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1 «. 1 V3 PiriiLISHELKANNUALLY by the SENIOR CLASS of ELON COLLEGE . . . JOHN POLLARD, Editor O firlnl V. S. Ndi ' j) j)huto raph ' Over There! The PHIPSICLI In this war, as in all wars, many jjcace-time niatcriiils hcconic scarce or completely unu ailal)le for civilian consunij)tion. This year this is especially true of many of the materials necessary in the j ro(Iuction and ]iul)]ication of anmials. And until it is o er " over there " these materials and many others will not he available. However, in spite of the many dif- fic ' ulties encountered, it has liecn the desire of the college and the Phi Psi Cm staff, if ])ossihle, to puhlisli an an- nual tliat will come as close to tlic lu ' gh standards of tjuality set by previous Phi Psi Cli ' s as 2)rescnt con- ditions warrant. Offh-ial V. S. Nnvy phiiliKU ' djili Offirwl r. S. M. l,liolo,,,;,i,I, Offirhtl r. S. Murine Corps jilKiloiiroph O.E.M. photo COLONEL EOWAIll) EVERETTE HOLLANO Statesman, Cliurchnian, At- torney, Banker, Legisla- tor, Congressman, and College Trustee DEDICATION Colonel Holland was a man of integrity, honor, and high jjurposc. Few men have served Church and State with more effective- ness and humility than he. He was a member of the original Board of Trustees of our college and served the institution faithfully for moi ' e than fifty years. In recognition of his ability, consecration, and service we, the members of the Class of 1943, take peculiar pleasure in dedicating the Phi Psi Ci.i, our college annual, to his memory. On IHEMOIAIAM Tliis ))a t ' is dedicated to the memory tliat we all retain for E. W. " Vick " ickcrs. From his undergraduate days until lii-s un- tinielv death last fall " Vick " was an ardent supjxjrter of Elon College and of the things for which Elon College stands. 1U PRESIDENT ' S MESSAGE TO THE CLASS OF 194.3: It is most unfortunate tliat the Class of 1943 has been so seriously disturbed during its junior and senior years. War is al- ways distui ' bing. Concentration on personal development is almost impossible. Yet under circumstances that try men ' s souls, the Class of 1943 has persevered with convincing determination. Individually they shall receive their diplomas in due time. In the conflict of society and the fury of battle they shall remain loyal to country and devoted to Alma IMater. In this book, our college annua], the meinl)crs of this class have preserved scenes, circumstances, sayings, and achievements that mean much to them and which shall prove to be precious memories in after years. Wherever you may lie and whatever tlic circumstances your Alma Mater shall be with vou and shall be praying for you. May God bless and keep j ' ou through all the years. L. E. Smith, President. DEANS ...ZUn Dear Seniors : As the iiicnibers of the C ' hiss of 1943 pass another milestone on Commencement Day, may you find the Elon standards of friendhness, clear thinking, honor and goodwill deejDly engraved upon your heart. ]May our College tradition of faith in God and love for our fellowmcn give you confidence to believe that these standards which we have demonstrated together during our college experiences may likewise be shared and lived by all peoples of the earth. ] Iay each of you in vour own way dedicate your knowledge, your time and your talents in help- ing to achieve these ends. Cordially your friend, Helex Boyd, Dean of Women. Dear Seniors: You arc in many different jjlaces from your anticij)ation of four years ago. Some of you are still at the college carrying on. Others are in armed service working for another desired goal. Wlicther here or there we shall all be mutuallv connected. Remember always t liat there is a warm sjjot in my lieart and an ardent prayer foi- your success wherever you may be. You «ill not be forgotten, and remember this, whenever you return to the campus maj your conscience haunt you so severely that you cannot stand still until you enter the doors of the office " designated, " DEAN. " He will be expecting you. Yours as always, J. D. ] Iessick, Dean. Ike. FACULTY Barney Hook Bartlev Howell Bowden Johnson Boyd McClure Brannock Messick John Willis Baknev, Department of English; A.B., Elon College; Graduate Work, Columbia University, University of Virginia, University of North Carolina. Irving D. Bartley, Department of Music; Diploma in Piano and Organ, New England Conservatory; B.Mus., M.Mus., Syracuse University. D. J. Bowden, Dtiiartment of Religion and Piiilosopliy ; B.S., Virginia Poly- technic Institute; 1$.D.. Ph.D., Yale University. Helen Bovd, Dean of Women, Department of Religious Education; A.B., University of Washington; M.A., Columbia University. Ned Faucette Brannock, Department of Chemistry; A.B., M.A., Ehni College; M.S., Columbia University; Litt.D., Defiance College; Additional (iraduate Work, Johns Hopkins University, University of North Carolina. Herbert F. Donaldson, Department of Music; B.M., M.M.. Piano, Chicago Conservatory. Merton French, Department of Religion and flrcek; A.B., Washburn College; M.A., Ph.D., Brown University. Howard S. Gravett, Department of Biology; A.B., James Millikin University; M.A., Ph.D., University of Illinois. Hans Hihscii, Department of Moihrn Languages and History; Hoehere Reifepruefung Realgymnasium Mannheim; University of Frankfort-on-the- Main; University of Heidelberg; University of Vienna; Ph.D., University of Munich. Marion L. Hockridok, Department of Modern Languages; A.B., Smith College; M.A.. Midilhburg French School. [8] French Muse Gravette Xewman Hirscli Phillips Hockridge Pierce Huffman Routt ' ioLET Hoffman, Commercial Department, A. B., Eloii College. Ai.oxzo LoHR Hook, Registrar, Department of Physics; A.B., M.A., EJon College; M. S., Cornell University; Additional Graduate Work, .Johns Hopkins University; University of Cliicago; Duke University. Mus. .SiK Craft Howell, Connnercial Department; A.B.. La Grange College; M..S.. N ' orth Carolina Statt- College. Waitus W. Howkll, Deiiartment of Business Adminis- tration; A.B.. Elon College; M.A.. University of Xortli Carolina Mrs. Oma U. Johnson, Librarian; Pli.B., A.B.. Elon College; B.S.. Columbia L ' niversity. LiLA Le Van, I)ei)artini nt of Music; Mus.B.. Mus.M.. Kansas University; Graduate Work. .Tiilliard .School of Music. Frederick Loadwick, Department of Musi ' ; .Mus.B., Sj ' racuse University. Charles R. McClirk, Department of Euglisli; B.A.. Maryville College; .M.A.. Ohio .State University; Candidate for Ph.D.. Indiana Unixersity. John Decatur Messick, Dean, Department of Edu- cation; Ph.B., Elon College; University of North Carolina; Ph.D.. New York Universitv. Mary Reed Moore, Department of Education; . .B.. Winthrop College; M.A., Furman University; (iradu- ate Work, University of California; CoJumliia Uni- versity; College of William and Mary. LiDA MtsE, Department of Home Economics; B.S., Uni- versity of Tennessee; ] LA., Columbia University. LiLA Claire Newman, Department of Art; Ph.B., Elon College; Graduate Work, Columbia University; Har- vard University. LiRGARET A. Casto Phillips, Departments of Mathe- matics and Physics; B.A., Marsliall College; M. A., Duke L niversity. J. L. Pierce, Director of Athletics; A.B., Higli Point College; M.A.. University of North Carolina. Elizabeth Routt, Commercial Department; A.B., Bowling Green Business University; Liberal Arts Degree, Georgetown University. Harold Schultz, Department of History; A.B.. Colum- bia University; LA.. Candidate for Ph.D., Duke University. Leon Edoar S.mith, President; . .B.. Elon College; M.A., Princeton Uni versity; D.D.. Elon Colle LL.D., Marietta College. Arthur F. Smullvan, Department of Matliematies; A.B., College of the City of New York; M.A., Ph.D., H.irv.ird Universitv. lege; [9] ' A tttMmin J. " " " .,.. " 7 „jof ' " " -■■ ' " ,« ' ' .: ♦ ' ' J ' .