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11 QQ cw A fp WW M, gW5M 9f,fg1P?wW 79 0 ww if Q I F N WWIIMWINI THE HILLTOPPER EDITORIAL STAFF ADVISOR Mr. Hartmann Baa... EDITOR Gleva Gerken ASSISTANT EDITOR Dorothy Olson BUSINESS MANAGER CLASSES EDITOR ORGANIZATIONS EDITOR SPORTS EDITOR Richard Olson Pat Sterba Rodger Moe John Singletary TABLE OF CONTENTS DEDICATION PRINCIPAL AND SCHOOL BOARD FACULTY CLASSES AND SPECIAL DEDICATION SPORTS ORGANIZATIONS SOCIAL ACTIVITIES H LTER-SKELTER GRADES ELROY HIGH SCHOOL ELROY, WISCONSIN DEDICATION MR. AND MRS. RAY BURNARD We hereby dedicate this Burnard, our busdrivers, who the students of Elroy Public near and far. we thank them abiding with us. annual to Mr. and Mrs. Ray have so faithfully transported School to many places both for their patiences and for 2 SUPERINTENDENT OF ELROY PUBLIC SCHOOLS Hermen W. Laatsch Stevens Point University of Wisconsin In this 1955 edition of the Hilltopper is recorded a small part of the history of Elroy High School which we have helped to make. During the years that we have spent here we find oursel- ves a part of the school, but, when we leave here, we find that the school has become a part of us, for no one can ever erase from our minds the things we learned and the experiences we have had here. we trust that those people, students and fac- ulty, who have the opportunity of continuning the history of this school, will keep intact its fine traditions and add more luster to its name. SCHOOL BOARD Seated, left to right: Mrs. Charles Sterba, Mrs. Robert Wilcox-Clerk, and Mrs. Philip Egan. Standing, left to right: Herman Laatsch-School Super- intendent, Herman Olson-Treasurer, Frank Miller-President, August Dallman, and Bernard Zenner. 3 R Eugene Hartmann College of St. Thomas Bachelor of Science A,?- F :Q 'V We A gf 5' 3 C 3 , 1 Wm' J' L 1 5 ,,,e VmVA , h . K A SH' f'WtWf' if we c 0 C lare H k Platteville Teachers College ggggggggtyagfewisconsin Bachelor of Science Bachelor of Science University of Wisconsin Ph. M N Manley Miller Katherine Finger River Falls State Mount Mary College Teachers College Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Science 4 Geraldine Wolters Mount Mary College Bachelor of Arts Marilyn Leege Platteville Teachers College Bachelor of Science f off, Berg Yelanjian LaCrosse Teachers College Bachelor of Science Carl Ibe Mission House College Bachelor of Science Earl Othersall Lawrence College Conservatory of Music Bachelor of Music Vernard Wolf LaCrosse Teachers College Bachelor of Science SCHOCL HE L P JANITORS Charles Sterba and Albert Blank COOKS Mrs. Leighton Martin, Mrs. Mildred Forbes, and Mrs. Jacob Roalkvam OFFICE SECRETARY ,yn Mrs. Carl Ibe BUSDRIVERS Bud Volzkag Mrs. Ray Burnard, Ray Burnard, and Dolan Maxwell SENIOR DEDICATION K GERALD KINGSLEY We, the Senior Class of Elroy High School would like to make a special dedication of this annual to Gerald Kingsley. Jerry enrolled with us and finished the freshman year. Every- one liked Jerry, and our hearts were filled with sorrow when he was killed while cultivating corn on his father's farm during the summer of 1952. we shall always cherish the fondest memories of Jerry as a classmate. 8 PRESIDENT YJ N C I ' Vliilfi , - ,g,.n '- A U ff 3. ,L . Lf ,fl vig- 2, ,L X A Q ' absikvci Ei" VICEJRESIDENT sLiCi?5?5iac E A Richa"2BD: Hiller Charles D. Huschka l1mp HHookN Letterman's Club l,2,3,L FFA 2 3 4 Football 2 3 4 ' ' Basketball,MQr. l,2,3,b g:g2EiTinis3Ctub 3'b gnnual Staff A Chorus 3 ' ' horns 4 Basketball l 3 1, Track h Forensics l , , Class Play 3 Class Pres. A Band l,2,3,L Homecoming Com. l,2,u Prom Com. 3 Prom Court 3 Orchestra 3,L Arlene C. Knutson 'IkeW Transferred from Kendall, Wis. 3 Annual Staff L Chorus 3,4 Forensics 3,L Class Sec. 4 Band 3,h Homecoming Com. A Prom Com. 3 Class V.P. L Homecoming Com. A Baseball 1,2,3,L Marjorie Tessmer WTessy' Annual Staff 3,L Chorus l,3,b FHA l Library Club 3,b Class Treas. A Newspaper Staff 3,h GAA l,2,h Homecoming Com. SECRETARY 9 TREASURER Bethel L. Duell 'BethN Pahl F. Young WTal' Letterman's Club l,2,3,h Football l,2,L Basketball l,2,3,L Annual Staff A Chorus 3,L Track 2 L Forensics L, g.gXr1fS22'3 Band l,2,3,l+ rom Om- 3 Homecoming Com. l,2,h Prom Com. 3 Homecoming Court A Orchestra 2,3,b Baseball Mgr. l Arnold G. Steffen 'Stinkey' La Vere D. Leverenz l!L.D.I! FFA 1 Letterman's Club 2,3,u Basketball 1,2 Baseball l,2,3,L FFA 1,2,3,4 Chorus l,3,L Class Play 3 Homecoming Com. A 10 Diane S. Brown WBrownW Chorus 3 Forensics l,2,3 FHA l,2,3 Library Club 2,3 Newspaper Staff l,2,3 GAA l,2,3 T. 2 Pep Club l,2,3 Homecoming Com. l,2,3 Eugene L. Lee WGene' FFA l,2,L Baseball l Marie A. Schauer nmarien Rita A. Eleaver H Annual Staff h Rita Chorus 3,b Forensics l,2,h FHA 3,h Class Play 3 Band l,2,3,L Homecoming Com. A Orchestra 3,L iii! ' 0 0 Annual Staff 3,h Chorus L Forensics l,2,3,h Library Club 2,3,b Newspaper Staff 2,3,b Pep Club 3,h Homecoming Com. L Prom Com. 3 Barbara J. Poff NBarb YY Verna M. Fowler NVerna' Chorus 1,2,3,L FHA 1,2 Band l,2,3 GAA l,2,3,L 538,323.33 Chorus M Orchestra 2 FHA 31h Class Play 3 PGP Club 39+ Homecoming Com. M Prom Com. 3 11 Barbara A. Fowler 'Cubes' Chorus 3,L Annual Staff l,2,b Forensics l,2,3,L FHA l,2,3 VP-b Library Club A Class Play 3 Newpaper Staff 3,L Band 1,2,3 ST-A GAA l,2,3,L Pep Club 2,3,L Homecoming Com. h Prom Com. 3 Sno-Ball Com. 2,3,L Cheerleader 3,h Orchestra l,2,3,b Twirler 1,2,3 Maj.