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Elsie High School - Elsonian Yearbook (Elsie, MI) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Cover

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cv 7 E-.gk , Q -A5 ,iv Y -, V - , 1 ' f V. 1 V 1 . -, ' , , LE kA'y 'I xi i asap. ' sz, g' ' X I ' 3 If .17-ff ye' A ,, ' f V I .W 'QQ' .Y it ' ,wk A' ' nf' in 3' M ' X "ZFX Ei X'H 55' :W gp., 1, ' H. N. 4' f H h """ ' W U 1' u 1 v 1 ,wJ . A. S' fy. X ' ' H f rf W M Q5 I. X., dia mf a 'U V. I 4, J' 5 L, . r - 4 EI I V , 1 - 5 2 .1 .L f 'f 14 i 9 235-f ' if -4 RQ' ii-.."L,z :ff ' Y ' ' ? U 1 I, x M 8 uf. Ld,av"'- N F ' ' . 2 Sag X ,f r 5 N54 1 0 f 5,5 .-,in . 1 X ,at S iff ,gvf f ?'i'gQS'Qx . . 'Z' K' "",f ' . . ,f' ' 41' 1 Y L ,V-f, ...,. f 'Q-H ,' 'fx ., 'v , A . ' S I P 4-P V . , Q . 4' 1.5 1 ight-Y 7 yu, .Q "5"'L" : ' gc Q 4,flw ' 41 k 'H ' 1 -ff: 1 4' ' "mr f 'I O. "' ' U, fi Eli ' 1. , :X 7. . .' ff-, 've Q .ff v . m,'i7',,gQ . Ehfwifayzggu A V ,jx lv 1 A Sw G ' tg X nv . a ,, ' V 'X .f . f , - ,. 5' tb W QL? 0. Q " infra JL' as It -. X n .V , ' , fi Wh Vg iwk ', nmi' 1 . . , A Q Q it y " 3.3 U.gQlJ2'g,Q in 3,171 ,L -jyfifumf 2,1 F .,-f. . , if 1721. ,K 4 r V K, z 4 J-ll!! f-A It Q - In 'P , 1, - Q , , .gun C 4'AOVt lg . . 4 Q . ' E i,'ff3' . i U lm, I ,, ' A f. A Qs' Flavlw, ,F . wal- . ,L--f s-an . . W QQ. . .a " fr , Q 1- My 1 A "" ' P' "-2f'- '-fiisfli "W ' ' eff' :if fu 9 .ff 1 , ' ff A "'n'1..,'i Q ',4'i ,hxcgjl , ,' xii "-""Mu' ' 'UFJL T3 "-QL!! is D 1- i 'S ' 5 K ! 'f'fY T' I 5 :+G if PM-W' Q, u 'va' ill' gr uf si?-Q. ,pf 3 rf .."'qa.qfq.W M I Q A I 1 .1 Q' if if sz' R ff ' va ,J j , , 4, W ' , I Sfgt A ,ag A 5 sg 5 'g,iQ"?Y: 'WQQP 'I ' 5 u-429141:- A ff? -rx- 2 -2.43, rg A21 ' Q-if .1-.ry f .V fkfxff 3 ' ' . 19 is .at-P f . ff' , L x ,...W ., by 9 ' wx 5 'ii' f fin mf- A X '....- ,, .. .. ,.,. MAH, THE ELSONIAN ELSIE HIGH SCHOOL ,1 5 5 1 Elsie, Michigan Iackie Lewis - Co Editor Terry Seybert W--an 99 Q MIUN in 3 ,X 4, S THAT I X X '- 5 ' Q Charles Kriclner, Trustee: Ellsworth Cook, Treasurer: William Price, Trusteeg Raymond Stewart, Trustee: Frank Rivest, Vice President: Stanley Loznak, Secretary: Earl Seybert, Ir. Supt. and Paul Acre, President. Board of Education Under the guidance of their president, Paul Acre, the Board of Education helps keep our school coordinated as a smoothly running unit. These seven elected citizens have given many hours of unselfish service to meet the problems of an ever-growing school and to provide the best possible education for all Elsie students . This year the Board of Education again has directed much of its time to the Elsie- Ovid school merger. Their relentless efforts to better our educational program continue to inspire us all. Principal Mr. Stull has been a patient, sincere, and encouraging leader at Elsie High School for the past eleven years. His help has been invaluable to us. Superintendent Mr. Seybert has devoted both his time and his energy to improving and broadening our educational curricula. Elsie is fortunate to have such a ded- icated educator. f, u RN yrt 4 3 I 1' v 1 1 Supreme Courf Building Vx fun Mr x QA 2325 bk LTY X DK MR. MUNN MRS, PQEUFORE "This isn't 'fr--n Mickey Mouse, "All right girls! "Take it boy . bids." Ir. High Ir. High Ir. High VX 1. lx' ' UXJYX gr j O i K S' Q MR LENZT e the gif you again? Ag , Bio MRS . BEERY MR. BEZRY ' "I finally cut IB , Ir.'s curls . " I "WoodwRinds lf chickens . " f K? K ow W You sound like V Q as JJ? W I ' X 1 U" , Q Band, Vocal MRS . WOODARD "Sit Down! " Ir. High MISS WILLARD MR . FURSTENAU MRS . CERNEY lg plgkmg gn "This isn't a Communicative hour. " "I-lello! Hello! Hello! " "All right!! NO mOr9 . . I Home Economics Drafting, Ir1clustrialArts . speaking. 5. , 1 'mwah yhy,ohoy IIA1, l ' 1 - Girls' Phys . Ed . Engl 'lf ijdli. 'V N J l MRS. RULE 'You people stop erasing. " Guidance, Mathematics. 41 N. MR. SCHAADT "This is free today." Science, Mathematics. MR . SHELDGN "l've gotta go call my honey." General Science, Government, American Problems , Athletics . f-un-m..... M- aff X wig 7 N MRS . LEWIS "You're crowding in the lunch line! " Typing, Bookkeeping, Bus. Machines, Bus. Arithmetic . MR. O'DONNELL "You just can't live on S60 a week! " History, Driver's Ed., Football, Track, Athletic Director. MR . MIDDLETON "All right, let's make use of our time . " Math. , Geometrv. ,W 'um 11' .2 ' like 1 ' MRS . BEAUHIXLL MRS . VERSPOOR MRS . GODREAU MRS . MYERS "WhY WOYGHW YOU at "Confusionem vestram non video." "Where's my shillelagh! " "People! Please!" 111111611 S1f1ff' " Latin, English. Spanish English, Speech, Debate English, Librarian. 9 ,A 1175 xi l Wilma , Irene, and Jane are the ones responsible for preparing those delicious meals! Mrs . Irene Mead is the head cook . 2 fl a 5 ' 0.4 4' ng f , gm j W ,fha img ww new ,sqm A as Us 5 M A it al v 95 9 UATES D .J David Ott-Vice-President: Mike Leydorr-President: Duane Zuckschwerdt- Student Council: Katherine Blakely-Treasurer: Kathy Tefertiller-Secretary: Mary Vlcek-Historian: Kayla Thornton-Student Council. The Class of 1964 The doubtful freshmen of the Class of 1964 first entered the halls of Elsie High School in 1960 . During the last four years they have gained in knowledge both academically and socially Some of the highlights of the past four years have been enduring the hardships of freshman initiation, rocking the gym with the Iunior and Senior plays, doing a little work on the Iunior Magazine Sales , and having a bla st at the junior and Senior Prom. The next four years will still ring with the remembrance of the Class of 1964 . Qi. N Civil Ph. U? tx ,pdf .B-.-q., RICHARD TIPTON "1t's not what you do, it's what you get away with Basketball 2 ,3,45 Football 15 Track 1,2 35 Iunior Play5 Phys. Ed. 15 Varsity Club 4. KATHY TEFERTILLER "Men are the spice of life so make my life spicy. " F.H.A, 1,2 3,45 Correspondent 45 F,T,A, 45 Treasurer 45 Iunior P1ay5 Senior Band l,2, 3,45 Class Sec . 45 Student Librarian 45 Church Choir 1,2,3,45 Phys. Ed. 15 Majorette 2,3,45 French Club 1,25 Band Librarian l,2. CONNIE IRVINC "She's quiet and we all agree, she's nice to know and nice to see." F.H.A, l,2,3,45 F.T.A, 1,25 Iunior P1ay5 Senior Band 1, 2 , 3,45 Librarian5 Student Librarian 1, 2 , 3, 45 Treasurer 35 President 45 Tri-County S .L,A,A,lV1 Treasurer 45 Homecoming Court5 F .H.A. Treas- urer 45 French Club 25 4-H Club 1. IAIVIES CARROLL "Women are the best of my troubles . " Track l,2,35 Senior Band 1,2,3,45 4-H Club 1,2, 3,45 Phys. Ed. 15 Visual Aids 1,2,3. EVAN DECKER "Voice from the farm . " Senior Band 2,35 junior Band 15 4-I-l Club 1,2,3 . MARGARET W1 LS O N "lf laughs were a drop of water, she'd be an ocean." junior Play: Class Sec. 35 Cheerleader 1,35 Student Librarian 1, 2 , 3,45 Phys . Ed. 15 Library President 35 French Club Sec. 25 Hall Monitor 45 Annual Staff 4 . VICKI ONSTOTT "Going with an underclassman gives me the upper hand . " F.H,A.1,2,3 45 Iunior P1ay5 Senior Band l,2,3,45 Student Librarian 1, 2 , 3 , 45 Church Choir 15 Phys . Ed. 15 Majorette 3,45 French Club 15 Band Li- brarian 1. IAIVIES WEBSTER "Wine, women, and song ruin men5 so 1've cut out singing." Basketball 1,45 Football 1,2,3,45 Baseball 1,2, 3,45 F,F.A. 1,Z,3,45 Varsity Club 2,3,45 Vice- President 45 F.F.A, Sentinel 4. LINDA MCANINC I-I "Oh mind of mine, where art thou roaming? " F.H,A, l,2,3,45 junior Play: Vocal 45 Student Librarian 2,35 Church Choir 1,2 , 3,45 Phys . Ed . 