{T Remember? Lending " Bud " a lielping — hand (? . Farm — labor ( ? ) . King and Queen of the Freshman Class — Mixry " Hair " Denson and Fred " Love In Bloom " Gray. WHO ' S WHO or did you know? (What happened to the girls?) Getting up in the world. The Marines landed and the situa- tion was, as usual, well in hand. " Easy " Jones lauds the Navy. Hallowe ' en — or thwarted ideas. A going away present for Tom. " Smile please. " The beginning of a great contribu- tion to the Red Cross Blood Plasma Bank. ' In the land of cotton. ' [12] [13] Student Body Officers If notliiiifi- else the student Ijody has Imd variety in its Student Presidents this year. We were blessed (?) with three Presidents — Tom Smythc, who left early in the year; Bill Johnston, who left shortly after this picture was made, to enter IVIedical School; and John Pollard, who became the third Student Body President i)y virtue of his office of Vice President. The other student body officers were: Edward " Buster " Butler, Treas- urer, and Dwinht Kernodle, Secretary. [ M] Senior Cabinet Sfiirfeiit Christian Association The Student Chi ' istian Association is com- posed of two cabinets, the Senior Caliinct and the Freshman Cahinet. The functions of the Senior Cabinet are to direct Cliristian activities of the student IhhIv, to coiuhict ] Iornin ' Watch and A ' espers, to plan socials, and to sponsor or con(Uict reli i;ious lioliday services. Tlie Freshman ( ' al)inet promotes the work of the Association aiiioni;- tlie I ' " rcslinian class. Tuder tlicii- I ' lTsident for this vi ' ar, IFelcn .Mari aret .Mosick. the Association has continued to do a wvy fine and coinnieii(hd)le jol) of directing student relii ' ious activities. Helen Margarkt Messick Pre.i ' idcnt [15] The Senate The Senate, or tlic " Elon Police Force, " is charged with the often uiuk ' sii ' ahle but necessary task of enforcino ' the few restrictions that are imposed on tlie male members of tlic student I)ody. H(n evcr under the capable guidance of George Bullard, President, the Senate experienced one of its cjuietest and tlierefore one of its most successful years. George Bullard President [IG] The Council The Council is the governing Ixxly of all Ciinii)u.s girls and Day Student girls when on campus. Witii the aid of the Dean of Wouicn, it reviews offenders of college rules and regulations and administers the necessary rej)risals. The Council has experienced the caj)al)le and fair leadershij) of two Presidents this year. I uvcne Holmes was President until slie graduated at the end of the first (juartcr. After lAivenc left Amei-ith Nichols took over for the remainder of tlie year. The other council officers were: liachel Crowell, Vice I ' resident : Mai ' v Deane ]}i-owne, Secretary; and Eliza Boyd, Treasure)-. Amerith Nichols President [ 1 ' SfHf eiif Spvyke Organization Edwin Watts Chairman War activities arc riglitly assuming a place of increasing importance in the lives of Elon students and on the Elon Camjjus. It was to coordinate these activities that the Student Service Organization was organized shortly after the outbreak of war during tlie ])ast school year. Althougli not yet out of its embryonic stages of development it has done much to accomplish its pur- ])ose ) stimulating activity in several fields. Under its direction, over 100 students contril)uted a pint of blood for a blood bank set up in Greensboro. Forty over-seas ' kits were purchased and ])laced in the hands of the American Red Cross for distribution to men en route to foreign soil. An air raid system, surgical dressing, and other projects too numerous to mention were developed and carried out by the organization during the year. J)n. Hans IIiunch Adviser [18] FresliniPii Clciss Officers r :-,T- 3. „ Gene Poe President lAnoAHET Kawi.s Vice President Bonnie Davis Secrctarij IIahr - ] Iehi!() v Treasurer [19] HBPP Freshmen Albright, Mahv Carolyn, Mebane, N. C; Apple, Annie Elizabeth, Elon College, N. C. ;«Armfield, Carey Hahn, Cireeiisboro. N. C;; Ayscue, Helen Burns, Warrenton, N. C; Ayscue, Melvin Washington, Hen- derson, N. C. Barrier, Ellen Stewart, Spencer, N. C; Batten, Person Alex, Portsmouth. Va. ; Beauford, Mattie Lee, Haw River. N. C; Bennett, Mary Emily, Whiteville, N. C. ; BiDDix, Clarence, Marion, N. C. Blalock, Helen Roscoe, Gibsonville. N. C; Blue, Geraldine Stewart, Elon College, N. C; Boland, Iris Celestia, Elon College, N. C; Boone, .Iames Wood, Jackson, N. C. ; Bounds, Ann Holland, Holland. Va. Braddy, Elizabeth Alston, Burlington. N. C. ; Braxton, Esther Florine, White- ville, N. C. ; Bridgers, Ralph P ' rancis, Princeton. X. C; Brooks, Ruby Gray, Oxford. X. C. ; Brower, Mary Jean, Liberty, N. C. Busick, Margaret Lotmse, Brown .Suininit. X . C; Cahoon, Jean Powell, Clifton Forge, Va.; Callahan, Edmond, Falcon, X. C; Cannon, Doris Lucille, Canton, N. C; Cannon, Mary Louise, Canton, N. C. Carden, Dorothy Elaine, Haw River, N. C. ; Chandler, Claude Edwin, Broadway. N. C; Coble, Thomas Worthy, Gra- ham, X. C; CoLCLouGii, NiTA Dare, Dur- ham, X. C; Comer, Carolyn Frances, Brown Sunnnit, N ' . C. Cooper, Elsie .Jean, Falcon. X. C; Craw- ford, Grace Pearl, Chadbourn, N. C; Critcher, Mary Alice, Oxford, X. C; Cum MINGS, Pattie Mae, Madison, X. C; Daniel, Edwin Lewis, ' irgilina. Va. Darden, Mary Louise, Siler City, X C.; Davis, Bonnie Cjrace, Eureka, N. C. ; Day, Maude Evelyn, Burlington, X . C. [20] Freshmen Dkxsox, Mary Kathrvn, J.u ' ksdin illc. Fla.; Dickey, (tekaldixe Elizadeth, Kloii Col- lege. X. C; Dixox, Rachel, Brown Siiminit. N. C; DcRHAM, Altox Thomas, Burling- ton. N. C; Eaves, Josie Burt, Henderson. N. C. EttERTox, Leola Mae, N(n-lin;i. X. C: Ellixgtox, WixiiREn Powell, Keidsville, X. C: Fisher, Stacey Alk e, Bryson City. X. C; Flixchim, Xell Reid, Carth- age. X. C; Floyd, .1. Lyxwood, Atlanta, Cia. FoLTz. Dorothy Xell, Suray. a.: F ' orbes, Charles Alfred, Cireenvillc. N. C. ; F ' oster, Dorothy Lee, Altanialiaw. N. C; Foster, -Mary Jaxe, Yaiiceyville. X. C; F " o vlkes, Fraxces Axxe, Yaneeyville. X. C. F ' razier, Forrest Livingston, Shenandoah. • .; Fuller, Fletcher B., Henderson, X. C; GiBBS, Clayton Leox, Reidsville. X. C; Gill, Robert Trimbill, Xew Bern, X. C. ; Gray, Allen Tihrman, La Grange. X. C. fiHAv, F ' red Earle, Charlotte, X ' . C; Graves, L1RGARET Elizabeth, Burlington. X. C; fiRiFEix-, F THALIXDA, Sununerfield, X. C; Gri.mes, Rethel Wales, Mount Olive, X. C; GrxTER, Frances Cattishal, San- ford. X. C. Haley, Frances Estelle, Hillshoro. X. C. ; Harrell, D. B., Mount Olive. X. C; Har- HEi.sox, Evelyn Sie, Tabor City. X. C; Haruis, Coke Charles, Burlington. X. C; Harris, Betty Jeaxxe, Burlington. X. C. Hexdrv, Betty .Feaxxe, Haw Hivcr. X. C; Holt, Eunice Elizabeth, Graham, X. C; Holt, Lena Dare, Reidsville, X. C. ; Hooks, Hi (,H Becton, Fremont. N. ( ' .; Hundley, MA(;(iiE Mae, Xorlina, X. C. .Ierxigax, Xorma Blonde, F.lon Collige. V. ( ' .; .JoXES, Sexora ' ih(;ima, Milton. X. ( ' .: KiMBRo, David X ' erxox, Prospect Hill, X. C. [21] PES Hi i« ' iSalP Freshmen KiNGsLAND, Elsie Loi ' ise, Burlington, N. C; LivERMAN, Henuv Joe, Columbia, N. C. ; Malone, Hilda I,ee, Prospect Hill. N. C; May, Katherine Youell, Burlington, N. C. ; May, Virginia Lee, Burlington, X. C. McAdams, Jahu Cornelius, Mebane, N. C. ; McCauley, Joseph Franklin, Henderson. N. C. ; McClenny, Dorothy Josephine, Chadbouru, X. C. ; McDaniel, Martha Anne, Anderson, S. C. ; McVey, Hilda Christine, firah.