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• ' ■¥■■ :■ ■• - " ' ife w The Ciary oF Elon Collese Our thoughts arc expressed through symbols. This year, the staff ol the Phi Psi Cli hopes to bring you tlie locic and key whicli will open, in the future, the memories of the past year. May these symbols combined with your memories deepen in meaning for you. MAR ' i ' Sue Colclough SvLvi. ' k Jones Co-Editors Ann Puckett Biiiincss Manager u Dr. Ned Favcette Brann()c:k C:hcmistrv: 1908-1955 Prof. John W ii i is Barney I ' .nelish: 1924-1955 Dedication A good faculty is essential to a good college. The (, . ilie influeii( ' , iind ih ' effectiveness of any college are determined by its faculty. It a faculty iiu ' iuIkt is .ihic to make a worth-while contribution to a college in a single year, that contrifjution is perceptibly increased with every passing year. If an instructor is willing to invest his life in an institution, that institution is fortunate and (In studi rits ili.ii ( nidll .ik highly favored. It is the high privilege and the joy of the Class of 19.v , , « two men who have given their lives unselfishly and without stint to our coll Ned Faucctte Brannock and Professor John Willis B;h n. v nlw. .,C ,; lom. service, are retiring at the close of this academic year. We, the Class of 1955, want them to know how gre ui i .ijjjjk i mm mi ii to our college, to all former students of our college, and especially to us dui i college days. .-Xs further evidence of our appreciation, we take genuine pleasun m dedicating the Phi Psi Cm, our college annual, to them in memory of their man years of service .so efficiently rendered. May God bless them in retirement as He has blessed them in service Contents Administration Student Body Publications Organizations Fraternities and Sororities Sports Featu res Dr. L E. Smith To the Class of 1955: Ability, ambition, and imagination are essential to success. Witli tliese tlirec qualifications properly developed and directed into right channels, success is assured. In public school you and your instructor began to discover your abilities. The years gave in- creased evidence of your mental and physical capacities. Ambition began to tug at your soul. The future loomed before you. You saw yourself accepting an important position in life and as- suming responsibilities that meant much to you and your Country. Then you realized that if you were to take advantage of these opportunities as they came, you must have preparation and guid- ance beyond what the public schools could offer. Elon College opened her doors and offered to you these opportunities and advantages that you needed and coveted. These years in College have developed your personality, enriched your ac- quaintance with literature, science, and the arts, have broadened your unclcrstanding of world thinking and deepened your sympathies as you face life witli its intricate prol)lems and the world with its demands upon you. D cans MaRI- S. ZlNK Dean of Women J. E. Danielev Dean TO THE GRADUATING CLASS: I believe that your choice of a liberal arts, Christian college was a wise one; it has been a joy to work with you. Elon College hopes that your education has been truly liberating in its influence and effect upon you; we pray that your Christian convictions have been strength- ened, your isions widened in their scope and that as you graduate you will dedicate yourself unreservedly to the service of your fellownian and vour God. Sincere!) ' yours, J. E. Danielev, Dean Best wishes to you, the mcmijers of the graduating class, as you embark on new ventures. One hopes that days spent at Elon have prtepared you to face this new unknown, to meet its challenges and responsibilities. May you have the courage to explore new horizons, to uphold your ideals in a confused world, and to con- tribute effectively to the community of which you will be a part. In the fruitful and enjoyable years ahead, remember that " in quietness and in confidence shall be your strength. " Mary S. Zink Dean of Women dh M Faculty KONSTANTINAS AviZONlS, A.B., M.A., Ph.D., Assoclalf Pro essor of History and Alodnn Langutii;es. . . F. Brannock, .A.B., M.S., Litt.D., Chairman of Department of . atural Sciences; Professor of Chem- istry. Luther Byrd, .A.B., M.A., Pro- fessor oj English; Publicity Di- rector Charles Cox, A.B., M.. ., As- sistant Professor of Dramatic Arts and Speech. John VV. Barniiv, A.B., Prc.Jrs nr of English. John H. Bra.shear, B..S., B.. ., M.. ' ., Chairman oJ Department and Professor oj Business . ' idministration. (On leave, 1954-55) Paul Cheek, B.S., Ph.D., Pro- fessor of Chemistry. Horace H. Cunningham, . .B., M.A., Ph.D., Chairman oJ Depart- ment of Social Sciences; Professor of History. John Bass, A.B., M.A., Associate Professor of Business Administration. William M. Brown, A.B., M.. . Ph.D., Pro essor of .Social .Science. Joshua C. Colley, .A.B., M.A., Chairman of Department of Edu- cation and Psychology; Pro essor 0 Education. Thomas R. Fox, B.S., A.C.A., .issistani Pro essor 0 Commercial Subjects. Scott Boyd, A.B., M.A., Chair- man of Department and Pro essor 0 Health and Physical Education. William E. Butler, Jr., A.B., Business .Manager. .■ lex Corriere, . .B., M.A., Ph.D., Pro essor 0 .Modern Lan- guages. Roger Gibbs, A.B., Field Secre- tary and Assistant Director 0 Admissions. h ' im iM 4«% Arabella Gore, A.B., L.S.. M.A., Calalogur Librarian. Alonzo Lohr Hook, A.B. M.A. M.S., Chairman of Depart menl of Aialhemalics; Profi Physics. Mildred Haff, A.B., M.A., Assistant Prnfessor of Alathematics. Richard Haff, A.B,, M.A.. Ph.D., Professor oj Biology. Jame.s Howell, A.B., M.A Ph.D., Chairman of Department of Lib. of English and Dramatic Arts; Pro- Jessor oJ English. Winnie C. Howell, Circulation Laurence Hedgpeth, B.M., M.A., Associate Professor of Organ and Public School Music. Oma U. J-o hnson, Ph.B., . .B., B.S.L..S., librarian. r r- T D t: T t: r- r a d i ■ , , r, ».r t-, a t) » f FLETCHER MoORE, A.B., M.. ., C-.. Gilbert Latham, B.,S., M..S., Graham Mathis, A.B., .■kssistant Pearl McDonald, . .B., M.. ., ,., , D-I artrnent of Fine Associate Prcfessor of Psychology and Athletic Coach; Associate Professor Associate Professor of French. , . p. t, , af Pinno and Groan Education. of Physical Education. • • .1 J - ■ Louise Moseley, B.S., Instructur Elizabeth Nelms, B.M., M.M., Lila Newman. Ph.B., Assistant Guy Owen, A.B., M.A., Associate of Physical Education. Associate Professor of I ' oice. Professor of .-Irt. Professor of English. 10 Faculty Pml Reddish, B.A., MA., I ' mjeisot of Biology. William T. Rkf.c:!;. B..S,, Afsislanl Proffsmr of Husiness Adminislralio Ferris E. Rev. olds, . .B., B.l)., S.T.M., Ph.U., Clwirmm, of Depailmnil of P ii om j iy and Religion; Professor oj Religion and Greek. Mar-i- p. Shocke -, B..S., .issislanl Professor of Home Economics. Bi ssfE P. Sloa.n, B.A., M.A., .-lj»i7a« Professor of Spanish. WiLiiAM V. .Sloan, B.A., B.U., Ph.D., Professor of Bihle and Religions Educalion. Jason Sox, B S , M.E., .Associate Professor of Mathematics. Jonathan .Sweat, B..S., M..S., .Associate Professor of Piano. Hazel Walker, . .B., Registrar. John I- ' osier VVesi, . .B, M..- ., Professor of English. John Westmoreland. . .B., M.A.. Professor of Piano and Organ. (On Irave, 1954-55) iWi 11 Rev. VViiiiAM f. Andf.: Ptislor Mrs. M. S. M.aupin Bookkeeper Miss VV ' .and. Dofflemver, Secretary to the Business Manager Mrs. Ei.e. nor S. Gentry, Secretary to the President Mrs. J.ackie M.- tlock, Secretary in the Admissions Office Mrs. Doroth " ! ' Owen, Secretary to tlie Dean Wanda Dofflemver 12 Student Government V Phil Carter Shirley Cox Secretary- Treasurer Jerry Lowder President ' . V " Z 5 " H onor ounc The Honor Council is composed of two seniors, two juniors, one sophomore, and one freshman. This g;roup has original jurisdiction ox ' cr all iolalions of the Honor Code and the Campus Code. C ' nier: Shcrrill Hall; left to right: Meryle Mauldin, . rlene .Slafford. Donald McDaniel; o );V «rc( .- Jackie Love, Lois Scott. Student Council The Student Council is composed of representatixcs of both men and women students, with one member elected at large from the student body. This Council has the final jurisdiction in all cases which involve the student bodv. Center: Larry Barnes; ( ( lo right: Betsy Johnson, Pat Chandler, Mary Sue Colclough; not fiietured: Luther Conger. fane Luce, Marie Weldon, Harriett Talley, Margaret Johnstor Louise McLcod. Richard Cooke, Fred Rice, Bobbv Green, CMav Brown. Interdormitory Councils I lie- Women ' s and Men ' s Intcidornikors Councils represent all resident men and women students. They make the rules which affect the conduct of the students in the dormitories and serve as a court to try violators of dormitory rules. The Council also speaks for dormitory students in matters with the administration of the College. Lesislature The Student Legislature is toin|juscd of represent- atives from the classes, dormitories, and Day Student Organization. The ' ice-President of the Student Body acts as the Speaker of the Legislature. In this Body is vested the supreme law making power. Standing: Carter. First row, tejt to right: Puckett, Emerson, Parker, Young. Second row: Mercer, Barbee, Jones, Garrison. Third roir: Beekwith, Craven, Prior, Kerman. 15 Seniors . . . 1955 ( lu right: Da c Maddox, ' ice-Prcsidcnt: Stac Johnson, President: Sue Moore, Secretary; Fred Rice, Treasurer. irJ LLIi.UU.l L I ' I 16 eniors ARMFIELD, GEORGE, Box 629, Leaksville. N. G., Physical Educatwn. " E " Men ' s Glub 3, 4; Intramural Gouncil 2; Baseball. ASHLEY, GARLTON, Apt. lO.SA, Elon Gollege, N. G. Business Admimslrattnn. A.SKE V, REUBEN SAMUEL, Bo.x 731, Elon College, N. G., Religion. Entertainment C ommittee 3: Student C:hristian Association 1, 2, 3, 4; Ministerial Association 1. 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 2, ' ice-President 3; Day Student ' s Organization 4: Maroon and Gold 2, 3, 4: Phi Psi Cli, Photographer 2. 3, 4: Elon C ' .ollege Ghoir 2, 3. BARNES, LUTHER, 401 MacArthur Ave., Ports- mouth, Va., Business Administration. Sigma Phi Beta; Spanish Glub 2, 3: French Glub 4; " E " Men ' s Glub 1, 2, 3, 4; Footl)all 1, 2, 3, 4: Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; May Gourt 4. BOZARTH, GRAGE, 1707 Gollege Ave., Yankton, S. D., Business Administration. Delta LIpsilon Kappa; Student C:ouncil 3; Student Christian Association 1, 2, 3, 4; Day Student ' s Organization 1, 2, 3; French Glub 1, 2; Entertainment Committee 2; Orientation Com- mittee 3; Phi Psi Cli 4, Copy-editor; Elon College C:hoir; Who ' ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and L ' niversities. BRITTLE, GILBERT CEPHAS, Rt. 1, Wakefield, Va., History. Alpha Pi Delta; Sigma Mu Sigma; Interdormi- tory Gouncil 2; Honor C ouncil 3; Student Christian Association 1, 2; French C!lub 1, 2; Education C ' lub 4; Orientation C ' .ouncil 3; Intramural Council 3: Com- mencement Marshal 3; Pi Gamma Mu. BURKE, VILLIAM LEVI, 620 Fountain Place, Burlington, N. C, Biology. Sigma Mu Sigma. CAREY, OTIS DA ID, - 10 Sialey St., Graham, N. C. Business Administration. CHADVVICK, JUDITH, Main St., West Boxford, Mass., Piano. Beta Omicron Beta; Student Christian Association 2, 3, 4; Maroon and Cold 4; Band 2, 3, 4; Elon College Choir 2, 3, 4. CHILTON, BILLY, Rt. 2, Bennett, N. C:., .Mathematics 17 eniors CHRISMON, DORIS, Rt. 2, Elon College, N. C, Social Science. Beta Omicron Beta: Day Student ' s Or- ganization 1, 2; Beta Chi Epsilon 1; Maroon and (uild 2, 3; Commencement Marshal 3. COLCLOUGH, MARY SUE, Box 95, Elon College, N. C, English. Delta Upsilon Kappa; Secretary-Treas- urer, Student Body 3; Student Council 4: Class Secre- tary 2: Day Student ' s Organization 1, 2, 3, 4; Education Club 3; Orientation Committee 2; Phi Psi Cli, Co- editor 4; Elon College Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; Who ' s Who .