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' r% ' M " -Z J • • • T — r — z r • • • Elon ' s purpose is to offer a liberal educa- tion to students which will help prepare them to live as responsible, intelligent, Christ- ian citizens in the world of tomorrow. The curriculum this year has offered countless opportunities for spiritual, social and intel- lectual growth. To better our future world through the knowledge which has been ac- quired is the challenge of every Elon College student. " 7 — 7 ' — 7 vii . r , ' Mwmm. ' ti I m IT ± A J.. • • As we remember this year in college, we do not recall a year filled with seriousness, long and late study hours, and anxiety over marks. Instead we are reminded of profitable work which was often interrupted by fun and laughter. Time will never erase from our memories the joys of fellowship which we constantly shared with other students, admin- istration and faculty members. m jM z. r • • B ft K H B! H ' ■ n ft Jj ; 1 ,1.1 B B JB B B • Htej • ' fe Our opportunities for personal growth have been unHmited this year at Elon. We have received knowledge and have had a wide range of experiences which have better pre- pared us to be leaders in our respective com- munities. Most important, however, has been the constant opportunity for us to develop a stronger personal faith, to enrich our spirit- ual lives and to dedicate ourselves to the Christian way of life. z. A 1 • • • Our present administration has put in- creased emphasis on academic standards and continued improvement of the physical plant. Several inadequate buildings have been de- molished and removed from the campus. Ren- ovations have been made in several buildings, particularly in Mooney Building v here a Self-Service book store has been installed next to a newly renovated Snack Shop and an outstanding language laboratory has been equipped. The first floor of a nev girls ' dormitory has been constructed as another important step in Elon ' s unceasing growth. TABLE OF CONTENTS E DUCATION 20 ADMINISTRATION FACULTY STAFF STUDENT BODY AUGHTER 84 STUDENT LIFE ATHLETICS o PPORTUNITY 04 ORGANIZATIONS SORORITIES and FRATERNITIES Mewness FEATURES 138 Four letters represent our college and our year. ortrayed in PHI-PSI-CLI VuSlisded By 5fie Students Of ELON COLLEGE Glon College, Norffi Carolina TEDDY STANDLEY RUTH LEMMONS Co-editors WILLIAM CORDES II Assistant Editor DANNY GEE Business Manager fFnlHH m 1 i " ■ ' ' i - ' ■ p 1- Connecting all our main buildings are the ivy-covered colonnades which provide a t raditionally favorite be- tween classes stop for Elon students. Near the colonnades a summer house and water fountain mark the location of the old well. Nearby is the equally popular Senior Oak, traditional goal of senior couples as they stroll across the lawn in front of West Dormitory. William Moseley Brown A.B., M.A., Washington and Lee University; M.A., Teachers College; M.A., Ph.D., Columbia University. Professor of Social Science and Languages at Elon College, 1949-1960. Prolific author, well-known scholar, enthusiastic teacher — we are proud to honor him in this issue of the Phi Psi Cli. DEDICATION DEDICATION Mildred Watt Haff A.B., M.A., Cornell University. Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Elon College, 1947-1959. Competent mathematician, thorough teacher, friendly counselor- we are proud to honor her in this issue of the Phi Psi Cli. ■www M Administration Faculty Staff Student Body EDUCATION J. E. Danieley President TO THE CLASS OF 1961: You came to Elon College as freshmen in September, 1957, two months after I assiomed the duties of the presidency of the College; and we began that academic year together as freshmen. During these four years many interesting changes have taken place on our campus. We have removed old buildings, constructed new buildings, and made other improvements in the physical facilities. There have been many changes in the academic life of the College - we believe that the instructional program has been enriched and strengthened. These changes are important - they are a part of the overall plan for the development of Alma Mater. But there have been other changes which are more significant. These are the changes which have taken place in you as individuals during your college life. You have encountered new ideas. In the classroom, in the library, and on the campus you have found teachers, authors, and fellow students asking questions. It is our hope that you have learned to ask questions, to seek for the truth. Remember that it is much more important to ask the " right " questions than it is to be able to give " rote " answers. Don ' t ever lose the joy of this spirit of inquiry. You have had a new experience. It is our hope that some of these experiences have been spiritual and that your life has been enriched by them. We hope that you will never lose the joy and strength which come to those who profess and practice the Christian faith. As you graduate, remember that you have acquired only the basic tools which are required if you are to complete your education. Continue to read, to study, and to search for the truth in partnership with Him who is the Truth, the Way, and the Life; and you will discover the abundant life. You have our very best wishes - Sincerely yours. -. .. - X.- President and Mrs. J. E. Danieley and family (1. to r.) Ned, Mark and Jane Elizabeth. To the Seniors: When your class arrived on the campus in the fall of 1957, I was just beginning my first year as Dean of the College. These four years have been significant ones for all of us. You have no doubt understood that I, as Dean of the College and under the direction of the Pres- ident, am responsible for the total academic pro- gram of the institution. Accordingly, it is my sin- cere hope that such program has given you the maximum opportunity to grow — both mentally and spiritually — and has established in you enough enduring, compelling, unextinguishable intellectual interests to insure a lifelong process of growth. The failure to realize potentials is tragic, par- ticularly at this fateful moment of history. Each one of you should continue to strive for the very fullest development you can achieve. Sincerely yours, H. H. Cunningham Dean of the College Dean H. H. Cunningham . Wf - To The Seniors: This year you have passed a significant mile- post on the road of life. It is my sincere hope and fervent prayer that while at Elon you have sought for knowledge and found a full measure of it ; that through religious experi- ences your faith in God has been strengthened ; and that you have grown in every respect in preparation for a life of service to your fellow man and to your God. Always remember that true growth comes through service and not through being served. Most sincerely, Robert Benson Dean of Students To The Seniors: You have successfully reached an important plateau in your allotted life span and I take great pleasure in offering my most sincere con- gratulations. Your school years have been spent in mentally bending over your desks ; now you should stand up and look around. The facts you have so laboriously acquired are no longer bare facts ; they are invested with all of their possibilities. Imagination, intellectual curiosity, enthusiasm, and a desire to achieve rich satis- faction in daily living are the means through which you wilj be able to develop and expand those possibilities. My single wish for you is for a life of happiness. Sincerely, Virginia A. Epperson Dean of Women %T( IN MEMORIAM John Willis Barney Julv 8, 1881 — July 6, 1960 Graduate of Elon College — 1910 Professor of EiiRlish. 1925-1958 Ned Faucet le Brannock November 27, 1873 — January 16, 1961 Graduate of Elon College — 1899 Professor of Chemistry, 1908-1959 In 1911, Elon ' s president, Dr. W. A. Harper, asked the question, " what is the secret of the true greatness of a college? " and answered it in these words: " it is the character of its teachers — the moral and religious atmosphere they create and with which they surround their pupils. " Professor Barney and Doctor Brannock were Christian gentlemen, whose influence on the lives of their students symbolizes one of the most important aspects of the mission of the Christian college. Professor Barney and Doctor Brannock were master teachers — thorough in scholarship and dedicated to the task of stimulating young minds in their search for the truth. Through the years, Elon alumni have spoken of " Professor Barney " and " Doctor Brannock " with real affection and deep appreciation. Their distinguished service to Alma Mater and the imprint of their lives and living on their students and on the College are the fruits of the labors of two great men. FACULTY Konstantinas Avizonis W.. Jennings Berry, Jr. VV. E. Butler. Jr. A.B., M.A., Ph.D. A.B. A.B. Professor of History Instructor of English, Assistant Registrar Business Manager Robert C. Baxter Frank J. Butler Luther N. Byrd A.B., LL.B. A.B., M.A. A.B., M.A. Director of Development Assistant Professor of English Professor of English C. Robert Benson, Jr. Mary G. Butler Clarence B. Carson A.B., M.A., Ph.D. A.B., M.Ed. B.S., M.A., Ph.D. Professor of Education. Dean of Students Assistant Professor of Home Economics Associate Professor of History Paul H. Cheek B.S., Ph.D. Professor of Chemistry Joshua C. Colley A.B., M.A. Professor of Education Janie E. Council A.B., M.A. Assistant Professor of Business Education FACULTY Herman Davis A.B., M.A. Manager of the Bookstore, Instructor of Business Administration E. Ray Day A.B., M.A. Assistant Professor of Dramatics Virginia Epperson A.B., M.Ed. Dean of Women, Assistant Professor of Education Edward Roy Epperson B.S., M.A. Assistant Professor of Chemistry Janie C. Evans A.B. Part-time Instructor of Mathematics David A. Fee A.B.. B.D., M.A. Assistant Professor of Bible " f ' « - diM Betty K. Gerow A.B., M.A. Assistant Professor of English William Roddey GiUn A.B. Admissions Counselor Arabella Gore A.B., A.B. in L.S., M.A. Catalogue Librarian FACULTY John S. Graves A.B., M.A. Associate professor of Religious Education, Campus Minister Jeanne Griffin A.B., M.Ed. Assistant Professor of Physical Education Henry Speer Hackney A.B., M.A. Associate Professor of Modern Languages Richard M. Haff A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Professor of Biology Alfred Snell Hassell A.B., M.Ed. Registrar; Director of Ad- missions; Director of the Placement Office Alonzo L. Hook A.B., M.A., M.S., Sc.D. Professor of Physics i FACULTY James Howell Fred L. Keisling Gilbert Latham A.B., M.A., Ph.D. A.B. B.S., M.S. Professor of English Part-time Instructor of Professor of Psychology Mathematics and Physics and Sociology Gene Patrick Johnson John R. Kittenger Frances C. Longest Mus.B., Mus.M. B.A., B.D., S.T.M., M.A. A.B., M.Ed. Assistant Professor of Piano Assistant Professor of Associate Professor of and Music Theory Bible and English Business Education Oma U. Johnson Ursula Koenig Pauline Lowman Ph.B., A.B., B.S. in L.S. A.B. B.S., M.A. Librarian of the Historical Instructor of German Assistant Professor of Society Mathematics ] Charles Lynam FACULTY Fletcher Moore Lila Newman A.B., M.A. A.B., M.A. Ph. B. Assistant Professor of Voice Professor of Piano and Organ Assistant Professor of Art Gary B. Mattocks Frances Muldrow Theodore Perkins B.S., M.A. A.B., M.A., Ph.D. B.S., B.D., M.Ed.. B.S. Assistant