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fflBHi ; $ •It,,. ' .,; ' : j7 S . " iS. ' i a — 6 Afut eAu rio OU o u. PHI PSI CLI ELON COLLEGE, NORTH CAROLINA FACES, FACES, FACES — SO MANY EXPRESSIONS WHICH BLEND AND BLUR INTO ONE rV J U SSiP WR 4jBFl£ EK « ■: ■ ' • fe ONE WHICH EMERGES ONLY AS A SEPARATE FACE . THROUGH ENCOUNTER WITH LIFE . 5? :s - - ■■■■ ' - i 1 1 iMwm:J, m w- :, 44 T f- C ' •»- ■»»—«• » l frnr t yi., g ay-. yy... - . pi UNDERSTANDING LIFE . . . M M i£ lip- 4 CREATIVITY IN LIFE ■ m w % • :.3S " , " T - ' Hi mini lll!IH!l ' IIIIHH ■— iii. ' imi imb « ' fxrTP IP! i 1 u ' ' ! l R i - Ill 4 III s s lifcg agfe |a ONE WHICH ASSUMES A UNIQUE IDENTITY THROUGH THESE . . . EXPRESSIONS OF FOREWORD yffimmmsm Nineteen hundred and seventy-one. One year into a new decade. A year when the catch phrase " doing your own thing " seems to have come to the attention and inspired the coopera- tion of the world. What is this nebulous " thing ' . ' " When docs one recognize it? How does one nurture it? To identify this abstraction is the simplest of the trilogy of questions to answer. This vague " thing " is the development of one ' s own self. Henry van Dyke said: " Self is the only prison that can ever bind the soul. " Once defined, recognition of self comes only when the need for identity is admitted. This admission may come at any period in one ' s life; however, when the acknowledgement does happen, it requires the understanding and the accepting of the responsibility for self not onlj as a microcosm, but also as a part of the macrocosm. With self interpreted and comprehended, the final question of development arises. In order that one ' s identity ma) mature, an evolution of one ' s expressions must take place: an evolutionary process that involves three key stages: expression as encountered in life expression as understood in life; expres- sion as created in life. Once these are challenged and attempted, the way to complete self-identity is made clear. Nineteen hundred and seventy-one. One year into a new decade. A year for Definition . . . Comprehension . . . EXPRESSION ...1971. II 1 ACADEMICS 18 ORGANIZATIONS 38 GREEKS 66 SPORTS 90 FEATURES 108 CLASSES 132 INDEX CONCLUSION DEDICATION Manly Wade Wellman 1971 To Manly Wade Wellman - for his contributions to the academic community as Professor of English - for his service to the student body as the sponsor of the campus literary magazine, the Colonnades - in recognition of his many successes in the literary world - this fifty-sixth edition of the Phi Psi Cli is dedicated. ELON COLLEGE ACADEMICS r BOARD OF TRUSTEES Dr. W. M. Stevens William N. P. Herbert Rex G. Powell Gerry S. Oxford Senator B. E. Jordan Dr. J.E.Dani T. S. Earp Royall H. Spence, Jr. Mrs. C. B. Wilkins Dr. M. E. Godwin, Jr. Dr. George Bullard Mrs. W. W. Sellers Dr. L. E. Smith D. C. MacLennan Irwin Smallwood Dr. J. H. Lightbourne Shirley T. Holland Cvrus Shoffner Dr. J. L.Crumpton Dr.C. W. McPherson PRESIDENT OF THE COLLEGE Dr. J. Earl Danieley The President ' s Medallion Dr. A. L. Hook Dean Emeritus STANDING: Robert Wicker, Director of Audio Visuals, Kenneth Harper Acting Registrar, Dr. John SuUivan Director of Current Issues Program. SEATED: Larry Barnes Admissions Counselor, Stan Boone Director of Admissions STANDING: Carl Mulholland Accountant, C. C. Bayliff, Jr. Campus Shop Manager, Worden Updyke Director of Technical Services. SEATED: Rena Danieley Director of Financial Aid and Placement, W. E. Butler, Jr. Business Manager, Larry McCauley Director of Physical Plant Counselors Louis Wilkins, Dell Bright, Rachel Westmoreland Tyrone Rowell Director of Alumni Relations, Charles Hutcheson Director of Develop- ment, Tom Bass Assistant Director of Development, Melvin Shreves Director of News Bureau, Dan Euliss Director of Publications Gum Lambert Associate Librarian, Augi Ann Assistant Librarian, Theodore Oma Johnson Librarian Historical So Perkins Librarian. Librarians Virginia Richardson, Uleanore Kittenger, Dorm Hostesses Leona Updyke, Alice McCullough, Ruth Simpson, Dorothy Katie Wilson, Ann Vickers, Mattie Lee S. Lee McMillan. Not pictured Evelyn Trent Dr. William F.lzey Chaplain Dr. Alfred Hurst Campus Minister ' X obert Gibbs Mail Services Secretaries Pat Thrift, Mary Crigger, Jacqueline Matlock, Avril Core, Mary Edwards Bryan Nurse Secretaries Mary Thomas, Ruth Benton, Lou Harper, Joyce Perry Uater Food Service Steve Bucko, Herbert Daniels, Nehiamiah Harvey, William Secretaries Standing: Mary Elizabeth McCauley, Emma Lewis, Bonae Johnson, ickler Anne Marmorato, Audrey Shumar, Jan McKee, Nancy Morrow. Seated Vicki Smith, Kay Halbert, Virginia Johnston, Donna Holt, Jennifer Locke, Peggy Roberts. Not pictured Doris Maney, Ed Powers, Jan Henry. Margie Lakey 25 Howard Daniels Maintenance Foreman n ■• Z ' Janitors Standing: Donnell Hatfield, John Dick, Sam Moore, George Vincent, Billy Wiley. Seated: Thomas Soupes, Charlie Hatfield, James Faust, Calvin Mc- Collum, Robert Warren. Not Pictured: Leonard Wairen, James Slade, John Kenner Outdoor Crew Kenneth Routh, Jesse George, Otto Wilborne, Al Jordan, Lloyd Maids Standing: Dorothy Boldin, Elizabeth Miles. Mary Graham, Alice Bradshaw, Mabel Bradshaw, Lottie Carncll, Martha Grant. Minnie Jennings, Vera Ireland, Louise Smith. Seated: Norma Faust, Delois Fields, Beulah Reiford, Pamela McCollum, Mary Jane Ireland, Ruth Hariston. Not pictured: Myrtle Paul «? i:i a jjp li tJL ' l ' Maintenance Crew Hal Laughlin, Ernest Isley, MiUard Faucette, Shelton Cobbins Maintenance Crew Simon Stone, J. R. Carpenter, Dennis Wall, Bill Baldwin, Walter King, Warren Jeffries 26 BUSINESS Agnes Price pi ■S ■ " M r r H ■ m :JSj - Frances Longest Julia Covington Jeanne Williams Chairman BUSINESS ECONOMICS Syed Hasan Not pictured John Patterson Ralph Anderson Chairman EDUCATION Dr. Arnold Strauch Chairman ENGLISH John Alewynse K W K - j m - Betty Gerow Becky Hayward ennings Berry, Jr. Not pictured Lamar Bland FINE ARTS Not pictured Dr. A. S. Moffett Walter Westafer Dr. Malvin Artley FOREIGN LANGUAGES ■■p i A « v: H . i— i Btr T yi By " I Jjjji ' • " J Hf 1 1 iV j f 1A ' f r - K yVor pictured Edith Stevens MATHEMATICS Not pictured Janie F.vans, Burton Stuart, Jr. Vincent Lamphier NATURAL SCIENCES Dr. Whitney Mullen PHILOSOPHY AND RELIGION Dr. John Sullivan Dr. Ferris Reynolds Chairman Dr William Elzey Not pictured Howard Bozarth PHYSICAL EDUCATION Jerry Tolley Clayton Johnson SOCIAL SCIENCES Gilbert Latham Rudolf Zarzai ; C m STUDENT GOVERNMENT Officers: Alex Vardavas Vice President, Lee Loy President, Dean McBrayer Treasurer, Lois Matheny Secretary Senate: Standing Al Blom, Mark Russell, Robert Tibbs, Gene Pointer, Francis Smith, Terry Rice, Bob Lane, Todd Bridgford, John Smith, Bill Ogle. Seated Alex Vardavas. Patty Russell, Carolyn DeLuca, Kathy Lawson, Marcella Walsh. Kay Holeman, Kathy O ' Conner, Chuck Firmani. Kate Collins, Ginny Norfleet, Beth Williford. , ot pictured Chris Butcher, Frank Lyon, Carolyn Overstreet, Bob Ashwell, Carole Carlson. Bill Dressel, Stephen Yost, Perry Crouch, Joel Smith, Suzanne DeLoach, Tom Sollinger. Chris Walsh luck Firmani Parliamentarian, Alex Vardavas Speaker of the Senate. Rick itkins Sergeant-at-Arms. Deborah Wright Secretary of the Senate. Not pic- ked Scott Bailey Sergeant-at-Arms Committee Chairman: Standing Bill Griggs. Al Blom, Charlie Davis, York Poole. Seated Francis Smith, Lisa Chapin, Kathy Davis, Kathy O ' Conner. Doug Evans. Not pictured Barry Cheatham. Chips Chapman, Bon Lane, John Smith. Chris Walsh. Mary Ann Hampton, Gary Overfelt, John Elmore, Buck Cobb. Neil Henning Standing Senate Committee Chairman: Bob Lane, Terry Rice, Robert Tibbs. John Smith, Todd Bridgford Faculty-Student Committee Members: Standing Bill Griggs, Marvin Morgan, Charlie Davis, Todd Bridgford, Bill Bond. Seated David Marion, Susan Pell , Lois Matheny, Jan Davis, Gena O ' Berry, Doug Evans. Not pictured Craig MacCreary, Nancy Gurney. Steve Yost, Pat Jones, Bob Lane, Marilyn Commerce. David Burchette, Ann Hardy. HONOR COURT WJWil nr Justices Standing Craig MacCreary Chief Justice, Mr. Jerry Drake, York Poole, Mr. Ralph Anderson, Mr. Voigt Morgan. Scarce Mrs. Lucile Stone, Patty Herbin, Mrs. Shelby Bennett Secretary. Attorney General ' s Staff: Bill Haffey, Patty Russell. Not pictured Chris Smith, Jeff Hansis, Attorney Central WOMEN ' S INTER-DORM COUNCIL Back Row Kathy Streeter, Beth Brinckerhoff, Mary Anne Hampton, Celeste Brady, Beth Nalley. Gail Daniel, Debbie Jenkins. Bonnie Dorman, Debbie McDaniel. Kathie Watlington. Middle Row Emily Hall. Linda Hundley, Myra Rothwell President, Debbie Hon, Kay Bottoms, Joann Lockwood, Glenda Condon. Front Row Gail Stains, Nancy Gurney, Linda Chalmers, Susan Pell, Jacquei Lye. Not pictured Joanne Oliver, Lorraine Wilkinson MEN ' S INTER- DORM COUNCIL John Smith Charlie Davis Not pictured Gene Pointer Burnie Clutz David Tew Bill Dressel s P ' - %K!He8R w K? 1 t w HF ' tP WliHI m il mk " " raEjL E fl " W v Ml ■ " THE CIRCLE K Dave Dunker, Joe Sigler President, Colonel Winfred Meibohm, Buck Cobb. Not pictured Scott Bailey Vice-President, Al Blom Secretary-Treasurer, Rob Draper, Roger Sampson. Circle K International is a social-service organization for college men. and is similar to the Kiwanis Club. Circle K is a leadership and character-building group which has chapters on some 1,000 college campuses throughout the United States and Canada. The Circle K chapter at Elon College has sponsored collection drives for the Heart Fund, the Cancer Fund, and has planned an ecology drive. Applying the Circle K International motto, " We Build, " the Elon College chapter strives to foster integrity in personal relationships on the campus, in government, and with God. THE INTERNATIONAL CLUB Standing: Lee Shall wan Executive Committee Mr. Lewis VJilk ' ins Advisor Alicia Zablah Secretary Dau Tin Tran Executive Committee Seated: George Shall wan President Estella Millicovsky Vice President The International Club, organized in the spring of 1970, is composed of the students and faculty members of different nationalities at Elon College. Slides of various countries and films on international relations are part of the club ' s informal programs. STANDING: George Shahwan Mr. Rudolph Zarzar Mr. Syed Hasan Nihad Haddad Greta Zarzar Agha Noorullah Lee Shahwan Surasak Ratanatredagain Nitayanont Akapong Mr. Lewis Wilkins Trathatsrintr Rupagut Philip Amash SEATED: Faith Pease Suchada Saranakomana Sud-among Saranakomana Benjanee Supatanasinkasen Dau Thi Tran Varanute Pannpaisal Estella Millicovsky Alicia Zablah Pat Jones Editor-in-Chief Beth N alley Assistant Editor PHIPSICLI Jan Davis Associate Editor Mr. Daniel Kuliss Advisor Jimmy Pollack Photographer r { Judy iAyeis-Business Manager Cheri Ford -Academics Editor Todd White -Layouts and Art Editor Mary Lou MacGillivray -Organizations Editor John Smith -Sports Editor Mary Ann Hampton-Greeks Editor THE ELON COLLEGE CHOIR Sopranos Rexunne Bishop Sue Blej Allison Brown Fran Council Suzanne Culverhouse Sarah Draper Trieia Hasie Suzanne Helsey Anne Jones Be Lane Susan Logan Bonnie Lunsford Rhonda Powell Audrey Ray Mary Lee Reynolds Mary Sexton Carol Tegge Laura Tegge Donna Watson Barbara Welch Cathy Wilson Billie Wright Dail Wester Joyce Ford Altos Jane Cockman Betsy Hager Kathy Haine Kay Hale man Linda Jewee Karen Madan Wilhelminia Morgan Margaret O ' Biiant Jean Rhodes Pam Shoemaker Gale Weatherly Gwendolyn Wood Sheila Wool ton Tenors Dave Barber Jerald Campbell Edward Cooke Bill Triggs Floyd Hinshaw Wayne Kanoy John Park Mike Parks Brad Penny Francis Smith Paul Tew Mae Abernathy Chip Fishburne Bill Hoftey Bascom Harrison John Jenkins Bruce Johnson Marvin Morgan Don Perkins Barry Simpson Dallas Smith Jonathan Tross Pete Tucker Danny Walker Brass David Baker Edwin Boswell Charles Calligan George Cannon Perry Crouch Ronald Crouch John Evarts Wilton I lath Addison I limes Floyd lhnshaw Larry Hodges Jeffrey lsley Jack Lewis Thomas Lewis Darell Lynn Mark Levine William Ogle John Park Elliott Reynolds Douglas Russell Barry Simmons Dallas Smith Roger Staley William Stewart Mickey Stuart David To we Terrell Webb Jon White Woodwinds Charles Bewyman Cynthia Cokei Paul Dempsey Kenneth Ellingtoi Carol Emmett Sander Evans James Fogle Stephen Griffin Barbara Groover Kathy Haire David Halforn Donna Kerkow Susan Pell Elsie Peterson Robert Synder Joe Spigel Linda Thomas Sheri Tucker Beverly Uerling Theresa Uhl Lora Wester Edwin Wright Percussions John Bryant James Cockman William Crocker Michele Diette David Fuller Stephen Hudson Melanie Kissell Susan Merrill David Peeler Roger Sampson THE ELON COLLEGE MARCHING BAND " Ufa 4 ' 4 ' ' ' Hi J ' V ! ' .j M j -j " ■ ' . ■ i £e f to ?; ' i ' ;r. Mary Ann Harper Janice Poor Helen Rogers Mary Sexton Julie Smith Janet Thornhill Richard Watkins-Drum Major Front Row: Gena O ' Berry, Sue Reider. Second Row: Jane Kiger, Kathy Crory, Carolyn DeLi Sprinkle, Jo Ann Dean, Alternates: Debbie Jenkins, Dale Short. ■:k Row: Chris Jewell. Debbie M.iekin, Anne CHEERLEADERS WH; 1 . THE ELON PLAYERS n 1 1 Paulette Watsun. Elaine Gourley, Alan Wilkinson, Sue Logan. Al Jackson, Ann Shawhan, Carl Reynolds, Bill Sha Watson. Todd White, Cathie Albair. Dale Kaufman, Pete Baselici, Sara Draper. Glenda Condon. Jennifer Coble. Jacquei Lye. Dr. A. S. Moffett, Al Historian -Cathie Albair, Sec.-Trcas. Al Wat Glenda Condon. President Bill Shaver Al Watson, Jacquei Lye, Dale Kaufman, Sandy Moffett, Glenda Condon, Bill Shav ALPHA PSI OMEGA LAMBDA OMICRON CAST Alpha Psi Omega is the national honorary dramatic fraternity at Elon College. The members of Alpha Psi Omega are chosen through their contributions in dramatics productions. The society provides a vital part in student creativity and expression. THE HOSTAGE by Brenden Behan i I rvi i i i i i i i i j v Kneeling. Lynn Pound Treasurer. Susan Miller Secretary. Linda Murray Vice President. Bobbie Jean Franklin President. Second Row Wilhe Morgan, Carroll Kraycirik, Cindy Martin. Susan Cook, Alicia Zablah. Gladys Kivett. Third Row Wanda Peoples. Grace Reeee. Jean Hollida Kwenbark, Sue Bevacqua, Karen Cheek. Virginia Nortleet, Mrs. Frances Longest. BETA CHI EPSILON Beta Chi Epsilon was organized to benefit all Business Edu- cation and Secretarial students at Elon College. For com- muters. Beta Chi Epsilon serves as a source of extracurricular activities. The organization brings its members in contact with the latest office equipment through visits to local busi- ness firms and industries. i I H W m m Wk» Jfi m fo P- « Seared; Richard Sours, Dr. James Elder, Richard Bennett Vice President, Bill Boswell President. Susan Caviness Secretary, Mrs. Rachel Holt, Mrs. Suzanne Hooper, Dr. Robert Delp. Standing: Dr. Durward Stokes, Mr. Gilbert Latham. Pi Gamma Mu is the National Social Science Honor Society. The North Carolina Alpha Chapter was established in 1929. The society recognizes those faculty members and students who have attained merit in the social sciences at Elon College. PI GAMMA MU Left to Right: Lee Loy, Delegate Diane Gerlach, Vice President; Patti Herbin, President; Kay Saund- ers, Secretary: David Towe, Trea- ALPHA Students having at least junior standing with a cumulative grade point average of 3.30. are recognized for outstanding scholarship in the national organization Alpha Chi. Stimula- tion, development, recognition of scholarship, and those ele- ments of character that make scholarship effective for good. are the main objectives of the group. First Row Susan Pell, Mrs. Estei Gross, Mrs. Shelby Bennett. Gail Daniel. Judith Swanson Second Row: Laurent Changuion, Charles Moore, Marvin Morgan, M " ir Cahill, Elmore Edmonds. THE VARSITY CLUB Re ui rnin« lette Elon College in college athle rmen from all sports are eligible for membership in the arsity Club. The club serves to stimulate greater interest 1 1 1 1 r Front Row: Danny Watson. John Davis, Alan Parham, Mike Lawton, John Richardson, Larry King, Howard Pope. Eddie Tysinger, Craig Gill, John Williams, Danny Rascoe, Scott Rush. Back Row: Jimmy Twisdell, Curtis Leary. Charles Bradshaw, Bob May. Joe Faulk. Rusty Roberts, Nick Angelone, Al Covington. Dennis Everette. Pete McDaniel. Dean Plott. THE WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Back Row Gail Beck. Elizabeth Zimmerman. Cindy Holloway. Susie Blosser, Emily Hall, Lorraine Wilkinson, Mrs. Ja Front Row Connie Jennus, Gena O ' Berry, Carol Emmett, Ruth Ann Phillips, Kathy Streeter. in. Lynn Cunning The Woman ' s Athletic Association serves to create greater interest in women ' s sports. The club strives to promote good sportsmanship and provides recreational activities for women. All women students at Elon College are eligible for member- ship in W.A.A. SYNCHRONIZED SWIMMING Left to Right: Lynda Dickenman, Barbara O ' Brien, Connie Jennus, Ruth McAllister, Leslie Young, Charlotte Welch. The addition of a new pool to the Elon College gym facilities created the opportunity to organize a synchronized swimming team for the first time this year. Under the instruction of Mrs. Connie Jennus, the swimmers have learned various moving and still formations. Coach Kelly, the team ' s sponsor, has great hopes for the newly formed group. - -=4 A y A GREEKS €. L OY ¥ -. L.Uil«WL ■ 2f ■• i BOB Best of the Best! Dedicated to the high ideals and traditions upon which Beta Omicron Beta Sorority was found- ed in 1919, the sisters have committed themselves to make this year the best year in BOB ' s history. Activities began immedi- ately upon returning to school as we sponsored two successful car washes. Our Back-to-School Picnic was enjoyed by all. The pace never slackened as we moved into rush activities with many creative and unique ideas for rush parties, invitations, and entertainment. A special event was the BOB and ITK Country Shindig and Cookout-a great success. We were really proud of our new pledges, too. Continuing our tradition of active participation in campus affairs and projects, we sisters again joined with our ITK brothers to produce the second consecutive 1st place winner in the Homecoming float compe- tition. Individual service to Elon is evident in that we are proud to have two Who ' s Who membeis with us as well as Iwo members of Alpha Chi. We ' re proud that our sisters are holding major offices in the 1GC, SNEA, SAM, MTNA, SGA, and the newly developing Pan-Hellenic Council. Several service projects are planned both on and off campus including our annual candy sale. The proceeds from this project go into the Cindy Robertson Memorial Scholarship presented annually by BOB to an outstanding biology student. All these activities make up a successful year of service and it will be highlighted by our formal Spring Banquet. Although quite busy, we can always be found at our " local " address-of which we ' re quite proud. Drop in and get acquainted with the most congenial group on campus. A superior group of girls all true to the White and Blue- the finest that you ' ll ever know! Left to Rigiit Sue Bo Lynda Dickenman, Cha a Pollack. Elizabeth Zimmerman, Gwen Wood, Cynthia Coker, Susan Pell, Lisa Chapin, Pam Berry, Lois Matheny, rrior, Donna Turnage, Gale Weatherly. BETA OMICRON BETA Phi Mu Fraternity was founded at Weslyan College in Macon, Georgia in 1852, becoming the second oldest national sorority. Phi Mu also ranks as one of the largest with well over one hundred accredited chapters in the United States as well as overseas. Gamma Nu Chapter of Elon College was formerly Pi Kappa Tau, a local sorority founded m 1923. Through continuous effort and much haul woik the local became the colony, and finallj the col. my became Phi Mu. With well over thirty members now. Phi Mu takes pride in being one of the top sororities on the Lion Campus. Asa chapter much interest has been shown in school spirit, not only with Homecoming, but also with pep posters for every home game. Community service, through projects with the Lion Home lor Children, makes up a large part of service activities. Many enjoyable times aie also spent when the sisters of Phi Mu team up with the brother fraternity, Tau Kappa Epsilon. Phi Mu is also proud of the accomplishments of its members. We were represented on the cheerleading squad by Chris Jewel, Anne Sprinkle, and Head cheerleader, Ciena O ' Berry. Gena also reigned as Homecoming Queen with Janet Lee and Anne Sprinkle on her court. Also among our notable notables were: Karen Paulos, Sigma Mu sweetheart; Patty Herbin, President of Alpha Chi; Mary Sexton, majorette; Janet Lee, Spring Week- end Court; Juanita Newton, Phi Mu sponsor for Homecoming. Phi Mu was also represented by two class sponsors for Homecoming: Cindy Hollowuv . Junior Class; Pat Jones. Semoi Class. Who ' s Who included: Jan Davis, Patty Herbin. and Geira O ' Berry. We even had the editor of the Yearbook, Pat Jones. This year the Sweetheart of TKE was Gena O ' Berry, with De DeHart as the TKL sponsor. These are just a few of the things which go to make up the number ONE sorority on campus: PHI MU. Front: Dale Price, Anne Sprinkle, Brenda Forbis, Pam Layton. Connie Coward, Susie Helsley. Susie Blosser, Janet Lee, Vicke Stinnett. Cindy Holloway, Linda McCrory, Marianne Moore, Karen Paulos, Juanita Newton. Back: Chris Jewell. Gena O ' Berry, Pat Jones. Mary Sexton, Jan Davis, Nelda Shaw, Myra Ross. Ann Briggs, Stephanie Phifer, Kathy Streeter. Jane Rountree, Linda Hundley. De DeHart. Not Pictured: Patty Herbin. PHI MU Sigma Sigma Sigma, the first national sorority at Elon College. The Delta Beta chapter of Sigma Sigma Sigma received its charter alter a formal installation weekend on April 25. 1969. From that time we have progressed to success through our everlasting bonds of sisterhood. Sigmas are active as class officers. SGA. class sponsors, sweet- hearts, members of the Homecoming court, cheerleaders, majorettes. Liberal Arts Forum. WIDC. Who ' s Who, and have won main othei honors. Among our service projects the newest and most exciting is tutoring underprivileged students at the Maple Avenue Ele- mentary School in Burlington. So far this has been most successful and rewarding. Sigma also sponsored a Shoe Shine at the Holly Hill Mall to raise funds for our Robbie Page Memorial at Chapel Hill. N. C. We are also active in ushering at all Lyceum programs on campus. Sigma Sigma Sigma- the best-in our bonds forever. aWit 4 fr ' I Wmmm Wmm II " -It I ' ll h iWl Firsf Row: Emily Hall, Beth Brinckerhoff, Bev Brendle, Carolyn Hairlleld. Carole Carlson. Susan Robertson, Becky Kearns. Second Row: Diane Crawley, Cathy Brennan, Katie De Wees, Carolyn Stephenson, Linda Boye, Joann Lockwood. Margy Duvall, Pat Russell. Third Row: Janet Thornhill, Linda I rank, Kathy Croye, Gloria Royal. Debbie Mackin. Carolyn DeLuca, Kay Bottoms. Pam Spence. Karen Bowery, Sandy Brewer, Kathy Lawson, Debbie Jenkins, Judy Myers, Gail Daniel. SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA Zeta Tau Alpha International Fraternity was founded at what is now known as Longwood College, Farmville, Virginia, October 15, 1898. There is romance and courage woven throughout the early history of Zeta Tau Alpha, deeply imbedded in the economic history of the country itself. We are proud to say that the 149 7; link of Zeta was established at Elon College as the Eta Zeta Chapter. The Eta Zeta Chapter was formerly a local sorority, Delta Upsilon Kappa, which was founded in 1918 making it the first sorority on the Elon College campus. In May 1970, Zeta Tau Alpha came to Elon through the diligence and effort of the members of this local sorority. Zeta Tau Alpha participates in many campus and community activities working together in their unity through sisterhood. Zeta has been successful in many worthwhile projects. The sisters sold programs at football games to earn money to send Christmas packages to young men in Viet Nam. The Zetas worked hard to win first place with the Homecoming display; Zeta also had a sponsor for Homecoming. Zetas are campaign- ers! During the November election, one could find Zetas walking door to door in the community campaigning for our General Advisor ' s husband. Zeta Tau Alpha is proud of its members. Our sisters are very active in campus activities. Who is president of the Woman ' s Athletic Association and Secretary of Pi Gamma Mu? Who has four members on the Inter-Dormitory Council with two of these being secretaries in their respective dorms ' ? Who is Greek Editor and Assistant Editor of the Yearbook? Who had three members serving as marshals for Elon ' s graduation exercises in August, 1970? Who was chairman of Parent ' s Weekend? Who is co-head of the cheerleading squad? Who else could it be but Zetas! These are only a few of the things that make Zeta Tau Alpha the best sorority at Elon. May we always strive to " Seek the Noblest. " Steps: Mrs. Albert Gminder, Kathy Langston, Leslie Young, Janice Wood, Susan Caviness, Mary Ann Hampton, Carol Emmett, Edith Sanders, Susan Reider. Porch: Beth Nalley, Carol Leone. Charlotte Welch. Celeste Brady, Sally Venner. Lorraine Wilkinson. Not Pictured: Shay Kivett. ZETA TAU ALPHA SWEETHEARTS AND SPONSORS Miss Kathy Lawson Kappa Psi Nu ALPHA PHI OMEGA Alpha Phi Omega was founded in 1825 at Lafayette College by Frank Reed Morton with the purpose of this fraternity to assemble college men in a national service fraternity in the fellowship of the principles of the Boy Scouts of America as embodied in its scout oath and law. to develop leadership, to promote friendship and provide service to humanity, and to further the freedom that is our national, educational, and intellectual heritage. Alpha Phi Omega is the largest service fraternity in the United States, consisting of over 100.000 men in more than 400 chapters. The Sigma Rho chapter, here at Elon. was founded in 1967 with sixteen charter members forming its nucleus. In the way of service projects, we have helped in registration, and assisted a Boy Scout troop in Burlington. Ground: Elmer Eley. Wall: Melvin Milton, Ted Nelson, Ray Bailey, Dr. George Troxler. Tree: Chips Chapman, Bob Synder. The history of lota Tau Kappa dates back to 1923, with its founding by Col. W. C. Elder, a native of Burlington, N. C. Since that date ITK has seen many fine years and accomplish- ments which would be too numerous to mention here. In the past lew years the brothers of ITK have not only strived for social distinction, but also have gone on to help the college and the Elon community. For the second consecutive year ITK has sponsored the Bloodmobile, and ranks this as one of its major projects; last year the fraternity brought the portable chesl x-ray unit to the campus. ITK also provided a Christmas partj lu! the Elon College Home for children. This tall ITK was fortunate enough to acquire a fraternity house on West College Avenue, a great addition to the organization. Also this fall ITK gained recognition with the winning of the over-all prize for the best Homecoming float and Talent Show; Miss Linda Reynolds served as ITK sponsor and fraternity Sweetheart. In November the fraternity played in football against the faculty with a portable t.v. given away as the door prize. Although this past summer saw a number of casualties in the group with Steve Coffee, Keith Rawls, and Steve Locke all becoming members of another organization, marriage, the rest ni the fraternity seems to be keeping their heads and maintain- ing their reputations as " The Losers. " first Row: Fred Perkinson, Steve Ragsdale, Ed Peebles, Larry Johnson, Jan Hendrickson. Second Row: Jim Morris, Mike Crews, Mac Mclnnis, Jc Shelton, John Sullivan, Donnie Oakes, Keith Rawls, Chuck Richardson, Steve Locke. Not Pictured: Bill Bond, Steve Coffee, Ray Connor, Tom Bas Gary Meise, Roger Farmer, Fred Beeson, Jim Hourigan. Craig Falk. IOTA TAU KAPPA is, Kappa Psi Nu, one of the oldest fraternities at Elon, lias risen from a year of unfortunate circumstances to regain its position on I lie campus. Though strictly a social fraternity, Kappa Psi Nu in the past year has taken on a few service functions, the chief one being service in the school ' s two cafeterias. Also several of the brothers are working at the Hlon home for children. Other brothers serve on various campus committees such as the 1GC. SGA.OOOC.andSIS. Kappa Psi Nu is also well represented in the athletic programs of Elon. Brothers are found on the football team, basketball team, baseball team, tennis team, golf team; and Kappa Psi is very active in the college intramural sports program. Kappa Psi Nu also has been blessed with a super sister sorority, Sigma Sigma Sigma, which helped the brothers out through the trials and tribulations of last year. With their help in the past, the present spirit of brotherhood, and the future pledges. Kappa Psi Nu will remain what it has always been . . . 1 . w 4fm% m First Row: Youngblood SpeU, Tommy Johnson, Buster Alston, Kerrie Gilliland, Mel Pearce. Second Row: Harry Lenkerd, Barry Cheatham, Robbie Hicklin, Larry Utz, Dean Piatt, John Swain. Third Row: Jack Prentice, Larry King, Page Summerlin. O. J. Simpson. Ronnie Palmore. Fourth Row: Steve Honeycutt, West Holden, Sonny Keene, Craig Fowler. Not Pictured: Jim Correll, Dave Marion. Robbie Farmer, Dave Culp, Jeff DeYong. KAPPA PSI NU The Lambda Chapter of Sigma Mu Sigma was established on the Elon College Campus in 1952 with the help of the late Dr. William Mosely Brown. Sigma Mu Sigma claims the honor of being the first national fraternity at Elon. Since 1952. Lambda Chapter has grown from a service to a social-service fraternity providing both work and enjoyment for its members. We feel that the Lambda Chapter should promote conduct constantly with good morals and good taste. We desire our fraternity to create an atmosphere which will stimulate sub- stantial progress and superior intellectual achievement. The statements add to our philosophy in addition to our principles. Lambda Chapter provides the opportunity to develop friend- ship, develop co-operation through group discipline, and pro- vide friendships which will be useful later in our social and ' A First Row: Jerry Lawson. Second Row: Stuart Stone, Henry Pittman, Joe Old. Third Row: Richard Beck, Terry Rice, Chris Butcher, Dick Roof: Barry Baker, Jim Lassiter, Brian Williams, Dave Barber, Jim Compher, Phil Johnston, Terry Harker. professional life. Although we hold this, we remind ourselves that our fraternity is not a means to an end, but an end in itself. This year the Mu ' s are again putting out their annual Address Booklet. This has been a major service project for over twelve years, and has proven to be of great use to the Elon College campus. Also, our drive against Muscular Dystrophy proved a personal enjoyment for each of the brothers. Social life was once again highlighted by the Harry Buffalo, Homecoming, Spring Weekend, and, of course, the Banquet. Hats off to all graduating brothers: Joe, Dan, Jerry, Chris, and Dick. Welcome new brothers. Old brothers, Good Luck in ' 71- ' 72. SIGMA MU SIGMA Sigma Phi Beta Social Fraternity was founded in 1918, to create a bond of brotherhood between men on the I Ion College campus. Sigma Phi was Elon ' s first fraternity and has continued to show initiative and leadership on campus through the 52 years of its history. This year Sigma Phi Beta became nationally affiliated with Sigma Phi Epsilon. Through our national affiliation we plan to improve our individual organiza- tion as well as the entire Greek system on campus. Sigma Phi has always been able to claim one of the highest overall academic averages on the Elon campus. In our past we have had brothers interested in almost every activitj on campus. The brothers have always been able to win recogni- tion for themselves and their fraternity. But. even more impressive than academic and extracurricular achievements are the athletic achievements of the brothers of Sigma Phi. As one looks down the long list of Elon ' s football players, he will see that Sigma Phi has had more of its brothers on the list than any other organization on Elon ' s campus. In addition to football, Sigma Phi has had representatives on every other athletic team on Elon ' s campus. Most of these men from Sigma Phi have excelled in the sports they have participated in. The word " excelled " is the key to the preceeding sentence as well as the key to the success of Sigma Phi. Sigma Phi Epsilon has