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.U:.-t. - " " yr 03 " (X . Vu ' , 7 " ? phiPsiii 1956 Published by the Students of ELON COLLEGE Elou College, Nortii Caiolina Marie Weldon Lois Scott Co-Editors Clyde Boswell Business Manager vT ()k 1 1 n 1 1 1 4! tf=rr X . %. r l V ' ' • Vt .41 " - ;- vs u ! ..-iif- M ;iiii! ■w. •O " y »» • " )g.- % ' V r , , . -A lon College El-ON COLLEOE NORTH Carolina (Wfice of tli« 5 ' ' » ' ' " Dear Seniors, To have had the privilege not only of entering college but of remaining in college to graduation is the culmination of a cherished ambition, A number who entered with you in 1952, for various reasons, have " fallen by the wayside, " but you have remained, steadfast and determined, and are scheduled to attain your goal in May, 1956, You are to be congratulated, Elon College is proud of you. You, as a class, have made worth-while contributions to the intellectual, social and spiritual life of the campus. Your Alma ulater is counting on you to make the same wholesome and effective contributions to society, church and state in the future years as you have made during your stay at Elon College, We shall miss you greatly in the College ' s daily program of events, but we are glad to send you out as our representatives in the affairs of a busy and a changing world. We know that you will acquit yourselves as men and women of ability and of courage, Elon College covets your continued interest and affection wherever you may go, and in whatsoever business or profession you may be engaged. Always remember that you are, in reality, Elon College. I know that on all occasions you will strive to reflect honor upon your institution. L. E. Smith President MRS. J. H. McEWEN, SR. To Her We Dedicate . . . Elon College has many steadfast friends, friends who appreciate her needs as well as her achievements, and are quite willing to give time, counsel and material aid that her needs may he adecfuately met. Mrs. Iris Holt McEwen is prominent among such friends. Her late husband, Mr. J. H. McEwen, Sr., was a true friend and a generous supporter of Elon College. Mrs. McEwen. her son, Mr. J. H. McEwen, Jr., of New York City, and her daughter, Mrs. J. A. McCrary, of Burlington, North Carolina, have made generous coiitriliutions for the erection of a central building on our campus, the McEwen Memorial Dining Hall, which is erected to the memory and in honor of Mr. J. H. McEwen, Sr. Mrs. McEwen was born and reared in Burlington, North Carolina, was graduated from Woman ' s College of the University of North Carolina, Greensboro, and is an active member of the First Congregational Christian Church in Burlington. She is prominent in the business, economic and club life of the state and a social and religious leadei-. She is also a member of the Board of Trustees of the College, chairman of the Connnittee of On-Campus Property, and a memi)er of the Committee on Furniture for the new dining hall and dormitories. As an expression of appreciation of her generosity um profitable services to the Col- lege, we, the class of 19.56, take great pleasure in dedicating the Phi Psi Clt, our college annual for 19.56, to Mrs. Iris Holt McEwen, our friend and benefactor. ■ ■«•■ I.elt to right: . lar S. Zink. Ut-aii uf oiiifn: J. Earl Danieley, Dean of the College; J. C. Colley, Dean of Men. To the Graduating Class . . . I congratulate vou, tlie class of 1956, on the occasion of your graduation. It has heen a pleasure to work witli you. This is a significant milepost for you on the road of life; it is not the " finish line " hut only the heginning. You have sought your education at a liberal arts college; may life ' s experiences prove that you have, in reality, found a jiherating quality in your studies. Alma Mater is also a Christian College; here you have found an emjjhasis on moral and religious values. It is our hope and our prayer that vour Christian convictions have been strengthened and your faith increased hy your experi- ences on our campus. May God guide you in all your choices, direct you in paths of service and richly i)less you in all things. Sincerely yours, J. E. Danieley, Dean 10 ADMINISTRATION First row: Rev. William J. Andes. College Pastor Mrs. Scott Boyd. Alumni Secretary Mrs. Ro: iona Carr. Bookkeeper Mrs. Ola Carter. Secretary to the President Second row: Mrs. Wanda Dofflemyer Dalton. Secretary to the Business Manager Miss Arabella Gore. A. I!.. M.A.. (Catalogue Librarian Mrs. James Howell. Circulation Librarian Mrs. Oma L . Johnson. Ph.P... A.B.. M.S.. Librarian Third roiv: Mrs. Jackie Matlock. Secretary in the tdmissions Office Mrs. Fred Prior, Secretary in the Alumni Office Miss Hazel Walker, Registrar and Director of Admissions Mr. Sam Webster. Field Secretary and Assistant Director of Admissions 11 Faculty First row: KoNSTAiNTiNAs AvizoMS. A.B.. M.A.. Ph.D.. Associate Professor of History and Modern Laniiuap.es. Scott Boyd. A.B.. M.A.. P.E.D.. Chairman of Depart- ment and Professor of Health anil Physical Education. N. F. Brannock. A.B.. M.A.. M.S.. Litt.D.. Professor of Chemistry. John A. Brashear. B.S.. B.A.. M.A.. Chairman of De- partment and Professor of Business Administration. Lucy Brashear. A.B.. M.A.. Profe.s.ior of Enf lish. William M. Brown, A.B.. M.A.. Ph.D.. Professor of Social Science. Second row: Mary Bitler. A.B.. M.E.. Professor of Home Economics. W. E. Bl tler, A.B.. Business Manaiier. Luther Byrd, A.B.. M.A.. Professor of Eniilish: Publicity Director. Professor of Chemistry and I). VI. A.. Director of Teacher Paul Cheek, B.S Mathematics. Ke- . eth C. Clem. B.A Training. Joshua C. Colley. .]i.. M.. .. Candidate for Ph.D.. Chairman of Department of Education and Psychology: Professor of Education : Dean of Men. Third row: James Corey. B.S.. A.ssistunt Piofrssor of Business All- ministration. Horace H. Cunmncham. .B.. M.A.. Ph.D.. Chairman of Department of Social .Sciences: Professor of History. J. Earl Dameley. A.B.. M.A.. Ph.D.. Dean nf the Col- lege; Professor of Chemistry. J. Evans, A.B., Instructor in Mathematics. Thomas R. Fox. B.S.. A.C.A.. Assistant Professor of Com m ercial .Su hjects. William (JoonuuM. A.P .. I!.D.. M.A.. Professor oi German and French. Fourth row: Jeanne Griekin. A.I!.. Professor of Physical Education. Mildred Hake. A.B.. I.A.. ' Assistant Professor of Math- ematics. Richard Hafe. A.B.. LA.. I ' h.[).. Profe.s.sor of Bioloay. M. C. HeLEERS. A.B.. M.A.. Professor of Eniilish. James Hess, B.S.. M.A.. R.D.. D.D.. Professor of English. Alonzo Lohr Hook. A.B.. M.A., M.S., Chairman of De- partment of Mathematics: Professor of Physics; Di- rector of Placement Office. Fifth ron : James Howell. A.B.. M.. .. Ph.D.. Chairman of Depart- ment of English and Tiramatic Arts: Professor oj English. John Kittenger, B.S.. B.D.. S.T.M.. Professor of Re- ligion. C. Gilbert Latham, B.S., M.S.. Associate Professor of Psychology. Clyde McC nts. A.B.. Candidate for A.M., Professor of English. Pearl McDonald, A.B.. M.A.. .issociate Professor of French. JosEl ' H Martin. B.S.. M.S.. Assistant T ' rofessor of Mathe- matics. Sixth roir: Graham Mathis, A.B.. Athletic Director: Head Basket- hall Coach, Head Baseball Coach: Associate Professor of Physical Education. Fletcher Moore, A.B.. M.A.. Chairman of Departmenl of Fine Arts: Professor of Piano and Organ. Elizabeth Nelms. B.M.. M.M.. .Associate Professor of Voice. LiLA Newman, Ph.B.. A.B.. .Assistant Professor of Art. Paul Reddish. B.A., M.A., Professor of Biology. William T. Reece. B.S.. Assistant Professor of Business Administration. Seventh row: Ferris E. Reynold.s, A.B.. I5.D.. S.T.M.. I ' h.D.. Chairman of Department of Philosophy and Religion: Professor of Religion and Creek. Albert ShEN, M.A., Ph.D. iCandidaU-l. Assistant Pro- fessor of Business Administration. Bessie P. Sloan. A.B.. M.A.. Assistant Professor of Spanish. William W. Sloan. B.A.. B.D.. Ph.D.. Profc .wr of Bible and Religious Education. Jason Sox, B.S.. M.E.. Assistant Professor of Ma ' he- matics. Dewey Stowers, B.A.. M. .. Professor of Geography and History; Band Director. 13 Faculty First row: Jonathan Sweat, B.S., M.S.. Assistant Professor of Piano. Darthe Tunnicliffe. B.A., M.A.. Professor of Eniilish. Sid Varney, A.B.. M.A.. Head Football Coach; Professor of Physical Eihicalion. Second row: John Foster West, A.B., M.A., Professor of English. John Westmoreland, A.B., M.A., Professor of Piano and Organ. W. E. Wooten, Jr., B.S.. M.A.. Professor of Dramatics. Third row: Mary S. Zink. A.B.. M.A., Dean of Women: Associate Profes.sor of Psychology. T T i TOT A TTTTIT? Left to right, first row: Riddle, Parker. I ' .iiiu. r-iair. .|..lin-lon. j,.ii;i-..ii. l;urk.-. kr;i I KI -,| J J[ Urirj ' " " «■•• Hinshaw, Allen. Kirby, Smith, Matclian. Sliue. BiggerstaH. Mmldar.l. Thud r Stanfield, Cardan, Secretary; Emerson, Parliamentarian; Waynick, Moize, Speaker. M.-dliiu The Legislature of the Student Government is the supreme law-making bocl on campus. Its members are elected by classes, dormitory students, and the Day Students. The Vice-President of the Student Body serves as Speaker of this assembly. Other officers include Speaker Pro-tem, Par liamentarian. Secretary, and Engrossing Clerk. Meetings are held bi-weekly, and visitors are wel- comed to attend. STUDENT GOVERNMENT OFFICERS FURMAN MOSELEY President Jerry Moize Vice-President Margaret Patillo Secretary-Treasurer Left to right: Furman Moseley, President; Margaret Patillo, Sec- retary-Treasurer; Jerry Moize. Vice-President. Front row, left to right: Joyce , I frs. Carolyn Abernathy. JininiN Calhoun, Robert Phelps, Joyce Perry. Top: Larry Barnes, Chairman. Honor Council The Honor Council is composed of two seniors, two juniors, one sophomore, and one freshman. This group has original jurisdiction over all violations of the Honor Code and the Campus Code. Maulilin, .Shirley Cox, Front row, left to right: Nick Thcos. Meryle Homer Hobgood. Top: Pat ChanJler, Chairma Student Council The Student Council is composed of representa- tives of both men and women students, with one member elected at large from the student body. This branch of the student government, having final jurisdiction in all cases involving offenses against the Student Body, serves as a court of appeals and has original jurisdiction in the inter|)relation of the Student Constitution. INTERDORMITORY COUNCILS The Women ' s and the Men ' s Interdormitory Councils are composed of representatives from all resident inen and women students. The two councils act as governing bodies — to make rules affecting the conduct of dormitorv students, to try violators of the rules, to speak for dormitory men and women in matters concerning the college, and to counsel them. Left to right: Marqaret Johnston. Frances Knight. Harriitt Talle . Sylvia Grady, Ann Wilson, Betsy Johnson, Mary Ann Thomas, Pal Cofihill. ieatecl: Bob Kopko, Jimmy Calhoun, Nick Theos. Standing, left to right: Henry Walters, Moss Beecroft, Tony Stump, Ken Lambert, Clark Doffle- mver. Russell McGhee. 17 First row: Chris Peterson, Lois Scotl. Shirley ' omack. Second row: Emma Wagoner, Sylvia Smith, Clyde Boswell, Gary Thompson. Phi Psf Cli . . . 1956 first row: Charles Ma- son, Marie eldoii. Dalton Parker. Sen, ml row: Meryle Mauldin, Betsy Johnson, Tommy Lewis. Marie Weldon Co-Editor Gary Thompson Chris Peterson Spoils Editors Charles Mason Art Editor Sylvia Smith Shirley Womack Typists Meryle Mauldin Emma Wagoner Feature Editors Dalton Parker Betsy Johnson Copy Editors Professor John F. West Faculty Advisor Tliis being one of the most eventful years in the history of Elon College, The Phi Psi Cli staff felt it necessary to focus its attention upon llic building ])ro- grani taking place; on our can)})us this year. This hook will he to you a lasting memory of the events and the exact time of the erection of Carolina Hall, Virginia Hall, and McEwen Dining Hall. Clyde Boswell liusincss Manager Gary Thompson Editor-in-chief Luther Byrd Advisor Maroon and Gold Jack Lindley Business Manager Life at Elon Collpj;e is depicted foitni ;litly in the coliinins of tlie Maroon rind Gold, the campus news- paper, now in its thirty-fifth volume. The Maroon and Gold, which has l)een accorded numerous honors in past years in competition with other college news sheets, enjoys one distinction in North Carolina in that it is the only senior college paper in the state that is printed on the campus. For many years Elon College has liad its own print shop, and there on the first flooi- of the Science Build- ing each two weeks is a scene of hustling activity as the newest edition of the paper is prepared for jiress. Then comes a roar as the press sounds thiough tiie halls, and another edition is soon passing through the colonnades, giving to all the slorv of the activities of Elon ' s students, facnltx and alinnni. There ' s a lot of work involved in pnlilisliing this lii-weekly story of Elon life, but there ' s a hit of fun loo. and friendships formed over ii: the old jnint shop endure through the years. 20 Leit to right: " « alt.-r :alllllllll . Julin Fuqiiay, Woim. Winstead. (lirl.-tta V.- iaI. Jack I.IikIIc y. Larry Barnes. Prof. Hyrd. John Mclniwan. I.cil til right: Lewis Wilkins, Glen Garrett. Jndie Clark. Sylvia Grady, Gary Thompson, 21 John F. West lilvisor Colonnades For many years The Colonnades, campus literary magazine, has been published under un- certain financial conditions, having been sold to students at a drastic loss. As a conset|uence, it has failed to appear at all some years; some edi- tions have been anemic examples of what might have been. This year things are different. For the first time The Colonades is financed thiough the student activity fees, and every student entitled to an annual also received a magazine. It is hoped that this arrangement will result in bigger and better publications as Elon College grows in all directions. As in vears past. The Colonnades is sponsored by Prof. West, and most of the material published in this issue was written under his direction in his creative writing classes. Leil to right: (larv Thompson. Dan Johnson. Frt-cl P Larry liarnrs. eililor: Shirlry Pr,-np|l. ( ;rn.