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1970 phi psi Cl! elon college, nopth CAROlina QOQen olivep, editor OaRk BefORe dawn. one feels lost, apace fRom Reality, shadows- the only constant thing. and douBt haunts mind fades into daRkness seaRChes foR answeRs amidst Realms of unceRtamty. one foot steps out, hesitant, into the daRkness unsuRe of its QROund. against the Black comes the QRay. Off L ' rnits to I ale Callers s theRe is n wall, ooor But the vison is not yet cLcar fOOt WlthORMVS, deepeR in shadow and tRemBlinQ— comes fORth Anew AQAin the wall the ooor CR cks ReveaLinG, ousky Liqht foot moves foRw RO once moRe. f the fiRst few steps done, foot moves on yet fastec stiLl QAininq confidence as solid QRouno is felt douBt Begins to wavcr- m dAnqeR of usuRption. faint flickeRS QRAduAlly dispels daRkness suBtly, til foot finds light. -Mi ■ ! : g and a cle R path— fpee ano open waiting to Be tpavele6. each step puRtheRs illumination. undeRstAnoinQ qrows. contents contents conten ts contents contents contents ACADEMICS ACADEMICS ACADEMICS ACADEMICS ORGANIZATIONS ORGANIZATIONS ORGANIZATIONS ORGANIZATIONS ORGANIZATIONS ORGANIZATIONS GREEKS GREEKS GREEKS GREEKS GREEKS GREEKS SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS 36 66 90 FEATURES FEATURES FEATURES FEATURES FEATURES FEATURES CLASSES CLASSES CLASSES CLASSES CLASSES CLASSES INDEX INDEX INDEX INDEX INDEX INDEX COMMUNITY COMMUNITY COMMUNITY COMMUNITY COMMUNITY COMMUNITY CONCLUSION CONCLUSION CONCLUSION CONCLUSION CONCLUSION CONCLUSION CONCLUSION r.nium usinw 106 128 164 174 177 apteR the o Rkness, has come the Cuwn foot moves on to se« RCh out BRIQhteR Lights. and— confidence crows in Reflection of expeRience. academics academics academics academics academics academics academics academics academics academics academics academics academics academics academics academics academics academics academics academics academics academics academics academics academics academics academics academics ppesident james garL 6anieLey « C s C. Fletcher Moo Dean of the C Alfred S. Hassell Assistant to the President Theb Strum Dean of instruction Dean Percy W. Benton, Dean June M. Looney, Dean W. Jennings Berry William E. Butler, Jr., Business Mgr.; Rena I. Danieley, Financial Aid; C. Conway Bayliff, Jr., Campus Shop Mgr.; Worden J. Updyke, Jr., Technical Services; Carl A. Mulholland, Accountant; Larry B. McCauley, Physical Plant. Dr. A. L. Hook, Dean Emeritus Robert W. Gwaltney, Registrar C. Stanley Boone, Admissions Larry Barnes, Admissions W. Robert Wicker, Audio Visual Marilyn G. Spencer, News Bureau Daniel B. Euliss, Publications M. Tyrone Rowell, Alumni Relations Charles A. Hutcheson, Public Relations Academic Counselors: Benjamin F. Williams, Louis B Wilkins, Rachel B. Westmoreland. Robert C. Baxter, Development IILV Alfred W. Hurst, Campus Minister Librarians: Katie Wilson, Elanore Kittenger, Virginia Richardson, Mattie S. Lee, Ann J. Vickers, Oma U. Johnson. Theodore E. Perkins, Librarian Guy R. Lambert, Sr., Assoc. Librarian Secretaries: Jan McKee, Mary Edwards, Virginia Johnson, Donna Holt, Ruth Benton, Margy Lakey, Vicki Smith. Secretaries: Avril Core, Emma Lewis, Mary Thomas, Anne Marmorato, Peggy Roberts, Joyce Perry, Shir- ley Gorley, Bonae Johnson, Audrey Shumar. SYED M. HASAN Business and economics JANIE E. COUNCIL JOHN R. NASH, JR. DR. ROGER C.GRIMSON VINCENT J. P. LAMPHIER, JANIE C. EVANS mathematics E. FRANKLIN HARRIS PHILIP L. OWENS MARY H. DEASON enqlish Wmifc MICHAEL C. SMITH, L. ROBERT BLAND DR. ROBERT G. BLAKE. CHAIRMAN BETTY K. GEROW DR. MARY ELLEN PRIESTLY WILLIAM C. RAMSEY DR. ELEANOR W. MOFFETT RAY R.BOWIE HELEN H. EULISS BECKY J. HAYWARD JACK O.WHITE fine ARts A. SANDY MOFFETT yw.dt EDWARD L. PILKINGTON TERRELL W. COFFIELD, GENE A. FEATHERSTONE RUSSELL D. FRENCH fOReiqn ( UnquaGes 0 DR. KOSTAS V. CEPAS, DR. ALBERT B. GMINDER, CHR. EDWIN L.DANIEL RICHARD T. APPERSON DR. MARIA A. ESPINO 28 VOIGT F. MORGAN, RAGHAVENDRA RAO DR. PAUL H. CHEEK, CHAIRMAN natuRAl science LOUIS R. DRUMM DR. WILLIAM W.HORNER DR. S. E. GERARD PRIESTLEY SOCIAL sciences RUDOLF T.ZARZAR GEORGE W. TROXLER DR. CHARLES W. HARPER education DR. ARNOLD C. STRAUCH. CHAIRMAN JO W. WILLIAMS, LUCILLE C. STONE RACHEL B. WESTMORELAND home economics DR. BENJAMIN F. WILLIAMS Religion DR. JAMES H.OVERTON CLAYTON JOHNSON, DWIGHT D. BROWN, SHIRLEY S. WILSON, DONALD J. KELLY CHAIRMAN JERRY TOLLEY. JANIE D. BROWN physical education WILLIAM R. MILLER ORQanizations ORQanizations ORQanizations ORQanizations ORQanizations organizations ORQanizations ORQanizations ORQanizations opqanizations ORqanizations ORQanizations ORQanizations OR Qanizations ORQanizations ORQanizations ORQanizations ORQanizations ORQanizations ORQanizations ORQanizations ORQanizations ORQanizations ORQanizations ORQanizations ORQanizations ORQanizations ORQanizations « I 4 I ► MLLIAM COMNINAKI, Ves ' LEE LOY, Vice-president MORROW MILLER, Treasurer BepORe -t% " V l m mmlhWm 1 ] A LEE LOY , President CHUCK FIRMANI, Vice-president MORROW MILLER, Treasurer AfteR senate Bob Lane, Diana Kurnert, Woody Harrell, Lee Loy, Lee Farmer, John Paisley. 1. Gene Tyson, 2. Ursula Anulas, 3. Terry Harker, 4. Kathy Lawson, 5. Carolyn DeLuca, 6. Tom Short, 7. Beth Brinckerhoff, 8. John Swain, 9. Joel Smith, 10. Penny Wynne, 11. Robert Davis, 12. Chris Walsh, 13. Dean McBrayer, 14. John Paisley, 15. Sally O ' Neill 16. Woody Harrell, 17. Stephanie Foltz, 18. Chuck Firmani, 19. Bill Walker, 20. Todd Bridgeford, 21. Marvin Morgan, 22. Alex Vardavas, 23. Phil Johnson, 24. Mike Smith, 25. Gary Overfelt. committees Dave Dunker. Board of Elections: Dean McBrayer, Bill Haffey, Sheila Clenn denning, Ann Claybrook, Olivia Christian. Chairmen: Bob Lane, Frank Lyon, Marvin Morgan, Chuck Firmani, Todd Bridgford, John Paisley. Outstanding Professor: Ed Conner, Russell Winstanley, Ray Conner, Rick Burnell, Mark Shockley. honop COURt PETER FLEMING. Chief Justice DR. ROBERT BLAKE MRS. JANE BROWN DR. KOSTAS CEPAS DON KIRWIN CRAIG McCREARY MARK JORDAN, Attorney G women ' s inteR6oRmitoRy council I. Jane Crocker, 2. Juanita Newton, 3. Barbara White, 4. Marie Zirpoli, 5. Deborah Hon, 6. Bonnie Lane, 7. Linda Abney, President, 8. Karen Wilson, 9. Jean Perry, 10. Betty Anderson, II. Pam Sauvain, 12. Betty Rae Andrews, 13. Maureen Hagel, 14; De DeHart, 15. Cleo Perdue, 16. Adrienne Moen. 1. Linda Jewer, 2. Dave McDue, 3. Barbara O ' Brien, 4. Debbie Warren, 5. Faith Pease, 6. Dr. Maria Espino, 7. Tricia Wyatt, 8. Dale Wester, 9. Ronnie O ' Brien, 12. Charles Haxton, 13. John Parr, 14. Richard Blom. Spanish ClUB Spanish Club officers: Richard Blom, Linda Jewer, Dale Wester, Spanish Committee. Ronnie O ' Brien, President, Faith Pease, Treasurer. .eft to right: Mike Smith, Professor Ken Smith, Alan Bettis, Lee Farmer, Kay Saunders, Ronnie Sink, Todd Bridgeford, Charles Sanfilipo Lois latherny, Fred Perk.nson, Woody Harrell, Floyd Ingold, Linda Kandounas, Gary Morgan, Charles Wilson, Hamilton Jones Spencer Davis Kathy Pike aul Toro, Cindy Brinn, Steve Coffee, Professor Toney, Claude Maus, Ronnie Sink, John Paisley. society Por the advancement of management At an after-meeting reception S.A.M. officers, Saundra Steverson, Gaylene Boswell, Bill Winstead, Dean Reed, discuss business. colonnades LiteRaRy magazine like adams. editor laurent chanquion, art editor betsy brown, associate editor suzanne farrell, publicity editor lisa myers, poetry editor william ramsey, advisor jan davis, prose editor manley wellman, advisor nuRoon gold college newspapep LARRY SAGE, co-editor RICHARD YOUMANS KATHY DAVIS MARILYN SPENCER, advise Nancy Cummings, Randy Davis, Rev. Will Wooding, Marl Sthoclkly, Jim Gillespie, Bill Knight, Dale Kaufman, Waltei Kale, Sheila Clendenning, Randy Spencer, Ed Baker, Rennif Johnson. 1970 phi PSI Cll ROGER OLIVER EDITOR PAM SAUVAIN GREEKS KATHY DAVIS ASSOCIATE EDITOR EMILY HALL GREEKS BETTY ANDERSON ASSISTANT EDITOR JANE ROUNTREE ART BARBIE WHITE ASSISTANT EDITOR RUTH MAYFIELD COPY MELISSA COATES SPECAIL EDITOR LINDA ABNEY CLASSES CONNI RUSSELL ORGANIZATIONS JANE FUNDERBURK ASSISTANT TOM BALDERSON SPORTS JULIE BRIGGS ASSISTANT LOUIS BLOM SPORTS CHERYL NIMMO ASSISTANT MYRA ROTHWELL FEATURES MR. DAN EULISS ADVISOR NINA MARTIN FEATURES MISS MARILYN SPENCER COMPLAINTS PAMSAUVAIN . EMILY HALL w . LjL • KATHY DAVIS j j jj Jjl J» JJ J . J JJ U J .. j j.ju.ij j: -jj 1 1 i - 1 RUTHMAYFIELD MR. DAN EULISS alpha chi honoRARy scholastic society Ellen Barnes Belinda Black Bill Estes Jennifer Austin Anthony Hunt Ruth Mayfield Patricia Morris Alice Reavis Saundra Stevenson Treva Bookout David Abernathy Mary Thompson Peter Fleming Diane Gucker Linda Long Sally O ' Neil Cleo Perdue Janet Winstead Jerry Woodlief Jewel Adams Larry Dowen Emily Crocker Harrison Dunlap John Goodgame Nancy Gumey Kathleen Handrahan Karen Kuemmerlin Maryann McCrary Harold Morton Kenneth Neal Wanda Newlin Frieda Noah Carol Wilson Ann Woodahl Bernice Phillips Susan Abernathy Clyde Carelock Cynthia Coker Marilyn Commerce James Fogle Vicki Colough Patricia Herbir » Stephen Hutcherson Diana Kuhnert Lee Loy Carolyn Overstreet Linwood Register Conni Russell Brenda Saunders Richard Sours Mickey Stuart Elise Vernon David Lowe Ruth Woody Joanne Yount Diane Gerlach Advisors: Dean Moore Dean Strum Professor Cepas : i m . wm ■ . TIM BUTLER BELINDA BLACK SALLY O ' NEILL MRS. HOOPER DR. DELP LINDA LONG MARY THOMPSON DR. DURWOOD STOKES PROFESSOR RALPH ANDERSON MR. ROBERT BAXTER BLAIN KELLY PETE FLEMING MRS. HOLT PHILCATES PROFESSOR JAMES ELDER DAVID BOWDEN pi gamma mu social science honoR society Beta chi epsilon 1. Carol Nielsen, 2. Jean McKensie, 3. Kathy Tinnin, 4. Linda Cartlege, 5. Janice, 6. Ruth Woodie, 7. Mary Doyle, 8. Vicki Seddon, 9. Jane Funderburk, 10. Susan Tyson, 11. Debra Kiser. elon singers S. McCullock B. Simpson P. Tucker L. McCauly D. Smith D. Newsome P. Tew B. Surry J. Wright J. Austin 1. Hyde D. Saunders E. Barnes L. Jewer M. Sexton L. Boye K. Cole IM. Shaw D. Clendennen E. Cooke B. Sherman D. Chrisman J. Cotton L. Smith K. Croye D. Barber L. Tegge J. Dean B. Griggs D. Walther S. Draper S. Hailey D. Wester P. Edwards F. Hinshaw M. Kenyon C. Emmett M. Abernethy F. Pease C. Euliss R. Bonfin N. Reger J. Ford D. Dunker J. Rhodes T. Hasie C. Fishburn J. Riggan D. Jenkins J. Fogle A. Vuncannon A. Jones J. Gertcher K. Waltington L. Abney B. Haffey G. Weather G. Baird B. Harrison B. Welch S. Boyd B. Johnson L. Wilson J. Cockman J. Knott G. Wood M. Clayton K. Koyakewich T. Wyatt C. Dennis S. Logan J. Parks K. De Wee S. McKee M. Parks A. Fields M. Pope P. Sapp B. Hager J. Rascoe B. Shaver K. Howell M. Reynolds F. Smith quARtet The Elon College Quartet is composed of Jack Cotton, David Newsome, Floyd Hinshawand Jim Fogle. ANN SHAWHAN EVELYN MOSELY DAVE SCHUDDER LARRY SAGE CATHY ALBAIR JIM GILLESPIE JANET SYLVESTER ED BAKER AL WATSON STEVIE COWDEN DALE KAUFMAN BILL SHAVER DICEWYLLIE JEFF FIELDS GLENDA CONDON BILLSWARTZ JACQUELINE LYE GORDIE PAYNE alpha psi omega fcRAiTU honoRARy HE I vi V ,r «• A new touch added to the Elon College Band was the popular " Hippie Show. " nuRchinq Band Below: Janet Thomhill, Cleo Per- due, Kathy Blood, Richard Wat- kins, Adrienne Moen, Sandy Doffle- myer, Mary Sexton, Julie Smith. Alternates: Ann Sprinkle, Debbie Mackins, Kathy Lawson, Kathy Crory, Debbie Jenkins. cheeRleadeRS ENTHUSIASM SPIRIT CONFIDENCE LOYALTY VARSlty ClUB 1. Tom Caldwell, 2. Mike Overton. 