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(ji0l,r} A. ljac,o7 -0 - - ' 5i CU £ PHI PSI CU Volume LIV Elon College Elon College, N. C Elonin 1969 Change can be violent and painful; or it can be a gradual process, to which we adjust bit by bit. We ore all aware that we are living in an age of change, in which it is necessary to continually develop and adapt to the changing times, in order to keep moving forward. Complacency and satisfaction with existing conditions only move us backward. And so, as every other place, Elon, too, is experiencing a period of great change. The Elon of 1969 is vastly different from the Elon which this year ' s graduates entered in the fall of 1965. The building program, which was initiated in that year, has continued to change Elon into a more progressive and impressive school. The spirit of change and progress is not limited to buildings, however, and this year the same spirit which prompted the development of Elon ' s physical plant has been manifested by her students, as individuals. More than ever before, we have exhibited an interest in our school. We have sought to initiate changes which will make Elon a more effective place in which to learn and grow, and we have striven to make our years at Elon a more worthwhile and progressive experience. Within this book, is the record, in pictures and in words, of our efforts, as individuals and as a group, to accomplish these goals. ELON ON THE MOVE CONTENTS ACADEMICS 18 ORGANIZATIONS 36 GREEKS 64 SPORTS 88 FEATURES 106 CLASSES and STUDENT LIFE 126 FINDING NEW ANGLES ELON STUDENTS SEEK NEW ' - ic l,N ANSWERS WALKING NEW PATHS ' fg msmm. ELON STUDENTS STRIVE . ' Ji mfsm TO ASCEND NEW HEIGHTS AS THEY MOVE TO THE NEW DEDICATION Some remember his presence on the Elon campus because he always wore a freshman beanie, some because he had such avid school spirit, and some because he always stopped to chat. We all remember him for at least one special reason; and so with pride, appreciation, affection and warmth we dedicate this, the fifty-fourth edition of the Phi Psi Cli, to Rev. John S. Graves, an alumnus of Elon, professor and Campus Minister for many years, and most important and most lasting, our friend. n ' f ACADEMICS President of the College ! confused and difficul 1 and conflicts, the turmoil in the problems between races, the disturbances campuses, and other evidences of uncertainty and di are undoubted sources of the confusion and sufficie evidence of the difficulties. In times like these, liberal arts college, remaining true to its traditi continues to serve through its twofold mission of s ing for and communicating the truth, aim at Elon College to be a good liberal arts college committed to Chri-stian principles and practice. We sincerely hope that you have foxind stimulation for your minds and inspiration for your living during your years God bless you throughout your li ■ " " - better place because you ' Dr. Danieley explains a chemistry formula. Administrative Officers C. Fletcher Moore Dean of the College Administrative Officers Percy W. Benton, Assistant Dean of Men; W. Jennings Berry, Jr., Dean of Students. Mrs. June Looney Associate Dean of Students Administrative Personnel ( m Luther Byrd Publicity Director f ' 2 fc Oscar Fowler Campus Shop Manager it Alfred Hurst Campus Ministe r Theodore Perkins Librarian Arabella Gore Catalogue Librarian n Oma Johnson Librarian Historical Society Tyrone Rowell Director of Alumni Relations Guy Lambert Associate Librarian Worden Updike Director of Technical Services Larry McCauley Assistant Business Manager It Louis Wilkins Academic Counselor Administrative Staff W iPI m Ruth Benton Secretary to Donna Holt Secretary to Director of Financial Aid ' cr» r Emma Lewis Secretarial Services Nancy Morrow Secretary to Business Manager f ilL Avtil Cote Assistant Cashier Melene Hughes Hostess - Staley Hall Doris Maney Cashier Joyce Perry Secretary to Director of Technical Services Maiy Edwards Secretary to Director of Alumni Relations Virginia Johnston Secretary to Registrar Anne Marmorato Clerk Virginia Richardson Library Staff Becky Franks Secretary to President of College Eleanor Kittinger Library Staff Jacqueline Matlock Secretary to Director of Admissions l i Audrey Shumar Secretary to Accountant Catherine Halbert Secretary to Dean of College iy Mattie Lee Circulation WT Jan McKee Secretary to Assistant Business Manager Vickie Smith Maiy Thomas Ann Vickeis Maigie Wood Charlotte Wyatt Secretary to Secretary to Assistant Secretary to Library Staff Associate President of Catalogue Dean of College College Librarian Students Departments of Business and Economics BUSINESS AND ECONOMICS The goals of the Business and Economics Departments, headed by Mrs. Jeanne Williams and Mr. Ralph V. Anderson, are to give students a firm understanding of economic institutions and a sound knowledge of basic principles and analytical tools of economics and business. X Mrs. Jeanne F. Williams Head of Business Department Mrs. Janie Council Mr. Syed Hasan Mrs. Frances Longest Mr. John K. Patterson Mr. Allen Sanders Mrs. Tessie Taylor Mrs. James T. Toney Ralph V. Anderson Head of Economics Department Department of Education EDUCATION Headed by Dr. Arnold Strauch, the Education Department endeavors to educate and prepare future teachers as by coupling the academic courses with first-hand teaching experience through the student teaching experience in the student teaching program. Student teaching is a necessary requirement for certification. The education department includes both elemen- tary and secondary school programs. Dr. Arnold C. Strauch Head of Department Dr. Howard Richardson Mrs. Lucille Stone Dr. Theo Strum Dr. Ben Williams Dr. Paul Cheek Head of Department Department of Natural Sciences NATURAL SCIENCES The Department of Natural Sciences provides courses of study leading to degrees in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. In addition the Department welcomes its commitment to those whose professional interests lie outside the natual sciences. It is to be hoped that studies in the natural sciences will prove of value not only as an intellectual pursuit for all members of the campus community, but that they will provide some measure of assistance in what must be the effort of man to come to terms with the natural world. Mr. Lewis Dnimm 1 ik Dt. William Homer Mr. Voigt Morgan Mr. Paul Reddish Mr. Thomas Russ Department of Home Economics HOME ECONOMICS With the growing tendency toward speciahzation in today ' s world the Home Economics major is presented with various opportunities upon graduation with a degree in Home Economics. The Home Economic Department strives to prepare its students to meet the many challenges this field offers both in and outside the home. MLss Edith R. Brannock Head of Department Department of English ENGLISH The Department of English consists of dedicated and competent members of the faculty whose functions are to inculcate in the minds of their students high standards of wri tten and verbal expression and sensitivity to and love of great literature. The largest department on the Elon campus, the Department of English reaches all students through Freshman English and survey courses. Mr. Jennings Berry - vN ' Mr. Robert Bland Dr. Robert G. Blake Head of Department Dr. Maiy EUen Priestly Mr. Ray Bowie Visiting Professor of EngUsh Miss Mary Deason Dr. Eleanor Moffett Mr. Philip Owens Mr. William Ramsey Miss Judy Shelton Mr. Michael Smith Mr. Manley Wellman Department of Fine Arts FINE ARTS The Fine Arts Department develops performers and artists as a primary function, but a very important obligation is its sponsorship of cultural events on campus and its emphasis on the students ' knowledge and appreciation of the Fine Arts. Each section offers special opportunities for the students ' interest. Campus music organizations include the choir, orchestra, and marching, concert, and stage bands. The Elon Players offer dramatic opportunity for the students. All these programs add to the cultural atmosphere of the college. C. Fletcher Moore Head of Department Dr. Marvin Artley Mrs. Terrell Cofield Mr. Edwin Daniel Mr. Gene Featherstone Mrs. .Maurine Gminder Mr. Alexander Moffett .Mr. Walter Westafer Mr. Jack O. White Department of Social Sciences SOCIAL SCIENCE The ultimate goal of the Department of Social Sciences is to aid a student in understanding the total society of which he is a member. The courses offered in this field embrace a wide range of cultural experience. A student who is accompHshed in the Social Science area becomes a worthwhile member of the social structure, and strives to better the world in which he lives. Dr. Konstantinas Avizonis Head of Department Dr. S. E. Gerard PriesUey Distinguished Visiting Professor of History and Political Science Mr. Brooks Gates Dr. Robert Delp Mr. James P. Elder, Jr. Dr. Charles Harper Mrs. Nachel Holt Mr. Charles G. Latham „ „ . . Pictured above are the people who participated in the winter term course, which was taught in Dr. Dorothy Mason Dr. Durwood Stokes England. Dr. Rudolf Zaizar Dr. Carolyn Zinn Dt. Albert Gminder Head of Department Department of Foreign Languages FOREIGN LANGUAGE Courses in foreign language enable students to gain know- ledge of both a country ' s literature and culture. They also enable the student to read, write, and speak the language. When a " communication barrier " is removed, tolerance is more likely. The tolerance, in turn, lays the groundwork for establishment of lasting peace. Mrs. Angele Avizonis Miss Eloise Baynes Mr. Jose Bohigas Dr. Kostas Cepa kkll H Y Miss Ruth Doyle Dr. Maria Espino Mrs. Suzanne Hooper Dr. Ferris E. Reynolds Mrs. Bessie Sloan Mrs. Edith St Department of Philosophy and Religion Dr. Ferris E. Reynolds Head of Department Rev. Howard Bozarth ti Dr. WiUiam S. Elzey PHILOSOPHY AND RELIGION Courses offered in philosophy and religion seek to aid the student in finding and examining his own personal philosophy of life through the study of the world ' s leading thinkers. " 1 say again that daily to discourse about virtue and of those other things about myself and others, is the greatest good of man, and that the unexamined life is not worth living. " -Socrates Dr. James Overton Dr. WiUiam W. Sloan m He 1 4 V -, P Department of Mathematics Wesley Alexander Head of Department MATHEMATICS The Department of Mathematics attempts to offer a sound and up-to-date curriculum in mathematics. Through a dedicated staff it meets the needs of a variety of students. Among its objectives are: to provide the student majoring in mathematics the foundation needed to pursue graduate work in mathematics; to offer a curriculum that will complement the natural sciences; to provide the prospective secondary and elementary school teachers with the mathematics necessary to become certified public school teachers; and to offer courses for those students who need only a terminal course in mathematics. Mrs. Janie Evans Mr. John Gerlach Mr. Frank Harris Mr. Vincent Lamphier Mr. Burton Stuart, Jr. Department of Physical Education PHYSICAL EDUCATION It is the goal of the Physical Education Department to promote healthy bodies and minds by offering courses in educational activities as well as courses in hygiene and health. Exercise of the body is just as important as exercise of the mind. The P.E. Department offers a wide variety of courses designed to teach the student both skills and rules involved in the field of Physical Education. Mr. Donald Kelley Head of Department iilli A Mr. Gary Mattocks Mr. William MUler Mr. Jerry ToUey Mr. Marshall Wiggins ORGANIZATIONS Student Government Association The Student Government Association, realizing its job as the representative body of the students, strives to serve as the link in the chain of communications between students and admin- istration. Continually striving to fullfill tliis assignment, the S.G.A. officers are on the move to promote freedom expression, keep the college community up to date, and instill the student ' s interest in S.G.A. One main objective of the S.G.A. this year was to answer the cries for more campus activities. Proudly the S.G.A. answered the call by establishing an on-campus coffee house, often providing live entertainment, adding a new weekend. Captain Elon, as well as beginning procedures for an on-campus radio station. Endeavor and FuUfillment have been the guide words for the year ' s S.G.A. and officers. Vice-President Paul Bleiberg Treasurer Russell L. Schetroma Senate The 1968-1969 Student Senate be- gan its year enthusiastically with its elected body possessing both experience as well as newness. Each class was proud to have at least two senators having served a previous term of office. Under the leadership of Paul Bleiburg, meet- ings were conducted democratically, allowing action to be taken on various bills and resolutions. Highliglits of the session included a bill to poll the stu- dent body ' s feeUngs on chapel atten- dance, passage of various resolutions pertaining to campus life and regulation, and the investigations of special com- mittees into such matters as the revision and updating of women ' s dormitory rules. The Student Senate is the key to fuUfilling the students ' desires and wel- comes at any time all suggestions. PRESIDING OFFICERS SEATED: Paul Bleiberg. STANDING: Sheldon Batchelor, Peggy Bondurant, Dave Harrison. 9 © t © © 9 © SENATORS ROW ONE: Cleo Purdue, Betsy Brown, Julia Treece, Cindy Brinn, Diana Kuhnert, Beth Brinckerholf, Sherri McGirt. ROW TWO: Don Allen, Bob Arron, Terry Rice, Lee Loy, David Cobb, George S cott, Bob Sutherland, Jerry Webb, Bennie Saunders. ROW THREE: Jim Sherwood, Sheldon Batchelor, Bob Lane, Dave Harrison, Phil Larrabee, Todd Bridgeford, York Poole, Tony Festa. n " ' JiFtS STATE STUDENT LEGISLATURE ORIENTATION COMMITTEE SEATED: Kay Savage, Sherri McGirt, Sally O ' Neill, Beth Brinkerhoff. STANDING: SEATED: Sheldon Batclielor, Chris Smith, Resa Robinson, Phil Larrabee. STAND- Phil Larrabee, Bobby Slosh, York Poole, Noel Allen, Don Tarkington, Paul ING: Pete Flemming, Buck Cobb, Al Blum, Don Tarkingotn, Bob Snyder, Bill Mele. Bleiburg. COMMITTEE ON CONTEMPORARY AFFAIRS SEATED: Jan Davis. STANDING: Don Tarkington, Jerry Webb. S. G. A. Committees ENTERTAINMENT COMMITTEE ROW ONE: Ken Scott, Cheryl Hart, Pam Sauvain. Kathy Bamford, Bob Jones. ROW TWO: Ned Poole, Royall Spence, Bob Sutherland -Co-chairman, Lindsey OUTSTANDING PROFESSORS Wyatt, John C. Cole. Neil Henning, Chairman-Not pictured. LEFT TO RIGHT: Billy Staley, Gerry Oxford, Todd Bridgford, EUzabeth WilUams. q A o f ) rr-» PEP CLUB iEATED: Brenda Forbis, Jan Davis, Pam Sauvain, Beth Brinckerhoff. ROW TWO: .arry Good, Jim Fogle, Al Blom, Royall Spence, Bob Snyder. BOARD OF ELECTIONS SEATED: Cathy Mangum, Denny McGuire, Jean Moberly. STANDING: Barbara Waugh, Carol McKinney, Darlene Moore, Todd Bridgford. Not pictured: Susan Ryder, Bill Walker. CAPTAIN ELON SEATED: Sue Welsch, Ursula Anuhs. STANDING: Donnie Goldberg, Teresa Isley, Snyder. FINANCE COMMITTEE SEATED: Cindy Brinn, Beth Brinckerhoff, Dave Harrison, Phil Larrabee, Diana fCuhnert. STANDING: Tony Festa, Don Allen, Lee Loy, George Scott. SPRING WEEKEND SEATED: Dorothy Farrell, Nancy Cummings, Teresa Isley, Terry Stone, Blanche Newsome. STANDING: Kathy Davis, Sandy Zoladz, Ken Scott, York Poole, Clyde Ivy, Bob Snyder, Olivia Christian. AL.?- PUBLIC RELATIONS Ken Scott and Kaye Savage STUDENT AFFAIRS SEATED: Dean W. J. Berry, Mr. Sanders. STANDING: Frank Lyon, Phil Larrabee. b ff COFFEE HOUSE SEATED: Vicki Frost. STANDING: Joe Sigler, Vie Rola. PUBLICITY SEATED: Martha Seat, Linda Gompers, Joanne Misslebeck. STANDING: Todd Bridgford, Buck Cobb, Jim Good. SPECIAL AIDS SEATED: Robert McCrary. STAND- ING: Bill Swartz, Mark Jordan. WHO ' S WHO Mr. Jerry Tolley. Dean Theo Strum, Martha Kellam. Not Pictured: Jo Nelle Walker (Chairman). FOOD AND CAFETERIA SEATED: .Mark Jordan, John Cole. STANDING: Bill Swartz. Archie Taylor. RADIO ROW ONE: David Gilbert, Blanche Newsome, Debbie Swenson, Don AUen. ROW TWO: Phil Clark, Wayne Womble, Ted Nelson, Barry Simmons, Al Blom, Woddy Harrell, Donnie Falk, Bob Truitt. Honor Court The Honor Court seeks to maintain academic integrity in a community where competition is unusually great. It attempts to encourage adherence to the Elon College code of conduct, and to protect the rights of each individual to study in an en- vironment where " justice " has meaning that can be seen and felt. George Huglies Chief Justice of the Honor Court HONOR COURT MEMBERS SEATED; Denny McGuire, George Hughe Bessie Sloan, John Gerlach, and John Papa. Denny Goldberg. STANDING: Donnie Bowers, Dr. Howard Richardson, Mrs. Womens Interdormitory Council OFFICERS-SEATED: Anita Wickline, Vice President, Kay Savage, President. STANDING: Ruth Mayfield, Cleo Purdue, Marie ZiipoU. Call Downs are our specialty! SEATED: Sallie Ann Ward, Katie Patrick, Alta Kay DeHart, Linda Abney, Cathy Mangum. STANDING: Sallie O ' Neill, Myra Rothwell, Chris Smith, Linda Wesley. Ginny Haller, Martha Kellam, Belinda Black, Janet Seymore. Susan Brown, Carol Vincent, Mary Ann Underwood, Julia Treece. Colonnades The Elon College literary magazine, the COLONNADES, endeavors to present the most outstanding artistic and literary achievements of the college ' s students by providing a medium for self expression and the birth of self confidence. This year ' s staff has worked diligently to create an entirely new format with the desire to increase student participation and cast a new light upon the college itself. STAFF MEMBERS LEFT TO RIGHT: Ed Baker, Rose Mary Chiartas, David Spicer, Noel AUan. Veritas In May of 1968, the Student Senate passed a bill offered by President Allen of Student Goveniment, instituting a free student press. The bill stipulated that there would be two co-editors, and that the staff would be considered an S.G.A. committee, with the editors as co-chairmen of the committee. Allen appointed Barton C. Shaw, a senior from Annapolis, Maryland, and Randall S. Spencer, a junior from Manchester, Conn., to the positions and the three decided on tlie title; VERITAS, E.C. NEWS-LIBERATED PRESS, to emphasize that Elon College now had, for the first time in its lustory an uncensored student newspaper, and to stress that the end in mind from the outset would be " TRUTH. " Despite pessimism from all quarters VERITAS in one academic year has attained remarkable stability and has become a successful enterprise. With its diversification of literature including culture, politics, racial considerations, informative news, sports, and editorials, it has been read weekly by more than 1300 students and faculty. VERITAS will hopefully continue througli future years in this Ught. Co-editors: Randy Spencer and Bart Shaw. i«ei KNEELING- Randy Spencer, Tim Builei, Bart Snaw, Eail White, David Spicer. ROW TWO; John .McConnell, Ann Patterson. Barbara Waugh, Carol McKinney, Denny McGuire, Cathy Mangum, Linda Long. ROW THREE; Tom Harris, Bruce Washburn, Richard Bean. Morrow Miller, Lindsey Wyatt, Jay Maroon and Gold Dedicated to the best interests of Elon College, with attention to the activities of both Elon students and Elon faculty, the Maroon and Gold is published weekly during the college year, with the exception of hoUdays and vacation periods. The paper is published in cooperation with the college ' s journalism department and has no official edito- rial staff. It has been under the supervision of Prof. Luther N. Byrd for the past twenty years, and during that period the paper has several times won recognition as one of the top college publications in the state in the weekly or bi-weekly class. Sponsor Luther Byrd addr Members of the staff discuss ideas for the next issue •y th w ' " V 1 P 1 5 8 k- Susan Heatwole Editor Jackson Prentice Art and Layout Editor Adrienne Moen Sophomore Class Editor Kathy Copeland Greek Editor PHI PSI CM Vicki Harris Feature Editor Betsy Browne Associate Editor llll Pam Owens 1 Copy Editor Linda Long and Cheryl Hopkins Academic Editors JAFF Kathy Davis and Carolyn Cameron Organization Editors Vicki Riley, Resa Robinson Junior Class Editors Business Manager Seiuoi Class Editora " O. K.,who yelled Quartet SEATED: Danny Chilton. STANDING: Don Perkins, Jack Cotton, Floyd Hinshaw, Jerry Gertcher. Elon Singers ROW ONE: Jennifer Knott, Ellen Barnes, Nelda Shaw, Jenny Huffman, Donna Thomas, Carol Norman, Debbie Stroud, MeUssa Coates, Cathy Howell, Gale Weatherly, Susan Brown, Sue Hamilton. ROW TWO: Ann Jones. Linda Chalmers, Kim King, Carol Truitt, Pam Edwards, Olivia Cliristian, Nancy Thomas, Gwendolyn Wood, Sally Ann Ward, Glenda Baird, Jean Rhodes, Margie Antal, Ann VonCannon, Janet Winstead. ROW THREE: Bill Shaver, Keith Cole, Christopher Walsh, .Marvin Morgan, Sara Draper, Emily Hall, Brenda Pritchard, Bud Parrish, Archie Taylor, Mac Abernathy, York Poole. ROW FOUR: Jerry Gertcher, Don Perkins, Harold O ' Briant, George Cannon, Wilton Haffey. 