-im, X. C. Merrow, Harry Franklin, Bristol. Conn.; Miller, Alice Rollin, Cliadbourn, X. C. ; MizE, Carrie Rowland, Burlington, X. C. ; Moore, Richard Joseph, Burlington, X. C. ; Moore, Robert Samuel, Burlington. X. C. Morton, Erma Elizabeth, Burlington, X. C; Xeese, Eleanor Beatrice, Haw River, X. C. ; Xewsom, Mary Helen, Lueaina, X. C. ; Xewton, Margaret Louise, Luray. Va.; XiciioLs, Phyllis Haliburton, Durham, X. C. Oakes, Elizabeth Floyd, Oxford, N. C; Parker, Elizabeth Holland, Sunbury, X. C. ; Parnell, Wallace Aaron, Florence. S. C; Patterson, Fred Hartwell, Danville, Va.; Peedin, Junis Hugh, CJlendon, X. C. Perry, Worth Edwards, Jonesboro, X. C. ; PoE, Gene, Rockingham. X. C; Pohl, John Emerson, Kenmore, X. Y.; Price, Cleo Hampton, Sumuierfield, X. C; Phitciiard, William White, Henderson, X. C. Pruett, Andrew William, Casar, X. C. ; Rader, Betty Maude, Burlington, X. C. ; Rader, Jeanne M., Burlington, X. C. ; Rawls, Margaret Elizabeth, Suffolk. Va. ; Read, Willie Catherine, Xorlina, X. C. Reynolds, Hal Leach, Troy, X. C; Rice, Vivian Blanche, Burlington, X. C. ; Riggs, Elizabeth Musette, Prospect Hill. X. C. [22] f res ft 111 en RiGfiS, I- ' haxk C ' olkmax, Prospect Hill, X. C; R()}iKi!Ts, Hazel Earl, Joiiesboro, X. C; Rook, C ' AHiiiE Hettie, Gibsoii- villf. X. C; Rossi, John Albert, V ineland, X. J.; Ross, Verxon Lee, Altamahaw, X. C. RrssELL, Rettv Jaxe, Graham, X. C; Self, XoRMAX Faucette, Burliiigton, X. C; Simp- sox, Margi e Louise, Elon College, N. C. ; Smith, Silas Baxks, Mebane. X. C. ; Smith, Helex FiiAXCEs, Kipling, X. C. Smith, James C ' laide, Mt. Airy, X ' . C. ; Smith, Marv Lilliax, Durham, X. C; Sjiith, ' iii(iixiA Caroline, RockinglKun, X. C; Smith, Walexa, Goldslniro, X. C; SxEAD, Mahv Elizabeth, Henderson, X. C. Spitzer, Oletha, Harrisonburg. Va.; Sprinkle, Alma Rose, Pfart ' towii, X C. ; Stone, Betty Bob, Siler City, X ' . C. ; Stradeh, Victory Lawrence, Kernersville, X " . C; SiMXER, Arnold Clifford, Shorts Creek. Xu. Sutton, Alene Alta, Brown .Sununit, X. C; SvTTON, Thomas Daniel, Gibsonville, X. C; SwiNK, Ethel Lovenia, Haw River, X. C; Thompson, L RY Alice, Golds- lioro, X ' . C; Thtrecht, Jessie Dale, Eliza- beth City, X. C. TowERV, Grace Xell, Aslieboro. X. C; TiKNER, Mary Elizabeth, Mebane, N. C; Walker, Lillian Celestial, Milton, X. C; Walker, Stephen Edward, Milton. X ' . ( ' .; Webster. Betty Joe, Bonlee. X ' . C. Wkl II, .Sahaii Elizabeth, Elon College, X. ( ' .; Wheeler, Virginia Roberta, Long- iMiadow. NLiss.; Wheless, Perry, Louisburg. N. C.; Viute, 1 ' ranklin Ross, Siler City, X. ( ' .; White, Kate Rawlixg, .Seottsville, ' a. White, ' iii(iixiA Lee, Elon College. N. C; Wood, Elmer Virgil, Stokesdaic. X. ( ' .: Wrenn, Harrietts Emily, Durliam. X. C; Yancey, Mildred Lyon, Oxford, X. C; Zeissxer, Jons William, Spring Vallev, X. Y. [ 23 ] ml 11 First row: Elder, Farrell, Harrell, Basnight, Hussey, McAdams, and McCauley. Second row: Meacham, Meredith, Morgan, Ollis, Parker, Perry, and Poe. Third row: Snyder, Stevens, Tripp, Wheeless, Whisnant, Schmidt, and Floyd. Fourth row: Walker, Boone, and Smith. Br. Johnson ' s Literavy Society Tin ' s year was a year of great progress for tlic Di-. Jolinson Litcrai-y Society. Witli the aid of its three Presidents, Joe Tom Stevens, Ivan Olhs, and Y. B. " Spike " Harrell, the Society was able to bring into full swing the princi])al ideals upon which it was founded — these ideals being to introduce young men to public speaking, debating, and a better appreciation of social life. The effective changes seen in the Society this year are the revision of the Societv Constitution and the ado])ti )n of a Society song. Hahold Schultz Faculty Sponsor [24] First row: Rice, Greene, Towery, Walker, Black, Breeze, and Matthews. Second row: D. Cannon, M. Cannon, Fisher, Newton, Miller, Thompson, and Sprhikle. Third row: Haley, Webster, Flenchum, Gunter, Roberts, Xichols, and Reitzel. Fourth row: Griffin, Brower, Holt, Browning, Parker, and Thurecht. Not shown: Brooks, Oakes, Riggs, and Sutton. Panvio literary Society OFFICERS Sarah Rice President LuRA Mae Green Vice President Lillian Walker Treasurer Stacey Fisher Secretary The Panvio Literary, c()m])aiiioii (irn ' aiiization to tlie Dr. Joluisoirs Literary Society, operates on mueh the same ])hui as the brotiier organization. Speakers for tiie ])i ' ooranis consist of meinl)ers of the faculty and off-campus visitors. Occasionally there is a , joint meeting of Dr. John.son ' s and Panvio which is sometimes in the form of a debate on campus conditions and current affairs. One of the main events of this year was the joint banquet held with the Dr. Johnson ' s Literary Society at the Alamance Hotel in liurlinti ' ton. Mhs. Oma U. JouNsor Sponsor [26] PfiiPsi Cli Came September and we were all filled with " brilliant, " " new, " " novel, " " colos- sal, " " stupendous, " and a few " good " ideas as to how the 19-i3 Phi Psi Cia might be made to show up its predecessors. But as time sped by these ideas escaped into ()bli ion or were brought down to eai ' th by a few essential-like conferences with the ])rinter, engravei " , photog ' ra])her, a reduced budget, and fewer students; and tlien the latter ))art of February wc were told that we could go ahead with plans for the annual. It has been our sincere desire to ])ublish an annual, even with the necessarv restrictions, that will serve to bring back to all of us in vears to come memories of the lO S-lO ' iS School year, a year that has seen many clianes made in the college and in that integral part of the college, the students. [26] Phi-Psi-Cli Staff If this issue of the I ' m Psi Ci.i creates a favoraljle iiin)rcssioii, the credit c; well go to the nu ' inhers of the staff hsted helow. If it does not — (and it is possihle!)- tlicn it was a lot of fun for the Editor anyway. EDITORIAL STAFP Joiix PoLi.ARD Edhor-in-Chicf Charlottk Hi stkd Lib Holland . Miller. Basxight Walexa Smith . VlRCIXIA JeI ' TREYS . Asshidnt Editor . Editor ' ud A-s.si.stdiif . . Chief Office Boy Copy Editor iind Typist Typist BUSINESS STAFE JoK To.M Steyexs .... iiisiuc.ss Manager Edwix ■ Vatts Adverti.siiKj Kext Dkxxax idvertisinrj C. R. McCi.riiK Faciilti Adviser r27i Mtiroon and Gold The Maroon mid (iohl is the official student newspaper and is a bi-weekly i)ul)lication of the joui-nalism class and other students on the campus. The Editor is elected hy the student body and he selects his staff. The Maroon and (ioUl is a unique j)uhlication in that it is the only college newspaper in the state, and possibly in the South, that is ])ublished in its entirety by students. It is linotyped and seen through the press in the college ])rint shop, which gives students first-hand technical and prac- tical newspajjer knowledge. Through the Maroon and (toId, Elon has sent many writers into the newsjjajier field and has established a reputation which has made its staff members much sought after throuH ' hout the state. JlDY HoLOM. N Co-editor [28] H. Messick, R. Messick, Smith, Armfield, Bojd. C ' rowell, Thomas, Hook, Koontz, Wright, Rumley, Warren. WmneiVs Athletic Cuunvil The Womoirs . tliletic ' Coiincil was oi-franizcd to promote a irreater interest in woiiieii ' s athletics. With liaehel Crowcll, Stiident- Dii-ector, and Helen ] Iar i;arct Messick, Pi-csident, the Council planned and i ' onij)leted an intraniural pi ' o i ' ani that aroused muc-Ji interest anionii,- the students and the pai ' ticipants and was a definite success. Other nienihei-s