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5fie ISIineteen Hundiei Sixty PHI PSI CLI CO-EDITORS Marion Glasgow Hannah Wise Griffin Published by THE STUDENTS OF ELON COLLEGE Elon College, North Carolina « . ' ' :■ ■ Sl»sS g ■■ i mmmM ' ■ " -M V - • ' ' ?- " .•-■• ' -. ' ' 5fie Cegend oj Senior Oa Soon after the land had been obtained for the building of Eion College, Dr. W. S. Long, who was the founder and was to be the first president of our college, undertook to clean off the land, which at that time was only a dense woods. He went about this by suggesting to the people of the dis- trict that if they would clean away the under- brush, they could have the wood that they found for winter use. Dr. Long returned later to find that they had begun on the South side by cutting down all of the trees in this section as well as cleaning away all the underbrush. Disturbed by this, he left his young son, Will, to supervise the work. His in- structions now were, along with clearing away the underbrush, to cut down all the trees except those oaks which were tall and straight. With Will directing them, the people now were doing the job as it was meant to be done. When they came to a young, very crooked oak. Will, who had a strong sense of beauty, instructed them to leave this tree, for it appeared to him artistic. So this crooked tree was left to grow alongside the tall straight oaks. When Dr. Long returned to check the progress, he was pleased, though he disapproved of the fact that the young oak was left. Will told him his reason for leaving the oak, but his father said that he did not want anything crooked on the campus and gave instructions for the tree to be removed. For some reason, the young oak was not cut down. Years later, after the college had been built and had begun functioning, the tree became known as " the crooked oak " . About 1930, the senior officers began hav- ing their pictures made beneath " the crooked oak " , which by that time had become a tall sturdy tree. Thereafter, picture-making beneath the oak became a tradition. Since this time, the crooked oak has been known as the " senior oak " . Today it still remains on the campus in front of West Dormitory as a highlight of the Elon College Campus. I ovewov d Within the pages that follow, the annual staff is trying to present to the Student Body a pictorial review of our 1959-1960 year. An obvious trait o± Elon College, which is in its way unique among colleges, is the fel- lowship and friendliness among faculty and students. We seniors can trace through our college years the many improvements of Elon Col- lege. It is impossible to be without pride when we observe the new language lab, dormitories, dining hall, student union and the various other improvements. Also we remember with smiles the removal of North Dormitory. Many events have brought laughter and pride to Elon College. Yes, together we have also laughed and antici- pated surprising results on our academic efforts. But as the college year draws to a close, our experiences draw to a close. For some it is merely discontinued for a week or two until summer school or vi W Septem- ber, but for others it means an end to the amazing college days forever. To these particularly we hope this pictorial record will prove to become more meaningful in securing more firmly the memories of " Dear Old Elon, " and to all the others, we hope that this book will be gratifying in the years to come. VedicAtion In the history of any college, there are always those whose influence and contribution have out- distanced mere responsibility and whose memory will remain indelibly stamped on the mind and conscience of all who came into contact with them. Such a couple are Dr. and Mrs. James Hess. After many years of devoted service at the Uni- versity of Madras in India, they came to Elon College to enrich our lives with understanding and friendship. To the Hesses, the finest service to their fel- lowmen is that born out of love, kindness, and a lasting belief in the dignity and worth of the in- dividual; this service manifested itself daily at Elon in the classroom, the chapel, the home — in any one of the many areas of campus activity. But perhaps their finest service is not so much in doing, rather in being to all who knew them a constant reminder that life is everlastingly full and rich and meaningful to those who are willing to give freely of themselves in love and humility. With sincere gratitude for what they have meant to us, the Student Body of Elon College dedicates th e 1960 edition of Phi Psi Cli to Dr. and Mrs. James Hess. ALAMANCE— the center of student life. m l- - " PROGR ESS In the past few years, we at Elon have ob- served progress in full swing on our campus. Our new President, Dr. James Earl Danieley, was inaugurated in 1957. Improvements in the science labs, installation of new lights in the library and classrooms, the development of our language de- partment on the third floor of Mooney Building, and the remodeling of the Student Union are but a few of the noticeable steps of progress. Another important addition to the beauty and spiritual growth at Elon is the new Congregational Chris- tian Church, which was completed in the sum- mer of 1959, and is located across the street from the college. Studying is always a means of growth in knowledge to the students here at Elon Col- lege, provided it is done in the proper manner. We can be proud of Elon for the progress it has made in the past and is still making at the present time. FELLOW A time is set aside daily for worship and fellowship in Whitley Auditorium. Numerous activities throughout the year provide opportunity fo»- fellowship. Each year the annual May Day festivi- ties are presented in co-operation with Mrs. Griffin and her Physical Education classes. This is an excellent opportunity for fellowship through work and play among students. These are some of the scenes from the 1959 May Day, which had " South of the Border " as its theme. tjg ' i fit ' THE PRIDE OF LON ADMINIS rp ' " r " ?■ . m i T - : p|aW|gM B i: : ' aSL .. M 1 1 B VvesidenVs Message TO THE CLASS OF I960: Why did you come to college? What goals did you have in mind when you decided to undertake college work? Are you still oriented in the same direction as you were when you entered classes on that first day of school, or has your life gained some new directions? As you graduate, we hope that you will do so recognizing what Alma Mater has tried to accomplish while you were here. First, we have tried to provide challenging opportunities for study. We hope that the classes which you have attended have been so intellec- tually stimulating that you have never been satisfied when you have com- pleted the minimum requirements. May that thirst for knowledge never be quenched and may you continue your educational endeavors through- out your entire life. Second, the College has provided opportunities for you to become acquainted with great music, art and drama. We hope that you have developed an appreciation of the arts and that your life will be richer and more satisfying because you have developed this interest and understand- ing. Third, the campus affords an excellent environment for a wholesome social life. Many of the friendships formed here will be meaningful through the years ; some of you have found here that person with whom you have decided to share all of your life. As you form new friendships, continue to cultivate these college friends and remember that you are a member of the Elon family. Fourtn, and very important to all of us, is our determination to be a Christian college. By character Elon College is church-related; it is our hope that in all of her life she is indeed Christian. Professor Trueblood has said " ... an education ... is obviously lacking if knowledge of Christ is left out . . . We can read today how He lived, how He taught . . . how He nourished a little fellowship of men remarkably like ourselves ... A Chris- tian is one whose own life is changed by this experience. " In all things we hope that you have seen our determination to rise to new levels of excellence — students, faculty, all of the College, because we know that this is our high calling as individuals and as an institution. May God grant you the presence and guidance of His Spirit that you may know His Will for your lives and give yourselves with loyalty and dedication to the service of your fellowman and our God. Sincerely yours. J. E. Danieley President HORACE H. CUNNINGHA..I Dean of the College Dean Horace H. Cunningham exemplifies what the students and professors like to see in their top policy maker. He is indeed a man of learning who puts the highest prem- ium on the ultimate goal of education — education for citizenship. At the same time Dean Cunningham recognizes the problems of the processes of education and sets about to help the student solve them. VeAxis With the Deans rest the great responsi- bility of actually carrying out the principles of education in the College. Their Task is not an easy one, for they must be aware of the over-all policies of the college, realize their responsibility to education itself, but above all, serve as guidance counselors to the students. The essence of our stay here, the final result of our training, and what we actually do with our educational exper- iences when out in life will largely be a re- sult of the farsightedness of these people. VIRGINIA HESTER Dean of Women ROBERT BENSON Dean of Students JdiCulty Konstantinas Avizonis A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Professor of History Robert C. Baxter A.B., LL.B. Part Time Instructor of Business Administration Director of Development C. Robert Benson, Jr. A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Professor of Education Dean of Students W. Jennings Berry, Jr. A.B. Instructor of English Registrar of Night School William M. Brown Frank Butler Mary G. Butler Luther N. Byrd A.B., M.A., Ph.D. A.B., M.A. A.B., M.Ed. A.B., M.A. Professor of Social Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Professor of English Science of English of Home Economics Publicity Director Clarence B. Carson Paul H. Cheek Horace H. Cunningham Raymond F. Downing B.S., M.A., Ph.D. B.S., Ph.D. A.B., M.A., Ph.D. A.B. ssociate Professor of History Chairman of Department of National Sciences Professor of Chemistry Dean of College Chairman of Department of Social Science Professor of History Assistant Professor of German 3Acu {y Robert E. Dunlap Edward E. Epperson Janie C. Evans John S. Graves A.B., M.Ed. B.S., M.A. A.B. A.B., M.A. Assistant Professor of Assistant Professor Part Time Instructor Associate Professor of Physical Education of Chemistry of Mathematics Religious Education Assistant Football Coach College Chaplain Jeanne Griffin A.B. Instructor of Physical Education Henry Hackney A.B.. M.A. Assistant Professor of Modern Languages Richard M. Haff A.B.. M.A., Ph.D. Professor of Biology Virginia Hester A.B.. M.Ed. Dean of Women Assistant Professor of Education Alonzo L. Hook A.B., M.A., M.S. Chairman of Department of Mathematics Professor of Physics Director of Placement Office James Howell A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Chairman of Department of English and Dramatics Arts Professor of English Gene P. Johnson B.M., M.M. Assistant Professor of Piano and Music Theory John R. Kittenger B.A., B.D., S.T.M. Assistant Professor of Bible and English C. Gilbert Latham B.S., M.S. Professor of Psychology S ' acu f y Clyde T. McCants A.B., M.A. Associate Professor of English C. . lbin Linquist A.B., M.S. Associate Professor of Business Administration Pearl S. McDonald A.B., M.A. Associate Professoi of French Lila C. Newman Ph.B. Assistant Professoi of Art Frances Longest A.B., M.Ed. Associate Professor of Business Education Charles A. Lynam A.B., M.A. Assistant Professor of Voice Fletcher Moore A.B., M.A. Chairmaa of Department of Fine Arts Professor of Piano and Organ Frances Muldrow A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Chairman of the Department of Foreign Language Professor of French Spanish, and Latin Margaret S. Perkins A.B., M.A. Part Time Instructor of Mathematics Paul Reddish A.B., M.A. Professor of Biology William T Reece B.S., M.B.A., C.P.A. Professor of Business Administration, and Acting Chairman of the Department of Business Administration Ferris E. Reynolds A.B., B.D., S.T.M., Ph.D. Chairman of Department of Philosophy and Religion Professor of Religion, Greek, and Philosophy 3Acu {y Fred G. Sahlmann A.B., B.Mus., M.A. Assistant Professor of Piano John D. Sanford A.B., M.Ed. Chairman of Department of Health and Physical Education Baseball Coach Professor of Health and Physical Education Bessie P. Sloan A.B., M.A. Assistant Professor of Spanish i t Lloyd Smith Jesse Sowell Katye O. Sowell A.B., M.S. B.S. B.A., M.S. Assistant Professor Instructor of Assistant Professc of Mathematics Mathematics of Mathematics William W. Sloan AB.,B.D.,Ph.D. Professor of Bible and Religious Education Arnold C. Strauch B.S., M.A., Ed.D. Professor of Education Tessie Z. Taylor A.B., M.A. Assistant Professor of Business Education Darthea M. Tunnicliffe A. B., M.A. Assistant Professor of English Harry E. Varney A.B., M.A. Professor of Physical Education Football Coach Jeanne Williams B.S., M.S. Assistant Professor of Statistics and Mathematics Melvin E. Wooton, Jr. B.S., M.A. Associate Professor of Dramatics staff Oma U. Johnson Theodore Perkins Arabella Gore Anita C. Johnson Ph.B., A.B.. B.S. in L.S B.S., B.D., M.Ed. B.S. in A.B., A.B. in L.S., M.A. A.B. Librarian of Historical L.S. Catalogue Librarian Reference Librarian Society Acting Librarian Ileonore Kittenger William E. Butler, Jr. Alfred S. Hassell Library Clerical A.B. A.B. Assistant Business Manager Registrar and Director William B. Terrell Dr. William J. Andes Vivian Florance Josie Liverman A.B. A.B., B.D., D.D. Dormitory Hostess Dormitory Hostess Alumni Secretary College Pastor Slaff mM Mary D. Thomas Secretary to the President Shirley Presson Secretary to the Dean of the College Emma Lewis Secretary to the Dean of Students Nancy Kernodle Secretary to the Business Manager Jackie Matlock Secretary in the Admission Office m Judy Thomas Secretary in the Alumni Office Doris Johnson Accountant Doris Maney Raye Albritton Martha J. Sills Cashier Secretary to the Secretary to the Registrar Librarian THE STUDENT ' " ■ ' .f ■in. v : ' ' %E t rS |f ' T ' -gi ' ■ K ' f -- if BODY Seniors Senior Class Officers MAX CLAYTON President LACY SLAYTON Vice-President KATHERINE HUGHES Secretary -Treasurer class oj 1960 BAKER, Harrell Woodrow 422 Fay Court Burlington, N. C. