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i - ' :t Class J.y. ?. . -. . Book...£i.4 . 0 «. ' ! ' C Elon College, North Carolina •r, ' m Viv ' «« ' - -. « fi ?!0 4f. .? 3 -4 i i? Nv liii Hill lUHBiiiUi ,iii[ I ; mil 1 " I iiifl Each year to ancient Friendships adds A ring, as to an oak. nil nil nil nil nil nil ■; .l 11 i«! ■ ■■■■ •-;-rkVr -f y- ' - lt nil III! Mil M E IS nil nil . ' •■ej ' " »,- :s- ' ; !, »• l v •.- ' iii jA i » ' tw: ' f - ! " i ELON COLLEGE Elon College. North Carolina 2woro Jorewori C Ion js curreiiilij experiencing an exciiinc period of transition. Jnis uear sue can ooasi of a new liorartj ine renooaiion of a classrooms., ano ine founaaiion of a new c ornii ori complex. C on s uoen s are prouo of ner arow n ana c eoe opmeni, oui inet are minoful ioo of t Ion .y iraai- ' ion. " ■ ' yes erc ai we were siranaers as we oeqan our life ai t on. Joaau we are frienos . . . oounaeo ou Jo(. e ana louaJiiu . . . cnerisnino reco Ieciions of ine pasi (iUe naue ex- perienceo nappiness ano we naue fe i sorrow. (iUe naue aUainecf hnow ecf e an J uncfersiancfin . Jliucn nas Seen accom.p isnea inrouon oraiifuina experiences. ( )e naue stooo iooeiner. tomorrow we mat siano a one. yilinou n we mat neuer see one anoiner a ain, we naue memories . . . memories of wonaers ano c isappoinimenis . . . memories ooiina wiinin ine couers of in is oooA . . . n to oina us ioaeuier inrouan anu iime or aisiance. memories Gon en s Academics yJroanizaiions s reeJ?s (L)porh IS 36 74 9S ea ures 114 :£i:3k i ?: u uc en s and yjampus loife 130 ■ ■,:. " « ' ' ?T5S; ' • M:. ' j. ' :d UJie Seaencf Uf U ie Senior OaA Soon after the land had been obtained for the building of Elon College. Dr. W. S. Long, who was the founder and was to be the first president of our college, undertook to clean off the land, which at that time was only a dense woods. He went about this by suggesting to the people of the district that if they would clean away the underbrush, they could have the wood they found for winter use. Dr. Long returned later to find that they had begun on the South side by cutting down all of the trees in this section as well as clean- ing away the underbrush. Disturbed by this, he left his young son. Will, to supervise the work. His instructions were, along with clearing away the underbrusii, to cut down all the trees except those oaks which were tall and straight. With Will directing them, the people now were doing the job as it was meant to be done. When they came to a young, very crooked oak. Will who had a strong sense of beauty, instructed them to leave this tree, for it appeared to him artistic. So this crooked tree, was left to grow along side the tall straight oaks. When Dr. Long returned to check the progress, he was pleased though he disapproved of the fact that the young tree was left. Will told him his reason for leaving the oak, but his father said that he did not want anything crooked on the campus and gave instructions for the tree to be removed. For some reason, the young oak was not cut down. Years later, after the college had been built and had begun functioning, the tree became known as the " crooked oak. " About 1930 the senior officers began having their pictures made beneath " the crooked oak, " which by that time had become a tall sturdy tree. Thereafter, picture making beneath the oak became a tradition. Since this time, the crooked oak has been known as the " senior oak. " Today it still remains on the campus in front of West Dormi- tory as a highlight of the Elon College Campus. O resAman Orieniaiion MonnKin day at lAnn Traditional " Frosh " load. Freshmen and their parents enjoy tea with the Danieleys. We began as separate individuals but soon became linked as a class. Through periods of tests, and meetings, we had many casual talks sparkled by: " Hi! My best friend ' s boyfriend ' s sister said he knew you and told me to look you up. " As the class of ' 71 moves on, we find that complete orientation is impossible. Maybe we do grow accustomed to homework, bedtime, or lack of it, rules, and schedules; but as we progress, we add our image to the community and it in turn becomes oriented to us. The " capping " of the freshmen. Freshmen get their first taste of Slater food during the annual picnic. And now we present our campus in " living color. Our ls)orfcf ■ . ■We are GREAT . And we let Guilford know it! ' Everyone barks for Elon while Dr. Danieley leads the drive to victory. Jli Cj on 4 - ' s - iJ •1 . - i; r rrrrrPi Occasionally we study . . . m i ■■■ -in lit P but we alwavs check our uiail. Through all kinds of weather, we always make it to chapel. iPro o ' y ae Elon College. Oak College. A strange name for a place where people learn. What does a college have to do with a tree? It seems obvious at first. The Elon campus is covered with oaks; thus, the name. A name is not supposed to mean much, anyway. And yet it can. Not in itself, of course, but it can. by giving man something to think about, something by which lie can measure himself. A tree grows. It becomes; it was not always, and it will not be forever. A college grows, too, and so does man. Yesterday we were children, small seeds which had barely begun to sprout. The world began to act upon us, to nurture, condition and mold us. We played our children ' s games; we lauglied and we cried, neither knowing nor caring why. Then one day awareness happened to us; the sky was bright October blue, and the sun was warm. We welcomed that which was pleasant and shunned that which was not. Sometimes we were happy, and sometimes we were afraid. But we were not content with mere sensations. We began to ask " why " ; we had started to think. And it was " why is this one rich and that one poor, and why don ' t those people like me, and why do I have to do this, and why was I born? " Before we knew it we were thinking about ourselves. rr-r And so we added rings of experience, awareness and thouglit. Our wisdom and our knowledge had increased, yet we were still not satisfied. We needed to find a direc- tion for our lives. We wanted to learn more as we realized how far our lives were from being fulfilled. We decided to come to the Oak College because we thouglit that it would give us a purpose, that it would give us knowledge, and that It would fulfill us. But college did not give us anything. Instead, it offered us many things and said take them if you want them. Take them if you care. It showed us the books, but it did not turn the pages. It showed us new people, but it did not make them our friends. We were shown the tree of knowl- edge, which grew up beyond the sky. We reached for the fruit within our grasp, we shook the tree until more fruit, and leaves, and even small branches fell down; and then we picked them up. Then we started to climb the tree, limb by limb, and we are still climbing. We know we can never reach the top. we cannot even see it, but we climb anyway be- cause we are alive. Soon it will be time to leave tlus college. So many things must be left undone; yet there is no time to long for what might have been. The world i s calling us out, and we wonder what it will offer us. We hope that we are ready, that we have become mature. Yet maturity is not what we really want; for to be mature is to be fully developed. And the Oak College, Elon, has shown us that the man who thinks he is fully developed is no longer a tree but a dying weed, for he has lost the desire to learn and has ceased to wonder at the mysteries of hfe. T)edicaiion With pride and gratitude and at the same time a deep sense of humility and inadequacy we dedicate this fifty-third edition of the Phi Psi Cli to the men and women serving the cause of free men in Vietnam. They join the company of Americans who througli the years have responded to the urgent call of their country. In true democratic fashion the merits of the cause have always been debated but the dedication of our soldiers has always been without reservation. Our men and women in Vietnam are demonstrating the deep- seated yearning of people everywhere that this conflict may be the last and that from it may spring a new day and a new hope and a world at peace. Our soldier in Vietnam clutches a rifle with one hand and extends the other in a gesture of helpful- ness. He is there to give himself as a protector with his rifle and a helper with his hands, his mind and spirit. Previous American generations have fought to gain and pre- serve democracy. Our generation is also fighting to maintain this liberty. Many alumni of Elon College have and are now serving in the different branches of the armed forces. Because these men are dedicating their all to preserve freedom and democracy, we not only dedicate our yearbook to them, but our love, our support, and our prayers. iW P C cademics " If you have knowledge, let others light their candles by it. " 4 -4 -- %.- t .;- ;, CPresicfeni OJ U£e Goffe e Dr. J. Earl Danieley has served as President of Elon College for eleven years now. At the close of each year he would have had more than enough material to fill his own annual. But he has httle time to reminisce. Another group of students will be arriving soon, and he must prepare for them. Elon is a small school, but Dr. Danieley, along with the students, hopes that it will continue to be a progressive school. Perhaps more than anyone else, he realizes that progress means work. He has had to overcome many ob- stacles to achieve success. There were times when he must have become discouraged, but he has never shown his dis- couragement. He continues to work for us and has many reasons to take pride in liis work. We cannot help but wonder what Elon will be like five, fifty, or a hundred years from now. As college graduates, we must believe in our own school. We are no longer cloildren, though, and must have reasons for believing. Dr. Danieley, through his hard work and accomplishments, has given us many reasons for appreciating our educa- tional opportunities. Appreciation, however, is not limited to a page in a col- lege annual. It is not a static state, or a group of flowery words. Hopefully we will show our appreciation by Uving as open-minded, responsible individuals. We want to be able to feel proud when we think of our experiences at Elon. Because of the work and dedication of Dr. Danieley and other men and women like liim, we should be able to feel a great deal of pride. Now is our chance to give Elon reason to take pride in us. Dr. J. Eail Danieley ■ Kgk ' J - • n 1 H w . .Mt - - - " Dr. Danieley exhibits one of his favorite pastimes. C cfminisiraiwe OJjQcers C. Fletcher Moore Dean of the College A. S. Hassell, Dean of Student Perionnel Services. Theo Strum, Dean of Wom- en; W. Jennings Berry, Jr., Dean of Men. R. C. Baxter Director of Development W. E. Butler Business Manager ominisiraiwe J ersonnel Larry Barnes George Colclough Oscar Fowler, Jr. Arabella Gore Registrar Admissions Counselor Bookstore Manager Catalogue Librarian Robert Gwaltney Oma Johnson Guy Lambert Financial Aid Officer Librarian of the Histor- Associate Librarian ical Society C. V. May, Jr. Administrative Intern John Nicks Chief Accountant Theodore Perkins Librarian Tyrone Rowell, William Scott Associate Alumni Director of Church Secretary Relations Marilyn Spencer Director of Publications W. B. Terrell Alumni Secretary Worden J. Updyke Director of Technical Services aminis rah ' oe (uiaJJ Mrs. Ruth Benton Secretary to the Dir- ector of Development Mrs. Avril Core Assistant Cashie r Mrs. Janet DeVault Secretary to the Alumni Secretary Mrs. Mary Edwards Mis. Linda Ellis Mrs. Becky Franks Secretary to the Dir- Secretary to the Financial Secretary of the Presi- ector of Church Aid Officer dent of the College Relations " 1 ra - - ili tti Mrs. Kay Halbert Mr. Aubrey Horton Mrs. Winnie Howell Mrs. Melene Hughes Mrs. Virginia Johnston Mrs. Eleanor Kittenger Secretary to the Dean Foods Services Manager Library staff Hostess-West Dorm Secretary to the Library staff of the College Registrar ■ ' £ s C ' i ifik © Mrs. Emma Lewis Eleanor Mackintosh Miss Doris Maney Secretary to the Faculty Library staff Cashier Anne Marmorato Mrs. Jacqueline Matlock Mrs. Nancy Morrow Business office Secretary to the Admissions Secretary to the Counselor Business Manager Mrs. Joyce Perry Mis. Virginia Richardson Mrs. Jan McKee Secretary to Director Library staff Registrar ' s Office of Technical Services Mrs. Vickie Smith Secretary to Dean of Student Personnel Servic Mrs. Mary Thomas Secretary to the Presi- i dent of the CoUege Mrs. Ann Vickers Assistant Catalogue Librarian CB usmess eparimeni Mis. Janie Council Mr. Syed Hasan Mrs. Frances Longest Mr. John K. Patterson Mis. Tessie Taylor Mrs. Jeanne Williams Head of Business Department BUSINESS The curriculum of the Business Department is designed to give the students the abiUty to make sound, logical judgments, an understanding of economic institutions, and a knowledge of basic principles and analytical tools of economics and business. Experience and reason support the view that training for a successful career rests upon a comprehensive educa- tion in the broad area of human knowledge; therefore, students in this department receive a foundation in liberal arts studies. Mr. Ralph V. Anderson Head of Economics Department Cjcfucaiion T)eparimeni EDUCATION Teacher education has been one of the important functions of the college since its founding. The Education Department is headed by Dr. Arnold Strauch. It coordinates the education of all future teachers, providing the necessary professional- educational courses and experiences. Students may follow programs qualifying them for elementary or secondary school certification. Student teaching, which is necessary for certifi- cation, is done at nearby schools under competent supervision. Dr. Arnold Strauch Head of Department Mrs. Allene Hassell Sharon Cable learns through practical experience at Elon Ele- mentary School. Dr. Theo Strum Dr. Howard Richardson OCaiuraf NATURAL SCIENCE The Natural Science Department includes instruction in bio- logy, chcniistry, geology and general natural science. The Biol- ogy Department offers an A.B. degree and prepares students for careers in research, teaching, medicine, and other related fields. The biology majors form a close-knit, hard working group which spends many long hours in the labs. Their research is facilitated by the availability of materials from the Carolina Biological Sup- ply Company. A student in the Chemistry Department may choose between a program of study for a B.S. or an A.B. degree depending upon his particular needs and interests. Introductory courses are provided in geology and general nat- ural science, as well as in biology and chemistry, in order to ful- fill the requirements of the college in science. The Natural Science Department is one in which the school can take special pride. It has produced many well-prepared grad- uates who have become successful in their fields. Dr. Paul Cheek Head of Department Exploring the world of frogs Mr. Voigt Morgan Mr. Paul Reddish Mr. Thomas 1 c5 ciences M l Professor Harris aids his photography students in lab. .yioine Cjconomics HOME ECONOMICS Home Economics is a field of expanding vocational oppor- tunities, creating a continuing and increasing demand for home economic graduates. The deaprtment offers a variety of courses which are planned to enrich the students ' knowledge of home economic skills. The list of different kinds of opportunities for the graduate grows each year in direct response to the public ' s appreciation of the service home economists are currently ren- dering. The Home Economics Department ' s foremost goal is preparing students to meet the modern demands required of them whether in their own homes or in professional service. Edith Brannock Head of Department Cjnofisn T)eparimeni Mr. W. Jennings Berry Department Head ENGLISH The goals of the Enghsh Department are to teacli reading, writing, and interpretive slcills for all students. The general edu- cation courses of the first two years are designed to build com- petency in these areas. Also, the department offers advanced courses leading to a major in English, and there are many possi- bilities for students who want a minor in this field, or those who feel they want to broaden their knowledge through English elective courses. Mi. Robert Bland Mr. Ray Bowie Mr. Luther Byrd Mis. Betty Gerow Di. James Howell Di. Eleanoi Moffett Mi. PhUlip Owens Di. Howard Richardson Mr. Michael Smith Mi. Manly Wellman Mr. Lloyd G. Young Mr. C. Fletcher Moore Department Head I) e pari 112 eni FINE ARTS The Fine Arts Department develops performers and artists as a primary function, but a very impor- tant obligation is its sponsorship of cultural events on campus and its emphasis on the students ' knowledge and appreciation of the Fine Arts. Each section offers special opportunities for the students ' interest. Cam- pus music organizations include the choir, orchestra, and marching, concert, and stage bands. The Elon Pla- yers offer dramatic opportunity for the students. All these programs add to the cultural atmosphere of the college. Dr. Malvin Artley Mr. Wendell Bartholf Mr. tdwin L. Daniel Mr. Gene Featherstone Mrs. Maurine Gminder Mr. Edward Pilkington Mr. Walter Westafer Mr. Jack O. White Dr. Eleanor Moffett Guidance in the conscious use of skill, taste, and creative imagination. Social Dr. Konstantinas Avizonis Department Head SOCIAL SCIENCE Mr. D. Brooks Gates Dr. Sylvanus M. Duvall The ultimate goal of the Department of Social Sciences is to aid a student in understanding the total society of which he is a member. The courses offered in this field em- brace a wide range of cultural experience. A student who is accomplished in the Social Science area becomes a worth- while member of the social structure, and strives to better the world in which he lives. :;. Il 1 Mr. James p. Elder, Jr. Dr. Charles Harper, Jr Mi. Charles G. Latham (Sc i c ences m Mr. Durward Stokes j Dr. Dorothy Mason Dr. Carolyn Zinn ri Mr. Rudolf Zarzar The trials and tribulations of Western Civilization. " Jc orei ' on B. anouaoes FOREIGN LANGUAGE When a " communication barrier " is destroyed, a greater appreciation and tolerance of others is possi- ble. This, in turn, lays the groundwork for the estab- lishment of genuine and lasting peace. According to Dr. Albert Gminder, chairman of Elon ' s department of foreign languages, tliis is one of the values of knowing a foreign language. Also, knowledge of a country ' s cultural heritage enables one to understand both the people and the country. The courses in foreign language are planned so that students may acquire knowledge of the country ' s lit- erature and culture, and the abihty to read, write, and speak the language. Dr. Albert Gminder Department Head Mr. Jose Bohigas Mr. Kostas Cepas Mi. J. C. CoUey Miss Ruth Doyle Mrs. Maria A. Espino u Mr. Alfred Hauser Mrs. Suzanne Hooper Dr. Ferris E, Reynolds Mrs. Bessie Sloan Mrs. 1 dith Stevens Mrs. Roberta Young CPJiifosopAt CTlncf Uxeh ion r Rev. Howard Bozarth Dr. Ferris E. Reynolds Department Head Rev. John S. Graves PHILOSOPHY and RELIGION Each person has some phOosophy of Ufe according to which he determines the values he seeks and the decisions he makes. The purpose of courses in philosophy and religion is to help the student to examine lais philosophy of life more skillfully by making use of those insights and criteria which have been developed by the world ' s leading thinkers. As Socrates affirmed, " 1 say again that daily to discourse about virtue, and of those ot her tilings about which you hear me examining myself and others, is the greatest good of man, and that the unexamined life is not worth living. " Dr. James Overton Dr. William W. Sloan JKainemaiics MATHEMATICS The most important purpose of the Matliematics Depart- ment is to furnish a well-rounded program of mathematics for students who have chosen this area as their field of major con- centration. Courses for science majors as well as required courses for Pre-Engineering, and fte-Medical transfer students are included in this department. The interest and encouragement of the department is not limited to majors in tliis field and or those taking background courses for the sciences. The Mathematics Department is an in- tegral part of the total educational program of the college. In addition to the