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So here ' s to dear ole Elon, Faithful and bold; Here ' s to her banners of maroon and gold; Here ' s to men and women Who ' ve come and gone, Singing the victor ' s song of ole Elon! THE 1949 • ' P OF ELON A Student Body Publication of Elon College, Elon College, North Carolina Jeanne Meredith Editor i i Chief EvELYNE Moore Bi siness Manager Elon :Jjnndred Forty Nine ' " N B u ' : .?- 4toK Days Never To f V , ' : " . ?3 ¥ ' - A ' V « MBTA Be Forgotten {Mk ( FOUR REWARDING E one of the four gates leading int It seems only a short period of l( meNsQ|(a w ra resHj! eiC| OTered oll e wher we would spend tour rewarding y 4j5 3-hr ' SC--letti: .j[ears wer Ijj y to aftect our lives more than any otherfccriod ' throujghl vfhich wb s|ia!l ever pass . Searching for the place wlf ch wej ' vtre. steps lea t] through the ivy-covered colonnades ar d loi|g con ic where w Mused tor a moment to thin i ot tnose wh ) had come ijefore ose ' Cvn ? and those ' CvcfK? would toUow. First, tjiere as Fres iman 3rient tion, toUowm W Vjpsi faculty reception, ihc Sophomo ferencas witfi tKe Dean, j fOfltball fem es, btill sessi , J . L 1 I ' I e-Fresiiman, )ns, initiatini ffip S h Freshmen, rhe Junior-Senior Banquet, strolls to Senior Oak, receiving our class rings — all ot these being only a small portion of our precious moments and memories which we shall carry with us. A few of these reminders you will find in this edition ot the Phipsici.i. Around our (College, our administration, our faculty, and our fellow students, we have built dreams, and from them we have gained rhe confidence, under- , standine, and hf)pe which are necessarv m order that we move forward We are now Seniors, nearmg graduation, and soon will be ji h a g on l l nursf . -lvf . -ii i Hlon hae giv L ' n so much to each of us that our s|- i ' dsil de III Ji.lil Hill 1 .11 I 111 ' , y ill DEDICATION IN HONOR OF THAD EURE A native North Carolinian, educated in the pubhc schools of North Carolina and at the University. A graduate of the University and of the University Law School. An attorney and a leader in fraternal organizations and civic affairs. A member of the General Assembly of North Carolina and Clerk of the House of Representatives, elected Secretary of State, 1936, which office he has held with distinction at the popular will of the people and holds it until this day. Mr. Eure is an efficient, capable, willing, and diligent public servant. He is a churchman, a member of the Board of Trustees of Elon College, the organizer and founder of the Elon College Foundation which represents a decisive step forward for our college. In many ways he has served and advanced the interest of Elon College, our Alma Mater. The Class of 1949 feels that it is fitting and takes great pleasure in dedicating our 1949 Phipsicli, our college annual, to his honor and hereby expresses confidence in his continued advancement in the interest of our college, of our state, and of our nation. II Please see me after class — No class tomorrow — Too many cuts in my Saturday classes — Test Monday morning — Absence reports dated 11-10-23. Faculty, you ' re swell!! Leon Edgar Smith OUR PRESIDENT GREETING The Class of 1949: I salute the largest senior class in the history of I ' Jon Cx)llegc. ou were not the largest freshman class to enter Elon College, but you have dis- played a type of determination and scholarship that have brought a larger number of your members to the point of graduation. You are to be con- gratulated. May the same spirit of determination and thoroughness char- acterize your post-graduate years whether they be in the classroom tor further study or in the field of practical endeavor for business achievements or professional service. You not only have my admiration and personal regard, but my earnest prayers for a successful and happy life. | y Smith F res- ill rut. 10 DEANS To The Class of 1949: To all Elon women, and especially to the dignified senior women, I give my very special blessing as their Dean and as their friend. Your Elon days have been my delight as well as my deep responsibility. Christina Hakdv, Dem of Women To The Seniors! Wrap it up and take it home — it ' s paid for, signed sealed and delivered. ow it ' s yours to enjoy! What? Four years of education, ot course! Bur that ' s too simple; education is not a commodity to be sold across the counter, nor an era to be measured in years. Four college years become part of one ' s self, ingrained in one ' s personality, in one ' s attitudes; they are four vital growing years of one ' s lite. Elon is in your blood; may you al- ways be proud ot her and she ot you. God bless you all! D. J. BOWDEN DciVi of the ( ' .olU ' e. 11 Faculty First row, left to right: John Willis Barney, Professor of English; A.B., Elon College; Graduate Work, Columbia University, University of Virginia, University of North Carolina. Ned Faucette Brannock, Chairman of Department of Natural Sciences; Professor of Chemistry; A.B., M.A., Elon College; M.S., Columbia University; Lirt.D., Defiance (College; additional Graduate Work, Johns Hopkins University, University of North Carolina. HoYLE Sanders Bruton, Associate Professor of English; B.A., University of North Carolina; Graduate Work, University of North Carolina. Stella P. Bruton, Instructor in English; A.B., Stanford University; iM.. ., (iraduate Work, University of North Carolina. Albert V. Coble, Associate Professor of Mathematics; B.A., Elon College; completed residence work for M.A., University of North Carolina. Second row: Joshua Corbett Collev, Chairman of Department of Education and Psychology, Professor of Education and Psychology; A.B., I ' mory and Henry College; ALA., University of North Carolina, Candidate for Ph.D., University of North Carolina. James Earl Danieley, Associate Professor of Chemistry; A.B., Elon College; Graduate Work, University of North Carolina, Registered Parliamentarian, National Association of Parliamentarians. Arabella Gore, Library Assistant; A.B., Meredith College; A.B., L.S., M.A., University of North Carolina. Mildred Haff, Assistant Professor of Mathematics; A.B., M.A., Cornell University. Richard M. Haff, Prof essor of Biology ; A.B., College of the City of New York; M.A., Columbia Uni- versity, Ph.D., Cornell University. PHI 12 of Elon First roiv, left to r ' liiht: Ia.mf.s W. Havf.s, Biisiirss Maihincr. Hans I " ,. Hiksch, CJiainihvi of Dci vt ifiit of Social Sciences; Actiiifi Chiiiniiau of Dcpiirtinent of Ljiii iiiiges; Professor of History Ji il Mode n Liiim i ciges; Hochcrc Rcifcpnicfung Rcalgymnasium Mannheim, Uni- versity of Franktiirr-on-tliL-Main, University ot Heidelberg, University of X ' ienna; Pli.D., Uni- versity of Munich. ' era C. Hirsch, AssistiVit Professor of French tVid Geriihin; L ' l ' .eole P ' rancaise (iirarJ, St. Petersburg (Russia), (B.A.,) (iedda ( l ninasium, St. Petersburg (Russia), Alliance Franeaise in Paris, Stutlies at University ot Paris (Sorbonnc) Certificate of CJerman Academy, Universit ' of Munich. Evelyn Hodgens, Assistant Professor of Voice; A.B., Furman University; M.A., Columbia University. Alonzo Lohr Hook, Reg,istrar, Chairman of Department of Mathematics, Professor of Physics; A.B., M.A., Flon College, M.S., Cornell University, .Additional Ciraduate Work, Johns Hopkins University, University of Chicago, Duke University. Second roxi: James Howell, Chairman of Department of I-j iilish and Dramatic Arts; Professor of Fn Jish; A.B,, Cuiil- ford College; M.A., Ph.D., University of North Carolina. Winnie C. Howell, Assistant Librarian; Asheville Normal College; Appalachian State Teachers Col- lege, University of North Carolina. I ' ' milv (jark Johnson, Assistant Professor of Busijiess Administration; B.A., M.A., University of Ken- tucky; Bethel bman " s College; Duke University. Georc; a. H. Johnson, Chair nan of Department of Business Administration and Secretarial Practice; Pro- fessor of Geography and Econrrmics; Sc.M., X ' irginia Polytechnic Institute; Graduate Work, Virginia Polytechnic Institute, Purdue, Clark Universit ' , University of Kentucky, Duke University, Uni- versity of Colorado. 0. iA U. Johnson, Librarian; Ph.B., A.B., l lon College, B.S., Columbia University. PSI CLI 13 Faculty of Elon First row, left to riiiht: Nancy L. Keen, .-isshtaiit Professor of Eiii Iish; A.B., College of William and .Mary; Graduate brk, University of North Carolina. Pe.ari. Stephen.son McDon.ald, Associate Professor of Eiii lisli; A.B., .Maryville College; .MA., Uni- versity of North Carolina. Fleicher , ' 1oore, CImiriihvi of Departiiieiit of Fine Arts; Art and Music; Professor of Piano and Orf ai ; A.B., Elon College; M. A., Columbia University; Juilliard School of iMusic; Piano Student of Sascha Gorodnitski and Guy Maier. Fr. ' VNCes Muldrow, Associate Professor of Spanish and French; A.B., Georgia State College for Women; M.A., Duke University. LiL. Cu-VRE New.m.xn, Assistant Professor of Art; Ph.B., f ' lon College; Graduate Work, Columbia University and Harvard University. Second row: Cloyd Woodrow Paskins, Professor of History and Sociology; B.Ed., Eastern Illinois State Teachers College; M.A., Duke University; Graduate Work, University of California, Louisiana State Uni- versity, University of Pittsburgh. Cecile Hope Pate, Assistant Professor of Physical Education; B.S.P.l ' ,., Woman ' s College of the Uni- versity of North Carolina. Dorothy Dorene Pennington, Associate Professor of Piano; B.M., M.M., Eastman School of Music. Paul S. Reddish, Professor of Biology; B.A., AI.A., Duke University; Work toward Ph.D., Duke Uni- versity. Ferris Ervin Reynolds, Chairman of Department of Philosophy and Reli i ion; Professor of Reliirion and Greek; A.B., Butler University; B.D. and S.T.M., Hartford Seminar ' ; Ph.D., University of Edin- burgh. PHI 14 t ' mM . PSI CLI First row, left to rii ht: Bkssik p. Si.oan, AssistiVit I ' rofcssor of Sjuiiish: A.B., Srarc (College of W ' ashingron; M.A., N ' orrhwx-st rn University. Wil.l.lAM W. Si.oan, Professor of Hi Hr j uI l eli iioiis F.iiiicntioii; B.A., C oikw of Wooster; 15.1)., Pasl)y- rcrian Theolotrical Seminary; Fh.l)., Norriiwesrern Lniversits ' . I iiz ni 111 R. Smiih, Assistant Professor of Dranialic Arts: .A. 15., I ' ion (College; Professional Study; Irvine Studio tor the Theatre. Second roll-: Nki.i.ik .a. Si m I I i i , Issisttii t Dean of Women; C!hieago ( lonservatorN ol Musie. John WVsimoki i wd, Professor of Piano iMid Origan i . .I5., lion ( ' ollege; 1. ., (ioluiiihi.i Lni ersit ' and Universir ' ol Southern C alitornia, (Jondueting Stuilent with Rohert Shaw at Berkshire .Music (Center. Ja.mks I ' . Dardkn, Aliinnii Secretary; .A.B., I. Ion (College; (Irailuate ' orl at L ' niversit - of Xorrh ( aro- lina. 15 fl I ' m late to class!! — Final Exams Gosh, Saturday Classes — How could I have overcut Chapel ? ? A conference with the Dean — Saturday night campus — Oh! No ! ■. : r . berious eniors Senior Privileges At Last ! ! — Senior Oak — Late Permissions — 4 Unforgettable Years Behind Us! GRADUATION! ! DEGREE! ! . ? i ' - ■ ' Vc i X -ra-,, . J % . " ! ■«: !5L ENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Max Stokkv. Tommy Burtov [Kl.lZABRTH J. Re(;ISTKR. JaMF.S l,ASMri k President Vice-President ...... Secretary . Treasurer Bailess, I ' ' .rna Cakikr, 63 Montgomery St., RcidsviIlL-, N. C; Husiiirss Adiiiiiiistration; Vice-President, Panvio Literary Society; Elon Players; Klon Singers; Student Chris- tian Association 2; Household Arts Club 1; Day Students ' Organization. BiAi.ocK, Hi