-imong Students in American Colleges and Universities; Mav Day Attendant 3; May Da - Queen 4. COLLIE, JOHN, 207 Wright St., Reidsville, N. C, Business Administration. CONGER, LUTHER, Rt. 7, Statesville, N. C, Business .Administration. Iota Tau Kappa; " E " Men ' s Club; Baseijall 1, 2, 3, 4; All-Conference; Daily .News All- State 3. COOKE, RICHARD, Rt. 3, Bo.x 130, Norfolk, Va., History. Sigma Phi Beta; Baseball 1; Footliall 1; Tennis 2; Track . CRA ' EN, HELEN, 908 Raleigh Rd., Ramseur, N. C, Public School Music. Delta Upsilon Kappa; Women ' s Interdormitory Council 2; Student Legislature 4; Orientation Committee 2; Entertainment Committee 2; Homecoming C ' ommittcc 3, 4; Elon College Choir 1. 2. 3. 4. CREWS, CHARLES, South Boston, ' a., Business .idmmistration and History. Alpha Pi Delta; French Cllub; Elon College Choir 1, 2; Pan-Hellenic Council 2; May Dav King 4. DARLING, [OAN, 1019 N. Mebane St., Burlington, N. C, English. Pi Kappa Tau; French CHub 1, 2, Sec- retarN ' 2. DISHER, JOSEPH C, 116 S. Marshall St., Win.ston- Salcni, N. C, Business Administration. Kappa Psi Nu; Honor Council 2; " E " Men ' s Club 2, 3, 4, President 3; Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 4; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities; May Court 4. DOFFLEMYER, LARRY, 304 Ireland St., Burlington, N. C, Social Science. Iota Tau Kappa; " E " Men ' s Club, 2, 3, 4; Basel)all 1, 2, 3, 4. 18 eniors DURHAM, ER " I. , Rt. 2, Burlinston, N. C, English. Spanish fUul) 1, 2; Day Student ' s Organization 1, 2, 3, 4: Maroon and (iold 2; Intramural Basketball 1, 2. EATON, SVLNIA FRANCES, 617 West Davis Street, Burlington, N. C, Business Administration. Spanish Club 3, 4, President 4; Day Student ' s Organization 2, 3, 4; Phi Psi Cli 4; Elon College Choir 2: Cheerleader 3, 4; Dance Committee, Co-Chairman 4. FLYNT, JAMES, 427 North Elm St., Asheboro, N. C, Business Administration. Dav Student ' s Organization 1, 2, 3, 4; Spanish Club 1,2. ' FOGLEMAN, .. C. Rt. 6, Greensboro, N. C., I ' oice. Sigma Mu Sigma; French CUub 1; Elon College Choir 1,2, 3, 4. GARRETT, THOMAS WADE, Rt. 1, Liberty, N. C, Business .Administration. GARRISON, JAMES MARK, 220 SiKer Lake Dr., Burlington, N. C, Business Administration. Sigma Mu Sigma; Student Legislature 4; Day Student ' s Organiza- tion 1, 2, 3, 4, V ' ice-President 3, President 4; French Club 2; Spanish Club 4. HALL, SHERRILL GRAY, Rt. 1, King, N. C, .Mathematics and English. Honor Council 4, President 4; Interdormiiory C!ouncil 3; Spanish Club 2, 3, President 3; " E " Men ' s Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Christian As- sociation 3; Ba.seball 1, 2, 3, All-Conference Honors 2, 3; All-State Honors 2, 3; Who ' s Who Among Students in .imerican Colleges and [ ' niversities; Class Treasurer 3. HAMRICK, JAMES LEWIS, 301 Merriman Ave., Draper, N. C, Physical Education. Iota Tau Kappa; Honor Council 1; " E " Men ' s Club; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, All-Conference 1, 2, 3; Track 1,2. HARDY, JAMES, 210 Main Si. .Mathematics. .Sigma Phi Beta. R. ' idsville, N. C, HEATH, CHARLES GRAHAM, Box 681, Elon Col- lege, N. C., Business .{dministration. Alpha Pi Delta 2, 3, 4; Alpha Psi Omega 2, 3; Day .Student ' s Organization 3, 4; Spanish Club 4; Pan-Hellenic Council 4; Elon Players 1, 2, President 2; Football 1; Intramural Council 1, 3. 19 Seni ors drk M h gr- f L HOOVER, HAROLD, Box 182, Elon College, N. C, Physical Education. Intramurals 2, 3. HUDSON, JOHN RIOHARD, Box 762, Elon College, N. C, Business Adminislration. HUFFMAN, CLATE F„ Rt. 3, Mount Airy, N. C. Social Science. JOHNSON, STACY LEE, Box 59, Elon College, N. C. English. Kappa Psi Nu; Student Legislature 2, 3 French Club 3, 4; Pan-Hellenic Council 4; Football 1 Track 1, 2; Commencement Marshal 3; Class Presi dent 2, 4; May Court 4. JOHNSTON, DOROTHY, 923 Graham St., Burling- ton, N. C, Home Economics. Pi Kappa Tau; Day Stu- dent ' s Organization 1, 2, 3, 4; Home Economics CIulj 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary-Treasurer 3, Social Chairman 4: Elon College Choir 1 . JONES, HARRY, Box 771, Elon College, N. C. General Science. Alpha Pi Delta. JONES, JOHN, Box 91, Bolton, N. C, Physical Edu- cation. Iota Tau Kappa; Student Legislature 3; Edu- cation Club; Physical Education Club. JONES, SYLVIA EMOLYN, 407 Trail 1, Grove Park, Burlington, N. C, Social Science. Tau Zeta Phi; Pi Gamma Mu 4; Student Legislature 4; Dance Com- mittee 4; Day Student ' s Organization 1, 2, 3, 4; Home Economics Club 2; Education Club 4, ' ice- President 4; Phi Psi Cli 4, Co-Editor. KNOTT, LULA, 101 North Street, Creedmoor, N. C, Home Economics. Tau Zeta Phi; Home Economics Club 3, 4, Treasurer 3; French Club 4. LAMM, SARA, .507 West Davis St., Burlington, N. C, English. Tau Zeta Phi; Day Student ' s Organization 4; Elon College Choir 1 . 20 eniors LEONARD. ORDIS BEXXV, 1325 Parker St., Bur- lington, X. C Biisini ' ss AHmitiiitralwn. LOWDER, JERRY, Rt. 6, Burlington, N. C, Piano. Sigma Mu Sigma 2, 3, 4; Student Council 3; Elon College Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 1, Secretary 2, ' ice-President 3; Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Chief Marshal 3: Who ' s U ' in Among Students in American Colleges and Uni- versities. LUKE, JAMES A., Holland, " a., History. Kappa Psi Nu; Intramural Council 2; Spanish Club 1, 2: Phi Psi Cli, Sports Editor 4; Commencement Marshal, Summer, 1954. NLADDOX, DAMD, Box 121, Thorsbv, Alabama; .Mathematics and Physics. Alpha Pi Delta; Interdormi- torv Clouncil 2; " " E " Men ' s Club 2, 3, 4; French Club 1; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Co-Claptain 4; Track 2, 3, 4: Senior Class ' ice-President. MADDOX, DL NE, 2525 Handasyde Court, Cincin- nati 8, Ohio: French and .Mathematics. Beta Omicron Beta; Alpha Psi Omega; Entertainment Committee, Chairman 3: Dance Committee 2, 3: Orientation Com- mittee 4; .Student Christian .Association 2, 3, 4; Spanish Club 2, 3, President 2; French Club 2, 3, 4, President 4; Elon College Choir 2, 3; Elon Players 2, 3; Elon Radio Plavers 2; Phi Cli Psi 2; Who ' s Who .Among Students in .American Colleges and Universities. MAX.X, IR. W.WXE, 620 Grace Ave., Burlington, X. C ' .., Business .Administration. M. TKIXS, IRLS DEAN, Ri. 2, Elon College, N. C, Commercial Education. Day Student ' s Organization 1, 2, 3, 4; Spanish Club 2, 3; Education 3, 4; Beta Chi Epsilon 1; Commencement Marshal, .Summer, 1954. McC:ALLEV, EDITH, Rt. 4, Burlington, N. C., Biology and Chemistry. Pi Kappa Tau; Pan-Hellenic Council 4; Day Student ' s Organization 1,2, 3, 4; Elon Chemistry Club 3, 4, Secretary-Treasurer 3, Vice- President 4; Commencement Marshal 3. .MilXr ' RE, ROXNTE, C:cntral Ave., Burlington, . . C., Business Administration. Ida Tau Kappa: Basket- ball 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; " E " Men ' s Club 1, 2, 3, 4. McKEE, PEGGY JAXE, Rougemont, X. C:., Com- mercial Education. Tau Zcta Phi; Education Club 3, 4, Secretary 3; Student Christian .As.socialion 1; Beta Chi Epsilon 1; Cheerleader 4; Maid cf Honor, Homecoming 4; Maid of Honor, May Day 4. 21 a M eniors McLEOD, LOUISE EDNA, 420 Fairview St., Albe- marle, N. C; Physical Education and English. Delta Upsilon Kappa; Interdormitory Council 4; Student Legislature 2; Intramural Council 2; Spanish Club 2; Education Club 4; Women ' s Recreational Association 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 3, President 4; Student Chris- tian Association 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2; Pan-Hellenic Council 3, 4; Elon Players 1, 2, 3; Phi Psi Cli 1, 2; Cheer- leader 2, 3, Head Cheerleader 3; Commencement Marshal 3; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Col- leges and Universities; Dance Committee 1, 2; Orientation Committee 3, 4; Entertainment Committee 1, 2, 3, 4. MERCER, WILLIAM CHARLES, 1111 Anthony Street, Burlington, N. C, Mathematics and Physics. Sigma Mu Sigma; Student Legislature 4, Speaker Pro- Tem 4; Day Student ' s Organization 2, 3, 4, Vice-Presi- dent 4; Conmiencement Marshal, Summer, 1954. MIC:HAUX, PEGGY MILLER, Elon College, N. C, Primary Education. Delta L ' psilon Kappa; May Day Court 4. MOORE, ILA sue, Rt. 2, Hurdle Mills, N. C., French. Delta LTpsilon Kappa; Women ' s Interdormitory Coun- cil 2, 3, Vice-President 3; Student Christian Association 1, 2, 3, 4; French Club 1, 2, 3, 4, President 3; Piii Psi Cli Staff 3; Elon Players 3, 4; Women ' s Recreational Association 2; Commencement Marshal 3; Monroe Award 3; H ' Ao ' .s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. MORRIS, JOSEPH, 1113 V. Davis St., Burlington, N. C, Business Administralion. Sigma Mu Sigma; Kappa Psi Nu; Student Legislature 3; Junior Class President; Intramural Council 4; Orientation Committee 2, 3, 4; Student Entertainment Committee 2; Homecoming Committee 3, 4; Colonnades 2; Elon College Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Drum Major 3, 4; Elon Players 2; Intramural Softball 2; Commencement Marshal 3; North Carolina Student Legislature 3; Interim Council 4. MORRIS, RETHA, 202 Alamance Road, Burlington, N. C., English. Tau Zeta Phi; Day Student ' s Organiza- tion 1, 2, 3, 4; Elon College Choir 1, 2, 3, 4. MOTLEY, DOROTHY, Bo.x 606, Elon College, N. C, Home Economics. Pi Kappa Tau; Day Student ' s Organiza- tion 1, 2, 3, 4; Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4, ' ice- President 2. NANC;E, RAYNARD, 512 silver St., Reidsville, N. C, Business Administration. NELSON, JOHNNY, IK) St. John St., Burlington. N. C, Business Administration. PACKARD, DONALD EUGENE, Avondale, N. C, Physical Education. " E " Men ' s Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice- President 3; Day Student ' s Organization 1; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4. 22 eniors PARKER, LOUISE BEMIS, 232 M;iin St., Spencer, Mass., English. Delta Upsilon Kappa; Student Legis- lature 1, 2; Student Christian Association 1. PERRY, HENRY. 416 Maple Ave., Burlington, N. C, Biisiritss Adiiiinislratidn. Iota Tau Kappa; Sigma Mu Sigma; Da Student ' s Organization 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball. PHELOX. PHILIP, Granville, L .ss., History. PHELPS, ROBERT IR " ING, 3901 Victory Circle, Fort Smith, Arkansas, History. Student Legislature 2; Honor Council 3; Student Christian Association 1, 2, 3, 4, ' ice-President 3, President 4; Put Psi Cli 4; Elon College Choir 1, 2. 3, 4, President 4: Sophomore Class Treasurer; Conwiiencement Marshal 3; Pi Gamma Mu; U ' lio s Who Among Students in American Colleges and I niversities. PHILLIPS. SHIRLEY RUTH. Swepsonvil Commercial Education. Pi Kappa Tau. N. C. RAKES, RALPH, 33 Field Avenue, Physical Education. Iota Tau Kappa. Fieldale RAWLES, MARGARET ANN, 812 Gettings St., Suffolk, " a.. Commercial Education. Tau Zeta Phi; Pan- Hellenic Council 4; Student Christian .Association 1, 2: Women ' s Recreational .Association 1; Education Club 3, 4; Beta C:hi Epsilon 1 ; Put Psi Ci.i 2. RKT.. FREDERICK CARLTON, Rt. 2, Burlington, X. C., Social Science. Kappa Psi Nu; Student Legislature 3; Men ' s Interdormitory Council 3, 4; Board of Elections 3, 4, Chairman 4; Senior Class Treasurer; Student Christian .Association 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 4; Spanish Clul) 1, 2. 3; Education Club 3, 4, President 4; Intra- murals 1, 2, 3, 4; Pi Gamma Mu. ROBERTSON. WILLIAM LEWIS, f,10 Clili St.. . Iartins ille. ' a.. Physical Education, lota Tau Kappa; Spanish Club 1: I-ootball 1; Basketf)all 1. SHERMAN, HAZEL, Ri. 1, Oxford, X. C., Religious Education. Student Christian Association 1, 2, 3, 4; Women ' s Recreational Association 1 ; Home Economics Club 3, Treasurer 3; Education Club 4; Ministerial .Association 1, 2. 3, 4, .Secretary 2, Treasurer 3, Vice- President 4; Elon College C ' hoir 3; Commencement Marshal 3. 