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AHi mn ELON COLLEGE PHI PSI CLI 1986 THE ESSENCE OF ELON Caring. About students. About its image. Caring enough to expand its campus, curriculum, enrollment financial base and expectations of each teacher and student who enters " the golden door. " ' 4 -V by Bernadette Hearne Reprinted with permission of the GREENSBORO NEWS AND RECORD. Lauri Crowder, a senior at Elon College, knows many people in North Carolina think her school is second-rate, but she never expected to hear it from a professor at a com- peting school. " I decided to go to summer school in Wilmington and be near the beach, " Crowder said. " Near the end of the session, this professor started in on me about why was I wasting my time at Elon? That I was too smart for Elon. I couldn ' t believe it. " " I told him he just didn ' t know what he was talking about. Almost every class I ' ve taken here was better than his. This school is so much better than people think. " What Crowder encountered was an attitude about Elon that has dogged the 2,800-stu- dent liberal arts college near Burlington since the 1960 ' s. With justification, Elon offi- cials concede, the school ac- quired a reputation as an open-door institution that ad- mitted anyone with a diploma, a place that hired its own pro- vincial graduates to teach — 4 most without doctoral degrees. Its academic program was said to be thin, its demands on students low. But changes have occurred. In the past decade, the percentage of doctoral degrees among Elon ' s fac- ulty has risen from 30 to 70 per- cent, and those degrees are as likely to be from Harvard, Indiana State, Georgia, Mississip- pi, Ohio or Oklahoma as from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill or Greensboro. In the past five years, library holdings have tripled from 50,000 to 150,000 volumes. New pro- grams of study include computer science, communications and Elon ' s first master ' s program in business administration. This fall, the college is installing cable television hookups in every dormitory so students can watch the closed-circuit campus televi- sion station emanating from the sophisticated production facility Elon just built. Microcomputers are plentiful, and students have ready access to them virtually any hour of the day. Construction of a major fine arts center is scheduled to begin this fall. Despite all the investment, Elon ' s endowment has grown from less than $2 million to nearly $8 million during President J. Fred Young ' s 1 3-year tenure. Courtyards, a fountain and acres of carefully-tended grounds have replaced parking lots and maintenance depots making Elon ' s one of the most beautiful cam- puses in the state. Adding to that beauty is the fact that the school ' s graceful Georgian buildings give no hint of the deferred mainte- nance slowly eating away at so many small colleges. Meanwhile, student enrollment has grown from about 2,000 a dec- ade ago to nearly 3,000 this fall. Applications are up 40 percent in the past three years; rejections have doubled. Ironically, at a time when the number of traditional 18 to 25 year-old students is declining, Elon has succeeded in increasing its en- rollment even as it has tightened its admission requirements. In the past three years, average College Board scores among Elon ' s freshmen have climbed 50 points with 30 points of the increase com- ing just this year. The college cele- brates its centennial, it intends to reject anyone with less than a 2.0. Nan Perkins, assistant to the president, also is tlie mother of an Elon sophomore. " As a parent, it ' s very important to me that the word gets out about how good this school is, " Perkins said. " We don ' t need to promote it to attract more students or to show off. We ' re trying to give it more respectability. Those students in the middle deserve an education that has a respectability, just as the top students do. " Elon . . . promotes itself as a caring place, a college where every student receives personal attention and where every professor is a po- tential friend and mentor. " Now that we ' re turning more students away, we ' re getting nega- tive feedback from parents whose children weren ' t admitted, " said Joanne Soliday, the school ' s direc- tor of admissions. " They say, ' We thought this was a place that cared, ' which really translates, " We thought you took anybody. " When you put yourself up front as a caring institution and you start turning so many down, it ' s difficult to communicate. " Former president Danieley is one of those for whom Elon was " the golden door. " " I could not have gone to col- lege if this place was not here, " Danieley said. " If I hadn ' t gone to college, I would have ended up in a mill or on a farm. I have so much appreciation for what this place does in the lives of people. " " Even now, although none of us knows all of the students, the relationship is very much like that of a family, " Danieley said. " The week before classes started this fall, I had a student from La Paz, Bolivia, call me at 10 p.m. from the airport. He said he ' d get a hotel room for the night and asked if I could pick him up in the morning. " I told him absolutely not, got out of bed and went to get him. He stayed the night with us and had breakfast with the family the next morning. I don ' t tell that sto- ry to brag. I tell it because it is typical of this place. " " Caring " is a word used so often at Elon that it almost becomes a cliche. Administrators use it. Pro- fessors use it. Students use it. Without exception, it seems, every- one agrees that caring is Elon ' s es- sence and its greatest asset. " I if now you ' ve heard it 1,000 times, but absolute caring really is the nature of this entire institu- tion, " said Linda Weavil, a busi- ness administration professor. " Al- most anything I can say is so up- beat it sounds corny, but it really is the truth. " Thanks to caring, Elon ' s stu- dents are, by and large, thrilled with their college experience. Sur- veys of recent graduates show 95 percent would return to Elon if they could relive their college years. Asked what made their time at Elon so fulfilling, 97 percent mention their relationships with their professors. In an unscientific survey of stu- dents encountered on campus, the result was the same. Everyone of them, asked what they liked best about Elon, mentioned personal at- tention from their professors as the primary benefit. But a surplus of care and pro- tection, particularly in relation to their social lives, is also a com- plaint students voice about Elon. " There are times when they ' re a little too protective, " one student said. " They should let us stumble and pick ourselves up a little more often. That ' s a learning experience too. " Young dismisses the complaint saying: " Students on any campus, if you asked them, would say they should be given more freedom. They ' d probably even say that in Chapel Hill. That ' s just students. " The essence of caring, Elon offi- cials agree, is personal attention. Providing it, though, isn ' t always easy at a college where the stu- dent-teacher ratio hovers on the high side at 20-to-l and where the average annual teaching load is 27 hours. At most colleges, the average is 24 hours and the student-teacher ratio closer to 17 or 18-to-l. " The high ratio and heavy teaching load account in large part for the college ' s financial stability, " Young said. " It is made possible, though, by the college ' s dedication to hiring good teachers. " " There can be no credibility for an Elon faculty member who is not an effective classroom teacher, " Young told the faculty at the opening convocation of the 1985-86 school year. " Good teaching has been and will con- tinue to be our most pervasive characteristic. " " Teaching is the first and foremost consideration in grant- ing promotions and raises, " said Chris White, vice-president for academic affairs. " A teacher who can ' t teach won ' t last long at Elon. " " For teachers who want to teach, " White said, " We ' re about the top of the line. Above Elon and a few schools like us, you get into the research game. That ' s why we ' re so popular with teachers who really want to teach. " Like all colleges that emphasize teaching, though, Elon walks a fine line. To be outstanding, its teachers must stay current in their fields. Research is the best way to stay current, but research and a heavy teaching load don ' t mix well. Elon ' s biggest personnel problem is one shared by countless other colleges. It has only three blacks and one American Indian on its faculty, far too few to adequately balance the faculty or act as role models to the students, 9 percent of whom are black. " I would say that hiring and keeping good minority faculty is our greatest challenge, our most persistent concern, " Young said. " We ' re not satisfied with our re- cord on that point, but we ' re con- stantly working on it. " Ironically, another of Elon ' s problems is its cost. In North Carolina, where public education is such a bargain, parents balk at paying $3,300 a year for tuition. The reaction is almost as extreme in the Northeast, home of increas- ingly more Elon students each year. " We ' re so much cheaper than the Northern private schools that parents look aghast at me when I tell them the price, " Soliday said. " You can see them thinking that if Elon is that cheap, it can ' t be as good as we say. " Vice-President Williams said Elon officials have even discussed raising the college ' s costs to better reflect its improved quality. " If you don ' t need to raise costs to tceep tilings going though, " she said, " It just doesn ' t seem right to do it for image. " Ironically, Elon ' s image appears to be poorest in North Carolina. It is best in Virginia, which once sent Elon 40 percent of the college ' s student body, and climbing rapidly on the Eastern seaboard to the north. " The farther away from North Carolina that we get, the better the students we get because we aren ' t fighting the image prob- lem, " Soliday said. Added White: " They say that in academics, whether you ' re going up or you ' re going down, our repu- tation is a basic meat-and-potatoes school although that stopped being the reality about six years ago. The world just hasn ' t figured it out yet. We ' re gonna see if we can ' t change that. " 8 - • " f ■WVf F • W Even as the college makes a commitment to an improved public perception, the students who at- tend Elon are experiencing some new beginnings of their own. For each entering freshman, returning sophomore or junior, the year ahead is alive with possibilities. To begin the journey toward accom- plishment and maturity is one of the most important and pivotal events in a person ' s life. College gives us each the potential to grow, to sharpen our perceptions, to ex- pand our thinking and to ultimate- ly change the world we live in. For the class of 1986, an impor- tant transition is about to occur. Their year of new beginnings com- mences the moment they receive their degrees and take their places in the world community. Gradu- ates of Elon College will return to their families and hometowns changed. They will have listened, studied, concentrated, written and talked about issues and events that will impact the way they will live out the rest of their lives. Now the real process of education can be- gin. Now they are truly candidates to be educated. 10 11 HOMECOMING ' 86 There was another dimension added to the " Essence of Eion " this year. During the Homecoming festivities we witnessed the first Homecoming parade in Elon ' s his- tory. The parade kicked off cele- brations for the weekend on Friday afternoon. President Fred Young led the procession beaming from his famed " Fredmobile " deluxe Cushman and was followed by twenty-four other entries. The pro- cession made a complete circuit of the campus and was viewed by an estimated 2,000 spectators. The Phi Mu and Tau Kappa Ep- silon floats and the combination entry of Kappa Alpha and Zeta Tau Alpha won awards for origi- nality. TKE, ZTA and KA all don- ated their prize monies to the United Way drive. Phi Mu donat- ed $350 of its $500 winnings to that same fund. The festivities continued with a performance on Friday night by the band " Sugar Creek " . The con- cert was exciting and well attend- ed. On Saturday afternoon, the Elon Fightin ' Christians defeated the Bears of Lenoir-Rhyne in both soccer and football. The final score in the football game was Elon 33, Lenoir-Rhyne 27. For the visiting alumni, a golf tournament was held throughout the weekend and the alumni dance (held annually) took place on Saturday night at the Ramada Inn in Burlington. A recep- tion for alumni and visiting friends was held on Scott Plaza. During half time at the football game. Ann Jividen was crowned 1985 Homecoming Queen. Jividen represented Sigma Phi Epsilon. She is a senior from Raleigh, NC and was escorted by Steve Wil- liamson, a Sigma Phi Epsilon brother 12 Enthusiastic crowds cheer for the Fighiin ' Christians in their victorious game against Lenoir-Rhyne. 13 GETTING STARTED L... Reflections A picturesque view of Harper Center Home Away From Home Jim Saunders unloads necessities of college life. 14 Don ' t Judge a Book by its Cover The inventory of the campus shop tries to match each student to each class. Back to the Salt Mine . . . Bull and his co-worker prepare for the onslaught of returning students. Pre-Term Socializing Students take advantage of the warm weather to discuss the upcoming semes- ter. 15 . MINI-MAGAZINE R 17 SELF-INFLICTED IMAGERY R 33 DEDICATION R 42 ELON IN REVIEW R 43 ORGANIZATIONS R47 CAMPUS LIFE R66 GREEKS R 72 ATHLETICS R92 CLASS PORTRAITS R 112 INDEX R 168 ADVERTISEMENTS R 180 PHI PSI CLI MINI-MAGAZINE PHOTOS COURTESY THE ASSOCIATED PRESS 17 Blue-collar troubadour Bruce Springsteen was the un- veterans, steelworkers and factory workers hit many disputed Boss of rock n ' roll. His songs about Vietnam responsive chords with all ages of Americans. MINI-MAGAZINE 19 Ceremonies were held at various limes during the year at the Vietnam Memorial in Washington to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the fall of the Saigon government in Vietnam. The Vietnam Memorial is inscribed with the names of more than 58,000 dead or missing soldiers from the Vietnam war. " A Trans World Airlines jet with 145 passengers and eight crew members was hijacked in Athens, Greece, in June. The Sheite hijackers took the plane to Beirut, then to Algeria and then back to Beirut. Most of the hostages were released within days but the remaining 39 hostages were held for 17 days. One American hostage was killed. 20 MINI-MAGAZINE President Reagan, with his wife Nancy, gives the A-Oicay sign from his hospital window in July after undergoing surgery to remove a cancerous tumor from hi s lower intestine. The 74-year old president was back on the job within weeks after the operation. MINI-MAGAZINE 21 The Kansas City Royals won the World Series. Royals pitcher Bret Saberhagen embraces third baseman George Brett after pitching a five-hitter to give the Royals the World Series crown over the St. Louis Cardinals. Saberhagen, the winner of two series games, was named as the Most Valuable Player in the series. 22 MINI-MAGAZINE wmmimiBBmnn im,,,, „„„„ ' »iiiMmiMiK85iaigni ' iggmii ■8BfiiiB!itil Mimwg8 g i-» jg»inii. - S iii w ' - Four Palestinian terrorists hijacked the Italian cruise liner Achille Lauro while on a Mediterranean cruise. One American was killed. After the ship was released the Egyptian government agreed to return the hijackers to the PLO. However, the hijackers were intercepted by American jets as they were flown out of Egypt and returned to Italy to stand trial. FIRESIDE CHAT — President Reagan and Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev talk in front of a fire place at the Fleur D ' Eau in Geneva. SS;rf MINI-MAGAZINE ' 2. A series of devaslating earthquakes rumbled through Mexico City in September and the death toll was in the thousands. Few in the metropolitan area of 18 million escaped the effects of the first quake, which registered 8.1 on the Richter scale; or the second quake, which measured 7.5. Veteran actor and Hollywood heartthrob Rock Hudson shocked the movie-going public when he announced his affliction with AIDS. Hudson ' s battle with the disease made international headlines and encouraged thousands of other AIDS sufferers to come o ut of the closet. Hudson succumbed to the disease and died late in 1985. 24 MINI-MAGAZINE The space program moved ahead. Space walker James van Hoften stands tall on the end of the robot arm of the Space Shuttle Discovery after successfully launching the repaired Syncom satellite in September. MINI-MAGAZINE 25 An entire city block was destroyed in Philadelphia. Police tried to evict members of the radical group MOVE from their fortified rowhouse by dropping a small bomb on the building. A fire was started by the device and about 60 houses were destroyed. 26 MINI-MAGAZINE A high school teacher goes into space. Christa McAuliffe a high school teacher from Concord High School in Concord, folds her training uniform as she packed for a trip to Houston N.H. Her flight is scheduled for January, 1986. where she began training for her trip into space. McAuliffe is MINI-MAGAZINE 27 » Tit -- «■ ' . . ■•0 ■ JH y - . ' ..;k- sw DIGGING OUT — A resident of Armero in the Colombian mountains is helped by the Colombian Red Cross during digging out efforts, Friday. Many people are still trapped in mud and are being rescued with the help of hundreds of volunteers. 28 MINI-MAGAZINE The war in the Mid-East continued in 1985. A distraught Moslem man hugs his son moments after they survived a car bomb explosion outside a West Beirut restaurant in late August. They are shown being hurried away from the carnage by another man as cars burn in the rubble-strewn MINI-MAGAZINE 29 Riots were an almost daily occurrence in South Africa as blacks protested Apartheid. In this photo, a white man runs from a jeering group of stone-throwing blacks in downtown Johannesburg as widespread violence continued to breakout throughout the country. A Delta Airlines jetliner crashed near Dallas in August, killing 1 37 people. The plane was on a flight from Fort Lauderdale, Florida to Los Angeles with an intermediate stop at Dallas-Fort Worth. Thirty-four people survived the crash but five died of injuries later. The plane encountered a severe wind shear as it plunged to the ground. 30 MINI-MAGAZINE SELF-INFLICTED IMAGERY For 1986, members of the PHI PS I CLI staff wanted to give the college community the unique opportunity to compose their own self-portraits. We trained a camera against a blank brick wall and invited students, faculty and staff to pose, preen and present their best (?) sides for Elon posterity. As incentive, we offered a fifty dollar cash prize to the individual or group who displayed the most creativity in composing their photo. Here then, are the best and most bizarre images of ' 86. Betsy Phillips Editor SELF-INFLICTED IMAGERY 33 SELF-INFLICTED IMAGERY PHOTO CONTEST GRAND PRIZE WINNER The Zucchini Brothers 34 SELF-INFLICTED IMAGERY The Paper Shredders Pis.sed Off Turn About is Fair Play SELF-INFLICTED IMAGERY 35 VONDY ' S Charm School Students Lauri Crowder is no Dumb Bunny J c. — Caught In The Middle 36 SELF-INFLICTED IMAGERY All Tied Up Too Cool For School What About Me? SELF-INFLICTED IMAGERY 37 Herbert and Earnest Jwli Glenn Miller Is In The Mood Spando Bando 38 SELF-INFLICTED IMAGERY Watch out Rambo. here comes Rambette. Journeyman Ready and Waiting The Exterminator SELF-INFLICTED IMAGERY 39 Self Miiggiiig What Color l), es She Not Have On? mit -.--It Camernian ' s Frusi ration 40 SELF-INFLICTED IMAGERY Fiiliire Markelers " About my request for anol Weaving ... " of Underwater Basket- The 1986 Phi Psi Cli staff would like to thank the participants of our photo contest. SELF-INFLICTED IMAGERY 41 THE STAFF OF THE 1986 PHI PSI CLI DEDICATES THIS EDITION TO DR. MARY BRITTAIN ADVISOR AND FRIEND 42 ELON IN REVIEW ELON IN REVIEW no LOVE FOUNDATION GIVES $1 MILLION TO BUSINESS SCHOOL The Martha and Spencer Love Foun- dation made a $1 million gift to Elon College during 1985. The donation was the largest private gift in the 97 year history of the college. The funds will be used to endow the business school, which trustees have vot- ed to name the Martha and Spencer Love School of Business in memory of the foundation ' s benefactors. Announcements of the gift came at a news conference on December 6 on the campus following a meeting of the foun- dation board of trustees. Charles Spen- cer Love, chairman of the board and son of Martha and Spencer Love, made the announcement, surrounded by other Love children and trustees and college officials. NEW LIFE FOR THE LEFT BANK OF ELON On Wednesday, October 23 the Board of Trustees voted to move ahead with the construction of the entire Fine Arts Cen- ter. Groundbreaking ceremonies were held on November 7. Pictured here are Mr. Royall Spence and Mrs. Alysse Coo- per turning a shovel of earth on that oc- casion. Charles Love announced the $1 million gift at a press conference. He is shown here with Dr Fred Young. Elon College President Fred Young said the gift signifies a new chapter in Elon College history. The Business Administration program is the largest academic program at Elon College and involves 14 faculty mem- bers. Last year, the college established a new MBA degree, which will also bene- fit from the Love Foundation Gift. William Proxmire, maverick United States senator from Wisconsin, paid a visit to the Elon campus on November 10th and 11th. His two-day visit was sponsored by the Student Government Association and the Liberal Arts Forum. In a speech to an overflow crowd in Whitley Auditorium on Sunday evening, Proxmire blasted the federal deficit, military spending and inflation. " The U.S. economy is headed for disaster, " he said, " unless we take rough, crude steps. " ELON IN REVIEW 43 ELON IN REVIEW Former US President Ger- ald R. Ford visited the Elon campus in February of 1986. President Ford spoke to ca- pacity crowds in the Alumni Gymnasium on " The Future of the Republican Party " and conducted a press con- ference in the LRC TV pro- duction studio. President Ford was welcomed to NC on the Elon campus by Gov- ernor James Martin. This was President Ford ' s second visit to Elon — he visited the campus in the late 1960 ' s while he was House Minority Leader Other stories that meant big news on the Elon campus included the outcome of Su- per Bowl XX — played this year in New Orleans. Pictured here are Chicago Bears Jim McMahon and Kicker Kevin Butler on the sidelines during the game. The Bears beat the New England Patriots 46-10. We won ' t speculate on how much Elon students won or lost in bets on this game. 44 ELON IN REVIEW ;LON IN REVIEW Elon students watched in horror the unfolding of events surrounding the explosion of the Space Shut- tle CHALLENGER in January. The explosion was the first in-flight disaster in 56 manned US space missions. Christa McAuliffe, a teacher from New Hampshire, a subject of one of the photos in our Mini-Magazine, was one of the seven crew members who perished. ELON !N REVIEW GRADUATION The Honorable Charles Robb, Gover- nor of the Commonwealth of Virginia, addressed an assembly of over 300 graduating students during the 1985 Commencement Exercises last May. Robb was a popular candidate to deliver a parting message to the class of ' 85 since 40% of our total student body hails from Virginia. The Governor received an enthusiastic reception from the gradu- ates and their families, and was further honored by the institution ' s conferring upon him the honorary Doctor of Laws degree. After the ceremony, graduates, their families and friends were treated to a reception on Scott Plaza. The former students had an opportunity to chat and reminisce with their Elon mentors. Many students left to pursue careers in business, to continue their education in various graduate schools, to marry, or simply return to life in their hometowns. One thing they all shared: warm memo- ries of their years at Elon and the prom- ise that they would always stay in touch with the friends they made here. This is the legacy that awaits us all. ■ i 46 GRADUATION Alpha Chi National Honor Society Looraine Allen, Rhonda Belton, Catherine Burns. Christopher Cahill, Aaron Chatkin, Ann Cralidis, Wendy Davis, Diana Deatrick, Karen DeHart, Lisa Elliott, Alice Essen, Nancy Evans, Mechael Ferguson, Shirly Ferguson, Patricia Gaskill. David Haddad, George Hager. Eric Hammond, Barbara Huffman. Christopher Jessee, Marsha Johnson, Mary Kain, Joycelyn Keels. Jane Kidwell. John Krahe. Sandra Lang, Lori Lanphear.Jane LaTour. Mark Long. Vanessa Mabe. Jay Massengill. Angelie May. Robert Moser. Timothy Oates. Rosemary Porter. Curtiss Rickard. Roger Shore. Dee Sizemore, Susan Tabor, Lydia Tickle. Margaret Tilley. Valeria Tuck. Wendy Watson. Trade Weary. Roger Wiles. Sylvia Williamson. Forrest Wrenn, Julie Wynn, Dr. Robert Blake. Advisor Beta Beta Beta Bill Atkins. Bonnie Baxter, Diana Belcher, Jeannine Bivins. Susan Borrelli. Geoffrey Browne. Ritchie Councilman. Amanda Crotts. Lee Cummings, William Dient, Kerin Eberle, Connie Edmonds. Tammy Eperson. Lelia Gentry. B. Hayland. Lisa Horne. Jamie Hudler, Amy Jetter, Sandy Lang. Jeff Leonard. Donald McCauley. Raye Moor e. Dennis Nye. T ish Perulous. Becky Rogers. Angle Scott, De De Secrist. Beverly Stewart. Mark Strelby. Kevin Tate, Donna Trollinger, Sharie Wilkinson, Allison Woodcock, Dr. Herbert House, Advisor ORGANIZATION 47 Who ' s Who »;i ;i Charlene Layne. Jake Willis, Dee Sizemore. Tammy Pugh, Jane Kidwell Allen Lloyd Ann Cralidii 48 ORGANIZATIONS Marti Koin Todd Taylor Lisa Conklin Katherine O ' Connor Paul Purdy, John Krahe, Aaron Chatkin Graduated Members: Robert Terry Drakeford, Thomas Christopher Jessee, Susan Leigh Tabor Bob Moser — Not Pictured Ray Covington, Shawn Coker ORGANIZATIONS 49 Omicron Delta Kappa student Members of Omicron Delta Kappa Jay W. Allred Christopher J. Cahill Aar on D. Chakin Shawn Coker Patricia A. Costis Kathleen C. Cotter Taymond P. Covington Donald M. Doster Alice N. Essen Sara Marcella Furr Randall L. Holley Mary Margaret Kain Jane B. Kidwell John E. Krahe Charlene J. Layne Mark E. Long Loukia Louka Scott C. Oliver Christopher T. Olsen Margaret P. Peterson Tommy A. Pugh Paul C. Purdy Cynthia L. Wall Sulvia A. Williamson James K. Willis Pamela M. York Faculty Staff Members of Omicron Delta Kappa fork R. Alberlson Dr. Malvin N. Artley, Sr. Dr. Robert G. Blake Dr. Carole F. Chase Dr. David M. Crowe, Jr. Dr. J. Earl Danieley Dr Robert W. Delp Mrs. Helen H. Euliss Gayle A. Fishel Ellen F. Gagnon Dr Russell B. Gill. Jr. Dr Richard C. Haworth Dr Herbert W. House. Jr. Ronald A. Klepcyk William G. Long Valerie K. Luko Dr J. Michael Marr Angela M. May Dr James A. Moncure J. Robert Moser Margaret C. O ' Connell Dr. James H. Pace Mrs. Jeannie Proctor Dr William G. Rich Dr Allen B. Sanders Dr Martin L. Shotzberger Dr Martha S. Smith Joanne C. Soliday Joyce E. Speas Dr John G. Sullivan Dr George W. Troxler Dr Undo T. Weavil Frederick T. Watts. Jr. Dr M. Christopher White Dr Jack O. White Dr. Jo Watts William Dr Fred J. Young 50 ORGANIZATIONS Newman Society ' iewnian Society Officers: Robert Morabito, President: Mary Leahy, Vice President; Lisa Crowder, Treasur- er: Chairpersons: Criste Flagg, Social Services: Mike Snyder, Party; Heather Hoffman, Historical; Anne Lewis, Liturgy; Nancy Fennell, Retreat: Members: Bill Abele, Mark Alfieri, Kevin Barton, Randy Booming- burg, Susan Borelli, Randy Carpenter, Chris Cleffi, Deborah Coulbourn, Lisa Crowder, Mary Ellis, Nancy Fennell. Criste Flagg, Chris Forshier, Betsy Goggin, Elizabeth Hannan, Carole Haught, Heather Hoffman, Bonnie Jenkins, Lisa Kula, Mary Leahy, Pati Lamb, Pete Lesiewicz, Anne Lewis, Jay McGinty, Amm McCarty, Lisa Milanak, Robert Morabito, Elizabeth Nagorski, Erin O ' Brien, Jennifer Owens, Beulah Perdue, Christine Rawn, Sheryl Randolph, Mark Realini, sharon Rembisz, Mike Snyder, Scott Titmus, Pamela Valbuena, Judy Velez, Pat Drennen, Advisor Baptist Student Union Baptist Student Union Menil efs: Jeff Ameling, Kara Anton, Janet Bradshaw, Roy Bruce, Lisa Camp, Mike Chilton, Amanda Crotts, Amy Ferguson, Amy Graybill, Ann Hester, Glenda Holt, Lisa Horne, Charlene Layne, Lori McManus, Patience Spell, Robin Perrault, Wendy Powell, Dana Reams, Collin Spruill, Lee Ann Strittmalter, Jeanne Tilley, Wendy Tilley, Susan Vaugn, Cindy Wall, Beverly Way, Trade Weary, Allison Woodcock, Officers: Amy Ferguson, President; Charlene Layne, Recreation: Trade Weary, Vice President: LeeAnn Strittmatter, Fundraising Publicity; Lisa Horne, Music ORGANIZATIONS 51 Phi Psi Cli Everett Blake, Marlene Jansen, David King, Dennis Nye. Betsy Phillips, Bob Saye, Michelle Treece, Gayle Fishel, Advisor Sandy Mershon Betsy Phillips. Editor 52 ORGANIZATIONS The staff of the 1986 PHI PSI CLI wanted to present a yearbook that was more in touch with the climate of the year — both in terms of events at the college and events on a national and glo- bal scale. We tried to capture something of the unique spirit of 1985-86 and worked to include as many diverse and novel features as possible. STAFF Betsy Phillips, Editor Sandy Mershon, Photo Editor Everett Blake, Advertising Sales Bob Saye, Advertising Sales David King, Typist Dennis Nye, Proofreader Marleen Jansen, Writer Hunt Ward, Photographer Carol Nix, Layout Artist Gayle Fishel, Advisor One of the trickiest jobs a yearbook staff faces is fend- ing off the flood of names dates and places that pours in from day one. XlrouTd like to personally thank everyone who generously gave of their time and talents to help organize, design and publish the 1986 PHI PSI CLI. A project of this size can only be accomplished as a group effort — and I want to thank you all for your support. Betsy Phillips, Editor ORGANIZATIONS 53 Colonnades Lauri S. Crowder. Editor; Lynn Bregler. Poetry Editor; Mary Jo Wray, Asst. Poetry Editor; Ed Spruell, Short Story Editor: Rae Anne Seal, Assl. Short Story Editor; Mary Kathy Williams. Photography Editor; Kathy Lyday-Lee, Advisor 54 ORGANIZATIONS WSOE WSOE is Elon ' s 500-Watt FM stereo radio station. It is totally run by students and operated seven days a week. It is advised by Don Grady. The Pendulum Jane Kidwelt, Editor, Frank Isley, News Editor. Jonathan Marton, Features Editor. Paul Harris. Arts Editor. Brian E. Batchelor, Sports Editor, Loukia Louka, Sports Editor, Meredith Lee. Stuart White. Joe Coco. Photographers, Michele Lashley. Ad Manager. Carol Como, Advertising, Marlene Jansen. Advertising, Mark Dance, Cartoonist. Bob Nowell. Advisor ORGANIZATIONS 55 Residence Hall Association R.H.A. Executive Board Members: David Boggess. Oris Dearborn, Jane Kidwell, Lisa Kula, Charlene Layne, Dean Valerie Luko, Ryan McClernan. Andy Minnis. Peggy Peterson, Dan Pike, Tammy Pugh. Gordon Rankin, Dotlie Souder, Jonathan Whaley, Lynda Wright. Valerie Zipf Black Cultural Society 56 ORGANIZATIONS Emanons Ihiinpets: Chris Small, Anthony Brown, Brian Quakenbush, Lisa Harris IVombones: David Rich, Andy Necessary, Todd Temple, Darrell Mines Saxapfaones: Dale Hedrick, Carole Naught, Shawn Coker, Scott Drewery, Tommv Willard Rhythm: Donny Kuhns, Kevin Long. Rick Heath, Keith Slusher Singers: Donna Euliss, Jeff Pierce, Ray Waldron, Janice McQueen, Cythia Stone Soiuid Engineer: Brent Votlz Gospel Choir ORGANIZATIONS 57 The Gents The GENTS are a collegiate organization promoting friendship and togetherness, while looking out for one another as well as the fellow student who makes things happen both socially and edu- cationally around cam- pus. GENT Members: Don Moore. President. George Ivey, Vice President, Greg Talum. Secretary, Mitch Ryan, Treasurer, Troy Givins. Sergeant of Arms. Clinton Settles. Representatives, Jeff Thompson. Not Pictured: Calvin Riiey. Roosevelt Robinson, Joe Ford, Willis Dingle, Del Ray Anthony, Darrell Smith Human Services Human Service Club: Mark Long, President. Elizabeth Hansen, Vice President. Ellen Abelman, Secre- tary Treasurer, Tommy Taylor, Betsy Markley, Zoe Rizzos 58 ORGANIZATIONS International Student Association Members of the Internationa] Student Association: Students: Sam Al-Habahbeh, Jordan: Octavio Aquilera, Mexico; Mauricio Arraya, Bolivia; Marleen Jansen, Netherlands; George Pastidis, Greece; Ralf Schaefer, West Germany: Ester Szoverffy, Hungary; Yvonne Taylor, Bahamas: Ebba Thiede, West Germany: Clayton Walker, Virgin Islands; Omar Zlitoun, Saudi Arabia: Leslie Bell. USA; Shane E. Jones, USA; Tommy Taylor, USA; Faculty: Gerardo Rodriguez, Spain; Andrew Angyal, USA; Valerie Luko, USA; Jackie Matlock, USA: Richard McBride, USA; Sandy McDannold, USA: Gene Oliver, USA; Lela Faye Rich, USA; Dottie Souder. USA Homecoming Parade AN ELON FIRST! ORGANIZATIONS 59 Student Government Association Members of the Student Government Association: Stephen Au- sherman. Shawn Coker, Ray Covington, Daphne Darden. Jeff Downs. Beth Godsey, Shane Jones, Charles Kashner, Anne Lew- is, Gretchen Maass, Betsy Markley, Tom Mayes, Becky Moore, Robert Morobito, David Murao, Michele O ' Donnell, Hevdt Philbeck, Kent Pond, William Powell, John Rhodes. William Saunders, Lisa Shadyac, Darrin Smith, Jeff Smith Student Union Board Members of the Student Union Board: Steve Ausherman. Rick Barnes, Stephanie Bell, Peter C. Braatz, Drew Christians, Hope Conner, Deborah Coutbourn, Kerry Doyle, John Dray, Mark Faircloth, Robin Griffin, Lisa Haug, Scottie Holland, Lauren Humphrey, Anne Lewis, Bob Manners, Kevin Morgan, Kim Po- korny, Gordon Rankin, Eric Rider, Keith Slusher, Tommy Tay- lor, Scott Titmus, Todd Smith, Scott Ward. Jake Willis. Peter Yelverton. David Atkins — Advisor 60 ORGANIZATIONS Computer Science and Math Club Computer Science Math Qub: Jay Allred, Stephanie Aycock, David Bank, Bill Barbee, Paula Blevins, Robert Brettler, Tracy Bryan, Al Carpenter, Rob Castle, Sieve Chatam, Susan Farrington, Mike Fitzgerald, David Cant, Randall Holley, Anne Jonas, Jack Kott, Becky Moore, Jim Powell, Dee Calton Sizemore, Mike Snyder, Mike Soliday, Cindia Thomas, Finley Thompson, Patti Whitaker, Sylvia Williamson, Maurice Withers, Faculty: Wesley Alexander, Arland Eyl, Richard Haworth, Stephanie McClellna, Rosalind Reichard, Janice Richardson Commuters Commuters as well as residents take advantage of the lounge and the Varsity Grill in Long Student Center. ORGANIZATIONS 61 R.O.TC. Persian Ri les Rangers Reserved Officers Training Corp 62 ORGANIZATIONS ORGANIZATIONS 63 Study Abroad Last August, while most students were preparing to pack and return to campus for another semester, a small group of Elon students were traveling another route. They were heading eastward, across the Atlantic to spend the next four months in London, England. It ' s a far cry from Elon College, North Carolina. Those nineteen students, accompanied by Professor Will Migniuolo, would prob- ably all venture to say that their semester abroad was as enlightening, challenging, and exciting as any experience they ' d had. Unlike Elon ' s winter term extravaganza in England, the semester students had to call their flats home, had to get to know London just as they would any other town in which they ' d chosen to live. There were classes each week just like at Elon, there was homework to be done and obliga- tions to be met, but there were a few differences. For instance, there were no classes on Fridays; instead the students were asked to keep that day open for day trips to such places as Cambridge, Oxford, Stratford-Upon-Avon, Wales, and Canterbury. Weekend road tripping (say to Edinburgh or Paris) was encouraged and all the students took advantage of a fifteen day fall break where students toured countries in Great Britain and Europe. . " ■•■-e . " -iV ' .