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Night School, ass of BEDE. John 6 Fort Rd. Peshawar, Paken Gibsonville, N. C. SOCIAL SCIENCE Alpha Pi Delta . Secretary Dav Students Organization ' BLALOCK. Frances Per BOSWELL. Robert Arnold 2009 N. Ashland Dr. BRANCHE. William Cecil 2846 Tait Terrace 960 President 3 : Ministerial Associa- tion 2, 3 : Philosophy Club 2. 3 : Phi Psi Cli, Typist 2: Choir 1 Basketball i Intramural) 3 WHO ' S WHO AMONG STU- DENT S IN AMERICAN COL- LEGES AND UNIVERSITIES. BRaDLEY. George Lewis 609 Carr St. N. C. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Night School. Leaksville. N. C. Class of p BROOKS, William Terrell BROSKY, Maurice Guy HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION aigma Phi Beta 2, 3. 4, Seer Sports Staff Phi Psi Cli 4 Football 1, 2, 3, 4. Captain 4 Track 1, 2, 3. 4; Dormitory Counselor 3. 4 : WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMER- ICAN COLLEGES AND UNI- BROOKS. Herbert Alexander Rt. 2 Burlington, N. C. MATHEMATICS AND PHYSICS Night School. il 1512 Lovett St. BURKE. Anne Bass P. O. Box 592 Elon College, N. C. MUSIC Night School. 960 BURGE, James Morris Raleigh, N. C. PHILOSOPHY Ministerial Association 1, : Treasurer 2 : Student Christii CAMPBELL. Dexter McPherson Burlington, N. C. CARCATERRA, Anthony 329 Wanser Ave. Inwood, Long Island, N. Y. PHYSICAL EDUCATION CAPUANO. Alfred 8 Longfellow Dr. Huntington Sta., N. CECIL. Richsrd C. 2314 Gunston St. Fayetteville, N. 0. JSINESS ADMINISTRATION Intramural Manager of Kappa Psi Nu 4 ; Intramurals 2,3,4; Transferred U. N. 0. Summer CHANDLER, Nancy Leola 130 E. Ruffin St. Burlington, N. C. ENGLISH CHURCH. Grady Cole Lakeview, S. C. PHYSICAL EDUCATION RAWFORD, Patricia Mintz 612 Fifth Ave. boio. N. C. BIOLOGY Secretary 3 : Alpha Beta Gam- ma, V. Pres. 3: Sigma Pi Alpha. Phi Theta Kappa : Inter- Club Council: Pres. F ' Organization. Secretary of Bap- tist Student Union 3 : Christian Council, Euterpean Society, Sports Editor of Pertelote 2 : Day Students Organization. Graduate from Brevard Junior College Brevard, N. C. in 1958. ass of CREDLE. Carroll Spenc CLAYTON. John Andrew Box 497 Roxboro. N. C. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Night School DEL GAIS. Joseph 165 Redwood Ave. Inwood L. I., N. Y. HISTORY Football 1. 2, 3. 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4: Intramural Basketball 1. 2, 3. 4: All Conference Football 4 : Capt. Football 4 ; President East Dorm 4. iiiN n DIPERNA, James A. 122 Morgan St. Sigma Phi Beta . DOBSON. William Clarence S. Norfolk, Va. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION DODGE, Lester Uriah Portsmouth, Va Night School ; Sigma Phi Beta. )60 iiil DENNIS, Donal Keith 510 Dick St. Gibsonville, N. C. HISTORY la Pi Delta . Chaplain , Social rman . Day Student Or- S, Nezle Clifton Mebane, N. C. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Night School. ass of ,o DURHAM. Ronald Wesley Rt. 4 Burlington. N. C, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION r k Night School. iH MM m EARLE. Margie Carol W -1 216 Waverly Way Burlington. N. C. BUSINESS EDUCATION lau Zeta Phi; Student Sena i ; Secretary Junior Class ; Inter-Dormitory Council. Trea urer 2; Freshman Orientati Committee 2. Day Student ganization 3, 4 : Beta Chi Ep, Ion 2; Women ' s Athletic A sociation 1. 2: Cheerleader Intramural Volleyball 1. 2. Homecoming Sponsor 1. 2. 3. Commencement Marshal WHO ' S WHO AMONG STl DENTS " IN AMERICAN CO LEGES AND UNIVERSITII 3; )n 2 ' 3; 3; U- L- SS EANES. Clyde Nelson 1012 Columbus St. Martinsville. Va. Secretary and Treasurer. Carl- ton House. 1: " E " Men ' s Club ; Intramural. Football and Bask- etball 1, 2. 3, 4 : Baseball 1, 2, Graham. N. C. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Night School. 960 KB ELDER. James Perry, Jr. " « ■K W TT ' ELLIOT, Ruth Burlington, N. C. i- ® V S H V Oxford. N. C. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION ELLOITT, Walter Vance ELMORE, Thomas Franklin Loop Road 1714 W. Front St. Burlington. N. C. Burlington, N. C ENGLISH DRAMATIC ARTS AND Night School. ENGLISH Alpha Psi Omega ; Vice-Pres- ident 4 : Elon Players ; President 4 : Commencement Marshal ; Stu- dent May Day Director 2, 3. i : WHO ' S WHO AMONG STU- DENTS IN AMERICAN UNI- VERSITIES AND COLLEGES FENNELL, Ronald Dean 612 Fifth Greensboro, N. C. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION .»►. k. W v . FENTRESS, James Howard Alpha Pi Delta: Day Student r- -i. - ». Organization 2, 3, 4 : Spanish Club 2, 3 : Intramurals 2, 3 : Transferred from East Carolina. ttigM FLETCHER, Mildred H. 129 S. Chester Pike Glenolden, Pa. RELIGIOUS EDUCATION Pi Kappa Tau -. Pan Hellenic Council Representative 4 : Alpha Psi Omega : Summer School Hnnoi- Cnuncil Sor-.-ot- vv H FIELDS, Clyde Lee, Jr. 118 E. Kivett St. Asheboro, N. C. Orientation Committee 4 ; Stu- dent Christian Association 3, 4 ; Ministerial Association 3, 4. Secretary 4 ; Philosophy Club 3. 4 : Elon Players 3, 4 : Burling- ton-Elon College Student Gov- ernment Day 3 ; Homecoming Sponsor 4 ; Transferred from Kutztown State Teachers Col- lege, Kutztown, Pa., 3. S. Norfolk. Va GIBSON. Howard Benjamin % " H GHARAVI, Mohsen S. , No. 23 Falch-Ja Burlington. N. C. " ' " " PHYSICS AND MATH. . f V j] flUS H MATHEMATICS AND Night School. t H Class of GILLIAM, Joseph Oliver. Jr 413 Trail 1, Grove Park BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION GILLIAM, William Richard Rt. 2 Elon College. N. C. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Night School. GILLIAM. Lloyd Ray Box 5.37 Gibsonville, N. C. MATHEMATICS Day Students Organizatioi GLASGOW. Ma 4 : Student Presi( Phi Psi Cli , Editor 4; GOINS. Jack Fagg. Jr 1529 Morningside Dr. Burlington. N. C. GOODMAN, Bobby Ray Altamahaw, N. C. MATHEMATICS nmencement Marshal 3. 560 ntra- mural Sports 1, 2.3.4; Home coming Sponsor 4: WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES. GRAF, Donald Edward 422 Hyde St. Burlington. N. C. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Night School. GRAHAM, William Albert % 1 ♦v GRAY. Raymond F. 214 N Boundi-y St. Hk I I 331 N. Church St. Chapel Hiil. N. C. H A, ' B JL Bui-lmgton, N. C. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION ( ' K ENGLISH Delta Psi Omega : Reporter for the Daily Tarheel ; Best Actor ' s Cup and Citizenship Oscar at Campbell College. CldiSS of mm GRIFFIN, Hannah Wise Tau Zeta Phi 2. 4; Historian 2: Dormitory Council 2 ; Women ' s GRIMES, Vernon Carlyle, Jr. Athletic Association 1. 2. 4 1160 Stewart St. Student Christian Association g } ortolk, Va. . ' etafy n " treasurer " " ! : Danc HISTORY AND PHILOSOPHY Committee 2: May Day 1. 2: Ministerial Association 1, 2; Phi Psi Cli 2. 3, 4. Co copy Student Christian Association 1. editor 2. Co editor 4 ; Choir 1 ; 2. Intramurals 1, 2, 4 : Big Sister: IV WHO ' S WHO AMONG STU- DENTS IN AMERICAN UNI- VERSITIES AND COLLEGES 8 HARRELL, Joyce Pendleton HALE. Paul E. ».a. ' ■ ) »K!. -- B ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Pi Kappa Sigma Social Sorority ; Pi Gamma Mu : Kappa Alpha Pi ; Transfer student from Longwood College, Farmville. HARRELL, Shelton Franklin St. Brides, Virginia HOLT. Robert 3USINESS ADMINISTRATION jj;. 3 jecretary of Carolina Hall 3 , Burlington, N. C. Secretary Interdormitory Coun- BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION i960 HARRINGTON, Bobby Ray P. O. Box 543 Elon College. N. C. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Night School. Thomas HARRIS. Barba 1035 N. Mebane St. Burlington, N. C. ENGLISH Delta Upsilon Kappa , Treasurer 3 ; Day Students 2. 3, 4 ; Cheer- leader 3 ; Beta Chi Epsilon 2 : Women ' s intramural Sports 3 : Transfer from Greensboro Col- lege. Greensboro, N. C. W. Barnstable, Mass. RELIGIOUS EDUCATION DRAMA Alpha Psi Omega 3. 4 . Seen tary 4 ; Dance Committee i Student Christian Associatio 1. 2, 3. i: Campus Affai] Chairman 3 : Elon Players 2, 4 ; Secretary 4 ; Ministerial A: sociation 1. 2, 3, 4. Secretar 3 ; Philosophy Club 2. 3 : Vo leyball 1. 2. HATCH, Rebecca Ann 1229 Franklin St. Burlington, N. C. BUSINESS EDUCATION Tau Zeta Phi 1. 2. 3. 4 ; Trei urer 2 ; Vice President 4 , Si dent Legislature 1. 2; Freshm Board of Control 3 ; Womai Athletic Association 1, 2. 3. Day Student ' s Organization Sponsor 3 : WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIE.S AND COLLEGES. HAWKINS. Charles Thomas Henderson, N. C. PHYSICAL EDUCATION HELDRETH. Cecil Wa Night School. HOOD. Harold G« lATHEMATICS and PHYSl HAYWOOD. Reece T. 290K McKinney St. Burlington. N. C. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Night School. »• ?■ HENSON, Gary Eugene Rhodhiss, N. C. PHYSICAL EDUCATION Baseball 1, 2. 3. 4 ; E Me HINSHAW, Paul Vernon Box 363 Elon College. N. C. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Night School. HOLLAND, James Paul Graham. N. C. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION HOWEY, George Parker SOCIAL SCIENCE Alpha Pi Delta; Student Legis- HUBBARD. Lynwood L. Ramseur, N. C. HUGHES. Edward Allen, Jr 412 W, Kime St. Day Students Organization 2. 3. 4 ; " E " Men ' s Club : Baseball 3. 4 : Golf 4 : Transferred from HUGHES. Katherine C. Box eo5 Elon College. N. C. BUSINESS EDUCATION Tau Zeta Phi. Treasurer 3. President 4 ; Secretary-Treas- urer of Student Body 3 ; Stu- dent Senate 4 : Student Affairs Committee 2 ; Day Students Organization 1, 2 ; Women ' s Athletic Association 1, 2. 3. 4; Phi Psi Cli 2. 4; Co-Feature Editor 4 : Intramurals 1. 2. 3, 4 ; North State Conference Dele- gate 3 : Senior Class Secretary- Treasurer : May Court 3, 4 ; Homecoming Sponsor 2, 4 ; WHO ' S WHO AMONG aTU- DENTS IN AMERICAN UNI- VERSITIES AND COLLEGES. HUMPHREY, James Erne BIOLOGY Alpha Pi Delta; Student Sen- ate 4 ; German Club 3 ; Chem- istry Club 3 ; Student Christian Association ; President 4 : Pres- ident of Sophomore Class 2 ; President of J ' " ' v Class 3; Football 2. 3, , . C. United Student Fellowship 4 ; i ational United Student F ellowship 4 ; National Treasurer of the United Student Fellowship 4 ; WHO ' S WHO AMONG STU- DENTS IN AMERICAN UNI- VERSITIES AND COLLEGES Chss oj KURD, Linwood Ric Chai)lain 4.1: Pi Gamma Mu ; Alpha Psi Omega ; Student Legislature 2 ( reader 2 1 ; Vice President of the Student Body INGLE, Donald Wayne Box 314 Whitsett, N. C. MATHEMATICS Day Student 1. 4. Pre of ISLEY. Cecil Harris Rt. 4 Burlington. N. C. MATHEMATICS Night School. Body 4 . Student Christian As- sociation 1. 2, 3 ; Philosophy Club 2. 3: Elon Players 1, 2. 3: Band 1, 2. 3 ; North Carolina Student Legislature 2. 3. 4 ; North State Student Government Association 2, 3, 4 : 12th Con- gress of the National Student Association 4 ; Regional As- sembly of the N. S. A. 4 : Chief Student Marshal 3 : WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES 3, 4. f - " ISLEY, Janice Moon 603 N. Main Street Graham, N. C. IVEY, Arthur M. ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Rt. 1 Delta Upsilon Kappa Sorority Aberdeen, N. C. -■■ h • i " ' ; president 4 ) ; Day BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION student 2, 3. 4; Women s Athle- T„„.= m„r=l= l ■ 1 tic Association 2, 3. i : Cheer- inttamuials 1. 2. 3, leader 3 ; Sponsor for Home- coming 4 : Intramural Basketball and Volleyball 2. 3, 4 ; Trans- feried from Womans College 2. 327 S. Main Street Graham. North Carolina BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Durham. N. C. ENGLISH Delta Upsilon Kappa (Corresponding secret: Day Student Organizati )60 JONES. Johanna Agnes 108 Rolling Road Burlington, N. C. FRENCH Pi Kappa Tau Sorority 3, 4 (vice president 4 I ; Day Student Organization 1. 2. 3 ; Homecom- ing Committee 1 ; Phi Psi Cli fAsst, Business Mgr. 4); ind Gold typist 1; Athletic Assoc. 1, 2 ; Us 1. 2 : May Day 1, 2. Wome ass »( Dance Committee 3 ; May Court 4 ; WHO ' S WHO AMONG STU- DENTS IN AMERICAN COL- LEGES AND UNIVERSITIES State Freshman Orient) tee 4 : Philosophy Club 3 ; Trans- fer from Campbell Junior Col- lege 2; WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS I N AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSI- TIES 4. 960 LITTLE, Howard Q. L.. Jr. Gibsonville. N. C. CHEMISTRY Chemistry Club (President 41 Student Affiliate American Chemical Society 3, 4 ; Transfer U. N. C. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION MATHEMATICS and ENGLISH Kappa Psi Nu, Secretary 1, Pan Hellenic 2, 3, President 4 ■ Student Council 3 (clerk) ; Stu- dent Affairs Committee 3 : Chapel Committee 4 : Dance Committee 3. 4 ; Homecoming Committee 4 ; Vice-President Sophomore Class : Basketball 1, 2: Tennis 1, 2. 3, 4; Intra- McCLEVE. Horace Edward 101-B Stinson St. Chapel Hill. N. C. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Transferred from U. N. C. 2, 2, 3. EIo ' ■Chr tian " 2. 3, 4; WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES 4. McDonald, CUnn Malcolm McHARGUE, Charles W. 311 E. 6th Street Siler City. N. C. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Night School. cl ass ■160 MILES, Katherine Doris 413 Morehead St. Burlington. N C. ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Nifht School. MILES, Doris Burlington, N. C. kNGLISH School. MITCHELL. Hal Freder Cl iss o[ BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION MOSER. Kenneth Rex 5-11 North Main St. Graham. N. C. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Alpha Pi Delta, treasurers Day Student Organization 3. 4 ; Maroon and Gold 4 : Football 2 ■ Intramural Softball 2. MORRIS. Catherine Elizabeth Virgilina. Virgin ENGLISH Beta Omicron Beta 1. Pan Hellenic Council MOSER. Darrell Kirk 422 N. Main St. Graham, N. C. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Maroon and Gold 4. jiii NALL. Jerolene inns Wilkins St. BiniinL ' t.iri. N, C. HOME E((JNOMICS Economics Club. OAKES, Marion Lee Greensboro, N. C. PHYSICAL EDUCATION Night School. ii 960 OBRIANT. John C. PALKOVICS. William John HISTORY Baseball 3. 4 ; E Mens : Phi Beta : Basketball 3. PATILLO. William Edward PAUL, Don E. 145 Hillside Drive Burlington. N. C. Burlington. N. C. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION and MATHEMATICS )ay Students : Transfer from Vake Forest College 3. Night School. n " p PHILLIPS, John Dameron QUALLS, Richard M. 301 S. Fremont Dr. 2001 S. Ashland Dr. Burlington. N. C. Burlington. N. C. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Da.v Student Organization. Night School. PULLIAM. Joseph Clifton Ridgeway. Va. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Iota Tau Kappa ; Vice President of East Dormitory 2 ; Member of Interdormitory Council 2 Representative of Junior Clas: in Student Legislature 3 : In ral Football 1, 2; Basket ball 1, 2, 3, 4; Softball 1. 2, 3, RAPER, Betty Ann ENGLISH Delta Upailon Kappa 3, 4 ; Alpha Psi Omega. President 3 : Home Ec. Club 3 ; Women ' s Athletic Association 4 : Chair- man of Dance Committee 3 ; Homecoming Committee 4 : Elon Players 3 : Transferred from G. C. ii? ' mm Columbia, S. C. MUSIC Sigma Mu Sigma 3, 4 ; Board of Election 4: Band 1, 2: Choir 1. 