23 eniors SHOFFNER, MARGARET MAE, Rt. 1, Julian, N. C, Public School Music. Tau Zeta Phi; Student Christian Association 1, 2, 3, 4; French Club 1; Elon College Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; Band 4; Women ' s Recreational As- sociation 1, 2. SPLAVVN, FRANK T., Box 339, Cliffside, N. C, Mathematics. Spanish Cllul) 1: Education Club. STAFFORD, CLARA ARLENE, 1308 Oklahoma Ave., Burlington, N. C, Commercial Education. Delta Upsilon Kappa; Beta Chi Epsilon 3, 4; Student Council 3; Honor Council 4; Day Student ' s Organization 1, 2; Ma Day Court 3, 4; Cheerleader 3, Head Cheerleader 4; Homecoming Queen 4; Homecoming Committee 4. SWICEGOOD, CHARLES, Rt. 5, Lexington, N. C, History and Social Science. Iota Tau Kappa; " E " Men ' s Club ' l, 2, 3, 4; Maroon and Gold 2, 3; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, All-Conference 1, 2, 3. TARGETT, THOMAS, 28 Forest St., Braintree, Mass. Philosophy. TATE, PATSY ELIZABETH, Rt. 1, Efland, N. C, Religious Education. Tau Zeta Phi; Ministerial Association 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3; Student Christian Association 1, 2, 3, 4; French Club 1, 2; Education Club 4; Women ' s Recreational Association 1, 2. TAYLOR, HOLLAND, 2129 Oak Ave., Newport News, Va., Business Administration. Kappa Psi Nu; Spanish Club, Treasurer 4; Colonnades 1; Band 2; Tennis 3, 4; Dance Committee 1,2, 3, 4; Co-Chairnian of Homecoming Committee 4. TAYLOR, LEON H., Cubana Road, Thomasville, Ga., Physical Education. Alpha Pi Delta; Interdormitory Council 4; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; " E " Men ' s Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Elon College Choir 1,2; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4. TIMMONS, ROBERT, Ri. 2, Mount Airy, N. C, Physical Education. Basketball 3, 4. VESTAL, WAYNE FRANKLIN, Rt. 1, Box 109, Asheboro, N. C, History. Alpha Pi Delta; Pi Gamma Mu; Intranmral Council 4; Student Christian Asso- ciation 1, 2; French Club 1; Maroon and Gold 3; Elon College Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Elon Radio Plavers 2. 24 eniors WAGGONER, JAMES M., 1792 Orlando Circle, Jackson ille, Fla., English. Day Student ' s Organization 3, 4; Spanish Club 3, 4; Student Christian Association 3, 4: Education Club 4; Maroon and Gold 3, 4, Co-Editor 3, Editor-in-Chief 4; Who ' s Who Among Students in Ameri- can Colleges and i ' niversilies. WALKER, CAROLYN ANN, 336 E. Salisbury St., Ashefjoro, N. C, English. Delta Upsilon Kappa; Wo- men ' s Interdormitory Council 2, 3, President 4; Student C:hristian Association 1: Elon Plavers 1, 2, Secretary 2: Maroon and Gold 2: Phi Psi C:i i 2; Majorette 1, 2, 4. WIDDIFIELD. JOSEPH, ' ets Apts., Elon College, N. C, Mathematics. Kappa Psi Nu; Honor Council 1: Football 1, 2. 3; Basketball 1. WILLIAMS, JO WATTS, . C ' ., English. iox 577, Elon College, WILLLAMS, RUTH, Rt. 1, Haw River, N. C, Re- ligious Education. Pi Kappa Tau; Day Student ' s Organi- zation 1, 2, 3, 4: Ministerial Association 2, 3: Orientation Committee 2. WILLL MSON, JAMES WRIGHT, Rt. 2, Box 184, Norfolk 2, " a.. Philosophy. Alpha Psi Omega 4; Student Legislature 4: Philosophy CHub. WILSON, ATLAS CLARK, 4310-A Ralcigii Rd.. fJreensboro, N. C:. Business .■idministralinn. WINSTON, JAMES LEWIS, Nelson, ' a.. Chemistry. Kappa Psi Nu; Interdormitory C ' .ouncil 2, 3, 4, .Secre- iar 3: Pan-Hellenic Council 2; French C ' lul) 3, 4; .Student C hrislian Association 1, 2; Maroon and Gold 4; Intramural Athletics 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 4; Orientation C ommiltee 4. WOODARD, THOMAS, 520 Summit Ave., Greens- li(jro, N. C, Business Administration. s r im 25 Juniors . . . 1955 I.tfl In right: Gar - Thompson, ' icc-President: Joe Ann Wright. Secretary-TiTasurtr; Dahon Parker, President. 26 Juni ors Aldridge, George Ir i. , Rt. I, ' anc(y illc, N. C. Allen, Don Lee. Box 305, Grove Park, Burlinsjton, N. C. Amick, Ai ' BRE - ' gn, Jr., 1321 W. D;nis .St., Burlina;ton, N. C. B. LN, N.ANo -, 335 Fountain Place. Burlineton. N. C. B.AKER, El.aine, 743 Onion Ave., Laconia, N. H. John B.arber, 715 E. Da i,s .St.. Binlinsjton, N. C. Beckwith, Eiiz.abeth, 25 Wctinore A e., Morristown, N.J. Bi AKE, D.-wiD, Stednian, N. C. Bolick, Rceert £., 315 Trail 4, Gro e Park. Burlington, N. C. Br.adley, George, Bo.x 168, Mebane, N. C. Br.jidy, Gold.a, Box 194, Ram.seur, N. C. Brown, Everett C:., 336 V. Main St., Mt. Sterlintj, K . C.iiLE, .Alberi, Rt. 2, Vincl.sor, N. C. Calhoun, J.AMES, Ri. 3, Box 13H, . orlblk. " a. C.arden, B.arb.ar.a, 1431 Beech Drive, Burlinglon, . . C Garter. Phil. Liberty, N. C. Juni ors Carter, Quincv Alber, Jr., 318 VV. Ruffin St., Burlington, N. C. Chandler, George, 304 Rowan St., Fayetteville, N. C. CiTTV, Hugh, 308 Lindsey St., Reidsville, N. C. Clapp, Edward Thomas, 350 N. Maple St., Graham, N. C. CovNER, Gwendolyn Ruth, 612 VV. Front St., Burlington, N. C. Cox, Shirley-, Bo. 243, Elon College, N. C. DuNi.AP, Robert, Rt. 1, Pelzer, S. C. Earp, Ronald, 1203 N. Mebane St., Burlington, N. C. Edwards, William Forrest, 605 Pine St., Burlington, N. C. Ellington, Edna, Rt. 3, Reidsville, N. C. Emerson, Jack Terry, 1702 C!edar Ave., Lewes Beach, Del. Fi ythe, Henry Franklin, 225 S. Main St., Graham, N. C. FuyuA ' i-, John, Jr., Box 295, ' anceyville, N. C. Garber, Jack, 218 E. Pine St., Cadillac, Mich. ikdh Ginn, William, 206 Center St., Ml. Pleasant, S. C. Green, BoBB ■ Lee, Rt 1, Brown Summit, N. C. Juni ors Gregg, William, Rt. 4, Easley, S. C. Hancock, Glenda, 303 E. Pine St., Graham, N. C. Harris, Raymond, Rt. 1, Box 72, Graham, N. C. Heltslev, Kenneth ' ., 536 .S. Lexington St., Burhngton, N. CI. ki r Hobgood, Homer, Rt. 1, Oxford, N. C. Johnson, Betsy Ann, Box 666, Fuquay Springs, N. C. Johnson, Billie Faye, Greensboro Highway, Burlington, N. C:. Johnson, John, 1311 Sapona Rd., Fayetteville, N. C. Johnston, Margaret, Tryon, N. C. Jones, Jayne, 1715 W ' oodland Ave., Burlington, N. C. Jones, Patricia, Rt. 1, Graham, N. C. Kerman, William O., Ill Shchon Ave., Norfolk, Va. Kernodle, Leonard H., Ri. 1, Elon Colk-ge, N. C. Keziah, Richard C:., 317 Trail 3, Grove Park, Burlington, N. C. Kii PATRICK, Joseph Richard, 415 Pccic Si., Binlington, N. G. Kincaid, JiMM-i ' , 1103 Summit A e., Greensboro, N. C. JV Juni ors Kirs ' !-, Ashburn, 709 Burrow A -e., S. Norfolk, Va. Lambert, Kenneth, 2811 Mctoria Ave., Norfolk, Va. LiNDLE ' i-, J.- CK, 21232 Highland Ave., Burlington, N. C. LiTTiKEN, JiiHN, Rt. 1, Bo. 85, McLcan.sN ' ille, N. C. Longest, Judith, 329 N. Main St., Graham, N. C. M. soN, Ch. rles B., 1520 Banc Ave, Henderson, N. C. Match. ' n, Nannette, 668 Rutledgc Ave., Charleston, S. C. Mauldin, Meryee, 317 Corona St., Winston-Salem, N. C. Mevius, Horst Richard, Mecklengurgerstr 59, Lubeck-Schulup, Germanv. Michael, John Donald, 210 Kcrnodle Dr., Burlington, N. C. MicHAUx, Charles, Linden, N. C. Moore, L. B. scom, 415}2 Trail 1, Grove Park, Burlington, N. C. Mortensen, Martin, 124 W. Gilbrcth St., Graham, N. C. MosELE ■, FiiRMAN, 106 Duke Ave., Columliia, S. C. Nance, Robert Lyndon, 143 Bland BKcl., Bmlington, N. C. Newman, Tcimm ' , P. O. Box 682, Elon College, N. C. Juni ors Oates, CIharles. 1912 Fargis St., Greensboro, N. C. Oakes, William, 123 Suniinii A e., Burlington, X. C. Parker, Paul Dalto.n, Rt. 2, Box 538, Suffolk, Va. Patrum, Maxwell P., 612 Raine St., Burlington, N. C. Pavne, Polly, S epson illc, N. C. Pav.ne, Robert O., Rt. 1. Gilwonville, N. C. Phillips. James He. r ' , Rt. 3, Burlington, N. C. Price, Weldon Robert, 513 Roach .St., Reids illc, N. C. RA •, Abraham, 200 E. Jack.son St., Mebane, N. C. Scott, Lois, Bo.x 396, Elon C ullege, N. C. Simpson, Richarli, Rt. 1, Elon (lolicge, N. C. Smith, Bob, 314 Hollingsworth, I.caksviUe, N. C. Smith, Jimmy C, Box 242, (ilen Ra en, N. C Smyre, JERR ■. Box 181I„ Rt. 1, (Jreensboro, N. C. Stafford, Margaret, 1315 Morganton Rd., l ' ayettc ille, N. C. Starr, Leslie, 4212 Raleigh Rd., Greensboro, N. C. t;i i Juniors Stoddard, Ann, 56 Magnolia St., Braintrce, Mass. Sutton, Mariorie Louise, Rt. 1, Elon Cbllcge, N. C. SwiNSON, Donald, 205 West Bayshorc Dr., Jacksonville, N. C:. Tallev, Harriett, Rt. 2, Box 150, South Boston, ' a. Tate, William, Efland, N. C. Theos, Nicholas, 28 Grove St., C harlcston, S. C. Thomas, David Terrace, 2800 Hazclwood St., Raleigh, N. C. Thomas, Earl, 436 Apple St., Burlington, N. C. Thompson, Amelia, Haw Ri cr, N. C. Thompson, Gary, 4215 E. Indian River Rd., Norfolk 6, Va. Thompson, James, 125 E. Holt St., Burlington, N. C. 32 Juniors Wagoner, Lora Louise, Box 415, Elon College, N. C Walker, Harold, Rt. 3, Burlington, N. C. Watson, Bets ' , 1618 Sharpe St., Burlington, N. C. Weldon, Julia Marie, Rt. 3, Louisburg, N. C. Whitiev, Ra i. lid W. Sth St., Winston-Salem, N. C RIGHT, Ann, Bo.x 54, Elon Clollcge, N. C WRii.in, Joe Ann, 513 Alamance Rd., Bmlington, N. CI. Wright, Rov B., Box 245, Glen Raven, N. C. Wyrick, June, Rt. 2, Burlington, N. C. Yost, Paul, 105 Wake Forest Rd., Portsmouth, Va. ' oung, William Curtis, 211 W. 1 rinity A e., Durham, N. C. 33 Sophomores . . . 1955 Left to right: Gordon Ward, Treasurer: Margaret Patillo, Vice-President; Sylsia Smith, Secretary; Don Johnson, President. 34 Sophomores Abernathy, Pegg - Carohn, Rt. 2, Graham, N. C. Andrews, Gordon Richard, M-2 Mayfair Apts., Bur lington, N. C. Ashley, Ruth Shirlc . Box 663, Elon College, N. C. Austin, James, 407 S. Williamson St., Burlington, N. C. Barnes, Larry, 401 MacArthur A e., Portsmouth, ' a. Barr, Benjamin, 2 South Second Ave., Taftville, Conn. Barron, Navarre, Apt. 104-B, Elon College, N. C. Bayer, Maxine, Box 48, Graham, N. C. Bergman, Rol)crt, Rt. 7, Norwich, Conn. Blalock, Jerry. Rt. 1, Efland, N. C. Boland, Margaret, Elon College, N. C. Boswell, Clyde Dewey, Box 261, Chatham, ' a. Bowen, Richard, 810 Fountaine St., Franklin, ' a. Bradham, Charles Vhitne , 18 Kendrick St., Sumter, S. C. Brady, Charlie, c o C. F. Parks, Rt. 1, Graham, N. C. Bray, Gerald Winslow, 1222 N. Road, Elizabeth C:itv. N. C. Burke, Lester R., Box 75, Elon College, N. C. Cafasso, Patsv, 350 Atlantic Ave., Cedarhurst, L. L. N. Y. Carothers, Berry F., 805 Wicker St., Burlington, N. C. Gartner, Glenn Maurice, 616 Everette St., Burlington, N. C. Gates, Robert Merrill, 526 Climax Street, Graham, N. C. Cayavec, William, 2803 S. Troy St., C hicago, III. Chrismon, Mcl in, Rt. 2, Elon College, N. C. Cleapor, Anita, 937 Graham St., Burlington, N. C. Lii •U J » ' T ' Sophomores Coble, Don, Rt. 4, Burlington, N. C. Crabtree, Janet H., 2500 Indian Trail, Durham, N. C. Graver, Rolicrt, Rt. 3, Box 122, Lexington, N. C. Crump, James, Aberdeen, N. C. Chumpton, Bruce, Rt. 4, Roxboro, N. C. Crutchfield, Joseph, 310 N. Ireland St., Burlington, N. C. Cubbage, Ladson Gentrx, 125 Church St., Sumter, S. C. Daniel, James, Rt. 1, Oxford, N. C. Da idson, Edwin, 1087 Brackendridgc Ave., Brackcn- ridgc. Pa. Dczatteo, Anthonv, 162 E. Savory St., Pottsville, Pa. Doss, Nealc C:lifton, Rt. 1, Haw River, N. C. Doss, Thaddeus Christian, Rt. 1, Haw River, N. C. Drummond, William, 511 Ward St., Graham, N. C. Ellington, Edward, 606 Thomas St., Rcidsvillc, N. C. Faggart, Richard L., Box 424, Burlington, N. C. Flynn, Joseph Hayes, Box 12, Elon College, N. C:. Foster, Frances, Rt. 1, Ruffin, N. C. Fowler, Rhulon A., 703 Stalcy St., Burlington, N. C. Frederick, William C., 617 C ' ommercial Ave., C lilton Forge, ' a. Fritts, E el n, Rt. 3, Lexington, N. C. Garrett, Betty, Box 812, Elon College, N. C. Garrett, Glenn, Box 812, Elon College, N. C. Ciriffin, William, Box 102, Gibsonvillc, N. C. Gutterson, Richard, Box 662, Elon College, N. C. Sophomores Hair. Bol)l)v. lOlfl E. Willowhrook Dr., Burlina:ton. X. C. Hall, Dean. Rt. 3. Burlinoton. X. C. Hall, Geursjc. 