1. MIKE LEYDORF "I was a Boy Scout before Ivvas old enough to be a girl scout . " Basketball 1,2 , 3,45 Football 1,25 Track 15 Iunior Play5 Student Council 2,35 Treasurer 25 Class President 45 Forensics 15 Student Librarian 1 ,25 Church Choir 1,2 , 3,45 Hall Monitor 1,2 , 3,45 Exchange Student 4 . DUANE ZUCKSC I-IWERDT "Late hours are bad for one but fine for two." Football 1,2 ,3 45 Baseball 1,25 Iunior Play5 Student Council 35 Vice-President 35 Class Vice-President 25 Senior Band 1, 2 , 3 , 45 Phys . Ed. 15 Varsity Club 2 , 3,45 Homecoming Court 4. MARY KIGER "She's here ---- I heard her giggle." F.I-I.A,1,2,3,45Songleader 25 Sec. 45 Class Sec. 25 Vocal Music 3,45 Church Choir l,2,3 45 Phys . Ed. 15 French Club 15 Class Historian 3. IAMES LARSON 1 "I live for the Week ends . " Baseball 1,2,3,45 Phys. Ed. 1,25 Varsity Club 1,2,3,4. MARY VLC EK "Mary, Mary, quite contrary how does your garden grow? Vlfith silver bells and one Fizzell? " F.H.A. 1,2 354: F.T.1-X. 1, 2,3,45 Debate 25 Iunior Play5 Class President 15 Foren- sics 25 Senior Band 1,2,3,45 Student Librarian 3,45 Church Choir 1,2 , 3,45 Girls' Soft- ball 35 Phys. Ed. 15 F.T.A. Vice-President 45 French Club 1,25 Homecoming Court. WILLIAM HARDEN Mischief and I are pals . Basketball 1,2 3,47 Football lj Baseball 17 Track 2,3,47 P.P.A, l,2,3,47 Church Choir 17 Varsity Club 2,3,4. CHERYL FLEGEL 1 major in Business-Monkey Business . F.H.A, l,2,3,1lj Vocal Music 2,47 4-H Club lj Church Choir 1,2 , 3, 47 junior Play Student Director7 Hall Monitor 2 . KATHERINE LANNEN All things good are built close to the ground . F.H.A, 1,27 F.T.A, 1,2,3,47junior Play7 Class Vice-President lj Forensics lj Senior Band 1 ,2, 3,47 Church Choir 1,2 ,37 Honor Society 3,47 Honor Society Historian 47 F ,T ,A, Vice Pres . 27 F ,T .A, President 47 F .H .A. Parliamentarian 2 . STUART S EYE ERT A man who flatters a woman either hopes to find her a fool or make her one . Basketball 1,2,3 47 Football 1,2 3,47 Baseball 1 , 2 , 3 47 Track 1, 2 , 3 ,4jIUI1IO1' Play7 Varsity Club 2 ,3 4 . DALE HEIDEMAN Once there were three wise men and the other two said to me ..... Basketball 1,21 Football 2 , 3 ,47 Baseball 1 , 27 Debate 37 Iunior Play7 Class Treas. 37 Senior Band 1,2 3,47 44H Club 37 Varsity Club 3,47 Honor Society 3,47 Vice President 47 French Club 1 , 27 Annual Staff 1, 3,4 . DIANE DEMING Not that 1 love study less , but 1 love fun more . F.H.A, 1,2 , 3 47IuI1iOr Play7 Senior Band 2, 3,47 Iunior Band 17 4-H Club 1,2 , 3,47 Church Choir l,2,3,47 F.H.A. Historian 47 French Club 27 Hall Monitor 1,2 , 3,4 . KIRSTEN RADEMACHER Loveliness in a small package.. .air mail from Germany. Student Librarian 47 4-H Club 47 Church Choir 47 Homecoming Court 4. BILL HENRY I had a Pontiac, that wasn't so new, but oh the roads it went through. Baseball 1,2,37 F.F.A, l,2,3,47 Church Choir l,2,3,47 Phys. Ed. 1,2. WESLEY BUS H "School breaks up my week ends . " Basketball ly Football l,2,37 Baseball 1, Track l,2,37 F.F,A, l,2,3,4, Varsity Club 1,2,3,4g Sergeant-at-Arms 47 Homecoming King 4 . LYNN DAL EY "Cut out to be an angel, but someone ran away with the pattern. " Church Choir 2,37 Girls' Basketball li Phys. Ed. 1,2 . ROSEIVIARY FATURA "When she's quiet, start worrying, when she's noisy, start praying." F.l-LA, 1,2 3 ,45 Iunior Play, Class Treasurer lj Church Choir 1,27 Phys. Ed. l. LARRY KE LL EY "All great men are dead and ldon't feel so well myself." Basketball 1, 2, 3 47 Football 1,2 , 3 ,47 Baseball 1,2 ,3,4g junior Playy Forensics lg Senior Band 2,3,4p Varsity Club 2 ,3,47 French Club 17 Annual Staff 4 . IIM HORN "The thinkinest thinker that ever thinks." Football lg Track 2 ,3p Debate 37 4-H Club l,2, 3, Phys . Ed . 1, 2, 37 Hall Monitor 4 , IACKIE LEVVIS "Her smile goes all the way around and buttons in the back , " Iunior Play: Class President 35 Class Secretary 1,4-H Club l,2,3,4g Phys. Ed. l: Honor Society 3 ,45 Secretary 45 Annual Staff Co-editor 3,43 Hall Monitor 1,2 , 3,47 Visual Aids 1,2 , 3,4 . 41181-3 'om X War 'Wx 1 1 ,V Camera Shy 2 N, fl X V, Barbara lBavis fi," Paul Davis ', The Seniors travel through Physics with Newton, Boyle, and Mr. Schaadt. I7 xwjj 'J Hp, ...fr 09? ,auf ,.,, 1 mail' ART PORUBSKY The more you study, the more you forget7 so why study? Basketball l, 2,37 Football l, 2 , 37 Baseball l, 2,3 DAVID RE MENAR School is for learning but for me it is a circus . Football l,2,3 47 Track 2,3,47 Phys. Ed. l7 Varsity Club 2 ,3,47 Hall Monitor 4 . CHARLENE PORUBSKY Her future is pretty well planned. F,H.A, l,2,3 47 Phys. Ed. l. PHILLIP FIZZEL Give me life , liberty, and the happiness of pursuit. Football l,2,3,47 Track l,2,3 47 Debate 37 junior Play7 Varsity Club l, 2 , 3,47 President 47 Wolverine Boys' State7 Hall Monitor 3,47 Homecoming Court 4 . GEORGE DROWN I thought I was another Einstein, until I blew up the lab. Baseball 2,37 Track 3,47 Phys. Ed. lj Hall Monitor 47 Honor Society 4. BRENT GRUBAUGI-I l'm not really bashful7 it's just my manner. F,F,A. l,2,3,47 Phys. Ed. l7 Hall Monitor 4. IONADENE GREEN All good things come in small packages. F .H ,A , 2 , 37 Iunior Plfiyj Senior Band 2 , 3 ,ilj Iunior Band l. MYRO N T ET HAL I like the days, but oh how I love the nights . Basketball l,2 3,47 Football 1,2 3 47 Baseball l,2,3 47 Debate 47 Student Council l,47 Presi- dent 47 Forensics lj 4-H l,3,47 Varsity Club 3,47 Honor Society 3 47 Treasurer 47 Home- coming Court 47 Hall Monitor l,2 , 3,47 Annual Staff l ,3,47 Iunior Pliiyj Class President 2. KAYLA THORNTON My heart's like a moon5 there's a man in it. F.l-l.A,1,2 3 ,45 President 45 lst Vice- President 2 ,35 Student Council 3,45 Secretary 45 Cheerleader 1,2 ,3,45 Captain 3,45 Student Librarian 2,35 Church Choir 1,2 , 3,45 Girls' Basketball 35 Phys. Ed. 15 Annual Staff 3,45 Hall Monitor 2,35 Class Historian 15 Wolverine Girls' State 45 Homecoming Queen 4 . RONALD MEAD Blessed be they who say nothing, for they shall not be quoted . Basketball 1,2 45 Football 1,2,3,45 Baseball 1, 2,3,45 Varsity Club 2,3,4. TERRY KUSNI ER He looks innocent-but so does gunpovvder. Football 