2, 3. 4. President of Choir 4 ; Shackley Award for Organ 2 ; Accompanist for College Quartet 3 ; Accompanist for College musical " Annie Get Your Gun " 3 ; Faculty-Student Chapel Committee 4 : Piedmont Repre- sentative to Southeastern Con- vention of American Guild of Organist ; WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES. C ass oj SAWYER. Harolyn Jean Hanford Road Graham, N, C. ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Pi Kappa Tau 2, 3, 4 r Studen Legislature 2; Choir 1. 2. ROGERS. Robert Edw 2510 Hoskin Drive Burlington, N. C. Night School. ROGERS, Joe Kenneth 1102 Goldsboro Avenue Sandford, N. C. PHILOSOPHY and RELIGION Sigma Mu Sigma 3, 4, President 4 : Honor Council ; Senior Repi sentative; Student Christian sociation 1, 2. 3. 4: Preside of Ministerial Association Philosophy Club 2, 3 ; Maro and Gold 4 : Freshman Orieni tion Committee 3, 4 ; Uppercia: man Chapel Committee 3 ; Fret man Dormitory Counselor 3, Head Counselor 4 : WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES. SCARLETT. Edward Alle Hillsboro, N. C, Reidsville, N. C. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Night School. SHARPE, Ronald De: ii SHOFFNER. Elizabeth Julian. N. C. HOME ECONOMICS 960 SHREVE, Thorn Chss o 960 TATUM. Ji™„,y Darren Ja A - ' TAYLOR. Rodney Elmaine 315 W. Beasley St. . W — — A ML riliruestSt SCIENCE . . A MATHEMATICS Basketball JWSl B B R . , „ , , ball and HI H HBfe H iTliri K " VT THOMAS. Raynond Lee f5 " ■ VJf - Box 751 TROUTMAN. William Isaac H »l»- " Elon College. N. C. 25 South llith St. K W- HISTORY Lewi.sburs. Pa. .,. - ■ ' V Kappa Psi Nu : Student Lenisla- HISTORY -V m ,- ture .3; Choir 1. 2, . . 4; College Baseball. Quartet 1. 2. 3, 4: Comi m M UrB % ' Wei WHITE. Samuel Wade WHITE. James Harley Ik M Vk I " Route 1 Rt. 7 kiJ» ' ' B A. Pittsboro. N. C. Burlington. N. r. ! ' V ' ' DRAMATICS AND ENGLISH PHYSICS F " V J Alpha Psi Omega 2, 3, 4 : Honoi SL A V rafsl V ' " ' " ' ' ' " ' " ' mmWLm CIass of 360 WORTHINGTON. Robert George 1127 Calvin Road Huntington Valley. Pa. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Day Student Organization. Class o WRENN. Joseph C. Hillsboro. N. C. 1960 WRENN. Joan Rt. 5 Burlington, N. C. ENGLISH Pi Kappa Tau. President 3 : Day Student Organization. ' Tf WYRICK. Dean Arnold 409 nth St. Virginia Beach, Va. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Alpha Phi Delta. ih YANCY, Gordon Manuel ClarksviUe. Virginia PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND HEALTH Sigma Mu Sigma. Athle Manager 2. Vice President Board of Elections 4 : Student Legislature 3 : Reader 3 ; Sum mer School Honor Council i 3 ; Freshman Board of Control 3; Elon Players 2, 3: Intra murals 2. 3, 4 : Intramural Coun cil 2 ; Basketball Manager an Trainer 3. 4 : E Men Club: Dele gate to North State Studen Government Association 3 ; Burl ington-Elon College Day : May Day Program Committee. junior CLASS OFFICERS President Edwin Boelte Vice President Edwin Burke (absent from picture) Secretary Judy Samuels ATKINSON, John Dock BAKER. Hazel BAKER. Teddy Brown BIALOUSZ, Robert Thomas Box 608 Burlington. N. C. Rt. 3 475 Knox Ave. Elon College. N. 0. Graham. N. C. Monessen. Pa. ass A BARNES, Edwin Lewis 620 W. Front St. Burlington. N. C. BASS, Walter Hald Star Route South Boston, Vs BRANN, Reuben Nicholos BRAXTON, George Allen BRAXTON, Graves M. BREWER, James E P.O. Box 321 Gibsonville, N. C, 209 N. 7th St. Mebane, N. C. 506 Alamance Rd. Burlington, N. C. 240 Lee Dr. Burlington, N. C. DOES, James Lawrence BRIGGS. Charles Nichols BRYANT, Ronald Gilbert BUCKNER, Edward 1322 Greenbriar St. 413 St. John St. 316 Tate St. 324 W. Kime St. Burlington, N. C. Burlington, N. C. Greensboro, N. C. Burlington, N, C. BURCH. Rainey DeRo . J Greensboro. N. C. CI ass CAMPBELL. Mark Edward Elon College, N. C. CAMPBELL, Norma Lee 416 Maple St. Burlington, N. C. CARR, Carolyn Cecelii 406 Layfette St. Clinton, N. C. CHANDLER. Robert Car 1404 Granville St. Burlington, N. C. JkM ' iM CLARK, Eddie Box 37 Carrboro, N. C. CLAYTON. John Andr Box 497 Roxboro. N. C. COBB, Arthur V esl Rt. 1 Reidsville, N. C. COLEMAN. Dean B 936 King St. Burlington, N. C. Hillsboro, N. C. COOPER. Robert Charles 702 S. Main St. Laurinburg. N. C. COTTLE. Carey Gordon CRABTREE. Herbert 3709 E. Bessemer Ave. 406 E. Graham S Greensboro, N. C. Mebane. N. C. EDWARDS. Robert Curtis ELLENBERG. Darius V 533 Madison St. Box 225 Glen Raven, N. C. Leaksville, N. C. EMORY, Bryant Dun. 825 Scott St. Burlington, N. C. ENNIS. Richard C. 1106 Sherwood Dr. Burlington, N. C. GILLIAN, Frank Ervin GOODMAN, Fredrick De 1209 Aycock Ave. Rt. 2 Burlington, N. C. Burlington, N. C. GORDON, Alice Fa 218 Grace St. Suffolk, Va. Cl ass 01 HAWKES, Herbert Lou 1613 Stafford Way Louisville, Ky. CIass oj BILLIARD. Bessie Lore tta HINES. Wally HINTON. David Ovv 2315 Glover Road Burlington, N. C. Route 2 Durham. N. C. Gibsonville. N. C ISLEY. Ronald W. JENDRAS. Anthony Neil 2001 Maple Ave. 1202 Harden St. Burlington. N. C. Burlington. N. C. JOHNSON, Janet Pugh Box 311 Franklinville, N. C. JOHNSTON, Bobby S. KECK. Jane DuRee KIMBALL, Margaret 189 Durfee St. Southbridge. Mass. KITTENGER. Robert Bruce KNAPP. Roger Karl KNIGHT. Agnes Ha Box 695 718 Fourth St. 606 Westwood Dri Elon College. N. C. Verona. Pa. Reidsville. N. C. LOWE. Anderson L. LOWTHER. John LYERLY, Alan Ray MAGNUS. Jan Eri 717 Devon Drive P.O. Box 837 Route 3. Box 2 02 429 N. Bradford Greensboro. N. C. Elon College. N. C. Salisbury. N. C. Dover. Del. McPHERSON, Chloe Dean MEISENHEIMER. Helen Evans MICHAEL, Paul Winfi-ed MINTER. Cecil Col Route 1 421 Wihiwuod Lane Route 1 1020 Douglas St. Broadway, N. C. Bin liiiKtun. N C. Elon College. N. C. Martinsville, Va. NORVILLE. Lillie Ma 339 Chapel Hill Rd. Burlington. N. C. OVERBY. Carl Gray Route 4 Reidsville. N. C. OVERMAN. Larry D 507 Alamance Rd. Burlington, N. C. C ass of High Point. N. C 444 Cabell St. Danville. Va. jsm? 1961 PRICE. William 2035 N. Vermont Arlington, Va RAYBURN, Cha ilCHARDS, Sara D. Elon College. N. C. SEAMON. Victor H . Jr. 2S27 McKinnev St. Burlington, N. C. SEIftRT. Norman SHOE. Richard Lee Route 2 MH Tucker St. Emporia. Va. Burlington. N. C. SIMPSON. John Gray 601 Pine St. SMITH. Richard Carl 1420 Princeton Ave. Matrona Hgts.. Pa. 9 P p ■tM . i g£MJ STANDLEY. Te.ldy Elizabeth 2 Stanton St. TICKLE, George Roger 307 Coble St. Burlington. N. C. TILLEY. Guy Austi Route 4 Burlington, N. C. TILLEY William T 313 Hawthorne Lan Burlington, N. C. TODD, Charles McMii 737 Main St. Carrboro, N. C. TROXLER. Monroe Irven TROY. Robert James TUCK. Grady Cli 54.5 Central Ave. Box 86 BurlinKton. N. C. Virgilina. Va r I LK D ' rp WAT KER. Edward D. WMKLR Esthei Lee WALKER. Richart 71S Plaid St. Rc.ute ' Route 2 Burlington. N. C. HurlinKton. N. C. BurlinKton. N. C. O © p 9 w 1 iiP M( KfRS till W light VENO Riihaid (,e,.ige H r ( lligt N C Uuilingtun " N f K j-Me . r )i w WALSH. James Joseph WARD. Beverly Jean 1925 Powell Ave. New York 72. N. Y. Route 1 Rockville, Conn. if : WARD. Jimmv Edwaid WARD Willie Dav Route 6 Longwood, N C Burlington, N C WAYNICK. Linda Ru 508 Dick St. GibsonMlle. N. C. WEST. William Henry WHITACKER. Donald Reid Henderson, N. C. 1521 Granville St. Burlington. N. C. WRAY, Clyde Mack, Jr. WRIGHT. Cecil Linds, WRIGHT. Earl Vesta Sod I pnomovcs Cl ss Oijiccrs THOMAS SEARS, JR President (center) HARRIETT HAMMOND Vice-President (right) CAROL ADAMS Secretary-Treasurer (left) Left to right: ADAMS. Eunice Carol, Tuberville, Va.r ALFORD, Charles W., Box 58, Elon College, N. C; ALLE ' , Jasper B. Jr., 1246 Kilby St., Burlington, N. C. Left to right: ALSPAUGH, John Carlyle, 406 Gates St. Graham, N. C; ANDREWS, John Clyde, 109 Albany St. Graham, N. C; APPLE, Carolyn Faye, Route 1, Gibsonville N. C. Left to right: ATKINSON, Carol Anderson, Box 334, Hali- fax, Va., AVENT, Mike Douglas, 211 Courtland Terrace, Burlington, N. C; BARBEE, Dexter Raymond, Stratford Road, Burlington, N. C. tLid Left to right: BAUCOM, Paul A., 218 Watson Drive, Burl- ington, N. C; BENGIN, Lionel, Burlington, N. C; BEN- NETT, Frances Edna, 1918 Stout St., Burlington, N. C. Left to right : BLACK, Jack Roland, 337 Trade St., Burling- ton, N. C; BLAKE, Constance, Stiles Pond, West Boford, Mass.; BOYTE, Wilbur T., Burlington, N. C. Left to right: BRADSHER, William Guthrie, 600 Webb Ave., Piedmont Apts., Burlington, N. C; BRANSON, Jerry Linville, Route 1, Whitsett, N. C; BRAXTON, Deanna Hall, Box 427, Elon College, N. C. gM 5 9 f m d i Left to right: BRAXTON, Donald Eugene, 531 E. Willowbrook Drive, Burlington, N. C; BRIGGS, Howard Lorenzo, 1318 Rich- ardson Drive, Reidsville, N. C; BRITTLE, Martha Sue, 107 Northbrooke Ave., Suffolk, Va.; BROWN, James, Burlington, N. C. Left to right: BRYANT, Millard Lee, Box 543, Leaksville, N. C; BURGESS, Lucille Lambe, Route 2, Gibsonville, N. C; CAL- LAHAN, Horton Caswell, 404 W. Gilbreath St., Graham, N. C; GARDEN, Betsy Anne, Route 1, Varina, N. C. Left to right: CARTER, Clarence Eugene, 1549 Albright Ave., Burlington, N. C; CATHEY, Jack W., 310 Hanover Road Graham, N. C; CHEEK, Vernon Merit, Jr., Route 4, Mebane, N. C; CHILTON, Donald Cline, Route 6, Reidsville, N. C. cl ass Left to right: CHRISTOFFERSON, Albert Christian, P. O. Box 615, Burlington, N. C; CLARK, Bobbv R., 418 Moser St., Graham, N. C; CLARK, Kathleen Rose, Box 85, Elon College, N. C; CLARK, Mary Frances, ox 32, Bonlee, N. C. Left to right: COATES, Cecil Grey, Box 649, Graham, N. C; COBURN, Richard Ray, Route 1, Box 335, Mebane, N. C; COLEY, Herman Thomas, 1002 S. Main St., Reids- ville, N. C, COPELAND, John Winston, 1023 Ehvood St., Burlington, N. C. Left to right: COX, Judy Maria, 246 E. Wainman St., Asheboro, N. C; CRABTREE, Alfred G., 2002 Whitsett St., Burlington, N. C; CRAWFORD, Guv Robert, Box 442, Smithfield, Va.; CUTCHINS, Vernon, Burlington, N. C. Left to right: DAVENPORT, Carl Lee, 17 King St., Wallingford, Conn.; DAY, Bar bara Lura, Route 2, Box 25-A, South Bos ton, Va.; DECK, William Richard, 1404 E Wyomissing Blvd., Reading, Pa.; DEWAR Larry Smith, Route 8, Greensboro, N. C Left to right: DICKERSON, Gerald Ray, 905 King St.. Burlington, N. C; DILLING- HAM, J. C, 204 N. Broad St., Burlington, N. C; DiNAPOLI, Arline 0., Woodrock Lane, Conn.; DODSON, Bernard Leroy, Whitsett, N. C. Left to right: DODSON, Wade Enoch, 517 Deleware Ave., Burlington, N. C; DOMI- NICK, William Hal, 1411 N. Gregson St., Durham, N. C; EDWARDS, Annie C, 709 Springwood Ave., Gibsonville, N. C; ED- WARDS, Joseph M., 709 Springwood Ave., Gibsonville, N. C. Left to right: ELLINGTON, James D., Route 3, Reidsville, N. C; ELLINGTON, Nancy Irene, Route 1, Manson, N. C; FAIRCLOTH, Doris Carol, 3014 Brechin Road, Fayetteville, N. C; FISK, Lorraine Rose, Main St., Montague Center, Mass. D jH ip pi m Left to right: FOGLEMAN, Earl Claik, Route 2, Liberty, N. C; FORBES, Ruj Carlton, Old Trap, N. C; FOSTER, Jettie L., 611 E. Willowbrook Drive, Burlington. N. C; FOSTER, Allen Carl, 1620 Orcutt Ave., Newport News, Va. Left to right: FOUST, Nancy Jane, Route 1, Snow Camp, N. C; FOWLER, Lewis Tildon, 228 Friendly Road, Burlington, N. C; FRENCH, Carolvn Irene, 320 Petti- grew St., Henderson, N. C; FRESH- WATER, Dannv Gordon, Route 2, Mebane, N. C. Left to right: FUQUA, Penelope Kathryii, Route 4, Burlington, N. C; GARRETT. Ronald A., 219 Albany St.. Burlington, N. C; GARRISON, Jerry Wayne, Route 4. Burlington, N C; GEROW, James Anthony. Jr., Route 7, Westover Terrace, Burlington. N. C. Jr ' t " ' h h ' M tiMmtk Left to right: TIFFANY, Wayne, Burling- ton, N. C; GILES, Jake, Apt. 206-A Elon College, N. C; GILLEN, Ann Dora, 769 9th Ave., New York 19, New York; GOD- WIN, Paul Linwood, P. O. Box 1116, Burl- ington, N. C. Left to right: GORDON, Willard Elmo, 1005 Dewey St., Greensboro, N. C; GOZ- JACK, John K., 446 E. Elm St., Tamaqua, Pa.; GRAVES, Joseph Thomas, Route 1, Mebane, N. C; GREESON, Charles A., Jr., Route 1, Julian, N. C. Left to right: GRIFFIN, James W., Jr., 501 Weaver Way, Graham, N. C; GUNTER, Shelby Rae, Box 106 Moncure, N. C; HAGER, Nancy Ruth, 323 N. Church St., Burlington, N. C; HAIR, James Edward, 1010 E. Willowbrook Drive, Burlington, N. C. Left to right: HALL, Loretta, Burlington, N. C; HALL, Milton Davis, Box 613 Elon College, N. C; HAMMOND, Harriet Eliza- beth, 7 Law St., Balfour, N. C; HANFORD, Clifford M., 425 Green St., Burlington, N. C. cl ass Left to right: HARDY, Clifford B., Jr., Franklin Park Road, Franklin Park, N. J.; HARRIS, D. C, Route 1, Hickory, Va.; HART, Franklin, Burlington, N. C; HAV- ERLAND, Bill G., Route 7, West Front St. Extension, Burlington, N. C. Left to right: HAWKS, Dorothy Ann, Fancy Gap, Va.; HAYNES, James F., Burl- ington, N. C.; HENDERSON, Elizabeth Mclver, 3004 Richfield Drive, Columbia, S. C; HEPNER, Mary Ann, 1379 Anchor St., Philadelphia, Pa. Left to right: BILLIARD, William Greene, Box 313 Whitsett, N. C; HINSHAW. Lois, Box 363, Elon College, N. C; HOBBS, Re- becca Elizabeth, 625 Scott Ave., Greens- boro, N. C; HODGIN, James Nelson, Box 84, Guilford, N. C. Left to right: HODGIN, Elvin Howard, 941 Graham-Hopedale Road, Burlington, N. C; HOFER, William H., 308 Trail 4, Grove Park, Burlington, N. C; HOLMES, James Samuel, Route 1, Efland, N. C; HOLT, Jerry M., 141 E. Holt St., Burlington, N. C. Left to right: Holt, Joyce Matilda, 300 Han- over Road, Graham, N. C; HOPKINS, Phyllis Ann, Reidsville N. C; HOWE, Donna De, 517 S. Spring St., Falls Church, Va.; HOWERTON, Etta Janette, Route 1, Gibsonville, N. C. Left to right: HUEY, Paul Herman, Route 1, Elon College, N. C; HUMBLE, William Robert, 1.38 Hillside Drive, Burlington, N. C; IDELO, Juliette, Burlington, N. C; INGE, Emily Janette, Box 23, Elon College, N. C. Left to right: ISLEY, Curtis Clinton, Route 1, Graham, N. C; ISLEY, David Lee, Route 2, Reidsville, N. C; ISLEY, Donald Walker, 405 Peele St., Burlington, N. C; ISLEY, Larry Monroe, Route 2, Snow Camp, N. C. )62 Left to right: IVEY, James Wayland, 161D E. Willowbrook Drive, Burlington, N. C; JAMES, Luther Glenn, Jr., 819 Watson Drive, Burlington, N. C; JENNINGS, R. B., Burlington, N. C; JOHNSON, Alfred G., 1308 Tucker St., Burlington, N. C. Left to right: JOHNSON, Andrew Powell, 1423 Westbrook Drive, Charlotte, N. C, JOHNSON, Arthur, Route 1, Rising Sun, Md.; JOHNSON, Kenneth, Burlington, N. C; JOHNSON, Reginald A., 1104 S. Church St., Burlington, N. C. Left to right: JONES, Daniel Webster, Jr., Route 1, Haw River, N. C; JONES, Jac- queline Wes, Ramseur, N. C; JONES, James Glenn, Route 1, Louisburg, N. C; JONES, Kenneth O ' Briant, 416 Shoffner St., Burlington, N. C. Left to right: JONES, Patricia Rawls, 1011 Virginia Ave., Suffolk, Va.; KEITH, Lil- lian Joann, 832 Crescent Drive, Reidsville N. C; KELLY, John Thomas, Route 4, Hen- derson, N. C; KELLY, Patrick Hope, Jr. Pleasant Ridge, Va. P Left to right: KEOGH, Elizabeth Gary, 140 William St., East