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V4. ' Vvu, A I Qi 1 t U OL .C m mma m 11 £M t%W(M ' AkM {jm I i i I i I j 4 " " .- :-.. PUBLISHED ANNUALLY BY THE SENIOR CLASS OE ELON COLLEGE KDITOH C civvatii ta BUSINESS MANAGER •VJSf ■ ' ■ ' " ., " " = ' lfe • M jjia,ii - - »: T- lii Piv c at tk iaktet ai e tL AVe started to scliool again on a briglit and shining Tuesday. . . . Krcrybodt rushed ill to hixpcct the new soda fountain and bu;i tJie first eoke. . . . Oh! It was good to ])c hack again. . . . . nd tiicn we got off to a thrilling football season. . . . We brouf hf nnl the band and clieer leaders to bid onr lieroes (fbije. . . . Tlwy didn ' t let us down. . . . Along eauie classes and rushing and the first fall clothes. . . . We dressed up in our fanciest evening dresses to hear Helen Jcpson .sing; and Marjorie got a personal interx ' ierc for Maroon and (iold. . . . We argued and gossiped and ate and studied and life went on. . . . On Homecoming Day the Ahnnni came home, bag and baggage. . . . We paraded through Burlington and everz bodt eanie out to see us . . . and before niucli longer we had midscmestcrs to worry ai)out . . . n s anil gids started being ' speeiidl niee to professors . . . and then it was over and we could relax once more . . . and before Jong onr saddles looked lihe tliis. a aniyu A iii MR. OSCAR F. SMITH With due recognition of liis keen interest in luunanity, a desire to lielj) in the solution of the problems of unfortunate peoples, his unusual successes in business, and his great interest in Elon College substantially expressed on different occasions, we, the Class of 1941, take peculiar pleasure in dedicating this, the twenty-sixth volume of the Phipsicli to Mr. Oscar F. Smith who, though denied educational and other privileges in youth usually contributory to successful living, has attained marked successes which constitute a challenge to tlie members of our class and to all ambitious young people. A member of the Board of Trustees of Elon Collefje; President and Founder of Smith-Douglass Company, Inc., Norfolk, Virginia; a prominent clun-chman affiliated actively with Rosemont Christian Church, and (iflieially connected with other business, economic, and welfare organizations throughout the country. 11. PRESIDENT r ongfatulations to the Class of 1941 ! Vou have done your work in college and done it well. You now face a woi-ld disturiied, (li t()ited, and at war. As you have done well in college, you shall do Mell in the woild. With confidence in your ahility and loyalty, we lend you to the conflict with the hope that truth, justice, and right may he firmly estahlished on the earth. 3Iay the hiessings of (iod he u])on you, and the jirofection of the Almightv he your conscious and constant assurance. Dr, Leox Edgar S.mith. John Decatur Messick Dean, Ucad of the Department of Educntl Jri.iA Mai; Oxfo Dcaii of Women, AssintiKit I ' nifc of J ' x lie hoi (HI II JL DEANS .oJ FACULTY Aloxzo Loer Hook Registrar, Professor of Phjinirs John Willis Rabnly Associate Professor of Ent lish George Beecher .tssistaiit Professor of Education and Sri D. J. BownicN Associate Professor of Pclif ion and J ' hilnsi Ned Faucette Brannock Professor of Chemistrij Joe Brunansky Assistant Coach anil Director of Intrnmiirol W ' lLsiE Florence Btjssei.l Professor of Modern Langnaiies Fletcher Collins, Jr. Professor of English. Leonora Davis Instructor in Commercial Department Lester Coolii ge Dickinson Assistant Professor of History Julian Gardiner Instructor of X oice Mrs. Julian Gardiner Instructor of Voice Merton French Associate Professor of Religion and Gn Howard S. Gravett Assistant Professor of Biology Horace Hendrickson J[,ad Coach and Director of Phiisical Ed,. Mrs. Horace Hendrickson Director of Physical Education for (I Hans Hirsch Professor of Modern Languages Wattus W. Howell Associate Professor of Business Admiuis: Mrs. Sue Craft Howell JuKtrnctor of Commercial Departnun Mrs. Oma U. Johnson Librarian Fletcher Moore histniclnr of Piano and Organ LiDA Mrsi: Instructor of Home Economics Lii.A Clare Newman Instructor of Art Stuaht G. Pkatt Associate Professor of Music Austin Dever Sprague Assistant Professor of Mathematic James H. Stewart Instructor of Business Administralio A. T. West. Business Manager George D. Colclough Field Secretary Firxl n iL ' - HiKik, I5;iriicy, Becclu-r. llouilcii, I5raii- Thlnl nnc : Freiu-li, Cravett. Heiuirick.s.in, Hfiulrirk- iiiK-k, HruiKiiisky " son, Hirsch, Hiiwcll Fmirlh nn,- : 1 Iciwcll, .lohrison. M •,-, Mum-, X.-wmaii. Pratt Scroiiil nnc: ISiisst-ll, Collins, Davis, Dickinson, Ciardiner, tiariliner Fifth row: Spra iiu-, Stewart, West, ColclonKli O ven lit t at ave ' !i()ii (In tills loiH), t oii develop tluit professional air . . . iviid spoiul about thiTf-foui ' tlis of your collco-e career in front of the colleg-c gates. . . . Elon had her own opera this year, l)ut the majority of us still like " jive. " . . . Mar j (joes off alone to tlihik up ideas for the S.C.A. . . . and we still go to ves])ers regularly. . . . " Slo])i)y Joe ' s " main- tain their ])()i)ularity with the girls. . . . Clai tor (did (ieiitry — tliey rule our ccorld . . . while «e plan for off-campus dates, coming few and far between, the boys in East win England ' s war in late bidl sessions . . . and the E Men ' s Clnh sells peanuts to the hand . . . or anyone else who has a nickel at the game. . . . Seniors begin to think about ,ioi)s . . . vou can alwa s find someone to share your pillow at the movie. . . . Kstelle (jets provoked rcJien tJie tots present alibis instead of home-icork . . . )iiai be tJiei re gettiinj read for eollei e . . . has anyone ever found a date- parloi- empty on Sunday night. ' ' Saeckcr and I ' earee don their Panamas for the football trip to Miinn ' i . . . and life goes men-ily on at Elon. ilPLC 1 1 13 - 1 fwL i m fl%s ■ ll 1 ■ 1 mmm- M -iTv f. ' ■ iB A Jvi i n m H K ■ 1 ■- -•, - 1 y K P H 7Lc CLASS OF 1941 Seniors! Eager, exjjectant, and tilled with desire to make tlieir college days at Elon the ]iapj)iest and most worthwhile ones of tlieir lives, the Class of ' 41 entered Elon College in the fall of ' 37. As fresh- men they anxiously awaited the time when they could assume the role of campus digni- taries. All too soon tiieir freshman, so ho- more, and junior ye irs rolled by, and they found themselves at last awaiting the day hen tliey would make tlieir last ])ilgrim- age down tlie aisle of Whitlcv Auditorium and receive their much-coveted and cherished shee))skins. As tiie members of the Class of ' 41 now contem])late their few brief days remaining as students of Elon, tliey share tjie feeling tliat their work has lieen well A ()rth any effort extended. It is with a mingled feeling of regret and liap- piness that they now step from the arena of college life and activity into another in whicli each shall take Jiis ])]ace in the world awaiting him and his contribution. OFFICERS A ' a I.I.AC i: Kkrxodle KoBKRT TltUlTT Pnsidciif Shirley Powki.i. Vice President Frances Cochrane Secreiarij Tredsiirer PHI PSICLI SENIOR - V CLASS Winifred Baknky. Elon Colicgo, N. C. Miixir iiiid EniiH-ih. Choir 1, 2, 3, +; Education C ' luh I-. Joe Blanks, Jii.. Hoxlioro, X. C. Ilishnii ,n„t Eiuilish. ' arsity Football 1, 2; Rducatioii Club t; (icniKiu Cluli t; DrMiiiatic Club S; Maroon ' aiid Gold i. Helen Kesler Booni:, T Z , ■ ()( EvcrrlU- St., Burliiijiton. X. C. Einilhh and Music. S.C.A. 2; Choir 1, 2, X 4; Honor Uoll 2, 3, +; " Wlio ' s Who Among Students in Anu-rican I ' niversities and Colleges. " Ellis Nusome Clark, Swei)soiivillc. X. t. Iii lii imi. Transfer Ferrum Junior College 3; Ministerial 1, 2, 3, t; Dramatic Club 1, 2; Dr. Johnson ' s Literary Society 2. Donald G. Hokn, 1 T K, V. Main St., Everett. Pa. Eiu IUh. Transfer Mary- ville College 3; Mtininii and (luld 3, Editor t; S.C.A. t; intramural Sports 3, 4.. Eknkst BiiicKiinisi;, ISIl Clairborne Ave, Xorfoll , Va. F.iitiUsh inid Ili.itnrii. Transfer William and Mary; Ministerial Ass(iciati in t; Honor Roll 3, 4. Howard Grier Brown, K M ' X, H 1 ' .M, A M ' 1. ' , -. ' 33 Cremway, Cliarlotte, N. C. MvMc Thenrii. Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Director 3, t; Choir 2, 3, ' t, President 3, 4; Dramatic Club 1, 2, .3, 4; President Delta IM Oniefia 4; Orchestra 2, 3, 4; PiiiPSiCLi I ; S.C.A. 1. Marv Clavtor. a T K. II r :M, Ilillsboro, X. C. History. Council 1, 2, President 4; S.C.A. 1, 4; Commencement Marshal 3; May Court 4; Education Club 3, 4; ilarooi, and (J dd 3. 4; " Who ' s Who In . merican Colleges and Universities " 4; Honor Holl I, 2. 3. 4. Stanley Clyde Warrenton Burokss. Coiirtland. ' a. Dramatic Club 1. 2, 3, 4; Choir 1; Ministerial Association 1. 2, 3, 1, Nice President 3; Dr. Johnson ' s Literary .Societ.v 3; Connnenccmciif .Marshal 3. Silvio Wilson Caru.so, I T K, II I ' JI, 329 Kossuth St., Riverside, New Jersey. OenernI Srienre and Biiiloflif. Dr. Johnson ' s Literary Society 1, 2; Student Senate 3; Education Association 3, 4; S.C.A. 2, 3, 4; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4. William Garland Causey, I T H, High Point, N ' . C. Enqlish and History. Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2; Marmm and Gold 4; Dramatic Club 3; " E " Men ' s Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. . lblht ' tRN(j.N CoBLi:. H I M. Houtc 1, Burlington, X ' . C. General Science and Matheniiilirs. Honor Roll I, 2, 3, I; Educaticm Club 2, 3. PHI PSICLI SENIOR r CLASS Khaxcks Cochkani:, B O B, II r JI, Ether, X. C. Kniiliyh. Transfer Pfeiffer Junior College 3: Cheer Leader 3, !■; Class Treasurer i; Wee President Panvio I,iterar Societv 4. Nathan- Jnsii-ii Ciicji.|:k. K I ' X. ' aldese, X. C. RilijiKiit. S.C.A. 2, 4-; Dr. .lolnisons Literary Soeiety 1, 2, :5, 4, Secretary 2, 3, 4; Ministerial Association ' 2, 3, President 3; Aeronautics 4-. " iiu:iMA CKAWKOKn. Haw River, X. C. IloiiK EcoiKiiiiirx. Secretary-Treasurer Day Student Organization 3, 4; Education Cluh 3, 4; Home Economics Club 4- Transfer E.C.T.C. EsTEM.r FRKELA.vn. B O B, Efiand, X. C. Eiir lhh. ,V«;oo„ and Gold 4; Educa- tion Cluh 3. 4; S.C.A. 1, 3, 4: Dramatics Cluh 1, 4; Pan-Hellenic Secretary 3. -MosKs Crutchfieli), a II A, n V II, 330 West Lee St., Greensboro, X. C. English. Student Senate 1, 2, Treasurer 2; Class President 3; ' I ' reasurer Student Body 3; PiiipsicEi 3; .l ny»..„ ,nid Gold 4; S.C.A. 4; Honor Roll 1. .Maky Lee Damerox, Route 1, Yanceyville, X. C. Eiinlixh. Choir I, 2. 3; Ho Economics Club 1, 2, 3; Education Cluh 3; Morooii nnd Gold 3; S.C.a ' 3. Christine Eaves. T Z , II F .M, Henderson, X. C. Eiiiilixli. S.C.A. 2, 3, 4; Panvio Literary Society 2, 3, 4; Class Treasurer 3; Choir 4; Commencement .Marshal 3; Honor Roll I, 2, 3, 4; Education Cluh 3, 4, Treasurer 4; " Who ' s Who In American Colleges and Universities " 4. i.AvTox Fi-i.ciiEH, .III.. K I ' X, n r y , . tlantic, X. C. Hnxhirxs Admhihl rnfhni S.C.A. I, 4; Intrainurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Honor Roll 3, I. Oottoriiv Elizabeth Edwards. A T K, 200 Dinwiddle St., Portsmouth, a. Ent lish. Kditor Piiipsicii 4; May Queen 4; " Who ' s Who Among Ameri can Colleges and I ' niversities " 4; Class Secretary 3, ' ice President 2: Dramatic Club 3. 