2,35 Track 1,25 F.F,A, l,2,3,45 Vice President 45 Sentinel5 Class Vice-President 3. MIKE MIKULKA Men have died from overwork5 I may live a long time . Football 1,25 F.F.A, l,2,3,45 Phys. Ed. l. We Seniors were young once too you know! .194 'YVB I BARBARA MILLER Life is not life without delight. F .H ,A , 15 F .T .A, 45 junior Play5 Student Council 1,25 Cheerleader 1,25 Student Librarian 15 Church Choir 1,25 Girls' Basketball 35 Phys. Ed. 15 Hall Monitor 2 , 35 Homecoming Court 4 . LYNN COOK 1 don't like to go steady, I like to play the field. Basketball 1,25 Football l,2,3,45 Track Manager 1,35 Senior Band 1,2 45 Varsity Club 3,45 Secretary 45 French Club 1,25 Exchange Student 45 Homecoming Court 45 Annual Staff 45 Honor Society 4 . RWQQ Mmm 'Q N f M--uv' ff' M, K , 09" RIM . SANDRA PHELPS Nature made her as she should, not too bad and not too good. F.H,A,1,2,3,11j Phys. Ed. 1. CHUCK WELCH Look out world, here he comes! Basketball 47 Football l,2,3,47 Baseball 1,2,3, 47 Track 3,47 F.F,A, l,2,3,47 4-I-I Club 1,27 Phys. Ed. 27 Varsity Club 1,2 3,47 Varsity Club Treas. 4. KEN DAVIS A bluff a day makes schoolwork play. Basketball 1,27 Football l,2,3,47 Baseball 27 Track 27 Phys. Ed. 1,27 Varsity Club 3,4. KATHERINE BLAKELY If you want learning, you have to work for it. F.H.A,1,2,3j1:1,T,A. 3 47 Secretary 47 Class Officer-Treasurer 47 Senior Band 1,2 , 3,47 Vocal Music 17 4-H Club 1,2,3,47 Church Choir 2,3,47 Honor Society 3,47 Honor Society President 47 Wolverine Girls' State 4 . LARRY ENSICN Tut, tut, young man, the girls won't hurt you. F,F,A, 1,2,3,47 Officer 3,47 Track 17 Senior Band 2,3,47 junior Band 17 Church Choir 1,27 Phys. Ed. l. DAVID CTT Blessed be the man that invented sleep. Track 2,37 Iunior Play7 Class Vice-President 47 Church Choir 2,3,47 Phys. Ed. 17 Class Historian 27 French Club 17 "Musical Skits" 17 Hall Monitor 1, 2,3 ,47 Visual Aids 1,2 , 3 ,4 . VI VA HAYVVAR D If silence were golden, I'd be a millionaire. F .H,A, 1,27 Student Librarian 3,47 Phys . Ed.1 . LECN BRADY When people agree with me, I always feel I must be wrong. Basketball 17 Football l,2,37 Track l,2,3,47 F,F,A, l,2,3,47 Debate 2,37 Class Treasurer 27 Forensics 17 Church Choir l,2,3,47 F ,F ,A. President 47 Wolverine Boys' State 47 Hall Monitor 3. Is. YW: RN, asv' Tom M. Wes Bush wwf? ,Xie L2 V,.v s , . MYTOTM Dale, LYUUI 51 LBTTY , Pat A. Sf TOm E. W Myron T . 4 E 3 is 31 fi ! Rich T EM , .:2,.-W, M Da le H . Ly nn C . if ,, ia, Q . - Q iw .I Q Barb W . I :i i i 'MH . Ron M. rw-Vfim Rlch 5 vm K we 1 Yi My nTLQW I 3 ' " ' ' ,, 3? ' - 'V Penny S . 1. 'nf Ken D. Mary V . iw 5 Ia cki -x el.. vw Tom M Wise Wh S hm H sqm my S 3 sg. Q ,fy ' . 32 34 2 ., gf' gh 9 ,,e:,s::F- 9 , ff I f ,. I, 5: G. ' ' e 6 , , ., '.-.ff ,. fl' 'f l 'V E '6 , ..,, -f :f-- Q g w Q .,- . ' ,X Q, M325-,gg, -uw , ,min - ' - M - A aw, , Q, - -1,'w.wi -Q, f U W - L. .,m,W 55-, KA ' 0 if ,,f2?5?'i2355iE9i7'f 5491135232 A ', fi 2' f Vfffifi , Q 5 'Q , ' i , Duane 54 B111 Z. Q rs., fig Connie I 11,79 8 9 1 owne EOM LO tmp gig? my EOBIH EO EQOU DOMF UNWOHEUHDE OH mdwbmmm NWEEQ ibm MOE WO mam EWOU EDUC EOM H Eewmlgnlnlm mVFUHu-vmmazumvm Bam Q5 :Em 620260 mmgaam JSF EOS N563 Tmwlblmlz N08 OES, 63-02 Q3 Bm OGOZ ms mwpn GO N505 H5503 H-COE REE! 962 :OU 620260 gm: POS RWE E: 2325 UMOH 23 E NSE OG W AEE OES Q62 Zoammgnsm EFES EDU505 RAE :MN 038 Op GEO Op OH 532 EGOHQSOE Q Gm M355 SO: 60 LOSE POZ QEOQ NCEE EWEEU Mmvmdgm OP CEQA 562 EOM OH WOEENSO 2: E GE O-H 'HOHMEOMWMF Naamwm iggnam WGOSBEFM EES u O u . . 25 050200 SGDOEH HH SEE :SS NCEE EEZ 9: EOM N-COUEEMW EES 25:00 LDDOEH EU UNOOD BQMOEW 9922 mom EO waz m Op OZ-H .HQHMNS UEOW Uzvumm S: HEQWUOODW M Qymm ll 25 EO MW Em OH E062 HEGEWU WO Emwgmgm glam L35 Nmmvmwmdpm OU POS U09 ginmmag-H UEOEQM EEN QMNNV 60525 EOCHOMWE mmmoojm m gm OH ZOE-E24 GEOS 2 2952 ig E336 Hmm-KS EO Qhgm LOQHOQ m-mania EO -EWOOHW HO magma QEOQ Eg? 05325544 .EL 033825 P502 Ugg SOOO OCEGDHIH Emvggmg E UNCH 2: EO 330m 5:25 EEOW QQ EEO Q5 2235 M52 2: GO 035055 E EDO 5 :rm 05 2 W-H620 gg? 2505! 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Our class has produced many fine debators, sportsmen, and Scholars which have in the past and will in the future make a name for Elsie High. A ::,ixsii,,-1 limi W yr VL., f -:nw ,awry r, fi 9? rrseswx ax n Z' " 'tif lZ?fl3?fQi?'- , 4.1-V-f k , glwfqu -V 3? . - Ziggy-It ' ,. A 'gif' -1 ' ,J ...,, : J 'Y A .. 'Y x . f Q 9? Q x . f x - L " v' Riff ef?" if-pf A 14. 5' xx ,-yflfl .:" I -as-r my-f' ia Ni ' are , 3 qw? Hart .- Mig 1- 573, 0 s sri fy! ...f ' 1' -eq. A M, H Ni, . 1 5, ,5 ff -M W, W x ' - 2 21,3 QR! t if We ' , x EE ie R K f wie. ' 7. 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SQ' ...W-v -. , f W X -.fizwf 's Sonja Goscinski Bill Houska Howard Kremer Carol Lewis Betty Lydle f ilf5 f " ff ,L l 'ily A 5 y i i g le-4 f - is A wi - l if K Q , ."l if: 4- A- K ff ml J H all. L-VkLL I ,T .f,., Q91 V ww , W" ""f,. , ,.,.. P K n y""",,f w 1 M 3 K - 1 1 N , A o K, f K R X 174' 5- ak, ill. HU- n .f,"1 1 rw 1 . sm M 1 ' ? ,Z if W f I if ,W M X 's www R ?x '5- gvi y Q74 g o, , ' + ' W Donna Grubaugh Sue Keck Bob Ladiski Lynda Libey Larry Melvin A Loreen Grubaugh lim Hayward Mike Hinkley V .f',,,g,:,,. ', M eq A8 ,5.!,,.f,ZHL gf I y if, ii 6-,Z iw-W-W k , X, , , .M-,, l ls, ll lrll ggi W fires leeli ria ilir iw 6469 'lg X 'M wig X -. 'xx x,f:A ex..- xy , Val 'df '1"'95 "Some times we study, but sometimes . . . . . Sandra Holton Connie King Iudy Larsen Ellen Loynes Carl Moore Maureen Peck 5' . if 'N X , ,,..-if si S, goox X' 5 43. 'D' safes 3 Iim Horak Lis sa Knight Janice Levey jack Loynes Rick Moore 27 .Q Q Q S , lj-, Q S S Qiiqgwsii Q J LQ Q 5,4 QL Q QQ S , K ,Q if L f Q Q WQQQ Qmr--2--QLQQQ ,im - . ,Q.Q,1r,QQQ.Q.Q -SQMQQMQEQQ S Lziigiwr 'Z-iZQfQtw? ,Q -QQ QQ Q , ,,.Q,sfN Q, .- V, -Q. ! ' im ,J , 1.3. Rf' . , , fi' sg Q -. 3: , , -9 , 533fwifrif'Lc555lEf5?5i1g?iYS33'X512i5iii5i'fKlEifKS8?iS?WQ5-"3 :ggq-fr-fwwilseaslgfv Qs. 57 5-Q ff' 9251 G51 Wi 'S . 31? 1 Q.. ., ,., .. .. . ..:. Q a 555 ' zQ5.ErQ isfffx QQQQQQQE f'?1r2..E1 His? 53333 A 521223 F jr 1, Q5 S QQ Q my Q S ,Q 91 KQ Q 5 5? 6 2 K' Q TQQ , Q iifigmg ' Q Q ggigfggg Q55 s i 'Q ' , 4 V 91 Z -Q1 A Q Q X QQ Q Q S 2 S k Q QQ f in Q Q Q- Q-,L -- -1 V, I . .- my - '-Q',QQfg.QQ3Qm, '-fQ1r1ff?1Qfm-Qg 51' .QV 5-V515 ffiiiikli' Tlx. Q K Q . 'WSW' QW."'?l5S??f':SQzff 5 1 55 QQ- :Q 5, QQQQQQ-QQmgif.f ' iifzgiiieillf 2557.zL5fI Zef575ieif3iir QQ:-.QQ -' ' ezQ.Q.Q:r ' '- 1Q,, A -, .QQQ-.Q Q- Xmazg. 