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u EN LON COLLE. LUMEN - - PHI PSI CLI Presented to you, the Class of 1965 From the Editors and Staff of the PHI PSI CLI CONTENTS DEDICATION 3 PROLOGUE 4 ADMINISTRATION, FACULTY, and STAFF 12 STUDENT BODY 24 FEATURES 54 AHLETICS 76 GREEKS 92 ORGANIZATIONS 112 EPILOGUE 142 ADVERTISEMENTS 150 DEDICATION MR. william lott monroe, sr. William Lot t Monroe, Sr., was born in Mont- gomery County in North Carolina. During his years at Elon College he was impressed with the importance of Christian education and with the friendly atmosphere and helpful attitude of professors, students and local citizens. He con- tinues to advise young people to " strive for Chris- tian education and good citizenship. " Founder of Monroe ' s Landscape and Nursery Company, he has been a leader in his profession. He has served as President of the Georgia Land- scape and Nursery Association and of the South- ern Association of Nurserymen. He was instru- mental in helping to establish the School of Land- scape Architecture at the University of Georgia. Mr. and Mrs. Monroe, the former Miss Ila Smith of De Funiak Springs, Florida, have two children and four grandchildren. Because of his interest in young people in general and students at Elon College in particu- lar, Mr. Monroe established the Monroe Awards in 1950. Two cash prizes are awarded each year to the young man and the young woman who, in the judgment of the faculty, have made the most improvement in overall development including scholarship, personality, and character. In grateful appreciation to Mr. Monroe for his interest in Christian education and especially for his concern for the development of students who enroll at his Alma Mater, we dedicate the PHI PSI CLI to him. ■ ' JM0 3iS ' M w r J I W PROLOGUE The Senior Oak is more than a symbol of the senior class at Elon. It is also the symbol of age and experience. A student at the end of his high school career is sadly lacking in that all-important age and experience. His life is like an unfinish ed novel, filled with the joys and sorrows of childhood. It is the next chapter in that novel which serves to direct the plot of his life. The decision on the part of a serious student to enter a liberal arts college is the beginning of this chapter. We of the Phi Psi Cli staff of 1965 offer to you our memories as a guide to discovering the advantages of Elon, an out- standing example of the liberal arts college. :m m- .;. =n ■, , % " I have never allowed fellowship with those who are my friends and my enemies to be pushed completely aside by con- cern with formal educa- tion. To me, my most enriching moments are those which I have spent with my fellow beings. It is in those moments that I am most able to construct my own phil- osophy of life. Here at Elon, I have contact with people from every type of environment. Some of those people agree with me in my own beliefs; others do not. I learn from all of them. I am able to examine my beliefs in a new light. The old limitations of home and geographical area are left in the past with childhood. A new freedom of personal opinion is thrust upon me. To some, this free- dom is bewildering; to others, it is stabilizing. I have found it .stabiliz- ing, in that all that I have ever done or thought is progressing toward a culmination which is the goal of the educated man. " Far m Itself, I believe in people — and in their given right to enjoy the freedoms we so cherish. . . . — Julien Brvan The only thing a person ever really owns is his mind. That is one of the first lessons a liberal arts college student learns. And so he realizes he must cultivate it. He takes up the book. At his desk, head bent against hand in the in- tensity of the Hghted room, he takes up the challenge. He finds educa- tion a gateway to the future, a pass- key into a realm in which he has many obligations. He finds the strength to support his opinions. He blends together his own mind with the knowledge and experience that men before him have gathered and recorded. And now he stirs it gently in the lighted room. Life begins to acquire a balance. It is a slow bal- ance, but it remains steady and con- stant in the four-year flood of time. It is unnoticeable even to him, to his suddenly crowded bi-ain. But he is being educated. .jiSBk.;aii?rf» ((r??•. H ■. -?5S-WS« " - ' • -« He must learn to think critically and logically. His entire life at college is an effort to prepare his mind for another time when it must cope with real-life problems in a world that demands the very best of his talents. He has other opportunities. There are students and small, liberal aris ,h1 his mind. professors who share his interests, others who present questions and problems that he has never before imag- ined. They meet with him privately or in small groups. He has the opportunity of challenging, seminar-like discussions to make use of his knowledge. And these experiences are always available. The student of a What he discovers might not always be what he want s to discover, but it will be exciting and enriching and beneficial to him as a person. That will always remain the opportunity of such an education. .. 1 - .-- ' O ' ■ ■ i .. ' .. r .. -.-- «««. ADMINISTRATION FACULTY STAFF PRESIDENT OF THE COLLEGE Dr. J. Earl Danieley TO THE CLASS OF 1965: Congratulations! You have completed the qualitative and quantitative requirements and are now college graduates. It has given us much joy and satisfaction to work with you during your college years and we are proud of your achievements. It is our hope and prayer that, during your years here, you have learned to study and that through the years you will continue your efforts to become an educated person; that you have developed an awareness of and a keen interest in the importance of good citizenship and that you will gladly accept your responsibilities as a citizen; and, that your outlook has been broadened and your faith strengthened to add new dimensions of meaning to your life. May God direct you into paths of useful serv- ice, give you wisdom in the face of difficult problems, courage in the face of danger, and strength for victorious living. Sincerely yours, J. E. Danieley President C. Fletcher Moore Dean of the College A.B.; M.A. W. E. Butler, Jr. Business Manager and Treasurer A.B. Robert C. Baxter Director of Development A.B.; LL.B. A. S. Hassell Director of Student Personnel Services A.B.; M.Ed. J. Wesley Alexander Acting Chairman of the Department of Mathematics Professor of Mathematic B.S. : M.A. Paul J. Amash Assistant Professor of French and Spanish A.B. : M.A. Ralph V. Associate Professor ' Assistant Professor of French and Spanish A.B. : M.A. Mus. B. : M.A. W. JenninKs Berry. Jr. Dean of Men ; Assistant Professor of English A.B. : M.A. Edith R. Brannock Assistant Professor o Home Economics Jeanne S. Bridgewati inke J. Butler Luther N. Byrd Professor of English Professor of English and Hii A.B. ; M.A. A.B. : M.A. D. Brooks Cates Paul Cheek airman of the Departmen of Natural Sciences Professor of Chemistry B.S. ; Ph.D. J. C. CoUey ofessor of Educat and Psychology Janie E. Count Assistant Profess Business Educat A.B. ; M.A. Edwin L. Daniel of Social Sc: Professor of History A.B. : M.A. ; Ph.D. Bookstore Manager and Part- time Instructor of Business Administration B.S. ; M.A. Lewis R. Drumm ssistant Professor of Natural Sciences B.A. : M.A. James P. Elde John P. Gerlach L Professor of Mathematii and Physics A.B. : M.A. Arabella Gore John S. Graves Campus Minister Associate Professor of Christian Education A.B. : M.A. Jeanne Griffin sistant Professor of Professor of Physics and Mathematics A.B. : M.A,; M.S.: Sc.D. Oma U. Johnson Librarian-Historical Society Ph.B. : A.B. ; B.S. in L.S. John R. Kittenffer Assistant Professor of Englis Vincent Lamphier Assistant Professor of Mathnmatics B.A. : M.A. Gilbert Latham ssor of Psychology Sociology B.S. ; M.S. Frances Longest Associate Professor of Business Education A.B. : M.Ed. Gary B. Mattocks jsistant Professor of Health, Ph.vsical Education Assistant Football Coach Head Track Coach B.S. : M.A. William R. Miller Assistant Professor of Health. Physical Education Tennis and Basketball Coach A.B. : M.Ed. Eleanor W. Moffett Voigt Morgan It Professor of Biology A.B. : M.A. Frances Muldrow Chairman of the Department of Languages Professor of French, Spanish and Latin A.B. : M.A. : Ph.D. fs H. Overton. Jr Professor of Rel 3.; B.D. : Ph.D. Theodore E. Perkii Department of English isociate Professor of English A.B. ; M.A. Ferris Ervin Reynolds Chairman of the Department o Philosophy and Religion ; Professor of Religion. Greek. and Philosophy A.B. ; B.D. ; S.T.M. : Ph.D. William Guy Rich Assistant Professor of Phys Profe.ssor of English A.B. : M.A. : Ed.D. Joseph Robinson Assistant Professor Business Administrai B.A. ; M.S. John D. Sanford Chairman of the Departmen Health. Physical EMucatior Baseball Coach : Professor Health. Physcial Education Athletic Director. A.B. : M.Ed.: Ph.D. William T. Scott William W. Slo ' rofessoi- of Bible Religious Educat Martha Smith Arnold C. Strauch irman of the Department i ducation and Psychology Professor of Education B.S. T M.A. ; Ed.D. Theo Strum Dean of Women Assistant Professor of Mathematii A.B. ; M.Ed. W. B. Terrell lames T. Toney Professor of Econ B.S. : M.A. George M. Tucker Assistant Professor of Health and Physical Education Head Football Coach : Golf Coac B.S. : M.A. Walter Westafer ciate Professor of Mu B.S. : M.A. Alan J. White Assistant Professor of Physical Education isistant Football Coach B.S. : M.Ed. Jeanne F. Williams Acting Chairman of the Department of Business Administration and Busines Education Associate Professor of Jeanne R. WilUon Library Staff: Mrs. Winnie C. Howell, Mrs. Eleanor Kittenger, Mrs. Eleanor Mackintosh, Mrs. Virginia Richardson Aubrey Horton Food Service Manager Dormitory Hostesses: Miss Lillie Smith, Mrs. Caroline Mrs. Melene Hughes Front Row: Mrs. Emma Lewis, secretary to the faculty; Mrs. Lou Harper, secretary to the Alumni Secretary. Back Row: Mrs. Betty Moore, secretary to the Director of Develop- ment; Mrs. Joan Pope, secretary to the Direc- tor of Church Relations; Mrs. Jacqueline Mat- lock, secretary to the Admissions Counselor. Mrs. Mary D. Thomas, secretary to the President; Mrs. Kay Halbert, secretary to the Dean of the College. Standing: Mrs. Faye Conally. secretary to the Director of Student Personnel Services; Mrs. " Ellen Huf fines. Registrar ' s Office. Seated: Mrs. Virginia Johnston, secretary to the Registrar. Standing: Mrs. Avril Core, assistant cashier; Mrs. -Mabel Perkins, secretary to the Business Manager; Miss Doris Maney, cashier. Seated: Mrs. Doris Johnson, accountant. -i — - WiiF " 7 ' 7.Tii ' ' l • - ' iC -- ' ' : ' ' ' .M STUDENT BODY SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Albert Woodward, Vice-President; Beverly Powell, Secretary Lowry Sinclair, President SENATORS: Left to Right: David Andes, Nancy Butler, Sally McDuffie, Alan Mac- Donald, Russ Phipps. m ' ' ' 1 !? ' ' 1 ■ , i g ' «i V V f m IN«-- f wm A ■ 1 JK Thomas Odell Allred History Miriam Jeanette Amick Elementary Education David Alfred Andes Philosophy Howard Lee Andrew Business Administration Albert Gottleib Baer, Jr. Physics Jewele Adele Bass Religious Education Allen Mason Beals, Jr. Business Administration Wayne Allen Bean Music Brenda Dover Bolt Elementary Education Eugenia Lee Bouldin English Percy Carl Bovender Business Administration Carole Ann Boyle History Jack Philip Brammer Biology and Chemistry Rebecca S. Brandt Elementary Education H. Jesse Branson Business Administration ta mM Thomas E. Breese Physical Education Alice Maxine Bringle Home Economics Kenneth Robert Broda Biology L L i L Larry John Brooks Lynwood Jesse Brown, Jr udson Dwight Bryant Math and Physics Larry Lloyd Bulla Physical Education Robert Keith Bulla Chemistry Nancy Lou Butler English Gerald Lee Cates Biology Martin Bell Chandle Paul Philip Cheek Physical Education Ruth Ann Chilton Elementary Education Lyndia Marie Clark Business