4- Honor Roll 1, 2, 4. Fr:Kx F1T .0ERAU., Troy, X. C. M,ulr. Choir 2, 3, 4; S.C.A. 2, 3, 4; Sons " and Daughters " Club 4. .Iac K Fo.sHii:. - 11 -i, A M ' li, Elon College, N. C. ■;,,„ ,■., , „„, t;ri„nd .SViV icr- ice PresidenI Student Senate I; President Education Cluh t- SC A 1 ■ ' 3 4- Momon oil, I (luld I: Intrainurals 1. 2. 3, t. • . . • Dwi.iiiT 1.. CiNNiiv, A -I ' 1;. H„„i,. :{, H„x|„,ro, X. ( ' . Il„..i,n..s. E„olM oiid llislui-ji. Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 1; PresidenI Senat.- I; Dr. .Iohnson s Literary Society 2, 3, 4, President 3; Klon I ' laycrs 2, .3, 4; S.C.A. 3, 4; Commencement Marshal 3. 19 PHI PSICLI ' SENIOR CLASS Bess Gili.iaji. T Z S , Elon College, N. C. »»» liruiHniiu-s. Honor Roll 4; Home Economics Chib i; Education Chili I; Hmv Sfiulfnt ' s Organization i; Transfer from W.C.CX.C. .losKi ' it Wii.i.iAjt Hall, Mt. Ulla, X. t. Biiniiic. ' s .lilmhii.sl rulioii. .Iamks YorxG Hamrick, K ' X, Boiling Springs, N. C. Eiuilhh diid lli.itiirii. Hand 8. 4; Orchestra S, 1. Ckohgi; Wallacl Kluxodle, 2 B, II T .M, Koutc 2, Elon College, N. C. Biulogp mid Vhi mi.ilrii. ' ice President of Day Student Organization 2, President 3, 4; Senate 3, +; Commencement Marshal 3; President Pan-Hellenic Council 4; President Sons ' and Daughters ' Club 4.; President Senior Class; Honor Roll I, 2, 3, 4; S.C.A. Cabinet 4; " Who ' s Who In American Universities and Colleges ' ' 4. EvLLYx Holmes, A T K, Crccdmoor, N, C. Ilh-liirit. Clirls ' Athletic Assistance 1, 2, 3, 4; Vice President Panvio I,iterar.v Society 3, PrcsidcTit 4; Commence- ment Marshal 3; Honor Roll 2, 3; S.C.A. 2; Mar ' noi, ,i,„l !i,l l 3, 4; Education Club 3, 4. Ceimias Oakvin Hooic, K -I ' X, 11 V M, Capon Bridge, V. Va. ( ' Iniin.il n . Band 1. 2, 3, 4; Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; S.C.A. I, 2, 3, 4; Honor Roll 3, 4; Pan-Ilcljenic Council 4: Aeronautics Club 4; Commencement Marshal 3. .lEssn: Ikene Hook. T Z +, II r II, Klon College, X. C. I ' hiiili.ih. Band 1, 2, .3, 4; Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; S.C.. . 2, 3, 4; Aeronautics Club 4; Home Economics Clul) 1, 2; Honor Roll 2, 3, 1; Education Club 3, 4; " Who ' s Who In American I ' ni- versifies and Colleges " 4; Sons ' and Daughters ' Club 4. Cajiille KiVETTE, tuHM ' nsboro Road, (iibsonvillc, X. C. ICiiiilish. Treasurer Fine Arts Club 3; Education Club 3; Mdnmii iiinl (iiilil 3; Honor Roll 2. 3: Home Economics Club 4. RoOEit WiNFKKi: Inma.n. ,Ii(.. . H A, II r : l, Mt. Airy. X. C. F.ii,,lhh ami J! iisiiies,.- .hhiniu.slrd ioii. Intranmrals 1, 2. 3, 4; IloM ir Boll I, 2; Senate 4; Softball I. 2. 3, 1. Tno.MAs (liiAvso.N Inmax, . II A, Mt. Airy, X. C. II ishnu. Intrai.mrals I, 2, 3, 4. .■ llex Alerei) IsELEY, Roulc I, Burliiigtou, X. C. Ilisliirii. Kiiiili.-ili. mid Hiixiiie .Idmliiistnilioii. SmxEV Kruki.n. a II A. Kis V. nth St., Xorfolk, ' h. Ili.itdnj. Transfer Norfolk Division of Wm. and Marv. PHI PSICLI SENIOR - - iir- f t CLASS Ci MDi: Hayni:s I.awhence, A II Mt. Airy, X. C. Eviilhh iniil IIist„rii. Baskct- !!.■ ,!! 1, 2, :J; Vice President Senate 3; S.C.A. 3, 4; Education Club ' 3, !•. Ani)iii:w Hciyt I.indi.ky, Route 1, Snow Camp, X. C. Ilixturii niiil Rclujion. Xi:vA LivER.MAX, -tS-l Jefferson St., Plynioutli, X. C. i ' rimitrii Work. (Jraduate of Atlantic Christian College. .lortN WiiiTTY MiTcm:i.i„ Xew Bern, X. C. Uistun . Education Cluli i; Iiif ra- ni ura Is 1. 2, 3, 4. Hoi.Axn I.oNoiisT. I T K, 211 Oraii-e St., Beaufort, X. C. m.itiini. Baseball 1, 2, 3, Captain 4; Senate 2; Intrainurals 1, 2, 3. 4: ifiirn,iii ciinl Gold 2, 3; " E " .Men ' s Club I, 2, 3, 4; S.C.A. 4. Karly Fred Lowe, Jr., 2 B, tl F M, Elon College, X. C. Chemistry. Vice President Day Student Organization 3, 4; Treasurer Sons ' and Daughters ' Club 4: Intraniurals 1, 2. Roberta Pearle Martin. T Z , B F if. Eagle Rock, X. C. Enallih. S.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; Panvio Literary Society 2, 3, 4; Council 2; Honor Roll 4; Education Club 3, 4; Mtirooii auil floW 4; Colonnrifhs 2, 3, 4, Co-editor 2. Oscar Daui.ton Moore. H F JI, 116 Carolina Ave., Burlington, X. C. Riluiion. Ministerial Association 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Clergical Association 1, 2, 3; Honor Roll 2, 4. .Ia.mes Pass McOade. Hillsboro, X. C. I ' liilosophji oihI H,li( ioii. Vice President Student Body 4; Dr. Johnson ' s Literarv Societv 1, 2, 3, I: Ministerial Association 1, 2, Vice President 3, 4; S.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4. . i.nERT Geen.n McDcKin:. West End, X. C. Eiijilish. Maroon mid Gold 4; Intraniurals 1, 2, ' A, 4. H Roi,i) E. Maxheei,. 11 F M, Falcon, X. C. Enr lixh. Gcnrral Sririice, and Chinn- ixlrii. Band 1, 2, 4; Choir 2, 4; Dr. .lohnson ' s Literary Society 2, 4; Dr. Smith ' s Oratorical Medal 2; Education Club 4; Honor Roll 1, 3, 4; Intraniurals 1, 2, 4; Photograiiby Club 2, 4; S.C.A. 1, 2, 4. Maroaret Brya.nt Xash, T Z ' I ' , Elon College, X. C. ICiii Uxh i„il liiixinrx.s. Band 1, 2, 4; Choir 1. 3; Commi-rcial Club 1, 2; Day Students Organization I, 2, .3, 4: Oennaii Chili ' ic,- President 4. 