Orange, N. J.; KESHT- VARZI, Abbas, Kh. Ferdowsi, Shirai, Iran; KIME, Rhomlee A., Route 2, Liberty, N. C.; KING, Hardison R., Route 1, Elon Col- lege, N. C. Left to right: KING, Sarah Thomas, Box 81, Elon College, N. C; LEMMONS, Ruth Ellen, 448 Chapel Hill Road, Burlington, N. C; LONG, Gary D., 409 W. Gilbreath St., Graham, N. C; LOWELL, Robert Thomas, 905 Everett St., Burlington, N. C. Left to right: MacINTOSH, David M., 18 Second St., Islip, N. Y.; MACON, John, Burlington, N. C; MANESS, Ernest Boyce, 406 Gerringer St., Gibsonville, N. C; MARINO, Polly T., 407 Haggard Ave., Elon College, N. C. W Cl ass 01 7j P P Left to right: MILLER, Donaid Ray, 221 N. Maple St., Grahasi, N. C; MILLER, Earle F., 400 Grays Ave., Glenolden, Pa.; MILLER, Frederick A., 4515 N. Front St., Harrisburg, Pa.; MILLER, Leroy H., 1712 Oaklahoma Ave., Burlington, N. C. Left to right: MILTEER, Richard Law- rence, 4212 Bainbridge Blvd., South Nor- folk, Va.; MITCHELL, Willie Zachariah, III, 401 Broad St., Oxford, N. C; MOORE, John Maynard, Route 2, Greensboro, N. C; MOOREFIELD, Virginia Mae, Box 234, King, N. C. Left to right: MORE, Frank Ritchie, 1103 Market St., Sunberry Pa.; MORGAN, Hannah Jane, 401 Rocky Knoll Road, Greensboro, N. C; MORRIS, George Wil- liam, 1415 Hawthorne Lane, Burlington, N. C; MORRISON, Edmond Earl, 113 Ty- sor Circle, Graham, N. C. Left to right: MOSHER, George Harvey, Southern Blvd., Chatham, N. J.; MEUL- LER, Otto William, 1416 Overbrook Road, Burlington, N. C; MUNICK, John August, 958 20th St., Newport News, Va.; MYATT, Robert Cornelius, 232 W. Ruffin St., Burl- ington, N. C. Left to right: MARSHALL, Jimmy Ray, Route 2, Burlington, N. C; MARSHMAN, Margaret Louise, (53 Tamaqua St., Auden- ried, Fa.; MARTIN, Jean Raye, Route 2, Box 85, Gibsonville, N. C; MASON, Ed- ward Douglass, Route 2, Box 643, Burling- ton, N. C. Left to right: MATLOCK, Nina Marie, Box 486, Elon College, N. C; MAY, Paul Mill- ard, 412 Caswell St., Burlington, N. C; McADAMS, Kathryn Jo, Box 365, Elon Col- lege, N. C; McARTHUR, Jerry Griffin, 512 S. 4th St., Mebane, N. C. Left to right: McCONLEY, Gene Raymond, 1823 W. Davis St., Burlington, N. C; Mc- CUTCHEON, Nelson Richard, 15 Valerie Circle, Monroeville, Pa.; MEISEL, Law- rence Joseph, 448 Terrace Ave., Hasbrouck Heights, N. J.; MiCHELS, Lloyd Robert, Jr., 203 Greenwood St., Burlington, N. C. 962 Left to right: MYERS, David Worth, 773 Elk Spur St., Elkin, N. C; MYERS, Ronald Richard, Elon College, N. C; NANCE, Jerrv Franklin, 727 E. Indian Trail, Mar- tinsville, Va.; NEIGHBORS, Sandra Jean, Box 404, Forest City, N. C. Left to right: NEWMAN, John Urquhart, 1815 Woodland Ave., Burlington, N. C; NOAH, Bobbv, 466 Hanover Road., Gra- ham, N. C; OAKLEY, George Marsh, 142 Boone Road, Leaksville, N. C; OLIVER. Thomas Martin, 1214 Ornier Road, Norfolk 6, Va. Left to right: OWEN, Evelvn Jane, 2915 Pinehurst Road, Richmond, Va.; PATTER- SON, Gavle Elizabeth, Route 4, Burlington, N. C; PAYNE, Robert Otis, Jr., 1004 N. Main St., Burlington, N. C; PEELER, Mable Somers, Route 7, Burlington, N. C. if? A O p Q tT3 ' mp M- P " m Left to right: PHILLIPS, James H., Jr., 236 Collins Drive, Burlington, N. C; PIKE Clara Janet, Route 1, Snow Camp, N. C; PIKE, Jerry Paul, Route 4, Siler City N. C; PRESTON, Gary P., 227 S. Melville St., Graham, N. C. Left to right: PURCELL, Donald Lee, Box 4.35, Elon College, N. C; PURDY, Frank Kerr, Jr., 1533 Sherwood Drive, Burling- ton, N. C; QUISENBERRY, James Nuel, 16 Osprey Ave., Hampton, Va.; RANKIN, Donald John, 721 Alton Road, Miami Beach, Fla. Left to right: REID, William Eugene, 14 Tanglewood Lane, Mountainside, N. J.; RICH, Frank McCoy, 306 Glenwood Ave., Burlington, N. C; RICH, James W., Jr., 312 Albright Ave., Graham, N. C; RIDDLE, Walter Leonard, 724 Magnolia Drive, South Boston, Va. Left to right: RIGGS, Willard Thomas, Route 1, Mebane, N. C; RIMMER, Wil- liam G., Jr., Route 2, Mebane, N. C; ROBERTS, Ray H., Jr., Box 236, Haw River, N. C; ROGERS, Robert Edward, 2510 Hoskins Drive, Burlington, N. C. CI ass Left to right: ROSSER, Jimmy Lewis, Route 7, Sanford, N. C; SALES, Harold Boyd, Route 5, Burlington, N. C; SEARS, Thomas Harmon, Jr., Route 1, McLeans- viUe, N. C; SHARPE, Linda Lee, Route 2. Madison, N. C. Left to right: SHORT, Carroll James, Route 2, Box 77, Granite Falls, N. C; SHULL, Fred William, Jr., 801 Lvnwood Drive, Burlington, N. C; SIMMONS, Leon- ard Hassel, Route 6, Burlington, N. C; SISSON, Richard Bailey, 128 LaSalle Ave., Hampton, Va. Left to right: SKINNER, James Doi., Wilk- ins St., Burlington, N. C; SKINNER, Pixie Moore, Wilkins St., Burlington, N. C; SMITH, Barbara Elizabeth, Route 3, Vir- gilina, Va.; SMITH, David Briggs, Camp St., Trumansburg, N. Y. Left to right: SMITH, Jerry Thomas, 300 Trail 1, Grove Park, Burlington, N. C; SMITH, Nancy Lee, 227 River Hills Drive, Jacksonville, Fla.; SNEED, Mary Eliza- beth, Route 7, Box 279, Burlington, N. C; SOMERS, Charles Richard, Route 2, Box 195, Greensboro, N. C. Left to right: SOMERS, Daniel E., 2737 May Drive, Burlington, N. C; SPARKMAN, Tommy C, 920 Sixteenth St., Newport News, Va.; STAFFORD, Wayne Nelson, 1425 Pinecroft Road, Greensboro, N. C; STEELE, Gary Eugene, P.O. Box 335, Burl- ington, N. C. Left to right: STEPHENSON, Eleanor Ann, 3 Danecroft Ave., Greenville, R. I.; STEW- ART, Kimarly Sue, 5220 Woodbury St., N. W. Roanoke, Va.; STOUT, Eric Bryson, 112 E. Summit Ave., Burlington, N. C; SUPPLEE, Henderson, Imlaydale, Hamp- ton. Va. Left to right: TALBERT, Dolan Alexander, Box 773, Elon College, N. C; TATE. Glenda Jane, Route 2, Elon College, N. C; TAYLOR, James A., 2303 McKinney St., Burlington, N. C; TERRELL, Jule Walker, D-4 Mayfair Apts., Burlington, N. C. S dk M E a (P p " I iV 962 Left to right: THOMPSON, Mary Zula, 125 E. Holt St.. Burlington, N. C; TRAYLOR, Bill Joe, Route 3, Burlington, X. C; TSIGHIS, Gabriel James, 36.5 Wyoming Ave., Millburn, X. J.; TUTT, Henry Paige, 414 Johnson Blvd., Jacksonville, X. C. Left to right: UTZ, Aubrey, Madison, Va.: VAX BEXSCHOTEN, John Adams, Box 32, Manly, X. C; VICKERS, Delia Marie, Bo.x 323, Elon College, N. C; VON DOEN- HOFF, Richard Abbott, 9205 Cedarcrest Drive, Bethesda 14, Md. Left to right: WALL, Stephen Douglas 3711 Oak Grove Ave., Greensboro, X. C. WARE, Jack, Burlington, X. C; WAR REN, William Algernon. 407 Trvon St. Burlington, N. C; WATERS, Albert A. Box 476, Elon College, N. C. Left to right: WATKINS, William Taylor, 400 College St., Oxford, N. C; WATSON, Judith Ann, Box 315, Hilliard, Fla.; WEB- STER, Ernest Rogers, 205 Ward St., Gra- ham, N. C; WHEELER, Eugene W., 2713 Robinhood Drive, Greensboro, N. C. M Left to right: WHICKER, Clifton Bart, 128 Southerland St., Durham, N. C; WHITE, enda Sutton, 407JLaurel Hill Drive, Burl- ington, N. C; WHITE, Patsy Jo, 1809 Wrenn St., Burlington, N. C; WIGGINS, James Mills, Route 1, Box 62, Louisburg, N. C. Left to right: WILLIAMS, Raymond Hal, 301 Apple St., Burlington, N. C; WILLIS, Robert James, 2 Lenoxville, Beaufort, N. C; WOLFE, David William, 417 Ashburn Drive, Graham, N. C; WOOD, Sandra Ann, 224 Hanover Road, Graham, N. C. Left to right: WRIGHT, Helen Lucille, Arundale, Greenville, S. C; WRIGHT, Sally Jane, 513 Alamance Road, Burling- ton, N. C; YATES, Lowell Dean, Mayo- dan, N. C; YORK, William Mike, Jr., Route 2, Ramseur, N. C. 3vcsfi man CLxss officers Clyde Gordon President (right) Don Terrell Vice-President (left) Mary Lou Candler Secretary-Treasurer (center) Left to right: AARONSON, Rich- ard, 150-B 61 Road, Flushing, 67, N. Y.; ABU AITAH, Nabil Wakim, Beit Suborn, Bethlehem, Jordan; AGNER, Larry Eugene, 309 Isley Ave., Burlington, N. C; ALCANTARA, James Robert, 1104 Eighth Ave., Brackenridge, Pa.; ALDRIDGE, James Phillip, Route 2, Burlington, N. C. Left to right: ALEWINE, George C, 309 Arlington Ave., Burlington, N. €.; ALLEN, John Paul, Ether, N. C; ALLEN, Wavne Ogburn, Church St. Ext., Gibsonville, N. C; ALLRED, Donald R., P.O. Box 446, Gibsonville, N. C; ALLRED, Jacqueline Sandra, 402 N. Second St., Mebane, N. C. Left to right: ALLRED, Larry Maurice, Route 2, Mebane, N. C; ANDREW, Dewey Verne, Route 1, Snow Camp, N. C; ANDREWS, Graham Lambeth, Route 4, Burl- ington, N. C; ANDREWS, Har- old Burnell, 141 E. Holt St., Burl- ington, N. C; ANDREWS, Harris Holmes, Route 1, Burlington, N. C. Left to right: ANDREWS, Mar- garet Johnston, 1510 Overbrook Road, Burlington, N. C; ANGEL, James William, 923 King St., Burl- ington, N. C; APPERSON, Rich- ard Taft, 223 Sycamore Ave., New- port News, Va.; BAKER, Helen Ann, Box 212, Washington Blvd., Elkridge 27, Md.; BAREFOOT, Ida Jane, Route 2, Box 495, Clin- ton, N. C. Left to right: BATEMAN, Charles Lloyd, 1017 Ingle St., Burlington, N. C; BAYLIFF, Margaret Ce- leste, 368 Green St., Graham, N. C; BECKOM, John Dee, Route 7, Burlington, N. C; BEDNARICK, Roger Andrew, 500 Bayville Road, Bayside, Va.; BELL, Richard Thomas, 302 Circle Drive, Mebane, N. C. Left to right: BERDOSH, Joseph John, 1001 E. Pine St., Mahanoy City, Pa.; BERRY, James Norm- an, 1209 Cleveland Ave., Burling- ton, N. C; BEST, George W., 201 Tarplav St., Burlington, N. C; BIGGERSTAFF, Franklin Joe, 109 Glenwood Ave., Burlington, N. C; BLANCHARD, Linda Carol, Route 1, Graham, N. C. Left to right: BLAND, Cecil Ward, 404 Cas- well St., Burlington, N. C; BLAND, Cecil Ward, Jr., 404 Caswell St., Burlington, N. C; BLYTHE, Joan Marie, 1605 Sykes St., Burling- ton, N. C; BONDURANT, James Marshall, Route 1, Elon College, N. C. Left to right: BOONE, Carolteen Hughes, 207 N. Decatur St., Madison, N. C; BRADLEY, Louise Holmes, 609 Carr St., Mebane, N. C; BRADSHAW, Wanda Sue, 607 Texas Ave., Burlington, N. C; BRAXTON, Graves M., 506 Alamance Road, Burlington, N. C. Left to right: BRAY, Tommy Joe, 202 Green- wood St., Burlington, N. C; BREESE, Thomas Elwyn, 69 N. Baldwin St., Johnson City N. Y.; BREWER, Leslie David, Route 1, Graham, N. C; BRIGGS, Charlesana, 1208 Northup St., Reidsville, N. C. Left to right: BRIGGS, Mary Glenn, 1208 Northup St., Reidsville, N. C; BROOKS, James Earl, 336 E. 4th St., Siler City, N. C; BROWN, Judith Melinda, Route 2, Holland, Va.; BROWN, Robert Orman, 1562 E. 53rd St., Brooklyn 34, N. Y. Left to right: BROWNING, Linda Carol, 1425 Garfield Road, Burlington, N. C; BRUCE, Marion Odell, Box 77, Columbus, N. C; BUIE, James Allen, 251 Syracuse St., Darlington, S. C; BURKE, Haze! Marie, 225 S. Melville St., Graham, N. C. C f o P» Left to right: BURKE, Judith Ann, Route 2, Box 186AA, Durham, N. C; BURTS, Robert Henrv, 805 Piedmont St., Reidsville, N. C; BULLARD, Jean Clarice, Route 1, Julian, N. C; BUTLER, Frances Louise, 307 Hanover Road, Graham, N. C. Left to right: BYRD, Gerald Payne, 119 North- brooke Ave., Suffolk, Va.; CAMPBELL, Melba Emma, Route 1, Box 43, Siler City, N. C; CAMPBELL, William Clifton, McDuffee St., Say re. Pa.; CARLBERG, Charles Thomas, 4006 Buchanan Drive, Hampton, Va. Left to right: GATES, Gerald Lee, Halifax, Va.; CAVANAGH, John Joseph, 40-07 Bell Blvd., Bayside 61, N. Y.; CAVINESS, James William. Jr., Bennett-Star Route, Siler City, N. C; CHAMBERS, John Junior, 706 Kidd Drive, Burlington, N. C. Left to right: CHANDLER, Mary Lou, Vir- gilina, Va.; CHILDREY, Ethel Ann, Route 6, Reidsville, N. C; CHINCHELLO, Frederica, Heutte Drive, Norfolk, Va.; CHRISTIE, Jane Glen, 12 Fairview Ave., Naugatuck, Conn. Left to right: CHURCH, Hoye Daner, 1812 Old Alamance Road, Burlington, N. C; CIAMILLO, Frank Anthony, 52 Pearl St., New York, N. Y.; CLARK, Linda Jean, 414 Camp Road, Burling- ton, N. C; CLARK, Nancy Lee, 2343 Stevens Road, Raleigh, N. C. Cl ass Left to rifjht: CLARY, Dewev Dian, Lawrence ville, Va.; CLEAVES, Ardith Ann, Leoparc Lake, Beryn, Pa.; COBLE, Katheivn Lorrene Route 1, Burlington, N. C; COGGINS, Judith Dixon, 17(59 W. Webb Ave., Burlington, N. C. Left to right: COLE, Jerry Wayne, 412 Fern- Wood Ave., Reidsville, N. C; COMBS, Linda Ann, Route 1, Reidsville, N. C; CONATSER, Richard Lee, Burnside, Ky.; CONKLIN, Bar- bara Ann, (521 Avon Ave., Burlington, N. C. Left to right: COOK, Kenneth Kipling, Route 3, Hillsboro, N. C; COTTLE, Patricia Norene, Box 115, Alamance, N. C; COX, Jo Ellen, Route 7, Burlington, N. C; COX, Sandra Kay, 3227 Carson Drive, Columbia, S. C. Left to right: CRAWFORD, Judith Ann, 504 Estaugh Ave., Westmont, N. J.; CRAWFORD, Bobby Eugene, Route 2, Burlington, N. C; CRAWFORD, Olivia Ann, 423 James St., Burl- ington, N C; CREELMAN, Marianne, 449 W. Lancaster Ave., Haverford, Pa. Left to right: CRUTCHFIELD, Bertie Wag- oner, Box 573, Elon College, N. C; CURRIN, John Allen, Route 2, Rowland, N. C; DAIGLE, Geraldine Ann, 37 Joseph Perkins Road, Nor- wich, Conn.;DALCIN, John Dino, Jr., 320 Clark St., Tamaqua, Pa. Left to right: DILKS, Robert Warren, Route 1, Box 118, Haw River, N. C; DOLLAR, Joseph Daniel, Route 3. Chapel Hill, N. C; DOWD, F. Raymond, Box 373, Elon College, N. C; DOWNEY, Walter Joseph, Apt. 13-D, Brook- wood Gardens, Burlington, N. C. Left to right: DRAKE, Jerry Lee, Route 1, Box 156, Greensboro, N. C; DUNN, Harold L., 1214 Franklin St., Burlington, N. C; EDMONDSON, David Wright, 147 Linden Ave., Hampton, Va.; EDWARDS, Robert Curtis, 533 Madison St., Leaksville, N. C. Left to right: ELLIOTT, Judith Claire, 1832 Lansdale Drive, Charlotte, N. C; EMERSON, Robert Bruce, III, 1421 N. Inglewood St., Ar- lington 5, Va.; ENGLE, Kenneth Hunt, 104-C Vets Apts., Elon College, N. C; ESTRIDGE, Judy Ann, Box 306, Ansonville, N. C. Left to right: EUBANKS, Louise Hester, Route 2, Hillsboro, N. C; EULISS, Hilda Rozanne, Route 1, Burlington, N. C; EULISS, Loleta Gay, 104 E. Elm St., Graham, N. C; EVER- ETTE, Robert Paul, Route 1, Elon College, N. C. Left to right: FARGIS, Carl William, Haw- thorne Ave., Reidsville, N. C; FARKUS, Frank James, 547 Homewood Ave., Burlington, N. C; FARRELL, Thomas, Pittsboro, N. C; FAULK- NER, Janet Loy, Route 1, Elon College, N. C. -£ - Left to right: FERTITTA, Nancy Gale, 430 Lee St., Hampton, Va.; FINLEY, Bobby Grey, 214 Cobb Ave., Burlington, N. C.; FIELDS, John Gordon, 923 S. Main St., Burlington, N. C; FITZGERALD, Edward Thomas, 1 Hawes Ave., Stamford, Conn. Left to right: FLECK, Donald Richard, 111 S. St. John St., Burlington, N. C; FOLEY, Doug- las Johnson, Route 2, Madison, N. C; FRA- ZIER, David Ronald, 2011 Old Alamance Road, Burlington, N. C; FRANKEN, Gary Raymond, 633 Hilton Blvd., Newport News, Va. Left to right: FURR, Everette Wayne, 209 Meadowbrook Drive, Burlington, N. C; GARI- BAY, Rafael, 110 Water St., Graham, N. C; GARRARD, Rachel Y., 313 Trail 4, Grove Park, Burlington, N. C; GAUER, Amanda Alice, Crane Road, Route 1, Carmel, N. Y. Left to right: GENTRY, Guy C, Jr., 2712 Ma- ple Ave., Burlington, N. C; GEORGE, Lor- raine, 1548 E. 35th St., Brooklyn 34, N. Y.; GERRINGER, Harriette Kay, Route 1, Elon College, N. C; GILLIAM, Don Lindley, Route 2, Elon College, N. C. Left to right: GLADSON, Dixie Lee, 1400 Sev- enth Ave., Conway, S. C; GLEW, Sharon Lee, 540 Radmore Road, Cheshire, Conn.; GOLD, Eugene Jeffrey, 505 E. 14 St., New York 9, N. Y.; GOLD, Thomas Byron, 1421 N. Main St., South Boston, Va. .f £li Left to right: GOODES, Betty, Box 725, Elon College, N. C; GORDON, Clyde Walker, 1108 W. Front St., Burlington, N. C; GRANLICH, Donald Francis, 345 Dyckman St., Peekskill, N. Y.; GRAY, Harold Alexander, Pleasant Garden, N. C. Left to right: GREEN, Betty, Burlington, N. C; GREENBERG, Martin Gary, 1316 Ave. L, Brooklyn, N. Y.; GREENBERG, Mortin Sander, 1360 E. 54 St., Brooklyn, N. Y.; GREGORY, Grady, Burlington, N. C. Left to right: GREGORY, Marrianne, 1507 Morningside Drive, Burlington, N. C; GRIMM, Leonard Carroll, Box 422, McLean, Va.; GUARIGLIO, John Joseph, 87-67 117 St., Rich- mond Hill 18, N. Y.; HALCHKINS, John, Burl- ington, N. C. Left to right: HALL, Walter Grant, Virgilinia, Va.; HALLIDAY, Joseph Venor, 709 W. Davis St., Burlington, N. C; HAMBY, Delanor Mur- ray, 322 E. Elm St., Graham, N. C; HAMBY, Francis Ferdinand, 322 E. Elm St., Graham, N. C. Left to right: HANNA, Lowell Barry, 87 N. Main St., Pearl River, N. C; HARDIE, Linda Ann, 909 Chapel Hill Road, Burlington, N. C; HARPER, Jane Margaret, 157-60 12 Road, Beechhurst, N. Y.; HARRINGTON, A. Flinn, Route 1, Box 202, Elon College, N. C. Left to right: HARRIS, Betty Green, Box 644, Elon College, N. C; HARRIS, James E., Route 3, Graham, N. C; HAYES, Thomas Edward, 9 Lower St., Morea Colliery, Pa.; HAYES, Tommy Webb, 114 N. Marshall St., Graham, N. C. Left to right: HAYNES, William Whitney, Jr., 225 Silverlake Drive, Burlington, N. C; HAZ- ELWOOD, Virginia Dare, 2422 Briarwood Drive, Burlington, N. C; HEDGEPETH, Mor- ris Edward. 