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Lynda Purves Wesley Simmons Gary Snyder Dwight Sutliff George Tomasik Kerry Reed Mary Sue Skaryd Gary Stevens Nancy Sutliff Joe Tomasek Sophomore Class Officers f R H TOP ROW: Hermy Kaufman, Terry Loznak, Dennis Baese, SECOND ROW: Celeste BUCK, Joe Guysky, Ronnie Stambersky, Sharry Moore. The Sophomores agree, disagree, socialize,- and even study. The interests of our class varies from football to debate. Our class is looking for- ward to two more years of fun at good old EHS. ,. , 575 as , 5 51 ' "'T'.T.,."' VVA, A N W--9' ,L-i , , x ! fff- :na , nu' 'fn J A A! 5 521. r 55f'fMi'N-'Q if ll T Kgs , ' : ' ig, il A iws 'Q T N. E , V x 1 11 'T or O W' ' A 2' , ,' X Q Wei. ,, W " x I is 96' lr iv... -"W K ,. T 4' , ,X X T R j X-'OF 'O ff . PTT' 'F-3'-'E' 'N , A A-A, gigs:-:Lf-f x"ff,E W " s "lf :T . WL 'pf' --f f' .52 r -an WW, lk! V tryin Fi' We 1 ,,n.,1.,r T , fa I Eli A W7 ff . 5 ' , . O fa, 3 f' ir ' , ' H V, I my T .E 7 Q ,j i S' 'S' Rl M2 -,QV ' 'W it . W Vi- ,f X Y Q. T , - ffl il, ill lk ,I ' , A N X , N' T ,M if K 4,ww?H U . , n.. ,g A f . M V, .,: .tmiyvilm if ,ilu KA Q 'img if , ..,, h h xv' 4 ,Q rr W. if 1. xx X w x 'ff 'X NJ' , g ., if r Ht ,Q 'Fil' Vila? -,.,. WV' ri, f f ' in-.. - -- ' ,T X TOP ROW: Dean Acre, Kay Acre, Larry Arbogast, Dennis Baese, Tom Bakita, Iames Bard, Ron Barnhill. SECOND ROW: Ieannie Barrett, Ronald Barron, James Bartshe, Sandra Bashore, Fred Beno, Gale Bensinger, Jerry Bernath. THIRD ROW: Lois Bird, Kay Boog, Celeste Buck, Ronald Bush, Susan Crell, Regina Crossen, Randy Daley. Oh! They crowded again. , , , . 32, , W va 5. ,. , -Ma' 52,31 'k ,U 4, fr 5553 Q! -S is ' -+V Q 1 1' l ar 5:11,- , ,ag , . 5 . me wb 1' iifaf riv?1f?tr!t'?iT', .WA ,. Af' -M F -fr af' f -sv lp Quan' sw 'fi-. 1 r if:--I -'f . l if, 9 an y ' L, K ' M Barbara Doubrava Ronnie Fizzell Linda Hayward Ianet Ienson Rodney Kiger Richard Lover A 'A-5? ,ia aff gig R' X 'Q f, iii- S'- iEf'iQ'x,' 425197 fi rv' .av- , "N, . ,, 1 A 4, ,K avi iif . 2- hiv? i1""' KJ? Wim-v N14 'Km Frank Dukes Diane Foreit Dennis Herron Richard jones Kathy Kindel Terry Loznak ? Avi f f csy . ,fy f if Zyg "fugi- al The Sophomores are always kept waiting. :Z . 'Q .L x .. qx.. E J, 1 fm 'H '51 I je 6 in Qs Linda Ensign Dan Korienek Nancy Luznak 1. - U' ' X "Rf Ioan Fabus Larry Kremer Judy Miller 1, , 55 A K W K L gf, O . -'Ltr' 'Q' "' I . , ' ef- '. rv-" K I ..,, 1 - N if 12 , W 1 :.,. I , if. 1 iii me is Q... .7 4 . Wir g., ,.4 -ug." imma fr . i maybe i . i. vs: 1 1.8, 560 Iudy Fabus Ioan Geiger Barb Hess Herm Kaufman Karlcne Kurka Connie Mitchell with i , 4 , ,x K .WIN X ,. L A 5 ,. W it iii, Beverly Fenley Kim Geiger Barb Horak Cindy Kelley Pauline Ladiski Sharry Moore W-wiki ig.. Q X f-xxx 5l3'M Q ,V-2": . WF ., M .J ,W , 2 fx 'X' A . X - 1- -s W i X if 'L Q5 im a s f : . wiv , f" h arf X ti 'Y sz me ,L f lla Fizzell Joe Guysky Bruce Horn jennifer Keys Charles Lover Danny Pattison ,,,Q,ffg,sg 'ss-ur... , ,-ff- M A Qgggl. Reta Platner Lucy Rodriquez EM ,Q ..-. if , f ,ff,45, ,V1 P . 115 . 22g:izfsgggk, h Charles Prikasky Fred Ross . , L, - l V , ,f 21,3 L,'r, 'Q L H V ' R' . y y it T r i ' R R K ff,-1 I? 5f l Q "-L, 5 4' . 2 ' li J . fi ,Q Ax L.,.L iymwy Prank Prikasky Terrie Randolph Ann Remenar -V :Z .... .VLV rim ,. S! i s ::: I Mike Rivest Karen Robinson Dean SChLlltZ Laurel Schulz Diane Shappell Mary Slagh Cay-01 Smalec Kenny Sperl Billy Streeter f h h 1 Ronnie Thornton Sherry Wassa Kathleen Tomasek Ken Waggoner The busy bees O t e Sop Omore C ass' Nancy Walters Barbara Warner .gg,-vm:r:7gss11rsm iglwgsfw v--1, 1, a t me 1 fif flfffx ' Z-Y .Mitt ,Avaya 32 ry l r E E me G X af 1, L 'i ff A X Linda Sutliff Iill Tabor Nancy Thornton CAMERA SHY SOPHOMORES: Betty Wadell, Ronnie Stambersky -ff, Q-V fi ,.:, ,. is -- as -at , ,.,,.. Q fmt, - ge X 3 im ,1 ' Freshman Class Officers TOP ROW: George Keck, Mlke Seybert, Iose Rios. SECOND ROW: Mick Stambersky, Bruce Powelson, Ioann Tefertiller, Linda Sturgis. Hats off to the Freshmen, the largest class ever to enter the halls of Elsie High School. May they grow in wisdom as they have grown in number. ln their first year, the freshmen of Elsie High School received guidance from Mrs. Rule in planning their next four years of classes. ng W x N fix WW in 1, My 'W' I . J , 94" .1, .. -f-f was , 1, .lu ,f,. : .mmzrc-1. I, ll Q A 1,4 , '40 s- vs is - if 'WL ft- A -s ,A V ,. , W It it My ff V T ' 'P'-v 5 A' . nk nj f . A Q , 3 -51. i gf, ' , 551 , ,f'- V W -A gf' ' U I- QL 'YW' V ' ' Q? b k Iim Ackels Douglas Boog Robert Cook Iudy Fox Tom Ackles lda Brady Vickie Courser Ethel Grice A . i S , 15" .5 ,ff 2 If , W, 1 I 1. . 7? f s " W wwf Si ii. s 'Sr . , ggfgrdwkwfi-H H K J , get it C, VKLK ' 'V l .,r. W. 5 EN 7' W nity ,. , Q, ,- V A- V I. ' r 1 " , , sg, . af, ' f T VVL, -I . ,reef .. kv Allen Adair Margie Adair Carl Brown Chris Brown Ioan Crell Carol Davis Hazel Hallock Georgia Goscinski , k .V f, V Q, is 5 , ' Z3 ',g-'BW' x S "'Qg5,i' fj: K V f , . Cary ,,:..f., ,rj I ,J V A .,-1.3. , is rl. 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J' . .'V- - W xg K if 'K 2 as in-ff ,am X ,NW fi gin . f :fra The I-Iomemaking girls make sweets for their guys! 5 'mg'- T if f r rl as X -i .1 ,,Jl...,. , x. .. . . .K 7,554 ,--.- in . h.. A ., g e .: Emi' s HI mf ' K -uzwi 5- M S1 , S gifs-. if .- 1' f :Ley , 'f 4- in " .fm if Q 4 we ll up-f K f Connie Kelley Ianet Larsen Kathy Melvin Lynn Pilot Robert Kirby Kenny Lentz Vincent Minarik Carol Porubsky 7-fA. V Er mf: Q1 if gy .. . ir? E, li? 42' A :ii ..: LW? 1 A rae d if .L L 5 ' 521, if Af rg' Q, l'-' V f Q sgmttari Q Bonnie Kremer Robert Kusnier Richard Loynes Pam Loznak Crystal Mitchell Jackie Moore Resa Morley TOE Pornbsky Buroe Powelson Gale Price Karen Kristin Mike Lewis .,, f ' in LV L ' gf .iii K, in A 5 55512 , if 1 A "" X 3 M M .'- ' it mlb, iw S 'e?""'i"! f V-, if Q, ,gsm Q., :i1ni-sigh if V' ' 5 'L"7 :'z 1" 1 '-YL S me Vkk: .w"" ,f . fm. xi , ,.,, A , " 1 S Wiki W it ff' ,Q L 1 Q, :H ,jr -I ' ' 5 711371511 I lgrllig i fk, ' U' ' ' 1 tffmwm 'f , ' ., . -- X e ig if , him. 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Jones Charlie Lannen Sandy Allen Connie Stambersky Becky Smith fl.f,.WQw:a:w:ff-mf-.2,.glw .fm 15 I- f-l, ,, W 11 V, V, m,e:n.M,:l:,wlw fn, f7-Q7 fb-f:.,v.W,l,w-V., V, ll,- -fn iii N, 4 fa 1 fe' 'L l eff i , A 5 94,412 alif ,. f 'f L ii V V X it-4' lg: 2 5 My A I 'gs 1 . a W' ' W 'W ""1"'y He' 43 M G if "-- . -f ' ' "I" l lf- fy P, ,B,- Wm . 1 E gk E . ..,. A yea... y - e--sf L A if- S L5,Q 2 J' H '-at X , vif f I 7 I irr ggi fy k'::. : 'IVV 4, 4 R ,.-- - 7 135' f :.' :EEE 1 A VA-Q 13 A q vpljfg FQ 5 X - . P, ' ,Wx-va , ,L L. I V' , W 1 "' 3- y H fel 0 , lf- L , , f , ,. f I FF E . ,2 Me- . K ,gg zl. . ., K 4 ' K A IV ViJ:,..,,,g X Qlzl X K 'G' 4 if Ax it ,' ,Qing y Ax .J S L gi f ' y L 'K C ret in v , ' -' 5 ' - ' 'Q ' V 1 .now Sk Q 5 W' I L is f L 1 , L is ,livwsn 'L Qi -ei? if ,.:,,. if i ' if if 4 f 'W 5 E C V K V N 5. ps. f ig-m M I th Q U L 1 ,..,. A uf.