23 PHI PSICLI 24 SENIOR CLASS Elizabeth Lvox Nkivtox, T Z i , II 1 ' M, Koute 3, Luray, Va. Eiifilish and Ilistorii. Ministerial Association 1, 2, i, Secretary-Treasurer 3; Clioir 1, 2, 3, -t; Panvio Literary Society 2, 3, +; Education Club +; Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4. IIklex Elizaueth Pace. T Z f , Route 3. Burlington, . C. EiiiiUsh. S.C.A. 1; Panvio Literary Society 2: Elon CdIhiiiiikIi-.i 3; Driiniatic Club 2: Education Club 2, 3; Hoiior Roll 2, 4. Charles " V. Parkeii. .fn.. A II 1 II F M, 1.331) Barron St., Portsniuutli, Va. Eiijilhh and liuxint-xx Administration. Commencement Marshal 3; Maroon and ({old 4; Phipsicli 2, 3; Honor Roll 1, 2, 4; Dr. Johnson ' s Literary Society 3; Commercial Club 3; Pliotograjihy Club 3; French Club President 4. Kexxeth D. Reoisteh. Route 1, Sanford, X. C. Rclitiion. S.C.V. 1, 2, 3, 4; Ministerial Association 2. 3, President 4; Dr. Johnson ' s Literary Society 1, 2. John Henry Peakce. :S B, Suffolk, Va. .s oj-,, . May King 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, Captain 4: Class President 2; " E " Men ' s Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Margaret Pexninotox, T Z , II V M, New London, N. C. English and History. S.C.A. 4; Choir I, 2, 3, 4; ' ice President Commercial Club 3; Vice President Education Club 4; Panvio Literary Society 2, 3, 4; Phipsicli 4; Marmin and Gold 4; Honor Roll 2, 4; Council 3; Secretary Pi Gamma Mu 4. EuHARi) H. PoriEii. .in.. Beaufort, X. C. Math and Vi.i .vi ' c.s-. Honor Roll 2: Basketball I, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 3, 4; " E " Men ' s Club 3, 4; S.C.A. 4; President Student Body 4; Commencement .Marshal 3. James Rttmley. Elon College, N. C. Ui-iliirit. Football, Assistant Manager I, 2, Manager 3, 4; Secretary " E " Men ' s Club 4. Harold Powell, K 4 ' N, Route 3, Morganton, X. C. Mathewatirs. S.C.-V. 4; Education Club 3, 4; Senate 4; Aeronautics Club 4. SHnii,i:v MAniLiNi: Powell, H K T, III Hardy Ave., Norfolk, a. Eiifillsli and Jlintory. Cla.ss Secretary 4; Panvio Literary Society 4; Comniencenu-nt Marshal 3; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4; Maroon and Oold 4. .Iav Elizabeth Quackexbusii. II K T, Graham, N ' . C. Enr liah. Choir 1, 2; Honor Roll 1, 2. Wellixgtox Mills Saecker, 2 B, Portsmouth, Va. Uislurii. " E " Men ' s Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Football 1, 2, 3, Captain 4; Intramurals I, 2. .3, 4. PHI PSICLI SENIOR - CLASS Padi. J. Si:cBi:sT. Drexel, N. C. Clioiiixfri . Koss Li:k Smith. i,mU- K BiirliiiKtun, X. C. JSiixliirx.-: .I l iiihilxl nilim, . Math, ' m«t rx. I ' hjt.- ' ii: ' ' . S.C.A. S, i. Betsy Lucili.k Somers, H K T, 11 I ' M, Route 2, Elon College, X. C. Jlistnry. Council 4; Panvio IJterary Society 4; May Court 4; Day Student ' s Organization I, 2, 3, 4; S.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Education Club 3, 4; Commercial Clul) 1; Son.s ' and Daughter.s " Cluli 4. .loiiN SoMEii.s W ' ESTMOiiEi.Axn. A U, Gibsonville, X. C. I ' hKjVtxh anil Biixiiirxx. Pnipsici.i 4; Manioii niiil doltl .i; Ciil,jiiiifi(le.i .S: Band S, 1; Clioir 2. H. t: Com- mencement Marslial ' A: Organ Recital 4. Kaim. Tayi.ok. II r M. Ilarrislnirg. N. C. Ilishirii. Inlramiirals 1. 2. 3, 4; S.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4. Azauiah Gbaves Thompson, i: B, Reidsville. X. C. IS,n-ii,,:-x Ail niUiht rnllon. Commercial Club 2, 3, 4; Dr. .lnlirison I.iteriiry Society 3; Basehall 1, 3; Wrestling 1, 2; " E " Men ' s Club 2. 3. 1. Hoin.HT Tiu-ITT. K M ' . , A M ' ' .. ' . 3119 Elam Ave, (;rc(nsl)oro, .N. C. J ' lii sir.i. Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4; Dr. .lolinson ' s Literary Society 1; Maroon and dolil 2. 3; Elon Colaiinacle.i 3, 4: Band 2, .3, 4; Orchestra 2, 3, t: X ' we President Class 4; Aeronautics Cluli 4; Connnenccment Marshal 3. .Iack Wh.kinsox, - H, 1511 Charleston Ave., Portsmouth, a. Ilixforii. Foot- ball 1, 2, 3, 4; Bn.seball 1: " E " Men ' s Club 1, 2, 3, 4. .Ton.v B. Wai.kjk, .Ik., K I ' N, Burlington, X ' . C. Honor Roll 2, 3. Chinii.-lrji. S.C.A. 1, 2, 3; .Marv Lewis Wai.kkh, T Z , A 4- ! , Browns Summit, X. C. .Ir . S.C.A. 2, 3, President 4; Class Secretary 2, " ice President 3; Council Treasurer 2, 3; Conimeiicement Marshal 3; . rt Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Education Club 3, 4; Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Coloniiadct 3; Pan-Hellenic Council 4; Honor Roll I, 2, ,3, 4; Panvio Literary Society 2, Treasurer 3, President 4; " Who ' s Who In American Cnivcrsities and Colleges. " iH(.i.MA Waj.keh. II I ' M, 204 Peele St., Burlington, N. C. Enolixh. Day Student ' s Organization I. 2, 3, 4; Education Club 4; S.C.A. 3, 4. (iiAins I i:i; WkicMT. II K T, Star, N ' . C. Eiinlixh and lllilorii. Vice President Council I ; Pan-IIellenic Council 3; Panvio I,itcr.iry Societ 2, 3. 4; Dr.imatic Club 1, 2; Education Club 3, 4. 27 Miss Dorothy Edwards I Lilt I lie CI I John Hkxry Pkarck ' • Lull iiu, ATTENDANTS INIis.s Uaiy Wnlkei- Miss Evelyn Holmes Miss Bettv Hovt Sidney Krukin Roger Inniaii Robert Truitt Miss Mary C ' laytor Miss Lucille Somers Miss Elizabeth Arnifield ESCORTS Fred Lo«c .Tack Gardnci Jack Boone ••«« iww " 8! ■;;■! ' ill! ' ii:i mil iim iini m " IVAl ' — at tite J—Lte ai: tke 30 Time waits for no man to ;ct an extra morning na]) ... there arc always classes .. . b if (tthlctis will tiihf tiii c Old to cjab . . . and then accuse the women . . . sooner or later Klon students oet cvervthing — measles included . . - October tiiid our more iiiat irc bo j.s get registered for the dnift . . . and the war ncw.s takes on a tint of personal interest . . . sometimes we ' re ha])j)y. sometimes we ' re sad, and sometimes somebody starts crooning- " You Are My Sunshine " . . . J