-h District Mass Band 3 Georgenne M. Van Hecker nGeorgeW Annual Staff A Chorus 3 FHA l,2,h Class Play 3 Homecoming L Prom Com. 3 Gleva H. Gerken WGerksW Chorus 2,3,b Shirley I. BGHEZ Forensics 1,2,3,Q nShirleyW FHA l,2,3,h Library Club 3,b Class Play 3 ,-7 52, emu 'ah if LJ, A- Rfk? K? 1 Elaine M. Retzlaff 'Shane' Annual Staff A Chorus 1,2,3,h FHA A Library Club L Class Play 3 Newspaper Staff 3,h Band 1,2 GAA l,2,3 Pt.S-L Pep Club 2,3,h Homecoming Com. 1,2 Prom Com. 3 Cheerleader 1 Sno-Ball Com. L Margie A. Pliner 'MargieW Chorus l,3,I+ Forensics 2 Library Club 2,3,L Newspaper Staff 2,3 GAA 1,2 Homecoming Com. 3,b Prom Com. 3 Pep Club 2,L GAA l,2,3,L Pep Club 3,h Homecoming Com. 2,h Prom Com. 3 Sno-Ball Com. 2,3,L Chorus 3 FHA l,2,3 Library Club A ,3,b GAA 1 Prom Com. 3 Patsy L. Burdick nPat' ,lv A Virginia C. Schweiger 'Ginny' Chorus 3 FHA l,2,b Library Club B Band l,2,3,h GAA 1 2 g:grig253'h T"2 Homecoming Com. 1,3 Forensics 1,2,3,b 552392223 3 2 3 Library Club L ' ' Homecoming Com. l,2,3 Prom Com. 3 12 Annual Asst. Ed.3-Ed.h Carl R. Ballenger NTackW Letterman's Club L Football A Basketball l,2 Annual Staff 3,L Chorus 3,b Newspaper Staff 3 Band l,2,3,b Homecoming Com. L Prom Com. 3 Orchestra l,2,3,h Class Play 3 Dorothy A. West 'DotW Annual Staff 3 Chorus 2,3,L Library Club 2,3,h Class Play 3 GAA 1,2 Pep Club 3 Prom Com. 3 Cheerleader 3 Tom K. Johnson 'Mot' John R. Singletary 'Loner' Letterman's Club 3,L Football l,2,3,h Basketball l,2,3,L Annual Staff 2,3,L Sports Ed. A Chorus 3 g?gE:5h3rL Band 1,2,3,b class Play 3 Orchestra 1,2,3,L Homecoming com. 1,2,3,b District Mass Band 3 Prom Com. 3 Baseball l,2,3,b 13 Patricia K. Sterba WPatn Annual - Class Ed. A Chorus l,2,3,h FHA T-b Class Play 3 Newspaper Staff 3,L Band l,2,3,h GAA 1,2 VP-3, P-A Pep Club 2,3,h S. 3 Homecoming Com. l,2,3,h Prom Com. 3 Homecoming Court 2 Prom Court 2 Cheerleader L Sno-Ball A District Mass Band 3 Emogene A. Downing ngmmyn Transferred from Ontario, Wis. Chorus 1 2,3,L Library Club l,2,3,l, Homecoming Com. L Prom Com. 3 Class Play 3 Elaine M. Anderson WElaineN Annual Staff A Chorus l,2,3,L Forensics l FHA l,2,3,L Library Club 3,h Class Play 3 Class Treas. 3 Band l 2 GAA l,5,3 Pep Club l,2,3 Prom Com. 3 Cheerleader 2 Sno-Ball Com. 2,3 Ramona L. Tracy WMonie' Annual Staff A Chorus l,2,3,L FHA l,3,h Library Club 3,L Darlene D. Wildes WDarleneW J 1 5 Annual Staff A Chorus 3 FHA l,2,L Class Play 3 Homecoming Com. A Prom Com. 3 Roger D. Preuss 'Pusn Newspaper Staff L Band 2 GAA l Pep Club b Homecoming Com. l Prom Com. 3 FFA l,3,L Letterman's Club l,2,3,h Football b Basketball l,2,3,h Chorus 1,2,3 Homecoming Com. b Baseball l,2,3,L 14 Jon M. Kleppe Hpelkli Basketball l Chorus l,2,3,L Forensics l Class Play 3 Newspaper Staff 3,u Band l Homecoming Com. l,2,3,a Prom Com. 3 Safety Partol l Basketball Mgr. 2 Helen G. Ormson 'Blondie' Annual Staff 2,3,L Chorus l,2,3,L Forensics 1,2,3,k FHA 2,3,h Library Club 3,L Class Play 3 Newspaper Staff 2,3,h GAA 1,2,3,h Pep Club 3,L Homecoming Com. 1,2,3,a Prom Com. 3 Sno-Ball Com. 2,3,b Coral R. Downing WCoral' Transferred from Ontario, Wis. l Annual Staff A Chorus 2,3,L Library Club 2,3,h Gerald T. Madden nJerryn Class Play 3 Newspaper Staff 2,b GAA A Pep Club 2,3,L T. 3 Homecoming Com. 3,L Prom Com. 3 Paul R. Rebelein lfReb N Transferred from Rock Valley, Iowa A Letterman's Club L FFA l,2,3,u Chorus 2,3 Class V.P. l Homecoming Com. 3,b Paul T. Clark nHapn Football h Basketball M FFA 1 2 Chorus A Chorus 33,L Track Q Track 1 ggggggggigbcom A Class Treas. 2 S.C. A Homecoming Court L Homecoming Com' h Baseball b 15 Joan J. Young NJC!! Annual Staff 2,h Chorus 2,3,h FHA S-3,P-L Library Club 2,u Class Play 3 Newspaper Staff GAA l,3,h 3,h Pep Club l,2,3,L l.2,3.b Homecoming Queen 3 Homecoming Com. Prom Com. 3 Sno-Ball Com. 3 Cheerleader 1 Homecoming Cour Nevada L. Clark 'Bob' FFA l,h Football 1 Track b Baseball l,3,L ,b t L Safety patrolman 1, 2 Beverly J. Biermeier 'Bev' Chorus l,.,3,h Forensics l FHA l Library Club 2,h Class V.P. 3 Newspaper Staff L Band l,2,3,l+ GAA l,2,l+ Pep Club 2,1. Homecoming Com. L Prom Com. 3 Orchestra l,2,3,h Ferdon H. Crawford 'Ferd' FFA 2,3,L Letterman's Club 2,3,L Football 1 Annual Staff 3,L Forensics 1 Class Officer 2 Newspaper Staff 3 Homecoming Com. 3,h Prom Com. 3 Baseball Mgr. 1,2 Football Mgr. L Carole A. Radl 'Carole' Chorus 3,b Forensics 2 FHA 1,2 Library Club 3,b Newspaper Staff 2,3,h GAA 1,2 Homecoming Com. 3,b Prom Com. 3 Robert L. Rogers 'Bob' Transferred from Holy Cross LaCrosse 3 Football 3 Basketball Chorus A Homecoming Seminary L Com. A 16 Gene C. Oelke 'Oelke' FFA l,2,3 A Lettermanzs Club Football 3,h Basketball l,2,3, Annual Staff L Chorus 1,3 Class Play 3 Newspaper Staff 3 Homecoming Com. 4 Baseball l,2,3,L Homecoming King L 3,h b Dorna M. Miller 'Dorna' Annual Staff 3,h Chorus 2,3,l+ Forensics 3 FHA l,2,3,L Band l,2,3,L GAA l,2,3,L Pep Club 3,L Homecoming Com. 3 Prom Com. 3 Orchestra 3,L Sno-Ball 2,3,L PE?"" aff I Richard A. Olson WOleN Letterman's Club l,2,3,b Football A Mgr. 2,3 Basketball Mgr. l,2,3,L Annual Staff 1, Bus. Mgr. L Chorus l,2,3,A Track 1 Forensics 1,2,3,L Class'Play 3 Class Pres. 2, S.C. 3 Homecoming Com. 3,b Prom Com. 3 Baseball Mgr. 3,b Prom King 3 Homecoming Court b Lou Ann Leist Mary Rose Miller' 'ULU Lun !!M.R.fl Annual Staff 3,b Annual Staff 1,2,3,L Chorus 1,2,3,h Chorus 1,2,3,b Forensics 1,2,3,h Forensics 1,2,3,k FHA l,2,3,L V.P. 3 FHA l,2,3,l+ Class Play 3 Class Play 3 Class Pres. 3 Newspaper Staff 2 Band l,2,3,l+ P. 1. Band 1,2,3,1. - GAA l,2,3,h . GAA 1,2,3,h Pep Club 3,L Pep Club 2,3,b S.T.