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The Fightin ' Christians of ELON present to you . . . . their Student Body Publication, the PHI PSICLI... ' 52 Elon College, Elon College, North Carolina Page Painter, Editor-in-Chief Reita Durham, Business Manager (Christians of Elon ' Classes Seniors 14 Juniors - 36 Sophomores 42 Freshman 46 Special Students - 54 Who ' s Who - 55 Activities Puljlications 58 Organizations 62 Sororities-Fraternities 76 May Day 86 Athleties Footl.all 92 Homecoming 96 Basketball 98 Baseball 100 Golf. Tennis. JV Basketball 101 Girls Sports 102 Intramurals 104 E orewoiTl This, then, is Elon College. Elon as it is today, with its rich heritage of past years, its equally rich promise for the future. As the future unrolls, a great many things about Elon, l)oth good and bad, will be forgotten by former students. This book, it is fervently hoped, will play a large part in preventing that from happen- ing. But even without this, the important things will be retained, l)oth in the minds and hearts of all the thousands of students who learned a way of life here that will serve them well for the rest of their lives. A development process has been begun here that will continue within us all. a growth of knowledge and understanding upon which fuller and happier lives is solidly l)ased. The many " litlle " things that add up to a picture of four years of college life are encompassed by this book, and with the hope that it will serve you well in keeping whole your memories of Elon and things learned at Elon, we dedi- cate to you this — the Phi Psi Cli of 1952. T. O Dr. I. W. Johnson We dedicate the 1952 Phi Psi Cli Rev. Isaac Walter Johnson, a native of Virginia and an honor graduate of Elon College; for the completion of graduate work was awarded the Master of Arts degree. Dr. Johnson was honored by his Alma Mater with the Doc- tor of Divinity degree. He has been active in the Alumni As- sociation, chosen as the annual speaker on two different oc- casions; is an ordained minister of the gospel in the Christian Church, now Congregational Christian. He is one of the out- standing rural pastors in Virginia and North Carolina. He is a strong gospel preacher, always placing the emphasis upon Bibli- cal teaching and the spiritual life of his church. During his active pastorate of 51 years, three struggling rural churches grew to be strong churches — strong in membership, equip- ment, and influence. He has served his denomination as an influential official in the Eastern Virginia Conference and in the Southern Convention. He was a member of the Board of Trustees of Elon College and of the Chris- tian Orphanage for more than 10 years. Dr. Johnson has made significant contributions to his church as a whole and to Elon College in particular. Dr. I. W. Johnson Recognizing his worth to his church and college, it is a pleasure and a privilege for the student body of 1952 to further honor him by dedicating our annual, the Phi Psi Cli of 1952, to him. ' . ' ; • fc=5£ inll m (.(,, So here ' s Elon . . . •) Our President To the Class of 1952: The days come and go; the years pass. Time on its march takes its toll as well as brings opportunities. The sun rises and floods the earth with light; it sets and covers the world with darkness. Your years in college iiave witnessed successive changes of light and darkness for mankind the world over. War clouds hang heavy over the nations of the earth. Indeed, arms are clashing today, and the ba ttlefield claims its toll. The future promises little relief. Nation is ar- rayed against nation with threats that may easily result in World War III. During these four years you have shared in the peace, the quiet, the safety, the se- curity of our college campus as well as the instruction, the inspiration, the stabilitv of an excellent faculty with wholesome influences. The time comes all too soon, it se.ems, when you ai ' e to launch out into a world of conflicts and a society of uncertainty and confusion. May you be guided by One Who never errs protected by One Who never fails, and strengthened ])y One Who never forsakes. Your responsiljilities are great, but your op- portunities are une(|ua]ed. Your Alma Mater shall follow you with interest and prayers. L. E. Smith, President. The Administration TO THE CLASS OF 1952: As you l)id farewell to ivy-covered colonnades and to many friends you ' ve made within tiiese walls, you look l)ack upon many happy days. You look forward, also, to years of achievement and fulfdlment, and mv best wishes go with you every one. riememl)er Elon with love and devotion, for you are forever a part of Elon and she a part of you. Sincerely yours, D. J. BowDEN. Dean of the College and Dean of Men. TO THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1952: Greetings and best wishes lo each one of you! As you travel along the years may you remember that probably the only good reason for your existence is not what you are going to get out of life, but what you are going to give to life. Elizabeth Bolton. Denn of Women. Dean Bowden Dean Bolton 5 H The Faculty First TOW, lejt to right: Henderson L. Adams, Assistant Professor of Mathematics; A.B.. Ohio Univ.; M.A., Columbia Univ.: Work toward Ph.D.. Univ. of North Carolina. Ruby Adams, Assistant Professor of Physical Education: B..S., Limgwood College; Graduate Work. Univ. of North Carolina. KoNST NTiNAS AvizONis, Assistant Professor of Modern Languages: B.A., Lithuanian Univ. (Kaunas) ; M.A., Ph.D., Frif ' drich-Wilhelm University (Berlin). John Willis Barney, Professor of English; A.B., Elon College; Graduate Wurk; Columliia Univ.. Univ. of Virginia. Univ. of North Carolina. Ned F. Brannock, Chairman of Department of Natural Sciences; Professor of Chemistry; A.B., M.A., Elon College; M.S., Columbia Univ.; Litt.D., Defiance College; Additional Graduate Work: John Hopkins Univ.. Univ. of North Carolina. John H. Brashear, Assistant Professor of Business Administration; B.S., B.A., Univ. of Florida; M.A., Univ. of Florida; Additional Graduate Work; Univ. of Florida, American Institute of Banking. Second row: W. E. Butler, Jr., Business Manager; A.B., Elon College; Graduate Work, Univ. of North Carolina. Luther N. Byrd, Professor of English; Publicity Director; A.B., M.A., Univ. of North Carolina; Additional Graduate Work, Univ. of North Carolina. Paul H. Cheek, Associate Professor of Chemistry: B.S., Wake Forest College: Ph.D., Univ. of North Carolina. J. C. Colley, Chairman of Department of Education and Psychology; Professor of Education; A.B., Emory and Hel College; M.A., Univ. of North Carolina; Candidate for Ph.D., Univ. of North Carolina. E. P. Douglass, Acting Chairman of Department of Social Sciences; Professor of History; A.B., Princeton Univ.; Columbia Univ.; M.A., Ph.D., Yale Univ. Thomas R. Fox, Assistant Professor of Business Administration ; B.S.. Va. Polytechnic Institute; Bowling Green College of Commerce, Associate in Commercial .Arts. Third row: Virginia Groomes; Assistant Professor of Voice; B.M., Simpson College; M.A., Teacher ' s College, Columbia Univ,; Julliard School of Music. Richard M. Haff, Professor of Biology; A.B., College of the Citv of New York; M.A.. Columbia Univ.; Ph.D.. Cornell Univ. Alonzo L. Hook, Registrar; Chairman of Department of Mathematics; Professor of Physics; A.B., M.A., Elon Coll. M..S., Cornell Univ.; Additional Graduate Work: Johns Hopkins Univ., Univ. of Chicago, Duke Llniv. Jamks Howell, Chairman oi Department ol English and Dramatic Arts: Professor of English: A.B., Guilford Collei M.A.. Ph.D., Univ. of North Carolina. Robert F. Hunter, Associate Professor of History; B.S., Washington and Lee Univ.; M,A,, Univ. of North Carolina; Additional Graduate Work, Columbia Univ. 10 of Eloii L First row, left to right: Charles G. Latham, Associate Proiessor ot Psychology; B. ' .. Ithaca College: M.S.. Univ. of Tennessee. James Mallory. Athletic Coach: Proiessor of Physical Education: A.B.. Candidate for M.A.. Univ. of North Carolina. G. L. Mathis, Assistant Athletic Coach: Associate Professor of Physical Education; A.B., Davidson College; Graduate Work. Univ. of North Carolina. Pearl . ' . McDonald, Assistant Professor of French: A.B.. Maryville College; M.A.. Univ. of North Carolina. Cecil C. McGee. Jr., Assistant Professor of Business Administration; B.S., Mississippi State College; M.S., Mississippi Stale College; Additional Graduate Work. Univ. of Florida. Fletcher Moore, Chairman of Department of Fine Arts; Professor of Piano and Organ: .A.B.. Elon College; M.A.. Columbia Univ.: Julliard School of Music; Piano Student of Sascha Gorodnitski and Guy Maier. Second row: Lila C. Newman, Assistant Professor of Art: Ph.B., Elon College; Graduate Work: Columbia Univ. J. L. Pierce, Chairman of Department and Professor of Health and Physical Education: A.B., High M.A.. Univ. of North Carolina: ork toward Ph.D.. Univ. of North Carolina. RV L. Ramsey, Associate Proiessor of Home Economics: B.S.. George Peabody College for Teachers; M.A., Colum- i a Univ.; Additional Graduate Work. Iowa State College. Univ. of Tennessee. M L S. Reddish, Professor of Biology: B.A.. M.A.. Duke Univ.: Work toward Ph.D.. Duke Univ. ERKis E. Reynolds, Chairman of Department of Philosophy and Religion; Proiessor of Religion ana Butler Univ.; B.D. and S.T.M., Hartford .Seminary: Ph.D.. Univ. of Edinburgh. William W. .Sloan, Professor of Bible and Religious Education: B.A.. College of Wooster; B.D.. Mc logical Seminary; Ph.D., Northwestern Univ. Harvard Univ. Point College; ul Greek; A.B., cCormick Theo- Third row: Bessie P. Sloan, Assistant Professor of Spanish; A.B., Stale College of Washington: M.A., Northwestern .Additional Graduate Work: Univ. of Indiana. Iowa and Madrid. Elizareth R. Smith. Assistant Proiessor of Dramatic Arts: A.B.. Elon Coll. ' ge; Professional Studv: Irvine for the Theatre. New York City. Ja.son L. .Sox, Jr., Assistant Professor of Mathematics: B.S.. North Carolina Stale College. John Foster West, Associate Professor of En glish; A.B., M.A.. Univ. of North Carolina; Additional Graduate University of North Carolina. John Westmoreland, Professor of Piano and Organ: A.B., Elon College: M.A., Columbia Univ.: Advanced uale Study. Columbia Univ., Univ. of Southern California. Univ.; Studio Woik. Grad- 11 ' " MS 5 CLASSES SKNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Larry Gaither President Charles Lynam Vice-President Rosamond Bromley Secy.-Treas. We, the Fighting Christians ' Class of ' 52, thought that in 1948 the battle ahead was long and hard, but now we are at the end of that battle and find tliat it has proved victorious for us. We have enjoyed the past foui years and hope that we have left behind as great an impression on Eloii as Elon has left on us. Lejt to right: Larry Gaither, Ros Bromley, Cliarlie Lynam. OF 1952 AcKERMAN, Harold J., 405 Albany Street, Burlington. N. C. Business Adminislralion. Sigma Alpha Chi: Day Students 1, 2, 3, 4. Addison, Arthur D.. 717 Stockley Gardens. Norfolk. Va.. Business Adminislralion. Kappa Psi Nu: Mens Interdorniitorv Council 4, President. Akers, James Brooks, Alum Ridge. Va.. Physical Education. Transfer from ' il- liam and Marv College. Albright, Annie Lalrie. Rt. 1. Mebane, N. C Public School .Music. in K s. James Cleo, 12.) W. Pine St.. Graham. N. C. Business Adminislralion. Aitry, Mrs. Ireni T.. Joyner St.. Gihsonville. N. C. Social Studies. Pi Kappa Tau: Education Club 4: Day Students Organization 4: Transfer from East Carolina. 15 SENIOR CLASS Jarger, Billy Ray, Queen Ann St.. Burlington. N. C. Business Adminislralion. Kappa Psi Nu; President, Freshman Class: Slu dent Legislature 1. 2: Honor Council 3: Football 1, 2, 3: " E ' Men ' s Club 1. 2. 3, 4. Batchelder, Harold Charles, 74 Summer St., Barre, Vt., Social Studies. Transfer from Bangor Theological Seminary, Bangor, Maine and Dartmouth College. Hanover. N. H. BoLiCK. R. Glenn, 624 Piedmont Way. Burlington. N. C. Math and PliYsics. Booth, Evelyn Elizbeth, 2827 Cumberland St.. Roanoke. Va., English. Honor Council 3, 4: Student Christian Assn. 3, 4; Spanish Club 1. 2. 3. 4: Education Club 3. 4; Senior Attendant, May Day; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges 4. Brady, James C. Box .597. Elon College, N. C. Physical Education. Bromley, Rosamond, 516 Seventh St., Huntington, W. Va., Mathe- matics. Delta Upsilon Kappa: Elon Players 1. 