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the Phipsicli The annual publication of the senior class of Elon College, Elon College, North Carolina, Volume thirty. Nineteen Hundred and Forty-five. Eliza Boyd, Editor. Mary Coxe, Business Manager. Nineteen Hundred Forty-five Foreword TO ALL who are, or have been, a part of our school we wish to present this edition of our college yearbook. It is our earnest hope that, in the quiet which must come after battle, you will thumb through these pages and be at peace again as you relive the happy, carefree days you spent at Elon. This jjook depicts our part ot the American way of life . . . may God grant that it always be ours! ' t Contents - - Classes Activities - - Life emoriam THE HAND of war has lain heavily upon our Alma Mater but she has met this crisis as she has met all other crises — with her head held high and with a spirit which is a true challenge to all who love her courage. Elon ' s sons and daughters have answered the call of duty sounded by their country, and they have responded nobly. Some of her number will never return and it is in commem- oration of them that we dedicate these pages. These gallant ones died that we might live and that freedom might live with us. It is our solemn pledge to keep faith with each one of them and to prove ourselves worthy of their sacrifice. VIEWS ; yui-? William Henry Boone WILLIAM HENRY BOONE. M.D., is an alumnus of Elon Col- lege of the class of 1894. He studied medicine at Davidson Col- lege, Charlotte, and at a medical clinic in New York City. Dr. Boone is a prominent physician in the City of Durham, North Carolina. His father, the Rev. Nathaniel Boone, was a Christian minister and spent his entire life in the Southern Convention. Dr. Boone is chairman of the Board of Trustees of Elon College and has served in this capacity for twelve years. He is a loyal church- man and is greatly interested in the program of the College. He has contrihuted generously to its support. Recognizing his ability, his fine spirit and worth to our insti- tution, the class of 1945 takes pleasure in dedicating our annual to his honor and the future of our Alma Mater. DEDICATION The President THE INDOMITABLE spirit of Americiin youths to cany on in peace and in war and their determination to prepare themselves for any eventuality is characteristic of our forefathers who cleared our lands, Iniilt their homes and made our country great. In the members of the class of ' 45 we find that same spirit of aggres- siveness and determination. Many of your classmates, at the call of their countiy, broke ranks and are today out in the thick of the fight. You, too, are on the firing line and are making your contribution to our program for complete freedom and permanent peace. You have not only been loyal to Alma Mater Init you have been cooperative and helpful in campus responsibilities. You have brought much to us. As you go from our midst, we shall miss you. Alma Mater wishes for you the best. May God use and prosper you in those undertakings for which you are best fitted and may He give you satis- faction and peace in all things. Leon Edgar Smith, PresiiJpni. Deans IT HAS BEEN INTERESTING, Seniors, to plan, work, and learn together. Your four years at Elon are a good beginning. You have tackled many phenomena — music, painting, poetry; health problems; the woods, stones and stars; radio and other ethereal mysteries. Of these, continue learning; learn some new worth while item every day; they unveil Divine meaning and expand your concept of God. The trained and exalted mind gives world service; it radiates joy; and it finds serene and lasting peace. May that. Seniors of ' 45, ever be yours. Sincerely, Mary L. Phares, Dean of W omen and Head of Department of Education and Psychology, Elon College. FOUR YEARS is not a long time; it took much longer than that for the Colorado River to wear away the soft stone cliffs of the Grand Canyon; it took longer than that to build the pyramids; it took longer than that to perfect the linotype machine. But four years of one ' s LIFETIME is a period not to be ireated lightly. Four years of study, exercise, and fun are now behind you, and you go forth from the campus of Elon College with the stamp of her life upon you. Because of these four years you will ever be known as " Elon Men and Women. " The glory of Elon lies in the alliludes, deeds and accomplishments of those who have gone out as her sons and daughters. May you always be proud of this, your college, and may she ever be proud of you! Sincerely, Daniel J. Bowden, Dean of Men and Head (.1 ihc Department of i ' lnlosophy and Religion. FACULTY L. B. Adcox, Director of Physical Education. B.S. Davidson College; M.A. University of North Carolina. Charles E. Apel, Business Manager. A.B., B.S., M.S. John Willis Barney, Associate Professor of English. A.B. Elon College; Graduate Work: Columbia Uni- versity, University of Virginia, University of North Carolina. Irving D. Bartley, Head of the Department of Music. B.Mus., M.Mus., Syracuse University; Diplo- ma in Piano, Diploma in Organ, New England Con- servatory. Mrs. Clara H. Bartley. Professor of Biology. B.S., Miami University; M.A. University of Michigan; Ph.D., University of Kansas. Nina Alice Bowmer. Assistant Professor of Business Administration. B.S., M.A., University of Kentucky. Ned Faucette Bbannock, Professor of Chemistry. A.B., M.A., Elon College; M.S., Columbia University; Litt.D., Defiance College; Additional Graduate work; Johns Hopkins University, University of North Caro- lina. Theo Dalton, Associate Professor of Education. Diploma, Troy Teachers College; B.S. University of Alabama; M.Ed. Duke University; Ph.D. George Peabody College for Teachers. Verona Daniels, Secretary to President. Merton B. French. Associate Professor of Religion and Greek. A.B., Washburn College; M.A., Ph.D., Brown University. Hans E. Hirsch, Associate Professor of History. Hoehere Reifepruefung Realgymnasium Mannheim, University of Frankfort-on-the-Main, University of Heidelberg, University of Vienna, Ph.D., University of Munich. Mrs. Vera C. Hirsch, Assistant Professor of French and German. L ' Ecole Francaise Girard, St. Peters- burg, Russia, B.A., Gedda Gymnasium, St. Petersburg, Russia, Alliance Francaise in Paris, Studies at Uni- versity of Paris, Sorbonne, Paris, France; University