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u m ftt a Creeps H-tDl k 61oi!v CoU BslXM (moUh Welcome to Volume 69 . . . The Fun and Games edition is meant the 1983-1984 for just that! Welcome to the 1983-84 edition of the Phi Psi Cli! Many grueling hours of nail biting, pencil- sharpening, typewriting, and camera-clicking have been put into this year ' s book and we, the staff, hope you will enjoy all the Fun and Games in the pages to follow. Back in April of 83, members of the annual staff were throwing around ideas for the 1 984 book, Several appealing suggestions came up, but none caught on the way we knew a good theme would . . . Reflections — " No, we did that in high school, " — Seasons — " Bore- dom. " How about " Fun and Games? " That one really spurred us on to be confident that we would be making the best yearbook ever. We Picked " Fun and Games " for many rea- sons. First, this is 1984 — yes, the year of George Orwell ' s famous sci-fi book. It is the predictions of this classic that may become reality before our very eyes. Second, this is an Olympic year; this year ' s game will be more important than ever in light of the existing politi- cal problems. Can countries put aside their grievances and endure a fair fight on the field, slopes, track and in the swimming pool? Third, " Fun and games go on all over the Elon cam- pus everyday. We all know there is so much more to college than classes, organizations, events and parties. So, shouldn ' t the yearbook show more than just that? As you turn the page, look at the pictures but also go back and read the stories, for they have been written to bring out the best (and some of the worst) times of your life here at Elon College, Now. LET THE FUN AND GAMES BEGIN . . . ' hi Psi Cli . . . It ' s yours to enjoy! Preface Reprinted with permission from " The Pendu- lum " 9 8 83 By Dr. J. Earl DanJeley On Monday evening, May 23, 1 stood for two hours at the north door at Ala- mance Building greeting friends who came to pay their last respects to our depart- ed friend and colleague, Dr A. L. Hook, The flags were at half mast and his body was lying in state in the rotunda just outside of the room where he had his office for many of the years dunng which he was the registrar of the college. His passing marked the end of an era in the history of the college. He came to Elon Col- lege in 1909 and, except for time away for graduate study at the Johns Hopkins Univer- sity, was always at Elon. I knew Professor Hook for almost 42 years. I ' d like to share with you some of the ways in which I knew him. He was a family man. One of the joys that all Elon people exper- ienced was the strong bond of respect, love and affection which he shared with his wife, Jessie. They celebrated their 68th wedding anniversary in August, 1982. Their four daughters, their 14 grandchildren, and their 17 great-grand-children were a source of great pride and joy for them. He was a lover of nature. His keen interest in beekeeping, his satisfac- ALONZO LOHR HOOK, A.B. " Faint heart ne ' er won fair lady. " Philogian; Class Treasurer ' 11 ' Society Debater ' 12; Chapel Monitor ' 13, President of Y.M.C.A ' 13; Business Manager of Athletic Association ' 13; President of Self-Government Board ' 13; Baseball Manager ' 13; Class President ' 13; Senior Debater Junior-Senior Debate ' 13; Business Manager of PHI PSI CLI ' 13 tion in tilling the soil and bringing in the pro- duce from his garden and his fruit trees were interests which we had in common. We en- joyed sharing our experiences and he fre- quently shared with me his ideas and the results of his labors. He was a teacher. Although I had the physics course with an- other teacher, I did have the pleasure of hav- ing him as my teacher in calculus, meteorol- ogy, navigation, civil air regulations, and gen- eral maintenance and service of aircraft. The latter four courses were taught by him for students who wanted to qualify for the private pilot ' s license. I took all of these courses without having actually boarded an aircraft. I served as a lab instructor for him in the general physics course. Since he was the registrar of the college he would sometimes be a few minutes tardy in coming to lab. I looked forward to his tardi- ness, because it gave me the opportunity to explain the lab to the students and this was something I was really enjoying doing. He sensed that desire on my part and began to plan to come in a few minutes late in order to provide me the " practice teaching " expe- rience which I enjoyed so much. It was hi keen insight into my thinking and his desin to encourage and assist me toward my goc of being a teacher that motivated him to cc operate with me in this special way. i His classes were interesting, stimulating and thought provoking. He had a specie knack of asking the right question, of leadinj you in your thinking, of assisting you to learn He was a model teacher. He was a churchman. He was named to the Board of Deacons o the Elon College Community Church in 1921 1 served continuously as a member of that ird until his death. I served with him for 34 irs and can testify of my own personal wiedge to his loyalty to the church, his hfulness in service, and his commitment lis faith. You could count on his presence I his participation. He was a Christian 1 in his profession and in his daily life. was a Rotarian. joined the Burlington Rotary Club in 1920 i had a record of perfect attendance at 3kly meetings of the club for most of the years until just before his death. Monday hts at 6:30 p.m. belonged to Rotary. He 3 past president of the club and was long ive in the program which brought interna- tional students to Elon and other colleges in District 771. His life personified the Rotary motto: vice Above Self. " ' Ser- His daily decisions deemed always in keep- ing with the fourway test. Is it the truth? Is it fair to all concerned? Will it build good will and better friendships? Will it be beneficial to all concerned? He was an integral part of the college. As alumnus, faculty member, registrar, chair- man of the faculty athletic committee, Dean of Men, Dean of the College, and Dean Emeritus, he was thoroughly " Elon. " The week before he died he told me: " I had five children ... my four daughters and Elon College, " He was a man who could do almost anything and was called upon to do more different things than anyone else in the college ' s his- tory When the combination of the safe wouldn ' t work, we called Hook. When we needed to know something special about an electric line, or the location of a water or steam line, or some special piece of equipment, we called Hook. When we built Alumni Memorial Gymnasium, it was Hook and some of his students who wired the building. When the clock or the signal system for changing classes needed repair, we called Hook, When we wanted new lamps along the sidewalks, it was Hook who obtained the lamps from the City of Burlington and surper- vised their installation. When there was a problem concerning the eligibility of some athletes, we called Hook. When I left the deanship for a one-year leave of absence and someone had to serve as dean. Hook was called. As president, when I faced a particularly diffi- cult decision I called Hook. He was, as our daughter commented when I told her of his death, a person we assumed " would always be there. " He was truly a great man and a vital part of the institution he loved and served. It was my special joy to recommend to the Board of Trustees that they recognize him by naming the Hook Dormitory and by conferring on him the honorary degree of Doctor of Science. It was a highlight of my presidency to confer that degree on a highly worthy recipient. Teacher, administrator, " Mr. Elon, " Col- league, and Christian friend. What a man he was! We are not likely ever to see another like him. — They just " don ' t make them like him, " and, frankly, with rare exception, they never did. Thank God that there was this special one and that he invested his life here at Elon. D. J. Earl Danieley, president of Elon College from 1958-1973, is Thomas E. PowellJr., pro- fessor of Chemistry. The summertime iff a good time to . . . a. work b. lie in the sun c. go to school d. party e. all off the above Around the Elon College campus, the answer was ffound to be " all off the above. " No matter what college stu- dents do with their summer breaks, most manage to have a good time at it. Many Elon students stay at Elon. (off ail things!) Summer is a good time to pick up those classes that you can ' t graduate without. Dale Page did this and is now an alumni. Pressures seem to relax some during summer session — remember, it ' s the pro- fessor ' s summer too. The dream off every American Col- lege student is to spend that time at the beach. Close to a dozen Elon stu- dents spent their vacation in Nags Head, NC. They worked in an array off jobs that ranged ffrom salesclerk, to waiter waitress, to iiffeguard. All off these students lived away ffrom home, usually with ffour to six room- mates. The houses were cramped, but never lonely or boring. Some students proffer to stay at home and live offff Mom and Dad. Many off these brave souls get " real jobs " in the " real world. " This is practical experience ffor post-gr adu- ation. No matter what the activity, most Elon students reported having . . . FUN IN THE SUN! Davtona Beach " If I had it to do over again, I wouldn ' t change a thing . . . maybe study more! " Graduation. . . they say it ' s a new beginning, but also an ending, I should be happy, then why am I crying? After four year (maybe more) you ' d think I ' d be ready to leave Elon, but, many of my emo- tions are confused at this time. The same feelings that brought me here as a young freshman are compelling me to leave, to search out something new. It ' s the same old battle, safety challenging se- curity. There is no choice; we ' re leaving now for the " real world " . . . What was so " unreal " about my world here? The pressure seemed real enough. The tests and homework seemed real. The parties and good times were probably the most real. They say that the bad times are soon for- gotten leaving only happy memo- ries. This is true in every stage of life that I have passed through. Four years of college have done a lot for me. The greatest gift I will ever receive is the opportunity for an education, I ' ve been careful and haven ' t wasted my chances. My learning here wasn ' t confined to the classroom. There is so much more here to experience I ' ve learned to live in a small dorm room with two other guys. I can now cook a four course meal in a hot pot, and if I really had to, I ' ve learned to type my own term pa- pers. So, it ' s with a little sadness and a lot of pride that I leave Elon . . . See ya later! ' ■ - - ' - These three graduates seem happy as can be. Commencement Exercises were held on May 22 this year. 1983 Graduation 9 Tm ig game, crowning On Friday, the last day of a long September • Annual Homecoming Dance held at Best Western • Featured the sounds of " Hot Smoking Brass " Saturday October 1, Elon beat LRC 20-14 • Gloria Goode, representing " The Gents " was crowned Queen during a half time show featuring the Emanons, Touch of Class, 82nd Airborne, and the Majorettes. B , M ftfT iA estern; Saturday . . . the Queen, Ramada etc. . . Library; Goofing Off - Li- brary; Entree from Cafe - Broccoli with Cheese; Professor - Gerald Gib- son; Administrator - Joanne Soliday; Secre- tary - Ellen Gagnon; Ra- Beer - Miller Lite; Soap - All My Chil- dren; Time of Day - Noon; Time of Night - 10:00; Place on Cam- pus for . . . Romance - Room; Studying - dio Station WSOE; Pro Teams - Redskins, Ori- oles, Celtics; Pro Golfer - Mike West, Jack Nicholas; Mixed Drink - L. I. Iced Tea; Singer - Michael Jackson; Cure for a Hang ' over - Sleep; Car - Porsche; Summer Job - Lifeguard; Late Nite Snack - Biscuits; Bar - Dewars; Color - Blue; Season - Spring; TV - TV 8; Holiday - Christ- mas; Day of the Week - Saturday; Dewars 3-6; Spring Break - Beach; Designer - Levi; Home- town - Washington Metro. Area; Cartoon - Bugs Bunny; Gem - Diamond; Diet Soda - Diet Coke; Place for Chinese Food - China Inn; Cereal - Cpt. Crunch; Bank - Wachovia; T o a d Trip Chapel Hill; 1M Teams - Animals, Club; ' Old TV - Bea- Ver; Monster - ' Cookie; Cat - ' Dead; Fish - Gold ' Line - " I Love You " or ' " Wanna Come Up See My Loft? " Book- Elon Phi Psi Cli!! William January could not come soon enough for those students who took off for three glorious weeks in England and various other shores across the ocean. Although the trip was basically like others in the past, it was the people that made it special. Among the places visited were Tower of London, White Cliffs of Dover, Canterbury and plenty more. Traveling abroad is something everyone should experience. The group that set sail for The Baha- mas has yet to stop talking about the sun-tanned days and fun-filled nights. 14 study Abroad 15 The best competitions can ften be found on the intramural eld. Some of those teams want blood! ' ' s statement from junior Michelle Palumbo reflects the thoughts of many Elon College students who are participants in Intramural program. As always, the intramural program is one of the most intensely followed activities on campus. Each prity, fraternity, hall, and most large groups sponsor teams. Sports range from flag football, to slow pitch softball, to in- rtube water polo. There is a winner in each sport and an overall winner at the year ' s end. Most teams take their activities iously and competition often gets rough, even in those " non-contact " sports like basketball and softball. 2 entire Intramural program is co-ordinated by Karen Garden, a physical education teacher and coach of the women ' s vol- ball and tennis teams. With a handful of students she arranges for equipment, officials and a vast array of other little ngs that all combine to make the intramural program the success that it is. 17 Take a break from academics Elon Intramurals . . Football Champs — 1983 Football Champs — Acorns lk " [ M " in i ; M ' |[N| II Mm MqI ljH I 2 on 2 Champs Amy Burch Danny Scales Volleyball Champs — 1983 The Real Spikers Waterpolo Champs The Acorns IM Athlete of the Year — Mike Almost Anything Goes 19 Elon Colleges ' 1984 Who ' s Who Students —Charles Briggs, Ron Dalton, Nancy Cale, Melinda Brown, Danny Sprinkle, Barry Kavanaugh, Patty Brammer, Penny Thomas. — Jo Craven, Mary Eubanks, April Buck, Kelly O ' Ferrell A committee composed of members of the faculty, administration, and student body each year elects students to be listed in the national publication Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities- Selection is made on the basis of scholarship, participation and leadership in academic and extracurricular activities, citizenship and service to the College and promise of future usefulness. Editor ' s Note This year Elon College had 18 students selected for the 1984 Who ' s Who. Not a single one of these students is un-envolved in student life Contrary to popular belief, the students who earn this recognition don ' t spend their college lives holed-up in the library. Each of these is very active in leadership roles around campus. My congratulations to all of them! Penny Thomas — Jr. Harper Area Council Artist for the HAC Newsletter " Synergy " , Staff Writer and Fea- tures Editor for " The Pendulum, " Member of the Media Board, President of Sigma Tau Delta, Participant in the Honors Program, Member of the Construction Company, Re- cipient of two academic scholarships. Kelly O ' Ferrell — Jr. Major: Business Administration — Manage ment Concentration, Dean ' s List, Freshma Orientation Counselor, Participant in th CROP Walk, Secretary to Chaplain Williar Sharpe, Music director for the Baptist Sti dent Union, Recipient of the John S. Grave Scholarship, Resident Assistant, Employe in the Learning Resource Center, Member c the Society for the Advancement of Manage ment. Area Assistant, Member of the Wo ship Service Committee, Intramural Partic pant. Member of the Student Admissio Committee, Member of the Judicial Commi tee. Member of Omicron Delta Kappa. 20 Major: Business Administration, Freshman Orientation Counselor, Student Co-ordina- tor, SUB, Resident Assistant, Student Gov- ernment Senator, Member of the Homecom- ing Committee, Participant in the CROP fast, LRC Assistant, Student Affairs Assistant, Campaign Manager for SGA President. Charles Briggs — Sr. Danny Sprinkle — Sr. ijor: History, Minor: Political Science, Hon- 3 Graduate, Recipient of an Academic holarship 1983-84, Dean ' s List, Secretary Phi Alpha Theta, Member of Pi Gamma J, LRC Tutor, History Department Assis- it 1981-82, SUB 1980-82, Executive Com- ttee Member 1981-82, Intramural Partici- ,nt. Member of East Area House Council 80-81. L. Isaac — Sr. — Major — History, Has rsing degree, PAT President, Phi Gamma J member, Dean ' s List, Honors Graduate, fice of Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority, Par- ipant in the studies abroad program — igland and USSR, LPN at Moses Cone — jphro — Cardiac Critical floor. hn Robert Moser — Jr. — Major — Eng- h Political Science, Dean ' s List, National ;an ' s List, Nominee for National Harry S. jman Scholarship, Highest Fraternity GPA, ;sistant Editor of the Colonnades, Staff smber of " The Pendulum, " Member of RG, Member of East Area Council, Sigma Fraternity — Secretary, President, Sopho- Dre Class President, SGA Senator, SGA :e President, Interfraternal Council Mem- ir. Delegate to NC State Legislature, Sec- tary of Bacchus, LRC tutor. Intramural par- :ipant. ephen Ronald Raborn — Sr. — Major — ology Chemistry Minor — Religion, Foot- ill Trainer, Resident Assistant, Security jard. Dean ' s List, Beta Beta Beta — Vi ce- esident, American Chemical Society — ce President, Alpha Chi Member, ROTO holarship recipient. thur W. Raine, Jr. — Sr. — Major — Public jministration Minor — Business Adminis- Jtion, Resident Assistant, Student Admis- Dns Committee member, Sigma Phi Epsilon aternity — President, Inter-Fraternal Coun- I — Comptroller, Recipient of Watts-Gris- ald Leadership Scholarship. Nancy Cale — Jr. Major: Chemistry, Secretary Treasurer of American Chemical Society, SUB-Assistant Chairman of films — Chairman, New Area Council — President, Student Advisor, Hon- ors Program participant. Dean ' s List, Nation- al Dean ' s List, Chemistry Lab Assistant and Proctor. Who ' s Who 21 Melvin Wilkins Major: Business Administration Concentra- tion in Finance, Society for the Advancement of Management — Most Dedicated Member 1983 — Secretary, Chairman — BSCC, Dean ' s List, National Dean ' s List, ROTC Scholarship, ROTC — Treasurer, National Sojourners Award 1983, Freshman Orienta- tion Counselor, Resident Assistant, Member of the Student Admissions Committee April Buck — Jr. Major: Public Administration, Minors: Com- puter Information Science, Business Admin- istration, Dean ' s List, Member of PIRG, Vice President of Gleaners, Secretary Treasurer of Sophomore Class, Resident Assistant, Area Assistant, Vice-President of Alpha Sig- ma Alpha Sorority, Member of the New Area House Council, Participant in the Elon Phone-a-Thon Barry Kavanaugh Majors: Math, Biology, Chemistry, Beta Bet Beta — Treasurer, American Chemical Soc ety — President, Member of Alpha Ch Dean ' s List, Freshman Orientation Counse or. Resident Assistant, Lettered on Nation; Championship Football Team (Elon), Partic pant in the Co-op Program, LRC Tutor, La Assistant — Biology, Anatomy Physiolog; Embryology, Student Admissions Commi tee Member, Security Guard, Intramural Pa ticipant, Newman Society Member, Chie Justice of Honor Society, Junior Marshal £ Graduation, Rhodes Scholarship Nominee Recipient of an Elon Academic Scholarshi| East Area Council Member, Assistant Stu- dent Coordinator of Freshman Day, Resident Assistant, Area Assistant, Assistant De- fense Attorney, Phi Alpha Theta, Media Board Member, Student Admissions Com- mittee Member Ron Dalton Susie Bowling 22 .y Dean ' s List, National Dean ' s List, Pi Gamma Mu — Secretary, Sigma Tau Delta — Secre- tary, Omicron Delta Kappa — President, Al- pha Chi, Honors Graduate, Civinettes, Catholic Young Adults, House Council — Secretary Treasurer, Resident Assistant, Phi Mu Soronty — Pledge Director, Rush Chair- man, Senior Class President, Intramural Par- ticipant, Ex Officio Senate Member Patricia Brammer — Sr. Melinda Brown — Sr. Jo Craven — Sr. ijors: Accounting, Business Administra- n. Honors Graduate, Dean ' s List, Recipi- t of Elon College Presidential Scholarship, irper Area Council — Secretary, Student )vernment — Judicial Clerk of Council, So- ity for the Advancement of Management C Tutor, Resident Assistant Major: English Journalism, Honor Graduate, Dean ' s List, National Dean ' s List, Pendulum — Editor-in-Chief, Student Union Board Member, Area Council Member, Student Ad- missions Committee Member Majors: Biology and Physical Education, Let- tered in Volleyball and Softball, Football Hos- tess, Dean ' s List, Intramural Participant, Honors Program, Life Guard, Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority — Scholastic Chairman, President, SGA Continuing Education Committee Mem- ber, Recipient of ZTA Scholastic Scholar- ship, EDGE Program Assistant Major: Business Administration Minor: Ac- counting, Elon Gospel Choir — Treasurer, Vice-President, Black Cultural Society Mem- ber, Miss Ebony Pageant Participant, Delta Sigma Theta — Charter Member, Freshman Orientation Counselor, Harper Area Council Member, Student Admissions Committee Member, CROP Conference, Resident Assis- tant, Summer Resident Life Advisor, Intramu- ral Participant, Writer for Harper Center News Letter Mary Eubanks 23 Which One Will YOU Be In the Year 1984? Proletarian — Considered inferior and kept in total ignorance, you ' ll be fed lies from the Ministry of Truth, eliminated upon signs of promise or ability? Police Guard — Chosen for lack of intelligence but superior brawn, you ' ll be suspi- cious of everyone and be ready to give your life for Big Brother, the leader you ' ve never seen! Party Member — Male — Face-less, mind-less, a flesh-and-blood robot with a push- button brain, you ' re denied love by law, taught hate by the flick of a switch! Party Member — Female — A member of the Anti-Sex League from birth, your duty will be to smother all human emotion, and your children might not be your husband ' s! 24 Is Uncle Sam ig brother? How about Ma Bell? s finally 1984, the most highly antici- ited year of the century. The question any people are asking themselves is lether or not George Orwell ' s fears ' the future were true, and if any of the mgs that he predicted actually have me into being. )rtunately for us, Orwell ' s frightening Drid of spies, thought control and no ivacy has not come to pass; yet. Or- 3ll himself probably did not expect the world to be quite as bad as he made it out to be in his book. His main objective was to scare his fellow intellectuals and everyone else into realizing the dangers of Socialism, before it was too late. There is, however, one thing Orwell pre- dicted that has come to pass. Big Brother is able to watch his people and know what each and every one is up to. Although Uncle Sam is not quite as effi- cient as Big Brother, he does have his own way of keeping track of each American. Today almost every Ameri- can has a number which allows the government, or whoever has access to it, to gain information about the individ- ual. So in this year of 1 984 The Party slo- gans of. He who controls the past con- trols the future; War is peace; Slavery is Freedom; Ignorance is Strength, have little truth for today Hopefully no one will ever have to live in a world as frighten- ing as George Orwell ' s world of 1984. George Orwell Born in 1903 in India and educated at Eton, Orwell ' s career was varied — Burma service in the Imperial Police, two years in Paris, and teaching in Eng- land preceded the war in Spain and Home Guard membership in World War II. A frequent contributor to literary re- views, Orwell ' s previous books were Animal Farm, Burmese Days, and Down and Out in London and Paris. 25 Halloween; Yesterday ' s stories, Today ' s pictures here at Elon College. The Celtic festival of Samhain is probably the source of the present- day Halloween celebration. The Celts lived more than 2,000 years ago in what is now Great Britain, Ire- land and northern France. Their new year began on November 1 . A festival that began the previous evening hon- ored Samhain, the Celtic lord of death. The celebration marked the beginning of the season to cold, darkness, and decay. It naturally be- came associated with human death. The Celts believed that Samhain al- lowed the souls of the dead to return to their earthly homes for this even- ing. On the evening of the festival, the Druids, who were the priests and teachers of the Celts, ordered the people to put out their hearth fires. The Druids built a huge new year ' s bonfire of oak branches, which they considered sacred. They burned ani- mals, crops, and possibly human be- ings as sacrifices. Then each family relit its hearth fire from the new year ' s fire. Duhng the celebration, people sometimes wore costumes made of animal heads and skins. They told fortunes about the coming year by examining the remains of the animals that had been sacrificed. Many early American settlers came from England and other Celtic re- gions, and they brought various cus- toms with them. But because of the strict religious beliefs of other set- tlers, Halloween celebrations did not become popular until the 1800 ' s. During that period, large numbers of immigrants arrived from Ireland and Scotland and introduced their Hal- loween customs. I Today, Halloween is celebrated across the country and knows no age limits. | y y I With the full-moon, the ghools came out around Elon. (whether it ' s Halloween or ? not); College students spend more time planning and preparing their costumes than kids do. y .. v " Christmas, Christmas time is here, time for toys and time for cheer. We ' ve been good, but we can ' t last, hurry Christmas, hurry fast! " Many will recognize the lines from that smash hit by none other than the Chipmunks. Sounds silly? Think back to Christmas time at Elon Col- lege, that ' s all that was on any normal students mind . . . How many days till we go home? Many simply sat and counted the days, a few set out in more creative ways and produced our own early-Christmas at Elon College. The administration did their share by decorat- ing the campus with holly and two live Christ- mas trees in and on Alamance. Drew Van Horn and his S.U.B. gang went all out in bringing us the Snowball Dance, the Greeks had their dance, and the Music Department brought us the Masada. Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority did their best to brighten the Oaks area. They ' re pictured here decorating their tree that was visible from the road, (until it was stolen — not a very nice thing to do at Christmas time.) Holiday Cheer at Elon College % 30 inii»» 31 1 AO Well, It ' s been nine years since I took my first yearbook assignment, and this Is my last — for better or worse It would stand to reason that I would have something profound to say after all this time, some knowledge that I ' ve gained and should now reflect on. I have learned a lot about words and their uses, Arthur Kinder summed it all up for me in a letter to his son . . . Never fear big words. Big long words name little things. All big words have little names, Such as life and death, peace and war, or dawn, day, night, hope, love, or home. Learn to use little words in a big way. It ' s hard to do. But they say what you mean. When you don ' t know what you mean, use big words. They often fool little people. Not terribly original, but profound in its own way. If I can ' t put my acquired knowledge of words into a few of my own, maybe I can d( better in a more important area — people Working closely with any staff or committee club or organization is going to teach yoi something — whether you want it to or not People are basically pretty wonderful, and I ' ve met more than my share of that type here at Elon. Some have been mentors, some roommates, and others close fnends. Eacf has taught me something, some withou even knowing it. 32 i seem to learn the most, when we ' re try- I the least . . . sarned about alternators when my car )ke down in Florida . . . larned to run a meeting correclty when I ended one run poorly . . . iarned the value of not saying anything en I most desperately wanted to com- snt . . . iarned to study while turning homework a game . . . arned to hold my temper when everyone else was losing theirs . . . I learned to appreciate my family and friends while they were the furthest away . . . I learned to be thankful for what I have while complaining about what I lacked. I say " I learned " when what I actually mean is " I was taught. " There are many people to thank for what I have been taught in the past few years. Don ' t worry, I won ' t list them all here, they know who they are, the fnends who have stood with me when things were the toughest. All of us have a lot to learn from the people around, everyone has something to give, if we just give them a chance. Often, it ' s the people we least care to listen to who can teach us the most. Good Luck and Happiness to all in the com- ing years, Maureen B. Sweeney, Editor-in-Chief 33 Fun and Games Scott Vui The Fun and Games continue well into the school year as we switch from foot- ball to basketball to baseball. These are the three best known sports across the United States, but. here at Bon we have many others that deserve as much at- tention as the big money makers. Our women ' s athletic program is often overlooked as is the case in most small colleges. The caliber of our female ath- letes IS the highest in the area. Many of our women were all-county or all-state in high school and come to Bon to carry out this tradition of excellence. Everyone knows where the football team holds its games; where does the wrestling team hold its matches? . . . East Gym. Our wrestling team is one of the finest in the nation. We ' ve had men place All-District, and even Ail-Ameri- can. The people behind the scenes are the ones who don ' t receive the credit that is due them, without the support of coaches, trainers, managers, adminis- trators, and secretaries, many of our achievements would never have amounted to anything. It ' s to these peo- ple that we owe a large debt and to whom we dedicate this section of the yearbook . . . Thanks. " " " " -ilV 1 T-C 36 Sports N Al A National Champions - 1 983 40 41 42 43 NAIA District 26 Cliamps A 4-1 win over Wingate clinched tine title Games were held May 6-8 at Memorial Stadium, in Krupa 44 NAIA Ail-American All-District 26 John Krol All Area — 7 .341 Batting Avg. signed with All District 26 4 Home runs the Houston All Conference Frank " Pee Wee " Manship Astros. Ken Hit .436 with 12 Comer signed homeruns 33 RBI ' s with Rocky Joel Weiss Mtn. League took two tries, but Ion College knocked Ff Wingate 4-1 Sunday lay 8 to win the Dis- ict 26 play off s and a erth in the NAIA Area Tournament at Blue- eld WV. itcher David Osteen, winless in his first eight decisions this season, held Wingate to one run and eight hits in a strong per- formance. Elon began the District 26 Tourna- ment with a 3-2 win over top-seed- ed Wingate Friday night behind the pitching of John Driscoll. The Christians then advanced to the second round Saturday, win- ning a slugfest over Guilford 16- 12. Elon ' s attack included 17 hits, including four two-run homers, two by center fielder Joel Weiss and one each by Frank Manship and Marty Gorski. Guilford went ahead 2-0 in the top of the first, but the Christians re- taliated with five runs in the bot- tom of the same inning. The Quak- ers knotted the score in the fourth, but Weiss ' second four-bagger gave Elon the lead. A six-run gave Elon more breathing room, keyed by Maurice Morton ' s three-run triple. Gorski ' s two-run homer and a two-run seventh ac- counted for the final Elon total. Guilford managed four runs in the eighth and one more in the ninth before the Christians closed the door. Randy Enoch started behind the plate, replacing regular starting catcher Ken Comer. Comer was in- jured Friday against Wingate when An umpires ruling was turning point . . " The ruling took the wind out of Wingate ' s sails and the Bulldogs died quietly. " — Greensboro Daily News he was hit with a bat. The Guilford win gave pitcher Greg Harris his sixth win against one loss. The Christians were forced to play a second Wingate game Sunday after losing the first 17-8. Ken Comer, back in the starting lineup after receiving eight stitches in the head knocked four runs with a grand slam in the second inning of the first con- test. Wiles added to the Eton to tal in the seventh, but a five-run fifth for the Bulldogs iced the victory. Ron Krupa : . District 26 Champs, . , Sitting — Jeff Neufang, Keithi Harrelson, Alex Long, Jofin Driscoll, Tim Patton, Kneeling — Maurice Morton, Joel Weiss, Jofin Krafie, Greg Harns, Asst, Coacfi Denny Mayer, Head Coach Bob McBee, Scott Hall, William Alexander, Mike Scott, Leonard Tate, Standing — Co-Capt, Nathan Wiles, Ran- dy Enoch, Capt. Ken Comer, Barry Culberson, Dan Thompson, Co-Capt, John Krol, Dave Osteen, Dave Donahue, Robby Schooner, Ber- nie Crump, Brad Comer, Marty Gorski, Frank Manship OPPONENT WETHEY NO State 2-7,2-3 UNO Cfiarlotte 1-11 Susquehanna Univ. 3-4,10-0 Atlantic Cfiristian 2-4,8-7 Pembroke State 21-12 Guilford 3-5 N C A T 1-10,9-0 Lenoir-Rtiyne 8-4,6-5 Wake Forest 6-9 Guilford 4-2 Pembroke 4-5 Mars Hill 6-2,5-2 Catawba 9-1,1-5 Higti Point (CO Tour ) 0-12 Pfeiffer 4-17 Gardner-Webb 6-1,6-0 Sliaw 8-7,11-12 St, Augustine 3-2,4-6 High Point 2-1,2-4 Wingate (Districts) 3-2 Guilford (Districts) 16-13 Wingate (Districts) 8-17,4-1 W V State (Areas) 7-18 Geo Town, KY (Areas 2-6 Won-18, Lost-8 John Krol, a Winston Salem native signed with the Houston Astros and spent the summer at camp in Florida. Osteen scattered eight hits in the second game. Enoch and Wiles put Eion up with two-out singles in the first, but the Bulldogs fought back in the second frame to tie the score. Weiss put Elon back up to stay later with a two-run homer, his third home run of the tournament. Wiles iced the game by singling, stealing second, and scoring on two Wingate throwing errors. it was the second time in as many years that Wingate had lost the Championship game. — Reprinted with permission from The Pendulum; Written by Joel Maness 47 Ron Kryoa Conference Record — 2-5 Dist. 26 Record — 6-10 Overall Record — 14-17 Vo( 3 b a Roster 1983 Name No Pos HI Yr Hometown Katanja Clapp 45 Hiller 5-7 Fr Eton College, NC Ahcia Gaddy 25 Hitter 5-5 Jr Winston-Salem, NC Lelia Gentry 35 Hitter 5-6% So Roxboro, NC Darci Leach 31 Setter 5-5 ' .4 So Gibsonville, NC Susan Overbey 15 Setter 5-7 Sr Durtiam, NC Failh Pitts 53 Hitter 60 So Winston Salem, NC Kimberly Punctles 33 Hitler 5-6 Fr Vero Beactl, FL Yolanda Stockton 41 Hitter 55 Fr Reidsville, NC Dee Dee Wardlaw 23 Hitter 5-9 Sr Higfi Point, NC Doreen Williams 11 Setter 53 So Higti Point, NC Diannati Curry, Manager Belli Gardner. Scorekeeper 48 1 983 Golden Girls - Elon Volleyball Elon vs. 8-15, 5-15 Guilford 15-10, 9-15, 3-15 Greensboro College 3-15, 13-15, 15-13, 3-15 Wake Forest 3-15, 15-3, 15-10 N.C. Central U. 15-11, 3-15, 15-10 Wingate 18-16, 5-15, 9-15 High Point 15-2, 15-5 Shaw 10-15, 15-8, 15-5 Christopher Newport 15-9, 15-13 Wesleyan College 2-15, 9-15 St. Augustine 13-15, 7-15 UNC-Wilmington 1-15, 13-15 Atlantic Christian 6-15, 8-15 Lenoir-Rhyne 3-15, 11-15 UNC-Greensboro 15-17, 8-15 Liberty Baptist 8-15, 2-15 UNC-Asheville 15-12, 15-11 Carson-Newman 15-13, 15-5, 15-6 Gardner-Webb 15-4, 15-9 Reiffer 15-4, 15-9 Greensboro College 15-6, 15-6, 15-11 North Carolina Central Univ. 15-1, 15-8 Gallaudet Col. 15-12, 15-11 Kean College 15-11, 15-8, 8-15 UNC-Greensboro 15-11, 15-12 Salisbury State 15-13, 13-15, 15-13 Catholic 7-15, 9-15 Messiah 15-13, 9-15, 8-15 Pembroke State Univ. 15-11, 12, 15, 14-16 A T Univ. 9-15, 6-15 Mars Hill 10-15, 9-15 Catawba Ron Krupa 49 Led by two All-District and one All-Tournament player, the Golden Girls will be coming on strong this year. T f Above Gen McCarry. a sophomore from NC makes a quick play on second: Above Right Susan Wilson, a senior from Burl- ington, NC earned District honors in 83 for her pitching talents; Carolyn Pryor, a se- nior from Reidsville, NC is pictured at Right 50 Softball Ron Krupa Pictured Below: Kristen Wolter and Susan Overby — Ron Krupa Ron Krupa Kim Smith, Geri McGarry, Leiia Gentry, Alicia Gaddy, Diana Curry Back — Susan Wilson, Kristin Wolter. Me- linda Brown, Susan Overby, Renate Costner. OPPONENT WE-THEY Wingate 3-5, 2-9 Catawba 6-7,2-9 Guilford 5-0,5-15 Campbell 2-4,5-4 UNCGreensboro 5-4,3-4 Atlantic Christian 9-5,7-3 Pfeiffer 1-3,17-4 Pembroke 4-2,1-2 Guilford (CC Tourn) 2-9 Wingate (CC Tourn.) 11-7 Guilford (CC Tourn ) 3-5 Appalachian (State) 2-19 Pembroke (State) 7-6 N C. AST (State) 7-1 Campbell (Stale) 2-7 Overall Record: 10-13 4th in Conference Led by two All-District, and one All-Tournament players, the Elon College " Golden Girls " exper- ienced one of those up and down seasons that plays with your nerves as well as tires your body. Susan Wilson led the team from the pitching mound and earned All-District honors, Alicia Gaddy a three-sport player moved from the volley- ball court, to the basketball court, to the softball field with out so much as a minutes breath. The work seemed to be the best thing for her, she also earned All-Tournament honors for her play that moved them into fourth place in the area. Jackie Edwards was the third recipient of athletic honors, along with Wilson, she was named to the All- District team. 51 Compliments of The Best Western • 140 rooms parlors • Restaurant • Lounge • Covered Pool Courtyard • Convenient Access • Major Credit Cards Honored 770 Huffman Mill Rd. 584-0151 Support Campus Media Keeping Elon informed and pro- viding " hands-on " experience " The Pendulum " Student Run m P f fi 2 WSOE — Student Run GOLDEN CORRAL Family Steak House 2408 S. Church St., Burlington Famous ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT SALAD BAR Congratulations Grads! The Ramada Inn 40 Rooms Banquets — Meetings Restaurant Free Reservations Tavern ABC Permits Major Credit Cards RUMOURS LOUNGE 1-85 227-5541 Compliments of Family Drug Store 584-4257 Hours: 9:00 AM-11:00 PM Community - Federal Savings and Loan Association BURLINGTON □ GRAHAM NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of WESTERN CHARCOAL STEAK HOUSE 142 Graham-Hopedale Rd. — Burlington, N.C. Phone 227-7438 BAKATSIAS RESTAURANT 1-85 Haw River Exit At T.C.A. Phone 578-3700 BAKATSIAS CUISINE Crossdale Shopping Center Durham, North Carolina 1-383-8502 Beset by injuries, the Figlnting Christians still managed a 7-3 record. The 1983 Fightin ' Christian Football team finished the year 7-3 overall as Coach Wright Anderson completed his second year at Elon College. The Fightin ' Christians, beset by numerous injuries, were ranked No. 1 8 in the final NAIA national poll. For the third time in the past four years, a South Atlantic Conference team, Carson Newman, captured the NAIA national title. To go along with Elon ' s national championships in 1980 and 1981 , it is apparent the South Atlantic Conference is the premier conference in the NAIA. Several Fightin ' Christians garnered post-season honors. Named to the All-District First Team were offensive guard Clay Hassard, offensive tackle Eddie Hernandez, defensive end Jeff Cooper, line- backer Royce Fentress, and strong safety Kenny Angel. Second Team honorees were tight end Kelly Stanley, running-back Jimmy Smith and noseguard Grady Williams. Garnering All-South Atlantic Conference honors were Jeff Cooper, Royce Fentress, Kelly Stan- ley and center Thomas Kilcrease. Being named to the second team from Elon were Grady Williams, quarterback Sam Fromhart, Jimmy Smith and Clay Hassard. r " — ' (.