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Class5ljL V Ronk fl i 30 in I )3i ' ' ' ' ' ' B , ELON COLLEGE, N. C ■V. UwviW ' ' p- W k Mdmrn ■ ' P ' HR THE ANNFAL Pr ELK ' ATIOX OF THE SENIOR CLASS OF ELON COLLEGE, ELOX COLLECiE. NORTH CAROLINA, OLI ' ME THIRTY-ONE, NINETEEN HUNDRED AND FORTY-SIX. Edwin Daniel, Editor-in-Chicf. " EAST DORM. WEST DORM, all around the town . . . tlio power house and Senior Oak . . . the red brick wall and the iron-clad gates . . . and the memories they recall. We arrived .Se))tfnilier 1. 191 ' J. iKwildered, creen. wondering which was the front and wliieh was the hack. We matriculated, chose Gene Poe as class president, and the hall hegan to roll. Initiation . . . KA-Dets . . . reserves were called in . . . f ' rats dishanded . . . and the first year was over. The war lay heavily on our Alma Mater during the next two years. Poe was again class |)re y ... .1. ( ' . .Smith and Margaret K.iwls. King and Queen of Hearts . . . Rawls following up this triumph to be class president the next year . . . and then came " Victory " over Germany and Japan. Many of the boys who had left college to answer the call of duty re- turned, and it was back to normalcy again . . . Classes . . . Ladies Hall . . . basketball games . . . Littl ' Un . . . SCA . . . CRM . . . C ' TI . . . bull ses- sions . . . Elon . . . Whatley was president of the student body, Peedin and d the Senate and Council . . . Tom edited the M. G. . . . app was Senior Class president. May Day — under the rule of those swank Virginians . . . and then, eonniieneement and it was all over. Four vears — never to be forgotten. r j ' So lurr ' .s fi) ilcar old Kloii, fd ' ithfiil diid hold. Here ' s to her Ixniiicr of tii irooii uid fjold. . . [5] THE RANKS of the class of lO-ifi wore l)r()kcii to ])i-ovi(le niaiipowrr for our country in its years of peril. ' IMiis was true of all classes from llM. ' j to 1949. Eloii t " olle e sent more than 1,000 men and women to join our armed forces in answer to the call of our country. They did not hesitate to ;o, ncn ' did th.ey falter in the fiiijit. They faced the enemy with courage. ' JMiey fought biayely. ' i ' liey won a glorious yictory, Init at infinite cost. Some of them, may God grant rest to their weary spii-its, will never come back. We loved them. We honor them. We revere them. ] Ie miss them sorely especially in these closing days of our college career. As we walk al)out the campus, as we hold our meetings, it se ems they should l)e with us. To their memory, their heroic efforts, their sacrificial service, and their everlasting honor we, the Class of 194(), jiroudly and devotedly dedicate the I ' mi ' sicu, our college animal. ' . . . Here ' s to nun aiid 7cnnieN rclio ' ' e cnnie and ( one, S ' nn iin the -i ' htor ' n sony of old Klon. " Our PRESIDENT TO THE CLASS OF 1946: YOU ENTERED Elon College in the early stages of World War II. Every citizen was giving his all in the fight for freedom. You were doing your share in preparing your- selves for the most significant service possible. The jjreparatioii of hody. mind and spirit is essential to every life if that life is to be successful and hap|)y. Your Alma Mater gave the government full cooperation in our country ' s crisis that her contribution to democracy might be full and complete. Notwithstanding your Alma Mater ' s con- tribution to country, her contrihutiiins to you were not reduced hut in every particular she sought to meet your every need. You have been real nun and women in your country ' s figlit for freedom; ])atriotic students in vour search for truth. Your detrrniination to achieve in tlie field of learning has brought vou to a successful conclusion of your college career. As you turn from the campus to the world with its opportunities and conflicting ideals, may grace, wisdom and the peace of God be your daily portion now and evermore. Leon Edgar Smith, President. [8] DR. D. J. BOWDEN, Dean F ' OUR YEARS! Four war .years. Four yi-ars of college life in which we watched the passing parade of those who came for a few months, worked, studied, and played among us, and then went out to answer the call of Uncle Sam; four years during one of which we played host to the Army Air Corps. And as the Army left we began to settle down to normalcy, came signs of the end of hostilities, and then the Peace; and now returning warriors join our ranks. Elon shall go for- ward, growing, huilding, serving, but we who remain here shall not lose sight of you who go forth from us. You take with you a bit of Elon and you leave with us a bit of you; we are spiritually joined as one, never to lie comjiletely put asunder. To the Cla.ss of 19+(), best wishes, sincere and warm; keep the love of F;ion in your hearts, fur we shall l)e with you in sjiirit and in truth. I). .1. ]5owi)i:.v. Dean of Men and Head of the Department of Philosophy and Religion. MISS IDA M. GREENFIELD, De an CLEAR THINKING and constructive leadership were never more needed than now. ' I ' oday as never before men and women need greater power in viewing the world as a whole, of integrating and humanizing knowledge, of acquiring the ability to assess values and make reasoned judgments, of greater awareness of living and the purpose thereof. As I review the Roster of the Senior Class of IMO I rejoice in the potentialities of leadership of each of you, and am grateful for the privilege that has been mine of helping you in your planning this year. loA M. Gkkhniiki.i), Derm of Women rind I n.il rnefrjr In KnrjVish. [9] FACULTY John Willis Bakxey, Department of English; A.B., Elon College; Gradu.itc AVoik: Columbia University, University of Virginia, University of North Carolina. Ned Faucette Brannock, Department of Chemhlri); A.B., M.A., Elon College; M.S., Columbia University; Litt.D., Defiance College; Additional Graduate Work, Jolins Hopkins University, University of North Carolina. E. A. HoVDESVEN, Department of Music; B.A., St. Olaf College; Mus.B., Toronto Univirsitv; F.C.C.O., Canadian College of Organists; A.K.C.O., Royal College of Music, I.oiulun, England. Mrs. Wade Mari.ette, Librarian: A.B., Higli Poiiit Cdllegc, Certificate Lilirary Science, W.C.U.N.C; Graduate Work: University of .Soulht-ni California. Christina HARnv, Department of Business .It! miiiisl ration ; . .B., Ouacliita College; M.A., George Peabody College for Teachers. Palo. S. Reddish, Department of Bioloi ti: A.B., Duke University; M.A., Duke University. Mrs. V. H. Daniels, Commercial Depart ment : A.B., Elon College, North Carolina. John S. West-morelani), Department of Mii ir: A.li.. Klon College; M.A., Columbia University; Graduate Work: .lulliard School of Music. A.B., Ilollins A.B., Davidson College; M.A., Anne McCi.enny, DijKtrl nun of ?Ins Lacy B. Ancox, Coarli, Department of Pliiisiral Eilne University of North Carolina. Alonzo I-oiir Hook. Registrar, Department nf J ' tii xiex: A.]?., M.A., Elon College; M.S., Cornell University; Additional Graduate W ' cjrk: .Inliiis Hopkins University, University of Chicago, Duke University. S. C. Deskins, Deparlmrul nf Eiluealinn anil I ' siieliohiiiii : A.B., M.A., Elon College; M.A., Ph.D., University of North Carolina. LiDA Muse. Deiiart inent of Jlonte Economies: B.S., University of Tennessee; M.A., Columbia University. Charles R. McCi.riii;. t e,,arlmrnl of Eni lish: 1!.. ., Maryville College: M.A., Ohio State University; Canilidati- for l li.I)., Indiana University. W lli- at ELON Atala Chegwin, Deiiarfmciit of Modern Languages; Colegio Americano para Senoritas. Meiitox B. Fresch, Di ' iifirluuiil of Religion and Greek; A.B., Washburn College; M.A., Ph.D., Brown University. I.iLA Clare Newmax, Department of Art; Pli.l!.. Elon Cidlege; Graduate Work: Columbia University and Harvard University. Fij:tciiek Moobe. Deimrtment of Music; A.B.. Elon College; M.. ., Columbia University; Julliard School of Music, Piano Student of Sa.scha Garodnit ' .ki and CUiy Maier. Mrs. Pail C. Plybox, Commercial Department; B.S., Oklahoma College for Women. Haks E. Hirscu, Deimrtment of Modern Langnages and nistori : Hoeherc Reifepruefung Realgymnasiuni Mannhein, University of Frankfort-on-tlie-Main; University of Heidel- berg; University of ■ienna; Ph.D., University of Munich. MnjjRED Clark Widreh. Department of Religion: B.A., Bates College; tiraduate Work: Uni- versity of Chicago. Charles Apel, Business Manager; A.B., B.S., University of North Dakota. Mrs. L. E. S.mitii. Jr.. hepnrtnient of Dramatics; Irvine Studio for the Theatre; New York City. .Mrs. Vera C. Hirscu. Department of Modern Languages; L ' Ecole Francaise Girard, St. Petersburg, Russia; Gedda Gynmasiuni, St. Petersburg, Russia; Alliance Francaise in Paris, Studies at University of Paris, University of Munich, Certificate of the German Academy, Munich. Pali, C. Plybox, Field Secretary. Curistixe Hoxeck, Department of Music; B.S., Bowling Green State University; M.Mus., University of Michigan. WHO ' S WHO Aniong Students in American Universities and Colleges TO BE NOMINATED and accepted for iiicliisiiiii in Who ' s Who Amonp liidcnls ill liiirrican Uiiivemitien (iiid Colli ' i e.i is tlic culmination of all college honors and achievements. The students are chosen hy faculty ballot