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o " TU teCce ' f cc tclned clkcC ttf oun. ' P%€4€ tt , , . V ■ . r f ' -: i " " ' - 4 ' ■ ' 0i i - Ji n- .-Jt An annual publication of the Student Body at Elon College, Elon College, North Carolina, the 1954 PhiPsiCli was published under the direction of ROGER PHELPS, Editor, and YORK BRANN0C;K, Business Manager; portraits by BRUMFIELD STUDIO, Charlotte, North Carolina; engraved by CHARLOTTE ENGRAVING COMPANY, Charlotte, North Carolina; and printed and bound by EDWARDS BROUGHTON, Raleigh, North Carolina. DEDICATION More than a half century ago the fires of ambition and consecration liurned in the hearts of a comparatively small group of devout men and women. They had visions of the coming years when education would be the determining factor in the trends of our nation. The church so far was the agency of evangelism and the means of inspiration, Ijut little progress had been made in education. The question, then, was vhat part the church should play in higher education. How else could the prin- ciples of religious thinking be established than on the campus of a Christian college? Following the gleam and guided l.)y Pro idence, these Christian leaders arose in faith, and out of self-denial, toil, and sacrifice, founded and built Elon College. Dedicated to sound scholarship. Christian teaching, moral liN ' ing, honest dealing — all of which build strong, stalwart Christian character — our CioUege has labored through the )ears, bearing bright fruits in the field of C hristian higher education. We, the Class of 1954, catching a glimpse of their heroic labors, sharing in a measure the fruits of their righteous lives, and being reminded of the high principles upon which the College was founded, humbly and gladly dedicate our Annual to the courageous founders of Elon College, our College, and the high principles on which it stands. iiwftr; ' ;c ; ' ' j, ' :,. Contents Administration Student Body Publications Organizations Fraternities Sororities Foreword Elon or The Oak, in Hebrew, was the highly appropriate name ascribed to our college by its founding fathers when, over half a century ago, they conceived of and built this institution. Surveying what was to become, in large part at least, the area to be enclosed by the campus walls, the founders realized that the densely foliaged trees on the proposed site represented its distinguishing feature, and they determined early to leave most of them standing. How- ever, due to some oversight during the course of actual construction, the workmen began their labor Ijy indiscriminately cutting clown a number of the trees on the southwest side of the campus. Their destructive advance was halted, oddly enough, just before they hewed down a bush whose stem had been wantonly and grotesquely bent. . . . Thanks to some- one ' s foresight, we today have the stately Senior Oak. Thus, the trees on the campus have re- mained as the calm, stalwart sentinels of our college ' s history from its earliest days. The familiar oak symbolizes in every way our work here, for it stands as a model of art. a challenge to science, and philosophically and religiously speaking, as a live embodiment of man ' s upward striving for knowledge. Indeed, it has useful, symbolic application even down to the numerous life experiences. And finally, with a little imagination, it represents the theme of this book — whether you Hnd it traced in the branches of knowledge or an ordinary board fence ! OUR PRESIDENT To the Class of 1954: Fortune and pro -idcnce have favored you while hundreds and thousands from all parts of the world, about your age, ha e lost their lives on the battlefields of the world. Yet you ha e been spared and privileged to remain in College. Now you are approaching Cominencement when you will be graduated from college, inspired and better fitted for life and its responsibilities. You may do further studying in universities or launch out in business or professional life. Whatever you do, may your efforts meet with the successes you have achieved in college. As you have found friends and companionship on the campus, may you be as fortunate wherever your paths may lead. Alma Mater shall watch your steps with interest and eagerness and follow you with prayers and expectations. L. E. Smith, President y) Imparting to us the various branches of knowledge is our Adminiltration DEANS To the Class ofl954: One of the primary purposes for the founding of Elon College was to offer to women and men the opportunities of higher education under religious and moral influences; that remains as one of our primary objectives. It is our sincere hope and our fervent prayer that while you have been here at Elon you have sought diligently for knowledge and that you have found a full measure of it; that you have had religious experiences which have strengthened your faith; and that your growth intellectually, socially and spiritually has helped to prepare you for a life of service to your fellow man and to your God. May He guide, direct, and bless you all of your days. Sincerely, J. E. D. ' iiNIEI.EY, Acting Dean Dear Commencers: It is reasonable to suppose that you and Elon College have worked together successfully to prepare vou for the level of sersice to yoiu " fellow men that can be given by a college graduate. Vou are, ho ve er, going out into a world that is gloomy in outlook. I should, therefore, counsel you to recall frequenth ' these words of St. Paul: Finally, Brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things. Sincerely ours, Alice Marion Bl.ack, Dean of Women 10 KONSTANTI. . S AVIZOMS M.A., Ph.D., Associate Professor of History and Aiodern Languages. John Hibbs Brashear, B.S., B.A., M.A., Chairman of Depart- ment and Professor of Business Administration. Luther Nicholson Bvrd, A.B., M.A., Professor of English; Pub- licity Director. Horace H. Cunningham, A.B., M.. ., Ph.D., Chairman of De- partment of Social Sciences; Professor of History. John Willia Barney, .A.B., Professor of English. Lucy Moore Brashear, B.A., M.A., Assistant Professor of English. Scott Boyd, . .B., M.. ., Chair- Ned Faucette Br. nnock, A.h., man of Department and Professor of M..- ., M.S., Litt.D., Chairman of Health and Physical Education. Department of .Natural Sciences; Professor of Chemistry. William Moseley Brown, A.B., M.A., Ph.D., Professor of Social William E. Butler, Jr., A.B., Science. Business .Manager. Faculty Paul Hubert Cheek, B.S., Ph.D., Professor of Chemistry. Joshua Corbett Collev, A.B., Charles W. Cox, . .B., M.A., M.A., Chairman of Department of Assistant Professor of Dramatic Arts Education and Psychology; Professor and Speech, of Education. Thomas R. Fox, B.S., A.C.A., Allen Roger Gibbs, A.B., Field Arabella Gore, A.B., A.B., Assistant Professor of Comme ' cial Secretary and Assistant Director of L..S., M..A., Catalogue Librarian. Sub n-ls. Admn iims. mMM 11 Mildred Haff, A.B., M.A. Assistant Professor oj Mathematics Richard M. Haff, A.B., M.A., Ph.D., Projessor oJ Biology. BiiTSV Ross Haley, B.S., Assistant Projessor of Physical Education. I ' ,.L) Alonzo Lohr Hook, A.B., James Howell, A.B., M.A., Winnie C. Howell, Circulation Oma U. Johnson, Ph.] M.A., M.S., Registrar; Chairman of Ph.D., Chairman of Department of Librarian. B.S.L.S., Librarian] Department of Mathematics; Pro- English and Dramatic .Arts; Professor fessor of Physics, of English, ., A.l Faculty Charles Gilbert Latham, B.S., Graham L. M. this, . .B., Head Pearl .Stephenson McDonald, Fletcher Moore, . .B., M.A., M.S., Associate Professor of Psy- .Athletic Coach; Associate Professor . .B., M.. ., As.wciate Professor of Chairman of Department ' of Fiiii chology. of Physical Education. French. ' .iris; Projessor of Piano and Organ. (On leave 1952-54.) Wayne Thompson Moore, A. B., Elizabeth Nelms, B.M., M.M., Lila Clare Newman, Ph.B., M.. ' ,., Assistant Professor of Piano Associate Professor cj Voice. .Assistant Professor of Art. and C Paul S. Reddish, B.. ., M.. ., Professm of Biology. 12 Faculty William Tlrman Reece, B.S., Ferris Ervin Reynolds, A.B., Marv Pleasants Shockev, B.S., Bessie P. Sloan. B.A., M.A., Assistant Professor oj Business Ad- B.D. and S.T.M., Ph.D., Chair- Assistant Prnjessor of Home Eco- Assistant Professor of Spanish, ministration. man of Department of Philosophy and nomics. Religion; Professor oJ Religion and Greek. William W. .Sloan, I5.. .. B.D., Jason Loy Sox, Jr., B.S., M.E. Jonathan Sweat, B.S., M.S., Harry E. arney, . .B., M.. , Ph.D., Professor of liible and Math., Associate Professor of Math- Associate Professor of Piano. Head Football Coach; Professor of Religious Education. emalics. ' Physical Education. John Foster West, A.B., M,. ., John Westmoreland, . .B., Professor of English, M... ., Professor of Piano and Organ. 13 Ruth Gamble Boyd ALUMNI SECRETARY Rev. Howard P. Bozarth COLLEGE PASTOR OFFICE STAFF Sarah D. Jones, Secretary In the Dean of the College; Jacqueline Perr - Matlock, Secretary to the Field Secretary; Flora Hazel Walker, Secretary to the Business Manager; Jo Watts Willlams, Secretary to the President. 14 NUTS TO 0L WW BUT THIS IS THE tudent Body STUDENT GOVERNMENT Woody Stoffel President Tom Targett Vice-President Mary Sue Colclough Secretary- Treasurer HONOR COUNCIL From the four classes of the Student Body are elected the six members of the Honor Council. Guardian of the Honor Code, through the functions of the Council ' s judicial responsibilities, this body of peers hears cases of academic and campus derelictions. STUDENT COUNCIL The members of the Student Council include repre- sentatives of both men and women students, with one member elected from the Student Body at large. The Council has the final jurisdiction in all cases involving offenses against the Student Body. Front row, left to right: Gilbert Brittle, Lewis Gwin, Ernestine Bridges, Phil Carter, Robert Phelps. Bacl : Dwight Dillon. Front row, left to right: Virginia Jernigan, Arlene .Stafford, Grace Bozarth, Jerry Lowder. Back: Gary Sears. 16 INTERDORMITORY COUNCILS The Women ' s and the Men ' s Inter- dormitory Councils hold parallel purposes and responsibilities, as thc - stri e to cope with the manifold duties and problems that fall under their jurisdiction. Repre- senting all men and women students resident on campus, theirs is a job which is comprehensive in scope and which proffers daily responsibilities. U ' omtn ' s Interdormttory Council, left to nghl : (liilda Mil Margaret Johnston, Sue Moore, Nannettc Man ban n, Judith Ingram, .-Vin Kearns, l Men ' s Inlerdormitory Council; Front row, left to right: Charles Schrader, Gary Sears, Fred Rice, Richard Newman. Second row: Eugene McDaniel, Pat Chandler, Sonny Martin, Shcr- rill Hall, Dalton Parker. Standing: Tom Targett. Front row, left to right: Bill Burke, York Brannock, A. H. Patterson, Norman Riddle, Ronnie Black. Second row: Bill Layton, Lois .Scott, Barbara Carden, Merylc Mauldin, Louise Bemis. Third row: Joe Williams, John Jones, Jack Garber, Terry Emerson. Fourth row: Fred Rice, Phil Mann. LEGISLATURE Supreme law-making power is vested in this truly reprcsentati -e bod -, ihr Legislature of the Student Government. Members of the body are elected by classes, dormitory residents, and the Day Students. 