of Munich, Certificate of the German Academy, Munich. Violet Hoffman, Instructor in Commercial Depart- ment. A.B. Elon College, Graduate Work: North- western University. Alonzo Lohr Hook. Registrar, Professor of Physics. A.B., M.A. Elon College; M.S. Cornell University; Additional Graduate Work: Johns Hopkins Uni- versity, University of Chicago, Duke University. Mrs. Stella Huffine, Accountant. Mrs. Oma U. Johnson, Librarian. Ph.B., A.B. Elon College; B.S. Columbia University. Anne McClenny, Instructor in Music. A.B. Hollins College. Charles R. McClure, Associate Professor of Eng- lish. B.A. Maryville College; M.A. Ohio State Uni- versity; Graduate Work, Indiana University. LiDA Muse, Instructor of Home Economics. B.S. University of Tennessee; M.A. Columbia University. LiLA Clare Newman, Instructor in Art. Ph.B., Elon College; Graduate Work; Columbia University and Harvard University. Mrs. L. E. Smith, Jr., Instructor in Dramatics. Irvine Studio for the Theatre, New York City. Hazel Walker, Secretary to the Business Manager. A.B. Elon College. John Westmoreland, Instructor in Piano. A.B. Elon College; M.A. Columbia University; Graduate Work: Julliard School of Music. Margaret H. Whittington, Instructor of Voice. B.S. in Music, Meredith College; M.A. in Music, University of Michigan; Graduate Work: Julliard School of Music. 14 First run. lejl to right: Aflcox, Apel. Bariiev. Baitle . Bartli- . Bnuiiier. Second row: Braiinock. Daltfin. Daniels. French. Hirsch. Hirsch. Third row: HolTman. Hook. Hulline. Johnson, ilcClenny, M((nuie. Fourth row: Muse. Newman, Smith. Walker, Westmoreland, Whittington. FACULTY 15 Student Body Officers IT IS AN ESTABLISH ED fact now that the breaking of a tradition can bring good luck as well as bad. The best example of this is our student body president this year. In bygone days this office was always filled by a boy, but this time things were changed. Jeanne Hook has proved herself a most competent leader, and she has firmly established the idea that a girl can measure up to college standards as well as a boy. She has performed her many tasks conscientiously and willingly, and Elon students may well con- sider themselves fortunate to have had her for their president. Other student body officers functioning under the president are: Jessie Thurecht, Vice President; Lucille Morgan, Secretary; Gene Poe, Treasurer. 16 THE STUDENT governing l.ody for boys has its trials and troubles just as any other, but this year these have been of a comparatively minor nature. Much credit is due the senate members for their excellent handling of the problems which have confronted them. Theirs is a responsible position and they have met this responsibility squarely. It is not always easy to be just but these boys have proved their true merit in this respect. Under the guidance of Junius Peedin. the senate has cooperated in a fine manner and they may review the year ' s activities with satisfaction. Senate officers include: John Rossi, Vice President; Emer- son Whatley, Secretary and Treasurer. the Senate 17 COUNCIL MEETINGS, call-downs, hand books, and inspec- tions may well be called a council member ' s lot. The girls take these duties in their stride, however, and they seem to be capable cf handling each of them efficiently. This year ' s council record is an enviable one. The president, Mai-y Warren, has done a splendid job of maintaining order among the girls and she is to be congratulated on her ability. She has been very ably assisted by the other members and the result has been a happy and profitable year. Officers of the council are: DoRis Chandler, Vice Presi- dent: Dorothy Foltz, Secretary; Frances Gunter, Treas- urer. Mary Warren Prsident the Council 18 l ly ta l iy ia cr: tnana tudenh in cz i II nietLcan THE RELEASE of the Who ' s Who list is always a long awaitt-il event and this time was no exception. There was a grand total of fourteen new meirdjers added to the former roll of Elon repre- sentatives and this included twelve seniors and two juniors. The honor is not one to be treated lightly for there is much time and forethought spent in choosing the candidates. A committee of faculty memJjers is responsible for the selections and in doing this they must keep in mind several qualities. Leadership, scholar- ship, character, personality and individual abilities are considered and weighed and the candidates nominated in accordance with the results. Students chosen as representatives this year are all active in some phase of college life and their records have been deemed such as to deserve this honor. The ones chosen are: Ikis Boland, Eliza Boyd, Lula Browne, Doris Chandler, Nell Crenshaw, Earl Farrell, Jeanne Hook, Mary Ellen McCants, Junius Peedin, Edna Rumley, Walstein Snyder. Theo Strum, Jessie Thurecht, and Mary Warren. 19 nLvet itied an Ji y atiecie CLASSES 20 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Nell Crenshaw President Theo Strum Vice President Doris Chandler Secretary Mary Warren Treasurer ajj a h,-il IV e 21 SENIORS OF Iris Celeste Boland, Elon College. N. C. Tau Zeta Phi. Pi Gamma Mu. Biology. Choir 1, 2, 3; S.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Cabinet 2, 3, Vice President 3, President 4; Day Students Organization 1, 2, 3, Vice President 3; Education Club . ' !: Commencement Marshal 2; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. Eliza Myrtle Boyd, Henderson, N. C. Delta Upsilon Kappa. Pi Gamma Mu. English and History. Women ' s Council 2, 3, Treasurer 2; Women ' s Intramural Council 2, Secretary; Student Body Treasurer 3; Education Club 3, 4; Art Club 3, 4; S.C.A. 1, 4; Pan-Hellenic Council 4; Honor Roll 3, 4; Electoral Committee 4; Editor PhiPsiCli 4; May Day Attendant 3; Commencement Marshal 3, May Queen 4; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Uni- versities and Colleges. Doris Mae Chandler, Burlington. N. C. Tau Zeta Phi. Pi Gamma Mu. Business Administr ation. S.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Cabinet 1, 3, 4; Commercial Club 1, 2, 3. 4; Household Arts Club 3; Education Club 3, 4; Art Club 4; PhiPsiCli Staff 3; Secretary-Treasurer of Choir 4; Commencement Marshal 3; Treasurer Junior Class 3. Sec- retary Senior Class 4; Vice President Women ' s Council 4; Pan-Hellenic Council 4; Student Faculty Connnittee 4; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Col- leges. Rachel Louise Coble, Burlington, N. C. Pi Gamma Mu. English and French. Day Student ' s Organi- zation 1, 2. 