of the Council were .Mary Deane Brown, Marv Warren, lluhy Wright, . " Nlaxine Smith, Kuth Koontz, Faye ' I ' homas. Polly Armfield, -Jeanne Hook, Coldie .Mori-is. Mliza Hovd. Ivlna l{umle -. K. (lli:l. (lIDWKI.J, Sliiilriil Dirrctd, [29] Pnllard, Pierce, Hussey, Kern, Askins. Parker, Kernoclle, Watts, Perry, Hooper, Gilliam, and Walker. Men ' s Athletic Council Iiitrainurul athletics rose to their Greatest heiu ' lits this year oil the Kloii cainjius. This was partially due to the abolition of inter- collegiate athletics, but by far most of the credit should go to Coach Pierce and the Council for their untiring- ciforts and diligent work in co- ordinating and rounding out the intramural program. The Council maps out and carries through the athletic program, and in all cases its decisions are final on the status of players and teams. As an incentive to both individual ]jlayers and team groups, it set up a ]K)int system under which indn idual and team awards were made. ] Ieml)ers of the Council were Kd Vatts, President; Elroy Hooper, A ' ice President ; Dwight Kernodlc, Secretary ; Steve Walker, John Pollard, Tracy Hussey, James Parker, Ike Perry, Ray Kern, Lcnnings Howard, John (rilliam, and Beriiie .Askins. J. L. Pierce Director [30] ' Fall Intranmvals Football honors in the fall sports program were divided between the Ka] pa Psi Nu and I T K elevens after the two clubs had }jlaycd to three scoreless ties trying to settle the dispute as to which was the better pigskin combination. The two teams met twice during regular season Jjlay and a third time in a championship contest, and thrice the story was the same — they were evenly matched. Alpha Pi and the East Eagles wei " e runners-ujj to the Co-champs. In girl sports, Ladies Hall walked off with the volley ball trojjhy after ruiuiing into plenty of com])ctition from B () B, Tau Zeta. and the West Dormitory teams. [31] A middle Part Ainon Other Things ' When do vc cat? " ' This is the South " or " C ' lcaniiu uj) ] Iothei- Nature ' s ] Icss. " ' Kibitzing-. " ' When I first came here. . . . " ' Kiug ' and Queen of Hearts. " ' The Big Shots. ' ' Clieek to Clieek. " ' Vice Versa. " " Tlie Iiiceiiti e for Broken Bones. " ' I ' m scared, hut. [34] [ 3-5 ] Elon P ciyers Under the direction of a new dramatic coacli, Professor C. R. IMcC ' lure, the Elon Players proved to one and all that they were no slouches when it came to capturino ' the spii-it of drama. The Players acquitted themselves masterfully with tiieir first production " King Henry IV, " and with their other production, " Sweet (ienevicve, " they iiad the audience " rollin " - in the aisles. " C. R. McClure Director [36] Sophomore Class Officers Nelson Snyder DwiGHT KeRNODLE Irene Hook Tex Lisman Frcsidcnt Vice President Secretin- ij Treasurer [37] SopfioiHores Albright, Fked Waltkr, Albemarle, . C. ; Allen, Lemuel Carl, Bunlevel, N. C; Baker, Irene Alfreida, Carthage. N. C. ; Barber, John William, Char- lotte, N. C; Baynes, Doris Marie, Burlington, N. C. BosTwicK, William Morley, Vineland, N. J.; Bovd, Eliza, Henderson, N, C, ; Bradsher, Hugh Tate, Old Fort, N. C; Brinson, .Toiin Frank, New Bern, N. C; Brown, Richard Austin, Trinity, N. C. Brown, Walter Henry, Kannapolis, N. C. ; Browning, Melba Coleen, Burlington, N. C; Byrd, Mary Hill, Franklin, Va.; Cates, .Jessie Howard, Burlington, N, C; Chandler, Doris Mae, Burlington, N. C. Cheli, Marco Joseph, Vineland, N. J.; Coble, Rachel Louise, Burlington. N. C. ; CoLENDA, Allen Goriiam, Morehead City, N. C. [38] Soph »Hi ores Crenshaw, Nell, Burlington, N. C; Daniely, James Earl, Burlington, N. C. ; Dickson, Arthur William, Mineola, N. Y. ; Dodds, Mary Agnes, Bradenville. Pa.; Ellington, Warren Leacesteh, Rcidsvillf, X. C. Evans, Roy Nathaniel, Greensboro, N. C; Fahhkll, Earl Thompson, Pittslioro. N. C; Festa, Anthony Joseph, V ineland. N. ,1.; Fhazier, Hilda Alice, ' irgiliiia. Va.; Garrett, John Max, Julian, N. C. fjiLLiA.M, John Jacob, Elon Collefie, N. C; Hall, Edith Elizabeth, Woodleaf, N. C; Hayes, Frances ' iola, N ' orlina. N. C; Hiatt, Mary Elizabeth, Burling- ton, N. C; Hipps, James Tennyson, Elon College, N. C. Holland, Elizabeth Alice, Slielliy. N. C; Hook, Mary .Ieanne, Elon College. N. C; Hook, John William, Capon ]5ridge, West Va. [39 1 Hopftoiiiores Huffman, Wade Herbert, Burlington. N. C; Huntley, Frank Little, M()r tn, N. C. ; Jennings, Norma, Wattr Mill. N. Y.; Kernodle, Dwight Talmadge, Elon College, N. C; Latta, William C, Burlington, N. C. Lisman, Maurice Onis, Ennis, Texas; Malone, Frank Jabez, Prospect Hill, N. C. ; Matthews, Julia Anne, Portsmouth, Va. ; McCants, Mary Ellen, Anderson, S. C; Meaciiam, William Franklin, Clia|)el Hill. N. C. Messick, Rita Shirley, Washington. N. C. ; Oakley, Mary Frances, Elon College, N. C; Paige, Lawrence Earl, Elon College, N. C. ; Parker , James Hallette, Sunbury, N. C; Perry, Isaac Peyton, Elizabeth City, N. C. PoiiL, Charles, Keiiniore, N. Y. ; Qualls, Everette Charles, Burlington, N. C; Reidt, Mah.iorie PiLEANOR, Waltliani, Mass. [40] H«|) j« »nrps Reitzkl, Edna Louise, Hill.sboro, N. C. ; RorTii, Sylvan Roscoe, l ' ' r.-iiikliiivillf, . C; RuMLEY, Edna Vihginia, Kloii C ' olkgt-. X. C. ; Simpson, MAuiiiE Iaiuise, Elon Colk-ge, N. C; Snyder, Walstein Welch, Elktoii, Va. Snyder, John Nelson, Charlotte, N. C; Spivey, Herbert Cly ' de, Portsinoiitli, V:i.: Walker, Woodrow Wilson, Burlington, N. C; Waruen, Mary Mauhie, Stakv. N. C; Watson, Rebecca ELiiiABETii, Morven, N. C. Webster, Margarette Ritii, Eloii C ' oikgf, N. C; Westbrook, Iris (Jhey, Dmiii, N. C; Wilson, James Loetin, Burlington, N. C. ; Wright, Rem C ' ahoi.vx, Rtids- ville, N. C. ; Zodda, Victor Alfred, Spring Valley, X. Y. [41] OFFICERS Bettie M. Radki! .... President Mary Jane FosTf;i! . . J ice Presideni Caroline Smith Secretary Jessie Thurecut .... Treasurer Tfip Coiiiiiiercicii Chift P loii College welcomes the Coinnicrciiil Club as a badly needed campus oii anization representing one of the lai-gest departments in the College. The high standards maintained have created an ever increasing demand for graduates, thus making Elon one of the best known business schools in this section of the country. This year, a numljer of speakers have appeared be- fore the grou]), giving inspiring and Iielpful talks which have contributed toward gaining a better insight into their chosen occujjation. Ojjcn forums at these meet- ings have afforded an opportunity for the students to seek solutions to their individual problems. [42] MEMBERS JIary Albrifrlit Polly Arrafield Rena Blue Florine Braxton Ruby Brooks Margaret Busick Jean Cahoon Xita Dare Colcloupih Dot Garden Mary Alice C ' ritclu-r Bonnie Davis Kvelyn Day Geraldine Dickey Winnifred Ellington Stacey Fisher Mary Jane Foster Betty Jeanne Hendny Eunice Holt Maggie Hundley Norma Gernigan Senora Jones ' irfiinia May Hilda McVade Alice Miller Eleanor Xeece Margaret Xewton Elizabeth Oakes Virginia Oakley Bettie Rader Jeanne Hader Caroline Smith Helen Smith Walena Smith Alene Sutton Louvenia Swink Jessie Thurecht Mary Turner Lillian Walker Sarah Welsh Peggy White Harriette Wrenn [43] The Ehm Hinders I ' iulor tlie guidance of a new (lii-cc ' tor, Prot ' csscir Irving I). JJai-tlt ' v, the VAon Singers liavc continued to give us the fine singing that has become a tradition with them. This year they gave us two beautiful performances, Handel ' s " Tlie Messiah " ' and (yauTs " The Holy City. " In addtion to special perform- ances the Singers provide music foi- church and other religious occasions. Irving D. Bartlev Director [41] Miiiisfei ' icii Assodafioii