■Im Si Elon 38 Elon 6 Elon 20 Elon 19 Elon 10 Elon 17 Elon 15 Elon 21 Guilford 7 Carson-Newman 15 Lenolr-Rhyne 14 Wofford 14 Presbyterian 6 Catawba Gardner-Webb 17 Newberry 21 The 1983 Fightin Christians — Jeff Majewski. Royce Fentress. Keith Stallings. Chris Skeeter, Sam Fromhart. Craig Taylor. I ike Brodowicz, Jessie Jones. FredApplin. I ike Ferrell. Rodney Anderson, Johnny Jacobs. Jay Simmons. Eddie Isley Garry Pierce. Darryl Brown. Bill Jessup, Jonas Davis. Ricky Ross. Mitch Ryan. Jeff Knox, Kenny Angel. Derek Cross. Larry Rhodes. Tim Bines. Fred Jordan. Aubrey Patterson. Albert Hendricks. Terry Patterson. Jimmy Smith. TimFerrell. Russell Evans. BobLeBlanc. Corlette Bay lock. Henry Tootoo. Tony Settles. Harvey Holt, Stanley Haley Roger Brown. Ricky Graves. David Moats. Randy Long, John Murray Thomas Kilcrease, Danny Hopper. Terry Hill. Alphonso Morrison. Mark Summers. Chris Jesse. John Thome. Jeff Cooper. Jay Perdue. Kyle Dunn. Steve Pickett. Jake Kale. Perry Himsl, Grady Williams, Joe Ford. Ricky Sigmond. Mike Henley Buzzy Gilbert. Pratt Little. Glenn Haisley Lewin Bullock. Eddie Hernandez. Jonathon Allen, Clay Hassard. Ken Tatko. John Keeton. Dean Jones. Ben Meisel. Mack Moore, Mike Schmids, Leon Jones, Berkley Gore, Stanley Hairston, Kelly Stanley Mark Dennis. Raymond Ryals. Kelvin Reed r -M Anderson resigns as coach r. ' k?f: Assistant Coach Lonnie Mack Garden, Jr. has been named as Elon ' s fifteenth head football coach to succeed Wright Anderson, who re- signed January 13, Dr. Alan White, Director of Athletics at Elon, made the announcement, saying, " We ' re ex- tremely proud to elevate Macky Garden to the position of Head Football Goach at Elon Col- lege. His dedication, loyalty, and coaching performance have been exemplary during his coaching tenure with us. We all have every confidence that Goach Garden has the char- acteristics and qualities necessary to maintain the traditional level of excellence we ' ve growri to enjoy in our program. " " I ' m happy to be Elon ' s head coach, " Garden said. " I ' ve enjoyed my first seven years with Elon and I look forward to my continued rela- tionship with the college, most importantly the players and staff. " A native of Durham, NG Garden came to Elon after several brief stints in the North Carolina public school system. He coached at Graham High School 1967-68 and High Point Andrews from 1968-70. He coached football, basket- ball, and track while at the schools. In 1970-72, he coached football and basket- ball at Orange High School in Hillsborough, NG. Garden coached at High Point Central from 1972-75 in football and baseball. His last stop before Elon was Kannapolis High School where he served as football coach. In 1977, Garden became Elon ' s offensive line coach, a position he ' s held since. He has con- verted the offensive line, once a major weak- ness, into one of the strongest annually in the SAG-8 Conference and that played a major factor in two NAIA National Championships. V . ' . m ' mi y J } ' ■ ' ' ' ' ' ' •■ J J J " ■ ;: i. VrV WW N 58 ' ■ X V 59 Elon Lacrosse worked its way to a 7-3 record with big wins over Clemson, USC, and Davidson. U " 60 Lacrosse V. w — 1 ' T tl I - r § 63 ■ m ' wjf 64 ilon averaged 74.3 points per game while leir opponents averaged only 71 .3. Benji ate proved to be a key player with a 1 3.8 avg. t year the Elon College basketball team ggled and had a season that saw them r the bottom of the league. Vowing to ce major improvements, coach Bill Morn- ;tar made many changes, including the uitment of several new players. Most of ;e newcomers were around 6 ' 4 " — 6 ' 9 " je and the 1 983-84 season looked bright, season polls ranked Elon at the top of league, and Coach Morningstar was rd to comment that there was more tal- on the team this year than any other n he has ever coached. The Christians proved that statement to be true many times during the year. They stayed in first place through the first part of the season, but injuries and academic prob- lems forced several players to the sidelines for the rest of the year. Elon finished the reg- ular season with a 17-10 record and headed into the tournament with no one injured and high hopes. However, a hot High Point team shattered those hopes and the Elon season came to an abrupt halt. In spite of all the problems, Elon ' s 1983-84 se ason can still be considered a good one. They tremendously improved last year ' s re- cord and had many good games and excit- ing moments. This year was better than last year and with nearly everyone from this year ' s team returning for next season, next year should be better than ever! Jay Lee up and over for two helped Elon clinch a 69-77 win over Atlantic Christian. r " I ' 0 Sap ' • 4 V iwbiitfK ' I Elon Opponent 62 61 Wingate 71 76 W. Va. Tech 62 61 St. Paul ' s 88 97 Lenoir-Rhyne 108 64 UNC-Greensboro 77 69 Atlantic Christian 72 94 Belmont Abbey 62 59 USC-Spartanburg 89 64 Guilford 96 68 UNC-Greensboro 74 72 Catawba 71 92 Pfeiffer 53 54 High Point 67 69 Wingate 102 67 Greensboro Col. 65 75 Catawba 80 69 Lynchburg 40 52 Belmont Abbey 75 88 Pembroke 67 1 983 NAI A Ail-American Golfers . . . Daniel Thore 1983 All-American mm Barry Pilson - 1983 All-American 69 Danny Graham - 1983 All-American Ranked number two in pre-season polls - looks good, Coach Mary Jackson has high expectations that Elon can again return to the top in the Carolinas Conference in District 26 women ' s basl ;etball competition. Leading the Golden Girls will be All-District, All-Conference performer Donna Trollinger. Last year Trollinger averaged nearly 17 points and seven rebounds for the Golden 70 Girls. Also returning to the Golden Girls ' cause will be Renate Costner, Cathy Jones, who averaged nearly 15 points a game, Ali- cia Gaddy, Jamie McNeely, Susan Overbey, Faith Pitts, and Susan Wilson. Top newcomer to the Golden Girls will be Lisa Briggs who should immediately start for the Golden Girls from the point guard posi- tion, where Jackson feels she will be a tre- mendous asset to Elon. Also joining the cause will be Katanja Clapp and Yolanda Stockton. With a lot of talent joining a strong nucleus of veterans, Jackson feels that Elon again will be right in the running for both District and Conference championships in 1984. Lisa Briggs, Katanja Clapp, Renate Costner, Alicia Gaddy, Erika Gunter, Cathy Jones, Jamie McNeely, Susan Overbey, Faith Pitts, Yolanda Stockton, Donna Trollinger, Susan Wilson, Elon 66 83 68 82 102 80 88 72 76 58 63 73 72 79 70 61 80 64 79 72 69 79 91 69 Opponent Pembroke 87 Atlantic Christian 70 Glenville State 59 Campbell 78 Guilford 94 N.C. Central 63 Fayetteville St. 81 Atlantic Christian 67 Wingate 73 Belmont Abbey 87 St. Andrews 79 Campbell 75 Pfeiffer 80 Wingate 55 High Point 78 Winston-Salem St. 74 Catawba 45 Belmont Abbey 57 UNC-Greensboro 78 Pembroke 87 High Point 63 N.C. Central 76 Catawba 71 Pfeiffer 59 76 77 Go Greek . . . or don ' t go at all. This is the sentiment of many people on cam- pus, as you can guess, these people are members of Greek Organizations. You know, those folks who wear the shirts you can ' t read and have nick names you can ' t understand. They of course can read and understand. Many indepen- dents can ' t comprehend why anyone would want to go through pledging just to join a " club " , but fraternities and so- rorities are more than just a club. Your brothers and sisters are there to support and defend you any time you need help. A member of Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority put it yery nicely when she was asked what ASA stood for . . . she said, without hesitation, ' Always Someone Around. " These sentiments are shared by the members of all Greek organizations. A girl who is a member of Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority wasn ' t returning last fall and said her only regret was, " that I won ' t see many of my sisters anymore — even though they ' ll always be there if I need them. " Greeks are more than just loud part iers, each organization has a philanthropic project which they support through fi- nancial donations and man-hours. Pi Kappa Phi supports the PUSH project, Tau Kappa Epsilon, the eye bank and Zeta Tau Alpha has been working most of this semester to help a little boy named Josh. So, you can see, that the Greeks here are a mixture of fun, sharing, and a whole lot of caring. 78 Greeks ' I i- ii Ill and KA win the overall championships Greek Week 1983, was a week that will not be quickly forgotten. Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority was the overall womens winner, while Kappa Alpha Fraternity was the overall mens winner. Competitions were close the entire week, no one was really sure who the winners were until Sunday evening after the tug-of-war. These are the winners in each of the events . . . Dance Contest 111 10; Can Chug IIX TKE; Straw Chug ZTA KA Torpedo OM KA; Chug Relay AIA TKE; Chariot looks ZTA IOE Chariot race ZTA TKE; Golf AXA KA TKE; Bowling AIA KA Horseshoes OM KA; Hotshot ZTA TKE; Freethrow OM KI, IcI)E, in; Bike Race AIA HKO; Racketball III TKE; Swimming, 100m cpM TKE; 25 m clothes ZTA; 25m innertube AIA KA; Potatoe Sack AIA IOE; Egg Throw III ID; Innertube AIA IO; Obstacle III; Pizza Eating III IO; Soccer Punt III KA; Frizbee ZTA KI; Foot- ball AIA KA; Pac Man ZTA TKE; Backgammon OM IOE; Pool AIA KE; 50yd dash ZTA KA; 100yd lOE AIA; 200yd III TKE; mile run III KE; 440 relay lOE; High Jump AIA IOE; Tug-o-war AIA KA; Arm wrestling nK$. Greek Week competitions bring each sorority and fraternity closer to- gether. Surprisingly enough, each Greek organization grows closer to- gether in the spirit of sportsmanship and competition. 80 Sumer Sorrell, pictured here with her suite-mates Lee Dufief, and Mouche Maggio was Greek ath- lete of the week. Sumer, is a member of Tri-Sigma sorority and is now living and working in Raleigh, NC. Greek Week 81 thanlfingiUei la cf S84-50S3 112 M. % dm. PHI PSI CLI Fun and Games A special thanks to our advertisers for their support. 83 Zeta Tau Alpha Sisters —Jan Azzarelll. Jackie Boone. Callia Bowling, Cheryl Bowling, Melinda Brown, Franny Caccamo, Michele Claydon, Beth Cogan, Lisa Coleman, Denise Cummings, Jill Davis, Debbie Drummond, Cindy Frick. Beth Gallo, Donna Harrell, Susan Hernandez, Sue Hoggard, Lon Norton, Ann Jividen, Karenj Jones, Julie Jorden, Marinda Looney, Lisa Lowe, Missy Mann, Deanna McCain, Janie McMilllan, Lisa Michaud, Lavane Pirkle, Ellen Renfro, Pam Sellew, Sherrie St, Clair, Tonya Walker, Beth Waterfield, Kathy Weems, Kristen Wolter, Barbara Womble, Betsy Woods WLm. tuu sun m. m c JEm Zeta Tau Alpha is a wonnen ' s social fraternity with approxi- mately 200 collegiate chapters in the United States and Canada Our national philanthropy is N.A.R.C. The National Association for Retarded Citizens Zeta took up a special project this past fall. They set out to raise as much money as possible for Jishua LeGrande Brooks. They had a Dance-a-Thon on November 12, candy sales and a slave- day sale to raise money for him Zeta really put their hearts into this project and raised over $2,500 for Joshua. .„ Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority was founded on Elon College ' s campus seven years ago by a group of young women who were interested in beginning an organization based on their belief in strong friendships and service to the college and surrounding area. ASA encourages each of its members to find, strive for, and attain personal goals. ASAs are active in and around Elon College ' s campus in leadership roles, the arts, and business societies. If we were allowed to name only one thing that Alpha Sigma Alpha had to offer to its sisters, it ' s the encouragement for each person to become who f ?ey want to be. ASA encourages individuality — wouldn ' t we be a dull group if we were all alike. Alpha Sigma Alpha Sisters — Kim Barrett, Daria Bray, Dr. Mary Brittain (Advisor), April Buck, Brandy Burroughs, Arlene Caine, Laura Campbell, Terri Copeland, Sara Davidson, Gretchen Davis, Karen Drake, Jackie Edwards, Andi Elliot, Virginia Evans, Jenny Gardner, Elaine Hamilton, Lisa Horner, Beth Hungerford, Karen Johnson, Anne Latham, Cyndl Lawson, Bobbi Meyer, Lisa Otey Michelle Palumbo, Sandra Perry, Laura Reich, Jodi Robbins, Molly Sim, Brucie Sutton, Maureen Sweeney, Debra Taylor, Kimberly Toth, Mindi Truitt, Pat Warren, Pat White, Linda Winslow, Cathy Wright, Lisa Young, Sweetheart — Rob Smart 35 ( i( i( i 86 Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. is a national public service sorority, dedicated to a program of sharing membership skills and organizational services in the public interest. The Omicron lota Chapter of DST was chartered on the campus of Elon College May 9, 1981 by twelve young women who wanted to promote scholarship, fellowship and service At the present we have a membership of nine sisters who are still dedicated to upholding the standards of Delta Sigma Theta. We are now involved with Volun- teers for People, which is a big sister program. We have been active in volunteer work with the Pied- mont Nursing Center in Burlington along with work- ing with the voter registration campaign of Alamance County. Recently, we sponsored a reception for the Reverend Doctor Ralph David Abernathy, the former President of the Southern Christian Leadership Con- ference. Delia Sigma Theta Sisters — Sandra Reid, President; Sherl Harrison, Vice President, Karen Freeman, Secretary; Angela Walker, Treasurer; Deidre Richardson, Historian; Maxine Hazel, Chaplain; Mane Walker-Willis, Sergeant at Arms; Kaye Morrision, Natalie Reid OM 88 89 The Golden Hearts of Sigma Phi Epsilon: Gina Ashby (Treasurer), Karen Bond, Abby Coon, Denise Ditzler, Mary Evans, (Secretary), Beth Gallo, Susan Hernandez (Sweetheart), Diane Holcomb, Ann Jividen, Louikia Louka, Karen Miner, Tracy Moore (President). Nancy Moreton, Gail Nance, Sheila Page, Lavane Pirkle, Gabi Purvance, Beth Temple (Vice President), Tracy Walser, Joanna Winstead Golden Hearts 90 ia E The Brothers of Sigma Phi Epsilon: Trip Amos, Pete Altmaier, Mike Barret, Bob Batchler, Donnie Bicl ley, Randy Boles, Mark Breslford, Jeff Broadbridge, Joe Coco, Greg Crowson, Don Doster, Greg Edwards, Sean Flanagan, Jay Gabbert, Mike Grizzard, Richard Grizzard, Robert Harris, Gray Herman, Izzy Hernandez, Dale Johnson, Mark Kamp, Mike Krai, Ken Markosky, Art Raine, John Rhoades, Larry Rhoades, Steve Sabol, Van Shaw, Rob Smart, Robbie Smilkoff, Spencer Smith, Jerry Wilhelm, Steve Williamson, Scott Wolter, Bill Wood, Greg Woodle. 91 TKE F... m 92 Pi Kappa Phi is a fraternity founded on tfie Ideas of service to ttie community, and encouragement. Pi Kappa Ptii is one of ttie youngest frat on ttie Elon College campus Despite this, and the lack of a house. Pi Kaps have proven to be leaders at Elon For the past four years the fraternity has held the highest GPA of all frats Pi Kappa Phi is the only fraternity at Elon who supports a national philanthropic (service) project, PUSH. Play Units for the Severely Handicapped Members of Pi Kap have don- ated time and energy towards this successful project which raised enough mon- ey to install units costing nearly twenty thousand dollars across the country. After all of this hard worl , the brothers are more than ready for the Rose Ball which last year was held at Hilton Head Resort Island in South Carolina Pi Kappa Phi Brothers — Richard Anderson. fvlarl Brammer, Marl Cheadle, Bill Chenail, Ron DeGruit, Mike Dolianitis, Danny Hart, Greg Hart, Karl Lindquist, Scott Martin, Chris Moore, John Nye, Billy Peach, Charles Roberson, Richie Slat- tery, Ned White, Bennett Whitlock, Sweetheart — Brucie Sutton nKo 93 I J 94 Kappa Sigma — 1983 Brothers Keith Allen, Norman Bartlett, Christopher Bauman, Christopher Board — Grand Scribe, Billy Chenault — Guard, Wendell Cocke, Tom Cole, Bryan Crook, Eric Cuthbert — Grand Master of Ceremonies, Jimmy Donnelly, Mike Edwards, Jay Epperson, John FItchett, Thad Goodrich, Kevin Hand, Bill Harvey, Johnny High, Chuck Hodgin, Carlton Jarratt — Grand Procurator, Phillip Markley, Mike Martin, Ben Meisel — Guard, John Moncure, John Murray, Chris McCracken, Cy McCue, Doug McGowan, Ron McKaskel, Christopher Olsen — Grand Treasurer, Jay Paul, Christopher Roe, Terry Rust, Jim Saunders, Keith Smith — Grand Master, Tom Westenhiser, Martin Wheeler, Stuart White, Don Worsley, Alumni Advisor — King White, Sweetheart — Jan Azzarelli I IS-v ' Alpha Phi Omega Members — Top Darryl Blackwell, Fred Applln, Bottom: Caria Brown, McSherry Hargrove, Cynthia Alston, Not Pictured: Danny Brown, Brian Fredrlcks, Albert Hendricks , Anthony Turner, Grady Williams, Bernadette Carter, Stanley Haley, Harvey Holt. 95 Elon College Cheerleaders Elon is lucky to have such a fine squad of enthusiastic students to support our athletic teams. Their stunts and excitement keeps the fans and players in the mood to win. Co-captains Rene Revels, Jeff Evans Coach Donna Massey. 96 mi i s.. 97 The Epsilon-Theta Chapter of the Sigma Pi Fraternity of the United States was founded in Elon College in 1976, and has grown to be one of the most important organizations on the Elon campus Sigma Pi at Elon is renowned for its social ac- tivities, which are among the most popular on campus, but Sigma Pi is more than a social organization sponsoring numerous activities which benefit the college and community in many ways Many of the brothers of Sigma Pi are leaders in campus organizations, including the Student Government Sigma Pi is proud of Its prestigious tradition on the Elon College campus and will continue to build on that tradition in the coming years Jay Allred, Eric Badgetf, Jonathan Batts. Chris Beebe, Chris Best, Doug Bramley. Aaron Chatkin, Bill Coffman, Robert Cornell, Tom Darkis. Marty Davidson, Jonathan Davis, Glenn Day, Charlie Diehl, Andy Doyle. Brent Ellis. Greg Farina, Peter Farell, Chuck Foley, Charlie Ganim, Bill Ginn, Jeff Green, Craig Hallman, Todd Hodges. Steve Hunt, Mitch Jacobs, Stuart Jessup. Mike Joseph. Grad Kesler, Steve Kinder, Darrell Lea, C L Marshall, Andy McCann, Bob Moser, James Murphy, Mike Nutt, Tripp Owen, Paul Purdy, David Risser, Darryl Robinson, Mike Roth, Raoul Rushin, Alf Schwab, Steve Schwartz, Mike Scott, Ed Snider, Nick Stiernholm, Doug Surratt, Gil Timberlake, Mike Tuttle, Rob Williams, Robert Williams, Jim Winn, Blair Woody, Richard Young, Officers — Bob Moser, President; James Murphy, Vice President, Richard Young. Treasurer; Charlie Diehl, Secretary, Charlie Ganim, Herald; Greg Farina, Sergeant at Arms; Karen Wolzant, Sweetheart n 99 IFC 100 Panhellenic 101 There is so much more to being a stu- dent at Bon that just the endless stream of classes and homework. There are over thirty different organizations the typical Bon student can join. The reasons for joining an organization are as varied as the number of organiza- tions. The type of things that an organi- zation can offer students range from cul- tural development, social and cultural enrichment to religious enlightment. Stu- dents can also realize their potential through community sen ices, service projects, developing responsibility and helping consumer awareness. Students can also continue to add to their skills through various speakers, forums and activities off ered by scholastic organiza- tions. These groups try to get students and faculty together and combine inter- ests. Other organizations are just a good way of getting people who enjoy similar activities together for a good time. 102 Organizations SNff%! i!!iAlO WSOE 89.3 Phi Alpha Theta WSOE Staff — Butch Kfuory, Kathy Hensley, John Holland, Tammy Eperson, Tom Smiddy, Fred Goehringer, Mike Wheaton, Mike Ward, Jackie Hess, Kim Washington, Emily Besuden, Joey Zeller, Robin Keller, Scott Wood, Tadd Helmsteller, Lee Paul Wallace, Ron Price, Andy Broadway, Steve Caporelli, Peter Koort, Dave Franks, William Poston, Eric Savin, Colin Peters, Dave Harreld, Mike Besteler, Rob Castle, William Murrell, Charles Bruce, Kenny Ference. Jim Cahill, Jim Hughes, Gerald Gibson (advisor), Chris Mines, Ellen Gessey, Rob Casada, Lisa Dennmberg, Loukia Louika. Phi Alpha Theta IVtembers — Charles Briggs, Jill Issac, Ronald Dalton, Alle Tate, Charles Diehl, Martha Fischer, Joel Huffstetler, Miles Johnston, Er McDonnell, Craig Snider, Teresa Lyall, Tammy Bowers, Amy Burch, Darr« Lea, Jr , James Paul, III, William Thompson, Jr., Judity Tunney, Brenda Troxle Beth Courtney, Thomas Crabbs, Daniel Every, Aubrey Sadler, III, Bever Staderman, Hubert McLendon 104 February 1, 1984: " This is WSOE, Elon College — Burlington beginning another broadcast period. WSOE operates on a frequency of 89-point-tfiree megahertz, with a transmitter effective radiated power of 500 watts horizontal, 500 watts vertical, as licensed by the Federal Communications Commission, Washington, D.C. WSOE is owned by the trustees of Elon Newman Society Borrelli, Terry Brooks, Carlos Daccach, Nina Herrmenn, Chris Janelle, Leahy, Allan Lloyd, Toby Messitt, Robert Morablto, Jenny Owens, Janet 3r, Julie Raululaitis, Jennifer Rose, Mike Snyder, Kevin Zeller, Advisor: ;r Laura • lege, and operated by the students and f as an extra-curricular activity " sre were times when no one was really 3 that these words would ever be adcast. Management problems. Funding blems. Equipment supply problems, istruction problems. Weather problems, somehow the staff and station engineer ) Goodman with the help of Buddy Fitch e done the impossible: WSOE now reaches at 18 to 23 miles. Within this range live 130,000 people. " I was often asked what the station would do if we weren ' t able to go up in power, " says WSOE advisor Gerald Gibson. " But once I was asked the really scary question: What will you do if you are able to go up in power? That ' s where we are now — trying to learn who and where our audience is, and what they want and need from us. " 105 Civinettes Omicron Delta Kappa Civinettes — Karen Jones — President; Lisa Jeffries — Vice President; Renee Shumate — Secretary; Bertha Thomas — Treasurer; Susan Vaughan — Publicity; Mary Claire Sawyer — Historian; Karen Harris, Michele Clayton, Lavane Pirkle, Cheryl Bowling, Barbie Hess, Robin Hamilton, DeDe Paulin, Amy Howell, Mouche Maggio, Lee duFief, Deana McCain, Tracie Weary, Cindy Olson, Pam Blanton, Tracy Dobbins, Leah Kivett, Melissa Bare, Lynn Parker, Pam Roach, Francine Stockton, Treva Terrel, Zoe Rizas, Robin Fitzgerald Omicron Delta Kappa — National Leadership Honor Society — 1984 Members — Melanie S Artley, Susan M Bowling, April Buck, Nancy C. Cale, Jo A Craven, Kelly S Crissman, Ronald J Dalton, Donald R Dyer, Jr, Mary A, Eubanks, Suzanne C Fishel, Sharon K Foster, E Carlton Jarratt Jr , Barry L Cavanaugh. Karen L Long, Christine Maggio, Angela M May, John Robert Moser, Kelly G- O ' Ferrell, Stephen D Raborn, Mark A Rumley, Danny J. Sprinkle, Francine M Stockton, David B Temple, Penny L Thomas, Melvin Wilkins Jr. 106 Organizations Promoting understanc g through service. Civinettes The Civinettes is a non-profit service organization on campus which is sponsored by the Burlington Civitans. Its current advisor is Mrs. Janie Council who is Associate Professor of Accounting. The club ' s main goal is to reach out and serve the community. The Civinettes ' activities include: Sponsoring a dance for the mentally handicapped, and a Halloween party for the Central Piedmont Nursing Home. Also, at Christmas each Civinette chooses a faculty member as a secret pal and surprises him with little gifts in order for them to get to know each other. The Civinettes have spon- sored clothing and food drives to help needy individuals in the community. Other activities include ushering the Pops con- cert, and sponsoring the Queen of Hearts, with proceeds going to the American Heart Association. The Civinettes would like to use this space to recognize our advisor Mrs. Council. She will be retiring after this year after dedicating herself to the Civinettes for the past ten years. Thank you, Mrs. Council, for being our source of inspiration within the Civinette Club, schoolwork and our daily lives. We love you and will miss you. 107 The Elon College SGA . . . working for a better Elon. As a member of the Elon College stu- dent body you are a vital part of the Student Government Association (SGA). This organization is your voice because it was established " by the stu- dents " to be " of " and " for " the stu- dents and because it operates on the fees that you contribute. The SGA is made up of essentially three interdependent branches which are im- portant to student life. They are the Ex- ecutive Committee, the Senate, and the Judicial System. The Executive Committee is comprised of the SGA President — Diane McSheehy, the Vice President — Rob- ert Moser, and the Treasurer — John Smith, as well as the chairpersons of the twelve standing committees and any special commissions appointed by the President. The Senate is composed of 32 stu- dents including the class officers (three from each class) and the class senators (five from each class) elected by the students with the same class standing. The Vice President presides over the Senate and has no vote, except in the case of a tie. Senate meetings take place at 6:00 p.m. in the Senate Room of Long Student Center every first and third Thursday of each month during the regular college session. The sena- tors for the 1983-84 year are . . . Jimmy Carter, Agnes Janney, Karen Long, Loukia Louka, John Murray, Danny Sprinkle, Heidi Gross, Cyndi Lawson, Tony Lupo, Ron McKaskel, Robert Owen, Janet Porter, Harold Smith, Mau- reen Sweeney, and Lee Dufief. The Judicial System consists of the General Council and the Honor Council. The Honor System and the Rules and Regulations of Elon College are upheld by one of those councils depending on the nature of the infraction. The General Council consists of the Chief Justice and six Associate Justices. The Honor Council consists of the Chief Justice, three student Justices and three mem- bers of the faculty. Student Attorney Generals present cases to the Councils and serve as advisors to those ac- cused of violations. The SGA is responsible for providing c supporting nearly every phase of sti dent life. Under the direction of the Ser ate, and through its committees, th SGA is responsible for everything fror concerts to lectures, from Homecorr ing to Parent ' s Weekend, from Orientc tion to Spring Fling. In addition, the Sti dent Union Board (SUB), which is tunc ed by the SGA, brings educationa social, and cultural programs to our co lege community. Special interest issues are also supper ed by the SGA. Through the Dinin ' Committee students can voice the problems or suggestions and throug BACCHUS, a new organization the promotes responsible drinking, sti dents can become aware of alcohol re lated problems both on campus and i the surrounding community. The SGA supports student represente tion on faculty-student committee such as the Communications Medi Board, Liberal Arts Forum, Lyceur Committee, Student Life Committee Committee on Athletics, Committee o Religious Life, Curriculum Committee and the Teacher Education Committee In addition to campus activities, th ' Executive Comnnittee Student Senate SGA Executive Committee — John Robert Moser ■ — President, John Smith — Treasurer 108 Vice-President, Diane McSheehy SGA Senators — 1983-1984 Jimmy Carter, Agnes Janney, Karen Long, Loukia Louka, John Murray. Lee Dufief, Danny Sprinkle, Heidi Gross. Cyndi Lawson, Tony Lupo, Ron McKaskel, Tnpp Owen. Janet Porter, Harold Smith, Maureen Sweeney. A participated in several national dent organizations. These include American Student Association, the ' th Carolina Student State Legisla- ;, and the North Carolina Federation ndependent Colleges and Universi- ;. These organizations enhance nmunication, increase unitication, i address current issues and com- n problems of importance to the Col- 3 community. i SGA can be as powerful as you It to make it. Your participation and icern could give the student body jor influence at Elon. Take an active i! Get involved with your Student ernment! Early in each year the Student Government Association sponsors the annual " Organizations Day " . . . each organization on campus sponsors a table and invites students to ask ques- tions about the goals and activities of each group. It ' s a good way for freshmen to learn who does what, and how to get Involved. Get involved in Student Govt Judicial Committee Student Admissions . iS fc a Committee — 1984 Members Carlton Jarratt, Matthew Payne. Ctiarles igs, Tripp Owen, Stiane Jones. Ellen Geesey, Kelly O ' Ferrell, Mark Brammer, iny Scales, Maxine Hazel, Andy McCann, Judy Tunney, Joel Hutfstetler, Student Admissions Committee — 1984 Members Melvin Wilklns, Danny Sprinkle, Kelly O ' Ferrell, Maureen Gagnon, Jo Craven, Suzanne Fishel, Ray Covington, Carol Nix, Doug Jermyn, Mark Brelsford, Pete Giovani, Maureen Sweeney, Art Raine, Heidi Gross, Derek Bates, Nancy Moreton. Robert Wagner, Diane McStieehy, Agnes Janny, Pat Wtiite, Diane Holcomb, Mary Eubanks, Debra Sapara, Beth Watertield, Stephanie King, Johnny Smith Beta Beta Beta SAM-Management Beta Beta Beta — Biology — Nancy Mela, Barry Kavanaugh, David Peterson, Sharon Foster, Cheryl Clayton, Pam Roach, Donna Graves, Shery Sochukek, Marcy Furr, Francine Stockton, Jean Blom, Gene Botwright, Penny Roser, Ray Covington, Steve Pierce, Lee Jones, Tammy Epperson, Jake Kale, Chip Buff Society for the Advancement of Ivtanagement — Ruth Agner, Robin Agnew, Jay Allred, Shirley Arnold, Jamie Arez, Derek Bates, Susan Bowling, Randall Brady, James Bullard, Keith Burns, Cheryl Cheek, Barry Chuch, Michele Claydon, William Cooke, Cindy Davis, Jill Davis, Brent Ellis, Lynn Haizlip, Ka ren Harns — Vice President, Jeff Hoffman — Treasurer, tvlitch Jacobs, Sherry Jarrell, Carter Jones, Thomas Jones, f ichael King, Brent Lemons, Deana McCain, Barbara McMullen, Nick Marks, Mitch Meacham, Lon Mills, Linda Mitchell, Melissa Moore — President, Shelia Moore, Kim Morehouse, Lone Murray, Knstina Myers, Sherne Perry, Gabby Purvance, Rene Revels, Michael Riccio, Jeff Rumley, Robert Ryan, Cathy Tate. Sandy Tnpp, Trey Stalton, Melvin Wilking — Secretary, Scott Slolter, Linda Yeaman SAM is the Society for Advance- ment of Management, We were founded as the Elon College Chapter in 1966 by Professor James Toney. We are affiliated with the National SAM Headquar- ters in Ohio and receive regular publications from them quarterly. Our membership consists of Business, Accounting, and all other related majors interested in broadening their managerial knowledge. Our mission is to as- sist student members in learning the practice of professional man- agement through their interaction with faculty and professional managers and by participating in chapter management. The Gents " Gents " is a collegiate al service organization witti ideology thiat it can increase social and intellectual 3cts of college life for every vidual. Althougti ttie -nberstiip started fairly ;ntly (January 17, 1982 for ttie 2s; January 21, 1982 for the ales) the Gents portray that luine Exuberant National Togetherness that every tightly organized disciplined and dedicated organization should. Through friendship and togetherness the Gents ainn is to help one another through goodwill and togetherness while displaying love and concern for each other as well as for fellow students on and around Elon ' s campus. The sunshine chapter of the Baptist Student Union is sponsored by the Mount Zion Baptist Association. The BSU meets every Wednesday in the Oaks lounge to have lunch , fellowship, a short devotion and singing. The 1984-85 officers are. President — Sheila Bailey; Vice President — Derek Bates, Growth and Outreach — Amy Ferguson, Music — Karen Jones, Campus volunteer director is Dr. H. House, and Volunteer directors are Susan Bennett, Robin Davidson, and Kevin Holland. The Gents Officers of the " Gents " Darrell Wallace — Counselor, Garry N Pierce — President, Mitchell Ryan — Vice President. Deidre Richardson — Secretary, Gloria Goode — Treasurer, Del Ray Anthony — Representative, Clinton Settle — Jr. Vice President, Jessie Jones — Dean of Pledges, Don Moore — Assistant Dean of Pledges, Bob Nowell — Advisor, t embers — Mary Alston, Willis Dingle, Ricky Ross, Fred Jordan, Daryl Smith, Anne Scott, Richard Cuthberson 111 ROTC MENC Detachment Officers — Commanding Officer: Cadet Major Stephen Raborn; E xecutive Officer, Cadet Captain Christoher Fish; E Company Commander: Cadet Captain Cecil Lewis; F Company Commander: Cadet Captain Melvin Wilkins W¥ . IP! •ellowship of Christian Athletes ellowship of Christian Athletes— Is an organization that brings college athiletes together in Christ. Service and fellowship are combined to enhance a piritual atmosphere for athletes. Our objective is to help minister to other college and high school students in the area. he officers are Donna Trollinger, Pres.; Jimmy Green, Pres. Elect; Fred Applin, Chaplain. ROTC R.O.T.C. — Reserve Officer Training Corps is a four-year pro- gram emphasizing military skills and leadership training culminat- ing in a commission as a second lieutenant in the United States Army. Established in 1978 with only seven cadets, R.O.T.C. at Elon began this year with 67 ca- dets. Fifteen of these were schol- arship winners and five cadets became Airborne qualified. This was an outstanding year for the R.O.T.C. program. Numerous training activities took place, in- cluding a rappelling clinic, sever- al field training exercises to Fort Bragg and Camp Butner, a Din- ing-ln, a Military Ball, a campus wide Thanksgiving food drive and a spring blood drive. 113 Touch of Class Dancers Majorettes Touch of Class Dancers — Jill Goodman, Allison Huddle. Judy Tune, Mary Margaret Haddock. Brett Mauldin. Felicia Fogleman. Babs Bayliff. Kinn Overby Majorettes — Cathy Wright, Jamie .v cMillan The Touch of Class Dancers All of the hard work starts early in Septem- ber, before all of the Elon students have even returned for the fall semester. Auditions are- held and eight girls are chosen. To dance with the Touch of Class Dancers takes more than a little talent. You must be a good stu- dent because practices are twice a week for a couple hours — that ' s minimum. All choreography is done by Babs Bayliff who is also a Touch of Class Dancer. Most of the girls have previous experience dancing, some with the Construction Company, oth- ers have danced with Touch of Class before. BSCC More from WSOE iness Students Communication Committee 1984 Members — Melvin ins — Chairman, Tammy Franklin — Vice-Chairman, Cheryl Cheek — retary, Trey Walton, Jan Walker, Cyndi Lawson, Mike Grizzard, Jill is, Julie Jordan, Mitch Flinchum, Lone Murray 115 The Pendulum Mu Lambda Tau O Pendulum Staff — Editor-in-Chief: Jo Craven, Associate Editor: Loukia Louka, Head Ptiotographer: Paul Harris, Editorial Editor: Carol Nix, Features Editor: Penny Thomas, Arts Editor Felicia Fogleman, Sports Editor: Danny Hubbard, Tom Westenheiser (fall). Ad Manager Mouche Maggio, Adviser: Robert Nowell Mu Lambda Tau — 1 984 Members Theresa Barringer, Rhonda BIythe, Mar Breza, Amanda Crofts, Lynda Hincke, Marilyn Holt, Cheryl Landis, Cin Watts, Martha Downey, Tammy Floyd, Julian R Harrison III, Mary Lisa Hon Georgia Morris, Margaret Chrissy Pikula, Susan Spoon, Donald Taylor, Ni Shane Wilkinson, Tara Witten, Counselors — Mrs. Gayle Scott, Mrs. Barb; Thornton 1983-1984 Pendulum- Elon College The Pendulum unveiled a new look in its first issue of 1983, going to a slightly smaller tabloid size using many more type faces, spot color and a new nameplate. Some of these changes resulted from the newspaper changing printers: the Daily Times-News of Burlington now sets the type and does the printing. Working with a larger and more talented staff than ever before, The Pendulum achieved several other noteworthy " firsts. " On Sept. 29, it produced the first 16- page issue in the history of the college. On Oct. 6, the paper carried its first-ever full-color photograph — a page-one-shot of Homecoming Queen Gloria Goode. Overall, the average size of the first 20 issues was 11 pages, compared to the 9.5 page average size in 1982-83. Under the leadership of editor-in-chief Jo Craven, the paper was making progress toward becoming the " newspaper of record " for the Elon College community. It drew praise from administrators, Associate Editor Loukia Louka interviewing Marsha Crensahw faculty and students alike for offering a comprehensive picture of life at Elon, without being either a public-relations vehicle or a gripe sheet for students. In the spring the paper took delivery of its first word- processing computer — the initial step in what the staff hopes will be the development of a modern in-house production system connected by telephone link to the printer. f lembers of The Pendulum executive staff, all of whom played key roles in the paper ' s development, were: Loukia Louka, associate editor; Penny Thomas, features editor; Carol Nix, editorial page editor and cartoonist; Felicia Fogleman, ai editor; Jay fVlassengill, he; photographer (fall); Paul Har: ' head photographer (fall ar spring); Tom Westenhiser, spci editor (fall); Danny Hubba sports editor (spring); and Mot ( Maggio, advertising manag (spring.) Colonnades Black Cultural Society Bob Nowell — Pendulum ' s Advisor Jo Craven Editor-in-Chief Is There A Fireman In the House? Yes, there is: In fact there Is one fireman right under your nose, Stuart Cozort is a volunteer fireman tor the Elon College Fire Depart- ment, He is the only fireman on Elon ' s cam- pus, Stu IS 19 years old, and he ' s a sophomore from Troy, North Carolina Coincidentally, he is majoring in Human Services and Sociolo- gy, The duties of a fireman are definitley " Hu- man Services " Because a fireman ' s job is so important, there are certain procedures that one must follow, Stu said, " I had to fill out an applica- tion, then go before a review board. This board tells you what is expected of you Then, the department votes on you to de- cide if you ' re acceptable. " Stu also said that after you ' re accepted, you ' re placed on a 90-day probation period, " You have to learn how to operate the trucks, drive the fire truck, and operate the pumps. There ' s a check list of everything I have to learn in regards to the trucks. You also have to become familiar with the fire department, because every fire department is different, " said Stu. During the 90-day probation period, there are certain restrictions. Stu explained, " We ' re not allowed to enter a burning struc- ture. That ' s for your own safety. When you do enter one, you have to go in with one of the officers. You ' re considered as a rookie dur- ing the 90 days, and I passed that about a year and a half ago " Most people are prob- ably wondering why a 19 year old wants to become a fireman. Stu said, " Well, I ' ve al- ways wanted to be one. And, I figured that there are two things that people value — their homes and their lives. That ' s the Ameri- can dream. There ' s no better way to help someone than to save those two things. " Although Stu enjoys his job, he added, " You stay scared a lot, and a little bit crazy. If your house was on fire, where would you go? — Outside Where would I go? — In the house with the firel " So far, Stu has never had to actually rescue a burning victim, " I ' ve never had to save any- body, not even a cat or a dog. They do train us for search and rescue, but the situation has never arisen, " Stu said, Stu IS also a volunteer fireman in his home- town. He is not planning on becoming a full- time fireman after he graduates. He said, " It would be all right, but I don ' t plan on it, I want to either work with the prison department at home, or social services, " Stu did stress that he would always be a volunteer fireman, " I ' ll never quit, " he said. (Reprinted from the Country Club Corner Is- sue 4 January 24, 1984.) 118 Showband of the Carolinas Chamber Singers Pi Gamma Mu William Alexander Eric Badgett Patricia Brammer Charles Briggs Michael Brooks Tanya Brown Amy Burch Timothy Byrd Anne Campbell Susan Courtney Carl Cowan Thomas Crabbs Bryan Crook Ronald Dalton Robert Davis Charles Diehl Jane Dixon Pamela Evelyn James Evers Michael Ferguson Martha Fischer Michell Flincnum Frederick Click Karen Harris Joel Huffstetler William Jessup Miles Johnson Virginia Jones Michael King Denise Machala Evelyn Martin Christopher McKaig Nancy Moreton Michelle Morgan Robert Moser Lorie Murray Ralph Norwood James Paul Helen Pirkle Allison Pugh Garry Rogers William Scarborough John Scott Michael Snyder Allen Tate Brenda Troxler Judith Tunney Huel Walton Phyllis Zimmerman The tlon College Chamber Singers is a select audition group of 16 singers who sing the more demanding sacred and secular literature from the Renaissance period through the 20th century The group presents its music at the " pops " concert and Christmas Choral Concert each fall and at the spring concert each spring. In addition, the group frequently sings for the high school Choral groups at area high schools and annually takes a five day tour to Virginia and other areas of North Carolina. Martha Cobb, Lee Covington, Raymond Covington, Kelly Crissman, Glenwood Day, Susan Farington, Darius Feanngton, Mitchell Flmchum, Isabell Graham, Miles Johnston, Cynthia Matkins, Linda Patterson, Donna Philips, Mark Rumley, Mary Tomlinson, Janelle Wryick, Director: Dr. James Glenn The Gents - The Rubberducks The Rubberducks include: Todd Campbell, Ray Covington, Andy Dempsey, Bob Fikac, Barry Kavanaugh, Nick Sternholm, Mark Stevens 121 - ■!«! •«vw ' 5rafi More than a trip back in time. " Let the toast pass, drink to the lass, I war- rant she ' ll prove an excuse for the glass! " This and other toasts echoed through the Royal Court of James I, in Whitehall, London. Although the actual location of the Jacobean Banquet held Friday February 24-26 was in McKewen Dining Hall, the atmosphere defi- nitely took those who attended away from this campus and back to the year 1622. The whole evening was a slice of life in sev- enteenth century Britain and included such figures as Prince Charles I Ben Jonson and Lady Raleigh, widow of Sir Walter Raleigh. The cast included all Elon students either as actors, actresses, singers, or musicians. The presentation was made possible by the re- search of Dr. Cardon V. Burnham of the Elon College Fine Arts Department. As the audience filled the banquet area, sparkles of candle-light floated in the glass- ware and table settings on the white table- cloths of the tables. The table on the riser that was set for the members of the Court was empty until all the guests were seated. The dinner was complete with music, dance and color. Even the members of the cast were served in the menu of the three course service. Everyone present joined in the toasts and all were served the meals at the same times. The unique dish called " Tan- sies " which was scrambled eggs with chunks of bacon, spinach, walnuts and cream was an added specialty that many of the guests highly complimented. The entire evening let the guests of the Ban- quet step back into the another world of fine feasting and entertaining music. This magi- cal transformation will be one to which the Fine Arts Department of Elon will be remem- bered for quite some time. " I say ye, God save Prince Charles and the House of Stuart! " By Penny Thomas reprinted with permission from " The Pendulum " 123 student Union Board Harper Area Council SUB , - , Student Union Board — Stephanie Smith, Leon Holloway, Stuart Cozart. Butch Glass, Roger March, Ellen Raleigh, Mike Ward, Deidre Richardson, Ann Hester, Kevin Zeller, Randall Brady, Mary Austin, Jo Craven, Drew Van Horn (advisor), Todd Taylor, Jan Nivens, Danny Sprinkle, Nancy Cale (president). Amy Herrick, Maxine Hazel, Not Pictured, Kim Young, Lisa Distasio Student Union Board . . . Activities and opportunities for everyone! Every student attending Elon College is a member of the Student Union Board Organization meetings are held every Wednesday Night, at 6:00, in the Listening Room on the second floor of the Long Student Center. As an Organization, SUB encourages the participation of every student on campus, as well as any suggestions that students have to offer. The mam purpose of SUB is to provide well- rounded entertainment to the campus and its surrounding community. The Student Union Board is divided into eight committees consisting of: Concerts, Performing Arts and Lectures, Movies, Special Events, Outdoor Life, Side Stage Productions, Publicity and Technical. If you are interested m any pf these committees, or if you have any experience or suggestions for any of these areas, please feel free to come to any of our meetings. We are encouraging you to become an active member, and to voice your opinion on what entertainment you would like to see at Elon College. Sure, this is an organization that involves some work, but the self- development that you gain from the organization makes it worthwhile. If you have any questions concerning the Student Union Board, feel free to come by our office in Long. 124 Emanons Showband Pictured on this page are some shots from the Walter Mellon Cutting that SUB sponsored early in the fall. Entertainment was provided by the Blue Mountain Boys, Linda Feggans is pictured above with her watermelon, above, SUB president Nancy Cale SUB sponsored the Snowball (Christmas) Dance, The tree is above. 