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i-ri oshhdrfc • MarY - " MwM Shorlf • ' HEtJO Dasht-i ' O K«nn(«« IV ? 1 0 c " - - i« ., Lahore JLJii Lyallpur Multan -i0- Vi ■ iT ' lolfit • PAKISI Sukkub JN V iATAlT MW SK« " -asr:.. iQft. ' :SrJfv QA1 ' . Kdrachi G9 0 hD M desert V Ajme " ; Jodhpor o ® » n Hyderabak ' ff ( Ja ' salHadd dmofKutc J« Ahmadflbad;, ijkot " ' Ihovimtmr Sur AL KHALT QUARTER) ' ) ' AIM if rah ■ Kriamohdi Bombay sAieiE hopi Pooofi y. ($ocotra} ' (Yemen (Aden)) A B I A N SEA LAKSHADWEEP India) THE POCKET BAHLESHIP USS ELROD FFG 55 TABLE OF CONTENTS 1 . THE MIGHTY POCKET BAHLESHIP 2. TABLE OF CONTENTS 3. MEMORY OF MAJOR ELROD 4. SHIP ' S CREST AND HISTORY 5. CO BIOGRAPHY 6. XO BIOGRAPHY 7. COMMAND MASTER CHIEF 8. COS FORWARD 9. CO, XO, LSC PICTURES lO.-n. BAHLE FORCE ZULU 12.-13. SPECIAL PEOPLE 14.-15. ESW ' S 16.-19. CREW 20.-25. WARDROOM 26.-29. CPO ' S 30.-35. PORTS 36.-37. PALMA 38. HONORS 39. BLUE NOSE 40. PASSEX 41. SPORTS 42. HOLIDAYS 43.-45. AVIATORS 46.-49. COMBAT SYSTEMS 50. MSLEX 51. ROLE REVERSAL NIGHT 52.-55. ENGINEERS 56.-59. OPERATIONS 60. RAS 61.-63. SUPPLY 64. HOMECOMING DEDICATED TO THE MEMORY AND FIGHTING SPIRIT OF MAJOR HENRY T. ELROD, USMC Coat of Arms USS EIrod FFG-55 The ship ' s crest is a heraidic representation of Marine Major Henry J. EIrod ' s heroic actions during the Battle of Wal(e island in December 1941. It was during this battle that Major EIrod was killed and for his actions was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor. The colors of blue, red, and gold (yellow) are those of the Navy and the Marine Corps. The chevron in the shield has fifteen crenellations to represent the number of days the embattled Marines held Wake Island against a vastly superior Japanese invasion force. The fireball in the upper part of the shield represents Major EIrod ' s single-handed sinking of the Japanese destroyer Kisargi after being the sole U.S. plane to penetrate a squadron of enemy fighter-bombers protecting the Japanese battle groups. Similarly, the pheons on both sides of the fireball represent the two Japanese planes shot down by Major EIrod. The broken aviator ' s wings and the war hammer symbolize Major EIrod ' s further distinguished actions in ground combat after all of the aircraft in his squadron had been destroyed. The hammer also signifies the destructive force of the guided missile frigate EIrod. Major EIrod ' s service as a Marine Officer is symbolized by the unsheathed mameluke sword, which also draws attention to the fact that he was among the first to engage the Japanese in World War Two. The blue background and thirteen stars represent the Medal of Honor awarded to Major EIrod for his heroic actions on Wake Island. The gold wreath, pointed downward, commemorates his honorable death in action. COMMANDER DONALD P. LOREN UNITED STATES NAVY Commander Loren was bom in Massapequa, New York in 1952. He graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1974, receiving a Bachelor of Science Degree (Operations Research). His early assignments included Naval Nuclear Power Training, and afloat assignments as Reactor Controls Officer in USS LONG BEACH (CGN 9) and Combat Systems Officer on the staff of Commander, Destroyer Squadron THIRTY-ONE. Subsequent afloat tours were as Operations Officer in USS PETERSON (DD 969), COMDESRON TWO Squadron Operations Officer, Assistant Chief of Staff for Communications on the Staff of Commander, Cruiser Destroyer Group EIGHT, and Executive Officer in USS JOHN HANCOCK (DD 981). Com- mander Loren ' s ashore tours include one year of independent study at Old Dominion University where he was awarded a Master of Science Degree (Education), Flag Secretary to the Commander