conscientiously and impartially after their qualifications are carefully considered. The qualities which determine the selection of students for this honor are character, scholarship, leadership in extra-curricular activities, and potentiality for future usefulness to business and society. The idea for creating ojie national l)asis of recognition for students devoid of politics, initiation fees, and dues, was conceived more than twelve years ago, and the first book was published in 193t-3,5 with 250 colleges listed. Today almost (i,()()0 students who are most likely to be successful in business and later life are selected from approximately fi.50 colleges and universities. From the basic idea then Who ' s Who has developed into an integral part of college and business life, serving as an incentive for students, a means of compensation for what they have already achieved, as a standard of measurement, and as a recommenda- tion to the business world. Students who were selected this year to liavc their biographies appear in tlie 1945-4 ' () edition are Emerson Wliatley, Edwin Daniel, Thomas Horner, Earl Danieley, Bill Clapp, Fred Register, Elizabeth Parker, Margaret Rawls, Martha McDaniel, Hilda Malone, and Betty Bob Stone. .Junius Peedin and Jessie Thurecht, wlio were listed last year, were also incln lcd in tliis year ' s ]Hil)lieatioii. flapp, Daniel, Danieley, Horner, Malone, McDaniel, Parker, Peedin, Rawls, Stone, Thurecht, Whatley, Register. [12] Student Body Officers Al ' TKH one yeai ' of t ' ciiiiiiinc rule, a man aoaiii took o L ' r tliu ruiiins of the Student (io cninicnt Association this year. In the general election last s])ring iMuerson Wliatlcy defeated Margaret Rawls for tlie top cainjius ])osition Ijy a close vote. " I ' he liarnionious student liodv relations and the interesting Monday nioi ' ning assi ' uililies are proof of his excellent li ' adership. l%lon students were fortu- nate, indeed, to ha e had liini for tiieii ' ])resident. Othei- student liodv officers were 1 ' ' red llegistei ' , ' ic ' e President ; Kei-niit Innian, Secretaiv ; and .Mar (oxe. Treasurer. [13 1 |ilil!1|ll!lllllllll The Council Lib Parkir THE COITNC ' IL has had a little more " Ijusincss " tliis year than the Senate, (iirls will he yirls. Someone took an off-eainpns without sinnini; ' out, the result : just the life of isolation for a week or two. And, too, you may have walked off and left vour tongue wagging on and on into the night only to wake in the morning to find a notice from the Council. Oh well, it wasn ' t so had. You found that the Council knows hest ahout such matters and this is due to its excellent leadership. This year it has seen two ]))-esidents Just as has the Senate. They were Lib Parker and Joyce Smith and they have been well assisted by the other members. The result has been a most profitable year for the Council. [14] The Senate .Illliills I -i(li at ' THIS IS TO INFORM you that you arc rcciucstcd to appeal ' before the Senate Believe it or not. very few of tliese Nueh notiee have l)een sent out l)v the Senate his year. This was probably ihic to the fact that Elon boys arc bcconiintJ ' more serious in their work and play and are leaving off unduly i)ranks which require sucli a summons as abo c. And, too, tlie boys have been under the guidance of two presidents as Junius Pccdiii and Bill C ' laytor, both fully cajjable of their positions. Mucii credit is due the senate members for tlicir excellent handlin ' of the problems which have confronted them. Theirs is a i-esponsible position and tlicy have .succeeded in meeting it squarely. Othei ' officers for the yearc were Carl Neal, Vice President; Kermit Inmaii, Secretary; Hill Copeland, Treasurer. [15 I w Senior Class Officers Bill Clapp Carl Neal Earl Danielky President Viee President Seeretary Hilda Malone Treasurer [18] Senior Class APPLE, AN ' NIK ELIZABETH, Elon College, X. C; Beta Omicron Beta, Pi Gamma Mu; Busitiens Ad minis I rat ion, English, and Ir ' : Household Arts Club 1; Commercial Club 3; Honor Roll 3; Panvio Literary Society 1, 2, 3, Vice President 3; Art Club 3, 4; Day Student Organization 1, 2, 3, 4. BRADDV, ELIZABETH ALSTON, 1105 X. Mebane St., Burlington. X. C; Tau Zeta Phi, Pi Gamma Mu, Delta Psi Omega; History; Day Student Organization 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2; Education Club 3, 4, Treasurer 4; Pi Gamma Mu, Secretary-Treasurer 4; S.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Mnroon and Gold 3; Elon Players 2, 3, 4; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4. BROWER, MARY .lEAX, Liberty, X. C; Pi Gamma Mu; llomc Economics: S.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4; Panvio Literary Society 1, 2, 3, 4; Household Arts Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Education Club 3, 4; Arts Club 3, 4. CLAl ' P, JOHX WILLIAM, .III.. HI. 1. Burlington. X. C; Pi Gannna Mu: Chemintr!): S.C.A. 3, 4; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4: Day Student Organization 1, 2. 3, President 4; Dr. .Johnson Literary Society 3, Vice President 4; Elon Players 4; Mnroon and Gold 3, 4; Chemistry Laboratory Instructor 2. 3, 4; Class Mce President 3, President 4; Spani,sh Clul 4: II ' r .« Who Aniomj Students in American Univemities and Colleges. [19] Senior Class DANIEL, EDWIN LEWIS, Virgilina, Va.; Pi Gamma Mu; Business Ad- ministration and Art; S.C.A. I; Senior Cabinet 2, 3, t; Art Club 3, 4; Pi Gamma Mu, Vice President 4, Accounting Laboratory Instructor 3, Dr. Johnson Liter- ary Society 4; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4; May Court Attendant 3, King 4; Class Secretary 3; Spanish Club 4; ilarvon und Gold Staff 2; Circulation Manager 3; Head Cheer Leader 4; Commencement Marshal 3; Publications Board 4; Piiipsici.i Editor 4; Who ' s Who Amont Students in American Universities and Cnileries. DANIELEY, JAMES EARL, Rt. 4, Burlington, N. C; Delta Psi Omega; Chemistry ; Day Student Organization 1, 2, 3; Delta Psi Omega Director 4; S.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; N.E.A. 3, 4; N.C.E.A. 3, 4; Education Club 3, 4, President 4; French Club, President 4; Elon Players 3, Treasurer 4; Class Secretary 4; Honor Roll 2, 3, 4; Student-Faculty Committee 4; Physics Laboratory In- structor 3, 4; Chemistry Laboratory Instructor 4; Sunday school President 4; Student Senate 3, 4; Student Assistant to the Field Secretary; A.ssoclate Kditor PiiipsKi,! 4; Who ' s Who Amono S ioleiits in A nieriron Vnivcrsities ami Collides. FISCHEL, ELOISE THOMAS, Rt. 5, Oxford, N. C; Pi Gamma Mu; Piano: Transfer Meredith College; McDowell Music Club; Choir I, 2, 3; Librarian 4; Philaretian Literary Society 1, 2, 3: Education Club 3, 4; S.C.A. 3; Senior Cabinet 4. (;HIFFIN, E ' lHALINDA, Rt. 4, Reidsville, X. C; Delta Psi Omega; ' Reliijion: S.C.A. 1, 2, Senior Cabinet 3, 4; Panvio Literary Society 1, Treasurer 2; Education Club 2, 3; .Ministerial .Association 2, 3, 4; Elon Players 3, 4; Student Council 4. Senior Class HAI.L, FORREST CHALMERS, 128 Lakeside Avenue, Burlington, N. C. m.-lorii: Day Student Organization 1, 2, 3, +; Honor Roll 4; S.C.A. L HALL, WILLIAM WALIEU, Gibsonville, N. C; Pi Gamma Mu; Rclitiwii: Transfer Moody Bible Institute; S.C.A. 2, 3, t; Ministerial Association 2, 3, 4; Dav Student Organization 2, 3, 4. HOLLAND, ALICE ELIZABETH, 732 W. Marion St., Shelby, X. C; Delta Upsilon Ka])])a; Kiu lisli niitl Elemeiilari Ediiratinn : Band 1, 2, 3, 4; S.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Senior Cabinet 3; Commercial Club 1; PMucation Club 2, 3, Vice President 4; Mnninii iiiid Quid 2; Pjiipsicii 2, 3, 4, Assistant Editor 3; Secre- tary to the Dean 4: May Court .attendant 3, Maid of Honor 4. HOOK, BKLNTrr, Ca|)OM Bridge, West Va.; Ka]ipa I ' si Nil: ClKmhlrii: S.C.A. 1, 2, 3; Choir 1, 2, 3; Band 1, 2, 3; Intramiiral Sjiorts 1, 2, 3, 4; Chemistry Lal)oratorv Instructor 4. [21] Senior Class HORNER, THOMAS MARLAND, .51(i Craven St., New Hern, N. C; Pi Gamma Mu, Delta Psi Omega; Enr lixh (uid Riliiiioii : Sunday school Secretary 1, Pianist 2, President 3; S.C.A. 1, Senior Cabinet 2, 3; Ministerial Association 1, Vice President 2, Treasurer 3; Student Senate 2; Elon Players 2, 3, Vice President 2; Secretary-Treasurer Delta Psi Omega 2; Dr. .toluison Literary Society 2, 3; Honor Roll 1, 2; German Club 3; French Club 3; Student Legislature Assemble 2, 3; Commencement Marshal 2; Duke University Summer School ' 45; Class Trea,surer 3; Marofm and Oold 2, Editor 3; Phipsicli Editorial Assistant 3; Student Faculty Committee 2; Publications Board 3; Wlxr.-: Vh(i Amoiiii Students in .1 iiici-iniii I ' iih ' rr.ii ic.- ' and CaUfucs. KING, DORIS ADEI-L, Burlington, N. C; Tau Zeta Phi; Pi Gamma Mu; Home Economics: Household Arts Club 1, 2, 3; Education Club 2, 3; S.C.A. ], Senior Cabinet 2, 3; Spanish Club t; Intramural Council 4; Art Club 4. LLOYD, BETTIE SUE, Efland, N ' . C,; Pi Kappa Tau; Home Economics; Transfer W.C.U.N.C; Household Arts Club 2, 3, 4: S.C.A. Cabinet 2, 3, 4; Panvio Literary Society 2, 3, President 3; Student Service Organization 2; Choir 2; House President 4; Student Council 4; Education Club 4; Student- Fa -ulty Committee 4; Pan-Hellenic Council 4. MALONE, HILDA LEE, Prospect Hill, N. C; Pi Kappa Tau, Pi Gamma Mu; BioJoijjt: S.