- Thnma-. r. Pat Chaniller. Norman Ridillc. Professor West. Daviil Frye. Judy Longest, I.i ' ll hi right: Bucky ■riiiima». Vicp. President; J. li. Vaughn. l ' ii- iilciit : Linda Simpson. SiMntar) 1 n-i FRESHMEN 23 Freshmen First rote: AGNEW. James Willard. Jr.. 313 6th St.. Burlington. N. C. ALBERT. Douglas, 40 Warris Rd.. Lahore. Pakistan ALFORD. Janice Marlene 1009 Maple Ave.. Burlington. N. C. ALLEN, George Clayton 14310 Colesville Rd.. Hyattsville, Md. ALEWINE. George Gerald 1403 Vaughn Road. Burlington, N. C. ANDREWS. Graham L.. 309 May Ave., Burlington. N. C. APPLE, Dorothy Ray. 323 Guthrie St.. Burlington, N. C. ASHBY. Barbara Ann. R.F.D. 1. Leasburg. N. C. Second row: ATKINS. Jo Ann. 1495 E. Main St.. Albemarle. N. C. AVERETTE, Clifton Gentry 412 Parkview Drive. Burlington. N. C. BADGETT, James Ralph, Route 1. Sanford. N. C. BARKER, Jo Ann, Route 2, Elon College, N. C. BASS, Anne Pace. Star Route. South Boston, Va. BATCHELOR. Mott Jerome. Jr. 60.5 Herring Ave., Wilson. N. C. BEDSOLE, Carlton Thomas. Route 5. Fayetteville. N. C. BELL, Owen Leroy. Route 7. Burlington, N. C. Third row: BENNETT. Shelbv Dill. Mrs. 1361 Wentworth St.. Reidsville, N. C. BERGMAN. Ronald Warren. Route 1, Uncasville, Conn. BERRY. Harold Bernard. 206 Newsome St., Durham, N. C. BERRY. Phillip Glen. Route 1. Elon College. N. C. BIRCHETT. Loward Harper 512 Hamilton St., Burlington, N. C. BLANCHARD, Helen Evelyn. 4937 Shafer St., Norfolk, Va. BOGGS, Jerry David, 625 Harris St.. Burlington. N. C. BOLDEN. Joyce Anne, 724 Maple Ave.. BuHington. N. C. Fourth row: BOOTY. Milton Rhoderel. Route 1. Burlington. N. C. BOSWELL. Betty Virginia. Route 1. McLeansville, N. C. BRADHAM. Charles E.. 20 Chestnut St.. Sumter, S. C. BRADY. Samuel Joseph, Route 1, Bennett, N. C. BROOKS, Herbert Alex., Route 2. Burlington. N. C. BUCKNER, John Baxter 1117 W. Washington St.. Leaksville. N. ( BUCKNER, Ronald L., Route 1, Elon College. N. C. BUJAN, Vincent, 21 Porter Place, Towanda. Pa. Fifth row: BURCH. Janie Hester, Box 162, Yanceyville, N. C. BUSICK, Beainan R., Route 3, Burlington, N. C. CAPPS, Atlas Burleigh, Box 464. Alamance, N. C. CARCATERRA. Anthony. 329 Wanser Ave., Inwood, N. Y. CARMINES. Ralph Thomas 601 N. 7th Ave., Portsmouth. Va. CARVER. John Franklin 513 W. Washington St., Suffolk, Va. GATES. Bobby Lee. 308 N. Main St.. Graham, N. C. CHEEK. Arthur Wayne, 238 Liberty St., Asheboro, N. C. Sixth row: CHRISTLEY, Freddie Monroe 1703 Hilton Road. Burlington, N. C. CLARKE. Nell Elizabeth. Route 5, Henderson, N. C. COBB. Ray Lee. Route 2. Burlington, N. C. COBLE. Carol Marie, 307 Somers Ave., Burlington, N. C. COBLE, John Herbert, Route 5, BurHngton, N. C. COE. Thomas Riley. Elon College, N. C. COLEMAN. Charles Maxwell 410 Caswell St.. Burlington. N. C. CONKLIN. Daniel William. Route 4. Burlington. N. C. Seventh row: CONNER, Nellie Grace, Marshall. N. C. DAVIS. Harold G., Box 658, Ro.xboro, N. C. DAY, Robert. 224 Waverly Way, Burlington, N. C. DELGAIS. Joseph Sebastain 165 Redwood Ave.. Inwood. L. I.. N. Y. DEMATTEO. Morris Anthony 138 E. Savory St., Polo Alto. Pa. DENNIS, Donal Keith. Box 347, Gibsonville, N. C. DESIBIO. Nicholas. 82 Fern Place, Inwood, N. Y. DICKERSON, Sadie Mae, 1907 Garden St., Durham. N. C. Eiiihth row: DORSETT. Peggy Ann. Route 1. Randleman. N. C. DOSS. Virgil Lee. Route 1. Haw River. N. C. DRIVER. Sylvia June. 1510 Robinhood Rd.. Durham. N. C. DUNCAN. Carolyn June. Route 1. Woodsdale, N. C. DUNN, Ward EaHe. 815 South Broad St.. Burlington, N. C. EAKIN. Mary Patricia. 715 West Davis. Burlington. N. C. EDWARDS, Lucille. Route 3, Franklin, Va. EDENS, Wesley Irvin, 305 S. High St., Draper, N. C. iXinth row: ELLIOTT. Benjamin Bruce, Tabor City, N. C. ELLIS. Claiborn, 1103 N. Main St., Burlington. N. C. FAUST. Harold Mervin. Jr. 1026 E. Market St.. Mahony City. Pa. FISHER. Richard H.. 1124 Plaid St.. Burlington. N. C. FLEMMING. Nicholas Trafton 1025 Livingston Ave.. South Norfolk. Va. FLYNN. Keith Barrett. 411 Alamance Rd.. Burlington. N. C. FOGLEMAN. Betty Murray. Route 6. Burlington. N. C. FORREST. John Watson. Box 5. Hillsboro. N. C. 24. 1 V .1 1., f? -) : ni -m 1 X ' A t V Vl 4t X- rfi -aL jL I V b: IW . t , ■jgl ftT .1 n: V iH y. Freshmen First row: FRANKLIN. Charles Clifton Rt. 3. Box 421. Henderson. N. C. FRANKS. Betty Rae. Box 302. Elon College. N. C. GAMBLE. John Hunter. Jr. 1042 Sullivan St., Greensboro, N. C. GANN. Billy Junior. Rt. 1. ReidsviUe, N. C. GEORGE. P. M.. Pallam P. 0.. T. C. Sate. India GILLIAM. Audrey Louise, Rt. 1. Elon College, N. C. GOAD. Dale Landon. 902 Sidney Ave.. Burlington, N. C. GOODWAY. Elizabeth. 2.5 Woodward Ave.. Angola. N. Y. Second row: GOSS. Franklin D.. 514 Burgess St.. Lexington. N. C. GRIFFITH, Marvin Joe, 808 Grace Ave.. Burlinglon. N. C. GRIMES. Vernon Carlyle. Jr. 1150 Stewart St., South Norfolk. Va. GRISSOM. Robert Thomas, Box 43, Holland. Va. GUNN, Allen McBryde, Rt. 2. ReidsviUe. N. C. HALL. Richard Arnold. 125 Tarpley St.. Burlington. N. C. HALL. Robert James. Box 266. Bladenboro, N. C. HANFORD. Marvin Lon, Rt. 6, Burlington, N. C. Third row: HARRELSON. Joe William 113 Arlington St.. ReidsviUe. N. C. HARRINGTON, Bobbv Rav 1517 W. Davis St.. Burlington. N. C. HARRIS. Harold Minter. Rt. 1. Pittsboro, N. C. HARRIS. Mary Anne. Townsville. N. C. HARRISON, Peggy Joyce 9460 Garrett Ave.. Norfolk 3. Va. HAWKINS. John Larkin, Box 514. GibsonviUe, N. C. HAWKINS, Mary Jane. Rt. 2, Hurdle Mills, N. C. HICKS, Elsie Ruth. Rt. 5. Oxford, N. C. Fourth roiv: HINSHAW. Paul Vernon. Randleman, N. C. HOCKADAY. Myrna Loy. 1804 4th St., Burlington. N. C. HODGE, Fred Simmons, Box 262, Ramseur, N. C. HODGIN, John Keith, 107 Kitchen St., Burlington. N. C. HOLMES, Arthur W„ Jr., Rt. 1, Mebane, N. C. HORNER. George Samuel 136 Veterans Drive, Burlington. N. C. HOWELL. Charles Henry. Townsville. N. C. HOWELL. James Donald. Rt. 1. Box .54. Courtland. Va. Fifth row: HUFFINES. Walter Everett. Jr. 455 Elmira St., Burlington, N. C. HUGHES. Mary Sue. 136 Dogwood Dr.. Burlington, N. C. HULTMAN. Robert Clifford. Box 382. Elon College. N. C. HUNT, Alice Cole, King St., Hillsboro, N. C. Hl ' SKEY. Bobby K. K-2 Mavfair Apis.. l!uiliiit;ton. N. C. INGOLD. William Clinton 713 Phillips St., Burlington, N, C, ISLEY, David Gladstone, Rt. 6. Box 280. Burlington. N. C. JACKSON. William Stansil 3015 High Point Rd.. Greensboro, N. C. Sixth roiv: JEFFREYS. Jerry Paris 301 Hanover Rd., Graham, N. C. JERNIGAN. Wallace Lee, Rt. 1, Godwin. N. C. JOHNSON. Clem Laster, Mebane, N. C. JONES. Burt H.. 102 Church St.. Sumter, S. C. JOYNER. William T.. Rt. 2. Box 181, Franklin. Va. KANG. Shin Kern 102 Palpan dong, Chong no ka, Seoul, Korea KAPPAS, George J.. 331 No. Church St.. Burling:on. N. C. KERNODLE. Gordon Story. Rt. 4. Burlington. N. C. Seventh row: KERNODLE. Howard Lee. Rt. 4. Burlington. N. C. KIM. Chang Gill 79-4, 3-Ka. Pil-Dong, Choong-Ku. Seoul. Korea KIRKMAN. Clay M.. Jr. 1404 Rosedale Blvd., ReidsviUe. N. C. KISTLER. James Sniyre, Rt. 2. Burlington. N. C. LAMBE. Adam W.. Liberty, N. C. LAMBERT. Guy R.. 4 Downing St.. Newport. R. I. LAMBERT. ]o m (;all .way 2811 Victoria Ave.. Norfolk. Va LAMBETH. Louan. Rt. 1. Brown Summit. N. C. Eiiihth row: LANDRESS. Henry Iluntz 207 Patrick St.. Leaksville. N. C. LANGLEY, Kenneth Franklin. Rt. 1. Staley. N. C. LANGLEY. Martha Elizabeth, Staley, N. C. LEE, Carl Eville. Jr.. 210 N. Broad St., Burlington. N. C. LEE. Norman Bryant. Box 333, Havelock. N. C. LEMMONS, Nancy Anita 448 Chapel Hill Rd.. Burlington. N. C. LILLY. Tom Frederick. Rt. 7. Burling-.on, N. C. LONG. Harold Rav. Rt. 4, Roxboro, N. C. Ninth row: LUCE, Leonora Downs, 131 Sound Ave.. Roverhead. N. Y. LYNN. Carol Ann, Rt. 4. Durham, N. C. McBRIDE, Nancy Ellen. Box 344. Haw River. N. C. McBRlDE. Phillip Wade. Rt. 4. Burlington. N. C. McCAULEY, James Donald, Rt. 4, Burlington. N. C. McDANlEL, William F. 307 Hawthorne Lane. UurliMglon. N. C. MANGUM. Carlton W. 1033 N. Mam St., Burlington. N. C. MANN. W. Odell. Rt. 4. Mebane. N. C. 26 } A :. - ■ ' it Freshmen First row: MARTIN. Patricia Ann. Rt. 2. Graham, N. C MATLOCK. Betsy Marlowe, Box 13. Yanceyville. N. C. MERCER. Robert Lee, Rt. 1, Fentress. Va. MOFFITT, Darrell Woodruff 546 Circle Drive. Burlington. N. C. MOFFITT. Nola Yutera. 546 Circle Drive. Burlington. N. C. MOODY. James Albert 1505 N. Fayetteville St., Asheboro, N. C. MOORE. David A.. Jr., Route 2, Elon College. N. C. MOTLEY. John Melvin, 1104 S. Park Ave., Burlington. N. C. Second row: MULLINS. William Clark. Rt. 1. Box 559. Hickory. Va. MURDOCK. Nellie Rebecca 300 Carver St.. Durham. N. C. MYERS, Joyce Barbara 933 Herbert St.. Phiia lrl|,hia 24. Pa. NARDELLl. Roger Harold 1706 Webb Ave.. Burlington. N. C. NEILL. Benjamin Stowe 181 Park Circle. Winston-Salem. N. C. NEILL, William Lloyd 1207 Maryellow Ave.. South Norfolk, Va. OAKLEY, Charles Grant. Rt. 6. Burlington. N. C. OCKENHOUSE. Patricia Tvsor. Rt. 1. Gibsonville. N. C. Third roiv: OH. Hyoung-Suck, 1-473 Book-A-Hyun-Dong. Seoul. Korea PATTER.SON. John Knox, Box 792. Burlington. N. C. PAYNE. Mack James. Swepsonville. N. C. PENNINGTON. Howard F.. Rt. 2. Burlington. N. C. PERKINS. Billy Cherry, Stokes, N. C. PERKINS, Dorothy Gail, Rt. 1. Roxboro. N. C. PIERCE, Albert Roy, Jr. 569 Parkview Drive. Burlington. N. C. PILLOW. Marv Lou. Rt. 7. Burlington. N. C. Fourth row: PITTS, Arthur Laurie. DiUwyn. Va. POND, Barbara Allen 107 N. Garden Ave.. Siler City. N. C. RADFORD. Paul Grady. 311 S. Sharpe St.. Draper. N. C. RAKES. Robert Carnell, Box 366, Fielddale. Va. RAY, Clarence Burton. Rt. 1, Haw River. N. C. RAYE. Bill James. Avondale. N. C. REYNOLDS. Wesley Burgess. Box 164. Elon College. N. C. RICE. John Gradv. 731 Kivett St.. Burlington. N. C. Fifth row: RICKARD, Rert EaH 310 Rickard Drive, Winston-Salem, N. C. RILEY, Connie May, Rt. 1, Haw River, N. C. ROBERTSON, Marquita Ann. Sandy Ridge. N. C. RLMBLEY, Charles Edward. Kt. 1. Rurlinglon. N. C. SALOOM. Eugene George 515 Smithfield St.. Mt. Pleasant. Pa. SANDERS. Donald Wilson lo-A Brookwood Garden Apts.. Burlington. N. C. SCARBOROUGH. William A. 634 Walker Ave.. Greensboro, N. C. SHARPE. Arnold Charles 614 Wentworth St.. Reidsville. N. C. Sixth row: SHARPE. Charles Winfred, Rt. 7, Burlington, N. C. SHAVER. Gilbert Turney, Carthage, N. C. SHELTON. Sara Dean. 144 Benefield St., Danville. Va. SHOFFNER. Elizabeth Ann. Route 1, Julian. N. C. SHOFFNER. Ruby Lee, Rt. 2, Snow Camp. N. C. SHORE. Joe C. Rt. 2, Graham, N. C. SIMPSON. Linda Lou. Rt. 2. Elon College. N. C. SIMPSON. Nathan McCray Rt. 1. Box 370. Brown Summit. N. C. Seventh row: SIMS. Ernest Leonard. 917 Graham St.. Burlington. N. C. SMITH. Albertus Lerov 431 ' W. Ocean View Ave.. Norfolk. Va. SMITH, Charles Elmer 1110 Simmons Court. Burlington. N. C. SMITH. James Donald 1801 W. Davis St. Ext.. Burlington. N. C. SMITH. Mary Wade, Rt. 1, Kittrell. N. C. SPRINKLE. Malcolm Ezelle 11 Daniel Adkins St.. Spray. N. C. STEPHENSON. Oscar Powe 128 N. Ennist. Fuquav Springs. N. C. STOCKARD. Beverl) Ann 623 Cameron St.. Burlington, N. C. Eighth row: STONE, Elizabeth Marie. Kittrell. N. C. SYKES. Marilyn Elaine. Box 371 Haw River, N. C. TATE. James Edwin. 1234 Franklin St., Burlington, N. C. TATE. Maxie Curry, 413 North 1st, Mebane. N. C. TAYLOR. Wayne E., 2129 Oak Ave.. Newport News. Va. THOMAS. John Rex. 407 S. Seventh St., Sanford, N. C. TODD. Jesse Harold. 920 Beaumont Ave., Burlington, N. C. TURNER. Marv Ami. Rl. I. ancevville. N. C. Ninth row: WADE. Donald Sidney. Rt. 4. Roxboro. N. C. WALKER. James William. Rt. 1. Reidsville, N. C. WALL. Donald Garland. Lake Brandt Rd.. Greensboro. N. C. WALL, Shirley Jean, Box 33, McLeansville. N. C. WALTON, John Lewis, Jr. 505 Mayflower Dr., Greensboro, N. C. WALTON. Larry L.. 909 Longview St., Greensboro, N. C. WARD. Jimmy Edward, Alamance, N. C. WARD. Johnny Mack. Rt. 2. Elon College. N. C. 28 , ' r ' i. V v j8l» l 1 ■y ' i, r 4ttttM , I ' Ik ■s . " f V 1 9 P I ¥1 f it ' Freshmen First row: WARREN. Mary Frances. 812 Rose St.. Rocky Mount. N. C. WAYNICK. Alice Faye, Gibsonville. N. C. WHITLOCK. Beth. Box 567. Carthage. N. C. WHITSON. Dorothy Sue. 526 Climax St.. Graham. N. C. WICKER, Harriette Stovall. Elon College, N. C. WILKINS. Bobby Gene, Rt. 1. Stem. N. C. WILKINSON, Larry Ellis 210 W. Jackson St.. Mebane. N. C. WILLIAMSON, Nancy Jeanne 739 Shamrock Rd.. Asheboro, N. C. Second row: WINSTON. George Turner, Rt. 2. Virgilina. Va. WOOD. Jimmy Ray 413 Raleigh St.. Fuquay Springs, N. C. WRENN. Jerry Boone, Rt. 4. Roxboro. N. C. WRIGHT. Earl Vestal, Snow Camp. N. C. YANCEY, Joyce Annette. Buffalo Junction. Va. YOUNGBLOOD. Ronald Allen. Rt. 1. Burlington, N. C. YOUNTS. Lester Garland. Rt. 4. Mebane. N. C. 30 Lejt to right: Mike Fargis, Vice-President; Ann Dula, Treasurer; Doc Alston, President; Judie Clark, Secretary. SOPHOMORES 31 Sophomores First row: AGNEW. Aubery Lester. Haw River. N. C. AHERON. Jimmy Warren 324 Hollingsworth St.. Leaksville. N. C. ALLRED. Don C. 405 Pine St.. Burlington. N. C. ALSTON. June Gideon. Jr. 734 Crescent Drive. Reidsville. N. C. AMMONS. Betty Sue. 4L5 Planner St.. Burlington. N. C. APESSOS. John. 12 Schoonmaker Ave.. Monessen, Pa. ASKEW. Joyce Beck. Box 731, Elon College. N. C. Fifth row: CARSON, Bess. 2,514 Berkley Place. Greensboro. N. C. CASS, Stewart Thornton 1612 N. College Place Dr.. Greensboro. N. C. CHRISMON. Patricia Ellen. Rt. 6. Reidsville. N. C. CLARK. Judith Ann, 1300 Oakland Ave.. Durham. N. C. COGHILL. Jean. Rt. 4, Henderson, N. C. COGHILL, Patricia Lee, Rt. 4. Henderson. N. C. COKER, Walter Brown, Kenly, N. C. Second row: ATKIN.SON. Mona May. Rt. 4. Mount Airy. N. C. BALDWIN, Clifton James, Box 318. Whitsett. N. C. BARBEE. Richard Rogers, 311 Vance St.. Burlington. N. C. BENNETT. Bobby Edward. Elkton. Va. BENNETT. James Robert. 202 Macy St.. Greensboro. N. C. BIGGERSTAFF. James H. 107 Glenwood Ave.. Burlington. N. C. BIGGERSTAFF. John Deal 107 Glenwood Ave.. Burlington. N. C. Sixth row: COLLINS, Carlton Patterson 256 N. Elm St.. Asheboro. N. C. COMPTON. James Strudwich. Jr. Box 234, Cedar Grove. N. C. CREECH. Jerry Kennon. 324 McLean St.. Portsmouth. Va. DAVIS. Jane. Rt. 1. Raleigh. N. C. DELANCEY, Betty Drew. Rt. 4. Box 8. Reidsville. N. C. DEMATTEO. Anthony James 162 E. Savony St., Pottsville, Pa. DERITA. Frank A., 2408 Pacific St.. New York, N. Y. Third row: BLACKWOOD. Nathaniel T. 108 W. McAden. Graham. N. C. BLANCHARD. Robert Lee. Jr. 407 Mimosa Drive. Greensboro, N. C. BOWMAN. Bill Benton 814 W. Hardin St.. Ext.. Graham, N. C. BRADHAM. Richard P.. 18-B Kendrick St., Sumter, S. C. BRADSHER. Richard Banks. Box 392. Elon College, N. C. BREWER. Robert Lester, Rt. 1, Bennett, N. C. BROWN, Betty Blue, Graham, N. C. Fourth roiv: BROWN. Woodrow Wilson. 