KMKKi S., Rt. 2, I ' lon College, N. C; Bwlo iy; 2 ' ! B. Bovvr)F,N, Zoii. ' i Lii ' .w ELi.VN, 212 Glenwood Avenue, Burlington, X. C; Social Scicinr; IVench Club 3; Honor Roll 3; Student Christian Association 1, 2; IT V Al. Bowers, (ioiujo.N AL, Rt. 3, Sanford, X. C; Physics; A II A. 20 Boyce Brinkley OF ELON BovcE, Fi.ovD Thomas, R.F.D. 1, Jackson, . C; Chemistry, Biology; — } B; Presi- dent, Sophomore ( " lass; Secretary, Student Christian Association 1 ; Secretary, Doctor Johnson Literar ' Society 1; Treasurer, German Club 3, Secretary, Men ' s Council 2; N ' eterans " Club 1, 2, 3; Intramural Council 1; Lovd E. Whitlev Society 3; King of Freshman Class 1 ; Art Club I, 2, 3; Pre-Mcd Club 3; Choir 1 . ' Hrinm.k , DoKoun Jam, Kt. 1, Box 637, Suffolk, X ' iryinia; English and Primary I ' .diicalUDi; H LI B; Marshal for (Commencement; ( " hoir I, 2, 3, 4; Spanish Club 1 , 2, 4 Student Christian Association 1, 2, 3, 4; Stutlent ( ' hristian Association Cabinet 2, 3, 4 Ixlucation (Club 4; Household Arts (Club 4; Fine Arts Club 3; Assistant Lilirarian Student Congress 4. Brown, Clktis V ' ., Jr., FHand, . (1; (Chemistry; (ilee (Club; Wxy Student ' s Organi- zation. I5uo vv, P ui, Dwii I,, Siler Cit ' , . C; History; II F M; Student (Christian .Associa- tion; Lloyd F. Whitley Literary Society; International Relations Club; Spanish Club. 21 Browning Burton Butler Gmnon i iTTTiTT -a»5 SENIOK S Browning, Mary F.lizabeth, 328 North M;iplc St., (Iraham, X. C; M isir; Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Christian Association. Burton, Thomas L., Rt. 1, Rcitisvillc, N. C; Business Adniiiiistmtioii; K 4 ' N; Treas- urer, Freshman Class; ' icc-President, Senior Class; Proctor, ttcrans " Club; Aer- onautics Club; Spanish Club; Men ' s Council Butler, Mary C.rimtn, Carthage St., Sanford, N. C; Hniue Ecnmmks; T Z I ; Secretary, Househokl Arts (]lub; Student Christian Association; Household Arts Club; Glee Club; Spanish Club; Art Club; Rho Delta Chi; Literary Society; Transfer from .Meredith C ollece. Cannon, Doris L., Box 872, Canton, N. C; English; B O B; ' ice-Prcsident, Spanish Club 3; House President 2, 4; May Day 3; Student Christian Association 1 ; Choir 1, 2; Panvio Literary Society 1; V bmen ' s Council 2, 4. 22 ChanJlcr Cobb OF ELON CiiANni-F.u, Wallace L., 915 Main St., South Boston, ' i.; Biisiiicss . ' Id zii iistnitioii; A II A; Wtcrans ' Club 2, 3, 4; International Relations Clui) 3, 4; Student Christian Association I, 2, 3; Spanish Club 3. Cobb, John W ' ii i iwi. Rf. Liberty, X. C; Bioh(iy, Sp viisli; Day Students ' Organi zation 1, 2, 3, 4; Spanish Chil) 4; Pre-Alcd Association 4; Honor Roll I, 2, 3. (;oBl,F„ John Addison, I law River, . C; RiTininii. Coi.VARD, CiiiiiKii: W ' liiiAM, 707 (nirtieid Kd., Burhncton, N. C; Rflii ioii. 23 Cook, James William, Mebane, N. C; Chemistry; Debating Club ?. Danieley, Verona Daniels, Box 53, Elon College, N. C; Spiriiish; A 1 ' K; llio ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges; Secretary to President of the College; Secretary, Commercial Club 1; Secretary, Spanish Club 2, 3, 4; Vice- Chairman, Social Committee 3; Commencement Marshal 3; Student Christian As- sociation; Commercial Club; Spanish Club; Social Committee. Edwards, Norma Jean, Gibsonville, N. C; Music; 11 K T; Choir 3, 4; Day Students ' Organization; Spanish Club; Student Christian Association. EuLiss, Samuel Homer, Rt. 3, Liberty, N. C; Biology. 24 Everett Falwell Ferne ' hou " h OF ELON Everett, Mills Robert, 221 Bank St., Suffolk, ' a.; Chr i lstry; S I ' B; Wtcrans ' Club 1, 2, 4; Pre-Med Association 2. Falwell, Edna M., Rt. 3, Box 280B, Lynchburg, Va.; Sp,i isli: BOB; Education Club; Spanish Club; Student Christian Association. FERNEViioLf;n, A ' iLLiAM ToDi), 7 1 9 S. Main St., Rcidsville, N. C; Religion; Treasurer, .Ministerial Association 2, 3, 4; President, Student Christian .Association 4; Min- isterial .Association I, 2, 3, 4; Student (Christian .Association 2, 3, 4; Band 3, 4. Fields, Clyde Lee, Wl-ntworth St., Rcidsville, X. C; Religi 25 SENIORS Freeman, Dewey M., Jr., Fast Charlotte Rd., Rurlu-rfurdton, N. C; Biisiiicss Ad- viin ' ntratmi; Veterans ' Club. Fuller, Raven Lenelle, Rt. 1, Henderson, N. C; Geiieml Science; Panvio Literary Society, Vice-President }, President 4; French Club 1, 2; Student Christian Associa- tion 1 ; Cabinet 2, 3, 4. Flrr, Roiu.ri Bivens, C harlotte, N. C; Bii l u.y. (llieiiihtry; l ' lon Players; Pre-Mcd C lub; Student Christian Association. (i, i!iiAV, Metr, (lazzarah St., .- shar Basra, Iraq; li isi css AdmniistratKin; International Relations Club. 26 Godfrey, RusslII Godfrev. W illiam OF ELON GoDi RKY, Russell Gilmolr, 801 South Sunscr Drive, W ' inston-Salcni. X. C; Business Adiiiinistmtioii; A II A; Wttrans ' ( lub 1, 2, i, 4; Spunish (vliih 4; Inccr- narional Relations Club 2, ?, 4; Student Christian Assoeiation 1, 2, 4. GoinREY, Willi AM ., Jonesboro Heitrhts, Santord, . C; Business Adiniiiistrat ' wii. Harper, Richard Dalion, I() 9 S. illiani St., Henderson, . C; Business Ad- mimstration ; K ! ' N; Treasurer, Freshman C ' iass; ( " heerleader; President, Sophomore Class; ' ice-Presidcnt, Junior ( lass; Treasurer, Commerce (-hib; President, Pan- Hellenic Council 4; Whr s Who Ai ioii ' Students in American U nii-ersities and (j lleges; Stutlent Congress; Social Committee; Student C ' hristian Association I, 2; Commerce Club; Intramural Athletics 1,2, }. Harris, Robkri I ' i)(.ar, Jr., ' arita ( ' oiirr . pts., Wilson, N. C; Business Administra- tion; 1 f ' H; Basketball Team I; Football Team 1, 2, 3; Veterans ' Club; Treasurer, X ' eterans " (Tub 2; Commerce (Tub 3; ' T ' . " . len " s Club; Men ' s Council; Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3; (iolf Team 2; Fennis Team 2. 27 Haynes, Barbara Ann, 309 Western Ave., Suffolk, Va.; English; T Z i ; Transfer from Sullins College; Pan-Hellenic Council 4; Student Christian Association 3, 4; Elon Players 4; International Relations Club 4; Student Congress 4. Hoffman, Fred J., 44 Rutgers Place, Rivcredge, N. J.; Business Aduiiiiistration; 2 i) B; " E " Men ' s Club 2, 3, 4; President, " K " Men ' s Club 3; President, ( lerman Club 4; Vice-President, German Club 3; Varsity Football 1, 2, 3; Head Waiter in Dining Hall 3, 4. HuDGiNs, Carl, 207 Fair Ave., Burlington, N. C; Bus Students ' Organization; ' eterans ' (]lub. Aii iii istnitirj ; Day IsELEY, Donald C, Rt. 4, Burlington, N. C; Physics; I T K; Day Students ' Orga: zation. 28 Jackson Johnson Kcrnodle, Donald Kcrnodic, William H. OF ELON Jackson, Frkd Cobb, Gates, N. C; B isim-ss Adniunstratmii: Senate Representative 2; Student (Christian Association 1, 2, 3, 4; International Relations ( " kih 4. JOHNSON, MiiDRRi), 130 Graham St., Wilmington, . G.; Business Adiniinsiratior,; Y 7. 1 ; President, Women ' s Council 4; Treasurer, Junior Class; House President 3; Council Representative 2, 3; May (.Juccn; Whds Who Aiimnn Stndciiis in Aiiicruwi U nhersities and Colleges; Student Christian Association 1,2, . 4. KiKNoDl.K, DoNM.i) Ri 11), Rt. I, I Ion College, . C.; liwloi-x; 1 ' ' ! H; President, Freshman Class; President, Junior Class; President. Dav Students ' Organization 5; President, Student Bodv 4; Secretary, Student i5od - 2; Wlms 117 ' Anioim Students in American L ' niivrsilies and Colleges; " E " Men ' s Club 1,3; Science Chib; Basketball 1, 3; Student Congress 4. Kkrnodi.f., Wh.i.iam H., Rt. 1, lion College, N. C!.; Students ' Organization; Student (;hristian Association. Business .Idniinislralion; Day 29 KozAKEWicH, MiciiAEi,, 245 South Dean St., I ' ngicwood, N. J.; Physical I ' diicaridn; I TK- Veterans ' Club; " E " Men ' s Club; Foothill 1, 2, 3, 4; hitramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; May Day Attendant 3; Commencement Marshal. Lassiter, James A., 328 Caroline Avenue, Suffolk, Va.; Business Adniinistriitioii; K W N; Senior Class Treasurer; Student Christian Association; Veterans ' Club. Lee, Annie Ruth, Box 114, Flon College, N. C; Priiihvy Ediicatinn. Lkonaki), James ()., Rt. 6, Lexington, N. C; Social Siic ur; II V M 3, 4; Intern.itional Relations Club 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 4; Student Christian Association 1, 2, 3; I ' .lon Players 2; Education Club 4; French Club 2, 3; Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4. 30 Lirtlc ■McClcnru ' OF ELON I.iiiM , ' iiM M DiNCNN, Sr. Piuils, . C; Bif lo ' v; Prc-Mc.l Cluh Crhristian Association 1, 2, i; Dr. |ohnson l,ircr.ir - S;)cier - 1, 2, 3. ; Srudcnt AIcCi.ENNV, David F., Coldsboro, X. C; Physical Ediiccitiuii; fJ H; Ak-n ' s Council 2, 3, Vice-President ?; Treasurer, " I ' , " Men ' s Council 3; Manager, liasketball Team 2; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 3, Manasrcr, Team 4; I ' .ducarion (]|ub 3. 4; Spanish Club 3; Assistant to Physical 1 ducation Instructor; " I, " Men ' s ( " lub. Meredith, N ' oi.a Jeanne, ' irgilina, ' a.; Public Schonl Music, Voice; A 1 ' K; I ' .ditor in chief of Phipsici.i; Secretary, Srudcnt Body 2; Treasurer Srudcnt Body 3; Secretary, Sophomore Class; Secretary, unior Class; Secretary ro Dean of C ' ollcge 1, 2, 3; Secretary, German ( " lub 2, 3; Who ' s Who A noi fi Students in American Universities and Collei;,es; Maid-of-Honor, May Day; Secretary, Pan-Hellenic ( " ouncil 4; Student Congress 4; Piiipsici i Start 2; Social Club Committee 2; Honor Roil I, 2, 3; Student Christian Association Cabinet 2. Messick, Tlrnih Pali., Ho.x 543, Burlington, . (. ' ..; History; Pre-l.egal Association- 31 SENIO Milam, Calvin C, Ca-vel X ' illagc, Roxboro, N. C; B nii rss Adimn ' ntrat ' mii; I T K; ' icc-Presidcnt, Junior Class; Senior Attendant, May Day; Student Ciiristian Associa- tion 1,2, 3; eterans ' Club 1, 2, 3; Dr. Johnson Literary Society; Pan-Hellenic Council 4; Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4. Moody, Jack AurHUR, Siler City; History; Pre Legal Club; Transfer from Campbell College; International Relations Club. Moody, John D., Jr., Rt. I, Burlington, N. C; liiisiin-ss Adiiiiii ' :stratiiin. Moore, Wayne " Lhompson, 115 Anrhon - St., Burlington, X. C.; Music; ' ice-Presi- dent. Choir 3; Choir 2, 3, 4; Dav Students ' Organization 1, 2, 3, 4; President of Choir 4. 32 Xash Neese, Max F.ilmomi OF ELON Nash, Edwin Tfiomas, 1 1 14 Ninth St., Durhim, N. C; Eiiv.lisJ ' ; - ' I ' H; I ' lon Players, President; Wlio ' s Who Ainoiin Students in Aiiwrnwi U iivfrsitics and Co !r(irs; I ' .lon Players. Neese, Max Edmono, 1612 Buffalo St., Greensboro, N. C; Chemistry , Biolot y; K 1 " N; Elon Players, ' ice-Prcsidcnt 2; Secretary, Day Students ' Orcranization 2; Pre-Med .Association 1, 4; I ' .lon Plavers I, 2; Elon Singers 1; Student Christian As- sociation; Spanish ( ' luh 1; l)a ' Students ' Organization 1, 2, }; Senate ' ; (Chemistry Eaboratorv Instructor 2, 4. Neese, Rom ki W ' ., Snow Catnj), N. C; History. Owen, Wm.i.ace H., Gibsonvillc, N. C; Business Adniinistnitioii; Dr. Johnson ' s Literary Society; Elon Singers; " E " .Men ' s Club; I ' rench Club. 33 Parker, George T, 1043 Montlicu Ave, High Point, N. C; K ifrlish; 2 $ B; Presi- dent, Men ' s Council 4; ALmjoii ami Gold Fxiitor 4; Wlw ' s Who Among Students in Avierkan Universities and Colleges; " E " Men ' s Club; Football 1, 2; Maroon and Gold 1, 2; ' eterans ' Club; German Club. Price, Ashford, Rt. I, Box 1 B, New Bern, N. C; Pre-Med; Prc-Mcdical Club; International Relations Club; Spanish Club. Randolph, Charles W., Ciibsonville, N. C; Religion; Ministerial Associatic Rebick, Virginia, Rt. 3, Franklin, Va.; Religious Education; BOB; Secretary, Ministerial Association 4; Spanish Club 1, 2; Ministerial Association 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Christian Association 1, 2, 3, 4; Majorette 2, 3, 4. 