51 KNFELINc; l);iniiy I lelds, RiL-hard Miles, Keith Osborne, Don Smith, Greg Smith, Donmc Stubblefield, Gene Painter. FIRST ROW: Bill Haffey, Nelda Shaw, Phil Clark, Steve Peeler, Judy Stevens, Mickey Stuart, Bob Snyder, Cecil Johnson, Dannie Underwood, George Cannon, Buck Bayhff, Elwood Porshe. ROW TWO: Dianne Martin, Cynthia Coker, Joan Wilson, Allen Gibbs, Ed Thomas, Keith Cole, Terri Stone, Judy Meyers, Janis Bump, Barbara Bayliff. Priscilla Spoon, Susan Pell, Mary Anne Swartout, Susan Patton, Charley Calligan, EUot Reynolds, Don Perkins. ROW THREE: Richard Watkins, Charles Morningstar, Jim Fogle, Gary Noubarian, Jim Good, Ruffin Quails, Larry Bugg, John Parks, Jim Wliite, Ron White, David Towe, Mr. Jack O. White. ROW FOUR: Danny Seuther, David Surrat, Dave BuUard, Barry Simons. Under the direction of Mi. Jack 0. White, the Elon College Band performs another of its many fine concerts. Feature Iwirler for the Elon band. Miss Sandy Dof- flemyer. Elon College Marching Band The Elon College Band aroused their audiences as they per- formed in many activities this year. The enthusiastic sixty-member band provided exciting half-time sliows during the football season, and on Parents ' Day both the daiice band and the concert band provided a variety of music for the parents. They were one of the few bands privileged to be asked to perform at the Nixon Rally in Greensboro. The season was ended with a concert featuring wind, brass, and percussion ensemble. In May the band gave their traditional Spring Concert. The Elon College Band entertains during the Half-time ; From left to right: Adriene Moen, Karen Flynn, Kay Savage-Head Majorette, Cleo Perdue, Janet Thornbii 53 Cheerleaders With new uniforms, new cheers, and a new school spirit, the Elon College cheerleaders began the 1968-69 school year. Football season brought many hard practices and the efforts of the squad to revitalize the student ' s interest in the school atiiletic program. Rain drenched cheerleaders spurred the Fighting Christian ' s football team as they fought many hard battles. As the football season ended victoriously with a win over Lenoir Rhyne, the cheerleaders lead the student body with cheers of confidence for Elon ' s basketball team. Cheerleaders tried a new twist in pep rallies as the fraternity pledges boosted enthusiasm by leading cheers before the High Point game. As the season comes to an end, the endless amount of time and energy given by this year ' s cheerleading squad echos around the campus a traditional yell: Let ' s win this game, Go onward Elon go! Captain -Gail Porter Co-captain-Elaine Ijea Aj I SEATED: Gail Porter. STANDING: Nina Martin, Katie Patrick, Elaine Beach, Joan King, Jeanie Barrett, Margie Antal, Ursula Anulis. Elon Players Jim Gillespie, Tim Edwards, Jay Wilketson, Denny Kopik, Jeff Taylor, Dice Wylie, Chuck Junke r, Sherrie Wylie, Nancy Boone, Kathy Copeland, Virginia Daniel, Mr. Ed Pilkington, Neil Henning, Larry Sage, Jeff Fields, Dale Kaufman, Glenda Condon, David Scutter, Paula Schmidt, Sam Roberson. ' Take good care of Puff. ' Scenes from this Alpha Psi Omega One of the national fraternities m campus, Alpha Psi Omega srves to make students more a- are of the theatre arts by spon- oring plays, publicizing student ramatic projects, and affording n outlet for aspiring actors. It ffers the creative individual an pportunity to work with others aving similar theatrical interest. SEATED: Kathy Copeland, Mr. Ed Pilkington, Nancy Boone. STANDING: Jay Wilkinson, Denny Kopik, Sam Roberson, Jeff Taylor. ear ' s performances The Elon Players present " Antigone " during Parents Weekend. 57 Beta Chi Epsilon Beta Chi Epsilon functions for the benefit of all Business Education and secretarial students at Elon College. The organ- ization serves as a source of extracurricular activity for tliose students who are not on campus full time and cannot take advantage of other social organizations. By means of classroom demonstrations of tlie latest office equipment, visits to local businesses and industries, and lectures from members of these organizations, the girls leani and experience true business activities. The colors selected by Beta Chi Epsilon are blue and green, while the yellow rose is its flower. The advisors are Mrs. Frances Longest and Mrs. Tessie Taylor. OFFICERS SEATED: Wanda Miller, Secretary; Diane Martin, Vice-President. STANDING: Sallie Ann Ward, President; Janet Tliornhill, Treasurer. ROW ONI W -ina.i Miller. Daine Martin, Sallie Ann Ward, Janet Thornhill, Sue Johnson. ROW TWO: Marie Niforas, Jennifer Knott, Pam Davis, Nancy Cason. Bonnie Perell. ROW THREE; Pam Layton, Pat Kecgan, Melissa Coatcs, Teresa Isley. Alpha Chi OFFICERS OF ALPHA CHI SEATED: Dale Thompson, Gary Oxford, Larry Durham, Sandra Isley. STANDING: Cepas, Dean Theo Strum, Dean Fletcher Moore. Those students who have at least a junior standing with cumulative grade point average of 3.30 are recogni " fd .1 Alpha Chi. They are recognized for their superior schoiai ship and are encouraged to intellectual achievement. The members of this honorary society are: Rebecca Beale Mary Etheridge John Burgess Peter Fleming Muriel Cole Dianne Gucker Penny Gilliam Linda Long James Green Ruth Mayfield Peggy Greeson Sally O ' Neill Neill Key Cleo Perdue James Lightbourne Janet Winstead Denny McGuire Jerry Woodlief Dimitia Panagiotopoulou Edna Brandy Anita Rich Annie Cleapor Vada Rogers Larry Durham James Ross Shirley Faircloth Julia Treece Marilyn Farley Ronald Wicker Suzanne Hooper Dennis Wilbourne Sandra Isley David Abernathy Carol McKinney Laurent Changuion Gerry Oxford Linda Thompson Russell Schetroma Linda Wesley Harold Wheeler Margaret Willett Pi Gamma Mu In this national Social Science loner Society are represented those tudents and faculty members who lave attained distinction in the fields )f the social sciences. Seniors and )ther eligible persons are elected to nembership each fall and spring. SEATED: Denny Kopik, Dale Thompson, Carol McKinney, .Mrs. WiUiams, Dr. Stokes. STANDING: Denny McGuire, Charles Sizemore, Bart Shaw, Mrs. Rachel Holt, Frank Rhodes, Professor James Elder, Paul Amundson, Dr. Carolyn Zinn, Mike Hamm, Dr. Delp, Sheldon Batchelor, Mrs. Hooper, Jim Greene, Professor Gilbert Latham, Mary Ethridge. Mathatians SEATED: Cheryl Hart, Joan Riggan, Mary Rutt, Susie Ellis. ROW TWO: Dr. Reynolds, .Marvin Morgan, Lindsey Wyatt, David Cory, Chris Walsh, Archie Aitchison, Buck Cobb. While growing pains have gripped the College, the Mathatians have grappled with massive revisions in the religious needs of the college. Formerly emphasizing aspects of Christian activity which provide training and experience for the liferime Christian work of its members, Mu Theta Sigma is now striving to provide Christian fellowsliip for its members and service to the college and community. This year the Mathatians have conducted a highly successful campaign to collect money for the United Nations Cliildrens fund. Tills money will be used to combat starvation in Biafra. The Mathatians have also held several community work days. Other activities include teaching Sunday School and taking children from the Elon Home on outings. Varsity Club The Varsity Club is a service organization composed of men who have earned letters in a varsity sport. The club is directed toward stimulating greater interest in athletics on campus. ROW 1: Frank Webster, Jack Shirley, Bill Bowes, George Watts, Dewey Capps. ROW 2: Tom Jernigan, Larry Raines, Roland Gill, Phil Larrabee, Charles Woody. ROW 3: Steve Caddell, Jim Waller, Sandy Carrington, Jerry Midkiff, Bob Godfrey. ROW 4: Steve Bird, Joe Freve, Jim Ellington, Mel Pearce, David Goodman. ROW 5: Mike Hughes, Wayne Thrift, Rick Brady, Don Brady, Mike Spillane, Marty Bonnett, Billy Robey. W. A. A. The Women ' s Athletic Association strives to " stimulate an interest in the right types of athletics for recreation and social benefits: to promote interest in health programs and general efficiency; to appeal to many instead of a few; to create wider friendships and friendly rivalry; and to develop the highest type of sportsmanship that can be put into the life of a girl as a citizen. " The council of the W.A.A. is composed of the officers, the representatives elected by the sororities and dormitories, and the advisor, Mrs. Janie Brown. All female students are encour- aged to participate in the intramural sports which the Council sponsors. OFFICERS: LEFT TO RIGHT - Susan Brown, Jane Crocker, Mrs. Janie Brown. SECOND ROW: Ruth Phillips, Lynn Cunningham, Marie Zirpoh. ROW 1: Mrs. Janie Brown, Advisor; .Marie Ziipoli, reporter; Susan Erown, Vice President; Jane Crocker, President; Lynne Cunningham, secretary. ROW 2: Cindy Brinn, Debbie Moore, Cindy Holloway, Emily Hall. ROW 3: Ruth Pliillips, Carol Ann Bast, Kathy Bamford. p. E. Majors ' Club The Physical Education Majors Club offers opportunities to those students who are interested in physical education or its many related fields. This organization plays a vital role in both the intramural and inter-collegiate sports programs at Elon and promotes the study and use of new techniques in physical education. FIRST ROW: Cindy Holloway, Jane Crocker, Sec.-Treas.; Jimmy WaUer, Vice-Pres.; Adiienne Moen, Pres.; Lynne Cunningham. SECOND ROW; Jack Giordano, Carol Emmett, Debbie Moore, Susan Brown, Jo Ann Misslbeck, Connie Seward, Jenny Midkiff. THIRD ROW: Wayne Wilbourne, Rutti Ann Phillips, Dianne Hurley. Carol Ann Bast, Emily HaU, Margaret Martin, Kathy Bamford. FOURTH ROW: Jim Matusiak. John Temple, Jack Shirley Ronnie Wicker, Rusty Roberts, Don Brady. 63 v -v H Tf%: Uje a 0 nA micron iBeia B. 0. B. - Best of the Best . . . Pat, would you please do your acrobatics somewhere besides in front of the Student Center . . . Becky, who leads the life of luxury . . . Jane, say you have termpapers coming out of your ears? . . . Cleanest sorority room on campus - thanks to the pledges . . . Carol I., do you ever get to class on time? . . . Sondra has an inside connection with our brothers . . . Ann, it ' s unbelievable! An A in histo- ry? .. . Sue, what sparkles and is worn on the left hand? . . . Mrs. Council, an advisor who can ' t be beat . . . Jan, parlez-vous francaise? . . . Judy - our patriotic sister with tlie " Elon " license plates . . . Sherry - if you ' re good you may get a big hug from Rocky ... A brother-sister reception at the Sheraton Motor Inn - Great to see past sisters . . . Sandra, traffic tickets do not provide good publicity . . . Georgann, who finds hap- piness is getting married ... A giant size coloring book for Homecoming . . . Gaylene, how ' s about directing a wedding? . . . Ruth, always sending a card for this or that . . . Rush - busy time, rushing around, meet new people, cross your fingers and toes . . . Penny, keep up with the negatives! . . . Cathy, get him off the subject . . . Marie, say math is your favorite subject? . . . Terry, what ' s it like to be on the side of the law? . . . Lots of laughs and fun in store . . . Carolyn, no one asked you if you can play volleyball, just go to the meetings . . . Carol M., What do you do in your spare time? Dream about Florida? . . . Pledges get busy with those interviews ... A fine group of girls . . . the Blue and the White . . . the finest that you ' ll ever know! PLEDGES: FIRST ROW: Diana Kuhnert, Carol Norman, Mabel Meacham, Hart Nelson, Jean Perry. SECOND ROW: Susan PeU, Linda Flynn, Amy Ingle, Debbie Peoples, Jean Moberly, Sara Draper. Hard work on our Homecoming display. " W President Sandra Isley Georgann Bortz Secretary Ruth Woody fi» m y - ' Gaylene Boswell Carolyn Cameron Marie CampbeU f. § 3 Penny Gilliam Carol Isley Sue Iseley Carol McKinney 1 Sherry Whitley 7)e a Qlpsifon DCappa Delta, Delta, Upsilon, Upsilon, Kappa, Kappa, Nu. Hooray! Hurrah! A Delta, Delta U!!! Another year of sisterhood . . . and brotherhood! WOW!!! Marie, Sigma Phi ' s Sweetheart, is always on the hall yelling " Basketball, volleyball, baseball, GOLF- BALL, anyone? " ... in Italian, of course . . . And weren ' t we proud to see Barbara Hudson as Senior Representative in Homecoming Court. Are you and Jimmy Hying Piedmont on your honeymoon? . . . Janet, Sigma Phi ' s favorite French tu- tor-only thing is she won ' t date them. I can ' t see why, she serves Pabst Blue Ribbon!! . . . There ' s a girl that ' s TOPS in our hearts but always on the floor in the union-Guess who, Vickie? . . . Build me up. Buttercup. But no one throws lines like our Cupcake, right Johnson!! But if you can ' t quack, you might as well waddle!! . . . Peggy, did anything GOOD drive up at Hams-like a Reidsville Honey? Next year, it ' s Gibsonville, on to Haw River!!! . . . Mary Alice, a Loyal DYK and housewife too . . . Three months of marriage and Chet signed Butch up for three Home Ec. courses!! . . . Libby Sanders, there is no more, but there ' s a Mrs. David Speight running around who looks alot like her! Libby, who did you say didn ' t make it to your wedding-breakfast? . . . Sue, you deserve a Medal of Bravery for capturing that enormous Moose!! . . . Beach, Sigma Phi ' s Home- coming Sponsor, Did somebody say I was supposed to write a newsletter? It seem that KYN ' s lip-nibbler is allright!!! . . . Betty Joe, a GREAT Delta U President, deserves an enormous bottle of Excedrin for being able to live with Beach for a year. Are you going back to the dorm for pushups? (Remember, Marty?) . . . For our grand old Delta U, To us the most glorious, DELTA UPSILON KAPPA. PLEDGES: ROW 1: Janice Cheek, Janice Harris, Karen McCreath, Cauly Drum, Diane Crawley, Beverly Brendle. SECOND ROW: Janice Wood, Robin Fitzhugli, Cheryl Nimmo, Nancy Cason, Edith Sanders, Dianne Hurley, EUen Snodgrass. Homecoming Sponsor Betty Joe Eley DYK ' s Homecoming Display | r m Rec. Secretary Vickie Riley Barbara Hudson f ..-.40 President Betty Joe Eley Corres. Sec. Elaine Beach w Susan Caviness Peggy Bondurant Janet Hooper 0 " ' Let us yell for black and white! Pi Kappa Tau equals the girls with smiles, spirit and the swords. Will the Statler Hilton ever be the same? A Kappa Tau girl and a TKE man and the moon is shinning all around. Kappa Tau takes pride in those sisters who are cheerleaders (five), council members (ten). Who ' s Who (three). Homecoming Representatives (eight), our majorette (one), and workers for the school (all). Have you seen the T.V. lately, Sisters? Do us a favor. Give The United Way, I ' ll drink to that! Can you keep up the PACE, Anita? If you need a few extra " minutes, " just ask Alta. Belinda, you got what with Raliegh coupons? It must be nice to have a " Poole " of your own, Katie! Jan, did you enjoy those banquet " favors? " Susan, tiie only sister who sleeps with Keytur. We have the short and tall with Jonnie and Jane, and HERE comes the FLASH from Foo- quay-Varina (Can you speak Chinese, Phyllis?). You iiave probably seen Treece on a pin-up poster. Mary Ann, our chipmunk from Chuckatuck! Our Good Housekeeping seal of approval goes to Linda and Joan. You ' ve got to be a football hero, riglit Sarah? Sue has a way with the guys, obviously. And Pam ' s our little bit of sunshine. Let ' s chew a little fat with Margie. Our own championship guard-that ' s Debbie! Know those songs yet. Chris? The good looking brunette with the baton is Cleo. Seen Santa lately. Candy? You ' d better get those drawings finished, Brenda! Yes, we have one bananna -Juanita Newton, our own personal Chiquita brand. Vicki Harris, the only girl that gets a grocery bill from Tiny-Tote. Our own Pat Jones makes late trips to the Tote and is very handy with that ciiicken-wire. Our second big Bess, Betsy B., working hard like Betsy D. Where is Pam Layton?, put out some food and maybe you ' ll find her. Gena, Elon ' s linen lady and Kappa Tau ' s own White Kniglit! A smile from Carol brightens the Day. Baby Ruth Mayfield strikes again with call-downs. Resa definitely proves that blondes iiave more fun. Grouse will soon get her spouse. Hundley knows the way to a man ' s heart is through his stomach, just so he has his I. D. card. Ursula has her own personal Carpenter. Nelda Nightingale, Is Harvey still at Podunk U .? " Heats " really pulled the " wool " over Ken ' s eyes! Does the " Red Toothbrush " use Crest or Colgate, Karen? The Kappa Tau bunch is the truest and the best, they keep things going and they never take a rest!! Homecoming Sponsor Mary Anne Underwood PLEDGES: FIRST ROW: Pat Jones, Cleo Purdue. Pam Layton, Nancy Cummings, Candy Williams, Brenda Forbes. SECOND ROW; Chris Jewell, Vicki Harris, Martha DaUey, Sue Welch, Carol Day, Ursula Anulis, Juanita Newton. A Friendship Circle wmT W is Margie Antal Jane Blalock Sue Harder Secretary Susan Brown Karen Melberg Anita Pace President Vice-President - r De Dehart Secretary Linda Abney Betsy Browne Belinda Black Treasurer Pledge-Master r( L Dianne Crouse Jan Davis Susan Heatwole Linda Hundley £fiiiaii Joan King Ruth Mayfield Gena O ' Berry Pam Owen Katie Patrick 1 Nelda Shaw Phyllis TiUey f Mary Anne Underwood Joan Wilson Uau eia CP ii Tau Zeta Phi-a success story. Rush starts off the year with 23 great pledges. Homecoming demonstrates Tau Zeta ' s usual beauty with four representatives and Kaye and Dianne on the Queen ' s Court. JoNelle ' s colorful personality produced " Carous- el of Colors " and influenced the sale of 250 bottles of perfume. Pam ' s Queen float really topped them all, but now things are running smooth as " Puddin " . The race to the altar sees Taylor first, Cobb a close second, and . . . but wait, a dark horse candidate, Kathy Copeland, entered the race and has beat everyone to the finish line. Does anyone know if Amy Thomas has picked up speed? After a long hard pull, it looks like Porter has at last run her " tug " aground— now she really has reason