2, 3. 4, Business M r. 3; Student Legislature 3, 4: Sec ' y.-Treas.. Senior Class: .Maroon and Gold 1. 4: French Club 1. 2: Women ' s Interdormi- tory Council 2: Commencement Marshal 3; Alpha Psi Omega 2, 3, 4. Burke, Edna Lois, Rt. 3. Pittsboro, N. C, Business Administration. Beta Omicron Beta: Women ' s Interdormitory Council 3, 4, Vice- President 3: Pan-Hellenic Council 4; Elon Players 2, 3: Panvio Literary Society 1; Student Christian Assn. 1, 2, 3: Elon Singers 2, 3; Commerce Club 1: Majorette 1, 2, 3. BlJRRUS, Charles L.. Engelhard. N. C. Business Administration. Alpha Pi Delta: Intramural Sports 2, 3, 4. Callahan, Vivian Edith, Rt. 2. Graham. N. C, Spanish. Day Stu- dents Organization L 2, 3, 4. Carlton. Graham H.. Elon College. N. C. Business Administration. Ciir.KKi, Clifford D., E. Va. Ave. Ext., Draper, N. C, Chemistry. 16 Barger Batcheldi;- Bolick Booth Brady Bromley Burke Burrus OF 1952 Cherry, C. 17 SENIOR CLASS Cherry, 0. Eldred, Meadow Rd., Draper, N. C, Business Adminis- tration. Kappa Psi Nu; Men ' s Interdormitory Council 3. Clapp, Luther B., Box 343, Gibsonville, N. C, Mathematics. Presi- dent, Future Teachers of America 4. Clapp, Rosser Lee, Box 138, Brown Summit, N. C, Religion. Minis- terial Assn. 1, 2, 3, 4; Day Students Organization 1, 2, 3, 4. Clayton, Emma Jean, Box 96, W. Durham. N. C. Public School Music. Student Christian Assn. 1, 2, 3. 4; Elon Players 1, 2. 3. 4: Dance Committee 3; Chairman, Student Entertainment Committee 4; Women ' s Interdormitory Council 3: Elon Singers L 2. 3, 4; Beta Omicron Beta; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. Coble, Hiram Newton, Snow Camp, N. C, History. Alpha Pi Delta; Golf Team 3, 4. Cole, James Avery, 6 Selma Ave.. Schoolfield. Va.. English. CoLEY, Carl B., 3L5 Highland Ave., Burlington, N. C, History. Student Legislature 4; Day Students Organization 1, 2. 3. 4; German Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Education Club 3, 4. Cherry, E. Clapp, L. Clapp. R. Clayton Coble Cole Coley Cooper, J. Cooper, June M., Rt. 2, Graham, N. C, English. Beta Omicron Beta; Choir 1; Day Students Organization 1, 2, 3, 4; Elon Players 1, 2. Cooper, Elizabeth S., Rt. 2, Graham, N. C, English. Cooper, Samuel A., Jr., Rt. 2. Graham, N. C, Mathematics. Choir 1; Day Students Organization 1, 2, 3, 4. Crutchfield, Della Juanita, R. 1, Hickory, N. C, Home Econom- ics. President, Household Arts Club 4; Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; Future Teachers of America 3, 4; Elon Players 3, 4; Student Legislature 1. 18 OF 1952 CoopiT, E. Cooper, S. Crutchficld 19 SENIOR CLASS Dickens, Waldo L., Sanford. N. C. Enp:lish. DiLLARD, Bettye Jo. Williaid. N. C, Home Economics. Household Arts Club 1, 2, 3. 4, Vice-President 4; Student Christian Assn. 4; Transfer from Women ' s College of the University of North Caro- lina. Durham, Reita, Rt. 2. Burlington. N. C, French. Secretary, Junior Class; Honor Council 4; Day Students Organization 1, 2, 3, 4. Vice-President 4: French Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 3, Presi- dent 4; Phi Psi Cli Staff 4, Business Manager 4; Education Club 4; Maroon and Gold Staff 3: Maid-of-Honor. Homecoming 4: Queen, May Day 4; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges 4. Ellis, Raleigh D., Jr., 23o HoUiday St., Suffolk, Va., Business Administration. Sigma Phi Beta; " E " Men ' s Club 1, 2, 3, 4, President 3; Football 1. 2, 3. 4; Tri-Captain 4: Baseball 2; Senior Attendant, May Day. Etheridge, George W., 501 E. Ocean View Ave., Norfolk, Va.. Social Science. President, Sophomore Class; Chairman Honor Council 3. 4: Delegate to N. C. Student Legislature 3; Student Director of Intramural Athletics 4; Spanish Club 2; Intramural Council 2, 3, 4; Maroon and Gold Staff 3, 4; King. May Day 4; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Col- leges 4. Farmer, Harry Lee, Bainbridge Blvd.. S. Norfolk, Va.. English and Spanish. Football 1, 2. 3, 4; " E " Men ' s Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Mens Interdormitory Council 3. Feltman, Walter C, Box 604, Hillsboro, N. C, Religion and Philosophy. Student Legislature 3: Day Students Organization 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3: Chairman. Elections Connnittee 4; Minis- terial Assn. 1, 2, 3. 4. Flynt, Herman A.. Parker St.. Graham. N. C, Business Adminis- tration. Dickens Dillard Durham Ellis Etliericlgp Farmer Feltman Flynt Gaither, Larry J.. Granite Quarry, N. C, Physical Education. Kappa Psi Nu; Vice-President, Junior Class; President. .Senior Class; " E " Men ' s Club 1. 2. 3. 4; Physical Education Majors Club 1. 2, 3, 4; Education Club 4; Basketball I. 2. 3. 4; Baseball 1. Career, Cecil E.. Rt. 1, Mt. Crawford. Va.. Chemistry. GiBBS, Allen Roger, Box 3.54. Elon College. N. C. Music. Presi- dent, Student Body 4; Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; Winner. Baritone Division of the South Atlantic District of the National Federation of Music Clubs 2; German Club 3; Day Students Organization 1. 2, 3, 4; Student Christian Assn. 3; Kappa Psi Nu; Delegate to N. C. Student Legislature 4 and to the North State Student Council 4. Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Col- leges. 20 OF 1952 l. Mkik Garber Gibbs 21 SENIOR CLASS Gibson, Charles, 329 Hampton Rds. Ave.. Hampton, Va., History. Gibson, Jack F.. Copland Apt. 4-A. Burlington, N. C. Business Administration. Sigma Alpha Chi: Day Students Organization 1, 2, 3, 4. Greene, Billie M., 3526 Wake Forest Rd.. Durham, N. C. English. Elon Players 4. Sec ' y. 4; Beta Omicron Beta: Alpha Psi Omega: Choir 1. 2, 3, 4; Women ' s Interdorniitory Council 1. 4: German Club 1. 3; Education Club 3, 4; Student Christian Assn. 1: Com- merce Club 1. Guthrie, Caroline A., S. Main St. Ext.. Graham. N. C. English. Elon Players 4; Transfer from Woman ' s College of University of North Carolina. Hamilton, L. Jean, 1604 W. Front St., Burlington. N. C. Home Economics. Household Arts Club 3, 4, Treas. 4; Day Students Organization 3. 4: Transfer from Mars Hill Junior College. Hargrove, Beverly A., 907 S. Main St., Burlington. N. C, Religious Education. Day Students Organization 1. 2. 3, 4: Ministerial Assn. 1, 2, 3, 4; Elon Players 4; Student Marshal 3. Gibson, C. Gibson. J. Greene Guthrie Hamilton Hargrove Hoffniai Holland Hoffman, Elizabeth, Rt. 1, Burlington. N. C, Music. Holland, Murry W.. Rt. 1. Clinton. N. C. Chemistry. Alpha Pi Delta; .Sigma Alpha Chi: Student Legislature 4: Science Club 3. Hunter, Clarence William, Jr., 723 W. Harden St.. Grahai N. C, English. Maroon and Gold Staff 3. 4. Hyler, William N.. 8.508 Old Ocean View Rd.. Norfolk. Va.. Busi- ness Administration. Golf Team 3, 4; Intramural Official 3. 4: Transfer from William and Mary College. Ivey, William C, Rt. 1, Snow Camp, N. C, Pre-Medical. 22 OF 1952 A- i ,. 1 r, C Hunter Hyler Ivey 23 SENIOR CLASS Jackson, Helen Mozelle, 1414 Horace Mann Ave., Winston-Salem, N. C. Religion and Philosophy. Jarrett, Calvin D., 131 W. Pine St.. Graham. N. C. Business Administration and History. Johnson, Pearlman McDonald, Box 52, Burlington. N. C. Social Science and Business Administration. Sigma Al|iha Chi; French Club 1. Jackson Jarrett Johnson JnyncT Joyner, Charles Stanley, R.F.D. 1, Box 113, Zuni, Virginia. Business Administration. Sigma Alpha Chi; French Club Reporter 3; Dormitory Secretary 4: Ministerial Assn. 1: Student Christian Assn. 1, 2, 3, 4. Kernodle, Annie Kate, Rt. 4, Burlington, N. C. Home Economics. King, Glenn P., 124 E. Indian River Rd., Norfolk. Virginia, Busi- ness Administration. Sigma Alpha Chi; Day Students Organi- zation 2, 3, 4; Elon Players 2, 3; Spanish Club 1. KiRBY, John Robert, Roxboro, N. C. Business Administration. Kappa Psi Nu: Pres. Junior Class. Lake, Elbert, North Sixth St.. Mebane. N. C. Business Admini tration. French Club 2: Band 3; Intramural Council 3. Kernodle King Kirby Lake Lee, Richard H., Blackstone, Virginia, Business Administration. Kappa Psi Nu; Student Council 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1; " E " Men ' s Club 1. 2. 3, 4, Treas. 4. Lewis, Robert Edmund, Jr.. 300 Wrightsville Ave., Wilmingion. N. C, Physical Education. Lynam, Charles Alan, 22 Elizabeth St., Wake Forest, N. C, Music. Kappa Psi Nu; Vice-Pres., Senior Class; Marshal 3; Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 4; Intramural Athletics 1, 2, 3, 4. 24 OF 1952 .1 1 V 5? ' )[j Lee I Lvnam 25 SENIOR CLASS Martin, Curtis J., Ridge St.. Fieldale, Va.. Physical Education. Iota Tau Kappa; Physical Education Majors Club 1, 2, .S, 4: Basketball 1. 2, 3. Matthews, Thomas E., 107 East Center St., Galax, Va., Social Science. M.ATTHEWS, Warren, 2915 Spring Garden St., Greensboro, N. C, Philosophy. Secretary, Student Christian Assn. 2; Ministerial Assn. 3; Men ' s Interdormitory Council 4. May, Reginald Dane, Box 141, Elon College. N. C. English. McRae, Harold Glynn, 502 S. Fayetteville St.. Asheboro. N. C. Business Administration. Iota Tau Kappa: Student Legislature 2; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; " E " Men ' s Club 3, 4. Mebane, Alexander Murphy, 916 N. Main St., Burlington. N. C. Business Administration and History. Day Student Organization 1, 4. Mittelstadt, Lorena, Route 3, Reidsville, N. C. Business Adminis- tration. Beta Omicron Beta; Radio Club 1. Martin Matthews Matthews May McRae Mebane Mittelstadt Mobley y Mobley, William Moore, Reidsville. N. C. English. Student Legis- lature 2, 3; Day Students Organization 2, 3, 4. Mondy, David Allen, 120 Governinent Ave.. Norfolk, Va., Physical Education. Sigma Phi Beta; Varsity Basketball 2, 3, 4; " E " Men ' s Club 2, 3. 4; Golf Team 1, 2, 3, 4; Physical Education Majors Club 3. 4; Senior Attendant. May Day 4. Morgan, Archie Thoma.s, Rt. 2. Suffolk, Va.. Em lish. Motley, Daniel Lanier, Jr., Rt. 5, Reidsville, N. C, Business Administration. 26 OF 1952 Mondy 27 SENIOR CLASS Norman, Parks H.. Jr.. Rt. 2. Box 201. Greensboro, N. C History and Education. Veterans Clul) 1. Norwood, Ralph W.. 1032 Edgewood Ave.. Burlington. N. C Business Adinin ' slmtinn and Hisloiy. Sigma Alpha Chi. Oakley, Celia Ann, Rt. 2. Burlington. N. C. French and Enirlish. Payne, Bobby Winford, Rt. 1. Box 162, Gibsonville. N. C Business Administra ' ion. Day Students Organization 1. Peters. Elbert I.. Jr., Reidsville. N. C, Physical Education. Physi- cal Education Majors Club 3, 4; Spanish Club 3, 4; Intramural Council 4: Tennis Team 3: Fooihall 1. 2: Transfer from Lees- McRae Junior College. Peterson, Jane Elizabeth, 1064 Bay View Blvd., Norfolk. Va. Home Economics. Delta Upsilon Kappa; Sec ' y. Women ' s Inter dormitory Council 3; Student Legislature 4: Junior Attendant May Day; Maid-of-Honor, May Day; Head Cheerleader 4; Mar shal 3; Household Arts Club 1. 2, 3. 4; Student Christian Assn 3: Women ' s Athletic Assn. 3. Rakes, William Earl, 33 Field Ave., Fieldale, Va., Physical Edu- cation. Iota Tau Kappa; Sec ' y. " E " Men ' s Club 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2. 3, 4; Physical Education Majors Club 3, 4; Maroon and Gold Staff 3: French Club 3. INornian Norwood Oakley Payne Peters Peterson Rakes Reece Reece, John Robert, Box 134. Draper, N. C. Physical Education. Rice, Grady Julius, Rt. 1, McLeansville. N. C, Philosophy. Minis- terial Assn. 3. 4; Greek Club 3: Transfer from Southern Union College. Roane, Douglas Champe, 1.548 Chela Ave., Norfolk 3. Va.. Biology: Alpha Pi Delta; Sigma Alpha Chi; Pres. Science Club 3. Rosser, Thomas Paul, Box 427, San ford. N. C. Business Adminis tration. 28 OF 1952 29 SENIOR CLASS RoTHGEB, Charlotte E., Rt. 3, Luray, Va., Eni lish and Spanish. Band 1, 2, Sec ' y. and Treas. 1; Spanish Club 1, 2, 4, Sec ' y. and Treas. 2, 4; Panvio Literary Society 1, 2, Vice-Pres. 1, Pres. 2; Student Legislature 2, Reporter 2; Dance Committee 2; Student Christian Assn. 1, 2, 3; Women ' s Athletic Assn. 3: Student Council 3, 4; Women ' s Interdormitory Council 4, Pres. 4; Monroe Award 2; Delta LTpsilon Kappa; Senior Attendant, May Day; Who s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges 4. Scott, Dueward H.. Jr., 812 Jefferson St.. Clifton Forge. Va.. English. Sigma Phi Beta; Intramural Council 4. Pres.: Student Legislature 3. Shoemaker, Edward C, Box 314. Elon College, N. C, Physical Education. Rothgeb Scott Shomaker Shropshire Shropshire, Garnett G., 154 Fieldcrest Rd., Draper. N. C. Music. Choir 3; Day Students Organization 1. 