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m:f ' : .:m Zj m m ' i- ■ ? ' , nmmi Cjfon Co Ieae X - ' ¥ X, , %imj ■-rm -- £ " r jK) fim ttt LJSkCli foreword Unere is sonieUiiiKj in mis place — C on y mean. JKaijhe i is Ae closeness of l ie Sui cfinas or l ie people, or mauoe i is in Anowina i iai (v ien i ou ca ne, some rau ola man saic( ' " ' ' J can re member wnen . . . " and you Anow n a years from now tyou win re i urn o ie I anoiner youin mai ijou remember wnen . . . C ion nas ojyereo us a en a nee o orow menia It pnijsicaJiy, ano spiriiuaj i . C acn uear we Become more and more an in e ra pari of Jie Jife w iic i is offered io us. Jio wonder i iai as i ie oahs close oenind us we reca i w iai ine i ears iiaue 6rouan . :Jeniors, lei i iis 1966 edition of ifie J ii Msi Qfi seroe io si ir your memory of i ie fife aou laue arown io ioue as we iooA ' ' ' ' wiinin inese oaies. " CTlcfminisiraiion ya e IS Urganizaiions T ' age 28 ' 3ree£s Cjon en s — t poHs J age 7S J ' eaiures J acje 90 ancf Cxi npus Izife V aye 108 Dedicaiion Mr. John T. Kernodle Many of those who leave the life " within these gates " have continued to enrich the lives of those who still remain. So it is with Mr. John T. Kernodle. He graduated magna cum laude from Elon College in 1908. Since then he has served as an outstanding citizen. Mr. Kernodle is a Mason, a Shriner, and a member of the First Congregational Church of Richmond, Virginia, as well as an active participant in municipal affairs such as the Community Fund, the Chamber of Commerce and other civic and community groups. He was voted " Outstanding Alumnus of the Year " in 1956. Recently he established the Virginia Beale Kernodle Memorial Fund, as " A Memorial to the memory of my wife, Virginia Beale Kernodle — such Memorial to provide a contribution to the maintenance of Whitley Auditorium. " Because of his continuing interest in the progress and advancement of Elon College, we acknowledge his generosity and service by dedicating this, the fifty-first volume of the PHI PSI CLI to him. j- ' ' ' ■f ' ■ --T 5 " ' i;B. ■ -., ro ooue y In such a place as a college it is true that the student, or scholar if you will, finds himself enclosed in a heap of thoughts and facts springing from books and minds and past and present and future to which there seem to be no top nor bottom nor side nor limit in any direction. It seems that he could learn forever and still not have made the slightest dent in knowledge though he had the ability of Apollo ' s silver shafts to pierce the knotty quirks of learning and drive straight to the throbbing center of a question. Why then should he seek to learn? Oh, monstrous question. Immediately the philosopher springs to his toes and, with graceful discourse on the integrity of the single soul and the universality of the single soul and the unity of men and the dignity of the individual, con- vinces the bewildered scholar that his question was indeed poorly asked. And now, having lost the easiest way out, that of not seeking to learn, the scholar puts his shoulder once more to the overly symbolic wheel and asks, " How then do I penetrate this mass of learn- ing and so at last arrive at my individ- ual degree of the universal Socratic happiness? " The answer comes in not so direct an argument as in a true one. Truth is often illusive like Frost ' s " something white " in the well bottom. First consider this " mass of learning. " The scholar is indeed faced with much to learn, but he sometimes forgets that he has learned much. Nonetheless, his minuteness is evident. Con- sider then the whole of all learning and of all existence. This is indeed infinite, but it is not chaotic. Take a galaxy in mind, pinwheel-like and moving. At the center is a sun, and out from the sun come planets and from the planets, moons. Even the galaxy itself is an extension of a local group of galaxies and this group too is a part of the expanding substance in space. The same order is true of knowledge. Lan- guage, to take one instance, is merely a portion of a more complete existence if it is noted that need gives vent to expression, expression to words, words to language, language to under- standing, understanding to creation, creation to beauty. . . i 5m ■ 1 J W ik » ' " ■ ' A I H.; ' H ' ' tfl Bf ' ; ' 1 H ' - ' m IL ' ' ' ' - ' ' en that all things, lall, physical and mental have a center from which they spring, a center which is singular in its own, and yet whi IS a center from which it too has sprung. Perhaps the scholar may wonder now hat the ultimate center of existence is. What is this thing to which all else h- some original relation, this beginni that didn ' t spring? But for fear or springing the befuddled scholar ' s mind for capable, and reti Seeing that all knowledge and all existence does seem to have an evolutionary order, then the task of comprehending at least some of it or piercing it completely is not altogether impossible and truly not so difficult as it may appear. The scholar should think for a moment now that he too is a part of existence and being so he has evolved from some beginning place. Where then is his beginning? The first and most obvious answer is his parents, and indeed without them he surely would not be. But his being is more than merely genes. He is a person who thinks. % ? I v» t iiiiiiyiliiilill Champions — That ' s what we are! Why does this have to be so exciting? " We thank you! ' The next choice then is his high school. But once again the satisfaction of cor- the growing up years th; the single individual persor launches forth int( ;n above all other things it is his college at is the center of the scholar itcher if he falls are made at his r begins his f lieht. h ' ig, his singular existence. It only remains now for the scho ' see that his task of piercing knowleage is already quite well begun. He is not at the beginning of his labor, nor is he at the end, id in his becoming. It is ifusion is indeed the ordei ind creator of his life Sometimes we like to fight. Sometimes loneliness is friendly. Some time with a friend iwn» Mjfyt- Some time in this place . . . Sometimes there is concern. Sometimes there is question. ' S m ' " » V .V ' rf ' . %m i ' ■ - . f- ' t A- 1 This college, this jDlace in which to become conscious of life, as here this Elon, is indeed the answer to " how do I pierce this mass of learning? " Be- cause he is a student and because he is in this place, the scholar at once can see the learning to be done and be in the midst of what he sees. So the question is answered and the scholar ' s mind is free. Happiness comes in being what one has to be, in doing what one has to do, in becoming what one has to become — for all other happiness ends with dying or with time. Thus without a question this Elon makes the answer, quietly though, without loud shouts of claims of mak- ing people wake to life. This place of buildings, ivy, trees, and men simply brings a lot of world into one tiny spot and to the passerby says not a word, but to the scholar says, " come in, within these walls of brick I offer life, ' within these gates ' I offer happiness. " iraiii ' minisirarion acuJitJ an a Where one finds students, one also finds teachers and admin- istrators. The jobs of this group ore not easy ones. These people are sometimes criticized, sometimes applauded, but are more often unthanked or unnoticed. In this section of the 1966 Phi Psi Cli, we take a look at those who lead us through the years. They will long be remembered for their efficiency, leadership, and for their unquenchable love of learning. J resjc en of i ie Go feqe ■ ' - " " - " - " " Greetings to the CUss of 1966 - •■Within these gates " . . . uhjc an appropriate theme... what a call to In his poem, " The New Year, " Horatio Nelson Powers makes an Interesting ■; .ygra ; a pith " ntrodra ho " se " hose rooM g|£U||, Lack yet the heart ' s divine perCuncs: m A landscape whose wide border lies IW- rw:iirii:-tr, -i:::i:5r f. A casket with its gifts concealed- This la the Year that tor you wait. Beyond toiaorrow ' s mystic 8»te.. The gates to this campus, to this college community, are In a very you to new friendships, wider knowledge, and increased understanding. learning. They have provided the opportunity for you to know yourself and " Within these gates " you have had wonderful opportunities. May God 1 Sincerely yours, 1 Of=JS ■ 1 1 Dr, J. Earl Daniele The First Family Ned, Dr, Danieley, Jane, Mrs. Danieley, Mark C cfminisiraiwe OJjQcers C. Fletcher Moore Dean of the College A. S. Hassell Dean of Student Personnel Services R. C. Baxter Director of Development W. E. Butler Business Manager To the class of 1966: You are successfully completing what has prob- ably been the most challenging four years of your life — thus far. " Within these gates " you have been exposed to a vast number of ideas, experiences, emotions and challenges. Without doubt, these have changed you. You are not the same person that you were when you first came to our campus. But we sincerely desire that what you have learned and what you have experienced will serve as a solid foundation for your life outside of these walls and that you are prepared to meet successfully the chal- lenges of your future years. We desire that you con- tinue to seek knowledge, that you search fervently for better relationships with your fellowmen, and that you strive to enrich your faith in the Master of all mankind. Sincerely yours, W. Jennings Berry, Jr. Dean of Men. 1 To the members of the class of 1966: You have been " within the gates " of the Elon College community for four years. You are now venturing out into a greater community, and your stay at Elon College has been a part of your prep- aration for living in that community. You have formed ideas, ideals, and attitudes — you have learn- ed from your associations here. My sincerest wish for you is that during your presence in the Elon College community you have become better equipped to find whatever to you means happiness and suc- cess. Very sincerely yours. Theo Strum Dean of Women. iiu lacuna i " - s J. Wesley Alexander Acting Chairman of the Department of Mathematics ; Assistant Professor of Mathematics Ralph V. Anderson Acting Chairman of the Department of Economics ; Associate Professor Dewey V. Andrew Malvin N. Artley Professor of History and Political Science Andrew V. Beale Registrar ; Assistant Professor of Sociology Edith Brannock F. Dale Bridgewater Assistant J ' rofessor Assistant Professor of German of Home Econ Franke J. Butler Associate Professor of English Luther N. Byrd Edwin L. Daniel Herman Davis Assistant Professor Bookstore M of Art Part-time In of B f) JP Vireinia A. Janie C. Evans Epperson Part-time Instruct! Associate Professor of Mathematics of Education and Psychology Betty Gerow Albert Gminder Arabella Gore John S. Graves Jeanne Griffin sistant Professor Associate Professor Catalogue Librarian Campus Minister : Assistant Profes: of English of Languages Associate Professor of Physical of Christian Education Education Charles W. Harper A. L. Hook James Howell Oma V. Johnson Assistant Professor Dean of the Professor of English Librarian of the of Social Science Faculty ; Historical Society Professor of Physics and Mathematics C. Gilbert Lath am Frances Longest Helen Misenheimer Professor of Associate Professoi Psychology of Business and Sociology Education Ferris E. Reynolds Chairman of the Department of Philosophy and Religion : Professor of Religion. Greek, and Philosophy Q Q Frances Muldrow James H. Overton T. E. Perkins Paul S. Reddish L. TuUy Reed Chairman of the Professor of Religion Librarian Professor of Biology Acting Chairman Department of the Department Languages ; of English Professor of French, Spanish, and Latin Alexander S. Moffett Eleanor W. Moffett Edmund A. Moore Voight Morgan Associate Professor Chairman of the Assistant Professor of English Department of of Biology Social Sciences and Professor 25 of History Vllen B. Sanders John D. Sanford William T. Scott Bessie P. Sloan William W. Sloan sistant Professor Chairman of the Director of Assistant Professor Professor of Bible of Business Department Church Relations of Spanish and Administration of Health. Religious Education Physical Education ; Baseball Coach : Professor of Health. and Physical Education ; Athletic Director. I© - Martha Smith Kdith S. SttMiis Durward T. Stokes Arnold T. StraucI Assistant Professor Assiatani l ' roft..i.Mr Assistant Professur Chairman of the of English of French of History Department of Education and Psychology ; Professor of Psychology Q £- P l ll Tessie Taylor James T. Toney Walter Westafer Jack O. White Jeanne F. Williams Professor Assistant Professor Associate Professor Associate Professor Acting Chairman of of Business of Economics of Music of Music tht Department Education of Business Administration Associate Professor of Statistics and Mathematics I asked for happiness I was given the opportunity of inspiring others to create happiness I asked for wealth I was given the rare privilege of awakening others to success I asked for love I was given association with those who could benefit by being loved I asked for wisdom I was asked to impart wisdom to others I asked for peace And found that I already have peace because I am a teacher. Sia f Mf Viiil Ruth Benton Mrs. Caroline Bridge erk in the Dormitory Hostess Mrs. Faye Conally (p X Mrs. Mary Edwards Secretary to the Director of Church Relations Mrs. Doris Gr Mrs. Kay Halbert Mrs. Melene Hughes Dormitory Hostess Mrs. Doris Johns Urs. Virginii Johnston Secretary the Registr Mrs. Eleanor Kittenger Library Staff Mrs. Nancy Morrow sident ' s Office Mrs. Mabel Perkins Miss Lillie Smith W. B. Terrell Library Staff Mrs. Mary D. Thomas Secretary to the President Uraaniza ions An Elon student has opportunities which ore reserved for those students in a small college community. " Within the gates " of Elon personalities are molded, futures are planned, and ma- turity is achieved gradually by the group within. Students from many different backgrounds meet similar challenges and de- mands. In rising to meet these challenges, the diverse group be- comes a united whole. Organizations are formed for an even closer fellowship. Each individual interest is aroused and is fulfilled by the interaction of the various campus circles. When the gates close behind us after four years of growth, we leave very little when we compare it to memories which follow us. S.9.C . Officers Within the gates of Elon there is a democratic govern- ment. Each year the students have the privilege of electing their leaders. In the spring of 1965, votes were cast for these capable students. Through their work the student body is assured a voice in dealings with the administration and faculty, the best possible entertainment and intellectual programs, and a more unified organization. Mama said there would be days like this. President Jerry Cameron Vice-President Ben Bayol Secretary Eileen Cobb Treasurer Ken Faw ena e The Senate this year dedicated itself to a spirit of innovation in an attempt to bring about an uplifting of Elon ' s general school spirit. Its guidelines were those of reason rather than precedent, com- mon sense rather than tradition. Its goals were as much the estab- lishment of a new concept of senate responsibility as the attainment of immediate tangible successes. Presiding Officers eated: Sam Troy. Standing: Alice Harding, en Bayol, Peggie Ferguson. Scott Crabtree, Carol Keith, Lii Alice Harding, Bill Harding. Senior Senators da Johnston, Sonny Blanchard, Jennifer Gamble, Sophomore Senators Kneeling: Stanley Cocke, Marcus Bradsher, Ken Hollingsworth. Standing: Betsy Jones, Paulette Westphal, Dempsey Herring, Sue Jager, Pat Demeter. Junior Senators Sam Troy, C. V. May, Jesse Weaver, Gail Campbell, John Nicks, Fred Moon, Mike Aaronson, Don King. Freshman Senators 1st row: Mary Anne Underwood, Vicky Moon. 2nd row: Kfen Shaw, Kathy Copeland, Tom Payne. 