405 Gorden St., .Spray, X. C. V jf V • »- Harden. John, Bo. 49. Graham, X. C. Hare, Melvin, Aberdeen. X. C. Ba Harrell, Eugene, Rt. 1, Box 593, Suffolk, Va. Harris, Harold, 1425 " aughn Rd., Burlington, X. C. Hatch, Richard, 1229 Franklin St., Burlington, X. C. Hawkins, Jimniie, 314 V. 33rd St., Xorl ' olk, ' a. Haves, Harold Llo d, 605 Beaumont .Ase., Burlington, X. C. Heffner, Clayton E., 222 Willow Ave., Burlington, X. C. Hensley, Bobby R., 624 .Avon .Ave., Burlington, X. C. O ' o ft p Hight, Tyler, 117 Church St., Henderson, .M. C. j ..• ,? »» ' Hill. Phillip Lewis, 806 Xorth . ve., Burlington, X. C. Hcjlland, James, 1522 Granville St., Burlington, X. C. Holt, Elizabeth .Ann, Rt. 6, Box 198, Burlington, X. C. Holt, Grace, Box 231. Elon College, .X. C. Hurle , Jack I... 423 . . Queen St.. Burlington, X. C. Ingle, J. C, Rt. 1, GibsonviUe. X. C. Isley, V ' aync, 1004 Lindsey St., Reidsville, X. C. Jackson, Leroy Frank, Box 665, Henderson, X. C. John.son, .Andrew)., 1002 .Sidney . c.. Burlington, X. C:. Johnson, Donald Billy, 901 W. Broad St., Dunn, X. C. Johnson, R. Xeil, 305 Caswell St., Burlington, X. C . x £ a « - " IB Sophomores MM I P ! . O, Johnston, Clarl Herman, 728 Elniire St., Burlington, N. C. Johnston, LesHe, Holland, ' a. Keck, Jennie, Rt. 4, Burlington, N. C. Keisling, Fred L., Rt. 1, Burlington, N. C. Kernodle, Bobbie Mae, Rt. 4, Burlington, N. C. Khury, Laila, Ramallah, Jordan Kieval, Roy, 1877 Ocean Ave., Brooklyn, N. V. Kitsinger, Joe R., 204 Williamson St., Burlington, N. C. Kivett, Henry Landon, 713 N. Main St., Burlington, N. C. Knight, Frances, Rt. 5, Sanford, N. C. Kopko, Robert, 131 McKel St., Monessen, Pa. Lane, Lawrence, Fuquay, N. C. Leighton, James, 1810 Hillcrest Dr., Durham. N. C. Luce, Jane, 131 Sound Ave., Riverhead, N. Y. Madren, Pat.sy, Rt. 1, Henderson, N. C. Mariani, Vincent, 824 Montrose St., Vineland, N. J. Martin, Wayne, 316 W. LInion St., Morganton, N. C. McCarthy, Richard, 6325 Ave. T, Brooklyn 34, N. Y. McClure, Ir ing Albert, Box 184, Elon College, N. C. McDaniel, Donald, 108 Scott Ave., Fayetteville, N. C. McDonald, Kathleen, Bo.x 458, Elon College, N. C. Mclntyre, Richard Glenn, 112 Glenvvood A e., Bur- lington, N. C. McPherson, James C, Rt. 1, Snow Camp, N. C. Medlin, Curtis, Rt. 8, Sanford, N. C. Sophomores Minnis. Bobln, 213 Washington St., Graham, N. C. Moize, Jerry, 709 Whitsott Anc, Gil),son ilk ' , . . C:. Morris, William Glenwood, 308 Irt-iand St , Bur- linsiton, N. C. Murray, Edc ar, Rt. 2, Box 124, Elon College, N. C. Nichols, James, 912 Askew St., Burlington, N. C. Oaklev, Carl Jennings, 1704 Hilton Rd., Burlmgton. N. C. Pace, Howard N., 136 Brooks St., Burlington, N. C. Parrish. Wilma, Rt. 4. Burlington, x . C. Patillo, Margaret, 410 Guthrie St., Burlington, N. C. Patterson, William Carl. 330 W. Kinie .St., Burlington, N. C. Perry, Joyce, Rt. 3, Siler City, N. C. Perry, Wayne, Rt. 2, Burlington, N. C. Peters, Mac Ray, 812 E. Main St., Aberdeen, N. C. Petree, Mildred, 1813 Third St., (iralnir Heights Burlington, N. C. Pierce, Carl William, Rt. 1, Graham, N. C. Presncll, Shirley, Rt. 1, Box 292, Ashelwro, N. C. Price, Xathan Le i, .Swepsonsille, N. C. Prior, Allied, 311 .Second St., Laurel. Md. Puckell. . nii. IKKl Brown . -e., Burlington. N. C. Pugh, Richard, Rt. 1, Asheboro, N. C. Quails, Ronnie, 808 N. Main St., Burlington, N. C. Ratliff, Melville Lawless. 104 Wilson, (Jraham, N. C. Ratliff. William D., 104 Wilson, Graham, N. C. Ray, Brantley, Rt. 3, Hiilsboro, N. C. W " ' ■! • ' f iTthdh r o poo g iihdik Sophomores Rav, William, Rt. 4, U.S. 70, Burlington, N. C. Reavis, Jack, 1005 N. Main St., Burlington, N. C. Reneau, James, 431 Norman St., Portsmouth, ' a. Roberts, Rex, 808 Heron St., Reidsville, N. C. Rush, C. A., 403 V. Gilbreath St., Graham, N. C. Ryals, Joseph, Rt. 3, Bo.x 27, Dunn, N. C. Sartin, Al Warren, 210 N. Melville St., Graham, N. C. Sartin, Gladys, Rt. 2, Burlington, N. C. .Scott, Bynum Ray, Seagrove, N. C. Seamon, Laura, 409 Sunrise Ave., Henderson, N. C. Seamon, Victor H., 214 W. Gilbreath St., Graham, N. C. Sharpe, Margaret, Box 137, Bear Creek, N. C. Shepherd, Nanthalyn, Altamahavv, N. C. Simpson, Jackie, Rt. 1, Box 159, McLeansville, N. C. Smith, Larry, ' ets. Apts., Elon C!ollege, N. C. Smith, S lvia, Rt. 1, Henderson, N. C. Somers, Boyd W., Rt. 2, Elon CloUege, N. C. Sparks, Jimmy, Box 142, Cliffside, N. C. 40 Soph pnomores Steelman, Joseph, 506 Central Ave., Burlington, N. C. Stone, William Earl, Rt. 2, Madison, N. C:. Strange, Shirley, 1217 Kilhy St., Bin-lington, N. C Stuckey, Rebecca, 727 Staley St., Graham, N. C. Tomlinson, Marie, Bo.x 387, S ep.son ille, N. C. Turner, James William, Xicks .St., Graham, N. C. Walker, Martha, Rl. .i, Burlington, N. C. Walker, William, G-3 Uni -. Apts., Durham, N. C. Walters, Henry, 1307 North Si.xth .Ant., Columbus, Mississippi. Ward, Gordon, 303 Causey Ave., .Suffolk, ' a. Wells, Zane Grey, Rt. 6, Burlington, N. C. Wiggins, Joseph, 420 Kilb St., Suffolk, ' a. Williams, John K., Rt. 2, Hillsboro, N. C. Williamson, Elmer L., Rt. 1, Haw Ri er, N. C. Womack, Shirley, Bo.x 316, Olivia, . . C!. Zarou, ' iolet, Ramallah. Jordan. 41 Freshmen . . . 1955 Left to right: Mike Fargis, ' icc-Prc.siclent; Emma Louise Waggoner, Secretary; Bobby Johnson, Treasurer; Grover Biddle, President. !!» " 42 Fresh men Adams, Connie Mark, 504 Pine Avenue, Graham, N. C. Allen, Peggy Rae, 1240 Kilby St., Burling- ton, N. C. Allsbrook, Lena Jo, 301 Lee St., Franklin, Virginia Amnions, Betty Sue, 415 Planner St., Bur- lington, N. (. ' .. Andrews, Bobby L., 242 V. Harding, Gra- ham, N. C. Apessos, John, 12 .Schoomaker A e., Moncs- sen, Pa. Askew, Jovce Beck Box 731, Elon C ollege, N. C. Baldwin, C:iilton. Bo.x 318, Whitsett, N. C. C Sk . .Vi C Barl)ee, Richard, 311 ' ance St., Burling- ton, N. C. ' ■ X W Bass, Robert Elliot, 205 West Kime St., . " " , , - ■ - Burlington, N. C. K ' P M . B H ' H Bell, Jimmy, B HI J l A 1 HJ H lington, N. C. Bennett, Bobby, Spottswood Ave., Elkton, ' irginia. Biddle, Grover, 101 Wvoming Ave., Do er, Delaware. . Biggerstaff, James, 518 Sixth St., Burlington, ' N. C. Biggerstaff, John, 518 .Sixth .St., Burlington, N. C. Blackwood, Nathaniel, 108 V. McAden St., Graham, N. C. (T) O C} Blanchard, Robert, 407 Mimosa Dr., Greens- boro, N. C. Boswell, Marian, Rt. 2, Burlington, N. C. Bowman, John A., Box 241, Graham, N. C. Bradham, Richard, 18-B Kendrick St., Sumter, S. G. Brow, Audrey .Suttt)n. 349 Albright A e., Graham, N. C. Bullis, Robert Allen, South Main St. Ext., Graham, N. C. Butler, Paul Dean, Gibsonville, N. G. Campbell, Lonnie B., 513 Roxbury .St., Clifton Forge, Va. Carey, Lonnie L, 405 S. Beaumont, Bur- lington, N. C ' . Carey, Stanley Otis, Rt. 5, Burlington, X. C. Carson, Betty, 2514 Bcrhlev PI., Greens- " boro, N. C. Cass, Stewart, 1612 N. College Park Dr. Greensboro, N. C;. Chrismon, Patricia, Rt. 6, Cireensbcjnj Rfl. Reidsville, N. C. Clark, Judith Ann, 1300 Oakland Ave. Durham, N. C. Clearey, James, Rt. 1, Ridgeway, a. Clinedinst, William, 490 Thornycroft Dr. Pittsburgh, Pa. I O. jt 43 Fresh ft f f p, o .(( (Pi D resnmen Cloghill, Molly Jean, Rt. 4, Henderson, N. C. Cloghill, Patricia, Rt. 4, Henderson, N. C. Coker, Walter, Kenly, N. C. Collins, Peggy, Box 603, Hillshoro, N. C. Clompton, James, Jr., Box 234, Cedar Grove, N. C. Crawford, Barbara Jean, Rt. 1, Haw River, N. C. Creech, Jerry, 324 McBean St., Portsmouth, Virginia. Currie, Sarah, Red Springs, N. C. Davis, Jane, Rt. 1, Raleigh, N. C. Delancev, Bettv, Rt. 4, Box 8, Reidsville, N. C. DePerna, James, 122 Morgan St., Bracken- ridge, Pa. Dixon, Max Thomas, 1124 Lind.sev, Reids- ville, N. C. Driver, James Dale, 1012 S. Main St.. Burlington, N. C:. Dula, Ann, 1619 Avondale Dr., Durham, N. C. Edmonds, Walter, 2217 Queen .St., Ports- mouth, V ' a. Edwards, Billy King, 306 C ' obI) Ave., Bin-lington, N. C. Edwards, Zane Thomas, 2124 Martin St., Burlington, N. C. Elder, Joan, 110 Glendale Ave., Burlington, N. C. Eskridge, George Dumont, 1411 Oklahoma Ave., Burlington, N. C . E -ans, ,S. T., Altamahaw, N. C. Everett, Jane, 333 Sumpter St., L nchljurg, Virginia. Fairchild, Barijara, Rt. 4, Alamance Acres, Burlington, N. C ' . Fargis, James Mike, Rt. 2, Woodland Park, Reidsville, N. C:. Farrell, Truman T., Rt. 1, Graham, N. C. Fields, Ted, Hunterdale, Franklin, Va. Fisher, Richard, 1124 Plaid St., Burlington, N. C. Foster, Charles, 41. S Maple Ave., Burlington, N. C. Foust, Vance D., Box 374, Whilseit, N. C. Frye, Jane, Liberty, N. C. Frye, Katrine, Liberty, N. C. Fuquay, William G., Jr., 209 Markham, Burlington, N. C. Fiurell, Charles D., Rt. 4, Burlington, N. C. 44 Fresh men Gaddis, Doris, 533 Holly St., Asheboro, N. C. Gamble, Robert, 2316 Lawndale Dri e, Greensboro, N. C. Gaydon, Robert, S. Main St., Graham, N. C. Gentrv. Robert. Bo, 558, Ro.xboro, N. C. Grad , S l ia, 1706 Hamlin .St., Durham, N. C. Grav, Durwood, 323 Stokes .St., Burlington, N. C. Guv, Miriam, 1033 Webb .Xxc, Burline;ton, N. C. Hall, Jon, 128 S. Lincoln St., Kent, Ohio Harden, John A., Jr., 214 Willow Ave.. Burlington, N. C. Harper, Douglas, 6307 2nd St., .Albemarle. N. C. Harper, Durwood, 223 Golumliia Ave., Burlington, N. C ' . Harris. Earl D., 1731 N. Clhurch St., Bur- lington, N. c;. Harris, Franklin Ra , Rt. 1, (jraham, N. C Harris, Joe Edmimd, ictory Station, Gas- tonia, N. G. Harvev, Carl, Box 813, Elon College, N. C. Hawk, ' Harold, Whitsett, N. C:. Haves. Harold, 1209 Welch St., Burlington. N. C. Hayes, Marion, 510 N. Dri er .Av e., Durham, N. C. Heath, Paul Rav, Elon College, N. C. Hedgepeth. Betty. 1004 S. Main Exi., Graham, N. C. Henderson, Jack, 705 Second St., Towanda. Pennsylvania. Hendricks, Robert. Rt. 3, Danville, Pa. Hill, Webster, Robbins, N. C. Hin.son, Gaston L., Rt. 1, Elon College, N. C. Hoover. Beverlv S.. Box 182, Elon Clollcge, X. c. Hughes, Margaret Louise, 415 Hillcrest Dr.. Greensboro, N. C;. Ingle, Joe, Rt. 3, Siler City. . . C. Ingle, Vera Anne, Rt. 1, Box 320. (iihson- ville, N. C. Jeffreys. James K., Rt. 2, Graham, N. C. Jessee, Marcum Dale, Rt. 2, Ridgeway, V ' a. Johnston, Sarah Graham, 208 E. Harden St., Graham, N. C. Joyner, Vernon, Walters, Va. Q. Sk ih V . 1 ii Cs. a f? Q gm dM : n fl! ft © mM . 1 . Jr ' -. 9i a iik ( rs ' , ' ' fTi is ' - l I i % f v ■P Aa .t J, 45 l j y Fresh . fti ( : O reshmen Keck, Dorothv, Rt. 4, Burlington, N. C. King, Helen, ' 425 Chapel Hill Rd., Bur- lington, N. C. King, Jerry, Rt. 4, Burlington, N. C. Kingsl)ur -, Johnn -, Rt. 2, Box 69, Mount Airy, N. C. Kinney, Thomas Ervin, 1016 Tucker St., Burlington, N. C. Kinslex ' , Ronald, Rt. 2, Towanda, Pa. Leitch, ' Henrv, 115-99 230th St., Columbia Heights 11, L. I., N. Y. Lewis, Marion B., Rt. 2, Graham, N. C. Lewis, Nathaniel Alvis, 308 Cobb Ave., Burlington, N. C. Lewis, Thomas Benton, Rt. 2, C ' hadbourn, N. C. Llovd, Ruth, 105 Globe St., Jonesboro Heights, Sanford, N. C. Lorimer, Marian, 1704 Woodland Ave., Burlington, N. C. Luugee, Norman, 812 O.xford Lane, Bur- lington, N. C. Line, Jacquelina, 411 Fountain Place, Bur- lington, N. C. Love, James Harlan, 540 ' 2 Climax St., Graham, N. C. Lov, Paula, 1901 Old Alamance Rd., Bur- lington, N. C. Lo , Robert, 400 Glenwood Ave., Burlington, N. C. Lvon, Jimmv, 500 Svkes A e., Greensboro, N. C. Madren, Alice Marie, Rt. 2 , Elon College, N. C. Mann, Ralph Leon, 1011 South Church St., Burlington, N. C. Mann, Sara, 514 Tucker St., Burlington, N. C. Mauldin, Doroths ' , 317 Corona St., Winston- Salem, N. C. Mazzilli, Ronald, 155 Herzl St., Brooklyn, N. Y. McDaniel, William Farris, 505 Brookline Dr., Burlington, N. C. McGowan, Willis D., 90919 Fa ' i " A -e., Burlington, N. C. McV ' ev, Norman Edward, Rt. 1, Graham, N. C. Michael, Paul Winfred, Rt. 2, Elon College, N. C. Mora, Myron A., Rt. 1, Haw River, N. C. Morris, James Gary, Box 425, Mebane, N. C. Morrison, Carole, 819 Rainey St., Bur- lington, N. C. Mot.singer, Hillary, Rt. 3, Kerncrsville, N. C. Murray, Thomas C, Rt. 3, Burlington, N. C. 46 Fresh resnmen Mvers, Walter, 312 Gilmer St., Burlington. N. C. Newcomb, Lvnn, 3524 Moody Ave., Rich- mond, a. Nixon, James R., 807 Miami . e., Biulint;- ton, N. C. Ockenhouse, Patricia, Rt. 1, Gil)son ille, N. C. Overby, Jean, Rt. 2, Franklin, a. Page, Brannock Scott, Rt. 2, Burlington, N. C. Paris, Dora Anne, Rogers Road. Rt. 1, Graham, N. G. Paris, Mary, Rt. 1, Graham, X. G. Parkerson, Elwood, 732 S. Broad St.. Bur- lington, N. c;. Parrish, Loomis Marvin, 111 Stagg St., Burlington, N. C. Pattishall, Franklin, 1606 Wood Ave., Bur- lington, N. G. Peterson, Christopher, Drawer 508, Nor- wich, C:onn. Piatt, Lou, 2801 Bainbridge Blvd., S. Nor- folk, Va. Rackley, Gecil, Independence, a. Robbins, Joseph Eddie, 310 N. Sjjring .St., Greensboro, N. G. Ruggeri, Robert, 167 Vestfield Ave, Glark Twp., N. J. Rumlev. Helen L.. Bo. 292, Elon Clollege. N. G. Saul, Gurtis Lee, 608 Morehead St., Bur- lington, N. C. Scott, Emily Elizabeth. S emora, N. G. Seawell, Ollie, Rt. 1, Garthage, N. G. .Se.ssoms, Dorothx Frances, Box 87, Roseboro, N. G. ■ Sharpe, Ronald, 1701 South Park . ve., Burlington, N. G. .Shelley, William, 1104 Rankin .A c., Greens- boro, N. G. Sherard. Mar , Rt. 1, Bennett, . . C:. Sorrcll. Shirley. 