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Elon College Phi Psi Cli The night slowly lifts away as the morning sun rises gently over the trees that surround the sleeping campus. Angled beams of light glisten in the mist from the fountain in Scott Plaza. Slowly the campus springs to life as a few stu- dents scurry to eat break- fast or begin that quick morning jog to help wake up. Steadily, in the warmth of the newly-risen sun, ea- ger and not-so-eager stu- dents make their way to class. They seemingly leave for class early, knowing they will have time to stop and talk to friends and per- haps meet strangers. 1 -- i w K r . g - 1 rM 1 w ' III ■ ••• ml II) It ' nil ; i;i III! III! iin III! ■■■ till ■■I III - ' nil III! ' • )■■! riir nil, mm mill iiiiii 1% -| -:.; FROM EVERY As the clock bell starts to chime, the students quickly disperse. They are off to an- other class period of learn- ing and preparations. ANGLE - ' }: ' W ' W, Suddenly, from different corners of campus, two stu- dents jog along as if they are late. When they draw close one stops and asks, " Where is Powell 202? I ' m a transfer student and I ' m going to be late for class. " The other student smiles and says, " Come with me, that ' s where I ' m going too. " This morning exemplifies how typical Elon students care for one another. Even when they are in a hurry they make time to help a confused classmate, or just to say hello. FROM EVERY ANGLE Elon College (e Ion kol ij) n. 1. A private, church- related liberal arts college located on a 155-acre cam- pus in central North Caro- lina. The definition is accu- rate, but not complete. Like most dictionary entries, it defines the term using a few basic facts. But in the case of Elon College, the facts are only part of the story. There is another angle to the story of Elon. It is a story of people. People like students — 3,000 students from across the U.S. and several foreign countries who chose to study at Elon. It is the story of students who perform on the athletic fields and in auditoriums. Students who excel in the classroom and in extracurricular activities. It is the story of people like faculty members — more than 200 professors and instructors who take pride in the college ' s grow- ing reputation for providing quality education. It is the story of administrators and staff members who plan programs and provide ser- vices. The story of Elon is the story of a special place — a campus filled with beautiful buildings and manicured lawns . . . brick walkways and age-old oaks ... a pic- turesque fountain and a scenic lake. There are many angles to the story of Elon College — angles which don ' t appear in a listing of facts. •wur 0 ' ».. - THE ACADEMIC ANGLE ' m - - c r ' ELON COLLEGE ..| -: " Z Elon academics are character- ized by outstanding Liberal Arts programs, excellent stu- dent and faculty relationships, and superior facilities. General Studies, Study Abroad, and experiential educa- tion provide every student an opportunity for a well-rounded education. In the classroom, Elon stu- dents benefit from personal at- tention by well-qualified in- structors who often become mentors and friends. 8 l r Tii® Students also benefit from ex- cellent academic facilities, in- cluding McEwen Library and LaRose Learning Resource Cen- ter Elon continues to grow aca- demically. In the spring of 1986, Elon graduated its first class in the Master of Business Admin- istration program. In the fall, a Master of Education program was added. New courses on the undergraduate level were added, and a planning group was formed to study the possibilities of adding a women ' s studies program. Learning at Elon does not end in the classroom. Student Affairs, Career Planning, Place- ment, and other service offices prepare students for life after college. " ««tSt:J|i ft ;; ?, . ' . ■f fW i gng ' g? 10 ELOIY COLLEGE ' ' y 11 Elon College is no place for apathy. Involvement w as the key word in 86-87 for students, faculty and staff, who showed over- whelming support for cam- pus activities. Participation in athletics — both varsity and intra- mural — exhibited pride in the school and in friends. Students gath ered in large numbers to show support and excitement. Warmth and friendliness enveloped the campus. Students and faculty formed casual clusters as they stopped to chat, and smiles and greetings paved the way to class. 12 A new state law which changed the legal drinking age from 18 to 21 didn ' t dampen the spirits of Elon students for long. With or without alcohol, parties were the way to ease ten- sion, relieve boredom and make new friends. What began as an impromptu gathering often became a major bash by evening ' s end. FROM EVERY ANGLE ELON Participation in campus activities was tremendous. Many clubs reported their largest memberships ever, and new clubs were formed to serve the inter- ests of a changing student body. Athletics, organizations and activities — the Elon spirit was evident from ev- ery angle. 13 From Every Angle Mini-Magazine Self-inflicted Imagery Organizations Greeks Sports Classes Faculty Index Ads 15 33 44 68 84 108 161 166 182 14 FROM EVERY ANGLE Phi Psi Cli ' s Mini-Magazine Photos courtesy of the Associated Press Mini-Magazine 15 m v tie city of New York gave the Statue of Liberty a big 1986 bash - a Fourth of July festival of song, celebrities and fire«rorks honoring the great lady ' s rst 100 years. 17 A drought spread throughout the Southeast during 1986. It was the worst dry spell on record. During its peak in the summer, crops wilted from southern Pennsylvania all the way into northern Florida. Even after some rain, many farmers in the Carolinas, Virginia, Georgia and Tennessee were on the brink or ruin. 18 Miss Tennessee Kellye Cash, the grandneice of country star Johnny Cash, was crowned Miss America 1987. She received the crown from outgoing Miss America Susan Akin. Ted Knight, best known for his role in the television series " The Mary Tyler Moore Snow, " died August 26 of cancer at the age of 62. 19 They call it " crack " on the East Coast and " rock " on the West Coast. Whatever its name, this refined, smokable form of cocaine may be the most addictive narcotic ever sold on the streets of America. 20 GENNADIY ZAKHAROV Gennadiy Zakha ov, a Soviet U.N. em- ployee, was arreited on a subway plat- form in New York City and charged with spying. A week later, American journalist Nicholas S. Daniloff was ar- rested on the streets of Moscow and accused of spying on the Soviet Union. Both men were released within weeks and the entire affair set the stage for a superpower summit meeting in Ice- land. Among the celebrities who died in 1986 were singer Kate Smith who died June 17 of respiratory arrest at the age of 79. 21 After 20 years of ruling without serious chal- lenge, Phillipine president Ferdinand E. Mar- cos was forced from office amid charges of corruption and scandal. T he new president, Corazon Aquino, was faced with political and economic turmoil. 22 :-:;i jg ii . . . i 9 " 59 rUfl H ?J «j--:. : f T WB ' - ' i „ . - f T « Psr- sk ' ' ■ ' JiHVi nPi ■ " ii j g r •i - iL- - • ' - " t - y " . : ;? " - ' - ' ' -v • " . - ' .r ...S ■ ' „ -i: -.. ?; ' v - - -■ ' I ; « " ■ ' ■ ' t j %4 Deep under Lake Nios in the northwestern Cam- eroon, the earth belched. A bubble of scalding gas rose to the surface and the wind carried it across the land. Within minutes, more than 1700 people were dead, burned by steam and choked by carbon monoxide and toxic gasses. Livestock deaths also were high. 23 •»«; r- ' •yy jf ' M ti ►«C - President Ronald Reagan and Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev met in Reykjavik, Ice- land, for a two-day summit in October to dis- cuss arms control. The two leaders reached an impasse on testing of the U.S. Star Wars weap- onry. 24 Caroline Kennedy, who captured America ' s heart as a little girl romping through the White House, married Edwin Schlossberg, a New York businessman and artist in Hyannis Port, Mass., on July 19, 1986. Brittain ' s Prince Andrew married red-haired English commoner Sarah Ferguson in July in Westminster Abbey in a spectacle that mus- tered the pomp and glory of Brittain ' s 920- year-old monarchy. 25 U.S. Air Force and Navy jets attacked five tar- gets inside Libya under cover of darkness in April, delivering a response to what Presi- dent Reagan called the monstrous brutality " of Libyan-backed terrorism. Among the tar- gets was the Libyan Naval Academy located in a suburb of Tripoli. 26 Two Arab terrorists stormed Istanbul ' s main synagogue on September 6, killing more than 20 worshipers with submachine-gun fire. When police arrived, the terrorist detonated hand grenades and killed themselves. 27 ' The action was almost too much for the average person to handle. The Mets showed their world class talent by win- ning the World Series in a manner never done before. The series showed the real thrill of baseball. 28 Mini Magazine If! " , v yoMft ji -,i ' ' I2PACKS-YOURBE The drinking age limit was raised from nineteen to twenty-one. The new law affected a large portion of the stu- dents attending Elon College. To say the least, the law wasn ' t too popular to the young generation. Mini Magazine 29 The Angle at Elon The new Fine Arts Center is going to be a great addition to the college when it is complete. The project should be con- cluded in the near future and bring prestige to area. 30 Mini Magazine Mini Magazine 31 Homecoming 1986 " Prohibition Under the Oaks " Lamont Harris, Crystal Morrison and John Mickens, right, perform a skit for Black Cultural Society. A rained-out parade didn ' t dampen the spirits of Zeta Tau Alpha sisters, who entered their " Speak Easy, " center right, in the float competition. Senior Beth Burroughs, nominated by Tau Kappa Epsilon, was crowned Homecoming Queen dur- ing halftime ceremonies. The student section vibrated with spirit as stu- dents celebrated Elon ' s win over Newberry Col- lege. Queen Beth Burroughs, right, gets a congratula- tory hug from 1985 Queen Ann Jividen. Todd Black, center left, hams it up on the Sigma Phi Epsilon float. Wesley Ashburn, center left, won first place in the Homecoming Talent Show. Queen candidate Leela Dawson was escorted by Darrin Smith. mmm SELF INFLICTED IMAGERY This is a gathering of Elon College students and faculty at their best. There will never again be moments like these, so we hope this section will help capture the fun that went into the production of this hopefully funny section. I would like to thank all the people who participated in this contest. I hope it will be as enjoyable to you as the making of the next few pages were to the yearbook staff. What do you do when you have no fork or spoon and you are hungry? 34 Self Inflicted Imagery " WINNERS " The Real Student Affairs Self Inflicted Imagery 35 J- -J Just hanging around together. David and Goliath. 36 Self Inflicted Imagery ;« fe. «-,!-i See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. I lIlll i llll M » - ' i M ir I iii mw wi • Do you know me? Here is a clue. f V r Self Inflicted Imagery 37 J- J Mi x x mw mm .MMi m at i i .i .-- 1 il. ■ " p J . . .. Today is just one of those days. TVvo Boys Fresh. 38 Self Inflicted Imagery - joMittU-x ' ' .,-4l From Rags to Riches. Pain is a Rush. Self Inflicted Imagery 39 Out for a scenic trip after class. There is nothing left to say. 40 Self Inflicted Imagery The Good, The Bad, the Ugly. Hurry up or we will miss all of class. Self Inflicted Imagery 41 When you gotta go, you gotta go. This is what happens to the editors of this book. 42 Self Inflicted Imagery The interview: Exposed or Exploited Alpha Kappa Psi 1986 fall pledge class revolt. Self Inflicted Imagery 43 ORGANIZATIONS ELON ' S ANGLE OF INVOLVEMENT 44 Organizations Alpha Chi Baptist Student Union From left to right: Lane Clark, Guy Daniels, David Graham, Collin Spruill, Daniel Perry, Director Joe Bounds. Row 2: Leslie Vick, Robin Perreault, Amy Graybill, Christy B rown, LeeAnn Strittmatter, Larissa Witt. Organizations 45 Intramural Council LirtTlMF v From left to right: sitting, E. Blake, S. Wood, M. Withers, J. Brothers, D. Mirelli, T. Gulpton, T. Black, standing P. Markley Asst. IM Director. 46 Organizations Civinettes From left to right: Row 1, Nina Lindey, Secretary Wendi Cole, Connie Hayes. Row 2, Sharon Guilliams, Treasurer Linda Morgan, Emily Howard, V. President Amy Howell, Melony Sneed, LeeAnn Strittmatter, Anne Lewis. Not pictured: President Susan K. Vaughn, Historian Stephanie Feather, Chaplain Tracy Weary, Publicity Tracy Drum, Lori Johnson, Cindy Wall, Kara Anton, Donna Euliss, Heather Hoffman, Jeanne Tilley, Pam Eaton, Susan Perry. International Students From left to right: Sitting, D. Souder, R. Cruse, T. Tupling, Standing 1 to r, T. Moore, O. Zeiton, C. Villanasco, K. Salter, K. McAbee, M. Arraya, A. Pastidis, L. Bregler, M. DeSouza, K. Friend. Not all members pictured. Organizations 47 Newman Society From left to right: Row 1, L. Kula, M. Leahy, H. Hoffman, N. Fennell, Row 2, C. Haughl, J. Velez, E. Nagorski, C. Flagg, Row 3, H. Fulcher, C. Ritter, T. Bryan, S. McDonald, Father Pitts. Not pictured: A. Lewis, J. McGinty, J. Cradlock, Father Weisenbaugh, L. Milanek. Omicron Delta Kappa From left to right: Row 1, D. Smith, J.M. Jones, N. Harper, P. Koort, C. Morrison, Row 2, T. Nassief, Ken Morrison, B. Bauhoff, G. Rankin, Row 3, S. Guilliams, K. Eberle, Row 4, Allen Lloyd, T. Black, M. Arraya 48 Organizations Pendulum From left to right: Row 1, M. Milliken, A. Cralidis, Y. Evans, Michell Lashley, G. Zaiger, Row 2, A. Andrews, S. Walker, J. Hoyle, S. Wood, D. Dejerf, G. Tobolski. Elon students look forward to the new edition of the Pendulum to find Elon ' s scoop. Organizations 49 RHA The RHA staff from each area help students move in to the residence halls during the year. ■ H ' r s KE JI r V 1 VM H p l n 1 " " ' r B lui 1 nHMSB S V r ■ 50 Organizations Orientation Staff Organizations 51 Phi Psi Cli Seated, 1 to r, Michelle Burns, Ellen Reamy, Linda Adamson, Beth Marotta. Standing, 1 to r, Everett Blake, Todd Lippencott, Sandy Mershon, Lauren Schepker, Kim Mitchell. Not pictured: Marie Milliken. Editor Everett Blake takes a much needed (?) break from his duties. ' ) Photo editor Sandy Mershon and photographer Todd Lippencott devel- op their darkroom techniques. 52 Organizations Linda Adamson is amazed that Kim Mitchell dares to draw a layout in ink. Beth Marotta, Linda Burns and Ellen Reamy find cooperation produces the best layout ideas. Organizations 53 Pi Gamma Mu Front row, left to right: Tom Beveridge, Tom Tiemann, Nancy Midgette, Bill Long, James Moncure. Second row: Lee Ann Strittmatter, Tracy Black, Tom Arcaro, Larry Basirico, David Crowe. 54 Organizations ROTC Many other students come out to support ROTC and the Red Cross. ' ' ■Ill ROTC organized the blood drive and give their all to the good cause. Organizations 55 SGA Seated, from left to right: C. Kashner, Pres. S. Ward, Treas. B. Godsey, V. Pres. D. Smith, I. Shadyac. Standing: D. Graham, B. Bauhof, D. Payne, N. White, B. Pearson, D. Dogan, K. Dachtera, S. Paul, H. Philbeck, C. Yardley, W. Powell, E Murdock, B. Moore, O. Warrell, J. Campbell, V. Price, V. McDowell, N. Vick, R. McCuiston, L. Mullen. Seated, left to right: S. Ward, B. Godsey, D. Smith. Standing: R. McCuiston, B. Bauhof, D. Dogan, N. White, C. Kashner, H. Philbeck, W. Powell, ?. Murdock, L. Shadyac. 56 Organizations WSOE From left to right: Row 1, Faculty Advisor Don Grady, Station Manager Ken Morrison, Production Manager Kathi Wall, Traffic Director Monica Mancuso, Music Director Tom Cozart. Row 2: News Director David Hibbard, Sports Director Wes Durham, Promotions Director Billy Cavey, Asst. Program Manager Brian Moore, Minister of Finance Darren Cubell. The station disk jockey plays the music that the college and immediate area like to hear. Organizations 57 Study Abroad Group of Elon students have fun in their flat. The time was not only spent learning but a great deal of adventure was involved. Lori Alley, Babette Amquist, Steve Ausherman, Jonathan Batts, Leah Bowen, Drew Christain, Carter Conley, Michael Conner, Lauri Crowder, Matthew Czagas, Elizabeth Echols, Jane Gill, Lisa Harris, Robert Hickman, Brett Howie, Fred Hotlon, Scott Jakovics, Patty Johnson, Jeff Keller, Anne Kiley, Chris Kirchner, Kelly Klinkoski, Carla Mackovic, Ann McCarty, Elizabeth Moore, Scott Morel, Eric North, Lauri Perkins, Kristen Sprague, Sean Torpey, Faith Uhar, Beverly Way, Bruce Wayland, Mary Jo Wray, Peter Yelverton, Lamar Bland, Linda Bland, Robert Bland, Martha Bland. 58 Organizations The seniors in London enjoy themselves with the pleasures of being together far away from many small things at Elon. Organizations 59 Sights abroad 60 Organizations . « .ISl!lEll L m. mm ii; M ' i ' tpfP " -, y " ' ' Hii Organizations 61 WINTER TERM A IN SPAIN Elon students Amy Griswold, Mary McAu- liffe, Frannie Oglesby Pam Prosser, Todd Graves and Peter Smith accompanied Dr. Gar- ardo Rodriquez on a Winter Term tour of Spain. Guilford Techni- cal College student Elaine Cathey also made the trip. Students made new friends all along their tour — some were friendlier than others. Among the sites stu- dents visited was the Rock of Gibralter 62 Study Abroad Students took a break from seeing the sites at a quaint village cafe. Photographing the sites was a daily activity. A Spanish cure of hiccups? Feeding the doves in Toldeo was a highlight. Study Abroad 63 American Marketing Association L to R, Row 1: Greg Partin, Gretchen Brodowicz, Ann Koening, Pamela Stadler, Todd Nassief, Mauricio Arraya, David Martin, Chris DeB iasi, Harry Howren. Row 2: Beth Hershey, Susan Vaughan, Bonnie Finn, Clay Forsberg, Gail Martin. Phi Alpha Theta From left to right: Row 1, C. Layne, V. Tuck, N. Midgette, Row 2 G. Rankin, C. Troxler, Row 3, J. Moncure, G. Troxler, J. Perdue, D. Burton, G. Cass. 64 Organizations Omicron Delta Kappa L fo R, Row 1: Sandy Mershon, Ellen Gagnon, Tracy Black, Helen Euliss, Crystal Morrison, Jane Marie Jones, Anne Lewis, Charlene Layne, Sharon Guilliams, Nancy Harper, Gordon Rankin, Kerin Eberle, Richard Haworth. Row 2: Peter Viteritti, Ken Morrison, DeDe Secrist, Melisa Gentry, Julia Tomlinson, Krista Lee, LeeAnn Strittmatter. Row 3: Carole Chase, Joyce Speas, Mauricio Arraya, Peter Koort, Ed Snider, Brad Bauhof, David Atkins, Herb House. Row 4: John Sullivan, Russell Gill, Randall HoUey, Allen Lloyd, Todd Nassief, Darrin Smith, Robert Blake, Earl Danieley, Bill Rich, Jim Pace. Student Union Board From left to right: Beth Marotta, Rick Barnes, Cheri Brown, Heather Hoffman, Drew Mobley, Rob Borg- strom. Row 2, Michelle Burns, Anne Lewis, Lisa Kula, Anastasia Smith, Michelle Wilkins, Morry Owen. Organizations 65 ' . ' V. • ' v f • » ' Back-to-back snowstorms in January turned Elon into a Winter V Term Wonderland! For a week in January, the Elon campus was blanketed in white, as North Carolina was hit by two winter storms which left up to 12 inches of snow. Students who celebrated the cancellation of one day of classes found themselves making up for it a week later, when Winter Term was extended a day. 66 f L •« A A " " " " iiiiiiJiiiii 67 The Greek Angle of Elon 68 Jennifer Ashby Marlee Blascak Alease Brown Kelly Cody Becky Crowe Leela Dawson Lori Deese Carie DuVall Kerin Eberle Marybeth Fennell Beth Foster Kathy Gass Naomi Hanna Elizabeth Hansen Wendy Harrell Julie Healander Cyndie Huber Elaine James Paige King Lisa Kula Jackie Manning Janet Murphy Rebecca Nutt Sally Peck Kelley Quigley Jennifer Rose Jeanie Sanchez Mindy Shelby Tonya Taylor Cyndia Thomas Tammy Turner Donna Vickstrom Belinda Wall Kelly Williamson Jennifer Wooten Becky Wrightenberry Karen Zeller Row 1: Naomi Hanna, Elizabeth Hansen, Row 2: Leela Dawson, Sally Peck, Row 3: Jackie Manning, Beth Foster, Kelley Williamson, Elaine James, Becky Crowe, Belinda Wall, Wendy Harrell, Lori Deese, Julie Healander, Paige King, Becky Wrightenberry, Row 4: Karen Zeller, Kelly Cody, Lisa Kula, Rebecca Nutt, Jennifer Ashby, Carrie DuVall, Jennifer Rose, Marlee Blascak, Kerin Eberle, Jennifer Wooten, Kathy Gass, Mindy Shelby, Kelly Quigley, Alease Brown, Janet Murphy, Tammy Turner, Donna Vickstrom, Cyndie Huber, Marybeth Fennell, Cyndia Thomas, Jeanie Sanchez, Tonya Taylor. Greek 69 AIA From left to right: Row 1, B. Shinnamon, B. Burroughs, L. McManus, K. Meadows, S. Roberson, P. Watson, A. Stone, L. Temple, D. Poulin, Row 2, C. Smith, S. Souchurek, C. Layne, C. Chatham, S. Williams, F. Melville, Row 3, S. Wilson, D. Hayes, J. Tomlinson, S. Grace, K. Bride, Row 4, L. Elliott, D. Belcher, S. Semonite, R. Kountis, K. Brown, D. Thibideau, R. Griffith. 70 Greek Axe From left to right: V. President LaDonna Martin, Advisor Marsha Boone, Treasurer Pam York, Secretary Kim Bush, President Deborah Cite, Not pictured Cheryl Walston. Greek 71 ZTA From left to right: K. Rhinehart, B. Pickett, L. Vincentini, E. Vincentini, B. Burroughs, K. Noffsinger, K. Thornett, M. Herget, M. Kealey, A. Koenig, C. Brunini, B. Cosby, B. Hirschy, E. Finger, K. Wagoner, L. Langpaul, S. Holland, N. Orban, L. Rodrigues, D. Benson, S. Mershon, J. Seary, K. Lee, K. Holland, M. Essman, K. Jones, B. Peters, W. Everleigh, D. Shugart, D. Simmons, K. Anton, K. Brown, C.Stockard, A. Butler, C. StoU, S. Huber, C. Barnett, A. Howell, E. Pobson, T. Gauldin, ]. Orlando, C. Frick, R. Ayers, G. Smith, S. Simpson. 72 Greek OM L. Milanak, A. Wilkins, L. Plaehn, L. Norwood, K. Doyle, B. Long, S. Cronic, M. Childress, L. Fugmann, R. Dignard, E. VVhelan, F. Uhar, C. Owen, M. Shifflet, P. Stadler, Johnson, C. Clouch, S. Roth, K. Watts, L. Linke, S. Nivison, D. Francis, T. Whatley, P. Tarem, P. Welser, K. Smith, M. Collins, M. Swaim, B. Godsey, A. Evans, B. Thompson, K. Westmoreland, L. Hamilton, S. Macky, B. Finn, H. Hance, L. Gentry, L. Brown, L. Hughes, S. Springer, J. MacDon- ald, L. Strittmatter, Griffith, A. Frank, J. M.Jones, D. Montplasir, D. Moore, M. Vignali. Greek 73 ( i( i i Pres. D. Secrist, V. Prcs. B. Ellis, Sec. L. ShuU, Education N. Marks, Rush M. O ' Donnell, Co-Rush V. Ward, Treas. G. Wolf. From left to right: S. Nelson, G. Adkins, L. Matney, K. Cash, C. Brown, L. Shull, D. Secrist, M. Haddock, G. Grasich, M. Bachman, S. Willis, B. Ellis, M. O ' Donnell, V. Ward, G. Wolf, T. Martin, K. Blake, D. Wilson, J. Bristow, J. Niholas, L. Beckett, K. Taylor, B. Gordon, R Hughes, K. Dalrymple, R. Sparhawk, L. Holland, C. Minnix, C. Alexander, T. Fentress, C. Murphy, A. Houston, H. Conner, B. Deven, A. Dean, S. Hinte, L. Shadyac, D. Moser, M. Flora, M. Rainey, K. Miller, K. Tanner, L. Samway, C. Clark, A. Moore, T. Gravlin, S. Vaughan, S. Olsen. 74 Greek JCA From bottom of stairs to top: Denard Barnes, Tim Carlton, Sir Watler Mack, Teddy Blackwell, Maurice Withers, Darrell Britten, Rodney Evans, Thomas Edwards, Jeff Thompson. Greek 75 KX JKl From left to right. Row 1: M. Novey, S. Leach, C. BEazhard, P. Markley, M. Shriver, T. Rogers, D. Boggess, J. Voorhees, C. Kushner, A. Butler (Sweetheart) Riser, G. Smith, R. Brooks, Row 2, B. Walters, M. Allen, T. Mayes, R Ryan, T. Balkus, M. Currin, R. Borgstrom, G. Tripp, K. Cummings, M. Talbert, S. Hess, D. Christian, D. Freeman, D. Grady, J. Ryan, D. Lewis, S. Moncure. Row 3, M. Wessell, J. Kozuch, E. Rider, R. Lytle, K. Pond, K. Anderson, J. Burrows, Dog, C. Harrison, R. Morgart, S. Mench, M. DriskiU, A.. Owen, B. Bauhoff, S. Noffsinger. 76 Greek EOE Left to right. Row 1: T. Taylor, R. Gurganus, T. Gupton, M. Bernhardt K. Brottman, L. Strittmatter; Row 2: A. Dempsey, M. Garcia, H. Philbeck, B. Hicks, J. Holland, T. Hayden, P. Henderson. Row 3: S. Burke, J. Hooks, R. Hickman, T. Scales, J. Flourney, B. Fioretti, K. Merrit, K. Drumheller. Row 4: W. Story, S. Bushman, B. Abele, C. Gros, S. Smith, K. Griffen, T. Martin, R. Waterbury, ]. Rhoades. Row 5: C. Taylor, M. Kenn, J. Davis, C. Janelle, G. Meeks. Row 6; T. Martin, J. Smith, S. Ward, R. Shackleford, K. Willet, T. Smith, G. Wilhelm, J. Burton, T. Spink. Greek 77 En 1 - aPi-EUG e,„i » - ' l »76-l »86 M. Ambler, L. Ammons, L. Anderson, J. Batfs, T. Bell, R. Bull, T. Campbell, B. Coffman, E. Cozarf, B. Daughtry, J. Graves, E. Hardie, T. Hill, R. Kelly, M. Lanning, D. Lewis, B. Loy, J. Mercin, D. Martin, M. Shelby, T. Slalterv, E. Snider, J. Sprague, J. Straun, S. Su, G. Timberlake, S. Torpey, R. Van Ness, C. Wiley, R Yelverton, D. Scheiback, T. Smiddy Not pictured: S. Benny, C. Best, T. Colchin, E. Hyman, M. Joseph, C. Kirchner, C. Niquette, J. Noakes, J. Plumides, L. Puckett, L. Simmons, T. Strassner, C. Sweeney, R Tashian, R. Williamson. 78 Greek Left to right. Row 1: Sam Bossong, Bill Bruenig, Lonnie Horsey, Darrin Smith, Tom Howell, Andy Shaffer, Joe Thompson, David Oliver. Row 2: Beth Godsey (sweetheart 86-87), Haden Edwards, Daniel Perry, Steve Loy, Dave Dogan, Sean Tulenko, Pearce Mottershead, Kirk Monroe, William Powell, Lisa Hart (sweetheart 86-86), Doug Payne. Row 3: Greg Sproat, Roy Parks, Kurt Zeberlein, Greg Russell, Chris McCuUough, Kevin DeVol, Stewart Arrens, Michael Taylor, Kirk Eldridge, Jay Stirling, Bruce Wayland, Dan Foster. Greek 79 TKE G. Strauss, J. Cain, D. Rich, S. Blankenship, T. Fox, R. Stevens, R. Pearsal, J. Brothers, N. Sexton, J. Day, R. Armour, E. Strother, B. Bailey, D. Mirelli, R. Badgley, L. Stringer, D. Lawler, J. Quarterman, J. Harry, M. Flint, C. Jarrett 80 Greek nKO From left to right: Hist. B. Lee, Sec. S. Nelson, Archon J. Carretta, Treas. G. Krape, Warden T. Best, Chaplain R. Barnes. From left to right: Row 1, P. Finnegan, V. Price, S. Nelson, M. Muskus, C. Linquist, Sweetheart D. Shugart, A. Robbins, J. Dirlam, R. Poore, G. AUender, Row 2, R. Czechlewski, J. Oli va, R. Barnes, C. Bell, ]. Warren, S. Wilson, G. Krape, B. Lee, Row 3, J. Blake, M. Compton, B. Glass, J. Flardin, B. Brown, T. Temples, Row 4, E. Blake, J. Carretta, T. Best. Greek 81 AK ' ■ •4 •9 Jit: - " 1 1 L to R, Row 1: T. Taylor, R. Barnes, S. McClendon, K. Ethridge, C. Rickard, G. Martin, L. Oakes. Row 2: M. Treece, J. Tilley, K. Zeller, K. Cody, J. Ginton. Row 3: T. Nassief, J. Goodwin, M. Arraya, R. Evans, F. Mayhan. 82 Greek IFC From left to right: David Atkins, Terry Hall, Chris Wiley, V. President Ed Snider, President Greg Smith, Secretary Charlie Kashner, Joe Thompson, Bill Breunig, Mike Muskus. Not pictured: Treasurer Ed Youseff, John Carretta, Jack Quarterman, Dave Rich. Panhellenic Council Left to right, Rov r 1: Rexanne Ayers. Row 2: Bonnie Finn, Amy Tilghman. Row 3: Ginny Adkins, Amy Zeanon, Beth Peters, Melissa Essman, Janet Murphy. Row 4: Linda Matney, Cathy Chatham, Missy Swaim, Debbie Moore. Row 5: Marlee Blascak. Greek 83 ELON SPORTS FROM EVERY ANGLE WE ARE ON TOP sports 85 Baseball The day is bright and sunny. Large numbers of students head to Newson e Field. As the team warms up fans get a taste of the game that is about to be played. The stands become packed as play begins. The crowd fills with excite- ment as Elon plays baseball the way the game was meant to be played. Cheers from the crowd accompany each run scored by the powerful offense of Elon. Hits, steals, and great defensive plays are the way of life on the diamond for Elon. After the final out in the ninth inning, once again the scoreboard shows the victory goes to Elon. The day was starting to close out with the setting sun, another Elon victory, and the walk back up campus. Elon is ready at first base and is now looking toward second base. Left to right: J. Barrick, J. Caldwell, M. Sebesto, Head Coach R. Jones, M. Dean, D. Hyatt, C. W. Willis, T. Hardin. Not pictured R. Warren. 86 Sports Left to right: Row 1, C.W. Willis, D. Zachary, T. Largen, J. Neufang, K. Carter, M. Noccera, D. Crouse, B. Nemenz. Row 2, M. Schuster, N. Suann A Emer- son, R. Kmck, B Sontilh, M Sebesto D. Terry, J Duneon, B. Testa. Row 3, W. Hardin, T Alessi, D. Hyatt, T. Murray, B. Breheney, T Ford C Cole J Rus- sell. Row 4, Head Coach R. Jones S Lesmes, J. Barrick, M. Dean, J. Caldwell, Asst. Coach M. Hardin, F. Mays. Row 5, Manager G. Tobolski J Cook L Mayhew, R. Swady, M. Barnes, L. Zimmerman, D. Rodgers, Trainer T Blackwell. Bc u. iodoiski, j. «.ook, l. ' .: ' . ' a l : ]f i j l Elon 8 UNC-A 4 Elon 11 Wofford 10 Elon 4 UNC-A 1 Elon 11 use 14 Elon 6 UNC-C 2 Elon 15 Wingate 1 Elon 3; Wake Forest 16 Elon 11 Milligan Elon 7 Wingate 3 Elon 8 Wake Forest 11 Elon 6 Mt. Olive Elon 2 High Point 3 Elon 8 Mt. Olive 1 Elon 10 Guilford 6 Elon 10 Catawba 3 Elon 16 Pembroke Elon 5 W. Carolina Elon 8 Mars Hill 1 Elon 4 A. Christain 5 Elon 11 Mars Hill 1 Elon 4 A. Christian Elon 9 NC A T 2 Elon 9 Fairmont St. Elon 4 NC A T Elon 4 Pfeiffer Elon 6 Guilford 3 Elon 2 High Point 5 Elon 7 Pembroke 3 Elon 10 Blue Field 1 Elon 15 Pfeiffer 6 Elon 6 Blue Field 1 Elon 18 Catawba 8 Elon 7 Lenoir-Rhyne 2 Elon Gardner-Webb 3 Elon 5 Lenoir-Rhyne Elon 11 Gardner-Webb 1 Elon 7 Kent State 6 Elon 11 St. Augustine 4 Elon Kent State 1 Elon 11 Mt. Olive 4 Elon 4 Duke 7 Elon 4 Methodist 5 After another strike out, the catcher starts the ball around the infield. Sports 87 Men ' s Basketball Alumni Gym grows more and more crowded the closer the beginning of the game becomes. The fans stand and cheer when the team takes a big lead and urges them on if they fall behind. On the Noise Meter a steal gets a 5 and a sweet jump shot rates around a 6. Fast break lay-ups haul down an 8 or so. The only 10 occurs when there is a dunk and then most of the time it goes over a 10 to another level. The fans love to watch their team and follow them with great interest. The action gets fierce and so do the fans. The games are wonderful, full of everything special. Seated l eft to right: E. Hairston, R. Capps, H. Coe, Row 2 Coach B. Burton, E. Blair, H. Burrus, B. Branson, J. Russell, Coach E Haith, Row 3, S. Page, D. Barnes, T. Chase, T. Chavis, C. Calton, L. McCoUough. Another three point jump shot for the Christians. 88 Sports Inside hustle pays off with another rebound. Before the game, the team gets together to go over their strategy one last time before taking the court. Elon 68 Mt. Olive 67 Elon 48 Belmont Abbey 61 Elon 65 Mars Hill 48 Elon 72 Lynchburg 76 Elon 74 Gardner-Webb 66 Elon 71 Wingate 61 Elon 71 Greensboro 49 Elon 84 Atlantic Christian (OT)83 Elon 77 UNC-W 86 Elon 70 Guilford 68 Elon 82 Catawba 85 Elon 73 Pfeiffer 71 Elon 80 Lenoir-Rhyne 70 Elon 87 High Point 77 Elon 64 Wingate 70 Elon 71 Gardner-Webb 78 Elon 73 Catawba 58 Elon 76 Lynchburg 68 Elon 58 Belmont Abbey 63 Elon 70 Pembroke 71 Elon 89 Mt. Olive 63 Elon 73 Atlantic Christian 78 Elon 74 Pfeiffer 85 Elon 65 High Point 78 Elon 86 Guilford 76 Elon 77 Lenoir-Rhyne 67 Elon 71 Pembroke 74 Elon 82 Catawba 72 Elon 84 Atlantic Christian 95 Elon 72 Pfeiffer 77 Rating another ten on the noise meter, the dunk brings the gym to life with cheers. Sports 89 Women ' s Basketball Up for two . . . , and two more } Left to right. Row 1: Sharon Foust. Row 2: Lisa Briggs, Ann Byrd. Row 3: Paige Carver, Donna Martin, Mae Haith, Shannon Conway, K.T. Clapp. Row 4: Coach Jackie Myers, Lynnice Joyner, Lisa Hairston, Ann Walters, Paula Keaney, Barbara Johnson, Helen Strait, manager. 