3rd row: Noel Allen. Leon Tew, George Scott. S.9.7L Food and Cafeteria Committee Dave Carpenter, Phyliss Regist er, Derf Busick, Harriet Davis, Eva Gray Pulliam, Dave Nichols. Publicity Committee Francine Gifford, Carol Lupinacci Front row; Gail Wachter, Connie Theodore, C. V. May. Second row; Dale Ward, Laura Rice. Dance Committee Front row; Jimmy Graham. Second row; Pete Jarvis, Mary Faust, Carol Lupinacci, Roger Wood. Third row; Skip Hinshaw (chairman). Entertainment Committee Front row; Gary Knapp, Sandy Bueschel. i Johnson, Marie Schilling. Student Affairs Committee Front row; Mr. Stokes, Dr. Strum, Rev. Graves. Second row; Bob Creadick, Ron Hodkinson, Robbie Treat. Qjommiiiees p i 1 «,■ T M A mm ' mtW m Wrm Wm mt LLM a m Board of Elections Betsy Dearborn, Carol Popowski, Sandy Bergman, Patsy Bulla, Bill Barker, Roger Wood, Alex Oliver. Religious Life Committee ront row; Rev. Graves. Second row; Betsy Jones, Robbie Treat, Hiss Brannock. Third row; Sally Maurer, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Coun- ;il. Fourth row; Mr. Reddish, Charles Vitou, Jerry Moore. s. Williams. Sec- Constitutional Revisions Committee Front row; Sue Jager, Fred Moon. Second row; Don King. Campus Crier Front row; Doug Dwyer, Nancy Myers, Carl King, Dave Johnson. Second row; Phil Ladd, Stan Boone, Tom Paige, Bruce Givins. Jionor Cjour The Honor Court is made up of responsible students who act as a judiciary body in de- terming the innocence or guilt of suspected violators of the Honor Code of the campus. This body meets as the need arises to pass judgment on the defendants. Operating in much the same manner as an actual public court, the Honor Court has an important func- tion. Jack Burtche Chief Justice of the Honor Court The Jury: Becky Harward, Derf Busick, Tom Harrell, and Charles Vitou. The Attorneys: Larry Mixon, John Little, Naomi Moore, Dan Fuller, Stan Boone, Tom Paige, Marty Matthews, Jack Burtche, and Phil Ladd. S a e S uc en jBe is a ure The State Student Leg- islature this year was com- posed of eleven delegates who participated in the an- nual " mock " Congressional session in Raleigh. Through S. S. L., an insight into the problems of democracy is found, and the leadership of tomorrow is born. This year Elon presented a bill to re- quire the inspection and grading of public restroom facilities in North Carolina. 1st row: Linda Johnston, Carol Keith, Paulette W( Scott, Noel Allen, Ben Bayol. 3rd row: Jerry Cam jtphal. 2nd row: C. V. May, George ron, Don King, Fred Moon. Orieniaiion GommiHee The Orientation Committee which con- sists of the Freshman Board of Control, ten members, and a chairman, is selected by the President of the Student Body in the spring. Its purpose is to aid the in- coming freshmen and the administration during the processing period. 1st row: Ken Hollingsworth, Linda Johnston, Butch Cocke, Helen Yoho. 2nd row: Sam Trey, Pat Demeter, Betsy Jones. 3rd row: Gary Knapji, Johnnie Sappenfield, Al Groh, Nancy Jo Daniel. 4th row: Don King, Oscar Fowler. Women ' ' s Uniercformiiory Cjounci President Martha Tedder The Women ' s Interdormitory Council is composed of sixteen members who are residents of the three dormitories for women on the campus. These members are elected by a vote of all the women dormitory residents. The council meets once a week and has the power to choose its own officers; to make rules affecting conduct of dormitory women ; to serve a court to try violators of dormitory rules; to speak for dormitory women in dealings with the college. The Dean of Women serves as the coun- cil sponsor and advisor. 1st row: Mary Andrews, Patsy Bulla, Janice Peterson, Carole Popowski. 2nd row: Sandy Bueschel, Sandy Bergman, Marie Schilling, Martha Tedder, Susie Kimball, Phyliss Register, Gwen Hancock. 3rd row: Eleanor Zezzo, Paulette Westphal, Sheila Hughes, Sally Maurer, Betsy Dearborn, Dr. Strum. JlTen s JnierdormiiortJ y Jouncil The main purpose of the Men ' s Interdor- mitory Council is to act as a law making body for the men students. It is comprised of representatives from each of the men ' s dor- mitories and fraternity houses. Meetings of the council are held bi-weekly to discuss com- plaints and ways to improve the dormitory life. 1st row: Robbie Treat, Steve Smith. 2nd 3rd row : Bill Ruth, Sam Borody. Leon Dickerson, Bill Barker. Jliaroon ancf 9o cf The college class in jour- nalism publishes the Ma- roon and Gold. They serve as the editorial staff and see the paper through the press. The newspaper is published every two weeks during the year. The Ma- roon and Gold is a member of the North Carolina Col- legiate Press. Editoral Staff Mike Wyngarden, Richard Hutchins, yjolonnade es In today ' s highly organ- ized world there appears to be a greater need for camp- us literary publications than ever before. They har- bor and laud the creative mind and provide it a seri- ous outlet for expression in an era which affords it no real place. Colonnades and maga- zines like it are vital. They offer a cosmic idea, an idea which must stand by itself, which is uniquely indivi- dual and uniquely repre- sentative. It is no whim, no passing fancy. It has been the objective of the editors of Colon- nades to defend and en- courage with an open mind. There have been no soap boxes, but merely the ac- knowledgement of a camp- us having artists of consid- erable potential offering their fellow students a por- tion of themselves. Doug Dwye renda Kirschner, Editor, Laura Rice, Gail Edwards, Tom Jeffery. ' P£i 7- si Alex Oliver Editor Rita Apple Business Manager Vicki Riley and Lydia Farrell Freshman Class Editors ' r ' . li J0: i % Sandy Bueschel Organization Editor Stan Boone Sports Editor Sue Jager Sorority Editor Nancy Boone Feature Editor G i Si a Mary Ann Barnes and Claire Webb Sophomore Class Editors Laura Rice Art Editor Seated: Susie Kimball. Standing: Bob Bagnell, Fred Brig! Associate Editors. Judy Hillars Faculty Editor Dolly Walker Assistant Art Editor Mary Coolidge Senior Class Editor Sharon Smith Junior Class Editor eerie a 1st row: Gwen Hancock, Sandy Bergman. 2nd row: Jane Holler Mary Benson. 3rd row: Sherrie Hepburn, Alice Harding. 4th row Carol Keith. Kneeling: Francir Nancy Myers. Gifford, Linda Roundtree. Standing: A thousand voices sing to the whirl of a maroon and gold shirt, and the team performs to the chants of a spirited hand-clap. The cheerleaders are those who lead the crowd in supporting our teams on to the aim of victory. They add the needed spark and color to our games with their un- tiring efforts in supporting our team. An excited, smiling voice in a letter-sweater shouting, " Give me an E ! " — this is an Elon cheer- leader. Cheerleaders add to Elon ' s Homecoming — 1965 Our Senior Cheerleaders give last yell for their last gam Yea! ' re behind you all the way! . " I..A ¥ri ' . rf jwi ft Jack O. White Director tjion yjo Ieqe Jliarcnino Ujancf Row 1: Judy Hughson, Anne Stegall, Evaline Garrison, Al Warlick, Karen Testerman. Row 2: Linda Duhl, Paulette Westphal, Candy Hopewell, Steve King, Paul Bleiberg, Mike Griffin, Gary Johnson, Elizabeth Woolsey, Linda Hudson, Boh Gregory, Gail Wachter. Row 3: Prof. White, John Wolfe, Elwood Porshia, Allan Phillips, Jack Cotton, Graeme ShuU, Russell Schetroma, Tom Burgess, Ken Brown, Eddie Osborne, Al Garrison. Row 4: Garth Hutson, Howard Eaton, Judy Stevens, Nancy Morgan, Wally Hardwick, John Papa, Scott Roberson, Eugene Perry. Row 5: Terry Sink, Gregg Dorr, Dave Carpenter, Danny Fields, Dave Conrad, Barney Tysor, Eddie Harris, Larry Durham, Ray Smith. C :i " -S= : ES3-- sr: a-s r- 5SS ■■ 1 S u 1 i Ifflp vH nr.! fiS Hi mt li I H " " ' " U I ; " W Mj J Inl bI Kneeling: Evaline Garrison; Standing: Karen Testerman, Ann Stegall, Judy Hughson. Head Majorette Ann Stegall lifts t- ' i?! The Emanons Homecoming Sponsor Gail Wachter fo on Qjinoers 1st row: Elaine Sawyer, Diana Lewis, Marilyn Farley, Ann Gordon, Carol Lupinacci, Nancy Thomas. 2nd row: Prof. Bartholf, Mary Anne Underwood, Agnes French, Mary Faust, Betsy Dear- born, Betsy Patterson, Anna Rose Marino. 3rd row: Jane Blalock, Linda Durham. Gail Wachter, Sue Jager, Paulette Westphal, Kathy Mangum, Kathy Copeland, Sue Curtis. 4th row: Dwight Davis, George Wyman, Ken Hollingsworth, Danny Chilton, Ronnie Warren, Wayland Pond, Jay Ogden. .5th row: Terry Sink, Charles Vitou, Randy Smart. Allen Bush, Ray Smith, Howard Eaton. [Zuariei Seated: Randy Smart. Standing: George Wyman, Wayne Kanoy, Oscar Fowler. JICei£ocfisi (biucfeni Idnion Methodist students at Elon unite in the activities of the Methodist Student Fellowship, which is a part of the Methodist Student Movement. Organized locally in October, 1965, under the leader- ship of the Rev. Jesse Bone of Front Street Methodist Church of Burlington, this group has grown steadily during the year. The objectives of the Methodist Student Movement are: to deepen Christian fellowship; to foster Christian education; to offer projects of service, and to develop a sense of world Christian community. The Methodist Studont Fellowship leceives Holy Communion once each month in the Alamance Prayer Room. Other weekly meetings are reserved for special speakers, discus- sions, and fellowships. Seated: Sarah Coates, Marcia Gregory, Sharon Cable, Ilene Costner. Standing: Rev. Jesse Bone, Bob Wilkins, John Hughes, Bob Massey, Bob Gregory. Cjfon CPfaaers In the spring of 1965, the Elon Players under the direction of Sandy Moffett put on the musical South Pacific, " Ridei ' s to the Sea, " " The Marriage P r o p o s a 1, " and " Zoo Story. " In the fall of 1965, the Players put on A Street- car Named Desire by Ten- nessee Williams. The ad- vanced play production class produced The Fan- tastics directed by Tom Warner. For the 1966 spring sea- son Li ' l Abner was the musical production. Oscar Wilde ' s The Importance of Being Earnest was also on the bill for the spring semester. 1st row: Steve Myrick, Dale Ward, Wayne Seymour, Ray Smith. 2nd row: Emily Anderson, Ben Bayol, Laura Rice, Tom Warner, Jo Warner. 3rd row: Mr. Moffett, Tom Jeffrey, Bill Tyson, Pat Demeter, Connie Theodore, Linda Thompson. 4th row: Duly Winkler, Richard Bennett, Holly Raad, Chuck Richardson. Scenes from the 19G, ' ' ) production of South Pacific by the Elon Players fpna iPsi Ome a The Lambda Omicron Chapter of Alpha Psi Omega, a national honor- ary dramatics fraternity, held two initiations in the spring and the fall. In the spring of 1965 Alpha Psi Omega acted as host for the Carolina Dra- matics Association Dis- trict Festival which was held at Elon. In the festival the group entered a one-act play " Zoo Story " , which was directed by Tom Jeffrey and acted in by Ben Bayol and Wayne Seymour. The play was invited to state- w i d e competition and there won the highest award of distinction and brought distinguished awards to both actors. Seated: Tom Jeffrey, Laura Rice (President), Emily Anderson. Standing: Robert Model, Mr. Moffett, Pat Demeter, Wayne Seymour, Tom Warner, Holly Raad, Ben Bayol, Tyrone Rowell, Jo Warner, Linda Thompson, Dale Ward. Members of Alpha Psi Omega in their roles in A Streetcar Named Desire. Oroer of i ie Oa£ Those students who have at least a junior standing with a cumulative grade point average of 3.30 are recognized in the Order of the Oak. They are rec- ognized for their superior scho- larship and are encouraged to intellectual achievement. Se ated: Lila Patterson, Janet Lamm, Jo Anne Braxto Linda Durham, Mabel Peeler, Robert Beisinger. Standing: Denny Wagoner, " Pi 9c am in a JICu In this National Social Science Honor Society are represented those students and faculty members who have attained distinction in the fields of social sciences. Each year during the fall and spring, an election takes place at which time sen- iors and other eligibles can en- ter into the society. 1st row: Robert Pease, Mrs. Brandon, Mrs. Williams, Marty Brandon, Ron Hodkinson. 2nd row: Mr. Latham, Mr. Stokes, Mr. Elder, Mr. Baxter, Dr. Avizonis. JlTinis eria Association The Ministerial Association is comprised of members of the student body who plan to en- ter the Christian ministry, reli- gious education, social service, or medical mission. Meetings are held weekly. Two meetings each month ar e devoted to service projects at the Elon Col- lege Children ' s Home. The re- mainder of the meetings are for discussions and guest speakers. The Ministerial Association has participated in several ac- tivities this year including the Homecoming Festivities. Officers John Massey, Charles Vitou, Carolyn Tillotson, Jerry Moore = ■ - J B 1 ' ' " ■ ' ij .■: . . -I " , J , if- 1st row: Dr. F. E. Reynolds, Jay Ogden, Diana Wood, John Massey, Dr. Scott. 2nd row: Liz Woolsey, Jerry Moore, Sheila Hughes, Russell Schetroma, Carolyn Tillotson. 3rd row: Joan Anderson, Charles Vitou, Gail Campbell. CBe a GJii dpsnon Beta Chi Epsilon functions for the bene- fit of the secretarial students at Elon Col- lege. Each of the monthly meetings has a program planned to aid these students in understanding the workings of the busi- ness world. There are classroom demon- strations of the latest office equipment, visits to local businesses and Industrie. , and lectures from members of these or- ganizations. The group also provides a .social contact for these students. Officers Kay Savage, Susan Clapp. 2nd row: Gail Wachter, Kathy Kirby. l»t row: Judy Keck, Kathy Kirby, Jean Stevens, Jo .- nn Claik. J i Warner, Pam Chandler, Sarah Jo Coates, Libby Sanders, Gail Schmidt. 2nd row: Gail Wachter, Diane Allen, Jo Styles, Joan Hurdle, Janice Swift, Jackie Evans, Susan Clapp, Peggy Jo Durham, Brenda Cooper. 3rd row: Carolyn Robertson, Wanda Overman, Nancy Brown, Penny Moore, Judi Hinshaw, Brenda Patterson, Karen Loy, Hilda McVey. 4th row: Shirley Smith, Gail Faucette, Kay Savage, Edna Hall, Tracy Blanchard, Johnnie Sappenfield. - • .C3 asm ess GfuS The Business Club was formed in 1961 for two main purposes: (1) to undertake, sponsor, or promote programs for the betterment of all students enrolled in the Business Department; (2) to take united action to advance and promote the business, social, and economic welfare of the individual members of this organization. Fred Moon, Thomas Oakes, Kaaren Brown, Fred Busick. 1st row: Fred Busick, Ike Steel. Becky Crutchfield, Ellen Huffines. Janet Bailey, Kaaren Brown, Terry Tickle, Jim Toddy. 2nd row: Fred Moon, Ed West, Al Garrison, Bill Barker, Bill Cordes, Dennis Brooks, Dave Nichols, C. V. May. 3rd row: Macon Edwards, Thomas Oakes, John Hughes. (UG.G.9: The UCCF (United Campus Christian Fellowship) is an organization whose purpose is to cultivate Christian char- acter and to develop Chi-istian fellowship on the college campus. The group is also active in the surrounding com- munity in helping to promote a friendly Christian atti- tude and atmosphere through its service projects. The UCCF is composed of members of the United Church of Christ, the Disciples of Christ, and Moravian denomina- tion. Meetings are held bi-monthly. Seated: Sharon Branch, Betsy Jones, Mary Anne Underwood. 1 1 1 1 f t mn ■■ r r 1st row: Joan Anderson, Sharon Branch, Betsy Jones, Lydia Ferrell, Kay Gerringer, Mary Anne Underwood. 2nd row: Mrs. Scott, Mary Faust, Denny McGuire, Sheila Hughes, Mary Ann Barnes, Susie Kimball, Martha Tedder, Rev. Graves. 3rd row: Dr. Scott, John Massey, Russell Schetroma. Stan Boone, Jay Ogden. Japh ' s (u uden Union Homecoming Sponsor Holly Hollingsworth Seated: Helen Horton, Buddy Williams, Carol Leffers. Standing: Sue Curtis, Jim Byrd, Ernie Fuller, Martha Johnson, Carolyn Tillotson, Holly Hollingsworth, Diana Wood, Tom Paige, Bob Klingle, Marsha Porter. The Baptist Student Union, through monthly meet- ings, attempts to instill in its members a sense of Christian fellowship, inspiration, and a quest for knowl- edge, both secular and religious. A B.S.U. Choir is made up of interested and talented members. This choir prac- tices weekly and accepts invitations to participate at area churches and meetings. Informative, stimulating, and entertaining are the words to describe the B.S.U. Newsletter which is published monthly by the club. The Union operates under the auspices of the Mount Zion Association and the First Baptist Church of Elon College. Seated: Carol Leffers, Helen Horton. Standing: Rev. Cochman, Buddy (Villiams. The B.S.U. Choir Seated: Marsha Porter, Sandra Myatt, Edna Brantley. Standing: Buddy Williams, Bob Klingle, Carol Leffers, Dave Layton, John Hughes. Ionian (uocie iy The Ionian Society is a group of stu- dents and faculty who are interested in History and Social Sciences. Dr. Harper is the advisor for this group. The primary purpose is educational. They hear various speakers, sponsor field trips which will prove to be enlightening, and have discus- sions and debates on topics of interest. The Ionian Society also strives to foster a feel- ing of unity among History and Social Science majors and to provide an impetus for further study in these fields. OFFICERS Richard Hutchins, President; Mary Ann Barnes, Sec.