encouragement and enthusiasm of the profes- sors, an adequate background in mathematics is provided for all students who receive a Bachelor of Arts degree, regardless of their major. Mrs. Janie C. Evans Mi. John P. Gerlach Mr. J. Wesley Alexander Department Head Mr. E. Franklin Hanis Mr. Vincent Lamphier Mr. Burton W. Stuart, Jr. J ntjsical Cjcfucaiion PHYSICAL EDUCATION The Department of Physical Education and Health initiates an appreciation for the rules and laws of exercise and healthful hving in society. In order to accomphsh this goal, it offers courses in phy- sical educational activities and courses in hygiene and health. The principles of teaching and directing group activity and competitive sports are taught to those students with specific interests in the physical education field. The wide variety of courses offered in- creases the student ' s skill in numerous sports and provides him with healthful exercise. Mr. Donald KeUy Head of Department Mi. Delmer D. Atkinson Mrs. Janie Brown Mr. Mickey Brown Mr. Jerry Drake Mi. Gaiy Mattocks Mr. William R. MiUei Mr. Jerry ToUey Mi. Shiiley " Red " Wilson Up, up, and away! Q roaniza y iions " Responsibility is the thing people dread most of all. Yet it is the one thing that develops us. gives us manhood or womanhood fibre. " •I • ■ S.G.A. S.9.C . Officers The Student Government Association has made a con- scientious effort tliis year to provide leadership that is more rep- resentative of the students ' interests. Realizing that communica- tion is essential to progress, the Student Government, through the Campus Crier and more extensive publicity of S.G.A. activi- ties has attempted to promote freedom of expression and keep the college community informed. Dissatisfaction of both sides will always exist, but the S.G.A. has the potential to be the ma- jor Unk between students and the administration. Whether it succeeds or fails in tliis endeavor must always depend upon the students ' use of this organization to express concern for them- selves. ( J The S.G.A. Officers gather to look over the situation. Treasurer Carl Mulholland ena e STUDENT SENATE The 1967-68 Student Senate was composed primarily of inex- perienced but enthusiastic legislators under the leadership of Noel Allen. The meetings were conducted in a democratic atmosphere, and were marked by lengthy debates and candid, controversial speeches. Highlights of the session included the passage of a record- high S.G.A. budget, a bill placing cheerleaders under S.G.A. con- trol, and an extensive revision of the Policies and Procedures. Freshman Senators Left to right: Lee Loy, Terry Rice, Susan Caviness, Pam Sauvain, Danny Su her, Dan Linker. Presiding Officers Lett to right: Dave Harrison, Noel Allen, Sharon Cable Tarkenton. i tFMmmw r. f% mm. m wm H r . Sophomore Senators Left to right: Larry Sage, Don Tarkenton, Phil Larrabee, Dave Harrison, Sally O ' Neil, Mary Ann Tha.xton. Senior Senators Left to right: Mary Faust, Betsy Dearborn, Dempsey Herring, David John- son, Beth Rountree. Junior Senators Row I: John Papa, Bob Sutherland, Mary Anne Underwood. Row 2: Jerry Schumm, Sheldon Batchelder, George Scott, Paul Bleiburg. Jliosi Oa s anoina J rofessor Professor James P. Elder The Elon College Student body was given an opportunity this year to select the outstanding professor on the college faculty. Professor James Perry Elder of the History Department, a 1960 graduate of Elon College, was chosen in a campus-wide election on December 7, 1967. Professor Elder received his M.A. degree from the University of North Carolina in 1963. He has also attended graduate school at Harvard University. Mr. Elder is a mem- ber of Pi Gamma Mu, the honorary fraternity for Social Science, and is the advisor to the Liberal Arts Forum. The preparations for the election began in September, when S.G.A. President Dale Morrison named a nominating committee of ten members under the chairmanship of J. Denny MacGuire. Nominations were based on required qualifications set up by President Morrison and the committee. a e L) ac en Beqisfaiure ' f ROW 1: Barbara Hudson, Kay Savage, Carol Lupin- acci, Susan Caviness. ROW 2: Stuart Adams, Randy Spencer, Noel Allen, BiU Walker, George Scott, Don Tarkenton, Dale Morrison. (jo n n ' ee Cjnairmen ROW 1: Barbara Hudson, BiU Walker, Dale Morrison, James Milward, Denny McGuire. ROW 2: Ken Hollingsworth, Larry Mabe, John- nie Massey, Lynn Michael, Noel Allen, George Scott, Stuart Adams, Peter Pefanis, Tom Ward, AlWarlick. (Jrien a ion Gommiiiee 1 fifl H |4|A,I .- •K I Af B K yi r w In Bi V- ' . L ra L-v-iir- ii P B I m. L ROW 1: Dave Johnson, Sue EUis, Marilyn Far- ley, Larry Mabe, Yvonne Grandjean, Dehia Lineberry, Phil Larrabee. ROW 2: Denny Mc- Guire, Jay Ogden, Stephen Long, Tom Ful- cher, Bill Walker, Jerry Webb, Don Tarken- ton, Sheldon Batchelder, Judy Caines. Mis- sing: Francine Gifford. S. 9. 71 ' .r-w ' wj " j . Spring Weekend Committee ROW 1: Barbara Waugh, Elaine Beach, Delna Lineberry, Nina Martin, Francine Gifford, Carol McKinney. ROW 2: Bob Sutherland. Peggy Bondurant, Cathy Mangum, Vickie Green, Barbara Askin, Barbara Hudson, Al Warlick. Public Betsy Dearborn, Publicity Becki Burchette, Ehsabeth Woosley. Board of Traditions Stuart Adams, Ken HoUingsworth, Pete Pefanis, Jim Mihvard. o. © Inter-Collegiate Conference Stuart Adams, George Scott, Kay Savage. Pep Committee Susan Caviness, Becki Burchette, Noel Allen, John Cole, Todd Bridgford. Who ' s Who Committee David Johnson, Peggy Ferguson, Bill Walker. G ommi liees 1 i ' ' ' " ■ ' ■ S ' ' - ' ' W ' Dance Committee Delna Lineberry, Carol Vincent, Lynn Michael, Sherrie McGirt, Mary Faust. Standing: Tom Campion, Rick Bray, Sandy Carrington, Larry Gar- Campus Crier Dale Morrison, Tom Ward, Robert Freeman, Dawn Leland, George Scott, George Martin, John Papa, Bill Walker, Peter Pefanis, Gregory Craig, David Johnson. Outstanding Professor Sandy Wrenn, Barbara Waugh, Carol McKinney, Judy Caines. Standing: Peggy Ferguson, Vickie Green, Johnnie Massey, Micheal Wood, Sheldon Batchelder, Ann Patterson, J. Denny McGuire. Entertainment ROW 1: Steve King, Delna Lineberry, Susan Ryder, Resa Robinson, Toni Wray, Francine Gifford, Becki Burchette. ROW 2: I ' enton Cunningham, Kenneth Scott, Jimmy Waller, Neil Hening, Paul Bleiberg, Bob Suther- land, Al Wailick, Sandy Carrington, Bob Jones. Food and Cafeteria Committee Ken Hollingsworth, Gregory Craig, John Cole, Bill Walker. Board of Elections Pat McCausland, Sandy Wrenn, Wanda Edwards, Susan Ryder, Patty Her- bin, Carol McKinney, David Johnson, John Papa, Bill Walker, Todd Bridgford, Cathy Mangum, J. Denny McGuire. Jionor Gouri HONOR COURT Tlie Honor Court seeks to maintain academic integrity in a community where competition is unusually great. It attempts to encourage adherence to the Elon College code of conduct and to protect the rights of each individual to study in an environment where " justice " has meaning that can be seen and feft. George Martin Chief Justice of the Honor Court r 7m j y m mm 1 . . H " H ■ ■t j mR BI Honor Court Members: Sandy Wrenn. Larry Mabe, and George Martin. Row 1 Carol Copple, Treasurer, Linda Moggio, Secretary, Eleanor Zezzo, President, Kay Savage, Vice-President. Row 2: Julia Treece, Cec Cobo, Anita Wickline, Ruth Mayfield, Kathy Copeland, Judy Daugherty, Linda Abney, Mary Ann Underwood, Betsy Dearborn, SaUy O ' Neill. The Women ' s Interdormitory Council consists of elected representatives from each of the three dormitories for women. 0 22 council which meets weekly determines rules affecting the conduct of dormitory women, represents dormitory women in college relations, and functions as a court to try those who violate dormitory rules. The Dean of Women acts as the sponsor and advisor for the council. ' omens a Goancn Left to Right: Dave Carpenter, Pete Pefanis, Larry Garner, Ron Wicker. I cun I l ' , , ( ,eorge Hughes, Bob Moore, Butch Cocke. TlCens ' Z). or n Goancn The function of the Men ' s Interdormitory Council is to serve as a rule-making body for men resident students. Tliis group consists of representatives from the fraternity houses and each of the men ' s dormitories. The council meets bi-weekly to consi- der complaints and ways to improve dormitory life. jKaroon lylno c o d Editorial Board: Dun Brown. Eddie Osborne. Paul Bleibcrg. Ken Hollingswortli. Dave Johnson. Go onnaoe es ART EDITORS; Todd White and Nancy Myers. The Colonnades is a mirror. Look into its pages, not simply at them. You will find the creative expression of emotions, situ- ations, and personalities that may be very close to you, perhaps a part of you. Beauty and ugliness, joy and despair. Reflections of the past. Expectations of the future. Images of the present. But the Colonnades is a strange mirror. The art, the stories, the essays, and the poetry are not merely reflections; they are inter- pretations. This publication is only as meaningful as the strength of the creative spirit of those who write for it, and of those who read it. When minds are barren, its pages will be blank. But this is not likely. Too many people have too much to say. This year the Colonnades staff presented a fall issue as well as one in the spring, and a photography section was included for the first time. First and second place awards of J25 and $10 for outstanding achievement were offered. These awards have per- haps encouraged contributors, but they did not decrease the quality of talent displayed. Those who want to communicate, to reflect, and to interpret will continue to create. k r in|i David Spicer, Poetry Editor; Dawn Leland, Assistant Editor; Barbara Bugg, Assistant Editor. STAFF; Row 1: Nancy Myers, Barbara Bugg, Dawn Leland. Row 2: Todd White, and David Spicer. 47 , J ' si Barbara Hudson Editor Jane Frost Senior Class Editor Larry Mabe and Sharon Cable Greek Editors Johnnie Massey Assistant Photographer Delna Lineberry and Margie McClung Organization Editors Raymond Bailey Photographer Gfi Siaff Amy Thomas and Jane Taylor Advertising Managers Jeanette Robinette and Martha Raga, Academic Editors Sportitdil iiiiiilil :il .liiily IrfsJS: ' Vickie Riley and SaUy O ' NeU Sophomore Class Editors Mary Anne Thaxton and Carolyn Cameron Freshman Class Editors Chris Smith and Elaine Beach Feature Editors ' AU this for a silly picture in the yearbook! tj on L)inaers ROW 1: Cynthia Qatterbuck, Anne Vuncannon, Diane Clendennin, Brenda Pritchard, Diane Grouse, Anita Rich and Patricia Pollack. ROW 2: Nelda Shaw, Ellen Barnes, Barbara Maness, Carolyn Cameron, Marilyn Crawford, Anne Patterson and Joan Riggan. ROW 3: Janet Winstead, Joan Wilson, Kathy Handralian, Jennie Huffman, Jennie Barrett, Sue Cross and Katliy Howell. ROW 4: Kathy Harper, June Bennett, Joan Holt and Danny Suther. Anderson, Margaret Clayton, Margie Antal and Cathy Mangum. ROW 5: Olivia Christian, Ale.x Richardson, Nancy Thomas, Amy Ingle, Susan Waymack and Jay Ogden. ROW 6: Ken HoUingsworth, Keith Cole, Tom- my Burgess, Mike Williams, Archie Taylor, George Cannon and Jim Fogle. ROW 7; Elwood Porshia, Steve Long, Jack Gotten, Mike Gallalian, Larry Quar ei Danny ChUton, Pianist, Ken HoUingsworth, Jack Gotten, AUen Bush, and Randy Smart. 5yS 2 Co eye ..•tf-,44.W® ' .ifih The Band forms the traditional " E " . The Majorettes add a lively step to the half-time activities. JACKU. WHITE Band Director Jliarcnino Ujancf The Elon College Band began the 1 967 season with a new look. The band showed off their new uniforms during half-time of the first home game. Elon saw a variety of half-time performances ending with a " Rock " Show. Professor White and the band, with all their enthusiasm, aroused the students during the pep rallies and the games. The band had two concerts this year, one in Janu- ary and another in May. During these concerts the band provided a variety of music. SEATED: Eveline Garrison, Richard Watkins. STANDING: Mary Lee LaRue, Debby Draughn, Sandy Dofflemyer, Kay Savage, Adrienne Moen. ROW 1: Adrienne Moen, Debbie Draughn, Richard Watkins, Eveline Garrison, Kay Savage, Mary Lee LaRue. ROW 2: Ken Hollingsworth, Sandy Dofflemyer, Arch Aitcheson. ROW 3: Judy Coffman, Danny Chil- ton, Joan Wilson, Susan Williams, Larry Good, Keith Cole, Don Doorhein, Charlie Morningstar, Jenny Huffman, Judy Stevens, Michey Stuart, Mr. Jack O. White. ROW 4: Bob Johnson, Danny Underwood, Tom Burgess, Robert Snider, Cecil Johnson, Elizabeth Woolsey, Elwood Porshia, Buck Bayliff, George Cannon, Susan Patton, Charlie Calligan, Terry DeLong. ROW 5: Wally Hardwick, Howard Eaton, Ruffm Quails, John Register, Danny Suther, Kim Luffberry, David Towe, Lindsey Wyatt, Bob Truitt. ROW 6: Don Smith, Fred Walzer, Greg Smith, David Abernathy, Danny Fields, Don Stubblefield, Jim White, Tom Short, Cleo Perdue. Connie Theodore Gail Porter Martha Kellam Betsy Patterson Kathy Copeland Gneer eaders ROW 1; Gail Porter; S andy Bergman; Betsy Patterson. ROW 2: Kathy Copeland; Connie Theodore; Cec Cobo; Martha Rellam. nil mil iiiii Hill J lat ers The Elon Players are members of the student body who enjoy many phases of dramatic production. Building sets, rehearsing, lines, designing costumes, and selling tickets consume much time. The real satisfaction comes when the final curtain falls, and the members know that they have been a success. This year ' s play, " Arms and the Man " was a tre- mendous success. Under the direction of Mr. Ed Pil- kington, the Elon Players worked diligently to present this entertainment to the students, faculty, and public. Sponsor Ed Pilkington clow Leland, Lairy Sage, and Nancy Boone d with Elon Player ofllcers Susie Clark, Dawn ROW 1: Denny Kopik, Jeff Taylor, David Scott, Jim Gillespie. ROW 2: Larry Sage. Sam Roberson, Jerry Bost, Paul Bleiberg, .Neil Hening, Wayne Seymour. Bill Bradshaw. ROW 3: Barbara Bugg. Carl Angiono, Nancy Lindeman. Adel Robins, Peggie Ferguson, Pete Fleming, Lynn Seymour. Susie Smith, Monica Haxitos. ROW 4: Jay Wilkinson, Todd White, Judy Rankin, Kathy Copeland, Gordie Payne, Susie Clark, Pat McCausland, John Autry, Dawn Leland, Nancy Boone. Cjfon J lauers J roouce " Miss Raina is sure to spy after you. ' ' Ummm . . . Creams . . . You ' re an angel. ' ' My dear Paul, what a surprise for us! " ROW 1: BiU Bradsiiaw (Sergius Saranoff), Dawn Leland (Louka), Kathy Neal Hening (Russian Officer), Jim Gillespie (Major Petkoff), Nancy Copeland (Raina Petkoff), Lloyd Young (Captain Bluntschli). ROW 2; Boone (Catiierine Petkoff), Dave Scott (Nicholai). ■ ! ' - = ? ' -rl I 1 k m Unieoa OFFICERS; Nancy Boone, Grand Bu Grand Stage Manager. Manager; Jay Wilkinson, Grand Director; Susie Clark, ROW 1: Susie Clark, Nancy Boone, Peggie Ferguson, Dawn Leland. ROW 2; John Autry, Wayne Sey- mour, Jay Wilkinson, and Edward Pilkington. Ib ml K j i " ' ik ' " 1 X f 3 ■i ALPHA PSI OMEGA PLEDGES ROW 1: Jeff Taylor, Gordon Payne, Denny Kopik, Sam Roberson. ROW 2: Lynn Seymour, Kathy Copeland, Pat McCausland. One of the national fraternities on campus, Alpha Psi Omega serves to make students more aware of the theatre arts by sponsoring plays, publicizing student dramatic projects, and affording an outlet for aspiring actors. It offers the creative individual an opportunity to work witli others having similar theatrical in- terests. Denny Kopik. Jeff Taylor, Sam Roberson (Alpha Psi Pledges) work with Elon Player mem- bers Susie Smith and Jerry Bost in the scene shop. TiGc am ma JKu In this National Social Science Honor Society are represented those students and faculty members who have attained distinction in the fields of social sciences. Each year during the fall and spring, an elec- tion takes place at which time sen- iors and other eligibles can enter into the society. 1ST ROW: Pat McCausland, Marcia Lunsford, Bill Green. Dr. Avizonis. 2ND ROW: Farrell Saunders, Dale Morrison, Rickey McPherson. Mr. Stokes. Mr. Elder, Mr. Latham. refer 0 JAe Oal Those students who have at least a junior standing with a cumulative grade point average of 3.30 are recognized in the Order of the Oak. They are recognized for their superior scholarship and are encouraged to intellectual achievement. 1ST ROW: Harold Wheeler, Sandra Ibl-.-;. . Annie Lleapur, Ireida .NuaJi. baiidra Wrunn. bhirlc iairdoth, .Margaret Willett, Marilyn Farley, Larry Durham. 2ND ROW: Ken Hollmgsworth, Herman Hecht. Carol .VlcKmney. Hdna Brantley. Wanda Edwards, Linda Wesley, Linda Thompson, Gerry Oxford, Farrell Saunders. Seia Cj ii t psilon Beta Chi Epsilon functions for the benefit of the secretarial students at Elon College. Each of the monthly meetings has a program planned to aid these students in understanding the workings of the business world. There are classroom demonstra- tions of the latest office equipment, visits to local businesses and industries, and lectures from members of these organiza- tions. The group also provides a social contact for these students. OFFICERS: Connie White, President; Carol Vincent, Treasurer. Absent: Peggy Bondurant, Vice President, Tom Wray, Secretary. ROW 1: Dianne Martin, Eva Albright, Anna Gerow, Jo Linens, Carolyn Worley, Sally Mclver, Joan McKeown, Peggy Swift. ROW 2: Kay Saunders, Betty Sue Boone, Mary Walters, Carol Ingold, Linda Garrison, Maiy Ann Larrow, Joyce Sockwell, Mary Jane Shaw. ROW 3: Linda Tioutman, Carol Porter, Ana Maria Bahais, Kathy Hackney, Connie White, Carol Vincent. (L)ocie y Jc The Society for the Advancement of Management IS a club which is two-fold in purpose: ( 1 ) to under- take, sponsor, or promote programs for tiie better- ment of all students enrolled in the Business Depart- ment; (2) to take united action and promote business, social, and economic welfare of the individual mem- bers o f this organization. OFFICERS: Bernice Phillips, corresponding secretary; Amy Ingle, recording secretary; Pat Collier, vice-president; Mike Wood, president; and Mike Hudson, treasurer. ROW 1: John B. Burgess, Amy Ingle, Larry Durham, Richard Pick- ard, Patrick Collier, Bernice Phillips, Mike Hudson. ROW 2: Ronnie Sink, Deen Reed, Hudges Throckmorton, Jimmy Watkins, Don Hol- liday, Bobby Massey, Peter Fleming, Bill Billings, David Farrior, Mike Smith. ROW 3; John Paisley, Eddie Dunn, Michael Wood, Rick Adams, Rick Toburen, Charles Harris, Mike Moore. JJian aoein en ADVISOR Professor James T. Toney MISS S.A.M. Miss Janice Kaye Swift The Elon Chapter hosts the state convention. Miss Jane Frost represented S.N.E.A. during Officers: Jane Frost President; Janice Carter, Sharon Cable, Martha Ragan, and Beth Homecoming. Rountree. It may be a true and ancient saying that a teacher will be taught by his students, but it does not hurt to get some previous guidance. The S.N.E.A. is organized to provide pre-professional training for students who are preparing to teach. ROW 1; Margaret Fowler, Sharon Cable, Jane Moon, Peggy Ik ' .ile Barbara Bayliff, Brenda Duncan. ROW 2: Carol Lupinacci, Israel M ana Icuis, Mary and Janice Carter aiborn, Beth [Jrencn Cj uo STANDING: Aithur Catlett, Marie Campbell, Linda Long, Lany G. Mabe, Peggy Bell, Patrick Collier. SITTING: Nina Martin and Sally O ' Neill. Le Grenier Francais was organized in the fall of 1967 by Mr. David Anderson and Mile. Jacqueline Chastagner of the French department. Essentially the group has the two-fold purpose to create interest in the French language and culture throughout the Elon College campus and to provide beneficial fellowship within the group itself. Various interesting speakers, a cookout excursion, a festive gathering called the Mardi Gras, and a Christmas party at the orphanage for the children are some of the activities in which the members of Le Grenier Francais have participated. The group extends a welcome to all those students who wish to benefit from and participate in its activities. OFFICERS: Larry Mabe, President; Sally O ' Neill, Secretary; Patrick Collier, Treasurer; Russell Schetroma, Vice President. ( pani ' sn Cj uo Tlie Spanisli Club, which has been reorganized this year, sponsors meetings, lectures, and activities which will be of interest to Spanish students. The format for the Spanish Club ' s meetings provides the members with a chance to enrich their knowledge of Spanish culture. Students are given ample oppor- tunity to put their classroom learning to worthwhile use during the club ' s activit ies. Dr. Albert Gminder is presently serving as the group ' s advisor. OFFICERS: Peggy Bell, Vice President; Eleonora Pagura, President; Marilyn Farley, Secretary; Mike Wilburn, Treasurer. ROW 