102 Church St.. Sumter. S. C. BUCK, James Monroe. Oak Grove Drive. Graham. N. C. BULLIS, Robert Allen, South Main St.. Ext.. Graham. N. C. BURKE. Carl Whitt, Jr. 1.522 W. Davis St.. Burlington. N. C. CANADY, Charles B.. Reidsville. N. C. CAPPS, Clingman. 817 Spring St.. Reidsville. N. C. CAREY, Stanley O.. Rt. 5. Burlington. N. C. Seventh roiv: DIXON, Max Thomas. 1124 Lindsey St.. Reidsville, N. C. DORRIS. Henry Nathaniel, Burlington, N. C . DOSS. Ralph Leonard, 826 Circle Drive, Greensboro, N. C. DOUGLAS. Ruth Brantlev 409 E. king St.. King ' s Mountain, N. C. DRIVER. James Dale. 1502 Tarleton Ave.. Burlington. N. C. DRUM. Robert Hewitt. 1007 Forest St.. Reidsville. N. C. DULA, Ann Best, 1619 Avondale Drive, Durham, N. C. Ei ht roiv: EDMONDS. Walter M.. 2217 Queen St.. Portsmouth. Va. EGGLESTON, Floyd 1903 ' 2 Woodland Ave.. Burlington, N. C. EGGLESTON, Shirley 1903 ' 2 Woodland Ave.. Burlington, N. C. FAGGART. Richard L.. P. 0. Box 424, Burlington. N. C. FARGIS. James Michael. Rt. 2. Reidsville. N. C. FARMER. Alvis Lee. 1415 S. Scales St.. Reidsville, N. C. FARMER, Garv Dean 921 Bainbridge Blvd.. So. Norfolk. Va. t ' m c» Sophomores First row: FIELDS, Clyde Lee, Jr.. Rt. 2. Franklin. Va. FOGLEMAN, Lawrence E.. Elon College. N. C. FOSTER. Charles Lenwood 412 Maple Ave.. Burlington. N. C. FOUST, Vance Dean. Box 374. Whitsett. N. C. FRETWELL. Curtis S. Vance St., Ext.. Reidsville, N. C. FRETWELL, Sam. Rt. 3, Reidsville, N. C. FRYE. Janie Onita, Liberty, N. C. Second row: FRYE. Myrtle Katrine. Liberty. N. C. FUTRELL. Charles D.. Rt. 4. Burlington. N. C. GADDIS. Doris Estelle, 533 Holly St., Asheboro, N. C. GAYDON. Bobby Joe. S. Main St., Ext., Graham, N. C. GILBERT, Ralph B.. 1211 Manning St.. Leaksville. N. C. GRADY. Sylvia LaVerne. 1706 Hamlin St.. Durham. N. C. GRAF. Donald Edward. 640 E. 35 St.. Baltimore 18. Md. Third row: GRANT. Linwood Oliver 1120 Morehead St.. Burlington. N. C. GRIFFIN. Donald Tracy 400 Sykes Ave.. Greensboro. N. C. GRIFFITH. Garv Russell 709 S. E. Market. Reidsville. N. C. GUITE. Richard Charles 118 Russwin Rd.. New Britain. Conn. GUY. Miriam Patricia, 1033 Webb Ave.. Burlington. N. C. HAILEY. Nellie Veach. 144 N. Main St.. Roxboro. N. C. HALL. Jon L.. 128 S. Lincoln St.. Kent. Ohio Fifth row: HILL. Webster J., Rt. 1. Robbins. N. C. HOGAN. Patricia Ward, 439 N. Main St., Graham, N. C. HOLT. Charles Robert. Box 63, Elon College. N. C. HOLT. Donald Hughes. 202 McKinley St.. Mebane. N. C. HURLEY. Jack L.. 423 Queen Anne St.. Burlington, N. C. ISLEY. John. Rt. 4. Greensboro, N. C. JOHNSON, Clyde, Box 574, Siler City, N. C. .S7.v( i roiv: JOHNSON. Gaye Lee, 505 S. King Ave., Dunn. N. C. JONES. Vera Mae, 200 ' 2 Wilson St.. Graham. N. C. JOYCE. Gary Dean, Fourth St.. Fieldale. Va. JOYNER, Otis Vernon, Walters. Va. KECK. Dorothy Ellen. 2012 S. Church St.. Burlington. N. C. KELLY. Bobby Eugene. 2503 Banner St.. Durham, N. C. KING. Jerry Wayne. Rt. 7. Burlington. N. C. Seventh row: KINSLEY. Ronald B.. Towanda. Pa. KRANTZ. Billy, 725 Blvd. St., Leaksville, N. C. LAMBERT. Geneva Kathryn, Bennett, N. C. LEE. Suk Goo, Choong-Nam. Korea LEITCH. Henry Thomas 115-99 23()th St.. Cambrim Heights 11, N. Y. LEMMONS. Jimmy Baxter, 1203 Vine St., Greensboro, N. C. LEWIS, Thomas Benton, Rt. 2, Chadbourn, N. C. Fourth row: HARDEN, Ronald Everette 407 N. Queen Anne St., Burlington, N. C. HARDEN. Enola, 325 N. Main St.. Graham. N. C. HEATH, Paul Ray, Box 681, Elon College. N. C. HEDGEPETH, Betty Jean 1004 S. Main St., Ext., Graham. N. C. HENDERSON. Jack LeRoy, 705 Second St., Towanda. Pa. HENDRICKS, Robert Oliver, Rt. 3, Danville, Pa. HEWITT. Thomas. Jr. 116 Henderson Dr., Jacksonville, N. C. Eighth row: LITTLE. Kenneth Wade. 713 Kivett St.. Burlington. N. LLOYD. Ruth. 105 Globe St.. Sanford. N. C. LONG, Harold Oliver, 1003 W. South St., Raleigh. N. LOVE. Jacqueline. 411 Fountain Place. Burlington, N. LOVE, James H., 540 ' 2 Climax St.. (;raham. N. C. LOY. Paula Stewart 1901 Old Alamance Rd.. Burlington. N. LOY, Robert Sharpe. 420 Glenvvood Ave., Burlington. N. 34 Sophomores First row: L ON. Jimmy Thomas, 500 Sykes Ave.. Greensboro. N. C. McBANE. Bobbie Rea, Mebane, N. C. McCULLOCK. Silas Mack 862 Spring St.. Burlington. N. C. McDonald. Thomas Glenn 1222 Fairview St.. Greensboro. N. C. McKEE. Frederick J.. Rt. 2. Rougemont. N. C. McMillan Marvin Roger. Rt. 2. Bear Creek. N. C. MAZZILLI. Ronald. L5.5 Herzl St.. Brooklyn. N. Y. Fifth roic: ROGERS. Robert E.. 416 Alamance Rd.. Burlington. N. C. RUGGERI. Robert Joseph. 167 Westfield Ave.. Clark. N. J. RUMLEY. Helen L.. Box 322. Elon College. N. C. SEAMON. Victor H.. Jr. 214 W. Gilbreath St., Graham, N. C. SEAWELL. Ollie Elmer. Jr., Rt. 1, Carthage, N. C. SHARPE. Bobby, Rt. 10, Greensboro, N. C. SHARPE. Robert Norman, Rt. 10, Greensboro, N. C. Second row: MILES. Raymond Mull 1008 Washington St.. Burlington. N. C. MOONEYHAM. Robert Lee 804 Washington. Burlington, N. C. MOORE. Dwight William. Rt. 2. Madison. N. C. MORRISON. Carole Ann 819 Rainey St.. Burlington. N. C. MOTSINGER. Hillery Melton. Rt. 3. Kernersville. N. C. MURRELL. William T.. Box .502, Elon College. N. C. NEWCOMB. C. Lynn. 3524 Moody Ave.. Richmond. Va. Sixth row : SHARPE, Ron llarrcll. Box 613, Elon College. N. C. SHARPE. Shirley Joyce, 205 N. 13th St.. Wilmington. N. C. SHELLEY. William Harvey 1104 Rankin Ave., Greensboro, N. C. SHERARD. Mary Brown, Box 124, Elon College, N. C. SHUE. Donald Darrell 217 Tn.llinger St.. Burlington. N. C. SIMONDS. Ronald E.. 1711 Wood Ave.. Burlington, N. C. SOMERS, Ronald Owen. 607 Maple Ave., Reidsville, N. C. Third roiv: O ' BRIANT. John C. Rt. 1. Burlington. N. C. PAGE. Brannock Scott. Rt. 2. Burlington. N. C. PARKERSON. Elwood Martin Morehead Ave.. Greensboro. N. C. PATTISHALL. Franklin David 1606 Wood Ave.. Burlington. N. C. PENNINGTON. Lewis Alfred 115 Glenwood Ave.. Burlington. N. C. PHELPS. Robert Graver, Rt. 3. Lexington. N. C. PICKARD. James Macon, 117 S. Maple St., Graham. N. C. Seventh row: SORRELL. Shirley Ann 906 W. Markham Ave.. Durham, N. C. SPARKS. Lloyd Grissin, 81-39th St., Hickory, N. C. SPINKS. Barbara Ann 1.505 W. Front St.. Burlington. N. C. STAN FIELD. William T. 1403 Webb Ave.. Burlington. N. C. STORY. Shirley Ann. Rt. 2, Franklin, Va. STOUT. Earl Rush, Box 292. Liberty, N. C. STUMP, Francis Stanley, 12 Sycamore, Danville, Pa. Fourth row: PLATT. Louis Earle 2801 Bainbridge Blvd.. Norfolk. Va. PORTER. William Carl, 212 E. Kime St., BuHington. N. C. RAMSEY. Russell Darrell 520 S. W. Market St., Reidsville, N. C. RATLIFF. Melville Lawlass. 104 Wilson St.. Graham. N. C. RATLIFF. William Douglas. 104 Wilson St.. Graham. N. C. RICKOVER. Robert Joseph 2055 Cruger Ave. New York. N. Y. ROBBINS. Joseph Edward. Jr. 310 N. S|)ring St.. Greensboro. N. C. Eighth row: SUMNER. Johnny Charles Box 313. Trail 1. Burlington. N. C. TALLEY. Bobby Eugene. 812 Oak Street. Reidsville. N. C. TAYLOR. James Kluttz, 401 Grandin Rd.. Charlotte, N. C. TAYLOR. Robert Earl. Rt. 3. Burlington. N. C. THOMAS. Mary Anne. 1222 Grayland St.. Greensboro. N. C. TONEY. Rosaline Ellen 403 Somers Ave.. Burlington. N. C. TROUTMAN. Jack Donald 8119 E. Davis St.. nurliiigton. N. C. IT KfllHH i ■■llHk mi 41 H. k ' o. f ik e - U SJ - l , %t p L V j i Sophomores First row: UPDYKE. Worden Jackson, 330 N. Main St.. Angola, N. Y. VESTAL. Girleta McPherson, Rt. L Ramseur, N. C. WAFF. Frank Earl, Jr., 7602 Sheryl Dr.. Norfolk, Va. WAGONER. Emma Louise, Box 6.5, Elon College, N. C. WALL, Woodrow Anderson, Rt. 2, Reidsville. N. C. WARD, Dot Mauldin, 317 Corona St., Winston-Salem, N. C. WAY, Clyde V., Jr., Box 632, Elon College. N. C. Second roiv: WEAVER. B. Faye. 1306 Virginia Ave., Durham. N. C. WEBSTER. C. Edward, 113 Dogwood Dr.. Burlington. N. C. WELCH. Jack Donald, Rt. 3. Liberty, N. C. WHEELER, Eugene W., Whitsett, N. C. WILKINS. Louis Bailey, Lennig, Va. WILLLAMSON. ChaHotte Lynn 739 Shamrock Rd.. Asheboro, N. C. WILLIAMSON, Jackie Y.. Townsville. N. C. Third row: WILSON. Ann Stallings. 2402 Indian Trail. Durham, N. C. WINSTEAD. Yvonne Harris, Rt. 1, Ro.xboro, N. C. WIN.STON. Alex G.. Rt. 2. Virgilina, Va. WRIGHT. Lannie Marie. Rt. 1. Graham. N. C. 38 h-il In rifihl: V.s.Un FrilN. Srrn-lary-Tr.-aMir.r ; K. P. I)a i.l-.ii. I ' n-i.l.-T.I : Kail Sloiu-, icf.l ' n i,lrnt. JUNIORS 39 Juniors Firs! row: AMICK. Aubrey Von. Jr. 1.321 W. Davis St.. Burlinglon. N. C. APPLE. Ed Rufus. P. 0. Box 1127. Burlington. N. C. ASHLEY. Ruth Hudgins. Box 66.3. Elon College. N. C. ATKINSON. Delmar D.. Rt. 1. Mt. Airy. N. C. BARNES. Larry Everett 401 MacArthur Ave., Portsmouth, Va. BARR, Benjamin W., 2 South Second Ave., Taftville, Conn. Second row: BARRON. Narvarre Thomas. 718 Clay St.. Eranklin. Va. BEECROFT. Morris Bryan, 319 64th St.. Newport News. Va. BENNETT. Garland Braxton, Box 778, Elon College, N. C. BERGMAN, Robert Arthur, Rt. 1, UncasviUe. Conn. BLOCK. Philhp S., 2411 Spray St., Spring. N. C. BODENHEIMER. Robert Wavne 2014 McKinne St.. Burlington. N. C. Third row: BOSWELL. Clyde Dewey. Box 261. Chatham. Va. BOSWELL. Lillian W.. Burlington, N. C. BRADHAM. Whitney. 18-B Kendrick St.. Sumter. S. C. BRADY. Charlie E.. 21,39 Martin .St.. Burlington. N. C. BRADY. Lester G., 911 Tryon St.. High Point, N. C. BRIDGES. Eddie Carroll 217 Randolph St.. Morganton. N. C. CARTER. Richard Lee. 320 Park Ave.. Leaksville. N. C. CASHWELL. Clayton J. 1123 Ferebee Ave.. South Norfolk. Va. CAYAVEC. Willia. .Ir.. 1210 Sixth Ave., Ford City. Pa. Fifth row: CHRISMON. Leland Melvin. Rt. 2. Elon College. N. C. COLLINS. Chris. 403 HiUcrest Ave.. Burlington. N. C. COMER, William E.. Jr. 102 W. Avondale. Greensboro. N. C. CRABTREE. Janet Hudson 2.500 Indian Trail. Durham. N. C. CROCKETT. Jack L.. Union St.. WytheviUe. Va. CRUMP. James Herbert. Aberdeen. N. C. Sixth row: CRUTCHFIELD. Joseph D. 1513 Sharpe St., Burlington. N. C. CUBBAGE, Ladson Gentry, 125 Church St., Sumter, S. C. CURRY, Richard A.. Draper Rd., Spray. N. C. DANIEL. James H., Jr.. Rt. 1. Oxford, N. C. DAVIDSON. Edwin J. 1087 Brackenridge Ave.. Brackenridge. Pa. DAVIS. William Lacy. Jr.. Rt. 2. Gresham. S. C. Fourth row: CAFASSO. Pat. 350 Atlantic Ave., Cedarhurst. L. I.. N. Y. GARDEN. Patricia Anne, 1201 W. Harden St.. Graham. N. C. CAREY. Lonnie I., 2116 Wilkins St., Burlington, N. C. Seventh row: DOFFLEMYER, Clark I)., lit. 2. Elkton. Va. DOSS, Neale Clifton 651 South Main St., Ext., Graham, N. C. DRUMMOND. William Edgar, 511 Ward St., Graham, N. C. DUCKETT, Roy James, Box 93, Elon College, N. C. DUNCAN. Gene Arnold. Rt. 3, Siler City, N .C. FLYNN. Betty Marlene, Rt. 4, Reidsville, N. C. Juniors Firs rou : I-LYNN. Joseph 11.. Box 12. Klon College. N. C. FOWLER. Claudv A. 209 Mai lan(l Ave.. Burlington. N. C. FRAZIER. Howard Addi. on. Rt. 1. Staley. N. C. FRITTS. Evelyn Jeanette. Rt. 3. Lexington. N. C. GARRISON. Roscoe L.. Jr. 100 Chestnut St.. Morganton. N. C. GRANT. Earl. 418 Circle Drive, Burlington. N. C. HENRY. James Vincent. Lodi. Wis. HENSLEY. Bobhx R., 624 Avon Ave., Burlington, N. C. HERNDON. Norman C. Box 4.5. Franklinville. N. C. HIGIIT. Tvler McLean. 117 Church St.. Henderson. N. C Second row: GRIFFIN. William Osburn. Box 102. GibsonviUe. N. C. HALL. Dean, Rt. 3. Burlington. N. C. HALL. George. Jr.. 40.5 Gordon. Spray. N. C. HARDEN. John W.. Box 49. Graham. N. C. HARDING. Walter B. 1429 E. 21st St.. Winston-Salem. N. C. HARE. Melvin (;.. Box 211. Aberdeen. N. C. Fiflh roif: HOLT. Jerry Cecil. Rl. 1. Graham. N. C. HORNER. Dan H.. 208 W. Harden St.. Graham. N. C. JACKSON. Leroy Frank, Jr.. Rt. 1. Graham. N. C. JOHNSON. Donald Billy. 901 W. Broad St.. Dunn. N. C. JOHNSON. Richard Neil. 305 Caswell St.. Burlington. N. C. JOHNSTON, Leslie C. Holland. Va. Third row: HARRELL, Clarence Eugene. Rl. 1. Suffolk. Va. HARRIS. Earl D.. 1731 N. Church St.. Burlington, N. C. HARRIS. Harold P., 1425 Vaughn Rd.. Burlington. N. C. HARRIS. Thomas F.. Jr. 1740 Virginia Rd.. Winston-Salem, N. C. HASSELL. Alfred Snell. 2626 Pickett Rd.. Durham. N. C. HASSELL. Jeannette I.. Rt. 3. Box 29. Durliam. N. C. Sixth row: JONES. Winfred Lee, Jr., Box 443. Haw River. N. C. JOYCE, Bill E., Mayodan, N. C. KECK. Jennie Lynn, 2012 S. Church St., BuHington. N. C. KING. Thomas Coates. 2713 Garner Rd.. Raleigh. N. C. KITTENGER. Patricia Jean 710 Piedmont Way. Buriinglon. N. C. KIVETTE, Henry Landon 713 N. Main St.. BuHinalon. N. C. Fuurlh row: HAYES, Glenda Faye. 317 Whitsett St.. Graham. N. C. HAYES, Harold Gene. 1209 Welch St.. BuHington. N. C. Seventh row: KNIGHT. Frances M.. Rt. 5, Sanford, N. C. KOPKO. Robert James, 131 McKee St., Monessen. Pa. LOFLIN. Jimmy Collier. Box 1024. Liberty. N. C. McCarthy. Richard John 6325 Ave. T. BrookUn 34. New York McCLURE. Irving Albert. Box 184. Elon College. N. C. McDANlEL. Donald Otis. 108 Scott Ave.. Fayetteville, N. C. Juniors Firs! roiv: MarEWEN, Gertrud. Box 36, Elon College, N. C. MacEWEN. Leslie. 233 Spruce Street. Manchester. N. H. MANESS. Tracy Aubrey 127 Pine Vallev Ril.. High Point. N. C. MARIANI. Vincent J. !;24 Montrose St.. Vineland. N. J. MAPxTlN. Allen J., Jr.. Rt. 2, Ruffin, N. C. MARTIN, Wayne Watkins, Box 777, Morganton, N. C. PATTERSON. Edwin C. 342 Albright Ave.. Graham. N. C. PATTERSON. William Carl 1007 Kilby St.. Burlington. N. C. PEGRAM. R. A., Box 2046, Greensboro, N. C. PERRY. Sophronia Joyce. Rt. 3, Siler City, N. C. Second row: MAYNARD. N. Charles. Rt. 1. Box .534, Norfolk. Va. MEDLIN. Curtis Wilton. Rt. 8, Sanford, N. C. MELLBERG, Adolph Gunnar. Box 444, Elon College. N. C. MOIZE, Jerry Dee. 709 Whittset Ave.. Gibsonville. N. C. MORITA, Shigenii. 9-,t R omachi. Kvoto. Japan MORGAN, Wilma Jean. Rt. 6. l?urlingl,.n. N. C. Third row: MORRIS James Gary. Box 42.5. Mebane. N. C. MOSELEY, David Lester, Ridgevvay, Va. MURRAY. Ernest Leeney, 325 Garden St.. Burlington. N. C. OATES. Charles W.. 1921 Fargis St., Greensboro. N. C. ORR. Robert E., Jr., 704 N. Church St.. Burlington, N. C. PACE. Howard N.. 136 Brooks St.. Burlington. N. C. Fijili row: PETERS. Mac Ray. 812 E. Main St.. Aberdeen. N. C. PETERSON. Christopher B., Drawer 508. Norwich. Conn. PHILIPS. George M., Jr., Rt. 7, Burlington, N. C. PODARAS. Leon A.. Rt. 2, Box 56, Asheboro, N. C. PRESNELL. Shirley Ann, Rt. 1, Box 292, Asheboro N. C. PRICE. Nathan Levi, Box 477. Swepsonville. N. C. Sixth row: PRIOR, Alfred Frederick. Jr.. 317 Second St.. Laurel. Md. PUGH. Richard Keith. Rt. 1. Asheboro. N. C. RAY. William Monroe 2012 S. Church St. Ext.. Burlington. N. C. REAVIS. Jack William 1005 N. Main St.. Burlington. N. C. RENIGAR. James Richard 213 Virginia Ave.. Asheboro. N. C. RICHARDS. Clinton Kerry 1317 E. Mahonoy Ave.. Mahonoy City, Pa. Four ill row: PARRISH. Wilma Brown. Rt. 7. Burlington. N. C. PATILLO, Margaret Jean. 410 Guthrie St., Burlington. N. C. Seventh row: RILEY. Harold Allen. Rt. 1. Efland. N. C. ROBERTS. Rex Jay. 808 Heron St., Reidsville. N. C. RUSH, C. A., Jr.. 403 W. Gilbreath St., Graham. N. C. RYALS. Joseph F.. Rt. 3, Box 27. Dunn. N. C. SAPP. David Hastings. Rt. 1. Kernersville. N. C. SARTIN. Gladys Lois. Rt. 2. Burlington. N. C. li a i I V k J I ' • ' « % ; ' I 3 s. • W I XT ' nv v ' . i I ' M [ -7 (i. « ??l 1 1 . 