90 Sports K.T. Clapp faces up to a tough defense. Paige Carver tries it from the line. Sports 91 HGHTING CHRISTIAN FOOTBALL 1986 Fighting Christians: Row 1: T. Settles, S. Pickett, R. Evans, Row 2: T. Bines, J. Slade, R. Linens, J. Bradsher, L. Harris, R. Overton, J. Simmons, G. Minson, Row 3: J. Blanton, D. Dunovont, N. Morris, C. Ward, C. Taylor, K. Willett, T. DiPietro, S. Ruck, R. Purcell, Row 4: W. Williams, D. Logan, R Mullen, T. Ferrell, E. Williamson, C. Caster, R Sumerell, T. Rogers, Row 5: T. Farmer, J. Duffel, K. Jones, D. Emery, D. Ambrose, K. Campbell, H. Avery, G. Dixon, D. Clark, Row 6: C. Beathard, A. Morrison, N. Rowell, R. Parks, J. Bublewicz, R. Barnes, T. Bryan, A. Gentry, O. Washington, T. Stockton, Row 7: M. Barret, L. Esters, R. Patterson, T. Raper, B. Turner, D. Herring, T. Smith, T. Helms, M. Palmer, M. Carter, Row 8: D. Lindsey, K. Megorden, J. Rhodes, T. Ferrara, K. Alderman, C. Johnson, T. Dickson, K. Blackburn, J. Davis, B. Wallace, Row 9: W. Spencer, W. Baker, R Wheeler, M. Borders, K. Thigpen, T. Bishop, J. Wadsworth, S. Herring, S. Best, Row 10: J. Jones, C. Holly, M. Ramsey, L. Brocken, C. Eley, R. Augenbaugh, S. Davis, S. Mayo, Row 11: R. Burnett, G. McRee, T. Freeman, K. Perry, M. Faucette, D. Oakley, A. Priest, M. Ollari, Row 12: Student Coach G. Williams, Manager C. Woodson, Manager B. Johnson, Manager D. Jones, Coach M. Howell, Coach B. Lindsey, Head Coach M. Garden, Coach D. Bodle, Coach C. Hassard, Coach B. Baily, Coach B. Humphries, Student Coach J. Welborn. 92 Sports The Elon defense was often brutal. 1 i 1 ' ' • ii " jaV y .,SrT! W , H iii " :r 2 - ' Another field for Elon. Ion ' s passing game took off. Early Saturday afternoon, the crowd starts to gather at Burlington Memorial Stadium. Cars, trucks, vans and buses line the road for blocks. The parking lot fills early with tailgaters who make a day of it. No matter how the fans arrive, they come for two reasons — to support the Elon football team and to have a good time. As the kickoff nears, the fans grow intense, waiting to see Elon destroy the opponents. As the ball sails through the air, the crowd is transformed from a nor- mal group of college students and sup- porters into crazed fans. The team never lets them down, giving their all and pro- ducing exciting plays. The constant moving of the ball on offense arouses Fighting Christians in the bleachers. The crushing defense makes fans on both sides of the field shudder as oppo- nents are hit by the great headhunters. By the end of the game, the fans are worn out, but the players are still going strong, fighting until the last second drops from the time clock. The fans begin to filter from the stadi- um, milling toward their cars. Success fills the air Elon has won — again. Now the celebration begins. Elon Football — 1986 Elon 31 Ferrum 16 Elon 41 Guilford 7 Elon 15 Carson-Newman 12 Elon 28 Lenoir-Rhyne 21 Elon 36 Presbyterian 13 Elon 37 Catawba 7 Elon 33 Gardner-Webb 31 Elon 41 Newberry 22 Elon 33 Liberty 23 Elon 14 Mars Hill 20 AH players gave 110 percent. Sports 93 SCOREBOARD Elo n 30 Guilford 10 Elon 25 Carson-Newman 13 Elon 33 Lenoir-Rhyne 27 Elon 21 Ferrum 8 Elon 9 Presbyterian 12 Elon 34 Catawba 3 Elon 3 Gardner-Webb 10 Elon 42 Newberry 31 Elon 20 Wofford 26 Elon 20 Mars Hill Great pass blocking lead to aerial attack Coaches give formation to quarterback 94 Sports The offensive line allowed running on the ground. Elon drags opponents up and down the field. Open field tackle by defense. The team is cheered on by cheerleaders. Other teams had a hard time running from Elon. Sports 95 Men ' s Tennis Elon Elon 9 7 Wingate UNC-A : 2 , ? Elon 8 Pfeifer 1 am Elon Elon Elon Elon Elon Elon Elon 4 6 7 3 5 2 Appalachian Armstrong Campbell Charleston College Presbyterian Belmont Abbey Davidson 5 3 ' 2 ' 9 : 6 i 2 7 Elon Elon 9 3 Liberty Guilford 6 Elon 3 Harvard B 6 Elon 5 High Point 4 Elon 7 UNC-W 2 Elon 8 East Carolina 1 Carolina Conf. 2nd Elon 9 ACC (for)O District 2nd • v. E 4 - Doubles play, which makes up 1 3 of the match, focuses on team work, trust, and great athletic talent. From left to right. Row 1: D. Moerstedt, J. Gagnon, J. Roediger, C. Stone, B. Scott, Row 2, A. Lloyd, S. Hager, Coach T. Parham, T. Nossief, D. Johnson. 96 Sports Women ' s Tennis From left to right: T. Brosman, J. Davis, M. Patterson, M. Henson, J. Goodman, C. Wall L Tohr A. Walters. Elon Elon 6 Wingate UNC-C 3 9 Elon 4 Mars Hill 5 Elon Elon Elon 7 9 Campbell Lenoir-Rhyne Guilford 2 9 Elon 6 Catawba 3 Elon 9 St. Andrews Elon 9 Pembroke Elon Elon 7 1 Longwood High Point 2 8 Elon 9 NC A T Elon 6 Pfeiffer 3 Elon 2 ACC 7 Elon 4 UNC-W 5 Elon 2 UNC-A 7 Carolina Conf. 4th District 2 4th Baseline play is one of Elon ' s secrets to success over their opponents on the tennis court. Sports 97 Men ' s Soccer The opponents shot is stopped with easy. The quick outlet leads to an amaz- ing pass up field. From there the ball is centered. The next pass moves the ball out to the wing where the forward fakes the defender and shoots toward goal. From the other side, another Elon player drives and heads the ball into the goal. Teamwork, action, and excitement fill the days of fall when the Elon College soccer teams are playing. The crowds on the hill love to watch and cheer in awe of the athletic players. The defense for Elon was headed by good goalies. From left to right: Row 1, T. Balkus, M. Shriver, J. PuUen, E. Kurtzeborn, K. Rackley, R. Boscia, H. Fitts, Row 2, B. Sillah, T. Johnson, P. Mortemoscue, S. Smith, S. Graham, R. Freitag, Row 3, Head Coach, S. Ballard, Asst. Coach E. Vetack, G. Cowell, R. Christ, E. Brown, T. Hudson, M. Wessels, M. Dickenson, R. Bacnato, C. Wines, E. Holfhienz. 98 Sports Elon moves the ball with the greatest of ease. Below, Elon out guns their opponent. ■ ' Elon 1 UNC 4 Elon Elon 2 Campbell Mars Hill 5 (OT)l Elon 1 Averett 2 Elon Pfeiffer 1 Elon 1 Atlantic Christian (OT)2 Elon 6 Mt. Oliver Elon Elon 4 High Point Pembroke (OT)0 2 Elon Lenoir-Rhyne 2 Elon Guilford 1 Elon 3 Methodist (OT)2 Elon 1 East Carolina Elon Elon Elon 2 2 2 NC Wesleyan Wingate Catawba 1 4 Elon Elon 2 Belmont-Abbey NAIA Playoffs Guilford (OT)l (PK)1 .« - The play by the Elon team surpassed many of their opponents. Sports 99 Women ' s Soccer Elon UNC 7 Elon 1 Randolp Macon Elon 3 Methodist 1 Elon 3 NC Wesleyan Elon 8 Warren Wilson Elon 1 Mercer (OT)2 Elon 3 Sweet Briar Elon 1 Hollins (for)O Elon 7 UNC-A Elon 4 Guilford NAIA Eastern Quarterfinals Elon 1 Erskine NAIA Eastern Regionals Semi-Finals Elon 1 Kauka NAIA Eastern Regionals Finals Elon Berry, Ga 2 From left to right: Row 1, K. Maraney, S. Rees, J. Smith, K. Porter, M. Vignali, J. Magana, B. Brawley, Manager H. Hoffman, Row 2, D. Taylor, L. Donegan, B. Hammeal, C. Pedalino, S. Olson, K. Houser, T. Makers, Row 3, Head Coach S. Ballard, Asst. Coach M. Minner, M. Pennoycr, K. Punches, J. Croxton, C. Skinner, A. Presley, M. Shelton, P. Sacco, T. Evans. The defense by the girl ' s team lead to many shutouts. 100 Sports Elon starts to prepare for the spike after the attempted block. Volleyball Elon defeated NC Wesleyan Elon lost to Guilford Elon lost to UNC-Wilmington Elon lost to Penibroke Elon lost to NC A T Elon lost to UNC-G Elon defeated Gardner-Webb Elon lost to Lenoir-Rhyne Elon defeated Pfeiffer Elon defeated Longwood Elon lost to Liberty Elon lost to Atlantic Christian Elon lost to Clarion Elon lost to Liberty Elon defeated Atlantic Christian Elon defeated UNC-Asheville Elon lost to Wingate Elon lost to High Point Elon lost to Kings College Elon lost to Mars Hill Elon defeated Pfeiffer Elon defeated NC A T Elon lost to UNC-G Elon lost to UNC-Wilmington Elon lost to Gardner-Webb Elon lost to Catawba Elon lost to Mars Hill Elon lost to Atlantic Christian Elon lost to Pfeiffer From left to right: L. Sink, M. Cowherd, G. Ray, K. Uzzell, D. Martin, F. Pitts, M. Engle, K.T. Clapp, T. Miller, L. Frick, D. Timmons, Coach S. Ray. Sports 101 Softball The game we all think that we can play is a specialty to the members of the Elon softball team. These girls play the game like few weekend ath- letes can. The team makes the game even more fun to watch than it is to play Skill and hard work pay off in victories for Elon. Spring just would not be the same without the softball games being played for the thrill of victory and nobody does it as good as the women from Elon. The pitch is off and looks to be another strike. But, with an Elon batter at the plate the ball will be hit. Great plays in the outfield keep the opponents from ever getting to first base against Elon. 102 Sports From left to right: Row 1, M. BrayBoy, L. Temple, K. Uzzell, K. Porter, D. Timmons, T. Makers, S. Perry, B. Brawley, Coach S. Ray Third baseman scoops up ball on the way to throw the ball to first for the out. Elon 6 Guilford 8 Elon 6 Guilford 4 Elon 11 Mt. Olive 12 Elon 6 Mt. Olive 3 Elon 2 Pembroke 4 Elon 2 Pembroke 5 Elon 3 Lenoir-Rhyne 8 Elon 11 Lenoir-Rhyne 7 Elon 7 Catawba 8 Elon 15 Catawba 8 Elon 2 Lenoir-Rhyne (Tn.)4 Elon 7 Pfeiffer (Tn.)8 Elon Catawba (Tn.)6 Elon 9 Mt. Oliver (Tn.)4 Elon 3 Pfeiffer Elon 4 Pfeiffer 8 Elon 7 Atlantic Ch. 14 Elon 11 Atlantic Ch. 12 Elon 10 Wingate 7 Elon 4 Wingate 3 Elon 5 Wingate (CC Tn.)0 Elon 4 Catawba (CC Tn.)7 Elon 1 Guilford (CC Tn.)2 Elon 4 Mt. Oliver 2 Elon 10 Mt. Olive 2 Elon 10 Campbell 3 Elon 7 Campbell 6 Sports 103 Wrestling Elon 35 Pfeiffer 12 Elon 35 Pfeiffer 12 Elon Invitational Southern Open Elon 15 NC State 30 Elon 11 Virginia Tech 35 Elon 7 Pembroke 45 Elon 19 Campbell 26 Elon Clemson 49 Elon 36 SC State 24 Elon 16 Carson-Newman 23 Elon 7 U of Tenn. 43 Wash ingtc 3n and Lee Invitational 2nd place Elon 34 Georgia Tech 16 Elon 23 Davidson 18 Mid-South Invitational 4th Elon 6 Pembroke 48 Elon Duke 43 NAIA District 26 Tn. 3rd Elon takes control of the match and the opponent. From left to right. Row 1: S. Carter, S. Young, C. Moore, C. Spruill, N. Mills. Row 2, Coach R. Budd, M. »jstin, J. Downs, B. Burkett, C. Victor, J. Southworth, B. Henderson, R. Beam, Coach J. Lincb }rr " . 104 Sports Golf The two pictures above show Elon golfers at their best on the tee and green. Pacer Invit. 7th out of 24 Campbell Invit. 4th out of 20 Max Ward Invit. 2nd out of 24 Camp Lejeune Invit. 3rd out of 15 William and Mary Invit. 5th out of 18 District Tournament 2nd in District Virginia Invit. 2nd out of 15 Members of the golf team practice on the putting green. The team spends a whole lot of time on the course practiciiig. Sports 105 CHEERLEADERS The time had finally come. All the long hours of work, practice, and train- ing were about to pay off. The routine started with a command from the head cheerleader. Slowly the group would pull together while still cheering. The pyramid begins to form — bottom layer first. My part of the tower was to raise the girl to the top and then to catch her as she dismounted. It is a lot harder than it sounds. If you miss the landing, she will get hurt. As she leans back, I brace myself for the weight about to land in my arms. I am glad for the long hours of training — because this is not easy at all. The cheerleaders perforin stunts and cheers at the football games to pep up the crowd. Team-work, dedication, and long hours of practice make the towers look easy to the fans. 106 Sports Becca McCuiston, Jimmy Eggleston, Shell McKay, Tom Mayer, Teresa Gauldln, Jeff Wilkerson, Co-Captaln De De Simmons, Don Moore, Pete Braatz, Captain Kelly York, Captain Bryan Frederick, Lisa Perry, Mark Coffin, Michele Southwood, Carl Funderburk, Andrea Faulkner. Debbie McCormlck, Captain Elizabeth McMillan, Chris McDowell, Tina Albright, Co-Captain Mi- The spirit of the cheerleaders keeps the crowds ex- chele Ewell. " ed. Sports 107 Freshmen Sophomores Juniors Seniors The Classy Angle 108 Seniors David Adcock Tracie Alexander Stephen B. Allen Marie Amato Michael Ambler Randal Armour Wesley Ashburn Rexanne Ayers Susan Ballance Rick Barnes Brian Batchellor Rebecca Bauman Terry Best Sheila Beauvais Lisa Berrier Tim Bines Tracy Black Ken Bobbitt Ralph Bossia John Bradsher " ,N a: ' ' ■ u, Seniors 109 Jack Brady Brian Keith Branson Ann Bravender Kim Bride Robert Brettler Lisa Briggs Janet Bristow Gene Brooks Theresa Brosnan Kara Brothers Lauren Brown Ronald Budd L ' Tanya Burch Karen Burke | Beth Burroughs Brandy Burroughs Scott Bushman Eric Blair Roger Garden John Garretta Kevin Gates Michael Ghilton 110 Seniors Kelly Cody Mark Coffin Gary Collins Tonya Core John Cowperwaith Susan Crace Elizabeth Cretel Deborah Crite Chad Cromer Amanda Crotts Susan Culverhouse Nancy Daly John Davidson Wendy Davis Michael Dean Douglas Dover Kathie Dudley Carrie Duvall Cindy Edwards Thomas Edwards Lisa Elliott Elizabeth Ellis Seniors 111 Nancy Engkvist i Janet Eure Russell Evans f Yvonne Evans Mike Faircloth Tim Farmer Stephanie Feather Ken Ference Amy Ferguson Jordan Ferm James Fisher John Flourney Beth Foster Ted Fox Anne Frank Kecia Frazee Cynthia Frick Leslie Gallagher Curtis Garvey John Gastineau 112 Seniors Teresa Gauldin Robin Gobble Jill Goodman Leon Goodman Gayle Grasich John Greaves Julie Gravett Amy Griffith Richard Gurganus Maura Guthrie Mary Margaret Haddock Todd Hall Eric Hammond Elizabeth Hansen Nancy Harper Michael Harrelson Jane Harris William Harrison Christy Harrup Teresa Hawk Seniors 113 Bobby Hawley f Connie Hayes Suzanne Heberle Mike Helfrich Jackie Hess Steve Hess Robert C. Hickman Robert Hicks Terry Hill Wilma Hilliard Christopher Hines Sondra Hinte Bobby Hoffman Kevin Hogan John Holland Karen Holland Randall Holley Robert Scott Howard Amy Howell Kamran Jabari Steven Jackson Chris Janelle 114 Seniors Ben Johnson Kendall Johnson Richard Johnson Jane Marie Jones Jocelyn Keels Allison Ketner Tamara King John Kiser Julius Koonce Pete Koort Edwin Kurtzeborn Sondra Lang Tammy Renee Lankford Kara Lashley Charlene Layne Jeff Lazenby Mary Leahy James Leahy Scott Leatherman Timothy Lee Joel Leonard Anne Lewis Seniors 115 Karl Lindquist Allen Lloyd Alex Long Delia Luke Mike Lundahl James MacKintosh Robert Manners David Martin Gail Martin Martin Matthews Melody McDuffie Thomas McGinty II Nancy Medley Andrew Meeks Sandy Mershon Michael Minner Cynthia Minnix Ronald Minter Amy Mintz Kirk Monroe 116 Seniors Carla Moore Raye Moore Mary Moral Pam Moran Neal Morris, Jr. Alphonzo Morrison Susan Myatt Sharon Nail |A Steve Nelson Chris Newton Todd Nassief Tammie Noward kfiKft B : r . .V, T4 John Nye Michele O ' Donnell Janice Orlando Jennifer Owens Michaelle Owens Tammi Oxman Greg Partin Linda Patterson Seniors 117 Mary Perez Robin Perreault Susan Perry Penny Pickering Donna Pitts Ronald Pollack William Poston DeEtte Poulin Ken Powell Vince Price " 7 Katherine Pritts Pam Prosser John Pullen Kim Punches A tT f ' kihik Jack Quarterman t Alycia Quick Dave Rich Curtis Rickard Billy Riggs Sally Roberson Sherry Roberson Wendv Roe " " ' 118 Seniors J.J. Russell James Ryan Ted Salyer Debbie Schallock Delana Secrist Anthony Settles Lisa Shadyac Lydia Shull Tom Smiddy Jill Smith Karen Smith Lisa Smith Tonya Lea Smith Melony Sneed Sheri Sochurek Joanne Speers Catherine Stockard Lee Ann Strittmatter Keith Stallings John F. Sullivan Jo Anna Sutton Barbara Taylor Seniors 119 Todd Taylor Cindia Thomas Eddie Joe Thompson Jeanne Tilley Wendy Tilley John Tobias - ' V V Greg Tripp Bp Valeria Tuck p Susan Vaughan Ron Vasseliza Mariah Vignali Laura Vincentini Darleen Walker Denise Walker John Walker f Cindy Wall Tracie Warren Tiffany Watts Scott Ward Tracie Weary Carol Weisband James White 120 Seniors Paul Williams Jr. Philip Williams Stephanie Williams Helen Wilson Kevin Winterstein Maurice Withers David Woltz Cathy Woodson Scott Wood Joe Wrenn Susan Wyatt Julie Wynn Renee Yates Anne Zamenick Curtis Zeberlein Kevin Zeller Seniors 121 Juniors Kevin Anderson Sandy Anderson Sandra Apple Stewart Arens Mauricio Arraya Reginia D. Averette Robert Baines Laura Beckett Diana Belcher Dean Blackbarn Rachel Bohrer Robert Bond Beth Boyle John Bogle Mia Brayboy Debra Briggs John Brothers Tracy Bryan David Burton Brendan Carmody Pam Cason Geoff Cass Craig Casten Cathy Chatham Annette Cobbs 122 Juniors Michelle Collins Lisa Coltrane Amy Coppedge Dallas Corey Barbara Cosby Scott Carter Becky Crowe Lisa Cuatrecasas Darren Cubell Martin Curren Leela Dawson Rich Davis Chris DeBiasi Elizabeth Deven James Dirlam Jennifer Downs Kerry Anne Doyle Ken Drumheller Sherry Duvall Pam Eaton Deborah Eger Tim Edwards James Eggleston Mary Taylor Everette Pat Everette Juniors 123 Loren Fare Dedi Farrell Patrick Finnegan Bonnie Finn Criste Flagg Sarah Forbes John Foster Jackie Frakes David Gaffney Susan Gardiner Jimmy Gaurity Jeff Giaton Taura Glass Beth Godsey Junie Goodwyn Barbara Gordon Sherri Gothorp Julianne Graham Amy Graybill Amy Griswold Kirk Hamilton Linda Hamilton ,, Naomi Hanna P Thomas Hardie Sheila Hawson 124 J uniors Reginald Hayden Dorothy Hayes Julie Healander Forest Heley Greg Hill Beth Hirschy Lisa Holland Lonnie Horsy Andrea Houston Matthew Howell, Jr. Kimberel y Huffines Bradley Shawn Hughes Ernie Hyman Todd Ingold Michael Jacobs Elaine James Duane Johnson Patti Johnson Anne Jonas Maurine Justard ■r Jeff Kaigh Charles Kashner Paige King Ann Koenig Rita Kountis Juniors 1 25 Phyllis Lackey Bob Landrum Brett Lee Christine Lee Lyn Linke Karen Locklear Melinda Gail Locklear Donald Long Gerard Luck Shell Mackay Maria Martin Robert Mason JoAnn Massei Linda Matney Tom Mayes Fitzhugh Mayhan Heather McCumber Patricia McDowell Tom McKinnon Timothy Mears Lisa Milanak Norris Mills Dwayne Mirelli Web Mitchell Alexander Moncure 1 26 Juniors Brian Moore Rebecca Moore Crystal Morrison Ken Morrison Melinda Nelson Monica Newman Suzanne Newton Lee Norwood Lee Oakes David Oliver , , •« % v % , • » r Sheri Olson Barrie O ' Neill Kathryn Onno Robert Overton Steve Page Katherine Parks Vicki Paschal Douglas Payne Salli Bost Peck Jimmy Perdue Beth Petus John Plumides Jeff Pratt Todd Proctor Earnest Purcell Juniors 1 27 Tina Quinones Gordon Rankin Kim Rhinehart Cobby Raymer Lisa Rieck Sara Riley Karvic Roberts Scott Robertson Tommy Rogers Tina Rosencrans Jane Rudisill Jerry Russell Susan Ryan Tim Scales Kathy Schmidt Claudio Serrapiglio Bryan Sexton Michael Sher Monica Shefflit Beth Shockley Danny Shreve Jeffery Slade Keith Slusher Chris Small Darrin Smith 128 J uniors Scott Smith Luanne Snider Shelly Stack Anetta Stadler Patti Stadler Steve Stadler Kimberly Stanley Lynda Stell Tommy Suman Christopher Summer Missy Swaim Scott Tatum Melinda Thaxton Donna Thibodeau John Timberman Michelle Truce Vicki Trimakas Courtney Trueblood Jeffrey VanNess Lisa Vassas j mm. ' Susan Vaughn " 1 Eric Vetack |n I Van Vorhess Kimberely Wagoner Gordon Walker { fj Juniors 1 29 Gale Walser Brian Walter Victoria Ward Carol Warnkel John Warren Beth Warwick Raymond Watkins Chris Weinbock Trey Whitehead Beth Williams Eric Williams Pam Wilkins Mary Jo Wrenn Lisa Wright Robert Yarbrough Mark Young Stafford Young Shawn Youmans Amy Zeanon Karen Zeller Omar Zeiton 130 Juniors Sophomores Melanie Abbott Kevin Alderman Charah Alexander Margaret Allen Chris Amaral Carolyn Amesse Luke Anderson Octavio Aquilera Jennifer Ashby Alan Bailey Andrea Baker Tom Bakus Delores Barringer Susie Barringer Kevin Barton Kim Batchellor Jonathan Bearfield Casey Beathard Leslie Bell Deborah Benson Leslie Berliant Scott Berry Missy Billing Everett Blake III Deni Blanchard Sophomores 131 Kevin Blythe David Boggess Robert Borgstrom Benjamin Boules Hank Bowen Peter Braatz Stephanie Brannon Bruce Breeger Lynn Bregler Nicole Bridges Mike Briggs Darryl Brittain Alease Brown Karen Brown Christine Brunini Priscilla Buff Russell Bull Kris Cameron Lee Campo Tim Carlton Cameron Carter Dean Carter Stephanie Causey Don Coyton Mary Centanni 1 32 Sophomores Jean Chausse Sylvia Chavis Rodney Clapp Allison Clayborne Billy Clayton Dave Clem Ed Coates Genie Coble Howard Cole Kimberly Collins Spruill Collins Mark Compton Deborah Coulbourn Grantham Cowell Martha Cowherd David Cox Terri Cox Edward Cozart Craig Crabtree Mike Crater Sharon Cronin Al Crosby David Grouse Jeff Davis Bryan Daughtry Sophomores 133 Angie Dean Lori Deese Lisa DeStefano Kevin Devol Renee Dignard Eric Dixon Liz Dixon Nancy Dobson David Dogan Kelly Dolan Angela Doss Michelle Doss Carol Dove John Down John Dray Tracy Drum Doug Dula Darrin Eaton Bill Edwards Haden Edwards Angrid Emerson Brian Emory Dave Emery Herb Evans Michelle Engle 134 Sophomores Steve Evans Teresa Evans John Everett Michelle Ewell Anthony Fairchild Lesley Faison Trisha Fentress Warren Field Jane Finley Bruce Fioretti Melanie Fleming Mark Flint Daniel Foster Charles Fowles Jenny Frick Carl Funderburk Kent Gaines Gretchen Gamble Jeff Gann Mike Genova Andy Gordon Carla Graham Brooks Gravitt Trish Gravlin Stephen Gutman Sophomores 1 35 Trey Gwaltney Maye Haith Wendy Hanford Tony Handy Elizabeth Hannan Wendi Harrell David Hart Kelly Hayes Kimberly Headen Todd Helms Zane Hembree Bob Henderson John Herbert David Hibbard Donna Hinton Denise Hizaroglu Heather Hoffman Scotti Holland Emily Howard Barbara Howell John Hoyle Cyndie Huber Lauren Humphrey Allison Hunter Nicole Husemeier 136 Sophomores Susan Huther Carter Jarrett Christy Johnson Cliff Johnson Lori Johnson Patricia Johnson Todd Johnson Craig Jones Donna Jones Katherine Jones Renee Jones Karen Journell Bob Joyce Craig Kapitula Maria Kealy Greg Kennedy Amy Kimrey David King Phil Koda Marmie Krauss Lisa Kula Richie Lacks Mark LaMaskin Patricia Lamb Lynn Langpaul Sophomores 137 Michael Lanning S Edward Leahy Jeff Leonard Peter Lesiewicz Nina Lindley Brooks Long Steve Loy Sir Walter Mack Monica Mancuso Tara Martin Monique May Les Mayhew Kris McCoy Deborah McCuiston Kimberly McGee Cassi Mclnerney Lori McManus Kathy Meadows Leatha Meadows Vic Medlin Kent Megorden Melanie Minton Delores Mitchell Kym Miuer Alice Moore 138 Sophomores Linda Morgan Dana Moser Lila Morrison Clement Munno Janet Murphy Mike Muskus Elizabeth Nagorski Bill Nemenz Lindia Nicholas Jenny Nicholas Terry Nickleston William Niven Stephen Noffsinger Angela Norris Nicole Novak Mark Novey Karen Novick Bruce Nunn Mark Nutter Nilda Orban William Ormond Rosa Ozment Melvin Palmer Roy Parks George Pastidis Sophomores 139 Diana Pastrana Beulah Perdue Cindy Perry Daniel Perry Chip Pfeiffer Heydt Philbeck Amy Phillips Don Pike Terri Pope Julie Porter Kristine Porter Jerie Porter William Powell Aline Presley Nancy Pritchard Larry Puckett Brian Quakenbush Kelley Quigley Kelley Rainey Missy Ramsey Robin Rapkin Dana Ravell Christine Rawn Matt Reid Melissa Reynolds 140 Sophomores Eric Rider Russell Roach Renn Robertson Wendy Rocknak Jorge Rose Greg Russell Hugh Rutledge Jeanie Sanchez Lisa Sanderlin Randy Scott l- . Keith Screws Susan Semonite Andy Shaffer Bonnie Shinnamon Jeff Siffert Bob Sillah Kathy Sink Timothy Slattery Trisha Slawson Gary Smith Tim Smith Todd Smith Tracy Snellings Timothy Spink Jeff Stauffenberg Sophomores 141 Ross Stevens Angela Stone Greg Strauss Deborah Stuart Doug Sweeney Myron Talbert Ed Tate Kevin Tate Tonya Taylor Todd Temples Elizabeth Tenney Brian Testa Benny Thomas Holly Thomas Jeffery Thompson Kendal Thompson Christi Timmes Tammy Turner Ray Van Ness Judy Velez Donna Vickstrom Dawn M. Wagner Dawn Wagner Belinda Wall Kathi Wall 142 Sophomores 15 m Jay Zimmerman Valerie Zipf Steve Waltman Orlando Washington Armon Waters Kelly Watts Marty Weems Lisa Westerlund Tanya Whatley Elizabeth Whelan Deborah Wilson Genny Wilson Stephanie Wilson Sylvia Williams Anne Withers Claudia Wolf Allen Wolff Jennifer Wooten Donald Wright Lynda Wright David Wyatt David Young Sophomores 1 43 Freshmen Karen Abrams Greg Abshire Stephanie Adams Linda Adamson Kim Adkins Tina L. Albright Dawn Alexander Katie Alley Robin Alverson Sean Anderson |f V Lindley Andrew Amy Andrews Gayle Arkwright Mathew Austin Kristi Avent Brian Bales David Baker Tracy Baker Lawanna Barefoot Michael Barnes Julie Barton Ritch Beam Margie Beasley Brad Bell Dawn Bell Dana Bennett Joyce Bennett Lisa Berstein Ninette Bichner Jennifer Biddy 144 Freshmen Jeff Blair Jim Blankenship Karen Bock Jennifer Boddy Michael Boldue Carey Bowen Janet Braxton Michael R. Britt Walter Britt Mark Borders Bob Brown Cheri Brown Christine Brown Tiffany Brown Crystal Bryan Heidi Buckner Bill Burkett Kathy Burger Jim Bush Sarah Cadle Paul Anne Cagle Karen Cain Beth Carpenter Susan Carr Gib Carson Donna Sue Case William Cason William Cavey Kathleen Caulfield Tony Chase Freshmen 1 45 Robin Cheek Melissa Chestnut Tammy Childress Wendi Childs Peyton Chitty Bill Clark Christopher Clark Karen Clark Roger Clark Kristin Clayton James Clearly Angle Coley David CoUignon David Connelly Shannon Conway Tracey Cooper Robert Corritore Lisa Couch Tyler Courtney Hunter Cox Susan Cox Julie Cozart Jeanne Cradock Leslie Creek Beth Crichton Jason Cromer Joye Croxton Laura Curits Virginia Curtis Kristine Dachtera 146 Freshmen Kelly Daniel Guy Daniels Megan Daugherty Andrew Davis Kym Day Louis DeFeo Denese Dejerf Stephanie Deshazor Melissa Dexter James Dobson Tex Donahue Maria Donio Tara Dosier David Douglas William Drewery Susan Durrer Melissa Dwyer Molly Edmondson Dawn Edwards Trisha Etheridge Greg Euliss Erica Faison Andrea Faulkner Drew Fite William Fitts Brenda Fletcher Jeff Forbes Tonya Fortner Mike Frame James Frank Freshmen 1 47 Melissa Frank Rich Freitag Mark French Kathy Friend Tim Gainey Stephanie Galvagna David Gambogi Tom Gast Sheri Geer Jenny Geoghegan Greg Giddens Bruce Gilbert Jennifer Giles Kimberly Glisson Dean Goad Andrew Gorman Sam Goldman David Graham Todd Graves Keith Gravitt Brian Gray Heather Gray Robin Gray Samantha Green Barri Greenberg Mike Greer John Gregory Brent Gribble Laura Joy Grill Jeff Grizzard 148 Freshmen Miik Edward Grzelakowski Martha Gualtieri Cheryl Gunar Cathy Hadley Brooke Hall Jill R Hall Brand! Hammeal Lynn Hargrove Jeff Harless Michael Harris Sandra Harth Alexandra Harnett Stephen Harty Michelle Hawthorne Susan Hayes Clare Hedge Kirk Helfenbein Elizabeth Henderson Kevin Henderson Mary Henson Stephen Higgins Christa Hiner Robin Hinton Erik Hofheinz Kerri HoUis Robert Hubler Todd Hudson Trent Hudson Matt Hulbert John Humphries Freshmen 1 49 Katheryn Hums Kelly lonta Todd Jakub Jennifer James Suzi Jenkins Amy Johnson Barbara Johnson Karin Johnson Lori Johnson Stephen Johnson Lara Jones [ Charles Jordan Michelle Joyce l Lynnice Joyner Teresa Keck Laura Keller Rob Kelly Cheryl Kern Steve Kerr Lisa Killmon Christopher King Chris King Lee Knight Penny Knode Tracy Knott Andrew Kreeger Heather Kutz Helene LaMonna Elizabeth Lanca ster Ricky Lawson 150 Freshmen Jerry LeBlanc Traci Lees Jeanine LeFavor Rick Leighton Diane Lighter Ronald Lineberry Mark Lochbaum David Loy Chip Lupo Amy Mabry Kim Mailley Beth Marotta Tom Mann David Mascitti Donna Mason Frank Massa George Massey Rena Mauldin Preston Mayo Kelli McAbee Mary McAuliffe Susan McCaffery Arthur McCann Debbie McCormick Rebecca McCuiston Jim McCuUough Stephen McDonald Criss McDowell Randal McFarland Stephen McGettigan Freshmen 151 Libbv McGuirt Frank McGee Elizabeth McMillan Carole McMurry Lance Meacham ■ I Meredith Meers Adam Megenity Tommy Merritt Lisa Messer Lisa Michael Chris Michallis Max Miller Toby Miller Marie Milliken Carla Mills Karen Mills Brad Mitchell Kimberly Mitchell Drew Mobley Dominic Moerstedt Ronald Moltenbrey Todd Montgomery Cedrick Moore Tracy Moore Stacy Morris Pierre Mortemousque Pam Mulloy Tricia Mulloy Phill Murdock Christine Murphy 152 Freshmen Tim Murray Win Neagle Patti Neal Paige Nelson Terri Nelson Lauri Nickerson Parrish Nicholas Michael Nixon Vicki Nobles Lori Norwood Ken Nuebler Drew Nutter Elizabeth Nye Scott Oakes Robert Odell Frannie Oglesby Kellie O ' Hara Dominic Orlando Michael OuUette Carla Owen Jamie Owen Susan Page Laurie Panas Schon Parris Deborah Parrott David Passerell Scott Patch Susan Pearce Christine Pedaline Neil Peek Freshmen 1 53 Scott Peppard Julie Perry George Perry Lisa Perry Suzette Perry Dwayne Peterson Shannon Petry Angela Phelps Elaine Phillips John Phillips Julie Phillips Ronnie Phillips Sandra Phillips Tracy Pickett Holly Pierce Paul Plawin Melissa Poling Richard Pond Joe Porter Christine Poulos Julie Prosser p " Ana Presentados k Archie Beasly Priest Melissa Privett Lissa Quinlan 154 Freshmen Ryan Quinn Alison Rabon Lynne Rambo Lark Ramsey Ellen Reamy Rene Reilly Jonathan Richardson Tim Ridings Leigh Ridenhour Greg Riggo Daniela Rigutto Babs Riley Ted Robbins Keith Roberts Preston Robertson Danny Rodgers Rusty Rose Ian Ross Elizabeth Rowe Janie Rucker Shelly Rudd John Russell Kim Salter Bill Sanford Jana Sawyer Freshmen 1 55 Tim Scantor Danny Scarborough Nancy Schelin Mike Schnackel Gwen Schnelzer William Scott Taylor Sean Angela Seate Tammy Seate Peggy Serridge Laura Shepherd William Snowden Barry Silverstein Amy Sinclair Lisa Sink Karen Slotke Anastasia Smith Judy Smith Kevin Smith Kim Smith R P » % L ■ jN M »«- iiyi W ! " 12i t Kristen Smith Michael Smith Robert Smith Holly Sniffen Catherine Snyder 156 Freshmen Valeria Sorrell Michele Southwood Jon Southworth Jeff Squire Robert Stadnicki Lisa Stancil Toni Statute Kyle Stearns Terri Steadman Stephanie Steelman Tamara Steen Karen Steward Jeff St. John Helen Strait Tom Stratford Victoria Strelec Ken Stubenhofer Jennifer Sullivan Kris Summey Bill Stuschek Lisa Sviben Nicki Talbert Tina Tally Susan Thomas David Thompson Freshmen 1 57 Kathryn Tilghman Pamela Tirrella Greg Tobalski Heidi Tompkin Lisa Toomer David Townsend Karen Trader Jamie Tulp Hal Turnage Burt Turner Cheri Turpin Curtis Tulley Kim Ungemah Aubrey Utz Kelly Uzzell Douglas Vaughan Jr. Leslie Vick Neal Vick Tracy Valardi Christie Villanasco Mathew Vore Wendy Wade Sam Wallar Jacqueline Walker Mike Walker 158 Freshmen Windelin Walker Christy Walsh Ann Walters Ann Ward Kraig Wartham Dawn Washington Wendy Waters Jeanne Watson James Webber Erick Weis Heather Weiss Scott Weiss Terri Wells Eric West Sharon West Laura Wheelin Noel White Tracey Whitesell Jeff Whitmore Karen Whitney Brian Wichern Amy Windham Marie Wingo Jeff Wilkerson Larissa Witt Freshmen 159 Anna Williams Barry Williams Kim Williams Timothy Williamson Sandra Willis Regina Woelfe Ashley Wood Don Woodard Richard Woodard Scott Woodcock Shannon Woodrow Ginni Wray Craig Yardley Doug Zachary Greg Zaiser Jeff Zammitt Leslie Zib Bob Ziegler Dennis Zimmerman Les Zimmerman Mvi 160 Freshmen Administration Dr. J. Fred Young, President of the College, takes a break from a busy schedule. Mr. Bob Poindexter, Vice-President for Administrative Services, works hard to keep students and staff happy. Dr. Warren Board, Vice-President for Academic and Student Af- Dr. Jo Watts Williams, Vice-President for Development, keeps an fairs, is quick with a smile. eye on the college ' s future. 