--A is se if Sandy Allen Shirley Arnst Duvvayne Barnhill Rosemary Barrett Gary Butler lee Chepko Dusty Colvin Matthew Ceurter Sharon Dunham Rickard Easlick Susan Farr Eddy Fornusek L, D, Iones Robert Justice Dale Kelley Iemiee Kelley Brenda Kremer Charlie Lannen David Latz Cindy Lentz Kathleen Minarik Ron Pattison Larry Pearce Gene POHtiOuS 38 Pamela Bashore Gale Criner Garry Hrncharik Larry Kindel Nellie Lover Tom Purves -cu, time A 4 Zig 1-' ,gms ,,.+ eg 'gi' 3 ll 1. I ig, 1. IVV David Bernath Dennis Darling Janet Hrncharik Rodney King Sandra Matrau Jim Richards Y 'H' , 2 f yi --f' new-1 5 V.. 2941 iff W. inf -df" , Darlene Bird Steve Draper Joann Hutra Skip Knight Chris Mead Cathy Robinson M Aq . . 3 5? 4 n f fi Y 4 143 if "':' i f 1' 1?.kJ bu is 'R X -EC' ' if 5 I V ,E Q R mil? i fm 3 S MS. "2 Linda Rodriquez Ronnie Silis Sandra Smalec Becky Smith Billy Somers Connie Stambersky Edward Thornton Linda Tomasek David Williams Donald Wilson Rgbjn Wogley Iudy Bard 39 rs- gina "1 1. 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Dawn Baese Terry Butler Susan Doubrava Mike Good Marion Hayward Susan Hess 40 Dennis Barrett Lucille Champlin Diane Doubrava Sandy Grubaugh Bruce Harden Ianis Hibbler Study, Study, Study, ? BOHTUO Bashore Diane Basnore Iudy Bird Bobby Bloomer Carol Buck 10511 CTHDKO Vance Courser Nancy Cross Colleen Daley Robert Davis Teresa Dudash Robert Easlick Rosemary Fabus Calvin Fizzell Mary Pat Foran Jerry Guysky Louise Heinze Beth Holten ,Al A :,- ' grfzwi. . . ' sax , 'E 9 H K "'f:Jy t 2,5 if M 2igli,,,tL51 I A. 2. Q, f iler, lil . lglfzx -Q uk 2 z 4 1.1 V 'Q-f 'R 3 H , - m la g, 4 .Elves v, 9:71 S LX P. 'ftp- . , Q Q My A w.-- V, ff N,m .ff"' 'nut rr. .--' .,. S 7 : uf f ll T :w"'- Mf- Mn? , I Q14 . K 1 ' - -- ,."" - ,L.. ai V ni A ,Y H K X I ,,,,1L- AP ,F , it: T L,..: fi Q , Q fr V i ' I K L ili 'fro'-w' f " 3 , t f l M Y if wi l l R if ' 1 f X ':': ' "'- ' X ,-nf .. 9 ,Lk fe Q g it. I .L -an 4015 mul Liiiiglmgf Jessi 5 46,5 i f M . Li ,Nf l t. 5: ,M rw' fi W- ' 71" 7' o' ,ig,V ,LV , , yr , Rickie Holton Sherry Lathern Darryl Melvin Dick Schreiber Ianet Strachota Ierry Winans Diane Hoshield Becky Latz Richard Montie Cliff Seybert jim Tefertiller is Zh. Joanne Hrncharik Raelene Loznak Patricia O'Donnell Al Sheldon Iudy A. Thornton Earl Collins lb. - ,, V iil, V at 'H gk -lwf l x '- ' - was 'sw is-5 ' , K N., I - Taz 05" 1 Eff ......f if ,f g-- 1 7, if W "' i WK W L 3 1. f zz, fc-,em 1, A45 A. T' l ,W Es, E ,. W 'S 953' Fc, 'W Y M ff 4 wg Noel Jordan Keith Keck K Paul Marton Frank Matrau K Paula Onstott Shirley Pospisil L Patsy Skriba Andy Smalac Judy E. Thornton Kathleen Thornton P wb' i 8 13:3 4' 2 5.2 My A l l K LL g M, . ' . Q2 J , ,L Q ,VK t, ,. - ,K 5:- K1 X ?f7'?n 'fur , Aix at' 9 ay Ladiski arla Mead ester Reed Phyllis Stewart eter Welter H ik ,, 1' K 4 f 1 an V. ' 1 'K ' .fy S '-', M :NX li , Wffififf, 4 V 1 .W i A, : ,fl ' 1' . 6 L. .V T' t A Q, ' " 'HV' . E, -., I New 'ff' 3. 'K tyi is - at 535. 6 ' if ,.. X N jfs . ,. . . i my , . K 'HV an ' Ioanne Ladiski Dennis Mead Harry Price Sharon Snyder Margaret Thornton 41 v RTS U N 65 43 Elsie High School "Big Reds" TOP ROW: Herm Kaufman, Ioe Guysky, Pat Ackles, Mike Cole, Ken Davis, Bill Houska, Tom Micka . SECOND ROW: Iim Horak, Lynn Cook, Ross Carter, Richard Iones, Larry Melvin, Kerry Reed, Kurt Coon, Iack Loynes . THIRD ROW: Coach O'Donnel1, L.D. Iones-Mgr. , David Remenar, Tom Ebert, Myron Tethal, Terry Seybert, Phil Fizzell, Gary Bashore, Dean Acre-Mgr., Coach Sheldon. FOURTH ROW: Mike Hinkley, Chuck Welch, Stuart Seybert, Ron Mead, Iim Webster, Larry Kelley, Dale Heideman, David Strachota. The 1963 football season proved rather successful as the records show--with the Elsie Big Reds compiling a 7 win-2 loss record and finishing co-champions in the Central C Conference . Total yards gained this year was 2 , 730 yards which was 438 yeard greater than that of last year . A new school record was established by Tom Ebert as he threw ten touchdown passes . Iim Webster and Stuart Seybert were elected to the Conference first team and RJ. Iones and Ron Mead were elected to the Conference second team . STEPHANIE BEAUTY SHOP 1 Elsie Big Red Seniors i 1 5 DUANE ZUCKSCHWERDT RONNIE MEAD HM WEBSTER DALE HEIDEMAN DAVE REMENAR CHUCK WELCH LYNN COOK STUART SEYBERT MYRON TETHAL PHIL FIZZELL COACH SHELDON COACH O' DONNELL Q. xii KE NNY DAVIS LARRY KELLEY TOP ROW: Ronnie Stambersky, Frank Dukes, Iim Welch, Chris Brown, Bill Zuckschwerdt, Mike Seybert, Bob Kusnier, Mark O'Donnell, Carl Brown, Iim Bard, Kim Geiger, Tom Ackles, Ken Waggoner, Mr. Sheldon-Coach. SECOND ROW: Tim Roof, George Keck, Stuart Conklin, Allan Adair, Mike Lewis, Iose Rios, Carl Tethal, Cailen Thornton, Doug Boog, Larry Arbogast, Dick Loynes. THIRD ROW: Ierry Guysky-manager, Iimmy Tefertiller-manager, Gale Bensinger, Fred Ross, Terry Loznak, Ron Bush, Ken Sperl, Ierry Bernath, Fred Beno, Ron Pizzell, Bill Streeter, Denny Barrett-manager. Sl1eldon's I.V.'S The 1963 Elsie I.V. football team had a pretty good season, winning most of their games . The I.V. team looks toward the '64 season with high hopes . Here Coach Sheldon is getting some of his reserve squad ready for the coming season. Herm Kaufman seems to be quite interested in the camera man but he learned his lesson well as he showed in the season following this picture. f ' ' wr' Bt - A --4 TOP ROW: Coach Sheldon, Bill Harden, Iack Loynes, Stuart Seybert, Jim Webster, Mike Lewdorf, Larry Kelley, Tom Micka, Chuck Welch, Larry Melvin, lim Temple. SECOND ROW: Les Reed-Mgr. , Ton Mead, Iim Horak, Kerry Reed, Ross Carter, Pat Ackles, Myron Tethal, Terry Seybert, Rich Tipton, Tom Ebert, Manager. Elsie Big Reds At the end of 13 games our basketball team has a 4 win-9 loss record.There are 13 players. who will probably get their letters this year with ten of these having started at one time or another The 13 letter winners will be: fSeniorsl L. Kelley, R. Tipton, M. Tetha', I. Webster, R. Mead, and S. Seybert. Uuniorsl T. Micka, P. Ackles, R. Carter, K. Reed, I. 1?orak, L. Melvin, I. Loynes . We had a new coach this year, Keith Sheldon. Mr. Sheldon was born and went to school in rival Ovid . He had quite a rebuilding job to undertake with only one starter and two other letter men returning from last year's squad, which had turned in a 10-9 record and a District C Championship. His team has been improving with each game. The leading scorers and rebounders have been as follows: SCORING REBOUNDS T. Pts. G. Aver. T. Reb. G. Aveh. L. Kelley 307 13 23.6 L. Kelley 183 13 14.1 T. Micka 158 12 13.2 R. Carter 60 12 5.0 R. Tipton 76 11 6.9 I. Webster 42 10 4.2 P. Ackles 83 13 6.8 P. Ackles 43 13 3.3 R. Carter 76 12 6.3 T. Micka 35 12 2.9 The Big Reds will be trying to repeat last year's District