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the PHIPSI(]LI This Is anotlifi- ;ir annual. Ncccssarilv, it lias l)ccn curtailiHl. ' I ' lie ditficultics of jiroduction liave )vv i tlio l)iir(li ' n of tlie statif. In sj)itc ' of tlicni, we iiavc cn- {k ' avoix ' d to |)ul)li.sli an annual as close to former st.ind- ards as ])ossil)le. We know that memories of this year will he douhlv precious, foi- the constant hazards at- tending oui- men in service — the danj ei ' s of combat — liavc made liviny inten.se for all Americans. the mmm THE ANNITAL PUBLICATION OF THE SENIOR CLASS OF ELON COLLEGE, ELON COLLEGE, NORTH CAROLINA, VOLUME TWENTY NINE. NINETEEN HUNDRED AND FORTY-FOUR. Virginia Jeffrey-s, Editor. ; f% ' ; - ■ ■I ' y iWift ' WKJt j ' ' hIhII 1 . :ggjg I V. S. Murine Corps Photoiiriiph. ' TIL VICTORY FORE Woi ' kl that loved peace is to- day face to face with war, the most chaotic of ill! world ' s wars. Lives which were once filled with joy and laughter and love and hope ha e come to know death uiid soi-row. It is our men, the INIeii of America, who have yone all over the world ' s oceans to engage the enemy and they are ])r() ving their mettle and al()r. Their braxerv has given to all Americans the courage to l)elie •c in the rights of man and the faith to look ahead witli o])timism and with confidence in a just cause. Ma " thev l)e ictorious to the end! r. S (tfirinl Mn C ' urjtM Photoyraph Oh say can It is with iiuK ' li sorrow for the loss of these, our comrades, l)iit vet witli infinite pi ' ide in tiieir alor, and in lio})e uplicld by the knowledge that the nation and the cause for which tiiev courageouslv and willinoly oavc tiieir lives will be worthy of tiieni, that we now place tiieir names on l ' ' i-eed()m " s Itoll Call of Honor. To all who love tiiem we Ijespeak our syni|iathy and friendship and our faith- ful and continuino- belief tiiat (rod. in Ins all envisioning wisdom, has accc})ted their great sacrifices. Klon, and tiie Cause of Human Freedom, owe, and shall always ])ay to them, the utmost in honor and devotion. Joe Hopkins: Student here, ;38-. ' i9, 39-4.0. K)-tl. KilK l in cdllision of planes while training at Maxwell Fit-Id. First Flon ni.in killed after the war was declared. Lt. ' ixcent Kazlow: firaduatt-d. l!).i!). I ' ilot. Killed in action at f ' asalilanca. Staxlev Yonkoski: Reported killed in action in Pacific. Lt. Joe Bagley: Bombardier. Student here. 39-10. tO-H. Killed over Northern F.urope. January 10, 194. " $. Lt. Dewev Ci. Hooper: Lost since Deceniher 11, IHl . in Pacific. Lt. Vax Kennedy: Student here, 1910. Killed in action in North Africa. Lt. Millard Piberc: Student licre. .-$9-10, lO-ll. Pilot. Killed in action in the Pacific. Lt. High S. (jarrison : Air Force. Killed in accident around .hiiie 12, 19i;5. in Nortii Africa. Lt. Saxi-oiu) (.Sannny) Friedmvx: Killed in accident at L xwe!l Field. Lt. Dor.iLAs Ticker: R ileiuii. N. C. Killed in a |)lane cr.isii off tile coast of California. Capt. ' ki(. ox ( Hiiddv) Havden: Killed in action. .Soutliwcst Pacific. you see . . . . mW Iround the Campus De(li(]ation Dr. George Wasliingtoii Watson was a successful, })racticing physician in Alamance County for more than a half century. He was one of the founders of Elon College and gave generously of his time and money that tiie College might be established and properly launched on its mission. He was one of the original trustees of the College and served in that capacity until his deatli. His daughter, ] Irs. T. W. Chandler, is a trustee succeeding her father. She, her husl)and and family are generous sujjporters of the College today. In recognition of the lielpful and continuous serv- ices of this family to our College, we, the Class of 194-i, take great pleasure in dedicating the Phi Psi Cli, our amuial, to the memorv and honor of Dr. Georffe Washin ton Watson. the fkUm VAdi] students arc fortunate in haviim ' an excellent faculty tn o ' uidc tlieni tiirounh tiieir college careers. The professors rc})resent a ninuber of states and have degrees from the larger colleges and vuiiversitics through- out the counti ' y. The various nieniheivs of the faculty have diverse interests and talents and take great interest in the campus life and the extra-curricular activities, ])articipating as advisers to the different organizations. Our faculty members are o])en-min(led, c()()|)eratlve, and always willing to consult with the students ahout their problems. A great deal of credit is due them toi- the fi-iendly democratic s|)irit which ])ermeatcs cam|)us life. Our President To tlic class of 9U: You have my sympathy and prayers, and yet I congratulate you on being able to earn sufficient credits for (rraduation in the midst of a perturbed woi-ld and ))er|)lexing- experiences — the call for volunteers, the shifting of courses, the change of ])i-ofessors — yet through it all, vou have ])ersevered with a tiioi-oughness and steadfastness that elicit the praise of everyone. A bioken and needy world awaits your coining, witii your sym]jathy and your abilitv, vour thoroughness and your determination. May (lod l)less you and make you useful. Your Alma IVIater is proud of you and today s])eeds vou on your wav. L. E. Smitit, President. Deans Dear Seniors : For you, the Class of 1944, I wish tiie l)est of op- portunities in tiie fields of endeavor w iiich you have chosen, as well as joy in tiicse fields and in your daily lives. The most ])uzzling ' thing- in life is the choice that must l)e made at every turn of the day. Each clioice takes its toll of one ' s creative self; with each goes high hope and faith and sometiiing of self sacrifice. Kach decision is a determining factor in one ' s progress, and each choice is most important. The rigiit clioice is the s}jiritual crown of material success, the coveted ])rize of life. May your choice bring to you a feeling of triumph and a tiirill of victory for the soul. IMay you live dee})ly and freely by finding your right cliannel for useful, pur])()seful activity ; and may you contribute richly by so doing. Keats, the beloved poet, so aljly put it, " Self reverence, self knowledge, self control. These three alone lead life to sovereign power. " Best of wishes always, Edna Rkndall Khaft, Dean of Women. Dear Seniors : You ha e lirought many moments of liapjjiness to me in the past four years. My life lias been made i-icher and sweeter I)y your coming into it. You are fewer in niunber than your jiredecessors, l)ut in (juality no class in the history of the college since my coming has sur- passed you. You have talent, ])urpose, character, and consideration for others; and with these attributes, there is no reason wiiy you should not succeed in your chosen fields of endeavor. INIy aj)j)reciation, love, and jirayers will go with ou and I trust that l)y your having come to Elon College your life will be nnicli richer, and that you will rememl)er us and treasure us among your friends. Yours as ever, " Dean Mks.sick. " 13 I-ACY B. Adcox, Department of Athlcties; A. 15.. Davidson College; M.A., University of North Carolina. Cii.MiLES Apel, Biisiiiess Manager; B.S., M.S., University of North Dakota. .loHN WiLLi.s Bahnky, Department of English; A.B., Elon College; Ciraduate Work, Colunihia Univer.sity, Univer.sity of Virginia, University of North Carolina. luviNG D. Bartley, Department of Miixic; Diploma in Piano and Organ, New England Conservatory; B.Mus., M.Mus.. Syraense University. Mrs. Irving D. Bartley, Department of Biologi ; B.S., Miami University, Oxford, Ohio; M.A., University of Mieliigan; Ph.D., University of Kansas. Ned Faucette Brannock, Department of Chemi.stri ; A.B., M.A., Elon College; M.S., Columbia Univer.sity; Litt.D., Defiance College; Additional (Iraduate Work. Jolnis Ho})kins University, University of North Carolina. 