in Chief U.S. Naval Forces Europe, and NATO politico-military planner for the Strategic Plans and Policy Directorate of the Joint Staff. Commander Loren ' s personal awards and decorations include the Defense Meritori- ous Service Medal, the Meritorious Service Medal (with two gold stars), the Navy Commen- dations Medal (with two gold stars), and the Navy Achievement Medal. Commander Loren is married to Major Maureen M. Lynch, United States Marine Corps, of Columbia Pennsylvania. THE EXECUTIVE OFFICER LCDR C.S.D. WITTEN EXECUTIVE OFFICER m m m LCDR LACKIE EXECUTIVE OFFICER The X.O. and C.S.C. prepare for visitor honors. X.O. ' s call Bahrain! THE COMMAND SENIOR CHIEF BMCS(SW) Strickland squares away a side boy. BMCS(SW) Timothy Stricl land Command Senior Chief USS ELROD FFG 55 Senior Chief and the Commanding Officer share a moment. BI ICS relaxes with a guest during one of ELROD ' s steel beach picnics. FORWARD This cruise bool commemorates ELROD ' s deployment to the Arabian Gulf and Norwegian Sea from 26 September 1991 to 2 April 1992. Assembled here are photographs that capture many of the key events that we lived for those six exciting months. As you enjoy paging through this bool and sharing our experiences with family and friends, I ask that you remember the hard work and team effort that went into every undertaking. It takes a closely knit crew, rich in professional talents and personal cohesion to not only accomplish the rigorous mission of a warship at sea, but from loved ones, especially during the holiday season. Let this book serve as a constant reminder of how those qualities were abundant in ELROD, and the friendships between shipmates that were forged by this common experience. For me, it is a constant reminder of how proud I am of each of you and the daily sacrifices you make for your ship, our Navy, and our great nation. Donald P. Loren LEADERSHIP The X.O. surveys the Harsh North Atlantic storm as Chief The Captain and Command Senior Chief share a sea Stoney looits on. story. You can take the paint out of the boatswain mate - but you can ' t get the boatswain mate out of the paint! The Executive Officer relaxes at the home of the ambassador of Qatar. BAHLE FORCE USS MOUNT BAKER AE34 " SERVICE TO THE FLEET " " ELROD THIS IS MTB REQUEST GREEN DECK OVER " ' USS " HAMMERIN HANK " ' ELROD FFG55 " THE MIGHTY POCKET BAnLESHIP " USS MAHAN DDG42 " THE LONG ARM OF THE LAW " OLD WARRIOR T m ' ■ I ft fliP wit — - ' -— USS EISENHOWER CVN69 " WE LIKE IKE " FLAGSHIP, CTF 154 i ZULU USS ARTHUR W. RADFORD DD968 " THE MIGHTY STRIKE DESTROYER " FLAGSHIP, COMDESRON TWENTY USNS JOSHUA HUMPREYS THE BEST SHIP IN THE SHIPPING BUSINESS USS BAINBRIDGE CGN 25 " GO NUKES! " " CARRIERS R US " USS TICONDEROGA CG47 WE ARE AEGIS WE CAN DO EVERYTHING 11 ELROD ' S SPECIAL PEOPLE The United States Ambassador to Qatar. His tiospitality Thie wonderful people of Oman. Ttieir friendstiip will be truely brigtitened our visit. one of our greatest memories. ELROD tiosted a steel beacti picnic in hionor of our gracious tiost. ELROD ' sfirst baby born during GSEI(SW) Tanjuakio - USS ELRODs Our Battle Group Commander, Rear Admiral our deployment. Kimberlyn 1991 Sailor of the Year. Redd, Commander Task Force 154. " The Rachelle was born on the Gorilla. " third day of October 1991. To the proud parents of, FC2(SW) and Mrs. Kim Alexander, our most heart felt congratulations. ELROD ' S SPECIAL PEOPLE r Our dear loved ones! No one con forget the emotion of soying good bye. September 26, 1991 will be remembered by many of us as the toughest day of the deployment. But through great shipmates and our amazing famili es we turned a negative into a plus. ELROD ' s performance during the 1991- 92 Middle East Force North At- lantic deployment was un- matched. We owe so much to our loving families for their sup- port. They are the greatest! VP; September 26, 1991. ELROD departs Ctiarleston Naval Base. CHAPS! An always welcome visitor, " the Ctiaplin of CDS-20 considered ELROD his underway home. Our dear Onbudsman, Marie Lewis. Woman could not keep her schedule. Super The Commanding Officer and the U.S. Ambassador to Oman share a moment of conversation. 