1 V 46 Juniors First row: SEAMAN. Laura Ann. W) Sunrise Ave.. Henderson SHARPE. Margaret G.. Rt. 2. Bear Creek. N. C. SIMPSON. Jackie Ray. Rt. 1. McLeansville. N. C. SIMPSON. Richard Bowers. Rt. 1. Elon College. N. C SLAUGHTER. Jerrv Dee. Fifth St.. Fieldale. Va. SMITH. Larrv Brian. Liberty. N. C. Third rotv: N. C. STONE. William Earl. Rt. 2. Madison. N. C. SUTTON. .lack P.. 322 Hillcrest St.. Burlington. N. C. SWARINGEN. Ross David. 619 Oak St.. Burlington. N. C. TUNNICLIFFE. Michael W., Box 34. Elon College. N. C. VARNEY. Glenn Raymond. PowelL Pa. WALKER. James William. Rt. L ReidsviUe. N. C. Second row: SMITH. Mary Ann. 616 TroUinger St.. Burlington. N. C. SMITH. Sylvia L.. Rt. L Henderson, N. C. SOMERS. Williams R., 713 Law Ave.. ReidsviUe. N. C. SPARKS. Jimmy Louis. Box 142. Cliffside. N. C. STEELMAN, Joseph D.. 506 Central Ave.. Burlington. N. C. STEWART, George 0.. 1407 Jackson St., South Norfolk. Va. Fan rill row: WALTERS, Henry H.. 1307 N. Sixth i ye.. Columbus. Mis WARD. Gordon Carter, Box 7.52, Elon College. N. C. WATSON. William E.. 307 Mclvei St.. Sanford. N. C. WELBORN. Odell L.. 215 Gurm-y St.. Burlington. N. C. WHITE. Bettie Lu. 303 Bland Blvd.. BuHington. N. C. WILLIAMSON. Elniei L.. Route 1. Haw River, N. C. Fijih row: WITTSCHEN. Cudworth Alwyn 184 Queen St.. Charleston, S. C. WOMACK. Shirley. Box 316, Olivia, N. C. WOOD. James Dennis. 818 Avon St., Burlington, N. C. YOUNG. Clarence Melvin. Mebane. N. C. r ' FiV r ri.ic, li-it Id rifihl: Barliara ranlin. Sfrrptarv; Jne Ann Wright, Treasurer. Second row, left to right: Jack Garliir. Hn-siil.-nl ; I ' liil Carirr, Vk-e-rresident. SENIORS 49 Seniors ARERNATHV ALDRIDGE r,AI F First tow: ABERNATHY. Peggy CaroUn. Route 2. Graham. N. C. Physical Education. Delta Upsilon Kap|)a: Honor Coun- cil 3: Interdormitory Council 2: Women ' s Athletic Association 1. 2. 3. Vice-President 2. President 3: Cheerleader 1. 2, 3, Chief 3. Second row: BAIN. Nancy Jean. 335 Fountain Place. Burlington. N. C. Business Education. Delta Upsilon Kappa: Beta Chi Epsilon; Day Students ' Organization 2. 3. 4: French Club 3, 4; Education Club 4: Elections " Committee: Homecoming Committee. ALUKIUGE. George Irvin. Koulc 1. anccwille. N. C. Pre-Law. Day Students ' Organization: Spanish Club: Intramural Sports: Commencement Marshal. BAINES. Gurne). Route 1. Wlialeyville. N. C. Business Administration. ALLEN, John Warren, Hurt, Virginia. Physical Educa- tion. Iota Tau Kappa: Student Legislature 4. BARBER. John iVlill,,n. 1107 Pineridge Road. Norfolk 2. Virginia. Business Aduiinislralion. BAXTER. Robert Clifton. Box 1035, Burlington, N. C. BAILEY. Cecil Alan. Route 1. Memphi. ' -. Indiana, Busi- History and Pre-Law. Pi Gamma Mu: Day Students ' ne.$s Administration. Basketball 1. Organization; Commencement Marshal. Summer, 1955. 50 First row: BECK. Gwen Covncr. 612 West Front Street. Burlington. N. C. Music. Beta Omicron Beta: Pan-Hellenic Council 2: Day Students ' Organization: French Club: Choir 1. 2. 3 ' , 4. Dance Committee 1: Entertainment Comniittee 2: Fill Psi Cli 3: Choir 1. 2. 3. 4. Second row: BRANDON. Carlysle Thomas. 1407 Ashe Street. Burling- ton, N. C, Business Adrninislralion. BECKWITH. Eiizal.eth Toms. 2.5 Wetmore Avenue. Mor- ristown. New Jersex . Social Science. Delta I psilon Kappa: Beta Chi Epsilon 3: Student Legislature 3; Womens Athletic Association 1, 3. 4; Dance Committee 3, Co-Chairinan 4. BELL. Jimmy Holt. 1326 Churcii Street. Burlington. N. C Chemistry. Sigma Mu Sigma: Day Students Organization 1. 2. 3. 4: Chemistry Club President 4. Vice-President 2. Secretary-Treasurer 3: Freshman Class President: Commencement Marshal 3. CALE. Jack, Windsor, N. C, Chemistry. Chemistr Clul Vice-President 4; Commencement Marshal 3. CALHOUN. James Edward. Route 3. Box 138. Great Bridge. Virginia. Business Administration, lota Tau Kappa: Honor Council 4: Spanish Club: President of Inlerdorinitor Council 4: President of Intramural Coun- cil 3: Board of Elections 4: Football 1. 2: Track L 2: Intramural Football 3. 4: Intramural Basketball 1. 2. 3. 4; All-Campus Football 3. BRADY. Golda Daile. Box lOJ. Ramseur. N. C. Public School Music. Student Christian Association 1. 2. 3, 4: CANNON. Louis Bernard, Route 2. Lakeside Avenue Ext., Burlington. N. C, Business Administration. Day Stu- dents " Organization; French Club. 51 Seniors First roiv: GARDEN. Barbara Joan. 1431 Beech Drive. Burlington. N. C. Social Science. Delta Upsilon Kappa: Pi Gamma Mu 3. 4. Secretary-Treasurer 3: Student Legislature 2. 3. 4, Secretary 4; Board of Elections 4: Day Students " Organization 1, 2, 3, 4. Treasurer 3: French Glub 1: Education Glub 2, 3; Gommencenient Marshal 3; Sec- retary Senior Glass: Homecoming Queen 4. GARTER. Phil Norman. Box 35L Liberty, N. G., Busi- ness Administration. Iota Tau Kappa: Honor Gouncil 2: Student Legislature 3: Vice-President Student Body 3: Pan-Hellenic Gouncil 4; French Glub: Intramural Pro- gram 1, 2. 3, 4: Gommencement Marshal 3: Homecom- ing Gommittee 3, 4. Go-Ghairman 4. GARTER, Quincy Alger, Jr.. 318 West Ruffin Street, Burlington, N. G., Business Administration. Sigma Mu Sigma; Student Legislature 2; Day Students ' Organiza- tion 1, 2. Association 1, 2, 3, 4, President 3, Treasurer 4; Foot- ball 1: Manager of all sports 2, 3, 4: Gommencement Marshal 3: Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities; Men ' s Interdormitory Gouncil President 2: North Dorm President 2. Second roiv: GHRISMON. Doris Elda. Route 2. Elon GoUege. N. G., Social Science. Beta Omicron Beta: Beta Ghi Epsilon: Day Students ' Organization 1. 2; Maroon and Gold 2. 3. 4: Gommencement Marshal 3. GITTY. Hugh Elmore. 308 Lindsey Street, Reidsville. N. G., Physical Education. Iota Tau Kappa: " E " Men ' s Glub 3, 4: Spanish Glub I, 2: Intramural Program 2. 3; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Tennis 3, 4. GLAYTON. Grace Perkins, Route No. 2, Roxboro, N. G., Social Science. GHANDLER. George Patterson. 304 Rowan Street. Fa- yetteville. N. G., Philosophy. Student Gouncil President 3, 4; Sophomore Glass Vice-President: Student Ghristian Association 1, 2, Treasurer of Loan Fund 2; Ministerial GLEAPER. Anita Gladys. 937 Graham Street. Burlington. N. G.. English. Day Students " Organization 1. 2. 4: Home Economics Glub, Treasurer 2; Maroon anil Gold, Re- porter 2; Women ' s Recreation Association 2. 52 First row: COX, Shirley Carol. Box 243, Elon College, N. C. I ' iaTto. Tau Zeta Phi: Secretary-Treasurer of Student Body 3: Student Council. Secretary 4: Orientation Committee 4: P an-Hellenic Council 2: Day Students " Organization 1. 2. 3. 4: Choir 1. 2. 3. i: Band: Commencement Marshal. Summer. 2: May Day Attendant 3: Who ' s Who Anions. Students in American Colleiies and Universities. Ediiralinn and Eniilish. Preslnterian College 3. Football 3. 4: Transfer from EAR P. Ronald Lea. 1203 N. Mebane Street. Burlington, N. C. Mathematics. Sigma Mu Sigma: Day Students ' Organization: French Club: Choir 1: Band. CURRY. Talniadge Eugene. Highland Dri e. Leaks ille N. C. Business Administration. DIXON. William Henry. Jr.. 406 S. Chapman Street. Greensboro. N. C. Business Administration. DODSON. Sara Kernodle. Route 1. Elon College. N. C. English. Dav Students " Organization 3. 4: Beta Chi Epsi- lon 3, 4. EMERSON. Jack Terry. 804 Cedar Avenue. Lewes Beach, Delaware. Pre-Law and History. Sigma Mu Sigma. .Sec- retary 4: Pi Gamma Mu 3, 4; Student Legislature L 2, 3. 4. Parliamentarian 3. 4, Secretary 2; Faculty Adminis- tration Relations Committee 3. 4: French Club L 2, 3; Elon Debators 1 : P. E. 0. Club L 2. 3: Philosophy Club 2: Associate Editor of Pm Psi Cli 2: Intramural Foot- hall 1. 2: Intramural Softball 1. 2. 3. 4: Conunencpment Marshal 3: Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities; N. C. Student Legislature Representative 1, 4. Second row: DUNLAP. Robert E.. Route 1. Pelzer, S. C, Physical EVERITTE, Marcus Bullard. Parkton. N. C. English and Mathematics. Intramural Basketball L UI.XO.N EMERSON DODSON EVEKITTE 53 Seniors FREDERtCK FUQUAY CAREER CHIPTIN IIM.I, ii yMk First roiv: FLYTHE. Henry Franklin. Jr.. 225 South Main Street, Graham. N. C. Business Adminislralion. Sigma Mu Sigma; Day Students ' Organization 1, 2. 3, 4. FREDERICK. William Chappell. Jr.. 617 Commercial Avenue. Clifton Forge. Virginia. Business Adininislration. Sigma Phi Beta. FUQUAY. John Lewis. Jr.. Box 295. YanceyviUe. N. C, Business Adminislralion. Day Students " Organization; French Cluh: Intramural Sports; Commencement Mar- shal 3. CAREER. John R.. 21 !i E. Pine St.. Cadillac. Michigan. History. Kappa Psi Nu: Sigma Mu Sigma: Student Leg- islature 2. 3: President of Senior Class; Spanish Cluh 1. 2: Phi P.si Cli 2: Chief Commencement Marshal. Sunnner. 1955. Second row: GINN. William Roddey. 206 Center Street. Mt. Pleasant. S. C. History. Kappa Psi Nu: Orientation Connnittee 4: French Cluh: Student Christian Association L 4, Treas- urer L Co-Chairman Religious Committee 4; Choir 1. 2. 3. 4. President 4; Band L 2. 3, 4: Intramural Sports 1. 2. 3. 4: Who ' s Who .Amonii Sliidenis in Ameri- can Colleges and Universities. GREEN. Bohhy Lee. Brown Summit. N. C. History. Iota Tau Kappa: Interdormitory Council 3. 4: Intramural Council 3. 4; " E " Men ' s Cluh 2. 3. 4: Basehall 1. 2. 3. 4; Basketball 1: Track 1. 3. 4. Intramural Tn.jjhv Win- ner 2. 3. GRIFFIN, Charles H.. Box 594. Elon College. N. C, Physical Education. HALL. William M.. Route I. llulTman Mill |{,,a,l. Bur- lington. N. C. Business Adniinislratinn. I)a Students " Organization: I ' rench Cluh. 54 First rotv: HANCOCK. Glanda Jean. 323 West Elm Street, Graham. N. C. Enslish. Pi Kappa Tau: Dav Students ' Organiza- tion 1. 2, ' 3. Second row: HOLT. Mrs. Grace Lynch. Box 231, Elon College, N. C, Eniilish. Tau Zeta Phi: Day Students ' Organization 1. 2, 3. 1: .Spanish Cluh 1. 2: Home Economics Club 2. 3. HELTSLEY. Kenneth W.. 23!! R. . C. Mathematics. ling Rcjad. Burlington. ISLEY. Theodore Warren. .510 Everette Street, Burling- ton. N. C. Business Administration. Day Students ' Organization. HOBGOOD. Homer Franklin. K.iute 1, Oxford. N. C.. Mathematics. Sigma Phi Beta: Student Council 4: " E Men ' s Club L 2. 3. 4. Secretary-Treasurer 4: Baseball 1. 2, 3, 4, All-Conference 3: Football 1. 2. 3. 4: All- Conference 3. . ' ll-state 3. Captain 4: Who ' s Who Amonji Students in American Colleaes and Universities. HOCKADAY. Billy Ray. 42.5 Chapel Hill Road. Bur- lington. N. C. Chemistry. Alpha Pi Delta: German Club: Dav Students ' Organizaliun. JENNINGS. Virginia. Route 1. Moravian Falls. N. C. Endish. JOHNSON. Betsy Anne. Box 666. Fuquay Springs. N. C, Eniilish. Beta Omicron Beta: Pan-Hellenic Council 3: Student Council 3: Interdormitory Council 4, Vice-Presi- dent Ladies ' Hall 4: Student Christian Association 1. 2. 3. 4: Pni Psi Cli, Copy Editor 4; Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 2. mLJ h H.ANCOCK HOLT I1ELT.SLE I.SLEY HOCKADAY JOHNSON 55 Seniors First row: JOHNSON. Billie Faye. Greensboro Highway. Burling- ton, N. C. French and English. Pi Kappa Tau; Day Students ' Organization 1. 2. 3. 4: French Club 1, 2, 3: Commencement Marshal 3. Second row: JONES, Carl E., 200 ' 2 Wilson Street. Garham, N. C. Business Administration. JOHNSON, Dan Marsh, Route 4, Sanford, N. C., Music and English. Choir 1, 3, 4. JONES, Patricia, Rogers Road, Graham. N. C. English. Tau Zeta Phi; Day Students ' Organization; French Club 3; Education Club 3; Senior Class Homecoming Sponsor 4. JOHNSON. J.ihn. 114 North Kennedy Street. Fayette- ville, N. C, Religion. Alpha Pi Delta: Student Legislature. KEISLING, Fred L., Route Mathematics. Rurlinglon, N. C, JOHNSTON, Margaret, Tryon, N. C: Religious Educa- tion. Women ' s Interdormitory Council 2, 3, 4, President 4; Student Christ ian Association 1, 2, 3. 4, Secretary 2, Vice-President 3; Spanish Club 1, 2; Ministerial Associa- tion 1, 2, 3, 4; Plli Psi Cli 1. 2; Commencement Marshal 3; Who ' s Who Among Slmlcnls in American Colleges and Universities. KERMAN. William Oscar, Jr., 1547 Shelton Avenue, Norfolk 2, Virginia, English, Mathematics, and Business Administration. Student Legislature 3; Day Students ' Organization: Band 3. 4: Choir 3. 4: Elon ' Players 3: Track 3. 56 First roiv: KERNODLE. Bobbie. Rmile 4. Builinglon. N. C. English. Pre-Law and History. Sigma Phi Beta: Legislature 2, 4: Student Christian Association 1; Spanish Club 4: Maroon and Gold, Reporter 2: Choir 1; Track 1: Intramural Sports: N. C. Student Legislative Representative 4. KEZIAH. Richard. 317 Trail 3. Grove Park. Burlington, N. C, Business Administration. Iota Tau Kappa. KHLRV. Laila. Raniallah. Jordan. Maliicmalics. French Club 3: Student Christian Association: Commencement Marshal 3: Monroe Award 3. LAMBERT. Kenneth. 2811 Victoria Ave., Norfolk, Va., History and Social Science. Sigma Mu Sigma: Inter- dormit()r Council: Elon Players: French Club: Pi Gamma Mu. President 3: Choir, Vice-President 3. KINCAID. Jinnnx Dixon. 1103 Summit Avenue. Greens- boro. N. C. Business .idinini.slralion. Day Students ' Or- ganization 1. 2. 3. 4: French Club 2. 3. 4. LASLEV. William. 1S03 Granville Street. Burlington, N. C. Business Administration. Iota Tau Kappa: Day Students " Organization: Intranmrals 1. 2. 3. 4: Intra- mural Council. Second row: KIRBV. Ashburn. 709 Borrow Ave.. South Norfolk. Va.. LINDLEY. Jack. 937 King Street. Burlington. N. C. Business Administration. Day Students ' Organization. Maroon and Gold. Business Manager 3, 4. 57 Seniors LONGEST M. ' ADAM First row: LITTIKEN. ,I..lin. Route 1. Rox S. " . McLeansville. N. C. Philosophy. MoGHEE Second row: McKEON. Jack. 359 John St.. So. Ambey. N. J.. Physical Educalion. LONGEST, Judith Carol, 329 North Main St.. Graham, McPHERSON. James C.. Route 1. Snow Camp. N. C. . ' C, English. Day Students ' Organization: French Club. liiisincss Administralion. McADAMS. R )l)ert E.. Box 234. Elon College. N. C. MANN. Rudolph. 