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4; Household Arts Club 3 ; Art Club 4; Education Club 3, Secretary 4; Intramurals 1, 2, 3; Class Secretary 2, Treasurer 4; Student Council 3; Vice President 4; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleyes. [ 22 1 Senior Class McDAXIEL, MAUTHA ANNE, 311 Crayton St., Anderson, S. C; Tail Zeta Phi, Pi Gannna Mu; Jliilurii: Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, t; Student Council 4; House President 4; Secretary Student-Faculty Coraniittee i; Miiroun and Gohl Associate Editor 3; Pmi ' sici.i Staff 4; Student Service Organization 1; Choir 1, 2; Education Club 2, 3, 4; Student Legislature Assembly 3; S.C.A. 1; Cabinet 2, 3, Vice President !■; Commencement Marshal 3; Electoral Committee 4; Whu ' . " Willi AihiiiKj Sliidints in Jiimiriiii I ' liivemitiefi and CoJleges. NEAL, CARL RAY, Kelews Creek, N. C; Bioloini iind Chiinintrii : S.C.A. 1, 2, Cabinet 3; Dr. Johnson Literary Society 2, 3; Sergeant-at-Arms 2, President 3; Class Vice President 3; Student Senate Vice President 3; Pre- Medical Association President 3: Spanish Club; Student- Faculty Committee 3. PARKER, ELIZABETH HOLLAND, Sunluiry, N. C: Beta Omicron Beta, Pi Gamma Mu; Home Economics; S.C.A. 1, Senior Cabinet 2, 4, Vice Presi- dent 3; Household Arts Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Secretary 2; Student Council 2, 3, President 4; Panvio I iterary Society I ; Education Club 2, 3, 4; StudcntFaculty President 4; Piiiivio Literary Society 1 ; Education Club 2, 3, 4; Student Faculty Colleiie.1. PARKER, IDA MARIE, Eure, N. C; Pi CJamma Mu; EnriViKh and Iliston : Transfer Louisburg Junior College: Education Club 3, 4; Maroon and Gold 3, 4; S.C.A. 3, 1; Eton Players 4; Honor Roll I, 2, 3, 4; Vice President Student Council 4. [23 J Senior Class PEEDIN, JUXIUS HUGH, Glendon, N. C; Pi Gamma Mu; History; S.C.A. 1, 2, Senior Cabinet 3, i; Dr. .lolinson ' s Literary Society, Secretary- Treasurer 3, President V; Art Club 3, i; Education Chil) 3, 4.; Honor Roll 2, 3, •!■; Maroon and Gold 3; Piiii ' sicm Staff +; Student Senate President 3, +; Electoral Committee 3; Student Faculty Committee 3, -t, Co-Cliairman 3; Library Assistant 4; May Court Attendant 3; Commencement Marslial 3; II ' ki ' s 117(0 Among Sludents in American I ' nivernities and CoUeiifx. POE, EUGENE PRESTON, Rockingham, N. C; Delta Psi Omega; Religion; Class President 1, 2; Dr. Johnson ' s Literary Society, President 1, 2, 3; S.C.A. 1. 2, 3, Secretary-Treasurer 2: Senate 2; Ministerial Association 1, 2, 3; Elon Players President 3; Student Body Treasurer 3: ilaroon and Gold 1, Managing Editor 2; Chanticleer Editor, Summer School " -14; Piiipbici.i. Business Manager 2; Student Service Organization 1; Student Legislature Asseml)ly 3; May King 3. POE, FLORINE BRAXTON, Whiteville, N. C; Pi Kappa Tau; English; Clioir 1; Commercial Club 1; Panvio I iterary Society 2; S.C.A. 1, 2, Senior Cabinet 3, 4; p:ducati(in Club 3, 4; . rt Club 3; Student Council 2, 3; May Court Attendant 4. RAWLS, MARGARET ELIZABETH, 204 Soutli Broad St., Suffolk, Va.; Delta Upsilon Kappa, Pi (5amma Mu; Biologir. Class Vice President 1, President 3; Student Body Secretary 2; Student Council Secretary 2; Educa- tion Club 2, 3, 4, President 3; Pi Gamma Mu President 4: Cheer Leader 3; Intranmral Council 1, 4; Art Club 3, 4; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4; Co-Chairman Student-Faculty Committee 4; May Court Attendant .3. Queen 4; Commence- ment Marshal 3; Who ' s ll ' io Among American Vniversifien and Collegex. [24] Senior Class ROSSI, JOHX ALBERT, Vineland, X. J.; Choiii. ' .hii : Dr. JoIihsdh ' s Liter- ary Society 2, Parliamentarian 3; Stndent Legislature Assembly 3; Art C ' luli 3; Honor Roll ], 2, 3; Mnruon iind dold 2. 3; Student Senate Viee President 3; Student-Faculty Committee. 3. 4 ) SLMPSON, MARY ELIZABP:TH, 207 Tarplay St.. Burlington, N. C; Tau Zeta Phi, Pi Gamma Mu; Home Ecojionilcs : S.C.A. 1, 2, 3; Day Student Organization L 2, 3; Spanish Club 3; Education Club 3; Household Arts Club 1, 2, President 3. SCOTT, ARCHIE JOEL, Northport, Michigan; Philo.ioiihi and Relifikm: S.C.A. 1, 2, 3, i; Ministerial Association 1, 2, 3, 4. Vice President 2; Aeronautics Class 4; Dr. Johnson ' s Literary Society, Vice President 4; Upperclassmen Sun- day school Wee President . SMITH, .lO ' lCI-, ADKI.I ' ,. Whiteville, X. C; Pi Kapj.a Tau, Pi (Jannna Mu; Enr IUh: Panvio Literary Society I, 2, Secretary 1 ; Student Service Organization 1: S.C.A. 1, Senior Cabinet 2, 3; Art Club 2. 3; Education Club 2, 3; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3; Mnni ' i,, and Onlil. PVature Editor 3; Student Con ncil President 3; Student-Facultv ConHi.ittd ' 3; . Ia Courl Attendant 3. [26] Senior Class STONE, BETTY BOB, Siler City, X. C; Tau Zcta Phi, Pi Gamma Mu; II (line T ' Uonomics: Education Club 3, 4: Housrliold Arts Club 1, 2, 4, President :i; Class I ' lvasuier 2; Student Couiicil 2, 3. 4; S.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Honor Roll |. : H7,i) ' ,s ' 117(11 J iiioiu Sludents in Aniiricaii riiivtrxHicK and CoUeyes. SUNBURN, JOHN HARVEY, New Britain, Conn.: Delta Psi Omega; Enjilish and Religion; S.C.A., Vice President 1, Senior Cabinet 2, President 3; Ministerial Association 1, Secretary-Treasurer 2. Vice President 3; Duke University Summer School ' 45; Student Senate 3; Student Faculty Committee 3; Electoral Committee 3; Dr. Johnson ' s Literary Society, Sergeant-at-Arms 3; Honor Roll 3; Elon Players 2, 3; May Court Attendant 3; Art Club 3. THURECHT, JESSE DALE, 1105 Hunnicutt Ave., Elizabeth City, N. C; Delta Ujisilon Kappa, Pi Gamma Mu; Chemislrit and Biolnyit; S.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4; Commercial Club Secretary 1; Choir 1; Student Body Vice President 3; Student Faculty Committee 3; May Court Attendant 3; Pan-Hellenic Council 4; Secretary to Refristrav: Who ' s Wha Am«nii Students in American Vniversities and Colleges. WHATLEY, RALPH EMERSON, JR., Ulali, N. C; Pi Gamma Mu; Chemist 1-1 and English; Class Vice President 2; Dr. Johnson ' s Literary Society 1, 2, 3, Vice President 1, 3; May Court Attendant 2: Maroon and Gold Staff 1, 2, 3, Sports 1, 2, 3; Chanticleer Staff 1; Chemistry Laboratory Assistant 2, 3; Student Senate 2, 3, Secretary 2; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3; Intramural Council 2, 3, rresidcnt 2; Senior Manager Athletics 3; Student Body President 3; Who ' s Willi Alining Students in American Universities and Colleges. [26] Junior Class Officers Betsy Smith . . Piiskhiit Tkssie Coffin ] ' icc Pns ' ulcnt Dale Hexseey Sccrctdfi CaTHKRIXE CoOPEli Treasurer [27] Junior Class Ayscue, Verna Lee, Rt. I. lUirliiigton, X. C. Blackmon, Violet Evelyn, Rt. 2, Four Oaks, N. C. Braxton, Ruby Elizabeth, Box 507, Whiteville, N. C. Brewer, Sarah Loi ' ise, Box I(i2, Pittsboro, N. C. Castura, Steve, Elon College. N. C. Clayton, Louise, Prospect Hill, N. C. Cobb, Helen Henderson, 400 West Front St., Burlington, N. C. Coffin, Theresa Lea, Box l.i.i, Gibsonville, N. C. [28] Junior Class Cole, Dorothy Hazel, Rt. 1, Biscoe, N. C. Cooper, Catherine, 21i West Ruttiii St., Burlington, N. C. CoxE, Mary Baxley, W;ii;ram. . C. Dean, Lois Marie, 1 1 1 Long St., AnilRTst. Oliio EzELL, Ida ' iuginia, 7 Bcutli, ill Apts. Phoebu.s, Va. Graham, Robert Jenkins, Mebaiie. N. C. Griffix, Marian GERAi.niNE, Rt. 1. .Snniinrrficld, N. C Hensley, RriiY Dale, Rt. 1, Burlington, N. C. [- ' !)] Junior Class IIoFFiMAXj Thomas Ervin, Rt. I, Burlington, N. C. Hook, Doris PATRitiA, Elon College, N. C. Jonnox, Nancy Young, 508 Lee St., Gastonia, N. C. Morgan, Lucille Irene, Rt. 1. Hampton, Va. McPhehson, Elinor Dare, Rt. 1, Graham, N. C. Neesf, Hilda Grey, Box 68. Elon College. N. C. Newsom, L ry Helen, Main St., Lucama, N. C. NoRRis, Verdalee, Box 331, Sanford, N. C. [30] Junior Class Rakestraw, Gladys Leone, Rt. I. StoiR ille, X. C. Reoister, Fred Page, Rt. 1, Saiiford, N. C. Reidt, Marjory Eleanor, 28 Williiiiitoii St., Waltliam. Mass. Rice, Margaret Winslow, Hurdle Mills. N. C. Roberts, James R., vSanf ' ord. N. C. Rogers, Li thkh I ' rx.nk, IMairiiolia. N. C. Salmons, Dorothy .Jean, 129 Cliurcli .St.. Klkiiis. N. C. SiioEENEH, Kathlke-v Smitii, Hox 213. Liberty. X. C. [31 Junior Class Smith, Betsy Maude, Rt. 1., Burliiititoii. N. C. Stout, Opal Mae, 609 Walker Ave. (Jrecnsboro, N. C. Strader, Annie Ruth, Box 232. Cartilage, N. C. Taylor, Danny Wayne, EHand, N. C. Waugh, Agnes Lorraine, Box 127, Elon College, N. C. Welth, Malchus ' ictor, Rt. 2, Elon College. N. C. Westmoreland, James Phillip, Box 37 Gibsoiiville, N. C. [32] " ' • ' - - r ■ II i m ' ffi ii 11 Til jotk.. n. . . i I I III njw m0M £ 1 Sophomore Class Officers BllTV Hl ' .XTON Jane INIcCaui.ky Fayf. Rickard . Ermink Davis r resident Vice President Secretarji Treasurer L. ' J3 Sophomore Class Allex, Jr . George Lemuel Box 48:?, Roxboro, X. C. Arohnbrk ' .ht, Ki.inor Jean ](« Enola Drive, linola, I ' enn. AvscuE, Perry Lee Ht. 1, Henderson, N. C. Bariiam, Jexxv Lee Burlington, N. C. Bexton, Elizabeth Cirtis 2921 Somme Ave., Norfolk, Va. Pjhaxtox, Archie Ira Box 1.27, Elon College, N. C. Brewer, C(HiA Alice Kt. 1, Peachland, N. C. I5roh ' x, Elsie Amaryllis Kt. I, Brown Summit, N. C. Brncu, Jack