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] v y 2 .f " - V ' ' ' i f . 7 VK Q r?» ;- i p ' ' •aJ ' L Zx 2i— iS ' 1 1 a U xy.XJ-t --?. VS, : lAV C ' - ' - - f L -t i - r ' V " (j aV. .y a t viS ' JL- ' H ' ' -At., isV v Q y G a ft) 0 ,0 A. ' o Oj i irt:. ' iVl © 3, a Elsinore Union High School Elsinore, California ' ALL THE WORLD ' S A STAGE " The Old. . . From your reserved seat. . .o review of Elslnore Union High School — old and new — in the past year through the 1968 El Logo. You will see the leading characters, the chorus line, the protagonist, the antagonist, the stagehands, the directors, the producers, the extras, and the musicians. All ore somehow in the spotlight in your yearbook. VrV And The New The characters do not change from year to year. Only those who play the roles come and go from the stage. Sometimes the stage settings are altered as they were in 1968, but the script is always essentially the same. X = c Now the end of act three is at hand. The lights ore dimming, the theater i nearly empty. The stage will come alive agaifi at the start of the new sf keSJ ! ' ' N I ' A m yi-is onfy a| giod as the deeds he perfo ,;r1c ' ii creofes,5 rlch as he strives to make others, good, ( iiaglnative and rich, He relps rms. Imaginative as the things he We know such a man, a man who Is I ' good in that he derives pleasure from the I suct s of oth If, success h h lps to create. He Is imaginative in that he can L ?4 ' = ° " [, ' W ' " ° ' ' ' 5 °f a ' rf, (poetry, plays and, most of all, in people. He Is ' " In i M he has gifts which he shares with others; knowledge, he strives to lunjyWe. T|hj 6s a|mo|Vwho, iASnciing In an empty theater and staring at a bare, dark age, m yfenufsIorj jjfhWy. He sees people, hears voices and makes mere words come a l i ' e.j Thlis lis b man who stands before a room of unruly, uneducated studeh and jays, -Vou can learn; I will teach you. " He Is a man who longs ' rowledge and experience with those he may be able to help. to share hi; This is the man to whom this book is dedicated. So little we give him in return for his time and faith and concern. It is all we have to give. We dedicate this, the 1968 El Logo, to this man, Mr. Dean Long. :i» 4, ' -4 kxo . Hs ,, M. v r: V30O VA V| U Activities. . .8 rganizations. . .28 Sports. . .48 Administration. . .78 ■X A yu ' - ' -- Classes. . .88 H-fi ttl ' AH i 126 ' • ■■ ' irl ' m i. ALL THE .; ?r- € ' ' ■: ---.- ' V ' m " wn A V ' ; . 4p -- ORLDB A y A P N I Pep Rallies Do babies come in cans?! Commissioner of Pep John Trton Songieaders or Wetbacks? 10 who ' ll give SO for this fine specimen? Frosh at their best! Connie ond Lois: " Hey! We didn ' t fall this time! " J,V, Victory is our cry! No! No! Cecilia, that ' s your right foot! " Coach " Lehr gives Chopper the word! Coach Staheli meets " U-friend-a " " Me and my Shadow " U-friend-a " Wajmade anlsMmy Janet Cram and Connie Haun, head cheerleoder Lois Kilgore and Pam Hanks Varsity Cheerleaders We ' d rather fight than switch Up, up and away 13 " QvduLv kAo o ' t: » jisi ..- aJcJL ti . c-( VsA- j- " VVv.C v «- p»3 b-Qs All together now! Tina Contreras; Linda Hicks; Cothe Tobin; Jan Hanks, head songleader. Songleaders Head songleader Jan is o non-conformist! 14 Cecilia Domrnguez, Claudia Klorer, JaneMe Dawes; Head cheerleader. J.V. Cheerleaders And Tiger Mascots Mary Martinez, Rebecca Santa Maria W B... E... A... T... Frosh say, " Bash the Broncos " French Club wins with " The Hunchback of Notre Dame " Homecoming - 1967 Tiger morching bond leads Homecoming Parade 16 •1 Hf.RE LIE: " 0 7 ' 3G7 J- - r. ji .. . Juniors bury the Broncos Princesses are Pam Honks and Rachel Silvo Banning Bronco burning bright Powder Puff Football star Candy Elom 17 Linda Swan, escort Herman De Jong; Lark Smith, escort John Trtan; Queen Betty Vander Valk, escort Rick Behrens; Connie Haun, escort Don Mac Kay; Condy Elam, escort Nils Nllson. 1967 Homecoming Court 18 Queen Betty receives roses from co-captaln Keith Liefer. Rick Behrens escorts Miss Vonder Valk to the seat of horror. Seniors win first place with " Curse you Broncos " Sophomores take second. Lettermen ' s Club President, John Trtan, gives the traditlonol queen ' s kiss to Turn-About Queen, Connie Haun. Turn-About King, John Trton, after his coronation, is kissed by G.A.A. President, Becky Santa Maria. Turn-About n .5 1 jr - Dancers take a break. Clark rocks out. 20 Music was provided for the dancers by the " Children . " Queen Jan and King Eddie Sweetheart Ball Madome Johnston crowns King Eddie Delgado. Monsieur Inglis crowns Queen Jan Honks. Mary Martin and Don McFerran □ ry " Not Enough Rope " Mindi Welty and Don McFerran " Not Enough Rope " School Plays " Bury the Dead " cost: L. Wilks, R. Cantarini, T. Finnell, H. Gise, B. Hill, B. Tarner, R. Gullatt, K. Liefer. 