3, 4; S.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Education Club 3, 4; Pi Gamma Mu 3. President 4; Dramatic Club 3. 4. Boyd Coble Nell Crenshaw. Burlington, N. C. Tau Zeta Phi. Pi Gamma Mu. Biology. Day Students Organization 1, 3, 4; Vice President 3, President 4; Educa- tion Club 4; Associate Editor of Colonnades 3; S.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Cabinet 3, 4; Maroon and Gold Staff 4; Vice President Pi Gannna Mu 4; President Senior Class 4; Com- mencement Marshal 3; Honor Roll 2, 3, 4; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. Edith Elizabeth Hall, Route 1, Woodleaf, N. C. Pi Gamma Mu. Public School Music and Piano. Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; S.C.A. 1, 3, 4; Panvio Literary Society 3, 4, Vice President 3, President 4; Honor Roll 3, 4; Education Club 3, 4, Vice President 4; Student Service Organization 3; Ex- tension Music Teacher 3; Day Students Organization I. Frances Viola Hayes, Norlina, N. C. Pi Kappa Tau. Biology. S.C.A. 1, 2; Student Service Organization 2; Household Arts Chds 3; Women ' s Council 4; Pan Hellenic Council 4. 22 NINETEEN FORTY-FIVE Hook Reitzel Mary Jeanne Hook, Elon College, N. C. Tau ta Phi. Pi Gamma. Mu. Delta Psi Omega. English and Music. S.C.A. Senior Cabinet 2, 3, 4, President 3; Band 1. 2; Elon Singers 1 2, 3, 4, President 3; Women ' s Intra- mural Council 3; Day Students Organization 1, 2, 3, 4, Sec- retary 2, President 3; Education Club 3, 4; President North Carolina State Future Teachers Association 4; Class Secre- tary 1. 2. 3; Chief Connnencement Marshal 3; Honor Roll . ' .. 4; May Day Maid of Honor 4; President Student Body 4; Who ' s Who Among Stinlenls in American Universities and (Colleges. Donald Miller, Mt. Pleasant, Penn. English. Dr. Johnson ' s Literary Society 2, 3. 4. President 3. Corresponding Secretary 4; Intramural Council 4; Basket- ball Manager 1, 2, 4; Football Manager 1, 2, 3. Mary Oakley, Elon Colege. N. C. Pi Gamma Mu. Business Adminislralion. Panvio Literary Society 3, 4; S.C.A. 2, 3, 4; Day Students Organization 1 . 2, 3, 4; Commercial Club 1, 2, 3, ' 4; Education Chil) 3, 4; Honor Roll 1, 2, 4. M ry Ellen McCaxts. Anderson. S. C. Tau Zfla Phi. Pi Gamma Mu. English and French. Maroon anil (Jolil. Editor 4, Feature Editor 3; PiiiPsiCli 3; Choir 1 ; Education Club 2, 3, 4; S.C.A. Cabinet 2, 3, 1; Art Club 4; Secretary-Treasurer Pi (Jamma Mu 4; Honor Roll 3, 4; W ho ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. Edna Louise Reitzel. Hillsljoro. N. C. English and Physical Education. Household Arts Club 1 ; S.C.A. 1. 2, 3, 4; Women ' s Intramural Council 2, 3. 4; Edu- cation Club 2, 3, 4; Commercial (Mub 2; Panvio Literary Society 2. 3, 4, Vice President 2. 1, President 3; Choir 3; Student Service Organization 3; Senior S.C.A. Cabinet 3, I; Maroon and Gold Staff 3, Sports Editor 4; Senior Manager Intramural Sports 4; Women ' s Council 4; Commencement Marshal 3. 23 SENIORS Runiley Edna Virginia Rumley, Elon College, N. C. Delta Upsilon Kappa. Pi Gamma Mu. English and Physical Education. S.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Cabinet 3, 4; Intramural Coun- cil 4, Secretary 4; Day Students Organization 1, 2, 3, 4; Women ' s Council 4; Education Club 3, 4; Commencement Marshal 3; Cheer Leader 4; May Day Attendant 4; Student Assistant in Physical Education 1, 2, 3, 4; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges, Walstein Snyder, Elkton, Virginia. Pi Gamma Mu. Religion. S.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4; Ministerial Association 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice President 3; Band 1; Dr. Johnson ' s Literary Society 2, 3, 4, Secretary 4; Maroon and Gold Staff 3; May Day Escort 3; Art Club 4: Who ' s Who Among .Students in American Universities and Colleges. Orphia Theo Strum, Roxboro, N. C. Transfer from Louisburg College. Tau Zeta Phi. English and Math. Maroon and Gold 3; Education Club 3, 4; S.C.A. 3, 4; S.C.A. Cabinet 4; Band 3, 4; Council 3; Vice President Senior Class 4; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. Mary Warren, Staley, N. C. Tau Zeta Phi. Pi Gamma Mu. Home Economics. S.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Cabinet 3, 4; Household Arts Club 1, 2, 3. 4, Secretary 4; Education Club 3, 4; Choir 3, Secretary; Intra- Mural Council 3, 4; Student Assistant for Girl ' s Physical Education 3, 4; Student Faculty Committee 4; Commence- ment Marshal 3; Treasurer Senior Class 4; Women ' s Council 3, 4, President 4; Honor Roll 2, 3; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. Iris Westbrook, Dunn, N. C. Biology, Chemistry. Transfer from Flora Macdonald College. S.C.A. 2, 3, 4; Choir 2, 3, 4; Panvio Literary Society, Treas- urer 4, Vice President 4; Honor Roll 3, 4; Intramurals 2, 3, 4; Education Club 4. 24 ' iiviiat 25 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Margaret Rawls President Bill Clapp Vice President Dorothy Foltz Secretary Helen Newsom Treasurer 26 JUNIORS Apple, Anne Elizabeth. Elon College. . C. Braddy. Elizabeth Alston. Burlington. N. C. Braxton. Esther Florine. Wliite ille. . C. Brewer. Sar- h Lolise. Pittsboro. N. C. Brower, Mary Jean, Liberty, N. C. Clafp, John William, Elon College, N. C. Daniel, Edwin, Virgilina. Va. Danieley. James Earl. Burlington. N. C. Davis, Bonnie Grace. Eureka, N. C. Dlrham. Alton Thomas. Burlington. N. C. Foltz. Dorothy Nell. Luray, Virginia Griffin, Ethai.inda. Sunnnerfield. N. C. Glnter. Frances Pat. Sanford. N. C. Hall, William Walter, Gibsonville. N. C. Lloyd, Bettie Sue, Efland, . C. 27 JUNIORS Malone, Hilda Lee, Prospect Hill, N. C. McCrimmon, Pauline. Pittsboro, N. C. McDaniel, Martha Anne, Anderson, S. C. MoiZE, Sarah May, Burlington, N. C. Neal. Carl Ray. Belews Creek, N. C. Nevvsom, Mary Helen, Lucama, N. C. Parker. Elizabeth Holland, Sunbury, N. C. Parker, Ida Marie, Eure, N. C. Peedin, Junius Hugh, Fayetteville, N. C. PoE, Gene Preston. Rockingham, N. C. Rawls, Margaret Elizabeth, Suffolk, Va. Reid, Harold Alfred. Norfolk. Va. Rossi, John, Vineland, N. J. Stone. Betty Bob, Siler City, N. C. Sutton, Thomas Daniel, Gibsonville, N. C. Thurecht, Jessie Dale, Elizabeth City, N. C. 28 avjkantate 29 SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Fred Register President