125 Black Cultural Society The Black Cultural Society was founded on Elon Colleges campus on November 24, 1974. Bill Stiarpe tias served as advisor from he founding date to he present. In almost ten years of existence, BCS has strived to encourage this college towards a greater awareness and appreciation of the culture and achievements of black people. The BCS membership is open to anyone who states his reason for seeking membership and what he expects to achieve from being a member The Black Cultural Society sponsored many events during the 1 983-84 year including . . . BCS Talent Show, BCS Gospel Choir, The Phon-a-thon, Voter Registration, and various social activities. Black Cultural Society Members — Regina Ward, Pamela Brown, Bertha Thomas, Donna Trollinger, Stanley Harriston, Rodney Anderson, Clinton Settle, Deidre Richardson, Donald Moore, Linda Feggans, f ary Alston, Andrea Gentry, Darrell Wallace, Curtis Garvey, Keva Richardson, Renee Brown, Josephine Raylan, Sherl Harrison, Crystal James, Darrius Fernngton, Mitch Ryan, Al Hendricks, Jonathan Allan, Howard Waller, Stephanie Smith, Garry Pierce, Tanya Burch, McSherry Hargrove, Daphne Darden, Anita Gorea, Sandra Reid, Shaun Coker — Vice President, Bobby Drakeford — President, Andre Price, Greg Latum, Leon Holloway, Vivian Simpson, Patricia Harth, Michelle Smith, Maxine Hazel The purpose of an Area Council is to aid in the development and maintenance of a posi- tive form of residence life for the students of the Area. More specifically, its mam objec- tive is to provide social, academic and re- creational programming in the residence hall community, thus encouraging an atmo- sphere conducive to both personal growth and academic achievement. Further objec- tives of the Council are to encourage leader- ship and responsibility in student partici- pants, further the spirit of unity and fellow- ship with the area, provide the Elon College Student Government Association with in- sight into the problems, needs and wants of residence hall students and offer community service when the need arises. Elon College Choi The Elon College Choir is a choir on cam pus that is open to all interested students It performs both sacred and secular musii from all musical periods in the Fall Wor ship Service, the " pops " concert and iti one Christmas concert during the Fall Se mester. In the Spring, the Concert Choi presents its annual Spring Concert. It fre quently appears with church choirs fron the area. Director: Dr. James Glenn Monroe Bell Callia Bowling Daria Bray Garwood Chamberlain Tonya Childress Joseph Clayton Marth Cobb David Compton Patricia Costis Raymond Covington Kelly Crissman Sara Davidson Scott Duane Jacqueline Edwards Donna Euliss Susan Farington Darius Fearington Susan Fleming Ernest Glass Nancy Gorman Elizabeth Grantier Arthur Harris Jamie Harris Joseph House Miles Jonston Paul Kennard Brian Kivett Peter Lineberger Jonathon Ludolf Cynthia Matkins Freddi Morgan Eric North Katharine O ' Connor Emily Partin Linda Patterson Danny Perdieu Pamela Roach Mark Rumley Raeanne Seale Elizabeth Smith Lisa Smith Thea Stewart Mary Tomlinson Janelle Wyrick Joey Zeller 126 Gospel Choir Gospel Choir Members Maxine Hazel — President Josephine Ragland — Vice President Asst Chaplain Karen Freedman — Treasurer Valerie Vaughn — Secretary Darrell Wallace — Chaplain Andy Gentry — Director Eric Rankin — Asst. Director Sandra Reid Mary Alston Pam Brown Cynthia Eley Anita Green Stephanie Smith Natalie Reid Beverly Badger Lynn Young Don Moore Belinda Alston — Not Pictured Iris Matthews Johnthan Allen Shawn Coker Veronica Wright — Not Pictured Mark Davis — Pianist — Not Pictured Darius Fearrington Newman Society 127 If you were to stop 20 Bon students and ask ttiem what is so special about going to school here, at least 60% would reply, " The people, faculty an d students both. " They are right too. The students and faculty have a special relationship that IS not found on many college cam- pus. Class size is small, and that gives each professor a chance to really get to know his or her students and the other way around. Students and faculty at Eton bridge the gap that tends to sepa- rate the two, there is actually no reason for a gap to exist. Rather a mutual admi- ration that keeps respect at a high level between all concerned. The faculty and students are both very active in the college itself. It takes both groups to run Bon and both groups do a fantastic job! 128 Students Faculty Class of 1 984 . . . Robin Agnew Haw River, NC Peggy Alston Littleton, NC Betty Anderson Burlington, NC Teresa Anderson Summerfield, FL Sharon Apple Sigma Sigma Sigma Greensboro, NC Fred Applin Alpha Phi Omega Roseboro. NC Teresa Lynn Austin Graham, NC Patricia Ay cock Sigma Sigma Sigma Mebane. NC Bubba Ayer Tau Kappa Epsilon Poquosan, VA Tom Baicy Stony Creek, VA Carolyn Melissa Bare Grumpier, NC Pat Bell Burlington, NC Vohn Belser Chevy Chase, MD Emily Besuden Annandale, VA Beverly Boal Madisonville, KY Karen Bond Courtland, VA Cheryl Bowling Zeta Tau Alpha Milton, NC Susan Bowling Faulkner, MD John Boyles Miami, FL Mark Brammer Pi Kappa Phi Woolwine, VA 130 Seniors Mark Brelsford Sigma Phi Epsilon Millills. NJ Charles Briggs Bon College, NC Richard Brooks Tau Kappa Epsilon VA Beach, VA Matthew Brown Durham, NC Michael Brown Eton College, NC James Bullard Greensboro, NC Mark Bumgarner Burlington, NC Lisa Bur key Severna Park, MD Keith Burris Greensboro, NC Timothy Byrd Burlington, NC Brian Camper Tau Kappa Epsilon Troutville, VA Jimmy Carter Reidsville, NC Tamra Cash Eton College, NC Michele Claydon Zeta Tau Alpha Monroe, CT Lisa Coleman Zeta Tau Alpha Roxboro, NC Bill Cooke Graham, NC Renate Costner Graham, NC Patrick Cozart Roxboro, NC Chris Crusan Orlando, FL Ron Dalton Fallston, MD Seniors 131 Sue Daniel Providence, NC William M. Davidson Sigma Pi Pilot Mountain, NC Robert Davis Charlotte, NC Rose Davis Phi Mu Lumberton, NC Susie Davis Slier City. NC Jane Dixon Leasburg. NC Robert Duncan Wilmington, NC Donnie Dyer Roanoke. VA Lisa Edwards Sedley VA John Eliason Burlington. NC Gerry Elks Franklin. VA Roberta Eller Waldorf, MD Brent Ellis Sigma Pi Mocksville, NC Mary Evans Raleigh, NC Pam Evelyn Sigma Sigma Sigma Pompton Plains, NJ Lisa Faison Franklin, VA Linda Feggans Esmount, VA Martha Fischer Forest, VA John Fitchett Kappa Sigma Urbanna, VA Nancy Fox Sigma Sigma Sigma New Port Richey, FL 132 Seniors Donna Franklin Burlington, NC Diane Freney Sigma Sigma Sigma Gladwyne, PA Tony Geary McLean, VA Ellen Geesey Phi Mu Chevy Chase, MD Larry Glover Fayetteville, NC Ricky Grays Petersburg, VA Amanda Green High Point, NC Richard Grizzard Sigma Phi Epsilon Boykins, VA Lynn Haizlip Winston-Salem, NC Baxter Hammer Asheboro, NC Karen Harris Clarkesville, VA Anthony Hawa Tau Kappa Epsilon VA Beach, VA Kim Hayes Sigma Sigma Sigma Res ton, VA Maxine Hazel Delta Sigma Theta Hallsboro, NC Steve Hedrick Wytheville, VA Jeff Hoffman Asheboro, NC Diane Holcomb Phi Mu Richmond, VA Doris Hooker Thomasville, NC Tersa Horner Eton College, NC Steven C. Hunt Sigma Pi Wilkesboro, NC Seniors 133 Mitch Jacobs Sigma Pi Gaithersburg, MD Agnes Janney Richmond, VA Sherry Jarreli Star. NC Bill Jessup Elizabethtown, NC Carter Jones Lynchburg, VA Leon Jones Kappa Alpha Madison. NC Chen Jordan Phi Mu Chesapeake, VA Julie Jordan Zeta Tau Alpha Kernersville, NC Barry Kavanough Lexington, NC George Kearney Franklinton, NC Barry K. Kellam Greensboro, NC Edwin Kimbrough Roxboro, NC Michael A. King Asheboro, NC Leah Kivett Hampton, VA Billy Knight Danville. VA Brent Lemons Pittsboro, NC Skip Lewis Graham, NC Lon Ann Libby Fredncksburg Jay Lineberry Burlington, NC Ken Lipstein Wilmington, DL VA 134 Seniors HuC sr. n " v X.- Keith Linton Frederick, MD Candy Lockwood Hampton. VA Yvette Love Mebane, NC Roger Marcti Suffolk, VA Steven J. tVlartz Liberty, NC Angela May Phi Mu Elan College, NC Michael Mazzuca Durham, NC Ron McKasal Kappa Sigma Boone, NC Barbara McMullen Greensboro, NC Diane McSheehy Plaistow, NH Mitch Meacham Graham, NC Lori Mills Graham, NC Teal Moffett Burlington, NC Mindy Moon Sigma Sigma Sigma VA Beach, VA Melissa Moore Burlington, NC Blaine Monde Reidsville, NC Lisa Murdock Zeta Tau Alpha Elon College. NC Anna Narlis Norfolk, VA Susan Overbey Elon College, NC Pamela Overstreet Sigma Sigma Sigma Richmond, VA Seniors 135 Lynne Parker Hurdle Mills. NC Belinda Peoples Oakridge. NC David Peterson Elon College. NC Stephen Raborn Fayetteville, NC Athur Raine Sigma Phi Epsilon Pocomoke City, MD David Redden Chesapeake, VA Rene Revels McLeansville, VA Garry E. Rogers Louisburg. NC Julian Romeo Moutserrat, West Indies Sherry Roberson Midlothian, VA Steve Roberson Midlothain. VA Jeff Rumley Greensboro, NC Raoul Rushin Sigma Pi Elon College, NC Stephen Schwartz Sigma Pi Wilkesboro, NC Richard Slattery Pi Kappa Phi New York, NY Robert Smart Sigma Phi Epsilon Richmond, VA Darryl Smith Madison, NC Harold Smith High Point, NC Laura F Smith Gibsonville, NC John Smith Winston-Salem, NC 136 Seniors T -f ? 1 ma ih 1 Ir J sr ' cO ' £ Jl 7} 1CW ■■ ' tt --v i.- ?Si Stephanie Smith Hendersonville, NC David Spoch Tau Kappa Epsilon Winston-Salem. NC Danny Sprinkle High Point. NC Richard Strickland Durham, NC Donnie Strautz Kappa Alpha Oak Hall, VA Jan Suiter Elon College. NC J. Sullivan Garysburg, NC Debra L. Taylor Alpha Sigma Alpha Hampton, VA David Temple Hillsborough. NC Robert Tennent Spring Lake. NC Billy Thomas Broadway. NC Carolyn Thompson Reidsville, NC Sandra L. Tripp Alpha Sigma Alpha Mebane. NC Vickie Troy Danville. VA Norris Vanstory Raleigh. NC Valerie Vaughn Burlington, NC Angela Walker Delta Sigma Theta Roxboro, NC Tracy Walser Bethesda, MD Trey Walton Elon College, NC Kim Washington Burlington, NC Seniors 137 Beth Waterfield ZTA VA Beach, VA Melvln Wllkins Burlington. NC Walter Wintermute Durham, NC Lori Williams Burlington, NC Sustn Wilson Burlington, NC Kevin Winter stein Durham, NC Tanny Wrenn Burlington, NC Craig Wilson Greensboro, NC Aundrey Price Danville, VA Jane Pillow Lynch Station, VA Julie Preston Chapel Hill. NC Carolyn Pryor Reidsville. NC James Watson Ocean Grove, NJ Christie Wensauer Roxboro, NC Linda Yeoman Danville. VA Assasination - On August 21 , 1983, while returning to the Phillipines, opposition leader Bengino S. Aquino Jr. was assasinated. At Manila In- ternational Airport, Aquino was escorted by three security officers when a shot was fired to his head killing him. One million mourners attended the funeral in the Philli- pines. The first commision assigned to in- vestigate the killing resigned because of charges against President Ferdinand E. Marcos who ' s military supporters are sus- pected of dealings in Aquinos death. A second commision has yet to report on the assasination. The Phillipines are home to two major U.S. military bases, a planned trip by Reagan to visit these bases has been cancelled, making the recovery of an economically ailing nation look pretty grim . Debbie Adams, Greensboro, NC Pete Altmaier. Wilmington, DL Mary Alston, Pittsboro, NC Ann Anderson, Burlington, NC Andrew Appel, Purcellville, VA Melanie Arltey, Elon College, NC Joe Austin. Roanoke, VA Beverly Badger, Garner, NC Eric Badgett, in, Walnut Cove, NC Sheila Bailey, Staflord, VA Paula Basirico, Burlington, NC Derek Bates, Rockville, MD Jamey Beheler. TICE, Roanoke. VA Pam Blanton, Greensboro, NC Jane Boone. Burlington, NC James Boone, Richmond, VA Marsha Boone, Burlington, NC Cindy Borum, Buickeville, VA Daria Jo Bray, AIA, Elon College, NC Brian Brennan. Elon College, NC 140 Nuclear protestors join hands . . . In October, a 65-mile human chain stretched from Stuttgart to Nev-Ulm West Germany. 200 thousand anti-nuclear protestors joined hands where nine Pershing missiles were scheduled to be installed by the years end. Political opposition in Britain and Italy was strong but not strong enough. Despite dem- onstrations, the West German government voted to deploy the missiles. The following day, the Russians walked out of the arms reduction talks in Geneva and announced plans to increase their own nuclear arsenal. Lynn Brock, Roanoke, VA Caria Brown, Yanceyville. NC Charles Bruce, Richmond, VA Renae Bulls, Sedley, VA Nancy Cale, Mechanicsville. VA I Steven Cannon, Mebane. NC Roger Carden, Durhan, NC Carlton Jarrett, Kl, Stoney Creek, VA Robert Castle. Hagerstown. MD Billy Chenault, K2, Richmond, VA Barry Church. Burlington. NC Brad Comer, Raleigh. NC Michael Conger, Setauket. NY Marion Cooper, Roxboro, NC Carl Cowan, Elon College, NC Jo Craven, Franklinville. NC Denise Cummlngs, ZTA, Elon College, NC Eric Cuthbert, Kl. Santa Ana, CA Glenn Day, Roxboro, NC Sara Davidson, AIA, Finksburg, MD 141 It was a bloody Sunday - the beginning of a nightmare On an early Sunday morning, 6:22 a.nn. a red Mercedes truck drove through a Le- banese army checkpoint near the U.S. Marine Battalion Landing Team head- quarters at Beirut International Airport. It sped up, plowed through a roll of barbed wire, cut between sentry bunkers and burst through a wrought iron gate into the Marine compound. The suicidal driv- er then triggered a cargo of more than two tons of TNT All four stories of the structure slammed to earth, crushing most of the 300 occupants. Chunks of concrete and metal reinforcing rods sprayed in every direction. Marines sta- tioned nearby marshaled construction n€i«3 S V erf . .. equipment and hundreds of Lebanese workers, but b ' efore the day was over, it was clear they were not looking for survi- v ' ors, only bodies. Less than two min- utes after the attack of the Marines, a second truck bomb destroyed a French oaratroop barracks two miles to the north. It took three weeks to count all the dead; for the French, 58 paratroopers; for the U.S., 218 Marines, 18 sailors, 3 soldiers. Jill Davis ZTA Denlse Ditzler Jackie Edwards, AIA Virginia Evans Randleman. NC Annandale, VA Smithfield, VA Pfafftown, NC Thomas Davis Susan Dorman, ZTA Michael Deward. KL Dan Evory Martinsville, NC Dunn, NC Greensboro, NC Burlington, NC Anthony Delray, Gents Margaret Dutcher Andrea Elliott, AIA Gregory Farina IFI Winston-Salem. NC Cherry Hill, NJ VA Beach, VA Lefittown, PA Deborah DeMasters Karen Drake, AIA Jay Epperson. KI Julie Federchuck VA Beach, VA Pompton Plains, NJ Wakefield, VA Winston-Salem, NC Karen DeWeese Richard Drescher Mary Eubanks Michael Ferguson Graham, NC Franklin, VA Charlottesville, VA Slier City, NC 142 Bob Fikac Alexandria, VA Stacy Flynn Lake Wylie, SC Felicia Fogleman Haw River, NC Tammy Franklin IZZ Durham, NC David Franks Elon College, NC Alicia Gaddy WInston-Salem, NC Jenny Gardner AIA Charlotte, NC John Gastineau Chapel Hill, NC Donna Graves Burlington, NC Anita Green Pittsboro, NC Michael Grizzard lOI Capron, VA Criag Hallman En Pottstown, PA Ivlichael Harrelion Denton, NC Anne Hartsoe AIA South Boston, VA Amy Herrick River Edge, NJ Barbie Hess, ZTA Fairfax, VA Harry Hicock VA Beach, VA Marilyn Holt Milton, NC Allison Huddle III Norfolk, VA Joe Hunt Winston-Salem, NC In memory of . . . Jessica Savitch, a leader in her field. When NBC anchorwoman Jessica Sa- vitch died in a car accident last October, everyone felt the loss, women especial- ly- Jessica Savitch was national television ' s first regular woman news anchor, and as such, she exuded a professional on-air cool. Behind the scenes, she worked tirelessly to help other wo men get ahead in a traditionally male dominated field. In this spirit, a Jessica Savitch memorial fund, endowed by contributions, has been established at Ithaca College, in Ithaca, New York, for students in the School of Communications. Savitch at- tended Ithaca, and said she could not have gone there herself without a schol- arship. It is thought she would have liked to be remembered as a woman reaching out to help other women. Savitch had a mentor, Joan Showalter, vice-president of personnel at CBS, who helped her get her start in the business. When Savitch asked her what she could do to repay her, Showalter replied: " Pass it on. Pass my help on to other women. " That ' s exactly what she did — and what the scholarship will do in the years to come. 143 An alternative to summer school ■ ■ ■ What could be better than spending your days lying on an ocean beach, your late nights dancing at a local bar, and a few hours in between waiting on tables? Sound too good to be true? Well, it isn ' t. Grab three, five or twelve of your closest friends and head to the beach! It ' s not as impossi- ble as it may sound. For every problem you can find with the idea, I can find an answer. Well, almost everyone, I ' m not much help if you absolutely hate sand and sun or if you ' ll never graduate from Elon unless you stick around for summer school . . . PROBLEM 1 WHERE WILL I LIVE ' i ' ' i ' Lots of college stu- dents get lucky when they ' re looking for a place to live at the beach. A friend ' s family may own a place and be tired of renting to tourists. Many times it ' s word of mouth once you get to the beach about open cottages. One of the best ideas is to grab the classified section of the local paper and start checking. The cottages listed in this section are generally less expensive ttian going through a realtor. If you run out ol luck that way, check beach rentals, many people are willing to rent seasonally at a reduced price since they ' ll be assured ol the income. Be prepared to place a cautior deposit, often $200 (especially in Myrtle Beach) but fully refundable if there is nc damage to the rental property. PROBLEM 2 WHERE WILL I WORK? Just walk outside and start talking to people. Almost the en Kelli Ihnken, SII, Pompton Plains, NJ Chris Jessee, Lebanon. VA Vickie Jiggetts, Oxford, NC Karen Jones, ZTA, Clarksville, VA Missy Jones, ZTA, Orange, MS Vivian Kevorbian, Burlington, NC Jennifer Kilgore, III, Guynedd Valley, PA Polly King. Raeford, NC Ron Kruppa, Baltimore. MD Brian Lane, Rocky Mount, NC Cyndi Lawson, AIA, Germantown, NC Lisa Leatherman, Franklin, NC Leslie Long, Burlington, NC Loukia Louka, OM, VA Beach, VA Mouche Maggio, Washington, DC Robert Manners, Springfield, VA Franco Martinez, Eastham, MA Cindy Matkins, Tullahoma, TN Wendy McCoy Cove City NC Michelle Mock, Winston-Salem, NC 144 tire beach will be staffed by college stu- dents, start applying early in the spring if your plans are already made. One bit of advice, don ' t look for a job before you have a place to call home, that ' s the first thing your employer will ask. Next they ' ll want to know if you can work through labor day . . . the answer better be yes or don ' t expect too favorable a reply. PROBLEM 3 WHAT ABOUT MY PARENTS? Mom and Dad needn ' t worry about you, if you ' re over 19, they can ' t really disagree because Darrell Moore, Winston-Salem, NO Julianne Moore, VA Beach, VA Tracy Moore, Roxboro. NC Kim Morehouse, Santa Rosa, CA Nancy Moreton, Windsor, CT David Morns, TK.E, Springfield, VA Bob Moser, in. WInston-Salem, NC Stephanie Murawski, XXI, Richmond, VA James Murphy, XFI, Garden City, NY Dana Murray, XXX, Salisbury, MD Carol Nix, Canton, NC Michael Nutt, in Winston-Salem, NC David Oakes, McLeansville, NC Cindi Olsen, Jamestown, NY Robert Owen, Xn, Asheville, NC Michelle Palumbe, AXA, Narragansett, Rl Sissy Parrott, Oxford, NC Matthew Payne, Elon College, NC Jay Perdue, Chester, VA Stephen Petersen, Charlotte, NC I I s: ' M 145 " I can ' t imagine spend- ing my summer any- where but in Nags Head! " you ' ll be on your own away from home — face it, you ' ve been away at college for two years now. They ' ll probably take the practi- cal angle . . . what about the money? The chances for becoming a multi-millionaire are there at the beach, the average waiter waitress brings home $50 per night in tips, this doesn ' t include the $2.01 hour wage the restaurant pays, and, this is only an average, at the right restaurant a good worker can almost double that. Busboys make pretty good money too, minimum wage plus 5-10% of a waitress ' tips. Clerks make minimum and up. Lifeguards are the poorest paid, working for R R in Nags Head you ' re paid $15 day plus 10% of the commision on umbrellas etc. rented out on your beach. After you tackle these three major prob- lems, the rest is a breeze. A summer at the beach is one of the best ways to relax, get rich, and just have a blast. Oh yeah, the parties aren ' t bad either. dl Kevin Pickard Graham, NO Jeff Plummer Greensburg, PA Janet Porter New Jersey Sandra Reid Aie Greensboro, NC David Rich Burlington, NC Anne Reynolds I M Bethesda, MD Penny Rosser Sandford, NC Terry Rust Parris Island. SC Cheryl Ryan Winston-Salem, NC Eric Sabian Greensboro, NC John Schmitz Rockville, MD Pam Sellew, ZTA IVIanasses, VA Will Shirley Gainesville, VA Vivian Simpson Bristol, VA Stan Simril Highpoint. NC Beth Smith Haw River, NC G Keith Smith KI Fayetteville, NC Jennifer Snead ZZX VA Beach, VA Sheri Sochurek IVIantua, NJ Susan Spoon Burlington, NC Heidi Steeber Richmond, VA rhea Lynne Stewart jraham, NC Vlaureen Sweeney AZA ' otomac, MD .aura E. Temple Valnut Cove, NC Darrell Thomas Burlington, NC William Thompson Elon College, NC John Thorne Greenville, SC Kimberly Toth AZA Durham, NC Patricia Trapp Springfield, VA Mindi Truitt AZA Burlington, NC Lee Vaughn, KA Charlotte, NC Cammeron Vest Salem, VA Michael Ward Arlington, VA Sherri Ward Glocester, VA Amy Washburn I)M Bostic, NC Chuck Welch Asheboro, NC Karen Welzant ZZZ VA Beach, VA Stuart White KZ St. Petersburg, FL Robert Williams ZO Elizabeth City, NC Stephen Williamson ZOE Vero Beach, FL Around Elon, the same classic clothes are " in " year after year, but, elsewhere . . . tinne goes on and tastes change. It ' s finally here, the list you ' ve all been waiting for . . . thanks to the Washington Post, we at Elon College can now dress with the best and speak on subjects that are definately " in " , not to mention avoid the ones that are " out " . IN BILLY JOEL MALLET STEVENS CHAIR ANDROGYNY ■60 ' S PRIMITIVE RAW ORANGE PEPPER THE FUN BUNCH AND THE HOGS GRAFFITI PRINTS GUITARS FINGERLESS GLOVES EXPLORATEUR MYTHIC MESSY FIGURATIVE ART EASY CLOTHES SUN-DRIED TOMATOES DEBRA WINGER PRIVACY SHORT STORIES TEXTILE DESIGNERS AREA CLUB FUCHSIA SIMPLE JAMES LEVINE CHIN LENGTH HAIR ANDERR PUTMAN LAMB BERRY LIPS LARGE DULL COMPANIES (LDC) CROSSDRESSING CUR DOGS STAYING TOGETHER FOR THE KIDS POACHED PEARS OPERAS PADDED CAP SLEEVES DISTRICT ATTORNEYS CHOCOLATE CAKE DEBUSSY CORPORATE GIVING ITALIAN FORTUNE COOKIES DOUBLE BREASTED TUXEDOS TRIVIAL PURSUIT BENETTON MAGNIFYING HALF-GLASSES AGNETHA FALTSKOG BOLD EARRINGS KEN FOLLETT CUCUMBER JOKES list continued . . . MAYFAIR REGENT HAIR SHAPER DIRTY GREETING CARDS VIRGIL THOMPSON BATHROOMS BABIES IVY IN POTS JESSYE NORMAN MIRRORS DONALD TRUMP MUSIC ON TELEVISION SEVEN DWARFS CREW CUTS FOR WOMEN BOXER SHORTS BONDS KENG SUNNY ADE WHITE KNIT UNDERWEAR FOR WOMEN CHAMPAGNE CAVIAR LAME BARBERS BREAK DANCING SWEATBANDS BRACELETS TEA MICHAEL PARE TRANSLUCENT BRONZE EBE TOM CRUISE TIES FOR WOMEN PAUL SIMON JANE FONDA GYMS SEAN CONNERY BROWN MUSCLE DEFINITION JANIE FRICKE LACY GLOVES CAL RIPKEN COSTUME JEWELRY EVENING POUCHES NELSON RIDDLE DEANE LANE WHITE MINK The last of the juniors ... but not the least! James K Willis Kristen Walter, ZTA Scott Walter, lOE Don Worsley Richmond, VA Wendell, NC Wendell, NC Burlington. NC Cathy Wright, AIA Durham, NC Joey Zeller Jacksonville, FL JOGN LITHGOW 3ARBRA STREISAND CAROLINE KENNEDY NEW COMPETITIVENESS ENTERTAINMENT CONSULTANTS FINE SOUTHERN CUISINE ALFRED HITCHCOCK TEXTURED FABRIC YOUNG LOVERS JOAN COLLINS " MAKE MY DAY " QUALITY OUT BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN BREUERC CHAIR BEEFCAKE •50 ' s PRARIE (CARROTS [AMERICA ' S TEAM GRAPHIC PRINTS SYNTHESIZERS MITTERN BRIE COOL-MINIMAUST-ABSTRACT ART BAGGY CLOTHES SUPERMARKET TOMATOES NASTASSI KINSKI FAME NOVELS FASHION DESIGNERS STUDIO 54 PINK CLUTTERED LEONARD BERNSTEIN CROPPED HAIR LAURA ASHLEY VEAL RED LIPS SMALL GROWTH STOCK (SGS) SUCCESS DRESSING REGISTERED DOGS DIVORCING FOR THE KIDS GRAPES SYMPHONIES PUFFED SLEEVES JUDGES CHOCOLATE MOUSSE WAGNER FOUNDATION GRANTS CHINESE FORTUNE COOKIES SINGLE BREASTED TUXEDOS DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS FIORUCCI OVERSIZED LENSES PAT BENATAR DIAMOND STUDS JOHN IRVING POLISH JOKES HOTEL CARLYLE HAIR ROLLERS TASTELESS JOKE BOOKS AARON COPLAND KITCHENS CHILDLESSNESS FLOWERS IN POTS RENATA SCOTTO PANELING GEORGE STEINBRENNER MUSIC ON RADIO MA BELL CREW CUTS FOR MEN RUNNING SHORTS MONEY FUNDS PARLIAMENT PUNKADELIC WHITE KNIT UNDERWEAR FOR MEN WINE CHEESE SEOUINS HAIR STYLISTS BALLROOM DANCING HEADACHE BANDS RINGS BRUNCH MATT DILLON HEAVY CHARCOAL EYE RICHARD GERE BOWS FOR WOMEN ART GARFUNKEL JANE FONDA SPAS ROGER MOORE BLACK MUSCLE BULK CRYSTAL GAYLE LACEY HOSE REGGIE JACKSON REAL JEWELRY MINAUDIERES QUINCY JONES JENNIFER BEALS LYNX WILLIAM HURT LIZA MINNELLI JACQUELINE ONASSIS INDUSTRIAL POLICY CATERERS RICH EUROPEAN CUISINE BRIAN DE PALMA PLAT FABRICS SUGAR DADDIES LINDA GRAY " TELL ME ABOUT IT " LISTS 149 r ' €m %. V Jay Allred, Kevin Barrow, Rhonda BIythe, Terry Brooks, Burlington, NC High Point, NC Whitsett, NC Spotsylvania. VA Paul J Ambrose. Donna Benton, (pM Julie Burchette, Jeff Bruckler Myrtle Bch , SC Raleigh, NC Winston-Salem, NC Eton, College, NC Ann Anderson, Don Bickley, I t E Randall Brady, Lori Burgart, Burlington, NC Charlotttesville, VA Durham, NC Eden, NC Gina Ashley, Peter Billinger Fred Brannock, Brandy Burroughs, AIA Roxboro, NC Richmond, VA Burlington, NC Fairfax, VA Carole Baldwin Thomas Blackwell, A l n Tracy Britz, Brent Cade Bethesda, MD Eton College, NC Jacksonville, NC Covington, VA 150 t iJ Barbie Callahan, DM Mary Carr, Tom Cole, KI John Crawford, Millville, NJ Nathalie, VA Richmond, VA Danville, VA Dee Carlton, Aaron Chatkin, Dana Collins, Denise Curne, Rutherfordton, NC Hagerstown, MD Durham, NC Elon College Tom Cannon, Michael Chilton, Carlo Como Gretchen Davis, AXA York Town Hgts , NY Fredencksburg, VA Alexandria, VA Charlottesville, VA Pete Carlson, KA Troy Cotfey, Patncia Costis, John Davis, Florham Park, NJ Buena Vista, VA Elon College, NC Suffolk, VA Nigel Carlton, William Coffman, in Ray Covington, Jonathan Davis, IFI Boomer, NC Elon College, NC Sanford, NC Newton, Ivlass 151 Jill Delinger. Scott Duane, Brenda Embry, Bryan Frederick, Charlotte, NC Vienna, VA Potomac, IVID Warsaw, NC Tracy Dobbins, Connie Edmonds, Tamara Epperson, Maureen Gagnon, Rutherfordton, NC Greensboro. NC Suffolk, VA Burlington, NC Donald Doster, lOE Donna Edwards, Tim Farmer, KA Michael Garcia. Danwood, GA Wilmington, NC (Midlothian, VA Rockville. MD Bobby Drakeford, il t Thomas Edwards, Renee Fitzgerald, Andrea Gentry, Charlotte, NC Chapel Hill, NC Greensboro, NC Baltimore, MD Jim Dronsfield, Beth Ellis, TJT Tammy Floyd. Jeffrey Gentry, Durham, NC Woodstock. VA Oxford, NC Glen Raven, NC 152 s J§« ' • ' -- " N a ' s ' . tw , ' . ' " A Kr -tj 4.4 n i, iS KviS Lelia Gentry, Eric Hammond, Cheryl Hetzco, Doug Jermyn, Roxboro, NC York, SC Burlington, NC Haddonfield, NJ Jennie Trigg, Andy Hall, Lynda Hicke, t M Ann Jividen, ZTA Bethesda, MD Pitman, NJ Roger Hinshaw, Raleigh, NC Nancy Gorman, t)M Keith Harrelson, Slier City, NC Ben Johnson, Atlanta, GA Reidsville, NC Leon Holloway, Sedley, VA James Griffin, Tod Helmsteller, Roxboro, NC Karen Johnson, AIA Reidsville, NC Lexington, NC Jeff Hooks, Silver Spring, MD Patricia Haitti, Ann Hester River Hills, SC Marsha Johnson, Elon College, NC Elizabetfitown, NC Slier City, NC 153 Richard Johnson, Bethesda, MD Kim Keatins, Elon College, NC Julie Kellam, III VA Beach, VA Linda Dennedy, Rocky River, OH Mary Lambert, Woodstock, VA Cheryl Landis, Greensboro, NC Ann Latham. AIA Burlington, NC Edward Lee, Garner, NC James Levine, Hollywood, FL Bill Lindgen, OKE Rolla, MS E Allen Lowery, Elon College, NC Johnathan Ludolf, Wmston-Salem, NC Mike Lundahl, Rockville, MD Betsy Markley, Staunton, VA Phillip Markley, K ; Roanoke, VA Ken Markosky, lOE Weston, CT Jeff May, Burlington, NC John McFadyen, Fayelteville, NC Anthony Miller, Greensboro, NC Patrick Miller, Lynchburg, VA 154 r B " 4 m Ki» «to r J - ' ■ " k2 m H A. 1 1 d$» Steve Minter, Reidsville, NC Leisa Moore, III Washington, NC Robert Morbito. OKO McClean, VA Nancy Murphy, III Silver Springs, MD M Hope Newman, Burlington, NC James ODonnell, Rockville, MD Scott Oliver, Rock Hill, SC Christopher Olsen, KE Jamestown, NY Gene Overby, Winston-Salem, NC Peggy Peterson, Northport, NY Pam Pressor, Longmeadow, MA Tammy Pugh, Roanoke, VA Paul Purdy, in Wiesbaden, W, Germany Rita Randall, Newport, News, VA Catherine Reed, Lynchburg, VA Joy Rego, Nashville, TN John Rhoades, I E Charlotte, NC Zoe Rizos, High Point, NC Redd Roelte, Salemburg, NC Jody Robbins. AIA Longwood, FL 155 J J Russell, Elon College, NC Debra Sapsara, Warrenton, VA Rob Saunders, Trinity, NC Jim Saunders. Emporia, VA Tim Saunders, Clover, VA Robby Scgoonover, Halifax, VA Angie scott, Salisbury, NC Kim Self, 4 M Roanoke, VA Kathie Sfiober, Roanoke, VA Jeffrey Smitfi, Winston-Salem, NC Tonya Smitti, Burlington, NC MMe Stanley, St Louis, MO Eddie Staples, Eden, NC Stepfien A Splan, Richmond, VA Brucie Sutton, AIA Burlington, NC Greg Tatum , Belows Creek, NC Bertfia Ttiomas, Roxboro, NC Joe Thompson, fylyrtle Beach, SC John Travis, Walnut Cove, NC Patrick Vota, Pembroke Pines FL 156 Susan Yarbrough, Milton, NC Delisa Young. AIA Springfield, NC Brondwyn Walker, OM Malinsville, VA John Walker, Alexandria, VA Fran Waters, Kitrell, NC Patncia White, AZA Midlolhian, VA Kenneth Mike Wilkinson, Mebane, NC Sylvia Williamson, Elon College, NC Suzanne Wilson, Indian Trail, NC Maurice Withers, Pine Hall, NC ■ 157 state law has raised drinking age to 19 . . . June 2, 1983, the NC General Assembly enacted the Safe Roads Act, giving North Carolina ' s police and courts new ways to fight drunk driving. The Safe Roads Act, which went into effect Oct. 1 , is designed to discourage drunken driving by imposing tougher penalities and restrictions. It is sup- posed to be easier to arrest, convict and jail offenders while discouraging drinking among youths. In a statement on the bill, Gov. Jim Hunt said that the Safe Roads Act is " Ameri- ca ' s toughest law against drunk driving. " With the new law, the single offense of impaired driving, with five levels of pun- ishment, replaces the current offense of driving-under-the-influence (DUI). The single offense of " driving while im- paired— DWI " can be proven in one of two ways: by proving the driver ' s phys- ical or mental faculties are impaired by alcohol, drugs or a combination of both. DWI can also be proven when a driver registers a blood-alcohol content of .10 percent. If a driver refuses to be tested, he will automatically lose his license for 10 days. After a DWI conviction, a judge then will consider the case ' s " grossly aggravat- ing, " " aggravating " and " mitigating " factors. The new law establishes five levels of punishment determined by evi- dence of these factors. The trial judge will weigh the factors and pronounce a sentence: a- combination of jail, fines, community services and or loss of driv- ing privileges. The law raises the age to buy and pos- sess beer from 18 to 19. Anyone under 18 who drives with any amount of alco- hol in his blood, upon conviction, will lose his license until he is 18 or for a minimum of 45 days, whatever is great- er. Minors who attempt to buy beer or wine and are caught and those who help minors do so will lose their licenses for a year. Civil liability is imposed on certain sellers of alcohol. This section of the law is called the " dramshop law. " It clearly al- lows someone injured in an accident caused by a youthful drunken driver to Claude Allen Roanoke, VA Mike Ambler Amherst, VA B Scott Andrews IVIorgantown, VA Rexanne Ayers IVIanon, NC David Backus Cato, NY Ken Barber Atlanta, GA Robin Bartiam Raleigti. NC Rick Barnes Burlington, NC David Baughn Stoneville, NC Rebecca Baumann Fairfax, VA Culver Bennett Roanoke, VA Willie Benton Salisbury, MD Lisa Berrier Lexington, NC Tracy Black Hayesville, NC Ralphi Boscia Burlington, NC Joseph Brame Midlothian, VA Robert Brettler Burlington, NC Theresa Brosnan Rockville. MD Dodd Brown Salisbury, MD Jerome Brown Walnut Cove, NC Ronald Budd Woodbury, NJ Geoff Burke Richmond, VA Karen Burke Roxboro, NC Terry Burke VA Beacfi. VA Betfi Burrougfi Brookside, NJ Kim Busfi Graham, NC Margaret Caldwell Bellville, OH Tom Callaghan E. Brunswick, NJ Todd Campbell Kernersville, NC Pat Cathcart Winston-Salem, NC Bruce Chaney Kitty Hawk, NC James Christian Randolph, NJ John Clagett Raleigh, NC Katanja Clapp Elon College, NC Susan Grace Chesapeake. VA Linda Crabtree Burlington, NC Amanda Crotts, MAT Lexington, NC Joel Crum Chapel Hill, NC Mark Coffin Haw River, NC Chns Colson Stone Harbour, NJ " The dramshop law allows anyone in- jured in an accident by a youthful drunken driver to sue . . . " sue and recover damages from the bar or store that sold alcohol to the drunken driver. It applies if the sale made by that store created the impairment that in turn led to the accident. The dramshop law is de- signed to discourage bars and stores from selling alcoholic beverages to youths under 19 by holding a financial threat over them. In addition, police can set up road- blocks specifically to check for drunken drivers. Because of the changes in the state drinking laws and driving while impaired, Elon College revised its alcoholic bever- age rule, effective Sept. 1 . As in years past, there will be no public consump- tion of alcoholic beverages anywhere on campus, with the exception of residence hall rooms. Any violator of this rule will be penalized. Also added to this rule is a statement prohibiting the possession and or consumption of alcoholic bever- ages on campus or at a campus event by students less than 19 years old. Former Dean of Student Affairs William G. Long said that it would be easier to enforce the prohibition on 18-year-old drinking a month before it becomes a state law. He said, " This way is less disruptive, less disturbing than to yank it away. Many of the out-of-state students, espe- cially from Virginia, are used to the drink- ing laws of 19. It doesn ' t have anything to do with what students do off cam- pus. " Addressing the question of enforce- ment. Long said, " This issue will be en- forced like anything else is. If someone comes across with a violation, it will be dealt with. People are afraid we will haunt fraternity houses but this is not the case. " He added, " We are not interested in the business of entrapment or setting peo- drinking laws New drinking laws coul jnd td ' SQrjje drinking pie up; that ' s no way to treat people. " Long maintained that not enough atten- tion is being given to the penalties asso- ciated with a DWI. " That ' s what worries me, " Long said. " I hope people start thinking about their own private drinking habits and what happens when they drive drunk. " A new policy found on page 23 of the 1983-84 Student Handbook reads: " No party formal or informal, planned or spontaneous, involving the use of alco- holic beverages may be held in any indi- vidual student ' s residence hall room or combination of rooms that are owned c controlled by the college. " The handbook goes on to define a part as any group larger than six, except fc the new dorm suites which house eigh or six persons, making the limit there 1i in an eight-person suite and 12 in a si person suite. This policy includes the college-ownec fraternity and sorority house whosi housing contracts state that no partie involving the use of alcoholic beverage: may be held in the house or on the prerr ises. Ahda Dahir, Great Falls. VA Daphne Darden, VA Beach. VA Ed Davidson, Maplewood. NJ Wendy Davis, Hampton, VA Pam Day, Roxboro, NO Kym DelGado, Graham, NO Andy Dempsey, Franklin. VA Lynne Denny. Carthage. NC Greg Desern, Burlington, NC Teresa Dodson, Mebane, NC Nancy Dudney, Raleigh, NC Andrew Duncan, Roxboro, NC Cheryl Dungee, Greensboro, NC Alexis Eaton, Horseheads. NY Kathy Ebert. Manassas, VA Cindy Edwards, Harmony, NC Kirk Eldndge, BCC, PA Greg Elliot, Lebanon, PA Lisa Emerson. Siler City, NC Meredith Enmon, Great Falls, VA 160 " There has never been an approved drinking party on this campus, " Long insisted. " That ' s not new; new is the le- gal drinking age 19. For years, we ' ve asked that drinking not be advertised with slogans such as ' all you can drink ' because that certainly isn ' t tap water. " " Because the liability question is a big gray area, " he continued, " we ' ve asked organizations not to make a profit off selling alcohol. We just want parties to be reasonable until we can get possible liability matters straight. We haven ' t had enough time to deal with the ramifica- tions of the law. " On the subject of liability, college attor- ney Bob Baxter said, " If we don ' t do something to comply with the new Safe Roads Act, the college will be liable. This new law imposes a great deal of liability not only on people under 19 who try to possess alcohol, but also anyone who tries to assist in the purchase or posses- sion of alcoholic beverages. " Baxter said that the college wants to make sure students are aware of the severity of the law. " It ' d be a shame to have someone convicted and say ' Why didn ' t you tell us? ' If we do everything possible to inform them, then there ' s not much else we can do. Students need to know the law before they violate it. " Both Long and Baxter maintain that what people do on a private basis — that is their activities not sponsored by a group— is like being at home. " No- body ' s liable for someone drinking alone in the dorm, " said Baxter. " Drinking in your dorm is like drinking in your house. If you ' re of age, it ' s o.k. " Long said that now that the drinking age has been raised to 19, " We are in a different race to regulate how people consume alcohol. If people just concen- Jill Entwisle, Long Valley, NJ Janet Eure, Franklin, VA Michael Faircloth, Lexington, NC Keren Fenstermacher, Burke, VA Danus Fearington, Mebane, NC Stephanie Feather, Rocky Mount, VA Nancy Fennell, Rockville, MD Amy Ferguson, Reidsville, NC John Flemmons, Richmond, VA Kimberly Fletcher, Prince Frederick, MD Lisa Fox. Statesville, NC Teresa Gauldin, Warfield, VA Robin Gayle, Franklin, VA Robin Gobble, Lexington, NO Lee Goodman, Chatham, NJ Wilbert Goodwyn. Disputanta, VA Tracy Grantler, Richmond, VA Chris Graves. Burlington, NC Elaine Grayson, Cherry Hill, NJ John Greaves, Prince George, VA 161 continued . . . trate on the effect it has on parties, they ' re missing the main point. " " We aren ' t singling out the Greeks. Every organization has the responsibility. " Under the new rules, Long said, events like rush and open house won ' t be " killed " only " modified. " He continued, " Last year the Safe Roads Act had not been passed, so people didn ' t have the chance to sue a provider or a seller of alcohol. Because Elon College is chartered under the state of North Caroli- na, we must adapt to the changes of the state laws. If students existed only to drink, then it ' s a poor existence. The Greeks exist for many reasons, and I hope they discover that people learn how to adapt. " " The Safe Roads Act is 34 pages long, single-spaced — and that ' s longer than the U.S. Constitution, " Baxter pointed out. " It ' s almost too much to digest. I think it (the Act) will cut down on drunk driving be- cause the penalities are stiffer to the point of confiscating your automobile under cer- tain circumstances. " " There ' s no plea bargaining, so I think it ' ll turn some people loose. A jury will probably find a man with nine kids on welfare inno- cent. " By Loukia Louka, reprinted with permission from " The Pendulum " The Elon College Board of Trustees an- nounced a $5.7 nnillion fund-raising project October 26. This project will include a $2 million fine arts center, which will be located at the present site of the soccer field. At a news conference held on the campus, board chairman Thad Eure, N,C. Secretary of State, described the announcement as a turning point for the college. He said, " THE PRIDE II campaign is the second phase of an effort begun over seven years ago. " PRIDE II means " Providing Resources for In- stitutional Development at Elon. " Dr. James B. Powell, president of Roche Biomedical Laboratories in Burlington and a trustee, has been named campaign general chairman of PRIDE II. Eure said that Powell ' s leadership and expe- rience will be assets to the campaigne. " Jim Powell IS a valued member of our board of trustees and has shown remarkable leader- ship potential, " Eure said. 162 Amy Griffith Springfield, VA Mary Margaret Haddock New Bern. NC Keith Halipilias High Point, NC Shelagh Hamilton Greensboro, NC Leigh Hancock Piney River, VA Elizabeth Hansen McLean, VA Christy Harlup Emporia, VA Lisa Hettinger Eden, NC Douglas Hensley Stoneville, NC Robert Hickman Raleigh, NC Terry Hill Camden, NC Sandra Hinte Bluefield, WV Bobby Hoffman Asheboro, NC Lisa Hogan Gibsonville, NC Randall Holley Henry, VA Timothy Holmes Durham, NC Cherry Hood Richmond, VA Amy Howell Suffolk, VA Jim Hughes Orange Park Lisa Hugus Alexandria, VA FL Sandra Humphries Roxboro, NC Lisa James Burlington, NC Scarlett James Durham, NC Chris Janelle Rocky Mount, NC Brian Johnson Asheboro, NC Jane Mane Jones Bethesda, MD Kathryn Jones Roanoke, VA Philip Jordan Bethesda, MD David Joyce Stoneville, NC Katherine Kainu Chesapeake Bch,, MD John Kiser Emporia, VA Joycelyn Keels Marshville, NC Peter Koort Charlottesville, VA Michele Kreaper Vienna, VA Howard Land Wilson, NC Sandra Lang Bay Shore, NY Angela Langston Burlington, NC Charlene Layne Bumpass, VA Mary Leahy Burlington, NC Paul Long Roxboro, NC Back in 1981, we never thought " the foun- tain " would be a reality, now it ' s 1984 and were looking into the future at a fine arts building. " The greatest need on the Elon College cannpus today is for a fine arts facility, " Powell said. " Support for the fine arts is vital in today ' s highly technological society, and a fine arts facility would provide a cultural fo- cus for Alamance County. " Besides the $2 million for the fine arts center, $500,000 will go towards improvements to existing college facilities, $2 million for schol- arship endowment, faculty and program de- velopment and $1 .2 million to continue annu- al fund giving at appropriate levels. The fine arts complex will house and further develop the present facilities for music, dra- ma, dance and graphic arts. It will also pro- vide facilities for public performances and lectures. Included inside the center are a re- cital hall, band room, classrooms, offices and practice rooms for musicians. The classroom and recital hall section will be built first, while the remaining areas will be built in a second phase. Elon President Fred Young pointed out that the current facilities were constructed when the student body was one-eighth the size of what it is today. He noted that Whitley Audi- torium, with a seating capacity of less than 400, now serves a student body in excess of 2,700, and some major productions are per- formed in the college gymnasium which of- fers inappropriate seating, lighting and acoustics. " The fine arts are an integral part of the liber- al arts education offered at Elon, " Young said. " The college is committed to develop- ing all students ' moral and aesthetic sensi- bilities through exposure to the fine arts. " Written by Loukia Louka. Reprinted with per- mission from the " Pendulum " 163 Parents Weekend Talent show draws full house in 83! The Zoids — Three young men with extra or- dinary original choreography glided their way to first place and $100 in the annual talent show Parents Weekend in Whitley Auditorium. The trio, consisting of Tim Daly, Ricky Ross, and Kevin Daly, was dressed in gray jump- suits, white gloves and dark glasses. They performed a crowd-pleasing dance routine to the popular hit " Freakazoid. " Jeff Pierce and Pam Reynolds sang a duet and won the second place prize of $75. They performed Bonnie Tyler ' s " Total Eclipse of the Heart, " accompanied by David Vaughn on the piano. Hope Newman placed third and received $50. She played the piano and sang her own onginal song, " It ' s Hidden in Your Heart. " Linda Kennedy sang and played the guitar to a Leo Sayers hit, " When I Need You. " Dan- ny Perdieu performed " Love the World Away " by Kenny Rogers. Cathy Wright, re- presenting Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority, twirled the baton and performed a dance routine. Carol Nix also played the guitar and sang two songs, " Jazz Man " by Carole King and " Landslide " by Stevie Nicks. For a change of pace, Anthony Turner sang a spiritual tune by the late Donny Hathaway entitled, " We Need You Right Now. " He was accompanied by Cedric Richmond on the piano. 