Melvix Kt. 1, Burlington, N. C. BiRKHEAU, Dell Box 6(), Candor, N. C. Carter, Krxa Nell «:} Montgomery St., Reidsvillc, N. C. Chandler. Florixe Margaret Kt. . ' ), Burlington, N. C. Chase. Marion Butler Kt. 1, Fremont, N. C. Clarke, Ruth Evei.yx- Gibsonville, N. C. CoHLE. Vivian Irene Ht. 1, Burlington, N. C. Cole, Maxine .Stewart Jack.son Springs, N. C. Cochrane. Pattie Elizabeth Ether, N. C. Copeijsni). William Carlton. Sunhiiry, N. C. [3.1] Sophomore Class Critciifikii). Wii.LiK Smitii Rt. 1, Graham, X. C. Davis, Er.mink Rith Ht. 5, DurlKim. N. C. Karp, Jo Mauhki: 338 Concord Road, Albemarle, N. C. Eaves. Syd.vkv Paicm: Ht. 1, Henderson, X. C. Everett, Ruti[ EiizARimt 535 Second . ve., Suffolk, Va. Fhazier, .Jaxkk Lee Rt. 1, Slienandoah, Y Fheemax. Jack Miller Rt. I, Bostic. X. C. Gilliam. Kmerv Keith Rt. ], Elon College, X. C. Glossox, Doris Emelar 823 South Park Ave., Burlington, X. C. tlHAHAM. IrJFA RuTII Rt. 1, Cameron, X. C. Grifkin. . rii: . . n-e Rt. 1, .Summerfield, X. C. Gri.vsti:ad, Roxai.u Bryan Blanche, X. C. GlNTER. HlLEX WreXX Bo.x 32, Trinity, X. C. HAKiiEi.r. Daniel B., .Ir. .Mount (Hive, X. C. HiNTo.v, Leon Carrinc.ton 606 Kivct St., Burlington, N. C. Hrnsox, Marouebite Sa.xapahaw, N. C. HlRDLE, .VlLEN LaFAVITTE t2« Apple St., Burlington, X. C. Ln.ma-v. Bail Kehmit Freeland. X. C. is 1 vi [35] Class JoTiNsoN, SvsiE Elizabeth Rt. 1, Suflolk, Va. I.Kwis, Mary Ja.ve Rt. 2, Craham, N. C. I.iTTLE. William Duncan Rt. 2, St. Pauls, N. C. Long. Ralph Clinton Prospect Hill, N. C. Maness, Sara Martha Raeford, N. C. Martin. Tommie Elon College, N. C. Mint ., I.oi.s Catherine 4(13 Soiitli Third St., Wilmington, N. C. Morgan, Ella Mae Rt. 1, Hampton, Va. McCauley, ,Ia,ve Utley Waverlv, Va. McClenny, David F. Rt. 4, Box 111, Mt. Olive, N. C. MuLFORD, Sara 505 Church St., Burlington, N. C. Neighbors. Carl Ralph 210 Hawkins St., Burlington, N. C. Newton, Margahi:t Louise Rt. .3, Luray, Va. Parks, Ellen Eugenia Ramseur, N. C. Porter, A irginia Celeste Tabor City, N. C. Rader, BEV :BI.Y Ann Box 127, Burlington, N. C. Reitzel, Lynn 303 Everett St., Burlington, N. C. Rickard. Faye tiie Morchead St., Burlington, N. C. [36] Sophomore Class HoSSKR. El ' NICK Ht. 1, HrDadway, . C. Ul-mi.i: . IIi:ii;x Mukris KliiM fi llc!re, X. C. St. C ' laik, Fuances Elizabeth Bdx 325, Eggleston, Va. StOTT, Helen Arnold High St.. Lawrenoeville, Va. Shepherd, Dorothy Durham, N. C. Staneokd. Carrh: Elizabeth Ht. 2. Craham, X. C. Terrill, Jean ' .SO(i Durham St., lUirlington, N. C. Thi ' ITT. Frances Creet 3(1)1 Elam . ve., Creenshoro, X. C. TRirrT. 1.1 tv l!iirliii{!:t in, X. C. Walker. Vivian Ali.ene Ht. 1, . .sheboro, X. C. Ward. CiRAt ' E Evei.tv Ht. 1, Staley, X. C. WiiiTi.ock ' , Jane Hox -233, Carthage, X. C. WlI.SnN. Ka ' Mikvx Ch.vri.otte Ht. t, Kiirlirmtdii, X. C. Vri:-n.n. I ' VTSV HlTFI Ht. 2. Durham, X. C ' . RKORor(; n . . 1 AH rii a 3200 M(iiir jc Hcl , Charliiltc, X. C. VaR11IIR(HC.1I. Marv . ' i. ' OO Monro.- Hil., Charlotte, X. C. ' arb ikoi-(;m. .Sara I. or Yaiiei-vviUe, X. C. YoiTNO, . ' lma Kathleen ' i ' riion, . lal). ' ima [37 Freshman Class Officers Don Kernodle President Orvillk Rouinson Vice President Jean West Secretary Thomas Burton Trccmircr [38 J Freshman Class Abbott, Margaret Evelyn, 717 Easton St., Hendersoi Anderson, Gloria Davis, 1909 2d St., Hampton, Va. Anderson, William H., Rt. 6, Box 284-, Greensboro Ashley, Ida Ann, Ashley Heights, Fairmont Atkins, Mary Marshall, Kt. 2, Burlington Bailess. Oliver T., 428 Elmire St., Burlington Bateman, Doris June, Kt. 1, Hidgeway, Va. Beckom, Mary Ruth, Rt. 1, Burlington Bishop, Bertha Blanclie, N ' orlina Black, Betty Ann, Rt. 4, Burlington Blake, Betty Lorraine, Rt. 1, Stedman Bhike. Mavreece, Rt. 1, Stedman Bouldin, Ila Jean, Rt. 2, Elon College Boyce, Floyd Thomas, Rt. 1, .Jackson Bradley, David Vernon, 201 W. Holt St.. Burlington Bradshaw, Brownie Ercell, Willard Bradshaw, Mills Edwin, Willard Braxton, Rosalie, G18 S. Mebane St., Burlington Bray, Dorothy Elizabeth, Rt. 3. Elizaljeth City Bray, Oabe, Virgilina, a. Brinkley, Dorothy Jane, Rt. 1, SuflFolk, Va. Bro«n, Paul Daniel, Siler City Browning, Mary Elizabeth, 328 N. Ma))le St., Clraham Bulla, Dora Alice, 429 North St., Graham Bullabough, Edgar David, 1121 Magnolia St., G ' boro Burke, Edna Faye, l(j0.5 Upland Drive, Greensboro Burlinganie, Alfred W., Box 4-71, Cambridge, X. Y. Burton, Thomas Lindsey, 337 Main St., Reidsville Burton, William, 809 Magnolia Court, High Point Butler, Graydon Foushee, 427 Glenridge Rd., Stratford ' Byrd, Anne Harve.v, 1234 21st St., Xewport News, Va. fates, , lbert Roney. 203 Beaunant Ave, Burlington Chase, Janice Lorraine, Rt. 1, Fremont Cheek, Pauline, )21 Washington St., Graham Chegwin, Esilda, Barranqilla, Columbia, S. America Chegwin, Guillermo Rafael, Barranijuilla, Columbia, S. A. Cipriani, Cliarlotte, 12 Williams .St., Phoebus, Va. Clapp, George Jordan, Rt. 1, Burlington Clapp, Gertrude Coble, Rt. (i, Greensboro Clark, Charlotte Adams, Pi.sgah, Ala. Clavton, Wilma Aleine. Prospect Hill Cobb, John William, Rt. 3, Lihirty Cobb, .Margaret Lou Jean, . liiineola St., (iibsonville Cole, Edward Wayne, Box 210, Haw Rivtr Coley, Richard Opie, 308 Highland Aw.. Burlington Coley, Susie Ann, 308 Highland . ve., Burlington Comer, Peggy Blue, Rt. 1, Cameron ( ovington, Ruth, West .Main St., Jonesboro Cox, Elsie Lee, Rt. 1. Sanford Cummings, Kathleen Willie, Sanford Cit % 1 C , r Freshman Class Daiiieley, Henry Howard, Ht. i, Burliiifiton Davis, Evanpt ' line Addie, Rt. 2, Siltr City Davis, Bettie Carra, Rt. 1, Box (U, Whalevville, Va. Davis, Nellie Felton, Rt. 1, Whaleyville, " Va. Dickens, Sara Elizabeth, Franklinville Ddiiglitie, Jessie Ree, Eure DoNvd, Dorothy Bess, Glendon Dyer, Robert " William, +U Walnut St., Reids Edwards, Norma Jean, Gibsonville Ellis, Robert I,., 1206 Taylor St., Durham Engleburt, Betty Paijre, 18 Virgina Ave, Phoebus, Va, Euliss, Foy ' ey, Rt. I, Burlington Euliss, Samuel Homer, Rt. 3, Liberty Euliss, Wade Columbus, Rt. 1, Burlington Faulconer, June Heritage, (iOfi Webb Ave., Burlingt(in Ferrce, Mary Lcmise, Rt. 2, Randleman Floyd, Annie Ruth, Walnut Cove Foster, Ann Woniack, Yanceyville Foster, Jack Lonzie, Altamahaw Frazier, Mary Joann, Rl. 1, Shenandoah, Vi Fuller. Raven Leuelle, Rt. 1, Henderson Kutrill, Rackel Ann, Bo. 202, Rich Square C.ihriel, Billy Ray, Mt. Mourne Cjarrett, Mary Louise, . ' 5321 Brookwood Rt., Baltimore 2.5, Md. Gilliam, William Clyde, Rt. 2, Elon College Glassock, Kcister Murlin, Virgilina, Va. (iravitt, Annie Frances, Rt. 2, Burlington Green, Hattie Angelica, Lewisville Gresham, Edna Earle, Beulahville Hammer, Virginia Dayle, Elizahcthtown Haiu-ock, William Joe, 3d St., Gibsonville Il.iyos, Ruliy, Aurora Hewitt, Floyd Lee, Elon College Hill, John Rankin, Box -iOl, Elon College Holt, Jack Neal, 302 Monroe St., Leaksville House, Kdna N ' emease, Box 9.5.5, Sanford lluilgins, Carl, (iOW Durham St., Burlington llu.Uins, Helen Lucille, Rt. I, Gibsonville Hudson, Howard, Rt. 3, Liberty Huey, Mary Joyce, Rl. l-, lUirlington Huffman, Don Tyson, 11!) Carolina Ave., I?urlinsrton Hurdle June Mitchell, Rt. 3, Burlington Jackson, Fred Cobb, Smilniry .lernigan, Maude Elizabeth, Rt. 1, Godwin Johnson, Jack, Rt. 3, Siler City Johnson, Mildred Geraldine, 130 Graham St., Wilmington .lohnson, Richard Sanuiel. Rt. 1, Graham .loTiis. . nilrev Louise, .Sunburv .loncs, Helen Wilson, lit. 1, " Yancevville .lordon, Marv L(ju, Ced.-ir- Gruve L 10 J Freshman Class Kernodle, Donald Heid, lU. 1, Kloii (dlltge Kernodle, Margaret Jean, Hdx 27;i, Eloii College Kirby, Cyrus Benjamin, Heains Ave., Hoxlioro Kirby, Joseph Benjamin, CImb Lake St., Hoxhori) Kivett, William Everett, Ramsevir Lee, Annie Uutli, Rt. 4, ISurlinjrton Lung, ' i cent Claude, :{l)7 Tariiley St., Burlington Long, RuViy Katliryn, Cedar Grove Love, Billy Goody, (ill S. Broad St., Burlington Lynch, Alma Estelle, Box 2 ' M, Elon College Lynch, Edgar Pershing, Box 342, Mebane -Madren, James, Rt. I, Linville, Va. Marks, Frances Louise, 302 Rutlin St., Burlington May, Sally Louise, Alamance Mercer, Margaret Magatlia. Kt. I. KculaviUe Milam, Calvin Coolidec, Roxhoro Miller, Mary Clegg, 922 Amherst St., Winchester, Va. Minis, Fannie Belle, lU. L Broadway Moffitt, Fleta Mav. 21.S K. Bragg St., Greensboro Monscmr. Carolvn, Ko.selidro M(Kire, Lawrence, lioxboro Moore, Marjorie N ' ortieet, Rt. 3, Suffolk, ' a. Moore, Richard .foseph, 419 Hall Ave., Burlington Moore, Robert Samuel, 419 Hall Ave., Burlington Moore, Wayne Thonijison, 11.5 . nthony St., Burlington Mulford. Edward M., 1(13 Clem. . ve.. I ' ort Chester , IcCaulev, Larrv Bauinan, Waverlv, Va. McCullock, Walter William, 12113 Webb Ave., Burlington McKenzie, Owen Ray, 15ox 213, Gibsonville McKinney, Miriam Ina, Chesiiee, S. C. McKinney, Percy David. Rt. 1, Gibsonville Xeese, Max Edmond, Box (iH, Elon College Xicks- Marie Algene, Rt. 3, Burlington Pace, Ella Elaine, 410 Hall Ave., Burlington Patillo, Martha Elizabeth, - ' iOli N. Main St., Burlington Patty, . ugusta Reid, (il!) Fix SI.. Burlington I ' aul, Elinor Mack, Aurora IVarce, Allen David, (ill I ' arkvicw Dr.. Burli Pickard, Nancy Lee, HI. 1. Graliatn Price. Paul i)ixon. lit. 2. Stokcsd.ili- liascoe, Xellic Lou. Rt. 2, Burlington Uascoe, Treva Rajier, 11 " Reid St., Rcidsville Rebiek, Virginia Wade. Rt. 2, Franklin, ' a. Rimnier, .Janice Breeze, Box 2KS, Uoxlioro Robinson. Orville Aurioldy. HI. 2. Wiliniiiglc .Schiffelhian, Alex S.. .Ir.. 301 3d SI., Gibsonville Scott, Floyd K., .301 .3d SI.. Gibsonville Scott, Gladys Virginia. 