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•■tiSr within these jm walls mil ,-rW jm M : o 6 O :3 03 !i) O, tn § q -I CO 1-q ' t; 15 :?: ' Doris Faircloth Editor in Chief Eleanor Smith Assistant Editor 1 Robert Baxter S Faculty Adviser § ELON COLLEGE ELON COLLEGE, NORTH CAROLINA PHI 1 PSI CLI 9 " » I t t J ■ 1 -JB 11 1 — ' ■ J J 5 ' 5 within these walls Within these ivi ivalls ire live, And learn t i c roH-. to love, to give: Each passing day b)-i)igs new endeavo)- Which helps the bonds of youth to sever. When time lias given up the day And each mnst icalk his separate way, May the most treasured mem ' ries he recalls Be echoed within these ivy walls. By The Editor ELON COL A I Within these ivy walls you dwell . . . About you there is a lingering but change- able beauty. When you arrive it is fall, yet the summer atmosphere struggles to survive. September: back to school . . . anxiety . . . ab out you are sun-tanned faces, new clothes, squeals of delight, warm embraces, new faces. After the initial welcome come long hours of talk punctuated by outbursts of laughter and an occasional twinge of regret. The first task of physical endurance one must experience is the ordeal of registration. Lines, lines, lines . . . X-rays, pictures, cards, conferences, headaches, lines . . . hot weath- er .. . lines . . . tired feet . . . lines ! EGE 19 6 2 October comes and life on the " Campus of the Oaks " has settled into a quiet accept- ance of the job to be done. Schedules finally arranged, classes begin, routine . . . Football games on Saturday night. Hopes of victory on Homecoming Day. Suddenly there is a shortage of crepe paper, kleenex, and labor. Naturally there is the excited chatter about formals and dates and the usual gripes about tuxedos and dates. And always — " Let ' s go Big Team! " November is realized. As autumn leaves fall, the campus is transformed into a kalei- doscope of brilliant hues — burnished gold, rusty scarlet, evergreen, softened neutrals. November is a transitional month . . . cool mornings, lazy afternoons . . . wander, study, dream . . . sounds of the choir prac- ticing as afternoon shadows lengthen. Hot chocolate from the union on gusty evenings, over worries of forthcoming mid-semester exams . . . Evenings come and study rooms are filled with anxious students catching up with what has been put off too long. A sigh of relief is unanimous when exams are through. The pressure is relieved and vows made, (surely to be broken) to keep up from now on. Thanksgiving holidays — by this time most students are giving thanks for a holiday. } Back for a few weeks, and December comes bringing gray, a restful lull after the aliveness of summer and the bril- liance of autumn. Christmas — parties — cheer — smiles — farewells. Here the New Year arrives quietly. The campus slum- bers — unaware of bells, horns, gaiety — waiting for the onsurge of life and activ- ity arriving within the next few days. January : Exams again, this time more meaningful than before. Semester break — for some a sad farewell ; for oth- ers promise of a future. As the new semester begins, the crisp air is saturated with determination; thoughtful frowns are numerous. And perhaps the glory of snow will turn the world into a child ' s wonderland. Spring comes in stocking feet ... so slow but so quickly. One morning you rise and she is waiting. The air is light with friendship and laughter, coloring a world so long in peace. Pastels prevail. The campus is awed by the awareness of the miracle of life. Couples walk arm in arm; ivy on the walls is greener than green; and the plump moon is amused as romance seeps into the hearts of even the most timid. Books become a symbol of dreaded duty and are carried or avoid- ed by grudging scholars. The last three months of school slip swiftly by. Days pass, crammed with activities. So many things to do. Sororities and fraternities rush. Bid night, serenades, pledges of loyalty be- gin a pressured week of laughter and tears. Any visitor on campus would be lost in fantasy and disbelief. April bids farewell to the bitterness of winter and under the ancient colon- ades students linger after dinner talk- ing, enveloped in the melancholy soft- ness created by the traditional .showers. She is contrary though, and this quiet mood is contrasted by the lightness of parties, banquets, and elaborate plans for May Day. Weekends someone is sure to be missing, only to appear Monday with a sunburned nose and praises of the beach that equal only the ocean ' s roar. Sometime in April again the campus is deserted for the seemingly never to come Easter vacation. Students leave books, papers, and burdened only by bathing suits, bermudas, suntan oil, rnd pent up emotions, leave for beaches, rel- atives, friends. Fort Lauderdale, or may- be even home. All too quickly the time is gone and so is April, leaving a cleared path for May and flowers. May Day breaks the invariable routine; and out again come costumes, formals, tuxedos, and gripes. Yet the weekend is one to be remember- ed, at least until you are caught in the whirlpool of endless activity which is culminated by that wretched week of final exams. ■a»- 0xjuy-u side K ■ l tnEs my Bl M " ■:..«— --■■ " ' ■ ' % Fall and spring semesters, 1961-62, are over. Friends part and new inter- ests are found — summer jobs, vaca- tions, more school, or who knows? For seniors there are mixed feelings as they are forced from the secure, is- olated world in which they have lived, into the impersonal world of conflict and confusion. The week after school is out, a reduced community stays on making plans for the climax of four years endeavor. Footsteps echo in the " lifeless halls, and memories flood the mind ' s eye. Already one experiences a premature feeling of homesickness. Where to now? Am I ready? Questions haunt the senior as he leaves to begin life, armed only with a few facts, a little knowledge, less experience, and many doubts. Success is relative. Nevertheless, at Elon you have learned and been offer- ed the necessary criteria for success. Elon will always be a part of your memories, the memories you have made within these ivy walls. : " ' DEDICATION The character and reputation of a colleRe, its standing in the educational world, the measure of its influence on those who live and study on its campus, is determined in large measure by the dedication and devotion of its faculty. For us, as for many generations of Elon students, this spirit, this quality of dedication and devotion, is most fully expressed in the lives of Dr. and Jlrs. Alonzo Lohr Hook. Thev re devoted to each other and to theii family; but their loyalty and devotion, their un- selfi.sh service, and their enthusiasm for Alma Mater is an inspiration to us and to all of the Elon family. It is with gratitude to them for being what they are, and with a genuine sense of pride in their accomplishments to Elon College, that we dedicate the 1962 edition of the Phi Psi Cli to Dr. and Mrs. A. L. Hook. TO THE CLASS OF 1962: Congratulations upon the completion of your course of study here at Elon College. It has been a pleasure to associate with you during these years of formal education. Our interest in you has been deepened as we have come to know you, your ideals and your aims. We shall continue to be Interested in your progress and to take pride in your contributions to your fellowman during the years ahead. We hope that, as a result of your experiences at Elon, several changes have taken place. First, we hope that you have learned to think. The world desperately needs people who can think objectively and creatively about the problems which face mankind, particularly those in the realm of human affairs. Many of you are quali- fied to help in meeting this need. Second, we hone that your faith in the Christian way of living has been strengthened. As you leave this campus may you be more concerned about your fellowman, your relation to each other and to God. May you leave with a spirit of dedication to the Christian way of life and with a determination to give yourself wholeheartedly in helping to bring a spirit of love, cooperation, world. md peace to all the It is our hope that Elon College has given you adequate and thorough preparation and our pray- er that God will give you guidance, v isdom, courage and strength for " the living of these days. " Sincerely yours, J. E. Danieley President To The Seniors: " . . . whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, what- soever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report . . . think on these things. " May Elon College have been an instrument for bringing to you of the Class of 1962 the wisdom inherent in these magnificent words of Paul. And may you in turn be moved to transform this wisdom into action as your way of life. If such be done, the College will indeed have fulfilled its mission to you, and you will have lived up to the highest expectations the College has had for you. We wish you Godspeed. Sincerely, C. Fletcher Moore Dean of the College To the Class of 1962 A philosopher once said that one who believes constitutes a majority, and it is true because far too many people do not believe in anything. Once again you find yourselves at the bottom of the ladder. Your graduation from Elon College is, in reality, only another step in your education — promotion to Freshman Citizen. Yet, this step will be much easier than the last; for your edu- cational experience at Elon has instilled in you a strong and sound belief — your belief in God and in the personal dignity of man. Cherish these beliefs and adhere strongly to them, yet always remember that these basic truths will often place you in the position of " a majority of one. " Mrs. Virginia Epperson Dean of Women To the Class of 1962 A few years ago you began an adventure which has now been completed. You began this adven- ture as an immature freshman. Through your college career you have matured into a responsi- ble citizen capable of meeting the challenge of a new adventure — an adventure where the re- sponsibility you have learned to uphold will be even more important. Elon College has served you in many ways. Personally, I hope that you will return to the campus often, that you will participate actively in alumni affairs, and that you will permit us to be of service to you in the future. Sincerely, A. S. Hassell, Director Student Personnel Service «. " - " f ,a- J. Weslev Alexander B.S., M.A. Paul J. Amash A.B., M.A. Konstantinas Avizonis A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Mathematics Assistant Professor of French and Spanish FACULTY Professor of History Elizabeth Bernhardt A.B., M.A. Mary G. Butler A.B., M.Ed. Luther N. Byrd Assistant Professor of German Assistant Professor of Home Economics Paul H. Cheek B.S., Ph.D. Professor of Chemistry