-Treas. 1st row: Sharon Branch, Jennifer Gamble, Eva fiiay rulliani. Richaid Hutchins, Marcia Hendry, Mary Ann Barnes. 2nd row: Terry Tickle, Robert Pease, Thomas Ward, Dale Morrison, Buddy Spencer. J an- Jie Ienic Go unci f The Pan-Hellenic Council was estab- lished by the recommendation of the Student Affairs Committee. The council is represented by a mem- ber from each respective sorority and fra- ternity on campus. The council works to control the actions of all these groups. 1st row: Ineke Koorn, Mike Aaronson, Mary Coolidge. 2nd row: Paula Hudson, Myra Boone. 3rd row: David Speight, Gary Knapp, Al Groh. s.oc. .cn. 1st row: Patsy Bulla, Bonnie Moore, Kay Gerringer, Fred Hoy. 2nd row: Gail Campbell, Phyliss Register, Carol Leffers. 3rd row : Helen McCotter, Elaine Thomas, Pat McCausland, Elaine Phelps. 4th row: Brenda Thomas, Martha Tedder, Sally Maurer. 5th row: Martha Norton, Mable Peeler. Homecoming Sponsor Gail Campbell M . . The Women ' s Athletic Association is an organization of all women stu- dents enrolled in Elon College. The W.A.A. Council is composed of the officers and representatives from the sororities, dormitories, and day stu- dents. Various activities are offered throughout the year. In the Home- coming activities, the W.A.A. won the overall trophy for the best participa- tion in the weekend. 1st row: Betsy Jones, Lydia Ferrell, Kay Gerringer. 2nd row: Carol Popowski, Claire Webb, Gail Campbell, Karen Reider. 3rd row: Martha Tedder, Myra Boone, Jennifer Gamble, Candy Allenzo, Billye George. 4th row: Sandy Bueschel, Carol Keith, Alice Harding, Sandy Bergman. Homecoming Sponsor Kaaren Brown Officers Sandy Bergman. Myra Boone, Carole Popowski, Betsy Jones " P. . JKajors Gfa6 The Physical Education Majors Club is a campus organization which exists for the purpose of pro- moting the field of health and phy- sical education. Coaches Jack San- ford and Allen White are the spon- sors for the club. This club was active in several areas throughout the year in the fall the club was represented by its members at the North Carolina As- sociation of Health, Physical Edu- cation, and Recreation Convention held in Greensboro. Soon after the beginning of the spring semester, the club sponsored a faculty bas- ketball game. 1st row: Carol Keith, Sandy Bergman, Candy Allenzo, Karen Reider, Myra Boone, Betsy Jones. 2nd row: Ray Wilson, Macky Carden, Paul Bleiberg, Jerry Hogge. 3rd row: Joe Dawson, Pete Jarvis. 4th row: Lee Johnson, Bobby Ferrell, Larry Collins. Homecoming Sponsor Sandy Bergman Officers Sandy Bergman, Ray Wilson, Macky Carden c reeAs It is " within these gates " that the feeling of fellowship is better strengthened by the bonds established in the fraternity and sor- ority. At Elon the Greeks ore not the center of our existence, but rather an outlet for both pleasure and service. They bring to mind not only the fun and frolic of parties, banquets, and smokers; but also the warm feeling of accomplishment and achievement for some service rendered. Though scorned by some, the fraternity system must be com- mended. The very essence of its being — loyalty in its highest concept — is truly a part of our college experiences within these gates. Tjeia Q micron Ujela Beta Omicron Beta was founded in 1920. Its colors are blue and white, and its flower is a carnation. " To be rather than to seem " is the motto of the sisterhood of Beta Omicron Beta. The officers of Beta Omicron Beta: Front, left to right, Betty Talley, Treasurer; Sandy Bueschel, Pres- ident; Joyce Johnson, Secretary; Back, left to right, Carol Reynolds, Corresponding Secretary; and Harriet Davis, Vice-President. Homecoming displ So, here ' s to BOB . . . loyal to our blue and white . . . who goes to the Children ' s Home tonight? . . . Pledges, find it Hard to sleep during initiation? . . . Hey, Sandy, given any call-downs lately ? ... Peggy, what ' s new north of the Mason-Dixon line? . . . February 14th brings Valentines and BOB swaps . . . Yoo Hoo, Betty Lou, we know you ' ve been hiding in those stacks! . . . Carole ' s our most logical sister . . . Lost and Found: Harriet ' s contacts, again and again and again . . . Martha ' s still waiting for her ship to come in . . . Anyone hear from Mrs. Montney this week? . . . Zip, Zip, Zee! ... Billye, do you have that ace up your sleeve? . . . Kay, we hear you ' ve been " adopted . . . Thanks to Mrs. Council and her sister-tested recipes . . . Joyce, pierced your ear lately ? ... So much for Volleyball ... No Rountree should be without a BOB branch . . . BOB fosters international rela- tions, Lowell and Ineke . . . For sale : All Shoffner originals — must go for frosting! . . . Flash ! Big news from Dineke ! . . . No, Mickey, that ' s no biological discovery you have there . . . it ' s your fingernail over the lens . . . Those Mad Hatters don ' t hold a (-•andle to BOB when it comes to tea parties . . . P.E. major, Barbara, keeps in shape by driving her Mustang over to the gym . . . Remember our carnival in the spring? Pay ;i dime and take a swing . . . Pledges, you .sav there ' s not much demand for peanut butter? . . . The finest that you ' ll ever know. Sandy Bueschel Harriet Davis Billye George Kay Gerringer Joyce Johnson And they tell me that I can sleep tonight I H j A 1 L 1 Smile — it couldn ' t be worse than the cafeteria. BOB Miss Sandy Bueschel, Homecoming sponsor for Beta Omicron Beta. 7)e a -llpsnon appa Delta Upsilon Kappa was founded in the year 1922. Its colors are preen and white and its flower is a tea rose. " Acquiring power through ideals and love " is the motto of the sisters of Delta Upsilon Kappa. A smile to keep us happy. The officers of Delta Upsilon Kappa are from left to right as follows: Becky Crutchfield, Treasurer; Helen Claxton, Vice-President: Dolly Walker, President: Eileen Cobb. Secretary. So here ' s a little song for Delta U. . . Ugh! Pocahontas Benson is upset to the gills again . . . Pledge Roberson, what is that in your goodie bag? . . . Oh, go on. Eileen ask him to the banquet, he doesn ' t care what your middle name is . . . all bids accepted ... six Homecoming sponsors . . . " Lois Lane " Mc- Intyre has an A nose for news . . . Pledge Moore, if you don ' t bury that silly grin ... A Homecoming Queen and Two Sweethearts . . . Paula, what ' s a 5 letter word beginning with L and ending with Y that means pin? . . . Gwen. the only sister who takes Sweeta and diet salad dressing to the cafe- teria and then has two pieces of pie for dessert . . . Jeanne, have you read the novel My Cousin Rachel yet? . . . It ' s a best seller in Rome . . . No, Poppy, Wilmington is not the capital of Delaware, you can ' t believe everything you ' re told ... So we ' re not volleyball players! . . . Gail, is love really better the second time around? . . . Demeter, the poet laureate of the Pledge Class . . . Can we really have the party at your house, Barbara? . . . Hey, Eileen, Who ' s Who? . . . Collins, your enthusiasm overwhelms us . . . Becky, Elaine, and Ann, is it true blondes have more fun? . . . Pledges, about that party . . . Judy, there ' s a cool Breeze coming down from N.Y., isn ' t that cute? . . . Linda May is running for dorm council? . . . Dolly, how do you spell cat? . . . Sweet dreams, Janie . . . Mary, have you seen " That Darn (Tom) Cat? " . . . Those great t.v. parties in the sorority room . . . " South Pacific " has nothing on our Luau . . . No, Mary, you can ' t have any crackers . . . Our big, strong, brothers, Sigma Phi . . . Selling kisses, working on the display . . . And then there ' s the Young Marrieds ; June, Rachel, Helen, Barbara, and Shelia . . . Pledge Wilson, let ' s have a song! . . . Ever onward, ever upward, with our goals before us . . . sadness at parting . . . Our Grand Old Delta U. feTi Gail Edwards Jeanne Fiorito Ann Laniberth Carole Popowski Eva Gray Pulliam June Reeves Barbara Robin Gladys Wilson Miss Dolly Walker, Homecoming spon- sor of Delta Upsi- lon Kappa. Miss Dolly Walker, HomecominR sponsor of Delta Upsilon Kappa. ATK J 1 .Jtappa -Uciu In the Spring of 1964, ten girls formed the re- activated sisterhood of Pi Kappa Tau which had been inactive for several years. Since that time, the membership has increased to twenty-five girls. At present, Miss Betty Brandon and Mrs. Guy Rich are the sponsors for the sorority. Black and white are the colors of Kappa Tau, while its flower is a white carnation. Promoting a spirit of friendship throughout the Elon campus and fostering sisterly love among its members re- mains the purpose toward which each Kappa Tau sister strives to fulfill. The officers of Pi Kappa Tau are from left to right, Mary Ann Barnes, President; Mary Faust, Secretary; Sally Maurer, Treasurer; and Susie Kimball, Vice-President. Ray, rah, ray, rah, ree, we ' re the girls of Pi-K-T . . . Betsy has a star in her eye, better known to all as Guy . . . California calls cost much, but it ' s so nice to keep in touch, isn ' t that right. Sue? . . . Hey, Mary, how was your duck supper at the Pond over semester break? . . . How about voice lessons for our new pledges, Lupie, Peggy, and Gail . . . Wedding bells in store for what ' s the big attraction over at State? . . . Five dorm coun.sellors . . . Watch out! . . . Our Who ' s Who Two — .Janet and Gail . . . Twenty-five sniffling Kappa Taus at the Sound of Music ... a busy afternoon washing cars $$$ . . . Regular or Super? . . . Thursday Night at the Movies for Liz, Flora, and Gina . . . How ' s the mouse situa- tion in your room, Sandy and Nancy? . . . What is Ilene ' s interest at II.N.C.? . . . Jennifer and her new freedom . . . How did you like New Jersey, Phyllis? . . . A bat in Brenda ' s room? . . . Does Bonnie really have a maternal instinct? . . . Best wishes to Mr. and Mrs. Marks . . . Striving always to be friends of all — that ' s our goal in Kappa Tau ! Jail and Mary prepare to " do the dote. I Mary Ann Barn Pegey Beale Patsy Bulla Gail Campbell Mary Coolidse I ' Ilene Costner Betsy Dearborn Jenifer Gamble Nancy Hilliard Flora Hovia Sue Jager Betsy Jones Susie Kimball f ML Janet Lan Carol Lupinacci Sally Maurer Bonnie Moore Liz Powell Gina Prescott Phyllis Register Brenda Thomas Sandy Winter Pi Kappa Tau ' s Homecoming sponsor, Miss Mary Coolidge. nKT Jau jeia J ni On February 11, 1923, a group of girls met to organize the Tau Zeta Phi Social Club. The following officers were elected: President — Lucille Austin ; Vice-President, Mamie Moore; Secretary-Treasurer, Marjorie Bur- ton, and Corresponding Secretary, Lucille Card well. On March 27, 1924, the sorority song and yell were adopted. Since that time the Tau Zeta Phi Sorority has retained not only its original song and yell, but it has also retained its colors, red and white, its flower, the red rose, and its motto, " Live pure, speak truth, right wrong. " The officers of the Tau Zeta Phi Sorority are as follows; front, left to right: Marie Schilling, Vice-President; Sandy Bergman, Treasurer; Rita Apple, Recording Secretary; back row, left to right: Alice Mitchell, Corresponding Secretary; and Myra Boone, President. This year we have 23 versatile girls, each who plays an important part in campus affairs as well as in the sisterhood of Tau Zeta. We have five of the loudest girls on campus led by Carol who is about to tie the final " knott " , Alice who already has, and Sandy who is still dreaming. Francine and Sherrie — will they ever learn that they can ' t watch the football players and cheer at the same time? Some of the Homecoming ' s reigning beauties this year were our own laughing pledge Long- est, " Cam ' s Pam " , and Myra who keeps Guilford Dairy in business. Then there is Hop along Hardister — Kappa Psi ' s sweetheart and " Apple " a go-go or is it " Peach " a go-go ? Twi Twink Twilling. By the way, Hilda, are you waiting for a James Bond? Another sister who is really branching out is Sharon and Paulette has proven to be a good Sophomore Secretary and pledge, by George. Shelia, if you have one more break-up, Eleanor said she would give you a call down. And, of course, every sorority needs blondes, don ' t they? Far be it from Margaret to say blondes have more fun. What about Linda and Helen??? ' Western Kitties " M. % i Rita Apple Sandy Bergman Myra Boone Sharon Branch Marty Broda Hilda Eason Francine Gifford Alice Mitchell Vickie Hardister Sherry Hepburn Pam Hitchinga Shelia Hughes Linda Johnston Carol Keith Deanie Longest Marie Schilling Margaret Weatherly Paulette Westphal Helen Yoho Eleanor Zezzo Miss Helen Yoho, Homecoming sponsor for Tau Zeta Phi. TZO .yifpna J 1 J)ena Alpha Pi Delta Fraternity was or- ganized on March 19, 1925. Two distinct valves — scholarship attainment and social advancement — were sanctioned in its charter. There were ten original members. Today there are twenty-five active members, sixteen of these now reside in Lambeth House. The fraternity colors are red and grey. The motto is " Service through Brotherhood. " Officers Left to right: Bill Ruth, President; Al Garrison, Vice-Pr ident; Charles Avila, Secretary; Bill Barker, Treasurer Alpha Pi Delta . . . Bennett ' s Bug . . . Blevins gets Rich . . . " Hoot ' s " back . . . Mabe ' s six showers . . . Ruth gets a draft card . . . Harris, Can he march?! Cameron a new car . . . Harrell the hunter . . . Burke loves hayrides . . . Avila ' s " dog " . . . Groh gets " tube " . . . Aaronson ' s car still runs somehow . . . Clark Alpha Pi ' s Bob Cousy . . . Garrison no hubcaps . . . King perfect match on campus? Bar- ker ' s getting rounder . . . Cook and " The Find It Game " . . . Wesson got his haircut . . . Dalk — the loner . . . Clinton — two in twenty minutes . . . Sellars, What can we .say? The Alpha Pi homecominK float rolls toward first place in float competition. ' • v 1 t J P ' § Tom Bennett Grant Blevins Mel Burke Jerry Camei Bill Clark Dennis Clin Bill Dalk Al Garrison Al Groh Dwight Gibson Tom Harrell Eddie Harris Steve King Larry Mabe Bill Ruth Hayne Wesso John Sellers The Alpha Pi mascot. Dam- mit, relaxes at the frat house with the brothers. Mid-mght m the hall with Al Garrison Alpha Pi Sweetheart, Miss Janet Lamm. Surely I can find a date somewhere in thi AHA S7o a Uau appa Iota Tail Kappa Fraternity was started in the 1920 ' s by Cliff Elder of Burlington and three other Elon students. The coat of arms is ever- minding of these four brothers by the four quad- rants into which the shield is divided. The colors red and black are seen opposite in the quadrants. Officers Left to right, kneeling: Bill Harding, Treasurer; Danny Fuller, Secretary. Standing: Bo Johnson, Vice-President; Denny Wagoner, President. Gary — our answer to Moby Dick . . . Andy " The Hustler " . . . Bo — nothing needs to be said about noth- ing . . . Danny " it happened in Gastonia " . . . Nicks — " Beep, beep " . . . Dave Clark " Walks like an old man " . . . Denny — born and bred in a test tube . . . Ron — our weekend warrior . . . Bob Williams — " Mirror, mirror on the wall, who ' s the prettiest of me all? " Gary Taylor — - " him Tarzan, not Jane " . . . Sonny — " You threw how many touchdown passes?... Ferrol — " Say, bud " ... Benny — smile . . . Ron — just a simple farm boy . . . At- kins — fast on and off the court . . . Davis — For a chest cold he spends two weeks in the hospital . . . Art — " Wild man from Borneo " . . . Bill Harding — the chicken came first . . . Mi. on — I ' ll .sew them . . . Lefty — " Got a cig- arette? Marty — He will trade licks anytime, anyplace . . . Tom McLean — " Tell us about married life again. " Jerry — the better half of the Tom and Jerry act . . . THE WILD CAT: TO KNOW HIM IS TO LOVE HIM. The ITK homecoming display calls for a slice of victory over the Catamounts