-• .t-a. • ■-•:ij.zf r 64 ORGANIZATIONS ORGANIZATIONS 65 HALLOWEEN . . . Come as you are 66 CAMPUS LIFE Coffee Anyone? Thursday mornings bring the best out for coffee and doughnuts, to socialize with friends and faculty or just to relax. CAMPUS LIFE 67 Meeting of the Minds 68 CAMPUS LIFE CAMPUS LIFE 69 FRIENDS LAST FOREVER ffi 70 CAMPUS LIFE CAMPUS LIFE 71 W,PANHELLENIC and RUSH COUNCin Integrating Greek life at Elon The 1985-86 school year has been pros- perous for the Inter-Fraternity Council. Its members have worked diligently to im- prove Greek image on the campus and to unify the relationships among the six fra- ternities. " Success " is the best way to de- scribe the effort that hasd been put forth by the council. Credit for the success is extended to the foUlowing: Bob Moser, Phil Hobaugh, Dwayne Mirelli, Chris Gilbert, as well as those individuals al- ready listed with the picture. These are the people that put the time, frustration, effort, and patience into making the Greek Fraternity System a viable a nd strong organization. It hopes that the sys- tem will continue to strengthen in the coming years. During Spring semester, 1986, David Rich, Kevin Torchia, Grice Murray, John Walker, and Steve Wilson became the newest members of the Inter-Fraternity Council. David Atkins. Advisor: Paul Purdy, President: Chris Olsen. First Vice-President: John Carretta. Second Vice-President; Greg Smith, Treasurer: Don Dosler. Secretary; Ed Snider; Ken Markowsky; Sean Torpev; Alan Porter: Ed Youssef 72 GREEKS TANHELLENIC Janet Cherry, Barbara Cosby, Cindy Frick. Jenny Frick, Beverly Gordon, Susan Grace. Susan Jones, Julie Kellom, Linda Matney, Andrea Orr, Beth Peters, Sally Roberts. De-dee Sechrist, Lori Smith, Joyce Whittington (front). Pat Morgan, (middle), Caroline Matthews, Sondra Hinte. Sandra Willis, (back), Patti Stadtler, Amy Zeanon, Beth Peters, Rexanne Ayers, Not Pictured, Bonnie Finn GREEKS 73 ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA — i Alpha Sigma Alpha Sisters: Kathy Bangtey Diana Belcher Shannon Bentley Charlie Bouchard Kim Bride Brandy Burroughs Cindy Burton Cathy Chatham Janet Cherry Susan Crace Sara Davidson Gretchen Davis Lisa Elliott Mary Ellis Beth Earless Nancy Fennell Robyn Griffith Anne Hartsoe Lisa Horner Lisa Huffman Penny Huskey Karen Johnson Rita Kountis Lee Mann Gail Martin Caroline Matthews Francie Melville Lisa Otey Sandra Perry DeEtie Poulin Kathy Pritts Sally Roberson Shelby Roberts Sheri Sochurek Brucie Sutton Carrie Town Pam Watson Beverly Way Pat White Linda Winslow Lisa Young Amy Zeanon Joe Coco, Sweetheart Dr. Tom Arcaro, Advisor 74 GREEKS I SI B hE ip itk -- ' I ' l,— " . H H ' l r ? H K H 9 »3 " " W ' m Imj Pi mm . ti B DKJH PHIMU PM Mu Sisters: Donna Benton Shell Mackay Kim Benton Jenienne Miniter Beth Boyer Laura Mahaffey Lauren Brown Debbie Moore Barbie Callahan Dawn Montplaisir Jennifer Camp Leslie Nagel Michelle Collins Chris Owen Ann Conaty Chrissy Pikula Amy Evans Cabby Raymer Bonnie Firm Kim Self Sarah Forbes Monica Shifflet Anne Frank Susan Shirlaw Vickie Freeman Kelley Smith Lisa Gentry Sara Springer Beth Godsey Patti Stadler Beverly Gordon LeeAnn Strittmatter Nancy Gorman Missy Swaim Julie Gravett Pam Tarini Amy Griffith Beth Thompson Linda Hamilton Amy Tilghaman Mary Hamrick SusanTownsend Holly Hance Mariah Vignali Lisa Hart Brondwyn Walker Melinda Howard Pam Walser Lisa Hugus Diane Washburn Jane Marie Jones Kelly Westmoreland Autumn Jordon Joyce Whittington Marti Kain Elizabeth Wirth Lyn Linke Jimmy English, Sweetheart Loukia Louka Joyce Speas, Advisor Jessica McDondald Tarra, Phi Mu cat Phi Mu Officers:; Elizabeth Wirth, Phi Director; Barbie Callahan. Rush Chair- man: Brondwyn Walker, President; Kim Self, Vice President; Jane Marie Jones. Treasurer; Not Pictured: Kim Benton, Chaplain: Anne Frank, Secretary GREEKS 75 SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA 1 Sigma Sigma Sigma Sisters: Susan Andrews Nancy Marks Meredith Bachman Linda Matney Sheila Beauvais Mari Mayo Laura Beckett April Moser Jill Biggerstaff Christy Murphy Rhonda Boldman Nancy Murphy Cathy Brown Melindo Nelson Carrie Cash Suzanne Nelson Keltee Cone Michelle O ' Donnell Kay Kay Cotter Sheri Olson Karen Dalrynple Andrea Orr Debbie DeMasters Tammi Oxman Beth Deven Penny Pickering Nancy Dudney Megan Poldy Beth Ellis DeDe Secrist Pamela Ernst Lisa Shadyac Missy Flora Lydia Shull Barbara Gordon Lynne Smith Gayle Grasich Rusty Sparhawk Mary Margaret Haddock Valerie Stick ley Sondra Hinte Susan Tabor Lisa Holland Susan Vaughan Paige Hughes Vicke Ward Susan Jones Sandy Willis Julie Kellam Beth Warnick Mary Lambert Gretchen Wolf Jill London Sigma Sigma Sigma Officers:; Debbie DeMasters. Vice President; Lisa Shadyac, President; DeDe Secrist. Secretary; Nancy Marks, Education; Mary Lambert, Co- Rush; Susan Tabor, Rush; Sheila Beauvais, Treasurer — Not Pictured 76 GREEKS ZETATAU ALPHA Zeta Tau Alpha Blake Adcock Mary Lynch Kara Anton Jftnie McMillian Rexarme Ayers Janice Orlando Janet Bradshaw Karen Pace Beth Bruuoughs Beth Parker Anita Butler Laura Perkins Franny Caccomo Beth Peters Beth Cogan Brenda Pickett Lisa Conklin Fina Quinones Barbara Cosby Kim Rhinehart Denise Cummings Barbara Roberts Susan Dorman Theresa Sandall Betsy Dranttel Deedee Shugart Debbie Drummond Dede Simmons Cindy Frick Susan Simpson Jenny Frick Sherrie St. Clair Leslie Gallagher Kelley Stiener Teresa Gauldin Catherine Stockard Jill Goodman Caroline Stall Dee Dee Hartnett Rachel Strauss Beth Hirschy Elise Vincenlini Amy Howell Laura Vincentini Amy Jetter Tonya Walker Aim Jividen Cindy Wall Laura Jones Kelly York Krista Lee Lonnie Horsey, Sweetheart Marinda looney Coach Jerry Tolley, Advisor GREEKS 77 KAPPA SIGMA Kappa Sigma Brotbeis: Tom Cole Glenn Craig John Davis Mike Edwards Chip Harrison Steve Hess Robert High Chuck Hodgin John Kiser Jay Luke John McFadyen Doug McGowan Phillip Markley Ben Meisel Steve Menck John Moncure Scott Moncure Chris Olsen Ken Patterson Kip Rackley Chris Roe Jim Ifyan Jim Saunders Greg Smith Greg Tripp Carl Walker John Walker Martin Wheeler Dean White Stuart White Don Worsley Elizabeth Wirth, Sweetheart GREEKS 79 KAPPA ALPHA Kappa Alpha Brothers: David Ambrose Jeffery Balberde Peter Carlson Benjamin Draper Timothy Farmer Darrell Gilliland Daniel Goodman Anthony Green Garth Haas Paul Harris Mike Helfrich Phil Hobaugh Roy Holdford Fred Hutton Ron Jandoli Jimmy Leatherman James Mcintosh Anthony Meason Grice Murray Allen Porter William Saunders Michael Simonelli George Tarry George Taylor Kevin Torchia James Weaver Andrea Orr, Sweetheart s ' ' ii .A ' S«; 80 GREEKS - TAU KAPPA EPSILON Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity Membership Randy Armour Jeff Daniels Jonathon Martin Jim Ayers John Day ' Marty Matthews Jeff Ayersman Keith Dubois John McHugh Roy Badgley Chris Ellis Dewayne Mirelli Ban Baisley D-ip Godsey Sam Peterson Brian Batchelor Brian Hanes Jack Quarterman Jamie Bekeler Corky Harry Chris Ridehover Michael Besller Rick Heath David Rich John Brothers George Heston Mike Rowlands Terry Burke JeffKaign Andy Sack Paul Callis Nat Lewis Brian Siemering Johnny Carros Mike Lundahl Steve Shown Clint Curry Greg Martin Ed Strothers Mark Dance (flp GREEKS 81 PI KAPPA PHI Pi Kappa Phi Brothers Rick Barns Chris Bell Terry Best Ken Babbitt Mark Buckley Mark Cheadle John Corretta Ron Dorrestein Dave Foreman Chrisla Gilbert Danny Hart Gary Krape Karl Linguist Tripp Minich Billy Mitchell Chris Moore Steve Nelson John Nye James H. O ' Donnell Billy Peach William Poston Charles Ruberson Mike Spolz Mike Stanley Dallas Swan Chris West Bennett Whitlock Officers: John Cornetla. Archon Danny Han. Vice Archon James H. O ' Donnell, Secretary Gary Krape. Treasury Mike Stanley. Historian Chris Moore, Chaplain 82 GRE Sigma Pi Officers: Bob Moser. President: C.L Marshall, Vice-President: Paul Purdy, Secretary: Bill Coffman, Treasurer: Chris Best, Pledge Rush Director: Doug Lewis, Pledge Rush Director: Ed Snider, Sergeant at Arms SIGMA PI Sigma Pi Brotliers Jay Allred Jonathan Batts Chris Beebe Chris Best Todd Campbell Aaron Chatkin Bill Coffman Mike Curtis Johnathan Davis Gelnn Day Peter Farrell Charlie Granim Bill Girni John Greaves Draig Mailman Terry Hill Ernie Hyman Michael Joseph Chris Kirchner Doug Lewis Bo Loy C.L. Marshall Dave Martin Mark Michael Bob Moser James Murphy Jeff Noakes Paul Purdy Mike Roth Dave Scheiback Lawerance Simmons Ed Snider Tom Strassner Chris Sweeney Gil Timberlake Sean Torpeay Mark Vance Chris Wiley Jim Winn Marinda Looney, Sweetheart Dr. Ben Flora, Advisor Grayson Whitt, Alumni Advisor EEKS 83 SIGMA PHI EPSILON Sigma Phi Epsilon Brotbers: Bob Batchelor Donnie Bickley Todd Black Joey Bradshaw Jeff Broadbridge Mark Bumgarner Jim Burton Scon Bushman Robbie Carver David Chew Joe Coco Chuck Collins Andy Dempsey Don Dosler Ken Drumheller Mike Faircloth Bruce Fioretti Johnny Flournoy Mike Garcia Ken Griffin Richard Gurganus Jeff Hooks Tim Home Dake Johnson Greg Johnston Jim Leary Ken Markosky Todd Martin Greg Meeks Ken Merritt Allen Morningstar Wink Nelson John Rouals John Rhoades Larry Rhodes Ted Salyer Tim Scales Tim Smith Mike Storck Mark Summers Craig Taylor Todd Taylor John Tobias Scott Ward Jerry Wilhelm Greg Woodle Ed Youssef 84 GREEKS GREEKS 85 NEW FRATERNITIES SIGMA CHI OMEGA Sigma Chi Omega Members: Stewart Arens Macon Baird Bill Breunig Bruce Breeger Troy Coghill Kirk Eldridge Dan Evory Scott Flournoy Gary Grace Lonnie Horsey Shane Jones Bob Landrum Chris McCultough Kirk Monroe Pearce Mottershead David Oliver Roy Parks Douglas Payne Billy Poplin Scoot Powell Meade Rhoads Gordon Rainey George Rose Andy Shaffer Darrin Smith Ed Spruell Jace Stirling Jon David Stewart Joe Thompson Kurt Zeberlein Officers: Douglas Payne, President: Ed Spruell, Secretary; Bruce Breeger, Treasurer: Shane Jones, Annotator; Try Coghill, Rush Chairman: Gordon Rainey, Pledge Trainer: Jon David Stewart, Social Chairman: Darrin Smith, IPC Representative 86 GREEKS NEW FRATERNITIES New Officers 4lplia Kappa Psi Members: Mauricio Arraya Susette McLendon Alonzo Barnes Frank Moore Tim Bines John Moore ield Teddy Blackwell Todd Nassief David Calhoun Lee Oaks Mary K. Carr Greg Partin Aaron Chalkin Tom Phillips Kelley Cody William Pruitt John Crawford Tammy Pugh Gwen Dickson Bob Sari Rodney Evans Kim Self Susan Farrington Tony Settles Bill Galbraith Melonv Sneed Junie Goodwyn Michelle Treece Lisa Graves Brondwvn Walker Stan Hairslon Faculty Members: Andy Hall Dr. Michael Marr Steve Janicello Dr. Tom Teimann Mary Kain Prf James Toney John Krahe Dr Linda Weavil Jeff Lazenby Advisor: Junie Nayhan Dr Martin L. Shotzberger % n Hs %- HlHI H Old Officers ALPHA KAPPA PSI From October of ' 84 through May 4 of ' 85, Dr. Martin L. Shotzberger (advisor) and 27 devoted students worked to get the Mu Pi Chapter of the Alpha Xappa Psi National Professional Business Fraternity installed here at Elon College. Many long hours and late nights were spent draw- ing up and filling out the proper forms which would make this possible. There are well over 200 chapters nationwide with our closest associates being UNC-Chapel Hill and N.C. State. All of those affiliated with the Mu Pi Chapter of Alpha Kappa Psi hope and believe that we will be a force in drawing the Business Department closer together and further strengthening one of the strongest business programs in the Southeastern United States. GREEKS 81 FOOTBALL Fighting Cliristians CONSISTENT Coach Mackey Garden believes in consistancy. His Fighting Christians an- swered that call once again as they tied up the 1985 season into a 7-3 record — the exact record of four previous football seasons. SCOREBOARD Elon 30 Guilford 10 Elon 25 Carson-Newman 13 Elon 33 Lenoir-Rhyne 27 Elon 21 Ferrum 8 Elon 9 Presbyterian 12 Elon 34 Catawba 3 Elon 3 Gardner-Webb 10 Elon 42 Newberry 31 Elon 20 WofTord 26 Elon 20 Mars Hill Kevin Alderman. David Ambrose, Jack Arnold. Robert Augenbaugh, Hugh Avery. Robert Barajas, Robert Barnes, Casey Beathard. Terry Best. Tim Bines. Keith Blackburn. Jay Boyles. John Bradsher, Darryl Brittain, Mike Brodowicz, Kevin Campbell. Dwayne Clark. Tony Clark, Mark Crater, Perry Cuda. David Daughtry, Jeff Davis. Jonas Davis. Joe DellaFerra, Willis Dingle, Tony DiPietro, George Dixon, Donnie Dunovant, Dave Emery, Laconial Esters. Russell Evans, Tim Farmer. Mike Ferrelt. Tim Ferrell. Joe Ford. Rodney Furby, Adron Gentry, Junie Goodwyn, Scott Greene, David Grimmer, Stanley Hairston, Stanley Haley, Jack Hardin. Jeff Hardin. Lamont Harris. David Heath. Todd Helms. Al Hendricks. Mike Henley. Eric Herndon, Ben Hill. Brad Hornick. Andre Howze. Darrin Jefferson. Cliff Johnson, John Keeton, Todd Kennedy, Michael Knight, Jeff Lazenby, Chris Lewis. Richie Linens, Doug Logan. Walter Mack. Herb McNeil. Kent MeGorden. Ben Meisel. John Mickens. Gary Minson, Neal Morris. Alphonso Morrison. Chris Morton, Paul Mullen. Mike O ' Lari. Robert Overton. Melvin Palmer. Roy Parks, Ryan Patterson. John Pemberton. Jay Perdue. Charles Phelan. Steve Pickett. Ronnie Purcell, Garrett Robinson, Steve Rock. Tommy Rogers. Antonio Roper. Nelson Rowell. Mitch Ryan, Tony Settles. Ricky Sigmon. Jay Simmons. Jeff Slade, Ronnie Smith. Sam Smith. Tim Smith. Tim Stockton. Pat Sumerell. Myron Talbert. Craig Taylor. Trey Thacker. Kirk Thigpin. Clayton Walker. Howard Waller. Chuck Ward. John Warnke. Orlando Washington, jake Welborn. Arthur Wiggins, Brian Wilkerson, Keith Willett. Ernest Williams. Grady Williams, Eddie Williamson. Anthony Wilson 88 FOOTBALL FOOTBALL 89 90 FOOTBALL FOOTBALL 91 BASEBALL Stealin ' Away WITH HONORS Kendall Carter. Rob Chambers. Budgie Clark, Brad Comer, Barry Culberson. Mickey Dean, John Driscoll, Jimmy Duncan, Randy Enoch. Pete Gibson, JeffGirton, Greg Harris. Troy Harris, Pete Henderson, Gary Martin, Greg McDannold, Maurice Morton. Jeff Neufang, Tim Patton, Doug Phillips, Scott Pressly, Ricky Ross. Jerry Russell. Robby Schoonover, Billy Sipe, Benny Tart. David Terry, C. W. Willis, Rick Jones, Head Basketball Coach, Dwight Dullon, Assistant Coach, Freddie Mays, Student Assistant Coach, Dan Strickler, Manager The Elon College baseball team hit the bases with a colorful and successful 1985 season. The Fighting Christians collected the Carolina Conference and District 26 championships and traveled to Idaho for their second trip to the NAIA world series since 1958. They are now ranked 6th in the NAIA pole and 5th in the nation. Led by All-Conference batters Mo Morton, Jeff Neufang, Greg Harris, and John Driscoll, Elon ended the season with a respectable 40-10 re- cord. Head coach Charles (Rick) Jones stole away with Conference and District Coach of the Year honors. 92 BASEBALL Elon 2 Virginia Tech SCOREBOARD 4 Elon 6 Catawba Elon 3 Virginia Tech 2 Elon 8 Guilford Elon 4 Mt. Union Elon 12 UNC-Asheville Elon 6 Mt. Union 4 Elon 16 UNC-Ashevillfc Elon 6 Wake Forest 5 Elon 8 Wingate Elon 7 Western Carolina 2 Elon 8 Catawba Elon 2 Western Carolina 1 Elon 9 Guilford Elon 3 UNC-Charlotte 9 Elon 19 Mars Hill 1 Elon 5 Atl. Christian 1 Elon 17 Mars Hill Elon 4 Atl. Christian 2 Elon 8 High Point Elon 11 Shaw 4 Elon 3 NC A T Elon 16 Shaw 3 Elon 6 NC AT T Elon 9 Concord 1 Elon 6 Pembroke Elon 12 Concord Elon 4 Pfeiffer Elon 10 Lenooir-Rhyne 3 Elon 2 Wingate 1 Elon 3 Lenoir-Rhyne 13 Elon 7 Gardner-Webb Elon 3 Pembroke 2 Elon 4 Gardner-Webb Elon 5 High Point 1 Elon 3 St. Augustine ' s Elon 3 Pfeiffer 1 Elon 5 St. Augustine ' s BASEBALL 93 SOFTBALL Lady Christians REBUILDING MiaBrayboy. LisaBriggs Lisa Bryan. Jill Burgess. Diane Butts. Ann Byrd. Pam Cason. Annette Cobbs. Diannah Curry. Aliaa Gaddy. Beth Gardner. Christy Harrup. Karen Nance. Jeri Ann Patrick. Diane Schronce. Kristin Walter Mary Frances Jackson. Head Coach. Renate Costner. Asst. Coach Elon 2 — SCOREBOARD ■ Lenoir-Rhyne 5 Elon 1 Lenoir-Rhyne 6 Elon 2 Wingate 5 Elon 9 Wingate 5 Elon Guilford 13 Elon 5 Guilford 6 Elon 4 Gardner-Webb Elon 7 Campbell 8 Elon 1 UNC-C 8 Elon 6 UNC-C 12 Elon I Pembroke 4 Elon 9 Pembroke 2 Elon 6 N.C. A T 4 Elon 3 N.C. A T 2 Elon 1 Pfeiffer 12 Elon Pfeiffer 3 Elon 1 Catawba 3 Elon 3 Catawba 13 Elon 10 ACC 1 Elon ACC 5 Elon 2 Pfeiffer 16 (CC Tourn.) Elon 3 Lenoir-Rhyne 4 (CC Tourn.) 94 SOFTBALL SOFTBALL 95 BASKETBALL Rebound for Glory With one of the best recruiting classes in the history of the college, Elon ' s basketball mentor Bill Momingstar looked forward to a winning season in 1985-86. To begin with, Morningstar had 6-7 power forward Eric Hairston and a 6-5 jumping Jack Bernard Toraon returning. Hairston, a junior from Eden, averaged nearly nine points and six rebounds a year ago. Torain, a sophomore from Hurdle Mills saw limited playing time but will see extremely more with the depar- ture of Robert Leak. Add to that 6-5 guard forward Vincent Richardson, sophomore from Newport News, Va., 6-4 forward Jerry Russell, soph- omore from Greensboro, 6-3 Chris Calton, sophomore from Greensboro, and 6-6 soph- omore forward Eric Blair from Bowie, MD. " We had a tremendous recruiting year, " Morningstar said. " We ' ll have a strong with a lot of quickness, good ballhandling and good shooters. We ' ll be a team that comes on late in the year and makes a run for it. " Morningstar predicted that Pfeiffer, Guilford and High Point would be at the top of his list for teams to beat in the confer- ence. Gardner-Webb and Belmont Abbey were added to the list for the district race. Denard Barnes. Eric Blair, Brian Branson. Chris Calton. Russ Capps, Tony Chavis, Howard Coe, Eric Hairston, Vince Richardson. Jerry Russell. Bernard Torain. Warren Wallace. Bill Morningstar. Coach. Dr. Alan While. Athletic Director, Tom Parham. Asst. Athletic Director. Larry Glover. Stu. Asst. Coach, Paul Moriarty, Manager, Marty Baker Head Trainer. Teddy Blackwell. Stu. Trainer, Chad Wines. Scorekeeper, Alan Wooten, Statistician. Steve Ballard. Sports Info. Director SCOREBOARD — Eton 68 Ml. Olm 67 Elon 48 Belmoni Abbey 16 Elan 65 Mjn Hill 48 Elon 72 Lynchburg 76 EJon 74 Oarinei-Webb 66 Eton 66 Wingate 61 Eton 71 Greensboro 49 Elon 84 Allintic Christinn (OT) 83 Eton 77 UNC-Wilminglon 86 Eton 70 Guilford 68 Eton ■: Catawba 85 Eton 73 Pfeiffer 71 Elon 80 LenoirRhync 70 Elon 87 High Pouil 77 Elon 64 Wingale 70 Eton 71 Ganlner-Webb 78 Elon 73 Catawba 58 Bon 76 Lynchbuig 68 Eton S8 Belmont Abbey 63 Eton 70 Pembroke Suie 71 Eton 89 Ml Olive 63 Eton 73 Atlantic Christian 78 Elon 74 PfeiffCT 85 Eton 6S High f jtnt 78 Eton 86 GuilfonJ 76 Elon 77 LenoirRbyTie 67 Elon 71 Pembroke 74 Bon 82 Catawba (CIAC Tn.) 72 Eton 84 Atlantic Christian (CIAC Tn.) 95 Eton 72 Pfaffer (DisL 26 Tn.) 77 )6 MEN ' S BASKETBALL Members of Elon and Pfeiffer teams strike a pose that is strongly reminiscent of Egyptian hieroglyphic painting. Is this the symbol for " Put on your red shoes and dance the blues? " MEN ' S BASKETBALL BASKETBALL Lisa Briggs, Ann Byrd. Katanja Clapp, Sharon Foust, Beth Gardner. Lisa Hairston, Mae Haith, Candie Jennings. Donna Martin, Theresa Sandell, LuAnn Tatum. Jackie Mvers. Head Basketball Coach. Teresa Evens. Trainer. Diannah Curry. Manager Scorekeeper, Angle McRae, Statistician. Marleen Jansen. Statistician Elon 68 Ml. Olive 71 Elon 64 Coastal Carolina 57 Elon 48 Belmont Abbey 65 Elon 53 High Point 59 Elon 60 UNC-Grecasboro 95 Elon 44 Pembrokt 87 Elon 67 Catawba 76 Elon 49 Guilford 63 Elon 53 Campbell 70 Elon 54 Mm Hill 68 Elon 74 PfeilTer 55 Elon 67 Lcnoir-Rhvne 70 Elon 71 Mt. Olive 69 Elon 46 Wingatc 78 Elon 62 Atlantic Christian 64 Elon 73 PfeifTer 78 Elon 53 Campbell 70 Elon 68 Pembroke 86 Elon 53 UNC-Grcensboro 55 Elon 64 Guilford 59 Elon 60 Wingatc 82 Elon 51 Atlantic Christian 56 Elon 66 High Point 77 Elon 54 Catawba 56 Elon 53 Mars Hill 67 Elon 59 Lcnoir-Rhyne 47 Elon 59 High Point (CIAC Toum.) 78 98 WOMEN ' S BASKETBALL Ms. Jackie Myers, a previous Lady Christian eager, returned to the bench this year as head coach. Coach Myers replaced long-time winning coach Mary Jackson. WOMEN ' S BASKETBALL 99 MEN ' S TENNIS " When you have love, you have nothing. . . " ■ Elon 9 H Elon ; K- Qf OUPPTkADn 3 Elon 9 Pfeiffer Elon 9 Wingate Elon 9 Averette Elon 3 Winthrop 6 Elon 8 West Liberty Elon 9 Lenoir-Rhyne Elon 7 Slippery Rock 2 Elon 6 Belmont Abbey 3 Elon Guilford 9 Elon 5 Greensboro 4 Elon 3 High Point 3 Elon 9 Wingate Elon N.C. State 9 Elon 8 Lenoir-Rhyne 1 Elon 6 UNC-Wilmington 3 Elon 6 Pfeiffer 1 Elon 1 Atlantic Christian 8 Michael Besller, Matt Chandler. Chris Gilbert. Jeff Hoods, Chris Hanelle. Duane Hohnson, Billy Mitchell. Todd Nassief. Steve Richard, Head Coach a ' ' Elon College began with a new coach this year, and for players and fans alike, it was an interesting switch. Tom Parham, longtime coach for Atlantic Christian, took the reigns vacated last year when Danny Morrison left for Wofford College. Elon finished 12-4-1 last year under interim coach Steve Rickard. The Fightin ' Christians were 6-2-1 in the conference and finished fourth in the Carolines Conference and District 26. But the addition of Parham will definitely enhance Elon ' s chances in the spring. Parham won 14 district and 1 1 conference titles while being named Coach of the Year 28 times for the con- ference and district. He was NAIA National Coach of the Year in 1985, as well as 1977 and 1979. His teams won National Championships in 1979 and 1984. " I ' m glad to be at Elon, " Parham said. " Hope- fully we can gel in the thick of things pretty quickly. " There are several outstanding players returning players, and Parham is predicting a good year and hopes to continue the upward escalation. 100 MEN ' S TENNIS WOMEN ' S TENNIS Winning is tliar racquet! •- » ,r,--,ri.-— - [ SCOREBOARD Elon 4 Haverford College 5 Elon 2 High Point College 7 Elon 9 Lenoir-Rhyne College Elon 3 Atlantic Christian Col. 6 ■ Elon 2 Campbell University 7 Elon Guilford CoUege 9 Elon 5 Pfeiffer College 4 Elon 5 Mars Hill 4 Elon 3 UNC-Asheville 6 Elon 5 Catawba College 4 Elon 8 Va, Wesleyan College 1 Elon 9 N.C. A T University Elon 7 Longwood College 2 Elon 4 UNC-Wilmington 5 Elon 7 Pembroke State Univ 2 Elon 6 Gardner Webb College 3 After finishing the 1985 season with eight wins in its last 10 games, the Elon College women ' s tennis team is looking forward to getting the sea- son underway in 1986. New head Coach Byrd Britt will replace former coach Karen Garden and also looks forward to the challenge. " It will be tough since no recruiting has been done but we shoud fare okay, " Britt said. " We only have five players back that we know will be playing but there should be a couple of girls in the school who are able to compete that will help us fill out the roster. " Elon finished fourth in the conference tourna- ment and fifth in the district tournament a year ago while going 9-7 during the season. Although several vital players are not returning, five very good players are. The year should be interesting, and with a little lady luck, the Golden Girls could climb into the winner ' s circle. Beth Cogan, Jill Goodman, Dana Campagna, Michelle Palumbo, Cindy Wall, Missy Jones. Juli Bollman, Karen Garden, Head Coach WOMEN ' S TENNIS 101 Soccer Tom Balkus. Ralph Boscia, Eric Brown, Grant Cowell. Mike Curtis, Mike Driskill. James Eppard, Joe Fitzgerald. Glen Jandoli, Rudy Jean-Bapliste, Gary Krape, Ed Kurtzeborn, Scott LePage, Mike Minner, Joe Moley, John Nani, Joe Nepay, John Pullen. Kip Rackley, Bob Santo, Andrew Schaefer, Mark Shriver, Mike Wessets Elon 4 SCOREBOARD ■ Averett Elon 8 Mars Hill Elon 1 Randolph-Macon 2 (OT) Elon 3 Oglethorpe Elon 5 Pfeiffer 1 Elon 2 Atlantic Christian 1 (OT) Elon High Point (OT) Elon 6 Pembroke 1 Elon 3 Lenoir-Rhyne 1 Elon 4 Guilford Elon 4 Barber-Scotia 1 Elon 5 Warren WUson 2 Elon 2 East Carolina Elon 8 Wingate 2 Elon Catawba 1 Elon 2 Belmont-Abbey 1 (OT) Elon High Point 1 (Dist. 26 Playoffs) 102 SOCCER Under the tutelage of Coach Steve Ballard, the Fighting Christian kickers once again cap- tured a winning record with a 13-3-1 standing in 1985. V. . ' C ' 2 ■ ' f ' Z V SOCCER 103 VOLLEYBALL [ Elon 2 SCOREBOARD N.C. Wesleyan 1 Elon 1 Guilford 2 Elon 1 UNC-Wilmington 3 Elon Pembroke 2 Elon NC A T 2 Elon 1 UNC 5reensboro 3 Elon 3 Gardner-Webb Elon I Lenoir-Rhyne 2 Elon 2 Pfeiffer Elon 2 Longwood Elon Liberty 2 Elon Atlantic Christian 2 Elon Clarion 2 Elon Liberty 2 Elon 2 Atlantic Christian Elon 3 UNC-AshevUle 2 Elon 1 Wingate 2 Elon High Point 3 Elon Kings College 2 Elon Mars Hill 2 Elon 3 Pfeiffer Elon 2 NC A T Elon UNC-Greensboro 2 Elon UNC-Wilmington 3 Elon 1 Gardner-Webb 2 Elon Catawba 2 Elon Mars Hill 2 Elon 1 Atlantic Christian 2 Elon 2 Pfeiffer 3 104 VOLLEYBALL TRACK The Elon College Track team holds several impres- sive records for the following events: 100 Yard Dash — Vernon Morrison 9.55 seconds. 100 Meter — Ray Hadley 10.6 seconds 2 20 Yard Dash — Don Crews 22.0 seconds 200 Meter — Ray Hadley 21.6 seconds 440 Yards Dash — Danny Denton 49.6 seconds 400 Meter — Kenny Rogers 49.1 seconds 880 Yard Dash — Robert Trout 1:59.2 Mile Run — Roland Miller 4:33.4 1500 Meter — Dwayne Harden 4:20.2 800 Meter — Kenny Rogers 1:57,2 TWo Mile Run — Roland Miller 9:56.6 Three Mile Run — Mike Packett 15:55 120 Yard High Hurdles — Lee Brunson 14.6 sec- onds 220 Yard Low Hurdles — Eddie Burke 25:15 sec- onds 330 Yard Intermediate Hurdles — Dickie Walters 44.3 seconds 440 Yard Intermediate Hurdles — Bryan Burney 54.6 seconds High Jump — Fred Jordan 6 ' 9 Long Jump — Bobby Hedrich 23 ' 11 Triple Jump — Jesse Jones 47 ' 9 ' 4 " Pole Vault — Jeff Tbbiolo and Donald Long 13 ' Shot Put — Ronnie Purcell 48 ' 7% " Javelin — Daniel Hooper 185 ' 4 " 440 Yard Relay — James MacCarthur, Darryl McLean, Dennis Walker, Vernon Morrison 42.3 sec- onds Mile Relay — Dennis Walker, Bryan Burney, Rod- ney Turner, Danny Denton 3:24 Discus — Ralph Moore 142 ' 8V ' 2 " ' ' " ' GOLF A winning year is par for the course In the world of sports, there are two sayings that come and go with the seasons. One states that all good things must come to an end. The other states that things have to begin some- where. The Elon golf program appears to be going between the two but the latter will be more appropriate for the coming year. A recruiting class of nine freshmen and one sophomore will be in Bill Momingstar ' s powerful golf program this season. To go with them will be four se- niors who are going to carry the load early. " This looks to be a rebuilding year, " Morn- ingstar said. " We lost four of our top six play- ers. We ' ll have to rely on Chris Dockrill, Rich- ard Adams, and Craig Gunn early. I believe we had a good recruiting year with freshmen. " The Fightin ' Christians lost the services of Barry Pilson and Tom Martine to graduation. Those two were both All-Conference and All- District a year ago. Adams, a sophomore from England, averaged 77.61 a year ago, finished only four strokes off the pace at the Max Ward Invitational. Gunn, a sophomore from Dan- ville, VA., averaged 78.71 while Dockrill, a senior from Nova Scotia in Canada, averaged 79.11. Also returning will be seniors Jimmy Merri- man of CoUinsville, VA., David Startzel of Salisbury, MD., and David Russell of Alexan- dria, VA. Junior Ron Dorrestein of The Neth- erlands rounds out the list of returnees. The list of freshmen include Scott Jackovics of Severna Park, MD., Clint Wade of Bassett, VA., Gary Kyker of Jefferson, GA., Robert Burns of Newburg, N. Y., Brad Clayton of Ox- ford, Craig Kapitula of Ellicot City, MD., Richard Shackleford of King, David Shaffer of Columbus, OH., and Richard Poore of Flor- ence, KY. The sophomore recruit is Clover, S.C. ' s Mike Kenney. Morningstar feels the op- portunity for one of this group to step in and contribute will be there. 106 GOLF Richard Adams, Robert Burns, Brad Clayton, Chris Dockrill, Ron Dorrestein, Craig Gunn, Scott Jackovics, Craig Kapitula, Mike Kenney, Gary Kyker, Jimmy Merriman, Richard Poore, David Russell, Richard Shackleford, David Shaffer, David Startzel. Clint Wade. Bill Morningslar, Coach. GOLF 107 SPIRIT BOOSTERS Cheerieaders: Guys: John Crowell. Bryan Frederick. John Holland. Ed Shorter. Todd Black. John Tobias. Reed Waterbury. Don Moore. Girls: DeDe Simmons, Shell Mackay. Jill Goodman, Teresa Gauldin. Susan Townsend, Elise Vincentini, Brooks Long, Kelly York. Mascot: Eric North CHEERLEADER WRESTLING (t ' A Good Man Is Hard To Pin Down . . . " Bobby Brown. Ron Budd. Chris Chance. Scott Crater, Alexander Dawson, Bruce Fioretti. Mike Fitzgerald, David Gaffney. Ken Griffin. Chris Gros. Jay Gros. Chris Hooker, Alan Koontz, Donald Long, Chris Martin, Jeff May, Fred McMannus. Wendy McCoy-. Norris Mills, David Morehead. Alex Parsons. Lawrence Tolliver. Johnny Travis. Stafford Young. Head Coach Richardson. Assistant Coach. Jay Lineberry. Elon 9 SCOREBOARD Livingstone College 36 Elon 34 Winthrop 12 Elon 12 University of Central Florida 36 Elon 14 The Citadel 27 Elon 29 Pfeiffer 19 Elon 25 Barber-Scotia College 24 Elon 15 Liberty Baptist College 30 Elon Appalachian State University 39 Clemson Tig tr Invitational — 6th place Southern Inv itational Tournament — 3rd place Elon 18 Pembroke State University 39 Washington Lee Invitational — 2nd place Mid-South Tournament at Carson-Newman College — 5thp ace Elon 38 Davidson College 15 Elon 3 The Citadel 46 Elon 6 Duke University 48 Elon 54 Ferrum College 6 Elon 33 Newport News Apprentice School 17 Elon 3 Carson-Newman 42 Carolinas Conference Tournament — 2nd place NAIA District 26 Tournament — 3rd place 110 WRESTLING Fighting AWARDS Win Witti Honors Jamie McNeely. Alicia Gaddy, Royce Fentress, Robert Leak, Barry Pilson. Mo Morton, Bobby Brown, Janice Orlando. Missy Jones Richard Adams, Jilt Goodman, Mo Morton. Alan Woolen, Grey Harris, Randy Enoch, Cathv Woodson, John 6riscall, Jamie McNeely. Cindy Wall AWARDS 111 1985 FACULTY and ADMINISTRADVE STAFF Dr. Jenme R. Adtms, English Mn. Susie .K. Adkiiis Dr. JiBimJe Agnew, Physical Sciences Nlirk R. Albwtsod J. Wesky Akusder, Malh Mis. Lamise ADea Robert G. .Aodereoa Or. Rilpb .Anderson. Economics Dr. Awtrt .Aiig l, English Dr. Thomas E. Arcaro, Sociology Dr. Mahin Artky, Fine Arts Daiid L Atkins Robert A. Bailey, Physical Education Mn. Cindy G. Bais« Martin H. Balier, Physical Education Mis. Katby BaO Stephen J. Ballard John T. Bangley WIDam H. Barbet. Malh Dr. Laurence A. Basirico, Sociology Dr. Robert C. Baxtei; Business C.C. " Bock- Bayliff Di. Barry B. Beedk, Physical Education Mrs. Rboflda Behon Mrs. Bertie Belrin Ms. Lanra Bennett Mrs. Lydia Berry W. Jennings Berry Dr. Thomas Bereridge, Economics Mis. Elaine Bingenheimer, Fine Arts Dr. Robert G. Blake. English Dr. R. Lamar Bland, English Darid L Bodle. Physical Education Nts. Marsha Am Boone Mrs. Marolyn M. BosweO, Psychology Mack Bowman R. Wayne Bowery Barry A. Bradberry Dr. Darid Bragg, Fine .4rls .Ms. B)Td Britt Herman Brock. Business Dr. Wesley G. Brogan, Psychology Mrs. Jeanne R. Brooks. Social Sciences Dr. Janie P. Brown, Physical Education Sgt. Charles Browning. ROTC Mrs. Carolyn Bryan .Mis. Ann Butler, English Bin Boiler Dr. Michael Calbois, Physlical Education Mrs. Etelyn Campbell Mrs. Karen Carden, Physical Education Lomie Mack Carden, Physical Education Mis. Fleta Carmen, Business James Albert Carpenter, Computer Science Mrs. Jane Carrico Mrs. Nira Carter Mrs. Anne Casselbanm, English Dr. D. Brooks Gates, Geography Dr. Carole E Chase, Religion Dr. Paul H. Cheek. Chemistry .Mrs. Ruth Cheek, Chemistry Mrs. Thelma Cheek Mrs. Mai et Clapp Mrs. Marilyn Collins Dr. Ceoige Coltrane, Business Mrs. Faye D. ConaDy Mrs. Brenda J. Cooper Dr. Allin E Coltrell, Economics Mis. Betty Corington Barbara Cox Mrs. Shirley B. Crawford Dr. James C Crew. Business Dr. Darid M. Crowe, History Ms. Jeryl Denise Currie Edwin L Daniel. Fine Arts Dr. J. Earl Danieley, Physical Sciences Paul Dougbu Deaoe. English Dr. Robert W. Delp. History Mis. Gav V. Dennis Mn. Donna DeWood; Mis. Virian M. Dala, Fine Arts Miss Diana Dwyer, French Peggy Elisson Mrs. Helen H. Euliss, English Dr. Arland W. EyL Computer Science Ms. Naola F. Feairingtoa Mrs. Jane M. Ferrell Hugh M. Fields, Biology Ms. Cayk Ann FIshel Mrs. Donna Fritchett Ms. Betty G. Flinchnm, Cytotechnology Mrs. Jane T. Fowler Dr. Gerald L Francis Christopher D. Fulkerson Michael Gaffigan Mis. EDen F. Gagnon Ms. Kathy K. Galhicci, Biology Dr. Paol L Gaskill, Physical Education Mis. Diane Gill Dr. Rnssell B. Gill, English Mrs. Doris C Gilliam Bradky M. Goodman. Philosophy Dr. Arlene Goter. Fine Arts Don A. Grady Dr. Seena A. Granowsky, Psychology Mrs. Patricia J. Gray, Fine Arts Physical Education Ranald W. Greene. English Stanley Greeson Charles A. Grifiin. Physical Education Mrs. Dot Hamby Kenneth L Harper, Education Mrs. Lo i E Harper Dr. E. Franklin Harris, Physics Dr. Nancy E. Harris, Biology Mrs. Rebecca Harris Mrs. Rosemary HaskeD, English Mis. Kay Hatley Mrs. Priscilla Haworth, English Dr. Richard C Haworth, Malh Nancy Henley Mrs. Jady Henricks, Fine Arts Dr. Thomas S. Heimcks, Sociology Mr. John C. Herold, English Dr. Howaitl R. Higgs, Human Services Kerin B. Holland, Chemistry Mis. Jerri HoDoway Mis. Cheryl T Hoh, Math PanlHolt Stere Holt Dr. Herbert W. HoBse. Biology Mis. Rebecca 0. Hoose, English Hotnsby " Mike " Howdl, Ji, Physical Education Hany L Howren, Business Michael P. Hosdon, Math Ms. Barbara E. Hnffman Mrs. Karen L. Hughes Bobby Humphries, Physical Education Mrs. Mary Ann Inabnit Capt. Charies Jackson, ROTC Mrs. Barbara D. Jacobson, Fine Arts Mrs. Margaret B. Jobe James E Johnson Sgt Leonard Johnson, ROTC William Ray Johnson. Communications Charies Richard Jones, Physical Education P. .Alston Jones Ms. Gretchen Kasting Mrs. Connie L Keller Dr. Kathken A. Kelly Ralph W. Kerns, Fine Arts Ms. Lisa Carol Kimbro Jeff S. Kinard, Fine Arts Robert B. King, Fine Arts Mrs. Pamela M. Kiser, Human Services RooaU A. Kkpcyk Mis. Sssan Klopman Dr. Melinda H. Lamb, English Ms. Jamie D. Lewis, Business Michael Edward Lewis, Fine Arts Dr. John D. Loftin, Religion William G. Long, Social Science Ms. Valerie K. Luko Dr. Ernest J. Lunsford, Spanish Dr. Kathy Lyday-Lee, English Dr. Hekn H. Mackay, English Mrs. Betty J. MafTeo Mis. Betty J. Maness, Education Miss Doris L Maney Mis. Carolyn J. Marion Dr. J, Michael Marr, Business Ms. Vickie S. Martin Mrs. Jackie Matlock Ms. Angela M. May Rei. Richard W. McBride. Chaplain Larry B. McCanky Mis. Mary L McCanley Dr. RoWe W. McOellan, Business Ms. Stephanie J. McOellu Mrs. Sandra McDaraoM Timothy H. McDowell Mrs. Eileen McGrath Mrs. Nadine McChee, Malh C Almon Mclrer Mrs. Kathleen Mcnaniee, Business Barbara Mebane Dr. Nancy Midgette, Social Sciences William F. Migninolo, English Andrew L Minnis John E Mitchell. Business Dr. James A. Moncnre. History Rer. Ried Montgomery, Religion Ms. Patricia S. Moigan, Human Services Voigt E .Morgan, Biology William Morrangstar, Physical Education Mrs. Jane Morton Dr. Richard C Mroz, Cytotechnology James L Murphy, Math Ms. Jacqnelya Marie Myers, Physical Education Eric Nelson, English Mis. Lonise G. Newton W. Robert Nowell, Journalism Ms. Maigie O ' Connell Mis. Carol W. Oakky Dr. Eugene Oliver. Business Mrs. Annette Orbert Mis. Carol S. Pace Dr. James R Pace. Religion E. Thomas Parham. Physical Education Mrs. Debra Parrish Dr. Robert Joseph Peace, Cytotechnology Melrin Perkins, Business Mis. Nan P. Peridns Di. James D. Pickens, Psychology Mis. Susan L Piepke, English Mrs. Barbara Plumbke Mis. Ullian Pollock Dr. Anne Pondei. English Mrs. Sally W. PoweD Mis. Jeannk Proctoi; English R. Lee Proctor Dr. Brank Porfiilt Dr. R. D. Rao, Biolog) ' Dr. Rosalind Reichard, Math Steren C. Reinhartsen Mrs. Lea Faye Rich Dr. William G. Rich, Religion Mrs. Janice Richardson, Math John Richardson Mrs. Kay M. Riddk Ms. Jan Riggs Chester Robinson Dr. Gerardo Rodriguez. Spanish Uoyd L Roulh Mrs. Mary Jane Salter Dr. Allen B. Sanders, Business Dr. Shiriwy Sanders, Math Mis. Susie Sanford Mis. Betsy Savage Mis. Ehune Scariett Malh Ms. Lauren L Schepker Mis. Gay L. Shephoil Rogei S. Sjore, Jr., Math Dr. Martin Shotzbeiger, Economics Dr. Laurence H. Simon, Education Mrs. Judy W. Simpson Mrs. Yiette T Slade Alkn Smith Dr. Martha S. Smith, English Mrs. Joanne Soliday Ms. Dottie S. Souder Mis. Joyce E. Speas, Math Ms. Frances T. Stanky R. Gaines Steei, English J. Scott Stevenson Dr. Durward T. Stokes, History Mrs. Lucik C. Stone Dr. John G. Sulfivan, Philosophy Patrick 0. Sullinn, Fine Arts Mrs. Cynthh Sykes Mrs. Julia H. Tabor Dr. Geoige A. Taylor. Social Sciences Dr. Stephen G. Ten Eyck, Fine Arts Mis. Karen Thompson Mrs. Barbara Thoraton. Cytotechnology Dr. Thomas Tiemann, Economics Mrs. Martha Tingen Dr. Jerry R.. ToUey James T. Toney. Economics Dr. Carol Tioxki, History Dr. George Uoxkr, History Dr. Whitney G. Vanderwerff. English Mrs. Ann J. Vickers Mis. Jane R Vondy W. Darid WaU Dr. Brace N. Waller, Philosophy Mrs. Helen Walton. Math Ms. Sherri Lynn Ward Dr. Fredric f. Watts, History Dr. Linda T. Wearil, Business Mis. Teresa A. Wearil, Business Maj. Kenneth Webber. ROTC Alan Wemberg, Fine Arts Mrs. Jane C. Wellford, Fine Arts i Physical Education Ms. Karen J. Welzaat Dr. Waltei WesUfer, Fine Arts Jonathan M. Whaky Mrs. Patricia Whitaker, Math Dr. Alan J. White, Physical Education Dr. Jack 0. White, Fine Arts Dr. M. Chris While, Religion Craig White, English Mis. Cheryl WhiteseD Mis. Elkn B. Williams, Fine Arts Dr. Jo Watts Williams Ms. Nancy L Williams Dr. Robert Williams, Economia Terry M. Williams G. Dee Willis, Business Kyk D. Wills Ms. HiMa Wibon Ms. Teresa Lym Wilson Dr. William C. Wood, Business Dr. Ann M. Wooten, Education Robert Worthan. Religion Mrs. Janice Wright Dr. J. Fred Voimg. President Mrs. PameU M. Yoong Mis. Maigaret Zang Dr. Rudolf T Zartar, Political Scien ce 112 FACULTY STAFF Dr. M. Christopher White Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs FACULTY STAFF 113 SENIORS CLASS OF 1986 LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL Finally! The time has come to switch tracks, to begin a new journey. The light is yours. It will brighten with yours days as you continue to grow, to build for yourself the opportunity to search for new light ... at the end of, many tunnels. HAVE A SEAT! Caught off-guard in McEwen Library, these two students give new meaning to " group study. " MAN OF THE WORLD? SGA President Shane Jones contemplates a world of possibilities. i Sk 114 SENIORS Debbie Adams, Greensboro, N.C. Blake Adcock, Roxboro, N.C. Jay Allred, Burlington, N.C. John Arnold, Albany, N.Y. Stephanie Aycock, Mebane, N.C. Kevin Barrow, High Point, N.C. Brian Batchelor, Bryans Road, MD. William Batchelor, Rocky Mount, N.C. Jamey Beheller, Roanoke, VA. Donna Benton, Raleigh, N.C. Kim Benton, Raleigh, N.C. Donnie Bickiey, Charlottesville, VA. Teddy Blackwell, Spencer, N.C Sarah Boone, Gates, N.C. Susan Borrelli, Burlington, N.C. Callia Bowling, Danville, VA. Joey Bradshaw, Franklin, VA. Laura Braswell, San Diego, CA. Michael Brodowicz, Waynesboro, VA. Pamela Brown, Bennett, N.C. Geoffrey Browne, Burlington, N.C, Vicki Browning, Chapel Hill, N.C. Lisa Bryan, Garner, N.C, Lisa Burton, Reidsville, N.C. SENIORS 1 1 5 Julia Burchette, Winston-Salem, N.C. Lori Burgart, Eden, N.C, Brandy Burroughs, Chicago, IL. Diane Butts, Greensboro, N.C, Tranny Cacamo, Springfield, VA Brent Cade, Covington, VA Christopher Cahill, Burlington. N.C David Calhoun, Mooresville, N,C Barbie Callahan, Millville, N.J. Peter Carlson, Florham Park, N.J. Mary Carr, Nathalie. VA. Robbie Carver, Roxboro, N.C, Aaron Chatkin, Hagerstown, MD. Steve Chatham, Eden, N,C, Robin Clark, Frederick, MD Patrick Coble, Burlington, N,C. Joseph C. Coco, Bricktown, N,J, William Coffman, Greenville, N.C. Beth Cogan, Montclair, N.J. Tom Cole, Richmond, VA. Dana Collins, Durham, N.C. Carol Como, Alexandria, VA. David Compton, Graham, N.C. Kellee Cone, Orange Park, FL. 116 SENIORS Lisa Conklin, Burlington, N.C. Todd Corbett, Burlington, N.C. Patricia Costis, Norfolk, VA. Bill Courtney, Greensburg, PA. Raymond Covington, Sanford, N C. Steplten Cowherd, Raleigh, N.C. Stewart