13 ENLISTED SURFACE WARFARE SPECIALIST The Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist, The true mark of a Naval professional. ELROD was distin- guished with several of these dedicated men. Those who in the face of many hours of hard worl gave more to their dema nding profession. They earned the crossed cutlasses they wear today. Their special effort demands their recognition. They are the best of the best, in the world ' s greatest Navy. Petty Officers Hargrove, List, and Burgess stand by as Senior Chief Sticl land reads ttieir citation. Petty Officer Wilson receives his pin from the Commanding Officer. Petty Officer Martin proudly receives his pin. Petty Officer List is congratulated by the Captain. 14 Petty Officer Burgess gets pinned. Congratulations to Petty Officer Beery! SURFACE WARRIORS Petty Officer Robison gets one! SK1(SW)Dahn ET2(SW) Wilson FCC(SW) Gosnell PC l(SW) Black MSC(SW) Pederson FC2(SW) Alexander OS l(SW) Robison GMG2(SW) Beery OS2(SW) Martin FC2(SW) List BM2(SW) Birtcher EW2(SW) Scarborough STGl(SW)Keedy ET1(SW)Hill BMI(SW) Marshall RMC(SW) Steffy FC2(SW) Gailey OSl(SW)Hargove OSl(SW)Brugess GMG2(SW) Skillings R[ !C(SW) Steffy completes an all qualified ctiiefs ' mess! 15 THE CREW OF Gunner hams it up with OS2 Pedricic. Sunrise - Arabian Gulf. SAR tearri aweigh! ELROD ' s small boat assists a i less specialists finally get a meal Dhow in distress. prepared for them. ■-?■ :V . ' ii " t Party at the ambassador ' s house. 16 HAMMERIN HANK ELROD Sailors have more fun! We love the ambassador! i They ' re not cheap, but they can be had. •■■ " vr-l 17 HAMMERIN ' HANK ELROD ' S DS2(SW) Cunningham gets a present from Santa Claus. Underway from Muscat, Oman. Oman became our Ara- bian Gulf home. Many of us will remember the four wheel drive trips into the beautiful mountains and deserts. Others will remem- ber the foreign terrain and the irony of viewing one of the driest climates in the world from the sea. All of us, however, will remember the people of Oman - the people who hosted us in their homes on holidays, welcomed us ashore during liberty, and adopted us as members of their communities. To the people of Oman, we tip our hats - thanks. . ARABIAN NORTH ATLANTIC TOUR ELROD studs. I Signal gang! Party at ttie quarters of ttie U.S. Ambassador to Qatar. 19 USS HENRY T. ELROD FFG 55 LT " Combat Bob " Perry relaxing. Is the Captain ashiore? SWO dogs standing anottier vigilant watcti. The Cheng relaxes at the ambassador ' s house - not! 20 i WARDROOM At work or at play professional all the way. Go Navy! 21 THE WARDROOM The officers of USS ELROD FFG 55 - Al Bustan Palace The Al Bustan Palace Muscat, Oman. The scene of the officer ' s DEC 91 dining inn. The food was superb. The decor and service - extraordinary! 22 I ' ll hold things down until batman gets here. Commo loves Spain! Trust us XO! Atlantic. We know exactly where we are! Bridge, North Hail, hail, the gangs all here. Farewell to Mike and Jeff. Hail to Chuck and Larry. If you look real close you can see LT Gill smiling! Officer ' s Club Bahrain 23 Golf in the Suez Canal isn ' t bad. Except for the sand traps! ' - " Ensign Pace relaxes in the So Captain, how much did you spend desert sun. at the carpet shop? ARABIAN GULF LT Giii leaves combat and gets to stand a decl watch. Can his eyes stand the bright sunlight? 