3. Dewey Capps, 5. Chippy Gill, 6. Mel Pierce, 7. Clyde Tysinger, 8. Scott Bailey, 9. Eddie Williamson, 10. Steve Byrd, 11. Dean Plott. p.e. majoRs ' ClUB 1. Ruth Phillips, 2. Sandy Dofflemyer, 3. Judy Myers, 4., 5. Carol Emmett, 6., 7. Chippy Gill, 8. Gail Beck, 9. Dewey Capps, 10. Cindy Holloway, 11. Connie Seward, 12. Dianne Crawley, 13. Susie Blosser, 14. Lynne Cunningham, 15. Susan Reider, 16. Roger Norman, 17. Danny Barnett, 18. Emily Hall, 19. Margaret Martin, 20. Elizabeth Zimmerman, 21. Jack Girodono, 22. Kathy Lawson. women ' s athletic association Top to Bottom: Emily Hall, Connie Steward, Margaret Martin, Ruth Ann Phillips, Lynn Cunningham, Gena O ' Berry. % li m ttumns a Religious organization rylr X 13 1 1. Olivia Christian, 2. Dr. Ferris Reynolds, 3. Mary Rutt, 4. Ellen Barnes, 5. Carl Reynolds, 6. Bill Haffey, 7. Dave Dunker, 8. Larry Sage. QReeks QReeks QReeks QReeks QReeks QReeks QReeks QReeks QReeks QReeks QReeks QReeks QReeks QReeks QReeks QReeks v QReeks QReeks QReeks QReeks QReeks QReeks QReeks QReeks QReeks QReeks QReeks QReeks GReeks Beta omicRon Beta B. O. B. - Best of the Best! Trisha, when does your new book, " How to Mend a Broken Egg " , go f™ " really tape it back together? . . . B.O.B. ' s - Gaylene . . . Jane, an athletic president, a " Who ' s ws " What ' s What " . . . Talented Marga i ... her eye, as well as on her hand . . . L !. td. again, the Music Depart rer. Glover ... A GREAT pledge :. . . Pam, good relationship ... ■- June Bugs— Ruth and Linda—. — . Lois, what a great typist! . . . r you ' ve got . . . B.O.B. and I.T.K., they ' re the best down Elon Way! . . . C trouble communic beauty queen, you ...«. «,.. ...»« »« ..«...«= s " Who ' s Who " and so do i, Ed Peebles, ally fun . . . Elizabeth, our about Burger —but we re sure ir quiet pledge . . . Lynda D. .jlk. Talk, Tajk... J ing for you and apparently I ' s did you get those huge flo. back to Elon— we ' re glad of that, uyntnig. Homer let - irority ro ip of girls all true [ U W?S}) At left. Sisters gather for picture prior to the arrival of prospective pledges during fall rush. B.O.B ' s and I.T.K. ' s first place Homecoming float. tau zeta phi Tau Zeta Phi, a name that will soon fade from use, but never from the hearts of the girls who came under the influence of its bond. The girls worked hard, and soon will be members of the Tri-Sig gang. It takes special girls with special talents to claim that privilege . . . Pam and Sally made Who ' s Who, especially with those they ' re getting married to . . . Jenny proved that both lemons and Polaks can be sweet . . . Diane finally pinned her man, but will he ask her for her hand? . . . " Elbows " Moen marched back to Elon with a hometown honey . . . It ' s a bird. It ' s a plane. No! It ' s Heh! Handrahan, zipping her way to 8:00 classes! . . . June ' s grades are really coming up, ' owing ' to private tutor sessions . . . Nina cheered her way into the hearts of Sigma Mu . . . Carnegie Hall ' s not the only thing calling Susan to New York . . . Sandi got a new hat and hair-do, all in one week . . . Rumor has it Tommy Transparent got a Big Deal . . . Emily ' s a real holder of hearts, ask ITK . . . Myra doesn ' t need a trinket, she already has a real ' gem ' . . . Hop-a-long Brewer rides again . . . and again . . . Need a honest and frank talk? Try Janet . . . Conni proved being away a year is no crime, soon she ' ll be THE Law ' s son . . . But don ' t you like public apologies, Gail? . . . Brendle isn ' t walking to the beat of a different drumm, she ' s running from it! . . . Congratulations, Beth! You just won first prize in the Betty Crocker Biscuit Contest . . . Annie smiles daily now that there ' s Railey . . . Good Grief, Melissa, Why are you always calling for ' more ' ? . . . Hey, Dotti, What ' s this about Minnie Mouse being caught by Blue Devil? . . . Make sure you read the new best seller. Sea Hunt Revisited by Lawson and Crawley . . . Don ' t panic, that ' s not a mouse, just Margy . . . And Johnson, Why ' s your favorite story The Adventure edy Andy? . . . special girls who now make a toast to the memory of Tau Zeta . . . Love n ' marchons forever. O.K., Brewer... you keep their attention while I steal the food. , v, £ £ I Track star Crawley breaks training again. 1. Melissa Coates 2. Sandy Brewer 3. Kathy Lawson 4. Janice Deal 5. Beverly Brendle 6. Dianne Crawley 7. Sandi Newton Pam Sauvain 9. Gail Daniel 10. Sylvia Fowler 11. Cathy Johnson 12. Emily Hall 13. Ann Hardy 14. Beth Brinckerhoff 15. Conni Russell Diane Crawley Dotti Farrell Adrienne Moen Nina Martin Janet Thornhill June Evans Ginny Haller Sally O ' Neill kappA tail 1. Cleo Purdue 2. De DeHart 3. Ruth Mayfield 4. Joan Wilson 5. Sue Harder 6. Candy Williams 7. Betsy Browne 8. Jan Davis 9. Karen Paulas 10. Anne Sprinkle 11. Linda Hundley 12. Janet Lee 13. GenaO ' Berry 14. Linda Abney 15. Ursula Annulis 16. Sarah Kenyon 17. Susan Brown 18. Brenda Forbis 19. Vicki Coclocr — 20. NeldaShaw 21. Juanita Newton 22. Chris Jewell 23. Pam Layton 24. Susie Blosser 25. Pat Jones 26. Katie Patrick Oh we ' re the girls of Pi K T and sist..., Katie, Pi K T ' s and Elon ' s No. 1 girl. Joan has the new " 1 look. And, Ursula ' s on the " Rhoade " to happiness. Chris, our bundle of energy full of cheer . . . Carol does a " fine " job. Let DeHart put you in the driver ' s seat. Hope Sarah ' s new ring doesn ' t " chip. " O ' Berry won ' t tarry to marry Perry. Janet, our poet of " Luv. " Only Nelda ' s hairdresser knows for sure. Pat has her own " John " Juan! To Pam, Raleigh ' s a haven because Raleigh ' s a Vaden. Cleo, our Treasurer has come up " Short. " Someone has our Tinman ' s heart, isn ' t that right. Candy? Susie got a " bill " she didn ' t mind getting. And, Linda Hundley, you with your 39-21-46 . . . Jan quit catting around and got a ring from Tom. Yorktown makes Sue " harder " to keep in touch. Susan " Boom Boom " Cannon looks at married life as being " georgeous. " Our warden of Elon ' s misses, Linda Abney. Karen ' s always on Lover ' s " Lane. " Betsy, our most " gifted " sister. No one likes rain but everyone likes Sprinkle. Patty, the Pi K T Rice Krispee with snap, crackle, pop! And Juanita, a Rose is a Rose is a Rose . . . Got a sweet tooth— Baby Ruth? Brenda, who uses the bathroom as her laboratory! The smile that melts the hearts of many belongs to Vickie . . . O! The Kappa Tau bunch, is the truest and the best; and they keep things going and they never take a rest. They have one yell and they yell it altogether. And it goes like this " KAPPA TAU FOREVER " . I told you not to kill that dragon Delta Upsilon Kappa! Real womanhood, thoughtful and good — A year of much happiness and many accomplishments. Beginning our parade of DUK beauties is feature twirler-Sandy, who is also Sigma Phi Beta ' s sweetheart. Sandy has top " BILLING " in our book!! . . . DUK ' s Homecoming repre- mtative and second runner-up in the Spring Week-end Pageant, has a sparkle on her finger to match the sparkle in her eyes, right Janet? . . . Marie, who has several names in- cluding Mother Marie and Big Mama, will some day land a secret agent or is your real secret agent Bob! WOP!! . . . Janice, a fan- tastic sister, certainly has quite a way with RICKS! Also, snap-beans are Janice ' s favorite vegetable — Remember the banquet, Janice?! . . . Will you ever get your Jaguar in working condition, Mary Ann? — And by the ■ ' ay, how did John enjoy his royal Christmas Jft? . . . Decisions! Decisions! Decisions! Will it be the boy in the " Rally Car " or that certain guy at N. C. State, who will capture Charlotte ' s affections? . . . Guess who was the life of the party at Spring Banquet, remem- ber, Vickie? Did you happen to get soaked with a bucket of cold water? . . . Edit, our treasurer, keeps our money and Mike straight. She ' s known for suddenly developing car trouble for no reason at all! . . . Our per- former of great base solos during HELL - Leslie - can be found in her room almost anytime writing a letter to Bernie ... P.E., a great gal and a barrel of fun, is constantly shorting anybody for a " Hardee Huskee " and a " Coke " ! Keep that bottle handy, P.E.!! " Shut In Sue " commonly called " Cupcake " has been " shut in " this year due to radio connections. It seems that " D. K. " the " D. J. " is No. 1 on her top music survey. Isn ' t that so, " Cup " ??? Last, but most definitely not least, is our President, Betty Jo, for the second " straight " year. There was a " Spark " in B. J. ' s life, but then as the story goes, he had to go on the BIGGER and better things-his grandmother, right, B. J.?!!! ... Shall we ever stand as the epitome of true sisterhood-Forever!! Tom Sawyer strikes again m HHHH IH MMHHMMM 1. Marie Zirpoli 2. Carol Emmett 3. Betty Jo Eley 4. Janice Wood 5. Edith Sanders 6. Susan Caviness 7. Sandy Dofflemeyer 8. Mary Ann Hampton 9. Charlotte Welch 10. Leslie Young 11. Janet Hooper delta upsilon kappa sweet SANDY DOFFELMEYER SIGMA PHI BETA ANN WOODAHL ALPHA PHI OMEGA ponsoRS BONNIE MOORE KAPPA PSI NU sigma mu sigma Trial, trial!! And the hated cry rii through Neese House causing the sinister to emerge on Old ' s face until he realizes that trial is for him and as usual, he can ' t find the exit quick enough. Oh — troubles of our astronaut in training. Rumor has it that Beck finally got the training wheels off his Mercedes yet still is unable to drive safely in Greensboro, while Lawson on the otherhand can ' t keep his hands off his hot wheels— he says it ' s a real challenge. Corbiere, our little " eagle " , has had to switch to loafers as he can ' t figure out how to buckle his oxfords. McConnell, Lambda ' s " operator " — has his hands full working a full day from nine-a to nine-a. Butcher, or the " Hawk " , was put in charge of House duties and truthfully said he ' d keep his eye on it!! Henry " The Hobbit " , is seen frequen " ' his " great white way " while Pennington seen hardly at all. Hub, with tooth changed with " Snicke Ruthies " but still manages to be " fingers " most of the time. Rice, — hand, dropped his cookies at the beach and as a result got Sandy Newtons. Lane is still trying to control his mirth and now plans to ..-..— W-. .w. ...... . v. . f ..w. 3 „ ........ . .v- ............ Hemphill the proverbial " Old German " , can usually be seen at Club 1121 with Bells on his — ting a fer " favorite " Marianne My Marianne, and the typical worried look on his face. As usual the whole scene is sickening and subsequently makes " Scarecrow " barf. Gaskins, the Aux- iliary Hair of Sigma Mu plans to finally open up his Restaurant and hire Flash and Larrabee as " Head " waiter and " Pot " washer. Owen, the " Oh-Wa-Tash-Ee " , is given the slip, among other things at Charlotte yet still manages to keep abreast of the situation on the " Grass " at the Speedway! Milier is cited for service above and beyond the call of duty by the Red Cross for his quick " Bloodmobile " service. Dixon is up to his hips in it as usual, while Renny sees how many hops it takes to break a bed. Caviness, the Greensboro Cowboy, plans to pull the wool over all the eyes he can and put Deloach out of business. Kirwin, the " Bwana " , is clocked at 60 M.P.H. between Alamance and the Union by Pinky. Are you sure this will cure my toothache, Socrates? Is a crip the best you can do? 1. Jon Corbiere 11. Rex Woodall 2. Henry Pittman 12. Jerry Lawson 3. John McConnell 13. Phil Larabee 4. Bob Caviness 14. Bill Owen 5. Frank Jolley 15. Dan Hutchins 6. Terry Rice 16. Frank Lyon 7. Richard Beck 17. Gary Hemphill 8. Stuart Stone 18. Rick Dixon 9. Joe Old 19. Chuck Miller 10. Jim Gaskins 20. Chris Butcher LEADERSHIP . FRIENDSHIP SERVICE These are the guiding prin ciples of over 100,000 men in the m re than 400 chapters Alpha Phi Omega National Ser- vice Fraternity. Sigma Rho Chapter, here at Elon, is composed of r nen dedicated to give service to the Can pus, Commu- nity. Chapter, and Country 1. Steve Long 2. Gary Moon 3. Elmer Eley 4. Ray Bailey 5. BobSynder 6. Ted Nelson 7. Melvin Milton alpha phi omega A ■ t -- V »» S i 1. Bill Dressel 2. Tom Balderson, Hegamon 3. David Barchette, Hypaphytes 4. Rex Nomenko 5. Louis Blom, Crysophylus 6. Bob Small 7. Norman Lacerte, Epiprytanis 8. Jeff Mantz 9. Thorn Short, Grammateus 10. Bob Jones 11. Royall Spence 12. Bill Kelley 13. Bob Hudson 14. Jim Poole 15. Jim White 16. Tom Hobbs 17. York Poole 18. Don Tarkenton, Pylortes 19. John White 20. Rodney Miller 21. Katie Patrick, Sweetheart 22. Paul Meeker 23. Mark Wickline 24. Nelda Shaw, Sponsor 25. Chris Smith 26. Steve Nicolay 27. Marrow Miller 28. Jim Parr 29. Ed Baker, Prytanis 30. Pete Basel ici 31. Clyde Ivy 32. Rany Thompson 33. Roger Oliver, Historian tMi kappa epsilon Again this year, TKE proved itself No. 1 . . . at least our parties became well-known . . . Meaker the heartbreaker . . . would Baldy really get on his hands and knees for every girl? . . . Come blow your horn. White . . . Dean McBrayer, U.S.M.C Ivy fads back I eats another ball . . . Mama Nicolay tries to keep house . . . Jonesy moved again, but doesn ' t know where . . . Rex was our home- coming candidate . . . Here comes Oliver fall- ing down the stairs . . . Spence joined the hooked generation . . . Baker ' s relationship ' ; Intimate . . . Blom is the only Puerto Rican that can hide behind a sugar cane . . . Hinson drives a telephone car . . . Kelly can ' t remember homecoming— or should he? . . . Will you please do me a favor Mr. Hobbs? . . two kids Byrd anc move to Missouri II you please do me a Slick will name his first Diz . . . York wants to move to Missouri . . . Mantz joined the PW ' s . . . Rogers, how does it feel to get picked up in a cornfield . . . Wickline is con- stantly in York ' s bed . . . Small, the " pretty boy " . . . Hud, the TKE pharmacist . . . Squirt got a pacifier for Christmas . . . Thanks to Briggs we can have a barbecue without a grill . . . Smith won the G.P.A. . . . Tark be- came the new Perry Mason of Graham . . . Short is hooked now, but over a car . . . Schloss is still eating chocolate cookiezzz . . . Jim Poole didn ' t go anywhere Wednesday night . . . Thompson ' s got a big one . . . Mil- ler— " I die if you exercise me " . . . Burchette held communion but no one attended . . . Miller would rather camp than date ... I don ' t know what Parr got at the Drive-In, but 1 got a feeling I ' m gonna find out . . . Dressel was hired as the new librarian . . . Baselici was elected President of Sanitary District No. 2 . . . and TKE finished out another year . . . urn Food, Glorious Food! for needy families. TKE Says MILK GUtLPORl X f . T. ' - w r £1. ) 1 J 1 v s Vpk nr (Jy J rjk A ' jWw 2 s f V x n n r irJ , Greg Fowler 10. Mitch Avent 2. Wes Holder 11. Andy Morris 3. Sonny Keane 12. Mike Lankford 4. Mel Pearce 13. Larry King 5. Tim Butler 14. Dean Plott 6. John Swain 15. Gary Jenkins 7. Bob Berman 16. Page Summerlin 8. Tom Johnson 17. Larry Utz 9. Buster Alston kappa psi nu . . . " and the walls came tumbling own " . . . Kappa Psi Nu started out the year with only one strike against them— no house. And then came Homecoming— strike two! But every- then the question came— " To be, or not to be. Whether ' tis noble to bear the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, and take arms against a sea of troubles . . .? The brother decided it i, and so we see them no ing . . . waiting . . . waiting. " They never blow their Kappa Cool. y 0 q n f 1 ' V K %fh M- - fy L S1Q1TU phi seta Cox House is at it again! " Tibel " and Sic are in a close race for the Common Sense Award. Mike says Blake is a real " crab. " How long will Rat keep " Smilin? " Glad to see that Ricky got out of the dorm. Is Clark really a midget? Crazy Wade is still alive and kickin ' . Does Mensch really want to be a V.W. sales- man? Bruce ate too much " turkey " over Thanksgiving. Daddy Glenn is home to stay! Larry, Emily, Sue and Judy would m ' perfect foursome. Is Bob V. really a sc phrenic or does he just show his real self on the weekends; when he ' s not at the cabin. " Twiggy " Helms still owes Darryl a cl — white sheet, poes Hippy Joe really have a pair of bell-bottoms made out of a bedspread? Marty ' s hard luck never seems to end ... or is Margy only playing hard to get Chalk up another lavalier. Pete gave up " Fred the Rack Monster, " for Preparation H and a hot bath. Are Darryl and Connie really Siamese twins? Hughes had fun fixing hot dogs for Helms. All Kazi wants for Christmas is a new front tooth and a free trip to Hillsboro. " Duna " and Judy are only pen pals. During initiation Grady walked more on his knees than he did on his feet. Does sneaky Wayne have more fun with Shelby or Deborah? Smitty is hairy but Janice doesn ' t mind. Warren — How does it feel to rob the cradle? " Bull " has a different colored pair of shoes for each football game, but he ' doesn ' t get to wear them out There ' s much more that can be said about the brothers of Sigma Phi, but ! Sigma Phi bat sass again. 1. Roger Slaughter 2. Bill Bond 3. Craig Falk 4. Bill Lilley 5. Mike Spillane 6. Mac Mclnnis 7. Ed Peebles 8. Freddy Ferguson 9. Emily Hall, Sweetheart !Ot A tail kappa Well, we did it again, made it through another year without losing our charter . . . one of the deans is still blowing hot wind . . . but what ' s hot wind? The ITK ' s did do something this year— 1st place in the nice sunny homecoming parade, 2nd place in the goal post decorations which had so many entries, and a wonderful Christmas party for the orphans. As we cross the campus and come upon the nice fraternity house that the deans and administration have given us we find Mike Spilane packing his gags for the last time and getting ready to head for the island. Mac found another Nancy this year but is about to join the all time losers club with Bond. Big Rog has finally settled down for the third time and has given up his rose buds. Coffee has finally found his cream, and makes the parties a little nicer when she ' s there. We hope Vicky doesn ' t turn a corner fast or else we ' ll lose our hippy. " Big Dick " Lilley is still hanging loose ... say some- thing " Big Dick! " Dean Thompson finally pan- icked ... he got engaged. " The Vulture " (Peebles) is still swooping over to Bety ' s. By the way, wonder when Brady ' s chicken is going to lay an egg. Bond and his .357 have just finished gunning down the rest of the campus and has plans for declaring all out war ... on everything aod everybody. Santa Clause Chuck is planning on flying from now on since driving gets too hairy. If it wasn ' t for Craig ' s roommate, Craig might be able to get a date. Ray still hasn ' t learned to let his guest know when his parents are going to drop in, and Freddy finally got a date he could measure up to . . . how about it Terry? Nobody can seem to find Art on Monday nights ... he must be watching " It takes a thief. " Hey! Has anybody seen Fredricko? And last but not least, a CAT does have 9 lives. Above: The Losers Below: The Frat House ' «r i SpORtS SpORtS SpORtS SpORtS SpORtS SpORtS SpORtS SpORtS SpORtS SpORtS SpORtS SpORtS SpORtS SpORtS SpORtS SpORtS SpORtS SpORtS SpORtS SpORtS SpORtS SpORtS SpORtS SpORtS SpORtS SpORtS SpORtS SpORtS cnnntc CARoLinas conference champions The passing duo also shows how to run the ball. CONCORD CATAWBA 45 GUILFORD 7 WESTERN CAROLINA 17 APPALACHIAN PRESBYTERIAN 10 LENOIR RHYNE CARSON-NEWMAN 21 GARDNER-WEBB 7 r l £. Ul zSiZ ' r t fj iiif B L M ■V 1 - 1 J A r w% = Kl Left: Ail-American Richard McGeorge snags another one. Richard was later the first round draft choice of the Green Bay Packers. The Elon College football team led by tri-captains Richard McGeorge, Jim Waller, and Sanford Reveley, brought the Carolinas Conference football championship home this year on the strength of a 7-3 sea- son. The Fighting Christians, under the guidance of head coach and Athletic Director, Shirley " Red " Wilson, captured the title for the first time since 1964. The crown was gained as a result of a 5-0 conference record, climaxed by a rousing victory over annual title contender Lenoir-Rhyne, 29-0. Outstanding individuals included the record-setting passing duo of Jimmy Arrington and Richard McGeorge, and the kicking special- ist, Grover Helsley. McGeorge set records for the most touchdowns scored and the most touchdown passes caught; Arrington set records for best completion percentage and most touchdown passes thrown; Helsley completed the record shat- tering year by kicking the most field goals and the most extra points in a season. Congratulations to the coaches and the entire squad - it was truly a NUMBER ONE year. An answered prayer: another touchdown by Emory Moore. 96 BASketBAll ELON Western Carolina 86 ELON 77 Guilford 71 ELON 64 A T 72 ELON 91 High Point 78 ELON 74 Lenoir Rhyne 77 ELON 86 Atlantic Christian 81 ELON 103 Concord College 73 ELON 67 Pfeiffer 56 ELON 83 Lenoir Rhyne 78 ELON 117 Atlantic Christian 86 ELON 66 Catawba 67 ELON 73 Pfeiffer 61 ELON 59 Guilford 62 ELON 73 High Point 74 ELON 58 Campbell 75 ELON 67 Catawba 65 ELON 76 Presbyterian 64 ELON 81 Western Carolina 70 ELON 92 Newberry 77 ELON 79 Guilford 84 ELON 70 Pfeiffer 63 ELON 62 Western Carolina 61 ELON 59 Presbyterian 50 ELON 76 A T 74 ELON 74 Campbell 58 ELON 88 High Point 69 ELON 73 Newberry 72 ELON 61 Guilford 66 ELON 71 A T 72 ELON 77 UNC-Charlotte 71 The cagers of Elon College wound up a very successful season with a second-place Carolinas Conference finish as a result of a 21-9 record. The Christians, under the leadership of Coach Bill Miller and his assistant Twig Wiggins, began the season by winning the Thanksgiving Turkey Classic here on our home court. The round-ballers then proceeded to caputre the UNC-Wilmington Holiday Tournament in beginning a five-game winning streak. Tommy Cole, Tom McGee, and Noble Marshall then carried the team to a second place seeding in the Carolinas Conference Tournament in Winston-Salem. Here the Christians lost in the finals but gained a berth in the District 26 IMAIA District Tournament. The Fighting Christians put on a brilliant display in losing to A T State University of Greensboro and beating UNC-Char- lotte for a third place finish. Elon can be proud of their basketball team and look forward to next season, which will be marked by the return of All-Conference Tommy Cole and promising fresh- man center Larry Trautwein. ELON 6 METHODIST 1 ELON 5 CAMPBELL 6 ELON 5 A.C.C. 2 ELON 2 W.MARY. ELON 3 OTTERBEIN ELON 1-2 W.C.U. 3-4 ELON 4 CATAWBA 7 ELON 6 METHODIST ELON 2 WILMING. 6 ELON 5-10 LYNCH. 7-7 ELON 1 CAMPBELL 5 ELON 7 GUILFORD 2 ELON 1 CATAWBA ELON 1 GUILFORD 2 ELON 2-1 NEWBER. 1-5 ELON 1 HIGHPT. 13 ELON 5-2 L.