niior.s u- ' itli happy thoughts and tooth paste ad siiiUes . . . After meals we stioll down to the drug . . . comparative anatomy lah and e take the skeletons out of the closet. . . . And 7ce inter- sperse our jiinsiciil ediieiition -icitli i jiini ses- sion . . . you know the fellow is taking aeronau- tics when his conversation limits itself to " tail spins, " " ceiling. " and " power stalls. " . . . Tlie -iersiifile Pollard, innsieian-pliotoy- rupher. mid shall ' ice sii " Hip Van WinlAe ' " . . . Mrs. , Johnson still insists that the lihrary is no ])lace to date. . . . " T-Lcent ij-iive cents, please " and the Flmeer Fund ( radnallj in- creases . . . and oui ' ])ockctliooks decrease. atef ce Juniata m w? 31 IL- CLASS OF 1942 Pretty g ' wh and destiiu ' d-to-bc o-ood atliletes cliaractcrizcd the entrance of the Junioi- Class. Truly tin ' s w as a remarkable combination and one which would oreatly increase the prestige of our Alma Mater. And it has. A survey of this class reveals some of our most outstandint) ' personalities to be j)resent. Canij)us leaders, football, basketball, and iiascball stai-s as well as its share of " looks " arc all found amono- the members of thi s outstanding- class. It was a red letter day which marked the ari-ival of this class and it ' s our guess that wherever they go, we will have reason to be proud of them as having been students of Elon. OFFICERS W. L. HoIiSOX, ,Il!. .Ja( K IJOONK President Eijzahkth Ah.mfikld Vice President Bernie Daher Secretary Treasurer 33 JL NIORS First rocc: Abxek, Mauel Tennale, Burlington, N. C. ; Adair, Louis Benjamin, Ports- mouth, Va.; Allison, Melvin Leslie, Hillsboro, N. C. ; Archer, John William, Greensboro, N. C; Armfield, Elizabeth Grace, Leaksville, N. C; Austin, Henry Marshall, Albemarle, N. C. Second rote: Bagley, Joseph Henry, Sutt ' olk, Va.; Barney, John Willis, Elon Collejie, N. C; Barrier, Edna Alene, Spencer, X. C; Bell, Earl Edwards, Portsmouth, Va. ; Bean, Clifton Talmadge, Spencer, N. C; Boone, Robert Lee, Portsmouth, Va. Third rote: Bryan, Curry Edward, Jr., Charleston, S. C. ; Carroll, Margaret Juanita, Reids- ville, N. C. ; Casey, John Stuart, Clifton Forge, Va.; Clapp, John Boyd, Greensboro, N. C. ; Clarke, John Vernon, Snow Camp. N. C. ; Claytor, John William, Hillsboro, N. C. Fourth row: Claytoh, Julius Lek, Ruffin, N. C. ; Coble, Joseph Holliday, Snow Camp, N, C; Coble, Worth Dewey, Burlington, X. C; Corbitt, Sara Margaret, Sunhury, N. C. ; Co. , Robert Eugene, Washington. D. C; Craft, Maurice Montague, Washington. D. C. First ru-ic: Dahkk, Bkhnard Georgk, Bridgeport, Pa.; Dixox, Margarkt Dedik, (iraliain. X. C. ; UoBBs, Hazel White, Shenandoah, Va. ; Donato, Charles, Waterhurv, Conn.; Felton, Margaret Edith, Irvingtoii, N. J.; Friedman, Sanford, Greensboro, N. C. Si-ciiiid row: Frazier, Frances Margaret, Ashehoro, . C; Garber, Harold H., Jr., Clifton Forge, ' .t.; Gardner, .Jack, Portsmouth. ' a.: Chllia.m, Frederick Keene, Elon College. X. C; GooDE, (iRACE WiLKixs, ' irgililla. ' a.; finissoM, Martin Litiier, Henderson, X. C. Third ro-ic: Henry, Angie, Portsmouth, Va. ; Hilhard, William, Gary, N. C; Hobson W. I,., ,(n., Ramseur. X. C. ; Holoman, Judith, Rich Square, X. C; Hopkins, Joseph Howard, Ar- lington. ' a. : HovT, Elizabeth Mabel, Wal))ole. Mass. Fourth rocc: Hvefstetler, William Harvkv, Haw River. X . C. ; Hunter, Marjory Rose Elon College. X. C; , Tones, Charles I,AWRENCE, Greensboro, X. C. ; Kearns, .Jewel Elizabeth Ether, X. C; Kravitz, Isadore, Belmont, X. J.; Law.s, Hubbard Frederick, Hillshoro. X. C. JUNIO RS Jl MORS First row: LuinTHoiRNK, James Horn, Burlington, N. C; Mai.lov, Carmac Joseph, Phila- delphia, Pa.; Mansfield, Roy Hampton, Sanford. N. C. ; May, John Allen, Greensboro, N. C. ; McDade, Millard Banks, Burlington, N. C. ; McGougan, Dorothy, Lumber Bridge, N. C. Second roic: McIntyre, Hazel Anne, Greensboro, N. C. ; McLean, Malcolm Ralph, Autrv- ville, N. C; Miller, Pansy, Mt. Airy, N. C; Morgan, Ogburn Lee, Elon College, N. C. ; Morgan, ' 0IGT Fritz, Gibsonville, N. C; Moss, Douglas, Richfield. N. C. Third rote: Murphy-, June Paige, Suffolk, Va. ; O ' Conner, William Joseph, Washington, D. C. Palantonio, William Joseph, Wayne, Pa.; Pamplin, Douglas Roberts, Clifton Forge, Va. ; Phillips, Marvin Worth, Asheboro. N. C. ; Pieberg, Millard Hugo, Elizabeth. N. J. Fourth roic: Pollard, John Francis, Cireeiisboro. N. C. ; Pritchett, James Garrison, Elon College, N. C; Progah, Albert Joseph, Springdalc, Pa.; Rawls, Marcella, Suffolk, Va. ; Schwob, Helen Elizabeth, Orlando, Fla. ; Shaw, Edward, Roscinont. Pa. 36 First row: Showfetv, Emu- Thomas, Greensboro, N. C. ; Somers, Lesteh Irvin, ]5urliiigtoii, N. C. ; Spence, Rovall Hermax, Burlinjitoii, N. C; Stamey, Mary Fhanies, l ' olk ille. N. C; Stephens, Lila Bi ' dd, Hertford, X. C. Secuiul ro-ic: Stewart, Dayid Carlton, Sumiiierville, N. C. ; Strateord, Kent Robbins, Haw River, N. C; Tingen, Nell P ' rances, Hurliiiijteii, N. C. ; Towns, Preston Kiijene, Aiii usta. (ia.; UiT, Claide Kenneth, Winston-Salem. X. C. Third ruic: Walker, William Thomas, Browns Sunnnit, . C; Walters, Charles Manly, Burlington, X. C; Weldon, Richard Thomas, Henderson, X ' . C. ; Williams, Elmer Christine, Richmond. V.i.; Wise, Henry Bitler, Newport News, Va. JUNK) S ailecje ( : ln a Y)ketc — il taciiiccX S()])li()nini-cs at last . . . rcc f irc ns good as we rccrc qivcii . . . and like it better . . room iiis])cction still causes a flurry of brooms and mops. . . . Siii|) and Snoop brino- gossip) ;uu i ;y ' ' i ■■■ the all -iCinif 7ciiif s ... and every co-ed wants a soi-ority bid . . ,vo« c of o ir iiKtstcr tiiiiuh offir tlnir scrvtcc.H to ii visittiHi iini( ici(ni . . . and then tliere are always those who will cut chapel and scuttle down to the druo- . . . .soiiictinn ' .s zee act cJiildi.sh inul phiji in flic Icircci . . . but then aifain we don sophistication . . . and wonder wiiat lite is all about. . . . lT7( rc did Sci iiionr (jcf tlii.s? Peculiar tluniis are always haj)- pening . . . for exann)le our comjndsory study hall . . . (iiid icc Iciivc i ou rcitli a gVnupsc of our 07CII version of flic partji line. hu ike aplt ?