1003 Fair Ave.. Burlington, N. C. Malhemalics. Eni lish. McGHEE. Ernest Russell. 107 Fourth Ave.. Franklin. MASON, Charles, 200S Oakwood Drive. Henderson. N. C. Virginia, Ihi.iiness Administration. Alpha Pi Delta 3, 4; liusincss Administration. Sigma Phi Beta: Pan-Hellenir Interdormitory Council 4: Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Council 2: Men ' s Intramural Council 2: Spanish Club Tennis2. 3; Junior Varsity Fiaseball 1: Spanish Club 3. 4. 2. 1: Klon I ' huers 1: Piii P.si Cu 4: Band 1. 2. 4. 58 First row: MATCHAN. Namiette. 668 Rutledge Avenue. Charleston. S. C. Piano. Delta I psilon Kappa: Alpha Psi Omega: Student Legislature 4: Women ' s Interdormitorv Council 2: Elon Players 2. 3. 4: Piil Psi Cl,l 2: Choir 1. 2. 3. 4: Band 2 (Majorette I: Intramural Volle ball 3: JF (o ' i JF jo Among Students in American Colleiies and L ni- versities; Sponsor 2: Orientation Coiiiniitlee Chairman 4: Homecoming Committee 2. 3. MOORE. L. Bascom. 415 Traill. Grove Park. Burlington. N. C Business Adminislralion. Alpha Pi Delta: Dav Students ' Organization. Second row: MORRISON. Ilevcll. Route 1. Leaksville. N. C. Mathe- matics. MAULDIN. Meryle. 317 Corona St.. Winston-Salem. N. C. Religious Education. Beta Omicron Beta. Student Legislature 2: Honor Council 2: Student Council 4: French Club I. 2. 3: Ministerial Association 3. 4: Stu- dent Christian Association I. 2. 3. 4, President 4: Phi Psi Cli. Feature Editor 4; Choir I. 2. 3. 4: Band 1, 2. 3, 4: Elon Players 3. 4: Who ' s Who Among Stu- dents in American Colleges and Universities. MOSELEY. Furman Colin. Jr.. 902 Irby St.. Cnluniliia. S. C. History. Kappa Psi Nu: Student Legislature 1: President of Student Body 4; " E " Men ' s Club 3. 4: Foot- ball I. 2. 3. 4: Chief Commencement Marshal 3: Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges anil Uni- versities. MICHAUX. Charles H.. Box 463. Elon College. N. C. Business. Iota Tau Kappa: French Club 1. 2: " ' E ' Men s Club 1. 2. 3. 4: Captain I. T. K.. " B " " Team Football 1. 2. 3. 4. MYERS. Alton Reid. Route 3, Lexington. N. C. I ' hysiral Education, lota Tau Kappa: Spanish Club 2: Intranmral Council 3. 4; " E " Men ' s Club I. 2. 3. 4: Baseball L 2, 3: All-conference 3; Intramural Football 1, 2, .3. 4: Basket- ball L 2. 3. 4. 59 Seniors First row: NALL. George. 1011 Wilkins St.. Burlington. N. C. His- tory, Health and Physical Educalion. Da Students " Or- ganization: Intramural Council: Intramural Sports. Second row: PAYNE, Polly Jane. Swepsonville, N. C. Physical Edu- cation. Pi Kappa Tau: Day Students " Organization: Women ' s Recreational Association. Treasurer 3. NANCE. Robert Lyndon. 14? Bland Blvd.. N. C. Physics and Mathematics. Burlington. PAYNE. Robert Odell. Route 1. GibsonviUe. N. C. Busi- ness Administration. Day Students " Organization 1. 2, 3, 4; Intramural Sports 1. 2; Intramural Council 2. OAKES. William Thomas. 119 Summit Ave.. Burlington, N. C. Business Administration. PRICE. Weldon Robert. . ' S13 Roach St.. Reidsville. N. C. Business Administration. Transfer from Lees-McRae 2. PARKER. Paul Dalton, Jr., Route 2, Box 1130. Suffolk. Virginia, English. Sigma Mu Sigma: Student Legislature 3, 4; Men ' s Interdormitory Council 2: French Club 1, 2, 3: Student Christian Association 2; P. E. 0. Club 1, 2, 3; Sophomore Class Treasurer; Junior Class Presi- dent; Dormitory Vice-President 2; Phi Psi Cli Staff 2, 4, Copy Editor 4; Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4; Homecoming Committee 4; Representative to N. C. State Legislature 4. PUCKETT, Ann Jordan. 1!!10 Brown Avenue. Burlington, N. C. English. Tau Zeta Phi: Sergeant-at-Arms of Stu- dent Legislature 2: Day Students " Organization 1. 2, 3. 4: Women ' s Recreation Association 3. 4: Business Manager of Phi Psi Cli 2: Freshman Class Vice-President: Orien- tation Committee 4; Homecoming Sponsor 3. 4: Who ' s Who .Among . ' ■Students in American Colleges and I ' ni- tersities. 60 First row: RIDDLE. Norman William. Jr.. KM! Sunset Drive. Bur- lington. N. C. Malhcmalics and Business Education. Student Legislature 3. 4. Parliamentarian 3: Day Stu- dents " Organization 2. 3. 4: Athletic Photographer 3, 4: Transfer from U. N. C. ROBERTS. Rex J.. JKIi! Heror St.. Reidsville. N. C. Business Administration. Day Students ' Organization: Intramural Basketball. mencement Marshal 3: Orientation Committee 3, 4; Homecoming Committee 3: Entertainment Connnittee 3: Who ' s Who Amonii Students in .4merican Colleges and I niiersities. 3, 4. Second row: SHARPE. Harvey Lewis . ' Idministration. Iota Ta ganization L 2. 3. 4. Burlington. N. C... Business Kappa: Da Students " Or- ROBERTSON, Robert. 17L3 South Church St.. Burling ton, N. C. Pre-Law. History, and Business Administra tion. Iota Tau Kap|)a: Pi Gamma Mu: Day Students Organization 1. 2. 3. 4: German Club 2: Football 1 Intramural Sports L 2. 3, 4. SCOTT. Lois Gotten. Box 396. Elon College. N. C. English. Tau Zeta Phi: Legislature 2: Honor Council 3, Clerk 3: Pan-Hellenic Council 4: Day Students " Organi- zation L 2. 3. 4: Student Christian Association I. 2: Pm Psi Cli. Typist 3. Co-Editor 4: Choir I. 2. 4: Com- SHARPE. John William. ness Administration. l ' ( Box 348. Graham. N. C. Busi- i.tball L SHAW. Jack Elmer. 1747 East North Street Ext . Green- ville, S. C, History. Day Students ' Organization: Min- isterial Association. SMITH. Bob. 124 Chestnut Street. Burlington. N. C, Business Administration. Student Legislature; Day Stu- dents Organization. Secretarv. 61 Seniors SMITH ' TK WCI STODDARD SUMMERELL First row: SMITH. J.. Box 835. Elon College. N. C. Business Adminisliation. Who ' Who Amoriii Stiidenls in American Collei:,es and Universities. SMYRE. Jenv. Route L Box 181E, Guilford College. N. C, Music. ' Second row: STRANGE. Shirley Ann, 1217 Kilby Street. Burlington, N. C, Enfilish. Beta Omicron Beta: Day Students ' Or- ganization 1. 2, 3. Sponsor 1: Home Economics Club 2; Women ' s Recreational Association 2. STAFFOKf). Margaret Elizabeth. 131.5 Morganton Road. Fayetteville. N. C. En{ilish. Delta Llpsilon Kappa: Maroon and Gold 3. 4: Homecoming Committee 4. STRINGER, Don L.. 345 Brookside Drive. Asheboro. N. C. Enfilish. Alpha Pi Delta; Baseball 3; Wingate Junior College 1. 2. STODDARD. .Ann Frances. 56 Magnolia Street. Braintree 84, Mass., Religion and French. Beta Omicron Beta; Alpha Psi Omega 3, 4; Student Legislature 4: Student Chri.stian Association 1, 2, 3, 4; French Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Maroon and Gold 2, 3, 4; Elon Players 1, 2, 3, 4; Choir 1 ; STl ' LTZ. Otis James. 108 High Street. Draper, N. C, Business Education. Spanish Club. SUMMERELL. Robert. 407 W. Washington St.. Greens- boro. N. C. En ' j lish. 62 First rote: SUTTON. Marjorie Louise. Route 1. Elon College. N. C. Social Science. Pi Kappa Tau: Pi Gamma Mu 3. 4: Dav Students ' Organization 1. 2. 3. 4: Pan-Hellenic Council 4. TALLEY. Harriett Fuller. Route 2. Box 150. South Boston. Virginia. Reliiiioti.s Education. Beta Oniicron Beta: Women ' s Interdorniitory Council 3. 4. Secretary 3. Secretary 4: President of Ladies ' Hall 4: Ministerial .As- sociation 3. 4. Secretary 4: French Cluh 4: Choir 1. 2, 3. 4. THEOS. Nicholas Jerry. 28 Grove Street. Charleston. S. C. History. Sigma Phi Beta: Al|)ha Psi Omega 3. 4. President 4: Student Council 4: " E " Men ' s Club L 2. 3. 4: Elon Players 2. 3. 4: Foo ' .ball L 2. 3. 4. Alternate Captain 4: President of North Dormitory 4: Vice-Presi- dent of Interdormitorv Council 4: Best Supporting Actor of the Elon Players 3: Who ' s Who Among Sliiclenis in American Colleges and L niversities. Second rote: THOMPSON. Gary Boyd. 4215 E. Indian River Road, Norfolk. Virginia, Religion. Sigma Phi Beta: Student Legislature 1, 2, 3: Pan-Hellenic Council 3. 4: Inter- dormitorv Council 1: Ministerial Association 1. 2. 3, 4, Vice-President 1: Student Christian Association 1. 2. 3, 4; Phi Psi Cli 4: Colonades 4: Maroon and Gold 3, 4, Editor-in-Chief 4: Men s Intramural Council 2, 4: Junior Class Vice-President. THOMPSON. James Reid. 125 E. Holt Street. Burling- ton. N. C. Business Administration, lota Tau Kappa: " E " Men ' s Club 1. 2. 3. 4. Vice-President 3: Baseball 1. 2. 3. 4. All-Conference 1. 2. 3. .-Vll-.State 2. 3. TOMLINSON. Marie W.. Box 387. Svvepsonville. N. C, English and Elementary Education. Pi Kappa Tau: Day Students Organization 3. 4: Education Club 3, 4; Com- mencement Marshal. Summer, 1954. THOMAS. Earl Langdon. 436 Apple Street. Burlington. N. C, Biology. Day Students ' Organization. WALKER. Harold Glenn. Route 3. BuHington. N. C. Mathcntatics. Day .Students ' Organization 2, 3, 4. TAI.l.KY THOMPSON THEOS TOMLINSON I HOM S WALKER 63 Seniors First row: WALKER. Martha Elizabeth. Rt. 3. Burlington. N. C. English. Beta Oniicron Beta: Day .Students ' Organization 1, 2, 3; Womans Recreation Association 1. 2, 3. Club 2, 3, 4, President 3; Spanish Club 3: Intramural Association 2, 3; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain 4; Tennis 3, 4. WATTS. Paul Dean. Taylorsville. N. C. Hislory. Bas ball 1. 2, 3. 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 2. 3. 4. WICKER. Gene Anderson, 1309 Rainey St.. Burlington. N. C. Mathematics. Alpha Pi Delta; Day Students ' Or- Eranization 1. 2. 3. 4. WELDON. Julia Marie. Rt. 3. Louisburg. N. C. Mathe- matirs and Home Economics. Tau Zeta Phi: Interdorni- itory Council 3: Student Christian Association 1. 2; Spanish Club 1. 2. Secretary-Treasurer 2; Home Eco- nomics Club 3, 4, President 3: Phi Psi Cli 1, 2, 4, Co- Editor 4: Commencement Marshal 3; Homecoming Spon- sor 3, 4; Class Secretary 2. WHITLEY. Ray. 2012 South Main St.. Winston-.Salem, N. C, Physical Education. Iota Tau Kappa; " E " Men ' s WOOTEN. Garron Martin, Jr.. 1222 Mordecai Dr., Ra- leigh. N. C, Business Administration. Kappa Psi Nu; Football 1. WRIGHT. Joe Ann. .S13 Alamance Rd.. Burlington. N. C. Business Education. Tau Zeta Phi: Beta Chi Epsilon 2: Day Students ' Organization 1. 2, 3. 4. Treasurer 4: Edu- cation Club. Secretary 3; Spanish Club 1: Orientation Committee 3. 4; May Day Attendant 3: Junior Class Secretary: Senior Class Treasurer: Homecoming Spon- sor 3. 64 Seniors YOUNG ZAROU YOIING. William Curtis. 211 W. Trinity Ave.. Durham. N. C. Philosophy and Religion. Alpha Pi Delta. Student Legislature 3. 4. Secretary 3, Speaker Pro-tem 4: Stu- dent-Faculty Committee 4; Ministerial Association 1, 2, 4: Student Christian Association 1. 2: Debating Club 1. 4; Choir 1: Intramurals 1. 2, 3, 4: Orientation Committee 2. 4: Homecoming Committee 2, 4: Dance Committee 4. ZAROU. Violet Salim, Ramallah. Jordan. English. Stu- dent Christian Association; French Club 3: Commence- ment Marshal 3. 65 Back row. left In rif:hl: Chn- I ' .l.r-un. Isa|.|.;i |V] . ii: Tliil larl.r. I. .1.1 lau kappa: l.an llaiii. . si nia I ' lii ll.ta; Jack Reavis, Alpha Pi Delta. Fronl row: Dot Ward, Buta Omicron Beta; Dot Keck. Tau Zcta Phi; Marjoric .Sutton, Pi Kappa Tau; Evelyn Fritts, Delta Upsilon Kappa. Pan Hellenic Conncil The Pan-Hellenic Council, composed of a rep- given Ijy each fraternity and sorority to give a resentative from each of the four sororities and girl ' s and a boy ' s bicycle for the orphanage chil- foiir fraternities, has for its jjiirpose to create an dren. understanding among these organizations. d . .• r .1 . •.• .1 ' ' ' Kepresentatives ironi tlie sororities met and At Christmas time, the Alpha Pi Delta fraternity |)lanned concrete rules which made their spring and the Pan-Hellenic Council worked together to rushing more enjoyable. give the annual Elon Orphanage party. Money is 68 Sigma Mil Sigma Seniors: Ronald Earp. Terry Emerson. Henry Flythe, Jack Garber. Dalton Parker. Jerry Smyre. Juniors: Leslie Johnston. Donald McDaniel. Sopho- mores: Richard Barbee. Jimmy Compton. Bobln Gaydon. Vernon Joyner, Edward Robbins. Darrell Shue. Jason Sox Sponsor 69 Bessie P. Sloan Sponsor Pi Kappa Tau Xid Seniors: Bill Faye Johnson. Polly Payne. Majorie Sutton. Marie Toni- linson. Juniors: Pat Kittinger. Wilma Parrisli. Paula Loy. Mary Sherrard. 70 Alpha Pi Delta Seniors: J. P. Johnson. Russ Mc(;hee. Don Stringer. Curtis oung. Juniors: Ben Barr. Harold Harris. Jack Reavis. Earl Stone. Sophomores: Bobby Bennett. Bob Blanchard. Richard Bradsher. Stewart Cass. Clyde Fields. Paul Heath. I tl F.Y StOWERS Sponsor LiLA Newman Co-Sponsor Tau Zeta Phi ■• A Mary Butler Co-Sponsor Seniors: Shirley Cox, Grace Holt, Pat Jones, Ann Puckett. Lois Scott. Marie Weldon, Joe Ann Wright. Juniors: Jeannette Hassell. Glenda Hayes. Margaret Patillo. Shirley Presnell, Sylvia Smith. Shirley Womack. Sophomores: Doris Caddis. Dot Keck. Kathryn Lambert. Jackie Love, Emma Wagoner. W 72 Kappa Psi Nu Seniors: Jack Garber. Bill Ginn. Furman Moseley. G. M. Woolen. Juniors: Tom Barron. Arnold Duncan. Walter Harding. Eugene Harrell. Al Hassell. Don Johnson. Leslie Johnston. Chris Peterson. David Sapp. Gordon Ward. Sophomores: Doc Alston. Boh Richover. Freshmen: John Carver. H. 11. Cunningham Sponsor p n ' p 73 m Darthea Tunnicliffe S )onsoT Beta Omicron Beta Seniors: Gwendolyn Beck. Doris Chrismon, Betsy Johnson. Meryle Mauldin, Ann Stoddard. Shirley Strange, Harriett Talley. Marlha Walker. Juniors: Laura Seaman. Sophomores: Jean Coghill. Patricia Coghill, Miriam Guy, Ruth Lloyd, Carol Morrison, Shirley Sharjse, Rosaline Toney. Dorothy Ward, Yvonne Winstead. 74 Iota Tau Kappa Seniors: Warren Allen. Jinnny Calhoun. I ' hil Carter. Hugh CittN. Bobb) Green. Richard Keziah. Bill Lashley. Charlie Michaux, Alton Myers, Bobby Robertson. Harvey Sharpe, Nick Thompson, Ray Whitley. Juniors: Jimmy Crump. Clark Dofflemyer. Jerry Holt, Jack Simpson. Jerry Slaugh- ter, Jack Sutton. Archie Wilborn. Sophomores: Richard Bradham. Walter Edmonds, Tracy Griffin. Robert Phelps. Bobby Sharpe. % z " . A dk Wk, % - Os - i John A. Brashear Sponsor 75 Pearl McDonald Sponsor Delta Upsilon Kappa Seniors: Carolyn Abernathv. Nancy Bain. Elizabeth Beckwith. Barbara Garden. Nannette Matchan, Margaret Stafford. Juniors: Janet Crabtree, Evelyn Fritts, Frances Knight, Joyce Perry. Sophomores: Betty Amnions, Pat Chrismon. Judie Clark. Betty Delancy, Ann Dula. Sylvia Grady. Gaye Johnson, Shirley Sorrell, Shirley Story. Jackie Williamson, Ann Wilson, Betty Franks. 