34 Register Robertson r OF ELON Rec;ister, Elizabeth jERMCiAN, Godwin. X. C; Business Admimstration: T Z 4 ; Secretary, Sophomore Class; Secretary, Senior Class; Senior Attendant. May Day; Choir 1, 2; Home Economics Club 5; Commerce Club 1; Student Christian Associa- tion 1, 2, ?, 4. Robertson, James E.. Box 266, Leaksville, . C; Bwlrj i : Science Club; French Club 1, 2. Rl DD, William C, Rt. 6. Reidsville, N. C; Pre- leA: Science Club; French Club 4. Scott, Floyd Edward, 0I Third St., Gibsonville, N. C; Chemistry. Biology: Prc- . led Association. 35 Shiptox, Doris Leonard, Lexington, N. C; Haiiie Kajimni ' us; President, Girls I);i ' Students ' Organization; Cornelian Society 1, 2; Home L.conomics Club 2; Y.W.C.A. L 2; Square Dance Club L 2; Lutheran Students ' Association 1,2; Recreation Associa- tion 1, 2; Women ' s Council 4; Day Students ' Organization Household Arts 3, 4; Education Club 3, 4. Transfer from Woman ' s College. Showe, Dorothy Sutton, Rt. 4, Burlington, . C; F.iinlhh; T K T; Dav Student Representative to Student ( ' ouncil 4; Art Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Household Arts C ' lul) 2, 3; French Club 1,3; Lion Players 4. S.MirH, J. Lacy, Rt. 2, I ' .lon College, N. C; Bus Ad iiiiiislmtio i; etcrans ' Club. Spivey ' , Eleex Rebecca, Sunburv, N. C; Home Rcniin iiics; A T K; Secretary and Treasurer of Household Arcs ( ' lub 3; Student Christian Association; Cabinet 3; Women ' s Council 4; I lousehold Arts Club 1, 2, 3, 4. 36 Startord Stallincs ' lilii Store-)-, Jack Storey, Max OF ELON Stafford, Willie f ., [u., 103 Oklahoma Ave, Burlington, . C].; Biolo ' j v: A II A; ice-Prcsidcnt, Sophomore Class, Treasurer, Student Body 3; President of " (ierman Club 2; President nt Band 2; ] ' ho ' s Who Anioii ' i Students in Aiiwr ' nwi L ' l iirrsities ;Vid Collffit ' s; Senior Attendant, May Day; Biology Laboratory Assistant; Pre-.Med Club; Dr. Johnson ' s Literary Soeiet -; Band; (ierman C.lub. Stallings, Tempie Allene, 1250 Bcale St., Rocky Mount, X. C; French, Art; TZ l ; Society Lditor of Maroon and (iold 3; V ' icc-President, Art Club; Womens ' Council 3, 4; Secretary, Women ' s Council 3; Social Committee 3; Student Christian . ssociation 1,2; Student Chri.stian . ssociation Cabinet 3; French Club 1,2, 3, 4; An Club 1, 2, 3, 4. SioRE ' i-, Boiiiiv Jack, Box 1K2, (irahani, X. C; Business Administration. Storey, Conor .Max, 347 . lbright . ve., Graham, X. (L; Business Administration; K r X; Secretary, Day Students ' Organization; Day Student I ' Alitor oi Maroon and Gold 4; President, Senior Class. 37 Tedder, William Charles, Fairmont, N. C; Business Adin ' uiistration; I T K. Thompson, Carolyn Joan, 104 South Franklin St., Whiteville, N. C; Biology, Business Admimstmtio?i; H K T; ' icc-President, Women ' s Council 4; Treasurer, Women ' s Council 3; President, Pi Gamma Mu 4; Treasurer, Pi Gamma Mu 3; House President 4; Senior Attendant, May Day; Student Christian Association 1, 2, 3, 4; Choir 2, 3, 4; Pi Gamma Alu 3, 4; Commerce Club 3. ' Vaughan, Frederick Jones, Dolphin, Va.; B isii rss Administration; Veterans ' Club; Spanish Club. Vaught, Jesse B., Loris, S. C; Histr ry; Transfer from Vingate College; International Relations Club 3, 4; Fducation 3, 4. 38 ' ickery Aalkcr OF ELON VicKERY, IsHAM Hailey, Jr., Box 323, Henderson, X. C; Business Adviinistratmi; K t " N; Prc-Mcd Club 1, 2; Commerce Club 3, 4; German Club 1; Band I; Veterans ' Club 2, 5, 4; Day Students ' Organization 3, 4; Student Christian Association 1, 2, 3, 4. ai-ki:r, Spf.phen Euward, Box 12, Milton, X. C; Fhysiail Education; 11 ' ! B; . la - King; Commencement Marshal; Intramural Council; Captain, Baseball Team 3; Veterans ' Club 2, 3; Doctor Johnson ' s Literary Society I, 2; " E " Men ' s Club I, 2, 3, 4; Baseball Team 1, 2, 3, 4; Intramural Sports; Art Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Spanish ( ' lub 2. Ward, Clyde jMaxwele, 34H Saint Andrews St., Spartanburg, S. C; B isiurss Ad- ministratio)!; Day Students ' Organization. Westmoreland, Joe H., Gibsonvillc, X. C; Business Administration; Spanish Club 1, 4; Choir 2, 3, 4; Day Students ' Organization I, 2, 3, 4. 39 Widenhouse Wilkins Wyrick Yarbroueh SENIORS OF ELON WioENnousE, Jamt.s Bakku, 308 Mablc Avenue, Kannapolis, N. C; History and Business Adniinistrafwii; A II A; Wlu s Who A i oi f Students in Anieriecin Universities and Colleges; President, Junior Class; Debate Team 3, 4; Commeree C-lub 4; Interna- tional Relations Club 4; Pre-Law Club 4; Student Congress 4; Delegate to North Carolina Student Legisia urc 2; Spanish Club 1. Wilkins, William Poole, 1918 Biltmorc St., NAV., Washington, D. C; Business Adiniiiistration; President, Commerce Club; Debating Club; Aeronautics Club; In- tramural Sports; Veterans ' Club. WvRicK, Clarence Eugene, Box 113, Elon College, N. C; Business Administration; President, French Club; Vice-President, French Club. Yarbrough, Fred Wilson, Rt. 1, Roxboro, N. C; Business Administration, Math; AHA; Men ' s Council 4; Student Christian Association 1, 2, 3, 4; Doctor Johnson Literary Society 1,2. Siniun mil fiictiired: Ayscue, Verna Lee; Bcamcr, Garnet Mitchell; Brannock, George Edwin; Bra.xton, Archie Ira, Jr.; Bray, Oabc; Brewer, Gcira Ahte, Burch, Jack Melvin; Caudle, r ' .verctt Dinncrson; Chandler, Frederick M.; Clayton, John Elvis; Claytor, Frederick Thomas Cohli, I ' rcd Dee; Euliss, Foy Vey; Euliss, Wade CoUimtms; Faust, Thomas A.; Galanes, Gus Nick; Garrett, John Max; Gentry, Ed. T. Ciriffin, David J.; Hancock, William Joseph; Hensley, Elmer Keith; Hilliard, Charles Albert; Hollander, Charles Stanley; Holt, Luther Earl Hoyle, Paul; Jobe, William A.; King, X ' crdcry Alonzo; Lea, Jerry Edward; Lea, John Davis; Lcntz, Charles Neri; McCullock, Walter W. Jr.; McDiarmid, Harold Alexander; Moore, Richard Joseph; Moore, Willard Glenn; Mortan, Robert Wayne, Jr.; Neesc. Leroy Hardmg Nichol.son, Marion Pike; Rankin, Hugh Frank; Rich, William Alfred; Rush, Mary Frances; Strader, V ' ictor Lawrence; Tedder, Wdliam Charles; Tucker, Gencll; Walker, Malcolm Forrest; Watson, John Isarcl; Wilkie, ' crnon R.; Wolfe, Jo.seph Garland. 40 WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES THIS HONOR, given to Seniors and Juniors, is the highest goal which students may attain in college. It is awarded on the basis of scholar- ship, leadership in extra-curricular activities, and qualities that portend success and usefulness in the years after college days are over. These students arc chosen by ballot among faculty members and students. The members of the Elon Student Body who were so recognized this year will have their biographies appear in the 1948-49 edition of the Who ' s Who Amono Students In Ainerican Universities and Colleges Year- book. The students who attained this honor are as follows: Verona Danieley James Hailey Dalton Harper Mildred Johnson Donald Kernodle Jeanne Meredith Edwin Nash George T Parker Bill Stafford Baxter Twiddy James Widcnhouse 42 43 r ! Jubilant Juniors ' ) ' ) One More to Go! — Junior-Senior Dinner May Court Attendants — And now — three successful years have passed — The Only Class with all Male Officers! 44 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS £■ Jamks VVidknhousf,. President Dai.ton Hakpkk Vice-President Bill. ScoiT. . Secretary Bob Bowers Treasurer is -i :- : ' - . Adcock Andrews Bailey Batcman Ikrrv, Dallas Bcrr -, W. Jennings Bianchard Bowers Bow man Brafford Brande Britcain Buchanan Burke Busick Core ■JUNIORS First mii left to right: AucocK, Lucious CuLVERN, Rt. 1, Oxford, N. C. Andrews, Clayton C, Jr., Box 28, McLeansville, N.C. Bailey, Barbara Jean, 116 Amherst St., Springfield 9, Mass. Bateman, Louis Joe, Boumont Apts., Boumont Ave., Burlington, N. C. Second row: Berry, Dallas Dean, 1328 22 St., S. Norfolk, Va. Berry, W. Jennings, Rt. 1, Box 76, Elon College, N. C. Blancharh, John William, Rt. 2, Burlington, N. C. Bowers, Robert Joseph, R.F.D. 3, Sanford, N. C. Third row: Bowman, Anna Elizabeth, Vienna, Va. Brafeord, ] ' " .. W, Robbins, N. C. Brande, Donald Arlon, 239 Turner Drive, Reidsville, N. C. Brittain, Nell Elizabeth, Rt. 2, Mullins, S. C. Fourth row: Buchanan, Barry Lee, 403 Ireland St., Burlington, N. C. Burke, M. G., Jr., 127 W. Holt St., Burlington, N. C. Busick, Elizabeth O., Rt. 1, Elon College, N. C. Core, Delmas Houston, 210 East G. St., Erwin, N. C. 46 Cutrell Daniel Daniels Davis, Jefferson Davis, Nellie Donate Eaves Erlacher Faircloth Foushec Gabbay Gentry, Claude Gentry, Garland Grinstead Hailcy Hall DF ELON- First wzi-, left to rifrht: Cutrell, Ira Glenn, Elon College, X. C. Daniel, Robert Lee, 1025 S. Scales St., Reidsville, . C. Daniels, Herman Burton, Jr., Rt. 1, Beaufort, N. C. ' " . Davis, Jefferson, 1105 Chesapeake Ave., S. Norfolk, Va. Second row: Davis, Nellie Fei.ton, W ' haleyville, ' a. Donato, Rocco Francis, 3 35 Bishop St., Waterbury, Conn. Eaves, Coy Jackson, Bo. 252, [Jon College, N. C. Erlacher, Graham Henry, Ridgewood Drive, Wbodmont, .Miltord, Conn. Third row: Faircloth, Calvin Clyde, Rt. 4, Burlington, N. C. Foushee, Harvey C, 109 Mclver St., (ireensboro, N. C. Gabbay, Jack Noonoo, Sa ' adc . ve., lehran, Iran Gentry, C ' laudk. Oi.rx, 1116 Caklwell St., Greensboro, N. C. Fourth row: Gentry, Garland. ' .. 1116 Caldwell St., Greensboro, N. C. Grinstead, Ronald Bryan, Rt. I, Blanche, N. C. Hailey, James Russell, Elon College, N. C. Hall, John Tho.mas, Jr., 83 Jackson Ave., Schoolfield, ' a. 47 Hardy Hurt Hincs Hooker Howell, Matthew Ho« ell, Oliver Hughes Tohnson Jones Joyncr Kecton Kent, Joe Kent, Ruth King " Kniaht Long ■JUNIOR First roiL left to i i lit: Hardy, Nash Eugene, Jr., P. O. Box 722, Reidsvillc, N. C. Hart, Carlos Bowers, 416 Boulevard, Salem, a. HiNES, James H., Rt. 4, Burlington, N. C. Hooker, Ueward Wilbur, 13 Peiham Ave., Schoolfield, Va.. Second row: Howell, Matthew James, Chuckatuck, Va. Howell, Oliver B., 713 Wicker St., Sanford, N. C. Hughes, Muril Thomas, Cashmere, W. Va. Johnson, Warren Herbert, 2276 Hudson Boulevard, Jersey City, N. J. Third Row: Jones, Dorothy Mae, 113 Fitzgerald Apts., SchoolHeld, ' ;i. Joyner, Shirley C, Rt. 2, Franklin, ' a. Keeton, Harry Melvin, lOlH W. Paxton St., Danville, a. Kf, Nr, Joe W., 200 S. Marshall St., Graham, N. C:. Fourth row: Kent, Ruth W., Grove Park Trail I, Burlington, N. C. KiNci, Verrery ' Alonzo, Rt. 1, Burlington, N. C. Knight, Joseph C, 16 Early Ave., Leaksvillc, N. C. Long, Ralph Clinton, Prospect Hill, N. C. 48 1 . nch Madrcn Alanzi Matzc McC ' ormick .Mclvin Aloorc, Kvi.l nc Moore, Robert Oliver Painter Pari cr Piiiilips Raines Rcid Savini Scott )F ELON- First row, left to r ' l ht: Lynch, Eogar P., Box ' i ' -M, Meliane . C. MAnRKN, Jami:s AN ' ooduow , Box 1 17, I ' lon College, N. C . l NZi, ( 1 AUDK AMiioN ' i, lOS Academ - Lane, Upper l)arl) -. Pa. Mai i., William Josf.i ' H, 1400 Fenton St., South Boston, ' a. Second row: . k;CoRMicK. John Ci.akon, Rt. 3, Box 222, . It. . ir -, N. C. .Mkivin, Chari.ks Donald, 1406 ' ine St., (ireensboro, N. C. . looRE, I ' .vi-.i.vNK Wrk.hi, Rt. 2, Box 212, Surtolk, a. MooRF, RoiiLRi S M)i US, Box 14, .Asluboto, . C. Third row: C)i.i i;k, Hl(,h K: i) i i . Rr. 5, Clinton, N. C. Pa inier, Richard Iki iman, Rt. 3, Luray, Va. Parker, James Hallei i, Jr., Box 14.f, Sunbury, N. C. Phillips, Wwne Ki.mer, Box 44, Bennett, N. C. Fourth row: Raines, Elizahi ih I, rm n, Box 20H, Rt. 3, I Iarrisonl)iiry, ' ,l Reid, Phillip Dean, 1240 