Joshua C. Colley A.B., M.A. Professor of Education A.B., M.A. Professor of English Janie E. Council A.B., M.A. Assistant Professor of Business Education V Horace H. Cunningham A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Professor of History Edward Roy Epperson B.S., M.A. Assistant Professor of Chemistry E. Ray Day A.B., M.A. Assistant Professor Dramatics FACULTY David A. Fee A.B., B.D., M.A. Assistant Professor of Bible Tyler Deierhoi A.B., M.A. Instructor of History Betty K. Gerow A.B., M.A. Assistant Professor of English diMi ' Jeanne Griffin A.B., M.Ed. Assistant Professor of Physical Education Richard M. Haff A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Professor of Biology Alonzo L. Hook A.B., M.A., M.S., Sc.D. Professor of Physics - It . fe . James Howell A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Professor of English John R. Kittenger B.S., B.D., S.T.M., M.A. Assistant Professor of Bible and English Dorthy S. Mason A.B., M.A. Assistant Professor of Geography G. Patrick Johnson Mus.B., Mus.M. Assistant Professor of Piano and Music Theory FACULTY Frances Longest A.B., M.Ed. Associate Professor of Business Education Fred L. Keisling A.B. Part-time Instructor of Mathematics and Physics Charles Lynam A.B., M.A. Assistant Professor of Voice Gary B. Mattocks B.S., M.A. Assistant Professor of Health and Physical Education Assistant Football Coach Head Track Coach William Miller A.B., M.Ed. Assistant Professor of Health and Physical Education Basketball Coach Tennis Coach f m »r Ji Frances Muldrow A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Professor of French, Spanish, and Latin Lila Newman Ph.B, Assistant Professor of Art FACULTY Theodore E. Perkins ;.S., B.D., M.Ed., B.S. in L.S. Acting Librarian Paul S. Reddish A.B., M.S. Professor of Biology L. Tullv Reed A.B., " M.A. Associate Professor of English Ferris E. Reynolds A.B., B.D., S.T.M., Ph.D. Professor of Religion, Greek, Philosophy 4 1 ' Q ' tlMMIlii Leonard Rhyne, Jr. A.B. Fred G. Sahlmann A.B., Mus.B., M.A. John D. Sanford A.B., M.Ed., Ph.D. Professor of Health and Physical Education Baseball Coach V ,- James T. Toney A.B., M.A. Assistant Professor of Economics Bessie P. Sloan A.B., M.A. W. W. Sloan A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Arnold Strauch B.S., M.A., Ed.D. Assistant Professor of Spanish Professor of Bible and Religious Education FACULTY George M. Tucker A.B., M.A. Professor of Education Assistant Professor of Health and Physical Education Head Football Coach Head Golf Coach Dudley Ray Watson B.B.A., M.B.A. Assistant Professor of Business Administration iV 4 Jeanne Williams B.S., M.S. Nancy Withers A.B., M.A. Associate Professor of siness Administration and Mathematics Assistant Professor of English Robert C. Baxter A.B., LL.B. Director of Development W. Jennings Berry, Jr. A.B. Registrar W. E. Butler, Jr A.B. ADMINISTRATION Virginia A. Epperson A.B., M.Ed. Dean of Women W. R. Ginn A.B. Admissions Counselor John S. Graves A.B., M.A. Campus Minister mM tA Alfred S. Hassell A.B., M.Ed. Director of Student Personnel Services C. Fletcher Moore A.B., M.A. Dean of the College W. B. Terrell A.B. Alumni Secretary Ethel C. Carter Fayo Danieley Alma Jones Ellis Vivian Florance Secretary to the Secretary to the Dormitory Hostess Dormitory Hostess Director of Student Registrar Personnel Services STAFF Corinna Foster Secretary to the Registrar Bertie Fulks Dormitory Hostess Kay Halbert Secretary to the Dean of the College Helen Hardee Reference Librarian Lou Harper Secretary to the Alumni Secretary Winnie C. Howell Circulation Librarian Melene Hughes Dormitory Hostess Doris Johnson Accountant - Virginia Johnston Secretary to the Registrar Ann Jones Mary Kittenger Library Staff Staff Assistant STAFF Sarah Lackey Secretary to the Business Manager Emma Lewis Secretary Josie Livcrmon Doris Maney Dormitory Hostess Cashier Jacqueline Matlock Secretary to the Admissions Counselor Judy Samuels Hannelore P. Mary D. Thomas John C. Wells Secretary to the Schwarzenbach Secretary to the Cafeteria Manager lirector of Development Assistant Cafeteria Manager President SfUDENT BODY - ::m msk,.-. ■w ..n " j ' k Vj ? i .- ■ ' »« ■ SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Fred Shull, President; Walter Bass, Vice President; Mclver Henderson, Secretary-Treasurer. NABIL W. ABU-AITAH Beit Sahur, Jordan Chemistry REID ALEXANDER 233 Gurney Street Burlington, North Carolina FEREBEE ABBOTT ALLEN Box 772 Elon College, North Carolina Business Education Delta Upsilon Kappa 2,3,4, Sec. 4; W. A. A. 1,2,3,4, Treas. 4; Beta Chi Epsilon 1,2; Intra- murals 1,2,3,4; Extraniurals 3; Business Ad- ministration Club 4; Marshal 3; Women ' s Inter-Dormitory Council 1; Homecoming Spon- sor 2; Decoration Committee May Day 3; Pan-Hellenic Council 4; Day Students Organi- zation 3. SALLIE PRIDGEN ANDERSON Box 481 Elon College, North Carolina English JOHN R. BAKER, JR. 141 South Main Street Graham, North Carolina Biology B 1; Biology Lab Assistant 3,4. DEXTER RAYMOND BARBEE 1520 Harriet Drive Burlington, North Carolina Biology Biology Lab Assistant 3; Chemistry Club. WALTER BASS Star Route South Boston, Virginia Biology and Chemistry FRANCES EDNA BENNETT 1918 Stout Street Burlington, North Carolina Elementary Education • «. iti JAMES BOYD BRANNOK Burlington, North Carolina HOWARD L. BRIGGS, JR. 1318 Richardson Drive Reidsville, North Carolina English Iota Tau Kappa, Golf Team 1,2,3,4; Dorm Counselor; Intramural Basketball. RAINEY DeROY BURCH, JR. Box 162, Main Street Yanceyville, North Carolina Business Administration Kappa Psi Nu. PEGGY JEAN BURKE P. 0. Box 632 Burlington, North Carolina Home Economics BETSY GARDEN Route 1 Varina, North Carolina Religious Education Beta Omicron Beta 2,3,4; W. A. A. 1; Minis- terial Association 1,2,3,4; Scrapbook Editor 4; Student Christian Association 1,2,3,4; Campus Affairs Chairman 2, Vice-President 3, Presi- dent 4; Board of Elections 1; Class Editor of Phi Psi Cli 2, Feature Editor of Phi Psi Cli 3; Commencement Marshal 3; Intramurals 1; S. C. A. Homecoming Sponsor 1. VERNON CHEEK, JR. Mebane, North Carolina Business Administration Elon College Business Club. JAMES EDWIN CLARK Dogwood Acres Chapel Hill, North Carolina Physical Education Iota Tau Kappa, President 4; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1; Intramural Sports, Assistant Intramural Director. " E " Men ' s Club, Presi- dent 4; Men ' s Interdormitory Council, Presi- dent of South Hall, Physical Education Majors ' Club. ARTHUR WESLEY COBB Box 563 Elon College, North Carolina Business Administration DORIS EVANGELINE COMER Leashurg, North Carolina Business Education Day Students Organization, Secretarial Club. JIM DALE DAVENPORT Box 89 Creswell, North Carolina Chemistry NANCY IRENE ELLINGTON Route 1 Manson, North Carolina Physical Education Delta Upsilon Kappa 3,4, President 4; W. A. A. 1,2,3,4, Treas. 2, Vice-President 3, President 4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Physical Education Major ' s Club. DORIS CAROL FAIRCLOTH 3014 Brechin Road Fayetteville, North Carolina English Tau Zeta Phi 1,2,3,4, Vice-President 4; As- sistant Editor Maroon and Gold 2,4, Editor Maroon and Gold 3; Senate 2,3; Homecoming Sponsor (Maroon and Gold) 2, Homecoming Sponsor (Women ' s Dorm) 3; Women ' s Inter- dormitory Council 2, Vice-President 3; Sum- mer School Honor Council 3; Editor-in-chief Phi Psi Cli 4; Freshman Orientation Commit- tee 2,3; Secretary Parking Committee 2,3; Publicity Committee 4. ROBERT FAULKNER LORRAINE FISKE Main Street Montague Center, Massachusetts Biology Pi Kappa Tau 2,3,4; Homecoming Sponsor (Alpha Pi Delta); W. A. A. 1; Lab Assistant 3,4. EARL FOGLEMAN JETTIE L. FOSTER Box 1141 Burlington, North Carolina Elementary Education ALLEN CARL FOSTER 1020 Orcutt Avenue Newport News, Virginia History Kappa Psi Nu; Pan-Hellenic Council. McCOY GILLILAND Longhurst, North Carolina Business Administration WILLARD E. GORDON 1005 Dewey Street Greensboro, North Carolina Mathematics PATRICIA ANN GREGORY 117 Blake Road Norfolk, Virginia Chemistry German Club, Chemistry Club, Virginia Poly- technic Institute. HARRIET E. HAMMOND 7 Law Street Balfour, North Carolina Elementary Education Tau Zeta Phi; Senate 2; Cheerleader 2,3; Vice- President of Sophomore Class, Homecoming Sponsor (Sigma Phi Beta), Maid-of-Honor in May Court 4. HARRISON HAMLET HARDING 110 State Street Emporia, Virginia English Iota Tau Kappa 1,2,3,4; Pan-Hellenic Council 2; Intramural Football, Basketball, Softball: Band 2,3; German Club. CLIFFORD B. HARDY, JR. 16 Henderson Road Franklin Park, New Jersey History Pi Gamma Mu; Vice-President Student Body 3, President of Student Body 4; Vice-President North State Student Government Association 3 4; Lyceeum Series 3; Liberal Arts Forum 3; Dance Committee 2. CLINTON REX HARDY 1010 Cypress Drive Wilmington, North Carolina Physical Education RAYMOND THOMAS HARDY Box 411 Elon College, North Carolina Social Studies LARRY K. HARRIS 1518 North Duke Street Durham, North Carolina Business Administration Day Students Organization; Intramural Bas- ketball; Business Club. DOROTHY ANN HAWKS Fancy Gap, Virginia English Tau Zeta Phi; W. A. A. Representative 1; Organization Editor of Phi Psi Cli 2; Class Editor 3; Choir 3; Dance Committee 1; Home- coming Committee 1,2; Intramurals 1,2,3,4. ELIZABETH McIVER HENDERSON 3004 Richfield Drive Columbia, South Carolina Elementary Education Tau Zeta Phi 2,3,4, Historian 4; Senate 3,4; Sec.-Treas. Junior Class; Sec.