of Western Carolina. Ferrol Edmondson Charles Everett ££ 1£ Ronald Fitch Bill Harding Ed Johnson Gary Knapp Sonny Long Larry Mixon Andy McPherso Denny Wagoner Sometimes Batman is too much for a guy to Just sit quietly and watch. The boys put in a hard night ' s study in Miss Gwen Hancock, Sweetheart of ITK. front of the tube in preparation for tomor- row ' s quizzes. Uncle Sam wants WHO: ITK .JtaDoa J SI Kappa Psi Nu was founded in 1918 with ten original charter members. Though it has not spread beyond the walls of Elon, the chapter has grown much over the years. The fraternity flower is the Yellow Rose, and the colors are blue and gold. fall pledges brush up on their pledge duties. Left to right: Bill Reed, Treasurer; Bob LaRose, President; Bill Styles, Vice-President; and Larry Small, Secretary. Under the leadership of Bob LaRo.se, known as the " Super Pudge " , Kappa Psi Nu began its forty- eighth year. In the fall, the fraternity took in four new members: Roy Baker, Tom Champion, Greg Knott, and Larry Small. The sweetheart is Vicky Hardister, one of our own Tau Zeta ' s. Oh, here come the Red Bandana men now . . . and a few friends . . . What ' s the name of that ice cream you ' re eating, Moon? Trudy-Fruity? . . . Yes, Roy, we ' ve heard of your roommate! ... Is it? " Yes. " Jim Brown. All-campus, Ail-American, All-every- thing . . . Oh, here comes Reed ' s date . . . But where ' s Reed? . . . Speaking about dates, Wayne, what is it about the.se freshman girls, or is it just girls in general? . . . Next is " W " with " Decisions! De- cisions! Decisions! " . . . And there is on the other side of the fence our mo.st timid little boy, Otts . . . Maybe you can get a few tips from Cohen ... I hear he ' s not studying Saturday nights anymore . . . Greg Knott would also love to help but you know how much time it takes to go to all those games . . . Rounding the corner now is Mr. Hot Dog — Bill Green . . . No, Clayton, Roxboro is not the capital of North Carolina. Tugwell is back from sneak study- ing. He is still looking for " extra credit " . . . Here comes Tug ' s other half, Tom Champion. What ' s that game you ' re playing? . . . Next is our commuter from W. C. — Larry Small, who is still looking for his colors ! . . . Our other commuter, Kappa Psi gridiron hero — " Stonewall " Jackson. The big " 0 " , Otis is still trying to learn the prettiest song in the world . . . And let us not forget our brothers who believe that two can live as cheaply as one: " Dizzy " Dean, " Twig-Man " Weber.and " Fix-it " Payne . . . All in all, it has been a good year for the Brothers of Kappa Psi Nu. Richard Moon Jim Payne Bill Reed Wayne Smart Bill Styles President Bob LaRose relaxes in the So that ' s what those red bandanas are newly decorated frat room. for! The Kappa Psi Nu Sweetheart, Vickie Hardister. The boys are seen in the process of having a midnight snack. K N Siqma jKu (bi ma Siprma Mu Sigrna Fraternity was founded in Angola, Indiana at Tri-State College in 1921. Elon ' s Lambda Chapter was founded by Dr. William Mosley Brown in 1952. Three large pearls at each apex of the triangular pin signify the fraternity motto — Sincerity, Morality, and Scholarship. Officers Seated left to right: Fred Bright, Secretary; Ken Faw, Pres- ident. Standing left to right: Skip Hinshaw, Second Vice- President; Don King, First Vice-President; Kent Crim, Trea- surer. Nothing like a National Convention to start the year off, Frank and Don — have much fun? . . . Athletically .speaking, Coach Burtsche says " winning isn ' t the most important thing — it ' s how hard you fight to win " , wouldn ' t you agree Butch? . . . Saturdays — are very hectic, especially with trips to W. C. right Inca?... Roy, how did you say you get to your house? . . . Macey makes an exploration to the " Sugar Shack " . . . Keep off the grass . . . Keep the house neat . . . Watch out for low flying fines . . . Eight new pledges and Fred finally get their names on the roll book . . . Who got what at the Christmas party? ... At Earl ' s . . . Sigma Mu ski shop . . . Come on fellas, be nice to the new furniture . . . Welcome to the girls now wearing our pins — What about it boys, was the lake cold that night? Just what did happen to the cat, Skip? . . . Best wishes to those who said, or who will say " I do " . . . Directory, Christmas basket drive, and other services . . . Con- gratulations to Miss Shannon Schwegler, fraternity sweetheart . . . Good luck to the Class of ' 66 . . . Had better hang our close on this line. The Sigma Mu ' s homecoming float talces third place in the competition, but shows that effort and originality get the " Climb Every Mountain " theme across to the spectators. Ml m iP ' da o fe? t diJ " Bill Onufrak Bob Doolittle relaxes with a book on the new furniture in the living of the house. And you say my the front door! Macey passes for a touchdown in the ... in Burlington ? The pride of the Sigma Mu Sitrma Fiatunity — Our sweetheart, Miss Shannon bchuegler. 2M2 laina J ni Uje i ' 9 a 5% KP tl KOKINO KAMr Sigma Phi Beta Fraternity was founded at Elon College in 1918. Through the years it has prospered and grown, and has served such dis- tinguished guests as President Lyndon Johnson and baseball ' s Bobby Richardson. Cox House is their home, black and gold are their colors, and twenty-five men now make up this brother- hood. Left to right: Pete Jarvis, Vice-President; Pete Crook, President; A. W. McGee, Treasurer; Clyde O ' Ferrell, Sec- retary; Joe Dawson, Sargent-at-Arms. The " 580 " has thrown her last rod . . . Speight doesn ' t go to Smiith Dorm anymore . . . The " P " award goes to Judy, and thank you. Perry . . . " The more the marrieder, " quotes Scot . . . Crook ' s final- ly been hooked . . . Kempson has returned for the last time . . . " Got a smoke leech? " . . . Look Home- ward Shields . . . " Hello . $ 7 ( + (c, this is Leon, B. D. " . . . May Broadway ' s house be built on a firm foundation . . . Herbie has proven that blondes do have more fun . . . Dawson continues to have a " gay " time . . . Williams couldn ' t catch the Savage . . . Jarvis says " Climb Every Mountain " . . . Karri- ker, what is that for? . . . " In my car things are impo.ssible, " says Sly Clyde . . . " But she said she loved me, " crys Doug . . . Stick to her Stick . . . McGee says, " Hush, hush sweet Charlotte " . . . Hector, " I would like to make a suggestion " ... To our married brothers Darrel, Fred, and Sonny . . . What else can you say! The Sigma Phi ' s and their sisters, the DU ' s, turn in a home- comi ng " News Flash " for the afternoon game. ffl 1 - Ih C) O ft Zack Broadway Scott Crabtree 1 i k Leon Dickerson Herbie Johnson Garry Karriker A. W. McGee Darrell Morgan Clyde O ' Ferrell Sonny Pructte M s. Barbara Ippilito — Homecoming Sponsi Jeanne Fiorito — Sweetheart of Sigma Phi 2$B Herbie and A. W. try to get a date. poris Sports is a striving to make dreams come true. It is aiming at the highest goal, It is a challenge to be creative, It is an opportunity to be one ' s self; to fail, and try again. It is the art of dedication in team spirit. It is a team, a coach, a field, a crowd; It is a spirit which provokes joy and tears. It is a bond that unites mind and body along the pathway of life. It is the exemplification of a way for others to follow. Cjfon Gof eoe JiqJit A The Fighting Christians experienced a frustrating season this year with only two wins for the entire season. After capturing the Carolinas Conference Championship in 1964 and a co-championship title in 1963, the Christians had their poorest year since 1960. The team lost their opening game, a pre- season conte.st with Camp Lejeune, by a 6-3 margin, but came back to win the opening game of the regular season with a 15-0 vic- tory over Emory and Henry. After that they started a loosing streak which lasted until the last game of the sea- son ; then they scored an impressive 28-6 win over Frederick College. Perhaps this closing victory means a better season for 1966. zJcore6oa r Elon 3 Camp Lejeune 6 Eton 15 Emory and Henry Elon Guilford ' 7 Elon Appalachian 9 Elon 7 Presbyterian 14 Elon Carson Newman 18 Elon 6 Catawba 21 Elon 14 Western Carolina 26 Elon Newberry 3 Elon 6 Lenoir Rhyne 20 Elon 28 Frederick 6 U oo The Fighting Christian Coaching Staff: Left to right: Head Coach, Gary Mattocks; Line Coach, Bennett Williamson; and Backfield Coach, Alan White. ■ ?y Qjnrisiians a ri96J ENDS Pete Jarvis 80 A. W. McGee 83 Gene Brewer 84 Mike Ray 87 Richard Williamson 86 Richard Lee 81 Wayne Weston 82 Mike Lewis 85 TACKLES Morris Thomas 77 Bobby Ferrell 72 Joe Robinson 74 Gary Kirriker 75 Mackie Garden 71 Buzz Ward 70 Wes Gilliam 76 GUARDS Joe Dawson 65 Randy Warren 64 Darrell Morgan 63 Zack Broadway 61 Lee Johnson 66 Mickey Hughes 60 Dickie Hughes 62 Sam Storey 67 CENTERS Scott Crabtree 51 Ray Wilson 52 Lloyd Kanipe 53 Johnny Talbot 50 QUARTERBACKS H. L. Robinson 11 Tyrone McDuffie 13 Wright Anderson 12 Burgin Beale 14 HALFBACKS Fred Stewart 28 Sonny Pruette 24 Gary Jordan 20 Ron Foresta 26 David Gentry 23 David Oliphant 21 Jerry Hogge 22 Andy Smith 27 FULLBACKS Alex Burnette 40 Doug Amick 43 Bill Miele 42 Perry Williams 41 The team was led this year by Joe Dawson 65, from Sanford, North Carolina, and Morris Thomas 77, from Asheboro, North Carolina. The Christians ' managerial staff include, left to right: Asa Roper, Jack Shirley, Don Weed, Benny Saunders, and Ralph Mizelle. A. W. McGee jumps for a pass Pete Jarvis i-uns past the defense ; ' i Fighting Christians at the Homecoming Game Halfback Dave Gentry runs the From Coach Mattocks . . . words of wisdom Jianiinq Gnrisiians S n Jlciion Bobby Atkins shooting Bill Bowes grabs a rebound. Richard Such taps one in. Ron Denhart stretches for from far out. the rebound. Henry Goedeck jumps for a shot as surprized oppon- ents watch. Tommy Davis takes a long shot as Bill Bowes and Richard Such look on. Ron Denhart ... it helps to be able to jump! Bill Bowes sinks the ball Mike Meacham . . . high in the Bobby Atkins taking a long Richard Such lays one up for two. air for a sure basket. shot. and in. CBaseSaff—I96J Front row, left to right: Owen Shields, Comar Shields, Carlton Carroll Monger. Back row: Coach Jack Sanford, Ronald Fitch, Highsmith, Gary Taylor, Harbie Johnson, Charles Everett, Pete Art Davis, Richard Such, Fred Stewart, H. L. Robinson, J. W. Crook. Second row: Bill Green, Ron Tugwell, Tommy Newsone, Pace, manager, and Larry Bulla, assistant coach. Robert Ellis, Dempsy Herring, Burgin Beale, Larry Collins, L)coreboara I 96 J F •• ■n I j i k i C oach John D. Sanford Catawba 4 Williams 2 Washington and Lee 1 Atlantic Christian 5 High Point 6 Lenoir Rhvne 11 Guilford 4 Campbell 3 Guilford 10 Otterbein 2 Western Carolina 5 Western Carolina 2 Wilmington 5 Wilmington 7 Pfeiffer 2 Lejeune 4 Lejeune 1 Lejeune 5 Wilmington High Point 5 Catawba 2 Lenoir Rhyne Appalachian 7 Appalachian 1 Pfeiffer 1 Atlantic Christian 2 Newberry 4 Newberry 3 Catawba 1 CAROLINAS CONFERENCE TOURNAMENT Pfeiffer 1 High Point 9 Atlantic Christian 1 High Point 2 High Point 2 Elon 5 Elon 6 Elon 3 Elon 4 Elon Elon 1 Elon 5 Elon 2 Elon 6 Elon 14 Elon 6 Elon 7 Elon 6 Elon 8 Elon 1 Elon 2 Elon 2 Elon 8 Elon 2 Elon 12 Elon 15 Elon 3 Elon 8 Elon 6 Elon 3 Elon 1 Elon 3 Elon 2 Elon 5 c Elon ARC 3 Elon 4 Elon 7 Elon 5 Elon 1 UracA — 1965 f MM 1 i H ' i i 1 9S CJ coreooarcf Elon 41 Catawba 86 Elon 57 Wofford 74 Elon 561 , High Point 70i-. Guilford 26 Elon 74 Appalachian 57 Elon 54 East Carolina 83 Elon 55 Washington and Lee 81 Elon 88 Guilford 43 Elon 86 Campbell 48 ' o High Point 7310 Elon 7th in NAIA Meet Elon 4th in Carolinas Conference Meet First row, left to right: Bill Mann, Bobby Ferrell, Perry Williams, Sonny Pruette, Ray Wilson, David Gentry. Second row: Coach Gary Mattocks, Tom Brown, Stewart Mc- Donald, Bill Frank, Sam Hibbs, Jerry Hogge, David Oliphant, Robert Gregory, Asa Roper, manager. Third row: Alex Burnette, Gary Jordan, Alan MacDonald, Richard Lee, Keith Handy, Ted Obrecht. Uennis — 1965 Elon Elon Elon Elon Elon Elon L)core6oard Guilford 7 m }( Appalachian 7 ,- . ' V A.C.C 7 t Appalachian 7 ' ' 1 High Point 6 Jr ' HQ 1 A.C.C 6 Left to right, kneeling: Curt Tetley, David Conrad. Standing: Bob Creadick, Dave Nichols, Buddy Williams, Henrie Descheemaker, and Don Weed. S oIf—1965 -mMi 1 Left to right Robbie Pate, Dennis Clinton, James Murray, Sonny Long, Jim and Bobby West, captain. 5rown, Kerry Crews, L) coreooarcf Elon 81 4 Catawba 71 0 Elon 17 High Point 7 Elon 19 A.C.C 5 Elon 4 Campbell 14 Elon 111 0 Wesleyan 6I o Elon 9 ' A.C.C 15 Elon 5 East Carolina 19 Elon 7 Wilmington 20 Elon 151 2 High Point 8I 0 Elon 12I 0 Appalachian llVo Elon 14 Catawba 6 Elon 17I 0 Guilford 614 Elon 5 Appalachian 19 Elon 181.4 Wilmington 51 o Elon 8 East Carolina 16 ures " Within these gates " are illuminated many outstanding events and persons that make up our features of campus life. Beauty is radiated with the crowning of queens at Homecoming, Mid-Winter Dance, and Spring Weekend, Knowledge and con- tributions of citizenship sparkle in those well-rounded students elected to " Who ' s Who. " Thus as we flash through this feature section, the glitter of campus life gleams. May it shine in our memories. Si6(2raf ris J c oruni Liberal Arts Forum: (left to right) Sharon Branch, Mr. Elder, Mike Wyngarden, Rodney Barfield, Miss Brandon, Mr. Reed, Carl King, Doug McGuire, and Laura Rice. Dr. Warner Wells Dr. William CartwriRht Liberal Arts Forum: Elon ' s student-financed, stu- dent-directed organization which concerns itself with the academic interests of the students. In keeping with the liberal arts tradition, the Forum endeavors to make available to the campus visiting scholars to re- present every area of the sciences and the humanities. The scholars are presented through a series of pro- grams throughout the year, each program consisting of a lecture, a question-and-answer session, and a reception. The Forum has a definite purpose: to stimulate the student to think ; to stimulate the desire for knowledge. A few. examples of that stimuli are Dr. Arthur Larson, Director of the World Rule of Law Center at Duke University, the Late Dr. Francis Butler Simkins of Longwood College; Dr. Alfred Engstrom, Classicist at U.N.C.; Vinciata (Joe Wallace King), Artist; to mention but a few. The Forum is an essential part of Elon ' s academic life. It is fast becoming an essential part of Elon ' s tradition in spirit and scope. The Forum owes its position to the faithful support of students and faculty who appreciate the fact that Academics is the Alpha rather than the Omega of the Alphabet and of the college community. The Forum wishes to thank students, faculty, and administration for their contributions which have made its programs successful. We thank you for the opportunity you have given us. Dr. Werner P. Friederich Dr. Arthur Larson (i iuJies !7n U ie Jfu nanih ' es: C on Go leoe 1966 W. T. Holmes ■U ie C uianaina 9n lae Of Ma Elon expanded its academic curriculum this year with a week-long presentation of studies in the humanities, sponsored by the student Liberal Arts Forum. The festival week, April 25-29, represented a " first " for Elon in the area of academic festivals. The results of the experiment, without question, justify a continuance of this function. Contributing to the success of the festival were Representative Gerald Ford, House Minority leader from Michigan ; James Johnson Sweeney, Director of the Fine Arts Museum of Houston ; Dr. Frederick B. Artz, historian and scholar from Oberlin College; Dr. Alfred Engstron, scholar in French literature from U.N.C.; Urban T. Holmes, medieval scholar from U.N.C. — ■ and many others. The exciting week consisted of formal lectures, informal seminars, discussions, debates, afternoon teas, chamber music, and a play production — all concerned with the humanities and revolving around the theme " The Changing Image of Man. " The Forum is indebted to the students, faculty, and administration for their enthusiastic support in its attempt to enrich the academic life of Elon. J. T. Sweeney A. Engstrom J Tic ZJin er 7)ance The 1965 Mid-Winter Dance took place on Valentine ' s Day and after a poll was taken, a king and queen were chosen and were crowned at the dance. The lucky win- ners were sophomores Nancy Milliard and John Harris. Music for this gay occasion was provided by Elon ' s Emenons. Nancy Hilliard with a queen ' s bouquet. President of the Student Government, Jerry Cameron, crowns Nancy Hilliard queen. King John gets his crown from his pretty queen. The King and Queen enjoy the Emenons by sharing a dance together. Nancy Hilliard and John Harris serve their subjects. ' ' t » : - " - .