1 Id .Marsli.all St.. Graham Shackelford, Dorotln . ini. 117 N ' irginia . ve.. Phoebus. Va. Sliar].r. Kclilli Kll.i. 2(i7 Inland St., I ' .nrlingloM [41J , f Q ilk ' v ' rrr?, v- Freshman Class Sliiirpc, Thomas Boyd, Rt. 1, Burlington Slioffner, John Dewey, Box 1007, Burlington Siler, James Harold, Rt. 2, Ramseur Smith, Earlene Rose, liox +57, Ek)n College Smitli, Mary Ann, Rt. 1, Henderson .Smith, M.iry Hope, Rt. 1, Mt. Airy Smith, Ora ' Kli .alieth. HI. 1, Durham Somcrs, lietty Ruth, Rt. 1, Elon College Somers, Mable, Rt. 1, Burlington Somers, Martha Lou, Rt. 2, Elon College Sjiivey, Ellen Rebecca, Sunbury Spivey, Vera Mae, Rt. 1, Sanford Stanford, Willie Ransome, 103 Oklahoma Ave., Burlington Stallings, Temple AUene, 1230 Beale St., Rocky Mount Tatum, Willie Mae, 306 Fisher St., Burlington Tedder, William Charles, Box 431, Fairmont Thomas, Margaret Elizabeth, Jackson Springs I ' homiison, Carolyn Jean, 104 S. Franklin St., WhiteviUe Thompson, William Leonard, Bunn Tuck, Edna Gertrude, Box 5.57, Roxboro Tucker, Genell, Rt. 3, Wadesboro Tyler, Owen Warren, Rt. 2, Gates Tysor, Dorene Warren, Rt. (i, Burlington Valderrama, Alfonso Hector, Lima, Peru, S. America Wade, Doric Mae, Rt. 3, Lillington Wagner, Edna Marie, 309 Church St., Burlington Walker, Jack Shealy, 20t Peele St., Burlington Walton, Harold I e, 1403 Church St., Burlington Ward, Henry Williams, Rowland Warren, Jane Martha, Prospect Hill W.itkiiis, Ernest Culpepper, Ramseur W.ilK. Mary Joe, Rt. 2, Peachland U ( isrier, Ruth Cynthia, Rt. 1. Box 281, Durham Welch, William Everett, Jr., Rt. 2, Elon College West, Thomas. R.F.D., Elon College West, Jean, Box 481, Rt. 1, Hampton, Va. Westmoreland, Joe Henry, Box 37, tJibsonville Wheless, Charity Edith, Rt. 1, Louisburg Wheless, Ruth Ann, Rt. 1, Louisburg White, Edward Felix, Rt. 1, Haw River Whittemore, Jeanne Florence, 232 N. Main St., Graham Wicker, Thomas Gunter, 403 Oakwood Ave., Sanford Wilkins, James Edward, Rt. 2, Elon College Wilkinson, James Kelly, 416 W. Court St., Marion Williams, William Leaford, Jr., Bridgeton Williamson, Vera Hulda, Box 290, Biscoe Willis, Ruby, Grantsboro Wilson, Betsy Elizatieth, Spring St., Leaksville Wood, E. v., Jr., Rt. 2, Stokesdale York, Richard Douglas, Ramseur [42 J ES In Print and Pictures Pan-Hellenic Council Delta Uj)sil()n Kappa Tail Zeta Phi Beta Oniici ' on Beta Pi Ka])|)a Tau Pliipsicli Maroon and (iold Senior S.C.A. Fix ' slnnan S.C.A. Delta Psi Omega Pi (iannna ] Iu Dr. Johnson Literary Society I ' anvio I itei-ary Society Pre-Medical Association Ministerial Association Choir Elon Players Household Arts Club Art Club Conuiiercial Club Day Student Organization Veterans ' ' Club Aeronautics Education Club Lc Cerclc Francais El Club Espanol Die Deutsche lliuide : ray Day Athletics Intramural Council [ 44 J • vffi FRATERNITIES IN THE SPRING of 194.3 as tlic Selective Service pressed harder the fraternity nicnibershi]) at Elon weakened and tlic four hiothcrhoods decided to dis- band until that time when the men students were again jjlcntiful enough on campus to support tiie four grou])s. For three years the spirit of the fraternities and the contribution that they made to campus hfe has been greatly missed, l)ut there are now returned veterans on campus representing each of the four (ireek-letter clubs — Sigma Phi Beta, Kappa Psi Nu, Iota Tnu Ka])])a, and Alpha Pi Delta — and everyone is looking forward to the reorganization of the local chapters soon. [46] Pan-Hellenic Council The Pan-Hellenic Council is the niediatiiii; ' hofly amonn ' l ' ' i ' atcrnitics and Sorcn-itics, and is composed of one inenil)er from eacli group. Due to the absence of ] ' " raternitics on tlic campus this eai ' tlie coiuicil was composed only of gii ' ls. Rcpi-csentatives were .Margaret Kawls, iJilfii V ps ' iUni l ij iiii; Marjorie Hcidt, ' J ' tm Zcta Phi; Betty Sue Lloyd, I ' i Kappa Tan; Loui.se Clayton, Beta Oiiiicron Beta. [47 Sponsor, !Mns. Elizabeth R. Smith Seniors Elizabeth Holland. Margaret Rawls, Jessie Thurecht Juniors Nancy Jordan, Helen Newsome, Verdalee Norris, Helen Morris Rumlej Sophomores Elizabeth Benton, Rntli F,verett, Sarah Maness, Kathleen Young Freshjian Ann Bvrd. Rachel Futrell, Dorothy Shackelford Delta AYK [ 4.8 i%£ Upsilon Kappa Organized 1918 First row: Holland Rawls Thurecht Newsome Xorris Second roxv. Runiley Benton Everett Younp T ot pirliireil : Jordan Maness Bvrd Futn-11 Shackelford !3ass± „ [49] Sponsor, Mrs. Wade Mariette Elizalitth Braddy, Doris King, Martha Ann NIoDaiiiel, Mary Elizalxtli Simpson, Betty Bob Stone JuNIOUS Helen Cobb, Catherine Cooper, Mary Co e, Patricia Hook. Hilda Neese, Lucille Morgan, Anne Rader, Marjory Reidt Sophomores Ella Mae Morgan, Sara Yarborougli Freshman Helen Hudgins, Fleta Mae Moffitt. Elaine Pace, Jane Warren, Mary ,Io Watts, .lean West TZ$ Tau [ 50 Zeta Phi OrnaiiizL ' d 1920 i i " 1 i First row: Rraddy King McDaniel Simiison Stono Cobb Cooper Coxe Hook Xeese Third row: Morgan Kader Reidt Morsran Varboroufili ot pictured: Iludgins .Moffitt l ' ;u-c Warren Watts West [51 sponsor, Mrs. Violet Daniel Seniors Elizalittli Apple. Eleanor Barnwell, Ruth McPherson, Frances Giinter, Elizabeth Parker Juniors Louise Clayton. Hazel Cole, Virginia Ezell, Katlileen Shoffner Sophomores Vivian Coble, Patty Cochrane, Maxine Cole, Paige Eaves, Elizabeth Jolinson, Faye Rickard, Helen Scott, Louise Truitt, Vivian Walker Freshman Marjorie Moore, Eleanor Mack Paul Beta BOB [• " ] Omicron Beta Orsjaiiized 1920 f .J V- ' i f a Al.pl.- I ' ark.T C ' hixtun Cole Ezell Slioffiier folili- t ' di ' hrane Cole Kaves .lohiisdii Kickai-a Sccitl ■I ' niitl Walk.r . „ iilrhn-cil: C.iinliT Mcriirrsoii Sliflilu-rd MoDre I ' aiil [53] Sponsiir, Mrs. Pail 1 ' lvuon Seniors Dorotliy Foltz, Bettie Sue Lloyd, Hilda Maloiie, Floriiic Braxton Poe, .loyce Smith Juniors Ruby Braxton, Tessie Coffin. Lois Dean, Dale Hensley, Eleanor Dare McPherson, Betsy Smith .Sophomores Mocile Day, Ruth Clark, Ermine Davis, Janice Frazicr, Lois Mintz, Carrie Stanford, Patsy Wrenn Freshman Jo Frazier OKT Pi [54 J 1 t r il = » — = 1 Kappa Tau Organized 192 !• ia i .Yo ii!rli,i; l: Follz Uav Mint . Fra .ier [55] The Phipsicli THIS IS ijouv YKARUOOK. Between tlicse covers lies an illustrated facsimile of jioitr Mlon. It has been our intention to reproduce in ))i-int and ])icture as closely as possible, those activities that you do not wish to forget. The twenty-se enth of May ends a school year which has seen many chaiiiies. AVc are speedilv returning to ])eace-time traditions in every phase of college life. Let us continue to ]irogress as we have done in the past, and thus look forwai ' d to an even greater Elon. We, the stafi ' and Dr. Ilirsch, our adviser, sincerely wish to express our thanks for the cooperation of the students, the administi ' ation, Pcarsall studios, the Charlotte Kngraving C ' om] an ' , and the lvh ards Broughton Company in Raleigh, in the publication of this annual the Phipsicli of 194(j. Editor-iii-Chhf Business Manager Assoeiate Editor Editorial Assistant Edwin Daniel jNIary Coxe Earl Danieley Thomas Horneu Co pi) Editors Marjorie Reidt, Kathi-een Yoenc, Jrxius Peedin Tiipists " erdai.i:e Nokris, Jean West FaenJhi Adviser Du. Hans E. Hirsch [56 J of Nineteen Forty-six Pini ' sici.i is the college annual, edited liy iiieniliers of the Senior Class. Tlic name comnicniorates the three erstwhile " literary societies " of the colleo-os — the Philologian, I ' sijihelian, and Clio. First piiljlished ill 19l!i, this annual now i-anks liiuh in the eolletie field. [57] Maroon and Gold Mary Coxe, Bitsini ' ss Manager Professor Charles McClure, Faculty Adviser Thomas Horner, Editor Verdalee Norhis, Co-editor ELECTED to fill the Editor ' s chair of the Maroon and Gold this year was Thomas Horner, who selected tiic folhivviiii;- assistants to serve on the Editorial Board: Verdalee Norris, Co-editor; Betty Benton, Managing Editor; Catherine Cooper, Associate Editor; Emerson Whatley, Sports Editor; and Joyce Smith, Feature Editor. Mary Coxe and ' irginia Ezell were eliosen to take re- sponsibility as Business Manager and Circulation Manager, respectively. Several changes were made in staff appointments during the year, in order to give more students training in journalistic work. With the aid of Mr. Cliarles Brown, linotype operator, and Professor C. R. MeClure, facultj ' adviser, the Maroon and (iold is published in its entirety on canijius by the students. Tlie office and press room are in the soutliwest corner of the Duke Science Building. [58 THE BI-WEEKLY piililic-ation, Morooii and Gold, serves as a medium for literary endeavor, as well as the otiieial student newspaper. Those students who are ])rei)aring- to work in the field of .Journalism and those who are interested in writinji- as an extra-eurrieular activity receive vahiahle training through their ex- perience on the Manioti and Guld statl ' . The paper is unsurpassed by the puhlieations of other colleges for complete