24 NORTH ATLANTIC TOUR Poor SUPPO! Ambushed during one of the ship ' s steel beach picnics. Ensign Pace poses in Doha, Qatar. We will always remember the great hospitality Decisions. Decisions! Ensigns Anderson and Lindahl wheel and deal at a carpet shop in extended by the Qatar. people of Qatar. TJG " Super AUXO " Davis completing his daily sea of The 1 st annual Suez Canal golf ball driving contest, paperworlc. 25 THE CHIEF PETTY OFFICERS Division Officers love Chief Petty Officers. One more wire and ttie stereo is in business! We could really use one of these. Senior Our welfare and recreation officer Chief Sauter in Doha, Qatar. Chief Stoney. Truly on unsung hero. Thanks for all your efforts. Yes XO I know what time it is. 26 AT WORK AND AT PLAY! See, Chief Petty Officers really can smile! Ctiief Lewis and Baker enjoy some time astiore. Who us? Americans - We ' re not Americans! Senior Chief Stricl lancl congratulates Chief Gosnell on the occasion of his re-enlistment. Chiefs Knipper and West joust with sea stories. Senior Chie f Sauter and Chiefs Knipper, Luzon, and Lewis relax in Spain. 27 USS ELROD CHIEF PETTY OFFICERS You never kno CPO mess mai w what the dress in the be! fl B ' Hp t tfl l •• ' -4 During ELROD ' s deployment the CPO mess obtained a very special goal, on entire ESWS qualified mess. Congratulations to our Chief Petty Officers. Your efforts set the standard for all ELROD sailors to follow! Comrodery forged by deployment. Farewell to HSL 44 DET 3. BI " V 28 ' We re just shipmates. Chiefs Knipper and Lewis hamming it up. Too smooth for words! Chief Stoney on the bridge. Chief Luzon can not believe his eyes. DSC is out of his racl i The three amigos during blue nose. Chief Knipper ' s solution to no smoking in the CPO mess. EMCS(SW) Sauter threatens the camera man. We still got ya senior! 29 PORT A CALL OMAN! The beautiful coastal oasis. Hi A»fe2 i |fl B IT KL m P ' ' ' ■ t ■ cjsyBli f ffP j| hVHMR ' tt9v3 ' - ' lli fm Isjr --? ' ! ■ % " " -- jHk jsjjy- . 3 1 1.1 m,- ■ . SN Baker finds some little friends. FOUR WHEEL DRIVING Nizwa, Oman Wtiere the mountain meets the desert. On the coast - Flowers on Fire. 32 OMANI STYLE On the dusty trail - with) a mad man behiind the wheel. Desert ghost town. LTJG Davis gets a day off! What are you doing up there? The crystal blue water of an oasis. U 33 The luxurious grounds of the International Hotel Muscat, Oman. A garden in the desert. THE ARABIAN ELROD and MAHAN sailors, led by Chaplin Gragg, assist the children ' s mission of Muscat, Oman. 34 GULF STATES The beautiful beaches of Muscat. The unique Arabian architecture was more then stylish, it was also practicle. The most magnificent buildings were the mosques. No expense was spared for the temples of Islam. I The USO facilities in Jebel All, UAE allowed many ELROD sailors to relax away from the ship. Phone calls to the States were the real thrill... Hello, Persian Gulf calling for... " 35 PALMA DE MALLORCA 36 SPAIN 37 HONORS AND CEREMONY r ELROD served as an ambassador of good will to many gulf states. Naval vessels have been called upon to represent our country before, but none have served with the en- thusiasm, professionalism, and pride of the USS EL- ROD. Each official visitor was greeted by the ship ' s honorguard. Here they saw ELROD ' s high stan- dards first hand. To the many members of our spe- cial crew who volunteered long and hard extra hours - thanl you! Your efforts made the difference! BLUE NOSE - CROSSING THE ARTIC CIRCLE! • ' I From sand to snow! The Eisenhower battle group demon- strated its flexibility and constant readiness in answering our country ' s call for service