2, 3, 4; Student Christian Assn. 3; Transfer from Pfeiffer Jr. College. Simpson, Beverly L, Box 30.5. Haw River, N. C, Home Economics. Pi Kappa Tau: Household Arts Club 2, 3, 4; French Club 2, 3: Day Students Organization 2, 3, 4; Transfer from Woman ' s Col- lege of the Lhiiversity of North Carolina. Sinclair, W. R., Box 621, Elon College, N. C, English. Elon De- baters 3, Sec ' y.; Phi Psi Cli Staff 3; Maroon and Gold Staff 3; LR.C. 3; Student Christian Assn. 2, 3; French Club 2. 3: Minis- terial Assn. 3; Day Students Organization 1, 2, 3, 4. Simpson Sinclair Smithwic Spence Smithwick, Robert B.. 414 Penn. Ave., Norfolk, Va., English. Sigma Phi Beta; Student Legislature 3; Intramural Council 3; Maroon and Gold Staff 2, 3. Spence, Louise M., Patrick Springs, Va. Spivey, Joseph R., 409 S. Main St., Suffolk, Va., English. Sigma Phi Beta; Phi Psi Cli Staff 4, Sports Editor; German Club 3, Pres.; Pan-Hellenic Council 3, Pres.; N. C. Collegiate Press As- sociation, Vice-Pres.; Student Legislature 3, Reading Clerk; Maroon and Gold Staff 1, 2, 3, 4, Sports Editor 2, 3, 4; Who ' s Who Among Students in American. Universities and Colleges 4. Squires, Lester G., Jr., Rt. 2. Graham, N. C, Business Adminis- tration. Steed, Frank W., Jr., Box 723, Asheboro, N. C, Biology. 30 3F 1952 Si)ivi-y Squires 31 SENIOR CLASS Stephenson, James B.. Rt. 1, Holly Springs, N. C, Chemistry. Choir 1. 2. 3, 4. Stockakd, Mrs. Lois Long, 310 E. Harden St., Graham. N. C. English. Spanish Cluh 2; Transfer from Woman ' s College of ilu- University of North Carolina. Summers, Joan N., Apple St., Gibsonville. N. C, Chemistry and Biology. Pi Kappa Tau; German Club 1, 2, Sec ' y. 2; Day Stu- dents Organization 1, 2, 3, 4, Sec ' y. 3; Sec ' y., Junior Class; Student Legislature 2, Clerk; Education Club 3, 4, Sec ' y. 3; Pan- Hellenic Council 3, 4, Sec ' y. 3: Science Club 3; Student Christian Assn. 3; Student Council 4, Sec ' y.; Orientation Committee 4: Biology Lab Instructor 3, 4; Ifho ' s Who Among .Sliidents in American Universities and Colleges 4. Summers, Robert E., 115 Delaware Ave., Norfolk. Va., Business Administration. Jayvee Football 2; Football 3, 4; Jayvee Basket- ball 3; Track Team 3: Intramural Oft ' icial 4. Taylor. Leon H.. Cubana Rd.. Thomasville Ga.. Physical Education. Alpha Pi Delta: Baseball 1. 2. 3, 4. Taylor, Wenonah R., Box 627. Elon College. N. C. English. Span- ish Club 4: Maroon and Gold Staff 4: Transfer from Woman s College of the University of North Carolina. Thompson, K. Jean, Ml. Wash. Station. Cincinnati, 0.. Physical Education. ;:» 3 Stephenson Stoekard Summers. J. Summers. R. Taylor. L. Tayl.ir. W. Tliompson Tintiley TiNGLEY, Frank L.. Thomasville, N. C. Physical Education. Ka|ipa Psi Nu; Football 1. 2, 3. 4. Tri-Capt. 4; Tennis Team 1, 2. 3, 4, Capt. 3: " E " Men ' s Club 1, 2. 3. 4: Spanish Club 4. Tuck, Jane, Box 117, Virgilinia. Va., Business Administration. Women ' s Interdormitory Council 4. Sec ' y.: Marshal 3: Transfer from William and Mary College. Varner, Grafton, 301 Wentworth St., Reidsville, N. C, Social Science. Walker, Lois Ellen, 706 Thayer St., Akron 10. Ohio. Retigi in. Elon Players 3, 4; Choir 2, 3: Ministerial Assn. 2, 3, 4, Sec ' y. 3; Band 2, 3; Student Christian Assn. 2, Radio Club 3. 32 OF 1952 Tuck 33 SENIOR CLASS Walker, Robert W., Box 126, Kernersville, N. C, English. Alpha Psi Omega; Elon Players 1. 2, 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 4: Student Chris- tian Assn. 1, 2; I.R.C. 1; Radio Club 2; French Club 2: Choir 3; Radio Players 3. Ward, Frank L.. 1604 W. Front St., Burlington, N. C, Chemistry. Day Students Organization 1, 2, 3, 4; Golf Team 3, 4. Warrick, Jesse E.. Rt. 1. Selma, N. C, Business Administration. Webster, Samuel, Sunset Dr.. Elon College, N. C. Religious Edu- cation and French. Sigma Alpha Chi; French Club 3, 4. Pres. 3; Band 3; Day Students Organization 1, 2, 3, 4. White, Sophia Ann, 123 Weatherspoon St., Sanford, N. C, Physical Education. Tau Zeta Phi; Women ' s Athletic Assn. 3, 4, Treas. 3, Pres. 4; Band 2, 3, 4; Physical Ed. Majors Club 3: German Club 2; Education Club 4; Transfer from Woman ' s College of the University of North Carolina. WiLKiNS, Lacala E., 1211 Edgewood Ave., Burlington, N. C. Physical Ediication. Delta Upsilon Kappa; Sec ' y.. Freshman Class; Cheerleader 1, 2; Women ' s Interdormitory Council 2: Women ' s Athletic Assn. 2, 3, 4, Sec ' y. 2, 4; Pan-Hellenic Council 4, Sec ' y. 4; Choir 1; Day Students Organization 1, 2, 3, 4; Alpha Psi Omega; French Club 2; Intramural Council 2. 3. 4; Phy. Ed. Majors Club 3, 4; Elon Players 1. Walker, R. Ward Warrirk Webster White Wilkins Willifonl. G. Williforcl, J. Williford, Geneva Cooper, Rt. 2, Graham, N. C, Music and English. Williford, John, Box 442, Elon College, N. C, Mathematics. Wilson, Roger B., 144 Medway St., Providence, R I., English. Ministerial Assn. 1; Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; Elon Players 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Christian Assn. 1, 2, 3, 4; Radio Players 3; Maroon and Gold Staff 4; Alpha Psi Omega. Wood, Mary Elizabeth, 514 James St.. Burlington. N. C. English and Religion. Day Students Organization 3. 4; Transfer from Carson-Newman College. Yarbrough, Betty Long, Haggard St., Elon College, N. C, English. Student Christian Assn. 1, 2, 3, 4, Sec ' y. 3; Spanish Club 1; Education Club 3, 4; Day Students Organization 1, 2, 3, 4; Stu- dent Legislature 3, 4; Elections Committee 4. 34 OF 1952 35 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Bill Blackstone President Oscar Holland Vice-President Reita Durham Secretary John Truitt Treasurer We, the tliird year Fighting Christians, are nearing the fourtli and final phase of our college life. With enthusiasm and determination we have met and overt ' ome many of the difficulties facing us. At times we have heen overconfident of our abilities; at other times we have had a grave sense of uncertainty. We still are not fully equipped, hut our foundation is firmer and our philosopliy a little more settled and coherent. We face the duties and oliligations whicli will he ours as seniors with a greater sense of responsibility. Renewed courage will help us seek the wisdom so es- sential to meet the tests of life. To the FIGHTING CHRISTIANS ' CLASS OF ' 52 we send our sincere Ijest wishes for success and happiness in life. Left to right: B. Blackstone, 0. HollanH, R. Durham. J. Truitt OF 1952 Abell Bailey Biangardi Blackstone Boone Bowt Brankley Braxton Burmeister Casliion Christy Clyburn Cooper Coyner Crowle Crutchfield Currin Dickerson 41 r i Fi .« ro c. ( ' o riiilil: Abkll, Sle Cakoly.n. 717 Lawsonville Ave., Reidsville. N. C. Bailey, Charles Darwix. Rt. 1, Snow Camp, N. C. Biangardi, Fred, 312 Fourth Ave.. Bay Shore, N. Y. Blackstone, William Thomas, 311 E. First St.. .larksmn ille. Fla. Boone, Jane Carr, Rt. 4. Burlington. N. C. Second row: Bowman, Joseph Neese, 706 Elwood St.. r Lirliiif;;ioM. N. C. Brady, Richard Carlyle, Ramseur, N. C. Brankley, Joe R.. Shipvvith. Va. Braxton. Isaac William. 811 N. Argo St.. Coldshoro. N. C. Bry.son. Joseph Ek;ene. 17()() Front Sl. (;nTn l)oi(). N. C. Third rou : Blrmeister, Fred Ernest, 4()0-T Grand Ave., North BeiJen. N. J. Cashion, Ernest Franklin, 224 Maple Ave.. Sanford. N. C. Christy, John J.. 3. " Fountain Ave.. Grafton. Pa. (j.yblrn. James Leo. Rt. 4. Box 369. Charleston. S. C. Cooper, Nei.vin Ei ckne. 1213 E. Green St.. High Point. N. C. Fourth roiv: Coyner, Rouert Willis, 240 Plymouth Road. Winston-.Salem, N. C. Crowle, David Rawlincs, 640 1.5th Ave.. Prospect l ark. Pa. Crutchfield, William Ernest, 1302 Richardson Drive, Reidsville, N. C. Currin, Beverly Madison, Jr., Alamance Acres. Burlington, N. C, Dickerson, Charlie D., Rt. 2, Roxboro, N. C. JUNIOR CLASS Drake Durso Ellington Euliss Foster Foushee Garrett Garrison (icntrv ( ;ero, ■ E. Gero, S. Gladden Golden Greene Guthrie Hackney Hailhcox Hanna Harned Harris First row, left to right: Drake, Max V., Box 744, Elon College, N. C. Durso, Joseph M., 400 W. Wayne Ave., Wayne. Pa. Ellington, Carroll M., 116 W. McAden St., Graham. N. C. Euliss, Ray C, 594 Parkview Dr., Burlington. N. C. Foster, Clegg M., Box 1141, Burlington. N. C. Second row: Foushee, Ralph L.. R.F.D., Sanford, N. C. Garrett, Charlie W., Rt. 2. Roxboro. N. C. Garrison, Rachel C, 204 Arlington. Ave.. Burlington. N. C. Gentry, N. Aleane, Timberlake, N. C. Gero, Ernest, 410 Lincoln Ave., Hatboro, Pa. Third row: Gero, Sal, 41(1 Lincoln Ave., Hatboro. Pa. Gladden, Joan, Rt. 1. Burlington. N. C. Golden, Leon J., .516 Kemper Rd.. Danville, Va. Greene, Hiram S., Jr., 3524 Kozzells Ferry Rd., Charlotte, N. C. Guthrie, L. Gregory, 625 Harris St.. Burlington, N. C. Fourth rotv: Hackney, Edward Carney, 600 Westover Ave.. Norfolk. Va. Haithcox, Robert Donald, Guilford College. Guilford. N. C. Hanna, John Michael, 2718 Northern Parkway. Baltiin(jre, Md. Harned, Robert Joseph, Box 808, Elon College. N. C. Harris, Mrs. Ann Horner, .304 Fisher St., Burlington, N. C. OF 1952 Harris. R. Holland Holt Hoppt- Hur.l Jenkins Johnson Jones Keeton Kennedy K-rnodle. J. Kcrnodle. L. King Kirby Levine Ludwig McKinney McSwain » Meena Mereilith aeB} First row. lejl to riphl: Hakris. Ralph C7p:ne, 304 Fisher St.. Burlington. N. C. Holland. Oscar Lee, Rt. 1. Box 132. Clinton. N. C. Holt. Preston A., 47 Victor St.. Spra). N. C. HOPPE, Henry T.. 728 3.5th St.. Newport News, Va. Hlrd, Bryce Kanoy, 611 N. 4th Ave.. Mayodan. N. C. Second row: Jenkins, Walter Clark, Rt. 1. Mooreshoro. N. C. Johnson, Charles Cleveland, Chuckatuck, Va. Jones, Carl Edward, .518VL ' Jackson St., Valdosta, Ga. Keeton, Rich. rd Marvin, 1018 W. Paxton St.. Danville. Va. Ke.nnedy, Davey Lee, 118 E. Weatherspoon St., Sanford. N. C. Third row: Kernodlk, James Lowell. Rt. 4. Burlington. N. C. Kernodle. Lai ra Jane, Box 67. Rt. 1. Eion College. N. C. King, Mary Elizabeth, Ramseur. N. C. Kirby. Joseph B.. Box 12.5. Roxhoro. N. C. Levine, Richard Donald. 3227 Netlierland Ave.. Riverdide. N. Y Fourth row: LuDWiG, Albert Henry, 155 N. Lakewood Ave. No. 24. Baltimore. Md. McKinney, Wilbirn Edward, Engelhard. N. C. McSwain, Theke.sa Mae, Rt. 2. King.s Mountain. N. C. Meena, Geor(;h Hercli.es. 1503 Wihnore Drive. Charlotte. N. C. Meredith, Edward Andy, 1633 West Main. Wayneshoro, Va. JUNIOR CLASS Merriman Moffo Moore Mork Nail Painter I ' ayne I ' lTininsiloii Peters (, iiakenl)ush Rhodes Kice Rogers lioshelli First row, left to right: Merriman, J. Donald, 33 P ' ield Ave.. Fieldale. Va. Moffo, Michael H.. 37 Bradley Ave., Waterbury, Conn. Moore, William J. B., Jr., 110.5 Hawthorne Lane, Burlington. N. C. Mork, Yono, 1.508 Eutaw PL, Baltimore, Md. Second row: Nall, George T., .301 Williamson St.. Burlington. N. C. Painter, Page F., Rt. 3, Luray, Va. Payne, Melvin S., Rt. 1. Gibsonville, N. C. Pennington, Ervin, Rt. 2, Burlington, N. C. Third row: Peters, Bob R., 509 Silver St., Reidsville, N. C. QuAKENBUSH, T. ScoTT, Rt. 2, Graham, N. C. Reavis, Robert J., Jr., lOOS N. Main St.. Burlington, N. C. Renn, William S., Jr., 428 Lee St., Hampton, Va. Fourth row: Rhodes, James R., 511 Front St., Burlington. N. C, Rice, James E., Box 482, Elon College, N. C. Rogers, Robert Earl, Rt. 3, W ' lliamston. N. C. Roshelli, Louis F., Gallagher Rd., Wayne, Pa. 4U OF 1952 Welker Wilkins First run-, lejl lo rijihl: Shaw, Lewis Damel. Rt. 1. Jonessille. N. C. Shelton, Alms J., 311 Irvin St., Reidsville, N. C. Stanley, Joseph F., 318 W. Harden St., Graham. N. C. Taylor, Jesse Barrett. KKW I ' laitl St., Burlington, N. C. Second row: Truitt, John Galloway, Jr.. Box I ' ll. F lon ( ' ollege, N. C. Underhill, Gardner Dinkins, II. Episcopal Rectory, Windsor. N. C. Vestal, Max Brown, Rt. 1, Asheboro. N. C. Webb, Theodore, Box .587, Rockingham, N. C. Third row: Welkkr, Paige Starr, Rt. 4. Greensboro. N. C. Wn.KiNS, Charles Jeter, Rt. 3, Box 72A, Suffolk, Va. 41 We, the members of tlie Sophomore Class, have just completed our second year at Elon and we surely feel at home with the Fighting Chris- tians. Last year we were " green " ; this year we were branded " egoistical, " but after all we were sophomores. Elon now feels like home to us, and we are looking forward to the two years ahead knowing that they will be even happier. It seems like only yesteiday that we were welcoming the Class of ' 55 to our campus. We know now that the future will hold rain and sunshine: but we are confident that that which we have learned will bring us through our difficulties victoriously. SOPHOMORE CLASS OF 1952 OFFICERS William Stoffel President Phil Mann Vice-President Betty Peeler Secretary Ernestine Bridges Treasurer First row, left to right, opposite page: Abercrombie, Ann C. 325 Courtland Terr.. Burlington, N. C: Andrews, William E.. 900 S. Main St.. Graham, N. C. : Bailev. Richard E.. 316 Gates Ave.. Burlington, N. G.: Barker. Hazel S.. 1413 Long St.. Burlington. N. G.: Barrett, Don G., 105 Beaumont Ave., Burlington. N. C. ; Berry, Martha E.. Rt. 1. Portsmouth. Va. ; Black, James H.. Jr.. 241 Spring St.. Spray. N. G. Second row: Black, Ronald E.. Box 475, Burlington, N. G.: Borjes. Russell E., 725 Linden Ave., Portsmouth, Va. ; Brady, G. Laverne. Bobbins, N. G. ; Brannock, D. York, Jr., 1.509 Beal St, Rocky Mount, N. G.: Bridges, Ernestine. Box 53. Lawndale. N. G.; Bryan. Albert L.. .504 Main St.. Glifton Forge. Va.; Burweli. Nat M., 403 High St., Oxford, N. G. Lclr to right: W. Stoffel, E. Bridges, B. Peeler, P. Mann. 7 Thill rote: Caddell, E. Faye. Elon College, N. C: Carli. Richard F.. Main and Wheat Kd.. Vineland. N. J.: Chandler. James M., Hemingway. S. C: Comer. Beth R.. Box 121. Steeds. N. C: Cornell. Doris M.. .52. " Providence St.. (iraham. N. C: Davis. I.. Doreen. I.