164 Tony Lupo Gail Martin Kim McKnight Regina Mitchell Elon College, NC Greensboro, NC Advance, NC Graham, NC Mary Lynch Marty Mathews Nancy Medley Dave Moore Winston-Salem, NC VA Beach, VA Durham, NC Greensboro, NC Scott Lynch Ins Matthews Sandy Mershon Allen Morningstar Chapel Hill, NC Slier City, NC Williamsburg, VA Gastonia, NC Maria Madrigal Greg McDonnald Michael Minner Kim Mrosia New Church. VA Colombia, MO Woodbury, NJ Durham, NC Pam Mallios W. Ben McKee Ron Minter William Murrell Washington, DC Greensboro, NC Asheboro, NC Burlington, NC Susan Myatt Graham, NC Sharon Nail Bear Creek, NC Todd Nassief Ashtabula, OH Nancy Norman Atlanta, GA Enc North Vienna, VA Michelle Obaugh Staunton, VA Michelle O ' Donneil Elon College, NC Michael O ' Lan Elon College, NC Jan Orlando Brick, NJ Jennifer Owens Elon College, NC Linda Patterson Burlington, NC DeEtte Paulin Riyahd, Saudi Arabia Steven Pearce Miami, FL Lisa Pearson Clinton. NC Lisa Perkinson Richmond, VA Robert Phillips Richmond. VA Joanne Picha Hampton, VA Penny Pickering Vienna, VA Donna Pitts Winston-Salem, NC Megan Poldy Vienna, VA talent show . . . Darius Fearington, Mark Davis and Felicia Wright iiarmonized in a melody of songs in- cluding spirituals and Barry Manilow ' s " I Write the Songs, " Donna Euliss sang " Wind Beneath My Wings " by Lou Ravyls; and Mark Dennis played the guitar and sang two of his original songs. Master of Ceremonies was Ron Dalton. The judges were Dr. Gerald Frances, associate dean of academics; Dr. Martin Shotzberger, professor of business administration; Ralph Kerns, instructor of communications and fine arts; Glona Goode, Elon ' s 1983 Homecom- ing Queen; and Jo Craven, editor of the " Pendulum. " By Vicky Jiggetts, reprinted with permission from the " Pendulum. " 165 Kris Pollard, Charlottesville, VA Robert Pomeroy, Washington DC Mary E Pond, Powhatan, VA Allen Porter, Annandale, VA Kathenne Pritts, Westminster, MD Judi Propst, Columbia, MD Kip Rackley, Oakton, VA Ellen Raleigh, Fairfax, VA Ron Reed, Jr., Vienna, VA Curtis Rickard, Thomasville, NC William Riggs, Baltimore, MD Barbara Roberts, Winston-Salem, NC Jennifer Rose, Rockville, MD Jim Ryan, VA Beach, VA Ted Salyer, Afton, VA DeDe Secrist, Shenandoah, VA Lisa Shaydoc, Vienna, VA Pamela Shelton, Reidsville, NC Jeannie Sherman, Dallas, TX Deedee Shugart, Winston-Salem, NC Lydia Shell, Bethesda, MD Derek Smith, Charlotte, NC Karen Smith, Mebane, NC Melony Sneed, South Boston, VA Stephanie Snipes, Charlotte, NC Joanne Spears, Westchester, PA Renee Stevens, Danbury, NC Valerie Stickley, Woodstock, VA Niclas Stiernholm, MalmcSvi eden LeeAnn Strittmatter, Willow Grove, PA 166 Freshmen J. Sullivan, Elon College, NC Tonya Stoval, Lawsonville, NC Barbara Taylor, Sanford, NC Craig Taylor, Boone, NC Todd Taylor, Richmond, VA Taylor Tregdon, Asheboro, NC Robin Temple. Vanceboro, NC Treva Terell, Burlington, NC Cindia Thomas, Charlotte, NC Susan Thompson, Atlanta, GA Valeria Tuck, Mebane, NC Cynthia Tickle, Gibsonville. NC Gilbert B. Timberlake, George, NC Margaret J, Tilley, Lawsonville, NC Wendy Tilley, Durham, NC Cliff Tysor, Graham, NC DeeDee Vericella. Alexandria. VA Bobby Wade. Roanoke, VA Matt Walker. Elon College, NC Cindy Wall, Reidsville, NC Scott Ward, Shorewood, IL Tammy Watson. Emerald Isle. NC Cindy Watts, Elon College. NC Derek Weaver, Mebane, NC David Webb. Bedford, VA Dale Wenzel, Reinholds, PA Mike Wheaton, Bethesda, MD Tina Whittle, Elon College, NC Tommy Willard. Marion. VA Day Wilson, Boone. NC Susan Wyatt. Burlington. NC Janelle Wyrick, Graham, NC Kelly Harris York, Staley. NC Kevin Zeller, Cherry Hill, NJ 167 Administration Faculty on and around Elon combine to make us what we are . . . Left: President Fred Young, Above Left: Presider Young and Student Government President Dian McSheehy. Above Nell Fearrington, Joanne Solida Associate Dean of Adnnissions, ■ W ' . riD M Ir- ' U ghf: Dean Long showing off his culinary talents; bove: Dr. Barbee, Ellen Gagnon, Bill Sharpe, Chaplain. Mark Albertson Malvin N. Artley Laurence Basirico Lydia Berry Mary Brittain Carolyn Bryan W.E. Butler Carole Chase Thelma Cheek Edwin Daniel Faye Dennis Helene Eulis Helen Euliss Jane Ferrell Wesley Flake Paul Gaskil Officers of the Corporation Thad Eure, LL.D., Chairman Royall H. Spence. Jr., DCS.. Vice Chairman James Fred Young, Ed.D., President Thomas E. Povyell, III, M.D., Secretary John R Mitchell, M.B.A., Treasurer WE. Butler, A.B., Assistant Treasurer Board of Trustees Terms Expiring May 31, 1984 J. Dennis Bailey, A.B., Danville, Va. Lula Browne Helvenston, Orlando, Fia. Richard J. Holland, Windsor, Va. R. Leroy Howell, D.D.S. Suffolk, Va. Reid A. fVlaynard, LL.D., Burlington, N.C. James B. Powell. M.D., Burlington, N.C. J.E. Rawls, Jr, M.D. Suffolk, Va. Thomas B. Sain, Burlington. N.C. J. Harold Smith, Burlington, N.C. A.G. Thompson, Lincolnton, N.C. Terms Expiring May 31, 1985 Wallace L. Chandler, J.D., DCS., Richmond, Va. Joseph M. Copeland, Portsmouth, Va. John Robert Kernodle, M.D., Burlington, N.C. Ernest A. Koury, Sr., Burlington, N.C. G. Melvin Palmer, Ed.D., Greensboro, N.C. Rex G. Powell, DCS., Fuquay-Varina, N.C. Emily Harris Prayer, Greensboro, N.C. Ralph H. Scott, LL.D., Burlington, N.C. C. Ivlax Ward, Burlington, N.C. Terms Expiring May 31, 1986 Ramsey E. Cammack, LL.D., Burlington, N.C. Thad Eure, LL.D., Raleigh, N.C. Walter M. Floyd, M.D. Durham, N.C. Sherrill G. Hall, Greensboro, N.C. Maurice Jennings, Burlington, N.C. James H. McEwen, Jr., New York, N.Y. J. Hinton Rountree, Ft. Pierce, Fla. Terms Expiring May 31, 1987 Roger Gant, Jr., Burlington, N.C. G. Thomas Holmes, Jr., Pinehurst, N.C. Woodrow W. Piland, Portsmouth, Va. Thomas E. Powell, III, M.D., Burlington, N.C. William D. Rippy M.D., Elon College, N.C. Samuel E. Scott, M.D., Burlington, N.C. Royall H. Spence, Jr., DCS., Greensboro, N.C. W. Millard Stevens, D.D., Burlington, N.C. Mary E. Watson, A.B., Woodstock, Va. Ex-Officio James Fred Young, Ed.D., President of the Colleg Rollin O. Russell, D.M., Conference Minister, SoutI ern Conference W. Woodrow Piland, President of the Southern Coi ference Clyde W. Gordon, Sr., D.C.S., Trustee Ementus Iris Holt McEwen, L.H.D., Trustee Emeritus Faculty, 1982-1983 J Hong-Sik Ahn, 1982 ' , Instructor in Economics B.A., Seoul National University, Korea; Ph.D. cai didate. University of North Carolina Mark R. Albertson, 1980, Assistant Professor; Regi! trar B.B.A., Fort Lauderdale University J. Wesley Alexander, 1961, Associate Professor ( Mathematics B.S., M.A., Appalachian State University; M.S New Mexico State University Gerald Gibson K.L. Harper Frank Harris Rebecca Harris Vickie Hightower Jerri Halloway Patt Hunt Glenn Jannes Seanna Granowsky Alston Jones Walter Joyce Helen H. McKay Betty Maness T.N. McCarther T. McDowell Elizabeth Miles lalph V. Anderson, 1963, Professor of Economics; Chairman, Department of Economics B.S., Ferris Institute; M.S., University of Tennes- see; B.D., Northern Baptist Theological Seminary; Ph.D., University of North Carolina Vright L. Anderson, 1982, Assistant Professor of Physical Education and Health; Head Football Coach A.B., Elon College; M.A.T., University of North Carolina leill P. Andrevi s, 1981, Part-time Instructor in Music A.B., Duke University; B.S., M.S., Juilliard School of Music; D.M.A. candidate. University of Cincin- nati ndrew J. Angyal, 1976, Assistant Professor of Eng- lish B.A., Queens College, CUNY; M.A., Yale Universi- ty; Ph.D., Duke University yialvin N. Artley, 1963, Professor of Music B.Mus., Shenandoah Conservatory of Music; M.Mus., Cincinnati Conservatory; D.F.A., Chicago I Musical College, Roosevelt University Martin H. Baker, 1980, Instructor in Physical Educa- tion and Health; Athletic Trainer B.S., SUNYat Brockport; M.S., Indiana State Uni- versity Steven J. Ballard, 1977, Instructor in Physical Educa- tion; Soccer Coach; Sports Information Director B.S., SUNY at Cortland; M.A., University of North Carolina William H. Barbee, 1970, Associate Professor of Mathematics B.S., Wofford College; M.Math., University of Ten- nessee; Graduate Studies, University of Georgia Robert C. Baxter, 1959, Associate Professor of Busi- ness Law; College Attorney A.B., Elon College; J.D., Duke University Barry B. Beedle, 1978, Assistant Professor of Phys- ical Education and Health B.S., M.S., Mississippi State University; Ed.D., University of Mississippi Joe Belk, 1975, Part-time Clinician in Music A.B., Miami University of Ohio W. Jennings Berry, Jr., 1957, Associate Professor of English; Director of Academic Advising A.B., Elon College; M.A., University of North Caroli- na Robert G. Blake, 1968, William S. Long Professor of English A.B., Harvard University; M.A., Ph.D., Duke Univer- sity R. Lamar Bland, 1967, Associate Professor of Eng- lish; Chairman, Department of Literature, Lan- guages and Communications B.A., Wake Forest University; M.A., University of North Carolina; Ph.D., University of North Carolina at Greensboro David A. Bragg, 1970, Associate Professor of Music B.S., Concord College; M.M.E., Ph.D., Florida State University 171 Career develop- ment, much more than you think . . . Is there life after college? As the semesters steadily progress, more than 500 seniors eventually must deal with that question. To help all stu- dents make career and major deci- sions, Elon has the Career Develop- ment and Placement program and Aca- demic Advising. Susan Phillips, director of career devel- opment, says, " The program is for ev- eryone — not just seniors looking for jobs. It ' s for everyone who just doesn ' t know what they meant to do. " To help underclassmen, academic ad- vising helps students with undecided majors choose courses that are of inter- est to them, which in turn could gener- ate a decision toward a major. Career Development and Placement works with students to help them get jobs while they are still seniors. Seniors are asked to come by the Academic Advising office (Alamance 101) to set up a placement file. This includes a re- sume and reference forms from faculty Doreen Moore Carol Pace Nan Perkins Cheryl Petty that can evaluate their performance as students. A job referral card is also included in the placement folder. This is a general infor- mation card that lists the student ' s ma- jor, what kind of job he or she is looking for and where he or she would like to locate. Phillips said, ' As part of our services here, we help students by telling them about jobs we know about, so we have to know who is graduating and what they are looking for, what their major is and their whole background. " Some people who are graduating May have summer jobs already lined up that they don ' t want to give up; others are unemployed. Once that card is filled up and their file is completed, we ' re able to help them, " she added. Career Development sends out copies of the job announcements to students they think might be interested. " We go through our cards and find out who is interested, what is available and send them an announcement that something they ' d like is open, " said Phillips. She went on to explain that sometimes an employer who isn ' t ready to adver- tise a job at large, will ask the office if it has anyone who might be interested in that field. The employer then asks for resumes and may in turn contact stu- dents. A student may try to contact an en ployer on his own, and at some poin the employer may need background ir formation. If the student has set up folder with Career Development, he c she can ask the office to send his or he placement folder to the employer. Ph lips explains that this takes a burden o the student, since the office does thi as many times as needed. During the year, between 30 and 4 employers visit Elon and hold interview with students about general or specifi job openings. Phillips said that mo; students participate in this " for prac tice. " They want the experience of tali ing with that employer, and they begi to know what ' s like to be in an interview situation. " Some are really interested in the corr panies. There are two or three who w eventually get a job with that compan through this process. " Another effort to help graduating sti dents is one credit hour course offere to help people make choices about m; jors and careers. The course, educ; tion career decision making, began la; spring and was very successful. Near graduation students are asked t fill out a questionnaire that describe their plans. Last year, 40 percent had jobs or oth( forms of temporary employment. B( Agnes Reiber Jan Riggs Gerardo Rodriguez Mary Jane Salter 172 yond that, 10 percent were planning on graduate school in different areas. " The people who went on to graduate school tended to know what they want- ed to because they had to apply early for admission, " says Phillips. Phillips has been director of career de- elopment and placennent since 1979. She explained that Career Develop- ment and Placement and the Academic Advising prog rams have been here " a good while, but have taken on different personalities. " Started in 1977, the career develop- ment program lacked resources and money. Then, with a five-year grant, the Learning Resources Center and the Honor Programs were established along with a more creative career devel- opment program. Phillips stresses the importance of keeping in touch with the college after leaving, so the school will know how they are getting along. " We try to work with the Alumni Office on this. We put a tear out section in The Magazine of Elon ' to see v hat they are doing. " " For seniors getting out, it ' s frustrating for them because they are finishing up their final semester and they have a lot of senior level courses they ' re working on. At the same time they are expected to job search. We understand all that, and we ' re trying to help them out. " By Loukia Louka, reprinted with permis- sion from " The Pendulum " Marydell R. Bright, 1970, Assistant Professor; Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid A.B., Mount Holyoke College; l .Ed., University of North Carolina at Greensboro Vlary Lou G. Brittain, 1976, Assistant Professor of English B.A., M.A., Ph.D., University of North Carolina at Greensboro i Vesley B. Brogan. 1979, Associate Professor of Hu- man Services A.B., Dickinson College, M.Div., Duke University; M.Ed., Ph.D., University of North Carolina David W. Brown, 1981, Assistant Professor; Cam- paign Administrator B.A., Central Connecticut State College; M.Ed., Springfield College; Ph.D., University of Southern Mississippi Janie R Brown, 1967, Associate Professor of Phys- ical Education and Health; Chairman, Department of Health, Physical Education and Recreation B.S., Wake Forest University; M.A., East Carolina University; Ed.D., University of North Carolina at Greensboro Cardon V. Burnham, 1981, Associate Professor of Fine Arts; Chairman, Department of Fine Arts B.M.E., Bradley University; M.M., University of Illi- nois; A.M.D., Eastman School of Music Ann S. Butler, 1979, Part-time Instructor in English A.B., M.Ed., University of North Carolina at Greensboro W.E. Butler, Jr., 1 946, Associate Professor; Assistant Treasurer A.B., Elon College; Graduate Studies, University of North Carolina, C.PM. Gaylor F Callahan, 1980, Part-time Instructor in Eng- lish B.A., M.A., University of North Carolina at Greens- boro; Graduate Studies, Duke University Karen R. Carden, 1979, Instructor in Physical Educa- tion; Director of Intramural Athletics; Women ' s Vol- leyball Coach; Women ' s Tennis Coach A.B., Elon College Lonnie Mack Carden, 1977, Instructor in Physical Education and Health; Assistant Football Coach A.B., Elon College; M.A., Appalachian State Uni- versity D. Brooks Gates, 1964, Assistant Professor of Geog- raphy A.B., University of North Carolina; M.A., East Caro- lina University; Ph.D., University of North Carolina Carole F Chase, 1976, Assistant Professor of Reli- gion; Chairman, Department of Religion A.B., College of William and Mary; M.A., Presbyte- rian School of Christian Education; Ph.D., Duke University Paul H. Cheek, 1950, L.L. Vaughan Professor of Chemistry B.S., Wake Forest University; Ph.D., University of North Carolina Ruth L. Cheek, 1964, Part-time Assistant Professor of Chemistry A.B., M.A., University of North Carolina Terrell W. Cofleld, 1 968, Assistant Professor of Music B.Mus., Rollins College; M.Mus., University of North Carolina; Study with Maestro Luigi Ricci, Teatro dell Opera, Rome, Italy Janie E. Council, 1960, Associate Professor of Busi- ness Administration and Accounting A.B., M.A., East Carolina University David M. Crowe, Jr., 1977, Associate Professor of History B.A., Southeastern Louisiana College; M.A., Mis- sissippi State University; Ph.D., The University of Georgia Edwin L. Daniel, 1963, Associate Professor of Art A.B., Elon College; B.FA., Abbott School of Fine and Commercial Art; M.FA., University of North Carolina; Virginia Commonwealth University; Roa- noke Fine Arts Center, University of Virginia Exten- sion J. Earl Danleley, 1946, Thomas E. Powell, Jr., Profes- sor of Chemistry A.B., Elon College; M.A., Ph.D., University of North Carolina; Postdoctoral Study, The Johns Hopkins University; Sc.D., Catawba College; LL.D., Camp- bell College Richard A. Davis, 1980, Assistant Professor of Soci- ology B.A., North Carolina Central University; Ph.D., Uni- versity of North Carolina Robert W. Delp, 1 968, Professor of History B.S., Davidson College; B.D., Lancaster Theologi- cal Seminary; M.A., Ph.D., The George Washing- ton University; Duke University Helen H. Euliss, 1969, Associate Professor of English B.S., Appalachian State University; M.A., Gradu- ate Studies, University of North Carolina Daniel Feinberg, 1978, Professor of Business Admin- istration B.B.S., The College of the City of New York; M.A., Columbia University; Ph.D., New York University Hugh M. Fields, 1970, Assistant Professor of Biology B.S., M.S., North Carolina State University; Gradu- ate Studies, University of North Carolina at Greensboro Wesley L. Flake, 1982, Instructor in Computer Infor- mation Science and Business Administration A.A.S., Technical College of Alamance; A.B., Elon College; M.B.A., University of North Carolina Betty G. Flinchum, 1980, Instructor in Cytotechno- logy A.B., University of North Carolina at Greensboro 173 John Benjamin Flora, 1977, Adjunct Assistant Pro- fessor of Allied Health B.A.. University of Virginia: Ph.D., Virginia Poly- technic Institute and State University Gerald L. Francis, 1974, Associate Professor of Mathematics and Computer Information Science: Chairman, Department of f athematics and Com- puter Information Science B.S., M.A., Appalachian State University: Ph.D., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Paul L. Gaskill, 1978, Instructor in Recreation Admin- istration A. A., Ivlontgomery County Community College: B.S., The Pennsylvania State University: M.S., University of North Carolina: Graduate Studies, University of North Carolina at Greensboro James W. Geyer, 1977, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Allied Health B.A., Eastern Michigan University: M.S., Ph.D., Wayne State University Gerald M. Gibson, 1979, Instructor in Communica- tions B.A., North Carolina State University: M.A., Uni- versity of North Carolina at Greensboro Russell B. Gill, 1976, Associate Professor of English A.B., College of William and Mary: M.A.. Ph.D., Harvard University James H. Glenn, 1978, Assistant Professor of Music B.A., Luther College: M.A., Occidental College: Ph.D., University of Oklahoma Seena A. Granowsky, 1975, Assistant Professor of Pyschology B.S., Tufts University: M.S., Vassar College: Ed.D., Duke University Patricia J. Gray, 1980, Part-time Instructor in Physical Education and Fine Arts B.S,, M.FA., University of North Carolina at Greensboro Charles A. Griffin, 1983, Instructor in Physical Educa- tion and Health: Assistant Football Coach: Assis- tant Track Coach A. A., Catonsville Community College: B.S., Frost- burg State College: M.A., University of Maryland Joseph M. Griska, Jr., 1982, Part-time Assistant Pro- fessor of English B.A., St. Michael ' s College: M.A., Northeastern University: Ph.D., Texas A M University Kenneth L. Harper, 1970, Assistant Professor of Edu- cation A.B., Elon College: M.Ed., University of North Carolina: Graduate Studies, Duke University: Ed.D., candidate. University of North Carolina at Greensboro E. Franklin Harris. 1967, Associate Professor of Physics A.B., Elon College: M.A., Wake Forest University: Ph.D., University of North Carolina Nancy E. Harris, 1 981 , Assistant Professor of Biology B.S., University of North Carolina: B.S., Ph.D., North Carolina State University Priscilla L. Haworth, 1975, Instructor in English: P lie and Tutorial Services Coordinator B.S.. M.A., Appalachian State University: Virgi Polytechnic Institute and State University; Univ sity of Virginia Richard C. Haworth, 1974. Associate Professor Mathematics B.S., Wake Forest University: M.A.T., Duke Univ sity: M.A., Appalachian State University: Ph Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State Univer; Judy S. Henricks, 1980, Part-time Instructor in t B.A., University of Illinois: M.FA., University North Carolina at Greensboro Thomas S. Henricks, 1977, Assistant Professoi Sociology B.A., North Central College: M.A., Ph.D., Univeri of Chicago Hovi ard R. Higgs, 1977, Assistant Professor of I man Services: Chairman, Department of Hun Services B.A., Greensboro College: M.A., Ph.D., Univeri of North Carolina at Greensboro Vicki V. Hightower, 1981, Instructor in Computer formation Science and Mathematics B.S., M.A.T, Michigan State University William L. Hightower, 1981, Associate Professoi Computer Information Science B.A., Kalamazoo College: M.S., Ph.D., Gradu Studies, Michigan State University Allen Sanders Gayle Scott Lucille Stone John Sullivan Barbara Thorton Katherine Wallace-Casey Frederic V atts Linda Weavil 174 Some scenes from ;heryl T. Holt, 1976, Part-time Instructor in Math- ematics A.B., Elon College lachel Y. Holt, 1968, Assistant Professor of History A.B., Elon College; M.Ed., M.A., Graduate Studies, University of North Carolina LJonzo L. Hook, 1914, Professor of Physics; Dean Emeritus A.B., Elon College; M.A., M.S., Cornell University; Sc.D., Elon College The Johns Hopkins University; University of Chicago; Duke University ;arol Hoppe, 1981, Part-time Instructor in English B.S., University of Kansas; Graduate Studies, Washington University, St. Louis; M.A., University of Vermont; Ph.D. candidate, SUNY at Albany; Graduate Studies, University of Munich, Germany lerbert W. House, Jr., 1977, Associate Professor of Biology; Chairman, Department of Biology and Al- lied Health B.S., Wake Forest University; M.S., Ph.D., Univer- sity of South Carolina lebecca O. House, 1 978, Part-time Instructor in Eng- lish B.A., Meredith College; M.Ed., University of North Carolina lichael P. Hudson, Jr., 1982, Part-time Instructor in Computer Information Science A.B., Elon College; M.B.A., University of North Carolina at Greensboro Mary F. Jackson, 1975, Assistant Professor of Phys- ical Education and Health; Women ' s Basketball Coach; Women ' s Softball Coach B.S., Norfolk College of William and Mary; M.Ed., University of Virginia Barbara D. Jacobson, 1982, Part-time Instructor in Music B.M., M.M., New England Conservatory of Music Robert M. James, 1982, Part-time Instructor in Chemistry A.B., Elon College P. Alston Jones, Jr., 1982, Assistant Professor; Head Librarian and Director of the Learning Resources Center B.M., East Carolina University; M.S., Drexel Uni- versity Connie L. Keller, 1980, Instructor; Assistant Refer- ence Librarian Catalog Librarian B.A., Illinois Wesleyan University; M.A., University of Iowa Donald J. Kelly, 1967, Associate Professor of Phys- ical Education; Associate Football Coach A.B., Cataw ba College; M.A., University of North Carolina Ralph W. Kerns, 1980, Part-time Instructor in Com- munications and Fine Arts B.A., Waynesburg College; M.FA., Carnegie Insti- tute of Technology, Carnegie-Mellon University Robert Burns King, 1981, Part-time Instructor in Or- gan; College Organist B.A., Furman University; M.S.M., Union Seminary in New York; Graduate Studies, University of North Carolina; Study with Michael Schneider, Hochs- chule fur Musik, Cologne, Germany Helen S. Kirchen, 1980, Assistant Professor; Associ- ate Director of the Learning Resources Center B.S., Columbia University; M.S.L.S., University of North Carolina Pamela M. Kiser, 1981, Instructor in Human Services B.A., Wake Forest University; M.S., University of North Carolina Ronald A. Klepcyk, 1978, Assistant Professor; Asso- ciate Dean of Student Affairs B.S., M.Ed., Kent State University Ernest A. Knesel, Jr., 1 980, Adjunct Assistant Profes- sor of Allied Health B.S., M.S., Fairleigh Dickinson University George R. Lentz, Jr., 1980, Assistant Professor, Di- rector of Continuing Education B.A., Lenoir-Rhyne College; M.Ed., University of North Carolina at Charlotte John D. Loftin, 1982, Assistant Professor of Religion A.B., University of North Carolina; Ph.D., Duke Uni- versity Jeff Neufang, Greg Harris, and Barry Culber- son are seen here singing along with a new found friend at the first fiesta of the year. Later in the evening, Dr. Rodriguez was seen " getting down and booging " with one of his students! Spanish Fiesta Ole! 175 Dr. Alonzo Hook ... a faculty member who will be deeply missed. From 1913 Phi Psi Chi The Courtship of Alonzo When Alonzo was seventeen The age when one is green And almost ashamed to be seen: He, after careful consideration And deep meditation Without any hesitation Came to Elon Station. He was anxious to gain knowledge, That ' s why he came to college. When he got into town As he stepped on the ground Miss Irene he saw Out walking with " Pa. " He at once sought her hand As the fairest in the land. He then went away And on the very day Sought to secure a room At her father ' s home, So that he could be near To catch a word of cheer Which fell upon his ear Each day of the year From his " Jessie so dear. " Time flew fast Commencement came at last. Lonnie begain to pine When the summer sun did shine And also to greive, His Jessie to leave To go far away For three months and a day. Said he " Alas! dear Just listen here, Never, never fear For my heart is always here And ever shall be On land or sea — Believe me. My heart will burn For autumn to return When you I shall see Dear one, loved by me. " She went with him to the train To see him once again Before they should part With breaking hearts. As the train rolled away His Jessie did say " My darling is gone And left me alone. To him I ' ll fly And there to cry If I do not I ' ll die Before vacation is by. My Lonnie I ' ll see Dear me, Dear me. What joy it will be! " It is interesting to know How Lonnie did go. How he told her goodbye With tears in his eye. " Oh me! " said he, " I do not see that dear. I fear, I fear, I fear That someone else is near She thinks not of me here. To her I ' ll go That I may love her so. A diamond ring I ' ll bestow Upon her finger white as snow. " Then to Elon he came In a drizzling rain. He looked in vain All through that rain To see his Jessie again. " Well, I delcare, No Jessie is here; To college I ' ll go To see if they know. (Oh, I love her so). " " I found on that morn To Greensboro she ' d gone. Four years have swiftly passed, I ' m a Senior at last. She ' s at Elon this Spring Wearing ' our ' diamond ring She will stay Until the month of May And then will be our wedding day To the Valley I ' ll fly, There to live and die With Miss Irene by my side As my own fair bride. " 176 lA ■■■ Jack White J.W. Williams Dorothy Williams Teresa Wilson Cathy Woodson Yvette Jennin Margaret Zint Berry Jennings i illiam G. Long, 1974, Associate Professor of Politi- cal Science; Dean of Student Affairs B.A., M.A., West Virginia University; M.Div., Yale University Divinity School ranees C. Longest, 1955, Associate Professor of Business Education AS., Elon College; f .Ed., Graduate Studies, Uni- versity of North Carolina une M. Looney, 1968, Assistant Professor of Psy- chology AS., Elon College; M.A., Graduate Studies, East Carolina University rnest J. Lunsford, 1981, Assistant Professor of Spanish B.A., Duke University; M.A., t liddlebury College; Ph.D., University of Florida ;athy J. Lyday-Lee, 1982, Assistant Professor of English B.A., M.A., Tennessee Technological University; Ph.D., University of Tennessee lelen H. Mackay, 1976, Assistant Professor of Eng- lish B.A., M.A., Ph.D., University of North Carolina at Greensboro letty J. Maness, 1976, Assistant Professor of Edu- cation and English B.A., M.Ed., University of North Carolina at Greensboro ohn Michael Marr, 1978, Associate Professor of Business Administration; Chairman, Department of Accounting, Business Administration and Busi- ness Education B.A., Presbyterian College; M.S., Ph.D., Clemson University tobert D. McBee, 1977, Assistant Professor of Soci- ology; Baseball Coach B.A., Presbyterian College; M.S., Ph.D., University of Southern Mississippi " revathan N. McCarther, 1982, Assistant Professor of Military Science B.S., North Carolina Central University; M.S. Web- ster College; Major, U.S. Army Larry B. McCauley, Sr., 1968, Assistant Professor; Director of Physical Plant A.B., Elon College; M.A., University of North Caroli- na Robie W. McClellan, 1980, Assistant Professor of Business Administration B.A., University of North Carolina; M.B.A., Ed.D., University of North Carolina at Greensboro Perman Mcintosh, Jr., 1981, Assistant Professor of Military Science B.S., Florida A M University; Captain, U.S. Army William f. Migniuolo, 1978, Instructor in English; Co- ordinator of Academic Skills A.B., University of North Carolina; Ph.D. candidate. Brown University John F Mitchell, 1981, Associate Professor; Vice President for Administrative Services A.B., M.B.A., Dartmouth College James A. Moncure, 1974, Professor of History; Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs B.A., University of Richmond; M.A., Ph.D., Colum- bia University H. Reid Montgomery, 1978, Instructor in Religion A.B., Elon College; B.D., Union Theological Semi- nary, Virginia; S.T.M., New York Theological Semi- nary; Graduate Studies; New York University Doreen K. Moore, 1981, Instructor; Public Services Librarian B.A., Ramapo College; M.A., Teachers College, Columbia University; M.L.S., Rutgers University Patricia Sue Morgan, 1983, Assistant Professor; As- sociate Dean of Student Affairs B.S., Mars Hill; M.A., Appalachian State University Voigt F Morgan, 1963, Associate Professor of Biol- ogy A.B., Elon College; M.A. Appalachian State Univer- sity; Graduate Studies, Duke University T William Morningstar, Jr., 1972, Assistant Professor of Physical Education and Health; Men ' s Head Bas- ketball Coach; Golf Coach A.B., Elon College; M.A., Lynchburg College James T. Morris, Jr., 1983, Part-time Instructor in So- ciology B.A., St. Martins College; M.A., Pacific Lutheran University; Ph.D. candidate, University of North Carolina at Greensboro Whitney P. Mullen, 1970, Associate Professor of Sci- ence Education; Chairman, Department of Physical Sciences B.S.Ed., Glassboro State College; M.Ed., D.Ed., Duke University William Robert Nowell, 1981, Assistant Professor of Communications B.A., University of North Carolina; M.S., North- western University; Ph.D. candidate, Indiana Uni- versity E. Eugene Oliver, 1981, Associate Professor of Ac- counting A.B., M.B.A., George Washington University; Ed.D., University of North Carolina at Greensboro Marjon B. Ornstein, 1 982, Assistant Professor of For- eign Languages B.A., Guilford College; M.A., Middlebury College, France; Ph.D., University of Wisconsin at Madison James H. Pace, 1973, Assistant Professor of Religion A.B., Birmingham-Southern College; M.Div., Ph.D., Emory University Susan P. Phillips, 1 980, Instructor; Coordinator of Ca- reer Development and Placement B.A., Salem College; M.A., Appalachian State Uni- versity Barbara T Plumblee, 1979, Part-time Instructor in Biology A.B., Elon College; M.S., University of North Caroli- na Anne Ponder, 1977, Assistant Professor of Commu- nications and English; Director of Academic Hon- ors Programs A.B., M.A., Ph.D., University of North Carolina James B. Powell, 1977, Adjunct Associate Professor of Allied Health B.A., Virginia Military Institute; M.D., Duke Univer- sity 177 R.D. Rao, 1969. Associate Professor of Biology: Co- ordinator of Radiologic Technology B.S., Osmania University; IVI.S.. Ph.D.. North Caro- lina State University Janie C. Reece. 1954, Part-time Assistant Professor of Mathematics A.B., M.Ed., University of North Carolina Leia Faye Rich, 1 977, Assistant Professor of History; Associate Director of Academic Advising B.A., Wake Forest University: M.A.T., Duke Univer- sity William G. Rich. 1977. Associate Professor of Reli- gion B.A.. Wake Forest University; B.D., Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Ph.D.. Emory Uni- versity Gerardo Rodriguez, 1982, Part-time Assistant Pro- fessor of Spanish M.A., Normal Superior Benavente, Pueblo, Mexico: Ph.D., University of Madrid. Spam Elizabeth D. Russell, 1982, Part-time Instructor in English B.A., Vanderbilt University: M.A., Texas Christian University Allen B. Sanders, 1965, Professor of Business Ad- ministration and Accounting B.S.. West Virginia University: M.B.A., The George Washington University: C.M.A., Ph.D., University of North Carolina Gayle W. Scott, 1 979, Assistant Professor of Medical Laboratory Technology: Director, Medical Labora- tory Technician Program A. A., Emory-at-Oxford College, B.S., Medical Col- lege of Georgia: M.Ed., University of Georgia; M.T., ASCP William G. Sharpe, IV, 1 980, Assistant Professor; Col- lege Chaplain; Coordinator of Personal Counseling A.B.. M.Div., Duke University Martin L. Shotzberger, 1980, Jefferson-Pilot Profes- sor of Business Administration B.S.B.A., M.S.B.A., University of Richmond: Ph.D., Ohio State University: LL.D.. University of Rich- mond Law rence H. Simon, 1976, Associate Professor of Education B.A., M.A.T., University of North Carolina: Ed.D., University of North Carolina at Greensboro Martha B. Smith, (1964 ' ), 1970, Professor of English A.B.. Winthrop College: M.A., Presbyterian School of Christian Education; M.A.. Ph.D., University of North Carolina JoAnne C. Soiiday, 1980, Assistant Professor; Asso- ciate Director of Admissions B.A., West Virginia Wesleyan College: M.Ed., Uni- versity of North Carolina Dixie L. Sparrow, 1980, Part-time Instructor in Busi- ness Administration B.A., Eureka College; M.B.A., Mankato State Uni- versity Joyce E. Speas, 1978, Assistant Professor of Math- ematics B.A., Mars Hill College; M.Ed., University of North Carolina at Greensboro John G. Sullivan, 1970, Professor of Philosophy B.A., M.A., Catholic University; J. CD., Lateran University; Ph.D., University of North Carolina George A. Taylor, 1979, Assistant Professor of Politi- cal Science and Public Administration B.S., Baptist College of Charleston: M.A., Ph.D., University of Georgia 178 Michael A. Taylor, 1978, Assistant Professor of For- eign Languages B.A., M.A.. Phd., University of North Carolina Barbara H. Thornton, 1981, Instructor in Medical Laboratory Technology B.S., Georgia State College for Women; M.Ed., University of North Carolina: M.T., ASCP Jerry R. Tolley, 1967, Associate Professor of Physical Education and Health: Director of Annual Fund B.S., M.A., East Carolina University: Ed.D., Univer- sity of North Carolina at Greensboro James T. Toney, 1960, Associate Professor of Eco- nomics B.S., M.A., Appalachian State University; Gradu- ate Studies, Teachers College, Columbia Universi- ty; University of Colorado, Memphis State Univer- sity Carole W. Troxler, 1971, Associate Professor of His- tory A.B., University of Georgia; M.A., Ph.D., University of North Carolina George W. Troxler, 1971, Professor of History A.B., Guilford College: M.A., Ph.D., University of North Carolina Gary R. Van Dam, 1982, Instructor in Physical Educa- tion and Health; Assistant Football Coach; Track Coach A. A., Grand Rapids Community College; B.S.. M.A.. Central Michigan University Whitney G. Vanderwerff, 1982. Assistant Professor of English: Director of Composition A.B.. Hollins College: MAT., Converse College; Ph.D., University of North Carolina at Greensboro Ann J. Vickers, 1966, Assistant Professor; Catalog Librarian A.B., Elon College: M.L.S., University of North Carolina Bruce N. Waller, 1978, Assistant Professor of Philos- ophy: Chairman, Department of Philosophy B.A., Louisiana Technical University; M.A., Ph.D., University of North Carolina Frederic T. Watts, Jr., 1972 Associate Professor of Political Science; Chairman, Department of Social Sciences B.S., University of Nebraska; M.S., The George Washington University; Ph.D., University of South Carolina Linda T. Weavil, 1973, Assistant Professor of Busi- ness Education and Business Administration: Di- rector of Cooperative Education B.S., M.A., East Carolina University, Ed.D., Univer- sity of North Carolina at Greensboro Jane C. Wellford, 1976. Part-time Instructor in Phys- ical Education and Fine Arts B.FA.. St. Andrews Presbyterian College. M.FA., University of North Carolina at Greensboro Walter Westafer, 1963, Professor of Music B.Mus., Syracuse University: M.Mus., Cincinnati Conservatory of Music; Ph.D., University of North Carolina John W. Wheeler, 1978, Assistant Professor of Ac- counting B.A., Central Wesleyan College: M.A., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Alan J. White (1964 ), 1974, Professor of Physical Education and Health; Athletic Director B.S., Wake Forest University: M.Ed., University of North Carolina: Ed D., Mississippi State University Jack 0. White, 1962, Professor of Music: Director the Band B.S., Concord College; M.Ed., University of Nor Carolina: D.A., New York University M. Christopher White, 1972, Professor of Religio Dean of Academic Affairs A.B., Mercer University; M.Div., Southern Bapti Theological Seminary: Ph.D., Emory University Dorothy M. Williams, 1978, Instructor in Mathematu B.S., Westhampton College, University of Ric mond; MAT., Duke University Jo W. Williams. 