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ouzdoeJo wmmi } 5fif Nineteen Hundred And 3i|fy.Nine mmm Published by the students of ELON COLLEGE Elon College, North Carolina Martha Langley Linda Simpson Co-editors Guy Lambert Business Monoger Robert Daniels Photographer Life at ELON is S .au !u£ Unpredictable sirens, the crumbling of North Dorm, beds instead of beans in the old dining hall, exam time (better known to students as cram time), exciting bid week-ends and boll- games are just a few of the things which blend together to moke up our beloved Elon College. Yes, student life under the colonnades is truly eventful, colorful, enlightening, and a lot of fun. In this, the 1958-59 edition of the PhiPsiCli, we have attempted to preserve a few of the most outstanding happenings on our campus this school year. If, when you look through this book in the years to come, you can once again derive some pleasure from the many happy experiences which are pictured here, then our work will not have been in vain. ConUnis President ' s Message Dedication Faculty Student Body Organizations Fraternities and Sororities Athletics Features Advertisements jREVEREMD JAMES O ' KELLY embroidered by nature vith tall majestic trees, on a grassy rolling campus. BUILDINGS provide adequately for Study, Worship, The " nerve center " of the campus is the Alamance Building, named for the county in which the college is located. Here are the administrative offices, including the offices of the President and the Dean. Also in Ala- mance Building are classrooms for student studies in math, English, foreign languages, business administration, secretarial work, psychology, and history. Here in Whitley Memorial Auditorium, named for L. H. Whitley, student worship services and other special programs are held. Whitley Memorial Auditorium also contains the Elon College music department, the prize of which is the giant four-manual Skinner Organ. The auditorium seats 1000 persons, and it is used regularly for the presentation of concerts, both vocal and instrumental. ALAMANCE BUILDING WHITLEY AUDITORIUM rk il forniing the 5V Jr. nd Play very important buildings on the campus ore McEwen Din- ing Hall and Alumni Memorial Gymnasium, providing nourishment and exercise so vital to the stu- dents ' health. McEWEN DINING HALL ALUMNI MEMORIAL GYMNASIUM i!iiiif;r " i miliar and endearing framework for our fORY. LifeatELONis C(9£(9 tj lO . . . enriched by youth, ' Ten O ' clock Break ' iendly companionship, Two forms of student relaxotion are pictur- ed here — one with col es end jul e box in the Student Union and the other with " soothing " classical music music deportmer the listening room of the in Whitley Memoriol Audi- " Increasing Our Music Appreciation " and betterment through vNOWLEDG and UiDANCE. " Gaining Knowledge Under The Ooks " One of the many educational facilities on the campus of Elon is its famous Science Department, offering complete courses in chemistry, physics, and biology with electives in geology and anthropology. From this department come our scientists of tomor- row for work toward a better world. Life at ELON is C . everyday Social activities are a very important part of college life, as is illustrated in the pictures of the Big " E " cheerleaders and a group of the Elon Players, shown here in a scene from " The Heiress " . Both are helpful in providing the proper back- ground for culturally well-rounded stu- dents. ' Off To The Game ' events and occasions add the lively movement, ccitement, and vivid splash to our picture. Social hours are thoughts of JNE ■r ■ niiiH mil .?rt % - -sfM " I Sr - ' The Grand Finali nind us that life at ELONmust soon end. Here we have come to spend our college days...and to leave w ith new intellectual grov th, deeper religious understanding, and a greater capacity for service. With these, may w e take, too, the Here we have two opposites. One, the " quiet hour " as stu- dents use the library for re- search and study, the other, a room in the girls ' dorm ami the excited chatter of nervous " gols " preparing for one of Elon ' s three annual dances. Mr, Musde-Mon ' ' Relaxation After A Hard Game Of Tennis ' emory of and the spirit that penetrates here. ' The Big Night " TO THE CLASS OF )959; Graduation ' what a magic word that seemed to be as you began your college career. Everything seemed to point in that direction. Your energies, your dreams, your objectives for life all involved that important day. Now that it is a reality, what does it mean? (1) Accomplishment. Your graduation from college indicates that you have finished the course of study. You have met certain prescribed require- ments. You have achieved this goal both qualitatively and quantitatively. Because of this accomplishment all of us congratulate you. (2) Unfinished Tasks. For those of you who have chosen to enter one of the professions, your college graduation is only a milepost al ong the way. You are planning to undertake further formal education. Your work here has prepared you to undertake graduate and, or, professional study. We shall follow the reports of your progress with interest and you may be assured that you always have cur very best wishes. (3) Opportunities Unlimited. Your opportunities to serve your fellowman have multiplied because of your college training. You are better able to ac- cept positions of leadership in your community. You are prepared to take your place as intelligent, responsible citizens and to discharge the respon- sibilities incumbent upon such citizens in a democracy. You have become acquainted with the history, the culture and the religion of other people and are in a position to understand and appreciate them. Such understand- ing is desperately needed in our day. But the most important thing, your experience here on this Christian college campus has prepared you to live. Your faith should be stronger, your spiritual life richer, and your dedication to the Christian way of life more complete because you have lived at Elon College and have been a part of our community of faith and learning. As ycu graduate we humbly pray that God will guide you into paths of service. Sincerely yours. J. E. Danieley President A Message from our President Vedicdition Since the founding of Elon College in 1889, many consecrated Christian men and women have served on its Board of Trustees. Their love for the institution, their concern for its progress, their sup- port of its program have made the Elon College of 1959 a reality. The Student Body, and all who are interested in the future of Elon College, salute these who have served so well and take ple asure in dedicating the Phi Psi Cli to their honor. W. B. Truin, bor North Carolina; a College (now State Carolina) in 1907. April 9, 1886, in Guilford County, graduate of North Carolina A M College of the University of North A member of the First Congrega- tional Christian Church of Greensboro, N. C, where he has served as a Sunday School teocher for 52 years, and as a deacon for about 40 years. He served as a member of the Board of Trustees of Elon College for 22 years. A dedicated Christian churchmen and a loyal friend of Elon College. MR. W. B. TRUITT MISS SUSIE HOLLAND Mrs. W. V. Leathers (nee Mamie Holland), born June 10, 1882, ottended Elon College; tought in Waverly ond Holland, Virginia. Orgonized the first group of women in the Holland Christian Church. Member of the Suffolk Christian Church and Superintendent of the Junior Department of the Sun- day School for 15 years. Active in the organization and activities of the Missionary Society. Served in official capocides for 25 years in the Eastern Virginia Woman ' s Missionary Conference. Served for 23 years on the Woman ' s Missionary Convention Boord; 1 5 years as Treasurer of the Woman ' s Missionary Convention. Served on the Board of Trustees of Elon College from 1934 until May 1957. Devoted churchwoman, leader in women ' s work; a deep and obiding love ond concern for Elon College. Miss Susie Holland, born 387, graduated from Elor 1905. Attended summer Columbia University and College sessions the Uni- versity of Colorado. Taught in public and private schools of Suffolk, Vir- ginia. A member of the Suffolk Christian Church where she taught Sunday School for many years. A member of the Christian Missionary Association of the Eostern Virginia Conference for 31 years. Served as a member of the Board of Trustees of Elon College for 22 yeors. Loyal alumna, interested and octive friend of the Church ond Elon College. MRS. W. V. LEATHERS To the Seniors: Our civilization has now entered into the Age of Space. You hove indeed chosen a significant mo- ment in world history to obtain your college diplomas. These diplomas may not give you quite the sense of security you once thought, perhaps naively, they would. You have been engaged here in what I trust has been a reasonably serious effort to learn about God ' s created universe. You have learned, how- ever, that many of the things you once " knew " are not so, that many of your questions have no answers, and that there is no particular relation- ship between memorized accumulations of facts and true knowledge. No doubt you are now able to grasp the mean- ing of Socrates ' remark that he was wise because he knew that he knew nothing. If so, you have learned much because only the learned know how little is really known. And, if you are able to keep faith with those who hove made your study here possible, you must resolve to continue learning in a changing world. Your diplomas indicate that you hove the ability to do so; demonstrate to those who believe in you that you also hove the will. Keep the faith and spread the faith as you leave these sheltered grounds. Sincerely yours, H. H. Cunningham Dean of the College Messages from dean of students and women To the Class of 1959: Today you stand at the threshold of new greatness, having met the challenge of the post In your four years at Elon College it is our fervent prayer and sin- cere hope that you have sought diligently for knowledge and that you have ful- filled your quest; that through enrich- ing religious experiences you hove ac- quired a greater faith; and that through spiritual, social, and intellectual growth you are better prepared for a life of service to your fellow man. May you be richly blest in the years to come as you enrich the lives of those about you with love and understanding. Most sincerely, Robert Benson Dean of Students To the Class of 1959: You have been told I am sure, that the achievement of earning a college diploma is only a start toward becoming an educated person. One thing I would like to add " There is no person so humble that he cannot teach you something of value. " Each indi- vidual has some bit of knowledge that you do not have. Stop! Look ' Listen! I covet for each of you seeing eyes, understanding hearts, and searching minds. Sincerely, Marjorie Hereford Dean of Women - l 1»S 3diCu ty FIRST ROW: MILDRED S. ARCHER, BS., M.A., Associate Pro- fessor of English. WILLIAM H. ARCHER, A.B., M.A., Associate Pro- fessor of French and Spanish. KONSTANTINAS AVIZONIS, A.B., M.A., Ph.D., Professor of History. SECOND ROW: JOHN W. BARNEY, A.B., Professor of English (Re- tired). C. ROBERT BENSON, JR., A.B., M.A., Ph.D., Pro- fessor of Education; Dean of Students. W. JENNINGS BERRY, JR., A.B., Instructor of Eng- lish. THIRD ROW WILLIAM M. BROWN, A.B., MA, Ph.D., Professor of Social Science. MARY G. BUTLER, A,B., M.Ed., Assistant Professor of Home Economics. LUTHER N. BYRD, A.B., M.A., Professor of English; Publicity Director. FOURTH ROW: CLARENCE B. CARSON, B.S., M.A., Ph.D., Associate Professor of History. HUGH CAZEL, B.S., in I.E., Part-time Instructor of Mathematics. PAUL H. CHEEK, B.S., Ph.D., Chairmen of Depart- ment of Natural Sciences; Professor of Chemistry. 