- I. ' ) W. Davis St.. Burling- ton, N. C: Dillnri. Duight. ' )II2 l rtlc IM.. Martins- ville, Va. Fourth rotv: Edwards, W. Douglas. Ir.-larul St.. MiddlclM.r,,. Mass.: Euliss, Kathleen. Rt. 1. Burlington. N. C. : Farlow. Mary Lee. Seagrove. N. C. : Ford. Ladcll. Rt. 1. f ' airmont. N. C; Fowler. Hovt B.. Elon College. N. C: Gates. Pat E.. 2646 Broad ' St.. Roanoke. Va.: Gauldin. Ned M.. Field Ave., F ' ieldale. Va.. • i mil-: (;illiain. Charles C, Rt. 1. Elon College, N. C: Grant, Fred G.. 406 Keeney St.. Manchester. Conn.; Hagan. E. Dolores. 624 Grace St., Burlington. N. C: Hall. William M.. Rt. 1. Burlington. N. C: Haves. Bohhv R.. 1209 Welch St.. Burlington. N. C. : Hayes. Edwin .1.. 212 E. Harden .St.. Graham. N. C: Hockaday. Bill) R.. Box 1174 4th St.. Grahar Hgls.. Burlington. N. C. Six ill inn : llciltoii. John S.. Jr.. 111. I. Jamestown. N. C. : Ingram. Judith ().. 4647 Winston Rd.. (jreensboro, N. C. ; Ivey, Julius L.. Rt. 1. Aberdeen. N. C. : James, Jack E., Rt. 1, Fa etteville. N. C. : Jernigan. Virginia D.. Rt. 1. Godwin. . C: Johnson. Eduard L.. Elon College. N. C. : John- son, Mary Jo, Elon College, N. C. 43 ' M IT I 1 SOPHOMORE rs (?. ?!| t I A PfiH " l 44 CLASS OF 1952 First roif. lejt to riglil: Johnson. Peggy M.. Box 237. Sunbuiy. N. C. Kellv. J. Terry. Jr.. 710 Dune St.. Norfolk. Va. Lackey. Glendon P.. Box 662. Elon College. N. C. Lauglilin, D. Eugene, 2718 Randlenian Rd.. Greensboro. N. C. Long. Leon H.. Webb St.. Roxboro. N. C. Mann. Philip R.. Cypress Chapel, Va. Mann. Rudolph. 1003 Fair Ave.. Burlington. N. C. Fourth roic: Owens. John R.. Jr.. 313 N. Maple St.. Graham. N. C. Parker. Joseph M.. 500 Watts St., Durham. N. C. Patterson, A. H.. Jr.. Grove Park. Burlington. N. C. Patterson, Betsy J., 603 S. Broad St.. Burlington. N. C. Peeler. Betty S.. Rt. 1. Burlington. N. C. Permar. John W.. Graham. N. C. Phel|)s, Roger W.. 3901 Victory Cir.. Ft. Smith. Ark. Second roiv: Matkins. E. Ann. Rt. 1. Burlington. N. C. Matthews. Rachel. Rt. 1. Portsmouth, Va. McDonald. Glenn M.. Box 458. Elon College, N. C. McLeod. Betty J.. Box 151. Mebane, N. C. Mebane. Margaret A.. 916 N. Main St., Burlington, N. C. Miles. Sara F.. 609 Washington St.. Burlington, N. C. Mitchell. John. 401 Page A e.. L n(lhurst. N. J. Fijili row: i ' hilJips. Charles W.. Rt. 2. Elon College, N. C. Pickard, J. B., Jr., 410 Andrews .St., Greensboro. N. C. Pugh. Ralph E.. 133 Morningside Dr.. Winchester. Va. Rangel. Louis G.. 3711 Butternut. E. Chicago. Ind. Sadler, Harold, 127 Bank St., Suffolk. Va. Schrader, Charles W.. 640V1; Asheboro St., Greensboro, N. C. Sears. Gary L.. 603 4th Ave.. Portsmouth. Va. Third row: Moorefield. E. Amelia. Rt. 1. Milton. N. C. Morgan. O. Parks. Rt. 2. Suffolk. Va. Moser. Nancy C, 422 N. Main St., Graham. N. C. Moss. Marvin K.. 912 N. Main St.. Burlington. N. C. Murr. Sara ' .. 803 S. Park A e.. Burlington. N. C. Nelson. SajnniN 1).. 616 Junijicr St.. LaGrange, (ja. Newman. Richard H.. 610 N. 3rd St.. Mebane. N. C. Sixth row: Sharpe. Belt Van. Rt. 2. (iraham, N. C. Snow, William B., .508 Hawkins. Burlington. N. C. Spoon. Mabel E., Hillsboro. N. C. Stewart, Robert E.. 620 Sunset Dr.. Sanford. N. C. StolTel. William J.. 911 E. Atlantic Ave.. Strafford. N. J. Stuckcy. Marjorie. 727 Staley St.. Graham. N. C. Thompson, Betty L., 563 S. Broad St.. Burlington. N. C. Seventh row: Tysor, John C. 109 Cariiemn St.. Burlington, N. C. Walker. II. Cooper. I!l. I. Burlinglon. N. C. Westmoreland. DolK. (;ibson ille. N. C. Winstead. Molly. Kt. 1. Roxboro. N. C. Woodruff. Ralph R.. 721 N. Chur.h St.. Burlington. N. C. Wooten. G. M.. 1222 Mordecai Dr.. Raleigh, N. C. 4.5 FRESHMAN OFFICERS George Barron President Henry Perry Vice-Presiden ' i Sue Morton Secretary Jerry Lowder Treasurer We of the Freshman Class have now heconie a part of the Fighting Chris- tians of Eloii. Many of us wondered if we would ever see the day when this would heconie true. After heing given the " welcome " sign by the " power drunk " sophomores, we were finally accepted as fellow Fighting Christians. Our hope and aim is to carry on the traditions of this our Alma Mater. We will stand unitetl and live u]) to the standards set hefore us. The Fresh- man Class wants to be remembered with the admiration it deserves. Left to right: Jerry Lowder, George Barron. Sue Morton. Henry Perry. CLASS OF 1952 mmmr. O, Cs.. I»4 c-.i r% Ci f kA ::5, r , q Q e? A ' f ri row, c. t lo right: Allen. Larrv C. 1119 Elwell Ave.. Greensboro. N. C. Andrews. Tommy L.. Rt. 1. Gibsonville, ' N. C. Askew. Reuben S., Jr., 8639 Old Ocean View Rd., Norfolk, Va. Atkinson. Dee. 149 Franklin St.. Mt. Airy. N. C. Baines, Gurney D.. 216 Clay St.. Suffolk. Va. Barber. Jesse L., Jr., Rt. 1. Danville. Va. Barker, Donald R.. Rt. 2. Elon College, N. C. Second row: Barnes, Luther. 401 MacArthur Ave., Portsmouth, Va. Barron, George D., 212 South St., Franklin. Va. Beckom. Ernest A., Rt. 4. Burlington. N. C. Birchett. Loward H.. .512 Hamilton. Burlington. N. C. Rlackwell, Betty L.. 1302 W. Harden St.. Graham. N. C. Bo ce. Betty J.. Rt. 1. Jackson. N. C. Bozarth. Grace A.. Box 546. Elon College. N. C. Tliinl row: Bradsher. Richard B., 1420 Wash. St.. S. Boston. Va. Braxton. Carolyn. Box 427, Elon College. N. C. Bray. Donald. Rt. 1. Walnut Cove. N. C. Brittle. Gilbert C. Wakefield. Va. Brown. Don E.. 118 Mallette St.. Chapel Hill. N. C. Buchanan, Bobby C. Longhurst. N. C. liiinch. Stanley C. 8912 Old Ocean View Rd.. Norfolk. Va. Fourth row: Hunker. Lula S.. Rt. 3. Apex. N. C. Burke. William E.. 620 Fountain PL. Burling- ton. N. C. Butler. Bernard B.. Gibsonville. N. C. Byrd. Billy (J.. Rt. 3, Bassett. Va. Campbell. Eouis M.. Chatham Hpts.. Martinsville. Va. Canu]ip. James T., 1110 S. Askin St.. Martinsxille. Va. Carson. Joann. 436 Harris St.. Concord. N. C. 47 FRESHMAN mk M First row, left to right: Cashwell, Clayton J., 1123 Ferebee Ave.. Norfolk. Va. Cassell, Paul F.. Meadow Rd., Draper, N. C. Chance, Mary F.. R.F.D., Ruffin, N. C. Chapman, Barbara A., Rt. 2. Windsor, Va. Chrismon. Doris E.. Rt. 2. Elon College, N. C. Coble, Howard F.. Rt. 6. Burlington. N. C. Colelough. Mary S., Elon College, N. C. Second row: Conger. Luther R.. Rt. 7. Statesville. N. C. Dabbs. Carson. Rt. 1. Burlington. N. C. Danieley. Frances E.. Rt. 4. Burlington. N. C. Disher. Anna. 314 W. 27th St.. Winston-Salem, N. C. Disher, Joe C. 314 W. 27th St.. Winston-Salem. N. C. Dixon, Sue A., Rt. 3, Portsmouth, Va. Dofflemyer. Larry M., 301 S. Ireland St., Burlington, N. C. Third row: Duncan, Gene A.. Rt. 3. Siler City. N. C. Durham. Ervin 0.. Jr.. Rt . 2. Burlington. N. C. Edgerton, William F., 30.52 Fireside Rd., S. Norfolk, Va. Edwards, W. Forrest. 60.5 Pine St.. Burlington, N. C. Eggleston. Floyd, Rt. 4, Albemarle, N. C. Farrell. Jo Ann. Rt. 5, Sanford, N. C. Fennell. Earl B., 1034 Summitt Ave., Reids- ville, N. C. Fourth row: Ferrell. Ann Virginia, 425-A W. Cameron Ave., Chapel Hill, N. C. Ferguson, Paul R., 318 E. Second St.. Siler City, N. C. Field. Devera L.. Pittsboro Star Rt., Siler City, N. C. Flory, Danny, Rockingham St., Elkton. Va. Flynt, James H., 427 N. Elm, Asheboro, N. C. Fogleman, Lacy R., Rt. 6, Greensboro, N. C. Foust, Jerry, Rt. 1, Graham. N. C. 48 CLASS OF 1952 ft rt. n C Q 1 fi y First roiv. left to riuihl: Fiitts, Joseph I).. 1514 Academv St.. Winston-Salem. N. C. Garrett. T. Wade, Rt. 1. Liberty. N. C. Garrison. J. Mark. 220 Silver Lake Dr.. Burlington. N. C. Gough, Tom H.. Rt. 2. East Bend. N. C. Hall. Edward L.. Rt. 2. Burlington, N. C. Hall, SherriU G.. Rt. 1. King. N. C. Harding, Walter B.. 1410 E. 21st St., Winston-Salem, N. C. Second row: Havmore. Thomas E.. 1416 E. 2.5th St.. Winston-Salem. N. C. Heath. Charles G., Elk Park. N. C. Henrv. David L.. 6655 Sedgwick PL. BrookKn. N. Y. Hiatt, Jesse A., Rt. 1. High Point. N. C. Hodge. Helen R.. Box 131. Elon College. N. C. Hodges. Nancy. Rt. 1. Yance ville. N. C. Holt. Robert V.. Box 441-442 Poniroy St., Graham, N. C. Third row: House, Joan E.. Box 56, Gibsonville, N. C. Howell, Johnnie D.. 313 Jackson St., Suffolk, Va. Hoyle. Edward A.. Box 147, Glen Raven. N. C. Huffines. Annie L., Rt. 3. Burlington. N. C. Huffines. Peggv S.. Rt. 2. Elon College. N. C. Hughes, Billy M., 1314 Webb Ave.. Burlington, N. C. Hunter, John H., Westfield, N. C. ■oil rill line: Johnson, Herman L.. Elon College. N. C. Johnson. Stacy L., 903 W. Broad St., Dunn, N. C. Joines. Ronald W., 803 Wenlworth St.. Reidsville, N. C. Jones, Bobby L., Rt. 2. Greensboro, N. C. Jones. John T., Brunswick, N. C. Jones, Sylvia E., 331 Trail 1, Burlington, N. C. Kcmery. Leroy B., 206 Rosemary Ave., Ambler, Pa. 49 FRESHMAN fir Z ro2ti, left to right: Kennedy. John J.. 5814 Mosholn Ave.. New York. N. Y. Lainley. Robert W., 98 Conestoga Kd.. Wayne, Pa. Littiken, John P.. Rt. 4, Sanford. N. C. Lowder. Jerry E., Rt. 6. Burlington. N. C. Maddox, David R., Box 121. Thorsby, Ala. Madren, Thomas W.. Box 486. Elkton. Va. Male, Alfred B., 200.5 London St.! Portsmouth. Va. Second row: Marion, Cecil T., Box 45. Mt. Airy, N. C. Massey, Kay L.. 96 Midland Ave.. Rye. N. Y. Matkins, Iris D.. Rt. 2. Elon College. N. C. Mav. Annie V.. Spring Hope. N. C. McAdams, Sylvia F., 123 E. Market St.. Graham. N. C. McCauley. Edith R., Rt. 4, Burlington, N. C. McCoy, Ronald T., Rt. 2, Elkton, Va. Third rotv: McLeod, E. Louise, 420 Fairview St.. Albemarle. N. C. Melton. Patsy A., 1404 Vaughn Rd., Burlington. N. C. Minton, Fred L.. Fair Bluff. N. C. Moffitt, Myrna L., Box 16, Bonlee, N. C. Moore, C. Pattie, 404 Pinkney St.. Whiteville, N. C. Moore, L Sue, Rt. 1, Timberlake, N. C. Moricle. James W.. Jr., Rt. 1, Sunimerfield, N. C. Fourth row: Morris, Joseph C, 1113 W. Davis St., Burlington. N. C. Morton, P. Sue, 601 Morehead St., Burlington, N. C. Newman, Jacqueline R., 4501 Seminary Ave., Richmond, Va. Niemyer, Robert H., Hylan Ave.. Hamlet, N. C. Nott, Helen J.. W. Harden St., Graham, N. C. Oakes, Harmon W., Jr., Rt. 1. Danville, Va. O ' Berry, Walter S., Box 100, Harrellsville, N. C. 50 CLASS OF 1952 f . . f!!, (% 1 V.-ii •7r a n First row, lejt to right: Orr, Bobby E., 704 N. Church St.. Burlington. N. C. Osborne. E. Wilson. 1106 Wilborne Ave.. S. Boston. Va. Packard. Mrs. Emma Jean. Avondale. N. C. Parris, Troy C, Box 17. Sophia. N. C. Penley. B. Jean. Rt. 2. Elon College, N. C. Pen- nington, Donald S., Rt. 2. Burlington, N. C. Perry. Henry K., 405 Maple Ave., Burlington, N. C. Second row: Phelps, Robert 1.. 3901 Victory Cir.. Ft. Smith. Ark. Phillips. Glenn P.. 301 N. 3rd Ave.. Siier City. N. C. Phillips. R. Eugene, Jonesboro Hgts. Sta.. Rt. 7, San- ford. N. C. Pond, Richard G.. 601 E. 4th St., Siler City. N. C. Pvrtie, V. Houston, Rt. 2, Reidsville, N. C. Ragsdale. Hallie L., 1114 Edgewood Ave.. Burlington, N. C. Rakes, Ralph E., 33 Field Ave., Fieldaie, Va. Third row: Rauseo, Michael. 