1: Jose M. Bohigas, Marilyn Farley, Eleonora Pagura, Peggy Burchette, Neil Hering, Paul Bleiberg, Mike Wilburn, Susie Clark, Sharon Bell, Maria .A. Espino. ROW 2: Eleanor Zezzo, Greta Zarzar, Becki Cable, Ana Maria Bahaia. mCa na ians The Mathatians, formerly known as the Mini- sterial Association, is an organization for stu- dents planning to enter full-time Christian work and also for those students interested in par- ticipating in some aspect of Christian service while living in the College community. The purpose of the Mathatians is to offer each member a meaningful outlet for Christian service, to provide useful training and experience for the future, to benefit the college and its surrounding community, and to promote Chris- tian fellowsliip. Ac tivities of the Mathatians this year have included a visit to Umstead Hospital in Butner, a Christmas party for children at the Elon Home for Children, and the compilation of a survey on church attendance. Also, a project was headed by the group to collect money for food in India. In the spring, the Mathatians journeyed to Eastern Virginia where they conducted several worship services in area churches. LEFT TO RIGHT: George Cannon, Joan Riggan, Lindsey Wyatt, Joan Anderson, Johnnie Massey. ROW 1 : David Molden, June Bennett, Belinda Black, Susie Ellis, Joan Anderson, Joan Riggan, Liz Woolsey, Archie Aitcheson. ROW 2: Dr. Reynolds, George Cannon, Rodney Miller, Greg Sigmon, Lindsey Wyatt, Larry Sage, Johnnie Massey, Jim Brown. QyLG.G.a The U.C.C.F. (United Campus Christian Fel- lowship) is an organization whose purpose is to cultivate Christian character and to develop Christian fellowship on the college campus. The U.C.C.F. is composed of members of the United Church of Christ, and Moravian denominations. Meetings are held bi-monthly. OFFICERS: Susan Brown, Vice-President President: Russell Schetroma, Treasurer. iiy McGuire, Secretary; Susan EUi,s, ROW 1: John Masscy, Craig MacCrcary, Susan Brown, Joan Anderson, Denny McGuire. ROW 3: Jim Brown, Doug Landau. Advisors: Rev. John Graves, Mr. Wordcn Updyke. Barbara Waugli, Susan l.Ui: U.C.C.F. is well represented in the Homecommg talent show Johnnie Massey presides over a debate concerning religious activities. ffpK i »lP RELIGIOUS LIFE COMMITTLL ROW 1; June Bennett, Joan Anderson, and Susie EUis. ROW 2; Craig MacCreary, Johnnie Massey, George Ca CBapiisi Siucfeni Qlnion The Baptist Student Union is the distinctive denomi- national ministry of the Baptist Cliurch on all college cam puses. Its purpose is to help train Southern Baptist stu- dents for effective Christian discipleship. and provide fellow- ship for its members. It functions to remind each student of his responsibility to Christ, to his church, to his denomination, and of obligation as a Christian citizen to the world in which lives. ROW 1: Sondra Jones, Patricia P ' Cockman. oan Riggan, Archie Taylor, Carolyn Cameron, Edna Brantley, and Rev. W.T. UarsHtJ yj uo H Rv-o i ' P H |U| H lBZH Tlie Varsity Club is a service organization composed of men who have earned letters in a varsity sport. The club is directed toward stimu- lating greater interest in athletics on campus. OFFICERS: Lee Johnson, Sergeant at Arms; Dempsey Herring, Secretary -treasurer; Jerry Hogge, Vice-President; Tom Davis, President. ROW 1: Heniy Goedeck, Roger iNoriuaii, Paul Amundsen, 1 onimy Uavis, Sandy Canington, Wade Williamson. ROW 2: Richard McGeorge, Burgin Beale, Wright Anderson, David Oliphant, Dempsey Herring, Dicky Wilburn. ROW 3: Lloyd Kanipe, Emery Moore, Chippy GUI, Jerry Hogge, Lee Johnson, Marty Bonnett. Absent, Gary Karriker. W.C .9l. Endeavoring to create and to stimulate among the women students of Elon College an enthusiastic participation in athletics, the Women ' s Athletic Association provides recre- ational activities for all interested women. The W.A.A. is an organization of all women students enrolled in Elon College. The W.A.A. Council is composed of the officers and representatives from the sororities, dormitories, and dav students. OFFICERS: Gail Summers, Vice President; Susan Brown, Secretary; Emily Hall, Reporter; Jane Croder, Treasurer. Not pictured, Karen Garden, President. ROW 1 ; Jane Croder, Susan Brown. ROW 2: Sue Mills, Emily Hall, Gail Summers, Lynne Cunningham, Sandra Myatt. CP. . 9Kc a ors V ' Gfu6 Those students who are interested in a career in physical education or its many related fields find opportunities to pursue their interests fur- ther in the Physical Education Major ' s Club. This organization plays a vital role in both the intramural and inter-collegiate sports programs at Elon and promotes the study and use of new techniques in physical education. OFFICERS: Lee Johnson, Sergeant at Arms; Denipsey Herring, Chaplain; Elaine Crowde Secretary -Treasurer; Wright Anderson, President. ROW 1: Henry Goedeck, Adrienne Mo;.ii, RogLi Norman, Elaine Crowder, Lee Johnson, Gary Karriker ROW 2 Richard McGeorge, Burgin Beale, Wright Anderson, Jerry Hogge, Dempsey Herring, Dicky Wilburn. ROW 3: Lloyd Kanipe, Jack Giordane, Chippy Gill, William Oman, Buck Cobb, Wade Williamson, Gary Jordan. c reeAs " Be not simply good, but good for something. -iS S ea " Ss V-- Sharon Cable, Beta Omicron Beta Spon i je a (Jniicron Je a BOB Best of the Best . . . Jane, is there a man in the moon? . . . Pat, we hear you know all about the birds - and the bees? . . . Sandra, What ' s this about locking your keys in the trunk at r.OO in the morning , . . Prissy, sing us a song-on-key please . . . A number one float for a number one group . . . Martha, our Mountie who always gets her man . . . Who ' s the boss at your house. Sondra? . . . Getting in your brownie points, Cathy? . . . Betty, our ' Little Hitler " . . . Even the Hippies would be envious of our beatniks . . . Sue, did you really faint twice when you had your ears pierced? . . . Nobody can make love to a telephone pole like Gaylene . . . Mrs. Council - chief cook and bottle washer, Mother Confessor . . . Rosalind, has Elon turned you prematurely grey? . . . Penny, what ' s with this life of crime? . . . Would you frown just once, Sharon . . . What ' s that blazing liglit - only Sherry in her aluminum foil paper dress . . . Carol - the lover . . . Anyone for volleyball? . . . Terry got her an Army man and she provides the action . . . Judy - who comes to the meeting 5 minutes before it ' s over and cleverly asks, " What ' s going on? " . . . C leanest sorority room around thanks to the pledges . . . How many different ways can you give a spelling test, Beth? . . . Jan, would you do your imitation of a certain professor . . . Becky, why do they call you Sky King . . . Pledges, give us a four-letter word for initiation ... the Blue and the White ... the finest that you ' ll ever know! BSB7- ' ecfyes THE PLEDGES; (left to right) STANDING: Mane Campbell, Jane Crock- er. Georgann Bortz, Carolyn Cameron, Carol Isley. SITTING: Carol McKinney, Cindy Robertson, Ruth Woody, Ann Lentz, Cathy Griffin. H eia Q micron Je a an SECRETARY IP Terry Lute Cathy Mangum ,-« VICE-PRESIDENT Sandra Isley TREASURER Sue Iseley A f ' P S £] S £. 2 Martha Ragan Carol Reynolds Beth Rountree W ? • i . Jan Seymour Rosalind Shoffner Betty Talley Rebecca Whitake 7)e a QJpsifon JCappa Delta U was founded in 1922. Its colors are green and white, and its flower is a tea rose. " Acquiring power through ideals and love " , is the motto of Delta Upsilon Kappa. A sisterhood of individuals. Mary Alice the 5th Delta U Queen in a row-The Inman . . . Junie newly wed but still finds time for her sisters . . . Barbie and Superman. She holds our fortune $3 . . .Betty Jo, Hey Bull, give me the pit!!! Yvonne (the corpse) Where ' s Uncle Warren? Lets have a joke pledge . . . Donna " Jo " where did we leave off? -A Spring bride!! Judy Sigma Phi ' s Sweetheart who loves one brother better than the rest Sheldon! . . . Butch (lost and found) and C-H-E-T!!! Margie . . . Our Georgia Honeybun . . . Marie-pledge McClung stay out of the corn fields! . . . Melinda alias Dr. Bob, going home again??? . . . Nancy B. our starlet has found the blue JAY of happiness . . . Kay ' s really got the habit-pingpong anyone?? . . . Cathy soon to be Mrs. Magnificent! ... Pat, do blondes have more fun?? Linda, another theater bug-an all round fit girl . . . Nancy M. (Detective O ' Mario) our 5th year girl-did you finally remember the roll book ... as a pledge Toni was a real ACE at burying smiles-but what charming smiles . . . Barbara- 1st in our hearts, 2 yr. Pres., a real loyal Delta U flapper . . . and we have TERRIFIC pledges. So let us ever sing for Delta U. PLEDGE MASTERS: L. to R. Betty Jo Eley, Toni Wray, and Margie McClung. Barbara Keppler, Delta Upsilon Kappa Spor ATK edges ye ■ Qi ' A nfttt€ ROW 1: Nancy Faux, Judy Rankin, Peggy Bondurant, Barbara Hudson, Sanders, Elaine Beach, Donna Byrum, Jeannie Barrett, Carolyn Core, Donna Ashley, Martha Hughes. ROW 2: Sue Hardie, Becky Chasen, Libby Vickie Riley, Sandra Ray, Susan Caviness, Carol Anginono, Marie Zirpoli. eJ a Qipsi on UCappa PRESIDENT Ippolito SECRETARY Nancy McNair « Melinda Ayscue VICE-PRESIDENT Mary Alice Taylor TREASURER Barbara Keppler Becky Butcher w W Judy Caines A , m S Yvonne Grandjean Junie Johr Margie McClung Donna Sutton Toni Wray T i Ji appa 9c au " want to be a college girl, mmm and a little bit more. 1 want to be a KAPPA TAU " . . . Another year of fun, frolic and friend- ship . . . Lupie leads us througli our first year without any charter members . . . Everyone to the Lambeth House! Welcome Back parties should be held every night of the year . . . Come on Peggy make the choice, George or Pooh . . . new furniture! Boy that room looks like a mansion now ... So you ' re heated in sin-what ' s it like Susan? . . . Money? Just call on the " K and T " kids . . . Hey, who asked that giraffe to our meeting? Oh, it ' s Jane . . . Brothers going national- songs need to be changed- don ' t forget the rhyme . . . Mary collects enough " royal " jewelry to open a store! ... A penquin here, a penquin there, everywhere apenquin . . . Anita-gets those " flias out of the shia! " . . . Eight counselors . . . Four senators . . . Two class officers . . . Our cheerleader . . . Five Homecoming sponsors . . . Two Princesses in the Homecoming Court . . . Our Who ' s Who Two . . . Judy, are you sure that " C " isn ' t for Columbus? . . . Rush -mass panic! The " 007 Club " really rocked. " Hillbilly Will " whooped it up at the " Howdy! " . . . Strawberries in season all year round, just ask Lynda . . . Fifteen pledges- more swords, new pledge pins and a lot of laughs . . . Melberg, KAPPA TAUS ' Twiggy . . . Pledge Antal-sit still for just one minute! . . . The Camera Kid loves the month of July, right Diana? . . . Annual Homecoming Tea- " Gee, it ' s great to see you back, Sis " . . . Duncan is in heaven on weekends, NATurally . . . Phyllis, our one and only Fuquay Flash . . . Carolyn, AHA TKE ' s Sweetheart ... Did you say those minutes are getting Harder to write each week. Sue? . . . Serve trom the left, take from llie nght! . . . Janice, give that sewing machine a rest! . . . Pledges, beware! Big Bess is here! . . . Gail plans to raise a baseball team . . . Get your shoes on the right feet, Abney! . . . Flora, before you graduate iiow about giving Freeman " the secret formula. " She needs it! . . . Betty Sue, who ' s the lucky boy? ... Do you debate, Jan? " Yes, ma ' am. " . . . AHA TKf challenges us to a football game. " Hit ' em high, hit ' em low. come on KAPPA TAU, let ' s go! . . . No. Vickie. You can ' t give your dimples away ... A " Harvard A. " How did you do it, Belinda? . . . Gena, play volleyball much? . . . Julia, If we ' ve told you once collect money, don ' t spend it! . . . " We wish you a Merry Christmas " Linda, but not in October . . . Singing lessons won ' t help, Nelda . . . The babe of the group, Joan -straiglit from Hicksville . . . Longfellow Browne, reigns on Halloween . . . Sue, the athletic one . . . " A ' s " are nice, Wanda, but traffic tickets are something else . . . Wilson whirled up a heck of a talent act . . . You always seem to be in two places at once Sara . . . Ruth is our food specialist . . . Pledge Rountree, stop looking down to the sisters! . . . Chucka- tuck is not on the map. Chipmunk . . . Katie, a campus cutie . . . What happens on those " rides " you give the sisters Diane? . . . Debbie, what ' s all that noise on 3rd West? . . . just one more invitation Resa . . . Diane, please let Joanne pledge this semester . . . What ' s a call-down among friends De? . . . " I ' ll have all that ' s coming to me, mmm and a little bit, mmm and a little bit, mmm and a little bit MORE! " ' Is the punch THAT good, Betsy? " " r r TT " TT " T) f Betsy Dearborn, Pi Kappa Tau Sponsor THE PLEDGES: (left to right) STANDING: Joan King, Gena O ' Berry, De Dehart, Linda Hundley, Susan Brown, Margie Antal, Betty Sue Boone, Joan Wilson, Sara Kenyon, Nelda Shaw. SITTING: Katie Patrick, Jane Rountree, Debbie Miller, Jan Davis, Belinda Black. n PRESIDENT Carol Lupinacci CPi 3lappa Uau rr SECRETARY Sue Harder m w Brenda Duncan Wanda Edwards Mary Faust TREASURER Julia Treece Judy Daughtrey Caiolyn Freeman Fiord Hov Lmda Moggio h IP IT VICE-PRESIDENT Karen Melberg A 2 2 S Resa Robinson Gail Summers Vicki Thomas Phyllis Tilley Maiy Anne Underwood Anita Wickhne TZ$ ' P eJq e THE PLtDGtS; (left to right) Pam Sauvain, Sandy Dofflcnicyer, Susan Tilley, Sheri McGirt, Connie Theodore, Elaine Crowder, Kathy Copeland, Susie Clark, Myra Rothwell, Diane Clendennen. SITTING: Emily Hall, Janet Sylvester, Carol Vincent, Sally Mclver, Carol Porter, Sally O ' Neill. ABSENT: Connie Russell. Uaa Ajeia Jjni Rah Zeta . . . Tau Zeta . . . those who work together, stay together . . . Dorm Council President and Vice President . . . Head Cheerleader and six others . . . Head majorette and one other . . . Homecoming representatives galore . . . plus Kappa Psi Nu . . . Dede ' s sweetheart of our brothers . . . Jonelle wears a brother ' s name . . . Kathy is our fashion queen . . . Cec is all spirit . . . Francine, a tireless worker . . . Leslie ' s our cool red- head plus Holly who has a deeper shade-hot red . . . Martha and Linda like Basketball-wonder why? . . . Betsy has the spirit . . . Kaye looks good swinging that baton . . . Amy keeps her head when everyone blows . . . Jean has her heart set on a trip down that aisle . . . Eleanor certainly likes to take pictures . . . Pug, must you bum from Jane all of the time? . . . Delna is our sense of humor, always a smile no matter how gray the day . . . Jane is our little workhorse . . . Carol, what is your interest across the street? . . . Muriel moves slowly ,talks little, but packs a powerful punch . . . Gayle just simply adores Virginia . . . Speaking of Virginia -Eveline sure does like those mountains and a little place called Shenandoah . . . Our girls-loyalty and love- Tau Zeta Phi. " A deck of dames. " Jau jL)eia J ni PRESIDENT Eveline Garrison 1 Denice Ahledas 1 SECRETARY Martha Kellam S Ca iole Copple Francine Gilford Holly Hollingsworth ) Leslie James Delna Lineberry Betsy Patterson 1! Linda Wesley Eleanor Zezzo Tau Zeta Phi presents a masquerade for their rushees. 9reeA The Greeks have proven to be a very integral part of the Elon campus, participating in all its many extra-curricular activities. Rush, pledges, Greek Week, parties, brotherhood, and sisterhood are all a part of their activities. (. Iin.stnias chucrs lui the men in Vietnam. ITK emphasizes Pledge Emphasis Week. i Pi Kappa Tau ' s sisters have a real " hoe-down " for the rushees. Pledge Warner and Brother Massey collect money for the Muscular Distrophy drive. Alpha Pi Delta proudly display their intramural trophy. ch ' oi ies Kappa Psi Nu ' s goat participates in Homecoming. Sigma Mu Sigma ' s pledges represents them well in the talent show. The brothers of Sigma Phi Beta display one of their MANY talents. C fpJia CP£i Ome a Sigma Rho chapter of Alplia Phi Omega is a fellowship of men bound by their dedication to the service of mankind and God. After a year of consistant effort by the twenty-five charter members, the Elon chapter was formally recognized by the national office on October 16, 1967 in ceremonies presided over by Dean Richard Burts, APO section chairman. During the year APO was seen ushering at lyceum programs. collecting for the Muscular Dystrophy Drive, washing cars, assisting in the blood drive, and participating in many other campus and community events. The chapter has become firmly established and has settled in its room in Mooney building. Sigma Rho chapter is looking for- ward to the years of service, leadership, and fellowship which lie aliead. Scouting advisor Bill McMann receives the Charter from Dean Burts. Others pictured are Dr. Danieley, Advisor Bob Gwaltney, and President Buddy Sizemore. Tension mounts as APO brothers Massey, O.xford, and Ogdon talk with Walter Brown while awaiting formal initiation of Sigma Rho Chapter. AOfi yjecf es LEU TO RIGHT: Archie Taylor, Earle White, Bobby Moffett, BiU Knight, and Jim Warner. C fp£a iPhi Ome a PRESIDENT Buddy Sizemore FIRST VICE PRESIDENT Jay Ogden SECOND VICE PRESIDENT Gerry Oxford Pl Q John Hughes TREASURER Sammy Boroody Gregory Craig Ken Hollingsworth Stephen Long 1 i% Massey S o a Uau Dtappa To the close observer of our campus one cannot help but notice a marked scarcity - in 1 T K Brothers! Even though we have been established (and re-estabUshed) since the early part of this century, we found that when college opened in the fall of ' 67 a grand total of eight Brothers were enrolled in school. (We always wanted a Frat Room that could seat all the Brothers.) Where did all the I T K ' s go? Thats a long story, and we are too busy to worry about that anymore. Getting the Frat back in the right groove was the job that we faced and this chore is still progressing making great strides. Quality is what we want- not quantity. That ' s precisely what we have. The Brothers of lota Tau Kappa have been quick to learn that a deficiency of Brothers does not mean a deficiency in Brother- hood, and that I T K will continue to grow in spirit as well as size as long as this institution exists. After all, a cat does have nine lives so does our spirit. HOMECOMING SPONSOR Jan Ho ' rner What ' s this about " SCOTCH " V . Pledge Class President, Mac Maclnnis. ITK y. ROW 1: Mike Hailey, Tom MacGee, Ronnie Wicker, Robert Moore. ROW 2: David Oliphant, Mac Maclnnis; Jerry Dale, Gary Jones. S7o a Jau LK appa PRESIDENT Lyn Michael TREASURER 1 Steve tt Ira kw jj wn Tommy Davis H k B George Lumbard L k Charles Maclntyr Robert Moore William Reece Charlie VanLear Dtappa J si DCa Finally, after 50 years of existence, Kappa Psi Nu fraternity moved into a house. The frat house was officially dedicated and named the " Horton House " by Dr. Danieley in a ceremony on Homecoming Saturday. The house was made suitable for living by the work of the brothers under the leadership of our presi- dent, Larry B. Garner. Living together as a family helped strengthen the Kappa Psi tradition of brotherhood and brought in a fuller meaning of belonging to a fraternity. As the year goes by there are certain events that will linger in the minds of the brothers long after their departure from Elon. We would like to share some of these memories with you; Of course, the most obvious place to start is with our fearless leader LBG, who has ruled the frat like LBJ has ruled the U.S. -it ' s a good thing we were all Democrats. Oh well, who ' s next on the list; ah yes, our German vice president, who is a " cupcake " lover-maybe the lover part should be dropped!!! . . . G.C. James is no robber, but he certainly stole a little girl ' s heart at Greensboro College-by the way, where did he get all the dough to spend on that little girl?? No wonder our frat treasury came up short of funds . . . here comes the story writer of the frat, Tim, -how can we ever forget those minutes? . . . Sergeant of Arms Bowes takes it out on the brothers, especially after a little quarrel with John Wesley ' s daughter . . . The Play- boy Pledge Master Jessup, finally gave the Women of the World a chance; and a few Elon girls!! Well, if it ain ' t ole " ' Stumpy " , who still claims to be a growing boy-only most normal people grow upward instead of outward. HA HA . . . Uh oh, didn ' t mean to make you mad ... the " Frog " still doesn ' t know whose pond he wants to be in . . . how about holding the noise down Blimon and Siberg! ! boy what a pair- what ' s your favorite drink now Bli, a pale dry Sherrie??? Doesn ' t Simon look just like a " majorette " ?? ... the biggest jilt of the year! Harry got married and left T. B. stranded. Oh well, there are more fish in the sea . . . Now as for Carrot Top, Face Man, Hot Dog, Stereo Tape T-Bird, Mirror Dancer, Kappa Psi ' s gift to women. Need 1 say more??? about those long distance phone calls charged to the school!!! . . . Ellis is still complaining about getting sore feet after a little hike back from Liberty . . . Willie, are you really a Savage or an Angel?? . . . now Rog, you know those bottles don ' t have legs! . . . Campion ' s favorite song was " TO Sir, With Love " by LULU . . . here comes the Three Muskateers, Briglit, SmaU, and Moon . . . Candy Andy still says " put out or get out " -no wonder Elon girls wouldn ' t date him . . . guess who is finally getting SMART?? And another K. Y. gets his Masters at Big E . . . Who ' s Who Tugwell is finding out Who ' s Who he really is!! . . . " Bed " Watts certainly got his share of beauty sleep this year!! Only trouble is, it didn ' t help much!!! . . . Cohen finally went deaf after rooming with BIy and Si all year . . . Green, maybe you should give Payne some point- ers on how to take care of babies - he just doesn ' t seem like the type . . . Vernon, are you reaUy the Skipper of the ship??