3acu fy FIRST ROW: JOSHUA C. COLLEY, A.B., M.A., Chairman of De- partment of Education and Psychology; Professor of Educotion. HORACE H. CUNNINGHAM, A.B,, M.A., Ph.D., Dean of College; Chairman of Department of Social Science; Professor of History. RAYMOND F. DOWNING, A.B., Assistant Professor of German. SECOND ROW: ROBERT E. DUNLAP, A.B., M.Ed., Assistant Pro- fessor of Physical Educotion; Assistant Football Coach. EDWARD R. EPPERSON, B.S., M.A., Assistant Pro- fessor of Chemistry. JANIE C. EVANS, AS., Part-time Instructor of Mathematics. THIRD ROW: JOHN S. GRAVES, AS., M.A.. Associate Professsor of Religious Education ond Bible. JEANNE GRIFFIN, A.B., Instructor of Physical Edu- cation. HENRY S. HACKNEY, A.B., M.A., Assistant Profes- sor of Modern Languoges. FOURTH ROW: MILDRED HAFF, A.B., M.A., Assistant Professsor of Mathematics. RICHARD M. HAFF, A.B., M.A., Ph.D., Professor of Biology. JAMES M. HESS, B S., M.A., B.D., D.D., Professor of English. FIRST ROW: ALONZO L. HOOK, A.B., M.A., M.S., Chairman of Department of Mathematics; Professor of Physics; Director of Placement Office. JAMES HOWELL, A.B., M.A., Ph.D., Chairman of Department of English and Dramatic Arts; Pro- fessor of English. GENE P. JOHNSON, 6.M., M.M., Assistant Professor of Piano and Music Theory. SECOND ROW: FRED L. KEISLING, A.B., Part-time Instructor of Physics. JOHN R. KITTENGER, B.S., B.D., S.T.M., Assistant Professor of Bible and English. C. GILBERT LATHAM, B.S., M S., Professor of Psychology. THIRD ROW: JAMES LATHAM, A.B., LL.B., Lecturer of Business Low. C. ALBIN LINQUIST, B.S., M.S., Associate Profes- sor of Business Administration. FRANCES C. LONGEST, A B., M.Ed., Associate Pro- fessor of Business Education. FOURTH ROW: CHARLES A. LYNAM, A.B., M.A., Instructor of Voice. CLYDE T. McCANTS, A.B., M.A., Associote Pro- fessor of English. PEARL S. McDonald, A.B , M.A., Associate Profes- sor of French. MmdM 3Acu i 3diCu iy FIRST ROW: FLETCHER MOORE, A,B,, MA,, Choirman of De- partment of Fine Arts; Professor of Piano ond Orgon. LILA C. NEWMAN, Ph,B., Assistant Professor of Art. MARY H. PADGETT, A,B., Part-time Instructor of English. SECOND ROW: MARGARET S. PERKINS, A.B., Part-time Instructor of Mathematics. PAUL S. REDDISH, A,B., M.A., Professor of Biology. WILLIAM T. REECE, B.S., M.B.A., C.P.A., Pro- fessor of Business Administrotion and Acting Chairman of the Department of Business Admin- istration. THIRD ROW: W. PASCHAL REEVES, JR., A.B., M.S., Th.M., M.A., Part-time Instructor of English. FERRIS E. REYNOLDS, A.B., B.D., S.T.M., Ph.D., Chairman of Department of Philosophy ond Re- ligion; Professor of Religion, Greek, and Philos- ophy. LEONARD RHYNE, A.B., Part-time Instructor of Mathematics. FOURTH ROW: FRED G. SAHLMANN, A.B., B.Mus., M.A., Assistant Professor of Piano. JOHN D. SANFORD, A.B., M.Ed., Chairman of De- partment of Health and Physical Education; Base- ball Coach; Professor of Health ond Physical Edu- cation. BESSIE P. SLOAN, A.B., M.A., Assistant Professor of Spanish. FIRST ROW: WILLIAM W. SLOAN, A.B., B.D., Ph.D., Professor of Bible and Religious Educotion. JESSE C. SOWELL, B.S., Instructor of Mathematics. KATYE O. SOWELL, B.A., M.S., Assistant Professor of Mathematics. SECOND ROW: JOHN W. SPARKS, A B., C.P.A., Part-time Instruc- tor of Business Administration. DEWEY M. STOWERS, JR., A.B., M.A., Associate Professor of Social Science. ARNOLD C. STRAUCH, B.S., M.A., Ed.D., Professor of Education. THIRD ROW: JESSIE Z. TAYLOR, A E of Business Educotion. DARTHEA M. TUNNICLIFFE, Professor of English. HARRY E. VARNEY, A.B., M.A., Professor of Physi cal Education; Football Coach. M.Ed., Assistant Professor M.A., Assistant FOURTH ROW: JEANNE WILLIAMS, B.S., M.S., Instructor of Sta- tistics and Mothematics. EVA A. WISEMAN, B.M., M.A., Part-time Instructor of Public School Music. MELVIN E. WOOTON, JR., B.S., M.A., Associate Professor of Dramatics. 3aciilfy staff OMA U. JOHNSON Ph.B., A.B., B.S. in L.S. Librorion THEODORE E. PERKINS B.S., B.D., M.Ed. B.S. in L.S. Reference Librorion WINNIE C. HOWELL Circulation Librorion ELEANORE KITTENGER Librory Clerical Assistont WILLIAM E. BUTLER, JR. A.B. Business Manager ANITA CLEAPOR A.B. Catalogue Librorion ALFRED S. HASSELL Registrar and Director of Admissions SAMUEL T. WEBSTER A.B. Field Secretory WILLIAM B. TERRELL A.B. Alumni Secretary REV. WILLIAM J. ANDES College Pastor VIVIAN FLORANCE House Mother BETTY WOOTON LESLIE JOHNSTON MARY D. THOMAS Dietitian Monoger of Bookstore Secretary to the President JUNE A. TAYLOR Secretory to the Dean of the College NANCY KERNODLE Secretary to the Busine Manager JACKIE MATLOCK Secretary in the Admissions Office ANITA LILES Secretary in the Alumni Office DORIS JOHNSON A ccounatnt DORIS MANEY Cashier BETTY ANDREWS Secretary to the Registrar FRANCES RIDGE Secretary to the Registrar sua i Ki« I 9 ..A r « 1 A-:- Ronald Bergman President Linwood Hurd Vice-President Kay Hughes Secretory-Treasurer 5fie Student Cegishtuve The Student Legislature is the supreme legislative power in the student body. The representatives to the Legislature are chosen by and from the residents of the various dormitories and the day student group. In addition, one representative is elected by and from each of the four classes. Offices in the Student Legislature and by whom held for the 1958-59 school year are as follows: Speaker of the Student Legislature, who is the Vice-President of the Student Body; Speaker Pro-tem,- Par- liamentarian; Secretary; and Reading Clerk. The Legislature is one of the most important bodies of the Student Government. First row, left to right: Joyce Myers, Mary Lou Booth, Lula Roberts, Becky Matthews, Pat Kelly, Robert Chondler, Etto Britt. Second row: James Elder, Glenda Boumgarner, Chorles Howell, John Patterson, Lucille Burgess, Donald Rankin. William Welch, Lafayette Wilkins. Third row: Gordon Yancey, Reading Clerk; Beverly Ward, Secretary; William Parker, Porliamen- tarion; Fourth row: Linwood Hurd, Speaker. First row, left- to right: Jock Newman, Jeon Loy, Thomasene Sparks, Woyland Medley. Second row, left to right: Maurice Brosky, Faye Gordon, Clyde Welch. The Honor Council tries all cases concerning violations of the Honor Code and the Campus Cede. The Council promotes Christian living in all functions of college life. Two seniors, two juniors, one sophomore, and one freshman serve on the Council. Left to right: Morris DeMatteo, Lindo Simpson, Richard Lashley, Lois Poor, Steve Mculdin. The Student Council is the unit of Student Gov- ernment that hears all appeal cases, tries minor campus offenses, and renders constitutional inter- pretations for the Student Legislature. Two men, two women, and one student from the student body large are elected annually. Ontevdovmitovy Councils The Interdormitory Councils represent all dormitory students. The councils ' main functions ore to make the rules which affect the conduct of the students in the dormitories and to serve as a court to try violators of the dormitories ' rules and counsel with them. The Councils also speak for the dormitory students in matters concerning the college. Left to right: Louan Lambeth, Nancy Williamson, Martha Langley, Katie Langley, Sylvia Sims, Winnie Ann Watson, Nancy Dortch, Hannah Wise Griffin, Linda Smoll. ran a v- ba First row, left to right: Sylvia Sims, Ralph Price. Second row, left to right: Thomas Carmines, Joseph DelGais. Senior CUss OFFICERS -? :. - ? NICHOLAS DESIBIO President WILLIAM OLIVER Vice-President JUNE ( MPBELL Secretary-Tresurer Senior Chss 0 iffy-Nine ALBERT, Douglas 5., 40 Warris Road, Lohore, Pakiston, RELIGIOUS EDUCATION. Honor Council, Secretary 2; Board of Elections 4- Stu- dent Legislature, Chaplain 3; Student Christian Association 1, 2, ' 3, 4, Chairman of World Order Commission 2, President 3; Ministeriol As- sociation I, 2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3; Track team 2; Summer School Commencement Marshal 3; MAROON AND GOLD, Reporter ; WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COL- LEGES 3, 4. Men ' s Club; Baseball I, 3, Day Students ' Organizatic C, ENGLISH. Transferred bemovs Womon ' s College. Robert, Box 23, Sophie C, PHILOSOPHY. Phil BERGMAN, Ronold Warren, Route I, Uncasville, Connecticut, RE- LIGION. Sigma Mu Sigma, Vice-President 2, Chaplain 2, 3; Student Legislature 1, Student Council 2, Vice-President of Student Body 3; President of Student Body 4; Ministerial Association 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice- President 3; Student Christian Associotion 2, 3, 4; Track 1, 3; Intro- murals I, 2, 3, 4; Commencement Marshal 3, North Carolina Student Legislature 3; North State Conference Delegate 3, 4; WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN ERSITIES AND COLLEGES. BIGGERSTAFF, Jam ADMINISTRATION. Organization 1, 2, s, 810 N. Mom St., Burlington, N. C, BUSINESS Sigma Mu Sigmo, Secretary 3, Day Students " 3, 4, President 2; Junior Closs President 3; Stu- jident 3; Student Legislature 2, 3; Representotive to North Corolino Stote Student Legislature Assembly 3; Interim Council of North Corolino Stote Student Legislature Assembly 4; North State Conference Student Government Associotion, President 4, North Corolino Conference Press Association 3; Cheerleader 2, 3, Intromurols 2, 3, Donee Committee 2, Student Boord of Elections 3, MAROON AND GOLD, Business Manager 3, 4; Orientotion Com- mittee Chairmen 4; Commencement Marshal 3; WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES. ' 1 Porter PL, Towonda, Po., ENGLISH. It 4; MAROON AND GOLD, Reporter 3; 2, 3, 4; Freshman Orientation Committ SURGE, Jonet M., Box 285, Sanford, N. C, ENGLISH. Tou Zeto Phi; Student Council 3; Women ' s Athletic Association 3, 4; Intromurals 3, 4; Student Affoirs Committee 4; Dance Committee 3; Transferred from Greensboro College. BURGESS, William Edward, Shiloh, N. C, MATHEMATICS CAMPBELL, June R., Box 475, Elon College, N. C, ENGLISH. Zeto Phi; Student Legisoture Representative 3; Senior Cass S tary and Treasurer 4; Doy Students ' Organization 2, 3; Commi ment Morshal 3. CANUPP, James Thomas, 922 Carrol St., Martinsville, Va., BU5I ADMINISTRATION. Doy Students ' Organization I, 2, 3, 4, Vet. Club. CARCATERRA, Anthony, 329 Wanser Ave., Inwood L. I. 96, N. Y., PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Sigma Phi Beto; Football 1, 2, 3, 4, All Conference 3, 4, All State 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4; Baseball 2, 3, 4; " E " Men ' s Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3. CAREY Stanley Otis, Route 5, Burlington, N. C, PUBLIC SCHOOL MUSIC. Sigma Mu Sigma, Corresponding Secretary 3, 4; Day Student ' s Organization 1, 2; Choir 1, 2, 3, 4. CARMINES, Ralph Thomas, 601 N. 7th Ave., Portsmouth, Va., MATHE- MATICS, Sigma Phi Beta, Vice-President 3, President 4; President or Carolina Hall, President of Interdormitory Council 4; Varsity Foot- Intramural Sport CATHEY, Mary 15 S. Ellis St., Soli N. C, ENGLISH. HISTORY. Representative CHRI5TLEY, Freddie M., 505 Stokes Rood, Graham, Seniors Seniors Ml COBB, Roy Lee, Route 2, Burlington, N. C, MATHEMATICS. COBLE, John Herbert, Route 5, Burlington, N. C, RELIGION. 713 Piedmont St., Reidsville, N, C, MATHE- DELGAIS, Joseph, 165 Redwood Ave., Inwood L. I., N. Y., HISTORY, lota Tau KoDpa; Dormitory President 4; " E " Men ' s Club, Secretory 3; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1. DESIBIO, Nicholas, 82 Fern Place, Inwood, N. Y., HISTORY. Sigma Phi Bcto, President 4, Pi Gamma Mu; Junior Closs President 3; Senior C ' oss President 4, Football I, 2, 3, 4; WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES. South Norfolk, 18 Rodgers Place, Portsmouth, Va., HISTORY, DUDLEY, Kenneth Harrison, 233 Potomac Hgfs., Hagerstown, Md., CHEMISTRY. Kappa Psi Nu; Chemistry Club, President 4; WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES. EDMONDS, Walter Maunder, 2217 Queen St., Portsmouth, Va., ENG- L SH Iota Tau Kappa, Honor Council 3; Spanish Club 1; Gern an Club 4; MAROON AND GOLD 2, 3, 4, Co-Editor 3, Editor 4; Football 1, 2; Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4; Interdormitory Council; President of Carlton House. FAUST, Harold Mervin, 1026 East Market St., Mahonoy City, Po., BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION and SOCIAL STUDIES. Iota Tau Kappa, E " Men ' s Club; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1, 2; Intramural Sports; All Conference Football, 1st Team. s eniovs Sen wvs FRANKS, Mary Vivian, Box 302, Elon College, N. C, BUSINES EDUCATION. Delta Upsilon Koppa; Doy Students ' Organization 1, 2 3; Women ' s Athletic Association I, 2, 3; Summer Sctiool Commence ment Marshal 3. FULLER, Carl Lee, 512 S. Mebane St., Burlington, N. C, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Sigma Mu Sigmo; Boord of Elections 4; Day Stu- dents ' Organization 2, 3, 4; Germon Club; Track 2, 4; Transfer from University of North Corolino. GATES, Charles Gilbert, Idlewildc, Covington, Virginia, BUSINESS Tau Kappa, Treasurer 4; Basketball I, 2; 1217 Holly St., South Norfolk, Va., PHI- 150 Stewort St., South Norfolk, Va., MATHEMAT- 204 Glendole Ave., Burlington, HALL, Robert Jomes lladenboro, N. C, HISTORY. HARRISON, Noncy Jone, 322 Country Club Rood, Winston-Solerr N. C, PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Women ' s Athletic Association; Intrc murals; Transferred from Appalachian Stote Teachers College. HARTSELL, Edward Douglas, 7-A Brookwood Garden Apts., Burling- ton, N. C, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Day Students ' Organiza- tion; Transferred from Mars Hill College. HAWKINS, Mary Jane, Route 2, Hurdle Mills, N. C, BUSINESS EDUCATION. Summer School Honor Council 3; Elon Players 1; Beta Chi Epsilon 1, 2; Intramural Sports. HENDRICKS, Robert O., 220 Honeymoon St., Danville, Pa., HISTORY and BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Sigma Phi Beta; President 3; Pan Hellenic Council 4, President 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; " E " Men ' s Club; May Court. Student Chri! Philosophy Club 3, 4; MAROON AND GOLD, Press Operator 4; Trons- ferred from Drexel Institute of Technology. Sports 1, 2, 3, 4; Representati- HUBBARD, Lynwood L., Route 1, Rams. Seniors s enwvs HULTMAN, Robert C, Box 382, Elon College, N. C, PHILOSOPHY. Student Legisloture 3; Philosophy Club 3, Vice President 3; Min- isterial Association 1, 2, 3, A, Vice-President 4; Commencement Marshal 3. La Nell, McCormick St., Rowland, N. C. Freshman Orientation Committee 4; En Women ' s Athletic Association 3, 4; Intr PHI PSI CLI; Tronsterred from Presbyte JONES, Robert L., 1202 Vance St., Greensboro, N. C, CHEMISTRY. Student Legislature 4; Vcterons Club 3; German Club 3; Chemistry Club 3, 4, Vice President 4, Day Students ' Organization; MAROON AND GOLD, Transferred from Guilford College. JONES, Vera Lindley, 400 South Maple St., Graham, N. C, HISTORY. Pi Kappa Tau, Secretary 4; Pi Gamma Mu, Secretory 4; Commence- ment Marshal 3; Day Students ' Organization 3, 4, Box 52, Moyoda C, PHYSICAL KING, Marvin Lee, Box 301, Roxboro, N. C, HISTORY. 