-2 H0mSCOmif1PZ COIN- l,2.3,l+ Homecoming Com. 1,2,3,b Prom Com. 3 Prom Com. 3 .0rCheStr8 3,h Cheerleader 2 Prom Queen 3 Orchestra l,2,3,L Sno-Ball Com' 1l2i3!l.' Sl'l0'bal1. Com: 1,2,3,L District Mass Band 2,3 All-State Band 2 SENIOR CLASS HISTORY In September 1951, 65 boys and girls enrolled as Freshmen in the Elroy High School. After a few weeks we went on a class trip to Poinette, Wisconsin, where we visited the game farm. As Sophomores we returned to school the following year. At the end of the year we sponsored the high school picnic. During our Junior year we put on a class play, 'The Skeleton Walksn. Then came the prom. Our theme was WSomewhere over the Rainbown, with Lou Ann Leist and Richard Olson reigning as king and queen. Entering our Senior year, A9 strong, we made our plans for a success- ful Homecoming. We sponsored the Homecoming, presented a class play, took our Senior class trip, and graduated on May 26, 1955. 17 1, 'Y n S ,Mm W fig- ,, ' 2 f .51 53 slla , , N, ,,.. W mf ad 1 , iv is-f ' , E-'s,,-3 h. af! Junior 9 ii??fh.Z W 3. me E M. R lon if W Aw 'L 'f 4 SEN MJ X ' as I 9 1 H 5 we3lW2 LQ 7 3. : , izr. -, ... , --we r ,. Qww Q Blank Dallman Steffen Moe Pipkorn Gregory Beaver Sterba Wetley Von Gunten Waters Blank Nelson Weber Thull Kelley Downing Q ,M,G .ogW,ww Si 6 me .32 eoon 5?2wfwfewrl.wfaiQEH .noe mwnummewwfwwwlfwuww B fmwfkiiiwlgigfeme swf M A. Gschwendner C. Vieth R. Thompson J. Madden A. Sanborn 18 . Young . Johnson . Henry a Walker . Burdick . Pfeifer s. ,ye 'V ,. is on H Ble Is. Lee Tessmer Jensen Volzka Lovell Ormson '41- ' . F A ,F S E. Burdette 5. 113008. I n l m, J. Orsburn f o P61188 WQ . J 1 . ,.AA , .,.vn D, 01501-1 C. Schulz B. Heller C. Murphy R, Schulz R. Bennet. J. Shelby J. Schroeder J, Preuss G. Snorek B. Biermier ."' , .1 ,.,.- J if inlnfzl m SSSS g , e s T. Von Baden S. Henry V. Thompson D. Shelby J. Gross D. Blankenburg R. Krans L. Delaney E. Shugharu S. Martin C. Paulson J, Pollock S. Poff D. Rice 19 . la . ., 1. - Q f M if fn. . 3,h gi f le, hw 'f i ,. xg wmv in L y N.i.E5WL Y,??E roi, H 2 1 ""' ,W , "' A 1 ' 1 . -' f"" ' :ff ' ' ,,., W QQ ' ,. K J j z f--f. 1,4 in mx I , I '- ,, X I 2 7 ' K f . Q . , . i , 'W f.iM 25' il 5-WE .?mQ 'E A- + on A I ' 'N Rsf?gn. fbwwgf. il H, 1 y n . i?', gf! ak? V Q X A .. .. Ai o .. M4 Viv 1 A ,. 3 ' f 'M .yfi -Q-fd' -5.,.ff.f 5. Y f Q .sr ff My Woodruff Johnson Garwy Hahn ' Wick ,ww . 7 f ,,w.J M-ff? 1, ,Kam ivpaf-nfs Waarvik R. Downing Burnard B. Crawford N. Scoles S. Retzlaff Vieth R. Greene S. Retzlaff Lunde W. Downing M. Braund Fre hmen J. Urban D. Schulz Z0 xg, fly im . A Kb K ii WWV 3 z ff' M .. . lk 1 . n .Q ,..h In .n.wg5 W ifuff,r f is Y .f y Q 2 " V i 1 ,,, i . o " :' ' aww ,,,, 1- gg. mf Q We -'.k ,WA- Ei 1 n r 5Q.r 'Wi .:,q 3 H , 2 . an i xx -k v D A t.f'io142ilfZ5 f r G. Dunn n ' J. ':" K inser K - ...... n Skailand .Q A K o '5""'x M. Skailand ...n if , fr Maw? M R. Gottbehuet J. Thompson C. Thompson R. McGarty S. Braund : 'kr -., o, ow Mo.. f r 'k" . V 'L 1.9 ,. 'Slim if 153 n '22 S. Vogler S. Johnson C C D J i Q f-...,..- 1 ll . A ,un Wy? ,Mere 'KT17 'F J. SW 3 at 1 4 'K Q 1 ,K 'Q' if X -Wai: ? f e rg 5 I . ...W ,f si' 58 L, 1' :.. vggzgf , , If rl: jg 1 bf ' y N Q ' Q7 'A D :. ,wtf k V .X A we t -L::v:A. Zi. . '7 .. - X :.', I "' W' fih?5Q" M gf fl 3 MDJ "lg, , , 1 ' a. N Q' . Moran D R. Vieth R f . SchweigerS. . Kingsley G. . Lovelace N. . Von Haden R. Searles L Wood C Mueller J Anderson M Milne E Van Hecker R ' E., en. f ' .' - Nun I ' . 1.22, .5 vw. ' wiwyn Q I1, ol l I .EE 7 Alh Q Zo l l e . L e gray' 5 -2 K : I . ::4 is ?Q' LfB,. I?1iif-' I ' . QW? " -' ' 1 ' 'W ' n 41" M1 if W. .f', .ny A, ar fa, ,L lk , . '- -1"'l 553' Martin Hamms Leist Gulmire Preuss Biermeier Z1 N R B J W N .fig i A Q- 4 K Johnson G. Monskey Stanek R. Wetley B. Braund D D J Mieth J, Thompson . Clausier M. Schauer Beaver J. Thompson . Board P. Madden . Jensen L. Clark . Amberg Dunklee Heiking L. Glenn R. Kaus E. Madden C' Jepson J. Schallef' UNDER CLKSSMAN OFFICERS JUNIOR as Donald Waters-Sec. F, YHQYKO Ernest Lovell Pres. RESH '50 Gayland Snorek-Treas. AEN Rodger Moe-St.C. Richard Jenson-V.P. f -J U BIQLQLXTTG59 o Bulls er 06' ,ei-' -LY' '52 'In 2, Mb -06 ' ya Y Q' C h ep 'ave gxcafmgefx' ,govt ene P P15 fbps 3 -1-3. Q igchael X1 on gxaogt .0 - bus sssepsofzh. his ,Ye-gf? got! Ru-,e Sn, -St. 6 3 akxaxd ' Tbeaa, ZZ N0?l05.,,,.,'B SQ John Singletary All Conference Co-Captain Ronnie Greene All Conferen ELROY FOOTBALL TEAM L. to R. Fourth Row: Coach Yelanjian, C. Huschka, R. Pruess, G. Oelke, J. Singletary, C. Ballenger, P. Young, P. Rebelein, R. Olson, D. Heller Row 3 C. Thompson, R. Gregory, K. Skailand, M. Skailand, D. Lovelace, J. Leist, R. Moe, S. Retzlaff Row 2 B. Heller, J. Kinser, R. Green, D. Blankenburg, R. Van Hecker, M. Downing, D. Waters, D. Jensen Row 1 P. Pfeifer, D. Amberg, C. Vieth, D. Rice, C. Jepson, B. Clauser, G. Snorek. James Klnser All Conference Gene Oelke Co-captain Honorable Menti Z4 SENIOR FOOTBALL PLAYERS Left, to Right: Gene Oelke, Charles Huschka, Roger Pruess, Carl Ballenger, John Singletary, Pahl Young, Paul Rebelein, Richard Olson Z5 A-BASKETBALL TEAM Standing: G- PPUGSS, R. Moe, G. Oelke, J. Singletary, P. Rebelein, P. Young, D. Waters, R. Greene, G. Snorek, M. Skailand. Kneeling: R. Heller, Coach Ibe, R. Olson Madonna Hillsboro Necedah Camp Douglas Kendall Westby Wonewoc New Lisbon Kendall Hillsboro THEY 35 36 AO 22 no 58 56 32 b5 55 Madonna Necedah Camp Douglas Westby Wilton Mauston Wonewoc New Lisbon Necedah Wilton THEY 33 56 Q0 53 53 62 b6 35 L7 68 B- BASKETBALL TEAM L. to R. First Row: R. Van Hecker, C. Schweiger, D. Burnard, J. Beaver, C. Jepson. D. Lovelace. Second Row: K. Skailand, D. Amberg, P. Pfiefer, C. Thompson, R. Clausier, Third Row: Coach Yelanjian, S. Martin, J. Leist, H. Lunde, W. Johnson, S. Retzlaff, D. Blankenburg. A-Ziff.. v O evo' ..t'.. hgHY ."t, 5 1 SRD' ef- we-we 4. Z7 LETTERM N'S CLUB L. to R. First Row: B. Heller, R. Downing, C. Thompson, D. Amberg, F. Crawford, lk D waters L Leverenz R Olson J Slngletary, R. Preuss, A. Lee. G. Oe e . . . . . Second Row: Coach Yelanjian, B. Clausier, D. Blankenburg, P. Pfeifer, R. Greene, J. Kinser, D. Heller, P. Young, P. Rebelein, C. Ballenger, C. Huschka, R. Moe, G. Snorek. Not pictured Coach Ibe- Z8 THE CUACH AND THE FIRST FIVE BASEBALL L. to R. Front Row: Coach Ibe, C. Vieth, C. Murphy, R. Schulz, D. Amberg, G. Pruess, M. Skailand, R. Van Hecker, R. Biermeier, L. Clark, Middle Row K. Skailand, G.Snorek, R. Moe, C. Thompson, C. Ballenger, C. Huschka, G. Oelke, D. Lovelace. Tor Row: P. Pfeiffer, D. Schulz, R. Pruess, D. Waters, P. Rebelein, R. Greene, J. Singletary, L. Leverenz. TRACK ye' L. to R. Back Row: Coach Yelanjian, R. Heller, P. Rebelein P. Young, D. Rice, J. Downing, C. Huschka, Front Row: R. Clausier, A. Beaver, R. Greene, N. Clark, W. Downing, R. Jensen. 