-it was going around that you were just a deck hand!! Well, more could be said about the men of Kappa Psi, but you can ' t be put in jail for what one thinks and so ends another episode in the history of Kappa Psi. ROW 1 David Culp; Chris Pittard; Jack Newton; Tom Hazelwood; Mike Lanktord. ROW 2: Denny Johnson; Jeff Deyong; Ron Brown; I rank Jolly, Bob Berman; Larry Collins: Buster Alston. in PRESIDENT Larry Garner Sn appa J si yCu SECRETARY Tim Butler Harry Hagwood Roy Baker ill Charles Bright Bruce Cohen Joe Jessup irn VICE PRESIDENT Paul Bleiberg Tom Campion John ColUns Richard Moon ill 1 BiU Bowes Sandy Carrington Robert Ellis Andy Morris Bill Green Ronnie Tugwell The " Swinging Chains " , Richard, Garth, and Henry belt out the traditional " Double Shot " . Relaxation after a long day. SWEETHEART Diane Clendennen iqma JKu (L ioma Hail! Har-i-son no more static under the oaks, no more third west, no more girl ' s dorm, however, second Virginia does send its ' sincere and heart felt thanks to cleancut Phil . . . Happy homecoming. R. Johnson now owns stock in the Bell System and has moved to force the construction of a direct phone line between Elon and the University of Maryland. T. G. put the P.J. in the V.W. for a little O.J.T. with W.T. but got the D.T.s on G.P.s and had to leave town for a little R. and R. . . . O.K. BOY FALLS FROM SECOND FLOOR NEESE HOUSE Nov. 29, 1967, Elon College-Reliable sources reported today that a part time student, R. Smart, was pushed or fell from the second floor of Neese House. The accident occurred while Smart tussled with Karate Black Belt champ Dan Moore. Presi- dent Drinkwater said that Smart may prosecute but General Doolittle was quoted as saying, " Unlikely " . Moore is said to be hiding out in an apartment in Greensboro. There ' s a light in the kitchen, a gleem in Marcus ' eye and the sound of Bear ' s little feet in the hallway as the call goes out, " Cards anyone. " This sound could be a symbolistic image thres- holding impending tragedy. Goldburg finds it impossible to regurgitate in a pop bottle and rumors have it that the skin on Hardgrave ' s leg is actually stay-press. Snag toothsal was just a poor zilch that wandered down life ' s stormy path ill-advised, later contracted black death and was casted aside by O. R. . . . Drink much milk. Homecoming was made a great success by the efforts of fast Freddy the chief supply officer. Boom-Boom loses a roommate and Franky gains one ... or should it be " gained " one (past tense). MEET GENTAL TOM The story of a boy named Jon and a bear named IDIOT and how a whole angry Neese House tried to tear them apart. Eagles, Bulls, Owls, Pigs, a herd of Hairy Buffalo and thirty thousand Camels find their way from Jones ' Beach to Elon only to be annihilated by a group of marauding Vikings returning from a feast at Lester house. Herbert and McClure once again add that touch of home for the lonely Mu ' s figliting the battle of boredom at College and plans are made to make B. K. a perma- nent member of the Lester House party squad. Frank W. finally decides it ' s closer to Greensboro than to Graham and Butch no longer cares if he wins or loses he has just given up - he only mumbles, " Don ' t rush me, I smoke slow. " The Brothers of Sigma Mu Sigma regret the passing of their cat Tiny Timothy O ' Chet . . . GAC Gets pinned . . . The good times return and the dear dead days that were almost gone beyond recall have come again in the form of Auld Lang Syne, Christmas, Hairy Buffalo, Viking, and Hell ' s Angels. Good-bye class of ' 68 hello ' 71 Flambbuuee . . . toee. Its all very logical. We know what we ' re talking about when we all want to shout, " Shake a tail feather. " Clever people these Mu ' s. 2:M2 7 ' eJg. ROW 1; Bob Lane, Joe Old, BiU Owen, Dave BuUard, Chuck Miller. ROW 2: Don Kiiwin, Frank Lyon, Dave McLelland, Steve Harrison, Don Brady, Steve Roberts, Rick Dixon. MISSING, Sandy Brock and Dave Harrison. ioma Jliu iqma PRESI DENT Roy Drinkwater S SECRETARY Joe Goldberg Bill Frank James Lunsford Stanley Cocke SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT Dale Harrison ill TREASURER Tom Payne irn John Corbiere Gary Hemphill Bob Doolittle Renny Johnson William Turner Frank Webster Si a ma J ni i Jeia The Sigma Phi Beta Sweetheart, Miss Judy Caines. The noble " Phi Dog " is laid to rest under ye ole driveway. Norman is " detestable " . . . according to one of the sisters . . . Will Bucky tow his trailer to Radford? . . . Perry, our " Golden Toe " . . . Dempsy, the " Lord Red " of the Cox House . . . Ron gets down to the " Bare facts " every now and then . . . Rock got a new face and became Delta U ' s sweetheart . . . Gordy fooled us all and dated Sally after Homecoming . . . Mike (Lights), the only pre-med. major to get a D in hygiene . . . Fulcher ' s going to be a baker. He ' s got one in the oven . . . Pete has obligations. Ha! Ha! . . . Jeff is driving another " Wonder Car " this year . . . Don W., " How to influence people with a winning smile " . . . Sheldon, our " Pajama wearing wonder " . . . . Halstead finally washed his corduroys . . . Gary finally beat Wriglit in their weekly billiard match . . . Wes, " How to be henpecked in three easy lessons. " . . . Burgin says a wife isn ' t supposed to testify against her husband . . . Butch has nothing to say . . . Don M., our " Conversationalist of the midnight hour. " . . . Green got a date with Gena for a month from next Tuesday . . . Phi Dog is teaching Kenney some new tricks . . . Miltier claims he ' ll never get pinned again . . . Marty is moving in next door with S. Smith . . . Goldberg, will Kay ever get that pin? . . . 20B T ' eJ es C) f K::i:a .::.L.-. ' J ROW 1 ; Darryl Jennus, Lloyd Kanipe, Lee Johnson, Wade Williams, Bill Dickinson. ROW 2: Steve Helms, Glenn Jones, Mel Cliborne, Tom Hardee, John Byrd, BiU Miele. 4%, PRESIDENT jg. ; ry " ; V VICE-PRESIDENT Don WilUams V-f -L.--i? ' = E " S ' ' Anderson 1 SECRETARY TREASURER Pete Fleming Ron Foresta r i S Sheldon Batchelder Burgin Beale George Bonnett Don Goldberg i % nL Don Morrison Gordon Payne Butch Rudd Ken Shaw Vernon Taylor Norman Ward Perry Williams ROW 1: Bob King; Jim White; Skip Rogers; Bob Jones; Leon Tew. ROW 2: Louis Blom; Steve Sime; Clyde Ivy; George Old; Tom Balderson; Pete Lawson; Robert Parr, Jr. 9lfp£a CPi " Delia After being local since 1925 Alpha Pi Delta voted unanimous- ly in the spring of 1967 to join Tau Kappa Epsilon National Fra- ternity under the leadership of Prytanis J.W. Pace and Epypry- tanis George Hughes. Attainment of this goal can be seen in the near future. Allen, has anyone seen him? . . . Baker, the psychedelic surfer . . . Bayliff loves to swing a paddle . . . Bowers could wreck a XKE and get a Ferrari in its place . . . Brown THE THINKER . . . Bulla goes for Mountaineers . . . Burke after reaching a ripe old age finally falls . . . Eaton, his women never stop calling . . . Fathour is better known as Richard Petty . . . Hughes is the greatest, just ask him . . . King had a girl but she died of cancer . . . Mabe a French teacher called Barney . . . Scooter Magruder our weekly D.C. communter when his spit fire runs . . . Hard Rock Healey falls for Baby Ruth . . . Nicolay loses football game . . . Pace is just plain lucky . . . Poole a great coach but a physical wreck . . . Saunders " Where tlicre ' s a will there ' s a way . . . Spence corners the Wink market . . . Tarken- ton is up to his old tricks, costs us twelve dollars . . . Thomas is going steady! . . . Wilson is keeping up the Stub Tradition . . . Wyllie-The Greater Emancipater . . . Sutherland What can we say that hasn ' t been said before? . . . Schunim-The Great Gray-Y Leader . . . Webb-Changes horses in the middle of the stream! . . . The Monsoon Season strikes again. Pledge class material. in PRESIDENT J. W. Pace 9lfp£a CPi DeBa SECRETARY John Michaels Lairy Mabe Jerr Schumni Doug Thomas Conway Bayliff Mike Magruder £-% Royal Spence ■1 «p Robert Bulla I. VICE-PRESIDENT George Hughes fQ i i 1i Don Brown Robert Pathauer Robert Hege i in ii Robert Sutherland if 1 TREASURER " iA!jtkiiiitkkiM:M c por s " The will to prepare is more important than the will to win. - » 1 » -■ . . " .f ► ' - . • iv s si i! I ' M ' - C - o i K . m " fo on Cjo eae Jioni ROW 1: Allen, Doss, Caldwell, Gill, Wilburn, Bonnett, Jernigan, Watson, Oliphant, Hughes, Norman, Ross, Rinaca. Hodges. ROW 2: Rudder, Nobles, Holder, Stevens, Goodman, Thrift, Freeman, Mensch, Whitten. BaU, Simpson. Whitten, Raines, Peacock. ROW .1: Lassen, McDaniel, Overto n, Gilliam, Romano, Thomas, Johnson, Kanipe, Beale, loresta, Williams, Herring, Waller, Turner, Nunn. ROW 4: McGeorge, Sharpe, Goins, Jones, Williamson, Moore, Gee, Roberts, Tingen, Crews, Jordan, Karriker, Langely. Jooi Elon College presented a new look in its football program for the 1967 season. Led by mature upperclassmen players and many able freshman players, the Fighting Christians under Coach Shirley " Red " Wilson had a highly successful year with its new single wing offense. Elon College opened the 1967 season with a 28-21 triumph over highly rated Guilford College and ended the season with a 41-0 rout of Frederick College of Virginia. Between these two victories, there came three more victories for a season record of 5-3-1. With many lettermen returning, Coach Wilson will have his boys battling for the conference title in 1968. FOOTBALL SCOREBOARD Elon 28, Elon 13, Elon 21, Elon 7, Elon 31, Elon 20, Elon 24, Elon 25, Elon 42, Guilford Appalachian , . . Presbyterian . . . Car,son-Newman Catawba Western Carolina Newberry Lenoir Rhyne . . Frederick Co-captams Kanipe and Johnson discuss game plans with Coach Wilson. Saffl967 Coach Shirley " Red " Wilson Student Coach, Russell Cooper; Assistant Coaches: Jerry Tolley, Mickey Brown, and Don Kelly. Roland Gill Guard Roger Norman Guard Cjnr s i ' .-- Kidiard McGeorge End Lee Johnson Center Jim Waller End 7ns 1967 Dickie Wilburn Guard Gary Karriker Tackle David Rudder End - McGeorge catches another. Defense in action! Waller on the run! Moore laterals to Beale. SasAet Ricks, McGee, Marshall, Atkins. ROW 2: Davis-Captain, Sigmon, Goedcck, Berry, Bowes, McGeorge, CaddeU, Hailey. Elon 74 Ga. Southern 73 Eloii 70 Shorter 52 Elon 59 WotTord 55 Elon 66 Guilford 85 Elon 67 A.C.C 81 Elon 48 Lenoir Rhyne 68 Elon 63 Higli Point 67 Elon 73 Campbell 92 Elon 63 W.S. State 90 Elon 66 A. and T 79 Elon 66 Wofford 61 Elon 64 Lenoir Rhyne 72 Elon 87 Campbell 68 Elon 90 Higli Point 92 Elon 102 Catawba 88 Elon 96 Catawba 1 23 » Elon 75 Appalachian 87 Elon 80 Presbyterian 73 Elon 92 Western Carolina 73 Elon 78 Pteiffer 82 Elon 81 Appalachian 75 Elon 80 Presbyterian 62 Elon 85 A.C.C 76 Elon 91 Pfeiffer 84 Elon 93 Guilford 74 TOURNAMENT Elon 68 Catawba 89 Coach BiU MiUer iaJJ ' l967 Wayne Ricks-G Mike Hailey-F Pat Berry -C Greg Sigmon— F McGee sets up for a rebound. Anticipation plus: Kfll HB " ml R kil H P 1 1 3o ves reaches high; McGeorge shoots for two. Atkins jumps for the ball. Jjase Sail 1967 rry Collins Richard Smith Don Brady Ed Kirchgessness Paul Amundsen Pitcher Outfield Catcher Pitcher Pitcher ScoreSoarcf D osier Elon 3, Charleston 4 Marshal] Montgomery Elon 2, Charleston 7 Richard Smith Elon S.Appalachian 1 Larry Collins Elon 6, Lynchburg 7 Elon 2, Higli Point 3 Don Brady Ronnie Tugwell Wj m .IMgHiSiO Elon 2, Delaware 3 : :«(, M - pMB T Rick Coble Elon 6. Campbell 5 Taylor Duggins Elon 10, Pembroke 17 Steve Bird Elon 4, Lenoir Rhyne 6 Mike SpUlane Elon 2, Appalachian 5 Richard Youmans Elon3,Preiffer8 Jim Freisinger Elon l.A.C.C. 6 rz2i v S z bB Chris Pecora Elon2,GuUfordll Tom Fulcher Elon 1 , Western Carolina 9 ■ ' " • " ' • ' ' §rT iSSm Sam Moon Elon 7, Western Carolina 6 ■•na i Vjl Bobby BuUa Elon 4, Guilford 8 Dempsey Herring Elon 2, Presbyterian 4 ii lj B Paul Amundsen Elon 3, Presbyterian 4 Junior Waters Elon 6, Newberry 5 Mike Hailey Elon 6, Newberry 5 Ed Kirchgessner Elon 2, High Point 8 Burgin Beale Elon3,CampbeU2 Bryant Hinson Elon -Catawba (Rain) Coach Jerry Drake Frankie Mensch Elon 2, Lenoir Rhyne 4 Joe Byrtus Elon l,Pfeiffer8 Elon5,A.C.C.4 Elon S.Catawba 3 Elon 6, Catawba 7 Elon 4, Pembroke 8 I 7, ' ■ Mel Cliborne Outfield John Austin Pitcher Bobby Godfrey First Base ' --i 9o fl967 coreooarcf Elon 13,GuUford 11 Elon 9, Pfeiffer 7 Elon 12i , High Point 11 ' 2 Elon 8, Pfeiffer 8 Elon 121 4, Guilford lP 4 Elon 12, Appalachian 12 Elon lli4,GuUford 12Vi Elon 22, High Point 2 Elon 18, Catawba 6 Elon 4, Appalachian 20 Elon 4 ' , A.C.C. 19 ' i Elon 14, High Point 10 Elon 1! 2,A.C.C. I4i4 Elon 3 ' i, Catawba 12 4 ■i , I Charles Woody k.. Bill Austin Coach Gary Mattocks L - R: Coach Paul Sebo, Leon Tew, Bill Frank, Steve Conners, Phil Larrabee, Phil Derisi, Coach Mickey Brown. D, ennis Sandy Carrington (L)core6oa cf Elon 0, A.C.C. 7 Elon 7, High Point 1 Elon 0, UNC Freslimen 8 Elon 3, Guilford 5 Elon 1, A.C.C. 6 Elon 4, Pfeiffer 3 Elon 3, Western Carolina 4 Elon 3, Guilford 4 Elon 7, Higli Point 2 Elon 2, Pfeiffer 5 Myra Boone Urac£ 1967 David Oliphant cbcoreooard Elon 82, Campbell 63 Elon86,A.C.C. 59 Elon 38 ' 2, Appalachian 60, High Point l ' Vi Elon 92, Guilford 53 Elon 44Vi,W. and L. 100 ' 2 Elon 36, Catawba 109 Elon 45, A.C.C. 78, St. Andrews 51 Foster Paulette Coach Jerry ToUey Joe Freve iJva i res ' It is not sufficient to have great qualities, -«rTR i, ve must be able to make proper use of them. " »v - . t - -i-H ' -. I : e » .«i, «! ' ji ' : ' . ' . . « . , a i t . 0 FX .a; , " ' Jfo Q ueen oinecommo jKaru yl ice Uamor Miss Mary Alice Taylor was selected Home- coming Queen 1967 by the student body of Elon College. The raven-haired, brown-eyed beau- ty is twenty years old, and her home is in Bur- lington, North Carohna. Mary Alice is active in Student Government by representing the Junior Class in the Senate. She is an active member of Delta Upsilon Kappa Sorority. Miss Taylor is pursuing a major in chemistry. Our congratula- tions go to a well liked queen, Miss Mary Alice Taylor. Mary Alice " beams " when she hears the news. The Queen and her court add beauty to the festivities. Dale Morrison crowns Mary Alice during half-time. Jlo neco nin y Barbara Bugg Mary Faust w — Gour Excitement fills the air as Elon makes preparations for Homecoming, 1967. The talent show on Friday niglit marks the be- ginning of the festivities. A parade is held Saturday afternoon with radiant young ladies in gleaming convertibles down main street. By gametime, spirits soar and tension mounts as students and alumni assemble on the foot- ball field. The highlight of the gala half-time activities is the crowning of Miss Mary Alice Taylor as our 1967 Homecoming Queen amidst the cheers of her fellow students. On Saturday niglit, Homecoming is cli- maxed with a Homecoming Dance at which the queen and her court reigned. The week- end comes to a close Sunday afternoon with the concert featuring Little Anthony and the Imperials and the " In-men " . T)ie Homecoming Committee: Holly Hollingsworth: Delna Linebeny: Francine Gifford: Jeanette Robinette; Carol Lupinacci; and Peggy Ferguson. ' 4 Winners of the talent contest: Alpha Psi Omega. The winning display was also sponsored by Alpha Psi Omega. Jfc omecoinmo t The Eton College Marching Band heads up the Homecoming parade. Be: Sigma Mu Sigma ' s ' Rainbow " captures first place in the float division. Little Anthony and the Imperials entertained the Elon student body in concert on Sunday afternoon. prino LJeeAeno J,ueen The gala festivities of the Third Annual Spring Week- end began with the talent show that night. The highlight of the evening was the selection of Miss Margaret Weaver as Spring Weekend Queen. Miss Toni Wray and Miss Pat Cummings were first and second runner-ups, respectively. Saturday niglit there was a dance in the gymnasium featuring Ben E. King. The Temptations in concert on Sunday afternoon marked the end of a successful week- end. Miss Margaret Weaver Jesliuiljies 1 % 7: ' S The " Cappelles " perform in the talent show. Eton ' s " beauties " are revealed during the " Mr. Amazon " contest. The Temptations in concert helped make Spring Weekend a success. ls)£o Marcia Lunsford Larry Mabe Carol Lupinacci Jimmy Lunsford ' l9)£o V " nI Fi-rti 1 1 ■--jlffiT ' RS -Z: E tf i jH Mp U M Dale Morrison Sandy Wrenn Ken Hollint;swortli oiSera C Hs Jorum ROW 1: Renny Johnson, Jimmy Lunsford, Denny McQuire, Stuart Adams, Ed Baker. ROW 2: Joe Goldberg, Pat McCausland, Jim Milward, Maicia Lunsford, Ann Patterson, Don Kirwin. STANDING: Tom Ward, Alex Oliver, Jim Green, Randy Spencer, Mastic, Margie McClung, Linda Long. Elder, Bill Walker, Dan The Liberal Arts Forum is a committee composed primarily of students. The principle function of the Forum is to foster intellectual interest through the medium of pubhc lectures. Where most college lecture series emphasize contemporary issues, Forum lectures are scholarly in character with concen- tration generally in the humanities and the social sciences. The Forum has an honored tradition o f excellence in its selection of lecturers and its series has achieved a distinguished tradition which is unique among small colleges. Presently, the Forum sponsors up to twenty lecturers annually. Besides monthly lecturers, the Forum has engaged two distinguished scholars. Professors Alfred G. Engstrom and Osborne B. Hardison, Jr. of the University of North Carolina, to present six Humanities Lectures which will be published under Forum auspices upon completion. In addition, the third annual symposium, " Studies in the Humanities: Elon College 1968 " was presented the week of April 29th - May 3rd. Chairman Jim Milward has a conference Advisor, Mr. Elder. Dr. Alfred G. Engstrom Professor of Romance Languages. U.N.C. William F. Van .Alstyne Professor of Law. Duke University . ■ j Dr. Mason Hammond Harvard Professor H.H. Cunningham University of Georgia Professor Joseph R. Strayer of Princeton and Dean J. Peterson Elder of Harvard. ftofessor Osborne B. Hardison University of North CaroUna T louceum l ' ' . t i. i .V V A ' ' ►% f- ' ' ;n ' KUW 1: Stuart Adams, Leon Tillctt, Mr. Westafcr, Dr. Mot ' tett, l-eatherstono, Cliarlcs Miller. MISSING: Dean Moore, Mr. Daniel, Mr. Pilkington, Robert I reenian. ROW 2: Dawn Leland, Mr. Rev. Graves, Mr. hldcr. Bobby Christian Percussionist Yass Hakoshima Mime LYCEUM The Lyceum Committee is a small organization with a broad range of interests. Through the efforts of student and faculty representatives it attempts to present programs that are both informative and entertaining. The committee hopes that it has broadened the student ' s understanding of the arts by presenting an unusual and varied program this year. The 1967-68 calendar featured, among other performers, a Japanese mime, a modern dance group, a percussionist and a classical guitarist. Robert Guthrie Guitarist Gfa asses " So nigh is grandeur to our dust. So near is God to man. When duty whispers low. ' Thou must. ' The youth repUes. 