Education Dennis Corr Clinton Physical Education Patricia Ann Compter Elementary Educati. Alex Lewis Cook Business Administration Carolyn Sue Cook Elementary Education Thomas Savage Corbitt History Joseph Anthony Cote History Terry Clark Cox English James Benton Dailey EnK-lifih Arthur Morriss Davis Physical Education Patricia Lorraine Dean Elementary Education Ronald Edward Denhart John Nicholas DeVito, Jr. George Waitt Dickson Business Administration Forence Moore Ellenberg Elementary Education Irma Katherine Ellington French Susan Lydia Ferguson Math and French Shirley Elaine Foskett Elementary Education Arthur Leon Fox, Jr. Business Administration L. Lorraine George msM James Cooper Gilliam Biology Louise Elizabeth Gabenstetter Elementary Education Roberta Breckenridge Grady Biology Kenneth Martin Graves Math Sara King Griffen Elementary Education Richard Jurgen Gunkel History, Pre-Law Cecil Ward Gwaltney, Jr. English Kenneth Leon Harper Health and Physical Education James Nimrod Harris, Jr. Business Administration William Rex Harrison Richard R. Hedrick Business Administration George M. Herbert History " Mt M Foyle Robert Hightower Business Administration Marty Starr Hcgenson English Joyce Anne Howell Elementary Education Grover Cleveland Huffines Business Administration Sandra Kay Jeffreys Business Education Hazel Ann Jennings Business Education Leslie Donald Johnson Pre-Med. Pamela Sue Johnson History Judith Carolyn Jones Elementary Education Linda Byrona Keck Music G. Timothy Kempson Social Science Brenda Bowen Kirschner Social Science L. Kay Lewis Elementary Education Marcia Diane Leypoldt Samuel Maurice Litto Biology Bonnie R. Longest Elementary Education Jane Carole Loy Physical Educatio Alan Vincent Macdonald History and Social Science Thomas Hughes Masten History William Smith Massey Business Administration Lucia Lee McCann Math M»2. Sara Faye McDuffie Chemistry Bonnie Ray McEvoy Elementary Education Richard Louis Miller Business Administratio Ruth Lea Mitchell English Ralph Carroll Mizelle, Jr Physical Education Carroll Wayne Monger English Particia Ann Morbell Elementary Education r Helen Rowe Morris Elementary Education Michael A. Morris Business Administration Albert Sidney Morrison, III Eng-lish Alexandra Verone Nagy Elementary Education John Cowan Nichols David Jennings Parker Social Science Betsy Allen Parsley Biology Russell Allen Phipps Social Science Hal Kempton Pittard, Jr. Physics Kenneth Wayne Pope Math Carole Ann Popowski Physical Education David Bruce Potter Business Administration Beverly Kay Powell Barbara Ann Price Elementary Education Linda Gayle Price Business Education Glenda Dee Pridgen English Richard Boyd Pruitt History Albert Ernest Remmy Business Administration William M. Ri. Administration Barbara Jean Rix Business Education Hugh Livingston Roberts History Rita Lindley Rogers Elementary Edut-ation Andrew Fred Rohrs Physics Melville Tyrone Rowell History George Lynn Ryals Biology Joya Ryerson Elementary Education Viette Patricia Sandbank Home Economics Kathryn Horsley Sandefur History Ann Bivens Sanders English Gay Yule Saunders Elementary Education John Howard Sellers Histoi-y Judith Dianne Shannon Elementary Education Owen Nelson Shields Physical Education Melvin Lankford Shreves, Jt English J. Lowry Sinclair, III Social Science fe Edward Leon Smith Biology Frederick James Stephenson Math David Hill Stewart, Jr. Business Administration Stanley Oakley Switzer, III Business Administration and Spanish Vallian Winfred Swofford Lowell Lawrence Thomas History Jerry Beck Thompson Business Administration Herbert Wayne Turner Business Administration Ann Aaron Wallace Elementary Education Ronald Nelson Weaver Business Administration Annie Ruth Webb English William Robert Wicker Physics William Newton Wilder Social Science David Alton Winfrey Physical Education Albert R. Woodward History f 4 Judith Diane Woolard Elementary Education Betsy Anne Wright Elementary Education Brenda Faye York French €tM Richard Paul Zimmerman Math Scott Michael Zimmermann History 1964 Graduation Marshals Front Row : Jewelle Bass, Brenda York Second Row: Betsy Parsley, Lea Mitchell, Susan Ferguson Third Row : Kenneth Harper, Hugh Roberts Fourth Row: Alan MacDonald, Fred Stephenson JUNIOR CLASS Officers: Scott Crabtree, President; Helen Claxton, Secretary; Jerrv Cameron, Vice-President. Senators: Linda Johnston, Carol Keith, Charles Avila. Stephanie Augustine Tom Anderson Charles Avila Rodney Barfield Jerry Barnette Mary Benson Sonny Blanchard Willard Blevins Kathryn Booe Roy Boyd Bill Bradham Marty Brandon e- Dennis Brooks Kaaren Brown Alex Burnette Jack Burtsche Jerry Cameron Lamar Clark Helen Claxton 1 1LL£ P fp fr Robin Cobia Dave Conrad Scott Crabtree John Crook Roger Crooks Mary Coolidge Becky Crutchfield Nancy Jo Daniel Charles Darden Harriet Davis Richard De Lowry Henrie Descheenaeker Leon Dickerson Charles Eanes Mason Edvi ards Wally Edwards Thelma Elliott Jeanne Fiorito Virginia Fogleman Oscar Fowler Jennifer Gamble Carroll Garrett Ronnie George Ann Gordon Jim Graham Michael Griffin Amanda Guyton Gwen Hancock Vickie Hardister Thomas Harrell Becky Harward Diane Hendrix Sandra Hensley Arnie Helfand Nancy Jo Higgins Judy B. Hillers Vickie Hodge Ronn Hodkinson Hugh Holliman Jane Holmes Betty Houston Dennis Howie Garth Huston Jerry Hyde Tom Jeffery Walton Jennette Edward Lee Johnson Herb Johnson Howard Johnson Linda Johnston Eddie Jones Donald Joyce Wayne Kanoy Carolyn Keeton Carol Keith Evelyn Kent Charles Kernodle Paulette Laufer Berwyn Lawrence Arthur Lockhart Rachel Manning Robert Marvin Sally Mauer Jerry McArthur A. W. McGee Jerry Micheal Alice Mitchell Bonnie Moore Jerry Moore Cheryl Morrow James Murray Thomas Page Jim Payne Robert Pease Mabel Peeler Jane Pointer Wayland Pond Sonny Pruette isk mm JL ft ij ! ' MMM Eva Gray Pulliam Laura Rice William D. Richardson Barbara Robinson Tom Rodney R. Asa Roper . . ' John Sargent Melton Saunders Judy Seaman Leanna Sellars Mary Shaw Marty Simpson Sharon Smith Roy Sonovick Tommy St. Clair Ike Steele Fred Stewart Martha Tedder Ellen Teed Bill Terry Carolyn Tillotson f ' f Charles Vitou Denny Wagoner Dolly Walker «M£t George Walters Charles Ward, Jr. Randy Warren James Watkins Margaret Weatherly Deetz Welch Edward West Buddy Williams Butch Williams Ken Wooten Dianne Wyrick Eddie Yount SOPHOMORE CLASS Emily Anderson Bobby Atkins Robert Bagnell Janet Bailey Mary Ann Barn Sam Baroody Tom Bass Ben Bayol Tommy Bennett Jane Benton Sandy Bergman Harold Bodenhamer Vlyra Boone Gene Brewer Sandy Bueshel Patsy Bulla Allen Bush Monty Busick Jimmy Byrd Gail Cambell Macky Garden Jane Carr Susan Carr Cheryl Clapp Charles Collette 1£ Bob Doolittle David Dowdy Roy Drinkwater Eddie Dunn Linda Durham Hilda Eason Gay Eddinger Ferrel Edmondson Gail Edwards Lora Elder Kay Ellixson Bobby Ferrell Sandra Ferrell Agnes French Dan Fuller Billye George Kay Gerringer Linda Gertcher Tim Gifford Junior Gilliam Robert Gregory Eddie Harris Vergil Hendrick Glenda Hightower Jane Holler Gary Howe Paula Hudson Martha Huf fines Robert Inzetta Ralph Johnson Mary Keogh Susie Kimball Don King Carl Kirkley Gary Knapp Kathy Krejci Janet Lamm Gregg Lee Carol Leffers Peggy Leister Dace Lewis John Little Jonathan Lucas Bill Mann Bill Mason C. V. May Linda May Nancy McNair Andrew P. McPherson Linda McPherson Rickey McPherson Bob Merritt Tom Milspaw Larry Mixon Fred Moon Chippy Moore Lee Moore Darrell Morgan Dave Morgan Ruth Newberg Dave Nichols John Nicks Clyde O ' Ferrell George Old Alex Oliver Bill Oman Bill Onufrak Elaine Phelps Danese Pierce Marilyn Pollow Gail Porter Weldon Rascoe June Reeves Phyllis Register Mary Rich Marilyn Richardson Celestial Ridgeway H. L. Robinson Joe Robinson Nancy Rogers Bob Sadler Farrell Saunders Elaine Sawyer Marie Schilling Richard Schmidt Wayne Seymour Randy Smart Wayne Smart Larry Smith Emilie Smoke Carl Sparks David Speight Anne Stegall Richard Such Diane Sutcliff Brenda Tho mas Peggy Elaine Thomas Linda Thompson Reid Watlington Hayne Wesson LeRoy Westmoreland Melba White Harriette Whitlow Lynne Whitney Gay Willingham Peggy Wilson Bob Wrenn FRESHMAN CLASS Senators: Haiiiet Watson, Jeanette Robinette, John Harris. Jim Torrence, Buddy Spencer. Officers: Sec. Carol Lupinacc Ted Obrecht, Pres. Gene Hook. Charles Alligood Beverly Anderson Mary Andrews Ben T. Atkins Melinda Ayscue Mike Babb Julia Badgett Linda Bailey James Baker Pam Baldwin Leslie Baldwin Wayne Barker J. D. Barrett Rodney Bayliff Peggy Beale Landy Balckwell Carolyn Blanks Marcus Bradsher Sharon Branch Ricky Bray Frankie Briley William Brinkhous Jimmy Brinkley Pat Britton Diane Bolick Jeanette Bolland Jean Brown Jeannie Brown Kenneth Brown Nancy Bryant Tommy Bryant Mel Burke Walter Burke Judy Caines David Carpenter Stuart Adams Bob Allen Mm £fi0£ ft p c r.- n A £££££££ Janice Carter Robert Carter Howard Caudle Tommy Champion Donald Chinn Roger Clayton Sandy Clayton Eric Cobb Cecilia Cobb Stanley Cocke Bruce Cohen Kay Cole Bob Collie Patrick Collier Cathy Collins Larry Collins Sue Cook Delores Crocker Larry Crouch Fred Cummings, Jr. Anne Cunningha Ronald Dameron David Danforth Dwight Davis Spencer Davis Tommy Davis Rodney Deane Betsy Dearborn Pat Demeter Shannon DeVall Carolyn Dillehay Virginia Dixon Wade Doggett Frank Dove Martha Dunn David Dunn Wanda Edwards Robert Ellis Betty Everett Mary Faust Peggy Ferguson Joel Ferren Katy Fisk Ronnie Fitch Saundra Ford Ronald Foresta Pat Foster Sue Carol Foust Bill Frank Dana Freeman Robert Freeman Ellen Fritts Ernie Fuller Sherry Gartner David Gentry Eddie Gerringer Roger Gerringer Fiancine Gifford Walter Gose Yvonne Grandjear Janice Gravitt Bill Green Marsha Gregory Jack Griffin Jim Habel Ken Hackney David Hadden Glen Hagreen Wally Hardwi. Edna Hall Neal Hall Bob Halsted Bobi Hancock Charlotte Harper Diana Harrell John Harris Dale Harrison Tommy Hatley Jo Henry Sharon Hepburn Dempsey Herring Sam Hibbs Jerry Hicks Dineke Hietbrink Dorothy Hilliard Nancy Hilliard Eddie Hinkle Carolyn Hobbs Jerry Hogge Warren Holland Holly HoUingsworth Ken HoUingsworth Gene Hook Julie Hoskinson Flora Hovis Lynwood Hubbard Michael Hudson John Hughes Dickey Hughes Mickey Hughes Shelia Hughes Steven Hughes Richard Hyder Barbara Ippolito Bill Isley Carol Isley Sue Jager Ray Jankowski Cathy Johnson David Johnson Dee Johnson Joyce Johnson ! 