248 Denver St., Henderson, N. C; HEMBREE, Jerry Preston, 1515 Hilbrook St., Greensboro, N. C. Left to right: HILL, Mallie Mae, Old Salisbury Road, Route 4, Winston-Salem, N. C; HILL- lARD, Henry Garner, Box 331, Elon College, N. C; HODGE, Barrv Doyle, Mitchell St., Burl- ington, N. C; HODGE, Carlos Roth, 1620 Han- over Road, Burlington, N. C. Left to right: HOFFMAN, Alice Marie, 1135 Doughty Blvd., Lawrence, N. Y.; HOLLANDS- WORTH, Jerry Lee, 205 Cumberland Drive, Danville, Va.; HOLLISTER, Melanie Dora, 606 Poplar Drive, Falls Church, Va.; HOLMES, Jackie, Burlington, N. C. Left to right: HOLT, John Watson, Box 122, Alamance, N. C; HORTON, Henry Edwin, 1125 Marshall Drive, Newport News, Va.; HUDSON, Nancy Alva, 145 Franklin Court, Danville, Va.; HUGHES, Willie Arthur, 506 W. Gilbreth St., Graham, N. C. f t 9 - Q ' J-£ilJS Left to right: HULSEAPPLE, Daniel Leonard, Route 1, Middletown, N. Y.; HUMPHREY, Barbara Ann, Route 7, Burlington, N. C; HUMPHREY, Wilda Gray, Route 7, Burlington, N. C; HYMERS, Priscilla Ann, 205 S. Cherry St., Falls Church, Va. Left to right: HURLEY, Vernon Castle, 1410 Town St., Greensboro, N. C; HORNE, Johnny Curtis, Route 2, Hillsboro, N. C; INGE, Ken- neth Wayne, 332 Spence St., Burlington, N. C; INGLE, Haywood G., 1026 Walnut St., Burling- ton, N. C. Left to right: INGRAM, Byron Ross, 1109 Grove St., Wilson, N. C; ISLEY, Curtis Clin- ton, Route 1, Graham, N. C; JAMES, Sandra Lane, 102 Robin Road, Birdneck Acres, Va. Beach, Va.; JAMES, Sylvia Jean, 805 Russell Ave., Reidsville, N. C. Left to right: JANNEY, Ronald Lowell, 108 Hickory St., Spray, N. C; JARRELL, Jerry David, 600 Merrick St., Reidsville, N. C; JEL- LEN, Robert John, 503 W. Cherry St., Shenan- doah, Pa.; JENKINS, Larry Don, 204 Spring- wood Drive, Burlington, N. C. Left to right: JENKENSON, Judy Ann, Route 1, Box 344, Fairfax, Va.; JENSON, Barbara Louise, 802 Germantown Pike, Norristown, Pa.; JOHNSON, Gerald Edward, Box 521, Graham, N. C; JOHNSON, Henry Everett, 1627 Gran- ville St., Burlington, N. C. Cl ass Pi ,0 f . ! c ,a Left to right: JOHNSON, Jerry Richard, Route 7, Burlington, N. C; JONES, Faye, 1514 Gar- field Road, Burlington, N. C; JONES, Bonnie Joyce, 105 E. Markham St., Durham, N. C; JONES, Robert Thomas, 17 Valley View Road, Stony Point, N. Y. Left to right: KAMPE, Donna Irene, Southern Hills Road, Route 8, York, Pa.; KANDOUNAS, Maria Elizabeth, 318 W. Fifth St., Burlington, N. C; KELLEY, Ray Dickson, Box 249, Quaker Hill, Conn.; KEYSER, Thomas Franklin, 121 Grandview Road, Ardmore, Pa. Left to right: KING, George Ervin, 1306 Ken- wood Drive, Burlington, N. C.; KING, Flora Easter, 701 E. Harden St., Graham, N. C.; KING, Thomas Preston, 804 Pemberton Road, Charleston, S. C; KOMOROWSKI, George Jos- eph, 33 E. Cherry St., Shenandoah, Pa. Left to right: KOPP, Edith Margaret, 466 Tu- lip Ave., Floral Park, N. Y.; LANCASTER, Charlotte Faye, 341 S. Academy St., Gary, N. C; LAPAN, Martin Joseph, 30 Oak St., Brat- tleboro, Vt.; LANKFORD, Winford N., 605 S. Sellers Mill Road, Burlington, N. C. Left to right: LAW, George Clay, 423 E. Dela- ware Ave., Draper, N. C; LAWRENCE, Frank Dudlev, III, 401 Charlotte Drive, Portsmouth, Va • LEE, Gordon Monoroe, 809 College St., Blackston, Va.; LEA, Ted Mann, 523 E. Willow- brook Drive, Burlington, N. C. Left to right: LEWIS, William Calvin, General Delivery, Elon College, N. C; LINDIE, Ray- mond, 52 Nassau Ave. 1, Islip, N. Y.; LITTEN, Amy Sue, Greentree Road, Route 4, Burlington, N. C; LITTLE, Michael Edmund, 234 W. Penn St., Shenandoah, Pa. Left to right: LONG, James Ba.xter, Jr., Box 27, Elon College, N. C; LOVETTE, Brenda Joyce, 800 E. Main St., Aberdeen, N. C; LOWE, Hubert Garland, Route 1, Elon College, N. C; MACHEX, Patricia Lee, 313-B Thomas Wynne Apts., Wynnwood, Pa. Left to right: MAHANES, Anthony Wayne, Madison, ' Va.; MANESS, Fred Junior, Box 477, Robbins, N. C; MANESS, James Franklin, 309 Greenwood St., Burlington, N. C; MANESS, Judith Craven, 612 Main St., Ramseur, N. C. Left to right: MANSFIELD, Jo Ann, Route 4, Burlington, N. C; MARCOM, Linda Sue, Route 1, Angler, N. C; MAREK, Cornelius Edwin, 75 Malapardis Road, Morris Plains, N. J.; MAR- LOWE, Martha Faye, Box 309, Westmont Drive, Asheboro, N. C. Left to right: MARSHMAN, James Robert, 63 Tamaqua St., Audenried, Pa.; MARTIN, Denise Aderenne, 178 Main St., Spencer, Mass.; MAR- TIN, Dennis Edward, 505 Washington St., Gra- ham, N. C; MARTIN, Jerry Dale, Route 2, Box 85, Gibsonville, N. C. cl ass .il Lsft to riRht: NANXE. Charles Brown, 2018 Old Alamance Road, Burlington, N. C; NEIDIG, John Edward, 205 X. Main St., Fort Branch, Ind.; NICKS, Glenda Faye, 1402 W. Harden St., Burlington, X. C; XEWBY, Betty Craig, 117 First St., Leaksville, X. C. Left to right: OAKLEY, James Harold, Route 1, Box 51, Hillsboro, N. C; OAKLEY, Joyce Marie, C-1 Mavfair Apts., Church St., Burling- ton, X. C; GATES. Dillard Earl, 1921 Fargis St., Greensboro, X. C; OGBURX, Sandra Faith, R.F.D., Willow Springs, X. C. Left to right: OLSOX, Bruce David, 365 White- hall St., Burlington, X. C; OPELL, Barry, Me- bane, X. C; PAGE, Barbara Helen, 1020 S. Main St., Burlington, X. C; PAGE, Peggy Ann. Route 2, Burlington, X. C. Left to right: PARAXGUSKY, Peter P., 319 W. Centre St., Shenandoah, Pa.; PARDUE, Tommy Gray, Route 1, Yadkinville, N. C; PASCHAL, Garland Earl, Route 5, Box 428, Reidsville, N. C; PATTERSOX, George Milton, Route 1, Me- bane, X. C. Left to right: PATTERSOX, Thomas Russell, Route 4, Burlington, X. C; PERRY, Parks Woodrow, 707 Tucker St., Burlington, X. C; PETTY, Vernon Edgar, Route 3, Hillsboro, X. C; PHILLIPS, Carey Hughes, 205 Greenwood St., Burlington, X. C. Left to right: MASSEY, Melvin Samuel, 815 Vanderford St., Burlington, X. C; McADAMS, Hugh Douglas, 115 Wilson St., Graham, N. C.; McADAMS, Laura Jean, Route 1, Elon Col- lege, X. C; MeCOLLUM, William Edward, Route 2, Madison, X. C. Left to right: McCORMICK, Gregory Richmond. 40 Ebony Ct., Brooklyn, X. Y.; McKINXOX, Bobby Eugene, Route 6, Burlington, X. C; McRAE, Emmagene, 1304 Seaton Lane, Falls Church, Va.; MERRITT, Barbara Ann, 307 Li- berty St., Durham, N. C. Left to right: MESSICK, Jane Mapp, 214 W. Greenway Blvd., Falls Church, Va.; MIDDOUR, Robert Charles, Jr., 207 Breedlove Ave., Dur- ham, X. C; MILAM, Kenneth Edward, 1910 Mebane Road, Burlington, N. C; MILLER, Bruce M., 6449 King William Road, Xorfolk, Va. Left to right: MITCHELL, Althea, Route 1, Box 10, Cove City, X. C; MOORE, Iris Kay, Route 4, Burlington, X. C; MOORE, James, Burlington, X. C; MOORE, William Henry, Jr., 303 W. Pine St., Graham, X. C. Left to right: MOTLEY, William, Box 42, Elon College, X. C; MOTZ, Carole, 110 Gilmore Blvd., Floral Park, N. Y.; MULLIXS, Elizabeth Ogre- ta, 126 N. Main St., Swepsonville, X. C; MUR- RAY, James R., Box 332, Whitsett, X. C. 963 Left to right: PHILLIPS, Gara Vann, 249 Lake- side Ave., Burlington, N. C; PHILLIPS, Wayne Reed, 1713 Oatclahonia Ave., Burlington, N. C; PICKARD, Wilbert Ray, 620 Crestview Drive, Burlington, N. C; PICKARD, Hollan T., 132 Williamson St., Burlington, N. C. Left to right: PIERCE, Kathryn L., 1614 Pied- mont Way, Burlington, N. C; POWELL, Edgar, Route 5, Burlington, N. C; PUCKETT, Charles Linwood, 1810 Brown Ave., Burlington, N. C; PURDY, Durley Walton, Jr., Route 2, Box 148, Edgewater, Md. Left to right: RAGO, William Louis, 312 765th St., North Bergen, N. J.; RAISER, George John, III, 330 Wister Road, Wynnewood, Pa.; RAN- GER, Eileen Lenora, 2601 Roxboro Road, Dur- ham, N. C.; RAY, Donald Burton, 526 N. Queen Anne St., Burlington, N. C. Left to right: RAY, Ted Ward, 112 Trail 1, Grove Park, Burlington, N. C; REID, Barbara Anne, 249 S. Virginia Ave., Falls Church, Va.; RICE, Frances Grey, Route 1, Reidsville, N. C; ROBERTSON, Robert Thomas, 404 Vine St., Mebane, N. C. Left to right: RICHMOND, Homer Ray, Route 6, Daniels, W. Va.; ROBERTS, Gerald Rudolph, 2025 2nd St., Radford, Va.; ROBERTS, Ken- neth Bryan, Box 322, Hillsboro, N. C; ROSSI, Denis Angelo, 170 Main Pk%vy., Plainview, N. Y. h? ' P h ' Left to right: ROUNTREE, Nancy Atlessa, Sun- bury, N. C; RUDDER, Jack M., 409 Hawthorne Lane, Burlington, N. 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Askin St., Martinsville, Va.; WAGONER, Garland Woodrow, Jr., P. O. Box 415, Elon College, N. C; WALKER, Julia Ann, Route 3, Burlington, N. C. Left to right: WALKER, Rebecca Ann, Route 3, Burlington, N. C; WALL, James Andrew, 311 Wicker St., Gibsonville, N. C; WALTON, Rob- ert Lewis, Route 5, Lexington, N. C; WARD, John David, Route 1, Box 8, Nakina, N. C. Left to right: WARD, Susan Rebecca, Box 126, Alamance, N. C; WARGO, John Thomas, 322 W. Railroad St., Mahonoy City, Pa.; WARREN, Garrie James, Jr., Route 1, Norfolk, Va.; WAR- REN. Patricia Ann, Route 3, Mebane, N. C. Left to Right: WATKINS, Janet Gay, 135 Morn- ingside Drive, Winchester, Va.; WAY, Frieda Jane, 1610 W. Davis St., Burlington, N. C; WEEKS, Johnny Clayton, 214 Markham St., Burlington, N. C; WEISBERG, Ina, 842 Glen Drive, Woodmere, N. Y. Left to right: WELCH, Patricia Louise, 508 Montgomery St., Reidsville, N. C; WESLEY, Marian Shealy, Route 3, Graham, N. C; WEST, Marion Cabell, Bonbrook Drive, Winston-Salem, N. C; WHITAKER, Gordon Lee, Wallace, N. C. Left to right: WHITE, Charles Murke, 2306 Mc- Kinney St., Burlington, N. C; WHITLEY, Wil- liam Clarence, 309 Georgia Ave., Tarboro, N. C; WILKINSON, Hughes Ernest, III, 3706 Tur- rentine St., Durham, N. C; WILLIAMS, Anne Hammer, 220 Oakmont Drive, Asheboro, N. C. Left to right: WILLIAMS, Phil Michael, 711 King St., Reidsville, N. C; WILLIAMSON, Charles Glenn, 1721 Belmont St., Burlington, N. C; WILLIAMSON, Don Gordon, 109 Archer St., Burlington, N. C; WILSON, Benny Joe, Route 7, Burlington, N. C. Left to right: WILSON, Carroll Jane, 1445 Car- olyn Drive, Charlotte, N. C; WILSON, Laura Connell, 2720 Van Dyke Ave., Raleigh, N. C; WINSTEAD, Mike Allen, 730 Russell Ave., Reidsville, N. C; WOOD, Oscar Eldridge, Route 1, Graham, N. C. Left to right: WOODRING, Dianne June, 732 Jackson Ave., Falls Church, Va.; WOODS, Cyn- thia Ruth, 28 Merrie Ave., Lynn, Mass.; WOO- TEN, George Wilton, P. O. Box 51, Hamlet, N. C; WRIGHT, William Robert, 905 Sunset Ave., Asheboro, N. C. £ 1? I 0£ Student Qovcvnmcnt Student Government and the College find fundamental identity in their mutual chief objective — the training of responsible, informed, and thinking citizens. Living in an atmosphere of self-direction and self-restraint, we learn here the basic lessons of responsible citizenship. Participating in the ac- tivities and processes of Student Government, men and women learn the meaning of responsible action, of initiative, and of creativeness in the field of self-government. The Student Senate functions as the law-making branch of student government. Each senator is faced with the problem of realizing that office is not honor — it is hard work and responsibility to his constituents. The success of each session is dependent upon this realization. During the past year the Senate did not pause to remember its suc- cesses but went forward to meet the new and vitally important problems, which faced the Elon College student body. Under the conscientious and capable leadership of Speaker Victor Hoffman, the Senate worked with interested effort and was rewarded to see many problems resolved. Debate on many questions was heated, but a vote of accord prevailed. It was a successful year for the Senate and a further example of the superiority of our self-governing student body. Student Senate Front row, left to right : Don Terrell, Allen Tyndall, Jerry Hollandsworth, Clyde Gordon, Ed Boelte, Roger Bednarick, Tommy Sears. Second row: Bob King, Faye Gordon, Jim Humphrey, Don Rankin, Victor Hoffman, Max Clayton, David Plaster, Lafayette Wilkins. Third row: Mary Ann Hepner, Carol Earl, Glenda Baumgarner, Doris Faircloth. Kay Hughes, Suzanne Fisk, Harriet Hammond, Carol Adams, Mary Lou Chandler. Honor Council The Honor Council tries involving Campus Code and Honor Code violations. It is com- posed of six members elected from the student body. The Council is a very important phase of self-government, striv- ing to increase a fuller partici- pation in the Elon way of life. Chairman of the Honor Coun- cil this year was John Clayton. Front row, left to right: Beverly Ward, Phyllis Hopki row: Kenneth Rogers, John Clayton, Jerry Byrd. Jean Loy. Second lUoniL ' ns Dormltonj CouncU The Women ' s Dormitory Council is the admin- istrative body of coed self-government. Composed of the dormitory president, Katie Langley, and nine council members, the council interprets cial regulations and regulates dormitory life. Front row, left to right: Winnie Ann Watson, Katie Langley, Martha Brittle, Francis Kittrell. Second row: Doris Faircloth, Marion Glasgow, Judith Watson. Student Counc :i The Student Council is con- cerned with the Honor System and the Campus Code. This Council, which is the supreme court at Elon College, hears ap- peals made from a defendant if he or she feels that either the Honor Council or Women ' s Dor- mitory Council have tried the case unfairly. Lane Kidd is chairman of the Student Council this year. Left to right: Marty Collins, IMai: and Robert McLean. Kidd, Millie Fletcher, Dormifory Presidents