to cheer. Rumor has it that Pug ' s marriage has been postponed. We hope she doesn ' t lose herself in a " draft " . Maybe our Savage has finally been tamed and will march a straight line. While Rick ' s defending our country, Vincent is defending Rick against the soothing power of " Vic ' s. " Wliile groovy Muriel is twitching off-beat to " Gloria " , her other talents brouglit her national recognition in " Wlio ' s Who " . President F. A. Wesley, who has also attained " Who ' s Who " , has a beau who is lavaliered to Virginia Beach. Emily has proven that she has a lot on the ball by playing " Susie Snake " at Guilford Dairy. Myra ' s ability has won her the sorority award for " Best Dancer " . However, she needs to improve in the basic ability of distinguishing the colors of red and white. Dede ' s angeUc countenaiice shines more than the money she tries to collect. On the other hand, stern as a deacon, Martha divides her time between the sorority, Liberal Arts Forum, Dorm Council and the basketball team. Our world traveler. Eleanor Zezzo, has added High Point to her list. Seems as if Sally has been pinned and she is " philled " with joy. Wine causes fickleness, but our Sherri makes wine seem stagnant. Could Elaine possibly prefer dorm life to married life? Not on week-ends. With a bunch of great girls like these, there ' s no limit to tlie heiglat of success that can be obtained in tliis promising year. A great story -Tau Zeta Phi!!! XJ ZTEW " PLEDGES: FIRST ROW: June Evans, Cathy Johnson Nina Martin Beth Brintkerlioff, Kathy Davis SECOND ROW: Le.xi Palmer. Linda Matk.n,, Ja..t I undtrburk, Mchssa Coates, Ann Hardy, Conni Russell, Janice Deal, Kathy Kilioy. THIRD ROW: Mary Ann McWiUiams, Janet ThornhiU, Margy Duvall, Susan Abernethy. Virginia Shipman, Ginny Haller, Adricnne .Moen. Patty Lane. Our Mrs. Miller, Dianne Clendennen f J !. President Vice-Pres. Rec. Sec. Linda Wesley Martha Kellam Muriel Cole V Diane Clendennen Kathy Cobb Leslie James Sherri McGirt Myra Rothwell Kaye Savage Corres. Sec. Jane Taylor IP Treasurer Dede Ahladas Sgt. at Arms Pam Sauvain Kathy Copeland Emily Hall Sally O ' Neill Gail Porter --• Elaine Tharington Amy Thomas Carol Vincent Eleanor Zezzo TKE ' s new project-TKE-Rent-A-Car! Oh, the problems of an Elon Greek! Lloyd ' s Bar and Grill? Frank was such a good ' ole egg. ' He should have quit when he was " ahead " . Active on Campus Just a friendly brother-sister gathering? Tau Zeta Phi-Hefner-Hoimies! in A typical BOB get together? I I I ■ i ■ E » 1%v To The END VN Anything you say. Keep up the support, TKE. Groovy Harry has found a new calling, huh Rick? I ' m not moving until Wednesday night. SJoia Uau appa President Mike Spillane Secretary Mike HaUey ITK Sweetheart, Bonnie Moore Paul Amundsen utm Homecoming PLIDGIS SI ATID LI n KJ RR.in Bill Lilley, Dean Thonp- son. STANDING Steve Cottee, Joey Olschner C p£a J ni Ome a The Sigma Rho Chapter of Alpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity represents one of the more than 400 chapters in all 50 states and more than 100,000 brothers. Our chapter has been active on the Elon College campus for 3 years. The guiding principles of Alpha Phi Omega are Leadership, Friendship, and Service. Alpha Phi Omega men engage in the four C ' s of Service: Service to the Campus Service to the Community Service to the Chapter f Service-to the Country i ' f u Men of A. P.O. stand firmly! You are now a chosen band; As in parting, so in meeting, Grasp your brotlier ' s outstretched hand. You are those who strive to do, Serving where e ' er you can You are those whose service helps Country and fellow man. You will build a new tomorrow From this old wrecked world of woe; Build it strong by cheerful service; Buildit,Menof A.P.O.! Are we in the red, you ask? m Mil L if PLEDGES: Steve Prye, Steve Gamer, Dirk Bunch, Melvin Milton. Gerry Oxford B fc ! • (?l 1st Vice-Pres. 2nd Vice-Pres. Treasurer Syd CarroU Doug MiUs Buddy Sizemore Steve Long W " r? Raymond Bailey Pete Martin Jay Ogden Dtappa J si JCu Well, Kappa Psi Nu set the endurance run for party four weeks non-stop. The winter term has brought out tlie best in our fraternity. Jessup has worn out his Corvair going back and forth to Winston-Salem. Mike Phillips has learned to keep his car between the ditches, after a few tries. Tim Butler has avoided jails altogether this year ... but that is more than I can say for a couple of others. Mike Langford, our lovable beach bum, still finds his kicks by hanging around McDonald ' s. Bob Berman is still looking for a date. At the present he is trying to get a date with one of Sandy Carrington ' s blonde maids. Since Bill Omanhasgiven Kaye a ring, he has been running around the house acting like a " savage " , yelling, " I ' ve got her now. " I ' ve heard Bill Bowes, our star basketball player, has finally declared a truce with Linda. While on tlie other hand, Andy Morris has declared war with the girls from Staley Dorm. Horton House claims the champion rabbit heart eater . . . Tom Hazelwood. Buster Alston is still running around with his green tongue hanging out! Paul Bleiberg is growing a beard to be the " hippie " teacher of the future and is getting a Uttle practice as one by run-ins with nne . . . xlhe lo i. fie local fuzz. Bruce Cohen and George Simon have got to have something good in their apartment because they never show their faces except for classes. Horton House has given Ron Brown an ingrown phone in his ear to receive the ultimatums he ' s been getting from the girls. Buzz Ledford has acquired a new nickname this year . . . Pepsi . . . enough said. Cris Pittard must have gotten tlie mill rats mad at him because he ' s moving out of liis trailer. According to Rick Green ' s horoscope, his life is greatly influenced by a Leo. We ' ve heard from sources on campus that Batman is s-o-o-o-o cool!! The only brothers who really blew their cool this year were Dave Gulp, Steve James, and Mike " Frog " Barbour . . . they got married. Of course, the old family man of the fraternity for a long time running has been " Pappa " Watts. Kappa Psi put a new twist on Christmas this year by having Jeff DeYong as Santa Glaus, but then. Kappa Psi usually puts a new twist on everything. The Phantom Rat Tfrpf ' rmti PLEDGES: ROW 1: Page Summerlin, Greg Fowler. SECOND ROW: Wes Holden, Charlie KeUy, Mitch Avent. Don ' t push, there ' s plenty for all. President Joe Jessup Vice-Pres. Secretary Rick Green Tim Butler Treasurer 3ob Berman Sgt. at Arms Mike Lankford Paul Bleibetg Mike PhilUps (uiama jKu o ia na Ho, Ho, Ho, and a bottle of . . . what? Not " Old German! " Yes, the Neesites of Sigma Mu start another fantastic year. Rumor has it that the rug actually isn ' t new, it ' s just dyed that color due to continuing " flash noods " . Old, our " Wichita Lineman " has developed Test Patterns in his eyes and still says calculus with Captain Kangaroo can be fun. Lane, the walking Sphinx, refuses to talk to anyone as he has just finished talking to Karen. The rug gets a little redder. Johnson, our entry in the Yul Breyner contest is confused as usual yet managed to keep his mastery of the English language. Larrabee. the champion wrestler, goes down to defeat and is eventually pinned. It ' s not whether you win or lose it ' s how you play the game, Phil. Kirwin, the " Bwana " , was unsuccessful in his snipe hunt, yet was able to bag " George of the Jungle " . Watch out for that . . . what? Goldberg continues to amaze doctors in that his back- bone runs from his shoulders to the back of his thighs . . . continuous. Who stole his seat? Corbiere, better known in the Times society page as " Eagle " is constantly practicing his phone answering abilities-either " shriek " or " hello, hello " . Hemphill is in bed as usual with two Bufferin, an Ole German and " Flossie " . Miller, the Richmond commuter has decided- wait now! He hasn ' t decided-anyway he ' s still thinking he might be the one for whom the bells toll. Owen, the " Red Ladder " says he ' ll get up " fen " he ' s ready. Watch out for that car Bill. It may be tagged Virginia yet it ' s a sure way to Hel— en back. Flash is still searching for that distant ray from sunshine while Zock still thinks teachers should offer room service. Bear, or the " Idiot " is contemplating buying stock in Elon as it seems to be his lifes work. Carpenter, the G.A.C. man, loses his shirt. Oh Banquet, no riots please. Webster, the Foo Bird, takes his sticks and heads hopefully not for the woods, or maybe with Mother Hubbard ' ' Hargrave, the snake, is temporarily out of work (among other things) and still waits for his date to call. Harrison, the Owl, not only excels on the basketball court, but at midnight " Twister " games as well. Tricky Ricky ganders at his goose while pondering the chances of demo-derby win. Could he lose? Dave Harrison, our pledge master, is seen studying " Judgement at Nurenburg " in preparation for Hell Week. Fast Freddy Hoy switches from being taught to teaching kids to " reach out for what they want. " Congrats to Super, " T.G. " , Danny, Dave, and ole friend " Pig. " As usual, Hairy Buffalo, New Years, Hell ' s Angels, and Lester Lodge bring the between together for typical action. Farewell class of ' 69 and welcome class of ' 72. Good luck to all. PLEDGES; FIRST ROW: Dan Hudginson, Jim Johnston, Frank Stillman, Bruce Gray, Henry Pittman. SECOND ROW: Jim Gaskins, Jolin Mc- Connell, Bob Caviness, Jerry Lawson. THIRD ROW: Richard Beck, Terry Rice. Richard OneaJ, Chris Butcher, Bill Pennington. Was it worth it Fellow ' s? % P f jif E ni -1 « k k m President Chuck MiUer Vice-Pres. Bill Owen Rec. Sec. Joe Goldberg Corres. Sec. Dave Harrison Treasurer Bob Lane St S, FT 1 -f Sioma J ni Je a As you look into Cox House you see Darryl stalking around in his superchicken underwear waiting for his shadow phone call. All interested in purchasing a used lavaher please contact Marty, if you can find him when he ' s not stuck in the mud. Fulcher received his diploma from National Bakery school and he has already got one in the oven. If anyone sees Sheldon following closely behind a stock of red hair please direct him to the house. If anyone doesn ' t see Goldberg, he ' s probably gone for the week-end. Steve Helms, the biggest eater at Cox House says he prefers ketchup to Pizza. Odds are now 2 to 1 that Crazy Wade won ' t reach 30. When Glenn is not taking an overnight, he doubles as a sparing partner. Pins are cheap and even Gordie found somebody to take his. Norman, ou, ou, ou, ou, Norman, my love. Is it true Green went on a trip? It ' s been a long dry spell hasn ' t it Lloyd? Did Jeff really use flea powder? How come you only see Butch every once in awhile? Wlio says that Ken Shaw lives in a cloud? Everybody!! Tom H. does what once a day, every day? Does Bucky have any male dogs at the B. K. Ranch? Tell us about those mountain girls. Rat. Wes is slipping in oil every day. Pete Fleming ' s idea of big business is playing monopoly. Wliat do Bill and Sandy do all the time together? Does he twirl her baton. There ' s much more to say about the brothers of Sigma Phi, but we feel it safest to stop now. KOKINO KAA£.( PLEDGES: FIRST ROW: Rick Bevacqua, George Kilroy. SECOND ROW: Jo Goodman, Mike Petrie, Frank Mensch. Freve, Larry Holder, Dave Sigma Phi Sponsor, Elaine Beach B 0h Vice-President Marty Bonnett Tom Fulcher Secretary BiU Miele w Sgt. at Arms Sheldon Batchelder s % Pete Fleming d4 Darryl Jennus Lloyd Kanipe Gordy Payne Ken Shaw Jeff Taylor Norman Ward Wicker House saw an enormous cliange tms yea arrival of 23 industrious young men. Her porcli was enc losed and a shower installed; her storage room was converted into a study; her basement was cleaned out and filled up again with new paraphenalia; her floors were warmed with carpeting; her yard was given a haircut; and the letters TKE were embossed high upon her face. When the fun for Wicker House ended the fun for the TEKES began. They renovated an old station wagon, painted it red and lettery, attached Dr. Hook ' s trailor ajid their own bell, and then made noise. When the Guilford-Elon game came they carried the game ball 24 mUes for school spirit. Rush came and 23 pledges joined the group. Then tlie TEKES took first in the fraternity football league, second in the all-campus championship, and first in the school volleyball championships. The SGA offered two spirit awards and the TEKES took them both; two fraters were named to Who ' s Who; and there was a TEKE in virtually every campus organization. Wicker House smiles with pride now because her fraternity is the proven leader on campus, Tau Kappa Epsilon. f m or did he? . . . Bakes says dating a minister s daughter Antal that bad . . . Baldy fell in love 37 times . . . Bayliff is flashy, or at least his camera is . . . Blom is being deported to Puerto Rico this summer . . . Bowers locked his door alot, even tho alot of people wanted to see him . . . Howard Eaton, the Tjuana Tooter . . . Fats became a drafts- man . . . Hughes lost his virginity . . . " We don ' t have to do any favors for Ivy, do we. Sir? " . . . Jonesy played a new game called Stand up for Memphis . . . Has anybody seen " Sucker " Nico- lay ' s date? . . . Parr bummed a ride, or two, or three, or . . . Poole said, " I move we reconsider the nomination for sweet- heart " . . . Rogers had an affair of the Hart . . . Now that Benny ' s in love it seems he ' s always a Whey . . . Schumm married the Jeannie from his bottle . . . Spence Pammed himself into a rut . . . Sutherland finally got a D and didn ' t care . . . Tark ' s best friends are pro athletes . . . Leon went to England to avoid the draft . . . Doug nose a little football . . . Webb, our Asheboro commuter at no sense per mile . . . Slick is a cat sass . . . Dice rolled his car into a junk yard . . . PLEDGES: ROW 1: Norman Lacerte, Bob Hudson, Jack Hand, Randy Thompson. ROW 2: John Riley, BiU Kelley, Jon Wliite. ROW 3: Ruffm Quails, Roger Oliver, Tom Waldin, John Pulley. ROW 4: Pete Baselici. Rodney Miller, Bryant Hinson. ROW 5: Bill Comninaki, Tom Short, Bob Aaron. TKE ' s answer to the Trevi Fountain ■ H H George Hughes H VpP H Crysophylos BiSm V H Ed Baker Ht B Pylortes Conway Bayliff 1 Donnie Bowers Bob Fathauer i i Bob King Steve Nicolay Ned Poole Jerry Schumm Bob Sutherland Don Tarkenton Doug Thomas l ' hh SPORTS ♦ 3? =a =!. Lt5B € lM ¥St :g-C 4 i.-A •v-i , » ' » tf The Fighting Christains hit the field for the homecoming game. iid Gaiy Mattocks 90 COCAPTAINS: Wes Gillian Coach Shirley (Red) Wilson. nd LIuvd Kanipe with Head FOOTBALL 1 968 John Coins BiUGee Larry East Don Crews Gary Simpson David Goodman Wes GiUam Gary Hill Tom Jernigan Glenn Winters Richard McGeorge Lloyd Kanipe Steve Helms Emery Moore Gary Dean David Rudder Pete McDaniel Mike Morton David Oliphant Denny Johnson Ron Tingen Mike Overton Dean Plott Joe Rinaca Jackie Greene Jim WaUer Doug Thomas Eddie Tysinger Danny Watson Grover Helsley Wade WiUiamson Wayne Thrift Donald Walker Larry Raines Barney Jordan Ralph Moore Roland GiU Robert Perry Dover Sharpe Bruce McFenen Jeff Byrd Roger Norman Frankie Mensch John Doss Ronnie O ' Brien Richard Tuttle Bob Stevens John Romano Mike Hughes Mike Plott Dennis Everett Burgin Beale Leland Peacock Rusty Roberts Rickie Rassete Steve Yost Marty Bonnett Eddie WilUamson Gary Simpson John Richardson All-American, Richard McGeorge, breaks away for a touchdown. viy,SS ' ;i ' ' Burgin Beale runs off-tackle. Defense piles up the Blue Hose. Defense stops Catawba. Jim Waller catches one against Ncivb. Danny Watson intercepts another. David Ohphant tackles an Indian. ' . FOOTBALL SCOREBOARD Elon 66 Concord 12 Elon 21 Guilford 10 Elon 26 Appalachian 70 Elon 17 Presbyterian 31 Elon 7 Car.-Newman 28 Elon 26 Catawba 32 Elon 35 W. Carolina 30 Elon 15 Newberry 24 Elon 23 L. R. 21 --W- Christians Play in the Rain While Fans Remain Faithful STANDING: Bill Wallace, Richard McGeorge, Henry Goedeck, Bill Bowes, Pat Berry, Steve Cadell. and Robert Hicklin. KNEELING: Tom McGee, Pete Johnson, Noble Marshall, and Tommy Cole. ■■pn H Br 1 1 r) j| 1 j M W ii " " fll Coach BiU Miller. Captain Bill Bowes. Basketball 1968-1969 Results-l 968-1 969 Robert Hicklin - F Tommy Cole G Richard McGeorge - F Marshall calls signals. Results— 1967-68 McGeorge fights for rebound. Elon 74 South Georgia 73 Elon 70 Shorter 52 Elon 59 Wofford 55 Elon 66 Guilford 85 Elon 67 Atlantic Christian 81 Elon 48 Lenoir Rhyne 68 Elon 63 High Point 67 Elon 73 Campbell 92 Elon 63 W.S. State 90 Elon 66 A. and T. 79 Elon 66 Wofford 61 Elon 64 Lenoir Rhyne 72 Elon 87 Campbell 68 Elon 90 High Point 92 Elon 102 Catawba 88 Elon 96 Catawba 123 Elon 75 Appalachian 87 Elon 80 Presbyterian 73 Elon 92 W. Carolina 73 Elon 78 Pfeiffer 82 Elon 81 Appalachian 75 Elon 80 Presbyterian 62 Elon 85 Atlantic Christian 76 Elon 91 Pfeiffer 84 Elon 73 W. Carolina 103 Elon 61 Erskine 69 Elon 93 Guilford 74 Elon 68 Catawba 89 Hicklin attempts shot. Goedeck passes. Cole shoots for two. Baseball- 1968 Roster Marshall Montgomery Richard Smith Larry Collins Don Brady Ronnie Tugwell Rick Coble Taylor Duggins Steve Bird Mike Spillane Richard Youmans Jim Freisinger Chris Pecora Tom Fulcher Sam Moon Bobby Bulla Dempsey Herring Paul Amundsen Junior Waters Mike Hailey Ed Kirchgessner Burgin Beale Bryant Hinson Frankie Mensch Joe Byrtus Richard Youmans Pitcher Don Brady Catcher Larry Collins Outfield Jerry Midkiff Robbie ElUs Third Base Dewey Capps Pitcher Bobby Godfrey First Base Elon 2 GuUford 7 Elon 5 High Point 6 Elon 4 Catawba 3 Elon Campbell 5 Elon 6 Rennselaer Elon 6 At.C. 1 Elon 5 High Point 1 1 Elon 4 Western Car. 7 Elon 4 Western Car. 8 Elon GuUford 9 Elon 9 Lenoir Rliyne 7 Elon 12 Appalachian 1 1 Elon Ga. Southern 1 Elon Ga. Southern 5 Elon 3 Oglethorpe 8 Elon 1 Pfeiffer 6 Elon 6 Newberry 5 Elon 15 Newberry 12 Elon 9 Campbell 3 Elon Pfeiffer 1 Elon 1 Lenoir Rhyne 2 Elon 5 At. C. 2 Elon 4 Catawba 10 Elon 10 Pembroke 12 Elon 8 Appalachian 3 Elon 1 Pembroke 4 Emory Moore pins his N. C. State opponent Wrestling 1968 Although this was die first season in recent years that Elon has had a wresthng team. Coach Mickey Brown guided the team to four victories and three losses. The Christains won over Guilford College twice, Methodist College, and a team from N. C. State University. Losses were to a team from Duke University, Pembroke, and the Carolina Freshmen. Methodist man attempts a set-out. Tennis— 1968 Scoreboard Elon . . . . Atlantic Christian 7 Elon 9 Elon 5 Hish Point 2 Elon 6 Elon 1 Elon l- h Elon 7 Guilford 2 Elon 7 Elon Pfoiffor 7 i ' A LEFT TO RIGHT: John Walton, Melvin Pierce, Sandy Carrington, Don Brown, Bob Freeman. George Roner, John McConneU. Track- 1968 FIRST ROW: Rusty Roberts, Larry Raines, David Oliphant. John Bohlcn, Jack Giordano, Phil Larrabee, Allen Moore, Bill Staley, DarreU Burgess. SECOND ROW: Jim Waller, Wes Holden, Joe Freve, John Austin, Bill Robey, Claus Alexanderson, Don Crews, Scott Hill, Larry Runnells, Dennis Everett, Ron Bolton, Coach Jerry ToUey. Foster Paulette All Conference Half-Mile Ralph Moore - School Record Holder Discus Scoreboard Elon 414 Campbell 19 ' A Elon 7 Campbell 17 Elon 7 ' i Pfeiffer 12V4 Elon 8 Pfeiffer 12 Elon 13% Catawba lOH Elon 15 Catawba 9 Elon 716. Appalachian 16Vi Elon 2 Appalachina 22 Elon 13 High Point 11 Elon 14V4 High Point 9 i Elon ll ' A High Point 2i4 Elon 10 ... .Atlantic Christian 14 Elon 16 ... Atlantic Christian 8 Elon 19i4 Guilford 4]6. Elon UA Guilford 12% Elon 13 ... . Western CaroUna 11 Ronnie Bolton - School Record Holder Pole Vault Golf- 1968 FEATURES HOMECOMING QUEEN Miss Barbara Magelof Miss Barbara Magelof was selected Homecoming Queen 1968 by the student body of Elon College. The dark haired beauty hails from Vienna, Virginia, and is a junior majoring in elementary education. Congratulations to Barbara. S. G. A. President Noel Allen crowns Barbara during half-time. Miss Diane Clendennen Homecoming Miss Barbara Hudson Miss Kaye Savage Court Miss Resa Robinson Homecoming Homecoming activities for 1968 kicked off on Friday night with the traditional talent show. Rev. Marvin Morgan third place winner f ' " The Day ' s End " - first place winner Ginny Huffman - second pla Afterwards, " The In Men Ltd. " and " Willie T. and The Magnificents " provided the music for a swinging dance. » Activities Saturday brought a new air of excitement as campus displays appeared . . . 