2, Burlington, N. C, BUSINESS ADMI LAMBERT, Guy R., 4 Downing St., Newport, R. I., PHILOSOPHY. Sigmo Mu Sigma, Corresponding Secretary 2, Secretary 4, President 4; Alpha Psi Omega; Interdormitory Council 2; Board of Elections 4; German Club 1, Philosophy Club 3; Students Christian Associa- tion 1, 2, 4, Ministerial Association; Elon Players 3, 4; WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES. mMm Cheer LAMBETH, Louon, Brown Summit, N. C, ENGLISH. 1 Treasurer 2, President 3; Student Legislature, Secretory Class Secretary 3; French Club 1, 2; Freshman Orient( tee 3; Dance Committee 2, 3; Entertainment Corrn PSI CLI, Feature Editor 2; Women ' s Athletic Association I, Secretary 4; Intromurols 1, 2, 3, 4; Interdormitory Council 4 leader 2, 3, 4; Chief Cheerleader 4; Homecoming Sponsor I, 2, 3, Homecoming Maid of Honor 4; May Court 3, Maid of Honor 4; WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES. LANGLEY, Martha Elizobeth, Staley, N. C, HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION, Beta Omicron Beta, President 4, Vice President 3; Stu- ftent Legislature 2; Interdormitory Council 3, Secretary 4; Donee Committee 2, 3; Women ' s Athletic Association 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4; Spanish Club 1, 2; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Christion As- sociation 1, 2, Secretary 2; PHI PSI CLI, Co-Editor 4; Homecoming May Court " " " " ' " " " ' " ■■ Seni ovs Seniors f . C LASHLEY, Richord, 117 Patterson St., Leoksville, N. C, ENGLISH. Safety Council 3; Student Legislature 3; Student Council, President 4; Day Students ' Organization, MAROON AND GOLD, Columnist 3, Associote Editor 4; Commencement Marshal 3, May King 4; Home- coming Escort 2, 3, 4; WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMER- ICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES. Leaks BUSINESS ADMI LEWIS, Thomas B., Chodbourn, N. C, HISTORY. Sponish Club I ; Education Club 2; Student Christian Association 1; PHI PSI CL|- Choir 1, 2, 3; Dance Committee 1, 4; Intramurols 1; Freshman Orientation Committee 2, 3, 4; Homecoming Parade Committee 2. LITTLE, Kenneth Wode, 713 K NESS ADMINISTRATION. Sigmc tion; Commencement Marshal 3. C, HISTORY. ew St., Greensboro, LUCE, Lenora D., 131 Sound Avenue, Riverheod, L. I., N. Y., ENG- LISH, Delta Upsilon Kappo, Treosurer 3; French Club 1, 2; Women ' s Athletic Association 1, 2, 3, Treasurer 1, Secretary 2, Vice President 3; Cheerleoder 2, 3; Choir I; Intramural 1, 2, 3; Homecoming Spon- sor 1, 3; Entertainment Committee, Chairmen 2; Social Committee, Choirman 3; Sophomore Class Secretory-Treasurer. VS, Hozel Rebecca, Cappo, President 4 Athletic Associatii , Brodnox, Va., ENGLISH. Delta Class Secretary and Treasurer; , 4; Interdormitory Council 3; -nan urientation Lommittee 3; Entertainment Committee, Chair- 3; Cheerleader 4; Intramurals 2, 3, 4; May Court 4, Transferred Longwood College. McCAULEY, James, Route 4, Burlington, N. C, PHYSICAL EDUCA- TION. Sigma Mu Sigma; Intramurols 1, 2, 3, 4. McDonald, Thomas Glenn, 1329 Meadow St., Greensboro, N. C, BUSINE5 ADMINISTRATION. Iota Tau Kappo; German Club; Day Students ' Organization; MAROON AND GOLD; Choir, 2, 3; Basket- ball 1, 2; Track 2 MclNTOSH, Robert Horace, Elon College, N. C, CHEMISTRY. McLAUCHLIN, John Duncan, Jr., 524 Tarleton Ave., Burlington, N. C, CHEMISTRY, Sigma Mu Sigmo, Vice President 4; Honor Council, Chairman 3; Student Legislature 2, 4; Speaker Pro Tem 4; Day Stu- dents ' Organization 2; Chemistry Club 3, 4, Treasurer 4; Bond 2, 3, 4, Secretary 4; PHI PSI CLI; Sports Editor 3; Intromurals; Com- mencement Marshal 3; Delegate to N. C. Student Legislature 4; Delegote to North State Legislature 3; WHO ' S WHO AMONG STU- DENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES. MEDLEY, Woyland O ' Neal, 505 Franklin Blvd., Greensboro, N. C, HISTORY. Iota Tau Kappa; Pi Gamma Mu; Honor Council 4; " E " Men ' s Club 2, 3, 4; French Club 1; Baseball 1, 2, 3; WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES. Fentress, Va., BUSINESS ADMINIS- iMmh Seniors Seni ovs MONTGOMERY, Wode Hampton, Jr., 920 Tucker St., Burlington, N. C, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Day Students ' Organizotion; Transferred from High Point College. MULLINS, William Clark, Rt. 1, Box 302, Hickory, Virginia, BUSI- NESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Pi Delta; German Club 2, 3; Intra- murals 1 , 2, 3, 4. ?rbert St., Philadelphia 24, Po., RE- RELIGIOUS EDUCATION, Beta Omi- cron Beta, Pan Hellenic Council 2, Honor Council 1; Student Legis- lature 3, 4, Board of Elections 2, 3, 4, Chairmen 4; Student Christian Association 1, 2, 3, 4, Campus Affairs Chairman 2, Vice Preside nt 3, World Order Chairman 4; Philosophy Club 3, 4, President 4; Span- ish Club I; Women ' s Athletic Associotion I, 2; Ministerial Association 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice President I, President 3; Humonities Award 1, Out- standing Biblical Student Award 3; Burlington Student Government Day 4, North State Student Government Delegote 4, North Carolina Legislature Delegate 4; Philadelphic OAKLEY, Charles Grant, 1005 5. Mam St., Grahom, N. C, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Pi Delta, Day Students ' Organization; Spanish Club 1, 2; Intramurals 1, 2. OLIVER, William C, 306 Gilmer Sigma Mu Sigma; Freshman Boa Day Students ' Organization, Seer Club 2, 3, 4; Vice President of Commencement Marshal 3. t., Burlington, N. C, CHEMISTRY, of Control 4; Student Legislature; ory and Treasurer 3, 4; Chemistry Senior Class; Intramurols 2, 3, 4; PARKER, Dor oute 1, Holland, Vo., ENGLISH. rth Carolina Shri PATTERSON, John Knox, Rt. 6, Burlingtc HISTORY. Pi Gamma Mu; Student Legisia Student Legislature; Day Students ' Organij C, PRE LAW Delegote to N Vice President PEAY, Cunningham Caston, P. O. Box 354, Pageland, S. C, HISTORY. PITTS, Arthur Laurie, Dillwyn, Va., HISTORY. PORTER, Daniel Cullom, 801 Hay St., Fayetteville, N. C, HISTORY and BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Kappa Psi Nu; Elon Ployers 3, 4, Vice President 4; Intramurals 3, 4; Transferred fram Gordon Military College; Freshman Orientation Committee 4. PRICE, Doris Marie, Altamahaw, N. C, ENGLISH. Pi Kappa Tau- Treasurer 4; Day Students ' Organization 3, 4; Women ' s Athletics Association; Transferred from Emmanuel College. RADFORD, Paul Grady, 311 Sharpe St., Draper, N. C, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Sigma Mu Sigmo, Guard 3, Tn . . , 2, 3, 4, Intramurals 1 , 2, 3, 4; Dormitory Treasurer 3. RAKES, Robert C, Box 427, Fieldale, Vo., PHYSICAL EDUCATION. RARER, Betty Ann, 2317 Club Blvd., Durham, N. C, ENGLISH. Delta Upstlon Kappa; Alpha Psi Omega, President 4; Home Economics Club; Eion Pla ers; Dance Committee Chairman; Transferred from Greens- fl ' ' % Seniors enwvs RHODES, Gene Potrick, 937 Green St., Danville, Va., ENGLISH. Iota Tau Kappa, President 4; Porking Committee 4; Spanish Club 1; Colonnades 2; Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketboll I; Tennis 3, 4. ROBERTSON, Harold Dean, King, N, C, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. 3, Mebanc, N. C, BUSINESS ADMIh RUDISILL, Cecil Woyne, Catawbo, N. C, DRAMATIC ARTS and EiNoLlSH. Alpha Psi omega 2, 4, Germon Club 2; Colonnades 2; Elon Players I, 2, 4, Program Chairmen 2, President 4; Most Useful Elon Player Award I, 2; Best Minor Supporting Actor Award 2, Best Stu- v RUGGERI, Robert Joseph, 167 Wesffield Ave. Clark, N. J., MATHE- iWH MATICS. Sigma Phi Beta, German Club, Football I, 2, 3, 4. RUMLEY, Helen Louise, Box 292, Elon College, 215 Gurney St., Burlington, 5H0FFNER, Elizabeth Ann, Route I, Julian, N. C, HOME ECONOMICS. Tau Zeta Phi, German Club 3, 4, Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretar 1, 2, President 4; Student Christian Association 1, 2, 3; Women ' s Athletic Associotion I, 2, 3, 4; MAROON AND GOLD reporter 4; Choir I, 2, 3; Commencement Marshal 3. SHUE, Donald Darrell, 217 Trollmger St., Burlmgton, N. C ADMINISTRATION. Sigma Mu Sigma; Student Legislatur( ■ ' izotion; Intramural Sports. Studen SIMPSON, Linda Lou, Route 2, Elon College, N. C, ENGLISH. Tau, Treasurer 2. President 3, 4, Student Legislature 2; Secretary- Treasurer of Student Body 3; Student Council Secretary 4; Day Stu- dents ' Organization 1, 2, 3, 4; Freshman Closs Secretory-Treasurer, PHI PSI CLI Feature Editor 3, Co-editor 4; Intramural Sports 1, 2, 4; North State Conference Delegote 1958; Finance Director Elon College- Burlington Student Government Day; Homecoming Sponsor I, 2, 3 4; May Queen 4; Commencement Morshal 3; WHO ' S WHO AMONG STU- DENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES 3, 4. SIMS, Sylvia Edith, 3353 Bueno Vista Road, Winston-Salem, N. C, MATHEMATICS, Alpha Psi Omega; Dormitory Council 4, President 4; Interdormitory Council 4; Summer School Vice-President Dormitory Council 3; Elon Players 2, 3, 4, Secretary 4, Chairman Publicity Dept. 3, 4; Women ' s Athletic Association 3; Band 3, Intramural Sports 3, 4; Homecoming Sponsor 4; May Court 4; Transferred from Wake Forest 501 Elon College, N. C, BUSINESS AD- Seniors Seniors SPARKS, Thomosene Boland, Box 242, Elon College, N. C, MUSIC and EN ' 5LISH. Tau Zeta Phi, Secretary 3; Alpha Psi Omego, Vice President 4; Honor Council 4; German Club; Day Students ' Organiza- tion; Choir; Band; Commencement Marshal 3; WHO ' S WHO AMONG SlUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES. STEPHENSON, Nancy Deborah, 128 N. Eslie St., Fuquay Springs N C RELIGIOUS EDUCATION. Delta Upsilon Kappa; Women ' s Athletic As- sociation 3, 4; Co-Chairmon of Entertainment Committee 4; Choir 3, 4; Intramurals 3, 4; Transferred from Mors Hill Junior College. TAPLETON, Ikey Ellen, 507 N. Mongum St., Durham, ADMINISTRATION. Pi Kappa Tau; Pan-Hellenic Cou Omega; Student Legislature 3, 4, Secretary 4; Pre Control, 4; Orientation Committee 4; Student Chri 3, 4; Choir 3, 4; Elon Players 3, 4; Program Chairmen 4, Business Man- ager 3, 4; Moior Supporting Actress of the Year Award 3; Burlington- Eion College Student Government Day 4; N, C. Student Legislative Assembly 4; Commencem ent Marshal 3; WHO ' S WHO AMONG STU- DENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES: Transfer from W. C. U. N. C. TAYLOR, Patsy Lenoro, Altamohow, t Vice President 4; Pan-Hellenic Council 1, 2, 3, 4; Woman ' s Athletic Association, 1, 2, 3, TAYLOR, Peggy Zimmerman, Route 4, Burlington, N. C, BIOLOGY. Tau Zcto Phi, Secretary 2, President 4; Student Legisloturp 3; Board of Elections 4; Student Safety Committee, Secretary 3; Day Students ' Organization I, 2, 3, 4; Germon Club; Chemistry Club, Secretary 4; Woman ' s Athletic Association 1, 2; PHI PSI CLI Staff, Co-Feature Editor 4; Intramurals 2, 3, 4; Commencement Marshal 3; WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COL- LEGES. TAYLOR, Wayne Forrest, 2129 Oak Ave., Newport News, Va. MATHE- MATICS. Kappa Psi Nu, President 4; Student Legislature 1, 2; Pan- Hellenic Council 2, 3; Elections Committee 1; Donee Committee 1, 2; Orientation Committee 2. C, PHILOSOPHY. n 1, 2, 3, 4; German Club Upperclassmen Chapel Com- )mmencement Morshoi 3; Outstanding Biblical Stu- i the N. C. Council of United Student Fellowship J the N. C- United Student Christian Council 4; Delegate to National USF Assembly 3. WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES 3, 4. Upperclc 2: Chair Lee, Route 3, Graham, Students Road, Greensboro, C, BUSINESS ADMINISTRA- TURNER, Mary