just begun, but Sigma Phi Beta will never be forgotten. First Row: Mike Petrie, Greg Sigmon, Harold Smith, Carl Spragins. Second Row Larry Bugg, Ross Tucker, Jim Brown, Bryant Harold. Third Row: Phil Gregory, Paul Caruso, Wayne Lenhart, Pete Tabel, Mel Cliborne. Not Pictured: Keith Langt ' ord. Hughes Rhodes. Warren Mills, Steve Helms, Miget Claik, Bob Venner, Larry Holder, Rick Bevacqua, Chuck Brantley. SIGMA PHI EPSILON TAU KAPPA EPSILON Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity was founded at Illinois Wesleyan University at Bloomington, Illinois, in 1899 and now ranks first among national Greek letter groups with the largest chapter rolls. The fraternity is accredited with 305 chapters located in colleges in all parts of the United States and Canada. Lambda Mu chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon was the first national social fraternity on the Elon College campus. It was formerly the local fraternity Alpha Pi Delta founded in 1926. With more than forty members, TKE ranks number one on campus with total fraternity membership. Since Lambda Mu ' s installation in 1968, the group has participated in many community projects. These include a Christmas Cheer pro- gram, a yearly public service week-end, and the tutoring of the students of the Elon Home for Children. TKE school spirit has been exhibited in many ways, which have helped us to win two school spirit awards. TKE is proud of its vast membership and accomplishments of its members. Two Tekes have held the position as president of the SGA. Presently, Dean McBrayer holds the position as treasurer of the SGA. York Poole is now serving a two year term on the Honor Court. Bill Dressel is president of the Junior class and John Smith is a senator for the Sophomore class. Tom Balderson is a member of the Faculty Advisory Board for Sororities and Fraternities; Jeff Hansis is Attorney General of the Honor Court. Members of Who ' s Who include Jeff Hansis and Dean McBrayer. In the future Tau Kappa Epsilon will continue to go forward as it strives to maintain its position as number one on campus. First Row: Clyde Ivy, Jeff Mantz, Bob Small. Tom Balderson, Dave Berchette, Mark Wickline, Ray McClure, Jeff Hansis, Eddie Quinlivan, John Smith. Second Row: Gary Overfelt, John Pulley, Tim Fowler, Dorson White, Buster Ingold, Dale Denton, John Riley, Jim Poole, Paul Meeker. Third Row: Randy Thompson, Charlie Davis, Dean McBrayer, Jon White, Bob Chambers, Gene Scotten, Chris Smith. Fourth Row: York Poole, Norman Lacerte, Tom Brigss, Bill Kellev Rex Nomevko. Not Pictured: Rodney Miller. V T Ei Ill 1 • •••••• • • ••• ••• • • •• • ••• 1 • • • • •• • •»• • • 1 ••• ELON 12 WOFFORD 36 ELON 3 GUILFORD 10 ELON APPALACHIAN 21 ELON 6 PRESBYTERIAN 35 ELON 6 CARSON-NEWMAN 16 ELON 10 CATAWBA 7 ELON 7 WESTERN CAROLINA 17 ELON 10 NEWBERRY 6 ELON LENOIR RHYNE 13 ELON 30 GARDNER-WEBB 12 FOOTBALL 1970 Head Coach: " Red " Wilson Jackie Green Mike Lawton Jimmy Twisdale Tommy Blake Howard Pope Jimmy Collins Steve Rumley Eddie Taylor Alan Parham Danny Watson Tom Jernigan Terry Craig Grover Helsley Larry Raines Dave Davis Ken Strickler Curtis Leary Charles Bradshaw Butch Fowler Sam Key Averill Mills Rusty Roberts Bruce McFerren John Davis «e LA r k. Gary Meredith Terry Gaddy John Romano Dennis Everette Barry Baker Wayne Thrift Harold Smith David Rudder Eddie Williamson Jimmy Snow Larry King Mike Morgan Al Covington Steve Helms Eddie Tysinger Scott Rush Ken Fussell Joe Faulk John Richardson Ken Morgan Bill Tomlinson John Paseler Richard Williamson David Goodman Fred Beeson John Rascoe Tommy Lindsey Chuck Brantley Tommy Hall Nick Angel one Tiny Andrews John Coins Craig Gill Charles Biesecker Terry Crigger Glenn Ellis Steve Croshaw Bob Stevens Pete McDaniel Robert Whitlow Darrell Arrington Dean Plott Jim Hall Terry Lassen Don Dixon Vernon Barber Don Boaz Robert May Mickey Brown, Line Coach GUILFORD QUAKERS Tragedy was the mode for the first conference game of the Christians as they lost on two different accounts. First, the Christians lost the game, a closely fought defensive battle. However, the major deficit came in the third quarter when Elon ' s number one signal-caller, Jackie Greene, was injured and lost for the season. Having to rely on capable but inexperi- enced quarterbacks, the Fighting Christians managed only one score which came from the foot of Grover Helsley. On the first play of the fourth quarter the Quakers pushed over the game ' s only touchdown which proved to be the margin of victory in the 10-3 contest. HI « PRESBYTERIAN BLUE HOSE The score was 35-6 in Elon ' s fourth game which, as the three previous ones, was played on the opponent ' s homefield. History repeated itself in an unfortunate manner as the Christians witnessed the injury of quarterback Allan Parham. Sophomore Steve Rumley rose to the occasion and climaxed an 80 yard march to the goal line by passing to Ken Morgan, the only Christian in the end zone all afternoon. CARSON-NEWMAN EAGLES The Eagles of Carson-Newman winged by the Christians in Elon ' s first home game of the season. The contest saw two Christian fumbles turned into scores for Carson-Newman, one a touchdown, the other a field goal. Grover Helsley was responsible for Elon ' s only scoring in the first two quarters when he split the uprights twice, one going WOFFORD TERRIERS In the initial contest of the season, the Christians were pitted against Wofford who was later to be ranked number one in the NAIA. By utilizing the triple option off offense, the Terriers of Wot ford built up a half time tally of 29-0. The second half saw the Christian defense adjust to Wofford ' s offensive thread and as a result, contained the Terriers to one touchdown. Elon ' s first six points of the season were credited to Mike Lawton who was on the receiving end of an aerial from Jackie Greene. Halfback Eddie Williamson scored on a one yard plunge which gave the Christians their second and final score of the contest. Final: Wofford 36 Elon 12. Don Kelly, Linebacker and Defensive End Coach ll Wj mk APPALACHIAN MOUNTAINEERS The new Poly Turf field at Appalachian failed to produce what the Christians needed most, points. This was the first game ever played on Poly Turf in North Carolina. The Christians, behind freshman quarterback Allan Parham, penetrated the Mountaineer defense numerous times, but touchdowns failed to materialize. Elon played well from the defensive side of the field, but fate seemed to favor the contingent from Boone who converted three fourth down plays into touchdowns. The final score was 21-0. for 26 yards. The statistics were relatively the same in this closely fought contest; but the statistics don ' t win the game, the scoreboard does, and it read Carson-Newman 16 and Elon 6. CATAWBA INDIANS Homecoming-it means a lot to both the fans and the college. It means more to those who play on the field. The maroon and gold clad Christians had one thing on their mind; victory over Catawba. Their efforts were acknowledged when the final gun sounded with the Christians thrilling 10-7 victory. Elon reached the scoreboard in the second quarter on a field goal by Grover Helsley. The Indians scored late in the same period to take a 7-3 lead. As tradition would seem to have it, Elon lost quarterback Steve Rumley, who left the game with an injured collarbone. Jimmy Twisdale, a freshman, entered the game and took over the signal-calling chores. With only three minutes left in the fourth period, Twisdale tossed a 39 yard scoring pass to David Rudder which gave Elon its first victory. Offense scores the points, but defense prevents them and the game saw Elon ' s defense intercept four passes and recover three Indian fumbles. Hats off to the entire squad in their successful homecoming performance against Catawba. Jerry 1 lley, Defensive Backfield Coach WESTERN CAROLINA CATAMOUNTS Jimmy Twisdale piloted the Christians in the best offensive show of the year, picking up over 330 yards; however it wasn ' t good enough. Elon penetrated near the Catamount goal line, but a fumble and two intercepted passes cut short the chances of scoring more than once. Twisdale passed to David Rudder in the end zone during the third period for Elon ' s only score. In the fourth quarter Twisdale completed to Dennis Everette on the three yard line, but the Western defense stood firm and halted the Christians attempt for another touchdown. The final score was 17-7. NEWBERRY INDIANS Newberry lost the ball six times via fumbles and Elon was able to convert two into scores; one a touchdown and the other a field goal. Helsley kicked a 27 yard field goal which was supplemented by a touchdown run from Mike Lawton as Elon posted their second victory of the season. The Elon defense held the Indians scoreless in all but the final period making the final score Elon 10, Newberry 6. Key performances were turned in by John Romano, Sam Key, Nick Angelone, and Steve Helms. LENOIR RHYNE BEARS The torrential rain was not the only factor which dampened the spirit of Elon ' s supporters. It seemed after two periods of play that Elon ' s defense would be able to contain the Bears ' single-wing offensive attack from scoring. However Lenoir- Rhyne in the third period converted a blocked punt into a touchdown. The closing minutes of play saw the Bears score another touchdown. The Lenoir-Rhyne defense completely halted Elon ' s offense in holding the Christians to only two first downs, and a final score of 13-0. Mike Overton, Student Coaching Assistant Clayton Johnson, Offensive Backfield Coach GARDNER-WEBB BULLDOGS Elon closed the football season with an impressive 30-12 victory over the Bulldogs of Gardner- Webb. The Christians were led by the superb performance of Mike Lawton, who scored three touchdowns and picked up in the process, 249 yards rushing. The game also saw Grover Helsley boot a 44 yard field goal. The last score of the season for the Elon team came from a 38 yard pass from quarterback Jimmy Twisdale to David Rudder. fc£ 3?$fe CAROLINAS CONFERENCE CHAMPIONS BASKETBALL 1970-1971 ELON 76 LENOIR RHYNE 63 ELON 83 ATLANTIC CHRISTIAN 81 ELON 79 ATLANTIC CHRISTIAN 79 ELON 80 CATAWBA 78 ELON 23 A T 25 ELON 77 PFEIFFER 74 ELON 73 PFEIFFER 67 ELON 79 GREENSBORO 77 ELON 75 GUILFORD 68 ELON 94 HIGH POINT 67 ELON 67 LENOIR RHYNE 58 ELON 68 A T 65 ELON 92 ATLANTIC CHRISTIAN 79 ELON 90 CATAWBA 82 ELON 83 HIGH POINT 69 ELON 69 GUILFORD 73 ELON 76 WESTERN CAROLINA 77 ELON 79 WESTERN CAROLINA 89 ELON 67 BELMONT ABBEY 63 ELON 77 NEWBERRY 79 ELON 65 LENOIR RHYNE 53 ELON 85 PFEIFFER 62 ELON 75 CAMPBELL 76 ELON ELON WESTERN CAROLINA CAMPBELL Back Row Coach Anthony Radovich, Sam Key, " Diffy " Ross, Larry Trautwein, Pat Berry, Coach Bill Miller. Middle Row Robbie Hicklin, Tommy Cole. Elbert Outlaw, Tommy O ' Berry. Front Row Larry Paschall. Bill Hines. Charles Schoderbek. Mel Pierce WH ■ Jul nj B1 r m TRACK 1970 Ron Reichenbach Larry Raines George Hardy Jerry Younger Jruce McFerren Tom Jemigan Harold Smi John Austin Dickie Thomason John Paseler Jim Hall ELON 32% CATAWBA 92 ' 2 ELON 67 CAMPBELL 68, GUILFORD 46 ELON 58 ATLANTIC CHRISTIAN 65 ELON 94 SANDHILLS 50 ELON 65 CAMPBELL 91 WRESTLING 1971 .t I ■ 1 ■ l V i r x 3T- 1 ™ f 1 I 1 -- " f - ELON 28 CAMPBELL 20 ELON by forfeitGUILFORD ELON 19 WINGATE 21 ELON 26 N.C. STATE 16 ELON 19 UNC-W 20 Standing Ed Quinlivan Dave Burke Nitayanont Akapon;; Buster Alston Kneeling Scott Crane Ed Kaplan Jerry Horrell Jim Hall Ken Strickley Dwight Brown Coach f , ? iJr: MX , IT ELON 1 GARDNER-WEBB 6 ELON 2 CATAWBA 3 ELON rain OTTERBEIN ELON rain OTTERBEIN ELON 7 AKRON 3 ELON 1 CATAWBA 2 ELON 4 DAVIS ELKINS 1 ELON 17 NEW HAMPSHIRE 2 ELON rain NEW HAMPSHIRE ELON 10 A.C.C. ELON 3 PFEIFFER 11 ELON 8 PFEIFFER 3 ELON 8 METHODIST 3 ELON 11 GUILFORD 6 ELON 6 LENOIR-RHYNE 1 ELON 3 HIGH POINT 4 ELON 10 CAMPBELL 6 ELON 13 LENOIR-RHYNE ELON 7 A.C.C. 10 ELON 2 HIGH POINT 9 ELON 5 GUILFORD 3 ELON 10 CAMPBELL 3 ELON 1 METHODIST 2 ELON 4 NEWBERRY 2 ELON 5 NEWBERRY 1 Joe Rinaca: Most Valuable Player 1969. £ - v-r v T J ' iK FIRST ROW: Jim Morris, Terry Williams. Jay Simpson, Ron Brown, Mel Cliborne, Curly Hazelette, Gerald Campbell. SFCOND ROW: Mike Futrell, Doug Mattingly, Jim Ramsey, Rick Smith, Jim Amngton, Don Brady. Jim Hourigan. THIRD ROW: Jerry Ward, Rob Stout, Don Oakes, Dewey Capps, Gary Brown, Bill Schultz, Bob Godfrey. NOT PICTURED: Joe Rinaca, Jim Friesinger. BASEBALL 1970 Dewey Capps: AU-Conference Pitcher 1970. m£m ■ GOLF Standing Winston Higgins Coach Bob Dickson Dwight Leadbetter Tommy Carole Kneeling Charles Woody Bob Rinker Tom Johnson Greg Fowler Not pictured Gary Overfelt David Goodman Golf Team Ends 11-3 Season ELON COLLEGE The Elon College golf team coached by " Twig " Wiggins completed the 1970 season with an over- all record of eleven wins and three losses. The team recorded eight conference victories while suffering only one conference loss. Elon ' s conference record was second only to the un- defeated season compiled by Presbyterian College. %, s , TENNIS 1970 11 FEATURES o 3 )$$$$£ HOMECOMING QUEEN 1970 Miss Gena O ' Berry HOMECOMING COURT 1970 MISS JANET LEE MISS EMILY HALL P BT ■ft - T ' gEHr ?t B7 JH 1 0 rf j ' Jl Bl vw «fes : B 1 ■4;: 1 1 1 i i ;- S fc MISS ANN SPRINKLE Ion tans art ' bell Wayne Seymour and Don Perkins perform at Talent She BOB-1TK win 1st prize tor float. HOMECOMINC Presentation of sponsors. ACTIVITIES Jon t believe it! " . . . Jane Kiizer. Fighting Christians stun Catawba 10-7. Talent Show . . . Wayne Haves and friend. B H 13 ■ it ti l - t i fli SPRING WEEKEND QUEEN 1970 Miss Jane Kiger ■ M m SPRING WEEKEND COURT 1970 MISS JANET LEE SPRING WEEKEND ACTIVITIES included a fresh-air feast with pastoral dining facilities and music by the Happenings and the Iron Butterfly pfglt) Concerts - Free Only with 1 L.U. per Couple % Si STUDIES IN LONDON 1970 The Departments of English and History offer a course in London, England during the winter term. The course includes tours to Canterbury, Windsor, Stratford-upon-Avon as well as many historical places in London, museums, art galleries, and theatres. OUTSTANDING PROFESSOR Dr. Ferris E. Reynolds 1969-1970 The highest honor that can be given to any professor at Elon College by the student body, the award for " Most Outstanding Professor, " was presented for 1969-1970 to Dr. Ferris E. Reynolds, chairman of the Department of Religion. To his students, this year ' s recipient of the award is known affection- ately as " Doc " Reynolds. His quiet but friendly manner makes him popular both in and out of the classroom. Not only is Dr. Reynolds an active part of Elon College, but he also is an asset to the Elon College area. For his continued interest in and service to both the college and the community, the staff of the PHI PSI CLI, on behalf of the student body of Elon College, extends to Dr. Reynolds our thanks and congratulations. Lee Loy, President ot ' the SGA, congratulates Dr. Reynolds. WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES 1970-1971 During each academic year, outstanding student leaders from one thousand colleges and universities in the United States are chosen on the basis of their above average academic standing, services to the community, leadership in extra-curricular activ- ities, and future potential. These students make up Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. This year fourteen members of the Elon College student body have been recognized by this honorary society. ROBERT CRAIG MACCREARY REGENA BLANCHE O ' BERRY SUSAN ELMA PELL JEFFREY LOUIS HANSIS THOMAS KENNETH JERNIGAN LOIS ANN MATHENY ROBERT RAYMOND LANE DIANNE SIMPSON GERLACH MARVIN LOUIS MORGAN JOHN DEAN MCBRAYER PATRICIASUE HERBIN JAN LOUISE DAVIS - y •■■■ :■••,.