76 Sigma Phi Beta Seniors: Bill Frederick, Homer Hobgood, Ashburn Kirby, Charles Mason, Nick Theos, Gary Thompson. Juniors: Larry Barnes, Clyde Boswell, Whitney Bradham. Eddie Bridges. Melvin Chrisman, Jack Crockett, Lad- son Cubbage. Frank Jackson. Dick MacCarthy, George Stewart, Glenn Varney. Sophomores : Anthony DeMotteo, Charles Foster, Don Graf. Bob Hendricks. Lynn Newcomb. Frank Pattishall. Bob Ruggeri. Tonv Slump. John F. West Sponsor Beta Chi Epsilon Those among us who enjoy writing letters of business or aspire to make a career through the nimbleness of our fingers on a keyboard will find ourselves members of the Beta Chi Epsilon Sorority. This organiza- tion serves to mix business with pleasure for students taking a secretarial course. Taking the liberty now of making ourselves one of the group, lets see just what the) do. We discover the club ' s most important aspect lies in its duty to help stimulate the atmosphere of a business office in the class- room, this done through sponsorship of demonstrations of modern office equipment, and also through inspection tours of various business organiza- tions. The club meets weekK. and one meeting a month features a dinner with guest speakers and entertainers who provide enlightenment and en- joyment for the group. President. Lucille Edwards: Vice-President. June Driver; Secretary. Sadie Dickerson: Asst. Secretary. Mvrna ffockaday: Treasurer, Al Has- sell: Ass ' t. Treasurer. Marjorie Englebright; Reporter, Carol Lynn; Sergeant-at-Arms, Bess Carson. FJr. ' il row, left to right: Janice Alfred. Joyce Bolclen. Becky Bowden, Ruth Hicks. June Driver, Becky Murdock. Charlotte Williamson, Sandra Whittimore. Second row: Nancy McBride, Pat Martin, Bess Carson. Sadie Dickerson. Lucille Edwards. Carol Lynn, Myrna Hoekaday, Mary . nn Harris, Connie Riley, Billy Arnett. Third row: Audrey Gilliam. Joyce Yancey. Peggy Dorsett. Al Hassell, Sara Shelton, Mary Wade Smith. Marquito Robertson. Elaine Sykes, Mary Hawkins. Marjorie Englebright. Beverly Stockard. Betsy Watson, Margaret Recoulley, Carol Coble. Fourth row: Faye Waynick, Carolyn Duncan. Nell Clark, Otis Stulks. Faye Weaver. Marlowe Matlock. Janie Berch. 78 Alpha Psi Omega Alpha Psi Omega is an honorary dramatic fra- ternity which provides a wider interest in the col- lege theater. The students, as they qualify, are re- warded h election to memhership into the Society. This chapter offers an Alpha Psi Omega award to lie made to the graduating senior who. in his four ears at Elon, has contributed most to the theater on the Elon campus. The award is to he determined each spring h a inajnrit cite of this chapter. Aside from personal and group interests. Alpha Psi Omega covers a much wider scope than this, as does any National Fraternity. It is useful in obtaining positions after graduation, because it is usuallv a very good recommendation. Lkslii: Johnston . ' nn SronnAiin Nannette Matchan Nick Theos William Walkkh Pi Gamma Mu Pi Gamma Mu is the Elon Chaplcr of the National Social Science Honor Society. Its purpose is to improve scholarships in the social studies and to inspire social ser ice to huinanit . This organization gives recognition to tho.se students and faculty members who ba e attained distinction in the fields of social sciences. Hack row: Jerry Moize, Bobby Robertson. Edgar Murray. H. H. Cunningham. Frunl. Icit lo right: Ken Lambert. Bob Baxter. Terry Emerson. Barbara Garden Marjorie Sullcin. (iiT? ? E " Men ' s Club This organization is composed of those students by Elon College in recognition of his acliieve- who have earned their letter " E " in athletics. On ments in athletics, becoming a senior, each member is given a jacket Top to bottom: Kopko, DeRita, Stone lki]i-.on. Green, Sharpe, Stauffenberg, Bridges, Varney, Myers, Bradhain. Tliompson, Richards, Martin, Moseley. Middle, lell lu right Haw kin- taffasso. Theos. 80 a: Cheerleaders Tlie clieerleadeis should he given credit ior the support and school spirit they demonstrated dur- ing the 1955-56 school year. They did a grand job supporting the footJjall team for the 1955 season, since they attended all i)ut the Mississippi Southern game. They continued their job by following the basketball team through a successful season. We are jjioiid of our " head cheerleader " this year iiecause she has done a splendid job working with the girls and many thanks to Professor Bra- shear for his co-operation and coaching throughout the year. Let ' s give a few " Rah ' s " for our cheerleaders, how about it? Seated: Carolyn Abernathy. Left to right: James Grady. Pat Chrismon, Dot Keck. Joyce Perry. John iiggerstaff. Evi-lyn Frilts. Betly CarMiii. I!. ' ll 3ig£erstaff. Janet Crahtrec. Sylv 81 Grease paint . . . scenery . . . costumes . . . coffee during a five minute break . . . dress rehearsal ... all of these are things that the Elon Players well remember and hold dear to them! This year the first play given was the Broadway production " Out of the Frying Pan. " The play ran for five big nights and was a great success. This, along with the fact that the float the Players entered in the homecoming parade symbolizing modern theatre won first prize, inspired them to work even harder than before. This year marked a big year for the Elon Players, with their radio skits, three-act plays, and short comedies. For the first time the Players were under the direction of Mr. M. E. Wooten, wiio served as a very inspiring captain steering the players on through the year until they couhl honestly say, with all enliuisiani, " This has been the most successful year ever! " Elon Players Blithe Spirit I III ' Little Foxes Out ol the FrMna I ' m, Out nj the Frying Pan i lr Day Student Organization The Da SUident Organization is composed of all students who travel from their respective homes to at- tend onlv the morning classes. The sole purpose of the organization is to give these students a chance to meet in one body to have representation in the many activities of Elon College. It gives the students a feeling of be- longing, as well as a chance to work and voice their opinions in our student government and to take part in the activities of our campus. This year the Day Student Organization has written for itself a constitution, which will enable it to be a democratic organization. Besides this they entered a float in the homecoming parade, have taken an active part in the Student Legislature, have particijiated in competi- tive sports after school, and manv of the members have been selected to the different fraternities and sororities on campus. Although the majority of the day students are not on the college campus, it is still their desire to support the college in anv way possible. Our representatives to the Student Legislature are John Biggerstaff. Bobby Johnson. Dot Keck. Barbara Garden. Darrcll Shue. Bill Stanfield. and James Bigger- staff. In closing let me sav that as our Day Organization increases, may we as day students help our school to grow and grow. Lett to right: Boliliy Jolin on. Emma agoiipr. Jami- liiiiper-laH. ' " ! Sa 855 .3 " OFFICERS J wii s l?i(;r.rRsT FF I ' ic si (I en I Bobby Johnson Vice-President Emma Wagoner Secretary Joe Ann Wright Treasurer Elon College Choir The Elon College Choir, comprised of approxi- tion is to supply imisic for weekday chapel services niately sixty voices, is an organization for any and and for Sunday morning worship services. The all who like to sing, and can carry a tunc. Its func- choir presents annual performances of The Messiah Sopranos Dorothy Apple Ann Bass Gwcn Beck Golda Brady Shirley Cox Jackie Love Patricia Martin Mart;arel Patillo Laura Seaman Margaret Sharpe Sylvia Smith Ann Stoilclard Harriett Talley Mary Ann Thoinas Lannic Wright Alios lielty Boswell Elizabeth Goodway Jeannelte Hassell Betsy Johnson Dot Keck Nannelle Malchan Lois Scott Elizahi ' lh ShofTner Ann Wilson Shirlev Womaek and The Seven Last Words of Christ. Tlie clioir tours which are taken during the year to Eastern Virginia and to New England, New York and Washington. D. C. liave shown to audiences wher- ever the choir sings that ours is one of the jjest choirs in the eastern |)art of the United States. They are directed tiuough the year ' s activities hy tiie very capable Mr. John Westmoreland. Tenors Jerry Batchelor Stanley Carey Jim Compton Robert Grissoni Ken Lamhert Thomas Lewis Harold Long Donald McDaniel Dalton Parker Eddie Robbins Jerry Smyre Hasses Stewart Cass Bill Gil in Eugene Harrell All Has sell Donald How 1-11 Dan Jol in son LesJi,- J, obnston Bernard Jone Vernon Joyne r Tonin.y I, ' .,,J I , M,D, .nald Bill Seal rboroii igh Bill Turner Wnnbii lpd kc Elon College Band Lejl to right: Lucille Edwards. Nancy Williamson, Mary Ann Harris, Becky Murdock, June Driver, Ann Dula. The Elon Band began its first step of Reconstruction this year, in making an effort not only to play for the athletic events but to organize on a full year schedule. The band played its first concert in many years and has others scheduled. The band members have displaced an eagerness to make the band at Elon a fine organization. We are looking forward to an even better year next year with a larger menibeiship. The band was under the direction this vear of Prof. Dewey M. Stowers, Jr.. with Charles B. Jones acting as assistant bandmaster. The members of the band this vear are as follows: Trumpets: Charles B. Jones. Eddie Bobbins, Mr. 41; Mrs. Thomas Coe. Bob McAdams. and James Howell. Trom- bones: Paul Radford. Rill Kerman. Meryle Mauldin. and Thomas Lewis. Clarinets: Bill Ginn, Nancy Williamson. Carl Burke. James Conipton, and Vernon Joyner. Basses: Donald McDaniel. William Scarborough, Bill Neil, and Stewart Cass. Percussion: Bob Bergman. John Buckner. Charles Mason, Terry Rountree. and Douglas Albert. The band wishes to express its appreciation for the fine job that the majorettes did this year in helping the band. We were glad that we were able to furnish them with new uniforms so as to enhance the appearance of our or- sranization. Home Economics Club Leit to right: Marie klon. Penny (iooilway. W ilma Morgan. Mrs. . E. Butler. Jr.. Carol Ann Lynn. Elizabeth Shoffner. Nellie Hailey, Doris Caddis. The local club is affiiliated with the American Home Eco- nomics Association. Its purpose is to stimulate interest in, to develop an understanding of the field of home economics, and to provide an opportunity for fellowship among home economics students on campus. Membership is open to all home economics students and students interested in the subject. -rS? Lejl to right: Janet Crabtree. Wilma Parrish. Serond row: Kalhrvn Lambert. Pat Coghill. Ann Dula. Third row: Mrs. Bessie . loan. Martha Lan;iley. Jim Hawkins. Kussell McGhee. Jean Cophill. Joyee Myers. El Club Espanol The l ' ur|)ose of " EI (lliili Espanol. " to create more stu- dent interest in the Spanish-spcaiving countries and to j)ro- mote the student ' s understanding of them, has once again been fulfilled. During this ])asl ear the members have learned many ol the Spanish customs, have listened to music and have read literature tlirough well-planned programs, wliicli included several outside sj)eakers. Spanish songs and games. Much of the success of the clidj can be attributed to the advisor. Mrs. (Jessie 1 ' . Sloan. The Chemistry Club is composed of Student Affiliates of The American Cliemical Society. The oliject of this organiza- tion shall be to afford an opportunity for students of chem- istry in Elon College to become better acquainted, to secure the intellectual stimulation that arises from professional association, to secure experience in preparing and presenting technical material before chemical audiences, to foster a professional spirit among the memi)ers, and to instill a pro- fessional pride in chemistry. Chemistry Club Left to right, first row: Pat Kittinger. Dick Simpson, Emma Wagoner, Jimmy Bell, Jack Cale, Vincent Vitelle, Jimmy Ahern. Second row: Dr. Cheek, Chris Peterson, Jimmy Sparks, Sam Fretwell, Walter Coker, Frank Pattishall. 88 H 1 ' - : ir iVr; 1 So I hX}- •. .. H i; ..■ ISS S L fl nE£] 1 1 Student Christian Association The Student Christian Association is organized on our campus as a fellowship of students and faculty memi)ers who are seeking to unite the stu- dent l)ody of our college in a program of Christian service. S. C. A. members will always cherish the mean- ingful hours spent in regular Sunday evening fellowship meetings with Rev. Andes and Dr. Hess at the Parisli House, and the week-end letreats which S. C. A. " ers have enjoye d so much through the years. Vesper services during the week and programs stemming from the three commissions — World Older, Campus Affairs and Personal Relations, and Religious Life — will he rememljered hy many as perliaps the most ilai conlriliulioii of this orsianization. OFFICERS Meryle Mauldin President WoRDEN Updike Vice-President Jean Coghill Secretary Vernon Joyner Treasurer SYi.vr SMrrii, Hill Ginn Relisiioits Lije Commission Chairmen M K(; KKT Johnston orld Order Commission (.liairman Patricia Cociiii.l Cami iis Affairs Commission Chairnum Ann Stoddard Publicity Chairman 89 First row, left to right: Meryle Mauldin, Joyce Mmj-. I)i. K. E. Reynolds. Lewis Wilkins, Harriett Talley. Pat Chandler, Margaret Johnston. Second row: Guy Lambert, Ann Stodilanl. ( iirli- ' loung. Ted Fields, Dwiglit Moore, Rex Thomas, Ronny Bergman, Bill Joyner. Ministerial Association The Elon College Ministerial Association offers opportunities for development, experience, study and fellowship to tliose who are planning a voca- tion in religion. One of the aims of the Ministerial Association is to foster mental, spiritual and social growth on the campus. As this year ends tlie Ministerial Association leaves hehind a fine record of achievement, includ- ing the week-end retreat and work witii the Chris- tian Orphanage. OFFICERS Lewis Wilkins President Joyce Meyers Vice-President Hakkiktt Talley Serrelarr Pat Chandler Treasurer Dr. F. F. Reynolds Facility Adi ' isor l.rll In rifi il: Lewis Wilkins. Ilarrielt TallcN. . i ..■ Kr,-, | ' :,i ( lian.llr 90 am ' r ■ ■ ca K:«K r m " mM m ■ ' ■■ ■ r :-i-. : .