1 ' I tS MM. Lee Johnson Betsy Jones Gary Jordan Ronald Joyn Gary Karriker Shelia Kasuboski Bevanne Keiley Terry Kelly Mac Kemp Sylvia Kennedy Steve King Kathy Kirby Bart Kolber Ineke Koorn Ann Lambeth Sheryl Lane Gregory Craig Richard Lee Dawn Leland John Lemons Cliff Lester Diana Lewis Mike Lewis Melvin Lilly Delna Lineberry Paulette Lockhart Jimmy Lunsford Carol Lupinacci Ginger Luter Glenda Lutterloh Larry Mabe Stewart MacDonald Carol Manley Dave Marriner Elaine Marshal Jim Marshall George Martin Bobby Massey Johnny Massey James Matkins Marty Matthews Jerry Mayberry Kay McCauley Pat McCausland Janie Mclver Coke McLamb Jack McLaughlin Kay McVey Gary Metts Lynn Michael John Michaels ST Kenneth Montgomery Dickie Moon Naomi Moore Nancy Morgan Wes Morningstar Dale Morrison William Motz Nancy Myers Jimmy Neese Nancy Newman Pani Newman Ted Obrecht Harold O ' Briant David Oliphant Eddie Osborne J. W. Pace Bonnie Page Barbara Parker Tom Payne Peter Pefanis Geoff Pelzer Mary Lou Perkins Brenda Perry Janice Peterson Beverly Pierce Rene Plante Jimmy Pollack Aleda Pope Elizabeth Powell Steve Powers Gina Prescott Paul Pruitt Randall Pugh Holly Raad Bill Reed Nancy Reid Karen Reider Barbara Revere Carol Reynolds Janice Rice Warren Richmond Mary Roberson Ed Robertson Jeanette Robinette Beth Rountree Linda Rountree Bill Sanford Johnnie Sappenfield Jimmy Saunders Lloyd Scheer Shannon Schwegler Charles Seagle Sammy Shatterly Rosaland Shoffner Carlyle Simmons f» P © Mary Smith Alberta Solazzo Buddy Spencer ££ £ iM . ££ Carl Staley Judy Stevens David Strickland Pat Sugg Malcolm SuUivj Gail Summers Gary Sumner John Swain Sharron Sweeney Betty Talley Billy Terrell Connie Theodore Paul Thomas Nancy Thomas Vickie Thomas Joe Tickle Jim Torrence Ronnie Tugwell Bill Turner Sharon Vail Jim Van Horn Charlie Van Lear Richard Vickery Gail Wachter Janet Wagoner Charles Walker Fred Walker Jerry Walker Jimmy Watkins Harriet Watson Carol Webster Richard Weed Shelia Welbern Paulette Westphal Rebecca Whitaker Paula Whitewell Carol Wicker James Wilkinson Don Williams Perry Williams Robert Williams Sandy Williams Richard Williamson Sandy Winter Michael Wood Bonnie Woollen Elisabeth Woolsey Sandra Wrenn Morton Wright Sandy Wright Carolyn Young Margaret Young Eleanor Zezzo Elmo Zumwalt i. ' i : •% . e - Cl ..V XH J ? r FEATURES LIBERAL ARTS FORUM i l-:. Front row: Rodney Barfield, Miss Betty Brandon, Mike Wyngarden. Back row: Russ Pearce, Mr. James P. Elder, Mr. Tully Reed. The Liberal Arts tradition is an attempt to provide students with a broad basis of thought. The Liberal Arts Forum is a vital part of this process. Through this student supported program, outstanding scholars are brought to this campus to present lectures in their own particular fields. But even more important to the growth of learning on the part of the students are the informal discussions following the lectures. Ben Jonson and his friends spent much of their time in involved discussions over a cup of coffee. It is in such a relaxed atmosphere as this, when all of the barriers to thought that are involved in formal teach- ing are gone, that the dedicated student can freely delve into the opinions of others and, from them, add to his own philosophy. Elon College has made an enormous step forward in the intellectual sphere by the initiation of the Liberal Arts Forum. PROFESSOR ALFRED G. ENGSTROM Alumni Distinguished Professor of Romance Languages at U.B.C.C.H. Professor Engstrom spoke on " Synesthesia and the Poetic Imagination. " JOSEPH W. KING— " VINCIATA " Eminent painter widely shown in Europe and the United States. ♦ MH ' .? w- mK B ' ' r, pi., PROFESSOR RICHMOND P. BOND Kenen Professor of English at Chapel Hill. Professor Bond is an internationally recognized authority on the Eighteenth Century and Addison and Steele. PROFESSOR BERTHOLD LOUIS ULLMAN One of America ' s most honored academicians, Professor UUman is the President of the Medieval Academy, a Fellow of the Academy at Rome, and a member of the Balzan Com- mittee. This distinguished classicist lectured on " Post-Mortem years of Living. " HOMECOMING QUEEN x! I v- MISS GWEN HANCOCK QUEEN ' S COURT Miss Vicki Hardister Miss Sandy Nagy Miss Jeanne Fiorito Miss Sue Ferguson HOMECOMING ACTIVITIES Homecoming Beauties: Miss Susan Ferguson; Miss Sandy Nagv; Miss Gwen Hancock, queen; Miss Vicki Hardister; Miss Jeanne Fiorito. I " ' F- ' ' . I LJE5TURRD HP ! Winning Display done by the Freshman Cla Sponsored by Virginia and West Dormitories Sponsored by Beta Omicron Beta Sorority Sponsored by Alpha Pi Delta Fraternity Z)at u eJ!U- Sponsored by Tau Zeta Phi Sorority Sponsored by Ministerial Association Sponsored by Women ' s Athletic Association i Ocnnrr n:xjrxA " cXwJ Sponsored by Freshman Class Sponsored by Delta Upsilon Kappa Sorority Sponsored by Baptist Student Union Sponsored by Sigma Mu Sigma Fraternity Qi2,- vz,c . rxx j- - Sponsored by Beta Chi Epsilon . fcXl.e c 5 Sponsored by Sophomore Class Joo J)k pS tWvc Sponsored by Junior Class Sponsored by Physical Education Majors ' Club Uii U Sponsored by Pi Kappa Tau Sorority k ' :§r XH U- Sponsored by New Dormitory Sponsored by Iota Tau Kappa Fraternity Sponsored by Elon College Singers Sponsored by Senior Class Sponsored by Sigma Phi Beta Fraternity Sponsored by Young Democrats ' Club DAVID ALFRED ANDES Elon Singers 1, 2, 3, 4, 1; Ministerial Assoc. 3, 4; Elon Players 1, 3, 4; Alpha Psi Omega vice-president 4; UCCF 1, 4, presi- dent 1; Intramural basketball 1, 4; PHI PSI CLI assistant editor 4; Honor Court 2, 3; Senate 4; Orien- tation Committee 2; Order of the Oak 3, 4; Basnight Award for Out- standing Biblical Student 3; " Eppie award in dram.a 3; WHO ' S WHO 4. SARAH FAYE McDUFFIE Pres. of Dorm 4; Treasurer of Dorm 3; Elon College Handbook Revision Comm., Committee on Committees; B.O.B. Pan-Hellenic Council 4; Chemistry Club; Senate 1, 2, 3, 4; Judicial Comm. Chair- man; Orientation; WHO ' S WHO; W.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Reporter 2; In- tramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; All-Star Vol- ley Team 3, 4; Tennis; Contributed to Colonnades; Sorority Editor of PHI PSI CLI; Editor of PHI PSI CLI 3; Student Handbook; Revis- ion Committee; Executive Commit- tee; Lab Assistant in Chemistry Lab. WHO ' S WHO FREDERICK JAMES STEPHENSON V-P Smith dorm 1; Intramural sports 1, 2, 3, 4; Elon College Singers 1, 2, 3, 4; Sigma Mu Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4, corresp. sec. 2, 3; Elon College Quartet 1, 2, 3, 4; Stu- dent Senate parliamentarian 2, 3; Community Relations Committee 2, chairman 3; Parents Day Com- mittee Chairman 2; Orientation Committee 2; Senate Committee on Committees; President sopho- more class, President Junior Class, President Student Body 4; Order of the Oak 3, 4; WHO ' S WHO 4. PATRICIA LORRAINE DEAN rau Zeta Phi; N.E.A.; W.A.A. ; Drder of the Oak; Intramurals; student Council; Graduation Marshal; May Day Court 1; VHO ' S WHO 4. RONALD CHARLTON HODKINSON Sigma Mu Sigma, vice presi- dent 3; Pi Gamma Mu; Ionian Society, vice-president; Order of the Oak; vice-president, Junior Class, senate Chairman, Aca- demic and Campus Affairs Com- mittee; Delegation Chairman, North State Student Gov ' t. Assn.; Chairman, Student Af- fairs Committee, Student Com- mittee to the President of the College; Elon College Quartet; Vocalist, Emamons; Intramural Sports. RUTH LEA MITCHELL Tau Zeta Phi 1, 2, 3, chaplain 4; Cheerleader 3, 4, alternate 2; PHI PSI CLI editor 4; Order of the Oak 3, president 4; Monroe Award 3; May Day Choreographer 2, 3; Summer School Graduation Marshal 2; Graduation Marshal 3. KENNETH LEON HARPER Senator 2; Student Council 3; Sigma Mu Sigma sec. 3; P.E. Major ' s Club 1, 2, pres. 3, 4; N.E.A.H.; P.E.R. 2, 3, 4; A.A.- H.P.E.R.; Maroon and Gold Technical Staff 2, 3, reporter 4; PHI PSI CLI sports editor 4; Football mgr. 2; Head Mgr. and Trainer 3, 4; Intramurals 2, 3, 4; May Day Committee 3; Graduation Marshal 3; Monroe Award 3; WHO ' S WHO. MID-WINTERS WEEKEND To the music of the Jack White Combo and in the elegance of the Mid-Winters ' semi-formal dinner dance on the night of Friday, February 12th, beautiful Pat Dean, a senior from Burlington, and football star Rex Har- rison, a senior from Nor- folk, Va., were crowned the Sweetheart Queen and King of the Elon campus. The crowning was by SGA Vice-Presi- dent Mike Herbert. The reigning pair, who ruled over the Mid-Win- ters Weekend, were chos- en by vote of the student body in a special campus election. Their coronation at the dinner dance furn- ished a fine beginning for the festive weekend. This dinner dance on Friday was only the first of two dances for the weekend, for after a victory over the East Carolina basketball squad on Sat- urday night, there was another dance in McEwen that featured the dance music of the Sensational Squires. STUDENT LIFE We ' re number one! Victory, victory, is our cry! Greek night. i Hh • . ma You say you need another closet ' Jump, Jesse, jump! Fighting Christian MAY DAY May Day 1964— Car :.j)iu ATHLETICS Coach George Tucker Head Coach Coach Gary Mattocks Backfield Coach Coach Alan White End Coach CAROLINAS CONFER , . ..MhJ . jJ$ - First row. left to right: Ralph Mizelle, manager; Gary Jordan 20; David Gentry 23; Tom Brown 22; Clayton Johnson 27; H. L. Robinson 11; Tyrone McDuffie 13; David Oliphant 21; Walter Burke 23; Mickey Hughes 60; Dickey Hughes 62; Jerry Hogge 22; Bill Mason 67. Second row: Ken Harper, trainer; Carey Metts 53; Bobby Ferrell 72; Ron Foresta 26; Lamar Clark 21; Ray Wilson 52; Randy Warren 64; Zack Broadaway 61; Sonny Pruette 24; Spencer Davis 76; Stewart McDonald 24; Perry Williams 41; Eddie Hinkle 76; Joe Dawson 6.5. Third row: Jerry Holmes, manager; Alex Burnette 40; Joe Robinson 74; Burgin Beale 14; Scott Crabtree 51; Ed Wheless 12; Morris Thomas 77; Lee John- son 50; Tommy Mitchell 70; Pete Jarvis 80; Richard Williamson I The Elon College Fighting Christians clinched their first full championship since 1941 when the team tied the Lenoir Rhyne Bears 7-7 at Burlington Memorial Stadium on Saturday night, No- vember 14. In 1963 the Christians shared the title as co-champions with Catawba. Although the Christian supporters were disap- pointed in not turning back the Bears, they wei-e elated to be No. 1 in the Conference and to have such a wonderful season. On November 21 Elon closed out its season with a tremendous 48 to 7 victory over Frederick College to bring the season ' s record to 8-1-1. The Christians rewrote a large number of the Fighting Christian football records. The Christian gridders smashed no less than 23 of Elon ' s all-time football records and tied five others. Clayton Johnson Co-Captain LNCE CHAMPIONS 1964 FOOTBALL 86; Darrell Morgan 63; Charles Allisood 73; Gene Brewer 84; Coach George Tucker. Fourth row: Doug Aniick 43; Fred Stewart 28; Jerry Rowe 8.5; Mike Ray 87; A. W. McGee 83; Frankie Briley 81; Dale Ward 72; Rex Harrison 82; Richard Lee 81; Macky Garden 71; Gene Higgins 42; Gary Karriker 7.5; Larry femith 66; Coach Alan White; Coach Gary Mattocks. Elon. Elon. Elon. Elon. Elon. Elon. Elon. Elon. Elon. Elon. FOOTBALL .14, Emory and Henry. .6 .15, Guilford 6 .28, Appalachian 7 . 9, Camp Lejeune ... .7 .31, Carson Newman ..6 .22, Catawba 17 .20, Western Carolina .21 . 29, Newberry 6 . 7, Lenoir Rhyne 7 .48, Frederick 7 EMORY AND HENRY GAME The Fijrhting Christians posted an openinK game victory of 14-6 over the Wasps of Emory and Henry at Bristol. Tenn.. on September 19. Both touchdowns resulted from passes from Ed Wheless, the first to Clayton Johnson in the first quarter and the second to Pete Jarvis in the fourth quarter. Bobby Ferrell made both extra points with placement kicks. GUILFORD GAME The Elon Christians had to overcome the traditionally stubborn Guilford defense as they turned back the Quakers 15 to 6 in a battle on the Guilford field Saturday afternoon, September 26. The first TD came in the second quarter when Wheless passed 7 yards to Jarvis. Ferrell made the placement kick. In the final quarter Sonny Pruette dodged a pair of tacklers and was off to pay territory on a brilliant 83-yard TD spring. The center pass was bad on the kick for the extra point, and Pruette grabbed the ball and passed to Doug Amick for the two points. APPALACHIAN GAME The Elon College Fighting Christians outplayed Appalachian State College for three quarters and then poured on twenty-two points in the fourth quarter to capture first place in the Carolinas Conference with a 28-7 victory over the Mountaineers in Boone on Saturday, October 3. Scoring for Elon: David Gentry 3 (14 yd. pass from Wheless, 75-runback of kickoff, 3-yd. run); Lamar Clark (2-lateral from Rex Harrison after pass from Wheless); extra points — Ferrell 2 (placement). Safety for Elon — Jerry Rowe (tackled Flynt in end zone). CAMP LEJEUNE GAME The Christians were still undefeated after four games of their 1964 campaign, but they had to call on the talented toe of Bobby Ferrell for a last-ditch field goal to turn hack a fighting crew of Camp Lejeune Marines 9 to 7 in a bitterly fought battle in Burlington on October 10. Going into the final period, the Fighting Christians were behind 1 point. The Marines had a 72-yd. pass play called back from the Elon end zone in the second quarter by a penalty and they missed a field goal try late in the fourth period which gave Elon the ball and started the Christian drive that ended with Ferrers winning field goal. Amick made the TD run for Elon. CARSON-NEWMAN GAME Sheer power on the ground and quick thrusts through the air told the story the Fighting Christians romped to a 31 to 6 victory over the Carson-Newman Eagles in Burlington Stadium October 17, maintaining the Elon undefeated record for the season with a fifth consecutive victory. The Christians scored one TD and