1). .1. Bowdex, Department of lieHt ioii and I ' liilo.topliif ; B.S., ' irginia Polytechnie Institute; B.I)., Ph.D., Yale University. WiLsiE Florence Bussell, Department of Modern Languages ; A.B., A.M., Duke University; Ciraduate Work, Pennsylvania State College; Middlehury College; Allianee Fran ' aise, Paris, Franee. CJeorok D. Colclough, Field Secretary; A.B.. Elon College; (Graduate Work, University of North Carolina. Mehton 15. French, Department of Religion and (Ireek; A.B.. Washhurn College; M.A., Pli.D., Brown University. Hans Hirsch, Department of Modern Languages and History; Hoehere Reifepruefung Realgymnasium Mannheim, University of Frankfort-on-the-Main; University of Heidelberg; University of Vienna; Ph.D., University of Munich. Mrs. Hans Hirsch, Department of Modern Languages; B.A.. I- ' Ecole Fran aise Girard, St. Petersburg, Russia; M.A., Gedda Gymnasium. St. Petersburg. Russia; Allianee Franc aise in Paris, Studies at University of Paris; University of Munich; Certificate of the German Academy, Munieli. iOLET Hoffman, Commereial Deparlnieni ; A.B.. Elon College. North Carolina. Alonzo Lohr Hook, Registrar, Department of Physies; A.B., M.A.. Fdon College; M.S., C(n-nell University; Additional (iraduate Work, .Johns Hopkins University; University of Chicago; Duke University. .Mrs. Sue Craft Howicli,, Commereial Department ; A.B., La(irangH ' College; M.S., North Carolina State College. Waitis W. Howell, Department of ISiisiness .lil ministration ; A. 15., Elon College; M.A., University of North Carolina. .Stella Hiffines, Accountant ; Elon College. Mrs. C. C. .Johnson, Librarian; Ph.B., A.B., Elon College; B.S.. Columbia University. Edna Rendall Kraft, Dean of Women; A.B., Roekford College; M.A., Teachers College of Columbia. LiLA Le Van, Department of Music; Mus.B., Mus.M., Kansas University; Ciraduate Work, .Julliard School of Music. John Decatur Messick, Dean, Department of Education ; Ph.B., Elon College; University of North Carolin.i; Ph.D., New York University. Charles R. McClure, Department of English; B.A., Marvville College; M.A., Ohio State University; Candidate for Ph.D. Indiana University. Fac 14 Illtf Mary Reed Moore, Department of Education ; A.B., Wintlirop College; M.A.. Furniaii University; Graduate Work. Uiiivtrsity of California; Columliia University; College of William anvl Mary. Liu.v MrsE, Department of Home Economicx ; B.S.. University of Tennessee; M.A., Columbia University. LiLA Claire Newman, Department of Art; Ph.B., Elon College; (iraduate Work. Columbia University; Harvard University. J. L. Pierce, Director of Athletics; A.B., High Point College; M.A.. University of North Carolina. Carol A. .Schtltz, Department of Ilistori ; .V.B.. Maeolester College; M.A., University of Minnesota. Mrs. D. D. Vickerv, Director of Girls ' Athletics; A. 15.. .Vlabania State Teaehers College. John S. Westmoreland, Department of Mnsie; . .B., Elon College; M.A., Columbia University; firaduate Work, .lulliard .Sehool of Music, Columbia University. Margaret H. Whittington, Department of Music; B.S.. Meredith College; Private Study, .lulliard Sehool of Music; Mus.M., University of Michigan; S})ecial Study, Dicie Howell in New York Citv; Ciordon .Stanlev. Signorine Stabile. 15 ' lm» mmm m officers " ' ;iriety is the .spice of life ' " ' is ji sjiyini;- that luii ht well he used at Klon in coiiiicctioii Avitli its Stiulciit JJodv Otficers. Alillei- Basiiight, who was elected as President for this year, was called to serve his couTitrv in tiie Marines; the Nice Pres- ident, " Huster " Hiitler, was left to deliver the welconiiiii)- ad- dress to the I ' reshnien and to preside over the Student Body- " Hustcr " graduated at the end of the fi)-st quarter and entered Midshijjuian ' s School at Notre Dame. This meant another election for a President and " Nice I ' l-esident to rule for the re- mainder of the year. ' J ' he election was held and Shannon Moi ' i;an became President and Hazel Yalkei-, ' ice Pi-esident. Margaret llawls. Secretary, and Eliza Boyd, Treasurer, le- maincd in office during the entire year. You really did a tine joi) and we ill always remember those Monday morning cha])el jjrograms, election days, and especially, those meetings of the Council and Senate with the Student Body Officers. That was a sign that something was " in the air. " 16 Since theA ' are sd few in niinil)er. you inii lit think tliat we ()uldI l need ;i n ' oxernini; ' liodv for tlie lioys this e;ir. Hut, ns we often liear, ' 1}()VS iil he h() s, " and we ean say. " t ' ollege hoys will he College hoys. " Kven now. if wouldn ' t seem i ' ii;hf not to have a little exeitenienf from the men on our Campus. Duriiii; ' the exening ' mi ' al when e eryone was husy eating ' and telling his experiences of the la . a hell woidd ring. ' ()nder what the head waitei- has to say tonight. I lousemeeting. ' ' Xo. the Senate is meeting foin ' ghf at 9 o ' eloek in Society Hall. A glance around the dining hall trying to find file guilf ' one was followed 1) ' whispers. Someone lost his appetite. ' ' AN ' ell. just rememlier that ()u were warned not fo ])racfice your voice lessons while the other hoys were ohserving study hour. AVhen the I ' residtMif. " S])ike " Ilarrell. reads the decision, doii ' t feel had ahout if. ou will only have fo rake lea es f(n- ahout fen hours, so cheerio, .Mon Cheric. ' Spike " Harrell President Other memhers of the Senate were Clarence Hiddix, 15111 leacham. Karl I ' airell. l}unk Safferfield. lioh T,ea. and Uohhy Joiniston. SEMTE 17 (lOlJidIL Rachel Crowell Prrsidrnt Do wc have to sign out to go to the drug? Do we iia e to wear hats and hose to Burlington? ] Iav I take an off -campus toniglit? These arc a few of the questions that our council nicniljcrs had to answer. AVhen we forgot the rules and had to be reminded bv a memljei- of the Council, we often became very angry with tiiat jjerson and tliouglit she was trying to be Dean. Of course, we didn ' t stop to realize that we were wiong and that tliey were trying to kec]) us on the light track. Remember those parties we used to ha e when we should have been in bed, and all the noise we made? It was fun wlien we didn ' t get caught; but if we got caught, and we usually did, it made us very ashamed to think we had a call-down. You remember, four call- downs and then a council meeting. Two weeks in isola- tion, and next time you ' ll remember to go to bed on time and save tliose bull sessions until the next day. Tlie Council, under the leadershij) of Rachel Crowell, did an excellent job; and we appreciate all those things you tried to do for us. Other officers were Lucille Rlalock, ' ice President ; Margaret Rawls, Secretai-y ; and Finances Gunter, Treasurer. Representatives were Staccy Fisher, Athaleen Buckner, Florine Braxton, Ellen Barrier, ] Iary Warren, Jackie Rath, Goldie Morris, Mildred Yancey, Elizabeth Parker, Hazel Walker, Eliza Boyd, and Faye Thomas. 18 Kleveii Eloii seniors were selected to l)e listed in tiie 194!