♦• Scott Hovd Head of the Departmen oj Physical Education Sii) Vaknky Head Football Coach ■• h c " Math IS Head Baseball and Basketball Coach SCOTT BOYD Head oj the Department of Physical Education Coach Scott Boyd is the director of the College Physical Education Department. A faithful worker, he can most always lje found trying, in some way to improve the Physical Education Department or " kicking like a steer " " over an intramural (jues- tion that has arisen. He is probably best known and recognized by his constant use of cigarettes. Jeanne Griffin Head oj the Women ' s Department oj Physical Education SID VARNEY Head Football Coach The 1955 Pigskin Parade was coached by " Sid " Varney, now a third year man directing the " fight- ing Christians. " He met with many ups and downs this year and through the thick and thin of troubles and injuries managed to wind up the season in a wimiing fashion. Coach Varney, best known for his sportsmanlike but scrappy attitude and desire to be a winner, is respected and admired all over the campus. " DOC " MATHIS Head Baseball and Basketball Coach Graham L. Mathis, better known as " Doc " " to the student body, along with his associates, is mentor of the Elon Court Activities. This year " Doc " had several proven athletes returning to the team, who when combined with the letternien and newcomers, gave coach Mathis the potential for a good season. His familiar shout on the court and his rigidity with the team members has made him a well known and respected figure on the College Camj)us. JEANNE GRIFFIN Head Women s Athletic Director Mrs. Jeanne Griffin, a native -of Virginia and an Elon graduate, is now serving in her first year as Director of the Women ' s Department of Physical Education and health coui ' ses. Because of her aptness, ability, and willingness to work with the students, she has become known and well liked by the student body. 92 Football Sll) KNKV llr,„l (.Diuh ■Doc " MaTHIS ii AlICHlK Wll.liclRN. Asst (.( HoMKU Hi)r;(,i)cii). (.aptuin ELON MISSISSIPPI SOUTHERN 39 ippi Southern ' s heavy and experienced Mississippi Southern ' s heavy and experienced gridders romped more or less at will to swamp the Elon Christians 39 to hefore a crowd of 13,500 fans in Hattieshurg, Missis- sippi. It was an auspicious del)ut for the Soutlierns, l)ut it gave scant comfort to the followers of the Christians. The Elon squad, entering the game with veteran hackfield combination that liad been thought one of the l)est small-college crews in the South and perhaps in the country, found itself virtually unable to move against Southern ' s tremendous line: a forward combination that averaged better than 230 pounds from tackle to tackle and over 210 pounds from end to end. A pair of Elon rookies. J. B. Vaughn at tackle and Tony DeMatteo at guard, stood out in the line play, with Captain Homer Hobgood showing flashes of brilliance at center. ELON 18 CITADEL 26 The Fighting Christians, playing with a remodeled hackfield after the loss of two regulars who started the opening game with Mississippi Southern, displayed brilliant form as they dropped a tough battle to The Citadel ' s Bulldogs in Charleston, S. C. Although denied the victory, the Elon grid s(|uad displayed a complete reversal of form from their opening defeat. The entire Christian line played a terrific ball game, and the new hackfield combination played as if it had been together through many battles. ELO N APPALACHIAN 19 Elon could do iinlhing right in taking a 19 to ••nmd battle " defeat at the hands of the mountaineers of Appalachian before a home-town crowd of 6-500 in the Burlington Memorial Stadium. Naming stars for Elon appears almost impossible, although Sonny Martin and Homer Hobgood had bright moments back- ing up the line. Whitney Bradham and Kerry Richards car- ried most of the offensive burden, with Richards ' best play a 42-yard return of an Appalachian punt. ELON 51 APPRENTICE SCHOOL 7 The Fighting Christians walked over the Newport News Apprentice School eleven in a fine display of team spirit and work. The Elonites scored twice in every period, but missed .ill but ihrce of the extra points. This did not prove costly at ' f jy- f( 5t roMi, e « to right: Tom Shepperson, Terry Robinson. Bob Dunlap, Furman Moseley, Ronnie Kinsley, Nick Theos. Homer Hob ood. Charles Maynard, Chuck Michaux, Tony DeMatteo, Harry Foust, Bob Hendricks, Paul Watts. Second row: Jimmie Reneau, Tracy Griffen, Jack Simpson. Richard Bradham, Eddie Bridges, Joe Delgais, Glenn Newcomb, Whitney Bradham, Bill Snyder, Kerry Richards, Jack Henderson, Tom Hewitt, Wayne Martin, Bob Ruggeri, Tony Stump, Ben Cubbage. Third row: Henry Leitch. Don DeSorrow, Bob Carmines. Tony Carcaterra. Bob Stauffenburg. Don Graf. John Apessos. Bill Recce, Bob Moser, Bob Miles, Glen Varney, Dave Crockett, Jim Hawkins. J. B. Vaughn. Ed Davison, Pat Cafasso, Oscar Stephenson, Jimmie Wood, Nick Disibio, Henry Gatski, Mau- rice DeMatteo. all, for the Christians scored more points than any other Elon team has for the past six years. ELON EAST CAROLINA 13 The Fighting Christians were seeking an effective aerial attack as they went down Ijefore the East Carolina Pirates 13 to in a homecoming battle at Greenville, N. C. It was a game played lieneatli murky and threatening skies and before 8.000 fans, who were present for the E. C. C. homecoming. The gold- jerseyed Christians reflected moments of greatness on the ground aiid threatened more than once with their rushing attack. The passing threat, however, was still missing, and Elon suffered her fourth successive defeat of the 1955 campaign. We might add that Whitney Bradham played brilliantly for Elon ' s losing cause. ELON NEWBERRY 19 Elon knew defeat once again as the Newberry Indians won a decisive 19 to 6 victory over the home-standing Christians in the Burlington Me- morial Stadium. In absorliing their fiftli loss of the 19.55 season, the Fighting Christians turned in their best per- formance of the year, as Coach Sid Varney un- veiled a " two-platoon " system, which represented a " new look " in the maroon and gold squad. Centers Homer Hobgood and Lynn Newcomb paced Elon ' s alternating lines. Whitney Bradham was Elon ' s top threat on offense. ELON CATAWBA 19 Still unable to break into the winner column, the Fighting Christians dropped their sixth succes- sive game to the Catawba Indians by a 19 to margin. The game was played in Catawba ' s Sta- dium before a crowd of 2,000 fans. J. B. Vaughn, Sonny Martin, and Captain Homer Hobgood played good defensive ball for the Chris- tians. Whitney Bradham, Kerry Richards and Tom Kerry Richards Glen Varney Nick Theos Richard Bradhain Pal Cafasso W liilney Bradhani Homer Holigood lioli Slauffcnberg Paul Watts Sheppeisoii shared the offensive burden for tlie niaiooii and gold team. ELON 19 WESTERN CAROLINA 6 After getting off to a very l)ad start, the Fighting Christians ])0iired the coal to romp over the Western Carolina " Catanioinits " without too nuicli strain. A home crowd of 2.000 saw Richard Bradham and Kerry Richards hit pay-dirt 3 times to stop the " Cats " with the 19 to 6 victory. This was the traditional climax of Homecoming and the Ahnnni surely were given their money ' s worth, for from the initial play the Christians dom- inated the field of play. ELON I,ENOIR RHYNE 28 The Bears of Lenoir Rhyne clinched at least a tie in the conference by defeating the Fighting Christians at Hickory, 28 to 0. The Christians before the game had two previous consecutive wins. Harold Bullard, the Bear fullback, did the ma- jority of the damage to the Christians, scoring 2 touchdowns and playing a bang-up defensive game. Elon ' s efforts were gamely aided l)y two young Freshmen, Joey DelGais and Tony Carcaterra. Also, Bol) Stauffenberg made his first appearance since breaking his arm at Mississippi Southern. ELON 19 GUH.FORD 6 The boys in Maroon and Gold wound up the 19.5.5-.56 season with a decisive win over the " Quakers " of Guilford at Hobbs Field at Guilford College. Both squads competed to their utmost throughout the contest. The Christian offense was spearheaded by the running of Hob Stauffenjjerg, who scored two touch- downs, and Whitney Bradham, who punched it over from the one to score the third touchdown. The Guilford lone score came on a 14-yard y)ass play from Henry Siler to Bob Carnish. Aiilliom Carcaterra ' Basketball First row. left In right: Tomm McDonald. Tajir Sloul. I!, n K. lulall. IJ.jIjIa Sharp.-. Ray l.ill.N. .S, . .m, ,.„,. lhit;h Citt). Ed Juratic Bob Ricliovcr. Jimmy Crump. Gilbert Watts. Franklin Goss. Third row: Gilbert Gates. Frank UeRita. Tommy King. Earl .Stone. Dee Atkinson. l.oACH Mathis The Fighting Christiaji basketball team of ' 55- ' 56 most certainly lived up to their name and expectations. Winning most of their games, conference and non-con- ference, they proved to be one of the better Elon (|itintets. One of tlie greatest assets to the team was the return of two veteran stars from the service, Ben Kendall, the " 55- ' 56 squad co-captain, and Dee Atkinson. Also, there were several returning veterans with previous years of experience, Ed Jiiialic. Hugh Citty, Ray Whitley, and Jiriutn (liiinip. These toci ((iiiliibiitcd much lo lln ' success of the team. I l)elieve everyone will agree with the Pin Psi Ci.l laff that this team deserves a great big cheer from the wliole college. 96 Ell Juratio Dee Atkinson Frank DeRita Jinnny Crump Intra This year the Intranuiral Athletics Program seems to be reaching its long-sought goal, a prominent pla e on the Elon College campus. Never before was the par- ticipation on the jiart of individuals and organizations so enthusiastic. This success is due mainly to the hard work of the managers, the Intramural Council, and Coach Scott Boyd, the Director of Intramural Athletics. In comparison with other colleges of the same enroll- ment, Elon has a greater variety of sports and great number of participants. Trophies were awarded the outstanding teams and mur als players in every contest. A permanent trophy was awarded to tlie individual fiettin;; the most points. A wide enougli variety of activities is offered to enable everv student to complete in tlie sports of his own choice, and competition is carefully graded so as to assure everv participant of meeting opposition on his own level of ability. Moreover, a carefully selected and well-trained staff of officials is always on hand to supervise all contests. It cannot jje reconnnended too strongly that every student participate. ' •Doc " Mathis I rr rv ' - rf jff J is ii ■ y ■;■ Tlip members of the cliainpioiiship outlit, pieluieil led to liylit are as follu«s frvnt ruu KiLr RRhaids. loiu iituinp, Whitney BraHham. Eddie Bridges, Horst Mevius. John Apessos. Buddy Smith and Jmi DiPerna. Second row Wayne Martin, Tracy Griffin, Glenn Varney. Bobby Green, Paul Watts, Bob Hendricks and Ed Davidson, Third row. Jack Smipson, Don Graf, Nick Theos, Richard Smith, Tom Hewitt, Larry Wildi, Bill Snyder, Bob Ruggeri and Jerry Creech. BocA row: Richard Bradham, Jim Hawkins, Lynn New- comb, Clifton Fitzgerald, Tom Shepperson, Ronald Kinsley and Frank Stempinsky. John Piatt, ace hurdler, high jumper and pole vaulter, was absent when the picture was taken. Track Thr Elon cinder squad smashed three records and lied one as the Christians raced to victory in tlie ainiual North State Conference track meet at High Point on May 14, winning the 19.5.5 championship from a fine field that included teams from six colleges. In v inning Elon " s first Conference cham|)ionship of the 1954-55 college year, the Christians rolled up 5o j)oints. The victory was Elon ' s f iurlh in fi e meets this season. Eight records were broken and two tied during the meet, which saw each of the six teams uin al least one first place. Elon claimed five firsts. East Carolina four, Guilford and Lenoir Rhyne two each, and High I ' oinI and Catawba one each. Horst Meviu.s. Elon middle- distance star from Lubeck. Germanv. set two new records as he won both the quarter and iialf. He broke the old quarter mark held by Joe Breedon, of Guilford, and surpassed the old half-mile record held by Elon ' s Larry Gaither. The Elon relay four lop|)ed (Juilford ' s old mark in winning the mile relay, and J ihii Piatt tied his old mark in the pole vault. Other fine |)erformances for Elon were by Lynn Newcomb, who bettered the old mark in taking second in the quarter, and Paul Watts, who won the mile in near-record time and .took second in the two-mile. It was Elon ' s second Irai k championship in the six year history of the meet, for tiic Christians also annexed the title in 1951. Men ' s Intramural Council IImIi llrinliirks. Jerry Slaiifiliter. Gay Joy I liciiiipson. Seated: Lefl to right: Jimmy Calhoun, jack M( Kr Dr. . ' cott Boyd. The Men ' s Intiainural Council serves as the advisory group for ihe intramural director and his staff. This Coun- cil is composed of representatives from all the men ' s dormitories, fraternities, and men day students. At the con- clusion of the year trophies are awarded to the winning teams and outstanding individuals. W. R. A. I..rl. K .Imi Kritt . S,;„ml row: Hctsy ats.iii. Kulli Luce. Third row: Mary Waili- .Sinilli. Ruth Hicks, N. " arki-. Jean Cofrhill. I ' atCoiihill. Joyce Myrr-. Doris (;a l ' ilis. Fayc W ' ,-av.-r. Fourth row: Mary Frances Warren. Shirh ' y Womack. Hol)bie cBain. Joyce .Askew. Lannie Wright. Klizahetli Slioflner, Betty Anirnon-. Nancy U illiamson. Back row: Sara . hehon. Jane Davis. 1 at Urst row: Mr-. Jeanri.- CriHin. Can.lMi l,cnialh . riri hid,,, k., Llov.l. . hirh-v Presm-11. Martha I.anj:le . I ' ranc.-- Knidit. I ' olK i ' aiTi.-. I CI M - . Chrismon. Sis Beckwith. Janet Crablree. Jackii- Williamson. Joyci- l ' rrr . Maii|uila Rnhert-on Co-eds at Elon College interested in Athletics are oif; iiiized into the Women ' s Recreation Association under the guidance of Mrs. Jeanne Griffin. The vear 19.S.1-.56 has heen a successful one for the W.H.A. Sports engaged in have been volley hail. l)asketi all. softi)all. archer . tennis, and ollii i iniiior sports. Baseball Front rou. lell to niihl: Cliarli.- CasM-ll. Captain Hank llamrl.k. l|..in.