the extra point in the first period. Two TD ' s in the second period and one TD in each of the remaining two periods. Scoring for Elon: Pruette (.5-run), Clark 2 (3-run, 5-run), Stewart 2 (4-run, 2-run). Extra point — Ferrell (placement kick). WESTERN CAROLINA GAME Having nosed out Catawba 22 to 17 in an unbelievable spurt in the last ten minutes of their Homecoming game, the Fighting Chrisitans were treated to the same kind of comeback by the Western Carolina Catamounts at Cullowhee on Saturday, October 31. With the Fighting Christians apparently in command of the game with a 20 to lead and only ten minutes left in the final quarter, the Catamounts staged an uprising that resulted in three quick touchdowns and a 21 to 20 victory. Numerous penalties and two long touchdowns called back contributed to Elon ' s first loss of the season. Scoring for Elon: Gentry (66-run), Stewart (51-pass from Wheless), Harrison (64-pass from Wheless). Extra points— Pruette 2 (pass from Wheless). NEWBERRY GAME The deadly throwing of Ed Wheless and brilliant running of Dave Gentry proved a double-pronged weapon that gave the Elon Christians a smashing victory over the Newberry Indians November 7, in a game played before a " Parents Night " crowd in Burlington Memorial Stadium. The Christians were unable to get started in the opening period against a fighting band of Indians, but Wheless and Gentry took the lead in later stages of the game as Elon racked four touchdowns. Gentry, speedy freshman halfback, got two of the TD ' s, one of them on a long pass from Wheless, and the Asheboro Atom himself got one to climax a drive. The final score came on a fumble recovery by Mike Ray in the Newberry end zone. Final score 29 to 6. LENOIR RHYNE GAME Carolinas Conference champs! The Fighting Christians won the Conference cham- pionship Saturday night, November 14, by playing the Lenoir Rhyne Bears to a 7 to 7 tie. This victory gave Elon a conference record of 4-1-1. Although Elon was hoping for a victorious decision over the Bears, Elon supporters were proud of the team that brought the school an undisputed championship for the first time in 23 years. The Christians were co-champions with Catawba in 1963. The last full championship up to this time was the 1941 team. Lenoir Rhyne scored the first time it got the ball, driving 66 yards for the touchdown. Elon was hard pressed to even the count with just 40 seconds remaining in the first half. Fred Stewart, hard running Elon left halfback, made a wide sweep around right end to give the Christians 6 points, the tie coming on the extra point kick by Bobby Ferrell. The second half was a stalemate. However, Elon was on the Lenoir Rhyne three yard line when the game ended. FREDERICK GAME The Fighting Christians, Carolinas Conference champions, closed their 1964 season in a blaze of glory in downing Frederick College, near Portsmouth, Va., 48 to 7 at Frederick on Saturday, November 21. Ed Wheless, Elon quarterback, threw four touchdown passes to lead the rout. Wheless hit halfback David Gentry for passes of seven and 89 yards and connected with Fred Stewart on tosses of thirteen and eight yards. Others scoring for Elon were Amick, 3 yard run; Gentry, 6 yard run; Pruette, .30 yard run; Bobby Ferrell kicked six out of seven points. The half time lead was 34 to 0. Elon 22 Homecoming football games at Elon College for the past few years have become famous for providing thrills. Home- coming October 24 perhaps tops them all for sheer excite- ment. Down 17 points to the Catawba Indians with only ten minutes left in the final quarter, the Elon Fighting Chris- tians suddenly exerted the fighting qualities that has made them famous and in the best tradition of Homecoming finishes made a fantastic comeback for a 22 to 17 victory. Although the entire Elon team caught fire, it was the outstanding direction of quarterback Ed Wheless that saved the day. Starting from the Elon three, Wheless completed 7 of 10 passes for a total of 130 yards within four minutes as he drove the Christians to two TD ' s. Wheless himself bulled over from the two with the first, and just one minute and twenty-five seconds later he tossed 17 yards to Rex Harr " for the score that moved Elon to within two points of the Indians. Along with the two TD ' s came a one-point kick by Bobby Ferrell and a two-point conversion by Dave Gentry. Then came the pay-off. Joe Dawson recovered a Catawba fumble at the Indians twenty-seven. Stewart bulled his way Imost to the Catawba seventeen, and then Ed Wheless kept and reeled and twisted for the score. Ferrell kicked good for 22 to 17, and the Christians sailed home triumphant in Catawba ' s own canoe. Gentry . . . and a first down! " Hard nose " defense by Brewer, Trainer Harper attends to Ray while Foresta looks Stewart around the end. The Christians ' trainers and managerial staff. Star end Harrison outruns Bear defender. Gentry breaks into the secondary. WINNERS OF OUTSTANDING HONORS. The group of Fighting Christians pictured above were honored by being selected for outstanding honors at the close of the 1964 season. Left to right: Rex Harrison, end, All-Conference, All-NAIA District 26, Most Improved Player; Joe Dawson, guard, All- Conference, All-NAIA District 26, Most Valuable Lineman; Ed Wheless, quarterback, All-Conference, All-NAIA District 26, voted most valuable back in the Carolinas Conference and most valuable back on the Christian squad, All-State; Morris Thomas, tackle, All-Conference; Jerry Rowe, end, All-Confer- ence, All-NAIA District 26, NAIA All-American team on defense, winner of sportsmanship award and of the Burlington Touchdown Club ' s most desired trophy; Fred Stewart, halfback, All-Conference. Pruitt receives a pass from Whe Dr. Sanford presents Dr. Danieley and Elon College with the Carolinas Conference Championship trophy. First row: David Winfrey, Tommy Davis, Arthur Davis, Ronald Denhart, Larry Mixon, Bobby Atkins. Second row: Richard Such, Charlie Van Lear, Howard Andrew, Reid Hughes, Jesse Branson, Donald Chinn. CAROLINAS CONFERENCE CHAMPIONS— 1 964-65 BASKETBALL For the past few seasons the Elon Christian basketball team had started with a rush and piled up a large number of victories before the mid-season point, slacking off toward the close of the season. In 1963-64 it was because of injuries to key players. The situation was reversed, however, in the 1964-65 campaign. Elon defeated High Point in the final game of the conference tournament to clinch its first cage championship since 1956. Head Coach Bill Miller SCOREBOOARD Elon 65 Wofford 64 Elon 100 Loyola 80 Elon 66 Pfeiffer 68 Elon 85 Lenoir Rhyne 84 Elon 65 High Point 76 Elon 56 Appalachian 59 Elon 60 Erskine 65 Elon 71 Fort Eustis 75 Elon 84 Wofford 92 Elon 106 A.C.C 79 Elon 60 East Carolina 67 Elon 70 Campbell 59 Elon 67 Guilford 44 Elon 86 Campbell 77 Elon 67 High Point 68 Elon 62 Catawba 60 Elon 91 A.C.C 68 Elon 72 Frederick 56 Elon 92 West Carolina 81 Elon 61 Pfeiffer 65 Elon 72 Appalachian 59 Elon 72 East Carolina 66 Elon 69 Catawba 62 Elon 62 Lenoir Rhyne 70 Elon 69 West Carolina 77 Conference Tourney Elon 64 Appalachian 53 Elon 67 Pfeiffer 66 Elon 67 High Point 60 NAIA District 26 Play-Off Elon 69 High Point 77 Co-captains David Winfrey (left) and Jesse Bran- son (right). Winfrey drives for two points. Jranson rebounds. A. Davis, Andrew, and Winfrey scrap with the Bears under the boards. T. Davis defends a lay-up. Atl ins shoots from the outside. ALL-AMERICAN JESSE BRANSON . « ' ' y ?: ■■■■■ H- . ■«« ' 1: " " ' " W V Ik g The Elon College baseball squad, which finished second in the Carolinas Conference regular season campaign, is pictured above. The squad members, shown left to right, in the picture are as follows: Front row: Comar Shields, Gary Taylor, Carlton High- smith, Herbie Johnson, Lefty Everett and H. L. Robinson. Second row: Tom Piccinnini, Tommy Newsome, Jim Dailey, Pete Crook, John Burtsche, Guy Monger and Bruce Olson, manager. Back row: Richard Such, Art Davis, Phil Cheek, Fred Stewart, Jerry Tillman and Coach Jack Sanford. BASEBALL SCOREBOARD 1964 Elon 6 Cincinnati ...3 Elon 7 N. Y. U ... 3 Elon 7 N. Y. U ... 6 Elon 4 A.C.C ... Elon 3 A.C.C ... Elon 4 Wilmington ... 6 Elon 6 Wilmington ... 4 Elon 10 Williams ... 1 Elon 6 Williams ... 3 Elon 3 Wilmington ... 5 Elon-Pfeiffer (Rain) Elon-Appalachian (Rain) Elon 8 Lenoir Rhyne . . . ... 2 Elon 9 West Carolina . . ... 7 Elon 6 Guilford ... Elon 1 Appalachian .... Elon Elon Elon Elon Elon Elon Elon Elon Elon Elon Elon Elon Elon- Elon Elon Elon Elon Appalachian 2 Pfeiffer 5 Lenoir Rhyne 4 4 Catawb 13 Catawba 7 5 Belmont Abbey 3 2 Newberry 1 6 Newberry High Point 1 7 Campbell 2 Pembroke 1 5 Guilford 2 Pfeiffer (cancelled) 1 Pfeiffer 5 17 Belmont Abbey 5 1 High Point 2 6 Pembroke 2 HEAD COACH J. D. SANFORD i f ' . iL ' M n 1 H Jl -J mf-rl Si ■. ' ■ ' iim 1 .. i i Pete Crook, Infielder Iton Hishsmith. Out Gary Taylor. Inlielder Ht-rliif Johnson, Pitcher Fred Stewart, Outfielder Tom Piccinnini, Infielder Comar Shields, Infielder First row: Jack Chapman, Ray Wilson, David Dean, Sonny Pruett, Clayton Johnson, Willie Tart, Robert Inzetta, Roland Miller. Second row: Phil Secrist, manager; Al Macdonald, Robert Gregory, Scott Crabtree, George Cox, Bill Mann, Michael Horton, coach Gary Mattocks. TRACK 1964 RECORD Elon— 191,2. Catawba— 85V ' 2, Appalachian— 57. Elon— 391 2, Catawba— 851 2, Guilford— 22. Elon— 85, A.C.C.— 41. Elon— 60, High Point— 70, A.C.C.— 22. Elon— 261 ., Washington Lee— IOOI 2 High Point— 53. Elon — 62, East Carolina— 70. Elon fifth in Conference Meet. COACH GARY MATTOCKS 1964 RECORD Elon 2, High Point 5 Elon 2, A. C. C. 5. Elon 0, Pfeiffer 7. Elon 3, A. C. C. 4. Elon 3 High Point 4 Elon Guilford 7. Elon 2 Guilford 5. The Elon College tennis team, which revived the net sport on the Elon campus after a lapse of a couple of years, did not post a winning record, but the team shows promise for future years and may be able in the future to restore tennis to the high spot it once held at Elon. Members of the squad, shown left to right above, are as follows: Front row: Don King, Frank Biggerstaff, David Nichols and Harold Dodge. Back row; Marty Chandler, Buddy Williams, Jerry Dillard and Dennis Clinton. TENNIS COACH BILL MILLER i -.-- K.r GREEKS BETA OMICRON BETA Blue and White Blue Carnation " ' Tis better to be than to seem " Outgoing President Linda Keck Incoming President Sandy Buschell Vice-president Sandy Hensley Secretary Nancy Hobart Treasurer Susan Carr Advisor Mrs. Janie Council Incoming President Sandy Buschell Outgoing President Linda Keck 0 ' i Jewell Bass Kaaren Brown Sandy Busche ll Susan Carr Nancy Jo Daniel Harriet Davis Agnes French Kay Garringer Billye George Roberta Grady Sandra Hensley Vickie Hodge Ann Jennings Linda Keck Peggy Leister Sally McDuffie Barbara Price Linda Price Marilyn Richardson Judy Seaman Martha Tedder Pledge Class Halloween Harvest IOTA TAU KAPPA OFFICERS Ron Denhart President Al Macdonald Vice-President Art Davis Secretary Gary Knapp Treasurer Dave Winf ry Sergeant-at-Arms Lefty Everett Sergeant-at-Arms Sponsor F. J. Butler - . iLJ ilJl The Brothers of Iota Tau Kappa Ronald Denhart. President A ff r First row : Howard Andrews Bobby Atkins Jerry Barnette Marty Chandler Phil Cheek David Clarke Second row : Arthur Davis Ronald Denhart Ferrol Edmondson Daniel Fuller Richard Hendrick Gary Knapp Third row: Alan MacDonald Larry Mixon John Nicks Sam Rankin David Winfrev :;. ;fft 1 . A Jr i ' 1 W J F Homecoming sponsor Miss Jane Cheek And now, a demonstration of the difficult skill called the Watusi Glad All Over DELTA UPSILON KAPPA Green and White Tea Rose " Aquire power thi ' oiigh ideals and love. " President Bev Powell Vice-president Nancy Butler Corresponding secretary June Reeves Recording secretary Becky Brandt Treasurer Eileen Cobb Advisor Mrs. Griffin Advisor Mrs. Barnes Advisor Mrs. Bridgewater President Bev Powell 2 i Stevi Augustine Mary Benson Brenda Bolt Becky Brandt Nancy Butler Helen Claxton Eileen Cobb Becky Crutchfield Gail Edwards Gwen Hamcock Marty Hogensen Jane Holler Paula Hudson Ellen Huffines Kay Jefferys Pam Johnson Kathy Krejci Marcia Leypoldt Jane Loy Rachel Manning Linda May Bonnie McEvoy Beverly Powell Eva Gray Pulliam June Reeves Barbara Lee Robinson Ann Sanders Mixon Dolly Walker Doesn ' t raw fish agree with you, Linda May ? Look! Sigma Phis! SIGMA PHI BETA The Brothers of Sigma Phi Beta O . •:- ffl O P K . fp (T: First row: Doug Amick Tom Breeze Isaac Broadway Scott Crabtree Pete Crook Leon Dickenson Second row : Pete Jarvis Herbie Johnson Tim Kempson Tom Masten Darrel Morgan Clyde O ' Ferrell Third row: Sonny Pruitt H. L. Robinson Owen Shields David Speight Fred Stewart Homecoming sponsor Miss J SP kJtgfif w W] B ' ' l to r 1 No, Jackson, there ' s not a n Shake it up, Baby . . Jump ball. Jump ball; get it, get it . PI KAPPA TAU Black and White White Carnation " Truth — purity — kindness. " President Mary Coolidge Vice-president Susie Kimball Secretary Mary Ann Barnes Treasurer Phyllis Register Advisor Miss Betty Brandon Advisor Mrs. Guy Rich President Mary Coolidge Mary Ann Barnes Patsy Bulla Gail Campbell Cheryl Clapp Mary Coolidge Kay Ellixson Jennifer Gamble Susie Kimball Bonnie Moore Phyllis Register Brenda Thomas Pi Kappa Tau Sisterhood W 3 %J ■ wSSm Rub it in, girls! Rushee Record Hop Hillbilly Girl ef 1 11 ■III Kappa Tau forever! Pledge Class ALPHA PI DELTA Home of Alpha Pi Bert Morrison . 