}- ■i-i issue of Who ' s WJio Aiiioin Stiuhiit. ' i in Anuncitii Col- leges (1)1(1 Uii ' nrrsifies. It is one of tiie ma jor hoiioi ' s that ran l)e conferred u|)()m anv student and Is an honor that will be of vahie throunhout life. Tlie nominations to Who ' s Who were made by a coniniittoe of faculty mcmbei ' s. The candidates were carefully con- sidered and their (]ualifications discussed conscientiously and iiiijiartiallv. Recjuisites for iiieiiiljcrshi|) include character, scliolarshij), leadership in extra-curricular activities through- out college career, and potentiality for future leadership in i)Usiiiess and society. Those students selected this ear are IJuster Hutler. Rachel t ' rowell. Spike Harrell, Elizabeth Hill. C ' harlott ' . ' Hustcd, ' iroiuia Jeffreys, Robby Johnston, Ruth Koontz, Shannon Morgan, Elliot Schmidt, and Fayc Thomas. They were all active in campus life and each in some s]jecial ])hasc, whether scholarsliijj, religious work, literary, student govern- ment, jiublic sjieaking or music. a vim tniiino Sliidenls in ilinei ' i(iiii lini ei ' $ities and hhrna Husted Thomas 19 muM c2 g mm {im OFFir s I5(iiiin- JoiixsTox M.MiK AXDKS A ' liiciNiA Jkfkrkvs t ' uAiii,()i " i ' i ' ; Hrsi ' i:i) I ' reside lit Vice President Seeretarij Treiisiiri 21 mnu 11144 ANDES, MARK WINSTON, Route 4, Hanisonlmrsi , Va. ; EeUgkm; Transfer from Bridgewatcr Col- lege; Ministerial Association 3, 4, President 4; Dr. Johnson ' s Literary Soeietv ' 3, 4; S.C.A. 3, ( ' al)inet 4; Vice President Senioi- Class 4. RLALOCK, LUCILLE BREEZE, Route 1, Durluun, N. C. ; T 4-; Home Ecoiioimcs; S.C.A. 1, Cabinets, 3, 4; Household Arts Club 1, 2, . ' 3, 4; Panvio Literary Society 1; Council 2, 3, Vice Pres- ident 4; Education Club 3, Secretary 4; Commencement INIarshal 3; Junior Class Treasurer 3; Honor Roll 3, 4; May Court Attendant 4. BOONE, ELSIE SPIVEY, Jackson, N. C.; HOB; PM.Wic School Music; (Jreensboro Collcoe Transfer; Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; Education Club 3, 4; Household Arts Club 3; S.C.A. 1, !i, 3, 4; Panvio Literary Society 2. BREEZE, NELL GENTRY, Hurdle Mills, N. C.; n K T; Home Economics; S.C.A. 1, 2, 3; Panvio Literary Society 2, President 3. BUTLER, EDWARD, Prospect Hill, N. C; K N; Business Administration; Commercial Club; S.C.A. 1, 2, Cabinet 3, 4; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Treasurer Student Body 3, Vice President 4, President 4; Choir 2; May Court Attendant 3; Commencement Marshal 3; Electoral Com- mittee 4; Wlio ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. COBLE, MILDRED, BurHngton, N. C. ; £«(7K,s ; Transfer from Mars Hill College; Day Students Organization 2, 3, 4 ; Honor Holl 3 ; S.C.A. 2, 3, 4 ; Band 2. COX, MARGARET LUCILLE, Burlington, N.C.; H K T; Public School Music, English and Piano; S.C.A. 2, 4; Reporter, Maroon and Gold 4; Day Students Organization. CROWELL, RACHAEL GERTRUDE, Si)encer, N. C; B o B; English; Class Secretary 1, 2, 3; Dramatic Club President 2; S.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Honor Roll 4; Associate Editor, Maroon and Gold 4; Phi Psi Ci,i Staff 2, 3, Editorial Assistant 4; Council, Vice President 3, President 4; May Court At- tendant 3; Commencement INIarshal 3; Student Director of (iirls ' Atiiletics 2, 3; TT7(r) ' .v Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. FARRELL, EARL THOMPSON, Route 1, Pittsboro, N. C. ; ii !• H; licligion; Ministerial Associa- tion 1, 2, 3, Secretary 4; Senate 4; Di-. Joiuison ' s I iterarv Society 1, Secretary 2, Pi ' csident 4; Honor Roll 2, 4; President of Senior Class. HARRELL, VIMAN BROWN, JR., R.F.D., Suffolk, n.- Religion; Ministerial Association 1, 2, 3, Reporter 4; S.C.A. 1, Cabinet 2, 3, 4; Dr. Johnson ' s Literary Society 2, 4, President 3; S.S.O. 3, Secretary 4; President of Senate; Choir 4; il wrooH rt«rf Gold Staff 4; Who ' s WJio Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. HILL, MARY ELIZABETH, 1073 West 40th St., Norfolk, Va. ; II K T; Piano, Organ, Music Theori and Public School Music; S.C.A. 2, 3, 4; Choir 1, 2, 3, Accompanist 3; Panvio Literary Society 2; French Club 4; Education Club 4; Extension Music Teacher 4; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3; Summer School at L ' niversity of N. C. ' 41; Who ' s Wlio Among Students in American l ni ' versities and Colleges. HUSTED, CHARLOTTE ELAINE, 500 Locust Street, Indiana, I ' a.; T Z ; Home Economics; S.C.A., Secietary 1, 2, 3, President 4; Household Arts Club 1, 3, 4; Education Club 3, 4; Phi Psi Cm 3, 4; Treasure)- of Senior Class 4; Honor Holi 1, 3, 4; Dramatic Club 3; Commencement Marshal 3; T] ' (( .v Who .Imong Students in .Imerican Universities and Colleges. 22 Harrcll 23 mnu 1944 JEFFREYS, AIRGINIA DARE, Route 5, Burliiig-tun, N. C. ; T Z I ; Biisincss Administration; Commercial Club 1; Honor Roll 1, 3, 4; Dramatic Club, Secretary 2; Day Students Organization 1; May Court Attendant 3, 4; Commencement INIarsluvl 3; S.C.A. 1, 52, 3, Cal)iiict -i; Secretary of Senior Class 4; Business IManag-cr of Maroon and Gold i; President of Education Club 4; Phi Psi Ci.i 3, Editor •i; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and CoUecfcs. JOHNSTON, ROBERT ELLINGTON, Elon College, N. C. ; K n ; Physics; Band 1, 2 ; A ' ursitv Tennis 1, 2; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; S.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; " E " Men ' s Club; Day Students Organization 1, 2, Sec- retary 3, President 4; Senate 3, 4, Secretary ' 3; Di-. Jolnison ' s liitcrary Society 3; Commencement Marslial 3; President of Senior Class 4; TT7(() ' .v Who Among Stndcnts in American Unii ' ersifies and Colleges. KELLEY, FRANCES GERALDINE, Tabor City, N. C.; T Z 4.; English; Panvio Literary Society 1; Household Arts Club 1, 2; Clioir L 2; Education Club 4; Woman ' s College, Greensboro, N. C. 3. KERNS, LOUVLMA, Etiicr, N. C. ; Home Economics. KOONTZ, RUTH EDITH, 306 Manguni Avenue, Higli Point, N. C. ; B O B; A fi; English and F;v«c (,- Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; S.C.A. 1, Cabinet 2, 3, 4; French Club 1; Panvio Literary Society 2; Elon Players 3; Council 3; Education Club 3, 4; Editor of Coloniuides 3; Intranuu-al Council 3; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4; Tr (o ' Who Among Students in American V nivcrsities and Colleges. LEE, ROBERT EDWARD, Clayton, N.C.;K N; Hisiorij; Ciioir 1, 2, 3, 4; S.C.A. 1, Cabinet 3, 4; Senate 4; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. LIGHTBOURNE, PEG CARROLL, 401 Church St., Burlington, . C.; T Z !.; Biology; Day Students Organization 1, 2, 3, 4; Choir 1, 2; French Club 1, 2; Commencement Marshal 3; Honor Roll 1, 2, 4; S.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4. LITTLE, MARY LOITSE, 1215 Church Street, Burlington, IV. C. ; T Z I ; n TM; English and History; Day Students Organization 1, 2, 3, 4; S.C.A. 1, 2, 4; Choir 1, 2; Education Club 3, 4. MILLER, DONALD DAVID. Mt. Pleasant, Pa.; CrV r v Science; Manager Fo()tl)all 1, 2; Manager Basketball 1, 2; S.C.A. 1, 2, 3; Head Waiter 2. 3, 4; Dr. Johnson ' s Literary Society 1, 2, 3, Vice President 4. MORGAN, COLBY SHANNON, Route 1, Eagle Springs, . C. ; Religion; Ministerial Association 1, 3, 4, Secretary-Treasurer 2, Vice President 3; S.C.A. 1, 4; Dr. Johnson ' s Literary Society 3, 4; Maroon, and Gold 4; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4; Intramurals 3, 4; President of Student Body 4; Who ' s ]] ' h() Among Students in American U ni-ccrsifics and Colleges. MORRIS, GOLDIE ALVRIE, Jackson, N. C. ; A Y K; English; S.C.A. 1. 2, 3, 4; Education Clul) 3, 4; Council 4; I ' an-Hellcnic Council 4. MOSER, : IARY CATHERINE, 93S Oakley Street, (Jiaham. N. C. ; A ' r ;.v Mn J Jr ; S.C.A. 1, 2, 3; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3; Maroon and Gold Reporter 3; Education Club 3, 4; Household Ai ' ts Club 1, 2; Day Students Organization 1, 2, 3, 4. 