Emerson Whatley Vice President Patricia Hook Secretary Virginia Ezell Treasurer 30 Sophomores First row. left to right: Bangle, Bernice lona, Cliarlotte, N. C. Barliam, Jennie Lee, Burlington, N. C. Bogue, Verble Marie, Fremont, N. C. Boon, Mary Johnston, Gibsonville, N. C. Boyd, Virginia Mae, Graham, N. C. Braxton, Ruby Elizabeth, Whiieville, N. C. Second row: Brewer, Harriet Muriel, Roxboro, N. C. Clayton, Annie Louise, Prospect Hill, N. C. CofTin, Theressa Lea, Gibsonville, N. C. Cole, Dorothy Hazel, Biscoe, N. C. Cooper, Catherine Ward, Burlington, N. C. Coxe, Mary Baxley, Wagram, N. C. Third row: Dean, Lois Marie, Amherst. Ohio Dickinson, Marjorie Helene, Smithfield, N. C. Ezell, Ida Virginia, Phoebus, Va. Faulconer, Catherine E., Burlington, N. (]. Franks, Martha Lee, Raleigh, N. C. Graham, Robert Jenkins, Mebane, N. C. 31 Sophomores First row. left to right: Griffin, Marian Geraldine, Summerfield, N. C. Hancock, Eugene Glen, Graham, N. C. Haney, Mildred, Burlington, N. C. Hensley, Ruby Dale, Elon College, N. C. Hester, Anne Elizabeth, Hurdle Mills, N. C. Hoffman, Thomas Ervin, Burlington, N. C. Second row: Holland, Dorothy Virginia, Shelby, N. C. Hook, Doris Patricia, Elon College, N. C. Horner, Thomas Marlaiid, New Bern, N. C. Johnson, Inez Eva, Belmont, N. C. Kemodle, Verna Lee, Burlington, N. C. King, Doris Adell, Burlington, N. C. Third row: Lamm, Dorothy Elizabeth, Burlington, N. C. McCotter, Robert Francis, Vandemere, N. C. McLean, Bette Doreene, Gibsonville, N. C. McPherson, Elnor Dare, Graham, N. C. Moore, Willard Glenn, Burlington, N. C. Morgan, William Jackson, Carthage, N. C. 32 Sophomores First row, left to right: Morgan, Lucille, Hampton, Va. Morris, Helen, Jackson, N. C. Neese, Hilda, Graham, N. C. Norris, Verdalee, Sanford, N. C. Rader, Ann, Burlington, N. C. Rakestraw, Gladys, Stoneville, N. C. ' iecona row: Register, Fred, Sanford, N. C. Rice, Margaret, Hurdle Mills, N. C. Riley, L. W., Burlington, N. C. Roberts, Hilda, Cameron, N. C. Robinson, Faye, Atlantic, N. C. Rogers, Frank, Magnolia, N. C. Third row: Sliephard, Myrtle, Liberty, N. C. Shoffner, Kathleen, Liberty, N. C. Simpson, Mary Lil), Burlington, N. C. Snyder, Nellie Grey, Burlington, N. C. Smith, Betsy, Burlington, N. C. Smith, Joyce, Whiteville, N. C. 33 c mUmtm U M U . M Sophomores First row, left to right: Southeiland, Rodney, Mt. Olive, N. C. Stanford, Richard, Graham, N. C. Stout, Opal, Greensboro, N. C. Strader, Ann, Carthage, N. C. Sunburn, Jack, New Britain, Conn. Sutton, John, Mt. Olive, N. C. econa row: Taylor, Wayne, Efland, N. C. Truitt, Frances, Greensboro, N. C. Walker, Florence, Burlington, N. C. Williams, Dot, Suffolk, Va. Waugh, Lorraine, Elon College, N. C. Webster, Margarette, Burlington, N. C. Third row: Welch, Mack, Elon College, N. C. Whatley, Emerson, Ulah, N. C. Yarborough, Fred, Roxboro, N. C. 34 : . tcmnten. 35 FRESHMEN CLASS OFFICERS Danny Banks President Bill MacEntire Vice President Ruth Webster Secretary Frances Detrick Treasurer 36 Freshmen First riin; lejl to right: Allen. George Lemuel. Jr. Sanford, N. C. Argenbriglit. Elinor Jean Enola. Pa. Asliell. Jean .Siinhury. N. C. Bain. Frank McDowell. Jr. Haw River. N. C. Banks, Daniel Everett New Bern, N. C. Second roic: Barrett. Jo Nell Suffolk, a. Beckoni. Tlema Irene Burlington, N. C. Benton, Elizabeth Curtis Norfolk, a. Berrv. Rov Henderson Efiand, N. C. Blue, Betty Louise Aberdeen, N. C. Third rote: Blacknall. Louise Foster Reidsville, N. C. Boone. Helen Colene Cedar Grove. N. C. Bowman, Reeda Ararat, a. Braxton. Archie Ira. Jr. Elon College. N. C. Breedlove. Erma Ruth Durham, N. C. Fourth roll: Brewer, Cora Alice Peachland, N. C. Brown. Elsie Amaryllis Brown Summit, N. C. Brown, Mildred Inez Elon College, N. C. Bryan, iola Marie Burlington, N. C. Burch, Jack Melvin Burlington, N. C. Fifth roiv: Burkhead. Omri Dell Candor, N. C. Canady, Erma Dixon I ' arktnn, N. C. Carter. Erna Nell Reidsville. N. C. Carter, June Ann Thomasville, N. C. Chandler, Florine Margaret Burlington. N. C. Sixth row: Chandler, Fred Malluy .Semora, N. C. ( happell. Cornelia Kathleen Candor. N. C. (Japp. Edna Doris Greensboro, N. C. Clapp. Edna Mae Greensboro, N. (. ' . Coble. Vivian Irene Burlington, N. C. a ( 5 .. Seventh row: Cochrane, Pattie Elizabeth Ether, N. C. Cole. Maxine .Stuart Jackson Springs. N. C. Copelanil. William Carlton Sunbury, N. C. Coslon. Thelma Marie Maysville, N. C. Crumpton. Frances Louise Altamahaw, N. C. Ciahll, ,nn Crutchfield, Willie Smith Graham, N. C. Dameron. Naomi ( orinne Kinslon. N. C. Daniels. Herman Burton. Jr. Beaufort, N. C. 37 Freshmen Fi rst row, left to right: Davis, Ruth Ermine Durham. N. C. Detrick. Frances De Graff. Ohio Dunn. Cliarlie Joseph Charlotte. N. C. Earp. Jo Mauree Albemarle. N. C Eason, Agnes Barter Macclesfield, N. C. Second roiv: Eaves, Sydney Paige Henderson, N. C. Everett. Ruth Suffolk, Va. Flinchum, Dora Leigh Carthage, N. C. Foster, Hal D.. Jr. Burlington. N. C. Foster, Truella Uldine Henderson, N. C. Third row: Foust, Robert Arrington Graham, N. C. Garner, Norris Marie Aberdeen, N. C. Gibson. Sarah Nell Norfolk, Va. Gilliam. Emery Keith Elon College. N. C. Gomer. Rachel Hunter Holland, Va. Fourth roiv: Gowens. Mabel Juanita Graham, N. C. Graham. Irma Ruth Cameron, N. C. Gray, Alise Virginia Asheboro, N. C. Griffin, Arie Anne Summerfield, N. C. Grinstead. Ronald Bryan Blanche. N. C. Fifth row: Gunter, Helen Wrenn Trinity, N. C. Hall. Thomas Roy Burlington, N. C. Harris. Sarah Lenora Burlington, N. C. Hedrick. Jacqueline Ray Elizabethtown. N. C. Hill. Katberiiie Juanila Elon College, N. C. Sixth row: Hinton. Leon Carrington Burlington, N. C. Hopkins. Rachael Elon College, N. C. Hudson, Bertha Pauline Connellys Springs, N. C. Hudson, Marguerite Wayne Saxapahaw, N. C. Hurdle, Allen Lafayette Burlington, N. C. Seventh row: Inman. Paul Kermit Freeland, N. C. Jenkins, George Anderson Liberty, N. C. Johnson. Susie Elizabeth Suffolk, Va. Johnson, Hazel Vemell Saxapahaw, N. C. Johnson. Jack Edward Siler City, N. C. Eighth row: Johnson. Rachael Louis Siler City, N. C. Joseph, Sylvia Marie New Bern, N. C. Lamb. Vers Etia Asheboro. N. C. 38 Freshm en fJ Ck , Rosser. Mary Eunice Broadway, N. C. Riiss. Sarah Arlelia Gihsonville, N. C. Scliadel. Mildred Irene Suffolk, N. C. Seventh row: Powell, Rulli irginia Sunhury. N. C. Rowls, Harvey Pretlow Suffolk, Va. Rei l, Philip Dean Charlotte, N. C. Reilzel. I.ynna