- :v. - ' .:.„.fe-® ,W- H 7L- CLASS OF 1943 It can tiul - be said that one ' s Sophomore year is the most cai-e-free one of his college career. Witli a " know-it-all " attitude and su])crior air, tiie Sophs gailv took delight in extending a patronizing and condescend- ing manner to the Freshmen, and walked about in a manner which even the Seniors cannot boast. Their lowlv days were over, and tlic cares and troubles to be faced ijcfore graduation only a hazy dream in tiie distant future. Xow was the time for fun and frolic — and frolic thev did — from the football games to the parties, and from the picnics to the So])iiomore-Frcshman Kcce])tion, their year ])asses all too quickly. But despite their pleasure-filling moments, the responsibilities and duties as students were not neglected. They came through with flying colors and did honor to the Class of ' 43. Orchids to the So])hs — the pei-- soniflcation of true college spii-it. OFFICERS Jni Fekuis President IMary Mkxdkxhai.i. Pk(;c;v Ctai.i.oway Viee Pres ' uleiii SKV.MOti! CTOi.nni.r.M Kknnktu Hkkhkht Serc einit-df-.lnus Seeretiiri Tretis irer S( )PHOMORES A 44 AsKiN, Bernard, Washington. D. C. ; Bass, Thomas, Shelby, N. C. ; Black, Rena Gilmer, College Corner, Ohio; BowDEN, ZoLLY, Portsmouth, Va. Browne, Mary Deanne, Ramseur, N. C; Bollard, George Minson, Roseboro, N. C; Castura, Stephen, Hazelton, Pa. ; Clayton, John Elvis, Durham, N. C. Clodpelter, Helen Louise, New London, N. C. ; Cobb, Albert Dot- son, Burlington, N. C. ; Collier, Robert Morris, Dyke, Va. ; Com- minaki, Siverin Petterson, Nor- folk, Va. Cooke, CJarhett Hansel, Grayson, Ky. ; CoPELAND, Marjorie Zelma, Smithfield, Va. ; D ' Antonio, Rinaldo Raymond, Wayne, Pa.; Dahden, James P ' enton, Suffolk, Va. Dellinger, James Lyle, Clifton Forge, Va. ; Dennan, Kent Irwin, White Plains, N. Y.; Elder, James Wytche, New York, N. Y. ; Ferris, James Vincent, Kearny, N. ,J. Forlines, Julian Howell, Virgilina, Va.; Frye, Minnie Belle, Carthage, N. C. ; Gallard o, Igneio Lorengo, Lantusie, R. L; Galloway, Dorothy, Hamlet, N. C. CiiLMER, ,(onN Roscoe, Elkton, Va.; Goldblum, Seymour, Freeport, N. Y. ; GosLEN, Harold Henry, Kernersville, N. C. ; Ctrifkin, .John- son Lenwood, Windsor, a. Hall, Forrest Chalmers, Burlington, N. C. ; Hall, .John Lovell, Kenly, N. C. ; Harris, Erwin (juthrie, Thomasyille, N. C. ; Hatchell, Edward Gordon, Portsmouth, Va. 42 Haisfh, Margaret Loiise, Cirte iisboro. X. ( ' .; Herbert, Kenneth Haddles- Tox, Washington. D. C ; Holmes, LuvENE, Franklinton. X. C. ; Holt, JoLEA, Graham, X. C. Howard, Lexnings M.. Hallison. N. C: IsLEY, Donald Clyde, Bur- liniiton. X. C. ; .7esso.m, William Edward, Xtw Prtston. Conn.; Johnston, James William, Elon Collegf. X. C. Kelley, Esther Rith, Jonesboro. X. C. ; KiMREY, Mary Elizabeth, Elon College, X. C; Larsen, Malcolm, Graham. X. C. ; Lee, Robe rt Edward, Maxton. X. C. Long, Jessie Paul, Sunbury, X. C; Lowe, Wade Ferrier, Burlington. X. C. ; Luter, Raleigh Owen, Jr., Suffolk, Va. ; Madrex, Weldon Thomas, Burlington, X. C. Magnatta, Joseph Robert, Engle- wood, X. J.; McAdams, William Ei ' gene, Graham, X. C; McClenxy, Celestial Louise, Durham. X ' . C; McDade, Mary Rith, Hillslioro. X. c. McPhersox, Ruth Lea, Burlington. X. C; Mebaxe, Alexaxder, Bur- lington. X. C; Meexa, George Hercules, Cliarlotte. X. C; Mex- denhall, Mar - Loi ' Ise, Orlaiulii. Fla. Messick, Turner Paul, Burlington. X. C; Miller, Doxald, Elon Col- lege, X. C; Xash, William Parrish, Elon College, X. C. ; Xewman, Ann O ' Berry, Carv. X. C. XicHOLs, Ameritii Lettie, Duriiam. X. C.; f)AKLEY, .MARfJARETTE Virgixia, Elon College. X. C; Old, Lloyd Hermax, Portsmouth, V ' a. ; Ollis, Ivax Lenore, Frank. X. C. e a SOPHOMOH ES sc IPHOMORES } -» iv -«• Pehrv, Hahuell Boone, Durham, N. C; Fetehsox, Henry DeWitt, Roseboro. . C. ; Phillips, Amos Matthew, Ports m out li, Va. ; Phillips, Sarah Lucretia, Bennett, N. C. Powers, Doi(;la.s Filler, AVhitetop, Va. ; RoRKHTsoN, Edward Deroy, Burlington, N. C; Rogers, John Beverly, Creedmoor, N. C; Ross, O. H., Burlington, N. C. RouNTREE, Magenta, Sunbury. X. C; Russell, Susan Elizaheth, Beau- fort, N. C; Sellers, Emory Roher- soN, Pittsburgh, Pa.; Senter, James Pearce, Kipling, N. C. Seymour, Juanita Grace, Alainanee. N. C. ; Scott, Archie Joel, Xorth- port, Mich.; Shoefner, Fred T., Liberty, N. C. ; Shook, Ada Mildred, BanneVs Elk. X. C. Smith, Ma. Dayton, Kipling. X. C. ; Smithe, Thomas James Campbell, Syracuse, X. Y. ; Sullivan, William Jay, Grecnl.iwn. X Y. ; Sum.mey, Nora Belli:, Black Mountain. X. f. Taylor, Charles Eenard, Detroit, Mich.; Thomason, Jessie Edith, Kannapolis, X. C; Thompson, Fin- ley McFarland, Snow Camj). X. C; Toole, Clark Walter, .