17 Lejt lo right: John Womack Gary Sears Ernestine Bridges Richard Newman GARY SEARS President Senior Class Officers JOHN WOMACK Vice-President ERNESTINE BRIDGES Secretary RICHARD NEWMAN Treasurer 18 Seniors BAILEY, RICHARD EDWARD, Route 6, Burlington, X. C, English. Da - Student ' s Organization 1, 2, 3, 4: Ministerial Association 4. BARRETT, DON CONNOR, Route 2, Graham, N. C, Business Administration. Sigma Mu Sigma: Marshal, Summer ' 52. BLACK, RONALD EWART, Box 473, Burlington, N. C, Music. Sigma Mu Sigma, Secretary 1, ' ice- President 2, President 3, 4; Legislature 1, 2, 3, 4, Speaker Pro-Tern 2, 3; Day Student ' s Organization 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 2, 3, 4; Maroon and Gold 2, 3; Choir 1, 2, 3, 4: Band 2; Marshal; Delegate to North Carolina Student Legislature 2, 3, and Mem- ber Interim Council 2. BLAKELEY, PEGGY SUE, Box 605 N. Main St., Cornelius, N. C. English. Woman ' s College of the University of North Carolina. Charlotte- Woman ' s College Club 1, 2; Adelphian Society 1, 2; Home Economics Club 1; Recreation Association 1, 2. BORjES. RUSSELL EDMOND, 725 Linden Ave., Burlington, N. C, Business Adrninistralion. BRADY, CARMELITA LAVERNE, Robbins, N. C, .Music. Legislature 3, 4, Sergeant-at-Arms 4; French Club 1, 2; Student Christian Association 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 3, President 4; PhiPsiCli 2, 3, Business Manager 3; Maroon and Gold, Co-Editor 4; Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; Women ' s Athletic As.sociation 1, 2, 3, Sec- retary 3; Marshal; Who s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges 3, 4; Dance Committee 2, 3, Chairman 3. BRANNOCK, DURANT YORK, JR., 1703 Woodland Ave., Burlington, N. C, Chemistry, French, Mathematics- Sigma Mu Sigma 3, 4, Treasurer 4; Legislature 4; Day Student ' s Organization 1, 2, 3, 4; French Club 2, 3, 4; PhiPsiCli, Business Manager 4; Marshal; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges; Winner of Ned F. Brannock Senior Chemistry Scholarship 1953-54; Student Afiiliate of the American Chemical Society. BRAY, HENRY WINFRED, Asheboro, N. C:., Re- ligious Education. Day Student ' s Organization 1, 2, 3, 4; Ministerial Association 1, 2, 3, 4; .Maroon and Gold 4. BRIDGES, ERNESTINE, Box 53, Lawndale, N. C, English and French. Tau Zeta Phi; Women ' s Inter- dormitory Council, Secretary 3; Honor Council, Secretary 4; Student Christian Association 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2; French Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Education Club 4, President 4; Women ' s Athletic Association 3, Treas- urer 3; Class Treasurer 2, Secretary 4; May Day Court 4. BUNC ' H, STANLEY CARLTON, 8912 Old Ocean View Rd., Norfolk, Va., Mathematics. Alpha Pi Delta; Intramural Council 2, 3; Intramurals 1, 2, 3. 19 i tfl Seniors k BURWELL, NAT MORTON, 403 High St., Oxford, N. C, Mathematics. Sigma Phi Beta; Spanish Club 1, 2, 3, 4; " E " Men ' s Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Football 1, 2, 3. BUTLER, BERNARD BROWN, JR., Gibsonville, N. C, Chemistry. Alpha Pi Delta; Day Student ' s Organization 1, 2, 3, 4. CAUSSADE, MARIA ISABEL, Box 346, Morse St., Arroyo, Puerto Rico, Social Science. LIniversity of Puerto Rico. COLE, LAURA ALICE, 202 Rolling Rd., Burlington, N. C, Social Science. Stetson University: Alpha Pi Delta; Pi Kappa Phi (honorary). Elon: Day Student ' s Organization 4; PhiPsiCli 4; Cheerleader 4; Dance Coinmittee 4. CORNELL, DORIS MAE, 528 Providence St., Gra- ham, N. C, Commercial Education. Pi Kappa Tau; Day Student ' s Organization 1, 2, 3, 4; Commercial Club 2, 3, 4; Spanish Club 1, 2. DARLINGTON, FRED, III, 13 Holt Apts., S. Main St., Burlington, N. C, History. DENNIS, DOLLY W., Box 347, Gibsonville, N. C, English. Tau Zeta Phi; Legislature 2; Day Student ' s Organization 1, 2, 3, 4; Education Club 1; Choir 1. 2. DILLON, DWIGHT LYNVVOOD, 902 M rtle Rd., Martinsville, Va., Business Administration and Mathe- matics. Iota Tau Kappa; Honor Council 3, 4; " E " Men ' s Club 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball Manager 3; Class Treasurer 1, Vice-Presi- dent 3. EARLES, SHERMAN LEE, Early Ave., Leaksville, N. C;., Business Administration. Western Carolina Teacher ' s College: International Relations Club 1 ; Freshman Basketball 1. East Carolina College: Alpha Phi Omega; Business Club 2, 3; Spanish Club 2; R.O.T.C. Drill Team 3. Elon: French Club 4. EDWARDS, DOUGLAS WILLIAM, 1 Rrland St., Middlcboro, Mass., Physical Education. Springfield College. Elon: Student Christian Association 1, 2, 3, 4; Education Club 4; Elon Players 4; Intramural Council 4; Maroon and Gold 4; All Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. 20 Seniors EULISS, KATHLEEN, Route 1, Burlington, N. C, Business Administration. Tau Zeta Phi; Education Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 4; Commercial Club 4. FARLOVV, MARY LEE, Seagrove, N. C, History and Social Science. Delta LIpsilon Kappa; Legislature 2; Women ' s Interdormitory Council, Vice-President 3; Spanish Club 1, 2; Student Christian Association 1,2; Marshal; Monroe A ard. FOWLER, HOYT BARBOUR, 306 East " D " St., Erwin, N. C, Business Administration. Kappa Psi Nu; Day Student ' s Organization 1, 2, 3, 4; French Club 4. HARVEY, JOSEPH EUGENE, Box 95, Guilford, N. C, Physical Education. Legislature 3, 4; Spanish Club 2, 3, 4; Education Club 4; " E " Men ' s Club 3, 4; Golf 2, 3, 4. HAYES, EDWIN JAMES, 212 East Harden St., Graham, N. C, Business Administration. Day Student ' s Organization 1, 2, 3, 4. HE R ' , DA ' ID L., 43 Eden Lane, Levittown, Long Island, N. Y., Mathematics. HOLT, JACK NEAL, Draper, N. C, English. Spanish CUub 1,2, 3, 4; Day Student ' s Organization 1, 2, 3, 4; .Maroon and Gold 1, 2, 3; Colonnades 1, 2, 3. HOVDESVEN, BAYARD YOUNG, Bo.x 183, Bur- lington, N. C, Business . dministration. Sigma Phi Beta; Day Student ' s Organization 1, 2; Tennis 4. INGRAM, JUDITH OPAL, 4647 Winston Rd., Greensboro, N. C:., .Music. Beta Omicron Beta, Secretary 3, Co-Chairman 4; Women ' s Interdormitory Council 2, 4, President 4; Honor C:ouncil, Secretary 3; German Club 1; French Club 4; Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2, ' ice-President 3; Marshal; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges; May Day Queen 4. I ' EY, JULIUS LYNWOOD, Route 1, Aberdeen, . . C, Business Administration. Kappa Psi Nu; Legis- lature 3; Board of Elections, Chairman 4; Spanish Club 1, 3; Accounting Laboratory Instructor. 21 Seni ors JACOBS, KENNETH TAIT, 1063 Algonquin Rd., Norfolk, Va., English. Sigma Phi Beta; Alpha Psi Omega; Legislature; Elon Players; Varsity Debate Team; Chairman, Delegation to North Carolina Student Legislature. JAMES, JEAN NUNNAMAKER, 5 Roscoe Apt., 119 S. Franklin St., Reidsville, N. C, English. Louisburg Junior College. Elon: Delta Upsilon Kappa; PhiPsiCli, Literary Editor 3. JERNIGAN, VIRGINIA DEANE, Godwin, N. C, Physical Education. Tau Zeta Phi; Student Council 3, 4; Pan-Hellenic Council 2, 3, Vice-President 3; Class Secretary 3; Spanish Club 1, 2; Physical Education Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Women ' s Athletic As- sociation 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 3; Student Christian Association 1, 2, 3, 4; PhiPsiCli 2; Choir 1; May Day Attendant 3, 4; Homecoming Queen 4. JOHNSON, HERMAN LEE, Route 5, Rome, Georgia, Religion and Philosophy. Day Student ' s Organization 1, 2, 3, 4; Ministerial Association 4. JOHNSON, MARY JO, Elizabethton, Tenn., English. KERNODLE, JAMES LOWELL, Route 4, Burlington, .Mathematics. Alpha Pi Delta. KERNODLE, RAMONA MARTIN, Route 4, Bur- lington, N. C, Social Science and Elementary Education. Woman ' s Collesre of the University of North Carolina. LANGSTON, CARLTON VIVIAN, Timmonsville, S. C, Physical Education. Wingate Junior College: Gladstone Society 1, 2. Elon: Spanish Club; Baseball: Intramural Council LAUGHLIN, DEWEY EUGENE, 2718 Randleman Rd., Greensboro, N. C., -Business Administration. Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4. LAYTON, WILLIAM MONTGOMERY, 416 Park- view Dr., Burlington, N. C, Mathematics. Legislature; Day Student ' s Organization. 22 Seniors LONG, LEON HARRIS, 203 Web N. C, Business Administration. St., Roxboro, MADREX, THOMAS WHEELER, 1120 Carolina Ave., Albemarle, N. C, Religion. Student Christian Association 1, 2, 3, 4; Ministerial Association 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 2, President 4; Maroon and Gold 4; PhiPsiCli 4; Debaters 4; Choir 1; Band 4; Elon Plavcrs 4. . I. LLOV. J.AC:K J.. 688 Washington Ave., Brooklyn, X. Y., Business. " E " Men ' s Club; Basketball 3, 4; Tennis 4; All-Tournament Basketball. MAXX, PHILIP ROGERS, Cypress Chapel, ' a., Chemistry. Kappa Psi Nu; Legislature 2, 4; Men ' s Interdormitory Council 3; Entertainment Committee; Dance Committee; Class Vice-President 2; Student Christian Association 1, 2, 3, 4, President 3; Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4; Marshal; Who s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges: May ' Court 4. MATTHEWS, GRACE CANDLER, Meredithville, Va., Religious Education. Women ' s Interdormitory Council 4; Ministerial Association 3, 4; Student Christian Association 3. 4. MAY, AXXIE IXCE. Spring Hope, X. C, Physical Education and General Science. Delta L ' psilon Kappa; Women ' s Interdormitory Council 2; French Club 1, 2; Physical Education Club 1, 2, 3; Women ' s Athletic Association 1, 2, 3; Student Christian As- sociation 1, 2; PhiPsiCm 1: Winner of Intramural Basketball Free Throw 1. McGRAW, WALTER, Burlington, X. C, English. Universitv of Xorth Carolina. McDAXIEL, EUGEXE BARKER, Carey Rd.. Kins- ton, X. C, Physical Education. Campbell Junior College: Monogram Club. Elon: Iota Tau Kappa; Men ' s Interdormitory Council 4; Student Legislature; Education Club; Spanish C;iub; Basketball 3, 4; Baseball 3, 4. McFARLIXG, HUGH B., Box 172, R.F.D. Xo. 1, Durham, X. C, .Mathematics. Mf: E ' , JOSEPH WA ■XK. JR.. Box 36, Elon College, N. C, Elementary Education. Pi CJamma Mu, ' icc- President 4. 23 Seni lors MICHAELS, CAL ' IN A., RcidsviUc Rd.. Greensboro, N. C, Business Administration. University of Iowa: Baseball 1, 2; Football 2; Monogram Club. Elon: Sigma Phi Beta: Intramural Sports 3, 4. MILES, SARAH FRANCES, 816 Washington St., Burlington, N. C, Social Science. Pi Kappa Tau; Day Student ' s Organization 1, 2, 3, 4: Education Club 2, 3, Secretary 3. MOORE, WILLIAM JENNINGS BRYAN, JR., 213 Elmira St., Burlington, N. C, Biology. Emmanuel Junior College. Elon: Day Student ' s Organization; Spanish Club. MORTENSEN, MARTIN P., JR., 124 W. Gilberth St., Graham, N. C, History. Universit - of North Carolina. Elon: Da - Student ' s Organization 3, 4. MOSS, MARVIN KENT, 912 N. Main St., Malhe- matics. Sigma Phi Beta; Spanish Club; " E " Men ' s C:iub; Football 1, 2, 3, 4. MURR, SARA WINN, 811 S. Park Ave., Burlington, N. C, English. Pi Kappa Tau, President 3, Vice-Presi- dent 4; Pan-Hellenic Council 4; Day Student ' s Organization 1, 2, 3, 4; French Club 3; Education Club 3; Maroon and Gold 2. NELSON, SAMUEL DAVID, JR., 616 Juniper St., La Grange, Ga., Religion and History. Alpha Pi Delta, Treasurer 3; Legislature 1, 2, 3; Election Committee; Men ' s Interdormitory Council; German Club; Greek Club; Education CIuIj; Ministerial Association 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 2, President 3; Student Christian Association 1, 2, 3, 4; Maroon and Gold 4; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; All-Campus Football and Basketball 3; Delegate to North Carolina Student Legislature 2; Representative for S.C.A. in Kentuckv 2. NEWMAN, RICHARD HOLT, 610 N. Third St., Mebane, N. C, Chemistry. Kappa Psi Nu; Alpha Psi Omega; Sigma Mu Sigma; Legislature 1; Pan- Hellenic Council, President 4; Men ' s Interdormitory Council, Secretary 4; French Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Christian Association 1, 3, 4; Elon Players 1, 2, 4; Choir 4. NIGHTLINGER, LAWRENCE JOHN, 328 Elmer .St., ' ineland, N. J., Business Administration. Sigma Phi Beta; Pan-Hellenic Council 3, 4, President 3; Legislature 2; French Club 2. O ' BERRY, WALTER SAMUEL, Harrellsville, N. C, Biology. Kappa Psi Nu; Sigma Mu Sigma; Honor Council 1, 2; Student Body, Secretary-Treasurer 3; Orientation Committee 4; French Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Marshal 3, 4, Chief Student Marshal 3 (Summer School); Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges; Delegate to North Carolina Student Legislature 3. 24 Seniors OLIXGER, JOHN S., 207 Main St., Mount Pleasant, Pa., Business Adnuntslration. OWEXS, JOHN R., JR., 313 X. Maple St., Graham, X. C;., Business Administration. P.ARKER, JOSEPH MARTIN, JR., Durham, N. C, History. Sis;ma Phi Beta: Legislature 4; " E " Men ' s Clul) 1, 2, 3, 4; Footljal! 