-R. 1-10 ELON 5 PFEIFFER 1 ELON 3 A.C.C. 4 ELON 1 HIGH PT. 6 ELON PFEIFFER 4 BASeBAll Elon ' s Baseball team, after complet- ing a rebuilding year, should be a contender for the conference cham- pionship in the Spring of 1970. Elon distinguished itself nationally by leading all small colleges in stolen bases percentage and by de- feating nationally ranked Pfeiffer. Outstanding individuals were Joe Rinaca who was named most valu- able player and Dewy Capps who received honorable mention All Conference. jfeotlii s---. y HIGH POINT WON p. ATLANTIC CHRISTIAN LOST + GUILFORD LOST ™ ATLANTIC CHRISTIAN LOST £ HIGH POINT LOST GUILFORD LOST WESTERN CAROLINA LOST T WESTERN CAROLINA LOST ■MHOH ELON 63 CAMPBELL 62 GUILFORD r ELON 82 1 2 ACC L ELON 73 CAMPBELL 7 ELON 96 SANDHILL 40 ELON 95 GUILFORD 50 tRACk 1969 brought Elon its first un- defeated track team. Record set- ters included: the mile relay team composed of Joe Freve, John Austin, Phil Cook, and Bruce McFerren, who compiled a time of 3 minutes 32.4 seconds; Ronald Bolton with a leap of 43 ' 5 " in the triple jump; a vault of 12 ' 9% " by Rex Davis in the pole vault and a heave of 184 ' 5 " in the Javilin by Jerry Younger. The Cindermen are looking for- ward to another record breaking ( -« " peatimes featuRes featuRes featuRes featimes featuRes featuRes featuRes peatimes featuRes featuRes featuRes featuRes peatimes featuRes featuRes featuRes featuRes featuRes featuRes featuRes featuRes featuRes featuRes CeatuRes mm the cycle continues. . Students expressed themselves by painting Holly Hill Mall. Orientation provided the usual headaches. The library was not only the scene of intellectual encounters, but also social ones. Physically, the 1969-70 year provided great changes. Faculty and students joined in songs for peace. moRAtomum The October 15 War Moratorium produced varied reactions on the Elon College campus. The Moratorium schedule included a silent vigil, speeches by several faculty members and stu- dents, a march through Burlington and con- cluded with an evening memorial service. The temporary suspension of Professor Michael Smith because of his failure to conduct classes during Moratorium activities aroused national attention and produced a petition which numer- ous students signed who supported Professor Smith. Professor Smith, who agreed to meet his classes for the remainder of the year, was later reinstated following a meeting of the Board of Trustees and Dr. Danieley. The general effect of the Moratorium on the Elon campus was wide spread although partici- pation was limited to a minority. Students held a rally in support of Professor Michael Smith ' s actions during Moratorium. Professor Michael Smith was the key-note speaker during the Moratorium rally. KEEP f home- coming queen 1969 katie patRick homecoming COURt 1969 JEAN PERRY homecoming activities An anxious Homecoming Queen awaits the final play of the Elon Fighting Chris- tians. Seeing double? First place winners in the Homecoming Talent Show, Jane and Julia Kiger. Because of the foul weather which plagued the Homecoming Weekend, umbrellas were the norm. But, despite the weather and the game, there were still smiles. Though the game was lost, the team made a tre- mendous effort. The Vogue ' s afternoon concert brought the ,5 Homecoming festivi- ties to a close. who ' s who among students in ameRican univeRSities and colleges JENNIFER HUFFMAN AU CHARLES TIMOTHY BUTLER LINDA LOUISE LONG EMILY JANE CROCKER ROGER JOSEPH OLIVER, JUNIOR JANET MARTIN WINSTEAD KATHERINE ANNE PATRICK HARMON LEE LOY, JUNIOR PAMELA MARLEENS SALLY-ANN O ' NEILL ELLEN ROSE BARNES LlBeRAl ARtS foRum The Liberal Arts Forum, under the sponsorship of Professor James P. Elder, is a committee composed pri- marily of students aimed at stimulating an academic atmosphere within the college. This fall the Forum, in conjuction with the Department of English, sponsored a Shakespearean festival, featuring outstanding cinematic productions and a lecture by Dr. Clifford P. Lyons of Chapel Hill. Also, during the winter semester, the Forum sponsored a W. C. Fields film festival, presenting several of his most celebrated productions. Of primary concern this year has been the tightening of S. G. A. funds. Having had its monies reduced by fifty percent, the Forum has been unable to present the quality of lectures that it has in the past. Defended as the last ray of hope in a predominately non-academic atmosphere, it entered into many debates with S.G.A. officials who desired its demise, and was granted a token budget of five thousand dollars by the same. Despite this and other setbacks, the Forum presented its fifth annual symposium, " Studies in the Humanities: Elon College, 1970, " during the week of April 19-25. Above: Professors Barnett, Baxter, and Hester at an afternoon reception. Right: Prof. Hubert Heffner of Indiana University was a guest speaker during forum week. STUART ADAMS NANCY CUMMINGS ANN CLAYBROOK MITCH AVENT DAVID MARION BILLCOMNINAKI DONALD KIRWIN, Chairman FRANK LYONS ED BAKER SAND I NEWTON WOODY TILLET RANDY SPENCER BOB LANE BILL ROBEY JAMES ELDER, Sponsor Below: Dr. A. G. Engstrom. Left: Kemp Malone at Buffet dinner p Lyceum « «« «««-«. «« The Committee: Woody Tillet, Diana Kunhert, Charles Strickland, Professor Ed Daniels. the peRfoRmeps m Eugene Pridinoff performed an excellent program of clas- sical piano compositions. The National Opera Company presented a humorous production of Mozart ' s " The Marriage of Figaro. " An exciting and intriguing performance of the Peloponesian Wars was presented in dance by Daniel Nagrin. Fighting the pressure of deadlines and the cacophony of machines, the friendly lady in the Duplicating Office always takes time to chat, to listen to one ' s problems. Mrs. Emma Lewis has given 12 years of service to the students and faculty of Elon College. It would take a super-adding machine to total the number of tests and memos she has produced-not to mention the concern and friendship. phi psi cli irms. emnu Lewis In recognition and appreciation of an individual ' s service to Elon, the Phi Psi Cli editors and staff have set aside this page. The award is made in tribute to one who has made an exceptional effort in promoting understanding, goodwill, and knowledge, while work- ing under many difficulties, in the true Christian spirit, in furthering the goals of Elon College. outstanding PROfeSSOR jack o. white The honor of " Most Outstanding Professor " at Elon College for 1969-70 was awarded to Pro- fessor Jack O. White of the Fine Arts Depart- ment. This is one of the highest honors pre- sented at Elon. Professor White, a vigorous jducator, has received much praise for his musi- cal abilities. Even students who have little in- terest in the fine arts are motivated by " Jack O ' s " unique teaching methods. Professor White ' s creative and exciting football halftime shows have indeed become a necessary part of Elon ' s fall atmosphere. Nothing on the printed page can fully capture this man ' s zest for life, so we can only add our congratulations and thanks. spRinq URSULA AIMULIS • QUEEN THE MOMENT OF CROWNING weekend 1969 iz AFTERNOON CONCERT BY THE DAY ' S END JANET HOOPER COURT 1 LOUIS BLOM • MR. AMAZON classes classes classes classes classes classes classes classes classes classes classes classes classes classes classes classes classes classes classes classes classes classes classes classes classes classes seniop cUss President — Tom Short, V. Pres. Ursula Anulis, Secretary-Treasurer Sally O ' Neill. DAVID LEE ABERNATHY 523 Westview Street Lenoir, N. C. Chemistry JEWEL SAUNDERS ADAMS P. O. Box 401 Elon College, N. C. English JOHN MICHAEL ADAMS P. O. Box 401 Elon College, N. C. English CARYDALE ALLRED 141 Webster Road Graham, N. C. History JUDY BROOKS ALLRED Rt. 4 Box 166 Burlington, N. C. Elementary Education URSULA ANN ANULIS 41 Priscilla Lane Port Chester, New York Elementary Education EDWARDS. BAKER, III 3724 Woodland Circle Falls Church, Virginia English BARBARA B.BAYLIFF P. O. Box 752 Elon College, N. C. English GAIL ANN BECK Box 41 1 Normandy Beach, New Jersey Physical Education §1 IiAft MILTON EDWIN BEIMLER 1332 Poquoson Avenue Poquoson, Virginia History STEPHEN RALPH BIRD Stockbridge, Vermont Physical Education BELINDA SUE BLACK 11 Quiet Drive Lexington, N. C. History LOUIS ANTON BLOM 773 Manor Road Staten Island, New York Economics GEORGE M. BONNETT, JR. 441 Morrison Avenue Newport News, Virginia Mathematics GAYLENE LAVERNE BOSWELL Rt. 3, Box 613 Graham, N. C. Accounting DONNIE EDISON BRADY Rt. 2 Bennet, N. C. Physical Education CHARLES WAYNE BRASWELL 237 Hickory Road East Chesapeake, Virginia Business Administration THERESA L. BRESNAHAN 4601 Randolph Road Washington, D. C. Elementary Education CYNTHIA DIANE BRINN Box 84 Belhaven, N. C. Business Education SUSAN LYNN BROWN Box 74 Main Street Faith, N. C. Physical Education SUSAN ELLIS BROWN 1150 Northeast 134th St. N. Miami, Florida Elementary Education FRANCES E.BROWNE 6261 S. W. 5th Court Fort Lauderdale, Florida English BAXTER M. BUCHANAN, JR. Rt. 1 Roxboro, N. C. Business Administration CHARLES TIMOTHY BUTLER 91 1 Askew Street Burlington, N. C. History ROBERT JULIAN CAPPS 2305 N. Ocean Blvd. Myrtle Beach, S. C. Physical Education OLIVIA DARE CHRISTIAN 2706 Neal Street Hampton, Virginia Elementary Education JOHN WAYNE CLAYTON Box 243 Longhurst, N. C. Business Administration FAYE ELIZABETH CLEMMONS 603 Oakcrove Drive Graham, N. C. Elementary Education DIANE KAY CLENDENNEN Box 33 Milford, Virginia Music HENRY MELVINE CLIBORNE Rt. 2 Halifax, Virginia Business Administration C. EDWARD CONNER, JR. 328 Bridgeview Circle Chesapeake, Virginia Social Science STEPHEN JOSEPH CONNER 3138 Wilmont Drive Wilmington, De. Business Administration EDWARD EUGENE COOKE Rt. 8 Box 77 Durham, N. C. Accounting JOHN RAYMOND CORBIERE 230 West Road New Canaan, Ct. History EMILY JANE CROCKER 403 North Fourth Avenue Mayodan, N. C. Physical Education FENTON S. CUNNINGHAM, III 623 Fountain Place Burlington, N. C. History SANDRA JEAN CURTIS 3708 West Friendly Road Greensboro, N. C. Elementary Education HARRY VAN DANIEL P. O. Box 575 Denton, N. C. Physical Education RESA ANN ROBINSON DANIELS 3039 Hazelton Street Falls Church, Virginia Elementary Education ARNITA DAWN DAPSAUSKI 4914 Rocky Spring Lane Bowie, Md. Home Economics DIANNEE. DAVIES 1650 Chatham Road Jacksonville, Florida Elementary Education SPENSER COX DAVIS 2021 -C May wood Street Greensboro, N. C. Business Administration KENNETH CLIFTON DAVIS 1734 Princeton Street Winston-Salem, N. C. Business Administration PHILIP EUGENE DeRISE 53 Cranbrook Road Hamilton Square, N. Jersey History CAROLYN LOUISE DAY Box 144 Eastford, Ct. Elementary Education LINDA RODGERS DURHAM 619 Trollinger Street Burlington, N. C. Elementary Education ELIZABETH JOE ELEY Rt. 1 Box 108 Windsor, Virginia Elementary Education JAMES HOWARD ELLINGTON 114W. McAden Street Graham, N. C. Soci al Science JUNE KAY EVANS Rt. 9 Box 333 Lexington, N. C. Elementary Education RYLAND LEE FARMER Rt. 1 Yanceyville, N. C. Political Science DAVID H. FARRIER, JR. 609 Ossippee Road Gibsonville, N. C. Business Administration JOHNMENIG FISHER, JR. 2436 Rivermont Avenue Lynchburg, Virginia Business Administration PETER FLEMING, JR. 23 Central Avenue Butler, N. Jersey Accounting JUDITH LEE FOGLEMAN Rt. 1 Box 271 Gibsonville, N. C. English SYLVIA LYNN FOWLER 1504 West Front Street Burlington, N. C. Elementary Education LINDA RAYE FLYNN Box 816 Gibsonville, N. C. Elementary Education GAIL EINORA FONVILLE Rt. 5 Box 143 Burlington, N. C. Biology Since