-Treas. Senior Class; Dance Committee 4; Board of Elections 4; Phi Psi Cli Activities Editor 4; Orientation Committee 4; Student Marshal 3; Homecom- ing Sponsor 3,4; Entertainment Committee 4; Cheerleader 4. MARY ANN HEPNER 1379 Anchor Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania History, Religious Education BETTY WALTERS HILL Elementary Education JACK HOLMES JAMES SAMUEL HOLMES Route 1 Efland, North Carolina Psi Nu; Pan-Hellenic Council 4, Vice- Pres. 4; Baseball 2,3,4; " E " Men ' s Club; In- tramurals 1,2,3,4; Business Club. tii MdM PHYLLIS ANN HOPKINS Reidsville, North Carolina Business Education Tau Zeta Phi 1,2,3,4, Corresponding Secretary 3; The Church School 1, President; Student Christian Association 1,2,3, Vice-President 2, President 3; Honor Council 2,3, Secretary 3, Chairman 3; Sigma Mu Sigma Sweetheart 2, Homecoming Sponsor 2, Homecoming Queen 3; Freshman Orientation Committee 2,3,4; Cheerleader 2.3,4, Co-chief 3, Chief 4; Com- mencement Marshal 3, WHO ' S WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSI- TIES. JAMES HERBERT HORN 612 Fix Street Burlington. North Carolina History MICHAEL VAIL HOUGH Leaksville, North Carolina Social Science ETTA JANETTE HOWERTON Route 1 Gibsonville, North Carolina English PAUL NEWMAN HUEY Route 1 Elon College, North Carolina History Intramurals 2,3; Entertainment Committee 3; Orientation Committee 3; Graduation Marshal Summer School 2. WILLIAM IKE HUGHES 101 Graham Street Mebane, North Carolina Religious Education Choreographer for May Day Affairs; Tau Kappa, Honor Couti KENNETH WAYNE INGE Route 1 Burlington, North Carolina Business Administration Member of Student Council 4; Marshal at Commencement 3; Business Club. JAMES GLENN JONES Route 1 Louisburg, North Carolina English Sigma Mu Sigma Fraternity; Maroon and Gold Staff 2; Phi Psi Cli Staff 2, Organizations Editor. PATRICIA RAWLS JONES 1011 Virginia Avenue Suffolk, Virginia Music Tau Zeta Phi, Treasurer 4; Homecoming Com- mittee 3, Dance Committee 2; Intramural Sports 2,3,4; Homecoming Sponsor 2,3; Orien- tation Committee 2,3; Elon Singers 1,2,3,4, President 4; Musical " Pajama Game " 3; Women ' s Interdormitorv Council 3,4, Secre- tary 3,4. WILLIAM DOUGLAS JOYCE Route 3 Stoneville, North Carolina Business Administration JOHN THOMAS KELLY Route 4 Henderson, North Carolina M - iii History Kappa Psi Nu. ELIZABETH GARY KEOGH 140 William Street East Orange, New Jersey Tau Zeta Phi; Women ' s Dormitory Council 3,4, President 4; Elon Players; Dance Com- MARY LOU KERNODLE Route 1, Box 2 Elon College, North Carolina ROBERT KITTENGER Box 69 5 Elon College, North Carolina Chemistry JOHN ALLEN KNIGHT Route 4 Sanford, North Carolina History Kappa Psi Nu; Student Senate; Dance Com- mittee. WILLIAM E. LaCOSTE Box 204 Bishopville, South CarolinE Physical Education Football 3,4. A ' lfti ii STEWART JAMES LARIMER 1310 B Leon Street Durham, North Carolina History RUTH ELLEN LEMMONS 448 Chapel Hill Road Burlington, North Carolina English Beta Omicron Beta, Vice-President 3; Pan- Hellenic Council 3; Co-Editor Phi Psi Cli 3; Intramurals. ROBERT THOMAS LOVELL 905 Everett Street Burlington, North Carolina Chemistry and Mathematics Day Students Organization; German Club. ANDERSON LOWE mMmi JIMMY RAY MARSHALL Route 2 Burlington, North Carolina Biology DAVID WYCLIFFE MARSHBURN 108 Eastover Avenue Clinton, North Carolina English Intramural Sports Editor of Maroon and Gold 3,4; Sports Editor of Phi Psi Cli 3,4; German Club, Reporter 4; Manager of Basketball Team 2,3. JEAN RAYE MARTIN Route 2, Box 85 Gibsonville, North Carolina Beta Omicron Beta, Corresponding Secretary; Day Students ' Organization 1,2,3; Intramural Sports 1,2; W. A. A. 1. BARBARA JANE MATTHEWS Route 1 Sanford, North Carolina Choir 3; Transfer from Campbell College. Paul H. May 412 Caswell Street Burlington, North Carolina Bobby E. McKinnon Route 6 Burlington, North Carolina Business Administration Sigma Mu Sigma 3,4; Day Students Organi- zation 1,2,4; Intramural Football, Basketball, Softball; Student Government 4; Business Club 4, President 4. LAWRENCE MEISEL 220 Prospect Avenue Hasbrouch Heights, New Jersey DONALD RAY MILLER 221 North Maple Street Graham, North Carolina Iota Tau Kappa 2,3,4; Football 1,2,3; " E " Men ' s Club 3; Physical Education Majors ' Club 3,4. BOBBY ERNEST MOORE 901 Norman Street Reidsville, North Carolina English JOHN MAYNARD MOORE Route 2 Greensboro, North Carolina Health and Physical Education Kappa Psi Nu; German Club 4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Track 1,2,3,4; Physical Education Majors ' Club 3, Vice-President 4. VIRGINIA MAE MOOREFIELD P. O. Box 234 King, North Carolina Business Education and Administration Delta Upsilon Kappa 2,3,4, President 3; W. A. A. 2,3,4; Women ' s Interdormitory Council 3,4, Treasurer 4; Orientation Committee 3; Beta Chi Epsilon 2,3,4; Commencement Marshal 3; Liberal Arts Forum 4, Secretary 4; Intra- murals 2,3,4. FRANK RITCHIE MORE, JR. 2331 North Underwood Street Arlington 13, Virginia Physical Education Sigma Mu Sigma 1,2,3,4, Vice-President 4; Football 2; Track 1,2,3,4; Orientation Com- mittee 2,3; Dormitory Counselor 2,3, Head Dormitory Counselor 3; Parking Committee 3; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Commencement Marshal 3; Press Operator Maroon Gold 4; Physical Education Majors ' Club 3,4, (Charter Mem- ber), President 4; WHO ' S WHO IN AMERI- CAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES 3. II41I rs M iM JANE MORGAN 401 Rocky Knoll Road Greensboro, North Carolina Music Tau Zeta Phi. Entertainment Chairman 4; Choir 1,2.3,4; Student Senate 4; Dance Com- mittee 2; Mav Queen 4; Honiecomine: Sponsor 2,3,4; Elon Pla.vers; Homecoming: Committee 2; Alpha Psi OnieKa 3,4, Executive Committee 4; Musical — " Pajama Game " , 2. GEORGE H. MOSHER Southern Boulevard Chatham, New Jersey Business Administration OSCAR LEE MULLIS, JR. 708 48th Avenue North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina Student Council, Chairman 4; Chemistry Club; Grievance Committee 3. JOHN AUGUST MUNICH. JR. 118 Keith Road Newport News, Virginia Business Administration Kappa Psi Nu, Treasurer 2, Vice-President President 4; Business Club. gs ' A JUNE CAROL NALL Star, North Carolina Primary Education JERRY FRANKLIN NANCE 727 East Indian Trail Martinsville, Virginia Business Administration Intramural Basketball 1,2,3,4, Football 2,4, Baseball 4, Softball 1,2.3,4; B. A. Club 4. SANDRA JEAN NEIGHBORS Box 404 Forest City. North Carolina Music Tau Zeta Phi 1,2,3,4; Sweetheart of Sigma Mu Sigma 1; Women ' s Interdormitory Council 2; Orientation Committee 2,3; Freshman Board of Control 2; Choir 1,2,3,4; Student Senate Reporter 3; Homecoming Sponsor 3; May Day 1, Junior Attendant in May Day 3; Honor Council 4; Vice-President of Choir 3; Liberal Arts Forum 3; W. A. A. 1.2; Miss Burlington THOMAS MARTIN OLIVER 1214 Ornier Road Norfolk 6, Virginia History Kappa Psi Nu. " " LEATRICE ANN OVERBY Belmont Forest Reidsville, North Carolina English Beta Omicron Beta 1,2,3, President 3; Wom- en ' s Interdormitory Council 2,3, Treasurer 2; Orientation Committee 2; W. A. A. 1,2, Coun- cil 2; Homecoming Sponsor for Beta Omicron Beta 3. GEORGE EDWARD OWEN Route 2 Virgilina, Virginia Business Administration LINDSEY PHILIP PAGE Route 3 Burlington, North Carolina Physical Education Basketball 1; Intramurals 3,4; May Day Pro- gram 3; Physical Education Program 3; Day Students Organization 1,2,3.4. GAYLE ELIZABETH PATTERSON Route 4 Burlington, North Carolina Home Economics Delta Upsilon Kappa 2,3,4, Corresponding Sec- retary 3; W. A. A.; Home Economics Club 1, 2, Vice-President 2. ROBERT OTIS PAYNE 1004 North Main Street Burlington, North Carolina History JERRY RONALD PAYNE 212 Dare Street Burlington, North Carolina LINDA FAY PERRY 115 Rolling Road Burlington, North Carolina Business Education Pi Kappa Tau 1,2,3,4, Treasurer 2,4; Business Club 4; Beta Chi Epsilon 3; Day Students Organization 2,3. JERRY PAUL PIKE Route 4 Siler City, North Carolina Physical Education Baseball 1,2,3,4; Physical Education Majors ' Club; " E " Men ' s Club 2,3,4. , r, . " ' i ii WANDA SARAH PRESNELL Saddle Club Road Burlington, North Carolina Business Administration FRANK KERR PURDY. JR. 1533 Sherwood Drive Burlington, North Carolina Mathematics and Business Administration Iota Tau Kappa 2,3,4, Treasurer 3; Business Club 4; President Pan-Hellenic Council 4. DONALD .JOHN RANKIN 721 Alton Road Miami Beach 39, Florida History Sigma Mu Sigma 1.2,3.4, Treasurer 2,3, Chap- lain 4; Board of Elections 2,3,4, Chairman 4; North Carolina Student Legislature 2,3; North State Student Legislature 1.2; Liberal Arts Forum 2.3; Chairman of the Finance Commit- tee 4; Student Senate 1,2,3,4, Chairman of Constitutional Revision Committee 4; Minis- terial Association 1.2.3,4; Freshman Orienta- tion Committee 2; Delegate to United States Student Association 2; Commencement Mar- shal 3; Entertainment Committee 1; Chairman Campus and Student Affairs Committee 2.3; Elon Players 4; Parliamentarian of the Stu- dent Senate 2.3; Delegate Virginia World Trade Conference 3; Pi Gamma Mu Social Science Honor Society 3,4. President 4; Fresh- man Board of Control 2; Handbook Committee 2; Who ' s Who Selection Committee 4. CHARLES RAYBURN 3920 Krick Street Norfolk, Virginia Mathematics Sigma Phi Beta; Football 1,2,3,4, Co-Captain 2 years; Monogram Club; Student Govern- ment; Dormitory Counselor 2 years; Orien- tation Committee 1 year. JAMES WORTH RICH, JR. 312 Albright Avenue Graham, North Carolina Business Administration Business Club; Day Student Organization; Transferred from University of North Caro- WALTER LEONARD RIDDLE 724 Magnolia Drive South Boston, Virginia Physical Education Sigma Mu Sigma 1,2,3,4, President 3, Secre- tary 4; Physical Education Majors ' Club 3,4, Secretary-Treasurer 4, Charter Member, Char- ter Committee, Handbook Committee 3; Fresh- man Board of Control 2; Chairman, Orienta- tion Committee 3; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Com- mencement Marshal 3; Honor Council Chair- man 3; Freshman Dormitory Counselor 3; Track 1,2,3,4; Men ' s Interdormitory Council; Maroon Gold, Intramural Editor. CHARLES GLENN ROSEMOND, III 204 Erwin Apartments Durham, North Carolina History Iota Tau Kappa 3,4, Secretary 4; Golf Team 4; History Majors ' Club; Intramural Golf, Football, Basketball 3. JAMES LEWIS ROSSER Route 7 Sanford, North Carolina History Student Christian Association 1,2,3,4, Officer 2; Ministerial Association 1,2,3,4, President 3, 4; Student Council 4; Phi Psi Cli Staff 3; Maroon and Gold 3; German Club; Commence- ment Marshal 3. GEORGE DWIGHT SHARPE Route 2 Snow Camp, North Carolina Math, Physics JAMES SHORT Granite Falls, North Carolina FRED WILLIAM SHULL, JR. 801 Lynwood Drive Burlington, North Carolina Biology, Chemistry Sigma Mu Sigma 1,2,3,4, Vice-Pres. 3, Pres. 4; Sr. Class Pres. 4; Student Affairs Commit- tee Chairman 4; Senate 3,4; Judicial Commit- tee Chairman 4; Speaker Pro-Tern of Senate 4; Homecoming Escort 4; May Court 4; Who ' s Who Committee 4; WHO ' S WHO IN AMERI- CAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES 4; Homecoming Nominating Committee 4; Stu- dent Executive Committee 4; Junior Marshal 3; Chemistry Club 3; Orientation Committee 3,4; Day Students Organization 1,2,3. BARBARA ELIZABETH SMITH Route 3 Virgilina, Virginia Business Education Pi Kappa Tau 2,3,4, President 3; Homecoming Sponsor 3; Pan-Hellenic Council 3,4; Beta Chi Epsilon 3, May Dav 1. DAVID LARRY SMITH Route 1 Burlington, North Carolina English NANCY LEE SMITH 227 River Hills Drive Jacksonville 16, Florida Home Economics Tau Zeta Phi; Home Economics Club 1.2. Pres. 2, Historian 1; Language Lab Assistant 2; Day Students Association 1,2; Homecoming Spon- sor 4; Assistant Editor Maroon and Gold 4; Pan-Hellenic Council 4; Dance Committee 4; W. A. A. 1,2; Hunter College, New York. CHARLES R. SOMERS Route 2 Greensboro, North Carolina Physical Education Alpha Pi Delta 2,3, Pres. 4; P. E. Majors ' Club 2,3,4; Football Trainer 4. THOMAS C. SPARKMAN, JR. 920 Sixteenth Street Newport News, Virginia History Kappa Psi Nu. iiii ROBERT DANIEL STANCO P. 0. Box 34 Elon College, North Carolina History Alpha Pi Delta, Intramural