-■• HARMON LEE LOY JR. NANCY ELIZABETH BRINKERHOFF THE LYCEUM PROGRAM SERIES Yass Hakoshima, Mime Through the efforts of the Lyceum Committee and the Visit- ing Scholars Program, the intellectual life on the Elon Campus is greatly enriched. The organizations, by a series of programs and lectures, broaden the students understanding of art and contemporary affairs. Famous personages from the art world and many distinguished lecturers are featured in the series. THE VISITING SCHOLARS PROGRAM Charles H. Shattuck Richard Kraus Patrick M. Hurley THE LIBERAL ARTS FORUM The Liberal Arts Forum is a student sponsored and student oriented committee directed by Dr. James P. Elder, faculty advisor. The primary function of the Forum is to faster intel- lectual interest through a series of monthly lectures presented by distinguished scholars; and an annual symposium in the spring concludes the lecture series. The programs sponsored by the Forum are distinguished by the concentration of the lectures on the humanities instead of an entire interest on contemporary issues. For the 1970-1971 college year, the Forum introduced in its series of monthly lectures, such out- standing lecturers as Dr. 0. B. Hardison and James Roose- Evans. Dr. Hardison completed a series of six lectures present- ed over the past several years; a series to be published under the auspices of the Liberal Arts Forum. In the spring, the Forum presented its annual symposium, " Studies in the Hu- manities. " The Liberal Arts Forum, with its honored tradition for the presentation of exceptional programs, has earned for itself, a distinguished and unique position among the colleges and universities in America. Front Row: David Marion, Brad Curran. Steve Leocha, Cathy Albair, Ann Shawhan, Beth Brinkerhoff, Carolyn Overstreet, Pat Jones. Back Rov Lane, Jan Davis, John Finch, Chris Walsh, Chris Butcher, Dr. James P. Elder, Bill Ogle. Mike Bunitsky, I rank Lyon. WPr THE SPRING SYMPOSIUM " STUDIES IN THE HUMANITIES ' 1970 Mmm «, j !?? ? Contemplation of a lecture. Di. Birdie Wilkinson Afternoon receptions on the lawn. Carlos Baker, lecturer. « 1 I »t tfV THE SENIOR CLASS I f3 • i Class Officers: Al Blom, Secretary-Treasurer; Bob Lane, Vice President; Terry Rice, President (Not Pictured). Susan Glenn Abemethy 2264 Lake view Terrace Burlington, N. C. Music Donald Joseph Allen Box 241 Elon College, N. C. Math Elward Hubert Alston, Jr. 1 5 Marvin Drive Newport News, Va. History Blaize Alex Anglada 803 Oak Street Biloxi, Miss. English Jennifer Huffman Austin P. O. Box 221 Elon College, N. C. Music Larry Williams Barefoot Route 1 Summerfield, N. C. Physical Education Danny Reginald Barnett Route 4 Burlington. N. C. Physical Education Ellen Rose Barnes Route ffl Box 321 Courtland, Va. History Peter Anthony Baselici 1712 Sunset Avenue Wanamassa, N. J. Social Science £ 9 ? 1 $ P iii hK% h 4m w K • ' • " 1 Thomas Leon Bass 229 Waverly Way Burlington, N. C. Business Administration Milton Edwin Beimler 1332 Poquoson Avenue Poquoson, Va. History Shelby Dill Bennett 354 N. Sellars Mill Road Burlington, N. C. Business Education Patrick Mason Berry 1462 Irwin Avenue Norfolk, Va. Physical Education Allen Lowery Bettis 736 Engleman Avenue Burlington, N. C. Business Administration Cynthia J. Blanchard 349 Harden Street Burlington, N. C. Physical Education Albert Louis Blom 773 Manor Road Staten Island, N. Y. History Karen Sue Blosser 604 Vedette Avenue Waynesboro, Va. Physical Education John Michael Bohlen Route 1 Shields Trailer Park Elon College, N. C. Business Administration Kathryn Elizabeth Bottoms 5238 Jahnke Road Richmond, Va. Elementary Education Lee Johnson Bozeman 2625 Eastwood Road W. Chesapeake, Va. History Charles Clifton Bradshaw 210 East 6th Weldon, N. C. Physical Education Todd Conover Bridgford 17705 Topfield Drive Gaithersburg, Md. Business Administration Gary Andrew Brown 201 North 5th Street Shenandoah, Va. Physical Education Ronald Lee Brown 4331 Cortez Road Baltimore, Md. Business Administration William Carey Bunch, Jr. 1444 Wilroy Road Suffolk, Va. History Cheryl Willis Burks P. O. Box 953 Gibsonville, N. C. Business Education James Finley Burks, Jr. Box 953 Gibsonville, N. C. Business Administration Christopher Lewis Butcher 928 Modoc Avenue Norfolk, Va. Political Science Guy Wayne Butler 1006 Highland Avenue Greensboro, N. C. Political Science Moir Lane Cahill 25 Villa Heights Boulevard Martinsville, Va. Business Administration Thomas Nicholas Caldwell Fort Loudon, Pa. Physical Education Charles P. Calligan Route 2 Gibsonville, N. C. Biology Linda Lee Canciglia 1630 Hicks Drive Vienna, Va. History Clyde Dean Carelock P. O. Box 302 Elon College, N. C. Biology John Marshall Carter P. O. Box 962 Elon College, N. C. Social Science Susan Elaine Caviness 106 McLaurin Drive Asheboro, N. C. History Linda Oro Chalmers Route 1 Box 188-D Martinsville, Va. Elementary Education Alfred Buck Cobb 5 1 20 Shenstone Drive Virginia Beach, Va. Physical Education Cynthia Carruth Coker Route 1 Box 640 Graham, N. C. Music John Claude Cole 207 Milstead Road Newport News, Va. Social Science Marilyn Jane Commerce 2448 Shenandoah Street Vienna, Va. English Glenda Lee Condon 1944 Foxhall Road McLean, Va. English Edward Eugene Cooke Route 8 Box 77 Durham, N. C. Accounting William David Culp 2626-D Greenbriar Apt. Burlington, N. C. Business Administration Sara Lynne Cunningham 6904 Wardman Road Baltimore, Md. Physical Education Donald Lee Curry 815 Gypsy Avenue Staunton, Va. History Elizabeth Gail Daniel P. O. Box 575 Denton, N. C. English Jan Louis Davis 3824 Quail Hollow Drive Raleigh, N. C. English and Biology Robert Randel Davis Route 2 Warrenton, N. C. Social Science Alta Kay DeHart 2222 Rose Hall Road Virginia Beach, Va. Social Science Karen Jenson Dickensoni 1 Pam Lane Huntington, N. Y. Elementary Education Harrison Clinton Dunlap 405 East Melbourne Avenue Melbourne, Fla. Biology William Edward Estes Route 1 Box 43-E Reva, Va. Chemistry William Gannaway Estes 104 Lynnhaven Drive Staunton, Va. Economics Douglas Allen Evans 2310 Stahl Road Huntington Valley, Pa. Religion Doroty Ann Farrell 45 Whitnack Road Basking Ridge, N. J. Elementary Education Catherine Nichols Festa 36 Campbell Drive Eatontown, N. J. Physical Education James Charles Fogle 36 Rutledge Avenue Charleston, S. C. Music Joseph Patrick Foley 10848 Fairchester Drive Fairfax, Va. History Paul Leroy Fulton 724 Cascade Ave. Winston-Salem, N. C. Business Administration Doris Mclntyre Garrison Box 568 Elon College, N. C. Elementary Education Dianne Simpson Gerlach Box 717 Elon College, N. C. Biology Jacques Alfred Giordano 2382 Beech Street Wantagh, N. Y. Physical Education Robert Morris Godfrey 608 Summit Avenue Greensboro, N. C. Physical Education Larry Eugene Good 9 St. John Street Wilmington, Del. Business Administration Annie Lee Gray 332 Laurel Hill Drive Burlington, N. C. Elementary Education Laurel Ann Gray 3609 Hobbs Road Greensboro, N. C. Elementary Education Edward Allen Greene 4321 Park Road Orange, Va. Social Science Esther Ferreiro Grose Rt. 10, Box 646 Greensboro, N. C. Spanish fr ' k I I r%4(t£t£ Nancy Faux Guerney 32 N. Columbia Street Woodbury, N. J. History Emily Elizabeth Hall Route 2, Box 8 Cleveland, N. C. Physical Education Tricia K. Hamlin Route 2 Rougemont, N. C. Business Education Mary Anne Hampton 1 234 Somerset Drive McLean, Va. Social Science Jeffrey Louis Hansis 43 Lindenwood Road Stonehan, Mass. Philosophy Willie Eug ene Hargrave 933 Ransome Street Roanoke Rapids, N. C. Business Administration Janice Marilyn Harris 212 Tareton Lane Portsmouth, Va. Elementary Education Herndon L. Harrison, Jr. 21 8 Circle Drive Gibsonville, N. C. Business Administration Steven Brooks Harper 2928 Armfield Avenue Burlington, N. C. Music Wood Thomas Harrell 2703 Brookmere Road Charlottesville, Va. Business Administration Thomas Jeffrey Hedrick 2141 N. Roger Reed Drive Hampton, Va. Math Robert Neil Hening 23 Glenbrooke Circle Richmond, Va. History Patricia Sue Herbin Route 1, Box 372 Gibsonville, N. C. History Roland Scott Hill Route 1 Courtland, Va. Social Science Stephen West Holden, HI Boyton, Va. History Jerrold Howard Hooper Box 693 Elon College. N. C. Physical Education Peter Daniel Hudgins, Jr. 1103 Main Street South Boston, Va. Bus iness Administration Linda Darlene Hundley 4442 Winchester Drive Portsmouth, Va. Elementary Education Stephen Lee Hutcherson 244 Elm Drive Winston Salem, N. C. Biology William Clyde Ivy 81 Dahlgren Avenue Portsmouth, Va. History Frank Lewis Jacobs, Jr. Box 9 Elon College, N. C. Business Administration Thomas Norval James 705 The Fenway Baldwin, N. Y. Elementary Education Joseph E. Jarosz III Box 430 Graham, N. C. Accounting Thomas Kenneth Jernigan 7659 Fletcher Avenue Fayetteville, N. C. English Catherine C. Johnson 51 50 Sugar Loaf Lane Roanoke, Va. Elmentary Education Susan Hunt Johnson 1314 Norton Street Durham, N. C. Elementary Education Paul Larry Johnson Rt. 3, Box 211 SilerCity,N. C. Accounting Anne Byrd Jones 1 1 9 Nut Bush Road Greensboro, N. C. Spanish Patricia Anne Jones 7503 Three Chopt Road Richmond, Va. History and Political Science Jackie Watson Jones 507 West Davis Street Burlington, N. C. Elementary Education ft ft tf © pt c£ A «A William MarceUus Jordan, III 277 Knollwood Street Winston-Salem, N. C. Math Edward Jay Kaplan 102 Paumanake Avenue Babylon, N. Y. Physical Education Dale Lynn Kaufman 1215 Crown Court Charlotte, N. C. English Rebecca Vivian Kearns 3511 Kirby Drive Greensboro, N. C. Elementary Education Roger Alan Keim Box 4695 Richmond, Va. History William J. Kelley, Jr. 509 Seeman Road Virginia Beach, Va. Spanish Donna Catherine Kerkow 8120S.W. 122 Street Miami. Fla. Elementary Education Donald Keith King 403 Crawford Street Mebane, N. C. Business Administration Robert Raymond Lane 1932 Sunrise Drive Virginia Beach, Va. History Susannah Lansing 20 Merle Place Apt. 4-K Staten Island, N. Y. Elementary Education William Thomas Lawrence Gates, N. C. History Jerry Wayne Lawson 2742 Cherokee Lane Winston-Salem, N. C. Biology Wayne Burt LeGrande 3200 Granada Road Portsmouth, Va. Chemistry Joann Marie Lockwood 409 Gulf Road N. Palm Beach, Fla. Elementary Education John Leroy Lowther 921 Beverly Drive Rock Hill, S. C. Business Administration Rosa Jacqueline Lye 1813 Guess Road Durham. N. C. English Dale Eugene Maness Route 2, Box 203 Seagrove, N. C. Business Administration John Daniel McConnell 4509 High Street Portsmouth, Va. Business Administration Deborah Lou McDaniel 2150 Welch Avenue Charleston, S. C. History Clanton Jones Mclnnis 515 Piedmont Ave. Rocky Mount, N. C. Business Administration Patsy Ann McKee 3655 Guess Road Durham, N. C. Business Education James Rodney Miller Route 6 Lexington, N. C. History Melvin Lee Milton 1311 Findley Avenue Roanoke, Va. English Estella B. Millixovsky Box 128 Elon College, N. C. Spanish Marvin Louis Morgan Box 213 Elon College, N. C. Religion Michael Joseph Muldoon 400 Paris Avenue Brooklawn, N. J. History Latimer Briggs Neal, III Route 7, Box 22-A Burlington, N. C. Math Talmadge Paris Nelson 200 Albright Avenue Graham, N. C. Social Science Regena Blanche O ' Berry 2025 Lone Pine Road Virginia Beach, Va. Elementary Education Mike Earnest Overton 5019 Kaplan Drive Raleigh, N. C. Physical Education y 1 frf Ernest Carl Padden 1 1 9 Gilpin Avenue Norfolk, Va. Accounting Elizabeth Taylor Park Boydton, Va. Elementary Education John William Paseler 45 Bray Avenue Port Monmouth, N. J. Physical Education Robert J. Patterson 206 Whitsett Street Graham, N. C. History Karen Lee Paulos 323 Wyman Drive Salisbury, Md. Elementary Education Melvin Lee Pearce 220 Pine Valley Road Winston-Salem, N. C. Business Administration Henry Edwin Peebles 1515 Shadylawn Drive Burlington, N. C. Business Administration Donald Lee Perkins 2706 Millbrook Road Fayetteville, N. C. English Harold Webster Perry 9 Holbrook Street Palmer, Md. French Jackie Leon Perry 2914 Pleasant Garden Road Greensboro, N. C. Accounting Michael James Petrie 35 Cambra Drive Waldwick, N. J. Economics Marvin Worth Phillips 1 26 Kathland Avenue Thomasville, N. C. Biology Ruth Ann Phillips Box 3216 Burlington, N. C. Physical Education James Andrew Poole 2318 Wythe Avenue Bluefield, W. Va. Business Administration Patricia Idell Pollack 438 7th Avenue Place NW Hickory, N. C. Social Science Larrv Charles Raines Route 2 Mebane, N. C. Physical Education Alice Madren Reavis 2709 Woodbury Drive Burlington, N. C. Elementary Education Linwood Lee Register, Jr. P.O. Box 512 Elon College. N. C. Business Administration Theron Jennings Rice, Jr. 2767 Quincy Street Arlington, Va. Business Administration Charles Edward Richardson 5513 Eastbourne Drive Springfield, Va. Business Administration Jerry Dixon Richardson Route 1 Badger Circle Roxboro, N. C. Business Administration John Raymond Riley, Jr. 4600 Atlantic Avenue Virginia Beach, Va. Social Science Russell McKinely Roberts 301 Lord Berkly Road Raleigh, N. C. Physical Education William Fowler Robey RFD 1 Mt. Airy, Md. History Danny Crawford Rose Route 1 Box 146 Elon College, N. C. Und. Shirley Holland Rose Route 1 Box 146 Elon College, N. C. Business Administration Myra Kay Rothwel l 437 Mason Street Albemarle, N. C. English James Franklin Rudd Route 1 Elon College, N. C. Accounting Constance Lee Russell 513 Lighthouse Drive Palm Beach, Fla. English Donna Scott Salley 2626-8f Greenbriar Apts. Burlington, N. C. Elementary Education Brenda Kay Saunders Route 3 Box 36 Eden, N. C. Business Education Nancy Everette Sharpe 301 Greenwood Street Burlington, N. C. Elementary Education Curtis Gilbert Shaw 2310 Sprunt Avenue Durham, N. C. Accounting Nelda Kathryn Shaw Route 6 Box 316 Durham, N. C. Music William Sherrill Shreve 516 Silver Street Reidsville, N. C. Business Administration Annie Kidd Siler 2735 McKinney Street Burlington, N. C. Elementary Education Rodney Joe Simmons 108 Gibson Drive Chesapeake, Va. Biology Claryce H. Sinclair Route 6 Box 188-48 Greensboro, N. C. Elementary Educatio n Roger W. Slaughter 1503 West Davis Street Burlington, N. C. Physical Education Phillip Allen Smith 607 Charles Street Mebane, N. C. Social Science Marquerite Ellen Snodgrass 420 London Street Portsmouth, Va. Elementary Education Robert Floyd Snyder 1013 Watts Street Durham, N. C. Business Administration Richard Irwin Sours, Jr. 10440 Miller Road Oakton, Va. History Pamela Sauvain Spence 2101 Briarcliff Rd. Richmond, Va. Elementary Education Paulette Tyler Spindle Hustle, Va. English William Thomas Staley 236 Allen Drive Chesapeake, Va. English Charles E. Strickland 302 Raleigh Street Fuquay Varina, N. C. Math Deborah Ann Stroud 2633 Janson Drive Chesapeake, Va. Elementary Education Mickey Gene Stuart Route =21 Speedwell, Va. Math Randal Ashton Stuckey P.O.Box 187 Lamar, S. C. History John Howard Swain 3906 Prosperity Avenue Fairfax, Va. History Clinton Robert Thaxton 2809 Fawn Street Durham. N. C. Math Jesse Paul Thomas General Delivery Elon College, N. C. Math John Lewis Thomas, III 131 Florida Avenue Portsmouth, Va. History Randall Edwin Thompson 13 Ansell Street Portsmouth, Va. Business Administration Janet Lynn Thornhill 3916 Chad wick Road Chesapeake, Va. Business Education David Judson Towe 8701 Caribbean Blvd. Miami, Fla. Math Lester Plunkett Tucker Box 602 Elon College, N. C. History Susan Patton Walker Route 2 Independence, N. C. Spanish Goley Brian Wall Route 4 Mebane. N. C. Social Science 1 $ Jerry Wayne Ward Route 1 Elon College, N. C. Physical Education Johnny Curtis Warren 41 1 Key Street Burlington, N. C. Accounting Michael Anthony Warren Route 3 Burlington, N. C. Physical Education Albert Thomas Watson 5413 Odessa Drive Virginia Beach, Va. Accounting Danny Eugene Watson 1 7 Monroe Street Greenville, S. C. History Donna Gayle Weatherly Camden. N. C. Home Economics Walter Todd White 1211 Evergreen Road Wilmington, Del. English Fannie Marie Williams Route 1 Graham, N. C. Elementary Education Susan S. Williams 1411 Garfield Road Burlington, N. C. Elementary Education Janice Louise Wood Route 1 Trinity, N. C. Elementary Education Mryna Lynn Wright Sherwood Circle Rt. 6 Salisbury, Md. Elementary Education Joanne Jordan Yount 433 Ward Street Graham, N. C. Physical Education SENIORS NOT PICTURED Linda Lee Abney Betty Ray Andrews Charles Keith Andrews James Ernest Arrington Ray B. Ashe George Edwin Badgett Raymond Earl Bailey Thomas R. Balderson Richard Blackwood Batte Robert Earl Beale Coy Madison Beasley Gail Ann Beck Thomas William Beck Ouida Jones Bennett Richard Braxton Bennett Kathleen Joan Blood Ronald Wade Bolton, Jr. William Earl Bond, Jr. William Sanford Boswell Linda Henkel Bowers Robert Keith Brady Sandra Lee Brewer Charles Monroe