7 can ' . " • T k - l« ' - 1 Hlj ' " ' 1 ' •5« . r4 ' 5r- ... - all mtrnj JSmmgiglJI gggg ' FjI S k m vI HHHHHHHRHM B - v W " ' l- ' nPiiBP W Km SENIOR CLASS SENATORS: Jane Moon, Betsy Dearborn, Dave John- son, Jimmy Lunsford, Beth Rountree. SENIOR CLASS Ol ' l-ICLRS: Maiy Faust, Vice-President, Dempsey Her- ring; President. Mareia Lunsford. Secretary-Treasurer. s en or C c ass GEORGE RICHARD ADAMS 211 S.Marshall St. Graham, N. C. Business Administration WRIGHT LAP ATE ANDERSON Rt. 1 Burgaw, N. C. Physical Education ijS BOBBY DEAN ATKJNS Rt. 6 Mount Airy, N. C. Physical Education MELINDA JOAN AYSCUE 602 Andrews Ave. Henderson. N. C. Elementary Education JAMES LEROY BAKER. JR. Rt. 5. Box 344 Charleston. S.C. Business Administration PERRY WAYNE BARKER Elon College, N. C. Biology JOSEPH DON BARRETT Burlington, N. C. Social Science BURGIN WALLY BEALE 120 Park Ave. Danville, Va. Physical Education PEGGY WILLS BEALE N. Court St. Windsor, Va. Elementary Education ROBERT C. BEISINGER 1318 W.Davis St. Burlington, N. C. Spanish MARGARET ANNE BELL 2313WoodrowDr. Raleigh, N. C. Spanish PERCY WILLIAM BENTON P. O. Box 583 Elon College, N.C. History KATHERINE JEANETTE BOLAND 606 W. Front St. Burlington, N. C. English NANCY BOONE Rt. 1 Orefield,Pa. French CHARLES SAMUEL BOROODY 213WildwoodRd. Chesapeake, Va. Business Administration RICHARD DEE BRAY Robbins, N.C. Physical Education WILLIAM K. BRINKHOUS 524 Dogwood Dr. Chapel Hill. N. C. History PATRICIA ANN BRITTON 815 Condon Dr. Charleston, S. C. Elementary Education DONALD MONTSAUL BROWN 4316 Lancashire Lane Orlando, Fla. History ROBERT BULLA. JR. 1721 N. Franklin St. Asheboro, N. C. Business Administration REBECCA JO BURCHETTE Rt. 9, Fairfax Hills Raleigli, N. C. Elementary Education CHESTER W. BURGESS 111 135 Country Club Rd. Franklin. Va. Mathematics MELVIN HUDSON BURKE, JR. P. 0. Box 8 Roxboro. N. C. History ALLEN BURNICE BUSH, JR. Eclipse, Va. English SHARON RUTH CABLE 24 Rennison Rd. Trumbull, Conn. Elementary Education JUDY KATE CAINES Rt. 1 Bolton, N.C. Biology ROY CALVIN CAMPBELL P. 0. Box 658 Elon College, N. C. Business Administration THOMAS GRAHAM CAMPION 2615 N. PowhatonSt. Arlington, Va. History JANE AARON CARMICHAEL 405 Lester Dr. Burlington, N. C. French JAMES DAVID CARPENTER Rt. 7, Box 21 Burlington, N. C. History JANICE ANN CARTER Rt. 1, Box 312 Asheboro. N. C. Elementary Education ARTHUR DURHAM CATLETT Burlington, N. C. Business Administration ARCHIE HOWARD CAUDLE Goldston, N. C. Business Administration JAMES W. CAVINESS, JR. Rt. 2 Robbins, N. C. Religion SUSAN ELLEN CLARK 953 Hutton St. Winston-Salem. N.C. Elementary Education CECILIA ANNE COBO 5565 Columbia Pike Arlington, Va. English STANLEY THOMAS COCKE 5018 Cottage Grove Rd. Madison, Wis. Business Administration EDWARD LEE COCKMAN Brookwood Garden Apts 3A Burlington, N.C. Social Science DEE WALL COLCLOUGH 604 E. College Ave. Elon College, N.C. Elementary Education BOBBY RAY COLLIE Rt. 1, Box 248 Pelhani, N. C. Social Science PATRICK NOEL COLLIER Rt. 1 Haw River, N. C. Accounting CATHY LYNN COLLINS 330 W.Holt St. Burlington, N. C. Elementary Education JOHN MICHAEL COLLINS 125 Western Ave. Brattleboro, Vt. History LARRY FREDERICK COLLINS P.O.Box 162 Elon College, N.C. Physical Education GREGORY LAWRENCE CRAIG 1303 Decatur St. Baltimore. Md. Social Science FREDF.CUMMINGS.JR. 611 Dick St. Gibsonville, N. C. History FENTON S. CUNNINGHAM 5 Beaverbrook Rd. Asheville,N.C. History CHARLES M.DAVIS, JR. 1 1 1 E. Hendrix St. Greensboro, N. C. History DWIGHT JOHN DAVIS Rt. 2 Bo.x 2302 Virginia Beach, Va. Biology THOMAS RUFUS DAVIS, JR. 124 Prospect St. Leaksville, N. C. Mathematics ELIZABETH H. DEARBORN Catawba College Salisbury, N.C. Elementary Education PATRICIA JOAN DEMETER 207 Arlington Dr. Fords, N. J. History CLIFFORD OLIN DEVAULT P.O. Box 614 Elon College, N. C. English SHANNON S. DOOLITTLE 1232 Carlson Lane Virginia Beach. Va. Spanish ROBERT E. DOOLITTLE Box 1090 Elon College, N. C. Philosophy LEROY E. DRINKWATER, JR. 2102 Huntington Rd. Burlington, N. C. Economics BRENDA FRANCES DUNCAN Rt. 1 Leasburg, N. C. Business Education % -- ini MONCURE DUNCAN 218 S. Fairfax St. Alexandria, Va. History EDGAR LEE DUNN, JR. 413 Green St. Burlington, N. C. Business Administration LINDA EILEEN DURHAM 413 N. Queen Ann St. Burlington, N. C. Music WANDA MARGARET EDWARDS 323 S, Boylan Ave. Raleigh, N. C. English ROBERT WAYNE ELLIS 81 1 Jaycee Terrace Marion, S.C. Physical Education MARY BRANNOCK FAUST 801 Maple Ave. Salisbury, N. C. Elementary Education PEGGIE JEAN FERGUSON 3506 E. Oak Dr. Durham, N. C. Mathematics RONALD JOSE PH FORESTA 2049 Mill Ave. Brooklyn, N. Y. Physical Education PRESTON L. FOWLER III 2309 Lednum St. Apt. F Durham, N. C. Business Administration WILLIAM DAVID FRANK 207 Philadelphia Pike Wilmington, Del. Business Administration ANITA FOX FRAZIER 329 W. Kime St. Burlington, N. C. Mathematics ROBERT STEVENS FREEMAN 89 Hop Brook Rd. West Simsbury, Conn. Business Administration CLYDE ERNIE FULLER Rt. 3 Burlington, N. C. Biology tfife « LARRY BENTON GARNER 1512 Cotton Grove Rd. Lexington, N. C. Business Administration RACHEL EVELINE GARRISON 220 Silver Lake Dr. Burlington, N. C. Physical Education RICHARD WILLIAM GIBSON Rt. 3 Graham, N. C. Mathematics FRANCINEE.GIFFORD 1923 Bay view Blvd. Norfolk, Va. French WALTER LYERLYGOSE 4925 N. 29th St. Arlington, Va. Business Administration YVONNE MARIE GRANJEAN 1602 Woodbine St. Alexandria, Va. Elementary Education WILLIAM T.GREENE IV Box 182 Elon College, N.C. History WAYNE WOOD GUENTHER 5602 Chamberlayne Rd. Richmond, Va. History RICHARD W. GURGANIOUS Rt. 7 Hopedale Rd. Burlington. N. C. Biology ROBERT W. HALSTED 212 Greenwood Dr. Manchester. Conn. Biology GORDON KEITH HANDY Rt. 6 Reidsville,N.C. Business Administration BEN ABBOTT HARDIE 2323 Venie St. Burlington, N. C. Social Science WALLACE EDWARD HAEDWICK 616 Texas Ave. Burlington, N.C. Biology ROBERT BERNARD HEGE. JR. 641 Summit St. Winston-Salem, N.C. Mathematics DEMPSEY BURDON HERRING Box 440-A Wliiteville,N.C. Physical Education CARL P. HIATT 411 N. 15th St. Wilmington, N. C. History JERRY MICHAEL HICKS Box 1 1 1 Haw River, N. C. Business Administration THOMAS JERRY HOGGE 101 Hunts Neck Rd. Poquoson, Va. Physical Education LYDA F. HOLLINGSWORTH 821 Washington Dr. Chesapeake, Va. French KENNETH R. HOLLINGSWORTH Rt. 2 Box 197 Randleman, N. C. English JUDITH PORTER HOOPER 22A Brookwood Gardens Burlington, N. C. Physical Education WINONA C.HOPE 1812 W. Front St. Burlington, N. C. Business Education VICKI GAYLE HORNER 105 S. 1st St. Mebane,N.C. History FLORA JEAN HOVIS 5 10 Grand Blvd. Boone, N. C. Chemistry MICHAEL P. HUDSON Rt. 1 Burlington, N. C. Accounting ELLEN M. HUFFINES Rt. 3 Burlington, N. C. Business Education JOHN R. HUGHES 6Cragmere Rd. Wilmington, Del. Business Administration RICHARD FOSTER HUGHES 422 Banks St. Graham, N. C. 4k. ANTHONY CHARLES HUNT Rt. 4, Winston Rd. Thoma sville, N. C. Business Administration ROBERT TYSON INZETTA 1621 Hilton Rd. Burlington, N. C. Social Science BARBARA N. IPPOLITO 25 17 Saddle Club Rd. Burlington, N. C. Elementary Education DAVID JEFFREY JOHNSON 240 W. Spruce St. Orlando, Fla. History EDWARD LEE JOHNSON 724 Albemarle Rd. Asheboro, N. C. Physical Education GARY CURTIS JOHNSON 410GriswoldSt. Selma,N.C. Mathematics JOHNNY JOHNSON 3526 Seaman Dr. Charlotte, N.C. Business Administration JUDY DELORISE JOHNSON Be)x 398-A Dry Fork, Va. Elementary Education GARY ROBERT JONES 1002Wenthworth Reidsville,N.C. History SONDRA HALL JONES Rt. 2 Box 122-A Leaksville.N.C. English GARY LEWIS JORDAN 108 St. Anne Ave. Suffolk, Va. Physical Education I ' M .r-- if I LINDA CARR JORDAN Box 1260 Elon College, N. C. English GARY WAYNE KARRIKER Box 1262 Elon College. N.C. Physical Education STEVEN WADSWORTH KING 1825 Forest Rd. Durham, N.C. Biology CHRISTIAN L. KURRLE Rt. 1 Box 368 Severna Park, Md. Mathematics CHARLOTTE HARPER LAYTON 1413 Homeric Ct. McLean, Va. Elementary Education JOE GLENN LEE 35-D Brookwood Garden Apts. 1 Burlington, N. C. English RICHARD LEE Rt. 2 Burlington, N. C. Physical Education RONNIE EUGENE LEE Box 602 Graham, N. C. Accounting DAWN MARGARET LELAND 1047 Iverness Rd. Southern Pines, N.C. English DIANA LEA LEWIS 2905 Fairmont St. Falls Church, Va. Elementary Education MICHAEL HENRY LEWIS 1207 Union Rd. Gastonia, N. C. Chemistry DELNA FAYE LINEBERRY Box 57 Alamance, N. C. English RITA PAULETTE LOCKHART 612 Mendal T errace Graham, N. C. English k- « i tfii HAROLD LEE LOVETTE 1 1 1 Allen St. Graham, N. C. History JAMES WALKER LUNSFORD 2728PatriaSt. Winston-Salem. N. C. English MARCIA E. LUNSFORD 2034 Sprague St. Winston-Salem. N.C. Social Science CAROL ANN LUPINACCl 18 Burr St. Stamford, Conn. Mathematics GLENDA D. LUTTERLOH Rt. 6 Burlington. N. C. Elementary Education LARRY GLENN MABE Rt. 1 Star, N.C. French JAMES GRANT MARSHALL 958 Wellington Rd. Elkins Park, Pa. Mathematics DON CARTER MARTIN 321 E. Fifth St. Burlington, N. C. Accounting GEORGE EDGAR MARTIN 5105 Arapahoe Ave. Jacksonville, Fla. Business Admmistration ALBERT JOHNNIE MASSEY 457 Camp Rd. Burlington, N.C. Mathematics BOBBY WAYNE MASSEY Newell Heights Roxboro. N. C. Business Administration WILLA KAY McCAULEY Box 253 Burlington, N. C. History PATRICIA A. McCAUSLAND 51 Tardy Lane Wantagh, N. Y. History JAMES G.McCLURE, JR. 213 S. Main St. Graham, N. C. Business Administration NANCY LOUISE McNAIR 26 Dorset Dr. Kenilworth.N. J. Elementary Education FRANK LYNN MICHAEL Rt. 1 Linwood, N. C. History JOHN HEALY MICHAELS 2313 W. Club Blvd. Durham. N.C. Business Administration i t% ALICE B. MILLER 1005 Hanover Rd. Graham, N. C. Elementary Education ROBERT JOHN MONACELLI 901 Stanley Rd. Portsmouth, Va. Social Science JANE FROST MOON Box 631 Elon College, N.C. Elementary Education JOSEPH RICHARD MOON, JR. 4318 Beverly Ave. Jacksonville, Fla. Business Administration VIRGINIA GAYLE MOORE Rt. 2 Burlington, N. C. Elementary Education DALE STUART MORRISON 1600 Belfield Place Lynchburg. Va. History DONALD LUCAS MORRISON 906 Main St. Burlington, N. C. History WILLIAM CAULEY MOTZ lIOGilmoreBIvd. Floral Park, N. Y. Business Administration CARL ALLEN MULHOLLAND 2314 W. Club Blvd. Durham, N.C. Business Administration NANCY MYERS lllington Rd. Ossining, N. Y. English JOHN CRAVEN NELSON 1529 Melody Lane Burlington. N. C. Business Administration JOSEPH REA NICHOLS 25 14 Saddle Club Rd. Burlington. N. C. History KENNTH DAVID NICHOLS Apt 1107 L701 N.Kent St. Arlington. Va. Business Administration fZJ 1iWMt% GEORGE MARTIN OLD 404 Cedar Lane Virginia Beach. Va. English ALBERT DAVID OLIPHANT Rt4, 118-A Mooresville. N. C. WILLIAM ROBERT OMAN tf tf Rt. 10 Box 422 Le.xington. N. C. Physi cal Education CALVIN EDWARD OSBORNE Rt. 3 Kernersville. N. C. English JOHN WILLIAM PACE Rt. 1 Box 131 Forest City. N.C. Business Administration DANIEL LARRY PARSONS Rt. 1 Box 447-L Elon College, N. C. Business Administration ELIZABETH S. PATTERSON Rt. 6 Burlington. N. C. Elementary Education THOMAS HOWIE PAYNE 925 N. Longfellow St. Arlington, Va. Business Administration PETER PEFANIS 232 Seabright St. Pittsburgh. Pa. Economics MARY LOU PERKINS Rt. 1 Elon College. N. C. Biology GEORGE R. PICKARD 606 James St. Burlington, N. C. Economics JAMES FREDERICK PIKE 208 Sumner Rd. Annapolis, Md. Economics MARTHA JOHNSON RAGAN Rt. 5 Box 262 Sanford, N. C. Elementary Education WILLIAM DAVID REECE 601 Church St. Apt. 3 Greensboro, N. C. Physical Education CAROL ANN REYNOLDS Box 164 Elon College, N. C. Elementary Education JANICE RICE Rt. 1 Reidsville,N.C. Elementary Education ANITA SNIPES RICH Rt. 2 Burlington, N. C. Music EDWARD JAMES RIDDLE 1104N.MebaneSt. Burlington, N. C. JEANETTE CAROLE ROBINETTE 4209 Lookout Rd. Virginia Beach, Va. English BETH MILLER ROUNTREE Box 144 Hobbsville. N. C. English JAMES FARRELL SAUNDERS Rt.6Box 188-25 Greensboro, N. C. History MARY JO SCARCE 213BrightwellDr. Danville, Va. Business Education LYNCH STURKEY SEYMOUR Box 53 Elon College. N. C. Elementary Education ROSALIND E. SHOFFNER 400 Trail 1 Grove Park Burlington, N. C. Elementary Education BARBARA AMOS SIPE Confederate Trailer Ct., Rt. 1 Graham, N. C. Spanish DENNIS WAYNE SMART Rt. 2 Virgilina, Va. Social Science CHARLES T. SPEARS, JR. 303 Greenwood St. Burlington, N. C. Physical Education CARL REID STALEY Rt. 2 Box 180 Snow Camp, N. C. English MARY ALLENE STANLEY Rt. 1 Ruffin, N. C. Business Education CAROLYN JEAN STEVENS Rt. 2 Roxboro Rd. Durham, N. C. Elementary Education JUDITH ALECIA STEVENS 15 Crawford St. West Lebanon, N. H. Business Education PATRICIA GAIL SUMMERS Rt. 1 Box 406 Gibsonville, N. C. Mathematics CHARLES GARY SUMNER 2709 May Drive Burlington, N. C. Business Administration DONNA JO SUTTON 1523ShadylawnDr. Burlington, N. C. Elementary Education BETTY LOU TALLEY Rt. 2 Box 153 South Boston, Va. Elementary Education 5 4. M hi i m rlt CAROLE MOORE TEAGUE 1 --» C ' ILii 308 E. Hardin St. Graham, N.C. Elementary Education CONSTANCE M. THEODORE wy 3062 Shore Rd. - ' :s iK ir BellmoreL. l.,N. Y. - mK «i T5 Elementary Education i k i Jnb i w , VICKIE SUE THOMAS 1 W H H f- " ' " 300 Trail 1 Grove Park 1 9 H Burlington, N. C. w . ]■ r Elementary Education % L ' m LAWRENCE R. TOBUREN, JR. " ■ W TLtr- Rt. 1 Box 70 -w l v Phafftown, N.C. $ L Business Administration k.. 1 ■Th LORINE FITCH TOTTEN Rt. 1 Box 70 Yancey ville, N. C. Elementary Education RONALD EARL TUGWELL 2615 N.Florida St. Arlington, Va. History WILLIAM ROBERT TURNER IZl, W. Virginia Ave. Draper, N. C. Business Administration CHARLES A. VANLEAR III 213 McCoy St. Martinsville. Va. Physical Education DELAINA FAY WALKER 726 Broad St. Burlington, N. C. Elementary Education THOMAS RAY WARD Rt. 1 Box 186 Haw River, N.C. History CANDACE ALLENZO WATKINS Box S-16 College Park Elon College, N.C. Physcial Education JIMMY CHARLES WATKINS 2815CascadillaSt. Durham, N. C. Business Administration MARGARET ANN WEAVER 2139 Spencer St. Danville, Va. Elementary Education CLAIRE LUCILEWEBB 5 College Court Suffolk, Va. Physical Education JACKIE RHODES WEBSTER 610 Lakeside Ave. Burlington, N. C. Elementary Education SHEILA JO WELBORN 226 Ferris St. Haw River, N. C. Elementary Education HAYNE H. WESSON Box 196 South Boston, Va. Business Administration REBECCA MOORE WHITAKER 1521 Granville St. Burlington. N.C. English MICHAEL LEWIS WILBURN Box 151 Elon College. N. C. Spanish DONALD EARL WILLIAMS 10513 Kmlach Rd. Silver Springs. Md. History PERRY ANDRE WILLIAMS Oxford Orphanage Oxford, N. C. Physical Education WILLIAM R.D.WILLIAMS Rt. 1 Box 54 Staley.N.C. Business Administration MICHAEL GALLOWAY WOOD 404 S. Joyner Gibsonville. N. C. Business Administration MARY ELISABETH WOOLSEY 30 Hillside Ave. Madison, N. J. History SANDRA FAYE WRENN Box 101 Staley, N. C. English ELEANOR LOUISE ZEZZO 181 Girard Ave. Hartford, Conn. Spanish r £%ik SENATORS: Sheldon Batchelder; Bob Sutherland; John Papa; and Jerry Sduin OFFICERS: George Scott: President: Mary Ann Underwood: Secretary -Treasurer: Paul Bleiberg; Vice President. J unior G a ass STUART ADAMS 14 Heath PI. - Garden City, N.J . DENISE AHLADAS 2926 Amherst Ave. - Burlington, N.C. NOEL ALLEN 1104Briardiff Rd. -Burhngton, N.C. PAUL AMUNDSEN 2320 Georgian Woods PI. - Silver Spring, Mc JOAN ANDERSON 691 BerryviUe Ave. -Winchester, Va. JOHN ANDREWS 402 Trail 4 -Burlington, N.C. CHERRY APPLE Rt. S, Box 167 - Reidsville, N.C. WILLIAM AUSTIN H.Q. 1st BN 34th INF APO US Forces 09 1 1 2 - New York, N.Y. SHELDON BATCHELDER 308 Burnt Mills Ave. - Silver Spring, Md. CONWAY BAYLIFF 424 Green St. - Graham, N.C. CAROLYN ABBOTT 814 Trail 1 - Burlington, N.C. ROBERT ABERNATHY Rt. 4, Box 392 - Hickory, N.C. PETE ABUSHANAB YMCA P. O. Box 23 - Jerusalem, Jordo m h BILL BILLINGS 1012 Everett St. - Burlington. N.C. JANE B LA LOCK Rt. 2 -Burlinaton, N.C. PAUL BLEIBERG 203 Dupont Circle - Wilmington, Del. JOHN BOWERS Rt. 3. Box 651 -Graham. N.C. BILL BOWES SuUivan Dr. - Lenox, Mas,s. EDNA BRANTLEY P.O.Box 134-Lattimore, N.C. CHARLES BRIGHT 1617 Woodlane Ave. - Burlington, N.C. C.TANDY BROWN. Ill 3 Fulton Farm Rd. - Hampton, Va. ROBERT BROWN 204 Seehorn PI. - Lenoir, N.C. TOM BRYANT Box 84 - Courtland, Va. % ' p j €% BARBARA BUGG 7507 Dolce Dr. - Annandalc, Va. ELLEN BUNTON 5 1 3-D Pme St. - Greensboro, N.C. TOMMY BURGESS 117 Dogwood Dr. -Burlington, N.C. JOE BYRTUS 35 1 2 Alcott Rd. - Virginia Beach, Va. f STEVE CADDELL 51 1 Evergreen Rd. - Rocky Mount, N.C. KAREN GARDEN Box 7008 Pub. Health Ser. - APO N. Y., N.Y. SANDY CARRINGTON 3821 Sheringham PI. - Lynchburg. Va. DANNY CHILTON 1217 Vaughn Rd. - Burlington, N.C. ROGER CLAYTON 519 Gordon St. - Roxboro, N.C. BRUCE COHEN 823 W. 32ndSt. -WUmington, Del. MURIEL COLE 195 Pine St. - Centerville, Mass. KATHY COPELAND 1457 Hadlock Ave. - Norfolk, Va. CAROLYN CORE 1030 Tarelton Ave. - Burlington, N.C. ELAINE CROWDER Box 54 - ButTalo Junction, Va. GAILCRUTCHEIELD 211 SummerbeU Ave. - Elon College, N.C. MARTHA DAILEY 119 Proctor St. -Suffolk, Va. JOAN DICKERSON Rt. 1 -Gibsonville,N.C. BILL DICKINSON 514 Jones St. -Suffolk, Va. LARRY DURHAM 913 Everett St. -Burlington, N.C. RALPH EVERETT Rt. 2 - Burlington, N.C. SHIRLEY FAIRCLOTH Rt. 6- Burlington, N.C. MARILYN FARLEY 6937LaMarreDr. -Hollins LYDIA FARRELL Box 86-Pittsboro, N.C. ROBERT FATHAUER Box 24 -Roxboro. N.C. MICKY FERGUSON Rt. 3,Box 122 -Silver City, N.C. DANNY FIELDS 222 Wildwood Lane - Burlington, N.C. CAROLYN FREEMAN Rt. 4, Box 269 - Durham, N.C. TOM FULCHER Rt. 6 - Famiville, Va. DAVID BRYANT GILBERT 2232 South Scales St. - Reidsville, N.C. . 1 O F PHILLIP GILLEY 246 Cheek Lane - Graham, N.C. PENNY GILLIAM 2618 N. Church St. - Burlington. N.C. WES GILLIAM Box 1178-ElonCoUege,N.C. HENRY GOEDECK 18 Hickory St. - Central Islip, N.Y. DON GOLDBERG 309 Linden Ave. - Suffolk, Va. JIM GREEN 589 Lake Dr. W - Smyrna, Del VICKIE GREENE Box 201 - Elon College, N.C. JIM HABEL 726 Jones St. -Suffolk, Va. DONNA HACKNEY Pinewood Forest - BurUngton, N.C. MIKEHAILEY 2216 Willow St. -South Boston, Va. MIKEHAMM 4714 N. 20th St. - Arlington, Va. ED HAMMOND 1953 Wilkins St. - Burlington, N.C. CHARLES HARRIS 1 302 Ava St. - Burlington. N.C. DALE HARRISON 69 Conklin St. - Deer Park, L.I., N.Y. thmt WILLIAM HARTLEY Box 43 -Welcome, N.C. DANA HAWKINS Box 245, Rt. 4 - Asheville, N.C. SUSAN HEATWOLE 3311 .Martha Curtis Dr. - Alexandria, Va. CHARLES HOLLAND 724 Mattison Ave. - Sumter. S.C. TIMMY HOLLAND 821 Kenwood Dr. - Burlington, N.C. DONALD C. HOLLIDAY 101 E. Cedar St. Box 995, Gibsonville, N.C. LARRY HOLT Rt. l,Box 559 -Grah am, N.C. BARBARA HUDSON 723ElkSpurSt, -Elkin, N.C. GEORGE HUGHES 37 Boxwood Ave. -Wilmington, Del. BILLY ISLEY Rt. 7 -Burlington, N.C. CAROL ISLEY 407 Alamance Rd. - Burlington, N.C. SANDRA ISLEY 600 TraU 3 Grove Park - Burlinaton, N.C. SUE ISELEY Rt. 4 -BurUngton, N.C. LESLIE JAMES 615 Sievers Circle - Roxboro, N.C. STANLEY JAMES 1107 V.E.S. Rd. - Lynchburg, Va. JOHN JEFFRIES 307 Coal Chute Rd. - Burlinston, N.C. DARRYLJENNUS Box9,Rt, 2 -Dover, N.J. JOEJESSUP 1804 Westridge Rd. -Greensboro, N.C. JUNIE JOHNSON 205 Svlvan Dr. - Charlotte, N.C. MARTHA SUE JOHNSON 301 N. HamUton St. - Leaksville, N.C. LLOYD KANIPE 324 Hoskins Rd. - Charlotte, N.C. MARTHA KELLAM 177 Main St. - Spencer, Mass BLAKE KELLER Rt. 4, Box 209 - SUver City, N.C. MICHAEL H.KELLY 1302 Welcome Circle - Durham, N.C. CLIFF KENNEDY Box 308 - Robbins, N.C. fv Tf " BARBARA KEPPLl R 50ni New Castle Rd. - Raleigli, N.C. BOBBY KING 328 Icsjeiul Dr. ■ Aslieboro. N.C. VlCKl KIRKMAN Rt. 1 - I ilienv.N.C. ROBl RT Kl INCIL I5. :S Harbor Dr. - Madeira Beach. Dl NNIS KOI ' IK 64 Muldlcsex Ave. - Menlo Park, N.J. rkl LARRY M. LEE GrceiibrJar Apts 1-C - Burlington, N.C. MICHAEL LEE 1 130 Beverly Dr. - Alexandria, Va. LINDA LEWIS Rt. 1 -Elon College, N.C. CAROLYN LITTLE 540 Henry St. ■ Roanoke Rapids, N.C. MIKE LOCKLAR 2212 Rheinis Dr. -Greensboro, N.C. WILKES LOWE 109 O ' kelh - 1 Ion College, N.C. GEOKCI L I MHARD 441 Ari! Ic Dr. - Alexandria, Va. TERRY LLTE Rt. 1, Box 128 - Haw River, N.C. CHARLES MacINTYRE 113 Governors Dr. - Chester, Pa. CATHY MANGUM 3810 Pendergrass St. - Durham, N.C. SAM MASSEY P. O. Box 727 - Elon CoUege, N.C. JAMES MAYBERRY MUlboro.Va. GERRELENE McDOWELL Rt. 3, Box 313 - Asheboro, N.C. EDWIN McGRATH 1115 Buchanan Blvd. - Durham, N.C. J.DENNYMcGUIRE 35 Rutherford PI. - Montvale, N.J. DAVID McLELLAND 2018 Nottingham Lane - Burlinston, DON McPHERSON 514 McGee St. -Graham, N.C. MARTHA McPHERSON 216 Marshall St. -Graham, N.C. MABEL MEACHAM Box 244 - Ellerbe, N.C. KAREN MELBERG 406 Miller St. - Ludlow, Mass. WILLIAM HENRY MIELE 67 Prospect Ave. - Irvington, N.J. BETTY MILLER 1712 Oaklahoma