1 969. Associate Professor of Educ tion; Vice President for Development A.B., Elon College; M.Ed., Ed.D., University North Carolina at Greensboro Paul D. Williams, Jr., 1977, Assistant Professor Education: Chairman, Department of Educate and Psychology A.B., Lenoir-Rhyne College: M.A., Appalachi, State University: Ph.D., Duke University Teresa L. Wilson, 1981, Instructor; Reference Libr lan B.A., M.S., University of North Carolina Barbara L. Yarborough, 1974, Assistant Professor Physical Education B.S., Winthrop College; MAT., University of Nor Carolina James Fred Young, 1973, Professor of Educatic President A. A., Mars Hill Junior College; B.S., Wake Fore University: M.A., University of North Carolir Ed.D., Columbia University: Graduate Studies, A palachian State University; East Carolina Univer ty; University of Virginia Judith T. Young, 1981, Part-time Instructor in Engli B.S., Queens College, Charlotte; M.A., Univers of North Carolina at Charlotte Rudolph T. Zarzar. 1967. Associate Professor of F litical Science A.B., M.A.. Ph.D.. University of North Carolina Administrative Officers and Staff James Fred Young. A. A.. B.S.. M.A.. Ed.D.. Preside Evelyn S. Campbell, Secretary to the Office of t President Robert C. Baxter, A.B., J.D., College Attorney Alonzo L. Hook, A.B., M.A., M.S., Sc.D., Dean Eme tus William G. Sharpe, IV, A.B., M.Div., Chaplain Nan P. Perkins, B.A., M.A., Director of Communic tions W.E. Butler, Jr., A.B., C.RM.. Assistant Treasurei Academic Affairs M. Christopher White. A.B., M.Div., Ph.D., Vice Pre dent for Academic and Student Affairs, Dean Academic Affairs Martha H. Tingen, Secretary to the Vice President I Academic and Student Affairs W. Jennings Berry, Jr., A.B., M.A., Director of Ac demic Advising LeIa Faye Rich, B.A., M.A.T., Associate Director Academic Advising Patricia S. Hunt. B.A., Secretary, Pre-Majors Anne Ponder, A.B., M.A., Ph.D., Director of Acaden Honors Program William F Migniuolo. A.B.. Coordinator of Acaden Skills Linda T Weavil. B.A.. M.A.. Ed.D.. Director of Coc erative Education Janice J. Wright. Secretary to the Director of Coops ative Education George R. Lentz, Jr., B. A., M.Ed., Director of Contir ing Education ietty M. Covington, A. A., Secretary to the Director of Continuing Education .earning Resources lummer Alston Jones, Jr.. B.M., M.S., Head Librar- ian Director of Learning Resources leien S. Kirchen, B.S., M.S.L.S., Associate Director of Learning Resources nn J. Vickers. B.A., M.L.S., Catalog Librarian Bonnie L. Keller, B.A.. M.A., Assistant Reference Catalog Librarian toreen K. Moore, B.A., M.A., M.L.S., Public Services Librarian reresa L. Wilson, B.A., M.L.S., Reference Librarian ' riscilla L. Hawortfi, B.S., M.A., Public and Tutorial Services Coordinator largaret Jobe, B.S., M.R.E., Assistant Public Ser- vices Librarian 3ayle Fisfiel, A.B., Media Production Specialist ;hris Fulkerson, B.A., Media Tectinician .ydia I. Berry, Catalog Clerk Helene K. Ellis, Public Services Assistant Carolyn S. Marion, Catalog Typist Darol S. Pace, A. A., B.A., M.C.E., Acquisitions Clerk gnes S. Reiber, Catalog Clerical Assistant yiargaret Zang, B.S., Secretary Acquisitions Assis- tant Student Affairs William G. Long, A.B., M.A., M.Div., Dean of Student Affairs Ellen F. Gagnon, Secretary to tfie Dean of Student Affairs =ionald A. Klepcyk, B.S., M.Ed., Associate Dean of Student Affairs =at S. Morgan, B.S., M.A., Associate Dean of Stu- dent Affairs Slaola F Fearrington, Secretary to thie Office of Stu- dent Affairs William G. Sharpe, IV, A.B., M.Div., Coordinator of Personal Counseling Susan R Phillips, B.A., M.A., Director of Career De- velopment and Placement William L. Clarke, Jr., A. A., B.S., M.Ed., Director of Student Activities Nancy P. Robinson, B.A., M.A., Area Coordinator Suzanne F Stevens, B.A., M.Ed., Area Coordinator Sophie M. Wisniew(ski, B.S., M.A., Area Coordinator Philip R. Mann, M.D., College Physician Charles W. Phillips, Jr., M.D. Associate College Phy- sician Mary Jane Salter, R.N., College Nurse Betty S. Smith, College Nurse Karen R. Garden, A.B., Director of Intramural Athlet- ics Admissions and Financial Aid Marydell R. Bright, A.B., M.Ed., Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid; Director of Admissions Barry Simmons, A.B., Director of Financial Aid; As- sistant Director of Admissions Thelma Cheek, Secretary, Admissions and Financial Aid Wayne Bowery, A.B., Associate Director of Admis- sions Barry Bradberry, A.B., M.Ed., Associate Director of Admissions JoAnne C. Soliday, B.A., M.Ed., Associate Director of Admissions Jacqueline P. Matlock, Assistant Director of Admis- sions John M. Sadler, A.B., Associate Director of Admis- sions Scott Stevenson, A.B., Assistant Director of Admis- sions Kathleen Spelman, A.B., Admissions Counselor Cindy Sykes, A.B., Assistant Director of Financial Aid Nancy Williams, B.A., Receptionist, Admissions and Financial Aid Marsha Boone, Admissions and Data Entry Clerk Debra Parrish, A.A.S., Student Payroll Clerk Fran Reed, Word Processing Supervisor Yvette Tinnin, Word Processing Clerk Registrar ' s Office Mark R. Albertson, B.B.A., Registrar Jerri Hollovi ay, Assistant Registrar Jane T. Fov der, Assistant to the Registrar for Statisti- cal Analysis Cindy Tickle, Secretary to the Registrar Cheryl Petty, Registration-Graduation Clerk Denise Currie, Data Entry Operator Becky Harris, Records Clerk Development Office Jo Watts Williams, A.B., M.Ed., Ed.D., Vice President for Development Mary Elizabeth McCauley, Secretary to the Vice President for Development Shirley Cravi ford, Secretary to Development Office Louise G. Nev ton, Secretary to Development Office (PRIDE II) Clyde L. Fields, B.A., M.Div., D.D., Director of Church Relations Timothy H. McDov ell, A.A.S., B.A.S., Director of Community Relations Brank Proffitt, B.S,. M.A., Ph.D., Director of Planned Giving Jerry R. Tolley, B.S., M.A., Ed.D., Director of Annual Giving J. King White, A.B., Director of Alumni and Parent Programs Emma D. Lewis, Secretary, Gift Records and Re- search Mona S. Gunn, Data Entry Clerk Business Affairs John F Mitchell, A.B., M.B.A., Vice President for Ad- ministrative Services Gail B. Alston, B.A., Personnel Officer, Secretary to the Vice President for Administrative Services Lorraine M. Allen, A.B.. Chief Accountant Susie B. Sanford, A.B., Accountant Faye D. Conally, Secretary to the Accounting Office Doris L. Maney, Head Cashier Karen L. Hughes, Assistant Cashier Marilyn E. Collins, Clerk, Cashier ' s Office Judy N. Thomas, Clerk, Cashier ' s Office Margaret G. Clapp, Accounts Payable Clerk Cindy G. Baise, Accounts Payable Data Entry Clerk Betty S. Maffeo, NDSL Collections Kathy M. Ball, Payroll Clerk Jane M. Carrico, B.S., Disbursements Supervisor C. Conway Bayliff, Jr., A.B., Directorof Auxiliary Ser- vices Faye Y. Dennis, Campus Shop Manager Vickie S. Martin, Purchasing Officer Susie A. Adklns, Purchasing Clerk William David Wall, B.A., Director of Computer Ser- vices Susan A. Andrews, B.A., M.M., Computer Program- mer Rhonda A. Belton, A.A.S., Computer Operator Athletic Affairs Alan J. White, B.S., M.Ed., Ed.D., Directorof Athletics Wright Anderson, B.A., M.A.T., Head Football Coach Martin H. Baker, B.S., M.S., Athletic Trainer Stephen Ballard, B.S., M.A., Soccer Coach, Sports Information Director Karen R. Garden, A.B., Women ' s Tennis Coach, Women ' s Volleyball Coach Lonnie Mack Garden, A.B., M.A., Assistant Football Coach Doris Gilliam, Secretary to the Department of Athlet- ics Lou F Harper, Secretary to the Departme nt of Athlet- ics Charles A. Griffin, A. A., B.S., M.A., Assistant Football Coach, Assistant Track Coach Mary F Jackson, B.S., M.Ed., Women ' s Basketball Coach, Women ' s Softball Coach Donald J. Kelly, A.B., M.A., Associate Football Coach Robert D. McBee, B.A., M.S., Ph.D., Baseball Coach T. William Morningstar, A.B., M.A., Men ' s Head Bas- ketball Coach, Golf Coach Daniel B. Morrison, B.S., M.Ed., Assistant Athletic Director, Tennis Coach, Assistant Basketball Coach Gary R. VanDam, A. A., B.S., M.A., Track Coach, As- sistant Football Coach Kyle Wills, A.B., Supervisor of Athletic Facilities Physical Plant Larry B. McCauley, Sr., A.B., M.A., Directorof Phys- ical Plant Donna H. DeWoody, Secretary to the Director of Physical Plant Warren R. Jeffreys, Supervisor of Carpentry, Paint, Keys Allen Smith, Plant Engineer Margie O ' Connell, Executive Housekeeper Lloyd Routh, Supervisor of Grounds Paul Holt, Electrician Retired Faculty and Administration Eloise Baynes, A.B., M.A., Assistant Professor of Foreign Languages Edith R. Brannock, A.B., M.Ed., Assistant Professor of Home Economics Kostas V. Cepas, A.B., L.L.M., J.S.D., Associate Pro- fessor of Foreign Languages Daniel Feinberg, B.B.S., M.A., Ph.D., Professor of Business Administration Betty K. Gerow, A.B., M.A., Associate Professor of English Mildred Haff, A.B., M.A., Assistant Professor of Mathematics Rachel Y. Holt, A.B., M.Ed., M.A., Assistant Professor of History Alfred W. Hurst, A.B., M.A., B.D., D.D., Assistant Pro- fessor of Religion S. Carlysle Isley, A.B., Special Assistant to the Presi- dent C. Gilbert Latham, B.S., M.S., Associate Professor of Psychology and Sociology Mattie Lee S. Lee, A.B., Assistant Librarian Frances C. Longest, A.B,, M.Ed., Associate Profes- sor of Business Education Eleanor W. Moffett, A.B., M.Ed., Ph.D., Professor of English C. Fletcher Moore, A.B., M.A., D.Litt., Professor of Piano and Organ James H. Overton, A.B., B.D., Ph.D., Professor of Religion T.E. Perkins, B.S., M.Div., M.Ed., M.S. in L.S., Librar- ian Mary Ellen Priestley, B.S., M.A., Ph.D., Professor of English and Communications S.E. Gerard Priestley, B.S., S.T.M., B.S., M.A., Ph.D., M.S.Sc, W.A. Harper Professor of History and Po- litical Science Paul S. Reddish, A.B., M.A., Professor of Biology Howard R. Richardson, A.B., M.A., Ed.D., Professor Emeritus of Education Bessie P Sloan, A.B., M.A., Assistant Professor of Spanish William W. Sloan, A.B., B.D., Ph.D., L.H.D., Professor of Bible and Religious Education Durward T. Stokes, A.B., M.A., Ph.D., Professor of History Lucille C. Stone, A.B., M.Ed., Associate Professor of Education Arnold C. Strauch, B.S., M.A., Ed.D., Professor of Education W.B. Terrell, A.B., Alumni Secretary Jeanne F Williams, B.S., M.S., Associate Professor of Statistics and Mathematics 179 Aardema. Nora L. ' 903b Wooaland Avenue Burlmglon, NC 27215 Abelman, Ellen G 3520 Winding Way Durham NC 27707 Adams. DetxJrah L 1723 Atlonshire Dfive, Greensboro. NO 27410 Adams. Edward H. 1833 Tenth Street Blvd N W . Hickory. NC 28601 Adcock. MiilioenI B. PO Box 98, Roxboro. NC 27573 Addison. Eleanor B. 6406 South Homestake Drive Bowie. MD 20715 Agner. David 0. PO Box 313 Graham, NC 27253 Agner. Margaret C. 501 Martin Avenue Graham, NC 27253 Agner. Ruth H 413 Martin Avenue Graham, NC 27253 Agnew. Robin E. PO Box 321 Haw River. NC 27258 Agnew. Samuel A 1804 Meadowbrook Drive, Wmston-Saiem. NC 27104 Aikins. William R. 432 Hawthorne Drive Danville, VA 24541 Akers. Kimberly M 403 South Road Baltimore, MD 21208 Albright. Mark F, Route 2 Box 218 Ramseur, NC 27316 Alderman. Nancy A 2909 Armlield Avenue. Burlington, NC 27215 Alexander, Tracy L 1 1 16 Rockbridge, Norfolk, VA 23508 Alexander. William D. Rl 3 Box 486 A Virginia Ave Rockingham. NC 28379 Allen. Claude S. 2136 Westover Roanoke, VA 24015 Allen. Corene M. 308 Denny Circle. Graham, NC 27253 Allen. Jonathan W. 6024 North Dakota Avenue N W , Washington. DC 20011 Allen. Keith J. 219 Hamilton Road Marlton, NJ 08053 Allen. Mike A Route 9 Box 213 Reidsville NC 27320 Allen. Myra H. 907 Country Club Drive Reidsville, NC 27320 Allred. Jay W. 51 1 Baldwin Road Burlington NC 27215 Alston. Cynthia C. Route 3 Box 47 B. Piltsboro. NC 27312 Alston. Gail B 2308 WesI Webb Avenue. Burlington, NC 27215 Alston. Mary D. Route 3 Box 48-A Piltsboro. NC 27312 Alston, Peggy M. PO Box 428, Littleton, NC 27850 Altmaier, Peter S, 214 Rowland Park Blvd Wilmington DE 19803 Altman, Marcey A. 7800 South West 133 Terrace Miami. FL 33156 Alvis Keaton L 1001 Godwin Avenue Chesapeake VA 23324 Ambler. Michael J. Route 5, Box 27, Amherst VA 24521 Ambrose. Paul J. 3813 Pme Lakes Drive Myrtle Beach, SC 29577 Amos. Esker E 1609 Valleywood PI High Point NC 27260 Anderson. Betty R. 403 Trail Four Burlington NC 27215 Anderson. Mary A 403 Trail Four Burlington, NC 27215 Anderson. Richard S 1588 Forest Villa Lane, McLean, VA 22101 Anderson. Rodney M. 520 30th Street, Newport News, VA 23607 Anderson. Teresa N PO Box 237 Candler. FL 32624 Anderson. William R 2308 Richardson Dnve. Reidcville, NC 27320 Andraos. Grace M. 727 Apt E Greenhaven Drive. Greensboro. NC 27406 Andrew. William C. 336 Anila Drive Winston Salem NC 27104 Andrews. Barry D. 3521 Old Julian Road Whilselt NC 27377 Andrews. Bryan S Route 12 Box 175N. Morganlon NC 28655 Andrews. Douglas B 5206 Holly Ridge Road. Greensboro. NC 27405 Andrews. Mary Kay 3205 Spalding Drive Dunwoody. GA 30338 Andrews. Melvin H. 2535 Oakcrest Court, Burlington, NC 27215 Andrews, Susan L. 3701 Brandywine Dr, Greensboro, NC 27410 Angel, Kenneth C, 608 Hawlhore St . High Point, NC 27262 Angelastn. Lisa M. 6104 Harmon Place Springfield. VA 22152 Anthony Del Ray L. 4107 Orchid Drive, Winston-Salem, NC 27105 Anthony. Jon E 4 Rosweil Court Greensboro, NC 27408 Apostolopoulos. Virginia B. 2915 Blanche Dnve, Burlington. NC 27215 Appel. Andrew R PO Box 705 Purcellville. VA 22132 Apple. Jonathan L. Route 10 Box 454, Burlington NC 27215 Apple, Michael D. Rt 10 Box 354 Burlington NC 27215 Apple, Sharon D, 3922 High Rock Road, Gibsonville NC 27249 Apple Stacey D 5908 Trotting Course Lane. Gibsonville. NC 27249 Apple. Tammy Lin Carolina Street, Swepsonville NC 27253 Apple, Walter T 513 Fountain Place, Burlington, NC 27215 Applin. Fred C PO Box 657. Roseboro, NC 28382 Arey. Jamie L. Route 3. Box 124. Liberty, NC 27298 Armour, Randall C. 44 Seminole Avenue, Claymont DE 19703 Arnelt. Norman R. 7517 Chancellor Way, Spnngfield, VA 22153 Arnold. John 6 The Concourse, Albany, NY 12203 Arnold. Richard N. Route 1 Box 512. Moneta. VA 24121 Arnold. Shirley A 305 North Sellars Mill Road. Burlinglon. NC 27215 Arrington. Curtis D Route 1 Box 154 Nelson. VA 24580 Arris. David A 680 Thalia Point Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23452 Arrowood, Tina M 2915 Amherst Avenue Burlington. NC 27215 Aniey. Meianie S. PO Box 865 Eton College, NC 27244 Arvidson. Eric P 5515 Pelham Road. Durham, NC 27713 Ashburn, Amy C 2009 Ryerson Dr , Garner. NC 27529 Ashby. Gina R 819 North Main St Roxboro, NC 27573 Atkins. David G 525 Dogwood Drive, Eden NC 27288 Atwater, Mana J Route l. Box 234, Chapel Hill, NC 27514 Austin. Joseph L. 3723 Greenland Avenue N W . Roanoke, VA 24012 Austin, Kathleen G 1901 Selkirk Drive, Greensboro NC 27410 Austin. Teresa L 718 Ward St Graham NC 27253 Avent. John G 104 Page Street. Franklin, VA 23851 Avent. Jr . Michael D 343 Fairfax Dnve. Winston Salem. NC 27104 Aycock. Patricia A Route 4 Box 222, Mebane, NC 27302 Aydlett. Journeay D Box 365 Shiloh, NC 27974 Ayer. III. Henry W. 233 Cedar Road Poquoson. VA 23662 Ayers. James E 1315 Rugby Road Charlottesville, VA 22903 Ayers. Lisa R PO Box 356 Marion, NC 28752 Ayersman. Jeffrey E 224 Clubhouse Drive Roanoke. VA 24019 Az2arellt. Janet L. 2612 Samara Dr , Tampa FL 33618 B Babb. Brian K. 3412 Freemason Drive Portsmouth. VA 23703 Backus. David L Fox Hill Road Cato NY 13033 Badger, Beverly Y 103 Harper Street Garner, NC 27529 Badgett, Eric V 3 Cameron Street Walnut Cove NC 27052 Baicy III. Thomas W Box 177 Stony Creek. VA 23682 Bailey. Sheila S. PO Box 441 Stafford. VA 22554 Baird. David C. 418 Rutherglen Drive Gary, NC 27511 Baker. Abby L. 400 Island Way Apt 1004 Clearwater Beach, FL 33515 Baker. Laura L. Route 3 Box 448 Graham NC 27253 Baker, William R 2005 Rendall Street Burlington NC 27215 Balberde. Jeffrey T. 5415 Governor Yeardley Dnve, Fairfax VA 22032 Baldwin. Carole A. 5144 Westpath Way Bethesda MD 20816 Ballard, Janet L Route 5 Box 321 Chapel Hill NC 27514 Barbee. Jana R 415 Glen Raven Road. Burlington NC 27215 Barbee. Paul S 4821 Mandan Rd Virginia Beach VA 23462 Barber. Kenneth H. 4i5 Londonberry Road, Atlanta, GA 30327 Barbour, Jacques E. 402 Trail 4 Burlington NC 27215 Barcalow. Whitley B. 108-81st Street Virginia Beach VA 2345W Bare, Carolyn M. Route 1, Box 189 Grumpier, NC 28617 Bare. Joi L- 301 Lindley Road. Greensboro NC 27410 Bare, Ronald J. Route l. Box 189, Grumpier NC 28617 Barham. Robin A. 1412 Princess Anne Dnve, Raleigh, NC 27507 Barnes, Alonzo M. 1325 West Davis Street Burlington NC 27215 Barnett. Vickey C. Route 5. Box 13-5, Mebane NC 27302 Barnwell. Judith C. 1626 Melody Lane, Burlington NC 27215 Barrett. Kevin J. 1808 View Top Circle. Annapolis. MD 21401 180 Directory Barrett. Kimberly L. 1802 Viewtop Court, Annapolis, MD 21401 Barrett. Lee E 3260 Nonh Ohio Street Arlington. VA 22207 Barrett. Michael W. Route 6 Box 296. Burlington. NC 27215 Barringer. Joel PO Box 362, Eton College, NC 27244 Barringer. Peter S 13411 Kingsmill Road. Midlothian, VA 23113 Barringer. Theresa Y. Box 5802, Spnngwood Ave Gibsonville NC 27249 Barrow. Kevin N, 1627 Lakewood Drive, High Point. NC 27260 BartenfielO. John D. 1706 Verdon Drive. Greensboro. NC 27410 Bartlett. Norman C, 430 Bnarlea Rd , Winston Salem. N C 27104 Bartlinski. Joseph A. PO Box 794. Longwood. FL 32750 Bads, Danny L 301 Lewis Street, Box 2218 Gibsonville. NC 27249 Basden. Mabel M 2164 S Gurney Street Burlington, NC 27215 Basirico. Paula P 2631 Catherine Drive, Burlington. NC 27215 Baskett. Cedell. A. fit 1 Box 45 Manson NC 27553 Bason. Jr . George S. Route 3, Box 470, Graham NC 27253 Bass, Daniel C 1612 Hawthorne Lane, Burlington. NC 27215 Batchelor. Brian E. Route 1 Box 15 K, Bryans Rd , MD 20616 Batchelor. Robert T. 31 Ocean Beach Road. Ml Maunganul, New Zealand Batchelor. William R, 3406 Hawthorne Road. Rocky Mount, NC 27801 Bates. Derek L 16736 Frontenac Terrace Derwood MD 20855 Baits. Jonathan A 624 Biscayne Drive WesI Palm Beach, FL 33401 Bauer, Kristina B 504 Washington Ave , Haddonfield. NJ 08033 Baughn. Jessy D Route l Box 360 Stoneville NC 27048 Bauman. Christopher E. 724 Tamaques Way Westlield. NJ 07090 Baumann. Rebecca L 10703 Howerton Avenue. Fairfax. VA 22030 Baxter. Frederick E. Route 2. Box 59 B, Muddy Creek Road Clemmons NC 27012 Baylock. Corlette T, 1100 N 20th Street, Camden, NJ 08105 Baynes. Rhonda C. 633 Holly Street. Burlington. NC 27215 Bazinet. Scott R PO Box 217. Country Club Road. Wadesboro. NC 28170 Beard, Jane L 306 Dominion Road Portsmouth, VA 23701 Beauvais. Sheila M. Route 2, Box 7 Franklin, VA 23851 BeeOe. Janet L 3524 Mill Pond Road, Charlotte, NC 2821 1 Beebe. Lester C Sanlord. VA 23426 Beheler. Jr . James L, Route 5. Box 465, Roanoke. VA 24014 Beisner. Linda J. 5312 Dorchester Rd . Greensboro. NC 27407 Beitel. Jo-Anne PO Box 873 Eton College. NC 27244 Bell. James D 1305 East Holly Avenue Sterling, VA 22170 Bell. Jo A PO Box 46. Eton College. NC 27244 Bell. Linda J 2102 Huntington Road Burlington, NC 27215 Bell. Monroe P 2212 Lakeview Terrace, Burlington, NC 27215 Bell. Rae E. 2036 Nottingham Lane, Burlington, NC 27215 Bell. Scott M, 2036 Nottingham Lane, Burlington, NC 27215 Belser, Dons V 3909 Blackthorn St , Chevy Chase, MD 20615 Belton. Kimberly D 2828 Forestdale Drive. Burlington. NC 27215 Belton. Rhonda A Rt 2, Box 392 10, Burlington. NC 27215 Belton. Richie D. Route 10 Box 299 A. Burlington. NC 27215 Bennett. Andrew 217 Altondale Avenue. Charlotte. NC 28207 Bennett. Craig R PO Box 952 Reidsville, NC 27320 Bennett. Robin S PO Box 163. Gibsonville. NC 27249 Bennett. William H 1804 North Brunswick Street, Sterling, VA 22170 Bennett. Jr . Thomas A. Route 6. Box 103 8, Mebane NC 27302 Benton, Donna M 3308 Barnstable Court, Raleigh, NC 27612 Benton. Melanie A. 7626 Jackson School Road. Brown Summit NC 27214 Benton. William V. PO Box 1530, Salisbury, MD 21801 Berrier. Lisa K Route 4, Box 234, Lexington, NC 27292 Berry. Vernon R 1325 Mulbern Road Martinsville, VA 24112 Best. Christopher L. 509 Colechester Drive. Knightdale. NC 27545 Best. Sabra S 4908 Prestwick Dr . Fairfax. VA 22030 Bestler. Michael W. lOOl Mulberry Road Martinsville. VA 24112 Besuden. Emily L. 4902 Old Well Road, Annandale, VA 22003 Bickley. Donald W. 2621 Hunlmglon Road. Charlottesville. VA 22901 Billings. Carole L. Route 1. Box 276 38 Burlington, NC 27215 Bines. Timothy Route 3, Box 289, Benneltsville, SC 29512 Binner. James W 1 Oldmill Road. Florham Park. NJ 07932 Bishop. Eric C 720 West Harden Street. Graham, NC 27253 Bivins. Jeannine C. Route 1, Box 278, Burlington, NC 27215 Bivins. Loretta R. 10307 Brandenburg Court, Great Falls, VA 22066 Blaber. Brian R 126 Cedar Lake W, Denville, NJ 07834 Black. Anthony G. 175 Hagen Street. Fort Bragg, NC 28307 Black. Daniel R 3919 Gillette Drive. Wilmington NC 28403 Black. Frederick W. 1744 Erwin Avenue, Burlington. NC 27215 Black. Jeanene L Route 4, Mebane. NC 27302 Black. John P 1608 Harriet Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 Black. Michael T 1109 Fair Street, Burlington, NC 27215 Black. Tracy L PO Box 613. Hayesville NC 28904 Blackwell. Anne B. 410 Homewood Avenue Burlington. NC 27215 Blackwell. Darryl F Route 5. Box 379, Reidsville. NC 27320 Blaesi. Mark A 1413 Falls Church Road, Raleigh, NC 27609 Blair. Eric A 1613 Sunden Court. Mitchellville, MD 20716 Blakey. Lewis H 5606 Massachusetts Ave . Bethesda, MD 20016 Blalock. Michael B. 13716 Hickory Nut Place. Midlothian, VA 23113 Blanchard. Michele W. 413 Jones Street. Graham, NC 27253 Blanchard. Roger W Commerce Street, Box 463, Aulander, NC 27805 Blanco. Shelly L 733 E Haggard Avenue, Apt 4 E Eton College. NC 27244 Blanton. Pamela J 309 Willoughby, Greensboro, NC 27408 Bledsoe. David C 148 Ridgewood Dr , Ml Airy, NC 27030 Blevins. Deana A. Route I. Box 196, Glade Valley NC 28627 Blom. Jean M 2801 Wagner Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 BIythe. Rhonda M, PO Box 69. Whitsell. NC 27377 Boat. Beverly L 733 E Haggard Ave . Apt 3-C, Eton College, NC 27244 Board. Christopher F. 3107 S Mebane Street Burlington, NC 27215 Bobbitt. Hardy K. PO Box 190, Hillsborough, NC 27278 Bobbin. Terry L PO Box 134, Wake Forest NC 27587 Boelte. II. Edwin R. Route 1, Box 139 B. Salemburg. NC 26385 Bolden. Deborah L 161 1 Oklahoma Ave , Burlington. NC 27215 Boldman. Rhonda G. 2208 Hathaway Drive. Greensboro. NC 27408 Bolen. James B 1222 East Mam St , Luray, VA 22835 Boles. Randy L 1605 S Norwood Court, High Point. NC 27262 Boling. Jesse R 300 Homestead Drive, Gary, NC 2751 1 Bollman. Julie 189 Sagamore Drive. Murray Hill. NJ 07974 Bolton, Trudy C 1623 Maple Avenue, Burlington, NC 27215 Bond. Karen A 1 15 Captain John Road, Courtland. VA 23837 Bondurant. Mark T. 5818 Shalotl Court Alexandria, VA 22310 Booker. Donald J Rt 6. Box 635, Reidsville, NC 27320 Booker. Ronald L Route 6. Box 635, Reidsville, NC 27320 Boone. Jackie A Route 4 Box 865 Marion NC 28752 Boone. James E 2340 Pathfinder Circle. Richmond. VA 23229 Boone. Jane M Roule 4 Box 298 A Burlington, NC 27215 Boone. Marsha A 602 North Church Street. Burlington, NC 27215 Booth. Kathy E Route 2 Box 145. Waverly VA 23890 Borrelli. Susan R. 341 Crystal Drive. Bnck. NJ 08723 Borum. Cynthia L, Roule 2 Box 97, Burkeville, VA 23922 Boscia. Ralph A 421 Billingham Dr , Burlington. NC 27215 BostiCk. Jr.. William V. 1819 Sunset Bell, Rockingham, NC 28379 Boswell. Bonnie L. 2759 Cedarwood Dnve, Graham, NC 27253 Boswell. Penny T 913 Askew St . Burlington NC 27215 Botwright. Jr . Gene R. Route 10. Box 594-C, Travis Lane Burlington NC 27215 Bouchard. Michelle C. 1635 First Place, McLean. VA 22101 Boucher. David D. 4708 Middlelon Drive Greensboro, NC 27406 Boucher. Michelle A. 4706 Middlelon Drive Greensboro, NC 27406 Bowers. Tammy D 3502 I Wimberly Lane. Winston Salem. NC 27103 Bowling. Callia L 2132 Westover Dr , Danville, VA 24541 Bowling, Cheryl A, Route 1, Box 459, Milton, NC 27305 Bowling, Susan M. Route 1, Box 203B, Faulkner, MD 20632 Bowman. Linda J. Six Kennedy Drive, Portsmouth. VA 23702 Bowman. Jr . Henry B. Route, 1, Box 561, Julian, NC 27283 Boyd. Gerald W Route 2. Box 201, Lillinglon. NC 27546 Boyd. Robert E 5404 Thompson Circle, Hope Mills, NC 28348 Boyd. Vernie H 2270 Lee Drive. Burlington. NC 27215 Boykins. Roy T, 4000 Spring Meadow Crescent. Chesapeake VA 23321 Boyles. John E 1901 SW 83rd Avenue, Miami, FL 33155 Boyles. Lisa A 136 Whispering Creek Ln Rd , King, NC 27021 Brabham. Danny C 1019 Markham CI SE Roanoke. VA 24014 Bracken. Paul D 402 Main Street Kernersville, NC 27284 Bradley. Richard W. PO Box 6418G, Gibsonville, NC 27249 Bradshaw. Joey L. Route 3, Box 95, Franklin, VA 23851 Brady. Randall L 1 1 Hawthorne Dr , Durham, NC 27712 Brady. Scott D 2309 Woodndge Road, Burlington, NC 27215 Brafford. Eric P Route 1, Box 256, McLeansville, NC 27301 Brame. Joseph I 4602 Peppercorn Place, Midlothian. VA 231 13 Bramley, Douglas M PO Box 86 Pottersville. NJ 07979 Brammer. Mark A PO Box 83 Woolwine VA 24185 Brammer. Patricia L 16516 Killdeer Dr . Rockville. MD 20855 Brandenburg. Kimberly S 133 Westover Drive. Elon College NC 27244 Brandenburg, Paul C. 320 F Cheswick Place, Gary, NC 27511 Brannock. Fred V. 1004 E Willowbrook Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 Braswell. Laura E 500 Plantation Ct X3. Nashville, TN 37221 Braxton. Edward N 433 Overman Drive. Burlington. NC 27215 Bray. Daria J Route 3. Box 437, Elon College, NC 27244 Bray. Ronald G Roule l , Box 579, Launnburg, NC 28352 Breedlove. Pamela D. 6932 Ayers Court, Atlanta. GA 30360 Breeze, Joyce C 1526 Regency Dr , Burlington, NC 27215 Brelslord. Mark D 460 Cedar Lane. Millville, NJ 08332 Brennan. Brian F 1460 South West 8th Avenue. Boca Raton. FL 33432 Brennan. Terence 4 1 Carolina Avenue Island Park. NY 1 1558 Brennan. Thomas D. 54 Roosevelt Place Island Park, NY 11558 Brenner. James P 8510 Tysons Court. Vienna. VA 22180 Bresette. John J 3616 N Street N W . Washington, DC 20007 Brettler. Robert B 734 K Colony Apartments, Burlington, NC 27215 Breza. Marika J 121 Oak Ridge Avenue, Summit, NJ 07901 Bride. Kimberly E 6201 Cromwell Drive. Bethesda, MD 20816 Briere. Gregory A. 229 North Race Street. Slalesvillc NC 28677 Bnggs. Charles R. 3930 King Arthur Court, Winston Salem NC 27104 Briggs. Lisa A. 512 Ward Street. Graham, NC 27253 Bnncefield. Lisa J 13950 Brighton Dam Road, Clarksville, MD 21029 Bristow. Kay P Route 4. Box 281. Burlinglon. NC 27215 Brittain. Jean L. 51 1 Plymouth Avenue, Salisbury. NC 28144 Britz. Tracy L 416 Warlick Street. Jacksonville NC 28540 Broadbridge. Jeffrey V Route 67 A. Bndgewaler. CT 06752 Brock. Edgar S 106 Planlalion Drive, Durham, NC 27712 Brock. Warren L 1843 Park Manor Drive S E , Roanoke. VA 24014 Brockwell. John W. 1691 Wilton Rd , Petersburg, VA 23803 Brodowicz. Michael S 233 White Bridge Road Waynesboro VA 22980 Brogan. Joseph G. Route 1, Box 109, Bentonville, VA 22610 Brooks. Kami L Route 2. Box 127. Burlinglon. NC 27215 Brooks. Michael Ford. 1707 Wedgewood Drive, Graham, NC 27253 Brooks. Richard A. 629 Berkley Place, Virginia Beach, VA 23452 Brooks. Theresa A Rt 2, Box 156, Spotsylvania, VA 22553 Brosnan, Theresa A. 11609 Hitching Post Lane, Rockville, MD 20852 Brothers. Kara D, Route 1. Box 151. Burlington. NC 27215 Broughman. Deborah A. 305 Faindge Drive. Jamestown. NC 27282 Brown. Anthony R. Route 1. Box 71. Tazewell. VA 24651 Brown, Brenda K 621 W Front SI . Apt 3. Burlington, NC 27215 Brown. Carta D. Roule 1, Box 226, Yanceyville, NC 27379 Brown. Christopher 606 North Centennial Avenue. High Point, NC 27260 Brown. Danny R. Route 1, Box 679, Pelham, NC 27311 Brown. Darryl 1233 Peace Square, Virginia Beach, VA 23451 Brown. Dodd A. 44 Topsail Road. Salisbury, NC 28144 Brown, Donna C 1333 Cherry Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 Brown. Jerome Route 3, Box 387, Walnut Cove NC 27052 Brown. Lauren T 1302 Aintree Road, Towson, MO 21204 Brown. Leonard N. Route 7 Box 283. Burlinglon. NC 27215 Brown. Matthew H. 3726 Glenn Road. Durham. NC 27704 Brown. Melihda L. 312 Truilt Drive, PO Box 64. Elon College. NC 27244 Brown. Michael L. 312 Truilt Drive. PO Box 64. Elon College NC 27244 Brown. Pamela G. Route 1. Box 200 A-1. Bennett. NC 27208 Brown. Ralph M. 209 A S Gurney St . Burlinglon, NC 27215 Brown. Rebecca J Route 1. Box 158. Burlington, NC 27215 Brown. Roger H 208 Seward Ave , High Point. NC 27260 Brown. Sandra R. 1509 Hooks Street. Greensboro. NC 27401 Brown. Tanya M Route 2, Box 335, Elon College, NC 27244 Browning. Victoria L. 419 Landennood Lane. Chapel Hill, NC 27514 Bruce. Charles W 2740 Rettig Road Richmond, VA 23225 Bruckler. Jeffrey L 203 Ambassador Drive. Absecon. NJ 08201 Brumble. Michael R. 518 Laurel Drive. Burlington. NC 27215 Brumit. Jams C Darlington School, Rome, GA 30161 Bryant. Mark D Route 1 , Box 266, Elon College, NC 27244 Bryant, Melinda G 308 Harden Street, Burlington, NC 27215 Buchanan, Joan M 509 Shadowbrook Court, Burlington, NC 27215 Buchanan, Valerie D 707 Meadow Drive. Marion, VA 24354 Buck. April L 8808 Lowell SIreet. Bethesda, MD 20817 Buckley. William M. 4101 SIranaver PI , Raleigh NC 27612 Budd. Ronald J 40 N Woodland Ave . Woodbury, NJ 08096 BuH. Scott 1506 Willingham Rd , Richmond VA 23233 Buhl. John D 1734 OIney Road, Falls Church, VA 22043 Bute. James R. 3323 Essex Road, Baltimore, MD 21207 Bullard, James C. 4006 Sedgewood Ln , Greensboro. NC 27407 Bullard. Thomas P Roule 2, Box 181 A, Burlington, NC 27215 Bullock. Lewin A. 3701 Polk Street, Portsmouth, VA 23703 Bulls. Hunter R PO Box 84, Sedley, VA 23878 Bumgarner. Mark F Route 6. Box 279, Burlington, NC 27215 Bunch. Deborah A PO Box 326 Chase City, VA 23924 Bunch. Dwayne A 2520 Baywood Street, Dayton, OH 45406 Bundy. Paul T 1208 Welch Street, Burlington, NC 27215 Burbank. Elizabeth A. 3313 Elk Drive. Burlington. NC 27215 Burch. Amy L 144 West Spring SI . Woodstock. VA 22664 Burch. LTanya T 2616 Ansonia Street, Winston Salem, NC 27105 Burchette. Julia M 4310 Compton Drive, Winston Salem. NC 27107 Burgart. Lon D 1007 Louise Court, Eden. NC 27288 Burgess. Gary J. 808 Chestnut St . Franklin. VA 23851 Burgess. Susan 1003 Chatham Hill Road. Marion, VA 24354 Burke. Geoffrey 1620 Harborough Road, Richmond, VA 23233 Burke, Karen E PO Box 348, Roxboro, NC 27573 Burke. Terence N. 3405 New Castle Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23452 Burkey Lisa A. 203 Pine Ave . Severna Park, MD 21146 Burns. Cathenne M. Route 1, Box 122 B, Burlington, NC 27215 Burns. Christopher P 1022 Ingle Street. Burlinglon, NC 27215 Burns. Teresa L. 2412 Whirlaway Court. Matthews. NC 28105 Burns. Keith E. 4108 Summerglen Dr . Greensboro. NC 27406 Burroughs. Beth A. 9 Hilltop Circle. Brookside. NJ 07926 Burroughs, Brandy S. 11402 Lapham Drive, Oaklor , VA 22124 Burroughs, Elizabeth M. 4524 North 32 Street, Arlington, VA 22207 Burroughs, Tom L 206 North Swing Road, Apt 3, Greensboro, NC 27409 Burton, James R. 251 Cardigan Circle, Lilburn, GA 30247 Burton James W Route 1 , Box 673, South Boston, VA 24592 Burwell, Keith V Route 1, Box 261 B, Wesllield, NC 27053 Bush, Kim R, 502 W Whitselt Street, Graham, NC 27253 Bushman, Scott C, 81 Devonne Drive, Fredericksburg, VA 22401 Butler. Brett A, Route t. Box 105-B, Burlington, NC 27215 Butler. I elody 0, Route 1, Box 263, Reidsville, NC 24320 Butts Diane E. 2505 Glen Burnie Drive, Greensboro, NC 27406 Byard, Jennifer L, 2409 E Still Forest Place Raleigh NC 27607 Byerly, Boyd F Route 8, Box 149, Asheboro, NC 27203 Bynum, Cathryn A 2512 Millwood Ct , Chapel Hill, NC 27514 Byrd, Timothy W, Rt 8. Box 444. Burlington. NC 27215 Caccamo. Frances 8401 Fenwood Drive, Springfield, VA 22152 Caddell, Clay L, 231 Harvest Drive, Charloitesville, VA 22901 Cade. Brent H. Route 4, Box 124-A, Covmglon, VA 24426 Cahill. Christopher J, 824 Colonial Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 Cahlll. James P 824 Colonial Dnve, Burlington, NC 27215 Came, Arlene 6657 Green Ash Drive, Springfield VA 22152 Caison, Chen C, 309 Greg Street, High Point, NC 27263 Caldwell, Margaret D, Route 1, Garber Road, Bellville, OH 44813 Gale. Nancy C Route 8, Box 150, Ivlechanicsville, VA 23111 Callaghan. Thomas 20 Peach Orchard Drive. East Brunswick, NJ 08816 Callahan, Barbara A, 2230 East Mam SI , Millville, NJ 08332 Calton, Laura D, Route 4, Box B6-K, Rutherfordlon, NC 28139 Cameron. John T 5228 Knollwood Drive, Raleigh, NC 27609 Camp, Earl R Box 3409 Garden Road, Burlington, NC 27215 Campbell, Anne E 2222 Canterbury Dr Burlington, NC 27215 Campbell, Laura A. PC Box 1023, Eton College, NC 27244 Campbell, Todd A, 3959 Firestone Road, Kernersville, NC 27284 Camper, Brian L. Rt 2, Box 499, Troulville, VA 24175 Camper, Mark A, 1945 Birch Avenue, Buena Vista, VA 24416 Cancglin, Gary S. 146 Crafton Avenue, Pitman, NJ 08071 Cannon, Steven D, Campus Box 5000, Elon College, Elon College, NC 27244 Cannon, Thomas 3301 Elk Court, Yorktown, NY 10598 Garden, Roger W 35 Hawthorne Drive, Durham, NC 27712 Garden, Tanya L 5207 Stephens Lane Durham, NC 27712 Carlson, Peter C, 56 Lincoln Avenue Florham, Park, NJ 07932 Carlton, Antonio N. Rt 1, Box 72, Boomer, NC 28606 Carney Scott T, 936 Mineral Road Glenville, WV 26351 Carr. Mary K Route 2, Box 228, Nathalie VA 24577 Carretta. John J. 5218 Gnnnell Road, Fairfax, VA 22032 Carrico, Jane M PO Box 973, Elon College, NC 27244 Carroll, Edward L Route 2, 703 Alicia Court, Garner, NC 27529 Carter, Bernadette J. Route 5, Box 140, Burlington, NC 27215 Carter. Eric T. 6102 Wynnwood Road, Bethesda, MD 20816 Carter, Jimmy L. Rt 8, Box 477, Reidsville, NC 27320 Carter, Laurie A, 1425 Carolyn Drive, Virginia Beach, VA 23451 Carter, Wesley L. 1615 Harriet Drive, Burlinglon, NC 27215 Carver, Robert E, 419 Clayton Avenue, Roxboro, NC 27573 Cash, Tamra L Rt 3, Box 552B Fairfax Cir , Madison Heights, VA 24572 Cassada Thomas R, 1304 Friend Ave , South Boston, VA 24592 Castevens, Celia L, PO Box 232. Sparta, NC 28675 Castle, Gerald R. 2070 Greenfield Road, Hagerstown, MD 21740 Gates Donna B, 1713 Tucker St , Burlington, NC 27215 Gates, Samuel K, Route 3, Box 62-E, Eden, NC 27288 Gathcan. Patricia A. 1510 E 1 llh Street, WmstonSalem, NC 27101 Caton. Lynne Route 1. Box 639, Hollywood, MD 20636 Causey, Lynne M, 2315 West From Street, Burlington, NC 27215 Cecil, Dovie J. Route 1, Box 372, Chapel Hill, NC 27514 Cecil, Joan E, Route 1, Box 95, Efland, NC 27243 Ghakales, Susan M, 206 Mooreland Road, Richmond, VA 23229 Chamberlin. Garwood B 5404 Burling Road, Bethesda, MD 20014 Chambers, Jacqueline E. Route 9, Box 156, Burlington, NC 27215 Chandler. Matthew D 3825 Darby Road. Durham, NC 27707 Chaney. Bruce Box 1423 APO, San Francisco, CA 96328 Chaney, Michael H. Route 2 Box 282 B Roxboro, NC 27573 Chapman, John F. 3800 Richardson Place, Fairfax, VA 22030 Chapman, Robert L, 403 Wilson Avenue, Spring Lake, NC 28390 Chatham, Steven G, Route 2, Box 20-A, Eden, NC 27288 Chatkin. Aaron D, 901 Rolling Road, Hagerstown, MD 21740 Cheadle, Mark W, 2844 Longview Avenue S W , Roanoke, VA 24014 Cheek. Cheryl D. 2316-D Huntington Road. Trails End Apts Burlington NC 27215 Cheek, Elizabeth H 625 McGee SI , Graham, NC 27253 Cheek, Shelby W Route 9, Box 117, Burlington, NC 27215 Cheek, Terry S Route 4, Box 359 Burlington, NC 27215 Chenail, William G, 75 Crockett Road, Seatord, Va 23696 Chenault, William R. 7517 Roswell Road, Richmond, VA 23229 Cherry, Jawan R 1 13 Lindsey Drive, Jacksonville, NC 28540 Chew, David P 8709 Pinyon Road, Richmond, VA 23229 Chilton, Michael S 1107 Bragg Road, Fredericksburg, VA 22401 Ghristensen, Todd G. 1 180 Leeward Lane, Vero Beach, FL 32960 Ghristtan, James R, 65 Carrell Road Randolph, NJ 07869 Chung, Hwan H, 261 Coachlight Trail, Burlington, NC 27215 Church, Barry D. 2015 McKinney Street, Burlington, NC 27215 Clagett, John D. 8716 Fort Macon Court, Raleigh, NC 27614 Clapp. Katania M Route 3, Box 55 A, Elon College, NC 27244 Clapp, Lisa D, Route 6, Box 463 B, Greensboro, NC 27405 Clark. Gregory G. 545 Hill Road, Southern Pines, NC 28387 Clark, Robin L, 411 Holly Hill Road Murtreesboro, NC 27855 Clarke. Walter G. % William C Clarke, 70001 Catletl Street. Springfield, VA 22151 Claydon, Michele M, 204 Wheeler Rd , Monroe, CT 06468 Clayton. Ann Route 1, North Crest Heights, Elon College, NC 27244 Clayton. Thomas PB. PO Box 311. Roxboro. NC 27573 Clayton, Timothy R, Route 2, Box 151, Hurdle Mills, NC 27541 Cline, Cynthia A, 1822 St Roman Dnve, Vienna VA 22180 Cline, David B 3304 Dixon Road, Durham, NC 27707 Clough. Susan S 79 Boxley Blvd , Newport News, VA 23602 Clouten, John S 154 E Grove St , Middleboro, MA 02346 Cobb, Lisa B 1339 Springdale Dnve, Burlington, NC 27215 Cobb, Martha M 808 21 si Avenue North, Columbus, MS 39701 Cobb, Steven L. 231 Silverlake Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 Coble, Charles R, 2024 Westover Terrace, Burlington, NC 27215 Coble, Clifton W. 936 Brentwood Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 Coble. Deborah D Route 8, Box 473, Burlington, NC 27215 Coble, Hugh G 228 Silverlake Drive, Burlinglon, NC 27215 Coble, Patrick C. 936 Brentwood Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 Coble, Priscilla J Route 6, Box 316-K, Burtinglon, NC 27215 Cocke, Wendell T. PO Box 96, Monlpelier, VA 23192 Coco. Joe G 58 Blue Jay Lane, Bncklown, NJ 08723 Codelia, Edward A. 508 South Lincoln Avenue, Sterling, VA 22170 Cody, Kelley A, 51 Magnolia Drive, New Providence, NJ 07974 Coffey. Troy C. 2154 Cedar Avenue, Buena Visla, VA 24416 Coffin, Mark R Route 1, Box 746, Haw River, NC 27258 Coffman. William S. 209 Dalebrook Circle. Greenville. NC 27834 Cotino, Eduardo, G. 9601 Byeforde Road, Kensington, MD 20795 Cogan. Beth A. 399 N Fullerton Ave . Monlclair, NJ 07043 Coggin, Karen J 5402 Forest Oaks Dr , Greensboro, NC 27406 Coggin III, Robert M, 5402 Forest Oaks Drive, Greensboro, NC 27406 Coker. Shawn 128 Elm Avenue, Portsmouth, VA 23704 Cole, Fred W Rl 3, Box 1 17 A, Asheboro, NC 27203 Cole, Lisa J. 220 Crestwood Drive, Roxboro, NC 27573 Cole, Michael R 1505 Lakeview Drive, Virginia Beach, VA 23455 Cole, Thomas B 10339 Cherokee Road, Richmond, VA 23235 Coleman. Clay G, 3224 Landon Slreel, Lynchburg, VA 24503 Coleman. Lisa G. Rt 4, Box 349-A, Roxboro, NC 27573 Coleman, Jr,. Ronald D. 506 South Mebane Street, Burlington, NC 27215 Collins Charles L, 4641 Mullens Ford, Charlotte, NC 28211 Collins. Dana M 5821 Wilma Drive. Durham. NC 27712 Collins. David E. 10 Twinkle Road, Suftern, NY 10901 Collins. Gary L. 1509 Guest Street, Greensboro, NC 27405 Collins, William R, 907 Sedgefield Drive, Siler Cily, NC 27344 Colson, Christen J, 101 15 Sunnse Dnve, Stone Harbor, NJ 08247 Comer. Bradley B, 8501 Shadowood Place. Raleigh. NC 27612 Comer. Michael P 2700 Courtney Lane. Gieensboro. NC 27408 Gomo. Carol L. 7702 Hayfield Road, Alexandria, VA 22310 Compton, Amy D 444 Camp Road, Burlington, NC 27215 Compton, David F 513 McGee Street, Graham, NC 27253 Compton. Jeanette W, 501 DuPonI Circle 27, Durham. NC 27705 Conaty, Ann T 806 Seville Avenue, Wilminglon, DE 19809 Cone, Kelendra L 2703 Holly PI Rd E , Orange Park, FL 32073 Conelius. Patrick B 139 Candleslock Lane, Marllon, NJ 08053 Conger. Michael E 6 Vingut Lane, Setauket, NY 1 1733 Conklin, Lisa D 4178 Keck Dnve, Burlington, NC 27215 Conlon, James E 4770 Marlwood Way, Virginia Beach, VA 23462 Conn, Charlotte G- 604 Lake Boone Trail, RIaeigh, NC 27607 Cook, Brenda C Box 6214, 901 Ingle Street, Gibsonville, NC 27249 Cooke, Jr , William R, 232 South Marshall Street, Graham, NC 27253 Coolahan, Michael J, 8 Caro Court, Red Bank, NJ 07701 Coon, Janette A PO Box 530, Manassas, VA 221 10 Cooper, Jeftrey J 535 Grimes Street, Winlerville, NC 28590 Cooper, Marian R Route 3, Box 68, Roxboro, NC 27573 Cooper, Jr , James L, MOO 2200, Camp LeJeune, NC 28542 Copeland. Ralph H. Route 2, Box 1, Reidsville, NC 27320 Gopeland, Tern L 1122 Huntsman Dr , Durham, NC 27713 Corbett, Cassandra A, 41 Spnnglield Drive, Elon College, NC 27244 Corbett. Donnell 128-A Steele Slreel. Box 6118, Gibsonville, NC 27249 Corbett. Todd A. Route 2, Box 154-A, Burlington, NC 27215 Core. David J. 428 South Boulevard. Salisbury, MD 21801 Core, Tonya T, 706 Huffman Mill Road, Apt K-2, Burlington, NC 27215 Cornelius, Sandra Y 5741 Styers Ferry Road, Clemmons, NC 27012 Cornell, Robert C 4406 Bromley Lane, Richmond, VA 23221 Gornett, Amanda E. 1802 Wmdingndge Drive, Richmond, VA 23233 Cosgrove Elizabeth H, 12404 Copenhaver Terrace, Potomac, MD 20854 Costa, Brian A, 5724 Maylin Lane, Ctiarlotte, NC 28210 Costis. Patricia A 4913 Cape Henry Avenue, Nortolk, VA 23513 Costner. Renate A 224 S Marshall St , Graham, NC 27253 Cotter, Kathleen C, 9104 Palton Blvd , Alexandria, VA 22309 Councilman, Kenneth T, 106 Ouail Ridge Drive, Forest, VA 24551 Courtney, Susan B 549 Homewood Avenue, Burlington, NC 27215 Courtney. William B 908 Kunkle Avenue. Greensburg. PA 15601 Cousin. Ida R, 436 Dudley Street, Burlington, NC 27215 Coveney, Martin R 1344 Long St , Burlinglon, NC 27215 Covington Betty M PO Box 945, Ball Park Avenue, Elon College, NC 27244 Covington, Raymond P PO Box 2336, Sanlord, NC 27330 Covington. Thomas L. Route 1. Box 206. Mebane. NC 27302 Cowan, Carl E. PO Box 109, Waverly VA 23890 Cowan, Cathy W 214 Aloha Drive, Graham, NC 27253 Cowherd. Stephen A. 221 Woods Ream Drive, Raleigh, NC 27609 Cox, Barry G, 1663 Mountain Hgis Drive, Salem, VA 24153 Cox, David B. IC Founlainview Circle, Greensboro, NC 27405 Cox, Janice M. 4801 Edmborough, Greensboro, NC 27506 Coyne, Christopher J, 38 Exeter Road, EasI Windsor, NJ 08520 Cozart, Patrick K, 810 Frank Street, Roxboro, NC 27573 Cozort. Ill, Stuart L Route 1, Box 196-3, Troy NC 27371 Crabbs Thomas E 812 Archer Drive, Virginia Beach, VA 23452 Crabtree. Lynda S. 2116 Whitsett Street. Burlington. NC 27215 Grace. Susan M 540 Long Avenue, Chesapeake, VA 23320 Craltdts, Ann L 2941 Carollwood Drive, Winston-Salem, NC 27103 Crane. Christina K. 85 Wilkie Way, Fletcher, NC 28732 Cranford, Vaden W, 423 A Kernodle Drive, Graham, NC 27253 Craven, Jo A Route 1, Box 554, Franklinvillle, NC 27248 Crawford, Barry D. 2520 Wall Drive Burlinglon, NC 27215 Crawford. Donna D 206 McKinley Place. Ridgewood. NJ 07450 Crawford. John R 242 Whealley Road, Danville. VA 24540 Cretel, Elizabeth A 36 Northwestern Ave , Butler, NJ 07405 Crissman, Kelly S. 620 E Harden Street, Graham, NC 27253 Crite, Deborah A, 1478 Rankin Mill Road, McLeansville, NC 27301 Crook. Bryan D 3107 S Mebane Street, Burlington, NC 27215 Crooks, Thomas J 1512 McCullough Lane, Virginia Beach, VA 23454 Crosby, James G 603 Ashburn Street, High Point, NC 27260 Cross. Derek A. 1904 Lamont Circle. Greensboro. NC 27405 Crotts. Amanda J. Route 7, Box 2, Lexington, NC 27292 Crowder, Lauri S 32 Pine Drive, Roanoke Rapids, NC 27870 Grum. Joel A, 104 Bndle Run, Chapel Hill, NC 27514 Grusan. Chris A, 10165 Leafy Way Orlando FL 32809 Culberson, Barry L, 44 West lOlh Street, Siler City, NC 27344 Culverhouse, Susan A, 408 Edney Ridge Road, Greensboro. NC 27408 Cummings, Denise M, 3202 Brookmede Road, Ellicott, MD 21043 Currie. Jeryl D, 1217 Melrose Drive, Burlinglon, NC 27215 Currin, Gregory S, 864 Park Avenue, Henderson, NC 27536 Gurry, Diannah C PO Box 4072, Burlington, NC 27215 Curtis. James M, PO Box 1 132, Elon College, NC 27244 Curtis, Neville E, 507 Westbrook Ave , Box 788, Elon College, NC 27244 Cuthben, Eric R. 1607 Turnbridge Drive, Richmond, VA 23233 Cyrus, Lorraine Route 9, Box 197, Burlington, NC 27215 Czagas, Matthew F Rt 9, Box 240, Burlington, NC 27215 D DAIessandro. Lisa K, 6902 Lavant Drive, Spnnglield, VA 22152 Daccach. Carlos PO Drawer 850, Burlington, NC 27215 Daccach. Sandra PO Box 850, Burlington, NC 27215 Dahir, Ahda J 401 Chesapeake Drive, Great Falls, VA 22066 Dalton. Michael H 3610 Castlebury Drive, Chester, VA 23831 Dalton, Ronald J. 301 Reckord Road, Fallslon, MD 21047 Daly. Kevin S- Route 3. Box 62-L, Eden, NC 27288 Dance, Mark C. 320 Anita Drive, Winston-Salem, NC 27104 Dance, Robert A, 1 149 Valmire Dr , Chesapeake, VA 23320 Dangerfield. Michael L. Route 3. 