1, 2, 3, 4: Track 1. P.ATTERSOX, AMIC:K HARRIS, JR., Trail 1, Grove Park, Burlington, X. C., Business Administration. Legislature 3, 4; Day Student ' s Organization 1, 2, 3 4, President 4; Spanish Glul) 1, 2, Treasurer 2. PEXXINGTON, DONALD SCOTT, Rovite 2. Bur- lington, N. C., English and French. PHELPS, ROGER V., 3901 ' ictory Circle, Fort Smith, Ark., Social Science. Pi Gamma Mu, President 4; Men ' s Interdormitory Council 3; Student Christian Association 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 1, 2; French Club 1; PhiPsiCli 3, Editor-in-Chief 4; Choir 1, 2, 3; Marshal; Who ' s Who Among Students in American i ' niversities and Colleges. PHILLIPS, CHARLES WOODROVV, JR., Piedmont Apts., A-7, Burlington, N. C, Chemistry. Alpha Pi Delta, Secretary 3; Day Student ' s Organization 1, 2, 3, 4; Science Club 1; Elon Players 1, 2. POR lERFIELD, ERWIN LEE, Route 4. Burlington, X. C., Business Administration. French (;lub 3, 4. PL(,II. R1(;I1. RI) I.RXE.Si ' , 133 Morning.side Drive, Winchester, ' a.. Commercial Education. Sigma Mu Sigma, Treasurer 2, 3; Board of Elections 4; Com- mercial Club 2, 3, 4; Spanish Club 1; French Club 2: Education Club 4; Choir 1, 2; Band 1, 2; Laljoratory Instructor in the Coinmercial Department 2, 3. RAXGEl., LCJLIS (;., 3 11 Umiernui St., East f Chicago, Ind., Spanish. 25 £kim Seniors RINALDI, NORMAN JOSEPH, 1600 Delaware Ave., Durham, N. C, Business Adtninislration. Election C;ommittee; Spanish Club. SCHRADER, CHARLES W., 640 Asheboro St., Greensboro, N. C, Physical Education. Sigma Phi Beta; Men ' .s Interdormitorv Council 1; Intramural Council 2; Football 1; Baseball 1; Tennis 2. SEARS, GARY LEE, 603 Fourth Ave., Portsmouth, ' a.. Social Science. Kappa Psi Nu; Student Council President 4; Men ' s Interdormitory Council 3, 4, President 4; Class President 3, 4; Spanish Club 4; Election Committee 3; Dance Committee Co- Chairman 4; Maroon and Gold, Sports Editor, 3, 4; PhiPsiCli Co-Sports Editor 4; Tennis 3; May Court 3: Who s Who . wona .Students in .American Universities and Colleges. SIKES, JAMES MATTHEW, 519 Pine St., Dublin, Ga., History. Georgia Teacher ' s College. Elon: Alpha Pi Delta. SILER, CALVIN KENNEDY, Box 625, Siler City, N. C, Physical Education. Education Club, Treasurer 4; " E " Men ' s Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3; Football 1, 2, 3. SIMMONS, LEWIS BILL, 510 Mason St., Albemarle, N. C., Religion. Legislature 1 ; Ministerial Association 1, 2, 3, Vice-President 2; Maroon and Gold 4. SMALL, DAVID BOWMAN, Burlington, N. C, Phys- ical Education. Guilford College. Elon: " E " Men ' s Club; Education Club; Golf. SNOW, WILLIAM B., 314 Worth St., Mount Airy, N. C., Business .Administration. Sigma Phi Beta; German Club. SOCKWELL, EMMA LOU, Route 1, Gibsonville, N. C., Home Economics. Delta Upsilon Kappa; Wom- en ' s Interdormitory Council 3; Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary L 3, President 4; French Club 2, 3, 4; Elon Players 3. STEWART, ROBERT E., 620 Sunset Dr., Sanford, N. C, Physical Education. Iota Tau Kappa; Legislature 2; Student Council 3; Class President 1; Pan-Hellenic Council 4; " E " Men ' s Club 2, 3, 4; Band 3; Ba.seijall 1, 2, 3; Baseball All-Conference 3; Daily .News All- State in Baseball 3. 26 Seniors STOCKARD, ROBERT i I., JR., 310 E. Harden St., Graham, N. C, General Science. STOFFEL, WILLIAM JOSEPH, JR., 911 E. Atlantic Ave., Stratford, N. J., Business Administration. Sigma Phi Beta; Student Body Vice-President 3, President 4; Class President 2; Intramural Council 2; Jay-Vee Basketball 2; IV io ' s Who Among Stiit enls in American Universities and Colleges; Chief Student Marshal; Leader Publications 3; Delegate to North Carolina Student Legislature 4; Dance Committee 2, 3, 4; May Court 3. THOMPSON, BETTY LAYTON, 563 S. Broad St., Burlington, N. C, Religious Education. Greensboro College: Class Treasurer 1. Elon: Day Student ' s Organization 2, 3, 4; Education Club 4; Ministerial Association 2, 3, 4; Class Treasurer 3: PhiPsiCli, Assistant Business Manager 4; Marshal; Homecoming Junior Class Sponsor 3, Senior Class Sponsor 4; " Miss Elon " Contest 3: Maid of Honor, May Day 4. THOMPSON, RKIHARD, 237 S. Main St., Graham, N. C, History. THOMPSON, WILLIAM LEONARD, 108 Pogue St., Raleigh, N. C, History. ' ERNON, ROBERT L., JR., Bo.x 322, Mavodan, N. C, General Science. WALKER. HAR EY C;OOPER, Route 1, Greensboro Highway, Burlington, N. C, English, Certificate in Art. Alpha Pi Delta, Vice-President 3; Sigma Mu Sigma; Student Council 3; Day Student ' s Organization 1, 2, 3, 4; .Maroon and Gold, Art Editor 1, 2, 3, 4; Colonnades Editor 4; Choir 1, 2, 3; Elon Plavers 3, 4. WARD, MARY ELIZABETH, Route 1, Staley, N. C, Home Economics. Beta Omicron Beta, Co-President 4; Pan-Hellenic Council Secretary-Treasurer 3; French Clul) 1, 2, 4; Women ' s Athletic Association 1, 2; Student Christian Association 1, 2, 3; Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4, President 3; Education Club 3, 4; Choir 2, 3, 4; Representative to North Carolina College Home Economics Workshop 3. W ELBORNE, C:UR I IS I.., Box 726, Elon College, N. C, Philosophy and French. Legislature 4; French Club 3; Colonnades Editor 3; Maroon and Gold 3, 4, A.ssociate Editor 4. WOMACK, JOHN MELVIN, Bo.x 316 Olivia, N. C, Chemistry. C:arnpbcll Junior College. Elon: Choir 3, 4; Band 3, 4; Class ' ice-President 4. . f WRIGHT, THOMAS E., Box N. C, Social Science. .54, Elon Cof 27 WHO ' S WHO One of the highest honors given to any student at Elon College is that of being listed in the annual publication Who ' s U ' io Among Students in American Unirersilies and Colleges. Who ' s Who serves a four-fold purpose: it is a commendation to a student for his success in college, both scholastic and social; a recommendation to the business world; a standard measurement for students; and an incenti ' e for students to get the most out of their college careers. Our congratulations go out to the eight recipients of the honor — all of them Seniors — who won for themselves this extra bit of distinction. 28 M KKBRAWOCK LA ERXE BRADY PHIL MANN JUDY INGRAM WALTER OBI.RR ' WOODY STOFFEL ROGER PHELPS GARY SEARS 29 L ' -fl lo right: Joe Morris Tommy Andrews Louise McLeod Sherill Hall JUNIORS JOE MORRIS President Junior Class Officers LOUISE McLEOD Vice-President TOMMY ANDREWS Secretary SHERILL HALL Treasurer 30 o a Juniors SL Armfiei I), George W. — Box 629, Lcaksvillo, N. C Askew. Rei ben S.— 8639 Old Ocean ' r- v Rd., NcjiTolk, ' a. Barnes, Li ' ther A. — 401 McArthur Ave., Portsmouth. ' a. BiN ' ENS, C HARi.ES F. — 1707 Bracoii A e., Burlington, N. C. BozARTH. Grac:e — Elou CoUcge, N. C. Brittie, Gii-BERT — Route 1, Vakcfield, ' a. Bunch, . nn— 127 Vellons St., Suffolk, ' a. BiRKE, William Levi — 620 Fountain Place, Bin-lint ton, N. C. Cashion, Robert Thomas — Bo.x 86, C:ornelius, N. C. Chadwick, Jt ' DiTH — West Boxford, Mass. C handier, James M. — Hemingway, S. C. Chrisman, Doris E. — Route 2, Elon College, N. C. Cloi.ci.ouGH, Marv Sue— Elon t:ollcge, N. C. Conger, Luther — Route 7, Statessillc, N. C. Cooke, Richard — Route ? , Box 226, .N ' orl ' olk, ' a. Craven, Helen — Ramseur, N. C. 31 Juniors Danieley, Frances — Rt. 4, Burlington, N. C. Darling, Joan — 1019 N. Mcbane St., Biu-lington, N. C. DisHER, J. C— 116 S. Marshall St., Winston-Salcm, N. C. DoFFi,EMYER, Ci-ARK — Routc 2, Box 81, Elkton, Va. Durham, Ervin O. — Routc 2, Burlington, N. C. E.4.TON, Sylvia— 617 W. Davis St., Burlington, N. C. Edwards, William Forrest — 605 Pine St., Burlington, N. C. Flynt, James Harrell — 427 N. Elm St., Asheboro, N. C. Fogleman, Lacy — Route 6, Greensboro, N. C. Garrett, Thomas VV. — Route 1, Liberty, N. C. Garrison, J. Mark — 220 Siler Lake Dr., Burlington, N. C. Gregg, Bill — Route 4, Easley, S. C. Hall, Sherrill — Route 1, King, N. C. Ha.mrick, James — Box 35, Draper, N. C. Hardy, James -210 Nissen St., Reidsville, N. C. Heath, C. Graham — Box 681, Elon College, N. C. 32 :.X U .. -» a fV l k. C O ( ' f , a D r i Juniors iik I Hoi.T, Robert — 442 Pomery St., Graham, N. C. Jac:ks(i. , Ida P. — Route 1, Carthage, N. C. Johnson, Stacy — 903 W. Broad St., Dunn, N. C. Jones, Bobby L. — Route 6, Reids ille, N. C. Jones, Harry E. — 505 .South .St., FrankHn, V ' a. Jones, John T. — Whiteville, N. C. Jones, Sylvia E. — 407 Truil 1, Grove Park, Burhngton, N. C. Kennedy, John J.— 5814 Moshole .Ave., New York 71, N. Y. LowDER, Jerry E. — Route 6, Burlington, N. C. Maddox, Dave — Box 121, Thorsl) -, . la. Maddox, Diane ' . — 3438 Zumstcin . ' ve., (lincinnali, Ohio Matkins, Iris — Route 2, Elon C:ollege, N. C. McCaui.ey, Edith Ra - — Route 4, Burlington, N. C M(:Im re, Ronai d (). — Central . e., Burlington, N. C. McLeod, Louise — 420 Faisnin St., Alheniarlc, X. C Mercer, V. C— 1111 .Anthony St., Burlington, N. C. 33 Juniors Miller, Peggy Lou — 900 Carolina Ave., Fayetteville, N. C. Moore, Sue — Route 1, Timberlake, N. C. ¥ Morris, Joseph C. — 1113 W. Davis St., Burlington, N. C. Morris, Retha — 202 Alamance Rd., Burlington, N. C. Murrell, Ruby E. — Bo.x 321, Gilisonville, N. C. Pack.- rd, Don — Box 24, Avondale, N. C. Perry, Henry — 416 Maple Ave., Burlington, N. C. Phelps, Bob — 3901 Vict ory Circle, Fort Smith, Ark. Rakes, Ralph — Field Ave., Fieldale, Va. Rauseo, Michael — 118 Webster St., East Boston, Ma.ss. Rawles, Ann — 812 Gettings St., Suffolk, Va. Rice, Fred — Burlington, N. C. Robertson, Lewis — 610 Cil ' t St., Martinville, Va. Sherman, Hazel — Route 1, Oxford, N. C. Shoffner, Margaret — Route 1, Julian, N. C Smyre, Jerry — Route 1, Box 181, Greensboro, N. C. 34 Juniors Stafford, Arlene — 1308 Oklahoma Ave., Burlington, N. C. SvvicEGOOD, Charles — Route 5, Lexington, N. C. Targett, Thomas — 28 Forest St., Braintree, Mass. T. TE, Patsv E.— Route 1, Bu. 153, Efland, N. C. Taylor, Holland — 2129 Oak Ave., Newport News, Va. Tenhouten, Lyndalu — 622 N. Kalomazoo St., Paw Paw, Mich. Thomas, D.avid T. — 2800 Hazelwood, Raleigh, N. C. TiMMANS, Robert E. — Route 2, Mt. Airy, N. C. Toms, Natalie — 117 S. Mebanc St., Burlington, N. C. Vestal, Wayne — Route 1, Box 109, Asheboro, N. C. Waggoner, James M. — 1792 Orlando Circle, Jack.sonville, Fla. Westerman, Robert — Jackson St., Clifton Forge, Va. WiDDiFiELD, Joe King— 316 W. 28th St., Winston-Salem, N. C. Wii 1 iams, Joseph P. — 87 Chestnut St., Maplewood, N.J. W 11 I lAMs, RiTH— Route 1, Box 33. , Haw River, N. C. Winston, Lewis — Nelson, ' a. WiK.DAKD. liioMAS R.— 641 University Dr., Greensboro, N. C. 35 Left to right: Jerry Loy Marie Weldon Pat Chandler Dalton Parker SOPHOMORES JERRY LOV President Sophomore Class Officers PAT CHANDLER I ' ice-Presidcnt MARIE WELDON Secretary DALTON PARKER Treasurer 36 Sopl s 1 ' o p ft lomores Aldridsf, Ii in — Route 1, Vanceyville, N. C. Allen, Don— Box 305, Grove Park, Burlington, N. C. Allen. Warren — Hunt, " ira:inia Bain, Nanc - J. — 335 Fountain PL, Burlington, N. C. Ballard, Ginger — 1041 Manchester, Norfolk, V ' a. Beale, Glenn M. — 1814 Bay ' icw Blvd., Norfolk, " a. Beckwith, Elizabeth — 25 VVetmune . nx-., Morristovvn, N.J. Benii.s, Louise — 232 Main St., Spencer, Mass. Bradshaw, James T. — Box 707, Graham, N. C. Brady, Golda Daile— Box 194, Ramseur, N. C. Brown, Clay — 336 VV. Main St., Mt. Sterling, Ky. Gale, Jack— Windsor, N. C. Calhoun, Jaincs— Route 3, Box 233, Norfolk, Va. Garden, Barbara Joan — 1431 Beach Dr., Burlington, N. C. Carter, Phil— Box 351, Liberty, N. G. Carter, Quincy— 318 W. Ruffin St., Burlington, N. G. Chandler, Pat— Box 77, Elon Colk-ge, N. G. Chandler, Thurman L. — 1511 Colonial Ave., Greens- boro, N. G. Chapman, Cieorge D. — ' et. . ' pt., Elon College, N. C. Chapman, Shirley— Box 811, Elon Ckjllege, N. C. C:hilton, Billy— Route 1, Bennett, N. C. GhilUMi, Caiitis Sterling — RcKite 6, Reidsville, N. C. Gitly, Hugh— 308 Lind.sey St., Reid.sville, N. G. Glapp, Edward T.— 350 N. Maple St., Graham, N. G. 37 Sophomores Cox, Shirley Carol— Box 243, Elon College, N. C. Coyner, Gwen R.