Baseball, Basket- ball; Pi Gamma Mu. KIMARLY SUE STEWART 5220 Woodbury Street, N.W. Roanoke, Virginia English Delta Upsilon Kappa 2,3,4; Cheerleader 2,3; Beta Chi Epsilon 1. ROGER JAMES STILLING Route 2 rown Summitt, North Carolina English FRANCIS STANLEY STUMP 107 North First Street Shamokin, Pennsylvania History mm %p - w ffeaa r ttk TULLIE LINDSAY TAPP Route 1 Efland, North Carolina Social Science MARY ZULA THOMPSON Route 2 Graham, North Carolina Business Administration CHARLES McMILLEN TODD 737 Main Street Carrboro, North Carolina Business Administration Sigma Phi Beta, Mars Hill College 1,2. DAVID G. TYLER Charles City, Virginia Physics ROBERT E. UTZ Madison, Virginia Physical Education Sigma Mu Sigma; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Physi- cal Education Majors ' Club 3,4; Baseball Man- ager 3,4. DELLA MARIE VICKERS Box 323 Elon College, North Carolina Home Economics Tau Zeta Phi 1,2,3,4, Corresponding Secretary 2, President 3; Home Economics Club 1,2,3,4, Secretary 2; Homecoming Sponsor 2; Cheer- leader 2,3, Secretary 2, Co-chief 3; Day Stu- dents Organization 2,3; W. A. A. 1,2; Intra- murals 1,2,3,4; May Day 1. EARL WRIGHT VICKERS Box 323 Elon College, North Carolina Business Administration Alpha Pi Delta 1,2,3,4; President Pan-Hellenic Council 3; Business Club 4. STEVE WALL Greensboro, North Carolina History Basketball 1; Baseball 1,2,3,4; " E Club; N.A.I. . Baseball. JUDITH ANN WATSON Route 1 Hilliard, Florida Elementary Education Delta Upsilon Kappa, Women ' s Interdormi- tory Council 2; Phi Psi Cli Class Editor 3; May Day 1,2. GERALD FELIX WEISS 14 Carolee Apartments Durham, North Carolina EDWARD FRANKLIN WHITE, JR. 2366 Greenwny Avenue Winston-Salem, North Carolina HAROLD LEE WICKER 326 East Sixth Street Siler City, North Carolina Business Administration MARTHA BRITTLE WILKINS 107 Northbrooke Avenue Suffolk, Virginia Religious Education Tau Zeta Phi; Women ' s Dormitory Council 2, 3, Secretary-Treasurer 2; Student Christian Association 1,2; Ministerial Association 1,2,3, Secretary 3; Big Sister 3; Deputation Teams 2.3; W. " A. A. 1,2; Intramurals 1,2; Phi Psi Chi Copy Editor 2,3; Orientation Committee 2; Elon College Choir 1,2,3; Dance Committee 1 ; Commencement Marshal 3. CLYDE MACK WRAY, JR. Route 2 Mount Airy, North Carolina Religion HELEN LUCILE WRIGHT 312 Arundel Road Greenville, South Carolina Elementary Education Tau Zeta Phi, Treasurer 2, President 3; Cheer- leader 2,3,4; Pan-Hellenic Council, Secretary- Treasurer 3; Dorm Council 2; Student Senate 3,4; Vice-President of Junior Class; May Court Representative 3; Homecoming Sponsor 4; WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSI- TIES 3,4. JUDY CAROLE WRIGHT 709 Cameron Street Burlington, North Carolina Business Administration Pi Kappa Tau. ARNOLD DEAN WYRICK 409 Seventeenth Street Virginia Beach, Virginia Biology LOWELL DEAN YATES Mayodan, North Carolina Physical Education Iota Tau Kappa, Sergeant at Arms 3,4; Physi- cal Education Club; " E " Men ' s Club; Football 1,2,3,4. MIKE YORK, JR. Route 2 Ramseur, North Carolina History Kappa Psi Nu; President of Junior Class; In- tramurals 1,2,3,4; Senate 3; May Court 3; German Club 4; Chemistry Club 2; Revision of Constitution Committee 3; Freshman Ori- entation Committee 3. . l . m%.: X : I «;;-5 t ' - : ' ..- ?% k?: :«N ; f , [111 mil t ' ¥ til ► - inr t- ' ' ' ' ili JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Jerry Hollandsworth, Vice-President; Judy Maness, Secretary-Treasurer; Tom Brady, President. Aaronson, Richard 150-08 61 Rd. Flushing 67, N. Y. Adlfins, Rachel Box 531 Elon College, N. C. Allen, John Ether, N. C. Amos, Don Box 332 Gray, Ga. Andrew, Dewey Route 1 Snow Camp, N. C. Andrews, Margaret 1510 Overbrook Rd. Burlington, N. C. Apple, Cecil R. Route 1 Reidsville, N. C. Auman, Diana 101 N. Franklin St. Reidsville, N. C. Baker, Helen Box 213, Washington Boulevard Elkridge, Md. Bane, William N., Jr. Chapel Hill Rd. Burlington, N. C. Bednarick, Roger 500 Bayville Rd. ie, Va. Bell, Charles Route 2 Elon College, N. C. Bilderback, Bill 713 Warren Dr. Annapolis, Md. Bisbee, Richard Box 1208 Wilmington, N. C. Blythe, Joan 1605 Sykes St. Burlington, N. C. Brady, Tom Box 511 Elon College, N. C. Brantley, Tony 1923 Howard Ave. Asheboro, N. C. Braxton, Graves 506 Alamance Rd. Burlington, N. C. t ' Clary, Dian Lawrenceville, Va. Clements, Burl Route 1, Box 5 Saxe, Va. Conway, Thomas R. Route 1, Box 197 Pelham, N. C. Cook, Ken Route 3 Hillsboro, N. C. Crumpler, Patsy Box 72 Mebane, N. C. Dalcin, John 320 Clark St. Tamaqua, Penn. Dalola, Albert 302 Veteran ' s Apts. Elon College, N. C. Dodson, Leroy Route 1, Box 11 Whitsett, N. C. Dominick, William 1411 N. Gregson St. Durham, N. C. Breese, Tom 69 N. Baldwin St. Johnson City, N. Y. Buie, Jim 251 Syracuse St. Darlington, S. C. Burnett, Barbara 240 Alpine Dr. Danville, Va. Carlberg, Tommy 4006 Buchanan Dr. Hampton, Va. Cartwright, Roger 10-16 Ellis Ave. Fair Lawn, N. J. Cavanagh, Jack 40-07 Bell Boulevard Bayside 61, N. Y. Chilton, Donald Route 6 Reidsville, N. C. Chinchello, Freddi 3801 Heutte Dr. Norfolk, Va. Clark, Nancy 2343 Stevens Rd. Raleigh, N. C. ,1 O ' r , £ Dowell, Jo Anne Route 3 Greensboro, N. C. Drake, Jerry Route 1, Box 156 Greensboro, N. C. Edwards, Dixie Route 1, Box 255 Spring Hope, N. C. Emerson, Bruce 1421 N. Inglewood St. Arlington 5, Va. Euliss, Jimmy 306 S. Maple St. Graham, N. C. Farrell, Thomas Route 3 Pittsboro, N. C. Faulkner, Janet Route 1 Elon College, N. C. Fletcher, Roger P. O. Box 83 East Hartland, Conn. Fogleman, Don 1215 Ridgecrest Ave. Burlington, N. C. i- ll V- i Frazier, Ronnie 2011 Old Alamance Rd. Burlington, N. C. Frieze, Albert 103 Lindale St. Burlington, N. C. Fuqua, Larry 1317 Hawthorne Lane Burlington, N. C. Gage, Richmond B., Jr. 104 E. Elm St. Mount Airy, N. C. Gauer, Amanda Crane Rd., Route 1 Carmel, N. Y. Gershengoren, Sally 8 Old Well Court E. Norwalk, Conn. Grieves, Hirshal 4 N. Passaic Ave., P. O. Box 265 Chatham, N. J. Gold, Tommy P. O. Box 486 Mooresville, N. C. Gonzales, Edmund Route 3, Box 293 Racine, Wis. c iMd t Harvey, J. Shields 303 Monmouth Ave. Durham, N. C. Hedrick, Richard Lenoir, N. C. Hembree, Jerry 1515 Holbrook St. Greensboro, N. C. Hilliard, William G. Box 313 Whitsett, N. C. Hodge, Barry Route 7 Burlington, N. C. Hollandsworth, Jerry 806 Paxton Ave. Danville, Va. Holt, John W. Box 122 Alamance, N. C. Horton, Henry 7 Emrich Ave. Newport News, Va. Hovatter, William Box 218 Yanceyville, N. C. Goode, Kitty Pineville, W. Va. Graffeo, Mike Temple Trailer L25 Alexandria, Va. Gray, Harold Box 34 Pleasant Garden, N. C. Griffen, John Yanceyville, N. C. Gwaltney, Robert 2945 Chapel Rd. Durham, N. C. Hall, Loretta Box 613 Elon College, N. C. Harper, Jane 14-66 165th St. Beechhurst 57, N. Y. Harris, Charles 2218 Wiggins St. Burlington, N. C. Hartis, Susan 1324 W. Davis St. Burlington, N. C. i. r 4 P o A M,A Sh ,0 R Hoyle, Kathryn Hulseapple, Daniel R. F. D. 1, Middletown, N. Y. Humphrey, Wilda Route 7 Burlington, N. C. Jackson, Milburn Route 2, Box 44 Henderson, N. C. Jenkins, Larry 204 Springwood Dr. Burlington, N. C. Jensen, Barbara 4226 Presidential Dr. Lafayette Hill, Penn. Johnson, Sam Box 125 Jonesville, N. C. Kelly, Pat Pleasant Ridge, Va. King, Tommy 804 Pemberton Rd. Charleston, S. C. 4 r n tih Blk irh i( i. A. n i M i Y N Kleeburg, Richard Route 1 Burlington, N. C. Lawrence, Frank 401 Charlotte Dr. Portsmouth, Va. Lawson, Jeanette Route 4 Martinsville, Va. Leach, John Wilkesboro Rd. Statesville, N. C. Lewis, Gala 202 Markham St. Burlington, N. C. Litten, Amy Route 4, Greentree Rd. Burlington, N. C. Little, Michael 234 W. Penn St. Shenandoah, Penn. Lumpkin, Ken 118 Ficklin Ave. Danville, Va. Mahanes, Wayne Madison, Va. kt iRbt .jim afe McVey, Marian Snow Camp, N. C. Messer, Melinda Milan, Kenneth 1910 Malone Rd. Burlington, N. C. Moore, Jim 131-B Watson Dr. Turtle Creek, Penn. Moss, Douglas 541 Tarleton Ave. Burlington, N. C. Neal, George 540 Banks St. Graham, N. C. Olson, Bruce 365 Whitehall Northlake, 111. Opell, Barry 1510 E. 34th St. Brooklyn, N. Y. Osborne, Jerry Route 1 Stanfield, N. C. Maness, E. Boyce 406 Gerringer St. Gibsonville, N. C. Maness, Judy 612 Main St. Raniseur, N. C. Manning, Scott 403 S. Maple St. Graham, N. C. Martin, Denise 419 Dunbar Hill Rd. Hamden 14, Conn. Matlock, Nina Box 486 Elon College, N. C. May, Edgar Box 145 Spring Hope, N. C. McCauley, Page 119 Clarendon Circle Danville, Va. McPherson, Bernard Route 3 Graham, N. C. Paschal, Garland Route 5, Box 428 Reidsville, N. C. Piccininni, Thomas P. 38-06 29th St. Long Island, N. Y. Powell, Duane 1301 S. Church St. Smithfield, Va. Puckett, Charles Lynn 1810 Brown Ave. Burlington, N. C. Purdy, Dick Route 2, Box 148 Edgewater, Md. Raiser, George J. 330 Wister Rd. Wynnewood, Penn. Rich, Frank 1219 Ridgecrest Ave. Burlington, N. C. Rogers, Helen 1518 N. Mebane St. Burlington, N. C. Robinson, Durwood Delrayno Park Oxford, N. C. r 1 Hi l m .C o 1 o ih r Rountree, Nancy Sunburg, N. C. Saunders, Bob 6006 Dickson Rd., Apt. Indianapolis 26, Ind. Schneider, Benjamin 712 Berry St. Falls Church, Va. Secrist, Philip R. F. D. 2, Box 16 Elkton, Va. Sexton, Martha 2545 Hyde St. Burlington, N. C. Siner, Herb 405 Maplewood Ave. Merion Station, Penn. Smith, Eleanor 2891 Monticello Dr. Winston-Salem, N. C. Smith, Joan Eleanor 118 Alamance Rd. Burlington, N. 0. Spoerr, Frank 140 Parsons Dr. Hempstead, N. Y. iA Staley, Maurice 1804 Old Alamance Kd. Burlington, N. C. Stanfield, Charles Koutf 1 Reidsville, N. C. Stephenson, Becky 908 Virginia Ave. Suffolk, Va. Stokes, Gene 118 S. Ervin Darlington, S. C. Teague, Gary Route 1, Box 93-1 Corbin, Kentucky Terrell, Don 816 Central Ave. Burlington, N. C. Theodore, Denyse 1318 Bellmore Ave. North Bellmore, N. Y. Thomas, Kathryn Route 1, Box 33 Franklinville, N. C. Thompson, Ann Route 2, Lakeshore Dr. HiUsboro, N. C. Thompson, Demus 1524 Overbrook Dr. Burlington, N. C. Thompson, Richard Route 1 Macon, N. C. Thornton, Thomas 1910 S. Church St. Burlington, N. C. Tuttle, Linda 4401 Colonial Ave. Norfolk, Va. Tyndall, Allen 943 Chester Circle Fayetteville, N. C. Walton, Robert Route 5 Lexington, N. C. Webster, Alvis Route 3 Graham, N. C. Weeks, Johnny 214 Markham St. Burlington, N. C. Whicker, Bart 128 Southerland St. Durham, N. C. A ih V Whitley, Buddy 401 Middle St. Tarboro, N. C. Wooten, George Long:wood Park Hamlet, N. C. Wright, William R. 308 Tremont Dr. Asheboro, N. C. M tM Lazy Afternoons Chemistry Classes Grueling Bridge Game -a. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Lynn Ryals, President; Gail Bond, Secretary-Treasurer; Gerald Allen, Vice-President. A ner, Larry Eugene 309 Isley Avenue Burlington, North Carolin Albertson. Jack Collins 304 Monmouth Avenue Durham, N. C. Albertson. Joel Ralph 304 Monmouth Avenue Durham. North Carolina Winston-Salem, N. C. Almquist, Robert Stephen Washington, D. C. Howard Franklin usley, WiUiam Edward Bailey. Elizabeth Route 1 Gibsonville, N. C. Ballard. Steve Spring Street Exten Darlington, S. C. Barnes, Laura Box 39 Elon College, N. C. BaskerviUe, Bill 107 Fourth St. Blackstone, Va. Bell, Joe H. Box 127 Altamahaw, N. C. Bell, Raymond 711 East Davis St. Burlington, N. C. Bell, Ronnie Route 2, Box 1B7 Leak sville, N. C. Bennett. Wanda 410 West Willowbrook Dr. Burlington. N. C. Berwind, Judy 71 Jarvis Place Lynbrook, N. Y. Biddle, Larry 101 Wyoming Avenue Dover, Delaware Blackwelder, Barbara Box 388 Southern Pines. N. C. Boener, Otto Brammer, Jack 221 Highland Dr. Leaksville, N. C. Route 3 ' Graham, N. C. Broda, Ken 33-14 Nicholson D Fair Lawn, N. J. Brooks. T. C. 205 Lamor St. Roxboro, N. C. Brown. Carolyn Route 1, Box 8 Troy, N. C. kMdM fv ' V- ' " 5iaL ,.. «.. jji Buchanon, Eddie Box 142 Lonshurst, N. C. Bulla. Keith 431 North St. Graham. N. C. Carter. Peggry Route 1 Elon College. N. C. Celikliol. Barbaroa Resatbey Mah. Sok 114 E. 93 Adana. Turkey Cheek. Philip 523 Uwharrie St. Asheboro, N. 0. Ciatola. Nicholas 135 South Lexington Ave. White Plains, N. Y. Clapp, Bayne Route 1 Liberty. N. 0. Clayton. Sheldon Route 3 Roxboro, N. C. Coble, Katherine P. O. Box 208 Lake Helen. Fla. Cole. Patsy Route 2 South Boston. Va. Coopersmith. Barry 3101 Aberfoyle Place. N.W. Wa.shington 16. D. C. Cowall. Lindsay 3819 Garrison St.. N. W. Washington 16. D. C. Cowall. Wendy 3819 Garrison St., N. W. Washington 16. D. C. Crutchfield. Berdie P. O. Box 573 Elon College. N. C. r 24 North Third Av Davis. Cather 2400 Carver St. Durham. N. C. DeVito, Jack 183 Fairfield Ave. Stamford. Conn. Dickerson, John Route 2 Roxboro. N. C. Ditzel. Robert 319 Stockton Roselle, N. J. Dodson, Peggy Route 2 Liberty, N. C. Downs. John 5228 Sylvester Ave Philadelphia, Penn Hillsboro, N. C. Erlandson, Roy Saddlebrook, N. J. mm Faulkner, Jerry 313 Baldwin Rd. Ferris, Paul Fitzgerald, Ed 1 Howes Avenu Stamford, Conn Route 1, Box 151- Stoneville. N. C. Foskett. Shirley Box 129 Lynnhaven, Va. Fowler. Reese 147 East Randall Ave. Norfolk, Va. Franks, N. R.. Jr. Box 302 Elon College, N. C. Freeze, Lydia Anne Route 6, Box 334 Sanford, N, C. Greenawalt, Owen R. D. 1, Schuylkill Haven, Penn Crimson, Roger 3313 Devon Rd. Durham, N. C. Grom, Karl Walter Star Route West Fulton, N. Y. Hall, Danny Route 1, Box 240 Stoneville, N. C. Hall, James 1704 Erwin Ave. Burlington, N. 0. Hall, Jerry E. 1704 Erwin Ave. Burlington, N. C. Hall, Seymonr 2779 East 15th St. Brooklyn 35, N. Y. Hamill, James 2129 Woodlawn Ave. Glenside. Penn. Hardy, Joanna 208 Nissen St. Reidsville, N. C. Harnsberger, Becky 5440 Jordan Rd. Washington 16. D. C. Harrell, Bill St. Birdes, Va. Harward, Charles Ned Box 216 Elon College. N. C. Hernandez. Ada Maria 1117 Walnut Greensboro. N. C. Hettel, Gail 400 Hampton Roads Avi Hampton, Va. Hobart, Nancy 6110 Manning Place. Washington, D. C. Howell, Joyce 519 Jone St. Suffolk. Va. Hudson, Judie Apt. 3-E Sunchon St. Ft. Bragg, N. C. Hughes, Ann Box 605 Elon College, ttimtMiM O P ) ' 6a25 N. Ashland Boulevard 163 Tai-leton Ave. Johnson. Kenneth Route 8 Liberty. N. C. Johnson. Lewis Route 6 BurlinKton, N. C. Kandounas, Maria 3:!0e S. Mebane St., Ex Burlington. N. C. Keck, Steve 2821 Alamance Rd. Burlington. N. C. Kegley, James H. 109 Bona Vista Lane Galax. Va. Kraycirik, Richard 821 Dillard Circle Burlington, N. C. Lackey. Sarah 1425 Ashe St. Burlington. N. C. Lankford. Jeannie Box 253 Elon College. N. C. Lester, Linda 507 Redd St. Reidsville, N. C. Little. Cameron Box 532 Roanoke Rapids, N. Luby. Bill 53 Greenfield St. Wethersfield, Conn. Martin. Dennis 505 Washington Graham, N. C. Mason, E. D. Box 643 Burlington. N. C. Roxboro. N. C. Mattingly. Grayson 7628 17th St.. N. V Washington 12. D. ( McCann, Lucia Lee 125 Intervale Rd. Mountain Lakes, N. McCauley. Gerry Box 463 Waverly, Va. McDuffie. Tyrone Box 289 Lumberton. N. C. Michael, Linda 508 N. Sellars Mill Burlington. N. C. Middoor, Robert 207 Breedlone Ave. Durham, N. C. f id iM dimM Mikell, Hinson Route 1, Box 321 Charleston, S. C. Miller, Roland 66620 Juniper Rd. Lakeville, Ind. Minns, John 12-06 Bellair Ave. Fair Lawn. N. J. Hoize, Flonnie 607 Whitsett St. Gibsonville, N. C. Route I, Box 69 Stanaid.-iville. Va. Murphy, Robert Winchester Annapolis Md. Murray, Geralene Hillsboro, N. C. Burlington, N. C. Murray, Sonny ,f . ■•»► ■«r Morrell, Everett Route 1 Brown Summitt. N. C. r Neese, Charles 811 Lynnwood Dr. Burlington, N. C. j-w, Newsome, Dava 506 East Cumberland St. Dunn, N. C. NobJea, Bill Route 1, Box 91 Chadbourn, N. C. im O ' Hara. Hugh Falls Churchfya. mim it£ta£MtmtiM iiiiiiiiii i Pagliarulo, Phil 1606 Second St. Natrona Heights, Penn Paschal. Wilbert Route 1 Reidsville, N. C. Paska, Charles Pittsboro. N. C. Powell, Melinda Box 206 Fuquay Springs, N. C. Prnitt, Wayne Route 2 Ruffin, N. C. Pulliam, Albert 514 Gordon St. Roxboro, N. C. Burlington, N. C. uriington, N. C. 106 W. Davis St. Kubertson. Patsy Rogers. Harold Route 1 Snow Camp, N r Shallotte. N. C. 717 Edith St Litchfield, Co Saunders, Roy 310 Early St. Draper, N. C. Sawyer, Wally 6 Worden Place Portsmouth, Va. Schneider, Paul 712 Berry St. Falls Church, Va Schucker, Larry 2601 Johnstown I Norfolk 6, Va. Shirley, Jim 209 Charles Ave. Portsmouth, Va. Slaughter, Barbar Smith, Glenna 2423 Edgewood Ave. Burlington, N. C. Smith. Lamar 315 Rose St. Rocky Mount, N. C. Smith, Nelson 1601 Church St. Extension Martinsville, Va. Smith. Paul Wayne Route 1 Burlington, N. C. Spangler, Valerie n Strigo, Charlie Route 1 Mebane, N. 0. Styles, Tommy 112 Trail One Burlington. N. C. Swinney. Linda Route 2 Fries, Va. Tadlock. Charles 904 D Street Baltimore 19, Md. p f: a g Talbert. Dolan B14 Watt St. Albemarle. N. C. Tart, Willie 200 East Pearsall Dunn, N. C. Thies, Mariana Route 4, Box 202 Mebane, N. C. Route 1, Box 252 Lexington, N. C. Trageser. Carol Route 2, Box 96 Arnold, Md. Vaughan, Wally 1102 S. Garnett S Henderson. N. C. Vining, Terry 705 Rivers Ave. Charleston, S. C. Webster, Aileen Route 1 New Hill, S. 0. Wells. Freddie Route 1 Teachey, N. C. Wheeler, Cecil 1917 S. Ashland Dr Burlington, N. 0. Elon College, N. C. Wiley. Ken 155 Lexington Ave. Westwood, N. J. Williams, Davis Route 2, Box 24 E Franklin, Va. Woodruff, Ken 508 Grove St. Wilson. N. C. Wright, Glenda 2510 Sylvan Rd. Greensboro, N. 0. Ventis, Paul USOM-K, Surveys Research Corp. APO301 San Francisco, Californii Young, Nancy Route 2 Angier, N. C. ' • FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Russ Kyle, Vice-President ; Bobby West, President ; Kathy Sandefur, Secretary-Treasurer. Andes. David Al Box 625 Elon College. 1 intley, William Lester. Jr Elloree, S. C. Lpple. Edna Gray Kenneth Arthur New York Ave. Jefferson Shores Buzzards Bay. Mass. Averette, Faye Dean 718 Parham Street Henderson, N. C. Baer. Albert Gottlieb, Jr 135 Ohio Ave,, W. Springfield, Mass. Barker. Richard Brace Route 1, Kings Mt. Rd Barnes, Sarah Elizabetl Box 39 Elon College. N. C. Barnwell. Sosan Jane SUr Route South Boston. Va. Bates. William Ambi Burlington. N. C. Beals. Allen Mason, Jr. Binkley. Barbara Dianne 268 Hawthorne Rd.. N. W. Winston-Salem. N. C. Blackwell, Patricia Route 1. Box 29 Creedmoor. N. C. Blair. William Fnlkerson. Jr Box 221 Saxapahaw. N. C. Blake. Myra Louise 616 Forest Hills Dr. Wilmington. N. C. ;8. James Edw Roxboro. N. C. lolick. Jerry Lee 133 Livingston Rd. 10312 Ridgemoor Dr. Box 4882 Winston-Salem. N. C. Boyle. Carole Ann 416 Churchill Rd. McLean. Va. Brandt. Leroy Albert. Jr, 12 Margate Rd. Lindei Irooks, Larry John 1202 Ellis Rd, Vienna. Va. Brower. Nancy Karen 13! Othoridge Rd. Lutherville. Md. Brown, Lynwood Jesse, J Route 2. Box 201 Hillsboro. N. C, Brown. Patsy Carolyn Gibsonville, N, C, Brown, Preston Wallace CiJiti £ 1 ' 1 J? .fr- r- a ) f o r p j ; r ,c o i r . Wi tf ' k ' i A f " : P .P T ' 9 f Burton, LoretU Anne Koute 2, Box 16 Brown Summit, N. C. Butler, Melvin Cecil R. F. D. 1 Keidsville, N. C. Butler, Nancy Lou 4467 Northampton Dr. Winston-Salem. N. C. ' anady, Jane Carolyn Capes, Jimmy Wayr 1124 West Webb . Burlington, N. C. Carter, Sandra Jo 24(1 West Liberty St. Asheboro, N. C. Cartin, Patricia Ilene 1222 12tii Street Place, Hickory, N. C. Chandler, Martin Bell 433;i O ' Kane Court Fort Meade. Md. Cheyney, Linda Ann 40 Decatur Rd. Havertown, Penn. Chilton, Ruth Ann Route 1 Reidsville, N. C. Clark, Lyndia Marie 120 South Front St. Swepsonville, N. C. Clarli. Robert Lee t - P I- • Clarlt. William Arthur, Jr. c o Commanding Officer USNS, Navy 926, F. P. O. Route 1 Roxboro. N. C. Cleveland, Charles Michael 5721 First Street South Arlington. Va. Clifton, Rebecca Elizabeth 1103 Briarcliff Rd. Burlington, N. C. Clinton, Dennis Corr 26 Massachusetts Ave. rtringfield, Mass. Cobb, Russell Aubrey, Jr Elizabeth City, N. C. Coble, James Donald 6G1 Parltview Dr. Burlington, N. C. Collins, Tom Deiter 117 Highland Ave. Burlington. N. C. Conally, Thomas Grady 123 South Mebane St. Burlington. N. C. Conklin, Nellie Gray 906 Anthony St. 813 Fontaine St. Franklin. Va. Carol Ann Wil Rd. Copeland, Betsy Carole Route 3, Box 827 Copeland, Beverly Carol Chuckatuck, Va. Corbitt, Thomas Savage, Jr 306 Second St. Pocomoke City, Md. Corder, Olivia Laurence Graham. N. C. ' Cote, Joseph Anthony 22 Prospect St. Fall River. Mass. Cox, Cordon Henderson 2666 Reynolds Dr. Winston-Salem. N. C. Terry Clark Ran- N. C. Creech, Jay Gardner 6217 Goddard Rd. Bcthesda 14, Va. Dailey, James Benton Suffolk. Va. D ' Alola, Carmine Paul 338 Passaic Ave. Nutley. N. J, Danieley, Doris Jean Burlington, N. C. Daniels, Lynda Kathryn Davis. Arthur Morriss 416 annke Rap Dawkins, Thomas Fuller 600 Woodbridee St. Manchester. Conn. Denhart. Ronald Edward Herman Carter Douglas, William Barksdale Durham. Robert Lee 322 Harden St. Burlington, N. C. Fairport Harbor, Ohio Farnsworth, Michael Peter 705 Devon Rd. Richmond 29. Va. Ferguson, Soaan Lydia 3606 E. Oak Dr. Durham, N. C. Fields, Robin Mae 8510 16th St., Apt. 610 Silver Spring, Md. FUcher, Lois Karen 613S N. 22nd St. Arlington 5, Va. Fletcher. Sarah ' Suffolli, Foster, Willard Ann Burlington, N. c ' Fox, Arthur Leon Roxboro, N. C. Freeland, Joan Carole Hillsboro, N. C. Frye. Sasan Winifred 218 E. Salisbury St. Asheboro, N. C. Fnlda. Anna Elisabeth Rua Almt. Tamandare ( Apt. 907 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Garner. Stephen Harrison, 3033 Maple Ave. Geer, Susan Kendall Gilbert, Roberta Sue Graham, N. C. Gillespie, James Woodrow 1213 Warwick Dr. Burlington. N. C. Gilliam, Jo EUa Cole 606 Trail 3, Grove Park Burlington, N. C. Gillingham, Richard Moody 6 Princeton St. Concord, N, H. Glass, Nancy Elizabeth 708 Grove Ave. South Boston. Va. Glover, Dwanda Faye R. F. D. 1 Falls Church, Va. Goodwin, Philia Ann 1107 Montpelier Dr. Greensboro, N. C. Grabenstetter, Louise Elizabeth 62 Peltier Ave. Metuchen, N. J. Grady, Roberta Breckenridge 69 Union St. Norwich. Conn. Graham, WiUiam Edward. Jr. 804 Jefferson