Cozart, Troy, N.C. John Crawford, Danville, VA. Jeff Daniel, Cherry Hill, N.J. Crush Davis, Rapidan, VA. Qretchen Davis, Charlottesville, VA. Jolin Davis, Suffolk, VA. Jonathan Davis, Elon College, N.C. Karen De Hart, Blue Ridge, VA. Det)orah DeMasters, Virginia Beach, VA. Qwen Dickson, Roanoke, VA, Kevin Dillonn, Vinton, VA, David Donahue, Eastham, tvlA. Don Doster, Dunwoody, VA. Jeffrey Downs, New Providence, N.J. Robert Drakeford, Charlotte, N.C. Deborah Drummond, Potomac, MD. Virginia Dull, Buena Vista, VA. Sonya Dunn, Asheboro, N.C. SENIORS 117 Carl Eaton, Mouth of Wilson, VA. Connie Edmonds, Greensboro, N.C. Michael Edwards, Greensboro, N.C. Thomas Edwards, Hillsborough, N.C. Mary Ellis, Winston-Salem Tamara Epperson, Suffolk, VA. Mancy Evans, Eden, N.C. Tim Farmer, Midlothian, VA, Susan Earrington, Graham, N.C Chris Earrior, Gibsonville, N.C Kenneth Terence, Vienna, VA Micheal Ferguson, Silver City, N.C Mike Fitzgerald, Elon College, N.C. Robin Fitzgerald, Greensboro, N.C. John Floumoy, Richmond, VA. Todd Folgeman, Burlington, N.C. Vickie Freeman, Winston-Salem, N Cindy Frick, Flemington, N.J Marcy Furr, Burlington, N.C William Qalbraith, Greensboro, N.C Jeffery Gentry, Glen Raven, N.C. Pete Gibson, Emporia, VA, Angela Gilliam, Apex, N.C. Troy Givens, Greensboro, N.C. 118 SENIORS Carl Qodsey, Midlothian, VA. Danny Goodman, Snow Hill, MD. Beverly Gordon, Eton College, N.C, Mancy Gorman, Dunwoody, GA. Amy Grace, Chapel Hill, N.C, Thomas Grant, Severn, N.C. Lisa Graves, Mebane, N.C. Jennie Grigg, Bethesda, MD. George Hager Jr., Wilmington, DE. Stanley Haley, Bassett, VA. Wayne Mall, High Point, N.C. William Mall, Pitman, N.J. Craig Mailman, Pottstown, PA. Julie Hanford, Burlington, N.C. Marie Markins, Murray Hill, N.J. Keith Harrelson, Reidsville, N.C. Joel Harrison, Winston-Salem, N.C, Daniel Mart, Salem, VA, Anne Martsoe, Chase City, VA. frederick Heath Jr., Virgina Beach, VA, Kelli Henry, Gibsonville, N.C. Jacki Hess, Moorestown, N.J, Rose Hester, Elizabethtown, N,C. Russel Mines, Danville, VA. SENIORS 119 Roger Hinshaw, Silver City, N.C. Brenda Hodges, Ridgeway, VA. Leon Holloway, Roxboro, N.C. John Horsley, Elon College, N.C. Lisa Hufftnan, Raleigh, N.C Donald Inman, Pinehurst, N.C Ron Jandoli, Bricktown, N.J Douglas Jermyn, Haddonfield, N.J. Christopher Jessee, Lebanon, VAl Ann Jividen, Elon College, N.C. Ben Johnson, Sedley, VA. Karen Johnson, Silver Spring, MD. Marsha Johnson, Siler Cit Richard Johnson, Bethesda ' P Dean Jones, Wellford, S.i Joni Jones, Mebane, N.C. " Susan Jones, Vienna, VA. Marti Kain, Walnut Creek, CA. Kim Keating, Virginia Beach, VA. Jane Kidwell, Roanoke, VA. Jennifer Kilgore, Gwynedd Valley, PA. Robyn Kilgore, Gwynedd Valley, PA. Brian Kivett, Burlington, N.C. Philip Koda, Danen, CT. 120 SENIORS John Krahe, Erie, PA. Jay Kurtz, Columbus, GA. Etlwin Kurtzeborn, Eton College, N.C. Kay Lackey, Burlington, N.C. Mary Lambert, Woodstock, VA. Cheryl Landis, Wilmington, N.C. Lori Lanphear, Chapel Hill, N.C. Meredith Lee, Fuquay-Varina, N.C. Tim Lee, Virginia Beach, VA. Karl Lindquist, Danville, VA. Richie Linens, Burlington, N.C. Maria Lloyd, Waldorf, MD. Anthony Ixing, Summerfield, N.C. Kevin Long, Burlington, N.C. Linda Long, Roxboro, N.C. Marinda Looney, Collinsville, VA. Ixtukia Louka, Virginia Beach, VA, Jonathan Ludolf, Winston-Salem, N.C. James Luke Jr., Waverly, VA. John Lutinski, Stafford, VA. Randall Madge, Bricktown, N.J. Laura Mahaffey, Falls Church, VA. Tim Malone, Glen Ridge, N.J, Robert Manners, Springfield, VA. SENIORS 121 Betsy Markley, Staunton, VA. Phillip Markley, Roanoke, VA Kenneth Markosky, Weston, CT John McFadyen, Fayetteville, N.C. Janie McMill en, Newport News, VA. Marcell Miller, Brooklyn, NY. Joan Moncure, Richmond, VA. Paul Moriarty, Naples, FL Susan Morton, Neptune, N.J. James Murphy, Garden City, N.Y. nancy Murphy, Silver Spring, MD. Leslie Magel, Greensboro, N.C. Mark O ' Brien, Fairfax, VA. Hank O ' Donnell, Rockville, MD. Soctt Oliver, Rock Hill, S.C. Christopher Olsen, Jamestown, NY. Lisa Otey, Roanoke, VA Karen Pace, Jacksonville, FL William Parker, Durham, N.C Charles Parks Jr., Burlington, N.C Greg Partin, Rougemont, N.C Timothy Patton, Sinking Spring, PA William Peach, Newport News, VA Jay Perdue, Chester, VA 122 SENIORS Robin Perreault, Fredericksburg, VA. Margaret Peterson, Northport, N.Y. Thomas Phillips, Quanfico, MD, Brenda Pickett, Eton College, N.C. Rosemary Porter, Burlington, N.C. Tammy Pugh, Roanoke, VA. Paul Purdy, Elon College, N.C, Rita M. Randall, Newport News, VA. Dana Reams, Clarksville, VA. Wayne Realini, Salisbury, MD. Robert Rhoades, Winston-Salem, N.C. Mark Rice, Vero Beach, FL. David Rich, Burlington, N.C. Paul Riley, Midlothian, VA. Zoe Rizos, High Point, N.C. Charles Roberson Jr., Burlington, N.C. Shelby Roberts, Eden, NC Robert Robinson, Charlotte, N C Bruce Robson, Roanoke, VA. Robert Sari, Bgrrington. N.J. Edward Satterfield, South Boston, VA. Jim Saunders, Emporia, VA, Katheryn Sears, Siler City, N.C. Kim Self, Roanoke, VA. SENIORS 123 Regena Shires, Midlothian, VA. Susan Shirlaw, Charleston, W.V. Will Shirley, Gainesville, VA. Kathie Shober, Roanoke, VA. John Short, Emporia, Maarten Sluyter, Burlington, N.Cl Jeffrey Lamar Smith, Winston-Salem, N.C Nicheal J. Snyder, Virginia Beach, VA Jim Southern, Winston-Salem? Stephen Splan, Richmond, VA Sherrie St. Clair, Vinton, VA Anetta Stadler, Seaboard, N.C Michael Stanley, Chesterfield, MD Michael Storck, Oakton, VA Jay Straughan, Callao, VA JoAnna Sutton, Wallace, N G Chris Sweeney, Kingsville, MD, Susan Tabor, Bluefield, W Dwayne Tate, Fredericksburg, VA; Greg Tatum, Belews Creek, N Bertha Thomas, Roxboro, N.C Darrell Thomas, Burlington, N.C Jodi Thomas, Burlington, N.C rinley Thompson, Snow Camp, N.C 124 SENIORS Waverly Thompson, Burlington, N.C. Ellen Tomlinson, Burlington, N.C. Patricia Trapp, Springfield, VA. Johnny Travis, Walnut Cove, N.C. Alethea Turner, Stuart, VA. Cameron Vest, Salem, VA. Christie Vlahos, Winston-Salem, Brondwyn Walker, Penhook, VA. N.C. ohn Walker, Alexandria, VA. Lee Wallace, Lexington, N.C. Fran Waters, Kittrell, N.C. Wendy Watson, Roxboro, N.C. David White, Efland, N.C, Dean White, Parsonsburg, MD. Patricia White, Midlothian, VA. Lisa Whitehead, Burlington, N.C. Cheryl Whitesell, Burlington, N.C. Mark Willett, Asheboro, N.C. Mary Kathy Williams, Burlington, N.C. Wade Williams, Wilson, N.C. Sylvia Williamson, Elon College, N.C. James Willis, Rictimond, VA. Suzanne Wilson, Indian Trail, N.C. Linda Winslow, Suffolk, VA. SENIORS 125 Maurice Withers, Pine Hall, N.C Gregory Woodle, Richmond, VA Cecil Worsley, III, Myrtle Beach, S.C Donald Worsley, Elizabeth, N.C Rene6 Yates, Mebane, N.C Delisa Young, Springfield, VA Elizabeth Younger, Gibsonville, N.C NO MORE TANGLES? WSOE technician looks exasperated as he confronts a maze of cables. 126 SENIORS JUNIORS THE BEGINNING OF THE END The end ... it merely constitutes the means. The means . . . Elon College, and from here, you begin. Time to tie up loose ends and start packing. The path you have chosen awaits. " I ' LL BET YOU SAY THAT TO ALL THE GIRLS!! " It ' s not very likely thai this coed will he taken for a ride — especially since the car in question is hers! " WHY IME? " This professor is the picture of exasperation as he confronts a class that clearly has other things on its mind. WHAT ' S NEWS? Keeping up with who did what to whom is easy with a weekly persual of the PENDULUM. JUNIORS 127 David Adcock, Fuquay-Varina, N ' C. Skip Allen, Roanoke, VA. Babette Almquist, Barrington, R.I. Cathy Amato, Oxford, N.C. Morman Amett, Springfield, VA. Eric Arvidson, Elon College, N C. Hugh Avery, Jr., Marion, N.C. Rexanne Ayers, Marion, N.C. Jeff Ayersman, Roanoke, VA. Susan Ballance, Franklin, VA. Alonzo M. Barnes, HI, Burlington, N.C. Robert Barnes, Farmville, N.C. Rhonda Baynes, Burlington, N.C. Lisa Berrier, Lexington, N.C. Ralph Boscia, Burlington, N.C. Gerald Boyd, Lillington, N.C. Brian Branson, Graham, N.C Robet B. Brettler, Burlington, N.C Gretchen Brodowicz, Waynesboro, VA Randy Brooks, Vienna, VA Theresa Brosnan, Rockville, MD Kara Brothers, Burlington, N.C Julie Brown, Asheboro, N.C Janis Brumit, Dunwoody, VA 128 JUNIORS L ' Tanya Burch, Winston-Salem, N.C. Karen Burke, Roxboro, N.C. Beth Burroughs, Brookside, N.J. Kim Bush, Graham, N.C. Scott Bushman, Fredericksburg, VA. Anita Butler, Burlington, N.C, Mike Chilton, Fredericksburg, VA. Susan Grace, Chesapeake, VA. Elizabeth Cretel, Butler, N.J. Chad Cromer, Liberty, N.C. Amanda Crotts, Lexington, N.C. Lisa Crowder, Charlottesville, VA. Susan Culverhouse, Greensboro, N.C. Matthew Czagas, Burlington, N.C. Edward Davidson, Maplewood, N.J. Wendy Davis, Hampton, VA, Andy Dempsey, Franklin, VA. David Dodson, Danville, VA. Keith Du Bois, Virginia Beach, VA. Kathy Dudley, C harlottesville, VA. Katy Elderidge, Alexandria, VA. Wray Eldridge, Glenallen, VA. Lisa Elliott, Clarksville, VA. Beth Ellis, Woodstock, VA, JUNIORS 129 Lisa Emerson, Siler City, N.C. Janet Cure, Franklin, VA. Rodney Evans, Burlington, N.C. Russell Evans, Society Hill, S.C. Yvonne Evans, Mebane, N.C. Michael Eaircloth, Lexington, N.C. Darius Fearrington, Mebane, N.C. Amy Ferguson, Reidsville, N.C. Missy Flora, Whitsett, N.C. Chris Ford, Wilmington, DE. Michael Garcia, Rockville, MC. Curtis Garvey, Baltimore, MD. Teresa Gauldin, Warfield, VA. Dave Genshaw, Seaford, DE. Lisa Gentry, Burlington, N.C. Jane Gill, Charlotte, N.C. 31 Robin Gobble, Lexington, N.C. Jill Goodman, Rockingtiam, N.C. Junie Qoodwyn, Disputanta, VA. Gayle Grasich, Richmond, VA. John Graves, Prince George, VA. Mary Margaret Haddock, New Bern, N.C. Lonnie Hamilton, Volant, PA Eric Hammond, York, S.C. 130 JUNIORS Elizabeth Hanson, McLean, VA. Mancy Harper, Atlanta, GA. Christy Harrup, Emporia, VA. Fierce Haverfield, Monroe, N,C. Jeannine Hayden, Brookside, N,J. Steve Hess, Gallon, OH. R. Byron Hicks, Jr., Winston-Salem, N.G. Terry Hill, Camden, N.C. Kim Hindman, Burlington, N.C. Sondra Hinte, Bluefield, W.V. Bobby Hoffman, Asheboro, N.C. John Holland, Jr., Richmond, VA. Lisa Holland, Suffolk, VA. Randall Holley, Henry, VA. Jeff Hooks, Lake Wylie. S.C. Scott Howard, Elon College, N.C. Amy Howell, Suffolk, VA, Brett Howie, West River, MD. Philip Jordan, Washington, D.C. Julie Karnes, Elon College, N,C. Joycelyn Keels, Marshville, N.C. Linda Kennedy, Rocky River, OH. Allison Ketner, North Augusta, S.C. Pete Koort, Houston, TX. JUNIORS 131 Sandra Lang, East Islip Tammy Lankford, Burlington, N.C Charlene Layne, Bumpass, VA Mary Leahy, Burlington, N.C James Leary, Elliott City, MD Christine Lee, Littleton, N.C Mark Lee, Rocky Mount, N.C Joel Leonard, Lexington, N.C Allen Lloyd, Waldorf, MD. Monica Logan, Halifax, VA. Paul Long, Roxboro, N.C. Mary Lynch, Winston-Salem, N.C. Jim Mackintosh, Adamstown, MD. Belinda Mann, Burlington, N.C. Jennifer Marchese, Gaithersburg, MD. Reggie Marsh, Roanoke, VA. Man Mayo, Beachwood, OH. Nancy Medley, Durham, N.C. Andrew Meeks, Stoneville, N.C. Stephen Menck, Winston-Salem, N.C. Sandy Mershon, Williamsburg, VA. B Mark Mills, Greensboro, N.C. Ronald Minter, II, Asheboro, N.C. Scott Moncure, Richmond, VA. 132 JUNIORS William Monroe, Roanoke, VA. Raye Moore, Franklin, VA. Allen Momingstar, Gastonia, N.C. Meal Morris, Denton, N.C. Crystal Morrison, Statesville, N.C. Susan Myatt, Graham, N.C. Sharon Mall, Bear Creek, N.C. Todd Massief, Astabula, OH. Stephen Melson, Springfield, VA. Eric Morth, Vienna, VA. Michele O ' Donnell, Columbia, MD. Janice Orlando, Brick, N.J. Andrea Orr, Raleigh, N.C. Jennifer Owens, Newport News, VA. Linda Patterson, Burlington, N.C. Steven Perry, Woolwine, VA. Penny Pickering, Vienna, VA. Donna Pitts, Winston-Salem, N.C. Faith Pitts, Winston-Salem, N.C, Ronald M. Pollock, Cinnaminson, N.J. William Poston, Richmond, VA. De Ette Poulin, Burlington, N.C. Katherine Pritts, Westminster, MD. John PuUen, Winston-Salem, N.C. JUNIORS 133 Kim Punches, Vero Beach, FL. Jack Quarterman, Virginia, VA. Alycia Quick, Waynesboro, VA. Kimberly Ray, Greensboro, N.C. Curtis Rickard, Thomasville, N.C William Riggs, Baltimore, MD Sally Roberson, Midlothian, VA. Barbara Roberts, Winston-Salem, N.C. Steven Rock, Hollywood, FL. John Royals, Afton, VA. James Ryan, Virginia Beach, VA. Ted Salyer, Afton, VA. Delana Secrist, Shenandoah, Lisa Shadyac, Vienna, VA ' James Shepard, Manassas, VA. Deedee Shugart, Lewisville, N.C. Lydia Shull, Elon College, N.C Tom Smiddy, Richmond, VA. Greg Smith, Richmond, VA. Jill Smith, Charlotte, N.C. Sheri SochureK, Mantua, N.J. Joanne Speers, West Chester, PA. Stacey Stover, King, N.C. Lee Ann Strittmatter, Willow Grove, PA. 134 JUNIORS John r. Sulliva, Greenville. S.C. Bart ara Taylor, Sanford, N.C. Tamra Terrell, Eton College, N.C. Treva Terrell, Burlington, N.C. Cindia Thomas, Newell, N.C. Tom Thomas, Roanoke, VA. Joe Thompson, Myrtle Beach, S.C, Margaret Tilley, Lawsonville, N.C. Wendy Tilley, Durham, N.C. Gilbert B. Timberlake, Hi, George, N.C. John Tobias, Cinnaminson, N.J. Gregory Tripp, Richmond, VA. Taylor Trogdon, Asheboro, N.C, Valeria Tuck, Burlington, N.C. Robert Tucker, Winston-Salem, N.C, Susan Kay Vaughan, Clarksville, VA. Ron Vesseliza, Virginia Beach, VA. Mariah X. Vignali, New Providence, N.J. Laura Vincentini, Point Pleasant, N.J, Ray Walden, Fairfax, VA. Denlse Walker, Danville, VA. Cindy Wall, Reidsvilte, N.C. Stephen Ward, Huntington, W.V. Trade Warren, Jacksonville, N.C. 135 JUNIORS Trade Weary, Clarksville, VA. Carol Weisband, McLean, VA. Jay White, Hampton, VA. Thomas Willard, Marion, VA. Doreen Williams, High Point Paul Williams, Elon College, N.C. Sandra Williis, Bluefield, W.V Gretchen Wolf, Norfolk, VA. Scott Wood, Elon College, N.C Allison Woodcock, Wilmington, N.C Mary C. Woodson, Greenwood, VA Joe Wrenn, Burlington, N.C Julie Wynn, Mebane, N.C Susan Yarborough, Milton, N.C Kelly York, Stanley, N.C Kevin Zeller, Cherry Hill, N.J 136 JUNIORS -SO THEN WHAT DID HE SAY? " Most of us found more than the food to discttss in McEwen Dining Hall. SOPHOMORES nil GOING MY WAY? How he stays up there is one thing. How he gets up there is another One thing ' s for certain — he doesn ' t have to worry about hitchikers. " SINGLE WHITE FEMALE LONGS TO MEET ... " Lots of students agree that the one thing the PENDULUM lacks is a respectable personals column. MAKING WAVES Making a difference ... a contribution. Life goes on beyond the classroom. Learning continues. It ' s a year to find your niche, to enjoy new experiences. Take the chance . . . while you have it. " DO YOU THINK WE ' LL EVER GET THE HANG OF THIS?- Studying with a friend is still the best way to get over the rough spots. Too bad we can ' I work on lest papers together SOPHOMORES 137 Colette Anthony, Durham, N.C. Mauricio Arraya, La Paz, Bolivia Regina Averette, Chase City, VA. Meredith Bachman, Reston, VA Roy Badgley, Virginia Beach, VA Barton Baisley, Lexington, VA Laura Beckett, Wilmington, DE Diana Belcher, Richlands, VA Sto Belongia, West Point, VA Shannon Bentley, High Point, N.C Ken Billings, East Brunswick, N.J Johnathon Blake, Elon College, N.C Scott Blankenship, Virginia Beach, VA Rachel Bohrer, Greensboro, N.C Mark Bond, Riesterstown, MD Leah Bowen, Cape Charles, VA John Boyle, Modlothian, VA John Bradsher, Hillsborough, N.C Debra Briggs, Walnut Cove, N.C Keith Brotzman, Franklin, VA Bob Brown, Gibbstown, N.J Bobby Brown, Greensboro, N.C Cathy Brown, New Bern, N.C Tracy Bryan, Winston-Salem, N.C 138 SOPHOMORES Mark Bumgarner, McLean, VA. Jill Burgess, Albemarle, N.C, David Burton, Richmond, VA. Dana Campagna, Longmeadow, MA, Valerie Carter, Sebring, FL, Karrie Cash, Churchvilie, VA, Pam Cason, Raleigh, N.C. Geoflfirey Cass, Greensboro, N.C. tiathy Chatham, Axton, VA. Skipper Clark, West Columbia, S.C. Annette Cobbs, Eden, N.C. Lisa Coltrane, Brown Summit, N.C, K-dee Conner, Raleigh, N.C. Randy Cooper, Pittsboro, N.C, Barbara Cosby, Richmond, VA. Rebecca Crewe, Charlottesville, Va. John Crowell, Oakton, VA. Darren Cubell, Elon College, N.C. Martin Currin, Winston-Salem, N.C. Alice Daffron, Richmond, VA. Karen Dalrymple, Virginia Beach, Sandra Darroch, Graham, N.C. Walker Davidson, Hickory, N.C. Leela Dawson, Forest, VA, VA. SOPHOMORES 139 Chris De Biasi, Richmond, VA Elizabeth Deven, Fulton, MD Tony De Pietro, Rocky River, OH Kerry Doyle, Baltimore, MD Ken Drumheller, Richmond, VA Wes Durham, Chapel Hill, N.C Pam Eaton, Winston-Salem, N.C Michelle Eckler, Springfield, V; Jim Edwards, Statesville, N.C James Eggleston, Ridgeway, VA Amy Evans, Eden, N.C Patricia Everett, Burlington, N.C Mary Taylor Everette, Winston-Salem, N.C. Larry Fare, Springfield, VA Sarah Forbes, Greensboro, N.C Clay Forsberg, Norfolk, VA. Jon Foster, Eden, N.C Jackie Frakcs, Crofton, MD. David Gaffney, Alexandria, VA|fl Cathryn Gass, Ellington, CT AnnMarie Qiovlne, Brick, N.J. Jeff Girton, Fredericksburg, VA. Laura Glass, Lynchburg, VA Beth Godsey, Midlothian, VA. 140 SOPHOMORES Barbra Gordon, Middletown, N.J, Sherri Qothorp, Burlington, N.C. Julieanne Graham, Virginia Beach, VA. Klmberly Graves, Denvilie, N.J. Amy Graybill, Roanoke, VA. Robert Greaves, Prince George, VA. John Grimes, Newton, N.C. Amy Qriswold, Vernon, Ct. lynne Qudinas, Annandale, VA. Sharon Guiliiams, Rocky Mount, VA. Keith Hall, Elon College, N.C. Kirk Hamilton, Ctiarlotte, N.C. Linda Hamilton, Urbanna, VA. Naomi Hanna, Charlottesville, VA. Thomas Hardie, Jr., Martinsville, VA. Adrienne Harris, Durham, N.C. Jane Harris, Roxboro, N.C. Lisa Harris, Rocky Mount, VA. John Harry, Suffolk, VA, Todd Hart, Pittsburgh, PA. Joan Hawkins, Glen Allen, VA, Reginald Hayden, King George, VA, Dorothy Hayes, Henderson, N.C. Julie Healander, Rockville, MD. SOPHOMORES 141 Peter Henderson, New Windsor Donny Henley, Collinsville, VA. Melissa Herget, Lutherville, MD. Stuart Hester, Waxhaw, N.C, Greg Hill, Wilson, Tony Hinshaw, Burlington, N.C. Mike Hobson, Raleigh, N.C. Chyrl Holley, Henry, VA. Melinda Howard, Petersburg, VA. Matthew Howell, Jr., Portsmouth, VA. Shawn Hughes, Durham, N.C. Christopher Ingold, Point Pleasant Beach, N.J. Todd Ingold, Greensboro, N.C. Elaine James, Mebane, N.C. Marleen Jansen, The Netherlands Paul Johnson, Advance, N. C. Elizabeth Jonas, Charlotte, N.C. Jill Joplin, Norfolk, VA. Charles Kashner, Camden, DE. Blake Kennedy, St. Petersburg, FL. Teri Kent, Sterling, VA. Paige King, Winston-Salem. N.C. Rita Kountis, Durham, N.C. Rot ert Landrum, Wilmington, DE. 142 SOPHOMORES Brett Lee, Fuquay-Varina, N.C. Allen Lindow, Ft. Lauderdale, PL. Jocelyn Linke, Bethesda, MD. Kim Lloyd, Earieville, MD. William Gerard Luck, Chase City, VA, Lee Mann, Lenoir, N.C. Jackie Manning, Boca Raton, PL. Todd Martin, Raleigh, N.C. Linda Mamey, Asheboro, N.C. Tom Mayes, Chesapeake, VA. Junie Mayhan, Martinsville, VA. Chris McCullough, Potomac, MD. Heather McCumber, Jackson, N.J. Sharon Mclntyre, Asheboro, N.C. Tim Meares, Tabor City, N.C. rtancie Melville, Cincinnati, OH. Tony Menio, Pt. Pleasant Beach, N.J. Mark Michael, Goidvein, VA. Lisa Milanak, Pittsburgh, PA. Dwayne Mirelli, Medford, N.Y. Laurie Monro, Bethesda, MD Rebecca Moore, Winston-Salenn, N.C. Ken Morrison, Reidsville, N.C. Christine Murphy, Garden City, N.Y. SOPHOMORES 143 L. Suzanne nelson, Boydton, VA. Melinda Nelson, Asheboro, N.C. Monica Newamn, Elon College, N.C. Suzanne Mewton, Rocky Mount, N.C. David Oliver, Rock Hill, S.C Kathryn Onno, Harvard, MA Robert Overton, Creedmoor, N.C William Paige, Reston, VA Elizabeth Pait, Atlanta, GA Beth Parker, Advance, N.C Katherine Parks, Carthage, N.C Vickl Paschal, Reidsville, N.C Douglas Payne, Roanoke, VA Jimmy Perdue, Lynchburg, VA Mary Perez, Marlon, N.C Patricia Peroulas, Roanoke, VA Beth Peters, High Point, N.C Betsy Phillips, Burlington, N.C Leigh Plummer, Atlanta, GA Margaret Powell, OIney, MD John Purdie, Statesville, N.C! Gordon Rankin, Rio Rancho, N.M Sara Riley, Williamsburg, VA Tommy Rogers, Rome, GA l li V 144 SOPHOMORES George Rose, Rocky Mount, N.C. Tina Rosencrans, Graham, N.C. Mfke Rowlands, Leesburg, VA. Susan Ryan, Joppatowne, MD. Robert Saye, Matthews, N.C. Tim Scales, Roanoke, VA. Kathy Schmidt, Westminster, S.C. Diane Schronce, Graham, N.C. HliK Ciau aiidio Serrapiglio, Venezuela Randy Sharrow, Eden, N.C. Susan Shearin, Richmond, VA. Beth Shockley, Snow Hill, MD. Beth Shorthouse, Atlanta, GA. Mark Shriver, Fairfax Station, VA. Ashley Simmons, Martinsville, VA. Jeffrey Slade, Conway, N.C, Keith Slusher, Liberty, N.C. Chris Small, Burlington, N.C. Christine Smith, Bermuda Darrin Smith, Gary, N.C. Jane Smith, Burlington, N.C. Samuel Smith, Baltimore, MD. Scott Smith, Roswell, GA. Tim Smith, North Springfield, VA. SOPHOMORES 1 45 J. Darrell Snead, Bassett, VA. Luanne Snider, Linwood, N.C, Rusty Sparhawk, Chester, MD, Michelle A. Stack, Medina, NY. Rimberly Stanley, Roanoke, VA. Kelly Steiner, Peoria, IL. Grant Strassner, Ellicott City, MD. Ed Strogher, Springfield, VA. Dwayne Sullivan, Hart woo Fat Sumeral, Gaffney Lu Ann Tatum, Asheboro, NO. Tommy Allen Taylor, Kannapolis, N.C. Micheal Textor, Wall Township Melinda Thaxton, Burlington, N.C Lisa Thompson, Wilson, N.C John Timberman, Elmer, N J Carrie Town, Charlotte, N.C Michelle Treece, Raleigh, N.C Viki Trimakas, Charlotte, N.C Dale Tuck, Danville, VA Faith Uhar, Cheverly, MD. Lis Vassos, Newport News, VA Susan L. Vaughan, Salem, Va Elise Vincentini, Point Pleasant, N.J 146 SOPHOMORES Gordon Walker, Charlotte, N.C. Pamela Walser, Bethesda, MD. Susie Wampler, Champaign, IL. Carol Washburn, Ellenboro, N.C. ' Weinback, Bensalem, PA. Patricia West, Potmac, MD. Jimmy Whitesell, Burlington, N.C. Cornelius Wilkins, Jr„ Tryon, N C Pam Wilkins, Beulaville, N.C. Timothy Pi. Wilkins, Stem, N C. Keith Willett, Pittsboro, N.C. Elizabeth Williams, Burlington, N.C. Milton Williams, Henderson, N.C. Kelley Williamson, Richmond, VA. Chad Wines, Front Royal, VA. Bob Worrell, Vincentown, N.J. Mary Wrenn, Burlington, N.C, Lisa Wright, Burlington, N.C. Bobby Yarborough, Lexington, Mark Young, Reidsville, N.C, N.C. SOPHOMORES 147 FRESHMEN " GENERAL REQUIREMENTS " That you learn to live with a roommate, even if she does sleep with the light on. That you take Religion 101, even if you are a business major. And you set the pace. It ' s your path to follow. You can only look ahead — the future is yours. -so, JOEL . . . YOUR PARENTS ARE GOING OUT OF TOWN ...» Sobody ever said that gelling through four vears of college would ' be anything other than RISKY BUSINESS. CON MUCHO GUSTO Getting a headstart on foreign language in the freshman year? Mas vale tarde que nunca. DIVISION OF LABOR " Okay — one of us makes the presentation and the other three try to took interested. " 148 FRESHMEN David Adams, Boiling Springs, PA. Octavio Augilera, Naucalpan, Mexico Tonya Aleman, Raleigh, N.C. Margaret Allen, Petersburg, VA. Carolyn Amesse, Springfield, VA. Larry Amnions, Danville, VA. Kelly Amos, Greensboro, N.C, Luke Anderson, Fayetteville, N.C, Robin Anderson, Richmond, VA, Steve Ausherman, Chapel Hill, N.C. Alan Bailey, Burlington, N.C. Will Bain, Saudi Arabia Thomas Balkus, Mount Laurel, N.J. Jonathan Bandell, Baltimore, iMD. John Bandow, Reston, VA. Carole Ann Bamett, Pinebrook, N.J. nna Bameycastle, Winston-Salem, N.C Carrie Barringer, Blowing Rock, N.C. Delores Barringer, Burlington, N.C. Kevin Barton, Franklin, VA. Kimljerly Batchellor, Fairfax, VA. Jonathin Bearfield, Rockingham, N.C. Paula Beaver, Salisbury, N.C. Leslie Bell, Mi lton, FL. FRESHMEN 149 Stephanie Bell, Thomasville, N.C Thomas Bell, Rockville, MD Debbie Benson, Haddonfield, N.J Leslie Berliani, Ruxton, MD Scott Berry, Woodbridge, VA Everett Blake, Wilson, N.C Marlee Blascak, Ft Monroe, VA Randy Bloomingburg, Alexandria, VA Kevin Blythe, Winston-Salem, N.C. Rob Boiling, Roanoke, VA. Pete Braatz, Southbury, Ct. Wanda Bradshaw, Wakefield, VA. Stephanie Brannan, West Chester. PA Bruce Breeger, Newport News, VA Maurice Bremekamp, Middletown, N.J nichole Bridges, Winston-Salem, N.C Steve Broman, Fairfax, VA Amy Brown, Roanoke, VA Eric Brown, Virginia Beach, VA Karen Brown, Bethesda, MD Kim Brown, Virginia Beach, VA. Jeff Browne, Oakton, VA. Christine Brunini, Bayport, N.Y. Priscilla Buff, Drexel, N.C. 150 FRESHMEN Russell Bull, Parksley, VA. riorman Bunting, Berlin, MD. Suzanne Burkhardt, Danville, VA. Wvian Bush, Bridgeton, N.J. Kristen Cameron, Great Falls, VA. Walter Cameron, Ocean, N.J. Lisa Camp, Elon College, N.C. Chuck Campbell, North Wilkesboro, N.C, Cameron Carter, Gastonia, N.C. Dean Carter, Martinsville, VA, Jeffrey Carter, Suffolk, VA. Susan E. Gates, Durham, N.C. Stefanie Causey, Burke, VA. Donald Cayton, Smithfield, N.C. Allen Chambers, Lynchburg, VA. Jean Chauss6, Elliott City, MD, Tony Chavis, Greensboro, N.C. Mary Childress, Culpeper, VA. Drew Christian, Salisbury, MD. Rodney Clapp, Hillsborough, N.C. Allison Clayborne, Falls Church, VA. Christopher Cleffi, Randolph, N.J. Edward Coates, Smithfield, N.C. Genie Coble, Wilson, N.C. FRESHMEN 151 Cassey Cole, Timonium, MD. Wendy Cole, Chapel Hill, N.C. Mark Compton, Princeton, W.V. Carter Conley, Virginia Beach, VA. Hope Conner, Chantilly, VA. Dallas Corey, Newport News, VA. Deborah Coulbourn, Richmond, VA. Grant Cowell, Medford, N.J, Martha Cowherd, Raleigh David Cox, Graham, N.C. Edward Cozart, Abington, VA. Tom Cozart, Raleigh, N.C. Scott Craig, Virginia Beach, VA. Mark Crater, Winston-Salem, N.C. Sharon Cronin, Highland Beach, FL. David Grouse, Taneytown, MD Heather Cunningham, Silver Spring, MD «eil Currin, Raleigh, N.C. Jennifer Davis, Eureka, N.C. Ted Davis, Mooresville, N.C. Lisa De Stefano, Reidsvllle, N.C Lori Deese, Martinsville, VA Mike Dew, Advance, N.C Renee Dignard, Wall, N.J 152 FRESHMEN M f V A Elizabeth Dixon, Raleigh, N.C. Mancy Dobson, Durham, N.C. Sharon Doerrmann, Gibbstown, N.J. David Dogan, Lynchburg, VA. Kelly Dolan, Wall, N.J. Angela Doss, Burlington, N.C. Michelle Doss, Burlington, N.C. Carol Dove, Burlington, N.C. Jennifer Downs, Dover, DE. John Downs, Dover, DE, John Dray, Springfield, VA. Mike Driskill, Virginia Beach, VA. Tracy Drum, Statesville, N.C. Doug Dula, Greensboro, N.C. John Duncan, Graham, N.C. Amy Dunham, Syosset, N.Y. Robert Durkin, Dallas, PA. Darrin Eaton, Vienna, VA. Chris Edmonds, Portsmouth, VA. William Edwards, Laurinburg, N.C. Joshua Ehelers, Fernandina Beach, PL. Dave Emery, W ilson, N.C. Michelle Engle, White Plains, MD. Jimmy Eppard, Silver Spring, MD. FRESHMEN 153 Christi Essick, Lexington, N.C Laconial Esters, Saint Pauls, N.C Herb Evans, Kinston, N.C Steve Evans, Reidsville, N.C John Everett, Bernardsville, N.C Wendy Everleigh, Newport News, VA Michele Ewell, Georgetown, DE Anthony Fairchild, Taylorsville, N.C Trisha Fentress, Virginia Beach, VA Warren Field, Massey, MD Melanie Fleming, Mount Jackson, VA John Floyd, Rocky Mount, N.C Michael Foltz, Shenandoaii, VA Christopher Forshier, Burke, VA Beth Foster, Burke, VA Denise Francis, Richmond, VA Jon Fredrick, Woodbury Heights, N.J Linda Frick, Germantown, MD Lori Frick, Germantown, MD Rodney Furbey, Morristown, N.J Kent Gaines, Alexandria, VA Dwight Galbraith, Mechanicsville, VA Roberto Garcia, Vienna, VA Richard Garrett, Wilmington, DE 154 FRESHMEN Jimmy Qarrity, Gary, N C. Adron Gentry, Burlington, N.C. Glenn Qess, Somerdale, N.J. Sally Giguere, Bryans Road, MD. Betse Goggin, Stone Mountain, GA. Andrew Gordon, Alexandria, VA. Brooks Qravitt, Chapel Hill, N.C. Trlsh Gravlin, Springfield, VA. Robin Griffin, Forest Hill, MD. David Grimmer, Wallace, N.C. Christopher Guin, Fayetteville, N.C. Scott Qunter, Lynchburg, VA. Stephen Gutman, Greensboro, N.C. Kelly Hagins, Rocky Mount, N.C, Tim Haire, Wyckoff, N.J. Mae Haith, Elon College, N.C. Andrea Hanford, Elon College, N.C. Wendy Manford, Graham, N.C Elizabeth Hannan, Bethesda, MD. Wendi Harrell, Emporia, VA. Thomas Harris, Wendell, N.C. Larry Hartsoe, Chase City, VA, Alec Hartz, Richmond, VA. Suzette Hatcher, Roxboro, N.C. FRESHMEN 155 Lisa Haug, Annandale, VA. Carole Haught Earlysville, VA. Mark Mayden, Potomac, MD. Kelly Mayes, Woodridge, VA. Kimberly Headen, Pittsboro, N.C David Heath, Virginia Beach, VA Kenneth Helms, Frederick, MD Todd Helms, Marshville, N.C Zane Hembree, Greensboro, N.C Thomas Heydon, Alexandria, VA David Hibbard, Richmond, VA Susan Hinckley, Sandy Hook, Ct Donna Hinton, Burlington, N.C Denise Hizaroglu, Burlington, N.C Heather Hoffman, Vienna, VA Scotti Holland, Spotsylvania, VA Anna Houston, Hickory, N.C Barbara Howell, Suffolk, VA Cindy Huber, Silver Spring, MD Susan Hut er, Baldwin, MD Cathy Hughes, Burlington, N.C Todd Hughes, Asheboro, N.C Lauren Humphrey, Raleigh, N.C Mark Huntanar, Fayetteville, N.C 156 FRESHMEN Allison Hunter, Winston-Salem, N.C. Richard Hunter Jr., Burlington, N.C. Nicol Husemeier, Kernersville, N.C. Tim Imay, Vienna, VA. George Isley, Burlington, N.C. Scotty Isley, Gibsonville, N.C. Donald Jacobs, Arlington, VA. Maryellen Janosko, Roanoke, VA. Christy Johnson, High Point, N.C. Cliff Johnson, Greensboro, N.C. Kelli Johnson, Wilmington, N.C. Lori Johnson, Tar Heel, N.C. Fatti S. Johnson, Alexandria, VA. Patricia Johnson, Sparta, N.J. Robin Johnson, Roxboro, N.C. Todd Johnson, Matthews, N.C. Criag Jones, High Point, N.C, Katherine Jones, Germantown, MD. Renee Jones, Charleston, S.C. Maurine Justad, Antioch, IL. Karen Kates, Blackburg, VA. Maria Kealey, Ellicott City, MD. Cathy Keefe, Falls Church, VA. Phil Keelty, Lutherville, MD. FRESHMEN 157 Jeff Keller, Rockville, MD. Greg Kennedy, Wilson, N.C. David King, Seagrove, N.C. Karen Knox, Alexandria, VA. Jim Kozuch, Bethesda, MD. Narmie Krauss, Matthews, N.C. Lisa Kula, Kernersville, N.C. MarK LaMaskin, Richmond, VA. Patricia Lamb, Dover, DE. Karen Lange, Saint Louis, MD. Lynn Langpaul, Great Falls, VA. Michael Lanning, Shaw Air Force Base, S Edward i eahy, Sykesvilli Jeff Lennert, Midlothian, VA, Jeff Leonard, Greensboro, N.C. Peter Lcsiewicz, Coram, N.Y. Douglas Lewis, Washington, D.C. Nina Lindley, Siler City, N.C. Katliryn Linger, Aberdeen. N.C. Jeff Link, Asheboro, N.C. Mary L oving, Covington, VA. Shelley Luck, Chase City, VA. Rob I le, Williamsport, PA. Qretchen Maass, Orange, CT. 158 FRESHMEN Sir Walter Mack, Winston-Salem, N.C, Mark Malikowskl, Greensboro, N.C, Monica Mancuso, Greensboro, N.C. Larry Manuel, Graham, N.C. Maria Martin, Westfield, N.C. Blair May, Raleigh, N.C. Curtis May, Frederick, MD. David Mayer, Columbia, MD. L€S Mayhew, Danville, VA. Ann McCarty, Herndon, VA. Kris McCoy, Chesapeake, VA. Mickey McDade, Woodbridge, VA. Katherine McParlane, Ponte Vedra Boh., FL. Cassie Mclnemey, Ridgeway, VA. Lori McManus, Woodbridge, VA. Herbert McNeal, Eden, N.C. Kathy Meadows, Danville, VA. Leatha Meadows, Greensboro, N.C, Victor Medlin, Smithfield, N.C. Kirsten Miercort, Falls Church, VA. Carol Mills, Allentown, PA. Melanie Minton, Chapel Hill, N.C. Dolores Mitchell, Baltimore, MD. Alice Moore, Takoma Park, MD. FRESHMEN 159 Daryl Moore, Madison, N.C Denise Moore, Silver Spring. MD Scott Morel, Queenstown, MD Kevin Morgan, Rockingham, N.C Linda Morgan, Marlton, N.J. Michele Morrison, Danville, VA, Dana Moser, Virginia Beach, VA Robert Moser, Springfield, VA. Clem Munno, Lorton, FL. Janet Murphy, Mebane, N.C. Mike Muskus, Ft. Washington, MD. Gary Myrick, Danville, VA, Elizabeth Magorski, Washington, N.C Bill Memenz, Erie, PA Jenny Micholas, Rockville, MD John Miemiec, Alexandria, VA Kim Noffsinger, Gaithersburg, MD Stephen Moffsinger, Newport News, VA Jeff Nolen, Roanoke, VA Stephen Moon, Boonton, N.J Richard Morris, Waverly, VA. Lee Morwood, Fulton, MD. Nicole Movak, Cockeyville, MD. Mark Movey, Emporia, VA. 160 FRESHMEN Bruce Nunn, Virginia, VA, Rebecca Nutt, West Hartford, CT. Dennis Nye, Lynn, MA. Erin O ' Brien, Westford, MA. Steve O ' Neal, Richmond, VA. Lee Oakes, Martinsville, VA. James Ormond, Greenville, N.C. Alton Owen, Jr., Jarratt, VA, Melvin Palmer, Winston-Salem, N.C. Roy Parks, Asheboro, N.C. George Pastidls, Athens, Greece Diana Pastrana, Charlotte, N.C. Joy Paulsen, Holbrook, N.Y. Elke Paulson, Matthews, N.C. Roshni Patel, Succasunna, N.J. Randy Pearsall, Winston-Salem, N.C, Beulah Perdue, Boones Mill, VA. Daniel Perry, Kinston, N.C. Charles Phelan, Thomasville, N.C. Heydt Phlltwck, Raleigh, N.C. Amy Phillips, North Wilkesboro, N.C. Dan Pike, Raleigh, N.C. Lin Plaehn, Raleigh, N.C, Pat Pluto, Alexandria, VA. FRESHMEN 161 Kimberly Pokomy, Alexandria, VA. Kent Pond, Chester. VA, Mark Pond, Marlton, N.J. Richard Poore, Florence, KY. Billy Poplin, Rocky Mount, N.C. Julie Porter, Elon College, N.C, Kris Porter, Windham, N.C. Rea Poteat, Laurenburg, N.C. Jerrie Potter, Kelly, N.C. Aline Presley, Alexandria, VA, Michelle Pruitt, Melbourne, FL. Larry Puckett, Roanoke, VA. I Brian Quakenbush, Graham, N.C Kelly Quigley, Springfield, VA. Margaret Rainey, Rockingham, N.C. Missy Ramsey, Gastonia, N.C. Sheryl Randolph, East Brunswick, N.J Robin Rapkin, Mount Laurel, N.J Dana Ravell, Mays Landing, N.J Christine Rawn, Hickory, N.C Matt Reid, Fayetteville, N.C. Sharon Rembisz, Holmdel, N.J, David Reynolds, Dover, DE. Jim Ricchini, Marlton, N,J, 162 FRESHMEN Robert Rider, Roanoke, VA. Lisa Rieck, Millville, N.J. Calvin Riley, Durham, N.C. Lee Roach. Providence, N.C. Renn Robertson, Burlington, N.C. Kurt Robinson. Riverside, N.J. Roosevelt Robinson, New York, N,Y. Wendy Rocknak, Nags Head, N.C. Lisa Rodrigues, Burke, VA. Sharon Rothwell, Toana, VA. Greg Russell, Durham, N.C. Hugh Rutledge, Hendersonville, N.C. Ryan, Clarksburg, W.V. Lee Samway, Reston, VA. Jeannie Sanchez, Rockville, MD. Lisa Sanderlin, Shawboro, N.C. Jefif Saulsbury, Easton, iVlD. Mike Schnell, Richmond, VA. Eric Schwelling, Chevy Chase, MD. Randy Scott, Smithfield, N.C, Susan Semonite, Bellows Falls, VT. Richard Shackleford, King, N.C Joel Shepard, Manassas, VA. Bonnie Shinnamon, Columbia, MD. FRESHMEN 163 wa Bonnie Jo Shotwell, Timberlake, N J. Wesley Shumate, Newport News, VA Tracy Sims, Annandale, VA. Kathy Sink, Burlington, N.C. Jamie Sisco, Brick, N.J Patricia Shawson, Virginia Beach, VA Teresa Smart, Rldgeway, VA Kathy Smith, Lewlsvllle, N.C Kenneth Smith, Bunnlevel, N C Ronnie Smith, Erwin, N.C Todd Smith, Salisbury, N.C Tracy Snellings, Lexington, N.C Michael Sohday, Graham, N.C Tim Spink, Ellicott City, MD Mary Sprague, Port Tobacco, MD John Sprague, Port Tobacco, MD James Stirling, Severna Park, MD Angela Stone, Broadway, N.C Cynthia Stone, Austinville, N.C Gregg Strauss, Woodbury, N.J Lew Stringer, Winston-Salem, N.C Charlie Strowd, Chapel Hill, N C Tommy Suman, Raleigh, N.C Ester Szoverffy, Greensboro, N.C 164 FRESHMEN )n Talbert, Suffolk, VA. Paul Tashfan, Freehold, N,J, Willie Tate, Sebring, FL. Kelly Taylor, Arnold, MD. Tonya Taylor, Kannapolis, N.C, Lynette Temple, Stedman, N.C. Elizabeth Tenney, Martinsville, VA. Holly Thomas, Wicomico, VA. Jeffery Thompson, Hillsborough, N.C. Kendall Thompson, Midlothian, VA. Kathryn Thomburg, Mechanicsvtile, VA. Robert Tiffany, Naples, FL. Christiann Timmes, Alexandria, VA. Scott Titmus, Richmond, VA. Wallace Topping, Poquoson, VA. Lynn Ungemah, Franklin Lakes, N.J. Pamela Valbuena, Mount Dora, FL. Ray Van Hess, Lexington, VA. John Veasey, Durham, N.C. Judith Velez, Annandale, VA. Donna Vlckstrom, Richmond, VA, Curtis Victor, Paulsboro, N.J. Dawn Wagner, Springfield, VA. Belinda Wall, Burlington, N.C. FRESHMEN 165 Rew Wall, Chatham, VA, Darlene Walker, Danville, VA Steve Waltman, Ringgold, VA John Warnke, Laurinburg, N.C Ben Wartofsky, Washington. Anna Washburn, Ellenboro, Orlando Washington, Saint Pauls, N.C. Armon Waters, Rocky Mount, N.Q Kelly Watts, Richmond Jason Webber, Chatham, VA. Mike Wessels, Jacksonville, N.C. Lisa Westerlund, Mechanicsville, N.C, Tonya Whatley, Bradenton, FL. Frank White, Washington, N.C. Greg Whitmore, Athol, MD. Kathleen Wies, Lutherville, MD. Don Wilkerson, Greenville, N.C Ernest Williams, Elm City, N.C Deborah Wilson, Virginia Beach, VA Qenny Wilson, Naples, FL Stephanie Wilson, High Point, N.C Anne Withers, Richmond, VA Claudia Wolf, Rah way, N.J Allen Wolff, York, PA 166 FRESHMEN David Wood, Lakeland, FL. Karen Wood, Dunn, N.C. Pamela Wood, Mt. Airy, N.C. Paul Wood, Basking Ridge, N.C. ' oodcock, Fairfax, VA. Bill Woodley, Crazier, VA. Jennifer Wootton, Syossett, N.Y. Mary Jo Wray, Charlotte, N.C, Don Wright, Manchester, CT. Lynda Wright, Succasunna, N.J. Steven Wright, Durham, N.C. Card Wrobel, Garden City, N.Y. Sue Ellen Yeatts, Danville, N.G. Peter Yelverton, Alexandria, VA. Mark Yetter, Branch villa, N.J. Omar Zeitoun, Saudi Arabia FRESHMEN 167 A AIDS AFAKTHEID Af ' FUCA Ayers. Jame tdward 1515 Rugby Road Charlottesville, VA 22905 Ayera, Lisa Rexanne P.O. Box 356, Marion, MC 28752 Ayers. WIIHam Lee 35 Wedgcdalc Drive, Sterling, VA 22170 Ayersman. Jeffrey Cdwln 224 Clubhouse Drive Roanoke. VA 24019 Ir Abbott, Melanle Lynn 150 Timt ercrest Lane. Richmond VA 23253 Abele III. William R. 764 Finebrooh Drive. Virginia Beach. VA 23462 Abelman, Crien Call 3520 Winding Way Durham. PIC 27707 Acqullano, Richard Joseph 909 Durham Street. Burlington, nc 27215 Adams, Deborah Lynne 1725 Aftonshlrc Drive. Qrecnstioro. rtC 27410 Adcoch, Jr.. David Watson Route 5 Box 87. Fuquay-Varlna. HC 27526 Adcock. Mlllkent Stake FO Bot 98 Roxboro. nC 27573 Addams David Martin 721 Oak Mill Drive Boiling Springs. FA 17007 Addison, Eleanor Bowie 6406 South rtomestakc Drive. Bow.ic MD 20715 Adklns. Urginla Susan 813 Colonial Drive. Burlington, MC 27215 Agullera. Octavio Enrique AC. Zcmpoala ' 111. Plaucalpan, Mexico 55290 A nabahbeh. Hussein Suleiman P.O. Box 21033, Oreensboro, PIC 27420 Albertinl. Brian 8720 Domestown Road. RocKvitle. MD 20850 Albright. Johnny WllUam 1529 HC 61. Whilsett, nC 27377 Albright, Mark Fulton Route 2 Box 218 Ramseur PIC 27316 Albright. Susan Marie 19-D 5hen Drive. Trails End Apartments, Burt- Inglon, nc 27215 Alderman, Kevin Lamar P.O. Box 311, Rose Mill, nc 28458 Aldridge. Linda Clifton Route 1 Box 77-B. YarKCyville PIC 27379 Aleman, Tanya Isabel 1316 Oardendrest Circle Raleigh, PiC 27609 Alessi Thomas Charles 729 Deer Street. DunkJrK nv 14048 Alexander Allen Eugene 26 Sheridan Place. Elon College. PIC 27244 Alexander. Charah Ruth 207 Dominion Drive, Plewport Plews. VA 