(ackson ville, Fla. Thompson, John Frank, EHaiul, X. C; Tripp, Bryant, Bethel. X. C. ; Troxleh, Mildred Frances, Elon College, X. C. ; Troxler, Irwin, Burlington, . C. Utsey, Pierce Tillman, Charleston. S. C. ; Walker, Agnes Ruth, Bur- lington, X. C. ; Walker, Florence Karon, Burlington, X. C.; Watts, Blanchaud KiN(i, Peai ' liland, X. C. Watts, Edwix, Pt ' aclil.iiid. N. ( ' .; Weatherlv, Richard Mii.lkh, (ireensboro. N. C; Whitk, Hii.i.v, Siler City. X. C. : White, I.ii.liax Frances, Ellerlif. N. C. White, Thomas Atlas, Ellerbt-, N. C; Whitsell, Bern ' ice Dare, Elon Col- lege, X. C; WiLKiNs, Robert Oscar, Burlington, X. C; Wilkins, William I ' ooLE, Xorfolk, ' .i. Wingard, Rohert Xkel, Wasliington. D. C. SOPHOMOR - tke y ittvtolc te ltyyLei cr ttive " X()I)()(1 knows tlie tn)iil)le I ' ve scfii, " wuil the Frosli. . . . Oh yes ! We ' ve been through it too, Iji-other . . . mwf thiic ur ' II -icritc on tin- hliukhodnU it ' s aiHtcr to erase. . . . The dramatics class pi-cxhices its hiukhni)- oenius . . . and the oUl heads can renicniher wlien the Dean ' s t ' aniiiv hvcd in Oak Lodge. . . . To()h the hidie.s ' man . . . and evcryhodv gets excited al)out the ] Iay Day elections . . . anil we long for a good steak with all the trimmings — hut definitely. . . . New ])als re- place old ones . . . and tlie boijs yet ehniinnij. . . . Senior Oak, and no farther, jdeasc . . . open house at the YW and movies on Satur- dav nite . . . and 7ce eidJ it Quiet Hour in Ladies Hall . . . and foi ' excitement we ha e a dormitory fii ' e . . . deennttin; the ( j in for (I parti . . . and then home to decorate our- selves . . . some of us reallv get ambitious . . . and knit trco, pari tico, for the lied Cross. . . . teen put K tawi na f li e CLASS OF 1944 So this is Eloii I Bewildered and full of surprise, the class of " 44 entered Elon last September with the word " Frcsli- men " written all over their faces. They gazed in amazement at the somewhat blase upperclassmen who went around very matter-of-factly, and they wondered if the day would come when they too, could take this new life they were facing as their superiors did. After a somewhat trying week or so when they felt themselves very insignificant and after they had faced the trying ordeal of " initiation, " they dis- carded their freshman caps and gradually felt the complacencj ' which tiiey had so nuich envied in the upperclassmen. Be- fore long they were full-pledged " Elonites, " shouting a merry hello to anyone they met on the campus. Their " dog days " were over and they settled down for a comfortable year at the school of their choice. THE OFFICERS Dan Barker President Rachael Crowei t, Elmot Schmidt Vice President Clyde Beck Secretary Treasurer R E S H M E N Akiridge, Nellie Margaret, Burlington, N. C; Allretl, Helen Kose, Burlington, N. C; Ander- son, Mildred, Haw River, N. C; Antone, Joseph Ferris, Jr., Raleigh, N. C; Armstrong, Katherine Matilda, Portsmouth, Va. Atkins, Vernon Doub, Kernersville, X. C. Avery, Sally Caroline, Rhinebeck, N. Y. ; Ayscue, Harriet Louise, Henderson, N. C; Bangle, Bernice, Charlotte, N. C; Barfield, Gloria Jane, Mebane, N. C. Barker, Dan, Oxford, X. C; Barney, Elva Grace, Elon College, N. C; Basnight, Miller C, New Bern, N. C; Basset, Lorraine Marie, Elon College, N. C; Beck, Clyde Perry, Sanford, N. C. Bell, Betty Lee, Greenville, S. C.; Blalock, Lucille Breeze, Durham, N. C; Bowden, Carlyle Miller, New Bern, N. C; Bradshaw, Grace Marie, Suffolk, Va.; Breeze, Nellie Gentry, Ro.xboro, N. C. Britt, Leslie Henderson, Jackson Springs, N. C; Brittain, Millicent Isabelle, Asheboro, N. C; Buckner, Sarah Winter, Elon College, N. C; Bullock, George Pleasant, Durham, N. C; Burgess, Herbert Harding, Court- land, Va. Burns, Warren Theodore, Englewood, N. J.; Butler, Edward, Prospect Hill, N. C; Cable, Harold Gordon, Browns Summit, N. C; Campbell, Russell Thomas, Luray, N. C; Cannon, Jeanne Wilson, Burlington, N. C. Carver, Bobby Exie, Mebane, N. C. ; Chapman, Dorothy Louise, Reidsville, N. C. ; Chase, Thelma Mason, Fremont, N. C; Cleinman, Victor Lawrence, Providence, R. L; Cobb, Russell Aubrey, Yanceyville, N. C. Coble, Ruth Burdetta, Parkersburg, N. C; Cole, Howard, Biscoe, N. C; Coleman, Wil- liam C, Johnson City, Tenn.; Coone, Virginia Marshall, Marion, N. C; Copley, Nancy Carolyn, Durham, N. C. Covington, Charles Dewey, Mebane, N. Ci Creef, Frances Juanita, Norfolk, Va.; Crowell, Rachael Gertrude, Spencer, N. C; Cubell, Richard Luis, Brookline, Mass.; Daniels, Verona Annie, Beaufort, N. C. David, Richard Colclough, Vanceboro, N. C. ; Davis, George Henry, Blanch, N. C. ; Day, Edward Ray, Norfolk, Va.; Deese, Virginia Augusta, Newton, N. C. ; Dellingham, Novel H., Burlington, N. C. ,j H ' 60 fMd i tt 4i :: Di-L(iac-lie, Kebecca Sarah, Burlington, X. C; Dill, Hazel Maynard, Beaufort, X. C; Dil- liard, Walter Haynes, Burlington, X ' . C; Dixon, Jennings, Jr., Charlotte, X ' . C; Duke, Martha Eloise, Suffolk, Va. Dy.