Grey Burliiifiton, N. C. Rickard. Faye Burlington, N. C. First rote, left to right: Lewis, Jane Mary Graham, N. C. Lindley. James Thomas Burlington. N. C. Little. William Duncan St. Pauls. N. C. Liverman, Eva Louise Norfolk, Va. Long, Colien Daniel Roxboro. N. C. Second row: Long. Ralph Clinton Prospect Hill, N. C. Longest, Faye Earleen Graham, N. C. Lyon, James Wallace Burlington, N. C. Maness. Sarah Martha Raeford. N. C. Martin, Thomas Harry Elon College, N. C. Third row: McBane, Helen Gray Graham, N. C. McCauley, Jane Utley Henderson, N. C. McEntire, William Harrison Spindale, N. C. Miles. Doris Kathleen Burlington, N. C. Moore, Elizabeth Irene Reidsville, N. C. Fourth row: Moore, Evelyn Levonia Graham, N. C. Morgan. Ella Mae Hampton, Va. Morris, Peggy Jill Graham, N. C. Neighbors. Carl Ralph Burlington. N. C. 0 " Briant. Margaret Dare Roxboro. N. C. Fijlh roil-: Owen, Wallace Huffman Gibsonville, N. C. Paige, Vallie Victoris Elon College, N. C. Parks, Ellen Eugenia Ramseur, N. C. Pass. John ' iley Roxboro, N. C. Pegram. Frances Carol Henderson. N. C. Sixth mil : Pender. Alma Doering Leaksville, N. C. Pierce. Dorothy Sunbury. N.C. Pittman. Mildred Saille Selma, N. C. Pidlard, Dewey I. e Burlington, N. C. Porter. Virginia Celeste Tabor City, N. C. 39 Freshmen First roic, lejt to right: Schwegler, Marcelene Asheboro, N. C. Scoggins, Mary Elisabelli Elon College, N. C. Scott, Helen Arnold Lawrenceville, Va. Shaw, Carleen Aha Mebane, N. C. Shepherd, Dorothy Durham, N. C. Second row: Simmons, Naomi Jane Elon College. N. C. Simpson, Irene Willie Elon College, N. C. Simpson, Marjory Frances Jonesboro, N. C. Sinclair, Shirley Jane Aberdeen, N. C. Smith, Leo Malcolm Raleigh, N. C. Third row: St. Clair, Frances Elizabeth Eggleslon, Va. Stanford, Carrie Elizabeth Graham, N. C. Stone, Henry Jackson, Jr. Siler City, N. C. Storey, Bobby Jack Graham, N. C. Taylor, Vera Marie Elizabethlown, N. C. Four til roll : Todd. Prudence Eve Whiteville. N. C. Truitt, Carrie Louise Burlington, N. C. Turner, Mary Elizabeth Graham, N. C. Turner, Harry Greer, Jr. Greensboro, N. C. Underwood, Evelyn Elon College, N. C. Fifth row: Vaughn, Fred Burlington, N. C. Vickers. Attelia Alda Brunswick, Ga. Walker, Vivian Allen Asheboro, N. C. W ll, Jean Craig Burlington. N. C. Ward. Gertrude Clarendon, N. C. Sixth row: Ward, Grace Evelyn Staley, N. C. Ward, Janet Alevia Whaleyville. Va. Warren. Nancy Gray Cedar Grove, N. C. Webster. Ruth Haw River, N. C. White, Edward Carl, Jr. Waverly, Va. Seventh row: Whiilock, Jane Carthage, N. C. Wilson. Kathryn Charlotte Burlington. N. C. Wolfe. Thomas Arthur Burlington, N. C. Wrenn, Palsy Ruth Durham, N. C. Yarbrough, Sara Louise Yanceyville, N. C. Eighth liih Young. Do Roxboro rothy Raye . N. C. Young. ern, Al ma Katli Ala, leen 40 Lai =J i amtitetaai =u ev)atli4 ei4t 41 COMMERCIAL OFFICERS Myrtle Shephard President Marie Bogue Viee President Doris Clapp Secretary-Treasurer Miss Violet Hoffman Sponsor IT IS NOT USUALLY thought that noise breeds efFiciency, but in the case of the commercial classes at Elon this may be considered true. The clatter of the typewriters would be enough to distract most people but the students of this department seem to be bothered very little. The department is very well equipped and affords ample training space for all students interested in tliis phase of work. Special emphasis is placed on such subjects as typing, filing, shorthand, office practice, and office machines. 42 THE STUDENTS released by the commercial teachers here are considered most capable and the quality of their work can bear rigid inspection. Those who complete their work lo the proper degree of efficiency may obtain com- mercial certificates. Usually these secure desirable positions in the business world and they continue lo maintain the standards set up for them here at Elon. 43 ACTIVITIES 44 SOCIAL ORGANIZATIONS PAN HELLENIC COUNCIL THIS COUNCIL is composed of representatives from each of the four campus sororities. These are responsible for the regulation of social func- tions of all t -pes and it is their dut to ?ee that the events are carried on according to college standards. Representatives are Frances Hayes. Pi Kappa Taui Doris Celvxdler, Tau Zeta Phi: Elizabeth Parker. Beta Omicron Beta; and Eliza Boyd, Delia L psilon Kappa. 45 DELTA MRS. ELIZABETH R. SMITH Sponsor AYK SENIORS Eliza Boyd, Edna Rumley. JUNIORS Elizabeth Holland, Helen Newsome, Margaret Rawls, Jessie Tliurecht. SOPHOMORES Harriet Brewer, Catherine Faulconer, Dorothy Holland, Helen Morris, Verdalee Norris, Dorothy Williams. FRESHMEN Elizabeth Benton, Frances Detrick, Frances Pegrani, Kath- leen Young. 46 UPSILON KAPPA ORGANIZED 1918 BOYD RUMLEY HOLLAND NEWSOM KAWLS THIRPXHT BREWER FAULCONER HOLLAAU MORRIS NORRIS WILLIAMS BENTON DETRICK PEGRAM YOUNG 47 MRS. OMA S. JOHNSON Sponsor TZ$ SENIORS Iris Boland, Doris Chandler, Nell Crenshaw, Jeanne Hook. Mary Ellen McCants, Theo Strum, Mary Warren. JUNIORS Elizabeth Bradtly, Martha McDaniel. Betty Boh Stone. SOPHOMORES Mary Coxe, Patricia Hook, Doris King, Lucille Morgan, Mary Elizabeth Simpson. FRESHMEN Catherine Cooper, Ella Mae Morgan, Sara Yarbrough. TAU 48 ZETA PHI ORGANIZED 1920 Q M BOLAND CHANDLER CRENSHAW HOOK McCANTS STRUM WARREN BRADDY McDANIEL STONE COOPER COXE HOOK KING MORGAN RADER SIMPSON MORGAN YARBOROUGH •••wSf jj 49 Miss Violet Hoffman Sponsor BETA BOB JUNIORS Frances Gunter, Elizabeth Parker. SOPHOMORES Louise Clayton, Hazel Cole, Virginia Ezell, Kathleen Shoffner. FRESHMEN Maxine Cole, Paige Eaves, Faye Rickard, Helen Scott. 50 OMICRON BETA ORGANIZED 1920 GUNTER COLE EAVES PARKER CLAYTON EZELL SHOFFjNER RICKARD SCOTT TRUITT Nnt pirliirril: Maxine Cole. 51 Miss Margaret Whittincton Sponsor PI nKT SENIORS Frances Hayes JUNIORS Floriiie Braxton, Dorothy Foltz, Bettie Sue Lloyd, Hilda Ma lone. SOPHOMORES Mary Johnston Boone, Ruby Braxton, Theressa Coffin, Lois Dean, Dottie Lamm, Betty McLean, Myrtle Shephard, Joyce Smith. FRESHMEN Ermine Davis, Patsy Wrenn. 