The Ministerial Association is composed of those students who plan to do religious work. Many nicnihers of this groiip are now in tiic Armed Services because they felt that they could be of ijetter service there to their fellow man and to (iod. I ' hc Association is notetl for the coiiperation and entliusiasm which it displays in all colletre activities. Most of the members hold positions as regidar ])astors in neighl)orin£; ' churches. Memijcrs of the Association are: Johnson (ii-iftin, I ' resident ; Shan- non Morgan, ' ice President; Karl Fariell, Secretary; IJilly ] Icacham, Trciisui ' er; Vally Snyder, J{av Day, W ' eldon Madiin, ' I ' homas Sutton. Mark Andes, ] Iartin (irissom, l ' " red Patterson, Spike Ilan-ell. I). .;. lioWDKX Jtlvisrr [45] Miss Lida Muse Adviser Hoiisefioid Arts Club Tlic iiieiiil)crslii|) of tlic Household Arts Club is drawn from tlic Home Economics majors and others interested in this type of work. Tliey have regidar meetings at wliich time subjects rehiting to Home Economics are discussed. In addition to their reguhir chib work tliey |)lan and serve banquets, j)artici|)ate in fashion shows, aid tiie Red Cross, and perform any otiier wortliwiiile duties. Menil)ers of tiie clul) are Sara Rice, President; C ' iiarlotte Hustcd, ' ice President; Lucille Rlalock. Secretary-Treasurer; Christine Crutchfield, Nell Rreeze, Coleen Hrowning, Nita Perdue, INIary Warren, Rebecca Watson, Elizabeth A[)ple, Louvinia Kerns, Majorie Reidt, Mary Ellen McCants, Betty Bob Stone, Elizabeth Parker, Jean Browei-, and INIiss Lida Muse, Faculty Adviser. [4.6] JunUw VAiifiH Officers IiLi.ici! ]}asxic:ht President Elroy Hooi ' kr Viee President Rachki. C ' kowki.i Seeretari T,r( ii.i.K lii.ALoc K Treasurer [47] Juniors AuHE.STA, Loris ThOiMAS Massapequa, N. Y. Andes, Mark Winston Harrisonburg, Va. Basnight, Miller Carowan New Bern, N. C. Blalock, Lucille Breeze Durham, N. C. Boone, Elsie Spivey Jackson, N. C. Breeze, Nelle Gentry Hurdle Mills, N. C. Burns, Warren Theodore Creshill, N. J. Butler, Edward Burlinjiton, N. C Carroll, Adrian Meredith Burlington, N. C. Coble, Mildred Burlington, N. C. Comer, Claude Valentine Reidsville, N. C. Cox, Margaret Lucille Burlington, N. C. Crowell, Rachel Gertrude Spencer, N. C. [■18] J 11 11 i V s Day, Edwahd Rav Norfolk. Va. DrxcAx, William Henrv New York, N. Y. Hauhkll, .In., ' IVIA ' Browx Suttolk. y-.i. Hill, Mahv Elizabeth Norfolk, Va. HisKv, IIkxhv Clyde .Slicnaiido.ih, Va. Hook, Hhkvitt (■a])(.ii l?ri(li f. West Va. HoorKK, .Fn., Elroy .Tones Klizaiu ' tii City, N. C. HiKF, Henry Taylor Oxford. N. C. HrssEY, Tracy Eldon Hcnii), N. C. llrsTED, Charlotte Elaine ■ Indiana, Pa. .Iki-freys, ' iR(ii. -iA Dare ]$iirliiiiitoii, N. C. .loiINSTON, RoREHT ElLINGTON Elon College, N. C. Kerns, Louvinia Ether, N. C. [ i9 ] J II 11 i r s KiDD, Joseph Howaku Hemp. N. C. KooNTz. Ri ' TH Edith Higli Point, N. C. LuiHTiiouHNE, Peg Carroll Burliiifftoii, N. C. Little, Mary Louise Burlington, N. C. L NN, Charles O ' Hara Cv))ress Chapel, Va. Mebane, Alexander Murphy Burlington, N. C. McKenzie, Edward Clyde Jackson Springs, N. C. MoiuiAN, Colby Shannon Eagle Springs, N. C. Morris, Goldie Marie Jackson, N. C. Nance, Lewis Alexander Charlotte, N. C. Norman, John Roy Kei.lsville, N. C. Pollard, Gayle Henry Cireensboro, N. C. Rath, M. Carroll Wilmington, N. C. [50] J II II i I) V s Ridge, Pail Harold Gibsonville, N. C. Roberts, James Rimmer Jonesboro. X. C. Schmidt, Elliot Pelham. N. Y. Senter, James Pearce Kipling, N. C. Terrell, Fannie Myrtle Burlington. N. C. Thomas, Faye Greensboro, N. C. Truitt, Edna Mae Burlington, . C. Triitt. Hazel Irene Burlington, X. C. Walker, Flora Hazel Burlington, X. C. VVhisnant, Denny Cordell Polkville, N. C. Whisxant, Pollyaxna Hollis, X. C. Wood, Everett V ' atghn Burlington, X. C. Yates, Marilyn Jane Durli.-iiM. X. C. [51] Wiiifer liifrcii))iirci .S ' Witli the foiiiiiii; ' of Old Man Winter, Klon s|)()rts unthusiusts moved indoors to the college gym for a round of that most popular of all games, basketball. Tiie hardwood season was by far the most successful intranuiral })i ' og ' ram e er carried out at Klon. From one hundred to three hundred s])cctators were in the stands to see ])i ' acticall3 ' every rcgu- lai ' lv .scheduled contest and interest ran hiiih throughout the winter. [52] Ill i)ovs l)askctl)all, Aljiha Pi co])|ic(l c ' liaiii))i()iislii]) honors witli Xortli Xortli and Kap})a Psi u runninn ' close seconds. Tlic Ladies Hall girls were victors in tlie Wonieirs league, l)arcly nosinfr out Second Floor West, Tiiird Floor West, and IJ. (). 15. [ 53 1 .x % ■ ' . - •?« . » - — inn in t ifl . 7 f i .fijWlA ■: - f f i Here and There . . . " Sluggers. " " Showing Off. " " Just like Home. " " Look this way. " " Guess Who? " " That Red Convertible. " " Alma Rose accepts for Ladies Hall. " " Calisthenics. " " Vic accepts for Alpha Pi. " " Gas Rationing. " " Swingin ' Gates. " " It ' s Free ! " " Muscles. " " Turnabout " or " Ski-juuip Denson Again. " " You ' re in the Army now. " " Kiss the boys goodbye. " The pictures on these two pages were contributed by the following: John Hooke, Winifred Ellington, Kay Kern, Agnes Walker, Goldie Morris, Vic odda, Bernie Askins, and the Editor. [50] [57] Seiiioi " ClasH Spojisoi- The Class of IQ-iS lias indeed been fortunate in having as its sponsor Dr. N. F. Brannock. Tlie class and the college owe " Uncle Ned, " as he is known, a del)t of gratitude that can never be paid in full. Because of the deep love he has for Chemistry, that Depart- ment has become one of the best in tlie college and as good as that of any other small college. Even more impressive to his students and admirers is his natural humor, a trait that has not worn thin in the thirty-three years he has been a member of the College faculty. So it is that we dedicate this ]Jage to " Uncle Ned, " a leader, an authority, a scholar, a humorist, a ])hilosopher, an alumnus, and above all a gentle- man of whom tlic Class of lO-t- ' i and Klon College arc })roud. [58] Seiiidi- Ciciss OffkevH Ukhxik Askix .... . . . President (iKOIiCK 1{CI,I,A1U) . ] " irc President Kkhox AVai.kf.r Secret aril Iv. s Oi.i.is . . . . Treasurer [59] Seniors . . . 1943 Behnaiu) AsivIN, Washington. D. C; I T K; H T M; History; Football 1, 2, 3; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Bas- ketball 1, 2; " E " Men ' s Club; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, i; President of the Senior Class. Rena Gilmer Black, College Cin-ner, Ohio; I T K; IT T M; Business Administration; Panvio Liter- ary Society 3, -J., Treasurer 3; Education 2. 3. 1; S.C.A. 1, 2, 3. t; Pan-Hellenic Council -i. Vice President 4; Commercial Club 4; Honor Roll 2; German Club 2; N.C.E.A. 3, 4. Mary Deane Browne, Rauiseur. N. C; 11 K T; English; Choir 1, 2, 3; S.C.A. 1. 2. 3. 4; Education Club 3, 4; Honor Roll 1, !•; Panvio Literary Society 1; Comniencenient Llrsllal 3; Treasurer of Senior Class 4. CJeorge MiNSON BuLLARD, Roscboro, N. C; K N; 11 T M; Science; S.C.E. 1, 2, 3, 4, President of Freshman Cabinet; Honor Roll 2; Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; Orchestra 1, 2 ; Dr. Johnson ' s Literary Society 1, 2; Intramurals ], 2, 3, 4; Class President 3; Vice President 4; State Secretary 4; President Pi Gamma Mu 4; May Day Escort 3; Commencement Marshal 3; Executive Com- mittee 4; Elon Players 4; Student Service Organization 4; " Who ' s Wlu) Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. " Richard Matthew Casey, Clifton Forge, Virginia; I T K; Histori . Mahy Christine Crutchfield, Graham, N. C; 11 T M; Fine .Irts and Home Economics; Home Economics Club 3, 4, Vice President 4; Honor Roll 4. RixALDo Raymond D ' Antonio, Wayne. Pa.; IT K; 11 T : r ; Histori ; Student CJovcrnmcnt 1, 4; Baseball Manager I, 2; Education Club 3, 4; Intramurals 2, 3, 4. •Iames Fenton Darden, Suffolk, Va.; K N; A O; English and Music Theory; Choir 1, 2, 3. 