22 The Te " The Sandbox " " The Loveliest Afternoon of the Yeor " Part of the cast of " There " " Pyramus and Thisbe " Stagehand, Claudia Klarer 23 Don McFerran Trophy Winner — Science Larry Wi Iks Trophy Winner — Liberal Arts Bank Of America Awards Candy Elam Business Education Connie Houn Social Studies Eric Engberson Mathematics 24 Dale Henning Foreign Language Milonny LaChappa Home Economics Mary Lee Lauritzen English Mary Martin Drama Wesley Morrell Industrial Arts Edna Nelson Laboratory Science Nils Nllson Agriculture Mike Porks Art Jo Anne Wollace Music m I Harvey Glse, N.F.L, Soufhern California Hu- morous Interpretation Champion. Gary Long, Second place winner. h % Outstanding performance in Drama: Don McFerron, Harvey Gise, Gary Long, Jan Honks, Ed Park. A- h8 Awards . f I 4. Lion ' s Club Speech Award Riverside Press Enterprise Aword National Merit Letter Don Mc Perron Most Valuable Staffer of Recommendation Mindi Welty Larry Wilks 26 m Ht Valedictorian, Larry Wi Iks and Salutatorlan, Don McFerran. Girls ' and Boys ' State for 1968 Mary Martin and Lorry Klarer B.P.W. Outstanding Young Women ' s Award Jo Anne Wallace D.A.R. Good Citizen Connie Haun ALL THE LD S A N W 29 5 9 a g i 3 . FRONT ROW: A. Rodriguez, G. Scrimshow, R. Feree, P. Lo Chappa, M. Murphy, A. Fikse, M. McClellon, A. Gut- ierrez, E. Feigner, J. Pecoro, R. Bolon. MIDDLE ROW: K. Townsend, L. Wilks, T. Finnell, K. Liefer, R. Lehr, R. Noriega, H. Martin, D. McFerran, D. Edwards, J. Trtan, T. Williams, T. Arndt. BACK ROW: L. Ballard, D. Stoley, J. Van Over, G. Morris, M. Hornkohl, B. Tarner, F. Berger, B. Berry, D. Jones. Lettermen And Paw Club EXECUTIVE BOARD— FRONT: R. Lehr, J. Trtan, pres ident, K. Liefer. BACK; M. Murphy, D. McFerran, H. Martin, F. Berger. PAW CLUB--CLOCKW1SE: J. Trtan, R. Noriega, L. Wilks, F. Berger, H. Martin, K. Liefer. 30 .t -Trr BACK ROW: S. Poesnecker, L. Martinez, L. Vasquez, B. Coulter, L. Martinez, J. Murrlllo, C. Rodriguez, C. Paul. MIDDLE ROW: E. Stauffacher, M. Venable, C. Hornkohl, B. Kopp, C. Klcrer, N. Burnhom, P. Durrett, M. Foley, V. Duarte, P. Carroll, C. Natalie, S. Richardson. FRONT RO W: C...j obIn, B. Santa Mario, J, Rodriguez, C. Santa Mario, C. Dominguez, M. Martinez, R. Nelson, O. Martinezf ' T. SnowT . Dubriel . President Becky Santa Maria crowns Turn-About King. G.A.A, 31 N.F.L Expressions. . . . . .and concentration . FRONT ROW: G. Long, C. Dominguez, V. Ortiz, J. AcceUura, S. Chase. STANDING: Mrs. Stiles, advisor; W. Borchard, P. Fields, G. M rfis, D. McFerran, H. Gise, R. Hales. 32 V.I.S. V f . r • ' Connie, Larry, and Don discuss " How to help their Frosh with problems. " LEFT TO RIGHT: L. Wilks, T. Willioms, R . Noriega , R. Lehr, M. Murphy, B. Rodriguez, M. Lauritzen, L. Swan, J. Wallace, K. Parks, F. Berger. Freshman President, R. Liddicott; Commissioner of Pep Rallies, J. Trtan; Junior President, M. Homkohl; Senior President, K. Liefer; A.5.B. President, D. McFerran; Sophomore President, A. Trton; Boys ' Representative, H. Martin. FRONT: Commissioner of Publicity, L. Swan; Vice President, R. Lehr; Historian, M. Martin; Girls ' Representative, J. Hanks; Secretary, T. Contreras. Student Council Mary Martin, Historian Connie Houn, Commissioner of Social Activities 34 iM FRONT: S. Waller, J. WIngfield, M. Smith, D. Cope, D. Henning, Mrs. Johnston , Advisor; J. Zjpon, D. Bennett, W. Hill, C. Longe, 5. Chose. BACK: M. Voile, S. Pitt, L. Hicks, E. Vosquez, M. Foley, M. Welty, C. Troinor, J. Jordan, A. Hernandez, T. Contreros. French Club We need money! -4 Dale Henning, President 36 R. Banda, G. Tellef, S. Davis, E. Wanamaker, R. Nelson, L. Ecker, M. Foley, M. Mefford, L. Martinez, M. Martinez, J . Cruz. L. McRIley, L. Martinez, V. Duarte, P. Durrett, W. Borchard, Mr. Ortiz, advisor. ' , n Spanish Club 37 C.S.F President Larry Wilks SEATED: M. Martin, M. Foley, V. Duorte, C. Natalie, D. TraveUtead, J. Komming, J. Wallace, L. Ecker, J. Hanks. STANDING: L. Wilks, J. Isaacs, C. Smith, Miss Mietz, advisor. f 38 J. AcceHura, B. Kapp, R. Gullatt, J. Horn, J. Wallace, M. Martin, M. MarMnez, J. Cope, M. Kazmier, A. Trtan . Press Club " And next week we ' ll have pizza. Press Club President, Rick Perez. 