1 S § ' 11 Sigma Mu Sigma " tunes in " Elon ' s Homecoming game. y mm. ft 1 The Physical Educati.m la ■ -f Wk. i - ' i ;.-r - u ' l.--:| • ' and students viewed the annual parade in Burlington. f«S Tau Kappa Epsilon ' s winning float. Students anxiously awaited game time . and enjoyed the half time fes- tivities, which included enter- tainment by the band, the pre- sentation of sponsors, and the crowning of the queen. Saturday night Jerry Butler entertained at a " concert in the gym, and Sunday afternoon the festivities were brought to a close with a fol k concert in Whitley Auditorium featuring the smooth sounds of " The Vikings. " Captain Elon Weekend The Boxtops The Concert Performers for Captain Elon Spring Weekend Queen Miss Janice Horner Spring Weekend Festivities The fourth annual Spring Weekend festivities began Friday night with a beauty contest. The highUght of the evening was the selection of Miss Janice Horner, of Budington, N. C, as Spring Weekend Queen. The beauty contest was foUowed by a dance featuring the electric Renaissance. Saturday night stu- dents danced to the music of the In-Men Ltd. On Sunday afternoon the sounds of Carla and Rufus Thomas and Billy Stewart concluded a successful weekend. Phylis Tilley Second Runner Up Concert Performers Spring Weekend Carla Thomas Who ' s Who in American Colleges George Hughes and Universities Liberal Arts Forum The Liberal Arts Forum, sponsored by Mr. James P. Elder, is a committee composed primarily of students. The principle function of the Forum is to foster intellectual interest througli the medium of public lectures. Wliere most college lecture series emphasize contemporary issues. Forum lectures are scholarly in character with concentration generally in tlie humanities and the social sciences. The Forum has an honored tradition of excellence in its selection of lecturers, and its series has achieved a distinguished tradition wliich is unique among small colleges. Presently, the Forum sponsors up to twenty lecturers annually. Besides monthly lecturers, the Forum has engaged two distinguished scliolars. Professors Aired G. Engstrom and Os- borne B. Hardison, Jr. of the University of North Carolina, to present six Humanities Lectures wliich will be published under Forum auspices upon completion. In addition, the fourth annual symposium, " Studies in the Humanities: Elon College 1969 " was presented the week of April 19th — April 25 th. Forum Chairman, Jim Milward, tall s with Professor Louis Landa of Princeton. ROW ONE: Joe Goldberg, Phil Lanabee, Rene Johnson, David Marion, Don Kerwin. ROW TWO: Rodney Miller, Sherrie McGuirt, Sally O ' Neill, Frank Lyons, Mark Rigsby, Martha Kellam. ROW THREE: Jim Green, Randy Spencer, Jan Davis, Bob Lane, Jim Milward, Professor James P. Elder, George Scott, Belinda Black. Spring Symposium " Studies in the Humanities: Elon College, 1968 " Professor Hajo Holborn of Yale and Professor Kemp Malone of Johns Hopkins enjoy a lawn concert. Professor William L. Langer of Harvard. ■ Professor Alfred E. Engstrom of The University of North CaroUna. Professor O. B. Hardison, Jr. of The University of North Carolina. Professor Penn Kimbell of Columbia University. Professor Paul M. Kendall of Ohio University. Lyceum iW » The Lyceum Committee is a small organization with a broad range of interests. Through the efforts of the student and faculty representatives, it attempts to present programs that are both informative and interesting. The committee hopes that it has broadened the students ' understanding of the arts by presenting an unusual and different program this year. The 1968-69 calendar featured, among other performers, an Indian musician, a harpist, and a classical guitarist. Mr. Westafer, Joan Wilson, Dr. Moffet, and Mr. Featherstone, and Woody Tillet, Chairman (not pictured). Robert Guthrie- Classical Guitarist Anne Woodward Violist . :: . j ' CLASSES and STUDENT LIFE K , T Senior Class Joan Love Anderson 691 Berryville Avenue Winchester. Va. Christian Education John Bascomb Andrews, III 402 Trail 4 Burlington, N. C. Biology Cheriy Ann Apple Route 5 Reidsville, N. C. Elementary Education William Rawls Austin 307 N. Second Street Albemarle, N. C. English Dorothy Harris Bailey 420 Devonshire Lane Burlington, N. C. Elementary Education Carol Ann Bast 3147 Ravenwood Drive Falls Church, Va. Health and Physical Education SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Sheldon Batcheldcr, Vice-President; George Scott, President. Not Pictured, Mary Ann Underwood, Secretary-Treasurer. Carolyn Rebecca Abbott 814 Trail Burlington, N. C. Elementary Education Paul Harry Amundsen 520 ' 2 Stirling Street Greensboro, N. C. Religion and Social Science Sheldon John Batchelder 308 Burnt Mills Avenue Silver Spring, Maryland History and Social Science Casper Conway Bayliff j£L «•- - iL ' " " F ' L ' non Avenue iir M Elon College, N. C. Bu,siness Administration Rebecca Jo Beale 2025 13th Street Hickory, N. C. William Albert Billings 526 Ward Street Accounting and Business Administration Jane Aldridge Blalock Route 2 Burlington, N. C. Paul R. Bleiberg 203 duPont Circle Wilmington, Dela. Spanish Sandra Jean Boatright Newport News, Va. Business Administration Treva Wagoner Bookout Box 513 Elon CoUege, N. C. Donnie Lynn Bowers 1541 McDermoti Street Asheboro, N. C. Business Administration William Ambrose Bowes, Jr. 6 Sullivan Drive Lenox, Mass. Biology Edna Gail Brantley P.O.Box 134 Lattimore, N. C. Richard Savage Brittingha Rehobeth, Maryland English Robert Andrew Brown 204 Seehom Place Thomas Elliote Bryant V « Courtland, Va. Business Administration if J Ellen Campbell Bunton Route 6, Box 506-E Greensboro, N. C. Elementary Education Chester Walton Burgess, III P. O. Box 644 4s%itk i i James Thomai Burgess, Jr. 1 17 Dogwood Drive Burlington, N. C. John Buchanan Burgess P. O. Box 946 Gibsonville, N. C. Thomas Watkins Burke Apt. 4-A, College Towne Apts Elon College, N. C. Chemistry Stephen Washington Caddell 5 1 1 Evergreen Road Rocky Mount, N. C. Business Administration Ida Marie Campbell Route I, Box 167 MountHolly, N. C. Elementary Education William A. Carrington 3821 Sheringham Place Lynchburg, Va. Business Administration Donald S. Carroll, Jr. 402 Lake Street HaddenHeights, N. J. Business Administration Ray Sydnor Carroll, Jr. 3717 Shannon Road Portsmouth, Va. Charles William Caiy Eclipse, Va. English Dawn Marie Chrisman 1206 Augusta Avenue Portsmouth, Va. English James Permai Clark 101 2 Momingside Drive Burlington, N. C. Social Science Kathryn Suzanne Cobb 1612 Hawthorne Lane Burlington, N. C. Elementary Education Muriel Janet Cole 37 Maureen Road Centerville, Mass. French Richard Stuart Conway 5 Harris Road Newport News, Va. History Hobart Gary Cook Route 1 Elon CoUege, N. C. Chemistry Dorothy Kathryn Copeland 1457 H adlock Avenue Norfolk, Va. Elementary Education Andrew Ellis Crew Pleasant Hill, N. C. Business Administration Frieda Diane Crouse Route l.Box 66 Burlington, N. C. Elementary Education Martha Anne Dailey 119 Proctor Street Suffolk, Va. Elementary Education Veronica Joan Dickerson Route 4, Box 38 Burlington, N. C. Social Science Larry Edward Durham 913 tverett Street Burlington, N. C. Accounting Timothy Alden Edwards Millboro Springs, Va. History Gary Edward Elmore 1200Middleford Seaford, Delaware English Nancy Jane Ewing 152 Greyhouse Road Willow Grove. Penna. Elementary Education Shirley C. Faircloth Route 6 Burlington, N. C. English Marilyn Patricia Farley 6937 LaMarre Drive HoUins, Va. History and Spanish Robert Lee Fathauer Box 24 Roxboro, N. C. Social Science Michael Riley Ferguson Route 3, Box 122 SilerCity, N.C. Accounting and Business Administration Danny Ray Fields 1 17 Shannon Drive Burlington, N. C. Chemistry Thomas Julian Fulcher, III Route 6, Box 50 Farmville, Va. Social Science Thomas Edward Garrett 168 Indiana Avenue Blackwood, N. J. Biology David Bryant Gilbert 2232 South Scales Street Business Administration tfiiL ttffe Phillip Michael Gilley 246 Cheek Lane Graham, N. C. Accounting Junius Wesley Gilliam P.O. Box 32 Elon College, N. C. Accounting Penny Secdall Gilliam 2618 North Church Street Burlington, N. C. Elementary Education James Emerson Green 589 Lake Drive Peggy Ray Greeson Gibsonville, N. C. English [ ' J j tT 4 " t tfM t M James M.Habel 726 Jones Street Suffolk, Va. Michael Wayne Hailey South Boston, Va. Physical Education 120 Wyoming Avenue Portsmouth, Va. Health and Physical Education Michael Stuart Hamm 4714 N. 20th Street Arlington, Va. History and Social Science Eddy Nelson Hammond 1953 Wilkins Street Burlington, N. C. Business Administration Thomas Esmond Haidee Bo. 3A, Route 1 Charles Ralph Harris 1302 Ava Street Ralph H. Harrison 212 East Pine Street Georgetown, Dela. Business Administration Harry William Hartley Box 43 Welcome, N. C. English Dana Ray Hawkins Route 4, Box 245 AsheviUe, N.C. Biology Susan Newsome Heatwole 9309 Skyview Drive Richmond. Va. English Mary Alice Hinshaw Route l,Box 291 Burlington, N. C. Chemistry James Ryan Hodges 208 Essex Drive Chesapeake, Va. Business Administration Charles Gable Holland 724 Mattison Avenue Sumter, S. C. Business Administration Donald C. Holliday 101 E. Cedar Street Gibsonville, N. C. Business Administration Ernest Ale.x Holt, Ji. 509 Storey Street Burlington, N. C. English Frederick Martin Hoy 56 Pearse Road Swansea, Mass. Elementary Education Joan Barbara Hudson 190 Wisconsin Avenue Elkins, N. C. Elementary Education George Williams Hughes 37 Boxwood Avenue Wilmington, Dela. History Carol Dianne Isley 407 Alamance Road Burlington, N. C. Elementary Education Sandra Maxine Isley 600 Trail 3 Burlington, N. C. Elementary Education Ellen Hammersly Jacobs Box 9 Elon College, N. C. Business Education Mary Leslie James 216 Sievers Circle Roxboro, N.C. Elementary Education Stanley P. James, Jr. 1107 V.E.S. Road Lynchburg, Va. Social Science John Steven Jefferies 307 Coal Chute Road Burlington, N. C. Business Ad ministration Darryl Charles Jennus RD No. 2, Box 9, Stonehill 1 Dover, N.J. Biology Joseph Carroll Jessup 1804Westridge Road Greensboro, N. C. Biology Tommy Byron Jobe Route 6 Burlington, N. C. Business Administration Junie Sparks Johnson 205 Sylvan Drive Charlotte, N. C. Elementary Education Martha Sue Johnson 301 N. Hamilton Street Eden, N. C. English ( li " Mi Lloyd Alfred Kanipe Apt. IE Elon College, N. C. Physical Education Lydia Fairell Karstaedt Route 3 Fittsboro, N. C. Elementary Education Caiolyn Marie Kauffman 517 Charles Street Mebane, N. C. Elementary Education Martha Brooks Kellam 177 Main Street Spencer, Mass, Elementary Education Clifford Edgar Kennedy Box 308 Robbins, N.C. Physical Education Bobby James King 328 Legend Drive Asheboro, N. C. Religion Vicki Lynn Kirkman Route 1 Liberty. N.C. Elementary Education Dennis George Kopik 64 Middlesex Avenue Edison, N. J. History Christian L. Kurile Box 368, Route 1 Severna Park, Maryland Math Joseph C. Landin, Jr. 24 E. PoUux Circle Portsmouth, Va. Business Administration Anthony T. Layne, Jr. 2532 Scarsborough Dri Bon Air, Va. Business Administration Larry Milton Lee Greenbriar Apt. 1-C Burlington, N.C. Social Science Linda Ann Lester Route 1 Summerfield, N. C. Business Education Lynda Kay Lewis Elon College, N.C. Business Education Ann Carolyn Little Box 532 Roanoke Rapids, N. C. Math Raymond Michael Locklar 2212Rheims Drive Greensboro, N.C. Business Administration Mary Teresa Lute Route l,Bo. 128 Haw River, N.C. EngUsh Beverly Leigh Lutz 643 Stratford Drive Suffolk, Va. Business Administration Gerrelene Welch McDowell Route 3, Box 313 Asheboro, N.C. Accounting James Fisher McGaughey 156 Taylor ' s Mobile Home Park Burlington, N.C. Chemistry Edwin Ross McGrath, Jr. 911 Kenmore Street Asheboro, N.C. Biology Jean Denny McGuire 35 Ruther Ford Place Montvale, N. J. Political Science-Social Science Carol Ann McKinney P.O.Box 13 Bakersville,N.C. History Catherine Anne Mangum 3810 Pendergrass Street Durham, N.C. Elementary Education Vicki Greene Marshall Box 37 1 Elon College, N.C. Elementary Education O i i i r it Peter Newman Martin Box 167 Yorktown.Va. History Melvin S. Massey, Jr. Box 727 Elon College, N.C. Biology Sandra Myatt Mathewson 35 1 3-C Parkwood Drive Greensboro, N. C. Biology Walter Eugene Matthews Route l,Box 179 Thomasville, N. C. James Lee Matusiak 3303 Dartmouth Street Portsmouth, Va. Physical Education Stephen Young Maupin 2619 Jefferson Park Circle Charlottesville, Va. Business Administration Mabel Eugenia Meacham Box 244 Ellerbe,N.C. Elementary Education Karen Craft Melberg 406 Miller St. Ludlow, Mass. Math William Henry Miele 67 Prospect Avenue Irvington, N. J. Biology Charles Douglas Mills, Jr. 256 Delaware Avenue Harrington, Dela. Willaid Lee MiUs, Jr. 4118 Dogwood Drive Greensboro, N. C. Business Administration James Dudley Milward 22 Clover Lane Bloomfield,Conn. Robert Ward Moffett 1504 West Davis Street Burlington, N.C. Business Administration Samuel Calhoun Moon Route 1 Snowca mp, N.C. Astrid Espino Moreno 15B Brookwood Garden Apts. Burlington, N. C. Spanish James Edward Monis Route 3 Asheboro, N. C. Business Administration Patricia Ann Morris Route 2, Box 186 Morganton, N. C. Elementary Education Eileen Nicholson Morton Box 603 ElonCoUege.N.C. History James Monroe Nelson 389 Stanton Road Newport News, Va. Business Administration Thomas Edward Nixon 603 16th Street Virginia Beach, Va. Business Administration Jay Francis Ogden 4004 Rogero Road Jacksonville, Fla. EngUsh Richard Earl O ' Neal 3814 Lenoir Circle Norfolk, Va. Social Science Pamela Gaye Owen 120 Short Union Street Eden, N.C. EngUsh Gerry Stephen Oxford 117 Woodale Drive ElonCoUege, N.C. Biology in J . Eleonoia Pagura 302 Rive Road, Apt. 6 Wilmington, Dela. Spanish Toula Panagiotopoulou 81 Agamemnonos Street Anargyri Attikis Athens, Greece Physics- Math John Edward Papa 265 John Street Cliftside Park, N. J. Math Peggy Ann Patterson 116 Shannon Drive Burhngton, N.C. History Gordon Marsh Payne, Jr. 129 Woo ton Street Boonton, N. J. History Peggy Louise Pentecost 2725-A Alamance Road Burhngton. N.C. Elementary Education B. Michael Phillips P. O. Box 3 Elon College, N.C. Business Administration Carl Everette Poole, Jr. 2318 Wythe Avenue Bluefield, W. Va. Social Science Wayland Thomas Pond 721 Riverview Drive Suffolk, Va. Business Administration Linda Lee Quinlin 2203 Young Sueet BurUngton,N.C. Physical Education Jessie Franklin Rhodes, Jr Route 7 Pine HaU, N.C. Social Science Anita Snipes Rich Route 1 Haw River. N.C. Music Education 1 h ' ©• Wayne Keith Ricks 1002 South Pollock Street Selma.N.C. Business Administration Victoria Ann Riley 309 Arlington Avenue Burlington English Jessie Kay Rivers 2308 South Scales Street Reidsville, N. C. English Vada Shirl Rogers 3700 Crab tree Avenue Durham, N.C. Victor Witold Rola 46 Club Drive, F.C.C. Portsmouth, Va. Hugh Odell RoUins. Jr. Dixie Durham Sartin 1009 Lawsonville Avenue ReidsviUe.N.C. Math Franklin Miller Sasser, Jr. Box 3 IB, HornsbyvUle Road Yorktown, Va. Chemistry Bennie Isom Saunders 313 East Dorsett Asheboro.N.C. History Kaye Frances Savage R.F.D. I Whaleyville, Va. Business Education Russell Lane Schetroma 21 Colonial Avenue Natalie, Pa. Philosophy -Religion Gerald E. Schumm, Jr. 318 Blossom Lane West Pahn Beach, Fla. Christian Education Eddie Wayne Scott 490-A, Route 7 Burlington, N.C. Business Administration George W. Scott, Jr. 1016 Delaware Avenue Suffolk, Va. History Kenneth P. Scott, Jr. Box 313 Chatham, Va. History .lanet Elizabeth Seymour Route 3, Box 298 China Grove, N.C. French Nancy Jane Sharp 801 Cardinal Road Virginia Beach, Va. English Larry Wayne Shaipe 19 Denny Circle Graham, N.C. History Barton Carr Shaw 99 Pine Crest Drive Mi Annapolis. Md. Kenneth Lane Shaw Evergreen, N. C. George Steven Simon 515 West 38th Street Wilmington, Dela. Charles E. Sizemore, Jr. 302 Saunders Drive Portsmouth, Va. History Political Science James Gordon Smith 1 147 Woodland Avenue Burlington, N. C. Accounting Max Dayton Smith Kipling, N.C. Social Science Alvin W. Smuzynski, Jr. 924 South 18th Street ArUngton, Va. History Elizabeth Sanders Speight 2919 Amherst Avenue BurUngton, N. C. Business Education Charles Clifford Springs 712 Crescent Drive ReidsviUe,N.C. Chemistry Kenneth R. Stainback 239 South Graham-Hopedale Road Burlington, N.C. Business Administration H. Benjamin Steverson P.O.Box 3307 Elon College, N.C. Malcolm R. Sullivan, Jt. 702 Sixth Street Shenandoah, Va. Robert F. Sutherland RR 1, Goodhouse R( Litclifield.Conn. Social Science Benjamin H. Talton, Jr. 112 Hays Street Oxford, N.C. Social Science Archie D. Taylor 430 Craven Street Durham, N.C. Social Science Jane Earle Taylor 325 Fountain Place BurUngton, N.C. Elementary Education Vernon J. Taylor 4 Glenwild Avenue Bloomingdale, N. J. John Paul Temple, Jr. 437 Shipley Street Physical Education Elaine Crowder Tharrington Newport News, Va. Physical Education Amy Louise Thomas 1341 GranviUe SUeet Burlington, N.C. History- Douglas Eugene Thomas P.O. Box 862 Elon CoUege, N. C. Political Science Nancy Louise Thomas 411 Rauhut Street, Box 452 Burlington, N.C. Music Sandta Kay Thomas 407 South Seventh Street Sanford, N.C. English Linda Dale Thompson 352 Sidney Drive Burlington, N.C. History William S. Thompson 227 South Main Graham, N.C. Business Administration Frances Thornton 332 Lincoln Avenue Williamsport, Pa. Physical Education Hodges Taft Throckmorton, Jr. Route 7, Box 404 Burlington, N. C. Accounting Phyllis Ann Tilley Box 396 Fuquay-Varina, N. C. Elementary Education Julia Alice Treece Route 4, Box 346-A Concord, N.C. Math Jack Harlea Troxlet 920 KUby Street Burlington, N. C. Social Science k :f tf - i r tfH i Mary Anne Underwood Route 4, Box 349 Suffolk, Va. Elementary Education Barry William Ward 1314 Tucker Street Burlington, N.C. Business Administration Norman Eugene Ward Route l,Box 340 Burlington, N.C. Barbara Ann Waugh Box 283 ElonCoUege, N. C. Elementary Education Jerry Edward Webb 3 1 5 Beasley Drive Asheboro,N.C. History FrankT. Webster, Jr. 550 Murphy Street Madison, N.C. Social Science Goley Keith Webster Burlington, N.C. Business Administration George Morris Wells, Jr. Box 52,Chaptico Road South Hill, Va. Business Administration James Edward Wells, Jr. 3624 Kenny Lane Portsmouth, Va. Business Administration Julius Stephen WeUs, III 6409 Balfour Drive PoUtical Science Linda Jane Wesley Roxboro, N.C. Ollie James West, Jr. Route l,Box 275 Marvin Earle White 142 Chateau Road Durham, N. C. History