAVID III, I72 ZULYVIC, CHANDA III. I72 INDEX!25S Together, Colton and I would like to present to r OW Qi ,A -tlw ffiyw- you the 57th Edition of the Elsinore Union High School annual, the El Lago. As you hold this book, we wonder if you know the many hours of dedication, the pain, frustration, and hardwork- ing talent that went into each and every one of these pages. All of this effort put toward "A Touche of Class" was in the hope that we could produce a yearbook with quality surpassing any other previous El Lago. Colton and I. together with our "best ever. but often absent" staff. and our "whip-cracking" advisor all overcame ob- stacles which no other El Lago staff has had to undergo. We did itl I must admit. in all truth, that although this yearbook has been my "cross to bear in life", it has also brought about many good things for me. In short. it was harder and more challenging than I ever could have imagined. but with the many people I had pulling for me- I was some- how able to make it through. It is all of these people I wish to thank, for without them, it would have been impossible. Mrs. Rekdahl. Every year. the El Lago staff has been mercilessly criti- cized for compiling trite and dreadful books. The infinite complaint shared by almost all students at Elsinore was. "We want a classier book." Thus. "A Touch of Class" was born. Elsinore High may have many major bad points, but my objective was to highlight the classier aspects of our school. ln "A Touch of Class". Kerry. Mr. Jones, the staff. and l strenuously worked to create the highest quality pictures as well as original and exciting page layouts that we possibly could. I sincerely feel we have done ourselves justice, The difficulty of putting out a bigger and better quality book this year can only be attested by the premature wrinkles and gray hairs I new have. But the honor. pri- vilge, and memory of being editor of the El Lago will be one that l'll never forget. I must say goodbye to the seemingly endless and ominous pressure of deadlines, the redundant but helpful Saturdays we worked to meet those deadlines. and the never-ending yearbook sales. After two years of being on the yearbook staff. I must also say goodbye to the talented and supportive people I thank you for your kind support and encourage- ment to me. This yearbook's success is indebted to you more than you realize- You are missed! Colton, thanks for being a friend and for picking up my slack when I couIdn't handle anymore. I've hated you a lot. but l wouIdn't want to try it without you. Suz. thank you for being my best ever, true friend. I love you for always listening to me. We've had many good times, Suz- Alben and James trips. Valentines. foreign accents. and Wendy's. Just think! Jones can't yell at you anymore, Love to Mom and Dad. the best and worst parents in the world. Thanks for providing ert and James trips and the car for all those Alb for being there when I've needed you most. Ei- nally, I would like to express my gratitude to our talented and devoted advisor, Mr. Jones. You should do it again. Jo totally bald, nes , . . you'd look great N . p - ly present to you, the 57th Edition of EUHS EI Lago ,. , and breathe a sigh of relief! ow tha due respects have been paid we roud have worked with, and the special friends I have made on the staffs. This year, special thanks go to the people who have touched my life in some way. and who have dedicated many hours to this yearbook. First, I would like to thank Ed Jones for pulling our staff rogether and lending guid- ance and enthusiasm throughout the year. Thanks to K . erry and Susan for the never-ending lunches. shopping spreees, and trips to Alben and ,lames that we went to, and the abundance of page layouts and copy that we did to ether. Th k ' g an s to Karl for his excellent copy and for being a friend since our eighth grade year. And nnally, a very special thanks to Angie McCusker for her ext ' reme devotion to the fauclty section and for always support- ing. helping. and putting up with me when all thedead' lines and responsibility got to be ton much. And now l would like to present to you the l986 Edition of the El Lago, "A Touch of Class " Please realize th t . a when you hold this book, you clasp a year of hard work dedication, dreams, tears, sweat. pain, joy, exhaustion: and more importantly, the history of Elsinore Union High School, l985-l986. KJ 'cf f A7ks5ZL7- X Ja' EDlTOR'S NOTEXISG DQQQVW-fpufzlif-Ng ff -5 Q ff ff New ii am gmd Jfvne wyemf lf? Qfwvfflmg CWM, Owfyfif cu ? 11 QM V101 PPL! T YWCJC UXUXA X055-k blibguf, upvxoxfx Si 'YWESE WIDVGUX YNOV6. QSM UMC Ox Xfcfmg Swfifflg JNCEL, gums, and LLkf1OxCV5'lT0lV10XlVNXi gag-. fawmcf fhmccy awe YwQ501Q, omd. 1 +511 upw dkoxnkgdkgovxfw-5c1fw1fw ,10UJLwV qw okwfxvls. OJWLJLW QM JVVQJJV MQMW? gy f6Ofk 3U - -11" O if'- X 77 1 GWYX Smal L 'SM LWVPVCQLOMC Y M. -WW! V ' x,Q0x5 vim 1 ,J Qi? VXOKOX QMKOMQXAW GU HAQWCPJ? 'k KJK5X'l"P31g XNCZXX 1 f?1xf10XXXxQxfQ1f3 Y? Q13rVW 5VL Q ' L Qxcpfkkfu U53 mdfow YNOQLX QL CCM Wggvf-pw6f E7 RELSTWXVX Uxqgwaj agar WQQVPQ 5 X ! uvb uodk XQQ Diff QHVL L An +0 5995. jf gum VNQKDP UQ QQ, uDvXf9fx CMUA GAGQV C5H3ix'5'VXLL Wu Vmvc an EMMGC UMOX W XQQMCM JVC X 'Gig-AAQ We QM mwfcpgiw Q0 UJHN WNLQ 3: Vw, M Lk! ml X4 Law wwf SV cvwfk NC? NESS QE! OUJDQXVQ FL' i M " V' , Egg-Z 50 C5m1,EvE5vnmrzC

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