Bridges James Lyall Brown, Jr. Thomas Allen Brown David Perry Bullard Walter Wilmer Burke, Jr. James Alton Burred, Jr. Terry Lee Busick George David Cannon Robert Julian Capps Robert C. Chandler. Jr. John Braxton Clark Philip Vet Clark Henry Melvin Cliborne Victoria W. Colclough Ronald Lee Crawford Terry Lee Crigger Fenton S. Cunningham, III Carson Ira Dabbs Donna Malone Dalton Kathy Eve Davis Lynne Marie Davis Rex Alan Davis Jane Hobbs Dean Richard H. Dixon Donald Wade Doggett Linda Obriant Dodson Francis Robert Dove Dillard Glenn Dye, Jr. Elmer H. Edmonds, Jr. Wallace Edwin Edwards Ronald Preston Emerson William Ronald Epps Donald Sherman Falk Charles R. Firmani Christine Adele Fisher Charles Robert Flintom Brenda Gail Forbis James Estes Friesinger Stephen Thomas Garber Brenda Peterson Garner Anne Louise Gerow Michael Patrick Gesuele John Wood Goins, Jr. John Thomas Goodgame David Lewis Goodman Jack Bernard Hanel, Jr. John Rudolph Harris Charles Harold Hearn Steven Ray Helms James Alvah Hendrickson Glenda Grant Hinshaw Floyd Carter Hinshaw, Jr. William Irvin Hodges James Larry Holder Benjamin Harvey Holt Barbara Ann Horner Charles S. Howell Richard Brice Hudson Carlyle Michael Hughes Linda Peele Hunley Billy Martin Isley Kenneth Lindsey Jarvis Joseph Allen Jaymes, Jr. James Lea Jeffreys Cecil Carlos Johnson, II George Randall Johnson Willard Lee Johnson, Jr. Linda Lee Johnson William Alison Jolly Nancy Alexander Jones Clifton Thomas Joyner Michael Hunter Kelly Cheryl Tyson Kennedy Robert Lee Kent, Jr. Miriam Harker Kenyon Edward R. Kirchgessner Barbara Ann Koontz Norman Richard Lacerte Curtis Elias Lane, Jr. Marilyn Turner Lane Margaret Hubbard Lawton Leslie Jamison Lee Joan Marie Leo Walter P. Lineberry, Jr. Walker Eve Love, III Harmon Lee Loy, Jr. Frank Randolph Lyon, III Lloyd Douglas McDaniel Maureen Hagel McDaniel Thomas Michael McGee Bonnylyn Dare Mabe Robert Craig McCreary Ruby N. Maness David Ray Marion Dennis Edward Martin Joseph Edward Martin Rachel Sue Massey Bruce Edward Mattison Claude Lewis Maus Michael Lee Merritt Gale Franklin Miller Richard H. Mitchell Gary Wayne Morton Evelyn Lane Moseley Charles Freeman Neese Susan Peake Newcomb Michael Edwin Newsome Juanita Irene Newton Buster B. Nicks Robert Andrew Nielsen Roger Lewis Norman Gary Arthur Noubarian Joseph Lee Old Carolyn M. Overstreet Louis Latham Owens Bonnie Hensley Page Robert E. L. Peterson, Jr. Robert Franklin Pingley Deborah Bunting Pingley Bernard Joseph Price John Forrest Pulley Judge Ruffin Quails Chester Keith Rawls Sandra Kay Ray Susan Lynn Reider Franklin Whitaker Ricks Beverly Rickett Edna Jane Rinker Robert Francis Rinker Bobby Odell Roach Ronald Lionel Roberts Alvis Lee Robertson John Stephen Romano Donald M. Ross, Jr. Betty Jane Rountree David Walsh Rudder Frederick T. Scott, Jr. Billy Fenton Seate Dover Caudle Sharpe James Gregg Sigmon Joseph Sigler Gary Brian Simpson Harold Lee Smith James Gray Smith Richard Blaine Smith Walter H. Smith, Jr. David Andrew Spicer Robert Watson Stevens William Stuart Stone Dean Jay Thompson Gary Wayne Thrift Mary Katherine Turner Larry Warner Utz Richard George Veno Robert Hill Venner Bonnie Eileen Walker William Wallace, Jr. John Barbee Walton Richard Martin Watkins Robert Wayne Weston Harold Dean Wheeler Richard Alan White, Jr. Vickie Lee White Alan Wilkinson Maurice Michael Wilson Harold Glenn Winters William Moorman Wooding Betty Anderson Woodard Jerry Ornette Younger THE JUNIOR CLASS Class Officers: Gene Pointer, Vice President; Kathy Lawson, Secretary-Treasurer; Bill Dressell, President. James Alexander Charlotte, N. C. Thomas Andrews Suffolk, Va. Diane Ayers Graham, N. C. Vernon Barber Arlington, Va. Rodney Bayliff Haw River, N. C. Richard Beck Clemmons, N. C. Jimmy Beckett Bluefield, W. Va. Sue Boyer Lutherville, Md. Mary Lou Bullock Rocky Mount, N. C. Janis Bump Severna Park, Md. Dawn Bunting Selbyville. Del. Ann Burnette Keeling, Va. David Cansler Wilmington, Del Mike Cardelino Suffolk. Va. Carole Carlson Alexandria, Va. Robert Chambers Rice, Va. Barry Cheatham Virginia Beach, Va. Tommy Cole Burlington, N. C. Ronald Collins Elon College, N. C. James Compher Purcellville, Va. Phil Cook Concord, N. C. John Crosby Hampton, Va. Steve Croshaw Mt. Holly, N.J. Ron Crouch Martinsville, Va. Nancy Cummings Morristown, N. J. Charles Davis High Point, N. C. Jim Davis Stoneville, N. C. Louis DeMott Hewlett. N. Y. Alan DeRosa Jersey City, N. J. Lynda Dickenman Union ville, Conn. James Donohue Mantua, N. J. Sara Draper Martinsville, Va. (3 f» f M r- f f 5 A £ Q i ?4 C3t L J c 4 v Mm Bill Dressel Falls Church, Va. James Dunn Roxboro.N.C. Margy DuVall Bluefield, W. Va. Carl Dunker Asheboro, N. C. John Easley Chatham, Va. Pam Edwards Spring Hope, N. C. Elmer Eley Suffolk, Va. Rudolph Elicic Collingswood Hights, N. J. Carol Emmett Claymont, Del. Clara Ethridge Burlington, N. C. Craig Falk Falls Church, Va. David Farmer Farmville, Va. Greg Fowler Richmond, Va. Holly Freeze High Point, N. C. Terry Grady Burlington, N. C. Quintina Goodnight Burlington, N. C. Edward Gordon Browns Summit, N. Bill Haffey New Britain, Conn. Kathy Harper Sanford, N. C. Bob Harrison Greensboro, N. C. Patricia Hasie Annandale, Va. Wayne Hayes Winston-Salem, N. C. Donald Hazelette Elon College, N. C. Daniel Hedgpeth Fayetteville,N. C. Robbie Hicklin Burlington, N. C. Bill Mines Burlington, N. C. Steve Honeycutt Fairfax, Va. Mike Home Bessemer, N. C. Iris Hyde Wilmington, Del. John Ingle Graham, N. C. Lee Ingold Siler City, N. C. Don James Sanford, N. C. Connie Jennus Baltimore, Md. Marc Jones Farmville, Va. Walter Kale Matthews, N. C. Larry King Havelock, N. C. Sonny King Winston-Salem, N. Chris Kozakewich Hazelet, N.J. Bryant Lamkin Gretna, Va. Patty Lane Alexandria, Va. Jim Langston Bladensburg, Md. Faye Latham Winston-Salem, N. C. Joan Laws Gibsonville, N. C. Kathy Lawson Norristown, Pa. Pam Lay ton Raleigh, N. C. Janet Lee Laurinburg, N. C. Manning Lilienthal Chapel Hill, N. C. Thomas Lively Charlottesville, Va. f 5) II r ' !? wh. Susan Logan Wrentham, Mass. Janet Lynch Suffolk, Va. Dean McBrayer Mooreboro, N. C. Maxton McDowell Asheboro, N. C. John McGee Deer Park, N. Y. Mary Lou MacGillivray Vienna, Va. James Mann Farmville, Va. David Marshall Danville, Va. Lois Matheny Richmond, Va. Averill Mills Roanoke, Va. Mark Mills Kinston, N. C. Billy Moody Burlington, N. C. Gary Moon Snow Camp, N. C. David Moore Chatham, Va. Gary Morgan Front Royal, Va. Jeanette Moss Lynchburg, Va. Judy Myers Rockville, Md. Beth Nalley Charlottesville, Va. Hart Nelson Glastonbury, Conn. David Newsom Winston-Salem, N. C. Cheryl Nimmo Vienna, Va. Rex Nomeyko Washington, D. C. Donna Oliver Burlington, N. C. Diane Overby Reidsville, N. C. Barbara Page Elon College, N. C. John Park Larchmont, N. Y. Mike Park Boy don. Va. Johnnie Parker Mebane, N. C. James Parrish Greensboro, N. C. Larry Paschall Youngsville, N. C. Susan Pell Fayetteville, N. C. Fred Perkinson Parkersburg, W. Va. Henry Pittman Courtland. Va. Martha Pittard Oxford, N. C. Dean Plott Concord, N. C. Gene Pointer Newport News, Va. York Poole Chesapeake, Va. Dale Price Winston-Salem, N. C. Audrey Ray Hillsborough. N. C. Ricky Reich Lexington, N. C. Nancy Respess Scotland Neck, N. C. Jean Rhodes Burlington, N. C. Steve Ridings Front Royal. Va. Steve Ritchie McLeansville, N. C. Gayle Rogers Haw River, N. C. Myra Ross Reidsville, N. C. Suchado Saranakomana Bankok, Thailand Diane Saunders Greensboro, N. C. t r 7 v T r? ft i Bill Shaver Charlotte, N.C. Eric Shiffert Winston-Salem, N. C. Jeff Shumar Elon College, N.C. James Shute Roanoke, Va. Barry Simpson Wapping, Conn. Robert Small Suffolk, Va. Julia Smith Greensboro, N. C. Lala Smith Graham, N. C. Bill Smith Rawlings, Va. Jim Spell Roseboro,N.C. Carl Spragins Littleton, N.C. Anne Sprinkle Winston-Salem, N. C. Page Summerlin Goldsboro, N. C. Bejanee Supatanasinkasem Pitsanuloke, Thailand Juith Swanson Burlington, N. C. Laura Tegge Washington, D. C. Graham, N. C. David Tew Virginia Beach, Va. Yvonne Tharp Richmond, Va. Eddie Tysinger Asheboro, N. C. Alex Vardavas Danville, Va. Robert Voyles Thomasville, N. C. Bruce Washburn Burlington, N. C. Keith Wagner Lexington, N. C. Charlotte Welch Hampton, Va. Danny West Chesapeake, Va. Jon White Elon College, N. C. Tommy Whitesell Gibsonville.N.C. Eddie Williamson Thomasville, Va. Grady Willis Danville, Va. David Wood Statesville, N. C. Gwen Wood Longhurst, N. C. Debbie Wright Westfield, N. C. Leslie Young Pasadena, Md. Elizabeth Zimmerman Woodsdale, N. C. %! JUNIORS NOT PICTURED Robert Aaron George Anthony Beverly Anthony Larry Apple Robert Ashwell Scott Baily Kathy Bamford Richard Bevacqua Richard Beam Susan Bevacqua Tim Boone Michael Booth Robert Booth Robert Bowery Beverly Brendle Ann Briggs Thomas Briggs Beth Brinckerhoff Irvan Brown David Bryan Samuel Bugg Danny Bull is David Burchette Richard Carnal ier William Cameron Rebecca Carter Linda Cartledge Rhett Catoe John Cheek Janice Cheek Donald Chewning Mary Lou Clark Richard Clark Roberta Clark Henry Coffee Jeanette Compton James Correll Joab Cotten Harold Councilman Diane Crawley Louis Crittenden Cedric Davis Richard Davis Robert Davis Jimmie Deaton Edward Decker Laurel Denzer William Derr Jeffrey Deyong Charles Dillon Barry Dollar John Dollar David Downs Thomas Drumwright William Eason Dennis Everett Mervin Farrar Richard Farrell Michael Foster Elden Frazier Thomas Freeland Bonnie Freshwater Ramona Garcia Kerry Gilliland Elaine Gourley James Graham Phillip Gregory Chester Griffin Michael Haire Danny Hardie Janice Hardister Ann Hardy Gene Harrell Charles Harrington Thomas Hatley William Heinrich Grover Helsley Robert Henderson Cheryl Hicklin Kenneth Hinshaw Paul Holden Cindy Holloway Deborah Hon Clinton Horton William Hughes Charles Ivey Fred Jarman James Jenkins Chris Jewell Grant Johnson Paul Johnson Mark Jones Richard Jones Wayne Kanoy Hobson Keene Ann Kester Richard Kite Thomas Kivett Peter Kouchinsky Marianne Kraycirik Marlene Kunka Donald Ladd Patrice Lamar William Law Dwright Leadbetter Wayne Lenhart Janie Lindley Jerry Linens Roy Loflin Catherine Long Cindy Lutz Janet McAdams Gean McBane Donald McFerren Gail McPherson Sandra Martin Thomas Martin Janice Massey Rickey Matkins Steven Maynard Paul Meeker Tennie Melton Warren Mills Jeanne Moberly Donald Moody Stephen Neofotis Margaret O ' Brriant Lucille Oliver Thomas O ' Neil Ronnie Palmore James Parker James Payne Emma Pearce Katie Poole James Pritchett Hughes Rhodes Elliott Reynolds John Richardson Helen Rogers Mary Rutt Edith Sanders Hyman Sater Audrey Saunders Michael Schick Linda Schloss Robert Schloss Fred Scott Joe Seymour Suzanne Seymour Robin Shaw Barry Simmons Joseph Simpson Elizabeth Skipsey Nancy Slaughter Christopher Smith Dixon Smith Robert Smith Allen Soule Larry Spencer Kenneth Starnes Linda Stotmeister Beverly Swain Peter Tabel Bobbie Teague Robert Tibbs Dau Tran Gilbert Turner David Tyre James Wagner Brenda Walker Jerry Walker Chris Walsh Thomas Watlington David Weidner Gaileen Werner James Whitaker Richard Williamson Robert Windham Robert Wolfe Matthew Winstanley Russell Winstanley Ronald Wood Gary Wright Stephen Yost THE SOPHOMORE CLASS Julie Anderson Hillsborough, N. C Barry Baker Kernersville. N. C. Dave Baker Wantagh, N. Y. Wanda Baylor Burlington, N. C. Fred Beeson Thomasville, N. C. Pam Berry Elon College, N. C. Lynn Berryman Sanford, N. C. David Best Greensboro, N. C. Phil Blackmon Winston-Salem, N. C. Margaret Bolden Greensboro, N. C. Celeste Brady Ramseur, N. C. Gary Brown Burlington, N. C. John Bryant Winston-Salem, N. C. Jane Butner Winston-Salem, N. C. Judy Carpenter Raleigh, N. C. £3 r f£?| Thomas CatToll Greensboro, N. C. Bill Caviness Portsmouth, Va. Lisa Chapin Kansas City, Mo. Chips Chapman Burlington, N. C. Graham Cheek Elon College, N. C. Larry Childress Saxapahaw, N. C. Jennie Church High Point, N. C. Ed Coleman Boydton, Va. Tom Coleman Boydton, Va. Ray Conner Chesapeake, Va. Robert Conrad Winston-Salem, N. C. Al Covington Sanford, N. C. Connie Coward Warrenton, N. C. Scott Crane Newport News, Va. William Crocker Mayodan, N. C. Perry Crouch Jacksonville, N. C. William Crouse Winston-Salem, N. C. Kathy Croye Bluefield, W. Va. Donald Dalton Tucson, Ariz. Christopher Day Alexandria, Va. Carolyn Deluca Mayodan, N. C. Debbie Dennis Lewes, Del. Dale Denton Sunderland, Md. Jim Denton Virginia Beach, Va. Ed Dillabough Winston-Salem, N. C. Russ Dixon Portsmouth, Va. Bonnie Dorman Swansboro, N. C. Bill Earman Rockville, Md. Ben Edwards Eden, N. C. Ken Ellington Greensboro, N. C. Verla EUington Henderson, N. C. Dale Esber Virginia Beach. Va. Bill Etheridge Pitman, N. J. Charlotte Farrior Gibsonville, N. C. Steven Floyd Fairfax, Va. Ann Fields Burlington. N. C. Joyce Ford Travelers Rest. S. C. Vernie Francis Capron, Va. Tim Fowler Holland, Va. Linda Frank Wilmington, Del. Chris Ganzert Oxon Hill, Md. Phil Garner Denton, N. C. Randy Glass Greensboro, N. C. Jane Goodwyn Lottsburg. Va. Reece Gordon Pfafftown, N. C. William Griggs Portsmouth. Va. Betsy Hager Fieldale.Va. Carolyn Hairfield Cedar Bluff, Va. Terry Marker Marlton, N. J. Addison Hines Hampton, Va. Debbie Holley Chatham, Va. Larry Holt Graham, N. C. Richard Holt Scotch Plains, N. J. Gordon Hood Beaufort, N. C. James Hourigan Bridgeport, Conn. Pat Hough Madison, Conn. Debbie Jenkins Richmond, Va. Linda Jewer Cambridge, Mass. Hugh Jones Greensboro, N. C. Laurence Khoo Durham, N. C. I b I Jane Kiger Rural Hall, N. C. Archie King Winston-SaJem, N. C. Shay Kivett Greensboro, N. C. Stephen Lambruscati Roanoke, Va. Lyman Lamm Burlington, N. C. Edward Lang Sewell, N. J. Keith Langford Chase City, Va. Kathy Langston Henderson, N. C. Jim Lasater Sanford, N. C. Billie Leach Mount Airy, N. C. Janet Leonard Siler City, N. C. Carol Leone Leonia, N. J. Marcia Lutfy Greensboro, N. C. Deane Maness Seagrove, N. C. Larry McCauley Burlington, N. C. Ray McClure Norristown, Pa. William McCreedy Leonia, N. J. Linda McCrory Greensboro, N. C. Jane McCulley Abington, Pa. Sharon McKee Raleigh, N. C. Debbie Mackin Rosemont, Pa. Chris Maley Winston-Salem, N. C. Jeff Mantz Portsmouth, Va. Susan Manzie Stroudsburg, Pa. David Marshall Danville, Va. Glenda Mayo Goldsboro, N. C. Liz Miller Chatham, Va. Joseph Mize Durham, N. C. Marianne Moore Lewisburg, W. Va. Jim Morris Greensboro, N. C. Warren Mountcastle Providence Forge, Va. Loretta Mountcastle Providence Forge, Va. Bob Newsome Durham, N. C. Johnny Newsome Ahoskie, N. C. Gilbert Noll Front Royal, Va. Barbara O ' Brien Fayetteville, N. C. Cathy O ' Connor Fayetteville, N. C. Susan O ' Neil Wrentham, Mass. Gary Overfelt Roanoke, Va. Robert Padgett Burlington, N. C. Robert Palmer Montville, N. J. Roger Palmer Montville, N. J. David Patterson Burlington, N. C. Stephen Patterson Sanford, N. C. Faith Pease Essex FaUs, N. J. Stephanie Phifer Bessemer City, N. C. James Price Eden, N. C. Lynn Pound Charlotte, N. C. Ed Quinlivan Baldwin, N. Y. William Ransdell Durham, N. C. Jean Rascoe Mebane, N. C. Mary Lee Reynolds Burlington, N. C. Susan Robertson Chatham, Va. Susan Ross Gary, N. C. Earl Routten Hampton, Va. Mike Ruggles Newport News, Va. Carol Rumley Burlington, N. C. Debbie Russell Newport News, Va. Pat Russell Palm Beach, Fla. Roger Sampson Falls Church, Va. f P (5 f 11 Ifift r m m m a Susan Williams Lititz, Pa. Terry Williams Staley, N. C. Joyce Woods Hillsboro, N. C. Ed Wright Portsmouth, Va. Andrew Yancy Clarksville, Va. Alva Sanders Atlanta, Ga. Dale Saunders Wayne, Pa. Keith Schanz Haddon Heights, N. J. Ed Schucker Chesapeake, Va. Bill Schultz Morristown, N. J. Mary Sexton Edenton, N. C. Costandi Shah wan Amman, Jordan Anne Smillie Annandale, Va. Daniel Smith Thorofare, N. J. Francis Smith Bahama, N. C. Joel Smith Fayetteville, N. C. John Smith Hubert, N. C. Gray Stanfield Winston-Salem, N. C. Carolyn Stephenson Lexington, N. C. Kathy Streeter Hendersonville, N. C. Bobby Surry Newport News, Va. Darrell Terry Hurdle Mills, N. C. Paul Tew Siler City, N. C. Nancy Thaxton Creedmoor, N. C. Denny Throckmorton Hampden-Sydney, Va. Larry Trautwein Richwood, N. J. Donna Turnage Snow Hill, N. C. Faye Walton Richmond, Va. Barbara Welch Rougemont, N. C. Lora Wester Sanford, N. C. Dorson White Swansboro, N. C. Art Whitehill