The Presidents of the Dormitories are elected and head the councils in their duties. Left to right: Katie Langley, Ronald Mens Ontevdovmitovy Couneil. The Boy ' s Interdormitory Council ' s main func- tions are the improvement of living conditions in the dormitories. Front row, left to right: Robert King, Jim Humphrey, Dick More, Kenneth Rogers. Second row: Tommy Sears, Lafayette Wilkins, Ed Wilson. STUDENT LIFE Mary Lou Booth Thomas Elmore Faye Gordon VJdo ' s Amona Students in AmcvicAn Twenty-one students will represent Elon College this year in the 1959-60 edition of WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COL- LEGES. Recognition by this organization means that the student was, first, officially recommended by the college or university he attends and, then, accepted by the orga- nization. Students are nominated from ap- proximately 750 colleges and universities. Nominations are based on the student ' s Hannah Wise Griffin Wdo Unlvcvsiiies And Colleges scholarship; his participation and leadership in academic and extracurricular activities ; his general citizenship ; and his promise of future usefulness. The organization awards each member a certificate of recognition, presented at the school, and it provides a placement service to assist members seeking employment, scholarships or fellowships. Becky Hatch James Elder Marion Glasgow Kay Hughes Bobby Lawson Steve Mauldin Wynn Riley Katie Langley i Thomas Liverman Kenneth Rogers Jean Loy Beverly Ward Student Z e Elon College not only prepares us for our future occupations but for the life that will face us when we leave these Halls. Our Business Department with its efficient equipment prepares for a future in the business world. Ample opportunities are given the future teacher in actual observing and student teaching in the up-to-date schools in the surrounding communities. Acting, directing and stage craft are a few of the many courses offered in the English and Dramatics Department; the actual participating in dramatic productions gives us practical experience which enriches our learn- ing. Excellent advancement in the oral as well as the written language is made possible by the ultra-modern lab of the Foreign Language De- partment. A better understanding and apprecia- tion of the arts is available with the excellent instruction in our Fine Arts Departments. Many of our professors go beyond their duties by being promoters of faculty-student fellowship. By doing this and setting examples for us, they become in- spirations. The Health and Physical Education Depart- ment administers to our physical, as well as our mental health by offering- a wider knowledge of popular sports, a better understanding of our physical health and promoting fellowship through playing with our classmates. Excellent instruc- tion is given in domestic practices in our Home Economics Department, which will be great assets in the future. Our Natural Science and Mathematics Department, with its excellent in- structors, aid us in becoming better citizens by giving us a better understanding of the world around us and solving the problems which face our civilization. No education could be complete without spiritual development. Elon College pro- vides us with opportunities to enrich our lives with spiritual growth and instruction in our Re- ligion and Philosophy Department. The . " -ocial Sci- ence Department is well equipped to gUide us in gaining knowledge of past and present civiliza- tions and to give us insight into the future prob- lems which will face our nation. Elon College lives up to the qualifications of a Liberal Arts Col- lege. If we only allow ourselves to reap all the opnortunities offered we will ipMvp these Halls well prepared for a full and rich life. e ii 1 ■f %l( iBfi ' ' ieA i ft Student Cije The college year commences with a well planned weekend for many of the freshmen. This gives them a chance tr become acquainted with the rules and regulations which will become their way of life for the next year. An opportunity is also present for better fellowship through planned recreation. Moonelon, the conference center, is well equipped for these get-togethers with its swim- ming pool, recreation center, and vesper hill. The freshmen are given the oppor- tunity to begin their college days by woi-shiping together in this natural set- ting. Fellowship and recreation does not discontinue when the Freshmen return to the campus. Square dances and week- end recreation add enjoyment and fel- lowship to our academic life. Friday night movies provide recreation and entertainment ; many of the well known movies are seen each weekend. The first days of each year are days of renewal of old friendships which have been temporarily discontinued and the beginning of new and lasting ones. Throughout the year, no matter how much work there is to be done, there is always time to stop and discuss the latest events. Student Z e The fraternities and sororities spon- sored Greek Night, which was the of- ficial opening of the fall rush weeks. This gave the fraternities and sororities a chance to know both the girl and boy rushees and to enjoy the fellowship of working together for a single goal. Many members and rushees preferred to watch rather than participate. This has become almost a custom for other activities on campus. Although our football season was not a victorious one; it did provide us with many beautiful plays, suspenseful mo- ments and extreme tension. Nothing else in our college days equals the feel- ing which is present when we sit as a group supporting our team. Our newly installed mail boxes were ready for our use when we returned from our Thanksgiving vacation. These boxes have become a gathering place after meals; for many of us the com- binations have become problems but only minor problems. Student Ci]e The student body under the direction of the Pan-Hellenic Council and Alpha Pi Delta sponsor a Christmas party for the children of the Children ' s Home. Santa Clause comes and gives out pres- ents. We are always well rewarded by the e.xpression on the faces of the chil- dren as they view for the first time their gifts. Many students anxiously wait for the arrival of their class rings. After work- ing hard, juniors and seniors have the opportunity to order their rings. The ring ' s stone is the choice of the indivi- dual, but the setting remains the same vear after vear. «% i X Mid-Winters is a weekend full of ex- citement and fun for all, beginning with a concert by Ralph Marteri and a semi- formal dance on Saturday night. The selection of the correct dress for the dance is always a problem for the girls. Many hours of preparation are neces- sarv before Mid-Winters will be a sue- Student Cije West Parlor is frequently the center of social life. Weekends and days after five o ' clock, many students and their dates gather around the grand piano in West Parlor for recreation. Great en- joyment is provided by this fellowship. M . ' M BS H % B SlE jrmm With springtime comes a time when we find difficulty in concentrating on our studies. Spring fever attacks our campus each spring and is extremely contagious. Cotton dresses and sport shirts replace the woolen sweaters and overcoats. Long walks and sun bathing replace our long hours of studying and concentration. May Day is a big and colorful event on campus; after the election of the May Court, the girls have a hard but delightful job of selecting their dresses from the vast selections brought to the campus by the buyers of various depart- ment stores. Special care must be taken in selecting the right dress because the May Day Program is thought of as a gay and lovely event. ORG AN I »»- ZATIONS 1 efif I960 The PHI PSI CLI marks its forty-seventh year on the campus. Through these years, its purpose has been to provide a picturesque record of life at Elon. We realize that we have only inckuled a few of the highlights in this edition. We feel that each of you have personal memories which will be re- Glenda Baumparnei Business Manager Tunner Brosky Lula Roberts Sports Editors Kay Hu?:hes Katie Langley Feature Editors Wayne Gardner Typist Pfii Psi Cli Staff called as you slowly turn the pajres of this book, and may many cherished scenes be reminisced. The staff, too, has learned a great deal about you while working on the yearbook, through pictures, information, and by getting to know each of you better. Dorothy Hawks Jimmy Jones Organization Editors Clyde McCants Advisor Martha Brittle Copy Editor eddy Standley Art Editor Georpe Best Photographer Co-editors and advisor leaving for Associated Press Confer- ence in New York VdiXice Committee An " Evening in Paris " was the theme of the Homecoming Dance which the dance committee presented in October. A huge Eif- fel Tower, a French Tower, a French auto- mobile, and a French cafe helped set the mood for the festive occasion. The dance committee co-ordinated and was in charge of all advance preparations and decorations for all major dances of the year. This included Homecoming, Christmas, Mid-Winter Formals, and May Day Dances. Luther Byrd Advisor 5fie Maroon The MAROON AND GOLD, official newspaper of the college campus, is published by and for the students of Elon College. This biweekly paper car- ries news and activities of the campus to students, faculty, and alumni, as well as to surrounding high schools. All publication is done in the college press Bobby Lawson Editor These journalism students contribute weekly with news items for the school And QoU Sfaff office by a staff ci)mpt).sed of college students along with both the faculty and printing advisors. These publications give us a chance to check on the recent news round-up, plus what we find in the minds of those who compose the editorials. Jimmy Elder Assistant Editor Doris Faircloth Assistant Editor Bobby Bennett Press Operator Student Cfirisfian Association Jim Humphrey President The Student Christian Association, meeting weekly, strives to promote Christian worship, study, and fellowship among the students and faculty. It seeks to broaden the religious outlook and deepen the spiritual life on the campus. Barry Hanna, Dickie Apperson, Buddy Whitley, Jim Humphrey, Don Terrell, Wayne Gardner, John Graves, Richard Milteer, David Edmonson, Jimmy Rosser, Jerry Byrd, Gary Warren, Dan Hulsapple, Betsy Garden, Mary Ann Hepner, Millie Fletcher, Carol Wilson, Carylon French, Margie Marshman, Dr. Reddish, Dr. Andes, Mary Ann Hartwell, Kathryn Tnomas, Margaret Kimball, Mary Lou Booth, Nancy Roundtree, Beverley Ward, Mary Glenn Briggs, Ken Rogers, Faye Gordon, Judy Maness, Bob King, Mrs. Reddish. First row, left to right: Bob Saunders, Sharon Glew, Faye Gordon, Kenneth Rogers, Mary Ann Hepner, Jimmy Marshman. Second row: Jimmy Rosser, Wayne Gardner, Dr. Ferris Reynolds, Richard Milteer, Dan Hulsapple. Third row: Mary Ann Hartwel Christie, Nancv Roundtree, B e Hawks, Shelby Gunter, Betsy Ca Martha Brittle. , Denise Martin, Jane e r 1 y Ward, Dorothy ■den, Connie Blake, and The Ministerial Association is composed of Pre- ministerial Students, Religious Education majors, and other students who are interested in Chris- tian Service Vocations. This organization is not exclusive ; instead, it urges everyone to be a part of the group. The Ministerial Association devotes itself in presenting programs that promote religious life and spiritual growth on campus — programs that will enlighten its membei ' s in their field of work, and programs that will be of service to society. It invites outside speakers, takes study trips, has deputation groups to assist churches in establish- ing youth groups, and assists the Congregational Christian Home for Children in their worship services, plus much fun, enjoyment, and fellow- ship as it strives for a Brotherhood of men under the Fatherhood of God. It is interdenominational. Its purpose is to give its members a better ensight into the various fields and opportunities in Christian Service and to provide good fellowship with many varied ac- tivities aimed at developing leadership. It pro- vides instruction, practical training, and a sup- plement to a liberal arts curriculum. This group is under the capable leadership of Dr. Ferris E. Reynolds, who is Head of the Philosophy and Re- ligion Department of Elon. Minisferia Associafion Dr. Ferris E. Reynolds Sponsor 5fie lon College This group is composed of music stu- dents, along with any others who ap- preciate good music and really enjoy singing. Undoubtedly their outstand- ing contribution has been to win for the college a definite recognition of Elon ' s rank in the field of music. The annual presentations of " The Messiah " and " The Seven Last Words Wynn Riley First row: Barbara Day, Janet Burge, Sandra Neighbors, Jane Morgan, Patricia Welch, Martha Brittle, Pat Jones. Second row: Susan Sanderfur, Jane Messick, Kaye Gar- ringer, Judy Cox, Charlesana Briggs, Mary Glenn Briggs, Joyce Jones, Dixie Gladson. Third row: Walter Bass, Doug Scott, Charles Lynam, Richard Apperson, Patrick John- son, and Buddy Whitley. Cfioi of Christ " are outstanding events in the school year. These presentations are given in Whitley Memorial Audi- torium, a building designed to seat 1,000 persons. The Music Department is completely contained in the building, with fine studios, practice rooms, a four-manual Skinner Organ, two prac- tice organs, and several grand pianos. Charles Lynani Director Patrick Johnson Fletcher Moore Organist The music room is to be enjoyed by the choir and other students also. Home Gconomics CluS G a y 1 e Patterson, Lib Shoffner, Nancy Smith, Carol Adams, and Delia Marie Vickers. The Home Economics Club is com- posed of home economics majors in- terested in gaining new ideas and experiences in this field. Carolyn Carr, Loretta Hil- lard, Joyce Jones, and Del- la Marie Vickers. Cdemistvy CluS Professor Epperson, sponsor; Hen- ry Tutt, Carolyn French, and How- ard Little. Mike York, Nuel Quisenbar- ry. Dr. Cheek, sponsor; Tom- my Sears, and Ken Price. Below: John McLauohlin, Robert Kittenger, Mike York, Howard Little, Ken Price, Hugh Gravitte, Henry Tutt, Tommy Sears, Roy Epperson, Carolyn French, Paul Cheek, Nuel Quisen- barry, Curtis Bare, and Franklin Dover. The Chemistry Club is composed of Student Affiliates of The Amer- ican Chemical Society. The object of this organization is to offer oppor- tunity to students of chemistry in Elon College to become better ac- quainted, more experienced, and to instill a professional pride in chem- istry. Cdeevle devs The Elon College Cheerleaders try to bet- ter their role by cheering the " Fighting Christians " on to victor y. They add the needed spark and color to our games with their untiring efforts in supporting our teams. We salute this group, under the leadership of Head cheerleader Jo McAdams for all the effort they are always ready to put forth at our athletic events at Elon. I •-.,!