Ann, Yanceyville, N. C, BIOLOGY and CHEMISTRY. Tau Zeta Phi; Interdormitory Council 3; Chemistry Club 3, 4; Women ' s Athletic Association I, 2, 3, 4; Intromurals J, 2, 3; Homecoming Sponsor 3, 4. enwvs Seniors UPDVp-E, Worden Jackson, 25 Woodward Ave., Angola, N. LIGION. Student Christian Association 1, 2, 3, Program Chai Ministerial Association I, 2, 3, MAROON AND GOLD 1, 2, 3, 1, 2. Choir BUSINESS Hampton, Va., Players 2, 3, WAGNER, Corston Rochelle, Apt. 2 1 A, Brookwood Courts, Burlington, N. C, MATHEMATICS. WALKER, William Victor, H I -A University Apts., Durham, N. C, MATHEMATICS, ENGLISH, ond DRAMA. Alpha Psi Omega, MAROON AND GOLD 1, 2, 3, 4, Sports Editor 1, 2, 3, 4; Colonnades 2; Intro- mural Council 1, 2, 3; Elon Players 1, 2, 3; Intramural Sports 1 , 2, 3, 4; Debating 3; Veterans ' Club 2, Student Election, 1, 2. WATTS, Gilbert Jennings, 103 Gill St., Laurinburg, N. C, PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Iota Tau Kappa; Baseboll 1, 2, 3, 4, All-Conference 2, 3, 4, All-American 3; Basketball 2, 3, 4, Captain 4; WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES. WAY, Clyde Victor, Jr., Box 632, Elon College, N. C. HISTORY. WELCH, Clyde Ed« 4; Honor Cc WESTERFIELD, Paul, Route 6, Greensburg, Indiana, ENGLISH. ■KflKmn WILLIAMSON, Nancy Jeanne, 739 Shamrock Road, Asheboro, N. C, BUSINESS EDUCATION. Beta Chi Epsilon; Delto Upsilon Kappa; Inter- dormitory Council 4; Women ' s Athletic Association 1, 2, 3, 4; Choir 1; Majorette 1, 2; Cheerleader 4. WINSTON, Patrick H., Jr., Clarksville, Vo., BUSINESS ADMINISTRA- unction, Vo. ENGLISH. Delto Upsilon It 4; German Club 2, 3; Beta Chi iciafion 1, 2, 3, 4; Cheerleader 4, Sports 2, 3, 4. Seniors utv o OFFICERS ' 6(ie junior Chss First Row, left to right: ALLEN, Emma, Ramseur, N. C. ARNOLD, Bobby, Route 4, Bassert, Virginia; AUSTIN, Har old. Box 223, Elon College, N. C. Second Row: BARNWELL, Dole, Route 3, Mebane, N. C; BELL, Helen, Box 762, Elon College, N. C; SENNET, ' Bobby L., 713 Carter Ave., Durham, N. C. n o P Third Row: BLALOCK, Don, 713 Dick St., Gibsonville, N. C. BLEAKLEY, Stewart J., 1007 Ingle St., Burlington, N. C, BOOTH, Mary Lou, 143 Winchester Drive, Hompton, Va. Fourth Row: BRADY, Nancy K., Route 2, Bennett, N. C; BRANCHE, William Cecil, 2846 Tait Terroce, Norfolk, Vo.; BRANTLEY, Bobby Miles, 627 Columbia Ave., Burlington, Fifth Row: BROOKS, William Terrel, Box 66, Bonlee, N. C, BROSKY, Maurice, Route 4, Box 82, Punxsutawney, Pa. BRUTCH, Paul Peter, 222 W. Coal St., Shenandoah, Pa. o Gfie junior Class First row, left to right: BUCK, Mory Ann, 1512 Lovett St., Greensboro, N. C; BURNS, Grant Junior, Route 2, Burling- ton, N. C; CAPUANO, Alfred I., 8 Longfellow Drive, Hunt- ington Station, N. Y. Second row: CHURCH, Grady Cole, South Walnut St., Lake View, S. C; CLAYTON, Max Bernard, Route 4, Henderson, N. C; COBB, Numa Watt, Jr., Route 1, Gibsonville, N. C. i.iiflMkti Third row: COLLINS, Martin Joseph, 22-14-33 St., New York, N. Y.; CRABTREE, Hermon Harrison, 3016 Hope VaMey Road, Durhom, N. C, CREASON, Hubert B., Route 2, Siler City, Fourth Row: DAVENPORT, Jimmie Dale, Creswell, N. C; DOFFLEMYER, Pamley Elaine, Route 2, Box 121, Elkton, Vo.; EANES, Clyde Nelson, 1012 Columbus St., Martinsville, Va. Fifth Row: EARLE, Morgie Carol, 216 Woverly Way, Bur- Imgton, N. C; ELDER, James Perry, Jr., 110 Glendale Ave., Burlington, N. C; ELLIOT, Ruth, Route 4, Oxford, N. C. ■d r 7 I? First row, left to right: ELMORE, Thomas Franklin, 1714 W. Front St., Burlington, N. C; FENTRESS, James Howard, 1141 Vir- ginia Ave., S. Norfolk, Va.; FORREST, Helen G., Route 1, Robbins, N. C; FROST, John, 4543 Hwy. 168, Norfolk 6, Va.; GHARAVI, Monsen Said, No. 23 Falch-Jalshe, Teheron, Iran; GILLIAM, Joseph Oliver, Jr., 413 Troil 1, Grove Park, Burling- ton, N. C. Second Row: GILLIAM, Lloyd Roy, Box 537, Gibsonville, N. C; GILLIAM, William Richard, Route 1, Elon College, N. C; GLAS- GOW, Marion Nixon, Route 1, Franklinville, N. C; GOODMAN, Bobby, Altamahaw, N. C; HARRELL, Shelton Franklin, St. Brides, Virginia; HARTWELL, Mary Ann, Cedar St., West Barnstable, Mass. Third Row: HATCH, Rebecca Ann, 1229 Franklin St., Burlington, N. C; HAWKINS, Chorles Thomas, Box 473, Henderson, N. C; HELMS, Roy L., 1116 Westover Apts., Greensboro, N. C; HENSON, Gary Eugene, Rhodhiss, N. C; HINTON, William Edwin, 134 Monitor Rd., Portsmouth, Va.; HODGES, Charles W., 1018 Twykenham Dr., Greensboro, N. C. 5fie junior Chss t? i) fP €) I? First Row, left to right: HOLLAND, James R., 818 Antony St., Burlington, N. C; HOVATHER, William David, Route 4, Rox- boro, N. C; HOWEY, George Parker, Jackson Street, Rowland, N. C; HUGHES, Kotherine Coddell, Box 605, Elon College, N. C; HUMPHREY, James Emerson, 125 Moss. Ave., Southern Pines, N. C; HURD, Linwood Richard, 32 Ronald Road, New Britain, Conn. Second Row: HURDLE, William R., Box 658, Elon College, N. C; ISLEY, Janice Moon, 603 N. Main, Graham, N. C; IVEY, Arthur McKinnon, Route 1, Aberdeen, N. C; JARRETT, Joseph Peter, 412 Gerringer, Gibsonville, N. C; JOHNSON, Barbara Ann, 530 Climax St., Graham, N. C; JONES, Lottie Curtis, Jr., Route 5, Foyetteville, N. C. Third Row: JONES, Peter Franklin, III, Route 2, Laurinburg, N. C; KING, Robert Lee, Supply, N. C; LANGLEY, Katie Morie, Sfaley, N. C; LAWSON, Bobby Gene, 1919 Cherokee Drive, Foyetteville, N. C; LEVINER, Richard, 210 E. Kime St., Burling- ton, N. C; LEWIS, Margie Ann, Route I, Elon College, N. C. First Row, left to right: LITTLE, Howard Q. L., Jr., 914 N. Mebane St., Burlington, N. C; LIVERMAN, Thomas F., Jr., 1303 Freeman Ave., South Norfolk, Va.; LOY, Nina Jean, Route 2, Elon Collelge, N. C. Second Row: MAIDON, Charles Randell, C 23 A, Raleigh, N. C; MANESS, James S., Jr., Route 1, Box 181, Bear Creek, N. C; MANGRUM, Daniel Powell, Virgilina, Virginia. Third Row: MANGUM, Bobby Kenneth, Box 143, Hillsboro, N. C; MARLOWE, Tom Franklin, Jr., Mills Home, Thomas- ville, N. C; MATKINS, Howard Eldridge, Route 2, Elon College, N. C. Fourth Row: MAULDIN, Steve, Jr., 317 Corona St., Winston Salem, N. C; McCLURE, James Walter, 1126 3rd Ave., Brackenridge, Pa.; McKEITHAN, William Scott, Shallotte, N. C. Fifth Row: McLEAN, Robert Fletcher, Box 2001, E. Rocking- ham, N. C; MEADOR, Joseph Edward, Route 3, Reidsville, N. C; MOORE, Clarice Leiand, 811 Washington St., Bur- lington, N. C. P P D de junior Chss First Row, left to right: MORRIS, Cotherine Elizabeth, Route 3, Vir gilina, Virginio; NEWSOME, Wil Nam Jordan, Box 185, Kenly, N C; PALKOVICS, William John 442 West Grand St., Elizabeth N. J.; POTTER, Charlotte Sue Apt. 2-B,. Brookwood Gardens Burlington, N. C. p f jP Second Row: PULLIAM, Joseph Clifton, Route 1, Ridgeway, Va RACKLEY, Cecil L., Independenc( Virginia; RAY, William Monro( 2012 S. Church St. Ext., Burlinc ton, N. C; RHODES, Nova Ma ine. Route 2, Box 137, Pittsboro, N. C. Third Row: RILEY, Dwight L., 416 N. Second St., Mebane, N. C RILEY, William Wynn, 422 Wentworth Dr., Columbia, S. C ROGERS, Joe Kenneth, 110 Goldsboro Ave., Sanford, N. C SCOTT, Ronald Glenn, Route 1 Bear Creek, N. C. Fourth Row: SHREVE, Thomas, Route 2, Liberty, N. C; SLAY- TON, Lacy Barksdale, Milton, N. C; SMALL, Margaret Linda, Box 356, Fair Bluff, N. C; SMITH, James, Box 215, Hamle., N. C. Fifth Row: TATUM, Jimmy D., 315 W, Beasley St., Asheboro, N. C; THOMAS, Raymond Lee, 1341 Granville St., Burlington, N. C; TOMS, Stuart R., 117 South Me- bone St., Burlington, N. C; TROUTMAN, William Isaac, 25 South 13th St., Lewisburg, Pa. Q ' { P |f5 ' --, Jf First Row, left to right: TURNER, J. C, Route 3, Fairmont, N. C; WALKER, Zoc Taylor, III, 1802 Vaughan St., South Boston, Va.; WATSON, Winnie Anne, 307 Mclver St., Sanford, N. C; WELCH, Williom Walton, Jr., 53 Webster Ave. No., Bangkok, Me.; WHITE, Samuel Wade, Route 3, Pittsboro, N. C; WHITESELL, Carl Douglas, Box 364, Gibsonville, N. C. Second Row: WHITTENTON, James Richard, 410 Woodrow St., Reidsville, N. C; WICKER, Harold Lee, Box 374, Elon Col- lege, N. C; WICKER, Harriet Stovall, Box 374, Elon College, N. C; WILKINS, Lafoyette Thomas, Jr., 1508 Goodwin St, Suffolk, Va.; WILKINSON, Larry Ellis, 210 W. Jackson St., Mebane, N. C; WILLIAMS, William E., Box 631, Roxboro, N. C. Third Row: WILSON, Edward Cox, Bloirs, Virginia; WRENN, Joan Lewis, Route 5, Burlington, N. C; WYRICK, Arnold Dean, 409 17th St., Virginia Beach, Vo.; YANCEY, Gordon M., Clarksville, Virginia. SoV (vOTVlOte OFFICERS Gfi Sopdomove Cl ass First Row, le ft to right: ABBOTT, Ferebee Jean, 984 Map ' e St, Henderson, N. C; ALLEN, Carolyn Virginia, Route 1, Reidsville, N. C; ALLEN, Miriam Treely, Route 1, Chester, Va.; ATKINSON, John Dock, 12708 Lagoon Land St., Peters- burg, Flo. Second Row: BAILEY, Kenneth Lloyd, Green Mountain, N. C. BARE, Curtis Vernon, ]14 St. John St., Burlington, N. C. BAUMGARNER, Glenda Foye, Route 5, Burlington, N. C. SEAL, Rosalie B., 1124 Sherwood Drive, Burlington, N. C Third Row: BENNETT, Jomes Lawrence, Jr., 104 Laurel Lone Virginia Beach, Va.; BOELTE, Edwin R., Box 10, Vernon Hill Va.; BOYER, Lewis A., 952 Woodland Ave., Winchester, Va., BOYTE, Joseph Lee, Jr., Sfor Route, Carthage, N. C. (9 P P P Utii mM tk Fourth Row: BRADY, John David, Siler City, N. C; BRITT, Etta Felton, 1108 South Main St., Burlington, N. C; BROWN, Carlton Lee, Route 1, Reids- ville, N. C; BRYANT, Ronald Gilbert, 316 Tate St., Greensboro, N. C; BURCH, Rainey DeRoy, Jr., Main St., Yancey- ville, N. C. Fifth Row: BURGESS, Robert Aaron, 301 Thornopple St., St. Clair, Mich.; BURKE, Howard Edwin, 1522 W. Davis St., Bur- lington, N. C; BURKHOLDER Judith Kathryn, Reidsville, Pa.; BUTLER, Linda Ann, Route 2, Reidsville, N. C; CALLA- HAN, Horton Coswell, 404 W. Gilbreath St., Graham, N. C. Sixth Row: CAMPBELL, Norma Lee, 416 Maple Ave., Burlington, N. C; CAMP- BELL, Peggy Ann, Box 475, Elon Col- lege, N. C; CATON, Doris Lynne, 183 N. Spring St., Concord, N. C; CHIL- TON, Gilbert Lefayette, Route 2, Box 38, Fredericksburg, Vc; CLARK, James Edwin, Box 37, Carrboro, N. C. f " l " IJ I T f P p First Row, left to right: COATES, Cecil Groy, Box 282, Rox- boro, N. C; COLLINS, Joh n M., 125 Western Ave. Brottle- boro, Vermont; COPELAND, David Rodney, Box 485, Field- ole, Va.; CROSBY, James Byord, Box 320, Ellis Road Dur- ham, N. C. Second Row: DALOLA, Albert J., 126 Clinton Ave., Cortland, N. Y.; DODSON, Gilmer Worth, Route 1, Whitsett, N. C; PARIES, William Scott, Box 9x, Rt. 1, Hamlet, N. C; FER- RELL, Myrtle Moe, 2115 Englewood Ave., Durham, N, C. Third Row: FISK, Suzanne Alice, North St., Montague, Mass.; FLETCHER, Mildred H., 129 S. Chester Pike, Glenolden, Po.; FOOR, Lois J., Everett, Po.; FOSTER, Mark Freeman, 1805 Granville Rd., Greensboro, N. C. Fourth Row: GARDNER, Wayne Allan, Rf. 4, Box 557, Suffolk, Vo.; GARRI- SON, Jackie Katrine, 206 S. Main St., Burlington, N. C, GILES, Jake Revel, 126 Beverly Place, Greensboro, N. C, GORDON, Alice Faye, 218 Grace St., Suffolk, Vc ; GRAVES, William Lee, Rt. 1, Burlington, N. C. Fifth Row: GRAVITTE, Hugh Mitchell, Rt. 1, Virgilina, Va.; GRIFFIN, Han- nah Wise, Rt. 2, Windsor, Virginia; HALL, Charlie Green, Jr., Rt. 1, Box 240, Stoneville, N. C; HASSELL, Wil- liam B., Forestdale Dr., Jamestown, N. C; HAWKS, Charles Welton, Jr., Box 193, Churchland, Va. Sixth Row: HICKS, James Le Grande, Jr., Rt. 1, Elon College, N. C; HIL- LIARD, Bessie Loretta, 2315 Glover Rd., Durhom, N. C; HOFFMAN, Victor Harvey, 7439 Elizabeth Rd., Philodel- phio. Pa.; HOPPER, Claude Daniel, Rt. 1, Madison, N. C; HOYT, Allen Grist, 282 Fairview Ave., Mt. Airy, N. C. I de Sopdomove C ass First Row, left to right: HUDSON, N. David, 1466 Kemps- ville Rd., Norfolk 2, Vo.; HUEY, Paul Hermon, Rt 2 Elon College, N. C; HUNTER, Jack Alan, 1 101 First Ave., Bracken- ridge, Pa.; ISLEY, Glendo Foye, Route 1, Gibsonv ille, N. C. Second Row: JOHNSTON, Arthur, Rt. 1, Rising Sun, Md.; JOHNSTON, Bobby Saunders, Rt. 3, Martinsville, Vo.; JONES ' Johanna Agnes, 108 Rolling Rd., Burlington, N. C; JONES, Lacy Wayne, Bennett, N. C. Third Row: JORDAN, Larry Felden, 712 Askew St., Burling- ton, N. C; JOYCE, Virginia Ann, Rt. 2, Box 147, Ridgewoy, Va.; KECK, Jane, 2012 S. Church St., Burlington, N. C KIDD, Lane M., Rt. 1, Timberlake N C M a M. P a Jl mM ddM m Fourth Row: KING, Tommie, Elon Col- lege, N, C; KNAPP, Rodger Korl, 718 4th St., Verona, Pa.; KOENIG, John L., 1700 Lynnewood Dr., Havertown, Pa; LAUVER, Donald W., 59 Park St., Prog- ress H., Po.; LEWIS, Loven Gray, Jr., 1613 W. Davis St., Burlington, N. C. Fifth Row: LIBBY, William Luther, Quar- ters 33, Quonset Point, Naval Air Sta- tion, R. I.; LILES, Anita Louise, 2344 Ewing Dr., N. E., Atlanta, Go.; LING, Chai-Seng, Methodist Church, Sibu Sara- wak; LINVILLE, William B., Rt. 3, Box 259, Kernersville, N. C; LITTLE, Sylvia Bayliff, 914 N. Mebone, Burlington, N.C. Sixth Row: LIVELY, Ella Roane, 1776 S. Scales St., Reidsville, N. C; LOW- THER, John, Box 99, Blvd. Branch, Leaksville, N. C; MARKOSKY, Tony Joseph, 1021 East Pine St., Mahanoy City, Pa.; MASSEY, Donald, 3 Laurel Park, Norwich, Conn.; MATLOCK, Ju- dith Lee, Yanceyville, N. C. f " b First Row, left to right: MATLOCK, Nina Marie, Box 486, Elon College, N. C ; McPHERSON, Chloe Dean, Rt, 6, Box 229, Burlington, N C ; MEDLOCK, Joseph Preston, Jr., Route 1, Tobaccoville, N. C, MOSER, James D., Jr. Rt. 6, Burling- ton, N. C. Second Row: MURRAY, Harry Earl, Berlin, Md.; NALL, D. Jeroline, 1908 Wilkins St., Burlington, N. C; OVERTON, Robert Thomas, 596 Maple St., West Hempstead, N. Y,; PAGE, Lindsey Philip, Rt, 2, Elon College, N. C. Fourth Row: PENTECOST, Linda Ma- rie, Route 1, Burlington, N. C; PLAS- TER, Loyd David, Route I, Bassett, Vir- ginia; PLATT, George Cornelius, 1107 Forest Hill Dr., High Point, N C; POR- TER, Alma Jane, 1202 Guthrie Ave., Durham, N. C; PRICE, Kenneth Ran- dolph, 444 Cabell St., Danville, Va. Fifth Row: PRICE, William Clifton, 7704 Newport Ave., Norfolk, Va.; PUR- VIS, Robert Dovis, Route 2, Bennett, N. C; QUAKENBUSH, Benny Harold, Route 7, Front St. Ext., Burlington, N. C; RAYBURN, Charles, 3920 Krick St., Norfolk, Va.; ROACH, Margaret Ann, 727 W. Davis, Burlington, N. C. Sixth Row: ROACH, Rita Dawn, Route 1, Brown Summit, N. C; ROBERTS Carlton Collie, Box 464, Elon College N. C; ROBERTS, Lula Florence, Dol phin, Virginia; RUNNELS, Clarence Da vid, 1 College Center, Suffolk, Vo. SAMUELS, Judith Fernee, Route 7, Bur llngton, N. C. Third Row: PARKER, William J., Route 1, Holland, Va.; PATTERSON, Lacala, Route 4, Burlington, N. C; PATTER- SON, Lila W., Route 1, Elon College, N. C; PEED, Carolyn Faye, 1008 Holloway St., Durham, N. C. , . p ! 