Professor of Health and Physical Education Professor of French and Spanish in L.S. Acting Librarian Assistant Football Coach Head Track Coach William Miller Pearl Stephenson .McDonald Paul S. Reddish A.B., M.Ed. A.B., M.A. A.B., M.S. Assistant Professor of Health and Physical Education Associate Professor of French Professor of Biology Basketball Coach Tennis Coach iBiSMjl FACULTY [Sp " ' ' Ts Mmiu L. TuIIy Reed A.B., M.A. Associate Professor of English Ferris E. Reynolds A.B., B.D., S.T.M., Ph.D. Professor of Religion, Greek and Philosophy John D. Sanford A.B., M.Ed. Professor of Health and Physical Education Baseball Coach Bessie P. Sloan A.B., M.A. Assistant Professor of Spanish Lloyd Smith, Jr. A.B., M.S. Assistant Professor of Mathematics Johnnie W. Sparks A.B., C.P.A. Part-time Instructor in Accounting Leonard Rhyne, Jr. A.B. Assistant Professor of Mathematics W. W. Sloan A.B., B.D., Ph.D. Professor of Bible and Religious Education Dewey M. Stowers, Jr. A.B., M.A. Associate Professor of Social Science FACULTY Arnold Strauch B.S., M.A., Ed.D. Professor of Education George Tucker B.S., M.A. Assistant Professor of Health and Physical Education Head Football Coach Head Golf Coach Jeanne Williams B.S., M.S. Assistant Professor of Business Administration and Mathematiis W. B. Terrell A.B. Alumni Secretary Dudley Ray Watson B.B.A., M.B.A. Assistant Professor of Business Administration Eva Wiseman Mus.B., M.A. Part-time Instructor in Music Education James Toney A.B., M.A. Assistant Professor of Economics John Donald Wike B.S. Director of Intramurals for Men Instructor of Physical Education Assistant Football Coach Nancy Withers A.B., M.A. Assistant Professor of English 30 STAFF Ethel Ann Childrev Linda Davis Vivian Florance Bertie Fulks Secretary to Secretary to Dormitory Hostess Dormitory Hostess the Registrar Alumni Secretary Kay Halbert Secretary to Dean of the College Doris Johnsor Accountant Virginia Johnston Secretary to the Registrar Secretary to Dean of Students Josie Livermon Dormitory Hostess ris Maney Jacqueline Matlock Mary D. Thoma Cashier Secretary to Admissions Counselor Secretary to the President STUDENT GOVERNMENT William Hassell Secretary-Treasurer Ed Boelte President Cliff Hardy Vice-President STUDENT SENATE mi . . kAhA, 1 hI m Sf lfl ST W .1 ii Ki w H Pr i vh ' ' ' H 1 vfRujrf F ' iif Front row, left to right: Robert Bialousz, Robert Young, Nabil Abu-Aitah, Doris Faircloth, Judy Maness, Cath- erine Thomas, Glenda Baumgarner, Carol Ann Trageser, Nancy Rountree, Helen Wright, Jeanne Lankford, Gail Bond, Jane Keck, Mclver Henderson, Don Terrell. Back row: Gerald Allen, Steve McCauley, David Plaster, Ray Spicer, Sandra Neighbors, Douglas Scott, Judy Brown, Don Rankin, John Currin, Bruce Emerson, Lynn Ryals, Fred Shull, Roger Crimson, Tommy Sears. The Student Senate is the legislative branch of the student government. It is composed of elected representatives from each dormitory, each class and from the Day Students ' Organization. Within the Student Senate there are offices which include Speaker of the Stu- dent Senate, Parliamentarian, Secretary and Reading Clerk. This is the most im- portant body of the student government. HONOR COUNCIL The Honor Council has original juris- diction in all cases of violations of the Honor Code and the Campus Code. To promote Christian living in all aspects of college life is the purpose of this council, which is composed of two seniors, two juniors, one sophomore and one freshman. Left to right: Leonard Riddle, W. H. West, Phyllis Hopki; Beverly Ward, John Flemming, Jerry Drake. Left to right: Sandra Neighbors, Douglas Scott, Judy Brown, Don Rankin, Chairman Cliff Hardy. STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council serves as an appellate court in all cases decided by the Honor Council and the Interdormi- tory Council. The council also has original jurisdiction in the interpretation of the Student Constitution. WOMEN ' S INTERDOMITORY COUNCIL The Women ' s Interdormitory Council represents all dormitory women. It is the function of the group to establish rules governing the conduct of campus women, to serve as a court to try viola- tors of the rules and to counsel with violators. Front row, left to right: Becky Carlyle, Catherine Thomas, Leatrice Overby, Pat Jones. Back row: Virginia Moorefield, Nancy Clark, Cary Keogh, Lula Roberts, Doris Faircloth, Martha Brittle. MEN ' S DORMITORY COUNSELORS A group of upperclass men students are selected to serve as dormitory coun- selors. It is their responsibility to pro- mote high standards of conduct among men students and to serve as counselors to individual students. Front row, left to right: Tommy Sears, Walter Bass, Tony Markosky, Ed Boelte. Back row: Douglas Scott, Leonard Riddle, Charlie Rayburn, Dick More. Deanna Braxton WHO ' S AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN Each fall, Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges singles out those students who have made outstand- ing contributions in all phases of their col- lege career. This year there are twelve stu- dents representing Elon College. HO IIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES Campus nominating committees consider, in making their selections, the student ' s scholarship; his participation and leadership in academic and extracurricular activities; his citizenship and service to the school; and his promise of future usefulness. C. G. Hall THE SENIOR CLASS David Plaster President Steve McCauley Vice-President Jane Keck Secretary-Treasurer JAMES W. AGNEW, JR. 505 Walker Avenue Graham, North Carolina WALTER H. BASS III Star Route South Boston, Virginia Chemistry and Biology Sigma Mu Sigma, Second Vice-President, 3; Senate, 1; Dance Committee, 3; German Club, 2; Chemistry Club, 4; Band, 1,2; Choir, 1,2,3; Assistant Band Direc- tor, 2; Treas. of Choir, 2; Dormitory Counselor, 4; College Male Quartet, 2,3,4; Orientation Committee, 4 RALPH MORRIS BLAIR Main Street Ramseur, North Carolina CECIL WARD BLAND. SR. 404 Caswell Street Burlington, North Carolina EDWIN REDDEMANN BOELTE Box 10 Vernon Hill, Virginia Kappa Psi Nu, Sec, 3; Pres. of the Student Body, 4; Jr. Class Pres.; Student Senate, 3; Dance Com., 3; Home-coming Com., 3; Freshman Orientation Com., 4; Handbook Com., 4; Maroon Gold, Asst. Ed., 4; Band; North Carolina Human Relations Seminar, Dormitory Counselor, May Day M.C.; Chief Student Marshal; Head Commencement Marshal ROBERT OTIS BOYETTE Box 774, Elon College, North Carolina Physical Education Physical Education Majors ' Club, President; Trainer for Football; Transfer from University of North Carolina. GLENDA SQUIRES BAUMGARNER Route 5 Burlington, North Carolina English Pi Kappa Tau, 1,2,3,4, Chaplain, 2, President, 3; Stu- dent Senate, 2,3,4.; Pan Hellenic Council, 4; Day Students ' Organization, 1,2,3,4; Women ' s Athletic As- sociation, 1,2; Phi Psi Cli Staff, Business Manager, 3; Organization Editor, 4; Band, 1,2,3; Intramurals, 2,3; Commencement Marshal, 3; Student Affairs Commit- tee, 4; Student Relations Committee, 3 ROBERT THOMAS BIALOUSZ 475 Knox Avenue Monessen, Pennsylvania Business Administration Alpha Pi Delta, President, 4; Student Senate, 4; German Club, 1; Radio Club, 3,4 f p y-v -rr- mi iii o ii ii P m , ill ii DEANNA HALL BRAXTON Box 427 Elon College, North Carolina Business Education Delta Upsilon Kappa, 1,2,3, Homecoming Sponsor 3, Pan Hellenic Council 2,3, Vice President 3, Day Stu- dents ' Organization 1,2,3, W.A.A. 1,2,3, Choir 1, Intra- murals 1,2,3, Dance Committee 3, WHO ' S WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES HERBERT A. BROOKS Route 2 Burlington, North Carolina HOWARD EDWIN BURKE 1522 W. Davis Street Burlington, North Carolina LINDA ANN BUTLER Route 1 Reidsville, North Carolina Elementary Education Beta Omicron Beta, Student Christian Association 1, W. A. A. 1,2,3,4, Intramurals 1,2,3,4, Phi Psi Cli Class Editor 3, Sponsor for Student Christian Asociation 1 DEXTER McPHERSON CAMPBELL 508 Trail 2, Grove Park Burlington, North Carolina Business Administration MARK EDWARD CAMPBELL Box 475 Elon College, North Carolina NORMA LEE CAMPBELL 416 Maple Avenue Burlington, North Carolina Business Administration Delta Upsilon Kappa 2,3,4, Treasurer 4, Beta Chi Epsi- lon 3,4, Day Students ' Organization 1,2,3,4, W. A. A. 1,2,3,4, Intramural Sports 1,2,3,4 MARILYN VERONICA CARR 406 Lafayette Street Clinton, North Carolina VERNON MERIT CHEEK, JR. Route 4, Mebane, North Carolina JOHN ANDREW CLAYTON, JR. 613 Reams Avenue Roxboro, North Carolina Business Administration Sigma Phi Beta 2,3,4, President 3, Parliamentarian 4, Honor Council, President 3, Pan Hellenic Council 4, Dance Committee Chairman 4, Homecoming Commit- tee 3, Golf 3, North State Congress Voting Represen- tative 3, Transfer from University of North Carolina, Chief Marshal Graduation Exercise 3. ARTHUR WESLEY COBB Box 563 Elon College, North Carolina CAREY GORDON COTTLE 3709 E. Bessemer Avenue Greensboro, North Carolina Mathematics Day Students Organization 1,2,3,4, Science Club DORIS EVANGELINE COMER Leasburg, N. C. BOB McMANUS COLLINS Box 511 Hillsboro, North Carolina Physical Education Day Students ' Organization, Physical Education Ma- jors ' Club, Maroon and Gold Reporter, Transfer from Duke DEAN STADLER COLEMAN 936 King Street Burlington, North Carolina French and English DEWEY L. CRABTREE Box 503 Graham, North Carolina o k . m Ik a i . iM iff 1 O H ii - Ji THE 1961 SENIOR CLASS THE 1961 SENIOR CLASS A ■« ' - tl JV o iii fi CAROLYN ANDERSON CROWDER Route 5, Box 101 Burlington, North Carolina BARBARA LURA DAY Route 2, Box 25-A South Boston, Virginia Mathematics Dance Committee 2, Board of Elections 4, Women ' s Inter-dormitory Council 4, Orientation Committee 3,4, Choir 1,2, Band (Majorette) 1,2, Musical " Pajama Game " 3, WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES 4 GILMER WORTH DODSON Whitsett, North Carolina Business Administration Day Students ' Organization, Commencement Marshal, Student Representative to World Trade Conference ANNIE COCHRAN EDWARDS 709 Springwood Avenue Gibsonville, North Caroli Elemeniary Education Day Students ' Organization 1,2,4, Cho DARIUS VINSON ELLENBERG Box 225 Glen Raven, North Carolina GEORGE DUMONT ESKRIDGE 1411 Oklahoma Avenue Burlington, North Carolina History Day Students ' Organization WILLIAM SCOTT FARIES Route 1, Box 9x Hamlet, North Carolina History Sigma Phi Beta, Football 1,2,3,4 SUZANNE ALICE FISK North Street Montague, Massachusetts Mathematics Student Senate 3, Student Affairs Committee 2, Ger- man Club 2, Philosophy Club 1,2, W.A.A. 1,2, S.C.A. 1,2, Phi Psi Cli 4, Intramurals 1, Commencement Marshal 3 DORIS FULCHER FITZGERALD 228 Watson Drive Burlington, North Cai ' olina Elementary Education MARK FREEMAN FOSTER, JR. 1803 Granville Road Greensboro, North Carolina History Sigma Phi Beta, 3,4, Treasurer, 4; U. N. C. transfer VANCE DEAN FOUST 407 Ashburn Street Graham, North Carolina WAYNE ALLEN GARDNER Route 4, Box 557 Suffolk, Virginia Religious Education Honor Council, 2; S.C.A., 1,2,3,4; World Order Com- mission Chairman, 2, M.A., 1,2,3,4, Treasurer, 3,4 Philosophy Club, 1,2; Commencement Marshal, 2,3 Phi Psi Cli Staff, 3; Maroon and Gold, 4; Choir, 1: Elon Players, 1; United Student Fellowship, 3,4; Na tional United Student Fellowship Delegate, 3 CHARLES DANIEL GEE 1522 Granville Street Burlington, North Carolina Business