— 612 VV. Front St., Burlington, N. C. Curtis, Eugene — Route 4, Burlington, N. C. Dawes, John Coe— 318 High School Dr., Roxboro, N. C. Drake, Grady Gene — 715 Center Ave., Burlington, N. C. Earp, Ronald Ted— 1203 Coble Ave., Burlington, N. C. Ellington, Mrs. Edna Earle — Route 3, Reidsville, N. C. Emerson, Terrv — Box 362, Route 1, Morehead Cits ' , N. C. Flvthe, Henry Franklin— 225 S. Main St., Graham, N. C. Fuchs, Susan— Box 83, Fayetteville, N. C. Fuquay, John Lewis — Box 295, Yanceyville, N. C. Garber, Jack— 218 E. Pine St., Cadillac, Mich. Ginn, Billy— 206 Center St., Mt. Pleasant, S. C. Grant, Linwood O. — R.F.D. 3, Disputanta, Va. Green, Bobby Lee — Route 1, Brown Suminit, N. C. Hancock, Glenda— 303 E. Pine St., Graham, N. C. Hobgood, Homer — Route 1, Oxford, N. C. Hodge, Jacklyn — 703 Morehead St., Burlington, N. C. Hoover, Harold VVinfred — Route 1, Leaksville, N. C. Huffman, Clate — Route 1, Mount Airy, N. C. Hughes, Barbara — 105 Wordnow St., Fayetteville, N. C. Humphrey, T. R. — Elon College, N. C. Isley, Theodore VV. — 510 Everette St., Burlington, N. C. Johnson, Betsy — Fuquay Springs, N. C. 38 Sophomores i V iM o r ik tfii -c= 1 D m 9 i o Ji Johnson, Billie Fave — Greensboro Hi!i;h va , Burlington, . . c. ■ Johnson, Dan Marsh — Route 4, Sanford, X. C. Johnson, Mrs. Dorothy T. — 923 Graham St., Burlington, N. C. Johnston, Margaret — Box 384, Tryon, N. C Jones, Charles B. — Route 1, Burlington ,N. C. Jones, Jayne — 1715 Woodland A e., Burlington, N. C. Kearns, Ann — 336 E. Salisbury, Asheboro, N. C. Kilpalrick, Joseph R. — 415 Peele St., Burlington, N. C. Kincaid, Jimni ' D. — 1103 Summit Ave., Greensboro, N. C. Kirb , Ashburn L.— 709 Burrow Ave., S. Norfolk, Va. Lambert, Kenneth H. — 2811 Victoria, Norfolk, Va. Laskcy, William — 1503 Granville St., Burlington, N. C. Liltiken, John P. — Route 4, Sanford, N. C. Lowe, Martha Jane — 213 N. 15th Ave., Hopewell, ' a. Loy, Jerry A. — Graham, N. C. Luke, Jimmy — Holland, ' a. Mackay, John — Route 3, Box 82, Greensboro, N. C. Matchan, Nannetle — 668 Rutledge Ave., Charleston, S. C. Mauldin, Mervle — 317 Corona .St., Winston-Salem, N. c:. McGhee, Russ — 107 Fourth Ave., Franklin, Va. Mclntyre, Clarence Richard — Rt. 2, Elon College, N. C. McKec, PeggN — Route 2, Rougemont, N. C. McPherson, Girleta — 321 W, Salisburv St., Asheboro, N. C. Michael, John D.— 210 Kernodle Dr., Burlington N. C, 39 Sopl dk ' lomores Michaux, Charles — Linden, N. CI. Moore, Barbara — Box 269, Graham, N. C. Moore, L. Bascom — Box 269, Graham, N. C. Morrison, Revell — Route 1, Leaksville, N. C. Morrow, Alex — Route 3, Moorcsville, N. C. Moseley, Furman — 7 Jo)ce Ave., Mt. Pleasant, S. C. Motley, Dorothy— Box 606, Elon College, N. C. Myers, Alton — Route 3, Lexington, N. C:. Newman, Tommie — 261 Davis St., Henderson, N. C. Nicholas, C. Frank — 246 Kenn St., Concord, N. C. Oats, Charles — 1921 Fargis St., Greensijoro, N. C. Parker, Dalton— Route 2, Box 538, Suffolk, Va. Payne, Polly — Swepsonville, N. C. Payne, Robert Odcll — Route 1, Gibsonville, N. C. Phillips, Shirley — Swepsonville, N. C. Piatt, William Hall 1007 S. Ohio St., Kokomo, Ind. Rice, Bobby Edward — 231 Gra. Hopedale Rd., Bur- lington, N. c;. Ri crs, Richard W. — 111 Markham St., Burlington, N. C. Scott, Lois C— Box 396, Elon College, N. C. Seaman, Walter Ramon — 214 W. Gilbreath St., Graham, N. C. Sharpe, Clara — Box 37, Elon College, N. C. Sharpe, Harves- Lewis — N. Mebane St., Burlington, N. C. Smith, Bob L. — 314 Holling.sworlh St.. Leaksville, N. C. Smith, Harvey J. — 905 Lakcview St., Greensboro, N. C. 40 Sophomores Smith. Jiniiiiv C:.— 314 HoUingsworth St., Leaksville, X. c: ' . Smith, Joe— 217 Bradford Ave., Fayetteville, N. C. Smith. Ronnie — 105 Summit . ve., Burlington, N. C. Stoddard, Ann— 56 Magnolia St., Braintree 84, Mass. Sutton, Lorine — Route 3, Burlington, N. C. Sutton, Marjorie Louise — Route 1, Elon College, N. C. Talley, Harriet — Box 150, South Boston, ' a. Tate, William— Route 1. Efland, N. C. Theos. Nicholas J. — 83 Calhoun St., Charleston, S. C. Thompson, Gar B. — Norfoli 6, ' irginia Tucker, Joann Newman — 1815 Woodland Ave., Burling- ton, N. C. Wagoner, Lora — Bo.x 415, Elon College, N. C. Walker, Boh — Route 2, Kirklin, Indiana Walker, Glenn— Route 3, Burlington, N. C. Watson, Belsv Carrell— 1618 Sharpe St., Burlington, X. C. Watts. Paul Dean — Fayetteville, N. C. Weldon, J. Marie — Route 3, Louisburg, N. C. White, Edward F.— Route 1, Box 91, Haw River, N. C. Whiilcv, Rav— 116 W. Xth St., Winston-Salem, N. C. Wicker, Gene H.— 1309 Painey St., Burlington, X. C. Williams, Gene C. — 124 Burkemont Ave., Morganton, X. C. Winslow, Myron —1204 Earle Ave., So. Xorfolk, ' a. Wis.seman, Marv— 315 N. Edgeworth St., Greensboro, X. c:. Wright, Mrs. Ann — Box 54, Elon College, N. C:. Wright, Jo Ann — 513 Alamance Rd., Burlington, N. C. W rick, Clarice June — Route 2, Burlington, X. C. ■()uns;, Curtis 211 W. Trinitv . c.. Durham. .N. C. 41 p Cj C= Left lo right: Glenn Varney Ann Puckett Yvonne Buff Jimmy Bi FRESHMEN JIMMY BELL President Freshman Class Officers ANN PUCKETT Vice-President YVONNE BUFF Secretary GLENN VARNEY Treasurer 42 Freshmen o K 1- jt iiiii iJI. . itl MM Aljcrnathy, tlarolyn, Rt. 2, Graham, N. C. Acree, Dorothy, Cholsonvillc, ' a. Alejandre, Hilda, A 60, La Sierra, Havana, Cuba Allen, fanies W, Jr., Rl. 6, Greensboro, N. C. Angle, Richard, Ridge a Road, Leaks ille, N. C. Baine, Jimmie D., Rt. 1, Whaleyville, N. C. Ball, Nelson. Box 205, Alamance Rd., Burling- ton, N. C. Barker, Maurice Lee, Milton, N. C. Barr, Benjamin, Norwich, Gonn. Ba.xter, Robert C., Box 1035, Burlington, N. G. Benfield, Jean, 435 E. 20th St., Newton, N. C;. Bergman, Bob, Rt. 7, Norwich, Conn. Billingsley, Mildred, Rt. 6, ReidsviUe, N. C Blalock, Jerry, Rt. 1, Efland, N. G. Boland, Margaret, Box 242, Elon College, N. C. Bonds, Frank S., 200 B. Wistar Rd., Rt. 12, Richmond, ' a. lioone, Barbara, 119 Rolling Rd., BurlinE;ton, N. G. Bowen Richard S., 810 Fontaine St., Franklin, Virginia Boyd, James, Jr., Blackstone, ' a. Bradham, VVhitnev, 18 Kendrick St., Sumter, S. C. Brav, Gerald, 1222 North Rd. St., Elizabeth City, N. G. Brooks, Eugene, X ' irginia Ave., Leaksville, N. C. Brown, Avery, Box 39, Sophia, N. C. Brown, Carlton Lee, Rt. 2, ReidsviUe, N. G. Brown, Jean, Box 39, Sophia, N. C. Buff, Yvonne, 1008 Fix St., Burlington, N. C. Gafasso, Pat, 350 Atlantic Ave., Ccdarhursl, Long Island, N. ' . Carrington, Robert W., Jr., Rt. I, Aberdeen, N. C. Chandler, Jack, 311 Highland . c., Burlington, N. C. Chilton, Betty Jean, Rt. 3, ReidsviUe, N. C. Chrismon, Leland Melvin, Rt. 2, Elon College, N. C. Clcapor, .Anita, 937 Graham St., Burlington, N. G. 43 Freshmen Clifford, Anne Katherine, Rt. 5, Oxford, N. C. Cobb, Bill, 3706 E. Bessemer A ' e., Greensboro, N. C. Coble, Ronnie W., 516 Robertson St., Bur- lington, N. C. Cone, Virgil L., Jr., Altoona, Ala. C:ouncilinan, Nell, 324 W. Ruffin St., Bur- lington, N. C. Crabtree, Janet, 2500 Indian Trail, Durham, N .C. ■ Craven, Robert, Rt. 3, Bo.x 122, Lexington, N. C. Crump, James, Rt. 1, Aberdeen, N. C. Crumpton, Bruce, Rt. 4, Roxboro, N. C. Curry, Talmadge, Draper Road, Spray, N. C. Dailev, Adrian, 1005 Crowell Ave., South Norfolk, Va. Darling, Joan, 1010 N. Mebane St., Burlington, N. C. Davidson, Edwin, Breckinridge Ave., Brock, Pa. Dawson, Roy C, Rt. 1, McLeansville, N. C. Dennis, John W., Gibsonville, N. C. Dofflemyer, Clark, Rt. 2, Box 103, Elkton, Va. Dofflemyer, Wanda, Rt. 2, Box 81, Elkton, ' a. Dover, Lynwood, Rt. 2, Box 133, Elkton, Va. Eaves, Joann, Henderson, N. C. Ellington, Cozart, 606 Thomas St., Reidsville, N. C. Ellington, Edward W., 606 Thomas St., Reids- ville, N. C. Eye, William B., Elkton, Va. Fitch, Frances, Rt. 3, Burlington, N. C. Foster, Frances Lea, Rt. 1, Ruffin, N. C. Franklin, Cllarencc, 1708 Oklahoma Ave., Burlington, N. C. Frederick, William C, Jr., 617 Commercial Ave., Clifton Forge, Va. Fritts, Evelyn, Rt. 3, Lexington, N. C. Fuller, Pattie Jones, Henderson, N. C. Garrison, William, Rt. 4, Burlington, N. C. Gentry, Patsy, Box 103, Cavel, N. C. Girvan, Thomas, M., 1165 Main St., Pahwav, N.J. Gwin, Lewis, 1014 S(juih Main St., Norfolk, Va. Hair, Robert N., 1010 E. Willowbrook Dr., Burlington, N. C. Hall, Dean, Rt. 3, Burlington, N. C;. Harrell, Don, 612 Montgomery St., Reidsville, N. C. Harrell, Eugene, Rt. 1, Box 597, Suffolk, ' a. O n a ( " Q R e 1 ikiM D 1; 1 r ill i if . ,. 1 1 f :? Ml 9 J. i| ill P ? Freshmen Harriman, Connie, 54 Dewey Ave., Whitman, Mass. Harrington, Richard B., Rt. 1, Broadway, N. C. Harris, Harold, 1424 Vaugh Rd., Burlington, N. C. Hi jht. Tyler, 117 Church St., Henderson, N. C. HilHard, Herman, Greensboro Rd., Burlington, N. C. Hinton, Fred, Semora, N. C. Holt, Elizabeth Ann, Rt. 6, Box 198, Burlington, N. C. Hooper, Betty Jean, 5026 Cheasapeake St., Norfolk, Va. ' Howell, Anna, Courtland, ' a. Ingram, Fave, 1924 Maple Ave., Burlington, N. C. Ingram, Richard, 201 Lakcwood Dr., Greens- boro, N. C. Johnson, Donald B., 903 V. Broad St., Dunn, N. C. Johnson, Janet, Paces, Va. Johnson Marlene, 1004 S. CUiurch St., Bur- lington, N. C. Johnston, Leslie C, Holland, Va. Jones, Winfred Lee, Jr., Haw Riser, N. C. Kapko, Bol), 131 McKee Ave., Mono.ssen, Pa. Kernodle, Bobbie Mac, Rt. 4, Burlington, N. C. Kernodle, Nancy, Rt. 1, Elon College, N. C. King, Thomas C, Jr., 1600 N. Blount St., Raleigh, N. C. Kittinger, Patricia, 710 Piedmont Way, Bur- lington, N. C. Kivett, Henrv, 213 N. Main St., Burlington, N. C. Knight, Frances, Rt. 5, Sanford, N. C. Lafferty, James H., 2935 Maple Shade Dr., Ardmore, Pa. Lawrence, Bettv Jane, 309 Irvin St., Reid.sville, N. C. Lee, Carroll C, 403 N. Main St., Burlington, N. C. Leighlon, James, Jr., 1880 Hillcresi St., Dur- ham, n " . C. Little, Jack, 713 Kivett St., Burlington, N. C. Lowe, Hubert, Elon College, N. C. Luce, Jane, 131 Sound Ave., Riverhead, N. Y. Lynch, Grace, Bo. 31, Elon College, N. C. Mariani, Vincent, 823 Montrose St., Vineland, N.J. Martin Wayne W., Morganton, N. C. Mason. Charles, 1500 Bain Ave., Henderson, N. C. Ma.ssey, Grace, Rt. 3, Elon College, N. C. Matthews, Bessie, 12-B Brookwood Garden Apt., Burlington, N. C. o n o c Freshmen Maynard, Charles, Rt. 1, Box 672 A, Norfolk, Virginia McDaniel, Donald, 108 Scott Rd., Favetteville, N. C. McDonald, Kathleen Rae, Elon Ciollcge, N. C. Medlin, Curtis W., Rt. 8, Sanford, N. C. Mellhcrg, Adolph G., 104 Veteran ' s Apt., Elon College, N. C. Miller, William, C, 902 Oakland Ave., Greens- boro, N. C. Moize, Jerry Dee, 709 Whitsell Ave., Gib- sonville, N. C. 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BURKE, LESTER CAREY, OTIS D. GARTNER, GLENN M. GATES, ROBERT M. GATES, THOMAS W. GLARK, BOBBY R. GRAVIN, CARROLL L. CRAWFORD, ALLEN G. CUMMINGS, JOHN L. DANIEL, BOBBY DOSS, NEALE C;. DOSS, THADDEUS G. EVANS, I, R. HARRIS, RAYMOND HEFFNER, CILAYTON HELTSLEY, KENNETH HENSLEY, BOBBY R. HINES, JAMES HODGE, JAMES G. HOLT, ELMO T. HURLEY, JACK L. JAMES, L. G., JR. JOHNSON, ANDREW y ? " J o o n 48 .( Of c n n A ri Night Students JOHNSTON, CARL H. KEISLING, FRED LEONARD, ODLS B. MALONE, JOHN P., JR. MATTHEWS, JAMES C. MAYTON, FURMAN E. McAULEV, V. J. McCLl ' RE, IR ' ING A. McLNTYRE, RALPH F. McLNTYRE, RICHARD McPHERSON, JAMES C. MORRLS. Vn.LL M S. NANCE, ROBERT L. OAKLEY, CARL J. PACE, HOWARD N. PATRUM. MAXWELL P. PATTERSON, WILLL M C, PIERCE, CARL W. RATLIFF. WILLIAM C. RA ' . ELWOOD RICE, FRED, JR. ROSS, WILLIAM F.. JR. SHARPE, ROY H. SIMPSON, C:URTIS SMITH, HAROLD O. STRUTTON, JOSEPH L. WELLS, ZANE GREY WRK;Hr. JOHN W. 49 A. " Watch the Ijoidy. . . ! " B. . . . always knew Santa used it. C. " I tink I see a puddy cat! " D. Party system. E. Yank in London. F. " £ ' ■ for effort .... G. Women wrestlers. H. " Uncle Ned " I. Keep off " the grass! J. Ignorance ... is no excuse! 50 feepin ?e|t)r(l of the Year ' s Events «[ie Important Job of Elon ' s Publications Roger Phelps Editor-in-Chief Terr ' i- Emerson Associate Editor York Brannock Business Manager Betty Thomps(jn Assistant Business Manager PHIPSICLI Sue Moore, Terry Emerson, Bett) Thompson 52 Sealed, left lo right: York Brannock, Roeer Phelps. Prof. John F. West. Margarrt Johnston, .Martha Jane Lowe. Marie Weldon. Slomhno: Reuben .Askew, Curt Welborne, Lewis Gwin, Terry Emerson, Jack Garbcr, Dahoii Parker, Oleg Panoff, Emma Lou .Sockwell, Gary Sears, Alice Cole, Tom Madren. Missing: Walter McCraw, Jimmy Boyd. This puljlication marks the forty-first year since the inception of the PhiPsiCli on the Elon campus. Its purpose is to provide, through picture and print, a permanent record of many of the activities at Elon during the year. Concomitantly, it also provides an opening for student i ilciu in the myriad tasks that the production of the book presents. Invariably, however, these same tasks prove to be challenging ones, for many problems must be overcome if the seemingly all-too- illusivc goal is ever to be reached. Upon the outcome — at last! — we do feel that in spite of everything, the e.xpcrience has been worth it all. Roger Phelps Editor -in-Chiej Terry Emerson Associate Editor York Brannock Business Manager Betty Thompson Assistant Business Manager Alice Cole .and D. lton P.