30 mg 1 39 ff ii A R 6 C 5 . W S' .- e ,S A ' 4 , gf , SM, We 3? I 5 4 :sw 3 Q - - 5 ,W .M .Q ,ii 5 fi +1-ww. Q., HM W, wfz. 'Q , X 5 ,, , vi 1 ' , ., . 1 K . ki g ' K yi , 'Jr .gb i 1 S t I- K f Nl 'iw 1 L A i Ai ff 5 kj: Y ' V . Q A M 2 . , H iw f gr. S .r 33 1 -, . V, A - 1? . u ' ,uw W Q Y P5573 , gv WX f Jw' if ,, -514 3 , ,- xi. . J , A , ' ,gi-,aff ,V zsgizik - ,Af . ' Q , . if ' 'k m 'jg ' W K A WL, - .- 4- fr I K Z it 559 "7T"fWf iii, 1 fm wi FM? K 5 Ji -1 X 1' 1, " F ' - 7 f -mg , 1 N L. ' , , . ...::...: : zk hsa is , 55 i15xiiLV'5.1y7f.'-'Y ff 541 5.551 5515: ' "" 1 . . LA - f ' -- 3, , , I ., ' - A? ' ' i ff' W . ' ' ,L , f - 5 ' - QSM" " ' A .W m i r k m w g ,,L , F'i5,,l ,,-::" N X WW' QA 7 A 1, . f- L 3 X ,,Lk, if gwagf H W. , ffffggff-151' -- - ., . f , - - v . gi K . I f 14 :fi.,sV,1,, ,1 f- 5Q,g,iw,,,,w,g T f W'-wiigfw-f-mil'-iw , - , ' " i -7- '- "'- H .. iv. img fa g.: -.m, ,,f- N zsf- -. - .,,s.,-,, Mm mm mvuvm 'iam ,, ,Mmm ...w.w, Eg,wff ,g5W,:,,, Ag ' 'V gn p u - - '- A s ., as - H , SCHOOL BAND ELHLY L. gjunnn Hggmpd an UO 38-. .CGD U Q00 III a 5 . S-1 -as uf-4 Lu-4 O-r-4 .212 O. -H a L1-Q 9-'I :fm :vo .Q .0 ' .SUI o 3. So x: m L. cv 43 x .FW G5 r-I -r-4 CU -2 D L: DGP Ihr-4 -Hr-1 CD U v-35 E 0 ,QQ Z 550 D: mo C343 o V. . ,--1 I 3 0 wx f"1 r-VU 'Q S: -r-1 EO U 'GD IIUU EM O -H 'TJ nit- D OCD +9 O U1 v-I I 3 C O03 C2111 'C +'S gc. M. I.. 0 In I-IJ S: ID CCD CD E GJ '1-H HJ s Q-jo CD O JJ '..C v-30 J-7 CO CJ I 3 o D11 'U L1 -HC .-CIO E4lD r-I O bi 0 HE 3 .-C U U1 or-I CJ 4D IC L4 0 GPG 'H lf! 5 K5 F-125 OO 5.4 I LQ. D- .C as mm -fn-4 b3 O 'F-14 CE 'CD GJ U0 C --4 .se 3 G1 rr: ,M o.,.4 ESD :C O '1 N r-I 3 Lg.. UC cnt- C 'AC IED- -H 'll- bD I . Dezner, B. Blankenbur N C L. 'VU Lal- CD61 HE I C 0 1-4 f-6 I!! CD 0 CJ Di O 4-7 O v-7 I 3 O ti .- ,C JJ 5-4 Z3 O L!- C IJ III CJ A 63,- CP dl CI .C O "D o -E-4 L ru .D S-4 OJ 4-3 UT I D-4 0 C 0 CD S-4 LD D Q .2 ID CI CES 4-7 UD O 021 or 9-4 5-Q O D-1 0 U1 1. C1 L4 Z3 -O UJ O 0 P9 .bd Cl 111 1-4 CD I Q C GJ Q-4 fo-4 GJ AJ U7 0 L-.4 C O UI 4-7 I3 C bd n 4: O rn O- E O .C E-' s Ir nr Pfieffer. P. an ev O E 'Di I-I I-4 5 .-C EH 0 2. f-I v-4 IU U1 L4 0 .CI '-+3 C1 O UD C S O '1 CDW? O O S-4 51 L: Q3 bil C 0.1 b C GJ 49 C L3 CD 0 Q 'H 'H CU r-I N +3 KD Di 0 Cf' TWIRLERS Front foreground: Barbara Fowler Standing Left to Right R. Vieth, J. Osburn, G. Garvy JUNIOR BAND Row 1, 1-r, J.Dekner,J.Dekner,D.Pipkorn,C.Bader,B.Gulmire,E.Hammes Row 2, l-r, D.Steer,F.Brown,J.Dunlap,M.Romano,L.Snorek,D.Brown, J.Pruice,J.Von Haden,C.Hart,R.Rebe1ein,J.Moe,B.Heiking,T.Von Haden Row 3, 1-r, D.Heikinv,P.Von Gunten,Mr.Othersall,E.Madden,M.Greene, B.Downing. 33 ELROY HIGH SCHOOL BAND IN ACTION MIXED CHORUS L.to R. First Row-M. Schauer, B. Poff, V. Fowler, J. Kelly, S. Vogler, K. Johnson, C. Hamms, J. Blank, J. Thompson, K. Koca, R. Blank, D. Von Gunten. Second Row- V . Schweiger, P. Steffen, R. Tracy, E. Downing, S. Braund, S. Henry, W. Board, . Urban, B. Stanek, C. Downing, V. Woodruff, J. Shelby. Third Row-E. Anderson, . Paulson, S. Poff, J. Volzka, J. Schroeder, S. Henry, A. Knutson, H. Ormson, J C D. Miller, S. Tessmer, D. West, G. Gerken, Mr. Othersall. Fourth Row-S. Martin, D. Burnard, T. Von Haden, J. Madden, P. Young, J. Kleppe, K. Dallman, R. Rogers, J . Singletary. 4 Q V Q -,.. 5 .-..f,: A A : . J A . E Jalcll f 1 en,. lf V A B gwwwygqilal nrr, .., .,.,.. , J A 5 I DI. Mangan 3Q.-LW f Q .,.gg5- : A V M: ,N Y, V , ,., 1 - - A lil' My ef J -A A A W- A. . . S V i k x ESL T A 'wg 4. 0 ' 5 AA, zvif f ,f , J , . A . A rw F . y . .,,,..,: ,J X D , , , , xdua ,, lv . A . I A AMW, lim, A 71 A Q , r , I ,,,, . V K .. Q S, f-f D xy A, W as A s My il a , , ' l I E1 First Row: R. Thompson, N. Vieth, N. Mueller, M. Ormson, B. Braund, J. Von Haden, M. Schauer, C. Kingsley, L. Liest, D. Blank, I. Pipkorn, M. Gulmire, D. Milne- Second Row: M. Braund, A. Sandborn, N. Scoles, D. Shelby, D. Brown, S. Sterba, G. Garway, S. Retzlaff, R. Vieth, J. Young, P. Sterba, B. Biermeier Third Row: M. Tessmer, B. Fowler, J. Young, D. Olson, A. Gschwendner, J. Orsbo C. Weber, S. Johnson, D. Dunklee, S. Searles. M. Miller, E. Madden, J. Heiking Fourth Row: C. Moran, R. Moe, S. Retzlaff, C. Ballenger, P. Rebelein. D. Olson P. Pfieffer, A. Lee, A. Beaver. 35 G.A.A. , L.R. lst. Row: J. Von Haden, B. Braund, N. G. Mueller, N. Vieth, C. Kingsley, J. Thompson, B. Stanek, R. Vieth, J. Heiking, C. Downing, V. Fowler, J. Young, P. Sterba, P. Steffen, B. Biermeier, D. Milne, D. Blank, I. Pipkorn, Miss Leege, 2nd, Row: R. Thompson, K. Koca, C. Paulson, E. Shughart, J. Thompson, M. Schauer, W. Board, M. Braund, J. Shelby, V. Woodruff, S. Sterba, D. Shelby, S. Retzlaff, L. Leist, R. Blank, N. Scoles, G. Garwy, D. Olson, M. Gulmire, Brd. Row: S. Poff, S. Braund, J. Urban, S. Henry, S. Henry, C. Schulz, G. gerken, S. Tessmer, J. Young, B. Fowler, M. Tessmer, D. Miller, M. Miller, H. rmson. G.A.A.