Ave. -Burlington, N.C. WTLLARD MILLS 4118 Doswood Dr. -Greensboro, N.C. ROBERT MOEEET 1504 W. Davis St. - Burlington, N.C. LINDA MOGGIO Nelson District Rd. - Yorktown, Va. SAMMY MOON Rt. 1 -Snow Camp, N.C. DANNY MOORE P.O. Box 4 -Burlington, N.C. EDDIE MORRIS Rt. 3 -Asheboro, N.C. SANDRA MYATT Rt. 1 -Willow Springs, N.C. JIM MYERS 2378 N. Quincy St. - Arlington, Va. CATHY NICKS 410 Harden St. - Burlington, N.C. JAY OGDEN 4004 Rogero Rd. -Jacksonville, Ela. RICK O ' NEAL 3814 Lenoir Circle - Norfolk, Va. GERRY OXFORD 117 Woodale Dr. - Elon CoUege, N.C. s ' l-t 4| ff TOULA PANAGIOTOPOULOLl 81 Agamemnonos St. - Anargyri Attikis JOHN PAPA 265 John St. - ClitTside Park, N.J. ANN PATTERSON 1 16 Sliannon Dr. - Burlington. N.C. GORDON PAYNi;, Jr. 43 Barnsdale Rd. - Wavne, N.J . PEGGY PENTECOST 27255-A Alamance Rd. - Burlington, N.C. EUGENE PERRY 606 Rosenwald St. - Burlington, N.C, BERNICE PHILLIPS Rt. 1 - Ruffin, N.C. NED POOLE 23 18 Wythe Ave. - Bluefield.W. Va. ELWOOD PORSlllA FaUs Mills, Va. O ' P " e ' s r " : «f Ifikif ir iini FRANK RHUDS Rt. 1 - Reidsville, N.C. WAYNE RICKS 1002 S. Pollock -Sehna, N.C. VICKI RILEY 309 Arlington Ave. - Burlington. N.C. EDWIN M. ROBERTSON, Jr. 1534 Hermitage Court - Durham, N.C. SHIRL ROGERS 3700 Crabtree Ave. - Durham, N.C. HUGH ROLLINS Box 737-Pittsboro,N.C. CAROLYN RONEY Rt. 5, Box 507 - Burlington, N.C. ELIZABETH SANDERS 2919 Amherst Ave - Burlington, N.C. DIXIE SARTIN 1009 Lawsonville Ave. - Reidsville, N.C. KAYE SAVAGE Rt. 1 -Whaleyville, Va. RUSSELL SCHETROMA 21 Colonial Ave. - Natalie, Pa. JERRY SCHUMM Riviera Beach, Fla. GEORGE SCOTT 1016 Delaware Ave. - SutTolk, KEN SCOTT Box 313, Reid St. -Chatham, JAN SEYMOUR Rt.7,Box99-Sanford, N.C. LARRY SHARPE 319 Denny Circle - Graham, N.C. BARTON SHAW 99 Pme Crest Dr. - Annapolis, Md. KEN SHAW Box 255 -Evergreen, N.C. JOHN SHIRLEY 101 N. Adler Rd. - Sterling, Va. STEVE SIME 136 High St. - Lenoir, N.C. JUDY SIMMONS Rt. 2 - Elon CoUege, N.C. GEORGE SIMON 515 West 38thSt. -WUmington.Del. BUDDY SIZEMORE 302 Saunders Dr. - Portsmouth, Va. GORDON SMITH 1947 Woodland Ave. - Burlington, N.C. MARGARET SMITH Box 68 - Ruffin, N.C. MAX SMITH Kipling, N.C. CHARLES SPRINGS 7 1 2 Crescent Dr. - ReidsvUle, N.C. KENTSTAINBACK 239 S. Gra-Hopedale - Burlington, N.C. BEN STEVERSON 2348 Greenwell Rd. - Virginia Beach, Va SAM STORY 51 1 Maple Ave - Burlington, N.C. RAYMOND SULECKI Rt. 3 -Graham, N.C. DALE SUMMERS 603 Brookdale Dr. - ThomasviUe. N.C. ROBERT SLTHIRLAND Rt. l.Good House Rd. - Litchfield. Co BENJY TALTON 112 Hays -Oxford, N.C. ARCHIE TAYLOR 430 Craven St. - Durham, N.C. MARY ALICE TAYLOR 160 W. Masonic View Ave. • . ' Mexandria, Va. VERNON TAYLOR 4 Glenwild Ave. - Bloominsdale, N.J. LEON TEW 401 Chesopciaii Trail - Vireinia Beach. Va. AM ' THOMAS I34I Granville St. - Burlmsiton. N.C. NANCY THOMAS 41 1 Rauhut St. - Burlington, N.C. P PAUL THOMAS Rt. 1 -Bennett, N.C. LINDA DALi: THOMPSON Rt. 3 -Graham, N.C. HODGES THROCKMORTON Rt. 7. Box 404 Hopedale - Burlinston PHYLLIS TILLEY Box 396, Rt. 1 - Fuquay-Varina, N.C. a a o f, P F 1 , ' f JULIA TREECE Rt. 4. Box 346-A -Concord, N.C. JOHN TYSOR 337 Albany St. - Burlington, N.C. MARY ANN UNDERWOOD Rt.4,Box 349 - Suttolk, Va. WILLIAM VOGEL 1326Kilby St. -Burlinston, N.C. BARRY WARD 1314 Tucker St. - Burlington, N.C. NORMAN WARD Rt. 1 , Box 340 - Burlington, N.C. BARBARA WAUGH Box 597 -Elon College, N.C. DON WAUGH 803 Hanover Rd. -Graham, N.C. JERRY WEBB 1526 N. 1-avetteville - Asheboro, N.C. FRANK WEBSTER 550 Murphy St. - Madison, N.C. JOHNNY C. WEEKS, Jr. 1620 Granville St. - Burlington, N.C. STEVEN WELLS 6409 Balfour Dr. - Hyattsville, Md. LINDA WESLEY Rt. 1 - Roxboro, N.C. O.J. WEST Rt. l,Box 275 -Stedman, N.C. EARL WHITE 142 Chateau Rd. - Durham, N.C. SlIERRIE WHITLEY 713 Phillips St. - Burlington, N.C. STAEHLEWHITSON 5 10 Climax St. -Graham, N.C. RONNIE WICKER Rt. 1 - Sanford, N.C. DENNIS WAYNE WILBURN 620 Briggs Ave. - Frederick, Md. DANG. WILLIAMSON 109 Archer St. - Burlington, N.C. JOAN WILSON 903 Liftwood Rd. -Wilmington, Del. MIKE WILSON Rt. 7, Box 361 - Burlington, N.C. PAT WILSON 8937 Colesburv PI. - Fairfax, Va. JIM YOUNG 515 DickSt. -Gibsonville, N.C. GRETA ZARZAR Rt. 2 -Chapel Hill, N.C. OpJli omore vjlass Ol ! IC Treasur SENATORS: Larry Sage, Maiy Ann Thaxton. Margaret McCIung. and Phil Larrabee. Missing: David Harrison. n. President: Sally O ' Ne President. LINDA ABNEY 615 Meadow Lane SW - Vienna, Va. JOHN MICHAEL ADAMS 41 8 S. Macarthur St. - Panama City, Fla. ARCHIE AITCHESON 178 Burton St. - Watertown, Conn. URSULA ANULIS 41 Priscilla Lane - Port Chester, N.Y. CARLTON BAGBY 1704 Broadmoor Dr. - Richmond, Va. BARBARA BAYLIEF 202 W. Lebanon Ave. - Elon CoUege, N.C. MILTON BEIMLER 46 N. Lawson Rd. - Poquoson, Va. STEVE BIRD Stockbridge, Vt. LINWOODBLALOCK Rt., 4 - Ro.xboro, N.C. LOUIS BLOM 773 Manor Rd. - Staten Island, N.Y. MARTY BONNETT 441 Morrison Ave. - Newport News, Va, 1 " f GEORGEANN BORTZ 300 E. Trade St. - Sanford, N.C. JERRY BOST 405 Foster St. - Burlington, N.C. GAYLENEBOSWELL Rt. 3 -Graham, N.C. DAVID BOWDEN 875 W. Kentucky St. - Arlington, Va. LARRY BOWEN 2109 Sprunt Ave. - Durham, N.C. til r . f - . T ? ' SUSAN BOYLES 711 Church St. - GibsonvUlc. N.C. DONNIE BRADY Rt. 1 -Bennett, N.C. JEAN BREWER 1628 Elder Way - Burlington. N.C. CINDY BRINN Bayside, Box 5243 - Virginia Beach, Va BETSY BROWN 6261 S. W. 5th Court - Ft. Lauderdale, SUSAN BROWN Box 74,MainSt. -laith.N.C. BAXTER BUCHANAN Rt. 1 -Roxboro, N.C. BECKY BUCIIER 2446 Chancellor Rd. - Richmond. TIM BUTLI R 911 Askew SI. - Burlington, N.C. f tk, m a BOBBY BYRD Box I 57 -Elon College, N.C. MARIE CAMPBELL Rt. 1, Box 167 - Mount Holly, N.C. t;iORGE CANNON 66 Robinson Dr. - Newport News, Va. ROBERT CAPPS 2305 N. Ocean Blvd. - Myrtle Beach, S.C. f f:y OLIVIA CHRISTIAN 2706 Neal St. - Hampton, Va. JIMMY CLARK 412 Courtlan d Terrace - Burlington, N.C. WAYNE CLAYTON Box 243 - Longhurst, N.C. FAYECLEMMONS 603 Oakgrove Dr. - Graham, N.C. DIANE CLENDENNEN Bo 33-Milford,Va. ROGER COBURN Rt. 1 - Mebane, N.C. ALLEN COLENDA Oxford Orphanage - Oxford, N.C. NITA COMPHER Box 716-PurceUviUe, Va. CAROL COPPLE 800 Melrose St. - Winston-Salem, N.C. JOHN CORBIERE 230 West Rd. - New Canaan, Conn. JANE CROCKER 403 N. 4th Ave. - Mayodan, N.C. DIANE CROUSE Rt. 1 -Burlington, N.C. JERRY DALE 5589 S.R. 1241 - Goldsboro, N.C. VIRGINIA DANIEL l43North Ave. -Danville, Va. JUDYDAUGHTREY Rt. l.Box 123-FrankHn,Va. DIANNEDAVIES 1650 Chatham Rd. - Jacksonville, 11a. CAROL DAY Eastford, Conn. TERRY DELONG 105 Apple Tree Rd. - Charlottesville. Va. PHILDERISI 53Cranbrook Rd. -Hamilton Square, N.J. DON DOORNHEIM 1973 Shirley Dr. - Burlington, N.C. JOHN EDWARDS 241 River St. -Graliam, N.C. BETTY JOE ELEY Rt. l.Box 108 - Windsor, Va. JIM ELLINGTON 1 14 W. Macaden St. - Graham, N.C. SUSAN ELLIS 1 150 N. E. 1 34 St. - North Miami. Fla. MARY ETHRIDGE 1708 Highview St. - Burlington, N.C. LHE FARMER Rt. I - Yancevville, N.C. SUZANNE EARRELL 2108 University Dr. - Durham, N.C DAVID FARRIOR 609 Ossippee St. -Gibsonville, N.C. NANCY FAUX 32 N. Columbia St. -Woodbury, N J JEFF FIELDS 6506 8th Ave. -ChUlum.Md. PETER FLEMING 23Central Ave. -Butler, N.J. LINDA FLYNN 306 Wood St. - Gibsonville, N.C. JUDY FOGLEMAN Rt. 1 , Box 27 1 - Gibsonville, N.C. GAILFONVILLE Rt. 5,Bo 143 -Burlington. N.C. ISRAEL MARTINEZ GABRIE 1114 4th Ave. 11 and 12 St. Comaygula Honduras, Central Aineric; JAMES GASKINS Hatton Pt. - Chesapeake. Va. RON GEANES 5500 Farinbrook Dr. - Charlotte, N.C. CLARENCE GEE 710 Plank Rd. - South Hill, Va. ANNA GEROW 2113 Westover Terrace - Burlington, N.C. ROLAND GILL 2530 Ross Rd.- Durham, N.C. JOE GOLDBERG 2320 Walnut Ln. - Wilmington, Del. PEGGY GREESON Rt. 1 -Gibsonville. N.C. DIANNE GUCKER Rt. 2, Box 24 - Edinburg, Va HARRY HAGWOOD 852 S. Main St. -Graham, N.C. PAM HALL 4515 Shoaf Rd. -Winston-Salem, N.C. KATHY HANDRAHAN 131 Oakdale Ave. - Baltimore, Md. SUE HARDER 35 1 2 Cherry Ln. - Greensboro, N.C. WILL MARGRAVE 933 Ransome - Roanoke Rapids, N.C. WALLACE HARRIS 306 Tryon St. - BurUngton, N.C. CHERYL HART Box 193, Blackwell S. Rd. - Pennington, N.J. GARY HEMPHILL 103 Glenrae Dr. - Baltimore, Md. DWAYNEHINSHAW Rt. 1 -Mebane.N.C. BRYANT HINSON 102 Easter Dr. - Danville, Va. OLIVER HOLMES Rt. 3, Box 375 -Graham, N.C. JANET HOOPER 302 Trail 8 Grove Park - BurUngton, N.C. BARBARA HORNER 837 S. Westgate Ave., Apt. 2 - Los Angeles, Calif. JOHNHUBER Box 116 -Wakefield, Va. MARTHA HUGHES Box 605 - Elon College. N.C. TONY HUNT Rt. 4, Win.ston Rd. - ThomasvUle, N.C. SUE HURDLE 214 Watson Dr. - Burhngton, N.C. AMY INGLE Rt. 6, Box 440 - Burhngton, N.C. STEVE JAMES Laurel Spring Dr., Rt. 5, Box 57 - Sabsbury, N.C. HOWARD JANKE Rt. 1, Mountain View - Hillsborough, N.C. m p ( D P - CiriL JOHNSON 100 Northam Rd. - Rockingham, N.C. RlGGli: JOHNSON 405Clima St. -Graham. N.C. RINNY JOHNSON 904 Pnmrosc Rd., Apt. 202 - Aiinapoli ROBtRT JOHNSON Rt. 2, Flordon - CharlottesviUe, Va. GLI-N JONES 318 Summit Ave. - Sanl ' ord, N.C. JOSEPH JONIS 202 Wilson St. -Spray, N.C. OUIDA JONES 608 Maple Ave. - Burlington, N.C. I ' AT JONES Rt. l,Bo 78,- Haw River, N.C. ROBERT JONES 244 W. Bay Ave. - Norfolk, Va. LINDA KANDOUNAS 3.306 S. Mebane St. Ext. - Burlington, 1 MIRIAM KENYON 1 18 Markham PI. - Little Silver, N.J. SARAH KENYON 118 Markham PI. - Little SUver, N.J. LINDA KILFOIL 424 Hvde St. - Burlington, N.C. BILLY KNIGHT 102 Providence Rd. - CharlottesvUle, Va. DOUGLAS LANDAU 301 .Montana St. - Paramus, N.J. CHARLES LANKEORD Rt. I -Sanl ' ord, N.C. PHIL LARRABLE 3201 Watergate Ln. - Virginia Beach, BILL LILLEY 201 Cherry St. - Scotland Neck, N.C. NANCY LINDEMAN 1057 Vista Dr. - McLean, Va. LINDA LONG Rt. 1 -PoconokeCity.Md. STEVE LONG Rt. 3,Box 275 -Warsaw, Va. LINDA LOVE 2905 S. Fairwav Dr. - Burlington, N.C. W. E.LOVE, III 2905 S. Eairway Dr. - Burlington, N.C. KIM LUEEBERRY 5602 Kirkwood Dr. - Washington, D.C, BOONYLN MABE Rt. 1 -LawsonviUe, N.C. MIKE MAGRUDER 4631 Verplanck PI. N. W. -Washington, D.C NOBLE MARSHALL 2109 Crystal Spring Ave. - Roanoke, Va. JOE MARTIN 119 AUgood St. - Ro.xboro, N.C. NINA MARTIN 5105 Arapahoe Ave. - Jacksonville, Ela. RUTH MAYEIELD Rt. I - Norlina, N.C. MARGIE McCLUNG 161 Cloverhurst Ave. - Athens, Ga. TOM McGEE 155 W. llthSt. -Deer Park, N.Y. EDWARD McGINNIS 3215 Westover Rd. - Durham, N.C. PATRICIA McPHERSON Rt. 2 - Liberty. N.C. JUNEMERRITT Rt. 3 -Hillsborough, N.C. DAVID MIDDLETON 4222 Staimount Dr. - Greensboro , N.C. CHUCK MILLER Woodley Farm - Orange, Va. MORROW MILLER 403 S. Main St. - Lexington, Va. SUE MILLS Rt. 3 -Concord, N.C. JOSEPH EDWIN MITCHELL Rt. 7 -Burlington, N.C. (» rj : ' t. A ' Tl ADRIENNE MOEN 1717 Marconi Rd. -Wall, N.J. CHARLES MOORE Tr. 1 -Gibsonville, N.C. MICHAEL MOORE 723 Vanderford St. - Burlington, N.C. ROBERT MOORE Box 311 - YanceyvUle, N.C. ANDY MORRIS Rt. 3-Wadesboro, N.C. %X !, ' KENNETH NEAL Box 366 -Walnut Cove, N.C. STEVE NICOLAY 1500 Wakefield Dr. - Virginia Beach, Va. BOB NIELSON 142 Highland Ave. - Meriden, Conn. ROGER NORMAN Rt. 1 - Flkin, N.C. ' : w fT SALLY O ' NEILL 476 W. Exchange St. - Sycamore, 111. WILLIAM OWEN Box 1 1 5 - Buffalo Junction, Va. JOHN PAISLEY Rt. 2 - McLeansviUe. N.C. ROBERT PARR 109 S. Wellons St. - Suffolk, Va. DEBBIE PEOPLES 1 14 Franklin St. - Graham, N.C. CLEO PERDUE 3821 High Acres Rd. - Roanoke, Va. DANA PERKINS 5944 N. 10th Rd. - ArUngton, Va. DON PERKINS 404 Rush Rd. - Fayetteville, N.C. KATHY PIKE Rt. 2 -Graham, N.C. GAIL PORTER 1508 N. Franklin St. - Wilmington, Del. BRENDA PRITCHARD 1407 Corregidor St. -Greensboro, N.C. JUDY RANKIN 7 109 Providence Circle -Charlotte, N.C. MICHAEL RASCOE Rt. 2 -Burlington, N.C. DEAN REED 404 Bobby Jones Dr. - Portsmouth, Va. JOHN REGISTER 721 N. Church St. - Burlington, 1 ALEX RICHARDSON Star Route - Wyoming, Del. JOAN RIGGAN Box 3 -Macon, N.C. KAY RIVERS 2308 S. Scales - Reidsville, N.C. S TEVE ROBERTS Rock Hill Rd. - Clarksville, Va. CINDY ROBERTSON Rt. 1 - Burlington, N.C. RESA ROBINSON 3039 Hazelton St. - Falls Church, Va. LINDA ROGERS Box 457 - Haw River. N.C. GEORGE RORRER Box 462 - Madison, N.C. MARY ROSE Box 55 - CairsvUle, Va. JANE ROUNTREE Rt, 4- Suffolk, Va. BUTCH RUDD 3 1 3 Georgia Ave. - Burlington, N.C. LARRY SAGE Box 61 - Versailles, Conn. JEWEL SAUNDERS Rt. 2 - Burlington, N.C. DAVID SCOTT Rt. 2 - Burlington, N.C. LINDA SCOTTON Rt. 1 -Staley.N.r. TOM SHORT 5920 Peters Creek Rd. - Roanoke. a. RONNIE SINK 426 N. Salem St. - Lexington. N.C. CHRIS SMITH 101 Ridae Rd. - Ro.xboro. N.C. DENNIE SMITH Rt. l,Bo. 355 -Greensboro, N.C. HAROLD SMITH 2900 Ormond Dr. -Winston-Salem, N.C. MICHAEL SMITH Rt. 1, Asheboro, N.C. STEVE SMITH 532 Oakwood Ln. - Graham. N.C. SUSIE SMITH 6008 Bangor Dr. - Alexandria, Va. r ' m ?• ' Tl r,: ff f- WAYNE SMITH Rt. 2, Box 522 - MeCleansville, N.C. ROYAL SPENCE 3412 Dogwood Dr. - Greensboro, N.C. LARRY STERMER 1 30 Hanover St. - Glen Rock, Pa. TOMMY STOKES 305 Home Ave. -Graham, N.C. JANICE SWIl T 1407 Woodside Dr. ■ Reidsville, N.C. DON TARKENTON 2225 Rodgers St. - Chesapeake, Va. KEITH TEAGUE 416 Bryan St. - Burlington, N.C. MARY ANN THAXTON 109 E. Morehead St. - Roxboro, N.C. DOUG THOMAS 1911 Liberty Rd. - Asheboro, N.C. SUSIE TITCOMB 836 Anckorage Dr.-N. Palm Beach, Fla. EMILY VUNCANNON 416 N. Elm St. -Asheboro, N.C. GEORGE WALKER Box 4298 -Glen Raven, N.C. JUNIOR WATERS Rt. 4 -Luray, Va. RICHARD WATKINS 127 Dogwood Dr. - Burlington, SYLVIA WAY 909 Central Ave. - Burlington, N SUEWAYMACK 2613 Norcross Rd. - Richmond, Va. ANGELINE WHITE Rt. 2 -Graham, N.C. ANITA WICKLINE Rt.2 -Palmyra, Va. DICKIE WILBURN 323 Caswell St. - Burlington, N.C. ERNEST WILKINSON Box 95 - Kenly, N.C. ALLENE WILLIAMS 1 14 Albright Ave. - Ciraham, N.C. CANDY WILLIAMS 707 Pebble Dr. - Greensboro, N.C. BILLWINSTIAD Rt. 1 - Roxboro, N.C. JANET WIN.STEAD Box 1 1 29 -Elon College, N.C. MARGIE WOOD 15 18 W. Davis St. - Burlington, N.C. JERRY WOODLIEl Rt. 1 - Rougemont, N.C. CHARLES WOODY Hospital Rd.- Roxboro, N.C. TONl WRAY Rt. 1 - Leaksville, N.C. LINDSEY WYATT 307 S.Clyde Ave. -Wilson, N.C. MARIE ZIRPOLI 5383 Su Barton Dr. - Virginia Beach, Va. resAi resninan Gfa ass OFFICERS: Dan Linker, Vice President; Danny Suther, President; and Pain Sauvain, Secretary - Treasurer. SENATORS: Jim Horner, Lee Loy, Susan Caviness, Terry Rice and Don Allen. ELAINE BEACH 2152Col iviewDi. Ch DAVID BEAVER Rl. 8-Chailone. N.C. PAT BERRY 1462 Itvin Ave. - Norfol BELINDA BLACK 1 1 Quiel Dr. . Lexingtoi BARRY BLALOCK Box 244 . Newland, N.C JOHN BOHLEN 121 McKay Rd. . Huntinglon. N J PHIL BOLTON Box 157. Elon College. N.C. RONNIE BOLTON 1307 Lakewood Dr. - Gieensboro. N.C. PEGGY BONDURANT 24 Charlton Dr - Hampton. Va, ITTWSpuce SI. - Fayetteville, N.C. BUSTER ALSTON 1 5 Marvin Dr. . Newport News. Va. 236 Church Ln MARGIE ANTAL Sawmill Rd. -Caiversville, Pa. BARBARA ASKIN 1615 Sherwood Rd. - Silver Sprmg. Md. ANA MARIA BAHIA 17 Caile Poniente 1 35 San Salvador. . El Salvai RAYMOND BAILY Rt. 4 -Burlington. N.C. TOM BALDERSON ELLEN BARNES RED 2 - Couitland. Va. DANNY BARNETT Rt. 4 -Burlington, N.C. JEANIE BARRETT 6015 Verndale Rd. - Charlotte, N.C. PETE BASELICI 1712 Sunset Ave. ■ Wanamassa. NJ. RICK BATTLE 129 HiUcrest St. - Jonesville, N.C. m 1 f « (?• ? A r- ' BETTY Sill BOONt Box 642 - Pitlsboro. N.C. JOi: BRANTLKY Rt. 6 Box 300 • Ashcboro, WILLIAM BRAXTON 309N. 7thSI.-Mtbanc.N TODD BRIDCFORD ROBERT BRIDWELL 4412 Clyde St. ■ Va. Beach. JAMES BROWN RON BROWN 433 1 Corlez Rd. - Ballimoie, TERRIE BUGBEE lOSJudy Ln. Windsoi.Vl. DAVID BULLARD 1932 Dogwood Si. • FaycIIn DIRK BUNCH l321WoodhumDr. Va. Be DARYL BURGESS R1.4-Mebane.N.C. BOB BURMAN GUY WAYNE BUTLER I0O6 Highland Ave. -Gie KENT BUTTERFIELD RED 2 ■ Bdhel. Vl. DONNA BYRUM Rt. 1. Rea Rd. Box 164 ■ MIKE CALLAHAN 4055 Maple Ave. ■ Burlini CAROLYN CAMERON Rt. 4-Sanfoid,N.C. JACK CAREY FRANK CARLETON 2403 Chesapeake Ave. - Hampton, V JOHNNEY CARTER 575 Overlook Ave. • LeaksvUle. N.C. SUSAN CAVINESS 106 McLaurin Dl. ■ Asheboro. N.C. ELLIS CLARK 1412 Peace St. - Henderson. N.C. DAVID CLARK 2804 Wynnewood Dl. -Gieensboio. CINDY CLATTERBUCK 3527 Oliver Rd. - Roanoke. Virginia BUCK COBB 5120 Shentosc Dr. - Va. Beacli RAYMONDCOBB Stat Rt. 1 - YanceyvUle. N.C. JUDY COFFMAN 653 Ridgecrest Dr. ■ JOHN COLE 207 Milstead Ra. - N KEITH COLE 520E. Finest. ■( LARRY COOKE 73 Dover Rd. TOMMY COOPER £1 f ( a fr ' 1 ., fi ff 0, r (1= (P f ,« £, l H f A ■ f - ' p f p PR- A LYNN CUNNINGHA 6904Watdman Rd. • BILLY UALTON 408 Galloway St. -M: ROBERT DAVIS Rl.2Warrenton.l ALTADeHART JEFF DEYONG 29 S. Moores Ln. - Newport News RICHARD DIXON 5242 Green Meadow Rd. - Roano SANDY DOFFLEMYER Rt. 3Elklon. Va. DEBBIE DRAUGHN Rt. 3, Colonial Acres - Sanford, N ART EDWARDS 1 1 1 Arthur Rd. • Asheville. N.C. RON EMERSON Rt, I . Box 64 . La Grange, N.C. BILLY ESTES DOUG EVANS 2 Kent Cr. - Gkjuchcster. Mass. DONNIEFALK 3999 Bijchannan Dr. ■ Hampton. GEORGE FAULKNER BRENDA lORBlS 805 Buckner St. - Graham, N.C. DENNIS FOUSHEE £1 |I5 L €k p " fii " ff — -j - f f pl ,, « 0; » £ PP |ii . P ( pi ift .« Ih P ' Pi (? ' C-- ft | 1 £ ' , l 1 KENNETH ERESHWATER 108 W, Graham SI, ■ Mebane. N.C. PAUL FULTON 724 Cascade Ave. • Wmston-SalEm. N.C. SANDRA GABRIEL Rl. 6 -Burlington. N.C. LINDA GARRISON RI. 2 -Burlington. N.C. JAMES GILLESPIE 33 Maennerchor Ave. -TaftvUle, Conn. JACK GIORDANO 2382 Beech St. - Wan Tagh, N.Y. WILLIAM GLASS 1 20 Magnolia Si. - Longview, Texas BOB GODFREY 608 Summit Ave. - Greensboro. N.C. JOHN COINS 906 Knollwood - Winston- Salem. N.C. LARRY GOOD 9 St. John Dr. - Wilmingham. Del. MARK GRAHAM 127 Friendly Rd. • Burlington. N.C. BRUCE GEORGE 1809 Frizzell Dr. - Va. Beach, Va. EMILY HALL Rt. 2. Box 8 -Cleveland, N.C. JACK HANEL 6 WiJdwood Cr. - Chesapeake. Va. LINDA HANEY P. O. Box 1 2 - Graham, N.C. BOB HARDEE Rt. 8 -Greensboro, N.C. MONICA HARITOS 20 Albion St - Hyde Park, Md. KATHY HARPER Rt 3. Box 75 - Sanford, N.C. JOHN HARRIS. JR. Box 134 -Candor, N.C. THOMAS HEDRICK 8639 Glendale Rd. AP 104 -Greenbelt. Md STEVE HELMS 2500 E. Lexington Ave. ■ High Point, N.C. STEVE HENDERSON 2307 Atttood Dr. ■ Burlington. N.C. NEILHENING 23 Glenbrooke Cr. - Richmond. Va. PATTY HERBIN Rl 1 -Gibsonville.N.C. SCOTT HILL Courtland, Va. DON HODGES P.O.Box 333 -Van WEST HOLDEN lOOBaltin Rd. - Fai LARRY HOLDER JERROLD HOOPE R 3410Doguood Dr. -Greensboro, N.C. Rt. I, Box 153 ■ Burlmgton. N.C. MIKE HUGHES 531 Blossom Ln. - Madison, N.C. LINDA HUNDLEY 4442 Wmchestei Dr. - Portsmouth. Va. BRUCE IHRMAN I 31 1 Cleveland St. -Alexandria, Va CAROL INGOLD 2622 Catherine Dr. - Burlington, N.C. TONY INGOLD Rt 5,Box 374 - Asheboro. N.C. STEVE IVEY CLYDE IVEY 81 Dahlgren Ave - Portsmouth, Va. HOPE JACKSON Rl. 4.BOX 17-A -Chapel I THOMAS JAMES 705 The Fenway - Baldwi JOSEPH E.JAROSZ 111 Box 430 -Graham, N.C. TOM JERNIGAN PAUL T.JOHNSON Box 236-Yanceyville,N.C. FRANK JOLLEY 4404 Pamlico Dr. - Raleigh, N.C. MARCJORDON 277 Knollwood St -Winston-Sal ROBERT KAPLUS 15 BrookwoodDr. -W CaldweU, ROGER KEIM 705 Silverspring Dr. - Richmond. GEORGE KILROY 41 20 Warren St. Washington, D.C. DONALD KING 403 Crawford St. - Mebane, N.C. EARL RAY KING Box 157 - Elon College. N.C. JERRY KING Rl. 1 . Box 324 - Burhngton. N.C. JOAN KING P. O. Box 1899 - Hendersonville. N.C. RICHARDKITE 209 Shenandoah Ave - Shenandoah, Va. PRESTON KNAPP 6928 Weston Rd. - Falls Church, Va. DIANA KUHNFKT 123 RoosevcUAve • Lo BOB LANE 1932SunhseDr. - Va. B CURTIS LANE 924 SI. Bridges Rd. W. ■ MARY ANN LA ROW 906FairSl. -Burlingcon MARY LEE LaRUE 208 S. Third St. ■ Sanfoi JERRY LAWSON 2742 Chciokre Ln. ■ Winslon-Sa JOSEPH LAWSON 439 Chapel St. - llamplon, Va. BUZZ LEDFORD 1404 E. Laurel St. - Goldsboro, DAN LINKER 508 Benjamin Pkwy. LEE LOY WASHINGTON MCALLISTER Rl. l.Box8l-Racrord.N.C. JOHN McCONNELL 909 Weslein Branch E SHERRIEMcGIRT 3208 Credenga Rd. • Chailoll MAC McINNIS 515 Piedmont Ave. -Rocky h ■Charlotte. N.C- 4723 Doris Ave. ■ Charlotte, N.C. Rt-7.Box516B- PEARSE MATHEWSON 2808 Alderman Ct. - Greensboro. N.C MICHAEL MERRITT 1407 Garneld Rd. • Burlington. N.C. DEBBIE MILLER 1611 AvondaleDr. - AltaVista. Va. RODNEY MILLER 1 306 Elwell Ave. • Greensboro, N.C. ALLEN MOORE P. O. Box 4 - Burlington, N.C, ED MOOSE PAT MORRIS Rt. l.Box 35 -Efland.N.C. DAVID MUNCH 3521 Pennington Dr. - Brandywood, Wilmir TED NELSON 200 Albright Ave. -Gtahani, N.C. GARY NOUBARIAN 5362 Elm Dr. - Lewiston, N.Y. DONNIEOAKES Rt.3 -Chatham, Va. REGENAOBERRY 2025 Lone Pme Rd. ■ Va. Beach, Va. JOE OLD 404 Cedar Lne. ■ Va. Beach, Va. LOUIS OWENS 38 Broad St. ■ Swansboro, N.C. STEVE PACE 1060 Rklell Ave. S.F.B. N. S. - San Francisi KATIE PATRICK 23 Reynolds Dr. - Hampton. Va. SUSAN PATTON SpeedweU, Va. LELAND PEACOCK 1406 N. Shaver St. ■ E. Spencer, N.C. 220 Pine Valley Rd. - Wmston-Salem, N.C. HAROLD PERRY 2552 South St. ' Wtenlham, Mass. JACK PERRY MIKEPETRIE 35 Cambra Rd. - Waldwick. N.C. MARVIN PHILLIPS 126 Kathland Ave. ■ Thomasville, N.C. RUTH ANN PHILLIPS 2027 S. Mebane St. • Burlington. N.C. PAUL PLYBON 1805 Rolling Rd. ■ Greensboro, N.C. PATRICIA POLLACK 438 7th Ave Place N. W. • Hickory, N.C. JIM POOLE 23l8WytheAve-Bluefield,W. Va. CLYDE PRFTCHETT 181 2 N. Elm St. • Greensboro, N.C. LARRY RAINES RON RAPER 904 N. Pine St. • KEITH RAWLS fi! m m ' © J? p f fH 1 fk ( ' m « ' (a ' (S p ' ' ! S !» (ft £■) » f» %z .