Sherry E. Whitley 713 PhiUips Street Burlington, N.C. Elementary Education Ronald Grey Wicker Route 1, Box 702 Sanlord,N.C. Physical Education Dennis Wayne Wilbourne Route 2 Fuquay-Varina, N. C. Physical Education James G. Wilkinson 21 Harbour Lane Massapequa, N. Y. William R. D. Williams Route 1, Box 54 Staley.N.C. Business Administration- Social Science Dan Gordon Williamson 109 Archer Street BurUngton,N.C. History Joan Elizabeth Wilson 903 Liftwood Road Wilmington, Dela. Music Education Patricia Ann Wilson 8937 Colesbury Place Fairfax, Va. Home Economics Lindsey Frank Wyatt 307 South Clyde Avenue Wilson, N. C. PoUtical Science James Marvin Young, Jr. 515 Dick Street Gibsonville,N.C. Physical Education Greta Norma Zarzar P.O. Box 43 Bethlehem, Jordan Social Science Junior Class JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Dave Harrison, Vice-President; Cindy Brinn, Secretary-Treasurer; Phil Larrabee, President. SUSAN GLENN ABERNETHY 2264 Lakeview Terrace - Burlington, N. C. LINDA LEE ABNEY 615 Meadow Lane SW - Vienna, Va. JEWEL SAUNDERS ADAMS P. O. Box 401 - Elon CoUege, N. C. MICHAEL ADAMS 418 S. MacCarthur St. -Panama City, Fla. ARCHIE BRIAN AITCHESON 178 Burton St. Ext. - Watertown, Conn. CARY DALE ALLRED 126 Carolina Avenue - Burlington, N. C. BETTY RAY ANDREWS 501 Chandler Harper Dr. - Portsmouth, Va. URSULA ANN ANULIS 41 Priscilla Ln. - Port Chester, N. Y. EDWARD S.BAKER 111 3724 Woodland Circle - Falls Church, Va. BARBARA B.BAYLIFF 202 W. Lebanon Ave. - Elon CoUege, N. C. MILTON EDWIN BEIMLER 1332 Poquoson Ave. - Poquoson, Va. STEPHEN RALPH BIRD Stockbridge,Vt. LOUIS ANTON BLOM 773 Manor Rd. - Staten Island, N. Y. GEORGE M. BONNETT, JR. 441 Morrison Ave. -Newport News, Va. GEORGEANN BORTZ 300 E. Trade St. - Sanford, N. C. GAYLENE LAVERNE BOSWELL Route 3 - Graham, N.C. DAVID OVERMAN BOWDEN 875 W. Kentucky St. - Arhngton, Va. SUSAN RUTH BOYLES P. O. Box 91 3 - GibsonviUe, N. C. DONNIE EDISON BRADY Route 3 - Bennett, N.C. CHARLES WAYNE BRASWELL 237 Hickory Rd. Ext. - Chesapeake, Va. : . - y 5 k i Civ. yny ; ? , 1 m - fi- s CYNTHIA DIANE BRINN Bayside Box 5243 - Virginia Beach, Va. BENJAMIN W.BROWN. JR. 1806 W. Cone Blvd. - Greensboro, N. C. SUSAN LYNN BROWN Box 74 Mam St. - laith, N. C. FRANCES E. BROWNE 6261 S. W. 5tli Ct. - Eon Lauderdale. Fla. REBECCA BUTCHER BURGESS 2446 Chancellor Rd. - Richmond, Va. WALTER VAN BURNHAM HI 702 N. Harbor Rd. - Suffolk, Va. CHARLES TIMOTHY BUTLER 911 Askew St. - BurUngton, N.C. GEORGE DAVID CANNON 66 Robinson Dr. - Newport News, Va. OLIVIA DARE CHRISTIAN 2706 Neal St. - Hampton, Va. JOE DAVID CLARK 2804 Wynnewood Dr. ■ Greensboro, N. C. FAYE ELIZABETH CLEMMONS 603 Oakgrove Dr. - Graham, N. C. HENRY MELVIN CLIBORNE Route 2 - Halifax, Va. WILLIAM Y.COMNINAKI 3777 Little Neck Point - Virginia Beach, C. EDWARD CONNER, JR. 328 Bridgeview Circle - Chesapeake, Va. EDWARD EUGENE COOKE Route 8 - Durham. N.C. EMILY JANE CROCKER 403 North 4th Ave. - Mayodan, N. C. ARNITA DAWN DAPSAUSKI 4914 Rocky Spring Ln.-Bowie, Md. REX ALAN DAVIS 5922 Jefferson Ave. - Newport News, Va. PHILIP EUGENE DERISI 53 Cranbrook Rd. - Hamilton Square, N. J. HARRISON CLINTON DUNLAP 717 Melbourne Ave. - Melbourne, Fla. JOHN ODIS EDWARDS 241 RiverSt. -Graham. N.C. BETTY JO ELEY Route 1 - Windsor, Va. SUSAN MARTHA ELLIS 1 150 N.E. 1 34 St. - North Miami, Fla. MARY WYATT ETHERIDGE 1708 Highview St. - BurUngton, N. C. JUNE KAY EVANS Route 9 - Lexington, N. C. GEORGE W.FARISH, JR. 9 Pinecroft Ln. - Portsmouth, Va. RYLAND LEE FARMER Route 1 - Yanceyville, N. C. DAVID H.FARRIOR, JR. 609 Ossipee Rd. - Gibsonville, N. C. JOHN MENIG FISHER. JR. 2436 Rivermont Ave. - Lynchburg, Va PETER FLEMING. JR. 23 Central Ave. - Butler, N. J. C5 f f fyl f Ij " i LINDA RAYE FLYNN Box816-Gibsonville, N.C. GAIL ELNORA FONVILLE Route 5 - Burlington, N. C. MACY JANE FUNDERBURK 6318 Deveron Dr. - Charlotte, N. C. SANDRA MARIE GABRIEL Route 6 - Burlington, N. C. JAMES YOST GASKINS Hatton Point Rd. - Portsmouth, Va. ANNA LOUISE GEROW 2113 Westover Terrace - BurUngton, N.C. ROLAND ANDERSON GILL 2530 Ross Rd. - Durham, N. C. JOSEPH GREEN GOLDBERG Stratford House - 41 1 - Wilmington, Del. JANICE KATHRYN GRAHAM Route 1 -Enand,N.C. RICHARD ALAN GREEN 4664 Dartmoor Dr. - Wilmington, Del. DIANNE LYNN GUCKER Route 2 - Ediiiburg, Va. KATHLEEN MART HANDRAHAN 131 Oakdale Ave. - Baltimore, Md. SUE MARIE HARDER 251 2 Cherry Ln. - Greensboro, N. C. WOOD THOMAS HARRELL, JR. 2703 Brookmere Rd. - Charlottesville, Va. DAVID WAYNE HARRISON 236 E. Bayview Blvd. - Norfolk, Va. 9 f 1 g f? » iL lititM r p n CHERYL LOUISE HART Box 193, Blackwell Road - Pennington, N. J. NANCY LEE HART 3686 Bridge Path - Bethpage, N. Y. HAROLD CHARLES HEARNE 27 Rodney St. - Seaford, Del. STEVEN RAY HELMS 2500 E. Lexington Ave. - High Point, N. C. GARY PAUL HEMPHILL 103 Glenrae Dr. - Baltimore, Md. CHRISTINE HELEN HENDRIX 2419 Artie Ave. - Virginia Beach, Va. OLIVER WILTON HOLMES, JR. Route 3 -Graham, N.C. JANET BONNIE HOOPER 302 Trail 8 - BurUngton, N. C. LINDA CHERYL HOPKINS 1400 Arrovvwood Dr. - Asheboro, N. C. DAVID STODDARD HOUTZ HI S. Ashe St. -EUzabeth City, N.C. KATHLEEN MORGAN HOWELL Rugby HaU Estates - Arnold, Md. ROBERT ALLEN HUFFINES 1 1 1 W. Delafield Ave. - Durham, N. C. ANTHONY CHARLES HUNT Route I -Thomasville, N.C. MARILYN SUE HURDLE 214 Watson Dr. - BurUngton, N. C. LOU DIANNE HURLEY Box 28 - Atlantic, Va. AMY GRACE INGLE Route 6 - Burlington, N. C. LINDA DIANE JACKSON 4625 Winston Rd. - Portsmouth, Va. [RANK LEWIS JACOBS, JR. Box 9 - Elon College, N.C. PETER HENRY JOHNSON 268 89tli St. - Brooklyn, N. Y. REGINALD ALLEN JOHNSON 405 Climax St. - Graham. N. C. SUSAN HUNT JOHNSON 1314 Norton St. - Durham. N. C. JAMES WESLEY JOHNSTON 427 Chelsa Rd. - Eairless Hills, Pa. ANNE BYRD JONES 1 19 Nut Bush Rd. - Greensboro, N. C. ARTHUR GLENN JONES 109 E. Chisholm St. - Sanlord, N. C. JOSEPH WAYNE JONES 202 Wilson St. -Eden, N.C. a- OUIDA JANE JONES 608 Maple Ave. - Burlington, N. C. CLIFTON THOMAS JOYNER 124 E. 39th St. -Norfolk. Va. LINDA GENE KANDOUNAS 3306 S. Mebane St. Ext. - Burlington, N. C. SUBENCHA KASEMSUWAN Boonmee Dispensary New Road - Bangkok, Thialand CHARLES R.KELLY. JR. 4738 Sharon Rd. -Charlotte, N. C. P (?» ,t (? 9 d ± M ' MIRIAM HARKER KENYON 118 Markham P. - Little Silver, N. J. SARAH WOODWARD KENYON 118 Markham P. - Little Silver, N. J. LINDA SCOTTON KIMREY Route 1 -Staley, N.C. EDWARD DONALD KIRWIN 2006 W. 17th St. - Wilmington, Del. JAMES WALKER KISTLER Box 542 -Newland,N.C. BONNIE LOU LANE 102 S. Jordan St. - Alexandria, Va. CHARLES M. LANKFORD Route 1 -Sanford.N.C. PHILIP EUGENE LARRABEE 3201 Watergate Lane - Virginia Beach, Va. WILLIAM BRUCE LAW 2709 Chester Forest Ct. - Winston-Salem, N. C. CLIFFORD W. LESTER, JR. Route 1 - Stoneville, N. C. WILLIAM MdVER LILLEY 201 Cherry St. - Scotland Neck, N. C. LINDA LOUISE LONG Route 1 - Pocomoke City, Md. STEPHEN CLARK LONG Route 3 - Warsaw, Va. KIM JEFFORD LUFFBERRY 5602 Kirkwood Dr. - Washington. N. C. BONNLYN DARE MABE Lawsonville, N.C. MARGARET JEAN MARTIN 34 Bainbridge Ave. - Portsmouth, Va. NINA RUTH MARTIN 5105 Arapahoe Ave. - Jacksonville, Fla. LINDA F. MATKINS 149 Mulberry Rd. - DanvUle, Va. RUTH HENDERSON MAYFIELD Route I -NorUna, N.C. MARGARET LYNN McCLUNG 161 W. Cloverhurst Ave. - Athens, Ga. THOMAS MICHAEL McGEE 155 W. 1 1th St. -Deer Park, N.Y. CHARLES DAVID MERCER 1 105 78th St. - Newport News, Va. JUNE MARIE MERRITT Route 3 - HiUsborough, N. C. MICHAEL ANDREW MESSICK 30 Hawthorne Dr. - Durham, N. C. JOY BELLE MICHAEL Route 1 - Brown Summitt, N. C. HERMAN DAVID MIDDLETON 4222 Staimount Dr. - Greensboro, N. C. JERRY EDWARD MIDRIFF Bo, 272 - Gretna, Va. CHARLES TRIMBLE MILLER Woodley Farm - Orange, Va. PATRICIA LEE MILLER 213 Woodford Dr. - Chesapeake, Va. WILSON MORROW MILLER 403 S. Mam St. - Lexington, Va. JO ANN MISSLBECK 8002 Karl Rd. - Alexandria, Va. ADRIENNE JANET MOEN 1717 Marconi Rd. - Belmar-WaU, N. J. MICHAEL LEE MOORE 723 Vanderford St. - Burhngton, N. C. HAROLD RISSEL MORTON 2243 E. Vine St. - Hatfield, Pa. KENNETH EUGENE NEAL Box 366 -Walnut Cove, N.C. CLARK MOORE NEWLIN Box 72 -Haw River, N.C. WANDA WOOD NEWLIN Route I - Haw River, N. C. MICHAEL EDWIN NEWSOME P-2 Mayfaii Apartments - Burlington, N. C. JUANITA IRENE NEWTON Box 4 -Columbia, Va. STEPHEN CHARLES NICOLAY 1500 Wakefield Dr. - Virginia Beach, Va. LINDA MARIE O ' BRIANT Route2-Gibsonville, N.C. WARREN RONALD O ' BRIEN 511 York Rd.-FayetteviUe, N.C. ROGER JOSEPH OLIVER, JR. 4525 Powells Point Rd. - Virginia Beach, Va. SALLY ANN O ' NEILL 476 W. Exchange St. - Sycamore, lU. NITA ONUFRAK Box716-PurceUvme,Va. f fl " ' ftifii fl a Cl ri WILLIAM DEWEY OLEN, JR. Box 1 15 - Buffalo Junction, Va. JOHN PORTER PAISLEY, JR. Route 2 - McLeansviUe. N. C. ROBERT JAMES PARR, JR. 109 S. Wellons St. - Suffolk, Va. DEBORAH ANN PEOPLES 1115 Dabney Dr. ■ Henderson, N. C. CLEO MARIE PERDUE 3821 High Acres Rd. - Roanoke, Va. DANA LOUISE PERKINS 5944 N. 10th Rd. ■ Arlington, Va. DONALD LEE PERKINS 404 Rush Road - Fayetteville, N. C. KATHRYN STOUT PIKE Route 2- Graham, N.C. MARTHA ALICE POPE 647 Warrington Dr. - Suffolk, Va. WILLIAM E. RANKIN, II Route 4 - Greensboro, N. C. DEEN TRADER REED Bo, 3228 -Elon College, N.C. WILLARD CLAUDE REID, III 7802 Lycoming Rd. - Richmond, Va. JOHN MONROE RICHARDSON Box 98 -Star, N.C. JOAN RENEE RIGGAN Bo. 3 -Macon, N.C. STEPHEN BRUCE ROBERTS Box524-CIaxksviUe,Va. RESA ANN ROBINSON 3039 Hazelton St. - Falls Church, Va. LINDA FAYE ROGERS Box 457 -Haw River, N.C. RONALD NEAL RORIE Route 3 - Wadesboro, N. C. GEORGE S. RORRER Box 46 2 - Madison, N. C. MARY ELIZABETH ROSE Box 55 -Carrsville. Va. BETTY JANE ROUNTREE Route 4 - Suffolk, Va. ROBERT GREGORY SANDERS 3228 Powder Mill Rd. - Adelphi, Md. THOMAS EDWARD SHORT. JR. 5920 Peters Creek Rd. N.W. - Roanoke, Va WILLIAM S. SHREVE 906 Walnut St. - ReidsvUIe, N. C. JOSEPH SIGLER 175 N.E. 127th St. -Miami, Fla. RONALD WAYNE SINK 426 N. Salem St. - Lexington, N. C. CLAUDIE LEA SMITH 203 Ridge Rd. - Roxboro, N. C. MICHAEL McSWAIN SMITH Route 1 - Asheboro, N. C. ROGER WAYNE SMITH Route 2 - McLeansviUe, N. C. TOMMY WAYNE SMITH 4028 Weyanoke Dr. - Portsmouth, Va. rltt 1 p 9 i ROYALL H. SPENCE III 3412 Dogwood Dr. - Greensboro, N. C. RANDALL S.SPENCER 50 Thomas Dr. - Manchester, Conn. DAVID ANDREW SPICER 94 Langdon Ave. - Wharton, N. J. MICHAEL JOSEPH SPILLANE 20 Glen Lane - Levittown, N. Y. PAULETTE TYLER SPINDLE Hustle, Va. SAUNDRA FORD STEVERSON Box 3307 -Elon College, N.C. WILLIAM THOMAS STOKES, IV 305 Home Ave. -Graham, N. C. DONALD LEE TARKINGTON 2225 Rodgers St. - Chesapeake, Va. DAVID KEITH TEAGUE, JR. 416 Bryan St. - BurUngton, N. C. JANICE S.THOMAS Box 3273 - Elon CoUege, N. C. GEORGE T. THORNHILL 3021 Granville Dr. - Raleigh, N. C. WILLIAM VANCE TORBERT 350 Florida Ave. - Portsmouth, Va. MARY VIRGINIA TRAVERS Route 2 - Winchester, Va. ROBERT WESLEY TRUITT 2405 Tyson St. - Raleigh, N. C. BRENDA SMITH TUCKER 511 S. Mebane St. - Burlington, N. C. f ' n I-., a O (? Q DANNIE LEE UNDERWOOD 2213 Lane Rd. - Greensboro, N. C. EMILY SMITH VUNCANNON 416 N. Elm St. - Asheboro, N. C. WILLIAM WALLACE. JR. 135 Kings Highway - Huntington, W. Va. KENNETH ALFRED WARD Box 596 -Liberty, N.C. M T SUSAN BRENDA WAYMACK 2613 Norcross Rd. -Richmond, Va. JAMES HARRISON WHITE Feltys Trailer Park - WythevUle, Va. STAEHLE PARKER WHITSON 510 Clima.x St. - Graham, N. C. ANITA LUCILLE WICKLINE Route 2 - Palmyra, Va. ERNEST YOUNG WILKINSON Box 95 -Kenly.N.C. CANDACE WILLIAMS 707 Pebble Dr. - Greensboro, N. C. K. ALLENE WILLIAMS 1 14 Albright Ave. - Graham, N. C. CAROL LORRAINE WILSON Rt. 2, Box 332 - Seaford, Dela. WILLIAM C. WINSTEAD Box 684 -Elon College, N.C. JANET MARTIN WINSTEAD Box 684 - Elon CoUege, N. C. ANN ELIZABETH WOODAHL 2634 Lancraft Rd. - Bon Air, Va. GUY TAY WOODARD Box 81 - Deltaville, Va. JERRY THOMAS WOODLIEF Route 1 - Rougemont, N. C. RICHARD CHARLES YOUMANS 87 Wagner Pl.-Irvington, N.J. MARIE A.ZIRPOLI 5383 Sir Barton Dr. - Virginia Beach, Va. Sophomore Class i ' vr:u SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS; Lee Loy, Presi- dent; Sherrie McGirt, Vice-President. Not pic- tured Pam Sauvain, Secretary-Treasurer. BUSTER ALSTON 15 Marvin Dr., Newport News, Va. MARGIE ANTAL Sawmill Rd., CarversviUe, Pa. BARBARA ASKIN 1615 Shervvood Rd., Silver Spring. Md. JOHN AUSTIN 2704 Robin Dr., Va. Beach, Va. RAYMOND BAILEY Rt. 4, Burlington, N.C. TOM BALDERSON 31 1 Dogwood Dr., Portsmouth, Va. ELLEN BARNES Rt. l,Bo 321 ,Courtland.Va. DANNY BARNETT Rt.4, Burlington, N.C. JEANIE BARRETT 6015 Verndale Rd., Charlotte, N. C. PETE BASELICI 1712 Sunset Ave., Wanamassa, N. J. ELAINE BEACH 2152 Golfview Dr., Charleston, S. C. BOB BERMAN 3400 Koulk Rd. Apt. 4C-1, Wilmingtc PAT BERRY 1462 Irvin Ave.. Norfolk, Va. BELINDA BLACK 11 Quiet Dr., Lexington, N. C. AL BLOM 773 Manor Rd., Staten Island, N. Y. KATHY BLOOD 4-C Pacific Dr., Winfield Park, N. J. KAREN SUE BLOSSER 604 Venette Ave., Waynesboro, Va. PEGGY BONDURANT 24 Charlton Dr., Hampton, Va. JOE BRANTELY Rt. 6, Bo.x 33, Asheboro, N. C. SANDY BREWER 8929 Sleaford PI. Annandale, Va. TODD BRIDGFORD 10124 Lakewood Dr., Rockville, Md. JAMES BROWN 66MiUSt.. Angola, N.Y. RONALD BROWN 4331 Cortez Rd., Baltimore, Md. WENDY BROWN 1 1900 Henderson Rd.. CUfton, Va. TERRIE BUGB EE 105 Judy Lane, South Windsor. Conn. © ' f f? DAVID BULLARD 1932 Dogwood St., Fayetteville, N. C. BILL BUNCH 1444 Wilroy Rd., Suffolk, Va. DIRK BUNCH 1321 Woodhurst Dr., Va. Beach, Va. DARYL BURGESS Rt. 4,Mebane,N.C. CHRIS BUTCHER 928 Modoc Ave.. Norfolk, Va. GUY WAYNE BUTLER 1006 Highland Ave., Greensboro, N. C. CAROLYN CAMERON Rt.4,Sanford,N.C. JACKIE GRAY CARTER Rt. 6,Box36,ReidsvUle,N.C. SUSAN CAVINESS 106 McLaurin Dr., Asheboro, N. C. f ' 1 © €» LINDA CHALMERS Rt. l,Bo 188-D, Martinsville, Va. BUCK COBB 5120 Shenstone Dr., Va. Beach, Va. RAYMOND COBB Star Rt. 1, YanceyviUe, N. C. JUDITH COFFMAN 653 Ridgecrest Dr., Roanoke, Va. MARILYN JANE COMMERCE 2448 Shenandoah St., Vienna, Va. GLENDA CONDON 1944 FoxhaU Rd., McLean, Va. JAMES CORRELL 1930 Angelo St., Winston-Salem, N. C. MARILYN CRAWFORD 25 1 Bidney Ave., Burlington, N. C. GAIL DANIEL P.O. Box 575, Denton, N.C. JAN DAVIS 3824 Quail HoUow Dr., Raleigh, N. C. KATHY DAVIS 2704 Banner St., Durham, N. C. RANDY DAVIS Rt. 2, Warrenton,N.C. ALTA DeHART 2222 Rose Hall Dr., Va. Beach, Va. CHARLES DILLON Rt. 3, Madison, N.C. SANDY DOFFLEMYER Rt.3,Box5-K.EIkton,Va. JOHN DOSS Rt. l.Haw River, N.C. DONALD DOGGETT Rt. l,Box 165,Skipwith,Va. CHARLES FIRMANl llOOlgaRd, ViloneVilbge Wilmington, Del. JIM FOGLE 36 Rutledge Ave., Charleston, S. C. JOE FOLEY 10848 Fairchester Dr., Fairfa.x, Va BRENDA FORBIS 805 Buckner St., Graham, N. C. BARBARA lOWLER 233 Harden St., Burlington, N. C. PAUL FULTON 724 Cascade Ave., Winston-Salem, N. C STEVE CAREER Westover HiUs, Waynesboro, Va. LINDA GARRISON Iv ' am Rt. 2, BurUngton,N.C. JACK GIORDANO 2382 Beech St., Wantagh, N. Y. BOB GODFREY 608 Summit Ave., Greensboro, N. C. CARNELL GALSTON LARRY GOOD 9 St. John St., Wilmington, Del, EDDIE GREENE 202 East Carolina Ave., Crewe, Va. EMILY HALL Rt. 2, Box 8, Cleveland, N.C. MARY ANNE HAMPTON 1234 Somerset Dr., McLean, Va. KATHY HARPER Rt. 3, Box 75,Sanford,N.C. JANICE HARRIS 212 Tareyton Lane, Portsmouth, Va. JOHN HARRIS, JR. Box 134, Canton, N.C. VICKI HARRIS 810 Lawsonville Ave., Reidsville, N. C. THOMAS HEDRICK 2141 N. Roger Peed Dr., Hampton, Va. STEVE HENDERSON 313 B.N.MapleSt., Graham. N.C. NEILHENING 2419 Glenbrooke Circle, Richmond, Va. SCOTT HILL Courtbnd, Va. WILLIAM HODGES P. O. Box 333, YanceyviUe, N. C. p p (fSH WEST HOLDEN 100 Battin Rd., Fair Haven, N. J. JERROLD HOOPER h 1 r Rt. 3,Mebane, N.C. DANNY HUDGENS 1103MainSt., So. Boston, Va. a fw JENNY HUFFMAN Rt. 1. Box 15 3, Burlington, N.C. LINDA HUNDLEY 4442 Winchester Dr., Portsmouth, Va. CLYDE IVEY 81 Dahlgren Ave., Portsmouth, Va. p 1 - THOMAS JAMES 705 The Fenway, Baldwin, N.Y. JOSEPH JAROSZ i rj Bo.x 430, Graham, N. C. KENN JARVIS Box 259-D,Rt. 6, Raleigh, N.C. CHRIS JEWELL 241 Eldorado Parkway, Plantation, Fla. PAUL LARRY JOHNSON Rt.3,Box211,SilerCity,N.C. PAUL T.JOHNSON Box 236, Yancey ville, N.C. PAT JONES 7503 Three Chopt Rd., Richmond, Va. ED KAPLAN 102 Paumanake Ave., Babylon, N.Y. PATTI KEEGAN 37 EatonRd., Syosset, N.Y. ROGER KEIM 705 Silverspring Rd., Richmond, Va. BILL KELLEY 509 Seeman Rd., Va. Beach, Va. KIM KIMBERLY DONALD KING 403 Crawford St., Mebane, N. C. JOAN KING P. O. Box 1899, HendersonvUIe, N.C. KIM KING 4106 Neptune Ct., Chesapeake, Va. RICHARD KITE 209 Shenandoah Ave., Shenandoah, Va. DIANA KUHNERT 123 Roosevelt Ave., Lodi, N. I. NORMAN LACERTE 22 Shamrock Dr., Portsmouth, Va. BOB LANE 1932 Sunrise Dr., Va. Beach, Va. (TIRTIS LANE 925 St. Bridges Rd. West, Chesapeake, Va. SUSANNAH LANSING 20 Merle PI., Staten Island, N. Y. JOE LEWIN 34 West Pollux Cir., Portsmouth, Va. DAN LIVINGSTON 1903 Mavt ' air Ave., Greensboro, N. C. I ' RANK LYON 260 Highland Rd., Rye, N. Y. JOHN McCONNELL 4509 High Street West, Portsmouth, Va KAREN McCREATH DEBBIE McDANIELS 2150 Welch Ave., Charleston, S. C. SHERRI McGIRT 3208 Credenza Rd., Charlotte, N. C. MACMcINNIS 515 Piedmont Ave., Rocky Mount, N. C. DONNA MALONE 1010 Killy St., BurUngton, N. C. DALE MANESS Rt. 2, Box 203, Seagrove, N. C. THOMAS MARSHALL 8 Sanford Dr., Newport News, Va. BRUCE MATTISON 208 Brown Ave., Hempstead, N. Y. DEBBIE MILLER 1611 Avondale Dr., AltaVista, Va. RODNEY MILLER Rt. 6, Lexington, N.C. MELVIN MILTON BONNIE MOORE 2381 Diane Ave., Winston-Salem, N. C. ED MOOSE 1 15 Plymouth Ave.. Maplewood, N. J. MARVIN MORGAN P. O. Box 532, Zebulon, N. C. EVELYN MOSELEY 1318 Carolina Ave,, Roanoke Rapids, N. C. MIKE MULDOON 400 Paris Ave., Brooklawn, N. J. TED NELSON 211 Albright Ave., Graham, N. C. GARY NOUBARIAN 5362 Elm Dr., Lewiston, N. Y. REGENAO ' BERRY 2025 Lone Pine Rd., Va. Beach, Va. tk ' ' ' iM JOE OLD 404 Cedar Lane, Va. Beach, Va. CAROLYN OVERSTREET Box 743, Tappahannock, Va. JOHN PASELER 45 Bray Ave., Port Monmouth, N. J. KATIE PATRICK 23 Reynolds Dr., Hampton, Va. SUSAN PATTON P. O. Bo.N 29, Speedwell, Va. MEL PEARCE 220 Pine Valley Road, Winston-Salem, N. C. ED PEEBLES 1515 Shadylawn Dr., Burlington, N. C. HAROLD PERRY 9 Holbrook St., Palmer, Md. JEAN PERRY Rt. 1, Box 58, Pine Creek, N. C. ' M g S p J 1 0 % r- M-k . ' " A e?» ft i d i% MIKE PETRIE 35 Cambra Rd., Waldwick, N. J. MARVIN PHILLIPS 126 Kathland Ave., Thomjisville, N. C. RUTH ANNE PHILLIPS 2027 S. Mebane St., Burhngton, N. C. PATRICIA POLLOCK 438 7 Ave. Place NW, Hickory, N. C. JIM POOLE 2318 Wyth Ave., Bluefield, W. Va. BERNARD PRICE 5361 Taney Ave., Alexandria, Va. JOHN PULLEY 213 Dinwiddle Ave., Blackstone, Va. KEITH RAWLS 701 First St., Ahoskie,N.C. RODNEY RAY RED 1 , Box 666, Smithfield, Va. LINWOOD REGISTER P.O. Box 455, Lamar, S.C. SUSAN REIDER P. O. Box 7008 USPHS, APO NY, N. Y. TERRY RICE 2767 Quincy St., Arlington, Va, JERRY RICHARDSON Rt. 1 , Badger Cii., Roxboro, N. C. MARC RIGGSBEE 922 Urban Ave., Durham, N. C. BILL ROBEY 8916 Burdette Rd., Bethesda, Md. SKIP ROGERS 1112 WeUons Dr., Durham, N. C. MYRA ROTHWELL 437 Mason St., Albemarle, N. C. LARRY RUSSELL Rt. 2, Box 42, Sanford, N. C. SUSAN RYDER 1201 Glen Eden Dr., Raleigh, N. C. BILL SATTERFIELD 3433 Siline Dr., Va. Beach, Va. KAY SAUNDERS 500 Cascade Ave., Eden, N. C. PAM SAUVAIN 2101 BriarcUff Rd., Richmond, Va. SAM SECRET SUSIE SCHRIEBER 47 Laurel PI., W. CaldweU, N. J. INGRID SCHWEGLER 1232 Carlson Lane, Va. Beach, Va. t- O . fJ K ' li • MARTHA SEAT P.O.Box 146, Virgilina, Va. GEORGE SHAHWAN P. O. Box 1838, Amman, Jordan MARY JANE SHAW