161 Faculty Faculty Jimmie Agnew David Atkins Steve Ballard Lynne Baunach Robert Baxter F Buck Bayliff Barry Beedle Jennings Berry Lydia Berry Carrie Bishop Robert Blake Warren Board Chalmer Brumbaugh Pam Brumbaugh Mike Calhoun Nira Carter Brooks Cates Carole Chase Barbara Cox • J. Earl Danieley 1 62 Faculty and Staff Robert Delp Naola Fearrington Jane Ferrell Gerald Francis Don Grady Seena Granowsky Ken Harper Priscilla Haworth Richard Haworth Kevin Holland Herbert House Mary Ann Inabnit Ray Johnson Plummer Jones Jr. Lisa Kimbro Ronald Klepcyk Betty Maness Richard McBride Duane McClearn Nancy Midgette Reid Montgomery Robert Nowell Jim Pace Jana Lynn Fields Patterson Faculty and Staff 1 63 Robert Poindexter F R. Lee Proctor Lela Faye Rich William Rich Jane Romer George Rasmussen Janie Salter Lauren Schepker Gay Shepherd Dottie Souder Joyce Speas Lucille Stone John Sullivan Scott Thomson Carole Troxler Whitney Vanderwerff Ann Vickers Linda Weavil Teresa Weavil Jane Wellford J. Christopher Wilson j iPR Teresa Wilson William Wood Ann Wooten 1 64 Faculty and Staff 1986-87 Faculty and Staff Adams, Jerome ETighsh Adkins, Susie Purchasing Agnew, Jimmie Chemistry Albertson, Andrea Athletics Albertson, Mark Registrar Alexander, J. Wesley Mathematics Allen, Lorraine Accounting Allred, Jay Computer Center Anderson, Ralph Economics Anderson, Robert Special Programs Angyal, Andrew English Arcaro, Thomas Sociology Artley, Malvin Music Atkins, David Student Activities Bailey, Robert Athletics Baise, Cindy Accounting Baker, Martin Athletics Bales, Susan English Ball, Kathy Accounting Ballard, Stephen Athletics Barbee, William Mathematics Basirico, Laurence Sociology Baunach, Lynne Chemistry Baxter, Robert Business Administration Bayliff, Buck Auxiliary Services Beedle, Barry PE and Health Belton, Rhonda Computer Center Bennett, Laura Print Shop Typography Berry, Lydia Library Berry, W. Jennings Academic Advising Beveridge, Thomas Economics Bingenheimer, Elaine Music Bishop, Carolyn Financial Aid Blake, Robert English Bland, Lamar English Bland, Linda History Blessington, Joan Marie Computer Center Board, Warren Academic I Student Affairs Bodle, David Athletics Boone, Marsha Admissions Bowers, Mark ROTC Bradberry Barry Admissions Financial Aid Bradshaw, Joseph Admissions Bragg, David Fine Arts Bravender, Paul Fine Arts Bright, Cephus ROTC Brock, Herman Accounting Brogan, Wesley Education Brooks, Jeanne Sociology Brown, Janie PE Health Browning, Charles ROTC Brumbaugh, Chalmers Political Science Brumbaugh, Pam Cooperative Education Bruno, Jerry Political Science Bryan, Carolyn Campus Shop Burton, Robert Athletics Butler, Ann English Butler, Bill Food Services Calhoun, Mike PE Health Campbell, Evelyn President ' s Office Carden, Karen hitramurals Carden, Lonnie Mack Athletics Carmen, Fleta Office Administration Carpenter, James Mathematics Carrico, Jane Personnel Carroll, Andy Custodial Services Carter, Nira Library Cassebaum, Anne English Cates, Brookes Socio Sciences Chase, Carole Religion Cheek, Thelma Development Christian, Carolyn Campus Shop Clapp, Margaret Accounting Coad, Susan Music Collins, Marilyn Cashier Coltrane, George Business Administration Conally, Faye Accounting Cooper, Brenda Political Science Cottrell, AUin Economics Covington, Betty Academic Advising Covington, Raymond Admissions Cowell, Richard Custodial Services Cox, Barbara Print Shop Crawford, Shirley Development Creech, Phyllis Registrar Creech, Terry Security Crowe, David History Daniel, Edwin Art Danieley, J. Earl Chemistry I Development Dean, Sandra Campus Shop Dejoseph, Jeannine Residence Life Delp, Robert History DeWoody, Donna Physical Plant Doster, Donald Admissions Dula, Vivian Music Eliason, Peggy Learning Resource Center Ellington, Robert Health Sennces Essen, Alice Financial Aid Euliss, Helen English Fearrington, Nell Student Affairs Fenn, Elizabeth History Ferrell, Jane Telephone Services Fields, Hugh Biology Fishel, Gayle Publications Fitchett, Donna Admissions Financial Aid Fitzgerald, Jeri Development Fowler, Jane Registrar Francis, Gerald Academic Affairs Fromson, Paul Psychology Fulkerson, Christopher Media Services Gaffigan, Michael English Gagnon, Ellen Student Affairs Gagnon, Maureen Security Galluci, Kathy Biology Gibne y, Daniel Accounting Gill, Diane Library Gill, Russell English Gilliam, Doris Athletics Goter, Arlene Music Grady, Don Communications Granowsky, Seena Psychology Gray, Patricia Fine Arts Greene, Betty Cytotechnology Greene, Ronald English Greeson, Stanley Maintenance Grubbs, Bill Sports Information Hall, Lisa Campus Shop Harper, Ken Admissions Harper, Lou Athletics Harris, Franklin Physics Harris, Keith Development Harris, Nancy Biology Harris, Rebecca Academic Affairs Haskell, Rosemary English Hassard, Clay Athletics Hatcher Susan History Haworth, Priscilla Learning Resource Center Haworth, Richard Mathematics Hayes, Joanne Mathematics Helberg, David Education Henley, Nancy Health Services Henricks, Judy Art Henricks, Thomas Sociology Herold, John English Higgs, Howard Human Services Hightower, Vicki Computer Info. Science Hightower, William Computer Info. Science Holland, Kevin Chemistry HoUoway, Jerri Registrar Holt, Cheryl Mathematics Holt, Paul Electrician Holt, Steve Telecommunications House, Herbert Biology House, Rebecca English Howell, Mike Athletics Howren, Harry Business Administration Hudson, Michael Computer Info. Science Hughes, Karen Cashier Humphries, Robert Athletics Inabnit, Mary Ann Library Jackson, Charlie ROTC Jobe, Margaret Library Johnson, James Administrative Services Johnson, Leonard ROTC Johnson, Ray Communications Jolly, Bill Media Services Jones, Rick Athletics Jones, Regina Athletics Jones, P. Alston Library Kasting, Gretchen Admissions Keith, William Music- Keller, Connie Library Kimbro, Lisa Registrar Kinard, Jeff Art King, Robert Music Kinney, Patricia English Communications Kiser Pamela Human Sennces Klepcyk, Ron Student Affairs Klopman, Susan Publications Lamb, Melinda English Lewis, Michael Music Lindsey Robert Athletics Link, Carol Music Long, William Alumni Parent Relations Luko, Valerie Student Affairs Lunsford, Ernest Foreign Languages Lyday-Lee, Kathy English Mackay, Helen English Maffeo, Betty Accounting Maness, Betty Education Maney, Doris Cashier Marion, Carolyn Library Marr Michael Business Administration Martin, Vickie Purchasing Matlock, Jacqueline Admissions May, Angela Admissions McBane, Carol Administrative Services McBride, Richard Chaplain McCauley, Mary Developoment McCauley, Larry Physical Plant McClearn, Duane Psychology McClellan, Robie Business Administration McDowell, Ian English McDowell, Timothy Community Relations McGhee, Nadine Mathematics McMurray, William Economics McNamee, Kathleen Accounting Mebane, Barbara Health Services Midgette, Nancy History Migniuolo, Will English Mitchell, John Administrative Services Moncure, James History Montgomery, Reid Religion Moon, Edward Music Morningstar, William Development Morton, Jane Education Mroz, Richard Medical Laboratory Tech Murphy, James Mathematics Myers, Jacquelyn Athletics Nardelli, Kimberly Health PE Recreation Newton, Louise Development Nix, Carol Publications Nowell, Robert Communications O ' Connell, Mary Louise English O ' Leary, Susan Accounting Oakley Carol Academic Student Affairs Oliver, Eugene Accounting Olson, Todd Fine Arts Orbert, Annette Financial Aid Pace, Carol Library Pace, James Religion Parham, Thomas Athletics Parks, Anne Music Parra, Bobbi Computer Center Patterson, Jana Lynn Fields Student Affairs Peace, Robert Cytotechnology Perkins, Nan Publications Phillips, Susan Registrar Pickens, James Psychology Piepke, Susan Foreign Languages Plumblee, Barbara Academic Computing Poindexter Robert Administrative Sennces Pollock, Lillian Humanities Powell, Sally Library Proctor Lee Residence Life Proffitt, Brank Development Pugh, Jeffrey Religion Pugh, Ruth Fme Arts Rao, R.D. Biology Rasmussen, George Communications Ray, Susan Athletics Reece, Janie Mathematics Reichard, Rosalind Mathematics Rich, Lela Faye Pre-Major Advising Rich, William Academic Affairs Richardson, Janice Mathematics Riddle, Kay Cashier Riggs, Jan Campus Shop Robinson, Chester Residence Life Rodriquez, Gerardo Foreign Languages Romer Jane Foreign Languages Routh, Lloyd Grounds Supervisor Salter, Mary Jane Health Services Sanders, Allen Accounting Sanders, Shirley Mathematics Sanford, Susie Accounting Santucci, John Religion Savage, Betsy Career Planning Scanlan, James Mathematics Scarlett, Elaine Mathematics Schepker, Lauren Student Act. Chaplain Shepherd, Gay Library Shiel, Katharine Campus Shop Shotzberger, Martin Business Administration Simon, Lawrence Education Simpson, Judith Mad Sennces Simpson, Lewis Landscaping Simpson, Lynda Mad Services Sissom, David Biology Slade, Yvette Admissions Smith, Allen College Engineer Smith, Martha English Smythe, Thomas Philosophy Soliday, Joanne Admissions fmoncifl Aid Souder Dottie Residence Life Speas, Joyce Mathematics Stanley, Frances Development Stokes, Durwood College Historian Stone, Lucille Campus Decorating Advisor Sullivan, John Philosophy Sullivan, Patrick Music Sykes, Cynthia Development Tabor, Julia Admissions Financial Aid Taylor, George Public Administration Ten Eyck, Stephen Music Thompson, Karen Placement Thomson, Scott Education Thornton, Barbara Medical Laboratory Tech. Tiemann, Thomas Economics Tingen, Martha Academic Affairs Toney, James Economics Troxler Carole History Troxler, George Cultural Programs Vanderwerff, Whitney English Vickers, Ann Library Wade, Deborah Placement Wall, David Computer Center Waller, Bruce Philosophy Walton, Helen Mathematics Ward, Sherri Admissions Warren, Gwynn Admissions Warren, William Music Way, Nick English Weatherston, Shirley Academic Advising Weavil, Linda Office Administration Weavil, Teresa Telephone Services Wellford, Jane Fine Arts Whitaker, Patti Mathematics White, Alan Athletics Whitesell, Cheryl Registrar Wilkins, Michelle Residence Life Williams, Ellen Music Williams, Jo Watts Development Williams, Nancy Admissions Williams, Robert Economics Williams, Terry Media Sennces Wills, Kyle Athletics Wilson, J. Christian Religion Wilson, Teresa Library Wood, William Business Administration Wooten, Ann Education Wortham, Carol Human Services Wortham, Robert Religion Young, J. Fred President Young, Pamela Campus Shop Zang, Margaret Library Zarzar, Rudolf Political Science Abbott, MeUnie 1504 Timbercrest Lane. Richmo nd, VA 23233 Abele HI, William 764 Pinebrook Drive, Virginia Beach, VA 23462 Abrams, Karen 395 Woodhdge Avenue, Woodridge, NJ 07075 Abshire, Gregory 1 28 Cambridge Drive, Vinton, VA 24179 Adams, Stephanie 1723 Aftonshire Drive, Greensboro, NC 27410 Adamson, Linda 439 West Pine Avenue, Wildwood, NJ 08260 Adcock, Jr., David Route 3, Box 87, Fuquav-Vahna, NC 27526 Addams, David 721 Oal Hill Dnve, Boiling Springs, PA 17007 Adkins, Kimberly 107 First Street, CollinsviUe. VA 24078 Adkins, Virginia 813 Colonial Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 Agner, Ruth 413 Martin Avenue. Graham. NC 27253 Aguilera, Octavio Ac Zempoala 111 Vista Del Valle. Naucalpan. Mexico 53290 Al-Habahbeh, Hussein P O Box 21033, Greensboro. NC 27420 Albano, James 1641 Cuttv Sark Road. Virginia Beach VA 23454 Albertson, Andrea PO- Box 954. Elon College. NC 27244 Albright, Johnny 1529 NC 61. Whitsett, NC 27377 Albright, Tina 415 Wirsing Avenue, Greenburg. PA 15601 Alderman, Kevin PO Box 311, Rose Hill, NC 28458 Aldridge, Linda Route 1, Box 77-B, Yanceyville, NC 27379 Aleman, Tanya 1316 Gardencrest Circle, Raleigh, NC 27609 Alessi, Thomas 729 Deer Street, Dunkirk, NY 14048 Alexander, Charah 207 Dominion Dnve, Newport News, VA 23602 Alexander, Dawn 138 Maryland Avenue, Magnolia, NJ 08049 Alexander, Tracy 1116 Rockbridge, Norfolk, VA 23508 Alfieri, Mark 27 Wyckham Road, Spring Lake Heights, NJ 07762 Allen, Kimberly 315 Forestview Drive, Elon College, NC 27244 Allen, Lorraine Route 6, Box 389, Burlington, NC 27215 Allen, Margaret 1614 Monticello Street, Petersburg, VA 23805 Allen, Michael Route 6, Box 389, Burlington, NC 27215 Allen, Stephen 2524 Mt, Pleasant Blvd., Roanoke, VA 24014 Allen, Tamara 712 Trail Two, Burlington, NC 27215 Allender, Gregory 18 Still Way Court, Cockeysville, MD 21030 Alley, Jason 195 North Bailey, Fallon, NV 89406 Alley, Katie Route 3, Box 22 Cedar Lane, Reidsville, NC 27320 Alley, Sally 10236 Steuben Drive, Glen Allen, VA 23060 Allison, Michael 206 Courtland Drive. Elon College NC 27244 Allison, Vickie 110 West McAden Street. Graham. NC 27253 Allred, Jay 2446 Moran St Apt. D. Burlington. NC 27215 Almeida, Kimberly 481 Sandv Point Avenue. Portsmouth. RI 02871 Almquist, Babette 11 Robbins Drive. Barrington, Rl 02806 Alverson, Robin 2236 Lacy Street, Buriington, NC 27215 Amaral, Christopher 1305 14th Place, Vero Beach, FL 32960 Amato, Mary HI Robin Road, Oxford, NC 27565 Ambler, Michael 160 Sunset Drive, Amherst, VA 24521 Ambrose, David PO Box 1371, Elon College, NC 27244 Amesse, Carolyn 7912 Larrick Court, Springfield. VA 22153 Ammons, Lawrence 644 Dover Place, Danville, VA 24541 Anders, Susan 38 Webster Street, Laconia, NH 03246 Andersen, Luke 2017 Faige Drive, Fayetteville, NC 28306 Anderson, Bryan Route 9, Box 220, Buriington, NC 27215 Anderson, John 197 Villere Dnve, Destrehan, LA 70047 Anderson, Sandra 1710 Swannanoa Drive, Greensboro NC 27410 Anderson, Scott Route II, Box 68, Buriington, NC 27215 Anderson, Sean 42 Highland Road, Montvale, NI 07645 Anderson III, Marshall 1413 Kershaw Drive, Raleigh, NC 27609 Andrew, Blake Route 1, Box 167, Snow Camp, NC 27349 Andrews, Amy 6122 Roxboro Road, Durham, NC 27712 Andrews, David 30 Devonshire Dnve, Salisbury, MD 21801 Andrews, Junessa 1305 North Hillcrest, Covington VA 24426 Andrews, Peter 733-F The Colony Apartments, Buriington NC 27215 Andrews, Susan 2004 Homewood Road, Annapolis MD 21402 Andrews, Susan 3701 Brandywine Drive, Greensboro, NC 27410 Anton, Kara 201 West Greenwav North, Greensboro. NC 27403 Anionelli, Michelle 146 Davis Road, Malvern, PA 19355 Antonucci, Craig 6512 Sweetwater Drive, Derwood, MD 20855 Apple, Annie Route 4, Box 264, Graham, NC 27253 Apple, Linda Box 5109 511 First Street, Gibsonville, NC 27249 Apple, Roger 6620 NC 61 North, Gibsonville, NC 27249 Apple, Sandra 3922 High Rock Road, Gibsonville. NC 27249 Apple, Stacey 5908 Trotting Course Lane, Gibsonville, NC 27249 Apple, Sylvia 2048 Edgewood Avenue, Burlington, NC 27215 Apple, Wesley Route 4, Box 51, Reidsville, NC 27320 Arbaugh, Victoria 1109 Somerset Place, Lutherville, MD 21093 Arens, Jr., Stewart 3000 Farmington Place, Wilson, NC 27893 Arkwright, Gayle 3507 Reid Circle, Monroe, NC 28110 Armour, Randall 404 Country Club Drive, Newark, DE 19711 Armstrong, Edwin 2506 Pineway Drive, Burlington NC 27215 Armstrong, Keith 461 Stewart Ave,, Brick, NJ 08723 Armstrong, Marilee 2506 Pineway Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 Armstrong, William Building P2, Apt 13, Panther Valley, Hackettstown, NJ 07840 Arraya, Mauricio Castilla 543, La Paz, Bolivia Arvidson, Eric 508 Tucker Street, Buriington, NC 27215 Ashburn, John 3809 Tangle Oak Drive, Clemmons, NC 27012 Ashby, Jennifer 12620 Kornett Lane, Bowie, MD 20715 Ashley, Frederick Route 1, Box 471, Mebane, NC 27302 Askin, Stacey 3801 Great Neck Court, Alexandria, VA 22309 Atkins, William 834 Sherwood Road, Asheboro, NC 27203 Atkinson III, Meade 501 Salisbury Street, Mocksville, NC 27028 Aughenbaugh, Robert Route 1, Box 647, Julian, NC 27283 Ausherman, Stephan 210 Bennington Drive, Chapel Hill, NC 27514 Austin, Matthew 8124 Birnam Wood Drive, McLean, VA 22102 Auten, Margaret Route 10, Box 63, Reidsville, NC 27320 Avent, Kristina 343 Fairfax Drive, Winston-Salem, NC 27104 Averette, Regina 423 Virginia Avenue, Chase City, VA 23924 Avery, Jr., Hugh Route 5, Box 24, Marion, NC 28752 Aycock, Stephanie Route 4, Box 222, Mebane, NC 27302 Ayers, James 1315 Rugby Road, Chariottesville, VA 22903 Ayers, Lisa PO. Box 356, Marion, NC 28752 Ayers, William 35 Wedgedale Drive, Sterling, VA 22170 Ayersman, Jeffrey 224 Clubhouse Drive. Roanoke, VA 24019 Bachman, Meredith 18901 Marsh Hawk Lane, Gailhersburg, MD 20870 Badgley, Leroy 224 82nd Street, Virginia Beach, VA 23451 Bagnato, Ralph 825 Doncaster Drive, West Deptford, NJ 08066 Bailey, Alan 507 Oakland Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 Bailey, Robin 392 Edinburgh Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 Baird, George 3022 Forestdale Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 Baird, Jr., David 147 Clancy Circle, Gary, NC 27511 Baisley, Barton R D 5, Box 322, Lexington, VA 24450 Baker, Alice 3207 Forestdale Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 Baker, David 1400 Wilmington Avenue, Richmond, VA 23227 Baker, Karen Route II, Box 506, Roanoke, VA 24019 Baker, Martin PO Box 1 169, Elon College, NC 27244 Baker, Thomas 307 Third Street, Cheraw, SC 29520 Baker, Tracey 65 Dietrich Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15238 Baker, Jr., Beniie 618 Kivett Street. Buriington. NC 27215 Balberde, Jeffrey 2E College Towne Apartments. Elon College. NC 27244 Bales, Brian 1216 Chestnut Drive, Smithfield, NC 27577 Bales, Eldridge 10 3 Candlewood Drive, Elon College, NC 27244 Balkus, Thomas 4 Avon Court, Mount Laurel, NJ 08054 Ballance, Susan 105 Edgehill Drive, Franklin, VA 23851 Ballard, Janet Route 5, Box 321 Bowen Rd , Chapel Hill, NC 27514 Bandell, Jonathan 1227 Roundhill Road, Baltimore, MD 21218 Barber, Wendy 111 Hilly Cirele, Plymouth, NC 27962 Barbour, Andrea 609 Rolling Road, Haw River, NC 27258 Bare, Ronald Route 1, Box 189, Grumpier, NC 28617 Barefoot, Lawana 414 East Renovah Ciixrle, Wilmington, NC 28403 Barham, Kathern 2604 Cromwell Road, Greensboro, NC 27407 Barker. Andrea Box 7209 East Joyner Street, Gibsonville, NC 27249 Barnard, Andrew I02-F Denise Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 Barnard, Janet 102 F Denise Dnve, Burlington, NC 27215 Barnes, Charles 2311 West Front Street, Burlington NC 27215 Barnes, Dennard 1302 Kingsport Road, Greensboro, NC 27406 Barnes, Michael 22 Tennis Terrace, Sparta, NJ 07871 Barnes, Robert 1201 South Main, Farmville, NC 27828 Barnes, Tern 4202 Waco Drive, Greensboro, NC 27406 Barnes III, Alonzo 1325 West Davis Street, Buriington, NC 27215 Barnetl, Carole 13 Flanders Drive, Pinebrook, NJ 07058 Barney, Susan 2416 Moran Street, Buriington, NC 27215 Barnwell, Judy 813 North Main Street, Burlington, NC 27215 Barr, Robin Route 3 Box 143-H, Graham, NC 27253 Barrett, Joseph 111 Carolina Ave , Burlington, NC 27215 Barrett, Michael Route 6, Box 296-L, Burlington, NC 27215 Barrett, Rebecca 3260 North Ohio Street, Arlington, VA 22207 Barrick, John 1467 Bradley Avenue, Hummelstown, PA 17036 Barringer, Carrie PO, Box 146, Blowing Rock, NC 28605 Barringer, Delores 706-A Staley Street, Burlington, NC 27215 Barton, Julie 729 East of Chesterfield Lane, Virginia Beach, VA 23454 Barton, Kevin 157 Verna Street, Franklin, VA 23851 Bass, Rodney 1220 Sedwick Road, Durham, NC 27713 Batchellor, Kimberly 4204 Maylock Lane, Fairfax, VA 22033 Batchelor, Brian Route I, Box 15-K, Bryans Road, MD 20616 Batts, Jonathan 624 Biscayne Drive, West Palm Beach FL 33401 Baughn, Jessy Route 1, Box 360, Stoneville, NC 27048 Bauhof, William 1632 East Richardson Road, Westminster MD 21157 Baumann, Rebecca 10703 Howerton Avenue, Fairfax, VA 22030 Baunach, Dawn 111 Catawba Court, Chapel Hill, NC 27514 Baxter, Bonnie PO, Box 755, Elon College, NC 27244 Baxter, Joseph 20 Forest Garden Road, Stevensville, MD 21666 Baxter, Shirlie PO. Box 755, Elon College, NC 27244 Bay, David 8500 Shadeway Place, Springfield, VA 22153 Beam, Richard 2012 Union Road, Gastonia. NC 28054 Beam, Jr„ Joe 64 Webb Court, Morehead City NC 28557 Bearfield, Jonathan 409 Leak Street, Rockingham, NC 28379 Beasley, Margie 164 Liberty Lane, Clayton, NC 27520 Beathard, Casey 2322 Sawdust Road, Vienna, VA 22180 Beauvais, Sheila Route 2, Box 7, Franklin, VA 23851 Beaver, Max 222 Aloha Drive, Graham, NC 27253 Beckett, Laura 2223 Greenstone Drive, Wilmington, DE 19810 Beebe, Tamela 3208 Old Oak Lane, Hope Mills, NC 28348 Belcher, Diana 315 Lee Street, Richlands, VA 24641 Bell, Christopher 3209 Seidgefield, Statesville, NC 28677 Bell, Dawn Route 1, Box 103, Hays, NC 28635 Bell, Leslie II06 Country Squire Drive, Milton, FL 32570 Bell, R. 14200 Artie Avenue, Rockville, MD 20853 Bell, Richard 1826 New Garden Road, Greensboro, NC 27410 Belongia, Robert PO Box 833, West Point, VA 23181 Belt, John 626 Knox Road, Wayne, PA 19087 Belton, Nancy Route 10, Box 299-A, Buriington, NC 27215 Belton, Rhonda Route 7, Box 605-10, Burlington, NC 27215 Belvin, Mellie 318 South Riverdale Drive, Durham, NC 27712 Benesch, Anthony 1739 Old Arbor Way, Mebane, NC 27302 Benfer, Kelly Route 6, Box 379, Bridgetown, NJ 08302 Benner, Ricky PO Box 3195, Roxboro, NC 27573 Bennett, Dana Route 1, Box 247, Alberta, VA 28321 Bennett, Joyce PO Box 401, Chester, VA 23831 Benolken III, George Route 1, Box 338, Elon College, NC 27244 Benson, Deborah 123 Hawthorne Avenue, Haddonfield, NJ 08033 Bercher, Clarence 4820 Wood Valley Drive, Raleigh, NC 27612 Berliant. Leslie 1514 Berwick Road, Ruxton, MD 21204 Bernarde, April 1208 Brigade Drive, Chesapeake, VA 23320 Bernhard, Matthew 12 White Avenue, Lavallette, NJ 08735 Bernstein, Lisa 1301 Allenwood Drive, Salisbury, MD 21801 166 Index Berrier, Lisa Route 4, Box 234 Becky Hill Road, Lexington, NC 27292 Berry, Scott 14613 Featherstone Road. Woodbridge, VA 22191 Berry IL Vernon 1325 Mulberry Road, Martinsville, VA 24112 Best, Christopher 509 Colechester Drive, Knightdale, NC 27545 Best, Suzanne 4908 Prestwick Drive, Fairfax, VA 22030 Best, Terry 1809 Rand Road, Wilson, NC 27893 Bestler, Michael 1001 Mulberry Road, Martinsville, VA 24112 Bevis, Esther 11022 Melissa Court, Fairfax, VA 22030 Bichner, Ninette PO- Box 7, Corolla, NC 27927 Biddy, Jennifer 1000 Oakhurst Avenue, High Point, NC 27260 Biggerstaff, Jill 1125 Country Ridge Road, Raleigh, NC 27609 Billings, Carole Route 1, Box 276-38, Burlington, NC 27215 Billings, Melissa Route 7, Box 355, Buriington, NC 27215 Bines, Timothy 46 Howard Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11221 Bishop, Adam Route 2, Box 864, Bassett, VA 24055 Bishop, Eric 720 West Harden Street, Graham, NC 27253 Bishop, Sharon Route 6, Box 150, Buriington, NC 27215 Biltle, Jay 4623 Cheltenham Road, Fayetleville, NC 28304 Bittner, David 13910 Jimtown Road, Thurmont, MD 21788 Black, Candice 406 Hawthorne Lane, Burlington, NC 27215 Black, John Paul 1608 Harriet Drive. Burlington, NC 27215 Black, Michael 1109 Fair Street, Burlington, NC 27215 Black, Sonja Route 2, Box 295A, Troutville, VA 24175 Black, Tracy PO. Box 613, Hayesville, NC 28904 Blackburn, Harold 4528 Argier Avenue, Durham, NC 27703 Blackburn, Stanley 309 Ralph Drive, High Point, NC 27263 Blackwell, Teddy Route 12, Box 284, Salisbury, NC 28144 Blair, Djvid 5112 Valleyrun Road, McLeansviUe, NC 27301 Blair, Eric 1613 Sundew Court, Bowie, MD 20716 Blair, Jeffrey Box 19 Deerfield Estates, Boone, NC 28607 Blais, Jason 7103 Hundsford Lane, Springfield, VA 22153 Blake, Dina 2289 Lakeview Terrace, Burlington, NC 27215 Blake, Everett 2208 Sulgrave Drive, Wilson, NC 27893 Blake, Jonathan PO Box 864, Elon College, NC 27244 Blake, Kristi Route 3, Box 1110, Hayes, VA 23072 Blakeslee, Julie RO Box 36, Pomfret, MD 20675 Blanchard, Denise Route 3, Box 339-B, Burlington, NC 27215 Blankenbaker, James 9443 Cherwek Drive, Lorton, VA 22079 Blankenship, Scott 3329 Doncaster Courts Virginia Beach, VA 23452 Blanton, Jr., James US. 117 North, Wallace, NC 28466 Blascak, Marlee ATCD (I) HQ, Tradoc, Ft Monroe, VA 23651 Blevins, Paula 208 CoUinwood Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 Blumenthal, Nancy 83 Boathouse Lane, Bay Shore, NY 11706 Blythe, Kevin 2 Keswick Court, Winston-Salem, NC 27103 Bobbin III, Hardy 1117 Franklin Street, Burlington, NC 27215 Bock, Karen Road 2, Box 166, Halka Way, Englishtown, NJ 07726 Boddy, Jennifer 505 Glendale, Westmont, NJ 08108 Boelte II, Edwin Route 1. Box 139-B, Salemburg, NC 28385 Boggess, Ralph PO Box 494, Bedford, VA 24523 Bohigas, Maria 510 Atwater Street, Buriington, NC 27215 Bohrer, Rachel 3607 Groometown Road, Greensboro, NC 27407 Boldman, Rhonda 2208 Hathaway Drive, Greensboro, NC 27408 Bolduc, Michael 17 Chestnut Lane, Newburgh, NY 12550 Boiling, Robert 2923 Woodthrush Drive, Roanoke, VA 24018 Bollman, Juli 189 Sagamore Drive, Murray Hill, NJ 07974 Bond, Mark 1020 Green Hill Farm Road, Riesterstown, MD 21136 Booke, Jr., Henry 930 Wellington Road. Winston-Salem. NC 27106 Borders, Jonathan 8038 Township Road 103 Route 2, MiUersburg, OH 44654 Borders, Lynne Route 4, Box 64, Graham, NC 27253 Borer, Michael 332 Fountain Place, Burlington, NC 27215 Borgese, Joseph 10105 Earthstone Court, Raleigh, NC 27615 Borgstrom, Robert 132 Powderhorn Lane, Media, PA 19063 Boscia, Ralph 421 Billingham Drive. Buriington, NC 27215 Bossong, Samuel PO, Box 789. Asheboro. NC 27203 Bost, Stanley 262 Lincoln Street S.W., Concord, NC 28025 Boswell, Edward Route !, Pilot, VA 24138 Bowen, Carey 414 10th Avenue, Huntington, WV 25701 Bowen, Harry PO Box 361, Cape Charies, VA 23310 Bowers, Doreen 2860 Greenwood Road, Chesapeake, VA 23321 Bowman, Janie 338 Fountain Place, Burlington, NC 27215 Bowman, Thomas Route 1, Box 224-A, Westfield, NC 27053 Bowman, Jr., Henry Route 1, Box 561, Julian, NC 27283 Boyd, William 1315 North Shore Drive, Asheboro, NC 27203 Boyer, Elizabeth 1488 Shadow Oaks Place. Charlottesville, VA 22901 Boyle III, John 2530 Arrandell Road. Midlothian. VA 23113 Boyles, Benjamin 1210 Retreat Lane, Winston-Salem, NC 27106 Bozman, Maurice 503 Tony Tank Lane, Salisbury, MD 21801 Braalz, Peter 139 Holly Hill Lane. Southbury. CT 06488 Bracken, Larry 203 South English Street. Greensboro. NC 27401 Bradley Laurel PO. Box 503, Gibsonville, NC 27249 Bradley, Mark 313 Bywood Drive, Durham, NC 27712 Bradley, Richard PO Box 6418G, Gibsonville, NC 27249 Bradshaw, Kelly 513 Wickwood Drive, Chesapeake, VA 23320 Bradsher, John Route 1, Box 585, Hillsborough, NC 27278 Bradsher, Susan 1375 Old Salem Road. Roxboro. NC 27573 Brady, Jack Route 4, Box 139- A, Lynchburg. VA 24503 Brandenburg, Kimberly Route 7. Box 76. Burlington. NC 27215 Brandenburg, Paul Route 7. Box 76, Burlington, NC 27215 Brannan, Stephanie 906 Oakbourne Road, West Chester. PA 19382 Branson, Brian 309 Forest Drive, Graham, NC 27253 Bravender, Ann 204 Travis Lane, Gibsonville, NC 27249 Brawley, Elizabeth 150 Glenbrook Drive, Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054 Braxton, Janet Route I, Box 77-A, Snow Camp, NC 27349 Brayboy, Mia 916 Union Street. Cary. NC 27511 Brazelton, Connie 1425 Momingside Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 Breeger, Bruce 191 Beechmont Drive. Newport News, VA 23602 Bregler, Priscilla 2113 Wright Avenue, Greensboro, NC 27403 Breheny, Michael 25 Rebecca Road, Canton, MA 02021 Bremekamp, Maurice 3 Comanche Drive, Middletown, NJ 07748 Brennan, Brian 1460 S W. 8th Avenue, Boca Raton, FL 33432 Brettler, Robert Route 11. Box 216. Buriington, NC 27215 Breunig, William 1457 Nevnda Drive. Toms River, NJ 08753 Bride, Kimberly 6201 Cromwell Drive. Bethesda. MD 20816 Bridgets, Christopher 3102 Old Salisbury Road, Winston- Salem. NC 27107 Bridges, Amanda 4181 Shattalon Drive. Winston-Salem. NC 27106 Briggs, Debra PO. Box 121, Walnut Cove, NC 27052 Briggs, Gary Box 71, Roxboro, NC 27573 Briggs, Lisa 512 Ward Street, Graham, NC 27253 Briggs, Michael 3102 Hornbuckle Place. Durham, NC 27707 Bright, Tracy Route 4, Box 487, Graham, NC 27253 Briskman, Jr., Robert 6728 Newbold Drive, Bethesda, MD 20817 Brislow, Janet PO. Box 1443, Elon College, NC 27244 Bristow, Kay Rt 7, Box 75, Burlington, NC 27215 Britt, Michael 280 Saint David Drive, Mount Laurel, NJ 08054 Britt, Walter 201 Woodciest Avenue, Smithfield, NC 27577 Brittian, Darryl Route 5, Box 226, Chapel Hill, NC 27514 Broadwell, Jeffery PO. Box 730 110 Mosby Avenue, Littleton, NC 27850 Brodowicz, Gretchen 233 White Bridge Road, Waynesboro, VA 22980 Brooke, Catherine 239 East Miller Ave., Garden City, NY 11530 Brooks, Leslie Route 3. Box 110-H. Burlington. NC 27215 Brooks, Rodney Route 7, Box 185, Burlington, NC 27215 Brooks, Jr., Kenneth Route 8, Box 684, Burlington. NC 27215 Brosnan, Theresa 11609 Hitching Post Lane. RockviUe, MD 20852 Brother, John 31 Simpson Avenue, Ocean City NJ 08226 Brothers, Kara Route 1, Box 151, Buriington, NC 27215 Brotzman, Ronald Route 2, Box 62, Franklin. VA 23851 Brown, Anthony 602 Dogwood Road. Tazewell, VA 24651 Brown, Brenda 621 W Front St , Apt 3, Burlington, NC 27215 Brown, Brian 101 Meadowlark Road, Stratford, NJ 08084 Brown, Cathy 957 Crump Farm Road, New Bern, NC 28560 Brown, Cheri R.D. »1, Box 401, Elmer, NJ 08318 Brown, Christine 2437 Camino Real South, Virginia Beach, VA 23456 Brown, Christopher 1703 Broadway Drive. Graham. NC 27253 Brown, Christopher RO Box 902, Route 17, Gloucester, VA 23061 Brown, Harry 4500 Mossycup Court, Virginia Beach, VA 23462 Brown, Karen 9224 Quintana Drive, Bethesda, MD 20817 Brown, Kimberly RO. Box 2571, Virginia Beach, VA 23450 Brown, Lauren 1302 Aintree Road, Towson, MD 21204 Brown, Nancy 10108 Limestone Ct., Potomac, MD 20854 Brown, Pamela Route 5, Bo x 524, Mebane, NC 27302 Brown, Robert 170 Matawan Avenue. Matawan, NJ 07747 Brown, Sandra 1509 Hooks Street, Greensboro, NC 27401 Brown, Tiffany 11709 Farmland Drive, RockviUe, MD 20852 Brumble, Michael 518 Laurel Drive, Buriington, NC 27215 Brunini, Christine 125 Snedecor Avenue, Bayport, NY 11705 Bryan, Lisa 1832 New Bethel Church Road, Garner, NC 27529 Bryan, Tracy 116 East Sprague St , Apt. B. Winston-Salem, NC 27107 Bryan, Vicky Route 3, Box 138, High Point. NC 27263 Bryant, Fred Route 4, Box 205-C. Burlington, NC 27215 Bryant, Linda 506 North Gurney Street, Buriington. NC 27215 Bublewicz, Joseph 353 Tindall Avenue. Trenton. NJ 08610 Buckley, William 4101 Stranaver PL. Raleigh, NC 27612 Buckner, Heidi Route 1, Box 237. Siler City. NC 27344 Budd, Ronald 40 N Woodland Ave.. Woodbury. NJ 08096 Buff, Patricia 1115 Sam Lee Road, Graham, NC 27253 Buff, Priscilla PO. Box 416, Brandon Road, Drexel, NC 28619 Buhl, Jr., John 1734 Olney Road, Falls Church, VA 22043 Bull, William PO Box 221. Parksley VA 23421 Bulliner, Glenn 301 West Main Street. Elizabeth City. NC 27909 Bumgamer, Mark PO. Box 1427. Elon College. NC 27244 Bunker, Natalie 58 Church Road. Arnold. MD 21012 Bunting, Norman 1 Washington Street. Berlin. MD 21811 Burch, LTanya 2513 Druid Hills Drive. Winston-Salem. NC 27105 Burger, Kathleen 1213 10th Street Lane. N.W.. Hickory. NC 28601 Burgess, Edward 2849 Forestdale Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 Burgess, Ray Route 6. Box 168. Burlington, NC 27215 Burke, Donna Route 12, Box 385B. Burlington, NC 27215 Burke, Karen PO Box 348. Roxboro, NC 27573 Burke, Patrick 9205 Copenhaver Drive, Potomac, Md 20854 Burke, Samuel Route 4, Box 198. Rustburg. VA 24588 Burke, Terence 3405 New Castle Road. Virginia Beach, VA 23452 Burkett, William PO Box 31, Dallas, NC 28034 BurkhardI, Suzanne 281 Rambler Drive. Danville. VA 24541 Burnetle, Roscoe 1416 Stout Street, Burlington, NC 27215 Burns, Catherine Route 1, Box 122-B, Burlington, NC 27215 Bums, Michelle 7212 Park Terrance Drive, Alexandria, VA 22307 Burroughs, Beth 9 Hilltop Circle, Brookside, NJ 07926 Burroughs, Brandy 119 West Chestnut Street, Chicago, IL 60611 Burrows, James 4836 King Solomon Drive, Annandale, VA 22003 Bumis, Harry 506 Main Street. Belhaven, NC 27810 Burton, David 3130 Archdale Road, Richmond, VA 23235 Burton, Mark 5403 Cedar Creek Drive, McLeansviUe, NC 27301 Burton, Steve 301 South Joyner Street, Gibsonville, NC 27249 Burton III, James RO, Box 1224, Elon College, NC 27244 Bush, James 4500 Blackwater Road. Virginia Beach. VA 23457 Bush, Kim 502 W Whitsetl Stieet. Graham. NC 27253 Bush, Vivian 1 Cary Plaza. Bridgeton, NJ 08302 Bushman, Scott 81 Devonne Drive, Fredericksburg, VA 22401 Butcher, Tom 3109 Louise Avenue. Baltimore, MD 21214 Butler, Anita 2518 Saddle Club Road, Buriington, NC 27215 Butler, Polly 2045 Westover Terrace. Burlington. NC 27215 Butts, Diane 2505 Glen Burnie Drive, Greensboro. NC 27406 Byrd, Bobby Route 11, Box 286, Burlington, NC 27215 Byrd, Lydia 3402 