25602 Alexander. Mkhael Matthew P.O. Box 7649, Courthouse Road Qul rt MS 39506 Alexander. Tracy Lynn 1116 Rockbridge, Ptorfolk. VA 25508 AlHeri Mark 27 Wyckham Road. Spring Lake Heights nj 07007 Alford. Jack Arnold Route 3 Box 356, Wilmington, P(C 2S405 Alford. Matthew Todd 4140 Rotunda Road Charlotte, nc 28226 Allen, Lorraine McPherson Route 6 Box 389, Buriington. MC 27215 Allen. Margaret McLeod 1614 Montkello Street, Petersburg, VA 25805 Allen. Michael Reade Route 6 Box 589. Buriington. MC 27215 Allen. Stephen Brad 2524 Mt. Pleasant Blvd., Roanoke. VA 24014 Allen, Jr.. Claude Swanson 2440 Qrandin Road S.W.. Roanoke VA 24015 Allison, Michael L. 206 Courtland Drive. Elon College PIC 27244 Allison, Vickie Bradley 110 West McAden Street Graham, PIC 27255 Allred, Jay WHliam 511 Baldwin Road, Buriington PIC 27215 Almquisl. Diane Babette 11 Robbins Drive. Barrington, Rl 02806 Amato Mary Catherine 111 Robin Road. Oxford, MC 27565 Ambler, Michael Jacquelin Route 5 Box 27, Amherst, VA 24521 Ambrose. David James PO- Box 1371. Elon CoHege, MC 27244 Ambrose. Paul James 3813 Pine Lakes Drive. Myrtle Beach. SC 29577 Ameling. Jeffrey David 9 Johnson Road, Marlborough CT 06447 Amesse, Carolyn Ann 7912 Larrlck Court. Springfield, VA 22153 Ammons, Lawrence Williams 644 Dover Hacc, Danville. VA 24541 Amos, Kelly Rene e 2278 Fleming Road Qrecnsboro, PIC 27410 Anagor Matthew C. 1415-A Lakeland Street, Durham. MC 27701 Anders Susan Elltabeth 15 Arch Street L.aconla MM 03246 Andersen. Luke Allen 2017 Farge Drive, Fayetteville, MC 28306 Anderson. Bryan Eugene Route 9 Box 220. Buriington, MC 27215 Anderson. John Kevin 13500 Brighlfield Lane, Memdon. VA 22071 Anderson, Robin Louise 409 Morth Tilden Street. Richmond, VA 25221 Anderson Sandra Diane 1710 Swannanoa Drive Greensboro, MC 27410 Anderson. Scod William Route 7 Box 54. Buriington. MC 27215 Andrews, Danyl Macon 1010 Todd Streel. Graham. MC 27255 Andrews Meh n Hassell 2535 Oakcrest Court. Buriington. MC 27215 Andrev«. Susan Lynn 3701 Brandywlne Drive, Qreenstwro. MC 27410 Angyal, Jennifer Ward Route 3 Box 578. Graham, MC 27253 Anthony Colette 5547 Mayfair Street, Apt, 204 Durham, MC 27707 Anthony. Del Ray Lamont 4107 Orchid Drive. Winston-Salem. MC 27105 Anton, Kara Maria 201 West Qrcenv ) Morth, Qreenstxjro. MC 27405 Antonelll, Michelle Ann 146 Davis Road, Malvern, PA 19355 Appel. Andrew RJdgeway PO. Box 705. Purccllvilic. VA 22152 Apple, Staccy Dariene 5908 Trotting Course Lane, QibsonvUlc, MC 27249 Atbaugh. Vlaorla Caroline 1109 Somerset Place Luthervllle MD 21093 Arens. Jr., Stewart Simpson 3000 Farmington Place. Wilson. MC 27895 Armour. Randall Crawford 404 Countr Club Drive. Mcwark. DE 1971 1 Amett. Morman Ray 7517 Chancellor Way, Springfield. VA 22153 Arnold, John 6 The Concourse. Albany MY 12205 Arrtold. Shirley Ann 505 M Scllars Mill Road, Burlington, MC 27215 Arraya. MaurkJo Luis Casilla 543. La Paz Bolivia Arlington, Curtis Dclbert Route 1 Box 154 Plelson, VA 24580 Arvldson Eric Paul 202 West Maggard Avenue. Elon College. MC 27244 Ashby. Jennifer Lee 12620 Komett Lane. Bowie, MD 20715 Ashley. Frederick Ray Route 1 Box 471. Mctwnc. MC 27302 Atkins. David Leatond Campus Box 2262, Elon College MC 27244 Atkins, William Shaver 834 Sherwood Road. Asheboro, MC 27205 Aughenbaugh. Robert Menry Route 1. Box 647, Julian. MC 27283 Ausherman. Stephen Gregory 110 Sandy Creek Trail. Chapel Hill, MC 27514 Averette. Reglna Dawn 425 Virginia Avenue, Chase City. VA 23924 Avery, Jr. Hugh Aldrich Route 5, Box 24, Marion, MC 28752 Aycoch. Stephanie Ruby Route 4 Box 222 Mebane, MC 27502 B BAHAMAS BATID-AID BROWn St CO. Bachman. Meredith Paige 2504 Fauquier Lane Reston. VA 22091 Badgley Leroy Thomas 224 82nd Street, Virginia Beach, VA 25451 Bailey. Alan Bruce 507 Oakland Drive Buriington. MC 27215 Bain, William Ward Aramco Box 2259 Dhahran Saudi Arabia Baird, David Chris 147 Clancy Circle, Cary, MC 27511 Baird George Macon 5022 Forestdale Drive. Buriington MC 28215 Baisley. Barton Melson R.D, 5 Box 522. Lexington. VA 24450 Baker, Martin M. PO Box 1169, Elon College, MC 27244 Baker, Phlltip Arthur 227 South 5th Street. Geneva, IL 60134 Balberde, Jeffrey Thomas 5415 Gov. Yeardley Drive, Fairfax. VA 22032 Baleno, Joseph Frank 512-D Montrose Drive, Greensboro, MC 27407 Bales, Eldrtdge Theodore 103 Candlewood Drive Elon College MC 27244 Balhus. Thomas Anthony 4 Avon Court, Mount Laurel. MJ 08054 Ballance, Susan Renee Route 2 Box 299, Franklin, VA 23851 Ballard. Janet Lynn Route 5 Box 321 Bowen Road. Chapel Mill, MC 27514 Bandell, Jonathan Hyde 1227 Roundhill Road. Baltimore, MD 21218 Bandow, John Robert 2004 Cutwater Court, Reston VA 22091 Bangley Kathleen Margaret Harms 2541-E Atwood Drive. Buriington, MC 27215 Bank, David Hotden 1610 Talley Street, South Boston. VA 24592 Bar as, Robert William 1510 Tr veno Drive. Fayetteville, MC 28305 Barbee. Susan M. Route 10 Box 294. Buriington, MC 27215 Bare Ronald James Route 1, Box 189. Crumpler, MC 28617 Barham, Kathem Hal! Route 6 Box 177-S. Buriington. MC 27215 Barker Andrea Dawn Box 7209 East Joyner Streel, Gibsonvillc, MC 27249 Barnard, Andrew David 754-C Trails End Paige Drive. Buriington MC 27215 Barnes. Alonzo lierrick 1325 West Davis Sb-ect, Buriington, MC 27215 Barnes, Charies Edward 2511 West From Street Buriington. MC 27215 Barnes. Dcnnard 1302 KIngsport Road, Greensboro. MC 27406 Barnes. Robert Kenneth 1201 South Main. Farmville, MC 27828 Barnes, Terrl Lynn 4204 Waco Drive, Qrecnsboro MC 27406 Bamett. Carole Angela 15 Flanders Drive Flnebrook. MJ 07058 BameycasUc, Donna Lynn Route 5 Amber Lane Winston-Salem, MC 27105 Ban, Robin Fogleman Route 5 Box 143 M Graham. PfC 27253 Barrett. Rebecca Ann 5260 Morth Ohio Street, Ariington VA 22207 Barrlck, Andrew Kem 1467 Bradley Avenue. Mummelstown. PA 17036 Barrick. John Alan 1467 Bradley Avenue. Mummelstown, PA 17056 Barringer, Carrie Ruth P.O. Box 146, Blowing Rock, MC 28605 Barringer, Delores Ann 706-A Staley Street. Burlington, MC 27215 Barringer. Theresa Yvonne P.O. Box 5511, Gibsonvllle. MC 27249 Barrow. Kevin MocI 1627 Lakewood Drive. High Point. MC 27260 Bartenfield, John David 1150 Whispering Pines Drive, Kemersvlllc, MC 27284 Barton. Kevin Maxwell 157 Verna Streel. Franklin. VA 23851 Baslrico, Paula Lenore Porter 2631 Catherine Drive, Buriington, MC 27215 Bass, Rodney Andrew 1220 Sedwick Road. Durham. MC 27715 Batchellor, KJmberly Ann 4204 Maylock Lane, Fairfax. VA 22033 Batchelor, Brian Edward Route 1 Box 15-K. Bryans Road. MD 20616 Batchelor, William Robert 5408 Hawthorne Road. Rocky Mount. MC 27801 Batts. Jonathan Alexander 624 Biscayne Drive. West Palm Beach, Fl 55401 Bauer, Robert Scott 5570 Woodslde Drive, Mashport, OM 45850 Baughn, Jessy David Roule 1, Box 360, Stonevllle. MC 27048 Bauhof. William Bradley 1632 East RichanJson Road. Westminster, MD 21157 Baumann, Rebecca Louise 10703 Mowerton Avenue, Fairfax, VA 22030 Baxter. Bonnie Kay PO. Box 755, 739 C. Maggard Ave.. Elon College, MC 27244 Baxter. Shlrlle WllKamson P.O. Box 755, Elon College. MC 27244 Bay, David Hoffmeyer 8500 Shadeway Place, Springfield, VA 22153 Baylock. Corlette Thomas 204 Rosedale Avenue ■ ' 123 Camden Mj 08105 Bayncs, Rhonda Charlcne 655 Holly Street. Buriington. MC 27215 Beam, Jr., Joe Cephas 64 Webb Court. Morchcad City, MC 28557 Bearfleld, Jonathan David 409 Leak Streel. Rockingham. MC 28579 Bealhard, Casey Michael 2322 Sawdust Road, Vienna, VA 22160 Beauvals. Sheila Marie Route 2, Box 7, Franklin. VA 25851 Beaver, Max Van 222 Aloha Drive, Graham, MC 27255 Beaver Paula Yvonne 225 Stonewall Road. Sallsbur . NC 28144 Beaver. Sharon Lynn Keesling 504 Chub Lake Street. Roxboro MC 27375 Beckett, Laura EllMbeth 2225 Greenstone Drive, Wilmington, DE 19810 Beebe. Lester Christopher PO. Box 52, Sanford. VA 23426 Beckman, Lisa Anne MOQ 2115, Camp Lejeune. MC 28542 Beheler, Jr., James Lee 7452 Crov ell Gap Road. Roanoke. VA 24014 Belcher, Diana Jo 315 Lee Street. Rlchtands, VA 24641 Bell III, Alfred Lemuel 24-C Brookwood Garden Apts.. Buriington, MC 272J5 Bell Christopher Alexander Ward 450 Augusta Drive, Statesvllle MC 28677 Bell, KImberiy Paige 203 East Green Street. Mebane, MC 27302 Bell. Leslie Carol 1106 Country Squire Drive. Milton. FL 32570 Bell. Mlsa Stewart 515 West Klvett Street, Asheboro. MC 27205 Bell, R, Thomas 14200 Arcltc Avenue, Rockvllle, MD 20853 Bell, Scott Montgomery 2036 Motttngham Lane, Buriington. MC 27215 Bell. Stephanie Leigh Route 2 Box 1564. Thomasville MC 27560 Belongla. Robert Stoy PO, Box 833. West Point. VA 25181 Belt. John West 62G Knox Road. Wayne, PA 19087 Belton, KImberiy Dawn 2828 Forestdale Drive, Burlington MC 27215 Belton, Rhonda Andrews Route 2 Box 592 10. Buriington, MC 27215 Belvin. Bertie S, 5216 Hallmark Road. Durtiam. MC 27712 Benesch. Anthony Joseph 1759 Old Art or Waj, Mebane. MC 27302 Bennett. Jeffrey Allen 120 Ashton Oaks Court. Ashton. MD 20861 Bennett, Robin Sharpc FO. Box 165 Qibsonvllle. MC 27249 Bennett. William Howard 1804 Morth Brunswick Streel. Sterling. VA 22170 Benson. Deborah Eliiabeth 123 Mawthome Avenue. Haddonfield. MJ 08033 BenUcy. Jeffrey Earl 606 South Mebane Street. Burlington, MC 27215 Bentley. Shannon Dawne 114 South Road. Mlgh Point, MC 27260 Benton. Donna Michelle 3308 Barnstable Court. Raleigh, MC 27612 Benton. Rlmt erty Ann 3308 Barnstable Court. Raleigh, MC 27612 Bercher, Clarence F. 4820 Wood Valley Drive, Raleigh, MC 27612 Beriianl, Leslie Ellen 1514 Berwick Road, Ruxton, MD 21204 Bemhard. Matthew Brian 12 White Avenue. Lavallctte PU 08735 Berrier, Lisa Ratherine Roule 4, Box 234. Lexington, MC 27292 Berry. Scott Edward 14613 Feathcrstone Road, Woodbrtdge, VA 22191 Berry, Sharon Sue Thompson 1013 Anthony Street. Buriington, MC 27215 Best Christopher Lynn 509 Cotechestcr Drive. Knl ldale. MC 27545 Best. Sabra Shelld 4908 Prestwich Dr.. Fairfax, VA 22030 Best, Terry Deems 1809 Rand Road, Wilson, MC 27895 BesUer. Michael Wade 1001 Mulberry Road, Martinsville. VA 24112 Beverly. Keith Marshall 413 Morningsidc Drive, Cary. MC 27511 Bible. Rebecca Ann 12114 Tulip Grove Drive, Bo wie. MD 20715 Blckley. Donald Wayne 2621 Huntington Road. Charlottesville VA 22901 BIggcrstaff, Jill Cook 1125 Country Ridge Road. Raleigh, MC 27609 Billings, Carole Lucas Route 1, Box 276-58. Buriington. MC 27215 Billings, Kenneth Seyton 9 JeOerson Road, East Brunswick. PU 08816 Billings. Melissa Jean Route 7 Box 555. Buriington. MC 27215 Bines. Timothy Route 5, Box 289, BenncttsvlHe, SC 29512 Bishop, Eric Cleston 720 West Harden Street. Graham, MC 27253 Bittner, David Richard 13910 Jlmtown Road, Thurmont, MD 21788 Bivins, Jeannine Carol Route 1 Box 278, Buriington MC 27215 Bivins, Loretta Renee 10307 Brandenburg Court, Great Fails, VA 22066 Black, Candlce Melson 406 Mawthome Lane. Burlington, MC 27215 Black. Daniel R. 3919 3919 Gillette Drive. Wilmington MC 2d405 Black, John Paul 1608 Harriet Drive, Buriington, MC 27215 Black. Michael Todd 1109 Fair Street, Buriington. MC 27215 Black, Tracy Lynn PO. Box 615. MaycsvUle. MC 28904 Blackburn. Stanley Keith 509 Ralph Drive High Point, MC 27265 BlacKwell. Teddy Ahmad 910 Morth Salisbury Avenue. Spencer. MC 28159 Blackwood. Angella Denene Rou ' e 3 Box 169, Graham. MC 27253 Blair, Eric Anthony 1615 Sundew Court, Bowie, MD 20716 Blake. Everett 2208 Sulgrave Drive. Wilson MC 27893 Blake, Jill Elizabeth 2289 Lakeview Terrace, Buriington. MC 27215 Blahe. Jonathan A. PO Box 864. Elon College MC 27244 Blake, KrisU Michelle Route 3 Box 1110, Mayes, VA 25072 Blanchard. Denlse Lee Route 3 Box 559-B, Buriington, MC 27215 Blankenshlp. Scott Douglas 3329 Doncasler Court, Virginia Beach VA 23452 Blascak, Marlee CHse ATCD (T) MQ. Tradoc, FL Monroe. VA 23651 Bievins. Paula Jane 08 Cotllnwood Drive, Buriington. MC 27215 Bloomln urg, Richard Randall 6591 Bermuda Green Court. Alexan- dria, VA 22312 Blythe. Kevin Spencer 2 Keswick Court, Winston- Salem. MC 27103 Bobblttlll, Hardy Kenneth 1117 Franklin Street, Buriington, MC 27215 Bochm, Richard George 6 Wondervwood Circle. Greensboro, MC 27407 Boette II. Edwin Reddemann Route 1, Box 139-B. Salemburg, MC 28385 Boggcs. Ralph David FO, Box 494. Bedford, VA 24525 Bohrer. Rachel Teresa 5607 Oroometown Road, Greensboro. MC 27407 Boland, Cariton Brown 1402 W, Davis Streel. Buriington. MC 27215 Boiden, Debbie Lynne 1611 Oklahoma Avenue. Burlington. MC 27215 Boldman, Rhonda Gail 2208 Hathaway Drive, Greensboro, MC 27408 Bolen, James Brooks 1222 East Main St.. Luray, VA 22855 Bolting, Robert Floyd 2925 Woodthrush Drive. Roanoke, VA 24018 Bollman, Jull Lois 189 Sagamore Drive. Murray Mill, PU 07974 Bond, Mark Buckey 1020 Green Hilt Fann Road. Riesterslovm, MD 21136 Booke. Jr., Henry Maddrey 930 Wellington Road WInstonSalcm, MC 27106 Boone, Marsha Ann Route 5 Box 260-5, Anderson Road, Buriington. MC 27215 Boone, Sarah Marie Route 2, Box 219. Gates. MC 27937 Borgstrom, Robert Cari 132 Powderhorn Lane, Media. PA 19063 Borrelll. Susan Rachel 318 West Klme Street Buriington, MC 27213 Boscta. Ralph A. 421 Billlngham Drive, Buriington, MC 27215 Bossong. Samuel Lorcnti PO Box 789, Asheboro, MC 27203 BostJan. Gall Clements 405 Wildwood Lane Buriington. MC 27215 Boswell, Crystal Dawn 1042 Bcllvuc Street, Buriington, MC 27215 Boswell, Edward Penland Route 1 Pilot. VA 24138 Boswell. Mary Kerr 223 Woodland Avenue, Buriington. MC 27215 Bouchard, Michelle Charicne 1635 Hrst Place, McLean. VA 22101 Boulden. Wlltlam Wade PO Box 714. Elon College MC 27244 Bowen. Leah Catherine P.O. Box 361. Ill Monroe Avenue. Cape Charies. VA 23510 168 INDEX Bowcn, WIlHam McDowell 6728 Townc Lane Court, Mcican. VA 22101 Bowling. CaiHa Lynn 2132 Wcstover Dr., Danville. VA 24541 Bowman, Thomas Burton Route 1, Box 224-A, Westfield. nc 27053 Bowman. Jr., Henry Boyd Route 1, Box 561, Julian, nC 27283 Boyd. Gerald Willis Route 2 Box 201. IJIlington, MC 27546 Beyer, Cllza beth Anne 1488 Shadow Oaks Place, Cliarlottesville, VA 22901 Beyer, Lawrence Randolph 505 West Juniper Avenue. Sterling, VA 22170 Boylan, Patrick Joseph P.O. Bex 1184. 109 Trinity Drive. Eion Coiiege, nc 27244 Boyle III. John Weldon 2530 Arrandell Road. Midlothian, VA 23113 Boytes, Jay Bradley 301 Ptnerldge Drive, High Point, nC 27260 Bozman. Maurice Wilson 503 Tony Tank Lane. Salisbury. MD 21801 Braatz, Peter C. L39 Molly Mill Lane, Southbury. CT 06488 Bradley MarX Edward 313 Bywood Drive, Durham, nc 27712 Bradley Richard Wayne P,0. Box 64180. Oibsonville, nC 27249 Bradshaw, Janet Leigh 753 South Sugariand Run Drive, Sterling, VA 22170 Bradshaw. Joseph Llnwood Route 5 Box 95. Franklin. VA 23851 Bradshaw, Kelly Rae 513 Wickwood Drive. Chesapeake. VA 23320 Bradshw. Wanda Leigh Route 1 Box 418. Wakefield, VA 23888 Bradsher. John Matthew Route 1 Box 585, Millstjorough, nc 27278 Brady Jack Leonard Route 4 Box 139-A, Lynchburci, VA 24503 Brady. Patrick William Route 1 Box 567. Haw River. nC 27258 Bromley Douglas Mcnall 585 Woodbridge Drive, Melbourne. PL 32935 Brandenburg, Kfmberly Shorter 133 Westovcr Drive, Eion College, MC 27244 Brandenburg. Paul Clinton Route 7 Box 76, Burtington, TiC 27215 Brannan. Stephanie A. 906 Oaldxjurne Road, West Chester, PA 19382 Brannock, Fred V, 1004 E. Wlllowbrook Drive. Buriington, MC 27215 Branson, Brian Keith 309 Forest Drive, Graham. nC 27253 Brasweil, Laura Elizabeth 5695 Cedarbrae Lane, San Diego, CA 92106 Bravender. Ann Constance 512-B Harden Street, Qraham, nC 27253 Brawlcy Elizabeth Ann 150 Qlenbrook Drive, ML Laurel, nj 09054 Bray Ronald Gregory Route 1. Box 379, Montdair Drive, l aurinburg, nc 28352 Brayboy Mia Marie 916 Union Street Cary. MC 27511 Bra elton Connie Sue 1425 Momingslde Drh e, Buriington. NC 27215 Breeger, Bruce Raymond 191 Beechmont Drive. Hewport Hews. VA 23602 Bregler, Priscilla Lynn 21 13 Wright Avenue. Qreensboro, MC 27405 Bremekamp. Maurice Patrick3 Comanche Drive. Mlddlelown. t%i 07748 Brennan, Brian Prancfs 1460 S.W. 8th Avenue. Boca Raton. FL 33432 BretUer, Robert Ber |amln Route 8 Box 476 ' A. Westview Avenue. Buri- ington, MC 27215 Breunlg, William John 1457 Meunda Drive, Toms River, MJ 08753 Bride, Klmberiy Elizabeth 6201 Cromwell Drive, Bethcsda. MD 20816 firidgers, Christopher Carrel) 3102 Old Salisbury Road, Winston-Sa- lem. MC 27107 Bridges, Amanda Nfchole 4181 Shattalon Drive, Winston-Salem, MC 27106 Briggs. Debra PO. Box 121, Walnut Cove. MC 27052 Briggs, Gary Dean Box 71, Roxboro, MC 27573 Briggs, Lisa Ann 512 Ward Street. Qraham. MC 27253 Briggs, Michael Lee 5102 Horntiuckle Place, Durham. MC 27707 Bright, Tracy Lynn Route 1, Box 487, Qraham. MC 27255 Bristow. Janet Kay Route 4 Box 281. Buriington. MC 27215 Bristow, Kay Plckard Route 4 Box 281. Buriington, MC 27215 Brittlan. Danryl Kitpatrick Route 5 Box 226, Chapel HIM, MC 27514 Broadbrtdge, Jeffrey Vail PO. Box 174, Bridgewater, CT 06752 Broadwell. Jcffery Thomas P.O. Box 750. 110 Mosby Avenue, Littleton, MC 27650 Brodowicz. Oretchen Marie 255 White Bridge Road. Waynesboro, VA 22980 Brotlowlcz, Michael Stanley 253 White Bridge Road, Waynesboro, VA 22980 Broinan. Steven Keith 5121 Lavery Court. Fairfax, VA 22032 Bromley Michael Bruce 4101 Dunnel Lane, Kensington. MD 20895 Brooks, Elizabeth Gilliam Route 3 Box 1-A. Roxtioro. MC 27573 Brooks. Leslie Eugene Route 3 Box 110-H, Burtington, MC 27215 Brooks. Randall Leslie 9404 Shousc Drive, Vienna, VA 22180 Brooks, Rodney Shawn Route 4, Box 245, Buriington, MC 27215 Brosnan, Theresa Anne 1 1609 Hitching Post Lane, RockviHe, MD 20852 Brothers, John David 31 Simpson Avenue, Ocean City. MJ 08226 Brothers, Kara Dawn Route 1 Box 151, Buriington. MC 27215 Brotzman, Ronald Keith Route 2 Box 62. Franklin. VA 25651 Brown, Alan Scott 505 Whlttaker Avenue M.E,. Roanoke, VA 24012 Brown, Amy Lynn 5222 Plneland Road, Roanoke, VA 24018 Brown, Anthony Reese Route 1 Box 71. 602 Dogwood Road, Tazewell, VA 24651 Brown, Brenda Karen 621 W. Front St, Apt, 5, Buriington, MC 27215 Brown. Cathy Lynn 957 Crump Farm Road, Mew Bern, MC 28560 Brown. Christopher 606 M. Centennial Avenue, High Point MC 27260 Brown, Christopher Edward P.O. Box 902 Route 17. Gloucester, VA 23061 Brown. Harry R. 4500 Mossycup Court, Virginia Beach. VA 23462 Brown, Janle Dale PO. Box 64 Truitt Drive, Eion College. MC 27244 Brown. Jean Carrown 711 Bristol Court. Buriington. MC 27215 Brown. Jeffrey Jenkins 8225 Colby Court. Vienna, VA 22180 Brown. Julia Jones 1264 Thayer Drive, Asheboro. MC 27203 Brown, Karen Elaine 9224 Quintana Drive, Bethesda, MD 20817 Brown, Kimtwriy Sue PO. Bex 2571, Virginia Beach, VA 23450 Brown, Lauren Tat er 1502 Alntree Road, Towson, MD 21204 Brown, Matthew Joseph 4017 West Avenue. Ocean City. MJ 08226 Brown. Mancy Alease Route 2 Box 294. Sterling. VA 22170 Brown, Pamela Qayle Route 1 Box 200 A-1, Bennett, MC 27208 Brown, Robert L. 430 Windsor Drive, Qlbbstown, MJ 08027 Brown, Rotwrt Lowell 4112 Beckford Drive, Qreensboro. MC 27407 Brown, Sandra Rene6 1509 Hooks Street Qreenstioro, MC 27401 Brown. Sara Elizabeth 1218 Aycock Avenue, Buriington. MC 27215 Browne, Oeoftey Hamct 706 Mil Huffman Mill Road, Burlington. MC 27215 Browne, Jeflrey WHliam 3208 Pommel Court, Oakton, VA 22124 Browning, Charies L. 741-r The Colony Apartments South Mebane Street Burlington. MC 27215 Browning, Victoria Louise 419 Landerwood Lane. Chapel Hill. MC 27514 Bnjce. Roy Carver 5612 Seminary Avenue, Richmond, VA 23227 Bruckler. Jeffrey Lee 205 Ambassador Drive, Absecon. MJ 08201 Brumblc, Michael Ray 518 Laurel Drive. Burtington, MC 27215 Bnimlt. Janis Carmack 2424 Spalding Drive, Dunwoody, QA 30558 Bruntnl, Christine Louise 125 Snedecor Avenue, Bayport. MY 11705 Bryan. Lisa Stames PO. Box 407, Garner, MC 27529 Bryan. Tracy Lee 116 East Sprague Street. Apartment B, Wtnston-Sa- Jem, MC 27107 Buckley Wlillam Mark 4101 Stranaver H., Rateigh, MC 27612 Budd. Ronald James 40 M. Woodland Ave.. Woodbury. MJ 08096 Buff. Priscilla Ann PO, Box 416 Brandon Road, Drexel, MC 28619 Buhl. John David 1754 Olney Road, Falls Church. VA 22045 Bull. WItltam Russell PO, Box 221. Parivsley VA 25421 Bullock, Lewin A. 3701 Polk Street. Portsmouth, VA 23703 Bulls. Hunter Renae PO Bon 84. Sedley VA 25878 Bumgamer, Mark William 1407 Layman Street, McLean, VA 22101 Bunting, Merman Allen 100 Washington Street. Beriin, MD 21811 Bunten, Sandra Paye 29-C Brookwood. Burlington, MC 27215 Burch, Donna Lynn 1713 Tucker Street ExL, Burlington, MC 27215 Burch, L ' Tanya Teresa 2316 Ansonia Street. Winston-Salem. MC 27105 Burch. Mary Lynn Route 4 Bex 428. Roxboro, MC 27575 Burchctte. JuUa Moore 4310 Compton Drive. Winston-Satem. MC 27107 Burgart, Lori Denise 1007 Louise Court, Eden, MC 27288 Burgess, Jill Dartene 614 Morth Third Street Albemarie. MC 28001 Burke, Elizabeth Meade 2235 LaKeview Terrace, Buriington, MC 27215 Burke, Karen Elizabeth PO. Box 348, Roxboro. MC 27575 Burke, Samuel Leigh Route 5 Bo. 198. Rustburg, VA 24568 Burke, Terence Mort crt 5405 Mew Castle Road, Virginia Beach, VA 25452 BuTtrfiardt Suzanne Koreen 281 Rambler Drive, Danville, VA 24541 Bums, Catherine Marie Route 1 Box 122-8, Buriington. MC 27215 Burroughs. Beth Alison 9 Hiiltop Circle, Brookslde, MJ 07926 Burroughs, Brandy Susan 119 West Chestnut Street. Chicago, IL 60611 Burrows, James Edwin 4856 King Solomon Drive, Annandale, VA 22003 Burton, Cynthia Dawn 157 Fairway Drive, BSL, Southport, MC 28461 Burton, David Christopher 3130 Archdale Road. Richmond, VA 25255 Burton. James William Route 1 Box 675, South Boston, VA 24592 Burton, Jeffrey Robert 2108 Klpowa Street Raleigh, MC 27607 Burton, Lisa Dee lllO Qreen Street, Reldsvllle. MC 27520 Burton. Mark Route 5 Box 492. Mebane, MC 27302 Burton, Steve Wayne 301 South Joyncr Street. Qibsonville. MC 27501 Bush. Kim Romaine 502 W. Whitsett Street, Qraham, MC 27255 Bush, Vivian Jean 1 Qary Plaza, Bridgeton, MJ 08502 Bushman. Scott Christopher 81 Devonne Drive, Fredericksburg, VA 22401 Butler. Anita l e 2518 Saddle Club Road. Buriington. MC 27215 Butts, Diane Elizabeth 2505 Qlen Bumic Drive, Qreensboro, MC 27406 Byrd. Lydia Ann 5402 Myrawood Drive, Qreensboro, MC 27406 Byrnes. Robert M. 68 Balmville Road. Mewburgh, MY 12550 Byrum, Marilyn Lou Route l Box 655, Julian. MC 27283 C CLASSIC COKE CABLE T.V. CHRISTMAS Caccamo, PrarKes Ann 6607 Sandover Court, Springfield. VA 22152 Cade, Brent Howard Route 4 Box 124-A, Covington. VA 24426 Cahill, Christopher Joseph 824 Colonial Drive. Buriington, MC 27215 Cain, Staccy Lucille 515 Johnson Avenue. Qraham, MC 27253 Caldwell, James Calvin 251 Bums Crossing Road. Severn. MD 21144 Caldwell. Joseph Kevin 1205 Martindale Lane, Qraham. MC 27253 Calhoun. David Wesley 1019 Fieldstone Road, MooresviHe, MC 28115 Catlaghan, Thomas 20 Peach Orchard Drive. East Bumswick, Mj 08816 Callahan, Bart ara Ann 2230 East Main Street, Mlllvitic, MJ 08552 Callls, James Paul 615 West Rlverview Drive. Suffolk, VA 25434 Calton, Curtis Christopher PO. Box 5247, Qreensboro. MC 27410 Cameron, Kristin Lee 511 Club View Drive. Great falls, VA 22066 Cameron, Walter Scott 656 Bowne Road. Ocean, MJ 07712 Camp, Jennifer Lyle PO. Box 1212, King, MC 27021 Camp. Lisa MIchele 525 S. Wiltlamson Avenue, Eion College, MC 27244 Campagna. Dana Lynn 165 Cambridge Circle, Longmeadow, MA 01106 Campt ell, Charies Woodrow PC. Box 1555. Morth Wilkesboro, MC 28659 Campbell, Donald Kevin 150 Oak Drive, Southern Pines. MC 28387 Campbell, John Claude Route 1, Box 28-C, Benson. MC 27504 Campbell. Todd A. 3959 Hrestone Road, Kemersvllle. MC 27284 Campbell. Tracey Lynn 11751 Durrington Drive. Richmond. VA 25256 Campo, Leon J. 26 Falmouth Drive. Mount Sinai, MY 11766 Cannon, Thomas 5 Sheridan Place, Eion College, MC 27244 Capps. David Russell 727 Seacl Iff, Houston, TX 77062 Capps, Richard CHngm an 2101 Richardson Drive, Reidsville, MC 27320 Carden, Roger Wayne 35 Hawthrone Drive, Durham, MC 27712 Carey Java OMcIl Route 2 Box 271-A, Buriington. MC 27215 Carison, Peter Clark 56 Lincoln Avenue, Florham Park, MJ 07932 Cariton. Antonio Migel Route 1 Box 72. Boomer MC 28606 Carlton, Timothy Edward Route 4 Box 596. Chapel Hilt, MC 27514 Carpenter. Randle Burt 29 Mazel Lane. Larchmont, MY 10558 Carr. Mary Katherine Route 2 Box 497, Mathalie, VA 24577 Carretta, John Joseph 5218 Qrinnell Street Fairfax, VA 22032 Carrico. Jane M, 224 Foster Drive, Eion College, MC 27244 Canros. John Andrew ]552 Abbey Ct, Winston-Salem, MC 27103 Carter, Charles Cameron 1632 Lakefield Circle, Qastonla. MC 28054 Carter Claire Winston 57 Hawthorne Hace, Summit MJ 07901 Carter, David Hudson 3122 Truitt Drive, Buriington, MC 27215 Carter, Dean Barron 612 Ctlft Street. Martinsville, VA 24112 Carter, Jeffrey Kevin 5765 Bennetts Pasture Road, Suffolk, VA 25455 Carter, Kendall Adrian 1310 Qrove Road, Chariottesville. VA 22901 Carter, Valerie Mlchele PO. Box 854. Sebring. FL 35870 Carver. David Robert 501 South Eighth Street Mebane. MC 27502 Carver. Rot ert Edward 419 Clayton Avenue. Roxboro, MC 27573 Cash, Karric Lynn Route 1 Box 120, Churchville, VA 24421 Cason, Pamela Jean 1405 October Road. Raleigh. MC 27614 Cass, Geoffrey Thonrten 5712 FYlendswood Drive, Green Joro. MC 27409 Cassada, Mary Eva 1503 Moore Street, South Boston, VA 24592 Cassldy, Kelly 17 Bracelan Court, Lenox, MA 01240 Castle . Jr. , Gerald Robert 2070 Greenfield Road. Hagerstewn. MD 2 1740 Gates. Samuel Kevin Route 4 Box 865. Eden. MC 27288 Cates, Susan Elizabeth 2525 Chapel Mill Road. Durham, MC 27707 Cathcart. Patricia Ann 1510 E. 11th Street, Winston -Salem, MC 27101 Causey Stefanle Rcnee 5505 Greenough Place. Burke, VA 22015 Cayton. Donald Eari 1010 Crescent Drive. Smlthfield, MC 27577 Centannl. Mary P. 54 Bradford Street. Mew Pro ' idence, MJ 07974 Chambers. Dorothy Darragh Route 5 Box 272. Stevensville. MD 21666 Chambers, Douglas Allen 2109 Link Road, Lynchburg VA 24503 Chance. Edgar Christopher 259 Shelterwood Court, Concord, MC 28025 Chandler. Janet Squires 1402 Tarieton Avenue. Buriington, MC 2721S Chaney Bruce O. 15 Minth Avenue. Kitty Hawk. MC 27949 Chaney Michael H. Route 2 Box 432. Roxboro, MC 27573 Channell, KerniH Brooks 12 Meadowood Lane, Mebane, MC 27502 Chatham. Cathy Anne Route 5 Box 400, Axton, VA 24054 Chatham, Steven Cart Route 2 Box 41. Eden, MC 27288 Chatkin, Aaron David 901 Rolling Road, Hagerstewn, MD 21740 Chauss . Jean Richard 5417 Centennial Une, Ellicolt City, MD 21043 Chavis. John Anthony 5200 Tower Road. Greensbora, MC 27410 Cheadle, Mark Wayne 2844 Longview Avenue S.W, , Roanoke. VA 24014 Cheek, Shelby Weatherford Route 9 Bon 117, Buriington, MC 27215 Cherry. Janet Grimes 104 Bobby Jones Drive. Portsmouth, VA 25701 Cherry. Jawan Roosvelt 115 Lindsey Drive. Jacksonville. MC 28540 Chew, David Preston 8709 Finyon Road, Richmond. VA 25229 Childress. Mary Louise 280 Miller Drive, Culpeper. VA 22701 Chilton, Michael Stewart 1107 Bragg Road, Fredericksburg. VA 22401 Christensen, Todd Gram 1180 Leeward Lane, Vero Beach. FL 52960 Christian, Annette M, 503 Cedar Street, High Point MC 27260 Christian, Drew Mitchell 110 Montrose Drive, Salisbury. MD 21801 Christian, James Robert 65 Can-ell Road, Randolph, MJ 07869 Christopher, Christopher Lynn 619 West Front Street, Burlington. MC 27215 Christy. Jeffrey Clayton 12404 Mekesviile Road, PO, Box 40. Mokesville, VA 22125 Clriano. Joseph Thomas 712 Vanderford Street Buriington. MC 27215 Clapp. Donna Lee 556 Morth Seliars Mill Road. Buriington. MC 27215 Clapp, Katar a Machone Route 5, Box 55 A, Eion College. MC 27244 Clapp. Rodney Edward Route 5 Box 556, Millsborough. MC 27278 Clark. Anthony Wetbome 605 Moore Drive. Lexington. MC 27292 Clark. Cheryl Ann Route 6, Box 175. Buriington. MC 27215 Clark, Courtney Elizabeth 10077 Carillon Drive, Ellicott City MD 21045 Clark, Owayne Alexander 417 Morris Street, Laurinburg, MC 28552 Clark, Melson D, 512 Rainbow Circle. West Columbia, 5C 29169 Clark. Robin Kennedy 601 West 2nd Street, Frederick. MD 21701 Clark, Robin Lynne 411 Holly Mil! Road, Murfreesboro. MC 27855 Claybome, Allison Lynn 3055 Knoll Drive. Falls Church. VA 22042 Clayton, Julie Catherine Route 1 Box 458. Providence. MC 27515 Clayton. Wallace Bradley 117 Quail Ridge Road, Oxford, MC 27565 Cleffl, Christopher Americo 104 Lawrence Road, Randolph, MJ 07869 Clem. David Patrick 5102 Hunt Road, Oakton, VA 22124 CllcA. Christopher Frederick 9001 Patterson Avenue 115. Richmond, VA 25229 Close, Amber Llegh 227 Pearson Une, Rochester. MY 14612 Coates. Bdwaril Ray Route 1 Box 284, Smlthfield. MC 27577 Cobb, Raymond Mewman Star Route 1. Yancej-vllle. MC 27379 Cobbs, Annette Monroe 111 Roosevelt Street, Eden, MC 27288 Coble, Hiram Mewton 404 Trail Four, Buriington, MC 27215 Coble. James Hugh P.O. Box 822, Haw River. MC 27258 Coble. Mary Eugenia 2402 Runnymeade Road. Wilson, MC 27893 Coble. Patrick Cllne 936 Brentwood Drive, Buriington, MC 27215 Coble, Stephanie Leigh 567 Parkview Drive, Buriington, MC 27215 Coble, William D, 401 W. Qllbreath St. Qraham. MC 27253 Cochran. David Stuart 12630 Staffordshire Street, Midlothian, VA 25115 Cockman, Andrew Sanders 2527 Pineway Drive. Buriington, MC 27215 Coco, Joseph Charles 58 Blue Jay Lane, Bricktown. MJ 08723 Cody, Kelley Ann 51 Magnolia Drive, Mew Providence, MJ 07974 Coe, Howard 2622 Claremont Avenue. Winston-Salem, MC 27105 Coffey, Troy Calvin 2154 Cedar Avenue, Buena Vista, VA 24416 CoSIn, Mark Randall Route 1, Box 746, Haw River MC 27258 Coffman, William Sydnor209 Dalebrook Circle, Greenville, MC 27834 Coflno, Eduardo Gonzalez 9601 Byeforde Road. Kensington. MD 20895 Cogan, Beth Ann 399 M. Fullerton Avenue, Montdair, Mj 07043 INDEX 169 Coghfll Thomas Troy Koule 2. Box 602, rredcricKsbura. VA 22405 Coker, Shawn 128 Elm Avenue, fortsmouih, A 23704 Cole, Moward Christopher Route 4 Bov B-d4- South Boston VA 24592 Cole Kathleen Cluabetti 6 ( " ebbte Lane Timonium. MD 21093 Cole Thomas Baird 10539 CheroKee Road Richmond. VA 23235 Cole Wendy Leigh Route 1 Bo». 196 Chapel Mill nc 27514 Coleman. John Harvey 2905 Regent Park Lane Burlington MC 27215 Coleman flathan Garrison 2905 Regent Park Lane Burlington. PIC 27215 Coley Brenda Sue 5104 Liberty Road, Qreensboro. nc 27406 Collard, Charles William 76106151 Street Count., f lmetlo. TL 33561 Collins. Charles Lowell 4641 Mullens Ford Road. Charlotte, nC 28226 Colliru Dana Michelle 5821 Wilma Drive. Durham. MC 27712 Collins, David Clltott FO. Box 341 Elon College. fIC 27244 Collins, Oarv Lee 1509 Quest Street. Qreensboro nc 27405 Collins, Karoletgh 2231 May Drive, Burlington PIC 27215 Collins Kimberiy Ellen 454 Otlsco Dnve Westfleld, PU 07090 Collins, Michelle Marit 317 Devenpon Drive, Matthews nC 28105 Coltrane. Lisa Chartenc 5749 Chrismon Road. Brown Summit. nC 27214 Combs, Jimmy Fred 702 Ptorth Dale Court, Burilngton nc 27215 Comer, rtank Lee 117 Liberty .Avenue, Shenandoah, VA 22849 Como Carol Lynn 7702 Mayfield Road. Alc ' iandria VA 22310 Compton David Tred 513 McQee Street. Graham. nC 27253 Compton Jeanettc W. PO Box 12423 Research Tri Park. nC 27701 Compton, Mark Daniel 29 Momingstde Princeton WV 24740 Conaty Ann Teresa 806 Seville .Venue, Wilmington, DE 19809 Cone, (ielendra Lee 2703 HoMv Point Road Eat Orange Park, EL 32073 Conhlin, Lisa Oenise 4178 Neck Drive Burlington. HC 27215 Conley. Caroline Carter 525 Sunflower Coun Mrginia Beach, VA 23454 Conner, Kimberly Dee 4405 Pamlico Drive, Raleigh, MC 27609 Conner, Lydia Mope 4225 Pennsboro Coun Chantilly. VA 22021 Connor, Michael Greg 5018 CadU Way So,, St Petersburg, FL 55712 Constable, James Matthew PO. Bo, 45, Alamance, MC 27201 Cook. Brenda Carole 901 Ingle Street Box 6214, Qibsonville. MC 27249 Cook, Marcus Swann 2552 McMnney Street, Burtir gton, MC 27215 Coon, Janette Abigail PO Box 530, Manassas. VA 22110 Cooper. Brett Stephen 7 Old Forge Road, Chester PtJ 07930 Cooper, Corey IC 112 Warren Way. Chapei Mill. MC 27514 Cooper, Randall Clayton PO. Box 501 Pittsboro. MC 27312 Cooper. RarKlel Glen PO. Box 527, MacAnhur WV 25873 Cooper, Thomas Garrison 156 Tampa Drive M.E., Roanoke. VA 24019 Coppedge. Amy Elizabeth 2021 Ardsley Street Winston-Salem. PIC 27103 Cort eR, Cassandra Arlene 41 Springfietd Drive. Elon College. MC 27244 Coftoett. Donnell 128A Steele Street, Box 6118. Qibsonville, MC 27249 Coft ett. Todd Andrew Route 2 Box 154-A, Buriington, MC 27215 Core, Tonya Tyrice 2202 D-4 Huntington Road. Buriington. MC 27215 Corey Dallas Lee 737 29th Street, Mewport Mews. VA 23607 Cornelius, Sandra Yvetla 5741 Styers Ferry Road. Clemmons, MC 27012 Cosby. Barbara Lynn 409 Branway Drive. Richmond VA 23229 Cosu Brian Allan 5724 Maylin Lane. Charlotte MC 28210 Cosds Patricia Anne 4913 Cape Menry , venue, Morfolk, VA 23513 Cotter, Kathleen Cecelia 9104 Patton Blvd. Ale.xandria, VA 22309 Coulboum, Detwrah Lynn 2101 Rainlxjw Drive Richmond. VA 23229 Councilman. Richard Todd Route 2 Box 287-D. Burlington, MC 27215 Courtney, Jr, William Burleigh 908 KunkJe . venue, Oreensburg, PA 15601 Cousins Aleji Charles 332 Oakland Drive. Burlington. MC 27215 Couturier, Walter Bryan 107 Lyndon Lane. Haw River MC 27258 Covington, Raymond Paul 2107 Woodland Avenue, Sanford, MC 27330 Covington, Thomas Lee Route 1 Box 206, Mebane, MC 27502 Cowan Cart Cason PO. Bo.x 109 Waverty, VA 25890 Cowetl, Grantham K. 568 Tavistock Drive, Medford, MJ 08055 Cowherd, Martha Stanley 221 Woods Ream Drive Raleigh, PIC 27609 Cowherd, Stephen Adams 221 Woods Ream Drive, Raleigh. MC 27609 Cowperthwatte, John Kingston 3838 Winthrope Circle, Virginia Beach, VA 23452 Cox, David Randolph Route 1 Box 109 Graham, MC 27253 Coyner, Jr.. Robert Willis 414 Forsyth Street, Raleigh. PIC 27609 Cotart, Edward Jeh-eys Route 3 Box 1708. Abingdon. VA 24210 Corart. Michael Alston Route 3 Box 1708. Abingdon, VA 24210 Coiart. Thomas Morris 1137 Shadyside Drive Raleigh, MC 27612 Cozan II). Stuart L«e Route 3 Box 215. Troy. MC 27371 Crace, Susan Michelle 540 Long , vcnue. Chesapeake, VA 23320 Craig, Cheryl 126 Coachlight Trail. Buriington. MC 27215 Craig, Glenn Andrew 94 Candlewood Drive. Murray Mill. PU 07974 Craig. Robert Dean 126 Coachlight Trail, Buriington. MC 27215 Craig. Scott Allen 708 Suffolk Circle, Virginia Beach. VA 23452 Cralidis Ann Louise 2941 Carollwood Drive, Winston- Sal cm. MC 27103 Crater, Jackie Lee PO Box 447, Mount Pleasant. MC 28124 Crater Mark Lirtdsey 941 Anne Avenue. lAlnston- Salem. MC 27107 Crater Scott Claude 82 Princeton Avenue Rocky Mill, PU 08533 Crawford. Donna Diane 5307 Sparrow Dairy Road Castonia. MC 2S052 Crav»ford John Phillip 242 WheaUey Road. Danville. VA 24540 Crenshaw, Maxwell B. Route 5 Box 1. Richmond VA 23231 Cretel. Cllzabeth Ann 36 M. Western Avenue. BuUer. MJ 07405 Crile, Deborah Ann 1478 Rankin Mill Road. McLcansville. MC 27301 Cromer, Robert Chad PO Box 205, Liberty MC 27298 Cronin. Sharon Marie 3321 South Ocean Blvd.. Highland Beach. PL 33431 Crosby. James Glendale 603 ,Ashbum Street Migh Point, MC 27260 Cross. Carolyn Virginia 104 Edgewood Drive. Ahoskle. MC 27910 CroOs. Amanda Jar e Route 7 Box 2, Ltxington. PIC 27292 Crouch. Christie Lane Route 4 Box 264, Mng, MC 27021 Crouse, David Edward 108 Trcvanlon Road Taneytown, MD 21787 Crouse, Joseph Glenn 418 Laurel Mill Drive Burlington MC 27215 Crowder, Lauri Scon 52 Pine Drive Roanoke Rapids, MC 27870 Crowder, Lisa Martc Route 1 Box 29. Charioitcsville VA 22901 Crowe, Rebecca llene 120 Falcon Drive Charlottesville. VA 22901 Crowell, John Sheffield 3008 Fox Den l nc Oakion. VA 22124 Crowson, Gregory Phillips PO, Box 321 Sanlord MC 27330 Crum, Joel Andrew 104 Bhdle Run. Chapel Hill. MC 27514 Crusan. Chris Andrew 617-D Tracy Drive. Trails End Apartments, Buri- ington, MC 27215 Cruse, (Tcderick Robert 206 McAtthur Drive, Jacksonville, PIC 28540 Cubell, Darren M. PO, Box 1185, 105 S, Williamson Avenue. Elon Col- lege. MC 27244 Cuda, Ferry Prank 105 Mikel Court, Summerville. SC 29483 Culberson, Barry Lynn 414 W, 10th St., Siler City, MC 27344 Culverhou»e, Susan Amber 408 Edney Rldgc Road. Qreenstwro nc 27408 Cummings. Denisc Marie 5202 Brookmede Road. Ellicoll City. MD 21043 Cummings, Kevin John 1508 Htddenbrook Drive, Herndon, VA 22070 Cummings, Mancy Lee 318 Miilcrest Avenue, Buriington. MC 27215 Cunningham, Heather Anne 905 ClittonbrooK Lane. Silver Spring, MD 20904 Currin. Martin Long 521 Staffordshire Road. Winston-Salem, MC 27104 Currin. Melll Vann 6612 Secret Drive Raleigh, MC 276U Curry, Clinton Moul 2403 Beekay Court. Vienna, VA 22180 Curry. DJannah Cassandra PO, Box 4072. 