118 Webster St., E. Boston 28, Mass. Rawles, Margaret A., 812 Gettings St.. Suffolk. Va. Rice, C. Fred. Rt. 2, Burlington. N. C. Roberts. Eleanor W., Rt. 6, Reidsville, N. C. Robertson, Harold D.. King, N. C. Rogers, Robert R., Box 36. Creedmoor, N. C. Ross, Guy M.. Jr.. Pleasant Garden, N. C. Fourth row: Ross. William L., Rt. 4. Reidsville. . C. Sartin. Leon J.. 1418 Ashe St., Burling- ton, N. C. Scott, James A., Box 396, Elon College, N. C. Self, William E., 410 Popular St.. Graham, N. C, Shepherd, Betty Jo. 212 N, Marshall St., Graham. N. C, Sherman, I. Hazel, Rt. 1, Oxford, N. C. Shoffner, Barbara A., 647 S. Main .St., Graham. N. C. 51 FRESHMAN First row, left to right: Simmons, L. Bill. 510 Mason St.. Albemarle. N. C. Simms. Josephine, Rt. 1, Wake- field, Va. Smith. Donald E.. Rt. 2. Burlington. N. C. Smith, Harold Richard, 517 Greensboro, Lexington, N. C. Smith, Margaret. Second row: Smith, Richard Lewis, 1810 Maple Ave., Burlington. N. C. Smith. Susan Jacqueline. 508 N. Franklin St., Whiteville, N. C. Sockvvell. Emma Lou, Rt. 1, GibsonviUe. N. C. Soniers, John D., Rt. 1, Elon College, N. C. Spoon, Raiford C, Rt. 1, Mebane, N. C. Third row: Stafford, Betty, 1034 Grace Ave., Burlington. N. C. Stafford, C. Arlene, 1308 Okla- homa Ave.. Burlington, N. C. Stanfield. Ella M.. 200 Highland Ave., Burlington, N. C. Stanfield, Jack H., Rt. 1, McLeansviUe, N. C. Stewart, George 0., 1407 Jackson St., S. Norfolk, Va. Fourth row: Swicegood, Charles T.. Rt. 5. Lexington. N. C. Targett. Tom W., 28 Forest St., Braintree, Mass. Tate, Patsy. Rt. 1. Efland, N. C. Taylor, Bedford B., Box 627, Elon College, N. C. Taylor, L. Holland, 2129 Oak Ave., Newport News, Va. 52 CLASS OF 1952 n A ftf f- i V. O. O. - ' First row. lejt to right: league, Mary L., Staley. N. C. Thomas. C. Harold. 1601 W. Davis St.. Burlington, N. C. Toms. Natalie C. 117 S. Mebane .St.. Burlington. N. C. Vaughn. Nancy, 40.5 N. 31 2 St., Hopewell, Va. Vernon, Robert L., Jr., Mayodan, N. C. Second roic: Vestal. Dick. 701 Harris Court. Burlington. N. C. Walker. Sybil L.. 308 Peele St.. Burlington. N. C. Wall. Dennis L.. 439 Logan St.. Burlington. N. C. Waters. Robert J.. Box 476. Elon College, N. C. Welborne, Curt L., 2432 Randlenian Rd., Greensboro, N. C. Third rotv: Wheeler, Eugene W., Whitsett. N. C. Widdifield. Joe King. 316 W. 28th St., Winston-Salem. N. C. Wilkins. Mary Ann, 127 Wellons St., Suffolk. Va. Williams, Joe. 8 Glenhill I.ane. Millburn. N. J. Williams. Judson E., Jr., 8 Glenhill Lane, Millburn, . J. Fourth row: Wilson, Jeanette D.. Rt. 1. Cedar Grove. N. C. Winn, James S.. 603 Forest St., Martinsville, Va. Winston, James L., Nelson. Va., Woodward, Ed. S.. Jr.. 1032 W. Main St., Waynesboro, Va. York, Mary Edna. 212.5 Lee Ave., Sanford, N. C. 53 SPECIAL STUDENTS First row, left to right: Bulla, Raymond W., 324 Georgia Ave., Burlington, N. C. Busick, W. W., Brown Summit, N. C. Crawford, Allen G., Rt. 1, Graham. N. C. Cummings, J. L., Sunset Dr., Elon College, N. C. Second row: Deaton, J. K., 212 E. Hadin St.. Graham. N. C. Erwin. Robert, 2214 Maple Ave.. Burlington, N. C. Foust, T. H.. Rt. 1. Graham, N. C. Halb, E. T., Rt. 1, Graham, N. C. Third roil ' : Malone. J. B., Box 306, Burlington. N. C. Melton. William. 328 Sellars St.. Burlington. N. C. Ray, N. E.. 620 North Third St.. Mebane, N. C. Rice, F. T.. 115 Stagg St., Burlington, N. C. Fourth row Ross, William F., Jr., Highway 54, Burlington. N. C. Stearns, Carroll A., 569 Parkview Dr., Burlington, N. C. Stewart, W. D., Box 306, Burlington. N. C. Wrenn, Carl T., Box 226, Gibsonville, N. C. t 54 Who ' s Who In Older to be chosen for Who ' s Who a student must have distin- guislied himself by participation in campus activities and have main- tained an outstanding scholastic average. Ten students were chosen from Elon College to have their biographies appear in the annual publication Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges for tlie year 1951-1952. Tliis is the liighest honor at- tainable by students in college. This year eight seniors and two juniors were chosen. Elon College students accorded this honor are as follows: Bill Blackstone, Evelyn Booth, Emma Jean Clayton, Matt Currin, Jr., Reita Durham, George Etheridge, Roger Gibbs, Charlotte Rothgeb. Joe Spivey, Joan Summers. The Fig iristians of Elon iTsewt ACT Phi Psi Cli STAFF Paige Painter Editor-in-Chief Reita Durham Business Manager Laverne Brady Louise McLeod Associate Editors Joe Spivey Sports Editor Betty Stafford Helen Jackson Virginia Jernigan Copy Editors Bill Burke Photographer Dolores Hagan Annie Vince May Typists Page Painter Editor Reita Durham Bus. Mgr. 58 What is a cut? What is " to screen " ? When is the first deadline? What classes can I cut today? These were a few of the many questions confront- ing us as we began work on the Phi Psi Cli of 1952. As we dusted off the old typewriter and settled down to work, we realized we didn ' t have a theme. After several huddles with our very help- ful adviser. Prof. John Foster West, we decided that a most fitting theme would be " The Fightin ' Christians. " With the Fighting Christian spirit in mind, we began a long, hard task. Often Reita could be found canvassing the merchants of Burlington for ads. Many times could be seen a look of despair on Page ' s face, or Laverne pleading for a write-up, or Joe in the Print Shop bent over a typewriter pecking out a sports story, or the flash of Bill ' s Speed Graphic. Was it worth it — all this worry, bother, work? We think so and we hope you do. This is your book; you made it and we hope you ' ll be as proud of it as we are. THE STAFF. i-i4 STAFF Lynn Cashion Eclitor-in-Chiej Matt Currin Associate Editor Ed Engles Associate Editor J. B. PlCKARD Feature Editor Cooper Walker Art Editor Happie Wilson Dramatics Editor Matt Currin Business Manager Roger B. Wilson Circulation Manager Joe Spivey Sports Editor George Etheridge Sports Assistant Bill Burke Staff Photographe Luther N. Byrd Faculty Adviser Cashion Prof. Bvkd Maroon and Gold Stop tlie presses! Mission completed! As another Elon year draws to a close, we can now close the cover on Volume 32 of the Maroon and Gold. The old linotype has fumed and spat smoke, hut the type has still rolled out. The old press has rumhled and groaned at times, but it has still met its deadlines on the dot. 60 And now, as the press stops rolling and the last issne is stacked and resting in the Rotunda for its student readers, another tired and happy staff is able to write " 30 " — which is Journalese for ' " Finis " — to its year ' s work. It ' s not all work to turn out a newspaper, for we have certainly had fun. Each fortnight we have rushed into the office all covered with smiles and oozing ambition to make each issue a little better than tlie one before, and then after several days we have finished and left with the inevitajjle fatigue that has come from scruitbing off ink and dragging sixty jjounds of lead from tlie make-up table to the press and bai-k again. We wish that you, our readers, might have seen Cashion, struggling with those galley proofs, determined each time that no enors escape him; or Currin, scratching his head to find another item for " The Moving Finger " ; or Engles, wrestling with the locked page-forms or clawing inky paper from the press rollers. And then, too, there was Mr. Byrd, at the last minute punching that typewriter like Joe Louis in the tenth round, using that speedy hunt-and-peck system of his. It ' s all part of the memories that we of tlie Maroon and Cold staff ' carry with us as we leave the work and tlic fun to those who come after us. Now it ' s so long, and we ' ll be seeing you! 61 John Truitt Secy.-Treas. Student Government The Student Government now has office space! Throughout the years at Elon one of the prime necessities and desires of the Student Gov ' t, has been the need for an office in which to better carrv on these functions vital to our campus organiza- tion. We are proud and appreciative of our new office. It was granted to us and furnished for us by the Faculty Administration at the beginning of this school year and has served as a real in- spiration and incentive toward better and more meaningful Student Gov ' t, activities. The Honor Council is composed of six members elected by the student body. This is the most im- portant council since it has jurisdiction in all cases of violations of the Honor Code and the Campus Code. HONOR COUNCIL George Etheridge Chairman E. Gero R. Durham B. Kendall E. Booth W. O ' Berky The Student Council serves as a judiciary body and a court of appeals. It is composed of five students, elected by the Student Body. STUDENT COUNCIL Bill Blackstone Chairman S. Addison C. RoTHGEB D. Lee J. Summers V v%t Women ' s Interdormitory Council The Women ' s Inteidorniitoiy Council, composed of eight mem- bers chosen by popular vote, is tlie branch of Student Govern- ment which serves as a governing body for the girls. It has the power to make rules affecting conduct of women in the dormi- tory and also it serves as a court to try violators of dormitory rules. Besides its immediate pur- pose, it provides training for future leadership. Men ' s Interdormitory Council It is the purpose of the Men ' s Interdormitory Council, which is composed of representatives from each men ' s dormitory, to help provide good living conditions for men on the campus. In order to achieve its purpose the council makes and enforces rules govern- ine life in the dormitories. Student Legislature The Student Legislature is the lawmaking organ and the su- preme legislative power of the Student Government of Elon Col- lege. It is composed of repre- sentatives from each dormitory, each class, and the day students, thus giving the student body complete and ecpial representa- tion. The legislature convenes biweekly, and it is presided over by the Speaker who is also the Vice-Pres. of the Student Body. ]{epresentatives are elected in the s|)ring of each year following the jieneral elections. Evelyn Booth i J Phil Mann Ernestine Bridges The Student OFFICERS Evelyn Booth President Phil Mann Vice-President Ernestine Bridges Secretary Roger Phelps Treasurer Rev. H. P. Bozarth Adviser The Student Christian Assn. is organized on our campus as a fellowship of students and faculty members who are seeking to unite the student ])ody of our college in a program of Christian Service. Our group is affiliated with the National Council of Student Christian Associations and is set up under three conmiissions. The co-chairmen of these commissions in the Elon S.C.A. are Laverne Brady and Sanmiy Nelson — Religious Faith and Heritage; Virginia Jernigan and Max Vestal — Social Rela- tions and World Order; and Pat Gates and John Truitt — Campus Affairs and Personal Relations. Charles Joyner Publicity Chairman This year the S.C.A. promoted Religious Em- phasis Week held in October. Five outstanding ministers participated in the services during the week. The highlight of the week was the address 64 by Billy Graham, the well-known evangelist, to the student hotly in a Chapel Program. The S.C.A. has worked hard this year. Evidence of that is the new S.C.A. room in Alamance Build- ing. This is proving quite an asset to the Assn. The weekend retreats and especially the buffet suppers at the Parish House sponsored by the Student Christian Assn. will long be remembered Ijy manv students as well as S. C. A. members. liristian Association " 1 • Ministerial Association Max Vestal President David Crowle Vice-President OFFICERS Betty Sharpe Secretary John Truitt Treasurer The Elou College Student Ministerial Assn., composed of students planning a life ' s work in any full-time religious occupation, is an organi- zation whose purpose is to supply usable experi- ence for its meml)ers ' future work and to lienefit the college and surrounding community. The M.A. Banquet affords members, guests, and the faculty of the Religion Department an outstanding social event each year. A retreat to the Betty Hasting Camp, near Winston-Salem, was a highlight of this year ' s social activities. Dr. Reynolds is still suffering from a sore nose, which resulted from his energetic volley ball playing. 