906 W. .Markham Ave.. Durham, N. C.. Smith, Richard, 1014 Sheren St., Bracken- ridge, Pa. Spinks, Barljara, 1505 West I ' ront St., Eur- lingttm, N. G. Slanficld, Garol, Rl. 6. Rurlington, N. C:. Stcmpinskv, Frank, 221 N. .Mill St., St. Glair, Pa. Stonemctz, Mclvin, Rt. 5, Kent, Ohio Story, Shirley, Rt. 2, Box 176-A, Franklin, Virginia. Stratton, Ginger, 1334 Graham St., Bur- lington, N. G. ' ■. ■ d m 47 Fresh men Sullivan, Roger, Rt. 332, Box 704, Char- lotte, N. C. Tate, Freda, Rt. 2, Elon College, N. C. Taylor, Vernon, 605 Clay St., Franklin, Va. Thomas, Alton B., Rt. 4, Burlington, N. C. Thomas, Mary Ann, 1222 Grayland, Greens- boro, N. C. Tilley, William Thomas, 336 East Da is St., Burlington, N. C. Troutman, Jack Donald, 800 E. Da is St., Burlington, N. C. Turner, Bill, 3108 Branchwood Dr., Greens- boro, N. C. ' ia, Edwin, Rt. 1, Box 233, Ridgeway, ' a. inccnt, A. R., Box 25, Altamahaw, N. C. Wagoner, Emma, Box 65, Elon College, N. C. Wagoner, Margie A., 1016 N. Mebane St., Burlington, N. C. Walker, Mary, 1608 N. Mebane St., Bur- lington, N. C. Walton, Ira Ross, 703 S. Main St., Graham, N. C. Watlington, Wa ne Wadsworth, Box 1 5, Haw ' River, N. ' C. Wav, Clyde ' ., Box 632, Elon College, N. C. Webster, Herman C, 705 Durham St., Burlington, N. C. Webster, Lester A., 226 Border St., Bur- lington, N. C. Welch, Jack, Rt. 3, Liberty, N. C. Wildi, Lawrence, 16 Worth Canal St., Natrowa, Pa. Wilkins, Louis, Lennig, ' a. Williamson, Charlotte, 139 Shamrock Rd., Asheboro, N. C. Williamson, Jacolyna, Rt. 5, Henderson, N. C. Williamson, Jane, 335 W. Holt St., Bur- lington, N. C. Wills, " ictor Leigh, 317 Highland Ave., Suffolk, Va. Wilson, Ann, 2402 Indian Trail, Durham, N. C. Wilson, Hilda, 409 Planner St., Burlington, N. C. Wilson, William, 1611 Jack.son St., S. Nor- folk, ' a. Wilson, William Lea, Rt. 2, Elon College, N. C. Wilson, Winder Leroy, Rt. 1, Hillsboro, N. C. Winstead, Yvonne, Rt. 1, Roxboro, N. C. Winston, Alex, Virgilina, Va. Wright, Annie Mae, Box 54, Elon College, N. C. 48 PUBLICATIONS Marv Sue Colclough Co-Editor Sylvia Jones Co-Editor Phi Psi Cli . . . 1955 Ann Puckett Business Manager Everyone enjoys reminiscing about pleasant experiences, and the Phi Psi Cli staff decided that a diary of the events which have taken place during this past year would help us recall them. We realize that we have only included the liigh- lights in this book. Each of you have personal memories which we hope it will help you recall. The staff, too, has learned a great deal about you while working on the yearbook, through pictures, information, and by meeting you per- sonally, all of which we will long remember. It has not been an easy job, but we will consider ourselves well repaid if our aims are realized and you enjoy the Phi Psi C li of 1955. 50 Seated, UJl to right: Lois Scott, .S l i.i Jiincs, Mai Sue ( nding: Professor Jolin West, Jiniiii Lukt Mary Sue Colclough Sylvia Jones Co-Editors Ann Puckett Business Manager Bill Mercer Assistant Business Manager Grace Bozarth Copy Editor Professor John F. West Faculty Advisor JiMsn Like Sports Editor Reuben Askew Photographer Jayne Jones Art Editor Lois Scott Shirley Womack Typists Seated, left to nglit: Grace Bozarth, Jayne Jones. Ann Piirkett, Shirley VVoinack. Standing: Reuben Askew, Golda Brady, Bill Mercer. ►r Iames Waggoner Editor-in-Chief Iack LI ■DI.E ■ Business Manaser Ll TIIER B-l RD Fncully Advisor Maroon and Gold James Waggoner Editnr-in-ChieJ Ann Stoddard Assistant Editor Charlie Oates Feature Editor Judith Chadwick Music Editor Neil Johnson Art Editor Reuben Askew Photographer Jack Lindlev Business Manager Joel Bailey Sports Editor W ' oRDEN Updvke, Press Operator 52 In the atmosphere of a clinking Hnotype, the student biweekly, Thr Mdrooii mid Cold. the tit-tat of " typewriters, the piinoent odor of ink, the articles, features, editorials, and col- A balance of informative articles, combined umns are molded by the student editors and with student commentaries on sports and staff writers. And on the eve of publishing happenings about campus, within a framework day, Mr. Byrd, wreathed in a halo of Havana of high journalistic ideals and style, has been cigar smoke, diligently locks the columns of the goal of our editorial staff this year. Sral-d, left to righl: jack Lindley, James Waggoner, Professor Byrd. Standing, left to right: William Fredericks, Reuben Askew, Gary Thompson, Louis Winston, Neil Johnson, Worden Updykc, Doris Chrismon, Charles Oates, Margaret .Stafford, .Sylvia Eaton, Judy Chadwick. 53 -■« u Graham Heath Editor John F. West Faculty Advisor I.i ■J ' Colonnades With the stimulation and guidance of Prof. creative literary talents by their publication of West, the students proxide an outlet for their the Colonnades the campus magazine. L-jl to right: Roger Rush, Bill Walker, Graham Heath, C:harles Oates, Professor West, Sylvia Eaton, Joe Harris, Marcus Longcrier. 54 BLirMl ORGANIZATION Day Students Organization OFFICERS Mark Garrison Bill Mercer President I ' ice-President Bob Smith Barbara Garden Secretary Treasurer The Day Students Organization is the largest affairs and to create for the Day Students a group en campus, having eight representatives greater interest in campus activities, in (lie Student Legislature. All the members The Day Students have revived the custom have worked hard to gi e off-campus students of organization parties and ha -e enjoyed a better representation in student go ' erninent several successful get-togethers during th( year. 56 Beta Chi Epsilon Judy Clark President Jayne Jones Vice-President Pat Chrismon Secretary- Treasurer Beta Chi Epsilon is made up of those stu- and by inspections of various business or- dents interested in a business career. Tiie ganizations. purpose of this organization is to lielp stimulate The club meets weekly, and one meeting a the atmosphere of a business office in the month usually features a dinner with guest classroom, this being aided by sponsoring speakers representing surrounding business or- demonstrations of modern oflice equipment ganizations. First row, lefl to right: Jackie Williamson, Delaine Routh, Doris Parker, Sarah Johnson, Mary Ann Parrish, Louise Hughes, Judy Clark, Jayne Jones, Freda Tate, Barbara CIrawford, Barbara Fairchild, Helen King, Peggy Allen, Jo Allsbrook, Second row: Shirley Story, Mary Lee Hiott. Jean 0 crbv. Bcrkv Sturkev, Sylvia Grady. Elizabeth Bi-ckwith, Pat Chrismon, Mary Walker, Jane Williams, Janet Clrabtrec, C:arol Stanricld. Nbu iaii Bijs (ll. I lamts Sessoms, Marian Lorinu-r, Sara Mann. Joan Elder, Jane Everette. .Mice Madrcn. 57 Ministerial Association For those planning a vocation in religious is to foster growth — mental, social, and spirit- work, the Elon College Student Ministerial ual — for those in the field of religion. Association offers opportunities for de elop- May brings to a close another year of inter- ment, experience, fellowship, study, and the esting and varied programs for the M.A. The sharing of ideas. projects this year have been a week-end re- One of the aims of the Ministerial Association treat and work with the Christian Orphanage. OFFICERS Pat Chandler President Hazel Sherman I ice-President Glenn Garrett Secretary Curtis Medlin ■ Treasurer Dr. F. E. RE •NOLDS Advisor h.,„! I., i.uk. l.lliiim. ii. l;,ikij, Mi.iuian. 1 ai. , ...ui !..)..,.;. ..a,, MaulUiii, Askew, Mimiis, Ray, Bennett, I hompson. L l lori hl: Reynolds, Uarrelt, Bennett, Chandler, Melbuig, Medlin, Brady. 58 Student Christian Association Bob Phelps President Sylvia Smith Secretary Margaret Johnston Vice-President Fred Rice Treasurer The members of the Student C hristian Associations belong to an amazing fellowship ! They are united with 250,000 students and professors on 750 other Ainerican college campuses. We, here at Elon, are a part of the world-wide fellowship of the Y.M.Cl.A., the Y.W.C.A.. and the World ' s Student Clhristian Federation. Each member is challenged to live with the following purpo.ses in mind: 1 . To unite in the desire to realize full and creative life through a growing knowledge of God. 2. To have a part in making this life possible for all people. 3. To seek to understand Jesus and to follow Him. 59 H ome Lconomics Club Marie Weldon President Clara Sharpe Vice-Fresidenl Anita C ' leapor Secretary Doris Gaddis Treasurer The work in Home Economics is designed to prepare young women for home-making, to pro ide adequate training to meet the requirements for a teacher ' s certificate in Home Economics, and to offer foundation courses for those wishing to enter other fields of Home Economics. The scientific, economic, social, and aesthetic factors of each subject are studied in relation to personal, home, and professional living. First row, lejt to right: Lou Knott, Anita Cleapor, Dot Johnson. Second row: Mrs. Shockey, advisor; Dot Motley, Clara Sharpe, Edna Ellington. Doris Gaddis, Yvonne Winstead. Standing: Marie Weldon, .Shirley Strange, Gladys Sartin. 60 Education Club •Vrt rnw, left In riohl: Bobbs- Ki-inodic, Sylvia Jones, June Wyrick. Sfcomi rmv: Carole Morrison, Barbara Garden. Iris Matkins. 7 tin! row: Hazel Sherman, Miriam Guy, Joe Ann Wright, Foiiilh row: Fred Rice, Patsy Talc, Marie Tomlinson. Fijik row: James Waggoner, J. C. CoUey, Clay Brown. ' red Rk:e SvLvi. Jones Presii enI Vice-President Joe Ann W ' rioht I ' RCIl J. C;. COLLEY Secrelary Af risor The Eclutalion (Hub is a chapter of the arc higlily interested in professional iiiipro e- Futiire Teachers of America and is associated nient. with tiie National Eciucalion A.ssocialion and The activities of the ori anizalicjii include the North Carolina Fxlucation Association. lectures by (jutstanding educators, studies of lis lueniijcis include studenis wlio jjlan to schocjl ]jr()cedures. and social events suitable enter the teaching profession. ' I ' he.se students ft r such an organization. 61 French Club DiANNE MaDDOX Pr esident May Sharpe Vice-President Vernon Joyner Secretary- Treasurer All of the French students at Elon look Here movies, games, refreshments, and songs forward to the Wednesday nights when the create an entertaining as well as an educational French Cllub meets at Mrs. McDonald ' s home. atmosphere. Francais is fun, n ' est pas? Back row: Stacy Johnson, Raeford Roberts, Leslie McEwen, Lewis Winston, ferrv Moize, Max Dixon, James McPherson. Ttiird row: Don Johnson, Michael Fargis, Gertrude McEwen, Diane Maddux. Kohi it Mi . I.niiv W .ivne Iseley, Ronnie Earp. Second row: Vernon Joyner, Sue Moore, Barbara Garden, Nancy Bain, Billie Fayi- |(.liiis(in, l-,ui,i ,„.• I ' .ill n.iiiiiI, is. Margaret Sharpe, James Cleary, Kathleen McDonald . 