Rt. l,ReidsvUle, N.C. NELDA SHAW Rt. 6, Box 316, Durham, N. C. GREGG SIGMON Rt. 4-L 456, Greensboro, N.C. JOE SIMMONS 108 Gibson Dr.,Che.sapeake, Va. GARY SIMPSON Rt. 1, Box 249-B, Tiffin, Ohio JUDY SMITH 7105 Byrneley Lane, Annandale, Va. ELLEN SNODGRASS 420 London St., Portsmouth, Va. ROBERT SNYDER 101 3 Watts St., Durham, N.C. RICHARD SOURS 10440 Miller Rd.. Oakton, Va. STUART STONE 902 Maple St., Lumberton, N. C. CHARLES STRICKLAND 302 Raleigh St., Fuquay Varina, N. C. DEBBIE STROUD 2633 Janson Dr., Chesapeake, Va. MICKEY STUART Rt. 21, Speedwell. Va. RANDY STUCKEY P.O.Box 187, Lamar, S.C. KATHY STUTTS 202 Trail 2 Grove Park - Burlingto DANNY SUTHER Box 903 - Concord, N.C. BUCK SYDNOR 707 Second Ave. - Farmville, Va. JANET SYLVESTER 5065 School Rd. - Va. Beach, Va. JOHN THOMAS 131 Florida Ave. - Portsmouth, Va. RANDY THOMPSON 13 Ansell St. - Portsmouth, Va. JANET THORNHILL 3916 Chadswyck Rd. - Chesapeake, Va. WAYNE THRIFT 614 Dogwood Rd. - Thomasville, N.C. SUSAN TILLEY 135 Milstead Rd. - Newport News, Va. DAVID TOWE 8701 Caribbean Blvd. - Miami, Fla. PETE TUCKER 12 Shorepark Dr. - Newport News, Va. CAROL VINCENT 711 Yuma St. - Charlotte, N.C. BONNIE WALKER Box 332 - Gibsonville, N.C. GOLEY BRYAN WALL Rt. 4 - Mebane, N.C. JERRY WARD Rt. 2 - Liberty, N.C. SALLIE ANN WARD Box 596 - Liberty, N.C. MIKE WARREN Rt. 3 - Burlington, N.C. AL WATSON 5413 Odessa Dr. - Va. Beach, Va. GALE WEATHERLY Camden, N.C. ALAN WILKINSON 45 Congress St. - Manchester, Conn. CHARLES WILSON Rt. 7, Box 361 - Burlington, N.C. RUTH WOODY Rt. 1, Box 315 Graham, N.C. CAROLYN WORLEY 223 Ward St. - Graham, N.C. JERRY YOUNGER RD 1 - Clayton, De. ROBERT ZIELKE 218 East Lake Ave. - Blackwood, N.J. v M 1 9 • ' ' Freshman Class FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS: York Poate, President; David Cobb, Vice-President; Beth Brinkerhoff, Secretary-Treasurer. BOB AARON - 825 Barnes St., Jacksonville, N.C. SANDRA ALBRIGHT - Rt. 1, Mebane, N.C. DREW ALEXANDER - 810 Landowne Road. Charlotte, N.C. TOM ANDREWS - 521 Jones Street, Suffolk, Va. BOB ASHWELL - Box 16, Hudderston, Va. MITCHELL AVENT - 82 Lakeside Dr., Newsport Nevi ' s, Va. SCOTT BAILY - 41 1 Lexington Dr., Silver Springs, Md. GLENDA BAIRD - Rt. 2, Box 468, Spruce Pine. N.C. KATHYBAMFORD - Box 415 RRl , Pennington, N.J. JOE BARBEE - 3219 Marie Dr., Raleigh, N.C. LYNNE BARBER - Rt. 1, Gibsonville, N.C. RICHARD BEAM - 64 N. Farragut Ave., Manasquan, N.J. RICHARD BECK -- Rt. 1 , Meadowbrook Estates, Clemmons, N.C. ROBERT BELL - 2206 Georgia Ave., New Bern, N.C. SUSAN BELL - 43 Norgate Rd., Attleboro, Ma. ALLEN BETTIS - 524 Baldwin Road, Burlington. N.C. SUSAN BEVACQUA - 1413 Chester Rd., Raleigh, N.C. MIKE BIERBOWER 527 Danbury Road, New Milford, Ct. CHUCK BIGHAM - Rt. 2, McLeansviUe, N.C. RUDOLPH BINDER - Rt. 1 , Madison, N.C. CARROLL BLACKBURN - JuUana Heights, Benford, Pa. CYNTHIA BLANCHARD - 349 Harden St., Burlington, N.C. RANDY BLUME - 4312 Ewell Rd., Va. Beach, Va. TIM BOONE - Box 156 Calhoun St., Jackson, N.C. MIKE BOOTH - 4300 Starmount Dr., Greensboro, N.C. WAYNE BOWERY - 6301 Glyndon Lane. Richmond, Va. BETSY BOWMAN 1331 Seminole Dr., Greensboro, N.C. SUSAN BOYER - 1303 McPherson Ct., LutherviUe, Md. TED BRADNER - YanceyviUe, N.C. 162 KEITH BREWER - Box 132 N. 5 Ave., YanceyvUle, N.C. ANN BRIGGS - 2207 Woodland Ave., Reidsville, N.C. 0 ... r if • f» !?» f-; ' S- " ' f- tk§k£:k€ktkL. f . .• ' .0. « fl f rp ffi F) ::- ' » ' • ' ' R f» O ;: .«! r fi ■ ' p n 4 , (ft ff p n ? ff ifa v.li JULIA BRIGGS - 7025 Santa Maria Ct., McLean, Va. TOM BRIGGS - 201 Wildwood Rd., Chesapeake, Va. BETH BRINKERHOFF - 2430 Pineway Dr., Richmond, Va. CLIFF BRINKLEY - 181 Northbrook Ave., Suffolk, Va. JERRY BROOKE - 106 Rogers St., Burlington, N.C. RAY BRONFEN - 2303 N. Franklin St., Wilmington, De. GARY BROWN - 201 N. 5 St., Shenandoah, Va. SARAH BRUTON - 3908 Haven Dr., Charlotte, N.C. MIKE BRYANT - 134 Circle Dr., Thomasville, N.C. LARRY BUGG - 24 Peters St., Chase City, Va. MARY LOU BULLUCK - 1642 MarveUe Ave., Rocky Mount, N.C. JANIS BUMP - 53 Sunset Dr., Sevema, Md. DAWN BUNTING - Church St., Selbyville, De. DAVID BURCHETTE 5405 Falls of Neuse, Raleigh, N.C. SHIRLEY BURDELL - Rt. 3 Macland, Laurinburg, N.C. WILLIAM BURGESS - 135 Country Club Rd., Franklin, Va. MICHAEL BURNETTE - Buffalo Junction, N.C. GEORGE BYERS - 5 145 Princess Anne Rd., Va. Beach, Va. MIKE CARDELINO - 625 W. Constance Rd., Suffolk, Va. LINDA CARTLEDGE - 2122 McKnight Mill Rd., Greensboro, N.C. WADE CAUDELL - Rt. I, Bo.x 54. Laurel Springs. N.C. ROBERT CAVINESS - Rt. 2, Box 239, Brown Summit, N.C. BOB CHAMBERS - Rt. 1 , Rice, Va. TOM CLAGHORN - 38 Crawford Terrace, Riverside, Ct. MARY LOU CLARK - Rt. 4, O.xford, N.C. PHIL CLARK Rt. 4, SUer City, N.C. ROBERTA CLARK - Box 176, Rowland, N.C. THERESA CLARK - 25 14 Heywood Ave., Charlotte, N.C. DAVID COBB - Rt. I.Zuni.Va. TOMMY COLE - 5 10 Country Club Dr., Burlington, N.C. PHIL COOKE 222 Jefferson Ave., N.E., Concord, N.C. KAY CORNELL - 9626 Cape View Ave., Norfolk. Va. ANNETTE CORUM - Rt. 3, KernersviUe, N.C. LORNE COSNER - 3818 Montford Dr., Chamblee, Ga. CATHY COWLING - 2376 Maplewood Ave., Winston-Salem, N.C. DEBBIE CRABTREE, Rt. 1, Box 57, Haw River, N.C. DIANE CRAWLEY - 147 Forest Lawn Dr., Danville, Va. STEPHEN CROSHAW - Woodlane Rd., Mount Holly, N.J. RONNIE CROUCH 923 Mulberry Rd., Martinsville, Va. JOHN CUMMINGS - 61 1 Dick St., GibsonviUe, N.C. NANCY CUMMINGS - Overlook Rd., Morristown, N.J. STEVE CUNNINGHAM - BRIAN DALEY - 7904 Radnor Rd., Bethesda, Md. CHARLES DAVIS - Rt. 2, Box 166, High Point, N.C. JAMES PHILLIP DAVIS - Rt. 2. Box 388, Stoneville, N.C. ED DECKER - 438 Va. Ave., Norfolk, Va. STEVE DELLINGER - 120 Old Shawnee Rd., Milford, De. LOUIS DeMOTT - 1442 Noel Ave., Hewlett, N.Y. LAUREL DENZER - Star Route, Branchville, N.J. ALAN DeROSA - 131 Neptune Ave., Jersey City, N.J. MARIO DeROSA - 31 S. French St., Alexandria, Va. LINDA DICKENMAN - 6 Pinehurst Rd., Unionville, Ct. RICK DOWELL Springs Road SARAH DRAPER - 705 Clarke Road, Martinsville, Va. CAULY DRUM - 455 Powhatan St., NOB Norfolk, Va. NANCY DRUMMOND - 10206 Rodgers Rd., Fairfax, Va. KIM DUNHAM - 2603 Stratford Dr., Greensboro, N.C. DAVE DUNKER - 737 Lee St., Asheboro, N.C. MARGY DUVALL - 2319 Wythe Ave., Bluefield, W. Va. BILL EARMAN - 10619 Tulip Lane, Rockville, Md. RON EASON - 940 Westhaven Blvd., Rocky Mount. N.C. LEWIS ECKARD - Rt. 2, Bo. 866, Connelly Springs, N.C. PAMELA EDWARDS - Box 421, Spring Hope, N.C. ELMER ELEY - 626 Mason Ave., Suffolk, Va. CLAIRA EHTRIDGE - 1708 Highview St., Burlington, N.C. DOROTHY FARRELL - 45 Witenack Rd., Basking Ridge, N.J. TONY FESTA - 1 145 N. Coleman Rd., Roswell, Ga. ROBIN FITZHUGH - 824 Gales Ave., Winston-Salem, N.C. KAREN FLYNN - Box 816, Gibsonville, N.C. WILLIAM FONVILLE - Rt. 5, Box 140, Burlington, N.C. MARGARET FORD - 806 Appamatox St., HopeweU, Va. MICHAEL FOSTER 317 Lindsey St., ReidsviUe. N.C. GREG FOWLER - 1505 Monmouth Dr., Richmond, Va. BONNIE FRESHWATER 308 Wilba Road, Mebane, N.C. BERNARD GABOURY - 12 Delaware Ave.. Rockaway, N.J. TERRY GADDY - Rt. 4. Box I52-C, Siler City, N.C. DON GEIRING - 2700 Ardsley Sr., Orlando, Fla. ALLEN GIBBS - 2417 Wright Ave., Greensboro, N.C. HUGH GIBBS - KERRY GILLILAND - 817 Park Ave., Sanford, N.C. LYNN GORDON - Rt., Browns Summit, N.C. BRUCE GRAY - 307 Cocoa Ave., Indialantic, Fla. HELEN GRIZZARD - 506 Laurel St., Emporia, Va. WILTON HAFFEY - 190 Greenwood St., New Britian, Conn. MICHAEL HAIRE - Clifford Road, Plymouth, Ma. CHARLES HALE - Box 96, Boundry Ave., McArthur, Ohio DONALD KEITH HALL - Rt. 2, Hurdle Mills, N.C. SUE HAMILTON - 1516 West 43rd St., Lorain. Ohio JANE HARRIS - 206 Martinsborough Rd., Greenville, N.C. JANICE HARRIS - 212 Tareyton Lane, Portsmouth, Va. TOMMY HARRIS - 4800 Rodney Road, Richmond, Va. WAYNE HARRIS - Rt. 1, Box 154-A, Engelhard, N.C. ROBERT HARRISON - 404 GuUford Ave., Greensboro, N.C. WAYNE HAYES - 2535 McKinney St., Burlington, N.C. LINDA HENKEL - 2127 Cortland St., Waynesboro, Va. ROBBIE HICKLIN - 2507 Saddle Club Rd., BurUngton, N.C. TOM HOBBS - 124 Holly Road. Williamsburg, Va. MARY .ANNE HOGGARD - 725 Crescent Dr., ReidsviUe. N.C. GARY HOLDER - Rt. 3, Liberty, N.C. DEBBIE HON - 3402 Haven Place, FaUs Church, Va. GARY HOPE - 215 S. Cross St., Red Springs, N.C. MIKE HORNE - 215 E. Ohio Ave., Bessemer, N.C. BARBARA HORTON - ZANNIE HUFFINES - Rt. 3, Burlington, N.C. CLYDE HUTCHINS, JR. - 2810 Holbrook St., Durham, N.C. IRIS HYDE - 709 W. 38th St., Wilmington, Del. CARL INGLE - 409 S. Maple St., Graham, N.C. FLOYD INGOLD - 112 White Oak Rd., Siler City, N.C. BENJAMIN IRVIN - Rt. 1, Box 434, Swansboro, N.C. DEBBIE ISAACS - 607 McAlway Rd., Charlotte, N.C. TERESA ISLEY - Rt. 2, Liberty, N.C. LINDA GAIL JACKSON - Box 171, McMcellanville, S.C. DONALD JAMES - 614 Spring Lane, Sanford, N.C. LARRY JENKINS - 2316 Bidgood Dr.. Portsmouth. Va. CATHY JOHNSON - 5150Sugai Loaf Lane, Roanoke, Va. RUSTY JOHNSON - 406 N. 15th St., Wilmington, N.C. SUE JOHNSON - Rt. 3, Box 137, Siler City, N.C. DOUG JONES - 3425 Skycrest Dr., Raleigh, N.C. HAMILTON JONES - 819 Heatherwood Rd., Bluefield, W. Va. HUGH JONES - 506 N. Spring St., Greensboro, N.C. hLU a «• f «S P )W A «» r " ,; ij t ' m fk ¥a i [ " - fr fh f fl 1- IS t p ' i i l i ROBERT JONES -519 Carlisle Way, Norfolk, Va. SONNY KEENE - Box 74, ClarksviUe, Va. CARL KERNODLE - Hampden Sydney, Va. VICKIE KEY Rt. 2, Gibsonville, N.C. KATHY KILROY - 4120 Warren St., Washington, D.C. JENNIFER KNOTT - Box 357, Clayton, N.C. DON LADD - 560 Murdock Ave., Meriden, Ct. JAN LANDOLINA - 1287 Bolton St., Winston-Salem, N.C. PATTY LANE - 915 DeWolfe Dr., Alexandria, Va. JIM LANGSTON - 5 369 Quincy St., Apt. 2, HyattsviUe, Md FAYE LATHAM - 3842 Leo St., Winston-Salem, N. C. BERYL LAUGHLIN - 521 Ossippee St., Gibsonville, N.C. JOAN LAWS - Rt. 2, Box 343, Gibsonville, N.C. KATHRYN LAWSON - 2609 Swede Rd., Norristown, Pa. PAM LAYTON - Rt. 8, Box 326, Raleigh, N.C. JANET LEE - 1413 Atkinson St., Laurinbuig, N.C. WAYNE LENHART - 741 W. Sycamore St., Chase City, Va. DIXIE LUNSFORD - Rt. 1, Leasburg, N.C. JANET LYNCH - 809 CaroUna Rd., Suffolk, Va. MARY LOU MacGILLIVRAY - 708 Sykline Ct., NE, Vienna, Va. DERRIL MACKIN - 6205 Massachusetts Ave., Wood Acres, Md. JAMES MAJORS - Rt. 3, Graham, N. C. JEFF MANTZ - 1200 Western Branch Blvd., Portsmouth, Va. DIANNE MARTIN - 307 RoUins St., FaUs Church, Va. JACK MARTIN - Rt. 3, Farmville, Va. LOIS MATHERY - 2301 Fleet Ave., Richmond, Va. RICK MATKINS - Rt. I , YanceyviUe, N.C. PAM McADOO - Rt. 2, Box 50, Greensboro, N.C. DEAN McBRAYER - Box 96, Mooresboro, N.C. MAXTON Mcdowell - Rt. 3, Box 313, Asheboro, N.C. STEVE McKAIG - 3112 JuUan Dr., Raleigh, N.C. GAIL Mcpherson - Rt. 2, Liberty, N.C. MARY ANN McWILLIAMS - 207 Chaptank Ave., Cambridge. Md. PAUL meeker - 2715 Dorp Lane, Norristown, Pa. WANDA MILLER - Rt. 2, Rougemont, N.C. MARK MILLS - 1700 Dubose Dr., Kinston, N.C. JAMES MIZELLE - Rt. 2, Box 135, Gates, N.C. JEANNE MOBERLY - Rt. 7, Box 221, Frederick, Md. DONALD MOODY - 2404 Bridgette Court, Greensboro, N.C. DEBBIE MOORE - Box 91, Elon College, N.C. JANICE MOORE - 725 Oakgrove Dr., Graham, N.C. DARLENE MORAN - Rt. 2, Box 385, Bayside Beach, Pasadena, Md. KENNY MORGAN - 1036 Livingston Ave., Chesapeake, Va. CHARLES MORNINGSTAR - Rt. 1, Box 153, Buffalo Junct., Va. PAT MORRIS - Rt. 1, Box 35, Efland, N.C. JEANETTE MOSS - 4818 Old Dominion Dr., Lynchburg, Va. ELAINE MOTT - 505 Chesopeian Trail, Lynchburg, Va. FRANCIA MOYER - 1225 Shamrock Lane, Waynesboro, Va, JUDY MYERS - 13 Orchard Way, N., RockviUe, Md. BETH NALLEY - 5 1 1 Nottmgham Rd., Charlottesville, Va. HARTLEIGH NELSON 1543 Hebron Ave., Glastonburg, Ct. VICKI NELSON - P.O. Box 192, Wagram, N.C. DAVE NEWSOM - 248 Robbins Rd., Winston-Salem, N.C. BLANCHE NEWSOME - Rt. 1, Box 304, Scotland Neck, N.C. ELAINE NIFOROS - 2660 London Lane, Winston-Salem, N.C. CHERYL NIMMO - 326 Sherwood Dr., NE, Vienna, Va. CAROL NORMAN - 4124-A Providence Rd., Charlotte, N.C. DONNIE OAKES - Rt. 3, Chatham, Va. HAROLD O ' BRIANT - 2 1 10 Summet St., Durham, N.C. JOANNE OLIVER - Cedar Grove, N.C. JANET SUE OSBORNE 2455 Morningside Drive, Burlington, N.C. DAVID KEITH OSBORNE - 1821 Laurel Street, Reidsville, N.C. DIANE GAYLE OVERBY - 1821 Laurel Street, Reidsville, N.C. SYLVIA ANN OZMENT -- 38 Wheatland Drive, Hampton. Virginia LINDA GALE PAGE - Rt. I, ReidsviUe, N.C. ROBERT HENRY PAIR - Lakeside Drive, Emporia, Va. LEXIA RIVES PALMER - Rt. 2, Box 147, McLeansviUe, N.C. JOHNNIE R. PARKER - 214 North Sixth Street, Mebane, N.C. EMMA ANNE PEARCE - 817 Melrose Street, Winston-Salem, N.C. CECIL GORDON PECK - 1306 Mayfair Avenue. Greensboro, N.C. SUSAN ELMA PELL 1410 Habersham Drive, FayetteviUe, N.C. FRED RAY PERKINSON Morningside Circle, Parkersburg, W.V. BONNIE SUE PERRELL - 229 Fishel Rd., Winston-Salem, N.C. MARTHA E. PFISTERER - 5333 Lost Trail, Louisville, Ky. SUSAN LYNN PHILIPS - 3350 Nottingham Rd., Winston-Salem, N.C. TERRY GAY PRICE - Rt. 2, Clearwater Forest, Sanford, N.C. MARTHA DALBY PITTARD - Franklin St., Oxford, N.C. HENRY FELTS PITTMANN - Courtland, Va. EUGENE SHERRELL POINTER - 141 Woods Rd., Newport News. Va. HELEN LYNDA POOLE - 504 Monroe St., Hopewell, Va. YORK DUDLEY POOLE 3328 Woodlawn Crescent, Chesapeake, Va. LYNDA ELISE POORE - 1002 Pembroke Rd., Suffolk, Va. LINDA FAYE POTTER - Box 61, Milton, N.C. PAUL DARDEN POWELL - 1002 Raleigh Rd., Clinton, S.C. JACKSON B. PRENTICE 7121 Park Terrace Drive, Alexandria, DALE ANNE PRICE - 816 Gales Avenue, Winston-Salem, N.C. RICHARD JAMES RASSETTE 502 Lackey St., Hamlet. N.C. EDWIN ELZY RAWL 1048 E. Rockspnng Rd., Greenville, S.C. JESSE THOMAS RAWLS -HIE. 8th Street, Washington, N.C. AUDREY LEE RAY - Rt. 2, Box 7, HiUsborough, N.C. NANCY ANNE REGER - 1 17 Pigeon St., Waynesville, N.C. NANCY LOU RESPESS - 509 S. Church Street, Scotland Neck, N.C. HUGHES J. RHODES - 539 Walker St., Chase City, Va. ALICE JEAN RHODES - 1354 Long St., Burlington, N.C. ROBERT KETRON RICHARD - 1505 Cabot Dr., Peansburg, Va. STEPHEN CONRAD RIDINGS 428 Bel Air Ave., Front Royal, Va. HELEN LOUISE ROGERS - Rt. 2, Woodsdale, N.C. SHERRY JANE ROGERS - 190 N. Gamett St., Henderson, N.C. MYRA GREY ROSS 131 Arhngton St., Reidsville, N.C. TRUMAN JACKSON ROSS - 3426 Pittsfield Ave., N.W., Roanoke, Va. MARY LOUISE RUTT - 5917 Avon Dr., Bethesda, Md. WILLIAM F. SALZER - 2532 Belmai Blvd., WaU, N.J. HYMAN SATER - 1206 Corn Tassel Trail, Martinsville. Va. MICHAEL WALTER SCHICK P.O. Box 591, St. Croix, V.l. ROBERT WILLIAM SCHLOSS - 240 N. Lamar St., Roxboro, N.C. CONNIE JEAN SEWARD 7120 York Road, Baltimore, Md. WILLIAM PAUL SHAVER - 1942 Townsend Ave., Charlotte, N.C. WORTH ODEL SHAW - 230 Hawthorne Dr., Asheboro, N.C. STEPHANIE HEDA SHORT 102 Church St., Groton, N.Y. BARRY WILLIAM SIMMONS - 316 Mecklenburg Dr., Chase City, Va. CYNTHIA ELAINE SIMMONS - 2223 West Front St.. Burlington, N.C LINDA ANNE SIMMONS 144 Bank St., Mount Airy, N.C. BARRY ALBERT SIMPSON 382 Beelzebub Rd., Wapping, Ct. JOSEPH SIMPSON - Rt. 1, Elon College, N.C. ELIZABETH B. SKIPSEY - 726 Pennsylvania Ave., Hertford, N.C. NANCY LYNN SLAUGHTER 208 Maynard. Pope AFB, N.C. ROGER W. SLAUGHTER - Rt. 1, Box 51-B, Newport, N.C. ROBERT LANDES S.MALL - 129 Oakdale Ter., Suffolk, Va. WILLIAM R. SMALTZ - 2121 Buckmgham Rd., Raleigh, N.C. BRENDA FAY SMITH - Rt. 1, Liberty. N.C. « © -k % J . »» SS (:- 4-1 » 5» 1,- ? f 1 P ? fl i ' ? ' ♦. , 1 ip ff 1 ft i fA er . f. , " - © )? f CHRISTOPHER SMITH - 112 Baltimore Blvd. Sea Girt, N.C. CYNTHIA ANN SMITH - Box 38, Rt. 2, Westfield, N.C. JULIA ANN SMITH - 919 Glenwood Ave.. Greensboro, N.C. SARAH ELLA SNOOK - 1604 Marigold Ave.. Manasquan, N.J. DONNA GAY SNYDER - 321 E. Dolphin St., Siler City, N.C. CAROL ANN SOMMERS - Rt. 2, Elon CoUege, N.C. ALLEN RAY SOULE 426 Forest Hill Cres., Suffolk, Va. KAREN MARLAINE SOWERS 3127 Creswell Drive, Falls Church, Va. JAMES CLOSS SPELL Box 85, Roseboro, N.C. LARRY WAYNE SPENCER - Rt. 1. Browns Summit PRISCILLA ANN SPOON - Rt. 3, Liberty, N.C. CARL WALLACE SPRAGINS - Rt. 3, Littleton, N.C. ELIZABETH ANNE SPRINKLE - 2501 Bethabara Rd., Winston-Salem, N.C. FRANK E. STILLMAN - 4501 ArUngton Blvd., Arlington, Va. IVA THERESA STONE - 808 Fortune Lane, Portsmouth. Va. LINDA JEAN STOTMEISTER - 3410 Radnor Place, Falls Church, Va. GERALD ALEXANDER SUGGS - 619 Oak St., Hamlet, N.C. PAGE WORTH SUMMERLIN - 1803 Evergreen Ave., Goldsboro, N.C. JOHN RANDOLPH SUTTON - 605 E. Lynn Shores Cir., Virginia Beach, Va. MARY ANN SWARTOUT 76 Woodside Ave., Newton, N.J. WILLIAM F. SWARTZ - 7401 Landsworth Ave., Richmond, Va. DEBORAH AUGUSTA SWENSON - Box 5 1, Penacook, N.H. PETER CHARLES TABEL - 72 Grove St., Haddonfield, N.J. BECKY LYNNE TAYLOR - Rt. 1, Box 116, Elon College, N.C. ROBERT EDWARD TAYLOR - 804 High Street, FarmviUe, Va. ANN EULISS TEER - Rt. 3, Box 20, Graham, N.C. LAURA MARGARET TEGGE - 2916 Stephenson PI, N.W., Washington, D.C. EDMUND DIXON THOMAS - Box 36, Milton, N.C. THOMAS N. THOMPSON - Rt. 6, Burhngton, N.C. RICHARD DAVID TILLEY - 420 Raleigh St., Fuquay-Varina, N.C. DONALD GARY TRIPLETT - 208 Bumpass Lane, Roxboro, N.C. RICHARD CURTIS TURNER - Baldwin Woods, Whiteville, N.C. ALEX S. VARDAVAS - 403 Wilson St., Danville, Va. KEITH MONROE WAGNER - Rt. 1, Box 422 Lexington, N.C. LINDA SUSAN WALKER - 107 Locust Ave., Neptune City, N.J. BRUCE KERSEY WASHBURN - 709 Monroe Dr., Raleigh, N.C. THOMAS EARL WATLINGTON - Box 325, Yanceyville, N.C. PATSY JO WATSON - Box 97, Kenly, N.C. WILLIAM GRAHAM WATTS Wagoner Dr.. Rt. 7. Box 47-F, Burhngton, N.C. CAROL ANN WEAVER - 620 Bellview St., Winston-Salem, N.C. DAVID ARTHUR WEIDNER - 1 145 Red Bank Ave.. Thorofare, N.J. CHARLOTTE SANDRA WELCH - 134 Chesterfield Rd.. Hampton. Va. SUSAN JEAN WELSH - 159 Highland Ave., W. MiUington, N.J. BARBARA LYNNE WHITE - 6630 Holland St., McLean. Va. JON FREDERICK WHITE - Rt. 1, Box 84, Elon College, N.C. TOMMY MARTIN WHITESELL - Rt. I, Box 343, Gibsonville, N.C. DONALD MICHAEL WICKER - Rt. 4, Burns Hill Dr., Sanford, N.C. ROBERT PAUL WICKS - R.D. 2, Box 170, Smyrna, Del. SUSAN KING WILEY - 4816 Girard Road, Pittsburg, Pa. RICHARD EARL WILLIAMS - 1001 Raleigh St., Roanoke Rapids, N.C. RICHARD W. WILLIAMSON Rt. 1, Rice, Va. KAREN PHYLLIS WILSON - 25 Bonneville Dr.. Hampton, Va. MARY LINDA WINSTEAD - P.O. Box 96, Leasburg, N.C. NOLA GWENDOLYN WOOD - Box 144, Longhurst, N.C. JANICE LOUISE WOOD - Rt. 1, Trinity, N.C. MARTHA ANN WOODS - 2516 Parrish St., Burlington, N.C. DONNA LOU WOODY - Rt. 1. Box 86, Clarksville, Va. DEBORAH FRAN WRIGHT - Rt. 2. Box 42, Westfield. N.C. MYRNA L. WRIGHT Sherwood Circle, Rt. 6, SaUsbury, Md. LESLIE LANDES YOUNG - 8435 Geneva Rd., Pasadena, Md. Student Only six more houn Sometimes it seems like a dog ' s life . . . Where do I start? Maybe we better go out and talk this What do we do now? but it ' s not all bad hear we ' re getting chairs in November. Find something more interesting than your food? Big test tomorrow! Familiar Moments Do we have room check today? Remember this, seniors? In Memoriam Class of 1969 Son of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Leo Smith Chesapeake, Virginia 1947 - 1968 Ramsey Dalton Smith Ji Class of 1970 Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank V. Robertson Burlington, North Carolina 1948 - 1968 The Sisters of Beta Omicron Beta miss her presence Lucinda Dianne Robertson Farewell Our life at Elon, like this book, is coming to a close. We hope that during our years here we have bettered ourselves and our school. We have experienced change since we entered Elon, progressing gradually and sometimes painfully into more mature individu- als. The experiences which caused this change are now jumbled and fused in our memories, but perhaps through this book, we can recall and relive the events which affected our lives so greatly. We feel a pang of nostalgia as we prepare to leave, but we know that life moves on continually, and we must move with it. The Editor and Staff 1969 Phi PsiCH And so We must leave. B Mt w wmm i iBii ' i i Jiwwi W ni|| k I All I said was " BURGER CHEF People on the go ... go Burger Chef for the big new BIG SHEF. Two double-deck Open Flame Broiled hamburgers with melted cheese, tangy sauce topped with lettuce on a hot, toasted bun. A meal in a sandwich. 