66 The Choir The Elon Choir regularly furnishes music for the week-day Chapel and Sunday Services in W hitli ' v Auditorium. At the 1951 Connnencement they gave a dramatized version of " Elijah " by Handel. Lnder the directorship of John Westmoreland with Fletcher Moore at the organ the Singeis have become well known for their rendition ol I landers " Messiah. " For nineteen years this oratorio lias been presented at the college using guest soloists and in more recent years has been presented in Virginia with student soloists. At the November meeting of the N. C. College Conference the Singers sang Handel ' s " Israel in Egypt. " A short time later upon invitation of the Norfolk, Va., Kiwanis ( " lub the group performed at their Ladies ' Night Banquet. The northern tour, made each spring, usually includes New York, Boston. Washington, and smaller cities. Mendieiship is open to anyone in the student boilv who enjoys choral nuisic. 67 Household Arts Club OFFICERS Marjorie Stuckey President Jo DiLLARD Vice-President Theresa McSwain Sec y.-Treas. The Household Arts Chib offers to student members additional opportunities for the develop- ment of leadership, for acquiring a broader view of home economics, for co-ordinating the activities of the department, for rendering service to the college and supporting the State and Federal Home Ec-Assns. Clul) projects include a departiuent exhil)it for High School Day, a retreat picnic, a luncheon for Elon College trustees, an exhibit of Christmas decorations, aisles of taljles, a fash- ion show, and field trips. 68 Beta Chi Epsilon OFFICERS Sylvia McAdams President Ann Shoffner Vice-President Betsy Patterson Secretary Betty Stafford Treasurer Betty Jo Shepherd Sanieanl-al-Arms Beta Clii Epsilon functions for the benefit of secretarial students taking one or two-year secre- tarial courses. The purpose of the cIuIj is two- fold. First, it assists in creating a business-like atmosphere in the classroom by sponsoring demon- strations of up-to-date office equipment and by making contacts with outside business organiza- tions for the privilege of inspection trips and lectures from members of these organizations. Second, the club provides means for social con- tacts among the students within the department. The club meets once each week and one of the meetings during the month is in the form of a dinner meeting where outstanding speakers and entertainers are secured for the enjoyment and enlightenment of the group. 69 Day Students Matt Currin, Jr. Fresideni OFFICERS Mary E. King Secy.-Treas. Reita Durham Vice-President The Elon College Day Students ' Organization has grown in minibers and accomplishments with each passing year. This organization is the largest on the campus, including all the non-resident col- lege students. Participation in college activities by the day students has increased by leaps and bounds until at the present the Day Students ' Organization has representatives in such activi- ties as intramural sports, Student Government and other social affairs. This year the three student gov ' t, officials, President, Vice-Pres., and the Sec ' y.-Treas. of the Student Government, are all three members of the Day Students ' Organiza- tion. 70 Elon Players OFFICERS Ed Engi.es President Bob Walkkr Vice-President BiLLiE Greene Secretary Joe Brankley Treasurer Mrs. E. R. Smith Sponsor The Elon Players seemingly get nothing but work and headaches for all the trouble they take to put on a play. We get no money, no scholastic credit, and frequently very little audience appreciation. But we do get a terrific kick that comes with knowing we are doing a good play; it ' s some- thing that you people who never worked with the Players have to feel to appreciate. And if we should produce a turkey, which, incidentally is something that happens rarely, well . . . even that is good for laughs later on. None of us are actoi " s, as you would see if you ever attended any of our early rehearsals. Consequently we lay the blame for our many successful productions squarely on the shoulders of our capable and completely charm- ing director, Mrs. Elizabeth Smith. We wish you many happy years of enjoyable playgoing . the plays; it ' s up to you to furnish the necessary audience. we ' ve got Le Cercle Francais OFFICERS Reita Durham President Celia Oakley V ice-President Frances Daniely Secretary French, fun and friendliness cliar- acterize the hi-monthly meetings of tliis group. Songs, games and food have earned them the reputation of a chih which is entertaining and heneficial OFFICERS Preston Holt President Leonard Morgan Vice-President Charlotte Rothgei! Secretary A. H. Patterson Treasurer El Club Espanol The Spanish Club was organized this year under llic direction of Mrs. W. W. Sloan and interested Spanish stu- dents who want to understand tlie cnstoms and traditions of the South American countries. The socials consist of movies from the Spanish countries and singing of Spanish songs, which will enable the members of the clul) to have a better undeistandin ' r of our I atin-American friends. 72 Education Club Jane Boone President Jean Hamilton Secretary OFFICERS Marjorie Stuckey Vice-President Mary E. King Treasurer Known also as the Fiituie Teacliers of America, the Education Club is affiliated with the National Education Association and the N. C. Education Association. Membership is extended to students who plan to enter the teaching field. The Club strives to instill in its members a de- sire for cultivating in lliemselves those qualities which are necessary for successful teaching. Among tlie various activities of the Organization are the attending of lectures of outstanding edu- cators and the making of surveys of school sys- tems. Sealed, left to right: Billic (Jrcriu-, Lynn ( a.-liion, K(i l!romIiy. Sliniding. left to right: IJkk Li-viiic lioli Walker. Happir W il.son, Uick Newman. Sealc ' il. Icll III ii lit: I ' .illir Greene, Lynn Cashion, Ros Bromley. Standing: Uick I.evinc I!..!. Walker. Ilj|.i.ir W i Dick Newman. Alpha Psi Omega Bob Walker Cast Director OFFICERS Happie Wilson Business Manager Lynn Cashion Stage Manager Alpha Psi Omega is a national honorary dra- matic fraternity which has as its pnrpose the development of dramatic talent and the art of act- ing, the cultivation of a taste for the best in diama, and finally the fostering of the cultural values, which are developed hy dramatics. Elon College has the Lanii)da Omicron Cast of Alpha Psi Omega on its campus, the niemhership of which is open to memi)ers of the Elon Players who have distinguished themselves in the various phases of dramatic productions. The fraternity is not intended to take the place of the regular dramatic oiganization, hut as stu- dents qualify, they are rewarded hy election to nienii)ership in this society. 74 The Colonades Ed Engles Editor Prof. West again this year lent the talents ol tlie sUidenls in his creative writing class to the Editor III f ( ' . li iin(iiles. ' The Colonnndcs. piihlished in the spring, is the an- nual college magazine of creative writing. Physical Education Majors Club This did) is cfini|i()s( ' d of the plnsical education teachers ot lotnorrow. The nicni- hers are willing to niidcrtake the hard- shi[)s that controni ihrrn iti the coacliing profession. The jjurpose of this organiza- lion is to provide good leaders foi ' the liiture. The ohjectives are to build a sound hod . and to teach heallh hahils. The world is waiting for these leadeis of tomorrow. Fraternities and Sororities Pan-Hellenic Council The Pan-Hellenic Council is made up of one representative of each of the four sororities and four fraternities on the campus. Its purpose is to govern the organizations concerned. One of the Council ' s annual projects is the giv- ing of a Christmas Party to the children of the Elon College Christian Orphanage. This project is promoted by the Alpha Pi Delta Fraternity with the other fraternities and sororities having an ecjual share in financing it. The representatives on the Council are Lacala Wilkins, Delta Vpsilon Kappa, Secy.-Treas.; Virginia Jernigan, Tan Zeta Phi: Edna Burke, Beta Omicron Beta: Joan Summers, Pi Kappa Tan; Joe Spivey, Sigma Phi Beta: Jack Christy, Iota Tail Kappa: Sonny Addison, Kappa Psi Nii, Presi- dent: and Ted Webb, Alpha Pi Delta. Prof. Luther N. Byrd Sponsor A J i Don Barrett Rontiie Black Bill Burke Matt Currin Carson Dabb Max Drake Ray Euliss Jerry Foust Jack Gibson Ralph Harris Charles Joyner Glenn King Glenn McDonald Ralph Norwood Bobby Payne Melvin Pa ne Henrv Perrv Ralph Pugh Jimmy Rhodes Doug Roane Joe Stanley Cooper Walker Dennis Wall Sam Webster Sigma Alpha Chi 77 Mrs. Pearl McDonald Sjh Delta Upsilon Kappa Ann Abercrombif Ros Bromley Betty Comer Reita Durham Mary Lee Farlow Aleane Gentry Dolores Hagan Jane Kernodle Ann Matkins Rachel Matthews Betty J. McLeod Betty Peeler Jane Peterson Charlotte Rothgeb Lacala Wilkins 78 Prof. E. P. Douglass Sponsor Fred Huriiii ' i--liT Nat Burwell Joe Dealon Joe Durso Raleigh Ellis Pete Garber Jack Golden Tom Gougli Fred Grant Dave Mondv Bob Peters Lou Roshelli Harold Sadler Charlie Schrader Scoop Scott Joe Spivey Woody Stoffel Buddy Ussery Jeter Wilkins Sigma Plii Beta Archie Morgan Vcf Parks Morgan Jlk Marvin Moss Larry Nightlinger Joe Parker 79 Tail Zeta Phi Helen Jackson Virginia Jernigan Mary Elizabeth King Belt) Van Sharpe Dolly Westmoreland Sophia White Betty Yarbrough 80 Ben Kirhy Boh Kiiby Dick Lee Bob Lewis Charles Lynam Phil Mann Bob Rogers Frank Tingley G. M. Wooten Kappa Psi Nu 81 Mrs. Elizabeth Smith Spans Beta Omicron Beta Kdna Burke Emma Jean Clayton Joan Gladden liillie Greene ludy Ingram Sue Ireland Mary Jo Johnson Lorena Mittelstadt Geneva Williford 82 i.„.« . Fred Biangardi Bill Blackstone Joe Brysoii Jack Christ Dwight Dillon Ned Gauldin Ernie Gere Sal Gero Preston Holt Al Ludwig Curt Martin Harold McRae James Merriman Mike Moffo Scott Quakenbush BilU Rakes Mike Rauseo Bob Reece 1 ' kuk. John Bkashear Sponsor Iota Tail Kappa ff, ©► 1 i i 83 Miss Virginia Groomes Pi Kappa Tau I ' fgJ N JllllllSOll Sarah Miles Amelia Moorefield Sara Murr Beverly Simpson Marjorie Stuckey Joan Summers jT £3 Mary Ann Wood d 84 Prof. Jason Sox Sponsor Stanley Bunch Charlie Burrus Hiram Coble Bobby Coyner Max Drake George Etheridge Teddy Hackney Murrv Holland Oscar Holland Henry Hoppe Lowell Kernodle Dick Levine Yono Mork Sammy Nelson Page Painter Charlie Phillips Doug Roane Paul Rosser Lefty Taylor Cooper Walker Spider Webb Alpha Pi Delta 85 May Day at Elon Reita Durham Queen f Jane Peterson Maid-of-Honor 1952 MAY COURT Reita Durham Queen Jane Peterson Maid-of-Honor Evelyn Booth Senior Attendant Charlotte Rothgeb Senior Attendant Carolyn Abell Junior Attendant Mary Elizabeth King Junior Attendant George Etheridge King Dave Mondy Escort Larry Gaither Escort Charles Lynam Escort Bill Blackstone Escort John Truitt Escort Each year an elaborate and colorful May Day Festival is staged on the campus of Elon College tlirough tlie combined co-operatioii of the Women ' s Athletic Association and the college Music Depart- ment. Preparation for the gala festivities is started in the early fall of the preceding year when the Queen, King, and their court are elected by a popular vote of the entire student body. Climax- ing the pageant is the coronation of the King and Queen by the newly elected President of tlie Stu- dent Body. (.harlolt.