St. Hamlet, N. C. Graves, Jamie McPherson Route 1 Snow Camp, N. C. Graves, Kenneth Martin Burlington, N. C. Greeson, Glenda Pay Burlington. N. C. Gregory. John Mason Moody 103 Tonbridge Rd. Richmond. Va. Gudes. Jacob Box 726 Elon College. N. C. Gunkel. Richard Jurgen 1211 W, Lake Ave. Baltimore 10. Md. Guyer. Joseph Glenn 316 Camp Rd. Burlington, N. C. Haaae. Richard Walter 179 Broad St. Wetherstield, Conn. Hall. William Lynn 1263 S. Church St. Burlington. N. C. Ham. Sylvia Jean 608 - Graham. Handy. Cm 309 N. Marshall I Graham. N. C. Hannah. Carolyn EUzabeth 1316 Forestdale Dr. Salisbury. N. C. Clay Harper, Kenneth Leon 520 Clark St. Henderson. N. C. Harriman, Charles Dale 2808 Wesleyan Lane Winston-Salem. N. C. Harrington. Thomas Streat 14 Knollwood Terrace Caldwell. N. J. Harris. Barbara Gayle 606 W. First St. Fairfax. Va. Harris. Elome Franklin Rufffn, N. C. Harrison. William Rex 1407 Lafayette Boulevard Norfolk 9. Va. Hartley. Billy Joe 626 S. Maole St. Graham. N. C, m p m ( rt f F p p r: n p Hathaway, Barbara Caro 1602 Fairway Road Asheboro, N. C. Hauler, Mark Jerome 24 Bay Drive, Linlier Henderaon, Madeleine Marie R. F. D. 1 Paces, Va, Hibbard, Susan Elliabeth 2909 Amherst Avenue Burlington, N. C. Highsmith, Carlton Kent 101 Marshall Terrace Danville, Va. Hinahaw, Linda Faye Box 391 Liberty. N. C. Hobba. Hannah Jean lOS Jacltson Street Blaclisburg, Va. Hodge, Danny Charlea Route 7, Mitchell Street Burlington, N. C. Hogensen, Marty Starr Hockeasin, Del. Bovls, Edward Norman, Jr Gehr Road, R. D. 1 Waynesboro, Penn. Howell, John Benjamin, Jr Grover Cleveland Jeffreys. Sandra Kay Johnaon, Leslie Donald Jones. Joe Larry Bennett. N. C. Second Avenu ones. Thomas Orbtim 404 Shadowbrook Driv Burlinifton. N. C. 476 Parker Street d kikM Kallam, Carol Elaine :emp8on, G. Timothy 921 Spofford Avenue Elizabeth. N. J. ;ennedy, Kay Rachel Key, Kerry Graydon Keilah, William Randolph Koblcr, Arlene Suaan 807 West 22nd Street WilminEton. Del. Haw River. N. C. Kyle. Russell Herndon 2500 W. Bay Isle Drive. S St. Petersburg. Fla. Lancaster. Ronald Stephen 306 Trail 2 Lauffhon, Marsuerite Carroll 1703 Highview St. Burlington. N. C. Lawry, Thomas Vickers Route 1. Box 365 Oakton. Va. Laws. Arnold Allen 406 Elmira Street Burlington. N. C. Lawson, John Akers R. F. D. 4 Martinsville. Va. Lewis. James Robert 4234 Reidsville Road Winston-Salem. N. C. Lewis. Bruce Gordon 117 Fuller Street WhiteviUe. N. C. Lewis. Lydia Kay i P w . . vy , -:- r - r- C) f Lewis. Linda Gibsonville. Leypoldt. Ma Lloyd. Patricia Carol 4406 Kurpiers Court McLean, Va. Longest. Bonnie Roe Box 685, East College Ave. Silver Spring. Md. Maclntyre. Charles Righter 113 Governors Drive Chester, Penn. Mahaffey. Eilliam Moody 25 Circle Street Great Falls, S. O. Mann. Barbara Kay Snow Camp, N. C. Marlowe. Donald Carroll 310 W. Fieldcrest Road Draper. N. C. Martin. Barbara Ann Route 1 Liberty. N. C. Martin, Sharon Soe Marion. N. C. Marvin. Robert Lewis Center Road Woodbridge. Conn. Matlock. Sallie Joe 3622 Riverside Drive Norfolk. Va. McCaffrey. Teresa Madeline 1166 Fiskc Street Durham, N. C. McDowell, Joan Evelyn Portsmouth, Va. Mclntyre. James Byrd Bridlespur Farm Keswick, Va. McLaurin, Jesse Lee Saxapahaw, N. C. McPherson. Linda Dianne 319 Hanover Drive Graham, N. C. MentDs, Laurynd Stephen 38 Woolson Street Watertown, Conn. Meredith, Sanford Oliver, Fr. O C) o o c. Hamlet, N. C. Miller. Richard Louis 215 S. Sixth Avenue Mt. Vernon. N. Y. Mills. Charlotte Royce Liberty. N. C. Mogle. Everett Guthrie Snow Camp, N. C. Monger, Carroll Wayne Route 2, Box 10 Elkton, Va. Monroe. Marlene Mary 785 7th Avenue Riveredge. N. J. Moody, George Thomas Middlebrook Drive Clemeons, N. C. Moore, Brenda Gayle Route 1, Box 283 Clemmons, N. C. Moreland, Russell Henry 514 Chesapeake Avenui f% 9 O O (P»| c P f f P p p Q r- C jP f ' (ft a P I? © lorin. Deborah Ruth Main Street Westboxfor, Mass. Morris. Michael Aaron Moser. Mary Corette 611 North Main Stre Graham, N. C. Mullis, David Shelton Kanawha Street Zuni. Va. Murray. Beulah Mae 101 York Drive Blacksburg. Va. Murry. Henry Archie Snow Camp. N. C. Murrell. Kenneth Douilas Gibaonville. N. C. Newman, Edna Ann Route 1. Box 176 Henderson. N. C. Newsome, Thomas Eugene Newton. Milton Gray 1219 Shirley Drive Burlington. N. C. Nichols, John Cowan 429 New River Drive Burlington. N. C. Norman, James Wesley Julian, N. C. Oakley, David Woodrow Oakley, Alice Faye 2034 Woodland Av Burlington, N. C. Okerstrom, Nancy Sue 1734 12th Court North Lake Worth, Fla. Olive, Nancy Lee Overby, Ruth " Carolyn Box 938, Laurel Street ReidsviUe. N. C. Padgett, Donald Austin 24 Upland Avenue Metuchen. N. Y. Parker. Barbara Alice Route 1. Box 100 Hurdle Mills. N. C. Parsley. Betsy Allen 203-C Veterans Apts. Elan College, N. C. Vienna. Va. Payne, James Leon Snow " Camp. N. C. Payne. Birginia Neal 2004 Chestnut Street High Point, N. C. Pepe, James Partick 1067 New Y ' ork Drive, Pettigrew. Edna Marie 324 N. Church Street Burlington. N. C. Petty. Don Lee Phipps, Russell Allen Bayside. Va. Pickett. Sylvia Dawn 208 East Fifth Stree Burlington. N. C. Pierce. Patricia Ann Route 8. Box 1000 Sanford, N. C. Pittard, Hal Kempton o ' x°ord ' , " N. C. Pittman. Jerry Ray. J Snow Camp. N. C. Poel. Harlan James Wilmington 3. Del. Popowiki. Carole Anr Parlin. N. J. ' otter. David Bruce 16 Flat Rock Roac llebecca Sue Weaver Street y. N. C. PritUen. Glenda Dee Route 7 Sanford. N. C. Pruitt. Richard Boyd Route 1, Box 323 Pelnam, N. C. Push, Carletta Routh Route 1. Box 227 Franklinville, N. C. Reavid. Harvey Hunter Route 2, Box 116 Henderson, N. C. Reid, Martha Jean 7 Haslet Way, Westhav. Wilmington 6, Del. Rhodes, Jimmy Dale Garden City, N. Y. Rittle, Patricia Ann Lebanon. Penn. Rii. Barbara Jean 2898 Monticello Winston-Salem. N. C. Roberson, Rebecca Michele 403 Trail 2. Grove Park Burlington, N. C. Main Str. Rowell. Melville Tyron Henderson, N. C. Rudd. Sae Rollins Brown Summit. N. ( Rumley. Tinita Marie Brown Summit, N. ( Rush, Carol Jane Ryan, Roger Grant 1124 Norbay Street Franklin Square, N. Siddler, John Robert Sandefar, Kathryn Horsley 905 Somerset Drive Charleston, W. Va. Sargent, John Norwood R. R. 1, Box 34 Whitehouse Station, N. J. Sartin, Leon Donald N. C. eggy Blythe 9 c-i p r- « N. C. Schmidt, Robert Paul 522 Fernwood Terrace Linden, N. J. Seale. Dan Catloway. Jr. 1 Early Drive Portsmouth, Va. Seamon, Cartis Ingram 214 West Gilbreath Street Graham, N. C. Sellers. John Howard Seltzer. Bonnie Marie 14 Fiske Circle Annapolis, Md. Greensboro, N. C. Sharpe. Marvin Keith Graham. N. C. Sharpe. Lillian Mae Box 93, Route 2 Cedar Grove, N. C. Sharpe. Reita Kay Snow ' Camp. N. C. Shepard. Revecca Riley 522 Overlook Street Shreves. Melvin Langford, Jr. Bloxom. Va. Simonds. Robert Henry Box 514. Highland Avenue Hinsdale. N. H. Sinclair. Jesse Lowry 120 Sycamore Road Franklin, Va. fs f% r P r o c p p 1 " fl Jiiii ifeM i Q (P Smith. Arthur Edwird, III 320 Stratford Avenue Fairfax, Va. Smith. Edward Leon Gibsonville. N. C. Snipes. Billie Sue Graham. N. C. Stanley. Ellen Lurene 7629 Barrens Road, N. W. Roanoke. Va. Stephenson. Frederick James, 3 Danecroft Avenue Stork. Robert Carlton Strader, Betty Loo Route 1. Box 382 Lugoft. S. C. Summers. Lula Roxanne Stanley Oakley. Jr. 124 Mo Barrington, N. J ew, Larry EmU Haw River. N. C. Thomas. Jerry Nolan 2239 Saddle Club Road N. C. Thompson. Barbara Ann 2133 Martin Street Burlington. N. C. Tilman. Barbara Elaine 404 Edmunds Street South Boston. Va. Tillotson. Carolyn Loaise 2323 Olslina Avenue Winston-Salem. N. C. Tillotson, Rosalyn Locille 2323 Okalina Avenue Winston-Salem, N. C. Tripp, Roland Austin, Jr. Trueblood, Sandra Kar 8025 Honeygrove Road Norfolk, Va. Turner. Herbert Wayne Route 3. Box 364 Suffolk. Va. Tutt. Julian Clark 414 Johnson Boulevard Jacksonville. N. C. Tysor. Leonard Earl Route 2, Box 118 Gibsonville, N. C. Upchurch, William L.. Jr. 117 West 6th Avenue Baeford, N. C. Vaoghan. SalUe Anne 1102 South Garnett Street Henderson. N. C. Vaughn, Larry Wiafred N. C. Wall, Mary Eleanor 1782 East Webb Av. Ward, John Knox. Jr. 168 Colonial Drive Wilmington. N. C. Ward. Judy Carolyn Ward. L. Ruth 942 Stone Street Burlington. N. C. Watson, James, Jr. 410 South Maple Street Weber. George Samuel, Webster. Baxter Paul. 27 Vance Circle Lexington. N. C. Burlington. N. C. Weld, Diana Marie 305 Skyhill Road Alexandria, Va. Wells. Dennis Gale Westhead, Eric 105 West Newlyn Stre Greensboro, N. C- WhiUker. Danny Craig illard. Peggy ■ S ' Williams, Brenda Sne P. O. Box 657 Pittsboro, N. C. Winfrey. David Alton 2606 Conestoga Louisville 10. Ky. Wolff, Harold S.. Jr. 545 Sheridan Avenue Roselle, N. J. Woodward. Albert Rodn 2600 Ferris Road Wilmington 5. Del. Woolard. Judith Diane Wrieht. Betsy Anne Yearty. Char 47 West Court Str. Cortland. N. Y. ronng, Peter Hamilt 528 South Marion Bluffton. Ind. €■ f -,. - ACIViriE r Don Terrell, Vice President of Student Body; Cliff Hardy, President of Student Body; Eleanor Smith, Secretary-Treasurer of Student Body. STUDENT GOVERNMENT The center of student affairs at Elon College is the Student Government Association which operates efficiently and effectively to give us a campus life of which we can all be proudly a part. Based on a system of three branches — ex- ecutive, legislative, and judicial — the Student Government operates through the efforts of elect- ed officials and appointed committee members who spend many hours each week working to- ward the goals of providing the students of Elon with entertainment, information, campus im- provements, and beneficial legislation, and of up- holding the principles of the Honor System and the Campus Code. This important organization offers all students a chance to participate and gain useful experience in leadership and organ- ization ability. Don Terrell, Speaker of Senate; Lynn Ryals, Parliamentarian; Gail Bond, Secretary of Senate; Tom Brady, Chaplain. STUDENT SENATE First row, left to right: Walter Bass, Carol Trageser, Valerie Spangler, Judy Maness, Mclver Henderson, Becky Stephenson, Amy Litten, Doris Morris, Peggy Saunders, Kathy Sandefur, Karen Fischer, Jane Morgan, Helen Wright, Don Rankin, Fred Shull, Bob Saunders. Second row, left to right: Bobby West, Jerry Hollandsworth, Hal Pittard, Gerald Allen, Lynn Ryals, Mrs. Williams, Gail Bond, Tom Brady, Wally Sawyer, Jim Buie, Art Joye, Russ Kyle, Roger Grimson. Third row: Don Terrell. m giy Vw ' Front row, left to right : Diane Binkley, Susan Sandefur, ' bors, Bill Luby. Back row: Chairman, Kenneth Lumpkin. Hughes, Sandra Neigh- HONOR COUNCIL As the operating backbone of the Honor Sys- tem and the Campus Code, the Honor Council handles violations of the two codes. This signifi- cant body, as part of Student Government, pro- As another part of the Student Government judicial branch, the Student Council is an ap- pellate court for cases tried by the Honor Coun- vides student regulation toward the goal of up- holding justice and high standards on our camp- us. The council operates on an interrogation pro- cess with student witnesses and defenders. cil. Operating with the same procedure as the Honor Council, this body also handles minor violations such as line-breaking. STUDENT COUNCIL Front row, left to right: Denyse Theodore, Jimmy Rosser, Gail Hettel, Kenneth Inge. Back row: Lee Mullis, Chairman. 