Administration Business Manager, Phi Psi Cli; President, Day Stu- dents ' Organization, 4 RALPH B. GILBERT 1211 Manning Street Leaksville, North Carolina Day Students ' Organization, Veteran Club Vice-Presi- dent, 2; Reporter, Maroon and Gold WILLIAM RICHARD GILLIAM Route 2 Elon College, North Carolina WILLIAM LEE GRAVES Route 1 Burlington, North Carolina Mathematics Students ' Organization muMik HUGH MITCHELL GRAVITT, II Virgilina, Virginia Chemistry Alpha Phi Delta, Nomination Committee 1, Chemistry Club 2,3,4, Secretary and Treasurer 3, President 4, Choir 1, Commencement Marshal 3 CHARLES M. HALL, JR. 2003 North Ashland Drive Burlington, North Carolina CHARLIE GREEN HALL, JR. Route 1, Box 240 Stoneville, N. C. Mathematics Iota Tau Kappa, Secretary 2,3, Pan Hellenic Council 4, Student Council, President 4, E-Men ' s Club 1,2,3,4, Basketball 1,2,3, Baseball 2.3.4, WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES THOMAS GUERRANT HARRIS 209 South Hamilton Street Leaksville, North Carolina English Day Students ' Organization, Maroon and Gold, Trans- fer from University of North Carolina WILLIAM BUNDY HASSELL 507 Forestdale Drive Jamestown, N. C. History and Business Administration Kappa Psi Nu, Student Government Association, Sec- retary-Treasurer 4, Freshman Orientation Committee 4, Maroon and Gold 3, Band 2,3, Commencement Mar- shal 3, Delegate to North Carolina Human Relations Seminar, 4, Transfer from U. N. C. CHARLES WELTON HAWKS, JR. P. 0. Box 193 Churchland, Va. CECIL WATSON HELDRETH Box 342 Elon College, North Carolina BESSIE LORETTA HILLIARD 2315 Glover Road Durham, N. C. Home Economics Homecoming Committee 4, Day Students ' 2, Home Eco- nomics 2,3,4, Program Committee 3, Choir 3, Musical " Pajama Game " 3, Transfer Student from W.C.U.N.C. VICTOR HARVEY HOFFMAN 7439 Elizabeth Road Philadelphia 26, Penn. Philosophy Kappa Psi Nu, Secretary 2, President 4, Stu- dent Legislature 1,2,3, Vice President of the Student Body 3, Entertainment Committee 4, Intramurals 1,2,3, North Carolina Student Legislature, United States Na- tional Student Government Association 3, North State Student Government Association 2,3, Freshman Orienta- tion Committee 3,4, Student Commencement Marshal 3, Student Self Evaluation Committee JAMES HERBERT HORN Veterans ' Apartments Elon College, North Carolina EMILY JANETTE INGE Box 23 Elon College, N. C. English and French Tau Zeta Phi 1,2,3,4, Corresponding Secretary 3, Treasurer 4, Freshman Orientation Committee 2,4, Day Students ' Organization 1,2,4, W. A. A. 1,2,4, May Day 1, Cheerleader 3,4, Secretary 3,4, WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN COLLEGES AND UNIVER- SITIES GLENDA FAYE ISLEY Route 1 Gibsonville, North Carolina Elementary Education Tau Zeta Phi, Day Students ' Organization, Intramural 2,3, Homecoming Sponsor 4, W.A.A. 1,2 LACY WAYNE JONES Bennett North Carolina LARRY SELDEN JORDAN 712 Askew Street Burlington, North Carolina Business Administration Day Students ' Organization JANE DU-REE KECK 2012 South Church Street Burlington, North Carolina Physical Education Tau Zeta Phi, W.A.A. Representative 2,4, W.A.A. 1,2,3,4, Day Students ' Organization 1,2,3,4, Physical Education Majors ' Club 4, Choir 4, Intramural Sports 1,2,3,4, Sec. of Soph. Class 2, Sec. of Senior Class 4, Day Student Sponsor 2, Physical Education Majors ' Club Sponsor 4, Commencement Marshal 3 MARGARET JUNE KIMBALL 187 Durfee Street Southbridge, Massachusetts Elementary Education Ministerial Association 4, Student Christian Associa- tion 3, 4, Dance Committee 3, Band 3,4, Choir 4, Dele- gate from North Carolina to UCCF Uniting Assembly in Columbia, Missouri, Transfer student from Vermont College THE 1961 SENIOR CLASS THE 1961 SENIOR CLASS ROBERT BRUCE KITTENGER Box 695 Elon College, North Carolina Chemistry and Math Alpha Pi Delta, Chemistrj;. Club, Student Affiliate of American Chemical Society RODGER KARL KNAPP 718 4th Street Verona, Penn. AGNES HARRIS KNIGHT Box 102 Reidsville, N. C. JOHN L. KOENIG 1700 Lynnewood Drive Havertown, Penn. History Sigma Phi Beta, Dance Committee, E-Men ' s Club, Elon Players, Maroon and Gold, Football 1,2,3,4, Track 2, Baseball 1,3,4 DONALD L. LAUVER 59 Park Street Harrisburg, Penn. Business Administration Alpha Pi Delta, Pan-Hellenic Council HOWARD Q. L. LITTLE, JR. 914 N. Mebane Stree.t Burlington, N. C. Chemistry Chemistry Club 3.4, Pres. 3, Day Students ' Organization 4, Maroon and Gold 4 SYLVIA BAYLIFF LITTLE 914 N. Mebane Street Burlington, N. C. French and English Day Students ' Organization, Homecoming Sponsor 3,4 WILLIAM B. LINVILLE Box 641 Elon College, N. C. WILLIAM TUGGLE LONG 309 Lamar Street Roxboro, North Carolina Business Administration Sigma Phi Beta, Secretary 4 ALAN LYERLY Salisbury, N. C. Biology and Chemistry Sigma Phi Beta, Chairman Board of Elections BOBBIE DARROW MANESS Box 534 Gibsonville, North Carolina JAMES S. MANESS, JR. Route 1, Box 181 Bear Creek, North Carohna TONY MARKOSKY 1021 E. Pine Street Mahonoy City, Penn. Mathematics JAMES WALTER McCLURE Box 838 Elon College, N. C. CHLOE DEAN McPHERSON Route 6 Burlington, North Carolina Mathematics Day Students ' Organization ROBERT LEE MERCER Box 56 Elon College, North Carolina mMM DORIS KATHLEEN MILES 413 Morehead Street Burlington, North Carolina Elementary Education HELEN EVANS MISENHEIMER 421 Wildwood Lane Burlington, North Carolina French and English HARRY EARL MURRAY, JR. Berlin, Maryland JOHN C. O ' BRIANT Burlington, North Carolina CARL GRAY OVERBY Route 4 Reidsville, North Carolina History Student Council 4, Board of Elections 4, Day Students ' Organization 4, German Club 1,2. ROBERT THOMAS OVERTON 596 Maple Street West Hempstead, New York Physical Education Sigma Phi Beta, President 4, Pan-Hellenic Council President 3, " E " Men ' s Club, Physical Education Ma- jors ' Club, Football 1,2,3,4 LINDSEY PHILIP PAGE Route 3 Burlington, North Carolina Physical Education Day Students ' Organization 1,2,3,4, Physical Education 4, Basketball 1, Intramural Sports 3,4 WILLIAM JOHN PALKOVICS 442 West Grand Street Elizabeth, New Jersey Business Administration Sigma Phi Beta, E-Men ' s Club, Basketball 3,4, Base- ball 3,4, Golf 4, Transfer from Edwards Military Institute WILLIAM WHITFIELD PARHAM 346 Willowood Drive Henderson, N. C. Chemistry Chemistry Club, Band 1 NANCY LACALA PATTERSON Route 4 Burlington, N. C. Physical Education Delta Upsilon Kappa, Sec. 3,4, Day Students ' Organiza- tion, Physical Education Majors ' Club, W.A.A., Athletic Council, Pres. 4, Intramurals 1,2 3,4. JERRY RONALD PAYNE 212 Dare Street Burlington, N. C. LINDA MARIE PENTECOST 2725-A Alamance Road Burlington, N. C. History LEROY PITTMAN, JR. 416 West 8th Street Siler City, N. C. Administration GEORGE CORNELIUS PLATT 1107 Forest Hill Drive High Point, N. C. English Student Senate 2, Dance Committee 3, Chairman 4, Homecoming Committee Chairman 3,4, Liberal Arts Forum 4. LOYD DAVID PLASTER Route 1 Bassett, Va. Business Administration and Economics Kappa Psi Nu, Vice-Pres. 3, Sgt. at Arms 2, Senate 3,4, Senior Class President, Homecoming Committee 3,4, Chairman of the Finance Committee 3,4, Revision of Constitution Committee 4, Intramural Basketball 1,2,3,4, Intramural Football 1,2,3,4, Golf 3,4, Varsity Track 1,2,3,4, North Carolina Student Legislature 4, North State Student Legislature 3,4, WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSI- TIES AND COLLEGES. KENNETH RANDOLPH PRICE 444 Cabell Street Danville, Va. Chemistry Kappa Psi Nu, Lyceum Committee, Chemistry Club, Vice-Pres. 4, Commencement Marshal 3, WHO ' S WHO IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES. ii ' ' o ,; 1 1 P D O HM il THE 1961 SENIOR CLASS THE 1961 SENIOR CLASS MELVILLE L. RATLIFF Route 1, Box 444 Haw River, North Carolina CHARLIE RAYBURN 3920 Krick St. Norfolk, Va. Mathematics Football 1.2,3, Co-Captain 3, May King, Dorm Coun- selor PAMLEY DOFFLEMYER RHODES P. 0. Box 772 Elon College Health and Physical Education Omicron Beta, Day Students ' Organization 1, 1,2,3, Intramurals 1,2.3.4 Beta Treasurer of W.A.A JAMES W. RICH 247 Capital St. Burlington, N. C. CARLTON COLLIE ROBERTS Box 464 Elon College, North Carolina LULA FLORENCE ROBERTS Dolphin, Virginia Health and Physical Education Beta Omicron Beta, Corresponding Secretary 2, Vice- President 3, President 4, Student Senate 1, President of Women ' s Interdorniitory Council 4, Student Christian Association 1, Women ' s Athletic Association 1,2,3,4, Vice-President 3, Sports Editor of Phi Psi Cli 3, Majorette 1,2,3,4, Head Majorette 3,4, Intramurals 1,2, 3,4, Commencement Marshal 3, Freshman Orientation Committee 4, Student Assistant for May Day 3 JUDITH FERREE SAMUELS 2416 Saddle Club Road Burlington, North Carolina Business Administration Tau Zeta Phi, Secretary 3, Vice President 4, Student Senate 3, Homecoming Committee 3, Dance Committee 4, Day Students ' Organization 4, Intramural Sports 2,3,4, Homecoming Sponsor 3, May Day attendant 3, May Queen 4, Cheerleader (alternate) 4, Junior Class Secretary DOUGLAS WAYNE SCOTT 1012 Heath Drive Durham, North Carolina Music Sigma Mu Sigma, Vice President 3, Secretary 4, Student Senate 4, Band 1,2, Choir 1,2,3,4, Vice President 3, President 4, College Quartet 2,3,4, Fresh- man Dorm. Counselor 4, WHO ' S WHO AMONG STU- DENTS IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVER- SITIES 4. VICTOR H. SEAMON, JR. 2827 McKinney Street Burlington, North Carolina ALBURTUS LEROY SMITH 431 West Ocean View Avenue Norfolk, Virginia TEDDY ELIZABETH STANDLEY 2 Stanton Street Wenham, Mass. Elementary Education Beta Omicron Beta, Student Senate 2, Student Affairs Committee, Secretary 2, Student Christian Association 1,2,3,4, Phi Psi Cli Art Editor 3, Co-Editor 4, Women ' s Athletic Association 1,2,4, Homecoming Sponsor 2,4, Commencement Marshal 3. E. B. STANFIELD, JR. 2452 Morningside Drive Turlington, North Carolina J. OLIVER STRICKLAND 710 Russell Avenue Reidsville, North Carolina Business Administration Pi Gamma Mu Honor Society, Day Students ' Organiz tion 1,3,4, Choir 1,3,4 LARRY E. SUMMERS 203 Springwood Court Gibsonville, North Carolina SARA ELLEN SUMMERS Route 1 Gibsonville, N. C. Mathematics Beta Omicron Beta, Recording Secretary 4, German Club 1, Day Students ' Organization 1,2,3, Women ' s Athletic Association 1,2,3,4, Secretary 4, Phi Psi Cli, Sports Editor 4, Intramural Sports 1,2,3,4, Monroe Award 1 TULLIE LINDSAY TAPP Route 1 Efland, North Carolina i Mi ROBERT JAMES TROY 141 E. Holt Street Burlington, N. C. History Pi Gamma Mu Social Science Honor Society 3,4, President 4, 1960 Nominee for Woodrow Wilson Fel- lowship GRADY CLINTON TUCK Box 85 Virgilina, Virginia Physical Education Physical Education Majors ' Club, Track 3. ANN JOYCE VICKERS Elon College North Carolina Elementary Education Tau Zeta Phi, Student Senate reporter 2,3, Pres- ident of Pan-Hellenic Council 2, Maroon and Gold Assistant Editor 2,4, Literary Magazine 2, Asso- ciate Editor of Literary Magazine 2, WHO ' S WHO IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES 4, Commencement Marshal 3, Sophomore Class Home- coming Sponsor 2. EARL WRIGHT VICKERS, JR. Box 102 Elon College, North Carolina Business Administration Alpha Pi Delta, President of Pan-Hellenic Council 3 ESTHER LEE WALKER Route 3 Burlington, North Carolina Mathematics Beta Omicron Beta, Secretary 2,4, Student Affairs Committee, Secretary 4, Homecoming Committee, Secretary 4, Day