62 Spanish Club Sylvia Eaton Prciident Jack Crockett Vice-Prrsidenl Holland Taylor Secretary- Treasurer Vho are they, members of our Spanish The club consists of students who are inter- C:kib here at Elon? They can ' t go to sunny estcd in learning more about Spanish customs Spain, but they can go to Dr. and Mrs. and traditions, thus gaining a better under- Sloan ' s home and enjoy an e cning of fun and standing of the Spanish speaking peoples of education in true Spanish style. the world. First row, left to right: Claude Fowler, Mrs. W. W. Sloan, advisor; Jack Crockett, Sylvia Eaton, Janet Crabtree. Snond rn:r: Gordon Ward, Mark Garrison, James Waggoner, Shirley Womack, Jane Davis, Ruth Tyson, Paula Loy, Patricia Coghill. Third row: Russell McGhee, Gurnev Baines, Graham Heath. Jean floghill, Frances Foster, Neil Johnson, Jack Garber, Tommy Newman, Woodrow Hall. 63 Cheerleaders No one can forget tlie importance of our give the teams backing and tiie student body cheerleaders. You can always find us under a chance to show how much school spirit their direction giving good hearty yells at the they really have. C OME — ON — GIRLS . . . games. They are the ones who really help LET ' S GO! LfJi tn right: Janet C rabtrcr. Peggy McKcr. Es-plyn Fritts, SyKia Eaton, Arlcnc StafTnrd, |oyce Prny, Clarolyn Abornathy. 64 trtt E Men ' s Club The letter " E " is worn proudly at Elon by chief function of the club is to help the indi- her athletes, for it is a sign of athletic ability idual athlete to have a better life through and a belief in the value of true sport. The self-iniproveuicnt. Top to bottom: Hall, Kopko, Snyder, Dofflemyer, McDaniel, Conger, Michaux, Swicegood, Maynard, Watts. Mrlntvre, Theos. Hawkins, arnev. Hohtjood, Barnes, Maddox, Disher, Whitlev, Myers, I ' ack.iifi, liiiinidnv Ki - al. Mi.lJI,-. I.fi l„ ' ,,t; ,l: ( iai.iss.i, CJrccn, Bradliam. OFFICERS RA ■ Whitie ' i- President Nick Thompson I ' ice-PresidenI Homer Hobgood Serrelnry- Trrnsurn - y " X 65 Pi G amma Mu Staled, Itjt to right: Margie Sutton, Barbara Garden, Kenneth Lambert, Gilbeit Brittle, Terry Emerson, Bob Phelps. Standing: Fred Rice, Sylvia Jones, Dr. Cunningham. Pi Gamma Mu is tlic National Social Science Honor Society on the Elon campu.s. Thi.s organization gives recognition to those students and faculty members who have attained distinction in the fields of social science. OFFICERS Kenneth Lambert PirsidenI Gilbert Brittle ( iif ' -Frfsidenl BARB. R. Garden Secretary- Treasurer Alpha Psi Omega Students on the Elon College campus are rewarded for their dramatic work and their effectiveness in play production by election to this national honorary fraternity. OFFIGERS Tom Targett President Wright Willlamson I ' lif-President Dlane Maddo.x Secretary- Treasurer Left In tiglil: CUiarles Oox, ad- visor; Diane Maddo.x, Tom Targett, Wright Williamson, Margaret Sharpe, .-M Owen. 66 Elon Players Se cral groups of students, interested in active participation in tlic writing and pro- duction of plays, combine to form the larger group called the Elon Players. Under the direction of Professor Clharles V. C ox the players ha e this year presented Noel C oward ' s " Blithe Spirit " " and Henrik Ibsen ' s " An Enemy of the People. " Shakespeare ' s " As You Like It " " was pre- sented last spring as an outdoor pageant. This was an entirely new type of production for the players and was carried out successfully. " Blithe Spirit " was a farce about the return of the ghost of a former wife to haunt her husband. In direct contrast. " An Enemy of the People " " presented one of our modern day problems, that of water pollution. A scene from ' " Blithe Spirit ' ' A scene from " As You Like It ' Elon College Choir Bob Phelfs President Kenneth Lambert I ue-President Gordon Ward Secretary- Treasurer The Elon College Choir, under the direction The annual presentation of " The Messiah " of Mr. Laurenee Hcdgcpeth with Fletcher and ' The Seven Last Words of Christ " are Moore at the organ, probably brings enjoyment outstanding e ents in the school year, to more students than any other organization Without doubt the tours of the choir through- on the campus. It is an important part of our out the East have done much to create goodwill weekday chapel program and Sunday morning and to give Elon an outstanding place in the services field of mtisic. 68 Elon College Band School spirit is the keynote of the Elon Col- lege Band. They work hard to give us the music we need at our football and basketball games. Without them, the games just wouldn ' t be half as much fun. Out front are our majorettes whose high stepping and fancy twirling make the band look grand, marching out on the held. Congratulations for the wonderful job vou have done this year. Mr. Hedgepeth Director Joe Morris Dunn Major .Shirley Ccx .• nn W. lker .• nn Dul. Majorettes 69 In the still of th( night . . . Go west, yoinig man! Send us a taxi, please ! Just cruising . . . A ghost of a chance? That ' s the best one et Full and happy. He said to smile . . . She uses Ponds . . . 70 FRATERNITIES an d SORORITIES Cs Ba La Hf la W Re Os Ir Pt Au Hg T! Pb Bi Po At Rn 132.91137.36 138.92 178,6 180.88 183,92 18 3 ' ' «0 2 193.1 195 23 19 2 200.61204.39 207.21209.00 210. 210 222. ir Tm Yb Lu 2 169.4 173.04 174.99 Fml niw. I, II III iin il: Edith McC. ' aulcy, Pi Kappa Tau: Betsy Johnson, Beta Omicron Beta; I.ouise McLi-od, Delta Upsilon Ka| |)a: . ii Rawies, Tau Zeta Phi. Second row: Gary Thompson, Sigma Phi Beta; Lewis Winston, Kappa Psi Nn; Graham Heath, , iplia Pi Delta. Pan - Hellenic Council The Pan-Hellenic Council is comprised of Johnson, Beta Omicron Beta; Edith McCauley, one representative from each of the sororities Pi Kappa Tau; Louise McLeod, Delta Upsilon and fraternities. It is the purpose of this council Kappa; Ann Ravvles, Tau Zeta Phi; Clark to create an understanding among these Dofflemyer, Iota Tau Kappa; Graham Heath, organizations. Alpha Pi Delta; Stacy Johnson, Kappa Psi The members of the council are Betsy Nu; and Gary Thompson, Sigma Phi Beta. 72 Sigma Mu Sigma Seniors: Gilbert Brittle, William Burke, Mark Garrison, Jerry Lowder, Bill Mercer, Joe Mjrris. Juniors: Don Allen, Quincy Charter. Ronald Earp, Terry Emerson, Henry Elythe, Jack Garljer, Kenreth LamJDert, Dalton Parker, Jerry Smyre. Soplwmvres: Ronnie Quails, Jack Rea is. |ft O fTX O % . : ' ■ , % " f Its, Ki 1 ' f - 73 Delta Upsilon Kappa Pearl McDonald Sponsor Seniors: Grace Bozarth, Mary Sue Colclough, Helen Craven, Louise McLeod, Peggy Michaux, Sue Moore, Louise Parker, Arlene Stafford, Ann Walker. Juniors: Nancy Bain, Elizabeth Beckwith, Barbara Garden, Nan- nette Matchen, Margaret Stafford. Sophomores: Carolyn Abernathy, Evelyn Fritts, Jane Luce, Kathleen Mc- Donald, Joyce Perry, Frances Knight. 74 Sisma Phi Beta John F. West Sponsor Seniors: Luther Barnes, Richard Cooke, James Hardy. Juniors: Homer Hohgood, Nick Theos, Gary Thompson. Sophomores: Whitney Bradham, William Frederick, Charles Mason, Jimmy Reneau, Larry Barnes, Clyde Bos- well, Jack Crockett, Ladson C ubbage, Frank Jackson. l ' - V ' k- f : cs r . ' f mkdikdMth M 75 Pi Kappa Tau Elizabeth Neims Sponsor Seniors: Joan Darling, Dorothy Johnston, Edith McCauley, Dorothy Motley, Shirley Phillips, Ruth Williams. Juniors: Edna Ellington, Glenda Hancock, Billie Faye Johnson, Jaync Jones, Judy Longest, Polly Pavnc, Marjorie Sutton. Lorn Wagoner, June VVyrick. Sophomores: Frances Foster, Wilma Parrish, Marie Tomlinson. 76 Alpha Pi Delta Lai:renc.e Hedgepeth .Sponsor Seniors: Gilbert Brittle, Charles Crews, Graham Heath, Harr Jones, Da id Maddox. Leon Taylor, Wayne Vestal. Juniors: Bascom Moore, Curtis Young. Sophomores: Ben Barr, Gerald Bray, MeKin Hare, Harold Harris, James Holland, Jack Reavis, Earl Stone. p 6 r o i n ffi MtiM % m iM 77 Tau Zeta Phi mi Mary S. Zink Sponsor Seniors: Sylvia Jones, Lu Knott, Pcgs McKee, Rctha Morris, Ann Rawlcs, Margaret ShofFner, Patsy Tate. Juniors: Elaine Baker, Shirley Gox, Pat Jones, Lois Scott, Marie Weldon, Joe Ann Wright. Sn i iniiiores: Margaret Boland, Grace Holt, Margaret Patillo, Shirles- Presnell, Ann Puckett, Sylvia Smith, Shirlc W ' omack. Freshmen: Dot Keck. F.nima L. Wagoner. o e 9 o mli t m mk,t m 78 Kappa Psi Nu I t I. H. l.l NMN(,H. M Sponsor Seniors: J. C Dishcr, Stacy Johnson. Jininiv Luke. Joe Morris. Fred Rice. Tom Tarsett. Holland Ta lor. Joe W ' iddifield. Louis Winston. Juniors: Jack Garber, Billy Ginn, Don Swinson. Sophomores: Na arrc Barron. Eus ene Harrell, Gordon Ward. 9 p f A c O C O- O, O f f , 79 Beta Omicron Beta Mary P. Shoc;ke - Sponsor Seniors: ] d C hadwick, Doris Clhrismon, Diane M.a.ddo . Juniors: Gwcn Coyncr, Betsy Johnson, Mervic Mauldin, Ann Stoddard, Harriett Talle . Sup ioinorci: Ann Holt, Laura Scamon, Shirley Strange, Martha W ' alker. jry 80 lota Tau Kappa John Bass Sponsor Seniors: Luther Conger, Larry DofHemyer, James Hamrick, John Jones, Ronnie Mclntyre, Henry Perry, Ralph Rakes, William L. Robertson, Charles Swicegood. Juniors: Clay Broun, Jimmy Calhoon, Phil Carter, Hugh Catty, Charles Michaux, James Thompson, Ray Whitley. Sophomores: James Crump. 81 LLEGE CHD ' W F SPORTS ScciTT Boyd Head of Phjskal Education Graham Mathis Head Basketball Coach Harry Varney Head Football Coach Football c:oac:h bo yd The man who is always in the gym and who frets over all of our intramural battles is Scott Boyd. Cloach Boyd is also Head of the Department of Health and Physical Education and coach of minor sports. ClOACH MATHIS " Doc " Mathis, head basketball coach, has again produced a winning team. Tliis year ' s team Hnished tlic season with a fine record and played in the North State Tournament. C:OACH VARNEY In his sophomore year as a North State coach, " Sid " Varney made a very impressive record. He was faced with a tremendous rebuilding job in ' 53 and did the job well, as iiis team hnished a strong second in the Con- ference this year. ' ai ' ne - Bovd Mathis 84 The Fighting Christians footlsall team of 1954 was picked by all the experts to finish last in the North State Clonlerence. But to the surprise of everyone except Coach ' arney and the team they finished a strong second with a 4-1-1 record. The over-all season record of five wins, three losses and one tie was also ver - good. Only two men will be lost from this squad. Seniors J. C. Disher (Captain) and Luther Barnes. To the following men we wish to say thanks for a job well done: Homer Hobgood, who made All-Conference and All-State; Kerry Richards, who made All-Conference and honorable mention All-State; Glen ' arney, who made All-Conference; and Bob StaufTenberg, our freshman full- back who made .Ml-Conference. ELON—CITADEL The Citadel Bulldogs rallied in the final minutes to defeat the Elon Christians 21 to 13 in the opening game of the season in Charleston, S. C. The Elon gridders, meeting the Bulldogs on e en terms, showed .sur- prising power in both offensi e and defensive play. ELON— APPALACHIAN Lacking much of the sharpness shown in their opener, the Elon Chris- tians were defeated for the second time Ijy a strong Appalachian team. The Christians tied the game during the first half of the second quarter as the result of a blocked kick, but were never able to maintain a sustained scoring drive after this. The Mountaineers intercepted 17 passes to win their Homecoming game 20 to 6. J. C. Disher Captain ELON— EAST CAROLINA The Fighting Christians rose up in a mighty show of team play at Burlington Memorial .Stadium to defeat East Carolina 20 to 6. Touchdowns for Elon were made by halfback Kerry Richards, fullback Bob StaufTenberg, and end Charlie Michaux. The Christians held the conference defending champions scoreless until the fourth quarter as they gave a promise of better things to come. ELON— NEWBERRY The Newberry gridders, playing for their Home- coming game, defeated Elon in an easy 26-0 victory. The Elon defense had trouble with the slashing drives of the Newberry backs, although Pat Cafasso and Homer Hobgood contriliuted good line play at times. Top offensi ' e player for Elon was Charlie Michaux, who caught fi ' e passes for a total of 69 yards. ELON— CATAWBA Elon rebounded in fine fashion for the big Home- coming game against Catawba. Tremendous power Friml TOW, left to right: R. Bradham. K. Richards, W. Bradham, C Michaux, H. Hobgood, C. Maynard, D. Gould, J. Umberger. Second row: h. Barnes, L. Newcomb, J. Uisher, P. Cafasso, N. Theos, E. Davidson, J. Hawkins, F. Moseley, J. Crockett. 