52 KflPPA TAU OGANIZED 1924 HAYES BOONE BRAXTON TOLTZ LLOYD MALONE BRAXTON COFFIN DEAN HENSLEY LAMM McLEAN McPHERSON SHEPARD SMITH SMITH DAVIS WRENN ® pm r 1 1 53 Fraternities IT WAS REGRETTABLE, but necessary, that the four fraternities disband for the duration. Each had been active in doing their part toward making Elon a better school in many ways and we miss their contributions greatly. The fraternities served to bring the men on the campus closer to one another and their attitude of brotherhood permeated the entire student body. They established ideals which have lasted throughout this period of their absence and we look with pride toward their achievements. We sense their presence here, and we are aware that it is our duty and privilege to keep Elon as they remember it. It is our earnest hope that they will soon be able to return and we are eager for them to re-establish themselves in the place which is rightfully theirs. 54 Dr. D. J. BowDEN Sponsor MINISTERIAL flSSOCmTION THE MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION comprises those meni- Ijers of the student body, both men and women, who intend to enter the Clnistian ministry, religious educalion, social service, or medical missions. Meetings of the group are held weekly, at which time discussion and practice-preaching are utilized to help prepare the prospective minister for his jjrofession. Officers of the year were Robert Graham, president; Thi.mas Horner, I ' ice president; and Jack Sunl)urn. secretary- treasurer. 55 WE HAVE BEEN BEWILDERED and confused more times than we care to mention during these past months, but it has been worth all that and more. Now that the book is completed we can look back on those days and smile, because it is all over and our job is finished. The only thing worrying us now is how each of you likes the finished product. We are keeping our fingers crossed on that score and perhaps the gods will be on our side. The hook is for you and about you — we sincerely hope the representation meets with your approval. The 1945 Phipsicli EiJZA Boyd Dn. Hans Hiusch 56 Mary Coxe THE PHIPSICLI STAFF Eliza Boyd Editor-in-Chief Lib Holland Assistant Editor Mary Coxe Business Manager Verdalee Norris Copy Editor Frances Detrick Typist Frances Pegram Typist Dr. Hans Hirsch Faculty Adviser Lib Holland Maroon and Gold EDITORIAL STAFF Mary Ellen McCants Editor H. Reid Managing Editor Martha McDaniel Associate Editor BUSINESS STAFF Mary Coxe Business Manager Charles R. McClure Faculty Adviser Mary Ellen McCants YOUR COLLEGE NEWSPAPER plays a vital part in campus life. Not only for the news, hut for its special features, the newspaper training it gives its faithful workers, and its circulation to our service men in all comers of the glohe. It acts for some of these men as an only link to college life and serves to keep them ever reminded of the happy days spent here at Elon. The paper is published every two weeks on the campus by and for Elon students. Each issue is eagerly awaited and the enjoyment derived from the reading proves the worth of such an enlerpri-e. Dr. C. R. McClure THIS CLUB was organized with tlie needs of future teachers in mind. Through discussions the members leani more about the educational aspect of life, and they are better prepared to practice certain ideas as a result. A speaker is invited each month to give the members a broader view of major problems and this has proved most helpful. The advisers of the club give their aid to any of the immediate problems which may arise in regard to education in general. Officers of the club are: Margaret Rawls. President; Edith Hall, Vice President; Hilda Malone, Secretary; Elizabeth Braddy, Treasurer; Dean Mary Phares, Adviser. Education Club 59 Senior S. C. A. THE STUDENT CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION is composed of students who are especially interested in promoting the religious life on campus. The functions of the Senior Cabinet are to greet freshmen, to help the freshmen organize their Cabinet, to conduct morning watch and vespers, to sponsor socials, and to sponsor special religious speakers on campus. Officers First Quarter: Walstein Snyder, President; Iris C. Boland, Vice President; Bob Graham, Secretary. Officers Second Quarter: Iris Boland, President; Eliza- beth Parker, Vice President; Bob Graham, Secretary. 60 Freshman S. C. A. THIS BRANCH of the Student Cliristian Association is made up of freshmen only. Those who are particularly interested in religious work are urged to join but all who wish to do so may oljtain membership. The members work with the senior organization in furthering their projects but they also concentrate on certain ideas of their own. They have functioned well tliis year and they have been a great help in many instances outside their inunediate concern. Leaders of the organization are: Ronald Grinstead, President; Kermit Inman, Vice President; Alice Brewer, Secretary. Keumit Inma Vice President DELTA PSI OMEGA National Honorary Dramatic Fraternity MEMBERS GEORGE LEMEUL ALLEN ELIZABETH BENTON MARIE BOGUE ELIZABETH ALSTON BRADDY MARY BAXLEY COXE EARL DANIELEY ERMINE DAVIS CATHERINE FAULCONER ROBERT JENKINS GRAHAM ETHALINDA GRIFFIN HELEN GUNTER RUBY DALE HENSLEY MARY JEANNE HOOK THOMAS MARLAND HORNER ALLEN HURDLE ELIZABETH JOHNSON JANE McCAULEY CARL RALPH NEIGHBORS VERDALEE NORRIS FRANCES CAROL PEGRAM EUGENE PRESTON POE ANN RADER HAROLD REID MARJORIE SIMPSON ANNIE RUTH STRADER JOHN HARVEY SUNBURN MARGARET WEBSTER RUTH WEBSTER ALMA KATHLEEN YOUNG ELIZABETH R. SMITH, Faculty Director 62 PI GAMMA MU National Hcnorai-y Social Science Fraternity North Carolina Alpha Chapter Organized 1924 MEMBERS RACHEL COBLE MARY ELLEN McCANTS MARY OAKLEY NELL CRENSHAW WALSTEIN SNYDER ELIZA BOYD HOWARD CATES EARL FARRELL EDITH HALL JLANITA PERDUE REBECCA WATSON EDWIN DANIELS DORIS CHANDLER JUNIUS PEEDIN JEANNE HOOK HILDA MALONE MARGARET RAWLS EDNA RUMLEY JESSIE THURECHT MARY WARREN BETTY BOB STONE ELIZABETH APPLE IRIS BOLAND JEAN BROWER ELIZABETH PARKER ELIZABETH BRADDY LULA BROWNE 63 DR. JOHNSON LITERARY SOCIETY . Q ( c r First row, left to right: Miller, Banks, Poe, Cliandler, Clapp, Giinstead. Second row: Morgan, Owens, Rawls, Neal, Register, Riley. Third row: Allen, Whatley, Taylor, McCotter, Yarbrough, Horner. Fourth row: Rossi, Stanford, Snyder, Graham. IN THE FALL of 1935 several enthusiastic students conceived the idea that a literary society was greatly needed on the Elon campus. From this idea a society with twelve members was formed. From this small group has grown a powerful and beneficial organization. Truly the group is almost diverse as the Johnson Club of old, for which it is named. It should not be thought that a scholastic austerity inhibits the humor and good fellowship of the group. To the contrary, the debates this year consisting largely of personal abuse and ludicrous statements have been more provoking than stimulating. Viewed from every standpoint, the Johnson Literary Society has enjoyed a very pleasant year. Three presidents have served the society this year: Don Miller, Gene Poe, and Fred Register. 