«-r T 7 y eanne .ueen Miss Jeanne Fiorito was voted Homecoming Queen 1965 by the student body of Elon College. The raven- haired, brown-eyed beauty is twenty-one years old and her home is in Greensboro, N. C. Her extra-curricular activities have included cheerleading. Delta Upsilon Kappa sorority, Sigma Phi Sweetheart, and May Court. Miss Fiorito is a major in elementary education and she has worked at the Children ' s Home to prepare for her carreer. Her hobbies are art, reading, tennis, and " Scrabble " . Our congratulations go to a popular, well- liked Queen, Miss Jeanne Fiorito. Jeiry Cameron, Piesident of Elon ' s Student Government Association, ciowns Jeanne duiing half-time. Jeanne and her court prepare for the parade in down-town Burlington, N. C. Jeanne Fiorito enjoys a dance at the Hon coming Festivities of Saturday night. o necomim I h Deanie Longest The Homecoming Committee: Francine Gulf ford; Dave Dowdy, chairman; Pamela Little; and Johnnie Sappenfield. Homecoming was a week-end in which all had a good time. It began with a big " bang " with the " Powder-puff " football game in which tempers were lost and excitement was felt. The score: Maroon, 24; Gold, 0. The theme, " Climb Every Mountain, " was presented in the Talent Contest. The best pro- duction was sponsored by the Women ' s Athletic Association. The winning members were singer Jo Warner and dancer Eviline Garrison, both being accompanied by a small male combo. The height of the contest was the announcement of Homecoming Queen Jeanne Fiorito. The highlight of Saturday ' s parade, game, and dance was the presentation of the queen, her court, and sponsors. On Saturday also, the win- ning float and display were announced. The dis- play award was won by the Student Baptist Union, and the winning float was built by Alpha Pi Delta and Pi Kappa Tau. The climax of a wonderful week-end was the fantastic concert by the Shirelles accompanied by Little Royal and the Swingmasters. The winning display by the Baptist Student Uni( " King of the Mountain. " Runners-up of the talent contest: Eddie Harris and Bill Ruth. Jfo omecomino Are your instruments tuned-up for the contest, boys? The Shirelles, the performers of the concert on Sunday which was a beautiful finale for the week-end. Half-time activities during Homecoming highlight the queen, her court and the spon- sors, as well as the Elon Band. prino LSJeeAencf J,ueen Miss Chippy Moore was chosen Queen of Spring Weekend for her beauty, charm and poise. Chippy is 5 ' 6 " and weighs 110 lbs. She is twenty-one and a sophomore majoring in elementary education. She likes reading and sports and loves to be around people. Chip- py ' s future plans include graduation, teaching and marriage. The choice was an excellent one and Chippy, an attractive and deserving Queen. Miss Chippy Moore Chippy is given a crowning kiss from Jerry Cameron, newly installed President of Elon ' s Student Government. Chippy is anxiously waiting for her presen- tation to the judges of the contest. Chippy, after opening the May Day Festivities, enjoys a candied apple. Queen Chippy Moore and her attendants, Miss Jackie Smith and Miss Jo Warner pose after the presentation of the winners. The Queen and her Court: (left to right, row one) Sandy Williams, Hope Brown, Jackie Smith, Chippy Moore, Jo Warner, Marty Hogenson, Mary Roberson, Ineke Koorn; (row two) Jane Holler, Nancy Hilliard, Bonnie McEvoy, Donna Anderson, Ann Stegall, Pat Dean, and Laura Rice. c5, )prino The committee who planned the weekend ' s activities (from top to bottom and left to right): Tim Gifford, chairman; George Orell; Eileen Cobb; Mike Aaronson; Van Rasco; Francine Gifford; Ann Stegall; John Harris; Mary Andrews; and Sue Ferguson. It was a new idea, a very different idea, and in the end, a successful idea. This describes Spring Weekend 1965 at Elon. A very capable committee organized the campus organizations into a team which created the atmosphere for a weekend filled with fun. There was a note of anxiety within these gates as the weekend drew closer. The campus was bustling with activity. There were booths to build, dances to plan, and a good time to anticipate. Friday night it began with a dance in the gymnasium featuring Lit- tle Royal and the Swingmasters. On Saturday there was scarcely time to rest up from the previous night ' s activities. Attention was shift- ed to the gym parking lot for the carefully planned carnival. A big picnic on the lot opened the day ' s activities. Girls sponsoring the various campus groups competed in a beauty contest. Judges rated the girls as they appeared before the student body in both evening dress and swim suit competition. Well, Miss Modine Gunch actually does some modesty! Jesiioilies Our thanks to the Modern Folk Quartet who helped make Spring Weekend a success. The Queen of Spring Weekend, Chippy Moore, was crowned after which she officially declared the carnival opened. The crowds rush- ed to the various booths to throw eggs, smash a car, burst balloons, or just to enjoy an old fashioned snow cone. The Emanons were on hand to provide a musical background for the festivities and for dancing. Saturday nite of- fered more music and dancing on the gym park- ing lot when the Blue Notes were featured. A special attraction of the night was the appear- ance of the famous Marvelettes. Sunday, the Modern Folk Quartet provided the perfect finish on the weekend with their concert in Whitley Auditorium. So it was all over except for the fond memories which are indelible. The new idea was a success. Spring Weekend at Elon has taken on a new face. Our apprecia- tion goes to all those people responsible for this great weekend and especially to the Spring Weekend Committee. Elon ' s Emanons blare out with a dance tune during Saturday ' s carnival. lil) io Mr. Ron Hodk Miss Gail Campbell Mr. Scott Crabtree Mrs. Alice Harding Js)£o Mr. Jerry Cameron Miss Janet Lamm Miss Carol Keith Miss Ellen Huffines iudenis an cf G aiuDus ' p An education is an experience. It is an experience in discipline and in learning. It is an experience of mental growth, but also of growth in understanding ourselves and other people. Learning to live with people is an education that cannot be found in textbooks. It is found in living with them day by day. Here we share the joys, the sorrows, the losses, and the achieve- ments with our friends. When we leave the life " within these gates, " we take with us fond memories of people, some of which we shall never see again. Here, then, we present to you our friends and our life at Elon. OFFICERS Linda Johnston, Vice-President; Scott Crabtree. President; Carol Keith, Secretai-y-Treasurer. SENATORS Sonny Blanchard, Jennifer Gamble, Ali Absent — Charles Avila. Mitchell, Bill Harding. c5, enior G a ass CHARLES WILLL M AVILA 15 Bellview Heights Ashland, Massachusetts History Senate 2, 3, 4; Judicial Committee 4; Campus Affairs Committee 3; ADA 2, 3, 4; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Ionian Society 2, 3, 4; Entertain- ment Committee 4. BILL DEE BAILEY 813 Buckner Street Graham, N. C. THOMAS GARLAND ANDERSON Route 3 Chatham, Virginia Business Administration Intramurals 1, 2, 3. 1 5 ' JAMES NEAL BIGGERSTAFF Route 1, Box 223 Browns Summit, N. C. Religious Education Honor Court, President 3; Senate 2, 3; Class President 3; 2M2 2, 3, 4; Marshal 2, 3; WHO ' S WHO 3; Maroon and Gold 2, 3; Intra- murals 1, 2; Cheerleader 2, 3; Board of Elections 3; Orientation Committee 2, 3; Dance Committee 1; N.S.S.G.A. Host Committee 3; N.S.S.G.A. 3, 4. HOWARD EDGAR BLANCHARD, JR. 118 Do nvood Dr. Burlington, N. C. Spanish 2. 4; Orientation Com- 3; Dance Committee 2; Finance Committee 4; Marshal 3, 4; Maroon and Gold 2; Campus Crier 2; Young Democrats 3, 4; Spanish Club 2, 3, 4; Track 2; Intramurals 1, 3; UCC 2; Choir 1, 2, 3; Liberal Arts Forum 3; Elon Players 3; Homecoming Es- cort 3; Chapel Committee 2; En- tertainment Committee 2; Judicial Committee 4; Elon Christian 2; N.C.C. Mission Representative 3; College Day Representative 4. DAVID R. BLAIR 28 So. Stuyesant Dr. Wilmington, Delaware Business Administration Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. Senate mittee WILLARD GRANT BLEVINS, JR. 3855 Colony Lane, S.W. Roanoke, Virginia Biology A 3, 4; Young Republicans Biologv Club 3, 4; Intramur RODNEY D. BARFIELD 915 Veda St. Fayetteville, N. C. History 2M2 1, 2, 4, Vice-President 3 Men ' s Interdormitory Council 1 Dormitory Vice-President 1; Lib eral Arts Forum, Chairman 3, 4 Ionian Society 2, 3. CHARLES STANLEY BOONE 3921 Nottaway Rd. Durham, N. C. Philosophy Honor Court 3, 4; Phi Psi Cli 3, 4; Maroon and Gold 3; Young Republicans 3; UCC 3, 4; Liberal Arts Forum 2; Ministerial Asso- ciation 3, 4; Development Com- mittee 3. WILLIAM FREDRICK BARKER Route 1, Box 198 Mt. Holly, N. C. Business Administration AHA 3, Treasurer 4; Men ' s Inter- dormitory Council, Secretary 4; Proctor 4; Carolina Dorm Presi- dent 4; Business Club 4; Intra- murals 3, 4; Board of ' ..lections 4. JERRY LYNN BARNETTE 1920 Holland Ave. Burlington, N. C. Mathematics ITK 1, 2, 3, 4. MARTA JUNE BARNHART 318 Harden St. Burlington, N. C. Social Studies MARY HELEN LOUISE BENSON 4021 Flower field Rd. Norfolk, Virginia Business Education Entertainment Committee 2; ATK 2, 3, 4; Phi Psi Cli 4; Elon Colon- nades 2: Campus Crier 3; BXE 1; Choir 1; Cheerleader 2, 3, 4; Dance Committee 1; He Sponsor 4. WILLIAM RANDOLPH BRADHAM 120 Hendie Ave. Riverside, Connecticut History Student Council, Chairman 4; Maroon and Gold, Assistant Edi- tor 4; Intramurals 4; Ionian So- ciety 4. MARTHA ANN BRANDON 519 Trollinger St. Burlintrton, N. C. Social Science Marshal 3; Pi Gamma Mu 4, Sec- retary 3; NEA 4; Ionian Society 3, 4; WAA 2; Southern Historical Society 3, 4. LEROY ALBERT BRANDT, JR. Baltimore, Maryland ISAAC HARTFORD BROADAWAY Business Administration 2: B 2, 3, 4; N.S.S.G.A. Host Com- mittee 3. Box 214 Liberty, N. C. Physical Education Z B 1, 2, 3, 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; " E " Men ' s Club 3, 4; P.E. Major ' s Club 1, 2, 3, 4. MARTHA SIMPSON BRODA P. O. Box 37 Elon College, N. C. Social Science Senate 2; Class Secretary- Treas- urer 2; TZ 1. 4, Treasurer 3; Social Chairman 3; Maroon and Gold 4; Campus Crier 2; Young Democrats, Secretary-Treasurer 3; German Club 3; UCC 1; Choir 1; WAA 1, 2, 3, 4; Homecoming Sponsor 3; Orientation Committee 2; Dance Committee 3; Entertain- ment Committee 2; Nominating Committee for Homecoming Queen 2; N.S.S.G.A. Host Com- mittee 2; N.S.S.G.A. 2; Student Affairs Committee 1, 2; Southern Historical Association 3; Hand- book Committee 2; i:M2 Sweet- heart 3; Homecoming Committee DENNIS DARRELL BROOKS 321.5 N. Boulevard Raleigh N. C. Accounting and Business Administration French Club 4. JAMES LESTER BROWER Route 1 Franklinville, N. C. Physical Education Intramurals 2, 3; UCC 4; P.E. Major ' s Club 1, 2, 3, 4. JOHN EDWARD BURTSCHE 5 Hattie Ave. Greenville, R. I. Chemistry Honor Court 4; ilMi: 3, 4; Young Republicans 3; German Club 2, 3; Chemistry Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, a, 4; " E " Men ' s Club 2, 3, 4. BRENDA KAAREN BROWN Route 1 Elon College, N. C. Business Education lioB 1, 3, 4, Treasurer 2; Marshal 3; Business Club 3, Secretary 4; BXE 1, 2; Choir 1, 2; WAA 1, 4, Treasurer 2, 3; Homecoming Sponsor 4. JOHN BRADLEY CAHOON, III 2418 Perkins Rd Durham, N. C. History Maroon and Gold 1; Men ' s Inter- Dormitory Council 1; Young Re- publicans Club 2, 4; Track 1; In- tramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Ionian So- ciety 2, 3, 4; Dance Committee 3; Publicity Committee 1, 2, 4. EILEEN F. COBB Box 276 Amherst, Virginia English Student Government Secretary 4; Student Council 2; ATK 1, Cor- responding Secretary 2, Treasurer 3, Recording Secretary 4; Campus Crier 1, 2, 3, 4; Homejommg Sponsor 1, 2, 4; May Day Court 2; Board of Election 1; Orienta- tion Committee 2; Student Af- fairs Committee 2. CHARLES DAVID CONRAD 5030 N. 27th St. Arlington 7, Virginia History Band 3, 4; Tennis 3, 4. OLLIE ROBERSON COBIA, JR. 2007 Braxton Lane Greensboro, N. C. Business Administration French Club 2, 3; Football 1; Dance Committee 3. MARY ELIZABETH COOLIDGE Church Street Amston, Connecticut Mathematics and Religious Education nivT 4, President 2, 3; Phi Psi Cli 4; Women ' s Interdormitory Coun- cil 2; Band 1, 2, 3; Pan-Hellenic Council 4; WAA 1, 2, 3, 4; Home- coming Sponsor 4. PHILLIP FRANKLIN CAINES Route 1 Bolton, N. C. Business Administration Business Club 4; Football. 3404 Nimit ' A English JERRY DELANE CAMERON Rout9 4 Sanford, N. C. History, Philosophy, and Social Science Student Government President 4; Senate Chaplain 3; Honor Court 2; Finance Committee Chairman 3; Class Vice-President 3; Campus Display Committee 3; . IIA 1, 4, Chaplain 2, 3; Marshal 2, Chief 3; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; UCC 1, 2; Ionian Society 3; Pan-Hellenic Council Vice-Presid?nt 3; Ministe- rial Association 1, 4, Chaplain 2, Vice-President 3; Orientation Com- mittee 3; Entertainment Commit- tee 3; Southern Historical Asso- ciation 3, 4; WHO ' S WHO 4. DAVID ANDREW CHAPMAN Route 3 Durham, N. C. Spanish WILLA RAYE CAMPBELL 212 Lee Drive Burlington, N. C. Accounting and Business Administration Marshal 3. PAUL EDGAR COBB 479 Parkview Dr. Burlington, N. C. Accounting and Business Administration ROGER POTTER CROOKS BECKY ANN CRUTCHFIELD R. F. D. 1 Uncasville, Connecticut Box 236 Swepsonville, N. C. History i-amurals 1. 2. 3. Business Education ATK 2. 3, Corresponding: Secretary 4; Business Club 3, 4; BXE 1, 2; Intramurals 2; Homecoming Sponsor 2. NANCY JO DANIEL 432 Clark St. Henderson, N. C. English BOB 1, 2, 3, 4; NEA 4; Band 1, 2; Pan-Hellenic Council President 2; Orientation Committee 4; Homecoming Committee 4. HARRIET JEANE DAVIS 1610 Country Club Rd. Reidsville, N. C. Elementary Education BOB, Secretary 3, Vice-President 4; Phi Psi Cli 2, 4; NEA 1; Elon Singers 2, 3; Elon Players 2; WAA 3; Dance Committee 3. JOSEPH CARL DAWSON 515 S. 3rd St. Sanford, N. C. Physical Education 2 B 1, 2, 3, Sergeant of Arms 4; Men ' s Interdormitory Council 1; Football 1, 2, 3, Co-Captain 4; Baseball 1, 4; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Dance Committee 4; " E " Men ' s Club 1, 2, 3, 4; P.E. Major ' s Club 1. 2, 3. 