Woodland Drive, Charlotte, . C. Savini, Lolis Joseph, 21H W. V ayne .X venue, Wayne, Pa. Sf:oi I, Willi i T 1 1 , jr., I ' lon (]olleee, . C. 49 Shcrard Shipton Shumar Shumate Snyder Stanley Sutton S innev Tetzino 1 hompson, Juncy 1 hompson, Richard Thompson, VV ' ilham Transou Twiddy Upchurch ance ■JUNIORS First row, left to ri ht: Sherarb, John Frank, Jr., 616 Lexington Ave., Burlington, N. C. Shipton, Clarence Oi.an, Box 456, I ' " lon College, N. C. Shumar, George Martin, Box 234, Elon College, N. C. Shumate, James Haywood, Rt. 1, Reidsville, N. C. Second row: Snyder, John Paul, 1602 Pasadena Court, Norfolk, h. Stanley, Geor(;e Thomas, Rt. 6, Greensboro, N. C. Sutton, Eurrn Gaynelle, Rt. 1, Elon College, N. C. SwiNNEY, Clarence Willard, 102 N. Avenue, Burlington, N. C. Third row: Terzino, Alvin a., Elon College, N. C. Thompson, Juney P., Snow Camp, N. C. Thompson, Richard, South Main St., Graham, N. C. Thompson, VVilll m Leonard, 915 N. Blount St., Raleigh, N. C. Fourth row: Transou, Jane Ladora, 3928 Vineyard Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C. TwiDDY, Clyde Baxter, Jr., 306 W. 3 5th St., Norfolk 8, Va. Upchurch, Ireland Staniteld, Jonesboro Heights Station, Rt. 8, Sanford, N. C. Vance, John David, Jr., 16 North Jcfterson, Mason City, Iowa. 50 cazcy Wall Will lace Ward Wcldon Wentz, Henry W ' entz, Walter Wismore Williams Williamson Young HlAHi AttM M OF ELON- First rrra; left to right: V ' eazey, Martha Louise, Rt. 5, Burlington, N. C. W ALL, Hlc;h Brantley, Uunbury, N. C. Wallace, Charles S., Box 436, tlon College, X. C. Ward, Winfred Harold, 408 E. Davis St., Burlington, N. C. Second rov:: Weldon, John Ika, Jr., L.ouishurg, X. C. Wentz, Henry Hu.i.KRATH, Star Route, Box 3B, Rockingham, X. C. Wentz, Walter Alien, Jr., Star Route, Box 3I5, Rockingham, X. C. WiGMORE, Harry Charles, Jr., 138 Dover Circle, Xorfolk, a. Third rcu:: WiLLiA.Ms, Tiio.MAS . liLTON, Rt. 1. Box 85, .Mcbanc, X. C. Williamson, Harold ( ene, 315 W. Holt St., Burlington, X. C. Young, C. .Maurice, Rt. I, Box 180, Bakersville, X. C. 51 Sophomores " The Biggest Folks on the Campus — Our Opportunity to Initiate — Party for the Freshmen — Did I Really Pull Through That First Year? 52 SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Artiiuk FoWl.KR President Henry Carr Vice-President Maxink Abercrombie Secretary J KAN Harris Treasurer SOPHOMORE First row, left to right: Abell, Jean Marie, Box 26, ' ' ;inceyvillc, N. C. Abercrombie, Riicia Maxinc, P. O. Box 1239, Bur- lington, N. C. Amick, John L., 808 N. Main St., Graham, N. C. Anderson, Gale Darrell, Rt. 1, Elon College, N. C. Second row: Anderson, Grover Clinton, Rt. 1, FJon CoHckc, N. C. Askew, William Linwood, Jr., Eure, N. C. Benton, Floyd Robinson, Jr., 308 Bosley Ave., Suffolk, a. Berry, Roy H., Jr., Rt. 3, Hillsboro, N. C. Third row: Blue, Herman H., 701 Church St., Burlington, N. C. BoKvell, Joan K., 92 Alfred Drowne Rd., West Barrington, R. I. Bowen, James Gregory, 309 N. Broad St., Burling- ton, N. C. Brooks, Wallace Reid, 619 K. Market St., Reids- ville, N. C. Fourth row: Burns, James Milton, 203 Hoke St., Burlington, N. C. Butler, Wallace Bob, Prospect Hill, N. C. Carr, H. J., Jr., Roseboro, N. C. Castelloe, Grover C, Jr., Aulander, N. C. Fifth row: Castle, Jack G., 236 Park Ave., Schoolhekl, ' a. Caviness, Sterling I ' ,., 1106 17th St., Cireensboro, N. C. Chabalko, Robert Paul, 167 Haven Drive, Norfolk, Va. Chrisman, Ira Stedman, Rt. 1, Brown Summit, . C. Sixth row: Cole, James Avery, 6 Selma Ave., Schoolfield, ' a. Colman, Ruth, 134 W Gilman St., Madison, Wis. Cooper, Hampton Stuart, 97 Bishop Ave., School- field, Va. Davis, Virginia Louise, 704 Broad Ave., Greens- boro, N. C. 54 CLASS 1949 1 ,tf:i i First row, left to right: Davis, William Edward, 11 V :4th St., X.VV., Washington, D. C. DcLoachc, Thomas Bayard, Jr., 805 V. Davis St. Burlington, N. C. DcSimone, Henry A., Lancaster Ave., Devon, Pa. Dc oe, Robert Alton, Veterans Apts., Elon Col- leec, N. C. Second row. Dickins, Wkldo Lonnic, .5 50 Oakwood Ave., San- ford, N. C. DiPaolo, Edward James, 23 Holland Ave., Ard- niore. Pa. Drew, Edward Earl, 318 Randolph St., Ports- mouth, ' a. Dunn, Burley Walter, Rt. 2, Roxboro, N. C. Third ron: Edwards, Annie . lorilla, Box 213, (iraham, N. C. Elev, W ilham Gav, 603 North Hiuh St., Eranklin, a. Eerguson, Frances May, 1117 S. Askin St., .Mar- tinsville, " a. Fesmire, Len Thomas, 7012 Summirt Ave., .Madeira, Ohio Fourth ron-: Eields, Jerry Lynn, Box 261, Siler City, N. C. Foley, William Webster, Patterson St., Leaks- ville, ' N. C. Foster Dollv Ree, 403 .Maple Ave., Burlington, N. C. Foster, Lester Anderson, Jr., (iranite Quarry, N. C. Fifth roif: Foster, .Melva Oav, 517 Broad . ve., Greens- boro, N. C. Foster, Sara Marie, 517 Broad .-Xve., Greensboro, N. C. Foster, Wilber Harden, 202 Brooks St., Burling- ton, N. C. Fouler, Arthur 1 ' ., Ill, 306 I ' asf D. St., I ' rwin, N. G. .S;.v ; row: Gabriel, Richard WiUiam Jr., 3555 .MoonL-y Ave., Cincinnati, O. ( " iabriel, William Ray, Mr. Mournc, N. C. ( " iaskins, Jackie, Rr. I, Box 138, Portsmouth, Va. derringer, Jes.se Earl, Rr. 2, Box 165, Hampton, Va. 55 SOPHOMORE First row, left to right: Gilbert, Flora Mae, Rt. 1, Dunn, N. C. Gilliam, Theron Idol, Rt. 1, Elon College, N. C. Ginnings, Gerald K., 414 Northridge St., Greens- boro, N. C. Godwin, Alton Harper, Kcniy, N. C. Second row: Graham, Walter Daniel, P. O. Box 3n, School- field, Va. Gravett, Albert Keith, 1100 Seventh St., South Boston, N. C. Grogan, Zeda Mae, 417 Moir St., Lcaksville, N. C. Hanel, Jack Bernard, Klon College, N. C. Third row: Harper, William Furman, 1039 S. Williams St., Henderson, N. C. Harris, Jean Wood, Main St., Roseboro, N. C. Harris, William Fdgar, Englehard, N. C. Hodnett, Otis Howard, Jr., 931 16th St., Stuart Gardens, Newport News, Va. Fourth row: Hopkins, William Andrew, 172 Columbia Ave., Hampton, Va. Howell, Ralph Leroy, Chuckatuck, Va. Isley, Samuel W., 301 Fvcrett St., Burlington, N. C. Jacob, Kenneth Tait, Algonquin Park, Norfolk, ' a. Fifth row: Johnson, Eugene Carrington, 1013 22nd St., New- port, News, Va. Johnson, Martha Ellen, 21 1 x lbright Ave., Ciraham, N. C. Jones, James Fredrick, Bolton, N. C. Kampman, Leo H., Bo.x 92, Elon College, N. C. Six row: Keck, Fay Maxine, Rt. 4, Burlington, N. C. Kennedy, Hovt C, 409 Trollinsier St., Burlington, N. C. ■ Kivett, James Walker, 401 Glenwood Ave, Bur- lington, N. C. Kivett, William Robert, 512 N. Main St., Burling- ton, N. C. 56 CLASS 1949 First m-u left to rinht: Kuzsman, Francis Joseph, Box 121, Kllcnvillc, . V. Lassitcr, Dorothy Harrcll, Sunbury, X. C. Lecbrick, Bland Allen, 5040 Fort Avenue, I.ynch- buri;, a. Lewis, John Julian, Route 1, Fairmont, N. C. Second row: Lillcy, Cecil Alston, jr., 21M Pitt St., Farmville, . C. I.indley, Mary i ' .lizabeth, 207 Highland Ave., Burlington, X. CI l.ivesay, William Hinton, Jr., Rt. 1, Waverly, a. Fong, Carolyn Louise, Rt. 1, Ro.xboro, X. C. Third row: Long, Alable Frances, Prospect Hill, X. C. Mace, Marshall FIlis, Rt. 4, Lincolnton, X. C. Matthews, Marjorie F., Rt. I, Portsmouth, " a. McCaulex, Larry Bauman, Box 11, Waverly, ' a. ■ ' oiirtit row: McCraeken, . Lileolm ' ., 210 St. Clair Court Sanford, . C. MeKenzie, Owen Ray, Box 213, Gibsonville, X. C. McLean, William Thomas, .314 Fast Alain St Mr. Olive, X. C. McNeill, Mary Fvelyn Route 7, Jonesboro Heights Station, Sanford, X. C Fiftli row: Alelson, Bersv [can. Hotel Kirr - Hawk, Kill Devil Hill, N.c: ■ Merritt, James Livingston, 611 I ' . Davis St.. Bur- lington, N. C. Mizell, .Arthur Louis, 601 I ' ounrain Place, Biir- lingrnn, . C. Alorgan. .Archie Ihomas, Rt, 2, Sulfolk, ' a. Si.xtli row: Aloser, Clementh i ' .lwood, 20i Sellers St., Burling- ton, X. C. Moses, Francis W, Jr., 1 Ion College, X. C. Xall, Biiiv Lee, 301 Williamson St., Burlington, X. c. Xall, Jack .Augustus, 301 illiamson St., Burling- ton, . C. 57 SOPHOMORE First row, left ty right: Norman, Parks Harry, Jr., Rt. 2, Greensboro, N. C. Parker, Raymond Lonn e, 139 S. Saratoga Sr., Suffolk, Va. Patterson, George Graham, Box 792, Burlington, N. C. Patty, Augusta Reid, 619 Fix St., Burlington, X. C. Second row: Pearson, Allen Midc, )r.. Box 222, Haw River, N. C. Pearson, Donald Boyd, Rt. 1, Haw River, N. C. Pcrkinson, William Hubert, X ' eterans Apts., Elon College, N. C. Perry, Homer, 446 Harris St., Leaksviile, N. C. Third row: Pittman, Jeanne F.verette, Willow Lane, Rush- mere, Va. Pla, Virginia Fllen, 105 Central Ave., Baldwin, N. Y. Porter, Ola Lenward, 112 Glen Raven, Burlington, N. C. Prcsnell, Lacv Martin, Jr., Box 36, Bennett, X. C. Fourth row: Pugh, William Thomas, 229 Guthrie St., Graham, N. C. Reuben, I ' .liahoo Menashy, Sabka Kebira, Basrah, 1 raq . Richards, Henry Wilson, Box 411, I ' lon College. X. c. Rosers, Lee McDonald, Rt. 3, Roxboro, N. C. Fifth row: Rosscr, Thcmas Paul, Rt. 1, Broadway, N. C. Rothgeb, Wendell Olin, Rt. 3, Luray, a. Russell, Caroline Lavernc, 323 West Harden St., Graham, N. C. Russell, Clcnon Wendell, 323 West Harden St. Graham, N. C. Sixth row: Rust, Jane Marie, 1 lOS Fercbee Ave., Xorfolk, ' a. Sahlmann, Frederick Gustav, 2 32 C ongress St., Charleston, S. C. Satterticld, Robert Linwood, Prospect Hill, N. C. Scoggins, Hovey D., Rt. 1, Gibsonville, N. C. 58 CLASS 1949 First nii left to riolit; Scymorc, Basil Warren, Rt. 3, Sanford, X. C. Shackelford, (ieorge Gregory, Jr., 811 27th Sr., Newport New s, ' a. Shearin, Wilbur Thaddeus, Roseboro, N. C. Shepherd, Paul Willis, 45 Alain St., Cooleemee. X. C. Sccr iid miv: Sheridan, Charles L., Sll Lindsev St., Reidsville, N. C. Shortner, Jack Carson, . lamance, X. C. Shue, Weiker O., F.lon College, N. C. Slier, Calvin Kennedy, Box 504, Siler Citv, X. C. Third roiv: Silva, .Mary Lou, 3.3 Alfred Drowne Rd., W. Bar- rington, R. I. Smith, Herman Thomas, Rt. 3, Jacksonville, X. C. Spirko, John Gilbert, 144 Center Ave., Mt. Pleasant, Pa. Strader, Eugene Ray, Rt. 6, Reidsville, X. C. Fourth roij:: Sykes, Lawrence f.dward, Rt. 6, Burlington, X. C. I homas, I ' llmer David, 1522 W. Davis St., Bur- lington, X. C. Iruitt, Ann Rawls, 214 X. Main St., Suffolk, Va. Iruitt, Betty Lou, Rt. 4, Burlington, X. C. Fifth rrr : lucker, Phxliis Rose, 105 Linden .Ave., Kannapolis, X. c. L ' sser ' , Harold Richardson, 513 C ' hatham St., Sanford, X. C. N ' arga, Paul " ., Rt. I, Bo.x 72, Prince George, Va. Watkins, I dward Arnold, Rt. 2, Box 39, Franklin, Sixth row: Watson, George Douglas, 1908 Chestnut Ave., Newport Xew s, ' a. Watson, James F., Rt. 2, Bear Creek, X. C. Wayland, James Jackson, F ' lon College, X. C. White, Sophie Ann, 123 Wcathcrspoon St., San- ford, X. C. 59 SOPHOMORE CLASS 1949 First row, left to right: Whitsett, Bettye Rudisill, Box 287, Elon College, N. C. Wicker, David Carlton, 1004 Rainey St., Burling- ton, N. C. Second row: Williams, M. Ellen, Rt. 1, Durham, N. C. Wilson, Nina Elane, 907 Church St., Burlington, N. C. Third row: Wright, Robert Joseph, . " Q Carcw Terrace, Spring- field, Mass. Yarborough, Winfred Denning, 107 Kentwood Circle, Lenoir, N. C. Fourth row: Yates, Robert Allen, Rt. 1, Chadhourn, N. C. 60 ONE YEAR OE SENSE? AND NONSENSE!! 61 Trivolous Freshmen " Oh! To Be An Upperclassman — That Dreadful Initiation! ! — When Do We Have Chapel — I ' m Homesick Gee! Those Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays — Rush Parties — College is Great! 62 i Sv I i . f m ■ ' •IB " . 1 HiiJ y I .. ' (lijiilH- ' ' ■-■•v- A: " ;■ ' , ' ' ' - ' . ' -iN ' . J » , ,. «■- ' H. , -- ' » r-e. ! " " ---1 1. 