1 Front row, left to right: Helen Baker, Virginia Moore- row: Judie Hudson, Patsy Cole, Brenda Woodward, Nancy field, Gary Keogh, Nancy Clark, Kathryn Thomas. Back Hobart, Aileen Webster. WOMEN ' S INTERDORMITORY COUNCIL Familiar faces to all dormitory students are the members of our Inter- dormitory Councils. These groups supervise the conduct of the students in cooperation with the administration. MEN ' S INTERDORMITORY COUNCIL Left to right: Gene Stokes, Jack Moore, Roger Grimson, Paul Hyde, Jimmy Holmes. p H I P S I c I Doris Faireloth Editor Eleanor Smith Assistant Editor Gail Hettel and Alan Tyndall Feature Editors Patsy Cole and Martha Barnes Typists Valerie Spangler and Carol Trage Copy Editors Mr. Robert Baxter Adviser Lanny Snow Manager Jack Lambeth Photographer Work begins early in the year for the annual staff. Pictures must be made, copy composed, advertisements sold, layouts drawn up, and a theme and cover decided upon. Many long tiresome hours are spent toiling over these endless pages and struggling with complications, but working on the annual is a rewarding experience for those who have the time to con- tribute to the task. David Marshburn and Wendy Cowall Sports Editors Pat Patterson and Shirley Foskett Art Editors Brenda Woodward, Kathy Sandefur, Kathryn Thomas and Joyce Howell Class Editors ELON PLAYERS Front row, left to right: Diane Weid; Betty Fletcher, Secretary-Treasurer; Rosalie Radcliff, President; Larry Biddle, Vice President; Shirley Foskett. Back row: Albert Baer, Robin Fields, Reese Fowler, Peggy Dodson, Richard Hedgebeth. A scene from Noah ' s Ark. THE ELON PLAYERS As the curtain opens and the action begins on stage with the Elon Players, we in the au- dience are assured of an enjoyable evening of play-acting. This group of talented students works diligently each year both on and off stage to bring outstanding presentations to the college. This year, the Drama Department pre- sented Noah, a three-act play which was given during the fall as a theater-in-the-round pro- duction. Last spring. The Rainmaker was presented on stage. As an organization, the Elon Players meet twice a month to afford interested students a chance to learn the fundamentals of drama. The club holds an awards banquet at the end of the year where outstanding performers are honored with " Eppie " awards. E. Ray Day, Director CHEERLEADERS Left to right: Nancy Clark, Helen Wright, Eleanor Smith, Phyllis Hopkins— Chief Cheerleader, Dian Clary, Gail Bond, Denyse Theodore. Hand claps, high spirits, and the cry, " Give me an E ! ! ! " are the trade- marks of our cheerleaders. During football and basketball games, the hard work and practice of this group is briskly demonstrated as they lead us in cheering on our teams through victory or defeat. The cheer- leaders, headed by Phyllis Hopkins, also set the torch for the bonfire pep rallies, publicize games, and decorate football goal-posts. The high- light of the football season came for the group this year vi ith a trip to the Tampa game — proving that they are loyal supporters. ttfftflfttttt First row: Becky Clifton, Martha Barnes, Carolyn French, Jewelle Bass, Pat Jones, Pam Johnson, Eleanor Smith, Nancy Brower, Sandra Neighbors. Second row: Brenda Williams, Brenda Brock, Kitty Goode, Connie Blake, Jane Morgan, Sue Rudd, Shirley Foskett, Carole Copeland. Third row: John Autry, Bob Gwaltney, Richard Gilling- ham, John Fleming, Buddy Whitley, Reese Fowler, Fred Stephenson, Bob Simonds. Fourth row: John Ward, Wayne Pruitt, Wayne Bean, Richard Hedgepath, David Andes, Carroll Lupton, Hinson Mikell, Tom Brady. Officers Shirley Foskett, Secretary; David Andes, Treasurer; Pat Jones, President. Director Mr. Charles Lynam ELON COLLEGE CHOIR Each week the student body enjoys mel- odious choral singing as the Elon College Choir takes part in our chapel programs. With talented soloists and group harmony, under the direction of Mr. Charles Lynam, the choir presents each year " The Messiah " and also holds various concerts. The Choir offers a chance for music majors and oth- ers who share an interest in group singing to develop talent and to add the warmth of music to our campus. As a service project the choir aided a family at Christmas this year. I ELON COLLEGE BAND Strike up the band! Under the direction of Mr. Patrick Johnson, our band adds tuneful color to our home football games and this year led an unforgettable musical pep rally across the campus. The Band also presents public concerts each year, and its members who practice hard have proved that, although a small group, it is a vigorous one. Mr. Pat Johnson Director - f1 %■■ 3 ' ■ -..%.. r lF%£d. y m v. .• 1 p First row: Jerry Osborne, Dick More, Lenny Riddle, Jack Moore, Tom Piccinini, Robert Willis, Bart Wicker. Second row: Bruce Olson, Mike Little, Jerry Payne, Jerry Pike, Billy LaCoste, Dean Yates. Third row: Jerry Drake, Ken Cook, Mandy Gauer, Dick Purdy, Bernard McPherson. PHYSICAL EDUCATION Students who plan to find a career in athletics and recreation, join in sharing knowledge and fellowship through the P.E. Majors ' Club. They sponsor, as a campus event, a fun-filled Co-Rec Carnival. E " MEN ' S CLUB MAJORS ' CLUB An athletic award sweater is the symbol of membership in the " E " Men ' s Club — an organi- zation for men students who have won letters for participation in inter-collegiate athletics. First row: Jerry Pike, Jerry Drake, Billy LaCoste, Dean Yates. Second row: Jimmy Holmes, Mike Little, Ken Cook. ? w- WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Sportsmanship and fellowship join together to guide the members of the Woman ' s Athletic Association through athletic and social activ- ities. This active organization is open to all women students and it carries out a program of intramurals and social gatherings during the year in promoting friendly recreation on our campus. Officers Nancy Ellington, Ferebee Allen, Berta Faye John- son, Kathryn Thomas, Judy Maness. BETA CHI EPSILON ooooooooooe ooooooooo e lOOOOiiOAO® I A[ 1 — 1 1 1 .-. 1 ' • ' ' - ' j • H IfR - ' uHy ' i m Htj ' R ■ -i HUi t M r Hh L mS W ' ' j ■j yi n bu tafl m Bh ■ I -ts HIH B , l l H First Row: Dr. H. H. Cunningham, Don Rankin, Mary Ann Hepner, Cliff Hardy, Robert Stanco. Second Row: Professor Robert Baxter, Wm. Hovatter, Pat Kelly, Professor Gilbert Latham, and Bob Saunders. PI GAMMA MU Alpha Chapter MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION First Row: Betsy Garden, Mary Ann Hepner, Jimmy Ros- ser, Connie Blake, and Doris Ann Morris. Second Row: Doctor Reynolds — Adviser, John Fleming, Peggy Saun- ders, Rosalie Radcliffe, Jewelle Bass, Don Rankin, and Bob Saunders. Third Row: Dan Hulseapple, Carolyn Tillotson, Rosalyn Tillotson and Allen Tyndall. First row: Shirley Foskett, Amy Litten, Roger Bednariclc, Judy Maness, Ada Hernandez. Second row: Art Joye, iVIyra Blake, Susan Ferguson, Pete Fisk. Third row: Larry Biddle, Russ Phipps, Tom Jerry Hollandsworth. rady, Bruce Emerson, THE DANCE COMMITTEE As full, flowing gowns swirl under colored lights at one of our four semi-formal dances, the Dance Committee can be commended for creating atmosphere through time consuming responsibility and extensive planning of music, decoration, and organization. This body plans for annual dances at Homecoming, Christmas, Mid-Winter and May Day. The student chair- man is Roger Bednarick. ENTERTAINMENT COMMITTEE When a " twist " party is announced for the weekend, we are assured that the Entertain- ment Committee is at work. This Student Gov- ernment committee, being responsible for camp- us entertainment, chooses movies for Sunday- nights, sponsors informal dances, and plans oth- er recreational events. The student chairman this year is Wally Sawyer. HOMECOMING COMMITTEE " Victory over the Catamounts " was the theme this year that spirited the Homecoming Com- mittee in planning for us an unforgettable fall weekend to welcome back alumni. As a Student Government standing committee, this group organizes the annual parade in Burlington, plans half-time activities and the placing of displays on our campus. This year, under the leadership of chairman, Larry Biddle, the com- mittee co-operated efficiently to give us a color- ful and thrilling Homecoming. First row: Laura Barnes, Larry Biddle, Wendy Cowall. Second row: Bobby West, Roper Crimson, Bob Young. Left to right: Bobby West. Wally Sawyer, Wendy Cowall, Laura Barnes, First row: Jane Harper, Jimmy Holmes, Franlt Purdy, Kathryn Thomas. Second row: Richmond Gage, Nancy Younpr, Eleanor Smith, Bill Piscitelli. PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL Rush week is planned, a Christmas party for the Congregational Chris- tian Home for Children is held, and a sorority Greek Night is arranged, as the sororities and fraternities on our campus work with cooperative interest under the Pan-Hellenic Council. This coordinating council, com- posed of one member from each Greek letter social club, strives to pro- mote understanding between the clubs and works with the purpose of fellowship as a guide. .u «.i ft Rev. John Graves Adviser Fred Shull President p f p P p O €■ ' o r Q P I? C r- ' First Row: Walter Bass, Allen Beals, Larry Biddle, Bill Bilderback. Ken Broda, Jack Cava- nagh. Second Row: Barbaros Celikkol, Nick Ciatola, Jack DeVito, Robert Ditzel, Jerry Drake, Tommy Gold. Third Row: Harold Gray, Roger Grimson, Paul Hyde, Jimmy Jones, John Paul Jones, Bill Luby. Fourth Row: Ken Lumpkin, Grayson Mattingly, Bobby McKinnon, Dick J .ore. Sonny Murray, Skip Paska. Fifth Row: Dick Purdy, Don Rankin, Frank Rich, Lennie Riddle, Harold Rogers, Tommy Russ. Sixth Row: Lynn Ryals, John Sargent, Wally Sawyer, Larry Schucker, Fred Stephenson, Robert Utz, Robert Young. .Mrs. J. Kitlcnt: Adviser Mary Ann Hepner President f f 9. P f) .0 First row: Lorraine Fisk. Etta Howerton, Linda Perry, Barbara Smith. Sec- ond row: Rachel Adkins, Joan Smith, Maxine Bean, Carolyn Brown. Third row: Flonnie Moize, Dava Nevvsome, Betty Wetsel, Nancy Young. y ]l Prof. David Fee Charles Somers President U r P w p f f ! h - f-l jfT f D O P: iT X % First Row: John Allen, Eddie Buchanon, Roy Erlandson, Richmond Gage, John Greg- ory, John Griff en. Sfcond Row: Paul Huey, Steve Keck, Robert Kittenger, Jimmy Marshall, Ralph Mizelle, Bert Morrison. Third Row: Robert Murphy, Jerry Nance, Richard Pruitt, Wayne Pruitt, John Reed, Bob Saunders. Fourth Row: Bobby Stork, Allen Tyndall, Davis Williams, Robert