24 25 UmU 1944 PERDrE, JUANITA, Eloii Collcoe, N. C " .; Gciunil Sc ' uinc; Scliool Nurse 1, 2, ;3, i; S.C.A. 1, 2, 13, 4; Honor Roll 1, 2, , ' 3, -i. RATH, M. CARROLL, Route 1, Wiliiiiiiyton, N. ( ' .; Sriciur; S.C.A. 1, g, ;3, 4; Household Arts Club 4; Council 4; Honor Roll 3. SCHINHDT, ELLIOTT TOl ' RRET, 145 Fourth St., Pelhani, N. Y.; n r M; Hi.storij; S.C.A. 1, Cabinet 2, !3; Choir 1, 2, 3; Vice President, Freshmen Class; Sophomore Class President; Education Club 3; Senate 3; Dr. Johnson ' s Literary Society 1, 3, Vice President 2; Debating Team 1, 2; S.S.O. 2, 3; ir fo ' .v Wlio Amoiuj Students in American Unircrsitics and Colleges. THOALAS, FA YE, Route 4, Greensboro, N. C; T Z ; English and History; Council 1, 2, 4; S.C.A. 1, Cabinet 2, 4; Education Club 4; Honor Roll 1, 2, 4; Intranmral Council 2; Dramatic Club 2; S.S.O. 2; Phi Psi Ci.i 4; Maroon and Gold 2, Editor 4; Who ' s Wlio Among Students in American Unic ' ersities and Colleges. TRITTT, EDXA MAE, Burlington, N. C; B O B; Histori ; Day Students Organization 1, 2, 3, 4; Honor Roll 2, 3, 4; Dramatic Club 3, 4; S.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Education Club 3, ' 4. TRUITT, HAZEL IRENE, Burling-ton, N. C; B O B; English; Day Students Organization 1, 2, 3, 4; S.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Education Club 3, ' ice President 4. WALKER, FLORA HAZEL, Burlington, N. C; H K T; Business Administration; S.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Commercial Club 1; Day Students Organization 1, 2; Choir 3; Education Club 3, 4; Council 4; Vice President of Student Body 4; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4; May Queen 4. AVATSON, REBECCA, Morven, N. C; n K T; Home Economics; S.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Household Arts Club 1, 2, 3, A ' ice President 4; Education Club 3, 4; Council 3; Honor Roll 3, 4. WHISNANT, POLLYANA, Hollis, N. C.; Home Economics; Transfer from Berea College, Berca, Kv. 1, 2; Education Club 3, 4; Household Arts Club 3, President 4; Honor Roll 3, 4. V ()()D, FA ' ERETT VAFCiHAN, Route 5, Burlington, N. C.; Business Administration; II r M; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4. 26 Perdue Truitt Katli Truitt Wliisnuiit Scliinidt Wiilker Wood ' rhomas Watson 27 Jlij at olo-K 28 JUNIOR CUSS OFFICERS DwiciiT Kkrnodle .I. iii;z Mai, ONE .Jkaxnk IIooiv DoKis ( ' )i. Ni)Li;n Pre side lit Vice Preside lit Seeretiiri Treiisiiri 29 .Jlii IURS EoLAND, Iris Celestia, Eloii College, N. C. Boyd, Eliza Myrtle, Henderson, N. C. Browning, Melba Coleen, Route -i, Burlington, N. C. Cates, Jesse Howard, 717 N. INLain St., Burlington, N. C. Chandler, Doris Mae, Route 5, Burlington, N. C. Coble, Rachel Louise, 505 Washington St., Burlington, N. C Crenshaw, Nell, 1203 West Davis St., Burlington, N. C. Dodds, Mary Agnes, Bradenville, Pa. HalI , Edith Elizabeth, Route 1, Woodleuf, . C. Hall, William Walter, Graham, N. C. Hayes, Frances Viola, Norlina, N. C. Holland, Elizabeth Alice, Shelbj N. C. Hook, IMary Jeanne, Elon College, N. C. 30 T r JiinoKS Keunodle, DwiGHT Talmadgk, lloutc 1, l ' ' .l()ii ( ' olK ' ne, N. V. Maeone, Frank Jabez, Prospect Hill. N. ( ' . Maness, Ann Kennedy, Hcni]), . C McCants, Mary Ellen, 928 Power St.. Anderson. S. ( ' . Meacham, William Franklin, Route . ' 3, ( ' Impel Hill. X. C. Oakley, Mary Frances, Elon College, . ( ' . Reitzel, Edna Louise, Route 2. Hillshoro, N. V. RuMLEY, Edna Virginia, Elon College, X. C. Snyder, Walstein Welch, Route 2, Elkton, a. Strem, Orphia Theo, Leasburg Rd., Roxhoi-o, X. C. Warren, IVIary Maggie, Staler. X. C. Westbrook, Iris (Jrey, Route . ' 5, Diiiui, X. C. 31 Jliie ' at Zlo4 32 soPHiiiioKi am mmu (ii;xK PoK Prcsiihiil Al.MA HoSK Sl ' KIXKI.K ] ' ilC I ' rcniclc II f Hilda Mai.oxk Sccntar j ]iKTTv IJoii Stoxe Treasurei 33 SOPHOMORES Appi.?:, Annik I lizabeth, Elon t nllooc, N. C.; Barrier, Eij.en Stewart, fiOl I ' liird St., Spencer, N. C; Biddix, Clarence Finley, Route 4 , INIarion, N. C. ; Blalock, Agatha Faye, Burlington, N. C. Blai.ock, Hei-ex Rascoe, Gihsonville, N. C. ; BorNDs, Ann Hoi.i-and, Holland, Va. ; Braddy, P ' .eizaheth Alston, Burlington, N. C; Braxton, Esther Fi-orixe, AYhitevillc, N. C. Bkower, Mary Jean, Liberty, N. C. ; Butler, Kathy Rawls, Rocky Mount, N. C; Clapp, John William, Jr., Route -i, Burlington, N. C. ; Daniel, Edwin Lewis, Virgilina, Va. THE PHIPSICLI 34 SOPHOMORES Davis, Bonnik Gracic, FAireka, N. C. ; Di ' kham, Ai rox Tiio.mas, Turling- ton, N. C. ; Eavks, Josie Burt, Route 1, Henderson, X. C; Ellington, Winifred Powell, Route 3, Reidsville, N. C. Fisher, Stagey Alice, Route 1, Bryson City, N. C " .; Foi.tz, Dorothy Nell, Eurny, Va. ; Gibbs, Clayton Lkon, Route 1, Reidsville, N. C; Graves, Margaret Elizabeth, Burlington, N. C. (iiui ' iTN, Etiialinda, Suuiiin ifield. N. C.; Ginter, Frances, Sanford, X. C; IIarrelson, Evelyn See, ' I ' alior City, X. C; Hiprs, James Tennyson, Morganton, N. C. OF FORTY- FOIR 35 kMlh s I) r n t » K E s IIooK, (Jkkai,!) Edck, Elon College, N. C. ; Jones, Sknora Virginia, ] Iilt()ii, N. C; Long, Claude Vincent, Jr., 15urliiii;toii, N. C; INIalone, Hilda Lee, Prospect Hill, N. C. Meacham, Carrie Kook, Gihsoiivillc, N. C. ; INIcDaniel, Martha Anne, Anderson, S. C. ; Neese, Eleanor IJeatkke, Haw Kivcr, N. C; Newsom, Mary Helen, Lucama, N. C. Parker, Elizaheth Holland, Sunbury, N. C. ; Parnell, Aaron Wal- lace, Florence, S. C; Peedin, Jinits Hugh, Faycttcvillc, N. C. ; Poe, Gene, Rockingham, N. C. THE PHI PS 10 LI 36 S P II i l II E S Ravvi.s, ] lAii(:Ai!i:T Ki.izAiiKTir, Suffolk, a. ; Rossi, Johx Ai.hi:ht, A ' iiic- Land, N. fl.; Scott, Maktha flv.AX, Hurliiiwton, N. C " .; Smith, Jamks Ci.Arni:, Route 4, Mt. Airy, N. C. Si ' ifiXKi.K, Ai.MA l{osK, Koute 1, rt ' afftowii, X. ( ' .; Stoxk, Rkttv lion, Silcr City, N. C. ; Sittox, Thomas Daxiii,, (iilison ilK ' , N. ( ' .; ' J ' iiri!i-.( HI ' , Ji ' ssii: Dam:, l lizabctli City, . C. I ' l ' iiXKi!, Makv Im.i ahi ' .tii, Route 1, Mehanu, N. C. ; ' rowKiM ' , (inACK Nell, Aslieboro, N. C. ; Whi:klkh, ihcixia I{oiu;iirA, Louniiicadow, Mass. ; Yanckv, Iildhkd I, ' i()x, Oxford, N. C. OF FOIITY-FOIII 37 Jl-IU at £lo4i. 38 mmm am officers .Idl ' , l ' ' l{AXKS Vaynk Ta loh Maio ' Liu ' |{|(:ll t Maijcahf.t . xi-, Clavi ' i President Vice I ' nsidiiit Sccntiir IX T )■(■(! Si 39 FRESHMEN Allred, Helena, Route 3, Aslieboro, N. C. ; Andrews, Ralph Brantley, Eloii College, N. C. ; Barbour, Hilda Frances, Angier, N. C. ; Barham, Jennie Lee, Burlington, N. C; Beacham, Maxine Glendred, Hampton, Va. ; Bigby, Barbara Annp:, Route 5, Tamjia, Fla; Bogue, Verble Marie, Fremont, N. C. ; Boon, Mary- Johnston, Gibsonville, N. C. ; Bowers, Dorothy FiLizABETH, Route 3, Siler City, N. C. ; Braxton, Ruby Elizabeth, Whiteville, N. C. Brooks, Barbara Lou, Siler City, N. C. ; Carpenter, Evangeline, Charlotte, N. C. ; Chandler, Wallace, Norlina, N. C.; Chase, Catherine Joyce, Route 1, P ' remont, N. C; Cherry, Harry ' Jetton, Jr., Route 6, Ciiurlotte, N. C. ; Clarke, Ruth Evelyn, Gibsonville, N. C. ; Clay- ton, Annie Louise, Prospect Hill, N. C; Clayton, Margaret Ann, Roxboro, N. C. ; Cobb, Emma Lou, Yanceyville, N. C. ; Cole, Dorothy Hazel, Route 1, Biscoe, N. C. Cooper, Catherine W., Burlington, N. C. ; Copple, Annie Lee, Cedar Grove, N. C. ; Coxe, Mary Baxley, Wagram, N. C. ; Cross, Alice Elizabeth, Lawrencevillc, Ya.; Davis, George Lee, Portsmoutli, Ya.; Dickinson, Marjorie Helena, Route 1, Suiitiifield, N. C; Dill, Dorothy Elizabeth, Beaufort, N. C. ; Dixon, Jo Nell, Graham, N. C.; Dunnevant, Nadine Margaret, Route 2, Burlington, N. C. ; Dyer, Robert William, Route 2, Rutfin, N. C. EzELL, Ida Virginia, 7 Beuthall Apt., Phoebus, Va. ; Fargis, Lillian Frances, Route 3, Reidsville, N. C. ; P ' ranks, Joseph Daniel, Elon College, N. C. ; Franks, Martha Lee, Route 4, Raleigii, N. C; P ' rink, Ann Elizabeth, 28 School St., Walpole, Mass.; Galanes, Gt ' s, Burlington, N. C. ; Garrison, Norma PjVelyn, Burlington, N. C.; Gaskins, Robert James, New Bern, N. C. ; Graham, Robert Jenkins, Route 1, Mebane, N. C. ; Grant, P sther Mae, P remont, N. C. iB»i 40 1944 Gkeex, Mak Fhancks, Route 1, Oxford, N. C; Ghifp ix, Mariox (iEUALDixE, Route 1, Summcr- fielcl, N. C. ; Hancock, Eugene Glenn, Graham, N. C; Harris, Edna