«lft 4 Kim Stewart, Joanne Keith, Helen Wright, Delia Marie Vickers, Phyllis Hopkins, Jo McAdams, Margie Marshman, Penny Fuqua, Janette Inge, and Harriet Hammond. Jo McAdams Head Cheerleader Major ffes The Majorettes are a featured part of the college band. They serve to provide both glamor and vigor to the group, as they lead the Elon College Marching Band in execut- ing its various figures at the home football games. mi. „.L -U. » Patrick Johnson Director lon College A varsity band, under the direction of Pat- rick Johnson, Professor of Music Theory and Piano, is organized to accomplish a dual pur- pose ; to furnish colorful programs at foot- ball games and various other college func- tions, and to provide opportunities for student members to study and perform the best musical literature written for the con- cert band. In the fall, football shows are the chief concern. The Elon College Band has given outstanding performances at football games in past years, and it has, perhaps, its larg- est and most appreciative audiences in the Walter William ' s Memorial Stadium on foot- Little do we realize the many hours spent in rehearsal for a presentatic Band ball Saturdays. After football season, a sec- tion of the band played selections of the well known Christmas carols at various locations on the campus prior to the Christmas holi- days. Last spring the band presented an out- standing concert for the enjoyment of the students, faculty, and townspeople. An orig- inal composition by Dewey Stowers, previous director of the band, was introduced. The band is one of many organizations open to qualified students here at Elon — organizations which benefit both the student and the school. Richard Milteer Drum Major All the hours spent in practice are rewarded when the band gives an excellent performance. i K ' II IB I W ' 5fie Glon THE ELON PLAYERS have become one of the most popular and most active organi- zations on the Elon campus. The purpose of the group is to promote interest and partici- pation in dramatics, including setting, di- recting, and working with costumes, make- up, staging, and lighting. Under the direction of Mel Wooten, the Elon Players branched out last year into a different type of production in their spec- tacular presentation of ANNIE GET YOUR GUN followed this year by PAJAMA GAME, musical-comedies. Mel Wooten Sponsor INHERIT THE WIND won the " best play " award in 1959 and Joe Medlock won " best actor " award for his por- trayal as Henry Dummond, the lawyer. Fl ayers The Elon Players are, in a very real sense, a community theatre. There are no myster- ious initiation rites. Any student, member of the faculty, or resident of the area may become a member simply by taking an active part in any one of the many phases involved in the production of a play. We are extremely proud of our modei-n Mooney Chapel Theater, and we extend our praise to the dramatics department for its amazing recovery after the tragic and ex- pensive fire wfhich destroyed all the equip- ment. Left to Riprht: Tommy Elmore, President; Sam White, Vice-Pres- ident; Mel Wooten, Sponsor; Wynn Watson, and Bobby Bennett. AH, WILDERNESS The Elon Players rehearse ' " a DAY STIDBNT OFFICERS Jimmy Harden, President; Penny Fuqua, Secretary ' ice-president. Day Students Organijafion Though there are some footsteps not heard as often on the campus as those of the resi- dent students, they nevertheless belong to a large and important group at Elon. Although they do not live on the campus, a large number of the day students are ac- tive in the extra-curricular activities of the college. The day students are a vital part of Elon College. Treasurer; Heniy Johr Day Student float — winner in Homecoming Parade — « ' pp KlLi tf- " 1 ' 11 E E ' : E E E E If ' M r-. ■■; 1 JH m ' i 11 - [H.. .. nm r S STTF ' -w ' w ' ' i: First Row: Jerry Pike, Tommy Hawkins, Gene Stokes, Bob McLean, John Dalcin, Mike Little, Pete Jones, Steve Wall. Second Row: Jim Moore, Tom King, Tony Marko- sky, John Van Benschoten, Charlie Rayburn, Dean Yates, Don Szydlik, Johnny Gozjack, Paul Brutch, and Dan Mangrum. " S " Men ' s CluS Open to each man who has lettered in a major sport, Elon College " E " Men ' s Club put forth much effort this year. It is com- posed of those students who have been awarded an " E " for participation in inter- collegiate athletics. Don Szydlik President Tony Markosky Vice-President Charlie Rayburn Secretary-Treasurer FRATERNITIES .1 - L ' f. -.j::V- .. -X. . ' « m " AND SORORITIES " m k m Zi T) Deanna Braxton Delta I ' psilon Kappa Millie Fletcher Pi Kappa Tau Jim Fentress Kappa Psi Nu Hannah Wise Griffin Tau Zeta Phi Hamlet Harding Iota Tau Kappa Janet Pugh Johnso Beta Omicron Beta Robert Overton Sigma Phi Beta Earl Vickers Alpha Pi Kappa The Pan-Hellenic ( " oiincii is orKanized to create harmony and better understanding between the Greek lettered organizations on campus. It is the responsibility of the Council to govern the activities conducted by the fraternities and sororities. A representative of each social .so ' -ority and fraternity makes up the Pan-Hellenic Council. President Earl Vickers Vice-President Robert Overton Secretary-Treasurer Hannah Wise Griffin Pan-Hellenic Council p P ' p jp p p 9 O p ' f!5 ,C. O O O 9 O t P (P 1 p P f O a L First row, left to right: Mr. John S. Graves. SENIORS: die, Thomas Sears, Jim Suttenfield, Fred Shull. Fourth Curtis Bare, Franklin Dover, Linwood Hurd, Bob King, row: John Van Benschoten. FRESHMEN: Mike Avent, Bobby Lawson, Wynn Riley. Second row: Kenneth Rogers. Robert Burts, Jack Cavanaugh, John Currin, Jerry Drake, JUNIORS: Walter Bass, Jimmv Jones, Don Rankin, Doug Harold Gray. Fifth row: Grant Hall, Henry Johnson, Lin Scott, W. H. West. SOPHOMORES: Earl Miller. Third Puckett, Dick Purdy, John Ward. row: Dick More, Jack Newman, Frank Rich, Leonard Rid- Sponsors Mr. Robert Baxter Dr. William Mosley Brown Mr. Patrick Johnson Mr. Paul Reddish Off icevs President Kenneth Rogers Vice-President Doug Scott Secretary Wynn Riley Treasurer Don Rankin Sigma Mu Sigma w ■ Pi Kappa 5au Officers President Glenda Baumgarner Vice-President Johanna Jones Secretary Mary Ann Hepner Treasurer Linda Perry Mrs. Eleanore Kittenger Sponsor First row, left to right, SENIORS: Carolyn Allen, Margie da Baumgarner, Carolyn Crowder. SOPHOMORES: Lor- Coble, Millie Fletcher, Johanna Jones, Clarice Moore. Sec- raine Fisk. Third row: Carolyn French, Mary Ann Hep- ond row: Jeroline Nail, Harolyn Sawyer. JUNIORS: Glen- ner, Margie Marshman, Barbara Smith, Eleanor Stephen- n f%y n € f Wm Alpfia Pi VelU on icevs President George Howey Vice-President Dean Wyrick Secretary Don Lauver Treasurer Rex Moser Mr. Lloyd Smith Sponsor f l Ak. " , »- ■ IK Ml First row, left to right, SENIORS: Donald Blaylock, Keith art Seniple, Dean Wyrick. Third row, JUNIORS: Robert Dennis, William Dobson. George Howey, .Jim Humphrey. Bialousz, Bryant Emory, Earl Vickers. SOPHOMOTtES: Second row: Dan Mangrum, Bob Mercer. Rex Moser, Stu- Jake Giles, Don Lauver. MM O P f ' f) $1 First row, left to right. SENIORS: Carol Earl, Hannah Wise Griffin. Becky Hatch, Kav Hughes. Jean Loy, Shirley Walker. Second row: Winnie Ann Watson. JUNIORS: Faye Gordon, Glenda Isley, Jane Keck, Judy Samuels. SOPHOMORES: Martha Brittle. Third row: Kathy Clark, Doris Faircloth, Harriet Hammond, Dorothy Hawks, Mc- Iver Henderson, Joyce Holt. Fourth row: Phyllis Hop- kins, Donna Howe, Janette Inge, Pat Jones, Jane Morgan, Sandra Neighbors. Fifth row: Nancy Smith, Delia Marie Vickers, Pat White, Helen Write, Sally. Wright. Officers S?-: ' ' 0fl l00 l President Kay Hughes Vice-President Becky Hatch Secretary Judy Samuels Treasurer Helen Wright , J. . 5au ZetA Pfii Mrs. Betty Wooten Sponsor V p p P- ' T First row, left to right, SENIORS: Bill Branche, Richard SOPHOMORES: Allen Foster, Bill Hassell, Pat Kelly. Cecil, Max Clayton, Jim Fentress, Frank Harrell, Lane Fourth row: George Moser, Tommy Oliver, Bill Deck. Kidd. Second row: Steve Mauldin, Lacy Slayton, Ray Larry Dewar, Jimmy Holmes, David Islev. Fifth row: John Thomas, Zac Walker. JUNIORS: Ed Boelte, Victor Hoff- Munick, James Quisenberry, Tommy " Sparkman, Mike man. Third row: Earl Murray, David Plaster, Ken Price. York. Officers m i Kk President Secretary Steve Mauldin Ed Boelte Vice-President Treasurer David Plaster- John Munick Kappa Psi Nu ' C% Mr. Clyde McCants Sponsor B fa Omicvon Befa Officers President Katie Langley Vice-President Lula Roberts CorrespondinK Secretary Frances Kittrell RecordinR Secretary Ruth Lemmons Treasurer Marion Glasg ' ow Miss Eva Wist Sponsor First row, left to right, SENIORS: Marion Glasg-ow, Fran- ces Kittrell, Katie Langley, Elizabeth Morris. .TUMORS: Linda Butler. Second row: Janet Johnson, Lula Roberts, Teddy Standley, Sara Summers, Esther Walker. Third row: Linda Waynick. SOPHOMORES: Betsy Garden, Ruth Lemmons, Brenda White. FRESHMAN: Julia Walker. " Q 9ofa 5au Kappa Officers Vice-President Bobby Joe Arnold Eddie Burke Mr. Robert Dunlap Sponsor First row, left to right, SENIORS: Bobbv Joe Ar- C. G. Hall, Tony Markosky. Third row, SOPHO- nold, Joey DelGais, Charlie Maidon, J. C. Pulliam. MORES: Hamlet Harding, Dick Purdy, Jim Short. Second row, JUNIORS: Eddie Burke, Eddie Clark, ym% G iH ' - Vli n " ' n t ' itl First row, left to right, SENIORS: Helen Bell, Janice Islev, Barbara Johnson, Betty Raper. JUNIORS: Norma Campbell. Second row: Lacala Patterson. SOPHOMORES: Carol Adams, Deanna Braxton, Frances Clark, Penny Fuqua. Third row: Nancy Hagar, Jackie Jones, Jo Mc- Adams, Virginia Moorefield, Gayle Patterson. Fourth row: Kim Stewart, Judy Watson. FRESHMAN: Wilda Humphrey. Spon.sors Mrs. Jeanne Griffin Miss Lila Newman oi icevs President Jo McAdams Vice-President Janice Isley Secretary Helen Bell Treasurer Carol Adams Delta lipsilon Kappa M Iv First row, left to right, SENIORS: Paul Brutch, Martin Collins, James DiPerna, Robert McLean, William Palko- vics. Second row, JUNIORS: John Clayton, William Par- ies, Charles Hawks, Robert Overton, John Keonig. Third row, SOPHOMORES: John Gozjack, Alan Lyerly, Cecil Minter, Gabriel Tsighis. Off icevs President John Clayton Vice-President James DiPerna Secretary Martin Collins Treasurer Charles Hawks Sigma Pdi Befa Mr. John Kittenge Sponsor Beta. Cfii Gpsilon OffiCtTS Mrs. Frances Longest Mrs. Tessie Taylor Sponsors President Jackie Jones Secretary Melanie Hollister Treasurer Jo Ann Mansfield First row, left to right : Jacqueline AUred. Ida Jane Bare- foot, Celeste Bayliff. Linda Blanchard, Carolteen Boone. Wanda Bradshaw. Charlesana Brig-gs. Mary Glenn Briggs. Second row: Judith Brown, Linda Browning, Jean BuUard, Hazel Burke, Melba Campbell, Ethel Ann Childrey, Linda Clark, Kathleen Coble. Third row: Linda Combs, Doris Comer, Patricia Cottle, Judy Cox, Birdie Crutchfield, Ro- zanne Euliss, Gay Euliss, Gale Fertitta. Fourth row: Vir- ginia Hazelwood, Faye Jones Hollifield, Melanie Hollister. Nancy Hudson, Barbara Humphrey, Priscilla Hymers, Sylvia James, Brenda Lovett. Fifth row: Jo Ann " Mans- field, Sue Marcom, Emmogene McRae, Barbara Merritt, Glenda Faye Nicks, Sandra Ogburn, Peggy Page, Gara Vann Phillips. Si.xth row: Eileen Rancer, Barbara Ann Reid, Grey Rice, Florance Stone, Kathleen Tignor, Linda Vaden, Rebecca Walker, Susan Ward. Seventh row: Pa- tricia Warren, Janet Watkins, Carroll Wilson. Laura Wil- son, Amanda Workman, Dianne Woodring. 2, 1 £ M £ w 1 111 (9 1 1£1 S tm £ liliL ' £ A ? £ 22 Alpfia Fsi OmcQA The Alpha Psi Omega Frater- nity is the National Honorary Dramatics Fraternity on the Elon College campus. It is com- posed of students and faculty members who have been effi- cient and outstanding in the pro- ductions. Interest is increased in dramatics, not only through act- ing, but directing, producing, lighting, make-up, scenery, man- aging, and costuming. After each major production, the Alpha Psi Omega is host at a reception honoring the " play- ers " . Each spring the new members are publically recognized in one of the Student General Assem- First row, left to right : Bobby Bennett, Thomas Elmore, Mary Ann Hartwell, Linwood Hurd. Sec- ond row: Samuel White, Winnie Ann Watson, Mr. Roy Epperson. Third row: Mr. Clyde McCpnts, Mr. Mel Wooten (Advisor). First row, left to right: Dr. Konstantinas Avizonis, Mr. Robert Baxter, Dr. William Mosley Brown, Mr. Gilbert Latham. Second row: James Elder, Linwood Hurd. Third row: Dr. H. H. Cunningham. Pi amma Mu The Pi Gamma Mu is the Na- tional Honorary Social Science Fraternity on the Elon College campus. Its purpose is to increase motivation toward scholarship in the social sciences. The student members are selected by the fra- ternity from those who have com- pleted sufficient social science work, with high grades not only in social sciences but in all college work. Faculty members are also recognized who have attained dis- tinction in social sciences. ATH LETICS First row, left to right: Tom Breeze, Bob McLean, Richard Smith, Mike Little, Doug Foley, Gene Stokes, Wayne Ma- hanes, Byron Ingram, Frank Chimello, Ed Thrower. Sec- ond row: James Short, John DalCin, Tunner Brosky, Don Szydlik, Paul Brutch, Jim McClure, John Koenig, Tom King, Garrie Warren, Bob Aleanterra, Don Miller. Third row: John Wargo, Lionel Benze, Tony Markosky, Bob Overton, Jim Buie, Martin Lapan, Ed Fitzgerald. John 3oof6all This was a season of defeat for the Fight- ing Christian Football team. Although out- classed the rhri.stian.s fought hard and showed determined spirit and turned in many good performances. Many were the times when everyone was hopeful for a victory but the goal line always seemed to vanish from under our noses to spoil the thrill. With only eight upperclass lettermen back this year, the team was composed of a ma- jority of freshmen, and many gave good per- formances and showed the true Elon spirit. With the experience gained this year on the gridiron, there is a brighter horizon in view. l ' f2f 62 82780 Gozjack, Jim Moore, George Komorowsky, Dick More, Joe Berdosh. Fourth row: George Wooten, Charles Mai- don, Kenneth Cooke, Gordon Whitaker, Larry Stephen- son, Tom Hayes, Bill Campbell, Charles Rayburn, Faries, Barry Stabler, Dean Yates. Elon 221 Apprentice Elon Guilford 27 Elon Wofford 14 Elon 8 Appalachian 19 Elon 8 East Carolina 31 Elon, Presbyterian Elon, Catawba Elon, Western Carolina Elon, Newberry Elon, Lenoir Rhyne Not all the scores were available, but since this season was not one of the best in the record books we know Elon came out on the short end of all the unavailable ones. We sin- cerely hope that next year the record books will be filled with wins and all the players will become widely known as they continue their college football career. First row, left to ri ht : ( ' . G. Hall, Cecil