Students ' Organization 1,2,3,4, Maroon and Gold, Reporter 4, Intramurals 1,2,3,4, May Day 1,2 FLETCHER DENNIS WALTERS 1733 South Scales Street Reidsville, North Carolina Business Administration Day Students ' Organization BEVERLY JEAN WARD Route 1 Rockville, Conn. Religious Education Legislature 2, Honor Council Clerk 3,4, M.A. 1,2,3, Vice President 4, S.C.A. 1,2,3, Religious Life Chair- man 4, German Club 1,2,3, W.A.A. 1,2, Philosophy Club 2, Choir 4, WHO ' S WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES 3, Ministerial Association Spon- sor Homecoming 2, Commencement Marshal 3 LINDA RUTH WAYNICK 508 Dick Street Gibsonville, North Carolina Elementary Education Beta Omicron Beta 3,4, Student Senate 2, May Day 1,2 JACK TAYLOR WARE 308 Duke Street Reidsville, North Carolina Business Administration Day Students ' Organization 3,4 WILLIAM HENRY WEST, JR. Route 5 Henderson, North Carolina Health and Physical Education Sigma Mu Sigma, Honor Council 4, Health and Physical Education Majors ' Club Vice President, Intramural 1,2,3,4 DONALD REID WHITAKER 1521 Granville Street Burlington, N. C. English Day Students ' Organization 1,2,3, Freshman Orienta- tion Committee 2, Transfer from the University of North Carolina BRENDA GAYLE WHITE 407 Laurel Hill Drive Burlington, North Carolina Elementary Education Beta Omicron Beta, Day Students ' Organization, Elon Players SAMUEL WADE WHITE 407 Laurel Hill Drive Burlington, North Carolina Dramatics and English Alpha Psi Omega Honorary Dramatics Fraternity Vice President 3, President 4, Honor Council 2, Elon Players 1,2,3,4, Vice Pres. 3, Pres. 4, Day Students ' Organization 3,4, S.C.A. 1, Most Valuable Elon Player 3, Student Dramatics Director 2,3,4. Young Democrats ' Club 4, Maroon and Gold 3, Choir 1,2, Intramurals 1,2 RANDOLPH MARKS WILLIAMS, JR. Brookwood Apartments Burlington, North Carolina Math and Physics WILLIAM ELBERT WILLIAMS Box 446 Elon College, North Carolina Religious Education Day Students ' Organization r: CECIL LINDSAY WRIGHT P. 0. Box 362 Elon College, N. C. Business Administration iili THE 1961 SENIOR CLASS FROM THE ELON CAMPUS % THE JUNIOR CLASS Mike York President Helen Wright Vice-President Mclver Henderson Secretary-Treasurer m ilflVtHWIii liWHiaiii 1 ■T ' i i p? -am jik r i r Q ' -f ■- ' ' , f " I f 1 1 Adams, Eunice Carol, Turbeville, Va. Allen, Darrell, Burlington, N. C. Allen, Ferebee Jean, 984 Maple St., Henderson, N. C. Apple, Carolyn Faye, Route 1, Gibsonville, N. C. Arner, Howard, Tamaqua, Penn. Avent, Mike Douglas, 211 Courtland Terrace, Burlington, N. C. Averette, Clifton, 509 S. Sellars Mill Rd., Burlington, N. C. Badgett, Joyce Beverly, 408 Fountain PI., Burlington, N. C. Baker, Harrell, 422 Fav Court, Burlington, N, C. Baker, John R., Jr., Carthage, N. C. Barbee, Dexter, Burlington, N. C. Barnes, Edwin, 716 Rainbow Avenue, Burlington, N. C. Barnes, Eugene, 716 Rainbow Avenue, Burlington, N. C. Bayliff, Lay, Burlington, N. C. Bell, Charles Wilson, Altamahaw, N. C. Bennett, Frances, Burlington, N. C. Bilderback, W., Annapolis, Md. Blake, Constance, Stiles Pond, West Boxford, Mass. Bowman, W. B., 1712 Hilton Road, Burlington, N. C. Brady, John, Siler City, N. C. Brittle, Martha Sue, 107 Northbrooke Ave., Suffolk, Va. Bulla, Keith, Burlington, N. C. Garden, Betsy Anne, Route 1, Varina, N. C. Callahan, Horton Caswell, 404 W. Gilbreath St., Graham, N. C. Cheek, Wade, 607 McGee St., Graham, N. C. Christoffersen, A. C, Box G15, Burlington, N. C. Clements, Burl, Richmond, Va. Cobb, Patrick Ross, 207 Alabama St., Spindale, N. C. Conklin, D. W., Route 4, Burlington, N. C. Davenport, Carl Lee, 3 Cedar Avenue, New Haven, Conn. Davis, Fred, 607 Virginia Avenue, Burlington, N. C. Davis, Linda, Sommerbell Avenue, Elon College, N. C. Dawson, L. H., Route 7, Burlington, N. C. Deck, Bill, 1404 East Wyomissing Blvd., Reading, Penn. DeVito, Jack, Stamford, Conn. Yeytis, Paul, Arlington, Va. Dickerson, Gerald Ray, 905 King St., Burlington, N. C. Diggs, William, Hampton, Va. Dortch, Nancy Lee, 3021 Pinehurst Road, Richmond, Va. Ellenburg, D. V., Box 225, Glen Raven, N. C. Ellington, Nancy Irene, Manson, N. C. Elsey, Arthur, 213 North St., Graham, N. C. Engle, Kenneth H., Burlington, N. C. Euliss, Jimmy, 306 South Maple St., Graham, N. C. Faircloth, Doris Carol, 3014 Brechin Rd., Fayetteville, N. C. P5 Faulkner, Bobby, 411 Ashburn Drive, Graham, N. C. Festers, Johnny, BurUngton, N. C. Ferguson, Banner, 2319 Venie St., Liberty, N. C. Fiske, Lorraine Rose, Main St., Montague Center, Mass. Foster, Allen, 1620 Orcutt Avenue, Newport News, Va. Gregory, Patricia Ann, 117 Blake Road, Norfolk, Va. Griffin, John, Yanceyville, N. C. Griggs, James A., Box 391, E ' .on College, N. C. Hair, Robert Norwood, Box 1353, Burlington, N. C. Hardin, Conrad, Burlington, N. C. Foster, Jettie, Box 1141, Burlington, N. C. French, Carolyn Irene, 320 Pettigrew St., Henderson, N. C. Futrell, Charles, Jeffreys St., Graham, N. C. Gordon, Willard, 1005 Dewey St., Greensboro, N. C. Gozjack, John, 446 East Elm St., Tamaqua, Penn. Hammond, Harriet Elizabeth, 7 Law St., Balfour, N. C. Harrison, Henry, 608 Virginia Avenue, Burlington, N. C. Hawks, Dorothy, Fancy Gap, Va. Harding, Hamlet, 110 State St., Emporia, Va. Hardy, Cliff, 16 Henderson Road, Franklin Park, N. J. JUNIORS JUNIORS Harris, Harold, HI Nike St., Burlington, N. C. Harvey, J. D., Burlington, N. C. Henderson, Mclver, 3004 Richfield Drive, Columbia, S. C. Hendricks, James, 1034 Edgewood Avenue, Burlington, N. C. Hepner, Mary Ann. 1379 Anchoi St.. Philadelphia, Penn. Holt, Jerry. 141 East Holt St., Burlington, N. C. Hopkins, Phyllis Ann, Reidsville, N. C. Hovatter, William, Box 218, Yanceyville, N. C. Howerton, Etta, Route 1, Gibsonville, N. C. Hoyle, Bob, 213 Greenwood St., Burlington, N. C. Dickerson, Roy, Burlington, N. C. Hobbs, Rebecca E., 625 Scott Avenue, Greensboro, N. C. Hodgin, Elvin H., 612 Oakgrove Drive, Graham, N. C. Holmes, Jimmy, Route 1, Efland, N. C. Holt, Janice, 406 Circle Drive. Burlington, N. C. Hoyle, Kathryn, 213 Greenwood St., Burlington, N. C. Huey, Paul, Route 1, Elon College, N. C. Hughes, William, 101 Graham St., Mebane, N. C. Ingle, Haywood, 1026 Walnut St., Burlington, N. C. Irvin, S. J., Burkesville, Ky. r©t5» liM .til V 4.- 4 O a Isley, David, Route 2, Reidsville, N. C. Isley, Donald, 405 Peele St., Burlington, N. C. Isley, Ronald, 239 West Hardin St., Burlington, N. C. Jackson, M. J., Jr., Route 2, Box 44, Henderson, N. C. Rendos, James, Burlington, N. C. Jones, Patricia, 1011 Virginia Avenue, Suffolk, Va. Keith, Lillian Joanne, 832 Crescent Drive, Reidsville, N. C. Kelly, John Thomas, Route 4, Henderson, N. C. Kelly, Pat, Burlington, N. C. Keogh, Gary, 140 William St., East Orange, N. J. Johnson, Albert B., Burlington, N. C. Johnson, Alfred G., 1308 Tucker St., Burlington, N. C. Johnson, Graham, Burlington, N. C. Jones, Daniel Webster, Jr., Route 1, Havi ' River, N. C. Jones, James G., Route 1, Louisburg, N. C. Kirkpatriek, Ronald, Burlington, N. C. Kandounas, Maria, Burlington, N. C. LaCoste, Billy, 217 Lee St., Bishopville, S. C. Lee, Joe, Reidsville, N. C. Lemmons, Ruth Ellen, 448 Chapel Hill Road, Burlington, N. C. Leviner, Jimmy Edward, Route 1, Laurel Hill, N. C. Libby, Luther William, 1021 Hillside Avenue, Norfolk, Va. Ling, John, Washington 6, D. C. Lane, Lawrence, Elon College, N. C. Lovell, Robert Thomas, 905 Everett St., Burlington, N. C. Lumpkin, Kenneth, Burlington, N. C. Lyle, A. W., Route 7, Box 458, Burlington, N. C. Maness, Boyce, Burlington, N. C. Marshburn, David, 108 Eastover Avenue, Clinton, N. C. Martin, Jean Raye, Route 2, Box 85, Gibsonville, N. C. Matlock. Nina Marie, Box 486, Elon College, N. C. McArthur, Jerry, 917 South 6th St., Mebane, N. C. McKinnon, Bobby Eugene, Route 6, Burlington, N. C. McPherson, Bernard Alfred, 1718 Hilton Road, Burlington, N. C. Meisel, Larry, Reading, Penn. Miller, Donald B., 221 North Maple St., Graham, N. C. Miller, Ralph, Tamaqua, Penn. Milteer, Richard Lawrence, 4212 Bainbridge Boulevard, South Norfolk 6, Va. Moody, J. Donald, 603 Crestview Drive, Burlington, N. C. Moore, Jack, Greensboro, N. C. f j C s n n r Moorefield, Virginia Mae, P. O. Box 234, King, N. C. More, Frank Ritchie, Jr., 2331 North Underwood St., Arlington 13, Virginia Morgan, Hannah Jane, 401 Rocky Knoll Road, Greensboro, N. C. Morrison, Edwin, Burlington, N. C. Mosher, George H., 254 Main St., Millborn, N. J. Moser, James D., Jr., Burlington, N. C. Munick, John August, Jr., 958 20th St., Newport News, Va. Nail, June Carol, Star, N. C. Nance, Jerry Franklin, 727 East Indian Trail, Martinsville, Va. Neighbors, Sandra Jean, Box 404, Forest City, N. C. Oakes, Thomas, Burlington, N. C. Oliver, Thomas Martin, 1214 Ormer Road, Norolk 6, Va. Patterson, Gayle Elizabeth, Route 4, Burlington, N. C. Perry, Linda, Burlington, N. C. Phillips, J. H., 1236 Collins Drive, Burlington, N. C. Presnell, Wanda Sarah, 328 Hillcrest Avenue, Burlington, N. C. Preston ,Gary, 227 South Melvi ' le St., Graham, N. C. Privette, B. J., Box 622, Hillsboro, N. C. Purdy, Frank Kerr, Jr., 1533 Sherwood Drive, Burlington, N. C. Rankin, Donald John, 721 Alton Road, Miami Beach, Fla. JUNIORS JUNIORS Riddle, Lennie, 724 Magnolia Drive, South Boston, Va. Rosemond, Charles Glenn, III, 204 Edwin Apts., Durham, N. C. Rosser, James Lewis, Route 7, Sanford, N. C. Scoggins, J. N., 625 East Webb Ave., Burlington, N. C. Sears, Thomas Harmon, Jr., Route 1, McLeansville, N. C. Sharpe, George Dwight, Route 2, Snow Camp, N. C. Shull, Fred William, Jr., 801 Lynwood Drive, Burlington, N. C. Simmons, Leonard, Route 6, Burlington, N. C. Simpson, John, Burlington, N. C. Sisson, Richard Bailey, 128 LaSalle Ave., Hampton, Va. Smith, Barbara Elizabeth, Route 3, Virgilina, Va. Somers, Charles Richard, Route 2, Box 195, Greensboro, N. C. Sparkman, Thomas C, 920-16 St., Newport News, Va. Stephenson, Eleanor Ann, 3 Danecroft Ave., Greenville, R. L Stewart, Kimberly, Roanoke, Va. Sutton, Robert, Box 223, Elon College, N. C. Szydlik, Don, Natrona, Penn. Tate, Gienda Jane, Route 2, Elon College, N. C. Tilley, William T., Burlington, N. C. Hardy, Thomas B., Burlington, N. C. I " MmMdA mm msmsm fweism m Thompson, Lou, Route 2, Hillsboro, N. C. Thompson, Mary Zula, 125 East Holt Street, Burlington, N. C. Tsighis, Gabriel James, 365 Wyoming Avenue, Millburn, N. J. Utz, Aubrey Eaton, Jr., Madison, Va. Utz, Robert Edward, Madison, Va. Wells, Freddie, Teachey, N. C. Williams, John, 512 Hillcrest Avenue, Burlington, N. C. Williams, Shirley, 317 Spence Street, Burlington, N. C. Willis, Robert James, Route 2, Box 11, Beaufort, N. C. Wright, Helen Lucile, 312 Arundel Road, Greenville, S. C. Vickers, Delia Marie, P. O. Box 323, Elon College, N. C. Wall, Stephen Douglas, 3711 Oak Grove Ave., Greensboro, N. C. Waters, Al, Box 476, Elon College, N. C. Waters, Shirley, Box 474, Elon College, N. C. Watson, Judith Ann, P. O. Box 315, Hilliard, Fla. Wright, Rufus, 6440 North Church Street, Burlington, N. C. Wright, Sally Jane, 513 Alamance Road, Burlington, N. C. Yates, Lowell Dean, Mayodan, N. C. York, William Mike, Route 2, Ramseur, N. C. THE SOPHOMORE CLASS Donald Terrell President John Currin Vice President Judith Maness Secretary-Treasurer rv » g ,. ., 1 - Abu-Aitah. Nabil Wa Beit Rahar Jordan Burlington, N. C. Allen, Wayne Ogburn Church Street Extension Gibsonville, N. C. Andrews, Graham Lambeth Green Acres, Route 4 Burlington, N. C. Andrew, Dewe Route 1 Snow Camp, N. C. Apperson, Richard 223 Sycamore Aven Newport News. Va Q P 404 Caswell St Burlington, N. Blythe, Joan N 160.5 Sykes Str Elon C ollege, N. C. Breese, Thomas Elwyn 69 North Baldwin Street 1208 Northup Street , Judith Melinda p r cj p pk 1425 Garfield Ro Columbus, N. C. P. O. Box 22 Graham. N. C. Burke. Judy An Reidsville. N. C. Suffolk. Va. 1638 Granville Street Burlington. N. C. Carlberg, Charles Thoma 4006 Buchanan Drive Hampton. Va. Chandler. Mary Lou SOPHOMORES P Q, % f Chinchello, Frederica ■J:UM Stevens Road HaleiKh. N. C. Clary, Dewey Dian Liiwrenceville, Va. Coble. James Floyd Elon College. N. C. Conway. Thomas R Route 1. Box 197 Pelham. N. C. Cook, Kenneth Kipl: Route 3 Hillsboi-o, N. C. 2002 Whitsett Street Burlington, N. C. Crawford. Bobby Eugene Grouse, Rozan .