01 P Al Garringer . . t Jl Li3 ' ... Bill Ruth fV " l " ' ' rj Mr. Edwin L.D xr jtr Tom Allred X " Charles Avila mmmm P f? ff P Dick Pruitt, President OFFICERS Dick Pruitt President Bert Morrison Vice-President Al Garringer Secretary Bill Ruth Treasurer Mr. Edwin L. Daniel Sponsor Second row: William Barker Thomas Bennett Harold Bodenhier Roy Boyd Jerry Cameron Third row: Tom Harrell Eddie Harris Dave Lent Tom Jeffrey Tom Milspaw Ralph Mizelle Fourth row: Bert Morrison Dick Pruitt Bill Ruth Belton Saunders John Sellers Hayne Wesson iC» ' ' ' I bid seven spades TAU ZETA PHI Red and White Red Rose " Live pure, speak truth, right wrong. " President Kathy Sandefur Vice-president Barbara Rix Corresponding- secretary Carole Boyle Recording secretary Judy Jones Treasurer Helen Yoho Advisor Mrs. Moffett President Kathv Sandefur f) f Sandy Bergman Myra Boone Carole Boyle Pat Dean Hilda Eason Lora Elder Susan Ferguson Shirley Foskett Tommie Griffin Vickie Hardister Diane Hendrix Joyce Howell Linda Johnston Judy Jones Carol Keith Alice Mitchell Lea Mitchell Chippy Moore Rita Rogers Kathy Sandefur Gay Saunders Marie Shilling Marty Simpson Lynn Whitney ' We never eat fruitcake because it has rum, And one little bite turns a man to a bum. Oh can you imagine a sorrier sight Than a man eating fruitcake until he gets tight. " Faculty Tea Pledge Class " Snuffy " Saunders joins the meeting. KAPPA PSI NU New Brothers, left to right: Wayne Smart, Bruce Cohen, Otts Klaff, Roger Clayton, Richard Moon, Bill Green, Bill Reed, Ron Tugwell, Jerry Jackson. OFFICERS Rex Harrison President Jim Brown Vice-President Gregg Lee Secretary Russ Phipps Treasurer Mr. James P. Elder Sponsor „ f4«tAi K a N Left to right. Seated: Rex Harrison Jim Brown Bing Greeson Russ Phipps Standing: David Dean Jim Self Judson Bryant Richard Zmmermann Jim Hamill Bob LaRose Jim Gillespie Carroll Monger Bill Stiles The Brothers of Kappa Psi Nu Builders of students who serve and obey Forget the drink; I ' ll take the bunny. 1 II N 1 W H M m i i All that and basketball too. The Playboy Club. SIGMA MU SIGMA OFFICERS Melviii Shreves President Rodney Barfield Senior Vice-President Lowry Sinclair Junior Vice-President Kent Crim Secretary Kenny Faw Treasurer Mr. James Elder Sponsor Mr. John Graves Sponsor (T ■ ' - ' r f-T- ' P- 1 1 ' P POP p fv P P P P C f? P -1 fTi - . First Row: Rodney Barfield Allen Beals, Jr. Kenneth Broda Jack Burtsche Kent Crim John Dean Second Row: Jack Devito Roy Drinkwater Kenneth Faw Cecil Gwaltney Kenneth Harper Nimrod Harris Third Row: Mike Herbert Guy Higgins Ronn Hodkinson Don King Bill Mann Mike Morris Fourth Row: Bill Onufrak Lynn Ryals, Jr. John Sergent Melvin Shreves Lowry Sinclair Randy Smart Fifth Row: Roy Sonovick Fred Stephenson Stan Switzer Jerry Thompson Jesse Weaver Al Woodward p Q 2 a 2] K tJ i . ■ ' b ) P m;i$4 ■MHiiaalii ORGANIZATIONS HiH||K B £gg| | Ir " President Fred Stephenson B P -( STUDENT BODY OFFICERS 1 Hl A il K H nl l U gfj r- j . Vice-President Mike Herbert Treasurer Cecil Gwaltney SENATE The Senate Head: Mike Herbert, Speaker; Jesse Weaver, Reader; Shannon Schwegler, Recorder; Al McDonald, Acting Parliamentarian. The Senate Body: Lowry Sinclair Al Woodward Beverly Powell David Andes Nancy Butler Al McDonald Sally McDuffie Russ Phipps Scott Crabtree Jerry Cameron Helen Claxton Charles Avila Linda Johnston Carol Keith Alice Mitchell Gwen Hancock John Nicks Chippy Moore Gail Campbell Greg Lee Don King, Parliamentarian C. V. May, Jr. Sam Troy Gene Hook Ted Obrecht Carol Lupinacci John Harris Jeanette Robinette Clarence Spenser Jim Torrance Marcus Bradsher The Left Hand The Right Hand Let not your right hand know what your left hand is doing. HONOR COURT k ill v Jf B H M The Attorneys Left to right: Martha Matthews, Clerk; Don Johnson and Stan Boone, Defense; Ralph Johnson, Richard Gunkle, and Jack Brammer, Prosecution. The Jury Larry Mabe, Celestial Ridgeway, Ilene Costner, Mary Ann Barnes The Judges Susan Ferguson; Denny Parker, Chief Justice STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council, in its new role, functions as a lower court to try all minor camp- us offenses. Left to right: Herbie Johnson Pete Crook Pat Dean Bill Bradham STATE STUDENT LEGISLATURE Left to right. First row: Gail Campbell, Linda Johnson, Gwen Hancock, Chippy Moore. Second row: C. V. May, Jr., Jesse Weaver, Jim Torrance, Mike Herbert, John Harris. WOMEN ' S INTERDORMITORY COUNCIL Left to right, seated: Judy Seaman, Kathy Krejci, Sandy Bueschel, Martha Tedder, June Reeves, Sally McDuffie, Susie Kimball, Marie Schilling, Alice Mitchell. Standing: Jane Pointer, Judy Jones, Beverly Powell, Gwen Hancock, Marty Hogenson, Helen Claxton, Jane Benton. President Sally McDuffie MEN ' S INTERDORMITORY COUNCIL Left to right: David Lent, Melvin Shreves, Tir Brinkley, Dick Pruitt. Kempson, Mike Morris, Jimmy MAROON AND GOLD EDITORIAL BOARD Melvin Shreves Editor-in-Chief Richard Gunltel Assistant Editor Thomas Corbitt Sports Editor June Reaves Girls Sports H. Reid Alumni Editor Luther N. Byrd Faculty Advisor Bob Wicker Staff Photographer TECHNICAL STAFF Louis Jones Linotype Operator Jerry Holmes Press Operator REPORTORIAL STAFF Jerry Barnette James Gilliam Jewelle Bass Rebecca Graves Stanley Boone Cecil Gwaltney Carl Bovender Marion Haffey Roy Brandt Raymond Harris Jesse Branson Richard Hedrick Kenneth Broda Diane Hendrix Adrian Gromirski Carlton Highsmith Larry Brooks Arthur Klaff James Brown Pamela McLauchlin Lynwood Brown Thomas McLean Alex Burnette Rachel Manning- Mary Earle Click Tom Masten Jack DeVito Richard Miller George Dickson Andrew Rohrs Susan Ferguson James Self Jeanne Fiorito Dolan Talbert Virginia Fogleman Scott Zimmerman Melvin Shreves, Editor-in-chief; Richard Gunkel, Assistant editor; Thomas Corbitt, Sports editor. COLONNADES Officers: Editor-in-chief, Nancy Butler; Assistant editor, Jerry Holmes; Art editor, Laura Rice. Front row : Brenda Kirschner, Cecil Gwaltney, Nancy Butler, Alex Oliver. Second row: John Nichols, Lowry Sinclair, Beverly Powell, Jane Holmes, Jerry Holmes. MARCHING BAND Members: Paulette Westphal Gwen Hancock Jewelle Bass Candy Hopewell Mike Griffin Bob Gregory Nancy Rogers Jonnie Sappenfield Elizabeth Woolsey Gary Kriel Glenda Hightower Eddie Harris Steve King Helen Yoho Mary Coolidge Gary Whittle Ken Brown Garth Hutson Al Garrison Janet Lamm Eddie Osborne Jay Wilkinson Wally Hardwick Jon White Bob Allen Nancy Morgan Judy Stevens Alex Oliver Harold Bodenhamer Bob Walters Bill Caruth Joe Cote Mike Klesmer Terry Sink Dave Conrad Judy Seaman Barney Tysor Sandra Clayton Gail Wachter % ' h P CONCERT BAND Jack O. White Conductor EMANONS EMANONIC emanations from tVie World ' s Fair wonders Front row: Judy Jones, Jane Holler, head cheerleader Carol Keith, Carole Boyle, alternate Pat Merbell. Second row: Alice Mitchell, Sandy Bergman, Gwen Hancock, Christian Ray Jancowski, Lea Mitchell, Chippy Moore, Mary Benson. BEAT CATAWBA! CHEERLEADERS 1964-65 Alice Mitchell, Lea Mitchell, Sandy Bergman, Gwen Hancu Benson, Jane Holler, Carole Boyle, Chippy Moore, Judy Jone Carol Keith, Mary THE ORDER OF THE OAK Front row: Mabel Peeler Evelyn Kent Lea " Mitchell Betty Turman Pat Dean Back row: Dean Moore, sponsor Fred Stephenson Don Johnson Jack Brammer David Andes Ron Hodkinson President Lea Mitchell Vice-president Larry AUred Secretary-treasur Betsy Parsley PI GAMMA MU First row: Hugh Roberts Robert Pease Marty Brandon Mr. Stokes Mr. R. Baxter Second row: Mr. Latham Mr. Elder Ron Hodkinson Mrs. Williams Dr. Cunningham Don Johnson YOUNG REPUBLICANS ' CLUB First row: Bobby Massey Dawn Leland Susan Ferguson Roger Wood Second row: Judson Bryant Stan Boone Al Woodward Bob Wicker Officers: Dick Pruitt, Don Fonville, vice-president Deetz Welcli, secretary Jenifer Gamble, treasurer ident YOUNG DEMOCRATS ' CLUB Left to right: Richard Gunkel Buddy Williams Pat Sandbank Joya Ryerson Russ Phipps Mike Herbert Laura Rice Bill Sanford Linda Johnston Melvin Shreves Stanley Switzer Marty Simpson Miss Brandon Tom Corbitt Jack DeVito Carole Boyle Eileen Cobb Nancy Jo Daniel Mim-w f 41 r tt m, «. ■ :U i» «! i ; r J, CHOIR Left to right, first row: Jane Pointer Eleanor Zezzo Barbara Parker Mary Faust Sharon Branch Sandy Winter Agnes French Jo Warner Second row: Elaine Sawyer Ann Gordon Carol Lupinacii Nancy Hilliard Diana Lewis Betsy Dearborn Linda Durham Third row: Sandy Williams Jane Guthrie Susan Jager Linda Keck Melba White Jody Young Nancy Thomas Becky Harward Fourth row : Ken HoUingsworth Fred Stephenson Wayne Bean Wayne Kanoy Terry Sink Carl Mylholland Liz Woolsey Fifth row: Terry Cox David Andes Don Harris Charles Vitou Harold Bryant Randy Smart Phil Shaw Allen Bush Harold Bodenhamer Is there a director in the house ' Prof. Wendell Bartholf, Director THE ELON COLLEGE QUARTET " Gentlemen, I perceive that the task of readying our valiant vehicle for its Georgian journey has been entrusted to us Left to right: Fred Stephenson, Oscar Fowler, Wayne Kanoy, Randy by our fellow beings — the finks! " Smart. THE ELON PLAYERS Left to right, first row: Warren Richmond Richard Schmidt Ben Bayol Curtis Tetley Allen Bush Randy Smart Second row: Shannon DeVall Cecelia Cobb Julie Hoskinson Holly Raad Barbara Parker Emily Anderson Pat Demeter Virginia Dixon Jo Warner Third row: Wayne Seymour Bill Scott Linda Thompson Susie James Laura Rice Dineke Hietbrink Al Baer Tyrone Rowell Fourth row: Robert Model Tom Jeffrey Bill Sanford David Andes Jim Gilliam " My dear Miss Engstrand, it has been my experi- ence that . . . " Tyrone Rowell, President; Laura Rice, Secretary-Treasurer; David Andes, Vice-President. " Ah, the love between father and daughter. ' ■ ■ Vl Jf - yu jMfw ■ v KSk ! zS9KtBr Left to right, Front row : Al Baer Laura Rice Emily Anderson Beverly Powell Tom Jeffrey Second row: Ben Bayol David Andes Jim Gilliam Tyrone Rowell Bill Scott Robert Model Prof. Sandy Moffett BETA CHI EPSILON Left to right: Row 1: Terry Kelly, Mary Andrews, Bon- nie Page, Dorothv Hilliard, Gail Wachter, Marie Schil- ling. Row 2: Saundra Ford, Ann Kilpatrick, Linda Roun- tree, Janet Bailey, Sue Cooke, Marilyn Richardson. Row 3: Diane Bolick, Brenda Perry, Naomi Moore, Edna Hall, Mary Smith. Row 4: Linda Sharpe, Pat Sugg, Martha Dunn, Virginia Paris. Row 5 : Nancy Newman, Janet Wagoner, Karen Fisk. Row 6: (standing) Holt Brown, Carolyn Goodwin, Mrs. Frances Longest (Ad- visor), Mrs. Janie Council (Advisor), Kathy Kirby, Joyce Johnson, Bonnie Wool- en, Carol Wicker, Betty Baldwin, Carolyn Blanks, Margaret Young, Julia Badg- ett, K ay Cole. Beta Chi Epsilon is a corority exclusively for the com- mercial students of Elon College. In addition to periodic meetings, the sorority enjoys local speakers in the busi- ness field, tours of local businesses, money-making proj- ects, and even parties. This year Beta Chi had a Christmas luncheon, sold name tags, toured Carolina Biological Supply Company, attended a charm school, and heard local speakers. Officers— left to right: Bonnie Page, Treas.; Marie Schilling, Pres.; Kathy Kirby, Sec; Gail Wachter, V. Pres. Homecoming Sponsor Janis Gravitt First row: Ed West Allen Beals Arnold Helfand Ellen Huffines Second row: Professor Robinson Grover Huffines Linda Price Mike Best Al Remmey Mike Morris F. Ivan Steele Third row: Mr. Farrar Mr. Toney Carl Rost David Nichols Pete Coghill Robin Cobia Foyle Hightower N. Macon Edwards III BUSINESS CLUB Officers: Fred Moon, president; Ellen Huffines, secretary; Ed West, vice-president; Allen Beals, treasurer. Mr. Charles L. Farrar, Executive Director of In- ternational Fraternity A2n, is greeted by Arnold Helfand. Mr. Farrar spoke to the club about the possibility of becoming a chapter of A2n. MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION First row, left to right: Jewelle Bass Leanna Sellars Gail Campbell Sally Maurer Second row: Dr. Reynolds, advisor Robbie Treat Carolyn Tillotson Becky Harward David Andes Third row: Jerry Moore Charles Vitou Jerry Cameron Stan Boone Phil Ladd John Massey Officers: Jerry Moore, president; Jerry Cameron, vice president; Becky Harward, secretary; Charles Vitou, treasurer. Mary Ann Barnes Homecoming: Sponso: UNITED CHRISTIAN CAMPUS FELLOWSHIP •f 11 w ft ■ ' r Im m m ■ iUm HQnKli Left to right, sitting: Jeanne Brown Betsy Jones Phyllis Register Betsy Dearborn Second row: Jerry Michael Mary Faust Susie Kimball Becky Harward Mary Ann Barnes Carolyn Tillotson Third row: Jerry Moore Charles Vitou Stan Boone Andy Rohrs John Massey David Andes Becky Harward, President Sharon Branch, Sec.