-BASKETBALL 36 PEP CLU First Row: J. Von Haden, N. Vieth, C. Kingsley, J. Thompson, J. Blank, B. Stanek, R. Vieth, N. Scoles, B. Biermeier, N. Mueller, J. Heiking, C. Downing, D. Milne, J. Young, S. Sterba, P. Sterba, Miss Leege-advisor. Second Row: E. Madden, R. Cleaver, C. Paulson, E. Shughart, J. Thompson, S. Ret- zlaff, M. Schauer, W. Board, R. Thompson, K. Koca, D. Shelby, R. Blank, L. A. Leist, D. Blank D. Von Gunten, I. Pipkorn, M. Gulmire. Third Row: G. bar-wy, B. Poff, v. Fowler, J. Urban, P. Steffen, c. Schulz, G. Gerken, S. Tessmer, J. Young, B. Fowler, D. Olson, D. Miller, M. Miller, H. Orm- son, R. Tracy and V. Schweiger. PEP CLUB OFFICERS L. to R. Donna Blank-Sec. and Treas. Nancy Scoles-Pres. and Dorothy Olson- Vice-Pres. 37 B , , F. H. A. First Row: J. Von Haden, B. Braund, N. Vieth, C. Kingsley, J. Thompson, B. Stanek, R. Vieth, N. Mueller, J. Heiking, S. Hahn, J. Thompson, D. Milne, L. Leist, S. Retzlaff, D. Blank. I. Pipkorn, M. Gulmire, Miss Finger. Row 2: R. Thompson, K. Koca, C. Paulson, E. Shughart, M. Schauer, W. Board, G. Garway, N. Scoles, M. Braund, J. Shelby, V. Woodruff, H. Ormson, S. Sterba, B. Poff, M. Schauer, M. Tracy, V. Schweiger, E. Anderson, D. Shelby Row 3: S. Braund, J. Urban, S. Henry, E. Madden, G. Van Hecker, D. Wildes, S. Henry, P. Sterba, G. Gerkin, J. Young, S. Tessmer, J. Young, B. Fowler, M. Tessmer, D Miller, M. Miller, S. Johnson. .NWIIH10 F .H . A . SNOWBALL "":s"f'3 January 29, 1955 Theme:'Let it Snow' Orchestrazlelvin Kirschling 38 L. to R. ROW 1-C. Vieth, C. Huschka, F. Crawford, Mr. Miller, C. Thompson R. Beaver. ROW 2-R. Kaus, C. Schweiger, J. Madden, R. Van Hecker, D. Lovelace, D. Amberg, D. Waarvik, R. Anderson, J. Thompson, L. Clark. P. Clark, R Preuss, J. Gross, N C ark, A. Walker, G Oelke I Q' 411 "M Q OPATOO c-2',,'i: "IQ X- ,vm ROW 3-J. Beaver, J. Schauer C. Mur h G. Wood N. Jensen, MLDowning, H. Lunde, a E Y: 2 . - r is 1 oo had Q4 ki . cg gi MV' Q Jfyx 4 4- 6 : gsw U, 7 'J fag -5.52 5 ff W I 0 1 0 51.5 J 5 A Judy,Sherry,Nona,Donna,Barb A T E A M C H E E R L E A D E R S ELROY HIGH SCHOOL Lie D 55 H .J K- k U1 37-Fl'-3 FUE'1CJP'E"'1l"FUI?-ICIIIIZCB Ui 40 QE Sharon,Donna,Glenda,Pat,Barb JUNIOR CLASS PLAY D1rector, Vernard wolf Stage DIPSCDOP, Katherine Finger NEWSPAPER STAFF F. Row: K. Koca, C. Downing, B. Biermeir, R. Tracy, Miss Wolters B. Row: R. Cleaver, S. Tessmer, D. Olson, M. Schauer ANNUAL STAFF Front Row: Left to right: S. Retzlaff, J. Blank, J. Thompson, R. Moe, R. Olson, J. Singletary, G.Gerken, D. Olson, P. Storba, R. Tracy, D. Blank, D. Von Gunten. I. Pipkorn, Mr. Hartmann. Middle Row: R. Thompson, G. Van Hacker, R. Cleaver, A. Knutson, S. Tessmer, M. Tessmer, B. Fowler, M. R. Miller, D. Miller, C. Schultz, J. Orsburn, C. Weber, J. Young, R. Blank, L. A. Leist, C. Downing. Top Row: S. Henry, D. Wildes, T. Von Haden, F. Crawford. C. Ballenger, P. Young, D. Waters, D. Heller, D. Burnard, G. Oelke, H. Ormson, M. Schauer ' 42 LIBRARY CLUB Front Row: Left to Right: I. Pipkorn, R. Blank, E. Downing, B. Biermeir, L. Wick, A. Sanborn, R. Thompson, J. Young, Mrs. Hawke Middle Row: S, Bentz,B. Duel, M. Braund, K. Koca, J. Orsborn, S. Henry, C. Downing, C. Weber, R. Tracy, V. Schweiger, Top Row: S. Puff, J. Volszka, M. Tessmer G. Gerken S. Te B. F l J. P 1 H. O J. Shelby,.R. Cleaver, ssmer, ow er, r ce, rmson, FORENSICS L. to R. Front Row: R. Blank, L. Leist, M. Ormson, J. Thompson, J. Blank, E. Madden, J. Urban, R. Vieth, B. Stanek, K. Johnson, C. Kingsley, M. Schauer, C. Downing. Middle Row: J. Von Haden, H. Ormson, C. Weber, M. Miller, J. Volzka, G. Gerken, C. Schulz, R. Cleaver, V. Fowler, J. Young, I. Pipkorn. Mrs. Hawke. Back Row: S. Henry, H. Kaus, D. Schulz, C. Ballenger, D. Burnard. T. Von Haden, R. Anderson, M. Scharer. 43 ELRUY HOMLCQMING OCTUbER 8 195A Left to right: P. Rebelein, J. Young, A. Gschwendner, G. Oelke, C. Hart, R. Olson, C. Schultz, R. Blank, P. Young QUEEN'S FLOAT Alice Gschwender and Gene Oelke Grade School lst. Prize Junior Class WE, THE RETIRING CLASS OF WSSW, WILL OUR GOOD TIMES, OUR MEMORIES, AND THE FOLLOWING TO YOU. Elaine Anderson wills her fountain pen and love of writing letters to John Gross. Carl Ballenger wills his skill in drum playing to Roger Thul. Shirley Bentz wills her driving technique to Ruth Blank. Beverly Biermeier wills her swell alto voice to Johnny Schauer. Diane Brown wills her late nights to Patricia Steffen, who doesn't need them. Patsy Burdick wills her knowledge of cows to WPeachieW Young. Nevada Clark wills his hunting dog to Sherry Sterba. Paul Clark wills Nevada to some unsuspecting female. Rita Cleaver wills her love for studying to Chris Jepson. Ferdon Crawford wills his love for girls to Doug Lovelace, who really needs it. Coral Downing wills her 'flirting eyesw to Donna Shelby. Emogene Downing wills her bashfulness to Judy Urban. Bethel Duell wills her make-up tests to Lucille Johnson. Barbara Fowler wills her twirling ability to Gene Preuss. Verna Fowler wills her correspondence with the Navy to Nancy Ormson. Gleva Gerken wills her knowledge of editing the annual to someone who might need it next year. Richard Heller wills l carton coke from Heller's Grocery to anyone who is willing to pay for it. Charles Huschka wills his daytime shyness to Spencer Retzlaff. Tom Johnson wills his genius in Geometry to Charles Moran, who really needs it. Jon Kleppe wills his love for fishing to the school skippers in the ' Junior Class. Arlene Knutson wills her love for dancing to Bobby Anderson. Eugene Lee wills his coarse voice to Paul Pfeiffer. Lou Ann Leist wills her good manners to Larry Glenn. Lavere Leverenz wills 1X3 of his 'farming millions' to Nona Gail Mueller. Gerald Madden wills