C Championship again this year at St. Johns in the tournaments . THE GRICE FURNITURE CO. CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS 'X I 1 A' S ff? gi 21 'X il '19 2 e , i i: 33 Q2 fx ,id ' 2 H S 5, 'M' ,fi X X ' 45 Junior Varsity Basketball TOP ROW Coach Sheldon Terry Loznak Ioe Guysky Kim Geiger Ken Waggener, Charles Prikasky, Richard Iones, Iim Bard Rodney Kiger Herm Kaufman Dean Schultz SECOND ROW Larry Arbogast, Fred Beno, Ron Thornton, Dennis 135959 TQTTY Bemallh B111 Streeter Gale BenS1r1Q91' Danny Pattison Dennis Herron, Daryl Melvin, manager. COACH SHELDON New to the Elsie Coaching Staff this year is Keith Sheldon, head basketball and baseball coach and assistant football coach. Much credit must be given to our new coach, Mr. Sheldon, for his hard work as head basket- ball coach and in helping to guide the 1963 Big Red Football team to a C. NLC. co- championship. l 49 ii l'--' -limlwpggg. l,'..1'4 -,.,f"' sf' Ar, MVA I K f, Girls' Basketball TOP ROW: Resa Morley, Iennifer Keys, Ioan Geiger, Susan Farr, Nancy Luznak, Connie Kelley, Georgia Goscinski, Carol Lewis, Barbara Easlick, Katherine Blakely, Kathy Tefertiller, Mary Vleck, Karlene Kurka, Sherry Wassa, Barb Hess. ROW TWO: Loreen Grubaugh, Iill Tabor, Nancy Thornton, Kathy Minarik, Cathy Robinson, Marsha Smith, Sonja Goscinski, Connie Irving, Vicki Onstott, Lynda Purves. ROW THREE: Mary Slagh, Sandra Smalec, Connie Stambersky, Becky Smith, Linda Tomasek, Betty Farr, lean Brevvbaker, Iudy Fabus, Joann Fabus, Barb Warner, Carolyn Smalec, Diane Eoreit, Mrs. Cerny, Sponsor. ROW FOUR: Pat O'Donnell, Paula Onstott, Sheila Brewbaker, Ruby Adair, Becky Bellinger, Carol Porubsky, Beverly Streeter, Margie Adair, Mary Palus, Connie Kelley, Crystal Mitchell, Carol Martinka. Seventh Grade Basketball TOP ROW: Keith Keck, Daryl Melvin, Dennis Barrett, Ierry Guysky, Rick Holton, Dick Schreiber, Vance Courser, Luster Reed Mr. Munn, Coach. ROW TWO: Jimmy Tefertiller, Lee Grubaugh, Paul Marton, Kelvin Fizzell, Bob Bloomer, Ierry Winnans, Earl Collins, Clifford Seybert. Around and About X, , E LS IE E LEVATOR I ., ,. is NN"'1-v 4 3,41-v 3 WW. a f l E i51 4 f gg . ...:.. ...,P : Highlights of 1962-'63 Track Season In the Shot put, Wes Bush breaks the School record and the Conference record with a mighty throw of 49 feet and 8 inches . 52 Here Chuck Welch high jumps for 5 feet and 6 inches . Rod Ginther takes the low hurdles in 23 .4 Seconds . George Ebert broke the school record in the pole vault with a leap of ll feet and 6 inches . Cross-Country Track Team BOTTOM ROW: Left to Right, David Remenar, Tom Ackles, Dean Schultz, Bill Streeter, Ronald Tnorton. TOP ROW Iim Temple, George Drown, Bill Harden, Ioe Guysky, Coach Larry Follett. This year Elsie organized its first cross-country track team with Mr. Follett as coach. Not having time enough to line up a cross- T country team, Elsie accepted invitational meets at Alma with Bill Harden securing first place and Ron Thornton fifth: at Dewitt with Bill scoring second and Ron seventh, at Albion with Bill winning the top place and Ron placing third. ln the state meet at lpsilanti, Bill Harden again placed second. This is a fine record for a first year performance! -'W T, f Kayla Thornton is our cheer- leading captain this year. After spending many long hours in practic the 1963-64 squad, under the supervision of Mrs. Beaufore, cheered the Elsie Big Reds on to many a victory. These six girls cheered both for the Football and Basketball seasons. Throughout the year, these girls have put on skits at the pep assemblies. They also put up signs around the school to keep up the school spirit. ..,r.t ..w.t.r.... . M Varsity Cheerleader' TOP: Kayla Thornton: SECOND ROW: Sonja Goscinski, Pat Dennis: THIRD ROW: Marsha Smith, Mary Sue Skaryd BOTTOM: Penny Sturgis. x. . 1 Junior High Cheerleaders TOP: Sandy Allen: BOTTOM: Diane Bashore, Mary Foran, Connie Stamhersky. The Ir. High Cheerleaders, also under the supervision of Mrs. Beaufore, cheer on the Elsie "Little Reds" during the Basket- ball Season. Junior Varsity Cheerleaders TOP: Karen Smithy SECOND ROW: Pam Loznak, Linda Sturgis: BOTTOM: Kathryn Melvin. The Jr. Varsity Cheerleaders are under the supervision of Mrs. Beaufore also. They are shown here using their pep and skill as they do at the games while cheering on the Ir. Varsity Basketball Team. 'Q ff 16 M' was f- M ali P A n Unon ' XTIES X X Wolverine Boys' State Attending Wolverine Boys' State on the campus of Michigan State University in East Lansing this past summer were Leon Brady and Phil Fizzell. Leon was sponsored by the American Legion and Phil was spon- sored by the Lion's Club. While at Boys' State, Leon was appointed as State Commissioner of Agriculture and Phil was elected as Mayor of Grant City. For eight days they had the opportunity to meet other boys from all over the State of Michigan, and were able to participate in learning how city, county, and state governments function. Wolverine Girls' State Attending Wolverine Girls' State at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor this past summer were Katherine Blakely and Kayla Thornton. Katherine was sponsored by the Womens' Lit- erary Club and Kayla by the American Legion. They were chosen on their abil- ity to get along with others, leader- ship, citizenship and character. For nine days they had the op- portunity to meet other girls from all over the State of Michigan, and were able to participate in learning how city, county, and state governments function. Senior Band ROW ONE: Sharry Moore, Katherine Lannen, Kathy Teiertiller, Maureen Pecl-1, Rosie Porubksy, Mike Seybert, Bruce Povvelson, Carl Tethal. SECOND ROW: Ianice Levey, Doug Boog, Larry Ensign, Mary Slagh, Barbara Doubrava, Larry Ladiski, Vickie Onstott, Betty Thornton, Cindy Kelley, Barbara Easliclglackie Moore. ROW THREE: Pat Farr, Duane Zuckschvverdt, Connie Kelley, Bill Zuckschwerdt, Bruce Bashore, Terri Randolph, Connie Irving, Ionadene Green, Bruce Fineout, lim Carroll, Resa Morely. ROW FOUR: Dennis Herron, Lynn Cook, Howard Kremer, Dale Heideman, Tom Ebert, Bob Ladiski, Terry Seybert, Dan Korienk, Larry Kremer, Rosemary Saxton, Micheal Stambersky, Barbara Horak, Larry Kelley, George Keck, STANDING: MarkO'Donnell, Katherine Blakely,Ierry Bernath, Diane Deming, Mary Vleck, Rita Washburn, Dee Washburn. Director: Mr. Berry. r Elsie High School Band members, under the direction of Mr . Iohn Beery, participated in various events during the l963 and i964 school year. The band traveled to the Charlotte Centennial, the Traverse City Cherry Festival, the Band Clinic at Chesaning, and to Ovid and Perry as the special feature of their halftimes . ln addition the Band performed at all home football