-Treas. Andy Rohrs, Vice-Pres. Jerry Michael, Member-at-large Unisonal Consumption i B r i HP ■n ■ Creates " " ' ' IL » L K J jwtfflftHP S wS " ' w Felicity H Hp j hI IW bI ni ki 3 Km Xtf | JM Front row: Carol Leffers, Katherine Ellington, Carolyn Cook, Jewelle Bass, Helen Horton, Helen Morris. Back row: Howard Caudle, Eddie Osborne, Wes Morningstar, Ernie Fuller, Buddy Willians, Norman Morris, the Reverend Mr. W. T. Cockman. BAPTIST STUDENT UNION |«l LAST STAND Eji ■■■ Officers: Carolyn Cook, President; Helen Horton, Social Chairman; Carol Leffers, Sec.-Treas.; Buddy Williams, Social Chairman; Ernie Fuller, Freshman Executive Board Representative. IONIAN SOCIETY First row: Becky Harwood, Helen Horton, Eva Gray Pulliam, Brenda Kirschner, Miss Brandon. Second row: Mr. Stokes, Bill Wilder, Al MacDonald, Mike Herbert, Dr. Cunningham. Third row: Lowell Thomas, Richard Gunkel, Charlie Vitou, Bo Johnson, Mr. Elder, Scot Zimmerman. Homecoming sponsor Miss Pat McCausland Officers: Al MacDonald, president; Helen Horton, secretary-treasurer. PAN HELLENIC COUNCIL Officers: Al Macdonald, president; Stevie Augus tine, secretary; Jerry Cameron, vice-president. Members: Sally McDuffie, BOB; Stevie Augustine, ATK; Bonnie Moore, riKT; Susta Ferguson, TZ . Second row: Jerrv Cameron, AFIA; Al Macdonald, ITK; Sam Rankin, " lTK; Dean Berry, Advisor; Bobby West, 2 B. STUDENT NATIONAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION Officers: Louise Grabenstetter, secre- tary; Ruth Chilton, president. Back row: Joya Ryerson, reporter; Maxine Bringle, vice-president; Barbara Price, First row: Judy Shantu.ii, .- andy Xagy, Carolyn Cook, Barbara Price, Jane Pointer, Elaine Phelps. " Second row: Madge Carmichael, Florence Ellenberg, Joyce Howell, Joya Ryerson, Brenda York, Linda Price, Ruth Chilton, Betty Terman, Lynn Sturky. Third row: Dr. A. C. Strauch, advisor; Thelma Elliott, Ken Harper, Katherine Elling- ton, Mabel Peeler, Virginia Fogleman, Maxine Bringle, Louise Grabenstetter, Myra Hurst, Larry Allred, Betsy Wright. W.A.A, Seated: President, Carole Popowski; Secretary, Sandy Bergms Standing: Kaaren Brown, Treasurer; Mrs. Griffin, Sponsor; Mari Haffey, Vice-President; June Reeves, Reporter. 1st Row I Kooin J Ree ss, S. Bergman, C. Popowski, C. Keith, M. Haffcv 2nd Row K Biown, B. Parker, E. Zezzo, B. Roundtree, G. Campbell 3rd Row Mis Griffin, E. Cobb, E. Hall, E. Fritts, B. Houston, S. Cook, M. Tedder. 1st Row: E. Hall, B. Parker, B. Rountree, E. Zezzo, E. Anderson. 2nd Row: G. Campbell, C. Highsmith (umpire), S. Bergman, J. Ben- ton, J. Dailey (umpire), M. Tedder, S. Clayton, M. Coolidge. Homecoming Sponsor Carole Popowski ' Atta girl, Bergman! Catch that ball, Gail! P.E. MAJORS CLUB First row: Tom Brown Betsy Jones Carol Keith Ellen Fritz June Reeves bara Parker Sandy Bergman t outstanding co- REC CARNIVAL Bobby Atkins Up we go! Carol, quit laughing and get this orange. PHI PSI CLI Alex Oliver, Associate Editor; Lea Mitchell, Editor; David Andes, Assistant Editor. Judson Bryant, Photusrraphy Editor Ken Harper, Sports Editor Sandy Bergman, Feature Editor Alice Mitchell, Organizations Editor Linda Johnston, Business Manager Nancy Butler, Jerry Holmes, Copy Editors. " Search, my dauntless staff; There must be some ideas here we can plagiariz Bob Wicker Jimmy Pollack, Photographe " As I see it, if we can roughly finish our last forty pages in roughly forty minutes, we ' ll be roughly forty days past our deadline. " Stan Switzer, Fraternity Editor Susie Kimball, Sorority Editor Lora Elder, Art Editor Jim Marshall, Stan Boone, Class Editors; Jeanne Brown, Assistant Faculty Editor; Mary Foust, Jeanette Robinette, Class Editors; Brenda York, Pat Sandbank, Senior Class Editors. ' What do you mean, ' We ' ve lost a picture. EPILOGUE SENIOR STATISTICS Aired, Larrv Douglas 329 Isley Ave. Burlington, N. C. Order of the Oak, Junior Marshal for Graduation, Student National Education Association. Intramurals, Ionian Aired, Thomas Odell 999 Breeze Hill Rd. Asheboro, N. C. Alpha Pi Delta, Sergeant at Arr Society; Board of Elections. Almquist, Robert Stephen 5413 31 St. Washington, D. C. Amick, Mariam Jeanette Foust Lake Mebane, N. C. Andes, David Alfred Box 625 Elon College, N. C. Elon Singers, Elon Players. Order of the Oak, Ministerial Association. Orientation Committee; Phi Psi Cli Assistant Ed- itor; Basnight Award for Outstanding Biblical Student; Who ' s Who Among American Universities and Colleges; Y.D.C; Honor Court, Chief Justice 3; Senate 4; Alpha Psi Omega 4; Vice-Pres.; United Church Youth Group — President 2. Andrew, Howard Lee Rt. 1 Snow Camp, N. C. Iota Tau Kappa. " E " Men ' s Club; Business Club; May Day Queen Nominating Committee, Maroon and Gold Reporter; Basketball Team. Baer, Albert Gottlieb, Jr. 135 Ohio Ave. West Springfield, Mass. Alpha Psi Omega 3 4; Dance Committee 2 3, Chairman 3; Orientation 3; Community Relations Committee 3, Publicity Committee 2 3; Elon Player ' s— President 4; German Club. Bass, Jewelle Adele Rt. 1, Box 75 South Boston, Va. Beta Omicron Beta, Ministerial Association — Treas. 2; Band; Choir — Sec. 2; Baptist Student Union; Maroon and Gold; Jerry Dalton Strader Award; College Community Orchestra; Intra- murals; Graduation Marshal, 1964. Beals, Allen Mason 24 Baldridge Road Annapolis, Md. Sigma Mu Sigma Fraternity — Historian; Entertainment Com- mittee; Development Committee; Business Club Treas. 4; Intra- murals. Bean, Wayne Allen 2600 Randleman Road Greensboro, N. C. Lyceum Committee, Chapel Cc Biggerstaff, James Neal Rt. 7, Box 108 Burlington, N. C. ittee; Band. Elon Singers. Bolt, Brenda Dover 2007 S. Mebane Street Burlington, N. C. Beta Chi Epsilon; Delta Upsilon Kappa; Intramurals. Bootv, Rubv Allen Rt. 1 Graham, N. C. Bouldin, Eugenia Lee Rt. 2, Pittsboro, N. C. Bovender, Percy Carl 931 Goddfloss Street Winston-Salem, N. C. Boyle, Carole Ann 4701 Kenmore Ave. Alexandria, Va. Tau Zeta Phi; Ionian Society; Dance Committee; Community Relations; Nominating Committee for May Day; Maroon and Gold; Graduation Marshal; Cheerleader; Intramurals. Bramer, Jack Phillip 221 Highland Ave. Leaksville, N. C. Order of the Oak Brandt, Rebecca Shephard 1-2 Country Club Apartments Greensboro, N. C. Delta Upsilon Kappa; Choir; Intramurals. N.S.S.G.A. Host Committee; Brannock, James Boyd 1506 Sherwood Drive Burlington, N. C. Branson, H. Jesse Route 2 Snow Camp, N. C. Spanish Club; " E " Men ' s Club; All-District, All-State. Ail-American. sketball — All-Conference, Brav, William Robert 714 S. Lexington Street Burlington, N. C. Breese, Thomas E. 69 N. Baldwin Street Johnson City, New York Bringle, Alice Maxine 1023 Sunmit Ave. Reidsville, N. C. N.E.A.— Vice-President. Broda, Kenneth Robert 33-14 Nicholson Drive Fair Lawn, N. J. Sigma Mu Sigma National Fraternity — Athletic Director 4; Chairman of Entertainment Committee 2; Co-Chairnian of Ori- entation Committee 3; Chairman of Dance Committee 3; Student Senator 3, 4; Committee for Revision of the Constitution of Elon College Senate; Intramurals. Bromirske, Adrian C. 1115 Stiles Street Linden, New Jersey Member of Sigma Mu Sigma National Fraternity Brooks, Larry John 1202 Ellis Road Durham, N. C. Ionian Society 2, 3, 4; Board of Elections 4; Intramurals. Brooks, Norma Lee Route 1 Browns Summit, N. C. Bulla, Larry Lloyd P.O. Box 51 Elon College, N. C. " E " Men ' s Club; Iota Tau Kappa Fraternity; P.E. Major ' s Club; Basketball and Baseball— 1, 2. Butler, Nancy-Lou 69 Elm Street Tariffville, Conn. Delta Upsilon Kappa 1, 2, 3, 4; President 3, Vice-President 4; N.S.S.G.A. 2, 3; Radio Team; Debating Team 1; Student Af- fairs Committee 2; Senate; Judicial Committee 4; Editor-in- Chief of Colonnades; Maroon and Gold 2; Campus Crier 3, 4; Phi Psi Cli Greek Editor 3, 4; W.A.A.; Intramurals; A.M.D.C. Carmichael. Madge Carpenter 610 Ridgeway Drive Burlington, N. C. N.E.A.; (Chairman Student of N.E.A.). SENIOR STATISTICS Cates, Gerald Lee Box 322 Hazelhurst, Ga. German Club. Denhart, Ronald Edward Route 1 Linden, Indiana Iota Tau Kappa; Basketball. Cheek, Paul Philip Apt. 206-A Vets. Elon College, N. C. Iota Tau Kappa; " E " Men ' s Club; Physical Education Clubs — Baseball and Basketball. Clinton, Ruth Ann Route 1 Reidsville, N. C. N.E.A. President 4; B.S.U. 2, 3; W.A.A. Ciamillo, Frank Anthony 304-A Vets. Elon College, N. C. Clark, James Edwin 119 Markham Street Burlington, N. C. Clark, Lyndia Marie 120 S. Front Street Swepsonville, N. C. Beta Chi Epsilon Clinton, Dennis Corr 19 Ronald Drive Waterbury, Conn. Alpha Pi Delta. Cook, Alex Lewis 813 Fontaine Street Franklin, Virginia Alpha Pi Delta. Cook, Carolyn Sue 509 Roach Street Reidsville, N. C. N.E.A. ; B.S.U. Enlistment Chairman and President. Corbitt, Thomas Savage, Jr. 305 Second Street Pocomoke City, Md. Ionian Society; Food Committee; Maroon and Gold Sports Editor; Elon Players; Young Democrats Club 4; Basketball Mgr. 2. Cote, Anthony Joseph 22 Prospect Street Fall River, Mass. N.E.A.; Ionian Society Vice-President and Charter Member; Board of Elections; Finance Committee; Band; Junior Class Senator; Intramurals; Alpha Pi Delta — Corresponding Secre- tary; Y.D.C. Cox, Terry Clark 207 Columbia Ave. Ramseur, N. C. Ionian Society; Bureau of Public Relations; Choir. Dailey, James Benton 119 Proctor Street Suffolk, Virginia Ionian Society; Maroon and Gold; Baseball; Intramurals. Uavis, Arthur Morriss 416 Charlotte Street Roanoke Rapids, N. C. Iota Tau Kappa; Basketball. Uean, Patricia Lorraine 305 Meadowbrook Drive Burlington, N. C. Tau Zeta Phi; N.E.A.; W.A.A. ; Order of the Oak; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities; Intra- murals; Student Council; Graduation Marshal; May Day Court DeVito, John Nicholas, Jr. 183 Fairfax Ave. Stamford, Conn. Sigma Mu Sigma National Fraternity Dickerson, Richard Arnold 422 Summers Ave. Burlington, N. C. Dickson, George Waitt Hillsboro, N. C. Alpha Pi Delta; Business Club. Dominick, John McCool Campus Apartments — Elf Street Durham, N. C. Dunn, James Edward Box 461 Elon College, N. C. Pi Gamma Mu National Honorary Society for Social Science. Dula, Hunter Thomas North Street Hillsboro, N. C. EUenberg, Florence Moore 2718 Catherine Street Burlington, N. C. Ellington, Irma Katherine Rt. 3 Henderson, N. C. Baptist Student Union; N.E.A. Ferguson, Susan Lyoia 3506 