Myrawood Drive, Greensboro. NC 27406 Byrd, Ronnie Route 2, Box 334, Burlington. NC 27215 Byrnes, Robert 68 Balmville Road, Newburgh, NY 12550 Byrum, Marilyn Route 1. Box 653, Julian, NC 27283 Cabaniss, Mark 2702 Golf Court, Baldwin, MD 21013 Cadle, Sarah 34 Laurel Avenue, Milfoid. OH 45150 Cagle, Allison PO. Box HO. Ether. NC 27427 Cain, Karen Route 1, Box 118. Traphill, NC 28685 Index 167 Caldwell, James 231 Burns Crossing Road. Severn, MD 21144 Callaghan, Thomas 20 Peach Orchard Dnve, East Brunswick, NJ 08816 Callahan, Jonathan 3301 Oakridge Dhve, Graham, NC 27253 Callis, James 613 West Riverview Drive, Suffolk, Va 23434 Calton, Curtis PO Box 3247, Greensboro, NC 27410 Cambron, Cindy 8005 Eastndge Road, Oak Ridge, NC 27310 Cameron, Amy PO Box 471, Vass, NC 28394 Cameron, Kristin 331 Club View Drive, Great Falls, VA 22066 Cameron, Walter Channel Club Tower, Channel Drive, Monmouth Beach, NJ 07750 Camp, Jennifer PO Box 1212, King, NC 27021 Camp, Lisa 523 S. Williamson Avenue, Eion College, NC 27244 Campbell, Charles PO Box 1555, North Wilkesboro, NC 28659 Campbell, Donald 150 Oak Drive, Southern Pines, NC 28387 Campbell, James 1800 East Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23454 Campbell, John Route 1, Box 28-C, Benson, NC 27504 Campbell, Malisa 104 Hall Street, Graham, NC 27253 Campbell, Oren 3708 Austin Avenue, Alexandria, VA 22310 Campbell, Todd 3959 Firestone Road, Kernersville, NC 27284 Campbell, Tracey 11751 Durhngton Drive, Richmond, VA 23236 Campo, Leon 26 Falmouth Drive, Mount Sinai, NY 11766 Cao, Thin 1421 Morningside Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 Capps, David 727 Seacliff. Houston, TX 77062 Capps, Richard 2101 Richardson Drive, Reidsville, NC 27320 Garden, Roger 35 Hawthorne Drive, Durham, NC 27712 Cardwell, Ronnie 728 Crescent Drive, Reidsville, NC 27320 Carey, Java Route 2. Box 271-A, Buriington, NC 27215 Carlton, Timothy Route 4, Box 396, Chapel Hill, NC 27514 Carmody, Brendan 4405 Westbruok Lane, Kensington, MD 20895 Carpenter, Elizabeth PO Box 416, Lawrenceville, VA 23868 Carper, Kenny 1613 Heraldry Lane, Greensboro, NC 27405 Carr, Susan Route 2, Box 142, Peansburg, VA 24134 Carretta, John 5218 Grinnell Street, Fairfax, VA 22032 Carrico, Jane 224 Foster Drive, Elon College, NC 27244 Garros, John 1532 Abbey Ct,, Winston-Salem, NC 27103 Carson, Gilbert 4107 Poplar Grove Road, Midlothian, VA 23113 Carter, Charles 1632 Lakefield Cirxrle, Gastonia, NC 28054 Carter, Dean Route 4, Box 424, Martinsville, VA 24112 Carter, Jeffrey 5765 Bennetts Pasture Road, Suffolk, VA 23435 Carter, Kendall 1310 Grove Road, Chariottesville, VA 22901 Carter, Patricia Route 4, Box 434, Mebane, NC 27302 Carter, Valerie PO Box 834, Sebnng, FL 33870 Carver, David 301 South Eighth Street, Mebane, NC 27302 Carver, Nancy 530 Edwin Court, Roxboro, NC 27573 Case, Donna Box 103, Richlands, VA 24641 Cash, Karrie 709 East Haggard Avenue. Weatherby Arms Apt M, Elon College, NC 27244 Cason, Pamela 1405 October Road, Raleigh, NC 27614 Cason, William Route 2, Box 552, Waynesboro. VA 22980 Cass, Geoffrey 5712 Fnendswood Dnve, Greensboro, NC 27409 Castaldi, Michael 554 Summit Street, Marion, OH 43302 Caster, Craig 4 Augusta Road, Lexington, MA 02173 Cates, Samuel Route 4, Box 863, Eden, NC 27288 Cathcart, Patricia 3466 Wakeman Drive, Winston-Salem, NC 27105 Caudle, Karen PO. Box 302, Goldston, NC 27252 Caulfield, Kathleen 315 Townleigh Road, Reisterstown, MD 21136 Causey, Urry 2315 West Front Street, Burlington, NC 27215 Causey, Lynne 2315 West Front Street, Burlington, NC 27215 Causey, Stefanie 5303 Greenough Place, Burke, VA 22015 Cavey, William 5751 Turkey Oak Road, Richmond, VA 23237 Cayton, Donald 1010 Crescent Drive, Smithfield, NC 27577 Centanni, Mary 54 Bradford Street, New Providence, NJ 07974 Chambers, Dorothy Route 3, Box 272, Stevensville, MD 21666 Chandler, Deborah 2307 Roger Street, Burlington, NC 27215 Chandler, Gregory 5915 Seabury Street, Columbia, SC 29203 Chaney, Bruce 15 Ninth Avenue, Kitty Hawk, NC 27949 Channell, Kermit 12 Meadowood Lane, Mebane, NC 27302 Chapin, Christina 260 Island Creek Drive, Vero Beach FL 32963 Chappell, Donna 6811 Tickle Road. GibsonviUe, NC 27249 Chase, Anthony 130 Ledbury Drive, Longwood, FL 32779 Chatham, Cathy Route 3, Box 400, Axton, VA 24054 Chausse, Jean 3417 Centennial Lane, EUicotl City, MD 21043 Chavis, John 5200 Tower Road, Greensboro, NC 27410 Chavis, Sylvia Route 2, Box 332-D, Red Springs, NC 28377 Cheek, Robin 152 Noonkester Drive, Mt. Airy, NC 27030 Cheesman, Heather 1008 Wayne Road, Haddonfield, N| 08033 Cherry, Jawan 113 Lindsey Drive, Jacksonville, NC 28540 Chestnut, Melissa Route 2, Box 209, Hot Springs, VA 24445 Chew, David 8709 Pinyon Road, Richmond, VA 23229 Childress, Mary 280 Miller Drive, Culpeper, VA 22701 Childress, Tammy 1304 Hayden Lane, Mount Airy, NC 27030 Childs, Wendi 129 Canterbury Trail, Asheboro, NC 27203 Chilton, Michael 1107 Bragg Road, Fredericksburg, VA 22401 Chilly, Peyton 4205-3 Cedar Lane, Portsmouth, VA 23703 Christian, Annette 303 Cedar Street, High Point, NC 27260 Christian, Drew 110 Montrose Drive, Salisbury, MC 21801 Christian, Katherine 610 Farnham Drive, Richmond, VA 23236 Christy, Jeffrey 12404 Nokesville Road, PO. Box 40, Nokesville. VA 22123 Clapp, Donna 336 North Sellars Mill Road, Burlington, NC 27215 Clapp, Dorothy PO Box 323, Haw River, NC 27258 Clapp, Katanja Route 3, Box 55A, Elon College, NC 27244 Clapp, Rodney Route 5, Box 836, Hillsborough, NC 27278 Clark, Anthony 603 Moore Drive, Lexington, NC 27292 Clark, Christopher 1332 Bloomingdale Dnve, Gary NC 27511 Clark, Courtney 10077 Canllon Dnve, Ellicott City MD 21043 Clark, Curtis 3412 Brushy Hill Road, Fayetteville, NC 28306 Clark, Dwayne 417 Moms Street, Launnburg, NC 28352 Clark, Ervin 2307 Mowles Drive, Salem, VA 24153 Clark, Karen 5923 North 4th Street, Arlington, VA 22203 Clark, Nelson 512 Rainbow Circle, West Columbia, SC 29169 Clark, Tina Route 10, Box 146, Burlington, NC 27215 Clark, William 908 Wilson Road, Wilmington, DE 19803 Clarke, John Route 3, Roberson Creek, Pittsboro, NC 27312 Clarke, Roger 3037 Little Haven Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23452 Clary, William 200 Jefferson Street, Emporia, VA 23847 Clayborne, Allison 3033 Knoll Drive, Falls Church, VA 22042 Clayton, Billy Route 1, Box 402, Timberlake, NC 27583 Clayton, Kristin 1205 Shady Side Dnve, Raleigh, NC 27612 Cleary, James 1186 OUerton Road, West Deptford, NJ 08066 Cleffi, Christopher 104 Lawrence Road, Randolph, NJ 07869 Clegg, Jennifer 407 Ayrhill Avenue, Vienna, VA 22180 Clem, David 706 Huffman Mill Road, Buriington, NC 27215 Clements, Bradley 3104 Craiglawn Road, BeltsviUe, MD 20705 Click, Christopher 9001 Patterson Avenue 115, Richmond VA 23229 Clippard, Kelley Route I, Box 248, Palmyra, VA 22963 Close, Amber 227 Pearson Lane, Rochester, NY 14612 Coales, Edward Route 1, Box 284, Smithfield, NC 27577 Coates, Rodney Route 1, Box 8, Fuquay-Varina, NC 27526 Cobbs, Annette 111 Roosevelt Street, Eden, NC 27288 Coble, James PO. Box 822. Haw River. NC 27258 Coble, Mary 2105 Canal Dnve, Wilson, NC 27893 Cody, Kelley 51 Magnolia Dnve, New Providence, NJ 07974 Coe, Howard 2622 Claremont Avenue, Winston-Salem, NC 27105 Coffey, Troy 2154 Cedar Avenue, Buena Vista, VA 24416 Coffin, Mark Route 1, Box 746, Haw River, NC 27258 Coffman, William College Town Apts. 2-G, Elon College, NC 27244 Coker, Shawn 1509-C Edith Street, Buriington, NC 27215 Colchin, Timothy 230 Sherwood Avenue, Satellite Beach, FL 32937 Cole, Howard Route 4, Box B-844. South Boston. VA 24592 Cole, Janice Box 5701, GibsonviUe, NC 27249 Cole, Wendy Route 1, Box 196, Chapel Hill, NC 27514 Coleman, George 407 Thompson Street, Burlington, NC 27215 Coleman, John 2905 Regent Park Lane, Burlington, NC 27215 Coleman, Nathan 2905 Regent Park Lane, Buriington, NC 27215 Coleman, William 1318 South Park Drive, Reidsville, NC 27320 Coley, Angela Route 1, Box 596, Albemarie, NC 28001 Coley, Brenda 3103-C Commerce Place. Burlington, NC 27215 Collard, Charles 52 Meadows Drive, Lantana, FL 33462 Collignon, David 3 Manor Brook Road, Monkton, MD 21111 Collins, Dana 5821 Wilma Drive, Durham, NC 27712 Collins, David 10 Twinkle Road, Suffern, NY 10901 Collins, Gary 1509 Guest Street, Greensboro, NC 27405 Collins, Kimberly 454 Otisco Drive, Westfield, NJ 07090 Collins, Michelle 317 Devenport Drive, Matthews, NC 28105 Collins, Stephen 4306 Woods End Lane, Matthews, NC 28105 Coltrane, Lisa 5749 Chnsmon Road, Brown Summit, NC 27214 Combs, Jimmy 702 North Dale Court, Burlington, NC 27215 Combs, Joseph Route 6, Box 401, Hillsborough, NC 27278 Combs, Joyce Route 8, Box 592, Buriington, NC 27215 Como, Carol 7702 Hayfield Road, Alexandria, VA 22310 Compton, Mark 29 Morningside, Princeton, WV 24740 Conaty, Ann 806 Seville Avenue, Wilmington. DE 19809 Conforti, Michael 1468 Windsor Avenue. Toms River. NJ 08753 Conley, Caroline 325 Sunflower Court. Virginia Beach, VA 23454 Connelly, David Route 4, Box 156-B, Stoneville, NC 27048 Conner, Lydia 4223 Pennsboro Court, Chantilly VA 22021 Connor, Michael 5018 Cadix Way So., St. Petersburg, FL 33712 Convoy, Sean 211 Elm Avenue, Bogota, NJ 07603 Conway, Shannon 13609 Engleman Drive, Laurel, MD 20708 Coogan, Robert 1307 Oberon Way, McLean VA, 22102 Cook, Brenda 901 Ingle Street, Box 6214, GibsonviUe, NC 27249 Cook, Jeffrey Route 3, Box 284, Cook Road, Elon College, NC 27244 Cook, Marcus 2552 McKinney Street, Buriington. NC 27215 Cooper, Randall PO Box 501. Pittsboro. NC 27312 Cooper, Thomas 156 Tampa Drive, Roanoke, VA 24019 Cooper, Tracey 2220 Stirrup Iron Lane, Reston, VA 22071 Coppedge, Amy 2021 Ardsley Street, Winston-Salem, NC 27103 Coopersmith, Jennifer 510 Bay Green Drive, Arnold, MD 21012 Corbell, Donnell 128A Steele Street, Box 6118, GibsonviUe, NC 27249 Core, David 428 South Boulevard, Salisbury, MD 21801 Core, Tonya 2202 D-4 Huntington Road, Buriington, NC 27215 Corey, Dallas 4705 Rochester Court, Newport News, VA 23607 Cornelius, Sandra 5741 Styers Ferry Road, Clemmons, NC 27012 Corritore, Robert 1971 Dogwood Drive, Scotch Plains, NJ 07076 Cosby, Barbara 409 Branway Drive, Richmond, VA 23229 Cotter, Kathleen 9104 Patton Blvd., Alexandria, VA 22309 Couch, Lisa 5005 Old Hillsborough Road, Durham, NC 27705 Couch, William Route 2, Box 83, Elon College, NC 27244 Coulbourn, Deborah 2101 Rainbow Drive, Richmond, VA 23229 Councilman, Richard Route 2, Box 287-D, Burlington, NC 27215 Courtney, Robert 908 Kunkle Avenue, Greensburg, PA 15601 Covington, Mark 1000 Trollmger Road, Graham, NC 27253 Covington, Susan 1536 Rogers Road, Graham. NC 27253 Cowell, Grantham 368 Tavistock Dnve, Medford, NJ 08055 Cowherd, Martha 221 Woods Ream Drive, Raleigh, NC 27609 Cowperthwaite, John 3838 Winthrope Circle, Virginia Beach, VA 23452 Cox, David Route 1, Box 109, Graham, NC 27253 Cox, Hunter 8313 Fulham Drive, Richmond, VA 23227 Cox, Susan PO Box 893, Middleburg, VA 22117 Cox, Susan 1723 Melody Une, Burlington, NC 27215 Cox, Terri 146 Martin Avenue, Danville, VA 24541 Coiart, Edward Route 3. Box I70B, Abingdon, VA 24210 Cozart, Michael Route 3, Box 170B, Abingdon, VA 24210 Cozart, Thomas 1137 Shadyside Drive, Raleigh, NC 27612 Cozort, Julie Route 3, Box 215, Troy NC 27371 Crabtree, Craig 1802 Millcreek Court, Richmond, VA 23235 Grace, Susan 540 Long Avenue, Chesapeake, VA 23320 168 Index Cradock, Jeanne 4113 Mitscher Court, Kensington, MD 20895 Craig, Scoll 708 Suffolk Circle, Virginia Beach, VA 23452 Cralidis, Ann 2941 Carollwood Drive, Winston-Salem, NC 27103 Crater, Jackie PO Box 447, Mount Pleasant, NC 28124 Crater, Mark 941 Anne Avenue, Winston-Salem, NC 27107 Crater, Scott 82 Princeton Avenue, Rocky Hill, NJ 08553 Crawley, Timothy 3542 Mansfield Drive, Rocky Mount, NC 27801 Creek, Leslie 3014 Ravenhill Drive, Fayetteville, NC 28303 Cretel, Elizabeth 36 N. Western Avenue, Butler, NJ 07405 Crichton, Beth Route 1, Box 332, Pelham, NC 27311 Crickmar, Scott 9313 Foxburrow Court, Raleigh, NC 27612 Crisle, Robert 13717 Cuba Road, Hunt Valley, MD 21030 Crite, Deborah 1478 Rankin Mill Road, McLeansville, NC 27301 Cromer, Jason 2249 West Clemmonsville Road, Winston- Salem. NC 27107 Cromer, Robert RO. Box 205, Liberty, NC 27298 Cronin, Sharon 3512 South Ocean Blvd., Highland Beach, FL 33431 Crosby, Albert 140 Potter Avenue, West Berlin, NJ 08091 Crotts, Amanda Route 7, Box 2, Lexington, NC 27292 Crouch, Christie Route 4, Box 264, King, NC 27021 Crouse, David 108 Trevanion Road, Taneytown, MD 21787 Crouse, Joseph 418 Uurel Hill Drive, Burhngton, NC 27215 Crowder, Lauri 32 Pine Drive, Roanoke Rapids, NC 27870 Crowe, Rebecca 120 Falcon Drive, Charlottesville, VA 22901 Crowell, John 3008 Fox Den Lane, Oakton, VA 22124 Croxton, Joye Box 310Z, Deltaville, VA 23043 Crum, Joel 1 ' 4 Bridle Run, Chapel Hill, NC 27514 Crusan, Chris 1309-1 Commerce Place, Burlington, NC 27215 Cruse, Frederick 206 McArthur Drive, Jacksonville, NC 28540 Cnite, Kelly 630 Pocono Drive, Richmond, VA 23236 Cuatrecasas, Lisa 1107 Midland Terrace, RO. Box 41, Durham, NC 27704 Cubell, Darren 724 S. Fayetteville Street, Liberty, NC 27298 Culverhouse, Susan 134-F British Lake Dr., Greensboro, NC 27408 Cummings, Kevin 8519 Cottage Street Southwest, Vienna, VA 22180 Cummings, Nancy 318 Hillcrest Avenue, Burlington. NC 27215 Cummings, Sharon 224 North Broome Street, Albemarle, NC 28001 Cunningham, Daryl 500 Farnham Drive, Richmond, VA 23236 Cunningham, Heather 905 Cliftonbrook Lane, Silver Spring, MD 20904 Curcio, Scoll 9 Pondview Road, Morris Plains, NJ 07950 Currin, Martin 521 Staffordshire Road, Winston-Salem, NC 27104 Currin, Neill 6612 Secret Drive, Raleigh, NC 27612 Curry, Clinton 2403 Beekay Court, Vienna, VA 22180 Curry, Kevin 407 Orange Drive, Elon College, NC 27244 Curtis, Lara 140 West Uth Avenue, Huntington, WV 25701 Curtis, Virginia 53 Craig Drive, Deptford, NJ 08096 Czgas, Matthew Route 9, Box 240, Burlington, NC 27215 Czechlewski, Robert Route 1, Box 223-A, Huffman Mill Road, Burlington, NC 27215 D ' Alessandro, Lisa 6902 Lavant Drive, Springfield, VA 22152 Dabbs, Penny 321 Holly Street. Burlington, NC 27215 Dachtera, Krisline 9708 Aldersgate Road. Potomac, MD 20850 Daffron, Alice 2806 Thurloe Drive, Richmond. VA 23235 Dahir, Alida 401 Chesapeake Dnve, Great Falls, VA 22066 Daley, Kevin 175 Lenape Trail. Medford Uke, NJ 08055 Dalrymple, Karen 3013 Oak Lynn Path, Virginia Beach, VA 23452 Daly, Nancy 2121 Ames Circle North, Chesapeake, VA 23321 Dameron, Terry Route 11, Box 211, Burlington, NC 27215 Dance, Robert 1149 Valmire Drive, Chesapeake, VA 23320 Daniel, Kelly Route 2, Box 533, Pelham, NC 27311 Daniels, Guy 117 East Deer Park Road Gaithersburg, MD 20877 Darcy, Thomas 3305 Wynnewood Dnve. Greensboro, NC 27408 Darden, Daphne 1320 Pershing Court, Virginia Beach, VA 23456 Darroch, Sandra 404 W, Pine Street, Graham, NC 27253 Darst, Michael 732 Vanderbilt Avenue, Virginia Beach, VA 23451 Daltilo, Michelle 4949 Sabra Lane, Annandale, VA 22003 Daugherty, Gregory 408 Orange Drive, Elon College, NC 27244 Daughtry, Bryan PO. Box 1129, Elon College. NC 27244 Davidson, Edward 120 Midland Boulevard, Maplewood, NJ 07040 Davidson, Walker 900 6th Street Dnve N.W., Hickory, NC 28601 Davis, Andrew 1222 Westndge Road. Greensboro. NC 27410 Davis, Charles Route 1. Box 248, Rapidan. VA 22733 Davis, Douglas 108 Magnolia Lane, Pnnceton, NJ 08540 Davis, James 300 East Main Street. Tazewell, VA 24561 Davis, Jeffrey 1084 Revere Street, Fayetteville, NC 28304 Davis, Joel 1721 Edler Court, Burlington, NC 27215 Davis, Joelle 13 Meadow Drive, Glens Falls, NY 12801 Davis, John 6667 Crowell Gap Road. Roanoke, VA 24014 Davis, Jonas 204 Mulberry Street, Henderson, NC 27536 Davis, Stephen 129 East Side Drive, Mt. Airy, NC 27030 Davis, Susan 8810 Watlington Road, Richmond, VA 23229 Davis, Ted 17 Bufflehead Dnve, Mooresville, NC 28115 Davis, Wendy 18 Chowning Drive, Hampton, VA 23664 Dawson, Leela 4 HiUdaie Lane, Madison Heights, VA 24572 Dawson, Jr., Alexander 355 Beech Strtet, Kearny, NJ 07032 Day, John 9100 MiUpond Valley Drive, McLean, VA 22102 Day, Kimberly 10806 Midsummer Drive, Reston, VA 22091 Day, Mason Route 2, Box 442, South Boston, VA 24592 De Angelo, Kevin 1714 Keogh Street, Burlington, NC 27215 De Biasi, Christopher 1 Foxmere Drive, Richmond, VA 23233 De Feo, Louis 206 North Roosevelt Blvd . Brigantine. NJ 08203 De Jerf, Denses 707 South Barton Street. Arlington. VA 22204 De Moss, Richard Route 1. Box 8. Ingleside. MD 21644 De Stefano, Lisa EO Box 780, Reidsville, NC 27320 Dean, Angela Route 1. Box 134-E, Port Republic, VA 24471 Dean, Michael Route 4, Box 592, Elkton, VA 22827 Deemer, James 5147 Bobcat Court, Woodbndge. VA 22193 Deese, Lori Route 7, Box 390, Martinsville, VA 24112 Deitz, William PO Box 1101, Elon College, NC 27244 Delaney, John 7519 Long Pine Drive, North Springfield, VA 22150 Dempsey, Andrew 104 Carrie Drive. Franklin, VA 23851 Denkinger, Denise 132 Woodstock Road, Waterloo, lA 50701 Denning, Michelle 2600 Pink Acres Drive, Gary, NC 27511 Denton, Pamela 2005 Walter Andrews Road, Graham, NC 27253 Derr, Lydia 808 Washington Avenue, Statesville, NC 28677 Deshazor, Stephanie 173 Northern Drive, Danville, VA 24540 Desouza, Marcos 706 Huffman Mill Rd , Apt K-14, C O Claus Manlieu Burlington, NC 27215 Deven, Elizabeth 8212 Reservoir Road, Fulton, MD 20759 DevoL Kevin 3531 Quebec Street N W. Washington. DC 20016 Dew, Michael Bermuda Run Box 827. Advance. NC 27006 Dexter, Melissa PO Box 167. Bellows Falls, VT 05101 Di Pieiro, Tony 3901 Spencer Road. Rocky River, OH 44116 Dickerson, Anthony Route 4, Box 42, Burlington. NC 27215 Dickinson, Carol 8018 West Point Drive. Springfield. VA 22153 Dickinson, Matthew 7805 Holmes Run Drive, Falls Church, Va 22042 Dickson, Byron 1811 Warrington Road, Roanoke, VA 24018 Dignard, Renee 2156 AUenwood Road, Wall, NJ 07719 Dirlam, James 9 Bnarwood Road, Florham Park, NJ 07932 Dix, Angela Box 4006. Homestead Street, GibsonviUe, NC 27249 Dixon, Elizabeth 5204 Rembert Drive, Raleigh, NC 27612 Dixon, Eric 229 WUkins Street, Burlington, NC 27215 Dixon, George 1287 Ramona Avenue, Macon, GA 31201 Dixson, John 1688 3Ist Street, N.W., Washington, DC 20007 Dobson, Elizabeth 4205 Raleigh Road, Chesapeake, VA 23321 Dobson, Nancy 2423 Orangewood Drive, Durham, NC 27705 Dodson, David 652 Dover Place. Danville, VA 24541 Dodson, James 215 Amberwood Drive, Jamestown, NC 27282 Doerrmann, Sharon 1110 Cook Road, Apt. A-12, GibsonviUe, NC 27249 Dogan, David 75 Parkhill Cr., Newport News, VA 23602 Dolan, Kelly 1733 Pascal Place, Wall, NJ 07719 Dolliver, Randolph 5329 Trailway Drive, Rockville, MD 20853 Donahue, Jeffrey 4702 Valley Ridge Court, Toledo, OH 43614 Donaldson, Donald 22 Burnt Mill Circle, Oceanport, NJ 07757 Donegan, Lisa 10422 Rosemont Drive. Laurel, MD 20707 Donio, Maria 14 Meetinghouse Court. Vincentown. NJ 08088 Dorman, Susan 1104 Rowan Street, Dunn, NC 28334 Dosier, Tara PO, Box 658, Chester, VA 23831 Doss, Angela 2811 McKinney Street, Burlington, NC 27215 Doss, Billy 311 Sandy River Drive, Danville, VA 24541 Doss, Delana Route 1, Box 383, Haw River, NC 27258 Doss, Michelle Route 6, Box 409-N, Burlington, NC 27215 Dougherty, Megan 13820 Elmstead Road, Midlothian, VA 23113 Doughty, Mark 722 Colgate Lane, Newark. DE 19711 Douglas, David Route 9, Box 90, Reidsville, NC 27320 Dove, Carol Route 7, Box 585, Buriington, NC 27215 Dove, Maxey 3140 Hampstead Road, Lumberton, NC 28358 Dover, Douglas 6704 Colony Court, Raleigh, NC 27612 Downs, Jennifer Rd, 2, Box 400, Dover, DE 19901 Downs, John RD 2, Box 400, Dover, DE 19901 Doyle, Kerry 803 Drohomer Place, Baltimore, MD 21210 Drahcir, Angela 1008 North Main Street, Burlington, NC 27215 Drake, Robert Route 3, Box 312, Liberty, NC 27298 Dranltel, Elizabeth 701 Beard Avenue, Hickam AFS, HI 96818 Draper, Benjamin 3722 Abingdon Road, Charlotte, NC 28211 Dray, John 6218 Kentland Street, Springfield, VA 22150 Drewery, Scott Box 5612, GibsonviUe. NC 27249 Drewry, Wiliam 7 Saddleback Lane, Petersburg, VA 23805 Driskill, James 1824 Duke of York Quay Virginia Beach, VA 23454 Drum, Tracy 628 Springdale Road West, Statesville, NC 28677 Drumheller, Kenneth 1514 Helmsdale Drive, Richmond, VA 23233 Dry, Linda 609 Scenic Dnve. Graham, NC 27253 Dubois, Keith 1301 Taylors Point Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23454 Dudley, Kalhryn 1005 Owensville Road, Charlottesville, Va 22901 Dudney, Nancy 3600 Wheaton Place, Raleigh, NC 27609 Duffel, John 51 Hopewell Lane, Willingboro, NJ 08046 Dula, Douglas 5 Forest Valley Court, Greensboro, NC 27410 Dull, Virginia 747 East 24th Street, Buena Vista, VA 24416 Dunbar, John 12008 Smoketree Road, Potomac, MD 20854 Duncan, John 353 Cheek Lane. Graham, NC 27253 Duncan, Todd 225 Oak Street. Wallace, NC 28466 Duncan, Jr., James 181 Stagecoach Trail, Greensboro, NC 27410 Dunn, Becky Route 1. Box 41B. Efland. NC 27243 Dunn, Jason 613 Springwood Avenue. Box 5709. GibsonviUe. NC 27249 Dunn, Joseph Route 11. Box 2. Buriington, NC 27215 Dunn, Michael Garden Road 6 Dunridge Farm, Meadville, PA 16335 Dunovant, Withers 513 Ellwood Dnve, High Point. NC 27260 Durant, Marctis 1502 South Governors Avenue. Dover. DE 19901 Durham, Dallas 210 Old Forest Creek Drive, Chapel Hill, NC 27514 Durkin, Robert Haddlenfield Farm Road 4, Dallas, PA 18612 Durrer, Susan 5709 Arcturus Drive, S,W. Roanoke. VA 24018 Duvall, Carrie 7324 Pinemount Drive. Orlando, FL 32819 Duvall, Sherry 7324 Pinemount Drive, Orlando, FL 32819 Dwyer, Melissa S.R. 2, Box 268, Madison, VA 22727 Eackles, Terry Route 1, Box 224, Luray VA 22835 Eaton, Carol 705-D South Broad Street, Burlington, NC 27215 Eaton, Darrin 2069 Kedge Drive, Vienna, VA 22180 Eaton, Julie 11637 Havenner Road, Fairfax Sation, VA 22039 Eaton, Pamela 4312 Wheatland Court, Winston-Salem, NC 27107 Ebelein, Sandy PC Box 1110, Salisbury, MD 21801 Eberhart, Jodi 1212 Lanier Road, Martinsville, VA 24112 Eberle, Karen 37 Ruckman Road, Woodcliff Uke, NJ 07675 Echols, Elizabeth 2109 Cherry Avenue, Huntington, WV 25701 Eckler, Michelle 5710 Heming Avenue, Springfield, VA 22151 Edge, Billy PO, Box 3221, Hickory, NC 28603 Index 169 Edgerton, James 618 West Sycamore Street, Chase City- VA 23924 Edmondson, Molly 6300 Laureiwood Drive, Brentwood TN 37027 Edrington, David 1908 Wilkins Dnve, Sanfoid, NC 27330 Edwards, Cindy Route I, Box 362, Harmony, NC 28634 Edwards, Dawn Route 2, Box 34A, Elon College, NC 27244 Edwards, Frank 1112 Queensgate Road, Gastonia, NC 28054 Edwards, James 215 Glen Eagle Road East. StatesviUe, NC 28677 Edwards, John 2617 Oberhn Rd , Raleigh, NC 27608 Edwards, Thomas Rt 6, Box 293, Hillsborough, NC 27278 Edwards, William Route 6, Box 215, Lauhnburg, NC 28352 Eger, Deborah 5 Wagon Wheel Lane, Dix HUls, NY 11746 Eggleston, James Route 3, Box 188, Ridgeway. VA 24148 Egli, Alfred 4014 Sharon Parkway. Charlotte, NC 28211 Elam, David 601 Emerywood Dnve, Raleigh. NC 27609 Eldridge, Kaly 5229 Ampthill Dnve, Alexandria, VA 22312 Eldridge, Kirk RO Box 1261, 709 W, Haggard Ave,, Elon College, NC 27244 Eley, Ray 3103 Ufayette Blvd . Fredericksburg, VA 22401 Eller, Clara 1608 Brookhaven Mill Road, Greensboro, NC 27406 Ellington, Marshall 114 West McAden Street, Graham, NC 27253 Elliott, Eric 4308 Bedfordshire Drive, Gastonia, NC 28054 Elliott, Gregory Rd, 4, Box 780, Lebanon. PA 17042 Elliott, Irene Route 4, Box 370 E, Burlington, NC 27215 Elliott, Jonathan 108 Greene Drive, Elon College, NC 27244 Elliott, Lisa 115 Forest Hill Street, Clarksville, VA 23927 Ellis, Brian 23 South Floyd Street, Alexandria, VA 22304 Ellis, Christopher 9801 Channing Cm:le, Richmond, VA 23235 Ellis, Cynthia Box 348, New Gretna. NJ 08224 Ellis, Elizabeth 124 W, Spnng St , Woodstock, VA 22664 Ellis, Mary 627 NorihcUff Drive. Rockville. MD 20850 Elmer, Ruth 2022H The Colony Buriington, NC 27215 Elmore, Stacey 606 Franklin Blvd , Greensboro, NC 27401 Emerich, Andrew 18 Alcott Drive, Wilmington, DE 19808 Emerson, Angrid Route 3, Box 135, Pittsboro, NC 27312 Emerson, William Highway 64 West, Route 2, Box 83, Dry Fork, VA 24549 Emery, Norman 2604 Westminster Drive, Wilson, NC 27893 Emory, Kenneth 705 Larchmont Place. Salisbury NC 28144 Endres, Constance 15 Franklin Drive. Somers Point. NJ 08244 Engkvist, Nancy 55 Alpine Terrace. Hillsdale. NJ 07642 Engle, Michelle Route 2, Box 609 B, White Plains, MD 20695 Epperson, Mary PO Box 700, Wakefield, VA 23888 Ergueta, Bernarda Castilla 6358, La Paz, Bolivia Essman, Melissa 1110 Cook Road, Harman Apt 7-B, Gibsonville, NC 27249 Ester, Luanne 3019 Forestdale Dnve, Buriington. NC 27215 Esters, Laconial Route 2, Box 487-A, Saint Pauls, NC 28384 Estes, Jennifer PO Box 603, Rutherfordton, NC 28139 Etheridge, Patricia 7520 S W 164lh Street, Miami, FL 33157 Euliss, Donna Route 2, Box 100-D, Snow Camp, NC 27349 Euliss, Gregory Route 3, Box 450-C, George Bason Road, Graham, NC 27253 Eure, Janet 135 Dale Circle, Franklin, VA 23851 Evans, Amy 351 Maplewood Dnve, Eden, NC 27288 Evans, Edward PO Box 156, Pfafftown, NC 27040 Evans, James 3113 Apt L Commerce Place, Burlington, NC 27215 Evans, Louise 1316 Ridgecrest Avenue, Burlington, NC 27215 Evans, Renee RO Box 295, Mebane, NC 27302 Evans, Rodney 807 Carver Street, Burlington, NC 27215 Evans, Russell Route 2, Box 184, Society Hill, SC 29593 Evans, Stephen Route 9, Box 286, Reidsville, NC 27320 Evans, Teresa 10 Hodges Drive, Hampton, VA 23666 Everett, John 10 Sycamore Hill Road, Bemanlsville, NJ 07924 Everett, Patricia 1803 Harriet Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 Everette, Mary 3131 Kinnamon Road, Winston-Salem, NC 27104 Everleigh, Winifred 73 Shannon Drive, Newport News, VA 23602 Ewell, Michele 119 Burton Street, Georgetown, DE 19947 Fairchild, Anthony PO Box 366, Taylorsville, NC 28681 Faircloth, Christina Route 6. Box 60-A, Burlineton NC 27215 Faircloth, Michael Route 13, Box 643, Arnold Road, Lexington, NC 27292 Faison, Erica 9232 Gue Road. Damascus, MD 20872 Faison, Lesley 9232 Gue Road. Damascus. MD 20872 Fare, Loren 6603 Holford Lane, Springfield, VA 22152 Fans, Martha 2630 Hitchcock Dnve, Durham, NC 27705 Farmer, Timothy II924 Heathmere Crescent, Midlothian, VA 23113 Farrell, Diane 6218 Bluebonnet Lane, Winston-Salem NC 27103 Farrington, Rebecca RO Box 341, Graham, NC 27253 Farson II, Charles 10263 Wilde Lake Terrace, Columbia, MD 21044 Faucette, Michael 314 East 5th Street, Burlington, NC 27215 Faulkner, Andrea 304 Aloha Drive, Graham. NC 27253 Faulkner, Jeffrey 304 Aloha Drive, Graham, NC 27253 Faxon, Jodi 400 Quail Hollow Drive. Forest, VA 24551 Fearrington, Kimberly 117 South Graham Street, Chapel Hill, NC 27514 Fearrington, Naola RO Box 203, Mebane, NC 27302 Feather, Stephanie 114 Hillcrest Drive, Rocky Mount, VA 24151 Feichler, Eric RO, Box 182, Waynesville, NC 28786 Feldman, Beth 7700 Ivymount Terrace. Potomac, MD 20854 Felts, Bennie 220 Collinwood Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 Fennell, Mary 12106 Hitching Post Lane, Rockville, MD 20852 Fennell, Nancy 12106 Hitching Post Lane, Rockville, MD 20852 Penning, Grant 311 Canyon Trail, Charlotte, NC 28226 Fentress, Patricia 1013 Staceywood Court, Virginia Beach VA 23452 Ference, Kenneth 1415 Celesta Couri, Vienna, VA 22180 Ferg, Darcey 1440 Kingsvale Circle, Herndon,VA 22070 Ferguson, Amy Route 6, Box 166, Reidsville, NC 27320 Ferguson, Shirley 2116 Huntington Road, Burlington, NC 27215 Perm, Jordan 3 Night Heron Lane, Savanah, GA 31411 Ferrara, Thomas 1517 Tuba Court, Vienna, VA 22180 Ferrell, Patrick 358 Bedford Place, Stephens City, VA 22655 Ferrell, Timothy 109-A North Hills Court, Danville, VA 24541 Field, Warren PO Box 42, Massey, MD 21650 Finger, Eleanor 1701 King Mountain Road, Charlottesville VA 22901 Finley, Jane 2204-6 Yorkhills Drive, Charlotte, NC 28210 Finley, Thomas 30 D Brookwood Condominiums, Buriington, NC 27215 Finn, Bonnie 8108 Wellington Rd,, Alexandna, VA 22308 Finnegan, Patrick 405 Bradford Parkway, Syracuse, NY 13224 Fioretti, Bruce 626 Atlantic Avenue, Point Pleasant, NJ 08742 Fischer, James 2900-67th Ave South, St Petersburg, FL 33712 Fite, Drew Route 2, Box 144-F Cherryville, NC 28021 Fitts, William 116 Oakwood Dnve, Wake Forest, NC 27587 Fitzgerald, Jeffrey PO Box 1215, Elon College, NC 27244 Fitzgerald, Patrick 3006A Daiden Road, Greensboro, NC 27407 Fitzgerald, William 1104 Balls Hill Road, McLean, VA 22101 Fitzpatrick, Sean 1 Covenger Dnve, Medford, NJ 08055 Flagg, Criste 102 Squirrel Tree Lane, Mt Laurel, NJ 08054 Flanagan, James RO Box 15364, Durham, NC 27704 Flannagan, Anne 6104 Roxbury Avenue, Spnngfield, VA 22152 Fleming, Janet PO Box 1763, Burlington, NC 27215 Fleming, Melanie Route 1, Box 611D, Mount Jackson. VA 22842 Fletcher, Brenda 97 Evergreen Avenue, New Providence, NJ 07974 Flinchum, Jait 5814 Green Meadow Drive, Greensboro, NC 27410 Flint, Mark 800 Parkview Avenue, Martinsville, VA 24112 Flora, Melissa 7258 Burlington Road, Whitsett, NC 27377 Flournoy, John 1905 York Street, Kinston, NC 28501 Floumoy, Jr., John 1300 Maywood Road, Richmond, VA 23229 Floyd, John 3504 Westridge Circle Drive, Rocky Mount, NC 27801 Flynn, Stacy 11017 Sevilla Court, Pineville, NC 28134 Flynt, Molly 513 Patrick Street, Eden, NC 27288 Fogleman, Todd 3043 Marlborough Road, Burlington, NC 27215 Foltz, Michael Route 2, Box 103, Shenandoah, VA 22849 Forbes, Jeffrey 5112 Southampton Drive, Annandale, VA 22003 Forbes, Sarah 3716 Manor Drive, Greensboro, NC 27403 Ford, Christopher 2114 Holborn Road, Wilmington DE 19808 Ford, James 10 York Road, Marlboro, NJ 07746 Ford, Todd 1134 leb Stuart Road, Martinsville, VA 24112 Foreman III, Edgar 0330 Mockingbird Pond Court, Burke VA 22015 Forsberg, Fred 1417 Buckingham Avenue, Norfolk, VA 23508 Forshier, Christopher 6022 Ticonderoga Court, Burke VA 22015 Former, Tanya Route 2, Box 451, Mebane, NC 27302 Fortuna, Patricia 1419 Westshire Lane, Richmond, VA 23233 Foster, Beth 6121 Rockwell Court, Burke, VA 22015 Foster, Daniel 9237 Snow Shoe Lane, Columbia, MD 21045 Foster, James 3316 Elk Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 Foster, Jon 815 Oakwood Dnve, Eden, NC 27288 Foust, Sharon RO Box 65, McLeansville, NC 27301 Fowler, Charies 461 Maple Lane, Danville, VA 24541 Fowler, James 1119 Edgewood Avenue, Buriington, NC 27215 Fo«, Melissa RO Box 212, Apex, NC 27502 Fox, Teresa Route 1, Box 132, Cedar Grove, NC 27231 Fox III, Edward 2026 Marine Parkway, New Port Richev, FL 33552 Frain, Malcolm 443 Main Avenue, Bayhead, NJ 08742 Frakes, Jacqueline 1428 Jerrold Place, Crofton, MD 21114 Frame, Richard 1608 Dylan Drive, Virginia Beach, VA 23464 Francis, Christopher 500 Gaskin Circle, Virginia Beach, VA 23464 Francis, Denise 10205 Three Chopt Road, Richmond. VA 23233 Frank, Anne 1026 TWeedbrook Road. Wilmington, DE 19810 Frank, James 2831 Young Drive, Oakton, VA 22124 Frank, Melissa 476 West Walnut Road 84, Vineland, NJ 08360 Franz, Kalherine 13 Alston Road, Lutherville, MD 21093 Fraser, Michael Det 1 314th AD SR APO San Francisco. CA 9630 Frauendorfer, Janice Route 1. Box 136. Elon College. NC 27244 Frazee, Kecia 5078 Bunch Road. Summerfield, NC 27358 Frazier, William 4609 Demby Drive. Fairfax. VA 22032 Frederick, Bryan Route 1. Box 289-A. Warsaw, NC 28398 Frediani, Paul PO Box 751. Elon College. NC 27244 Freehill, Lawrence 13 Dorchester Lane. Riverside, CT 06878 Freeman, David Route 10, Box 244F Hickory, NC 28601 Freeman, Jonathan 4902-A Tower Road, Greensboro, NC 27410 Freeman, Michael 119 Bywood Drive, Durham, NC 27712 Freitag, Richard 1 Brookside Drive, Succasunna, NJ 07876 French, Mark 6 Abbott Road, Lexington, MA 