-xrker Copy Editors Gary Sears and Jack Garber Sports Editors Reuben Askew Photographer Prof. John Foster West Faculty Adviser 53 LA ERNE BRADY JAMES WAGGONER Co-editors MAROON The Maroon and Gold, official newspaper of the college campus, is published by and for the students of Elon College. This biweekly paper carries news and acti ities of the campus to students, faculty, and alumni, as well as to surrounding high schools. .All publication is done in the college press office by a staff composed of college students along with both the faculty and printing ad- visers. To earn the satisfaction of giving you what you want in your college paper is the desire of the entire staff of the Maroon and Gold. La VERNE Brady James Waggoner i Co-Editors Jack Lindley Business Manager Gary Sears Sfjorts Editor Prof. Luther N. B rd. . . .Faculty Adviser Right: Doug Edwards, Ann .Stoddard in a pressing operation. 54 Jack Lindlev Business Manager Prof. B rd Faculty Adviser AND GOLD Front row, left to right: Winfred Bray, Tom Madrcn, Doug Edwards. Ann .Stoddard, Charles Oales, Sammy Nelson, Wayne Vestal, Gary .Sears, Tom Targett, Doris Chrismon, .Ann Kearns. Second Knc: Stankv Bunch, Curt Welborne, Prof. Luther Byrd, Bill Burk, Bill .Simmons, Michael Rauseo, Herman Johnson, Reuben Askew. Cooper Walker Eililor Prof. West Faculty Adviser COLONNADES As Elon ' s annual magazine of college writing, the Colonnades always offers a highly interesting selection of prose, poetry, and jokes. This year, under the able leadership of Cooper Walker and faculty adviser Prof. West, the Colonnades included some very good examples of the high type of creative writing that came from campus pens. Reuben A.skew RloTi ' s private " eye " 56 le iLssence ot Uiir l ampiis Lite is Found in the Collection of its Organizations -WfllK -«-e— fe. DAY STUDENTS ' ORGANIZATION OFFICERS . H. Patterson Mark Garrison President Vice-President Ruth Williams Bob Rice Secretary Treasurer This year ' s Day Students " Organization is the most active in recent years. The members have been working hard to live up to the objectives of the club, which are to give off-campus students better representation in student governmental affairs, and to create a spirit of harmony between campus and off-campus. The day students are particularly proud (jf the lo ing cup they won for preparing the best float for the Home- coming parade this year, especially since this is the first year that the cup has been awarded. Being the largest organization on the campus, the Day Students have eight representalivcs in the Student Legislature, all of whom have been quite active in legislative activities. But all is not work with the commuters ! The Day Students have revived the custom of organization parties and have enjoyed several well-attended and highly successful get-togethers during the past year. Although this might be expected from Elon ' s largest contingent of students, the Day Students have contrilnited much to Elon ' s activities. 58 EDUCATION CLUB OFFICERS STINE BriDOES Kathleen Euliss President Vice-President C. K. SiLER Peggy McKee Treasurer Secretary The Education C:lul) is a chapter of the Future Teachers of America and is also associated with the National Education Association and the North Carolina Education Association. Its members include those people who plan to enter the teaching profession. The purpose of the clul) is to cultivate the qualities which are necessary for good teaching and to provide enter- tainment for its members, and to this end this group sponsors lectures by outstanding educators as well as surveys of school systems. Front row, left to right: Barbara Carden, Peggy McKee, Betty Tlionipson, Elizabeth Ward, Ernestine Bridges. Bncl: row: Fred Ric, Iris Matliins, . nn Rawles, C:lay Brown, Prof. C olley. 59 ELON SINGERS Phil Mann President Jerry Lovvder I iee-President BETs ' i ' Johnson Secretary- Treasurer The College Choir, under the direction of Prof. John Westmoreland, is one of the more acti ' e and prom- ising organizations on the campus. Their basic role is the furnishing of music for the weekday chapel programs and the Sunday morning services. In addition to this, the group gives their annual presentation of Handel ' s oratorio " The Messiah, " Ijeforc the student body as well as on tour throughout North Carolina and Virginia. Another high light of the choir functions is the spring tour, which takes in many southern states and goes far north into New England. The Singers travel every year, spreading musical goodwill throughout the East. This group is composed of music students, along with any others who appreciate good music and really cnjo singing it. Undoubtedly their outstanding contribution has been to win for the college a definite recognition of Elon ' s rank in the field of music. 60 J- ' ronl row, l,jt lo nglil: Bernard Jones, Dii,ih,i, Juc Morris, Dium Mujui, Shirley Cox, Merylc Mauldin, Judy Chaduick, Nanncttc Matchan, Ann Kearns, Ronnie Quails, Donald McDaniel. Back row: Walter Seamon, Ronald Earp, Charles Mason, Bob Danieley, Jerry Smyre, Lynwood Grant, Billy Ginn, John VVomack. ELON BAND For thf past two years, Elon has really licen proud (jf havinq: a hand in uniform, which helped innnensely to add zi|i and pep lo its lootbal! games as well as to its basketball games. L ' pon consideration ol the cir- cumstances surrounding the rejuxenation of this musical group at Elon, the Rand, under the able direction of Bernard Jones, made a highly commendable showing of itself this year. Our hats go off to the entire group, and we wish them all success possi ble for the coming year. We cannot forget the majorettes, however, for without them a college would certainly be lacking. But wc have ' cm! . . . and so, in addition, wc want to thank our high-stepjiing twirlers for their good joi) in contrii)uting an e.xtra bit of spirit to the Band. uc Matchan, Ann Kearns, Shirley Cox. 61 STUDENT CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION Laverne Brady Bob Phelps President Vice-President ARGARET JoHNSTON Pat Chandler Secretary Treasurer Rev BOZARTH Adviser As an illustration of the purpose of the group, again this year the Student Christian Association sponsored Christian Emphasis Week which, l esides bringing outstanding speakers on campus, concentrated on nightly informal discussions in the dorms. These " bull- sessions " — so styled by the sponsors — were based on questions of practical Christianity and were particularly well-received and well attended this year, as many students took the S.C.A. at its word to " speak out on questions of vital significance. " S.C;., . members will always cherish the meaningful hours spent in regular Sunday evening fellowship meetings with Mr. Bozarth at the Parish House, and the week-end retreats which S.C.A. ' ers have enjoyed so much through the years. Also, we should not neglect to mention that the student loan fund maintained by this organization has proved its worth once again throughout the year, and then the vesper services during the week will be remembered by many as perhaps the most vital contribution of this organization. MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION Thomas Madren President Reuben Askew Vice-President Patsy Tate Secretary Hazel Sherman Treasurer The Elon C()llea;i ' Minislc-rial Association, wiiich is composed of students who are going into lull-time Christian service as a life ' s calling, is an organization whose basic purpose is to pnnide training anti sujiply experience that will he of use for its menil)ers " future work, and also to be of benelit to the college and sur- rounding community. facts that will lie of im[)ortance to each meuiher in the future are among the objectives of this group. In this ijroup, which meets weekK ' and has two de- N ' otional meetings during school hours for fellowship with the day students, are several members who hold pastorates in the surrounding area. A week-end retreat and the .Mumni M.A. Banquet arc the projects of this group as it works under the leader- Fellowship, stucK, and the sharing of ideas and ship of its sponsor. Dr. F, E. Reynolds. 63 LE CERCLE FRANCAIS The most popular spot around Elon on Wednesday night is the home of Mrs. McDonald. The reason for this popularity is Le Cercle Francois, which meets there twice monthly. The main purpose of the club is to create a French atmosphere which is both entertaining and educational. The high lights at a regular meeting are usually movies, games, songs, and refreshments. OFFICERS Sue Moore President Leslie Johnston Vice-President Ernestine Bridges Secretary- Treasurer Mrs. Pe. rl McDonald Sponsor Sherrii.l Hall President Martha Jane Lowe ' ice-President Marie Weldon Secretary- Treasurer Mrs. VV. VV. Sloan Sponsor EL CLUB ESPANOL If we have ever seen a group of students heading for the Spanish-type home of the Sloans some evening, we might have guessed that they were members of El Club Espanol. They find enjoyment as well as growth in knowledge in their meetings, which arc built around Spanish ways and customs and filled in with eats, games, and discussions — all carrod on in the fa.scinating language known as Spanish. 64 Ann W ' li kins President Jerr " ! ' Lov I ' ice-Presidenl ELON PLAYERS This year was marked for the Players as their first higher quahty of acting, while necessitating more under the direction of Professor Charles VV. Cox. The difficult production, first production The Glass Menagerie showed that he has ambitious plans for Elon ' s budding Thespians. Taking up from Mrs. Betty R. Smith, who also ably Tennessee Williams ' broadvvay hit was acclaimed h " coached " our Elon actors, the Players are determined all who saw it. The second production, Shaw ' s Prgmalion, to make their productions consistently better and more confirmed the trend toward [)lays requiring an e en enjoyable for the students and the comnumity. .Scenes from Pygmalion Lrjt lo righl: Emma Lou .SockwcU, Elizabeth Ward, Dorothy Johnston, Dorothy Motley, Clara Self, Hazel Sherman, Mrs. Shockey. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Emma Lou Sockwell President Dorothy- Motley Vice-President Dorothy Johnston Secretary Our thanks go out to the Home Economics C:lul), for all the special dinners, such as Thanksgiving and who helps with many of the campus activities. This Christmas, and then there were ecjualK ' good jobs done local organization has been affiliated with the American in the serving of teas and luncheons, and the making of Home Economics Association since 1938. Among their drapes for the sewing room. The purpose of the organ- numerous activities for the year, many of us can re- ization is to increase the knowledge of students of home member the excellent job of table decoration they did economics in practical wa s of home management. 66 BETA CHI EPSILON Anna Howei.l President Carol Ann Slaughter Secretary Barbara Moore Vice-President Yvonne Buff Treasurer Those among us who are interested in making business of " modern office equipment as well as In- insjjection a career are probaijly all members of Beta C:hi Epsilon. tours of arious business organizations. This organization serves to mix business with pleasure f v 1 £ r J 1 • • 1 The club generally meets weekh ' , and approximately lor the benent oi students takmg secretarial courses. ■ . ' rt- one meeting a month usually features a dinner with As for the purpose of the organization, it helps to guest speakers and entertainers, who provide enlightcn- stimulate the atmosphere of a business office in the ment and enjoyment for the group. This organization classroom, this being aided by sponsoring demonstrations has proved to be an asset on the campus. 