405 Florence Street. Buriing- ton, MC 27215 Curry. Kevin John V07 Orange Drive, Elon College, MC 27244 Curtis, James Michael 2805 Alamance Road, Burlington. MC 27244 Cxagas. Matthew PranK Route 9 Box 240, Burlington. MC 27215 D DIRE STRAITS DEWAR ' S DOM I no S D Alessandro, Lisa Karen 6902 Lavant Drive, Springfield. VA 22152 Dabbs. Fenny Sue 321 Molly Street, Buriington, MC 27215 Oaffron, Alice Alexander 2806 Thurioe Drive Richmond. VA 23235 Dahir Allda Jane 401 Chesapeake Drive, Great Falls, VA 22066 Dalrymple, Karen L. 3013 Oak Lynn Path. Virginia Beach. VA 23452 Daly Mancy Lee 2121 Ames Circle Morth, Chesapeake, VA 23321 DarKe, Mark Crawford 320 Anita Drive. Winston-Salem. MC 27104 Dance. Robert Anthony 1149 Valmire Dr Chesapeake, VA 23520 Daniel. Jeffrey Randolph 205 Peari Croft Road. Cherry Hill, PU 08034 Daniel, John Gregory 131 Rklgecrest Drive. Suffolk, VA 25434 Daniel. Robert Hoyt Route 3 Box 174A. Liberty. MC 27298 Daniel. Roger William 806 Russell . venue, Reidsville, MC 27520 Darden, Daphne Gail 1320 Pershing Court. Virginia Beach, VA 23456 Dartoch. Sandra ray 404 W. Pine Street. Graham. MC 27253 Daughtrey Ml. Walter Prank PO, Box 127. Courtland, VA 23837 Oaughtry. Bryan Phillip 13158 Brandon Way Road, Gaithersburg, MD 20878 Daughbry. David Watts 302 Tarton Trail, Southern Pines. MC 28387 Davenport. James Randal FO. Box 1202, Elon College. MC 27244 Davidson. Edward Walter 120 Midland Boulevard. Maplewcxxl. PU 07040 Davidson. Sara Ann 2625 Lawndale Road, Finksburg, MO 21048 Davidson. Walker Pranklin 900 6th Street Drive M,W., Hickory, MC 28601 Davidson. William Martin 119-0 Ivey Road, Qraham, MC 27255 Davis. Charles Randolph Route 1, Box 246, Rapidan, VA 22733 Davis. Gretchen Mave 2712 Cardinal Ridge Road Chariottesville, VA 22901 Davis. James Ritchie 500 East Main Street Tazewell, VA 24561 Davis. Jeffrey Abendroth 1084 Revere Street Fayettcvilie, MC 28504 Davis. JenrUfer Joyce PO. Box 257. Eureka. MC 27830 Davis. John Arthur 455 Williams Road. Suffolk. VA 25434 Davis. John Lawrence PO, Box 892, Wilkestmro MC 28697 Davis. John MaUiew 5819 tUiowles Drive S,W., Roanoke, VA 24018 Davis. Jonas Ward 204 Multjerry Street Henderson, MC 27536 Davis, Jonathan On FO. Box 1045, 206 Morth Molt Avenue, Elon Col- lege, MC 27244 Davis. Susan McMorrow 8810 Watllngton Road. Richmond. VA 25229 Davis. Ted Mash 17 Bufflehead Drive, Mooresville, MC 28115 Davis, Wendy Jo 18 Chowning Drive. Hampton. VA 25664 Dawson, Leela Jo 102 Forest Park Drive Forest VA 24521 Dawson, Pamela Belvin 6700 Carmon Road, Qibsonville, MC 27249 Dawson. Jr., Alexander A. 555 Beech Street, Kearny PU 07052 Day Alice Manette Route 4 Box 147, Buriington. MC 27215 Day Glenwood A. Route 1 Box 5K, Rougemont, MC 27572 Day, John Paul 9100 Millpond Valley Drive, McLean, VA 22102 Day Pamela Lorraine Lot n ' 7 1444 Durham Road, Roxboro. MC 27575 DeBiasl. Christopher Robert 1 Foxmere Drive. Richmond. VA 23253 Dellart, Karen Renee 150 Sherwood Drive, Blue Ridge. VA 24064 OePuy. John David 17 Cambridge Drive. Allendale, MJ 07401 DeStefano. Lisa Lynn PO, Box 780, Reidsville. MC 27320 Dean. Angela Maria Route 1. Box 154-E. Port Republic, VA 24471 Dean. Michael Shaun Route 4 Box 502, Elkton. VA 22827 DeartKjm, Oris Daniel 6015 Massau Drive, Springfield, VA 22152 Dcatrick. Diana Lynn 1509 Qrecnbriar Street, Buriington, PlC 27215 Deatrlck. William Jay 1509 Qrecnbriar Street, Burlington, MC 27215 Deese, Lori AnrK Route 7 Box 309, Martinsville, VA 24112 Deitz. William Rhyne FO, Box 1101, Elon College, MC 27244 Delia, rnncis Thomas 30 Landreth Lane. Bristol. PA 19007 Delia Fera, Mario Joe 24 Center Sttcet, Clifton. PU 07011 Demasters, Deborah Marie 452 Sharp Street Virginia Beach, VA 23452 Dcmpraey, Andrew Dlckerson 155 Bcechwood Drive, Franklin, VA 25851 Denault, Richard Patrick 932-B East Davis Street Burlington, MC 27215 Denton. Pamela Jeanne 2005 Walter Andrews Road, Qraham. MC 27253 Dcven, Elizabeth Ann 8212 Reservoir Road, Fulton. MD 20759 Devol, Kevin Gerard 3531 Quebec Street M.W., Washington DC 20016 Dew. Michael Brandon Bemiuda Run Box 827 Advance. MC 27006 DiPictro, Tony C. 390 1 Spencer Road, Rocky River OM 44 1 16 Dickerson, Anthony tewis Route 4 Box 42, Buriington, MC 27215 Dickson. Gwendolen Rene 3452 Mud Lick Road. Roanoke. VA 24018 Dignard, Renee Lynn 2156 Allenwood Road, Wall. MJ 07719 Dillon, Cynthia Ann 2112 Cheltenham Blvd,, Qreensboro, MC 27407 Dillon. Kevin Lee 648 Clcarvicw Drive Vinton. VA 24179 Dingle. Willis James 209 Morth I5th Street. Wilmington. MC 28401 Dlstasio. Lisa Marie 510 M. Ocean Blvd, Apt 405, Pompano Beach, PL 53062 Dix. Angela Dean Route 5 Box 191. Troutville. VA 24174 Dijion. Elizabeth Anne 5204 Rcmbert Drive, Raleigh. MC 27612 Dixon, George Fanning 1287 Ramona Avenue, Macon, QA 31201 Dobson. Elizabeth Ann 4205 Raleigh Road. Chesapeake. VA 25321 Dobson, Mancy Catherine 2423 Orangewood Drive. Durham, MC 27705 Dockrill, Chris G. 25 Somerset Street. Dartmouth Mova Scotia, Canada B2Y 4Q7 Dodson. David Henry 652 Dover Place. Danville. VA 24541 Doerrmann, Sharon Lynn 238 South Poplar Street. Qibtjstown. PO 08027 Dogan. David Bank 1103 Ashley Drive. Lynchburg. VA 24501 Dolan, Kelly Ann 1733 Pascal Place, Wall. PU 07719 Doltiver. Randolph Harold 5329 Trailway Drive, Rockvillc, MD 20855 Donahue. David Lawrence RR 1 Box 79. Eastham, MA 02642 Donegan, Lisa Ann 10422 Rosemont Drive, Laurel, MD 20707 Dorman, Susan Luanne 1104 Rowan Street. Dunn, MC 28554 Dorrestein, Ronald Moordewlerweg. 177 5812 De Ammcrsfoort. The Mcthertands Doss, Angela Dare 2811 McWnney Street. Buriington. MC 27215 Doss. Billy Scott 311 Sandy River Drive Danville, VA 24541 Doss, Delana Ann Route 1 Box 585 Maw River MC 27258 Doss. Michelle Denise Route 6 Box 409-M. Buriington. MC 27215 Doster. Donald Marken 2452 Stonington Rd., Dunwoody QA 30338 Doty. Leslie Ann 29 Hillside Court, Union Qap Village, Clinton, MJ 08809 Doughty. Mark Richard 722 Colgate Une, Mewark. DE 19711 Dove, Carol Lynette Route 7 Box 585, Buriington, MC 27215 Dover. Douglas Lee 1201 Runnymeade Lane, Chariotle. MC 28211 Downs. Jcffirey Allen 49 Princeton Drive, Mew Providence, PU 07974 Downs. Jennifer Lee Rd. 2 Box 400, Dover. DE 19901 Downs. John David R.D. 2 Box 400 Dover DE 19901 Doyle. Ann K. 306 East Lake Drive. Greensboro. MC 27401 Doyle, Kerry Anne 805 Drohomer Place. Baltimore. MD 21210 Drahcir, Angela Dare Davis 732 Trails End Apartments, Burlington. MC 27215 Drakeford, Robert Terry 3108 Cricketeer Drive, Chariorte. MC 28216 Dranttel, Elizabeth Mary 701 Beard Avenue. Mickam AFB. HI 96816 Draper. Benjamin Helm 3722 Abingdon Road, Chariotte, MC 28211 Dray John Patrick 6218 Kenlland Street, Springfield, VA 22150 Drewery, Scott McC all Box 5612 Qibsonville, MC 27249 Driscoll, John Anthony 26 Mcroke Lane. East Islip, MY 11750 Drtskill, James Michael 5348 Basilica Circle, Virginia Beach. VA 25464 Drum. Tracy Denise 628 Springdale Road West. Statesville, MC 28677 Drumheller, Kenneth Christian 1514 Helmsdale Drive, Richmond, VA 25255 Drummond. Deborah Anne 9 Trailridge Court. Potomac. MD 20854 Dubois. Keith Bryan 150 1 Taylors Point Road. Virginia Beach, VA 25454 Dudley, Kathryn Jayne 1005 Owensville Road, Chariottesville, VA 22901 Dudney Mancy Ann 5600 Whealon Place, Raleigh. MC 27609 Duffel, John P. 51 Mopewell Lane, Willingboro. MJ 08046 Dula. Douglas Brian 5 Forest Valley Court. Qrecnslwro, MC 27410 Duley Robert L. RED 1 Box 420 CI. Millers Lane, Manakln-Sabot. VA 25105 Dull, Virginia Anne 747 East 24th Street, Buena Vista. VA 24416 Duncan. John David 553 Cheek Lane, Qraham, MC 27255 Duncan. Jr., James Wallace 801 Stagecoach Trail, Greensboro. MC 27410 Dunham . Amy Moelle 431 Spill Rock Road. Syosset. PIY 11791 Dunn, Joseph Kyle Route 1 Box 250-X. Buriington, MC 27215 Dunn, Sonya Renee 225 Chartes Avenue, Asheboro, MC 27203 Dunovant, Withers Gill 513 Ellwood Drive. High Point MC 27260 Durham. Dallas Wesley 210 Old forest Creek Drive. Chapel Hill, nc 27514 Durham. Pamela Pierce Route 1. Box 85-A. Chapel Hill. MC 27514 Durham. Wyndolyn Owen 5527 Ryderwood Drive. Qreensboro, nC 27407 Ourkln, Robert McLaugtilin Haddlenfield Farm, Road 4. Dallas. PA 18612 Ouvall, Carrie Lyime 6251 Donegal Drive Oriando. FL 32619 Dykes. Melinda Michelle 37 Wedgewood Road, Chapel Hill, MC 27514 Dymond, Jr., John B. 74 Edgewood Circle, Chambersburg. f-A 17201 Dyson. Richard Elmore 1000 Dawnwood Drive. Midlothian. VA 23113 E ELOn EARTH QUAKE EDDIE MURPHY Cackles, Terry Lee Route 1 Bo 244. Luray. VA 22833 Eaton. Carol RuUi Route 1 Box 4. Mouth of Wilson. VA 24163 170 INDEX Eaton, Darrin Lee 2069 Kedge Drive. Vienna, VA 22180 Eaton, Pamela Lynn 4312 Wheatland Court, Winston-Salem, nc 27107 Cberle, Karen Blair 37 Ruckman Road, Woodcllff Lake, ru 07675 Echols, eUzabcth Ann 2X09 Cherr Avenue, Huntington. WV 25701 Cckier, Michelle Marie 5710 Meming Avenue, Springfield, VA 22151 Edmonds. Christian Bruce 4608 Rivcrshore Road, fortsmouth VA 23703 Edmonds, Connie Elisabeth 4408 Miilpoint Road. Greensboro MC 27406 Edwards, Cindy Lynn Route 1 Box 362, Harmony, nc 28634 Edwards. James Woodson 215 Qlen Eagle Road East. Statesville, PIC 28677 Edwards. John Jordan 2617 Oberitn Rd., Raleigh. MC 27608 Edwards. Michael Charles 2429 new Orleans Street Grcenslwro, PIC 27406 Edwards, Thomas Demonce Rt. 6. Bos 293, Hillsborough, ric 27278 Edwards. William Sandford Route 6 QOx 215. Laurinburg, MC 28352 Eger, Deborah 5 Wagon Wheel Une, Dix Hills. MY 11746 Eggleston. James irtiy Route 3, Box 188, Ridgeway, VA 24148 Chlere, Joshua John 3001 South rietcher Avenue, rernandina Beach rL 32034 Elder. Martha 533 Parkview Drive, Burlington, MC 27215 Eklridge. Katy Evelyn 5229 Ampthill Drive. Alexandria. VA 22312 CIdrtdge. Kirk Andrew Bear Creek Camp, Box 284, Bear Creek PA 92663 Eldridgc. Wray C. 10100 Christlano Drive, Glenallen, VA 23060 Ellington, Marshall Rand 114 West McAden Street, Graham, MC 27253 Ellington, Virginia Beth 2915 Blanche Drive, Burlington, MC 27215 Elliott Eric Meli 4508 Bedfordshire Drive. Qastonia. MC 28054 Elliott. Gregory Scott RD 4 Box 780, Letianon, PA 17042 Elliott, Lisa Lynnette 115 Forest Mill Street, Clariisville. VA 23927 Ellis. Christopher Randolph 9801 Channing Circle, Richmond, VA 23235 Ellis. Elizabeth Irene 124 West Spring St., Woodstock, VA 22664 Ellis, Mary Marguerite 6034 Rittcnhouse Road. Winston-Salem, MC 27104 Ellis, Mat Dean PO- Box 67, Hillsborough, MC 27278 Elmore. Slacey Whitaker 1301 Bogart Street. Greensboro. MC 27405 Embrey. Brenda Lynn 10309 Gary Road, Potomac, MD 20854 Emerson, Angrid Marquetta Route 3, Box 135, Highway 64 West, Pitts- boro. MC 27312 Emerson, Lisa Monique 702 Morth 5th Avenue, Siler City. MC 27344 Emery, Morman David 2604 Westminster Drive, Wilson, MC 27893 EngkvisL Mancy Lynn PO. Box 497, Sunapee. MH 03782 Cngle, Lisa Kaye 3012-B Ordway Drive MorthwesL Roanoke, VA 24017 Engle, Michelle Monique Route 2 Box 609 B, White Plains. MD 20695 English. James Edward Route 3 Box 436, Gretna, VA 24557 Eppard. James Chi topher 9917 Woodbum Road, Silver Spring, MD 20901 Epperson. Tamara Lynn 5603 Canterbury Lane, Suffolk, VA 23435 Ernst, Pamela Sue 230 Younger Road. Roxboro, MC 27573 Essen, Alice M arlan 601 Morth Main Street, Graham, MC 27253 Essick. Chrisdna Lynn Route 4 Box 441, Lexington. MC 27292 Essman. Melissa Ann 656 18th Avenue Mottheast. Saint Petersburg, PL 33704 Ester. Allison Lci Hunt 1628 Rollingwood Road. Buriington. MC 27215 Ester, Andrea Alane 3019 Porestdale Drive, Buriington, MC 27215 Ester, Luanne Miller 3019 forestdale Drive. Buriington, MC 27215 Esters, Laconlal Reni Route 2 Box 487-A. Saint Pauls. MC 28584 Euliss. Donna Lucille Route 2 Box lOO-D. Snow Camp, MC 27349 Eurc. Janet Lynn 135 Dale Circle, PrankJin, VA 23851 Eure, Lisa C. 4303 Manchester Road. Portsmouth. VA 23703 Evans. Amy Elizabeth 351 Maplewood Drive. Eden, MC 27288 Evans, Edward Leonard PO. Box 156, Ffafflown, MC 27040 Evans, James Herbert 1107 Walker Drive. Kinston, MC 28501 Evans, larry Reeves 2203 Somers Avenue, Buriington. MC 27215 Evans. Linda M. 2203 Somers Avenue. Buriington. MC 27215 Evans, Mancy Caroline Hesbttt 351 Maplewood Drive, Eden, MC 27288 Cvaits, Rene Yvonne P.O. Box 295, Mebane, MC 27302 Evans, Rodney Cedric 807 Carver Street, Buriington, MC 27215 Evans, Russell Route 2 Box 184, Society Hill, SC 29593 Evans, Stephen Glenn Route 9 Box 286, Reidsville, MC 27320 Evans, Teresa Lowry 10 Hodges Drive. Hampton. VA 23666 Everett. John Clinton 10 Sycamore Hill Road, Bemardsville, Mj 07924 Everett. Patricia Katherine Bodnar 1803 Haniet Drive. Buriington MC 27215 Everette, Maiy Taylor 3131 Kirmamon Road, Winston-Salem, MC 27104 Everlcigh. ttfinifircd Anne 73 Shannon Drive. Mewport Mews, VA 25602 Evory, Daniel E. 2113 Somers Avenue. Buriington, MC 27215 Cwell, Michele Renee 119 Burton SU-eet, Georgetown, DE 19947 EyI. Katherine H. 2019 South Mebane Street, Apt. 732 E, Buriington, MC 27215 r FLOODS FOOTBALL FIME ARTS CEMTER Pabbri. Daniel A. 208 Summer Avenue. Landisville, MJ 08326 fall, Teresa Ann Ferry Route 2 Box 187, Snow Camp, MC 27349 Palrchild, Anthony Ryan PO. Box 366. Taylorsville. MC 28681 Paircloth. Michael Edward Route 13 Box 643, Arnold Road, Lexington MC 27292 Fancourt. Scott 2701 West Market Street, Greensboro, MC 27403 Pare, Loren James 5603 Holford Lane, Sprin eld. VA 22152 Pargis. Victoria Halth Box 31, Altamahaw, MC 27202 Parlcss, Ellzal eth Ann 403 Mob Court. Portsmouth, VA 23701 Parmer. Timothy David 11924 Heathmere Crescent. Midlothian, VA 23113 rarrell. Peter Gilbert Box 124, Afton, VA 22920 Panington, Rebecca Ward PO, Box 341, Graham, MC 27253 rarringlon, Susan Lee PO, Box 341, Ivey Road. Graham, MC 27253 rarrior Christian Isaac PO. Box 904, Qibsonville, MC 27249 Parson II. Charies Henry 5467 Gloucester Road, Columbia. MD 21044 Paulkncr. Jeffrey Scott 304 Aloha Drive, Graham, MC 27253 Paxon, Jodl Lyn 400 Quai! Hollow Drive. Forest. VA 24551 Pearrington. Darius Molan PO, Box 203, Mebane, MC 27302 Peather. Stephanie Renee 114 Hillcrest Drive. Rocky Mount, VA 24151 Peldman, Beth Manette 7700 ivymount Tenace, Potomac, MD 20854 Pennell. Mary Elizabeth 12106 Hitching Post Une, Rockville. MD 20852 Pennell, Mancy Estelle 12106 Hitching Post Une, Rockville. MD 20852 Penbress, Patricia Anne 1013 Staceywood Court, Virginia Beach. VA 23452 Perence. Kenneth Edward 1415 Celesta Court, Vienna, VA 22180 Ferguson, Amy Sue Route 6 Box 166. Reidsville, MC 27320 Ferguson. Michael Pranklin 607 West 6th Street, Slier City, MC 27344 Ferguson. Shiriey York 2116 Huntington Road, Buriington, MC 27215 Perm, Jordan Daniel PO, Box 309, Claymont, DE 19703 Perrell, Michael Lewis I09-A Morth Hills Court, Danville VA 24541 Ferrell, Timothy Wade 109-A Morch Hills Court, Danville, VA 24541 Field, Warren Christopher PO. Box 42, Massey MD 21650 Pincher, Maria Kandounas 3302 South Mebane, Burlington, MC 27215 Finger, Eleanor Ford 1701 King Mountain Road. Chariottesvllle, VA 22901 nnley. Jane Elizabeth 3000 Rea Road, Matthews, MC 28105 Plnn, Bonnie Carol 8108 Wellington Rd., Alexandria, VA 22308 Finnegan. Clare Ann 20 Bussing Court, Timonium, MD 21093 PioretU. Bruce Robert 626 Atlantic Avenue, Point Pleasant, MJ 08742 Fischer. James Burden 1800 Karleton Place, St. Petersburg, FL 33712 Fitzgerald. Jeffrey Joe PO, Box 1215, Elon College. MC 27244 ntzgerald, Joseph Dominich 3005 Rose Avenue, Americus, QA 31709 Fitzgerald, Lamtjert Antonio 207 Booker Street. Lexington, MC 27292 Fitzgerald, Michael Alan 416 Courtland Drive. Eton College, MC 27244 Fitzgerald, Robin Adams 4204 Dogwood Drive, Qreenstxjro, MC 27410 Plagg, Criste Margaret 102 Squirrel Tree Une, Mt. Uurel, MJ 08054 riake. Jr., Sidney Lester P.O. Box 1044. Elon College, MC 27244 Fleming, Melanie Anne Route 1, Box 6110. Mount Jackson, VA 22842 Fleming. Stephanie Devault 19 Roslyn Drive, Buriington, MC 27215 Fleming. Susan Ariene Route 2 Box 166D, Haw River, MC 27258 Flint. Mark Crandal 800 Parkview Avenue, Martinsville. VA 24112 flora, Melissa Ross 7258 Buriington Road, Whitsett, MC 27377 noumoy, John Scott 1905 York Street, tension, MC 28501 Floumoy. Jr., John Byron 1300 Maywood Road, Richmond, VA 23229 Floyd. John Dowlfng 3504 Westridge Circle Drive. Rocky Mount. MC 27801 Flynt, Molly BosUc 513 Patrick Street, Eden, MC 27288 Fogal. Karin Lynn 4580 Urch Drive, Harrisburg, FA 17109 Fogleman, Todd David 3043 Mariborough Road, Buriington, MC 27215 Foltz, Michael Scott Route 1 Box 365. Shenandoah, VA 22849 Forbes, Sarah Elizabeth 3716 Manor Drive, Greensboro, MC 27403 Ford, Christopher Scott 2114 Holborn Road, Wilmington, DE 19808 Ford, Joseph Lee 430K Grove Street. Winston- Salem. MC 27105 Foreman IIL Edgar David 0330 Mockingbird Pond Court, Burke, VA 22015 Forsberg, Fred Clay 1417 Buckingham Avenue, Morfolk, VA 23508 Forshier, Christopher Todd 6022 Ticonderoga Court, Burke, VA 22015 Forturta, Patricia Anne 1419 Westshire Une, Richmond, VA 23233 Foster. Beth Ann 6121 Rockwell Court, Burke, VA 22015 Poster, Daniel Morgan 9237 Snow Shoe Lane. Columbia, MD 21045 Poster, Jon Blair 815 Oakwood Drive, Eden, MC 27288 Foster, Lester Leon PO. Box 977 Walker Road, Elon College, MC 27244 Foust, Cassie BosUck Route 7, Box 277, Buriington, MC 27215 Foust, Sharon Elizat cth PO. Box 65. McLeansville. MC 27301 Fowler. Charies Childrey 461 Maple Une. Danville. VA 24541 Pox. Teresa Braxton 120 Albany Street " SI, Graham, MC 27253 Fox III. Edward Caspar 2026 Marine Parkway, Mew Port Richey, PL 33552 Foxx, Robert C. 206 Joanne Drive, Linwood, MJ 08221 Frakes. Jacqueline Ura 1428 Jerrold Place. Crofton. MD 21114 rtancls, Christopher Owen 500 Qaskin Circle. Virginia Beach. VA 23464 Francis, Oenise Dianne 10205 Three Chopt Road, Richmond, VA 23233 Frank. Anne Elizabeth 1026 Tweedbrook Road, Wilmiongton, DE 19810 Franklin. Lewis Gregory 832 Rumar Road, Graham, MC 27255 Prankiin, Ronald Lee 501 Cast Graham Street, Mebane, MC 27302 Prazee. Kecia Jo 5078 Bunch Road, Summerfleld, MC 27558 Frazier. William Forterfleld 4609 Dcmby Drive, Fairfax, VA 22032 Frederick, Bryan Steven Route 1 Box 28 -A. Warsaw, MC 28398 Frederick, Rex Scott PO. Box 1201, Hitlstxirough. MC 27278 rtediani, Paul Anthony PO. Box 751. 739 Z. Haggard Ave.. Elon Col- lege. MC 27244 Fredrick, Jonathan Alan 521 Fordham Road. Woodbury Heights MJ 08097 Freeman. David Hedrick Route 10 Box 244 F Hickor ' , MC 28601 Freeman. Jonathan Andrews 4902-A Tower Road, Greensboro, MC 27410 Freeman, ctoria Anne 1767 Gyro Drive, Winston-Salem. MC 27107 Prick, Cynthia Anne 41 Winding Way Plemington. MJ 08822 Frich, Jennifer Lynn 41 Winding Way Flemington, MJ 08822 Prick, Linda Marie 14721 Springfield Road. Qermantown, MD 20874 Prick, Lori Anne 14721 Springfield Road, Germantown, MD 20874 Pritts, Mary Anne Phillips Route 4 Box 734. Mebane, MC 27302 Fugmann. Lorraine 103 Timt eriakc Drive, Elon College, MC 27244 Fuller, Derek Keith 2889 Chaucer Drive. Atlanta. QA 30311 Funderburi . Cari Lawrence 711 M, Atlantic Drive, Untana, PL 33462 Puquay, Martha Ruth PO. Bok 651, Elon College. MC 27244 Furby, Rodney Brent 19 Vail Place. Morristown, MJ 07960 Purr, Sara Marcella 909 Central Avenue, Buriington, MC 27215 G GROUPiDBREAKiriG GEHEVA SUMMIT GERALD FORD Gaddy, Anna Marie Route 2 Box 354-D. Saint Pauls, MC 28384 Gaffney, David Mark 5704 Buckingham Palace Court. Alexandria. VA 22310 Gagnon, Maureen Elizabeth 2207 Westover Terrace. Buriington MC 27215 Gaines, James Kent 210 Wittington Blvd.. Alexandria, VA 22308 Qalbraith, James Dwlght 5918 Beechwood Drive, Mechanics Wile VA 23111 Gallbraith. MI, William Ayers 2001 Selkiris. Road, Greensboro MC 27410 Gallagher. Leslie Ann 10851 Meadowland Drive, Oakton, VA 22124 Gallagher. Shawn Marie 4140 Presidential Drive, Ufayette Hill, PA 19444 Gamble. Gretchen Ann 6208 Zekan Une, Springfield. VA 22150 Ganim. Khalil Mike PO. Box 818. Elon College, MC 27244 Gann, Jeffirey Macon 1510 ML Hope Church Road, McLeansville MC 27301 Gant. Jr., David Alexander 413 Green Street. Buriington, MC 27215 Garcia, Michael Joseph 1706 Wtlmart Street, Rockville, MD 20852 Garcia, Roberto Sleiro 9808 Brightlea Drive, Vienna, VA 22180 Gardner. Elizabeth Ann 4211 Witherow Road. Winston-Salem. MC 27106 Garrett Daniel Monroe Route 1 Bok 74, Liberty, MC 27238 Garrett, Richard Vance 3 HasleU Way. Wilmington, DE 19807 Garrity, James Joseph 704 Spring Street, Gary, MC 27511 Garvey. Christopher »8 Sheridan Place, Elon College, MC 27244 Garvey, Curtis Anthony 3507 Devonshire Drive, Baltimore. MD 21215 Gaskill. Patricia Lee Route 7 Box 96, Buriington, MC 27215 Gass, Cathryn Rosalie 7 Treetop Road, Ellington, CT 06029 Qastineau, John William 409 Lyons Road, Chapel Hill. MC 27514 Qauldin, Melinda Caioline 223 Grant Street. Eden, MC 27288 Gauldin. Teresa Dean Box lOO-B, Warfield, VA 23889 Gee. Xylda Wright Route 3 Box 190. Elon College. MC 27244 Genshaw, David C. 500 Mylon Boulevard. Seaford, DE 19973 Gentry. Adron Manly 2145 Woodland Avenue, Buriington, MC 27215 Gentry, Janet Une 220 Harden Street. Buriington, MC 27215 Gentry, Jefferey Duane PO. Box 4064 Qlen Raven. MC 27215 Gentry. Lelia Renee Route 3 Box 63-A. Roxboro. MC 27573 Gentry. Melisa Carroll 4733 Moser Une, Buriington. MC 27215 Gerglc, Jeffrey Mark 1398 Fox Glen Road, hummelstown, FA 17036 Gess, Glenn Randolph 395 Roberts Drive, Somerdale, MJ 08083 Git son. Crystal Elaine The Brittany Apt, " Ze. Buriington, MC 27215 Gibson, Ronald Wade 512 Allen Court. Emporia, VA 25847 Giguere, Sally Route 1 Box 11, Bryans Road, MD 20616 Gilt ert, Anthony Christa 21 Carison Avenue. Danville, VA 24541 Giles, Joseph William 901 South Kershaw Street, YoiK PA 17402 Gill. Jane Andrea 5032 BroKen Saddle Une, Chariotte. MC 28226 Gilliam, Angela Lee Route 5 Box 351. Apex, MC 27502 GillHand, Danrcll Alan 816 Deary Une, Virginia Beach, VA 23451 Gflllsple, Heather Lee 218 Woodland Avenue, Lynchburg. VA 24503 Gilmore. Joel Stuart 2515 Hitchcock Dr.. Durham, MC 27705 Giovine, Annmarie Celeste 665 Bancroft Road, Brick, MJ 08723 Girone, Andrew 2412 Rollinghlll Road, Fayetteville, MC 28504 Girton, Jeffirey Andrew 907 McClain Street, Fredericksburg. VA 22401 Givens. Ellery Troy 1501 Qlenridge Road, Greenstwro, MC 27405 Gladden, Raymond F. Route 2 Box 210, Rougemont, MC 27572 Glass, Douglas Williamson 1901D Malone Road, Oak Tree Village Apartjnents, Buriington. MC 27215 Glass, Earnest Edward 522 Wtmbish Drive, Danville, VA 24541 Glass, Uura Binford 3130 Undon Street, Lynchburg, VA 24503 Gleeson, Lloyd Matthew 7075 Leestone Street, Springfield, VA 22151 Glenn, William Bailey 712 Lankashirc Road. Wlnston-Salem, MC 27106 Glover. Urry Route 1 Box 319P Hope Mills, MC 28548 Qnau, Phyllis Craven 706 Huffman Mill Road, Apt Q-6, Buriington, MC 27215 Gobble. Robin Leigh Route 3 Box 375 Lexington. MC 27292 Godfrey, Mildred Lloyd Route 1 Box 460. Metwne, MC 27302 Godfrey, Sue Ellen 489 The Fenway, River Edge. MJ 07661 Godsey, Ann CUzabcth 2511 Wildercroft Road, Midlothian, VA 23113 Godsey III. Everett Cari 2511 Wildercroft Road. Midlothian, VA 23113 Goff. Joseph Scott 801 Bowyer Lane, Lexington. VA 24450 Goggin. Elizabeth Ann 1840 Kanawha Drive, Stone Mountain, OA 30087 Goodman. Daniel 103 Powell Street. Snow Hill, MD 21863 Goodman. Jill Shepard P O. Box 1254, Rockingham, MC 28579 Goodman, Leon J, 837 Klmberiy Drive, Burlington, MC 27215 Goodnight Melanie Elizabeth 4102 Oakcliffe Road, Greensboro. MC 27406 Goodson, Beryamin Mege 1111 Chester Road. Winston-Salem, MC 27104 Goodson, Teresa Route 1 Box 412, Buriington, MC 27215 Goodwyn, Wilberi Junie P.O. Box 153. Disputants, VA 23842 Gordon, Andrew Helwig 14 West Maple Street, Alexandria. VA 22301 Gordon, Barbra Jane 81 Pelican Road, Middtctown, MJ 07748 Gordon, Beveriy Ann PO. Elox 1085, Elon College, MC 27244 Gordon, Lisa Patricia 1505 Buriingate Place, Buriington, MC 27215 Gorman. Mancy Kay 1105 Redfield Terrace, Dunwoody QA 50558 Gothorp, Sherrl Ann Route 10 Box 316, Buriington. MC 27215 Qoulas, Stephen Brett 79 Sleepy Hollow Drive, Asheville, MC 28805 INDEX 171 Grabowski, William Lee Bo 116 Big Spring Road, Califon. nu 07a50 Grace. Amy Clirabeth 911 Cedar Fork Trail Chapel MHl, flC 27514 Grace. Jr.. Gary Charles 1623 Weyburn Road, Baltimore, MD 21237 Grady, CInda Reriee 3129 Tmilt Drive, Burilngton MC 27215 Giady, David Earl 1205 River Road SufiolK V. 23434 Graham Isabella Margaret 204 Aloha Drive Graham PlC 27253 Graham Jultannc 90O Close ,Avenue Virginia Beach VA 23451 Graham, Thomas Andrew 716 Forest Farh Road, Oreal Falls, V 22066 Grant Thomas Benthall P.O. Box 155 Severn, HC 27377 Granlier Elizabeth Tracy 8645 ChocLaw Road, Richmond, VA 23235 Grasich, Gayle Ann 2801 Newquay Lane Richmond, VA 23236 Graves. Beth Thomas Route 6 Box 375 A, Burlington, nC 27215 Graves. Cheryl Lynn Route 2 Bo 148. Graham. NC 27253 Graves. Jamie Carol Route 3 Box 178. Graham. MC 27253 Graves. Klmberly Ann 10 East Olcn Road. Denvllle ru 07834 Graves. Lisa Ann Route 3 Box 465 Mebane MC 27302 Graves. Ruth tliiabeth Route 8 Box 370, Burlington. MC 27215 Gravett, Julie Ellen 4109 Pheasant Run Greensboro, MC 27408 Gravitt, Thomas Brooks 102 Stateside Drive, Chapel mil, nC 27514 Gravlln, Falrtcia Lynn 7108 ManKs Place, Springfield. VA 22153 Gray Barry Wamer 1904 Mai thorne Lane Buriington. nC 27215 Graybill. Amy Vaughan 2227 Ross Lane S.W., Roanoke, VA 24015 Greaves Robert Gardner 3612 Ontario Drive Prince George, VA 23875 Greaves IV, John Dale 3612 Ontario Drive, Prince George VA 23875 Green. Amanda Matalie 600 Sunset Drive High Point nc 27262 Green Randall Louis 2920 Maple Avenue, Burlington, MC 27215 Green II. James Livingston 2184 Woodland Avenue. Burilngton, MC 27215 Greene, Anthony Scott Route 3 Box 356, Mashvillc, NC 27856 Greene, Richard Arthur 419 Ashbum Street, Graham. NC 27253 Greenv ood, David rarrell Box 21, RD 3 Bisseii Road Lebanon, NJ 08a53 Greeson. Hoyt Lee Route 2 Box 258, Snow Camp. NC 27349 Greeson, Jackie Lynn 1611 Parham Drive, Graham, NC 27253 Gregory Michael Walter 516 Williamson Avenue Elon College, NC 27244 Griffin Cindy Danette 20 Sheridan Place, Elon College. NC 27244 Griffin James Kenneth Route 4 Box 364, Rcidsvltle, MC 27320 Griffin Robin Lynn 1616 Belvue Drive rorcst Mill. MD 21050 Griffith Amy Lynn 7913 St Dennis Drive, Springfield. VA 22153 Griffith, Robyn Sydnor 2502 Chimney House Court, Midlothian. VA 23113 Grigg, Jennie Morgan 7906 Bradley Blvd., Bethesda, MD 20817 Griggs, Kevin Scott Route 1 Box 400A, Burlington. NC 27215 Grimes, John Van 108 West I Street Mewton. NC 28658 Grimmer, David Clark 600 South Orange Street. Wallace. MC 28466 Griswold Amy Joanne 10 High Ridge Road Vernon. CT 06066 Griswold. Olga Marie 2717 Ten-ace Drive Burlington. MC 27215 Gros. Christopher Trancis 2315 Creek Drive, Alexandria. VA 22308 Grubbs, Ronald Scldcn 9617 Peppertree Drive. Richmond, VA 23255 Gude, David Warren 128 Carolina Avenue, Burlington, MC 27215 Gudinas, Lynne Christine 8629 Blackpool Drive, Annandale, VA 22003 Guenveur Edward La Penn 4913 Old Capitol Trail. Wilmington. DE 19808 Guiillams, Sharon Leiflh Route 1 Box 370, Rocky Mount, VA 24151 Guin Christopher Ross 230 Livermore Drive, rayettevillc, NC 28304 Gulley, Tina Taye Route 10 Box 178, Burilngton. NC 27215 Gumm, Ratherine Marie Route 1 Box 477-A. Maw River, MC 27258 Gunn, Craig Durand 425 Downing Drive. Danville, VA 24541 Gunter, Eriha Jean Route 4 Box 47-A, Burilngton, MC 27215 Gunter Scolt Andrew Route 3 Circle Drive. Lynchburg, VA 24504 Gupton, Tony Dewltt PO Box 921, Angler, MC 27501 Gurganus Richard Charlie 4005 Lochinvar Lane, Rocky Mount. MC 27801 Guss, David Michael 404 Collingwood Drive, Buriington, MC 27215 Guthrie, Maura Patricia Caldcr Square racility, PO. Box 10322, State College, FA 16805 Gutman, Stephen Lawrence 1305 Clarendon Drive. Greensboro. NC 27410 Gwallney. Cecil Ward 201 Moorefleld Drive. Smithfield, VA 23430 Gwaltney, Thomas Alan 808 Valley Street. Statesville, MC 28677 Gwynn. William Tyrone 134 Port McCoy Blvd., Reldsvlllc, NC 27320 n flALLEYS COMET HITATiDRUn MALLOWEEH Haas. Garth Brannur P.O. Box 1037. Elon College. MC 27244 Haase. Sean Michael 2122 Hempton Court, rallston, MD 21047 Haddad, David Xavler PO Box 114, 109 North O Kelly Avenue, Elon College MC 27244 Haddock. Mary Margaret 265 Shoreline Drive, New Bern. MC 28560 Haff. Anastasia M. PO. Box 295. Newburg MD 20664 Mager, Jr., George Washington 602 Foulh Road, Wilmington, DC 19803 Hagins. Kelly Ann 3013 Jason Drive Rocky Mount, NC 27801 Maire, Timothy Drake 674 Birchwood, Wyckon. NJ 07481 Halrston. Erie RCKhel 115 Roosevelt Street, Eden, MC 27288 nairston, Lisa Jeanlne 206 Charlie Street. Eden, NC 27288 Halrston, SUnley Carvell 1208 Irving Avenue. E Jen, NC 27288 Hallh, Ethel Mae PO Box 221 Meat Street, Elon College. NC 27244 Halth, Prank James PO Box 221 223 Meal Street. Elon College, NC 27244 Haley, John Gregory Route 3 Sherwood Eorest. Bassett, VA 24055 Haley, SUnley Kirk Route 2 Box 164. Pelham. MC 27511 Hall, Carolyn Martin Route 1 Box 36-i. Hurdle Mills. MC 27541 Hall, David Wayne 1201 Lakecrest Avenue High Point, NC 27260 Hall. Helen Wilde Route 3 Box 251, Elon College, NC 27244 Hall, James Keith Route 2 Box 170-A, Burlington, NC 27215 Hall, Keith Merie 523 South Williamson Avenue, Elon College. MC 272+4 Hall, Lauder Evans 1337 Village Road. Lot 37 Whitsett MC 27377 Hall. Todd Anderson 439 June Circle, Salem, VA 24153 Mall. William Andrew 422 Orandvlev Avenue Pitman, NJ 08071 Hallman, Craig Allen 1693 Saratoga Road, Potlstown. PA 19464 Hamby. Linda Vincent 1515 McCuiston Drive Burlington, NC 27215 Hamilton, Aaron Scott Apt- 11 A Old Well, Canboro, MC 27510 Hamilton, David William 107 Markham Road PO, Box 1218 Tryon, NC 28782 Hamilton, John Andrew Route 2 Box 429 A. Durham, NC 27705 Hamilton. Linda Lee P.O. Box 42 Urbanna. VA 23175 Hamilton. Lonnlc Sue R.D, •3, Volant, PA 16156 Hamilton, Robert Kirk 6713 tSnlghtswood Drive, ChariottC. MC 28226 Hammock, Ward B. 720 Febblebrook Drive, Raleigh NC 27609 Hammond. Elizabeth P.O. Box 421. Burilngton, NC 27215 Hammond, Eric Gardner 6475 Pine Forest Drive, Yori , SC 29745 Hammond, Thomas Scott Route 1 Box 649, Graham. NC 27253 HamricK. Mary Katheryn 805 West Redwood Road, Steriing, VA 22170 Hance, Elaine Holly 12 Pierce Road, Wilmington, DE 19803 Handy. Anthony Burch 409 Mountain Avenue, Roanoke, VA 24106 Hanes, David Brian 3640 Bunker Mill Drive, Roanoke. VA 24018 Hanford, Andrea Jane 304 Woodland Drive, Elon College. NC 27244 Hanford. Julie Edwlna P,0. Box 1564. 503 Alamance Road. Burlington. NC 27215 Hanford. Wendy Paige 1822 Hanford Road. Graham. NC 27253 Hanna, Maoml Elaine 1502 Bunker Mill Drive, Charlottesville. VA 22901 Mannan, Mary Elizabeth 5215 Acacia Avenue, Bcthesda, MD 20814 Hansen. Elizabeth Dent 6652 Madison McLean Drive, McLean, VA 22 1 01 Hardie, Deanna Rae Route 8 Box 451. Burlington, NC 27215 Hardie, Jr.. Thomas Edward PO. Box 2356, Martinsville, VA 24113 Hardin. Jack Thomas 44 Cedar Drive. Steriing. VA 22170 Hardin, Jeff Thomas 44 Cedar Drive, Steriing, VA 22170 Hardin, Sabrah Barber P,0. Box 1393, Liberty NC 27298 Hardin, William Ernest P.O. Box 1711, Dunn, NC 28334 Hardy, James Wesley 915 Ada Street, Buriington, NC 27215 Hardy. William fltzgerald 1602 East 21st Street, Winston-Salem, NC 27105 Hargrove, Melissa Layne 404 Oakgrove Drive, Graham, NC 27253 Harkins, Marie Therese 8 Mansell Road, Murray Mill. NJ 07974 Harlow. Stephen Sean 59 High Point Drive. Thornton, PA 19373 Harper, Martha Lou PO. Box 516 Elon College, MC 27244 Harper, Mancy Ann 1054 Swathmore Drive M,W., Atlanta, GA 30327 Harrell. Wendl Brooke Route 3 Box 197, Emporia, VA 23847 Harrelson, Michael Keith 201 Fort McCoy Road. Reidsvllle. NC 27320 Harris. Adricnne Alice 3314 Broughton Drive, Durham, NC 27704 Harris. Garth Ouerrant 1020 Corn Tassel Trail, Martinsville. VA 24112 Harris. Gregory Wade Route 2 Box 107, Filtsboro. MC 27312 Harris, Jane Loudell 413 S, Morgan Street. Roxboro NC 27573 Harris, Lisa Gayle F.O, Box 565, Rocky Mount. VA 24151 Harris. Mark Jarvls 5724 Morganton Road, rayetteville, NC 28304 Harris, Paul Christopher Route 2 Box 174, Clarksville, VA 23927 Harris, Thomas Lamont Route 3, Box 126, Wendell, NC 27591 Harris, Troy Victor 404 Hillside Street, Rutherford, NC 28139 Harrison. Joel Greg Route 9 Country Lane, Winston -Salem. NC 27107 Harrison. John Raymond 3226 Longhom Road. Roanoke. VA 24018 Harrison, Richard Dale Route 1 Box 260. Westfleld, NC 27053 Harrison, Sheila Gall 1202 Blair StreeL Graham. NC 27253 Harrison, Tracy Scott 7415 Muirfield Road, Norfolk, VA 23505 Harrison. William Ernest F.O. Box 111, Warilcld. VA 23889 Hamip, Christy Leigh Route 3 Box 119, Emporia, VA 23847 Harry, John Courtenay 1101 Lake Point Lane SufTolk, VA 23434 Hart. Albert Joseph 9035 Dublin Road, Powell, OM 43065 Hart, Daniel Leigh 504 High Street. Salem, VA 24153 Hart, David Craig 1337 Village Road 20S, Whllsell. NC 27377 Hart. David Leighton Route 2 Box 674, Halifax. VA 24558 Hart, Lisa Marie 2301 Mack ChIcK Road S.E , Roanoke. VA 24014 Hart. Todd Christian 1427 Boyle Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15212 Hart. Traci Dcnise 707 North 9th Street. Mebane. MC 27302 Hart, Wanda Jean 818 North Ridge Street. Madison. NC 27025 Hartley, Linda Sue Route 9 Box 89-6, Burlington, NC 27215 Hartness, William Hunter 2020 Oakland Avenue. Henderson. NC 27536 Hartnett, Delrdre A. P.O. Box 4. Accomac, VA 23301 Hartsoe, Anne Rulledge PO Box 156, Chase City, VA 23924 Hartsoe. Larry Edward P.O. Box 156, Chase City, VA 23924 Hart2, Alec Ransone 301 Wood Road. Richmond. VA 23229 Hasbrouck. Jonathan Edward 96 Albert Street. Brick. NJ 08723 Hassard. Robert Clay P,0, Box 220854. ChariottC, NC 28222 Hatcher. Suzctte Barrett Route 2 Box 692, Roxboro. MC 27573 Haufler. Wayne J. 94 Ott er Road, Milton Mcaa Island. SC 299 Haug, Lisa Anne 7302 Austin Street, Annandale. VA 22003 Haught. Carole Elaine Route 2 Box 79, Eariysvllle, VA 22936 Haverfleld, Alden Pierce 2729 Rolling Hills Drive, Monroe NC 28110 Hawk. Teresa Lynn Route 1 Box 421. Haw River. MC 27258 Hawkins. Joan Marie Route 9 Box 344, Glen Allen. VA 23060 Hawkins. Mary Ashley 805 Silver Leaf Raleigh, MC 27609 Hawley, David Michael 1669 Banbury Drive rayetteville, NC 28304 Hawn. Beth Ellen 202 Commodore Drive, Hampton. VA 23669 Hayden. Jeannlne Grace 5 Dogwood Drive, Brookslde. NJ 07926 Hayden. Mark Radford 8000 Lahenheath Way, Potoniac MD 20854 Hayden. Jr. Reginald Philip PO- Box 121, King George, VA 22485 Hayes. Connie Lynn Route 1 Box 76, Brodnax. VA 23920 Hayes. Dorothy Ruth FO. Box 154, Henderson. NC 27536 Hayes, Kelly Marie 2403 Sagamore Court, Woodridge, VA 22192 Hayes, Kenneth Dewey 828 Kenwood Drive, Collins Park f 1 Buriing- ton NC 27215 Hayes. Kimt eriy Ann 16 Horizon Drive, Mendham, NJ 07945 Headen, Klmberiy Shawahn Route 3 Box 544, Pittsboro, NC 27312 Healander Julie Geralyn 4413 Buckthorn Court, Rockvillc, MD 20653 Heath. David Matthew 516 Bryan Lane Virginia Beach, VA 23452 Heath. Jr.. Frederick Theodore 31 25 Watergate Lane. Virginia Beach, VA 23452 Heberie, Laen Suzanne 7727 Comanche Drive, Richmond. VA 23225 Hedrick. Maynard Dale Route 1 Box 492, Glade Road. Wythcville, VA 24382 Helder Susan Masho 120 Albany Street Apt, " 36, Graham, NC 27253 Heisler Mary Catherine 206 South O Kelley Street, Elon College, MC 27244 HelfHch. Michael Leonard 2748 Mlddleton Avenue 16-D. Durtiam. NC 27705 Helms. Kenneth Hampton 8207 RIdgelea Court. Frederick. MD 21701 Helms. Lemuel riynn P.O. Box 1233. Mags Mead, NC 27959 Helms, Todd Alexander Route 4 Box 125. Marshvllle, MC 28103 Helmstetler, Tad Wrenn 300 Shoal Street. Lexington, NC 27292 Hembree. Zane Carroll 5312 Audrey Road. Greensboro, NC 27406 Henderson, Carol Elaine Route 1 Box 402. Yanceyville. NC 27379 Henderson, Karen Ann Route 1 Box 371 Elon College. NC 27244 Henderson. Pamela Shoe PO. Box 614, Qibsonville. NC 27249 Henderson. Peter Roy 25 Cresthaven Drive, Mew Windsor, MY 12550 Hendricks. Alt ert Stanley 146 Morth Street. Henderson, MC 27536 Henley, Michael Wayne PO, Box 1084, Clemmons. NC 27012 Henley II. Forest Donald P.O- Box 657, Collinsville. VA 24078 Henn, Carolyn Ann 873 falracres Avenue. West ield. MJ 07090 Henry. KelH Kathleen 410 Piedmont Avenue Box 2702. GIbsonville. NC 27249 Hensley, Mildred W. 2400 Blanche Drive, Buriington, NC 27215 Henson. Deborah Lynn Route 1. Vilas, NC 28692 Hentschel, Anthony Kyle Route 1, Box 644, Hickory, NC 28601 Hcrl ert. John Matthew 22 Forest Drive, Succasunna, NJ 07876 Herget. Melissa Ruth 24 Woodward Une. Lutherville. MD 21093 Hemdon, Eric Darnell 5666 Commanchc Street, Fayetievtlle, NC 28303 Hemdon, Mallsa Judith 43 West Main Street, Brookside. MJ 07926 Herndon, Nadtne l nn P.O, Box 3087, u.S, Embassy Mexico City. Lare- do T, 78041 Herrity. Michael Leo 7520 Berwick Court. Alexandria. VA 22310 Herttess. Loire Renee Route 1 Box 310-7A, Graham. NC 27253 Hess, Jacqueline Claire 210 South Washington. Moorestown. NJ 08057 Hess, Steven Dale 321 Messenauer Drive, Gallon, OH 44833 Hester. Rose Ann Route 2 Box 330, Elizabeth town, NC 28337 Hester, Stuart Looper F,0. Box 248. Waxhaw. MC 28173 Heston, George Smltheman Route 2 Box 715-A, Craig Road. Clinton, NY 13323 Hcyden. Thomas Edward 8701 Falkstone Lane, Alexandria, VA 23309 Hibbard. David Edward 10506 Thames Drive, Richmond, VA 23233 Hlckey, Reglna Elledge 812 S, Main Street Apt, 19, Reidsvllle, NC 27320 Hickman. Robert Elliott 1301 Sandpiper Court, Raleigh. NC 27609 Hicks. Robert Byron 737 Austin Lane, WinslonSalem. MC 27106 High, Robert Morton 123 Newbv Court, Rocky Mount. NC 27801 Hill, Almeda Ann 2031 Fox Run Road, Buriington, NC 27215 Hill, Ben Tracy 3668 Yadkinville Road, Winston-Salem, NC 27106 Hill, Gina Diane Sccarce Route 4 Box 105-M, Reidsvllle MC 27320 Hill, Kenneth Gregory 509 Foe Street. Wilson, NC 27893 Hill. Mkhaet James 242 Chapel Mill Road, Buriington. MC 27215 Hill. Terence Wayne Lambs Trailer Park, Camden, MC 27921 Hllllard, Todd Michael Route 1 Box 85, Morrisvtlle, NC 27560 Hinckley, Susan Ann RD 2 Box C-58, Sandy Hook. CT 06482 Hindman. Kimberly Cliiabcth 1623 Keogh Slrcct. Burlington, NC 27215 Hines. Christopher Alan 3203 Kenmore Road. Richmond, VA 23225 Hines. Darryl A, 185 Weir Street. Hempstead, NY 11550 Hines, Russell L. 419 Hampton Drive. Danville, VA 24540 HInshaw, Anthony Lamar 2430 Orice Street, Burilngton, NC 27215 Htnshaw. Roger Neal Route 1 Box 233, Slier City. NC 27344 Mlnsley, Pamela Lynn 509 North 5th Street. Mebane. NC 27302 Hinte, Sondra Jean lOOJ Edgewood Road, Bluefleld, WV 24701 Hinton. Donna Coleman Route 3 Box 126-C, Burilngton, NC 27215 Hirschy. Ellrabeth Ann 8308 Crown Court Road, Alexandria, VA 22308 HIzaroglu. Denlse 204 Mart ham Street. Buriington, NC 27215 Hobauflh. Phil 43 East Mew Street. Rockaway NJ 07866 Hobson. Michael Campbell 5826 Whitebud Drive, Raleigh, NC 27609 Hockett, Deborah Carol Route 5 Box 69. Ashcboro, NC 27203 Hodges, Brenda Sue Route 1 Box 392, Rldgeway VA 24148 Hodgin. Charies Larry Route 8 Box 425-A, Reidsvllle, NC 27320 Hoffman, Heather Lee 9297 Kilby Qlen Drive, Vienna, VA 22180 Hoffhian. Robert Whitney 1434 Cliff Road. Asheboro, NC 27203 Hogan. Kenneth Phillip 5705 Bramblcgate Drive, Greensboro, MC 27409 Holden, Pamela Paige Route 4 Box 550. Easton. MD 21601 Holdford III, Roy Raymond PO. Box 86. Elon College. MC 27244 Holladay. Nina Holtlday 116 Trail One, Buriington, MC 27215 Holland. Elizabeth Scott 104 Broadfleld Lane, Spotsylvania, VA 22553 Holland. Krissa Leigh 513 Saint Cl oud Drive. Statesville. MC 28677 Holland, Lisa Renee 1641 Ronald Drive, Suffolk, VA 73434 Holland. Paul Wesley 6721 Stuart Avenue, Richmond, VA 23226 Holland. Jr. John Elton 612 Meathfield Road. Richmond, VA 23229 Holland, Jr., John Phillip 106 Fxlisto Drive. Anderson, SC 29621 Molley, Chyrl Renee Route 1 Box 56, Henry, VA 24102 Holley. Randan Lee Route 1 Box 36, Henry, VA 24102 Holloway. Harry Francis Route 4 Box 380, Burilngton. NC 27215 Holloway, Horace Leon 419 Green Street. Roxboro, MC 27573 172 INDEX Holloway, John David Route 4 Box 580. Burlington, MC 27215 Holloway. Ruth S. Route 4 Box 580. Burtlngton, PIC 27215 Holmes. Vickl Ann P.O. Box 713, Elon College, nc 27244 Molt, Anthony Wayne 10424 Nelissa Mill