02173 Frick, Cynthia 41 Winding Way, Flemington, NJ 08822 Frick, Jennifer 41 Winding Way, Flemington, NJ 08822 Frick, Linda 14721 Springfield Road, Germantown, MD 20874 Frick, Lori 14721 Springfield Road, Germantown, MD 20874 Friend, Christopher 1506 6th Street Northwest, Hickory, NC 28601 Friend, Katharine 1360 Knopp Road, Jarrettsvilie, MD 21084 Froemel, Richard PO Box 2537, C O Ferrum College, Ferrum, VA 24088 Fry, Stephen 2329 Sandfiddler Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23456 Fugmann, Lorraine 103 Timberlake Drive, Elon College, NC 27244 Fuller, Derek 2889 Chaucer Drive, Atlanta, GA 30311 Fulp, William 103 Overland Trail, Mebane, NC 27302 Funderburk, Carl 4130 Grove Park Lane, Lantana, FL 33462 Furches, Frank 555 S toneybrook Road, Statesville, NC 28677 Caddy, Anna Route 2, Box 354-D, Saint Pauls, NC 28384 Gaffney, David 5704 Buckingham Palace Court, Alexandna, VA 22310 Gagnon, Ellen 2207 Westover Terrace, Burlington, NC 27215 Gagnon, Ester 3562 Wall Road, Greensboro, NC 27407 Gagnon, Jeffrey 2207 Westover Terrace, Burlington, NC 27215 Gaines, James 2100 Wittington Blvd , Alexandna, VA 22308 Gainey, Timothy 406 Susan Street, Jarratt, VA 23867 Gaites, Shara 8819 Ariey Dnve, Spnngfield, VA 22153 Gallagher, Leslie 10851 Meadowland Dnve, Oakton, VA 22124 Galvagna, Stephanie 3105 Fayette Road, Kensington, MD 20895 170 Index Gamble, Gretchen 6208 Zekan Lane, Springfield, VA 22150 Gambogi, David 310 Lakeside Avenue, Pitman, NJ 08071 Gann, Jeffrey 1510 Mt. Hope Church Road, McLeansville, NC 27301 Garcia, Michael 1706 Wilmart Street, RockvUle, MD 20852 Gaidiner, Susan PO, Box 174, Elon College, NC 27244 Gairetl, Daniel Route 1, Box 74, Liberty, NC 27298 Garrison, Keith 511 First Street, Box 5111, GibsonviUe, NC ■ 27249 Garrity, James 704 Spring Street, Cary, NC 27511 Gartner, Eric 925 Lost Forest Drive, Atlanta, GA 30328 Garvey, Curtis 3507 Devonshire Drive, Baltimore, MD 21215 Gass, Cathryn 7 Treetop Road, Ellington, CT 06029 Gast, Thomas 2227 Kentucky Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21213 Gastineau, John 409 Lyons Road, Chapel Hill, NC 27514 Gatanis, Harry 106 White Oak Drive, Pennsville, NJ 08070 Gates, MiUi RO. Box 173, GibsonviUe, NC 27249 Gauldin, Teresa Route 2, Box 100-B, Warfield, VA 23889 Geer, Sheri 2634 Rolling Hills, Monroe, NC 28110 Genova, Michael Route 1, Box 545, Floyd, VA 24091 Gentry, Adron 2145 Woodland Avenue, Burlington, NC 27215 Gentry, Melisa 313 Trail 8, Burlington, NC 27215 Geoghegan, Jennifer 103 Willowdale Dnve, Frederick, MD 2I70I Gerlach, John Route 10, Box 435, Burlington, NC 27215 Gerringer, Cheryl Route 1, Box 359 E, GibsonviUe, NC 27249 Gess, Glenn 395 Roberts Drive, Somerdale, NJ 08083 Giacomo, Keith 4123 Braddock Road, Alexandria, VA 22312 Gibson, Crystal Box 3215, GibsonviUe, NC 27249 Gibson, Ronald 312 Allen Court, Emporia, VA 23847 Giddens, Leonard Route 15, Box 123, Lowell Street, Lexington, NC 27292 Gilbert, Richard 124 Woodland Circle, Franklin, VA 23851 Giles, Jennifer 218 Blue Ridge Road, Voorhees, NJ 08043 Gill, Jane 5032 Broken Saddle Une, Charlotte, NC 28226 Gilliland, Darrell RO Box 566, Elon College, NC 27244 Gilmore, Joel 2515 Hitchcock Drive, Durham, NC 27705 Giovine, Annmarie 665 Bancroft Road, Brick, NJ 08723 Girone, Andrew 2412 Rolling Hill Road, Fayetteville, NC 28304 Girton, Jeffrey 907 McClain Street. Fredericksburg, VA 22401 Gladden, Raymond Route 2, Box 210, Rougemont, NC 27572 Glass, Douglas 302 Truitt Dnve, Elon College, NC 27244 Glass, Earnest 522 Wimbish Drive, Danville, VA 24541 Glass, Laura 3130 Landon Street, Lynchburg, VA 24503 Glenn, William 712 Lankashire Road, Winston-Salem, NC 27106 Gliniecki, Timothy 5217 Hawkbill Cr. SW,, Roanoke, VA 24014 Glisson, Kimberly 913 Carribbean Avenue, Virginia Beach, VA 23451 Goad, Robert 805 Monroe Road, Mt. Airy, NC 27030 Gobble, Robin Route 3, Box 375, Lexington, NC 27292 Gochman, Peter 7100 Ridgewood Avenue, Chevy Chase, MD 20815 Godsey, Ann 2511 Wildercroft Road, Midlothian, VA 23113 Goff, Joseph 801 Bowyer Lane, Lexington, VA 24450 Goldman, Samuel Route 4, Box 115, Pittsboro, NC 27312 Goodman, Jean R R, 11 Box 207, Buriington, NC 27215 Goodman, Jill PO Box 1234, Rockingham, NC 28379 Goodman, Leon 837 Kimberly Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 Goodnight, Melanie 4102 Oakcliffe Road, Greensboro, NC 27406 Goodwyn, Wilbert PO, Box 153, Disputaiita, VA 23842 Gordon, Andrew 14 West Maple Street, Alexandria, VA 22301 Gordon, Barbra 81 Pelican Road, Middletown, NJ 07748 Gorman, Andrew 3117 West Avenue, Newport News, VA 23607 Gorman, James 1103 Redfield Terrace, Dunwoody, GA 30338 Gorman, Nancy 1103 Redfield Terrace, Dunwoody GA 30338 Gothorp, Sherri Route 10, Box 318, Buriington, NC 27215 Grady, David 1205 River Road, Suffolk, VA 23434 Gratiam, Caria Route 2, Box 150, Winding Brook Road, Califon, NJ 07830 Graham, David 2221 Wood Ibis Way Virginia Beach, VA 23455 Graham, Julianne 800 Close Avenue, Virginia Beach, VA 23451 Graham, Scott 3423 Briar Drive, Carmel, IN 46032 Graham, Thomas American Embassy, Box 202, San Francisco, CA 96503 Granados, Thomas 1725 Church Street, Northwest, Washington, DC 20036 Grantier, Elizabeth 8645 Choctaw Road, Richmond, VA 23235 Grasich, Gayle 2801 Newquay Lane, Richmond, VA 23236 Graves, Beth Route 6, Box 375A, Burlington, NC 27215 Graves, Eunice 1724 Elder Way, Buriington, NC 27215 Graves, Jamie Route 3, Box 178, Graham, NC 27253 Graves, Todd 6007 Newington Drive, Richmond, VA 23224 Graven, Julie 1012 Browning Street, Greesnboro, NC 27410 Gravitt, Barry Route 3, Box HOB, Virgilina, VA 24598 Gravitt, Thomas 102 Stateside Drive, Chapel Hill, NC 27514 Gravlin, Patricia 7108 Hanks Place, Springfield, VA 22153 Gray, Amy 12328 Old Canal Road, Potomac, MD 20854 Gray, Brian 172 Herndon Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23462 Gray, Heather 100 Almey Court, Sterling, VA 22170 Gray, Jean PO Box 301, Elon College, NC 27244 Gray, Robin Route 1, Box 312-E, Nags Head, NC 27959 Gray, Jr., John 201 Trollinger Ave., Elon College, NC 27244 Graybill, Amy 2227 Ross Lane SW, Roanoke, VA 24015 Greaves, Robert 3612 Ontario Drive. Prince George. VA 23875 Greaves IV, John 3612 Ontario Drive, Prince George, VA 23875 Greeley, David 23 Cresthill Road, Brighton, MA 02135 Green, Randall 2920 Maple Avenue. Burlington. NC 27215 Green, Richard PO Box 176, Smithfield, VA 23430 Green, Samantha 1052 Heartwood Drive, Cherry Hill, NJ 08003 Greenberg, Barri 1713 Hollandale Road, Richmond, VA 23233 Greene, Richard 419 Ashburn Street, Graham, NC 27253 Greenlee, Timothy 614 Doug Street, Roxboro, NC 27573 Greer, Michael 9250 Seawind Ct., Columbia, MD 21045 Gregerson, Keith Box 303 Clove Road, Salisbury Mills, NY 12577 Gregory, Jonathan 115 Lamplighter Circle, Winston Salem, NC 27104 Gribble, Rex 1922 Beveriy Drive, Chariotte, NC 28207 Gritfeth, Vera Box 8223, GibsonviUe. NC 27249 Griffin, Cindy PO Box 573, Franklin, VA 23851 Griffin, James Route 4, Box 364, ReidsviUe, NC 27320 Griffin, Karen 342 North Sellars Mill Road, Burlington, NC 27215 Griffin, Kimberly 2418 McKinney Street, Burlington, NC 27215 Griffin, Robin 1616 Belvue Drive, Forest Hill, MD 21050 Griffith, Amy 7913 St Dennis Drive, Springfield, VA 22153 Griffith, Robyn 2502 Chimney House Court, Midlothian, VA 23113 Grigg, Jennie 617 C. Tracy Dr., Burlington, NC 27215 Griggs, Keven Route 1, Box 400A, Burlington, NC 27215 Grill, Laura 7 Hillcrest Drive, Randolph, NJ 07869 Grimes, Jennifer 5000 Edinborough Road, Greensboro, NC 27406 Grimes, John 108 West I Street, Newton, NC 28658 Grimmer, David 600 South Orange Street, Wallace, NC 28466 Griswold, Amy 10 High Ridge Road, Vernon, CT 06066 Griswold, Olga 2717 Terrace Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 Grizzard, Jeffrey RO. Box 304, Boykins, VA 23827 Groce, Michael 821 McGregor Road, Winston-Salem, NC 27103 Gros, Christopher 2315 Creek Dnve, Alexandria, VA 22308 Gross, Vicki 2255 Saddle Club Road, Burlington, NC 27215 Grubbs, Jennifer 640 Caren Drive, Virginia Beach, VA 23452 Grumble, Paulette Route 1, Box 176-A, Snow Camp, NC 27349 Grzelakowski, Edward 19812 Billings Court, Gaithersburg, MD 20879 Guallieri, Martha 2809 Delachaise Court, Clearwater, FL 33519 Gudinas, Lynne 8629 Blackpool Drive, Annandale, VA 22003 Guenther, William 10610 Shadow Lane, Fairfax Station, VA 22039 Guenveur, Edward 24 Sheridan Place, Elon College, NC 27244 Guilliams, Sharon Route 1, Box 370, Rocky Mount, VA 24151 Gulley, Tina Route 10, Box 178, Buriington. NC 27215 Gulmez, Serdar 1108 Garfield Road, Buriington, NC 27215 Gunar, Cheryl 7317 Kennington Ct,. Matthews. NC 28226 Gunn, Craig 425 Downing Drive, Danville, VA 24541 Gupton, Tony P.O. Box 921. Angier, NC 27501 Gurganus, Richard 4005 Lochinvar Lane, Rocky Mount, NC 27801 Guss, David 5 Sheridan Place, Elon College, NC 27244 Gustaveson, Mark 1125 Plaid Street, Burlington, NC 27215 Guthrie, Earlene Route 1, Box 235, Snow Camp, NC 27349 Guthrie, Maura Calder Square Facility, RO. Box 10322. State College. PA 16805 Gutman, Stephen 1305 Clarendon Drive, Greensboro, NC 27410 Guzman, Terence 2005 Haviland Dnve, Richmond, VA 23229 Gwaltney, Cecil PO Box 504, 201 Moonefield, Drive, Smithfield, VA 23430 Gwaltney, Thomas 808 Valley Street, Slatesville, NC 28677 Haase, Sean 21 Sheridan Place, Elon College, NC 27244 Hackney, Carol 936 East Market Street, Burlington, NC 27215 Haddix, Eric RR 2, Box 42, Temple, NH 03084 Haddock, Mary 4101 Greenwood Road, New Bern, NC 28560 Haddox, Karen 725 North York Road, Steriing, VA 22170 Hadley, Cathy Route 1, Box 39, Snow Camp, NC 27349 Hager, Stefan Sofiebergsvagen 33 B Stockholm Tyreso, Sweden, 13553 Haire, Timothy 674 Birchwood, Wyckoff, NJ 07481 Hairston, Eric 115 Roosevelt Street, Eden, NC 27288 Hairston, Lisa 739 East Haggard Ave,, College Town Apts 2E, Elon College, NC 27244 Haith, Ethel RO. Box 221. Neal Street, Elon College, NC 27244 Haith, Frank RO Box 221, 223 Neal Strt et, Elon College, NC 27244 Hall, Carolyn Route 1, Box 36-1, Hurdle Mills, NC 27541 Hall, James Route 2, Box 170-A, Burlington, NC 27215 Hall, Jill II East Wilson Avenue, Woodstown, NJ 08098 Hall, Lori 623 Charles Street, Mebane, NC 27302 Hall, Sheryl 2301 Brandt Village Road, Greensboro, NC 27405 Hall, Susan 422 Grandview Avenue, Pitman, NJ 08071 Hall, Todd 439 June Circle, Salem, VA 24153 Hallman, Dwight 1693 Sanatoga Road, Pottstown, PA 19464 Hamby, Linda 1515 McCuiston Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 Hamilton, Aaron E-5 Ridgewood Apts., Carrboro, NC 27510 Hamilton, David 107 Markham Road, RO Box 1218, Tryon, NC 28782 Hamilton, John Route 2, Box 429 A, Durham, NC 27705 Hamilton, Linda PO, Box 42, Urbanna, Va 23175 Hamilton, Robert 6713 Knightswood Drive, Charlotte. NC 28226 Hammeal, Brandi 12100 Southwest 95th Street. Miami. FL 33186 Hammerly, David I0I3 North Quintana Street, Arlington, VA 22205 Hammock, Ward 102 Kindletree Ct., Apt. 2-A, Cary, NC 27511 Hammond, Elizbeth RO. Box 421, Buriington, NC 27215 Hammond, Eric 6475 Pine Forest Drive, York, SC 29745 Hammond, Thomas Route I, Box 649, Graham, NC 27253 Hanauer, Mary 1737 Scalesville Road, Summerfield, NC 27358 Hance, Elaine 12 Peirce Road, Wilmington, DE 19803 Hand, Gale PO Box 1032. Franklin, VA 23851 Handy, Anthony 409 Mountain Avenue, Roanoke, VA 24016 Hanford, Wendy 1822 Hanford Road, Graham, NC 27253 Hanna, Naomi 1502 Bunker Hill Dnve, Charlottesville, VA 22901 Hannan, Mary 5215 Acacia Avenue, Bethesda, MD 20814 Hansen, Elizabeth 6652 Madison McLean Drive, McLean, VA 22101 Hardee, James PO Box 1364, Elizabeth City, NC 27909 Hardie, Deanna Route 8, Box 431, Burlington, NC 27215 Hardie, Jr., Thomas 511 First Street, Apt. 2-B Box 5012, GibsonviUe, NC 27249 Hardin, Jack 3109-L Commerce Place, Buriington, NC 27215 Hardin, William Rt 9, Box 90, Lumberton, NC 28258 Hardy, James Route 2, Box 131-B, Burlington, NC 27215 Hargrove, Cheryl Route 1, Box 381, Siler City, NC 27344 Hargrove, Robert Route 1, Box 401, Slier City, NC 27344 Harman, Matthew Route 7. Box 337 A, Dunn, NC 28334 Harper, Nancy 1054 Swathmore Drive, N.W„ Atlanta, GA 30327 Harrell, Cynthia Route I, Box 98, Burlington, NC 27215 Harrell, Wendi Route 3, Box 197, Emporia, VA 23847 Harrelson, Michael 201 Port McCoy Road, ReidsviUe, NC 27320 Index 171 Harris, Adrienne 3314 Broughton Drive, Durham, NC 27704 Harris, Garth 4411 Old Cave Spring Road, Roanoke, VA 24018 Harris, Gregory Route 2, Box 290, Pittsboro, NC 27312 Harris, Jane 413 S Morgan Street, Roxboro, NC 27573 Harris, Jonathan Route 2, Box 174, Clarksville, VA 23927 Harris, Lisa PO Box 565, Rocky Mount, VA 24151 Harris, Mark 5724 Morganlon Road, Fayetteville, NC 28304 Harris, Martha 2700 Crestwood Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 Harris, Michael Route 3, Box 151, Centreville, MD 21617 Harris, Paul PO Box 262, 315 W Haggard Ave , Hon College, NC 27244 Harris, Thomas Route 3, Box 126. Wendell, NC 27591 Harris, Troy 404 Hillside Street, Rutherford, NC 28139 Harrison, Caria PO Box 381, Graham, NC 27253 Harrison, John 3226 Longhorn Road, Roanoke, VA 24018 Harrison, Paula Route 4, Box 337-B, Buriington, NC 27215 Harrison, Richard Route 1, Box 260, Westfield, NC 27053 Harrison, Sheila 1202 Blair Street, Graham, NC 27253 Harrison, Jr., William PO Box 111, Warlield, VA 23889 Harrup, Christy Route 3, Box 119, Emporia, VA 23847 Harry, John 1101 Uke Point Une, Suffolk, VA 23434 Hart, David Route 2, Box 674, Halifax, VA 24558 Hart, Todd 1427 Boyle Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15212 Hart, Traci 707 North 9th Street, Mebane, NC 27302 Hart, Wanda 818 North Ridge Street, Madison, NC 27025 Harth, Sandra Rd «4, Box 1861, Washington, NJ 07882 Hartnett, Alexandra Box 4, Accomac, VA 23301 Hartsoe, Larry PO Box 156, Chase City, VA 23 924 Harty, Steven 1445 Norman Road. Culpeper, VA 22701 Harvie, Catherine 11760 Rexmoor Drive, Richmond, VA 23236 Harwood, Patricia Route 4, Box 724-D, Graham, NC 27253 Hassard, Robert 2805 Alamance Road, Burlington, NC 27215 Hatchel, Janina Route 6, Box 692, Roxboro, NC 27573 Hatcher, Suzette Route 6, Box 692, Roxboro, NC 27573 Haufler, Wayne 94 Otter Road. Hilton Head Island, SC 299 Haug, Lisa 7302 Austin Street, Annandale. VA 22003 Haught, Carole Route 2, Box 79, Earlysville, VA 22936 Hawk, Teresa Route 1, Box 421, Haw River, NC 27258 Hawkins, Mary 800 Silver Leaf, Raleigh, NC 27609 Hawley, David 1669 Banbury Drive, Fayetteville, NC 28304 Hawthorne, Kristin PO. Box 766, Franklin, PA 16323 Hawthorne, Michelle PO Box 459, Glade Spring, VA 24340 Hayden, Jeannine 5 Dogwood Drive, Brxrokside, NJ 07926 Hayden, Jr., Reginald PO Box 121. King George, VA 22485 Hayes, Connie Route 1, Box 76, Brodnax, VA 23920 Hayes, Dorothy PO Box 1407, Elon College, NC 27244 Hayes, Evangeline 1708 Sharpe Road, Greensboro, NC 27406 Hayes, James Route 3, Box 343, Liberty. NC 27293 Hayes, Kelly 2403 Sagamore Court. Woodridge, VA 22192 Hayes, Susan 15008 Flower Valley Court, Rockville, MD 20853 Haynes, Jeanelle PO Box 12423, Research Tri Park, NC 2770 Headen Kimberly Route 3, Box 544, Pittsboro, NC 27312 Healander, Julie 4413 Buckthorn Court, Rockville, MD 20853 Heberie, Laen 7727 Comanche Dnve, Richmond, VA 23225 Hedge, Linda 2191 Courthouse Road, Stafford, VA 22554 Hedrick, Maynard 1329 Parker Street, Burlington, NC 27215 Heider, Susan 2136 Roger Street, Burlington, NC 27215 Helfenbein, Kirk 6 Eareckson Lane, Stevensville, MD 21666 Helfrich, Michael 2748 Middleton Avenue 16-D, Durham, NC 27705 Helms. Kenneth 8207 Ridgelea Court, Frederick, MD 21701 Helms, Todd Route 4, Box 125, Marshville, NC 28103 Hembree, Zane 5312 Audrey Road, Greensboro, NC 27406 Henderson, Elizabeth 406 East Jackson Street, Mebane, NC 27302 Henderson, Karen Route »1, Box 371, Elon College, NC 27244 Henderson, Kevin 25 Crest Haven Drive, Newburgh, NY 12550 Henderson, Peter 25 Cresthaven Drive, New Windsor, NY 12550 Henderson, Robert 7325 Bearswamp Road, Wadsworth, OH 44281 Hendricks, Carolyn Route 5, Box 147, Hillsborough, NC 27278 Henley, Michael PO Box 1084, Clemmons, NC 27012 Henley II, Forest 314 G Atwood Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 Henn, Carolyn P.O. Box 101, C O Exxon, Floiliam Park, NJ 07932 Hensley, Mildred 2400 Blanche Dnve, Burlington, NC 27215 Hensley, Sandra Route 10, Box 532, Burlington, NC 27215 Henson, Mary 1347 8th Street Northwest, Hickory, NC 28601 Henlschel, Anthony Route 12, Box 771, Hickory, NC 28602 Herbert, John 22 Forest Drive, Succasunna, NJ 07876 Herget, Melissa 24 Woodward Lane, Lutherville, MD 21093 Herman, Linda 197 Caroline Avenue. Garden City South, NY 1153 Herndon, Thomas 43 West Main Street, Brookside, NJ 07926 Herring, Norwood Route 2, Box 427, Burgaw, NC 28425 Herring, Steven 1635 Friendship Road, Shelby, NC 28150 Hertgen, Patricia 8 Kennedy Court, Middletown, NJ 07748 Hess, Jacqueline 210 South Washington, Moorestown, NJ 08057 Hess, Steven 321 Hessenauer Drive, Gallon, OH 44833 Hessler, James 6102 Bnarview Court, Alexandria, VA 22310 Hester, Stuart RO Box 248, Waxhaw. NC 28173 Heyden, Thomas 8701 Falkstone Lane, Alexandria, VA 23309 Hibbard, David 10506 Thames Dnve, Richmond, VA 23233 Hickman, Robert 318 Howard Street, Millville, NJ 08332 Hickman, Robert 1301 Sandpiper Court, Raleigh, NC 27609 Hicks, Robert 737 Austin Lane. Winston-Salem, NC 27106 Hicks, Susan 405 West Pine Street, Graham, NC 27253 Higgins, Stephen 7131 Burlwood Drive, Charlotte, NC 28211 High, Robert 123 Newby Court, Rocky Mount, NC 27804 Hill, Almeda 2031 Fox Run Road, Burlington, NC 27215 Hill, Kenneth 509 Poe Street, Wilson, NC 27893 Hill, Michael 3009 Berwick Road, Burlington, NC 27215 Hill, Terence Lambs Trailer Park, Camden, NC 27921 Hilliard, Todd Route 1, Box 85, Morrisville, NC 27560 Hilliard, Wilma Route 2, Box 435, Elon College, NC 27244 Hindman, Kimberly 1623 Keogh Street, Burlington, NC 27215 Hiner, Christa Route 4, Box 313. Beriin, MD 21811 nines, Christopher 3203 Kenmore Road, Richmond. VA 23225 Hines, Curtis 2805 Edgewood Avenue. Buriington. NC 27215 Hines, Darryl 185 Weir Street, Hempstead, NY 11550 Hines, Shannon PO Box 1507, Lake City, FL 32056 Hinshaw, Love 2117 Combs Street, Burlington, NC 27215 Hinte, Sondra 2610 Center Drive 1, Bluefield, WV 24701 Hinton, Donna Route 3, Box 126-C, Burlington, NC 27215 Hinton, Robin 308 Thomas Heights, Martinsville, VA 24112 Hirschy, Elizabeth 8308 Crown Court Road, Alexandria, VA 22308 Hitc, Kevin 3411 Breezewood Court, Midlothian, VA 23113 Hizaroglu, Denise 2617 Edgewood Avenue, Burlington, NC 27215 Hobaugh, Phil 201 W Haggard Avenue, PO, Box 1037, Elon College. NC 27244 Hobson, Michael 5826 Whitebud Drive, Raleigh, NC 27609 Hodge, Cheryl 1018 Kilby Street, Burlington, NC 27215 Hodgin, Charles Route 8, Box 425-A, Reidsville, NC 27320 Hoffert, Scoll 1512 Holmes Court, Virginia Beach, VA 23456 Hoffman, Heather 9297 Kilby Glen Drive, Vienna, VA 22180 Hoffman, Meredith 510 Cassell Lane, Roanoke, VA 24014 Hoffman, Robert 1434 Cliff Road, Asheboro, NC 27203 Hofheinz, Erik 2736 Calloway Street, N W., Roanoke, VA 24012 Hogan, Kenneth 5705 Bramblegate Drive, Greensboro, NC 27409 Holladay, Nina 116 Trail 1, Burlington, NC 27215 Holland, Elizabeth 104 Broadfield Lane, Spotsylvania, VA 22553 Holland, Karen PO Box 1063, Elon College, NC 27244 Holland, Krissa 513 Saint Cloud Drive, Statesville, NC 28677 Holland, Lisa 1641 Ronald Drive, Suffolk, VA 23434 Holland, Jr., John 612 Healhfield Road, Richmond, VA 23229 Holley, Cheryl Route 1, Box 56, Henry, VA 24102 Holley, Randall Route 1, Box 56, Henry, VA 24102 Mollis, Kerri 232 Nassau Drive, Haddonfield, NJ 08033 Holly, Christopher 4300 Pontiac Circle, Suffolk, VA 23434 Holmes, Vicki PO Box 713, Elon College, NC 27244 Holt, Elizabeth 410 South 3rd Street, Mebane. NC 27302 Holt, Elizabeth 6300 Amhurst Drive, Durham, NC 27713 Honeycutt, James 1703 Rendall Street. Buriington. NC 27215 Honeycutt, Veria 2423 Hillford Dnve. Burlington. NC 27215 Hooker, Craig 3111-F Commerce Place. Burlington. NC 27215 Hooks, Jeffrey 7 Hamilton Woods Court. River Hills. Lake Wylie. SC 29710 Hooper, Nancy Route 7. Box 94. Burlington. NC 27215 Hopgood, William 1119 Northwest 124 Avenue. Pembroke Pines, FL 33026 Home, Timothy 1110 Cook Road, Apt C-11. Gibsonville. NC 27249 Homer, Lisa Route 12, Box 316, Buriington. NC 27215 Hornick, Bradley 1323 Sycamore Drive, Garner, NC 27529 Horsey, Lawrence 1420 Ski Lodge Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23456 House, Joseph 2105 North Ashland Drive. Burlington, NC 27215 Houser, Karen 6110 Thomas Drive, Springfield, VA 22150 Houston, Andrea 1525 Wedgedale Avenue, Statesville, NC 28677 Houston, Anna RO. Box 4065, Hickory, NC 28603 Howard, Emily 3410 Rose Lane, Falls Chureh, VA 22042 Howard, Robert RO Box 1016, 319 Haggani Avenue, Elon Collge, NC 27244 Howard, Rojeana 219 Moore Street, Thomasville, NC 27360 Howard, Tammie 1506 Stallings Road, Durham, NC 27703 Howell, Amy RO Box 2278, Suffolk, VA 23432 Howell, Barbara 5104 Exeter Dnve, Suffolk, VA 23434 Howell, Thomas 228 West Brow Oval, Lookout Mountain. TN 37350 Howell, Jr, Matthew 120 Tvler Crescent, West, Portsmouth, VA 23707 Howie, Bretl 831 Shady Oaks Road, West River, MD 20778 Hoyle, John 206 Idol Drive. Thomasville, NC 27360 Hubbell, Brendan PO Box 4333, Silver Spring, MD 20904 Huber, Cynthia 2608 Shannandale Drive, Silver Spring, MD 20904 Huber, Susan 10 Marmaduke Court, Baldwin, MD 21013 Hubler, Robert 4109 Breezewood Lane, Annadale, VA 22003 Hudgins, Mary 839 Smith Street Box 6008, Gibsonville, NC 27249 Hudson, Richard 8301 The Midway Annandale, VA 22003 Hudson. Trent Route 2, Box 363-B, Laurel, DE 19956 Huff, Letitia Route 4, Box 352-A, Roxboro, NC 27573 Huffines, Kimberly Route 2, Box 373, Elon College, NC 27244 Huffman, Jeffrey 1701 Hobbs Road, Greensboro, NC 27410 Huffman, Rhonda Route 1, Box 295, Gibsonville, NC 27249 Hughes, Bradley 139 Fleming Drive, Durham, NC 27712 Hughes, Charles Box 54, Buckeystown, MD 21717 Hughes, Gerald Route 4, Box 21, Hillsborough, NC 27278 Hughes, Kenneth 703 East View Drive, Asheboro, NC 27203 Hughes, Paige Box 719, 204 Riverbend Drive, Advance, NC 27006 Hugus, Lisa 5600 Hereford Court, Alexandria, VA 22310 Hulbert, Matthew 39 West Maple Road, Greenlawn, NY 11740 Hulen, Jeffery Route 1, Box 55, Salemburg, NC 28385 Humphrey, Lauren 726 Lanham Place, Raleigh. NC 27609 Humphries, John 130 Holly Une, Morehead City, NC 28557 Hums, Mary 1917 Dogwood Street, Fayetteville, NC 28301 Hunter, Gregory 1184 Jefferson Court, Dover, DE 19901 Hunter, Kimberley 850 Bevlon Court, Winston-Salem, NC 27106 Hunter, Mellody PO Box 334, Elon College, NC 27244 Hunter, Richard Route 2, Box 91, Buriington, NC 27215 Husemeier, Nicol 200 Emerywood Court, Kernersville, NC 27284 Huther, Susan 205 Tenth Fairway Roswell, GA 30076 Hutton, Fred 1605 St Francis Road, Greensboro, NC 27408 Hyatt, William 1265 Old Baltimore Pike, Newark, DE 19713 Hyder, Joel 523 Country Club Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 Hyman, Ernest 457 Woodards Ford Rd., Chesapeake, VA 23320 lannotti, Jeffrey 458 Boston Avenue, Egg Harbor, NJ 08215 Iddings, Robin 518 East Lebanon Ave., Elon College, NC 27244 Iglehart, David 12008 River Road, Potomac, MD 20854 Imlay, Timothy 2717 Bowling Green Drive, Vienna, VA 22180 Ingle, Bonnie PO Box 219, Whitsett, NC 27377 Ingle, Debbie 1024 Tuttle Drive, Graham, NC 27253 Ingold, Todd 2805 Van Noppen Road, Greensboro, NC 27406 lonta, Kelly 13306 Tuckaway Dnve, Fairfax, VA 22033 Irland, James 86 Baker Drive, Haw River, NC 27258 172 Index Isley, Elayne Route 9, Box 399-A, Burlington, NC 27215 Isley, George Route 6, Box 373, Burlington, NC 27215 Isley, Jack 2224 Swep. Road, Graham, NC 27253 Isley, Jerry 2002 Rendall Street, Burlington, NC 27215 Isley, Mark Route 2, Box 100-A, Snow Camp, NC 27349 Itabashi, Rie 424 Lakeshore Une, Chapel Hill, NC 27514 Ivey, George Route 3, Box 32, Mebane, NC 27302 Jabari, Kamran PO Box 3806, 417-B Bethel Street, Gibsonville, NC 27249 Jackson, George PO Box 206, Harffield, VA 23071 Jackson, Steven Route 1, Box 786, Dunn, NC 28334 Jacobs, Donald 1801 South Quincy Street, i rlington, VA 22204 Jacobs, Michael Route 2, Box 89-A, Pembroke, NC 28372 Jakovics, G. 414 Hucknall Court, Severna Park, MD 21146 Jakub, Todd 104 Forecastle Court, Washington, NC 27889 James, Jennifer Quarters Z-3 Edson Drive, Mechanicsburg, PA 17055 James, Lorrie 1521 East Sprague Street, Winston-Salem, NC 27107 James, Sarah Route 4, Box 691, Mebane, NC 27302 Janelle, Christopher PO Box 421, Elon College, NC 27244 Jarrell, William 507 1 2 South Booker Street, Greensboro, NC 27401 Jarrett, Carter 8105 University Drive, Richmond, VA 23229 Jefferies, Charles 1138 South Church Street, Burlington, NC 27215 Jeffers, Alvin 415 North St., John Street, Burlington, NC 27215 Jeffries, Rhonda 324-1 West Fifth Street, Burlington, NC 27215 Jenkins, Jennie Box 280, Laplata, MD 20646 Jenkins, Marguerite Box 280, Laplalta, MD 20646 Jenkins, Susan 6 Willow Court, Manhasset, NY 11030 Jennings, Mildred 2049 Shiriey Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 Jennings, Tommye 3113 Truitt Drive. Burlington, NC 27215 Jennings, Jr., Maurice 808 Tarlton Avenue. Burlington, NC 27215 Jesse, Duane Route 5, Box 117, Hillsborough, NC 27278 Jetter, Amy 6533 North 29th Street, Arlington, VA 22213 Jewell, Frank Route 1. Box 166, Graham. NC 27253 Jobsis, Paul 506 North Greensboro Street, Apartment 36, Carrboro, NC 27510 Johnson, Amy 206 West Rosemary Lane. Falls Church. VA 22046 Johnson, Barbara Route 2. Box 611, Semora, NC 27343 Johnson, Benjamin PO. Box 17, Sedley, VA 23878 Johnson, Bryan 1107 Geneva Albright Road, Graham, NC 27253 Johnson, Christie 2714 West Front Street, A-3. Burlington, NC 27215 Johnson, Christy Route 4, Box 1247, High Point, NC 27263 Johnson, Clifford PO Box 334, Atkinson, NC 28421 Johnson, Dale 1 Magda Lane, Somerville, NJ 08876 Johnson, David 1107 Geneva Road, Graham, NC 27253 Johnson, Jeffrey 10601 East Independence Blvd.. Lot 100. Matthews. NC 28105 Johnson, Karen Route 2, Box 43-A, Ivor, VA 23866 Johnson, Karin 16819 Camberford Street, Derwood, MD 20855 Johnson, Kendall 217 Wellview Drive, Madison Heights, VA 24572 Johnson, Lisa Route 3, Box 518, Graham, NC 27253 Johnson, Lisha 1411 Greenwood Terrace, Burlington, NC 27215 Johnson, Lori 217 Azalea Drive. Mocksville, NC 27028 Johnson, lori PO Box 8, Tar Heel, NC 28392 Johnson, Patricia 238 Alpine Trail, Sparta, NJ 07871 Johnson, Patricia 8004 Hamilton Lane, Alexandria, VA 22308 Johnson, Patii 13 Sheridan Place, Elon College, NC 27244 Johnson, Richard 5804 Devonshire Drive, Bethesda, MD 20816 Johnson, Robin 413 West Pine Street, Graham, NC 27253 Johnson, Roxanna 1707 Parham Drive, Graham, NC 27253 Johnson, Stephen PO Box 17, Sedley, VA 23878 Johnson, Susan Route 1, Box 176-A, Burlington, NC 27215 Johnson, Tamra Route II. Box 130, Burlington. NC 27215 Johnson III, Paul Box 749, Bermuda Run. Advance, NC 27006 Johnson IV, Lattis 3009 Trenton Road. Greensboro, NC 27408 Johnston, Gregory 7635 Long Pine Drive, Springfield, VA 22151 Johnston, Todd 201 Pump Branch Road, Waterford, NJ 08089 Jonas, Elizabeth 12601 Oakhaven Drive. Charlotte, NC 28210 Jones, Anthony 227 Greenwich Avenue, Danville, VA 24540 Jones, Cathy 806 Oxloni Street, Greensboro, NC 27406 Jones, Darrell Route 5, Box 262-A. Anderson Road. Burlington, NC 27215 Jones, David 33 Broad Road, Greenwich, CT 06830 Jones, David 445 Summit Avenue, Statesville, NC 28677 Jones, Dean 141 North Street. Wellford, SC 29385 Jones, Deborah Route 1. Box 181-A, Bennett. NC 27208 Jones, Donald Route 10, Box 85. Buriington, NC 27215 Jones, Donna 1311 East Joyner Street, Box 7205, Gibsonville, NC 27249 Jones, James 2930 Langhome Road, Lynchburg, VA 24501 Jones, Jane 4536 Middleton U ne, Bethesda. MD 20814 Jones, Jeanette 312 Christi Une, Kernersville. NC 27284 Jones, Julia 1264 Thayer Drive, Asheborei, NC 27203 Jones, Karl 636 Tucker Street, Burlington. NC 27215 Jones, Katherine 5708 Santa Anita Terrace, Roanoke, VA 24012 Jones, Lara 4508 Keswick Drive, Raleigh, NC 27609 Jones, Matthew 2345 Brandt Village, Greensboro. NC 27410 Jones, Michael 1900 Tucker Street, Burlington, NC 27215 Jones, Renee 42 Rice Drive. Charleston, SC 29407 Jones, Shane 5201 Knollwood Drive, Raleigh, NC 27609 Jones, Steven 2608 Allen Jay Road, High Point, NC 27263 Jones, Vondra PO, Box 1895, Buriington, NC 27215 Jones, Wayne PO. Box 292, McLeansville, NC 27301 Jordan, Charles 5207 Kenstan Drive, Camp Springs, MD 20748 Jordan, Philip 5320 York Town Road, Bethesda, MD 20816 Jordan, Rodney Route 1. Box 436-B, Elon College, NC 27244 Joseph, Michael 8611 Raybum Road. Bethesda. MD 20817 Journell, Karen 112 Uramie Drive, Mebane, NC 27302 Joumigan, Gregory Route 4, Box 196, Wake Forest, NC 27587 Joyce, Michele Route 3. Box 74 A, Axton. VA 24054 Joyce, Robert 318 Hampton Street, Box 393, Stoneville, NC 27048 Joyner, Lynnice 1403 East Nash Street, Wilson, NC 27893 Justad, Maurine 42532 North Uke Drive, Anlioch, IL 60002 Kafes, Victoria 9018 Fairview Road, Silver Spring, MD 20910 Kaighn, Jeffrey 101 Kingston Road, Parsippany. NJ 07054 Kaiser, Benjamin 11503 Farmland Drive. RockviUe, MD 20852 Kamen, Eric 2342 Webber Street, Sarasota, FL 33579 Kane, Karen 9909 Loudoun Avenue. Manassas, VA 22110 Kapitula, Craig 4005 Arjay Circle, Elliocott City, MD 21043 Karnes, Julie 13 Sheridan Place, Bon College, NC 27244 Karsevar, Jennifer 4105 Picaidy Dnve, Raleigh, NC 27612 Kashner, Jr., Charles R D 1 Box 367 A. Camden. DE 19934 Kayes, Henry 520 Eleventh Avenue, Huntington. WV 25701 Kaylor, Susan 20 Sheridan Place. Elon College. NC 27244 Kealey, Maria 9913 Old Annapolis Road, EUicott City, MD 21043 Keaney, Paula 210 Woodmont Road, Jamestown, NC 27282 Keams, John 309 Trail Two, Buriington, NC 27215 Keck, Christopher 2627 White Oak Lane, Burlington, NC 27215 Keck, Teresa Route 8, Keck Drive, Buriington, NC 27215 Keely, Patrick 2740 Via Tulipan, Carlsbad, CA 92008 Keels, Joycelyn Route 1, Box 282-C, Marshville, NC 28103 Keelty Philip 1007 Fallscroft Way Lutherville, MD 21093 Keenan, Timothy 3779 Elkwood Court, Concord, NC 28025 Keeton, John 5812 Ridgeview Dr, Durham. NC 27712 Keever, Sandra Route 7, Box 705, Lincolnton, NC 28092 Keith, Linda 1510 Sherwood Drive. Buriington, NC 27215 Kellam, John PO. Box 6037, Virginia Beach, VA 23456 Keller, Connie PO Box 52, Elon College, NC 27244 Keller, Jeffrey 5103 Crossfield Court Apt. 7, Rockville, MD 20852 Keller, Uura 3115 Troyer Road, White Hall, MD 21161 Kelley, Diane 319 Trail Eight. Buriington, NC 27215 Kelley, Kathryn 3810 Westgate Dnve, Alexandria, VA 22309 Kellis, Barry Route 4, Box 328-A, Burlington, NC 27215 Kelly, Robert 2133 Coy Street, Buriington, NC 27215 Kelly, Susan 2707 Cobbside Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 Kelly, Timothy 3 Sussex Road, Marlton, NJ 08053 Kelly, William 1676 Forge Pond Road, Brick NJ 08724 Kendrick, Benjamin 2731-B Spring Garden St., Greensboro, NC 27403 Kennedy, Gregory 1411 Chesnee Drive. Wilson, NC 27893 Kennedy, William Route 6, Box 53-N, Burlington, NC 27215 Kenney, Michael 42 Fairway Ridge, Clover SC 29710 Kenney, Robert 501 Hollyridge Drive, Durham, NC 27712 Kent, Ten 701 North York Road, Sterling, VA 22170 Kern, Cheryl 1214 Wooddale Avenue, Point Pleasant, NJ 08742 Kerns, Billie-Jo 717 Windsor Street, Buriington, NC 27215 Kerr, Stephen 10 West Shore Drive, Pennington, NC 08534 Kerr, William 267 Oak Court, Severna Park, MD 21146 Kessler, Kevin 913 Meadow Une, MiUerburg, PA 17061 Kclcham, John PO. Box 63, Elon College, NC 27244 Ketner, Allison 9 Knollwood Blvd., North Augusta, SC 29841 Kiley, Anne 3621 Melfa Une, Bowie, MD 20715 Killmon, Lisa 1521 Magnolia Drive, Salisbury, MD 21801 Kilpatrick, Jr., Joseph Route 4, Box 591 A, Mebane, NC 27215 Kimrey, Amy 4442 Maple Avenue, Burlington. NC 27215 King, Barry PO. Box 3283. Roxboro, NC 27573 King, Carolyn 813 Magnolia Street. Winston-Salem, NC 27103 King, Christopher 7544 Sebago Road. Bethesda, MD 20817 King, Christopher 2925 Burton Road. Durham, NC 27704 King David PO. Box 120. Seagrove. NC 27341 King, Susan 3011 Kennedy Street Northeast. Roanoke, VA 24012 King, Tamara 4704 Brompton Drive. Greensboro, NC 27407 Kinner, Ron 423 Oakland Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 Kinney, Susan 600 W. Main Street, Box 2805, Gibsonville, NC 27249 Kirchner, Christopher 4520 Saul Road, Kensington, MD 20895 Kiser, John 510 Bellield Drive, Emporia, VA 23847 Klinkoski, Kelly Route 1. Box 346, Hudson. NC 28638 Kluksdahl, Brent 511 Valleysdale Avenue, Salem, VA 24153 Klutz, Marvin Route 4. Box 90, Mebane, NC 27302 Knick, Roger Route 7, Box lllC, Danville, VA 24540 Knight, Lee Route 2, Box 30, Madison, NC 27025 Knode, Penny 615 Clarks Run Road, U Plata, MD 20646 Knott, Tracy 463 Albemarle Avenue, Staunton. VA 24401 Knox, Edward 2763 Woods Avenue, Oceanside, NY 11572 Koda, Philip 2379 Post Road, Darien Ct., 06820 Koenig, Ann 10308 Crown Point Court, Potomac, MD 20854 Koonce, Julius 307-J Avalon Road. Greensboro. NC 27401 Koort, Peter 5318 Council Grove Une, Houston, TX 77088 Komegay, Arthur 1105 Geneva Albright, Graham, NC 27253 Kott, Jacob PO Box 40. 