5681 Lakeside Dnve. Pfafftown, NC 27040 Daniel, Jeffrey R. 205 Pearl Croft Road, Cherry Hill, NJ 08034 Daniel, Joseph G. Box 5214, Gibsonville, NC 27249 Daniel, Mary S. Route 1, Box 382, Providence, NC 27315 Daniel, Roger W. 806 Russell Avenue. Reidsville. NC 27320 Darden. Daphne G, 1320 Pershing Court, Virginia Beach, VA 23456 Darkis, Thomas R 163 Grove Park Circle, Danville, Va 24541 Darlington, Julie C 2169 Woodland Avenue, Burlington, NC 27215 Dashiell, John C. 915 Riverside Drive, Salisbury, MD 21801 Daughtrey, Walter F PO Box 127, Courtland, VA 23837 Davenport, James R, 5815 NC 61, Gibsonville, NC 27249 Davidson, Edward W 120 Midland Boulevard, Maplewood, NJ 07040 Davidson. Sara A 2625 Lawndale Road. Finksburg, MD 21048 Davidson. William M. Route 1, Box S24, Pilot Mounlain, NC 27041 Davis. Charles H, Route 1, Box 246, Rapidan, VA 22733 Davis, Cynthia R, 25-D Brookwood West, Burlinglon, NC 27215 Davis, Donna J. 1912 Whilsetl Street, Burlinglon, NC 27215 Davis, Emily J, Route 1, Box 314, Randleman, NC 27317 Davis. Gretchen N 2712 Cardinal Ridge Road, Charlottesville, VA 22901 Davis. John A. 455 Williams Road, Suffolk, VA 23434 Davis, John M, 5819 Knowles Drive Southwest, Roanoke, VA 24018 Davis, Jonas W. 204 Mulberry Street, Henderson, NC 27536 Davis, Jonathan 12 Salisbury, Newton, MA 02158 Davis. Joy S- Route 3 Box 260, Silver Cily NC 27344 Davis. Robert L. 1820 Shannonhouse Dr , Charlotte, NC 28215 Davis, Rose M, 1310 E 6th Street, Lumberlon, NC 28358 Davis, Susan M 8610 Wallington Road, Richmond, VA 23229 Davis, Teresa L Rl 3, Box 1214, Hunlersville, NC 28078 Davis, Thomas P 719 Gratlan Road, Marlinsville, VA 24112 Davis. Wendy J. 18 Chewing Drive, Hampton, VA 23664 Davis III, William R 2213 Boxmere Rd , Timonium, MD 21093 Dawson, Barry L 1644 NC 61 , Whitsett, NC 27377 Dawson. Bobby R Route 2. Box 455 A. 2168 Colony Road, Gibsonville, NC 27249 Day, Andrew Z, Route 2, Box 519, Ringgold, VA 24586 Day, Glenwood, A, Route 1, Box 51 C, Rougemont, NC 27572 Day. Pamela L. Lot 77, 1444 Durham Road, Roxboro, NC 27573 Dean, Michael. S, Route 4, Box 502, Elklon, VA 22827 Deatrick, Diana L 1309 Greenbnar Street, Burlinglon, NC 27215 Deford, Paul R 120 Hillside Drive, Burlinglon, NC 27215 Defranco, Dina M, 21 12 Woodside Dr , New Port Richey FL 33552 Degroot. Ronald J, 53 Saw Mill Road, Huntington, NY 11743 Delaine, Sylvia T 408 Courtland Drive, Elon College, NC 27244 Delancey. Michael G, Rt 2, Box 110, Ruffin, NC 27326 Delgado, Kimberly D, 924 Cedar Circle, Graham. NC 27253 Dellinger, Jill L 233 Belmorrow Drive, Charlotte, NC 28214 Demarra. John R 423 Shadowbrook Drive, Burlinglon, NC 27215 Demasters, Deborah M. 452 Sharp Slreel, Virginia Beach, VA 23452 Dempsey, Andrew D, 135 Beechwood Drive, Franklin, VA 23851 Denault, Richard P 2414-A Huntington Rd , Burlinglon, NC 27215 Denniberg. Lisa A 1 1723 Greenlane Drive, Potomac, MD 20854 Dennis, Donal K, 439 Shadowbrook Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 Dennis, Mark A, 604 A Edgevale CI , Virginia Beach, VA 23451 Denny, Beth A. 1514 Hawthorne Drive, Chesapeake, VA 23325 Denny, Bonnie L Route 2, Box 134, Carthage, NC 28327 Desern, William G, 731 Westbrook Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 Deshazo, Joseph 0. Route 1, Box 40-A, Virgilina, VA 24598 Deweese, Karen E. 101 Hill Street, Graham, NC 27253 Diceglio, Dennis V 486 Oceanpoint Avenue, Cedarhurst, NY 11516 Dickens, Ervin R 423 Bland, Blvd , Burlinglon, NC 27215 Dickens, Pauline B 1223 Melrose Drive, Burlinglon, NC 27215 Dickenson, Jane C 712 Tenth Street, Radlord, VA 24141 Dickerson, Anthony L. Route 4, Box 42, Burlington, NC 27215 Diehl, Charles F PO Box 688, Raelord, NC 28376 Dillard, Parker A. 114 Charnwood Road, Richmond, VA 23229 Dillon, Culver C, 31 13 Medallion Circle, Roanoke, VA 24014 Dillon, Hiram T, PO Box 549, Basselt, VA 24055 Dingle, Willis J. 1516 Kennedy Plaza, Wilmington, NC 28401 Distasio. Lisa M 842 N W 81st Way. Planlalion. FL 33324 Ditzler. Denise 4105 Mason Ridge Drive. Annandale. VA 22003 Dixon. Mavis J Route 1. Box 110, Leasburg, NC 27291 Dobbins, Norman K Route 3, Box 341, Summertield. NC 27358 Dobbins. Tracy D 127 Tanner Street. Ruthertordton, NC 28139 Dobson. Elizabeth A. 4205 Raleigh Road. Chesapeake, VA 23321 Dodson. Teresa K. Route 3. Box 643, Mebane, NC 27302 Doggett, James T, Route 1, Box 2 Neely Road, Pleasant Garden, NC 27313 Dolan, Brian K 406 Holly Drive, Lauradale Acres, Jacksonville. NC 28540 Dolianitis. Michael S. 606 Mowbray Arch. Danville. VA 24541 Dolliver. Rebecca A 5329 Trailway Dr . Rockville. MD 20853 Domurot, Kenneth J. 9501 Aspenwood Court, Gaithersburg, MD 20879 Donahue. David L, RR 1 Box 79. Eastham, MA 02642 Donmoyer, Jon A 350 West Queen Street, Annville, PA 17003 Donnelly, James E 1746 Berkeley Ave , Petersburg, VA 23803 Donovan, Brian J. 5144 Fallsmead Downs, Virginia Beach, VA 23464 Dorman, Susan L Route 4, Box 175, Dunn, NC 26334 Dorrestein, Ronald Noordewierweg, 177 3812 De Ammersfoort, The Netherlands Dos Santos, Jr., Edson R, PO Box 7934 C S , Durham, NC 27708 Doss. Delana A, Route 1, Box 383, Haw River, NC 27258 Doster. Donald M 303 Wilshire Blvd , Wilson, NC 27983 Douglas, Allen K 839 EasI Prospect, Raelord, NC 28376 Downey, Martha E. 2705 Mosby Drive, Williamsport, MD 21795 Downs, Jeffrey A 49 Princeton Drive, New Providence, NJ 07974 Doyle. James Andrew Route 4. Box 198. Stoneville. NC 27048 Doyle. Jr . Will iam T 400 Binlold, Street, South Hill, VA 23970 Draheir, Angela D 414 Smith Street, Burlinglon, NC 27215 Drake, David E, 1440 Pine Valley Loop, Fayelleville, NC 28305 Drake, Karen R, 7 Evelyn Place, Pomplon Plains, NJ 07444 Drakeford. Robert T 3108 Cricketeer Drive, Charlotte, NC 28216 Drescher, Richard L, 104 Lake Crescent Dnve, Franklin, VA 23651 Driscoll, John A. 380 Monlauk Highway, East Islip, NY 1 1730 Dronsfield, James 0. 700 Morreene West Apt H-t 1 , Durham, NC 27705 Drummond, Deborah A. 9 Trailndge Court, Potomac, MD 20854 Duane, Scott A. 2247 Loch Lomond, Vienna, VA 22180 Dudley, Braxton M, 4300 Dover Rd , Richmond, VA 23221 Dudney, Nancy A. 3600 Wheaton Place, Raleigh, NC 27609 Dufief, Lee A, 1 131 1 South Glen Road, Potomac, MD 20654 Duley, Robert L. 5402 Gary Street Road, Richmond, VA 23226 Duncan, Andrew D Route 4, Box 326, Roxboro NC 27573 Duncan. John D 353 Cheek Lane. Graham. NC 27253 Duncan, Robert P 1025 Klyce Street, Apt 1, Eden, NC 27288 Dungee, Cheryl D. 2404 Bywood Road, Greensboro, NC 27405 Dunn, Joseph K. Rl 1, Box 230X, Burlington, NC 27215 Duplicki, Bradley J. 106 Beatty Road, Media, PA 19063 Duron, Bruce G. 530 Sterling Street, Norfolk, VA 23505 Dutcher, Margaret M, 1210 Wyndmoor Road, Cherry Hill, NJ 08034 Dutton. Dwight R 1716 Morven Rd . Wadesboro. NC 28170 Dyer. Jr.. Donald R PO Box 523. Vinton. VA 24179 Early. Roy M. 481 Cranbrook Road, Raleigh, NC 27609 Earnest, Phillip M, 318 Maplehurst Road, Jacksonville, NC 28540 Eason. Jerome B 1 1 12 Benefit Road. Chesapeake. VA 23320 Eaton. Alexis-Louise 303 Hibbard Avenue. Horseheads. NY 14845 Directory 181 Ebert. Kalherine A. 9409 RoBnei Avenue Manassas, VA 22110 Eckard, William E. 767 ' West Walersville Road Mount Airy, MD 21771 Edmonds. Connie E- 4502 Millpoinl Road Greensboro, NC 27406 Edmunds, Jotin P 1 543 Lexington Dnve Lyncllburg VA 24503 Edwards, Cindy L, Route 1. Box 362 Harmony NC 28634 Edwards, David W, 4740 Jell Road Atlanta, GA 30327 Edwards, Donna J Route 1, Box 599 B Wilmington, NC 28405 Edwards. Gregory S. PO Box 241 Boykms VA 23827 Edwards, Jacqueline E. Route i Box 255 Smiihlieid VA 23430 Edwards, John J, 4600 Joyner Place Raleigh NC 27612 Edwards. Lisa T Ht i. Box 198 Sediey VA 23678 Edwards. Michael C, 2429 New Orleans Street, Greensboro, NC 27406 Edwards. Sherry L. Route 1, Box 599-B Wilmington, NC 28405 Edwards. Thomas D 833 Airport Rd Chapel Hill, NC 27514 Eitel, Douglas E 112 Pme Avenue Franklin VA 23851 Eldridge, Katy E. 5229 Ampthill Drive, Alexandria. VA 22312 Eldridge, Kirk. A Box 132 Bear Creek Camp, Bear Creek, PA 18602 Eldridge, Wary C, 5406 Charlottesville Road, Springfield, VA 22151 Eley, Cynthia B, 55 Bryantvilie Park, Como, NC 27818 Eliason, John David L. 714 Engleman Avenue, Burlington NC 27215 Elks, Gerald L 850 Rebecca Street, Franklm VA 23851 Eller. Clara Sue N, 1608 Broohhaven Mill Road Greensboro NC 27406 Eller, Roberta J 417 Garner Avenue, Waldon, MO 20601 Ellington, Amzi J 1915 West Lake Drive Burlington, NC 27215 Elliott, Andrea M, 824 St James Drive Virginia Beach, VA 23455 Elliott, Donnie L. 1107 Benton Lane Reidsville, NC 27320 Elliott, Gregory S, Rd 4, Sox 780, Lebanon PA 17042 Elliott, Lisa L 1 15 Forest Hill Street, Clarksville, VA 23927 Elliott, Melanie L 1815 Highview Street Burlington, NC 27215 Ellis, Brently F 1281 North Mam Street, Mocksville, NC 27028 Ellis, Christopher R, 9801 Channing Circle, Richmond, VA 23235 Ellis, Elizabeth I 214 S Mam Street Edmburg, VA 22824 Ellis, Mary M 940 Bryans Place Road, Winston Salem, NC 27104 Embrey, Brenda L, 10309 Gary Road, Potomac, MD 20854 Emerson, Lisa M, 702 North 5th Avenue Siler City, NC 27344 English, James E, Route 3, Box 436, Gretna, VA 24557 Enmon Meredith E. 10713 Creamcup Lane, Great Falls, VA 22066 Enoch, Randolph W. Route 2 Box 378, Mebane NC 27302 Enter, Todd S- 102 Clover Brook Dnve, Jamestown, NC 27212 Entwisle, Jill K. 15 Forest View Drive, Long Valley NJ 07853 Epperson. Tamara L, 5605 Canterbury Lane, Suffolk, VA 23435 Epperson. Ill, James E PO Box 698, Waikelieid VA 23888 Epstein, James A n 14 Dmwiddie Avenue, Richmond VA 23229 Ernst, Pamela S 230 Younger Road Roxboro NC 27573 Erwin, John D 114 Edgewood Avenue Morganlon, NC 28655 Erwin, Marcus, L 1 14 Edgewood Avenue, Morganton, NC 28655 Essen, Alice N 601 North Mam Street, Graham NC 27253 Eubanks, Mary A. RI 1 Box 27 EsmonI, VA 22937 Euliss, Donna L. Route 2 Box lOOD Snow Camp, NC 27349 Eure, Janet L. 135 Dale Circle Franklin VA 23851 Evans, Mary F 31 13 Braddock Or Raleigh, NC 27612 Evans, Rene« Y. PO Box 295, Mebane, NC 27302 Evans, Rodney C, 807 Carver Street Burlington, NC 27215 Evans, Russell Route 2 Box 184, Society Hill SC 29593 Evans, Virginia L, PO Box 156, Plafttown, NC 27040 Evans, William J lO Dahlgren Avenue Portsmouth, VA 23702 Evelsizer, Mark E, Route 5 Box 449 Fredericksburg VA 22405 Evelyn, Pamela J 16 Van Riper Ave , Pompton Plains, NJ 07444 Evers. Jr , James R, PO Box 566, Robbins NC 27325 Evory, Daniel £2113 Somers Avenue, Burlington, NC 27215 Faircloth, Michael E. Route 13, Box 643, Arnold Road, Lexington, NC 27292 Faison, Lisa R 102 In ing Street Franklin, VA 23851 Fanney William T 207 64th Streel Virginia Beach, VA 23451 Farina, Gregory J 14 Towns Road Levittown, PA 19056 Farmer, John D 36 Stratford Drive, Chase City, VA 23924 Farmer, Timothy D, 1 1924 Healhmere Crescent, Midlothian, VA 231 13 Farrell, James F 2837 Delaney Drive Burlington, NC 27215 Farrell, Peter G Rt l Box 124 Alton, VA 22920 Farnngton, Susan L, PO Box 341 Ivey Road, Graham, NC 27253 Farrior, Christian I PO Box 904 Gibsonville NC 27249 Fearrington, Darius N PO Box 203, Mebane, NC 28302 Feather, Stephanie R 114 Hillcrest Dnve Rocky Mount, VA 24151 Federchuck, Julie A 4015 Havenwood Dnve Winston Salem, NC 27106 Feggans, Linda A. Route i , Box 73, Esmont VA 22937 Feldman, Beth N, 7700 Ivymount Terrace, Potomac. MD 20854 Fennell, Nancy E 12106 Hitching Post Lane Rockville MD 20852 Fenstermaker, Karen L, 9926 Manet Road Burke VA 22015 Fentress, Royce E 3312 Walton Lane Nashville, TN 37216 Ference, Kenneth E 1415 Celesta Court Vienna, VA 22180 Ferguson, Amy S Route 6, Box 166 Reidsville NC 27320 Ferguson, Antonia M 5053 Balsam Drive SW, Roanoke, VA 24018 Ferguson, Michael F 607 West 6th Streel, Siler City, NC 27344 Ferguson. Shirley Y 2116 Huntington Road, Burlington, NC 27215 Ferguson. William M 5053 Baism Dnve, Roanoke, VA 24018 Ferrell, Michael L 109 A North Hills Court Danville VA 24541 Ferrell, Timothy w 109 A North Hills Court, Danville, VA 24541 Figgalt. Laurie L, Route i Box 125 Crozet, VA 22932 Fikac, Robert E 6302 Hillview Avenue, Alexandria, VA 22310 Finch, Douglas S, 1025 Eastward Drive, Altavista, VA 24517 Fincher, Maria K, 3302 South Mebane Streel, Burlington, NC 27215 Finley Tnomas C 1727 Cherry Drive, Burlington NC 27215 Fischer. James B, 1800 Karleton Place St Petersburg. FL 33712 Fischer. Martha C PO Box 133, ForestVA 24551 Fisn, Christopher C 804 H East Cone Blvd , Greensboro, NC 27405 Fishel, Gayle A 1421 West Front St , Burlington, NC 27215 Fishel, Suzanne C 5071 Perryco Lane, Winston-Salem, NC 27107 Fisher, John C, Route 4 Box 145 Charlottesville, VA 22901 Fitchett, John F Box 54 Urbanna, VA 23175 Fitzgerald, Lamben A, 207 Booker Streel, Lexington NC 27292 Fitzgerald. Michael A 416 Courtland Drive. Eton College, NC 27244 Fitzgerald, Robin A 4204 Dogwood Drive, Greensboro, NC 27410 Fitzgerald, Wilton R 5356 Barclay Drive Raleigh, NC 27606 Flake, Sidney L, Route 3 Sox 316 Elon College, NC 27244 Flanagan, Sean T 64 Cenierport Road, Greeniawn NY 1 1740 Fleeman, Steven M, Route 10 Box 523-A Burlington, NC 27215 Fleming, David E 1901 Jones Road, Greensboro NC 27406 Fleming, Susan A, Route One, Haw River, NC 27258 Fleming. Susan R PO Box 875 Clarksville VA 23927 Flemmons. John L 8421 Pamela Drive, Richmond VA 23229 Fletcher. Kimberly 6004 Dusk Drive Prince Frederick. MD 20678 Flinchum. Mitchell S Route 3. Box 254 Liberty NC 27298 Floumoy. Jr . John B 1300 Maywood Road, Richmond, VA 23229 Floyd. Tammy S, Route 3 Box 189 Oxford NC 27565 Flynn. Slace M, 16 King Haigler Chase Lake Wylie SC 29710 Fogleman. Felicia 0. Route i Box 76 C Haw River NC 27258 Fogleman. Terry A 2285 Lee Drive Burlington, NC 27215 Fogleman, Todd D 3043 Marlborough Road, Burlington, NC 27215 Folckomer, Paul S 2006 Sunnybrook Drive Burlington, NC 27215 Fonville. II, Walter O, 119 North Saint John Street, Burlington, NC 27215 Forbis. Dawne E, 4230 Kernodle Drive, Graham, NC 27253 Ford. Christopher S. 21 14 Holborn Rd . Wilmington. DE 19808 Ford. Josepb L. 4301 Grove Street, Apt C, Winston Salem, NC 27105 Ford, Linda L 7 Windsor PI Mebane, NC 27302 Ford, Michael J, 1 1 14 Homestead Drive Virginia Beach, VA 23464 Foreman, III. Edgar D 6800 Seton Court. Springfield. VA 22152 Forester. Carol L, 408 CoHey Street, North Wilkesboro, NC 28659 Forrest, Gary E, 1 13 Southerland Drive, Hampton, VA 23669 Foster, Lester L, PO Box 977, Elon College, NC 27244 Foster, Sharon K. Route 1, Box 167, Elon College, NC 27244 Found. Samuel R. 1 1004 Lonesome Road, Nokesville, VA 22123 Fowlkes. William G. 537 Circle Drive. Surlington, NC 27215 Fox. Edward C, 537 Cavalier Drive, Virginia Beach. VA 23451 Fox. Lisa L. 2120 Baymount Dnve Statesville. NC 28677 Fox. Nancy L. 537 Cavalier Drive, Virginia Beach, VA 23451 Fox. Susan C- Route 2, Box 49, Roxboro, NC 27573 Fox, Teresa B 120 Albany Street, Graham NC 27253 Fox, William A Route 2, Box 94, Asheboro, NC 27203 Fox. Charlton S Route 6, Box 127 Mebane, NC 27302 Frank. Anne E. 1025 Tweed Brook Road Wilmington, DE 19810 Frank. Tracey A, 3414 Longview Drive High Point, NC 27263 Franklin. Donna L 2636 Catherine Dr Burlington, NC 27215 Franklin. Martha Gill Hilton Avenue, Durham, NC 27707 Franklin. Tammy F 2324 Hillandale Road, Durham, NC 27705 Franks, David P Route 2, Box 450, Elon College, NC 27244 Franks. Jonathan R, Route 2, Box 450, Elon College, NC 27244 Frauendorfer. Janice M, Route 6, Box 76-C, Burlington, NC 27215 Frazier, Milissa E 108 Kilt Drive Jacksonville, NC 28540 Frazier, Patricia Ann E, Route 2, Sox 272, Elland,NC 27243 Frederick, Bryan S Route I , Sox 289 A, Warsaw, NC 28398 Freeman. Karen R. Route 3, Box 52 A, Rulher Glen, VA 22546 Freeman, Victoria A, 1767 Gyro Drive, Winston Salem, NC 27107 Freney, Diana S PO Box 267, Gladwyne, PA 19035 Frick, Cynthia A 41 Winding Way Flemington. NJ 08822 Fromhart. Cindy A. PO Box 1124, Elon College, NC 27244 Fromhart, Sam J 105 Woodale, Elon College, NC 27244 Fruechtemeyer. Jenny M. 457 Tallwood Street. Marco Island, FL 33937 Fry. Gregory B Box 573, Hoi Springs, VA 24445 Fulcher, Jr , Charles W. Route 3. Box 89, Elon College, NC 27244 Fulgham. Julie M 722 W Riverview Drive. Suflolk VA 23434 Fuller. Darren E, 7321 Pine Lakes Lane. Charlotte. NC 28212 Fuller. Derek K 2689 Chaucer Drive. Atlanta, GA 3031 1 Fulp, Richard G 1 13 Creslland Drive, Kernersville, NC 27284 Fuquay. Martha R Star Route 1 Yanceyville, NC 27379 Furr, Sara M. 909 Central Avenue. Burlington, NC 27215 Fulrell. Daniel L. 285 Gloucestershire Road. Winston Salem. NC 27104 G Gabben. James L. 202 Causey Ave . Suffolk. VA 23434 Gaddy Alicia V 1012 Nancy Lane. WmstonSalem, NC 27107 Gaddy, Valerie K, 408 Mineral Spring Road, Durham, NC 27703 Gagnon. Maureen E 2207 Weslover Terrace. Burlington, NC 27215 Gallagher. Daniel S. 2130 Potter Avenue, Merrick, NY 1 1566 Gallagher, Leslie A. 9607 Counsellor Drive, Vienna, VA 22180 Galleher, Moscoe H, 301 Oak Lane, Richmond, VA 23226 Gallo. Beth H, 3 Campbell Court. Kensington, MD 20895 Galloway John R. Route 3, Box 135 A, Elon College, NC 27244 Galyon, James D 2704 W Comwallis Drive, Greensboro, NC 27408 Gambrell, Kyle L, 114 Timberlake Drive, Elon ' College, NC 27244 Ganim, Khalil M 21 15 Mustang Springs, Missouri City TX 77459 Gant, David A 413 Green Streel, Burlington, NC 27215 Garcia, Michael J, 1706 Wilman Street, Rockville, MO 20852 Gardner, Elizabeth A. 4211 Wilherow Road, Winston-Salem, NC 27106 Gardner. Jennifer E, 6016 Hollyberry Or , Charlotte, NC 28212 Garnder. Jr. John G, 3613 Winslead Road. Rocky Mount. NC 27801 Garman, Brenda L. Route 1. Box 386. Mebane. NC 27302 Garner, John M. 336 Sidney Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 Garrett. Bonnie B. 206 A Henry Drive, Trails End, Burlington, NC 27215 Garrett, Robin R 5204 Chokar Drive, Roanoke, VA 24014 Garrison, Jane B Route 2, Box 145, Burlington, NC 27215 Garrison, Janet M 2511 Saddle Club Road, Burlington, NC 27215 Garrison, Keith E 7630 Huron Drive, Gainesville, VA 22055 Garvey, Curtis A, 3000 Woodland Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21215 Gaskill, Patricia L. Route 7, Box 96, Burlington, NC 27215 Gastineau. John W. 409 Lyons Road. Chapel Hill. NC 27514 Gauldin, Teresa Box lOOB. Warlield. VA 23689 Gaydon. Joseph K. PO Box 1812. Surlington. NC 27215 Gayle. Robin L. 200 Woodland Drive. Franklin. VA 23851 Geary. John A 1217 Earneslme SI . McLean. VA 22101 Gelsey. Ellen E. 3612 Faircastle Drive, Chevy Chase, MD 20015 Geneva, Lucy J. 1908 Trumpet Ct , Vienna, VA 22180 Genshaw, David C, 500 Nylon Boulevard, Sealord, OE 19973 Gentry, Andrea D, 2617 East Mura Street, Baltimore, MD 21213 Gentry, Jefferey D, PO Box 4064, Glen Raven, NC 27215 Gentry, Lelia R Route 3, Box 56, Roxboro NC 27573 Gentry, Melisa C, 4733 Moser Lane, Burlington, NC 27215 Geoghan, Tracy A 10451 Kardwnght Court, Gailhersburg, MD 20879 Geraghty, Katherine A, 6341 Beecbwood Drive Columbia, MD 21046 Gernnger, Anthony C PO Box 947, Gibsonville, NC 27249 Gernnger. Eddie W, 1202 Hawthorne Lane, Burlington, NC 27215 Ghiassiss, Masoud 522 Hillcrest Avenue. Burlington, NC 27215 Gibson, John H 515 Woodland Court, Vienna, VA 22180 Gil De Leon, Donna J. 21 1 Duncannon Road, Bel Air, MD 21014 Gilbert, Anthony C 21 Carlson Avenue, Danville, VA 24591 Gilbert. Larry W 1209 Westside Onve, Greensboro, NC 27405 Giles, Beverly K, 807 Pershing Avenue, Lynchburg, VA 24503 Gilfillan, Thomas K, 705 Churchill Dnve, Virgmia Beach, VA 23464 Gill, Hugh A 7306 Haw Ridge Road, Summerfield, NC 27358 Gill, Jane A 3504 Hawthorne Road, Rocky Mount, NC 27801 Gilleskie, Mark A 5513 Westcott Place, Durham, NC 27712 Gilley. Bruce W General Delivery, Dolphin, VA 23843 Gilmore. Patricia A. 4078 Rosamora Court. Arlington, VA 22207 Giovine, Peter 665 Bancroft Road, Snck, NJ 08723 Girone, Andrew 1811 Lakeshore Drive, Fayetleville, NC 28305 Givens, Ellery T 1501 Glenridge Road, Greensboro, NC 27405 Glass. Earnest E, 21 1 Hamilton Street. Danville. VA 24541 Glenn. William B 712 Lankashire Road, WinslonSalem. NC 27106 Glick. Frederick R. Rt 1. Box 161. Port Republic. VA 24471 Glmiecki. Susan M, 5217 Hawkbill Circle, Roanoke, VA 24014 Glover, Larry D Route 1, Box 319 F Hope Mill, NC 28348 Glover, William D, Route 2, Box 140 C, Raleigh, NC 27610 Gobble, Robin L. Route 3. Box 375. Lexington, NC 27292 Godley, Gene K Route l. Box 657, Davidson, NC 28036 Godsey III. Everett C, 3757 Chesterton St , S W Roanoke, VA 24018 Godwin. Tamara M, PO Box 252. Kitty Hawk, NC 27949 Goehringer. Frederick 19 Highgate Lane, Cherry Hill, NJ 08003 Gofl. Joseph S 801 Bowyer Lane, Lexington, VA 24450 Gofi, Katherine J 330 West Mountain Road, West Simsbury, CT 06092 Goldenberg. Sharee R. 3700 Sherwood Place. Lynchburg. VA 24053 Goode. Gloria J. 3231 Shannon Road Apt 33-C. Durham. NC 27707 Goode. Pamela K. Route l . Box 435. Elon College. NC 27244 Goodman, Daniel 103 Powell Street, Snow Hill, MD 21863 Goodman, Jill S PO Box 1234, Rockingham, NC 28379 Goodman, Lee 15 Huron Drive, Chatham, NJ 07928 Goodnight, Melanie E 4102 Oakclille Road. Greensboro. NC 27406 Goodrich. Jr . Thaddeus C. 609 Bailor Court. Virginia Beach. VA 23464 Goodwyn. Wilbert J PO Box 153. Oispulanta. VA 23842 Gordon. Beverly A 900 Fairgreen Road, Greensboro, NC 27410 Gordon, Peter M 896 Briarwood Road, Newtown Square, PA 19073 Gordon. Tammy A 261 Tortoise Lane. Franklin Lakes. NJ 07417 Gore. Berkley G 1 18 Tabor Onve. Salisbury. NC 28144 Gorman. Nancy K, 1 103 Redlield Terrace Dunwoody GA 30338 Gorski, Martin J 329 Henry Street, Rome, NY 13440 Goslee, Winston P. 1 101 SI Paul Street Baltimore, MD 21202 Gower, Cynthia S. Route 1. Box 336. Knighldale. NC 27545 Grace, Amy E 91 1 Cedar Fork Trail, Chapel Hill, NC 27514 Graham. Elizabeth A, 2140 Woodland Avenue Burlington, NC 2715 Graham. Isabel M. 204 Aloha Drive. Graham. NC 27253 Graham. Lisa G 6816 Ontario Street, Spnngfield, VA 22152 Grant, Thomas B PO Box 153, Severn, NC 27877 Grantham. Norman B. 225 W Meadowbrook Drive. Smithlield. NC 27577 Grantier, Elizabeth T, 8645 Choctaw Road, Richmond, VA 23235 Grasich. Gayle A. 2801 Newquay Lane, Richmond, VA 23236 Graves, Christopher A 627 Lincoln Street, Burlington, NC 27215 Graves. Donna L 460 Parkview Dr , Burlington. NC 27215 Graven. Julie E 4109 Pheasant Run. Greensboro. NC 27408 Gravitte. Ginger F PO Box 14, Timberlake, NC 27583 Gray, Barry W 1904 Hawthorne Lane, Burlington, NC 27215 Gray, Kevin H 1 163 Little Bay Avenue, Norfolk, VA 23503 Gray, Kevin T 3504 Carolyn Onve, Raleigh, NC 27604 Grays, Ricky W 617 A Collonwood Dr , Petersburg, VA 23803 Grayson, Elaine L 226 Cambridge Rd , Cherry Hill, NJ 08034 Greaves, John D 3612 Ontario Drive, Prince George, VA 23875 Greco, Beth A 7 Blackbriat Drive, Colts Neck, NJ 07722 Greeley, David P Box 3206, 600 Church Street, Gib sonville, NC 27249 Green. Amanda N 600 Sunset Drive. High Pomt, NC 27262 Green. Anna L Route 3. Box 106 Al, Pittsboro. NC 27312 Green. Cynthia G 302 Oakwood. High Point, NC 27260 Green. James L 2184 Woodland. Burlington, NC 27215 Green, Jeffrey W 2619 A SuHolk Onve, High Point, NC 27260 Green, Lawrence M, 1610 Loren Cresceni, Portsmouth, VA 23701 Green. Randall L 2920 Maple Avenue. Burlington. NC 27215 Greene. Anthony S Route 3, Box 356, Nashville, NC 27856 Gritfin, Arthur R 8704 Powder Horn Road, Springfield, VA 22152 Gritlin, Cindy D PO Box 201, Courtland, VA 23837 Gritlin, Elizabeth L, 108 Candlewood Drive, Elon College, NC 27244 Griflin, James K. Route 4, Box 364, Reidsville, NC 27320 GriMin, Michael H 5217 J Penrith Drive, Durham, NC 27713 Griffin, Phillip K 901 N Glenn Ave , Siler City, NC 27344 Gnffilh. Amy L 7913 51 Dennis Drive, Springfield, VA 22153 Grigg, Jennie M. 7906 Bradley Blvd , Bethesda, MD 20817 Gnnnell. David L Route 10, Box 550, Burlington, NC 27215 Grizzard, Michael E, Route 1, Box 69, Capron VA 23829 Gnzzard. Jr . Richard C PO Box 304, Boykins, VA 23827 Gros, Joseph E 2315 Creek Drive, Alexandria, VA 22308 Gross. Heidi F 5808 Kingswood Road. Bethesda. MD 20814 Grubb, David W, 707 S Greenhaven Drive, Greensboro, NC 27406 Gruca, Patrice J 51 1 Aldersmead Road, Richmond, VA 23236 Gunter, Erika J Route 4, Sox 47 A, Surlington, NC 27215 Gurganus, Richard C. 4005 Lochinvar Lane, Rocky Mount, NC 27801 Gurowitz. Andrew S 5933 Ridgelord Onve, Burke, VA 22015 Guss. David M 404 Collmwood Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 Guyes, Janet G, 3200 St Regis Road, Greensboro, NC 27408 Gwinnett. Elizabeth A. 405 Delaine Drive. Burlington. NC 27215 H Haas, Garth B, PO Sox 490. Hillsborough. NC 27278 Haase. Larry L. 206 A Henry Drive. Trails End, Burlington, NC 27215 Haase, Sean M 2122 Hampton Court, Fallston, MO 21047 Haddock. Mary M, 265 Shoreline Drive. New Bern, NC 28560 Hager, Jr , George W, 1809 Bellewood Road, Wilmington, DE 19803 Haims, Oded 19800 S W 180 Avenue, Miami, FL 33187 Hairslon, Stanley C 1208 Irving Avenue, Eden, NC 27288 Hairston. Eric R 1 15 Roosevelt Street, Eden, NC 27288 Haisley Glen 4937 Rhodes Drive, New Orleans, LA 70126 Haith, Patricia A, PO Box 221, Elon College, NC 27244 Haizlip, Lynn B 1 140 Hunlingdon Road, Winston Salem, NC 27104 Hale. Nancy K 910 North Anthony Street, Burlington, NC 27215 Haley, John G Route 5, Sherwood Forest, Sassetl, VA 24055 Haley Stanley K RIe, 2, Box 164, Pelham, NC 27311 Halipilias, Jonalhai K 300 Hampton Dnve, High Point, NC 27260 Hall. David W 1201 Lakecrest Avenue. High Point. NC 27260 Hall. Keith M, 41 1 Bland Boulevard, Surlinglon, NC 27215 Hall. Scott G. 812 Burnhamthorpe Rd . 2010 Etobicoke, Ontario Canada Hall, William A, 422 Grandview Avenue, Pitman, NJ 08071 Hall. Jr . William E Box 104, Bloxom, VA 23308 Hallman. Craig A 1428 North Keim Street. Pottslown. PA 19464 Hambright. Mark E. 1028 Valleydale Drive. Burlmglon, NC 27215 Hamby. Linda V 2006 F The Colony Burlington, NC 27215 Hamilton, David W 107 Markham Road Tyron, NC 28782 Hamilton, Jeanne E, 4828 Ttoian Dnve, Charlotte, NC 28210 Hamilton, Robin E. 1690 Pine Ridge Drive, Atlanta, GA 30324 Hamilton, Shelagh A 307 Waverly Way, Greensboro, NC 27403 Hammer, Baxter H. 1035 Macon Street, Asheboro, NC 27203 Hammond. Eric G 6475 Pine Forest Drive. York. SC 29745 Hammond. Thomas S, Route I, Box 649, Graham, NC 27253 Hamrick. Mary K 805 West Redwood Road, Sterling, VA 22170 Hancock, Leigh M Piney River, VA 22964 Hand, Kevin A PO Sox 754, Park Avenue, Clarksville, VA 23927 Handel, Kenneth D 7235 Fox Harbor Road, Prospect, KY 40059 Hanlord, Julie E Sox 1564, Surlington, NC 27215 Hansen, Elizabeth D 6652 Madison McLean Drive, McLean, VA 22101 Harden, Elizabeth L Route 7, Box 420, Burlington, NC 27215 Hardy, James W 915 Ada Streel, Burlmglon, NC 27215 Hargrove, McSherry N Box 544, Cooleemee, NC 27014 Hargrove, Sharon D 404 Oakgrove Drive, Graham, NC 27253 Harman, David L 1004 North Rotary Drive, High Point, NC 27262 Harmon, Michel N PO Box 112, Sparta, NC 28675 Harms, John E 421 1 Elizabeth Lane, Annandale, VA 22003 Harms, Kathleen M 421 1 Elizabeth Lane, Annandale, VA 22003 Harrell, David C 730 Corn Tassell Trail, Martinsville, VA 241 12 Harrell, Donna B 702 S Sellars Mill Road, Burlmglon, NC 27215 Harrelson, Michael A, Route 2, Box 175, Denton, NC 27239 Harrelson, Michael K, 201 Port McCoy Road, Reidsville, NC 27320 Harris. Arthur R PO Box 453. Clinton, NC 28328 Harris, Earl S 307 North O Kelly Avenue, Elon College, NC 27244 Harris. Garth G 1020 Corn Tassel Trail. Martinsville. VA 24112 Harris. Gregory W Route 2. Box 107. Pillsboro, NC 27312 Harris. Jamie L 1 10 Yorkshire Circle. Lynchburg, VA 24502 Harris. Karen F Route 1, Box 225. Clarksville VA 23927 Harris, Mark A, Route l,Box 259 A, Cedar Grove, NC 27231 Harhs. Michael L. 1901 Hilldale Drive. Burlington. NC 27215 182 Directory Hams, Paul C Route 2, Box 174, Clarksville, VA 23927 Harris. Rebecca W. 1013 Jeffreys Streel, Graham, NC 27253 Harris, Troy M, 3841 Bower Road, Roanoke, VA 24018 Harrison, Joel G- Route 9, Ccunlry Lane, WinslonSalem. NC 27107 Harrison, Rebecca E 612 Virginia Avenue Burlington, NC 27215 Harrison, Robert R, 308 Sunset Drive, Ricfimond, VA 23229 Harrison, Sherldean R 3116 Kershaw, Roanoke, VA 24017 Harrison, William E. PO Box 111, Warfield, VA 23889 Harrison, III. Julian R. 2110 Rivolt Street, South Boston, VA 24592 Harrup, Christy L. Route 3, Box 119, Eporia, VA 23847 Hart, Daniel L 504 High Street, Salem VA 24153 Hart, Gregory, S. 504 High Street, Salem, VA 24153 Hart, Lisa M. 2301 Mack Chick Road S W , Roanoke, VA 24014 Hartnelt, Deirdre A. Back Street, Accomac, VA 23301 Hartsoe, Anne R, PO Box 156, Chase City, VA 23924 Harvey, Williarr F 30 Snuff Box Lane, Marlton, NJ 08053 Hasbrouck, Jonathan E, 96 Albert Street, Brick, NJ 08723 Hassard, Robert C, PO Box 220854, Charlotte, NC 28222 Hassard, Samuel B. PO Box 220854, 3504 A Colony Road, Charlotte, NC 28222 Haverfield, Alden P 2729 Rolling Hills Drive, Monroe, NC 28110 Haviland, Paul J, PO Box 253, Bel Air, MD 21014 Hawa, Anthony J, 1613 Dendron Dr , Virginia Beach,VA 23451 Hav»kins, Mary A. 805 Silver Leaf, Raleigh, NC 27609 Hawkins. II, John C, PO Box 742, 213 V; oodale Dr , Elon College, NC 27244 Haydem Ellen A. 310 W Holt Street, Burlington, NC 27215 Hayden, Jeannine G- 5 Dogwood Dnve, Brookside, NJ 07926 Hayes, Kim S. 1 1302 Harborside, Reslon, VA 22091 Hayes, Kimberly A, 16 Horizon Drive, Mendham, NJ 07945 Hayes, Teresa A, 214 Emory Street, Wilson, NC 27893 Hazel, Maxine T Route 1, Box 22, Hallsboro, NC 28442 Hazen, Roxanne L 2354 Jasper Avenue, Fort Myers, FL 33907 Heath, Jr , Frederick T 3125 Watergate Lane, Virginia Beach, VA 23452 Heberle, Laen S. 7727 Comanche Drive, Richmond, VA 23225 Hedrick, Larry S. Route 1, Box 179, Wytheville, VA 24382 Heffinger, Lisa J Route 3, Box 34, Eden, NC 27288 Heider, Susan M 120 Albany Street, Apt 36, Graham, NC 27253 Helmke, Richard G, 3210 S W 66 Terrace, W Hollywood, FL 33023 Helmstetler. Tad W. 300 Shoaf Street, Lexington, NC 27292 Henderson, Carol E, Route 1, Box 402, Yanceyville, NC 27379 Henderson, Kyle L, 3759 Cathedral Oaks Place N , Jacksonville, FL 32217 Hendricks, Albert S 146 North Street, Henderson, NC 27536 Henley. Michael W, PO Box 1084, Clemmons, NC 27012 Hennigan, William J, 6910 Ashbury Dr , Spnngfield, VA 22152 Henry, Barton E, 5601 Robin Ridge Road, Greensboro, NC 27410 Henry, Kelli K 4260 Brownsboro Road, Apt E 63, Winston-Salem, NC 27106 Hensley. Douglas E. Route 3,Box 69, Stoneville, NC 27048 Hensley, Kathy J, 1932 West Front Street, Burlington, NC 27215 Hensley. Mildred W 2400 Blanche Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 Henson, Ceborah L. Route 1, Vilas, NC 28692 Herman, Jr , Gary L. PO Box 166, Alamance, NC 27201 Hernandez, Israel A, PO Box 561, Elon College, NC 27244 Hernandez, Louis E Route 8, Box 333, Burlington, NC 27215 Herrick, Amy M, 930 Elm Avenue. River Edge, NJ 07661 Herrmann, Nina L, 3925 Linden Terrace, Durham, NC 27705 Hess, Barbara W 11109 Pelham Lane, Fairfax. VA 22030 Hess, Jacqueline C. 210 South Washington, Moorestown, NJ 08057 Hess, Steven D. Route 2, Valley Ridge, Box 333 A, Covington, VA 24426 Hester, Rose A. Route 2. Box 330, Elizabethtown, NC 28337 Hester, Stephen L. Route 2, Box 141, Hurdle Mills, NC 27541 Hetzko, Cheryl W. Route 1, Box 252, Burlington, NC 27215 Hevener, Michael A, 4504 Greenbnar Drive, Chester, VA 23831 Hickman. Robert E 1301 Sandpiper Court, Raleigh, NC 27609 Hicks, Paula M, Route 1. Box 377, Forest City, NC 28043 Hicock. Harry N. Route 1. Box 352-A, La Crosse, VA 23950 High, Robert M 123 Newby Court, Rocky Mount, NC 27801 High, Jr , John H, 123 Newby Court, Rocky Mount, NC 27801 Hill, Marlon A, 940 Richards Street, Southern Pines, NC 28387 Hill. Michael J. 3009 Berwick Rd , Burlington, NC 27215 Hill. Rebecca J. PO Box 506. Sparta, NC 28675 Hill. Roland E, 108 Dean Place, Route 3, Knightdale, NC 27545 Hill, Terence W. Lambs Trailer Ct , Camden, NC 27921 Himsl, Perry M, 732 (vtanhasset Road, Charlotte, NC 28209 Hinchee, Langley A, 1939 Bridle Lane. Roanoke, VA 24018 Hincke, Lynda A. 11212 Powder Horn Drive. Potomac. MD 20854 Hinds. Fredrick E. 8800 SW 160 Street, Miami, FL 33157 Hines, Christopher A. 3203 Kenmore Road, Richmond, VA 23225 Hines, James A, Route 2, Box 71, Camden, SC 29020 Hinshaw. Roger N. Route 1. Box 73-B, Siler City, NC 27344 Hinson, Jr.. Brooks F 239 Cassell Lane Southwest. Roanoke. VA 24014 Hinte. Sondra J. 1001 Edgewood Road, Bluefield, WV 24701 Hirsch, Cindy M. 104 Oakview Drive, Elon College, NC 27244 Hix, Jr. David T 119 E Mam, Gibsonville, NC 27249 Hobbs, Kristine L. Rt 1, Box 81, Baker Drive, Hawnver, NC 27258 Hodges. Gerald J. 203 Cedar Lane. Reidsvilie, NC 27320 Hodgin. Charles L. Route 8, Box 425-A, Reidsvilie, NC 27320 Hoffman, Charles J. 1434 Cliff Rd . Asheboro, NC 27203 Hoffman, Robert W. 1434 Cliff Road, Asheboro, NC 27203 Hogan, Kenneth P 5705 Bramblegate Drive, Greensboro, NC 27409 Hogan. Lisa C, 709 Spnngwood Avenue, PO Box 202, Gibsonville, NC 27249 Hoke. Amy R 1 17 Oakview Drive. Elon College, NC 27244 Holcomb. Diane C. 2523 Hungary Springs Road. Richmond. VA 23229 Holladay Nina H. 1 16 Trail One. Burlington. NC 27215 Holland. Adrian M, Route 2, Box 245, Trimly, NC 27320 Holland, William K. Route 3, Box 28, Elon College, NC 27244 Holland. Jr.. John R 106 Edislo Drive, Anderson, SC 29621 Holley Randall L, Route 1, Box 56, Henry, VA 24102 Holliday, Deryl B. 51 1 Freeze Road, Danville, VA 24540 Hollingsworth, Barbara L. 3210 B fRegents Park Lane. Greensboro. NC 27405 Holloway. Horace L. 419 Green Street. Roxboro. NC 27573 Holloway. John Route 4, Box 380, Burlington, NC 27215 Holloway, Ricky D, PO Box 514, Ashboro, NC 27203 Holloway Ruth S. Rt 4, Box 380. Burlington. NC 27215 Holmes. Daniel G. 347 West Third Street. Moorestown. NJ 08057 Holmes. Jeffrey D. 207 Forest Drive. Graham, NC 27253 Holmes, Timothy L, 5320 Stanly Road, Durham, NC 27704 Holt, Anthony W 10424 Melissa Mill Rd , Richmond, VA 23236 Holt. Diane P 212 South Gurney. Burlington, NC 27215 Holt. Elizabeth A. 410 South 3rd Street, Mebane, NC 27302 Holt. Harvey R Route 4. Box 289. Hillsborough, NC 27278 Holt. Lucille P 206 Meadowbrook Terrace, Greensboro, NC 27406 Holt. Marilyn A. Route 1 , Box 467, Milton, NC 27305 Honeycutt. Patricia R. Route 9. Box 575, Burlington, NC 27215 Hood, Sherry L. 1220 Glade Court, Burlington, NC 27215 Hooker. Doris A. Route 6, Box 404, Thomasville, NC 27360 Hooks, Jeffrey L. Route 4, BlairmonI, Boone, NC 28607 Hoover. Jr . Vann M. 1337 Village Road 149, Whilsett, NC 27377 Hopper. Daniel D. Route 3. Box 330. Madison. NC 27025 Home, Jonathan K. Route 4. Box 365AA. Burlington. NC 27215 Home. Mary L. 1407 Garfield Rd , Burlington, NC 27215 Home. Timothy A 7306 Inzer Street. Springfield. VA 22151 Home. Vickie D. PO Box 75, Wilmington, NC 28401 Horner, Barbara J. Route 5. Box 72, Boone, NC 28607 Horner, Lisa R. Route 5, Box 81-A, Burlington, NC 27215 Horner. Teresa S 3903 Cascade Drive, Greensboro, NC 27410 Horsley. John D, Route 1, Box 286, Fieldale, VA 24089 Horton. Clinton G. 365 N St John St . Burlington, NC 27215 Horton, Lori M. 229 Woodglen Lane, Oak Brook, IL 60521 Hostelley, Benjamin J, 2400 Pennington Drive, Wilmington, DE 19810 House, Joseph T. 2105 Norlh Ashland Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 Howard. Kevin B 2228 Princess Anne Lane, Woodbndge, VA 22191 Howard, Robert S 1823 Berkeley Avenue, Petersburg, VA 23805 Howell. Amy M, PO Box 2278, Suffolk, VA 23432 Howell, Johnny W, 1014 Townbranch Rd , Apt 2-C, Graham, NC 27253 Howington. James E. PO Box 273, Dawsonville, GA 30534 Hoye. Thomas B. 238 Cuba Road. Tavernier. FL 33070 Hubbard. Daniel J. 3308 Emmorlon Road. Abingdon. MO 21009 Huddle. Allison D 1 17 Trent Shores. New Bern, NC 28560 Hudler, Jamie S., 28 Carol Drive, Jacksonville, NC 28540 Huey Robert B. 319 Westminister Road, Charlottesville, VA 22901 Huffman, Lisa A 2705 Campbell Road, Raleigh, NC 27606 Huffstetler, Joel W, 105 Maple Drive, Mount Holly NC 28120 Hughes, Charles B Box 54, Buckeystown, MD 21717 Hughes. Gerald W Brookwood Gardens. Apt 6-D, Burlington. NC 27215 Hughes, James F 21 1 1 Bela Court, Orange Park, FL 32073 Hughes, Susan C. 1870 East Ocean View Ave , Norlolk, VA 23503 Hugus, Lisa 5600 Hereford Court, Alexandria, VA 22310 Humphries, Sandra L, Route 2, Box 288 E, Roxboro, NC 27573 Hundley, Alesia C PO Box 283, Salisbury, NC 28144 Hungerford. Elizabeth K. Hwy 257, Newbetg, MD 20664 Hunt. Joseph F 5136 River Chase Ridge, Winslon-Salem, NC 27104 Hunt. Leslie A. 7715 Lookout Court Alexandria, VA 22306 Hunt. Steven C. Rl 4. Box 77, Wilkesboro, NC 28697 Hunt. Thomas L, PO Box 415, Gretna, VA 24557 Hunt. Paul J- Route 4, Box 110-A, Laurinburg, NC 28352 Hunter, Carl G. 205-H Winding River Drive, Atlanta, GA 30338 Hunter. Daniel L 2722 Catherine Drive. Burlington, NC 27215 Hunter. Rebecca L, 2712 Armfield Avenue, Burlington, NC 27215 Hurley Deborah L. 415 Kemodle Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 Hursey Charles S Route 1. Box 159-A, Elon College, NC 27244 Huss, Jodeana C 1 16 Henry Street, Roanoke Rapids, NC 27870 Hutchinson. Lesley R. 9 North Lynnhaven Drive, Saunton, VA 24401 Hutlon, Fred R 1605 St Francis Road, Greensboro, NC 27408 Hyder. Joel H. 523 Country Club Drive. Burlington. NC 27215 Iddings. Robin R. 6047 Flamingo Drive, Roanoke, VA 24018 Ihnken. Kelli E 15 Kimble Court. Pompton Plains. NJ 07444 Ingram. James L PO Box 75, Elon College, NC 27244 Ingram. Van J. 3307 Overhill Trail S W . Roanoke, VA 24018 Inman. Donald L PO Box 681 Pinehurst, NC 28374 Irby, Ricky R PO Box 483. Southern Pines, NC 28387 Irby Russell W. 1925 Chern Dnve, Falls Church, VA 22043 Isaac. Jill L- Route 1, Box 649, Claremonl. NC 28610 Isaacson, Karen M 239 Chapman Place, Elmira, NY 14901 Islam, Najmul 2963-H Collage Place, Greensboro, NC 27405 Isley. Betty Dianne W Route 3. Box 574. Graham, NC 27253 Isley. Clarie B, Route 9 Box 399 A Burlington, NC 27215 Isley. Dwight E. Route 2, Box 328, Ramseut, NC 27316 Isley. Frank E. Route 6. Box 371, Burlington, NC 27215 Isley, Joel 8,112 West Gilbrealh Street, Graham, NC 27253 Isley, Mark E. Rt 2, Box 100A, Snow Camp, NC 27349 Isley. Patsy 2710 Charlotte Lane, Burlington, NC 27215 Itoh. Masahiro 2 5 14 Ishigami, Niiza Sailama 00362 Ivey. Christopher 0. 203 Forest Drive, Graham. NC 27253 Ivey. George 182 Grumman Avenue. Hillside. NJ 07205 Jackson. James C. Apt T-6. 706 Huffman Mill Road. Burlington, NC 27215 Jackson, Juwanna 149 Sixth SIreet, Burlington, NC 27215 Jackson, Steve M Route 1. Box 786, Dunn, NC 28334 Jackson. Tammy L PO Box 1038. 108 N Holt Ave , Elon College. NC 27244 Jacobs. John H 213 Crest Drive. Chapel Hill. NC 27514 Jacobs. Mitchell F 205 Rolling Rd . Gailhersburg. MD 20877 James. Crystal A Route 2, Box 362-Z, Jacksonville, NC 28540 James Kay R Rt 10, Box 448-B, Burlington, NC 27215 James, Scarlett D Route 2, Box 512 B, Durham, NC 27705 Jameson, Kathy H 703 Randall Court, Burlington, NC 27215 Jandolt, Ronald M 495 New Jersey Avenue, Bricktown, NJ 08723 Janelle, Christopher D, 1212 Fairway Terrace, Rocky Mount, NC 27801 Janey. Dwayne M 322 Travora St , Graham, NC 27253 Janney, Agnes H 4616 Kensington Avenue, Richmond, VA 23226 Jarratt, Jr.. Edward C. Route 2. Box 103, Stony Creek, VA 23882 Jarrell. Sherry A, PO Box 559, Star, NC 27356 Jay. McLennard 2199 Boston Rd . Roxboro, NC 27573 Jefferies. John D 1 138 South Church Streel, Burlington, NC 27215 Jefferies. William T. 420 West Front Street, Burlington, NC 27215 Jefferies, Gertie A, PO Box 952, Hillsborough, NC 27278 Jeffries, Dwayne 0. 