■!20 Clark Street F;iliott, Judith Claire ls:i2 Lansdale Drive I ' harlotte, N. C. Emerson. Robert Bruce. 11 H21 North Inglewood Stre Farrell. Thomas Leasly Douglas Johnson p f p f Mil 1m f Cj P f P O O ( ( r r r ' r Gar Wayr I ' © iilAiililiiii O n " " ■ r " ? Jltti nMll Burlington. N. C. George, L. Lorraine 1548 East 35 Street Brooklyn 34, N. Y. Gilliam, Don Lindley Route 2 Elon College, N. C. Gilliam. Sarah Route 2 Elon College Gladson, Dixie Lee 1400 7th Avenue Conway, S. C. Goodes. Betty Box 725 Elon College. N. C. Gordon, Clyde Walker 1108 West Front Street Burlington, N. C. Gray, Harold A. Pleasant Garden, N. C. Gray, William Allen 46 Kimberly Drive Durham, N, C. Haithcock, Norman Wright Route 2 Hillsboro, N. C. Hall, Milton Davis Box 613 Elon College, N. C. Hall, Walter Grant Box 105 Virgilina, Va. Harmon, Carl Matthew. Jr. P. O. Box 1453 Burlington, N. C. Harper, Jane Margaret 157-60 12 Road Beechhurst 57, N. Y. Hedrick, Richard R. 202 Hilbriten Street Lenoir. N. C. Hernly. David Chapman Hines. Wally Simpson 628 South Mebane Street Burlington. N. C. Hodge. Barry Doyle Burlington. N. C. Hollandsworth, Jerry Lee 205 Cumberland Drive Danville. Va. Holt, John Watson Box 122 Alamance, N. C. Horton. Henry Edwir 7 Emrick Avenue Newport News, Va. Huckabee, Virginia L 915 Pee Dee Avenue Albemarle, N. C. Hulseapple, Daniel Route 1 Middletown, N. Y. James, Sandra Lane 102 Robin Road Jennings, Rezin Bass, Jr 12.3.3 Franklin Street Burlington, N. C. Bar 4226 Presidential Drive Lafayette Hills. Pa. Jerardi, Jack Baltimore. Md. Johnson, Kenneth Frank Route 3 Liberty, N. C. Johnson, Thomas P.. Jr. Liberty, N. C. f! f t o 91? w ite gfM o o l ■ " 1 ' -. rk M fiH Jones. Elinov Burwell P. O. Box 613 South Boston, Va. Jones. Kenneth O ' Brient 4 IB Shoffner Street Burlington. N. C. Kami.e. Donna Southern Hills Rd. York. Penn. Kelley. Roy Dickson King. George Ervin l.HOS Kenwood Drive Burlington. N. C. King. Thomas Preston 804 Pemberton Road Charleston, S. C. Kleeberg. Richard Smith Route 1 Burlington. N. C. Komorowski, George Jose: .■)3E Cherry Street Shenandoah. Pa. Kopp. Edith Margaret 466 Tulip Avenue Floral Park. N. Y. Burlington. N. C. Leach. John Robert Wilkesboro Road Lester, Linda An 507 Redd Street 234 West Penn Street Marshman. James Robert 63 Tamaqua Street Audenried. Pa. Martin. Denise A. 178 Main Street Spencer. Mass. Matthews. Barbara Jane Route 1 Sanford. N. C. May. Edgar Warren. Jr. Box 146 Spring Hope. N. C. McCaskill. Lester G. Box 77 Pinebluff, N. C. McCormick. Gregory R. 99 Bevy Court Brooklyn 29. N. Y. Messick. Jane Mapp 214 West Greenway Falls Church. Va. Milam. Kenneth Edward 1910 Malone Road Burlington. N. C. Miller. Frederick A. 4515 North Front Street Harrisburg. Pa. Erne 541 Tarleton Avenue Burlington. N. C. Myatt. Robert Cornelius 232 West Ruffin Street Burlington. N. C. Oakley, James H Route 2. Box 51 Hillsboro, N. C. Overby, Leatrice Belmont Drive Reidsville, N, C. Route 5, Box 428 Burlington, N. C. igtmMmM 1301 South Church Street Smithfield, Va. Elon College, N. C. Purdy, Dudley Walton Route 2. Box 148 Edgewater. Md. Radcliffe, Rosalie I. Carversville, Pa. Raiser, George John, I 330 Wister Road Wynnewood, Pa. Reid, Barbara Ann 249 South Virginia Av Falls Church, Va. Reynolds, Bradford J. Elon College, N. C. Elon College, N. C. Sandefur, Susan Leona 43 Edgehill Road Birmingham, Ala. Scoggins, James Nester 665 East Webb Avenue Biookhn 2d N Y. SomeT-, Daniel Edward 2737 Ma Diive Builmtton N C. SptiKht W.lham Heni) 9U9 Pennsylvania Aven Suffolk Va Staeblei Baiiv Dougla; SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES i (Tit f C M V W ' " 1- - ' ,l« = ' I J Stanfield, Charles Walker Reirisville. N. C. Stephenson, Carolyn Rebecca 908 Virginia Avenue 43 Charles Street SwiceKood, Carolyn R. Elon College. N. C. Teague, Simon Clay Thomas. Dora Kathryn Thomas, Floyd Ma Charlotte. N. C. Tyndall. Allen, Jr Robert I ewis Route 1. Box 186 Fentress, Va. Warren. Lowell Donnie 328 West Meadow Road Draper. N. C. Watkins. Janet Gay 135 Morningside Drive Winchester, Va. Weeks. Johnny C. 214 Markham Stre Burlington, N. C. Whitley, William ( 309 Georgia Avenu Tarboro, N. C. Falls Church, Va. Wooten. George W. Longwood Park Himlet. N. C. vx vs. TUI N IN " X J5«?J ii u K THE FRESHMAN CLASS Lynn Ryals President Roger Crimson Vice-President Jeanne Lankford Secretary-Treasurer o iL dM i c 9 Q W ' " == 1 ' T f r? r fi i Ji fi 1 i J a ■ 5 W i rti O , c: a o n fl h i i ii r i. O £ 1 1 ii Adkins, Rachel, Box 211, Elon College, N. C. Agner, Larry, 309 Isley Ave., Burlington, N. C. Allen, Gerald, 110 S. Cherry St., Winston-Salem, N. C. Almquist, Robert, 5413 31st St., N. W., Washington, D. Andrews, Harrell, Route No. 2, Liberty, N. C. Andrews, Wallace, Route No. 1, McLeansville, N. C. Atkins, David, 1431 Park Lane, Henderson ,N. C. Artman, Edwin, 212 Bedford Place, Suffolk, Va. Ausley, William, 837 S. Church St., Burlington, N. C. Bailey, Elizabeth, Route No. 1, Gibsonville, N. C. Balanis, George, 336-48 St., Newport News, Va. Ballard, Larry Steve, Spring St., Darlington, S. C. Bare, Paul, 614 El Hatco Drive. Temple, Penn. Barnes, Laura, E. College Ave., Elon College, N. C. Baskervill, Bill, 107 4th St., Blackstone, Va. Bean, Maxine. Route No. 2, Box 315, Granite Falls, N Bell, Raymond, 711 E. Davis St., Burlington, N. C. Bell, Ronnie, Box 157, Leaksville, N. C. Bennett, Linda Jo, 1537 W. Davis, Burlington, N. C Bennett, Wanda Faye, 410 W. Willowbrook Drive, Burlington, Berwind, Judy, 71 Jarvis Place, Lynbrook, N. Y. Biddle, Larry, 101 Wyoming Ave., Dover, Delaware. Blaekwelder, Barbara Jean, 250 W. New York Ave., Southern Pines, N. C. Boerner, Otto, 11 Liberty St., Corinth, N. Y. Bond, Ellen, Route No. 4, Gale ' s Ferry, Conn. Boone, Daniel, Box 63, Moncure, N. C. Booty, Ruby, Route No. 1, Graham, N. C. Bowman, Mac, Rt. 2, Burlington, N. C. Bradsher, David, 510 Clayton Ave., Roxboro, N. C. Brady, Elbert C, Jr., Box 35, Robbins, N. C. Bramlett, James, 1604 Vance St., Reidsville, N. C. Branson, H. Jesse, Route No. 2, Snow Camp, N. C. Broda, Kenneth, 33-14 Nicholson Drive, Fair Lawn, N. J. Brooks, Thomas, 205 Lamar St., Roxboro. N. C. Brown, Carolyn, Route No. 1, Box 8, Troy, N. C. Brown, Ervine, Route No. 1, Brown Summit, N. C. Bryan, Richard, 502 Oakland Drive, Burlington, N. C. Bryant, Judson, 106 Laural Lane, Virginia Beach, Va. Buchanan, Eddie. Box 142, Longhurst, N. C. Burke, Ellen, 208 Wilson St., Graham, N. C. Busch, John, 329 Verona Parkway, Lindenhurst, N. Y. Carnevalino, Frank, 667 DeKalb Pike, King of Prussia, Pen Carr, Harry, Chase Lane, Lincoln, R. L Carter, Peggy, Route No .1, Elon College, N. C. Chandler, Mona, 1404 Granville Street, Burlington, N. C. Cheek, Philip, 523 Uwharrie St., Asheboro, N. C. Chervenie, Barbara, 93 Moffitt Boulevard, Islip, Long Island, N. Y. Ciotola, Nicholas, 135 S. Lexington Avenue, White Plains, N. J. Clark, Bonita, Route No. 3. Everett, Penn. Clayton. Sheldon, Route No. 3. Roxboro, N. C. Clemmer. Frances, 506 Elizabeth St., Durham, N. C. Cobb, Stephen, Route No. 1, Gibsonville, N. C. Cole, Patsy, Route No. 2, South Boston, Va. Coleman, Robert. Route No. 6, Reidsville, N. C. Coopersmith. Ethan, 3101 Aberfoyle Place, N. W., Washington, D. C. Cowall, Wendy, 3119 Garrison St., N. W., Washington, D. C. Crandall, Thomas James, Box 27, E. Sonoca Ave., Canastota, N. Y. Creed, James, 803 Perrymont Ave., Lynchburg, Va. Crowder, Billy, Clarksville, Va. Crumpler, John, Elon College, N. C. Crutchfield, Birdie, Summerhill Ave., Elon College, N. C. Cumming, Anne, 24 North Third Ave., Taftville, Conn. Danieley, Glenda Faye, Route No. 4, Burlington N. C. Davis, Jackie, Durham, N. C. Davis. Carolyn. Route No. 2, Garland, N. C. Diaz, George, 19 Knolhvood Ave., Douglaston, N. Y. Dickerson, John, Route No. 2, Roxboro, N. C. Dill, Arlene, 19 Tanglewood Rd., Catonsville, Md. Ditzel, Robert, 319 Stockton, Roselle, N. J. Dixon, Nancy, Box 514, Elon College, N. C. Dodson, Peggv, Route No. 2, Liberty, N. C. Dodson, Rachel, Route No. 1, Elon College, N. C. Downs, John, 5228 Sylvester St., Philadelphia, Penn. Draughn, Joy, Route No. 3, Graham, N. C. Dunn, Carolyn, 1722 Malen Rd., Burlington, N. C. Erlandson, Roy, 495 Victor St., Saddle Brook, N. J. Evans, Nancy, 131 White Oak Drive, Henderson, N. C. Faucette, Carolyn, Box 13, Brown Summitt, N. C. Faulkner, Jerry, 313 Baldwin Rd., Burlington, N. C. Fidler, Clarence, 805 S. 12th St., Lebanon, Penn. Fisk, Peter, North St., Montague, Mass. Flemming, John, 1025 Livingston Ave., South Norfolk, Va. Foley, Sara, Box 151-A, Stoneville, N. C. Foskett, Shirley, Box 29, Lynnhaven, Va. Friddle, Linda, Box 327, Whitsett, N. C. Fritts, Jane, 1514 Academy St., Winston-Salem, N. C. Gann, Taylor, 410 Atwater, Burlington, N. C. Garrison, JoAnne, 4 Crystal Parkway, Virginia Beach, Va. Gordon, Paisley, 114 Elgin Place, Greensboro, N. C. Crimson, Roger, 3313 Devon Rd.. Durham, N. C. 1 I P P Ci 1- ts gt,k g i p ' L vCj O P P n p dkt kdm i £ Mk % £ © % H 1l i. fs l f e) dk J n 1 2 h 2 ?) M. •? m r. il£.f m p. a .. i i; £ Grissom, Judy, 1176 S. Thomas St., Arlington, Va. Grom, K. W., West Fulton, N. Y. Grose, Milton, Box 49, Raniseur, N. C. Guthrie, Don, 133 West Pine, Graham, N. C. Haith, Angele, Elon College, N. C. Haizlip, Doris, Altamahaw, N. C. Hale, Linda, 605-25th St., Virginia Beach, Va. Hall, Danny, Route No. 1, Stoneville, N. C. Hamill, James, 2129 Woodlawn Ave., Glenside, Penn. Hardesty, Margaret, 8003 Kerry Lane, Chevy Chase, Md. Harris Kaye, Ellis Rd., Box 231, Durham, N. C. Harward, Charles N., Box 216, Elon College, N. C. Hazlewood, R. Weldon, Box 228, Kenbridge, Va. Hedrick, Craig, Route No. 3, Lexington, N. C. Hernandez, Ada, 1117 Walnut, Greensboro, N. C. Hettel, Gail, 400 Hampton Roads Ave., Hampton, Va. High, Christina, 1910 Lyon Rd., Fayetteville, N. C. Hill, Carole, 35 Lexington Ave., Pulaski, Va. Hill, Jack, 808 Elwell, Greensboro, N. C. Hilliard. Mell, 1114 Ehvood St., Burlington, N. C. Hilliard, Raymond Williams, 2303 Thoroughgood Drive, Bayside, Va. Hobart, Nancy, 5110 Manning Place, Washington, D. C. Hoover, Ralph, Jr., 822 W. Front St., Statesville, N. C. Harnsberger, Becky, 1 Tip Cart Road, Washington, D. C. Howell, Joyce, 519 Jones St., Suffolk, Va. Hudson, Judy, 3-E Sunchan St., Fort Bragg, N. C. Hudson, Connie, Elon College, N. C. Hughes, Ann, Box 605, Elon College, N. C. Humphrey, Sue, Route No. 7, Burlington, N. C. Huntzinger, Barry Dean, 125 Walnut St., Creeona. Penn. Hurt, Tony, 303 Raymond Ave., McLean, Va. Hyde, Paul, 6925 N. Ashland, Chicago 26, HI. Hyman, Lawrence, HOG Cabell St., Lynchburg, Va. Iseley, Dennis, Route No. 4, Burlington N,. C. Ivey, Alice, 163 Tarleton Ave., Burlington, N. C. Jenkins, Don, 204 Springwood Drive, Burlington, N. C. Jessup, Jimmy, Route No. )., Julian, N. C. Johnson, A. R., Box 58, Elon College, N. C. Johnson, Berta Faye, Box 175, Silver City, N. C. Johnson, Doug, 631 Valley Drive, Bristol, Va. Johnson, Lewis, Route No. 6, Burlington, N. C. Johnson, Susan, Liberty, N. C. Jones, Rachel, 640 S. Mani, Graham, N. C. Jones, Judith, 702 S. Barton St., Arlington 4, Va. Jordon, Donald, Route No. 1, Burlington, N. C. FRESHMEN FRESHMEN Jordon, Marsha. 