WriK-ht, Steve- Wall, Barry HocIkc, and Richard Conatsei. Second row: Bill Palkovics, Herb Hawks, Gary Teague, and Andy Johnson. Third row: Ken Smith, Eddie Burke, John Nei- diR, Rob Bell, and Dewey Andrew. BiS etLU This year there was tension in the air as one walked into the gymnasium for the first game of the season. Many were there for the curiosity of seeing new faces on the hardwood along with what tricks the new coach, Bill Miller, could come up with. Much to the satisfaction of everyone, not only the first game, but every game, has proved to be suspenseful, full of new tricks, pleasures and new faces. Although in the last games our success has not been in the final score but in the plays during the game. P ' or the first time in many years Freshmen have proved themselves capable of starting positions. As we watch John Neidig, Gary Teague and Richard Coiiatser come onto the floor the thought comes to mind " What a team we will have in three years. " Of course, there are many bumps along the road and a big rock in the middle is academic probation. ■■[ 1 1 3ig(iting Cfirisfians 9n Action ' dermis The Elon College tennis team closed the season with only three straight victories over Pfeiffer and High Point. The team fought a losing bat- tle against superior teams. As spring is coming on, Coach Dunlap and his men are preparing for another chance to show their skills with their rackets and tennis balls. Kneeling: Jim Bennett and John Lowther Runnels, Gene Rhodes, and Steve Mauldin. Standing: Bud Burgess, Dave 5rac Track proved to be more of a success this year than last. The young men practiced in reaching their capacities in the high jump, dash, discus, shot put, and javelin throw which proved profitable in their winning. First row, left to right: Roger Knapp, Eddie Clark, Eddie Hughes, Pete Jones, George Allen, Don Lichok, Joe Del- Gais, and Gilbert Watts. Second row: Ronnie Rupp, C. G. Hall, Gary Henson. Jerry Pike, Bill Troutman, Steve Wall, Ted Eanes, and Manager Tommy Hawkins. Third row : Austin Cooke, John Van Benschoten, Bill Palkovics, Arthur Thompson, Tony Carcaterra, David Tylor, Dan Mangrum, and Coach Jack Sanford. Base6a 1 The Fighting Christian baseball team had an- No one can forget the thrill of seeing a white other good year on the diamond although they sphere sail over the fence for a home run, the did not win the Conference Championship. lightening fast double plays, or the calls every- The team provided the fans with many thrills one says the umpire did not see. as they journeyed to the top. For the first time These were thrills provided by the 1959 Fight- in many years there was the thrill of watching ing Christian Diamond Squad as they again filled Gilbert Watts pitch a no-hitter, and this year our record books with a commendable season, we all stood by helpless as the East Carolina Pi- rates destroyed our title hopes. SCHEDULE Elon 9 Williams 3 Elon 8 Williams 1 Elon 12 Colby 10 Elon 9 Colby 6 Elon-Dartmouth (rain) Elon 3 Fort Lee 1 Elon 11 Fort Lee 2 Elon 2 Lejeune 12 Elon 8 Ithaca 4 - Elon 3 Ithaca 4 " " " Elon 8 Lejeune 7 fl Elon 13 High Point 2 Elon 5 Guilford Elon-A.C.C. (rain) Elon 2 Catawba 3 Elon 1 Lenoir Rhvne Elon 2 West Carolina Elon 15 West Carolina 6 Elon 6 High Point 5 Elon 6 Lenoir Rhyne 2 Elon 1 East Carolina 11 Coach J. D. Sanford Elon 11 Appalachian 7 Elon 7 Catawba 6 Elon 8 Pfeiffer 11 Elon 4 Pfeiffer 3 Elon 7 A. C. C 1 Elon 3 A. C. C 4 Elon 2 East Carolina 7 154 Qoli Paced by sharpshooting Freddie Lloyd, Elon senior golfing ace from Durham, who grabbed the individual title, the Fighting Christian links squad made a clean sweep of championship honors in the annual North State Conference golf tournament, which was played on the Starmount Country Club course. nframurals Intramural athletics are designed and chosen to meet the need and interest of all students at Elon College. They develop the students physical- ly, mentally, socially, and intellectually. The program for the men consists of touch foot- ball, volleyball, speedball, horseshoe, softball, and basketball. The three main intramural activities for the women are volleyball, basketball, and soft- ball. There are various other intramural activ- ities such as archery, tennis, shuffleboard, and badminton. Professor J. D. Sanford and Mrs. Jeanne Grif- fin work with an athletic council, made up of stu- dents selected for their interest in sports, in set- ting up and carrying out a favorable intramural program. Students gain knowledge of games by officiating and participating in the games. Trophies are presented to the winning teams at the end of the year. Women s Atdletic Associalion Athletics play an important part in the lives of women students at Elon College. The Women ' s Athletic Association is the organization which sponsor sports for all women students eni-olled at Elon. In addition lo regular physical educa- tion classes, there is a well planned intramural program. The W.A.A. council consists of one represen- tative from each sorority, Day Student Organi- zation, and each floor of the dormitories. Our program this year consists of basketball, vol- leyball, and Softball tournaments. The purpose of the W. A. A. is to develop leadership qualities ; to promote interest in women athletics; and to provide opportunity for participation in different fields of recrea- tion. In the spring after the completion of tour- naments, a party is held at which trophies are given to the winning team of the various sports. Points are given to individuals who take an active part in the W.A.A. by participating and officiating in intramural games, holding of- fices, and by being a representative to the council. Individual awards are also given to se- niors who have accumulated 2,000 points dur- ing their college years. OFFICERS: Nancy Ellington, Treasurer; Lula Roberts, Vice-President; Mrs. Jeanne Griffin, Faculty Sponsor; Marion Glasgow, President; Penny Fuqua, Secretary; Katie Langley, Reporter. Higdhgdt in VJ.A.A. During the fall, the Elon College W.A.A. was host for the annual meeting of the North Caro- lina Athletic and Recreation Federation for College Women. Representatives of the Women Athletic Association from Colleges all over North Carolina were present for the big annual convention. The Elon W.A.A. officers, members, and sponsor, Mrs. Griffin, worked very hard in pre- paring for the big event. Three well-known physical educators in North Carolina spoke at the general assembly on co-recreational sports. The speakers were Mr. Walter Rabb from the University of North Carolina, Miss Dorothy Casey from Wake Forest College, and Mrs. Margaret Green from Women College of the University of North Carolina. After the business meeting, they adjourned for a banquet in McEwen Social Hall. Marion Glasgow, president of the Elon W.A.A., intro- duced the guest speaker, Mrs. Helen B. Stuart, Advisor in Physical Education in the State De- partment of Public Instruction in Raleigh, who spoke on " Girls need to be fit too. " Other guests recognized at the banquet were Miss Casey, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Griffin, Dr. J. L. Pearce, Dr. Danieley, Mrs. Virginia Hes- ter, Professor and Mrs. J. D. Sanford, Mrs. Green, and Rev. Graves. FEAT ms URES Homecoming Queen Miss 3ay Qovdon Miss Carol Adams MaiJ-of-Honor H omecoming Couvi Left to Right: Janice Isley, Delta Upsilon Kappa; Sally Wright, Day Students; Phyllis Hopkins, Sigma Mu Sigma; Cabell West, Carolina Hall; Artie Cleaves, Smith Hall; Judy Burke, Iota Tau Kappa; Joan Keith, Sophomore Class; Jane Morgon, Women ' s Dormitory; Winnie Ann Watson, Elon Players; Pat Jones, Elon Choir; Sylvia Little, Chemistry Club; Doris Faircloth, Maroon and Gold; Mary Ann Hartwell, Alpha Psi Omega. Horn ecoming Court Left to Right: Kay Hughes, Senior Class; Marion Glas- gow, Women ' s Athletic Association; Virginia HazelwoocI, South Dormitory; Carol Earle, Kappa Psi Mu; Delia Vickers, Home Economics Club; Katie Langley, Phi Psi Cli; Carolyn Carr, Junior Class; Frances Kittrell, Beta Omicron Beta; Carol Motz, Freshman Class; Margie Marshman, Pi Kappa Tau; Millie Fletcher, Student Chris- tian Association; Gara Vann Phillips, Beta Chi Epsilon; Judy Samuels, Tau Zeta Phi; Nancy Roundtree, Minis- terial Association. Homecoming 1959 Sigma Mu Sigma Sweet eAvt Miss V(i) s Hopkins Each year the members of Sigma Mu Sigma National Fra- ternity choose a sweetheart to reign over their activities. Queen Oj May { Miss ean Coy MISS KATIE LANGLEY Maid-of-Honor ; V MR. ROBERT KING MR. ROBERT McLEAN May King Royal Escort MISS KAY HUGHES Senior Attendant Ma MR. GORDON YANCEY Escort ourf MISS JUDY SAMUELS Junior Attendant MR. EDDIE BURKE Escort Dr. ' ddeodove A. Disilcv Dr. Theodore A. Distler, Executive Director of the Association of Amer- ican Colleges, was the speaker for the Founder ' s Dav Program held March 10, 1960. The program is held for the com- memoration of the foundation of the .(illege. The college clours were opened in 1889 under the auspices of the Christian Church, which merged later with the Congregational Church; since that time the Congregational Christian Church has sponsored Elon College. Outstanding Cfiape SpeA ev Z)fie Honorable Qovexnox Cutiicv hodges At the beginning of the 1959-60 school year, Governor Luther Hodges of North Carolina spoke to the stu- dents of Elon College. He had re- cently returned from a visit to the Soviet Union. He gave an account of his visit, speaking mainly of the So-, viet educational system and govern- ment. ADVERT 11 (PC- T rw H m J mm m--»i 1 ' " ' ■111 ' A. D. PATE PRINTING CO. Cecil M. Yarbrough, Owner Commercial Printing of All Kinds " We Specialize in Wedding Invitations " Phone CA 6-2082 Burlington, N. C. " Especialhj For You " ROXIE ' S FLORIST 1733 North Church Street Phone CA 6-0215 Burlington, N. C. Compliments of GILLIAM TIRE SERVICE Burlington, N. C. R. E. BOONE LAUNDRY CLEANERS 5 Points North Main Burlington, N .C. SWIFT CLEANERS The best in dry cleaning, laundry and shirts. ONE DAY Service Elon College, N. C. Compliments of J. C. HARRIS LUMBER CO. Lumber — Building Supplies Hardware Phone CA 6-9321 704 South Spring Street Burlington, N. C. GLEN RAVERN FABRIC SHOP Quality Dress and Decorative Fabrics Burlington Elon Highway Phone JU 4-7321 Elon College, N. C. GARRISON ' S SODA SHOP Opposite College Sandiviches Made To Order Complete Soda Fountain School Supplies — Beauty Aids Pizzas Elon College, N. C. When you need a little lift — depend on Coke Burlington Coca-Cola Bottling Co. ALAMANCE PRINTING CO. Commercial Printing Engraving Photo-Offset Dial CA 6-1881 729 S. Main Street Burlington, N. C. Compliments of NEESE-SHOFFNER FURNITURE COMPANY, INC. Gift Shop Burlington, N. C. 133 East Davis Street Compliments of THE JEWEL BOX Diamonds — Watches — Jewelry Burlington, N. C. Compliments of COLEMAN ' S MEN SHOP Opposite Post Office 437 South Spring Street Burlington, N. C. ACME DRUG CO., INC. " We Appreciate Your Business " Opposite May Memorial Library- Burlington, N. C. Tuxedo Rentals by BLALOCK ' S A-1 CLEANERS 220 East Front Street Burlington, N. C. Compliments of GUYES ' Famous For Firsts In Fashions ' Burlington, N. C. KIRK-HOLT HARDWARE COMPANY Owners : J. W. Powell E. E. Stone Hardivare Paints Building Supplies Mill Supplies Devoe Paints Compliments of MELVILLE DAIRY Burlington, N. C. Phone CA 6-6391 For Home Delivery Compliments of SHIRLEY T. HOLLAND Insurance and Bonds Windsor, Virginia Phone CH 2-3682 BURLINGTON POULTRY COMPANY Poultry — Turkeys Fresh Daily 634 West Webb Avenue Burlington, N. C. Phone CA 6-7919 Sew and Save THE REMNANT SHOP Woolens Cottons Crepes Corduroy Drapery Haw River, N. C. 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Commission Merchants Manufacturer ' s Agents WHOLESALE GROCERIES NOTIONS AND CONFECTIONERIES 122 North Main Street Phone CA 7-3693 Burlington, N. C. O ' FERRELL AGENCY Insurance and Real Estate Auto Fire Life Mortgage Cancellation Savings and Retirement Plans Phone CA 7-2796 Burlington, N. C. Compliments of the BOWLARENA ' Join your college bowling league ' Burlington, N. C. BURLINGTON REAL ESTATE CO., INC. Established 1902- -Incorporated 1926 Pollard Bldg. Phone CA 8-8316 114 W. Front Street Burlington, N. C. Compliments of MODERN TILE and LINOLEUM CO., INC. 1520 North Church Street Burlington, N. C. Compliments of KOURY ' S " Where Smart Women Shop " 443 South Main Street Burlington, N. C. HANFORD BRICK CO. INC. Textured Facebrick Roman Norman Oversize Colortex Select Common " N. C, Brick Capital of the Nation " Phone CA 6-3688 Burlington, N. C. Compliments of ALAMANCE DRUG CO. MEDICAL APOTHECARY 1610 Vaughn Rd. 223 Maple Ave. Burlington, N. C. Compliments of NEAL WRIGHT ' S JEWELRY 205 South Main Street Burlington, N. C. Compliments of SELLARS DEPARTMENT STORE Burlington, N. C. THE DAILY TIMES-NEWS Publislied Every Afternoon Except Sunday By the Times-News Publishing Co., Inc. " Alamance County ' s Only Daily Neivspaper. " Burlington, N. C. The Friendly Home Folks Since 1914 Assets Over $1 5,000,000.00 Savings Accounts On certificate at $ 1 00.00 per share Home Loans Pass books, save as much and as often ° as you like. Build Current dividends of 4% Remodel Refinance FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS Al LOAM ASS0CIATI0«1 OF RLRLOGTON East Davis at Lexington Phone CA 6-2418 Burlington, N. C. lUERAIE LUMRE R COIUPAM Home of Building Supplies in the Southeast Quality Major Appliances IN BURLINGTON IN MEBANE 251 West Front St. 1 mile East of Mebane LO 3-9291 MUSICLAND Records Albums Players Burlington, N. C. Accessories HUEY ' S BAR-B-Q Delicious Seafood Steak Chicken Hamburgers Hot Dogs Brunswick Steiv and Hush Puppies Highways 100 87 Near Elon College Compliments of BRANNOCK ' S BARBER SHOP Elon College, N. C. Compliments of THE STATE THEATER " Your Friendly Independent Theater " THE ELON GRILL " Where Friends Meet to Eat " Phone CA 8-9426 THE LEE MOTEL U. S. Highway 70 — N. C. 54 Graham Burlington Box 470 CA 8-1921 Burlington Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company Compliments of ALAMANCE BOOK STATIONERY CO. 208 Mapel Avenue Burlington, N. C. PATE DAWSON CO. INC. Be Healthy — Be Happy Eat More Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Burlington — Goldsboro BOOSTERS Ausley ' s Florist Sharpe and Jones, Inc. Biggerstaff Beamon Realtors Doyle ' s Jeweler Trollinger ' s Florist Goldman ' s Shoes Ford ' s Florist My Hat Dress Shop Eddie ' s Typewriter Service Huey ' s Seafood Bason Bason Ready To Wear Barbee ' s Texaco Service Norton-Russ Automotive Co. Telivision Co. of Burlington 1 a «y wZr Mvj. " Bl 1 K| X J K Lif lB i- ■» F ' W ' K f ..- ' Ml ■ i i Ars these pages draw to a close, Likewise, the gates close. " Nothing now is left but majestic memoi-y. ' Longfell

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