we cannot get what we like, let us like what we get. Spanish proverb. MACY JANE FUNDERBURK 6318 Deveron Drive Charlotte, N. C. Business SANDRA MARIE GABRIEL Rt. 6 Burlington, N. C. Elementary Education THOMAS EDWARD GARRETT 168 Idiana Avenue Blackwood, N. Jersey Biology JAMES YOST GASKINS Hatton Point Road Portsmouth, Virginia History ANNA LOUISE GEROW 21 13 Westover Terrace Burlington, N. C. Elementary Education ANNIE LEE GRAY 332 Laurel Hill Drive Burlington, N. C. Elementary Education DIANNE LYNNGUCKER Rt. 2 Box 24 Edinburg, Virginia Biology NANCY LEE HART 3686 Bridle Path Bethpage, New York Social Science TAMPA BRYANT HINSON 102 Easter Drive Danville, Virginia Social Science LINDA PEELEHUNLEY 210 Roland Road Burlington, N. C. Elementary Education DAVID STODDARD HOUTZ P. O. Box 61 Elon College, N. C. Business Administration KATHLEEN MORGAN HOWELL Rugby Hall Estates Arnold, Md. Home Economics BARBARA ANN HORNER 217 South Main Street Graham, N. C. English LINDA CHERYL HOPKINS 1604 Arrowhead Road Asheboro, N. C. English GARY PAUL HEMPHILL 103 Glenrae Drive Baltimore, Md. Business Administration STEVEN RAY HELMS 2500 East Lexington Avenue High Point, N. C. Physical Education DAVID WAYNE HARRISON P. 0. Box 461 Elon College, N. C. History WILLIE EUGENE HARGRAVE 933 Ransome Street Roanoke Rapids, N. C. Business Administration SUE MARIE HARDER 3512 Cherry Lane Greensboro, N. C. Elementary Education FRANCIS J. HAMMOND, JR. 108 Median Drive Wilmington, De. History ANTHONY CHARLES HUNT P. O. Box 672 Elon College, N. C. Business Administration REGINALD ALAN JOHNSON 405 Climax Street Graham, N. C. Business Administration ROBERT LEE JOHNSON Box 593 Elon College, N. C. History ROBERTO. JONES, JR. QTRSJ Naval Air Station Quonset Point, R. I. Social Science LINDA GEAN KANDOUNAS 3306 South Mebane Street Burlington, N. C. Business Administration SUBENCHA KASEMSUWAN Boonmee Dispensary New Road, Bangkok Thailand Accounting CHARLES R. KELLY, JR. 4738 Sharon Road Apt. 35 Charlotte, N. C. Physical Education EDWARD DONALD KIRWIN 2006 W. 17th Street Wilmington, De. History LINDA SCOTTON KIMREY Rt. 1 Staley, N. C. Elementary Education WILLIAM H. KNIGHT, JR. 102 Providence Road Charlottesville, Va. Political Science lAfcfci I never let my schooling interfere with my education. Mark Twain. BARBARA JAN KOONTZ 409 A Shoaf Street Lexington, N. C. Elementary Education KAREN ANN KUEMMERLIN 3798 S. Jasmine Denver, Col. Home Economics BONNIE LOU LANE 102 S.Jordan Street Alexandria, Virginia Elementary Education PHILIP EUGENE LARRABEE 3201 Watergate Lane Virginia Beach, Virginia Biology CLIFFORD W.LESTER, JR. Rt. 1 Stoneville, N. C. Business Administration STEPHEN WALLACE LITTEN Box 166 Gibsonville, N. C. Business Administration WILLIAM MclVER LILLEY 201 Cherry Street Scotland Neck, N. C. Biology LINDA LOUISE LONG Rt. 1 Pocomoke City, Md. French STEVEN CLARK LONG Rt. 3 Box 275 Warsaw, Virginia Accounting KIM JEFFORD LUFFBERRY 5602 Kirkwood Drive Washington, D. C. Business Administration BONNYLN BAREMABE Lawsonville, N. C. Elementary Education BARBARA R. MAGELOF 2772 Hill Road Vienna, Virginia Elementary Education ROBERT LOUIS MAKARSKI 1805 West High Street Haddon Heights, New Jersey Political Science MARGARET JEAN MARTIN 34 Bainbridge Avenue Portsmouth, Virginia Physical Education NINA RUTH MARTIN 5105 Arapahoe Avenue Jacksonville, Florida Social Science NOBLE G. MARSHALL, JR. 2109 Crystal Spring Avenue Roanoke, Virginia Physical Education LORRAINE WRIGHT MOSER 504 Neese Court Burlington, N. C. Elementary Education RACHEL SUE MASSEY Rt. 10 Lexington, N. C. Physical Education CLAUDE LEWIS MAUS 1113 Walnut Street Reidsville, N. C. Social Science RUTH HENDERSON MAYFIELD Rt. 1 Norlina, N. C. English NADINE RUTHMcGHEE 1219 Vaughn Road Burlington, N. C. Mathematics JOHN KNOXMcNEIL, III 514 Fulton Street Raeford, N. C. Social Science JUNE MARIE MERRIT Rt. 3 Hillsboro, N. C. Elementary Education CHARLES DAVID MERCER 11 05 -78th Street Newport News, Virginia History MICHAEL ANDREW MESSICK 30 Hawthorne Drive Durham, N. C. History HERMAN DAVID MIDDLETON 4222 Starmount Drive Greensboro, N. C. History CHARLES TRIMBLE MILLER Woodley Farm Orange, Virginia Business Administration WILSON MORROW MILLER 403 S. Main Street Lexington, Virginia History JOY BELLE MICHAEL Rt. 1 Box 828 Brown Summit, N. C. Elementary Education ADRIENNE JANET MOEN 1717 Marconi Road Belmar - Wall, N. Jersey Physical Education CHARLES WILLIAM MOORE Rt. 1 Gibsonville, N. C. Business Administration ANDREW LEAR MORRIS Rt. 3 Box 450 Wadesboro, N. C. Social Science PATRICIA E.MORRIS Rt. 1 Box 35 Efland, N. C. Elementary Education KENNETH EUGENE NEAL Box 366 Walnut Cove, N. C. Business Administration WANDA WOOD NEWLIN Rt. 1 Haw River, N. C. Business Education STEVEN CHARLES NICOLAY 1500 Wakefield Drive Virginia Beach, Virginia Mathematics JUANITA IRENE NEWTON Box 4 Columbia, Virginia Elementary Education ROGER JOSEPH OLIVER, JR. 4525 Powells Point Road Virginia Beach, Virginia English SALLY-ANN O ' NEILL 476 W. Exchange Street Sycamore, Illinois Social Science NITA COMPHER ONUFRAK Box 716 Purcellville, Virginia English WILLIAM DEWY OWEN, JR. Box 115 Buffalo Jet., Virginia Biology ANITA WICKLINE PACE Rt. Box 29 Palmyra, Virginia Elementary Education JOHN PORTER PAISLEY, JR. Rt. 2 Box 147 McLeansville, N. C. Business Education ROBERT JAMES PARR, JR. 109 South Wellons Street Suffolk, Virginia Social Science It is easier to fight for ones principles than to live up to them. Alfred Adler. STEVEN DOUGLAS PASCHAL L 2416 Pickett Road Durham, N. C. History DEBORAH ANN PEOPLES 1115 Dabney Drive Henderson, N. C. Mathematics CLEO MARIE PERDUE 3821 High Acres Road Roanoke, Virginia Elementary Education DANA LOUISE PERKINS 5944 North Tenth Road Arlington, Virginia Elementary Education REBECCA JEAN PERRY Rt. 1 Box 58 Pine Creek, N. C. Biology KATHERINE STOUT PIKE Rt. 2 Graham, N. C. Mathematics MARTHA ALICE POPE 647 Warrington Drive Suffolk, Virginia Elementary Education DOUGLAS ELWOOD PORSHIA Elon College, N. C. Music JAMES EUGENE RAMSEY 327 W. Sycamore Street Chase City, Virginia Business Administration WILLARD CLAUDE REID, III 7802 Lycoming Road Richmond, Virginia History OLIVER WILTON HOLMES, JR. Box 375 Graham, N. C. Business Administration STEPHEN BRUCE ROBERTS Box 524 Clarksville, Virginia Social Science THOMAS MICHAEL RONMAN 19 0akwood Drive Chapel Hill, N. C. Social Science JANE ROUNTREE Rt. 4 Box 266 Suffolk, Virginia Business Education BRODIEW. RUDD,JR. P. O. Box 37 Elon College, N. C. Mathematics ROBERT GREGORY SANDERS 3228 Powder Mill Road Adelphi, Md. Social Science THOMAS EDWARD SHORT, JR. 5920 Peters Creek Road, N. W. Roanoke, Virginia History JOSEPH SIGLER 175 N.E. 127th St. Miami, Florida Philosophy ANNIE KIDDSILER 2735 McKinney Street Burlington, N. C. Elementary Education CLAUDIE LEA SMITH 203 Ridge Road Roxboro, N. C. Elementary Education DENNIE WORTH SMITH, JR. Rt. 1 Box 355 Greensboro, N. C. Business Administration MICHAEL McSWAIN SMITH Rt 1 Box 347 Asheboro, N. C. Business Administration THOMAS STEVEN SMITH 401 Williamson Avenue Burlington, N. C. History SUE HARDY SMITH 401 Williamson Avenue Burlington, N. C. English The great pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do. Walter Bagehot 4 4 L Uil WALTER H.SMITH, JR. Rt. 1 Box 1044 Greensboro, N. C. Political Science ROGER WAYNE SMITH Rt. 2 Box 522 McLeansville, N. C. Accounting ROYALL HERMAN SPENCE, III 3412 Dogwood Drive Greensboro, N. C. Mathematics LARRY WAYNE SPENCER Rt. 1 Brown Summit, N. C. Business Administration MICHAEL JOSEPH SPILLANE 20 Glen Lane Levittown, New York Social Science SAUNDRA FORD STEVENSON College Town Apartments 3B Elon College, N. C. Business Education GLENDA MARIE STONBRAKER Rt. 1 Roxboro, N. C. Physical Education RAYMOND JOHN SULECKI Rt. 3 Box 307 Graham, N. C. Biology DONALD LEE TARKENTON 2225 Rodgers Street Chesapeake, Virginia Political Science WOOD THOMAS HARRELL, JR. 2703 Brookmere Road Charlottesville, Virginia Business Administration MARY ETHRIDGE THOMPSON 1708 Highview Street Burlington, N. C. Business Administration NORMA LEE TOMPKINS 3322 Fleetwood Avenue, S. W. Roanoke, Virginia Elementary Education WILLIAM VANCE TORBERT 350 Florida Avenue Portsmouth, Virginia Mathematics MARY VIRGINIA TRAVERS Rt. 2 Winchester, Virginia English JANEY PERRY VAUGHAN 615 IMansemont Street Portsmouth, Virginia Elementary Education ELISECOLEY VERNON Rt. 1 Roxboro, N. C. Elementary Education ANNE SMITH VUNCANNON 416 North Elm Street Asheboro, N. C. Music SALLIE ANN WARD Box 596 Liberty, N. C. Business Education KENETH ALFRED WARD Box 596 Liberty, N. C. Social Science SYLVIA LINDA WAY 909 Central Avenue Burlington, N. C. Elementary Education SUSAN BRENDA WAYMACK 2613 Norcross Road Richmond, Virginia Political Science ERNEST YOUNG WILKINSON Box 95 Kenly, N. C. History K. ALLENE WILLIAMS 114 Albright Avenue Graham, N. C. Elementary Education CANDACE JOAN WILLIAMS 707 Pebble Drive Greensboro, N. C. Elementary Education CARL LORRAINE WILSON Rt. 2 Box 332 Seaford, De. Home Economics JOAN ELIZABETH WILSON 903 Liftwood Road Wilmington, Del. Elementary Education MICHAEL DIXON WILSON 417 Homewood Avenue Burlington, N. C. Business Administration WILLIAM C.WINSTEAD 3C College Town Apartments Elon College, N. C. Business Administration JANET MARTIN WINSTEAD 3C College Town Apartments Elon College, N. C. Music ANN ELIZABETH WOODAHL 2634 Lancraft Road Bon Air, Virginia History GUY TAYLOR WOODARD Box 81 Deltaville, Virginia Social Science CHERYL HART WY ATT Box 193 Blackwells Road Pennington, Virginia Home Economics LINDSEY FRANK WY ATT 307 South Clyde Avenue Wilson, N. C. Political Science RICHARD CHARLES YOUMANS 163 Park Avenue Whippany, New Jersey Business Administration MARIE A. ZIRPOLI 5383 Sir Barton Drive Virginia Beach, Virginia History ALVIN JOHN ZINK, III 21 Chester Street Ballardville, Md. English JANET BONNIE HOOPER 302 Trail 8, Grove Park Burlington, N. C. Elementary Education WILLIAM Y.COMNINAKI 3777 Little Neck Point Virginia Beach, Virginia History MIRIAM HARKER KENYON 118 Markam Place Little Silver, N. J. Elementary Education SARAH WOODWARD KENYON 118 Markam Place Little Silver, N. J. Elementary Education BETTY ANDERSON Appomattox, Virginia BETTY RAY ANDREWS Portsmouth, Va. RAYMOND BAILEY Burlington, N. C. DANNY BARNETT Burlington, N. C. PETEBASELICI Wanamassa, N. J. LINDABELL Durham, N. C. PAT BERRY Norfolk, Va. PRISCILLA BERRY Woodbridge, Va. CYNTHIA BLANCHARD Burlington, N. C. AL BLOM Staten Island, N. Y. KAREN SUE BLOSSER Waynesboro, Va. JOHN BOHLEN Huntington, N. Y. KAY BOTTOMS Richmond, Va. SANDY BREWER Annandale, Va. FRANK BREWER Thomasville, N. C. TODDBRIDGFORD Gaitherburg, Md. JIM BROWN Angola, N. Y. TERRY BUGBEE S. Winsor, Conn. RICKBURNELL Chesapeake, Va. CHRIS BUTCHER Norfolk, Va. JOHN M.CARTER Eden, N. C. WAYNE BUTLER Greensboro, N. C. SUSAN CAVIN ESS Asheboro, N. C. LINDA CHALMERS Martinsville, Va. " fife junior cUss MARGARET CLAYTON Durham, N. C. BUCK COBB Virginia Beach, Va. JOHN COLE Newport News, Va. GLENDA CONDON McLean, Va. DANNY CRAWFORD Mebane, N. C. LYNN CUNNINGHAM Baltimore, Md. DONALD CURRY Staunton, Va. GAIL DANIEL Denton, N. C. JANICE DEAL Burlington, N. C. DEDeHART Virginia Beach, Va. SANDY DOFFLEMEYER Elkton, Va. DOUG EVANS Huntington Valley, Penn. DONNIE FALK Hampton, Va. CHARLES FIRMANI Wilmington, Dela. CHRISTINE FISHER Hampton, Va. BRENDA FORBIS Graham, N. C. PAUL FULTON Winston Salem, N. C. JACK