3fie Sopdomove Cl3iSS First Row, left to right: SAWYER, Harolyn Jeon, Route ), Groham, N. C; SCOTT, Douglas Wayne, Route 4, Box 440, Durhom, N. C; SHARPE, George Dwight, Route 2, Snow Camp, N. C; SHOE, Richard Lee, 639 Tucker St., Burling- ton, N. C. Second Row: SIMMONS, Sammy, 101 Prairie Lane, Oak Ridge, Tenn.; SIMPSON, Glenn, 601 Pine St., Burlington, N. C; SMITH, Richard V., 617 Arorn St., Burlington, N. C; STAND- LEY, Teddy Elizabeth, 2 Stanton St., Wenham, Mass. Third Row: SUMMERS, Sara Ellen, Route 1, Gibsonville, N. C; SZYDLIK, Don R., 76 Garfield St., Natrona, Pa,; TAYLOR, Herbert Albert, 401 Grandin Road, Charlotte, N, C; TAYLOR, Janice Marie, 614 Atwater St., Burlington, N. C. I, Mess -=4 f Y - 4%- Fourth Row: TROY, Robert James, 545 Central Ave., Burlington, N. C; TUCK Grady Clinton, Virgilina, Virginia; TY- LER, David G., Box 26, Charles City, Virginia; VICKERS, Earl Wright, Hag gord Ave., Elon College, N. C; WAL- KER, Esther Lee, Route 3, Burlington N. C. Fifth Row: WARD, Beverly Jean, Route 1, Rockville, Conn.; WAYNICK, Linda Ruth, 508 Dick St., Gibsonville, N. C; WEST, Williom Henry, Henderson, N. C; WILKINS, Mary Helen, Box 9, Vir- gilina, Virginia; WILLIAMS, Mack Roy, Box 1544, Burlington, N. C. Sixth Row: WINDHAM, Virgil Moore, Route 2, Burlington, N. C; WOMBLE, Arthur Wayne, Route 1, Chapel Hill, N. C. I ' teS ' OFFICERS PETE CURTIS President Gfie 3ves(i r snman cl ass First Row, left to right: ADAMS, Eunice Carol, Tur- beville, Virginia; AILEY, Peggy, Mebane, N. C; ALLGOOD, Judith Elaine, Route 2, Yodkinville, N. C; ANDERSON, Carolyn Faye, Rt, 5, Box 10, Bur- lington, N. C; ANDERSON, Mabel Carole, Box 334, Halifax, Virginia. Second Row: ANDERSON, Patricio Jane, Rt. I, Mc- Leansville, N. C; ANNEAR, Robert, Old Sunderland Rd., Montague Center, Mass.; BANE, William Na- thaniel, 344 Chapel Hill Rd., Burlington, N. C; BERRY, Judith, Rt. I, Mebane, N. C; BLAKE, Con- stance, Styles Pond, West Boxford, Mass. Third Row: BLOUNT, Thomas, Jr., 1202 W. Harden St., Graham, N. C; BOWLAND, Judy, Rt. 3, Bur- lington, N. C; BRADY, Gurney, Route 2, Bennet, N. C; BRAXTON, Deanna, Box 427, Elon College, N. C; BRITTLE, Martha, 107 Northbrooke Ave., Suffolk, Vo. Fourth Row: BROWN, Lillian Jannette, Rt. 1, Box 125, Gibsonville, N. C; BROWN, Martha Rose, 833 Dixon Ave. Asheboro, N. C; BUTLER, Marie, Rt. 3, Burlington, N. C; CALDWELL, Tommy, Rt. 2, New- ton, N. C; CAPPS, Jean, Rt. 1, Varina, N. C. Fifth Row: GARDEN, Betsy, Rt. 1, Varina, N. C; CASSELL, Don Roy, 320 W. Meadow Rd., Draper, N. C; CHAMBLESS, Angie, 2253 Briarwood Dr., Charlotte, N. C, CHANDLER, Nathaniel, B ' onch, N. C, CHILTON, Donald, Rt. 6, Reidsville, N. C. Sixth Row: CLARK, Mary Frances, Box 32, Bonlee, N. C; CLEM, Terry, Box 367, Elon College, N. C; COOKE, Janice Faye, 2007 James St., Durham, N. C; COPELAND, John Winston, 1027 Elwood St., Burlington, N. C; CRAVEN, Jomes, Rt. 1, Franklin- ville, N. C. Seventh Row: CRAWFORD, Guy, Box 442, Smith- field, Virginia; GROOM, Jesse James, Jr., 213 Adams St., Burlington, N. C; CURTIS, Walter M., Ill, 2704 Fairlawn Rd., Durham, N. C, CUTCHINS, Vernon Lee, Jr., 2214 Roanoke Ave., Newport News, Va.; DAGGETT, William Owen, Jr., Red Oak Lane, Mount Kisco, New York. Eighth Row: DANIELS, Robert, 910 Christopher Ave., New Bern, N. C; DAY, Barbara, Rt. 2, South Bos- ton, Va., DECK, William, 1404 E. Wyomissing Blvd., Reading, Pa.; DEIBLER, Beverly, Rt. 1, Box 176, Hickory, Va.; DEWAR, Larry, Rt. 7, Box 205, Greensboro, N. C. ( ' f f f f f c c P Q f P First Row, left to right: DOWD, F. Raymond, Box 373, Elon College, N. C ; DRIVER, Clarence, Rt. 2, Mocksville, N. C ; DROZE, Ronold, 720 Croissant PI., S. E., Washington ) 9, D. C, DUKE, Paul, Rt. 2, Holland, Virginia, EDWARDS, Annie, 709 Spring- wood Ave., Gibsonville, N. C. Second Row: EDWARDS, Joseph, Springwood Ave., Gibsonville, N. C; ELLINGTON, Nancy, Manson, N. C; ELLIOTT, Thelma, Box 28, Elon College, N. C; ENGLE, Kenneth, 1022 Owen Rd., Martinsville, Vo.; FAIRCLOTH, Dons, 811 Ethelored St., Foyette- ville, N. C. Third Row: FAYLE, Patricia, Foirway Dr., Burling- ton, N. C, FISKE, Lorraine, Main St., Montague Center, Mass.; FITCH, Shirley, Rt. 3, Burlington, N. C; FOGLEMAN, Obera Ann, Rt. 2, Liberty, N. C , FOGLEMAN, Earl, Rt. 2, Liberty, N. C. Fourth Row: FORD, Yancey, Brightwood, Virginia; FRENCH, Carolyn, Rt. 2, Box 75, Franklin, Va.; FUQUA, Penelope, Rt. 4, Burlington, N C; GAL- LUP, Helen, 304 Chewink Ct., Virginia Beach, Vo.; GANN, William Joseph, Box 7, Altamahow, N. C. Fifth Row: GANT, Rosanno, 1811 West Davis, Bur- lington, N. C; GENTRY, Otho, 901 Longview St., Greensboro, N. C; GILLEN, Ann Doro, 769 Ninth Ave., New York, N. Y., GILLIAM, Sarah, Rt. 1, Elon College, N. C, GLOSSON, Loretta Jane, 313 Beou- mont Ave., Burlington, N. C. Sixth Row: GOODMAN, Adelaide, Rt. 4, Burlington, N. C; GORDON, Willard, 1005 Dewey St., Greens- boro, N. C, GUNTER, Ann, Box 288, Graham, N. C; GUNTER, Shelby Roe, Box 106, Monrure, N. C; HAGER, Nancy Ruth, 323 N. Church St., Burling- ton, N. C. Seventh Row: HAIR, James Edward, 1010 E. Wil- lowbrook Dr, Burlington, N. C; HAMMOND, Har- riet, 7 Low St., Balfour, N. C; HARDING, Hornson, no State St., Emporia, Va.; HARRIS, Charlotte Diane, 4833 Morrison Rd., Richmond, Va., HARRiS Dennis, Rt. 1, Hickory, Norfolk, Vo. Eighth Row: HAWKS, Dorothy, Fancy Gop, Virginia; HAIZELIP, Willie Mae, West Hillsboro, N. C, HEN- DERSON, Elize Mclver, 3004 Richfield Dr., Colum- bia, S. C; HEPNER, Mary Ann, 1379 Anchor St., Philadelphia 24, Pa ; HERITAGE, Gail, 501 E. Har- den St., Graham, N. C. (? p 5(ie 3resfiman Class fp i Q fj Q -J W- fP cj-l ! Q A p C First Row, left to right: HESTER, Carolyn Dawn, 14 Laurel Ave., Billenea, Mass., HILLIARD, William Greene, 1114 Elwood St., Burlington, N. C; HOBBS, Rebecca, 625 Scott Ave., Greensboro, N. C; HODGE, Kenneth, 718 Plaid St., Burlington, N. C; HOLMES, James Samuel, Rt. 1, Efland, N. C. Second Row: HOLT, Jerry M., 123 Alamance Rd., Burlington, N. C, HOLT, Joyce, 300 Hanover Dr., Graham, N. C; HOPKINS, Phyllis, Reidsville, N. C; HOWE, Donno, 517 S. Spring St., Falls Church, Va.; HOWERTON, Etta, Rt. 1, Elon College, N. C. Third Row: HUFFINES, Betsy, Rt. 1, Box 341, Brown Summit, N. C, HUMPHREY, Wilda Gray, Rt, 7, Burlington, N. C; HURDLE, Sarah Louise, Route 2, Box 50, Roxboro, N. C; INGE, Janette, Box 23, Elon College, N. C; ISLEY, David, Rt. 2, Reidsvilii, N. C. Fourth Row: JOHNSON, Andrew, 1423 Westbrook Dr., Charlotte, N. C; JONES, James, Rt. 1, Louis- burg, N. C; JONES, Patricia, 1011 Virginia Ave., Suffolk, Va.; JONES, Rooer Wayne, Box 67, Haw River, N. C, JONES, William Harold, 515 Fisher St., Clayton, N. C. Fifth Row: KEIM, Bobby, 323 N. Park Ave., Bur- lington, N. C; KEIM, Thomas Howard, 323 N. Park Ave., Burlington, N. C, KEITH, Lillian Joanne, 823 Crescent Dr., Reidsville, N, C; KELLY, Patrick, Pleasant Ridge, Va,; KENNEDY, Barbara Jean, 1418 Leon, Durham, N. C. Sixth Row: KESHTVARZI, Abbas, Kh Ferdowsi, Shi raz. Iron; KINSLEY, Sherrie, Rt. 2, Towanda, Pa., KITTENGER, Robert, Box 695, Elon College, N. C, LEGANS, Melva Frances, Rt. 2, Yadkinville, N. C, LEH, George, Box 301, Madison, N. C. Seventh Row: LEMMONS, Ruth, 448 Chapel Hill Rd., Burlington, N. C, LINEHAN, Ernest, Rt. 1, Box 169, Bayside, Va.; LEWIS, Lillion Jeannette, Roseboro, N, C; LINDLEY, Peggy Lou, 212 High- land Ave,, Burlington, N, C; LOPP, Kent, Mills Home, Thomasville, N. C. Eighth Row: LOVELL, Robert, 905 Everett St. Bur- lington, N. C; MAGNUS, Jan Eric, 429 N. Brodford, Dover, Del.; MAHON. Linney, 1205 Chntham Hgts., Martinsville, Va.; MANESS, Ernest, 406 tSerringer St., Gibsonville, N. C; MARCH, Norman, Rf. 2, Hol- land, Va. 5fie 3vesfi resnman ci ass First Row, left to right: MARLOWE Meta, 99-4567th Rood, New York, N. Y.; MARSHBURN, Dovid, 108 Eostover Ave., Clinton, N. C; MARSHMAN, Mor- goret, 63 Tomaqua St., Audenried, Po.; MASON, Lesley, 109 W. 7th St., Mt. Vernon, N. Y.; MAT- THEWS, Joseph Dovid, 508 S. Mebane St., Burling- ton, N. C. Second Row: MAYE, Williom Clegg, 204 E. Rail- road Ave., Gibsonville, N. C; McADAMS, Kothryn Jo, Box 365, Elon College, N. C; McARTHUR, Jer- ry, 512 S. 4th St., Mebane, N. C, McCASKILL, Les- ter, Box 77, Pinebluff, N. C; McCULLOUCH, Lind- wood, 860 King St., Burlington, N. C. Third Row: MrKINNEY, Jennie Elizabeth, Rt. 3, Burlington, N. C; MELTON, Martha Ruth, Rt. 2, Yadkinville, N. C; MILLER, Donald, 221 N. Maple St., Graham, N. C; MILLER, Eorle, 400 Grays Ave., Glenolden, Pa.; MILLER, Frederick, 4515 N. Front St., Harrisburg, Pa. Fourth Row: MILTEER, Richord, 4212 Boinbridae Blvd., South Norfolk, Va.; MOODY, Grey, Rt. 2, Chapel Hill, N. C; MOOR, Jock, Burlington, N. C; MORGAN, Jone, 401 Rocky Knoll Rood, Greensboro, N. C; MORGAN, Joseph, 102 Riverside Dr., Spray, N. C. Fifth Row: NANCE, Jerry, 727 E. Indian Trail, Mar- tinsville, Vo.; NEIGHBORS, Sandra, 713 Georgio Ave., Forest City, N. C, NEWMAN, John Urqu- hort. III, 1815 Woodland Ave., Burlington, N. C; OAKES, Thomas Jock, Rt. 2, Burlington, N. C; OAK- LEY, George Hurdle, 321 Apple, Burlington, N. C. Sixth Row: OAKLEY, George Marsh, 142 Boone Rd., Spray, N. C; OLIVER, Martin Luther, Box 24, Fu- quay Springs, N. C; OLIVER, Tommy Martin, 1214 Ormer Rd., Norfolk, Va.; OSBORNE, Jerry, Rt. 1, Stonfield, N. C; OVERBY, Curtis, 104 Burton St., Reidsville, N. C. Seventh Row: OWEN. Jane, 3105 Petersburg Pike, Richmond, Vo.; OWEN, Jomes, 327 Barnette Ave., Roxboro, N. C; PARIETTI, John, 6 Hamilton Place, Nyack, N. Y.; PASCHAL, Gorland, Burlington, N. C; PATTERSON, Gayle, Rt. 4, Burlington, N. C. Eighth Row: PAUL, Ann, Box 113, Aurora, N. C; PERRY, Lindo, 115 Rolling Road, Burlington, N. C, PICKARD, Frances, Rt. 1, Chapel Hill, N. C; PIKE, Janet, Rt. 1, Snow Comp, N. C; PIKE, Jerry, Rt. 1, Siler City, N. C. 9 9 Q ■ O P P jp " s ' O i! n t ' ' c LILtil£ 1 First Row, left to right: PINKSTON, Jennie Lee, Box 237, Solisbury, N. C; POTEAT, Conley, 301 Mc- Kinley, Mebane, N. C; PRICE, T. K., Box 129, Siler City, N. C; PUGH, Janet, Rt. I , Box 3 1 1 , Fronklin- ville, N. C; OUEEN, Peggy, Box 506, Dillsboro, N. C. Second Row: QUISENBARRY, Jomes, 16 Ospray Ave., Hampton, Va.; RAINEY, Edward, Rt. 4, Burlington, N. C; RANKIN, Donald, 72! Alton Rd., Miami Beach Fla.; REID, William E., 14 Tanglewood Lane, Mountainside, N. J.; RICE, Eugene, 2112 Ave. Y, New York, N. Y. Third Row: RICHEY: Daryl, 112 Herman Ave, Du- quesne. Pa.; RIDDLE, Edna, 904 Stone St., Burling- ton, N. C; RIDDLE, Walter, 724 Magnolia Dr., South Boston, Va.; ROSS, Dan, Rt. 4, Burlington, N. C; ROSSER, Jimmy, Rt. 7, Sonford, N. C, Fourth Row: RUSHIN, Ben, 902 Rainey St., Burling- ton, N. C; RYAN, Patricia, 844 Jerome Ave., Nor- folk, Va.; RYAN, Patricia, Burlington, N. C; SAUN- DERS, Roy D., 310 Early St., Draper, N. C; SCRIV- ENER, Sandra, 522 Vittoria Ave., Coral Gables, Flo. Fifth Row: SEARS: Thomas, Rt. 1, McLeansville, N. C; SHARP, Linda, Rt. 2, Madison, N. C; SHIRLEY, Judy, Quarters No. 2, Ft. Lee, Va.; SHOAF, Betty, 1337 N. Mebane St., Burlington, N. C; SHULL, Fred, 801 Lynwood Dr., Burlington, N. C. Sixth Row: SIMMONS, Jimmie, Rt. 2, Elon College, N. C; SIMPSON, Jacqueline, Elon