1548 Cypress Drive, Henderson, N. C. Kaiser, Judv. 2216 Lake Osborne Drive, Lake Worth, Fla. Kidd. Jimmy, Bennett, N. C. Riser, Joyce, Route No. 2. Seagrove, N. C. Klesmer.Mike, 1109 Wickham Ave., Newport News, Va. Klipfel, Judi, 912 Kenmore St., Asheboro, N. C. Kopp, Patti, 429 Walton Rd., Maplewood, N. J. Kraycirik, Milan, 821 Dillard Circle, Burlington, N. C. Lackey, June, 2907 S. Mebane St., Burlington, N. C. Lane, Fred, 1326 Whitsett St., Burlington, N. C. Lankford, Jeane, Box 253, Elon College, N. C. Laslev, Jim. 1503 Granville, Burlington, N. C. LeRov, Bonnie, 714 S. 22nd St., Arlington, Va. Little, Cameron, 935 Washington St., Roanoke Rapids, N. C. Litton, Sam, Box 198, Salem, Va. Lloyd, George, 105 Globe, Sanford, N. C. Loewus, Catherine, 21 Bassett St., Fort Bragg, N. C. Lowe, Carole, Route No. 1, Burlington, N. C. Luby, Bill, 53 Greenfield St., Wethersfield 9, Conn. Maness, Waylon, Route No. 1, Bennett. N. C. Mason, Judy, 807 Anthony St., Burlington. N. C. Masten, Tom, 106 Morgan St., Roxboro, N. C. Mattingly, Grayson, 7628-17th St., North West Washington 12, D. C. McArver, Eddie, Box 514, Charlotte, N. C. McCann, Lucia Lee, 125 Intervale, Mountain Lakes, N. J. McCauley, Geraldine, Box 463, Waverly, Va. McCoIluni. John, Route No. 5, Reidsville, N. C. McDuffie, Tyrone, Box 289, Lumberton, N. C. McKeel, WiUiam, Powellsville, N. C. McLaughlin, Ruth, 701 Speyer Ave., Monaca, Penn. Michael, Charles Archer, 327 Franklin St., Bel Air, Md. Mikell, Hinson Lebby, Box 321, Charleston, S. C. Miller, Ronald, 66620 Juniper Rd., Lakesville, Ind. Mitchell, Sarah, Route No. 1, Elon College, N. C. Mizelle, Ralph, 121 Tunlington, Rd., Suffolk, Va. Moffitt, Edward, 534 Crescent Ave., Glenside, Penn. Moize, Flonnie, Gibsonville, N. C. Moore, Sandra, Route No. 1, Timberlane, N. C. Morningstar, Bill, 1114 Ash St., South Boston, Va. Morris, Doris Ann, Box 69, Standersville, Va. Morton, Edna, 100 Cross St., Burlington, N. C. Motley, Sarah, Box 42, Elon College, N. C. Murphy, Robert, Riverside Drive, Wincester A.nnapolis, Md. Murray, Geralene, Route No. 1, Hillsboro, N. C. Murray, Henry, Route No. 2, Snow Camp, N. C. li n ■ o 1 £ M 1 Jl ilk § rr f fn f a f fy A 1 n c - ' n f) ' ' A le r:- a ' P r a ,Q ft o Murray, Sonny, Box 62, Virgilina, Va. Murray, Richard, 3011 Alamance Rd., Burlington, N. C. Myrick, Darrell, 812 Johnson St., Reidsville, N. C. Nail, Jeannie, 18 DeHart Place, Elizabeth, N. J. Neal, Briggs, 233 Academy St., Madison, N. C. Neese, Charles, 811 Lynwood Drive, Burlington, N. C. Newsome, Dava, 505 E. Cumberland St., Dunn, N. C. Nichols, Calvin, 117 Smith Circle, Mt. Airy, N. C. O ' Hara, Hugh, 904 Park Ave., Falls Church, Va. Pagliarulo, Phil, 1606 Second St., Natrona Heights, Penn. Parker, Caroline, 238 Pinner St., Suffolk, Va. Parker, David, 721 Fix St., Burlington, N. C. Parry, James, Pioneer Ave., Trucksville, Penn. Paschal, Wilbert, Route No. 1, Reidsville, N. C. Paska, Charles, 5021 S. 25th St., Arlington, Va. Patterson, Pat, 1102 Page Ave., Virginia Beach, Va. Patterson, Robert, 312 W. 5th St., Burlington, N. C. Fatten, Patricia, Box 303, Gibsonville, N. C. Pennington, Dale, 408 Honiewood Ave., Burlington, N. C. Perdue, Kenneth, Route No. 4, Burlington, N. C. Perkins, Allyn, P. O. Cornwall Bridge, Warren, Conn. Petty, Edward, Box 221, Pittsboro, N. C. Pitts, Joe, 202 Grover St., Winston-Salem, N. C. Powell, Melinda Ann, Box 205, Fuquay Springs, N. C. Presnell, Gayle, 328 Hillcrest Ave., Burlington, N. C. Pruitt, Kenneth, Route No. 2, Ruff in, N. C. Pugh, Marie, Burlington, N. C. Pulliam, Albert, 514 Gordon St., Roxboro, N. C. PuIIiam, James, 100 Margant St., Spray, N. C. Pulliam, Joan, 507 Stokes Rd., Graham, N. C. Rayfield, Larry, 348 N. Maple St., Graham, N. C. Reed, John, 114 Rodgers Rd., Fairfax, Va. Reeder, Monilee, 16 Middlesex Rd., Newport News, Va. Ritchie, Larry, Duke Power Village, Draper, N. C. Roach, Polly, Route No. 3, Axton, Va. Robbins, Jim, Route No. 2, Snow Camp, N.C. Roberson, Charles Thomas, Burlington N. C. Roberts, Earl, Vance St. Extension, Reidsville, N. C. Robinson, Paul, 300 Sunniholme Drive, Fairfield, Conn. Rogers, Harold, Route No. 1, Snow Camp, N. C. Roth, David, Stratford Rd., Harrison, New York Routten, Emily, 217 Eummings Ave., Phoeleus, Va. Russ, Tommy, Shallotte, N. C. Russell, Dianne, 2302 Omah St., Durham, N. C. Ryals, Lynn, 717 Edith St., Durham, N. C. Ryerson, Joya, Box 801, Litchfield, Conn. Safford, Donna, X-814 Trent Court, New Bern, N. C. Salmon, Wade, 221G Young St., Burlington, N. C. Sawyer, Wallace, 6 Wondew Place, Portsmouth, Va. Schaefer, William, 35 Mapletree Ave., Stamford, Conn. Schindel, Mary,. 1702 Fairview Boulevard, Winston-Saleni, N. C. Schneider, David, 712 Berry St., Falls Church, Va. Schucker, Larry, 2601 Johnstown, Norfolk, 6, Va. Score, Christine, Route 3, Box 434, Williamsburg, Va. Secrist, Philip, Jr., Box 16, Elkton, Va. Seidenspinner, David, 342 Lakeshore Drive, Massapequa, New York. Side, Arlene, 1103 Delmar Ave., Franklin Square, L. L New York. Simons, William, Route No. 2, Holland, Va. Siner, Herb, 405 Maplewood Ave., Merion Station, Penn. Slaughter, Barbara, 2210 Overbrook Drive, Greensboro, N. C. Smith, Cleveland, 354 Florence St., Fall River, Mass. Smith, Nelson, 1601 Church St. Extension, Martinsville, Va. Smith, Wayne, Route No. 1, Burlington, N. C. Smith, Pete, Meramar Inn, West Palm Beach, Fla. Smitherman, Bernard, Box 53, Boonville, N. C. Soloman, Norma, Burlington, N. C. Sovinsky, Stephen, 625 Rosewood Ave., Roselle, N. J. Spangler, Pat. 404 Le.xiiigton Drive, Silver Spring, Md. Spicer, Ray, Box 161, 23 Main St., Talcottville, Conn. Stanforth, Ann, 11 Woodland Drive, Plandome, N. Y. Stanley, Latham, Box 189, Shallotte, N. C. Staylor, Kay, 611 Virginia Ave., Suffolk, Va. Stevens, Jo Ann, Box 31E, Williamsburg, Va. Surratt, David, 216 Gurney St., Burlington, N. C. Swift, Gene, Route No. 1, Elon College, N. C. Swinney, Lynda Arleen, Route No. 2, Fries, Va. Tadlock, Charles, 904 " D " St., Baltimore 9, Md. Tart, Willie, 402 S. Layton Ave., Dunn, N. C. Terrell, Paul Eugene, II, 1625 Granville St., Burlington, N. C. Thies, Mariana, Box 202, Mebane, N. C. Tickle, Bettie, Burlington, N. C. Thompson, Demus L., 204C Veteran ' s Apartments, Elon College, N. C. Thompson, Jerry, Route No. 2, Lexington, N. C. Thompson, Jerry, Route No. 2, Graham, N. C. Trageser, Carol, Box 95, Arnold, Md. Trask, Allen, 396 Huntington Ave., Hyde Park 36, Mass. Tucker, Jim, 206 Jupiter St., Lynnhaven, Va. Turner, Richard, 317 Kernodle Drive, Burlington, N. C. Upchurch, Sandra, Box 303, Elon College, N. C. Vaughn, Wallace, 1102 S. Garnett St., Henderson, N. C. d Pi j B f . t (T- C . „rt O (- e ,r- P ' f! p o f o p p i P Pi o !r5 c ?5 ?) ri ' •.1 O Cj .- O ft O ■:- ' .- ?5 r n A A P a a ?5 Ward, Charles, 145 Valley Rd., Southern Pines, N. C. Ward, Linwood, Box 320, McLeansville, N. C. Ward, Robert, 332 Market St., Burlington, N. C. Watson, John, 7911 Woodall Rd., Norfolk, Va. Webster, Aileen, Route No. 1, New Hill, N. C. Welborn, Donna, 311 Solon St., Winston-Salem, N. C. Welch, Stephen, 1017 Sunset Drive, Asheboro, N. C. Wells, Barbara, Route No. 1, Elon College, N. C. West, Bruce, 2113 Randall Drive, Burlington, N. C. Wetsel, Betty, 223 Watson Drive, Burlington, N. C. White, Gene, Box 35, Shallotte, N. C. White, Ralph Thomas, Box 258, Kinston, N. C. Whitehouse, Shelby, T-511 Apartment 3, Ft. Monroe, Va. Wilburn, Sonny, 323 Caswell, Burlington, N. C. Wilder, Reid, 5200 Lake Side Drive, Virginia Beach, Va Wilder, Bill, Box 483, Asheboro, N. C. Wiley, Ken, 155 Lexington St., Westwood, N. J. Williams, Davis, Southampton Drive, Franklin, Va. Williamson, Faye, 110 Austin St., Sanford, N. C. Wise, Ed., 2583 Mayfair Rd., Akron 12, Ohio. Woodruff, Kenneth, 508 Grove St., Wilson, N. C. Woodward, Brenda, East Berkshire, Vermont. Wooten, Portia, Box 51, Hamlet, N. C. Wrenn, Gene, 144 Harleton Ave., Burlington, N. C. Wright, Glenda, 2510 Sylvan, Greensboro, N. C. Wright, Carolyn, 513 Alamance Rd., Burlington, N. C . Wyrick, Nancy, Box 410, Greensboro, N. C. York, Diane, Box 172, Ramseur, N. C. Young, Nancy, Angier, N. C. Young, Robert, 42 Burtis Ave., Oyster Bay, New York FRESHMEN KSSotSi . ■ ' V .. ' ' «K c2anaHMi ; 8iP s r- % ., , |[ H m j H tj Vd fm- i ■ — ' iM frrifinH t -.., , .- »fe,,«mii» , s - fe jj JIa ; u LAUGHTER W-J s . s?, f, K«, ? : . ,» ' -. - First Kow: Manager Foy Grouse, Garrie Warren, Tony Markosky, Marvin Crowder, Wayne Mahanes, Tom Breese, Doug Foley, Mike Little, Jim Short, Burle Clements, Steve Ballard, Eddie McArver, Kenneth Cooke, ' :f ' S Don Guthrie, Billy LaCoste, Manager Robert Walden. Second Row: Trainer Bob Boyette, Don Miller, Sam Lit- ton, Bob Overton, Gene Stokes, Jim McClure, John Dal- cin, Ronnie Bell, Freddie Wells, Tom King, George Koni- Rayburn Boyette owsky, Frank Ciamellu, Willi,- Tart, Tyrone McDuffie, Yates, Don Szydlik, Joe Berdn h, Howard Arner, Juhii iorge Wooten. Third Row: Phil Secrist, Charles Strigo, Gozjack, Ralph Hoover, Ralph Miller, Charles Rayburn, 11 Faries, Jim Moore, Paul Bare, Cameron Little, Dean Albert Frieze. Coach Mattocks Head Coach Tucker CO Elon 19 Elon 13 Elon 8 Elon Elon 13 Elon 6 Elon 7 Elon Elon 6 SCHEDULE Guilford College 7 Appalachian State 33 East Carolina College 14 University of Tampa 30 Catawba 12 West Carolina College 41 Newberry College Lenoir Rhyne 14 Presbyterian 32 Jug Irvin Dewey Andrev Bill Morningstar a I ' M t Leroy Myers Baseball Schedule March 23— Hampden-Sii March 26— W. and L. 1 March 27— Williams, he March 28— Williams, he March 29— Rensselaer. 