GIORDANO WantaghJ N. Y. BOB GODFREY Greensboro, N. C. LARRY GOOD Wilmington, Dela. NANCY GURNEY Woodbury, N. J. EMILY HALL Cleveland, N. C. VICKI COCLOUGH Reidsville, N. C. NEIL HENING Richmond, Va. PATTY HERBEN Gibsonville, N. C. STEVE WEST HOLDEN Fair Haven, N. J. LARRY HOLDER Virginia Beach, Va. DAN HUDGINS South Boston, Va. BOB HUDSON Greensboro, N. C. LINDA HUNDLEY Chesapeake, Va. CLYDE IVY Portsmouth, Va. JOE JAROSZ Graham, N. C. KAREN JENSEN Burlington, N. C. CHRIS JEWELL Plantation, Florida LARRY JOHNSON SilerCity, N. C. JIM JOHNSTON Fairless Hills, Penn. ANN JONES Greensboro, N. C. PAT JONES Richmond, Va. EDWARD KAPLAN Babylon, N. Y. ROGER KEIM Richmond, Va. BILL KELLEY Virginia Beach, Va. DIANA KUNERT Lodi, N. J. ) p £i ® §1 $ O t £ J £ «?! A £ ft p K ' o NORMAN LACERTE Portsmouth, Va. BOB LANE Virginia Beach, Va. DWIGHT LEADBETTER Hampton, Va. WAYNE LE GRANDE Portsmouth, Va. JACQUELINE LYE Durham, N. C. FRANK LYON Rye, N. Y. BARBARA LEIGHTON Miami, Fla. DALEMANESS Sea Grove, N. C. JOHN McCONNELL Portsmouth, Va. DEBBIE McDANIEL Charleston, N. C. BONNIE McGEORGE Winston Salem, N. C. MACMclNINIS Rocky Mount, N. C. RODNEY MILLER Lexington, N. C. MELVIN MILTON Roanoke, Va. EVELYN MOSELEY Roanoke Rapids, N. C. MIKEMULDOON Brooklawn, N. J. TED NELSON Graham, N. C. SANDI NEWTON Burlington, N. C. GENAO ' BERRY Virginia Beach, Va. LINDA O ' BRIANT Gibsonville, N. C. JOE OLD Virginia Beach, Va. CAROL OVERSTREET Tappahannock, Va. LOUIS OWENS Swansboro, N. C. ALFRED MARTIN PAYNE Thomasville, N. C. SUSAN PATTON Independence, Va. KAREN PAULUS Salisbury, Md. ED PEBBLES Burlington, N. C. DON PERKINS Fayetteville, N. C. MIKEPETRIE Waldwick, N. J. RUTH ANN PHILLIPS Burlington, N. C. TRISHA POLLOCK Hickory, N. C. JIM POOLE Bluefield, W. Va. KEITH RAWLS Ahoskie, N. C. SUE REIDER Brownsville, Tex. MARC RIGGSBEE Durham, N. C. JERRY RICHARDSON Roxboro, N. C. JOHN RILEY Virginia Beach, Va. SKIP ROGERS Durham, N. C. MYRA ROTHWELL Albemarle, N. C. ALVIS ROBERTSON Burlington, N. C. CONNI RUSSELL N. Palm Beach, Fla. PAMSAUVAIN Richmond, Va. SUSIE SCHREIBER W. Caldwell, N. J. INGRIDSCHWEGLER Virginia Beach, Va. NELDASHAW Durham, N. C. MARKSHOCKLEY Seaford, Del. JOE SIMMONS Chesapeake, Va. CLIFF SLAUGHTER Fuquay-Varina, N. C. Not failure, but low aim, is crime. —James Russell Lowell ■:■ n {$ g) ■ I fv f f JAMES GRAY SMITH Hobson, Va. ROBERT SNYDER Durham, N. C. RICHARD SOURS Oakton, Va. STUART STONE Lumberton, N. C. DEBBIE STRAUD Chesapeake, Va. CHARLES ERIC STRICKLAND, III Fuquay Varina, N. C. RANDY STUCKEY Lamar, S. C. STEVEN SUTTON Kannapolis, N. C. JOHN SWAIN Fairfax, Va. ELLEN TAYLOR Charlottesville, Va. JOHN L.THOMAS Portsmouth, Va. RANDY THOMPSON Portsmouth, Va. JANET THORNHILL Chesapeake, Va. ROBERT TIBBS Richmond, Va. DAVID TOWE Miami, Fla. BOB VENNER Virginia Beach, Va. BILL WALLACE Huntington, W. Va. DIANE WALTHER St. Louis, Mo. ALLEN WATSON Virginia Beach, Va. JOHN WILLIAMS Burlington, N. C. MARY WILLIFORD Rock Hill, S. C. GLENN WINTERS Morganton, N. C. RUTH ANN WOODY Graham, N. C. ROBERT ZIELKE Blackwood, N. J. THOMAS ANDREWS Suffolk, Virginia D-ANN AVIS Woodstown, N. J. ROBERT SCOTT BAILEY Silver Spring, Md. LYNN BARNES Norfolk, Virginia RICHARD BECK Clemmons, N. C. ROBERT BELL New Bern, N. C. SUSAN BERACQUA Raleigh, N. C. MICHAEL BOOTH Greensboro, N. C. SUSAN BOYER Lutherville, Md. BEVERLY BRANT Fairfax, Virginia PHILIP BREWER Mount Olive, N. C. JULIA BRIGGS Middletown, R. I. NANCY ELIZABETH BRINCKERHOFF Richmond, Va. CLIFTON BRINKLEY Suffolk, Virginia SHIRLEY BURDELL Laurinburg, N. C. sophomope cUss President — Dean McBrayer Vice-Pres. - Chris Walsh Secretary-Treasurer — Beth Brinckerhoff A f 3: ANN BUNETT Keeling, Virginia CAROLE CARLSON Alexandria, Virginia THOMAS CLAGHORN Riverside, Ct. MARY LOU CLARK Oxford, N. C. ANN CLAYBROOK Roanoke, Virginia SHEILA CLENDENNING Chesapeake, Va. THOMAS COLE Burlington, N. C. J. A. CROMPLER Mebane. N. C. MELISSA COATES Alexandria, Virginia CHARLES DAVIS High Point, N. C. JAMES DAVIS Stoneville, N. C. LYNDA DICKENMAN Unionville, N.C. LINDA DODSON Alexandria, Va. CAULYDRUM NOB Norfolk, Va. MARGYDUVALL Bluefield, West Va. CAROL EMMETT Claymont, De. PAMELA EDWARDS Spring Hope, N. C. CLARA ETHRIDGE Burlington, N. C. CRAIG FALK Falls Church, Va. DOROTHY FARRELL Basking Ridge, N. J. ROBIN FITZHUGH Winston-Salem, N. C. DELORES FLOYD Avon, Ct. GREG FOWLER j ™ " - k Z k F Jlk Richmond, Va. KERRY GILLILAND Sanford, N. C. ANN HARDY New Castle, De. JEANNETTE HARRIS Jacksonville, Fla. TRICIAHASIE Annandale, Va. DANIEL HEDGEPETH Fayetteville, N. C. BILL HEINRICH Fitchville, Ct. LINDA HENKEL Waynesboro, Va. ROBERT HICKLIN Burlington, N. C. CINDY HOLLOWAY Jarratt, Va. LEWIS RAWLS Suffolk, Va. STEVE HONEYCUTT Fairfax, Va. CLYDE HUTCHINS Durham, N. C. IRIS HYDE Wilmington, De. CARL INGLE Graham, N. C. FLOYD INGOLD Siler City, N. C. DONALD M. JAMES Sanford, N. C. CATHY JOHNSON Roanoke, Va. THOMAS C.JOHNSON Wilson, N. C. DONNA KERKOW Miami, Fla. JENNIFER KNOTT Clayton, N. C. JANICE LANDOLINA Winston-Salem, N. C. JANET LEE Laurinburg, N. C. ROBERT NEAL FINE, JR. Kernersville, N. C. £ 51 £ . 8 51 fi ££L PATRICIA LANE Alexandria, Va. PAM LAYTON Raleigh, N. C. " Chivalry: A man ' s inclination to defend a woman against every man but himself. " Anon. 154 KATHRYN LAWSON Norristown, Pa. JOANN LOCKWOOD N. Palm Beach, Fla. SUSAN LOGAN Wrentham, Mass. CINDY LUTZ Bessemer City, N. C. JANET LYNCH Suffolk, Va. MARY LOU MACGILLIVRAY Vienna, Va. DIANNE MARTIN Falls Church, Va. LOISMATHENY Richmond, Va. DEAN McBRAYER Moorseboro, N. C. maxton Mcdowell Asheboro, N. C. JEAN MOBERLY Frederick, Md. GARY MOON Snow Camp, N. C. DEBORAH MOORE Hillsborough, N. C. KENNY MORGAN Chesapeake, Va. MARVIN MORGAN Zebulon, N. C. ELAINE K.MOTT Virginia Beach, Va. JEANNETTE MOSS Lynchburg, Va. FRANCIAMOYER Waynesboro, Va. JUDY MYERS Rockville, Md. BETHNALLEY Charlottesville, Va. DAVE NEWSOM Winston-Salem, N. C. CHERYL NIMMO Vienna, Va. HART NELSON Glastonbury, Ct. CAROL NORMAN Charlotte, N. C. DONNA OLIVER Burlington, N. C. JOANNE OLIVER Cedar Grove, N. C. KEITH OSBORNE Kernersville, N. C. ANN PEARCE Winston-Salem, N. C. JOHN PARK Larchmont, N. Y. JOHNNIE PARKER Mebane, N. C. ' Superior force is a powerful persuader " - Winston Churchill. SUSAN PELL Fayetteville, N. C. PAMPFISTERER Louisville, Ky. HENRY PITTMAN Courtland, Va. YORK POOLE Chesapeake, Va. LINDA POORE Greensboro, N. C. LINDA POTTER Milton, N. C. DALE ANN PRICE Winston-Salem, N. C. AUDREY RAY Hillsborough, N. C. ALLEN RAYSOULE Suffolk, Va. NANCY RESPESS Scotland Neck, N. C. ELLIOT REYNOLDS Durham, N. C. JEAN RHODES Burlington, N. C. STEVE RIDINGS Front Royal, Va. SANDY ROBINSON Huntingdon Val., Pa. GAYLE ROGERS Haw River, N. C. MYRA ROSS Reidsville, N. C. RICKY REICH Lexington, N. C. MARY RUTT Rockville, Md. EDITH SANDERS Burlington, N. C. POJANA SARANAKOMANA Bangkok, Thailand ii A ii — i fc4 s r £) P ft ftk. Jr . t fc BOB SCHLOSS Roxboro, N. C. SUCH ADA SARANAKOMANA Bangkok, Thailand CONNIE SEWARD Baltimore, Md. BEASKIPSEY Hertford, N. C. JEFFREY SHUMAR Elon College, N. C. ROGER SLAUGHTER Elon College, N. C. JOEL SMITH Fayetteville, N. C. ANN SPRINKLE Winston-Salem, N. C. PAIGE SUMMERLIN Goldsboro, N. C. BENJAMEE SUPATANASINKASEN Pitsanuloke, Thailand ANNTEER Graham, N. C. LAURA TEGGE Washington, D. C. DAVID TEW Virginia Beach, Va. EDMOND THOMAS Milton, N. C. CAROL ANN TRUITT Raleigh, N. C. ALEX VARDAVAS Danville, Va. CAROL WEAVER Winston-Salem, N. C. CHARLOTTE WELCH Hampton, Va. BARBARA WHITE McClean, Va. JON WHITE Elon College, N. C. MARKWICKLINE Palmyra, N. C. EDDIE WILLIAMSON Thomasville, N. C. JANICE WOOD Trinity, N. C. REXWOODALL Winston-Salem, N. C. LESLIE YOUNG Pasadena, Md. ELIZABETH ZIMMERMAN Woodsdale, N. C. ALEXANDER ZOLADZ Norwich, Ct. PReshnun cUss CATHY ALBAIR Manchester, Ct. RICHARD AMEIMDOLA Rye, New York Gary Overfelt, Vice-President; Carolyn DeLuca, Secretary Treasurer; Phil Johnston, President. SHARON APPLE Fairfax, Va. BARRY BAKER Kernersville, N. C. DAVID BAKER Wantagh, New York ELLEN BOYER Winston-Salem, N. C. FRANK BECK Lexington, N. C. LYNN BERRYMAN Sanford, N. C. DAVID BEST Greensboro, N. C. TOMMY BLAKE Candor, N. C. SUE BLEY Fairfax, Va. RICHARD M. BLOM New York, N. Y. SUSAN BOYD Winston-Salem, N. C. LINDA BOYE Tazewell, Va. CELESTE BRADY Ramseur, N. C. ROBERT BRANTON Whaleyville, Va. BRENDA BREWER Burlington, N. C. THURZABRIGNON Graham, N. C. JOHN BRYANT Winston-Salem, N. C. MOIR CAHILL Martinsville, Va. DEBORAH CARROLL Burlington, N. C. RANDY CAVINESS Portsmouth, Va. CHIPS CHAPMAN Burlington, N. C. LARRY CHILDRESS Saxapahaw, N. C. JENNI CHURCH High Point, N.C. STEVE CLAPP Burlington, N. C. TOMMY COLEMAN Boydton, Va. Q f (A ft. ft A £ ii e e © 1 J r I . $ titbit WILLIAM COMPTON Greensboro, N. C. ALLEN CONRAD Winston-Salem, N. C. SUSAN CORBITT Oxford, N. C. REESE COVER Harrisonburg, N. C. CONNIE COWARD Warrenton, N. C. WILLIAM CROCKER Mayodan, N. C. BOBCROMAN Medford, New Jersey KATHYCROYE Bluefield, W. Va. PERRY CROUCH Jacksonville, Fla. BILLCROUSE Winston-Salem, N. C. DICKCUMBIE Greensboro, N. C. DON DALTON Falls Church, Va. BETSY DAVIS Winston-Salem, N. C. CHRIS DAY Alexandria, Va. DEBBIE DEINER Elon College, N. C. CAROLYN DELUCA Mayodan, N. C. CATHERINE DEWEES Newport News, Va. EDDILLABOUGH Winston-Salem, N. C. RUSS DIXON Portsmouth, Va. ANDY EDWARDS Bladenboro, N. C. CATHY EULISS Graham, N. C. PAM EVANS Kernersville, N. C. ANN FIELDS Dover, N. J. CHIP FISHBURNE Winston-Salem, N. C. STEPHANIE FOLTZ Greensboro, N. C. JOYCE FORD Travelers Rest, S. C. TIM FOWLER Holland, Va VERNIE FRANCIS Capron, Va. SHIRLEY FRUH Greensboro, N. C. PHIL GARNER Denton, N. C. STEVE GRAHAM Lee Hall, Va. BILL GRIGGS Portsmouth, Va. SARAH HAGY Westminster, Md. CAROLYN HAIRFIELD Cedar Bluff, Va. TERRY HARKER Marlton, N. J. BASCOM HARRISON Winston-Salem, N. C. DONNA HEDRICK Lexington, N. C. CHARLES HERRING Lumberton, N. C. BOBHIGGS Woodcliff Lake, N.J. VIRGINIA JACKSON Newark, Delaware DEBBIE JENKINS Richmond, Va. JENNIFER JENKINS Tampa, Florida LINDA JEWER Cambridge, Mass. ANGELA JOHNSON Salisbury, N. C. GARY JOHNSON Burlington, N. C. MARGARET JOHNSON Siler City, N. C. STEVE KAMPMAN Portsmouth, Va. JANE KIGER Rural Hall, N. C. JULIA KIGER Rural Hall, N. C. SAM KING Winston-Salem, N. U. DEBORAH KISER King, N. C. SHAY KIVETT Greensboro, N. C. SUSAN LAND Norman, Ok. KATHY LANGSTON Henderson, N. C. BILLY LEACH Mount Airy, N. C. WILLIAM LEE, JR. Windsor, Va. MARK LEVINE Oakhurst, N. J. DEBBIE MACKIN Rosemont, Pa. GWEN MARCO Southern Pines, N. C. DEANEMANESS Seagrove, N. C. RICKMATKINS Yanceyville, N. C. ANNETTE MAYO Goldsboro, N. C. STEVE McCREEDY Leonia, N. J. SHARON McKEE Raleigh, N. C. jean Mckenzie Wilson, N.C. JANE McCULLEY Abington, Pa. LINDA McCRORY Greensboro, N. C. GARYMEISE Morganton, N. C. DEBORAH MOORE Elon College, N. C. LORETTA MOUNTCASTLE Providence Forge, Va. 4 i Si til WARREN MOUNTCASTLE Providence Forge, Va. PATMUIRHEAD Camp Springs, Md. KATHYMULLETT Bethesda, Md. JANE ANNE MURPHY Virginia Beach, Va. BOB NEWSOME Durham, N. C. DAVID PET Arlington 4 JOHN L. NEWSOME Ahoskie, N. C. BARBARA O ' BRIEN Fayetteville, N. C. KATHY O ' CONNOR Fayetteville, N. C. JOHN OLOCK Kenilworth, N. J. SUSAN O ' NEIL Wrentham, Mass. ERS , Va. Er A ROBERT PALMER Montville, N. J. Everything is funny as long as it is happening to someone else. Will Rodgers. MICHAEL PARK Boydton, Va. JOHN PARR Suffolk, Va. SUSAN PHILLIPS Greensboro, N. C. PRESTON PRICE Eden, N. C. WILLIAM PURSLOW North Hampton, N. H. TERESA RANNEY Alexandria, Va. JEAN RASCOE Mebane, N. C. JOHNNY RICE Mebane, N. C. FRANKIE RIGGS Burlington, N. C. SUSAN ROBERTSON Chatham, Va. SUSAN ROSS Cary, N. C. EARL ROUTTEN Hampton, Va. LANCE ROWLAND Wall, N. J. GLORIA ROYAL Salemburg, N. C. DEBBIE RUSSELL Newport News, Va. PAT RUSSELL N. Palm Beach, Fla. CAROL RUMLEY Elon College, N. C. ROGER SAMPSON Falls Church, Va. PHILIP SAPP Winston-Salem, N. C. i.aU JOANN SAVAGE Whaleyville, Va. BILLY SCHULTZ Morristown, N. J. PAM SELLERS Thomasville, N. C. MARY SEXTON Edenton, N. C. BELVASHAW Denton, N. C. ANN SHAWHAN Baayamon, Pr. DALE SHORT Siler City, N. C. STEPHANIE SHORT Groton, New York DALLAS SMITH Winston-Salem, N. C. GRAYSTANFIELD Winston-Salem, N. C. VICKIE STINNETT Bessemer City, N. C. STEVE STEWART Sanford, N. C. KATHYSTREETER Hendersonville, N. C. JUDY SUMMERS Camp Springs, Md. CAROL TALBERT Silver Spring, Md. PAUL TEW Siler City, N. C. NANCY THAXTON Creedmore, N. C. RICHARD THOMASON Blackstone, Va. " Sleep faster, we need the pillows. " Yiddish proverb. LARRY TRAUTWEIN Richwood, N. J. DONNA TURNAGE Snow Hill, N. C. RUSS TUCKER Emporia, Va. SUSAN TYSON Mebane, N. C. GEORGE UNDERWOOD Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. FAYE WALTON Richmond, Va. DEBBIE WARREN Mebane, N. C. KATHIE WATLINGTON Roanoke, Va. BILL WEST Ridgewood, N. J. F?