Road. Richmond, VA 23235 Molt, Elizabeth Anne 410 South 3nd Street, Mebane, MC 27302 Holt, Qlenda Jo 913 L ura Duncan Road. Apex. MC 27502 Mood. Donna Marie 1223 ftanklin Street. Burlington. MC 27215 Hooker, Craig J. 28 Kent Street, Scltuate, MA 02066 Hooks. Jeffrey Louis 7 Hamilton Woods Court. River Mills. L,ake Wylie, SC 29710 HoovcT, Victoria Dawn 4212 Valjean Lane. Winston-Salem. MC 27107 Hopper. Daniel Dwayne Route 3 Box 330, Madtson, MC 27025 Home. James Dlilard 716-A Shawnee Drive, Buriington, MC 27215 Home. Mary Usa 1407 Qarfleld Road, Buriington. MC 27215 riome, Timothy Andrew 7506 Inzer Street Springfield, Va 22151 Homer, Bart ara Jean 15 B Roslyn Drive. Buriington, MC 27215 Homer. Lisa Rene Route 5 Box 81-A, Buriington. MC 27215 HomtcK. Bradley Clay 1523 Sycamore Drive, Qamer. MC 27529 Horsey, Lawrence Joseph 1420 Ski Lodge Road, Virginia Beach, VA 25456 Horsley. John David 4 Sheridan Place, Elon College, MC 27244 House, Joseph Todd 2105 Morth Ashland Drive, Burlington. MC 27215 Houston, Andrea Lynn 1525 Wedgedalc Avenue, Statesville. MC 28677 Houston, Anna Maria P.O. Box 4065, Hickory. MC 28603 Howard, Cmtly Cllrabeth 3410 Rose Lane. Tails Church, VA 22042 Howard. John rarrington 3410 Rose Lane. Falls Church. VA 22042 Howard, Mellnda 5552 Lancelot Drive, Petersbuig, VA 25805 Howard, Robert Scott P.O. Box 1016, 314 E. Haggard Avenue. Elon College, MC 27244 Howard. Rojeana Lynn 219 Moore Street, Thomasville, MC 27360 Howard, Tammie Lee 1506 Stalllngs Road, Durtiam. MC 27705 Howell. Amy Marie P.O. Box 2278. Suffolk. Va 23432 Howell, Bart ara Joanne 5104 Exeter Drive, Suffolk. VA 23454 Howell. Jr.. Matthew James 120 Tyler Crescent, West, Portsmouth. VA 23707 Howell, Thomas Payrte 228 West Brow Oval. Lookout Mountain, TM 57550 Howery, Brian rrands 9 Moon Coin Circle, Waldorf. MD 20601 Howie. Brett Gordon 831 Shady Oaks Road. West River. MD 20778 Tlowsden. Diana Lynn 501 Fleldstone Drive. Buriington. MC 27215 Howze. Joseph Andre Route 4 Box 559. Chester, SC 29706 Hoyie. John Winslow 206 Idof Drive. Thomasville. MC 27560 Huber, Cynthia Rollins 2608 Shannandale Drive, Stiver Spring, MD 20904 Huber , Susan Ann 10 Marmaduhe Court. Baldwin, MD 21013 Hudgins. Mary Anne 839 Smith Street Box 6008, Qibsonville, MC 27249 Hudler, Jamie Shawn 28 Carol Drive, Jacksonville, MC 28540 Hudson, Julie McCall 903 Ridgecrest Drive, Oreenstxjro, MC 27410 Huey Robert Bradley 9434 Qoldfteld Lane, Burke. VA 22015 Huff, Letitia Renee Route 4 Box 352-A, Roxtxiro, MC 27573 Hufflnes. KImberiy Denise Route 2 Box 575, Elon College. MC 27244 Huffinan, Jeffrey Harmon 1701 Mobbs Road, Greensboro. MC 27410 Huffman, Lisa Ann 2705 Campbell Road, Raleigh. MC 27606 Huffman, Rhonda Madren Route 1 Box 295, OlbsonvHte. MC 27249 Hughes, Bradley Shawn 159 Fleming Drive, Durtiam. MC 27712 Hughes. Catherine Melissa 121 Tarieton Avenue. Burlington, MC 27215 Hughes, Charies ik sler Box 54, Buckeystown. MD 21717 Hughes, Gerald Wayne 6-D BnDOkwood Garden Apts. Buriington, MC 27215 Hughes, Kenneth Todd 705 East View Drive, Ashetwro, MC 27205 Hughes. Paige Copeland Box 840 Bermuda Run, Advance. MC 27006 Hugus, Lisa Warrender 5600 Hereford Court, Alexandria, VA 22310 nulen, Jeffery Todd Route 1 Box 55, Salemburg, MC 28585 ttumphrey, Lauren Dawn 726 Lanham Place, Raleigh. MC 27609 Huntanar. Mark Felon 326 Richmond Drive, Fayettevllle, MC 28304 Hunter. Daniel Lee 2722 Catherine Drive. Buriington. MC 27215 Hunter. Klmbertey Allison 850 Bevlon Court, WInston-Salem, MC 27106 Hunter, Metlody Charisse 827 B Leonard Street. High Point. MC 27260 Hunter. Rkhard Lee Route 2 Box 91. Buriington. MC 27215 Husemeler, Mlcol Rose 200 Emerywood Court, Kemersville. MC 27284 tluskey, Mary Penny 516 West Front Street. Buriington, MC 27215 Hutelmyer. Joseph Peter 2304 Westover Terrace, Buriington, MC 27215 Ruther, Susan Elizabeth 2814 Galsworthy Drive, Winston -Salem. MC 27106 Hutton, Pred PraUier 1605 SL Francis Road. Greenst oro, MC 27408 Hulton, Ronald Hugh 420 Underwood Lane. Chapel Hill. MC 27514 Hyatt, William Duane 1265 Old Baltimore Pike, Mewark. DE 19713 Hyman, Ernest Thurman 117 Gibson Drive, Chesapeake, VA 25520 Isley, Mark Eugene Route 2 Box 100-A, Snow Camp, MC 27549 Isley, Scotty Wayne 211 Brightwood Church Road, Qibsonville, MC 27249 Itabashi, Ann Louise 1518 Melody Lane, Buriington. MC 27244 Ivey. Christopher Dale 1603 Wedgewood Drive, Graham, MC 27255 Ivey. George L. Route 3 Box 32, Mebane. MC 27502 ITZA PIZZA l.D. S ILIAD Imlay, Timothy James 2717 Bowling Green Drive, Vienna, VA 22180 Ingle. Debbie Long 1024 TutOe Drive. Graham, MC 27255 Ingotd. Christopher Edward 11 M. Maryland Avenue, Point Pleasant Beach. MJ 087 Ingold, Todd, Lloyd 2805 Van Moppen Road, Oreoisboro. MC 27406 Inman. Donald Lynn PO. Box 681. Plnehurst, MC 28574 Ifland. James Maxwell 511 East Pine Street, Graham, MC 27255 Isaac, Jill Lorraine PO. Box 1146. Elon College, MC 27244 Isley, Prank Eugene Route 6 Box 571. Buriington, MC 27215 taley, George MalachI Route 6 Box 573, Buriington. MC 27215 J JAMS JACUZZI JAGGED EDGE Jabari, t(amran T. Route 3 Box 89, Elon College, MC 27244 Jackson, George Allen P.O. Box 206, Martfleld, Va 25071 Jackson. Steven Michael Route 1 Box 786 Dunn, MC 28554 Jacobs, Donald Woodward 1801 South Quincy Street Ariinglon, VA 22204 Jakovics, G. Scott 414 Hucknall Court, Severna Parit, MD 21146 JandoU, Ronald M. 495 Mew Jersfry Avenue, Bricktown, MJ 08724 Janelle, Christopher Domintc 1212 Fairway Terrace, Rocky Mount, MC 27801 Janicello. Steven John 811 Trail One. Buriington. nc 27215 Janosko. Maryellen 5020 Shady Side Drive S.W., Roanoke, VA 24018 Jansen, Maria Magdatena Qroote Olven 4, 1851 ER Heiloo, The Mether- lands Jean-Bapdste. Rudy 1961 Rosemao- Hills Drive ' 5, Silver Spring, MD 20901 Jefferies, Charies Joseph 1138 South Church Street. Buriington. MC 27215 Jcfferles, William Theodore 420 West Front Street, Buriington. MC 27215 Jeffcrs, AMn Jonathan 1950-B Momlngstde Drive, Buriington, nc 27215 Jefferson, Darrin Alfonso Route 1 Box 181-M, Trenton SC 29847 Jefferson, Jr., Rot ert Franklin 3701 Mainsail Court, Virginia Beach, VA 25456 Jeffries. GertJe Atecla PO. Box 952. Hillsborough. MC 27278 Jenkins, Bonnie Suzanne 1122 Jefferson Road. Greenst oro, MC 27410 Jennings, Candace Beveriy 217 Ashtand Avenue, Cherry Mill, MJ 08005 Jennlrtgs. Jennifer Ann P.O. Box 1455. Buriington. MC 27215 Jennings. Jr., Maurice rteulJome 806 Tariton Avenue. Buriington. nC 27215 Jermyn, Douglas MacPariand 1105 Concord Drive, Haddonfield. Mj 08033 Jessee, Thomas Christopher P.O. Box 371, Let anon. VA 24266 Jeter, Clarence Alger Route 1. Box 47-W. Bowling Green, VA 22427 Jetter. Amy Beth 6533 Morth 29th Street. Ariington, VA 22215 Jewell, Prank Anthony Route 1 Box 166, Graham, MC 27255 JIviden. Ann Marie PO. Box 1136, Eton College, MC 27244 Johnson, Ber jamin Carter P.O. Box 17. Scdiey VA 25878 Johnson, Christy Lynn Route 4 Box 1247, High Point. MC 27263 Johnson, Clifford Leonard 6546 BallingerRoad, Greensboro, MC 27401 Johnson, Dale Francis 1 Magda Lane. Somerville, MJ 08876 Johnson, David Duane 1107 Geneva Road. Graham. MC 27255 Johnson. Denise Patton P.O. Box 179, Maw River. MC 27258 Johnson, Jeffrey Todd 10601 East independence Blvd., Lot 100, Mat- thews. MC 28105 Johnson, Karen Jo 1812 Pelting Court, Silver Sprtng, MD 20904 Johnson. Kelll Alexandria 1 10 LansdowneRoad, Wilmington. MC 28405 Johnson, Kendall Lee Route 5. 482-5 Wellvlew Drive. Madison Heights, VA 24572 Johnson. Lori Lynn PO. Box 8, Tar Heel. MC 28592 Johnson, Mark Bullard 7818 Mampden Lane. Bethesda, MD 20814 Johnson. Marsha Gall Route 1 Box 189, Siler City. MC 27544 Johnson. Patricia 258 Alpine Trail, Sparta, MJ 07871 Johnson, Patricia Sue 8004 Hamilton Lane, Alexandria. VA 22508 Johnson, PattI Jo Sherklan Place, Elon College, MC 27244 Johnson. Richard Scholl 5804 Devonshire Drive, Bethesda, MD 20816 Johnson. Robin Renee 248 White OaK Drive, Roxboro, MC 27573 Johnson III, Paul Thomas Box 749 Bermuda Run, Advance, MC 27006 Johnston. Gregory Dean 7635 Long Pine Drive, Springfield, VA 22151 Johnston. Stephen Richard 1312 South Church Street. Burlington, MC 27215 Jonas. Elizabeth Anne 12601 Oakhaven Drive, Chariotte. MC 28210 Jones, Anthony AMn 227 Greenwich Avenue. DanvlHe. VA 24540 Jones, Bradley Allen 5016 Dunmore Road. Baltimore, MD 21222 Jones, Cathy Marie 806 Oxford Street, Greensboro, MC 27406 Jones. Charles Andrew PO. Box 818, Elon College, MC 27244 Jones, Darren Preston Route 5, Box 262-A, Anderson Road, Buriington. MC 27215 Jones. David Lucas 445 Summit Avenue. Statesville. MC 28677 Jones. Dean Everette Route 1. Box 825. Wellford. SC 29385 Jones. Dennis Keith 704 Apple Street, Buriington, MC 27215 Jones. Donna O. 1311 East Joyner Street, Box 7205. Gibsonvllle. MC 27249 Jones. Oina Zwan 2928 Blanche Drive. Buriington, MC 27215 Jones, Jane Marie 4556 Mlddleton Lane. Bethesda, MD 20814 Jones, Jeanette Camilla 512 Christ! Lane, Kernersvitlc. MC 27284 Jones, Joni MIchele 14 London Lane, Mebane. MC 27502 Jones. Kari L. 5910 Shamel Street. Winston-Salem , MC 27105 Jones. Katherine Ann 5708 Santa Anita Terrace, Roanoke, VA 24012 Jones, KaUierine Conde 10401 Brink Road. Qermantown, MD 20874 Jones, Laura Fayc 507 Letcher Avenue. Lexington, VA 24450 Jones, Matthew Brent 36 Fashion Place, Durham, MC 27705 Jones, Michael Glenn 1900 Tucker Street, Buriington. NC 27215 Jones. Monica Ellen 1606 C Maplewood Lane. Qrcenst oro, MC 27407 Jones, Renee Allcen 42 Rice Drive. Charteslon, SC 29407 Jones, Rodney Uam Route 2 Box 125, Wlllard, MC 28478 Jones. Shane Edward 5201 Knollwood Drive Raleigh, MC 27609 Jones. Steven Craig 2608 Allen Jay Road, riigh Point. MC 27265 Jones, Susan Leigh 2407 Qarnctt Court, Vienna. VA 22180 Jones, Vondra Haith PO. Box 1895, Buriington, MC 27215 Joplin. Ellzat eth Jill 819 Westover Avenue, Morfolk, VA 25507 Jordan. Adralnne Thompson Route 5 Bo. 58. Mebane. MC 27502 Jordan, Autumn Leigh 5327 Belt Road Dover MJ 07801 Jordan, Kimt eriy Dawn 397 Edinburgh Drive, Buriington. MC 27215 Jordan. Philip Austin 4114 Davis Place M.W. Apt. 215 Washington, DC 20007 Jordan, Rodney Cartyle 2410 Rogers Court Graham. MC 27255 Joseph. Michael Charies 8611 Rayburn Road Bethesda. MD 20817 Joyce, Rol ert Kimball 28 Hampton Street Box 393, Stoneville, MC 27048 Justad. Maurine emille 42532 Morih Lake Drive Antioch. IL 60002 K KISSFM KEG KICK OUT Kalghn, Jeffrey Edward 101 Kingston Road, Parsippany. MJ 07054 Kain. Mary Margaret 5520 Mewport Court. Walnut Creek, CA 94598 Kale. John Francis 1121 Bradford Drive, Ft, Heasant, MJ 08742 Kamen, Eric Alexander 2342 Webber Street, Sarasota, FL 33579 Kapltula. Craig Alan 4005 Aijay Circle EIHcotl City. MD 21043 Karnes, Julie Lyn 13 Sheridan Place, Elon College MC 27244 Kasch. Sandra Lynn 204 Summit Hall Road. Qalthersburg. MD 20877 Kashner. Jr., Charies A. R.D. 1 Box 367 A Camden DE 19954 Kates, Karen Sue 1017 Highland Circle, BlacKsburq, VA 24060 Kayes, Henry M. 520 Eleventh Avenue Huntington. WV 25701 Kaylor. Susan Lea 1809 So. Quincy Street Ariington, VA 22204 Kealcy. Maria Lynn 9913 Old Annapolis Road. Ellicott City. MD 21045 Keating, Kimt erly L. 1407 Dove Drive. Virginia Beach, VA 25454 Keefe, Catherine Doris 5527 Laurel Court Falls Church, VA 22042 Kecley. Patrick Jude 557 Timberiakc Drive Melbourne fl 52955 Keels, Joycelyn Eve Route 1 Marshvilte, MC 28103 Kcclty. Philip Andrew 1007 Fallscroft Wa , Luthenillc. MD 21093 Kceton. John F-K 5812 Ridgeview Dr.. Durham. MC 27712 Kellam. John S. PO. Box 6057, Virginia Beach VA 23456 Kellam. Julie Spry PO. Box 6037, Virginia Beach VA 25456 Keller Connie Louise PO. Box 52, Elon College MC 27244 Keller, Jeffrey Brian 5105 Crossficid Court Apt. 7, Rockvlllc MD 20852 Kelley. Cheryl Ann Route 7 Box 138-B Oxford. MC 27565 Kelley. Diane Teal 319 Trail Eight. Buriington, MC 27215 Kellner. Lisa Marie 63 Old Farmers Road Long Valley, MJ 07853 Kelly Robert Richard 2155 Coy Street, Buriington, MC 27215 Kcmpton. Wanda Gail 212 Hempstead Road, Williamsburg, VA 25185 Kendrick, Benjamin Mewton 4237 Vacation Lane, Ariington. VA 22207 Kennedy. Blake Praaer 7201 Demens Drive South. Si. Petersburg, FL 55712 Kennedy. Gregory Scott 1411 Chesnee Drive, Wilson. MC 27895 Kennedy, Linda Ruth 255 Yacht Club Drive, RocKy River OM 44116 Kennedy, William Todd Route 6 Box 55-M, Buriington, MC 27215 Kenner, Kccla Louise 205A Jones Franklin Road. Raleigh, nc 27606 Renney, Michael Watkfns 42 Fairway Ridge. Clover, SC 29710 Kent, Teri Ann 701 Morth York Road Steriing. VA 22170 Kemodle, Barbara Sue 1412 Cedar Avenue. Buriington MC 27215 Kems. Blllle-Jo Moore 717 Windsor Street Burlington. MC 27215 Ketcham. Eleanor P.O. Box 63 Elon College. MC 27244 Ketner, Allison Cornelia 9 Knollwood Blvd., Morth Augusta, SC 29841 Kidwell. Jane Blanton 5459 Linda Lane S.W., Roanoke, VA 24018 Klley. Anne Kathleen 3621 Meifa Lane. Bowie, MD 20715 Kllgore, Jennifer Loube Box 204. Qwynedd Valley. PA 19437 Kllgore, Robyn Todd Box 204, Qwjuedd Valley, PA 19437 Kimble, Kathryn Renee 209 Forest Drive. Thomasville. MC 27360 KImmelman. Scott Godfrey 1012 Priory Place. McLean, VA 22101 KImrcy. Amy Sue 4442 Maple Avenue. Buriington, MC 27215 King. Barry T. PO. Box 3285. Roxboro, MC 27573 King, Carolyn Paige 815 Magnolia Street. Winston-Salem. MC 27103 King. Cynthia Cobb PO. Box 683, Elon College, MC 27244 King, David Aster PO. Box 120, Scagrove, MC 27341 King. Tamara Jean 4704 Brompton Drive, Greensboro. MC 27407 Klnner, Ron 425 Oakland Drive. Burlington, MC 27215 Kinney, Susan Boyies 600 W. Main Street Box 2805, Qibsonville, MC 27249 Rirchner, Christopher Patrick 4520 Saul Road. Kensington, MD 20895 KIser. John Roger 510 Belfletd Drive. Emporia. VA 25847 Kfvett. Brian Eugene 931 KImtwriy Road. Buriington. MC 27215 Klinkoskl, Kelly Jo Route 5 Box 955. Hudson, MC 28638 Kluksdahl, Brent Parret 511 Valleysdale Avenue. Salem. VA 24153 Knick, Roger Lee Route 7 Box lllC. Danville, VA 24540 Knight, David Wall 2127 Allison Court, Burlington. MC 27215 Knight, Michael C. 624 west Richardson Avenue. Summcrville. SC 29985 Knight, Ruth Caples 102 South llth Street. Mebane. MC 27302 Knox. Virginia Karen 1609 Ruffner Road. Alexandria. VA 22502 Koda. Phillip Michael 2379 Post Road. Darien. CT 06820 Koenlg, Ann Elizabeth 10508 Crown Poinl Court, Potomac. MO 20854 Kooncc, Julius Jethro 507-j Avalon Road. Qreenslwro. MC 27401 Koort, Peter Alan 5518 Council Grove Lane, Houston. TX 77088 Komcgay, Arthur Randall 1105 Geneva Albright Road. Graham. MC 27255 Komegay. Robert David 109 Forestvlew Drive, Elon College, MC 27244 Komegay. Rosalynn 109 Forestvlew Drive. Elon College, MC 27244 INDEX 173 S } S r:««i!»«S MeiWSS;r Kott Jacob Danl€l P.O Bo 40 12404 noKesville Road, nokesville. VA 22125 Kountls, RIU Marie 5009 Qarrctt Road, Durtiam, MC 27707 Kozuch, James Raymond 8025 Thomlcy Court. Beihesda, MD 20617 Krahe, John C. 1023 West 21, Erie. FA 16502 Krape. Gary Leiand 6006 Merry Vale Court Springfield, VA 22152 Krauss. Margaret Ann 803 Cli abcth Lane, Matthews hC 28105 Kuhn, Gary Jarnes 2435 Qranbv Road Wilmington DE 19810 Ruhns. Donald rranklin 209-r East McAden Street- Graham nc 27253 Kula. Lisa Ann 1484 emeT Road, cmc sv llc. MC 27284 Kurtz. Jay David 7013 Stone Court. Columbus, QA 51904 Kuruebom. Cdwin Paul 4-E College TowT e Apartments 739 East Mag- gard Avenue, Eton College. HC 27244 Ryker, Gary Cetfl Route 2. Box 210. Jcffereon, QA 50549 L LIGHTHOUSE LOnO-208 LEFTOVERS Lackey, Rathryn Adams 331 Islcy Avenue. Buriington, PIC 27215 Lacks, Rfckle Dale Route 2. Box 123, Chase City. VA 23924 Lacy. Christopher llnwood 1701 Headwaters. Mldtothian, VA 23113 Lahmcrs, Robert Eugene 1133 Sam Lee Road, Graham, nC 27253 Lamaskln. Marlt Andrew 10001 Raven Stone Court, Richmond VA 23233 Lamb. Patricia Marie 36 Stuart Drive. Dover. DE 19901 Lamb. Susan Boyd 2922 Amherst Avenue. Burttngton, PIC 27215 Lambcn, Mary Margaret 314 Dawn Avenue Woodstock, VA 22664 Landes. Ratherine Swink Box 8904 Qlbsonviilc. HC 27249 Landls, Cheryl Ann 409 Stonewall Jackson Road. Wilmington. PIC 28403 Landrum, Robert Dallas 3 White Pine Court. Wlmlngton. DE 19808 Lane, Da id Alien Route 9 Box 111 Burlington. PIC 27215 Lang. Sandra Elizabeth 21 The Helm. East Islip. HY 11730 Lange, Karen Ann 73 Overtillls Drive. Saint Louis. MO 63124 Langley, Dale rerrell 2553 Mydc Street. Buriington. P C 27215 Langpaul, Lynn Ann 11283 Inglish Mill Road, Great Falls, VA 22066 Lankford, Tammy Rente 607 South Scilars Mill Road. Buriington. nc 27215 Lanning. Raren R. 131 Random Lane. Buriington, MC 27215 Lanning, Michael E. 99 Dogwood Place. Shaw Air Eorce Base. SC 29 Lanphear, Lori Jane 600 Churchill Drive. Chapel riill. MC 27514 Lansdale, Stephanie J. 2715 Qlencroft Road, Vienna, VA 22180 Lashley, Kara Michele P.O. Box 762. Elon College. PIC 27244 Lassiter. Judith Rosanne Route 6, Box 116. Mcbanc. MC 27302 La Tour Jane Phillips Johnson 300 Ooggett Drive. Graham, PIC 27253 Lawlor. David Patrick PO. Box 106 Ashbum, VA 22011 Lawrence. Charles Gardner Route 3 Box 89. Elon College. HC 27215 Layne. Charlene Jean Route 3 Box 70. Bumpass. VA 23024 Lazenby. Jeffrey Lee Route 1 Box 86 Poster Road. Woodlcaf. PIC 27054 Le Page. Scott Joseph 4201 University Dirve. Fairfax. VA 22030 Leach. Chris Michael 1901 Old Stage Road. Alexandria, VA 22308 Leach, Duncan Mdver 1206 Wcslpoint Drive. Suffolk, VA 23434 Lead). Steven Drew 1805 Brisbane Street, Silver Spring, MD 20902 Leahy, Christopher Joseph 2155 Willoughby Avenue, Wantagh, PIY 11793 Leahy. Edward 7009 Beachmont Drive, Sykcsvllle. MD 21784 Leahy Joanna Fields 2705 Trail Six, Buriington, HC 27215 Leahy Mary Margaret 2059 West Lake Drive. Buriington. nc 27215 Leary. James Patrick 9918 Eldee Drive. Ellicott City. MD 21043 Lcatherman, Jimmy Scott 485 14th Avenue PIE., Pllckory. HC 28601 LeblarK, Robert Leron 7408 Rilcullen Drive, Matthews. nC 28205 Lee Brett Patrick 402 England Avenue, FuquayVarina, MC 27526 Lee, ChrisUne Maoml Route 3 Box 38, Littleton. nC 27850 Lee. Gregory Milton 5120 Maritxjnjugh Road Buriington, nC 27215 Lee. Joseph B. 412 l5evonshlre Lane Burlington. PIC 27215 Lee, Krista Rene 601 Ralntrec Drive, Matthews. nC 28105 Lee, Mark Edwards 221 Westvicw Park Drive. Rocky Mount, nC 27804 Lee, Meredith Michelle 402 England Avenue, FuquayVarina. PfC 27526 Lee. Patricia Sue 214 north St John Street. Buriington. MC 27215 Lee. Timothy George 620 W. Lynnshores Circle, Virginia Beach. VA 23452 Leifer Paul Eric 19 Pari Avenue. ManahawKln, PU 08050 Lenert, Jeffrey Thomas 3900 Pebt le Creek Road. Midlothian, VA 23113 Lent2, George Ray 2117 Walker Avenue, Buriington, MC 27215 Leonard. Jeffrey Todd 20 rioHy Crest Court, Greensboro. MC 27410 Leonard, Joel Antonio 207 Art or Drive, Lexington. MC 27292 Leslew1c2. Peter Charies 12 Halston Lane. Coram, PfY 11727 Lesmes. George Scott Route 1 Box 186, Purccllville, VA 22132 Leuschner. Rot ert Lee 102 Seattle Road. Mavat Air Station. Alamctla CA 94501 Levy, Scott Paul 818 MacArthur Drive. Pittsburgh, PA 15228 Lewis. Anne Marie 6119 Andrea Drive. Lakeland. FL 33803 Lewis. Barry Wayne 1815 Meese Road, Graham, MC 27253 Lewis. Christopher Route I. Box 380-A. Rocky Point. MC 28457 Lewis. G. Douglass 3825 Universtt Avenue M.W.. Washington, DC 20016 Lewis. Jamie Dee 1045 Elwood Street. Buriington, MC 27215 Lewis. Jr.. Jack Plathan PO. Box 1324. Elon College. MC 27244 Llndley Janice A. Route 6 Box 196-S. Buriington, MC 27215 LIndtey, Mlna Lois Route 1 Box 464. Slier City. MC 27344 Llndley. Theodore Gladstone Route 6 Box 196-S. Buriir gton. MC 27215 LIndow, Allen Lapham 213 Rose Drive, Ft Lauderdale. FL 33316 LIndqulsL Kari Jon U6 Wellington Place. Danville. VA 24541 Lineben II. Harvey Lindley 700 Cnglewood Street. Greensboro. MC 27405 Linens. Richie Ray Route 1 Box 99 Buriington, MC 27215 Liner Matjorie Lisa P.O. Box 231. Efiand, MC 27245 Linger, Kalhryn Rosemarie 601 Morth Poplar Street Aberdeen. MC 28315 Link, Jeffrey Christian 1051 t crry Street. Asheboro. MC 27203 Link, John Michael 908 Ridge Drive. McLean, VA 22101 Linke, Jocelyn Stuart 5115 Cammack Drive. Bethcsda. MD 20816 Llppard. William Francis Route 1 Box 129- .X-1, Elon College MC 27244 Lipscomb. RotMrt Stephen Rt, 2 Box 21. Culpeper. VA 22701 Liviccori. Kris Moel Box 235, Otlsvllle. MY 10963 Lloyd. Allen David 840 Copley Avenue, Waldorf, MD 20601 Lloyd, Riml eriy Ann 29 Kent Road Crystal Beach. Earieviilc. MD 21919 Lloyd. Maria 840 Copley Avenue Waidort, MD 20601 Lloyd, Mary Paige Route 2 Box 612, Graham. MC 27253 Lofton. Lisa 222 Mebane Street. Eden. MC 27288 Logan. Douglas Marvin 604 South Mountain Street. Cherryville, MC 28021 Logan. Monica Route 3 Box 499. Halifax. VA 24558 Lomax, John Rlddlck 1125 Emerald Street. Salisbury. MC 28144 London. Jill Ann 2501 Forest Glen Road. Sliver Spring, MD 20910 Long. Anthony Smith Route 3 Box 484. Oak Ridge Road. Summcrtleld, MC 27358 Long, Donald rdwarxl 115 Mt Calvary Road, Thomasville. PIC 27360 Long. Jesse Wlllard Route 2 Box 316. Buriington, MC 27215 Long, Kevin Wayne 4910 Fickwood Lane Burlington. MC 27215 Long, KJmberiy Brooks 1120 Country Ridge Road. Ratelgh, MC 27609 Long, Linda Polndexter Route 4 Box 447-B. Roxboro. MC 27573 Long. Mark E, P.O. Box 93. Elon College, MC 27244 Long. Paul Daniel 4 Dodworth Court 503. Timonimun, MD 21093 Long, Paul Lacy 922 Badger Circle, Roxboro, MC 27573 Long. William Alexander 2927 Old Stage Road, Qastonia, MC 26052 Looney, Marinda Ann 712 M, Daniels Creek Road. ColUnsviiie. VA 24078 Lott, Daniel Cleveland 564 Todd Drive Mortheast, Concord, MC 28025 Louka. Loukla 1616 Dendrtjn Drive, Virginia Beach, VA 23451 Love. Joi Bare 301 Lindley Road. Greensboro, MC 27410 Loving. Mary Carol 3012 South Qreenway Drive. Covington. VA 24426 Lowman, Charies Keams 450 Tarieton Ave., Buriington, MC 27215 Lowry. Carolyn Ruth 631 Union Street Cary, MC 27511 Loy Frances Renee Route 1 Box 158, Chapel Hill. MC 27514 Loy 111. Rot ert SharT e PO. Box 673, Elon College, MC 27244 Luck, Virginia Michelle 324 Sixth Street, Chase Clt , VA 25924 Luck. William Gerard 324 Sixth Street, Chase City, VA 23924 Ludolf, Jonathan Charies 3745 Whitehaven Road, Winston-Salem, MC 27106 Luihn, Allan Joseph 2022 B Colony Apts.. Buriington, MC 27215 Luke. Delia Scott PO. Box 1205, Elon College. MC 27244 Luke, Jr., James Augustus P.O. Box 554. Waveriy VA 23850 Lumpkin. Claude Frederick 1406 Cherry Drive. Buriington. MC 27215 Lundahl. Michael Scott 7032 Wick Lane. Rockville, MD 20855 Lutlnskl, John Emmett 61 Reids Road, Stafford, VA 22554 Lynch, Mary Crouch 870 Kenwick Drive, Winston -Salem, MC 27106 Lynn. Jr., John Worth 1233 M. Hampton Road, Petersburg, VA 23805 Lytle. Robert Joseph 2212 Blair Street, Wililamsport. PA 17701 M MTV MEXICO MASTERCARD Maass, Qretchen Katherine 526 Overiand Drive. Orange, CT 06477 Mabe, Vanessa Mlze Route 4 Box 170 Fagetown Road, Buriington, MC 27215 MacDonald, Jessica Anne 7901 Cindy Lane. Beihesda, MD 20817 Mack. Sir Walter Lee 2905 Bon-Air Avenue. Winston Salem, MC 27105 MacKay. Ana Michele 2018 2-B Coltsneck Road. Reston. VA 22091 Mackintosh. James Robert Farias Mill Road. Adamstown. MD 21710 Mackovic. Caria Beth 45 Folkestone Drive, Qrecnstwro, MC 27409 Madge. Randall Ronald 527 Robinhood Road, Bricktown. MJ 08723 Magan. Robert Lewis Route 5, Box 609, Mebane, MC 27302 Magee, Barbara Casscelts 504 Overhill Road, Baltimore, MD 21210 Magol. Marsha J. 16 Prestwick Place. Durham, MC 27705 Mahaffcy. Laura Ann 3901 Whispering Lane, Falls Church. VA 22041 Malikowskl. Mark Benedict 3708 Brandywine Drive. Qreensbona. MC 27410 Malone. Timothy Peter 67 Oxford Street, Olcn Ridge. MJ 07028 Mancuso, Monica Jean 4 Sagrfirush Court, Oreenstxiro, MC 27409 Harness, Julie Suzanne 812 Wmberiy Drive. Buriington. MC 27215 Mankin. Jr., David Gordon PO. Box 187. FincasUe. VA 24090 Mankin, Jason Andrew PO, Box 187. Flncastlc. VA 24090 Mann, Allsa Ann 1261 Oaklawn Street S.E„ Lenoir, MC 28645 Mann, Belinda Ann 1909 Hawthorne Lane. Buriington, MC 27215 Mann. Robin Ralney P.O. Box 926. Gibsonville. MC 27249 Manners, Jr., Robert William 6803 Reynard Drive. Springfield, VA 22152 Manning, Jackie Marie 6109 Valvoa Circle, Boca Raton. FL 33433 Manship. Lynne Holllngsworth 2707-F Four Seasons Blvd., Greensboro, MC 27407 Manspcaker. Robyn Diane 10186 Red Spruce Road. Fairfax, VA 22032 Manuel, Bartwra Mogue 1016 Alden Street, Buriington, MC 27215 Manuel, Kalhy Davis Route 2 Box 105, Elon College, MC 27244 Manuel, Larry Dean 911 Patlon Street. Graham, MC 27253 Marchese. Jennifer Mesmlth 9702 Eclipse Place, Galthersburg, MO 20879 Marctn, Jeftey Phillip 4106 Trotter Ridge Road. Durham. MC 27707 Markley. Betsy Cook 309 Qreenway Road. Staunton, VA 24401 Markley, Phillip Stadler 2636 Comwallis Avenue. Roanoke. VA 24014 Markosky Kenneth Anthony 17 Huckleberry Lane, Weston, CT 06883 Mart«, Angela Dawn Route 2 Box 135A, Haw River. MC 27258 Marks. Mancy Lynn 508 Roystonia Palm Drive, M. Indlalantic. FL 32903 Marsden. Michael Aloyslus 601 Kearney Court, Vienna, VA 22180 Marsh. Reginald Irvin 3540 Old Towne Road Southwest. Roanoke. VA 24018 Marshall III, Carroll Lee BuUers Bridge, Sanford, VA 23426 Marsiaiek, John M. 12136 Pawnee Drive, Qaithcrsbutg, MO 20878 Martin, Christopher Robert 13214 Bunn Circle, Tampa, FL 33618 Martin. David Scott 7555 Spalding Lakes Drive, Atlanta. QA 30538 Martin. Gall Marie 805 Rollingwood Drive. Qrccnst oro. MC 27410 Martin, Gary Michael 724 East Windsor Drive. Asheboro. MC 27203 Martin, Gregory Lee 5F college Towne Apartments. 739 East Haggard Avenue, Elon College MC 27244 Martin. James Daniel PO Box 894, Liberty, MC 27298 Martin. Jonathan Pope 1600 Stonybrook Lane, Culpeper, VA 22701 Martin. Luther Wesley Route 3 Box 146, Elon College. MC 27244 Martin, Malcolm Dwlgtit 2609 Sumac Lane. 1, Buriington, MC 27215 Martin, Maria U Donna Route 2 Box 95, Westflcid, MC 27055 Martin. Rachel Priscilla 7001 Stella Drive, Gibsonville. MC 27249 Martin, Ron B. 136 Westover Drive, Elon College. MC 27244 Martin, Suzanne Reed 1417 West Front Street Buriingotn, MC 27215 Martin, Tara Irene 1108 Selwood Drive, Virginia Beach, VA 23464 Martin, Todd William 1920 Lodestar Drive, Raleigh. MC 27609 Martin, Vickie S. PO Box 1109. Elon College, MC 27244 Martindale. Linda Ann Route 1 Box 420, Buriington, MC 2721S Masho, Joseph Henry PO. Box 744, Graham, MC 27253 Massenglll, Jay Ransom 1950 West Front Street, Buriington, MC 27215 Massey. Dale Thomas Route 5 Box 317, Liberty, MC 27298 Massey. Trina Louise PO, Box 266, Yanceyville, MC 27579 Mathews. Martin Elliott 4009 Rumford Lane, Virginia Beach, VA 23452 Mattock, Jacqueline P. 2178 Cantertaury Drive, Burlington, MC 27215 Matney Linda Caroline 1061 Rockridge Road, Ashctwro, MC 27203 Matthews, Caroline Michelle 2 13 Edison Drive E,. Statesvllle, MC 28677 Matthews. Jr.. Roland Dellwood 147 Tarieton Avenue. Buriington. MC 27215 Mauro. Theodore Darid 330 Main Avenue. Bay Head, MJ 08742 May. Angela Marie 5-B Sherry Drive, Trails End Apartments. Buriington. MC 27215 May, Curtis Howell 900 Cherokee Trail. Frederick. MD 21701 May. Melissa Blair 11200 Coachmans Way Raleigh. MC 27614 May. Monique Monteze 510 Doggett Drive. Graham, MC 27 253 May, Paula Renee 510 Doggett Drive, Graham, MC 27255 May Roy Jeffrey Route 6 Box 296-K, Buriington, MC 27215 Mayer, David Adam 10290 Greek Boy Hace. Columbia. MD 21044 Mayes, Thomas Lee 5915 South Road. Apartment ' »2, Chesapeake, VA 23321 Mayhan, Jr., Fltzhugh Albert Route 5, Box 320, Martinsville, VA 24112 Mayhew. Lester Herbert PO- Box 821. Danville. VA 24543 Mayo, Mary Burwell 21015 halburton Road, Beachwood, OH 44122 Mays. Freddie Allen Route 6 Box 501. Madison Heights, VA 24572 Mazur. Virginia Dianne 120 Forestvlew Drive. Elon College, MC 27244 McAdams, Teresa Lynn 817 Ivcy Road, Graham, MC 27253 McBroom, Albert Owen 1211 Crescent Drive. Smlthfield. MC 27577 McCabe, Terence 145 Weed Avenue, Hawthorne, MY 10552 McCahill. Michael 68 Lincoln Drive, Laurel Springs. MJ 08021 McCarty. Ann Helene 12564 Quincy Adams Court. Hemdon, VA 22071 McCauley, Clifford Michael Route 3 Box 77. Elon College. MC 27244 McCauley. Donald Jay Route 2 Box 848. Timberiake. MC 27583 McClelland. Elizabeth Rose 2014 Iowa Avenue Mortheast. St. Peters- burg, FL 33705 McCieman. Ryan David 1810 Monkton Road. Monkton. MD 21111 McCorkle. Jr., Mack Elmo 1307 M. Seliars Mill, Buriington, MC 27215 McCormick, Vickl May 405 Cornelia Drive, Graham, MC 27253 McCoy. Kri5tenDiane3212Meadowbrook Lane. Chesapeake, VA 23521 McCullock. Pamela Jean Route 2 Box 236. Hurdle Mills, MC 27541 McCuHough. Christopher Ken lOlOO South Qlen Road, Potomac. MD 20854 McCullough. Marie Route 5. Box 753, Adams Hace. Hilistxjrough. MC 27278 McCumber, Heather 27 Dogwood Drive. Jackson, PU 08527 McCurdy, Michael Bruce 100 Freedom Way, Salisbury, MD 21801 McDade, Charles Francis 11988 Mohican Road, Woodbridge. VA 22192 McDannold. Gregory Allen 511 West Briarwood Lane. Columbia, MD 65202 McDannold, Sandra Kay PO, Box 663. Elon College, MC 27244 McDowell. Patricia Ann 2595 Hyde Street, Buriington. MC 27215 McDuffle. Melody Anne PO, Box 1186, Lumberton, MC 28359-118 McFadyen, John Scott 112 Sutton Place. Faycttcvllle, MC 28305 McFariand. Bruce Roland 5972 Burning Bush Court. Fairfax. VA 22035 McFarlane, Christine Ralney 102 Murdock Road. Hillsborough, MC 27278 McPariane, Katherine William 100 Morth Roscoe Blvd., Fonte Vedra Beach, FL 5208 McGlnty, Thomas Joseph 8202 Cooper StrccL Alexandria, VA 22309 McGirk, Todd David 5729 Ovcriy Drive, Alexandria, VA 22310 McGowan, Douglas Joseph 106 George Rogers Road, Chariottcsville. VA 22901 McGowan, Jeanmarie 106 George Rogers Road. Chariottesvltle, VA 22901 McOraw. John Patrick 8002 Le Havre Place " 6. Falls Church. VA 22042 McOreevey. John Christian 701-4 Tery! Road, Maples. FL 33962 McGuIre, Wanda Oayte PO. Box 493. Yanceyville, MC 27379 McHugh. John Thomas 909 Kings Landing Circle. Virginia Beach, VA 23452 174 INDEX Mctlugh, William Bruce College Manor Apt, " 5. Clon College, nc 27244 Mclnemcy, Kathryn Elizabeth Route 5 Box 338. Rldgcway, VA 24148 Mdntyre. Marvin Kyle 2733 Woodbury Drive, Burlington, nC 27215 Mclntyre. Sharon Lynn Route 9 Box 250, Asheboro. nC 27203 McKinney, Virgil Aden 1003 Parhwood Drive, Slier City, nC 27344 McLachlan, Meeghan riint912 Madison Street, Wilmington. DE 19803 McLaughlin, rrank Reed 11404 Lilting Lane, Fairfax Station, VA 22039 Mclendon, Mfa Susette 2425 Delaney Drive, Burilnglon, MC 27215 McLeod. Donald Scott P.O. Box 855. Mars Hill, MC 28754 McManus. Lori Lee 2720 Deepfort] Drive, Woodbridge, VA 22192 McMillan, Patricia DIar e 2111 Combs Street, Buriington, riC 27215 McMHlen. Jane A. 135 Bloxom Drive, newport flews, VA 23602 Mcnamce, Kathleen M. Route 2, Box 116. Graham, nc 27253 McMeal, HerberT Lawrence 215 Oracle Street. Eden, MC 27288 McNeely. Benjamin Kflpatrick 1231 May Court Buriington. MC 27225 McFherson. Connie Ho!t Route 1 Box 541-B, Oraham, MC 27253 McQueen, Janice Elizabeth 113 Shamrock Road, Ashebon . MC 27203 McRae. Angela Lorraine 1616 East 25th Street, Winston-Salem, MC 27105 McVerry. Amy 4419 Parview Drive, Matthews. MC 28105 Mcacham, Jodi Lynn 110 South Main Street, Qraham, MC 27253 Meadows. Angela Bemice 19205 Wootton Avenue. Poolesvllle. MD 20837 Meadows, Deborah Jean 2203 Hunter s Ridge Drive, Pleasant Qanden. MC 27313 Meadows. Kathy Rae 18 Hylton Avenue, Danville. VA 24541 Meadows, Lcatha Prances 1706 Porest Valley Road, Qiecnsboro, MC 27410 Meadows. Mecia Tikiia 706 East Florida Street, Greensboro, MC 27406 Meares, Ralph Timothy Route 2 Box 287, Tabor City, MC 28463 Meares, William John 311 Stanaford Road, Winston-Saiem. MC 27104 Meason. Anthony Blair 1858 OIney Rd.. Falls Church. VA 22045 Medley. Mancy Ruth 2511 Wilson Street, Durham, MC 27705 Mcdtln, Victor Wade 826 South 2nd Street, Smithfieid. MC 27577 Mecks. Gregory Theron 307 Yates Street. South Boston. VA 24592 Meelts, Jr.. Andrew Tuttle Route 3, Box 188-B. Stoneviile, MC 27048 Mceler, Mancy Cifrabeth Route 1 Box 242, Leasburg, MC 27291 MegonJcn. Kent Alan 236 Avon Avenue, Waynestioro, VA 22980 Mchring, Mark Edwin 430 Glenwood Avenue. Burlington, MC 27215 Mcisel, Berjamtn Albert 3309 Cummings Lane. Chevy Chase, MO 20815 Melvflle, Prancle Carpenter 454 Oliver Road, Cincinnati. OM 45215 Melvtn, Joy Denlse 1121 Geneva Road. Qraham, MC 27253 Mcnck. Stephen Charles 869 Kenwick Drive, Winston- Salem, MC 27106 Menio. Anthony Joseph 105 Griffiths Avenue, Pt. Pleasant Beach, MJ 087 Menlman, II, James Donald 112 Woodlawn Road. Collinsville, VA 24078 Mcnltt, Kenneth Wayne PO. Box 172, Manns Hartior, MC 27953 Mershon. Sandy L. 107 Lorac Court. Williamsburg, VA 23185 Metzler, Michael Edward 3306 Woodside Avenue. Oraham. MC 27253 Mlano, David Keith 3036 Sir Walter Crest, Chesapeake. VA 25321 Michael, Marit Allan Route 1 Box 578-B. Goidvein, VA 22720 Mickens. John F. 3811 Percival Avenue, Miami. PL 33133 MIercort, Klrsten Ann 2251 Plmmlt Drive Apt 918, Falls Church, VA 22043 Mllanak, Lisa Marie 1943 Seaton Avenue. Pittsburg, PA 15226 Miller, Klmberly Lynn 509 Vestry Court, Virginia Beach. VA 25464 Miller, Marcell Anthony 389 East 49th Street. Brooklyn, MY 11203 Mdlikln. Robert Aian 118 Westview Drive, Elon College. MC 27244 Mills. Carol Sue 3328 Winchester Road. AJtentown, PA 18104 Mills, Lori Lynn Route 1 Box 734, Lacy Holt Road. Graham, MC 27253 Mills, Mark Addison 917 Pembroke Road. Greensboro, MC 27408 Mills, Morris 203 Valleybrook Lane. Troutman. MC 28166 Miner, Karen Thelma L506 Mason Farm Road, Chapel Hill, MC 27514 Minlch. William Gordon PO. Box 655, Madison, MC 27025 Minlter. Jenienne Margarethe 1127 Mainsail Drive, Annapolis, MD 21405 Mlnner, Michael Paul 728 Wick Boulevard. Woodbury, PU 08096 Minnix, Cynthia Ann Route 3 Box 47, BedfoitJ, VA 24525 Minson. Gary Lee 556 Grcencasde Lane. rginia Beach, VA 23452 HInter II, John Ronald ffoute 4 Box 605, Ashetioro, MC 27205 Minton. Melanle EIlzal eth 1504 Ephesus Church Road, PO. Box 2103. Chapel Hill, MC 27514 MIntz, Amy 20 Sheridan Place. Elon College, MC 27244 Mlrelll, Dwayne George 2101 Race Avenue, Medford, MY 11765 Mlrman. Mia Ingrid 7400 YorWown Drive, Morfolk, VA 25505 Mitchell, Dolores Anne 2800 Willoughby Road. Baltimore, MD 212M Mitchell, Robin Annette 2008 Tryon Street Burlington. MC 27215 Mitchell, William Alfred PO. Box 2344. Danville, VA 24541 Mltchum. Cheri Lynn PO. Box 651, Elon College, MC 27244 Moeser, April Leigh 5017 Federal Hill Drive, Falls Church. VA 22044 Moley. Joseph Vincent 4-E College Towne Apartments. 739 East Hag- gard Avenue, Elon College, MC 27244 Moncure. Alexander Scott 1000 West Avenue. Richmond, VA 23220 Moncurc, John Coiwin Sharp lOOO West Avenue, Richmond. VA 23220 Monro. Laura Anne 5206 Abingdon Road, Bethesda. MD 20816 Monroe, Wftllam Kirk 1922 Maiden Lane, Roanoke, VA 24015 Montague. Betty Jo 213 Morthview Drive, Chesapeake, VA 25520 Montgomery. Kristy Elizabeth 2941 Truitt, Buriington. MC 27215 Montptatsir, Dawn Marie 128 Casmar Street South East. Vienna, VA 22180 Moody, Paul Glenn 120 Riverpoint Cresent. Portsmouth. VA 25707 Mooney. Devery Jo 557 Tanglewood Circle, Roxbons. MC 27575 Mooney. John Prederick 1673 Woodvale Drive, Charieston, WV 25314 Moore, Alice Jane 7314 Willow Avenue, Takoma Park, MD 20912 Moore, Brian Paul Route 1 Box 80 A-1, Hurdle Mills, MC 27541 Moore, Caria Darlene Box 3407 East Joyner Street, Qlbsonvltle, MC 27249 Moore, Christopher Wayne 120 EggJeston Avenue, Hampton, VA 23669 Moore. Deborah Lynn 507 Walker Road, Great Falls, VA 22066 Moore, Denise Ellen 2412 Countryside Drive. Silver Spring.. MD 20904 Moore, Donald McKay 5726 Prospect Drive, Wlnston-Salcm, MC 27105 Moore, Elizabeth Victoria 2421 Cromwell Road, Richmond. VA 25235 Moore, Prank Winston 2725 Bedford Street, Buriington, MC 27215 Moore, James Daryl P.O. Box 4, Madison. MC 27025 Moore. James Edward Route 2 Box BOB, Elon College, MC 27244 Moore, Martin Lee 8107 Steeple Chase Court, Springfield. VA 22153 Moore. Rebecca Lucille 4947 Robin Hood Road, Wtnston-Salem, MC 27106 Moore, Sherrl Lynn 104 Ivey House Apts. Ivey Road. Qraham. MC 27255 Moore, William Raye 475 Laurel, Franklin. VA 23851 Moorefieid. John Mertiert Route 6 Box 60. Buriington. MC 27215 Morabito, Robert Anthony 1133 Chain Bridge Road, McLean, VA 22101 Moral, Mary Elizabeth 5528 Beaconsfield Court, Burke, VA 22015 Moran. Patricia Ann 111 Hampton Road, Westmont, MJ 08108 Morel, Scott Aubrey Wyemoor Route 2 Box 283, Queenstown, MD 21658 Morgan, Kevin Scott PO. Box 1566. Rockingham, MC 28379 Morgan, Linda Sue 42 Eaton Avenue, Mariton. MJ 08053 Morlarty, Paul Joseph 3563 Malaga Way, Maples, FL 55942 Momingstar, Jr., Kenneth Alien 2410 Sandlewood Drive. Qastonia, MC 28052 Morris, Meal Larry PO. Box 174. Denton. MC 27259 Morrison, Alphonso Jerome Route 5 Box 122, Hamlet. MC 28545 Morrison. Crystal Leigh 505 Buffalo Shoals Road. StatesviHe, MC 28677 Morrison, Harry Kendall 508 Pennrington Circle. Reidsvilte. MC 27520 Morrison. Lila Michelle 1517 Claitwrnc Street, Danville. VA 24540 Morrocco, Stacie Cyr 105 Timeriake Drive. Elon College. MC 27244 Morton, Carlene Hamlett 102 West Ruffln Street, Mebane, MC 27302 Morton, Christopher Scott 2504 Richwood Road. Durham, MC 27705 Morton, Susan Ann 501 West Syivania Avenue, Brighton Arms ill Apt. 518 B. Meptune, MJ 07755 Moser, Dana Gail 1620 Cutty Sark Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23451 Moser, John Robert 2122 S, Hawthorne Road. Wnston Salem. MC 27103 Moser. Robert Lee 7914 Carrleigh Pariiway Springfield, VA 22152 Mottershead. Pearce Dahl 2909 Berkley Drive. Rocky Mount. MC 27801 Mullen. Paul Martin PO, Box 3167, Myrtle Beach. 