games, pep assemblies, and sev- eral concerts throughout the year. BARTEK'S GARAGE Junior Band STANDING: Harry Price, Rooney King, Clifford Seybert, Dale Kelly, Mr. Beery SITTING Duane Barnnill Keith Keck Darryl Melvin, Dennis Barrett, Gary Butler, Richard Schreiber, Robert Justice Raelene Loznak Ianice Kelly Matt ew Courter, and Ronald Sillsg THIRD ROW: Bobby Bloomer, Lucille Champlain, Diane Holshield Mary Pat Foran Billy Somers, Nellie Lover, Dawn Baese, Pat O'Donnell, Sherry Latham, Janis Htbhler Nancy Cross THIRD ROW Shirley Pospisil, Margaret Thornton, Sandy Grubauqh, Becky Smith, Cathy Robinson Paula Onstott David Williams Senior High School Choir TOP ROW: Vickie Courser, Karen Rohinson, Cheryl Flogel, jennifer Keys, Charles Lover, Kay Acre, Pat Dennis, Crystal Mitchell, Linda McAninch, SECOND ROW: Linda Ensign, Ethel Grice, Ioan Crell, Iurly Rivest, Cathy Buchele, Nancy Sutliff, Kay Boog, Sueann Keck, Lucy Rodriquez, Becky Bellinger, Mr. Beery, Instructor. Drum Major Larry Ensign was elected by the band to be Drum Major for the year 1963-1964. He is the first boy to occupy the position as Drum Major in over five years. Majorettes Connie Irving, Vicky Onstott, Kathy Tefertiller, and Pat Farr were the 1963- 1964 majorettes. They performed at football games, using their own tvvirling routines at each game Connie Irving, Vicky Onstott, and Kathy Tefertiller are seniors this year and will be graduating in Iune. Omf 1964 yeaifbook is published in memoify of the 35th President of the United States John Fitz gerald Kennedy .n."" Or' A .vfevmvrfffi 5 w- ' 'V' W' , . ,izssiq , M, 91 , .-. ,. .M .,k, ,.w,-wff i33i w ' f ,.,,f:Q:f1f',f?l'v, .fe51 . y2mf.1s q , ,., ,iw 7 f warm A Q ww: ,. x I f 51. wuz - " . a ww f f afiisfef' efflzziszfl V' A z',ef,sg,a22ii5 - spy' "S+ A .x V nw: .5igH1gN',,f ' ' .1 mfr- f?,-giflxi' , LW? 'fiws ,I V H EQ, A ' I : "' il' 9,5 ' 3 'Vi 77 35 fiL5Vi555'i5F" ' .V xl . rj k , 5 'fi zlwjggn mama: STM 42435 A gf ,, - ., f f, - -1259 J, n A ,al ,X 131-AST? 2.2714 V .5-fg'i'17 SQA' , W ufqw an :U A--f N --Hww gf 55-,L.,?.m-wHU--My , mf, A V. A ' W Q , WW' ' '- Lf 542,-fer , WM, g I f- 1.1451-wgf Tfgggggggk i. - -' K' Af' nm -v'i--'-'Aw-E"sHv,Wf'ieW?i,7afwx' . ' ffzsfieefr- .Tx :mwah i l 1 L v,.. Q 3, . il 1963 AUTUMN SERENADE Elsie High School Homecoming Court Myron Tethal, Duane Zuckschwerdt, Phil Fizzell, Lynn Cook, Mike Leydorf. King, Wesley Bush and Queen, Kayla Thornton. Barbara Miller, Connie Irving, Mary Vlcek, Rosemary Fatura, and Kirsten Rademacher. Highlighting the Homecoming festivities was the crowning of Miss Kayla Thornton, 1963 Home- K coming Queen. She was crowned by Mr. Seybert, Superintendent of Elsie High School. May she reign in happiness! na l VAis,lq .,.,i , r gggg iz, -i lil -f'11l,12 -fff Q, i 71fa is Debate Club DEBATERS: Mrs. Beauhall, advisor, Dennis Baese, Bi1lHOuska, Sharlyn Moore, Mrs. Myers, advisor. SECOND ROW: Nancy Luznak, Maureen Peck, Pat Farr, Mary Brady. f Mm' MM-'-'few-'fmwervvmunus-wfrm'--.M,r,.. ,.., , , , .M A. M, ,, M. .MV.W.4,w,e.,Wi,W.,.imieW.,,,.,,,..,,.-W. "F 7' .fl 1 I 2 -2 ii' AXQ it PRODUCTION CREW: Phil Fizzell, Terry Seybert, Ken Baese. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Beauhaii, advisor, Ienny Keys Barb Horak, Mrs. Myers, advisor. ...-.-.-n...-.-. Hall Monitors TOP: Lynda Libey, Kay Boog, Sonja Goscinski, Myron Tethal, Diane Deming, lla Fizzell, Sheila Brewbaker. SECOND ROW: David Ott, Pat Winkler, Bill Houska, Mike Leydorf, George Drown, Mike Cole, Iim Horak. THIRD ROW: Barbara Easlick, Gary Bashore, Fred Bono, Donna Grubaugh, Nancy Luznak, Margaret Wilson, Phil Fizzell, Dennis Baese, Carol Lewis. FOURTH ROW: Iill Tabor, Rosemary Farura, Brent Grubauqh, Ann Remenar, Mary Sue Skaryd, Ron Mead, Carl Moore, Sandra Phelps, Loreen Grubaugh. 3233 Visual Aids TOP: Mr. Schaadt, advisor, Mike Slagh, George Drown, Charles Prikasky, Mike Leydori, Leon Brady. SECOND ROW: Iim Bartshe, Randy Daley, Iackie Lewis, David Ott. Honor Society TOP ROW: Myron Tethal, George Drown, Dale Heideman, Leon Brady, Lynn Cook. SECOND ROW: Penny Sturgis Sonja Goscinski, Dee Washburn, Iacl:ieLevvis,Pat Farr, Mary Brady. BOTTOM ROVV: Mr. Schaarit, Sponsor, Mrs Rule, Sponsor, Katherine Lannen, Maureen Peck, Katherine Blakely, Mrs. Tulloch, Sponsor, Mrs. Verspoor, Sponsor, Mr. Stull, Sponsor. ' I- in-ll A Future Teachers TOP ROW: Katherine Blakely, Nancy Walter, Mary Slaqh, Penny Sturgis, Mary Vlock, Katherine Lannen, Mary Marton, Sherry Moore. SECOND ROW: Janet Iensen, Karleno Kpirka, Nancy liuznalz, Iennifer Keys, Susan Croll Cindy Kelley, Ioann Ciger. THIRD ROW: Celeste Buck, Dottie Bloomer, Jeannie Barrett, Reqinna Crosson, Crystal Mitchell, Cindy Kelley, Nancy Thornton, Pam Loziak, Linda Sturgis, Mrs. Rule, Sponsor. FOURTH ROW: Katherine Melvin, Karen Smith, Diane Poroit, Laurel Schultz, Betty Farr, Connie Mitchell, Barbara Horak, Barbara Hess,Katherine Tefertiller . KEY'S GARAGE F.F.A. TOP ROW: Bruce Fineout, Dale Thornton, Danny Pattison, Glen Geiger, Richard Lover, Kerry Gillespie, Brent Gruhaugh, Tom Rewerts, Iunior Simmons, Bruce Bashore. ROW TWO: Bob Cook, Martin Bernath, Chuck Welch, David Strachota, Frank Prikasky, Ronnie Eizzell, Charles Prikasky, Mike Mikuliaa, Tim Temple, Rodney Kiger, Toe Cuysky, Wesley Bush. ROW THREE: Larry Prilzasky, Vincent Minarikc, Robert Kusnier, Charles Lover, Herm Kaufman Ron Barton, Billy Harden, Carl Moore, Gary Stevens, Ronnie Bush, Dean Acre, Bill Henry, Stuart Conklin. ROW FOUR: Dennis Rozcn, lim Rivest, Rick Moore, Dan Acre, Leon Brady, Terry Kusnior, Larry Ensign, lim Vviebster, Wesley Simmons, Mr. Lentz, sponsor. AMEFUFZA TOP ROW: Mary Sue Skaryd, Ioan Pabus, Margie Adair, Sandra Phelps, Ruby Adair, Iucly Pubns, Loreen Grubaugh, Iill Tahor, Cathy Cnapko, Kathleen Tomasek, Nancy Walter, Mary Marten, Linea Haywarai, Terry Randolph, Sherry Bernath. ROW TWO: Linda Lybey, Donna Gruhaugh, Cheryl Flegal, Judy Rivest, Rosa Morley, Mary Reed, Kathy Kinflel, Vickie Onstott, Nancy Luznak, Karlene'Kurna,Charlene Porubsky, Barbara Easlick, Georgina Doubrava, Rita Xixisliburn, Ianice Levey. ROW THREE: Mrs. Tulloch, Sponsor, Nancy Sutliff, Debbie Munson, Georgia Coscinski, Boog, Barbara Douhrava, Pauline Ladisky, Cathy Buchele, Dee Washburn, Sherry Xflfassa, Celeste Biicli, Barh Hess, Diane Foreit,Mary Vltzclq, Beverly Streeter, Dorothy Bartefi, Dorothy Burtovoy, lla Fizzell, ROW FOUR: Ioan Geiger, Connie King, Carol Lewis, Connie lrving, Maureen Peck, Carol Price, Linda Allen, Kayla Thornton, Mary Kiger, Kathy Tefertiller, Diane Deming, Barb Horalz, Rosemary Fatura, Linda Sutliff, Varsity Club TOP ROW: Terry Seybert, Ron Mead, Ron Thornton, Kerry Reed, Dave Remenar, Gary Bashore, Tom Ebert. ROW TWO: Mike Cole, Pat Aekles, R.I. Tones, Bill Houska, Dave