1610 S. Church St. Burlington, N. C. Next To City Park HomP of thp Worlds Greafpsf Hamburqpr ' This SYMBOL Stands For QUALITY THE WORLD OVER... BUT IT ALL BEGAN IN ALAMANCE COUNTY Prid« lit product and Compony on th tTibutor in 1925, monufoeturer in 1937 rtl p " lHon " of ' h,ing onro Z woHd 6A. lorgcit hoji.ry producara In 1968. To- day w« moW hoii«ry ord rtlotod pro- • ' ' " ■ ' ' thi story of pragrtu, l :£z;£ ALA, ud to bHn, you ' ' " ' -OUR BRANDS Schlaporelli • Mojud .Sapphire .. Esquire Socks i Bachelors ' Friend I Supp-Hose Parity Hose » Phoenix • Mercury • Interwoven • Birdwick . Supp-Hose Hosiery for r KAYSER-ROTH HOSIERY COMPANY. Inc. SOMERS-D ERVICE I R( ARDUE ROTECTION Insurance Real Estate , 137 S. Church Si. Burhngton.N.C. THE DAILY TIMES-NEWS Pubhshed Every Afternoon Except Sunday By the Times-News Pubhshing Co., Inc. BurUngton, N.C. GARRISON ' S SODA SHOP Elon College, N.C. ZACK ' S Corner Front and Worth St. Burlington. N.C. MATLOCK GROCERY Elon College, N.C. RALPH ' S CHARCOAL HAMBURGERS Burlington, N.C. Coton Squire ' Finest in Men ' s Clothing and Furnishing " Compliments of BLALOCK ' S CLEANERS Formal Rental Service East Front St. Burlington, N.C. GOOD LUCK, CLASS OF 1969 Slater School and College Services wishes to thank the members of the graduating class for their patronage - to say farewell, good luck, and good health. Your school ' s administration realizes that classroom performances often depends on planned nutrition. Through ARA Slater, they have wisely invested in quality, prepared and served in friendly style. We hope you have enjoyed Slater meals service that mealtime provided a pleasant social break in the day ' s busy routine. From all of us, good luck good health in the years ahead! SLATER SCHOOL m COLLEGE SERVICES GOOD ' - E tR TIRES Compliments of GOODYEAR SERVICE STORE 260 W. Davis St. Phone 226-8441 A ri ce county New Car De j BUY FROM LOCAL QUALITY DEALERS GLEN RAVEN DRUG Glen Raven Shopping Phone: 584-3681 mMm i -.i n • ' 4, ' I 1 V, !IjJepsi„ .lllflllllOaiMnruuiklill COLEMAN ROYAL CUM-PARK Mens Dept. - Stagg Shop - Village Room Burlington, N.C. BARBOUR DRUGS 2213 Edgewood Ave. Burlington, N.C. Your Full Service Bank N C N B Member F.D.l.C. Compliments of HUEY S BAR-B-Q West Webb Ave. Burlington, N.C. Phone 584-7211 WESTBROOK STUDIOS Photographers 1 236 S. Church St. Telephone 226-6474 Burlington, North Carolina DON ' S MUSIC CENTER (Across from Williams Higli School) ' Complete Music Supplier or All Name Brands " 1326 South Church Burlington, N.C. 27215 (919)227-5867 COLWELL LIGHTING COMPANY 2565 South Church St. - Burlington, N.C. Day or Night 584-6733 Buriington. N.C. 27215 General Contractors Real Estate Developers Office 584-6446 Home 584-7087 BURLINGTON BUILDERS, INC. 2565 S. Burlington President Manager T.R.HUMPHREY, JR. Church Street North Caroli na m McDonald hamburgers 1344 N. Church Street Burlington, N.C. Compliments of WACHOVIA BANK AND TRUST CO. Burlington, N. C. GLEN RAVEN FABRIC SHOP Box 4144 Glen Raven, N.C. 27215 Burlington - Elon Highway Dress and Decorative Fabrics Compliments of i ' MAIN - BURLINGTON (W, N. C. " Fashions for the College Co-Eds ' AM W R R R 5000 watts Tf O D D 9,500 watts 101.1 meg. Covering the Fighting Christains in Basketball and Football Burlington - Graliam NEAL WRIGHT ' S JEWELRY Hand Engraving-Watch Repair 127 W. Front St. Burlington, N. C. Aa y dd.um ' Look Young . . . Be Young . . . Shop BELK ' S m €Bed COMPANY Burlington. Graliam and High Point Always refreshing. BLANCHARD ' S FASHION LOFT 2nd Floor Sportswear For The College Co-Eds by: Gant McMullen Lady Bug Austin Hill Lanz David Ferguson Country Shirt Country Set Etienne Aigner C. F. NEESE, INC. Jeweler Since 1870 irlington, North Carolina TROLLINGERS FLORISTS, INC. Florists and Decorators Main Street Burlington, N. C. HAL ' S MEN ' S SHOP Clothing - Shoes - Furnishings Graliam, N. C. BURCH SIMMONS JODGE ' turning up DODGE, INC. 1 258 South Church Street Burlington, North Carolina Charger - Dodge Trucks DODGE CHARGER S. 6 " Good Luck ' 69 THE PIZZA HUT 1624 S. Church 226-9991 Burlington, N.C. Compliments of MORTON ' S Burlington, N.C. " the home of beautiful curtains What company provides residential electric service at 17% less than the national average cost per kilowatt hour? Duke Pov er Compliments of RITCHIE ' S DRIVE-IN " Wliere the students from Elon eat " Compliments of PLAZA PONTIAC INC. Burlington, N.C. Compliments of C. B. ELLIS MUSIC CO. " Everything Musical " L. B. SHEPHERD " Your Record Shop " 243 East Front St. Burlington, N.C. Phone: 226-7108 Compliments of RIVERSIDE CAFE Compliments of MOSER ' S INC. ROXIE ' S FLORIST Highway 70 Burlington, N.C. Compliments of MOSERS INC. Complmients of BEN FRANKLIN GRAHAM JEWELRY Graham, N.C. Compliments of THE JEWEL BOX OF BURLINGTON Comphments of RAY MOVING and STORAGE Compl iments of SHERARD ' S PHARMACY Compliments of ROSS JEWELERS It has all the beauty of the ugly on l.° ' c ' J ' bIoI ' lJi™i»°i.J » ' k. ■•™oC ft. ' co) MAXWELL V. W. " " " " ' " " © THE ELON SPIRIT Elon is my CoUege. I shall be loyal to her in word and deed and speak well of her at all times. Elon classes are my opportunity to learn, to profit by the wisdom of past generations and to gain a deeper wisdom for myself. Elon is my Community. I shall live as a good citizen among my fellows. Elon is my College. 1 shall always be proud of her and shall always live in such a way that she may be proud of me. SENIOR STATISTICS ABBOTT, CAROLYN REBECCA. Elementary Education. 814 Trail 1, Burlington, N. C. S.N.E.A. 3. AMUNDSEN, PAUL HARRY. Religion and Social Science. 520 ' 2 Stilling Street, Greensboro, N. C. Iota Tau Kappa 2. 3, 4; Marshal 2. ANDERSON, JOAN LONE. Christian Education. 691 Berryville Avenue, Winchester, Va. Marshal 3: United Church of Christ Fellowship 1, 2, 3, 4; Choir 2, 3. 4; Elon Singers 2. 3. 4; Homecoming Sponsor 3: Ministerial Assoc. 1, 4, Chaplain 2, President 3: Ella Brunt Smith A ward 2. ANDREWS, JOHN BASCOMB, HI. Biology. 402 Trail 4, Burlington, N. C. Intramurals I. 2, 3, 4. APPLE, CHERRY ANN. Elementary Education. Route 5,Reidsville, N.C. AUSTIN, WILLIAM RAWLS. English. 307 N. Second Street, Albemarle, N. C. Homecoming Chairman 4; Kappa Psi Nu 2, 3, 4; Proctor 2; German Club 2: Golfl. 2; " E " Mens Club 1. 2. 3. 4. BAILEY, DOROTHY HARRIS. Elementary Education. 420 Devonshire Lane, Burlington. BOST, CAROL ANN. Health and Physical Education. 3147 Ravenwood Drive, Falls Church, Va. P. E. Majors Club 4. BATCHELDER. SHELDON JOHN. History and Social Science. 308 Burnt Mills Avenue, Silver Spring, Maryland. Senate 3: Class Vice President 4; Sigma Phi Beta 1, 2, 3. 4; Who ' s Who 4: Orientation Committee 3. 4. Nominating Committee for Outstand- ing Professor 3, 4: Judicial Committee 3, 4. BAYLIFF, CONWAY CASPER. Business Administration. 406 E. Lebanon Avenue, Elon College, N. C. Tau Kappa Epsilon 1. 2, 3, Pylortes 4; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Band 1. 2. 3. 4. BEALE, REBECCA JO. French. 2025 1 3th Street, Hickory, N. C. BILLINGS, WILLIAM ALBERT. Accounting and Business Adm. 526 Ward Street, Graham, N.C. S.A.M. 2, 3. Treasurer 4. BLALOCK, JANE ALDRIDGE. French. Route2,BurUngton, N.C. Pi Kappa Tau 2. 3, 4: French Club 4: Choir I. 2; Elon Singers 1, 2. BLEIBURG, PAUL R. Spanish. 203 duPont Circle, Wilmington, Delaware 5. G.A. Vice President 4; Senate 3, 4; Homecoming Committee 1. 2, 3, 4: Entertainment Committee I, 2,3, 4; Class Vice President 3; Kappa Psi Nu 2, 3, 4: Maroon and Gold 3, 4: Campus Crier 3, 4; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Elon Players 2. 3. 4; Orientation Committee 2. 3, 4; Dance Committee 1, 2, 3, 4; Development Committee 4: P. E. Major ' s Club 1; Judicial Committee 3; Outstand- ing Senator 3. BOATRIGHT, SANDRA JEAN. Business Administration. 17 Edney Drive, Newport News, Va. Business Club 4. BOOKOUT, TREVA WAGONER. Chemistry. Box 513, Elon CoUege, N.C. BOWERS, DONNIE LYNN. Business Administration. 1541 McDermott Street, Asheboro, N.C. Tau Kappa Epsilon 1,2,3. 4; Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4. BOWES, WILLIAM AMBROSE, JR. Biology. 6 Sullivan Drive, Lenox, Mass. Religious Life Committee 4: Kappa Psi Nu 2, 4; Sergeant at Arms 3; " E " Mens Club I, 2, 3, President 4; Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Co-president 3, 4: Basketball 1, 2. 3. Captain 4. BRANTLEY, EDNA GAIL. Accounting. P. O. Box 134,Lattimore, N.C. Marshal 3, 4: Alpha Chi 3, 4: Baptist Student Union 1,2,3, 4. BRITTINGHAM, RICHARD SAVAGE. English. Rehobeth, Maryland. BROWN, ROBERT ANDREW. Biology. 204 Seehorn Place, Lenoir, N. C. Biology Club 4. BRYANT, THOMAS ELLIOTE. Business Administration. Box84,Courtland, Va. Sigma Mu Sigma 2, 3. 4. BUNTON, ELLEN CAMPBELL. Elementary Education. Route 6, Box 506-E, Greensboro, N. C. BURGESS, CHESTER WALTON, III. Chemistry. P.O. Box 644, Franklin, Va. BURGESS, JAMES THOMAS, JR. Music. 117 Dogwood Drive, Burhngton, N. C. BURGESS, JOHN BUCHANAN. Economics. P. O. Bo, 946, Gibsonville, N. C. BURKE, THOMAS WATKINS. Chemistry. Apt. 4-A, College Towne Apts., Elon College, N. C. CADDELL, STEPHEN WASHINGTON. Business Administration. 511 Evergeen Road, Rocky Mount, N. C. Iota Tau Kappa 2, 3, 4: Basketball I, 2, 3, 4: Golfl: ' E " Mens Club 3,4. CAMPBELL, IDA MARIE. Elementary Education. Route l,Box 167, Mount Holly, N.C. Beta Omicron Beta 2, 3, 4; French Club 2, 3, 4; N.E.A. 4; Pep Club 4; Intramurals 1.2,3, 4, Ministerial Association 2. CARRINGTON, WILLIAM A. Business Administration. 3821 Sheringham Place, Lynchburg, Va. Kappa Psi Nu 2, 3, 4; Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4; Dance Committee 2, 3, 4: Entertainment Committee 2, 3: " E " Mens Club 2, 3, 4. CARROLL, DONALD S. JR. Business Administration. 402 Lake Street, Hadden Heights, N. J. CARROLL, RAY SYDNOR, JR. Accounting. 3717 Shannon Road, Portsmouth, Va. Alpha Phi Omega 2, 3. 4; Business Club 4. CARY, CHARLES WILLUM. English. Eclipse, Va. CHRISMAN, DAWN MARIE. EngUsh. 1206 Augusta Avenue, Portsmouth, Va. Choir 4; Elon Players 4; Entertainment Committee 4. CLARK, JAMES PERMAN. Social Science. 1012 Morningside Drive, Burlington, N.C. COBB, KATHRYN SUZANNE. Elementary Education. 1612 Hawthorne Lane, Burlington, N. C. Tau Zeta Phi I, 2, 3, Social co-chairman 4; Phi Psi Cli Business Manager 2; Chapel Committee 4; Dance Committee 2, 3, 4; Entertain- ment Committee 2, 3, 4. COLE, MURIEL JANET. French. 37 Maureen Road,Centerville, Mass. Tau Zeta Phi 2, Historian 3, Secretary 4; Alpha Chi 4; Who ' s Who 4; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; W.A.A. 1 , Reporter 2: Board of Elections 2. 3; Entertainment Committee 2, 3. CONWAY, RICHARD STUART. History 5 Harris Road, Newport News, Va. COOK, HOBART GARY. Chemistry. Route 1, Elon College, N.C. COPELAND, DOROTHY KATHRYN. Elementary Education. 1457 Hadlock Avenue, Norfolk, Va. Senate 1: Homecoming Committee 2, 3; Spring Weekend Committee 1, 2; Class Secretary-Treasurer 1: Tau Zeta Phi 3, 4; Alpha Psi Omega 2, 3; Phi Psi Cli 4: Women ' s I.D.D. 3; N.E.A. 3. 4; Intramurals 1,2,3, 4: United Church of Christ Fellowship , Choir I: Cheerleader 3: Elon Singers 1, Elon Players 2, 3, 4: W.A.A. 1. 2: Homecoming Sponsor 3: Board of Elections 2; Entertainment Committee 2, 3: Nomination Committee for Homecoming Queen 3; Elon Players Award for Best Actress 3; R.O.S.P.M. 4. CREW. ANDREW ELLIS. Business Administration. Pleasant HiU.N.C. CROUSE, FRIEDA DIANE. Elementary Education. Route 1, Bo. 66, Burlington, N. C. DAILEY. MARTHA ANNE. Elementary Education. 1 19 Proctor Street, Suffolk, Va. X.EA. 4: Intramurah I. 2. 3. 4. DICKERSON, VERONICA JOAN. Social Science. Route 4, Bo, 38. Burlington, N. C. N.E.A. 3: Ionian Society 2. DURHAM, LARRY EDWARD. Accounting. 913 Everett Street, Burlington, N.C. Commuter Committee 4: Alpha Chi 3, 4: S.A.M. 2. 3. 4: Intramurah EDWARDS, TIMOTHY ALDEN. History. Millboro Springs, Va. Elon Players 4. ELMORE, GARY EDWARD. EngUsh. 1200 Middleford, Seaford, Delaware. EWING, NANCY JANE. Elementary Education. 152 Greyhorse Road, Willow Grove, Penna. ' .t ' A. 4; Cheerleader 4. FAIRCLOTH. SHIRLEY C. English. Route 6, Burlington, N. C. FARLEY, MARILYN PATRICU. History and Spanish. 6937 LaMarre Drive, HoUins, Va. Pi Gamma Mu 3. 4: Alpha Chi 3. 4: Spanish Club. Secretary 3, 4; Choir I: Orientation Committee 3. FATHAUER, ROBERT LEE. Social Science. Bo. 24.Ro. boro,N.C. Tau Kappa Epilson 2. 3. 4. FERGUSON, MICHAEL RILEY. Accounting and Business Administra- tion. Route 3, Box 122, Siler City, N. C. Intramurals 1, 4. FIELDS, DANNY RAY. Chemistry. 117 Shannon Drive, Burlington, N. C. Band 1. 2. 3. 4: Band Scholarship 1.2.3. 4. FULCHER, THOMAS JULIAN, III. Social Science. Route 6, Box 50. Farmville, Va. Sigtna Phi Beta 2. 3. 4; Baseball 1. 2: Intramurals I. 2. 3. 4: Orientation Committee 2, 3. 4. GARRETT, THOMAS EDWARD. Biology. 168 Indiana Avenue. Blackwood, N. J. GILBERT, DAVID BRYANT. Business Administration. 2232 South Scales Street, Reidsville, N. C. Campus Radio Committee 4: Marshal 3: S.A.M. 4. GILLEY, PHILLIP MICHAEL. Accounting. 246 Cheek Lane, Graham, N.C. GILLIAM, JUNIUS WESLEY. Accounting. P. O. Box 32, Elon College, N. C. Sigma Phi Beta 1.2.3. 4; Football 1.2. 3. 4: Track 1. 2: Intramural I. 2.3.4: ■■£ ' ■ Mens Club 3.4. GILLIAM, PENNY SECDALL. Elementary Education. 2618 North Church Street, Burlington, N. C. Beta Omicron Beta 2. 3. 4: N.E.A. 2. 3. 4. GREEN, JAMES EMERSON. History. 589 Lake Drive, Smyrna, Delaware. Sigma Phi Beta 2. 3, 4: Campus Crier 4; Veritas 4: Spanish Club 3; Intramurals 2. 3: Liberal Arts Forum 2. 3. 4: Elon Players 4: Board of Elections 4; Lyceum Committee Student Chairman 4. GREESON, PEGGY RAY. EngUsh. Route l,GibsonviUe,N.C. HABEL, JAMES M. Biology. 726 Jones Street, Suffolk, Va. HAILEY, MICHAEL WAYNE. Physical Education. Box 22, South Boston, Va. Iota Tau Kappa 3. 4: Basketball 2. 3: Baseball 2. 4: Intramurals I. 4; P. E. Major ' s Club I. 2.3.4. HALL, IMELDA. Health and Physical Education. 120 Wyoming Avenue, Portsmouth, Va. Golf 4: W.A.A. 4: P.E. Major ' s Club 4. HAMM, MICHAEL STUART. History and Social Science. 4714 N. 20th Street, ArUngton, Va. Intramurals I. HAMMOND, EDDY NELSON. Business Administration. 195 3 Wilkins Street, Burlington, N. C. HARDEE. THOMAS ESMOND. History. Box 3-A. Route 1, Whitsett, N. C. Sigma Phi Beta 3. 4. HARRIS, CHARLES RALPH. Accounting. 1302 Ava Street, Burlington, N.C. Business Club 2. 3. 4. HARRISON, RALPH H. Business Administration. 212 East Pine Street, Georgetown, Delaware. HARTLEY. HARRY WILLIAM. English. Box 43, Welcome, N.C. Intramurals 2. 4. HAWKINS. DANA RAY. Biology. Route 4. Box 245, AshevUle, N. C. Entertainment Committee 4: Homecoming Committee 2, 4. HEATWOLE, SUSAN NEWSOME. English. 9309 Skyview Drive, Richmond, Va. Senate 2: Entertainment Committee 4: Class Secretary 2: Pi Kappa Tau I, 2. 3. 4: Who s Who 4: Phi Psi Cli. Art and Layout Editor 2, 3, Editor 4: Women ' s I.D.C. 2: English Union 3: Intramurals I. 2. 3. 4; Homecoming Sponsor 2. 3. 4; Orientation Committee 2: Student Affairs Committee 2. HINSHAW. MARY ALICE. Chemistry. Route 1 . Box 29 1 , Burlington, N. C. Delta Upsilon Kappa 1 . 2. 3. 4; Homecoming Sponsor ; Homecoming Queen 3. HODGES, JAMES RYAN. Business Administration. 208 Essex Drive. Chesapeake, Va. HOLLAND, CHARLES GABLE. Business Administration. 724 Mattison Avenue, Sumter, S. C. Young Republicans 3, 4; Business Club 3. 4; Ski Club 4: Radio Team HOLLIDAY, DONALD C, Business Adninistration. 101 E. Cedar Street, GibsonvUle, N. C. S.A.M. 2. 3. President 4: Representative W.F. Fancourt C. Annual Textile Seminar 3: Red Cross National Leadership Conference 4. HOLT, ERNEST ALEX, JR. English. 509 Storey Street, Burlington, N.C. HOY, FREDERICK MARTIN. Elementary Education. 56 Pearse Road, Swansea, Mass. Sigma Mu Sigma 2, 3, 4; N.E.A. I. 2. 3. 4: Intramurals 2. 3. 4; Nominating Committee for William Mosely Brown A ward 4. HUDSON, JOAN BARBARA. Elementary Education. 190 Wisconsin Avenue, Elkins, N. C. Delta Upsilon Kappa 3. 4: Phi Psi Cli 2, Editor 3: N.E.A. 4; Intramurals I. 2. 3. 4: Cheerleader 2. Homecoming Court 4: Mayday Queen I: Orientation Committee 4: Nominating Committee for Homecoming Queen 4; Homecoming Committee 2, 3; Spring Week- end Committee. Chr. 3; State Student Legislature 3: Cheerleader Selection Committee 3. HUGHES, GEORGE WILLIAMS. History. 37 Boxwood Avenue. Wilmington. Delaware. Senate 2, Chairman 4: Campus Affairs Commit tee 2; Honor Revisions Committee 4; Tau Kappa Epsilon, Pledge Master 2, Vice-President 3, President 4: Who ' s Who 4: Campus Crier I, 2, Men ' s I.D.C. 3, 4; Intranwrals 1.2.3. 4; Interfratemity Council 4. INGLE, FRANKLIN RAY. Business Administration. P. O.Box6,Whitsett,N.C. ISLEY, BETTY SUE. English. Route 4, Burlington, N. C. Beta Omicron Beta 2. Treasurer 3, 4: Beta Chi Epsilon 1, 2. ISLEY, CAROL DIANE. Elementary Education. 407 Alamance Road, Burlington, N. C. S.G.A. Secretary 2; Beta Omicron Beta 3, 4. ISLEY, SANDRA MAXINE. Elementary Education. 600 Trail 3, Burlington, N. C. Beta Omicron Beta 2, Vice-President 3. President 4; Alpha Chi 3, Treasurer 4; N.E.A. 1,2,3. Vice-President 4; Homecoming Sponsor 4; Interfraternity Council 4. JACOBS, ELEN HAMMERSLY. Business Education. Box9,ElonCoUege,N.C. Pi Kappa Tau 1. 2: Women ' s IDC. I, Secretary 2; Beta Chi Epsilon 3, 4; Intramurals I. 2. JAMES, MARY LESLIE. Elementary Education. 216 Sievers Circle, Roxboro, N. C. Spring Weekend Committee 3: Homecoming Committee 4: Tau Zeta Phi 2, 3, 4; Who ' s Who 4: Phi Psi Cli, Associate Editor 3: N.E.A. 4: Cheerleader 2: Homecoming Sponsor 3; Orientation Committee 4. JAMES, STANLEY P. JR. Social Science. 1 107 V.E.S. Road, Lynchburg, Va. Sigma Phi Beta 2, 3. 4; Track I: Intramurals 1.2.3, 4: Eton Players 1; " E " Men ' s Club 2, 3, 4. JEFFERIES, JOHN STEVEN. Business Administration. 307 Coal Chute Road, Burlington, N. C. JENNUS, DARRYL CHARLES. Biology. RD 2, Box 9, Stonehill Road, Dover, N. J. Sigma Phi Beta 3, 4; Biology Club 2, 3. 4; Intramurals I. 2. 3. 4: Liberal Arts Forum 2; Orientation Committee 4. JESSUP, JOSEPH CARROLL. Biology. 1 804 Westridge Road, Greensboro, N. C. Kappa Psi Nu. Historian 2, Pledge Master 3. President 4; Intramurals 2, 3, 4; Board of Elections 3; Entertainment Committee 4. JOBE, TOMMY BYRON. Business Administration. Route 6, Burlington, N. C. S.A.M. 3, 4. JOHNSON, JUNIE SPARKS. Elementary Education. 205 Sylvan Drive, Charlotte, N. C. Delta Upsilon Kappa 2, 3. JOHNSON, MARTHA SUE. English. 301 N. Hamilton Street, Eden, N. C. Veteran ' s Club, Secretary 3, Treasurer 4. KANIPE, LLOYD ALFRED. Physical Education. Apt. 1-E, ElonCoUege, N.C. Sigma Phi Beta 3. 4; Maroon and Gold 3; N.E.A. I, 2, 3, 4: Football 1. 2.3, 4: Track I, 2. 3; Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4: Dance Committee 1, 2: " E " Men s Club, I, 2. 3, 4; P.E. Major ' s Club I. 2. 3. 4. KARSTAEDT, LYDIA FARRELL. Elementary Education. Route 3,Pittsboro,N.C. Homecoming Committee 2; Phi Psi Cli 1, 2: United Church of Christ Fellowship 1, 2: W.A.A. I. KAUFFMAN, CAROLYN MARIE. Elementary Education. 517 Charles Street, Mebane, N. C. N.E.A. 4. KELLAM, MARTHA BROOKS. Elementary Education. 177 Main Street, Spencer, Mass. Tau Zeta Phi 1,2, Secretary 3. Vice-President 4: Phi Psi Cli 2, 3. 4: Women ' s I.D.C 4; N.E.A. 4; Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4; Liberal Arts Forum 4; Cheerleader 3; Orientation Committee 2; Nominating Committee for Who ' s Who 4; Dance Committee 2: R.O.S.P.M. 4. KENNEDY, CLIFFORD EDGAR. Physical Education. 110 Mason Farm Road, Chapel Hill, N. C. KING, BOBBY JAMES. Religion. 328 Legend Drive, Asheboro, N. C. KIRKMAN, VICKI LYNN. Elementary Education. Route 1, Liberty, N.C. KOPIK, DENNIS GEORGE. History 64 Middlesex Avenue, Edison, N. J. Religious Life Committee 4: Pi Gamma Mu 3. 4: Alpha Psi Omega 3, 4: Intramurals 2, 3. 4; Ionian Society 2: Eton Players 2, 3, 4. KURRLE, CHRISTIAN L. Math. Box 368, Route 1, Severna Park, Maryland LANDIN, JOSEPH C, JR. Business Administration. 24 E. Pollux Circle, Portsmouth, Va. LAYNE, ANTHONY T., JR. Business Administration. 25 32 Scarsborough Drive, Bon Air, Va. LEE, LARRY MILTON. Social Science. Greenbriar Apt. 1-C, Burlington, N. C. LESTER, LINDA ANN. Business Education. Route 1, Summerfield, N. C. Alpha Psi Omega 2; Beta Chi Epsilon I, 2: Baptist Student Union 3: Elon Players I, 2. LEWIS, LYNDA KAY. Business Education. Route 1 , Elon College, N.C. LITTLE, ANN CAROLYN. Math. Box 532, Roanoke Rapids, N. C. LOCKLAR, RAYMOND MICHAEL. Business Administration. 2212 Rheims Drive, Greensboro, N. C. LUTE, MARY TERESA. English. Route l.Box 128, Haw River, N.C. Beta Omicron Beta 2, 3. 4: N.E.A. 2, 3; Board of Elections 3. LUTZ, BEVERLY LEIGH. Business Administration. 643 Stratford Drive. Suffolk, Va. Mcdowell, GERRELENE welch. Accounting. Route 3, Box 313, Asheboro, N.C. S.A.M. 2, 3, Secretary 4. McGAUGHEY, JAMES FISHER. Chemistry. 156 Taylor ' s Mobile Home Park, Burlington, N. C. McGRATH, EDWIN ROSS, JR. Biology. 911 Kenmore Street, Asheboro, N.C. McGUIRE, JEAN DENNY. Political Science-Social Science. 35 Ruther Ford Place, Montvale, N. J. Honor Court 4; Liberal Arts Forum 2, 3; Contemporary Affairs Committee 4: Board of Elections I, 2, Chairm.an 3, 4: Outstanding Professor Committee 3, Chairman 4; Special Conference Committee 4; Pi Gamma Mu 3, 4; United Church of Christ Fellowship 1 . 2, Secretary-Treasurer 3: Orientation Committee 3, 4: Southern Histori- cal Association 3, 4: Who ' s Who 4; Veritas 4; Y oung Republicans 3, 4. McKINNEY, CAROL ANN. History. P. O. Box 13, Bakersville, N. C. Outstanding Professor Committee 3, 4; Contemporary Affairs Com- mittee 2. 3, 4: Spring Weekend Committee 3; Beta Omicron Beta 3. 4; Marshal 3: Pi Gamma Mu 3. 4: Who ' s Who 4; Alpha Chi 3, 4; Veritas 4: N.E.A. 1, 4: Baptist Student Union I: Liberal Arts Forum Auxiliary 2, 3; Ionian Society I, 2; Board of Elections 3, 4: Food and Cafeteria Committee 4: Southern Historical Association 4. MANGUM, CATHERINE ANNE. Elementary Education. 3810 Pendergrass Street, Durham, N. C. Spring Weekend Committee 3; Beta Omicron Beta I, 2, Corre- sponding Secretary 3, 4; Veritas 4; Women ' s I.D.C. 4; N.E.A. President 4; Contemporary Affairs Committee 3, 4; Intramurals 2, 3: Choir I, 2, 3, 4, Elon Singers I, 2, 3, 4: Homecoming Sponsor 4: Board of Elections 3, 4: Orientation Committee 4; Nominating Committee for Who ' s Who 4. MARSHALL, VICKIE GREENE. Elementary Education. Box 371, Elon College, N.C. W.AA. I: Publicity Committee 3; Outstanding Professor Committee 3; N.E.A. 4. MARTIN, PETER NEWMAN. History Box 167, Yorktown, Virginia Alpha Phi Omega 2, 3, 4. MASSEY, MELVIN S., JR. Biology. Box727,ElonCoUege, N.C. MATHEWSON. SANDRA MYATT. Biology. 35 1 3-C Paikwood Drive. Greensboro. N. C. Baptist Student Union I. 2: WAA 3: Ministerial Association 3. MATTHEWS. WALTER EYGENE. Accounting. Route l.Box 179,Thomasville, N.C. French Club 2. MATUSIAK. JAMES LEE. Physical Education. 3303 Dartmouth Street, Portsmouth, Virginia P. E. Majors Club 4: Student Football Coach 4. MAUPIN, STEPHEN YOUNG. Business Administration. 2619 Jefferson Park Circle. Charlottesville, Va. MEACHAM, MABEL EUGENIA. Elementary Education. Box244,Ellerbe,N.C. Spanish Club 3. 4: NEA 4: Mayday Court 3. MELBERG. KAREN CRAFT. Math. 406 Miller Street, Ludlow. Massachusetts. Senate 2: Pi Kappa Tau 1 . 2. 3. President 4; Intramurals 1. 2. 3. 4: Spring Weekend Committee 2: Interfraternity Council 4. MIELE, WILLIAM HENRY. Biology. 67 Prospect Avenue, Irvington, N. J. Orientation Committee 4; Sigma Phi Beta 3. Secretary 4: Football 1. 2: ' ' E ' Men ' s Club I. 2. 3, 4: Young Republicans 1. MILLS, CHARLES DOUGLAS. JR. Accounting. 256 Delaware Avenue, Harrington, Delaware. Alpha Phi Omega 3. 4; Business Club 4: Band 1. 2.3. 4. MILLS. WILLARD LEE, JR. Business Administration. 4118 Dogwood Drive, Greensboro, N.C. MILWARD, JAMES DUDLEY. History. 22 Clover Lane, Bloomfield.Conn. Men s IDC President 2: Intramurals I, 2, 3; Liberal Arts Forum 1. 2. 3, Chairman 4. MOFFETT, ROBERT WARD. Business Administration. 1504 West Davis Street, Burlington, N. C. Alpha Phi Omega 3. 4. MOON. SAMUEL CALHOUN. Math. Route 1, Showcap, N. C. Men s IDC 2. 3: Men s Proctor 2. 3: Baseball 1. 2, 4; Intramurals 1. 2. 3.4: ' ' E-MensClub2. 3.4. MORENO, ASTRID ESPINO. Spanish. 15B Brookwood Garden Apts., Burlington, N. C. MORRIS, JAMES EDWARD. Business Administration. Route 3, Asheboro, N. C. MORRIS. PATRICIA ANN. Elementary Education. Route 2. Box 186. Morganton, N. C. MORTON. EILEEN NICHOLSON. History. Box 603, Elon College, N. C. NELSON, JAMES MONROE. Business AdminisUation. 389 Stanton Road, Newport News, Va. NIXON, THOMAS EDWARD. Business Administration. 603 16th Street, Virginia Beach, Virginia. OGDEN, JAY FRANCES. English. 4004 Rogero Road, Jacksonville, Fla. Senate 2: Alpha Phi Omega 2. 3. 4; United Church of Christ Fellowship 1. 2: Choir I. 2. 3: Elon Singers 1. 2. 3: Elon Players 3: Ministerial Association 1: Orientation Committee 2, 3, 4. O ' NEAL. RICHARD EARLE. Social Science. 3814 Lenoir Circle, Norfolk, Virginia Sigma Mu Sigma 4. OWEN, PAMELA GAYE. English. 120 Short Union Street, Eden, N.C. Pi Kappa Tau 1.2. 3. 4: Phi Psi Cli 2. 4: Women ' s IDC 2. Treasurer 2. OXFORD. GERRY STEPHEN. Biology. 117 Woodale Drive, Elon CoUege, N. C. Outstanding Professor Committee Chairman 4: Faculty Curriculum Committee 4; Class Float Committee 1, 2, Alpha Phi Omega 2. Vice-President 3. President 4: Marshal 3; Alpha Chi Vice President 3. President 4: Biology Lab Assistant 2. 3. 4: Intramurals 3. PAGURA, ELEONORA. Spanish. 302 Rive Road, Apt. 6, Wilmington, Delaware. Spanish Club 3, 4. PANAGROTOPOULOU, TOULA. Math-Physics. 8 1 Agamemnonos Street, Anargyri, Attikis, Athens, Greece. Marshal 3: French Club 2, 3. 4: Homecoming Sponsor 3. PAPA, JOHN EDWARD. Math. 265 John Street, Cliffside Park, N.J. Senate 3: Honor Court 4: Financial Committee 3: Campus Crier 3; Band I. 2: Board of Elections 3. PATTERSON, PEGGY ANN. History. 1 16 Shannon Drive, Burlington, N. C. Outstanding Professor Committee 3. 4: Contemporary Affairs Com- mittee 3, 4: Veritas 4: Young Republicans 3. 4: NEA 4: Methodist Student Fellowship 1: Baptist Student Union 2. 3; Liberal Arts Forum 3: Ionian Society 1, 2: Elon Singers 2. 3; Southern Historical Association 4. PAYNE, GORDON MARSH, JR. History. 129 Wooton Street, Boonton. N. J. Religion Life Committee 4: Orientation Committee 4; Sigma Phi Beta 2, 3. 4; Alpha Psi Omega 3: Men s IDC. Vice President 3; Intramurals 1,2.3, 4: Elon Players 1.2.3. 4: P.E. Major ' s Club 1. PENTECOST, PEGGY LOUISE. Elementary Education. 2725-A Alamance Road, BurUngton, N. C. N.E.A. 4. PHILLIPS, B. MICHAEL. Business Administration. P. O. Box 3, Elon CoUege, N. C. Contemporary Affairs Symposium 3. Chairman 4: Kappa Psi Nu 2. 3, 4: Intramurals 2. 3. 4. POOLE, CARL EVERETTE, JR. Social Science. 2318 Wythe Avenue, Bluefield, W. Va. Tau Kappa Epsilon 1 . 2. 3. 4; Maroon and Gold 4: Intramurals 1, 2. 3, 4: Entertainment Committee 4. POND, WAYLAND THOMAS. Business Administration. 721 Riverview Drive, Suffolk, Va. Food Committee 2; Proctor 4; Track 2. 3. QUINLIN, LINDA LEE. Physical Education. 2203 Young Street, BurUngton, N. C. RHODES, JESSE FRANKLIN, JR. Social Science. Route 7, Pine Hall, N.C. RICH, ANITA SNIPES. Music Education. Route l,Haw River, N.C. Marshal 3: Choir 3. 4: Elon Singers 3. 4; Shackley Piano Award 3; Stephen Bufton Scholarship 3. RICKS, WAYNE KEITH. Business Administration. 1002 South Pollock Street, Salem. N. C. Kappa PsiNu 3. 4; French Club 3: S.A.M. 4; Basketball 3: Intramurals I. 2. 3. 4. RILEY, VICTORIA ANN. EngUsh 309 ArUngton Avenue, BurUngton, N. C. Delta Upsilon Kappa 3. 4: Phi Psi Chi 1.3.4. RIVERS, JESSIE KAY. EngUsh. 2308 South Scales Street, ReidsvUle. N.C. ROGERS, VADA SHIRL. English. 3700Crabtree Avenue, Durham, N.C. Homecoming Committee I: N.E.A. I: Intramurals I. 2, 3; W.A.A. 1. ROLA, VICTOR WITOLD, JR. History. 46 Club Drive, FCC. Porstmouth, Va. Alpha Phi Omega 4: Young Democrats Club 4: Choir 4. ROLLINS, HUGH ODELL, JR. Accounting. Box 737,Pittsboro, N.C. SARTIN, DIXIE DURHAM. Math. 1009 Lawsonville Avenue, ReidsviUe, N. C. SASSER, FRANKLIN MILLER, JR. Chemistry. Box 3 IB, Hornsbyville Road, Yorktown, Va. Intramurals 4. SAUNDERS. BENNIT ISOM. History 313 East Dorsett, Asheboro, N.C. Senate 4: Judicial Committee 4: Tau Kappa Epsilon 1.2. 3, 4; Proctor 2: Intramurals I. 2. 3, 4. SAVAGE, KAYE FRANCIS. Business Education. R.F.D. 1, WhaleyviUe,Va. State Student Legislature 3, 4: Inter-Collegiate Conference 3; Public Relations Committee Chairman 4; Tau Zeta Phi I, 4, Sergeant at Arms 2: Corresponding Secretary 3; Phi P si Cli 2. 4; Women ' s IDC. 2. Vice President 3, President 4: Beta Chi Epsilon I, 2: Intramurals 1, 2, 3. 4: Majorette 2, 3. Head 4; W.A.A. I. 2. 3, 4; Homecoming Court I: Secretary Of the Year I. SCHETROMA, RUSSELL LANE. Philosophy Religion. 21 Colonial Avenue, Natalie, Pa. S.G.A. Treasurer 4; Alphi Chi 3, 4; Maroon and Gold 3; French Club 2, 4, Treasurer 3; Debating Club 4; Mathatians 1, Vice President 2: Emanons 1, 2, 3: United Church of Christ Fellowship 1, 2, 3; Band I: Shackley A ward-Organ 1: Basnight-Biblical Student 2. SCHUMM, GERALD E. JR. Christian Education. 318 Blossom Lane, West Palm Beach, Fla. Senate 3, 4; Publicity Committee Chairman 4; Religious Committee Chairman 4; Tau Kappa Epsilon I, 2, 3, 4: Maroon and Gold 4; Proctor 2; Intramurals 1,2, 3, 4; United Church of Christ Fellowship I. 2, 3; Elon Singers 2, 3; Ministerial Association 1, 2, Orientation Committee 2; " Jerry Dalton Strarte Award " 3. SCOTT, EDDIE WAYNE. Business Administration. 490-A, Route 7, Burlington, N. C. SCOTT, GEORGE W. JR. History. 1016 Delaware Avenue, Suffolk, Va. Senate I, 3, 4; State Student Legislature 1, 2, 4, Chairman 3; Presidents Cabinet 4: Class President 3, 4; Campus Crier 3; Liberal Arts Forum 4: Student Affairs Committee Chairman 2: Vice President ofN. C. State Student Legislature 4: R.O.S.P.M. 4. SCOTT, KENNETH P. JR. History. Box 313, Chatham, Va. Entertainment Committee 2. 3, 4; Public Relations Committee 4: Intramurals. 1, 2, 3, 4; Dance Committee 4: Publicity Committee 4. SEYMOUR, JANET ELIZABETH. French. Route 3, Box 298, China Grove, N. C. Board of Elections 3; Beta Omicron Beta 2, 3, 4; Women ' s I. B.C. 4; French Club 4: N.E.A. I. 3; United Church of Christ Fellowship I. SHARP, NANCY JANE. English. 801 Cardinal Road, Virginia Beach, Va. SHARPE, LARRY WAYNE. History. 19 Denny Circle, Graham, N. C. Ionian Society 3. SHAW, BARTON CARR. History. 99 Pine Crest Drive. Hillsmere Shores, Annapolis, Md. Phi Gamma Mu 3, 4; Veritas. Co-Editor 4; Ionian Society 2. SHAW, KENNETH LANE. Social Science. Box 255, Evergreen, N. C. Senate 1: Sigma Phi Beta 1,2,3. 4. SIMON, GEORGE STEVE. Social Science. 515 West 38th St., Wilmington, Delaware. Kappa PsiNu 2, 3, 4; NEA 4: Intramurals 1,2,3, 4. SIZEMORE, CHARLES E., JR. History-Political Science 302 Saunders Drive, Portsmouth, Va. Alpha Phi Omega 2, 3, 4; Marshal 3; Pi Gamma Mu 3, 4. SMITH, JAMES GORDON. Accounting. 1 147 Woodland Avenue, Burlington, N. C. SMITH, MAX DAYTON. Social Science. KipUng, N.C. Intramurals 1,2,3, 4. SMEZYNSKI, ALVIN W., JR. History. 924 South 18th Street, ArUngton, Va. SPEIGHT, ELIZABETH SANDERS. Business Education. 2919 Amherst Avenue, Burlington, N. C. Delta Upsilon Kappa 3. 4. SPRINGS, CHARLES CLIFFORD. Chemistry. 712 Crescent Drive, Reidsville, N. C. STAINBACK, KENNETH R. Business Administration. 239 South Graham-Hopedale Road, Burlington, N. C. S.A.M. 3. 4. STEVERSON, H. BENJAMIN. History. P. O. Box 3307, Elon CoUege, N. C. SULLIVAN, MALCOLM R., JR. English. 702 Sixth Street, Shenandoah, Va. French Club 2. 3: English Union 3. 4: Intramurals 1,2.3. 4. SUTHERLAND, ROBERT F. Social Science. R.R. l.Goodhouse Road, Litchfield, Conn. Senate 3. Sergeant-at-Arms 4: SGA Cabinet 4: Tau Kappa Epsilon 1, 2, 3, 4: Intramurals 1 . 2. 3. 4: Entertainment Committee 3, 4; Judicial Committee 4: Finance Committee 3, Spring Weekend Committee 3. TALTON, BENJAMIN H., JR. Social Science. 1 12 Hays Street, Oxford, N. C. TAYLOR, ARCHIE D. Social Science. 430 Craven Street, Durham, N. C. Food and Cafeteria Committee 4; Outstanding Professor Committee 4; Marshal 3; Baptist Student Union 2, 3; Elon Singers 2, 3, 4. TAYLOR, JANE EARLE. Elementary Education. 325 Fountain Place, BurUngton, N. C. Tau Zeta Phi 2, 3, Corresponding Secretary 4; Phi Psi Cli. Business Manager 3; NEA 3. 4; Intramurals 1, 2. 3. 4; WAA 1; Entertainmant Committee 3, 4. TAYLOR, VERNON J. Accounting. 4 Glenwild Avenue, Bloomingdale, N.J. Sigma Phi Beta 2. 3. 4; Alpha Psi Omega 3, 4: Intramurals 2. 3. 4: Elon Players 2. 3. 4: Entertainment Committee 4. TEMPLE, JOHN PAUL, JR. Physical Education. 437 Shipley Street, Seaford, Delaware. P.E. Majors Club 4. TEW, H. LEON. Social Science. 401 Chesopeian Trail, Virginia Beach, Va. Class President 1. Tau Kappa Epsilon 3. 4; Phi Psi Cli 2; Men ' s IDC 3: Intramurals 3. 4: Orientation Committee 4; State Student Legislature 1. THARRINGTON, ELAINE CROWDER. Physical Education. Newport News, Virginia Tau Zeta Phi 3. 4; Intramurals I. 2, 3, 4; WAA 1, 2, 3, 4; Homecoming Sponsor 2, 3: P.E. Majors ' Club 1. 2, 3, 4; Entertain- ment Committee 2, 3. THOMAS, AMY LOUISE. History. 1341 Granville Street, Burlington, N. C. Tau Zeta Phi 2, 3, 4; Phi Psi Cli 3: Homecoming Sponsor 4; Mayday Court 3: Orientation Committee 2; Dance Committee 1, 2; Entertain- ment Committee 1, 2. THOMAS, DOUGLAS EUGENE. Political Science. P. O. Box 862, Elon CoUege, N. C. Tau Kappa Epsilon 2, 3. 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; ' E " Men ' s Club 3, 4. THOMAS, NANCY LOUISE. Music. 411 Rauhut Street, Box 452, Burlington, N. C. Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; Band 2, 4; Elon Singers 1,2, 3, 4; Shackley Organ Award I, 3. THOMAS, SANDRA KAY. Enghsh. 407 South Seventh Street, Sanford, N. C. Delta Upsilon Kappa 1,2, 3, 4: Women ' s IDC 2. THOMPSON, LINDA DALE. History. 352 Bidney Drive, Burlington, N. C. Honor Court Revision Committee 3; Marshal 3, 4; Pi Gamma Mu 3, 4; Alpha Chi 3, 4. THOMPSON, WILLIAM S. Business Administration. 227 South Main, Graham, N. C. Business Club 3, 4; French Club 3, 4; Student Affairs Committee 4; Southern Historical Association 1. THORNTON, FRANCES. Physical Education. 332 Lincobi Avenue, Williamsport, Penn. Intramurals 4; P.E. Majors ' Club 4. THROCKMORTON, HODGES TAFT, JR. Accounting. Route 7, Box 494, Burhngton, N. C. TILLEY, PHYLLIS ANN. Elementary Education. Box 396, Fuquay-Varina, N. C. Pi Kappa Tau 1, 2, 3. 4; NEA 3, 4; Mayday Court 3: Publicity Committee 2. TREECE, JULIA ALICE. Math. Route 4. Box 346-A. Concord, N. C. Senate 4: Homecoming Committee 4; Spring Weekend Committee 2: Pi Kappa Tau 2. 3. 4: Who x Who 4; Alpha Chi 4; Women ' s IDC 3. 4: NEA 4; Intramurals 1,2.3. 4; Baptist Student Union 2: Cheerleader 3. TROXLER. JACK HARLEA. Social Science. 920 Kilby Street, BurUngton, N. C. UNDERWOOD, MARY ANNE. Elementary Education, Route 4, Box 349, Suffolk, Va. Senate 1. 2. 3, 4: Homecoming Committee 4; Outstanding Professor Committee 4: Class Secretary 3. 4; Pi Kappa Tau 1. 2. 3. 4; Who ' s Who 4: Women ' s IDC 3. 4: NEA 4: Choir I: Cheerleader 2: Home- coming Sponsor 4. WARD, BARRY WILLIAM. Business Administration. 1314 Tucker Street, Burlington, N, C, WARD, NORMAN EUGENE. Accounting. Route 1, Box 340, Burlington, N,C, Sigma Phi Beta 2. 3. 4: SAM. 2. WAUGH, BARBARA ANN. Elementary Education. Box 283, Elon College, N. C. Contemporary Affairs 3. 4: Outstanding Professor 3. 4; Food and Cafeteria Committee 4: Spring Weekend Committee 4: Veritas 4; NEA 4: United Church of Christian Fellowship 3: Orientation Committee 3.4. WEBB, JERR " EDWARD. History. 315 Beasley Drive, Aslieboro,N,C, Senate 4: Homecoming Committee Chairman 4; Contemporary Af- fairs Symposium Chairman 4: Tau Kappa Epsilon I: Pledge Master 2, Historian 3, 4; Marshal 3: Who ' s Who 4;PhiPsi Cli 3: Campus Crier 2: Intramurals I. 2. 3, 4; Orientation Committee 2. 3. Student Affairs Committee 4. Job 10-1327 107-B MHH O-Code WEBSTER, FRANK T., JR. Social Science. 550 Murphy Street, Madison, N. C. Sigma Mu Sigma 2. 3. 4: Maroon and Gold 5: Golf 3. 4: " E " Men ' s Club 3. 4. WEBSTER, GOLEY KEITH. Business Administration. Route 6, Burlington, N. C. WELLS, GEORGE MORRIS, JR. Business Administration. Box 52, Chaptuo Road, South Hill, Va. WESLEY, LINDA JANE. English. Route l,Roxboro, N.C. Tau Zeta Phi 1. 2. 3, President 4; Marshal 3: Who ' s Who 4: Alpha Chi 4: Phi Psi Cli 3, 4: Women ' s IDC 4: English Union 3: Intramurals 1, 2. 3. 4: Interfraternity Council 4: WAA 2; Homecoming Sponsor 2. 4: Orientation Committee 2: Dance Committee I; Entertainment Com- mittee 2; Cheerleader 3. WEST, OLLIE JAMES, JR. Social Science. Route l.Box 275,Stedman,N.C. Intramurals I. WHITE, MARVIN EARLE. History. 142 Chateau Road, Durham, N.C. Veritas 4. WHITLEY, SHERRY E. Elementaiy Education. 7 1 3 Phillips Street, Burlington, N. C. Beta Omicron Beta 2. 3. 4: NEA 1. 4. WICKER, RONALD GREY. Physical Education. Route 1, Box 702, Sanford, N. C. Marshal I: Maroon and Gold 4: Men ' s IDC. President 3: Spanish Club 3: NEA 3. 4: Baseball I. Manager 4: P.E. Major ' s Club 3, 4. WELBOURNE, DENNIS WAYNE. Physical Education. Route 2, Fuquay-Varina, N. C. PE. Major ' s Club 4. WILKINSON, JAMES G. EngUsh. 21 Harbour Lane, Massopequa, N. Y. Alpha Psi Omega 2. 3. 4: Band 1. 2. Elon Players 2. 3. 4. WILLIAMS, WILLIAM R. D. Business Administration and Social Science. Route l.Box 54, Staley, N.C. S.A.M 4. WILLIAMSON, DAN GORDON. History. 109 Archer Street, Burlington, N. C. WILSON, JOAN ELIZABETH. Music Education. 903 Liftwood Road, Liftwood Estates, Wilmington, Delaware. Pi Kappa Tau 3. 4: Choir 1.2.3. 4: Band 1.2.3. 4; Elon Singers 1. 2. 3. 4; Mayday Court 3; Lyceum Committee 4. WILSON, PATRICIA ANN. Home Economics. 8937 Colesbury Place, Fairfax, Virginia WYATT, LINDSEY FRANK. Political Science. 307 South Clyde Avenue, Wilson, N. C. YOUNG, JAMES MARVIN, JR. Physical Education, 515 Dick Street, Gibsonville, N.C. Intramurals 2. 3. 4; P.E. Major ' s Club 2. 3, 4. ZARZAR, GRETA NORMA. Social Science. P. O. Box 43, Bethehem, Jordan. I ' iv ' ' - '

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