12404 Nokesville Road, Nokesville, VA 22123 Kountis, Rita 5009 Garrett Road. Durham, NC 27707 Kozuch, James 8025 Thornley Court, Bethesda, MD 20817 Krape, Gary 6006 Merry Vale Court, Springfield, VA 22152 Krauss, Margaret 803 Elizabeth Une, Matthews, NC 28105 Kreeger, Andrew 7316 Yorktowne Drive, Baltimore, MD 21204 Kuhn, Gary 2435 Granby Road, Wilmington, DE 19810 Kuhns, Donald Route 3, Box 234, Graham, NC 27253 Kula, Lisa 1484 Kerner Road, Kernersville, NC 27284 Kurtzebom, Edwin 4406 Goifwood Blvd., Tampa, FL 33634 Kuiz, Heather 4967 Moonfall Way, Columbia, MD 21044 La Manna, Helene 10328 Mockingbini Pond Court, Burke, VA 22015 Uckey, Phyllis 2414 Atwood Drive, Burlington. NC 27215 Ucks, Rickie Route 2, Box 740. Chase City, VA 23924 Uckey, Jr., Robert 410 7th Street Northeast, Hickory, NC 28601 Udd, Gregory 6 Geraldine Drive. Ellington, CT 06029 Uhmers, Robert 1133 Sam Lee Road, Graham, NC 27253 Uine, Holly PO Box 2341, Kill Devil Hills, NC 27948 Uing, Bruce 1208 Park Avenue, Durham, NC 27701 Ulonde, Karen Route 2, Box 20, Winthrop, NY 13697 Umaskin, Mark 10001 Raven Stone Court, Richmond, VA 23233 Umb, Patricia 36 Stuart Drive. Dover DE 19901 Uncaster, Elizabeth 3111 Pine Cone Trail. Greensboio. NC 27406 Undes, Katherine Box 8904. Gibsonville, NC 27249 Undnim, Robert 3 White Pine Court. Wilmington, DE 19808 Une, Brent 4 Thornwood Une, Clover. SC 29710 Ung, Sandra 21 The Helm, East Islip, NY 11730 Ungley, Dale 2553 Hyde Street. Burlington, NC 27215 Ungpaul, Lynn 10009 Georgetown Pike, Great Falls, VA Index 173 Lanier, Phillip 913 Cedarbrook Dnve, Rocky Mount, NC 27801 Lankford, Tammy 607 South Sellars Milt Road, Burlington. NC 27215 tanning, Michael 2 Dogwood Place, Shaw Air Force Base, SC29 Unphear, David 600 Churchill Drive. Chapel Hill, NC 27514 Largen, Timothy Route 4, Box 12. Ridgeway, VA 24148 Larick, Steven 1418 Debra Street. Cary. NC 27511 Larson. Eric 8633 Gateshead Road, Alexandria, VA 22309 Lasek, John 3200 Hudson Street, Baltimore, MD 21224 Lashley. Kara PO Box 762, Elon College, NC 27244 Lashley, Mark 218 Howeland Circle, Danville, VA 24541 Lashley, Richard RO. Box 762, Spanish Oak Road, Elon College, NC 27244 Lashley III, Richard PO. Box 762, Elon College, NC 27244 Lawlor. David PO Box 106. Ashburn. VA 22011 Lawlor, Michael 1 Lawlor Lane, Ashburn, VA 22011 Lawson, Ricky Route 1, Box 203-D. Ridgeway. VA 24148 Layne, Charlene Route 3, Box 70, Bumpass, VA 23024 Lazenby, Jeffrey Route 1, Box 86, Foster Road, Woodleaf, NC 27054 Le Blanc, James 1204 North High Street, Franklin, VA 23851 Le Blanc, Jerome 1204 North High Street, Franklin, VA 23851 le Favor, Jeanine 5305 Maple Ridge Road, Raleigh, NC 27609 Le Page, Scott 4201 University Drive, Fairfax, VA 22030 Leach, Duncan PO Box 1408, Elon College, NC 27244 Leach, Steven 1805 Brisbane Street, Silver Spring, MD 20902 Leahy, Edward 7009 Beachmont Drive, Sykesville, MD 21784 Leahy, Mary 2059 West Uke Drive. Burlington. NC 27215 Leary, James 9918 Eldee Drive, Ellicott City, MD 21043 Leatherman, Jimmy 485 14th Avenue N.E.. Hickory, NC 28601 Lee, Alana 2105 Wilkins Street, Buriington, NC 27215 Lee, Brett 402 England Avenue, Fuquay-Varina, NC 27526 Lee, Christine Route 3, Box 38, Littleton, NC 27850 Lee, Kimberly 29 London Lane, Mebane, NC 27302 Lee, Krisla 601 Raintree Drive, Matthews, NC 28105 Lee. Timothy 3801 Thalia Drive. Virginia Beach. VA 23452 Lees, Traci Box 802 Bermuda Run, Advance, NC 27006 Leighlon, Richard Rd 4 Pigeon Ci ek Road, Pottstown, PA 19464 Leonard, Jeffrey 20 Holly Crest Court, Greensboro, NC 27410 Leonard, Joel 207 Arbor Drive, Lexington, NC 27292 Leonard, Michael 1205 Fillman Drive. Reidsville, NC 27320 Lesiewicz, Peter 12 Halston Lane, Coram, NY 11727 Lesmes, George Route 1, Box 186, Purcellville. VA 22132 Levy, Scott 818 Mac Arthur Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15228 Lewis, Anne 6119 Andrea Drive, Lakeland, FL 33803 Lewis, Barry 1815 Neese Road, Graham, NC 27253 Lewis, G. 3825 University Avenue N.W,, Washington, DC 20016 Lewis, Jack PO. Box 1324, Elon College, NC 27244 lewis. Jamie 1045 Elwood Street, Burlington, NC 27215 lewis, Jeanie 2414 Rettrop Drive, McLeansville, NC 27301 Lighter, Diane 10407 Gatewood Terrace, Silver Spnng, MD 20903 Liles, Laura 4725 Southern Pines Dnve, Virginia Beach, VA 23462 Lindley, Nina Route 1, Box 464, Siler City, NC 27344 Lindquist, Karl 126 Wellington Place, Danville, VA 24541 Lindsey, David Route 4, Box 127, Tnnity, NC 27370 Lineback, Michael 4402 Pennydaie Drive, Greensboro, NC 27407 Lineberry, Ronald RO Box U, Siler City, NC 27344 lineberry, Timothy Route 6, Box 303, Burlington, NC 27215 linens, Richie Route I, Box 99, Buriington, NC 27215 linke, Jocelyn 5115 Cammack Drive, Bethesda, MD 20816 lippard, William Route 1, Box 129-X-l, Elon College, NC 27244 Lippincolt, Todd New Road RR »6, Vincentown, NJ 08088 Lipscomb, Robert Rt 2, Box 21, Culpeper, VA 22701 Liviccon, Kris PO Box 128, Howells, NY 10932 Lloyd, Allen 840 Copley Avenue, Waldorf, MD 20601 Lochbaum, Mark 15 Spring Creek Road, Hagerstown, MD 21740 Locklear, Karen Route 2, Box 201-B, Red Springs. NC 28377 Locklear, Melinda Route 1. Box 78-0. Shannon, NC 28386 Lofton, Sarah 824 Faulkner Place, Raleigh, NC 27609 Logan, Douglas 604 South Mountain Street, CherryviUe, NC 28021 Lomax, John 1125 Emerald Street, Salisbury, NC 28144 Long, Anthony 3687 Oak Ridge Road, Summerfield, NC 27358 Long, Charles 4009 Poplar Grove Road, Midlothian, VA 23113 Long, Donald 115 Mt Calvary Road, ThomasviUe. NC 27360 Long, Jesse Route 2, Box 318, Burlington, NC 27215 Long, Kimberly 1120 Country Ridge Road, Raleigh. NC 27609 Long, Linda Route 4, Box 447-B. Roxboro, NC 27573 Long. Linda 1325 Jackson Street. Buriington. NC 27215 Long, Lydia 2927 Old Stage Road, Castonia, NC 28052 Long, Ruth 2006B Durham Street. Buriington, NC 27215 Long, William 2927 Old Stage Road, Gastonia, NC 28052 Lopossay, Kay Route 2. Box 32-A. Bear Creek, NC 27207 Lorenz, Timothy 2914 Michigan Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21227 Lovell, Alyssa 429 Hyde Street. Burlington, NC 27215 loving, Mary 3012 South Greenway Drive, Covington, VA 24426 Lowe, Ira PO Box 1504. Tappahannock, VA 22560 Loy, Stephen 2109 Swepsonville Road, Graham, NC 27253 Loy, William 2210 Whitsett Street, Buriington, NC 27215 Luca, John 8620 Parliament Drive, Springfield, VA 22151 Luck, William 324 Sixth Street, Chase City, VA 23924 luihn, Cynthia 2022 B Colony Apartment, Burlington, NC 27215 Luke, Delia RO. Box 1205, Elon College, NC 27244 Luke, Lois PO. Box 1I9I, Elon College, NC 27244 Lundahl, Michael PO. Box 1181, Elon College, NC 27244 Lupo, Donn 5431 Sumac Cirrle, Fayetteville, NC 28304 Lynch, Carin 5015 Long Knife Run, Louisville, KY 40207 Lynch, Robert 553 Hoover Avenue, Westwood, NJ 07675 Lytle, Robert 2212 Blair Street, Williamsport, PA 17701 Maass, Gretchen 526 Overland Drive. Orange, CT 06477 Mabe, Sharon 1007 Watson Street, Reidsville, NC 27320 Mabry, Amy 116 Rolling Road, Burlington, NC 27215 Mac Dougall, Howard 23-B Gardeners Lane, Hampton Bays, NY 11946 MacDonald, Jessica 7901 Cindy Lane, Bethesda, MD 20817 Mack, Sir Walter 2905 Bon-Air Avenue, Winston-Salem, NC 27105 Mackay Ana 2018 2-B Coltsneck Road, Reston, VA 22091 Mackintosh, James Parks Mill Road, Adamstown, MD 21710 Mackovic, Carla 45 Folkestone Drive, Greensboro, NC 27409 Magan, Robert Route 5, Box 609, Mebane, NC 27302 Magana, Jenina 4 Patton Lane, Sicklerville, NJ 08081 Magee, Barbara 504 Overhill Road, Baltimore, MD 21210 Magol, Marsha 16 Prestwick Place, Durham, NC 27705 Mailley, Kimberly 2623 Sheringham Drive, Herndon, VA 22071 Makers, Terry 824 Wyngate Road, Somerdale, NJ 08083 Malone, S. 4801 Bel Pre Road. Rockville, MD 20853 Mancuso, Monica 4 Sagebrush Court, Greensboro, NC 27409 Maness, Joel 3003 Alamance Road, Burlington, NC 27215 Mankin, Jason RO. Box 187, Fincastle, VA 24090 Mann, Belinda 1909 Hawthorne Lane. Buriington, NC 27215 Mann, Nathan 403 Trail 4, Buriington, NC 27215 Mann, Robert Route 4, Box 152, Cherokee Forest, Covington, VA 24426 Mann, Robin 3117-E Commerce Street, Burlington, NC 27215 Mann, Thomas 3625 Perthshire Lane, Colonial Heights, VA 23834 Mann, Wendy Route 4, Box 284. Chapel Hill, NC 27514 Manners, Jr., Robert PO Box 1056, Elon College, NC 27244 Manning, Gwendolyn 325 Courtland Terrace, Burlington, NC 27215 Manning, Jackie 6109 Balboa Circle. 201. Boca Raton, FL 33433 Manspeaker, Robyn 10186 Red Spruce Road, Fairfax, VA 22032 Manuel, Kathy Route 2, Box 105, Elon College.NC 27244 Maraney, Kris 4909 Dodson Dnve, Annandale, VA 22003 Marchese, Jennifer 9702 Eclipse Place, Gaithersburg,MD 20879 Marcin, Jeffrey 4106 Trotter Ridge Road, Durham, NC 27707 Markley, Phillip 2636 Cornwallis Avenue, Roanoke, VA 24014 Markosky, Kenneth 17 Huckleberry Lane, Weston, CT 06883 Marks, Nancy 508 Roystonia Palm Dnve, N, Indialantic, FL 32903 Marolla, Beth-Ann 426 East 13th Avenue, North Wildwood NJ 08260 Marsh, Reginald 3540 Old Towne Rd , SW Roanoke, VA 24018 Marszaiek, John 12136 Pawnee Dnve, Gaithersbure, MD 20878 Martin, David 7555 S. Spalding Lake Drive, Atlanta, GA 30360 Martin, Gail 805 Rollingwood Drive, Greensboro, NC 27410 Martin, Ken Route 6, Box 104, Roxboro, NC 27573 Martin, Luther Route 3, Box 146, Elon College, NC 27244 Martin, Maria Route 2, Box 95, Westfield, NC 27053 Martin, Rachel 7001 Stella Drive, Gibsonville, NC 27249 Martin, Susan Route 10, Box 258, Chapel Hill, NC 27514 Martin, Tara 1108 Selwood Drive, Virginia Beach, VA 23464 Martin, Todd 1820 Lodestar Dnve. Raleigh. NC 27609 Martin, Vickie PO Box 1109, Elon College, NC 27244 Martindale, Linda Route 1, Box 420, Buriington, NC 27215 Mascitti, David PO Box 537, Kitty Hawk, NC 27949 Masho, Joseph PO. Box 744, 302 Thompson Road, Graham, NC 27253 Mason, Donna Route 4, Box 343, Roxboro, NC 27573 Mason, Robert 812 Main Street, Apt 2, Reidsville. NC 27320 Massa, Frank 15 Woodland Street. Little Silver. NJ 07739 Massei, Jo Ann PO Box 492, Siler City, NC 27344 Massey, George 3007 Buckingham Avenue, Lakeland, FL 33803 Massey, Sharon Route 2, Box 345, Elon College, NC 27244 Massey Teresa Route 2, Box 383-A, Burlington, NC 27215 Massey Trina RO Box 266, Yanceyville, NC 27379 Matanzo, Martha 1232 Kenwood Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 Mathews, Martin 4285 Hatton Point Road, Portsmouth, VA 23703 Matney Linda 1061 Rockndge Road. Asheboro, NC 27203 Matteson, Jeffrey 4601 Kenbridge Drive, Greensboro, NC 27410 Mauldin, Rena Route 1, Box 240-A, Siler City, NC 27344 Mauro, Theodore 330 Main Avenue, Bay Head, NJ 08743 May, Angela 5-B Sherry Drive, Trails End Apartments, Buriington, NC 27215 May Curtis 900 Cherokee Trail, Frederick, MD 21701 May, Monique 510 Doggett Drive, Graham, NC 27253 May Paula 510 Doggett Drive, Graham, NC 27253 May Roy Route 6, Box 296-K, Buriington, NC 27215 Mayer, Nicholas 125 Londonberry Road, Forest, VA 24551 Mayer, Paul 221 Van Dyke Street, Kernersville, NC 27284 Mayes, Thomas 3913 South Road, Apartment 2, Chesapeake, VA 23321 Mayfield, Frank 5846 Wayside Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45230 Mayhan, Jr., Filzhugh Route 3, Box 534, Martinsville, VA 24112 Mayhew, Lester 325 Lindhurst Drive, Danville, VA 24540 Mayo, Fredrick 115 Nash Street, Hillsborough, NC 27278 Mayo, Mary 21015 Halburton Road, Beachwood, OH 44122 Mayo, Steve RO. Box 394, Garysburg. NC 27831 Mays, Freddie Route 6, Box 501, Madison Heights, VA 24572 McCormick, Carl PO. Box 311, Stanleytown, Va 24168 McAbee, Kelli 2008 State Road 1864, Dallas, NC 28034 McAuliffe, Mary 11421 Staten Court, Germantown. MD 28074 McBane, Patricia 6276 McLeansville Road, McLeansville, NC 27301 McCabe, Terence 739 East Haggard Ave.. Apt. 4-F, Elon College, NC 27244 McCaffrey, Susan 105 Clanden Court, Yorktown, VA 23692 McCann, Arthur 54 Lenape Trail, Medford Lakes, NJ 08055 McCann, Clint Route 2, Box 405A, Elon College, NC 27244 McCann, Jeffrey Route 2, RO Box 224, Lands End Road, Morehead City, NC 28557 McCann, Robyn Route 2, Box 405-A, Elon College, NC 27244 McCarty, Ann 12564 Quincy Adams Court, Herndon, VA 22071 McCauley, Clifford Route 3, Box 77, Elon College, NC 27244 McClellan, Robert 12208 Captains Court, Woodbridge, VA 22192 McClernan, Ryan 1810 Monkton Road, Monkton, MD 211II McClintock, Pamela 29-B Warwick Drive. Buriington. NC 27215 McCloskey, Richard 1706 Weatherstone Drive, PaoU, PA 19301 174 Index McCollough, Lewis Route 1, Box 247-Y, Bascom, FL 32423 McCorkle, Jr., Mack 1307 N. Sellars Mill, Burlington, NC 27215 McCormick, Debbie 2208 Regal Drive, Wilmington, DE 19810 McCormick, John 2000 McFall Street, McClean, VA 22101 McCormick, Roy Route 2, Box 638, Halifax, VA 24558 McCoy, Kristen 3212 Meadowbrook Lane, Chesapeake, VA 23321 McCree, Geno 272 Esther Circle, Kannapolis, NC 28081 McCuiston, Deborah 518 Shannon Road, Asheboro, NC 27203 McCuiston, Rebecca 518 Shannon Road, Asheborci, NC 27203 McCullough, Christopher 10100 South Glen Road, Potomac, MD 20854 McCullough, James Route 2, Box 290-P, China Grove, NC 28023 McCullough, Marie Route 5, Box 753, Adams Place, Hillsborough, NC 27278 McCumber, Heather 27 Dogwood Drive, Jackson, NJ 08527 McCurdy, Michael 100 Freedom Way, Salisbury, MD 21801 McDaniel, Robert 120 Linden Avenue, Lynchburg, VA 24503 McDonald, Coleen 2 Grason Court, RockviUe, MD 20850 McDonald, Stephen 2850 Robinhood Road, Winston Salem, NC 27106 McDowell, Chris Route 6, Box 96 Jones Road, Mebane, NC 27302 McDowell, Patricia 2595 Hyde Street, Burlington, NC 27215 McDuffie, Melody FO. Box 2124, Lumberton, NC 28349-118 McElveen, Amy 2838 Bedford Street, Burlington, NC 27215 McFarland, Randall 207 Debra Dnve, Durham, NC 27704 McFarlane, Christine 102 Murdock Road, Hillsborough, NC 27278 McFarlane, Katherine 100 North Roscoe Blvd., Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 3208 McGee, Kimberly 7123 Park Terrace Drive, Alexandria, VA 22307 McGettigan, Stephen 5445 Antrim Court, Columbia, MD 21045 McGhee, Carol Route 10, Box 551, Burlington, NC 27215 McGinty, Thomas 8202 Cooper Street, Uexandria, VA 22309 McGirk, Todd 5729 Overly Drive, Alexandria, VA 22310 McGlothlin, Barbara 100 Rosemont Street, Box 7908, Gibsonville, NC 27249 McGowan, Jeanmarie 106 George Rogers Road, Charlottesville, VA 22901 McGraw, John 8002 Le Havre Place 6, Falls Church, VA 22042 McGreevey, John 701-4 Teryl Road, Naples, FL 33962 McGuire, Wanda PO. Box 493, Yanceyville, NC 27379 McGuirl, Sara 310 Wiltshire Village, Lanchmont Road, Salisbury, NC 28144 Mclnerney, Kathryn Route 3, Box 338, Ridgeway, VA 24148 Mclntyre, Marvin 2733 Woodbury Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 McKee, Francis R.D. 2, Box 36 Fransicso Drive, Newton NJ 07860 McKinney, Virgil 1003 Parkwood Drive, Siler City, NC 27344 McKinnon, Frederick 380 Wesley Court, Chapel Hill, NC 27514 McLaughlin, Frank 11404 Lilting Lane, Fairfax Station, VA 22039 McLendon, Mia 2425 Delaney Dnve, Burlington, NC 27215 McMahon, Melissa Route I, Box 373, Siler City NC 27344 McManus, Lori 2720 Deepford Drive, Woodbridge, VA 22192 McMillan, Elizabeth 3929 Park Avenue, Fairfield, CT 06430 McMurry, Carole 32 17 Latigo Court, Oakton, VA 22124 McPherson, Connie Route 1, Box 541-B, Graham, NC 27253 McQueen, Janice 113 Shamrock Road, Asheboro, NC 27203 McSwain, Steve Route 2, Box 232, Vass, NC 28394 McVerry, Amy 4419 Parview Drive, Matthews, NC 28105 Meacham, Unce Route 1, Box 807, Pittsboro, NC 27312 Meadows, Angela 19205 Wootton Avenue, Poolesville, MD 20837 Meadows, Deborah 2203 Hunter ' s Ridge Dnve, Pleasant Garden, NC 27313 Meadows, Kathy 18 Hylton Avenue, Danville, VA 24541 Meadows, Leatha 1706 Forest Valley Road, Greensboro, NC 27410 Meadows, Necia 706 East Florida Street, Greensboro, NC 27406 Meares, Ralph Route 2, Box 287, Tabor City, NC 28463 Mebane, Tracy 2158 Canterbury Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 Medley, Nancy 2511 Wilson Street, Durham, NC 27705 Medlin, Victor 826 South 2nd Street, Smithfield, NC 27577 Meeks, Gregory 307 Yates Street, South Boston, VA 24592 Meeks, Jr., Andrew Route 3, Box 188-B, Sloneville, NC 27048 Meeler, Nancy Route 1, Box 242, Leasburg, NC 27291 Meers, Meredith 120 Dalkeith Glen, Arnold, MD 21012 Megenity, Adam 5208 Lowery Downs, Virginia Beach, VA 23464 Megorden, Kent 236 Avon Avenue, Waynesboro, VA 22980 Mehring, Mark 430 Glenwood Avenue, Burlington, NC 27215 Meisse, Susan 472-B Barton Run Blvd., Marlton, NJ 08053 Melville, Francie 434 Oliver Road, Cincinnati, OH 45215 Menzel, Laura 616 Robens Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23452 Merritt, Kenneth 1709 Scaup Ct., Chesapeake, VA 23320 Merritt, Thomas 5000 Cary Street Road, Richmond, VA 23226 Mershon, Sandy 107 Lorac Court, Williamsburg, VA 23185 Mesogianes, Christopher 7 Fort Donelson Road, Pennsville, NJ 08070 Messer, Lisa 4407 Ginger Drive, Gastonia, NC 28054 Mctzler, Michael 3306 Woodside Avenue, Graham, NC 27253 Michael, Mark Route 1, Box 437, Goldvein, VA 22720 Michael, Mary 792 31st Avenue N.E. St. Petersburg, FL 33704 Michallis, Christopher 533 Borrie Avenue, Brielle, NJ 08730 Mickens, John 3811 Percival Avenue, Miami, FL 33133 Middleton, Gregory 2821 Blanche Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 Miercort, Kirsten 2251 Pimmit Drive Apt 918, Falls Church, VS 22043 Milanak, Lisa 1943 Seaton Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15226 Miles, Donna 111 Center Crest Drive, Elon College, NC 27244 Miller, Charles 4517 Highberry Road, Greensboro, NC 27410 Miller, Kathy Route 4, Box 233, Burlington, NC 27215 Miller, Kimberly 509 Vestry Court. Virginia Beach, VA 23464 Miller, Michael 5 Douglas Dnve. Newport News, VA 23601 Miller, Raymond 3611 Oakmont Drive, Fort Washington, MD 20744 Miller, Sandra 603 Shadowbrook Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 Miller, Toby 302 N.W, 87th Terrace, Coral Springs, FL 33065 Millikan, Christopher PC. Box 565, Elon College, NC 27244 Milliken, Marie Darren Road, Rd. 1 Box 227, Ugrangeville, NY 12540 Millikin, Robert 118 Westview Drive, Elon College, NC 27244 Mills, Caria 2307 Lyndale Court, Mebane, NC 27302 Mills, Karen Box 704, Bermuda Run, NC 27006 Mills, Mark 917 Pembroke Road, Greensboro, NC 27408 Mills, Norris 203 Valleybrook Lane. Troutman, NC 28166 Mims, Marqueita 5020 U U Drive, Reidsville, NC 27320 Miner, Karen Box 5207 Smith Street, Gibsonville, NC 27249 Minner, Michael 728 Wick Boulevard, Woodbury, NJ 08096 Minnix, Cynthia Route 3, Box 47, Bedford, VA 24523 Minson, Gary 536 Greencastle Lane, Virginia Beach, VA 23452 Minler II, John Route 4, Box 605, Asheboro, NC 27203 Minton, Melanie 1504 Ephesus Church Road. PO. Box 2103, Chapel Hill, NC 27514 Mintz, Amy 20 Sheridan Place, Elon College, NC 27244 Mirelli, Dwayne 2101 Race Avenue, Medford, NY 11763 Mise, Donna 1337 Village Road, Lot 28, Whitsett, NC 27377 Mitchell, Daniel 449 Augusta Drive. Statesville, NC 28677 Mitchell, Dolores 2800 Willoughby Road, Baltimore, MD 21234 Mitchell, John 2623 Dartmouth Woods Road, Wilmington, DE 19810 Mitchell, Kimberly 5612 Fleming Terrace Road, Greensboro, NC 27410 Mitchell, Stephanie Route 2, Box 447, Trinity, NC 27370 Mitchell, William PO Box 2344, Danville, VA 24541 Mitchum, Cheri PO Box 651, Elon Collge, NC 27244 Mize, Barbara 701 North Main Street, Graham, NC 27253 Mobley, Andrew 9418 White Dove Court, Matthews, NC 28105 Moerstedt, Dominic Oftenburger Strasse 80, 6800 Mannehim 61, West Germany Moltenbrey, Ronald 26-K Walnut Hill Court, Hockessin, DE 19707 Moncure, Alexander Tempus Fugit, Waterview, VA 23180 Monro, Laura 5206 Abingdon Road, Bethesda, MD 20816 Monroe, William 1922 Maiden Lane, Roanoke, VA 24015 Montgomery, Todd 104 Longbow Road, Reidsville, NC 27320 Montone, Anthony 1405 Williams Drive, Wall, NJ 07719 Montplaisir, Dawn 128 Casmar Street South East, Vienna, VA 22180 Mooney, Devery 537 Tanglewood Circle, Roxboro, NC 27573 Mooney, John 1673 Woodvale Drive, Charleston, WV 25314 Moore, Alice 7314 Willow Avenue, Takoma Park, MD 20912 Moore, Brian Route 1, Box 80 A-1, Hurdle Mills, NC 27541 Moore, Carla Box 3407 East Joyner Street, Gibsonville, NC 27249 Moore, Deborah 507 Walker Road, Great Falls, VA 22066 Moore, Donald 3726 Prospect Drive, Winston-Salem. NC 27105 Moore, Elizabeth 2421 Cromwell Road, Richmond, VA 23235 Moore, Eric 221 Bradley Street. Buriington, NC 27215 Moore, Frank 17 B Brookwood Garden, Burlington. NC 27215 Moore, James PO Box 4, Madison, NC 27025 Moore, James Route 2, Box 80-B, Race Track Road, Elon College, NC 27244 Moore, John 1992 L Danbury Street, Gastonia, NC 28052 Moore, Rebecca 4947 Robin Hood Road, Winston-Salem, NC 27106 Moore, Reginald 600 S Church St., Box 3215, Gibsonville, NC 27249 Moore, Tracy 3877 Danville Court, Virginia Beach, VA 23456 Moore, William 164 Highland Avenue, Pennsville, NJ 08070 Moore, William 573 Laurel, Franklin, VA 23851 Moral, Mary 5528 Beaconsfield Court, Burke, VA 22015 Moran, Patricia HI Hampton Road, Weslmont, NJ 08108 Morel, Scott Wyemoor Route 2, Box 283, Queenstown, MD 21658 Morgan, Freddi 5097 Rochelle Road, Va Beach, VA 23464 Morgan, Linda 42 Eaton Avenue, Marlton, NJ 08053 Morgan, Randolph 237 Talbot Hall Road, Norfolk, VA 23505 Morningstar, Jr., Kenneth 2410 Sandlewood Drive, Gastonia, NC 28052 Morris, Neal PO. Box 174, Denton, NC 27259 Morris, Stacey Route I, Box 374, Charlotte Hall, MD 20622 Morrison, Alphonso Box 402 Seaboard Street, Hamlet, NC 28345 Morrison, Crystal 303 Buffalo Shoals Road, Statesville, NC 28677 Morrison, Lila 1317 Claiborne Street. Danville. VA 24540 Morrison, Jr., Harry 6018 Summit Avenue, Brown Summit, NC 27214 Morrocco, Stacie 105 Timberlake Drive, Elon College, NC 27244 Mortemousque, Pierre 1605 Whitehall Drive, Kinston, NC 28501 Morton, Angela Route 6, Box 546, Albemarie, NC 28001 Morton, Carlene Route 2, Box 454-K, Mebane, NC 27302 Morton, Jane 1907 Highview Street, Apt. 1-F, Burlington, NC 27215 Morton, Susan 301 West Sylvania Avenue, Brighton Arms III Apt. 318 B, Neptune. NJ 07753 Moser, Dana 1620 Cutty Sark Road. Virginia Beach, VA 23454 Moser, Elia Route 3, Box 225-A, Burlington, NC 27215 Mottershead, Fearce 2909 Berkley Drive, Rocky Mount, NC 27801 Mullen, Lisa 14713 Main Cove Terrace, Gaithersburg, MD 20878 Mullen, Paul PO Box 3167, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577 Mulloy, Pamela 6304 Hardy Drive, McLean, VA 22101 Mulloy, Patricia 6304 Hardy Drive, McLean, VA 22101 Munno, Jr., Clement 706 Huffman Mill Road, Apt. M-14, Buriington. NC 27215 Murdock, Phillip 378 Beechwood Avenue, Dover, DE 19901 Muriell, Charmene Route I, Box 554- A, Haw River, NC 27258 Murphy, Carolyn PO. Box 1000, Burlington, NC 27215 Murphy, Christine 153 White Hall Blvd., Garden City, NY 11530 Murphy, Janet Route 3, Box 295, Mebane. NC 27302 Murphy, Richard 206 Charlotte Ave . Danville, VA 24541 Murphy, Sally Route 2, Box 28. Franklin. VA 23851 Murray, Grice 16008 Quarters Lane, Haymarket, VA 22069 Murray, Peter 716 Nestle Way Road, Charlotte, NC 28211 Murray, Timothy Route 1, Box 157-B, Bennett, NC 27208 Muskus, Michael 10931 Riverview Road, Ft. Washington, MD 20744 Myatt, Susan 326 Moser Street, Graham, NC 27253 Myers, Craig 7608 Audubon Drive, Raleigh, NC 27609 Index 175 Myers, Edwird 2626 Bexley Avenue, Duiham, NC 27707 Myere, Elizabeth Box 4005 Homestead Street, Gibsonville, NC 27249 Myers, Eric Quarter " C " Delaware Avenue, Naval Base, Philadelphia. PA 19112 Myers, Mark 904 Colonial Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 Myrick, Gary 1549 Kemper Road Extension, Danville, VA 24541 Nagel, Leslie 5207 Hedhck Drive, Greensboro, NC 27410 Nagorski, Elizabeth 807 East 7th Street, Washington, NC 27889 Nail, Betty Route 1, Box 182, Bear Creek, NC 27207 Nance, Angela 4002 Cary Street, Richmond, VA 23221 Nani, John 210 Shadowbrook Drive. Burlington, NC 27215 Nani, Peter 210 Shadowbrook Dnve. Burlington, NC 27215 Nassief, Todd 1600 Stowe Road, Ashtabula, OH 44004 Neagle, Edwin 129 Midvette Avenue. Morehead City, NC 28557 Neal, Patricia Beach Haven Road, East New Market, MD 21631 Necessary, Andrew 111 Hill Street. Tazewell, VA 24651 Neel, William 13018 Hanowgate Road, Chester, VA 23831 Neese 111, Thomas 1003 Pebble Dnve, Greensboro, NC 27410 Neiderer, Michael 9107 Louis Avenue, Silver Spring, MD 20910 Nelson, Laurie Route 2, Box 601, Roxboro, NC 27573 Nelson, Letha PO Box 281, Boydton, VA 23917 Nelton, Melinda Route 6, Box 586, Asheboro, NC 27203 Nelson, Paige 9512 Carterwood Road, Richmond, VA 23229 Nelson, Stephen 1620 Barton St , Longwood, FL 32750 Nelson, Tammy Route 1. Box 141, Prospect Hill, NC 27314 Nelson, Tern Route 1, Box 141. Prospect Hill. NC 27314 Nelson, William 9512 Carterwood Road, Richmond. VA 23229 Nemenz, William 1413 East 37th Street, Erie. PA 16504 Neufang, Joel 6621 Newsington Road. Lorton. VA 22079 Newman, Carolyn PO. Box 1034, Burlington, NC 27216 Newman, Charles Route 2, Box 301-C, Burlington, NC 27215 Newman, Monica 302 Courtland Drive. Elon College, NC 27244 Newman, Raymond Route 12. Box 380, Burlington, NC 27215 Newsome, Mark Route 5, Box 1298. Hillsborough. NC 27278 Newton, Anita 5036 Netherwood Road, Rockv Mount, NC 27801 Newton, Christopher PO Box 344, Clarksville, VA 23927 Newton, Susan 2329 Venie Street, Buriington, NC 27215 Nicholas, Jennifer 16437 Keats Terrace, Rockville, MD 20855 Nicholas, Linda 4230 Estates Court. Allison Park, PA 15101 Nichols, J. 406 Lee Road, Roanoke Rapids, NC 27870 Nickelston, Terri PO Box 209. Alamance. NC 27201 Nickerson, David 18415 Cedar Dnve. Tnangle, VA 22172 Nickerson, Laura 10 Oak HiU Road, Chester Springs, PA 19425 Niemiec, John 4015 Gibbs Street, Alexandria, VA 22309 Niquette, Christopher 725 Richard Street. Satellite Beach, FL 32937 Niven, William 652 Friar Tuck Road, Winston-Salem, NC 27104 Nivison, Suzanne 6 Broken Arrow Road, Warren, NJ 07060 Nix, William 6202 Bethel Church Road, Gibsonville NC 27249 Nixon, Michael Route 1, Box 606, Stanley, NC 28164 Noakes, Jeffrey 311-A Reynolds Street, Blacksburg, VA 24060 Nobles, Vicki 255 Shoreline Drive. New Bern. NC 28560 Nocera, Mark 7405 Estaban Place, Springfield, VA 22151 Noffsinger, Kimberle 9409 Quill Place, Gaithersburg MD 20879 Noffsinger, Stephen 14 Pm Oak Road, Newport News, VA 23601 Nolen, Leonard 2769 Bobwhite Drive. Roanoke. VA 24018 Nolt, Patricia 8 Sherry Drive, Trials End, Burlington, NC 27215 Noon, Stephen 19 Wildwood Terrace, Boonton, NJ 07005 Norman, Nancy 2756 Galahad Ave , Atlanta, G. 30345 Nonris, Angela Route 10, Box 336, Shelby NC 28150 Norris, Mary Route 4, Box 438, Mebane, NC 27302 North, Eric 205 Tapawingo Road, S W, Vienna. VA 22180 Norwood, Lee 8219 Reservoir Road, Fulton, MD 20759 Norwood, Lori 5317 Audrey Road, Greensboro, NC 27406 Novak, Karen 454 Cranes Roost Ct , Annapolis, MD 21401 Novak, Nicole 7202 N. Charies Street, Lutherville. MD 21093 Novey Mark 126 W End Boulevard, Emporia, VA 23847 Novick, Karen 149 Finale Terrace, Silver Spring, MD 20901 Nowell, Yvonne Route 10, Box 333, Burlington, NC 27215 Nuebler, Kenneth 295 Crescent Avenue, Wyckoff, NJ 07481 Nunn, Bruce Route 3, Box 130, Virgilina, VA 24598 Nutt, Rebecca 69 Walbridge Road. West Hartford. CT 06119 Nutter, James PO Box 986. Clarksville. VA 23927 Nye, Elizabeth 3275 Piccadilly Cirole, Lumberton, NC 28358 Nye, John 3719 Carriage House Court, Alexandria, VA 22309 O ' Brien, Christopher 5615 Lamar Road, Bethesda, MD 20816 O ' Hara, Kellie Roxiticus Road, Mendham, NJ 07945 O ' Neil, Thomas 3380 Brookside Drive, Charlottesville, VA 22901 O ' Beirne, John 8404 Donnybrook Lane, Chevy Chase. MD 20815 O ' Brien, Erin 6 Dana Drive, Westfoid, MA 01886 O ' Brien, Mark 11101 Brookline Drive, Fairfax, VA 22030 O ' Brien, Megan lllOI Brookline Drive, Fairfax, VA 22030 O ' Donnell, Michele 5622 Millwheel Place, Columbia, MD 21045 O ' Neal, Stephen 10502 Mountainbrook Court, Richmond, VA 23233 O ' Neill, Barry Route 2, Box 119, Autryville, NC 28318 Oakes, Lee Route 4, Box 419, Martinsville, VA 24112 Oakes, Scott PO Box 56, McLeansville, NC 27301 Oakley, David 1534 Edgewood Avenue, Burlington, NC 27215 Oakley, Jr., Robert 102 North Holden Road, Greensboro. NC 27410 Odell, Robert 4625 Hunt Avenue. Chevy Chase. MD 20815 Odum, Beverly 702 Alamance Street, Box 9005, Gibsonville, NC 27249 Oehm, William 68 De Vonne Drive, Fredericksburg, VA 22401 Oglesby, Stephanie Route 1, Box 176, Oak City NC 27857 Oliva, John 7802 Blackacre Rd., Clifton, VA 22024 Oliver, David 2125 Hayes Drive, Rock Hill, SC 29730 Oliver, James Route 5, Box 63A, Covington, VA 24426 Oliver, Michael 1193 Ellis Avenue North East, Orangeburg, SC 29115 Oliver, Patricia 126 Arcadia Drive, Elon College, NC 27244 Ollari, Michael 18 King Street, Orange, MA 01364 Olson, Sheri 6709 Harwood Place, Springfield, VA 22152 Onno, Kathryn PO Box 663, Harvard, MA 01451 Orban, Nilda 609 Blue Rock Drive, Charlotte, NC 28213 Orbert, Annette 1101 Ushley Park Drive, Box 4635, Gibsonville, NC 27249 Orlando, Dominic 1215 Conconi Drive, Brick, NJ 08723 Orlando, Janice 1215 Concord Dnve, Brick, NJ 08723 Ormond, William 104 Martinsborough Road, Greenville, NC 27834 Orr, Andrea PO Box 1124, Elon College, NC 27244 Orr, James 704 South Hayne Street, Monroe, NC 28110 Ostenfeld, Sven 4608 John Hancock Court 3, Annandale, VA 22003 Ouellette, Michael 3244 Rose Gale Court, Virginia Beach, VA 23452 Outlaw, Brian 2957 Kings Highway, Suffolk, VA 23435 Overton, Robert Route 3. Box 229. Creedmoor, NC 27522 Owen, Christina 10611 Lancewood Road, Cockevsville, MD 21030 Owen, Jamie Route 2, Box 173, Martinsville, VA 24112 Owen, Morry 2304 Tuckaho Road, Louisville, KY 40207 Owen, Valerie 261 Broad Street. Keyport, NJ 07735 Owen, Jr., Alton 420 Lincoln Avenue, Jarratt, VA 23867 Owens, Brenda 2250 Walker Avenue. Burlington, NC 27215 Owens, Carla 1253 Tiber Lane. Jacksonville, FL 32207 Owens, Jennifer 99 Hull Street, Newport News, VA 23601 Owens, Michaelle 1723 South Main Street, Graham, NC 27253 Oxman, Tamara 11150 Glade Drive, Reston, VA 22901 Ozment, Rosa Route 2. Box 280 A, Burlington. NC 