College, N. C. SISSON, Richard, 128 LaSalle Ave., Hampton, Va. SMITH, Barbara, Rt. 3, Virgilina, Va.; SMITH, Da vid, Comp St., Trumansburg, N. Y. Seventh Row: SMITH, James, Box 114, Main St. Stoneville, N. C; SMITH, Margaret, Roseboro, N. C, SMITH, Nancy, 247 Morehead St., Burlington, N C; SOMERS, Charles, Rt. 2, Greensboro, N. C SPARKMAN, Tommy, 920 16th St., Newport News, Va. Eighth Row: SPIVEY, James, Rt. 1, Lake View, S. C; STAFFORD, John, Vets Apts., Elon College, N. C ; STANLEY, Janice, 706 Magnolia St., Greens- boro, N. C; STEPHENS, James, Rt. 2, Liberty, N. C ■ STEPHENSON, Eleanor, 3 Danecroft Ave., Green- ville, R. I. 5fie 3ves(im3in Class p . f f? f O .Cji, ff p (v r p ,v» P p P P- f First Row, left to right: STEWART, Clarinda Kay, 5220 Woodbury St., N. W., Roanoke, Va.; STEW- ART, Kimarly Sue, 5220 Woodbury St., N. W., Roa- noke, Va.; SUDDARTH, Don, 615 N. Steele St., Son- ford, N. C; SUTTENFIELD, James, 521 Lesington Ave., Burlington, N. C; SUTTON, Brendo, 212 W. Cornwollis Dr., Greensboro, N. C. Second Row; SWANGIN, W. H., 2103 McKinney St., Burlington, N. C; SZAKMARY, Dionn, 90 Ten Eyck Walk, Brooklyn, N. Y.; TATE, Glenda, Rt. 2, Elon College, N. C; TERRELL, Jule, 911 W. Davis St., Burlington, N. C; THOMAS, Meredith Gerald, Rt. 6, Sanford, N. C. Third Row: TIFFANY, Walter, 6214 Monroe PI., Norfolk, Va.; TRIPP, Malton, Shallotte, N. C; TSIGHIS, Gabriel, 365 Vyoming Ave., Millburn, N. J.; TURNEY, Teresa, Box 167, Gibsonville, N. C; TUTT, Henry, 414 Johnson Blvd., Jacksonville, N. C. Fourth Row: UTZ, Aubrey, Madison, Va.; UTZ, Ro- bert, Modison, Va.; VANBEN5CH0TEN, John, Box 32, Manly, N. C; VANDERLIMDEN, Robert, Shoke- spearestreet 2, Orantestad, Aruba, N. W. I.; VAN HELDEN, Hendrik Gilles, 4223 Yuma St., Wash- ington, D. C. Fifth Row: VICK, Robert, 301 Henderson St., Chapel Hill, N. C; VICKERS, Delia, Box 323, Elon College, N. C; VICKERS, Mack, Rt. 4, Box 127, Durhom, N. C; WALDO, Julia, Holland, Va.; WALKER, Archie Hogon, Jr., 309 West Lee, Mebane, N. C. Sixth Row: WARNER, Ralph, New St., Leaksville, N. C; WATSON, Judith, Box 315, Hilliard, Fla.; WEST, Gloria, 102 W. Moynard Ave., Durham, N. C; WHICKER, Clifton Bart, 128 Southerlond S ' , Durham, N. C; WHITE, Catherine Frances, Box 143, Pittsboro, N. C. Seventh Row: WHITE, Potsy Jo, 1809 Wrenn St., Burlington, N. C; WHITESELL, Robert, Rt. 1, Box 343, Gibsonville, N. C; WILLETS, Donald, Bolivia, N. C; WILMARTH, Terry Lee, 121 Southlond Dr., Danville, Va.; WRIGHT, Helen, 3123 Makeway Drive, Columbia, S. C. Eighth Row: WRIGHT, Sally, 513 Alamance Rood, Burlington, N. C; WYATT, Poul Vernon, Jr., Aian ton, London Bridge, Va.; YACK, Lawrence, 120-23 229 St., Cambeia Hgts. II, N Y.; YACOPINO Donald, 252 High Ave., Wyack, N. Y.; YORK, W Mom Mike, Jr., Rt, 2, Ramseur, N. C. S on ' I k MS . fr: I CLYDE McCANTS Adviser MARION GLASGOW JIM HUMPHREY Sports Editors The 1959 PHI-PSI-CLI Staff strives LINDA SIMPSON Co-editor The last layout is finished. The last picture is in. The lost poge of copy is typed. The work is finished. The PHI PSI CLI for 1958-59 is finished. As we of the PHI PSI CLI staff lock the door of the office for the last time and turn the key over to cur successors, we have a feeling of mixed emotions — happy that the work is finished, a little sad at the thoughts of a phase of our life at Elon ending. However, the sad thoughts ore brightened by the prospects of partly reliving our days at Elon as we look back over the pages of this annual and once again walk " under the colonnades. " We sincerely hope that this shall be true for all of ycu. ROBERT DANIELS PETE CURTIS Photographers ' 71 TK JeL r ml M 1 l ■ ■I H; HLl ' : ■ " JlM I - . r GUY LAMBERT Business Manager FRANCES KITTRELL JUNE JACKSON Typists or better coverage and more pictures. We have endeavored to have the best coverage of campus life with accompanying pictures as was possible. If our purpose is realized in your eyes, we will be amply rewarded for our work in prepar- ing this annual. FAYE GORDON HANNAH WISE GRIFFIN Copy Editors ■;:s5 ' ' " - ' ' Maroon and LUTHER BYRD Adviser WALTER EDMONDS Editor DICK LASHLEY Assistant Editor Jold provides students with bi-weekly news. The MAROON AND GOLD is a very important part of Elon ' s campus life. Through its facilities, the students ex- press their desires, complaints, and praise concerning the college. The regular editorial staff of the paper keeps an open ear constantly tuned for any newsworthy items — gos- sip or otherwise. After gathering suffi- cient material to fill up their columns, they pound away on their typewriters and forward the completed copy to Mr. Byrd — the paper ' s faculty adviser — for proofreading. After ail the copy is in and approved the composing room is filled with the " clickety-clack " of the linotype machine as it busily casts the type. Next comes the roar of the press as THE MAROON AND GOLD goes to press, in readiness to be delivered to the students. This bi-weekly edition helps to mold the students for careers in the newsoaoer industry of our nation. Through it they learn the finer truths of journalism — truth, facts, and freedom of expression. JIMMY ELDER Sports Editor ANN JOYCE Assistant Editor First row, left to right: Fred Lloyd, Robert Lowe, James Fogieman, ' a re lh: , T L::: :( " l.::! ' : :: :! ? ' — °- Corcaterr -Edward Hugh rjon; Fr;;;:i;5;ard W f : Reece, Gene Rhodes, Lafayette Wilkins, Elizabeth Arfs 3ovujn The Elon College Liberal Arts Forum was or- ganized this year to carry out a three point pro- gram: bringing speakers to campus, sponsoring open forum programs, and also sponsoring art and talent displays. Etta Britt is serving as Stu- dent Chairman and Dr. Clarence Carson as Faculty Chairman for the Arts Forum this year. The literary magazine is the latest addition to the program of the Liberal Arts Forum. The magazine staff plans to publish creative works, essays, critiques, and sermons. The first ' ssue of the magazine will be published in the spring. Tint row, left to right: Dr row: Danny Gee, Etto Brit Corson, Dr. Richard Haff. James Hess, Dr. W. M. Brown. Second , Jomes Elder. Third row: Dr. Clarence CitevAvy Magajine Staff first row, left to right: John Angen, Jomes Elder, Ann Joyce, Ettc Britt. Second row: John Williams, Danny Gee, Clyde Fields, Lucille Burgess, Dr. Clarence Carson, Professor Clyde McCants. I i } First row, left to right: Helen Forrest, Nancy Smith, Delia Vickers, Carol Adams, Gayle Patterson. Second row: Noncy Brody Margaret Ann Smith, Thelma Elliot, Jeroline Nail, Mrs. Mary Butler, Elizabeth Shoffner. Home Qconomxcs C u This organization has been affiliated with the American Home Economics Association since 1938. The membership is open to all home economics students. Its purpose is to stimulate interest in, and to develop an understanding of, the field of home economics. It also serves as a social crganization for the students as well as a professional one. The grouo is under the supervision of Mrs. Mary But- ler, Assistant Professor of Home Economics. The object of the Chemistry Club is to afford for those students interested in chemistry an op- portunity to work and study together. Many of the members are Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society The grouo sponsors regular meetings, at which times visiting speakers ciro presented; a variety of programs including reports of student nnd faculty research are planned during the year. This year Dr. Paul Cheek and Professor Roy Epperson are leading the group. Cdemistvy CluS First row, left to right: John McLouchlin, Ken rey, Al Von Doenhoff, Professor Roy Epperson, Oliver, Franklin Dover. th Dudley, Robert Jones. Second row: Joel Walker •. Paul Cheek, Ken Price. Third Row: Howard i I Howell, Jomes Humph- Hugh Gravitt, William %l I L Slon College The Elon College Choir is composed cf music majors and other students who are interested in music and enjoy choral singing. The choir, in ad- dition to furnishing music for the regular Sunday services, of the college church, presents many pro- grams of sacred music during the year. " The Messiah " and " The Seven Last Words " are two of the choir ' s major presentations. Programs by the choir not only include numbers by the entire group, but also solos by individual members. First row, left to right: Janice Stanley, Ell a Lively, Stanley Carey, Donald Horris, Tom Pugh, Kent Lopp, Janice Cooke, Jane Owen. Second row: Harolyn Sawyer, Gail Mason, Sandra Neighbors, Ray Thomos, Doug Scott, Hendrik Von Helden, Al Von Doenhoff, Dianne Horris, Jane Morgon, Martho Brittle. Third row: Judy Shirley, Sandra Scrivener, Wynn Riley, Richard Sisson, Lorry Yock, George Leh, David Sorrell, Richard Von Doen- hoff, Johnny Meadows, Julia Waldo, Melva Legans. G. Patrick Johnson, Charles Lynam, Fletcher Moore, Choir Di panist; Johnny Meadows, Choir President. irectors and accom- d on This has been a very successful year for the Elon College Band. The band has worked hard and long keeping Elon in good spirits. Equipped with uniforms in the college colors, it has supplied music for various functions at Elon. Band Director Dewey Stowers has done o fine job in directing his musicians this year. ANITA LILES Head Majorette EDDIE BURKE Drum Major Bond Director at " Work " . ■ir - -i j Louan Lambeth, Nancy Dortch, Nancy Williamson, Becky Matthews, Joyce Yancey, bora Thomas, June Jockson. Many times during the year, the cheerleaders don their uniforms to support the " Fighting Christians " and to lead the cheering of the fans. Their work is hard and sometimes unrewarded, but they continue to give it their best and keep the school spirit high. Thanks, Elon College Cheerleaders for a job well done. Carol Adams, Sarah Barringer, Lula Roberts, Anita Liles. LOUAN LAMBETH Chief Cheerleader l " Ladies in Retirement ' " The Breal ing of Bread ' Students applaud as the curtain goes ' Annie Get Your Gun ' When in the audience of a produc- tion, one often foils to realize the amount of work which mokes possible the scenes as he views them. Each member of the Elon Players has helped make possible the presentations of more productions this year than in any previous year. Without the accurate stage management, the steady direc- torship, and the broad publicity, these productions would not have been pos- sible. With due thanks extended to each member, we at the some time wish to thank the students who mode up our large audiences at our six major pro- ductions " Ladies in Retirement " , " An- nie Get Your Gun " , " The Heiress " , " Inherit the Wind " , " The Glass Me- nagerie " , and " Our Town " . As many of our Elon Players leave for broader fields of learning this year, we know that many memories of our close united work backstage and above the footlights this past season will go with them. At the same time, we who stay behind will strive to make our experiences in the Elon Players even greater. The Elon Players organization and productions were under the able super- vision of Professor Melvin Wooton. Inherit the Wind " ' Backstage " ip on the ELON PLAYERS " Let ' s Attend The Production Tonight " liuiu mm MELVIN WOOTON Faculty Director r. md - , ill DR. F. E. REYNOLDS Sponsor First row, left to right: Faye Gordon, Millie Fletcher, Jimmy Rosser, Ella Lively. Second row: Kenneth Rogers, Jim Humphrey, Shelby Gunter, Douglas Albert, Lois Poor. Third row: Rev. William And- es, Beverly Ward, Su Mary Ann Hartwell Thomas, Joyce Myers. Fisk, Rex Minisferial Association The Ministerial Association, under the capable advisership of Dr. F E. Reynolds, is a semi-professional group. It is made up of pre-ministerial students. Religious Education majors, and those plan- ning to enter the mission field. Through its varied programs the Ministerial Association attempts to supplement the liberal arts cur- riculum by introducing the student to those areas of concern which are both interesting and practically related to the field of the ministry. Some students possess an insatiable curiosity and burn with the desire to answer the seemingly unanswerable. Because their knowl- edge never seems quite adequate to explain their world, they be- come engaged in a restless pursuit for a higher, fuller knowledge. These students, guided by Dr. William Beidler, meet weekly to discuss various philosophical problems in their search for truth. Vdilosopdy CluS First row, left to right: Caro- lyn French, Mory Ann Hart- well, Lois Foor, Millie Fletcher, Mary Ann Hepner, Mary Lou Booth. Second row: John Pat- terson, Joyce Myers, Douglas Albert, Beverly Ward, Rex Thomas, David Home, Wayne Gardner, Kenneth Rogers, Dr. William Beidler, Margie Marsh- man. Sponsor DR. WILLIAM BEIDLER First row, left to right: Wayne Gardner, Jimmy Jones, Kenneth Rogers. Second row: David Home, Joyce Myers, Mary Ann Hcrt- well. Third row: Douglas Albert, Lois Poor, Richard Milteer. Fouith row: Teddy Stondley, Mary Ann Hepner, Janet Pugh, Sue Fisk, Ella Lively. Fifth row: Linwood Hurd, William Burgess, Mory Lou Booth, Beverly Ward. Student Cfirisfian Associafion. The Student Christian Association, seeking to broaden the religious outlook and deepen the spiritual life of its members, is open to all Elon students and faculty. Meeting weekly, the S.C.A. strives to promote Christian worship, study, and fellowship among the students through the commissions of Religious Life, World Order, and Campus Affairs. Bill Oliver, Secretary-Treasurer; Jimmy John Potterson, Vice-president. Day Student Officers Elder, President; ' Where Are My Books? " Day Student Lounge Day Student Organijafion ' Day Students Departing For Home. " The Day Student Organization is made up of the large proportion of Elon College Stu- dents who commute from various areas It has its Student Legislature r e p r e- sentatives, who car- ry to the Legisla- ture any complaints, criticisms or sugges- tions that the day students might hove about anything. Although they do not live on the cam- pus, a large number of the day students are active in the ex- tra-curricular activi- ties of the college. The day students are a vital part of Elon College. ' ? ' " JiFimBS ' ' ■ ' - vr " JS --r--U ' 3liW mr.U -riii : 1 |»i,m « ' -i , «! 