2417 N Church St , Burlington, NC 27215 Jenkins. William M. 237 North Sunset Drive, Winston-Salem, NC 27101 Jermyn, Douglas M 1105 Concord Drive, Haddonfield, NJ 08033 Jernigan, David N 801 Raymond Court, Virginia Beach, VA 23464 Jernigan, Melissa D 2050 Nottingham Lane, Burlington, NC 27215 Jessee, Thomas C. PO Box 371, Lebanon, VA 24256 Jessup. William M. PO Box 1702. Elizabethtown, NC 28337 Jessup. Jr.. William S. Route 1, Box Itl-IA, Westfield, NC 27053 Jiggetts. Vicky M. 1 17 Leak Avenue. Oxiord. NC 27566 Jividen. Ann M. 3604 Octavia Drive. Raleigh, NC 27606 Johnson. Beniamin C. PO Box 17. Sedley, VA 23878 Johnson. Brian L, Route 9, Box 534, Asheboro, NC 27203 Johnson, Catherine J. 2107 Cheltenham Blvd , Greensboro, NC 27407 Johnson. Christie L. PO Box 663. Elon College, NC 27244 Johnson, Cynthia J, PO Box 1562, Burlington, NC 27215 Johnson, Dale F 1 Magda Lane, Somerville, NJ 08876 Johnson. Elizabeth C 1808 Swannanoa Drive. Greensboro. NC 27410 Johnson. Jacqueline J. Route 1. Box 453. Madison. NC 27025 Johnson. Janine L. Route 4, Box 365-A A, Burlington, NC 27215 Johnson. Jennifer D, 3203 South Mebane Street, Burlington. NC 27215 Johnson, Karen J. 1812 Felling CI , Silver Spring, MD 20904 Johnson, Kathryn E. Route 3, Box 200, Elon College, NC 27244 Johnson, Kathy H PO Box 125, Altamahaw, NC 27202 Johnson. Marsha G. Route 1. Box 63. Siter City NC 27344 Johnson. Nelson R. Route 6. Box 102 A. High Point, NC 27260 Johnson, Pamela H. 413 West Pine Streel, Graham, NC 27253 Johnson, Penny R. 1437 Miller Street, Winston-Salem, NC 27103 Johnson, Richard S, 5804 Devonshire Drive, Bethesda, MD 20816 Johnson. Terry B, 3801 Kirklees Road, Winston-Salem, NC 27104 Johnson. Tracy C 1009 Sherwood Drive. Burlington. NC 27215 Johnston Benanne S. 916 Hanford Brick Yard Road, Graham, NC 27253 Johnston. Gregory D. 7635 Long Pine Dnve. Spnngfield. VA 22151 Johnston. Miles M 916 Hanford Road. Graham. NC 27253 Johnston. Stephen R, 4 Brookside Drive Apt 11, Exeter, NH 03833 Jones, Ann M. Route 1, Box 8, Reidsvilie, NC 27320 Jones, Blanche C, 1930 Quarry Rd , Lynchburg, VA 24503 Jones, Cathy M. 806 Oxford Street. Greensboro, NC 27406 Jon es. Charles A 406 Curtis Drive, Rockingham, NC 28379 Jones. Dean E. Route 1, Box 823, Wellford, SC 29385 Jones. Jane M, 4536 Middlelon Lane, Bethesda, MD 20814 Jones, Jerry C. 351 1 Longview St , Burlington, NC 27215 Jones, Jessie A. Route 2, Box 173, Mangum Drive, Wendell, NC 27591 Jones, Jill J 5205 Hawkbill Circle, Roanoke. VA 24014 Jones. Jon C. Rt 4. Bpx 85L, Laurinburg, NC 27370 Jones, Kart L. 3910 Shamel Streel, Winston-Salem, NC 27105 Jones, Kathryn R 6639 Suncrest Drive, Roanoke, VA 24014 Jones, Leon L, 400 S Dahl SI , Madison, NC 27025 Jones, Melany PO Box 52, Wakulla, NC 28397 Jones, Melissa R. 71 Royalston Road, Orange, MA 01364 Jones, Shane E. 5201 Knollwood Drive, Raleigh, NC 27609 Jones. Susan L. 2407 Garnelt Ct . Vienna. VA 22180 Jones. Teresa A. Route 10, Box 38, Burlington, NC 27215 Jones. Thomas L Route 9. Box 349. Burlington. NC 27215 Jones. Virginia K. Route 2, Box 528, Clarksville, VA 23927 Jones. Jr.. Rlummer A. PO Box 524, Elon College, NC 27244 Jordan, Cheryl L, 3324 Maplelon Crescent, Chesapeake, VA 23321 Jordan. Frederick K. 328 Thomas SI . Slaunlon. VA 24401 Jordan. Julie R 1735 Sandy Ridge Rd . Colfax. NC 27235 Jordan. Philip A, 5320 Yorktown Road. Bethesda, MD 20816 Joseph. Michael C. 8611 Rayburn Road, Bethesda, MD 20817 Joyce. Andrew 626 South Mayo Trail, Pikeville, KY 41501 Joyce. David R Route 2. Box 278. Stonevilte, NC 27048 Joyce. Wayne J. PO Box 602, Tavernier, FL 33070 K Kain, Mary M, 3320 Newport Court, Walnut Creek, CA 94598 Kainu. Katherine M. PO Box 325. Chesapeake Beach. MD 20732 Kale. John F 1 121 Bradford Dr . Pt Pleasant, NJ 08742 Kallam. Perry K 5902 Davis Mill Road. Greensboro. NC 27406 Kallop. Stephen R 2488 Dante Avenue. Vineland, NJ 08360 Kanaby Robert F RD 2 Curtis Drive, Flemington, NJ 08822 Kane. Michael Sill Oak Street, Vienna, VA 22180 Kantor, Bruce K. 1 1808 Gregerscroti Road, Potomac, MD 20854 Kappas. John G 310-D Alwood Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 Kalinas. Marianne 6736 Bngadoon Avenue, Bethesda, MD 20817 Katsifos, Daphne 1807 Sam Lions Trail, Martinsville, VA 241 12 Kavanaugh. Barry L. Rl 15. Box 333. Lexington. NC 27292 Kaylor. Susan L- 1809 So Quincy Street, Arlington, VA 22204 Kays, John C Route 5, Box 761, Reidsvilie, NC 27320 Kearney, Jr,, George D. 322 Hillsboro Street, Franklinton, NC 27525 Keating. Kimberly L, 1392 Baycliff Drive, Virginia Beach, VA 23454 Keeley. Patrick J, 357 Timbetlake Drive, Melbourne, FL 32935 Keels. Joycelyn E Route 1 , Marshville, NC 28103 Keeton, John F 5812 Ridgeview Dr , Durham, NC 27712 Kellam, John S. PO Box 6037, Virginia Beach, VA 23456 Kellam, Julie S, PO Box 6037, Virginia Beach, VA 23456 Keller. Connie L. PO Box 52, 301 East Trollinger Avenue, Elon College, NC 27244 Keller. Kurtis P 3305 Oakridge Drive, Graham, NC 27253 Keller. Robin L. 3305 Oakridge Drive. Graham. NC 27253 Keller. Jr.. Russell R, 5921 Fairlee Road. Richmond. VA 23225 Kelly. Anne T, 1468 W Little Creek Rd . Norfolk. VA 23505 Kelly. Bryan G. 338 Crile Lane. Pearisburg. VA 24134 Kelly. Mary E. Drawer 1391. Winston-Salem, NC 27102 Kemp, Mark W, 602 West Maple Ave , Sterling, VA 22170 Kemp, Robert D. 5916 Penguin Drive SW. Roanoke. VA 24018 Kennard. Paul D 28 Lawson Avenue, Claymont, DE 19703 Kennedy. Linda R. 235 Yacht Club Drive, Rocky River, OH 44116 Kenner, Kecia L, 5943 Farm Gate Road, Raleigh, NC 27606 Kemodle, Sarah L. 1 10 Wendin Lane, Danville, VA 24540 Kerr, Cindy M 5905 Boothe Dr . Burke VA 22015 Kesler. Everett B. 121 Green Valley, Greensboro, NC 27403 Ketner. Allison C. 9 Knollwood Blvd . North Augusta. SC 29841 Kevorkian. Vivian A. 409 Collinwood Dr . Burlington. NC 27215 Keziah. John S. Route 1. Box 345. Burlington. NC 27215 Keziah. Nancy A Route 1, Box 345, Burlington, NC 27215 Kloury. William W. 7317 Venice Street, Falls Church, VA 22043 Kilcrease, Thomas C. 146 Wharf Avenue, Nashville, TN 37210 Kilgore, Jeffrey L. 7800 Topaz Road, Richmond, VA 23228 Kilgore, Jennifer L. Box 204, Gwynedd Valley, PA 19437 Kilgore. Robyn T. Box 204, Gwynedd Valley, PA 19437 Kim, Jaehwa K. 2038 Foxrun Road, Burlington, NC 27215 Kimbrough, Edwin J. 420 South Main, Roxboro, NC 27673 Kimrey. Robert D 1337 Burlingale Place, Burlington, NC 27215 Kinder, Stephen M. 4903 Sunnyside Drive, Roanoke, VA 24018 King, Michael C. 104 N Johnson Rd , Sterling, VA 22170 King. Michael R. 706 Shamrock Road. Asheboro. NC 27203 King. Polly L. PO Box 781, Raeford, NC 28376 King, Stephanie L Route 4, Box 337, Fredericksburg, VA 22405 Kinney. Susan B 600 W Mam Street Box 2805. Gibsonville, NC 27249 Kinney. III. Thomas E. 513 Shadowbrook Court. Burlington. NC 27215 Kirby. Robyn L. 7020 Rhoden Court, Spnngfield, VA 22151 Kirchen. Helen S 1919 Nottingham Lane. Burlmglon. NC 27215 Kirchner. Christopher P 4520 Saul Road, Kensington, MD 20895 Kirkland, David W. PC Box 407, Boykins, VA 23827 Kirkland, Kay M. Route 2, Box 625, Chapel Hill, NC 27514 Kiser, John R, 510 Bellield Dnve, Emporia, VA 23847 Kivett, Brian E. 931 Kimberly Road, Burlington, NC 27215 Kivett, Leah L. 217 Watkms Drive, Hampton, VA 23669 Kivett, Patricia A. 2124 Coy Street. Burlington, NC 27215 Knight. Billy W. 132 Mitchell St . Danville, VA 24541 Knight. Lisa R. 1811 Barnes SIreet. Reidsvilie. NC 27320 Knight. III. Floyd. L. 1808 Wilkins Drive. Sanlord. NC 27330 Knox. Jeffery L. Route 1. Box 176. Murrells Inlet. SC 29576 Kohlerman. Joan L. 127 Swarthmore Drive. Towson. MD 21204 Koort. Peter A. 1925 Stillhouse Road. Charlottesville. VA 22901 Kopko. Kimberly K. 302 Biltmore Drive. Colonial Heights. VA 23834 Korkor. Osfi O. Box 175. Kumasi. Ghana Kornegay. Arthur R. 1 105 Geneva Albright Road, Graham, NC 27253 Kornegay, Gregory K. 21 10 S Mebane SIreet, Burlington, NC 27215 Kotoski. Beth A. 1 18 Edgell Street, Gardner, MA 01440 Kovanes. Robert Z. 9400 Rhonda Drive, Richmond, VA 23229 Kozak. Barry R. 2945 Princess Ann Crest. Chesapeake. VA 23321 Krahe, John E. 1023 West 21 . Ene. PA 16502 Directory 183 Krai. Mictiael L- 1 1 Oak Dn»e Randolph, NJ 07869 Krape. Gary L. 6006 Merry Vale Court Spnngfield, VA 22152 Kraper. Donald C, a-iSS Riviera Dr . Vienna. VA 22180 Kraper, Michele L 2436 Riviera Drive, Vienna, VA 22180 Krottsh. Timothy W. Route 5, Box 218. Mebane, NC 27302 Kruppa. Ronald J, 16932 Fhckerwood Rd , Parklon, MD 21120 Kuhns, Donald F. 714 Winchester Avenue. Martmsburg, WV 25401 KurzrocK. Carl W. 2442 Flamingo Lane, Ft, Lauderdale, FL 33312 La Tour. Jane J, 300 Ooggelt Drive Graham, NC 27253 Lacy Margaret E, 12509 Overndge Road Potomac MD 20854 Lahey. Gordon C 1930 Wesl Lake Drive. Burlington NC 27215 Lambert. Mary M. 314 Dawn Avenue Vtfoodstock, VA 22664 Lampe, Christian P 101 Waddmglon Road Clemmons, NC 27012 Lampe, Christina J 429 Collmwood Drive, Burlinglon NC 27215 Lamuragiia. Michael J, PO Box 476, Elon College NC 27244 Lanceilotli. Roger J, 32 Edna Ave , Beihpage, NY 11714 Land, Howard G, 400 Clyde Avenue, Wilson, NC 27893 Landis, Cheryl A I810 Swamanoa Drive, Gieensboto, NC 27410 Landschoot. Mark S 40 PleasanI Street Clillon Springs, NY 14432 Lane. Ervin B 309 Clillon Road Rocky Mount NC 27801 Lang. Sandra E 861 Aberdeen Road, Bay Shore, NY 1 1706 Langston, Angela 81 Denise Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 Lanktord, Tammy R 607 South Sellars Mill Road Burlington, NC 27215 Lanphear. Lon J, 600 Churchill Drive, Chapel Hill, NC 27514 Larry Ricky D, 317 Avenue D Port St Joe, FL 32456 Lashley. George T Roule 4, Box 103 A, Wilkesboro, NC 28697 Lasker, Steven D 706 Huffman Mill Road Apl K 4 Burlington, NC 27215 Latane, Rebecca W wash Birth Place VA 2257 Latham. Anne E, 2859 South Fairway Drive Burlington, NC 27215 Latham, Kathryn L, Roule 10 Box 357 Burlinglon, NC 27215 Lawrence. Charles G 600 Longview Court N E . Vienna. VA 22180 Lawson. Christopher L. 5490-F Countryside Dnve. Winston-Salem, NC 27105 Lawson, Cynlhia D Roule 1, Box 254, Germanlon NC 27019 Lawson, Paul A 1639 Carroll Street Apt 04, Brooklyn, NY 11213 Layne, Charlene J, Route 1, Box 245, Bumpass, VA 23024 Lazenby, Jeffrey L, Route l Box 86 Foster Road, Woodleal, NC 27054 Lea, Jr , Stanley D 286 Timberlake Drive, Danville, VA 24541 Leach, Darci L 1337 Village Road Lot 168, Whilsell, NC 27377 Leahy Mary M 2059 Wesl Lake Drive Burlinglon NC 27215 Leak, Robert 9620 Deirose Lane, Chariotie, NC 28216 Leatherman, Jimmy S 209 121h Street South West, Hickory, NC 28601 Leatherman, Lisa A Roule 4 Box 730, Franklin, NC 28734 Leblanc, Robert L I415 Lincolnshire Road, Oklahoma City, OK 73159 Lechmanik, John P 8713 Arley Drive, Springlield, VA 22153 Lee, James P Roule 3 Box 98 Burlington NC 27215 Lee, Mark E 221 Weslview Park Dnve, Rocky Mount, NC 27801 Lee, Meredith M, 402 England Avenue, Fuquay Vatina, NC 27526 Lee, Timothy G, 620 W Lynnshores Circle, Virginia Beach, VA 23452 Lee, Tracy I 155 North Sussex Street, Dover, NJ 07801 Legwin, Louisa S 7223 Market SIreel, Wilmington, NC 28405 Leitner, Joseph P 1206 Highwood Rd , Rockville, MD 20851 Lemons, Wade B PO Box 757, Piltsboro, NC 27312 Lennon, Jr , Jerry W PO Box 668, Bladenboro, NC 28320 Leshock, Donna L 6100 Carriagehouse Lane, Charlotte, NC 2821 1 Lessig, Sandra K 21000 Georgia Avenue, Brookeviiie, MD 20833 Leuschner, Robert L 102 Seattle Road, Alameda CA 94501 Levine. James E, Naval Air station, 2235 Forest Street, Hollywood, FL 33020 Lewis. Howard D, 154 Clement Ave , Danville, VA 24540 Lewis. III. Cecil T. 120 Albany Street, Apl 17, Graham, NC 27253 Lewis. Jr . Jack N, Box 38 Fieldale, VA 24089 Liapis, Andrew J 2041 Walker Ave , Burlinglon, NC 27215 Libby, Lon A Roule 1 Box 257, Parllow, VA 22534 Lichlenstein, Robert A, 4873 Brookwood Drive S W , Roanoke, VA 24018 Lindgren. William A, Route 4, Box 186 A Roiia, MO 65401 Lindley Elaine N Roule 8 Box 167 Burlington NC 27215 Lindquist, Karl J 126 Wellington Place, Danville, VA 24541 Lineberger, Peter R 4l0l Lynchesler Drive, Richmond, VA 23236 Lineberry, Timothy J Roule 6, Burlington, NC 27215 Linens, Richie R Rl l Box 99, Burlinglon, NC 27215 Lineweaver, James W 1903 Lalayeite Avenue, Greensboro, NC 27408 Linton, Keith E, 1491 West 9th SIreel, Frederick, MD 21701 Lipetz. John D, 317 East SIreel, N E , Vienna, VA 22180 Lipscomb. Robert S I104 Oaklawn Drive Culpepper VA 22701 Lipstein, Kenneth 21 Hilton Road Wilmington, DE 19810 Little. Robert R 811 Park Street High Point, NC 27260 Little, Steven B Box 3244, Elon College, NC 27244 Livengood. Lane E, Roule t Box 688 Thomasville NC 27360 Lloyd. Allen D 840 Copley Avenue. Waldorf, MD 20601 Lockwood, Candace K 212 Brooke Dr Hampton, VA 23669 Long. Anthony S Route 3 Box 484 Summerfield NC 27358 Long. Dayna D 505 Country Club Drive, Burlinglon, NC 27215 Long, Jesse W, Roule 2, Box 318, Burlinglon NC 27215 Long. Karen L 1 120 Country Ridge Road, Raleigh, NC 27609 Long, Kevin W 4910 Pickwood Lane Burlington, NC 27215 Long, Mary L 2915 Foiestdale Drive Burlinglon, NC 27215 Long, Paul L 922 Badger Circle, Roxboro, NC 27573 Long, Randall F 1234 Oak Ridge Ave Henderson, NC 27536 Long, William A 2927 Old Stage Road Gastoma NC 28052 Looney, Marinda A, 712 N Daniels Creek Road Collinsville, VA 24078 Loos, John S 7495 Broad Street Rural Hall NC 27045 Lord. John H, 1280 PmebluH Road Winston Salem NC 27103 Louka. Loukia 1616 Dendron Drive Virginia Beach, VA 23451 Love, Marguerite Y Roule 3 Box 28 Mebane, NC 27302 Love, Paul 6216 Park Road, Charioiie, NC 28210 Lowder, Brady M, 705 Brookgreen Ter , Graham, NC 27253 Lowe, Lisa D 1914 Wilkms SI , Burlinglon, NC 27215 Lowery. Ernest A, 1056 Center SIreel Fayelleville NC 28306 Ludolf. Jonathan C 3745 Whitehaven Road, Winston Salem NC 27106 Lundahl, Michael 8, 7032 Wick Lane, Rockville, MD 20855 Lunslord. Cheryl C, Route 1, Box 77 Hurdle Mills, NC 27243 Lupo. Anthony V 7900 Carr Leigh Parkway, Springfield, VA 22152 Lulinski, John E, Roule 2 Box 2400 Stafford, VA 22554 Lyall. Teresa L PO Box 533, Wilkesboro NC 28697 Lyda, John M, 1 15 Kmgsgale Road Asheville NC 28805 Lynch, Mary C, 870 Kenwick Drive Winslon-Salem NC 27106 Lynch. Scott H, 818 Emory Drive, Chapel Hill, NC 27514 Lynn. John W, 1233 Northampton, Petersburg. VA 23805 M Mabe. Coy E 451 Roslyn Drive. Lumberton, NC 28358 184 Directory MacOonald. Amy 10012 S Glen Road. Potomac, MD 20854 MacDonald. Jessica A 7901 Cindy Lane, Beihesda, MD 20817 Machala, Denise M, 704 N Gumey SIreel, Burlinglon, NC 27215 Mackie, Kenneth E 6206 Arnold Road, Raleigh, NC 27607 Mackintosh. James R, Parks Mill Road, Adamsiown, MO 21710 Madge, Randall R 527 Robmhood Road, Bricklown, NJ 08723 Madren, Rhonda L, Route 1, Box 296-A, Gibsonville, NC 27249 Madrigal, Mana E, PO Box 35, New Church, VA 23415 MaHeo. Michael D 107 Wynck Street Gibsonville. NC 27249 Maggio. Christine 2324 Nebraska Avenue. NW, Washinglon, DC 20016 Mahaffey. Laura A. 3901 Whispering Lane. Falls Church. VA 22041 Maiewski. Jeffrey J, 212 Glasgow Road, Gary, NC 27511 Makely, David P 181 Rutledge Drive, Red Bank, NJ 07701 Mallios, Pamela A, 6455 31sl SIreet N W , Washinglon, DC 20015 Mallory, Scott W 219 Lees Lane, Oak Hill Estates, Ashland, VA 23005 Malone. Timothy P 67 Oxford SIreet, Glen Ridge, NJ 07028 Maloney. Michael M, 412 Oxford Road, PO Box 2579. Greenville, NC 27834 Maloney. Susan L, 1723 Timberlane St , Gasfonia, NC 28052 Maness. Daniel 8, Roule 1, Box 214, Seagrove, NC 27341 Mangum. Steven G, 3529 Mossdale Avenue, Durham, NC 27707 Mann, Charles B, 309 Engleman Avenue, Burlinglon, NC 27215 Mann. Melissa J, 2330 Fleming Road, Greensboro, NC 27410 Mann, Steven E PO Box 141. Burlington, NC 27215 Manners. Hoben W. 6803 Reynard Drive. Springfield. VA 22152 Manship. Jr . Frank T 402 Elizabeth Avenue, Rockingham, NC 26379 March. Roger W PO Box 438, Suffolk, VA 23434 Marchese. Jennifer N 9702 Eclipse Place, Gailhersburg, MD 20879 Marchisello. Margaret A, 1571 Lauteldale Drive, Raleigh, NC 27609 Marcum. Cynthia L, PO Box 762, Vienna, VA 22180 Marion, Tylee B 7 Martin Place, Chatham, NJ 07928 Markley. Betsy C 309 Greenway Road, Slaunlon, VA 24401 Markley. Phillip S, 2636 Comwallis Avenue, Roanoke, VA 24014 Markosky. Kenneth A, 17 Huckleberry Lane, Weston, CT 05883 Marks. Nancy L 508 Roystonia Palm Drive, N Indialantic, FL 32903 Marks. Nicholas K 4703 Bridle Path Lane. Greensboro. NC 27410 Marshall. III. Carroll L Butlers Bridge. Santord, VA 23426 Marshburn. Allison T 414 Easi Montcastle, Greensboro, NC 27406 Marszaiek, John M, 12136 Pawnee Drive, Gailhersburg, MD 20878 Martin. Carolyn D, 3644 Old Lexington Rd , Winslon-Salem, NC 27107 Martin. Christian E, 1616 Woodbine Circle, New Providence, NJ 07974 Martin, David S, Poor Farm Road, Harvard, MA 01451 Martin, Evelyn F Route 4, Box 59-E, Hillsborough, NC 27278 Martin, Gail M 805 Rolimgwood Dnve, Greensboro, NC 27410 Martin. Jonathan P 1600 Slonybrook Lane, Culpeper, VA 22701 Martin. Malcolm D 2609 Sumac Lane, Burlington, NC 27215 Martin. Michael E, Rl 6, Box 871, Reidsville, NC 27320 Martin. Paul A, 303 Trail One, Burlinglon, NC 27215 Martin, Suzanne R, 1417 West Front Street, Burlinglon, NC 27215 Martin, Vickie S PO Box 1109, Elon College, NC 27244 Marline. Thomas G, 308 Edgewood Drive, Neenah, Wl 54956 Martz, Steven J, Rl 2, Box 48, Liberty, NC 27298 Masho. Joseph H, PO Box 744, Graham, NC 27253 Mason. Jane 6523 East Halbert Road, Beihesda, MO 20817 Massengill, Jay R, 1950 Wesl Front Street, Burlinglon, NC 27215 Massey, Trina L PO Box 266. Yanceyville, NC 27379 • Massie. Page G Roule 1 Box 45 C 1 , Scotlsville, VA 24590 Masterson, James E 738 The Colony Apartments, Burlington, NC 27215 Mathews, John T 1214 West Point Drive, Suffolk, VA 23434 Mathews. Martin E, 913 Virginia Beach Boulevard, Lot 6, Virginia Beach Va 23451 Matkins. Cynthia L Roule 4, Box 384, Tullahoma, TN 37388 Matthews. Carolina M, 213 Edison Drive E , Statesville, NC 28677 Matthews, Ins E 914 E 2nd SIreet N E . Slier City. NC 27344 Matthews, Roland D 147 Tarlelon Avenue, Burlinglon, NC 27215 Mattingly, Maureen D, 2037 Swan s Neck Way, Reslon, VA 22091 Mauldin, Ashley B, PO Box 1187, 302 Beiwood Drive, Belmont, NC 28012 May Angela M PO Box 821, Elon College, NC 27244 May Roy J Roule 6, Box 296-K, Burlinglon, NC 27215 May Jr . Jack G, Route 6, Burlington, NC 27215 Maynard. John M, 3823 Caroline Avenue, Porlsmoulh. VA 23701 Mayo. Mary B 21015 Halburlon Road, B eachwood, OH 44122 Mazur. Michael K 120 Forestview Or , Elon College, NC 27244 Mazur. Virginia D 120 Foreslview Drive. Elon College. NC 27244 Mazzucca. Michael J 104 Dana Court. Durham. NC 27712 McCullough. Theron R 2722 Circle Drive, Durham, NC 27705 McDowell. Linda L 602 C Tracy Drive. Burlinglon. NC 27215 McGuire. Wanda G PO Box 493, Yanceyville, NC 27379 Mclver, Jane N 410 Tryon SIreet, Burlinglon, NC 27215 McKeithan, Karen L, 148 Sherwood Circle, Lancaster, SC 29720 McKnight, Jacqueline K, Roule 1, McKnight Road, Advance, NC 27028 McNiel. Cynthia M 2281 Lakeview Terrace. Burlinglon, NC 27215 McPherson, Connie H, Route 1, Box 541-B, Graham, NC 27253 McAdams, Marcella Z 708 N Dale CI , Burlington, NC 27215 McCardle. Joseph C 8615 Powder Horn Road, Spnnglield, VA 22152 McCain. Deana M, PO Box 294, Yanceyville, NC 27379 McCandless. Andrew E PO Box 473, Asheboro, NC 27203 McCann. Andrew M 2603 Woodedge Road, Silver Spring, MD 20906 McCauley, Christopher L, 8 Thompson, Slaunlon, VA 24401 McCauley Clifford M Route 3, Box 77, Elon College, NC 27244 McClintock, Pamela A Roule 4, Box 258, Burlinglon, NC 27215 McCorkle. Kenneth R, 2407 Burnelte Drive, Greensboro, NC 27406 McCorkle. Jr , Mack E 1307 N Sellars Mill, Burlinglon, NC 27215 McCoy, Rebecca J 2312 Moran SIreet, Burlington, NC 27215 McCoy, Winlred S PO Box 101, Cove Cily NC 28523 McCracken, James C Roule 2, River Road, Richmond, VA 23233 McCue. Cyrus C 9109 Derbyshire Road, Richmond, VA 23229 McCullock. Pamela J, Roule 2, Box 236, Hurdle Mills, NC 27541 McDaniel. William P PO Box 1081. Elon College, NC 27244 McDannold. Gregory A, 31 1 West Briarwood Lane. Columbia, MO 65201 McFadyen, John S 2508 North Edgewalet, Fayelleville, NC 28303 McFarland. Bruce R 8313 Briar Creek Drive. Annandale, VA 22003 McGovern. Jr.. William P, 401 Eden Court, Graham, NC 27253 McGowan. Douglas J, 106 George Rodgers Road, Charlottesville. VA 22901 McHugh. John T 909 Kings Landing Circle, Virginia Beach, VA 23452 McHugh, William B 8027 East Blvd Dr , Alexandria, VA 22308 Mclntyre, Raymond T 2733 Woodbury Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 McKaig. Christopher D 7510 Honesiy Way, Beihesda, MO 20034 McKaskel, Ronald G, Rt 5, Box 22, Boone, NC 28607 McKee, Wilbur B 1214 Onslow Drive, Greensboro, NC 27408 McKeever. Patrick S 346 W Freemason SIreel, Norfolk, VA 23501 McMillen. Jane A 135 Bloxom Drive, Newporl News, VA 23602 McMullen. Barbara A 2605 Vanslory SIreel, Greensboro, NC 27407 McNeely. Jamie E, Roule 2, Box 178, Valdese, NC 28690 McNeill. Donna S 909 Colonial Drive, Durham, NC 27704 McNeill, James C, 100 N Madison Street, Whiteville, NC 28472 McRainey. Kimberly 417 Martin Ave . Graham. NC 27253 McSheehy. Diane E, 8 Wildbrook Drive, Plaistow, NH 03865 Meacham, John B, 1 10 South Main, Graham, NC 27253 Meadows. Ivery D Roule l. Box 510, Maysville, NC 28555 Meares. William J. 31 1 Sianaloid Road. Winston Salem, NC 27104 Meason. Anthony B. 1638 OIney Rd , Falls Church. VA 22043 Mebane, Karen E. 309 Brooklyn Street, Burlinglon, NC 27215 Medley. Nancy R, 251 1 Wilson SIreel, Durham, NC 27705 Medlin, Paula L, 1 17 Sharon Drive, Lexington, NC 27292 Medlm, Reba F Roule 1, Box 289 DO, Cedar Grove, NC 27231 Meeks, Andrew T, Roule 3, Box 188 B, Sloneville, NC 27048 Weeks. Gregory. T. 307 Yates Street, South Boston, VA 24592 Meisel. Beniamin A, 3309 Cummings Lane, Chevy Chase, MD 20815 Mela, Nancy J 1531 Caldwell SIreet, Lakeland, FL 33803 Melton, Eduardo Roule 6, Box 38, Ml Olive, NC 28365 Melton, Melvin J 2703 Lynlield Lane, Greensboro, NC 27406 Melvin-Dalton. Anne B, PO Box 143, Elon College, NC 27244 Menck, Stephen C, 869 Kenwick Drive, Winston Salem, NC 27106 Meredith, Warren A, 9001 Barb Ann Court, Spnnglield, VA 22152 Merriman, II. James D 112 Woodlawn Road. Collinsville, VA 24078 Merritt, Brenda A, Route 2, Box 33, Mebane, NC 27302 Mershon. Sandy L, 107 Lorac Court, Williamsburg, VA 23185 Messitt. Toby G, 1811 North Brunswick Street, Sterling, VA 22170 Metzgar. Ann M 103 A SIreet, Brunswick, MD 21716 Meyer. Bobbi S 9401 Chimney Way, Gailhersburg, MD 20879 Michanco. Leo P 103 Poplar Road, Slerlmg, Va 22170 Michaud. Lisa M, 13811 Gilbert Road, Woodbndge, VA 22193 Miles, Susan B 13810 Hailsham Circle, Midloihian, VA 231 13 Miller. Anthony E, 122 F Yester Oaks Way East, Greensboro, NC 27408 Miller. Charles B. 4517 Highberry Road. Greensboro. NC 274t0 Miller. Christie A. Route 5. PO Box 483. Reidsville. NC 27320 Miller. David L, Roule 18, Box 87, Lexington, NC 27292 Miller. Elizabeth A, 107 Shannon Road, Asheboro, NC 27203 Miller. Marcell A 381 East 46th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11203 Miller, Michael R PO Box 127, Mayock, NC 27958 Miller. Patrick C, 3603 Sherwood Place. Lynchburg. VA 24503 Miller, Tamara S. 9 Jonathans Court. Hunt Valley. MD 21030 Miller, Virginia G 328 Ooggelt Drive. Graham. NC 27253 Miller. Jr . Richard S 3603 Sherwood Place. Lynchburg. VA 24503 Mills. Kimberly B, 384 Billingham Drive, Burlinglon, NC 27215 Mills. Lon L, Route 1, Box 734, Graham, NC 27253 Mills. Mark A, 917 Pembroke Road, Greensboro, NC 27408 Miner, Karen T, 1306 Mason Farm Road, Chapel Hill, NC 27514 Mmich. William G, PO Box 653, Madison, NC 27025 Miniter, Jenienne M, 1 127 Mainsail Drive, Annapolis, MD 21403 Minner, Jeffrey E. 4 Aldham Court, Wilmington, DE 19803 Minner, Michael P 728 Wick Boulevard, Woodbury, NJ 08096 Minter, John R, Roule 4, Box 605, Asheboro, NC 27203 Minter, Stephen E. 1308 Ridgewood Avenue, Reidsville, NC 27320 Minton. Juanita L, PO Box 2042, Lexington, NC 27293 Mintz, Amy 7621 Provincial Drive, McLean, VA 22102 Mitchell, Caria L, 630-A Lenora SIreet, Burlinglon, NC 27215 Mitchell, Daniel W, 449 Augusta Drive, Statesville, NC 28677 Mitchell, Robin A, 2008 Tryon SI , Burlinglon, NC 27215 Mitchell, William A, PO Box 2344, Danville, VA 24541 Mitchell. Linda T 1337 Village Rd Lot 11, Whitseit, NC 27377 Mitchener. Michael L, 802 Fort Branch, Peansburg, VA 24134 Mitchum, Chen L, 291 1 Bedlord Slieel, Burlington, NC 27215 Mitta, Kenneth J, 913 Tyrrell SI , Raleigh, NC 27609 Moats, David A, 1416 2nd Avenue, N W , Fort Lauderdale, FL 3331 1 Mock. Ann M, 1620 Lewisville Vienna Road, Pfafftown, NC 27040 Moffett, Teal 421 Cedarwood Drive, Burlinglon, NC 27215 Moley. Joseph V 7702 Tanglewood Lane. Tampa. FL 33615 Moncure, Alexander S, 1000 Wesl Avenue, Richmond, VA 23220 Moncure. John C, 1000 Wesl Ave , Richmond, VA 23220 Montplaisir, Dawn M. 128 Casmar Street South East. Vienna VA 22180 Moody. George T. 418 Holland Circle. Statesville. NC 28677 Moody. Paul G 120 Riverpoinl Crescent. Porlsmoulh. VA 23707 Moon. Eleanor. G. 350 Delaine Drive. Burlinglon. NC 27215 Moon. Mclinda J. 1524 Wollsnare Road. Virginia Beach, VA 23451 Moon, Mona M, 607 Johnson Avenue, Graham, NC 27253 Mooney. Devery J, 537 Tanglewood Circle, Roxboro, NC 27573 Mooney, John F 1673 Woodvale Drive, Charleston, WV 25314 Moore, Barry D Roule 2, Box 238, Kenbridge, VA 29344 Moore. CarIa D, Box 3407 E Joyner SI , Gibsonville, NC 27249 Moore. Christopher S, Ml View Rd , Cedar Trails, Winston Salem, NC 27104 Moore. Christopher W, 120 Eggleslon Avenue, Hampton, VA 23669 Moore, Cynthia R 337 Robmhood Rd , Franklin, VA 23851 Moore, Darren T, Rl 2, Box 68, Bear Creek, NC 27207 Moore, David A 1200 Bilbro SIreel, Greensboro, NC 27406 Moore, Deborah L, 507 Walker Road, Great Falls, VA 22066 Moore, Donald M, 3726 Prospect Drive, Winston Salem, NC 27105 Moore, Julianne 1409 Carolyn Drive, Virginia Beach, VA 23451 Moore, Karen U. Roule 6, Box 183, Burlinglon, NC 27215 Moore, Leisa C Roule 2, Box 174, Washington, NC 27889 Moore. Mary L, Roule 1, 102 Birnam Woods, Chapel Hill, NC 27514 Moore, Melissa A, 2523 McKinney SIreel, Burlinglon, NC 27215 Moore. Melody A, Roule 8, Box 7, Reidsville, NC 27320 Moore. Michael J Apl 2015 C Colony Apis , Burlinglon, NC 27215 Moore. Michael K PO Box 612. Henderson. NC 27536 Moore. Shelia A, 1548 Beams Drive, Shelby, NC 28150 Moore, Susan W, 724 Colonial Drive, Burlinglon, NC 27215 Moore, Tracy J, PO Box 361, Roxboro, NC 27573 Moore, William R, 573 Laurel, Franklin, VA 23851 Moore, Jr , Mack 971 Atlantis Drive, Apt 201, Virginia Beach, VA 23451 Moorefield, John H, Roule 6, Box 60, Burlington, NC 27215 Morabito. Robert A, 1 133 Cham Bridge Road, McLean, VA 22101 Moral, Mary E, 5528 Beaconsfield Court, Burke, VA 22015 Morehouse, Kimberly M. 4245 Mt Taylor Drive, Santa Rosa, CA 95404 Moreton. Nancy S, 21 Slandish Road, Windsor, CT 06095 Morgan Freddi M, 5097 Rochelle Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23464 Morgan, Kelly A, Route 2, Box 198, Siler Cily, NC 27344 Monde, William B, Route 1, Box 190, Summertield, NC 27358 Morningstar. Kenneth A, 2410 Sandlewood Drive, Gaslonia, NC 28052 Morris. Cindy M, Roule 1, Box 182, Summertield, NC 27358 Morns, David H. 4709 Ponderosa Drive, Annandale, VA 22003 Morns Georgia L, 1418 Gattield Road, Burlington, NC 27215 Mornson, Alphonso J, R1 3, Box 122, Hamlet, NC 28345 Morrison, Karen L, 439 N Oakland Avenue, Statesville, NC 28677 Mornson, Kimberly A. 4014 Bristol Road, Durham, NC 27707 Morrison, Melissa A, 209 Forestview Drive, Elon College, NC 27244 Morrison, Robert G, 4101 Five Oaks Drive, Unit 42 Durham, NC 27707 Morrison. Tonya D, 1203 Rolling Lane, Statesville, NC 28677 Morrocco. Stacie C, 105 Kimberly Drive, Burlington, NC 27244 Morton. Carlene H. 102 West Ruffin Street, Mebane, NC 27302 Morton. Jay N 1713 Cherry Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 Morton, Lynn M, Roule 3, Box 335, Graham, NC 27253 Morion, Teresa L. 388 Edinburgh Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 Moser, John R, 2122 South Hawthorne, Winston-Salem, NC 27103 Moser, Kelly T, Til Kilchm Street, Burlington, NC 27215 Moye. Kenneth B, 5102 Arbutus Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21215 Moyer, Joel C, Roule 1 , Box 5799, Front Royal, VA 22630 Mrosla. Kim T, 10 Meadoviibrook Drive, Durham, NC 27712 Mulgrew. Peter M. 7102 Ridge Road, Frederick, MD 21701 Murawski. Stephanie L, 10226 Falcon Bndge, Richmond, VA 23233 Murdock, Lisa M, 2605 Fernwick Drive, South Boston. VA 24592 Munell. Charmene Roule t. Box 554-A, Haw River NC 27258 Murphy, David W, 3307 Sandburg Drive, Greensboro, NC 27405 Murphy. James F 153 Whitehall Blvd , Garden Cily NV 1 1530 Murphy. Nancy M, 2017 Osborn Drive Silver Spring, MD 20910 Murphy. Sally A, Roule 2, Box 28, Franklin, VA 23851 Murray Dana P 623 Fountain Road Salisbury, MD 21801 Murray John A, Rl 2, Box 57 A, Ahoskie, NC 27910 Murray, John R. 2202 Pommel Drive S W , Roanoke, VA 24018 Murray. Keren A, Route 2, Box 106, Snow Camp, NC 27349 Murray, Lone A. Roule 2, Box 359 A, Burlington, NC 27215 Murrell, Keith M, Roule 2, Box 508, Walnut Cove, NC 27052 Murrell William E, 510 lOlh Street, Box 3711, Gibsonville, NC 27249 Muskey. Beth Anne M, 8701 Hickory Bend Trail, Potomac, MD 20854 Myatt, Susan D, 326 Moser Street, Graham, NC 27253 Myers. Craig J, 7608 Audubon Drive, Raleigh, NC 27609 Myers, Eric G. U S Naval Facility FPO , NY 09519 Myers. Kristina L, 1106 Earle Avenue, Millville, NJ 08332 Myers, Mark E, 904 Colonial Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 N Nagel. Leslie 0, 5207 Hednck Drive, Greensboro, NC 27410 Nail. Betty S, Route 1, Box 182, Bear Creek, NC 27207 Nance. Amy 2917 Maple Avenue, Burlington, NC 27215 Nance. Melinda G. Route 2, Box 620, MeLeansville, NC 27301 Mardi, Susan F 123 Woodstock Dnve, Chatlollesville, VA 22901 Narlis, Anna M, 134 Dumonl Ave , Norlolk, VA 23505 Nash, David E 138 Shaw St , Gibsonville, NC 27249 Nassief, Todd M, 1600 Slowe Road, Ashtabula, OH 44004 Nastoft, Daniel R, 31 Oriole SI , Greenville, SC 29609 Nave. TvBila G, 1335 River Bitch Run Soulh, Chesapeake, VA 23330 Necessary, Andrev N, 111 Hill Slreet, Tazewell. VA 24651 Nell. Janice E, 520 Woodend Dnve, Concord, NC 28025 Neese, Thomas R. 1003 Peeble Drive, Greensboro, NC 27410 Neill, Carolyn S, 2708 Lafayette Avenue, Greensboro, NC 27408 Nelson, Laurie A, Roule 2, Box 601, Roxboto, NC 27573 Nelson. Lisa D, 64 Refy Avenue, Ramsey, NJ 07446 Nelson. Margaret D 4720 Farrington Road, Durham, NC 27707 Nelson, Stephen P 7803 Harwood Place, Spnnglield, VA 22152 Nelson, Tammy A. Roule 1, Box 141, Prospect Hill, NC 27314 Nemeth, Thomas S, PO Box 253, Boydton, VA 23917 Neulang, Jeflrey S, 6621 Newington Road, Lorlon, VA 22079 Neville. Tina M. 703E Summit Ridge Road, Mebane, NC 27302 Newell. John W, 7820 New London Drive, Springfield, VA 22153 Newman. Carolyn W, 560 Isley PI , Burlington, NC 27215 Newman. Millicenl H Route 2, Sox 301-C, Burlington, NC 27215 Newton, Louise G, 2329 Venie Street, Burlington, NC 27215 Nicholas, Marina C, 510 Carl Street, Norfolk, VA 23505 Nichols, Mary E. Route 3, Box 361, Rockingham, NC 28379 Nickerson, David S 18415 Cedar Dnve, Triangle, VA 22172 Nivens. Janice C, PO Box 61, McAdenville, NC 28101 Nix, Carol L, 21 Rhoda SI , Canton, NC 28716 Noakes, JeHrey V, Roule 1, Box 19, Tazewell, VA 24651 Noel, Mark A, 2201 Grandm Rd , SW , Roanoke, VA 24015 Nolan. Patricia E. Box 661, Severna Park, MD 21146 Norman, Nancy E, 2756 Galahad Drive, Atlanta, GA 30345 North, Eric M, 205 Tapawingo Road, S W , Vienna, VA 22180 Norwood. Ralph D, 1604 Elder Way Burlington, NC 27215 Nutt. Michael J. 3768 Vandalia Dnve, Winslon-Salem, NC 27104 Nye, John G, 3719 Carnage House Court, Alexandria, VA 22309 O ' Brien. Mark W, 11101 Brookline Drive, Fairfax, VA 22030 OConnell, Margaret C. 616 A Grace Avenue, Burlington, NC 27215 O ' Connor, Katharine A, 61 Elizabeth Avenue, Dover, DE 19901 O ' Donnell, James H 4815 Cloister Drive, Rockville, MD 20852 O ' Donnell, Michele M 5622 Millwheel Place, Columbia, MD 21045 O Ferrell. Kelly G, 435 O Ferrell Street, Greensboro, NC 27405 O Lari. Michael W, Cushing Academy, Ashburnham, MA 01430 Oakes. John D, PO Box 56, MeLeansville, NC 27301 Oakley Allyson F 3510 Longview Dnve, Buclinglon, NC 27215 Oakley. Lynne S, 207 North SI , Graham, NC 27253 Oates, Timothy R. 617 G Tracy Drive, Trails End Apts , Burlington NC 27215 Obaugh. Michelle 404 Rainbow Drive, Staunton, VA 24401 Oehm, William E, 68 De Vonne Drive, FtedencksBurg, VA 22401 Oldham, Thomas W, PO Box 145, Haw Rivet, NC 27258 Oliver, Scott C, 2125 Hayes Drive, Rock Hill, SC 29730 OIley, John J, RD 3, Box 269, Sewell, NJ 08080 Olsen. Christopher T, 21 Weslwood Drive, Jamestown, NY 14701 Olsen, Cynthia L, 21 Weslwood Drive, Jamestown, NY 14701 Oncale. Lisa M, 7019 Hadlow Drive, Springfield, VA 22152 Orlando. Janice B. 1215 Concord Dnve, Brick, NJ 08723 Ornstein. Marjon 8. 2002B Colony Apartments. Burlington, NC 27215 Orofino. Jon A 708 Dill Road, Severna, Park, MD 21 146 Osteen, David C, RD 3, Box 453, Annville, PA 17003 Otey, Lisa K 6617 Meadewood Dr , Roanoke, VA 24019 Overbey. Susan C, 19 Kimberly Drive, Durham, NC 27707 Overby Curtis E, General Delivery, Belhania, NC 27010 Overby Kimberly J, General Delivery, Belhania, NC 27010 Overstreet. Pamela H, 2531 Devenwood Rd , Richmond, VA 23235 Owen, III, Robert H Two Stancliff Drive, Asheville, NC 28803 Owens, Jennifer J, 99 Hull SIreel, Newpoil News, VA 23601 Owens, Teresa F 1705 Pmecrest SIreel, Burlington, NC 27215 Oxman. Tamara B, 1 1 150 Glade Dnve, Reston, VA 22091 Page. Dale L. 2030 NE 29th Court, Fl Lauderdale, FL 33306 Page. George R, 711 Cor|on Street, Kernetsville, NC 27284 Page. John P PO Box 747, Yanceyville, NC 27379 Page. Sheila D Roule 3. Box 100 A, Burlington, NC 27215 Page. Steven J, Route 3, Box 236, Burlinglon, NC 27215 Painter. William D, 1490 61h Avenue, Vero Beach, FL 32960 Palochko. Michael J, 135 Throckmorlon Lane, Old Bridge, NJ 08857 Palumbo, Michelle 97 Tupelo Trail, Narragansett, Rl 02882 Papadeas, Kyle M, 416 Oakland Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 Pappendick. Alice G. Route 1, Box 390, Graham, NC 27253 Parker, John B, Panorama Lane, Bedford, VA 24523 Parker, Rex W, PO Box 211, Lebanon, VA 24266 Parker, Teresa L, Rt 1, Box 51, Hurdle Mills, NC 27541 Parker. William E 1506 Wabash, Durham, NC 27701 Parker. III. John R, Roule 6, Box 196, Clinlon, NC 28328 Parks, Karen L, 250 Jefters Dnve, Shadwell Mm , Charlottesville, VA 22901 Parks. Jr. Charles G. 2232 Wilkins SIteet, Burlington, NC 27215 Parr, Steven G 2314 Michelle Lane, Greensboro, NC 27407 Parra, Paul S, 8 Standard Court, Gaithersburg, MD 20877 Parrott, Mary E, Roule 3, Box 171 D, Oxford, NC 27565 Partin. Emily L, Route 2, Box 110, Rougemonl, NC 27572 Partin, Michael P 4516 Revere Drive, Raleigh, NC 27609 Partin, Vernon G, Route 2, Box 1108, Rougemonl, NC 27572 Pate, Derek A Route 4, Box 513, Newlon, NC 28658 Patrick, Sherman L, Rl l. Box 441, Elon College, NC 27244 Patterson, Aubrey D Box 91, Powells Point, NC 27965 Patterson, Kenneth L, Route 4, Box 279C, Burlington, NC 27215 Patterson. Linda C, 1004 S Church St , Burlington, NC 27215 Patterson. Robin A. Route 3, Box 644, Trinity, NC 27370 Patterson. Terry A. Route I.Box 313-B, Holly Spnng, NC 27540 Patterson, Jr.. Jess T, PO Box 112, Alamance, NC 27201 Patton. Timothy P 15 North Hull St , Sinking Spnng, PA 19608 Paul. Amy A, 108 Chesterfield Road, Lynchburg, VA 24502 Paul. III. James A, 24 Glenbtooke Circle, Richmond, VA 23229 Payne. Fredda F 1 10 Carr Court, Mebane, NC 27302 Payne. Linda D 3318 Summit Avenue, Greensboro, NC 27405 Payne. Mark A, Roule 1, Box 270, Summertield, NC 27358 Payne, Mary A, 90 Demse Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 Payne, Matthew L, Box 747, Elon College, NC 27244 Peach, III, William F 118 Longwood Drive, Newport News, VA 23606 Pearce, Steven R 6650 South WesI 124 Street, Miami, FL 33156 Pearson. Lisa Route 4, Box 157, Clinton, NC 28328 Penn. Shena E 6500 Rivington Road, Spnngfield, VA 22152 Pennington, Darryl D, PO Box 403, Elon College, NC 27244 Pennington. William J. Route 8, Box 178, Burlington, NC 27215 Penny. Jimmy R, Roule 1, Box 62, Liberty NC 27298 Penrod. Michael A, Roule 3, Box 116A, Sealord, DE 19973 Peoples, Belinda D, Roule iBox 504, Oak Ridge, NC 27310 Perdieu. Danny R, 725 Leesville Road, Lynchburg, VA 24502 Perdue. Jay M 14605 Tranor Avenue, Chester, VA 23831 Perdue, William T, PO Box 63, Wenlworlh, NC 27375 Perkinson. Lisa L 1 Skipwilh Green Circle, Richmond, VA 23229 Perreault Robin L, 301 Green Arbor Dr , Fredericksburg, VA 22401 Perrell. Elizabeth A. PO Box 28, Middleburg, FL 32068 Perry Melia M, 2515 Parnsh St , Burlington, NC 27215 Perry, Sandra F 323 Clapp Street, Graham, NC 27253 Perry Sherne E 2623 Cathenne Dnve, Burlington, NC 27215 Perry Steven W, PO Box 101, Woolwine, VA 24185 Peters, Colin J. 312 Lone Pine Road, Chapel Hill, NC 27514 Petersen. David D, 5 Lanier Dr , Jacksonville, NC 28540 Petersen, Stephen E. 2419 Haiherly Road, Chatloife, NC 28209 Peterson, Margaret A, 51 Norlhwesl Drive, Northport, NY 11768 Peterson, Samuel L. 108-85lh Sueel, Virginia Beach, VA 23451 Petty. Sarah I 276 Hill Slreet, Whilinsville, MA 01588 Phillips, Dayle K, PO Box I Bermuda Run, Advance, NC 27006 Phillips. Donna M 822 High Street, Burlington, NC 27215 Phillips. Mary A 1405 Collins Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 Phillips. Robert D, 1408 Brookland Parkway, Richmond, VA 23227 Phillips. Jr . George R, 213 S Main SIreel, Graham, NC 27253 Picha, Joanne L, 112-B Pmewood Crescent, Hampton, VA 23666 Pickard. Frederick W, 2245 Woodland Avenue, Burlington, NC 27215 Pickard. James K, 131 Weslover SIreel, Graham, NC 27253 Pickenng, Penny L, 8315 McNeil Street, Vienna, VA 22180 Pickett. Annette E, 319 C Alwood Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 Pickett, Michael S Box 8218, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577 Pierce. Garry N, Roule 6, Box P-5, Whileville, NC 28472 Pierce. William J, 1304 East Elm Slreet, Graham, NC 27253 Pierre, Warnel E. 1908 B Mornmgside Dnve, Burlington, NC 27215 Pike, Cindy R PO Box 765, Graham, NC 27253 Pikula. Margaret C, 701 Quarlerslaff Road, Winston-Salem, NC 27104 Pillow, Jane S. 109 Quail Ridge Dr , Lynch Station, VA 24571 Pilson. Barry E, PO Box 877, COIIinsville, VA 24076 Pinson, John H, 2465 A Moran SIreel, Burlington, NC 27215 Pirkle. Helen L, PO Box 166, Alamance, NC 27201 Pittard, Mike D. 3122 Amherst Avenue, Burlington, NC 27215 Pitts. Donna M, 405 Pettee Road, Winston-Salem, NC 27106 Pitts. Faith F 810 Pills Street, WinslonSalem, NC 27107 Plumblee, Barbara T, Roule l,Box 745, Haw River, NC 27258 Plummet. Jeff L. 108 Cobblestone Drive, Farminglon II, Greensburg, PA 15601 Pointer, Shelby R, 5 Linden Avenue, Middlelown, NY 10940 Poldy. Megan R 9711 Counsellor Dnve, Vienna, VA 22180 Pollard, Knsline L. 212 Pine Ridge Lane, Charlollesville, VA 22901 Pollock. Ronald N, 1507 Highland Avenue, Cmnaminson, NJ 08077 Pomeroy. Seth B. 3914 Harrison Street N W , Washington, DC 20015 Pond. Mary E Roule l.Box 424 A, Midlothian, VA 23113 Poole, Sharon K. 1509 Edilh Street, Aparlmenl E , Burlington, NC 27215 Porter. Allen F 4333 Willow Woods Drive, Annandale, VA 22003 Porter. Janet M, 438 New York Avenue, Bncklown, NJ 08723 Porter, John M, 53 South French Street, Alexandria, VA 22304 Porter, Richard 8, 2 Norman Lane, Succasunna, NJ 07876 Porter, Vickey K, 204 N Melville SIreel, Graham, NC 27253 Poston, William G, 24 Lower Tuckahoe Road WesI, Richmond, VA 23233 Potts. Mark 1006 Todd Street, Graham, NC 27253 Potts. Nancy C, 219-A West Vandalia Road. Greensboro. NC 27406 Poulin, De Elte Opm-Sang, APO NY 09038 Poulos, George N, 707 Keals Road, Richmond, VA 23229 Powell, David W, 1412 Shawnee Slreet, Durham, NC 27701 Powell, Wade J. Roule 1, Box 343, Ramseur, NC 27316 Powers, Stephen J, 3619 Parnell Dnve, Greensboro, NC 27405 Pratt. Debbie B, Roule 8, Box 403 A, Burlington, NC 27215 Presley, Sheldon S. Roule 1, Box 48, Ashbutn, VA 22011 Presnell, Rebecca R 17-C Brookwood Garden Apis , Burlington, NC 27215 Preston. Julie C, Roule 10, Box 226, Chapel Hill, NC 27514 Price. Aaron K, 704 Larry Avenue, Apt EE, Graham, NC 27253 Price. Aundrey 238 Gray SI , Danville, VA 24541 Price. David J. 433 Wellington Drive, Charlollesville, VA 22901 Price. Glenn M. 110 Woodland Drive, Elon College, NC 27244 Price. James C, Roule 3. Box 263, Siler City NC 27344 Price, Kenneth E. Roule 1, Box 207, John Price Road, Pineville, NC 28134 Pridgen. Elizabeth C 1008 Timberlake Drive, Wilson, NC 27893 Pritts. Katherine A. 412 Washington Road, Westminster, MD 21157 Privitera. Michelle M 3506 Walker s Ferry Road, Midlothian, VA 23113 Proffit, Wilma E. 1924 Malone Road, Burlington, NC 27215 Propst. Judith L- 4641 Soulh Leisure Court, Ellicolt City MD 21043 Props!. Robert T 1 10 Forest Cliff, Concord, NC 28025 Prosser, Pamela H 5411 Tory Hill Drive, Greensboro, NC 27410 Pryce, Elizabeth A 201 Courlland Dnve, Elon College, NC 27244 Pryor, Carolyn A, Roule 5, Box 338, Reidsville, NC 27320 Pugh, Allison L. PO Box 904, Elon College, NC 27244 Pugh, Tammy A. 4015 Belle Meade Dr S W , Roanoke, VA 24018 Pulkingham, Nathan C. 722 WesI Davis SIreel, Burlington, NC 27215 Pullen, John T, 3030 University Drive, Winston Salem, NC 27104 Punches, Kimberly A, 3060 Nassau Drive, Vero Beach, FL 32960 Purdy. Paul C. PO Box 253, Elon College, NC 27244 Purvance. Gabriella T. 10805 Hum Club Road, Reston, VA 22090 Purvis. Marvin L, PO Box 1127, Elon College, NC 27244 Putzulu, Jeffery S. 324 Watson Dnve, Burlington, NC 27215 Pulzulu. Judy 8. 