$ it © §. : A 44 f? » ft ANN WHITE Ramseur, N. C. DORSON WHITE Swansboro, N. C. JAY WHITE Lumberton, N. C. LORAINE WILKINSON Carson, Va. BRIAN WILLIAMS Raleigh, N. C. DONNA WILSON Mebane, N. C. LESLIE WILSON Morris Plains, N. J. JOHN WINN Chesapeake, Va. JOY WOODS Hillsborough, N. C. TRICIA WYATT Suffolk, Va. PENNY WYNNE Alexandria, Va. GARY YANCEY Clarksville, Va. JANICE YOWELL Rockville, Md. senioR index ABNEY, LINDA - Elementary Education Phi Kappa Tau 1, 2, treas. 3. 4. Phi Psi Cli 4. W.I.D.C. 1,2, 3, pres. 4. I ntramurals 1,2,3, 4. -43, 73, 49. ADAMS, JEWEL S. - Elementary Education. Honorary: Order of the Oak. NEA 1, 2,3,4.-52, 130. ADAMS, JOHN MICHAEL - English. Marshal 4. Editor, Elon Colonnades 4. -46, 1 30. ALLRED, CARY DALE - Social Science. SGA Audit Committee, Campus Radio Committee 4. —130. ANDREWS, BETTY RAY - Elementary Education. Lambda Tau Omega 2, 3, 4. W.I .D.C. 4. WAA 4. -43. ANULIS, URSULA ANN - Elementary Education. Senate 4. Homecoming Committee, Captain Elon Weekend 4. Class Officer-Vice Pres. 4. Pi Kappa Tau 3, 4. I ntra- murals 1, 2, 3, 4. Cheerleader 3. WAA 1, 2, 3, 4. Home- coming Sponsor 3, 4. Mayday Court (Spring Weekend Queen) 3. Judicial Committee 4. Awards: Sigma Mu Sigma Sweetheart 3. All Campus Volleyball Team. -40, 126, 130, 173. BAKER. EDWARDS. III.- English. Senate 4. Liberal Arts Forum 2, 4. Campus Crier 3, 4. Orientation 2, 4. Physical Plant Resolutions Comm. Tau Kappa Epsilon 1, 2, V.P. 3, Pres. 4. Elon Colonnades 2, 3, Maroon and Gold 4. Veritas 4. I ntramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. Elon Players 4. -56, 82, 130. BEIMLER, MILTON - History. -131. Bl RD, STEPHEN - Physical Education. Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4. Intramurals 2, 3, 4. " E " Men ' sClub 2, 3, 4.-131. BLACK, BELINDA S. - History. Pi Kappa Tau. 1, Corres. Sec. 2, 3. Order of the Oak 3, 4. W.I.D.C. 2, 3. Liberal Arts Forum 2, 3. Board Of Elections 1.-131. BLOM, LOUIS - Economics. Tau Kappa Epsilon 2, 3, Treas. 4. SAM 3, 4. Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. Homecoming Committee 4. Phi Psi Cli (Sports) 4. -51,82, 127, 131. BOSWELL, GAYLEVE LAVERNE - Accounting. Beta Omicron Beta 1 , 2, Sec. 3, 4. SAM 3, Treas. 4. WAA 4. -131. BRINN, CINDY - Business Education. Senate 3. Finance Committee 3. Class Officer: Sec. 3; Treas. 3. Homecoming Float Committee 3. Beta Chi Ep- silon 3.-131. BROWN, SUSAN LYNN - Physical Education. Pep Committee 2. Pi Kappa Tau 2, 3, 4. Marshal 3. W.I.D.C. 3. Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. United Church of Christ Fellow- ship 1, V.P. 2. Choir 3. Alternate Cheerleader 3. Elon Singers 3. WAA 1 , Sec. 2; V.P. 3; 4. P.E. Major ' s Club 1 , 2, 3,4.-73, 131. BROWNE, FRANCES ELIZABETH - English. Senate 3. Pi Kappa Tau 1, Corres. Sec. 2, 3, 4. Phi Psi Cli, Co-Editor 3. French Club 1, 2. Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. -46, 73, 131. BUTLER, CHARLES TIMOTHY- History. Public Relations, Chairman. Who ' s Who Nominating Comm. 3, Commuter Board 3. Kappa Psi Nu 1,2, 3, 4. Marshal 3. Pi Gamma Mu 3, V.P. 4. Veritas Sports Editor 3. Golf 1. Intramurals 2, 3, 4. Ionian Society 1. -85, 1 17, 131. CHANGUION, LAURENT L. - English. Order of the Oak 2, 3, 4. Elon Colonnades 4. -46. CHRISTIAN, OLIVIA - Elementary Education. NEA, 4. Choir 4. Board of Elections 4. Homecoming Sponsor 4. Homecoming Committee 4. Spring Weekend Comm. 4. Talent Show-Jr. Class. -65, 132. CROCKER, JANE - Physical Education. Beta Omicron Beta 2, 3, Pres. 4. Who ' s Who 4. W.I.D.C. 4. Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. WAA 1, Treas. 2; Pres. 3, 4. Homecoming Sponsor 4. P.E. Major ' s Club 1, 2, 3, 4. -43, 52,77, 118, 132. DAPSAUSKI, ARNITA - Home Economics. Young Democrats 1 . Home Economics 3, 4. Choir 2. - 1 33. DAY, CAROLYN - Elementary Education. Pi Kappa Tau 3, 4. Intramurals 1, 4. -133. DAVIES, ELIZABETH DIANNE - Elementary Ed. Homecoming 3. Elon Players 3. —133. DERIS), PHILIP - History. Entertainment Com. 4. M.I.D.C. 4. -133. FARMER, RYLAND LEE - Political Science. Senate 4. Student Faculty Chapel Comm. 2. Class Float Comm. 2, 4. Young Democrats 1, 2, 3, 4. SAM 4. Intramurals 2, 4. Southern Historical Association 2. —40, 134. CLAYTON, WAYNE - Business Administration. Intramurals 1, 2, 3,4.-132. FARRIOR,DAVIDH.,JR. SAM 2,4. -134. Administration. CORBIERE, JOHN R.- History. Sigma Mu Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4. M.I.D.C. 3. Spring Weekend 3, 4. Homecoming Committee 3, 4. -79, 132. FIELDS, JEFF - Business Administration. Pi Gamma Mu 4. Proctor 2, 3. Young Democrats 3. Elon Players 3, 4. Student Affairs Comm. 3. -56. FISHER, JOHN - Business Administration. Veritas 3, 4. Orientation Comm. 4. -134. FLEMING, PETER, JR. - Business Administration. Honor Court, Chief Justice 4. Orientation Comm. 3. Sigma Phi Beta 1, Sec. 2; Corres. Sec. 3; Pres. 4. Alpha Chi 3, 4. Who ' s Who 4. Spanish Club 1, 2. SAM 2, 3,4. Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. Pan-Hellenic Council 4. Elon Players 1, 2. -42, 52,86, 116, 134. FONVILLE.GAIL E. - Biology. French Club 1, 2. Intramurals 1, 2. -134. FUNDERBURK, JANE - Business. Phi PsiCli. Beta Chi Epsilon, Pres. 4. -49, 54, 135. HARDER, SUE M. - Elementary Education. Pi Kappa Tau 1, 2, 3, 4. NEA 4. Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. WAA 1.-136. HARRISON, DAVID W. - History. Spring Week end Com. 2. Sigma Mu Sigma 2, 3, 4. Proctor 2. Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. Wrestling 2. Liberal Arts Forum 2. -136. HART, NANCY LEE - Social Science. -135. HELMS, STEVEN - Physical Education. Sigma Phi Beta 2, 3, 4. Football 1, 2, 3, 4. Intramurals 2. " C " Men ' s Club 3, 4. -86, 136. GABRIEL, SANDRA S. - Elementary Education. -135. GASKINS, JAMES YOST - History. Outstanding Professor, 2. Sigma Mu Sigma 3, Corres. Sec. 4. Intramurals 3, 4. -79, 135. GEANES, RON E. - Political Science, Social Science. M.I.D.C. 1. Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. Entertainment Comm. 2. HINSON, TAMPA BRYANT - Social Science. Senate 4. Homecoming Com. 3, 4. Tau Kappa Epsilon 3, 4. -135. HOLMES, OLIVER WILTON, JR. - Bus. Adm. -141. HOOPER, JANET - Elementary Education. Delta Upsilon Kappa 1, 2, 3, 4. French Club 1. Home- coming Sponsor 4. -75, 77, 127, 145. GREEN, RICHARD ALAN - Social Science Kappa Psi Nu, President 1,2, 3,4. Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. HOPKINS, LINDA CHERYL - English. Phi PsiCli, 3. Veritas 3. Intramurals 1,2,3.-11 HAMMOND, FRANCIS J. - History. Orientation and Entertainment Comm. 2, 4. —136. HOUTZ, DAVID S. - Business Administration. Young Republicans 1, 2, 3, 4. Business 3, 4. -135. HUNT, ANTHONY C. - Business Administration. Marshal 2. Alpha Chi 3, 4. SAM 4. Intramurals 1, 136. -52, JENNUS, DARRYL - Biology Sigma Phi Beta 3, Treas. 4. Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. Liberal Arts Forum 1, 2. Orientation Com. 4. JOHNSTON, JAMES WESLEY - History. President ' s Advisor Com. 4. M.I.D.C. 3, 4. Young Repub- licans 3. Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. Wrestling 1,2. JONES, ROBERT - Social Political Science. Homecoming Com. 2. Entertainment Com. 1, 2, 3, 4. Spring Week-end 1. Tau Kappa Epsilon 2, 3, 4. French Club 1. Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. Dance Committee 1, 2,3,4.-82, 136. KELLY, JAMES BLAYNE - History and Social Science. Commuter Committee 3. Marshal 3. Alpha Psi Omega 4. Southern Historical Assoc. 4. KENYON, MIRIAM - Elementary Education. PhiPsiCli 3, 4. French Club 1. Choir 4. -145. KIRWIN, E. DONALD - History. Honor Court, Chief Justice (summer) 4. Sigma Mu Sigma 2, 3, 4. Chemistry 2. Intramurals 2, 3, 4. Liberal Arts Forum 1, 2, 3, 4. Orientation Committee 4. -42, 136. KOONTZ, BARBARA JAN - Elementary Education. -137. LARRABEE, PHIL - Biology. Senate 1 , 2, 3. Finance Com. 3, 4. Campus Affairs 1 , 2. SSL 3, 4. External Affairs Com. 4. Constitutional Revisions Comm. 3. Class Officer 3-Pres. Sigma Mu Sigma-1, 2, 3, 4. Phi Psi Cli 1. Campus Crier 3. Track 1, 2, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. Wrestling 1, 2, Debate Club 3. Orientation Com. 2, 3. " E " Men ' s Club 2, 3. Student Affairs Com. 3, 4. Awards: Outstanding Senator 3. -79, 1 37. LILLEY, BILL -Biology. lota Tau Kappa Sec. 3, Sec. 4. Intramurals 2, 3, 4. Religious Representative for lota Tau Kappa Fraternity 3, 4. —88, 137. LONG, LINDA LOUISE - French and History. Marshal 3. Pi Gamma Mu 3, 4. Who ' s Who 4. Order of the Oak, Alpha Chi 3, 4. Phi Psi Cli 3. Veritas 3; Co-Editor 4. French Club 1, 2, Pres. 3. Intramurals 1, 2, 3, Liberal Arts Forum 2. WAA 1, 2, 3, 4. Awards: Nomination for Woodrow Wilson Fellowship 4. -52, 117, 137. LUFFBERRY, KIM JEFFORD - Business Adm. SAM 4. Band 1,2,3, 4. Board of Elections 4. - 1 38. MABE, BONNYLN - Elementary Education. NEA4. -138. MARTIN, MARGARET JEAN - Physical Education. Intramurals 3, 4. Cheerleader 4. WAA 3, 4. Homecoming Sponsor 4. P. E. Major ' s Club 3, 4. -60, 138. MARTIN, NINA RUTH - Social Science. Senate 1. Finance Com. 1, 3. Spring Week-end. Class Officers-Sec. 1, Treas. 1. Tau Zeta Phi 3, 4. Phi Psi Cli 4. French Club 2. Intramurals 3, 4. Choir 1. Liberals Arts Forum 3, 4. Cheerleader 3, Co-Captain 4. Homecoming Sponsor 4. May Day Court 4. Orientation Comm. 4, Dance Com. 2. Nominating Com. for Who ' s Who 4. Awards: State Student Legislature 1, 3, Sweetheart Sigma Mu Sigma 4. W.H.S.G.A. 4. -60, 63, 71, 77, 138. MARSHALL, NOBLE - History. Outstanding Athletics of America 3, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. Intramurals 1, 2. Dance Com. 1, 2, 3. Entertainment Committee 1, 2, 3. Southern Historical Assoc. 4. -138. MAUS, CLAUDE LEWIS - History Social Science. SAM, Southern Historical Assoc. 3, 4. -138. MAYFIELD, RUTH - English. Pi Kappa Tau. 1, 2, 3, 4. Alphi Chi 3, 4. Phi Psi Cli 3, 4. W.I.D.C. 2, 3. English Union Committee 2. Intramurals 1, 2. Ionian Society 1.-47, 49, 50, 73, 138. MESSICK, MICHAEL ANDREW - Political Science. Entertainment Committee 3. —139. MICHAEL, JOY BELLE - Elementary Education. -139. MILLER, WILSON MORROW - History Political Science. SGA Treasurer 4, Tau Kappa Epsilon 4. Campus Crier 4, Veritas 3. -38, 39, 82, 139. MOEN, ADRIENNE JANET- Physical Education. Tau Zeta Phi 3, Rec. Sec. 4. Phi Psi Cli 3, W.I.D.C. 4. Spanish Club 2. Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. Band, Majorette 2, 3, Head 4. WAA 1, 2, 3, Treas. 4. P. E. Major ' s Club 1,2,Pres. 3,4. -59,71, 139. MOORE, CHARLES - Business Administration. -139. MORRIS, PAT- Math. Marshal 3. Order of the Oak 3, 4. Curriculum Committee 4. -47, 139. NEAL, KENNETH EUGENE - Bus. Adm. SAM 3,4.-52, 140. NICOLAY, STEPHEN C. - Math Tau Kappa Epsilon 1, 2, 3, 4. Proctor 3. -82, I40. OLIVER, ROGER - English. Homecoming Committee 3. Maroon and Gold 4. Tau Kappa Epsilon 3, Historian 4. Who ' s Who 4. Phi Psi Cli Editor 4. Elon Players 3. -50, 82, 1 18, 140, 149. O ' NEILL, SALLY-ANN - Social Science. Senate 2, 4. Finance Committee 2, 4. Secretary to Senate 3, Chairman of Spring Weekend Committee 3. SSL 3, 4. Class Officers-Sec. 2, 4., Treas. 2, 4. Committee for Revision of Women ' s Rules 3. Tau Zeta Phi 2, 3, 4. Order of the Oak (Alpha Chi) 3, 4. Who ' s Who 4. Phi Psi Cli 2. W.I.D.C. 2,3. French Club 1, 2. Liberal Arts Forum 3. WAA 1. Home- coming Sponsor 3. Awards: SGA participation award 3. -40,52,71, 119, 130, 140. PACE, ANITA WICKLINE - Elem. Education. Pi Kappa Tau 1, 2, V.P. 3, 4. Marshal 3. W.I.D.C. 2, V.P. 3. -140. PAISLEY, JOHN PORTER, JR. - Business Adm. Senate 4. Chaplain 4. Judicial Committee 4, Finance Com- mittee, Chairman 4. SAM 2, 4. Intramurals 3, 4. -40, 41, 140. PEARCE, RUSSELL WADE - History. Liberal Arts Forum 2, 3. Ionian Society 2, 3. PEOPLES, DEBORAH ANN - Math. BetaOmicron Beta 3, 4., W.I.D.C. 4. WAA 4. -141. PERDUE, CLEO MARIE - Elementary Education. Senate 3. Orientation Committee 3. Pi Kappa Tau 3, Treas. 4. Marshal 3. Who ' s Who 4. Alpha Chi 3, Pres. 4. W.I.D.C. 3, 4. Band 2, 3. Majorette 3, 4. Homecoming Sponsor 2. Homecoming Court 4. Orientation Com. 3. Judicial Com. 3. -43,52,59,73, 113, 117, 141. PERKINS, DANA LOUISE - Elementary Ed. Public Relations Committee 2. French Club 1. WAA 2, 3. Homecoming Sponsor 2. — 141 . PERRY, REBECCA JEAN - Biology. Beta Omicron Beta 2, 3, 4. Marshal 3. W.I.D.C. 4. Home- coming Court 4. -43, 112, 141. PIKE, KATHRYN STOUT - Math. Marshal 4. SAM 4.- 141. POPE, MARTHA A. - Elmentary Education. Elon Singers 3, 4. -141. REID.WILLARD CLAUDE, III - History. Sigma Phi Alpha 1,2,3,4. -141. RIGGAN, JOAN RENEE - Christian Education. Marshal 2. Veritas 4. Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. Elon Singers 1, 2, 3, 4. Baptist Student Union 1. Ministerial Association 1, 2, 3, 4. ROBERTS, STEPHEN B. - Social Science. Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. -141. ROUNTREE, JANE - Business Education. Phi Psi Cli A. Beta Chi Epsilon 4. -49, 51, 142. SAGE, LAWRENCE - English. Senate 2. Alpha Psi Omega 3, 4. Maroon and Gold, Editor-4. Young Republicans 2. United Church of Christ Fellowship 2, 3. Elon Players 1, 2, 3, 4. Ministerial Association 1, 2, 3, Pres.-4. Radio Team 3, 4. -47, 56, 57, 65. SHORT, THOMAS EDWARD, JR. - History. Senate 4. Resolutions Comm. 4. Class Officers-Pres. 4. Tau Kappa Epsilon 3, Sec. 4. Proctor 2, 3, 4. Band 1, 2. Entertainment Com. 3. -40, 82, 130, 142. SIGLER, JOSEPH MICHAEL - Philosophy. Circle K-Treas.-Sec. 3, 4. Mathatians-V.P. 3, 4. Ministerial Assoc. 3, 4. -142. SMITH, CHRIS - Elementary Education. Senate 3. Homecoming 1, 2, Orientation Comm. 3. W.I.D.C. 3. Homecoming Sponsor 4. -142. SMITH, DENNIE W., JR. SAM 3,4.-142. Bus. Adm. SMITH, MICHAEL - Bus. Admin. Campus Affairs 4, Committee on Committees 4. Senate SAM 2,4. Intramurals 3. -142. SPENCE, ROYALL H. Ill - Math. Senate 3. Pep Comm. 3, Campus Affairs 3, Director of Board of Traditions 3. Tau Kappa Epsilon 1, 2, Treas. 3, 4., Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. Entertainment Comm. 2, 3, —82, 143. SPILLANE, MICHAEL - Social Science. lota Tau Kappa 2, Pres.-3, Pres.-4. Maroon and Gold 4. Baseball 1, 2, 3, Captain-4. Intramurals 1, 2, 4. " E " Men ' s Club 2, 3, 4. Awards: Outstanding College Athletes of America 4. -88, 143. SULECKI, RAYMOND - Biology. Biology Club 2, 3, 4. -143. TARKENTON, DONALD LEE - Political Social Science. Senate 1, 2. Class Officers-Pres.-1, 2. Tau Kappa Epsilon 1, 2, 3, 4. Board of Elections 1. Orientation Committee 2, 3. Judicial Comm. 2, 3. Awards: State Student Legislature, 1, 2, 3. Contemporary Affairs Symposium 3. —82, 143. THOMPSON, MARY ETHRIDGE - Social Science. Marshal 3. Pi Gamma Mu 3, Pres. 4. Order of the Oak, Alpha Chi 3,4.-52, 143. VAUGHAN, JANEY - Elementary Education. Lambda Tau Omega 2, 3, 4. NEA 4. Cheerleader 4. -60, 144. VUNCANNON, ANNE - Music. Beta Omicron Beta 4. Choir 1 4.-144. WALKER, EDDIE - Philosophy. 2,3,4. Elon Singers 1,2,3, WARD, KENNETH A. - Social Science. Kappa Psi Nu 4. Intramurals 2, 3. Entertainment Commit- tee 3. Homecoming Escort. —144. WARD, SALLIE ANN - Business Education. W.I.D.C.2. Beta Chi Epsilon 1, 2. Choir 2. -144. WAYMACK, SUSAN - Political Science. Homecoming Chairman 4. Choir 1, 2. Elon Singers 1, 2. WAA 2, 3, 4. Homecoming Sponsor 2. -144. WILKINSON, ERNEST Y, JR.- History. Religious Life Committee 4. Senate 4. Executive Efficiency Comm. 4. Maroon and Gold 4. Proctor 3. Circle K 3, 4. Football 2, 3, 4. Track 4. " E " Men ' s Club 3, 4. -144. WILLIAMS, CANDACE JOAN - Elementary Ed. Pi Kappa Tau 3, 4. Intramurals 3, 4. Homecoming Sponsor 4.-73,77, 144. WYATT, CHERYL LOUISE - Home Economics. Homecoming 4. Maroon and Gold 3. Intramurals 1. WAA 1, 2. Homecoming Sponsor 3. Ministerial Assoc. 2, 3. Nomi- nating Committee (H. C.) 4. - 145. WYATT, LINDSEY - Political Science Entertainment Comm. 3, 4. Homecoming Comm. 4. Orien- tation Comm. 4, Student Affairs (Chairman) 4. Veritas 3. Proctor 2. Baptist Student Union 1. Band 1, 2, 3. Minis- terial Assoc. 1, 2, 3. -145. WYLLIE, EDWIN K. " DICE " , JR. - English Drama. Senate 1, 2, 3, Homecoming 1, 2. Class Officers-V.P.-1, 2. Tau Kappa Epsilon 1,2,3, 4. Alpha Psi Omega, Director 4. Golf 1 , 2. Elon Players 2, 3, 4. -56, 57. WILSON, CAROL - Home Economics. Lambda Tau Omega. Home Economics Club 3, 4. —52, 144. WINSTEAD, JANET MARTIN - Music. Who ' s Who Committee 4. Alpha Chi 3, 4. Maroon and Gold 4. Young Democrats 1. Music Teachers National Assoc. 4. North Carolina Music Teachers Assoc. 4. Choir 1, 2, 3, Band 4. -52, 118, 145. WINSTEAD,WILLIAMC- Business Adm. SAM 2, 3, V.P.-4. Band Manager 4. -145. YOUMANS, RICHARD C. - Business Administration. Maroon and Gold 4. SAM 3, 4. Baseball 1,2. Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. -47, 145. ZINK,ALVIN JOHN, III - English. Maroon and Gold, Co-Editor 4. English Union, Pres. 2, 3, 4. -47, 145. ZIRPOLE, MARIE - History Political Science. Homecoming (Chairman) 4. Delta Upsilon Kaypa 2, 3, Corres. Sec. 4. W.I.D.C. 2, 3, 4. Athletics: Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4. WAA 1, 2, 3, 4. Sigma Phi Sweetheart 3, -43, 75, 145. w. w. selleRS Friend of the College Community Leader Board of Trustees Member in memoRiAm 6r. avizonis 6iPk Bunch walUce haRRis qeonqe BOBBins community community community community community community community community community community community community community community community community community community community community community community CASEWELL MOTOR CO. GLEN RAVEN DRUG Yancyville, N. C. Better idea people! phone 584-3681 torcC. BELK-BECKCO. HUEY ' SBAR-B-Q Holly Hill Mall phone 584-7211 BLANCHARD ' S TINY-TOTE FASHION LOFT Elon College MATLOCK ' S GROCERY Elon College BANTAM CHEF ELON COLLEGE Glen Raven CAMPUS SHOP LOCAL DRAFT BOARD WANTS 173 YOU This SYMBOL Stands For QUALITY THE WORLD OVER... ALL BEGAN IN ALAMANCE COUNTY rill 1925. m.mifoetur.1 in 1937 I worid lomoui brand n | FcTT , OUR BRANt) S iTT • Schlaporelli • Mojud .Sapphire .« Esquire Socks I Bachelors ' Friend • ' Jiffies . Supp-Hose Parity Hose . Phoenix . Mercury . Interwoven . Bi ' rdwick . Supp-Hose Hosiery for men women KAYSER-ROTH HOSIERY COMPANY, Inc. All I said was " BURGER CHEF rw People on the go ... go Burger Chef for the big new BIG SHEF. Two double-deck Open Flame Broiled hamburgers with melted cheese, tangy sauce topped with lettuce on a hot, toasted bun. A meal in a sandwich. 1610 S. Church St. Burlington, N. C. Next To City Park Homp of the World? Greatpsf Hamburqpr 1 JACKO. FARRELL Helping Elon grow to greater heights. GOOD LUCK, CLASS OF 1970 Slater School and College Services wishes to thank the members of the graduating class for their patronage — to say farewell, good luck, and good health. Your school ' s administration realizes that classroom performances often depends on planned nutrition. Through ARA Slater, they have wisely invested in quality, prepared and served in friendly style. We hope you have enjoyed Slater meals service that mealtime provided a pleasant social break in the day ' s busy routine. From all of us, good luck good health in the years ahead! SLATER SCHOOL AND COLLEGE SERVICES estop ' s note This yearbook has been a reflection in experience— our experience of Elon College. It has been our goal to present a reflection of this year. But it is only a reflection— with only as much reality as you bring to it. It is our hope that as you view this book, now and in the future, you will pause and reflect on the trivial things that once seemed so important, and on the important things that have molded your life. It is also our hope that you will see and feel Elon College 1970 as only you, having lived it in youth, can. The college is by no means perfect, and we have not attempted to present it as such. However, we must all strive for understanding and mutual cooperation, for without it this college cannot survive. Objective learning must be the primary goal of such an institution as Elon. But, not the simple learning of facts. Buildings, professors, students, and money do not make a college; they are worthless unless guided by that spark which causes a man to seek Truth, Goodness, and Beauty in life, those things beyond the material, not for reward, but for his own fulfillment within his own sacred individuality. Finally, it is our hope that you will leave Elon with more than a few faded memories and stored away facts— but with a set of principles, of the highest nature, for directing your life towards the goal you seek. Reflections Reflections Reflections Reflections Reflections Reflections Reflections Reflections Jl fLections Reflections Reflections Reflections Reflections Reflections lections ettions Reflections flections flections Reactions Rj ctions Reflections Reflections a 6ay gone By— a dawn BRiqhteneo into Reflections of full day faced once moce into dARk. But the night ? only pARtiAl shadow now OARk diminished to minute ppopoRtion By Reflection of past day ' s expeRience. ■ mm 4 mt» now. . . poor moves in shadow neap quiet 6awn BReakinq into mist of day. yesteROay s unOeRStanOinQ, pounCution pop illumining new day. one 6oor closed Behmo anothep open- new paths emepqe. poot hesitates a moment only in Reflection. . . and then. . . walks once mope into the dawn. 191 a change. Let then our first act every morning be to make the following resolve for the day: I shall not fear anyone on earth. I shall fear only God. I shall not bear ill will toward anyone. I shall conquer untruth by truth. And in resisting untruth I shall put up with all suffering. MAHATMA GANDHI a6 n Jk

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