« fs JERRY RICHARDSON Rt. 1. Badger Cr. ■ Roxbo WILLIAM RIGGSBtE 25 35 Minor Lark Dr. -Fi BOBRINKER « jpl P f - f ' ' MYRA ROTHWELL JAMES F. RUDD CONI RUSSELL 1 St.- Albemarle. N.C. 1201 Glen Eden Dr. - Raleigh THOMAS D. RYON 420 Ridgccresl Dr.- Chapel E KAY SAUNDERS HOUSTON SHARPE Rl. 6.Bo 316 Durham. N.C. GREGG SICMON Box L 456. Rt. 4 - Greensboro. 1 CLIFF SLAUGHTER Rt. 3-Fuquay Varina, N.C. PHILLIP A. SMITH ROBERT SYNDER 1013 Watts Si. -Durh; JOYCE SOCKWELL Rt. I -Gibsonville. N.( MARKSPACH 905 S, Hawthorne Rd. STUART STONE MICKEY STUART Rt. 21 -Speedwell. Va. RANDY STUCKEY P. O. Box 187. Prov. Rd. - Lamar. S. ' KATHY STUTTS 204 Trail 2. Grove Pk. - Burlinston. i DAN SUTHER 27 Welshire - Concc rSWIIT . iii in a 1 ttBa tttt m p a IJ t JANET SYLVESTER 1629 Skylme Dr. - Norfolk. Va. GARY THOMPSON 2715 Amherst Ave. - Burlington, N.C. WAYNE THRIFT 614 Dogwood Rd. -Thomasville. N.C. COLBRYTILLEY P. O. Box 1 1 8 - Pittsboto, N.C. SUSAN TILLEY I 35 Milstead Rd. - Newport News. Va. RON TINGEN Rt 3.B0X 134-Goldsboro. N.C. DAVID TOWE 355 S.W. 104th St. ■ Miami, Fla. BRENDA S.TUCKER P. O. Box 388 - Granite Quarry, N.C. MIKE TURNER 151 DommerichDr. -Mailland.Fla. CAROL VINCENT 711 Yuma St. - Charlotte, N.C. BILL WALLACE 1 35 Kings Hwy. - Huntington, W. Va. FREDWAIZER 2708 Buchanan St, - Belmat. N.J. JERRY WARD Rt. 2 - Liberty. N.C- SALLIE ANN WARD Box 596 -Liberty. N.C. MARSHALL WARREN 601 Pilot Ave. - Fayetleville, N.C. MIKE WARREN Rt. 3 ■ Burlington. N.C. DANNY WATSON 17 Monroe St. City View - Greenville. S.C, GALEWEATHERLY Camden. N.C. CHARLENE WELLS 912 Tarlelon Ave. - Burlinlon. N.C. ROGER WHITTEN 408 Putman Rd. - Va. Beach. Va. ALAN WILKINSON 45 Congress St. - Manchester. Conn. MICHAEL WILLIAMS Quartero 205-B - Lowry AFB. Col. SUSAN WILLIAMS P. 0. Box 531 -HQIsborough. N.C. RUTH WOODY Rt. I. Box 315 -Graham, N.C. iudeni L ife " Who said man ' s best friend is a dog? " There must be an easier way to hustle ■-■ . " Some people have been here so long that ivy has grown up their legs. " Togetherness . ' Thanks, but 1 have Hay Fever. ' This place can drive you up the wall! They say this is her life line. - m . " Have you eaten in the dining hall recently ' s this really an honor code offense? " The misery of Hell Week. ' - ' .-A ' -:;:f % h: ' d - ZJL M Psychedelic Elon! You won ' t shoot me down, will ; ' Mrs. Bridges, you wouldn ' t believe the prowler I saw last night " You bid WHAT! : of your father to lend us the cai. ' " You ' ve been pinned how many times? ' Two heads are better than one. m .is The Junior class promotes spint at Homecoming. A Delta U vulture stnkes again. 171 Frolicking on the colonnades. n H Te norja n Class of 1970 Son of Mr. and Mrs. George D. Anderson Aberdeen, North Carolina AprU 11, 1948-October6, 1967 Martin C. Covington, Jr. Class of 1971 Son of Mr. and Mrs. J.J. White, Sr. Sanford, North Carolina May 10, 1948-November 18, 1967 (? John Dodd Anderson Class of 1971 Son of Dr. and Mrs. Cade Covington, Sr. Sanford, North Carolina Grandson of Dr. and Mrs. A. L. Hook Elon College, North Carolina March 15, 1949-November 18, 1967 Jesse Joseph White, Jr. arecue I loJe win an nave cfijjfereni memories of our years ai Cj on. JdJe naue a naiural ins Unci o in in A of our experience as a qroup experience uei we Anow inai we Junciionecf mosi of an as incfiaicfuafs. Cn few years froni now we will nave foraoiien man u people we once Anew- we will Se unaole io recall euenis wnicn once seemeJ alA-imporiani. S f we naue a moment noweuer, we may open inis oooA aaain ana wa A wiln our memories under ine oaAs. Cjcfiior ancf Siaff 1968 J ' fii CPsi Gfi ■ ■ S f 4 -f Opportunity for Yow f If your aim is high, Cone Mills has unlimited opportunity for you. We at Cone encourage young people to use initiative. We seek those who are anxious to develop new skills and imagination. If your aim is high, we are interested in you ! CONE MILLS CORPORATION An Equal Opportunity Employer m f , J EXECUTIVE OFFICES GrttnsliQro, N. 6. MANUFACTURING PLANTS— Cliffside, Forest City, Gibsonville, Greens- boro, Haw River, Henrietta, Hillsborough, Pineville, Reidsville, Salisbury in Nortti Carolina. Carlisle, Ctieraw, Greenville, Walhalla, Whitmire in South Carolina. Houston in Texas. High school graduates apply to nearest Cone plant office. College graduates address inquiries to: Manpower Development Manager, Cone Mills Corporation, Greensboro, N. C. 27405 Opportunity? BURUmON OFFiRS PLBm OF IT Burl-Craft Knitters Burlington Nexus Fabrics Company Grabur Plant House Fabrics Finishing J. Spencer Love Hosiery Center Mayfair Textile Company Pioneer I II Plaid Mills Transportation Division Williamsburg Plant UN TS OF ra Burlington IndustrieSy Inc. BB EXECUTIVE OFFICES: GREENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA TASTY BAKERY Master decorators specializing in individually styled wedding cakes and expertly decorated cakes for any occasion. DINE IN - CARRY OUT THE PIZZA HUT 1624 S. Church 226-9991 Burlington. N. C. Taste That Beats the Others Cold Pepsi Pours It On Burlington, N. C. Compliments of WILBURN ' S ESSO Elon College, N. C. All I said was BURGER CHEF I ' i tr P opl« on th« go . . . go Burger Chef for th« big new BIG SHEF. Two double-deck Open Flame •rolled hamburgers with melted cheese, tangy sauce topped with lettuce on a hot, toasted bun. A wmk o( ■ eendwtch tor only aOfl 1610 S. Church St. Burlington, N. C. Next To City Park HomP of thp Worlds Greafpsf H Hamburqpr Compliments of WACHOVIA BANK AND TRUST CO. Burlington, N. C. NEAL WRIGHT ' S JEWELRY Hand Engraving- Watcli Repair 127 W. Front St. Burlington, N. C. L. B. SHEPHERD " Your Record Shop " 243 East Front St. Burlington, N. C. Phone: 226-7108 Compliments of C. B. ELLIS MUSIC CO., INC. " Everything Musical " HOSIERY AND CASUAL SLIPPERS for women KAYSER . SCHIAPARELLI . PHOENIX SAPPHIRE . MOJUD . SUPP-HOSE PANTY HOSE . MERCURY for men ESQUIRE SOCKS . INTERWOVEN BACHELORS ' FRIEND . JIFFIES . BIRDWICK . SUPP-HOSE for men and women by KAYSER-ROTH HOSIERY COMPANY, INC Burlington North Carolina ADDING A DIMENSION TO STUDENT DINING Did you know your dining staff can also cater your private party. preparing the magnificent food that makes a meal an event ' ' Call your dining service director for details. C Vf f h y t{f l€iJ dm d mou€oo e ime Philadelphia 46, Pa. • a division of Automatic Retailers of America. Inc | 2utA: Compliments of MATLOCK GROCERY Gifts for All Occasions GRAHAM GIFT SHOPPE 116 W. Harden St. Phone: 226-6283 Graham, North Carolina Compliments of NATIONAL BANK OF ALA MANCE Graham, N. C. Complete Banking Service Compliments of A FRIEND Part of All You Earn Is Yours To Save Insured Savings Community Federal Savings 6? Loan Association Phone 227-3631 708 S. Church St. P. 0. Box 1837 BURLINGTON, N. C. Home Loans Compliments of SOMERS-PARDUE AGENCY, INC. Insurance Dept. 1137 S. Church St. Real Estate Department 1 137 S. Church St. WESTBROOK STUDIOS Photographers 1236 S. Church St. Telephone 226-6474 Burlington, North Carolina GLEN RAVEN DRUG Glen Raven Shopping Phone: 584-3681 GRIFFIN ' S PHARMACY, INC. 425 Chapel HUl Road Burlington, N. C. " First in Prescriptions " Phone: 228-8348 Look Young . . . Be Young . . . Shop BELK ' S BELK-BECK COMPANY Burlington, High Graliam and Point Compliments of HOLT HOSIERY MILLS Glen Raven, N. C. THE DAILY TIMES-NEWS Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday By The Times-News Publishing Co., Inc. Burlineton, N. C. T. N. BOONE TAILORS Fine Tailored Clothing Since 1914 Complete Formal Rental Service Burlington, N. C. Coton Squire LTD ' Finest in Men ' s Clothing and Furnishing " COMPLIMENTS OF PHIL H. MAST INSURANCE AGENCY INC. SHARPE AND JONES INC. GILLIAM TIRE COMPANY NICK PHILSON ' S STEAK HOUSE HOGAN PLUMBING AND HEATING CO., INC. MEBANE SHOE COMPANY FOUR SEASONS DANFORD ' S FLORIST BLANCHARD ' S FASHION LOFT 2nd Floor Sportswear For tlie College Coeds by: Gant - McMullen Lady Bug Austin Hill Lanz - David Ferguson Country Shirt - Country Set Etienne Aigner Compliments of KIRK ' S MOTOR COURT 155 N. Church - Highway 70 Burlington, N. C. ZACK ' S Corner Front and Worth St. Burlington, N. C. " Hot Dogs at Their Best " A. D. PATE COMPANY " Producers of Quality Printing Since 1906 " Phones: 226-2491-2 Corner Davis and Worth Sts. Established 1923 MELVILLE DAIRY All Jersey Milk " Where to Buy It " 739 South Worth Street Burlington, N. C. am WBBB fm Located on 6th Floor Alamance Motel " The South ' s Most Modem Radio Facilities " WBBB Now Broadcasting with 29,500 Watts - 101.1 on FM DIAL in Burl ington - Graham Plus FuU Stereo CURRIN HAY 117 W. DAVIS ST. " Burlington ' s Oldest and Finest Haberdashery " Men ' s and Boy ' s Wear Always refreshing. THE ELON SPIRIT Elon is my College. I shall be loyal to her in word and deed and speak well of her at all times. Elon classes are my opportunity to learn, to profit by the wisdom of past generations and to gain a deeper wisdom for myself Elon is my Community. 1 shall live as a good citizen among my fellows. Elon is my College. I shall always be proud of her and shall always live in such a way that she may be proud of me. Compliments of OSES 3 Locations: Cum— Park Plaza-Mebane Downtown Burlington McCLURE FUNERAL SERVICE 605 Webb Ave. Burlington, N. C. 141 S. Main St. Graham, N. C. COLEMAN ' S Men ' s Dept. Stagg Shop Village Room 437 S. Spring St. COLEAAAN ROYAL Cum-Park Plaza Burlington, N. C. DUNCAN AND GIFFORD, REALTORS 147 E. Little Creek Road Norfolk, Virginia 23518 Soul Kings Zodiacs Monzas Hot Nuts Hysterics Soul Inc. Patents NTI NORCA TALENT, INC. BOX 1493 BURLINGTON, N. C. PHONE: 227-2053 Plus Many More Bands and National Entertainment " We Sell Quality Bands " ALAAA MATER So here ' s to dear old Elon Faithful and bold Here ' s to her banners of maroon and gold; Here ' s to men and women Who ' ve come and gone Singing the victor ' s song of old Elon! Compliments of MAXWELL VOLKSWAGEN INC. HIGHWAY 70-A BURLINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA c5 enior iaiisL ics ADAMS, GEORGE RICHARD. Business Administration. 211 South Marshall Street. Graham, N. C. Marshal S.S.AM 3.4. ANDERSON, WRIGHT. Physical Education. l3-yr. Graduate) Burgaw, N. C. Sigma Phi Beta l.J.4. Marshal J. Jootball 1.3.4. track 1.3.4; nitramurals 1.3.4: ■■£■■, ' Hen ' s Club 1.3.4. Pt. Majors ' Club 1.3.4. ATKINS, BOBBY DEAN. Physical tducation. Route 6. Mount Alrv. N. C. I.T.K. :.3.4: basketball l.:.3.4. AYSCUE, MELINDA JOAN, tlementary Education. 602 .Andrews Avenue. Henderson. N. C. Public Relations Committee 2. Delta L. ' psilon Kappa 3.4. W.A.A. 1.2. Board of Elections 3. BAKER, JAMES LEROY. B.A. Route 12. 1355 Stone Post Road. Charleston, S. C. Kappa Psi i u 2.3.4: Maroon and Gold 3: Baseball 1.4. Intramurals 1.2.3. 4. BARRETT, J. D. Social Science. Route 5. Burlington, N. C. BEALE, BURGIN. Physical Education. 120 Park Avenue. Danville. Va. Sigma Phi Beta 3.4. football 1 .2.3.4: baseball 1 .2.3.4. BEALE, PEGGY WILLS, Elementary Education. North t ourt Street. Windsor, Va. Pi Kappa Tau 2.3.4: N.E.A. United Church of Christ Fellowship BEISINGER, ROBERT. Spanish. 1318 West Davis Street, Burhngton. N. C. Order oj the Oak 3.4. BELL, PEGGY. Spanish. 2312 Woodrow Drive. Raleigh. N. C. Marshal Summer) 3. French Club 4. Spanish Club. Vice-President 4. United Church of Christ Fellowship 3. Ministerial Association, historian 3: omination for Woodrow Wilson Scholarship 4. BENTON, P.W., JR, History. P.O. Box 583. Elon College, N.C. Marshal 3: Southern Historical .Association 3.4 BOLAND, KATHERINE JEANETTE. English. 606 West Front Street. Burlinuton. N. C. BOONE, NANCY. French. Route l.Oretield. Pa. Delta Upsilon Kappa 3.4: Phi Psi Cli 2. editor-in-chief 3: French Club 3: . t.A. 2. Intramurals 2.3.4. Elon Players 2.3.4: W.A.A. 2.3.4: Eppie - Best Supporting .Actress 3. BOROOD . CHARLES SAML ' EL. Business Administration. 2 1 3 Wilduood Road, Chesapeake, Va. . .Alpha Phi Omega 3.4: .Men ' s Interdormitorv Council " " Vice-President " " SAM 2.3. BRA ' , RICKY. Physical Education. Cull 2.4 Dance commi BRINKHOCS. WILLIAM. Hi . ' ;24 Dosuood Dr.. Chapel Hill. N. C. BROWN, DONALD. HiMorv 4316 Lancaslurc Lane. Orlando. I lunda Alpha Pi Delta 3.4. Maruuii and Cold editor 4. basketball 3.4: Intra- murals 3.4. Ionian Sueiet 4. F ' .Men i Club 4. BULLA. ROBERT FRANKLIN, JR. Business .Administration. Alpha Pi Delta 3.4. .Maroon and Gold 4: baseball 2.3: intramurals 2.3 4 BURCHEITE.BECKl. Elementary Education Route i. 1 airla Hills, Bo 193. Raleigh, N. C. Intramurals 3.4. W.A.A. 4: Entertainment Committee 4. Pep committee 4. Publicity Committee 4. Spanish Club 4. BURGESS, CHESTER W. Math P O. Bos 644. I ranklin. a BURKE, MFLMN H.. JR. History P, U. Bos N, Ru buru. N (. ' Alpha Pi Dtlla Young Republicans 1.2. Spanish Club 1.2. Pan- Hellenic Council 3. Food Committee 2. CABLE, SHARON RUTH, Elementary Education 24 Rcnnison Road, Trumbull, Connecticut S.G.A. Secretary 3: Senate Secretary 3.4. Beta Omicron Beta 3. Presi- dent 4: Phi Psi CIi sorority editor 4. Women ' s Interdormilorv Council 3. Spanish Club 4. S. tA. 3. I ' lee-presidenl 4. intramurals 3.4. Methodist Student Lnion 2. Interlraternity Council 4. Homeeomim; Sponsor 4 CAINES, JCD KATE. BioloL ' . Route 1. holtjn. . ( , Delta Vpsiluii Kappa 2.3.4: Women ' s Interdormitory Council 3.4. intramural ' , W.A.A 1 .2.3.4: Homecoming sponsor 3: Orientation Committee 4. .Xominating Committee for Outstanding Professor 4 Sigma Phi Beta Sweetheart 4. CAMPBELL. ROY. Business Administration. P. O. Bo. 658. Elon College. N. C. . P E. .Maiors ' Club 4. CAMPION, THOMAS GRAHAM. History. 2615 North Powhatan Street. Arlington, Va. Dance Committee 4: Kappa Psi .Vu 2.4. vice-president 3. intra murals 1.2. 3.4. CARMICHAEL, JANE AARON. French. 7 1 1 Lexington Ave.. Burhngton, N. C. Future Planning and Development Committee 3.4: French Club 3.4. CARPENTER, JAMES DAVID. History. Box 633. Elon College, N. C. Homecoming Committee 2: Food and Cafeteria Committee 2: Sigma Mu Sigma 2.3. Corresponding Secretary and National Grand Senior lice- President 4. Proctor 3.4. Recording Secretary .Men ' s l.D.C. 4: Smith Dorm president 4. intramurals 2.3.4. CARTER, JAMCE ANN. 1 lemcntary Education. Route 1, Bus 124. Ashcboro. N.C. Board ol Flections 3. Pi Kappa Tau 3.4. Maroon and Gold 4: S..y.E.A. 3. Treasurer 4. intramurals 1.3.4. United Church of Christ Fellowship 1,1 CATLETT, ARTHUR DURHAM, Business Admmistration. 410 West Kime Street, Burlington. N. C. Business Club 1: S..A..M. 3. French Club I ' ice president 3. President 4. CAUDLE, HOWARD. Business Administration. Box 344, Goldston. N. C. .Marshal 3. Proctor 2.3.4. S..A.M. 2.3.4: intramurals 2. Baptist Student Union 2.3. vice-president 4. CAVINESS, JAMES. JR, Religion. Route 2, Robbins, N. C. United Church ol Christ Fellowship 1: Ministerial .Association 1. CLARK, SUSIE. I kmentary Education. 9.S3 llulton Street, Wmston-Salem. N.C. Alpha Psi Omega 3.4: intramurals 3.4: Elon Players 3.4. COBO, CECILIA .ANNE, English. 5565 Columbia Pike. Arlington, Va. Public Relations committee 1. Tau Zeta Phi 2.4. chaplain 3. " Women ' s l.D.C. 3.4. . ' ew Dorm Secretary 3: Young Democrats 1: Cheerleader 3. co-captain 4: Elon Players 4: Homecoming sponsor 2. Homecoming COCKE. STANLEY T. Business Administration. 5018 Cottage Grove Road, Madison, Wisconsin Senate 1.2: Sigma Mu Sigma Baseball 1. intramurals Orientation Committee 2. COCKMAN, EDWARD L. Social Science. Brookwood Gardens. .Apt. 3-A, Burlington, N. C. COLCLOUGH, DEE WALL, Elementary Education. College Garden Apts. Elon College, N. C. Marshal 3: S.. ' .E.A. 4: intramurals 1. COLLIE, BOBB ' . Social Science and History. 105 North 1 ranklin Street, Reidsville. N. C. COLLIER, PATRICK NOI L. Accountim:. Business Club 2. S.A..M. 3.4: French Club 3.4: Ente Committee COLLINS, CATHY LYNN. Elementary Education. 330 West Holt Street. Burlington. N. C. Delta Upsilon Kappa 2.3.4. S. .F..A. 3.4: intramurals 4. COLLINS, LARRY FREDERICK. Phvsical Education. 1225 East 18th Street, lacksonville. Honda Baseball Baptist Student Union " E " Men ' s Club 3 4. P E. .Majors ' Club 2.3.4. CRAIG. GREGORY. Social Science. 1303 Decatur Street, Baltimore. Maryland. Alpha Phi Omega 3.4. Campus Crier 2.3.4. Young Republicans 1: intra- murals CUMMINGS, FRED, JR, History. Box 335,Gibsonville, N.C. Marshal 3: Ionian Society 3.4: Southern Historical Association 3.4. CUNNINGHAM, FENTON, History. Asheville. N. C. DAVIS, CHARLES M,. JR. History. 1 1 1 East Hendrix Street. Greensboro, N. C. Campus Crier 4: Ionian Society 3. Southern Historical Associaton 3 4 DAVIS, DWIGHT JOHN, Biology. Route 2. Box 2302, Virginia Beach, Virginia Alpha Phi Omega 3. secretary 4: Campus Crier 2.3: Elon Singers 2.3.4: intramurals DAVIS, THOMAS R., JR, Mathematics. 124 Prospect Street. Leaksville. N. C. Iota Tau Kappa Basketball " E " Men ' s Club 1.2 3 4 DEARBORN, BETSY, Elementary Education. Catawba College, Salisbury. N. C. Senate 4. Elections Committee 1. chairman 2. Pi Kappa Tau 1.2. pledge master, treasurer 3.4: Women ' s l.D.C. 2. vice-president 3: New Dorm secretary 4. S. .E.A. 3.4. intramurals United Church of Christ Fellowship Eton Singers WAA Orientation Committee 3: Homecoming Court 4. DEMETER.PAT. History 207 Arlington Drive. Fords. .New Jersey Senate 2: Homecoming Committee chairman 3: Delta Upsilon Kappa 2.4. vice-president J: Alpha Psi Omega 2.3.4: Eton Players Orienta- tion Committee 2. DeVAULT. CLIFFORD O. EngUsh. P. O. Box 614. Elon College. N. C. Elon Colonnades, associate editor 3. editor 4: .Maroon and Gold 4. DOOLITTLE, SHANNON. Spanish Bo. 1090, Elon College. N. C. Senate I: .Maroon and Gold 4: Homecommg Sponsor 2: Orientation Committee 2: Sigma .V u Sigma Sweetheart 2. DOOLITTLE. ROBERT E., JR. Philosophy Box 1090. Elon College. N. C. Sigma .Mu Sigma intramurals DRINKWATER, LEROY E.,JR. Economics. 2102 Huntington Road. Burlington. N. C. Sigma .Mu Sigma 1.2.3. president 4: S.A.M. 3.4: football I. track 1. intramurals Orientation Committee 2. DUNCAN, BRENDA FRANCES. Business Education. Route 1. Leasburg. N. C. Pi Kappa Tau 3.4. Phi Psi Cli 4: S.XE.A. 3.4 DUNCAN, MONCL ' RE. History. 218 South lairlax Street. Alexandria. Virginia Honor Court 3. Band I. Ionian Society 2.3. DUNN, EDGAR LEE, JR. Business Administration. 342 North Sellars Mill Road. Burlington. N. C. SA..M. 4. EDWARDS, WANDA. English. 323 South Boylan Avenue, Raleigh. N. C. Pi Kappa Tau 3.4: Order of the Oak 3.4: intramurals 3.4. Board of Elections 3.4. ELLIS, ROBERT WAYNE. Physical Education. 811 Jaycee Terrace. Marion. S. C. Kappa Psi . u 3.4: baseball 1.2.4: intramurals " E " .Men ' s Club 3. 4. P E. Maiors Club 2.3.4. FARLEY. MARILYN. History, Spanish. 6937 La Marre Drive, Hollins. Virginia. Orientation Committee 4: Order of the Oak 3.4. Spanish Club secretary 4. Elon Singers 1. FALST. MARY BRANNOCK. Elementary Education. 801 Maple Avenue. SaUsbury. N. C. Senior cla ' ss secretary-treasurer 4: Pi Kappa Tau Phi Psi Cli I: S.. .E.A. 2.3.4. intramurals United Church of Christ Fellowship 1.2: Elon Singers WAA 1. Dance Committee FERGUSON, PEGGIE JEAN. Mathematics. 3506 East Oak Dnvc, Durham. N. C. Senate secretary 2: Who ' s Who Committee 4: Homecoming Committee 1.4: Dance Committee 3: Alpha Psi Omega 3.4. Phi Psi Oi 3. .Math Club 2: intramurals 3.4: Elon Players 2.3.4. FORESTA. RON. Physical Educaion. 2049 Mill Avenue. Brooklyn. Neiv York Sigma Phi Beta 2.3.4. football track 2: baseball 1 FOWLER. PRESTON LeROY. Economics. 2309-1 Lednum Street. Durham. N. C. S.A.M. 4: Spanish Club 4. intramurals 4. FRANK, WILLIA.M DAVID. Business 207 Philadelphia Pike. Wilmington. Delaware Sigma .Mu Sigma Track 1.2. intramurals FRAZIER, ANITA. Mathematics. 329 West Kime Street. BurUngton. N. C. FREE.MAN. ROBERT. Business Administration. 89 Hop Brook Road. Simsbury, Connecticut S.A..M. 2,3,4. Tennis 2.3.4: intramurals 1.2.3: Lvceum Committee 4. FULLER. CLYDE ERNIE. Biology Route 3. Burlington. N. C. Secretary-treasurer Smith Dorm I. Baptist Student Union 1.2.3. viARNER, LARRY. Accounting. 