Strachota, Duane Zuchswerdt, Larry Kelley, Dale Heideman, Ross Carter, Ken Davis. ROW THREE: Bill Harden, Myron Tethal, Larry Melvin, Stuart Seybert, Tom Micka, Jack Loynes, Mike Hinkley, Iim Horak, Richard Tipton. ROW FOUR: Mr. Sheldon, Coach, lim Larson, Ioe Cuysky, Chuck Welch, Jim Webster, Phil Fizzell, Lynn Cook, Wes Bush, Herm Kaufman, Mr. O'Donnell, Coach. l ryrr . Gymnastics Club TOP ROW: Jerry Ann Beauiore, Coach, Kathy Melvin, Betty Farr, Barbara Warner, Karen Smith, Ioe Chapko, Kenny Lentz, David Williams, Kenny Baese, Mary Reed, Linda Sturgis, Pam Loznak, Sue Cerny, Coach. ROW TWO: Beverly Streeter, Carol Martinka, Cindy Lentz, Susan Farr, Dawn Baese, Patty O'Donnell, Raelene Lozank, Margie Adair, Connie Kelly, Pala Onstott, Mary Pat Foran. Library Club TOP ROW: Sherry Bernath, Terrie Randolph, Linda Hayward, Lucy Rodriguez, Kay Fineout, Mary Vlcek, Kathy Tetertiller, Iudy Fabus . SECOND ROW: Rita Washburn, Kirsten Rademacher, Donna Grubaugh, Karlene Kurka, Lynda Purves, Vickie Onstott, Kathy Kindel, Margaret Wilson, Dorothy Burtovy, Sue Crell. THIRD ROW: Karen Kristen, Iudie Miller, Reggie Crossen, Ioan Geiger, Sherry Wassa, Nancy Thornton, Ieannie Barrett, Viva Hayward, Sheila Brewbaker. BOTTOM ROW: Ioan Eabus, Bev Fenley, Linda Allen, Dee Washburn, Connie Irving, Celeste Buck, Barb Hess, Laurel Schulz, Mrs. Beauhally advisor A M... .fy Op? 1 Q M sum are fiillilli E ilnlnrgpf :gn gu- Bible Club TOP ROW: Doug Boog, Ianice Lcvcy, Sharon Bates, Sharon Stewart, Iudy Fox, Sheila Brewhaker, Ionadene Green, Mrs . Tulloch, advisor. SECOND ROW: Phyllis Stewart, Sherry Latham, Ioan Browhaker, Vickie Courser, Lela Holton, Kay Boog, Marion Hayward, Boahy Doton, Mrs. Boogp advisor. BOTTOM ROW: Robert Davis, Al Sheldon, Robert Easliclz, Vance Courser, Earl Collins, Peter Welter, Larry Whitney, Glenn Finch, Mike Good. L,,W, MERIAM CO. W BAPHS A W' , Z, 9 vw-UU? 0070 My i AWK ff,uMUU X JW-fwwz' ,Q Q, 'WM j X x L O00Op?QWivg MMVX zwgjjjl 'QDMMQWWM L "bl ? ww Q A 3 Sbiki? S3 M ERS YE' ' 2 Y? mfgwiii W fsgggf M35 We the editors of the 1964 ELSONIAN wish to thank the devoted members of our staff for the long hours of hard and concentrated work they have put into this annual. Wewould also like to thank the people of our community who have supported our fine annual. Last but not least, we appreciate all the help ofthe teachers and adminis- tration in making this annual the best ever. Thank you . Iackie Lewis-Senior Editor Terry Seybert-Iunior Editor 'Y ISE 'SL Nm, Q CLINTGN NATIONAL BANK 81 TRUST CCDMPANY Q.- .. . Complete Super Market Meats-Groceries-Produce Ginther's Food land Phone UN 2-7662 Elsie, Michigan 5 i--1-l- t1- Compliments Of 1 Cartefs Funeral Home Phone UN 2-4311 213 East Main n , rll 1, 1- l . - Good Luck Seniors Kaufman Construction General Contractor All Types Of Construction Phone Walter Kaufman, Ir. 224-2516 R-6 St. Iohns, Michigan 3 Miles South And 3 1X2 Miles West Of Elsie T'-"-1 -1--- Compliments Of Gowefs Hardware 81 Grain Elevator Farm Equipment And Supplies Bottled Cas Plumbing And Heating Telephones: Hdwe: 224-2953 Elevg 224-2695 Eureaka Michigan H 75 Good Luck Seniors l American legion ' :fly "1 .942 if 5-xx XX 4' O X 'llfilx X Farmers' Gas 81 Oil Phil West-Manager Elsie , Michigan jll .-. Best Of Luck To The Senior Class! Elsie Real Estate Co. St l y R L li B oke l Elsie, Michigan Cornplim t Of Dehar' s Chevrolet Co. Elsie Michig ,,..i. 6 L1 T Compliments Of Ferris Hardware Nixon Grocery lunsford Melvin Insurance Agency 181 M Restaurant Fine Food For Fine People Clarks Seryice Ford Cars And Trucks Carter Insurance Agency D a n c e r's Elsie, Michigan Wooleyfs Sc To 51.00 Store J Elsie, Michigan H 1,-:-.-1 Rand0lph's Ready Mix Concrete Plants Location St. Iohns - 224-3766 Ithica - 875-3797 Owner-Dale Randolph Spika Auto Sales Buyinq ci Selling Cars-Body Shop-Bumping Sf Plating Si Class-Wrecker Service Installed Used Tires Si Parts Phone 862-5008 P! l... Elsie Elevator Co. Congratulations Senior Class Of l96'Q x- -n -- l ...- Easlick 8 Allen Congratulations And Good Luck To The Graduating Seniors lk- l C -.. 78 COMPLIMENTS OF George W. Bennett, M. D. CONGRATULATIONS SENIGRS ' BestWishesT Th G d t Radio TV Sales 81 Service Frank Cermak Ph UN Z 5 40 Elsie, Michiga C pl tOf i Harold Heideman --Standard Oil Agent - smn onnn smmnnn i i Elsie, Michiga 1-...F Norval Thornton General Contractor New Homes To Order In Kay Marie Subdivision Phone 862-4207 Elsie, Michigan Congratulations Seniors! 'lax Compliments Of SilI's I.G.A. Congratulations To The Senior Class iz l rg loznak's Pure Oil Service Lubrication - Car Wash Motor Tune Up - Front Wheel Alignment Phone UN 2-4330 Elsie, Michigan ,1-.-.1 1 Congratulations Eddy Fornusek Building Contractor Bannister, Michigan Building Or Remodeling Phone 862-4257 2 1X2 Miles North Of Elsie ,,. ..- O X 1' COMPLIMENTS OP ' W'lI' H d I IEITIS EI' W3 FS APPLIANCES UN 2-5400 ELSIE M 'T Darl ings APPLIANCES AND HARDWARE ELSIE LARGEST APPLIANCE DEALER IN CLINTON COUNTY CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIORS Compliments Of Hess Barber Shop Elsie Michigan Tyler' s Furniture M-21 At Hollister PhO1'1e 834-5446 Ovid, Michigan Best Wishes Senior Class O , I Jrm s Super Servrce Ias. S. Ball, Prop. Ovid, Michigan Phone 834-2335 For Any Of Your Future Building Needs Come See Us At Owosso Building Supply SA 3-2036 l00l West Main, Owosso Or Locally Howard Hess At 862-5221 Levey's lewelry Phone UN 2-4300 Elsie, Michigan Compliments Of A Friend WWW Wwmywoawwfw Qffwiiwh fyjjoiiw w,5ijiJ ,wgjwffw W, 2 WWW! Q1 AMAM WW V fm J 4 fs, L K gliiiiiaig? J W 4215, Bw? ,P F2222 Mmxxf E 5fw7f7A4Q4l f WM-Wgpw fZ3?ffLW55f 9 if WW WWW f MjfQWy,WjjZWyfM W' f4Q55,k4i'wf' WWQZZZW, 'Z f'ffWj , ' QE? 22522 36 ice L-s 222 Q-VL ja 224 C32 ,.-pf wgfv Ns ,,,a-v"d'k'6 1- V' 5 S fm d id? A If f V .f V f nf 0 H NAM, 14s- I ,4. ., 'Q' J u fl I i ' , 'diff' X V W ,, A

Suggestions in the Elsie High School - Elsonian Yearbook (Elsie, MI) collection:

Elsie High School - Elsonian Yearbook (Elsie, MI) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 71

1964, pg 71

Elsie High School - Elsonian Yearbook (Elsie, MI) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 75

1964, pg 75

Elsie High School - Elsonian Yearbook (Elsie, MI) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 63

1964, pg 63

Elsie High School - Elsonian Yearbook (Elsie, MI) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 28

1964, pg 28

Elsie High School - Elsonian Yearbook (Elsie, MI) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 66

1964, pg 66

Elsie High School - Elsonian Yearbook (Elsie, MI) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 44

1964, pg 44

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