7 iird row: ]. Apessos, J. Reneau, G. Varncy, T. Griffin, B. Kopl o, R. Smith, B. Snyder, E. Bridges, J. Simpson, A. Wilborn, Fourth row: R. Kinsley, B. Hendricks, B. Farling, H. Lcitsch, J. Henderson. VV. Martin, P. Watts, B. StaufTenberg, J. Harris, F. Stempinsky, J. DiPerna. Fifth row: T. Stump, D, DeSarro, W. Morrison. L, VVildi, T. Hewitt, J. Henrv, H. Fogleman, B. Ruggeri, D. .Akeis, Manager P. Chandler. ' 44- 6cr». ' 4 James Umberger J. CI. Disher Bob Kopko Bob Stauffenberg was displayed by the Christians, who scored once in each of the first two quarters and three times in the fourth. Stauffenberg, Richards, Snyder, Bradham and Michaux shared the scoring honors. The Christians looked as if they had really come into their own as they won this game 36-12. ELON— WESTERN CAROLINA Staging one of the finest comebacks in the annals of E lon football, the Fighting Christians rebounded from a three-touchdown deficit at half-time to tic the Cata- mounts 20-20 in their annual game. It was strictly a half-and-half battle, with Western Carolina taking the first half and Elon the second. Elon scored once in the third and twice in the fourth period. The attack was paced by Richards, with 96 yards in 15 rushes; Snyder, Bradham and Stauffenberg. The Christian line did a fine job as they had all season. ELON— GUILFORD Led by the most capable backfield in the state, Elon outplayed and outscored Guilford ' s Quakers for the first time in three years. The fine running of Bob Stauf- fenberg, Whitney Bradham, and Kerry Richards, who scored twice, led the Elon offensixe, but the Christian forward wall opened gapping holes through the Guilford line throughout the game. 86 i I., nil I H(jIje;ooc1 Kcir Richards Clijiirs Ma u,iMl W ' hilncv Bradham (,lrn ,nnrx C harlcs Micliaux EI.OX— LENOIR RHYNE E EON— DAVIDSON On Nov. 13 the Fighting Cihrislians once again pro cd their ability to lie tough in the last quarter. The Bears led 6-0 until late in the fourth period, when the first of two Elon touchdowns was set up by a recovered fumble. Richards scampered into the end zone from the fifteen- yard line, and Simpson ' s kick was good to put Elon ahead 7-6. A few plays later Bradham sprinted to pay dirt, and Richards converted the extra point. By virtue of that extra point Kerry Richards became the highest scorer in North State Conference competition for the season with 37 points. For the final game of a successful season the C:hristians once again invaded the Southern Conference. When the final gun went off, Elon had completed her best season since 1951 and had spoiled David.son ' s hopes for the best sca-son in Wildcat History. Davidson ' s backs piled up impressive ardagc but wc-re stopped by rugged defensive play by Elon on all but one try. Stauffenberg crashed over from the third with Elon ' s first score, and a 75-yard pass play from Snyder to Richards accounted for the second. The final score was Elon 14 and Davidson 6. 87 WALKEFw CITTV Lejl lo right: Bobby Timmons, Ronnie Mazzilli, Clay Brown, Robert Rickover, Thomas King, Earl Stone, Frank DeRita, Ed Juratic, Dave Maddox, Bob Walker, Ray Whitley, James Crump, Hugh Citty, Ronnie Mclntyrc, Don Packard, James Hamrick. Basketball The basketball team of ' 54- ' 55 was a scrappy outfit, which all the fans enjoyed seeing in action. They had a successful season, winning seventeen and losing eleven contests. In the conference they had a ten and six record which, considering the calibre of the competition in the North State Conference, is ery good. In the North State Tournament Elon crushed (luilford in the opener, only to lose a very close battle to Lenoir Rhyne in the semi-finals. Scoring honors for the ear go to Da c Maddox and Ed Juratic. Maddox made all-conference and outscored Juratic by a few points. Both boys scored over the 400 mark. Juratic made the all-tournament team by playing brilliant ball in the last two games. Guards Ray Whitley, Don Packard and James Ham- rick did an excellent job on defense and displayed quite a bit of skill from the outside on numerous occasions. The Phi Psi Cli Staff and the Student Body would like to extend their congratulations lo (ju, basket- bal lcrs, on a very successful season. 89 First row, lejl In right: Yimmy C:kary. Kunnic Sliarpc, Hugh t:itty, Juno Alstun. Sccoiul luw: Bobby Stegall, Bub Rickovcr, Tommy King Clay Brown, Jimmy Crump. The Elon Jay-Vee cagers, coached during the past season by James Hamrick, turned in a fine record of twelve wins in fourteen starts, and the Christians spHt even with the two teams that defeated them. There were thirteen diflferent players who played in junior varsity games, and seven of the group hit for better than 100 points for the season. Top scorer for the year was Jimmy CVump, a Sopho- SCHEDULE Elon 81 Ayecock High 33 Elon 89 Ayecock High 33 Elon 76 Cone " Y " 37 Elon 84 Aberdeen High 49 Elon 102 Guilford 71 Elon 64 Catawba 59 Elon 67 High Point 78 Elon 85 High Point 60 Elon 70 Catawija 76 Elon 85 Hampton-Sidney 65 Elon 124 Guilford 52 Elon 99 Mayodan " Y " 56 Elon 98 Franklinville High 36 Elon 1 09 Hargrave 77 more guard. He was followed closely Ijy Tommy King, Bob Rickover and Bob Stegall. The record of this squad indicates that several of them will be moving up to the varsity team next year. Aided by these boys, ne.xt year ' s varsity should be a cry exciting team. W ' c will be looking forward to seeing them in action. 90 First rou; left lu,i-lil: K]( hard urii lii.iii, Hill Sin, In, |aiiir. ll.nniM k, Alton Myers, Ronnie Smith, Nick ' Ilioinps. George Armfield. Snimd imv: l.anv nullkiuytr, Runnir Mclalyu, I ' dul Watts, Charlie Swicegood, Don Packard, Ra .Scutt, liubby Green. Third row: Gene Laiighlin, Eugene McDaniel, .Archie Wilborn, Luther Conger, Sherrill Hall, Pat Chandler. North State Champs The 1954 edition of the Fighting Christian ' s baseball team won the Eastern Division Championship and the North .State Conference Championship. Under the capable guidance of " Doc " Mathis, the squad won 18 out of 26 games as they swept the championship from Lenoir Rhxnc. Seven members of the squad were named to the .Ml- Clonference team. They were pitchers Sherrill Hall, Hank Hamrick, Luther Conger, and Charlie Swicegood, catcher Eugene McDaniel; shortstop Nick Thompson, and outfielder Boi)b - Green. V g MEMBERS N. MED TO ALL-CONFERENCE TE.AM FirsI roir: Swicegood, Con- ger, Green, Daniels. Second nw: Hall, Thompson, Ham- rick. 91 ennis 1954 SCHEDULE Elon 2 Lynchburg 7 , , Wcsleyan 9 Lenoir Rliynt- 3 Wake Forest 7 High Point 5 Guilford 5 . East Carolina 7 Elon Wake Forest 7 Elon 1 Kalamazoo 6 Elon 6 Lynciiburg 3 Elon 1 Catawba 6 Elon 1 High Point 6 Elon 3 Guilford 4 Elon 4 Lenoir Rhyne 3 Elon Elon 6 Elon 1 E Ion 2 Elon 2 . . . Elon 2 With Captain Charlie Schrader as the only letter- man on the squad, the Fi£;hting C hristians won few ijames, hut showed a marked impro -ment the end of the season. Awards for tennis were gi cn to Jimmy Luke, Russell McGhee, Bayard Hovdes en, Charlie Schrader, Ben Barr, and Leslie Johnston. The Elon golf team won only four matches while losing six, but were runner-ups for the North State Championship. The Christians should be much im- proved next year with only one letterman leaving. Awards were gi en to Toughy Bowman, Bowman Small, Don Smith, Roy McCrifT, Joe Harvey, and Jimmy Leighlon. GolF 1954 .SCHEDULE Elon 4 Wake Forest J. V. 23 Elon ? }4 Carolina J. V. 23I2 Elon 914 High Point 83 Elon 6)4 East Carolina 20 ' , 2 Elon 11 ' • .Appalachian 9 ' ■, Elon 16 .Appalachian 5 Elon 3J2 East Carolina 17i. , Elon 3Mi Carolina J. V. 14 ' . Elon Wake Forest J. V. 9 92 W. R. A. The Women ' s Recreation Associa- tion, under the leadership of Miss Louise Moselcy, is designed to foster sports and other recreational acti itics for all women students. Louise Mc- Leod of Albemarle is president of the group this year. Standing, left to right: McLeod, Frye, Coghill, Lambert, DeLancey, Gattis, Knight, Frye, Keck, Fritts, Luce. Seated: Sorrell, Chrismon, Lloyd, Coghill, Carson, Crabtree, Abernathy, Perry. If ' % Men ' s Intramural Council The Men ' s Intramural (louncil scrxes as the acUisorv men ' s dormitories, fraternities, and men day students, group for the intramural director and his staff. This .At the conclusion of the year trophies are awarded C ' .ouncil, is composed of represcntati ' es from all the lo the winning teams and outstanding individuals. First row, left In ri hl: C. B. Mason. Jack McKcon, VVavnc Wstal. Louis Winston, Jimmy C alhoon. Smmd i i:i : Ricliard Cooke, Joe Morris, Bobby Green, Bill Walker, rerry tliomas, Bob Rickover. 93 i V r Tennis •r..n(li-l. .,ll.,il Intr The intramural sports program is designed to give all the men on the campus a chance to participate in the sports of their choice. All those who do not participate in varsity sports are welcomed and given the opportunity to take part in a well-planned program with their fellow students. In the fall, touch football is emphasized with all dormitories and fra- ternities participating. In the winter volleyball, ping-pong and basketball share the spotlight. ' olle ba II i i ' 1 V.nk Suliluili nurals W ' itli tlie coining of warm weather, sol ' tball is king and competition is ery keen. Tiic intramural council, with representatives from all organizations and dormitories on the cam- pus, is the governing body that lays down the rules and regulations concerning all phases of the intramural program. At the end of the school year trophies arc awarded to the or- ganization or dormitory that accumulates the most points in all sports during the year. inn-poni; Badminton GirTs Sports X ' ollcyljall C:hainpioiis Interest in sports at Elon includes sports ball, archery, jjaduiinton, and folk dancing, for girls as well as for boys. Miss Louise Moselcy The intramural program offers an oppor- guides the girls in a well-rounded athletic tunit - for keen competition and is eagerly program. Some of the regular features of this participated in by various organizations on program arc basketi)all, volleyball, tennis, .soft- the campus. TumljIiiiE . rchcr - 96 ' I he crowning of Queen Arlcne Stafford hy Student Body President Jerr)- Lowder. H omecommg rrogram FRIDAY SATURDAY Homecoming Dance and presentation of the Judging of campus decorations, parade and Queen and lier Cburt. pep rally, banquet for Elon alumni who are now coaches, football game. ' nx. Ill, 1(1(111 ol the Court at the Homccoinmn Dance. 