4; Maroon and Gold 4; Dr. .lohnson ' s Literary Society 1,2; Senate 3. Vice President 4; May Day Court 3. 4; Intramurals 1, 2, 3. 4; S.C.A. " ]. 2. 3. " 4; Elon Players 2. 4; Church Organist Summer ' 42; " Who ' s Who Among Students in American LTniversities and Colleges. " Kent Dennan, White Plains, N. Y.; ii I B; English and Business Administration ; Piii Psi Cli 4; Maroon and Gold 3, 4; S.C.A. 1, 2. 3, 4; Elon Players 3. Rachel Lee Earp, Albemarle, N. C; History; Panvio Literary Society 1 ; Choir 1. 2. 4; French Club 1; S.C.A. I, 2. 4; Council 4; Education Club t; Dramatics Club !• ; Maroon anil Gold 2. James Wytche Elder, Pensacola, Fla. ; I T K; II T JM ; English; Dr. Johnson ' s Literary Society 2, 3. 4; Maroon and Gold 2, 3, Managing Editor 4; Colonades 2. 3. Editor 4; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4. Josephine Evans, Franklinton, N. C; Piano and Public School Music; Transfer Louisburg Col- lege 2; Choir 3. 4; S.C.A. 1, 3, 4. [60] Askin Casey Dcnnan Black Crutchfield Earp lirowne D ' Antimin KklcT Billiard Darden Evans [61] Seniors . . . 1943 Salvatore Antonio Festa, Viiieland, N. J.; A 11 A; IT T M; Chi ' mi.itri and Biologi ; Intrannirals 1, 2. 4; Chemistry Instructor 4; Biology Instructor 4; Honor Roll 1; Senate i; Pan-Hellenic Council 4; Vice President Senior Class; " Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. " Nancy Williamson Fo vLK :s, Yanceyville, N. C; T Z $; English; Choir 1; S.C.A. 3, 1; Educa- tion Club 3. i; Council 3, i. Minnie Belle Frve, Carthage, N. C; T Z $; Home Economics; S.C.A. 1, 2, 3, Cabinet 4; Panvio Literary Society 1, 2, 3, 4; Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Choir 2, 3. 4; Student Council 2. Dorothy Galloway, Hauiltt. N. C; A Y K; English; S.C.A. 4; Council 4; Pan-Helknic Council 4; Education Club 3; ice President Class 2; May Day Court 3. Laura Mae Greene, Clyde, N. C; English and Ilistori ; Education Club 4; Panvio Literary Society, Vice President; S.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4. Johnson L. Griffin, Windsor, Va. ; n T M; Religion; S.C.A. 1, 2. 3, 4, Cabinet 1, 4; Ministerial Association 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4; Senate 3; " Who ' s Who Among Students In American Universities and Colleges. " Martin Luther Grissom, Henderson, N. C; Religious Education ; S.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Ministerial Association 1, 2, 3, 4. Forrest Chalmers Hall, Eurliiigton, N. C; Histori ; S.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Aviation Club 2; Day Students Organization 1, 2, 3, 4. Margaret Louise Hauser, Greensboro, N. C; IT K T; Music and Education ; Choir ], 2, 3, 4; Panvio Literary Society 1, 2; Education Club 4. Luvene Holmes, Franklinton, X. C. ; T Z I); Home Economics; S.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Dramatics Club 2; Choir 2, 3 ; Panvio Literary Society 2 ; May Court At- tendant 3; Education Club 3, 4; Student Service Organization 4; Student Executive Committee 4 ; Secretary Senior Class ; President Woraens Student Council. Judith Holoman, Rich Square, N. C; B O B; English; Transfer W.C.U.N.C.; Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4; Cheer Leader 3; S.C.A. 3, 4; Co-editor Maroon and Gold 3, 4; May Day Attendant 3; Publications Board 4; Pan-Hellenic Council 4; Intramurals 4; S.C.A. Cabinet 3; " Who ' s Wlio Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. " Lennings M. Howard, Hemp, N. C; I T K; Business Administration; S.C.A. 1, 2; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Intramural Council 4. [62 1 Festa Greene Hauser Fowlkes Griffin Holmes Frje Grissoin Holoman Galloway Hall Howard [63] Seniors . . . J943 Donald Clyde Isley, Burlington, N. C; I T K; Phi .iics; S.C.A. 1, 2, 3; Day Studtut Ornauization ], 2, 3, J.; Photography Club 2. James William Johnston, Elon College, N. C; 2 B; IT T M ; Biologi and Chemistry; Tennis 1, 2, 3, Captain 3; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; German Club 1. 3, Secretary 2; Treasurer Junior Class 3; Band 1, 2, 3, President 3; S.C.A. 1. 2, 3. 4, Senior Cabinet 4; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4; Day Students Organization 1, 2, 3, 4; " E " Men ' s Club 3, 4; Biology Laboratory Assistant 3. 4; Chemistry Laboratory Assistant 3, 4; Commencement Marslial 3; Pan-Hellenic Council 1, Treasurer 4; Chairman of Electoral and Executive Committees; President of Student Body; " Who ' s Who Among Students in American LTiiiversities and Colleges. " Raymond Head Kehn, Wasliiiigton, 1). C; I T K; English; Transfer from Ckorgetown L ' nivcrsity; Litramurals 3, 4; Pan-Hellenic Council 4; Student Service Organization 4; Intramural Coun- cil 4. Betty Lillian Lynch, Elon College, N. C; II T M; English and Ilistori ; Education Club 4; S.C.A. 1. 2, 3, 4; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4. Weldon Thomas Madren, Burlingion, N. C. ; Religious Education; S.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Ministerial Association 1, 2, 3, 4; Day Student Organization 1, 2, 3, 4. Jes.se Hedgepeth Meredith, Fancy Ciap, Virginia; 2 B; Chemistry-Pre-Med; Dr. Johnson ' s Literary Society 3, 4, Vice President 4; Senate 4; S.C.A. 3, 4, Cabinet 4; Student Service Organization 4. Edith Leigh McDade, Burlington, N. C; A Y K ; n T M; German Club 1, 2; Day Students Or- ganization 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4; S.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Honor Roll 1. 4. Ruth Lea McPherson, Burlington, N. C; B O B; Music. Helen Margaret Messick, Elon College, N. C. A Y K; Music and English; S.C.A. 1, 2, 3, Pres- ident 4; President of Women ' s Intramural Council 4; Commencement Marshal 3; Executive Coininittee 4; Recreation Council 4; Electoral Committee 4; Choir I. 2, 4; Band 1, 2, 4; Panvio Literary Society 1; Dramatic Club 1, 2, 4; Secretary Education Club 4; Son ' s and Daughters Club; Lieutenant Military Drill 4; " Wiui ' s Who Among Students in American Universi- ties and Colleges. " Donald David Miller, Mt. Pleasant, Pa.; Biology; Football Manager 1. 2, 3; Basketball Manager 1,2; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. Ameiutii Lettie Nichols, Durham, N. C; II K T; English; Cierman Club 2; Dramatic Club 1. 2; Honor Roll 2, 3, 4; Council Secretary 3, President 4; Education Club 3, President 4; Pan- Hellenic Council Secretary 4; S.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; N.C.E.A. 3, 4. Virginia Oakley, Elon College, N. C. ; n K T; n T M; Business Administration and English; Stu- dent Christian Association 1, 2, 3, 4; Commercial Club 1, 2, 4; Day Student Organization 1, 2, 3, 4; Education Club 3, 4; Maroon and Gold 4; Honor Roll 4. (il. ] Isley Madrcn Messick J.illMstnri Meredith Miller Kern McDade Nichols Lviich McPherson Oakley [65 1 Seiijoivs . . . 1943 IvAX Ollis, Frank. N. C; K ; English; S.C.A. 1, 2, 3. -1, Vice President i; Dr. Johnston ' s Liter- ary Society 1, ' 2, 3, 1, President •!; Senate -i; (ierman Club 3; Student Service Organiza- tion 4; Maroon and Gold 4; Class Treasurer -i. ,Joii. ' I ' rancis Poi.lard, Ji!., Greensboro. N. C; K N ; English; S.C.A. 1. 2. 3, Cabinet 4; Intra- inurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Orchestra 1, 2, 3; A eronautics Club 3; Maroon and Gold 1, 2, 3. 