39 FRONT: M. Heredia, C. Prouty, S. Smith, 5. Stanley, M. FinneM, K. Gustafson, C. Klarer, N. Long, R. Banda, G. Crandali, C. Ferris, I. Williams, J. Wallace. BACK: F. Uhlry, R. McGrath, L. McGrath, D. Hodge, C. Gon- zales, T. Perez, C. Connor, N. McBurnett, M. Williams, K. Del Rio, L. Ford, A. Hammond, C. Gibson, L. Finnell, G. Martinez, C. Godfrey. Girls ' Chorus Rehearsals are fun. Yeah, they are! 41 i FRONT ROW: L. Wagner, K. Horn, P. Carey, M. Matteson. SECOND ROW: R. Garcia,cC Rod£i8ueiP . Hopkins, J. God- frey, M. Hornkohl, C. Carver, P. Durrett, M. Porks. THIRD ROW: D. Bennett, C. Link, N. Kolas, G. Kane, 0. Jones, P. Coin, V. Ortiz, Mr. Cain. NOT PICTURED: R. Evenson, R. Kosten, J. Slate. E.U.H.S. Band " And the beat goes on " " Who hit o wrong note? " 42 J i ' X ' t,yt u ' tl D R I L L T E A M p. Fields, M. Heredia, M. Voile, L. MerrJfleld, V. Richards, K. Lytle, V. Duorte, E. Wanamaker, R. Nelson, M. Foley, R. Banda, B. Toylor, E. McDill. y , FRONT ROW: J. Foley, M. Lauritzen, M. Welty, Mr. Davis, advisor. MIDDLE ROW: E. Delgado, L. Vose, C. Tobln, M. Cook. BACK ROW: R. Lehr, K. Liefer, 5. Waller, R. Contorini, M. Murphy. The Prophet Typical hard-working Journalists. If you hold the page this way you con see through the little hole. L. O ' Toole, J. Wallace, Mr. Davis, S. Chase, M. Marlin, L. Swan, B. Fagan, C. Haun. NOT PICTURED: C. Tobin, R. Perez, M. Parks, M. Welty. El Lago Staff M. Martin, assistant editor, Mr. Davis, advisor, and J. Wallace , editor. Staff artist, B. Fagan. C. Haun, hard working ads editor. ' i! . 45 " Columbine and Pierrot " Drama Make-up is a fricky business. (• " My God! She ' s Dead! " Caution: Stagehand At Worl 46 Drama Coach, Dean Long " Not Enough Rope " ALLTH » » : ' n ' " [)RLD ' S N T E T TOP ROW: D. Staley, D. Edwards, M. McClellan, D. McFerran, F. Berger, J. VonOver, H. Martin,!. Rnnell, P. LaChappa, R. Bolon, C. Townsend, manager. ROW2: E. Proetel, A. Rodreguez, T. Williams, L. Wilks, G. Hearon, J. Pecoro, J. Trtan, D. Ponce, L. Ballard, A. Fikse, O. Stormer. ROW 3: J. Dock, H. Alonza, R. Noriega, M. Murphy, K. Liefer, E. Feigner, D. Jones, R. Lehr, C. Schroeder, T. C. Bagsby, H. Gise. Varsity Tigers break-up an opposing line A mighty tackle towards the TOPDOG T.C. crashes Banning line 50 i " ' 9 - ■■ »»- P «i ' afg .« i n ' ; E.U.H.S. VARSITY OFFENSIVE TEAM-BACK ROW: H. Alonzo, D. Jones, J. Trtan, G. Hearon, H. Gise, T. C. Bagsby, E. Feigner, C. Schroeder. FRONT ROW: M. McClellon, D. McFerran, H. Martin, J. VanOver, F. Berger, D. Ponce, J. Doak, D. Stole , A. Rodriguez, Football Schroeder goes For a cafch Trtan catches another pass r ' Starting offensive line-up 51 E.U.H.S. VARSITY DEFENSIVE TEAM— BACK ROW: L. Ballard, J. Pecora, M. Murphy, K. Liefer, F. Berger, T. Williams, R. Lehr, E. Proetel. FRONT ROW; O. Stormer, T. Finnell, A. Fikse, D. Edwards, R. Noriega, P. LoChappa, R. Bolon, L. Wilks. Liefer and Lehr team up for o tackle Another ball carrier suffers Berger ' s wrath -?-- . 4 ' V-1 . V " |5s Vh -% - ' J Starting defensive line-up 52 T. C. goes again Pride Tigers are dynamite Go get ' em Tigers C «l ' MfA .4 .i 5 Mj i ji A Team work The Tigers toke o breather 54 SCOREBOARD Elsinore 47 18 Ontario Bonita Vista 40 7 Elsinore Elsinore 53 12 San Miguel Valley Christian 16 14 Elsinore Elsinore 40 12 Rim of the World Elsinore 24 13 Perrls San Jacinto 40 13 Elsinore Beaumont 48 13 Elsinore Banning 39 13 Elsinore iMA ' V n Reach out) 5.S Jc N J.V. Tigers on the prowl 1967 Junior Varsity Football Team You ' re looking good J.V. ' s Football Andy ond Jon want to be mentally reody. ' A -iC ; C tJ ' . v! V ' - ' , l ; i. Tigers get ' em again BKV »r ' «4W.. 57 Junior Vorslty Defensive Team Fight ' b - . i 1 1 Junior Varsity Offensive Team 58 1967 Freshman Football Team Frosh Tigers are G-R-R-eatl 5 ' ' Frosh Football BACK ROW: D. MocKay, T. McDowell, J. Van Over, G. Morris, M. Hornkohl , R. Hunt, A. Taylor, J. Tr(an. FRONT ROW: L. Klarer, G. Nelson, R. Lehr, K. Liefer. Varsity Basketball Opponent Norco Sherman Ramona San Marcos Palm Springs Pomona Colton El Moderno Notre Dame Palm Springs Norco San Marcos Banning Rim of the World Sherman Elsinore Naval and Military Perris San Jacinto Beaumont Rim of the World Perris Son Jacinto Beaumont 45 48 58 68 85 70 74 44 70 38 34 38 52 59 55 14 46 49 61 64 50 87 62 63 62 49 44 52 54 41 60 51 51 54 54 44 54 68 77 26 51 49 54 58 68 49 Tigers Top 62 Take Dog W ' ' y Varsity Coach, Dave Ortiz 63 BACK ROW: A. Trton, E. Feigner, B. Fagan, A. Rodriguez, J. Isaacs, W. Berry. FRONT ROW: D. Jones, A. Strong, R. Rodriguez, R. Perry. J.V. Basketball 64 iDiji I Dig It 65 Teamwork Down the court! Frosh Basketball FRONT ROW: E. Taylor, W. Watson, G. Saigodo, M. EwingS£ j Rorner3). BACK ROW: B. Stauffer, L. Rabb, N. Kales, W. Woodward, P. Cain, S. Smith. % " w, 66 BACK ROW, left to right: Coach