2-c- FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Bill Bargkr. . . . Virgil Money. . Lacala Wii.kins. Virginia Latta . , .... President Vice-President . . . .Secretary . . . . Treasurer Wi FRESHMAN First WW, left to rif ht: Addison, Arthur Downing, 717 Stockley Gardens, Norfolk, Va.; Ainslic, Joan Isabclle, 319 50th, Newport News, Va.; Amos, Fred Wilson, 1610 McKnight Mill Road, Greensboro, N. C; Andrew, Buford Miller, Lynch Station, a.; Andrews, Bruce Alvin, Whitsctt, N. C; Andrews, James Cleo, Pine St., Ciraham, N. C.; Apple, Glenn 1) ight, 427 Rowland St.. 1 lenderson, N. C.; Arm- strong, Robert Frank, Corapeake, X. C.; Ayscue, Calvin Simmons, R.F.I). 1, Henderson, N. C. Second rn-ir: Barber, Charles Fred, Rt. 2, Flon College, N. C; Barnes, William Benton, 223 Broad St., Danville, a.; Barron, Navarre Thomas, Jr., 212 South St., I ' Vanklin, a.; Beers, Martha Anne, Box B, l ' ' ,lon College, N. C; Black, Sharon Lvnnli 905 Maple Ave., Burlington, N. C; Blackburn, Flynor Jane, 790 West Rowan St., Favetteville, N. C; Bolick, Robert I ' .arl, I ' lon College, N. C; BoKvell, Miriam Ann, 92 Alfred Drow ne Road, W. Barrincton, R. I.; Bonev, Shirlev F.lla, S44 First ' iew St., Nor- folk 3, Va. Third roil ' : Booth, F.velvn Elizabeth, 104 Cumberland St., Roanoke, ' a.; Bowman, Jack Lewis, Box 241, Graham, N. C; Bowman, James Fred, Box 306, I ' .lon College, N. C; Brady, William Farl, Box 107, Mcbane, N. C; Branch, Fvelyn Faye, 1309 F. Walnut St., Goldsboro, N. C; Brann, Melba Dean, Rr. 1, Brown Summit, N. C; Brinkley, Marjorie Ann, Corapeake, N. C; Broger, John Frank, 7 Rose- dale Ave., Millburn, N. J.; Bromley, Rosamond, . 16 Seventh St., Huntington, W. a. Fourth roiv: Buchanan, Richard Lamar, S29 First ' iew St., Norfolk, a.; Buford, Jane Katherine, 125 N. Fourth St., Buckroe Beach, a.; Byrd, Oscar Newman, Chuckatuck, a.; Caldwell, Isabelle, Rt. 9, Box 66, Charlotte, N. C; Cameron, Marcus, Jonesboro Heights Sta., 6, Sanford, N. C; Capcl, Thomas Icsse, |r., 110 Baldwin Ave., Portsmouth, a.; Carroll, |ean Marie, 203 W SewelFs Point Road, Norfolk, " a.; Gates, Henry Alton, 2506 Maple St., Greensboro, N. C; Gates, Paul Hamilton, 2506 Maple St., Greensboro, N. C. -PHI 64 CLASS 1949 First ro-Li, left to riiilit: Chuton, I ' .ninia Kan, 2151 (iucss Rond, Durham, . C; Chnror, Glenn I.am- bcrr, Rr. 1, Box 152, Glasgow, a.; Clinc, Fayc Trona, Rt. 5, Sanford, X. C; Coble, Dorothy .Mildred, Rr. 1, Box 279, Julian, N. C; Coble, Hiram Newton, R.F.D., Snow Camp, N. C; Cooper, Cieneva Albright, Rr. 2, Graham, N. C; Cooper, Nelvin Eugene, 121 . l ' . Green St., High Point, N. C; Cooper, Samuel Allen, Jr.. Rt. 2, Graham, N. C; Cothran, Philip Clinton, 1010 Bay SV, Durham, N. C. Siroml mic: Crosby, Clarence Elmore, Rt. 5, Shelby, N. C; Crutchficid, Delia luanita, Rt. 1, i ' .lon College, X. C; Crutchfield, Lonnie Lcc, Rt. 1, Eloii College, N. C; Davis, Robert Weldon, Rt. 1, Blanch, X. C; Dickinson, Fielding Lewis, Jr., Loretto, Va.; DiAIarco, Robert Richard, 36.H L. County Line Road, Ardmorc, Pa.; l dwards, Arimathea (Sue), 306 S. Gregson St., Durham, N. C; Edwards, Celia Elizabeth, 439 Rollingwood Circle, Fa etteville, X. C; Ixlieridgc, George Whitfield, 501 L. Ocean View Ave., Norfolk, a. Tliird row: Eubank, Ashley Lvnwood, 3650 Fort Ave., Lynchburg, Va.; Fcltman, Walter Clarence, Box 112, Glen Raven, N. C; Ferrara, Anthony James, 10.3-51-101 St., Ozone Park, N. Y.; Fesmire, Walker I ' ugene, Rt. 1, Box 7H, Milford, Ohio; Fisher. George I ' .dward, Rt. 3, Box 170, Petersburg, Va.; Flmehum, Bett - Louise, Box 145, Carthage, X. C; Fogleman, Cecil, Rt. 2, Liberty, N. C.; Foster, Durward .Macon, Rt. 1, Henderson, N. C; Foushee, Ralph Lee, Rt. 1, Sanford, X. C. Fourth rozc: Fruh, Heinz William, 519 Arlington, St., Greensboro, N. C; Fucntes, Ricardo, Gral. Ccpcda Ntc. 110, Saltillo, Coahuila, .Mexico; Gaither, Lawrence J., Granite Quarry, N. C.; Gibson, Charles .Mugler, 329 Hampton Roads Ave., Hampton, Va.; Greene, Billic Marian, Rt. 4, Box 454, Durham, X. C; Hackney, Rus.sell Gray, 1333 Cornwall Place, Xorfolk, Va.; Hargrove, Beverly Ann, 701 .Maple Ave., Burlington, X. C; Harmon, VAmcr Shelly, Jr., 4611 Virginia Ave., Newport News, a.; Harris, Dorothy Jane, 716 X. Main St., Roxboro, X. C. PSI CLI 65 FRESHMAN First roiv, left to ri ht: Harris, Havwood Peterson, Roseboro, N. C; Haywood, James Edward, Ulah, N. C; Hester, Peter L. DeKalb, Rt. 2, Box C22, Henderson, N. C; Hoffman, Ursula Elizabeth, Rt. 1, Burlington, N. C; Hoppe, Henry Theodore, Jr., 728 35th St., Newport News, Va.; Huffman, Jane Somers, 4806 Old Suffolk Blvd., Portsmouth, ' a.; Ingram, David P ank, Rt. 1, Gretna, ' a.; Ivey, William Coy, Rt. 1, Snow ( amp, N. C; Jackson, Charlie Mac, Gates, N. C. Second roiv: Jackson, Helen Mozelle, 1414 Horace Mann Ave., Winston Salem .f, N. C; James, Wayburn Clifford, 1308 Wilnut St., Greensboro, N. C; Jarrett, Calvin Dudley, 131 W. Pine St., Graham, N. C; Jenkins, Samuel Forest, Jr., Rt. 1, O.xtord, N. C; Jemigan, Jo.seph Bran.scomb, Notto- way Ave., Blackstone, ' a.; Johnson, Charles Cleveland, Jr., Chuckatuck, Va.; Johnson, Walter Russell, Rt. 2, Elon College, N. C.; " johnston, Thomas D., 1012 " W. Rowan, Fayetteville, N. C; Jones, Edgar Vance, Bolton, N. C. Third roir: Jordan, Robert Curtis, 706 Askew St., Burlington, N. C; Keck, Nancy Catherine, Rt. 4, Burlington, N. C; Kennedy Marie, Rt. 2, Hillsboro, N. C; Kernodle, Annie Kate, Rt. 4, |Burlington, N. C- Kernodle, Hazel Lea, Rt. 2, Box 78, Elon College, N. C; King, Glenn Parker, 124 E. Indian River Road, Norfolk, a.; Kirby, John Robert, Chub Lake St., Roxboro, N. C; Kluttz, Ernest Ruffus, 3 Johnson St., Rt. 9, Concord, N. C.; Koontz, Richard How ard, Rt. 4, Lexington, N. C. Fourth roiL-: Lanier, William Kendrick, Jr., Lexington Rt. 4, Welcome, N. C; Latta, Mary Virginia, .503 Georgia Ave., Burlington, . C; Lee, Richard Henry, Rt. Blackstone, Va.; Lewis, James Leven, 5010 Edrnondson Ave., Baltimore, Md.; Lucas, Russell Charlton, 640 Hickory St., Norfolk 3, Va.; Lynam, Charles Alan, Rt. 3, Wake Forest, N. C; Lyon, Wylc Larry, 1208 Madison Ave., Greens- boro, N. C; Madren, William Robert, Box 486, Elkton, Va.; Matkins, Nona June, Rt. I, Burlington, N. C. PHI 66 CLASS 1949 First ro i left to ri ' lit: Matthews, Warren Alfred. 2915 Spring Garden St., Greensboro, . C.; May, Herbert Oliver, 1414 26th St.. Newport News, ' a.; MeDonough, Nane - Hernice, H Yorkshire Drive, Cedar Grove, N. J.; Meredith, I ' dward Andy, ' irgilina, ' a.; Monc -, N ' irgil Martin, 44? X. South St., Mount Airy, N. C.; Moore, Nancy Louisa, Rt. 2, Haiifa.x, a.; Nesbit, Emmett Garrison, 2219 Abbcv Rd., Norfolk, ' a.; Newton, Frances Ehzabeth, Rt. 3, Bo.k 31, Greensboro, N. C.; Paige, Edna Beatrice, Box 2 34, I ' lon Coilesie, N. C. Htxoihi roxi: Parker, Ered Nasli, I ' lon College, N ' . C; Parker, |ohn Newman, Rt. 1, Holland, a.; Pate, Alvin Earl, 1 314 22nd St., South Norfolk, a.; Patton, Daniel Clark, Chase St., Gibsonville, N. C; Paul, Ered Erank, 440 Harrison Ave., Lodi, N. J.; Pavne, Bobbv Winford, Rt. 1, Box 162, Gibson- ■n XT r r i i ' i- i i ir» i n ' : ' n i xT ' r„rK " . i : . j i- ; .j, Stxoihi rozL Pa r aUl, 1 H,U 1 t dlllV, -TTW 1 lai I l. fll ' A V . " ., L, JUI, . . J . , l d in., UVUyU V » » IIIUM villc, N. C; Peterson, Jane I ' .lizabeth, 1064 Bay ' ie v Blvd., Norfolk, ' a.; Pittard, Marianne, Cedar Grove, N. C; Porter, Judson I ' .arl, Rt. 3, Box i09, Greenville, N. C. Third roir: Poythrcss, Carolyn ' irginia, 1214 Guerrierc St., South Norfolk, a.; Prevatte, James .Maurice, Box 464, Fairmont, N. C; Rakes, William Earl, 33 Field Ave., Eieldalc, ' a.; Ray, Joy Jean, North 6th, . Iebane, N. C; Recce, John Robert, Box 134, Draper, N. C; Rice, James Eugene, Rt. 5, Reidsville, N. C, Roane, Douglas Champe, 1548 Chela Ave., Norfolk, a.; Rothgeb, Charlotte I " liza- beth, Rt. 3, Euray, ' a.; Rubinate, Robert Daniel, 511 W ' . 235th St., Riverdale, N. Y. Fourth .. Russell, Spencer Adam, Jr., 1213 Homeland Ave., Greensboro, N. C; Sanford, Patricia Ann. 254 Congress St., Charleston, S. C; Saw yer. James Pugh, 2S Seaview Ave., Norfolk, Va.; Shep- " 3, Lurav, ' a.; Skinker, Packer; Rt. 1, Suffolk, 1 W. (Jack), 206 First Ann. J.i4 ..ongress bt., (.Charleston. . C; baw yer. James Pugh. 2« Seaview Ave., . perron Lincoln Addison, Sowams Rd., Barrington, R. I.; Short, Arva ' ane, Rt. 3, L ' 1 homas . Iurra -, Morningside Heights, Binghampton, N. Y.; Skinner, Charles Pad a.; Smithwick, Robert Bruce, 420 Penna. Ave., Norfolk, Va.; Spivev, Benjamin W St., Sanford, N. C. PSI CLI- r i -. V " 1 . xr«ir : I M 67 FRESHMAN CLASS 1949 First roiv, left to right: Spivcy, Elizabeth Coles, Rt. 1, Box 4, Siinbury, N. C; Stanley, William Earl, Jr., Rt. 8, Sanford, N. C; Stone, Marion Richard, Rt. 1, Burlington, N. C; Stuart, Robert Lane, Bur- lington, N. C; Sturtevant, John Malcolm, 79 Rumstick Rd., Barrington, R. L; Summers, Joan Nerita, Apple St., Gibsonville, N. C; Taylor, Doris Louise, Efland, N. C; Taylor, Leon Howard, Cubanna Rd., Thomasville, Ga.; Temple, Walter Eugene, Jr., Rt. 2, Sanford, N. C. Secmid row. Thompson, K. Jean, 6627 Elm St., A4ariemont, Cincinnati, Ohio; Tickle, Billie Anne, Rt. 2, I ' lon College, N. C; Tuck, Lizzie Van Lou, Rt. 3, Virgilina, Va.; Turner, Floyd Frederick, 113 Maury Place, Suffolk, Va.; Turner, Nancy Byrd, 119 S. Main St., Reidsvillc, N. C; Turner, Nelson Conrad, 40 Macon Ave., Schoolfield, ' a.; Vaughn, Kenneth James, 1704 Front St., Greensboro, N. C; Walker, Samuel Jctt, 1003 N. Scales St., Reidsville, N. C; Wall, Lee Thomas, Rt. 3, Wike Forest, N. C. Third row: Wentz, Jacqueline Ann, Rt. 3, Box 400, Norfolk, Va.; Wheeler, Edro Turner, Whitsett, N. C; White, Doris True, Box 109, Luray, Va.; White, Jack Carson, 219 Myrtle St., High Point, N. C; Wilkins, Lacala Earle, 404 Edgewood Ave., Burlington, N. C; Williams, Hal Lawson, Rt. 5. Box 19, Reidsville, N. C; Williams, John Calvin, Staley, N. C; Williford, John Will, 100 Institute St., Suffolk, Va.; Willis, Deloris Anne, Box 197, Burlington, N. C. Fourth row: Winstead, Molly Roberta, Rt. 1, Roxboro, N. C; Woods, Christopher Carl, 217 W. Gecr St., Durham, N. C; Zeigler, Carl Leslie, Rt. 1, Robbins, N. C. PHI PSI CLI 68 AS w i; LOOK BACK, v j; si:i: aiarriagi;, freshmi:n, ano tun! 69 The Moon Rising Over Whitley — 8:00 Classes on Monday Morning — The Rotunda of Alamance — Week-end Parties — Maroon and Gold on Fridays — The First Snow — Basketball Season — Christmas Holidays — Night Before Final Exams! ! 70 c f- X d ii 9 a. STUDENT GOVERNMENT OFFICERS Don Kernodle President Lou Savini Vke-President Sonny Shearin Secretary Jeanne Meredith Treasurer PHI 72 THE STUDENT CONGRESS Now wc have a Legislature I The Student Congress is the legislative body ot the Student Cinvernmcnt Association. Its members are representatives, duly elected b - their respective classes or dormitories, and its officers are elected by the entire Student Body. Standing sub-committees are concerned with Student Morale, Dormi- tory Life, Social Activities, Placement, (iuidance, etc. PSI CLI THE STUDENT COUNCILS These bodies, one for men and one tor women, exercise the judicial and executive powers of Student (iovern- nient. lo them is assigned the thankless job of meting out justice and mercy to those w ho violate reeulations. 