his short legs to Ronny Green. Dorna Mae Miller wills her friendly ways to Earl Burdette. Mary Rose Miller wills her musical talent to Katherine Koca. Gene Oelke wills his wisecracks to Albert Beaver. Richard Olson wills his Forensic ability to Richard Jensen. Helen Ormson wills her loyalty to Mauston to Marian Braund. Margie Pliner wills her easy conversations to Robert Gregory. Barbara Poff wills her quiet voice to Bill Heller. Roger Preuss wills his naps in class to all E.H.S. boys who are late getting home nights. Carole Radl wills her drawing ability to Donny Blankenburg. Paul Rebelein wills his cute blush to Ileen Pipkorn. Elaine Retzlaff wills her ability to skip school and not get caught to Julie Ann Thompson. Robert Rogers wills his forgetfulness to anyone in need of an alibi. Marie Schauer wills her love to read good books to Allan Lee. Virginia Schwieger wills her skill in roller skating to Sterling Martin. John Singletary wills his athletic skill to Rodney Biermeier. Arnold Steffen wills his unfinished work to future students to do. Patricia Sterba wills her cheerleading ability to Dale Nelson. Marjorie Tessmer wills her ability to get a diamond to Donna Blank, who probably won't need it. Ramona Tracy wills her clear complexion to Charles Vieth. Georgenne Van Becker wills her 'giggle' to Caroline Weber. Dorothy West wills her ability to catch and keep a man to Marcia Gulmire. Darlene Wildes wills her chevie for a midnight cruise to anyone who would like to take her along. Jo Young wills her WLittle Buick' to anyone who can afford to put gas in it. Pahl Young wills his Model WAN to Sabra Johnson, so she can make it out of town nights. OFFICIAL SEAL Lawyer: Willie Dopey ??? ??? 2 va Q 4 Wit :R. U. Fair ???f if gal, 8 ??? neSseI. O. Nobody 45 CLASS PROPHECY As the year 1965 rolled around I left my New York home for a visit to Wiscon- sin. I was interested in looking up some of my old classmates of the class of 55'- I was preparing to board the plane when I heard a familiar voice say 'You may take the car home James, I shall call you when I return.W I turned to see who the familiar voice belonged to, and much to my surprise it was Elaine Ander- son. I learned that she is now a famous interior decorator. She was 'en route to Elroy on vacation. As we boarded the plane together we saw another of our class. It was Coral Downing. She informed us that she and her sister Emogene are head stewardesses over more than one hundred planes. She also told us that Arnold Steffen and John Singletary are the top pilots of the line. The plane was almost ready to take off when we heard a commotion. A lady came in with six children. It was Elaine Retzlaff. She always wanted twelve. When we landed in Madison who should we see but Carl Ballenger. He was leaving for the far east. It seems the President delegated him to look over the situation there. We found that our plane was to be delayed overnight so we headed for a ho- tel. As we hailed a taxi the words on the side of the taxi WPreuss Taxi Ser- vicen caught our eye. We asked the driver if it was our old classmate and sure enough it was Roger Preuss and doing all right for himself too, the big- gest taxi line in Madison. The taxi took us to the Madden Hotel. As we checked in, a tall handsome man walked over to us. It was none other than Jerry Madden. That night we went out to dinner at a fashionable restaurant called ULee's Lodgen. We were honored to receive an invitation from the owner, Eugene Lee, to dine with him in his private dining room. The charming hostess of the rest- aurant was Gleva Gerken. From there we went to the exclusive 'Klep's Kountry Klubn, owned and oper- ated by Jon Kleppe. There we danced to the music of the WJohnson Swingmastersn featuring the leader, Tom Johnson and his trombone. Later we were entertained by the lovely singing of Beverly Biermeier. Then we went back to the hotel to get a good night's sleep. The next morning at breakfast we were astonished to meet Paul Rebelein. We found that he is now basketball coach at the University. After breakfast we went for a swim in Lake Mendota. As we watched a beauti- ful yacht cruising by we learned that it belonged to Verna Fowler and Barbara Pofg who were spending a week end of leisure in Madison. hen we left the beach to go shopping. Passing a newstand we noticed the headlines of the paper 'JET PROPELLED CAR COMPLETED.' Taking a closer look we read, THE FANTASTIC JET-PROPELLED AUTO OF THE AGE, UGINNY'S JET JOB' HAS BEEN GIVEN ITS TEST RUN. VIRGINIA SCHWEIGER, DARING AND SKILLED TEST DRIVER YESTER- DAY TORE UP THE SALT FLATS IN UTAH BY CRUISING ALONG AT A SPEED OF 600 MILES PER HOUR. THE CAR WAS DESIGNED BY THE NOTED DESIGNER, CHARLES HUSCHKA. We proceeded on our trip to the Heller and Young Beauty Salon. We had a good talk with Dick and Pahl about the good old days in EHS. As we walked on down the street we heard a booming voice from inside an un- dertaking establishment. It was the voice of Richard Olson, who said, 'You stab em---We'1l slab em'. Playing funeral music was Marx Rose Miller. Richard told us that Ferdon Crawford is minister of the largest congregation in Madison and often performed burial services for him. Walking down the street with a French Poodle dog, we met Pat Sterba, who is now the biggest star of Twentieth Century Fox. As we were talking, her dog dashed in front of a car and was injured. The nearest vetinarian was on the far side of town. As we went into the office we found that it was run by Pat Burdick and her assistant, Bob Rogers. We left the dog for treatment and went back to our shopping. A huge neon sign, WIKE'S FASHIONSW, caught our attention. As