11 " K ttl VP ' I H H 1 First row, left to right: Leroy Myers, C. G. Holl, Robert McLean, James McClure, Tunner Brosky, Mock Payne. Second row: Geor- ge Allen, Anthony Morkosky, Donald Szydlik, Luke Malloy, Eddie Clark. Third row: Nicholas DeSibio, Charles Royburn, Horry Faust, Joseph DelGois, Pete Jones, Clyde Eones. E " Men ' s Club encourages interest in sports The " E " Men ' s Club is the varsity athletic organization at Elon College. It is composed of those students who have earned the block " E " for par- ticipation in inter-collegiate athletics. On becoming a senior, each member is given a jacket by Elon College in recognition of his achievement in ath- letics. Tunner Brosky President Robert McLean Vice-President James McClure Secretary-Treasurer i» » ' ■i S -.x.tinmsy , ' Sonto Clous Visits the CKitclren ' s Home. Believing that there should be fellowship end co-operation among the Greek letter So- cial Clubs and the Faculty of Elon College, the representatives of the Pan-Hellenic Council work toward these ends. The Pan-Hellenic Council is composed of one representative each, from the following clubs: Delta Upsilon Kappa, Beta Omicron Beta, Tau Zeta Phi, Pi Kappa Tau, Sigma Phi Beta, Kappa Psi Nu, Iota Tau Kappa, and Alpha Pi Delta. One of the major annual projects of the group is its co-operation with the Alpha Pi Delta fraternity in sponsoring a Christmas party for the Elon College Children ' s Home. This year ' s party was extremely successful, being held in McEwen Dining Hall with the co-operation of all the Social Clubs being very commendable. The Council takes responsibility also for the planning of the rushing periods conducted each fall and spring by the fraternities and sororities. Pan-Hellenic Council creates harmony Sigma Mil Sigma Dr. W. M. Brown, Dr. Jomes Hess, Mr. John Graves, Mr. Sam Webster Sponsors GUY LAMBERT President BOB WILKINS 1st Vice-President GORDON YANCEY 2nd Vice-President WYNN RILEY Secretary GRADY RADFORD Treasurer SENIORS: Ronald Bergman Stanley Carey Gail Elliott Carl Fuller David Home Charlie Howell, Jr Guy Lambert Jomes McCouley John McLouchlin Bill Oliver Grady Radford JUNIORS: Lynwood Hurd Wynn Riley Kenneth Rogers Ed Wilson Gordon Yancey SOPHOMORES: Curtis Bare Lewis Boyer Joseph Boyte Doug Scott Richord Smith W. H. West David Matthews Donald Rankin Leonard Riddle Tommy Sears, Jr 9 Q v iliBlfii Mh kdhi SMi SENIORS: Shirley Eggleston Vera Jones Doris Price Lindo Simpson I key Torleton Patsy Taylor JUNIORS: Margie Lewis Clarice Moore Harriet Wicker Joan Wrenn SOPHOMORES: Corolyn Allen Glenda Boumgarner Millie Fletcher Johanna Jones Harolyn Sawyer FRESHMEN: Carolyn Anderson 1 Sponsor MRS. MARGARET PERKINS LINDA SIMPSON President PATSY TAYLOR Vice-President VERA JONES Secretary DORIS PRICE Treasurer Pi Kappa 5au A pfia Pi Veil ROBERT MERCER President GEORGE HOWEY Vice-President DON BLALOCK Secretary CECIL RACKLEY Treasurer MR, JAMES SARTIN Sponsor William C. Dodson Grant Oakley Paul Westerfield George Howey Jim Humphrey Dan Mangrum Dean Wyrick SOPHOMORES: f p f a p P £ a p p o ( r P fT O © Janet Burge June Campbell June Jackson Louan Lambeth Elizabeth Shoffner Thomasene B. Sparks Peggy Taylor Mary Ann Turner JUNIORS: Carol Earle Becky Hatch Kay Hughes Jean Loy Linda Small Winnie Ann Watson ' SOPHOMORES: Foye Gordon 951 Hanonh Wise Griffit Judith Matlock Lila Patterson Rita Roach Sponsor MRS. BETTY WOOTON PEGGY TAYLOR President JEAN LOY Vice-President LINDA SMALL Secretary KAY HUGHES Treasurer Gau Zefa Pfi Kappa Psi Nu Sponsors Mr. Roy Epperson Mr. Clyde McCants WAYNE TAYLOR President JIM FENTRESS Vice-President VIC HOFFMAN Secretary JOE MEDLOCK Treasurer Ken Dudley Larry Gregg Wayne Taylor JNIORS: William Bronche Max Clayton Jim Dovenport William Hinton Lacy Slayton SOPHOMORES: John Atkinson Victor Hoffman Joe Medlock Earl Murray David Plaster Ken Price n. J p Kp .p jO , h - P ' SENIORS: Mortho Langley JUNIORS: Pomley Dofflemyer Marion Glasgow Katie Longley Elizabeth Morris SOPHOMORES: Linda Butler Lula Roberts Sara Summers Janet Pugh Brendo Sutto Sponsors OFFICERS MRS, JEANNE WILLIAMS MARTHA LANGLEY MRS, DARTHEA TUNNICLIFFE President KATIE LANGLEY . ■ Vice-President A i V mm LULA ROBERTS M L» Corresponding Secretary m hi m «. ESTHER WALKER m v- Recording Secretary iJ m- F MARION GLASGOW H IV f «r Treasurer m ▼y iifi. Beta Omxcxon Befa 9ofa 5aii Kappa MR. LUTHER BYRD Sponsor Gene Rhodes GENE RHODES President CARLTON GROVE Vice-President C. G. HALL Secretary GILBERT GATES Treasurer George Allen Joseph DelGois Walter Edmonds Harry Faust Gilbert Gates Carlton Grove Wayland Medley 1 ' ' 1 Bobby Joe Arnold Charlie Maidon SOPHOMORES: Eddie Burke Eddie Clark C. G. Hall Sommy Simmons SENIORS: Sarah Barringer Vivian Franks Norie Luce Becky Matthews Betty Roper Nancy Stephenson Barbara Thomas Nancy Williomson loyce Yancey JUNIORS: Helen Bell Borbora Johnson Janice Isley SOPHOMORES: Ferebee Abbott Anita Liles Mary Helen Wilkins Sponsors Mrs. Jeanne Griffin Miss Lilo Newman BECKY MATTHEWS President JOYCE YANCEY Vice-President HELEN BELL Secretary BARBARA THOMAS Treosurer VeltA Upsilon Kappa Sigma Vdi Befa t: mM Mr. John Kittenge Sponsor THOMAS CARMINES President VINCENT BUJAN Vice-President THOMAS AYERS Secretary LESTER DODGE Treasurer Vincent Bujon Anthony Carcaterro Thomas Cormines Nicholas DeSibio Morris DeMotteo James DiPerna Lester Dodge Robert Hendricks Fred Lloyd Robert Rugger! P P 9 f.P; C ' : h © Tunner Brosky SOPHOMORES: Albert Dolola William Paries Charlie Hawks Jock Hunter Charles Rayburn Beta Cfii Spsilon OFFICERS PHYLLIS HOPKINS President DENNIE COLEMAN Vice-President LORETTA GLOSSON Secretary-Treasurer MRS. FRANCES LONGEST Faculty Adviser MRS. TESSIE TAYLOR Foculty Adviser The Beta Chi Epsilon Sorority includes the mem- bers of the student body who ore interested in the business world. It functions for the benefit of secre- tarial students taking one or two-year secretarial courses. The club has a purpose which is twofold. First, it assists in creating a business atmosphere in the classroom by sponsoring demonstrations of modern office equipment and by making inspec- tion trips cf outside business firms. Guests from the firms often come and speak to the members. Second, the club provides a means for social con- tacts among the students within the department. First row, left to right: Ann Foglemon, Jonet Pike, Vondo Bowman, Wiido Humphries, Judy Bolond, Pat Anderson, Donna Howe, Elizabeth McKinney. Second row: Dorothy Neal, Peggy Lindley, Willie Mae Haizelip, Betty Shoot, Corolyn Hester, Peggy Riley. Third row: Patricio Horris, Fronces Pickard, Jacqueline Simpson, Koy Stewart, Melvo Legans, Nancy Foust, Betsy Huffines, Elaine Allgood, Sarah Gilliam, Kim Stewart, Helen Gallup. V MB fei V - iVyf O l % fm w First row, left to right: Jimmy Groce, Mary Hortwell, Dovid Home, Sylvia Sims. Second row: Thomasene Sparks, I key Tarleton, Winnie Wat- son, Sam White. Alpfia Psi OmegA The Alpha Psi Omega Fraternity is the national honorary dramatics fraternity on the Elon College campus which leads to wider interests and experi- ences in dramatics. It is composed of students who hove acquired enough points through outstanding dramatic performances to become members, and faculty members who are interested in the theatre and dramatics. Pi Gamma Mu is a National Social Science Hon- or Society. Its purpose is to improve scholarship in the social studies and to inspire social service to humanity. It gives recognition to those students and faculty members who have attained distinction in social sciences. Pi QdiXnmdi Mu First row, left to right: Dean Horace H. Cunningham, Clyde Welch, Nicholas DeSibio, Vera Jones Second row: Dr Brown, Woyland Medley, John Patterson, Richard Kopko, Professor Konstontinos Avizonis. k n 7 " (■ J L 1 ■HP ■ -r ' U - ft? " - ' i. -«» V ' " |fc Standing: Joe Teague, Tony Carcaterro, Marion Hargrove, Mr. Sanford, Arthur Thompson, Larry Bulla, Lacy Hall, and Gil Wotts. Second Row: Roger Knapp, Eddie Hughes, Leroy Myers, Fddie Clerk, Harold Ellen, Bobby Sharpe, Jack Henderson, Char- lie Frye, and Wayland Medley. Front Row: Sammy Simmons, Ted Eanes, Don Lichok, Gary Henson, George Allen, Pete Jones, and Jimmy Scoggins. Basefial ' 3 r» A V Professor John D Sanford and his team continued their winning ways this season by clinching the North State Championship for the second straight year. The team posted an overall record of 14 wins and 2 de- feats. They also participated in the NAIA ' s national tournament in Alpine, Texas. Gil Watts led the baseballers in hitting with a .362 average, and on the mound by winning 8 and losing 1. He was honored with All-Conference, All- State, end All-American honors. Tony Carcaterro and Larry Bulla followed closely in barfing average with .358 and .351 respectively. The Phi-Psi-Cli joins the student body in paying tribute to a job well done end continued success in the seasons to follow. V " 1 V. V - - W " SCHEDULE Elon 1 - Williams 4 Elon — Williams — (Rain) Elon 2 Lenoir Rhyne 1 Elon 5 High Point Elon 12 Rensselaer 6 Elon 12 Rensselaer 5 Elon 5 Hampden-Sidney 14 Elon — Ohio Univ. — (Rain) Elon 16 Fort Lee 7 Elon 4 Fort Lee 10 Elon 6 Fort Lee 1 Elon 2 Catawba 3 Elon — Lenoir Rhyne — (Rain) Elon 12 . Appalachian 3 Elon 14 West Carolina 4 Elon 11. West Carolina 5 Elon 7 High Point 3 Elon 4 . . . Catawba 4 (Tie) Elon 5 . East Carolina 4 Elon 4 Guilford 2 Elon — Pfeiffer— (Rain) Elon 9 Guilford Elon 6 Appalachian Elon 3 A.C.C. 4 Elon 11. East Carolina 2 Elon 21 A.C.C. Elon 4 Catawba 3 0 . " • « " mr . V «.«i» tiff ' V nmon d St ars Top: Jack Henderson, Gil Watts, Gary Henson. Lcff: Harold Ellen, Eddie Clark, Don Lichok, Pete Jones, George Allen. Right: Lorry Bulla, Charlie Frye, Leroy Myers, Tony Carcaterra, Ted Eones. Bottom: Roger Knopp, Marlon Hargrove, Bobby Shorpe. 1958 -J ' i ' SZYDLIK ■ ' ■ i First row: Doryl Richie, Bob McLean, Ronnie Droze, Jim McClure, Nick DiSibio, Horry Faust, Joey DelGais, Bob Ruggeri, Benny Jones, Charlie Bosquet, Dean Yates, Don Miller. Second row: Tom Morlowe, Jim Short, Jim Humphry, Morris DeMafteo, Murphy Toylor, Charlie Maidon, Paul Brutch, J. B. Vaughn, Jack Hunter, Charlie Rayburn, Tony Markosky, Carlton Grove, Tunner Elon 14 Guilford 7 Ebn 21 Newberry 6 | Elon 16 Wofford 22 Elon 6 Lenoir Rhyne 36 f Elon 20 Appalachian 32 Elon 6 East Carolina 14 The " Fighting Christian " Football team of 1958 Elon 6 Presbyterian 3 i opened its campaign with the prospects of having Elon 8 Catawba 14 a repeat performance of lost years undefeated Elon 14 Western Carolina 6 season under the leadership of Coach Varney, and Trainer and Manager " Doc " Parker Arthur Pitts . - " " fi " mmm mM .e y A ' Rn°h. ' n° ' ? ' ' ; ' ' i ' " V ° ' ' °J ' ' ' ° ' ' " " ' " ' ' =- ■ ' ' ' ' ' ' » = W ' ' ' ' ° " Ferris, Donold Willets, Gilbert Chilton Horace Pope Mil .ey Walker, Buddy Massey, George Leh. Don Sydlik, W. his assistants. Coach Mathis and Coach Dunlap. However, game after game, the injury list grew larger Despite these injuries to key men, the " Fighting Christians " managed to give accounts of themselves that were worthy of the teams they played. Senior end, Tony Carcaterra, repeated his All- State honors for the second straight year, and join- ing him on the All-North State Conference team were Charlie Maidon and J. B. Vaughn. Although the season ended with a 3-6 record, the Phi Psi Cli Staff wishes to join the student body in congratu- lating you on your commendable playing. -iSsr l . 