Willis. Mrs. V. Florence Leatrice Overby Adviser President i dm 1 1 First row: Betsy Garden, Ruth Lemmons, Jean Martin, Helen Baker, Barbara Jensen, Nancy Rountree. Second row: Kathryn Thomas, Peggy Carter, Nancy Hobart, Jeannie Lankford, Gera- lene Murray, Aileen Webster. Third row: Shelby Whitehouse, Brenda Woodward, Diane Binkley, Sandra Garter, Roberta Grady, Barbara Hatha- way. Fourth Row: Ann Jennings, Kay Kennedy, Mary Kennedy, Arlene Kolber, Linda Price, Becky Powell. -77 iR] Gary Mattocks Adviser Don Miller President ■ix 1 1 ( iP P P P First row: Don Amos, Ronnie Bell, Ed. Fitzgerald, Hamlet Harding, Jerry Hembrey. Second row: Bill Hughes, Jerry Osborne, Tom Piccinini, Frank Purdy, Herb Siner. Third row: Frank Spoerr, Charlie Strigo, Willie Tart, Robert Walton, Bart Whicker. Not Pictured: Bobby Brown, Richard Krayarik, Jim Leviner. Nancy Withers Nancy Ellingto Adviser President First row: Ferebee Allen, Nancy Ellington, Virginia Moorefield, June Nail, Gail Patterson, Kim Stewart, Judy Watson. Second row: Kitty Goode, Jane Harper, Wilda Humphrey, Marian McVey, Becky Stephenson, Laura Barnes, Wanda Bennett. Third row: Barbara Black- welder, Gail Bond, Ada Hernandez, Judie Hudson, Martha Barnes, Nancy Butler, Judy Carroll. Fourth row: Linda Cheyney, Barbara Harris, Marty Hogensen, Kay Jeffreys, Dixie Knautz, Jane Loy, Jean Shaffer. :: P o p p p c p p r c r liiiiiliiiiJl First row: Howie Arner, Steve Ballard, Tom Breese, T. O ' Hara. Third row: Charlie Rayburn, B. D. Schneider, C. Brooks, Burl Clements, N. R. Franks, Clayton John- D. Seidenspinner, Demus Thompson, Terry Vining, Sonny son. Second row: Dan Kelley, Tommy King, Billy La- Wilburn, George Wooten. Coste, Cameron Little, Wayne Mahanes, Jim Moore, Luke John Dalcin w y vv -1 Irs. John Sanford Helen Wright Adviser President ( ( f f f f f First row: Doris Faircloth, Dorothy Hawks, Mclver Hen- derson, Phyllis Hopkins, Pat Jones, Gary Keogh, Sandra Neighbors. Second row: Barbara Burnett, Nancy Clark, Dian Clary, Janet Faulkner, Amy Litten, Judy Maness, Eleanor Smith. Third row: Judy Berwind, Patsy Cole, Wendy Cowall, June Evans, Shirley Foskett, Gail Hettel, Joyce Howell. Fourth row: Anne Hughes, Carol Tragesor, Valerie Spangler, Carol Boyle, Karen Fischer, Judy Jones, Sue Rudd. C ' Ir p J ( ' O P O 1 l « First row: John Autrey, Roger Bednarick, Jerry Bolick, Lawrence, Hinson Mikell. Third row: Carroll Monger, Tom Brady, Tommy Carlberg, Jim Davenport, Bruce Jack Moore, George Mosher, Tommy O ' ivor, Tommy Emerson. Second row: Mike Graffeo, Rex Harrison, Jerry Sparknian, Don Terrell, Mike York. Hollands-worth, Jimmy Holmes, Henry Horton, Frank Dudley Watson John Munick Adviser President 4. ' FEAfUR v HOMECOMING QUEEN ELEANOR SMITH MAID OF HONOR DIAN CLARY Queen of Homecoming was Eleanor Smith, an attractive Junior from Winston-Salem, N. C. Hers is a familiar face on our campus as she is Secretary-Treasurer of the Student Body, a cheerleader, and a member of the choir. Dian Clary was chosen as Maid-of -Honor. This Junior from Lawrenceville, Va. is also a cheer- leader. These two girls were a pretty sight atop the float constructed for them by the Student Gov- ernment as they appeared in the annual Home- coming parade. Both were presented with flow- ers and crowns during their reign over the week-end festivities. v-V ■ItJ Carol Trageser Olivia Corder Duane Powell Helen Wright Jeanne Lankford Dianne McPherson HOMECOMING Harriet Hammond " Mary Ann Hepner Susan Sandefur Betsy Garden COURT Becky Stephenson Bonnie McEvoy Jane Morgan Mclver Henderson Leatrice Overby Sandra James y t fi v ' ! MAY QUEEN JANE MORGAN MAID OF HONOR HARRIET HAMMOND Mil May King DEAN YATES Escort to Maid of Honor FRED SHULL ts::L. !j L!- Helen Wright Senior Attendant Pat Jones Senior Attendant June Evans Junior Attendant Dian Clary Junior Attendant c o u R T Judie Hudson Sophomore Attendant Sophomore Attendant Judy Jones Freshman Attendant Mary Moser Freshman Attendant i 1 11 Helen Wright WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES Each Fall, Who ' s Who Among Students in Ameri- can Universities and Colleges singles out those stu- dents who have made outstanding contributions in all phases of their college career. This year there are five students representing Elon College. The students are selected on the basis of scholar- ship, participation and leadership in academic and extracurricular activities, citizenship, and promise of future usefulness. Eleanor Smith w H O W H O Don Terrell Editor-in-Chief Luther Byrd Adviser MAROON AND GOLD Doris Faircloth Feature Editor David Marshbur Sports Editor Nancy Smith Feature Editor f . .:% - AfHLEriCS M ff First row, left to right: Trainer, Charles Somers; Man- ager, Ed Thrower; Randy Lyon; Richard Thompson; Car- mine D ' Aloia; Burl Clements; Jim Short; George Wooten; Marvin Crowder; Kenneth Cook; Ralph Miller; Tyrone McDuffie; B. D. Schneider; Clayton Johnson; Manager, Bill Graham; Head Manager, Robert Walton. Second row: Rex O ' Briant; Larry Upchurch; Ed Fitzgerald; Dominic Norcenni; Bobby Lewis; Richard Barker; John Dalcin; Jim Buie; Willie Tart; Tom Breese; Wayne Mahanes; Gene Stokes; Cameron Little; Steve Ballard; Randy Kez- iah; Russell Cobb; Wayne Turner. Third Row: Coach Johnny Wike; Coach Gary Mattocks; Coach George George Tucker Head Coach John Wike Line Coach Gary Mattocks Backfield Coach Charles Somers Trainer Tucker; Gordon Cox; Freddy Wells; Tony Brantley; Tommy King; Charlie Strigo; Charlie Rayburn; Don Amos; Dan Kelly; Dean Yates; Howard Arner; Jim Moore; Ronnie Bell; Billy LaCoste; Bill Mahaffey; David MuUis. Charles Rayburn John Dalcin Co-Captains FOOTBALL This year ' s " Fighting Christians " exhib- ited an exciting brand of football. The young team showed remarkable spirit and fight. Highlights of the season were the last minute victory over Guilford, via a pass from Wooten to Buie; a win over heavily favored Presbyterian; and the fantastic thriller on Homecoming in which Wooten kicked a field goal in the last two seconds to down Catawba by a score of 11 to 9. SCOREBOARD Elon 12 Guilford 8 Elon 12 Wofford 20 Elon Appalachian 23 Elon 20 East Carolina 22 Elon Tampa 13 Elon 8 Catawba 23 Elon 11 West Carolina 9 Elon 12 Newberry 7 Elon 16 Lenoir Rhyne 50 Elon 22 Presbyterian 16 Billy LaCoste Center Dan Kelley Marvin Crowder Halfback John Dalcin Center Gene Stokes Guard Don Amos Guard FIGHTING Burl Clements Fullback Dean Yates Tackle Charlie Rayburn Tackle Wayne Mahanes Halfback CHRISTIANS " A ySl George Wooten Quarterback Cameron Little Howard Arner Tackle Bill Mahaffey End Ronnie Bell Guard ROUGH GOING i I , Front row, left to right: Roland Miller; Barry Hodge; Dave Winfrey; Leroy Myers. Second row, left to right: Phil Cheek; Arthur Davis; Gary Teague; Ronald Dinhart; This year ' s Elon cagers got off to a flying start, winning the first eight games. The season was expected to be one of rebuilding, but the team finished in the first division after a hard- fought schedule. One of the highlights of the season was win- ning the Camp Lejuene Tournament. Elon de- feated Pikeville of Kentucky for the champion- ship. Bill Mor ningstar. Back row, left to right: Sonny Smith; Dewey Andrew; Reid Hughes; Jesse Branson; Howard Andrew. BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Elon 78 Pfeiffer 73 Elon 69 Wofford 65 Elon 82 A. C. C. 58 Elon 77 Wofford 61 Elon 83 Guilford 57 Elon 81 Hampden-Sidney 70 Elon 81 Randolph Macon 60 Elon 65 Fort Lee 76 Elon 53 Cumberland 59 Elon 86 Cumberland 88 Elon 74 Ga. Southern 57 Elon 84 East Carolina 61 Elon 79 Pikeville 70 Elon 73 A. C. C. 57 Elon 65 East Carolina 67 Elon 78 Appalachian 51 Elon 65 Pembroke 43 Elon 62 Catawba 54 Elon 88 Guilford 53 Elon 69 High Point 81 Elon 75 Catawba 80 Elon 75 Campbell 66 Elon 70 High Point 64 Elon 48 West Carolina 71 Elon 66 Pfeiffer 75 Elon 45 Appalachian 72 Elon 75 East Carolina 66 Elon 53 West Carolina 54 Coach Bill Miller Dewey Andrew Center Jesse Branson Forward Sonny Smith Forward Gary Teague Guard ill Morningstar Guard Roland Miller Guard CAGE ACTION mi £ t gii First row, left to right: Roger Knapp; Danny Hall; C. G. Hall; Jerry Pike; Milton Gross; Leroy Meyers. Second row: Steve Wall; Wayne Mahanes; Mike Little; Steve Welch; Roy El-landsen; Jimmy Holmes; Jim Leviner; Assistant Manager, Robert Utz. Third row: Coach John D. Sanford; Jerry Tillman; Phil Cheek; John VanBen- Schoten; Jerry Drake; Ted Eanes; Charlie Maidon; Eddie Clark; John Koenig; Manager William Holder. 1961 SCOREBOARD Elon 6 Hampden-Sidney 4 Elon 6 W. and L. 3 Elon 6 Williams 5 Elon 9 Williams 1 Elon 6 Rensselaer 9 Elon 2 Fort Lee 1 Elon 9 Fort Lee Elon 11 Fort Lee 3 Elon Fort Lee 14 Elon 6 Hampden-Sidney 3 Elon 7 Hampden-Sidney 4 Elon 25 Windham 3 Elon 6 Windham 5 Elon 6 Guilford 7 Elon 13 Lenoir Rhyne 3 Elon 4 Norfolk Division 8 Elon 2 West Carolina 1 Elon 8 West Carolina 3 Elon Lenoir Rhyne 3 Elon 9 High Point Elon Appalachian 1 Elon 8 Pfeiffer 3 Elon 5 A. C. C. 2 Elon 4 Catawba 1 Elon 3 Guilford Elon 3 East Carolina 7 Elon 9 Pembroke 6 Elon 16 Pembroke 7 Elon 4 High Point 3 Elon 5 East Carolina 6 Elon 1 Pfeiffer 11 Elon 9 Appalachian 5 John D. Sanford Athletic Director Baseball Coach The baseball team of 1961 set a new Elon rec- ord for the most wins in a single season. The Christians chalked up 23 victories in 32 starts to better the old mark of 21 wins. Hats off to a fine season. BASEBALL Watch Repairing NEAL WRIGHT, JEWELER speciolists in Fine Diamonds and Emblematic Jewelry 204 S. Main St. Phone CA 6-5956 Burlington, N. C. Compliments of THE STATE THEATER ' Your friendly independent theater ' Burlington, N. C. GARRISON ' S SODA SHOP Opposite College Sandwiches Made To Order Complete Soda Fountain School Supplies — Beauty Aids Elon College, N. C. SWIFT CLEANERS The Best in dry cleoning, loundry, and shirts ONE DAY SERVICE Elon College, N. C. Esquire Socks Holeproof Hosiery Fruit-of-the-Loom Socks Bachelors ' Friend Mojud Hosiery Kayser Hosiery Schiaparelli Stockings Phoenix Hosiery for Men and Women Supp-hose for Men and Women Manufactured by KAYSER-ROTH HOSIERY COMPANY, iC. Burlington North Carolina COMPLIMENTS OF BURLINGTON cca ' i CO, See your friends at THE SNACK SHOP in the Student Union Elon College Compliments of BRANNOCK ' S BARBER SHOP Elon College, N. C. t jX ruAf BURLINGTON N.C. Dedicated to Fashion MEBANE SHOE CO. Burlington ' Shoes for the Entire Family ' Compliments Of KOURY ' S " Where Smart Women Shop " 443 South Main Street Burlington, North Carol na CURRIN AND HAY Men ' s and Boy ' s Wear Burlington Compliments of COLEMAN ' S MEN ' S SHOP Visit Our ivy Department Opposite Post Office 437 South Spring Street Burlington, N. C. SOMERS-PARDUE AGENCY Real Estate Insurance Burlington, N. c. Tuxedo Rentals By BLALOCK ' S A-1 CLEANERS 220 East Front Street Burlington, N. C. (LjcCnmrV

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