Eden, N. C. Donna Whitfield Stem, N. C. Lorraine Wilkinson Carson, Va. Brian Williams Raleigh, N. C. SOPHOMORES NOT PICTURED Paul Abernathy Cathy Albair Jasper Albright Phillip Amash Richard Amendola Robert Anderson Deborah Andrews Nicholas Angelone Brenda Ashe Ruth Barber David Barber Aletha Barnes Donna Beck Franklin Beck Charles Bell Tommy Blake Craig Bonebrake Connie Boswell Karen Bowery Ted Bradner Linda Boye Bessie Branch Charles Brantly Robert Branton Herbert Braun Brenda Brewer Christine Brewer Phillip Brewer Nell Brown James Browne Gregory Brown Thomas Bullard David Burke Joan Burkhardt Freddie Burnett Linda Butler James By rum Robert Cagle John Campbell Stev en Carroll Paul Caruso Carl Chesire Albert Church Sarah Clark Ranny Clubb Raegon Clutz Cara Cockman Virginia Coletrane Charles Collins William Compton Linda Cooper Susan Corbitt Reese Cover Connie Coward Elizabeth Cox Larry Cox Charles Cox Michael Crews Kenneth Crowder Junius Crumpler Margaret Cunningham Brad Curran Stephen Darnell Donald Day John Dempsey Cheryl Dennis Michael Dineen Michael Dorsey Daniel Douglas Steven Doucette Andrew Drinkwater Neil Eckard Diane Eberly Ervin Edwards William Ellenberg Julia Elliott Debra Eustace Robert Farmer Roger Farmer Charles Fishburne Deborah Fisk Alan Fitch James Foster Donna Foster Laurence Frank Bobbie Franklin Albert Freshwater Michael Futrell David Fuller Terry tjaddy Ellen Golbranson John Greene Stephen Griffin Saloman Haddad Donald Hall James Hall Myers Hambright Christopher Hanna Elizabeth Harmon Bascom Harrison Charles Haxton Sarah Haynes Suzanne Helsley Howard Helsley Franklin Hightower Gary Hill Ronald Holt Sharon Hoover Alan Horton Timothy Horton Susan Houston Ann Hughes Richard Hughes John Hurt Arlie Jackson Doretta Jackson Jennifer Jenkins Bruce Johnson Garry Johnson Thomas Johnson Hamilton Jones James Jones Daniel Justice Kevin Kavanaugh Bennett Keasler Earl Kelly Trent Kernodle Samuel Key Charles Kilby Sharon Kivett Dominic Lagana Larry Lankford Susan Land Ralph Lassen Nancy Lee Robert Lee William Lee William Leighton Stephen Leocha Mark Levine Leslie Lindsey Roger Littlejohn Stephen Locke Richard Loy Michael McDougal James McKee Bernice McPherson Frankie McPherson Virgil Manuel James Matherly Dudley Mattingly Teddy Melvin Linda Mensch John Meredith George Merritt George Moon Jerry Moore Ken Morgan Richard Mullett Jane Murphey Henry Murray George Myers Douglas Napier Luther Nash Michael Neal Danny Nichols Beverly Nute Bill Ogle Randall Oguin Peter Owens Timothy Parker John Parr Geoffrey Parsons David Peters Andrew Petrizio James Pollard Howard Pope Jackson Prentice Janice Preslar Stephen Ragsdale Teresa Ranney Elizabeth Rawls Charles Rembart Thomas Rembart Margaret Reynolds James Reynolds Ellen Rhodes Robert Richard Johnny Rice Larry Richardson Barbara Richmond Zelphia Riggsbee Jill Rivenbark Samuel Robinson Stephen Ross Gloria Royal Steven Rumley David Scango James Scotten AnnShawhan Diannes Shelton Joel Shelton James Sherwood Catherine Shoffner Edna Short Ronald Shurtz Dallas Smith Festus Solar Joseph Spigel Mary Spivey Charles Sproule Harry Stanley Gail Starns Vickie Stinnett Kenneth Strickler Rebecca Sturman John Sullivan Warren Swangin James Sykes Carol Talbert Eddie Taylor Ernest Teague Douglas Tennis Alan Thomas Donald Thompson Ross Tucker Susan Tyson Jeffrey Vaughn Kathryn Vaughn Sarah Venner Norwood Walker William Walls Jo Ann Ward Deborah Warren Kathie Watlington Mark Watson William Watts William Welborn William West Mary White Mark Wickline Yvonne Wilk ins Richard Wilkinson Patricia Williams Richard Williams Wayne Williamson Donna Wilson Rand Wilson Lamar Winstead Barry Wood Wah Sing Wong Bert Wooten THE FRESHMAN CLASS Class Officers: Mark Russell, President; MarceUa Walsh, Vice President; Susan Deloach, Secretary-Treasurer (Not Pictured). f. V i I ' mfo Dannie Adams Java, Va. Larry Anderson Halifax, Va. Mike Andreen Potomac. Md. Carolyn Armstrong Greensboro, N. C. Fred Ash worth Gibsonville, N. C. George Balchunas falls Church, Va. David Barber Arlington, Va. Debbie Barton Madison, lnd. Gail Bevan Bethpage, N. Y. Rexanne Bishop Walnut Cove, N. C. Charles Boswell Columbus, Ga. Robert Bray Suffolk, Va. Robbie Bridger Bladenboro, N. C. Starr Bright Durham, N. C. lid Brooks Danville, Va. Mike Brower Siler City, N. C. Chris Clapp Eure, N. C. Janis Clark Orange. Conn. Katherine Collins Bridgeville, Del. Steve Collins Eden, N. C. Susan Cook Tabor City, N. C. Debra Counts Fleetwood, Fa. Laurie Covell Winston-Salem, N. C. Diane Curtis Arlington, Va. Henry Cutchin Rocky Mount, N. C. Kathy Dallas Blucksburg, Va. John Danieley Raleigh, N. C. Nancy Darden Suffolk, Va. Susan Davies Suffolk, Va. Tom Dawson Greensboro, N. C. Suzanne Deloach Winston-Salem, N. Michele Diette Silver Spring, Md. Donald Dixon Nashville, N. C. Ed Ducker Greensboro, N. C. Debbie Duff Elkton, Va. Diane Dunker Asheboro, N. C. Kay Dunn Bear Creek, N. C. Jane Edwards Eden. N. C. Susan Eidson Will s.ik Glenn Ray Ellis Eden.N. C. James Ellis Siler City, N. C. Clay Elliot Walkertown, N. C. John Elmore Burlington, N. C. John Farthing Winston-Salem, N. Bob Faucette Euquay-Varina, N. Tom Fidler Ridgeway, Va. John Finch Newark, N. Y. Bryant Ford South Boston. Va. Carl Forsyth Roxboro, N. C. Janet Foster Graham, N. C. ) Q xft fr v $} f? (£ f? £»i frt ;- Mike Fox Roanoke, Va. Dennis Fullerton Wilmington, N. C. Jerry Gammon Elon College, N. C. Mary Frances Garman Henderson, N. C. Andrew Garner Durham, N. C. Maggie Gilbert Myrtle Beach, S. C. Robin Gilliland Sanford, N. C. Judy Gooden Richmond, Va. Dale Goodman Graham, N. C. Lynne Graham Suffolk, Va. Ed Griffin Rocky Mount, N. C. Barbara Gunther Manasquan, N. J. Sid Hall Raleigh, N. C. Tom Hall Greensboro, N. C. Robert Holland Franklin, Va. Billie Hammond Rocky Moun t, N. C. Mary Annie Harper Bridgeton, N. J. Roberta Harrington Elon College, N. C. Charles Harris Asheboro, N. C. Elisabeth Henry New York, N. Y. Richard Herring Roseboro, N. C. Frances Hicks Roxboro, N. C. Donna Hill Durham, N. C. Larry Hodges Richfield, N. C. Virginia Holeman Roxboro, N. C. Jerry Horrell Newport News, Va. Beth Howell Wayne, N. J. Brad Howell Suffolk, Va. Charles Hughes Ahoskie, N. C. Patricia Hughes Flushing, N. Y. Larry Hunter Burlington, N. C Randy Jackson Danville, Va. Steve Johnson Burlington, N. C Bob Jones Norfolk, Va. C. B. Jones Mebane, N. C. Hugh Jones Greensboro, N. C. Nancy Joyce Mayodan, N. C. Rita Joyce Madison. N. C. Tom Joyce Winston-Salem, N. C. David Joyner Hampton, Va. Robert Kendrick Brantford, Ontario, Canada Sam Kennedy Roanoke, Va. Charles Kincaid Suffolk, Va. Bonny King Laurel, Del. Melanie Kisseli Moberly , Mo. Daryl Knight Greensboro, N. C. Debbie Krausse Rockville, Md. Debbie Lamison Burlington, N. C. Beverly Lane Alexandria, Va. John Lassiter Suffolk, Va. Judy Lee Belmar, N. J. Terry Lee Windsor, Va. Annette Ling Martinsville, Va. Bonnie Lunsford Roxboro, N. C. Teresa Lynch Mebane, N. C. Robbyn Lyons Winston-Salem, N. C. Keith McAdams Graham, N. C. Ruth Anne McAllister Richardson, Tex. Joe McMasters Siler City, N. C. Frank McNutt Greensboro, N. C. Karen Madan Miami, Fla. Cythia Martin Liberty, N. C. Beth Massey Graham, N. C. Debbie Matze Roanoke, Va. Susan Merrill Baltimore, Md. Fred Midkiff Gretna, Va. Chris Miller Burlington, N. C. Susan Miller Bel Air, Md. Jo Minnis Graham, N. C. Ben Montgomery South Hill, Va. 01 » am C5 Michael Morgan Front Royal, Va. Wilhelminia Morgan Elon College, N. C. Connie Morris Sanford, N. C. Kathy Nelson Bluefield, W. Va. Gail Newcome Winchester, Va. Helen Newlin Snow Camp, N. C. Marilyn Newton Durham, N. C. Akapong Nitayanont Burlington, N. C. Virginia Norfleet Portsmouth, Va. John Northington South Hill, Va. Tom O ' Berry Colerain, N. C. Diane O ' Dell Salisbury, Md. Sam Ogburn Winston-Salem, N. C. Elbert Outlaw Windsor, N. C. Alan Parham Nathalie, Va. David Patella Winston-Salem, N. C. Laura Peed Durham, N. C. Wanda Peoples Greensboro, N. C. Donna Pleasants Greensboro, N. C. Rhonda Powell Durham, N. C. John Rascoe Windsor, N. C. Grace Reece McLeansville, N. C. Charles Revels Fuquay-Varina, N. C. Linda Reynolds Roanoke, Va. Jo Ann Rhodes Madison, N. C. William Ricks Liberty, N. C. Michael Rieley Hollywood, Fla. Sharon Robbins Annapolis, Md. Kathy Rogers Burlington, N. C. Phil Rose Carrsville, Va. Ray Saunders Halifax, Va. Charles Schroderbek Mebane, N. C. Kathryn Schultz Winston-Salem, N. C. Bob Scott Madison, N. C. Ralph Sears McLeansville, N. C. Richard Shelton Madison, N. C. Pam Shoemaker Asheboro, N. C. Aaron Shortt Hurt, Va. Louise Shroder Alexandria, Va. Billy Smith Kernersville, N. C. Dennis Smith Babylon, N. Y. Gary Smith Buriinjiton, N. C. Bracy Smith Holland, Va. Joseph Smith Sanford, N. C. Mark Smith Eden, N. C. Ray Smith Lumberton, N. C. Tom Sollinger Waverly, Va. Garry Spence Suffolk, Va. Lenny Stadler Reidsville, N. C. Roger Staley Richfield, N. C. Susan Steed Asheboro, N. C. Anne Stokes Salisbury, N. C. Lora Stone Seymore, Ind. William Swan Springfield, Pa. Geri Tarrant Ocean, N. J. Richard Taylor High Point, N. C. Carol Tegge Washington, D. C. Debbie Timberlake Timberlake, N. C. Melonie Todd Wapping, Conn. Amy Vaughari Elon College, N. C. William Venner Virginia Beach, Va. Danny Walker Burlington, N. C. Robert Wallace Huntington, W. Va. Robert Warren Goldsboro, N. C. Paula Weaver Durham, N. C. Terrell Webb Albemarle, N. C. Jack Webster Roanoke, Va. James Welfare Winston-Salem, N. C. Barry Williams Kranklinville, N. C. George Williams Chapel Hill, N. C. f f Q fa ?,$ vn Jerri Williams Beulaville, N. C. Susan Williams Florida Elizabeth WiUiford East Point, Ga. Catherine Wilson Lynchburg, Va. Kathy Wolfe Goldsboro, N Robert Wolfe Harrisonburg, Va. Sheila Wootten Laurel, Del. Billie Maria Wright West Caldwell, N. J Alicia Zablah San Salvador, C.A. Mike Zick Alexandria, Va. FRESHMEN NOT PICTURED Darrell Allen Robert Allen Joseph Ambrose Baynes Anderson Preston Andrews Sharon Apple Darrell Arrington Barbara Auman Michael Avery Rebecca Bailey William Baker Miller Basenight John Bates David Benjamin Charles Biesecker Donald Blackwell Susan Bley Donald Boaz David Bolton Edmond Borin John Boswell Linda Bowden Claude Brame Betty Brannock Catherine Brennan Donna Brewer Richard Bridgeman Claudia Britt Stanley Brooks Alison Brown Theresa Browning Michael Bunitsky Ronald Burgess Jerald Campbell Wanda Carroll James Chandler Ruffin Chandler Deborah Clark George Clark James Clendenin Deborah Cobb Robert Cockerman James Cockman Robert Coletrane James Collins Michael Cook Francis Council John Council Melody Covington George Cowan Terry Craig Mary Crigger Mark Crockett Neil Croshaw Kenneth Crotsley Richard Cumbie Suzanne Culverhouse Crawford Currin Jerry Daniel David Davis Deborah Davis John Davis Joanne Dean Anne Dechert Judith Deming Paul Dempsey Catherine Dewees Albert Dillon Jane Disharoon Elizabeth Dixe Walter Doss Taylor Downey Robert Draper William Dunn Patricia Edney John Elder Susan Estes Gary Everett Jennie Farmer Joseph Faulk Cheryl Fisher Ronald Florence William Flythe Chari Ford James Foust Edward Fowler Janet Frazier Anne Frissell Curtis Funkhouser Kenneth Fussell William Gallimore Gregory Gardy Stephen Garrett Garry Gibson Louis Gill Douglas Gilliam Emily Graham Christine Griffin Janice Griffin Barbara Grover Marcy Grubb Mary Hadley Robert Hagel Kathleen Haire Steve Hailey Ella Hamm Robert Harrell Rita Harrelson Paula Harrington Bruce Harris Timothy Harryman John Hawkinson Gregory Haynes Gregory Henley Robert Herlinger Gary Higginson Jean Holliday Joseph Holt Gary Hopkins Patricia Horn Douglas Hornsby Donna Hough Danny Howell Michael Hubbard Stephen Hudson Elaine Huey Don Hursey Dan Ingle Randle Ingle Wanda Inyo Id George Jackson Robert James John Jenkins Arnold Johnson Jackie Johnson Sandra Johnson Suzanne Johnson William Johnson Philip Johnston Frank Jolly Michael Jones Robert Jones Gail Kehoe Shaun Kelly William Kelsey Hilda Kernodle Richard Keziah Lawrence Kleeberg William Knight Mary Kostecki FRESHMEN NOT PICTURED Robert Krilish Jane Kraycirik Robert Lamar Michael Law Curtis Leary Robert Lebleu Wiley Leicester Kathy Leis Harry Lenkerd Jack Lewis Thomas Lewis Edward Livengood Brenda Love Darrell Lynn William McCarthy Kenneth McClamrock Reginald McClamrock David McGhee Sherry McGinnis Nancy McLean James McMillan Catherine McNeill Bobby Marley Johnnie Martin Kathryn Massey Virgil May Gary Meise Gary Meredith Dennis Merritt David Miller Elizabeth Mills William Moffitt Francis Montgomery Michael Morgan James Motley Elaine Mott James Murray Linda Murray David Naylor Polk Neal Jeanette Olson John Omoera Deborah Osborne Billy Page Robert Page Kim Parham Cecil Peck Steven Pegram Harold Pendergrass Carlos Pennington Aaron Peterson Bradford Pinney Sue Polk Janice Poore Eve Poythress Carol Quigley Gerald Rafal David Ragan William Reed Charles Reid Cantey Richardson Emily Rierson Roy Riggan Richard Riley Ellen Ring Lester Ritenour Lawrence Roberts Joseph Robertson Alan Rodrigues Margaret Rogers Mary Rook Samuel Rush Drucilla Russell Mark Russell Winifred Saunders David Savage John Sealy James Self Pamela Setzer Carol Shamel Diane Shamel Houston Sharpe Barbara Shevlin Karen Shirley Claudia Shoffner George Short Lorraine Showfety David Simpson Kathy Smith James Snow Charles Souder Thomas Stafford Caroly Stallings Brian Stanley James Staunton Sue Stephani William Stewart Felix Stinson James Stone Barry Sykes Michael Talbert Robert Tant Charles Taylor Edith Terry Barton Thigpen Linda Thomas Gene Thomas William Thomlinson Joseph Trent Jonathan Tross James Twisdale Robert Tyson Stanley Upchurch Gary Vadersen Rita Vetter Michael Wagoner Elizabeth Walker Marcel la Walsh Craig Ward Henry Watkins Donna Watson Donald Waugh Kenneth Weaver Joe Weisner Douglas Wenzel Cecil Whitlow Sandra Whitsett Ross Whitt Lynn Wilkinson James Williams Steven Williams Barbara Wilson Laurie Wilson Gary Winterheimer Carol Wood Charles Younger Robert Zezzo ELON COLLEGE BANK Office Leaksville Bank Trust Co. Elon College, N. C. a FREE CHECKING ACCOUNTS TO STUDENTS, FACULTY, AND STAFF CHRISTOPHERS Shirts Boots Cum-Park Plaza BOUTIQUE Flairs Belts K W Cafeteria Open Daily: 11:00-2:15,4:30-8:00 7 Days A Week HOLLY HILL MALL Congratulations to RICHARD McGEORGE first round draft choice of the Green Bay Packers Compliments of MANN ' S CONSUMER WHOLESALE CO. Have you thanked a green plant today? GOOD LUCK, CLASS OF 1971 Slater School and College Services wishes to thank the members of the graduating class of 1971 for their patronage - to say farewell, good luck, and good health. Your school ' s administration realizes that classroom performance often depends on planned nutrition. Through A.R.A. Slater, they have wisely invested in quality, prepared and served in friendly style. We hope that you have enjoyed Slater meals and service and that mealtime provided a pleasant social break in the day ' s busy routine. From all of us, good luck and good health in the years ahead! A.R.A. SLATER SCHOOL AND COLLEGE SERVICES Compliments of LYNCH OIL COMPANY CANNON SHOE STORE Cum— Park Plaza 227- 5326 Compliments of HOLLY HILL MEN ' S SHOP GLEN RAVEN FABRIC SHOP Glen Raven, N. C. 584-7781 Danville, Va. 792-2547 Raleigh, N. C. 832-0013 Burlington, N. C. 584-1115 Shop at Burlington ' s Number 1 Junior Shop! It ' s the store that has YOU in mind!!! WlA. ZaruL ZkL HUEY ' SBAR-B-Q HWY87 100 N. Burlington Serving: Bar-B-Q, Brunswick Stew, Seafoods, Chicken, Steaks For Take-Out, Catering or Banquet Service, Call 584-7211 BANTAM CHEF Glen Raven, N. C. Compliments of BURLINGTON COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY 825 South Main Street Burlington, N. C. 226-5578 Compliments of WACHOVIA BANK TRUST CO. 235 S. Main St. Burlington, N. C. ■ J A M ELON COLLEGE |¥W t vi m wKfi » ' " ' iiV A 69 I j y lBftiB -ft i fl 09 m iflmros m TEXTBOOKS SCHOOL SUPPLIES CARDS CAMPUS WEAR RECORDS PAPERBACKS SUNDRIES GIFT ITEMS SKI AND SPORT SUPPLIES Compliments of BOSTON CLEANERS Burlington, N. C. Compliments of BURLINGTON GLIDDEN PAINT CENTER " So so " is good, very good, very excellent good; and yet it is not; it is but so so. He that is giddy thinks the world turns round. Shakespeare BARBOUR DRUG COMPANY, INC. 2213 Edgewood Ave. Burlington, N. C. 