Cooper, G. Gullatt, F. Berger, R. Noriega, P. LnChappa, E. Feigner, D. Edwards. FRONT ROW: D. Jones, K. Liefer, G. Skrimshow, G. Nelson, A. Trtan, M. Murphy, H, Alonzo, D. Davis. Varsity Baseball Hum it In there. Hank! ! ! Call me Cool . ■ ' : ' ::inn " :;:,ii!.iii ' ii;ii at -SttS ••w«»i»asaft Tigers get ready for a victory! y - Chopper ' s working hard! Gary ' s worming up! 68 The Battery: Andy and Honk Sock it to ' em! Coach Cooper taiki to the unip 0 :u 69 ' i « -••r . ' 2t-M - » rf- V. r. r»v RACK ROW l eft to right: Mark Motteson, Wendell Seals, Tim McDowell, Jim Isaacs, Ronnie Phillips, Scott Smith „ j Cgbie " Sngue?r-- ONT ROW: Adrion Rodriguez , Joe Alemon, Brian Chambers, Mike Ortiz, Harvey Macedo, Ed Stewart7 Barry J.V. Baseball 70 w ' " •ll ™ fcj ' .M k K- " " C fl B ■»- ' ' 9n K " - 1 m ■Et .- ' t: ' --- ' «» »■.. K, Go, Tiger, Go! t Jim Isaacs ol- third base. 1. IL » T R A C K ( f3 ' I ■1 V 4 xti,. ' CLASS A— STANDING, left to right: Mike Parks, Dennis Freeman, Stacy Waller, Bill Sanchez, Mike Kazrrier, Alfred Gutierrez. KNEELING: Mike Murphy, Roy Teller, Edward Jenkins, Wes Stouffer, Gary Kane. 1 ' s Q U A n D S CLASS B — STANDINO, Ic-tt to ngiit: bruce Mac Lachlan, Dale Jones. K i ' ncc. lUno: ■■vuIi G abriel Orfiz . v ' lotnershed. 72 CLASS C— STANDING, left to right: Bruce Stauffer, Leonard Robb, Jerry Berger, Rudy Gorcio, David Bennett. KNEELING: Beto Perez, Pat Jennings, Jon Honks, Joe Cosillas. MANAGERS: Randy Mays, George BIek, coach, David Smith, Chuck Cozine. 73 Larry Henderson, High jump Members of the track team discuss e. l Walter Motbershed runs the 1320. s Ed Jenkins, Shot put Part of the track team, worming up! k% 1 I. Stacy Waller, Shot put Mike Porks, Pole Vaulting 75 A C T I N Give it all you ' ve got! First Singles Second Singles Third Singles Fourth Singles Fifth Singles First Doubles Second Doubles Our Coach has form! Linda Swan Claudia K larer Connie Fogan Debbie Snider Cathy Stanek Cheryl Hornkohl Nancy Burnham Bertha Dubriel Olga Martinez ■ ° - -f- " » ' BACK ROW, left to right: M. Foley, R. Nelson, C. Klorer, Cooch Wallace, L. Swan, N. Burnham, C. Horn- kohl, O. Martinez. FRONT ROW: C. Stonel , D. Snider, B. Dubriel, E. Wonamoker, V. Duorfe. 76 And Speed Tennis takes quick feet! Larry has great form! A • f: REAR, left to right: P. Cain, J. Ayalo, J. Seors, L. Foster, B. Berry, N. Kolos, R. Hunt, L. Bollard. FRONT: Coach Corral, M. Rios, J. Gutierrez, A. Guerra, C. Sears, W. Berry. 77 ALL THE • ' ' • f ' -i v. ■ lORLDS c o F F E E P O T 79 Administration Mr. Miller Superintendent Mr. Swan Assistant Superintendent Mr. Ingtis Mr. BIek Mr. Trtan Principal Vice-Principoi Director of Guidance end Psychological Services 80 v 1 k 1 Joan Upton Mr. Swan and Mr. Trfon ' s secretary Connie Estrella Mr. Miller ' s secretary LaWanda McEnery Secretaries Darlene Bartlett Mr. Blek ' s secretary 4 m i Joy Carter Mr. Inglis ' secretary Betty James Attendance ClerU 81 Mr. Begnoche Laborafory Science A. ' n . Bra ' ::f;eld Agricultural Science Mrs. Cain English Faculty Mr. Cain Music Mr. Chacon Shop and Mechanical Drawing Mr. Cooper Social Studies Mr. Davis English and Journalism Mr. Gonzales Laboratory Sciences 82 Mr. Graves Mathematics Mrs. Johnston Languages Mr. Hossell Typing and Mechanical Drawing Mr. Kasten Art Miss Hess Library Science Mr. Knight Boy s ' P.E. Mr. Kramer Social Studies Mrs. Keiler Counselor mmmrfrrw r-mr Mibs Lasater Counselor ond Special Education Mr. Long English and Drome Mr. Martin Laboratory Science ■K v ' ' ' K Er k-sr H HI j i H y I ' jj pf ' Y ' f ' - tt nfi V " a K ■ B ' m ' ' ■ Miss Mietz Mathematics Mr. D. Ortiz Shop Mr. F. Ortiz Language 84 t I y - Pencin Special Education and - v Health and Safety Mr. Price Office Skills ' " TrtS} f Mr. Sanders English Mr, Reese English Miss Shanley Home Economics " ■S ' .-w Miss Renck Home Economics and English Mr. Shope Mathematics Mr. Staheli Health and Safety Mrs. Stiles Speech and English Miss Wallace Girls ' P.E. 85 Mrs. Kirk Library Science Mrs. George Girls ' P.E. l Teacher ' s Aides Mrs. Cox Art Mrs. Park English u Miss Rodriguez Language Mrs. Tontz Reading Lab Mrs. Wilson Social Studies 86 §d " wrr%. %L 1 " " — CarmelUa McClellan Cafeteria Manager Madge Record School Nurse ' rrsBPTi t c- CUSTODIANS-STANDING: C. Link, K. Abboft, B. Davis, M. Sweat, E. Brady, H. Pfaff. KNEELING: F. Longmore, A. Cram, J. Bridges. BUS DRIVERS— KNEELING: A. Smith, M. Buenrostro, G. Smith. STANDING: L. McGee, L. Babcock, W. Rice, B. Newman, M. Smith, W. Bartsch, M. Castillo, G. Guy. BOARD OF TRUSTEES: George Blake, president; Ernest Yates, vice president; Ralph Torn, clerk; Elmer Ebersole, member; Robert Freeman, member. P.T.A. BOARD— FRONT ROW: Jim Dovis, Vera Perez, Doris Wallace, Betty Klarer, president; Mildred Coulter, Steve Price. BACK ROW: Charlotte Kazmier, Arlene Garrison, Lucile Goulart, Rene Gullaft. 