27215 Page, Jeffrey Route 2. Box 360. Elon College. NC 27244 Page, Steve Route 3, Box 236, Burlington, NC 27215 Page, Susan 34 Hillside Avenue, Stockholm, NJ 074 0 Page, Tina 1015 Town Branch Road, Apt 1-C, Graham, NC 27253 Pait, Elizabeth 1447 Ashford Place, Atlanta, GA 30319 Palmer, Melvin 395 McGill Drive, Winston Salem. NC 27105 Panas, Uurie 9 Phyllis Place, Randolph, NJ 07869 Pardue, Rober Route 4, Box 397, Burlington, NC 27215 Parker III, John Route 6, Box 196, Clinton, NC 28328 Parks, Katherine PO, Box 434. Carthage, NC 28327 Parks, Roy 1204 Spero Road, Asheboro.NC 27203 Parra, Bobbi 201 5-C Colony Apartments, Burlington, NC 27215 Parra, Paul 201 5-C Colony Apartments, Burlington, NC 27215 Parris, Schon 11412 Stillbrook Road, Richmond, VA 23236 Parrish, Jill 3329 Elk Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 Parrish, Lewis 3329 Elk Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 Parrott, Debra Route 1, Box 49-D, Oxford, NC 27565 Parrott, Hughie 2420 Somers Avenue, Burlington, NC 27215 Parsons, Alex 5206 Audrey Road. Greensboro. NC 27406 Partin, Vernon Route 2, Box 110-B, Rougemont, NC 27572 Paschal, Vicki Route 1, Box 716, Reidsville, NC 27320 Passerell, David 2580 Cedar Ridge Lane, Charlottesville, VA 22901 Pastidis, George 19-21 Sardeon Street, Nea Smymi, Athens, Greece 17121 Pastrana, Diana 630 Rama Road, Charlotte, NC 28211 Patch, Scott 3635 Kelway Avenue, Charlotte, NC 28210 Patel, Roshni 10 Cathy Place, Succasunna, NJ 07876 Patterson, Jana Campus Box 2203, Elon College, NC 27244 Patterson, Kimberly 1401 Deboy Street, Raleigh, NC 27606 Patterson, Linda 703 Heather Road, Burlington, NC 27215 Patterson, Melanie 802 Merwin Road, Raleigh, NC 27606 Patterson, Ryan PO. Box 91, Powells Point, NC 27966 Patterson, William PO Box 112, Alamance, NC 27201 Paul, Sharon 226 Essex Drive. Brick. NJ 08723 Payne, Nick 2030 Surrey Une, N E., Roanoke, VA 24012 Pearce, Susan 3633 Allendale Dnve, Raleigh, NC 27604 Pearman, Andrea 6411 Littlewood Drive, Kernersville, NC 27284 Fearsall, Jere 3850 C Huntington Lane, Winston-Salem, NC 27106 Pearson, Ann 706 Huffman Mill Road Apt. S-5, Burlington, NC 27215 Peck, Sallie 634 Grandview Drive North East, Concord, NC 28025 Pedalino, Christine 5 Beech Tree Round, Monroe, NY 10950 Peek, Neil 11614 Chapel Crossway Reston, VA 22090 Pelissier, Claudine 503 Joppa Farm Road, Joppa, MD 21085 Penn, Edrington 1203 South Park Drive, Reidsville, NC 27320 Pennington, Russell 2418 Morningside Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 Pennoyer, Mechelle 1749 Arrowood Drive, Gambrills, MD 21054 Peppard, Brian 5421 Broadmoor Street, Alexandria, VA 22310 Perdue, Beulah Route 3, Box 199. Boones Mill, VA 24065 Perdue, Hobert 2247 Saddle Club Road, Burlington, NC 27215 Perdue, James 530 McConville Road, Lynchburg, VA 24502 Perdue, Jay 14605 Trancr Avenue, Chester, VA 23831 Perdue, Michjel PO. Box 63, Wentworth, NC 27375 Perduk, Norman 10 Chureh Street. Edison, NJ 08817 Perez, Mary 226 Morgan Street. Marion. NC 28752 Perkins, Laura 341 Fountain Place. Burlington. NC 27215 Peroulas, Patricia 8125 Shadwell Drive, Roanoke, VA 24019 Perreault, Robin 301 Green Arbor Dr, Fredericksburg, VA 22401 Perry, Cynthia 270 Cambridge Circle, Danville, VA 24540 Perry, Daniel 1305 Perry Park Drive, Kinston, NC 28501 Perry, Donna 1925 SwepsonviUe Road, Graham, NC 27253 Perry, George 104 Millstone Circle. Courtland. VA 23837 Perry, Jennifer 12217 Ranburne Road, Chariotte, NC 28212 Perry, Julie 646 White Court. Gurnee, IL 60031 Perry, Kenneth Route 1, Box 47A, Roxboro, NC 27573 Perry, Lisa 2508 Dan and Mary Street, Elizabeth City NC 27909 Perry, Steven PO Box 101, Woolwine, VA 24185 Peters, Beth 1110 Femdale Blvd , High Point, NC 27260 Peterson, Dwayne Route 2, Box 650-A, Chapel Hill, NC 27514 Peterson, Jennifer 4 Forum Court, Morris Plains, NJ 07950 Petrilak, Catherine 9311 Saint Marks Place, Fairfax, VA 22031 Petry, Sarah 276 Hill Street. Whihnsville. MA 01588 Petry, Shannon 5101 Russell Road. Durham. NC 27712 Petlus, Lisa 150° Woodland Avenue, Burlington, NC 27215 Pfeiffer, Charles 104 Lenape Trail, Wenonah, NJ 08090 Phelps, Angela 4 Foxtown Road, Poquoson, VA 23662 Philbeck, John 2712 Cambridge Road, Raleigh, NC 27608 176 Index Phillips, Amy P,0- Box 1286. North Wilkesboio, NC 28659 Phillips, Angela Route U, Box 321. Burlington. NC 27215 Phillips, Elaine 13 Compton Street Mcas. Jacksonville, NC 28540 Phillips, John 4946 Butterworth Place. Washington. DC 20016 Phillips, Julie 111 Linden Avenue. Lynchbui . VA 24503 Phillips, Ronald R.D. 2. Box 217. Georgetown. DE 19947 Phillips, Sandra 213 Loch Ness Ct. »201, Virginia Beach. VA 23452 Pickering, Penny 8315 McNeil Street. Vienna, VA 22180 Pickett, Brenda 211 A. Markham Street, Burlington, NC 27215 Pickett, Michael 512 Delaware Avenue, Burlington, NC 27215 Pickett, Tracy 2814 Pickett Road. Durham. NC 27705 Pielock, Michael 45 East Myrtle Street. Orange. MA 01364 Pierce, Gregory 3019 Wicker Street Extension. Sanford. NC 27330 Picice, Holly 102 Court De Ayllon. Poquoson. VA 23662 Pierce, Shirley 2050 Shirley Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 Pierce, William 1304 East Elm Street, Graham, NC 27253 Pike, Daniel 1529 Shadowood Lane. Raleigh. NC 27612 Pillar, Ronald 1113 Barnes Street, Reidsville. NC 27320 Pilson, Barry PO- Box 877. Collinsville. VA 24078 Pinnix, Tongi 606 Woodbrier Lane, Burhngton, NC 27215 Pinyatello, Kimberly 2129 Trail 5. Burlington. NC 272IS Pitts, Ben Route 2. Box 206A. Snow Camp. NC 27349 Pitts, Donna 405 Petree Road. Winston-Salem. NC 27106 Pitts, Faith 2802 Shorefair Drive. Winston-Salem. NC 27105 Plaehn, Sandlin 721 Benchmark Place. Raleigh. NC 27609 Plawin, Paul 2329 Oak Street. Falls Chunrh. VA 22046 Pleasants, Anthony 4017 Live Oak Road, Raleigh, NC 27604 Pleasants, Thomas 309-B Somers Avenue. Burlington. NC 27215 Pleasants, William 37-B Fountain Manor Drive, Greensboro. NC 27403 Plesher, Rebecca 26 Whittier Drive. Manalapan, NJ 07726 Plumides II, John 4542 Sharon View Road, Charlotte, NC 28226 Plummer, Leigh 120 River Landing, Atlanta. GA 30338 Poag, Bradley 3672 Brentwood Drive. Gastonia. NC 28054 Pokomy, Kimberly 8327 Bound Brook Lane, Alexandria, VA 22309 Poldy, Megan 9711 Counsellor Dnve, Vienna, VA 22180 Poling, Melissa 2709 Thyme Drive, Edgewater, MD 21037 Politis, Regina 24 69th Street, Guttenbetg, NJ 07093 Pollin, Eric 3321 Hawthorne Lane, Falls Church, VA 22042 Pollock, Lillian 915 Kimberly Road. Burlington. NC 27215 Pollock, Ronald 1507 Highland Avenue. Cinnaminson. NJ 08077 Pomeroy, Seth 3914 Harrison Street, N.W,. Washington, DC 20015 Pond, Lennie 4301 Caronado Dnve, Chester, VA 23831 Pond, Richard 404 Western Avenue. Suffolk, VA 23434 Poole, Darlene Route 3. Box 142-C. Burlington. NC 27215 Poore, Louie PO. Box 177, Washington, VA 22747 Poore, Richard 6201 Double tree Lane, Florence, KY 41042 Pope, Joseph Route 1, Box 287, Cedar Grove, NC 27231 Pope, Teresa Route 1, Box 287, Cedar Grove, NC 27231 Popkin, Matthew 415 Country Club Drive, Jacksonville, NC 28540 Poplin, William 2929 Berkley Drive, Rocky Mount. NC 27801 Porter, Allen 4 Horn Point Court, Annapolis, MD 21403 Porter, John 53 South French Street, Alexandria, VA 22304 Porter, Joseph 1711 South Broadlee Road, Annapolis, MD 21401 Porter, Julie Route 3, Box 250, Elon College, NC 27244 Porter, Kristine 125 Londonderry Road, Windham. NH 03087 Poston, William 24 Lower Tuckahoe Road West. Richmond, VA 23233 Poleat, Harold PO Box 339, Launnburg, NC 28352 Potter, Jerrie Route I. Box 233, Kelly, NC 28448 Potter, Victoria 207 Eastway Lane, Graham, NC 27253 Poulin, De Elte 734-J The Colony Apartments, Burlington, NC 27215 Poulos, Christine 4507 Amherst Lane, Bethesda, MD 20814 Powell, Kenneth Route 2. Box 966. Madison, NC 27025 Powell, Pamela Route 1, Box 382. Mebane, NC 27302 Powell, William 2723 Rosalind Avenue, Roanoke, VA 24014 Powell IV, Thomas PO. Box 2536. Burlington. NC 27215 Powers, Christine 246 South Ocean Avenue, Freeport. NY 11520 Pratt, Jeffrey 410 Thomas Heights, Martinsville. VA 24112 Presentado, Ana 6400 Lone Oak Drive. Bethesda. MD 20817 Presley, Cora 6631 Tunlaw Court. Alexandria. VA 22312 Presnell, Keith 6568 Monnett Road, Climax. NC 27233 Price, Vincent 8009 Clearfield Road, Frederick, MD 21701 Priest, Archie 618 Glenwood Road, Asheboro, NC 27203 Priest, Julie 12240 Mt. Albert Drive, EUicott City, MD 21043 Pringle, Gary Rio Vista, Saint Michaels, MD 21663 Pritchard, Nancy 57 Gordon Way, Princeton, NJ 08540 Pritts, Katherine 412 Washington Road, Westminster, MD 21157 PriveH, Melissa 5654 Shenandoah Ave., Norfolk, VA 23509 Proctor, Larry 283 April Lane, Danville, VA 24540 Proctor, Todd 305 Alder Road, Dover, DE 19901 Prosser, Julie 896 Longmeadow Street, Longmea dow, MA 01106 Prosser, Pamela 896 Longmeadow Street, Longmeadow. MA 01106 Pniitt, William 1915 Sunnybrook Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 Pryor, James Route 2. Box 44B. Ruffin, NC 27326 Puckett, Larry 2972 Tree Swallow Road. Roanoke. VA 24018 Pugh, William 4822 Buckhorn Road, Roanoke, VA 24014 Pullen, John 3030 University Drive, Winston-Salem, NC 27104 Punches, Kimberly 3060 Nassau Drive. Vero Beach. FL 32960 Purcell, Earnest Route 5, Box 66 A, Carthage, NC 28327 Purdie 111, John 1019 Valley Street, Statesville, NC 28677 Putnam, David Route 1. Box 1352. Manteo. NC 27954 Pyles, Susan PO Box 7605. Gibsonville. NC 27249 Pryant, Madge 155 Melrose Drive. Danville. VA 24540 Pyrtle, Patricia 1814 Dorsett Street, Burlington, NC 27215 Quakenbush, Brian Route 1, Box 308, Graham, NC 27253 Quarterman, John 2325 Seashell Road, Apt 109, Virginia Beach. VA 23451 Quick, Alycia 930 Washington Avenue. Waynesboro. VA 22980 Quigley, Kelley 7320 Bath Street, Springfield. VA 22150 Quinlan, Lissa 4 Cheyenne Circle, Andover, MA 01810 Quinn, Ryan 699 Constellation Court. Davidsonville. MD 21035 Quinnette, Charles 6520 North 27th Street. Arlington, VA 22213 Quinones, Josefina 3338 Breckenridge Court, Annandale. VA 22003 Rabon, Alison 7 Paag Circle, Little Silver, NJ 07739 Rabun, John 22 Globemaster Avenue, Pope A.F.B. NC 28307 Rackley, Kip 3 Cambridge. Convent Station, NJ 07961 Rahm, Richard 520 Carol Leigh Drive. Box 4901. Gibsonville. NC 27249 Raiford, Cynthia 518 Lakeside Avenue, Burlington. NC 27215 Raine, Scott 7917 Helmart Drive, Laurel, MD 20707 Rainey, Gordon 4660 Yacht Club Road, Jacksonville, FL 32210 Rainey, Margaret 450 Curtis Drive, Rockingham, NC 28379 Rambo, Lynne 3804 Winchester Lane, Bowie, MD 20715 Ramsay, Lark 11926 Escalante Court, Reston, VA 22091 Ramsey, Mary Route 1, Nichols Trail Gastonia, NC 28052 Ramsey, Matthew 1404 North Main Street, South Boston, VA 24592 Rankin, Gordon 745 Chuckwagon Road, Rio Rancho, NM 87124 Rapkin, Robin 407 Saint David Drive. Mount Laurel. NJ 08054 Ravell, Dana 104 Rundle Avenue. Mays Landing. NJ 08330 Rawn, Christine Route 5. Box 1278, Gunpowder Lane, Hickory NC 28601 Ray, Kelly 423 Boundary Street, Haw River. NC 27258 Ray, Kimberly 1100 Rustic Road, Greensboro. NC 27410 Raymer, Cabby 843 Sylvan Road. Winston-Salem. NC 27106 Realini, Robert 316-B Atwood Drive, Burlington. NC 27244 Reamy, Ellen Route 3. Box 287-A. Heathsville, VA 22473 Redding, Michael 11921 Durrington Drive, Richmond, VA 23236 Redding, Stephanie PO Box 742, Elon College. NC 27244 Redfield, Scott 8101 West Point Drive. Springfield, VA 22153 Reed, Catherine 3827 Boonsboro Road, Lynchburg, VA 24503 Reed, Robert 404 53td Sttet. Virginia Beach. VA 23451 Reel, Joanna Route 2. Box 5, Haw River, NC 27258 Rees, Sandra 70 Woodmere Way, Princeton Junction. NJ 085 Reese, Michael 57 Hibernia Avenue, Rockaway, NJ 07866 Regnery, David 315-C Taylor Street. Winston-Salem. NC 27101 Rehmeyer, Richard 1465 Hillview Drive. Sarasota. FL 33579 Reid, John 6800 Folger Drive, Charlotte. NC 28226 Reid, Marland 1423 Pine Vallev Looop. Favetteville. NC 28305 Reilly, Rene 525 Oci Drive, Jacksonville, NC 28540 Reinhart, Christopher 1930 Dorsett Street, Burlington, NC 27215 Reynolds, Melissa 207 Hughes Street, Daville, VA 24541 Rhinehart, Kimberly 407 Muddy Branch Road 303, Gaithersburg. MD 20878 Rhoades, John 10929 Harrowfield Drive. Pineville. NC 28210 Rhodes, John Route 1, Box 320. Catawba. VA 24070 Rhyne, Clyde 1105 Wilkins Drive, Sanford, NC 27330 Rich, David 5 Sheridan Place, Elon College, NC 27244 Rich, James Route 3. Box 754. Sunset Drive. Graham, NC 27253 Rich, Jason 903 South Main Street. Apt. L. Graham. NC 27253 Richardson. Jonathan Route 6. Box 409-R Burlington. NC 27215 Rickard. Curtis 1017 ShuUer Drive, ThomasviUe. NC 27360 Rickard, David 221 South Gurney Street, Burlington. NC 27215 Riddle, Julia 1204 Cary Street. Burlington. NC 27215 Riddle, Stacy PO. Box 2421, Buriington. NC 27215 Riddle, Timothy 2402 Pineway Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 Ridenour, Leigh 4610 Connell Drive, Raleigh. NC 27612 Rider, Robert 2610 Stanley Avenue S.E., Roanoke, VA 24014 Ridings, Timothy 824 Glynwood Road, Wapakoneta. OH 45895 Rieck, Lisa 305 Ginger Avenue. Millville. NJ 08332 Riehl, Mary 301 Hopkins Road. Baltimore. MD 21212 Rierson, Mary Route 3, Box 296, Liberty. NC 27298 Riggs, Gregory I Springmeadow Court, Hampton, VA 23666 Riggs, William 5713 Second Avenue. Baltimore. MD 21227 Rigsbee, Teresa 804 Trail One. Burlington. NC 27215 Rigutto. Daniela 4929 Sweetbnar Drive. Raleigh. NC 27609 Riley Babette 3 Parkview Road. Long Valley. NJ 07853 Riley. James 2231 Lacy Street. Burlington. NC 27215 Riley, Sara 611 Tam OShanter Boulevard, Williamsburg. VA 23185 Rinehart, Erin Route 1, Box 675, St. Michaels, MD 21663 Rippy, Helen 403 Truitt Drive. Elon College.NC 27244 Ritter, Christoher 2960 Windy Bush Road. Newtown. PA 18940 Rivers, Kenneth 205 Florence Street, Graham, NC 27253 Roach, Russell Route 1, Box 465. Providence. NC 27315 Roark, Erin 616 Engleman Avenue. Burlington. NC 27215 Robbins, Andrew PO. Box 1435. Elon College. NC 27244 Robbins. David 39 Kimberly Dnve. Durham, NC 27707 Robbins, Theodore 4 Bogart Drive. PennsviUe, NJ 08070 Roberson, Patricia Route 7, Box 83, Burlington, NC 27215 Roberson, Sally 3206 Bardwell Drive. Greensboro. NC 27410 Roberson, Sherry Route 1, Box 166-A. Hurdle Mills. NC 27541 Roberts, Barbara 631 Chester Road, Winston-Salem, NC 27104 Roberts, Bennett 3015 Harriman Street. Durham. NC 27705 Roberts, David 1812 Hunting Ridge Road. Raleigh. NC 27609 Roberts, Karvie Route 3. Mebane, NC 27302 Roberts, Keith Route 3, Box 272. Mebane, NC 27302 Roberts, Roy PO Box 122, Waldorf, MD 20601 Robertson, Dale 301 Marion Street. Graham. NC 27253 Robertson, Leah 357 Oak Street. Rocky Mount. VA 24151 Robertson, Marion Route 1, Box 20, Reidsville, NC 27320 Robertson, Renn Route 11, Box 36, Burlington, NC 27215 Robertson, Robert Route 8, Box 341. Burlington. NC 27215 Robinson, Chester Campus Box 2232, Elon College, NC 27244 Robinson, Dale 608 South Benbow Road. Greensboro, NC 27406 Robinson, Ricky Route 3, Box 208, Supply, NC 28462 Robinson, Roosevelt 41 Saint Nicolas Terrace. New York. NY 10027 Rock, Steven 4825 Washington Street, Hollywood, FL 33021 Rocknak, Wendy Route 1, Box 513, Nags Head. NC 27959 Rodgers, Daniel Route 2, Box 436, Hot Springs, VA 24445 Rodrigues, Lisa 9511 Wallingford Drive, Burke. VA 22015 Roe, Wendy Campus Box 4040, Elon College, NC 27244 Roediger, Joseph PO Box 1846. Atlantic Beach. NC 28512 Roessler, Jr., Richard 105 Laramie Court, Mebane, NC 27302 Index 177 Rogers, Becky 304 St Andrews Lane, California, MD 20619 Rogers, John 1502 Colonial Avenue, Greensboro, NC 27408 Rogers, Thomas 1821 Huffaker Road NW, Rome, GA 30161 Roper, Antonio Route 2. Box 215E, Gold Street, Laurinburg, NC 28352 Rose, George 3100 Zebulon Drive, Rockv Mount, NC 27801 Rose, Jennifer 3 Shetland Court, Rockville. MD 20851 Rose, Michael 3100 Zebulon Road, Rocky Mount, NC 27801 Rose, Russell 6001 Everets Road, Suffolk, VA 23434 Rosencrans, Dorothea 318 Clapp Street, Graham, NC 27253 Rosenheim, Kristen 633 Sunrise Drive, Avalon, NJ 06202 Ross, Ian 9044 Brook Ford Road. Burke, VA 22015 Roth, Suzanne 19730 Greenside Terrace, Gaithersbui , MD 20879 Rothwell. Sharon Cvpress Dnve, RO Box 98, Toano, VA 23168 Rowe, Elizabeth 4216 Farmhill Lane, Chesterfield, VA 23832 Rowe, James 101 Honeysuckle Lane, Beckley WV 25801 Rowell, Nelson 7119 Tesh Road, Monroe, NC 28110 Rowell, Stephen 1801 S. Mebane Street, Burlington, NC 27215 Rowlands, Michael Route 3, Box 137, Leesburg, VA 22075 Royals, John Route I, Afton, VA 22920 Royce, Jon Route 2, Box 11-C, Murfreesboro, NC 27855 Rucker, Jane PO Box 1056, Rutherfonlton, NC 28139 Rudd, Michelle 2716 Asbury Terrace. Greensboro, NC 27408 Rudisill, Jane PO Box 12, Burlington, NC 27215 Rupert, Brian 12300 Blakely Court, Silver Spring, MD 20904 Russell. Carrie 11401 Lilting Lane, Fairfax Station, VA 22039 Russell. Gerald 5609 Underwood Drive. Greensboro. NC 27409 Russell. Gregory 317 Andover Road. Durham. NC 27712 Russell. Jean-Joel 616 Femwood Drive, Albemarle, NC 28001 Russell, John 257 Brewster Dnve, FayetleviUe, NC 28303 Russo, Robyn 2505 Kittiwake Dnve. Wilmington. DE 19805 Rutledge, Archibald Route 5, Box 171-A, Hendersonville, NC 28739 Ryan, James 2007 Homer Terrace, Reston, VA 22091 Ryan, Patrick Route 3. Box 433, Clarksburg, WV 26301 Ryan, Susan 421 Joppa Farm Road, Joppatowne, MD 21085 Ryan III, James 4705 Five Forks Court, Virginia Beach, VA 23455 Sabo, Trista 62 Edgely Une, Willingboro, N| 08046 Sacco, Phyllis 2567 Farsund Drive, Yorktown Heights, NY 10598 Sadler, Stacia 4709 Marlborough Dnve, Virginia Beach, VA 23464 Salter, Kimberly 12221 Folkstone Dnve, Hemdon, VA 22071 Salyer, Robert Route 2, Box 367, Afton, VA 22920 Sample, Donna 403 Riverton Court, Box 4627, Gibsonville, NC 27249 Samway, Lee 11624 Foxclove Road, Reston, VA 22091 Sanchez. Jeannie 12006 Galena Road, Rockville, MD 20852 Sanderlin. Lisa Box 43, Shawboro, NC 27973 Sanders. Dwayne 4207 Winterberry Court. Midlothian, VA 23113 Sanders, Mclinda PO Box 1474. Elon College, NC 27244 Sanderson, Bryan 393 Mildred Strel, Oceanside, NY 11572 Sandford, Harry 52 Montague Ave , Trenton, NJ 08628 Sandusky, Kristen 8 Granada Briarcrest, Hershey, PA 17033 Santilli, Wiliam 5 Bateman Avenue, Cranston, Rl 02920 Sartin. Hal 705 Kivett Street, Burlington, NC 27215 Sartin, Janet Route 2, Box 314, Burlington, NC 27215 Saunders, Eric 228 Joyce Kilmer Lane, Reidsville, NC 27320 Saunders, John Route 2, Box 265. Franklin. VA 23851 Saunders. William PO Box 2038. Chuckatuck Station. Suffolk. VA 23432 Savage. Norman 1641 East Bank Drive, Marietta, GA 30067 Sawdy, William Mobile Estates Lot E, Pemberton, NJ 08068 Sawyer, Jana Route 7, Box 19, Mooresville, NC 28115 Saylor, Daniel 3111 G- Creek Wood Apt, Commerce Place, Burlington, NC 27215 Scagnelli. Marc Route 1, Box 30-B, Bushy Cook Road, Efland, NC 27243 Scales, Timothy 5405 Lamplighter Dnve, Roanoke, VA 24019 Scanlan, James PC Box 795, Roxboro, NC 27573 Scanlon, Tim 11306 Westcreek Cirele, Richmond, VA 23236 Scarborough, Daniel 5 Luanita Lane. Newport News, VA 23606 Schallock, Debra 528 Clarks Run Road, La Plata, MD 20646 Schelin, Nancy 20 Sedgewick Lane, Stony Brook, NY 11790 Schepker. Lauren 712 Kilby Street, Burlington, NC 27215 Schmidle, Susan 122 West End Avenue, Pompton Plains, NJ 07444 Schmidt, Kathy 609 Mimosa Road, Westminster SC 29693 Schnackel, Michael 1 Avery Circle, Havelock, NC 28532 Schneeberger, Mindy 7378 Hopkins Way, ClarksviUe. MD 21029 Schneider. John 1432 Mt Hope Church Road, McLeansville, NC 27301 Schnelzer, Gwendolyn 24 Wedgewood Road, Chapel Hill, NC 27514 Schoonover. Robert 613-B Trails End Apts., Burlington, NC 27215 Schroer, Selina Old Post Road, Bedford, NY 10506 Schulzc, Erik 1024 Belvoir Road, Nomstown, PA 19401 Schuster. Mark 202 Colonial Avenue, Ocean Township, NJ 07712 Schwab, Steven 739 East Haggard Ave,, Apt 4-F, Elon College, NC 27244 Scoggins, Deborah PO Box 94, Elon College, NC 27244 Scott, Randall 312 East Church Street, Smithfield, NC 27577 Scott, William 101 Eagle Court, Gary, NC 27511 Scott, Jr, Paisley 852 S Main St, »20, Burlington. NC 27215 Screws, Robert PO Box 331, Pittsboro, NC 27312 Seamster, Debra Route 5, Box 317, Roxboro, NC 27573 Sears, Judy PO Box 13054, Gibsonville, NC 27249 Seate, Angela RO Box 842, ClarksviUe, VA 23927 Seale, Tammy RO Box 842, ClarksviUe, VA 23927 Sebesto. Michael 10 Walnut Street. Lake Hiawatha, NJ 07034 Secrist, Delana 315 North Second Street, Shenandoah, VA 2284 " ) Self, Leslie Route 3. Box 265, Pittsboro, NC 27312 Sellman, Paul RO Box 517, Florence, KY 41042 Semonite, Susan North Ridge Road, Bellows Falls, VT 05101 Serrapiglio, Claudio Av-Farriar 99-40, Valencia Carabobo, Venezuela Serridge, Margaret Road S3, Box 138, Flemington, NJ 08822 Setliff. Barbara 1975 Blvd., Salem, VA 24153 Settles. Anthony 613 Isabelle Street. Laurinburg. NC 28352 Severn. Anita 16633 Ftontenac Terrace. Derwood, MD 20855 Sexton, Bryan Route 4, Box 137, Covington, VA 24426 Sexton, Neil 40 Cromwell Court, Berkeley Heights, NJ 07922 Shackleford. Richard Route 4, Box 30 Southern Road, King, NC 27021 Shadyac, Lisa 10208 Martinhoe Drive, Vienna, VA 22180 Shaffer, David 2684 Haverford Road, Columbus. OH 43220 Shahan, Joan 2314 Cypress Drive, Reidsville, NC 27320 Shakadih. Ahmad 113 West Summit Avenue, Burlington, NC 27215 Sharpe, Allen 255 Rolling Road, Burlington. NC 27215 Shavers, Catherine Route 1, Box 124, Spencer, VA 24165 Shaw, Jennie RO, Box 1764, Greensboro, NC 27402 Shaw, Teresa 2414C Huntington Road, Trails End Apartments, Burlington, NC 27215 Shearin. Wilbur 1939 KnoUwood Drive. Wilmington, NC 28403 Sheehan, Gregory 4 Mac Arthur Drive, Edison, NJ 08837 Shelby. Mark 402 Wake Robin Drive, Cockeysville, MD 21030 Shelby, Melinda 202 Wake Robin Drive, Cockeysville, MD 21030 Shelton. Mary 3007 Branchwood Drive, Greensboro, NC 27408 Shelton, Jr, Charles Edens Place Apartments 3, Box 3203, Gibsonville, NC 27249 Shelton. Jr.. Willie 2264 Robinhood Dnve, Ringgold, VA 24586 Shepherd, Laura 5840 Pindell Road, Lothian, MD 20711 Sher. Michael 2019 West Rogers Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21209 Sherman, James 1220 Kensington Drive, High Point, NC 27260 Shiffletl. Monica 233 East Rockingham Street, Elkton, VA 22827 Shilling, Tracy Route 3, Box 556-A, Hillsborough, NC 27278 Shinnamon, Bonnie 6571 Madrigal Terrace. Columbia, MD 21045 Shockley Beth 400 West Drive, Snow Hill, MD 21863 Shoe, Steven PO Box 614, Gibsonville, NC 27249 Shook, Tanya Route 6, Box 1045, Hickory. NC 28601 Showerman, Sandra 3317 Elk Drive. Burlington. NC 27215 Shows, Dathan 3907 Brixton Lane. Durham. NC 27707 Shreve, Dan 8920 Cherokee Road, Richmond, VA 23235 Shriver, Mark 6321 Youngs Branch Drive. Fairfax Station. Va 22039 Shugart, Deitra 306 Lakeway Drive, Lewisville, NC 27023 Shull, Lydia 9 Sheridan Place, Elon College, NC 27244 Sibley, Matthew 412 Neese Drive, Burlington. NC 27215 Siffert, Jeffrey 535 Center Street, South Boston, VA 24592 Sigmon, Ricky Route 1, Box 219, Catawba, NC 28609 Silcox. Harry 541 Riverside Drive. Burlington, NC 27215 Sillah, Baboucarr 3233 Mount GUead Road, Atlanta, GA 30311 Silverstein, Barry 149-86 254th Street, Rosedale, NY 11422 Simmons, Barbara 1022 Morningside Lane. Martinsville. VA 24112 Simmons. Bradley 11001 Raccoon Ridge Court. Reston. VA 22091 Simmons, Dorothy 1419 North Nicholas Street, Arlington, VA 22205 Simmons, Elizabeth Route 2. Box 236, Elon College, NC 27244 Simmons, James PO Box 1496. Elon College. NC 27244 Simmons, Lawrence 8114 Deer Branch Road N W,, Roanoke, VA 24019 Simons. Jean 108 North Lee Avenue, RO, Box 933, Elon College, NC 27244 Simpson, Susan 2714 West Front Street, Burlington, NC 27215 Sims, Tina 3352 Breckenridge Court, Annandale, VA 22003 Sinclair, Amy 2308 Titan Terrace, Havre De Grace. MD 21078 Singleton, Sandi 13618 Georgia Avenue. Silver Spring. MD 20906 Sink, Kalhy 731 Fairfield Street, Burlington, NC 27215 Sink. Lisa 1552 Coral Ridge Road S.W.. Roanoke, VA 24018 Sinkfield, Aleta 485 Englewood Avenue S.E. Apartment »258. Atlanta. GA 30315 Sinkler, Clark 3047 E Pine Valley Road NW,. Atlanta. Ga 30305 Sipe, Billy Route 2. Box 138. Snow Camp. NC 27349 Sisco, Jamie 624 Thiele Road, Bnck, NJ 08724 Sisel, Paige 2861 Fairmont Road, Winston-Salem. NC 27106 Skinner, Cody 1003 Ellston Street. Colorado Springs. CO 80907 Skinner. Michael 2016 Sunnybrook Drive. Burlington. NC 27215 Slade, Jeffrey Route 2. Box 345. Conway NC 27820 Slate, Mamy 4009 West Braddock Road, Alexandria, VA 22304 Slattery, Timothy 14 Heatherwood Hills, Audubon, PA 1 9403 Slawson, Patricia 1367 Little Neck Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23452 Slezak, Deborah 115 Cardinal Drive, Salisbury, MD 21801 Sliney, Emily PO Box 1094, Buriington, NC 27215 Sloan, Allen 301 Tweed Circle, Gary. NC 27511 Slone, Todd Route 1, Rocklick Road. Crown City. OH 45623 Slotke, Karen 2314 Killoran Road, Timonium, MD 21093 Slusher, Keith PO Drawer 1437, Liberty, NC 27298 Small, Chris 311 Trail Eight, BurHngton, NC 27215 Smart, John 912 Mason Drive, Blackburg, VA 24060 Smart. Teres 344 Walter Chambers St . Eden NC 27288 Smiddy. Thomas RO Box 1262. College Graden Apt. »14. Elon College. NC 27244 Smith. Anastasia Route 2. Box 90, Gates, NC 27937 Smith, Barbara Route 9. Box 499. Burlington, NC 27215 Smith, Craig 717 Elmwood Drive, Harrisonburg, VA 22801 Smith, Darrin 305 Rustic Ridge Road, Gary, NC 27511 Smith, David 5 Columbus Avenue, Greenwich, CT 06830 Smith, Gary 193 Chatelaine Ave A, Danville, VA 24541 Smith, Gregory 10109 Waltham Drive, Richmond, VA 23233 Smith, James 239 Highland Drive, Eden, NC 27288 Smith, Jill 1839-F J Julian Une. Charlotte. NC 28208 Smith, John 106 Forestwood Drive, Mebane, NC 27302 Smith, Judith 2014 Addey Court, Falls Church. Va 22043 Smith, Karen 732-D The Colony Apartments, Burlington, NC 27215 Smith, Kathy 108 Hilary Court, Lewisville, NC 27023 Smith, Kelley 1612 Foxhall Road, Washington, DC 20007 Smith, Kevin 345 South Satinwood Place. Roswell, GA 30076 Smith, Kimberly 1548 Osprey Court, Manasquan, NJ 08736 Smith, Kirsten 218 Rivenoak Drive. Fayetteivlle. NC 28303 Smith, Michael 1 Rue Des Muguets, 5970 ITZIG, Luxembourg Smith. Michael 6940 Old Creek Terrace, Chesterfield, VA 23832 Smith, Peter Judea Cemetary Road, Washington, CT 06793 Smith, Philip Route 6, Box 358, Buriington. NC 27215 Smith. Phillip Route 2, Box 117-A. Snow Camp, NC 27349 178 Index Smith, Robert 135 Lewis Drive, Laurel, DE 19956 Smith, Robert 3003 Tniitt Drive, Buriington, NC 27215 Smith, Sabrina 810 Worth Street, Asheboro, NC 27203 Smith, Scott 4802 Broad Street, Neptune, NJ 07753 Smith, Scott 345 South Satinwood Place, Roswell, GA 30076 Smith, Tittany 228 Olive Branch Road, Durham, NC 27703 Smith, Timothy 7711 Heming Place, North Spnngfieid, VA 2215 Smith, Timothy 511 Edinburgh Drive, Buriington, NC 27215 Smith, Todd 30 Devonshire Drive. Salisbury, MD 21801 Smith, Tonya Route 9. Box 89-19, Buriington, NC 27215 Smith, Jr., Gerald 1005 Bridgewater Drive, Greensboro. NC 27410 Snead, ). Route 5. Box 26. Bassett. VA 24055 Snead, Julie 2703 May Dnve, Buriington. NC 27215 Sneed, Melony 1918 Eastover Drive, South Boston. VA 24592 Sneed, Robert 1901 C. Malone Road. Burlington, NC 27215 Snellings, Tracy Route 3. Box 205. Lexington, NC 27292 Snider, Edmond II Forest Avenue, Rockville. MD 20853 Snider, Karen Route 1, Box 224, Linwood, NC 27299 SniKen, Holly PO Box 157, Elon College, NC 27244 Snow, Katrina 607-D Tracy Drive, Burlington. NC 27215 Snowden, William 8307 Water Street Road, Walkersville, MD 21793 Snyder, Catherine 1142 Starmount Court, Bel Air, MD 21014 Snyder, Daryl-Lyn 28 Ravine Avenue, Wyckoff, NJ 07481 Snyder, Ralph Route 4. Box 30, Mebane, NC 27302 Sochurek, Sheri 4 Tarlton Court, Mantua, NJ 08051 Soliday, Keith 307 Forestview Drive. Elon College, NC 27244 Sotiday, Michael 27 Quandary Lake Lane, Graham, NC 27253 Solomon, Thaddeus 474 Pheasant Court, Wilmington, NC 28403 Soper, Brian PO Box 3486, Morehead City, NC 28557 Sorensen, Catherine 4612 Prestwood Drive, OIney. MD 20832 SorreU, Anne 2324 Charlotte Street, Durham, NC 27705 Sorrell, Susan 2312 Old Coach Une. Richmond, VA 23233 Sorrell, Valerie 2312 Old Coach Lane, Richmond. VA 23233 Southern, James 248 Grandview Drive. Winston-Salem, NC 27104 Southwood, Michelle 5313 Pommel Drive. Mount Airy, MD 21771 Southworth, Jon 707 Lomax Street. Easlon. MD 21601 Spage, Andrew 11414 Octagon Court. Fairfax, VA 22030 Sparhawk, Leslee Route 1. Box 249-M. Centreville. MD 21617 Sparks, Barbara PO Box 242, Elon College. NC 27244 Sparks, Lana 220 Waverly Way Burlington. NC 27215 Sparrow, Jerry 718 Oakgrove Street. Graham. NC 27253 Speers, Joanne 1428 Clover Une, West Chester. PA 19380 Spell, Patience Route 2. Box 162, Elon College, NC 27244 Spence, Barbara Route 2. Box 99, Graham, NC 27253 Spencer, Augusta Route 1, Box 282-A. Gibsonville, NC 27249 Spencer, Wesley Route 10. Box 278, Martinsville, VA 24112 Spicer, Shelton 305 West Alton Street. Durham. NC 27707 Spink, John 10093 Carillon Drive, EUicott City, MD 21043 Spivey, Cheryl 320 Trail 3, Burlington, NC 27215 Spotz, Michael 2617 Village Lane, Silver Spring. MD 20906 Sprague, John PO Box 362, Port Tobacco, MD 20677 Sprague, Mary PO Box 314, Port Tobacco, MD 20677 Springer, Sara 1850 Whippletree Road SW, Roanoke, VA 24018 Spruell, Edward Route 2, Box 244, Vinton, VA 24179 Spruill, Collin 11102 Del Rio Drive, Fairfax, VA 22030 Squire, Jeff 10909 Granada Road, Richmond, VA 23235 Sriqui, Nathalie 4863 Battery Une, Bethesda, MD 20074 SI. John, Jeffrey 5054 Cliffhaven Drive, Annandale, VA 22003 Stack, Michele 150 Gulf Street, Medina, NY 14103 Stacy, Christopher 16012 Prestwick Court, Demfries, VA 22026 Stadler, Anelta PO Box 3809, 417 E Bethal Street, Gibsonville. NC 27249 Stadler, Mona 3U3-I Commerce Place, Burlington, NC 27215 Stadler, Pamela 1702 Hawthorne Une, Burlington, NC 27215 Stadler, Steven PO. Box 762, Reidsville, NC 27320 Stadnicki, Robert 430 Fox Meadows Une, West Chester, PA 19382 Stadtler, Patricia 4510 Brandvwine Street, N.W,, Washington. DC 20016 Stafford, Michael 4201 Keystone Road, Lynchburg, VA 24503 Stalcup, Frances 1925 Dorsett Street. Burlington. NC 27215 Stallings, James Route 4, Box 127-A. Burlington. NC 27215 Stamper, Cathy PO. Box 606. Denton. NC 27239 Stancil, Lisa Route 2, Box 282. Faison. NC 28341 Stanfield, Sarah 2319 West Front Street, Burlington. NC 27215 Stanley, Eric 908 Dundee Court, Martinsville. VA 24112 Stanley, Kimberiy PO. Box 8637, Roanoke, VA 24014 Starling, Stephanie 2507 Elderwood Lane. Burlington, NC 27215 Statute, Toni 265 Vermont Drive. Brick. NJ 08723 Stauffenberg, Jeffrey 2725 Greenlane Drive. Durham. NC 27712 Steadman, Terri 3415 Teversham Une. Charlotte. NC 28210 Stearns, Kyle Route 1, Box 14-A-l, Bath. NC 27808 Steele, Richard 206 A Henry Drive. Trails End Apt , Burlington. NC 27215 Sleelman, Stephanie 2235 Westover Drive, Winston-Salem, NC 27103 Steen, Tamara 11223 Silverleaf Drive. Fairfax Station, VA 22039 Slegall, Erik 104 Mulberry Court. Martinsville. VA 24112 Stell, Lynda 2617 East Woodlyn Way. Greensboro. NC 27407 Stephen, Keith 739 E Haggard. Elon College, NC 27244 Stevens, Ross Route 1, Box 18. Greenwood, VA 22943 Steward, Karen 733 Commonwealth Blvd., Toms River, NJ 08757 Stewart, Allyson 4037 Shamrock Drive. Burlington. NC 27215 Stewart, Becky Route 3. Box 124C, Burlington, NC 27215 Stewart, Beverly 719 A Lenora Street. Burlington. NC 27215 Stickley, Valerie 119 South Summit Ave . Woodstock, VA 22664 Stidham, Kimberiy 4906 Edinborough Road. Greensboro, NC 27406 Stiernholm, Bjom V Ronneholmsv 74C 217 41, Malmo, Sweden