Frances, Roxboro, N. C; Hedrick, Violet Gertrude, Elizabetlitown, N. C; Henley, Sarah Alene, Route 2, Asheboro, N. C; Hensley, Ruhy Dale, Elon College, N. C " .; Hester, Anne Elizabeth, Route 2, Hurdle Mills, . C; Hinnant, Letha Irene, Route 2, Pikeville, . C: Hoffman, Thomas Ervin, Route i, Burlington, . C. Holland, Dorothy VrntUNiA, Siielby, N. C. ; Hook, Doris Patricia, Elon College, N. C; Hoofer, Etta Frances, Elizabeth City, N. C; Horner, Thomas Marland, New Bern, N. C; Howard, Wendell Reynolds, Hemp, N. C.; Huntley, Riry, Morven, . C. ; Inoold, Pec.cy INIarie, Eliza- betlitown, N. C. ; IsLEY, Samuel Wendell, Burlington. X. C.; Jackson, Maxine, Carthage. . C. ; James, Marion Sue, Roxboro, N. C. Jefferson, Dare Colette, Belmont, X. C. ; .Ioue, Mary Chhistine, Cedar (irovc. X C. ; John- son, Inez Eva, Belmont, X " . C.; Jones, Elizabeth Aunold, Milton. X " . C. ; Ken yon, Sarah Finer, Macon, N. C. ; Kinc:, Doris Adell, Route 3, Burlington, X. C. ; Lamm, Dorothy Eliza- beth, Burlington, X. C. ; Leonard, James Olin, Route 6, Lexington, X. C. ; Lindsey, Iva ]Merle, Route 3, Burlington, X . C; Lloyd, Betty Sue, Efland, X. C. Madden, Jacqueline Ewell, (irccnsboro, X C.; Maness, Verness, Route 1. Hemp. X . C. ; INIangum, Arline Janet, Burlington, X. C. ; Mann, Xellie Gray, Burlington, X. C. ; Iarlette, Willard Grimes, Route 2, (iraliam, X C; INIartin, Hannah, Eureka, X. C. ; Matthews, Mildred Joyce, Raleigh, X. C. ; McAuley, Hazel, Route 3, Sanford, X. C. ; INIcDonald, Raymond Oswald, Tampa, Fla. ; McLean, Betty- Doreene, Gibsonville, X . C. 4] F R E S H M E I McPherson, Elnor Dark, Burlington, N. C. ; Messick, NIauy Rosalyn, Elon College, N. C. ; Miles, Ei.LA Rae, Burling-ton, N. C. ; Minor, Meevin Maurice, Burlington, N. C. ; Moore, Wieeard Glenn, Burlington, N. C; Morgan, LuciLEE Irene, Hampton, Va. ; Morgan, Virginia Dare, Route 1, Corapeakc, N. C. ; AIorgan, William Jack, Carthage, N. C.; Morris, Helen Ioxa, Jack- son, N. C; MosER, Mary Ruth, Burlington, N. C. Mt ' RPHY, Janie Thomas, Roxljoro, N. C. ; Murray, Gladys Marie, Burlington, X. C; Iyers, Rose Conrad, Tlioniasville, N. C. ; Neal, Carl Ray, Belews Creek, N. C. ; Neese, Alma Beatrice, Haw River, N. C. ; Neese, Hilda Gray, Route 2, Graham, N. C. ; Nichols, Edna Burke, Efland, N. C. ; Norris, Verdalee, Sanford. X. C.; Oakley, William Iverson, Elon Col- lege, N. C. ; Perkins, Lillian, Cliadbourn, N. C. Powell, Opal Virginia, Route 2, Ruffin, N. C. ; Rader, Beverly Ann, Burlington, N. C; Rake- straw, Gladys Leona, Route 1, Stoneville, N. C. ; Ramseur, George Shuford, Route 2, Mor- ganton, N. C. ; Ratliff, Sarah Louise, Route 3, Wadesboro, N. C; Register, Fred Page, Route 1, Sanford, N. C. ; Rice, Margaret Winslow, Route 2, Hurdle Mills, N. C. ; Riley, Leslie Walter, Burlington, N. C; Roberts, Hilda L e, Route 1, Cameron, X C. ; Rodinson, Merle Faye, Atlantic, N. C. Rogers, Luther Frank, Magnolia, N. C. ; Rudd, Mary Frances, Burlington, N. C; Satter- riELD, George Granval, Burlington, X C; Self, Luta, Siler City, N. C. ; Sharpe, Margaret Juanita, Burlington, N. C.; Shepard, Myrtle Marie, Julian, N. C. ; Shoffner, Allen Lee, Alamance, X C. ; Shoffner, Kathleen Smith, Liberty, X. C; Simpson, Mary Elizabeth, Burlington, X. C. ; Smith, Betsy Maude, Route -i, Burlington, N. C. 42 Smith, Ci.ara Rvth, Burlington, N. C; Smith, Joyce Adell, Wliitevillc, N. C. ; Smith, ViHciNiA Dorothy, Route 2, Burlington, N. C; Smith, Wayne Harrington, Dallas, N. C. ; SoCTHERLAND, JoHN RoDNEY, ] Iount OHve, N. C. ; STANFORD, RiCHARD ALEXANDER, Routc 2, (iraliani, N. C; Steed, Bacil Hudson, Portsmouth, ' a. ; Stoct, Opai, Mae, Elon College, N. C. ; Sthadeh, Annie Ruth, Carthage, N. C; Sunburn, John Harvey, New Britain, Conn. Sutton, Dorothy Mae, Route 4, Burlington, N. C; Sutton, John Thomas, Route 3, Mt. Olive, N. C. ; Tapscott, Claudia Jane, Route 2, Burlington, N. C. ; Taylor, Daniel Wayne, Route 1, Efland, N. C. ; Taylor, Hazel Marie, North Harlowe, N. C; Taylor, ] Iartha Frances, Como, N. C. ; Taylor, Stella Anne, Semore, N. C. ; Thomas, Gloria Alice, Charlotte, N. C. ; Troxler, Frances Onita, Gibsonville, N. C. ; Truitt, Blanche Richardson, Route 4, Burling- ton, N. C. Vaughan, Nettie Rebecca, Dolphin, Va. ; Walker, Helen Frances, Burlington, N. C. ; Walker, Jack Shealy, Burlington, N. C. ; Waugh, Agnes Lorraine, Gibsonville, N. C. ; Waynick, Mary Virginia, Elon College, N. C. ; Welch, INIalchus Victor, Route 2, Elon College, N. C; Wentz, Walter Allen, Jr., Rockingham, N. C. ; Westmoreland, James Phillip, Gibsonville, X. C.; Weston, Robert Allen, Burlington, N. C. ; Whatley, Ralph Emerson, Ulah, N. C. Whitesell, Hurley Elmo, Jr., Elon College, N. C. ; Williams, Dorothy Arline, Suffolk, Vu. ; WiNBON, Frances Lee, Route 1, Fremont, N. C. ; Winbon, Katie Lou, Route 1, Fi-emont, X. C.; Winn, Julia Rebecca, Route 1, Elon College, N. C; Wrenn, Sarah Lou, Route 1, Rox- boro, N. C; Wright, June Dale, Whiteville, N. C; Wright, Mary Elizabeth, Route 1, Hampton, Va. ; Yarborough, Fred Wilson, Route 1, Roxboro, N. C. ; Yarborough, INIary Cole, Candor, N. C. Yarborough, ] L rtha Marsh, Candor, N. C. ; Yate.s, Doris ] L k, Durliam, N. C.; Yodek, Henrietta, Burlington, N. C. ; Y ounger, Faye Carolyn, Burlington, N. C. ; Ziady, ] Iary Doris, Sniithficld, N. C. ; Ziady, Josephine, Smithfield, N. C. ft ?t Aj 1,. 5 4 j Afv Jlijfi ' oi Zl044 44 DM STliDE TS Tlirouyli sunshine, rain or .snow tiic day students arc always here. Not even tlie i ' as rationini ' and tire sliortan ' e can keep tlieni away. Prominent on the caniiius they help kecjj up tliat ' ole Klon sjiirit. ' J ' lie pioniote numerous social functions as well as taking ' part in other campus affairs. 45 mm mmumn ¥4U ■ ' PM HELLEi l(] mUll The Pan Hellenic Council is composed of one nicniher from each sorority and the Dean of Women. It is their duty to decide when Eid Night shall l)e and all the regulations for this oc- casion. Any other business that concerns the sororities as a whole is discussed by the Pan Hel- lenic Council. Representatives arc Frances Guntcr, BOB; Grace Towery, II K T; Goldie IMorris, A Y K; and ' irginia Jeffreys, T Z t . 47 DELTA liPSILOi KAPPA ORGANIZED 1918 SENIORS ] Iar3 ' Agnes Dodds, (loldic INIorris, Juaiiita Perdue. JUNIORS Eliza Bo3d, Elizabeth Holland, Edna Runilcj ' . SOPHOMORES Helen Newsome, INIargaret Rawls, Jessie Thurcciit, Mildred Yancey. FRESHMEN Etta Hooper, ' erdalee Norris, Evclj ' n Perry. Mrs. I ' liKDiniicK I.o.ndwk k Spiiiixar 48 A Y K Fust ro-w, left to right: Dodds, Morris, Perdue. Second rote: Boyd, Holland, Huiiile . Third rare: Newsonic, Ruwls, ' riniriclit. Fourth ro ' Lv: Yancey, Xorris. yot pictured: Hoopci ' , Perrv. 49 Till Zm I ' HI OIUiANIZED 1 )20 SENIORS Lutille lilalock, C ' hai ' lottc Husted. Mrginia Jeffreys, (icraldiiic Kcllcy, rc " - Lifi ' litbouriic, INLirv I.ouisc Little, Fave ' I ' lioiiias. JUNIORS Iiis Bolaiul, Doris Chandler, Nell Crenshaw, Jeanne Hook, Mary Ellen McCants, INIarv Warren. SOPHOMORES Elizabeth Braddy, iNIartlia McDaniel, Betty Boh Stone, Thco Strum. ERESHMEN Mary Coxe, I ' atrieia Hook, Doris King, Lucille .Morgan, Mary Elizabeth Sinij)s()n. Mrs. C. C. Johnsot Sponsor 50 Fir.tt nncjcft tu r ' ujhf: Blalock, Hustcd, .Kftriv.. Kelly, Liolit- bournc, Little. Second rorc: Tlioiiias, IJolaiul. (liaiidlcr, Ci-ciishaw, Hook, ] IcC " ants. Third roxc: Waiicn, IJradtly .MtDaniul, Stoiu ' , Stiuiii, C ' oxc. Fourth row: Hook, King, Siiii|is()ii. A of piciurcd: Morgan. T Z $ 51 ORCiANIZED ]!)20 SENIORS Elsie Booiic, Kiichacl C ' rowcll, Ruth Koontz, Edna ' I ' l ' uitt, Hazel Truitt. JUNIORS Josie Burt Eaves, Erant-cs (iruiiter, Elizaheth Tai-kcr. SOPHO.MORES Alma Rose Spi-inkle, ' ir ■iui;v Wheeler. FRESHMEN A irginia Ezell. WlLSIK 15rssELL Sjxinniir 52 BOB First ro7C, left to vhjht : Boone, C ' rowell, Kooiitz. Second roic : Truitt, Ti-uitt, Kuvcs. Third row: (iuntcr, I ' ai ' kLT, S|)iiiikli ' . Fourth ro7c: Whcclcr. Xot ])trt)ircd: V .iA . 