73 Dr. H. E. Hirsch Adviser The 1949 STAFF Jeanne Meredith Editor i i Chief EvELYNE Moore Business Marma er Evelyn McNeill Associate Editor Bill Foley i Fred Sahlmann Copy Editors Bill Scott , ' Floyd Benton Art Editor ROCCO SlLEO) ,, , ,. ,. , T I Sports Editors Jean Harris) Harvey Foushee. .Campus Photographer Martha Veazey Mary Lou Silvaj Jeanne Pittman | Typists Joan Bolwell Doris Cannon [eanne Merediih Editor ill Chief Evelyne Moore Business Manager 74 AND NOW IT ' S YOURS — The staff spent two months guarding the " dummy " and making an effort to turn it into a faint resemblance of a yearbook, which would be known as the 1949 Phipsici.i. First came the week of taking portraits, then the group pictures, collecting ma- terial for the copy, and all of the many things necessary to produce a yearbook. This is your yearbook and we present it to you with the desire that you, in the coming years, may glance through it — recapturing memories and feeling that the 1949 edition of the Phipsici.i has carried you back, if onl ' for a little w hile, to vour da s at Elon. PHI PSI CLI of ELON Ted Parker, Editor EvELYNE Moore, Business Mcvmffcr Nineteen Hundred and Forty Nine Every couple of weeks, barring holidays, lire, flood, or famine, a loose bundle of unfolded copies ot Maroon and Gold is dumped on a chair in the rotunda of Alamance Building. There are only four pages to the issue; still, roughly 225 to 250 man-hours have gone into its production. By the fantastic absurdity of arithmetic, the time spent on an issue of the paper would represent about 1 1 hours for each person working on it. In actual practice, it amounts to Editor Ted Parker ' s working about 30 hours, the linotype operator about 25, and so on down the line until you start totaling the moments spent by curious passers-by in glancing through the windows to see where all the noise is coming from. It ' s hard to take inventory of the sources of noise and frustration. It could be VVomble screaming like a wild Indian over his one-hundredth off-set. It could be big Theodore stalking in and out among the craters in the floor, waving a sheaf of illegible copy, calling down curses upon il- literates and folks who can ' t tell time. It could be the gals chattering over their paper-folding, gossiping endlessly — until they ' re asked for a story lead. Or maybe it ' s the nearly hysterical laughter that swells in every- body ' s throat about 4 o ' clock in the morning, when sheer fatigue makes everything funny. But total the fingers mashed on the press, the bloodshot eyes, the dry- cleaning bills, the exhaustion, the helpless laughter, big Theodore ' s magnificent curses, unexcused cuts — and you have Friday ' s wilted little bundle of Maroon and Gold. The issue may be a mess. But, on the other hand, it may be a pretty good looking paper. 76 STAFF Ted Parker Editor in Chief E ELVXE Moore Business MiVmircr Frances Newton Feature Editor Rocco Sileo Sports Editor Bob Wright Dravmtics Editor Har ey Foushee Staff Photo ' j nipher Martha eazey Circulation Manager B. G. Frick Printer Gray Hackney Makeup Man Worth Womble Press Man Faye Cline Typist HoYLE S. Bruton Adviser Mr. Hoyle Bruton Adviser AROON AND GOLD iP 4i.iJi..-jMifii THE CHOIR The College Choir, under the direction of John Westmoreland with Fletcher Moore at the organ, is one ot the most active college organiza- tions. In addition to its basic function of furnishing music for Sunday church services and week-day chapel, it presents performances of three major oratorios each year, one of these being the annual Christmas rendition of Handel ' s " The Messiah. " The choir also has a radio program every Sunday from 2:00 to 2:30 P.M. over W ' BBB, Burlington, and affiliated stations. Other high points in choir activity arc off -campus performances, ranging from appearances by soloists and ensembles at various functions all over the state to an ambitious spring tour which has taken the choir as far north as New England. The choir is composed of both music students and any members of the college student body who enjoy choral music. OFFICERS Wayne Moore Tresidtnt Baxter Twiddy Vice-President Fred Sahlmann SecrcLvy-Treasurer 78 ELON PLAYERS CAN YOU ACT?! This question is brought before every student in his freshman year at Elon. The Klon Players is one of the first organiza- tions on the eanipus to attract the attention of new students interested in dramatics. Under the leadership of Mrs. L. E. Smith, Jr., the Elon Players has experienced one of its most prosperous and successful years. The five plays presented during the year were as follows: " What A Life, " " Ciaslight, " " You C an ' t Take It With You, " " The Betrayal, " and " Arsenic and Old Lace. " OEEICERS F.o Nash President o I) Bo (;K Vice-President E ELYNE Moore Secretary WiLLiA.M Hopkins Treasurer 79 Todd Fernc hoiigh President Shirley Joyncr Vice-President Ann Truitt Secretary Evelync Moore Treasurer Mrs. Nellie Stauffcr Sponsor PURPOSE: To Be Of STUDENT CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION Need five bucks? You can borrow it — no questions asked — from the Student Christian Association Student Loan Fund. Did you enjoy the fun and frolic at the Halloween Party? Ot course you did. These go to show that the Student Christian Association, although " mother " of such important programs as ' espers and Morning Watch, believes that ( hristianity must also move and function outside the cloistered walls of formal worship. Service To Others Most of the S.C.A. work is carried on by a small " Oabiiict " " ot stu- dents and faculty advisers. The larger Student (Christian Association is not called on for much of the actual business details. Kach member, however, is ehallenired to tr - to live with the tollowinu purposes in mind: 1. lb unite in the desire to realize full and creative lite through a growing knowledge of (iod. 2. To have a part in making this lite pf)ssil)le tor all people. 3. To seek to understand Jesus and to follow llim. 81 HOUSEHOLD ARTS The Household Arts Ckib is devoted to satisfying the needs of Home Economics maiors and all other girls interested in this type ot activity. Projects in the correct manner of serving, correct dress, changing styles, preparing menus, and other topics of interest are carried out. (Dele- gates are sent to the State College clubs workshop in the fall and spring of each year.) OFFICERS Elizabeth E. Raines .President Lucy A. Everette Vice-President Mary G. Butler Secretary-Treasurer Dr. Ellen A. Reynolds Faculty Adviser 82 FINE ARTS The Fine Arts (Hub at I ' .lnn seems to be increasing each -car. Stu- dents, possessing no gift tor painting w hatever, can take an art course under Miss Lila Newman and turn out a beautiful work. I he - are instructed in (ihina Fainting, Oils, Water Colors, Pastels, ( " harcoals, Still Life Drawings and Originals. It is well known by all that line Arts holds an iinpf)rtanr place in the curriculum at I.lonl 83 COLONNADES Coloiuhhlcs is the campus magazine, written by students and faculty, and published by the college press. Believing in art, not artiness; in warmth and sincerit ' , not pretense, the stati tries to produce an organ with both cultural and human appeal. The magazine appears once a year, usually n April. STAFF Joan Bolweli Editor Ruth Colman Art Editor Sue Edwards Business Manager Mrs. G. a. H. Johnson Sponsor 84 DAY STUDENTS ORGANIZATION This year the Day Students ' Organization at Elon has more members than at an - other previous tim e. The day students arc also becoming more active in school affairs. Girl day students have organized a separate club w irh their own officers. Their basketball team will com- pete in intramural games. Plans are being completed for a student bod ' dance, sponsored by the da - students. OFFICERS Clyde Fields President Thomas DeLoaciii: Vice-President Maxine Abercrombie Secretary Clarence Swinnev Treasurer 85 SCIENCE CLUB The Science Club is composed not only of members majoring in biology, chemistry and physics, but also of those persons interested in the field of science. The only required qualification for membership is " Interest. " The main purpose of the Club is to stimulate interest of the members in phases of science other than their major. This is done by lectures, discussions, demonstrations and movies. 1 hese have proven to be very interesting as well as informative. We appreciate the time and interest given us by our adviser, Professor Reddish. His vast knowledge in the field of biology, chemistry and phvsics has been invaluable as well as inspiring. ()ffici:rs Floyd Boyce President Freddie Williamson ' Vice-President George Patterson Secretury-Treasiirer James Cook Reporter Prof. Paul S. Reddish Sponsor 86 MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION Building: Chrisrian character, understanding problems ni mankind, enjoying Christian fellowship, working in cooperation with Christ — these are some of the earnest endeavors of the Ministerial Association. The Association strives to give its members some important facts and ideas to help them in their future lives as ministers, religious educational directors, religious teachers, religious musicians and other jobs of (Chris- tian service. OFFICI ' .RS W. Allen Wkntz, Jk President Melva Foster Vice-President Virginia Rebick Secretary Todd Ferneyhough Treasurer Dr. F. E. Reynolds Sponsor 87 PI GAMMA MU OFFICERS Carolyn Thompson President James Leonard Vice-President Paul Brown Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS Zolly Bovvden James Hailey James Leonard Edgar Lynch Hugh Rankin 88 INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB International relations are important to every individual and should come more into the thinking of the college student. With this in mind, the International Relations C lub throughout the year brings to the at- tention ot the students and to the club members the manv areas of world- wide happenings and thought. During the year, speakers of note have been brought to the campus to enlarge the knowledge of the students in this Held. Several new methods of informing the students were introduced. Among them could be included the noon-time music and news program and the various displays. At the height of the presidential campaign, a poll was taken by the club to see how the college would vote in the elections. After- meeting bull sessions, conferences, panels and refreshments in the in- ternational flavor add to the interest in the club. Regular meetings are held in the IRC Room located in the Library Bui ding. OFFICERS C. Baxtf.r 7 vii)I) Prcsidait Olin Leonaro Vice-Presidem Marshall Mace Corresponding Secretary Virginia Pla Recording Secretary Wallace (Chandler Parliamentarian Dr. H. E. Hirsch Sponsor 89 EDUCATION CLUB TEACHING! This is the profession sought by those who compose the Education Chib. This ckib, by fre- quent lectures, movies and other ac- tivities, strives to give its members ideas and suggestions that will be of help to them in their future work — the enlightenment of others. OFFICERS Steve Walker President Lenelle Fuller Vice-President Ed Gentry Secretary William Anderson Treasurer Prof. J. C. Colley Sponsor PHI The club holds bi-weekly meetings at which its members play French games and sing French songs. Au- thentic films are shown on various phases of French life. These films are narrated in French. OFFICERS Thomas VVuttams President Martha E. Johnson . . . Vice-President Jane Upchurch Secretary Jennings Berry Treasurer Mrs. H. E. Hirsch Sponsor LE CERCLE FRANCAIS 90 DIE DEUTSCHE RUNDE In order that her students of Ger- man may seeure a better understanding of the German language and customs, Mrs. Vera Hirseh has organized a German cKib. German songs, games, dances and recordings of German operas provide the amusement for the members of this ekib at their bi- weekly meetings. OFFICERS Fked Hoffman President Ed Nash Vice-Presidevt Jeanne Meredith Secretary Fred Sahi.mann Treasurer Mrs. H. E. Hirsch Sponsor PSI CLI The purpose oj " i ' ' ,I (Hub Espanol " is to complement the Spanish classes w ith further study ot Spanish customs and traditions. OFFICERS 1 Iakrv Keeton President Rk.iiakd Painter ' ice-President T:rona Daniei-EY Secretary Martha eazey Treasurer Miss I ' rancks Mui.drow. . . .Sponsor EL CLUB ESPANOL 91 MEN ' S " E " CLUB THE " E " MEN ' S CLUB would cease to exist without the American Spirit of competitive sports. In this Club we find the men who have succeeded in proving their athletic prowess on the Courts, Gridiron, and Diamond. From this Club we hope to see the future leaders of tomorrow As one great General said in the last war, " Men ' s minds and bodies are developed in competitive sports. " OFFICERS Claude Manzi President John Zurlis I icc-Presidcnt George Stanley Secretary Vance Reece Treasurer 92 PANVIO LITERARY SOCIETY Panvio Literary Society, an organization for women students, has carried on the activities ot various other hterary societies which dis- solved with the forming of sororities. Regular bi-monthly meetings feature programs of book reviews, travel talks, monologues, readings, poetry, music, critical analysis, and other forms of literary and cultural achievements. This society also helps in promoting a number of social functions on the campus. OFFICERS Lenelle Fuller President Joan Bolwell I lee-Presiilent Elizabeth Raines SecrehTrr Evelyn Booth Treasurer Miss Frances iMuldrow Faeiilty Adviser 93 ynddrea J okmon MAY QUEEN J eanne Jnerediili MAID OE HONOR MAY DAY at ELON . . . 