1612 Cotton Grove Road. Lexington, N. C. Kappa Psi .Vu treasurer 3. president 4: S.A.M. 2.3.4. intramurals Dance committee GARRISON, EVELINE. Physical Education. 224 Silver Lake Drive. Burlington, N. C. Tau Zeta Phi 1.2.3, president 4: Majorette 1.2.3: head 4: WAA 1.2.4. treasurer 3. P E. Majors ' Club GIBSON, RICHARD WILLIAM. Mathematics. Route 3. Graham. N. C. .Maroon and Gold 4. Western Electric Fund Scholarship 3, 4. GIFFORD. FRANCINE ELIZABETH. French. 1923 Bay View Blvd.. Norfolk. Virginia. Senate 3: State Student Legislature 3.4: Homecoming Committee 1.2.4: Spring Weekend Committee 1.2.4: Tau Zeta Phi 1.2. Corresponding Secretary 3. Historian 4: Phi Psi Cli 3.4: French Qub 3.4: intramurals 1.2. 3.4: Cheerleader 2: WAA Homecoming Sponsor 4. Orientation Committee 4: Publicity Committee chairman 2.3: Entertainment com- GOSE, WALTER L. Business Admmislration. 4925 West 29th Street. Arlington. Virginia SAM. 4: German Qub 2: intramurals GRANDJEAN, YVONNE. Elementary Education. 1602 Woodbine Street. Alexandria. Virginia Homecoming Committee 2.3: Spring Weekend Committee I: Delta Upsilon Kappa 3.4: S.N.E.A. WAA 1: Homecoming Sponsor I. Orientation Committee 2.3.4: Board of Elections 3. GREEN, WILLIAM T. History. P. O. Box 182. Elon CoUege, N. C. Contemporary Affairs Committee chairman 4: Kappa Psi .Vu 1.2,3.4: Pi Gamma Mu 3.4: Baseball 1: intramurals 1,2.3.4. GUENTHER, WAYNE WOOD. History. 5601 Chamberlayne Road. Richard, Virginia S. ' ,E.A. 3. GURGANIOUS. RICHARD WILEY. History. Route 7. Box 397, Burlington, N. C. Ionian Society 3.4. HALSTED, BOB. Biology. 2 1 2 Greenw ood Drive. Manchester, Connecticut Sigma Phi Beta 2.3.4. HANDY, KEITH. Business Administration. Route 6. ReidsviUe. N. C. Young Democrats 1.2: S.A.M. 3.4. Track 1.2. intramurals 1. HARDIE. BEN. Social Science. 2323 Venie Street. Burlington. N. C. HARDWICK, WALLACE EDWARD, JR. Biology. 616 Texan Avenue. BurUngton. N. C. Proctor 3.4. Biology Club Band HERRING, DEMPSEY. Physical Education. Box 440-A. WhitevUle. N. C. Oass president 2.3.4: Mens IDC 3.4: Proctor 3: Sigma Phi Beta 3.4: football 2.3.4. baseball intramurals Board of Elections 2: Orientation Commitlee 2,3, Entertainment Committee 3. " E " .Men ' s Oub 1.2.3,4. P E, majors ' dub 2.3.4. SSGA 2.3. HEVE, ROBERT B., JR. Mathematics. 618 Beth Avenue, Winston-Salem. N. C. Chemistry Club 1: intramurals HIATT.CARLPEIFFER. History. 41 1 North 15th Street. Wilmington. N. C. Community Relations Committee chairman 4. lota Tau Kappa 3.4. Base- ball 3. intramurals 3.4: Ionian Society 3: Orientation Committee 3. Entertainment Committee 3: Southern Historical Association 4. HICKS, JERRY M. Business. Box 111. Haw River. N. C. 5 .-l .M 4, intramurals 1. HOGGh. JERRY. Physical Education. 101 Hunts Neck Road. Poquoson. Virginia Men s LDC 4. Proctor 4. Football Baseball 1.2. intramurals 1.2. 3.4, " E " Men ' s Club 3,4. P E Ma ors ' Club 1,2.3.4. HOLLINGSWORTH, HOLLY. French. 812 Washington Drive. Chesapeake. Va. Tau Zeta Phi 3.4: Phi Psi Oi 4: intramurals 1.2.3,4, Baptist Student Union 2, Homecoming Sponsor 2: Dance Committee 4. HOLLINGSWORTH, KEN. Music and EngUsh. Route 2. Randleman, N, C. Senate 2.3: Campus Affairs Committee 2: Alpha Phi Omega 3. chap- lain 4: .Marshal 3: Who ' s Who 4: Order of the Oak 3.4: Maroon and Gold editor 4. Campus Crier 3: Young Republicans 1. United Church ot Christ Fellowship 1: ElonSingers Elon Quartet 2.3.4: Religious Life Committee 3: Orientation Committee 2. Public Relations Com- mittee 4: Food Committee 4. HOOPER, JUDITH M, Business Education. Apt. 22-A Brookwood Gardens. Burlington. N. C. SAM. 3.4. Beta Chi Epsilon 1. HOPE, WINONA C. Business Education. 1812 West Front Street. Burlington. N. C. HORNEJl. VICKI. Social Science. 105 South First Street. Mebane. N. C. HOVIS. FLORA JEAN. Chemistry. 510 Grand Blvd.. Boone. N. C. Pi Kappa Tau 1.2.3,4, intramurals 2.3.4: Band 1. Homecoming Sponsor S. M 2,3. treasurer 4 HLFFINFS. ELLEN M. Business Education. Kouii; . , Burlington. N. C. .Marslial 3. SA.M. 2.3.4: Beta Chi Epsilon I. HUGHES, J, REYNOLDS. Business Administration. 6 Cragmere Road. Wilmington. Delaware Homecoming Committee 3: Alpha Phi Omega 3,4, Proctor 4: French Club 3. Elon Singers 2.3.4. HUGHES, RICHARD. History. 422 Banks Street. Graham. N. C. Spanish Club 2: football 1.2. Ionian Society 2.3. Southern Historical Association 2.3.4: P E, .Majors ' Club I. HURT, ANTHONY CARTER. Business Administration Box 682, Elon College, N. C. Intramurals 1.2. INZETTA, ROBERT TYSON. Social Science. 7200 Webster Lane. Camp Springs, Maryland Football I. track I: intramurals 4. volleyball 1: Ionian Society 4. IPPOLITO, BARBARA NATALIE. Elementary Education. 25 1 7 Saddle t lub Road. BurUngton. N. C. Entertainment Committee 2.3: Delta Upsilon Kappa Marshal 3: Contemporary Affairs Symposium 3.4: Homecoming Sponsor 4, Home- coming Queen 3: Mayday Court 3: Entertainment Committee 2.3. Sigma Phi Beta Sweetheart 3. JOHNSON, DAVID. EngUsh and History Orlando. Fla. Vice-President of the Student Government Organization 3. Senate 4: Senate Judicial 4: Homecoming Queen ' s Float Committee 3.4. Phi Psi Cli 4. Elon Collonnades 4; Maroon and Gold 4. Campus Crier 2.3.4: Young Republicans Club 3. Board of Elections 4: Orientation Committee 4. Entertainment Committee 1 .2: Nominating Committee for Who ' s Who 4. Judicial Committee 4. JOHNSON, GARY CURTIS. Math. 410Griswold St.. Selma. N. C. Band 2.3.4. JOHNSON, LEE. Physical Education. Asheboro. N. C. Football intramurals -£ " Men ' s Club P.E. Majors ' Gub Captain of Football Team 4. JOHNSON, JUDY DELORISE. Elementary Education. Box 398-A Dry Fork. Va. National Education Assoc. 1.2: Women ' s .Athletic Assoc. 1.2. JONES, GARY. History. Honor Court 4: Iota Tau Kappa 4. intramurals 3.4. Ionian Society 3,4. JONES, SONDRA HALL. English. Route 2, Leaksville, N. C. Cafeteria Committee 3. Beta Omicron Beta 2.3.4. Proctor 1. Beta Chi Epsilon 4: Baptist Student Union Choir 1.2: Homecoming Sponsor 3. JORDAN, GARY. Physical Education. Elon CoUege. N. C. Maroon and Gold 4. football track intramurals P.E. Major ' s Club JORDAN, LINDA. English. Elon CoUege. N. C. French Club 1. intramurals 1. Baptist Student Union 1. KARRIKER, GARY WAYNE. Physical Education. Elon College, N. C. Sigma Phi Beta Varsity Club football KING, STEVEN WADSWORTH. Biology. 1825 Forest Road, Durham, N. C. Alpha Pi Delta intramurals Band Entertainment Committee 3.4 LAYTON, CHARLOTTE MARIE. Elementary Education. 413 Rocky Knoll Road. Greensboro, N. C. LEE, RICHARD. Physical Education. Bo.x 551. Elon College. N.C. Football intramurals P.E Major ' s Gub LEE, RONNIE EUGENE. Business Administration. Box 602, Graham, N. C. LELAND, DAWN MARGARET. English 1047 Inverness Road, Southern Pines. N. C. Publicity Committee 4: Alpha Psi Omega 3.4. Phi Psi Cli 4. Editor of Elon Colonnades 4: Campus Crier 3.4: Young Republicans Club 1. Elon Players Lyceum Committee 4. LEWIS, DIANA LEA. Elementary Education. 2905 Faumont St., Falls Church. Va. Pi Kappa Tau 3,4: N.E.A. 3,4: Choir LINEBERRY, DELNA FAYE. EngUsh. Box 57, Alamance, N. C. Homecoming Committee 4: Spring Weekend Committee 3.4. Tau Zeta Phi 3.4 (W.A.A. Representative): Marshal 2,3: Phi Psi Cli 4: N.E.A. 2.3. intramurals Choir 2.3: Elon Singers 2.3: W.A.A. Orientation Committee 4: Dance Committee 4: Entertainment Committee LOCKHART, RITA PAULETTE. English. 612 Mendel Terrace, Graham, N. C. Marshal 3. N.E.A. 4. LOVETTE, HAROLD LEE. History. Ill Allen St., Graham, N. C. LUNSFORD, JAMES W. English. Box 3292, Elon CoUege, N.C. Senate 2.3.4: Campus Affairs Committee 3.4. Contemporary Afjairs Committee 3.4: Sigma Mu Sigma J. 2.3. 4, Who ' s Who 4: English Club 4. Baptist Student Union Liberal Arts Forum 4: Southern Historical Association 2. LUNSFORD, MARCIA HENRY. Social Science. Box 3292. Elon College, N. C. Campus Affairs Committee 3.4: Vice-president of Gass 3.4. Pi Kappa Tau 2.3.4: Pi Gamma Mu 3.4: Who ' s Who 3,4: Vice-President of Women ' s Interdormitory Council 3: N.E.A. 3.4: Liberal Arts Forum 4. Ionian Society 2.3: Southern Historical Association 2.3,4. LUPINACCI, CAROL ANN. Mathematics. 18 Burr St., Stamford, Connecticut Senate 1.3: Spring Weekend Committee 2,3 (Chairman): Homecoming Committee 2.4: Secretary of Class 1: Treasurer of Gass I: Pi Kappa Tau 2.3 (Vice-president). 4 (President): Who ' s Who 3.4: Women ' s Inter- dormitory Council 3: German Gub 1.2: N.E.A. 2.3.4: Math Club 2: intramurals 1.2,3.4: Baptist Student Union W.A.A, 1,2,3,4: Elon Singers Orientation Committee 2: Dance Committee 2: Publicity Committee Co-Chairman 2. State Student Legislature 3.4: Long Range Planning Committee 3.4. LUTTERLOH, GLENDA DONNELL. Elementary Education Route 6, BurUngton, N. C. MABE, LARRY GLENN. French. Box231.Star, N. C. Honor Court 1.3.4: Orientation Committee 3.4 (Chairman). Alpha Pi Delta 1.2.3,4, Who ' s Who 4, Phi Psi Cli 4, Young Republicans Club 1,2. French Club 3.4 (President), intramurals Orientation Committee 3.4 (Chairman). MASSEY, JOHNNIE. Math Box 3186, Burlington, N. C. Religious Life Committee 2,3,4 (Chairman), Outstanding Professor Committee 4, Phi Psi Gi 4: Elon Colonnades 4: United Church of Christ Fellowship Ministerial Association 1.2 (Vice-president). 3 (President). 4 (Historian). Barnight Award 1965. MASSEY, BOBBY WAYNE. Business Administration. NeweU Heights, Roxboro, N. C. Alpha Phi Omega 3,4: Young Republicans Gub 1: S.A.M. 4: track 2: intramurals 4. Methodist Student Fellowship 1.2. MARSHALL, JAMES G. Math and Physics. 958 Wellington Road. Elkins Park, Pa. Intramurals Choir 2.3.4. MARTIN, DON. Accounting 321 E. Fifth St., Burlington. N. C. MARTIN, GEORGE E. Business Administration. 5105 Urapahoe Ave., JacksonvUle 10, Fla. Honor Court Chairman 4: Maroon and Gold 3.4: Campus Crier 3.4: Orientation Committee 3. McCAUSLAND, PATRICIA ANN, History. 51 Tardy Lane, Wantagh, New York. Homecoming Committee 1: May Day Committee 1: Pi Gamma Mu 3.4: Liberal Arts Forum 3.4: Ionian Society 1,2,3,4, Elon Players 2,3,4: Board of Elections Chairman 4: Southern Historical Association 4. McCAULEY, WILLA KAY, History. 711 Wicker St., BurUngton. N. C. Contemporary .Affairs Symposium 4, Marshal 3: Southern Historical Association 3,4. McCLURE, JIM. Business Administration. 213 South Mam St., Graham, N. C. Sigma Mu Sigma 3.4: S.A.M. 2.3.4: intramurals 3.4. McNAIR, NANCY LOUISE, Elementary Education. 26 Dorset Drive, Kenihvorth, N. J. Delta Upsilon Kappa 4. MICHAEL, FRANK LYNN. History . Route 1, Linwood, N. C. Iota Tau Kappa 3.4 (President): intramurals 1.2: Ionian Society 3.4: Pan- Hellenic Council 4: Dance Committee 3.4. Entertainment Committee 4: Southern Historical Association 3.4. MICHAELS, JOHN HEALY. Business Admmistration. 2313 Club Blvd., Durham, N.C. Alpha Pi Delta 2.3.4. Men ' s Interdormitory Council 3: Pan-Hellenic Council 3. MILLER, ALICE B. Elementary Education. 1005 East Hanover Rd., Graham, N. C. Order of the Oak 3: N.E.A. 4. MONACELLI, ROBERT. Social Science. 901 Stanley Rd.. Portsmouth, Va. MOON, JANE FROST. Elementary Education. 302 Haggard St., Elon College, N. C. Senate 4: Beta Omicron Beta 3.4 (Secretary). Phi Psi Cli 4 (Senior Gass Editor): . ' .E.A. 3 (Secretary). 4 (President): Choir 3: Homecoming Sponsor 4 (S.. .E.A.). MOON, JOSEPH RICHARD, JR, Business Administration. 1349 Edgewood .Ave.. Jacksonville, Fla. Kappa Psi . ' u MOORE, GAYLE GREENE. Elementary Education. Route 2, BurUngton, N. C. . .E.A. 2.3,4, Ministerial Association 2. MORRISON, DALE. History. 1600 Belfield PI.. Lynchburg, Va. President of S.G..i. 4: Senate 3: Honor Court 3: Judicial Committee Chairman 3. Chief Marshal 4: Pi Gamma Mu 3.4: Who ' s Who 4: Campus Crier 3. intramurals I: Ionian Society 2.3: Development Committee 3: Southern Historical Association 2.3.4: Honors Program 1,2: S.S.L. 3.4: ICCS.C 3. MORRISON, DON L. History. 906 N. Main St., BurUngton, N. C. Sigma Phi Beta 3.4. .Maroon and Gold 4. intramurals 3.4: Orientation Committee 2. Entertainment Committee 3. MOTZ, WILLIAM. Business. 1 10 Gilmore Blvd., Floral Park, N. Y. Men ' s Interdormitory Council I. S..A.M. 3. MULHOLLAND, CARL A. B. A. 2314 W. Club. Blvd.. Durham. N. C. Treasurer of S.G. A. 4. United Church of Christ Fellowship 4. Choir 1. MYERS, NANCY. English. lUington Road, Ossining, New York. Phi Psi Cli 4: Elon Colonnades 3.4. Campus Crier 2.4: intramurals 3.4: Cheerleader 2.4: Elon Plovers 3.4 NELSON, JOHN C, B. A. Ocean Drive Beach, S. C. NICHOLS, JOSEPH REA. History. 2514 Saddle Club Road, BurUngton, N. C. Ionian Societv 3.4: Southern Historical Association 4. NICHOLS, DAVID, JR. B. A. Box 553, Elon CoUege, N. C. SA.M. 3: tennis l.Z OLD, GEORGE M, JR, English. 404 Cedar Lane, Virginia Beach, Va. Homecoming Committee 3: Spring Weekend Committee 3: Maroon and Gold 4. OLIPHANT, DAVID. Math Rt. 4. Box 1 18 A, MooresviUe, N. C, Iota Tau Kappa 4: Men ' s Interdormitorv Council 4: Football Track " E " Men ' s Club :P.E. Majors Club 1.. OMAN, WILLIAM R. Physical Education. Rt. 10. Box 422, Lexington. N. C. Kappa Psi Nu 1.2,3.4: Track 1: intramurals 1.. S.4. OSBORNE, CALVIN EDWARD. EngUsh. Rt. 6. KernersviUe, N. C. Maroon and Gold 4; Proctor 2: English Club 4: Baptist Student Union 1,2.3.4: Band 1.2.3. 4. PACE, JOHN W. B.A. Rt. 1. Box 131. Forest City. N. C. .Alpha Pi Delta 2.3.4 (President): French Club 3: i .t.A. 2: baseball 1.2.3: Pan-Hellenic Council (I.F.C.) 4 PARSONS, DANIEL LARRY. B. A. Box 447, Elon CoUege, N. C. PATTERSON, BETSY. Elementajy Education. Rt. 6. Burlington, N. C. Tau Zeta Phi 3.4: Choir 2.3: Cheerleader 3.4: Elon Singers 2.3: Home- coming Sponsor 2.3.4: Mavday Court 2. PAYNE, THOMAS HOWIE. B. A. 1101 Jackson Court, Falls Church, Va. Sigma Mu Sigma 1.2 (Historian). 3.4 (Treasurer): intramurals PEFANIS, PETER. Economics. 232 Seabright St. Board of Traditions Committee (Chairman) 4: Campus Crier 3.4: Men ' s Interdormitory- Council 4: Dorm President 4: S.A.M. 3.4: intramurals Ionian Society 2.3: Board of Elections 4. PICKARD, GEORGE RICHARD. Economics and B.A. ButUneton. N. C. SAM. 3.4. PIKE, JIM. B.A. 208 Sumner Rd.. Annapolis. Md. SAM. 4: football 4 RAGON, MARTHA. Elementary Education. Rt. Sanford, N.C. Beta Omicron Beta 2.3 (Secretary). 4: Phi Psi Ci: .W.E.A. 3.4: Baptist Student Union 2. REYNOLDS, CAROL ANN. Elementary Education. Box 165, Elon CoUege, N.C. Beta Omicron Beta 1.2.3 (President). 4: Marshal 2: Homecoming Spon- sor 3: Mayday Court 2. RICE, JANICE ANN. Elementary Education. Rt. l.ReidsviUe. N.C. .Marshal 3: .E..A. 3.4. RICH , ANITA S. Music Education. Rt. .Marshal 3: Choir 3.4: Elon Singers 3.4: Shackley Piano Award 3. RIDDLE, EDWARD JAMES. Economics. 310 Georgia Ave., Burlington, N. C. German Club 3.4: Veteran ' s Club 4: S.A.M. 4: intramurals 4. ROBINETTE, JEANETTE. English. 4209 Lookout Rd., Virginia Beach, Va. Seruite 1: Homecoming Committee 2.4: Phi Psi Cli 1.3.4: Maroon and Gold 4: intramurals 1.3.4: Judicial Committee 1. ROUNTREE, BETH. English. Box 144. HobbsviUe, N.C. Senate 4. Beta Omicron Beta 1.2.3 (Treas.). 4: Campus Crier 3.4: Women ' s Interdormiion ' Council 3.4: .V.E.A. 3.4 (Secretary): intra- murals 1.2.3: W.A.A. SAUNDERS. JAMES FARRELL. History. Rt. 6, Box 188-25, Greensboro, N. C. Pi Gamma Mu 3: Order of the Oak 2.3: Southern Historical Association 3.4. SEYMOUR, LYN. Elementary Education. Box 53, Elon College. N.C. . .E..A. 1.2.3 (Treas.). 4: Eton Players 3.4: Alpha Psi Omega 4. SHOKFNER. ROSALIND ELAINE. Elementary Education. 400 Trail 1, Grove Park. Burlington, N. C. Beta Omicron Beta 2.4: Marshal 3. SIPE, BARBARA AMOS. Spanish. Rt. 1, Box 506-A, Graham, N. C. SMART, WAYNE. Social Science. Virgilina, Va. Senate 1: Kappa Psi Nu 2.3.4: intramurals Pan-Hellenic Council 3 SPEARS, CHARLES T. JR. Physical Education. 303 Greenwood St., Burhngton.N. C. Football 2: intramurals 1.2: P.E. Major ' s Club 2.3.4. STALEY. CARL REID. English. 407 North St.. Graham. N. C. STANLEY, MARY ALLENE. B. A Rt. 1. RulTin. N. C. S.E.A. 3. STEVENS, CAROLYN JEAN. Elementary Education. Rt. 2, Roxboro Rd.. Durham. N. C. Tau Zeta Phi 2.3.4. STEVENS, JUDITH A. Business Education. 15 Crawford St.. West Lebanon. N. H. Beta Omicron Beta 2.3.4 (Recording Sec): Phi Psi Cli 3: Beta Chi Epsiton 1.2: . .E.A. 4: intramurals 1,2,3: Band and Community Orches- tra 1,2,3,4: W.A.A. 3. SUMMERS, GAIL. Math. Rt. 1. Box 406. Gibsonville. N. C. ft Kappa Tau 2.3.4 (W.A.A. Representative): N.E.A. 3: inlramurals 1.2. 3.4: W.A.A. (Vice-President): Homecoming Court 4: .Mavday Court 2. SUMMER. CHARLES GARY. B. A. 2709 May Drive. BurUngton. N. C. SUTTON, DONNA JO. Elementary Education. 1523 Shadylawn Dr.. BurUngton, N. C. Delta Upsilon Kappa 2.3.4: N.E.A. 4. TEAGUE, CAROLE MOORE. Elementary Education. Brookwood Garden Apt. 15-F. BurUngton. N. C. Tau Zeta Phi 3.4: N.E.A. 2.3.4. THOMAS, VICKIE SUE. Elementary Education. 302 Trail One, BurUngton, N. C. Pi Kappa Tau 2.3.4: N.E.A. 2.4. TOBUREN, RICK. B.A. Apt. C-6 1137 Church St., Greensboro, N. C. S.A.M. 4: intramruals 2.3.4. TOTTEN, LORINE FITCH. Elementary Education. Rt. 1, Box 70, YanceyviUe, N. C. A ' . E. A. 3.4 TUGWELL, RONNIE. History. 2515 North Florida St., ArUngton, Va. Gass Treasurer 3: Finance Committee 3: Kappa Psi Nu Who ' s Who 4: Maroon and Gold 4: baseball 1.2.3: intramurals 1.2.3,4: Ionian Society 1: Pan-Hellenic Council 1: Entertainment Committee 2,3: " E " Men ' s Club 2,3,4 TURNER, WILLIAM R. B A. Box 24, Elon CoUege, N. C. Sigma Mu Sigma 2,3.4: Maroon and Gold 4: S.A.M. 2.3.4. Basketball 1: intramurals VAN LEAR, CHARLES A. Physical Education. 213 McCoy St., MartinsviUe, Va. Iota Tau Kappa 3.4: basketball intramurals 2.3. P. E. Major ' s Club WALKER, DELAINA FAY. Elementary Education. 726 Broad St., BurUngton. N. C. N.E.A. 4. WARD, THOMAS RAY. History. Box316, Haw River, N.C. Homecoming Committee 3: Spring Weekend Committee 3: Contempory Affairs Symposium 3.4: Maroon and Gold 3.4: Campus Crier 3.4: Young Democrats Club 3: Liberal Arts Forum 4: Ionian Society 2.3.4 (Vice- President): Publicity Committee 3: Southern Historical Association 2.3.4. WATKINS, JIMMY. Accounting. S-16 College Park, Elon CoUege, N. C. SAM. 2.3.4: intramurals 2.3: Basketball Manager 2.3.4: " E " Men ' s Oub 3.4. WATKINS, CANDACE ALLENZO. Physical Education. S-16 CoUege Park. Elon CoUege, N. C. .Majorette 2: W.A.A. PE. Major ' s Club 2.3.4. WEAVER, MARGARET. Elementary Education. 2139 Spencer St., Danville. Va. Homecoming Sponsor 3: Mayday Queen 3. WEBB, CLAIRE LUCILE, Physical Education. 2263 Waike St., Va. Beach, Va. Phi Psi Cli 3: Maroon and Gold 4: intramurals 3.4: W.A.A. 3.4: P.E. .Major ' s Oub 3.4. WEBSTER, JACKIE RHODES. Elementary Education. 610 Ladeside Ave., BurUngton, N. C. N.E.A. 2.4. WELBORN, SHEILA JO. Elementary Education. 226 Ferris St., Haw River, N. C. German Club 2: N.E.A. 2.3.4: intramurals 1: W.A.A. 1. WHITAKER. REBECCA MOORE. EngUsh. 1521 GranviUe St., Burlingotn, N. C. Beta Omicron Beta 3.4. WILBURN, MIKE. P.E. and Spanish. S-12 College Park, Elon College, N. C. Spanish Oub 4: P. E. Major ' s ' ciub Lab. Assistant 1.4. WILLIAMS. DONALD. History. 10513 Kinloch Rd., Silver Spring, Md. Sigma Phi Beta intramurals Southern Historical Associa- tion 3. WILLIAMS, PERRY A. Physical Education. Rt. 3, Box 1 148-6, Charlotte, N. C. Sigma Phi Beta football baseball " E " Men ' s Oub 3.4: PE. Major ' s Club WOOD, MICHAEL G. B. A. 404 S. Joyner St., GibsonviUe, N. C. Spring Weekend Committee 3: Entertainment Committee 4: Professor of the Year Committee 4: S.A.M. 3.4 (President): Entertainment Com- mittee 4: S.A.M. State President 4: Elon Representative to Fancourt Textile Conference 4. WOOLSEY, MARY ELIZABETH. History. Madison. N. J. Senate 3: Publicity Committee 4: Religious Life Committee 3: N.E.A. 2: Choir 2: Band Homecoming Sponsor 3: Ministerial Associa- tion Judicial Committee 3. WRENN, SANDRA FAYE. EngUsh. Staley, N. C. Honor Court 4: Religious Life Committee 1: Marshal 3: Who ' s Who 4: Order of the Oak 3.4: N.E.A. 2.3.4: Baptist Student Union 1. Board of Elections 3.4: Nominating Committee for Outstanding Professor 4. ZEZZO, ELEANOR LOUISE. Spanish. 181 Girard Ave.. Hartford, Connecticut. Tau Zeta Phi Phi Psi Cli 4: Women ' s Interdormitory ' Council 2.3. 4 (President): Spanish Club 4: intramurals 1.2,3,4: United Church of Christ Fellowship I: Choir 1: W.A.A. 1.2,3.4: Dance Committee 2,3. . A. bi? .-, «3pssj fe 5 x ' .rVx ' " ' » :-r: »4 - s % , . mil iini mi liii fsisl ■ » ' 4 mil wm nil w lufT Im sn --o.= f-lH ' ' . " " "

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