4; Outstanding Line- man (Elon Team) 3; All Confer- ence 3; All District 26 3. HENRIE KYLE DESCHEEMAEKER Holt Apts. 15, Main Street Burlington, N. C. Business Administration Tennis 2, 3, 4. JOHN N. DEVITO 183 Fairfield Ayenu? Stamford, Connecticut Biology l.M 1, 3, Pledge Master 2, House Manager 4; Maroon and Gold Sports Editor 4; Campus Crier 3; Business Club 4; German Club 3; Chemistry Club 1; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Community Relations Com- mittee 2; Publicity Committee 2; Deyelopment Committee 1; Food Committee 2. NATHANIEL MACON EDWARDS, III Windsor, Virginia Business Administration Business Club 3, 4. LEON BUCHANAN DICKERSON Route 2 Roxboro, N. C. Business Administration WALLACE EDWIN EDWARDS Box 421 Spring Hope, N. C. Biology Biology Club 2, 3; Football 1; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Homecom- ing Escorts 3; Dance Committee 2, 3; Development Committee 2, 3. £m m DONALD RAGSDALE FONVILLE 119 Friendly Rd. Burlington. N. C. Accounting and Business Administration Young Republicans Club, Vice President 3, President 4; Business Club 3, 4; Handbook Committee N. R. Elon Z tB 2, 3, 4; FRANKS, Box 302 College, N. Biology Intramurals OSCAR BRIGHT FOWLER, .JR. Route 1, Box 90 Whaleyville, Va. Religious Education Orientation Committee 4; Comun- ity Relations Committee 1; Bu- reau of Public Relations 3; Class President 1; UCC 3, 4; Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3; Elon Quartet 1, 2, 3, 4; Ministerial Association 1, 2, 4; Lyceum Committee 4; Nominating Committee for WHO ' S WHO 4; N.S.S.G.A. Host Commit- tee 2; N.S.S.G.A. 1. JENNIFER LOUISE GAMBLE 905 Oakland St. Hendersonville, N. C. English and History IIKT 2, 3, 4; Senate 4; Young Republicans Club 3; Secretary- Treasurer 4; Ionian Society 3, 4; WAA 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Affairs Committee 4; Southern Historical Society 3, 4. THELMA BROWN ELLIOTT 1727 W. Davis St. Burlington, N. C. Elementary Education Marshal 3; NEA 3,4. m wT ' LINWOOD ALVIN GARRISON 304 Red Point Dr. Smithfield, Va. Accounting and Business Administration AOJV 2, Secretary 3, Vice-President 4; Intramurals 2, 3, 4; Band 2, 3, CHARLES FRANK EVERETT 6733 Tower Dr., Apt. 105 Alexandria, Virginia Physical Education ITK 1, 2, 3, 4; NEA 3, 4; Intra- murals 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Dance Committee 3; Enter- tainment Committee 3; " E " Men ' s Club 1, 2, 3, 4; P.E. Major ' s Club 1, 2, 3, 4. KENNETH FRANKLIN FAW Box 407, Route 1 Hockessin, Delaware Business Administration 2M2 1, 2, Treasurer 3, President 4; Student Government Treasurer 4; Entertainment Committee 3; Men ' s Interdormitory Council 4; Business Club 4; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. THELBERT MARCUS FINCHER Route 4, Box 303 Candler, N. C. Business Administration Young Republicans Club 3, Vice- President 4. JEANNE CAROL FIORITO Route 8, Box 71 Greensboro, N. C. Elementary Education ATK 3, 4: Cheerleader 2; Home- coming Queen 4; Homecoming Court 3; May Day Court 1. RONALD RADCLIFF GEORGE Star Route Chatham, Va. Business Administration Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; BSU 1, 2; Dance Committee 1, 2; Entertain- ment Committee 2, 3; Student Af- fairs Committee 2, 3. MAMIE ANN GORDON 609 West Front St. Burlinprton, N. C. Music Choir 1, 2, 3, 4. JAMES THOMAS GRAHAM 604 Minturn Ave. Hamlet, N. C. Business Administration Business Club 4; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Dance Committee 4. REBECCA WEBSTER GRAVES 1812 Lynnwood Dr. Burlington, N. C. Elementary Education NEA 1. AMANDA GUYTON Glen Raven, N. C. Home Economics MARION JEAN HAFFEV 190 Greenwood St. New Britain, Corln. English NEA 4; WAA 1, 2, 4, Vice-Presi- dent 3. HENRY WESLEY HAIR 1010 E. Willowbrook Dr. Burlington, N. C. Business Administration ALICE MITCHELL HARDING 4200 Knowles Ave. Kensington, Md. English TZ 2, 3, Corresponding Secre- tary 4; Senate 3, Parliamentarian and Campus Affairs Committee Chairman 4; Marshal 3; Repre- sentative for Ground-Breaking 4; Phi Psi Cli 3, 4; Campus Crier 2; Women ' s Interdormitory Coun- cil Secretary 2, 3; Band 1; Cheer- leader 2. 3, 4; Elon Players 3; WAA 1, 2, 3, 4; WHO ' S WHO 4. GWEN LEE HANCOCK 3718 Randolph St. Fairfax, Va. English ATK 1, 2, 3, 4; Senate 3; Finance Committee 3; Women ' s Interdor- mitory Council 3, 4; Young Re- publicans Club 3; NEA 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Cheerleader 2, 3, 4; Homecoming Sponsor 2, 4; Home- coming Queen 3; Dance committee 2, 3; N.S.S.G.A. Host Committee 1. WILLIAM THOMAS HARDING 614 Peachtree St. Emporia, Va. Business Administration and Mathematics ITK 1, 2, 3, 4; Senate 4; Judicial Committee 4; Golf 1, 2, 3, 4; " E " Men ' s Club 2, 3, 4. W . T DIANE HAWORTH HENDRIX Box 1583 Elon College, N. C. Elementary Education TZ 2, 3. SANDRA MATKINS HENSLEY Route 1 Elon College, N. C. Business Education BOB 2, 4, Vice-President 3; Busi- ness Club 3, 4; BXE President 1; Elon Players 2, 3. JUDITH BROOKS KILLERS 10216 Ridgemoor Drive Silver Spring, Maryland English Phi Psi Cli Faculty Editor 4; Campus Crier Co-Editor 3; Elon Singers 1, WAA 1, 2, 3, 4; Com- munity Relations Committee 2. DAPHNE COUNCIL BILLIARD Route 1 Elon College, N. C. Mathematics BOB 3, 4; BSU 1, 2; Choir 1; WAA 1. VICTORIA G. HARDISTER Route 1 Aberdeen, N. C. Elementary Education TZ 3, 4; Majorette 2, 3; Baptist Student Union 2, 3, 4; Homecom- ing Sponsor 4; Homecoming Court 3. PAMELA ESTHER HITCHINGS MeyersviUe Rd. Green Village, N. J. Elementary Education Homecoming Committee 1, 2, 3, 4; Constitutional Revision Com- mittee 3; Student Affairs Com- mittee 3; Spring Weekend Com- mittee 3; TZ4 3, 4; Women ' s In- terdormitory Council 2; NEA 4; Choir 2; WAA 2; Homecoming Sponsor 3; Homecoming Court 4; Orientation Committee 2. THOMAS STANLEY HARRELL Route 1, Box 633 Suffolk, Virginia Elementary Education Honor Court 4; Chairman of Parent ' s Day Committee 4; AITA 1, 2, 3, 4; Marshal 3; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; UCC 1, 2; Choir 1. RAYMOND THORNTON HARRIS, JR. 1914 South Ashland Dr. Burlington, N. C. English CHARLES DALE HARRIMAN 2808 Wesleyan Lane Winston-Salem, N. C. Business Administration REBECCA DUNN HARWARD 3810 Tremont Drive Durham, N. C. Philosophy and Social Science Honor Court 4; Marshal 3; UCC 4, President 3; Choir 2, 3, 4; Ionian Society 3; Homecoming Sponsor 4; Ministerial Association 2, 4, Chaplain 3; Chapel Com- mittee 3. VICTORIA SWIFT HODGE P. 0. Box 761 Elon College. N. C. Business Education BOB 1, 3, 4, Recording Secretary 2; Business Club 3, Recording Sec- retary 4; BCE President 1; WAA 1, 2, 3. PATRICIA GARDEN HOLLAN 104 CoUinwood Dr. Burlington, N. C. Social Science Southern Historical Association 3, 4; NEA 4. RONALD CHARLTON HODKINSON 56 North B St. Taftville, Conn. Social Science 2M2 2, 4, Junior Vice-President 8 Senate 2; Academic and Campus Affairs Committee Chairman 2 Class Vice-President 3; Home coming Float Committee 1, 2; Pi Gamma Mu 3, President 4; Order of the Oak 3, 4; Men ' s Interdor- niitory Council, Proctor 2, 3, 4 Intramurals 2, 3; Student Commit tee to President of College 2 EMANONS, Vocalist 3, 4; Elon Quartet 3; Ionian Society 2, 3, 4 N.S.S.G.A. Host Committee 3: N.S.S.G.A. 2, 4, Chairman 3; Stu dent Affairs Committee 2, 4 Chairman 3; Western Electric Corporation Scholarship 3, 4 WHO ' S WHO 3, 4. LINDSEY HUGH HOLLIMAN 615 Providence Rd. Graham, N. C. Business Administration Business Club 3, 4; UCC 1, 2, 3, 4 JANE BARNWELL HOLMES BETTY FRANK HOUSTON Box 611 Route 1 Elon College, N. C. Troutman, N. C. English Social Science Elon Colonnades 2, 3. Choir 3, 4; Ionian Society 3, 4; WAA 3, 4; Southern Historical Society 3, 4. DENNIS WILLIAM HOWIE 1242 Circle Dr. Baltimore, Md. Social Science K ' ■ 2, 3. 4; Intramurals 2, 3, 4; Ionian Society 3, 4. PATRICIA ELLEN HUFFINES Box 181 Elon College, N. C. Business Education ATK 1, 2, 3, 4; Marshal 3; Busi- ness Club 2, 3, Secretary 3; WAA 1; Homecoming Sponsor 3; WHO ' S WHO 4. RICHARD A. HUTCHINS 2521 Shenandoah Ave. Durham, N. C. History Maroon And Gold 4. GARTH WALLACE HUTSON Box 72 Whitsett, N. C. Business Administration Band 1, 2, 3, 4; EMANONS 1, 2, 3, 4; Community Orchestra 2, 3, 4. THOMAS PHILLIP JOHNSON JR. Box 763 Liberty, N. C. Business Administration CAROLYN JEAN KEETON 735 Harrison St. Petersburg, Va. French LINDA CHERYL JOHNSTON 3627 Park Land Rd. Fairfax, Va. Spanish TZ 2, 3, 4; Senate, Finance Com- mittee 2, Campus Affairs Com- mittee Chairman 3; Judicial Com- mittee Chairman 4, Secretary 2, Homecoming Committee 1, 2; Class Vice-President 4; Marshal 3; Phi Psi Cli Business Manager 3; Young Democrats 3, 4; NEA 4; Band 1, 2; Homecoming Spon- sor 1, 2, 3; Orientation Committee 2, 3, Chairman 4; S.S.L. Delegate 3, 4; Student Affairs Committee Secretary 4; Spanish Award 1. CAROL JEAN KEITH 832 Crescent Dr. Reidsville, N. C. Physical Education TZ 2, 3, 4; Senate, Chairman of Queen ' s Float 3, Judicial Commit- tee 3, Finance Committee 4; Class Secretary-Treasurer 4; WAA 1, 2, 3, 4; Cheerleader, Co-Head 2, Chief 3, 4; Homecoming Sponsor 1, 2; P.E. Major ' s Club 1, 2, 3, 4; N.S.S.G.A. 4; WHO ' S WHO 4. LILLIE MAE JEFFRIES Route 1, Box 150 Leaksville, N. C. Elementary Education G. TIMOTHY KEMPSON 921 Spofford Ave. Elizabeth, N. J. Social Science i: B 1, 3, Parliamentarian 2, Presi- dent 4; Men ' s Interdormitory Council 3; Chief Proctor 4; Foot- ball 1, 2, 3; Track 1, 2; Intra- murals 1, 2, 3, 4. WALTON CARTER JENNETTE, JR. 1159 N. Road St. Elizabeth City, N. C. History EDWARD LEE JOHNSON 1091 Marian Dr. Alexandria, Va. History ITK 3, Vice-President 4; Campus Crier 1; Ionian Society 3, 4. HERBERT FLETCHER JOHNSON 909 Rainey St. Burlington, N. C. Physical Education S B 2, 3, 4; Men ' s Interdormitory Council 4; Baseball 2, 3, 4; P.E. Major ' s Club 2, 3, 4. LOUIS HOWARD JOHNSON Box 672 Liberty, N. C. Mathematics and Physics Intramurals 1. JESSIE ANN KERNODLE PHILIP S. LADD Route 1, Box 234 Brown Summit, N. C. 5G0 Murdock Ave. Meridian, Conn. Elementary Education NEA 4; WAA 4. Philosophy JANET DELORES LAMM REITA KAY LANE 1523 Greenwood Terr. Burlington N. C. Route 2 Snow Camp, N. C. Music and Religious Education HKT 2, 3, 4; Honor Court 3; Handbook Committee 3; Order of the Oak 2, 3, 4; Choir 1; Band 2; Homecoming Sponsor 4; Minis- terial Association 2; Orientation Committee 3; Dance Committee 1; Judicial Committee 3; Strader Award 3; WHO ' S WHO 4. Mathematics JAMES HOLT LASLEY 16-B Brookwood Garden Apts. Burlington, N. C. English BERWYN LANCE LAWRENCE Business Club 4. WILLIAM BURTON MACEY Box 77, R. D. 1 Chester, Vt. History 2:M2 4; Maroon and Gold 4; Homecoming Committee 3; Intra- murals 1, 2, 3, 4; Ionian Society 2, 3, 4; Southern Historical As- sociation 3, 4. HELEN CLAXTON McCOTTER 4448 Burlington PI. N.W. Washington, D. C. Elementary Education IXK 1, 2, 3, Vice-President 4; Senate 3; Class Secretary-Treas- urer 3; Women ' s Interdormitory Council 3; NEA 4; Choir 1; Cheer- leader 2; May Day Court 2; Judi- cial Committee 3. SARAH ANN MAURER 110 Case St. Norwich, Conn. Elementary Education II KT 3, Treasurer 4; Campus Crier 3; Women ' s Interdormitory Coun- cil, Secretary 4; NEA 4; WAA 1, 2, 3, 4; Homecoming Sponsor 2; Ministerial Association 1, 2, 3; Chapel Committee 2, 3. ADOLPHUS WAYNE McGEE Route 2, Box .395-A Rockingham, N. C. Physical Education B 3, Treasurer 4; Football 3, ; Intramurals 2, 3, 4. BONNIE DELL MOORE JERRY WAYNE MOORE Route 2 Madison, N. C. Route 1 Elon College, N. C. Elementary Education IIKT 2, 3, 4; German Club 3; NEA 2, 3, Treasurer 4; Pan-Hellenic Council 3. Philosophy Marshal 3; Ministerial Associa- tion 1, Vice-President 2, President 3, Chaplain 4. CHERYL DARLENE MORROW MICKEY KAY MURRAY 616 Carpenter Ave. Mooresville, N. C. P. 0. Box 567 Elon College, N. C. Social Science Ionian Society 3, 4; WAA 3, 4. Biology BOB 3, 4. RACHEL MANNING McINTYRE 3-D Brookwood Garden Apts. Burlington, N. C. Elementary Education ATK 2, 3, 4; NEA 4; WAA 1, 2, 3, 4. JUNE CAROL NALL 1923 Holland Ave. Burlington, N. C. Elementary Education Choir 4 PAMELA ELIZABETH THOMAS IRVIN McLEAN Mclaughlin 1218 Avcock Ave. 524 Tarleton Ave. Burlington, N. C. Burlington, N. C. Mathematics English ITK 2, 3, 4; Young Democrats 4; Band 1, 2. JERRY LEE MICHAEL ROBERT MODEL 405 Manning Ave. Lake Ave. Elon College, N. C. Greenwich, Conn. Chemistry History Chemistry Club 1; UCC 1, 3, 4. A n 3, 4; Liberal Arts Forum 4; Ionian Society 2, 3, 4; Elon Players 2, 3, 4; Lyceum Committee 1 121 4. THOMAS EUGENE NEWSOME 811 West Davis St. Burlington, N. C. English Baseball 2, 3, 4. THOMAS JACK OAKES Route 7, Box 201 Burlington, N. C. Business Administration Business Club 3, Treasurer 4, Spanish Club 3. THOMAS WALKER PAGE 704 Buchanan Blvd. Durham, N. C. English PHILLIP C. PAGLIARULO 1606 Second St. Natrona Heights, Pa. Business Administration College Bowl 2; Campus Crier 2, Business Club 1, 2, 3; Southern 3, Editor 4; Liberal Arts Forum Historical Association 3, 4. 1. 2, 3. ROBERT GEORGE PEASE 2114 Woodland Ave. Burlington, N. C. History Pi Gamma Mu 3, 4; Choir 1; Ionian Society 2, 3, 4. JUDITH RAY PEELE 3007 Warren Ave. Raleigh, N. C. Elementary Education .iTK 3, 4; NEA 4. MABLE SOMERS PEELER Box 14, Route 7 Burlington, N. C. Elementary Education Order of the Oak 3, 4; NEA 3, JAMES PATRICK PEPE 1067 Nevir York Dr. N. Massapequa, L I., N. Y. English Homecoming Committee 1, 2- Chemistry Club 1, 2; Elon Plavers 2, 3; Board of Elections 2, 3. JANE MARIE POINTER Route 1, Box 133 Semora, N. C. English WAYLAND THOMAS POND 721 Riverview Drive Suffolk, Virginia Business Administration Campus Crier 3; Women ' s Inter- Track 1; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; dormitory Council 2, 3; NEA 3, Elon Players 3, 4; Food Commit- Secretary 4; UCC 3; Choir 1, 2, tee 3. 3, 4; Ministerial Association 1, 3, Secretary 2; Monroe Award 1. LAURA ANN RICE 916 Bellevue St. Burlington, N. C. English and Spanish Publicity Committee 2; Home- coming Committee 2; A fi 2, Sec- retary-Treasurer 3, President 4; Phi Psi Cli Art Editor 4; Elon Colonnades 2, Art Editor 3, 4; Young Democrats Secretary- Treasurer 3; WAA 1, 2; BSU 1; Choir 1; Liberal Arts Forum 4; Elon Players 2, 4, Secretary- Treasurer 3; Homecoming Spon- sor 2; May Day Court 3; Com- munity Relations Committee 4; Nominating Committee for Home- coming Queen 4; Jerry Strader Award 3; Elon Plavers Award 2. BARBARA LEE ROBINSON 12 Summer St. Georgetown, Mass. Elementary Education ATK 1, 2, 3, 4; Women ' s Inter- dormitory Council 2; NEA 4; WAA 1, " 2, 4. WILLIAM DONALD RICHARDSON Box 1095 W. Hillsborough, N. C Social Science ROBERT ASA ROPER 522 Ogburn St. Chase City, Va. Physical Education CAROLE ANN POPOWSKI 14 Harrison St. Sayreville, N. J. Physical Education ATK 3, Reporter 4; Homecoming Committee 1; Phi Psi Cli 4, Girls Sports Editor 3; Maroon and Gold 2, 3, Girls Sports Editor 4; Campus Crier 3; Women ' s Inter- dormitory Council 4; Board of Elections 2, 3, 4; WAA 1, Presi- dent 2, 3, Reporter 4; WAA Award 3, 4; Homecoming Sponsor 2, 3; Orientation Committee 3; P.E. Major ' s Club 1, 2, 4, Secre- tary-Treasurer 3; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; All-Campus Volleyball Team 2, 3. CARL FREDRICK ROST 220 Harding Rd. Southhampton, Pa. Business Administration Young Republicans 3. 4; Busin. Club 3, 4; German Club 3, 4; In tramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. DAVID BRUCE POTTER 15 Flat Rock Rd. Easton, Conn. Business Administration Business Club 4; German Club 1, 2, 3; Intramurals 1, 2; Chapel Committee 3; Handbook Commit- tee 2. EVA GRAY PULLIAM 819 Randolph Ave. South Boston, Va. Social Science ATK 2, 3, 4; Elon Colonnades 4; Young Republicans 3; Ionian So- ciety 2, 3 4; WAA 1; Homecom- ing Committee 2. DOCTOR MAX PRUETTE. JR. 1239 Hamilton St. Roanoke Rapids, N. C. Health and Physical Education 2 B 2, 3, 4; NE A 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Intra- murals 1, 2, 3, 4; May Day Court 1; " E " Men ' s Club 1, 2, 3, 4; P.E. Major ' s Club 1, 2, 3, 4. JUDITH ELAINE QUINLIN 2203 Young St. Burlington, N. C. English WILLIAM JAMES RUTH EARL MOSES SARTIN, JR. 93 Spear St. Metuchen, N. J. Route 2 Burlington, N. C. Business Administration US 2, Treasurer 3, President 4; Men ' s Interdormitory Council President 4; Business Club 4; In- tramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3; Homecoming Escort 4. Biology JUDY DENINA SEAMAN LEANNA KATHRYN SELLERS 409 Sunrise Ave. Henderson, N. C. Mathematics BOB 2, 3, 4; Honor Court 2, 3; Women ' s Interdormitory Council, Secretary 3; NEA 4; Band 1, 2, 3. Route Broadway, Va. Religious Education UCC 2; WAA 1, 2, 3. 4; Ministe- rial Association 1, 2, 3, 4; Chapel Committee 2; Orientation Com- mittee 2; Nominating Committee for Homecoming Queen 3. MARY JEAN SHAW 116 West Holt St. Mebane, N. C. Business Education Young Democrats 2, 3; Business Club 2. 3, 4; BXE 3; NEA 4. OWEN NELSON SHIELDS Blairs, Va. Physical Education 2 B 2, 3, 4; Baseball 3; Intramu- rals 1, 2, 3, 4; P.E. Major ' s Club WILLIAM BENJAMIN SHIELDS, JR. 603 Country Club Dr. Burlington, N. C. History Young Democrats 3, 4; German Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Ionian Society 3, 4; Ministerial Association 4; Southern Historical Association 3, 4. STEPHEN MICHAEL SINK 4017 Old Greensboro Rd Winston-Salem, N. C. Business Administration Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. SHARON REBECCA SMITH THOMAS ELVIN ST. CLAIR 1747 Horatio Ave. Merrick, Long Island, N. Y. Magnolia St. Crittenden, Va. Elementary Education Phi Psi Cli 4; Campus Crier 3; WAA 1, 2, 3, 4; Ministerial As- sociation 1, 2; Orientation Com- mittee 3; Community Relations Committee 2; Development Com- mittee 3. Business Administration 124 NANCY JANE TURNER CHARLES HARPER VITOU 1009 N. Church St. Burlington, N. C. Box 201 Rowland, N. C. Elementary Education NEA 4. History and Social Science Honor Court Jury 4; UCC 3, 4; Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; Ionian Society 2, 3; Ministerial Association 1, 2, 3, President 4; Southern Historical Society 3, 4; Homecoming Escort 4. DENNY ELWOOD WAGONER DOLLY WALKER Route 1, Box 455 Elon College, N. C. Chemistry ITK 2, 3, President 4; Order of the Oak 3, 4; Chemistry Club 1; American Chemical and Rubber Company Award 1. 