literally all around the world - from the Arabian Gulf to the Norwegian Sea. Here, we see the crew bearing their braun in sub-zero temperatures (30 below to be ex- act) during the " Blue Nose Cer- em ony. " Congratulations go out to all those sailors who entered the elite " Blue Nose Society. " 39 EXCERCISES r v The USS ELROD trained with ships from Saudi Arabia, Great Britain, Oman, Bahrain, and Qatar. We performed in multiple PASSEXes, Battlegroup wargames, and Teamwork ' 92. These pictures were taken during operations with HMS Burmingham (Britain), HMS Boraida (Saudi), HMS Hofouf (Saudi), and Rbigah (Qatar). Thanks go out to all those who upheld America ' s long tradition of naval competence and professionalism. le : - ■. ■k jiFT i V %: M t r Tm Y H ! ftu A V 4»mr ■plfiz- sr J i[p» ELROD SPORTS Ci :f " - ELROD ' s crew demonstrated it plays as hard as it works by displaying its atj-iietic prowes in competition off the ship. In Bahrain, ELROD ' s track team placed second in the Majal Marathon. In Jebel All, our basketball team finished first against a field of international competition. And in Dubai, our softbail team took second place in a tournament held between ships. Congratulations to all who participated in these events - you have done us roud! A ELROD HOLIDAYS Holidays were a time for us to re- flect on our homes, ttiink of our loved ones, and come together as a crew. Oman became our Arabian Gulf home. Many of us spent Thanksgiving, Christ- mas, or New Years with an adopted family. In honor of our hosts, ELROD held many special events on the ship. Lessons and carols, steel beach picnics, receptions and many tours were just a few examples of our appreciation . Their friendship eased the pain of a long voyage from home. Our many thanks go out to our friends in Oman. Vgc AIR DEPARTMENT LCDR William Lescher AIR OFFICER LT Richard Cecconi LTJG Steven Haynie LT William Johnson LT Charles Litchfield LT Andy Phillips ATI Jeffrey Berguam AW2 Michael Brewer AMS2 William Brown AE2 Lonnie Courtney AZ2 Michael Ellis AMSl Gerald Hagen AMH3 Peter Hansen AW3 Michael Hoyt AE 1 Kevin Looney ATAN Michael McMahen AD2 John Monroe AE2 Jeffrey Oldham AD3 Wayne Swoney 43 r AIRCREW " LCDR " Big Bill " Lescher LT The Mo " CecconI LT " Bill J " Johnson LT " Cubby " Phillips LT " Shrubber " Litchfield LTJG " Avenger O " Evil " Haynle AW2 " Mighty " Thors AW2 " Brew " Brewer AW3 " Puppy " Hoyt 44 " No Sweat " Team AMSC Meany AE1 Looney AMS2 Brown AZ2 Ellis AE2 Oldham AMH3 Hansen AMS1 Hagen ATI Berguam AE2 Courtney AD2 Monroe AD2 Swaney ATAN McMahen " 111- ' 45 CO MBAT SYSTEMS DEPARTMENT LT Robert Perry Combat Systems Officer ENS Colin LIndahl, ERO ENS Howard Pace Jr., ORDO GMC(SW) Samuel Baker FCC(SW) George Gosnell ICC SW) Johm Lewis STG(SW) Darrell McCarroll FC2(SW) Kim Alexander GMM3 Anthony Armenti ET2 Jeffrey Barletta STG3 Josepti Beegle Jr. GMG2(SW) Jerome Beery FC1(SW)Donal Block FC3 Justin Brandstetter ET2 Carl Britt IC3 Kenneth Carrol TM2 Vance Cather FC2(SW) Roy Cullipher II DS2(SW) tVlark Cunningham STG2 Edward Cyr Jr. GMG3 Scott Daulbaugh 46 COMBAT SYSTEMS DEPARTMENT FC3 Randy Funderburk FC2(SW) Thomas Gailey STG2 Raymond Hainley STG2 Michael Harmon FC2 William Hicl ey ETl(SW) Johnny Hill ET3 Michael Hunt STG3 Steven Jefferson GMG2 Vincent Jensen STG1 David Keedy ETl (SW) Alex Lowson Jr. FC2(SW) Trent List GMMl Cory Long FC3 Dennis Maurer TMl(SW) Homer Meeks FC2 John Montgomery ICl (SW) Robert Montgomery STGl Charles Pittman Jr. ET2 Michael Simmons GMG2(SW) Paul Skllllngs ET2 Brent Smith STGSN Brian Smith DS1 EricToppari ET3 William Towndrow STGSN Timothy Williams 47 Petty Officers Funderburk and Hunt relax on ttie weather Petty Officer Jefferson, flight deck sea and anchor phone decks. talker, may I help you! COMBAT SYSTEMS DEPARTMENT Petty Officer Daulbaugh practices his best evil eye with the camera. Do they eat like this at home? Petty Officers Smith, Britt, and . , Carroll enjoy the medieval banquet in Palma de Mallorca, " " knew that destroyer was out there the entire na n ' ' ®- I was testing you! " The senior Watch Officer ' on the bridge. 