87 ALL THE w»%i« iJ ' i ' ' " i - ' y m - qj - »».: •, :- - ' ■ Jkr a-siE ,. iarT -. ' b , .■• v.-? ' ' ■ ■ r - ' - ' O k fOKLUS F R I E N D 89 ® «l . " SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS— LEFT TO RIGHT: Benny Rod.iguez, Treasurer; Mary Lee Lauritzen, Comm. of Social ActlvlMes; Keith Liefer, President. Keith Liefer, Senior Class President. Class Of ' 68 The Eager Class of 1968, its spirit still intact after three years at EUHS, began the school year with a first place award in float competition during Homecoming Week with " Curse you. Red Baron. " Betty Vender Valk was crowned Queen of the 1968 Homecoming festivities by football co-captains Floyd Berger and Keith Liefer. Awards announced during the year were a National Merit Letter of Commendotion to Larry Wilks and the DAR Good Citizen Award to Connie Haun. Don Mc- Ferran, Dale Henning, Larry Wilks, Rick Perez, John Trtan, Betty Vander Valk, Mary Lee Lauritzen and Jo Anne Wallace headed various campus organizations and clubs. It was a great year for the graduating class of 1968. Senio HAROLD BAG5BY Every man is the architect of his own character. LARRY BALLARD We carve our destiny early. MIKE BEEBE His bark is worse than his bite. RICK BEHRENS You are no better than you should be. FLOYD BERGER What man dares, I dare. THOMAS BERRY A stranger on a foreign shore. KATHY BITTLE A word spoken in due season, how good it is. GEORGE BLAKE Things ore sel- dom whot they seem. RAY BOLON God gave me hills to climb and strength for climbing. RON CANTARINI Am I my brother ' s keeper? CRAIG CARVER Wisdom excelleth folly. MARIA CASSILLAS Behind the curtain ' s mystic fold. MARSHA COOK The world ' s a bubble. PEGGY CORVIN To remain gentle Is to be Invincible. LILA CUTLER As good as gold. 92 Seniors CARMEN D ' ALMEIDA A merry heort makefh a cheerful countenance. GINGER DAVIS A simple molden in her flower. HERMAN DE JONG All mankind loves o lover. EDDIE DELGADO Some soy he ' s boshful, but others doubt it. MIKE EDWARDS We can ' t oil be as great as me. CANDY ELAM A smile is the whis- per of a lough. ERIC ENGBERSON Truth Is stranger than fiction. CONNIE PAGAN We ore such stuff as dreams are mode of. 93 PATRICIA FIELDS Active notures ore rarely melancholy. MICHELLE FINNELL Her future Is planned— third finger, left hond. TRACY FINNELL Them that has —gits! JOHN FLINSPACH Silence gives consent- JAMES FOLEY Farmers are the backbone of the notion. HARVEY GISE He hath wit at will . CHERYL GODFREY A word to the wise is sufficient. 94 Seniors HELEN GONZALES Riches are for spending. DAVID GOULART By hook or by crook. RODNEY GUGGENHEIM What ' s in o name? KATHERINE HARN Spheres of influence. CONNIE HAUN Remembered joys ore never posf. GROVER HEARON JR. A great runner, he will go far. DALE HENNING ' Tis more blessed to give than to receive. 95 MARGIE HEREDIA Laugh and the world loughs with you. BOB HILL And seem o soint, when most I ploy the devil. BILL HINDMAN Toke life one step ot o time. GARY JERCHA Even a child is known by his doings ROBERT JONES He buildeth better thon he knew. TOMMISINA JONES Nothing is more precious than life. KURT KERNS Real merit of any kind cannot be long conceoled. MILONNY LA CHAPPA Peace is rarely denied to the peaceful. 96 Seniors PATRICK LA CHAPPA Nothing is so strong as gentleness; nothing so gentle as real strength. EDDIE LAMBERT School breaks up my whole day. MARY LEE LAURITZEN The sky- line is a promise, not a boundary. RONALD LEHR He who lives without folly is not so wise OS he Imagines. KEITH LIEFER Good noture is the very air of a good mind. DON MAC KAY Enjoy the day. NANCY MC BURNETT Sweet are the uses of adversity. DON MC FERRAN Greot lives never go out; they go on. 97 WESLEY MORRELL The greatest hunt is yet to come. GEORGIA MURRILLO Her eyes a flood of laughter. ■ MIKE MURPHY Discretion Is the p better of valor. EDNA NELSON She profits most who serves best. 1 GARY NELSON Brevity Is the soul of wit. SHARON NELSON A dreomer of dreams. NILS NILSON A penny for your thoughts. Seniors RAUL NORIEGA Variety is the soul of pleasure. KATHY O ' DAY Let me step to the drummer I hear. CONNIE ORTIZ Goodnature Is the beauty of the mind. KATHLEEN PARK Pretty is as pretty does. MICHAEL PARKS There is no sub- stitute for talent. RICHARD PEREZ Life was meant to be lived. DAVID PONCE I con resist anything except temptation. 