E. Oak Drive Durham, N. C. Tau Zeta Phi Sorority; Dance Committee; Community Relations Committee; May Day Committee; Publicity Committee; Honor Council; Pan-Hellenic Council; Student Affairs Committee; Campus Crier; Maroon and Gold; Graduation Marshal; Intra- murals. Fogleman, Donald B. 1215 Ridgecrest Ave. Burlington, N. C. Business Club. Foskett, Shirley Elaine Box 2091 Virginia Beach, Virginia Fox, Arthur Leon, Jr. Rt. 1 Roxboro, N. C. George, L. Lorraine (Roni) 1548 E. 35th Street Brooklyn 34, New York Entertainment Committee, Board of Elections, Chairman 4 Maroon and Gold; Phi Psi Cli Assistant Editor; Intramurals W.A.A.; Representative for Reid Barton Silver; Choir; Band A.M.D.C. Gerow, David Herbert 2113 Westover Ave. Burlington, N. C. Gilliam, James Cooper 306 Trail 1 Burlington, N. C. S.S.L.; Campus Crier Staff; Orientation; mittee; Board of Elections; Elon Players. Development Com- SENIOR STATISTICS Gosjack, John K. 446 E. Elm Street Tamaqua, Penn. Hedrick. Richard R. 113 W. College Ave. Elon College, N. C. Gordon, Mamie Ann 609 West Front Street Burlington, N. C. Choir. Grabenstetter, Louise Elizabeth 62 Peltier Ave. Metuchen, New Jersey S.N.E.A. Secretary; German Club; Phi Psi Cli; W.A.A.; Intramurals. Grady, Roberta Breckenridge 69 Union Street Norwich, Conn. Graves, Kenneth Martin Route 1 Burlington, N. C. Gunkel, Richard Jurgen 1211 West Lake Ave. Baltimore, Md. Prosecutor for the Honor Court; German Club, Ionian Society; Southern Historical Association. Junior Class Editor for Hembree, Jerry Preston 1515 Holbrook Street Greensboro, N. C. Hightower, Fovle Robert 721 E. Wade Street Wadesboro, N. C. Hobart, Nancy Channel 5110 Manning Place Washington 16, D. C. Hogensen, Marty Starr 509 Hilltop Drive Lutherville, Maryland Delta Upsilon Kappa; Publicity Committee; Art Editor of Phi Psi Cli 3; Intramurals. Holmes, Jerry Bryan Box 94 Elon College, N. C. Associate Editor of the Colonnades; Copy Editor of Phi Psi Cli; Manager of Football Team; Graduation Marshal. Holt, John Watson Box 122 Alamance, N. C. Guyer, Joseph Glenn 1515 Oklahoma Ave. Burlington, N. C. Gwaltney, Cecil W. Smithfield, Virginia Sigma Mu Sigma National Fraternity; Homecoming Committee; Food Committee; Treasurer of the Student Government As- sociation; Business Manager of Phi Psi Cli and Colonnades; Maroon and Gold; Elon Players; A.M.D.C. Haithcock, Norman Wright Box 889 Hlllsboro, N. C. Howell, Joyce Anne 519 Jones Street Suffolk, Virginia Tau Zeta Phi— Historian 3; N.E.A.; W.A.A.; Phi Psi Cli; Maroon and Gold; Intramurals; May Day Representative 3. Hughes, Edgar Reid Rt. 2 Burlington, N. C. Basketball. Huffines, Grover Cleveland Rt. 3 Burlington, N. C. Business Club, German Club. Hamill, James William 2129 Woodlawn Ave. Glenside, Pennsylvania Ionian Society. Hardy, Mary Joanna 208 Nissen Street Reidsville, N. C. Harper, Kenneth Leon 520 Clark Street Henderson, N. C. Phi Psi Cli Sports Editor; Maroon and Gold; Monroe Award; Graduation Marshal; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities 4; Head Manager for Football Team; Student Senate 2; Student Council 3; Sigma Mu Sigma National Fraternity-Secretary 3; P.E. Club; N.C.A.H.P.E.R.; A.A.H.P.E.R.; National Student Education Association; North Carolina Stu- dent Education Association 4. Harris, E. Frank Route 2 Ruff in, N. C. Harris, James Nimrod, Jr. Route 1 Elon College, N. C. Sigma Mu Sigma National Fraternity; Business Club; Y.D.C. Harrison, William Rex 1407 Lafayette Blvd. Norfolk, Virginia Kappa Psi Nu-President 4; Ionian Society; Chapel Committee; May Day Court; Valentine King 1965; Football and Track. Jennings, Hazel Ann 2308 Greenwood Drive Portsmouth, Virginia Beta Omicron Beta; Women ' s Interdormitory Council; Business Club; Graduation Marshal; Intramurals. Johnson, Clayton Edward 703 West Elm Street Graham, N. C. Sigma Phi Beta; P.E. Major ' s Club; Monogram Club; Football — Co-Captain 4. Johnson, Leslie Donald 1008 Sidney Ave. Burlington, N. C. Defense Council of Honor Court; Order of the Oak; German Club; Chapel Committee; College Bowl Team. Johnson, Pamela Sue 421 Mosby Street Manassas, Virginia Delta Upsilon Kappa; Ionian Society; Intramurals. Jones, Judith Carolyn 706 W. Second Ave. Franklin, Va. Tau Zeta Phi; Community Relations; Dance Committee; Honor Revision; Orientation Committee; Cheerleader; Intramurals. Jeffreys, Sandra Kay Route 5 Burlington, N. C. Delta Upsilon Kappa; Pan-Hellenic Council; W.A.A.; Beta Chi Epsilon; Secretary for the Student Government; Chief Marshal for Graduation; Intramurals; Homecoming Court. SENIOR STATISTICS 4; Shackley Award for Piano; Keck, Linda Byrona 2025 S. Church Street Burlington, N. C. Beta Omicron Beta — President Student Senate, Intramurals. Laslev, James Holt 1503 Granville Street Burlington, N. C. Lee, Linda Benson 321 S. Main Street Graham, N. C. Lewis, L. Kay 1107 Pinecrest Street Burlington, N. C. Levpoldt, Marcia Diane 4232 Opalocka Drive McLean, Virginia Delta Upsilon Kappa — Secretary 3; Beta Chi Epsilon — President 3; Secretary of Honor Court; Handbook Committee, Orientation Committee; Business Club; Intramurals. Longest, Bonnie R. 608 College Ave. Elon College, N. C. Loy, Jane Carole 420 Glenwood Ave. Burlington, N. C. Delta Upsilon Kappa; W.A.A. Vice-President; P.E. Major ' s Club; Head Cheerleader. MacDonald, Alan Vincent 717 Woodlawn Avenue Falls Church, Virginia Maness, Billy Robert 1719 Wood Avenue Burlington, N. C. Mason, Edward Douglas 720 West Front Street Burlington, North Carolina Massey, Donald Charles 540 Laurel Hill Road Norwich, Connecticut Masten, Thomas Hughes 106 North Morgan Street Roxboro, North Carolina Matlock, Nina Marie Box 486 Elon College, North Carolina McCann, Lucia Lee 125 Intervale Road Mountain Lakes, New Jersey Women ' s Interdormitory Council 2; Association 1, 2; Chapel Committee 3; Ministerial Association 1; Math Club 3; Women ' s Athletic Orientation Committee 2; Young Republicans ' Club 4; Intramurals 1, 2. McDuffie, Sarah Faye 41 Alden Avenue Partsmouth, Virginia McEvoy, Connie Rae Route 7 Burlington, North Carolina Delta Upsilon Kappa; Dance Committee; Homecoming Queen 1963; Cheerleader, Sophomore and Junior Year; May Court Sophomore Year; Freshman Class Sponsor. Miller, Richard Louis P. O. Box 635 Elon College, North Carolina Mimms, John 12-06 Bellair Avenue Fair Lawn, New Jersey Mitchell, Ruth Lea 2455 Edgewood Avenue Burlington, North Carolina Tau Zeta Phi 1, 2, 3; Chaplain 4; Cheerleader 3, 4; Alternate 2; Editor of Phi Psi Cli 4; Order of the Oak 3, President 4; Monroe Award 3; May Day Choreographer 2, 3; Summer School Graduation Marshal 2; Graduation Marshal 3; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges 4. Mizelle, Ralph Carroll, Jr. 121 Turlington Road Suffolk, Virginia Moe, Douglas E. Box 162 Elon College, North Carolina Monger, Carroll Wayne Route 2, Box 10 Elkton, Virginia KYN Treasurer 2, Vice-President 3; Senate 3; Student Affairs Committee 3; Dorm Counselor 3; Baseball 3, 4; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Dorm Proctor 4. Morris, Michael A. Box 374 Uncasville, Connecticut Morris, Helen Rowe P. 0. Box 662 Elon College, North Carolina Morrison, Albert Sidney, III 100 Pine Road Portsmouth, Virginia Alpha Pi Delta 1, 2, 3, 4, Corresponding Secretary 3, Vice- President 4; Student Senate 1, 2; Food Committee 2, 3; Con- stitution and Honor Revision Committee 4; Development Com- mittee 4; Community Relations Committee 2, 3; Campus Crier 4; Band 1, 2; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. Nichols, John Cowan 429 New River Drive Jacksonville, North Carol Parker, David Jennings 721 Fix Street Burlington, North Carolina Parsley, Betsy Allen Box 58 Elon College, North Carolina B.O.B. 2, 3, 4; Order of the Oak 3, Secretary 4; Student Marshal 3; Summer Graduation Marshal 3; Physics Achievement Award 3. Phipps, Russell Allen 4800 Bromfield Avenue Bayside, Virginia Beach, Virginia Milligan, William Eicon 92 Abbott Avenue Ocean Grove, New Jersey Pope, Kenneth Wayne 709 State Street Henderson, North Carolina Popowski, Carole Ann 14 Harrison Street Sayresville, New Jersey Board of Elections 3, 4; Orientation Committee 4; Homecoming Committee 1; W.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, President 3, 4; Chairman of Yearbook Committee 3; Maroon Gold 3, 4; Phi Psi Cli Girls ' Sports Editor 3; Campus Crier 4; Intramural Volley- ball, Basketball and Softball 1, 2, 3, 4; All Campus Volleyball Team 3; Intramural Manager 2; W.A.A. Homecoming Sponsor 3, 4; P.E. Majors State Convention 3; W.A.A. State Convention Delegate 3. SENIOR STATISTICS Powell. Beverlev Kay 3239 S. L ' tah Street Arlington 6, Virginia Delta Upsilon Kappa Sorority 3, President 4; Elon Players 3, 4; Alpha Psi Omega 4; Sec.-Treas. of Sr. Class 4; Colonnades 2, 3, 4, Fiction Editor;Campus Crier 3; Maroon and Gold 3; Student Senate 4; Women ' s Interdormitory Council 4. Price, Barbara Ann Sussex. Virginia Beta Omicron Beta Sorority; SNEA: Intramurals; Member of Baptist Student Union 3, 4; Treasurer of SNEA 4. Sanders, Ann l{i ens Box 414 Pageland, South Carolina Saunders, Gay Yule .■ 28 South Marion Street Bluffton, Indiana Tau Zeta Phi 2, 3, 4; Interdormitory Council 3; Dance Com- mittee 1, 2; Food Committee 2, 3; Who ' s Who Committee 3; Sec.-Treas. Junior Class; Honor Council 2; Student Senate 3, Orientation 3; Homecoming Sponsor 3; Dean ' s List 3; Elon Players " Bad Seed " 2; SCA 1, Sec. 1. Price. Linda Gayle 433 Patrick Street Leaksville, North Carolina Beta Omicron Beta 1, 2, 3, 4, Corresponding Secretary 3, 4; Beta Chi Epsilon 1; Business Club 3, 4; W.A.A. 3. 4; N.E.A. 4; Intramural Volleyball 3. 4; Nominating Committee for May Day Pridgen, Glenda Dee 3901 Marsh Creek Road Raleigh. North Carolina Kay, John Phillip Route .5 Burlington. Noi ' th Carolina Robinson, Paul Brickerhoff 300 Sunnieholme Drive Fairfield, Connecticut Rogers, Rita Lindley Route 2, Box 82 Pittsboro, North Carolina Tau Zeta Phi 3. 4. Seidenspinner, David 342 Lakeshore Drive Massapequa, New York Self, James Lee 2120 Joyce Court Burlington. North Carolin, Sellers, John Howard Route 3 Broadway, Virginia Ionian Society Shannon, Judith Dianne Route 1, Box 342 Gastonia, North Carolina Shields, Owen Nelson Blairs, Virginia Shifflett, Ashby Lee, Jr. Veterans Apartments Elon College, North Carolina Rohrs. .Andrew Fred 2.50 Main Street S. Deerfield, Massachusetts Pres. Alpha Psi Omega 4; coming 2; Elon Players 1, Campus Crier; Band 3, 4 Manager. Rowell, Melville Tyrone 420 Andrews Avenue Henderson, North Carolina Who ' s Who Committee 4; Home- 2, 3, 4; Pres. 3; Radio Team 3; Dorm Counselor, Student Linen Ryals, George Lynn 1627 Erwin Road Durham, North Carolina President Sigma Mu Sigma 3; President, Freshman Class 1; President Sophomore Class 2; Vice President Student Body 2; President Men ' s Interdormitory Council 3; Delegate Student Legislature 1; Speaker of Senate 2; Committees: Community Relations, Student Affairs, Chairman Host Committee NSSGA, Judicial Committee, Constitution Revision. Ryerson, Joya Box 801 Litchfield, Connecticut Student National Education Association 2, 3; Membership Com- mittee 4, Reporter; Campus Crier, Typist; Intramurals 1; North State Student Government Association Entertainment Commit- tee 2; Handbook Revision Committee 3; Young Democrats Club 4; Homecoming Committee 1. Sandbank, Viette Patricia 2923 South Columbus Street Arlington, Virginia Publicity Committee; Phi Psi Cli; Campus Crier; Play " Oedipus " Spring ' 65; WAA. Sandefur, Kathryn Horsley 905 Somerset Drive Charleston, West Virginia Shreves, Melvin Lankford, Jr. Box 544 Elon College, North Carolina Sigma Mu Sigma 2, 3, 4, President 4; Senator 2; Vice-President of Student Body 3; Speaker of the Senate 3; Senate Reporter 2; Liberal Arts Forum 3; Development Committee 2; Codifica- tion Committee 2; North State Student Government Association Delegate 2, 3; State Student Legislature Representative 2; Executive Committee 3; Public Relations Bureau 4; Handbook Committee 2; Student Handbook Committee 3; Constitution and Honor System Revision Committee 2; Campus Crier 2, 3; Young Democrats Club 4; Maroon and Gold Associate Editor 2; Editor in Chief 3, 4; Colonnades, Business Manager 2; Azureor; National Sigma Mu Sigma Newspaper Editor 4; Intramurals 1. 