1958-59 First row: Leroy Myers, Bill Troutmon, C. G. Hall, Gilbert Watts, Ralph Price, end Steve Wall. Second row: Morty Collins, Bill Palkovics, Arthur Thompson, Cecil Wright, Tommy Oliver, ond Austin Cook. Third row: Andy Johnson, Tony Corcoterra, Eddie Burke, Rob Bell, and Marsh Oakley. A . i lui fl l k £ ' " ' ■ ' W El. ' ' % Our Team in Action The 1958-59 season for the hardwood quintet was a difficult one as they won only 7 and lost 17. They never gave up, however, as they lost many of the contests by very close margins. As Coach " Doc " Mathis taught them new plays and tech- niques, they pulled such upsets as High Point, who was undefeated before the Christians played host to them. Coach Mathis had few returning from previous years but had a valuable group of transfers and freshmen who came through. The team was cod- tained by senior guard, Gilbert Watts and was led in scoring and rebounding by senior center, Tony Carcaterra. The other boys who saw a lot of action were: Eddie Burke, Marsh Oaklev, Bill Palkovics, C. G. Hall, Steve Wall, and Cecil Wright. Since only Watts has used up his eligibility, we are hoping to see a good hardwood quintet ready to face their foes next winter and come out on the winning team. enms The tennis team had many bad breaks last spring and ended the season with a 2-13 record. The boys were coached by Dr. William Black- stone, former Elon tennis star. We know the boys — John Lowther, Gene Rhodes, Steve Mauldin, Jim Bennett, and Buddy Burgess — tried hard, and we will be looking for- ward to the matches this spring and many victories. Kneeling: Buddy Burgess. Standing: John Lowther, Gene Rhodes, Steve Mauldin, and Jim Bennett. ' 1 M " - s ' ii E Atdletie Viveetovs The Physical Education Department of Elon College strives to meet the demands of the enrolled students. Mr. John D. Sanford, Head of the Depart- ment of Physcial Education and head baseball coach; Mr. Harry E. Varney, head football coach; Mr. Robert Dunlap, assistant football coach; Mr. Graham L. Mathis, head basket- ball coach; and Mrs. Jeanne Griffin, Women ' s Physical Education Director; set up the pro- grams by which every individual may benefit. The Physical Education Department helps Elon College produce a more well-rounded in- dividual. Women s Atdletie Associafion Officers: Mrs. Jeanne Griffin, Faculty Sponsor; Katie Langley, Vice-President; Pamley Dofflemyer, Treasurer, Martha Langley, President; Louan Lambeth, Secre- tary; Jean Loy, Reporter. The Women ' s Athletic As- sociotion is composed of women students interested in promoting sports on the cam- pus. All women enrolled in Elon College are members, but to be an active member, one must participate in at least one sport each quarter. Mrs. Jeanne Griffin, Women ' s Athletic Director, heads a well-rounded athletic program in cooperation with the officers, intramural coun- cil, and athletic managers. sports are enjoyed by every The young women and young men enrolled in Elon College who do not participate in collegiate athletics have the opportunity to participate in sports through intramurals. The intramural program is designed to meet the needs of ell the students. A wide variety of activities ore offered to enable every student to com- pete in the sports of his choice. Girls may participate in basketball, Softball, volleyball, speedball, and bad- minton. Men have the opportunity to participate in touch football, Softball, golf, and volleyball. Intramurals hold a prominent place on the Elon Campus. Their success is due to the hard work of the managers, intramural council, and the directors, one on the Elon College Campus Mrs. Jeanne Griffin and Mr. John D. Sanford. Trophies ore awarded the winning teams and in- dividuals throughout the year. Basketball in both the men ' s and women ' s leagues seems to be more popular. However, that does not mean that interest was not high and competition keen in each of the other sports, for ail the activities at- tracted eager participation. A carefully selected and well-trained staff of of- ficials ore always on hand to supervise all contests. It cannot be recommended too strongly that every student participate. ou v li 4 JEAN LOY Homecoming Queen As the bright colored leaves of fall begin to deck the ground and the air becomes scented with the tangy odor of drying grass, the alumni throng back to the campus of Elon College to ob- serve with the students the an- nual Homecoming weekend. The campus and surrounding areas come olive with the Home- coming parade, the football game on Saturday afternoon and the dance in the evening. Dorms and the campus are decorated with brightly colored banners and displays with the main theme of all being to beat the rival visit- ing team. LOUAN LAMBETH Maid-of-Honor Homecoming Court Left to right: Penny Fuqua, Women ' s Athletic Association; Linda Smoll, Tau Zeto Phi; Mary Ann Turner, Koppa Psi Nu; Son dra Neighbors, Sigmo Mu Sigmo; Jonice Stanley, Freshman Class. i Q Left »o right: Teddy Stanley, Student Christian Association; Linda Simpson, Pi Kappa Tou; Julia Waldo, Elon Choir; Shelbv Gun- ter. Ministerial Association; Sylvia Sims, South Hall; Winnie Ann Watson, Elon Players; Ann Joyce, Sophomore Closs; Foye Gordon, Women ' s Dormitory. Elon ' s Homecoming is an exciting Left to right: Thomasene Sparks, Alpha Psi Omega; Martha Long ley, Senior Class; Becky Hatch, Chemistry Club; Ferebee Ab- bott, Iota Tau Kappa; Linda Quinn, Sigmo Phi Beta; Carol Earle, Junior Class; Jone Keck, Day Students; Pamley Dofflemyer, Beta Omicron Beta. " Crowning of the Queen " " Our Little Indian ' occasion for everyone " The Royalty Float " " The Freshman Float LINDA SIMPSON May Queen One might think that Elon Col- lege had been invaded by Mexico, Spain, or even the land of fantasy if he were to visit the campus on the first Saturday in May. In reality, he would only be observing the annual May Day festival with its bright colors and gaily-costumed dancers. The program, sponsored by the physical education department, is ruled over by the May King and May Queen, along with two attend- ants and their escorts from the Sen- ior Class and two Junior attendants and their escorts. All the royalty are elected by the student body. Also featured during the exciting week- end is the festive May dance, held on Saturday night. LOUAN LAMBETH Maid-of-Honor RICHARD LASHLEY Moy King RONNIE BERGMAN Escort SYLVIA SIMS Senior Attendan ; ILL OLIVER Escort May BECKY MATTHEWS Senior Attendont LARRY GREGG Escort CHARLIE MAIDON Escort Court KAY HUGHES Junior Attendant JIM HUMPHREY " ' -i J JEAN LOY ' ° %A ' Junior Attendant - DR. WALTER J. PETERSON " Founders ' Day " Speaker 3oundevs ' Day A Founders ' Day Program was held at Elon Col- lege in the Alumni Memorial Gymnasium on March 5, 1959. This is not an annual observance, but such programs have been held in the past years. The program is held for the commemoration of the foundation of the college, which opened its doors in 1 889 under the auspices of the Christian Church. The Christian Church merged with the Congregational Church, and since that time the Congregational Christian Church has sponsored the institution " Founders ' Day Audience " May Day 1958 " The Battle of Mus ' Winding The Maypole " Douglas Albert Ronald Bergman Nicholas DeSibio Kenneth Dudley VHO ' S Louan Lambeth Martho Langley Among Siuients in American Twenty-four students will represent Elon College this year in the 1958-59 edition of WHO ' S WHO AMONG STU- DENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES. The students recognized by this organization each year are nominated from approximately 750 colleges and universities Campus nominating committees are instructed to consider, in making their selections, the student ' s scholarship; his par- ticipation and leadership in academic and extracurricular ac- tivities; his citizenship and service to the school; his promise of future usefulness. Each student who becomes a member receives a certifi- cate of recognition awarded by the organization and pre- sented at the school; recognition in the annuel publication for the year during which he was selected in the form of a writeup of his college and personal record and listing in the Index under the college from which he was nominated; bene- fits of the Student Placement Service provided by the organi- John McLauchlli Wayland Medley Linda Simpson Thomasene Sparks f (M a Kay Hughes James Humphrey WHO Universities anJ Colleges zation if he needs assistance in making employment contacts or supplying other recommendations. If a student desires to wear the Key emblem of the organization, he must purchase it, though members are not required to wear the Key. WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES is designed to render service in the following ways: As a goal to inspire greater effort in those who may not otherwise perform to the best of their ability. As a reminder that time must be used intelligently to bring the best results from one ' s college experience. As a means of compensation for outstanding effort and achievement. As a standard of measurement for students comparable to other recognized scholastic and service organi- zations. LInwood Hurd Guy Lambert Richard Lashley 1 mmE t» " THE FRIENDLY HOME FOLKS SINCE 1914 ' Assets over J Savings 14,000,000.00. Accounts On certificate at $100.00 per share. Pass books, save as much and as often as you like. Current dividends of 3 ' ' i%. Home Loans To buy Build Remodel Refinance FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LDAN ASSOCIATION OF BURLINGTON E. Davis at Lexington Phone CA 6-2411 Burlington, N. C. CENTRAL GROCERY COMPANY, INC. Wholesale Groceries Notions and Confectioneries Commission Merchants Manufacturer ' s Agents 122 North Main Street Burlington, N. C. Telephone CA 7-3693 COMPLIMENTS OF PET Compliments of GUYES " Far nous for firsts in fashions. " KIRK -HOLT HARDWARE COMPANY Hardware — Paints — Building Supplies — Farm Machinery — Mill Supplies. GIFT SHOP— Mezzanine Floor Main Street BURLINGTON, N. C. Compliments of C. F. NEESE JEWELRY Since 1870 Registered Jeweler American Gem Society Burlington, N. C. Compliments of iPenney ' sI ■ l|i|llMlllW.lli«W Burlington, N. C. Compliments of BURLINGTON mi BOTTLING CO. Neighborhood f ife custom t ' 825 S. Main Street Burlington PATE DAWSON CO. Be Healthy — Be Happy Eat More Fresh Fri And Vegetables Jits Burlington Goldsboro T. N. BOONE TAILORS Fine Tailored Clothing Since 1914 Formal Rentals Burlington Greensboro, N. C. COMPLIMENTS OF J. c. HARRIS LUMBER CO. Lu mber — Building Supplies — Hardware Phone CA 6-9321 407 S. Spring Street Burlington, N. C. Compliments of HUEY ' S SEAFOOD RESTAURANT McCLURE FUNERAL HOMES Burlington Dial CA 7-7488 Graham Dial CA 7-2711 Keep Trim and Smart Expertly Laundered Shirts They Stay Fresh Longer ALAMANCE LAUNDRY DRY CLEANERS " We Do If Better " Burlington, North Carolina Tuxedo Rentals by BLALOCK ' S A-1 CLEANERS 220 East Front Street Burlington, N. C. THE DAILY TIMES-NEWS Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday By The Times-News Publishing Co., Inc. ' ' Alamance County ' s Only Daily Newspaper " BURLINGTON, N. C. Compliments of BRANNOCK ' S BARBER SHOP Elon College, N. C. Compliments of KOURY ' S " Where Smart Women Shop ' South Main Street Burlington, N. C. Sew and Save THE REMNANT SHOP Cottons Crepes Woolens Corduroy % Drapery How River, N. C. City of Cone Fabrics Phone CA 6-9134 Compliments of THE STATE THEATER ' Your Friendly Independent Theater. Compliments of FOSTER SHOE COMPANY 132 E. Davis Street Burlington, N. C. SOMERS-PARDUE AGENCY Real Estate Insurance ... Burlington, N. c . Compliments of SELLARS Compliments of MELVILLE DAIRY Burlington, N. C. Phone CA 6-6391 For Home Delivery COMPLIMENTS OF COLEMAN ' S MEN SHOP Opposite Post Office 437 S. Spring St. Burlington Compliments of NEAL WRIGHTS JEWELRY Box 387 Telephone Burlington, N. C. CA 6-5956 SWIFT CLEANERS " The Best in Dry Cleaning. " Laundry Shirts Elon College, N. C. ALAMANCE PRINTING CO. Commercial Printing Engraving and Photo-Offset Dial CA 6-1881 729 S. Main St. Burlington, N. C. Best Wishes from ROSES 5-10-25C STORE " Burlingfon ' s Most Popular Store " Burlington, North Carolina Compliments of THE JEWEL BOX Diamonds — Watches — Jewelry Burlington, North Carolina Compliments of KAY-DAY TILE CARPET CO. Burlington — Durham — aleigh Compliments of TROLLINGER ' S FLORIST Burlington, N c. A. D. PATE PRINTING CO. Cecil M. Yarbrough, Owner Commercial Printing of All Kinds " We Specialize in Wedding Invitations. " Worth and Davis Streets Phone CA 6-2082 Burlington, N. C. GARRISON ' S SODA SHOP Pizza Pie Sandwiches Ice Cream Soda Phone CA 8-9493 Elon College, North Carolina ■ " • ! ! 5 r wm. ' ' -■■■■■:X mM

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