coverage of campus events. [59] Senior S. C. A. THE SENIOR CABINET of tlie Student Cliristiaii Association is responsible for student religious activities on campus. The work of the Association is carried out by the various connuittees. Some of the functions of these comittees include Sunday evening vespers. Morning Watch, chapel programs, student body socials, and world student service campaigns. The Cabinet also furnishes churcii ushers and Freshman advisers. Business sessions of the Senior group are held weekly, and meetings of the entire S.C.A. are held monthly, at which time outstanding speakers are heard and Christian fellowship enjoyed. Officers for the year are Jack Sunluirn, President; Martha McDaniel, Vice President; and Anne (Jrittin, Secretary-Treasurer. Professor A. L. Hook is faculty adviser to the Association. The s|)ons()rshi|) of tiie l ' ' r slniian orgaMizatiiin is also one of the ])rojeets of tlie Senior Cabinet Firnt row: Daniel, Fischel, Griffin, Horner, Lloyd. Sfcond row: McDaniel, Neal, Parker, Peedin, Smith. Third roza: Braxton, L ' ole, Cooper, Coxe, Ezell. Votirth row: Graham, Griffin, Morgan. Hegistcr, Rice. Fifth row: Smith, Taylor, Cole, Earp, CIriffin, Si.rth row: Innian, Little, McCauley, Morgan. Parl s. iScvinlli mw: Porter, Shepherd, Walker, Ward, Young. [CO J Freshman S. C. A. McCauley President Freshman S.C.A. Officers Moore Bovce J ' ice President Secretary Bon. DIN Treasurer Alibott. Margaret Evelyn Aslilcy, lola Ann Ayscue, Helen Gray Bishop. Bertha Blancli Black. Betty Ann Blake, Betty Lorraine Blake. Mayreeee Bouldin, Ila Jean Boyce, Floyd Bradshaw. Brownie Ereell Bray, Dorothy Elizabeth Bray, Oabe Brinkley, Dorothy Jane Brown, Paul Burke, Edna Fay Butler, Graydon Foushee Byrd, Anne Harvey Gates, Albert Roney Chase, Janice Loraine Cipriani, Charlotte Clapp, George Jordan Clark, Charlotte Adams Clayton. Wilma Alcine Cobb. Helen Henderson Comer. Peggy Blue Covington. Ruth Wilson Cox, Elsie Lee Cummings, Willie Kathleen Daughtie. Jessie Rae Davis, Addie Evangeline Davis, Bettie Carra Davis, Nellie Felton Dickens, Surah Elizabetii Dowd, Dorothy Bess Dyer, Frank Elwood Engleburt, Betty Paige Euliss, Foy Vey Faulconer. June Heritage Floyd, Annie Ruth Foster, Aim Woniack Frazier, Mary .loann Fuller. Raveii Linelle Members Futrell, Rachel Ann Gilliam, William Clyde. .Ir. Gravitt, Annie Frances Green, Hattie Angelice Hammer, Virginia Dayle Hayes, Ruby House, Edna Vernease Hudgiiis, Helen Hudson, Howard Alfonso Hurdle, June Mitcliell Isley, Rosa Eudona Jackson, Fred Cobb .lackson, Marian Lueilc .lernigan. Maude Elizabeth Johnson. Mildred Geraldine Jones. Audrey Louise Jones, Helen Wilson .lordan, Mary Lou Kernodle, Donald Reid King, Wayne Kirby, Cyrus Benjamin Kirby, Joseph Benjamin Kivett, Everette Long, Ruby Kathryn Love, Billy Goody Lynch, Alma Estelle Madren, .Tames Woodrow May, Sally Louise Milam, Calvin C. Miller. Mary Clegg Minis. Fannie Belle Miniiis. Doris Lee Mottitt. Fleta May Moore, Marjorie Xorfleet McCauley, Larry McKinney, Miriam Ina McKinney, Percy David Neese. Max Edmond Norman, Mary Sue Patty, Augusta Reid Paul " , Elinor iNLick Pearce, Allen David Pickard, Nancy Lee Price. Paul Dixon Rascoe. Treva Raper Rebiek. Virginia Wade Ray. Clarence McCollouch Robinson, Orville Aunoldy Saunders, Kathryn Bunii .Shackelford. Dorothy Ann Sharpe. Edith Ella .Sharpe. Thomas Boyd Shoffner. Miriam Elcne Siler, James Harold Smith, Mary Ann Smith, ] L-iry Hope Smith, Ora Elizabeth Somers, Lible Somers, Martha Lou .Spivey, Ellen Rebecca Stafford, Willie Ransonie, Jr. .Stallings. Temjile Allene Tedder, William Charles Thomas, Harry I,ee Thomas, Margaret Elizabeth Tuck, Edna Gertrude Tucker, Genell Tysor, Dorene Wade, Doris ]VL ' ie Wagner, Edna larie Ward, Henry Williams Warren, Martha Jane Watkins, Ernest C. Watts, Mary Jo West, .Jean Haywood Wheless, Charity Editli Wicker, Thomas Gunter Wilkins, James Edward, .Jr. Wilkinson, James Kelly Williams, William Leaford, Jr. Williamson. Vera Hulda Willis. Ruby Inez Wilson. Betsy Elizabeth York, Richard Douglas Delta Psi Omega National Ilonorari Dramaiic Fraternity Elon Chapter Charter Granted 1935 Officers James Earl Danielev, Director Beverly Ann Radeh, Secretary-Treasurer Alma Kathleen Young, Sub-director Elizabeth R. Smith, Faculti Director Members EIJZABETH ALSTON BRADDY JOHN WILLIAM CLAPP ETHALINDA GRIFFIN THOMAS MARLAND HORNER EUGENE PRESTON POE JOHN HARVEY SUNBURN MARY BAXLEY COXE ROBERT JENKINS GRAHAM RUBY DALE HENSLEY ALLEN LAFAYETTE HURDLE VERDALEE GREY NORRIS ANNE RUTH STRADER MARGARETTE WEBSTER GEORGE LEMUEL ALLEN ELIZABETH CURTIS BENTON RUTH ERMINE DAVIS HELEN WRENN GUNTER SUSIE ELIZABfyril JOHNSON JANE UTLEY McCAULEY CARL RALPH NEIGHBORS ALFRED W. BURLINGAME MARJORIE NORFLEET MOORE [ 62 Pi Gamma Mu National Social Sciriice Honor Socicli Organized 1!121. North Carolina Alpha Chapter Officfrs Margarkt Elizareth Rawls, President Eowix I.kwls Daniel, I ' icc President Elizaijeth Alston Braddy, Secretary-Trt-asurer Dr. Hans E. IIirscii, Faciilti Adviser lemhrrs AXXIF, FJ.I .ABETH APPLE MARY .TEAX BROWKR JOHN Wir.IJAM CLAPP EI.OISK THOMAS FISCHEL THOMAS MARLAND HORN ' ER DORIS ADELE KIXG HILDA LEE MAI.ONE MARTHA ANNE McDANIEI. ELIZABETH HOLLAND PARKER IDA MARIE PARKER JUNIUS HUGH PEEDIN MARY ELIZABETH SIMPSON JOYCE ADELLE SMITH BETTY BOB STONE JESSIE DALE THURECHT RALPH EMERSON WHATLEY VERXA LEE AYSCUE VIRGINIA MAE BOYD RUBY ELIZABETH BRAXTON SARAH ELIZABETH BREWER ANNIE LOUISE CLAYTON DOROTHY HAZEL COLE CATHERINE WOOD COOPE)i MARY BAXLEY COXE IDA VIRGINIA EZELL RUBY DALE HENSI.EY DORIS PATRICIA HOOK LUCILI,E IRENE MORGAN BEVERLY A XX RADF.R FRED PACK. liKGISTKH KATHLEEX SMITH SHOFFXER ANNE RIT ' III STRADER Z [C.3] 0 W ' 0 ' K JP : ? Register, Keriiodle, ; Clai))i, Danie: Taylor, Allen. Kivett, Siler. r!i. f , , Horner, Xeal, Peedln, Poc, Scott. Srcninl row: Sunburn, Wliatley, Graham, Hoffman, Y ' ii ' rrf foic; Burcli, Copeland, Grinstead, Inman, Little, Kuliss, Hudson. Fourth row: Stafford, Williams, York. Dr. Johnson Literary Society TAKING U]i tlif work of tlir two orifjinal campus organizations for mrn — the Pliilolo- gian and tlie Clio Literary societies — tlic Dr. Johnson I itcrary Society lias carried on in praisewortliy fasliion their ])rogran] of activities. Tlie Society liolds weekly meetings in Lecture Hall, at wliicli time opportunity is given for experience in extemporaneous public speech, debate, and parliamentary procedure. The organization has taken the idea that college students are capable of formulating a constructive form of improvement and of carrying out those designs under their own guidance. Truly the group is almost as diverse as the Samuel Jolmson Club of old. for whicii it is named, con- sidering the spirit of scholastic austerity conjiled with humor and good fellowshi)) whicli characterize the Society. Three Jiresidents have served tlie club tliis year: Carl eal, Junius I ' eedin and Wayne Taylor. Dr. Hans E. Hirscli is faculty sponsor. [64] Firxt rmc: linnwr. Miir, I ' .n-wrr, Xc,-,c, K.ikc-str.nv. Hicr. S.ilni.iiiv N. ' „„, ,-„a.; Strader, Argenbright, Carter, Gunter, Hudson, McKinney, Ilosser. Third rote; Shepard, Wliitlock, Ward, Bradsliaw, Burke, Foster, Green. Fourth rom: Jones, Moffitt, Tysor, West, Willis. Not pictured: Apple, Wiliamson. Panvio Literary Society THE PAW ' IO Litt-rary Socit-ty. one of tlif youiijixst of the campus clubs, exists for the traiuiiii;- and nuiciaiicc of wonicii in ])ul)lic spcakinj;; and parliamentary jirocedure. Under the excellent leadershi)) of Hilda Ncese. President, regular meetings featuring pro- firanis of aryin j; nature. Iiusiness sessions and socials, and the animal l)an(]Uet have con- stituted the activities of the Societv this year. Miss Anne MeClenny has served as faculty sponsor. Pre-Medical Association THE PRE-MEDICAL ASSOCIATION, one of the most recently formed organiza- tions on cam})us, was organized last Septeniiier under the sponsorship of Professor Paul S. Reddish. This organization was formed for the benefit of those men and women who are going into the medical field. Outstanding spcakei ' s were invited to meetings during the year. The officers were Carl Ncal, President ; ' irginia Ezell, A ' icc President ; and James Westmoreland, Secretary-Treasurer. [66] 1 1, Ministerial Association THE MINISTERIAL Association is comjiosed of those students wlio are pre]iarinjT themselves for full-time Christian service, whether it be in the field of the local ministry, reli- gious education, social service, or missions. Meetings of the group are held weekly, in wliich fellowship, study, and practice-preaching are utilized to help prepare the prospective minister for liis profession. Several of the members hold pastorates in nearby churches. Orticers of the organization this year are Fred Register, ])resident; Jack Sunburn, vice president; Catherine Cooper, secretary; and Thomas Horner, treasurer. Dr. D. J. Bowden and Dr. Merton French act as co-sponsors for the association. [67] Choi oir TTNDER THE DIRECTION of INIr. John AVestmoreland and IMiss Christine Honcck the choir afford.s one of the most lasting sources of enjoyment h.erc on cam])us. Church and chapel services would be much less impressive without their l)eaiitiful renditions. The clioir