3, 4 Sinclair, J. Lowry, III 120 Sycamore Road Franklin, Virginia Sigma Mu Sigma, Pledge Master 3, Vice-President 4; Vice- President of Junior Class; President of Senior Class; Chairman of the Homecoming Committee 3; Board of Education 2; Orientation Committee 2, 3; N. C. State Student Legislature 3; Chai-ter Member of Ionian Society 2, 3, 4, Secretary-Treas- urer 2; Circulation Editor of Colonnades 3, 4; N.E.A. 4; Chapel Committee 3; Y.R.C. 4; N.A.D.C. Sisk, Gary Wayne 1424 Overbrook Drive Burlington, North Carolina Smith, Edward Leon P. 0. Box 212 Elon College, North Carolina Stephenson, Frederick James 3 Dave Croft Avenue Greenville, Rhode Island Vice-President Smith Dorm 1; Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4; Elon College Singers 1, 2, 3, 4; Sigma Mu Sigma Service Fraternity 1, 2, 3, 4; Correspondence Ec. 2, 3; Elon College SENIOR STATISTICS Quartet 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Senate 2, 3; Parliamentarian 2, 3; Community Relations Committee 2, 3, Chairman 2; Parents ' Day Committee 2, Chairman 2; Orientation Committee 2; Senate Committee on Committees; President Sophomore Class; Presi- dent Junior Class; President of the Student Body 4; Order of the Oak, Scholastic Honor Society 3, 4; Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges 4, N.W.A. Stewart, David Hill, Jr. 211 North Street Graham, North Carolina Business Club West, Robert Shaw 2805 Fairview Road Durham, North Carolina Wheless, Bobbie Eugene 211 Liberty Street Asheboro, North Carolina Whittenton, William Ransom, Jr. 907 Russell Avenue Reidsville, North Carolina Switzer, Stanley Oakley, III 30 8th Avenue Hadden Heights, New Jersey Sigma Mu Sigma Corresponding Secretary, House Manager; Senate 3; Chairman Development Committee; Board of Elec- tions; Young Democrats Club, Business Club; Phi Psi Cli Photography Editor; Fraternity Editor, Campus Crier. Wicker, William Robert 28 Katherine Place Asheville, North Carolina College Photographer (Maroon Gold, Phi Psi Chi) -. ball Movie Photographer, Senior Year; German Club; Campus Christian Fellowship. ; Foot- United Swofford, Villaim Winfred Washington Road Cowpens, South Carolina Ionian Society; B.S.U.; International Intramural Basketball. Thomas, Lowell Lawren 332 West Kivett Street Asheboro, North Carolir Ionian Society 2, 3. 4. Sgt. at Arms 4. Relations Club; Cho President 3; Young DemocrE Club, Thompson, Jerry Beck Route 1, Box 252 Lexington, North Carolina Sigma Mu Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4; Service Chairman 4; Business Club 3, 4; Chairman Nominations Committee 3; Activities Com- mittee 4; Young Democrats 4; Intramural Basketball, Foot- ball, Softball 1, 2, 3, 4. Tillman. Jerry W. Box 682 Elon College, North Carolina Turman, Betty Moses Route 7, Box 47 Burlington, North Carolina S.N.E.A. 3, 4; (Chairman of Membership Committee Order of the Oak 3, 4 (Historian 4). Turner, Herbert Wayi 6600 Holborn Road Richmond, Virginia Wallace, Ann Aaron 101-C Vets. Apartments Elon College, North Carolina Waugh, James E. Jefferson, North Carolina Wilder, William Newton 202-A Veterans Apartments Elon College, North Carolina Williams, Brenda Sue 21 Salisbury Street Pittsboro, North Carolii Williar, James Edward 10222 Colesville Road Silver Spring, Maryland Winfrey, David Alton 2606 Conestog Louisville, Kentucky Woodruff, J. Kenneth 1536 Granville Street Burlington, North Carolina Woodward, Albert R., Jr. 2600 Ferris Road, Roselle Wilmington 5, Delaware Sigma Mu Sigma 2, 3, 4, Guide 1964-65 Entertainment Committee Chairman 1964-65; Vice-President Senior Class; Senator; Pres- ident of Men ' s Interdormitory Council 1963-64; Dorm Proctor 1964-65; Young Republican Club; Intramural; Co-chairman of Senate; Homecoming 3; Judicial Committee 3; A.M.D.C. Woolard, Judith Diane Route 2, Box 684 Washington, North Carolina N.E.A. 2, 3, 4; Young Democrats 4; W.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Intra- murals 1, 2, 3, 4. Wright, Betsy Anne Route 3, Box 76 Mebane, North Carolina Weaver, Ronald Nelson 205 Greenwood Street Burlington, North Carolina Webb, Annie Ruth 4735 Markwood Drive Burlington, North Carolina York, Brenda Faye Route 1 Liberty, North Carolina Women ' s Interdormitory Council; French Club; Senior Class Editor of Phi Psi Cli; SNEA; Graduation Marshal; Winner of Achievement Award in Foreign Language; President Student Advisory Committee. Weber, George Waldorf, Maryland Zimmerman, Scott Michael 943 48th Street Brooklyn, New York YOUTH . . . our ffufure! Cone Mills, a major producer of high quality and modern fabrics, is staffed to meet the needs of today. Yet we are already looking at the 70 ' s and beyond to determine our needs as industry becomes increasingly complex. To maintain our standards, we are seeking young people with imagination and initiative. If you are interested in becoming a part of our future, write Industrial Relations Department, Cone Mills Corporation, Greensboro, N. C. CONE MILLS CORPORATION " Where fabrics of tomorrow are woven today. " EXECUTIVE OmCES Greensboro, N. C. FINISHING PLANTS Carlisle Greenville, S. C. Greensboro Haw River, N. C. MANUFACTURING PLANTS— Avondale, Ciiffside. Greensboro, Forest City, Salisbury. Pineville, Reidsville, Gibsonville, Havi River and Hillsboro in Noilh Carolina, Greenville in South Carolina. SALES HEADQUARTERS — Cone Mills Inc , New York a1 B, it - w yj W U ' ' ' J y i LMG? T, 0, N. HOW DO YOU SPELL CAREER OPPORTUNITY? In textiles, it ' s spelled B-U-R-L-I-N-G-T-O-N, where career opportunities are as varied and diversi- fied as the endless array of quality Burlington prod- ucts. For information on a challenging, rewarding career in textiles, write to the Personnel Director at: » ALAMANCE COUNTY units of IN, Burlington , Burllninon NDUSTRIES. INC. EXECUTIVE OFFICES: GREENSBORO, N. C. ALAMANCE PRINTING COMPANY Commercial Printing Engraving and Photo-Offset Phone CA 6-1881 729 S. Main St. Burlington, N. C. FLORIST Front St. Burlington, N. C. A Dutch Treat REXALL DRUGS 329 W. Harden Street Graham, N. C. Happy Santa Clous to Dineke and Ineke SHERARD ' S PHARMACY Druggists 1253 E. Webb Ave., Burlington, N. C. Compliments of BLANCHARD ' S FASHION SHOP Smart Young Fashions for the College Girl 408-410 S. Spring St. Burlington, N. C. GRIFFIN ' S PHARMACY INCORPORATED 445 Chapel Hill Rd. First in Prescriptions Phone 228-8348 Burlington, N. C. WAYNICK INSURANCE AGENCY Insurance of all kinds Box 456 Gibsonville, N, C. Tel, 449-4655 GRAHAM SODA SHOP RATHSKELLER Court Square • 100 N. Main St. Sodas — Lunch — Sundries Photo Finishing Evening Pleasure — Air Conditioned Tavern PIZZA and SPAGHETTI Graham, N. C. Compliments of ALAMANCE DRUG CO. and MEDICAL VILLAGE APOTHECARY SHOP DOWNTOWN BelKs The store with the young vieivpoint! Compliments of MELVILLE DAIRY Burlington, N. C. Phone CA 6-6391 HOSIERY AND CASUAL SLIPPERS for men for women Esquire Socks • Kayser Viyella • Schiaparelli Interwoven • Phoenix Bachlelors ' Friend • Sapphire Phoenix • Mojud Jiffies • SUPP-HOSE for men and women by • Mercury KAYSER-ROTH HOSIERY COMPANY, INC. Burlington North Carolina Manufacturers and Distributors Carolina Conference Champs Victory Celebration POST-GAME TREAT Cheeseburger, shake aai fries ... all 3 only hamburgers! Home of the Worlds GrQatest 15C Hamburger! 610 S Church St EARL ' S DRIVE-i Beverages Charcoal Burgers " Where the Friendly People Meet " 1539 South Church Street Phone:228-9324 Burlington, N. C. You Are Invited To Have A Free FACIAL Call MERLE NORMAN COSMETIC STUDIO Piedmont Hotel — Burlington CA 6-6146 " Try Before You Buy " Compliments of Cum Park Plaza LIBERTY HOSIERY MILLS, INC. Gibsonville, N. C. Manufacturers of Full Fashioned Seamless Lodies Hosiery Panti-Hose Stretch Tights GLEN RAVEN FABRIC SHOP Burlington-Elon Highway Telephone 584-7781 Dress and Decorative Fabrics Glen Raven, N. C. climbing McCLURE FUNERAL SERVICE 605 Webb Avenue Burlington, N. C. 141 S. Main Street Graham, N. C. Ambulance Service Compliments of WILBURN ' S ESSO SERVICE Elon College, N. C. Compliments of KIRK ' S MOTOR COURT 1155 N. Church— Highway 70 Burlington, N. C. Compliments of JAMES F. HAYNES Williamson Avenue Elon College, N. C. Countdown ... 10. ..9. ..8 NEAL WRIGHT ' S JEWELRY Hand Engraving — Watch Repair 205 South Main Street Burlington, N. C. JENNINGS M. AGENCY, BRYAN INC. The Man With The Plan 422 South Spring St. Burlington, N. C. Dial 227-7458 J. M. Bryan J. M. Bryan, Jr. Smile, You ' re on Candid Camera! Compliments of BIFF BURGER Cum-Pork Plaza Shopping Center GOOD LUCK, CLASS OF 1965 Slater School and College Services wishes to thank the members of the graduating class for their patronage — to say farewell, good luck, and good health. Your school ' s administration realizes that classroom per- formance often depends on planned nutrition. Through ARA Slater, they have wisely invested in quality food, pre- pared and served in friendly style. We hope you have enjoyed Slater meals and service — that mealtime provided a pleasant social break in the day ' s busy routine. From all of us, good luck and good health in the years ahead! SLATER SCHOOL AND COLLEGE SERVICES for new dimentions in dining ... in depth Slater now serves more than 220 schools in 32 states, and Puerto Rico. if ELOM g J- t Try |. . ..-•r: : ! MONTALDO ' S 200 N. Elm Street Greensboro, N. C. Visit our Colony Shop for your school clothes. Compliments of DEAN TAXI 333 Maple Avenue Burlington, N. C. Congratulations To The Class of 1965 LATHAM ' S GROCERY Elon College, N. C. The Brothers Who? Compliments of HOLT HOSIERY MILLS Glen Raven, N. C. CURRIN AND HAY 1 17 W. Davis Street " Burlington ' s Oldest and Finest Haberdashery " Men ' s and Boy ' s Wear Gant Shirts McGregor and Manhattan Sportswear Bostonian Shoes Dobbs Hats Come Alive! COLEAAAN ' S Men ' s Dept. Stagg Shop Village Room 437 S. Spring St., Opposite Post Office and Cum-Park Plaza City Burlington, N. C. You ' re in the PEPSI Generation YOU ' RE INVITED To visit our new studios! Sixth Floor ALAMANCE MOTEL The South ' s most modern radio facilities AM WBBB FM 5000 powerful watts in Burlington — Graham plus full STEREO Tilley Tackle If! KOURY ' S 443 S. Main St. Burlington, N.C. Where Smart Women and Teens Shop T. N. BOONE TAILORS Fine Tailored Clothing Since 1914 Shoes, Formal Rentals, Shirts B uriington Greensboro, N. C. Compliments of THE RED ROOM at the HOLIDAY INN Burlington, N. C. Music and Dancing Nightly Available for private parties Orchestra every Saturday C. Alfred Briggs, Mgr. Compliments of BELK-BECK COMPANY Burlington, Graham, High Point North Carolina Compliments of SELLARS DEPARTMENT STORE Downtown Burlington and Cum-Park Plaza Courtesy of RICH THOMPSON FUNERAL SERVICE Burlington Graham CAnol 6-1622 Both Locations Compliments of ALAMANCE BOOK STATIONERY CO. 208 Maple Avenue Burlington, N. C. THE REMNANT SHOP " Sew and Save " Cum-Park Plaza Shopping Center Burlington, N. C. Compliments of ELLIS MUSIC CO. " Everything Musical " Burlington, N. c. OOPS! Compliments of ROXIE ' S FLORIST 1733 N. Church St. Burlington, N. C. CAROLE ' S STYLE CENTER Highway 100 Call 584-4491 OSCAR ' S SNACK BAR Glen Raven, N. C. For Carry-Out Orders call CA 8-9394 " ft 1- TT ifr " ' EI ' j E I py f- fe m They call the Rising Sun Let s see, now where does this go? MEBANE SHOE COMPANY 3415 Main Street Burlington, N. C. Phone CA 6-3211 " Shoes for all occasions " Compliments of P i Downtown Burlington or Cum-Park Plaza Compliments of TROLLINGER ' S FLORIST Burlington, N. C. Compliments of L. B. SHEPHERD Your Record Shop 243 East Front Street Burlington, N. C. Phone 226-7108 RITCHIE ' S DRIVE-IN Restaurant ' and Tap Room Beverages — Pizzas Sandwiches — All Kinds 2401 S. Church St. Telephone 228-9184 Compliments of HUEY ' S BAR-B ■Q Seafoods, Chicken, Steaks Sandwiches Visit our new dining room Alamance, the night, the 6-. ; • .r-

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