- Kollifrclj Caiolvn Alirll y istians of Elon ATHL Who puts the " fight " in the Fighting Christians? None other than our s(juad of cheerleaders, who are in there pitching to give the needed vocal as- sistance to our teams on the field, courts, and diamond. They are the luiddle-men in the Inisiness of ath- letics. The teams are out front witli the student body backing them. The cheerleaders are in be- tween giving tlie needed impetus for another Elon victory. So let ' s turn the tables and give the cheer- leaders a great big cheer for the fine work they did during the year. " Rah! Rah! Jane Peterson, Pat Gates. Phil Mann, Doh res Hagan, John Truitt, Betty Stafford, Carolyn Abell, Oscar Holland. Martha Berry! " IIEI llflil lilll m rn »i The " E " Men ' s Cliil) is an organization fouiuled to bring together all the athletes of Elon College as a working unit. Its goal is to l.iiild witliin its members a sense of good s])oitsniaiishi|) and lair play. Its material function is to help the individual athlete in any need. From its lanks i-oiii the iuture leaders in the work! oi sports. Men ' s Club Al Ludwig President Bob Lewis Vice-President OFFICERS Jim Mallory Sponsor Bill Renn Secretary Dick Lee Treasurer Jim Mallory Head Coach G. L. " Doc " Mathis Line Coach The Fighting Christians opened the 1951 season with the Emory and Henry Wasps at Bristol, Va., on Sept. 15. In a determined effort to avenge the defeat of last year, the Christians fought hard and fiercely, but it was not enough, as the Wasps won 20-14. All the scoring was packed into an exciting first half, as Bob Miller, Little All- America, led the Wasp attack. He scored one marker, while teammates Hankins and Bruce abetted the Wasp cause. John Piatt, big, fast tailback for the Christians, tallied for Elon on a beautiful eleven yard run. Carroll Reid. star Elon safety, took an inter- cepted pass and went 93 yards for a score on the longest run of the night. Sal Gero kicked all the extra points. " The Fighting Christian Bob Lewis, Sal Gero, Fred Burmeister, Tom Haymore, and Harry Farmer shone on the Christian defense. The Christians came back home on Sept. 20 to enter- tain the Norfolk Navy service team. And entertain, they did, as they racked up a 33-7 win. Lou Roshelli got the scoring started with a seven yard sprint into pay- dirt, and Carroll Reid followed shortly with a 16 yard scoring jaunt. The Navy Fliers scored next on a pass from Red McKesson to Dick Hoel. Godzak made good the point-after. John Piatt scored again for Elon in the third period on a thirty-yard run. Frank Tingley, fleet wing-back, netted two more scores in the fourth period. 3: «i - 3-L AS i6C ,,5r ,if JB it .r A? 2S f, i ' ' . 426 .2? ' W - F . , .- - - c . -Kc ----. .J44 - 3? J. L. Pierce Back field Coach Hank DeSimone Scout of Elon . . . 1952 ? ' Left to right: Tri-Captains Ellis, Gero. Coach Mallory, and Tingley. One came on a onc-vairl |)lunge. and llie ulhci un a 15-yard pass reception. Boli Summers added gravy to the win with a 3 ' !- ard riirdjack of an intercepted jjass. Gero made only jne extra point, hut the Christians did not need ihem anyway. Shining on the Christian defense were Gero. Widdifield. and Rurmeister. The Christians made the 19.51 Homecoming all the more successful with a win over the Appalachian Mountaineers for the first time since 1941. In netting the North Stale Conference 20-6 victory on Sc))t. 29 Elon displayed a versatile ground and air attack led hy Fullback Fred " Bull " Biangardi, tail-hack Lou Rochelli, and wing-back Frank Tingley. Biangardi hanged o er tuicc. after the 6 setups li ciid l!ol) Lewis on pass reception, and after a 47-yard run hy Tingley. The final Elon tally came on an intercepted pass return by Carroll Reid. Gero made good two out of three of the extra (joint tries. Groce scored for the Mountaineers, but he and his mates found the going rough against such stalwart defensive play by Hick Lee, Sal Gero, Bill lienn. and I cn Greenwood. The Last Carolina Homecoming was not too success- ful froiii the ' " Old Grad " view as the Christians tri|)ped the Pirates .34-20 in a North State Conference tilt at Greenville. Frank Tingley scored first for the Christians on a 19-yard run. Lou Koshelli added another as he passed to Len Greenwood, and Marvin Moss passed 93 to Bob Lewis for another. After the Pirates had found their strength and narrowed the count to 27-20. the Christians forged ahead on R. K. Grayson ' s five yard run to paydirt. Gero made good four of ihe point-after tries to aid in the scoring. Mostly on the sure-fire passing of Lou Roshelli. the Christians edged the Catawba Indians in a North State Conference thriller at Salisbury on Oct. 20 by a 21-14 count. The lead changed hands three times, as both teams fought hard for the lead in the conference. Elon drew first blood as Lou Roshelli passed to Bill Black- stone on fourth down late in the second quarter for a score. The Indians came back strong and rolled for two quick markers in the third quarter. However, the Christians were not to be counted out in the final stanza, as Lou Roshelli passed to Jack Christy for a score. The final touchdown was another pass reception by Christy from Roshelli, and Gero made good all the extra points from placement. Charlie Atkins, Sal Gero, Harry Farmer. Len Greenwood, and Fred Burmeister were the defensive standouts. The Christians kept on rolling in Con- ference play as they downed the Western Carolina Catamounts at Reidsville on Oct. 27. by a 23-0 count. Lou Roshelli and Fred Biangardi stepped into the starring roles, as Lou ran thirty-five yards for one score, and thirteen for another. He set the last score with Bill Blackstone on the receiving end of a 31-yard pass. Biangardi carried over from that ])oint. The final two points for the Christians came on a safety, as Paul Ferguson and Bob Reece swarmed all over Singleton in the end zone. Gero kicked two extra ])oints in the scoring parade, and the defensive chores were taken over by Charlie Atkins. Gero, Reece, and Dick Lee. The Elon eleven turned " Mudders " to defeat the Newberry Indians on a rain- soaked field on Nov. 1 by the narrow margin of 13-12. The Christians took an early six-point lead when Fred Biangardi plunged over from the one, but on the last play of the first half, the visiting .South Carolinians knotted the count on an ele en-vard run l)v Berr . Tlic Indians Ellis, Gero, Moffo. Roshelli " The Fighting Moss, Biangardi. Farmer. Lee. Cliristv JJ Blackstoiie, Lewis, Greenwood. Tingley Christians T Renn. Widdifield. McRae. Reece. Reid went aliead in the third period when Weeks scored from fourteen yards out. The Fighting Christians really fought haek. and after working their way to the Indian thirty-four, Roshelli passed to Biangardi to tie things up again. Sal (iero provided the margin of victory with his true placement. With the North State Conference Cham- pionship hanging in the balance, the Christians went up to Hickory on Nov. 10 to do hattle with the Lenoir Rhyne Bears. In almost a repeat performance of last year ' s game the Bears rolled up an early lead, and the Christians went down in defeat for the first time in conference play 4 )-14. Trudnak. Garrett, and the Robinson twins led the Bears powerful attack, while Biangardi plunged for one Idurhdiiwn and caught a pass for the other (Christian marker. Gero kicked both the extra points. In the season finale the Christians I ravelled to Greensboro to meet the Guil- ford Quakers on Nov. 22. The Q)uakers hadn ' t won a game all vear. but one would hardly realize it after the game got under- way. The Quakers ran the half-time score to 21-0 on a blocked kick liv Shoaf. a 73- ard run bv Venuto, and another run of five yards by Venuto. Watson kicked all the extra points. The Quakers built up their lead in the third quarter to 28-0, as Venuto passed to Whitcomb for a tally, and Watson kicked straight and true once more. The chilled Elon fans were numb ) this time, but warmed up a little when liiaiigardi | assed to Marvin Moss for the first Elon score. The Christians narrowed (he gap when Biangardi plunged over from the tuo after a thirt -five yard pass play from Ixoshelli to Christy had put the ball in position. Biangardi ])assed to Moss for the final score of the night on a play that covered 20 yards. Gero made two of three tries for the extra ])oints to round ciut ilie scoring. A 21-gun Salute from the Fighting Christians ' nniskets to Sal Gero, AH- Conference, All-S alc. and Liulc AU-Ameri- run: Raleigh Ellis, All-Con jerence; Lou Koshelli. All- Conference: and Mike Moff, Atl-C.onjprence. I Homecoming . . . Elon The 1951 Elon Colles e Homecoming wa.s con- sidered by all to have been the most successful and enjoyable ever held at the college. The beauti- ful coronation ceremony for the Homecoming Queen was the signal for the weekend of festivi- ties to begin at which time a colorful ball was held in the beautifully decorated Alumni Me- morial Gymnasium. On Saturday, even the Weather Man was in a festive mood, for the clear autumn skies provided a wonderful climate for the mile- long parade which began the day of festivities. East Dormitory was the winner of the annual award for the l)est decorated dormitory. The alumni, students, and friends of the college 96 cheered the Fighting Christians to a smashing victory at the football game, at which time the Queen and her royal court were presented to cheering thousands who witnessed the contest that evening. The college students, alumni, and visit- ing football team were guests of the college at an informal dance held in the Student Union to wind up the exciting and victorious week-end. ELON 20 APPALACHIAN 6 . . Appalachian Eloii Quintet Elon-61 Elon.-58 Elon 72 Elon .49 Elon -62 Elon 75 Elon 84 Elon 78 Elon. 81 Elon --65 Elon-54 Elon--81 Elon..68 Elon -69 Elon-50 Elon— 63 Elon--77 Elon--61 Elon--74 Elon-90 Elon— 88 Elon--69 Elon-59 Elon— 68 Elon 65 Elon -62 Elon- -62 Elon-77 Elon--76 Elon-81 Elon— 86 SCHEDULE Hanes Hosiery — 68 Norfolk Navy 57 Atlantic Na 7- -61 Presbyterian 63 Erskine 45 Lynchburg 72 High Point Y 67 A.C.C. 61 Citadel 49 Hanes Hosiery — 71 McCrary 63 L Lynchburg 63 S ' Appalachian 81 f Catawba 71 Presbyterian 68 McCrary 62 Lenoir Rhyne 68 Norfolk Navy 57 Erskine 47 Catawba 68 W.C.T.C. 70 W.C.T.C. 53 East Carolina 54 High Point 61 Appalachian 58 East Carolina 76 High Point 76 A.C.C. 38 Guilford 62 Guilford 79 Lenoir Rhyne —-78 NORTH STATE TOURNAMENT Elon--86 Catawba 55 Elon--57 High Point 63 N.A.I.B. DLSTRICT TOURNEY Elon 72 Appalachian 65 Elon--75 East Carolina ...67 N.A.I.B. NATIONAL TOURNEY Elon.. 69 Milliken, 111. —10] The Fighting Christian cagers rolled through one of the best seasons in many a year as they shared tiie top rung of the North State Conference ladder witii Appalachian at the end of the regular season. The Elon cagers boasted a 22-9 record at the end of the season, and then went ori to win three out of five post-season affairs. The Chris- tians brought national recognition to themselves and to the college in participating in the N.A.I.B. tourney at Kansas City. Individual honors go to All-State, All-Conference Ben Kendall, and to All-Conference Don Haithcox. Don and Ben both broke the all-time scoring record at Elon. Ben went over the 500-mark, and Don hit for 606 points. Making possible these fine records were Nel Cooper, Husky Hall, Ned Cauldin, Dave Mondy, Bill Hawkins, Jack Musten, Scott Quaken- bush, and Dee Atkinson. 99 First row, left to right: ioe Weaver, Archie Brigman, Coach Mallory, Bobby Stewart, Hank deSinione, Co-Captain; Secorid row: Carroll Reid, Hank Hamrick, Perry Riley, Gene Laughlin, Austin Brewer; Third row: Charlie Schrader, " Shag! ' Myers, Co-Captain,. Ben Kendall, Lefty Taylor; Fourth row: Billy Rakes, Bobby Rogers, Bill Fritts, Scott Quakenbush, Preston Holt, Manager. Baseball Season The Fighting Christians on the baseball diamond came through for the third straight year with the North State Conference baseball championship. Led by Co-Captains Shag Myers and Hank deSimone, the Christians swept through a fifteen-game conference schedule with but two losses, which came at the hands of the East Carolina Pirates and the Atlantic Christian Bulldogs. Setting the infield pace were veterans Shag Myers, at second: Scott Quakenbush, at third; newcomers Perry Riley, at first; and Ben Kendall, at short. Outfield stars included Carroll Reid. Bobby Stewart. Bobby Rogers, and Archie Brigman. The pitching chores fell on the shoulders of veterans Hank Hamrick. who won S; Leftv Taylor, who hurled F victories: and relief pitcher Joe Weaver. Newcomers on the mound were Austin Brewer, who garnered .5 wins: and Pete Sykes, who won 1. Ably performing behind the plate were Hank de.Simone and Charlie Schrader. Individual honors went to Hank deSimone, Hank Hamrick. .Scott Quakenbush. Leon Taylor, and Austin Brewer, who won All-Confereiue honors. Elon Elon 6 Elon 1 Elon 3 Elon 5 Elon 6 Elon 1 Elon 8 .Springfield 6 Ohio II. 11 Ohio U. 4 E. C. C. 2 Lexington 8 High Point Greensboro 3 A. C. C 1 SCHEDULE Elon 4 Guilford 3 Elon 9 Elon 8 Burlington 10 Elon 14 Elon 6 W. C. T. C 2 Elon 8 Elon 7 W. C. T. C Elon 6 Elon E. C. C. 4 Elon 6 Elon .5 A. C. C. 8 Elon 1 Elon 4 Norfolk Navy Elon 10 Elon 12 Swepsonville 4 Elon 2 Appalachian 1 Catawba 11 High Point 7 Lenoir Rhyne ' i Appalachian 1 McCrary 5 Lenoir Rhyne Catawba 100 Golf The Fighting Christian link liTs won (inh oni ' matcli, hut the incli ithial honors go to Dave MoniU, who won tlie North State Championship at Greensboro on May 9. and to Bill Hyler, who tied for second place. Tennis The Christians on the clay courts were hampered by the lack of experienced play- ers and the loss of last year ' s star. Bill instead; but Frank Tingley, Pete Marsh- liurn, and Boh Vi hitniore carried the hrunt of the tennis chores in fine style. JayVee Basketball Cciacheil lliis year hy Jim Aki-rs. former William an. I Mary cage star, the Little (Chris tians ran up an impressive record of sixteen wins against only six losses. The Elon juniors showed two victories each over Lynchburg JV. Greensboro High. Catawba .IV. and Guilford JV, with single victories o er Jacksonville High, Graham High, White Oak " Y, " Leaksville " Y, " Hargrave Military cademy. High Point JV. Burlington High, and Whilmel High. Defeat- in.luded two al the hands of X ingali- Junior College and Carolina JV. and single losses to High Point | and Lee- McRae Junior College. 