9S SHARON RICHARDSON Speok low if you speak love. BENNY RODRIGUEZ A very gallant gentleman. LYDIA RUIZ A beautiful face is a silent commendation. GREG SCRIMSHAW In quietness and confidence shall be your strength. LINDA SINGLETERRY Something altempted, something done. LARK SMITH Love is the jewel that turns the world. SHAWNDRA STANLEY Truth is beauty; beauty is truth. 100 Seniors JAMES STAPP Live this day os if it were the lost. CHERYL STAUFFER Virtue is the beauty of the soul. LINDA SWAN The heart has its reasons. CALVIN SYKES That ' s another story. ROBERT TAYLOR His strength is to sit still. LYN TONTZ Every man loves what he is goad at. JOHN TRTAN To be great is to be misunderstood. BETTY VANDERVALK Life is mode up of exquisite moments. JOE VAN OVER For everything you have missed, you hove goined something else. LORETTA VOSE Beauty is Its own excuse for being. ROCHELLE WALKER The very flower of youth. JO ANNE WALLACE The fountain of beauty Is the heart. VICKIE WEBB Peace has her own victories. MINDI WELTY Love me little, love me long. 102 Seniors RENAH LEE WHATLEY The best of all possible worlds LARRY WILKS The wish was father to the thought. IDELLA WILLIAMS Suit the action to the word. TOM WILLIAMS He that is slow to anger is better than the mighty. MAYBELLE WOOD Youth is like spring — an overpraised season. MARTHA WOODS The hand that hath made her fair hath mode her good. DAVID YODER Everything hos a moral if only you con find it. 103 MARY YODER As merry as the day is long. DENNIS YOUNGER Shallow men believe in luck. 1 be- lieve in me. JOHN ZUPAN Education is the instruction of the intellect in the laws of nature. SENIORS NOT PICTURED RON HELMS Always beyond reach, the irresistible. DAVID PEREZ Soy little and let them wonder. MICHAEL WOODWARD Still as the night. JEAN AVERY A world of sighs. LYNN TRAINOR The glowing future lies unrolled. 104 Seniors Mike Hornkohl, President; Larry Klarer, Vice-President; Mary Mortln, Comm. of Social Activities; Korky Freeman, Secretary; Ram Hanks, Treasurer. Class Of ' 69 D. Adorns J. Aldrette H, Alonzo S. Anderson V. Aron A. Ashton L. Behrens V. Bernard S. Berringer B. Berry W. Berry S. Blockstock X 10: D. Bray J. Coler C. Campbell B. Coulter E. Dovi$ L. Ebersole A. Fikse D. Divine J. Erick M. Flinspach A. Durden C. Ferris L. Ford T. Confreres J. Cram N. Cutler I. Davidson R. Ferree C. Gagnon 106 Juniors J. Garcia R. Gill C. Gore C. Green R. Greer L. Jurko F. Kaser L, Kilgore L. Klarer M. Lewis C. Link G. Long L. McKay F. Hales J. Hanks ) , H V- o i V . 0- P. Hanks S. Harding N. Haskrn L. Hicks J. Hodges M. Hornkohl 41 " R. Hunt B. Jones J. Jordan 107 J-J-J-U-N!! ft M. McClelion G. Morris i B. Miller J. Moore D. Orr M. Page E. Park L. Park J. Pecora 108 Juniors A. Reyes A, Rodriguez B. Santa Moria B. Schneider J. Snow 0. St. Pierre L. Sorrell C. Swain B. Tamer A. Taylor R. Perry E. Proetel T. Royalty B. Sonchez A. Silvo R. Silva D. Staley C. Stanek M. Teal R. Tellef C. Tobin R. Torres C. Tourula J. Trocy C. Troinor D, Vega C. Venable L. Vasquez Bool J. Wafson B. Williams E. Wilson B. Zinck 1 10 Juniors Class Of 70 J. Accetfuro (% Patty Coulter, Treasurer; Eddie Feigner, Sergeant-at-orms; Cecilia Dominguez, Secretary; Mary Ellen Lewis, Vice- President; Andy Trton, President. T. Arndt L. Aron J. Ayala R. Banda D. Bennett C. Blackstock W. Borchord S. Bray T. Coll B. Contorini y III .. C ' i y p. Carey J CfliroLI R. Cosillas S. Chase C. Collard J. Cope P. Coulter J. Cruz S. Dorr S. Dovis J. Dowes C. Dominguez V. Duarte B. Dubriel P. Durrett L. Dyson L. Ecker D. Edwards 5. Ewing B. Fogon 1 12 Sophomores E. Feigner M. Finnell M. Foley J. Gise R. Gullatt J. Hanks S. Horler J. Horn Sophomore class princesses: Barbara Taylor and Darlene Nunez R. Hauser A. Hernondez J. Isaacs C. Jones D, Jones D, Jones P- Jennings G. Kane B. Hanson w W n ■V ft 113 6. Kapp M. Kazmire R. Kefly K. Kerns R. Kilgore A penny for your thoughts C. Klarer C. Klelt B. Konkle S. LaChappa A. Lavin M. Lewis N. Long X B J. Mocedo D. MocKoy B. MacLachlan 114 Sophomores E. McDIII M. Mefferd V. Molden W, Mothershed L. Magee E. Martinez L. Martinez V, Martinez M. McCroy D, On L, O ' Toole R. Olson N . Pederson L. Perez S. Pitts T, Putman R. Roymore V, Richordson P. Perez T. Perez R. Phillips 115 R. Soils W. Stauffer O. Stormer A. Strong M. Swan G. Tellef C. Ruiz B. Schroeder J. Seors D. Sllngerland D. RIos J. Rios C. Rodriguez R. Rodriguez 5. Rodriguez B. Taylor K. Townsend D. Trovelst ' ead A. Trtan M. Voile E. Vasquez f Q M, Vega E. Wonomaker S. Wllkle M. Williams D. Woodring iR t-M y 1 16 Sophomores i ii ' rr- ' Dovid Smith, Vice-President; Roger Liddicoott, President; Olgo Martinez, Secretary; Chris Longe, Treasurer; Jerry