64 PANVIO LITERARY SOCIETY First roH lejt to right: Reitzel. Reitzel, Hall. Webster, Apple. Second roii : Ciutchfield, Neese, Strader, Websler, Barrett. Third row: Biirkhead. Johnson, Johnson, Lewis, McBain. Fourth roil : Oakley. Stanford, Westbrook. THE PANVIO LITERARY SOCIETY, companiuii urgauizatiun to the h. Jchnsuii Literary Society, operates on much the same plan as their brother organization. Regular meetings featuring programs of varying nature, husi- ness sessions and socials are included in their activities. Speakers for tlie programs consist of members of the faculty and off- campus visitors. Occasionally there i a joint meeting of Dr. John.soirs and Panvio which is sometimes in the ionn (jf a debate on camj ' us c on- ditions and current affairs. One ( 1 ihe main events of this year was tiie annual lian(|uet heltl in the Blue Room of Hotel Alamance in fiurlington. The cflicers of this organization are: Edna Reitzel. President: Deli. Blrkiiead, Vice President; Ruth Webster, Secretary and Iris Westbrook. Treasurer. 65 ELON CHOIR Irving D. Hartley Director THE CHOIR affords one of our most lasting sources of enjoyment here on campus. The members are always ready to fill in whenever they are needed and they deserve much credit for being present so often. Our church and chapel services would be much less impressive if it were not for the beautiful selections rendered by these students. We owe them a debt of gratitude for their faithfulness and for the quality of their musical performances. Special concerts are a part of the choir ' s duties and, under the direction of Professor Irving Bartley and Miss Margaret Whittington, these have proved most successful. " The Messiah, " the traditional Christmas rendition, is still the most popular of all selections and this is looked forward to all the year by students, faculty, and community members alike. 66 THE ADDITION of several new meinliei . plus the impiovetl quality of performance, constitutes proof as to the advancement of this year ' s band. Mr. E. F. Rhodes of Burlington, N. C, is the director and under his guidance the memliers have responded most favorably. They have furni lied mu-ic at our baskelhall games and this added a great deal to the spirits of the spectators. It is hoped that the hand will be able to attain even more recognition in the future and we feel confident that this can be accomplished. Memljers of the baud include: Theo Strum Marguerite Hudson George Jenkins Archie Braxton Lucille Morgan Sarah Brewer Jane Lewis Patsy Wrenn Ermine Davis Ann Radar ELON BAND 67 HOUSEHOLD ARTS CLUB Miss Lida Muse THIS CLUB is cue of the most wortliwliile organizations on the campus. Its membership is composed of Home Economics majors and others who are interested in this field of work. Meetings are held monthly, at which time subjects related to Home Economics are discussed. In addition to the regular meetings, the members aid the Red Cross and take part in other worthwhile activities on the campus. Miss Lida Muse is sponsor of the club and the officers are: Betty Bob Stone, President; Kathleen Shoff- NER. Vice President; Mary Warren, Secretary and Treasurer. 68 ART CLUB Art Club Members: Elizaljeth Apple Lucy Allison Jennie Lee Barham Myrtle Shephard Dottie Lamm Mary Ellen McCants Don Miller Eliza Boyd Walstein Snyder Nellie Snyder Betty McLean Kathleen Young Dale Hensley Rodney Southerland Helen Newsom Ann Hardy Dot Holland Ruhy Braxton Joyce Smith Gladys Rakestraw Edwin Daniels Marie Bryan Pauline McCrimnion Verna Lea Kernodle Kathleen Shcffner Faye Rickard Naomi Dameron Ruth Reitzel Sara Yarborough Doris Chandler Miss Lila Clare Newman Sponsor e oo 69 DAY STUDENTS ORGANIZATION THIS ORGANIZATION is one of the most active and influential on the campus. The memJjers are always willing to take part in college events and their services are welcomed. Nell Crensliaw has done much toward making the organization even more well known that it has heen in the past and much can be said for the progress which has been made. It is a practice for the organization to sponsor a party sometime during the year and this is a greatly anticipated event. The day students comprise an essential portion of (Hir life here at Elon and their importance is decidedly recognized. Officers of the organization are: Nell Crenshaw, President; Iris Boland. Vice Preaident: Patricla Hcok, Secretary: L. W. Riley. Treasurer. 70 3 aij = z au 71 MAY COURT Leff to right: Junius Peedin, Jessie Thurecht, Edwin Daniels, Edna Rumley. Jeanne Hook, Frances Gunter, Emerson Whatley, Margaret Rawls, Bill Clapp. The king is Gene Poe and the maid-of- honcr ' s escort, whose picture does not appear, is Fred Register. Eliza Boyd May Queen Jeanne Hook Maid oj Honor THE TRADITIONAL May Day was observed here en May 5. The court, composed of the May Queen and King, the MaitI of Honor and lier escort, and eight attendants, were entertained by a program of music and dancing. Under the direction of Mr. John Westmoreland and Miss Anne McClenny, a program of ballet was presented. The music, taken from Bach, Schubert, Chopin, Shostakovitch. and Delius was chosen to show the development of music from that of a Baroque nature to contemporary compositions. Eu A IvL-MLEV H4? -V; «,J- %■-■ ' . tSS y: H .-,, -: w: m itS..