we went in we were greeted by Arlene Knutson, the owner. She invited us to attend the fashion show. Her most noted noted models are, Helen Ormson, Lou Ann Leiet, Dorna Mae Miller and Marie Schauer. It was almost time for our plane to take off for Elroy, so we went to the air port. After a flight of fifteen minutes we landed at the Elroy Municipal Airport It is owned and operated by Barb Fowler and her husband. Just as we were leaving the airport Barb came skimming across the runway in her private plane. At lunch time we went to a huge new restaurant set up where the old high .46 CLASS PROPHECY CONTINUED school used to be. It is run by Shirley Bentz and Bethel Duell, and very approp- riately called, WThe Hilltoppern. There we saw Rita Cleaver, who is now the ed- itor of the Elroy Leader Tribune. From them we learned that Carole Radl and Ramona Tracy are co-supervisors of the new Riverside Hospital, built on the banks of the beautiful, scenic Baraboo River. As we were driving through the countryside we noticed a beautiful farm with a sign reading, 'Oeikes Acresn. We stopped to see Gene, and he told us that the Clark brothers, Paul and Nevada, have taken to exploring. Their latest expedition was to the deepest jungles in Africa. On our way back to town we stopped at the home of Marge Pliner and her hus- band. Marge greeted us at the door with their three children. We asked them how EHS is getting along these days and they said they like the principal LaVere Leverenz real well. Then we went to the Tessmer residence. It seems that Marge and her husband have taken over the Elroy Dairy. They told us that Dorothy West is now happily married and owns a large department store in Elroy. Georgenne Van Hecker and Darlene are the supervisors of the ten story building. The only class member we hadn't located was Jo Young. We learned from friends that she is in Paris designing clothes. Now that we knew where everyone was we decided to have a reunion. After much concentration we decided to have it at 'Klep's Kountry Klub', in Madison. by Arlene Knutson Elaine Anderson 47 Jerry -i f 25 if Marle DIAPERS TO DIPLOMAS Dornd i H.. . as George Carl, M.R., Pahl X Ji il 55Mmf.1 - -:zu - d.-k, i Wi gnu V '1,k Y ' .VVV I A qs. , V 2 I :W ' ,, gwif " -kagwgwy L 5 . MM KW 1 Ormie 48 v.g.c4-au V- 11 1 'v-'-- ' RN ww X Q1 if Q f Q 1 if 255 jf' ,fr W 'YM A 1 tx ff' if I , S-N we S , maya:-:, I 1 I" -F w v mlm A J 5, ,,,. Sz Q, f ig Q25 . gf? ,.,,. ,fg , f wa, , ll ,. ' '32 ,. sr an 5 an , Ik im, , 11 215 ,f ,5 1 is L ff. Q. ' A ' 'Wag Q " ,E .Q ,gf 'iv Q1 '- I x N. 'J 'Wg .1 A H 7 Q 5 ' 5 M Z. , A X -us. X L, X K f if L A ..... K ,WW ,V kk Q? an Q 1 at ' 1 K AM.. S -3 r- A Q in 'ici R? , AII, :ai . lA 1L G7 Z it ,gf V 3 , , ., W V' 51 if 3 5 E infix ,,,E2, :f-. QQ? ' zv, L Q, cw 1 ZH .3 I S GRADE FOUR L. to R. Row l-I. Miller, R. Thompson, D. Preuss, J. Garvin, Row 2-L. Miller, . Leverenz, T. Yoakum, C. Knutson, K. Dunlap, L. Pollock, Row 3-L. Sherman, . Von Gunten, P. Cox, M. Biermier, R. Stanekg Row A-Mrs. Hoercher, J. Milne, S. Johnson, G. Snorek, R. Blank, and L. Nelson. H S GRADE ONE L. to R. Row 1-R. Johnson, N. Von Gunten, S. Thursten, M. Rittenhouse, M. Hill, M. Hill, G. Colvin, R. Downing, M. Olson, D. Ormsong Row 2-D. Yoakum, D. Ham- burg, J. Brandsletber, D. Jones, C. Severson, D. Preuss, R Murphy, L. Lovell, S. Biermierg Row 3-C. Northcutt, K. Podruch, D. Roolkvan, C. Hart, D. Brown, D. Snyder, J. Forbes, D. Miller, Mrs. Adele Kleppe, and D. Bender. "" " UFLHUID 1 WU L. to R. Row l-D. Murphy, L. Milne, L. Shelten, D. Jensen, R. Biermier, D. Yoa- kumg Row 2-Mrs. Burdin, A. Martin, J. Heiking, P.Olson, R. Hill, B.Smith, G. Thompson, Row 3-M. Champlain, B. Woodrufi, D. Olson, D. Klipstein, K. Paffel, J. Braund, R. Forbes. 52 uf?-'E sim 'N 5 , 3. 4 - . , ' K, . ,Hia , .Z-,wi v yy- 'Ei .f B. to F. Row l-R. Pipkorn, D. lly, D. Bender, Row 2-V. Leverenz, b. Leverenz, B. Shrake, D. Vieth, Row 3-Miss Nora Larson, F. Searles, M. Watlington S. Paffel, G. Cleaver, Row A-J. Weber, D. Holtz, D. Preuss, Row 5-S. Sherman, G. Stanek, G. Krause, R. Miller, J. Lawrence, Row 6-E. Wilcox, D. Feivor, S. Lee, and T. Lovell. GRADE ONE L. to R. Row 1-M. Fenner, F. Green, W. Paulson, M. Skinner, J. Olson, A. Malone, N. Blank, D. Wetley, D. Thompson, P. Kopenheifer, Row 2-J. Jensen, J. Chute, C. Schulz, D. Preuss, L. Olson, B. Northcutt, H. Tompkins, M. Tremelling, L. Fowlen and C. Thompson, Row 3-P Egan, D. Metzarek, D. Pollock, L. Morgan, P. Colvin, M. Leatherberry, W. Preuss, Mrs. Gladys Johnson. GRADE TWO B. to F. Row l-D. Johnson, J. Sebranek, J. Wilcox, T. Hogan, Row 2-S. Olson, D. Jones, V. Williams, G. Nesvicalg Row 3-P. Martin, V. Rebelein, W. Miller, B. Bender, Row A-D. Tessmer, D. Cleaver, A. Blank, R. Erockmang Row 5-J. Nel- son, R. Demke, R. Grelley, Miss Dorothy Conners. 53 GRADE THREE L. to R. Row l-G. Miller, D. Stanek, D. Leverenz, I. Hames, K. Nelson, Row 2- C. Shrake, M. Donnelly, S. Yoakum, D. Paffel, R. Ormson, K. Green, Row 3-M. Web- er, D. Paulson, G. Romano, G. Mentzer, B. Brown, D. Malone, Row A-J. Skailand, g.dSchulz, M. Vieth, J. Vanetta, S. Olson, R. Klipstein, F. Pollock, and Miss o ruch. , , fb? 2 EI i, , 4 GRADE FOUR L. no R. new 1-J. Miller, P. omson, D. Dunklee, J. Wilcox, D- Young, ROW 2-L, D. Pruess, D. Forbes, G. Jones, S. Chute, M. Murphy, D. Tracy, Row 3-P- BPHUHQ J. Radl, D. Singletarv, S. Supple, J. Blank, L. Metzarek, J. Laack, P. Bender, S. Hamburg, and Mrs.'Elda Moe. GRADE FIVE L. to R. Row 1-D. Ormson, G. Nelson, D. Braund, D. Brown, R. Hansen, J. Shelby, R. Klipstein, L. Greely, D. Spencer, W. Rybski, R. Vieth, I. Gschwendnerg Row 2- P. Fevior, B. Downing, J. Hawke, B. Sevenson, H. Schulz, V. Maxwell, B. Egan, M. Miller, C. Leverenz, R. Heiking, M. Green, Mrs. Dorothy Waters. 