48 Petty Officer Gailey loves cameras, and hiis Gunner Daulbaugh watcties thte sunset in Bahirain. Division Officer too! ' etty Officer Smitti gets a bird ' s eye view wtiile completing SPS 49 Gunners mate Tripp enjoys some sun on Tiaintenance. thie flighit deck. COMBAT SYSTEMS DEPARTMENT " " eal men work on big guns! 49 RED REEF MISSILE EXERCISE ' These photographs document the launching of an SMI (MR) missile during operation RED REEF - a joint missile exersize conducted with the Royal Saudi Navy. From the missile onload, to the missile launch and acquisition of its target, the operation was a stunning success and a true tribute to the hard worl and dedication of ELROD ' s crew. 50 Role Reversal Night Is a tra- dition on ttie ELROD and is anx- iously awaited by much of the crew, it is a time when enlisted men are waited on by officers and chiefs during a dinner which proves to be fun-filled and memorable. Even the captain joins the festivities as he shares an entertaining evening with the crew. ROLE REVERSAL NIGHT 51 ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT LTJG Timothy Callaham, DCA LTJG Andrew Davis, AUXO CW02 Fred Scheib, MPA GSEC(SW) William Knipper GSEC(SW) Benjamin Luzon EMCS(SW) Daniel Sauter ENC(SW) Hardy West GSE1 Alan Badger ETKSW) Daniel Bethel FN James Burton EM3 Navarro Chester DC2(SW) Timothy Cooke EN1 Melvin Davis FN Stacy Dawson DCFA Michael Dozier GSIVI1 Mark Farnworth ENFA Duane Greene GSMFA Chad Grooms GSE3 Ivan Gruenthol ENFN David Hill FA Paul Johnson FA Brian JoJo GSM2 Kenneth Jones GSM3 Early Kilgore FN Christophe London 52 ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT Wr r EN3 Jeffrey Langdon EN1(SW)JohnLarsen MR3 Jason Law EN3 Robert Long GSIVI2 Medel Magtoto GSEFA Paul Trzeciak FA Marlon Vonscoy EM3 Dwayne Williams EM3 James McCauley EM l(SW) Bruce McCray FN David McLaughlin GSEFN Marl Mickelson GSM3 Mario Morrell EN2 Clayton Norton DC2 Scott Page HTl Paul Plercey GSE2 Patrick Reynolds FN Robert Rock Jr. GSMFN Paul Shanley EN2 James Smitti GSMKSW) Douglas Stanley GSM2 Kirk Tables GSE 1 (SW) Robertino Tanjuakio 53 No AUXO! Nothing else broke, we ' re just looking ttirough pubs - in cose it does. Yeah that ' s it. Chief West and Petty Officer Long working hard. ENGINEERING Just when you thought it was safe to leave your space - SSDG4 - a CHENG ' S worst nightmare! Coming to a machinery room near you. Engineers on the beach! Will wonders never cease? 54 a • Stereo - what stereo? Petty Officer Reynolds works on the Petty Officer Long instructs FN Robinson, one MC speal er. " , ' ' v, v l i L ' Wl Petty Officer Fornworth gets a breal in the action - about every day at noon. DADDY! DEPARTMENT Don ' t worry Chief - I ' ll save your ice cream. 55 OPERATIONS DEPARTMENT ENS Kent Anderson, COMMO LT Stephen Gill, INTELO LT Bradley Jotinson, CICO OSC(SW) Charles Gouch OSC(SW) Bruce Sheridan RMC(SW) Robert Steffy QMC(SW) Robert Stoney BM3 Shawn Allen BM3 Peter Allendorf Jr. OS1 Reginald Banlts SR Kevin Baker BM2(SW) Michael Bircher OS1 David Burgess SMSN Warren Burke EWUSW) Johnny Cabrera OSSN Johnathan Cain QM3 Joshua Campbell QM2 Glenn Chatman EW2(SW) Arthur Conyers Jr. OS3 George Cortina BM1(SW) James Dargan SR Michael Durbin SA Sean Dutney BMI(SW) Clayton Duval SA Ramon Felton 56 II OS3 Dwight Fleagle OSl (SW) Gary Hargrove OS3 Jesse Hernandez Jr. BMl (SW) Antwyne