Stinson, Kathy 2100 Tucker Street. Burlington. NC 27215 Stirling, James 112 Hatton Dnve. Severna Park, MD 21146 Stiuv, Janey 313 Candlewood Une. Mt Uurel. NJ 08054 Stockard, Catherine 1700 Hanford Road. Graham. NC 27253 Stocker, Christine 116 Carpentersville Road. Phillipsburg, NJ 08865 Stockton, Timothy Route 7. Box 635. Martinsville. VA 24112 Stoll, Caroline 9616 HiUridge Dnve, Kensington, MD 20895 Stone, Angela PO. Box 385. Broadway NC 27505 Stone, Craig 3512 WiUiamsborough Court, Raleigh, NC 27609 Stone, Lisa 2143 Herron Road, Burlington. NC 27215 Stophel, Bonnie 419 Overby Street. Eden. NC 27288 Story, Warren PO, Box 582, Waverly VA 23890 Stover, Stacey PO, Box 785, King. NC 27021 Strati, Helen 934 Myrtle Drive, Rock Hill, SC 29730 Strassner, Jr., Thomas 3822 Spring Meadow Dnve. Ellicott City MD 21043 Stratford, Thomas R FD »1 Hiland Drive, Glens Fall, NY 12801 Straughn, William 704 Heather Road, Burlington, NC 27215 Strauss, Gregg 317 Bowman Drive. Woodbury. NJ 08096 Strayhorn, Sherry 505 Stoney Creek Cirele, Durham, NC 27703 SIrelec, Victoria PO. Box 2311-R, Morristown. NJ 07960 Stringer, Llewellyn 7885 Styers Ferrv Road. Clemmons. NC 27012 Stritlmatler, Leeann 1519 North Hills Avenue, Willow Grove. PA 19090 Stromberg, Kristin 4909 Brookeway Dnve. Bethesda. MD 20816 Strother III, Charles 5532 Queensberry Avenue, Springfield, VA 22151 Stuart, David 63 Shawnee Avenue, Rockaway, NJ 07866 Stuart, Deborah 1316 Melrose Avenue N.W., Roanoke, VA 24017 Stuart, Mark 3000 Van Noppen Road. Greensboro. NC 27406 Stubenhofer, Kenneth 8814 Arlev Drive. Spnngfieid. VA 22153 Studstill, Jane 932 Brentwood Drive. Burlington, NC 27215 Sullivan, Jennifer 320 Summerfield Crossing. Chapel Hill, NC 27514 Sullivan, John 316 Worley Road. Greenville. SC 29609 Sullivan, Karin 937 Southeast 12th Way Deerfield Beach, FL 33441 Suman, Thomas 713 Presnell Ct.. Raleigh. NC 27609 Sumerell, Patrick 429 South Petty Street, Gaffney SC 29340 Summerill, Michelle 13 Nicholas Drive. Pennsville, NJ 08070 Summers, Christopher 5339 Hwy 150 East, Browns Summit, NC 27214 Summey, Chris Route 2. Box 80. Horee Shoe. NC 28742 Suries, Dawn Route II. Box 86. Buriington. NC 27215 Sutschek, William 51 Hillcrest Avenue, Port Jefferson, NY 11777 Sutton, Joanna Friendly Acres. Wallace, NC 28466 Sviben, Lisa 11 Olde Stagecoach Turn, Vincentown, NJ 08088 Svoboda, Sandra 16 Cedar Village. Chapel Hill, NC 27514 Swaim, Melissa PO Box 1042. Elkin, NC 28621 Swann, Norman 372 Brampton Road, Youngstown. NY 14174 Sweeney, Christopher 2704 Jerusalem Road. KingsviUe. MD 21087 Sweeney, Douglas Route U. Box 198. Roanoke. VA 24019 Sweetman, Mari 5901 Wagon Wheel Drive. Greensboro. NC 27410 Swim. Lisa 4449 Cordell Dnve. Roanoke. VA 24018 Talbert, John Box 675, Bermuda Run. NC 27006 Talbert, Kalherine PO. Box 8709. Wnghtsville Beach. NC 284 Talbert, Myron 4505 Whalewille Boulevard. Suffolk. VA 23434 Tally, Tina 2630 Uke Forest Drive, Winston-Salem, NC 27106 Tamburino, Jr., Richard 201 5-F The Colony Apartments, Buriington. NC 27215 Tanner, Kimberley 4408 Furlev Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21206 Tarini, Pamela 107 Uurel Lane West. Mt Uurel. NJ 08054 Tarwater, Robert 5807 Annislon Road, Bethesda. MD 20817 Tashian, Paul 196 Cannon Road. Freehold, NJ 07728 Tate, Kevin 3005 Linden Avenue. Fredericksbuig. VA 22401 Tate, Willie 507 Hams Street. Sebring. FL 33870 Tate, Jr., James II28 Sherwood Drive, Burlington. NC 27215 Tatum, Luann Route 10. Box 453. Asheboro, NC 27203 Tatum, Scott 602 Wofford Road, Durham, NC 27707 Taylor, Barbara 1917 Whippoorwill Une, Sanford, NC 27330 Taylor, Charles 2409 Elmington Drive, Richmond. VA 23233 Taylor, Craig Route 4, Blairmont Drive, Boone, NC 28607 Taylor, Deborah 621-1 Eagles Crest Village Ln.. Roswell. GA 30076 Taylor, Frank 7605 Golfview Ave,, Richmond, VA 23228 Taylor, Kelly 1063 Undon Une, Arnold. MD 21012 Taylor, Margaret 2017 Fox Run Road. Burlington. NC 27215 Taylor, Michael 1935 West 1st Stret, Winston-Salem, NC 27104 Taylor, Sean 67 Locust Avenue, Trenton, NJ 08610 Taylor, Tonya 55 Folkstone, Greensboro, NC 27403 Teague, Bobbie Route I. Box 343. Snow Camp. NC 27349 Temple, Lynetle 37 Biniie Court. Morehead City, NC 28557 Temples, Todd Route 2, Box 632. Halifax. VA 24558 Tenney Elizabeth 331 Club View Drive. Great Fallszip. VA 22066 Terry, Charles Route 1, Box 181, Creedmoor. NC 27522 Testa, Brian 1647 Wills Place, Vineland. NJ 08360 Thatcher, Christopher 5027 Americana Drive. Annandale. VA 22003 Thaxton, Melinda Route 8. Box 318. Burlington. NC 27215 Theil, Michael 6 Oakland Road. Old Bndge. NJ 08857 Thibodeau, Donna 3022 North Fairwav Drive. Burlington. NC 27215 Thigpen, Kirk PO Box 264. Beulaville. NC 28518 Thomas, Benjamin 2526 Hyde Street. Buriington. NC 27215 Thomas, Christopher Route I. Box 1, Meadows of Dan. VA 24120 Thomas, Holly PO Box 325. Wicomico. VA 23184 Thomas, Martha PO, Box 113. Newell. NC 28126 Thomas, Nancy 333 Fountain Place. Burlington. NC 27215 Thomas, Ralph Box 2417. 405 Apple Street, Gibsonville, NC 27249 Thomas, Susan 501 South 2nd Avenue. Siler City NC 27344 Thomas, Thomas 3028 Lockridge Road, SW, Roanoke. VA 24014 Thomas, Timothy 6710 Rolfs Road. Falls Church, VA 22042 Thompson, Amy 2911 Cedar Crest Drive, Graham, NC 27253 Thompson, Anne 407 Bethel Street. Gibsonville, NC 27249 Thompson, Beth 107 River Street, Whitehaven, MD 21873 Thompson, David 2404 East Lexington Avenue. High Point, NC 27262 Index 179 Thompson, Eddie 4504 Camellia Dhve, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577 Thompson, Jasper 2205 Wyihe Street, Greensboro, NC 27401 Thompson, Jeffery Route 6, Box 213. Hillsborough, NC 27278 Thompson, John 1518 Hanover Road, Burlington, NC 27215 Thompson, June 33 Sheridan Place, Elon College. NC 27244 Thompson, Kendal 13431 Kingsmill Road, Midlothian. VA 23113 Thompson, Kyle 304 South Ireland Street. Burlington, NC 27215 Thompson, Linda 725 Bradlev Street, Burlington, NC 27215 Thompson, Susan 212 Eastwav Lane, Graham, NC 27253 Thornburg, Gary Route 1, Box 186-A, Chapel Hill. NC 27514 Thornelt, Kerry 12108 Gatewater Dnve, Potomac, MD 20854 Thrower, Gary 2718 Westmoreland Dnve. Greensborw. NC 27408 Thuman, Frank 312 Sunset Drive. Elon College, NC 27244 Tigani, Robert 4010 Kennett Pike. Greenville. DE 19807 Tilghman, Amy 7 Westbury Acres. Salisbury, MD 21801 Tilghman, Kathryn 12305 Needle Drive, Clarksburg, MD 20871 Tilley Margaret Route I. Box 560. Lawsonville. NC 27022 Tilley Wendy 2815 Davie Drive. Durham. NC 27704 Timberlake III, Gilbert Box 280, Woodland, NC 27897 Timbennan, John 21 Salem Street, Rd. 4, Box 312, Elmer, NJ 08318 Timmes, Christiann 5600 Ashfield Road. Alexandria. VA 22310 Timmons. Deborah Route 2. Box 330-A. Graham. NC 27253 Tirrell. Pamela 2636 River Road. Manasquan. NJ 08736 Tobias, Jr., John 2201 Bradies Avenue. Cinnaminson. NJ 08077 Tobolsk!, Greg 2920 South Lincoln Avenue, Vineland, NJ 08360 Tomlinson, Julia PO Box 206, Virgilina, VA 24598 Tomlinson, Mary 705-D South Broad Street, Burlington, NC 27215 Tompkins, Heidi 2202 Cedar Cove Court. Reston. VA 22091 Toomer. Lisa 8931 Breezewood Road. Sanford. NC 27330 Topping, Parker 19-A Hiltin Place. Greensboro. NC 27409 Torain, Anthony Route 2. Box 2I1-B. Hurdle Mills. NC 27541 Torchia, Kevin 38 Laurie Lane, Little Silver. NJ 07739 Torpey, Sean 14916 Rocking Spring Drive, RockviUe, MD 20853 Totten, Melissa 6301 Fenestra Court, Burke. VA 22015 Town, Carrie 3135 Sunnybrook Drive. Charlotte. NC 28210 Townsend, David 331 Monmouth Street, Gloucester. NJ 08030 Townsend, Stuart 19 Stuart Drive. Dover. DE 19901 Townsend, Susan Route 11. Box 584. Dagsboro Road, Salisbury ' , MD 21801 Trader, Karen PO Box 128. Uurel. DE 19956 Traisler, Jr., Robert 513 Mannasses Avenue, Frtjnt Royal, VA 22630 Trakas, Elaine Route 8, Box 470, Burlington, NC 27215 Trapp, Patricia 6004 Nassau Drive, Springfield, VA 22152 Treece, Michelle 113 Carriage Trail, Raleigh. NC 27614 Trimakas, Victoria 6760 Wheeler Dnve. Charlotte. NC 28211 Tripp. Greg 10308 Windbluff Drive. Richmond. VA 23233 Trogdon. Taylor 1207 Neely Dnve. Asheboro, NC 27203 Troxler, Mark PO Box 4095. Glen Raven. NC 27215 Troxler, Rockie Route 2. Box 19-A. Elon College. NC 27244 Trueblood, Mathew 661 Green Valley Drive. Virginia Beach. VA 23462 Tubaugh, Jeffrey 3119D Commerce Place. Burlington. NC 27215 Tuck, Valeria 2750 Woodbury Dnve, Burlington, NC 27215 Tulenko, Sean 5423 Thunderhill, Columbia. MD 21045 Tullo, Michele 5 Mills Point, Middleton. MA 01949 Tulloch, Jennifer 617-D Tracy Drive, Buriington, NC 27215 Tulp, James 158 Dean Street, Brooklyn. NY 11217 Tupling, Tanya 4904 Montgomery Avenue. Bethesda, MD 20816 Turlington, Sharon 1205 Edgewood Drive, Graham, NC 27253 Tumage, Gregory PO Box 8164. Greenville. NC 27835 Turner, Barbara 408 Royal Oak Avenue. High Point. NC 27260 Turner, Hubert 3607 Crampton Dnve. Hope Mills. NC 28348 Turner, Tammy Route 4, Box 352, Beverly Road. Burlington. NC 27215 Turpin, Cheri Route 4, Box 276, Ridgeway VA 24148 Tutterow, Laura 4504 Belvoir Drive, Greensboro, NC 27406 Twilley, Curtis 411 Pinehurst Avenue, Salisbury, MD 21801 Tyson, Raymond Route 1, Bxo 64, Goldston. NC 27252 Tysor, Jr., Barnie 413 South Maple Street. Graham. NC 27253 Uhar, Faith 3112 63rd Place. Cheverly. MD 20785 Ungemah, Kimberlee 20 Miller Avenue. Holmdel. NJ 07733 Ungemah, Lynn 995 Pines Terrace, Franklin Lakes, NJ 07417 Urban, Katharina 5414 Beaumont Dnve, Durham, NC 27707 Ulz, Aubrey 1704 Chadwick Drive. Richmond. VA 23229 Uzzell, Kelly 220 S. College Street, Wallace, NC 28466 Vaibuena, Pamela 2227 Overlook Drive. Mount Dora. FL 32757 Van Alen, Lucas 304 Orchard Way. St. Davids. PA 19087 Van Ness, Jeffrey 3939 Tallow Tree Place. Fairfax. VA 22033 Van Ness 111. Ray 604 McCorkle Drive. Lexington. VA 24450 Vance, Thomas 3613 Peakwood Drive. Roanoke. VA 24014 Vassos, Susan 364 Jonathan Court. Newport News, VA 23602 Vaughan, Denise Route 1, Box 124, Cedar Grove, NC 27231 Vaughan, Douglas 22 West Governor Drive, Newport News, VA 23602 Vaughan, Susan 919 Kenbridge Place. Salem. VA 24153 Vaughan. Susan Route 2. Box 174-E. Clarksville, VA 23927 Vaughn, Diana 4411 Firwood Lane, Charlotte, NC 28209 Velez, Judith 4700 Parkman Court. Annandale. VA 22003 Venable, Donald 5005 Warfield Drive. Greensboro. NC 27406 Vericella, Diana 7714 Hayfield Road. Alexandria, VA 22310 Vesseliza, Ronald 2017 Jack Frost Road, Virginia Beach. VA 23455 Vetack, Eric PO. Box 821, Elon College, NC 27244 Vetter, David 1611 Broadway Drive, Graham, NC 27253 Vick, David RED 1. Box 197. Newsoms. VA 23874 Vick, Leslie Box 303, Ivor, VA 23866 Vick, Sarah PO. Box 475. Haw River. NC 27258 Vickslrom, Donna 2404 Poates Dnve. Richmond. VA 23228 Victor, Curtis 131 Jessup Street, Paulsboro, NJ 08066 Viers, Jeffrey 2105 Fairway Drive. Abingdon. VA 24210 Vignali, Mariah Rt 1, Box 396, Nags Head, NC 27959 Vilardi, Tracey 186 Eagle Drive. Emerson. NJ 07630 Villanasco, Gladys 6101 Wilmington Drive. Burke, VA 22015 Vincentini, Elise 3917 HerbertsvUle Road. Point Pleasant, NJ 08742 Vincentini, Laura 3917 HerbertsvUle Road, Point Pleasant. NJ 08742 Vilerilli, Peter Route 11. Box 366. Burlington. NC 27215 Voltz, Brentwood 2601 Dovershire Road, Richmond, VA 23235 Voorhees, Jr., Van 617 Cedar Lane, Virginia Beach, VA 23452 Vore, Matthew 109 Roundtree Road, Chapel Hill, NC 27514 Wade, Bobby 4038 Mockingbird Hill. Roanoke, VA 24012 Wade, Portia 2033 Fox Run Road, Burlington, NC 27215 Wade, Wendy 500 Cedar Rose Une, Charlotte, NC 28210 Wadsworth, John Drawer A, Atlantic Beach. NC 28512 Wagner. Dawn 3140 Row Place, Falls Church, VA 22044 Wagner, Dawn 7017 Ashbury Drive. Springfield. VA 22152 Wagoner, Kimberly 5602 Belvidere Place, Greensboro, NC 24710 Walden, Glenda Route 1. Box 242, Mebane, NC 27302 Walden, Raymond 9411 Lee Hwy., G5. Fairfax. VA 22031 Waldrup, Dale 214 Aloha Drive, Graham, NC 27253 Walker, Carl Route 12. Box 59. Buriington, NC 27215 Walker, Cynthia 316 Hanley Circle, Danville, VA 24541 Walker, Darlene Route 1, Box 250-A, Cedar Grove, NC 27231 Walker, David PO Box 1864. Pinehurst. NC 28374 Walker, G.G. 2520 Elderwood Une. Burlington. NC 27215 Walker, Gordon 405 Jefferson Dnve, Chariotte. NC 28226 Walker, Jacquelyn 1600 Rayanne Drive, Richmond, VA 23235 Walker, John 5112 Colebrook Place, Alexandria, VA 22312 Walker, Michael 5 Clemson Court, Drummond North, Newark DE 197U Walker, Samuel 639 Dobson Street, Kernersville, NC 27284 Walker, Thomas 323 Albany Street, Buriington, NC 27215 Walker, Tonya 2202 E-4 Huntington Road, Burlington, NC 27215 Walker, Wallace PO Box 1344, Manteo, NC 27954 Walker, William 1413 Harnet Dnve, Buriington, NC 27215 Walker, Windelin 1516A Carswell Circle, Washington DC 20336 WaU, Belinda 603 Edinburgh Court, Buriington, NC 27215 Wall, Cynthia 1315 Brookwood Dr, Reidsville, NC 27320 Wall, Kathleen 5319 Durand Drive, Durham, NC 27703 Wall, Sara 813 Alamance Street Box 8224, Gibsonville, NC 27249 Wall, Vickie Box 8605, Gibsonville, NC 27249 Wallace, Frederick Route 1, Box 129-J, Elon College, NC 27244 Wallace, William 102 Boland Way, Knightdale, NC 27545 Walser. Pamela 7511 Honesty Way Bethesda, MD 20817 Walser, Rhonda Route 5. Box 80. Lexington. NC 27292 Walsh, Anjonette 403 Country Lane. King. NC 27021 Walsh. Christy 8731 Scottingham Drive. Richmond. VA 232.36 Wallers, Amy Route 3. Box 332. Burlington. NC 27215 Walters, Ann 2110 Arden Drive. Monroe. NC 28110 Walters. Brian 116 Northgate Lane. Suffolk. VA 23434 Waltman. Steven Route 1. Box 114. Ringgold. VA 24586 Walton, David 607 Stewart Drive. Galex. VA 24333 Wampler, Suzanne 918 West Armory. Champaign. IL 61820 Wanamaker, Brenda 20 King Road. PennsviUe. N| 08070 Wangard, Donna 639 Highland Park Dnve. Eden. NC 27288 Ward, Ann Piney Island Point. Bishopville. MD 21813 Ward, James 2171 Mc Kendree Road. West Friendship. MD 21794 Ward, Scott 1104 Humming Bird Court. Shorewood. IL 60435 Ward, Stephen 85 Copper Glen Drive. Huntington. WV 25701 Ward, Valeric 2205 Woodndge Couri, Burlington. NC 27215 Ward, Victoria 6255 Masefield Court, Alexandria. VA 22304 Ward, Jr., Charles PO, Box 941. Roanoke Rapids. NC 27870 Warner, Carol Route 4. Box 54A. Lexington. NC 27292 Warnke. John 508 Hunter Drive. Laurinburg, NC 28352 Warren, Elizabeth 100 Forestwood Drive. Mebane. NC 27302 Warren, John 1807 East Church Street, Apt. 104, Martinsville. VA 24112 Warren, Randy 2118 North Village Drive, Greenville. NC 27834 Warren, Teresa 120 Carolina Ave.. Burlington. NC 27215 Warren, Tracie 1002 Decatur Road, Jacksonville, NC 28540 Warren-Hicks, Deborah 34 North Circle Dnve, Chapel Hill, NC 27514 Warthan, Brian 578 Viking Drive, Newport News, VA 23602 Warwick, Elizabeth 3712 Buckingham Dnve, Roanoke, VA 24018 Washburn, Anna Route 2, Box 106, Bostic, NC 28018 Washburn, Carolina Route 2, Box 106. Bostic. NC 28018 Washburn, Diane 539 Brent Road. Raleigh. NC 27606 Washington, Dawn 133 Wesley Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21228 Washington, Orlando PO. Box 66. Saint Pauls. NC 28384 Waterbury, Reed Route 1. Box 93. Linden. NC 28356 Waters, Armon PO Box 2562, Rocky Mount. NC 27802 Waters, Catherine 4107 Belle Meade Drive. Roanoke. VA 24018 Waters, Wendy 1600 Bay Point Drive, Virginia Beach, VA 23454 Walkins, Raymond Route 5, Box 236, Buriington, NC 27215 Watson, Cheryl Route 1, Box 288, Rowland, NC 28383 Watson, Jeanne 16728 Shea Lane. Gaitherbsurg. MD 20877 Watson. Pamela Route 1. Box 253-A. Sophia. NC 27350 Watson. Peyton 324 Robmont Road. Chariotte. NC 28226 Watson. Wendy Route 6. Box 31. Roxboro. NC 27573 Watts, Kelly 2409 Islandview Drive. Richmond. VA 23233 Watts, Rolf 507 Eaton Street. Fayetteville. NC 28301 Watts, Tiffany 11913 St. Johnsbury Court. Reston. VA 22091 Watts, Timothy PO Box 57. Carrboro. NC 27510 Way, Beverly 2401 Laramie Drive. Greensboro. NC 27406 Way Warren Route 8. Box 340. Reidsville. NC 27320 Wayland, Bruce PC. Box 2028. Blowing Rock. NC 28605 Weary Tracie Route 2. Box 532-D. Clarksville. VA 23927 Weaver, Channing 302 East York Drive, Empona. VA 23847 Weaver, James 105 Oliver Street, Suffolk, VA 23434 Weaver, Kim 1641 Cutty Sark Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23454 Weaver, Michelle 3115-L Commerce PI . Burlington. NC 27215 Webb, Jr., John 2716 Middleton Street 3-E, Durham. NC 27705 Weems, Martha 580 Knoll Ridge Road, Charlottesville, VA 22901 Wcinbach, Chris 3022 Gilbert Drive, Bensalem. PA 19020 Weiner, Sara 502 Yorktown Drive, Chapel Hill, NC 27514 Wcis, Erick 1487 Baney Road, Ashland. OH 44805 Weisband, Carol 1707 Macon Street. McLean. VA 22101 Weiss, Heather »1 South llth Street. Millville. NJ 08332 Weiss, Scott 326 Kingsberry Drive. Annapolis. MD 21401 Welborn, Charles 106 Oak Avenue. Lexington. NC 27292 Welch, Mike 2108 H Crosby Street. Naval Base. Philadelphia, PA 19112 180 Index Wellons III, Robert 2912 Wheelock Road. Charlotte, NC 28211 Wells, Tern Route 2, Box 336, Martinsville, VA 24112 Wertis, Dorothy 5333 Thayer Drive, Raleigh, NC 27612 Wessell, Mark 321 Sandhurst Road, Raleigh, NC 27614 Wessels, Michael 2225 Greenwood Court, Jacksonville, NC 28540 West, Christopher 7951 Yancey Drive, Falls Church, VA 22042 West, Eric Route 4, Box 414, Martinsville, VA 24112 West, Sharon 1006 Lexington Avenue, Greensboro, NC 27403 West, Sieve 143 Chincoteague Rd., Wallops Island, VA 23337 Westcott, Deborah 724 Tarleton Avenue, Burlington, NC 27215 Westerlund, Lisa 908 Colony Drive, Mechanicsville, VA 23111 Westmoreland, Kelley P.O. Box 304, King, NC 27021 Weslon, Steven 3 Allen Street, Bangor, ME 04401 Wh atley, Tanya 2619 51st Street West, Bradenton, FL 33529 Wheeler, Patrick 387 Lake Shore Drive, West, Dunkirk, NY 14048 Wheelin, Laura 1373 Stephens Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23454 Whelan, Karen 1233 Pleasant Valley Drive, Baltimore, MD 21228 White, Brenl 2912 Bedford Street, Burlington, NC 27215 White, Brian 208 Tracy Terrace, Durham, NC 27712 White, Dale 208 Tracy Trail, Durham, NC 27712 While, David PO. Box 96, Ertand, NC 27243 White, Noel 250 Old Mill Bottom Road, Annapolis, MD 21401 While, Pjmela 116 Tucker Street, Burlington, NC 27215 White, Robert 631 Margaret Road, Statesville, NC 28677 White, Stuart 1250 Jungle Avenue North, St Petersburg, FL 33710 White, Jr., James 2928 Mary Ann Drive, Columbus, GA 31906 Whitehead, William 1504 Bell Meadow Drive, Emporia, VA 23847 Whitescarver, Furman 2911 Carvins Cove Road, Salem, VA 24153 Whilesell, Tracey 6110 Frieden Church Road, Gibsonville, NC 27249 Whitfield, Clifford RO. Box 192, Mebane, NC 27302 Whiling, Nicholas RO. Box 782, Martinsburg, WV 25401 Whitlow, Catherine Route 6, Box 152A, Roxboro, NC 27573 Whitlow, Donna Route 6, Box 152- A, Roxboro, NC 27573 Whitlow, James Route 6, Box 152 A, Roxboro, NC 27573 Whitmore, Edward 8533 Indian Springs Road, Frederick, MD 21701 Whitney, Karen 11409 Hilbingdon Road, Richmond, VA 23233 Whillle, Tina Route 3, Box 140, Meadowbrook Drive, Elon College, NC 27244 Wichern, Brian 6 Hudson Road, Bellerose Village, NY 1100 Wicker, Rhonda Route 2, Box 166A, Snow Camp, NC 27349 Wies, Kathleen 10604 Falls Road, Lutherville. MD 21093 Wilborn, Teresa PD Box 179, Whitsett, NC 27377 Wiley, Christopher 1004 Bermuda Run, Knightdale, NC 27545 Wiley, Jr., Robert 618 Clovis Street N.W, Roanoke, VA 24017 Wilkins, Amanda 208 Tartan Trail, Southern Pines, NC 28387 Wilkins, Cornelius RO. Box 145, Tryon, NC 28782 Wilkins, Michelle Campus Box 2180, Elon College, NC 27244 Wilkins, Pamela Route 2, Box 301, Beulaville, NC 28518 Wilkinson, Cheryl Route 2, Box 568, Mebane, NC 27302 Wilkinson, Kenneth Route 6, Box 169, Mebane, NC 27302 Wilkinson, Mary 1212 Collins Drive B-6, Buriington, NC 27215 Wilkinson, Richard 6609 Commander Road, Richmond, VA 23224 Wilkinson, Scott 634 East Broad Street, Statesville, NC 28677 Willard, Thomas 941 Seven Street, Marion, VA 24354 Willell, Keith G439 Ramsey Street, Fayetteville, NC 28301 Williams, Amanda 216 Pinedale Drive, Elon College, NC 27244 Wtlliams, Ann 243 West Lafayette Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21217 Williams, Anna Route 9, Box 180, Fayetteville, NC 28301 Williams, Donald 190 Cavuse Trail, Medford Lakes, NJ 08055 Williams, Doreen 1414 Wendell Avenue. High Point. NC 27260 Williams, Elizabeth 612 West Davis Street. Buriington, NC 27215 Williams, Jeffrey 618 Kivett Street, Burlington, NC 27215 Williams, John 123 Estate Drive. Hendersonville, NC 28739 Williams, KimbeHy Route 1, Box 259, Chapel Hill. NC 27514 Williams, Paul 216 Pinedale Drive, Elon College, NC 27244 Williams, Philip Route 1, Box 548, Yadkinville, NC 27055 Williams, Stephanie 2730 Catherine Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 Williams, Sylvia Route I, Box 90. Stedman, NC 28391 Williams, Terry 2128 Wright Avenue, Greensboro, NC 27403 Williams, Willie Route 6, Box 384-D, Clinton. NC 28328 Williams, Jr., Grady Route 2, Box 182, Halifax, NC 27839 Williams, Jr., William 2722 Edgewood Avenue, Burlington, NC 27215 Williamson, Andrew 7710 Bertito Lane, Springfield, VA 22153 Williamson, Edward PO. Box 2374, Burlington, NC 27215 Williamson, Kelley 620 Westham Woods Drive, Richmond, VA 23229 Williamson, Linda 233 Watson Drive, Buriington, NC 27215 Williamson, Richard 5201 Carillo Avenue, Norfolk, VA 23508 Williamson, Rodney 233 Watson Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 Williamson, Timothy 409 Brentwood Street, High Point, NC 27260 Williford, Grant 11 Highfield Lane, Wayne, PA 19087 Willis, Charles Star Route 1, Box 14, Yanceyville, NC 27379 Willis, Mary 216 Newcastle Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 Willis, Sandra PO Box 3104, Bluelield, WV 24701 Wills, Kyle 1813 Fairview Street, Buriington, NC 27215 Wilson, Brenda 3126 Sutton Place, Buriington, NC 27215 Wilson, Chariie RO. Box 1413, Buriington. NC 27215 Wilson, Deborah 825 Quail Pointe Cove, Virginia Beach, VA 23454 Wilson, Dwight Route 5. Box 809. Reidsville. NC 27320 Wilson, Genevieve 359 2nd Ave. N,, Naples, FL 33940 Wilson, Helen Route 4. Box 595. Gaslonia. NC 28054 Wilson, Stephanie 116 East Bellevue Drive, High Point, NC 27260 Wilson, Steven 14430 Happy Hill Road, Chester, VA 23831 Wilson, Susan 1418 Knollwood Drive, Buriington, NC 27215 Wilson, Vicki Route 5, Box 328C, Ridgewood Road, Chapel Hill, NC 27514 Windham, Amy 3010 Stewart Drive, Wilson, NC 27893 Wines, Doyle RO Box 1149, Front Royal, VA 22630 Wingerter, Stephen 4907 Baltan Road, Bethesda, MD 20816 Wingo, Marie 19813 Bramble Bush Drive, Gaithersburg, MD 20879 Winn III, James PO Box 1463, Elon College, NC 27244 Winstead, Jerry 1712 Hawthorne Lane, Burlington, NC 27215 Winterstein, Kevin 552 Delaware Avenue, Burlington, NC 27215 Wirlh, Mary 1413 Claxlon Road, Richmond, VA 23233 Wise, Christy 34 Sheridan Place, Elon, NC 27244 Withers, Anne 4208 Hanover Avenue, Richmond, VA 23221 Withers, Maurice Route 3, Box 389-A, Walnut Cove, NC 27052 Witt, Larissa Route 1, Box lA, Blanch, NC 27212 Wilten, Donald 4115 Taicott Drive, Durham, NC 27705 Witten, Tara 4115 Taicott Drive, Durham, NC 27705 Woelfle, Rcgina 11439 Great Meadow, Reston, VA 22901 Wogan, Timothy RO. Box 6259, Hilton Head Island, SC 299 Wolf, Claudia 1229 Elm Terrace, Rahway N) 07065 Wolf, Gretchen 1453 Westover Avenue, Norfolk, VA 23507 Wolff, Allen 169 Kirch Road, York, RA 17402 Woltz, David Route 1, Box 160. Buffalo Junction. VA 24529 Wood, Ashley 306 West Wilson Creek Drive, New Bern, NC 28560 Wood, David 1838 Stonecrest Court, Lakeland, FL 33803 Wood, Linda 1105 Buriingate Place, Burlington, NC 27215 Wood, Pamela Route 2, Box 363, Mt Airy, NC 27030 Wood, Sharon 621 West Front Street, Apartment 4, Buriington, NC 27215 Wood, Teresa Route 8, Box 371, Kirkpatrick Road, Buriington. NC 27215 Wood, William 18 Sheridan Place, Elon College, NC 27244 Woodard, Barry 119 Ball Park Ave , Elon College, NC 27244 Woodard, Don 6817 Persimmon Tree Road, Bethesda. MD 20817 Woodard, Richard RO. Box 395, Spring Hope, NC 27882 Woodcock, Allison 513 Baytree Road, Wilmington, NC 28403 Woodcock, Jeffrey 809 South Pine Street, Rocky Mount, NC 27801 Woodley, David 2646 Roundhill Drive, Alamo, CA 94507 Woodrow, Shannon 6909 Tree Hill Road, Matthews, NC 28105 Woodson, Mary Route 1 , Box 254, Greenwood, VA 22943 Woolen, James 610 N, Main Street, RO. Box 72, Farmville, NC 27828 Woollon, Jennifer 155 Split Rock Road, Syosset, NY 11791 Worrell, Daniel 20 Meadowyck Lane, Vincentown, NJ 08088 Worrell, Robert 20 Meadowyck Lane, Vincentown, NJ 08088 Wray, Mary 3218 Fleetwood Avenue S.W., Roanoke, VA 24015 Wray, Mary Jo 3918 Ashton Drive, Chariotte, NC 28210 Wrenn, Billy 214 Willow Avenue, Burlington, NC 27215 Wrenn, Maryjoan Route 9, Box 171, Burlington, NC 27215 Wright, Brenda 6908 Stella Drive, Gibsonville, NC 27249 Wright, Donald 102 Green Road, Manchester, CT 06040 Wright, Lisa Route 6, Box 36, Buriington, NC 27215 Wright, Lynda 23 Jay Street, Succasunna, NJ 07876 Wright, Steven Route 6, Box 464-A, Mineral Springs Road, Durham, NC 27703 Wright, Timothy Route 2, Box 141-A, Brodnax, VA 23920 Wrightenberry, Jerry 3110 Forestdale Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 Wrightenberry, Rebecca Route 4, Box 465, Mebane, NC 27302 Wyatl, David Route 9, Box 382, Buriington, NC 27215 Wyatt, Susan Route 9, Box 384, Buriington, NC 27215 Yampell, Samuel 127 Fenwick Road, Cherry Hill, NJ 08034 Yarborough IT, Robert Route 3, Box 575, Lexington, NC 27292 Yarbrough, Susan RO. Box 24, Hwy 62, Milton, NC 27305 Yardley, Craig Box 350, Amagansett, NY 11930 Yates, Deborah RO. Box 712, Mebane, NC 27302 Yelverton, Peter 904 Vicar Lane, Alexandria, VA 22302 Yetter, Mark RO Box 449, Branchville, NJ 07826 York, Kelly Route 1, Box 19, Staley NC 27355 York, Pamela 870 Bedrock Drive, Fayetteville, NC 28303 Youmans, Shawn Boys Home, RO. Box 127, Lake Waccamaw, NC 28450 Young, David 2507 Windy Hill Road, Durham, NC 27703 Young, Mark PO. Box 1431. Elon College. NC 27244 Young, Mark 1020 Summit Avenue. Reidsville. NC 27320 Young, Mary 713 Scenic Drive. Graham, NC 27253 Youn g, Stafford Route 6, Box 296K. Burlington, NC 27215 Youssef, Edward 6227 Wilmington Drive. Burke. VA 22015 Zachary, George Route I, Box 270, Snow Camp, NC 27349 Zaiser, Greg 704 Cotswold Road, Somerdale, NJ 08083 Zamenick, Anne 1900 Ramblewood Road, Petersburg, VA 28305 Zammil, Jeffrey 24 Somerset Place, Matawan. NJ 07747 Zang, Douglas 426 West Front Street, Burlington, NC 27215 Zeanon, Amy 8612 Waxfoid Road, Richmond, VA 23235 Zeb, Leslie 1913 Millstream Drive, Salem, VA 24153 Zeberlein, Curtis 30 Williams, Drive, Annapolis, MD 21401 Zehner, Jeffrey 1732 Juanoak Drive, Richmond, VA 23235 Zeiloun, Omar Bethel Street, Box 3806, Gibsonville, NC 27249 Zeller, Karen 59 Hartowgate Drive, Cherry Hill, NJ 08003 Zeller, Kevin 59 Harrowgate Drive, Cherry Hill, NJ 08003 Ziegler, Robert 49 Boyds Valley Drive, Newark, DE 19711 Zimmerman, Dennis Route 6, Box 110, Harrisonburg, VA 22801 Zimmerman, Leslie 412 Lincoln Avenue, Jarratt, VA 23867 Zimmerman, Th omas 7600 Whitaker Drive, Summerfield, NC 27358 Zimnoch, Gary 216 Gateswood Road, Timonium, MD 21093 Zipf, Valerie 4400 Jayson Lane, Annandale, VA 22003 Zugay, Lois 234 Collinwood Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 Zur, Walter Route 4, Box 338, Madison, NC 27025 Zuskin, Mark 9716 Easy Street, Disputanta, VA 23842 Index 181 The Advertising The staff of the Phi Psi Cli wishes to thank area merchants for their support of Elon College and its yearbook. Angle 182 SUMNER ' S SURF SHOP 2767 South Church Street " In the New Market Square ' ' 584-1200 v.. 183 WORLDWIDE LODGING Compliments of BEST WESTERN Burlington 140 Rooms and Parlors Restaurant Lounge Covered Pool and Courtyard Convenient Access Major Credit Cards Honored 704 Huffman Mill Road 584-0151 We Salute the Class of ' 87 We Welcome Our Elon College Friends Come By and Say Hello Scotchman stores Your Good Neighbor Store — Which Just Happens to be Convenient Fresh Baked Donuts Scotchman Famous " Fix-Your-Ow n-Hotdogs " Open 24 Hours 184 Your Happy Shopping Store Holly Hill Mall Burlington and Alamance County ' s Leading Fashion Department Store ELON COLLEGE CAMPUS SHOP ?FIGHTir CHRISTHHliK Elon College, N.C. 584-2323 422 Huffman Mill Road Burlington, NC 27215 Burlington (919) 584-0141 Greensboro (919) 273-2745 PIZZA HUT ELON COLLEGE 584-7020 pirTISI Carry Out 41iit 185 STEARNS a OrcC Burlington, N.C. — Graham, N.C. Stephen L. Stearns Have you driven a Ford . . . .Lately? 229-6951 227-5282 Sisters of AZA Stephanie Aycock Charlene Layne Diana Belcher Lori McManus Tracy Black Gail Martin Kim Bride Kathy Meadows Karen Brown Francie Melville Brandy Burroughs DeEtte Poulin Cathy Chatham Kathy Pritts Susan Crace Sally Roberson Lisa Elliott Susan Semonite Mary Ellis Sheri Sochurek Nancy Fennell Angle Stone Robyn Griffith ' io Lynette Temple Dot Hayes X Kathy Schmidt Lisa Homer - r " M Donna Thibodeau Rita Kountis OpQvb Julia Tomlinson Leah Bowen |[ Carrie Town Pam Watson Sylvia Williams Beverly Way Stephanie Wilson Amy Zeanon Mary Jo Wray Charlie Bouchard Nicki Novak Diane Lighter Suzanne Burkhardt Kathleen Weis Marty Weems Kris Porter Tracy Sims Dr. Tom Arcaro, Advisod 186 3va£ ' THE NATION S INNKEEPER ' and the OLIVE TREE RESTAURANT Congratulate Graduating Seniors -rr!t " " ? ' " ' Balloons Flowers HOLLY HILL FLORIST INC. 171 Holly Hill Mall Burlington, NC 27215 (919) 584-5752 Open Daily and Saturdays 9 am-9 pm Thanks and Good Luck to this year ' s Graduates . . . We look forward to .eeing everyone else again next year! Sincerely, Greg and Glenda May 2408 South Church Street Burlington, NC 27215 228-6624 187 N.C. Residents 1-800-532-7115 (919) 227-1270 ComSor t Inn Outside N.C. 1-800-222-1731 1-85 Route 49 133 West Hanford Road Burlington, NC 27215 PONTIAC NICHOLS PONTIAC-DODGE Dodge Cars Dodge I-85atHwy.49 229-6901 Dodge Trucks SATISFACTION GUARANTEED CONGRATULATIONS SANDY MERSHON We ' ll Miss You, THE PHI PSI CLI STAFF Beth Linda Marie Everett Todd Lauren Kimberly Michelle Ellen JEWEL BOX Fine Jewelers Since 1922 Expert Watch and Jewelry Repair Appraisals Custom Designing Engraving Downtown Burlington 226-0297 Holly Hill Mall 584-9868 188 To Fit Your Food Service Needs services Support Your Local Chef Office Phone 584-1140 189 • Carolyn Amesse Lauren Brown Beth Boyer Michelle Collins Ann Conaty Christie Crouch Mary Childress Sharon Cronin Renee Dignard Kerry Doyle Amy Evans Denise Francis Anne Frank Bonnie Finn Lorraine Fugman Lisa Gentry Beth Godsey Nancy Gorman Julie Gravelt Amy Griffith Linda Hamilton Debbie Moore Holly Hance Lisa Milanik Lisa Hugus Suzi Nivison Jane Marie Jones Lee Norwood Christy Johnston Chris Owen Lyn Linke Lin Plaehn Brooks Long Cabby Raymer Jessica Macdonald Suzanne Roth Dawn Montplasir Patti Stadtler Shell Mackay Monica Shifflett 4 o Kelley Smith Sara Springer LeeAnn Strittmatter Missy Swaim Beth Thompson Pam Tarini Amy Tilghman Faith Uhar Mariah Vignali Pam VValser Kelley Westmoreland Elizabeth Wirth Kelly Watts Tanya Whatley Amanda Wilkins Elizabeth Whelin Jil Ryan, Sweetheart 57 REASONS TO BREAK OUT A BOTTLE OF CHAMPAGNE 190 .Vii-.v 5PW« .TS:--rf ' ' ' t- ' --. .HP- it 191 THE FINAL ANGLE Dear Classmates, I would like to thank you for all the help you gave me over the year, the opportunity to work with the entire college and meet so many new people. The staff of the 1987 edition of the Phi Psi Cli had a lot of fun working on this book and we hope it will bring back many great memories. Thank you for allowing me to be your editor Everett Blake III Editor 192 Closing

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