1 Apri 3 — Fort Lee, away. 4 — Fort Lee, away. 5 — Hampden-Sidney, April April April home IDH) II— Guilford, away. 12 — Catawba, home. 13 — Lenoir Rhyne, home. 14— Norfolk Div.. home. April 15— West Carolina, home I April 18 — Lenoir Rhyne. away. April 19— High Point, away. April 21 — Appalachian, away. April 22— Pfeiffer. home. April 25— A. CO., home. April 27— Guilford, home. Wayne Mahanes 29— Catawba, away. 3 — East Carolina, home. 5 — Pembroke, away (DH) 9— Pfeiffer. away. 10 — High Point, home. 12— East Carolina, away. 13— A.C.C., away. 17— Appalachian, home. Mike Little Jerry Pike Charles Maidon - The players, pictured left to right, are as follows: Front manager. Back Row — Coach Jack Sanford, Jerry Tillman, Row — Roger Knapp, Danny Hall, C. G. Hall, Jerry Pike, Phil Cheek, John VanBenSchoten, Jerry Drake, Ted Milton Grose and Leroy Myers. Second Row — Steve Eanes, Charlie Maiden, Eddie Clark, John Koenig and Wall, Wayne Mahanes, Mike Little, Steve Welch, Roy Billy Holder, Manager. Erlandsen, Jimmy Holmes, Jim Leviner and Bob Utz, John D. Sanford, Athletic Director . J B Sr ' ■ i« I e HSS ffl,® S " vy Q ' TH r OPPORTUNITY Teddy Standle.v, Ruth Lemmons Co-Editors (PL(P Nancy Withers Adviser Dorothy Hawks Becky Hobbs Judy Watson Class Editors Don Terrell Organization Editor iz William Cordes II Assistant Editor Robert C. Baxter Adviser Martha Brittle Betsy Garden Jimmy Rosser, Sue Fisk Copy Editors " " «PV MAROON Ed Boelte Assistant Editor Doris Faircloth Editor-in-chief The Maroon and Gold is the school newspaper which is published bi-week- ly. This year the paper has done an outstanding job of reporting the news at Elon. Of especial enjoyment were the columns of Doris Faircloth, Ann Vickers, Don Terrell, and Ed Boelte. Each in his own style gave his respec- tive views of happenings on the college campus. AND GOLD Don Terrell Assistant Editor Ann Vickers Assistant Editor Mr. Luther Byrd, adviser for the paper, has done his usual competent work in organizing and illustrating the paper. The paper is printed on the college campus by press operator Grant Hall. The equipment for printing is located in the east end of South Hall. THE ELGIN n We in the audience of a fine play are apt to for- get all the work that goes into the making of a production. We are indebted this year to Mr. Ray Day and student director Mr. Sam White for their work. We must also give credit to those behind the scenes workers who really displayed their talents in the lighting effects for The Christmas Stranger. The scenes on the following page are from A COOL YULE, THE CHRISTMAS STRANGER, and THE DOCTOR IN SPITE OF HIMSELF. First row, left to right: Roger Bednariek, Gary Keogh, Shirley Foskett, Connie Blake, Jane Morgan. Second row: Rosalie Radcliffe, Margie Reynolds, Jane Lester, Carol Tregesor. Third row: Victor Hoffman, Paul Yentis, Tony Markosky, David Edmon- son, Tom Kelly, Don Terrell. Fourth row: Richard Milteer, Sam White, Bill Troutman. PLAYERS CHEERLEADERS Left to Right, First Row: Delia Marie Vickers, Dian Clary, Phyllis Hopkins. Second Row: Eleanor Smith, Judy Samuels, Jo Ann Keith, Helen Wright. Third Row: Linda Combs, Harriet Hammond, Jeanette Inge. MAJORETTES Throughout the year the Cheerleaders and Majorettes are instrumental in keeping our school spirit alive. Their lead- ership in cheering our teams on to victory is important and is greatly appreciated by all. Lula Roberts Head Majorette Left to Right: Lula Roberts, Nancy Evans, Susan Sanderfur, Linda Hale. BAND DIRECTOR Mr. Patrick Johnson Equipped with uniforms in the college colors, the Elon College Band, under the able direction of Mr. Pat- rick Johnson, has supplied music and entertainment for various school functions. The Band this year, as in the past, was instrumental in keeping up the Elon spirit. ELON COLLEGE BAND ELON COLLEGE CHOIR Director CHARLES LYNAM Choir President DOUGLAS SCOTT The Elon College Choir is composed of students from both the Department of Music and the College at large who enjoy choral singing. Outstanding programs given during the year by the group include the presentation of the " Messiah " at Christmas, the Easter program, and other programs of sacred music. Choir programs include numbers by the entire group and solos by individual members. First row: Pat .Jones, Patricia Crews, Dava Newsome, Susan Sandefur, Barbara Matthews, Gala Lambeth, Su- zanne Myers, Shirley Foskett, Roni George, Jo Ann Garrison, Martha Brittle, and Doris Morris. Second row: Jean Nail, Melinda Powell, Barbara Jenson, Dixie Glad- son, Geraldine McCauley, Jane Keck, Beverly Ward, Denise Theodore, Connie Blake, Sandy Neighbors, Caro- lyn French, and Margaret Kimball. Third row: Doug Scott, Richard Sisson, Tom Brady, Dave Edmondson, Hin- son Mikell, William Whitley, John Fleming, and Dick Apperson. CHEMISTRY CLUB Officers Ken Price Hugh Gravitt Tommy Sears The Chemistry Club is com- posed of students who are interested in chemistry. At regular meetings speakers and reports of student and fac- ulty research are presented. Many members of this group are affiliates of the Ameri- can Chemical Society. The group constantly seeks knowl- edge concerning chemistry. Left to right : Professor Roy Epperson, Lin Puckett, Fred Shull, Howard Little, Jim Davenport, Hugh Gravitt, Walter Bass, Lee Mullis, Ken Price, Bill Parham, Henry Horton, Carson Smithwick, Robert Kittenger, Tommy Sears, and Dr. Paul Clieek. Front row: Larry Smith, Jimmy Rosser, Wayne Gardner, and Martha Brittle. Second row: Dan Hulseapple, Lee McCann, Dr. Ferris Reynolds, Margaret Kimball, and Allen Tyndall. Third row, seated: Judy Mason, Bonnie Clark, John Fleming, and Becky Harnsberger. Fourth row: Rosalie Radcliffe Connie Blake, Floyd Thomas, Mary Ann Hepner, and Betsy Carden. Fifth row: Bob Saunders. Beverly Ward, Ed Petty, Richard Milteer, and John Downs. MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION The Ministerial Association includes those members of the student body who plan to enter the Christian ministry, religious education, social service, or medical missions. Weekly meetings utilize discus.sions and practice-preaching to help prepare the prospective minister for his service. Among the service and field projects undertaken by the group are sending out groups to work with the youth of the churches of the Southern Convention and assisting in weekly worship services at the Congregational Christian Home for Children. Dr. Ferris E. Reynolds Adviser DAY STUDENTS The Day Students ' Organization is composed of those students who commute from surrounding areas. The organization serves to bring its member together in order to promote their interests in student and social affairs. Day students are active in all aspects of Elon College life. WilUam Wilburn Treasurer Danny Gee President James Brannock Vice-president First row, left to right: Pat Cobb, Billy LaCoste, Jerry Pike, Jerry Drake. Second row: Bob Overton, Jack Moore. Bob Boyette, W. H. West, Dean Yates, Ken Cook. Third row: Tom Breese, Robert Utz, Lennie Riddle, Jerry Tillman, Dick Purdy, Eddie Burke, Eddie Clark, Mac Fisher, Jim Leviner. E MEN ' S CLUB Composed of those students who have earned letters for participation in intercollegiate athletic organization at Elon College. Members of this club render a service to the school by handling the internal affairs at the ball games. PHYSICAL EDUCATION MAJORS ' CLUB Those students who are majoring in physical educa- tion have organized the Physical Education Majors ' Club. Among the many successful projects spon- sored by the group this year was the Recreational Car- nival. Dr. John D. Sanford Adviser First row, left to right: C. G. Hall, Burl Clements, Billy LaCoste, Jerry Pike, Steve Wall. Second row: Jim Moore, Tony Markosky, Charlie Rayburn, Don Szydlik, Bob Over- ton, Eddie Clarii. Third row: John Koenig, John Van Benschoten, John Gozjack, Ken Cook, Dean Yates, Tom King, Roger Knapp. Fourth row: Jerry Drake, Jerry Tillman, Eddie Burke, Joe Berdosh, Garry Warren. mjimimiim.m. i WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION The Womens ' Athletic Association includes all women students interested in promoting sports on the campus. The program of this group offers a variety of interesting activities in which women may participate. Mrs. Jeanne Griffin, women ' s athletic director, works with the officers and students in carrying out a well-rounded program. OFFICERS, First row, left to right: Lacala Patterson, president: Sara Summers, secretary; Nancy Ellington, vice president; Judy Burke, reporter; Second row: Judy Maness, treasurer; Mrs. Jeanne Griffin, sponsor. Beta Chi Epsilon is a sorority for those students in the department of business education. The organization provides programs of professional interests, sponsors field trips, and is a means for social contacts among students. BIE Professor Frances Longest Adviser The Alpha Chapter of Pi Gam- ma Mu, national social science honor society, gives recognition to those Elon College students who attain distinction in the social sciences. One of its purposes is to foster the study of the social sciences. irrM Front row, left to right: Jeff McDuffie, Dr. H. H. Cunningham, Robert Troy, Mary Ann Hepner, J. 0. Strickland. Second row: Professor Robert Baxter, Danny Gee, Conrad Hardin, Daniel Jones, James Dunn, Don Rankin, Professor Gilbert Latham, Professor Ray Day, Dr. Konstantinas A Front Row, left to right: Rosalie Radcliffe, Margie Reynolds, Don Terrell, Jane Morgan, Roger Bednarick. Back Row: Victor Hoffman, Richard Milteer, Sam White, Bill Troutman, Tom Kelly. AYJl students who are outstanding in campus dramatic productions are invited to join the local chap- ter of the national honor fra- ternity, Alpha Psi Omega. Pro- grams of the group lead to wider experiences in the theater for members. THE DANCE COMMITTEE Front row, left to right: Dian Clary, Jane Christie, George Piatt, Shirley Foskett. Back row: John Williams, Diz Diaz, T. C. Brooks, Bruce Emerson. The Dance Committee is responsible for planning and making the necessary arrangements for the major dances on campus. This year the group has coordinated such suc- cessful dances as the Homecoming, Christmas and May Day Dances. ENTERTAINMENT COMMITTEE . " " kl r — d m £ ' 1 " " A m m IP H h 1 jk r ' m m i 1 B ■ ■1 lkJ.,.L .-.i„ 1 Victor Hoffman, Earl Murray, Roger Bednarick The entertainment committee is appointed by the president of the student body for the purpose of planning varied activities of inter- est for campus and commuting students. An important responsi- bility of the committee is the selection of the movies which are shown in Whitley Auditorium each Friday evening. HOMECOMING COMMITTEE The Homecoming Committee co- ordinates plans for campus dis- plays, the annual parade, half-time activities at the game and other special activities for the festive homecoming weekend. It assists the Dance Committee in making such important decisions concern- ing the Homecoming Dance as theme, band, decorations and attire. Front row, left to right: Pat Jones, Shirley Foskett, Deanna Braxton, Esther Walker, Jane Christie. Back row: John Williams, Bruce Emerson, George Piatt, Danny Gee, Don Terrell. PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL The Pan-Hellenic Council strives to promote harmony and better understanding between the fraternities and sororities at Elon College. The council is composed of one representative from each social club on campus. Among the annual projects of the group are the Christmas party for the children at the Congregational Christian Home for Children and the planning of the rush periods and bid-weekends. First row, left to right: Ruth Lemmons, Beta Omicron Beta; Barbara Smith, Pi Kappa Tau; Deanna Braxton, Delta Upsilon Kappa; Helen Wright, Tau Zeta Phi. Back row: C. G. Hall, Iota Tau Kappa; Don Lauver, Alpha Pi Delta; John Clayton, Sigma Phi Beta; Tom Carlberg, Kappa Psi Nu. ill Professor John Graves Adviser 1 XT " - W !. ' • - n c c r. c o mth First row: Mike Avent, Walter Bass, Bill Bilderback, Robert Burts, John Currin, Jerry Drake. Second Row: Harold Gray, Grant Hall, Jimmy Jones, Ken Lumpkin, Bob McKinnon, Earl Miller. Third row: Dick More, Lin Puckett, Dudley Purdy, Don Rankin, Lennie Riddle, Tom- my Russ. Fourth row: Tommy Sears, Fred Shull, Robert Utz, John Ward, W. H. West. % Ia Mrs. John Kittenger Adviser First row: Glenda Baumgarner, Carolyn A. Crowder, Lorraine Fiske, Millie Fletcher. Second row: Carolyn French, Mary Anne Hepner, Etta Howerton, Linda Perry. Third row: Barbara Smith, Eleanor Smith, Eleanor Stephenson, Janet Watkins. .. Professor David Fee Adviser First row: Robert Bialousz, Hugh Gravitt, John Griffin, Robert Kittenger. Second row: Don Lauver, Gordon