1949 MILDRED JOHNSON Queen JEANXK MEREDITH Miiiii of Honor ELIZABETH REGISTER Senior Attendant CAROLYN IHOMPSON Senior Attendant SHIRLEY JOYNER fiinior Attendant JEANNE PARKS Junior Attendant STEVE WALKER King FRED CLAYTOR Escort CALVIN MILAM Escort y. R. STAFFORD Escort JEFFERSON DA ' IS Escort LOU SAVINI Escort CHEERLEADERS Carl Colcy Alton Godwin Jeanne Pitrman Pat San ford Jane Transou Lacala Wilkins Dcloris Willis MUSIC AT ELON MAIORETTES Elon Singers under direction of Robert Shaw Virginia Davis Celia Edwards Prances Ferguson Joy Jean Ray ' irginia Rcbick Phyllis Tucker W ' c hear music! . . . Yes, at Klon this is not unusual. Perhaps it is coming from the huge organ in A ' hitley, or one ot the grande pianos, a practice room, choir rehearsal, or the broadcast over WBBB on Sunday at 2:00. But again, it may be a mellow tone sounding from a trumpet or a brassy note trom a French Horn at band rehearsal on Wednesday evening. Surely ) ' ou have noticed as we take our seats at the football stadium, waiting for an exciting game to get underway, how our thoughts and conversations are interrupted as we see, marching down the field, the Elon band beautifully arrayed in Maroon and Gold. The members take their formation and everyone proudly stands to join in our college song, " So Here ' s to Dear Ole ' Elon. " Whenever you feel the need for a lift and desire to hear the strains of music, just " perk up " your ears — somewhere on our campus you will hear music. James Widenhouse President Coy Eaves Vice-President Emmett Nesbit Secretary Virgil Money Treasurer PRE-LEGAL SOCIETY L.AV ! Students at Elon who are interested in law receive marvelous experience in the primary fundamentals necessary for the study of this profession from the Pre-Legal Society. (]ases arc brought before the meetings and several guest speakers give lectures during the year. VARSITY DEBATERS Schools debated: Catawba, Lenoir Rhyne, Appalachian, Davidson, Vake Forest, University of North Carolina. Tournaments: (1) Ninth Annual Appalachian Mountain Forensic Tournament, Boone, North (Carolina. (2) South Atlantic Forensic Tournament, Lenoir Rhyne College, Hickory, North Carolina. (3) The Grand National Tournament, Mary Wash- ington College, Fredricksburg, Virginia. J. E. Danieley, Coiuh 98 OFFICERS William P. ' iLKiNS President Ireland Upchurch ke President AIarjorie Brinkley Secretary Dalton Harper Treasurer Mrs. Fmilv Johnson Adviser REPRESENTATIVES Dalton Harper President Kappa Psi Nu Jeanne Meredith Secretary Delta Upsilon Kappa Burton Daniels Sigma Phi Beta Calvin Milam Iota Tail Kappa Richard Coley Alpha Pi Delta Barbara Haynes Tau Zeta Phi Mable Long Beta Omicron Beta Carolyn Thompson Pi Kappa Tau COMMERCIAL CLUB The purposes of this Club are several: to bring before the Club speakers prominent in the world, industrial and academic; to afford a means of pleasant fraternization on the Campus, to bring together all the students who are studying for a degree or for a clerical certificate in the Depart- ment of Business Administration; and to make certain direct investiga- tions and field trips into business. PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL THE PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL is comprised of a representative from each of the sororities and fraternities. Problems are brought be- fore the group and discussed and plans and suggestions are carried back tf) the social organizations by these representatives. It is the responsi- bility of this council to sec that harmony exists between the individual clubs and that they are united in their actions. 99 Prof. G. A. H. Johnson Sponsor SIGMA PHI BETA First row: Herbert Blalock Floyd Boyce Mills Everett Robert Harris Second row: Fred Hoffman Don Kernodle Ed Nash George T. Parker Third row: Steve Walker Burton Daniels Nash Hardv Ibmmv Flovvell I ' ointli row: Claude Manzi Lou vSavini George Stanley Floyd Benton Fifth row: Ed Dipaolo Jaek Hanel Billy I lopkins Leo Kanipman Not Pictured: Jcrr ' Fields 100 DELTA UPSILON KAPPA First row. Verona Danieley Jeanne Meredith Ellen Spivcy Second row: Jean Harris Evelyn AIcNeill Jeanne Pittnian riiird row. Laverne Russell Mary Lou Silva Bettve Whitsett Miss Nancy L. Keen Sponsor 101 Prof. J. E. Danieley Sponsor KAPPA PSI NU First row: Tommy Burton Dalton Harper James Lassiter iMax Neese Second row: Max Srory 1. H. Vickeryjr. Bill VVilkins Samuel Isley Third row: Warren H. Johnson Bill Matze Bill Scott Brantley Wall Fourth row: H.J. Carr Lester T ' oster Arthur Fowler I ' .ugene Johnson Fifth row: Sonnv Shearin C. K. Siler Lawrence Sykes 102 TAU ZETA PHI Miss Lila Newman Sponsor ■V F V f roiv: Mary G. Butler Barbara Hayncs Mildred Johnson Second rozv: Elizabeth J. Register Allene Stallings Barbara Bailey Third row: Shirley Joyncr Maxine Abercrombic Flora Ciilbcrt Fourth roiv: Mary I " . Lindley Nina Wilson m: " k " 103 Prof. Albert Coble Sponsor IOTA TAU KAPPA First row: Mike Kozakewich Calvin Milam Ira Cutrell Stroud row: Jeff Davis Deward Hooker Jimmy Parker Third row: C larencc Swinney J. P. Thompson Mac McCracken Fourth row: Jack Wayland Alvin Pate Not Pictured: Huctt Braxton Paul Causey I ' red Clay tor Bill Cook Jerry Domcnick Johnny Duhl Jim Elkin Laccy Gane Milton Godwin Stanley Holander Pete Marshburn Arnold Melvin Jim Murray John Whitsett 104 BETA OMICRON BETA First row: Dot Brinkley Doris C annon Second row: Edna FaKvell X ' irginia Rcbick Evelvne Moore Tliird row: Martha cazey Mabic Long lane Rust ion r til row: Betty Truitt Geneva Cooper Miss Evelyn Hodgens Sponsor 105 Prof. Hoyle S. Bruton Sponsor ALPHA PI DELTA r P er» ' ' - .,1 ' k nkM i ' 4 er. C) (T: e mm rt iH 1 ' iiv ' - ' 1 fe mk uife « Gordon Bowers Wallace Chandler Russell Godfrey George Shumar Stroud row: y. R. Stafford James Widenhouse Dallas Berrv J. y. Blanchard Third row: Bob Bowers Delmas Core Aliiril Hughes Harry Keeton fourth row: James Kivett Arthur Mizell Richard Painter Ireland Upchurch 106 PI KAPPA TAU Miss Dorothy Pennington Sponsor First roiv: Norma Jean Edwards Dorothy Shovvc Carolyn Thompson Second row: Dorothy Jones Elizabeth Raines Gavnelle Sutton Third row: Jane Transou Alorilla Edwards Dollv Ree Eoster I ' oiirth row: Jackie Ciaskins Zeda Cirf)gan (yarolvn 1 .ont, 107 II Fighting Christians — RAH!! Elon-Guilford Thanksgiving Game Coach Mallory — Coach Pope Basketball Thrillers 108 Elon Christians in Action Elon ' s Squad THE FOOTBALL SEASON Elon journeyed to Davidson to open their 1948 football season, and onee again the Southern Conference foes, proving too big and deep in reserve strength, handed the outclassed Fighting Christians a 25-0 thumping. The onesided tilt, which spoiled ( ' oach MailorN- ' s inaugural, showed the inexperienced and comparatively new Fighting Christians to be w oefulh- lacking in blocking. But the performance of a number ot freshmen, ot which Tailback Jack Spivey, and Linemen Roll - Ellis and Dick Buchanan were the outstanding, was very heartening. F ' lon defeated Atlantic Christian for the third straight season the follow ing week w ith a 1 i-7 victory in their initial home tilt. Frank Tingle -, a highh-regarded freshman w ingback, scored one ot the touchdowns on a 10-yard jaunt around end, and veteran Pete Marshburn tallied the other on a short plunge follow ing a sustained drive. Offensive stand- outs in the backfield were Tingles-, Spivey, Dave McClenny, and Bobby Harris, while line stalw arts were Sal Gero and Arnold Mclvin. Xe.xt week at Boone, the Fighting Christians battled on even terms with a great Appalachian eleven for a 7-7 first half before the Mountaineers cut loose in the third period with four scores to turn the game into a rout and go on to win 3 3-13. Flon suffered a serious blow when Spivey, number one offensive threat of the Fighting Christians, was injured in the initial period and retired from further action. Fred Claytor, who paced the Christian attack, plunged over for one touchdown, and a punt, blocked by Melvin, was recovered by Zurlis for the other tally. End Claude Gentry, making his first appearance of the season, paced the line performers along w ith Melvin, Zurlis, and Gero, w hile the backfield stars were Claytor, Marshburn, and Spivey. The Fighting Christians found the unorthodox attack displayed by the Pirates of E.C.T.C. hard to solve, but, never- theless, Lou Savini climaxed a successful second period drive with an eight-yard touchdown plunge to give l.lon a well- earned 6-0 victory. Scoring opportunities were frequent for C-oach Mallory ' s crew, but a sadh ' lacking scoring punch held the victors to a lone tally. Gero, Co-Capt. C laude Manzi and End Een Greenwood starred up front for the Fighting Christians. Savini, Bargcr and Tingley were the backfield stars offensively, w hile Bill C ook and Marshburn shone on the defense. A highly favored Newberry Indian eleven defeated I ' .lon 20-7 in the Palmetto State the following week. The Fight- ing Christians drew first blood w ith a talK " in the initial quarter when Gentry pounced on a loose ball, the result of a blocked punt by Gero. McClenny kicked the extra point. Elon ' s poor pass defense was mainly responsible for the Indian ' s victory, for their passing was directly or indirectly responsible for all three scores. Mike Kozakewich turned in a fine game at end along w ith Claude Cientry, while Barger, .McClenny, Tingles ' and Hal Johnson were the backfield stars of this tilt. Catawba College, still one of the best of the country ' s small colleges, continued the mastery over the Fighting Christians with an overwhelming 3. ' -0 victory October 23. The Indians, spearheaded by a number of fast, seasoned backs and a fine line, were too much for Coach Mallory ' s young club. Lou Savini and Bill Barger tried to get the Chris- tains into the scoring column, but their valiant efforts were in vain. The fighting Christians went on their greatest scoring spree in three s ' ears of post-war football to rout the Newport News Apprentice School 37-12. Speed merchant Frank I ' ingley, playing by far his best game of the campaign, paced the devastating attack with three touchdowns, while Bill Barper, Fred Claytor and Bobby Harris chipped in with one score apiece. Joe I ' " riekson, w ho was ineligible all season for conference competition, directed the smooth functioning Christian eleven. His great blocking proved a prime factor in the victory and the success of the team. Entertaining a smooth I-cnoir-Rhyne aggregation, I ' lon closed its home season on the short end of a 13-0 score the following weekend. With spirits considerably lifted as a result of the Newport News victory, the Fightinsr Christians played a classy brand ot ball worthy ot victory, but, once again, fiiilure to muster any scoring punch w as the disheartening excuse. C. K. Siler ' s booming punts kept the Bears in their ow n territory for the better part of the tilt, but a mistake in the opening minutes and a pass interception in the dying minutes paved the way for Lenoir Rhine ' s two scores. Sal Gero, Arnold Melvin, and Claude Cicntry once again paced a fine defensive line. Hardly indicative of Flon ' s fine play was the 12-12 tie score against High Point on Nov. IS. The Fighting Christians, ho appeared to be becoming more powerful and familiar w ith the Mallory-installed single winsj, deserved a better fate against the favored Panthers. C. K. Siler scored first for I ' lon w hen he recovered a fumble by Billy Cook who had taken a lateral from Billy Johnson, w ho, in turn, had snagged a pass from Lou Savini within the five-yard stripe. Later, Savini and Spivey collaborated to turn in the best play of the day. With Savini fading to his own ten, Spivev outraccd the Panther secondary and caught an over-the-shoulder pass on the 45 and outran the safety man to pay dirt. Savini, Spivey, and Siler were the offensive stars for I ' .lon while Melvin, Centry, Tingley, Barger and Cook starred defensively. I ' lon dropped the curtain on their 194S football season with a 12-0 victory over Cuilford. The Turkey Day classic w as all-F.lon as the Fighting Christians, led by Claude Gentry, displayed the greatest defensive performance of the entire campaign. Claytor plunged over from the two to climax a lengthy drive in the initial stanza, and Bobby Harris, a great ' , u.li runner in his last pcrtormance for i ' lon, provided the other taih ' with a heautitui 19 yard run in the final canto. Standouts on a great defensive line along w ith Gentry ere Bill Johnson, Mclvin, Manzi, Zurlis, and Gero. Harris, Claytor, Zurlis, Kozakcwich and McClenny all turned in creditable performances in closing out their football careers at F ' lon. The Christians, who finished up with a 4-5-1 record, fared far better than the records indicate. Arnold Melvin, 230-pound tackle, was selected to the )j A ' AVxi ' y All-C onference team and to the Small Southern College second team, Sal Gero, bruising 225 pound freshman tackle, was mentioned for nomination to Tom Harmon ' s Little All-American and Claude Gentry was named most valuable plaxer bv his teammates. FOOTBALL RECORD Elon Opponents Davidson 25 Atlantic Christian 1 . 7 Appalachian 1} 3 . E. C. T. C 6 Newberry 7 20 Catawba 35 Apprentice School 37 12 High Point 12 12 Lenoir Rhyne 13 Guilford. 12 Parkt Hoffman Hardv T : W k 4 ' m sr Whirc Drev BASKETBALL Graham Kampman Coach Pope Lou Savini, Ciipt. C.K.pcr Gane 1949 BASKETBALL 194K-49 ' -7 L-22 Elan Opponent 43 Ficldalc 40 32 Carolina 66 5 3 High Point Y 42 80 R.P.I 20 62 McCrary 70 44 Ficldale ' . 51 56 NAS 60 48 NAS 51 40 Hancs 48 56 Lynchburg 49 53 McCrary 47 41 ACC 43 55 Hanes 76 48 ECTC 49 41 Catawba 57 Elan Opponent 38 Guilford 54 44 Lenoir Rhyne .... 5 3 47 W.C.T.C 52 60 W.C.T.C 50 41 Catawba 51 55 High Point 77 68 EUcr ' s 52 53 A.S.TC 86 51 Lenior Rhyne .... 69 41 A.S.TC 66 42 High Point 51 48 E.C.TC 52 57 A.C.C 72 65 Guilford 76 C G 5: 4»1 " BASEBALL Steve Walker Captain Anderson and Andrews BASEBALL SQUAD ■ittilMiMiiiiii 116 INTRAMURAL COUNCIL MEMBERS Men Ed Ellis, Chairnhvi Guy Boswick Ed Drew George Etheridge Deward Hooker Bill Matze Richard Painter Lacy Presncll Lee Rodgers Rocco Sileo George Stanley Worth Wbmble Wo)iien Jackie Gaskins Flo Gilbert Jean Harris Evelyn McNeill Betsy Melson Evelyne Moore Dorothy J. Parker Jeanne Pittman COACHING STAFF Pierce, J. L.. .Chnrmcin, Departvient of Health and Physical Education Mallory, James Head Coach for Football and Baseball Pope, H. J Basketball Coach, Line Coach for Football Wolfe, G. H Assistant Football Coach ToMANCHECK, JosEPH Assistant Football Coach Clayton, John Assistant Basketball and Baseball Coach Tomancheck Pierce Wolfe Pope Mallory 118 INTRAMURAL SPORTS 119 GIRLS The biggest event of the girls program was participating in and winning top honors in a Basketball Play Day held at Cunltord College, February 19. The Elonitics who played were r Betty Cobb, Martha Beers, lean Harris, F elyn McNeill, Mildred Johnson, Jean Thompson, Marjorie Brinkley, Lou Tuck, and Betty Truitt. The basketball team defeated Lenoir Rhyne, Guilford, Pfeiffer, and Greensboro College. SPOKTS Earlier in the season, Jeanne Pirrman, Jane Rust, Shirle ' Boney, Sophie White, Rosamond Bromley, Lacala W ' ilkins, Evelyn McNeill, Sue Edwards, and Jean Harris played volleyball at (iuiltord (College and Elon was deteated. Tennis, bowling, softball, and soccer are also included in the intramural program tor girls. " 0 ur Supporters " «? mSc BURLINGTON COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY Burlington, North Carolina SAVINGS -INVESTMENTS Each Account Fully Insured to $5,000 by an Agency of the Federal Government LOW COST HOME LOANS The Friendly " Home Folks " Since 1914 FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 102 W. Front Street Burlington, N. C. PET ICECREAM aAea om£ " ' Taste the fresh cream in Pel Ice Cream ' Burlington, N. C. WRENN-WILSON, INC. " Burlington s Top Shop for Men! " Burlington, North Carolina SPENCE BUS AND TAXI SERVICE Phone 56 Elon College. North Carolina KIRK HOLT HARDWARE CO. HARDWARE : PAINTS BUILDING SUPPLIES FARM MACHINERY : MILL SUPPLIES GIFT SHOP — MEZZANINE FLOOR Main Street Burlington, North Carolina STOP and EAT AT THE ELON COLLEGE SODA SHOP Elon College, North Carolina Complim ents of NEESE-SHOFFNER FURNITURE CO. Burlington, N. C. MELVIIiLE DAIRY Quality Dairy Products Burlington, North Carolina CompUments of DEPARTMENT STORE Burlington ' s Oldest, Largest and Most Modern Department Store HOOD SPORTING GOODS 206 West Front Street Dial 6-4797 Compliments of BURLINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA J. C. PEIVIVEY Complete Line of Athletic EquipmeiU hv MacGREGOR : GOLDSMITH COMPANY SPAULDING and REACH Burlington. North Carolina Special Prices to Schools and Students ' B l ' School Jackets and Sweaters Compliments of BURLINGTON Sears Roebuck Company SPORTING GOODS CO. 1 — Athletic Equipment J. C. HIGGINS 2— Wheel Goods Spurting Goods for All Occasions 3 — Huntinji. Fishinjr Supplies 4 — Gun and Bicycle Repairs 200 East Front Street Dial 6-6336 BURLINGTON. NORTH CAROLINA 423 Worth Street Dial 6-6634 FREE PARKING Burlington, North Carolina Compliments of h: T. O N GRIT.T. Elon College, North Carolina ALAMANCE PRINTING COMPANY ENGRAVED and PRINTED ANNOUNCEMENTS OFFICE and MILL FORMS 523 South Main Street Dial 6-1881 Burlington, North Carolina Movies Are Your Best and Most Economical Entertainment! When in Burlington Attend PARAMOU NT CAROLI NA or ALAMANCE Burlington ' s Leading Theatres! 1 " Your Eyes Are a Priceless Possession ' BURLINGTON OPTICAL COMPANY Burlington, North Carolina Across the Street from the Alamance Theatre DISPENSING OPTICIANS Dial 6-7616 ALAMANCE BOOK STATIONERY CO. BOOKS : GIFTS ENGRAVING SCHOOL and OFFICE SUPPLIES BURLINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA A. D. PATE COMPANY Quality Printers Since 1906 Dial 6-2082 Burlington, N. C. Compliments of UNITED DOLLAR STORE Burlington, N. C. Keep Trim and Smart Expertly Laundered Shirts They Stay Fresh Longer ALAMANCE LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANERS ' We Do It Better " Burlington, North Carolina T. N. BOONE The Tailor Burlington, North Carolina ' " The Best Place to Buy a Suit " Compliments of TROLLINGER ' S FLORIST Burlington, N. C. Cammack Office Supply 1 our Stationer Phone 6-5791 BURLINGTON. NORTH CAROLINA For Better Buys in Office Supplies 1 Check Back with y cammack Easy as A B C BETTY LOU SHOP Compliments of McLELLANS BURLINGTON. NORTH CAROLINA " Popular Because of Style and Value ' ' BURLINGTON. NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of THE GLAMOR SHOP BURLINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of THE JEWEL BOX, Inc. BURLINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA ACME DRUG CO., INC. AND MAIN STREET DRUG CO., INC. BURLINGTON. NORTH CAROLINA Best Wi sites from Burlington Music Shop and State Theatre BURLINGTON. NORTH CAROLINA BEST WISHES — to THE CLASS OF ' 49 from — THE STAFF AND MANAGEMENT -of- WENS and WFNS-FM BURLINGTON. NORTH CAROLINA Foster Shoe Company 111 East Davis Street BURLINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of ELON COLLEGE STATION Elox College, North Carolina THE HOSIERY SHOP Complete Line of Hosierx for Men. Women, and Children " The Only Exclusive H osier v Shop in Alamance County " BL A LOCKS TAILORY East Front Street BURLINGTON. NORTH CAROLINA " A Ta ' lor-Made Man Is a Goodlooking Man! " Complimenis of EFIRD ' S DEPARTMENT STORE BURLL GT0N. north CAROLINA GOLDMAN ' S LADIES ' FINE SHOES 1 Hosiery, too! 1 BURLINGTON. NORTH CAROLINA LONG ' S DEPARTMENT STORE, INC. " The Home of Long Wearing Sundial Shoes " Burlington, North Carolina Complinients of a FRIEND Compliments of PEPSI-COLA BOTTLI NG WORKS Highway 70 BURLINGTON, N. C. PATRON 1 Z E OUR ADVERTISERS CHARLOWE ENGRAVING CO. Charlotte, North Carolina Official Photographers for the 1949 PHI PSI CLI Goio4t ta StuAial One. " ON LOCATION " PHOTOGRAPHERS 114 Park Row : New York 7 : New York UNITED STATES OF AMERICA— first among nations in national income! First in production of wheat, corn, cotton, petroleum, coal, and iron! First in commu- nications in motor vehicles per capita— first in many essen ls to good living and prosperity. j jinA directly related to that position of leadership IS our standard of education— for it has been shown that a country ' s wealth and welfare rise along with its educational standards. And countries rich in natural resources can he poor and backward with- out the benefits of education. Yes, the United States is a leader in the field of education loo— but ' for how long? Appalling con- ditions prevail today in many of our schools. Many of our most brilliant teachers are working against odds— crowded classrooms, shortages of equipment and textbooks, long hours. . . . Thousands have left the profession for other work. You, and every United States citizen, will suffer from this situation, because it cannot help affecting our national prosperity before long. WHAT TO DO? Today— make it your business to take these two steps: 1. Check up on educational conditions in your local schools; 2. Back up and work with organizations seeking to improve teachers ' working and living conditions. For only by keeping our educational standards high can we hold our place in the world —and assure a prosperous future for our children. -tt« " «»» Printed as a public serv by EDWARDS BROUGHTON COMPANY Printers : Stationers : Lithographers : Engravers Raleigh, North Carolina AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS

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