67 I-u,„l ,„u. I, II In nohl: C.uulyn Ahci nalliv. Ail Frills, SyU ' ia Eaton, Joyce Perry, Jancl Caablr 1(1. I..HUM M, I..,h|. Ah. . I -I. , |..lll I ' r kuliN 1 II. lAelyn CHEERLEADERS Let ' s go big team ! Let ' s Go — is one of the many Under the careful coaching of Professor Jack Brashear, yells which we have heard this year at the football these girls ha -e really gone to the top of their rank, and basketball games. These girls are the ones who give Thanks for your leadership and your school spirit which the teams the real Ijacking and the student body a you ha -e shown us this year, chance to show how much school spirit they really have. Rah! Rah! Goes out to . . . Elon ! 68 First row, left to right: Nat Burwell, Hank Hamerick, Larry Dofflcmyci . Xiik I Ii(mii| miii. Bobby Jones, Joe Parker. Second row: Alton Myers Ronnie Mclntyre, Ray Whitley, Joe Smith, Charles Michaux, C:harlts M.iyiianI, Luther Barnes. Third row: P. D. Watts, Ma Bennett, Bobby Stewart, Gene Laughlin, Glenn Varney. Fourth row: Eugene McDanic), Luther Conger, Carlton Langston, Sherill Hall J. C. Disher, Homer Hobgood. Fijth row: Ned Gauldin, Charles Swicegood, Joe Widdifield. (»(,T? ' ' E " MEN ' S CLUB J. C. Disher DwiGin Dillon President Joe Widdifield Secretary- Treasurer Vice-President Elon takes just pride in those who wear the embla- dations of education. This quasi-ci ic club is for the zoned letter " E. " ' This symbol of e.xcellencc is awarded benefit of the school spirit and for all the men who to those men who have dared much and worked hard believe in the alue of true sport. Thus docs Elon rec- to demonstrate that physical fitness is one of the foun- ognize those who have excelled in the field of sports. 69 PI GAMMA MU Pictured here are the Elon inemljers of Pi Gamma Mu, the National Honorary Social Science Fraternity. Se- lection of members is made ij - the fraternit - from students who have completed sufficient social science work with high grades. They must also ha e attained good marks in all their other college courses. Left to right: A. H. Patterson, H. H. Cunningham, Joe Mc ' ey, Roger Phelps, Wayne Vestal, Curt VV ' elbornc, Fred Darlington. Roger Phelps President Joseph McVey I ' ice-President Fred D. ' Vrlington Secretary- Treasurer H. H. Cunningham Faculty Sponsor " Gv. n. u He. th President Dl. NE M. DDO.X ] ' icc-Presidrnt Ann Stodd. rd Secretary- Treasurer Ch. ri.es W. Cox Faculty Sponsor ALPHA PSI OMEGA The purposes of Alpha Psi Omega are to increase interests, stimulate creati eness, and foster artistic achii-vement in all of the allied arts and crafts of the theater. The membership is open to members of the Elon Players who have distinguished themsehes in the arious phases of dramatic production. Left to right, those pictured are: Jack Kennech ' , Jerr Foy, Diane Maddox, Graham Heath, .Ann f uneli, Clooper Walker, Charles Cox. 70 Harking back to the days of the clannish Druids, we find an appropriate symbol for our . . . Fraternities and Sororities PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL The Pan-Hellenic Council is composed of one representative from each of the four fraternities and four sororities on campus. Its purpose is to govern the activities of the organizations which they represent. The representatives of the Council are: Front: GvfRti Covner of Beta Omicron Beta, and Richard Newman of Kappa Psi Nu; Back, left to right: Sara Murr of Pi Kappa Tau, Shirley Cox of Tau Zeta Phi, Larry Nightlinger of Sigma Phi Beta, Ned Jones of Alpha Pi Delta, Bobby- Stewart of Iota Tau Kappa, and Louise McLeod of Delta L ' psilon Kappa. m ' O ( ft ilk Firs! row, left lo right: Don Allen, Ronnie Black. York Brannock, Jr., Gilbert Brittle, Bill Burke. Srcoiid row: Quincy Carter, Thurmond Chandler, Ronnie Earp, Terry Emerson, Henry Elythe. TIrrd row: Lacy Fogleman, Jack Garber, Mark Garrison, Ken Lambert, Jerry Lowder. l- ' ourlh row: Bill Mercer, Joe Morris, Richard Newman, Walter OBerry, Dalton Parker, l- ' tflh row: Jack Reavis, Bob Rice, Jerry Smyrc. SIGMA MU SIGMA niN Westmorki.and Faculty Sponsor -Ac 73 r ==iir=5»Cii!ii=M3«: PI KAPPA TAU Lucy Erashear Fnailly Sponsor Doris Cornell, Frances Danieley, Joan Darling, Glenda Hancock, Billie Faye Johnson, Dot Johnson. Jayne Jones, Edith McC:auley, Sarah Miles, Dot Motley, Sarah Murr, Polly Payne. Shirlev Phillips, Marjorie Sutton, Lora Wagoner, Ruth Williams. -V 74 ALPHA PI DELTA Fac-ullj S,,n„ Gilbert Brittle, Stanlex Bunch, Bernard Butler, Charles Crews, Graham Heath. Ned Jones, Lowell Kernodle, Jerry Loy, Dave Maddox, Bascom Moore. Sammy Nelson, Charles Phillips, Cooper Valker, Gene Wicker. W 1 I ' ' Q 75 iMji . I 1 BETA OMICRON BETA Judy Clhadwick, Shirley Chapman, Doris Chrismon, Gwen Coyner. Judy Ingram, Betsy Johnson, Diane Maddox, Mcrylc Mauldin. Ann Stoddard, Harriett Tallc , EHzalieth Ward. Mary Shockf.v I ' acidly Sponsor 76 Cs O .ffi. O f pj p Harry Varney Faculty Sponsor IOTA TAU KAPPA Jimiii C ' iilhoun. Phil C Jiitcr. lAithcr Clonsjcr, D ia;hl Dillon, Larry Dofflcniyer. Gr;Ki - Dr;ikc, Ned Gaulcliii. Hank Hanicrick. John Jones, Euycnc McDanit-l, Ronnie Mclnlyrc, Alton Myers, Henry Perry, Ralph Rakes, Henry Sharpe. Joe Smith, Robert Stewart, C harles Swicegood, Ray Whitley. 77 " «%?( TAU ZETA PHI V i Betsy Haley Faculty Sponsor Ernestine Bridges, Shirley Cbx, Dolly Dennis, Kathleen Euliss, Virginia Jernigan. Sylvia Jones, Peggy McKee, Barbara Moore, Retha Morris, Ann Rawles. Lois Scott, Margaret Shoffner, Patsy Tate, Joanne Wright. r 1 % y 1 ' -- " ' Y " 78 KAPPA PSI NU J. C. Disher, Hoyt Fowler, Jack Garbcr, Lynwood Ivey, Stacy Johnson, Jimmy Luke. Philip Mann, Joe Morris, Furman Moseley, Richard Newman, Walter O ' Berry, Fred Rice. Gary Sears, Donald Swinson, Holland Taylor, Joe Widdifield, Louis Winston. Ujrt ' ik ik Ilk ikd-M .£ i f 79 DELTA UPSILON KAPPA Elizabeth Beckwith, Louise Bemis, Grace Bozarth, Ann VVillcins Bunch, Barbara Garden. Mary Sue Golclough, Helen Craven, Mary Lee Farlovv, Susan Fuchs, Ann Kearns. Nannette Matchan, Annie V ' ince Ma ' , Louise McLcod, Sue Moore, Emma Lou Sockvvell. Arlene Stafford, Natalie Toms, Jo Ann Newman Tucker, Mary Wisseman. 80 Pearl fc )lJN. LL Faculty Sponsor Wll I.IAM ReECL Faculty Sponsor SIGMA PHI BETA Luther Barnrs. (Jlcnn Bcalc, Nat Burwcll, William Frederick, Jim Hardy. Homer Hohgood, Bayard Hovdes en. Kenneth Jacobs, Richard Mclnlyre. ClaUin Michaels. Marvin Moss, Larry Nightlinger. Joe Parker, Boh Peters, Charles Schrader. William Snow, William Siollrl. Xick iheos, Gary Thompson, Robert Westerman. 81 A. Ocean Drive Beach, S. C, 1953 .. . B. Backstage Glass Managers. C;. Rah? Rah? D. If looks could kill . . . E. When it comes to the joys of teaching F. " I think I hear the Indians ...!!! " G. " . . . back when ah wuz at Palm Springs. " H. A freshman learns to read. 1. Jnc ' st plain pingers. 82 I -J ' Looking throuj Lefi h the spy on knothole Is ' . ■e I S :. % COACH ' ' DOC.- ' MATHIS Head Basketball Coaeh COACH SCOTT BOYD Head of Physical Education COACH " SID " VARNEY Head Football Coach THE " FIGHTING CHRISTIANS " FOOTBALL COACH VARNEY Coach Varney is a newcomer to the North State Conference, ahhough he is not new to North Carolina. It was down at the University that he was a guard on the football teams of the Justice era. His first year here was a little disappointing for him, but we feel that within a few years he ' ll have the Fighting Christians right up on top. COACH MATHIS " Doc " is a veteran in North State coaching circles, who has produced many fine athletic teams. Facing the basket- ball season with one returning letterman, " Doc " and his team pulled the upset of the North State Tournament by downing a favored Western Carolina team in the first round. It ' s things such as that that have put him close to hearts of Elon Students. DH.I.OX CO-CAPTAINS PLATT 84 COACH SCOTT BOYD We here at Elon feel ery fortunate in securing the services of Prof. Boyd as head of our Physical Education De- partment. As head of the department, he has guided and directed the phxsical education program and intramural athletics. The 1953 edition of the Fighting Christians faced the opening of the season with that " •new " look. Indeed it was new, for at the helm was Sid X ' arney, who replaced Jim Mailory as the guiding light of footisall destinies here at Elon. Sunny Jim had departed to be come as- sistant coach down at East Carolina, and we brought in " The Toy Bulldog " of the Justice era down at Carolina. Coach ' arney came to Elon from Presby- terian and faced the task of reJDuilding the squad, as he was left with only four seniors and five juniors. W ' ith the return to the one-platoon system soine of our lettermen were replaced by the Frosh. The seniors, John Piatt, Dwight Dillon, and Mar in Moss distin- guished themselves in their final year for the Maroon and Gold gridders. The PhiPsiCli joins with the entire student body in paying tribute to Co-Capt. John Piatt, who was selected to the All-Conference team and who later was drafted bv the San Francisco 49 " ers. ELON WOFFORD 33 Taking full advantage of miscues by a youthful Elon football squad, the powerful VVofford Terriers pounded out a 33 to victory over the Christians in Spartanburg, S. C, in a muddy battle in a steady downpour of rain. Despite the top-heavy score and the Wofford rushing total of 229 yards, the Elon line played fine defensive ball most of the game. ELON 19 APPALACHLAN 21 The running of Shirley Gabriel and Don Hiatt, ctcran Appalachian backfield stars, pro -ed too much for Elon ' s Christians, and the two enemy aces led the Mountaineers down from the hills of Boone to defeat a fighting but unfinished Elon grid squad 21 to 19 in a hair-raising battle in Burlington Memorial Stadium on Saturdav night, October 3. Despite the defeat at the hands of the Mountaineers, the Elon ele en showed a tremendous improvement over its previous week ' s game. ELON 25 EAST CAROLLNA 45 Two high-geared offensive machines fought it out as the East Carolina Pirates defeated the Elon Christians 45 to 25 in a North State Conference gridiron battle in Green ille on Saturdax ' night, October 10. The game clima.xed East Carolina ' s ■ " Homecoming " fes- tivities and furnished thrills galore for eight thousand fans. Revell Morrison and John Piatt were the out- outstanding runners for the Christians, while Piatt and Bill Snyder shared the passing honors for Elon, but the entire squad showed improvement and played an unusually hard game. ELON 21 CATAWBA 21 The Elon C:hristians continued to display terrific offensixe power in their annual battle with the C atawba Front TOW, lejt to righl: J. . kromas, J. Smith, C. Michaux. W. Bradham, N. Theos, K. Richards, H. Hobgood, B. .Snyder, B. Lincberry. 5ccon ro!i ' .- F. Waff, R. Cooke, J. Simpson, G.Bcale,C.Mavnard,G. arney,G.Starkey,S. Male. Third roiv: ' Yi. Swmson (Mgr.l, T. Girvin, E. Bridgers, M. Bennett, J. C. Disher, P. Cafasso. F. Moseley, H. Smith, P. Chandler (Mgr.l. Fourth roii: ]. Piatt, P. D. Watts, R. Mor- rison, J. Wi ' ddifield, J. Reneau, J. Boyd, M. Mo.ss, D. Dillon. Fifth row: Sid Varney (Coach),]. Parker, . . Wilborn, G. Williams , L. Barnes, W. Martin, B. Kopka, J. Hawkins. f - ' ■m 3? r JOE SMITH M WHITN OTADHAM AlFaAC ( MARVIN MOSS PI VI6HT DILLON r TACKLE 0?