Harrison RM3 Hayword Hancock RM2 Matthew Hayes SN Keith Higgs SA John Hollis RM2 Robert Hudson SA Aaron Jackson EW3 Glenn Johnson RMSA Ralph Johnson RMSN Bobby Jordan SR Kurt Kimball SN Edgar Lane SMI Walter Luther Jr. BM 1 Thomas Marshall SA Vincent Martinson RM3 Coustaur McAfee SR Aaron McDonald OS3 James McGee Jr. SR Victor Metts RM3 Louis Michko SM3 Randolph Mobley Jr. SA Edward Mock BM3 Raymond Morris QM3 Shawn O ' Neal BM 1 Ronny Ortez QM2(SW) Matthew Pedrick BM2 John Porter 57 OPERATIONS DEPARTMENT EW2(SW) Scarborough QMS William Seager RM 1 Gulllermo Secco BM2 Leonard Smalls SN Bryan Staib OSSN Elgie Turningrobe OSSR Steven Wellington OS3 James Wilson OS3 Philip Welsh Jr. BM2 Richard Wright « t ■M :- 5 " Ei iH ta. i ISi Party! The OS ' s relax at ttie Warrant Officers ' club In Petty Officer Burgess waits on the Wudam, Oman. liberty boat. RMSN. Johnson - He ' s the besti THE POSSE Sea dad teaching his pups. 58 Muscle beach - Muscat, Oman SN Jackson loves deck division! ' H} j Petty Officer Hargrove enjoys a break during a steel beach picnic. Signalmen forever! OPERATIONS DEPARTMENT On watch in the Arabian Gulf. 59 SEAMANSHIP r To maintain our iiigln standards of seamanship and professionaisim,tl-ie strip ' s crew constantly drills in the basics of dam- age control, battle readiness, and tacti- cal operations. Here we see a wide vari- ety of exercizes, from small boat opera- tions, to underway replenishments, and a high line personnel transfer. ELROD ' s suc- cess in the Arabian Gulf and Norwegian Sea is a reflection of its attention to detail and constant emphasis on self improve- ment. ym 60 SUPPLY DEPARTMENT LTJG Paul Hansen, DISBO MSC(SW) Robert Peterson HMC(SW)GaryShiffert HN Leamond Acker SK3 Robert Alfano SN Louis Alford Jr. YN1 David Baird MAI George Barlow MSI James Camp MSI (SW) Michael Cline MS2 Keith Cooper SKl(SW) JohnDahn SH 1 Alvester Dones SN James Dooley YNSN Shane Fitzwater PC3 Scott Goeb MSI Keith Helfritz MS3 Roger Levesque SHI Dennis Lusby PNSN Irvin Marcel III SK2 Joe Mican MSSA Jose Morales MS2 Daniel Navarroza SK2 Arthur Portier MS3 Daryl Whitten 61 We had a great time, too bad you tiad duty! Petty Officer Warne and stiipmates return from thie tiome of ttie U.S. Ambassador to Qatar. In ttie calm waters of thie Arabian Gulf, MSC(SW) Kulas poses for the camera. YNSN FItzwater and MS2 Navaroza escape into the country side of Oman during one of many four wheel drive trips arranged by the ship ' s welfare and recreation officer. SHI Dones leads the Santa attack during the ship ' s Christmas reception in Oman. 62 SUPPLY DEPARTMENT Name your game! Petty Officer Vogel prepares for PAYDAY. The crew enjoys one of thie ship ' s parties hosted by the warrant officers ' of the Oman navy in Wudam, Oman. The supply department routinely provided their services during these parties. Their efforts significantly increased the crew ' s morale. 63 HOMECOMING r After exactly 188 days, ELROD could see ttie familiar sights of hiome. it paid Its tributes to Admiral Redd and thie USS Eisentiower wlthi a " Beach Show " during the pass and review. Then, twenty-four hours later, the familiar sign, " YOU DEFEND OUR FREEDOIVl, " came Into view. The crew was home and the sailors aboard the ELROD finally experienced the long awaited reunion with their families, wives, and ioved ones. Congratulations, welcome home, and thank you! p 1 i 1 ' {■-■ |i , ' 1 .■ AL8W«MlIWI»Vy ( " f CHUISBipOOKOFFICfci. ' ».-» PUBLISHING Janaf Office eidg. Suite 201 COMPANY f S Norlolk. VA 23502 Marceline. Mo. U.S.A. 64 ' i m : ipy ,- . .. Mi ' ■ •• .f- ( ' ? ' i v; ■w. ' : ¥ ■ -«- .-i ' ,1 t ( ' W ' 4 rfK 3 ■U: If ' Pi ' A -i J.i-iV. '

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