1222 May Court Burlington, N. C. English TK 2, 3, President 4; Phi Psi Cli 4; WAA 1, 4; Homecoming Spon- sor 4. WILLIAM F. STILES 125 Hollister St. Manchester, Conn. Chemistry KTN 2, 3, 4. GEORGE LONZEY WALTERS, JR. 405 E. Graham St. Mebane, N. C. Physical Education Basketball Manager 3, 4; murals 1, 2, Club 2, 3, 4. MARTHA JANE TEDDER Route 4 Asheboro, N. C. English BOB 1, 2, 3, 4; Honor Court Jury 2; Women ' s Interdormitory Coun- cil 2, Vice-President 3, President 4; NEA 4; UCC 1, 2. 3, 4: WAA 1, 2, 3, 4; Orientation Committee 2. 3, 4. PEGGY ELAINE THOMAS Route 1, Box 333 Franklinville, N. C. Elementary Education Order of the Oak 4; NEA 4; WAA 1, 2. TERRENCE STEPHEN TICKLE Box 638 Gibsonville, N. C. Business Administration and History Business Club 4; German Club 4. CAROLYN LOUISE TILLGTSON 847 Shoreland Rd. Winston-Salem, N. C. Business Education Business Club 4; BXE 1, 2; UCC 3; BSU 4: Homecoming Sponsor 2; Ministerial Association 1, 2, 3, Secretary-Treasurer 4. JAMES WILLARD WATKINS Route 2 Stoneville, N. C. Physics Marshal 3; Intramurals 2, 3. MARGARET ARLENE WEATHERLY 3224 Wake Forest Hwy. Durham, N. C. Home Economics TZ 4; Spanish Club 2; Home Eco- nomics Club 2; WAA 1, 2, 3, 4; Choir 2. EDWARD HOWELL WEST 613 E. Willowbrook Dr. Burlington, N. C. Business Administration Business Club 2, 4, Vice-President 3; Intramurals 1, 2, 3: Marshal 3. GERALD LEE WHITE Route 2 Graham, N. C. Mathematics and Physics BRENDA SUE WILLIAMS Box 657 Pittsboro, N. C. Business Education BOB 2, 3, 4; Business Club 3; BXE 1, 2, 3; Choir 1, 2, 3; WAA 1, 2, 3. HAROLD EDWARD WILLIAMS, JR. 4400 Bowden Ave. Virginia Beach, Va. Mathematics WILLIAM ARMISTEAD WILLIAMS 122 Milan Dr. Chesapeake, Va. English Honor Court 1; Young Democrats MIKE D. WYNGARDEN 2508 Willa Dr. St. Joseph, Mich. History German Club 3, 4; Liberal Arts Forum 3, 4; Ionian Society 2, 3, 3, 4; Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4; Intramurals 4; Homecoming Escort 1; South- 4; BSU 3, President 4; Choir. ern Historical Association 2, 3, 4. KATRINKA DIANNE WYRICK Route 1 Elon College, N. C. Elementary Education -laroon and Gold 4; NEA 4. HELEN ANN YOHO 2522 Sevier St. Durham, N. C. Mathematics T 2, Treasurer 3, President 4; Homecoming Committee 3; Dance Committee 2; Orientation Com- mittee 4; Homecoming Display 2; Band 1, 2; Cheerleader 3; WAA 2, 3, 4; Homecoming Sponsor 2, 4. ?«iil i unior G c ass Senators: Fred Moon, Sam Troy, Don King, Weaver. V. May, Jesse Officers: Gail Campbell, Secretary: Mike A; dent: John Nicks, Vice-President. RITA NELL APPLE WARREN DOUGLAS APPLE Route 1 — Gibsonville, N. C. CHARLES ROBERT BAGNELL, JR. SANDRA JEAN BERGMAN 15:i(; Norwich-New London Tpke MYRA ELIZABETH BOONE ' h dM ' " ' iii W 4 .JANIE LEE CARR Box 34S - West Hillsboiough, N. MARVIN EDWARD CHEWNING Box 656 ClaiksviUe. Va. DAVID BRUCE CLARKE 422 Hickory Di-. - Chapel Hill. N. C. ROBERT ANDERSON CLOHAN. Ill :t044 Heather Lane Falls Chuieh, V f P 9 SARAH JO COATES GRACE ELLEN COMER THOMAS GRADY CONALLY WILLIAM CORDES, II J. ILENE COSTNER JANE MARIE DAILEY WILLIAM FRANKLIN DALKE Woodstock. Va. JOHN JOSEPH DEAN LEROY EDWARD DRINKWATER, JR. DANIEL FRANKLIN FULLER Route 2 - Bessemer City, N. C. BILLYE VIRGINIA GEORGE Box 53, Route 5 — Chatham, Va. EDGAR FIELDS HARRIS 111 Pleasant Ave. — Gary, N. C. CARL PEIFFER HIATT 532 Circle Dr. Burlington, N. C. JOHN WAYNE HINSHAW 1041 Briarcliff Rd. — Bi MARY BETH HOFFMAN Ti! Buckminislei Circle — Orlando, Fla. N. C. -Salem, N. C. PAULA SUE HUDSON 58-B Gregg Circle — Col i JOHN STEWART LITTLE 2529 Deepwood Dr. — Wilmington, Del. ELLA ROANE LIVELY 1776 S. Scales St. — Reidsville, N. C. g LL ANDREW PATTERSON McPHERSON LINDA RUTH McPHERSON RICKY ARTHUR McPHERSON f(Sr fe " w MARSHA MASON PORTER Hox KS-S — Hanover. Va. SAMUEL MURRAY RANKIN, III MICHAEL ASHBEY RAY GRAEME HUNTER SHULL TERRY WAYNE SINK -Salem, N. C. LINDA THOMPSON JAMES LLOYD TOTTY GAY LEA WILLINGHAM no Gilmer St. — Burlington, N. C. PEGGY JEAN WILSON Route 5, Bo. 430 — Asheboro, N. C. PHILLIP RAY WILSON 201 Stokes Ave. — McColl, S. C. Senators: Betsy Jones, Pat Demeter, Ken Hollings- worth, Marcus Bradsher, Butch Cox. Officers: Paulette Westphal, Sec. -Treas.; Dempsey Herring, President; Susan Jager, Vice President. MELINDA AYSCUE §f D. BARRETT RICKY BRAY Box 261 — Robbii Chaileston, S. C. MAt ' KY CARDEN Hnute 3. Colonial Hills — Hillsborough. N. C. DAVID CARPENTER Route 7 — Burlington. N. C. lEKRl CASKEY Graham. N. C. tOCER CLAYTON .la Gordon St. — E ECILIA C «boro. N. C. bia Pike. Apt. 701 — Arlington. Va. ' TANLEY COCKE Fredericksburg. Va liRUCE COHEN S23 W. 32nd St. — Wilmington 2. Del. BOB COLLIE Route 1. Box 248 — Pelham. N. C. U2 RONALD DAMERON Leaksville. N. C. Salisbury. N. C. Dr. — Horseheads, N. Y. Hill Trailer Ct. — Coll MONTY DUNCAN 218 S. Fairfax St. — Alexandria. Va. DAVID DUNN Route 1 — Buffalo Junction. Va. BILL FRANK 207 Phila. Pike Wilmington. Del. CLYDE FULLER Route 3 — Burlington. N. C. LARRY GARNER BILL GREEN 4G64 Dartmoor Dr. Liftwood Estates — Wilmington. Del. JIM HABEL 726 Jones St. — Suffolk, Va. . N. C. EDNA HALL Route 2 — Rougemont. N. C. ROBERT HALSTED 212 Greenwood Dr. — Manchester, Conn. i i-Salem. N. C, SHARON HEPBURN Point Grove Rd. — Southwick, Mass. GUY HIGGINS 233 Menchville Rd. — Newport News, Va. JIM HILL 7211 Murray Lane — Annandale, Va. STAN HILL 7211 Murray Lane — Annandale, Va. JERRY HOGGE 101 Hunts Neck Rd. — Poquoson. Va. HOLLY HOLLINGSWORTH Box 213G2, Route 3 — Chesapeake. Va. KEN HOLLINGSWORTH Route 2. Box 197 — Randleman. N. C. FLORA HOVIS MICKEY HUGHES RICHARD HUGHES 1016 Ingle St. — Burlington, N. C. BARBARA IPPOLITO 2517 Saddle Club Rd. — Burlington, N. C. CAROL ISLEY 407 Alamance Rd. — Burlington. N. C. Orlando, Fla. MARTHA JOHNSON BETSY JONES MIKE JONES gfM I CHRIS KURRLE NN LAMBERTH RICHARD LEE Falls Church. Va Scotland Neck, N. C. © C RICHARD MOON. 4:ilS Beverly Ave — Jacksonville. Fla. CAROLE MOORE 308 E. Harden St. — Graham. N. C. NAOMI MOORE 4200 N. Sharon Amity Rd. - Charlotte. N. C. NANCY MORGAN Box 696 — Elon College. N. C. I.MAM, 3INA PRESCOTT !419 N. Emerson St. — RANDALL PUGH Asheboro. N. C. HOLLY RAAD 1005 William Dr. — Winston-Salem, N. BILL REED 44.5 — Fuquay-Varina. N. C. ZM VROL ANN REYNOLDS — Elon Collece, N. C. JANICE RICE MARY RICH 261 — Laurinburg, N. C. LARRY RING P. O. Box 114 — Ah fe i f m i: , n GEORGE SMITH Box 957 — Hillsborough, N. C. BUDDY SPENCER 13613 Regentview — Bellflower, Cal. JEAN STEVENS Route 2. Roxborc Rd. — Durham, N. C. LYNN STURKEY — Salisbury. N. C. Gibsonville, N. C. BETTY TALLEY Belhesda. Md. DELAINA WALKER 186 — Haw Ri N. C. n. N. C. ver. N. C. 9. € REBECCA WHITAKER 1521 Graville St. — Burlington, N. C. JAMES WILKINSON 21 Harbour Lane — Massapequa. N. Y. PERRY WILLIAMS Oxford Orphanage — Oxford. N. C. BOB WILLIAMS 3 Alan St. — West Orange. N. J. SANDY WINTER HAROLD WOOTEN 2.M 7 esnman y )Jass C a. Senators: Tom Payne, Vicki Moon, George Scott, Mary Ann Underwood, Ken Shaw. CAROLYN REBECCA ABBOTT 711 Lexington Ave. — Burlington. N. C. GEORGE CHARLES ACKERLY 12 Laurel Ave. — Old Bridge. N. J. JOHN MICHAEL ADAMS 418 S. MacArthur -- Panama City. Fla. STUART ADAMS Uth Health Place — Garden City. L. I.. N. ' V NOEL LEE ALLEN 1104 Briarclift Rd. — Burlington. N. C. CANDANCE ANNE ALLENZO Olcott Lane - - Bernardsville. N. J. GARY DALE ALLRED Route 2 — Graham. N. C. PAUL HARRY AMUNDSEN 3333 University Blvd. W. — Kensington. Md. JOAN LOVE ANDERSON b91 Berryville Ave. — Winchester, Va. WRIGHT LaFATE ANDERSON Route 1 — Burgaw. N. 0. CHERRY ANN APPLE Route B, Box 220 — Reidsville. N. C. RITA LaVERNE ASHLEY Hillsborough. N. C. WILLIAM RAWLS AUSTIN 307 N. Second St. — Albemarle. N. C. MICHAEL LANE BARBOUR 203 Taylord Rd. — Collinsville, Va. EDGAR JAMES BARTHOLOMEW 33 Second St.. Catasauqua — Catasauqua. Pa. SHELDON JOHN BATCHELDER 308 Burnt Mills Ave. — Silver Springs. Md. REBECCA JO BEALE 227 Grove Park Circle — Danville. Va. WANDA ELAINE BEAVER 630 Maupin Ave. — Salisbury. N. C. BOBBY NEAL BECKOM Route 2 — Burlington, N. C. RICHARD LEE BENNETT HI Shadowbrook Dr. — Burlington. N. C. WILLIAM ALBERT BILLINGS 1012 Everett St. — Burlington. N. 0. JANE ALDRIDGE BLALOCK Route 2 — Burlington. N. C. TRACY SUE BLANCHARD 622 Lakeside Ave. —Burlington, N. C. PAUL RICHARD BLEIBERG 611 W. 38th St. — Wilmington, Del. NANCY ANN BOONE R. D. 1 — Orefield, Pa. DONNIE LYNN BOWERS 1941 McDermott St. — Asheboro, N. C. WILLIAM AMBROSE BOWES 4941 Athens Blvd. — Virginia Beach, Va. LINDA DALE BOWLAND 403 Alamance Rd. — Burlington, N. C. CLARK CAIOUS BOWMAN 4007 Longview Station — Hickory, N. C. TRUDY ARVIS BRADLEY 122 Tarleton Ave. — Burlington, N. C. EDNA GAIL BRANTLEY P. O. Box 134 — Lattimore, N. C. CHARLES LEWIS BRIGHT 1617 Woodland Ave. Burlington. N. C. CLARENCE TANDY BROWN. Ill 3 Fulton Farm Rd. — Hampton. N. C. NANCY JANE BROWN Route 1 — Graham. N. C. ROBERT ANDREW BROWN 204 Seehorn PI. - Lenoir. N. C. BARBARA ANN BUGG 7507 Dolce Dr. — Annandale. Va. WILLIAM BENNETT BULLOCK 714 W. Front St. Burlington, N. C. CHESTER WALTON BURGESS. Ill P. O. Box 644 — Franklin. Va. JAMES THOMAS BURGESS, JR. 117 Dogwood Dr. — Burlington. N. C. RONALD WAYNE BURROUGHS 626 Virginia Ave. — Collinsville. Va. STEVE CADDELL 511 Evergreen Road — Rocky Mount, N. C. Officers: Leon Tew, President; Kathy Copeland, Secretary; Noel Allen, Vice-President. c DAVID O. CANSLER UOO Lakewood Dr. — Wilmington, Del. MARGAKET ELIZABETH CARTER 4509 Thoroughgood Dr. — Virginia Beach ARTHUR DURHAM CATLETT 410 W. Kime St. - Burlington. N. C. RONDA JANE CECIL Route 4. Box 188 — Thomasville. N. C PAMELA REBECCA CHANDLER 1102 Marshall Ave. — South Boston, Va WILLIAM DANIEL CHILTON 1217 Vaughn Rd. — Burlington, N. C. REBECCA SUSAN CLAPP 615 S. Hawthorne Rd. — Winston-Salem, JO ANN CLARK 619 Country Club Dr. — Burlington. N. C. MURIEL JANET COLE 195 Pine St. — Centerville, Mass. ALLEN GORHAM COLENDA, JR. O.xford Orphanage Printing Dept. Oxfoi HOBART GARY COOK Route 1 — Elon College, N. C. KENNETH LEE COOK Route 3 — Graham, N. 0. BRENDA FAYE COOPER 1900 Bray Blvd. — Asheboro, N. C. DOROTHY KATHRYN COPELAND 1457 Hadlock Ave. — Norfolk, Va. ROXANNE CORRIVEAU 97 Pleasant St. — Spencer. Mass. ELAINE CAROLINE CROWDER 64 affalo Ju Va. gL2 L JUNIUS ALLEN CRUMPLER, JR. Forest Lake — Mebane, N. C. MARTHA ANNE DAILEY 119 Proctor St. — Suffolk. Va. AURELIA LYNN DANCE Box 433 — Halifax, Va. WILLIAM STARR DAVIS, JR. 510 Henry St. — Roanoke Rapids, N. VERONICA JOAN DICKERSON Rou ■ille. N. C. WILLIAM THOMAS DIXON. Ill 507 Yorkshire Rd. — Portsmouth. Va. GREG NEIL DORR 2200 Hebron Ave. —Glastonbury. Conn LINDA CAROL DUHL 706 Hereford Dr. — Athens, Ala. DIXIE CAROL DURHAM 1009 Lawsonville Ave. — Reidsville, N. LARRY EDWARD DURHAM 913 Everette St. — Burlington, N. C. LARRY JOSEPH DURHAM Route 1 — Snow Camp, N. C. PEGGY JO DURHAM 333 Shamrock Rd. — Asheboro. N. C HARRY HOWARD EATON. JR. 421 W. Park St. — Gary. N. C. KEOMA LEILER EDWARDS 516 S. Mebane St. — Burlington. N. C MARY ANGELIA EDWARDS Route 1 — Elon College. N. C. JACQUELINE RAE EVANS 211 Weston Rd. — Garner. N. C. RALPH OBAH EVERETTE Route 2 — Burlington. N. C. MARILYN PATRICIA FARLEY 6937 La Marre Dr. — Hollins. Va. LYDIA ANN FARRELL P. O. Box 86 — Pittsboro. N. C. CECILIA GAIL FAUCETTE 606 W. Market St. — Graham, N. C. MICHAEL RILEY FERGUSON Route 3, Box 122 — Siler City, N. C. DANNY RAY FIELDS 222 Wildwood Lane — Burlington, N JOSEPH CHRISTOPHER FOWLER 1130 E. Willowbrook Dr. — Burlington LINDA DIANNE FRAZIER Route 2 — Elon College, N. C. THOMAS JULIAN FULCHER, III 213 Venable St. — Farmville, N. C RACHEL EVELINE GARRISON 220 Silver Lake Dr. — Burlington, N. PHILLIP MICHAEL GILLEY 246 Cheek Lane — Graham, N. 0. PENNY SECDALL GILLIAM Route 3 — Graham. N. C. SAMMY LEE GILMORE Box 244 — Robbins. N. C. HENRY GOEDECK Central Islip. N. Y. VIVIAN LEIGH GREENE Box 201 — Elon College. N. C. RALPH FULLER GRISSOM 2721 Princeton Dr. — Durham, N. C. MICHAEL WAYNE HAILEY Box 22 — South Boston, Va. WITT G. HALLE 6458 Amboy Rd. — Staten Island 9. N MICHAEL STUART HAMM 4714 N. 20th St. — Arlington Va ELLEN MARIE HAMMERSLEY 1410 Collingwood Rd. — Alexandria. V THOMAS ESMON D HARDEE 2101 Nottingham Dr. — Florence. S. C TREVA ANNE HARRISON 2000 Ardmore Rd. — Winston-Salem. HARRY WILLIAM HARTLEY Box 43 — Welcome. N. 0. WILLIAM TAYLOR HAYDEN, JR 310 W. Holt St. — Burlington. N. C. SUSAN NEWSOME HEATWOLE 3311 Martha Custis Dr. — Alxandria JUDITH ANN HINSHAW 2701 Trail 6 — Burlington, N. C. JAMES PHILLIP HOLLAND 821 Kenwood Dr. — Burlington, N. C. Jy f « fr (■ STEVE ALLEN HOPPER am Johnsun St. — Reidsville. N. C. MARY LINDA HUDSON 201 Charles St. — Grifton, N. C. ELLEN McPHEKSON HUFFINES Route 3 - BuiliiiBton, N. C. JUDY EARLE HUGHSON 1G45 Gaislland Dr., N. W. - Roanok. JOAN ELIZABETH HURDLE Box 5a — Alamance, N. C. BETTY SUE ISELEY Route 4 — Burlington. N. C. SANDRA MAXINE ISLEY i,IJO Trail :i, Grove Park — Burlingto. STANLEY PHILLIPS JAMES, JR. 1107 V. E. S. Rd. - Lynchburg. Va. UARRYL CHARLES JENNUS Stonehill Rd.. Bo. S. R .D. 2 — Dove LLOYD ALFRED KANIPE Mi N. Hoskins Rd. - Charlotte, N. JUDY DEANNA KECK TALMAGE BLAKE KELLER Route 4, Bo.x 200 — Siler City, SAMUEL ALLEN KEY sn Flushing St. — Burlington BONNIE LOU KILTS .52 Murray St. — Binghamton, JAMES MELVIN KING ngto BART BENJAMIN KOLBER 807 W. 22nd St. — Wilmington, Del. DENNIS GEORGE KOPIK 04 Middlesex Ave. - Menlo Park, N. JAMES MELVIN LAWRENCE. JR. Crittenden. Va. MICHAEL LENARD LEE 702 Manor Rd., Apt. 101 — Alexandr JAMES HORN LIGHTBOURNE, III Rd.. N. E. Atla STEVEN ANDREW LINEBERRY 240 Maple Dr. - Mt. Airy, N. C. WILLIAM HOWARD LINEBERRY 717 Tillman St. — Burlington. N. C. MAURICE FLOYD LIPPLNCOTT 12 E. Main St. - Columbus. N. J. £££1 ' (p p C- ANN CAROLYN LITTLE o40 Henry St. Roanoke Rapids JEFFREY DAVID LOVINGOOD 404 West Rd. — Portsmouth. Va. JAMES ASHBURN LOWE, IV KAREN MARIE LOY Route 6 — Burlington, N. C. MARY TERESA LUTE Route 1, Box 12, , — Haw River, J FLOYD FRANKLIN MACY, JR. 1241 Partridge Lane — Winston-£ WILLIAM JOSEPH MAGRINI W. n, N. CATHERINE ANNE MANGUM 3S10 Pendergrass St. — Durham, N. ANNA ROSE MARINO Box 224 — Elon College, N. C. JOSEPH WEAVER MARTIN. JR. 305 Haywood Dr. — Chesapeake, Va. TERRY DANE MARTIN Sandy Ridge, N. C. KATHRYNE JAN MARTON una Byrd Dr. — Fairfax, Va. DANIEL PAUL MASTIC sa02 Parliament Dr. — Springfield, ' WALTER EUGENE MATTHEWS Route 1, Box 17a — Thomasville, N. STEVEN FAUCETTE MAYNARD 1127 S. Woodleigh — Reidsville, N. C LINDA JOYCE McCRICKARD Ruut( N. C. JEAN DENNY McGUIRE 35 Rutherford PI. — Mont CAROL ANN McKINNEY N. C. MABEL EUGENIA MEACHAM Box 244 — Ellerbee. N. C. KAREN CRAFT MELBERG 40ii Miller St. — Ludlow. Mass. JERRY EDWARD MIDKIFF ANN FORD MILES ins Briarcliff Rd. — Burlington. N. C. HAROLD VERNON MILES 1713 N. Mebane St. — Burlington. N. C. ROBERT FRANKLIN MILES P. O. Box 36 — Alamance. N. C. BETTY ANN MILLER 1712 Oklahoma Ave. — Burlington. N, C DONALD FARRELL MILLER Route S, Box 2a — Reidsville. N. C. THOMAS WILSON MILTIER, JR. 10,j B.ewer Ave. - Suffolk. Va. JAMES DUDLEY MILWARD 22 Clover Lane - Bloomfield. Conn. BOBBY GLENN MITCHELL P. O. Box 232 — Glen Raven, N. C. LY ' NDA LOUISE MOGGIO Nelson District Rd. — Yorktown. Va. SAMUEL CALHOUN MOON Route 1 — Snow Camp. N. C. VICKI JUNELLA MOON Box 906 — Gibsonville, N. C. DENNIS DANIEL MOORE 312 N. Franklin St. — Madison. N. C. SANDRA LEE MYATT Route 1 — Willow Springs. N. C. n iiSi i JAMKS HAROLD MYEKS 1214 Elmwood Dr. — Colonial Heights. Va. CLARK MOORE NEWLIN Box 72 -- Haw Rivei-, N, C. CATHY DIANNE NICKS 410 Harden St. — Burlington, N. C. JAY FRANCIS OGDEN 4U04 Rogero Ril. — Jacksonville, Fia. RICHARD EARL O ' NEAL 3S14 Lenoir Circle Norfolk, Va. WELDON WILSON ORANDER, JR. 604 Wentworth St. — Reidsville, N. C. WANDA FAYE OVERMAN Route 2 — Liberty, N. C. IIERR Y STEPHEN OXFORD 117 Woodale Dr. — Elon College. N. C. JOHN WILLIAM PACE Route 1. Box 131 — Forest