makes it a duty to attend special concerts given in the State whicli have been a great help to the voice majors. " The Messiali, " tlie ti ' aditional Christmas pres- entation was most successful and attracted visitors from all o er the State. [68] Elon Players THE ELON PLAYERS is tlie clniniatifs ory.inization on our cjuiipus. It is muler the direction of Elizahetli R. Smith, who is liead of the Drainaties Dtp.irtnunt. Anyone who is interested in dramatics can become a member of this oriraiiization. A member is expected to participate in all jjroduetions. either by taking a part in a play or servinii on one of the various eommittees. wliieh are necessary for tiie production of a play. Some of tlic C ' liiiuiiittees are the ])rop. make-up, staije crew, staye inanaiier. sound-etfeet men. and ))ronipter. At tlie end of the year, tlie dramatics departiuciit ])vcsents " Oscars " to the iiest actress and actor of the year. Three faculty members arc the judyes. The department has presented three three-ac t Jjl.iys this year, one oriniiial one-act l)lay. and a series of radio programs. Tile sc nf ])ieturcd above is one taken from the dr.imatie production. " Moor Horn. " star- ririii Kathh-en ' i ' ouug. , 1 BurliMgame. . ' Vruie Strader. ;ind Dorothy .She])herd. [69] OFFICERS Mauv Lib Simpson President IMakian Griffin Vici ' President Maxine Cole Secretary-Treasurer Miss Lida Muse Sponsor Household Arts Club THE MEMBERSHIP of this clulj is di-awn from the Home Economics majors and otliers interested in tliis tv|)c of work. Regular meetings arc lield ut which time siiiijects relating to Home Economics are discussed. In addition to their regular club work tliey ])laii and serve banquets, ])articipate in fashion shows and perform other worthwhile duties. [70] OFFICERS Dai.i; Hf.xsley President Kathv Yot ' NG ' ice President Lkox Hixtox Seeretdrij-Treasxrer DoTTIK LA rM lieporfer Art Club THE ART C ' LlTi, formed on c ' ain[)iis tliis ycnr uiulcr tlie sponsor- sliip of liss I,ila Ncwniati. is composed of those students who are plamiinn- to fiirtliei- theii- echieatioii in tiie field of art and those who ai ' e interested in art as a hol)l)y. During,- the vear thev attended three out-of-town art exiiibits in- clnthnii ' thi ' Annual Art l ' ' oi-um held at (Jricnshoro. A studetd exhibit was held in the Art Department in IMay. Miss Lila Newman Sponsor [71] Commercial Club OFFICERS President Pattie Cochrane Sfcrcftirij Ruth McPhekson Vice Pnsidciif Cyrt ' s KniBV Trcatitircr Ben Kirby THE CO niERCIAL DEPARTMENT at Elon rc])rcscnts one of the largest dci)ai ' t- nicnts on the cainims. The Coniiueifial Cluh, coni]JOsc(l of students of tin ' s department, has aeeoniplished much in maintaining ' higii standards, thus niakiiiii ' Elon one of the best known husiness schools ill this section of the country. Under the guidance of efficient instructoi ' s it has held open forums throughout the year which afforded an opportunity for the students to seek solutions to their problems. Elon is very Jjroud of the young stenographers which this department sends out each year. The students released are considered most capal)le and tlie (jualitv of their work can bear rigid inspection. [72 J Day Students ' Organization Bill C ' lapp Thomas Hoffman OFFICERS Prisidiiii Favk Rk kaud Vice Preshhnt Lf.ox Hixtox Sccrtiari Trcamircr THE DAY STl ' DEXT ' S Orounizatioii, which encompasses nearly onc-tliiid of the student body, promotes fellowshij) amoni - day students and creates a closer relationshi}) with ilormitory students. Throuoli this organization, day students sponsor efficiently and j)articii)ate in campus activities. [73] Veterans ' Club THE VETERANS ' Club, more formally known as the A.V.E.C. (Association of Veterans of Elon College), is a recent addition to the Elon campus. Eormed for the pur- pose of fostering a spirit of unity and accord among tlie World War II veterans of Elon College, to promote an active social program, and to keep the veterans informed on all matters pertaining to their interest and welfare, the A.V.E.C. rapidly looms as one of the most in- Huential student organizations at Elon. Its only eligihility reciuir.nieut for prospective mem- hers is that they have an lionorable discharge from the armed services of the United States. Former Captain Paul C. Plyhon is the club ' s Faculty adviser. [7M Aeronautics Students ELON COLLEGE in fonjiuR ' tion witli BurliniJton Flying Service holds Air Agency Certificate No. 577 issued b ' tlie Civil Aeronautics Athninistration. A ]jrograni lias been set u]i and ai)])roved hy the ' cterans ' Administration wliercljy tlic vets may take ground and Higiit work nece.ssar to earn a pi-ivate j)ilot ' s certificate. Classes are instructed by Professor A. L. Hook. Today, as aci-onautics is ijeconu ' ng such an important science, Elon is proud to be able to offer instruction in this field. 7r, Education Club THE EDUCATION Club and the language clubs add a ciiltui-al touch to the student activites on campus. The Education Club, which is the local chai)tcr of the N.C.E.A. is composed of tliose students who ])lan to enter tiie teaching profession. The language clubs meet bi-weekly at wliich times the members utilize in conversation, study, and song, the modern language which they have studied. Le Cercle Francais ' • - [76 J El Club Espanol Eacli of tlifse groups elfcts officers twice animal!}- in order to s;ive more students ex- jjerience in leadership and active iiarticipation in the elul . Faculty sponsors are Dr. S. C. Deskins. Education C ' luh ; !Mrs. Vera C. Hirscli, Freneli Club; Miss Atala Chegwin, Spanish Club; and Mrs. Hirsch. (iernian Club. Die Deutsche Runde THE ANNUAL May Day cclclji-ation was observed May 4 on the AYcst campus. The court was entertained by a pro Tram of inter})retive folk dances and a vocal en- semble by the INIusic and Physical Educa- tion departments. ' I ' he festival was under the direction of IMr. John Westmoreland and liss Vnne McC ' lcnny. MARGARET RAWLS Qiiccii ELIZA HETH HOLLAND Maid of Honor M m Court Vkrdalf.f. Xorris Junior Attendant MARCiARET RAWLS Qiucn EDWIN DANIEL King ELIZABETH HOLLAND Maid of Honor GERALD HOOK Escort SE N lOR ATTE N DA NTS Joyce Smith Ijill C ' la]ij) Floriiic Rraxtoii Poe Bill Clavtor JT NTOR ATTENDANTS Verdalcc Norris Steve Castura Dale Hensley Fred Register 1946 Joyce Smith Senior .Ith n lnnl Dam; IIi;nsm:y Jl,ll!oi- .lllriHl,nll Fi ' iiiiNi: I ' oi: Senior Attendaiil ATHLETICS AT ATHLETICS returnc-il to a big time basis at Elon in lOlC. The Fightiii-r Christians ' basketl)all toam showed great improvement over its previous season; baseball and football coaches were ap])ointed and full schedules mapped, and even varsity tennis entered the picture. BASKETBALL — Guided by Coach Lacy B. Adcock, the Christians won 17 games and lost only eight during the ' •l ' 5- ' 46 campaign, finishing third in the North State conference behind High Point and Catawba. The league record was eight wins and four defeats. With better luck, Elon could have won the conference race, for two of its key men, Warren Burns and Joe Golombek, were out of action during the last two weeks. Burns because of injuries received in a riot at the High Point game, Golombek be- cause of illness. Despite its team record, Elon was the only school in the conference to have two players named to tlie All-Conference five — Burns at forward, and Roney Cates at center. Best game of the sea- son was the Christians ' i ' 2-H7 win over the powerful MeCrary Fyagles, two nights after MeCrary had trimmed North Carolina State by ten points. Plaving for Elon during the year, besides Burns, Golombek. and Cates, were Don Kernodle, Steve Castura, Wayne Taylor. Fred Register, Bob Harris, Bill Anderson, Tommy Boyenton, F d Mulford, Pep Watkins, Wood} ' Wilson, Dick York, Al Burlingame, Dave McClenny, Larry McCaulev, Bill Tliompson, and Wayne King. BASEBALL — Elon ' s first diamond s(]ua l since tlie sport was interruj)ted I ' v war st.irted the season with a 6-5 triumph over Ohio University, then beat the O.R.D. Hawks, an army team J-Ji. However, the first two conference games resulted in losses — to Lenoir-Rhyne, 8-1, and to Catawba, 10-2. Tiie Elon squad, which was coached by Jan L. Pierce, included Johnny Clayton, Steve Castura, Frank Roberts, Steve Walker, W. C. Latta, Dick York, Jack Andrews, Jimmy McSwain, Jack Sweeney, Warren Burns, Bill Claytor, Woody Wilson, Bill Anderson, Pep Watkins, Johnny Hill, Warren Ellington, Dave Smith, Lewis Nance, and James Parker. F ' OOTBALL — Under the guiding hand of Head Caoch L. J. " Hap " Perry, some 25 prospects worked out during spring training, getting into condition and learning plays and fundamentals. The spring ses- sions lasted through the month of April. Elon ' s first football game since the war ' s end was scheduled for September 27. against Atlantic Christian. TENNIS — A dozen men turned out for the varsity net squad, which was slated to have a ten or eleven-meet campaign ending in May. Althougii having no regular coach, the team was directed by Mr. Adcox. Top-seeded members of the squad included Tommy Boyenton, Al Burlingame, Alton Wright, Bill Love, Lawrence Paige, Carl Allen, Sidney Holt, and Bob Barrett. THE CHHI.STIANS I, ft lo n ilif: ■liiyl.ir, Kernodle fates Colombek Castura Wilson Register Watkins lioyenton Anderson Siler. M,iiHi, rr nvk McClenny, Mann, , Harris Adeox, Ciiitrh ELON 1946 BASKETBALL RECORD Ojiliinu III Opp. Tlioinasvillc Lions 29 Flying Safety 31 20 4« Mi-Crarv Kagli-s 37 liaiulnlph-MaoM, +9 L nclilnirf;- 51 2ti 38 50 Catawha 50 Hanes Ho .ifr . . . . .... 