584-8878 o 7H]5 Facility STUDEJVT ua OfVLY " 1 ' »1K s SENIOR INDEX nni9«f W; ANGLADA, ALEX B. English. National Education Association 4. AUSTIN, JENNIFER H. Music. Who ' s Who 3. Alpha Chi 3,4. M.T.N.A. 1,2,3,4. Baptist Student Union 1,2,3,4. Choir 1. Homecoming Sponsor 1. Shackley Piano Award. BASEL1CI, PETE A. Social Science. Tau Kappa Epsilon 2,3,4. Alpha Psi Omega 4. lntramurals 2.3. Elon Players 3,4. BASS, THOMAS L. JR. Business Administration. lota Tau Kappa 4. German Club 1,2. Track 2. Band 1. Entertainment 1. BLOM, ALBERT L. History. Senate 3,4. Homecoming Committee 2,3. Finance Committee Vice Chairman 3,4. Class Secretary-Treasurer 3.4. Kiwanis Club Secretary-Treasurer 3,4. Phi Psi Cli Class Editor 4. Spring Weekend Chairman 4. Orientation Committee 3. Board of Elections 3,4. Entertainment Committee 3,4. BLOSSER, KAREN S. - Physical Education. Phi Mu 3,4. Phi Psi Cli 4. Women ' s Athletic Association 3,4. P.E. Majors Club 3,4. BOHLEN, MICHAEL J. Business Administration. Football 1 . Track 1 . lntramurals 1 ,2,3,4. Proctor 2. BOTTOMS, KAY - Elementary Education. S.G.A. Treasurer 1. Sigma Sigma Sigma 4. Tyleration 1. Women ' s lnterdormitory Council Secretary 4. lntramurals 4. Orientation 4. BRIDGFORD, TODD C. Business Administration. Class Vice President 3. Student Affairs 4. Senate 2,3,4. Board of Elections 1,2,3. Food and Cafeteria Committee 1,2. Campus Affairs 2. Judicial Cha irman 3,4. S.A.M. 3,4. lntramurals 2. BULLARD, DAVID P. Biology. Day ' s End 1,2,3,4. Band 2. BUTCHER, CHRISTOPHER L. Political Science. Senate 4. Campus Development 4. Sigma Mu Sigma 2,3,4; Historian 3, Secretary 4. Orientation 4. Liberal Arts Forum 4. CALL1GAN, CHARLES P. Biology. Band 1,2,3,4. CANC1GL1A, LINDA - English Education. Graduation Requirements 4. Honor Court Alternate 4. CAVINESS, SUSAN - History. S.S.L. 1. Homecoming 1,2. Zeta Tau Alpha 1,2,3,4. Pi Gamma Mu 3,4. Intramruals 1,2,3,4. Women ' s Athletic Association 1,2. Homecoming Sponsor 2. Spring Weekend 1. CHALMERS, LINDA P. - Elementary Education. Women ' s lnterdormitory Council 4. Elon Singers 2. Publicity 2. COBB, ALFRED B. - Physical Education. Orientation 2,3. Pep 3. Religious Life 3. Kiwanis Club 3,4; Vice President 3; Lieutenant Governor 4. lntramurals 2,3,4. P.E. Majors Club 1. Publicity 1. COLE, JOHN C. - Social Science. Spring Weekend 3. Entertainment 2. Food and Cafeteria 2. COLCLOUGH, VICTORIA English. Pi Kappa Tau 2,3,4. Intramurals 2,3. Women ' s Athletic- Association 2,3. COMMERCE, MARYLIN J. - English. Alpha Chi 3,4. National Education Association 4. Homecoming Court 2. Lyceum 3,4. Student Affairs 4. Handbook 3. CONDON, GLENDA - English Education. Curriculum 4. Alpha Psi Omega 3,4; President 4. Women ' s lnterdormitory Council 4. Elon Players 2,3,4; Secretary 3; Vice President 4, Best Female Lead Elon Players 2,3. Homecoming Sponsor 3. COOKE, EDWARD E. - Accounting. Phi Beta Lambda 1. Men ' s lnterdormitory Council 2. Proctor 2. Choir 1,2,3,4. Food and Cafeteria 4. CUNNINGHAM, SARA L. - Physical Education. Women ' s Athletic Association 1,2,3,4. P.E. Majors Club 1,2,3,4. DAVIS, JAN L. - Biology, English. Honor Court 3. Elon Community 2. Pep Committee Chairman 2. Delegate U.N. Model Security Council 2. Contemporary Affairs 2,3. Phi Mu 1,2,3,4. Who ' s Who 4. Phi Psi Cli Associate Editor 4. Elon Colonnades Prose Editor 3. Liberal Arts Forum 2,3,4. Debate Club 1. Board of Elections 4. Orientation 3. Judicial Review 4. DAVIS, KATHY E. - English. Who ' s Who Committee Chairman 4. Phi Psi Cli 2,3; Co-Editor 3. Maroon and Gold 3. Intramurals 2,3. Chapel 3. Entertainment 2,3. DAVIS, LYNNE M. - Mathematics. Alpha Chi 4. DEHART, ALTA K. Social Science. Phi Mu 1,2,3,4; Secretary 2; Vice President 3; President 4. Women ' s lnterdormitory Council 2,3; Vice President 3. Intramurals 1,2,3,4. Homecoming Sponsor 2,4. DUNLAP, HARRISON C. - Biology. Alpha Chi 3,4. ESTES, WILLIAM E. - Chemistry. Alpha Chi 3,4. ESTES, WILLIAM G. - Business Administration. Golf 3,4. FOGLE, JAMES C. B. - Music. Homecoming 2. Alpha Chi 3,4. Music Teachers National Association 3,4. Choir 1,2,3. Band 2,3,4. Elon Quartet 3,4. Elon Singers 1,2,3. Lyceum 3. Madrigal Singers 3,4. Shackley Award in Music 2. FOLEY, JOSEPH P. - History Education. Public Affairs 4. Alpha Chi 3. Football 3,4. Baptist Student Union 4. Elon Quartet 1. Liberal Arts Forum 3. Ministerial Association 2. Chapel 2. Southern Historical Association 1. GIORDANO, JACK A. - Physical Education. Track 1. Intramurals 1,3,4. Wrestling 3,4. Entertainment 2,3,4. P.E. Majors Club 1,2,3; President 3. Ski Club 1,2. HALL, EMILY E. - Physical Education. Sigma Sigma Sigma 1,2,3,4; Vice President 3. Phi Psi Cli Greek Editor 3. Women ' s lnterdormitory Council 4. Intramurals 1,2,3,4. Choir 2. Women ' s Athletic Association 1,2,3,4; President 3. Homecoming Sponsor 2,3. Homecoming Court 4. Spring Weekend 2,3. P.E. Majors Club 1,2,3,4. HAMPTON, MARY A. - Social Science. Parent ' s Day Weekend Committee Chairman 4. Delta Upsilon Kappa Pledgemaster 3,4. Zeta Tau Alpha Membership Chairman 3,4. Marshal 4. Phi Psi Cli Greek Editor 4. Women ' s lnterdormitory Council 4. Inter Greek Council 3,4. Young Republicans 1. Orientation 4. HANSIS, JEFFREY L. - Philosophy. Honor Court Attorney General 4. Outstanding Professor Committee Chairman 3. Aide to S.G.A. President 3. Tau Kappa Epsilon 2,3,4. Marshal 3. Who ' s Who 4. Intramurals 3. Debate Club 2. Ministerial Association 2. Orientation 3. HARRELL, THOMAS W. JR. Business Administration. Sergeant-at-Arms Senate 3,4. Inter Club Council 1,2. Proctor 1,2. S.A.M. 3,4. Band 1,2. Orientation 3,4. Radio 3,4. Food and Cafeteria 4. HENING, ROBERT N. - History. Entertainment Committee Chairman 1,2.3,4. Radio 2. Veritas 2. Spanish Club 2. Elon Players 1,2,3. Outstanding Participation in S.G.A. Award 2. HERBIN, PATRICIA S. - History. Teacher Education 4. Religious Life 3,4. Orientation 4. Phi Mu 3,4; Pledge Master 4; Historian 3. Marshal 3. Who ' s Who 4. Alpha Chi 3,4; President 4. Intramurals 1,2,3,4. Women ' s Athletic Association 1,2,3,4. Board of Elections 2,3. Lyceum 3. Southern Historical Association 3,4. HOLDEN, STEPHEN W. Ill - History Kappa Psi Nu 1,2,3,4. Track 1. Intramurals 1,2,3,4. HUNDLEY, LINDA D. - Elementary Education. Phi Mu 1,2,3,4. Women ' s lnterdormitory Council 4. National Education Association 4. Intramurals 1,2,3,4. Women ' s Athletic Association 1,2,3,4. JAYMES, JOSEPH A. - Physical Education. Football 1. Baseball 1. Track 3,4. JOHNSON, PAUL L. - Business Administration. lota Tau Kappa 3,4; Treasurer 3,4. S.A.M. 4. Curriculum 4. B.O.B. Beau 4. JONES, ANNE B. Spanish. Elon Singers 2,3,4. Choir 2,3,4. JONES, JACKIE W. - Elementary Education. Alpha Chi 4. National Teachers Association 4. JONES, PATRICIA A. - History, Political Science. Curriculum 4. Honor Court 1,3. Phi Mu 2,3,4; Secretary 3. Marshal 3. Phi Psi Cli 3,4; Editor 4. Young Republicans 1,2. Intramurals 1,2,3,4. Liberal Arts Forum 4. Pan-Hellenic 3. Women ' s Athletic Association 2,3,4. Homecoming Sponsor 4. Board of Elections Committee Chairman 4. Entertainment 1. Student Affair s 4. Southern Historical Association 3,4. JORDAN, WILLIAM M. HI - Mathematics, Physics. Honor Court 2,3. Curriculum 4. Young Democrats 2,3. Intramurals 1,2. Debate Club 1,2. Board of Elections 2. Orientation 3. Judicial 3. Food and Cafeteria 1,2,3. KAUFMAN, DALE L. English. Alpha Psi Omega 3,4. Alpha Chi 4. Veritas 3. Elon Players 2,3,4; President 3; Best Actor 2,3. KERKOW, DONNA C. - Elementary Education. Alpha Chi 3,4. National Education Association 3,4. Band 1,2,3,4. LACERTE, NORMAN - Biology. Intramurals 2,3,4. Tau Kappa Epsilon 2,3,4. LANE, ROBERT R. History. Senate 2. Liberal Arts Forum 2,3,4. Orientation 2,3,4. Resolutions 3,4. Student Affairs 4. Class President 3; Vice President 4. Sigma Mu Sigma 1,2,3,4. Marshal 3. Who ' s Who 4. Intramurals 1,2,3,4. W.L. Monroe Award, Outstanding Senator. LOY, HARMON L. JR. - History Education. S.G.A. President 3,4; Vice President 3. Senate 1,2. Class President 2. Display 1. Float 2. Marshal 3,4. Who ' s Who 3,4. Alpha Chi 3,4. Maroon and Gold 3. Orientation 2,3. Food and Cafeteria 1,2. S.G.A. President Award 3. MCCONNELL, JOHN D. - Business Administration. Sigma Mu Sigma 2,3,4. Tennis 1. MCDAN1EL, DEBORAH L. History. Women ' s lnterdormitory Council 3,4. Southern Historical Association 3,4. MILLER. RODNEY - History. Board of Elections 2. Tau Kappa Epsilon 2,3,4; President 4. lntramurals 1,2,3,4. Liberal Arts Forum 2. MILTON. MELVIN L. English. Alpha Phi Omega 2,3,4. Radio 3. MORGAN, MARVIN L. - Religion, Philosophy. Senate 2,3. Religious Lite 1,2,3,4. Administrative Aide 3. Who ' s Who 4. Alpha Chi 3,4. Choir 1,2.3.4; Quartet 3,4; Elon Singers 1,2,3,4. Ministerial Association 1,2,3. Chapel 2. Judicial 2. S.N. Basenight Award 3. MULDOON, MICHAEL J. History. Maroon and Gold 3. Entertainment 3,4. NELSON, TALMADGE P. JR. Social Science. Alpha Phi Omega 3,4; Vice President 4. Radio 3. Curriculum 4. O ' BERRY, REGENA B. - Elementary Education. Phi Mu 1.2,3,4. Who ' s Who 4. lntramurals 1,2.3,4. Cheerleader 3,4; Captain 4. Women ' s Athletic Association 3,4. Homecoming Sponsor 1 ; Homecoming Queen 4. Spring Weekend 1,2. Athletic 4. Curriculum 4. OVERSTREET, CAROLYN M. English, French. Senate 3,4. Resolutions 3,4. Pi Gamma Mu 3,4. Phi Psi Cli 1. Maroon and Gold 1. Liberal Arts Forum 4. PARK, ELIZABETH T. Elementary Education. Alpha Chi 4. PERKINS, DONALD L. English. Homecoming 2,3,4. Spring Weekend 2,3. Pep 2. lntramurals 1.2.3. Choir 2,3,4. Band 2,3,4. Elon Quartet 2,3. Elon Singers 2,3,4. Board of Elections 4. Entertainment 2,3,4. Radio Committee Chairman 3. Talent and Homecoming Announcer 2,3,4. Homecoming Talent Show Third Prize 2. PHILLIPS, RUTH A. - Physical Education. lntramurals 1,2,3,4. Women ' s Athletic Association 1,2,3,4; Treasurer 2; Vice President 3; President 4. P.E. Majors Club 1,2,3; Secretary-Treasurer 3. POOLE, JAMES A. - Business Administration. Tau Kappa Epsilon 3,4. Phi Psi Cli 4. lntramurals 1,2,3,4. Homecoming 3. RICE, THERON J. JR. - Business Administration. Senate 1,2,4. Campus Affairs Committee Chairman 4. Sigma Mu Sigma 2,3,4; Treasurer 3; Vice President 4. Men ' s lnterdormitory Council Secretary 3. lntramurals 1,2,3,4. Spring Weekend 1,2,3; Chairman 3. Board of Elections 3. Publicity 3. Entertainment 2,3. S.G.A. Award 3. RICHARDSON, CHARLES E. JR. - Business Administration. lota Tau Kappa 3,4. lntramurals 2,3,4. RILEY, JOHN R. Social Science. Tau Kappa Epsilon 2,3,4. lntramurals 1,2,3,4. ROBERTS, RUSSELL M. - Physical Education. Football 1,2,3,4. Track 1. " E " Men ' s Club 1,3,4. P.E. Majors Club 1,2,3,4. ROTHWELL, MYRA English. Sigma Sigma Sigma 1,2,3. Phi Psi Cli 3. Women ' s lnter- dormitory Council 2,4; President 4. lntramurals 1,2,3. Choir 4. Pan-Hellenic Council 2,3. SAUNDERS, BRENDA K. - Business Education. Curriculum 4. Campus Encounter 3. Marshal 4. Alpha Chi 3.4. S.A.M. 3,4. Beta Chi Epsilon 1. Chapel 4. Dudley Ray Watson Scholarship 3. SHAHWAN, GEORGE Biology International Club President 4. SHAW, NELDA K. Music Education. Phi Mu 1,2,3,4. Chapel 1. lntramurals 1,2,3,4. Choir 1,2,3. Band 2. Elon Singers 1,2,3. Homecoming Sponsor 2.3. Spring Weekend 2. Orientation 2,3,4. Curriculum 4. M.T.N.A. 3,4. M.E.N.C. 3,4. Madrigal Singers 4. SLAUGHTER, ROGER W. Physical Education. S.G.A. President Advisor 3,4. lota Tau Kappa 1,2,3,4. Baseball 3. lntramurals 3. SMITH, HAROLD L. Physical Education. Football 2,3,4. Track 2,3,4. lntramurals 2,3,4. P.E. Majors Club 1,2.3,4. Sigma Phi Beta 3,4. SOURS, RICHARD I. JR. History. Marshal 3. Pi Gamma Mu 3,4. Alpha Chi 3,4. Southern Historical Association 4. SPENCE, PAMELA S. - Elementary Education. Homecoming 1,2,3. Spring Weekend 1,2,3. Class Secretary-Treasurer 1,2. Sigma Sigma Sigma 1,2,3,4; President 3. Marshal 3. Who ' s Who 3. Alpha Chi 3,4. Phi Psi Cli 3. Women ' s lnterdormitory Council 3. lntramurals 1,2,3. Pan-Hellenic Council 4. Homecoming Sponsor 4. STRICKLAND, CHARLES E. Ill Mathematics. Lyceum 3. STUART, MICKEY G. - Mathematics. Alpha Chi 3,4. Band 1,2,3,4. SWAIN, JOHN H. History. Senate 3. Kappa Psi Nu; Vice President 3,4. Zionists 2,3,4. lntramurals 1,2,4. Elon Players 1,2,3. THOMAS, JOHN L. History. Board of Elections 3. Curriculum 4. TOWE, DAVID J. -Mathematics. Alpha Chi 3,4; Treasurer 4. Band 1 ,2,3,4. TUCKER, LESTER P. History. Coffee House 3. Elon Singers 2,3,4. Board of Elections 3. Orientation 3. Entertainment 2,3. Food and Cafeteria 4. WEATHERLY, DONNA G. Home Economics. Beta Omicron Beta 4. Elon Singers 2,3,4. WHITE, W.TODD- English. Phi Psi Cli Art Editor. Elon Colonnades Art Editor 2,3,4. Campus Crier 2. Elon Players 2,3,4. WOOD, JANICE L. Elementary Education. Zeta Tau Alpha 1,3; President 4. Marshal 3. Spring Weekend 2. Pan-Hellenic Council 2. Orientation 3. Lyceum 2. WOOD, JERRY W. - Physical Education. Baseball 2,3,4. lntramurals 4. INDEX Abernethy. Susan 134 Abernethy, Paul 53 Adams, Dannie 165 Albair, Cathy 58,130 AUen, Donald 134 Alexander, Jim 149 Alston, Buster 83,103,134 Amash, Philip 47 Anderson, Julie 158 Anderson, Oscar 165 Andreen, Michael 165 Andrews, Thomas 93,149 Angelone, Nick 63,93 Anglada, Alex 134 Armstrong. Carolyn 165 Arrington, James 105 Arrington, Darrell 93 Ashworth, Pred 165 Austin, Jennifer 134 Ayers, Janet 149 Bailey, Raymond 79 Baker, David 54,158 Baker, Barry 85,93,158 Balchunas, George 165 Balderson, Tom 89 Barber, Dave 85,158 Barber, Vernon D. 53,149 Barber, Vernon H. 93,165 Barefoot, Larry 134 Barnes, Ellen 1 34 Barnett, Danny 134 Barton, Debbie 165 Bass, Thomas 134 Baselici, Peter 58,135 Boye.Sue 73 Bozeman, Lee 135 Bradshaw, Charles 63,92,135 Brady, Ann 45,75,77,158 Brantley, Charles 93 Bray, Robert 165 Brennan, Catherine 73 Brendle, Beverly 73 Brewer, Sandra 73 Bridger, Robert 165 Bridgeford, Todd 42,43,135 Briggs, Ann 71 Briggs, Tom 89 Bright, Starr 165 Brinckerhoff, Beth 45,73, 128,130 Brooks, Clarence 165 Brower, Mike 165 Brown, Alison 52 Brown, Gary 105,135 Brown, Gary 160 Brown, Ron 87,105,135 Bryant, John 54,159 Bugg, Samuel 87 Bunting, Dawn 150 Bullock, Mary Lou 150 Bump, Janis 150 Bunch, William 135 Bunitsky, Mike 130 Burchette, David 89 Burke, David 103 Burks, James 135 Burks, Cheryl 136 Burnett, Ann 150 Butcher, Chris 85,130,136 Butler, Wayne 136 Burner, Jane 159 Bley, Susan 52 Blosser, Susie 51,71,135 Boaz, Donald 93 Bohlen, John 135 Bolden, Margaret 158 Bond, William 43 Boswell, Connie 158 Boswell, William 61 Bottoms, Kay 45,73,135 Bowers, Carol 158 Bowery, Karen 73 Boyer, Susan 69,149 Bradner.Ted 158 Bayliff, Rodney 149 Baylor, Wanda 158 Beck, Gail 64 Beck, Richard 85.149 Beckett, James 149 Beeson, Fred 93,158 Beimler, Milton 135 Bennett, Richard 61 Bennett, Shelby 44,62 Berry, Pam 69,76,158 Berry, Patrick 99,135 Berry man, Charles 158 Bettis, AUen 135 Bevacqua, Susan 60 Best, David 158 Bevan, Gail 165 Biesecker, Charles 93 Bishop, Rexanne 51,52,165 Blackmon, Philip 158 Blake, Tommy 92,102 Blanchard, Cynthia 135 Blom, Albert 42,43,50, 134,135 CahilLMoir 62,136 Caldwell, Tom 136 CaUigan, Charles 54,1 36 Campbell, Jerald 53,105 Canciglia, Linda 136 Cannon, George 54 Cansler, David 150 Cardelino, Mike 150 Carelock, Clyde 136 Carlson, Carole 73,150 Carpenter, Judy 159 Carroll, Thomas 106,159 Carter, John 136 Caruso, Paul 87,102 Caviness, Randy 159 Caviness, Susan 61,75,136 Chalmers, Linda 45.1 36 Chambers, Robert 89,150 Chapin, Lisa 43,69,159 Chapman, Chips 79,159 Cheek, Caren 60,166 Cheatham, Barry 83,150 Childress, Larry 159 Cheek, Graham 159 Church, Virginia 159 Clapp, Chris 1 66 Clark, Janis 166 Cliborne, Melvin 87,150 Cobb, Buck 46,136 Coble, Mary 58 Cockman, Cara 52 Cockman, James 54 Coffelt, Cregg 166 Coker, Cynthia 54,69,136 Cole, John 136 Cole, Thomas 99,150 Coleman, Edward 159 Coleman, Thomas 159 Collins, Kate 42,166 Collins, James l 2 Collins, Ron 150 Collins, Steve 166 Commerce, Marilyn 136 Compiler. Jim 150,85 Condon, Glenda 45,58,137 Conner, Ray 159 Conrad. Robert 159 Cook, Phillip 102,150 Cook, Susan 50,60,166 Cooke, Ldward 53,137 Council, Frances 5 2 Counts, Bebbie 166 Covell, Laurie 166 Covington, Alonzo 63,93,159 Coward, Connie 71,159 Craig, Terry 92 Crane, Herman 103.159 Crawley, Vivian 73 Crigger, Terry 93 Crocker, Bill 54,159 Crosby, John 150 Croshaw, Steve 93,150 Crouch, Perry 54,159 Crouch, Perry 137,150 Crouse, William 159 Croye, Kathy 56,73,159 Crutchfield, Susan 50,166 Culp, William 137 Culverhouse, Suzanne 52 Curran, Brad 130 Curry, Donald 137 Cunningham. Lynne 64,137 Curtis, Diane 166 Cutchin, Henry 166 Dallas, Kathryn 166 Daniel, Gail 45,62,73, 77.137 Danieley, John 166 Darden, Nancy 166 Davies, Susan 166 Davis, Charles 43,45,89,150 Davis, Jan 43,48,71,128. 