Berger, Sergeant-at-arms. Class Of 71 C. Accetturo D. Aldretfe L. Alonzo B. Boker T. Ashton J. Ballard A. Borney J. Bayless B. Behrens » n? S. Bekendam C. Blair E. Burnham N. Byrd C. Caler L. Campbell 1 18 Freshmen Frosh are funny! K . Connor L. Contreras D. Dav N. Dav B. Chambers A, Chandler D. Cope G. Crandall a D, Childress 9i D. Cjster f-5 K. Del Rio P. Dickson J. Dominguez E. Dosh -V if MiimVIA 119 D. English J. Feeley J. Fikse D. Ford D. Freeman D. Freeman L. Freeman R, Garcia G. Gerdes ?v , « D. Gonzales B. Greer J. Gutierrez ai4 ' Mi I. Hanks M. Helms W. Hill S, Hodgson C. Hornkohl 120 Freshmen r r V. Hunt R. Jones S. Jones M. Jordon ' - ' W- N. Kalos R. Kelley R. Liddicoatt C. Longe A. Mogee A. Martinez M. Martinez O. Martinez s - ' it- ' . r , L. Martinez R. Morshall 5. McCarthy S. McEniry K. Measurall L. Merrifield 4 w A, Mora C. Morrell P. Palmer E. Porks • ' % ' ' W , , L. Moga S. Moore L. Orosco K. O ' Toole J. Park R. Perez 122 Freshmen U it that bad, Cheryl? L. Phillips S. Poesnecker M, Rangel C. Richardson This is our first float. What ' s your excuse? S. Prouty L. Rabb — - ■ r- ' G. Robertsorj, BTRbderick J. Rodriguez M. Romero % ] E. Sonchez C. Sanders C. Santa Maria VV, ieoU R, Shatzer K. Slngleterry 12 G. Tellef L. Trainor F. Uhlry Frosh Tigers with Coach Begnoche D. Smith M. Smith 5. Smith B. Stapp B. Stauffer E. Stauffacher E. Toylor R. Taylor S. Taylor n ii " ft I A p. Upton G. Vego M. Vencfcle W. Wayne W. Westmoreland H. Wilson C. Woodring W. Waltman 124 Freshmen 4 c fy t Y l ws I 127 v Extending best wishes to the Class of ' 68 RICHARD T. BLOWERS, O.D. OPTOMETRIST SRI r JOHN ' S FURNITURE JOHN ' S AMBULANCE MONTGOMERY WARD ' S 106-110 N. Main St. Elslnore, California ' 1 M I ' fS - DILL LUMBER CO. 311 N. Spring St. Elslnore, California QUALITY SERVICE 128 ; " ««r CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF ' 68 T.R. COMSTOCK, M.D. Expert Racket Restringing BURNHAM ' S GENERAL MERCHANDISE Complete|Line of Wilson ' s Sporting j Equipment 2474lH)iVastviVigton Murrieta lone 677-2461 ELSINORE BARBER SHOP WE WISH THE CLASS OF ' 68 A VERY PROSPEROUS FUTURE 1 15 N. Main St. Elsinore ' fJn ».:r ELSINORE FIRESTONE TED E. NELSON y l 133 N. Main St, Phone 674-3655 12 CONGRATULATIONS iF TO THE CLASS OF 1968 ERLE STANLEY GARDNER 130 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF ' 68 LeBLANC ' S RICHFIELD SERVICE Blackwell Grand Elsinore COMPLIMENTS OF LAKESIDE TIRE SERVICE 232 W. Graham Avenue Phone 674-2330 EXPERTS AT RECAPPING ELSINORE PIONEER LUMBER CO. 127 W. Graham Avenue Elsinore, California Phone 674-3241 f III ' ■• { ' ] ' ) ' , THE LAKE THEATRE CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1968 C tr ' JlI TIC MStKT VKOM Um - W « E cowim sHW udi irt - opa rn ci SINCERE BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1968 r ■ EVANS-BROWN MORTUARY MR. AND MRS. JOHN C. BROWN 131 1 ► B SKYLARK AVIATION Skydiving and Sailplanes at Skylark Field Elsinore 674-2500 aL " NAKAI HOT SPRINGS f SPRINGS T GOOD LUCK TO THE CLASS OF 1968 . " f ELSINORE READY MIX 16960 Lakeshore Dr. Elsinoie, California nS! -- 132 I DE JONG ' S DAIRY CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES 31910 Corydon Road 674-2910 FRANKIN 5 10 STORE Good Luck to the Class of ' 68 -%i BRAVER ' S COURT 215 W. Graham Avenue Elsinore, California Heated Pool FreeT.V. Ed and Ruth Berry Managers 133 CONGRATULATIONS to the Graduating Class of 1968 JOE AND MARIE SEITZ S S LIQUORS AND MARKET Four Corners Open 8:00 a.m. -12 Midnight Phone 674-3747 Elsinore PAPINI PLUMBING CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF ' 68 Heating and Air Conditioning Licensed Contractor 21 S. Main Street Elsinore, California Office phone 674-3415 Res. 678-2388 GRANT TANNER C.W. HARRIS SON DEPARTMENT STORE Corona and Elsinore 134 GRANT ' S RICHFIELD SERVICE 24-Hour Towing Phone 674-3459 1 84 S . Main Street Elsinore, California , «U Bonnie Limon, Secretary THOMAS R. MORROW Insurance -AMI Ines llSS.MainSt. Phone 674-2125 Elsinore, California M M MARKET 15987 Grand Avenue Elsinore, California ELSINORE PHARMACY Good Luck to the Class of ' 68 141 N . Main Street Elsinore, California SAMPSON SERVICE CO. Refrigeration - Air Conditioning Elec . Contractor 15870 Grand Avenue Elsinore, California 92330 678-2146 CARRIER AIR CONDITIONING AND REFRIGERATION Best Wishes and Congratulations to the Class of ' 68 135 r RD MacKAY FORD Sales Service Phone 674-3166 420 N. Main, Elsinore " TRADE TODAY WITH MAC KAY " Tl l ■ . - ' - " ' ' - i L., J ALAMO MARKET 167 N . Main Street 674-9998 Elsinore, California ELSINORE PUBLIC MARKET Congratulations to the Class of 1968 159 