Lee, Carter Nute, Charles Somers, Jr. Third row: Paul Sobel, Earl Vickers. Mrs. Vivian Florance Adviser H feS k H H t First row: Carolyn Apple. Chailesanna Briggs, Mary Standley, Sara Summers, Kathryn Thomas, Esther Glenn Briggs, Linda Butler, Sylvia James. Second Walker, Julia Walker. Fourth row: Linda Wayniek, row: Barbara Jensen, Ruth Lemmons, Leatrice Over- Brenda White, by, Pamley Rhodes, Lula Roberts. Third row: Teddy Professor Gary Mattocks Adviser V o f T?AU jg : f roi ,C Cj ' -. J Cj " " " Ip . rM First row: Eddie Burke, Eddie Clark, Pat Cobb, Doug- las Foley, C. G. Hall. Second row: Hamlet Hardinp, S. J. Irvin, George Komorowski, Joe Lee, Jim Leviner. Third row: William Libby, Charlie Maidon, Tony Mar- kosky, Donald Miller, Jerry Osborn. Fourth row: Frank Purdy, Charles Rosemond, Jim Short, Robert Walton, Dean Yates. First row: Maltha Brittle, Judith Brown, Frederica Chinchello, Nancy Clark, Linda Combs. Second row: Judy Elliot, Doris Faircloth, Harriet Hammond, Dor- othy Hawks, Mclver Henderson. Third row: Phyllis Hopkins, Janette Inge, Glenda Isley, Pat Jones, Jane Keck. Fourth row: Joanne Keith, Judy Maness, Jane Morgan, Sandra Neighbors, Judy Samuels. Fifth row: Eleanor Smith, Ann Vickers, Delia Marie Vickers, Helen Wright, Sally Wright. Professor James F. Latham Adviser o fs C! r: mM Am MiM m ih m o O l - ( M% M m h MiM o P D ( d h A M A ' C: n O o M ' JT r ; a O a a i fM MtM First row: Roger Bednarick, Ed Boelte, Tom Carlberg, Bill Deck, Allen Foster. Second row: Bill Hassell, Victor Hoffman, Jimmy Holmes, Henry Horton, David Isley. Third row: Pat Kelly, Tom Kelly, Frank Law- rence, George Moser, John Munick. Fourth row: Earl Murray, Tommy Oliver, David Plaster, Ken Price, Carson Smithwick. Fifth row: Tommy Sparkman, Don Terrell, Aubrey Utz, Mike York. Professor Nancy Withers Adv ' iser PSILQN First row: Carol Adams, Ferebee Allen, Deanna Jones, Edie Kopp, Virginia Moorefield, June Carol Braxton Judy Burke, Norma Campbell. Second row: Nail, Gayle Patterson. Fourth row: Lacala Patterson, Marv Lou Chandler, Frances Clark, Linda Clark, Barbara Reed, Becky Stephenson, Kim Stewart, Nancy Ellington, Jane Harper. Third row: Elinor Judy Watson. volOirBgjj Professor Dewey Stowers Adviser •Q 9 1 i«rf C: Jrh 1 - . . n f fP m= ( 1 O jL t J JFik i. ft 1 - - ;S J. i. E First row: Tom Breese, John Clayton, John Dalcin, Wil- Lverlv, Wavne Mahanes, Steve McCauley, James Moore ham Diggs, William Farris, Mark Foster. Second row: Bob Overton. Fourth row: William Palkovics, Tom Par- John Gozjack, Charles Hawks, Tom King, Roger Knapp, due, Charles Rayburn, Charles Todd, Gabrial Tsighis, John Koenig, Bill LaCoste. Third row: Bill Long, Alan George Wooten. i .iii : ,¥( " tj - m A r.; f ' -v . M n . .. 1»f ■ ' m !- ' -a l i .., ' t-f ■ " m " j " S IP l til - ' WH • 9 ■■ ' BLfl 1 -7 •1 ' nMJW i y J } U m P ' sSPlsfrf i( « Features Advertisements NEWNESS PHYLLIS HOPKINS HOMECOMING QUEEN Maid of Honor CAROL ADAMS f Barbara Smith Judy Brown Ellen Burke Mclver Henderson HOMECOMING f Judy Elliott Teddy Standley Sylvia Little Lorraine Fiske Anne Williams Sandra James f% C) COURT r y JUDY SAMUELS IAY QUEEN The observance of May Day has become traditional at Elon. The climax of these color- ful activities is the crowning of the May Queen. ) DEANNA BRAXTON Maid-of-Honor WILLIAM HASSELL Escort CHARLES RAYBURN May King THE MAY COURT Glenda Isley Senior Attendant Linda Butler Senior Attendant Sandra Neighbors Junior Attendant Helen Wright Junior Attendant fff Tt ' ' WELCOME TO HAWAII Freddie Chinchello Court Jester Crowning of the Queen, MAY DAY 1960 MAY DAY 1961 Dr. Arthur S. Flemming, former Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare, and president-elect of the University of Oregon, addressed the Founders Day Convocation on March 9, 1961. FOUNDERS DAY 1961 On September 13, 1888 the Southern Christian Convention, in an extraordinary session in Graham, North Carolina, voted to establish a college. A few months later a provisional board selected the site and named the college " ELON " , the Hebrew word meaning oak. Elon College was chartered by the State of North Carolina on March 11, 1889. Ground was broken for the first building on May 7, 1889, and the College opened its doors to a class of 108 students on September 2, 1890. Compliments of ELON COLLEGE BOOKSTORE Compliments of SELLARS DEPARTMENT STORE Burlington, N. C. See your friends at THE SNACK SHOP in the Student Union Elon College Compliments of ANDREWS DRUG CO. 138 Maple Avenue Burlington, N. C. The Friendly Home Folks Since 1914 Assets Over $18,000,000.00 Savings Accounts On Certificates at $100.00 per share. Home Loans To Buy — Build — Remodel — Refinance Pass books, save as much and as often as you like Current dividends of 4% FIRST FEDERAL SAVIES AND LOAi ASSOCIATION OF Bl ' RLIETON Eost Davis at Lexington Phone CA 6-24 li Burlington, North Caroline HAVE A PEPSI Burlington Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company BELK-BECK COMPANY " Shop Belks first and Save " Burlington, Graham, and High Point ALAMANCE PRINTING COMPANY Commercial Printing Engraving, and Photo Offset Dial CA 6-1881 729 S. Main Street Burlington, N. C. Esquire Socks Holeproof Hosiery Fruit-of-the-Loom Socks Bachelors ' Friend Mojud Hosiery Kayser Hosiery Schiaparelli Stockings Phoenix Hosiery for Men and Women Supp-hose for Men and Women Manufactured by KAYSER-ROTH HOSIERY COMPANY, II. Burlington North Carolina After the game After the dance . or anytime Meet Your Friends at the DUG-OUT DRIVE IN Specializing in Pizzas. Sew and Save THE REMNANT SHOP Cottons Crepes Woolens Corduroy Drapery Haw River, N. C. City of Cone Phone CA 6-9134 Fabrics HANFORD BRICK CO., INC. Textured Facebrick Roman Norman Oversize Colortex Select Common Utility Jumbo " N. C, Brick Capital of the Nation " Phone CA 6-3688 Burlington, N. C. } [ AMERICAN JENBACH 4J Sf l Corporation J Burlington, North Caroli rp Sales — Rentals — Service JENBACH Diesel Compressors BOHLER Air Tools Compliments of Medical Center and Cedar Cliff Pharmacies Opposite Alamance County Hospital Phone CA 7-7493 Burlington, N. C. HOLT HOSIERY MILLS Manufacturers of Ladies Full Fashioned and Seamless Hosiery Burlington, N. C. ATKINSON DAIRY CO. Distributor of SEALTEST Dairy Products America ' s Favorite Phone CA 7-3636 Burlington, N. C. McCLURE FUNERAL HOMES Three Way Radio Equipped Burlington Dial 227-7488 Graham Dial 227-2711 THOUGHT FOR FOOD At Elon College and 142 leading universities and colleges. Slater plans, prepares, and serves meals. Slater ' s objective is to bring you the best possible food during those crucial years of higher learning. We hope you have enjoyed Slater service and wish the Class of ' 61 the best. MSLATERM FOOD SERVICE MANAGEMENT Philadelphia Atlanta New York Chicago Baltimore Los Angeles Danville, Virginia BASON BASON are waiting to show you their beautiful Dresses, Coats, Suits, and Hats KIRK ' S MOTOR COURT Wall-to-Wall Carpeting TV, Air-Conditioning, Swimming Pool, Telephones 24 Hour Service 1155 N. Church St. CA 8-1383 TROLLINGERS FLORISTS, Inc. Florists and Decorators Main Street Burlington, N. C. Store Phone CA 6-1668 Night Phone CA 6-9057 Congratulations DUKE MWn C0MMN1 PATE DAWSON CO., INC. Be Healthy — Be Happy Eat More Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Burlington Goldsboro Compliments of ALAMANCE DRUG CO. MEDICAL VILLAGE APOTHECARY 1610 Vaughn Rd. 233 Maple Ave. Burlington, N. C. Carpets by Kay-Day are 1155 N. Church St. CA 8-1388 KAY-DAY TILE AND CARPET CO. 818 South Church Street Burlington , N. C. Phone CA 6-0257 Compliments of THE STATE THEATER " Your friendly independent theater ' Burlington, N. C. Part Of All You Earn Is Yours To Save COMMUNITY FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Burlington, North Carolina Compliments Of KOURY ' S " Where Smart Women Shop " 443 South Main Street Burlington, North Carolina MEBA E LUMBER COMPAM Home Of Building Supplies in the Southeast Quality Major Appliances In Mebane One Mile East of Mebane Home Improvement Division LO 3-9000 LO 3-9271 GLEN RAVEN FABRIC SHOP Quali ty Dress and Decorative Fabrics Burlington-E on Highway Phone JU 4-7321 Compliments Of The Largest Exclusive Duckpin House in the South BOWLARENA On Your Way To Burlington " Join Your College Bowling League " 1403 W. Webb Avenue Phone CA 6-2719 Compliments Of GUYES ' Famous For Firsts in Fashion ' Burlington, North Carolina CENTRAL GROCERY COMPANY, INC. Commission Merchants — Manufacturer ' s Agents Wholesale Groceries, Notions, and Confectioneries 22 North Main Street Phone CA 7-3693 Burlington, North Carolina Compliments of Your ALAMANCE COUNTY NEW CAR DEALERS ASSOCIATION Members: ALAMANCE MOTORS, INC. EWING MOTORS, INC. ATWATER MOTOR CO. GRAHAM MOTOR SALES LILIEN AND LEE, INC. BICK LONG MOTORS BILL PRICE BUICK, INC. CENTRAL MOTOR TIRE CO. MEBANE MOTOR CO, Your Patronage Will Be Appreciated HUEY ' S BAR-B-Q Delicious Seafood Chicken Hamburgers Hot Dogs Brunswick Stew and Hushpuppies Highways 100 87 Near Elon College Steak T. N. BOONE, TAILORS Fine Tailored Clothing Since 1914 Formal Rentals Burlington and Greensboro, N. C. EDGEWOOD 66 Herman Denny — Class of ' 48 Washing-Greasing Pick-up and Delivery Edgewood Ave. Extension Burlington, N. C. Phone JU 4-6186 Watch Repairing NEAL WRIGHT, JEWELER specialists in Fine Diamonds and Emblematic Jewelry 204 S. Main St. Phone CA 6-5956 Burlington, N. C. Tuxedo Rentals By BLALOCK ' S A-1 CLEANERS 220 East Front Street Burlington, N. C. Compliments of COLEMAN ' S MEN ' S SHOP Visit Our Ivy Department Opposite Post Office 437 South Spring Street Burlington, N. C. SOMERS-PARDUE AGENCY Real Estate Insurance Burlington, N. c. Compliments of J. HAROLD GRAVES Landscaping and Nursery Burlington Best Wishes From MOOREFIELDS Your Leading Florist E. Front Street on the Corner MUSICLAl Records Albums Players Burlington HUEY ' S SEAFOOD For The Very Best In Seafood Chicken Bar -B-Q Phone CA 6-4464 for Take-Out Orders 1135 North Church Street Compliments of MELVILLE DAIRY Burlington, North Carolina Phone CA 6-6391 For Home Delivery CURRIN AND HAY Men ' s and Boy ' s Wear Burlington Best Wishes From ROSES 5-10-25C STORE " Burh ' ngton ' s Most Popular Store " " Have a snack at our Luncheonette ' THE DAILY TIMES-NEWS featuring: Complete News Loco I and Associated Press Complete Sports Coverage Leading Comics Burlington, N. C. Compliments of NEESE-SHOFFNER FURNITURE CO., INC. Gift Shop 133 East Davis Street Burlington, N. C. A. D. PATE PRINTING COMPANY Cecil M. Yarbrough, Owner Commercial Printing of all Kinds " We Specialize in Wedding Invitations " Phone CA 6-2082 Burlington, N. C. " Especially For You " ROXIE ' S FLORIST 1733 North Church Street Phone CA 6-0215 Burlington, N. C. Compliments of GILLIAM TIRE SERVICE Burlington, N. C. R. E. BOONE LAUNDRY CLEANERS One Hour Cleaning on Request 5 Points North Main Burlington, N. C. Phone CA 6-6226 SWIFT CLEANERS The Best in dry cleaning, laundry, and shirts ONE DAY SERVICE Elon College, N. C. J. C. HARRIS LUMBER COMPANY ' Your One-Stop Building Supplier ' Burlington, N. C. Compliments of BRANNOCK ' S BARBER SHOP Elon College, N. C. GARRISON ' S SODA SHOP Opposite College Sandwiches Made To Order Complete Soda Fountain School Supplies — Beauty Aids Elon College, N C. AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS (J cCmarC -ylf

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