130.137 Davis, James 150 Davis, Robert 137 Dawson, John 166 Day, Chris 159 DeHart.De 71,137 DeLuca.Carolyn 42,56,73. 75,159 Deloach, Deborah 166 Demon, Louis 150 Dennis, Deborah 159 Denton, Dale 89.159 Denton, James 159 Derosa, Alan 150 Deyong, Barbara Dickerman, Lynda 65,69,150 Dietle, Michele 54,166 DiUabough, Edward 159 Dixon, Chester Dixon, Donald 93,166 Dixon, Robert 159 Dodson, Roland Donohue, James 150 Dorman, Bonnie 45,159 Draper, Sarah 52,58,150 Dressel. William 151 Drinkwater, Leroy Ducker, ldward 166 Duff, Deborah 51,166 Dunker, Barbara 166 Dunker, Carl 46 Dunlap, Harrison 137 Dunn, James 151 Dunn. Rosa 166 Duvall, Margy 73,112,119,151 Earman, William 159 Easley, John 151 Edwards, Jane 166 Edwards, Benjamin 160 Edwards, George Edwards, Pamela 1 5 1 Eidson, Susan 166 Eley, Elmer 79.151 Elicic, Rudolph 151 Ellington, Kenneth 54,160 Ellington, Verla 160 Elliott, Anne 166 Ellis, Glenn 93,166 Ellis, James 166 Elmore, Ernest 166 Emmett, Carol 54,64,75.151 Eppes, Benjamin 166 Esber, Dale 160 Estes, William 137 Estes, William E. 1 37 Ethridge, Clara 151 Ethridge, William 160 Evans, Douglas 43 Everett, Dennis 63,93,102 Falk, Craig 151 1 armer, David 151 Farrar, Kenneth l-arrell, Dorothy Farrior, Charlotte 69,160 Earthing, John 166 Faucette, Sallie Faucette, Robert 166 Faulk, Joseph 63,93 Festa, Catherine 137 1 idler, Thomas 166 Fields, Ann 160 Finch, John 130.166 Finley, Anne Eishburne, Charles 53 Floyd, Steven Fogle, James 54,137 Foley, Joseph 138 1 orbis. Brenda 71 Ford, Bryant 166 Ford, Joyce 52,160 Forsyth, Carl 167 Foster, Janet Fowler, Edward 92 Fowler, Gregory 83,106,121 Fowler, Timothy 89,160 Fox, Michael 167 Francis, Vernie 160 Fra nk, Linda 73,160 Eraser, Daniel Freeze, Hollingsworth 151 Eutrell, Michael 105 Fuller, David 54 FuUerton, Dennis 167 Fulton, Paul 138 Fussell, Kenneth 93 Caddy, Terry 93,151 Gammon, Jerry 167 Ganzert, Chris 160 Gardner, Helen Gamer. Philip 160 Garner, Andrew 167 Carman, Mary 167 Garrison, Doris 138 Gerlach, Diane 62,127.138 Gilbert, Dorothy 167 GiU, Louis 63,93 Gilliland, Robin 167 Gilliland, Kerry 83 Giordano, Jacques 138 Glass, Randy 160 Godfrey, Robert 105,138 Goins, John 93 Good, Larry 138 Gooden, Judith 167 Goodman, Dale 167 Goodnight, Quintina 151 Goodwyn, Jane 160 Goodman, David 93 Gordon, Edward 151 Gordon, Wallace 160 Gourley, Anne 58 Graham, Charlotte Graham, Camelia Graham, Lynne 51,167 Gray, Annie 138 Gray, Laurel 138 Greene, Ed 138 Greene, John 92 Gregory, Philip 87 Griffin, Stephen 54 Griffin, Edgar 167 Griggs, William 43,160 Groover, Barbara 54 Grose, Esther 62,138 Grubb, Marcy 51 Gunther, Barbara 167 Gurney, Nancy 45,138 Haddad, Nihad 47 Haffey, Wilton 44,53,54,151 Hager, Frances 52,160 Haire, Kathleen 52,54 Hairfield, Carolyn 73,160 Hall, Emily 45,64,73,1 13, 118,138 HaU, James 93,102,103 Hall, Sidney 167 Hall, Thomas 167 HaU, William 93 Hamlin, Trecia 138 Hammond, Billie 167 Hampton, Mary 45,49,75,138 Hansis, Jeff 89,125,138 Hargrave, Willie 139 Harker, Carolyn 102.160 Harper, Steven 139 Harper, Anna 151 Harper, Mary 51,55,167 Harrell, Wood 139 Harris, Janice 139 Harrington, Roberta 167 Harris. Charles 167 Harrison, Bascon 53 Harrison, Herndon 1 39 Harrison, Robert 151 Hasie, Patricia 52,151 Hayes, Howard 151 Hazelette, Donald 105,160 Hedrick, Thomas 139 Hcdgepeth, Danny 151 Helslcy, Susie 52,71 Helms, Steve 93 Helsley, Grover 92.102 Hcndrickson, James 81 Hening, Robert 139 Henry. Helen 167 Herbin, Patty 44,62,128,139 Herring, Richard 167 Hicklin, Robert 83,99.151 Hicks, Frances 167 Hill, Donna 167 Hill, Roland 1 39 Himes, Addison 54,160 Hines, Williams 99,1 52 Hinshaw, Floyd 53 Hinshaw, Ken 54 Hodges, Larry 54,167 Holden, West 83,1 39 Holeman, Kay 42,167 Holland, Robert 167 Holliday, Jean 60 Holley, Debbie 51,160 Hollovvay, Cindy 64,71 Holt, Larry 160 Holt, Richard 160 Hon, Debbie 45 Honeycutt, Steve 83,152 Hood, Gordon 160 Hooper, Jerrold 139 Home. Michael 152 Horrell, Jerry 103,167 Hough, Patricia 160 Hourigan, James 105.160 Howell. Beth 167 Howell, Brad 167 Hudgins, Peter 139 Hudson. Steve 54 Hughes, Charles 167 Hughes, Patricia 167 Hundley, Linda 45,71.139 Hutcherson, Steve 139 Hyde, Iris 152 Ingle, John 152 Ingold. Lee 89,152 Isley, Billy 54 Ivy, Clyde 89,139 Jackson, Arlie 58 Jacobs, Frank 140 James, Donald 152 James, Tim 140 Jaroz, Joseph 140 Jensen, Karen 140 Jenkins, John 53 Jenkins, Debbie 45,56,73,160 Jennus, Connie 64,65,118,152 Jemigan. Tom 92,102,1 26.140 Jewell, Chris 56,71,140 Jewer, Linda 5 2.160 Johnson, C athy 140 Johnson. Bruce 53 Johnson, Sandra 50 Johnson, Steve 167 Johnson, Paul 81,140 Johnson. Susan 140 Johnson, Thomas 83,106 Jones, Anne 52,140 Jones, Clay bourne 167 Jones, Hugh 161 — 5 — F Jones, Jackie 140 Jones. Marcus 152 Jones, Pat 48,71,130,140 Jones, Robert 167 Joyce, Thomas 168 Joyce, Rita 168 Joyce. Nancy 168 Joyner, David 168 Jordan, William 140 Kanoy, Wayne 53 Kaplan, Edward 103,140 Kale, Walter 152 Kaufman, Dale 58,59,140 Kearns, Becky 50,73.141 Keene, Hobson 83,152 Keim, Roger 141 Keegan, Patricia 141 Kelley, William 89,141 Kendrick, Robert 168 Kennedy, Sam 168 Kerkow, Donna 54,141 Key, Sam 92,99 Khoo, Lawrence 161 Kiger, Jane 56,1 16,1 17,161 King, Archie 161 Kincaid, Charles 168 King, Donny 50,168 King, Donald 141 King, Larry 63,83,93,152 Kissell, Melanie 54,168 Kivett, Vivian 60,168 Kivette, Shay 161 Knight, Daryl 168 Kozakewic h, Chris 152 Kraycirik, Marianne 60 Krausse, Debbie 168 Ihl Lacerte. Norman 89 Lagana, Dominic 102 Lamison, Debbie 168 Lamm, Lyman 161 Lamkin. Bryant 152 Lane, Robert 42,43,126,130, 134,141 Lane, Beverly 52,168 Lane, Patricia 152 Langston, Jim 152 Lansing, Suzannah 141 Lambruscati, Steve 161 Lang, Edward 161 Langford, Keith 161 Langston, Kathy 75, Lasater, Jim 85,161 Lassen, Ralph 93 Lassiter, John 168 Lawernce, Willi; Latham, Faye 152 Lawson, Kathy 42,73,77,152 Lawson, Jerry 141,85 Lawton, Mike 63,92 Laws, Joan 152 Layton, Pam 71,152 Leach, Billie Jean 161 Leadbetter, Dwight 106 Leary, Curtis 63,92 Lee, Janet 71,112,119,152 Lee, Judy 168 Lee, Terry 168 LeGrande, Wayne 141 Lenhart, Wayne 87 Lenkerd, Harry 83 Leocha, Steve 130 Leonard, Janet 161 141 Leone, Carol 75,161 Levine, Mark 54 Lewis, Jack 54 Lewis, Tjomas 54 Lilienthal, Manning 152 Lindsey, Leslie 93 Ling, Annette 168 Lively, Thomas 152 Locke, Steve 81 Lockwood, Joann 45,73,141 Logan, Susan 52,58,152 Lowther, John 141 Loy, Lee 42,62,128 Lunsford, Bonnie 168.32 Lutfy, Marcia 161 Lynch, Janet 153 Lynch, Terry 168 Lye, Jackie 45,58,141 Lynn, Darrell 54 Lyon, Frank 130 Lyons, Robbyn 168 McAdams, Keith 168 McAllister, Ruth 65 McBrayer, Dean 42,89,127,153 McCauley, Larry 161 McCulley, Jane 161 McCrory, Linda 71,161 McCreedy. William 161 McClure, Raymond 89,161 McConnell.John 141 McDaniel, Pete 63,93 McDaniel, Debbie 45,142 McDougal, Mike 107 McDowell, Curtis 15 3 McFerren, Donald 92,102 McGee, John 153 Mclnnis. Clanton 81,142 McKee, Sharon 161 McKee, Patsy 142 McMasters, Joe 168 McNutt, Frank 168 MacCreary, Craig 44,125 MacGillivray, Mary Lou 49, 153 Mackin, Debbie 56,73,161 Madan, Karen 52,168 Maley, Chris 161 Maness, Dale 142 Mann, James 153 Mantz, Jeff 161 Manzie. Susan 161 Marion, David 43,130 Martin, Cythia E. 60 Mar tin, Johnnie 50 Matheny, Lois 42,43,69, 126,153 Matkins, Rickey 43 Mattingly, Dudley 105 Matze, Debbie 168 May, Virgil 63,93 Mayo, Glenda 161 Meeker, Paul 89 Meredith, Gary 93 Merrill, Susan 54,168 Midkiff, Fred 168 Miller, Elizabeth 161 Miller. James 142 MiUer, Susan 51,60,168 Minkovsky, Estella 47, 142 Mills, Averill 92,168 Mills, Mark 153 Milton, Melvin 79.142 Minnis, Joseph 168 Mize.Joe 161 Montgomery, Ben 168 Moody, William 153 Moon, Gary 153 Moore, David 153 Moore, Marianne 71.161 Moran, Gary 168 Morgan, Gary 153 Morgan, Marvin 43,53,62, 127,142 Morgan, Mike 93 Morgan, Ken 93 Morgan, Wilhelminia 52,60 Morris, Connie 168 Morris, Jim 81,105,153 Moss, Jeanette 153 Mountcastle, George 161 Mountcastle, Loretta 162 Muldon, Mike 142 Murray, Linda 60 Myers, Judy 49,73,153 Nalley. Beth 45,48.75,153 Neal, Latimer 142 Nelson, Hart 153 Nelson. Kathy 51,168 Nelson, Talmadge 79,142 Newcome, Gretchin 5 1 ,1 69 Newlin. Helen 169 Newsom, David 153 Newsome, John 162 Newsome, Johnny 162 Newton, Juanita 71,77 Newton, Marilyn 169 Nimmo, Cheryl 153 Noll, Gilbert 162 Nomeyko, Rex 89,153 Norfleet, Virginia 42,60.169 Northington, John 169 Oakes, George 81,105 O ' Berry.Gena 43,56,64,71.77, 110,111,125,142 O ' Berry Tom 99,169 O ' Briant, Margaret 52 O ' Brien. Barbara 65.162 O ' Connor, Cathy 42.43,162 O ' Dell, Diane 169 Ogburn, Sam 169 Ogle, Bill 42,54,130 Old, Joseph 85 Oliver, Donna 153 O ' Neil, Susan 162 Outlaw, Elbert 99,169 Overby, Diane 153 Overton, Mike 142 Overstreet, Carolyn 1 30 Overfelt, Gary 89,162. Padden, Ernest 142 Padgett, Robert 162 Page, Barbara 153 Palmer, Robert 162 Palmer, Roger 162 Palmore. Ronnie 83 Parham, Ray 63,92,169 Park, Mike 53,154 Park, John 53.54,154 Park, Elizabeth 142 Parker, Johnnie 154 Parr. John 107 Parrish, Jim 154 PaschaU. Larry 99,154 Paseler, John 93,102,143 Patella, David 169 Patterson, David 85,162 Patterson, Robert 143 Patterson, Steve 162 Paulos, Karen 71,76,143 Pearce, Melvin 83,99.107,143 Pease, Faith 47.162 Peebles, Henry 81,143 Peed, Laura 169 Pell, Susan 43,45,54,62,69, 125,154 Peoples, Wanda 60,169 Perkins, Donald 53,143 Perkinson, Fred 81.154 Perry, Harold 143 Perry, Jackie 143 Petrie.Mike 87,143 Phifer, Stephanie 71,162 Phillips, Marvin 143 Phillips, Ruth Ann 143 Pittard, Martha 154 Pittman, Henry 154.85 Pleaseants, Donna 169 Plott, Claude 63,83,93, 154 Pollack, Patricia 69,143 Pollack, Jim 48 Pointer, Gene 42,154 Poole, Jim 89,143 Poole, York 43,44,89,1 54 Poore, Janice 55 Pope, Howard 63,92 Pound, Martha 60 Powell. Rhonda 52,169 Prentice, Jack 83 Price, Dale 71,154 Price, Linda 143 Price, James 162 Prillaman, Robert 169 Pulley, Forrest I Quigley, Carole 50 Quinlivan. Edward 89.103,162 Raines, Larry 92,102,143 Ragsdale. Steven 81 Rascoe. Jean 162 Rawls, Keith 81 Ray, Audrey 52,154 Reavis, Alice 144 Reece. Grace 60.169 Register, Lee 144 Reich, Ricky 154 Reider, Susan 56,75 Respess, Nancy 154 Revels. Charles 169 Reynolds, Linda 76.169 Rhodes, Alice 52,154 Rhodes, Jo Ann 169 Reynolds, Elliott 54 Rice. Theron 42,43,85,144 Ridings, Steven 154 Reynolds, Carl 58 Reynolds, Mary 52 Richardson, Charles 81,144 Richardson, Jerry 144 Richardson, John 63,93,154 Ricks, William Rieley, Michael 169 Riley, John 89,144 Rinker, Robert 106 Ritchie. Steve 154 Robbins, Sharon 169 Roberts, Russell 63,92,144 Robertson, Susan 73 Robey, William 144 Robinson, Sandy Rogers, Gayle 154 Rogers, Helen 55 Rogers, Kathy 169 Romano, John 93 Ross, Myra 71,154 Rose, Shirley 144 Ross, Stephen 99 Rothwell, Myra 45,144 Rose, Danny 144 Ross, Susan 152 Royal. Gloria 73 Rountree, Jane 71 Routten, Earl 162 Rudd, James 144 Rumley, Steven 92 Rumley, Carol 162 Ruggles, Michael 162 Rudder, David 93,102 Rush, Sam uel 63,93 Russell, Constance 144 Russell, Mark 42 Russell, Patricia 42,44, 73,162 Salley, Donna 144 Sanders. Edith 75 Saranakomana, Suchada 47,154 Saunders, Dale 107,162 Saunders. Audrey 154 Saunders, Brenda 62,144 Saunders, Clifton 169 Schanz, Keith 162 Schoderbek, Charles 99,169 Schucker, James 162 Schultz, William 105,162 Scott, Robert 169 Scotten, James 89 Sears, Ralph 169 Sexton, Mary 52.55,71 Shahwan, George 47,145 Sharp, Nancy 145 Shaver, William 58.154 Shahwan, Costandi 47,162 Shawhan, Ann 58,130 Shaw, Curtis 145 Shaw, Nelda 71,145 Shelton, Joel 81 Shiffert, Eric 155 Shoemaker, Pamela 52,169 Shute, James 155 Shortt, Aaron 169 Shreve, William 145 Short, Edna 56 Shroder, Louise 169 Shumar, Jeffrey 155 Sigmon, James 87 Siler, Annie 145 Sigler, Joseph 46 Simmons, Barry 54.155 Simmons, Rodney 145 Simpson, Barry 53,155 Simpson, Joseph 83,105 Sinclair, Claryce 145 Slaughter, Roger 145 Small, Robert 89,155 Smillie, Anne 163 Smith, Billiy 169 Smith, Chris 89 Smith, Dallas 53,54 Smith, Daniel 163 Smith, Dennis 169 Smith, Francis 42,43,53,163 Smith, Gary 155,169 Smith, Gordon 169 Smith, Harold 87,93,102 Smith, John 42.43,45,49, 89,162 Smith, Joseph 169 Smith, Joel 163 Smith, Julia 55,155 Smith. Lala 155 Smith. Mark 169 Smith. Philip 145 Smith, Richard 105 Smith, Tyrone 169 Smith, William 155 Snyder, Robert 54,79,145 Snow, James 93 Snodgrass, Ellen 145 Sours, Richard 61,145 Spell, James 155 Spence, Garry 170 Spence, Larry 1 70 Spence, Pam 73,145 Spigel, Joseph 54 Spindle, Paulette 58,145 Spragins, Carl 87,155 Sprinkle. Anne 56,71.113.155 Stadler, Leonard 170 Staley, Roger 54,170 Staley, William 146 Stanfield, Elbert 163 Starns, Gail 45 Steed, Susan 51.170 Stephenson, Carolyn 73,163 Stevens, Robert 93 Stewart, William 54 Stinnett, Vickie 71 Stokes, Anne 170 Stone, Lora 170 Streeter, Kathy 45,64,71,163 Strickler, Kenneth 92,103 Strickland, Charles 146 Stroud, Deborah 146 Stuart, Mickey 54,146 Stuckey, Randal 146 Sullivan, John 81 Summerlin, Page 83.155 Supatanasinkasem. Benjanee 47, 155 Surry, James 163 Swan, William 170 Swain, John 83,146 Swanson, Judith 62.155 Tabel, Peter 87 Tarrant, Geralyn 170 Taylor, Eddie 92 Taylor, Richard 170 Teer, Ann 155 Tegge, Carol 52,170 Tegge, Laura 52,155 Terry, Darrell 163 Tew, David 155 Tew, Paul 53 Tharp, Yvonne 155 Thaxton, Clinton 146,163 Thomas, Jesse 146 Thomas, Linda 54 Thompson, Randy 89,146 Throckmorton. Denny 163 Thornhill, Janet 55,73,146 Thrift, Gary 93 Tibbs, Robert 42,43 Timberlake, Deborah 170 Todd, Melonie 50,170 Tomlinson, William 93 Towe, David 54,62,146 Tran, Dau 47 Trautwein, Larry 99 Tross, Andrew 53 Tucker, Ross 87 Tucker, Lester 53,163 Turnage, Donna 69,163 Twisdale, Jim 63,92 Tysinger, Ed 63,93,155 Utz, Larry 83 Vaughn, Amy 170 Vardavas, Alex 42,43,155 Venner, Sarah 75 Venner, William 170 Voyles, Robert 155 Wagner, Keith 155 Walker, Danny 53 Walker, Susan 146 Wallace, Robert 170 Walsh, Chris 130 Walsh, Marcella 42,50 Walton, Faye 163 Walton, John 107 Ward, Jerry 105.146 Warren, Johnny 147 Warren, Michael 147 Warren, Robert 170 Washburn, Bruce 155 Watkins, Richard 55 Watson, Donna 52 Watlington, Kathie 45 Watson, Al 58,147 Watson, Danny 63,92 Weatherly, Gale 52,69,147 Weaver, Paula 170 Webb, Wayne 170 Welch, Charlotte 65.75,156 Welfare, James 170 Wester, Lora 52,54,163 Webster, Jack 170 West, Danny 156 White, Jon 54,89,156 White, Joseph 89,163 White, Todd 49,58,147 Whitehill, Arthur 163 Whitfield, Donna 163 Whitesell, Tommy 156 Whitlow, Robert 93 Wickline, Mark 89 Wilkinson, Alan 58 Wilkinson, Loraine 51,64, 75,163 Williams, Barry 170 Williams, George 170 Williams, Marie 147 Williams, Jerrie 170 Williams, Paul 163 Williams, Richard 102 Williams, Susan 147 Williams, Susan J. 163 Williams, Terry 105 Williams, Susan L. 170 Williamson, Eddie 93,156 Williamson, Richard 93 Williford, Geneva 42,1 70 Wilson, Catherine 52,170 Wolfe, Robert 170 Wolfe. Mary 170 Wood, David 156 Wood, Janice 75,147 Wood, Nola 52,69,155 Woods, Brenda 163 Wootten, Sheila 5 2,170 Wright, Billie 52,170 Wright, Deborah 43,156 Wright, Edwin 54,163 Wright, Myrna 147 Yancey, Andrew 163 Young, Leslie 65,75,156 Younger, Jerry 102 Yount, Joanne 147 Zablah, Alicia 47,60 Zick, Michael 170 Zimmerman. Elizabeth 64.69,156 s W » " d The year of 1971 has brought many changes both good and bad. As we approach the end, we cannot help but reflect on the events and the people which made it what it was. The 1971 Phi Psi Cli is, in itself, an expression of these reflections. The knowl- edge, both academic and social which we have gained through our experiences here, will have endless value as we face new expe riences. Much time and effort have brought our col- lege years to a close. Hopefully all our efforts have readied us to meet the challenge of a changing world, with perhaps, better solutions to its problems. With these thoughts in mind, we leave Elon, anxious to add our own ex- pressions to the world. Expression is Elon 1971. Patricia Jones, Editor Phi Psi Cli 1971 III ' - ' ■ Bi ; Bl ■flfl ■ JKI1P HHHE1

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