% V 43 HOMER HOBGOOP EflEWILUAMS Indians in a 21-21 tie, as the Indians came from hehind with a touchdown in the final three minutes of play. A see-saw battle was waged for the three remaining periods with Carter scoring in the final period, followed by Stratton ' s placement that knotted the score for Catawba. Joe Smith, Gene Williams and Mel Bennett were outstanding in the line play. ELON 13 WESTERN CAROLINA 7 When Jerry Akromas, one of Elon ' s alternating quarterbacks, sneaked over from the one-yard line late in the second quarter and provided the Fighting Chris- tians with their second touchdown against Western Carolina, he also provided the ultimate winning margin, as the Elon eleven won its first victory of the season over the hapless and winless Catamounts. At the end of the second period, howe er, Garrison scored for the Catamounts. The game was played before 1,500 Home- coming Day fans at Burlington Memorial Stadium and was billed as a battle of non-winners. The last half proved to be a defensive show, with the rival lines rising to meet the occasion whenever the enemy threat- ened. Outstanding on offense for the Christians were Revell Morrison, Bill Snyder and Whitney Bradham, while Homer Hobgood, Glenn Varney and Joe Smith were defensive stars for the night. ELON 6 NEWBERRY 33 The Newberry Indians came to Burlington Me- morial Stadium on November 7, and with them came a very active little sophomore quarterback named Da nny Brabham. John Piatt intercepted a Brabham NICK THEOS M 0 KEVELl MOHHI60N F( LLBACf QUARTBPBACK X V JOHN -PUTT AlfBACK Q( ARr£ ?BA C T ' MAL BENNETT pass on his own iwcnly and rclurncci il lo I he I.Ion thirty-eight. The Christians drove the sixty yards for the TD, with Revell Morrison and John Piatt leadinc; the way. Jerry Akromas capped the dri e when he sneaked over from the one. Marvin Moss and Whitne - Bradham were defensive standouts for the Clhristians. ELON 13 l,i:. ()lR-RinNE 27 A crew of fleet-footed Elon hacks got the yardage, but an alert and hard charging Lenoir-Rhyne eleven grabbed opportune breaks to get the points, and the Mountain Bears defeated the Fighting Christians 27 to 13 in their annual North State Conference grid battle in Hickory on Saturday night, November 14. Never- theless, no less than nine Elon backs shared in the ball- toting, as Coach " Sid " ' arney ' s outfit rolled with (■N|)losive strength lor a net total of 343 yards ru.shing, compared with the Bears ' net of 145 yards rushing. I ' latt, Snyder, Morrison, Male, Michaux and Richards were the outstanding Christians for the night. ELON GL ILFORD ' ) The Guilford Quakers copped all the dressing to go with their Thanksgiving turkey when they made the most of a pair of breaks to defeat the Christians 9 to on their annual Thanksgiving Day gridiron meeting on Thursday afternoon, November 26. The game was almost entirely a defensive one, as neither team could show much offensive power all afternoon. Wayne Martin, freshman end, turned in several sparkling bits of defensive play for Elon, and Joe Smith did a fine job at guard for the Christi ans. BASKETBALL JACK MAUjOY 4rS JACK MITCHBU. 1:1 e 1 - .t A ROV KIEV AL FORIA ARO NED GAULOIN T)OM PACKARD 1 BOBTIMMOMS GUARD Front row, left to right: J. Dalton, D. Packard, R. Whitley, B. Timmons. Second row: R. Mclnlyrc, V. Ga H. Hamerick, J. Mitchell. Third row: N. Gauldin, T. King, E. Stone, D. Maddox, R. Kieval, C. Brown. The Fighting Christian basketball five can rightfully be acclaimed as a good team, a very good one. This team has done very well for itself, when you take into consideration the fact that it lacks the height so much desired for basketball. Also it must be realized that only one of the first six players of last year ' s squad returned this year. Nevertheless, a young, green quintet took the floor against one of the better teams of North Carolina University, and they played a surprisingly good game, giving warning of great things to come. Dave Maddox, lanky center, has played sparkling ball for Coach " Doc " Mathis all year. Dave also has been the outstanding rebound artist of the club. Another outstanding performer has been Jack Mitchell, who, though short in height, lacks nothing in fight and hustle. The guard situation on the club was ably taken care of in the persons of Don Packard and Bob Timmons. These high-scoring guards are second and third in the scoring column. Elon is building for the future. In the next few years we, the students, expect to see great things from this voung team. SCHEDULE ELON OPPONENTS 78 BELMONT . BBEY 81 77 McCRARY 67 63 PRESBYTERLAN 82 80 McCRARY 65 65 BELMONT . BBEY 75 62 PRESBYTERLAN 82 51 EAST CAROLINA 85 69 A. C. C 66 66 CATAWBA 53 70 HIGH POINT 60 71 LE.N ' OIR RHYNE 82 74 . PP. L. CHI. N 81 69 C.AT.AWBA 58 ELON OPPONENTS 78 GUILFORD 75 84 APP. L. CHL N 73 61 W. C. T. C 87 69 GUILFORD 80 81 HIGH POINT 64 65 E.AST CAROLINA. . . .84 76 A. C. C 87 64 LENOIR RHYNE 74 87 W. C. T. C 76 CONFERENCE PLAY-OFFS 84 W. C. T. C 7 " 65 EAST CAROLINA. . . Rn M.VLLOY Co-Caplains GAULDIN Fiunt ,,.„■, hjllonglil: II. H .I,k ' ) ) ' I, A. Mackcy, B. Joiu-s, J. Mustcn.J. Dalton, I.. S n, is. S.,mvl ,mv: G. Curds, B. Stewart, D. Packard, P. D. Watts, N. Thompson, A. Meyers, L. Dofflemyer. llurd row: L. Conger, C. I. Reid, C. Langston, E. McDaniels, B. Green, S. Hall, C. Swicegood, G. Laughlin. B A S E B A L L For the second straight year, the Fighting C hristian baseijall team won the Eastern Division Championship in the North State Conference. Under the very capable coaching job done by Jim Mallory, the squad had a very impressive win-loss record. Even though Lenoir- Rhyne ran off with the title in the Championship play- offs of the North State Conference — a repeat per- formance of the previous year ' s win — the Elon squad piu in some cry commendable playing. The leading pitchers were Shcrill Hall, Charlie Swicegood, and Luther Conger, followed by Arthur Mackie, Larry Summers, Ronnie Mclnt re, Gene Curtis, and Richard Smith. Regulars of the squad included such outstanding players as Bobby Jones, catcher; Carlton Langston, first; Jimmy Dalton, second; Nick Thompson, short; Bobby Stewart, third; Jack Musten, left field; Don Packard, center field; Carroll Reid, right field; with Alton Myers, Bobby Green, E. B. McDaniel, and Gone Laughlin all seeing con- siderable action. 1953 SCHEDULE ELON OPPONENTS 3 WILLL-WIS n 16 WESLEYAN ii 3 OHIO II 2 REIDSVILLE (j 1 W.AKE FOREST 2 2 WAKE FOREST 5 3 EA.ST CAROLINA 2 14 A. C. C 2 4 GUILFORD 3 10 A. C. C 3 2 A. C. C 15 HIGH POINT 1 4 EA.ST CAROLINA 21 A. C. C 8 5 GUILFORD 2 9 HIGH POINT 5 EA.ST CAROLINA 6 9 EAST CAROLINA 12 4 GUILFORD 1 8 GUILFORD 4 b HIGH POINT 8 5 HIGH POINT 1 CONFERENCE PLAY-OFFS 12 LENOIR RHYNE 1 5 LENOIR RHYNE 11 7 LENOIR RHYNE 8 90 GOLF 1953 SCHEDULE 1.LON OPPONENTS 5 ' 2 OHIO 2 li 2 ' 2 WAKE FOREST 24)2 3J2 EAST CAROLINA 23) 3 N. C. STATE 24 4 EAST CAROLINA 23 10 2 HIGH POINT 7M 6 N. C. STATE 21 83 2 GUILFORD 9H 103 2 HIGH POINT 714 2 ' 2 CAROLINA 243 1 1 2 WAKE FOREST 25 ' 2 ' 5 GUILFORD 13 Elon ' s 1953 golf team won two games, while losing ten. The Maroon and Gold linksters played good golf through- out the season, and this year should have a very good squad, which will he hard to heat. Those carr ing the colors of Elon were: Smith, Harvey, Cooper, McGriff, Small, Workman. TENNIS 1 -5 ' ■ . The Fighting Clhristian tennis team of 1053 won a total of eight games, while losing ten. The team made an excellent record that year, and the racket-wielders made marked improvement over the record of the 1 952 Tennis Team, when only two games were won. In short, we had a top-notch team, which proved that Elon had some real spirit on its side. Left to right, the members are: Biackstone, Howell, Roshelli, Peters, Schrader, Painter, Sears. 1953 SCHEDULE l.LON OPPONENTS N. C. STATE 9 3 WAKE FOREST 5 7 GUILFORD E.. ST CAROLINA 9 EAST CAROLINA 9 2 HIGH POINT 5 5 LENOIR RHYNE 1 4 C.-XTAWBA 3 3 WAKE FORE.ST 6 2 HIGH POINT 5 CAROLINA J. V. ' s 9 7 LENOIR RHYNE 7 C. T. WBA N. C. ST. TE 9 6 GUILFORD 1 5 LYNCHBURG 4 2 CAROLINA J. V. ' s 8 9 LYNCHBURG wn y 91 JAY-VEE BASKETBALL First row, lejt to right: Mclntyif, Smith, Crump, King, Warren. Second row, UJt to right: Bailey, Brown, Stone, Walker, Moscley, Garrett. Elon ' s fighting J.V. basketball team completed one of the best records ever turned in ijy a similar Elon group. Winning fourteen, thc - lost only two games — to the powerful University of North Carolina freshman team. Under the guidance of ' ' Red " ' McDanicl, future basketball greats got a thorough training in the funda- mentals of the game. The Elon youngsters, averaging 78.1 points per game, held their opponents to an amazing 58.5 points per game. The members of the team, pictured aboNC, are the very ones who made the J.V. ' s such a hard team to beat. Many of these players will move up to the varsity learn next year, and it should bolster the Fighting C ' hristian basketball troupe. It is a warning to the other teams of the Conference that Elon will be a hard- to-beat assailant in the next open sca.son for basketball. SCHEDULE JAY-VEE ' S OPPONENTS 96 CONE " Y " 50 76 JACKSONVILLE 47 66 TIMES NEWS 49 55 ABERDEEN 47 69 U.N.C. FROSH 80 91 CATAWBA 50 96 HIGH POINT 44 65 LENOIR RHYNE 57 99 C, TAWBA 67 79 GUILFORD 61 67 HAW RIVER 58 89 HARGRAVE 65 83 GUILFORD 49 73 HIGH POINT 55 80 LENOIR RHYNE , 67 77 WESTERN ELECTRIC 49 92 GIRLS ' SPORTS Elon is proud of its well-rounded and versatile girls " sports program, under the ery able guidance of Miss Haley. Some of the sports in which the girls take a rather active part are horseback riding, basketball, volleyball, badminton, Softball, tennis, archery, and ping-pong. The girls ' basketball league was one of the more popular of the girls " groups. However, that does not mean that interest wasn " t high and competition keen in each of the other sports, for all of the activities a t tracted pretty eager participation. The men bv no means have all of the interest in sports, as the varied listing above of girls " sports readily indicates. Jo€ H vey-B M irtl - Canton J OT Jon-nson-B S - - VortU- Carlton Kick Tr o»v(««ii-B ITK-Sou- Leon Loiitf- HortlvCartfon C J rti sV ' Vb urjrf- Fast Perm Terry V- ' niorMsT. Nlo -+K-C r tor ALL-CAMPUS TOUCH-FOOTBALL SQUAD Four strong touch-football squads garnered all the berths on the 1953 all-campus touch-football squad, with the North Dormitory and Carlton House combine leading in the number of honor players, with East Dorm and LTK- South gaining two posts each, followed by Sigma Phi Vets placing one man. The intramural acti ilies are conducted under the guidance of Mr. Boyd, in such a way that everyone will find one or more sports in which he will be able to participate and enjoy. Similar programs are conducted for both men and women. BASKETBALL TOUCH-FOOTBALL 1URALS TOUCH-FOOTBALL CHAMPS Front row, left to right: Richard C:ook, Alex Morrow, Terry Thomas, Louis Winston, Gary Sears, Dick McC:arthy. Second row :]ohrmK Brady, Danny Thomas, Joe Harvey, Sherill Hall, Leon Long. These are the members on the North- Carlton team, who also won top place as the touch-football Champs, led by Terry Thomas. For the men the program includes touch-football, basketball, vollexijall, softljall, and tennis, among others. Below are pictured, lejt to right, {front row): ick Thompson, Ralph Rakes, Phil Carter, Back: Luther Conger, Bobb Stewart, • " Red " McDaniel, Lewis Robertson. TENNIS VOLLEYBALL CHAMPS MEN ' S INTRMIURAL COUNCIL .Stanley Hiiik li, l.oiiis Winston, Jimmy Luke, Gilbert Brittle. Representatives on the Men ' s Intramural Clouneil are elected from each of the men ' s dormitories, the fraternities, and the Day .Student group. This Clouneil meets, discusses, and plans an intramural sports program that will interest everyone. Touch-football, basketball, Softball, tennis, and ping-pong are among the activities sponsored by the Council. At the end of the year, this group presents trophies to the winning teams and to outstanding individuals. ■ m ' .. .j . fj. .. .,j H fl| " S a ' u " II " J B We owe a hearty thank- ou to an almost unrecognized behind-the-scenes worker, known well by all in the " sports depart- iiicnl " as Johnnie. . . . Here he is, on the spot ! 