N. Main Street 674-3452 4 1 , a CongrjiJ-ulatiortr ' : - h w;?h s A EDiMlN A. TOMtIN lfl COMPANY 16783 Rice Road Elsinore, California k BUTTERFIELD VILLAGE Mobile Home Park 32900 Riverside Drive Elsinore, California Phone 674-3101 Lake Elsinore ' s Finest Adult ome Park SUNSHINE RANCH MARKET EXTENDING BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF ' 68 FIRST NATIONAL BANK S d A AND " t A rTRUST COMPANY f 5) CONGRATULATIONS . : AND BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1968 South Shore Office 15891 Grand Avenue Elsinore Elslnore Office 101 S . Main Street Elsinore 38 ZINCK ' S UNION SERVICE Good Luck to the Class of 1968 15-883 Grand Ave. Elslnore, Calif. " Specialized Service " Bill Butler LAKELAND BARBER SHOP CRAWFORD ' S INTERIORS 17566 Grand Avenue Elsinore, California Phone 678-2789 Fal I line of fabrics Velvets - Brocades Textures - Brocateiles Naugahyde - Boltaflex Masland - Duran Custom Complete Kirsch Drapery Service and Graber Hardware THE FANTASTIC FORE i Hoorah for us ! RICHEN ' S FLORIST Flowers for all occasions 156 N. Main St. Elsinore, California ' M; t 139 Congratulations and Best Wishes to the class of ' 68 VALLEY INN RESTAURANT 16705 Grand Avenue Elsinore 678-3238 :.H. " BOOMER " LEE- - -RON CHAMBERS Associate Real ors 16671 Grand Avenue es . RON CHAMBERS ' SB CRANE LAKESIDE PARK For People Who Like People " 15980 Grand Ave. Lake Elsinore, California Phone 714-678-2112 Sandwiches - Soft Drinks Pool Tables Congratulations to the Class of ' 68 Appraisers Consultants Over 30 years of Real Estate Experience 140 ORTEGA BEAUTY SALON Gretchen Hodges, Susie Beach and Chuey Gutierrez For an appointment call 678-2342 Congratulations to the Class of ' 68 ! We wish you all good luck and continued success in the years to come! 141 CROSS ROAD RESTAURANT Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner " Our Treholipee Room " for small or up to 75 people For Banquets BEST COFFEE IN TOWN I Bess Kolas - Owner 16830 Rice Road Elsinore, California Congratulations to the Class of 1968 from MR. AND MRS A. R. TRTAN AND SONS { jbIatVom iX j ™4 ■ ' ,GRWDUAi?IN L CGp AW OP ' T I OUR PATRONS v 1 . Tj .- ,,,,,„, ,,,,,, C p r • • iV ' c Y DEAN■S VARIETY STORE ' if)(A)Q( (j lU " -V GRAND AVENUE PHARMACY Gx Cct ROY ' S RADIO AND T.V. REPAIR DIETRICH ' S JEWELRY MURRIETA MACHINE SHOP VICTOR GARRISON " MY CHILDREN ' S HOME " ARLEAN V. GARRISON ELSINORE LION ' S CLUB MR. JIM DAVIS MR. AND MRS. FRANK WALLACE r ' b vl Tyg RS. WALLACE HAUN - mypnp o fm(f.Hz . james h . keller ( 143 C ' C Ie ftw Ads Edil0T affd ! o tat M In - Assistant tiflor EL LAGO STAFF ftoB Ads Edil0T affd ByuUness Manager n at M In - Assistant tifior , ■ s di " Welty - Drama Layout Editor RiiFk Perez - Head Photographer Cathe Tobin - Staff Member Steve Chase - Assistant Photographer Michael Porks - Art Editor Ben Fogon - Assistant Art Editor Linda Swan - Copy Editor Linda O ' Toole - Layout Editor As The Curtain Drops We find a small, but energetic group of staff members enthusiastically awaiting the arrival of the 1968 El Logo, It ' s been a trying year, but we ' ve finally finished. We leave the acci- dents, the excitement, and the confusion behind and look into the future for the memories preserved in the El Logo. Thanks go to many people: Mr. Gene Mecherikoff of R. Wallace Pischel Inc. for his assistance in publication; Mr. Jomes Polk of Albert James Studio of Photography for his concern and trouble; our advisor, Mr. Jim Davis, and, of course, the staff members who worked until 1 o.m. many times to complete deadlines. " The Fantastic Fore " lent moral support; Miss Mindi Welty kept us awake with her lively personality. And, most of all, I thank Miss Connie Haun for many hours of hard work and the concern only a true friend and responsible person could show. This brings the curtains to o close at the end of the first year at the new Elsinore Unior High School Campus. The 1968 El Logo staff sincerely hopes that this yearbook has preserved the memories intended for it. We hope in the years to come that the joy and happiness we hove ex- perienced this year will return as pleasant and enjoyable thoughts. If so, then we have accomplished our goal. Sincerely, JoAnne Wallace El Logo Editor, 1968 144 Jf f- c .» - ■ ' . r ,v J . ' ,. -i " - ' ' T ' ' S ' ( otAjL iAJboJI , 0 ' o ITS 5 ' £f - fofsun Kt CHVq? To oe i ' ? IS, V v., ' cr ' M Ve s ,- ; ' We c J J ■evji. v ■ e U3 . 14 c lA. % X U v ( ' ' . - l— .. g.- [Vim rsi v; N. ' :5 :! o n L. I . v 7 Q 0, v A " " C " " - MP- r Tf ' i " ' »5 c " ' i t . ' ' xNi ' - V - "

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