-r H..I,m,o.I. I ' ai.l Wall-. Il,.ii I ' a, kanl. HiII.ia M,,1 iii; .i. I ' .nli Stauffenberg anil Ray Scott. Second row: Charlie Swicegood, Ronnie Mclntyre, Bobby Sharpe, Nick Thompson, Ahon Myers, Larry DofJlemyer, Bob Bergman, and Jack Henderson. Back row: Don Stringer, Don Johnson, Bobby Green, Luther Conger, Sherrill Hall Frank DeRita and Manager Pat Chandler. The Eloii College haseliall season came to an unexpected end wlien Atlantic Christian forfeited a game to East (C arolina, thus lueaking the tie be- tween Elon and East Carolina for the Champion- ship in the eastern division of the North State Con- ference and sending the Pirates into a play-ofT with Western Carolina lor the Conference Champion- ship. Elon placed eight men on the All-Conleience sipiad. They inchided Eiither Conger, Sherrill Hall, Cliai ' lie Swicegood and Hank Ilamrick. })ilchers; and Nick i ' lionipson, shortslop: itoliliy Green, outfielder; Alton Myers, utility infielder; and Homer Hohgood, catcher. It was four times for Swicegood and Haiurick, three times for Thompson and Hall, and twice for Green and Conger. Coach Doc Malhis ' outfit jjosted an over-all nuirk of 16 wins and .5 losses for the season, hut two of the defeats caiue at the hands of Carolina League pro teaius. This gave the Elon outfit a luark of 16-3 against College and Anuileiii teams, with 15 of the wins over College competition and one over the powerful McCrary Eagles. 98 Ray Whitlpy Hu-li Citu Tennis The tenuis team liad rough sledding duriiig its season, hut liic netters tlid clialk ujj overwhehiiing victories over Athmtic Christian in two meets. TENNIS RESULTS Elon 2 W. F. Fresh 8 Elon 3 Guilford 4 Elon 3 E. C. C. 6 Elon 1 E. C. C. 6 Elon 8 A. C. C. 1 Elon Lynchhurg ( Rain I Elon 2 Lenoir Rhyne 5 Elon 8.. A.C.C. 1 Elon 1 Guilford 6 Elon Appalachian .5 Elon 2 — Lenoir Rhyne 5 Elon 3 Lynchburg 4 Lion 2 Appalachian .5 Elon 7. A. C. C. Elon 4 W. F. Frosh 5 Elon 1 High Point 6 (Remaining Meets I May 3 — High Point, away linll Loy %. .liiniMV l,,-i;;l,r„ Golf an to wins arch The Elon golf team won a surprising victory over Appalachi finish their season with a 7-3 record. The linksmen posted two over High Point, two wins over Catawba, two wins over their rival, Guilford, and a victory over Appalachian. In the state meet. Elon got off to a slow start, but rallied considerabK to finish third in the tournament held on May 9 and 10. The return of first man Bobby Loy and second man Jim Leighlon. plus two new freshmen stars. Fred LJoyd and llenrx Landress. sliould bolster the coming year ' s links hopes. .( ' ( to righl: Htnry I.aiidr— . |!,,1, | L.-i£;lilon. Kml 1.1,.%, I. Don Hull. Basketball Women ' s Athletics The intraimiral program for women is composed maiiship, and to co-operate with other cam])us of the girls wlio wish to participate in the sports organizations in promoting and maintaining the on the Eion College Campus. The purpose of the highest standards of college life. " It is through this Women ' s Recreation Association is " to promote organization that the girls take active part in the wholesome and healthful activitiy, to stimulate an sports that the W. R. A. sponsors. interest in athletics, to create a good spirit of sports- Arctiery Tumbling • - vsTiMni •iSt ' i l f1 II 111! Ill HI SOUTH D0RM1TUK LADIES ' HALL The parade on Saturday afternoon, hailed as the best ever staged for an Elon Homecoming, showed nearly fifty units. First prize for the best float went to the Elon Players, with the Student Christian Association and the Elon Choir taking second and third awards. The trophy for the Ijest dormitory decorations went to the boys of South Dormitory, with the girls of West Dormitory taking the second-place award. Honoraljle mention was awarded to the girls in Ladies ' Hall and the boys in the Club House. Even though a sudden shower of rain prevented the presentation of the Queen and her court at the football game, this sour note was drowned in the pleasure of Elon ' s 19-6 grid victory over Western Carolina. it BAKBAKA GARDEN. Queen ANN DULA, M aid oj Honor 1955 Homecoming SOPHOMORE CLASS Jane Davis, sponsor Doc Alston, escort EAST DORM Nora Luce, sponsor John Lambert, escort ALPHA PI DELTA Judie Clark, sponsor Ted Fields, escort FRENCH CLUB Louan Lambeth, sponsor Bobby Sharpe, escort HOME ECONOMICS CLUB M4RIE Weldon, sponsor Charles Mason, escort IOTA TAU KAPPA Marlowe Matlock, sponsor Clark Dofflemyer. escort SPANISH CLUB Martha Langley, sponsor Ed Stone, escort ELON CHOIR Shirley Cox, sponsor Billy Ginn, escort QUEEN Barbara Carden RosER Nardelli escort SENIOR CLASS Pat Jones, sponsor Henry Flythe, escort JUNIOR CLASS Jennie Keck, sponsor Earl Stone, escort MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION H rriett Talley. sponsor P t Chandler, escort SOUTH DORM Sue Hughes, sponsor Bucky Fleming, escort Left to riglit: Jane Davis, Marie Weldon, Pat Jones, Ann Puckett, Margaret Patillo, Evelyn Fritts. Nora Luce. Marlowe Matlock, Jennie Keck. Dot Perkins. Jean Coghill, Marquita Robertson, Judy Clark, Martha Langley, Harriett Talley, Pat Chrismon. Sylvia Grady. Jo Ann 5.1 V Sp OllSOlS MAID-OF-HONOR Ann Dula Moss Beecroft Escort KAPPA PSI NU Ann Plckett, sponsor Jack Garber, escort ELON PLAYERS Dot Perkins, sponsor Chlck Oakley, escort NORTH DORM Pat Chrismon, sponsor Buddy Smith, escort DAY STUDENTS Myrna Hockaday, sponsor Harold Hayes, escort SIGMA MV SIGMA Margaret Patillo, sponsor Eddie Robbins. escort S. C. A. Jean Cog mill, sponsor Louis Wilkins, escort SIGMA PHI BETA Sylvia Grady, sponsor Homer Hobgood. escort FRESHMEN CLASS Linda Simpson, sponsor Tom Carmines, escort CARLTON HOUSE Evelyn Fritts, sponsor Walter Edmonds, escort BETA CHI EPSILON Marquita Robertson, sponsor Al Hassell, escort CLUB HOUSE Jo Ann Atkins, sponsor Robert Rickover. escort Atkins. Louan Lanili.n. „( piilun-il: Shirley C.x. Su. ' Hufili.-. M rria Hoikaday, Linda Simpson. Center; Barbara Carflt-n. Ann Dula 4 )l 1 V V U 7 U Founder ' s Day CAROLINA HALL on the campus Tuesday, September 27, 1955, for an all-day " Founders ' Day " program, which honored the founding fatliers of the college and connneniorated the establishment of the institu- tion by the Congregational Christian Church in 1889. The program for the event, designed to firing a closer relationship Iietween Elon College and the Southern Convention of Congregational Christian Churches, created nnicli interest and attracted a crowd to the campus. Enthusiasm was shown this day for the new fund-raising effort, which is planned to pusli to completion the larger campaign that had been launched originally in the late 1940 ' s. The final goal iieing to raise S2,500,000 for ex- pansion and support of the college. VIRGINIA HALL McE VEN DINING HALL 106 BARBARA GARDEN Homecoming Queen III l, Maidul-Honur Honieeomiiig The big events began Friday night. October 28th. with a Ball in the Alumni Memorial Gymnasium, which was transformed into a scene of outstanding beauty by the " Gay Nineties " decorative scheme. Paul Zimmerman and his orchestra furnished the nuisic for dancin r. At the intermission Barbara Garden was crowned as Queen of Homecoming. She was escorted at the coronation by Roger Nardelli. Her chief attendant and Maid-of-Honor, Ann Dula, was escorted by Moss Beecroft. Sponsors from various campus organizations formed the ro aI court. 107 Meryle MauUlin Homer Hobgoocl Who ' s Among Students in American Ji ' rry Moize Recognition liy Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges means that the student was, first, officially recommended from the university or college he at- tends and, then, accepted hy the organization. Nominating committees are reijuested to consider the student ' s scholar- shi}). his leadership and co-operation in education and extra- curricular activities, his general citizenship, and his promise of future usefulness. Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges is designed: Ann Sloddard Pat Chandler Naniu ' tlc Matclian BiUy Ginn Furman Moseley Who Universities and Colleges As a goal to inspire greater effort in those who may not otherwise perform to the iiest of their ability; As a reminder that lime must he used intelligentlv to ining the best results from one ' s college experience; As a means of compensation for outstanding effort and achievement; As a standard of measurement for students comparable to other recognized scholastic and service organization. Margaret Joliiisloii r Urr-yan)e Dance SlufJent Union Christmas West Dormitory Thanksgiving Hari(|iiet Dining Hail Valentine Dance Elon Gymnasium 114 He Goes To School . . . Tom Barron, who is a eteian. lives in Veterans " Apartments. His wife, whom he met and married in Gennanv. is a homemaker and the mother of two children. Tom attends classes here in the morning. The upkeep of the apartments and their management is Tom ' s responsibility. This is an example of the life of a typical married couple living in " Vets. " And She Goes Too Mary Sherrard also lives in " Vets. " ' .She attends classes at night and studies during the day while taking care of her three children. Her husband works in the day time and baby-sits at night while his wife is at school. This, too, is typical of our married folk in " Vets. " CAKOIAA I;KI{AATIIY May Queen Escorted l May King Furman Moseley Ann Puckett, Senior Escorted by BoBBY Green i » V i I Our traditional Ala Da on the Elon campus was releljiated again this sirring liy a colorful and gay pageant on the south lawn of the campus. The gala event was climaxed by the crowning of Queen Carolyn who was escorted bv Kino Furman. May Day . . . 1956 mM SHIRLEY CUX Maid of Honor Escorted by Warren Allen FIarbara (Garden. Senior Escorted by Hlgh Citty Evelyn Fritts. Junior Escorted by Jimmy Crump Margaret Patillo. Junior Escorted by Eddie Bridges [■■iJhi-gr- Ibtf- fCcuif ' aif " iU cuhA QdAftjet QamfiaH4i 818-820 S. CHURCH STREET TELEPHONE 6-2003 BURLINGTON, N. C. Compliments of ARNOLD STONE CO., INC. Maiuijuctiirers of FACTORY-CAST STRUCTURAL CONCRETE PRODUCTS FLOOR AND ROOF SYSTEMS STRUCTURAL UNITS TO SPECIFICATIONS GREENSBORO. NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of CENTRAL GROCERY COMPANY, INC. M liolesale Commission Merchants Manufacturer ' s Agents WHOLESALE GROCERIES NOTIONS AND CONFECTIONERIES Phone 6-3161 122 Nort-h Main Street BURLINGTON, N. C. Compliments of PEPSI-COLA BOTTLING WORKS DIAL 6-1273 Highway 70 BURLINGTON. N. C. Compliments of KING-HUNTER, INC. 1421 Westover Terrace GREENSBORO, N. C. GENERAL CONTRACTORS Phone 43231 Member Associated General Contractors of Ameri ca. Inc. NEXT TO YOUR HOMETOWN NEWSPAPER THE DAILY TIMES-NEWS BURLINGTON, N. C. Complete local, state, national and international news coverage . . . educational, human interest and a galaxy of comic features . . . sports coverage on the home front and from everywhere. Yes, when you ' re away from home let The Daily Times-News place next to the hometown — your news- paper " classmate " and information media . . . The only daily newspaper published in Alamance County, daily except Sunday Compliments of J. C. PENNEY COMPANY BURLINGTON, N. C. Complimeiiis of MEDICAL CENTER PHARMACY Opposite Alamance County Hospital Phone 7493 BURLINGTON, N. C. SERVICE BEYOND THE SALE PHONE 6-9074 7443 HOME APPLIANCE STORE BETTER PRODUCTS FOR HAPPIER LIVING Entrances Court Square and W. Elm Street CECIL E. MOSER GRAHAM, N. C, SWIFT CLEANERS " £t)ery Customer a Satisfied One Two-Hour Service — No Extra Charge Alteration — Shirts — Laundry VISIT OUR GIFT DEPARTMENT Telephone 4681 Elon College, North Carolina COLEMAN ' S MEN ' S SHOP " Finest in Men ' s Wear ' ' ARROW SHIRTS FRENCH SHRINER URNER SHOES BOTANY REVERE SPORTSWEAR HART SCHAFFNER MARX CLOTHES Spring Street Phone 3283 Opposite Post Office Burlinuton Compliments of ATWATER MOTOR COMPANY Your Friendly Ford Dealer Corner of 5ih and S, Main Streets BURLINGTON. N. C. Setv and Save The REMNANT SHOP COTTONS CREPES WOOLENS CORDUROY DRAPERY Haw River, N. C. . . . City of Cone Fabrics Phone 6-9134 PINE CHEMICAL, INC. Phone 3146 P. O. Box 726 BURLINGTON, N. C. Compliments of THE JEWEL BOX BURLINGTON, N. C. Compliments of J. C. HARRIS LUMBER CO. LUMBER : BUILDING SUPPLIES HARDWARE Phone 69-321 704 S. Spring Street BURLINGTON, N. C. Compliments of ALAMANCE MOTORS YOUR AUTHORIZED CHEVROLET DEALER SINCE 1925 Phone 61-681 508 S. Church Street BURLINGTON, N. C. Coniplimeiits of DEPARTMENT STORE Burlington s Largest Department Store Since 1872 Best W ishes from ROSE S 5-10-25C STORE Burlington, North Carolina Burlington ' s Most Popular Store The Bread You ISeed For Energy Bamby Bakers, Inc. Burlington, North Carolina Compliments of A FRIEND Compliments of COLE MOTORS PONTIAC GOODWILL USED CARS Phone 4266 BURLINGTON. N. C. GARRISON ' S SODA SHOP S(iii liiiches Garrison burgers Steaks PHONE 9811 Elon College, North Carolina Compliments of TROLLINGER ' S FLORIST BURLINGTON. N. C. Compliments of MELVILLE DAIRY PHONE 6-6391 For Home Delivery KIRK-HOLT HARDWARE COMPANY HARDWARE : PAINTS BUILDING SUPPLIES FARM MACHINERY MILL SUPPLIES GIFT SHOP — Mezzanine Floor Main Street BURLINGTON, N. C. Compliments of BURLINGTON COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. 825 S. Main Street BURLINGTON, N. C. A. D. PATE PRINTING CO. Cecil M. Yarbrough, Owner Commercial Printing of All Kinds Davis and Worth Streets PHONE 6-2082 Burlington, North Carolina Compliments of AN ALUMNUS Compliments of A FRIEND Compliments of FORD FLORIST 315 S. Spring Street Next to Sellars Dept. .Store BURLINGTON, N. C. PHONE 61053 Compliments of H. T. PERKINS COMPANY PLASTERING CONTRACTORS PLAIN AND ORNAMENTAL LATHING AND FURRING TELEPHONE 7-3116 2645 UNIVERSITY DRIVE DURHAM, NORTH CAROLINA NEW HOME OF FIRST FEDERAL THE FRIENDLY HOME EOEKS E. DAVIS AT LEXINGTON Friendly Service Since 1914 Over 9.000 Current Accounts Assets Over $10,500,000 YOUR ACCOUNT IS INVITED SERVICES AVAILABLE AT BURLINGTON ' S SAVINGS CENTER INSURED SAVINGS HOME LOANS FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE DRIVE-IN WINDOW TWENTY-FOUR HOUR DEPOSITORY Free Customer Parking on the Lot. SAVE-BY-MAIL MAILING KITS A ir-Conditioned Com furl Elevator and Background Music FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION BURLINGTON, N. C. E. DAVIS AT LEXINGTON DIAL 6-2418 OFFICIAL PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHER for the " 1956 PHI-PSI-CLI " JEROME W. GOLDEN of RAPPOPORT STUDIOS 485 Fifth Avenue New York Citv Compliments BURLINGTON ROOFING COMPANY 159 East Rutlin Street -:- Telephone 6-5756 P.. O. Box 1097 BUILT UP ROOFING - TILE - TIN - SLATE ASBESTOS SHINGLES GUTTERS - SKYLIGHTS - CORNICES VENTILATORS BURLINGTON, N. C. T. N. BOONE TAILORS FINE TAILORED CLOTHING SINCE 1914 FORMAL RENTALS Burlington, N. C. Greensboro, N. C. Compliments of A FRIEND AUTDGRAPHB

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