4, Business Manager 4; Phi Psi Cli 2, 3, Editor 4; Student Body Vice President 4, President 4; Intra- mural Council 4; Publications Board 3, 4; Photography Club 2; Photography Laboratory In- structor 3, 4; Elon Players 1, 3; Son ' s and Daugliters Club; Executive Committee 4; Electoral Committee 4; Student Service Organization 3, 4; Senate 4; Administration Problem Child 1, 2, 3, 4; " Wlio ' s Wlio Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. " Retben Reid, Cani})obello, S. C; Business Administration; Transfer Wofl ' ord College; S.C.A. 2. 3, 4. Sarah Florence Rice, Hurdle Mills, N. C; Home Economics; Transfer from W.C.LT.N.C; Home Economics Club 3, 4, President 4; Panvio Literary Society 2, 3, 4, President 4; S.C.A. 2, 3, 4; Honor Roll 4. William Dennis Rippv, Gibsonville, N. C. ; S B; n T M; Chcmistri and Biologi ; Honor Roll 1,3; Day Students Organization 1, 2, 3; Band 2; Assistant Chemistry Laboratory Instructor 4. Ada Mildred Shook, Banner Elk, X. C. ; II K T; Home Economics and General Science; Houseiiold Arts Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Education Club 3, 4; Panvio Literary Society 2, 3, 4; S.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4. Marie Ma.xine Smith, La Grange, Ga. ; A Y K; English; S.C.A. 1. 2, 3, 4; Panvio Literary Society; Phi Psi Cli 3 ; Vesper Committee 4 ; Marshall 3 ; Dramatics Club 3 ; La Grange College 2. Joe Tom Stevens, Roanoke, Ala.; K " I N; English; Transfer from Southern Union College, Wad- ley, Ala.; Education Club 3, 4, Vice President 4 ; Dr. Johnston ' s Literary Society 3, 4, Secretary 3, President 4; Secretary of North Carolina State Student Group 4; Cheer Leader 3, 4; Business Manager Phi Psi Cli 4; S.C.A. Cabinet 3, 4, Vespers Cliairman 3, Fellowship Ciiair man 4; Elon College Players 3, 4; Choir 3; French Club 3; Student Service Organization 3, 4; Air Raid Warden 4; Recreation Council 4; Marshal 3. Harry Stolte, Pleasantville, N. Y. ; Histortf. Annie Laura Tate, Efland, N. C. ; II T ]M ; English; Education Club 4; S.C.A. 1, 2, 3. 4; Honor Roll 4. Bryant Tripp, Bethel, N. C; Mathematics and Ilistori ; Dr. .Tolmson ' s Literary Society 3, 4; French Club 2; Education Club 4; Intramurals 1, 2. 3, 4. Mildred Frances Troxler, Elon College, N. C; English and Art; Education Club 2, 3, 4; Day Students Club 1, 2; Art Club 1, 2, 3, 4; S.C.A. l ' , 2. 3. 4; May Day 3. [ C(5 ] Ollis Rippy Stolte Tullanl Shook Tate Reid Smith Tripp Itice Stevens Troxler [67] Seniors . . . 1943 Helen Gaff Trliitt, Burlington. N. C; 11 K T; History; Day Student Organization 1, 2, 3, 1; S.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Education Club 3, i; Honor Roll k Agnes Ruth Walker, Burlington, N. C. ; A Y K ; English; Home Economics Club 1 ; Day Students 1, 2, 3; Phi Psi Cli 3; Education Club 3, 4. Florence Keron Walker, Burlington. N. C; n K T; n r M; English; Education Club 3, 1; Day Students Organization 1, 2, 3; Council 4; Secretary of Senior Class; Art Club 2; S.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Dramatic Club 4; Honor Roll 3. 4; May Day Attendant 3, 4. Edwin Watts, Peacliland, N. C. ; K N; General Science; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; S.C.A. 1, 2. 3, 4; Maroon and Gold Sports Editor 3, Editor 4; Commencement Marshal 3; Phi Psi Cli Sports Editor and Advertising Manager 4; President Intramural Council; President Pan-Hellenic Council 4; Member Publiactions Board 4; Mem- ber Recreation Council 4 ; President Student Service Organization 4 ; Electoral Committee 4 : " Who ' s Who Among Students in American Uni- versities and Colleges. " Joseph Fairley Whitaker, Bennettsville, S. C. ; 5 I B; Physics; S.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Movie Projectionist 3, 4; Aeronautics Club 2, 3. John Craig Wioington, Philadelphia. Pa.; History. [08] Pciii Hellenic Council Tlie Pan Hellenic Council is tiie mediating body among Fraternities and Sororities, and is composed of one mcmljer from each club. Members of the Council arc: Ed Watts, K N, President; Rena Black, T Z 4 , Vice President; Amerith Nichols, n K T, Secretary; Billy John- ston, - ! H, Tniisurcr; Peg Galloway, A Y K ; Judy llolomaii, H O H; Ray Keiii. I T K; and Sal Fcsta. A ri A. [G9] Kappa Psi Nu ORGANIZED 1920 Skxioks George Bulliud, James Dardcii, Ivan Ollis, John I ' ollard, Joe Tom Stevens, Edwin Watts. Jtnioks Miller Basnioht, Edward Hutler, IJrevitt Hook, Elioy Hooper, Uobbj Johnston, Ciiarles lann, Lewis Nance, Gayle Polhird. Soi HOMORES John (iilham, Dwinht Kcrnodle, and Nelson Snyder. Freshmex Kethel Grimes, D. B. Harrell. J. L. Pierce Sponsor [70] K ¥ N •■ V.v nr.c: ]?nlIanL Dardcii. Olis. ,(. Piill.-iril. Stcvtns. Second nnc: Watts. Basiiiglit. Uutlcr. Hiiok. HoojiL-r. Third rOtC : .Jolinston. Mann. Nanci-. Ci. Pollard. (Jilliain. Fourth row: Kcrnodic, Siiydcr, Grimes, Harrell. [71] Tel II let a Phi ORGANIZED 1920 Seniors Rcna Black, Nancy Fowlkcs, Minnie Belle Five, Luvene Holmes. Juniors Lucille Blalock, Charlotte Husted, N ' irginia Jeffrej-s, Peggy Lighthouse. Sophomores Doris Chandler, Jeanne Hook, lary Ellen INIcCants, Faye Thomas, Majorie Reidt, ] Iary Warren. Freshmen Iris Roland, Elizal)etli Rradv, Martiia Ann McDanicls, Rettv Roh Stone. Mrs. O. U. .Johnson Sponsor [72] T Z $ First rote: ]51uck. FowlUts. Frye,, Holmes. Ulahick. Second roxc: Hasted. .Jeffreys, Lightbounie, Cli.iiidlrr. Hook Third ro7c: McCaiits. Tlioiiias. Reidt, Warren. !5ol,iiid. Fourth row: Bradv. MeDaiiiels, Stone. 73] Si nicj Phi Etta ORGANIZED 1918 Seniors Kent Dcmiaii, Bill Johnston, Jessie INIcreflitli, Bill Hippy, Joe Whitnkcr. H. C. Hisey. Junior Sophomores Arthur Dickson, Earl Farrell. Fresh:mi:n James Wood Boone, Joe I ivernian. D. J. BoWDEN Sponsor I 74 ] J L $ B First rn-iC : ])ciiii;iii, .[oliiistoii, Meredith. Hi|)|)y. Second row: Whitaktr, Hisey. Dieksoii. I ' ;mii li Third roic: Boone, I-ivermaii. [75] Ueifci IfpsiJuii Kcippci ORGANIZED 1918 Seniors Peg Galloway, r litli McDadc, Helen ] Iaigarct INIcssick, Maxiiic Smith, Agnes Walker. Junior Goklie IMorris. Sophomores Eliza Hoyd, lary Agnes Dodds, Hilda Frazicr, Edna Runiley. Freshmen ]Marv Denson, Louise Kingsland, Helen Xcwsoinc, Margaret Rawls. Mrs. Frederick Loadwick Sponsor [76] A Y K First row: Galloway. MoDnde, Messick, Smith. Second row: Walker, Morris. Boyd. Uodds. Third ro-cc: Frazicr. Hmiilcy. Deiisoii. Kiiijislaiu Fourth roxc: Ncw.soiiiu. Rawls. [77] Jotci Tail Kcipjjci ORGANIZED 19 7 Seniors Bernie Askins, Ricliard Casey, Raymond D ' Aiitonio, James l ' ldcr, I.enniiigs Howard, Donald Isley, Ray Kern. Juniors Louis Agresta, Warren Rurns, Claude Comer, William Duncan, Joseph Kidd, James Roberts. SoPHOJIORES Fred All)riglit, Carl Allen, Wade Huffman, Maurice liisman, Charles Pohl, Woodrow Walker. Freshman William Pritchard. H. L. SCHULTZ Sponsor [78] I T K First row: Askiii, C. ' iscy. D ' Antoiiio. Kldir, Howard. Second rare: Isltv, Kirn, Ap;rista, Burns, Conicr. Third roxc: Duncan, KUW. Roh.rts. All.n, All)rii.lit. Fourth rinc : Huffman, Lisinan. Polil, I ' ritcliard. [79 1 Betel Omicron Beta ORGANIZED 1920 Skxiohs Judy HoloiiKin, Ruth McPhersoii, I.ouisc Stevens, iMildred Troxlor. Jl ' NIOlfS Eleanor Barnwell, Elsie Boone, Raeliel Crowell, Ruth Koontz, Edna Truitt. SoPHOJtOIlES Alfreda Baker, Rita Mcssick, Ruby Wright. Freshmen Virginia Wheeler, Frances Gunter. Miss Violet Hoffman Sponsor [80] BOB First row: Holomaii, McPlierson, Stevens, Troxler. Second row: Boone, C ' rowell. Koontz, Truitt. Third row: )5,-ik(r. Missick. Wrijrht. Ciiiiittr. Forth row: Wliccler. [8] ] Alpha Pi Delta ORGANIZED 193fi Senior Salvatore Festa. Juniors Traccy Husscy, Paul Kido-c, Pcarcc Scnter. Sophomores Hugh IJi-adshcr, Warren Ellington, Tony Fcsta, Max Garret, Era INIalone, William Meaciiam, Sylvan Routh, A ' ictor Zodcla. Freshmen Ralph Eridgers, Forrest Frazier, Allen Gray. Dr. Hans Hihsch Sponsor [82] f " ADA First r(nc: Festa. Hussey, Ridge, Senter. Srcdiiil rcnc: 15r;ulslRr, Ellington, Festa. fiarrctt. Third nm-: Maloiir. Mtacliain. Roiitli. Zo.hla. Foiirtli rou-: Uridjicrs. Frazicr, (iray. [83] Pi Kappa Taw ORGANIZED 192i Seniors Mary Dcaiic Brown, Louise Hauser, Aincrith Nichols, Viroinia Oakley. ] Iiklrcd Shook, Helen Truitt, Keron Walker. Juniors Nell Bi-eeze, IMargaret Cox, Hazel Walker. Sophomores Frances Hayes, INIary Hiatt, Julia Ann Matthews, Rebecca Watson. Freshaien Dorotliy Foltz, Hilda Malone, Grace Nell Towcry. Mrs. John Phillips Sponsor [ 81 ' ] n K T First row: Hrown. HausiT, Nidiols. 