96 We proudly remember those among us who distinguished themselves as " chips off the old block " in these Features JUBILEE IN FIFTY-THREE MRGIXIA JERNIGAN, Qmv; JOHN WOMACIK, Esmi • ' ONNE BUFF. Maid of Honor EDDIE BRIDGES, Escort WILLIAM STOFFEL, lusidcnt ' f cMtecamm ta tcim I ' riday Homeconiinsr Ball at Alumni Memorial Gvmnasiun Saturday Judging of Housing Decorations hy Special Alumni Committee Formation of C ars for Parade Pep RalK ' and Bonfire Celebration in Binlington VAiy Park Football Game, Elon vs. VV.C.T.C;. Presentation of Cla.ss Representatives from 1893 to 1953 Half-time Festivities Presentation of Homecoming Queen and Court 98 Oldest and youngest Alumni Representatives Queen ' irginia and President Stoffcl Homecoinina; was wondci ' ful ! But then Elon ' s Homc- coiiiing; always is. The ahimni turned out: the dance, to the music of the Duke Ambassadors, was successful; ' irginia Jcrnigan was crowned queen, and " Wonne Buff was maid of honor; the dormitories on campus were all decked out. with West Dormitory winning first place in the decorations; the parade was the longest ever; the Day Students won the prize for the best float; and, best of all . . . we won our football game over W.C.T.C. We congratulate Mrs. Boyd, . ' lumni Secretary, and the other members on the Homecoming Committee for their ery able direction of the Homecoming fcs- Formation of the Clourt at the Homecoming dance N- •: . ■ QUEEN OF THE ■ MAY JUDY INGRAM MAID OF HONOR BETTY THOMPSON ' 100 ERNESTINE BRIDGES Escort: Dud I cv IRGINIA JERNIGAN Escvrl: Phil Mann SENIOR ATTENDANTS As the campus oaks once again don their bare, misshapen branches with new spring leaves, it cannot be doubted that spring has heralded its return. However, Elonites will probably more easily remember the onset of this season by the celebration of May Day. This spring fete was again produced under the direction of the Physical Educa- tion Department and joint co-operation of the Music and Home Economics Departments; it was a colorful, musical, and happy pageant, climaxed by the coronation. On the beautiful south campus lawn, Judy Ingram, escorted by Woody Stoffel, was crowned queen to rule over her retinue, led by the maid of honor, Betty Thompson, who was escorted bv Dwight Dillon. JUNIOR ATTENDANTS ARLENE .STAFFORD Escorl: J. C:. Dishcr MARY SUE GOLCLOUGH Escort: Gharlcs Grows " BIG BOYS PLAY LONDON BRIDGE " The newspaper cut al)o e shows the same inlereslint; sports shot that won dislniction through its appearance on the miscellan) ' page of the March 1, 1954, issue of Life, along with the title which appears above. Active High Point forward, Harold Sykes, is sur- rounded by Elon players, Ned Gauldin (back to camera) and Dave Maddox, along with Hank Hamrick (side, front) and Don Packard. The staff of the 1954 PhiPsiCli wishes to extend special thanks to Mr. Gilliam of the Elon Drug Store for use of the Senior Oak frontispiece. In Appreciation The Business Staff and the Enti re Student Body of Elon College Wish to take this ojiportunitx to thank the ollowing merchants for their ( :o-operation in producing this — THE 1954 PHIPSICLI Jon-Eva Flower Shop The National Bank of Burlington Textile Sales Room Delp ' s Bar-B-Q and Dairy Queen The Remnant Shop R. E. Boone Laundry and Cleaners The State Theater A. D. Pate Printing Co. G. Marvin Holt, Inc. Rose ' s .5-10-2.5C Store Alamance Drug Co. Efird ' s Department Store The Jewel Box Woody Wilson ' s Men ' s Shop Bason and Bason The Somers-Pardue Agency J. C. Penney Co. Alamance Book and Stationery Co. Foster Shoe Co. Kirk Holt Hardware Co. Trollinger ' s Florist Neese Shoffner Furniture Co., Inc. Coleman ' s Men Shop Coble Sporting Goods Co. Coca-Cola Central Grocery Co., Inc. Pepsi-Cola First Federal Savings and Loan Association C. F. Neese Jewelry Burlington Sporting Goods Co. Sellars Alamance Printing Co. Pate Dawson Co. Barker ' s Tire Service Bamby Bakers, Inc. Alamance Laundry and Dry Cleaners Melville Dairy Burlington Poultry Co. Spinks Shoe Shop Swift Cleaners The Treasure House Elon Drug Co. Pet Dairy Cole Motors Josten ' s Red Bird Cab Orkiii Kourv ' s Dress Shoj) Compliments of Sen- and Save JON-EVA FLOWER SHOP The REMNANT SHOP • COTTONS Route 1 CREPES PHONE 6-4102 WOOLENS CORDUROY DRAPERY A. D. PATE PRINTING CO. Cecil M. Yarbrough, Owner • Coniniprcial Printing of All Kinds Haw River, N. C. . . . City of Cone Fabrics Phone 6-9134 Davis and Worth Streets PHONE 6-2082 Burlington, North Carolina Conipliments of R. E. BOONE LAUNDRY AND CLEANERS There was a timid knock at the door. " If you please, kind lady, " the beggar said, " I ' ve lost my right l eg — " " Well, it ain ' t here, " retorted the lady of the house, and she slammed the door. APP«OV£0 V A DEFENSE OF EGOTISM A man should blow his own big horn; This right must not be mooted, For if he does not blow his horn. The same will not be tooted. ( SANITONE ) Burlington, North Carolina " I ' m a self-made man. " " You knocked off work too soon. " Compliments of • An Elon undergraduate having inadvertently changed umbrellas with a fellow-student evolved this note: " Miss — presents her compliments to Miss — , and begs to say that she has an umbrella which isn ' t mine, so if you have one that isn ' t hers, no doubt they are the ones. " THE NATIONAL BANK OF BURLINGTON Gross ignorance is 144 times as bad as ordinary ignorance. Contplinietits of DEPARTMENT STORE Burlington ' s Oldest Largest and Most Modern Department Store Compliments of The State Theater ' Your Friendly Independent Theater ' ' BARKER ' S TIRE SERVICE 274 W. Davis Street Telephone 6-8901 Burlington, North Carolina " Hab yo " any medicine dat v ill purity de blood? " " a coal black Negro inquired of the druggist. " We keep sarsasparilla at one dollar a bottle. It purifies the blood and clears the complexion. " ' " Well, boss hasn ' t yo ' sumfin fo ' ' bout fifty cents, jest fo " de blood? I don ' t keer " bout dc complexion. " Teacher: " Now you ha ' e in front of you the north, on your right the east, on your left the west. What have you behind you? " Small boy: " A patch on my pants. I told mother vou ' d see it. " l ATE DAWSON COMPANY Be Healtliy — Be Happy EAT MORE FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES Burlington GoLDSBORO Compliments of MELVILLE DAIRY BURLINGTON ONE Qu»«r GRADE A ' K MILK PHONE 6-6391 For Home Delivery KIRK-HOLT HARDWARE COMPANY HARDWARE : PAINTS BUILDING SUPPLIES FARM MACHINERY MILL SUPPLIES Best Wishes from ROSE ' S 5-10-25C STORE Burlington, North Carolina " Give me a sentence, Tom, with the word ' Rotter- dam ' in it. " " My sister et my candy, an " I hope it ' ll rotter dam teeth out! " " I was in Paris last year, " the prosperous business- man boasted to his friend. " Your wife along? " A look of scorn answered him. " Say, did you ever hear of a man taking a ham sandwich to a banquet? " Doctor Jones fell in the well, And died without a moan. He should have tended the sick. And let the well alone. GIFT SHOP — Mezzanine Floor Main Street BURLINGTON, N. C. BASON BASON Ladies ' Ready-to-Wear MILLINERY, LINGERIE and NOVELTIES 136 East Davis Street Burlington, North Carolina ALAMANCE BOOK STATIONERY CO. BOOKS GIFTS ENGRAVING SCHOOL and OFFICE SUPPLIES Burlington, North Carolina Opposite the Post Office Compliments of THE JEWEL BOX Burlington, North Carolina INSURED SAVINGS INVESTMENTS Each Account Fully Insured to $10,000 by an Agency of the Federal Government LOW COST HOME LOANS Sponsors of Thrift and Home-Ownership THE FRIENDLY ' HOME FOLKS " SINCE 1914 FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION J 14 ' West Front Street Dial 6-2418 BURLINGTON, N. C. A small boy wrote one stanza of A Psalm of Life in this manner: Liza Grape men allry mindus Weaken maka Liza Blime, An ' departing Lee B. Hindus Footbrin Johnny Sands a time! Coinplinients of TROLLINGER ' S FLORIST BURLINGTON, N. C. A Methodist Negro exhorter shouted, " Come on up an " jine de army ob dc Lord. " " Ise done jined, " replied one of the congregation. " Whar ' d you jine? " asked the exhorter. " In de Baptis " Church. " " Why, chile, " said the exhorter, " you ain ' t in de army; yoh ' s in de navy. " SPINKS SHOE SHOP FINE SHOE REPAIRING ANYTHING IN LEATHER 313 Worth Street Telephone 6-4811 Ting-a-ling-a-ling! A clergyman took down the receiver and placed it to his ear. " Is this the Dickel Liquor Company? " a woman asked. The clergyman recognized the voice as that of one of his parishioners. " No, " he replied in stern reproof, " it is your rector. " Was there a dull thud ' . ' No. " Indeed, " said the lady, quick as a flash, " and pray tell what are you doing there? " Compliments of " World ' s Largest Pest Control Company ' Phone: Burlington 66845 Phone: Greensboro 22229 TEXTILE SALES ROOM Highway 70 PHONE 6-1815 BURLINGTON, N. C. Compliments of C. F. NEESE JEWELRY Since 1870 BURLINGTON, N. C. COLEMAN ' S MEN SHOP " Finest in Men ' s Wear " ARROW SHIRTS FRENCH SHRINER URNER SHOES BOTANY REVERE SPORTSWEAR Spring Street Burlington Opposite Post Office " Whatchagotna packidge? " " Sabook " " Wassanaimavitt? " " Sadickshunery. Fullinaims. Wife ' s gonna gettaplecedog angottagettanaimferim. " Stout Lady — " Oh, I heard something snap. It was my new girdle. " Bright Son — " That ' s all right, the salesman said it reduces the hips and busts. " Today ' s chicks are tomorrow ' s old hens. He ' s money mad. He hasn ' t got a cent — that ' s why he ' s mad. JOSTEN ' S FINE CLASS RINGS ANNOUNCEMENTS YEARBOOKS AWARDS • L. C. Chiles, Representative 61 1 Colonial Drive High Point. North Carolina Bessie came running to her grandmother holding a dry, pressed leaf, obviously the relic of a day long gone by. " I found it in the big Bible, Grandma, " she said, " Do you suppose it belonged to Eve? " Brown has a lovely baby girl. The stork left her with a flutter; Brown named her " Oleomargarine " For he hadn ' t any but her. Young mother: " The doctor says people shouldn ' t kiss the baby; it isn ' t sanitary. " Caller: " Poor little thing; why don ' t you wash him? " " Did the play have a happy ending? " " You bet it did! Some one in the gallery hit the illain square in the face with a tomato. " " Sometimes, " said the patient woman, " 1 think my husband is getting to be a socialist. " " What are the symptoms? " " He wants to do all the talking and none of the work. " " I wants to be procrastinated at the nex ' corner, " said Uncle Rastus to the conductor. " You want to be — what? " " Look in de dictionary, suh! ' Procrastinate ' to put otf! Dat ' s what I mean. " Compliments of Efird ' s Department Store • Burlington, N. C. Best W ishes to The Class of 1954 THE ELON COLLEGE BOOK STORE Burlington Sporting Goods Co. " Bpsf in Athletic Equipment ' ' • Dial 6-6634 423 Worth Street Burlington, N. C. For Friendly, Courteous Service Go to the ELON DRUG COMPANY MAGAZINES SCHOOL SUPPLIES Complete Fountain Service WOODY WILSON ' S MEN ' S SHOP Class of ' 38 Burlington ' s Most Modern Men ' s Shop Compliments of PEPSI-COLA BOTTLING WORKS DIAL 6-1273 Highway 70 BURLINGTON, N. C. Keep Trim and Smart EXPERTLY LAUNDERED SHIRTS They Stay Fresh Longer ALAMANCE LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANERS ' ■ ' We Do It Better ' - Burlington, North Carolina Burlington Poultry Company Poultry Turkeys Eggs Fresh Daily 634 South Park Avenue Phone 6-7919 BURLINGTON, N. C. The Bread You JSeed For Energy Bamby Bakers, Inc. BURLINGTON, N. C. " Look at Mabel ' s dress! " " I can ' t see it. Some fellow has his arm around her. " Very disgusted little boy — after a severe spanking — as he surveys the damage in a mirror: " Well, I hope she ' s satisfied. She ' s cracked it! " Jack: They say a student should have eight hours sleep a day. Mack: True, but who wants " to take eight classes a day? Shortest poem in the world, entitled " Fleas " Adam Had ' em. Ladies, skip this paragraph! It is really unfit for publication. It got into the manuscript by some mis- take, and I asked the printer to destroy it, or set it wrong side up. •pE3ij J3i( uo puGjs oj peq aqs jj MOIJOIUOS JI }K 13u P.?L[S M3U [ 3 — pc9j Apv;3j[E s 31JS luaod siqj A3U]if E o] jjnq u jaScM ] 3 ' Motsj •Moqs }o pui i jsE3| am jciq 3ai3 noX jj ' M01131UOS jno JI puij ii.aiis jni]} jsq ued no ' .A ou { 0} jou jqgno oqs guiqjaiuos sjj •UELUOM E S3UJOM guiqjAUE S 3J3qj JJ " Students, ■■ said the good old clergyman to the Bible Class, " you should never lose your tempers. You should never swear, or get excited or angry. I never do. Now to illustrate. You see that big fly on my nose. A good many wicked men would get angry at that fly. but 1 don ' t. I never lose my temper. I simply say — " go away, fly — go away — ' Good gosh! It ' s a bee, damn it all! " Compliments of KOURY ' S ' Where Smart Women Shop ' South Main Street BURLINGTON, N. C. Complimems oj COLE MOTORS PONTIAC INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS BURLINGTON, N. C. Compliments of J. C. PENNEY COMPANY BURLINGTON, N. C. Compliments of NEESE-SHOFFNER FURNITURE COMPANY, INC. 133 East Davis Street Devoted to Making BRIGHTER - BETTER - HOMES BURLINGTON. N. C. Make our store your headquarters for athletic equipment and sporting goods. Coble Sporting Goods Company Greensboro, N. C. Bill Stoner ' 23 " Foots " Fesmire ' 24 " ■ 3 ii X-riP — T. » f K t r Jp tO c ■ Tt ' rfir« f« ,- CHARLOWE ENGRAVING CO Cha riotte. North Ca rol ina AUTOGRAPHS 1 " •• ' ' ! h ' Pv

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