53 PI um m OHfJANIZED 1921. SENIORS Margaret C ' oxe, Elizahetli Hill, Hazel Walker, Rebecca Watson. .TTTNIOR Fi-ances Hayes. SOPHOMORES Floriiic Rraxtoii, Winifred Ellington, Dorothy Foltz, Margaret Graves, Hilda INIalone, Grace Nell Towcry. i ' Hi:snAn :N Eva Carpenter, Eleanor Dare Mcl ' herson, Betsy Smith, Joyce Smith, Dorothy Sutton. MaI!GA11F.T WlIIT ' l ' INtiTON Sptinxor 54 n K T Fir.sf rou left in rujlit: Coxo, Hill. Walker. Watson, Hayes, Braxt. Second rtnc: l-jlliiiiitoii, l ' ' ()ltz. (ii-a cs, .Maloiie. ' I ' owerv, Mcl ' liersoii. Third roxv: Betsy Smith, Sutton. A ' o incturcd: Carpenter, Joyce Smith. mm PHI Bm ORGANIZED 1920 This trutcriiity liiis ' iOi) Aluimii nR ' iiil)crs, .■i|)|)i-()xiiii;itt ' lv lialt ' of wlioiii are in the Armed Services. Tlierc are some twenty menihers in tlic Armed Services from wliom no word lias recently been received on campus. jVn Honor Roll bearinii- the names of all Klon men in service was presented to the college l)v this fratei ' nity. This was dedicated to the onlv member then known to have given his life in the ser ice of his country, tloseph Hopkins. All fraternities have disbanded for the duration. um m ORGANIZED 1920 Kappa Psi Nu Fraternity has sent men to all corners of the globe. Some are in the Navy, Army, Air Corps, and the Marines. Other members are engaged in various occu})ations. This group has disbanded for the duration, but when victory is won thej ' will again build u] a " Brotherhood " that will ki ' ej) them in touch with each othei ' . 56 lOTi TMi um (1!U;AMZE1) ]!)J7 Mciiil)crs of this ;r()ii|) a v joiiU ' d with iir ' 1iiI)1 ' is of other i;rou| s iviul ;irc (loin tlieir j)ai ' t to hriii - victory to us. Disljamlod for (hiration. ilLPIIl PI DELTA ORGANIZED 1936 1 ' liis i rou]! lias also disbanded foi- dui ' atioii ])ut wlicn tliat orcat day of victory is achieved and tlie " men of war " leturn to coin])letc their education, .Vlpha Pi Delta will again resume its jjhice in molding men of liigii aml)itions for their })lace in a modern workh 57 NATIONAL HONORARY DRAMATIC FRATERNITY Eloii Chapter Charter Granted 1935 : IFAIRKRS Elizaljeth Rraddy Earl Farrell Joe Franks Jeanne Hook Ann ] Iaiies.s William Mcachani Faye Thomas Edna Truitt Prof. C. ]{. MeClurc FiiriiJti) Adviser 58 PI NATIONAL HONORARY SOCIAL SCIENCE FRATERNITY North Carolina Alpha Cliaj)ttr ORGANIZED IH- ' t MEMBERS Mark Winston Andes Eleanor Smith Barnwell I,ucille Bi-ee e Blalock Eliza Myrtle Boyd Mell)a C ' oleen Browninn- Mrs. (ieraldine Kelley t ' ai-uso Jesse Howard C ' ates Mildred Coble Rachel Louise Coble Nell Crenshaw Eail ' rhoni])s()n l ' ari-ell Edith Elizabeth Hall Mary Elizabeth Hill Chai ' lotte Elaine Husted ]Mar ' Louise Little : Iary Ellen MeCants Mai ' v Catherine Moser ] Iary Ei ' anees Oakley Mary Juanita Perdue .M. Can-oil Rath Walstein Welch Snyder Lester L in Soniers Edna Mae Lruitt Hazel Irene ' J ' liiltt Mora Hazel Walker Rebecca I ' llizabetli Watson Pollyanna Whisnant Evcrctte ' aunhn Wood 59 ACTIVITIES MAROOi MD GOLD Tlie flatter of the linoty})c macliine, the rumble of the press, the smell of jjrintcr ' s ink, last minute C()))y, lights burning late in the print siioji — all are evidence that an issue of the Maroon iind (iold, official bi- monthly student pui)lication, is coming out. The Maroon and (iold is published in its entirety on campus in the Elon press room by the journalism class and other students interested in news])aper work, with the aid of I Ir. Charles Brown, linotype ojjerator, and Mr. Charles McClure, faculty adviser. Because of the acute man|)owcr shortage at Elon this yeai-, tiie I ' espousibility for the editorial and Ijusiness end of the pa|)er was assumed by women students. The Editor ' s chair was filled by Eaye Thomas, who selected Rachael Crowell as her Associate Editor and A ' irginia JcflFreys as Business Managei-. Through their woi ' k on the Maroon iind Gold many Elon students have obtained jjosi- tions with various newspapers througliout the state. Faye Thomas Editor Dl!. McCuKK Factiliij Atlx ' iscr 61 THE PHIPSICLI TIr ' purpose of tills book is to give vou a few pegs on A liifli we ho])c you will haiig some of your nicuiories of Klon College, lO-tS- 44. There are many things that you ' ll re- member that aren ' t included here but maybe there are a few things mentioned that will bring back pleasant memories. Eyen though the war has caused a shortage of materials used in the production of this annual we hope you will get as much en- joyment from reading it as we did from pub- lishing it. It ' s yours. Take it or leave it. We hope you take it. ' n!(;iNiA Jej ' frevs Editor-in-Chief 62 STAFF KDITOHIAL STAFF iiicixiA Ji;i-i Hi.vs Lib Hoi-laxd Rachaei, (kowkm. Faye Thomas Charlotte Husted Doris Chandler Kditor-in-Cliicf t.s.sinitnii Editor Ediloridl Assistmit Copy Editor Copy Editor Typist Ur. McClurk Faculty Adviser EISINESS STAFF Gene Poe Business Maiuigcr Mary Coxe idvcrtisiiH) KEl ' ORTKHS Eacil Steed George Davis INIary Klltii Mi ' Cants Martha Aim MrDanicls J. Hi Holland Assistant Editor Gkxk Pok Business Mniinf e 63 S. (1. . Charlotte Hi ' stkd President It is the official duty of the Senior S.C ' .A. cabinet to sponsor and dii-ect reHgious and social activities on the campus. Through the medium of the connnittces and with the guidance of its President, Charlotte Husted, the or- ganization has accomplished its ]jur])osc in vai ' ious ways. One of the major projects in which the S.C.A. participated this year was the annual Religious Emphasis Week, con- ducted by Rev. John G. Truitt. The grouj) worked with Dr. Smith in pidilici .ing the meetings and influencing stu- dents to attend. Another ]jrogram undertaken in cooperation with the World Student Service Fiuid was the book campaign to collect books foi- student pi ' isoners and refugees of war. Along the line of regidar duties the Senior S.C ' . V. has ])rovided a vespers program each Sunday night, ushers for church each Sunday, inspiring chapel programs, and a num- ber of 23 ' vi ' tics foi- the enjoyment of the student body. The officers for the year were President, Charlotte Husted; Vice President, Jeanne Hook; Secretary-Ti ' easurer, (xcne Poe ; and Faculty Sponsor, JMiss AVhittington. 64 S. C. i Tlie Frc ' shiuiui S.C.A. is iiiade iij) of oiitstaiuliiio- iiu ' iu- bcrs of the Frcshinan Class. This introduces the Frcsli- nian into the S.C.A. and irives them an ()pj)()rtunitv to share their ideas and talents l)y scr ing on various enni- inittees. It also helps to pi ' oniote tlie work of the associa- tion among the new students. Durin r the year thev have s))ons(n-e(l some ver ' in- teresting ' chapel |ii()giams and aided in other religious programs, as well as their help in planning socials for the student body. Officers of this organization wei ' e Piesident. l ' ' i ' ed Register; ' ice IM-esideiit. Jack Sunburn: and Kva Carpenter, Secretary. Fnicij Hi:(iisTi:it r res 1,1 mi 65 D. J. BoWDEN Sponsor The incmber.s of tlic Ministerial Association arc those stu- dents who are preparing for leadership in our churches of tomorrow. Kach member is attempting!; through study to build a ])hilosojiliy of life based upon the princi})les of Christ. We want to })ractice these principles in our own li es so that wc may shepherd others into the Kingdom of (lod. We feel indi idualK ' our responsibility to God in this great task set before us. Many of the members arc scrying churches as regular jKxstors, and others do sujtply work; and still others are scrying in the armed forces of our country. Faculty adyisers for this grouj) are Dr. D. J. IJowdcn and Dr. Merton B. French. 