0;ikli v. Sliook. Second rote: Truitt, K. Walker, Breeze, Cox, H. Walker. Third roxc: Hayes, Hiatt, Matthews, Watson. Folti!. Fourth rare: Maloiie, Towerv. [85] Delta Psi Oine a NATIONAL HON ORARY DRAMATIC FRATERNITY Elou Chapter Chai-tcr (Jr.vntcd 1935 M MEMBERS Miller Ra.sniglit Ruth Koontz Edna Truitt Geortjc IJullard James Dardcn Peg Galloway tleanne Hook Mary Dcanc Ri-own Prof. C. R. McClure Faculty Adviser [86] Pi (7cif))nici Mil NATIONAL HOXORARV S()( lAI. S( IKNCK FKATERNTTY Xortli C ' liroliiKi Aljilid Cluijitcr Oiuaiiizeil 1924 Gi;oiic;K lin.i.AHi), President Rexa Black, Secretary orFK ' KRS Rkunaim) Askixs, Vice President Raymond D ' Antoxio, Treasurei MEMBERS l ' Ji ' aii()r Siiiitli Hai-ii vell ; Iai- v t ' liristiiiL ' CrutchHeld James Wvtclie Elder SaKatore Antonio Fcsta Joluisoii Linwood (iritfin James Villiam Johnston laiy Louise Little Betty Lillian Lynch Edith Leinh McDade Margai-et Aiininia Oaklev William Dennis l{i])j)v Elliott E. Schmidt Annie Lauivi Tate Eloienee Keron Walker P verctte Vaughn Wood linnie Belle Fryc [87] This year, because of the many difficulties involved, it was decided that the traditional " ]May Day " be changed to " Play Day, " with a gala sports festival sub- stituted for the usual dances. In the election Helen INIai-garet ] Iessick was elected Queen and George Bul- lard, King. But due to tiic induction of all Army Reserves George had to leave school. Another election was held and Ed Watts was elected as his successor. Play Bay . . . 1943 Helen Margaret Messick QUEEN [88 1 « ' 4 . Atttmhints Senior .ittcndauts Kcron Walker Helen ' J ' luitt Sal Fcsta James Dai-dei Junior Aitcndanis Rachel Crowell Virginia Jeffreys Miller Basnight Edward ]}utler In tlie selection of attendants to tlie " Tlay Day " King and Queen tlic loss of three attendants had to he remedied, so Sal I ' V ' sta and James Dai ' dcn were elected to I ' cplace I an ()lli and Joe ' I ' om Stevens as Senioi ' Attendants and Miller Bas- night to " look [)) ' etty " for l lrov Hooper, Junioi- Attendant. [89] Irs. T. p. Bri.LARD, Sponsor The President of tlie Student Senate Mrs. J. F. PoLi.ARD, Sponsor The Editor of the 194.3 Pm Psi Cli SPONSORS Mrs. Bernard Askins, Sponsor Tlic Senior Class President Mrs. J. ( ' . Watts, Sponsor ' I ' hc Kditor of the Maroon and (iold ' t - " " » , f.J» fe) [ 90 ] ] Iis.s Edith McDade, iSpoiisor Tlie President of tliu Stuik ' nt Body, II flON 19 4 3 NIiss Wai.kxa Smith, Sponsor The President of the Student Body. Ill Mrs. J. D. Iessick, Sponsor The President of the S.C.A. -Mhs. (r. ( ' . JoxK.s, Sponsor ' I ' hc Jimior Class President H] We Appreciate Eloii College Enroll at Elon College and DRINK ROCK CREEK DAIRY MILK while yon prepare for yonr life work. OCK CREEK DAIRY Operated by Gibsonville Development Company GIBSONVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA e Believe in Elon College We Appreciate What She Has IfMeitnt to Our Community We wish for her strength and secnrity as she goes ahout her work in the fntnre. THE ELDER HOSIERY MILLS BURLINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA W. C. ELDER, ' 25 Get a Liberal Education in Thrift by Shopping at BELK BECK CO. ' BurUngton ' s Lttrgest Depiwtment Store- ' Entronces . . . Main, Davis and Worth Streets Keep Trim tind Sinttrt Expertly Laundered Shirts They Stay Fresh Longer ALAMANCE LAUNDRY and DRY CLEANING Phones 560 - 561 - 562 Burlington, N. C. Compliments of UNITED DOLLAR STORE BURLINGTON, N. C. For a Lifetitne invest in Health At HOOD SPORTING GOODS Elon ' s and Alamance County ' s Headquarters for Athletic Equipment PHONE 864 Opposite Fire Station Compliments of THE JEWEL BOX, INC. BURLINGTON, N. C. T. N. BOONE Compliments of ELON SODA SHOP Where Sturlents Meet to Gab and Eat KENNETH HUGHES, Manoger Carolina ' s Leading Tailor BURLINGTON, N. C. Winning a Diploma for DOING THINGS RIGHT Fairchild has something in common with the young people receiving Elon diplomas this year. Both have been training for a long time to do things right. Fairchild is as con- fident of the way in which you are going to perform as it is of the performance of the airplanes and aircraft engines which it has designed and is producing for the United Nations. There is much work for all of us to do. We know it will be done right. FAIRCHILD AIRCRAFT Division of FAIRCHILD ENGINE AIRPLANE CORPORATION !a Burlington Coca-Cola Bottling Co. BURLINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of PARAMOUNT THEATRE " .S7ioji7 ace of Alamance County First Run Pictures of Every Major Studio Popular Prices Year " Round Air-Conditioned CAROLINA THEATRE First Runs and Stage Shows At Popular Prices ALAMANCE THEATRE " We Bring the Best Ones Bark " ' WHERE ELON MEETS BURLINGTON GLEN RAVEN KNIITING MILLS Full Fashion Hosiery GLEN RAVEN, NORTH CAROLINA Coinpliinents of B. A. SELLARS SONS, Inc. • Burlington ' s Oldest, Largest and Most Modern Department Store. BURLINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of Neese-Shoffner Furniture Co. • Burlington, N. C. Greetings from CITY DRUG COMPANY CUT-RATE DRUGS A Friendly Independent Drug Company Burlington, North Carolina Alamance Printing Company General CotnmercUd Printing and Engraving Jos. F. Sheets Guy B. Ephland Telephone 384 Five Twenty-three South Main Street BURLINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of S P F. N C E MOTORS Your Permanent DODGE-PLYMOUTH DEALER Service That Satisfies BURLINGTON, N. C. Compliments of Compliments of EFIRD ' S MATLOCKS GROCERY DEPARTlMENT STORE ELON COLLEGE, N. C. • • Burlington, N. C. Bill Matlock, Owner Somers, Garrison Coltman Serving in Real Estate : Mortgage Loans General Insurance Rentals - -j ' tr Phone 2401 Office Opposite Postoffice j BURLINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA CHARLES DEPARTMENT STORE Burlington Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co. Your " One-Stop Shopping Center in BURLINGTON " Burlington, North Carolina • INVEST IN VICTORY! BUY U. S. WAR BONDS ) WAR STAMPS.. NOW! CHARLOWE ENGRAVING CO. Charlotte, North Caroline BUILDERS dreSms WISIONS created by the imagination " ' precede the achievement of any really great accomplishment. The ability to weave the threads of imagination into the finished fabric is equally important. It has been the privilege of the EDWARDS BROUGHTON COMPANY to cooperate with the Phi-Psi-Cli staff in creating their vision into material form. AUTOGRAPHS S- ' - ■ ■ v ;1 ' :v t; ' ' ' ' . Vs ' . " ■•, ' ■- ' ' ' ' ■ ' ■. ■■,. : ' ' - ' ■• « ' - - ' ■ ' ■. ' ' ' . • • ■ . A v ' ,;, - ' •■■ ' ■ ' ,v " •. , ' " . • ■» -A; ' .: ■■• ' . ,■■ ' . ' ' 1 " : ' ■ ' ' ■ ' i ■• - " " z ' i ..■ ,A r

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