5C 29577 Munno. Clement P. 9011 Tel raph Road, Lorton, VA 22079 Muriell. Charmene Route 1 Box 554-A, Haw River, MC 27258 Murphy, Christine Elizabeth 155 While Hall Blvd., Garden City, MY 11550 Murphy III, James rrands 153 Whitehall Blvd.. Garden City, MY 11550 Muiphy. Janet Lynn Route 3 Box 295, Mebane, MC 27502 Murphy. Nancy Mercedes 2017 Ostxjrne Drive, Silver Spring, MD 20910 Murphy. Richard Dean 206 Chartotte Ave., Danville. VA 24541 Murphy. Sally Annette Route 2 Box 28, Franklin. VA 23851 Murray. Qrice Elliott 16008 Quarters Lane. Haymarket, VA 22069 Murray. John Ross 2202 Pommel Drive S.W., Roanoke, VA 24018 Murray, Theodore Rolfe 22 William Penn Road. Waaen, MJ 07060 Muskus, Michael Anthony 10931 Riverview Road, FL Washington, MD 20744 Myatt, Susan Diane 326 Moser Street, Qraham, MC 27253 Myers, Bradley Scott 3107 nanders Court, High Point. MC 27260 Myers, Craig J. 7608 Audubon Drive, Raleigh, MC 27609 Myers, Elizabeth Roberts 12605 Cutler Ridge Drive, Richmond, VA 25255 Myers, Eric Gerard Quarter " C " Delaware Avenue, naval Base. Philadel- phia, PA 19112 Myers. Mark Edgar 904 Colonial Drive, Buriington. MC 27215 Myrick. Gary Alan 1549 Kemper Road Extension, Danville, VA 24541 TY nORTn SOUTH nUCLEAR ARMS HEW AREA Magcl, Leslie Carolyn 5207 Hedrich Drive, Greensboro, MC 27410 Magorsld. Eiizat eth Anne 807 East 7th Street, Washington, MC 27889 Mall, Betty Sharon Route 1 Box 182, Bear Creek, MC 27207 Mance, Angela Joanne 2102-E Peachtree Street, Qoldsboro, MC 27530 Mancc, Karen I n 1419 Larson Street. Greensboro, MC 27407 Mani, John Matthew 210 Shadowbrook Drive, Burlington, MC 27215 Plani. Peter Sebastian 210 Shadowbrook Drive. Buriington, MC 27215 nasstef, Todd Michael 1600 Stowe Road, Ashtabula. OH 44004 Meal, Charies Clayton 4933 SL Croix, Tampa, FL 35629 Mecessary, Andrew Meal 111 Hill street, Tazewell, VA 24651 Meel, William Pierce 13018 Harrowgate Road. Chester, VA 25851 Mclson. Laurie Anne Route 2 Box 601, Roxt oro. MC 27573 nelson, Letha Suzanne P.O. Box 281, Boydton, VA 23917 Melson, Mellnda Gail Route 6 Box 586, Asheboro, MC 27203 Melson, Rosemary 5258 Cherokee Hills Drive, Salem, VA 24155 Melson, Stephen Patrick 7805 Harwood Place, Springfield, VA 22152 Melson. Tammy A. Route 1 Box 141, Prospect Hill, MC 27514 Melson, Mlliam Wlngfletd P.O. Box MM. C O Mrs. Joyce M. Morelti, Bran- don, FL 54299 Memenz. William Joseph 1415 East 37th Street. Erie. PA 16504 Mepay, Joseph 1554 South State Street. Syracuse, MY 15205 Mewell. Jr., John Whitaker 7820 Mew London Drive, Springfield, VA 22153 Mewman. Carolyn WhiOcy PO. Box 1034, Burlington. MC 27216 Mewman, Charies Alex Route 2 Box 301 -C. Buriington. MC 27215 Mewman, Monica 502 Courtland Drive, Elon College, MC 27244 Mewton. Anita Suzanne 5036 Mctherwood Road, Rocky Mount MC 27801 Mewton. Christopher Barrow P.O. Box 344, Ciartisville, VA 23927 MIcholas, Jennifer Moreen 16457 Keats Terrace, Rockville, MD 20855 MIcholas, Linda Carol 4230 Estates Court, Allison Park, PA 15101 Mlckelston, Tern Lynn 633 Moreene Road, Durham, MC 27705 nickerson, David Stuart 19415 Cedar Drive, Triangle, VA 22172 Miemiec, John Joseph 4015 Qibbs Street, Alexandria, VA 22509 Miquettc. Christopher Todd 725 Richard Street. Satellite Beach, FL 52937 Miven. William Andrew 652 Friar Tuck Road, Winston-Salem, MC 27104 Mivison, Suzanne Carole 61 Winding Way. Little Silver MJ 07759 Moakes. Jeftey Virgil 515 Patm Street, Tazewell. VA 24651 Moccra. Mark E. 7405 Estaban Place, Springfield, VA 22151 Moffslnger, Kimberle Althea 9409 Quill Place. Qaithersburg, MD 20879 Moffsinger. Stephen Winston 14 Pin Oak Road, Mewport Mews, VA 25601 Molan, Patricia Erin 732 Darlow Drive. Annapolis. MD 21401 Molen, Leonard Jeff 2769 Bobwhite Drive, Roanoke, VA 24018 Molt. Patricia A. Route 2 Box 650, Qraham, MC 27253 Moon. Stephen George 19 Wildwood Terrace, Boonton, MJ 02005 Pforman. Mancy Elizabeth 2756 Galahad Ave., AUanta, QA 30545 Morris. Angela Amelia Route 10 Box 356, Shelby MC 28150 Morris, Richard Edward PO. Box 257, Waveriy, VA 23890 Morth, Eric Marshall 205 Tapawingo Road 5,W„ Vienna, VA 22180 Mortonjoseph 96-B Denlse Drive, Buriington, MC 27215 Morwood. Lee Tracy 8219 Reservoir Road, Fulton. MD 20759 Movak. Micole Marte 52 Sugar Tree Place, Cockeysville, MD 21030 Movey, Mark Ryan 218 East York Drive, Emporia, VA 25847 Movlck, Karen Lee 149 Finale Terrace. Silver Spring, MD 20901 Mowell. Yvonne LaVatlee Route 10 Box 535, Buriington, MC 27215 Munn, Bruce Samuel Route 5 Box 150, Virginia. VA 24598 Mutt, Rebecca R. 69 Walbridge Road. West Hartford, CT 06119 Mye. Dennis Michael 14 Minot Street. Lynn, MA 01905 Mye, John Garrett 5719 Carriage House Court. Alexandria, VA 22509 O OLD WELL ODYSSEY OAK GROVE CAFE O ' Beime. John Francis 3404 Donnybrook Lane. Chevy Chase. MD 20815 O ' Brien, Erin Louise 6 Dana Drive, Westford, MA 01886 OBrien. Mark William lllOl BrooWine Drive, Fairfax, VA 22030 OConncll. Margaret Crafatree 616 A Grace Avenue, Buriington. MC 27215 O ' Connor. Katherine Ann 61 Elizabeth Avenue, Dover, DE 19901 O ' Donnell, James Henry 4815 Cloister Drive, Rockviile. MD 20832 ODonnetl, Mlchele Marie 5622 Mlllwheel Place, Columbia. MD 21045 OLari, Michael William 18 King street. Orange. MA 01564 O ' fleal, Stephen F. 10502 Mountalnbrook Court, Richmond, VA 25253 OMeilt. Barry Stephen 136 Cedar Creek Drive, Asheboro, MC 27203 Oakes. John David 5669 Frieden Church Road, McLeansville, MC 27301 Oakes. Lee Kenneth Route 4 Box 285 A, Martinsville, VA 24112 Oakley, Lynne EIizat eth Stewart 207 Morth Street, Qraham, MC 27255 Oakley. Phyllis Denlse Route 9, Box 89-27, Buriington, MC 27215 Oakley, Jr., Robert Leon 102 Morth Holden Road. Greensboro, MC 27410 Gates, Timothy Rcma 101 South Tenth Street Mebane, MC 27302 Odell. Tracy I. 100 Spruce Way Ithaca, MY 14850 Odum. Beveriy Isley 702 Alamance Street. Box 9005, Qltisoinville, MC 27249 Oehm. William Edward 68 De Vonne Drive, Fredericksburg, VA 22401 Ollva, John Albert 7802 Blackacre Rd.. Clifton, VA 22024 Oliver. David Blake 2125 Hayes Drive, Rock Hill, 5C 29730 Oliver, James William Route 5 Box 63A, Covington, VA 24426 Oliver. Patricia Qriswold 126 Arcadia Drive, EJon College, MC 27244 Oliver. Scott Cariyle 2125 Hayes Drive, Rock Hill. SC 29750 Olsen, Christopher Ted 21 Westwood Drive, Jamestown, MY 14701 Olson, Sheri Lynn 6709 Harwood Place, Springfield, VA 22152 Onno, Kathryn PO, Box 665, Harvard, MA 01451 Ort an, Mfida Kathleen 609 Blue Rock Drive, Chartotte, MC 28213 Orbert, Annette Leath PO. Box 992. Elon College. MC 27244 Orlando. Janice B. 1215 Concord Drive. Brick. MJ 08725 Ormond. William James 104 Martinsborough Road, Greenville, MC 27834 Orr, Andrea Pauline 6900 Brook Ridge Court, Raleigh, MC 27609 Ostenfeld, Sven 4608 John Hancock Court »3, Annandale, VA 22003 Otey, Lisa Kaye 6617 Meadewood Drive, Roanoke, VA 24019 OuUaw, Brian Edward 2957 Kings Highway Suffolk, VA 23435 Overman. Sandra Leigh Route 2 Box 637, Liberty, MC 27298 Overton, Rotiert Anthony Route ' ' 5 Box 229, Creedmoor, MC 27522 Owen, Jr., Alton Felid 420 Lincoln Avenue, Jarratt, VA 25867 0 ven. Cftrisdna Angela 10611 Lancewood Road, CockeysviHe, MD 21030 Owen III, Robert Hanrtson Two StandifT Drive, Asheville, MC 28805 Owens. Jennifer Jeanne 99 Hull Street Mewport Mews, VA 25601 Owens, Michaelle Deane 1725 South Main Street, Qraham, MC 27253 Oxman. Tamara Beth 11150 Olade Drive. Reston. VA 22091 INDEX 175 JMj gg g g F PROXMIRE PAREriTS WEEKEIiD PARTIES Pace, Karen Ann 4220 Oaribaldl Avenue. Jacksonville, fL 32210 Paige. William Howard 1 54 Morthgate Square 1-C, Reston, VA 22091 Palt, Elizabeth Ann 1447 Ashford Place. AUanta, OA 30319 Pallagut Tamara Elizabeth 2624 Roblnhood Drive, Qreensboro, MC 27408 Palmer, MeMn Bernard 395 McQill Drive. Winston Salem, nC 27105 Paman. rrancJsco T. 69 Van Buren Street. Passaic, ru 07055 Pardue Rober Ue Route 4 Box 597, Burlington nC 27215 Parker, Ann Etirabeth Box 819 Bermuda Run, Advance. nC 27006 Parker. Jr.. William Edward 1506-f Wabash Street. Durham. MC 27701 Parker III. John Raincy Route 6 Box 196, Clinton. MC 28328 Parks. Katherine Sue PO. Box 434. Carthage. MC 28327 Parks. Roy Larkin 1204 Spero Road, Asheboro, MC 27203 Parks. Jr. Charles Gene 2232 WilKlns Street, Burlington, MC 27215 Parra Paul Stephen 2015 Colony Apartments. Burlington, MC 27215 Parrlsh, Debra Louise Route 2 Box 204. Graham, MC 27253 Parrish. Denlese May PO. Box 125 Center Street. Efland, MC 27243 Parrott, Mughle Minor 2420 Somers Avenue, BurUngton, MC 27215 Parsons, Alex Carlos 5206 Audrey Road. Greensboro, MC 27406 Parsons, David Brian Route 1 Box 228. Mebane, MC 27302 Partln Vernon Gregory Route 2 Box 1108. Rougemont, MC 27572 Paschal. vicKl Pauline Route 1 Box 716, Rcidsville. MC 27320 Pasddls. George 19-21 Sardeon Street, Mea Smyrnl. Athens. Greece 17121 Pastrana, Diana Maria 630 Rama Road, Charlotte, MC 28211 Patel, Koshni O. 10 Cathy Place. Succasunna, MJ 07876 Patterson. Kenneth Lee Route 4 Box 279 . Burlington, MC 27215 Patterson. Linda Carolyn 1004 S, Church SL Burlington, MC 27215 Patterson. Ryan Earl P.O. Box 91, Powells Point, MC 27966 Patterson. William Ward P.O. Box 112, Alamance. MC 27201 Patton. Millard Irby Route 6 Box 181. Mebane, MC 27302 Patton, TimotHy Patrick 15 Morth MutI Street. Sinking Spring. FA 19608 Paulsen, Joy Marie 490 Grundy Avenue, MotbnMk. MY 11741 Paulson. Elke Elizabeth 526 Aldcborough Lane. Matthews. MC 28105 Paylor, Eddie Leandcr Route 9 Box 493, Buriington. MC 27215 Payne, Denlse Davis Route 6 Box 45-A. Buriington, MC 27215 Payne, Mick Douglas 2030 Surrey Lane, M.E.. Roanoke. VA 24012 Peach III. William Eennel 1 18 Longwood Drive, Mewport Mews. VA 23606 Pearsall. Jere Randall 3850 C Huntington Lane. Winston-Salem. MC 27106 Pemberton, John Robert 2917 South Couri. Annapolis, MD 21401 Pennington. Russell Max 2418 Momingslde Drive. Buriington. MC 27215 Penrod. Michael Allen Route 3 Box n6-A. Seaford, DE 19975 Perdue, Beulah Elizabeth Route 1 Box 412. Boones Mill, VA 24065 Perdue. James Cari 530 McConville Road, Lynchburg. VA 24502 Perdue, Jay Miller 14605 Tranor Avenue, Chester, VA 23831 Perdue, Michael Eric PO, Box 63, Wentworih, MC 27375 Perdue. William Todd PO Box 63 Highway 65. WentwortJi. MC 27375 Perduk. Morman Alan 10 Church Street. Edison. MJ 08817 Perez, Mary Kathryn 226 Morgan Street, Marion. MC 28752 Perkins. Laura Evans 341 fountain Place, Buriington, MC 27215 Peroulas, Patricia Theodora 8125 Shadwell Drive, Roanoke, VA 24019 Perrcault, Robin Leann 301 Green Artior Dr.. rredericksburg, VA 22401 Perry, Cynthia Rae Route 1 Box 1015. Windsor, VA 23487 Perry. Daniel El ah 1305 Perry Parit Drive, (Slnston, MC 28501 Perry. Donna Susan 1925 Swepsonvllle Road, Graham. MC 27253 Perry. Sandra Paye 323 Clapp Street, Graham. MC 27253 Perry. Steven Wayne P.O. Box 101, Woolwine. VA 24185 Peters, Beth Kathleen 1702 Carolina Street. High Point, MC 27260 Peterson. Jerjnlfcr Leigh 4 Forum Court. Morris Plains. MJ 07950 Peterson. Margaret Ann 51 Morthwest Drive, Morthport. MY 11768 Peterson, Samuel Lawrence 108 85th Street, Virginia Beach. VA 23451 Petree, George Carter 4440 Grctchen Drive, Pfafftown, MC 27040 Petry, Sarah Irene 276 Mill Street. Whltinsvilie, MA 01588 Pfleffer. Charles William 104 Lcnape Trail, wcnonah, MJ 08090 Phelan. Charies Cartwright 503 Willow Drive, Thomasvillc. MC 27360 Phelps, Randolph Bray 5274 McLcansvllle Road. McLeansville, MC 27301 Phllbeck, John Meydt 2712 Cambridge Road, Raleigh. MC 27608 Phillips, Betsy Ann 605 Trail One. Buriington, MC 27215 Phillips, Claude Douglas Route 2 Rock Querry Road, Raleigh. MC 27610 Phillips. Sherry Jean The Whit ord Plantation. 1600 Crump Farm Road, new Bern. MC 28560 Phillips, Thomas Whaley Catch-Penny Fann, Quantlco, MD 21856 Phillips, Amy Hayes PO Box 1286. Morth Wilkcsboro. MC 28659 Pickering, Penny L€e 8315 McMcil Street. Vienna, VA 22180 Pickett, Brenda Leigh PO. Box 835 Gerringer Road, Elon College. MC 27244 Pickett, Michael Steven P,0. Box 835 Qcrringer Road, Elon College, MC 27244 Plelock, Michael Joseph 45 East Myrtle Street, Orange. MA 01364 Pierce, William Jeffrey 1304 East Elm Street Graham, MC 27253 Pike, Daniel Lee 1529 Shadowood Lane. Raleigh, MC 27612 PIkula, James Bryant 701 QuaricrstaffRoad, Winston Salem. MC 27104 Plkula, Margaret Christine 701 QuartersUff Road, Winston- Sal em. MC 27104 Pillar. Ronald Steven IIU Barnes Street. Reldsvllle. MC 27320 Mnkston. Dell Boat 3519 Marquis Drive, Durham, MC 27704 Pitts. Ben Guthrie Route 2. Box 206A. Snow Camp, MC 27349 Pitts Donna Marie 405 Pctree Road, WinstonSalcm. MC 27106 Pitts, Faith Pltzgeraid 2802 Shore air Drive. Winston-Salem, MC 27105 Flaehn, Sandlin Anne 721 Benchmark Place Raleigh. MC 27609 Pleasants, Anthony Brian 4017 Live Oak Road. Raleigh. MC 27604 Pleasants, Donna McMelll309-B Somers Avenue. Burlington MC 27215 Pleasants, Thomas Kenton 309-B Somers Avenue. Buriington, MC 27215 Pleasants. William W. 37-B Fountain Manor Drive. Greensboro. MC 27403 Plumldes II. John Qeorgc 4642 Sharon View Road. Chariotte. MC 28226 Plummcr, Jeffrey Lloyd 108 Cobblestone Drive, Farmington 11, Greens- burg, PA 15601 Plummer, Leigh Andress 120 River landing, Atlanta. OA 30338 Pluto. Patrick Joseph 9012 Beatty Drive. Alexandria, VA 22308 Pokomy. KImberiy Ann 8327 Bound Brook Lane, Alexandria, VA 22309 Poldy. Megan Rae 9711 Counsellor Drive, Vienna, VA 22180 Pollock, Lillian 915 KImberiy Road. Buriington. MC 27215 Pollock. Ronald Meal 1507 MIghland Avenue, Cinnamlnson. MJ 08077 Pomeroy, Seth Bassett 3914 Marrtson Street M.W., Washington, DC 20015 Pond. Lcnnle Kent 4632 Treely Road. Chester, VA 23831 Pond. Mark Thomas Egret Road. Mariton, MJ 08055 Poole, Amy Dozler 10411 Moorchead Drive, Chester, VA 23831 Poore. Richard Mansfield 6201 Doubletree Lane. Florence. KY 41042 Pope, Theresa Michelle Route 1 Box 287. Cedar Grove, MC 27231 Poplin, William Alexander 2929 Berkley Drive, Rocky Mount. MC 27801 Popour Rhonda Leigh 214 Haldane Drive. Southern Pines, MC 28387 Porter. Allen Franklin 4333 Willow Woods Drive. Annandale, VA 22003 Porter. John Marvin 53 South French Street. Alexandria. VA 22304 Porter. Julie Ann Route 3 Box 250. Eton College. MC 27244 Porter. KrisUne Ann 125 Londonderry Road, Windham. MH 03087 Porter, Rosemary Compton Route 4 Box 259, Buriington, MC 27215 Poston. William Gordon 24 Lower Tutkahoe Road West. Richmond. VA 23233 Poteat. Cassandra Route 7 Box 266 Burlington, MC 27215 Poteat, Harold Reginald PO. Box 339. Laurtnburg, MC 28352 Potter. Jerrle Lynn Route 1. Box 233, Kelly. MC 28448 Potts, Charies Zoph 107 South Reed Drive, Smallwood. Washington. MC 27889 Poulln, De Ctte 734-j The Colony Apartments, Buriington, MC 27215 Powell. David Michael P.O. Box 25066, Durham, MC 27702 Powell, Lonnie Charles Route 10 Box 545. Lexington. MC 27292 Powell, Margaret Black 4208 Stafford Road, Olney. MD 20832 Powell, Pamela Smith Route 1 Box 255. Mebane, MC 27302 Powell, Shannon Caroline Route 2 Box 44- lA, Ruffin, MC 27326 Powell. Wendy Annette PO. Box 745, Apex. MC 27502 Powell, William Hunter 2723 Rosalind Avenue. Roanoke. VA 24014 Powell II, James F. Route 7 Box 38. Burlington, MC 27215 Pratt, Jeffrey Campbell 410 Thomas Heights, Martinsville, VA 24112 Presley. Cora Aline 6631 Tunlaw Court, Alexandria. VA 22312 Presley. Sheldon Scott Route 1 Box 48, Ashburn. VA 22011 Presnell. Keith Dale Route 1 Box 17-81, Climax, MC 27233 Price. Vincent Andrew 8009 Clearfield Road, Frederick. MD 21701 Prine. John 8705 Morthwest 29th Drive, Coral Springs, PL 33065 Prilchard, Mancy Jane 57 Gordon Way Princeton, MJ 08540 Pritts, Katherine Ann 412 Washington Road, Westminster, MD 21157 Profflt, Wllma Emma 1924 Malone Road, Buriington, MC 27215 Ptosser, Pamela Heather 896 Longmeadow Street, Longmeadow, MA 01106 Pmitt, Jacquelyn Michelle 1020 Terry Drive, Melbourne. FL 32935 Pruitt. William Falrley 1915 Sunnybrook Drive, Buriington. MC 27215 Puckett, Lany Galthe 2972 Tree Swallow Road. Roanoke. VA 24018 Pugh, Tammy Ann 4015 Belle Meade Dr. S,W,, Roanoke, VA 24018 Pullen, John Tllmon 3030 University Drive. Winston-Salem, MC 27104 Punches, HJmberiy Anne 3060 Massau Drive, Vero Beach. FL 32960 Purcell, Earnest Theron Route 5 Box 66 A. Carthage, MC 28327 Purdie III, John Wesley 1019 Valley Street. Statesville. MC 26677 Purdy, Paul Christopher P.O. Box 253, 515 Cast College Avenue, Elon College, MC 27244 Purvis. Cynthia A. 2474 B Moran Street. Buriington. MC 27215 Pyrant. Madge Walston Route 1 Box 522, Julian. MC 27285 Q QUICKSILVER QUIET STUDY QUIZZES Quakenbush. Brian Clay Route 1 Box 308, Graham. MC 27253 Quarterman, John Harris 1373 Dunsian I ne, Virginia Beach, VA 23455 Quick, Alycla Ann 930 Washington Avenue, Waynestxjro, VA 22980 Qulgley Kelley Sue 7320 Bath Street, Springfield, VA 22150 Quinnette. Charies Daley 6520 Morth 27th Street, Arilngton, VA 22213 Qulnones, Joseflna 3338 Breckenrtdge Court, Annandale. VA 22003 R RANBO ROnALD REAQATI ROCKY IV Rachuba. Christopher Lawrence 1652 Marriotsvllle Road, Marriottsvllle. MD 21104 Racktey Glna Lynn 2802 Breehlll Road, Oakton, VA 22124 Rackley. KJp Gregory 3 Cambridge. Convent Station. Mj 07961 Ralford. Cynthia Denisc 518 Ukeslde Avenue. Buriington, MC 27215 Kalney. Gordon Mumford 4660 Yacht Club Road, Jacksonville. FL 52210 Ralney Margaret Ellen 405 Curtis Drive. Rockingham. MC 28379 Ralston. Andrew S. 4628 Braebum Drive. Fairfax. VA 22032 Ramsey, Mary M. Route 1 Mlchols Trail, Qastonia, MC 28052 Randall, RlU Michelle 2706 Wickham Avenue. Mewpori Mews, VA 23607 Randolph, Sheryl Linda 5 Lycoming Lane, East Brunswick. MJ 08816 Rankin. Gordon Michael 745 Chuckwagon Road. Rio Rancho, MM 87124 Ransom, Michael Robert 8825 Meadow Heights Road. Randallstown. MD 21133 Rapkin, Robin Lyn 407 Saint David Drive, Mount Laurel. MJ 08054 Ratteray. Karen Adrienna PO. Box 1515, Hamilton, Bermuda Ravell, Dana Marie 104 Rundle Avenue, Mays Landing. MJ 08330 Rawn, Chrisdne Alice Route 5 Box 1278, Gunpowder Lane, Hidiory. MC 28601 Ray, KImberiy Helen 1100 Rustic Road, Qreenslxiro, MC 27410 Raymer, Cabby Elizabeth 843 Sylvan Road, Wlnston-Salem, MC 27106 Reallnl. Mark Todd PO. Box 1103, Salisbury. MD 21801 Reallnl. Robert Wayne P.O. Box 1103, Salisbury. MD 21801 Reams. Dana Mlchele 411 5th Street, Clarksville, VA 25927 Rechtln, Gary Robert 318 Fieidstone Drive, Burlington. MC 27215 Redding. Stephanie Lynn 309 Pinevlew Drive, Elizabeth City, MC 27909 Redln, Lauma T. 4 RenmarK Court, Gaithersburg. MD 20878 Reece. Heidi Blake 9805 Montyville Drive, Manassas, VA 22111 Reed, Barbara Searcy P.O. Box 377 Route 4, Buriington. MC 27215 Reed, Catherine Ruth 5827 Boonsboro Road, Lynchburg, VA 24503 Reed. James Denis 7017 Sulky Lane. Rock illc, MD 28052 Reeves. Minnie Elizabeth 311 M. Charies Street, Roxboro. MC 27573 RegenUn. Richard William 1402 Kenbrook Drive, Garner. MC 27529 Rehmeyer. Richard Kevin 1465 Mlllvlew Drive, Sarasota, FL 53579 Reld, Marland Cornelius 1423 Pine Valley Loop. Fayetteville, MC 28305 Reldenouer, John Christopher 2524 Wesley Avenue, Ocean City, MJ 08226 Remblsz, Sharon Eileen 9 Old Farm Road, Motmdci. MJ 07733 Renn. Philip Harvey Route 10 Box 366, Buriington, MC 27215 Reynolds, David Porman 1531 Mathanlcl Mitchell Road. Dover, DE 19901 Reynolds, Pamela Jo 1703 Brown Avenue, Buriington, MC 27215 Rhea, Johnny Kenneth P.O. Box 39, Elon College, MC 27244 Rhinehart, Kimberiy Renee 409 Muddy Branch Rd. Apt 303. Gaithers- burg. MD 20878 Rhoades, John Howard 10929 Harrowfleld Drive, Pinevllle. MC 28134 Rhoades, Robert Alexander 431 Staffordshire Road. Wlnston-Salem. MC 27104 Rhoads, Jr., Christopher Meade 406 St. Christopher Road. Richmond. VA 23226 Rhodes, Larry Alan 21804 Goshen School Road. Gaithersburg. MD 20879 Rhue. La Vonne Emerson 136 Wcstvlew Drive. Elon College, MC 27244 Ricchini. James Gerard 109 Champlain Road, Mariton, MJ 08053 Rice. Barney Dudley 38 London Lane, Mebane. MC 27302 Rice. Mark Alan 2190 Buena Vista Boulevard. Vero Beach, FL 32960 Rich. David Keeton 607 West Davis Street, Buriington, MC 27215 Rich. Jason Allen Route 3 Box 754, Graham. MC 27253 Richardson, Shane C. 4401 Pennington Road, Rock Hill, SC 29730 Richardson, Vincent Lee 544 21st Street. Apt. A, Mewport Mews, VA 23607 RIcKard, Curtis Randall 1017 Shuller Drive. ThomasvtUe. MC 27360 RlcKard. David Scott 221 South Qurney Street, Buriington, MC 27215 Rlddlck, James Anthony 711 Grant Street. Durham. MC 27701 Riddle. Julia Leigh 1204 Cary Street, Burlington, MC 27215 Rider, Robert Eric 2610 Stanley Avenue Southeast, Roanoke, VA 24014 Rleck. Lisa Ann 305 Qlnger Avenue, Millvitle, MJ 08332 Rlerson, Mary Darier Route 3 Box 296, Ubcrty. MC 27298 Rlggs, William Joseph 5713 Second Avenue. Baltimore, MD 21227 RJgstMe. Teresa Smith 804 Trail One, Buriington, MC 27215 Riley. Calvin Bernard 1106 Menlck Street Apt. " 5. Durham. MC 27701 RJley, James McVey 2231 Ucy Street. Buriington. MC 27215 Riley. Paul Martin 3401 Muttree Woods Drive, Midlothian. VA 23113 Riley, Sara rair611 Tarn O ' Shanter Boulevard. Witllamsburg, VA 23185 Ritchie, Pamela Lee 1220 Van Vooriiis Road J-8. Morgantown, WV 26505 Rivers. Kenneth Avery 205 Florence Street Graham, MC 27253 Rizos. Zoe Catherine 3115 Covewood Drive. High Point. MC 27260 Roach, Russell Lee Route 1, Box 465. Providence, MC 27315 Robblns, Andrew Brooke " 5 Jasmine Court, Rockville, MD 20653 Robblns, David Horton 39 Kimt eriy Drive, Durham. MC 27707 Roberson, Sally Anne 10620 Academy Drive, Midlothian, VA 23113 Roberaon. Sherry Dean Route 1 Box 166-A. Hurdle Milts. MC 27541 Roberson, Jr.. Charies Wayne Route 7 Box 83. Buriington. MC 27215 Roberts. Bart ara Ann 631 Chester Road. Winston-Salem. MC 27104 Roberts, David Ue 1812 Hunting Ridge Road, Raleigh. MC 27609 Roberts, Harvle Millard Route 3, Mebane. MC 27302 Roberts. Marcle Lynn Route 4 Box 370-J, Buriington, MC 27215 Roberts. Shelby Jean Route 2 Box 661, Eden. MC 27288 Robertson. Renn Frederick Route 7 Box 197. Buriington, MC 27215 Robertson, Robert Scott Route 8 Box 341. Buriington, MC 27215 Robinson, Amy Marie PO. Box 1148, Elon College. MC 27244 Robinson, Chester Randall Campus Box 2232. Elon College. MC 27244 Robinson. Garrett Xavler 520 Donovan Street, Fayettevilte, MC 28301 Robinson, Ricky Lee Route 3 Box 208, Supply MC 28462 Robinson. Robert Kurt 646 Taylor Street Riverside. MJ 06075 Robinson. Jr., Robert nelson 1501 Wendover Road. Chariotte. MC 28211 Robinson. Roosevelt 41 Saint Micolas Terrace. Mew York, MY 10027 Robling, Leigh Ann R.D. 1 Box 240 AnUiony Road. Glen Gardner, MJ 08626 176 INDEX Robson, Bruce Thomas 3044 Timberland Avenue S.W.. Roanoke. VA 24018 Rock, Steven Eric 4825 Washington Street. Hollywood. FL 53021 Rocknah, Wendy Palmer Route 1 Box 515, Mags Head, nc 27959 Rodrlgues, Usa Ann 9511 Wallingfond Drive. Burke. VA 22015 Roe, Christopher Alan 1289 Indian Mound West, Birmingham, Ml 48010 Roedlger, Joseph Ptank 1007 Evans Street. Morehead City, MC 28557 Rogers, Decky Lynn 304 St Andrews Lane, California, MD 20619 Rogers, John Parks Route 1 Box 93. Chapel Hill, nc 27514 Rogers, Thomas Jefferson 1821 Mufbker Road riW, Rome, QA 30161 Roney, Keith Shawn 207 East Whitsctt Street, Qraham, nc 27255 RDper, Antonio Delane Route 2 Box 215E, Qold Street. Laurinburg, MC 28352 Rose, George Edwards 3100 Zebuton Drive, Rocky Mount, I C 27801 Rose, Jennifer Arm 3 SheUand Court. Rockville, MD 20851 Rosencrans. Dorothea Alene 318 Clapp Street, Qraham, MC 27253 Rosinski, Paul Eric Route 1 Box 362, Chariotte Hall, MD 20622 Roth. Michaet Samuel 19730 Qreenslde Terrace, Qalthersburg. MD 20879 Roth, Suzanne J. 19750 Qreenslde Terrace, Qalthersbu rg, MD 20879 Rothwelt. Sharon Ann Cypress Drive P.O. Box 98, Toano, VA 23168 Rowell, flelson Ranee 7119 Tcsh Road. Monroe, MC 23110 Rowlands, Michael WItliam Route 3 Box 137, Leesburg, VA 22075 Royals, John forrest Route 1, Alton, VA 22920 Rudisill, Jane neviile PO. Box 12. Burlington. nC 27215 Rudlslll. Tanya Kim 402 Overman Drive, Burilngton, nC 27215 Rupprecht Qeorge Walter 21 Tree Fann Court, Qlen Ami, MD 21057 Russell, Carrie Sue 11401 LilOng Lane. Fairfax Station, VA 22039 Russell, David Alan 8526 Wagon Wheel Road. Alexandria, VA 22309 Russell, Gerald Ruben 5609 Underwood Drive. Qrcensl oro. nC 27409 Russell. Gregory Alan 317 Andover Road, Durham. nC 27712 Russell. Jean-Joel 616 Fernwood Drive, Alt crmaric. MC 28001 RuUedge, Archfl aM Hugh Route 5 Box 171-A. Mendersonville, nc 28739 Ryan, James Anthony 4705 Five Forks Court, Virginia Beach. VA 25455 Ryan. Mitchell Wayne 4601 Mt. Vernon Highway. Alexandria. VA 22309 Ryan, Pabick Wayne Route 3 Box 433. Clarksburg, WV 26301 Ryan. Susan CUzabeth 421 Joppa Farm Road. Joppatowne, MD 21085 S SPACE SHUTTLE ST. ELMO ' S FIRE SPRiriGSTEEn Sack, Andrew Peny 1560 Lancaster Ter. Unit 908, Jacksonville, PL 32204 Sala. John Adam 10100 Burton Qlen Drive. Rockville, MD 20850 Salak, Linda Ann 5816 Fairway Drive. Hope Mitts, nc 28348 Salycr, Robert Theodore Route 2 Box 367, Alton, VA 22920 Samway, Lee Prances 11624 Foxclove Road, Reston, VA 22091 Sanchez, Jeannle 12006 Galena Road. RockviUe. MD 20852 Sandell. Theresa Jane PO. Box 5107, Charlottesville, VA 22905 Sanderiin, Lisa NIchell Box 43, Shawrt oro. hC 27973 Sanders, Melfnda Morrice 810-F East Cone Blvd. Qreenstxjro, MC 27405 Sandusky, Kristen Maria 8 Granada Briarcrest Hershcy, PA 17033 Santo, ftobert C. 441 Upham Street, Melrose, MA 02176 Sari, Rol ert Russell 149 Russell Avenue, Barrlngton. PU 08007 Sartin, Hal Wesley 705 Wvett Street. Burtlngton. MC 27215 Sattin, Janet Anne Route 2 Box 314 Buriington. nc 27215 Satterfletd. Edward L. Route 4 Box 690. South Boston, VA 24592 Saul, Andrew Magulre 1 Quincy Street, Chevy Chase. MD 20815 Saulsbiuy, Jeffrey Stephen 6 Price Street, Easlon, MD 21601 Saunders, Jamea Carter 304 Battery Avenue, Emporia, VA 23847 Saunders, WHUam Glover PO. Box 2038. Chuckatuck Station, Suffolk. VA 23432 Saye. Robert Lewis 222 Rlverton Road. Matthews, nc 28105 Saylor, Daniel Anthony 1847 Back Creek Court, Ashcboro, PIC 27203 ScagnelH. Marc Antonio Route 1 Box 30-B. Bushy Cook Road, Efland, nc 27243 Scales, Timothy Shaun 5405 Lamplighter Drive. Roanoke, VA 24019 Schaal, Aaron Frederick 319 13th Avenue florth, Surfside, SC 29587 Schaefer, Andrew Michael 1015 Bonita Drive, Altamonte Springs. FL 3271 Sciiallock, Debra Ruth 528 Clarks Run Road, La Plata. MD 20646 Schanewolf. Hark Adam 334 Woodhaven Drive, Buriington. flC 27215 ScheU ach, David Leslie 849 Blue Heron Court, Arnold, MD 21012 Schmidt, Kathy Ann 609 Mimosa Road, Westminster, SC 29693 Schneider, John r. 1432 Mt. Hope Church Road. McLeansville, nc 27301 Schnell, Michael Joseph 3921 Park Avenue, Rkhmond. VA 23221 Schoonover, Roticrt Kevin 615B Tracy Drive. Buriington, nC 272X5 Schronce, Diane Wright Route 1 Box 479, Qraham, PtC 27253 Schuize, Erik Axel 1024 Belvoir Road, Morristown, PA 19401 Schwab, John 95 Gold Street, Hawthorne. PtV 10532 Schwab, Steven Michael 95 Qold Street, Hawthorne, nv 105fc32 Schweillng, Eric Mortimer 3915 Underwood Street, Chevy Chase, MD 20815 Scorns, Detwrah Ysteboe 131 Random Lane. Buriington. fIC 27215 Scott, Angela Delores 125 Hemlock Drive. Salisbury, nc 28144 Scott Paisley White Route 2 Box 575, Met)ane, hC 27302 Scott, Randall I auglass312 East Church Street, Smithfield, DC 27577 Scott. Sylvia Woodward Route 6 Box 214-A, Buriington. MC 27215 Screws, Robert Keith PO. Box 331. Plttsboro, PIC 27312 Scnidato, Steven Leonard 1 Addison Drive, FottersvIHe, PVI 07979 Scale, Rae Anne 8422 Camden Street. Alexandria, VA 22308 Seara, Judy Gall PO. Box 13054. QlbsonvUle. PtC 27249 Sears, Kathryn Dru PO. Box 22. Silcr City, MC 27544 Sebesto, Michael 10 Walnut Street Lake Hiawatha, nj 07034 Secrist Delana Dee 315 north Second Street, Shenandoah, VA 22849 Seel, Brenda Lee 2727 McKlnney Street, Buriington, PIC 27215 Self, Klmberiy Ann 5015 Tree Top Lane, Roanoke, VA 24018 Sellars, William Charies 1 19 Shadowbrook Drive. Burlington, PtC 27215 Semonite. Susan Scott Plorth Ridge Road, Bellows Falls. VT 05101 Serrapiglfo, Claudio AV-Farriar 99-40. Valencia Caratrobo, Venezuela Settle, Clinton Tyrone Route 9 Box 415-B, Reidsvllle. nC 27320 Settles, Anthony Clinton 613 Isabelte Street, Laurinburg, MC 28352 Seward, Carolyn Michelle Route 4 Box 198, Waveriy VA 25890 Sexton, Bryan Howard Route 4 Box 137, Covington. VA 24426 Sexton. Plell A. 40 Cromwell Court. Berkeley Meights, P1J 07922 Shackleford, Richard Frederick Route 4 Box 30 Southern Road, King. nc 27021 Shadyac, Lisa Ann 10208 Hartlnhoe Drive, Vienna. VA 22180 Shaffer David Andrew 2684 Haverford Road. Columbus. OH 45220 Sharpe. Angela Marie Route 8 Box 583. Buriington, PIC 27215 Stiarpe. April Gamer 233 Knox Road, McLeansville, MC 27301 Sharpe, Connie Rea Yates Route 1 Box 93, Buriington, nc 27215 Sharrow, Randolph Clay 1301 Tellowee Road, Eden, PIC 27288 Shaw. Jennie Lynn Allgood F.O. Box 1764. Greensboro. PIC 27402 Shearin, Susan Elaine 9211 Redbridge Road, Richmond, VA 23236 Sheets, Wanda Lynette Route 1 Box 278. YanceyvUle. nC 27379 Shelby, Mark Kendic 402 Wake Robin Drive, Cockeysville, MD 21030 Shelby, Mellnda Virginia 202 Wake Robin Drive, Cockeysville. MD 21030 Shelley. Symentha 2422 Buckingham Road, Burlington. PIC 27215 Shelor, Lisa Marie Route 1 Box 145A. A.xton, VA 24054 Shelton. Jr.. Charies Donald 709-E East Haggard Avenue. Wethertoy Arms Apartments. Elon College, PtC 27244 Shelton. Jr.. Willie 2264 Robinhood Drive. Ringgold, VA 24586 Shepard, James Avery 8703 Fort Drive, Manassas. VA 22110 Shepard, Joel Adam 8703 Fort Drive, Manassas. VA 22110 Shepherd. Julfa Lynn 6865 Bethel Church Road, Qlbsonville, nC 27249 Sher, Michael J. 2019 West Rogers Avenue. Baltimore, MD 21209 Sherman. James Allen 1220 Kensington Drive. High Point, PtC 27260 Sherman, Plelson Rush 810 n.C, 61, Whitsett. nc 27377 Sherwood, Anthony Wayne 204 Amberiy Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23462 Shffflett, Monica Paith 233 E. Rockingham Street, Elkton, VA 22827 Shlnnamon, Bonnie Sue 6571 Madrigal Terrace. Columbia, MD 21045 Shires, Regena Kayc 4610 Morning Hill Court, Midlothian. VA 25115 Shiriaw, Susan Jean 2032 Pari wood Road. Charteston, WV 25514 Shirley, Linda A. 5016 Forestdale Drive. Buriington, PIC 27215 Shirley III. William Henry 8225 Buckland Mill Road. Gainesville. VA 22065 Shober. Katherine Lynn 1741 Driftwood Lan«. Roanoke. VA 24018 Shockley. Beth Ellen 400 West Drive. Snow Mill, MD 21865 Shook. Tanya Larue Route 6 Box 1045. Hickory, nc 28601 Short, John Christopher 622 Tillar Avenue, Emporia. VA 25847 Shorthouse. Elizabeth Ann 507 Atlanta Avenue S.E.. Atlanta. QA 50515 Shotwell. Bonnie Jo Route 1 Box 258. Timberiake, PtC 27585 Showerman, Sandra Jo 3317 Elk Drive, Buriington, nC 27215 Shown, Steven Walker 905 West End Blvd., Winston Salem. nC 27104 Shrevc, Dan P. 8920 Cherokee Road, Richmond, VA 23235 Shrlver, Mark Walter 6321 Youngs Branch Drive. Fairfax Station, VA 22059 Shugari, Deltra Kay 506 Lakeway Drive, Lewisville. PiC 27025 Shull, Lydia 9 Sheridan Place, Elon College. PtC 27244 Shultz, Cary Winston PO. Box Drawer H, Stony Creek, VA 25882 Shumate. Edwin Wesley 9807 River Road, Ptewport Plews, VA 25601 Siemering. Brian Scott 1058 19th Avenue Place h.W,, Hickory. PtC 28601 Sigmon, Ricky Wayne Route 1 Box 219, Catawba, PtC 28609 Signet, Ellyn Margret 7910 Colorado Springs Drive, Springfield. VA 22153 Silcox, Harry 541 Riverside Drive, Buriington, PIC 27215 Simmons. Barbara Ashley 1022 Morningside Lane, Martinsville, VA 24112 Simmons. Connie Dawn Route 2 Box 229, Elon College. PtC 27244 Simmons, Dorothy P. 1419 Plorth Nicholas Street. Arilngton, VA 22205 Simmons. Elizabeth Ann Route 2 Box 256, Elon College, PtC 27244 Simmons. James Robert 2906 Grand Boulevard, Highland. IPI 46322 Simmons, Lawrence William 8114 Deer Branch Road Pi.W., Roanoke, VA 24019 Simonelli. Michael John 4648 Paul Revere Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23455 Simons. Jean Elizabeth 108 Plorth Lee Avenue, PO. Box 933, Elon College. nC 27244 Simons, Wayne Martin 1909 Columbia Road, Virginia Beach. VA 23454 Simpson, Susan Wall 2714 West Front Street, Buriington, PIC 27215 Sims, Tina Tracy 5352 Breckenridge Court, Annandale. VA 22003 Sink. Kathy l n 731 Fairfield Street, Buriington. PlC 27215 SInkfleld, Alcta Denlece 485 Englewood Avenue S.E., Apartment 258, AUanta, QA 30315 SIpc, Billy Joe Route 2 Box 138, Snow Camp. PtC 27549 Siplcr, Scott PhlHp 5709 Prince Andrew Une, Virginia Beach. VA 23452 SIsco. Jamie Lee 624 Thiele Road. Brick, PU 08724 SIscl. Paige Ellse 2861 Fairmont Road, Winston-Salem, nc 27106 SIzemore. I ee Calton Route 2 Box 3a-A, Haw River, nc 27258 SIzemore. Margaret Melissa PO. Box 3725, Wilmington, nC 28403 Skeeter, William Christopher PO. Box 1364, Elon College, PiC 27244 Skinner, Michael Holt 2016 Sunnybrook Drive. Buriington, PIC 27215 Slade, Jeffrey Edward Route 2 Box 345. Conway, PtC 27820 Slattery. Timothy G. 14 Heatherwood Hills. Pforristown, FA 19403 Slawson, Patricia Ann 1367 Little Pleck Road, Virginia Beach, VA 25452 Sliney, Emily Wilson PO. Box 1094, Buriington, PIC 27215 Sloan, Allen Gregory 301 Tweed Circle. Cary, PIC 27511 Slusher. Keith Byron PO. Drawer 1437. Liberty, PIC 27298 Sluytcr, Minnie Maarten 720 W, Front Street Apt. 4. Buriington, PIC 27215 Small, Chris Gene 311 Trail Eight, Buriington, PtC 27215 Smart, Teresa Lynn Route 1 Box 276, Rldgeway, VA 24148 Smlddy, Thomas Martin 10910 Haverford Lane, Richmond, VA 25236 Smith, Bart ara Lisa Route 9 Box 499, Buriington, piC 27215 Smith, Christine Clara Windy Bank farm Box 8. Flatts 3. Bermuda Smith, Craig Alan 717 Elmwood Drive, Harrisonburg. VA 22801 Smith. Darrin Joseph 305 Rustk Ridge Road, Cary, PtC 27511 Smith, Danyl Antonio Route 1 Box 473, Madison, PtC 27025 Smith. Jr.. Gerald Spencer 1005 Bridgewater Drive. Greensboro. MC 27410 Smith, Gregory Dale 10109 Wattham Drive, Richmond. VA 23233 Smith, Jane Allen Route 1 Box 429, Buriington, PtC 27215 Smith, Jefircy Lamar322 1 Shaftesbury Lane, Winston-Salem, PIC 27105 Smith. Jill Susan 441 H-5 East Arrowood Road, Chariotte, PtC 28210 Smith, John Charies 106 Forcstwood Drive, Met ane. PiC 27302 Smith, Karen Elizabeth 752-D The Colony Apartments, Burlington. PIC 27215 Smith, Kathy Lynne 108 Hilary Court, Lewisville, nc 27023 Smith. Kelley Ann 1612 Foxhal) Road, Washington, DC 20007 Smith, Kenneth Blair Route 1 Box 322, Bunnlevel, nC 28323 Smith. Lori Ann 2804 West Meadowwood Drive, Chesapeake, VA 23321 Smith. Lynne Colette 4100 Qeorge Lane, West Palm Beach. FL 33406 Smith. Michael Wm. 56 Welsh Track Road, Apt. 105. Newark, DE 19715 Smith. Philip Wayne Route 6 Box 558. Burlington. TiC 27215 Smith, Phniip Ray Route 2 Box n7-A, Snow Camp. PlC 27349 Smith, Ronnie Darnell PO. Box 381, Erwin. PtC 28339 Smith, Sabrina Dawn 810 Worth Street, Asheboro, PiC 27203 Smith. Samuel Ue 1500 Kia Court Apt. lA, Baltimore, MD 21202 Smith, Scott Michael 345 South Satlnwood Place. Roswcll, QA 50076 Smith, Shelia Covington 2719 Blanche Drive. Buriington, PiC 27215 Smith, Stephen Uwls P,0, Box 3062, Buriington, nC 27215 Smith, Timothy Ray 511 Edinburgh Drive. Buriington, PtC 27215 Smith, Timothy Richard 7711 Heming Place. Piorth Springfield, VA 2215 Smith, Todd Andrew 30 Devonshire Drive, Salisbury, MD 2X801 Smith, Tonya Lea Route 9 Box 89-19 Buriington. PIC 27215 Smith. Jr.. John Frank 4199 WinnatKjw Road. Winston-Salem, PtC 27105 Snead, James Darrell Route 5 Box 26, Bassett, VA 24055 Sneed. Helony Michelle 1918 Eastover Drive. South Boston, VA 24592 Snellings, Tracy Samuel Route 3 Box 205. Lexington, PiC 27292 Snider. Edmond Louis 13420 Walnutwood l ne. Qermantown, MD 20874 Snider, Karen Luanne Route 1 Box 224, Linwood, nC 27299 Snipes. Susan Ue Box 3218, Qlbsonville, PtC 27249 Snow, Barton Mitchell 501 Wlndcmere Road, Ptewport Ptews, VA 23602 Snow, Katrina Lynn 607-D Tracy Drive. Buriington, nC 27213 Snowden, Todd Baeten 413 Lakeshore Lane, Chape! Mill, PIC 27514 Snyder, Daryl-Lyn 26 Ravine Avenue. Wyckoff. PIJ 07481 Snyder, Michael Joseph 1549 Bay Point Drive, Virginia Beach,VA 23454 Snyder, Ralph Eugene Route 4 Box 30, Mebane. PIC 27302 Sochurek, Shcri Lynn 4 Tariton Court, Mantua, PtJ 08051 Soiiday, Joanne Cadorette 507 Forestview Drive, Eton College, PtC 27244 Sollday, Keith Allen 307 Forestview Drive. Elon College, nc 27244 Soiiday. Michael John 27 Quandary Lake Lane, Qraham. PtC 27253 Sorreli. Anne B. 2324 Chariotte Street. Durham, PtC 27705 Southern, James McPtalr 248 Qrandview Drive. Wlnston-Salem, PtC 27104 Spalnhour, Oliver Lamon PO. Box 587. Wake Forest, PIC 27587 Sparhawk, Leslee Rose Route 2 Box 733 S, Chester, MD 21619 Speers. Joanne W. 1428 Clover Lane. West Chester. PA 19380 Spelt, Patience Dawn Route 2 Box 162, Elon College, PlC 27244 Spence, Barbara Strader Route 2 Box 99. Qraham, PiC 27233 Spink, John Timothy 10093 Carillon Drive, Elllcott City, MD 21043 Spltzner. Kari Qrelchen Route 6 Box 169, Mebane, PIC 27302 Splan, Stephen Anthony 803 Lakewater Drive. Richmond, VA 23229 Spotz, Michael John 2617 Ullage Lane, Silver Spring. MD 20906 Sprague. John Lindsay PO, Box 362, Port Tobacco, MD 20677 Sprague, Mary Kristen PO, Box 314, Fort Tobacco, MD 20677 Springer, Sara Susan 1850 Whippletree Road. Roanoke. VA 24018 Spmetl, Edward Riley Route 2 Box 244, Vinton. VA 24179 Sprulll, Collin William 11102 Del Rio Drive, Fairfax, VA 22030 St. Clair. Sherrie Denenne 751 Mason Road, Vinton. VA 24179 Stack, Michclc Ann 150 Gulf Street, Medina, PtY 14105 Stadermann, Bevcriy Ann 3205 Forestdale Drive, Buriington, PtC 27215 Stadler, Anetta L. F.O. Box 277, Seaboand, TiC 27876 Stadler, Mona Carol 2136 Wcstover Terrace. Buriington. HC 27215 Stadtier. I tricia Ann 4510 Brandywinc Street PI.W.. Washington, DC 20016 Staley. Pablda Ann Route 3 Box 93-A, Lll erty, PtC 27298 Stallings. James Keith Route 4 Box 127-A. Buriington, PtC 27215 Stamper, Cathy Lynn PO. Box 606. Denton, PtC 27239 Stanfleld, Sarah Shaw 2519 West Front Street Buriington. PiC 27215 Stanley. Prances Carole 2851 Delaney Drive Buriington. PtC 27215 Stanley, KlmtKriy Dawn PO. Box 8657. Roanoke. VA 24014 Stanley. Roger Blair PO, Box 9681. Qreenstwro, nC 27408 Stanley. William Michael 14574 Bexhlll Court, Chesterfield, MO 63017 Staples, Edward Poster Route 1 Box 859, Eden, PtC 27288 Starzec, Lori Ann 16114 Jeratd Road, Laurel, MD 20707 Staton, Charles Samuel 6856 Rumple Road, Chariotte, PIC 28213 INDEX 177 Stecg. Lisa Jean RD l ThisUe Lane, riemin ton ru 08822 Steele. Richard Alan 206 A Hcnr Drive Trails End Apt.. Burtlngton flC 27215 Stelner. Kelly Jeanne 7i27 north Manning Drive. Peoria IL 616U Stephen Keith William 1716 Himtingridae Road Raleigh, nc 27609 Stephens Michael Dennis PO Box 683, Yance)viUc, MC 27579 Stephenson, George Haywood 3604 Gail Drive Rock Mount, fIC 27801 Stevens Ross Langhome Route 1 Box 18 Qrcenuood. VA 229 3 Stewart Allyson Lalne 41 Sherry Drive. Buriington, flC 27215 Stewart. BecKy C. Roule 9, Box 115. DLxon Swimming Pool Road. Buri- ington nc 2r215 Stewart. Beveriy Linville 719 A Lenora Street. Buriington, nC 27215 Stewan, Jon David 717 West Davis Street. Buriington nC 27215 Stewart. Stacy Lynn 7306 Somoa Drive Richmond, VA 23228 Stickley. Andrea Page 917 Susan Avenue Woodstock, VA 22664 SUcXIey Valerie Beth 917 Susan Avenue, Woodstock. VA 22664 SUdham. Kimberiy Anne 4906 Cdinborough Road. Qreensboro. nc 27406 SUriIng James M. 112 Hanon Drive, Sevema Park. MD 21146 StocXard Catherine Grace 1700 Hanford Road Graham nc 27253 Stockton Timothy Von Route 5 Box 121 Martinsville, VA 24112 Stocus. Jr. Robert J. 922 Lincoln .Venue, Pomplon Lakes. MJ 07442 Sioll. Caroline Diane 9616 rtillridgc Drive Kensington. MD 20695 Stone. Angela Marie PO Box 385, Broadv -ay riC 27505 Stone, Cynthia Leigh Roule 1 Box 2a8-A, Austinville, VA 24312 Slone. Joshua Mook Route 1 Box 394-C Burlington. nC 27215 Stone. Lisa Little Route 1 Box 394-C. Buriington MC 27215 StorcK, Michael William 2906 Bree Mil! Road, Oakton VA 22124 Stor . Warren Matcher PO Bo 582, Waverty. VA 23890 Stover. Stacey Barrlnger PC. Box 765 Wng, nC 27021 Strader, David Michael 746-r Shawnee Drive. Buriington. PtC 27215 Stiassner Jr,, Thomas Andrew 5822 Spring Meadow Drive, EllicoitClty, MD 21043 SUaughan, Jay Winstead Route 1, Callao, VA 22435 Straughn. William Plelson 704 Heather Road, Buriington, nC 27215 Straus, Rachel Leah 5010 ». BatUcbridge Drive. Richmond. VA 25224 Strauss, Gregg Michael 317 Bowman Drive. Woodbury, MJ 08096 Strawn. James Edward 4655 Bnace Road. Chester VA 25851 Strickland, Kimberiy Beth Route 1 Box 791, Rctdsvillc. riC 27320 Stringer. Llewellyn Winn 7885 Styers Perry Road. WInston-Salem. DC 27012 StrittmaOer Leeann 1519 florth Hills Avenue. WHIow QKJve PA 19090 Strother III, Charies Edward 5532 Queenst erT Avenue, Springfield. VA 22151 Strowd. Charles Kennon Route 5 Box 180-A Chapel Hill, nc 27514 Stuart. Mark Alan 3000 Van Moppen Road Qreensboro nC 27406 Styles, Alice ChrisOne 1017 Edith Street. Buriington. MC 27215 Su, Sung San 2323 Broadway Avenue, Roanoke VA 24014 Suddaby Macie Marie Route 2 Box 169 Emporia, VA 23847 Sugars, James Donnell 1617 S, Via Arriba, Tucson, AZ 85713 Sullivan, Colleen Danielle 1157 Comeil Road Pittsburgh, PA 15205 Sullivan. Dwayne Pratt Route 6 Box 365, Martwood. VA 22471 Sullivan, John Flugerald 516 Worley Road. GreenvlUe. 