54 fs Pi. U ' I .L , I A .1 GRADE EIGHT L. to R. lst Row C. Garvin, J. Miller, L. Wetley, P. Von Gunten, J. Woodruff, E. Madden, B. Leverenz, J. Nelson, E. killer. 2nd Row S. Laack, L. Young, D. Skailand, C. Henry, J. Schulz, R. Thompson, M. Hawke, E.Brown, R. Ritten- house. 3rd Row. B. Gronley, S. Glenn, B. Thompson, B. Singletary, G. Hora, J. Johnson, R. Vieth, Miss Dillon. Q i SEVEN AND EIGHTH COMBINATION L. to H. How 1-E. Vieth, M. Thul, K. West, J. Menczer, F. Brown, E. Tracy, R. Searles, R. Garvin, Miss Schorer Row 2-M. McGarty, D. Pollock, J. Sorenson, C. Radl, M. Kelk, C. Jepson, P. Martin, L. Gulmire Row 3-L. Miller, L. Rybski, B. Stanek, K. Tessmer, M. Weber, F. Blank, R. Feivor, P. Paulson FIFTH AND SIXTH COMBINATION L. to R. Row 1-G. Blankenburg, R. Gorgony, G. Swenson, P. Williams, M. Pruess, D. Spencer, B. Young, J. Fevior, C. Miller, Miss Ven Wilson, Row 2-M. Sherman, J. Degner, B. Pipkorn, P. Koca, S. Stehr, S. Sherman, L. Northcutt, B. Skailand, R. Stehr. 55 GRADE SIX L. to R. Row l-J. Jepson, R. Voegler, C. Vieth, P. Paulson, K. Downing, R. Miller, H. Leverenz, D. Thompson, Row 2-R. Jackson, E. Poff, C. Smith, B. Johnson, S. Jones, L. Snorek, J. Degner, S. Laack, K. Singletaryg Row 3-C. Willcox, R. Sever- son, R. Pruess, D. Hora, S. Gronley, J. Klipstein, C. Hart. Miss Marv Alice Cowan. N GRADE SEVEN L. to R. Row l-Mr. Earl Sanders, L. Champlain, R. Green, R. Heiking, D. Wetley, S. Ormson, S. Moran, E. Green, K. Jensen, P. Vieth, J. Preussg Row 2-J. Moe, J. Heiking, M. Romano, J. Dunlap, R. Pollock, R. Rebelein, C. Bader, M. Skai- land, P. Green, J. Olson, Row 3-M. Metzarek, D. Walker, J. Hamburg, R. Champ- lain, S. Garwy, C. Overgaard, C. Warden, and T. Green. UHHUD DHORDLDMLJL 1DI'U'1 Back Row- Mr. Earl Sanders, J. Woodruff, P. Von Gunten, D. Skailand, F. Blank, E. Madden, R. Stanek, Front Row- B. Gronelly, J. Mentzer, E. Brown, W. Singletary, G Hora. 56 SUPPLE'S COACRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1955 LOVELACE'S CUICK LUNCH AND CITIES SERVICF UNILN CENTER, WIS. LOOK YOUR REST IN SHE REST VISIT THE ELROY LUNRER COMPANY ELROY CLEANERS YOUR PATRONAGE IS ALWAYS APPRECIATED CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1955 ERV AND HELEN WISCONSIN CC-ORERATIVE CREAM RY ASSOCIATICN UNIO CENTER, WISCONSIN 5 ART AND JERRX'S COMPLIMENTS OF STANDARD STATION AND DRIVE- ROLLER SKATING DR. DEMKE PHONE 360 CONGRATULATIONS BENSUN' TQ THE PEOPLE'S CLASS OF 1955 CAFE STEFFEN'S GARAGE FRUIT 57 TO THE CLASS OF 1955 OUR EEST WISHES FOR A SUCCESSFUL FUTURE BANK OF ELROY HELLER'S WAYSIDE GROCERY MEATS AND GROCERIES UNION CENTER, WISCONSIN CONGRATULATIONS TO THE WINN'S JEWELRY ELBCY, wIS. CLASS OF 1955 ELECY LEADER TRIBUNE MAY YOUR FURUBE BE SUCCESSFUL BURR C- CARTER AND HAPPY JEWELER PHONE 260 HILL'S LADIES AND MENS WEAR DRY GOODS AND SHOES PHONE 259 ELROY HARDWARE BOB AND GIB LEE PHONE A6 BEST WISHES CLASS OF 1955 HAMBURG HARDWARE ELROY, wls. COMPLIMENTS OF HANSEN'S ELROY-MAUSTON-HILLSBORO ELROY SANITARY DAIRY CHAS. A. HEIKING GEO. L. FLORIN PHONE 120 MANUFACTURERS OF PASTEURIZED DAIRY PRODUCTS AND DAIRIMAID ICE CREAM MIX GAMBLES THE FRIENDLY STORE HARDWARE PAINT BOTTLED GAS 58 ZENNER HAIRE LAWRENCE'S FURNITURE AND FUNERAL SERVICE DRUG STORE PHONE 287 FINE YEARBOOKS AMERICAN Ymasoox COMPANY M.L. GARDNER, REP. 319 TREMONT STREET MAUSTON, WISCONSIN FLEMING'S MIDWAY GROCERY FANCY FRUITS, GROCERIES, AND VEGTABLES PHONE 67 LEIST BROTHERS MEATS JAM S SARTORI DEALER IN DAIRY SUPPLIES MARACHOWSKY'S GROCERIES MEATS FRUITS VEGETABLES AND FROZEN FOODS THE PLACE THAT SAVES YOU MONEY GENERAL LINE OF NMERCHANDISE MRS. DOLAN MAXWELL, MGR. ELROY SURPLUS STORE PHONE 339 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1955 THOMPSON'S GROCERY PHONE l38R2 WSMILE AND THE WORLD SMILES WITH YOU' On behalf of the Annual Staff, Faculty, and Student Body, we wish to thank every one who has contributed to the publica- tion of the Annual, through Advertising. 59 SCHULZ AND SONS 5 AND IO 81.00 AND UP CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1955 MUELLER'S FURNITURE AND FUNERAL SERVICE ELROY, WISCONSIN HOMEWAV CAFE FUE HOD FOR FINE FOLKS F f I 1 C f LINUS ' 'TCI' x .iff n Jf V , l , ,V r, I I ARADI6 AND TV G.L. LEE PLUMBING AND HEATING CONTRACTOR SALES AND SERVICE MARLOW AILKERS AND EACnVATING COLLINS BEST TISHES CLASS OF U55 PURE OIL STATION GAS OIL TIRES BATTERY SERVICE ELRVY TELEPHONE WEDDING CAKES AND BIRTHDAY CAKES MADE TO ORDER THE ELROY BAKERY COMPANY PHONE Ab VALLEY INN MOTEL ELROY FOR FINE FOODS ARRANGE FOR PRIVATE PARTIES PHONE l5R2 HEADQUARTERS FOR APPROVED PURINA CUSTOM SERVICE CALL SERVICE OIL FOR YOUR FUEL OIL NEEDS SEED FEED FERTILIZER FLOUR IC WFEED THE PURINA WAYN H. W. NEUMAN E CO. E WW W f XWAQPV fdilnfigi g ww M W M"'m,j4fj I, filofffilg w?iM '?2Ww SQ Wm, QF NSN Nga Aj Ly 1. a . rx

Suggestions in the Elroy High School - Hilltopper Yearbook (Elroy, WI) collection:

Elroy High School - Hilltopper Yearbook (Elroy, WI) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


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Elroy High School - Hilltopper Yearbook (Elroy, WI) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 7

1955, pg 7

Elroy High School - Hilltopper Yearbook (Elroy, WI) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 15

1955, pg 15

Elroy High School - Hilltopper Yearbook (Elroy, WI) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 28

1955, pg 28

Elroy High School - Hilltopper Yearbook (Elroy, WI) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 48

1955, pg 48

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