98 Queen Arlcnc Stafford and he A week end we ' ll nexer forget — Hoinccomina;, 1954. There were man preparations to make this the biggest celebration e er, and all who enjo ed it will agree that it was a success. First came the dance on Friday night. The gym was beautiful, the music just right and, needless to sa , everyone had a wonderful time. A special feature of the dance was the coronation of Arlene Stafiord of Burling- ton as Queen and the presentation of her court with Peggy McKee of Rougement as Maid-of-Honor. Saturdax was a perfect day for the parade and the big football game. The Da Students again won the prize for the best float and East Dormitory received the award for the best campus decorations. That evening an alumni dinner for the graduates of Elon who arc now coaches was held for the first time. As an appropriate climax to a wonderful week end, the Elon Christians won over Catawba in the annual Homecoming football game. Congratulations to those responsible. . nnic Mac WriKtit, Club H(; Williamson. i lil Mary Ann Thomas, North Dormitory Spo Kenneth Lambert. and lier escorl 99 V A : V J Shi-rrill H.iU Robert Phelps Sue Moore Yv ho s YY ho a StudcKt Recognition by Whos Who Among Studnits t ' ollcgc. The .students are first reconmiended in American Universities and Colleges is one of the from the college which they attend and then highest honors given to any student at Elon accepted by the organization. lionise Mcl.rncl ,). C:. Dishcr Diane Maddux ' A,M ,mmamm Gracf Ann Bozarth M,ii Sue Colcluuyli James Waggoner f fuetcca mue ctie a(tcC Cie c College juniors and seniors are eligible for nomination. The selection of nominees is con- ducted by a campus committee, who is re- cjuested to consider the student ' s scholarship. leadership, co-operation in educational and extracurricular activities, citizenship, and promise of future usefulness. lerrv .Sm re Lois Scott Jerr - Louder BEST LOOKING Peggy Michaux and J. C:. Disher MOST POPULAR Arlene Stafford and Stacy Johnson BIGGEST FLIRTS Sylvia Eaton and Leon Taylor Seni or 102 Superlatives HAPPIEST Grace Bozarth and Charles Swicegood i, ' BEST SPORTS Louise McLeod and Dave Maddox BEST ALL ROUND Sue Moore and Jerry Lowder 103 Mary Sue Colclough, Queen May Day Our traditional May Day was celebrated again this spring by a colorful, n.usical pageant on the south lawn of the campus. The e ' ent was climaxed by the. crowning of Queen Mary Sue Colclough, who was escorted by King Ciharles Clrews. Peggy McKee, maid-of-honor was escorted by Furman Moseley. 104 Arlene Stafford, Senior Escorted In .1- C. Disher Maid of Honor Suirlev Cox, Junior Escorted by Don Allen i; Ann ' Ri(;nr, Junior Esccjrtcd 1) - Nicholas Theos In Appreciation The Business Staff and the Entire Student Body of Elon College Wish to take this opportunity to thank the following merchants for their co-operation in producing this — THE 1955 PHIPSICLI Alamance Drug Co. Woody Wilson ' s Men ' s Shop The Jewel Box The Somers-Pardue Agency Bason and Bason Alamance Book and Stationery Co. J. C. Penney Co. Kirk Holt Hardware Co. Foster Shoe Co. Neese Shoffner Furniture Co., Inc. Trollinger ' s Florist Coble Sporting Goods Co. Textile Sales Room Central Grocery Co., Inc. The Remnant Shop First Federal Savings and Loan Association The State Theater R. E. Boone Laundry and Dry Cleaners Sellars A. D. Pate Printing Co. Pate Dawson Co. Rose ' s 5-10-25C Store Bamby Bakers, Inc. Alamance Printing Co. Melville Dairy Barker ' s Tire Service Spinks Shoe Shop McClure Funeral Homes Burlington Poultry Co. Garrison ' s Soda Shop Swift Cle aners Auto Parts Electric Co. Koury ' s Dress Shop Gilliam Tire Co., Inc. Cole Motors Service Dry Cleaners Pepsi-Cola Why-Not? Cot!ee Shop Coca-Cola Dillon Supply Co. Josten ' s Elon Grill Orkin INSURED SAVINGS INVESTMENTS Eaih Account Fully Insured to $10,000 by an Agency of the Federal Government LOW COST HOME LOANS Sponsors of Thrift and Home-Ownership THE FRIENDLY ' HOME FOLKS " SIISCE 1914 FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 114 West Front Street BURLINGTON, N. C. Dial 6-2418 SPINKS SHOE SHOP FINE SHOE REPAIRING ANYTHING IN LEATHER AIR CONDITIONING 313 Worth Street Telephone 6-481] Alamance Printing Company Commercial Printing Engraving and Photo-Offset Dial 6-1881 729 South Main Street Burlington, N. C. If you drink a glass of milk every morning for 1,200 months, you will live to be 100 years old. Read where Hadacol lost its first case. A ninety- eight year old woman user died — but they did save the baby. Ain ' t gonna do it for a dime no more- Did it last night " til my back was sore. Fifteen cents is now my price — ril do it good, and I ' ll do it nice. Shoeshine, Mister? Coroner; And what were your husand ' s last words ' ' Widow; He said, " I don ' t see how they can possibly make a profit on this stuff at a dollar and a half a fifth! " Compliments of R. E. BOONE LAUNDRY AND CLEANERS SANITONE Burlington, North Carolina For sale; Fifteen foot tapeworm; goes where you go, eats what you eat. Give an athlete an inch and he ' ll take a foot. But let him take it. Who wants athlete ' s foot? One lecturer on this campus was so boring in one of his classes that two empty seats got up and walked out. Compliments of PEPSLCOLA BOTTLING WORKS DIAL 6-1273 Highway 70 BURLINGTON, N. C. Compliments of CENTRAL GROCERY COMPANY, INC. Wholesale Commission Merchants Manufacturer ' s Agents WHOLESALE GROCERIES NOTIONS AND CONFECTIONERIES Phone 6-3161 122 North Main Street BURLINGTON, N. C. Compliments of The State Theater ' Your Friendly Independent Theater BARKER ' S TIRE SERVICE 274 W. Davis Street Telephone 6-8901 Burlington, North Carolina Compliments of DEPARTMENT STORE Burlington s Oldest Largest and Most Modern Department Store Somers-Pardue Agency Real Estate Insurance BURLINGTON, N. C. ALAMANCE DRUG CO. ACCURACY PURITY SERVICE Your Rexall Store Bailey-Coble Building Opposite Post Office BURLINGTON PHONE 4216 A maid in the land of Aloha Got caught in the coils of a Boa; Like arms the snake squeezed And the maid not displeased, Cried, " Go on and do it Samoa. " Dinner Guest: Will you pass the nuts. Professor? Professor (absent-mindedly): Yes. I suppose so. but I reallv should flunk them. " Will you excuse me if I bring up something un- pleasant? " said the pale green sailor, as he made for the starboard rail. Confucius say, " Woman who put man in doghouse soon find him in cathouse. " When a fellow breaks a date, he usually has to. When a girl breaks a date, she usually has two. Compliments of MELVILLE DAIRY PHONE 6-6391 For Home Delivery Willie saw some dynamite. Couldn ' t understand it quite; Curiosity never pays; It rained Willie seven days. Little Willie hung his sister; She was dead before we missed her. Willie ' s always up to tricks. Ain ' t he cute? He ' s only six. The convertible swerved to the curb, stopping near a sweet young thing walking along the shoulder of the road. " Want a ride? " the man shouted. " No thanks, " came the reply. " I ' m walking back from one now. " Little Boy; Ma, I just cut off my leg in the thresher. Ma: Stay outside until it stops bleeding. 1 just mopped the floor. Compliments of KOURY ' S ' ' Where Smart Women Shop " South Main Street BURLINGTON, N. C. Compliments of COLE MOTORS PONTIAC INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS BURLINGTON, N. C. Compliments of J. C. PENNEY COMPANY BURLINGTON, N. C. Compliments of NEESE-SHOFFNER FURNITURE COMPANY, INC. 133 East Davis Street Devoted to Making BRIGHTER - BETTER - HOMES BURLINGTON, N. C. Make our store your headquarters for athletic equipment and sporting goods. Coble Sporting Goods Company Greensboro, N. C. Bill Stoner ' 23 " Foots " Fesmire ' 24 Setv and Save The REMNANT SHOP COTTONS CREPES WOOLENS CORDUROY DRAPERY Haw River N.C. . . . Cityc Phone 6-9134 )f Cone Fabrics Down the street his funeral goes And the sobs and wails diminish. He died from drinking shellac they say, And he had a lovely finish. Two! " shouted the pint-sized umpire. ' Two what? " snarled the big catcher. ' Yeah, two what? " echoed the equally large batter. ' Too close to tell, " said the umpire. Burlington Poultry Company Poultry Turkeys Eggs Fresh Daily 634 South Park Avenue Phone 6-7919 BURLINGTON, N. C. The Bread You ISeed For Energy Bamby Bakers, Inc. BURLINGTON, N. C. WOODY WILSON ' S MEN ' S SHOP Class of ' 38 Burlington ' s Most Modern Men ' s Shop WHY-NOT? COFFE SHOP " ' Just good food ' 1382 N. Church Street Burlington. North Carolina PHONE 6-7743 PHONE 9586 For GILLIAM TIRE CO. , INC. 647 S. Church Street GUARANTEED RECAPS ARMSTRONG (Rhino-Flex) TIRES BURLINGTON, N. C. From way down in my cranium I, this prediction make; That, if you eat uranium. You ' ll get atomic ache. I cheer I wish I wasleader, instands the all of front. I cheer I wish a wasleader, to hands my wave and grunt. But cheerleader be I never will, for neasons rot unknown. I illahle get the wrong syiaways upmixed in my T-zone. " Lady, " said the small boy, " if you will give us ;i quarter my little brother will act like a hen. " " What will he do? " inquired the lady. " Cackle? " " Naw, he wouldn ' t do a cheap thing like that; hel eat a woim. " ALAMANCE BOOK STATIONERY CO BOOKS GIFTS ENGRAVING SCHOOL and OFFICE SUPPLIES Burlington, North Carolina Opposite the Post Office FINE CLASS RINGS ANNOUNCEMENTS YEARBOOKS AWARDS JOSTEN ' S Since 1897 L. C. Chiles, Representative 611 Colonial Drive High Point, North Carolina BASON BASON Ladies ' Ready-to-Wear MILLINERY, LINGERIE and NOVELTIES 136 East Davis Street Burlington, North Carolina Coinpliinenis of THE JEWEL BOX BURLINGTON, N. C. A. D. PATE PRINTING CO. Cecil M. Yarbrough, Owner Ctminn ' rrial I ' rhitiw of All Kinds Davis and Worth Streets PHONE 6-2082 Burlington. North Carolina TEXTILE SALES ROOM Highway 70 PHONE 6-1815 BURLINGTON, N. C. FOSTER SHOE COMPANY 132 E. Davis Street BURLINGTON, N. C. Compinitcius oj TROLLINGER ' S FLORIST BURLINGTON, N. C. When Caesar was a babe in diapers, And chariots lacked windshield wipers. Before Napoleon ever knew That he would meet his Waterloo, When Cleo was a howling brat, Women were yelling, " Buy me thati " A lot of girls aren ' t athletic, but if you show them a diamond they ' ll play ball. Her; I think dancing makes a girl ' s feet big. don ' t vou? Him; Yeah. Her; I think swimming gives a girl awfully large shoulders, don ' t vou? Him; Yeah. ' Pause. Him; You must ride a bit, too. Did you hear the one about the two little queer boy termites? They only ate mail boxes. Irrigation Cr Industrial Pumps Ames Irrigation Equipment Disston Chain Saws - DeWalt Saws Mill Industrial Supplies DILLON SUPPLY COMPANY 112 South Duke Street Durham, North Carolina KIRK HOLT HARDWARE COMPANY HARDWARE : PAINTS BUILDING SUPPLIES FARM MACHINERY MILL SUPPLIES GIFT SHOP — Mezzanine Floor Main Street BURLINGTON, N. C. SWIFT CLEANERS ' Every Customer a Satisfied One ' " Two-Hour Service — No Extra Charge Alteration — Shirts — Laundry VISIT OUR GIFT DEPARTMENT Telephone 4681 Elon College, North Carolina EAT AT THE NEW ELON GRILL Steaks — Chops — Hamburgers Saiidwiches — School Supplies (low pi etc Fountain Service PATE DAWSON COMPANY Be Healthy — Be Happy EAT MORE FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES Burlington GOLDSBORO Best Wishes from ROSE ' S 5-10-25C STORE Burlington, North Carolina Origin o( the Charleston — a Scotchman trying to pick the lock on a pay toilet. Indignant Coed: Why did you kick my dog? Professor; He raised his leg and I thought he was going to kick me. " Hell, yes, " replied the devil as he answered the telephone. PHONE Quick 3381 • Service SERVICE DRY CLEANERS GiBsoNViLLL, North Carolina Coniplimeiits of 3 - World ' s Largest Pest Control Company " Call Burlington 66845 Call Greensboro 5-3316 McCLURE FUNERAL HOMES 605 Webb. Ave. 141 S. Main St. BURLINGTON GRAHAM Dial Dial 7488 27 1 1 GARRISON ' S SODA SHOP Sainhviches Ice Cream Steaks PHONE 9811 Elon College, North Carol NA AUTO PARTS ELECTRIC CO. 655 South Church Street UlJRLINCiTON, N. C. Once there was a niun named Bound While cutting his huvn, he drowned. ' Iwas dark and he fell Down the shaft of a well Couldn ' t tell his grass from a hole in the ground. Dollars are deposited by those who are not forever depositing their quarters on easy chairs. Some people have no respect for age unless it bottled. ' V£ i .

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Elon University - Phi Psi Cli Yearbook (Elon, NC) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Elon University - Phi Psi Cli Yearbook (Elon, NC) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


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