5C 29609 Sullivan Karin Ann 957 Southeast 12th Way, Deertield Beach, PL 33441 Suman, Thomas P, 8916 Woodstone Drive, Raleigh PIC 27609 Sumerell. Patrick Craven 429 South Petty Street, Oalfney SC 29340 Summers, Christopher Jaffa 5339 Hwy 150 East. Browns Summit, nc 27214 Summers. Mark Stuart 415 Ptorence Circle. Statesvilte, nC 28677 Sutton. Jeanie Bruce 3021 South fairway Drive Buriington. MC 27215 Sutlon, Joanna Lynn Friendly Acres Waitace, nc 28466 Swaim. Melissa Dawn 200 Lyics Street ApL 10-A. Elkln. riC 28621 Swain, Beveriy Gail Route 2 Box 166. C O Bill C. Swain. Buriington nC 27215 Swan III. Dallas I ewitt PO, Box 90. 102 Easy Street Bloxom, VA 23508 Sweeney, Christopher Thomas 2704 Jerusalem Road, Kingsville. MD 21087 Sweeney. Douglas Earl Route 11 Box 198. Roanoke. VA 24019 Sv»im. Keith Wward 4449 Cordeil Drive, Roanoke, VA 24018 Svom, Lisa Ann 4449 Cordeil Drive. Roanoke VA 24018 Szoverify, Ester 4 Branch Court. Greensboro. nC 27406 T TIL TUESDAY TtiATiKsaivina TALKina HEADS Tabor Susan Leigh 500 Oakhurst Avenue, Biuefield. WV 24701 Taibert. John Patrick Box 675. Bermuda Run, MC 27006 Tail ert. Myron Robert 4505 Whaleyville Boulevard. Suffolh. VA 23434 Tamburino. Jr., Richard Charies 2015-F The Colony Apartments. Buri- ington, nc 27215 Tanner. Klmt eriey Carroll 4408 Furiey Avenue. Baltimore, MD 21206 Tarini, Pamela Maria 107 Laurel Lane West. Mt, Laurel, rtj 08054 Tart, Benny Route 1 Box 1470 Gamer. MC 27529 Tashlan. Paul 8, 196 Cannon Road Freehold, PU 07728 Tate, DwayrK Edward 5005 Linden Avenue. Fredericksburg. VA 22401 Tate James Edwin 1128 Sherwood Drive, Buriington PtC 27215 Tate, Kevin Lee 3005 Linden Avenue. Fredericksburg. VA 22401 Tate, Willie Lee 507 Harris Street. Sebring. PL 55870 Tatko, Kenneth James RD 1 Box 212-M. Rome, PA 18857 Tatum. Arnold Gregory Route 1 Box 37. Belcws CrecK. PIC 27009 Tatum, Luann Route 10 Box 455. Asheboro. MC 27205 Tatum, Scott Tumian 602 Wofford Road. Durham MC 27707 Taylor, Barbara Ann 1917 Whippoorwill Lane. Sanford. MC 27550 Taylor, Craig Michael Route 4. Blairmont Drive. Boone, MC 28607 Taylor, Prank Todd 7605 Oolfviev Ave Richmond VA 25228 Taylor, Kelly Lynn 1063 Landon Lane Amold, MD 21012 Taylor. Michael Anthony 1955 West 1st Street. Winston-Salem, MC 27104 Taylor Tanya Lynn 1001 Little John Terrace, Kannapolis. MC 28081 Taylor, Tommy Allen Lot 16 Pleasant Avenue Park. Kannapolis MC 28081 Taylor, Tonya Ann 55 Folkstone Qrcenstwro. MC 27405 Taylor, Yvonne Eleva C. ' O Peter Major II. 915 ME. 125th Street, Morih Miami FL 33161 Temple, Lynctte Rae PO, Box 9 Stedman, MC 23591 Temples, Todd Russell Route 2 Box 632, Halifax, VA 24558 Tenney, Cllzat cth Ann 1308 Root Trail, Martinsville VA 24112 Terrell. Richard Edward 519 Riverside Drive, Burlington, MC 27215 Tenrell, Tamra Dawn Route 1 Box 212-A, Elon College, MC 27244 Terrell, Treva Lue 1229 Kltby Street, Buriington, MC 27215 Terry, Charies David Route 1 Box 181 Creedmoor. MC 27522 Testa, Brian Jay 1647 Wills Place VIneland MJ 08360 Textor, Michael Keith 2203 West Beverly Street, Wall Township. MJ 07719 Thacker. Travionnc Lamont 1209 Glen Clarin Road, Winston-Salem. MC 27107 Thain. Jones Edward Route 2 Box 472-A. Durham. MC 2770S Thaxton, Melinda Ellen Roule 8 Box 318 Burlington. MC 27215 Theil, Michael Charies 6 Oakland Road, Old Bridge MJ 08837 Thibodeau, Donna Lynn 606 Tracy Drive, Trails End Apt, Buriington, MC 27215 Thigpen. Kirit Jerome P.O. Box 264. Beulaville. MC 28518 Thomas. Bertha Lee Roule 2 Box 177, Roxt oro, MC 27575 Thomas. Holly Beth PO- Box 325, Wicomico, VA 23184 Thomas. Jay Darrell Route 1 Box 403 Burlington. MC 27215 Thomas, Jodi Kay Strama 2732 Blanche Drive. Burlington. MC 27215 Thomas, Martha CindJa PO Box 115, Mewell MC 28126 Thomas, Ralph Christopher Box 2417 405 Apple Street, Qibsonvllle, MC 27249 Thomas. Thomas Patrick 5028 Lockridge Road, S,W,, Roanoke, VA 24014 Thomas, Tracy Jean 2410 West Front Street, Buriington. MC 27215 Thomasson. Lois M. 919 Bellvue Street. Burlington. MC 27215 Thompson. Anne Michele 407 Bethel Street Gibsonvllle, MC 27249 Thompson, Beth Page 107 River Street. Whitehaven. MD 21873 Thompson, Eddie Joe 4504 Camellia Drive, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577 Thompson, Janet Elizabeth 2700 Windsor Road. Winston Salem, MC 27104 Thompson, Jeffery Lamont Route 6 Box 215 MillstwnDugh, MC 27278 Thompson, John Scott 1516 Hanover Road, Buriington, MC 27215 Thompson. June Driver 706-A15 Huffman Milt Road. Buriington. MC 27215 Thompson, Kendal Ladd 13431 Kingsmil! Road, Midlothian, VA 25115 Thompson, Kyle Van 304 South Ireland Street Buriington, MC 27215 Thompson, Lisa Joan 1207 Peachtree Road, Wilson, MC 27895 Thompson, Waverly Dae 510 Alt any Street. Buriington, MC 27215 Thompson, Jr.. William Henry Route 2 Box 444, Graham. MC 27255 Thompson, Jr., Flnley McParland Route 2 Box 261. Snow Camp, MC 27349 Thomson. Shiriey Jane 4420 Cariton Court. Portsmouth, VA 25705 Thornburg, Kathryn Ann 6443 Penrith Drive. Mechanicsvitle, VA 231 1 1 Thornhill, Vlnston Lee 2841 Skipton Road. Richmond. VA 23225 Thornton. James Kennedy 900 Larkhaven Lane, Virginia Beach. VA 25452 Thrower. Gary Allen 317-D Atwood Drive, Burlington, MC 27215 Tickle, Lydia Ellen 6561 Bethel Church Road, Gibsonville. MC 27249 Tiffany. Rot €rt Lester 370 Rudder Road. Maples, FL 55940 Tllghman. Amy Elizabeth 7 Westbury Acres, Salisbury. MD 21801 Tilley. Margaret Jeanne Route 1 Box 560, Lawsonville. MC 27022 Tilley. Wendy Gail 2815 Davie Drive, Duriiam. MC 27704 Tillman. Bonita Caryl 1905-1 Malonc Road, Buriington, MC 27215 Timberiake III, Gilbert Brown Route 1 Hv -y 258, George, MC 27833 Timberman, John Warrick 21 Salem Street RD 4 Box 512. Elmer, Mj 08518 Tlmmes. Christiann Rose 5600 Ashfield Road, Alexandria. VA 22510 Titmus. Scott Wayne 10118 Idlebrook Drive. Richmond, VA 23233 Tobias John Allen 2201 Bradies Avenue. Cinnaminson, MJ 08077 Tomllnson. Julia Anne PO, Box 206. Virginia. VA 24598 Tomlinson. Mary Ellen 705-D South Broad Street Buriington MC 27215 Tomlinson. Ronald Dale Route 3 Box 838 Lumberion. MC 28558 Topping, Wallace Hogge 256 Cedar Road, Poquoson VA 23662 Toraln, Anthony Bernard Route 2 Box 211-B. Hurdle Mills. MC 27541 Torchia, Kevin John 58 Laurie Lane, Little Silver. MJ 07759 Torpey Sean Stephen 14916 Rocking Spring Drive. Rockvillc, MD 20855| Town, Carrie Susan 3135 Sunnybrook Drive, Chariotte, MC 28210 Townsend, Susan Adams 228 Dagsboro Road. Salisbury, ' MD 21801 Tracy, Terry Kimberiy 3179 Woodland Lane, Alexandria, VA 22509 Tralnor John Patrick 5951 Starmount Drive. Greensboro, MC 27410 Trakas, Elaine Thomas Route 8 Box 470, Buriington, MC 27215 Trapp, Patricia Ann 6004 Massau Drive Sp ringfield, VA 22152 Travis. Johnny Alt ert Route 2 Box 482, Walnut Cove. MC 27052 Treece, Michelle Lynnette 113 Carriage Trail Raleigh. MC 27614 Trimakas, Victoria Reglna 6760 Wheeler Drive. Charlotte, MC 28211 Tripp, Greg C. 10308 Windbluff Drive, Richarmond. VA 23233 Trogdon. Taylor Peoples 1207 Mccly Drive Asheboro, MC 27205 Troltinger, Donna Rose 1010 Trolllnger Road, Graham. MC 27253 Troxler, Rockle Davis Route 2 Box 19-A. Elon College. MC 27244 Tuck. Grady Dale 257 Fox Hollow Drive, Danville, VA 24541 Tuck, Valeria Denlse 2750 Woodbury Drive, Burlington. MC 27215 Tucker Rot ert Denny 1016 Vernon Avenue, WInston-Salem, MC 27106 Tulenko, Sean Christopher 5425 Thunderhill Columbia, MD 21045 Tullo. Michele Dawn 16620 Sioux Lane. Oalthersburg. MD 20878 TUUoch. Jennifer Lynn 550 Stadium Drive, Eden MC 27288 Tune. John Michael Route 1 Box 78, Vernon Mill. VA 24597 Turner, Alelhea Taye P.O. Box 132, Bucna Vista Avenue Stuart, VA 24171 Turner, Barbara Ann 408 Ro al Oak Avenue. High Point, MC 27260 Turner Tammy Route 4 Box 552 Beverly Road. Burlington. MC 27215 Tutterow. Laura Gay 4504 Belvoir Drive. Qreensboro, MC 27406 Tysor. Bamle Clifford 415 South Maple Street. Graham. nC 27255 U U-2 UnSATISFACTORY UnOEFSmTER BASKEJWEAVina Uhar. faith 5112 63rd Hace. Chcveriy MD 20785 Uht Steve Paul 117 Summcriln Drive. Chapel Hill, MC 27514 Underwood. Lisa Suzarme Box 8521. Roanoke VA 24014 Ungemah, Lynn Jennifer 995 Ptnes Terrace, franklin Lakes MJ 07417 V VISA VIDEOS VACATIOnS Valbuena. Pamela Incs 2227 Overtook Drive. Mount Dora. FL 52757 Van Alen. Lucas Post 304 Orchard Way. St Davids, PA 19087 Van Mess, Ray Pranklin 604 McCorkle Drive. Lexington VA 24450 Vance, Thomas Mark 5615 FeaKwood Drive, Roanoke. VA 24014 Vanderburg, Elizabeth Holden 4506 Wild Oak Lane, Qreensboro. MC 27406 Vanscoy. Mancy Apple 2502 May Drive Buriington, MC 27215 Vassos, Susan Alisa 564 Jonathan Court, Mcwport Mews, VA 25602 Vaughan. Susan Kay Route 2 Box 174-E. Clarksville. VA 23927 Vaughan, Susan Lane 919 Kenbridge Place Salem. VA 24155 Vaughan. Wayne Bcckley 409 South 4th Street, Smithfleid MC 27577 Vaughn. Linda Joyce F,0, Box 855. GreenstJoro. MC 27402 Vaught John Robert 706 0-8 Huffman Mill Road Buriington. MC 27215 Veasey. John Calvin 3622 Medford Road. Duriiam MC 27705 Velez, Judith Ann 4700 ParKman Court, Annandale VA 22005 Venabte. Donald Eugene 1819 Alamance Church Road, Green5tx}ro, MC 27406 Vericella. Diana Barbara 7714 Hayfield Road, Alexandria. VA 22510 Vessellza, Ronald RJcfiard 2017 Jack frost Road. Virginia Beach, VA 23455 Vest. Cameron Lee 205 Lewis Avenue. Salem, VA 24155 Vetter, David Raymond 637 Oakgrovc Drive, Graham, MC 27255 Vickstrom. Donna Kay 2404 Poates Drive, Richmond, VA 25228 Victor, Curtis 131 Jessup Street, Paulsboro, PU 08066 Vlgnali, Mariah X. 1049 Springfield Avenue, Mew Providence, MJ 07974 VincenUni, Elise Anne 3917 Hert ertsviHe Road, Point Pleasant, MJ 08742 Vtncendni. Laura Jeanne 3917 Hert ertsv111e Road, Point Pleasant. MJ 08742 Viteritti. Peter Robert Route 1 Box 284 Burlington. MC 27213 Vlahos, Chrisie George 211 Leeds Lane. Winston-Salem, MC 27103 Voltz. Brentwood Gray 2601 Dovershire Road, Richmond VA 25255 Vondy. Jeffrey D. 2846 Forestdate Drive, Buriington, MC 27215 Vondy, Peri Jane 2S46 Forcstdale Drive Buriington. MC 27215 Voorhees. Jr.. Van Johann 541 Royal Palm Drive. Virginia Beach. VA 23452 Vota. Patrick Robei: 9550 M.W, 19th Street. Pembroke Pines, FL 53024 W WSOE WOIU.D HUnOER wmrsuDVEoarTODOwimrr Wade, Bobby Jay 4058 Mockingbird Hill, Roanoke, VA 24012 Wade. Clinton Lee Route 4 Box 554, Bassctt. VA 24055 Wagner. Dawn Lor 3140 Row Place, Falls Church, VA 22044 Wagner, Dawn Michele 7017 Ashbury Drive Springfield. VA 22132 Wagner, Georgia C. Route 10 Box 594, Buriington MC 27215 Wagoner, Kimberiy Paige 3602 Belvidere Place, Greensboro, MC 24710 Walden. Glenda Cashwell Route 1 box 242, Mebane, MC 27502 Walden. Raymond Edwin 9411 Lee Mwy, »05. Fairfax, VA 22031 Waldrup, Dale Alexander 214 Aloha Drive, Graham, MC 27253 Walker. Brondwyn Tcrrl Rt. 2 Box 120 Pcnhook, VA 24137 Walker Carl Anderson Route 3 Box lOlA. Buriington, MC 27215 Walker. Clayton Anthony Box 421. ftedcricksted. St, Croix, VI 00840 Walker, Cynthia Denise 516 Hanley Circle. Danville, VA 24341 Walker. Darlene Route 1 Box 250-A Ceda ' Qrove, MC 27251 Walker, David Anthony P.O. Box 1864, Pinehurst MC 28574 Walker, G.G. 2520 Elderwood Lane, Burlington MC 27213 Walker, Gordon Small 405 Jefferson Drive. Charlotte, MC 28226 Walker, John Murry 5112 Colcbrook Place. Alexandria, VA 22512 Walker. Tonya Beth 2202 E-4 Huntington Road, Buriington, MC 27215 Walker. Wendy Carol Route 2 Box 1220, Hillsborough. MC 27278 Walker, William FInkney 1413 Haniet Drive. Buriington, MC 27215 Wall. Andrew Davenport P.O. Box 1069 Chatham VA 24531 Walt, Belinda Paye 603 Edinburgh Court, Buriington. MC 27215 Wall Cynthia Lou 1315 Brookwood Dr. Reidsville. MC 27320 Wall, Kathleen Yates 5519 Durand Drive. Durham, MC 27703 178 INDEX Wall. Vickie Allen Box 8605, Qibsonvtilc, PIC 27249 Wallace, frederlck Craven Route 1 Box 129J. Elon Cotfege, HC 27244 Wallace. Lee Paul 513 West Sixth Avenue, Lexington, nc 27292 Wallace, Warren Bernard 3008 Mamey. Charlotte, nc 28205 Waller. Howard Junior 818 Sydnore Street, Danville. VA 24540 Walls. William Thomas P.O. Box 21. 303Yorkleigh Lane. Jamestown, nc 27282 Walser, Pamela Danforth 7511 Honesty Way. Bethesda, MD 20817 Walters, Brian Crawford 116 Horthgate Lane, SufTolk. VA 23454 Waltman, Steven Mitchell Route 1 Box 114. Ringgold, VA 24586 Wampler, Suzanne Hay 918 West Annoo ' - Champaign. IL 61820 Ward, Scott Msijor 1104 Hummingbird Court, Shorewood, IL 60455 Ward. Stephen Huntley 85 Copper Gien Drive, Huntington, WV 25701 Ward, Victoria Ellen 6255 Masefield Court, Alexandria, VA 22304 Ward, Jr., Charles Edward P.O. Box 585, Elon College. MC 27244 Warner. Cara Beth 5824 Dogwood Avenue, Salem. VA 24153 Wamhe. John Paul 506 Hunter Drive, Laurinburg, NC 28352 Warren, Brian BuOer 1628 Bay Point Drive, Virginia Beach, VA 23454 Warren, Randy DeWayne 2118 Morth Village Drive, Qrcen 4lle, nC 27854 Warren. Tracie Lynn 1002 Decatur Road, Jacksonville. nC 28540 Wartofsky Beruamln 6319 33rd Street. Washington. DC 20015 Warwick, Elizabeth Jean 3712 Buckingham Drive. Roanoke, VA 24018 Washburn, Anna Margaret Route 1 Box 35A. Ellenboro, flC 28040 Washburn. Caroline Yumi Route 1 Box 33-A. Ellenboro. MC 28040 Washburn. Diane Marie 5 Hawkhursl Cobham. Surrey Ktii 2QX. England Washington. Oriando P.O. Box 66. Saint Pauls. nC 28384 Waterbury, Reed O ' Boyle Route 1 Box 93, Linden, nC 28356 Waters. Armon Watson PO. Box 2562, Rocky Mount MC 27802 Waters. Frances Charlene Route 2 Box 297-A, Klttreil. MC 27544 Watktns. Billy Waldo Route 4 Box l-K, Buriington, nC 27215 Watklns. Raymond Scott Route 5 Box 236, Burlington, MC 27215 Watson. Pamela Hlwatha Route 1 Box 255-A, Sophia MC 27350 Watson, Wendy Gall Route 6 Box 31, Roxtioro. MC 27573 Watson IV, Harry Lee 2210 Keith Lane. Midlothian. VA 23113 Watts. Kelly Lynn 2409 Islandview Drive. Richmond. VA 23233 Watts, Tiffany Ann 11915 St. Johnsbui Court, Reston, VA 22091 Way. Beverly Ann 2401 Laramie Drive Qreenstioro, MC 27406 Wayland. Bruce Fowler 5032 Mortb Fairway Drive, Burlington, MC 27215 Waylctt, Matthew Howard 5557 Jarresttsville Pike, Monkton, MD 21111 Weary. Tracie Renee Route 2 Box 532-D. Clarksville, VA 23927 Weaver. James Eugene 105 Oliver Street, Suffolk. VA 23434 Weaver, Kim Renae 1641 Cutty SarK Road. Virginia Beach. VA 23454 Weaver. Michelle Denlse 1910 Lafayette Avenue, Qreenst oro. MC 27408 Webb. Jr.. John Joseph 705 Louise Circle, Durham, MC 27705 Wettber, Cindy Benson P.O. Box 954. Elon College, MC 27244 Webber, Jason Evan 125 Reid Su-eet, Chatham, VA 24531 Webber, Kenneth Eugene PO. Box 954. Elon College, MC 27244 Weems, Martha Ann 2007 Edgewood Avenue. Burlington, MC 27215 Weidcn, Anthony Ernst 525 Monh Street. Chapel Hill. MC 25714 Weinbach. Chris John 3022 Gilbert: Drive, Bensalem, PA 19020 Weisband. Carol Elizabeth 1707 Macon Street. McLean, VA 22101 Welbom. Charles Anthony 106 Oak Avenue, Lexington. MC 27292 Welch, Mike Thomas 1 701 Whitethome Road, Virginia Beach, VA 25455 Welch, Stephen Qregory 2217 Canterbury Drive, Burlington, MC 27215 Wellons III, Robert Andrew 2912 Wheelock Road, Chariotte. MC 28211 Wcssell, Maris Edward 521 Sandhurst Road, Raleigh, MC 27609 Wessels. Michael Lynn 2225 Greenwood Court, Jacksonville, MC 28540 West. Christopher Alan 6552 fenestra Court. Burke, VA 22015 West. Maria Louise 5413 Sapphire Court, Alexandria, VA 22510 West, Patricia Jean 11911 Devilwood Drive. Potomac, MD 20854 West. Steve Rodney 145 Chtncoteague Rd., Wallops island. VA 23337 Westeriund. Lisa Michelle 908 Colony Drive, Mechanicsvllle, VA 23111 Westmoreland, Kelley Stone PO. Box 304, King, MC 27021 WhaUey. Tanya Ruth 2619 51 Street West, Bradenton.FL 33529 Wheeler. Martin Justice P.O. Box 71, Stony Creek, VA 25882 Whelan. Karen Elizabeth 1233 Pleasant Valley Drive. Baltimore. MD 21228 White, Brent tendon 2912 Bedford Street. Buriington. MC 27215 White, Caryn Suzanne 208 Tracy Trail, Durham. MC 27712 White, Dale Keith 208 Tracy Trail. Durham, MC 27712 White, Davtd Allen PO. Box 93. Efland, MC 27243 White. Dean Alan Route 2 Box 8, Parsonsburg. MD 21849 White, Frank Thomas 804 West 13th Street Washington, MC 27883 White. Jr., James Franklin 2928 Mary Ann Drive, Columbus. QA 31906 White. Jeremiah 617 Michigan Drive K Apt.. Hampton, VA 23669 White, Patricia Grove 1621 Oakengate Une. Midlothian, VA 23113 White. Robert Edward 600 East Broad Street. Statcsville, MC 28677 White, Stuart Hamilton 1250 Jungle Avenue Morth. St, Petersburg, FL 33710 Whitehead. Lisa Louise 1415 M, Sellers Mill Road, Buriington, MC 27215 Whitehead, William Cari 1504 Belt Meadow Drive, Emporia, VA 23847 Whftesell. Cheryl Rhyne Route I Box 252, Buriington. MC 27215 Whitesell, James Collier Route 1 Box 259. Burlington. MC 27215 Whitesell. Kathie Route 2 Box 412, Elon College MC 27244 Whitesell. Lynn Marie Route 1 Box 337. Buriington, MC 27215 Whttlock III. Bennett Clarke 8324 Queen Elizat)eth Blvd., Annandale, VA 22003 WhiUow, Catherine Elizabeth Route 6 Box 152A, Roxboro, MC 27573 Whitlow. Clifton Daniel Route 2 Box 370, Reidsville. MC 27520 Whitlow, Donna Mae Route 6 Box 152-A, Roxboro, MC 27575 Whitlow. James Wesley Route 6 Box 152-A. Roxboro. MC 27573 Whibnore, Qregory C. Garfield Road, Athol, MA 01331 Whlttington. Joyce Ann 17 Simon Atherton Row. Harvard, MA 01451 Whittle, Tina Carol Route 3 Box 140, Meadowbrook Drive. Elon College, MC 27244 Whittle. Ill, Kennon Caithness 701 Beriston Place. Baltimore, MD 2 1210 Wicker. Rhonda Renee Route 2 Box 166A, Snow Camp, MC 27349 Wicker. Jr., David Cartton 2235 Wilkins Street, Burlington. MC 27215 Wies. Kathleen Marsha 10604 Falls Road, Luthervllle, MD 21093 Wiggins. Arthur Lee 1009 Bennlng Street. Durham, MC 27703 Wilborn. Teresa Allison P.O. Box 179, Whitsett, MC 27577 Wldman, Anne Rathryn 5530-0 CasUeford Court, Winston-Salem. MC 27106 Wiles, Roger Meat 728 Westminster Drive, Greensboro. MC 27410 Wiley. Christopher Date 1004 Bermuda Run, Knlghtdale, MC 27545 Wiley, Robin Lynetta 729 Ford Street, Burlington, MC 27215 Wiley. Jr., Robert Lane 618 Clovis Street M,W.. Roanoke, VA 24017 Wllhelm. Susan Elliott Route 1 Box 565, Mebane, MC 27302 Wilhelm, Jr,. Jerry Hollls 207 Hull Road. Fayetteville. MC 28303 Wilkerson. Charles Brian Route 2 Box 75. Siler City, MC 27344 Wilkerson. Donald Morris 1403 B, East 2nd Street, Greenville, MC 27834 Wilkins, Amanda Sue 208 Tartan Trail, Southern Pines. MC 28387 Wilkins, Cornelius P.O. Box 145. Tryon, MC 28782 Wilkins, Pamela Rou te 2 Box 501. Beulavllle. MC 28518 Wilkins, Timothy Meil F.O- Box 65, Stem. MC 27581 Wilkinson, Cheryl Ann Route 2 Box 568. Mebane. MC 27502 Wilkinson, Kenneth Mike 605 Wilba Road. Mebane. MC 27302 Wilkinson, Mina Shane 605 Wilba Road, Mebane, MC 27302 Willard. Thomas Richard 941 Sevcrt Street. Marion, VA 24354 Willett, Keith Brian Route 2 Box 4. Pittsboro, MC 27512 Willett. Mark Kendall 702 Redding Road, Asheboro, MC 27203 Williams. Donald Eric 190 Cayuse Trail, Medford Lakes. MJ 08055 Williams, Dorcen 1414 Wendell Avenue, High Point. MC 27260 Williams. Elizabeth Ann 612 West Davis Street Burlington, MC 27215 Williams, Ernest Jeffirey Route 2 Box 34, Elm City, MC 27822 Williams. Kimberly Michelle 12861 Whitefur Une, Hemdon, VA 22070 Williams, Mary Kathertne 505 Edgewood Court, Burlington. MC 27215 Williams, Milton 1665 Walnut Road, Henderson, MC 27536 Williams, Paul Judson 216 Pinedale Drive, Elon College, MC 27244 Williams. Sylvia Route 1 Box 90, Stedman, MC 28391 Williams, Terry Michael 2128 Wright Avenue. Greensboro. MC 27403 Williams, Wade Hamilton 208 Ridge Rd., Wilson. MC 27893 Williams, Willie Lee Route 6 Box 384-D, Clinton, MC 28328 Williams, Jr., Grady McArthur Route 2 Box 182, Halifax, MC 27839 Williamson, Edward Allen PO. Box 2374, Buriington, MC 27215 Williamson, Kelley Marie 620 Westham Woods Drive, Richmond. VA 25229 Williamson. Richard Bailey 5201 Carillo Avenue, Morfblk. VA 25508 Williamson, Rodney Hal 233 Watson Drive. Burlington. MC 27215 Williamson. Sylvia Annette Route 1 Box 187, Eton College, MC 27244 Willlford, Grant Parsons 11 Hlghfield Lane, Wayne. PA 19087 Willis. Charies Wesley Star Route 1 Box 14, Yanceyville, MC 27379 Willis. Jr., James Kirt y 740 Famham Drive. Richmond, VA 23236 Willis, Merry Mac Gosney Route 5 Box 544. Reidsville, MC 27320 Willis. Sandra Lee PO. Box 3104, Bluefield, WV 24701 Wilson, Anthony Keith 500 Mint Avenue, High Point. MC 27260 Wilson, Brenda Sarah 3126 Sutton Plaqe, Buriington, MC 27215 Wilson. Charile Meal P.O. Box 1413, Buriington, MC 27215 Wilson. Deborah Lynn 1536 Hidden Cove. Virginia Beach, VA 23454 Wilson, Fred Edward 102 Logan Lane. Bridgeport, MJ 08014 Wilson, Genevieve Leigh 350 Yucca Road, Maples, FL 33940 Wilson. Helen Elizat eth Route 4 Box 595. Qastonia, MC 28054 Wilson, Stephanie Lynn 116 East Bellevue Drive. High Point, MC 27260 Wilson. Steven Lloyd 14430 Happy Hilt Road, Chester VA 25851 Wilson, Susan Margaret 1418 Knollwood Drive. Burlington, MC 27215 Wilson, Suzanne Adams PO. Box 219, Indian Trail, MC 28079 Wines, Doyle Chad P.O. Box 1149. Front Royal, VA 22650 Winn, James A. 2-Q College Towne Apartments, 759 East Haggard Ave- nue, Elon College. MC 27244 Winslow, Lind i Lee 536 West Riverview Drive, Suffolk. VA 23434 Winstead, Jerry Anderson 1712 Hawthorne Lane, Burlington, MC 27215 Winterstcin. Kevin Mark 552 Delaware Avenue. Burlington, MC 27215 Wintringham. David Charies 4416 Delray Drive, Virginia Beach, VA 23455 Wlrth, Mary Elizabeth 1415 Ciaxton Road. Richmond, VA 23235 Wise, Christy Carol Route I Box 515-C. Raleigh. MC 27614 Withers, Anne Teresa 4208 Hanover Avenue. Richmond, VA 25221 Withers. Maurice Dion PO. Box 25, Pine Malt, MC 27042 Witten, Donald William 4115 Talcott Drive, Durham. MC 27705 Witten, Tara l ' nne 4115 Talcott Drive, Durham, MC 27705 Wolf, Claudia Marion 1229 Elm Terrace, Rahway. MJ 07065 Wolf. Gretchen Ann 1455 Westover Avenue, Morfolk, VA 23507 Wolff, Allen Diet2 169 Kirch Road. Yoriv, PA 17402 Woltz. David William Route 1 Box 160, Buffalo Junction, VA 24529 Wood. David Hamilton 1838 Stonecrest Court, Lakeland, FL 33803 Wood, Karen Ann Route 4 Box 136, Dunn, MC 28354 Wood. Pamela Jane Route 2 Box 363, ML Airy, MC 27030 Wood, Paul Edward 10 Walnut Circle. Basking Ridge, MJ 07920 Wood. Sharon Ann 621 West Front Street, Apartment 4, Buriington. MC 27215 Wood, William Scott 18 Sheridan Place. Elon College. MC 27244 Woodcock. Allison Paige 513 Greenwood Road. Wilmington, MC 28403 Woodcock. Jill Marie 5129 Pheasant Ridge Road. Fairfax, VA 22030 Woodle. Gregory Douglas 9407 Pinebluff Drive, Richmond, VA 23229 Woodley, David Whalen 2646 Roundhlll Drive. Alamo, CA 94507 Woodley William Durwood P.O. Box 57 G, The Forest. Crozler VA 25219 Woodson, Barbara Frances 1804 Woodland Avenue, Burlington, MC 27215 Woodson, Mary Catherine Route 1, Box 254, Greenwood, VA 229+5 Wooten. Ann M. 2014-G The Colony Apartments. Budington, MC 27215 Woolen, James Alan 610 M. Main Street, Fanmville, MC 27828 Wooten. Myra tayne 1617 West Davis Street, Burlington, MC 27215 Wootton, Jennifer Susan 155 Split Rock Road, Syossett. MY 11791 Worrell, Robert Keith 20 Meadowyck Lane, Vlncentown, MJ 08088 Worsley, Walter Cecil 7300 M. Porcher Ave.. Windwood Apts, »2, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577 Worsley II. Donald A. P.O. Box 446, Elizabeth town. MC 28337 Wray, Charles H. 3600 Tremont Drive. BldgFApt 4 Durham MC 27705 Wrcnn, Billy Joe 214 Willow Avenue, Burtington nC 27215 Wrenn, MaryJoan Homer Route 9 Box 171. Burlington. MC 27215 Wrenn, Thomas Clelon Route 4 Box 365-EE. Buriington, MC 27215 Wrenn III, Forrest James P.O. Box 546, Graham, MC 27255 Wright Brenda Shaw 6908 Stella Drive, Gibsonville, MC 27249 Wright, Donald Keith 102 Green Road. Manchester, CT 06040 Wright. Kari Joseph P.O. Box 847, Elon College, MC 27244 Wright, Lisa Ann Route 6 Box 36. Buriington. MC 27215 Wright, Lynda Lou 25 Jay street, Succasunna. MJ 07876 Wright, Steven Todd Route6 Box 464-A, Mineral Springs Road. Durham, MC 27703 Wrightenberry, Rebecca Anne Route 4 Box 465, Mebane, MC 27302 Wrobel, Carri E. 125 Meadow Street, Garden City, MY 11530 Wyatt, David Lee Route 9 Box 382, Burlington, MC 27215 Wyatt, Susan Rebecca Route 9 Box 384, Buriir ton, MC 27215 Wynn, Julie Ann Route 2 Box 52. Mebane, MC 27302 Wyrick. Kristal Rcna Route 5 Box 185, Elon College, MC 27244 Y YURI AtlDROPOV YMCA YEARBOOK Yancey. Lori Beth 5215 SplitoaK Drive, Chariotte. MC 28212 Yancey William Halliburton 51 1 Wiliiamsboro Street, Oxford. MC 27565 Yarborough 11, Robert Mewton Route 5 Box 575. Lexington, MC 27292 Yarbrough. Susan Caraway PO. Box 24 Hw . 62. Milton, MC 27305 Yates. Deborah Renee 409 Morth Second St. Mebane. MC 27302 Veatts, Sue Ellen Route 7 Box 67. Danville, VA 24540 Yellow Rot e, Lone Lee Route 4 Box 179, Hillsborough, MC 27278 Yetvcrton. George Edward 15961 Whitechapel Road. Midlothian. VA 23113 Yeivcrton, Peter Farrand 904 Vicar Lane, Alexandria, VA 22302 Yen. Vivie W. 4601 Mortli Park Avenue " 606. Chevy Chase, MD 20815 Yetter. Mark David P.O. Box 449, Branchville, MJ 07826 Yetzer, Eric Matthew 620 Ott Street, Harrisonburg VA 22801 York, Kelly Harris Route 1 Box 19. Staley. MC 27355 York, Pamela Michelle 6029 Cornish Street, Fayetteville, MC 26304 Young. David Austin 2507 Windy Hill Road, Durham, MC 27705 Young. Dellsa Ann 6101 Harmon Place. SpringHcld. VA 22152 Young, James Frederick 301 East Haggard Avenue, Elon College. MC 27244 Young, Mark David 1020 Summit Avenue, Reidsville, MC 27320 Young, Phyllis 301 E. Haggard Avenue, Elon College, MC 27244 Young. Richard Henry 4571 Johnstrorough Court «44, Winston-Salem, MC 27104 Young. Stafford Cario 705 West Luke Avenue, Summerville. SC 29483 Younger. Elizabeth Anne 407 Little Avenue Box 5413, Gibsonville. MC 27249 Yount, Barbara Anita 2717 Leo Drive, Greensboro, MC 27405 Youssef, Edward K. 6227 Wilmington Drive, Burke, VA 22015 Ysteboe, Mark Allen 131 Random Une, Buriington, MC 27215 Z Z93 FM ZOOLOGY ZARZAR Zamenick, Anne EIizat eth 1900 Ramblewood Road, Petersburg, VA 23805 Zanettl, Eric L. 181 Arizona Drive, Brick, MJ 08725 Zeanon, Amy Estelle 8612 Waxford Road, Richmond, VA 23235 Zeberlein, Curtis Stephen 30 Williams Drive, Annapolis. MD 21401 Zeitoun, Omar Taysir PO. Box 394, Dammam 31411, Saudi Arabia 31411 Zeller, Karen Traccy 59 Harrowgate Drive, Cherry Hill, MJ 08003 Zeller, Kevin Louis 59 Harrowgate Drive. Cherry Hill. Mj 08003 Zimmerman, Thomas Jackson 7600 Whitaker Drive. Summerfietd, MC 27358 Zipf. Valerie Jane 4400 Jayson Une. Annandale. VA 22003 Zugay Lots Delphine 254 CoHtnwood Drive. Burlington. MC 27215 Zukowski. Jay Richard 1206 Fallsnead Way. Rockvllle, MD 20854 Zumbro, Val Elliott 1822 Harriet Drive, Buriington, MC 27215 Zur. Walter Thomas Route 4 Box 338. Madison, MC 27025 INDEX 179 BOSTON SANDWICH SHOP Specializing in All Sandwiches Hot Plates Short Order Take-Out Service Open 6 AM Til 10:30 P.M. 226-0266 238 W. Front St. St. earnd . z oru . BURLINGTON, N C - GRAHAM. N C. STEPHEN L. Stearns HAVE YOU DRIVEN A FORD , . . LATELY? 229-6951 227- 5282 @ ® ®S, t, I Tfightim ' christiamsT X CAMPUS SHOP Elon College, N.C. 584-2323 MIchelln B.F. Goodrich Bridgestone Goodyear SOUTHERN TIRE SALES 61 5 Chapel Hill Road Burlington, N.C. 2721 5 Roger Morris Ricky Mann Tires at Discount Phone 227-0209 and the OLIVE TREE RESTAURANT Congratulations Graduating Seniors 108 Huffman Mill Rd. Burlington, N.C. 27215 227-7165 Hours: Lunch: Mon.-Fri. 11:30-2:00 Sun. 12:00-2:00 Buffet Special Dinner: Sun.-Thurs. 4:30-9:30 Fri. Sat. 4:30-1 0:30 (Buffet Special) JEWEL BOX RAYGO MART Fine Jewelers Since 1 922 Expert Watch and Jewelry Repair Appraisals Custom Designing Engraving Downtown Burlington 226-0297 Holly Hill Mall 584-9868 " Your Neighborhood Convenience Store " 2207 Edgewood Ave. Burlington, NC 27215 (919)584-3933 Credit Cards Welcome Same as Cash Open 7 Days a Week Your Good Neighbor Store — That Just Happens to be Convenient. Fresh Baked Donuts Scotchman Famous " Fix-Your-Own-Hotdogs " Open 24 Hours We Salute the Class of ' 86 We Welcome Our Elon College Friends! Come by and Say HELLO TV-E • We ' re at BMOC • Open Mon.-Sat. 10 a.m. -9 p.m. Sun. Noon til 6:00 • All Current Best Sellers • Best Prices in Alamance 229-0531 Incentive Graduation Financing Come By or Call for Details. WOflLOWIDE LOCXSING Compliments of BEST WESTERN Burlington 140 Rooms and Parlors Restaurant Lounge Covered Pool and Courtyard Convenient Access Major Credit Cards Honored 770 Huffman Mill Rd. 584-0151 Best Wishes and Continued Successes to the Class of ' 86 from Winston Salem R.H. BARRINGER DIST. CO., INC. Greensboro .jr: MICHELOB MICHELOB Natural Burlington services Support Your Local Chef To Fit Your Needs Food Service Office Phone 584-1140 GOOD LUCK from your all American Chevrolet Sales and Service Dealer. HALL LIGHTING RESIDENTIAL COMMERCIAL • FIXTURES • MEDICINE CABINETS • DOOR CHIMES • MIRRORS FROM TRADITIONAL TO CONTEMPORARY VISIT OUR SHOWROOM MON — FRI 9 AM TO 5 PM SAT 9 AM TO 1 PM m 227-8377 s 336 W MAPLE AV., BURLINGTON This Ad Made Possible By The Sale Of New CHEVROLET Cars And Trucks FAMILY DRUG CENTER Boone Station Plaza Elon College, N.C. 27244 Phone 584-4257 Bob Coleman, RPH Joe R6, RPH (919)226-4116 Service Parts for All Bicycles BURLINGTON SCHWINN BICYCLES Don Massey Owner SCHWINN ' 1625 S. Church St. Burlington, N.C. 27215 " Hot Dogs at Their Bat ' SINCE 1928 DOWNTOWN BURLINGTON The Members and Staff of Alamance Country Club Extend Hearty Congratulations to the 1986 Senior Class and Wish for You and All of Elon College Continued Success in the Future. ALAMANCE COUNTRY CLUB, INC. CLOVER LEAF FOOD MART AND GRILL Faster Food Orders (584-991 3) Hwy. 100 Near Elon College Burlington, N.C. SUMNER ' S INNER ISLAND SURF SHOP -% 1317 W. Webb Ave. Burlington, N.C. 227-1508 Locations also in Durham Raleigh Parkway Plaza Sutton Square N.C. Residents 1-800-532-7115 Outside, N.C. 1-800-222-1731 (919)227-1270 Comfort Inn 422 Huffman Mill RoMJ Burlington. N.C. 37315 Burlin«ton 919 584 141 GrMniboro 919 273-3746 1-85 Route 49, 1 33 West Hanford Rd. Burlington, NC 2721 5 Balloons Flowers For All Occasions JCPenney HOLLY HILL FLORIST INC. 171 Holly Hill Mall Burlington, N.C. 27215 Telephone (919) 584-5752 Open Daily Sat. 9 AM-9 PM Fashions for the Home and Fannily Downtown Burlington, N.C. The Student Center. Going to McDonald ' s " is almost as much a part of school as going to class. You ' ve made us the place to meet, to talk, to have a good time, to celebrate your victories and help forget defeats. You ' ve made McDonald ' s more than just another place to eat. And that ' s why, at McDonald ' s, we say. . . IT ' S A GOOD TIME FOR THE GREAT TASTE Huffman Mill Road Across from Holly Hill Mall " Wow! Our order from Carolina is here already! Call off the bridge tournament! " For unbeatable service, Carolina ' s the logical choice, We once shipped an order to Alaska — by mail truck, bush plane, barge, and for the last 60 miles, by dogsled. It arrived on time. Carolina customers have enjoyed that same unsurpassed service for over 55 years. Our professional staff has the background, skill, and dedication essential for getting you what you need on time, consistently, year after year. And, with over 25,000 science teaching products to choose from, you ' re sure to find what you need at Carolina. Carolina So remember, if you want top-quality teaching i ■ • ■ ■, • materials and reliable service, we ' re the logical choice. the logiCal uiolce Carolina Biological Supply companv 2700 York Road Burlington, North Carolina 27215 Box 187 Gladstone, Oregon 97027 Your Happy Shopping Store Holly Hill Mall Burlington and Alamance County ' s Leading Fashion Department Store Patrons of Elon College Brooks Fashions The Casual Male Elite Boutique Four Cooks Delight Judy Simpson Louise ' s Hallmark Piedmont Cabinet Corporation Lighthouse Tavern Merle Norman Pro Photo Revco S.Burke Jewelers ROCKTAB Barber Shop Tanning Salon family Steak Wouse Thanks and Good Luck to This Year ' s The Member of the 1 985-1 986 Phi Psi Cli staff would like to wish the students of Elon College all the best in their future endeavors. Graduates. . . Look Forward to Seeing Everyone Else Again Next Year! Sincerely, Greg Glenda May 2408 South Church St. Burlington, N.C. 27215 228-6624 wUwwr SO METHIN Q BETTQI. WrnBifs© ' -iit--it- ' iif ' j ' ' t ' . 2423 South Church Street Donna Benton Kim Benton Beth Boyer Lauren Brown Barbie Callahan Jennifer Camp Michelle Collins Ann Conaty Amy Evans Bonnie Finn Sarah Forbes Vickie Freeman Lisa Gentry Beth Godsey Beverly Gordon Nancy Gorman Julie Gravett Amy Griffin Linda Hamilton Mary Hamrick Holly Hance Lisa Hart Melinda Howard Lisa Hugus Jane Marie Jones 9y V e SISTERS OF p; , Autumn Jordon Marti Kain Lyn Linke Loukia Louka Jessica McDonald Shell Mackay Jenienne Miniter Laura Mahaffey Debbie Moore Dawn Montplaisir « O v, % Leslie Nagel Chris Owen Chrissy Pikula Cabby Raymer Kim Self Monica Shifflet Susan Shirlaw Kelley Smith Sara Springer Patti Stadler Lee Ann Strittmatter Missy Swain Ram Tarini Beth Thompson Amy Tilghman Susan Townsend Mariah Vignali Brondwyn Walker Pam Walser Diane Washburn Kelly Westmoreland Joyce Whittington Elizabeth Wirth Jimmy English, Sweetheart Tarra, Phi Mu Cat ' ««e KOUTABOTTUeO cv " . ' .o $ KING LUMBER COMPANY Dealers in Lumber and Building Materials Owner: Vernong King Phone:(919)873-7611 Seagrove North Carolina Sisters of AZA Kathy Bangley Gretchen Davis Diana Belcher Lisa Elliott Shannon Bentley Mary Ellis Charlie Bouchard Beth Farless Kim Bride Nancy Fennell Brandy Burroughs Robyn Griffith Cindy Burton Anne Hartsoe Cathy Chatham Lisa Horner Janet Cherry Lisa Huffman Susan Crace Penny Huskey Sara Davidson Karen Johnson M Rita Kountis Cm Lee Mann vjqV Gail Martin -C Caroline Matthews p«Q Francie Melville ' Lisa Otey Sandra Perry DeEtte Poulin Kathy Pritts Sally Roberson Shelby Roberts Sheri Sochurek Brucie Sutton Carrie Town Pam Watson Beverly Way Pat White Linda Winslow Lisa Young Amy Zeanon Joe Coco, Sweetheart Dr. Tom Arcaro, Advisor Susan Andrews Meredith Bachman Sheila Beauvais Laura Beckett Jill Biggerstaff Rhonda Boldman Cathy Brown Carrie Cash Kellee Cone Kay Kay Cotter Karen Daltymple Debbie DeMasters Beth Deven Nancy Dudney Beth Ellis Pamela Ernst Missy Flora Barbara Gordon GayleGrasich Mary Margaret Haddock Sondra Hinte Lisa Holland Paige Hughes Susan Jones Julie Kellam Mary Lamber Jill London Nancy Marks Linda Matney Marl Mayo April Moser Christy Murphy Nancy Murphy Melinda Nelson Suzanne Nelson Michelle O ' Donnell Shri Olson Andrea Orr Tammi Oxman Penny Pickering Megan Poldy DeDeSecrist Lisa Shadyac Lydia Shull Lynne Smith Rusty Sparhawk Valerie Stickley Susan Tabor Susan Vaughan Vicki Ward Sandy Willis Beth Warwick Gretchen Wolf 6lake Aycock Kara Anton Rexanne Ayers Janet Bradshaw Beth Burroughs Anita Butler Franny Caccamo Beth Cogan LisaConklin Barbara Cosey DeniseCummings Susan Dorman Betsy Dranttel Debbie Drummond Cindy Frick Jenny Frick Leslie Gallagher Teresa Gauldin Jill Goodman DeDe Hartnett Beth Hirschy Amy Howell Ann Jividen Laura Jones Krista Lee Marinda Looney Mary Lynch JanieMcMlllen Janice Orlando Karen Pace Beth Parker Laura Perkins Beth Peters Brenda Pickett FinaQuinones Kim Rhinehart Barbara Roberts Theresa Sandell DeeDee Shugart DeDe Simmons Susan Simpson Sherri St. Clair Kelly Steiner Catherine Stockard Caroline Stoll Rachel Strauss Elise Vincentini Laura Vincentini Tonya Walker Cindy Wall Kelly York The images captured in this collection of " the Elon experience " emanate from the genuine sense of warmth and tradition found within these campus walls. It looks innocent enough with its rising colonnades and fountain plaza. But open a door and you find a world of new beginnings and opportunities for anyone willing to seek them. This is the true " essense of Elon. "

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