1 18 Carolina Avenue, Burlington, NC 27215 Q Quad, Christina L. Roule 6, Box 53, Burlington, NC 27215 Quarterman. John H. 1373 Dunstan Lane. Virginia Beach, VA 23455 Quinn, Barbara J. PO Box 1085. Elon College, NC 27244 R Rabil. Frances J. 145 Surlees Road, Winston-Salem, NC 27104 Raborn, Stephen D. 6209 Stoney Pt Loop, Fayelteville, NC 28306 Rackley, Kip G, 2802 Bree Hill Road, Oaklon, VA 22124 Rader, Donald K, 1 17 Deerwood Dnve, Charlollesville, VA 22901 Ragland. Josephine 308 Jones Street, Roxboro, NC 27573 Ragland. Robert E, Route 4, Box 208, Farmville, VA 23901 Raiford. Cynthia D. 2010-A Mornmgsid e Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 Raine, Jr., Arthur W. 16 Greenway, Pocomoke, MD 21851 Rainey, Gordon M. 4660 Yacht Club Road, Jacksonville, FL 32210 Rainey. Robin J, Roule 2, Box 273-B, Burlington, NC 27215 Raleigh. Ellen 3530 Queen Anne Drive, Fairfax, VA 22030 Ramey David L, 116 Nicks SIreel, Graham, NC 27253 Ramey, Glinda D, Route 10, Box 422, Burlington, NC 27215 Ramsey J- Timothy 52D and Beach, Sea Isle Cily, NJ 08243 Randall. Rita M, 2706 Wickham Avenue, Newport News, VA 23607 Rankin, Eric L, 1633 West From SIreel, Statesville, NC 28677 Rankin, Leslie G, Roule 3, Box 280-X, Elon College, NC 27244 Ratledge, Thomas H. 478 Cheshire Court, Newport News, VA 23602 Ratliff. Jr,. Bobby L, Roule 2, Box 826, Soulh Boston, VA 24592 Ratteray, Karen A. PO Box 1515, Hamilton, Bermuda Raulukaitis. Julie A. 633 Rye Street, Soulh Windsor, CT 06074 Ray, Mane S- 2912 Amla Court, Burlington, NC 27215 Ray. Pamela M, Route 2, Orange Grove Road, Hillsborough. NC 27275 Ray. Ritchie W, 2027 H Colony Apis , Burlington, NC 27215 Raymer. Cabby E. 3601 Bay Meadow Court, Wmslon-Salem, NC 27106 Reagan, James F 336 Hillcrest Avenue, Burlmglon, NC 27215 Realini, Lori D. 410 Doggell Dnve, Graham, NC 27253 Realini, Robert W. 413 A Deborah Drive, Salisbury, MD 21801 Reams, Dana M. PO Box 66, Clarksville, VA 23927 Reaves, Jr. James W, Roule 2, Box 770, Soulh Boston, VA 24592 Reavis, Steve E, Roule 1, Box 90-A, Elon College, NC 27244 Redden. David R. 3229 Bruin Dc , Chesapeake, VA 23321 Reece. Heidi B. 9805 Montyville Dnve, Manassas, VA 22111 Reed. Catherine A. 912 W Davis SIreel, Burlmglon, NC 27215 Reed. Catherine B, 3827 Boonsboro Road, Lynchburg, VA 24503 Reed. Kelvin D, 13563 Arlington, Delroit, Ml 48212 Reed. Randy H, 817 Oakland Avenue. Rocky Mount, NC 27801 Reed, Ronald R, 9909 Snowbound Court, Vienna, VA 22180 Reeves, Minnie E, 5029 Brenda Courl, Durham, NC 27712 Reeves, Penny L, Roule 2, Box 320, Sparta, N C 28675 Rego, Joy M, 629 Topeka Drive, Hermitage, TN 37076 Reich. Laura J, PO Box 1023, Elon College, NC 27244 Reid. Sandra L, 3104 Cecil SIreel, Greensboro, NC 27408 Reinheimer, Edward A, 2414 Parnsh Street, Burlington, NC 27215 Renfro. Ellen A, PO Box 1087, 1300 Benlon Lane, Reidsville, NC 27320 Renigar, Gary L Roule 1, Box 371, Burlmglon, NC 27215 Renigar, MUzi D, 2520 WesI Front SIteet, Burlmglon, NC 27215 Renk, Lori L, 5427 Shelia Lane SW, Roanoke, VA 24018 Revels, Jamey R. 4808 Sidney Lane, MeLeansville, NC 27301 Reynolds, Douglas S, 25 Van Winkle Drive. R D 1, Rensselaer. NY 12144 Reynolds, Elizabeth A. 5803 Devonshire Drive. Belhesda, MD 20816 Rhoades. John H. 10929 Hartowfield Drive, Pineville, NC 28134 Rhoades. Robert A. 431 Staffordshire Road, Winston Salem, NC 27104 Rhodes, Jennifer L. 21804 Goshen School Road, Gaiihersburg, MD 20879 Rhodes, Larry A, 21804 Goshen School Road, Gaiihersburg, MD 20879 Rhodes, Paul K. Rl 1, Box 236, Luray, VA 22835 Rhue, Lavonne E, 136 Weslview Dnve, Elon College, NC 27244 RiCCio. Jr.. Louis M, 2-D College Towne Apis , 733 East Haggard Ave , Elon College, NC 27244 Rice. Barney D. Roule 1, Box 23, Mebane, NC 27302 Rice. Mark A, 2190 Buena Visla Boulevard, Vero Beach, FL 32960 Rich, David K. 607 WesI Davis SIreel, Burlmglon, NC 27215 Richards, Gretchen C. 322 Gravely Dnve, Rocky Mount, NC 27801 Richardson. Kenneth J, 22 Friendship Apis , 451 Robney Drive, Sumter, SC 29150 Richardson, Lisa 4613 Baden Lane. Jacksonville, FL 32210 Directory 185 Richardson. Deirdre V. 1829 Spencer Street, Greensboro, NC 27401 Richmond. Irene 0, 1600 45th Street. Washington, DC 20007 Rickard. Curtis R. 1017 Shuller Drive, Thomasville. NC 27360 Ridgiil IWarc W 3820 Pineneedle Drive Greensboro. NC 27405 Rierson. Mary Q. Route 3. Box 296, Liberty, NC 27298 Riggs Carolyn D. 219 Pinedale Drive, Elon College, NC 27244 Riggs, William J. 5713 Second Avenue. Baltimore. MD 21227 Rigsbee. Teresa S. 117 Shannon Drive Burlington NC 27215 Riley. Paul M. 3401 Nuttree Woods Drive Midlothian, VA 23113 Rimmer. Donna A. 302 North Tenth Street. Ivlebane. NC 27302 Rimmer. Sharon J. 2941 Brookmere Road. Charlottesville. VA 22901 Risser. David E. 740 Fountamhead Road Hagerstown. MO 21740 Rivers. Gilbert F. I234 Rolling Lane Stalesville NC 28677 Rivers. Jimmy D. 1045 South 8th Street Wilmington, NC 28401 Rizos. Zoe C. 31 15 Covewood Drive. High Point NC 27260 Roach. Pamela T. Route 8, Box 42-A, Reidsville, NC 27320 Robbin. Samuel A. 2120 Sountry Club Prado. Coral Gables. FL 33134 Robbins. David H. 39 Kimberly Dr . Durham NC 27707 Robbins. Jody L. 603 Sweetwater Blvd North, Longwood. FL 32750 Roberson. Kimberly A. PO Box 146 Robersonville. NC 27871 Roberson. Sally A. 10620 Academy Drive Midlothian VA 23113 Roberson. Sherry D Route 1 Box 166-A, Hurdle Mills. NC 27541 Roberson. Steven H. 10520 Academy Dr . Midlothian. VA 23113 Roberson. Jr . Charles W. Route 7, Box 83. Burlington. NC 27215 Roberson. Jr.. Harry C. PO Box 146 Robersonville. NC 27871 Roberts, Barbara A 631 Chester Road Winston Salem. NC 27104 Roberts. Shelby J Route 2 Box 148C-1 Eden NC 27288 Robertson. James W 602 Mendel Terrace Graham. NC 27253 Robertson. Robert S Route 8, Box 341, Burlington, NC 27215 Robinson. Darryl B. Route 4. Box 346, Henderson, NC 27536 Robinson. Garrett X. 6140 Louise Street. Fayetteville. NC 28304 Robinson. Greg A 4914 Redwood Dnve Fayetteville NC 26304 Robinson. Nancy J. 1103 Talcose Lane. West Chester. PA 19380 Robinson. Shawn M. 85 Churchill Lane Charlottesville. PA 22901 Robs on. Bruce T. 3044 Timberlane Avenue S W . Roanoke. VA 24018 Rock. Steven E. 4825 Washington Street Hollywood. FL 33021 Rodgers. Deshoun M. 414 Oak Street Smithlield NC 27577 Roe. Christopher A. 1100 Flor Lane McLean VA 22102 Rogers. Garry E. Rt 1 Box 271. Louisburg NC 27549 Rogers. Kenneth E. PO Box 1112, Oxford, NC 27565 Rogers, Wesley B. 2201 Arnngton Street. Durham, NC 27707 Roland. Tanya C. PO Box 741 Oviedo. FL 32765 Rollins. John 8 116 Shady Lane Marshville, NC 28103 Romeo. Julia A. PO Box 340 Plymouth Montserrat Eastern Caribbean West Indies Roney. Kimala S. 120 Albany Street. Graham, NC 27253 Rooks. Beverly J. Box 363. Harvard. MA 01451 Rose. Jennifer A. 3 Shetland Court Rockville MD 20851 Ross. James E 2217 South Mam street Graham. NC 27253 Ross. Ricky C. Route 2, Box 512, Iron Station, NC 28080 Rosser. Penny F Route 2, Box 710 Sanlord, NC 27330 Roth. Michael S 19730 Greenside Terrace, Gaithersburg. MD 20879 Royals. John F. Route i Afton VA 22920 Royster. Charles M. 107 Quail Ridge Road. Oxford. NC 27565 Rozzi. Thomas D. 2611 Blue Heron Circle, South West, Roanoke, VA 24018 Rudisill. Tanya K. 402 Overman Drive, Burlington NC 27215 Rumley. Jettery T. 3803 Baylor St , Greensboro NC 27405 Rumley. Mark A Route 3 Box 31 Elon College NC 27244 Rushin. III. Emmett R. 9501 Grover Rd , Gaithersburg. MD 20877 Russell. David A. 6526 Wagon Wheel Road, Alexandria VA 22309 Russell. Dawn R. 404 High Street. New Windsor, MD 21776 Russell. Jean-Joel 616 Fernwood Dnve. Albemarle NC 28001 Russell. Phillip W 412 ' ' ; West Elm Street. Graham, NC 27253 Rust. Terry C Quarters 226, MCRD, Parris Island, SC 29905 Rutland. Katherine L. 2624 Beverwick Road, Charlotte, NC 28211 Ryals. James H, 3645 Mud Lick Road SW, Roanoke, VA 24018 Ryals. Raymond H. PO Box 468, Angier, NC 27501 Ryan. Cheryl S. 1941 Ardmore Road Winslon-Salem, NC 27107 Ryan. George J. 137 South Third Street, Minersville. PA 17954 Ryan. James A. 4705 Five Forks Court, Virginia Beach, VA 23455 Ryan. Mitchell W. 4601 Mt Vernon Highway. Alexandria, VA 22309 Ryan. Robert G. 1107 Rockwood Avenue. Burlington. NC 27215 Saalmann. Michelle A. 922 Hummingbird Lane, West Chester, PA 19380 Sabin. Eric J. 2900 Lake Forest Drive, Greensboro. NC 27408 Sabol. Steven O. 705 Oxbow Drive. Virginia Beach. VA 23464 Sack. Andrew P. 1555 Shirl Lane, Jacksonville. FL 32207 Sacoon. Paul A. 107 Candlewood Drive. Elon College. NC 27244 Sadler. Robert Box 98 Leasburg. NC 27291 Sadler. 111. Aubrey E. 4609 Austin Lane, Virginia Beach. VA 23455 Salak. Linda A. 5816 Fairway Drive, Hope Mills, NC 28348 Salyer. Robert T Route 2, Box 367, Alton VA 22920 Sampson. Michael E. 2948 Purple Finch Road, Roanoke, VA 24018 Sanford. McClentic L. Route 3, Box 269, Newport, NC 28570 Sapp. John H 4315 Stokesdaie Avenue, Winston Salem, NC 27101 Sapsara. Debra A. 68 Stuart Circle Warrenton, VA 22186 San, Robert R 149 Russell Ave , Barnnglon NJ 08007 Sasser. Charles J, 1407 Cleveland Avenue, Burlington, NC 27215 Satchell, Rufus E 409 E Satchell Street, Wallace, NC 28466 Satterfield. Douglas G. Route 3, Box 120 Burlington, NC 27215 Sattertield. Edward L Rt 4. Box 690. South Boston. VA 24592 Saunders. James C 304 Batter Avenue Emporia, VA 23847 Saunders. Robbie D. Rt 2, Box 538. Tnnily NC 27370 Saunders. Timothy L Route 1, Box 109, Clover VA 24534 Sawyer. Mary C 1413 Greeley Court, Virginia Beach, VA 23456 Scales. Danny L. 700 A West Decatur St . Madison, NC 27025 Scarborough. William C. Box 12. Avon, NC 27915 Schaefer. Andrew M 1015 Bonita Drive. Altamonte Springs. FL 3270 Schallock. Debra R. 528 Clarks Run Road. La Plata. MD 20646 Scheetz. Todd E 107 Oakview Drive Elon College NC 27244 Schenk. Carol S 3315 Wilshire Drive Greensboro, NC 27408 Schippers. Myron R. PO Box 1178. Elon College. NC 27244 Schmids. Michael A. 5820 Stockton Road. Philadelphia, PA 19138 Schmidt. Daniel T. 2431 Fairway, Baltimore MD 21222 Schmitz. John V. 7436 Bee Bee Drive Rockville, MD 20855 Scholl. Joseph J. 411 S Roberts Road Br n Mawr PA 19010 Schoonover. Robert K. PO Box 8 Ha ' ifax VA 24558 Schroeder. Janet G 3300 Spring Lane, Falls Church, VA 22041 Schwab. Alfred J 95 Gold SI , Hawthorne, NY 10532 Schwartz. Eric R. 8705 West Lake Court, Raleigh NC 27612 Schwartz. Jr . Harry S Rt 4 Box 58 1 Wilkesboro. NC 28697 Schwitters. Michelle A. 665 Pinebrook Drive Virginia Beach. VA 23462 Scoggins. Deborah Y. 131 Random Lane, Burlington. NC 27215 Scott. Angela D 125 Hemlock Drive, Salisbury, NC 28144 Scott. Elizabeth P Route 1 , Box 398A. Graham, NC 27253 Scott. John R. 202 East York Drive. Emporia. VA 23847 Scott. Michael P Box 301. Exmore, VA 23350 Scott. Michael W. 242 Elm Street, Monlpelier, VT 05602 Scott. Sylvia W. Route 6. Box 214 A Burlington. NC 27215 Seale. Raeanne 8422 Camden Street Alexandria, VA 22308 Sears. Kathryn D. 701 N Glenn Ave , Siler City NC 27344 Secrist. Delana D. 315 North Second Street, Shenandoah. VA 22849 Self. Kimberly A. 3013 Tree Top Lane SW. Roanoke. VA 24018 Sell. Sandra D. Route 3 Davis Road. Clemmons, NC 27012 Sellars. Hazel C. 806 Tarlelon Avenue, Burlington, NC 27215 Sellars. Randall T. 2421 Lacy St , Burlington, NC 27215 Sellew. Pamela B 9401 Nelson Lane. Manassas, VA 22110 Selph. Richard M 1 1961 Rothbury Drive. Richmond. VA 23236 Senior. Tim R. 1004 Trollmger Road Graham NC 27253 Settle. Clinton T. 621 Lincoln Street, Reidsville, NC 27320 Settles. Anthony C. 613 Isabelle Street, Laurinburg, NC 28352 Shadyac. Lisa A. 10208 Marlinhoe Drive, Vienna, VA 22180 Sharpe. Connie Y Route 1 Box 93 Burlington. NC 27215 Sharpe. Stephanie S. 2828 Wagner Drive. Burlington. NC 27215 Sharpe. Wadeene L 745 Piedmont Avenue. Gibsonville. NC 27249 Shaw. Leona A 381 1 N W 6 SIreet, Fort Lauderdale, FL 3331 1 Shaw. Jr . Van W, 503 Meadow Drive, Fuquay Varina. NC 27526 Shea. Kathleen M 4408 West Virginia Ave , Bethesda. MD 20814 Sheerin. Dennis M 534 Bayshore Dnve Fayetteville, NC 28301 Sheets, Rebecca D. 504 Dogwood Road, Api 39. Tazewell. VA 24651 Sheets, Wanda L, PO Box 1101, Liberty NC 27298 Shelton. Amy D. 1046 Melrose Street, Winston Salem. NC 27103 Shelton. Pamela J. Route 2 Box 31-A. Rultm, NC 27326 Shelton. Wanda K. 2235 May Drive. Burlington, NC 27215 Sherman. Elizabeth J. 2844 Greenway Blvd , Falls Church. VA 22042 Sherman. James A 1220 Kensington Drive. High Point, NC 27260 Sherman. Nelson R 810 N C 61. Whitsett. NC 27377 Sherwood. Anthony W. 204 Amberly Road. Virginia Beach, VA 23462 Shields. Jeffrey D. 121 N Wake Street Hillsborough, NC 27278 Shields. Timothy F 121 Wake Street, Hillsborough, NC 27278 Shires. Regena K 4400 Old Fox Trail, Midlothian, VA 23113 Shirlaw. Susan J 2032 Parkwood Road Charleston, WV 25314 Shirley. 111. William H. 8225 Buckland Road, Gainesville. VA 22065 Shober. Katherine L. 1741 Driftwood Lane. Roanoke. VA 24018 Shoemaker. Janet L. 2228 Buckingham Court. Burlington, NC 27215 Shoflner. Ron E. Route 3. Box 398, Boywood Road. Graham, NC 27253 Short. John C. 622 Tillar Avenue. Emporia. VA 23847 Shotwell. Sheila E. Route 1 , Box 258, Timberlake, NC 27583 Shuford. Katherine S, 15 Greenwood Road, Asheville, NC 28803 Shugart. Deitra K 306 Lakeway Drive, Lewisville, NC 27023 Shuler. Daniel S, PO Box 1326, Key Largo, FL 33037 Shull. Lydia 6300 Poe Road Bethesda, MD 20817 Shumate. Renee A. 16508 Killdeer Drive. Rockville. MD 20855 Siemenng, Bnan S. 1058 19th Avenue. PI . N W . Hickory. NC 28601 Sigmon. Ricky W. Route 1. Box 219. Catawba. NC 28609 Sikes. Sheila S. 1928 Woodlawn Avenue, Wadesboro. NC 28170 Siler Kenneth L. 2213 Westover Terrace. Burlington, NC 27215 Sills. John L 1704 Gracewood Drive. Greensboro. NC 27408 Sim. Molly C 303 Yorkview Road. Yorktown. Va 23692 Simmons. Teresa C. 71 1 Chandler Avenue, Burlington, NC 27215 Simmons. Jr . Jackie R. Route 2, Box 328, Boones Mill. VA 24065 Simonelli. Michael J 4648 Paul Revere Road. Virginia Beach. VA 23455 Simons. Jean E. 108 North Lee Avenue, Elon College, NC 27244 Simpson. Cyrus M 318 G Travora Street. Graham. NC 17253 Simpson. Haywood G. A3 Saddle Club Villas, Burlington. NC 27215 Simpson. Karen J. Route 5. Box 523. Burlington, NC 27215 Simpson. Vivian I. 910 West Mary Street. Bristol, VA 24201 Simnl. Robert S. 1415 Chatham Drive High Point, NC 27260 Sims. Evan J 6021-8th Street N W . Washington. DC 20011 Sims. Lester L Route l , Box 31 , Greenwood. VA 22943 Sipe. Billy J. Route 2, Box 138, Snow Camp. NC 27349 Siry. Gerard H 33 Monroe Avenue, Hicksville. NY 11801 Sizemore. Karen G. 105 Monroe Street. Graham, NC 27253 Skeens. Gary W 4221 Whitebirch Drive, Chester VA 23831 Skeeter. William C. 3141 Riveredge Drive, Portsmouth, VA 23703 Skinner David A. 238 Clifton Drive, Rocky Mount, NC 27801 Skinner Michael H. 2016 Sunnybrook Drive. Burlington, NC 27215 Skinner Richard C. 4404 Williamsburg Road. Greensboro. NC 27410 Skonter. Kurt P 2840 Blanche Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 Slattery. Richard J. PO Box 1139. 7 Lebanon Ave Elon College. NC 27244 Slechta. Albert G. PO Box 1987 Vero Beach. FL 32960 Sloan, Allen G 3608 Browning Place, Raleigh, NC 27609 Smart. Robert T. 4405 Elmbrook Ct Richmond. VA 23228 Smelkoff. Robert S. 201 Shannon Drive, Newport News. VA 23602 Smiddy. Thomas M. 10910 Haverlord Lane, Richmond, VA 23236 Smith. Adron T 1210 Terrence Place, Charlotte, NC 28209 Smith. Barbara L. Route 9. Box 499. Burlington, NC 27215 Smith. Darryl A Route 1. Box 473. Madison, NC 27025 Smith. David M. PO Box 603. Elon College NC 27244 Smith. Derek C 5024 Southridge Court. Charlotte, NC 2821 1 Smith. Elizabeth G. Route 1. Box 734 A. Haw River, NC 27258 Smith. Gerald K 2794 Cone Circle, Fayetteville, NC 28306 Smith. Gregory D. 10109 Waltham Drive. Richmond. VA 23233 Smith. Harold G 712 Hedgecock Road. High Point. NC 27260 Smith. James K 217 East Courl Street, Kankakee, IL 60901 Smith, Jeflrey L. 3221 Shaftesbury Lane, Winston-Salem. NC 27105 Smith, Jeffrey M. 10 Camelot Road. Salisbury NC 28144 Smith, Karen E 309 WilBa Road, Mebane, NC 27302 Smith, Kimberle D Route 3, Box 220, Lenoir, NC 28645 Smith, Laura E 1213 West Mountain SI , Kernersville, NC 27284 Smith, Lori A 2804 West Meadow Wood Drive, Chesapeake, VA 23321 Smith, Lynne C 4100 George Lane, West Palm Beach, FL 33406 Smith, Phillip R, Route 2. Box 1 17 A, Snow Camp, NC 27349 Smith, Ruth A 4515 Tower Drive, Greensboro, NC 27410 Smith, Shannon F 1733 Youngs Mill Road, Greensboro, NC 27406 Smith, Stacy D 17 Cooper Street, Fayetteville, NC 28306 Smith, Stephanie E. 134 Willowbrook Rd , Hendersonville. NC 28739 Smith. Stephen B. PO Box 217, McLeansville. NC 27301 Smith. Tammy J 305 Edgewood Road. Bluefield. VA 24605 Smith. Thomas E. 2001 Trail 5. Burlington. NC 27215 Smith. Tonya L. Route 9. Box 89 19. Burlington. NC 27215 Smith. Vertella M. Route 5, Box 262F Burlington, NC 27215 Smith. III. Guy V. 3703 Shadybrook Dnve, Raleigh NC 27609 Smith. Jr.. Gerald S. 1005 Bridgewater Dr . Greensboro. NC 27410 Smith, Jr., John F 4199 Winnabow Rd , Winston Salem, NC 27105 Snead, Jennifer R. 5298 West Valley Side Court, Virginia Beach, VA 23464 Sneed. Melony M. 3050 Ormand Drive. Columbus, GA 31903 Snider. Edmond L. 13420 Walnutwood Lane, Germantown, MD 20874 Snipes. Stephanie 6216 Glenndge Road. Charlotte. NC 28211 Snow, John R 305 Deer Glade Road, Winston Salem, NC 27104 Snow, Katrina L 1009 Second Street, Eden, NC 27288 Snowden, Charles E 413 Lakeshore Lane, Chapel Hill, NC 27514 Snyder, Michael C 2350 Verne SIreel. Burlington. NC 27215 Snyder. Michael J 1549 Bay Point Drive, Virginia Beach, VA 23454 Snyder. Suzanne R. 9715 Lomond Drive, Manassas, VA 22110 Sobelman. Gary R. R R 7 Ridge Road. Vincetown, NJ 08088 Sochurek. Sheri L 4 Tarllon Court, Mantua, NJ 08051 Soliday. Tambra L, 25 London Lane, Mebane. NC 27302 Sosebee. Virginia R. 1902 Sheperd Drive, Reidsville, NC 27320 Southern. James M 248 Grandview Dr . Winston Salem, NCr27i04 Spach. David T 749 Hertford Road, Winston Salem. NC 27104 Spada, Scott R 2025 Lanes Mill Road, Bncktown, NJ 08723 Spaniol, Anne E 5602 Onlario Circle, Bethesda, MD 20016 Speers, Joanne W. 1428 Clover Lane. West Chester, PA 19380 Spencer. James E Route 4, Box 82. Gloucester. VA 23061 Splan. Stephen A 803 Lakewater Drive. Richmond VA 23229 Spoon. Susan E Route 2, Box 364 B, Burlington. NC 27215 Spotz. Michael J 2617 Village Lane, Silver Spring, MD 20406 Springer, Sara S 1850 Whippletree Road Roanoke, VA 24018 Spnnkle. Danny J. Route 2, Box 260 A High Point, NC 27260 Squires. Rodger V Route 2. Box 522. Ringgold VA 24586 St Clair Sherrie D 731 Mason Road, Vinton. VA 24179 Stacy. Christopher S 16012 Prestwick Court, Dumfries, VA 22026 Stadermann, Beverly A, 3203 Forestdale Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 Stadler, Mona C 2136 Westover Terrace, Burlington, NC 27215 Stafford, Michael R, 4201 Keystone Road, Lynchburg, VA 24503 Stainback, Melanie D. 1 10 Pine Valley Road, Clarksville, VA 23927 Staley. Cynthia R Route 6. Box 258, Burlington, NC 27215 Stallings. Elizabeth A. 4827 Sunset Blvd . Tampa. FL 33609 Stallings. Keith B PO Box 9548, Jacksonville. FL 32209 Stanley Kelly F Rt 6, Box 159C. Clinton. NC 28328 Stanley Roger B PO Box 9681 , Greensboro, NC 27408 Stanley William M 14574 Bexhill Court, Chesterfield, MO 63017 Staples. Edward F Route 1, Box 204D 5, Eden, NC 27288 Staples. Jr. Raphnel F 6211 Bethel Church Road, Gibsonville. NC 27249 Starks, James L Roule 1 , Box 101 , Rapidan. VA 22733 Starnes. Sharon K. Rt 9, Box 41. Burlington. NC 27215 Startzel. David A. Route 7. Box 85, Crestwood Circle. Salisbury. MD 21801 Steeber. Heidi 1910 Moonwind Place. Richmond. VA 23233 Steeg, Lisa J Rd 1 Thistle Lane. Flemington, NJ 08822 Steele. Monroe R Estate Bovoni 5-110. St Thomas VI. Charlotte Amalie ST VI Stephens. Michael D. PO Box 683. Yanceyville. NC 27379 Stephenson. George H 3604 Gail Drive. Rocky Mount, NC 27801 Stevens. Renee J Roule l. Box 150, Danbury. NC 27016 Stevenson. Laurie A. 3629 Sir Wilfred Place, Virginia Beach. VA 23452 Stewart. Jeffrey K. Rt l. Box 196 B. Burlington. NC 27215 Stewart. Linda S PO Box 662, Graham, NC 27253 Stewart, Lisa G 421 Crescent Avenue, Burlington, NC 27215 Stewart, Thea L 604 Martin Avenue, Graham, NC 27253 Stickley Valerie B 917 Susan Avenue Woodstock, VA 22664 Stierhoff, Michael K 2740 Stratford Road, Richmond, VA 23225 Stiernholm, Niclas. B Byskiltesgalan 30. 21623 Maimo. Sweden Stinson. Paul J Route 4, Box 249 IB, Hillsborough. NC 27278 Stock. Penelope J. Route 10. Box 366. Burlington NC 27215 Stockton. Francine M. Route 5. Box 587. Reidsville, NC 27320 Stockton. Yolanda D. 922 Thud Avenue. Reidsville. NC 27320 Stone. Joshua H. 706-N 13 Huffman Mill Road. Burlington, NC 27215 Storck, Michael W. 2906 Bree Hill Road, Oakton. VA 22124 Stovall, James M Box 243, LawsonviUe, NC 27022 Stovall, Tonya R. PO Box 243, Lawsonville, NC 27022 Stowe. Jonathan N. 210 Williamson St . Burlington, NC 27215 Stowers. Edison M. 1233 Blue Bird Drive, Virginia Beach. VA 23451 Strange, Julia R 215 Hampton Avenue, St Simons Island, GA 31522 Straughan. Jay W. Roule l , Callo, VA 22435 Strautz, Jr . Earl D Horsey Oak Hall. VA 23396 Streat. Elizabeth H. 5605 Matoaka Road. Richmond. VA 23226 Strickland. James L. Route 3. Box 101 Poole Courl. Knightdale, NC 27545 Strickland, Richard F 311, S Lasalle St , Apt 24 H, Durham, NC 27705 Stnckland. William H. 2817 Huntington Court. Rocky Mount. NC 27801 Strittmatter, Leeann 1519 North Hills Avenue, Willow Grove, PA 19090 Strong. Robert T B Shady Tree Lane, Port Jefferson, NY 1 1777 Stutts. Barry J 212 Purvis Lane. High Point. NC 27263 Suddaby. Macie M, Route 2, Box 169, Emporia. VA 23847 Suiter. Janet R l Old Highway. PO Box 375. Garysburg. NC 27831 Suitt. Jo A Route 1 , Roxboro. NC 27573 Sullivan. John F 316 Worley Road. Greenville. SC 29609 Sullivan. Kann A. 937 S E 12th Way Deerfield Beach. FL 33441 Summers. Mark S. 415 Florence Circle. Stalesville, NC 28677 Summers. Vivian D. 502 Ball Park Avenue, Elon College. NC 27244 Sumrell. Samuel W PO Box 401. 209 Duke Drive. Farmville. NC 27828 Surratt. Douglas M Rt 1 , Box 540-B. Salisbury. NC 28144 Sutton. Brent L Route 5, Box 719B, Durham, NC 27704 Sutton. Jeanie B 3021 South Fairway Dnve, Burlington, NC 27215 Sutton, Joanna L. Friendly Acres, Wallace, NC 28466 Swan. III. Dallas D. Box 112, Bloxom. VA 23308 Swantko, Paul J 206 Flintridge Drive, Lewisville. NC 27023 Swartz. Douglas L. 1259 Nova Drive, Waynesboro. VA 22980 Swedish. Gregory R Route 3. Box 280 X. Elon College. NC 27244 Sweeney. Maureen B. 16509 Calvary Drive. Rockville. MD 20853 Swift. Ronald A Route 1. Box 700, Graham. NC 27253 Swim. Keith E 4449 Coidell Drive. Roanoke. VA 24018 Swim. Lisa A. 4449 Cotdell Drive. Roanoke. VA 24018 Sykes. Kimberly H. 2567 Oakcrest Court. Burlington. NC 27215 Sykes, Nancy H. Route 1. Box 329B. Snow Camp. NC 27349 Tabor. Susan L. 500 Oakhurst Avenue, Bluefield, WV 24701 Talberth. James C 9847 MarcliH Courl, Vienna. VA 22180 Talley. Julia H 326 Lexington Road, Richmond. VA 23226 Tapscott. Kyle Route 2, Box 161. Burlington. NC 27215 Tate. Allen A, 1907 Sunnybrook Drive. Burlington. NC 27215 Tate. Cathenne H. Route 3, Box 111, Mebane, NC 27302 Tate, David L 71 1 Brookgreen Terrace, Graham. NC 27253 Tate, John D 1406 Woodside Drive, Reidsville, NC 27320 Tate. Leonard T Roule 4. Box 80, Burlington, NC 27215 Tate. Jr., Bengie 6236 Montieth Drive, Charlotte, NC 28213 Tatko, Kenneth J 417 Leon Drive, Endicott, NY 13760 Tatum, Arnold G. Rt 1 , Box 37, Belews Creek, NC 27009 186 Directory Taylor. Barbara A, Route 7, Box 90-F, Sanlord, NC 27330 Taylor, Craig M. Route 4, Blairmont Drive, Boone, NC 28607 Taylor Debra L, 125 Marvin Drive, Hampton, VA 23666 Taylor, Derrick C, Rt 2, Box 221, Elon College, NC 27244 Taylor, Donald E, 1100 Leon Street, Apt 12, Durtiam, NC 27705 Taylor, Donna M, 114 Merriman Road, Hendersonville, NC 28739 Taylor, Frank T. 7605 Golfview Ave , Rictimond, VA 23228 Taylor Gordon B 8 Clarke Road, Richmond, VA Richmond, VA 23226 Taylor, Tammy P Route 1, Box 252, Efland, NC 27243 Taylor, Theresa M, 1509 Cook Street, High Point, NC 27262 Taylor, Vonda J. Route 1 , Box 561 , Yanceyville, NC 27379 Temple. David B, Rl 4, Box 155, Hillsborough, NC 27278 Temple, Laura E, Route 3, Box 109, Walnut Cove, NC 27052 Temple. Robin L. 730-1 S Beaumont Avenue, Burlington, NC 27215 Templeton, Juditti R PO Box 727, Elon College, NC 27244 Templeton, III, Loyd C. 4723 Shady Grove Road, Memphis, IN 38117 Tenhet. Robert D. 403 Wilson Avenue, Spring Lake, NC 28390 Teramo. Terrence 0. 339 Livingston Place, Cedarhurst, NY 11516 Terrell, Mark T, Rt 1, Box 107, Mebane, NC 27302 Terrell, Treva L. 1229 Kilby Street, Burlington, NC 27215 Theobald, Georgette F. 6800 E Tropical Way, Plantation, FL 33317 Tippett, Amy T Route 2, Box 404-B, Burlington, NC 27215 Thomas, Bertha L. Rt 2, Box 182-0, Roxboro, NC 27573 Thomas, Billy E. Route 2, Box 129, Broadv ay, NC 27505 Thomas, Brenda D 2115 N Trade Street, Winston Salem, NC 27105 Thomas, Elizabeth G. 501 North Street, Chapel Hill, NC 27514 Thomas, Eric L 2019 Westfork Dnve, Fayetteville, NC 28304 Thomas, Jay D, Route 1, Box 403, Burlington, NC 27215 Thomas, Karen A, 602 Robmhood Road, Reidsville, NC 27320 Thomas, Kelly A. 1 172B Greenland Dnve, Potomoc, MD 20854 Thomas, Martha C, PO Box 113, Newell, NC 28126 Thomas, Penny L. 4 Sheridan Dnve, St Albans, WV 25177 Thomas, Ralph C. Box 2417, 405 Apple Street, Gibsonville, NC 27249 Thomas, Tammara J. 120 Wilkins Drive, Durham, NC 27705 Ttiomas, Tom C. 6450 Honeytree Court, Burke, VA 22015 Thomas, Tracy J. 2410 West Front Street, Burlington, NC 27215 Thompson, Adrainne R. Route 5. Box 58, Mebane, NC 27302 Thompson Arthur W, 416 Washington Street, Graham, NC 27253 Thompson, Carolyn S. 330 Irvin Street, Reidsville, NC 27320 Thompson, Eddie J 4504 Camellia Drive, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577 Thompson, Elizabeth K, 16 Robin Lane, Wilton, CT 06897 Thompson, Jr . Finley M. 643 Sedalia Road, Sedalia, NC 27342 Thompson, Jennifer E. 27-C Brookwood Garden Condo, Burlington, NC 27215 Thompson. Susan 5334 Lake Springs Drive, Dunwoody, GA 30338 Thompson. Waverly D. 310 Albany Street, Burlington, NC 27215 Thompson. Daniel G. 511 First Street, Box 5013, Gibsonville. NC 27249 Thompson. Jr.. William H. Route 2, Box 444, Graham, NC 27253 Thore, James D, PO Box 464, Reidsville, NC 27320 Thornburg, Elizabeth 0. Route 1, Box 326 A, Chapel Hill, NC 27514 Thorne. John M. 15 Branslield Road, Greenville, SC 29615 Thornhill, Vinston L. 2841 Skipton Road, Richmond, VA 23225 Tickle. Cynthia J. 5615 NC 61 North, Gibsonville, NC 27249 Tilley Margaret J, Route 1, Box 560, Lawsonville, NC 27022 Tilley. Wendy G, 2815 Davie Drive, Durham, NC 27704 Timberlake, Gilbert B, Route 1, Hv»y 258, George, NC 27833 Tomlinson. Mary E PO Box 206, Virgilina, VA 24598 Tomlinson, Ronald D Route 3, Box 838, Lumberton, NC 28358 Tooto, Henry 2805 Morgan Street, Wilmington, NC 28403 Tootoo, Stanley A, 2805 Morgan Street, Wilmington, NC 28403 Topping, Parker T. 236 Cedar, Poquoson, VA 23662 Torain, Anthony B, Route 2, Box 211 B, Hurdle Mills, NC 27541 Torchia, Kevin J, 38 Laurie Lane, Little Silver, NJ 07739 Torpey, Sean S, 14916 Rocking Spnng Drive, Rockville, MD 20853 Toth, Kimberly A, 3607 Mossdale Avenue, Durham, NC 27707 Townsend, Susan A. 228 Dagsboro Road, Salisbury, MD 21801 Trapp. Patricia A, 6004 Nassau Drive, Spnngfield, VA 22152 Travis. Johnny A, Route 2, Box 482, Walnut Cove, NC 27052 Tripp. Greg 10308 Windbluff Dnve. Richmond, VA 23233 Tripp, Sandra L, Rt 4, Box 199, Mebane, NC 27302 Trippefer, Edward A. 2402 Laburnum Avenue, Roanoke, VA 24015 Trogdon, Fay T, Route 3, Box 446-B, Randleman, NC 27317 Trogdon, Taylor P 1207 Neely Drive, Asheboro, NC 27203 Trollinger, Donna R, 1010 Trollinger Road, Graham, NC 27253 Troxler, Brenda J. 21411 Montgomery Ave , Laytonsville, MD 20760 Troy, Victoria R, 572 Parkview Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 Truitt, Dolores, H, 2118 Coy Street, Burlington, NC 27215 Truitt, Melinda L, 2118 Coy Street, Burlington, NC 27215 Tsiolkas, Teddy J. 261 Stanaford Road, Winslon-Salem, NC 27104 Tucci, John F. RD 3, Aray Drive, Lebanon, NJ 08833 Tuck, Valeria 0. 1417 Longhurst Street, Roxboro, NC 27573 Tucker, Alan L PO Box 26, Covesville, VA 22931 Tucker, Harold S. 941 Buckhorn Street, Henderson, NC 27536 Tulloch, Jennifer L. 550 Stadium Dr , Eden, NC 27288 Tune, John M Route 1 , Box 78, Vernon Hill, VA 24597 Tunney, Judith A, 713 Deepdene Road, Baltimore, MD 21210 Turbyfill, Kenneth D, 2216 Walker Avenue, Burlington, NC 27215 Turner, Alethea F PO Box 132, Stuart, VA 24171 Turner, Anthony R. Route 4, Box 91, Buriington, NC 27215 Turner, Linda M. 6904 Stella Dnve. Gibsonville, NC 27249 T uttle. Thea K PO Box 1012, Elon College, NC 27244 Tyler, Andrew C- Route 2, Box 2330, Stafford, VA 22554 Tyson, Raymond L. Route 1, Box 64, Goldston, NC 27252 Tysor, Barnie C, 413 South Maple Street, Graham, NC 27253 Vota. Patrick R, 9350 N W 19th Street, Pembroke Pines, FL 33024 w V Vance. Thomas M. 3613 Peakwood Drive, Roanoke, VA 24014 Vanderburg, Kathryn L, PO Box 688, Elon College, NC 27244 Vanhook. Ricky V. 328 West Holt Street, Burlington, NC 27215 Vanstory. Nancy N 4724 Rembert Dnve, Raleigh, NC 27612 Vaughan. David A. 624 West David Street. Apt 2D. Burlington, NC 27215 Vaughan, Susan K. Route 2, Box 174 E, Clarksville, VA 23927 Vaughn, James D, 312 Melbourne Rd , Greensboro, NC 27405 Vaughn, Lee H, 621 Cherokee Road, Charlotte, NC 28207 Vaughn. Valerie 2114 Morningside Dr , Burlington, NC 27215 Vericella, Diana B 7714 Hayfield Road, Alexandria, VA 22310 Vesseliza. Ronald R. 2017 Jack Frost Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23455 Vest, Cameron L. 203 Lewis Avenue, Salem, VA 24153 Vetter, David R. 637 Oakgrove Drive, Graham, NC 27253 Vincentini, Laura J, 3917 Herbertsville Road, Point Pleasant, NJ 08742 Vlahos. Chrisie G. 2111 Leeds Lane, Winston-Salem, NC 27103 Vogel, Tammy A, 505 Mam Street. Apt A , Laurel MD 20707 Volkman. David B. 1712 North River Road. Virginia Beach, VA 23454 Wade, Bobby J, 4038 Mockingbird Hill, Roanoke, VA 24012 Wade, Jennifer K. 976 Campbellton Drive, North Augusta, SC 29841 Hernandez, Susan W. PO Box 561, Elon College, NC 27244 Wagner. Ernest I. 121 Rutfin Allen Ave , Hillsborough. NC 27278 Wagner. Robert R. 10 Hillside Ave . Lincoln, Rl 02865 Walker, Angela F Route 3, Box 95, Roxboro, NC 27673 Walker. Brondwyn T, Rl 2. Box 120, Penhook, VA 24137 Walker, Carl A. Route 3, Box tOI-A, Burlington, NC 27215 Walker, Cynthia D. 316 Hanley Circle, Danville, VA 24541 Walker, Janet C. 990 Badger Circle, Roxboro, NC 27573 Walker, Janice M, 1407 Jackson Street, Burlington, NC 27215 Walker, John M. 5112 Colebrook Place, Alexandria, VA 22312 Walker, Lora Jane C. 912 East Market Street, Burlington, NC 27215 Walker, Matthew 6103 Macbeth Drive, Baltimore, MD 21239 Walker, Suzanne M, 841 Delmonte Drive, Winston-Salem. NC 27106 Walker. Tonya B. 3405 Elk Dnve. Burlington. NC 27215 Wall. Cynthia L. 1315 Brookwood Drive. Reidsville. NC 27320 Wall. Vickie A. Box 8605. Gibsonville. NC 27249 Wallace. Darrell L. Route 3. Box 382, Goldsboro, NC 27530 Wallace, Frederick C, Route 1, Box 129 J, Elon College, NC 27244 Wallace, Gina C. Route 1, Box 129-J, Elon College, NC 27244 Wallace, Lee P 315 West Sixth Avenue, Lexington, NC 27292 Wallace, Ricky D 1216 Peacehaven Road, Clemmons, NC 27012 Waller, Howard J. 818 Sydnore Street, Danville, VA 24540 Walser, Tracy E, 7511 Honesty Way, Bethesda, MD 20817 Walsh. Megan B. Route 1, Box 155, Wake Forest, NC 27587 Walton. III. Huel H. 1108 Park Ave , Garner, NC 27529 Ward, Carol A 1825 Hawthorne Lane, Burlington, NC 27215 Ward, Michael C, 4322 N Old Glebe Rd , Arlington, Va 22207 Ward, Regina A, 917 WindcresI Rd , Durham, NC 27713 Ward, Scott M. 1104 Humming Bird Court, Shorewood, IL 60435 Ward, Sherri L, Box 835, Gloucester, VA 23061 Wardlaw. Phyllis D. 1431-B West Streel, High Point, NC 27260 Ware. John H 4405 N Country Club Road, Tucson, AZ 85718 Warren, Gladys I. 515 Lakeview Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 Warren. Pamela S. 816 Delaware Avenue, Burlington, NC 27215 Warren, Patricia M, 5214 Gather Road, Spnngfield, VA 22151 Warren, III. Robert R PO Box 296, Hillsborough, NC 27278 Washburn, Amy C, Route 2, Bostic, NC 28018 Washburn, Diane M 1417 Hunlmgndge Road, Raleigh, NC 27609 Washington. Kimberly A. PO Box 3843, Martinsville, VA 24115 Waterfield. Elizabeth H. 1590 Mill Landing Road, Virginia Beach VA 23457 Waters. Frances C. Route 2, Box 297-A, Kittrell, NC 27544 Watson, James S, 135 Inskip Avenue, Ocean Grove, NJ 07756 Watson, Tammy P. 200 Seven Oaks Drive, Apt 23-E, Durham, NC 27704 Watson, IV, Harry L, 2210 Keith Lane, Midlothian, VA 23113 Watts, Cynthia M, Route 4, Box 94, Taylorsville, NC 28681 Watts, Debra A, Box 287 Cliftwood Drive, Siler City NC 27344 Watts, Linda L. 8003 Lake Pleasant Drive, Spnngfield, VA 22153 Watts, Tiffany A. 11913 St Johnsbury Court, Reston, VA 22091 Waxman, Robert A. 1112 Monticello Streel Greensboro, NC 27410 Way, Beverly A, 2401 Laramie Drive, Greensboro, NC 27406 Weary, Tracie R, Route 2, Box 532-D, Clarksville, VA 23927 Weathers. William C. 56 31st Avenue N W . Hickory NC 28601 Weaver. Derek E Route 1, Box 226. Mebane. NC 27302 Weaver, James E. 105 Oliver Street, Suffolk. VA 23434 Weaver. Kim R 1641 Cutty Sark Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23454 Weaver, Kimberly D. Route 1, Box 150, Tazewell, VA 24651 Weaver, Michelle D, 1910 Lafayette Avenue, Greensboro, NC 27408 Webb, David W. Route 6, Box 104, Bedford, VA 24523 Webster, Brenda D. 101 Ramblin Road, Salisbury MD 21801 Weems, Kathryn W. PO Box 631, Waynesboro, Va 22980 Weiden, Anthony E, 525 North Street, Chapel Hill, NC 25714 Weisband, Carol E, 1707 Macon Street, McLean VA 22101 Weiss. Joel tVI, 2800 Bellmore Ave , Bellmore, NY 11710 Welborn. Lynn R. Route 6. Box 437, Asheboro, NC 27203 Welch. II. Charles 8. 1724 Fa™ay Road. Asheboro, NC 27203 Welzant, Karen J 1 125 Homestead Drive, Virginia Beach, VA 23464 Wensauer, Christie L. 822 Frank St , Roxboro, NC 27573 Wenzel, Dale R R D 1, Fntzfown Road, Remholds, PA 17569 Wessell. Mark E. 321 Sandhurst Road, Raleigh, NC 27609 West Christopher A, 6352 Fenestra Court, Burke, VA 22015 West. Jim G 12 Crescent Dnve. Graham, NC 27253 West. Wendy K 1711 Winlore Court, Midlothian, VA 23113 Westenhiser, Thomas R. 259 Sunny Jim Drive, Medford, NJ 08055 Westmoreland, Catherine L, 328, Hwy 137, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577 Westmoreland, Virginia B. Box 717, Pittsboro, NC 27312 Wheaton, Michael K. 5704 Bent Branch Road, Bethesda, MD 20816 Wheeler, Martin J. PO Box 71, Stony Creek, VA 23882 Wheeler, Robert C. 656 Tranquil Oaks Lane, Oviedo, FL 32765 Whichard, Mark W, 3101 Fieldale Road, Greensboro, NC 27406 Whitaker, Kathleen L, 107 Kay Street, Carrboro, NC 27510 White, David A. PO Box 247, Edand, NC 27243 White, Dean A. Route 2, Box 8, Parsonsburg, MD 21849 White, Edward S, Box 85, Bloxom, VA 23308 White, Jere M 550 Knobview Place, Winsfon-Salem, NC 27104 White, Patricia G. 13531 Kingsmill Rd , Midlothian VA 23113 White, Stuart H 1250 Jungle Avenue, St Petersburg, FL 33710 Whited, Doby W, Route 3, Box 454, Mebane, NC 27302 Whited. Phillip D. Route 3, Box 454, Mebane, NC 27302 Whitesell, Lynn M. Route 1, Box 337, Burlington, NC 27215 Whitfield, Penny G. Route 1, Box 280, Chapel Hill, NC 27514 Whitlatch, Janice M, 1413 Bnarcliff Road, Burlington, NC 27215 Whitley, Milton J 2159 Woodland Ave , Burlington, NC 27215 Whitlock, Bennett C, 8324 Queen Elizabeth Boulevard, Annandale, VA 22003 Whitlow, Donna M. Route 6, Box 152 A, Roxboro, NC 27573 Whitlow, Harriette F 2708 Crestwood Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 Whitlow, James W. Route 6, Box 152 A, Roxboro, NC 27573 Whittington, Joyce A, R D 1 Box 228, Harvard, MA 01451 Whittle. Tina C- Route 3. Box 137. Elon College, NC 27244 Wicker, Jr., David C. 2235 Wilkins Street, Burlington, NC 27215 Wikle, John C, 3005 Forestdale Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 Wikle, Mary A. 3005 Forestdale Dr , Burlington, NC 27215 Wiles, Robert N 509 Cheverly Drive, South Boston, VA 24592 Wiley, Christopher D. Route 2, Box 105, 105 Breckenridge Drive, Knightdale, NC 27545 Wiley, Robin L. 729 Ford Streel, Burlington, NC 27216 Wilhelm, Susan E Route 1, Box 363, Mebane, NC 27302 Wilhelm, Jr.. Jerry H. 207 Hull Road, Fayetteville, NC 28303 Wilkerson. Paige 18 latum Drive, Middletown, NJ 07748 Wilkes, Wesley N, 205 Weber Avenue, Glen Raven, NC 27215 Wilkins. Jr. Melvin 411 S 3rd Street. Smithfield. NC 27577 Wilkinson. Kenneth M. 605 Wilba Road, Mebane, NC 27302 Wilkinson. Nina S, 605 Wilba Road. Mebane. NC 27302 Wilkinson. Jr., William E. 2013 North Lake Shore Drive. Chapel Hill. NC 27514 Willard. Jonathan W. 124 Cheek Lane. Graham, NC 27253 Willard. Thomas R, 941 Seven Street, Manon, VA 24354 Willetts, Amy L. 142 Border, Streel, Burlington, NC 27215 Williams, Arnold M, 1040 Horseshoe Drive, Front Royal, VA 22630 Williams, Donald E 303 Brookview Dnve, Salisbury MD 21801 Williams. Doreen 1414 Wendell Avenue, High Point, NC 27260 Williams, George A. 1473 South Ninth Street, Camden. NJ 08104 Williams. Jay F. PO Box 694, Nags Head, NC 27959 Williams. Jon C. 320 Carrsbrook Drive. Charlottesville. VA 22901 Williams. Lori A. 603-A Isley Place. Burlington. NC 27215 Williams. Mary K. 505 Edgewood Court. Burlinglon. NC 27215 Williams. Michael W. Rt 3. Box 507. Graham, NC 27253 Williams. Philip A Route 1. Box 555. Yadkinville, NC 27055 Williams. Ralph E, PO Box 297. Newport. NC 28570 Williams. Robert L. 5350 Roselawn Road. Roanoke. VA 24018 Williams. Robert W. 208 Meekins Street. Elizabeth City NC 22909 Williams. Stephanie E. 2730 Catherine Dr , Burlinglon. NC 27215 Williams. Stephen R. 1674 Chimney House Road. Reston. VA 22090 Williams. Steven F 1615 Cooper Road. Graham. NC 27253 Williams. Wade H. 208 Ridge Rd . Wilson, NC 27893 Williams. Jr . Grady M. Route 2. Box 182, Halifax, NC 27839 Williamson. Edward A, PO Box 2374. Burlington. NC 27215 Williamson. Oscar O, PO Box 2146, Greensboro, NC 27420 Williamson. Stephen L. 1550 53rd Avenue, Vero Beach, FL 32960 Williamson. Sylvia A. Route 1, Box 187, Elon College, NC 27244 Willis. James K, 740 Farnham Drive, Richmond, VA 23236 Wilson, Brenda 8. 3126 Sutton Place, Burlinglon, NC 27215 Wilson. Elizabeth N. 3504 Fox Place. Greensboro. NC 27408 Wilson. Homer L. 3513 Chippendale Trail, Greensboro. NC 27406 Wilson. Jimmy A, Route 1, Box 607, Ridgeway, VA 24148 Wilson, Landon T. 8937 Colesbury Place. Fairfax. VA 22031 Wilson, Margaret D, PO Box 348, Boone, NC 28607 Wilson, Susan E. 908 Parkwood Circle, High Point, NC 27260 Wilson, Susan M. Rl 8, Box 196, Burlinglon, NC 27215 Wilson, Suzanne A. PO Box 219, Indian Trail, NC 28079 Wilson, Victor C- 2408 Fernbrook, Greensboro, NC 27405 Winfield, Stephen B, 41 12 Beverly, Rockville. MD 20853 Winn. James A. Box 50. Alberla, VA 23821 Winslow. Linda L. 536 West Riverview Drive. Suffolk, VA 23434 Winstead. Jack K, 8522 Etta Drive, Spnngfield, VA 22152 Winstead, Joanna G. Route 1, Box 251, Roxboro, NC 27573 Wintermule. Walter S. 1 103 North Duke Street, Durham, NC 27701 Winterstein, Kevin M. 2211 Canterbury Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 Wintringham, David C. 4416 Delray Drive, Virginia Beach, VA 23455 Wirth. Mary E. 1413 Claxton Road, Richmond, VA 23233 Withers, Denise D. 1545 Chalet Drive, Cherry Hill, NJ 08003 Withers, Maurice D. PO Box 23, Pine Hall, NC 27042 Wittels, Daniel PO Box 17012, Durham, NC 27705 Witten, Tara L, 4115 Talcolt Drive, Durham, NC 27705 Wolf. Gretchen A. 1453 Westover Avenue, Norfolk, VA 23507 Wolter, Knstin 8. PO Box 1036, Wendell, NC 27591 Wolter, Scott D. PO Box 1036, Wendell, NC 27591 Woltz, David W. Route 1, Box 160, BuHalo Junction, VA 24529 Womble. Barbara J. 520 Rosalie Court, Virginia Beach, VA 23462 Wood, Lori A, Route 6, Box 230, Mebane, NC 27302 Wood, William E 3622 Fairlane Rd , High Point, NC 27260 Wood, William S. 501 Dogwood Lane, Towson, MD 21204 Woodard, Troy W 528 East Pine Streel, Graham, NC 27253 Woodcock, Allison P 531 Bonham Avenue, Wilmington, NC 28403 Woodle, Gregory D. 9407 Pinebluff Drive, Richmond, VA 23229 Woods, Elizabeth F Rt 1, Box 166-A, Rulher Glen, VA 22546 Woodson. Mary C. Route 1 , Box 254, Greenwood, VA 22943 Woody, Blair G, Birnam Wood, Danville, VA 24541 Wooldridge, Kimberly S. 806 Hazelwood Lane, Martinsville, VA 24112 Wooten, James A. 610 N Mam Street, Farmville, NC 27828 Worsley. Walter C. 7300 N Porcher Ave . Windwood Apis 2, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577 Worsley. II. Donald A. Box 446. Elizabelhlown, NC 28337 Worst. Julie A. 5701 Ponca Road. Virginia Beach, VA 23462 Wrenn, Billy J. 214 Willow Avenue, Burlington, NC 27215 Wrenn. Christopher L. Route 9. Box 171. Burlinglon, NC 27215 Wrenn, Tammy S. Route 4, Box 365-EE, Burlinglon, NC 27215 Wright. Betty L PO Box 395, Haw River, NC 27258 Wright. Brenda S. 6908 Stella Drive. Gibsonville. NC 27249 Wright. Catherine D. 5100 Inverness Drive. Durham, NC 27712 Wright. Charlene S. PO Box 1064, Burlinglon. NC 27215 Wright. Cynthia A, 510 Virginia Avenue, Chase City VA 23924 Wright. Gregory A, 3004 Twin Lakes Drive, Greensboro, NC 27407 Wright. Johnnathan D. 1605 Addison Road South. Forestville, MD 20747 Wright, Karl J. PO Box 847. Elon College, NC 27244 Wright. Michael T. 3901 Maloaka Road. Suffolk. VA 23434 Wright. Timothy L. Route 2, Box 141-A, Brodnax, VA 23920 Wrightenberry, Jane M. Route 4, Box 465, Mebane, NC 27302 Wyatt, Anne S, 1218 Clearfield Cir , Lutherville, MD 21093 Wyatt. Susan R. Route 9. Box 384. Burlington, NC 27215 Wynck, Janelle D, 306 Cornelia Drive, Graham. NC 27263 Yancey, Gregory E, 404 Woodland Drive, Greensboro, NC 27408 Yarbrough. Susan C. PO Box 24. Milton. NC 27305 Yates, Deborah R, 409 North Second SI , Mebane, NC 27302 Yates, Mary D. 219-C West Vandalia Road, Greensboro, NC 27406 Yeaman, Linda D. Route 7, Box 62, Danville, VA 24540 Yeatts. Jason R. 2521 Rochelle St . Durham, NC 27703 Yelverton. George E. 13961 Whitechapel Road. Midlothian. VA 23113 York. Kelly H. Route 1. Box 19, Staley, NC 27355 York, Stephen C. 805 Woodard Drive, Whilsetf, NC 27377 Youmans, Gayla A. 1829 Andrews Farm Road, Whitsett, NC 27377 Young, Delisa A, 6101 Harmon Place, Spnngfield, VA 22152 Young, Kimberly A. 455 Cedarwood Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 Young. Richard H, 4371 Johnsborough Ct Apt 4, Winston Salem, NC 27104 Young, Sheila L. 824 3rd Avenue West, Hendersonville, NC 28739 Younger. Elizabeth A. 407 Eugene Street. Gibsonville, NC 27249 Younger. Ethel Anne L, 407 Eugene Street. Box 3413. Gibsonville. NC 27249 Youssef. Edward K. 5424 Camrose Place. Spnngfield. VA 22151 Ysteboe, Darryl J, 131 Random Lane, Burlington, NC 27215 Zacharias. Lawrence C. 8703 Shadow Lane. Richmond. VA 23229 Zangotsis. John S. 1218 Ridgecresl Avenue. Burlington, NC 27215 Zeller, Kevin L. 59 Harrow Gate Drive, Cherry Hill, NJ 08003 Zeller. Jr.. Oscar J. 937 Saratoga Road, Jacksonville, FL 32207 Zimmerman. Phyllis J, Rl 4, Box 342, Burlinglon, NC 27215 Zint. Margaret J. 100 W Laramie Ct . Mebane. NC 27302 Zugay. Lois D, 234 Collmwood Drive, Burlington. NC 27215 Zur, Walter T. Route 4, Box 338, Madison, NC 27025 Directory 187 CUTTING OARD T.M, 2619 Alamance Rd. Burlington, N.C. 27215 Fine Steaks Cut to Your Liking KEITH ' S For All Your Plant Floral Needs Weddings Funerals Hospitals Plant Leasing Macrame Supplies Unusual Stuff KEITH ' S PLANTS THINGS 116 Bland Blvd., Burlington, N.C. 227-6069 M C Visa THE SISTERS OP SIGM SICHA SIBWA JEWEL BOX Fine Jewelers Since 1922 Expert Watch and Jewelry Repair Appraisals Custom Designing Engraving Company Shops Mall Phone: 226-0297 Holly Hill Mall Phone: 584-9868 mteiK a SLEEP BETTER TONIGHT " 2262 North Church St. Cum-Park Plaza BurUngton, NC 27215 229-1558 Your One -Stop Gift Shop When you ' re looking for a gift, look to us. We have Hallmark music boxes, albums, and stationery for her . . . puzzles, pens and desk sets for him . . . books and toys for the kids . . . and cards and beautiful gift wraps for every gift and every occasion. Because when it comes to gifts. Hallmark thinks of everything. FRAN ' S HALLMARK " When You Care Enough To Send The Very Best " -llofiWAoL Kim Barrett. Darla Brey, Dr. Mary BritUin. April Buck, Brandy Burroughs. Arlene Caine. Laura Campbell. Terri Copeland. Sara Davidson. Gretchen Davis. Karen Drake. .Jackie Edwards. Andi Elliot. Virginia Evans. Jenny Gardner, Elaine Hamilton. Lisa Horner. Beth Hungerford, Karen Johnson. Anne Latham, Cyndi Lawson. Bobbi Meyer. Lisa Odie. Michelle Palumbo. Sandra Perry. Laura Reich. Jodi Robbins. Molly Sim. Brucie Sutton. Maureen Sweeney. Debra Taylor. Kimberly Toth. Mindi Truitt. Pat Warren, Pat White, Linda Winslow. Cathy Wright, Lisa Young. Sweetheart — Rob Smart m ® ® %, IGHTIM ' CHRISTHMsi X CAMPUS SHOP Elon College, N.C. 584-2323 services 66 The People Pleasers ' ' Here To Please You Food Service To Fit Your Needs Office Phone — 584-1140 Support Your Local Chef Food Service To Fit Your Needs Office Phone - 584-1140 iPB I V J Ia r Ai " u 1 ' wnL ' - 4 i 11 mim. » ; L-ih ■ •«» ' !« 9 i P v »Eaft m L r BIMIIMW m, J 9h f m . " " TEXTILES: People, Products, Progress. M(M« than 65,000 eaq loyee8, at over 100 locatioDS around the obe, make Burlington tick. We ' re proud of these eDq)k)yees and their contributions to the company and to the communities where they live. Burlington Industries, Inc. Local Oparttlons: Burlington Houta FInlihIng Plant, Burlington Transportation, Grat am Plant, Pioneer Plant I, Pioneer Plant II, Purchasing Services Division, Williamsburg Plant, Bur-Mil Public Retail Outlet.

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