--. • " ■ ' . ■■■ vi : «J1 Jessie Thlhei-ih Margaret Ravvls PHYSICAL NEW EMPHASIS lias been placed on physical train- ing everywhere and the program here at Elon has been accelerated in accordance with this. This year we were fortiniate enough to have intercollegiate basketball and tliis affords a vast source of pleasure for all who love sjjorts. The team was a hard fighting one and the boys deserved a great deal of credit for turning in such good performances in the face of great odds in many instances. The intramural program has also been intensified and as a result many more students have been partici- pating in the various sports. By such friendly compe- EDUCATION 75 PHYSICAL lilidii tli e students beccme more proficient in certain s]3orts and, equally as important, they leam the true meaning of sportsmanship and fair play. The most popular activities have been shuffleboard, bowling, archery, soflball, basketball, badminton and tennis. Coach Adcox has done much toward developing a EDUCATION desirable attitude toward sj3orts. There has been a ,g -J mere widespread response than usual and it is hoped | ihat there will be even larger participation in the future. Physical training is a great factor in our lives today and every possible advantage should be taken of the opportunities offered here. r LIFE 78 THAT OLD ELON SPIRIT RAB151TS. ' ' WELL. MAYBE CllAMlCLLLK . LVV.S HAWKS 79 THAT -MODEL A " STUBBORN STREAK SHERWOOD EDDY VISITS ELON THREE SUNBURY SUNBEAMS |i -I l!l ' l ! N(, GOING MY WAY? $ CAMPUS " CLEAN-UP " BOYS THE E EK PRESENT THIRD I ' ART THE SAME OLD STORY ALL THIS A. D INLI ' IATION TOO 81 ELON ' S PIN-UP QUEENS THE FACULTY PERFORMS HALLOWEEN HOW CAN I LEAVE THEE? COMBINING BUSINESS WITH PLEASURE AUTOGRAPHS Compliments of May McEwen Kaiser Company Burlington, North Carolina Compliments of CENTURY HOSIERY CORPORATION Burlington, North Carolina Compliments of €. A. LEA TAXI SERVICE Phone 777 " Best Taxi Service in Burlington ' ' Burlington Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company Burlington, North Carolina WE APPRECIATE ELON COLLEGE Enroll at Elon College and Drink ROCK CREEK DAIRY MILK While you prepare for your life work ROCK CREEK DAIRY GIBSOIWILLE, I ORTH CAROLINA MELVILLE DAIRY Products of that RICH JERSEY MILK Burlington, North Carolina mX Burlington Coca-Cola Bottling Company Burlington, North Carolina Compliments of ELDEM HOSIERY MILL BURLINGTON NORTH CAROLINA MEET YOUR FRIENDS AT THE COLLEGE BOOKSTORE ALAMANCE BUILDING ELON COLLEGE, NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of B. A. SELLARS and SONS, Inc. Burlington ' s Oldest, Largest, and Most Modern Department Store NEAL WRIGHT Compliments of DIAMONDS : JEWELRY UNITED DOLLAR STORE LUNT STERLING SILVER WATCH REPAIRING and FINE ENGRAVING Burlington, North Carolina • 201 North Main Street Telephone 2242 BURLINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of Compliments of THE GLAMOUR SHOP DOYLE ' S JEWELRY Burlington, N. C. Burlington, N. C. Compliments of THE JEWEL BOX, INC. Burlington, N. C. Com.pliments of J. C. PENNY Burlington, North Carolina KEEP TRIM AND SMART EXPERTLY LAUNDERED SHIRTS They Stay Fresh Longer • ALAMANCE LAUNDRY and DRY CLEANERS PHONES 560 : 561 : 562 BURLINGTON, N. C. KING COTTON ' Greetisboro ' ' s Finest HoteV Greensboro, North Carolina With our very best wishes to the Graduates from MOOREFIELD FTiORIST BURLINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA Business Equipment Office and School Supphes Stationery Books • Holland-Cammack Company 208 West Front Street Burlington, N. C. Phone 4634 KIRK HOLT Hardware Company • Compliments of Hardware : Paints Building Supplies ALAMANCE Mill Supplies FLOTFT, Visit Our Gift Shop BURLINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA Phone No. 2 Main Street Burlington, N. C. Coniplinients of RHODES-COLLINS FURNI ' l ' URE CO. For 15 Years Burlington ' s Leading Compliments of the STRATFORD HOSIERY CORP. BURLINGTON, N. C. Furniture Store • JOHN B. STRATFORD BRAND An institution dedicated to the progress of Burlington and Alamance County HOSIERY for 118-420 South Main Street Men, Women, and Children Burlington, N. C. Mickel-Hopkins Co. • Compliments of Complete Equipment for STANDARD THEATRE Hotels, Institutions, and Places of SUPPLY COMPANY Food Service GREENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA Greensboro, North Carolina Get a Liberal Education in Thrift UNDERWOOD ELLIOTT FISHER COMPANY By Shopping At GREENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA Belk-Beck Co. " Bur g ' (off ' s Largest Department Store " ' ACME DRUG COMPANY Spring and Davis Streets and MAIN STREET DRUG COMPANY 312 South Main Street • BURLINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA Studio 112 West Davis Street • Plione 2234 • Burlington, N, C. Compliineiits of ELON SODA SHOP Elon CoMege, North Carolina Complinients of PARAMOUNT THEATRE " Shotvplace of Alamance County ' First Run Pictures of Every Major Studio Popular Prices Year ' Round Air Conditioned CAROLINA THEATRE First Runs and Stage Shows At Popular Prices ALAMANCE THEATRE " FT ' ' Bring the Best One Back " Where Elon Meet Burlinyton Compliments of FOR A LIFETIME INVESTMENT IN HEALTH R. E. BOONE Hood ' s Sporting Goods LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING Elan ' s Headquarter ' ' s for Phone 2101 Burlington, N. C. Athletic Equipment Compliments of Established 1880 CHARLES STORES KE8TER MACHI N ERY Burlington, North Carolina FOSTER SHOE COMPANY 111 East Davis Street COMPANY • BURLINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA FIVE POINTS SERVICE STATION MILL AND FACTORY SUPPLIES • AND GARAGE L W. RILEY, Owner Phone 1049 Burlington, N. C. Compliments of BURLINGTON, N. C. COLLEGE STATION ELON COLLEGE, NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of TROLLINGERS FLORIST Burlington, North Carolina Compliments of The Ladies Smart Shoppe ' " ' The Latest to Wear for Ladies that Care South Main Street Burlington, North Carolina BASON AND BASON Ladies ' ' Ready-to-W ear Millinery Lingerie 113 East Davis Street -;- Burlington, N. C. THE HOSIERY SHOP Complete Line of Hosiery for Men, Women, and Children " The Only Exclusive Hosiery Shop in Alamance County " Compliments of CENTRAL NEWS STAND BURLINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of WASHINGTON CAFE BURLINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA GOLDMAN ' S ' ' Shoes They Tcilfc AbouV ' Burlington, N. C. Compliments of Sharp ' s Clothing Store 106 West Front Street BURLINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA SING LEE ' S LAUNDRY Spring Street Burlington, North Carolina Welcome at AUNT BETTY ' S CAFE Bl RLINGTON, N. C. BETTY LOU SHOP Popnlar because of style and value ' BURLINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA A. D. PATE AND COMPANY (Quality Printers Since 1906 Telephone 216 BURLINGTON, N. C. Compliments of Mebane Shoe Store Burlington, N. C. ROSENBLOOMS iWeii ' s Wear Phone 502 Burlington, N. C. i Compliments of Zimmerman Lumber Company Burlington, N. C.

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