66 Tliu Student Service Ornani ation is a oluiiteer i i ' ou)) of students who woi-k in the patriotic activities of our C ' olleoe. It is a ne ly organized uroup and tiie eni ' olhiient is approximately 90 students. The oriianization is divided into three gr()U]).s: Red Cross Blood Donors, the helpers in Red Cross Bandaoc Rolling, and students of First . id. The most stressed and most ])redominant jol) of the |)ast year was the l)andag;e rollini ' . I ' he result of everyone ' s coo|)eration was a 100 ])er cent turnout. r " or a small college, Elon ' s students lia e done thi ' ir duty in making the Student Service Organization one of the most active in camj)us life and tlie war effort. Ann l ' " riiik was wvy active as I ' l-esident: I ' lva ( ' arpentei-. " ice I ' l-esident: and erdalee Noi-ris, Secretarv and Treasurer. l ' " acultv Adviser was Dr. Hirsch. 4fv Hans IIihsch Fiiiiill 1 Adv ' isi-r w 67 MM Flrxl nnc. I, ft I r,r ' : (Whhs. Hipp, Riley, U.iss, and Yarboroim-li. hMi Jth MfJk ■ rhihl : AtuIi-k, lliildix. Davis, Farri-ll, and Gaskins. Sfcoiid ,, Ilciward, K.-nicKll,-, and Mc-acliaiii Third nnc Miller, liiTistcr, Salterlicld. Fmirlh nnc: Siidtli. Siij der, Steed, Wliallc ' V, and DR. mmn umm society Dr. Johnson ' s Literary Society experienced a very suc- cessful year and was very lielpful on the Klon ( ' ani})us. The President ' s cliair was filled by Earl Farrcll for tlic first term ■and Shannon Morgan })resided for tiie remainder of tiie year. " I ' lie society lield its annual banquet at the Alamance Hotel in Ikirlinoton and also i-eceived se eral new nieml)crs dui ' ing the year. Deljates and discussions «ere held fretjuently. 68 t t A |ij i • ' V.v rotf. f. M i y;.f i .- Aijpl.-. IJI.iI.hU. lir.ixtc.ii !••., ISraxtuM H., IJrow,-i-, Bruuiiinn, iind Butler. Scrmid roic : Carpenter, Clayton, Cole, E .ell, Frink, Griffin K., and (iriftin M. 7 ' iir( )v«r.- Hall, Harrelson, Harris, Henley, Hinnant. Hooiier, and .lames. Fmirth ivnc; Jeffer.son, .lolmson, Lloyd, Ma lden. .Meaehani, .VIorfran, and Mnrjiliy. Fifth rmc - N ' eese, Xieliols, Oakley. Perkins, Heitzel, Kiee, and Slioffner. S!!j-lh nnc : .Sniitli, Strader, Tapseot ' t, ■I ' linnias, Towery, Troxler, and Wrenn. SiVfiilh rmc : Wrif-Hit J., Wrijilit I,., and iadv .M. PlWIfl LITERARV SflCIETV The I ' ain io Literary Society, coni})ani()ii f rou|) to the Dr. Jolm.soii ' .s Literary Society, ()j)cratcs on much tlic .same ) iin as its brother organization. Rcguhir meet- ings featuring jjrograms of varying nature, business ses- sions, and socials are included in the activities. The youngest of the ( ' ani|)us ( ' lui)s, the Panvio Society has made rapid progress in the few years since its estab- lishment, and shows great promise of becoming one of the most influential grou))s on the campus. Their president. l ' ' ,(lna Heit .el, is to be congi-atulated for being a good leader. 69 . IliS. W. V. IIOWFI.I, Sponsor EM mm Tlic Klon C ' lioir is onu of the most active groups on the campus even though tlicrc is a sliortagc of male voices tliis year. Some of the j viati()ii Students filled the vacant seats and added to the volume of tlie choir. Tender the dii ' ection of Professor Irving I). Bartlcv, Head of the Music Dc{)artmcnt, and Miss Margaret AVhittington, Vocal- ist, the choir has given special concerts at holidays and furnished nuisic for church and chapel services. The most outstanding event of tiie year was the rendition of Handel ' s " Messiah " at Christmas. IrVIXG 1). ]5aI!TI,EV Director 70 BMD The Klon Collcjie l};uul, altluuigh unck ' i- difficulties because of the war, has made steady pi ' ogress this year. Under the (hicctioii of Mr. K. F. Rhodes, Burlington, X. ( ' ., the Ijaiid lias ])laye(l several times before the movies in AVhitiev Auditorium, and lias jjerformed in ciia])el. Though the iiand is unable to lie a marching unit, it has kept up its standard as a concert organization. Members of the band included Kva Carpenter, Presi- dent; ' illal■(l .Moore, ice President; Ann Frink, Secre- tary; Mary Klizal)etii Wright, Librarian; Kubv Braxton, Leon (iiijbs, (lerald Hook, Lucille Morgan, Tlieo Strum, Walter Went , and James Westmoreland. 71 " Ah-h-h, third floor at last ! These stairs certainly give us the extra exercise the office worker needs, " declares the commercial student with a grin. This is the usual prelude to a morning or afternoon of business preparation in the Elon Connncrcial Department. And tliat grin is one of anticijjation, foi ' training in this department covers more than a dozen ])hascs of office work and gives tlic student ample opportunity to develop the ])crsonality traits and the skills necessary to tlie ])oised, intelligent, and efficient secretary. Students are proud to be in this de])artment, which is one of the largest in tlic college. Tlicy know of the fine re|)utation its graduates have earned in the business world, and are eagerly determined to secure the same ex- cellent training and to receive the certificate awarded those who meet the requirements. The hours are often long, but the students know that this extra effort enables them to ])repare for a profession in the relatively short time of one college year. They enjoy the variety of subjects, and ])i-ogrcss ra])idly with the personal help and guidance given each one by tiie teachers. In fact, many find their work in the department so fruitful and stinuilating that they return for a second year of advanced study. The standards are high, but the students who complete this training are ready to assume their responsibilities in our united war effort and to meet the keener competition that will doubtless follow its successful conclusion. 72 I ' dCllItlj: VaITI ' S W. HoWEI I,, SiK C ' hAFT HoWEI.L, ' IOLKT HOKFMAX. Alli-cd, Helena Andrews, IJrantley Ai)i le, Klizabetli ' Harhour, Hilda Harliaiii, .Jennie Heaclmni, Maxine l ' )if;l v, Anne Blald ' rk, Helen lidfiue, Marie Hoone, Mary Hounds, Anne lidwers, Donitliv l!r(M)ks. Harliara Butler, Katlierinc Chase, Catlierine Clarke, Uuth Clayton, Margaret Colli), Kmnia Cojilile, Annie I.ee Cooper, Catherine Diekinson. Marjorie Dill, Dorothy Ounevant, Xadiiu- Kaves, .losie Burt Kllington, Winifred (ialanes, (nis (irant, Esther (Ireene, Mae Harris, Franees Hedriek, Violet Henley, Sarah Students Hejisley, Dak- Hester, Anne liinnant, Letlia Huntley, Uuhy Ingold, Pegpy .laekson, Maxine James, Marion .lobe, Christine ■Tones, Arnold Kenyon, I ' iner I.auten, Dorothy IJndsey, Merle Maness, Vernes.s Mann, Xellie Gray McAuley, Hazel Meachani, Carrii MeI.ean, liettv Miles, Klla Ha( Morfian, .laek Morris, Helen Muri)hy, .lanie Murray, (lladvs Myers, ' Hose Neese, Beatrice Xeese, Kleanor Nichols, Edna Oaklev, Marv I ' erkins, Lillian I ' owell, ()])m1 Kadcr. Ann Hook KatlifT, Louise Roberts, Hilda Hudd, Mary Frances Sharpe, .Tuanita Shepherd, Myrtle Smith, Ruth Smith, Virginia Sprinkle. Alm.i Rose ' I ' apscott, Cl. ' india ' J ' aylor, Hazel Taylor, Martha ' I ' avlor, Stella Ann Taylor, Wayne Thomas, CJIori.i Troxler, Franci ' s Turner, Marv N ' au -hn, Hel ' iece;i Walker, Frances Williams, Dorothy Winbon, Frances Winbon, Katie Lou Winn, .lulia Wrenn, Sarah Wri);ht, .June Wrifiht, Marv K. Yarborou). ' li, M.irlh.i YarboroUKh, Marv C. Voder, Henrietta ' ounficr, Fa c Ziady, .loseiihinc Ziadv, Marie 73 :i Miss Lida Muse Faculifi Adviser m mm km mi Tlic Household Arts Chib is one of the most woi ' thwhilc organizations on the canijjus. Its membership is composed of Home Economics INIajors and others inteiTsted in this vocation. It was organized in 1921 and since that time it has been an active oi ' ganization on tiie camjjus. Meetings ai ' e licld montldy and in addition to tlieir regular club work and programs, they are helping with Red C ' l ' oss Work. Officers of the Club are Polly Whisnant, President; Rebecca Watson, WcQ President; Elizabetii Parker, Secretary and Treasurer; Betty Rob Stone, Rc])orter; and INIiss I ida Muse, Faculty iVdviser. 