1 Warm weather finds the Fighting Christian gals out on the hockey field, and regular features of this sport are the contests between tlie upperclass- nien and the freshmen along with the tilt with Carolina. Bruises and spills are plentiful, but the gals seem to revel in the rough stuff. With a cry of " Tally Ho! " and " Yoicks " the female contingent of the Fighting Christian ecjues- triennes sally forth on a jaunt around the surround- ing countryside on their gallant steeds. Nearby bridle paths echo the sound of horse ' s hoofs as the young ladies partake of one of the favorite forms of recreation at Elon. Incidentally, liniment sales are on the increase. Girls ' Sports 11 ■■ In inclement weather, the girls go indoors to tlie volleyball courts of the gym. An intramural league is formed, and competition is keen to see who will be on the top rung of the league ladder. Shades of Robin Hood! But we bet the old boy never had a pretty bunch of lasses in his band such as the ones pictured liere, who are sharp- ening their eyes with the bow and arrow. Wonder if the girls figure on helping Cupid with liis aim? It could be the cause of the popularity in the archery classes, or maybe the girls are practicing for the title, " Miss William Tell. " 102 Woman ' s Athletic Association . ..., V The Woman ' s Athletic Associa- tion plans recreational activitii for women students. Such acti i- ties as field hockev. archery, volleyball, basketball, tennis, and jjing-pong are offered, and tourna- ments are played during the regu- lar seasons. The W.A.A. operate on a point system — points art- given each woman who participat( ' and those with the highest number of points are given awards. Tin- points accumulate from year to vear, and a woman at the end of her four years with a certain num- ber of points wins a letter or jacket. It is the aim of the W.A.A. to provide a well-rounded program adding enjoyment to the life of each Elon woman. The function ol the Mens Intra- mural Council is to make the rules and regulations governing intra- nmral sports. The Council has charge of tag football, yoUeybali. basketball, Softball, tennis, bad- minton, golf, and ])ing-pong. The Council determines the type of schedule of the games, rules on protested games, and eligibility of phivers. and in general keeps the intramural prograjii running sni(jolhl . The awarding of troj)h- ies to the winning organizations or dormitories at the end of the year make the rc)ni])etilion keen. Men ' s Intraiiiiiral Council 103 ALL-CAMPUS STARS Highlight of the intramural football season is the selection of the Campus All-Stars. These are the boys who played their position best and are selected from all the competing teams. INTR VOLLEYBALL " Set it up " is the Ijattle cry when the volleyball league gets underway, and tlie yell never dies until the (•hampionshi|) team eliminates the last contender. TUMBLING The pyramids of Egyj)t will prob- ihlv hold ii|) longer than these fellows, iil IniiiMing classes will most likely H ' a |iart of ihc athletic program just TAG FOOTBALL CHAMPS For the second straight year, the Oak-Carlton tag football team walked away with top honors. They added to their laurels by defeating the All- Stars in the season finale, 25-12. HUK LS BASKETBALL Tliough not in the class with the Fighting Chris- tian regulars, the intranuiral i)asketl)allers possess just as much s|)irit and zest to win. and anything might happen when loop play begins. SOFTBALL Future big-leaguers are possibly in the making when the intramural softball teams take the field. Scores may tend to run a bit liigh. but so does the enjoyment of clean competition. WOODY WILSON ' S MEN ' S SHOP Class of ' 38 • " Burlington s Most Modern Mens Shop ' ' PET ICECREAM ' Taste the fresh cream in Pet Ice Creani BURLINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA KIRK HOLT HARDWARE COMPANY HARDWARE : PAINTS BUILDING SUPPLIES FARM MACHINERY MILL SUPPLIES GIFT SHOP— Mezzanine Floor Main Street Burlington, North Carolina AUMANCE BOOK STATIONERY CO. BOOKS : GIFTS ENGRAVING SCHOOL and OFFICE SUPPLIES Burlington, North Carolina Opposite the Post Otfice Employer: So you want a job? Had any experi- ences? " Roz " Bromley: Oh, yes sir, some wonderful ones. Dr. Hunter: Your lessons aren ' t done today. Where did you go last night? Joe Durso: To the movies with a girl Dr. Hunter: Get out of this class for a week. And you, where did you go last night? Al Bryan: Out parking with a girl. Dr. Hunter: Go home and stay there two weeks. Lou Roshelli, where are you going? Dr. Hunter, my school days are over. Compliments of Auto Parts Electric Company Telephone 4287 BURLINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA INSURED SAVINGS INVESTMENTS Each Acc-oiint Fully In- iired lo SIO.OOO by an Agency of tht ' Federal Government LOW COST HOME LOANS Sponsors of Thrift and Home-Ownership THE FRIE DLY ' HOME FOLKS ' S ACE 1914 FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 102 W. Front Street Dial 6-2418 BURLINGTON, N. C. Laura Kernodle: They say if you don ' t drink, smoke, or run around with men you ' ll live longer. Betty Comer: Actually, sister, it only seems longer. A sophisticated coed is one who knows how to refuse a kiss without being deprived of it. Mrs. Durham: Reita, I don ' t mind Larry coming over here every evening, and staying up half the night with you. nor his standing on the front porch for a couple of hours saying goodnight, but please ask him to stop taking the morning paper when he leaves. Suno unoeam The Bread 1 o i ISoed For Energy BAMBY BAKERS Burlington, North Carolina KEN HUGHES MOTOR COMPANY Authorized STUDEB KER Sdlcs and Service 239 W. Front St. Telephone 6-4461 Burlington, North Carolina Ken Hughes, Owner Class of " 34 McGregor Sportswear CURRIN HAY Men ' s and Boys ' Wear Burlington, North Carolina Bostonian Shoes If she looks young, she is camouflage d. If she looks old, she is young but dissipated. Is she looks innocent, she is fooling you. If she looks shocked, she is acting. If she looks languishing, she is hungry. If she looks sad, she is angling. If she looks back, FOLLOW HER! High heels were invented by a girl that got kissed on the forehead. Marigold — What every girl would love to do. Compliments of . UkMAHIMLNI SIOHE 1 Esso Products COLLEGE STATION M. J. Road Service General Car Care Elon College, North Carolina Burlington ' s Oldest Largest and Most Modern Department Store WRENN-WILSON ' Burliiigtoiys Top Sliop for MenF • BURLINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA DIAL 6-4767 Eugene E. Wrenn, Class of ' 37 The Best in Entertainment GAY THEATRE • Gibsonvtlle, North Carolina ' ' ' ' The Friendly Theatre " Keep Tiiin and Smart EXPERTLY LAUNDERED SHIRTS They Stay Fresh Longer Alamance Laundry and Dry Cleaners " FTp Do It Better ' " Burlington, North Carolina Sal Gere: Will you admit there is anything you do not know? Sharon Gere: Yes, why I married you I ' ll never know. Johnny Westmoreland: What is a songwriter? Ronnie Black: A man who earns $1,000 a week, drives around in a big new car, has a gorgeous wife and writes songs like " It Isn ' t Fair. " Compliments of Raleigh Ellis: What are the two kinds of men? Carolyn Abel: Married and broke. ELON He eats cloves to make his friends think he has been drinking. GRILL " Spider " Webb: I am going to speak my mind. Aleane Gentry: Ah, silence at last. ELON COLLEGE, NORTH CAROLINA Sue Morton: What is the height of happiness? Hallic Ragsdale: In my case he ' s over 6 feet tall. Mrs. Smith: Have you ever had any stage experi- ences? Ernie Gero: Well, I had my leg in a cast once. Ann Abcrcrombie, at an Almond counter in the book store: Who attends to the nuts? Jeter Wilkins: Be patient, Ann, I ' ll wait on you in a minute. COLEMAN ' S MEN SHOP What To Do WUh a Nickel ' Finest in Men ' s If ear ' ' ' When Thirst Arrives Arrow Shirts French Shriner Urmer Shoes 6 o» jH SB Revere Sports Wear i »il Main Street Opposite Alamance Hotel ■fferm CoiupUments of SWIFT CLEANERS BARKER ' S TIRE SERVICE Every Customer a Sutisfied One TAILORING : ALTERATIONS LAUNDRY SERVICE Church and Davis Streets Dial 4681 BURLINGTON. NORTH CAROLINA Elon College, North Carolina Compliments of PEPSI-COLA BOTTLING WORKS DIAL 6-1273 Highway 70 BURLINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA CONGRATULATIONS from THE ELON COLLEGE BOOK STORE Ping-Pong, Dancing and Refreshments Apology — Politeness too late! Dolores Hagan: The cook books are just full of mistakes. John Truitt: Yes, I know, I ' ve tasted them all. Ann Matkins: Now, dear, what ' il I get if I cook a meal like that every day this year for you? Jeter Wilkins: My life insurance! Patty Moore: Why did you stop singing in the choir, Oscar? Oscar Holland: Well, one Sunday I was sick and didn ' t sing, and a lot of people asked if the organ had been fixed. " Mugsy " says he ' s gonna marry the prettiest girl in town. Charlotte Rothgeb: Why the very idea! I hardly know the boy. Rachel Matthews: Do you love me, darling? " Scoop " Scott: Of course I do, Betty. Rachel: My name ' s Rachel. " Scoop " : Why, so it is! I keep thinking today is Monday. Harold Sadler: You ' re a real sweet girl, Anna — Fay Caddell: Anna! Harold S.: Don ' t interrupt. I said you are a real sweet girl — anna love you with all my heart. Kay-Day Tile and Carpet Company Rubber Tile : Asphalt Tile Inlaid Linoleum Broadloom Carpet 600 and 602 S. Church Street Telephone 6-2003 " Floors for Homes, Offices, and Stores " Conipliinenls of COLE MOTORS PONTIAC INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS BURLINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA One quart of MELVILLE Milk please, and I will accept no substitute! ' ■ ' ■Ii GRADE A ' ' fit HOMOGENIZE " ■ VITAMIN " , MILK PA ' : t0 PHONE 6-6391 For Home Delivery Smart girl! There ' s no sub- stitute for richer - tasting Melville Milk. Once a Melville customer — always a Melville customer. MELVILLE DAIRY BURLINGTON Burlington Sporting Goods Co. ' Best in Athletic Equipment " DIAL 6-6634 423 Worth Street BURLINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA Complimems of TROLLINGER ' S FLORIST BURLLNGTON, NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of J. C. PENNEY COMPANY Burlington, North Carolina CHEVROLET Alamance Motors, Inc. Church at Third Street Telephone 6-1681 BURLINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA Sarah Murr: What did you do with the seven thou- sand year old dinosaur egg you found? Joan Summers: Sold it to the dining hall. Bob Summers: What ' s the name of the book you ' re reading ' ' BilfHylcr: It ' s called " What 20 Million Women Want. " Bob Summers: Let ' s see if they spelled by name right. Helen Jackson: Can you drive with one arm? Charles Joyner: Sure! Helen: Well then, blow your nose. Prof. West: And where is the dot that should be over this i? Nancy Moser: It ' s still in my pencil. Mrs. McDonald: Jimmy, translate " Rex Fugit. " Jimmy: The king flees. Mrs. Mc. : No, it has the perfect tense. Use " has. " Jimmy: The king has flees. Jo Dillard: I ' m positive there ' s a man following us. Ann Wilkins: What ' ll we do? Jo: Let ' s match for him! Tommy Matthews: I ' m going to marry a girl that can take a joke. Jane Peterson: That ' s the only kind you could get. Sue Dixon: What could be more sad than a man without a country? Pat Gates: A country without a man. AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS

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