City. N. C. BERNICE LEE PAGE Route 1 — Ruffin. N. C. TULA PANAUIOTOPOULOU St. Anargyri Attikis. S81 Agamemonos JOHN EDWARD PAPA 265 John St. - Cliffside Park. N. J. BRENDA LOUISE PATTERSON Route 4 — Mebane. N. C. PEGGY ANN PATTERSON Sha Dr. GORDON MARSH PAYNE 43 Barnsdale Rd. — Wayne. N. J. JOHN THOMAS PAYNE R. D. 1. Powderhouse Rd. — Vestal. CYNTHIA GAIL PEARSON Route 1 — Haw River. N. 0. DANNY JOE PENDRY Ha N. C. PEGGY LOUISE PENTECOST 2725-A Alamance Rd. — Burlington. ROBERT REECE PERKINS 229 College St. — Martinsville. Va. EUGENE EDWARD PERRY 606 Rosewald St. — Burlington. N. C ALLAN FRANK PHILLIPS 144 Rosemary Lane — Statesville. N. B. MICHAEL PHILLIPS 1016 Ingle St. — Burlington, N. C. KEITH ANDREW PITMAN 4 Reynolds PI. — Asheville. N. C. ROBERT CHRISTOPHER PITTARD. JR. Box 655 — Clarksville. Va. CARL EVERETTE POOLE, JR. 2318 Wythe Ave. — Bluefield. W. Va. DOUGLAS ELWOOD PORSHIA Route 1. Box 476 — Falls Mills, Va. HOLLY PATRICIA PORT 1115 Sperry Rd. — Cheshire. Conn. JERRY LYNN PORTER Route 2. Box 377 — Wilkesboro, N. C. DONALD ARCHIE PRICE 601 Finchey Rd. — Portsmouth, Va. JAMES FLOYD REAGAN, JR. 885 Lawsonville Ave. — Reidsville. N. C. KAREN ANN REIDER 445 Parkview Dr. — Mt. Holly, N. J. MICHAEL RICHARD REX Route 3, Box 2, Hebron — Hendersonville, N. CHARLES PERRY RICHARDS 7302 Edmonston Rd. — Burlington. N. C. VICTORIA ANN RILEY 309 Arlington Ave. — Burlington. N. C. AUBREY SCOTT ROBERSON. Ill Moseley. Va. CAROLYN FAYE ROBERTSON Route 1 — Burlington, N. C. VADA SHIRL ROGERS 3700 Crabtree Ave. — Durham. N. C. ELIZABETH JO SANDERS 2919 Amherst Ave. — Burlington. N. C. BENNIE ISOM SAUNDERS 313 E. Dorsett Ave. — Asheboro, N. C. KAYE FRANCES SAVAGE R. F. D. 1 — Whaleyville, Va. RUSSELL LANE SCHETROMA 21 Colonial Ave. — Natalie. Pa. GAYLE ANN SCHMIDT 101 Dora St. — Stamford. Conn. GERALD EDWARD SHUMM. JR. 318 Blossom Lane — Palm Beach Shores. Fla. EDDIE WAYNE SCOTT 311 Chapel Hill Rd. — Burlington. N. C. KENNETH PLEASANT SCOTT. JR. Box 313 — Chatham. Va. JANET ELIZABETH SEYMOUR Route 7. Box 99 — Sanford. N. C. BARTON CARR SHAW 99 Pine Crest Dr. — Annapolis. Md. KENNETH LANE SHAW Box 255 — Evergreen. N. C. WORTH ODELL SHAW. JR. 230 Hawthorne Dr. — Asheboro. N. C. JOHN RICHARD SHIRLEY. JR. 5 Timothy St. — Waterford. Conn. HENRY NISSEN SHORE Route 3, Box 168 — Lexington, N. C. JUDY CAROL SIMMONS Route 2 — Elon College, N. C. STEVE THOMAS SIMMONS West Jefferson, N. C. GEORGE STEVEN SIMON 515 W. 38th St. — Wilmington. Del. LINDA MARIE SIPILA 72 Roosevelt Blvd. — Oakland. N. J. CHARLES EDWARD SIZEMORE. JR. 302 Saunders Dr. — Portsmouth, Va. JO NELLE SKIPPER 639 Sunset Ave. — Madison, N. C. CLARENCE EDWARD SMART Easley St. — Clarksville, Va. gi flLk DENNIS RAY SMITH al7 Rainey St. — Bui-lington, N. DOROTHY RUTH SMITH 1400 Bay View Blvd. — Noi-folk MARION ELIZABETH SMITH 608 S. Yadkin Ave. — Spencer, I MAX DAYTON SMITH Kipling. N. C. RAY EDWARD SMITH, JR. 509 Grandin Ave. — Springdale, SHIRLEY DIANNE SMITH £MM Z ngto N. C. STEPHEN EMERSON SMITH 809 Janice Dr. — Annapolis, Md. WAYNE MILTEER SMITH 410 Forest Hills Suffolk, Va. RONALD HOWARD SNYDER 81B Caldwell Ave. — Union, N. J. MICHAEL JOSEPH SPILLANE 20 Glen Lane — Levittown, N. Y. THOMAS BARRY SPIVEY Route 1 — San ford, N. C. KENNETH LEE SPOON Route 3 — Graham, N. C. CHARLES CLIFFORD SPRINGS 712 Crescent Dr. — Reidsville, N. C. ELVIN ALEXANDER SPRINGS 712 Crescent Dr. — Reidsville, N. C. HOWELL BENJAMIN STEVERSON 2348 Greenwell Rd. — Virginia Beach, i SAMUEL WILBUR LEE STORY. JR. 511 Maple St. — Burlington, N. C. BESSIE JOE STYLES 112 Trail 1 — Burlington, N. C. RAYMOND SULECKI Route 3 — Graham. N. C. THOMAS DALE SUMMERS 603 Brookdale Dr. — Thomasville, N. C. ROBERT FRANKLIN SUTHERLAND R. R. 1. Goodhouse Rd. — Litchfield. Ci JANICE KAY SWIFT Route 2 — Elon College, N. C. JOHN MICHAEL TALBOTT Buffalo Junction. N. C. BENJAMIN HAYS TALTON 112 Hays St. — Oxford. N. C. ARCHIE DEE TAYLOR 430 Craven St. — Durham. N. C. P ft £• €■ fP i ( ' r ci r, f MARY ALICE TAYLOR 3707 Cameron Blvd. — Isle of Palms, S VERNON JEFFERY TAYLOR 4 Glenwild Ave. — Bloomingdale, N. J. KAREN ELIZABETH TESTERMAN 1514 Hanover Rd. — Burlington. N. C. HOMER LEON TEW 401 Chesopeian Tr. — Virginia Beach. AMY LOUISE THOMAS 1341 Granville St. — Burlington, N. C. RICHARD GARLAND TICKLE Box 581 — Elon College, N. C. PHYLIS ANN TILLEY Box 396 — Fuquay-Varina. N. C. STEPHEN FIELD TINDALL 1803 Monroe St. — Wilmington. Del. LORINE FITCH TOTTEN Route 1, Box 70 — Yanceyville. N. C JULIA ALICE TREECE Route 4, Box 346-A — Concord. N, C ROBERT CRAVEN TURNER !0(14 Randolf Dr. — Raleigh, N. C. MARY ANNE UNDERWOOD Route 4. Box 349 — Suffolk, Va. W ILLIAM BAILEY VOGEL 1 J( Kilby St. — Burlington, N. C. B ' RRY WILLIAM WARD U14 Tucker St. — Burlington. N. C. RONALD ALLEN WARREN Route 3 — Burlington. N. C. RUSSEL CARTER WATLINGTON Route 1 - Yanceyville, N. C. GEORGE WAYNE WATTS. JR. P. O. Box 127 — Wadesboro. N, C. BARBARA ANN WAUGH Box 597 — Elon College, N. C. DONALD JAY WAUGH 803 Hanover Rd. Graham, N. C. JERRY EDWARD WEBB 963 Hammer Ave. — Asheboro, N. C. JULIUS STEPHEN WELLS 6409 Balfour Dr. — Hayattsville, Md. LINDA JANE WESLEY Route 3 — Roxboro. N. C. OLLIE JAMES WEST Route 1. Box 275 — Stedman. N. C. MARVIN EARLE WHITE 142 Chateau Rd. — Durham. N. C. SHERRY ERNESTINE WHITLEY 713 Phillips St. — Burlington. N. C. MERLE CLARENCE WHITNEY 129 Cascade Ave. — Winston-Salem. LARRY DEAN WHITT Apt. F-1. Maytair — Burlington, N. ( RONALD GREY WICKER Route 1, Box 702 — Sanford, N. C. ALLEN LEE WIGGINS 102 Greenwood St. — Burlington. N. ( PATRICIA ANN WILSON 8937 Colesbury PI. — Fairfs JOHN HOWARD WOLFE Bou Mar DIANA MARION WOOD 22 Fairview Ave. — Westfield. Conn. GEORGE LESLIE WYMAN 78 Upper Beverly Hills — West Springfield. Ma CHARLES WILLIAM YOUNGER 211 Wharton Ave. — Gibsonville. N. C. GRETA NORMA ZARZAR P. O. Box 43 — Bethlehem, Jordan iucfeni l ife So I sho wed up for my picture with a coat and tie just like they said. It was a warm, merry Christmas at Elon. Someone studying under the oaks ' ' Close " study at the union. Yes, as a matter of fact, Prof. Latham and I do study together quite often. For those who think Actually, I have no idea what it says, it ' s Greek to me. Everyone needs a break when studying, even if you study in the library. Relaxing never hurt anybody. Makes your hair more manageable than he ' ll ever be! WATCH OUT! You ' re on your honor and if the Sec- All Reflector doesn ' t catch you, they reweigh you as you leave. We stepped into this thing feet first. Time for the two of us. Won ' t you step into my parlor said the spider to the fly. Thank goodness that this is a part of campus life! S7 IS our sincere wi ' sn uiai inis fifiu-firsi eoi ion of i ie J ni J si Ci nas ne pecf io reca ine life i iai we Iiaue snarecf wi ni ' n inese aaies yls ine oaies c ose so closes i ie 1966 ec£ ' ion of ifie 5% ' CPsi GR yCoinino is Jen oui incn ' esiic memories. J ow eacn of us can a sau jJ remember wnen c£ ' ors ancf i iafjf 1966 7 i 7ii Gfi You Don ' t Have To Start At The Top If vou ' rc thinking about career opportunity, you might think about BurHngton, the world ' s leading manufacturer and mer- chandiser of textiles for every purpose. Why not start at the top of the textile ladder? Why not investigate a ' S orld of opportunity " at: ALAMANCE COUNTY OPERATIONS OF Burlindton i BiiilinU ' on NTDXJSTFllES. INC EXECUTIVE OFFICES: GREENSBORO, N. C. TEXTILES... on the way UP! I h-i l}t tm .i4:».,. Today ' s textile industry plays a modern, dynamic role in our lives through its continuing scientific research and development. Cone Mills is an important part of this great industry. If you are interested in joining a progressive team of people engaged in production, administration, research and sales, come to see us or write our Industrial Relations Department. CONE MILLS CORPORATION " Where fabrics of tomorrow are woven today. " EXECUTIVE OFFICES Greensboro, N. C. FINISHING PLANTS Carlisle Greenville, S. C. Greensboro Haw River, N. C, MANUFACTURING PLANTS-Avondale, Cllffside, Greensboro, Forest City, Salisbury, Pineville, Reidsville, Gibsonville, Haw River and Hillsboro in North Carolina. Greenville in South Carolina. SALES HEADQUARTERS - Cone Mills Inc, New York Compliments of BRANNOCK ' S BARBER SHOP SHERARD ' S PHARMACY Druggists 1253 E. Webb Ave. Burlington, N. C. Look Young Be Young . Shop BELK ' S MEBANE SHOE COMPANY 3415 Main Street Burlington, N. C. Phone: CA 6-3211 " Shoes For All Occasions " GLEN RAVEN FABRIC SHOP Burlington - Elon Highway Telephone: 584-7781 Dress and Decorative Fabrics Glen Raven, N. C. ALAMANCE BOOK STATIONERY CO. 208 Maple Avenue Burlington, N. C. Compliments of COLLEGE INN For the convenience of college co-eds SOX SINCLAIR Located on Church Street Burlington North Carolina Phone: CA 8-9197 CURRIN AND HAY 117 W. Davis Street " Burlington ' s Oldest and Finest Haberdashery " Men ' s and Boys ' Wear • Gont Shirts • McGregor and Manhattan Sportswear • Bostonian Shoes • Dobbs Hats WBBB Located on Sixth Floor Alamance Motel " The South ' s Most Modern Radio Facilities. " WBBB-FM Now broadcasting with 29,500 Watts — 101.1 on FM Dial in Burlington - Graham Plus Full STEREO COME ALIVE! You ' re in the Pepsi Generation LIBERTY HOSIERY MILLS, INC. Gibsonville, N. C. Manufacturers of Full Fashioned Seamless Ladies Hosiery Panti-Hose Stretch Tights BLANCHARD ' S GULF SERVICE 1903 W. Webb Ave. Burlington, N. C. Compliments of ALAMANCE DRUG CO. And MEDICAL VILLAGE APOTHECARY WAYNICK INSURANCE AGENCY " Insurance of All Kinds " Box 456 Gibsonville, N. C. Phone: 449-4655 EARL ' S DRIVE-IN Beverages Charcoal Burgers " Where The Friendly People Meet " 1539 South Church St. Burlington, N. C. Phone: 228-9324 BARBOUR DRUG Conveniently Locoted For College And Community Delivery Service HUFFINES SUNOCO SERVICE Church and Holly Streets Burlington, N. C. Lloyd G. Huffines, Owner NEAL WRIGHT ' S JEWELRY Hand Engraving — Watch Repair 127 W. Front Street Burlington, N C. Compliments of J. C. PENNEY DUMN m GIFFORD, REALTORS 1547 E. Little Creek Road Norfolk, Virginia 23518 A I said was " BURGER CHEF u it i ' ' — ' ) %i,0 ifca Mepit on 111 oo ... go Burgtr C«i ( lor Mm big nwr eia SHEF. Two CauMt-49ili Optn Flam ■rolM hanbgrgora with molted chooto, ttngy ttuce loppod wWi lottuce on • hot, toacled bun. A moil ol ■ landw ch lor only 3(11 Homo of the Woifd ' g fealeiji ISO Hamburger! 1610 S. Church St. Burlington, N. C. Next to City Park Compliments of C. B. ELLIS MUSIC CO., INC. " Everything Musical " A. D. PATE COMPANY ' ' Producers of Quality Printing Since 1906 " Phones: 226-2491—2 Corner Davis and Worth Streets Established 1923 LOWE FUNERAL HOME 2400 South Church Street Burlington, N. C. Ambulance Service 228-8366 THE DAILY TIMES-NEWS Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday By the Times-News Publishing Co., Inc. Burlington, N. C. von e y LTD. tfxxn " Finest in Men ' s Clothing and Furnishing " N. GLENN WALKER SURVEYORS, INC. 253 E. Front Street Burlington, N. C. N. Glenn Walker President Phone: 227-2834 Compliments of BLANCHARD ' S Sportswear For The College Co-Eds by: Gant McMullen Ladybug Austin Hill Lanz David Ferguson Country Shirt Country Set GRIFFIN ' S PHARMACY, INC. 445 Chapel Hill Road Burlington, N. C. " First in Prescriptions " Phone: 228-8348 Compliments of LATHAM ' S GROCERY Elon College North Carolina RITCHIE ' S DRIVE-IN Beverages — Pizzas Sandwiches — All Kinds 2401 S. Church St. Phone: 228-9184 THE REMNANT SHOP " Sew and Save " Cum-Park Plaza Shopping Center Burlington, N. C GLEN RAVEN DRUG, INC. Glen Raven Shopping Center Phone: 584-3681 Hosiery and Casual Slippers FOR MEN • Esquire Socks • Vivella • Interwoven • Bachelors ' Friend • Phoenix • Jiffies FOR WOMEN • Koyser • Schioporelli • Phoenix • Sapphire • Mojud • Mercury Supp - Hose For Men And Women by KAYSER-ROTH HOSIERY COMPAW, M. Burlington North Carolina Manufacturers and Distributors HANFORD ' S 66 2207 Edgewood Avenue " Complete Car Care " Phone: 228-9187 Compliments of NCN B North Carolina National Bank McDonald hamburgers 1344 N. Church Street Burlington, N. C. M f UN FOR M SER V CE Industrial Uniforms — Shirts and Pants — Coveralls — Shop Coats P. 0. Box 632 — Graham, N. C. GOOD LUCK, CLASS OF 1966 Slater School and College Services wishes to thank the members of the graduating class for their patronage — to say farewell, good luck, and good health. Your school ' s administration realizes that classroom performance often de- pends on planned nutrition. Through ARA Slater, they hove wisely invested in quality food, prepared and served in friendly style. We hope you have enjoyed Slater meals and service — that mealtime pro- vided a pleasant social break in the day ' s busy routine. From all of us, good luck and good health in the years ahead! SLATER SCHOOL AP COLLEGE SERVICES Compliments of " The Happiest Sound in W B A G Dixie " AM- — 1 1 50 FM - -93.9 Alamance County ' s No. 1 Station Where More People Listen More Often Burlington - Grohom N. C. CAROLE ' S STLYE CENTER Highway 100 Phone: 584-4491 TAR HEEL REXALL DRUGS 329 W. Harden Street Graham, N. C. Bright future uheaH! , . this we wisb ana predict for you For nearly sixty years Duke Power has worked to help make the Piedmont Carolinas one of the nation ' s best areas for living and working Now you will find low priced power waiting to help make your iob productive and profitable on the farm. in industry business or home DUKE POWER HUEY ' S BAR-B-Q Seafoods, Chicken, Steaks, Sandwiches Located on Highway 87 Compliments of HOLT HOSIERY MILLS Glen Raven, N. C. Compliments of WILBURN ' S ESSO Elon College, N. C. T. N. BOONE TAILORS Fine Tailored Clothing Since 1914 Shoes, Formal Rentals, Shirts Burlington, Greensboro, N. C. CLAPP BROTHERS FURNITURE, INC. (Charles Wade) 133 East Davis Street Burlington, N. C. Phone: CA 6-2113 Compliments of TROLLINGER ' S FLORIST Burlington, N. C. GRIFFIN TUBING CO. Burlington North Carolina Compliments of MATLOCK GROCERY SELLARS DEPARTMENT STORE Downtown Burlington and Cum-Park Plaza Compliments of GILLIAM TIRE COMPANY 647 S. Church St. Burlington, N. C. KOURY ' S " Where Smart Women And Teens Shop ' 443 S. Main Street Burlington, N. C. To Students in the Burlington Area: You Are Cordially Invited ... by the Of- ficers and Directors of the First Federal Savings and Loan Association of Burling- ton to discuss with our Student Finance Specialist our remarkable new ESP Plan that permits parents, guardians or rela- tives to finance an education for any bona fide college or university student, at the institution of your choice, with funds available up to $10,000, with up to 10 years to repay, in most cases on signature only without collateral or out- side co-signers, at simple interest, with- out any " add-ons " or " discounts, " and with full insurance protection. FIRST FEDERAL EDUCATION SECURITY PROGRAMS East Davis at Lexington FIRST FEDERAL OF BURLINGTON 226-2417 THE ELON SPIRIT • Elon is my College. I shall be loyal to her in word and deed and speak well of her at all times. • Elon classes are my opportunity to learn, to profit by the wisdom of past generations and to gain a deeper wisdom for myself. • Elon is my Community. I shall live OS a good citizen among my fellows. • Elon Is my College. I shall always be proud of her and shall always live in such a way that she may be proud of me. COLEMAN ' S Men ' s Dept. Stagg Shop Village Room 437 S. Spring St. Opposite Post Office And Cum-Park Plaza City Burlington, N. C. Compliments of GUYES SMART SHOP Downtown Burlington or Cum-Pork Plaza L. B. SHEPHERD " Your Record Shop " 243 East Front Street Burlington, N. C. Phone: 226-7108 Compliments of KIRK ' S MOTOR COURT 1155 N. Church — Highway 70 Burlington, N. C. ROXIE ' S FLORIST " For All Floral Needs " Highway 70 Burlington, N. C. ALMA MATER So here ' s to dear Did Elon Faithfu and bold Here ' s and to her banners of maroon gold; Here ' s to men and women Who ' ve come and gone Singing the victor ' s song of old Elon! McCLURE FUNERAL SERVICE 605 Webb Avenue Burlington, N. C. And 141 S. Main Street Graham, N. C. Compliments of 3 Locations: Cum-Park Plaza — Mebane Downtown Burlington :x=ir. : V pjj rKr " ' " - T- m 1 !!;;! ::::: ksrJ J 1 I SI J lei m ;fftr ' ' ■ rmBm ' smmm

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