74 B ' J ' lic Kducation Clul) is f()in|iosc(l of all stiulents ])laiiniiiQ- to tcacli oi- otiiprwisc interested in Ivlucation. I ' lie t ' luh invites a speaker each month to discuss with them tlie difi ' erent pi ' ohk ' ms arising ' in the field of K(hication. ' J ' he ann of the chili is to nisjiire students itii the ideal that the purpose of education is that one nia ' leai ' ii to live a lietter life, that school is life, and that the propel- nietliods of teaching ' ari ' those which hegiii with the hie situations of tlu ' chdd and are limit upon them. Officers of this organization ari ' iryiiila Jet! ' revs, President; Hazel Ti ' uitt. ' ice I ' resideiit: Lucille lilalock. Secretary; and Mari ari ' t ]{awls, ' J ' reasurer. ] ' " acult - Ad isers are Miss Marv Keed Moore and Dean .1. 1). ] Iessick. PHVSIML El Siiu ' o the o ' irls did not have access to the gym this year iiiti-aiiiurnls wei-e impossible. Only outdoor oanies and s|)oi-ts tliat could lie played in a small s])ace were availahle to the " ii ' ls. 4 I Mrs. D. D. Vickeky Director 76 The Physical Kdiication chisscs are composed of Fi ' eshiiieii and Soplioinoies. The fall program consisted of games, exercises, and dances. These were under the direction of Nlrs. Aickery assisted bv ]Marv AVarren and Kdna Kiunley. AVhen ]Mrs. A ' ickerv left Mary and Kdna took charge and ])repared a very good ] Iav Day Program. Hats oft ' to the Directors and the girls! 1 ITI B m J s s S m , K 77 HAZKI. W ALKER Queen MAY DAY Last ycui- it was decided that the tnulitional " May Day " be chanu ' ed to " Play Day, " witii a gala s})()i-ts festival suli- stituted for the usual dances. This year, however, it was decided to Iiavc the traditional " May Day " and a jirograni provided by the Physical Education Department. In the election Hazel Walker was elected )ueen and F arl Farrell, KiuLi ' . 78 ATTENDANTS Senior Attendants Lucille lilalock " Spike " Harrell Virginia Jeffreys Mark Andes Junior Attendants Eliza Boyd Clarence Biddix Elizabeth Holland Walstein Snvder 79 DEPiimiEXT OF ART The jVrt DcpiU ' tiucnt is one of tlie sj)eci;il le- partinents of tlie College, l iulci- tlie instruction of iNIiss Lila Newman some very ' oo(l productions have been on exhibit. They do work in Freehand Drawing, Klemcntary Drawing, Industrial Arts for Klementary (irades. Sketching, and China Painting, " riie annual e liil)ition is iield during Connncncemcnt. 80 ARiiv m mn In A|)ril of 194;5. tlie war liit Klon College with full force. Down from the North eanie soldiei ' s and officers who had been assigned to a new base. ' I ' iiey descended u])on our campus and settled down to stay. Rapidly and sniootidv, they have be- come a |)art of the life of I ' lion College. Their ac- tivities — - t h e i r drills, mai-clies, classes, enter- tainments, a n d f e w m o m e n t s of leisure — came to i)e of meanuigful significance in the story of a war vear. H ADQUARTERS B62S- College Training Detachment B Elon College, N. C. 81 Captain D. D. A ' icjvery Com iiKindiiifj Officer Lt. Loris SiMONsoN Lt. Jack Kenton Lt. Mekcek West 82 ATTENTION! COLUMN HALF-LEFT ! 83 ON THE DOUBLE! (,)l IKT PLEASE 84 • ' ' :■.■ " ' ' ' ■ ' -yr- - • p lE n u ' 1 0. ' t 1 • - I H Ik ■ wL kd .. ti -I GOT A COKE? : IAY I HAVE THIS DANCE? 85 fliiM ; m GET A LIBERAL EDUCATION IN THRIFT by Shopping at BELK-BECK COMPANY ' BurUntjiton s Lnrgest Depnrtment Sfore " For a Lifetime Investment in Health at Complimeiits of HOOD ' S SPORTING C. A. LEA GOODS TAXI SERVICE Elon ' s and Alamance Connty ' s Headqnarters for " Best Tuxi Service in ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT BurUntfton - j Burlington Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co. BURLINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA Coinplimenls of Kirk Holt K A. S ELLAES aed SONS; Imc, Hardware Company Burlington ' s Oldest, Largest and Most Modern HARDWARE : PAINTS BUILDING SUPPLIES MILL SUPPLIES Department Store Visit Our Gift Shop • PHONE NO. 2 Burlington, N. C. Main Street Burlington, N. C. i WM BURLINGTON COCA-COL A BOTTLING COMPANY BURLINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of UNITED DOLLAR STORE Biirliugloii, N. C Compliments of TROLLINGERS FLORIST Burlington, N. C. Compliments of THE JEWEL BOX, INC. Burlington, N. C. Greetings from CITY DRUG COMPANY CUT-RATE DRUGS A Friendly Independent Drug Company Burlington, N. C. Compliments of ALAMANCE HOTEL Burliiiglon, N. C. Compliments of NEESE-SHOFFNER FURNITURE COMPANY Burlington, N. C. Compliments of J. C. PENNY Burlington, N. C. Compliments of Raylass Department- Store Burlington, N. C. Coiuplimeiits of MOOREFIELD FLORIST Biirliiigtoii. N. C. NEAL WRIGHT Diamonds Jewelry Hamilton, Elgin, and Waltham Watches Lunt Sterling Silver Watch Repairing and Fine Engraving 201 North Main Street Telephone 2242 Burlington, N. C. Shop ut ROSE ' S Burlington, N. C. GOLDMAN ' S ' ' Shoes They Talk Ahour Burlington. N. C. RHODES-COLLINS FURNITURE COMPANY • Complete House Furnishings 418-420 South Main Street Burlington, N. C. Compliments of Gibsonville Drug Store Gibsonville, N. C. KEEP TRIM AND SMART Expertly Laundered Shirts They Stay Fresh Longer ALAMANCE LAUNDRY and DRY CLEANERS Phones 560 : 561 : 562 Burlington, N. C. HIAI N ' S CUT-RATE DRUG Prescriptions : Drinks Cosmetics : School Supplies Burlington, N. C. BASON and BASON Ladies ' " Ready-to-W ear Millinery Lingerie 113 East Davis Street Burlington, N. C. Compliments of COLLEGE STATION Elon College, N. C. Florence Alillinery Shop " ' Your Hat Shopping Center ' ' Spring Street Burlington, N. C. A. D. PATE AND COMPANY Quality Printers Since 1906 Telephone 216 Burlington, N. C. Compliments of CITY RARBER SHOP 6 Cood If orkmen Telephone 172 C. V. Heritage, Mgr. GENERAL COMMERCIAL PRINTING and ENGRAVING GUY B. UPHLAND ALAMANCE PRINTING COMPANY Telephone 384 523 South Main Street Burlington, N, C. Compliments of WASHINGTON CAFE Burlington, N. C. ROSENBLOOMS Men ' s Wear Phone 502 Burlington, N. C. BETTY LOU SHOP " ' Popular Because of Style and Value " ' Burlington, N. C. Welcome ut AUNT BETTY ' S CAFE Burlington, N. C. Compliments of PARAMOUNT THEATRE " " Sliouplace of Alamance County " ' First Run Pictures of Every Major Studio 1 Popular Prices Year ' Round Air Conditioned Compliments of TIRE SALES COMPANY Burlington, N. C. CAROLINA THEATRE First Runs and Stage Shows At Popular Prices Established 1880 Kester Machinery Company Miff and Fuctory Supplies Burlington, N. C. 1 ALAMANCE THEATRE " F ' p Bring the Best One Back " Where Elon Meet Burlington Mickel-Hopkiiis Co. • COMPLETE EQUIPMENT for Hotels, Institutions, and Places of Food Service • Greensboro, North Carolina THE HOSIERY SHOP COMPLETE LINE OF HOSIERY FOR MEN, WOMEN, AND CHILDREN " The Only Exclusive Hosiery Shop in Alamance County " FOSTER SHOE COMPANY 111 East Davis Street BURLINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA SING LEE ' S LAUNDRY Spring Street BURLINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of SHARP S CLOTHING STORE 106 West Front Street BURLINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA Contplimeitts of ZIMMERMAN LUMBER COMPANY Wc Apprvviute EUnt Colletfc Enroll at Elon College and Drink ROCK CREEK DAIRY MILK While You Prepare for Your Life Work ROCK CREEK DAIRY GIBSONVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA CHARLOWE ENGRAVING CO. Cha riotte. North Ca rol ina AUTOGEAPHS

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