68 E.C.T.C 41 . Atlantic Christian H . E.C.T.C 5(i Catawba 4-3 " Higli Point •27 •Lenoir-Kliync 35 ' Guilford . . 28 •Hifrli Point •Guilfurd . , 55 32 48 Lynclihurfi; 49 A]ipalacliian .55 Mc-Crary p:aples 5(i AtIanlic Christian 49 l.KSO Won 17, Lost K ' Di-notcs Xorth State eonferenee gan Denotes overtime eonferenee u:anie. 1.0t7 . ItUKN HI HXS, Christian eaplain. from Kn-lcwood. N, .L, ark pluf;- of Klon ' s oflense. Third liialiest scorer in the irtli State eonferenee. Warren was named .Ml-Conferenee rward at tlie elose of the season. )!■; COI.OMliEK, Portsmouth. Vix., who was ehosen by his animates to receive Most Valuable Player award for 194(). le. a guard, was a steadying infUienee to the team and a illar on detense. OXKV CATKS, Hiirlingion. N. C. the second highest .scorer Xorth Carolina during the I945- " 4() season, as well as .second ghest in the Xorth State loop. He netted 3(il points for Ion in 2t games ajid was named AII-Conferene ' center. Athletics STEVE CASTIIRA, Hazelton. Pa., like Burns, Golombek, and Cates, a returned veteran of tlie war. Steve wa.s a great a.s.sct on defen.se. FRED REGISTER, Sanford, X. C, captain of the 194-t- ' 4.5 Christian squad, who, this year alternated with Kernodle at one of the forward posts. DON KERNODI.E, Ossipec, N. C, freshman forward, who heliied Elon ' .s fast break to work so smoothly during the suc- cessful court campaign. WAYNE TAYLOR, Efland, N. C, a veteran of both the previous season and the war, who had as much fight as any player on the team. He alternated at center and guard. Intramural Council THE INTHAMniAL COr XCIL is a oniliiiie.l ImkIv of Mfii ' s and Woman ' s Atlik ' tic Councils, ' i ' ln ' s Council maps out and carries throuiih the athletic i)ronnun, and in all cases its decisions are final cm the status of |)lavei-s and teams. As an incentive to both individual players and team nroups, it set up a point system under whieli individual and team awards weiT made. Most of tlie credit for the success of this ])roi;ram should i;o to Coach Adcox fill- Ills untii-inn ' effoi-fs in coordinatini;- and i-oundiui; out the intramural program. WO.MEXS COUNCIL Hi in IJn.wTo.x fl iihhas 1 ' atsv Wiu:.n. Wildcats M-MiMiuii.: Ri:ii)T lica.stx M.MKiAUFT H ni,s Srn ' i„r M(niii( ir Hazki. Coi.k licl,i-l Dolus Kl.Vfi 0 r .v , ank Viiit7.()ck . ..I.s.si.sliinl lo ( ' onrli .Idcock Sai!A Bhkwkii lunior Manager MEN ' S COUNCIL Ohvili.k Rohi.vson Johcr.i IJu.i. Ci.Ai ' p Daji Jircahcrx Fli) 1) HiiV( i: Homhard ' icrs Pekhv Avscik Il ' olvc.s- HoxXEV Catks Ixfiixlanl lo Ciiarli .ldi i.r K.MKHsoN ' iiAii,i: Senior Maiiaf er Compliments of ELDER HOSIERY M I Ti T. • BURLINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA Complitnents of May-McEwen-Kaiser Company BURLINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA ESQ RE HOSE ' ' The Smartest Thimj on Two Feet ' ' NICKELS LAUBER, INC. A Division of Chester H. Roth Co., Inc. Burhngton, North Carolina NEW YORK: 389 Fifth Avenue Chicago Los Angeles Boston Coiupliinents of BA.SELLARS SONS, inc. J Burlington ' s Oldest, Largest and Most Modern Department Store cm. Burlington Coca-Cola Bottling Company Burlington, North Carolina MELVILLE DAIRY Products of that RICH JERSEY MILK • BURLINGTON, N. C. LEA TAXI SERVICE, Inc. Phone 777 " Best Taxi Service ir 1 Burlington ' ' WE APPRECIATE ELON COLLEGE Enroll at Elon and Drink ROCK CREEK DAIRY MILK While you prepare for your life work Roek Creek Dairy Milk Gibsouville, IVorth Carolina BAKER-CAMMACK HOSIERY MILLS, INC. • iff (f n ufueturers Men ' s Novelty Hosiery Plants Burlington, Mebane, and Boone North Carolina For a Lifetime Investment in Health s Eton ' s Hettdqmirtevs for Athletic Equipment MICKEL-HOPKINS Cotnplintents of COMPANY STANDARD THEATRE SUPPLY COMPANY Complete Equipment for Hotels, Institutions, and Places of • Food Service Greensboro, North Carolina Greensboro, North Carolina Established 1880 Chappmam ' s KESTER MACHINERY COMPANY Studio • MILL 112 West Davis Street and FACTORY SUPPLIES Phone 2234 • Burlington, N. C. Burlington, N. C. NEWLIN HARDWARE COMPANY, Inc. Compliments of RHODES-COLLINS FURN ITURE CO. GENERAL HARDWARE PAINTS and ROOFING For 15 Years Burlington ' ' s Leudinif Furniture Store • Phones: 871 - 872 An institution dedicated to the progress of Burlington and Alamance South Main Street County Burlington, N. C. 418-420 South Main Street Burlington, N. C. ACME DRUG COMPANY Compliments of Spring and Davis Streets NEESE-SHOFFNER and FURNITURE MAIN STREET DRUG CO. COMPANY 312 South Main Street • • Burlington, North Carolina Burlington, N. C. ALAMANCE BOOK STATIONERY CO. Compliments of • BOOKS, GIFTS, ENGRAVING ala;v[a:n ' ce SCHOOL and OFFICE SUPPLIES h[OTPI, • Burlington, N. C. Burlington, N. C. Coble Hardware Co. • HoUand-Cammack Complete Office Outfitters Hardware - Paints Building Supplies Phone 2634 Farm Machinery Tobacco Curers Burlington, North Carolina • Phone 1872 School Supplies : Stuiionery 421 S. Main Burlington, N. C. Books : Lending Lihrury Engraving Coinplinients of T. N. BOONE Washington THE TAILOR Cafe Burlington, N. C. • • " The Best Place You Can Burlington, North Carolina Buy M SuiV KIRK HOLT Hardware Company Compliments of HARDWARE : PAINTS THE JEWEL BUILDING SUPPLIES BOX, Inc. FARM MACHINERY MILL SUPPLIES Burlington, N. C. • Visit Our Gift Shop Phone No. 2 Main Street Burlington, N. C. With Our Very Best Wishes to the Graduates from MOOKi:JbTELD FTiORIST Biirliiigtoii, North Carolina Compliments of UNITED D O Ti L A R STORE Biirliiiglon N. C. Cotnplinients of PARAMOUNT THEATRE " Showplace of Alamance County ' ' First Run Pictures of Every Major Studio Popular Prices Year ' Round Air Conditioned UNDERWOOD ELLIOTT FISHER COMPANY • Creeusboro, North Carolina CAROLINA THEATRE First Runs and Stage Shows at Popular Prices ALAMANCE THEATRE " fFe Bring the Best Ones Back " Where Elon Meets Burlington Keep Trim and Smart EXPERTLY LAUNDERED SHIRTS They Stay Fresh Longer ALAMANCE LAUNDRY and DRY CLEANERS " We Do It Better ' ' Phones 560, 561, 562 Burlin gton, N. C. Compliments of ELON COLLEGE BOOKSTORE ALAMANCE BUILDING CITY DRUG COMPANY Voiir Cut Rute Drug Store Phone 314 Burlington, North Carolina Compliments of McLELLANS Burlington, N. C. BETTY LOU SHOP Popular Because of Style and Value " Burlington, N. C Compliments of THE GLAMOUR SHOP Burlington, N. C. Couiplinients of TROLLINGERS FLORIST Burlington, IS. C. Compliments of RAYLASS Department Stores • Everything to Wear for the Entire Family Coinplinients of DOYLE ' S JEWELRY Burlington, N. C. Compliments of Davis News Company " Be Up-to-date — Read a Magazine Tonight " • 122 N. Main Street Burlington, N. C. GOLDMAN ' S " Shoes They Talk About ' ' Burlington, N. C. Alamance Electric Supply Co., Inc. 106 North Main Street Postoffioe Box 1175 Telephone 1684 Burlington, N. C. Compliments of BOSTON CLEANERS Burlington, N. C. A. D. PATE AND COMPANY Quality Printers Since 1906 Telephone 216 Burlington, N. C. Foster Shoe Company 111 East Davis Street Burlington, N. C. Compliments of Efird ' s Department Store Burlington, N. C. FIVE POINTS SERVICE STATION AND GARAGE L. N. RILEY, Owner Phone 1049 Burlington, N. C. THE HOSIERY SHOP Complete Line of Hosiery for Men, Women, and Children " The Only Exclusive Hosiery Shop in Alamance County " Compliments of The Ladies Smart Shoppe " The Latest to Wear for Ladies that Care " South Main Street : Burlington, N. C. Compliments of Mebane Shoe Store Burlington, N. C. ROSENBLOOMS Nten ' s Wear Phone 502 Burlington, N. C. Compliments of COLLEGE STATION Elon College, N. C. Coniplitnents of ELON SODA SHOP ELOI COLLEGE, IV. C. Compliments of E L O N GRILL ELON COLLEGE, N. C. INSURED SAVINGS INVESTMENTS DIRECT REDUCTION HOME LOANS G. I. LOANS TO VETERANS A SPECIALTY The Friendly " Home Folks " Since 1914 First Federal Savings and Loan Association 102 W. Front Street Burlington, N. C. AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGR APHS Date Due U- ' a- L-K - ;? ' y-S ' c ] -( . Hn ' )UW- V. 31 Elon College Senior Class PhiPsiCli, 19h6 378.11 E 66 V. 31 Must not be taken from the llbranr 30171 DOES NOT CIRCULATE ' ■■

Suggestions in the Elon University - Phi Psi Cli Yearbook (Elon, NC) collection:

Elon University - Phi Psi Cli Yearbook (Elon, NC) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


Elon University - Phi Psi Cli Yearbook (Elon, NC) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


Elon University - Phi Psi Cli Yearbook (Elon, NC) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


Elon University - Phi Psi Cli Yearbook (Elon, NC) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


Elon University - Phi Psi Cli Yearbook (Elon, NC) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


Elon University - Phi Psi Cli Yearbook (Elon, NC) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


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