-r. Lillian CIrace, Ruffin, X. C: Dyer. Kuth Klizalietli, Ruffin, X. C: Kar)i. liai ' licl Lee, All.emarle, X. C; Edwards. Haliili. Hender- son. X. C; Ellis, Kermit Weldon, Henderson, X. C. ICsans, Jean Barbara, Burlington, X. C; Fallin, Ollie Louise, Gibsonville, X. C; Festa, Salvatore Antonio, Vineland, X. J.; Filby, Dearborn, Richmond Hill, X. Y.; Fitch, ' irginia Mae, Burlington, X ' . C. Fowler, Dorothy Perkins, Burlington, X. C; Fowlkcs, X ' ancy Williamson, Yanceyville, X ' . C; Gearing, Philliji James, Bristol, Conn.; (urtz. Irvin, Providence, R. L; CJlenn, Robert Lorane, CJreensboro, X ' . C. (ioldstori. Welford Turner, Siler City, X. C; Grant, Harriet Spivey, Rich Square, X ' . C; tireene, Lura Mae, Clyde, X ' . C; Gurley, Mavia Louise, Portsmouth, Va.; Gyson, Marie, Elon College, X. C. Hall, Wilhelmina Whitesell, Burlington, X. C; llallaraa. Francis John, Washington, D. C. ; Haiiuiirick, Sarah Roberta, Shelby, X. C; Harrell, Brown Vivian, Suffolk, Va.; Harris, V. Keith, Eliot, Maine Henderson, James Cecil, Smithfield. X ' . C; Hicklin, Edward Millard, Burlington, X. C; Hill, Elizabeth, Driver, Va.; Hisey, Henry Clyde, Shenandoah, Va.; Hisey, Bobby Lee, Shenandoah, Va. IlnffMian, Doris Virginia, Gibsonville, X. C.; Holt, Sidney Ben, Graham, X. C.; Hook, Brcvitt, Capon Bridge, W. Va.; Hooper, KIroy Jones, Jr., Elizabeth City, X. C; Hughes, Sarah Catherine, Graham, X ' . C. Hunt, Alfred Penn, O.xford, X ' . C. ; Hussey, Tracey Eldon, Hem]), X ' . C.; Husted, Char- lotte Elaine, River Head, X. Y.; Jay, Mary Xell, Winston-Salem, X. C; Jeffreys, ' irginia Dare, Burlington, X ' . C. .lohnson, Vallie, Burlington, X. C. ; Johnston, liohert Elington, F lon College, X. C. ; .Jones, CI.Mle Howard, Fjlon (College, X ' . C. ; Jones, .loe Siinion, Bramville, W. Va.; Kelly, Frances Gcraldine, Tabor City, X. C. F R E S H M E RESHMEN Kennedy, Robert Van, Kocky Mount. N. C; Kernodle, William H., Ekin College. N. C; Kerns, Louvinia, Star, X. C; Kin;;, Helen Elizabeth, Burlington, N. C; Kirknian. Dorothy Mae, Burlington, N. C. Koontz, Ruth Edith, High Point, N. C; Lashley, Helen Marguerite, Burlington, N. C; Lambeth, Hosea Deewood, Jr., Elon College, N. C; Lightbourne, Peg Carrol, Burlington, N. C; Little, Mary Louise, Burlington, N. C. Lupton, Graham, New Bern, N. C; Lynch, Betty Lillian, Mebane, N. C; Mansfield, Denna Weetona, Franklin, N. C; Mangum, Alice Blue. Burlington, N. C; Marshall, Nettie Belle, Hillsville, Va. Mattos, Marie May, Burlington, N. C; May, Katherine Youelle, Burlington, N. C; Mc- Cartt, Sherman Lee, Johnson City, Tenn.; McCarn, Harold Bernice, Klon College, N. C; McClennv, Nettie Caroline, Durham, N. C. McGee, William Hardin, CJermantown. N. C; McKenzie, Edward Clyde, Jackson Springs. N. C; McLaud, Charles Vernon, Troy, N. C: McPherson, Sidney Lawrence, Snow Camp. N. C; Meredith, Jessie H., Fancy Gap, ' a, Messer, Ruby Linnie, Burlington, N. C; Mes- sick Helen Margaret, Elon College, N. C; Monroe, Eula Mae, Hemp, N. C; Morgan, Colby Shannon, Eagle Springs, N. C; Morgan. Margaret Caroline, Prospect Hill, N. C. Morris, Goldie Marie, Jackson, N. C; Muir, Dora Elizabeth, Norfolk, Va.; Murphy, Mildred Kathleen, Mebane, N. C; Nance. Albert Daniel, Troy, N. C; Nance, Allen Clarkson, Troy, N. C. Nance, Lewis Alexander, Charlotte, N. C; Nicholson, Marion Pike, Jr.. Burlington. N. C; O ' Bo.yle, Nancy Brothers. Cassopolis. Mich.; Omahundra, Robert Lelaiul, Salem, Va.; Owens, Shirley Marie, Graham. X. C. Overton, Hazel Vivian, Aurora. N. C.; Paige. Lawrence Earl, Elon College, N. C; Peebles, Maurice, J., Oxford, N. C; Phillips, Martha Angle, Mount Airy, N. C; Pittman, Gladys Lee, Frank, N. C. Pittman, Ruth, Frank, N. C: Pollard, Gaylo Henry, Greensboro, N. C; Randolph. Charles Wesley, Gib.sonville, N. C; Rath. Mary Helen. Apex, N. C. ; Reese, John Charles, Wilkes- Barre, Pa. 2.03 a o 9 «t} a ( " (% 3 ' " Rice, Sarah Florence, Hurdle Mills. N. C; Ridge, Paul Harold, Gibsonvilie, N. C; Rimer, Katherine Foile, Concord, N. C. ; Ripp.v, William Denner, Gilisonville, N. C.; Honey. Frances Mehane. Biirlinpton. X. C. Hook, Kitty. {;il)sonville, X. C; Russell, .Jack Faughnan. Altoona, Pa.; Sanders, .lohn Arthur. Asheboro, X. C; Seat, Arthur Rus- sel, ,rr.. Virgilina, Va.: .Schmidt. Flliot Tourret, Pelham. X. Y. Sentcr, .Jack Averett, KijilinK. X. C. ; Sharpe, Margaret, Burlington, X. C; Sherrill, Claude Xeil, Charlotte, X. C; Shoffner. Helen Louise, Alamance, X. C; Shomaker, Edward Gilmer Klon College, X. C. .Sinii)son, Davis Lee, Elon College. X. C; Simpson. Mary Frances, Elon College, X. C.J Smith, ,1. C.. Burlington, X. C; Stolte, Harry Allen. Pleasantville, X. Y.; Staten, Richard, Portsmoutli. Ghio Stem, Lilie Mae, Oxford, X. C; Tate, Annie Laura, Efland, X. C; Taylor, Maude Gladys. Williamston, X C; Templeton, Clavtim. Xorfolk, Va.; Trollinger, Betsy, Burlington, Truilt. Edna Mae. Burlington, X. C; Truitt. Ha .el Irene, Burlington, X. C; Truitt, Helen Cioff, Burlington, X. C; Underwood, Xannie Bette, Yancey ville, X. C; Walker, Flora Hazel, Burlington. X. C. Walker, Lillian Celestia. Milton, X. C; Walker. Margaret Sue, Mebane, X. C; Walker, Marvin Edwin, Burlington, X. C; Warren, Sarah Lou. Prospect Hill, X. C; Weldon, Doris Daniel. Henderson, X. C. West. Ruth, Burlington, X. C.: Whitesell, Xoami Florence, Burlington, X. C; Whitfield, ' Rose, Hurdle .Mills, X. C; Whisnant. Denny C, Polkville, X. C; Wigington. .lohn Craig, Washington, D. C. ilson. .lames Loftin. Burlington, X. C; Wil- son. .Jane A., Louisburg, X. C; Wlnbon, Eunice Elizabeth, Fremont, X. C; Winfree, -Mildred Augusta, Summerfield, X. C; Wood .lames ., Elk Park, X. C. Woody. Claude I c, Bassett, Va.; W ooten, Bert Hugheston, Burlington, X. C; W orsley, Cora Elizabeth, Aberdeen, X. C; Yarborough, Helen Deanne, Shelby, N ' . C. FRESHMEN 53 ■4-utuinii — 1 1 Lillet — ■c ytia(j — c t l ,, wr ■jy v A. ' nAfl - ' . s 66 Autumn and falling- leaves — and before we know it spring ' and flowers. . . . Oiiv Student Cjovcnniiiiit officcr.s ttike time out to pose for iiu iiifoniKiI. . . . Tlie numhei- of Elon l)oys making weekly pilgrimages to W.C " . or (t.C. is notably decreasing — wonder why! Must l)e tlie Freshmen gals. . . . " Otte trco, one two, nil readij? Let ' s go! " . . . Sometimes we wonder if C ' liapel is held in Whitley oi- in tlie drug stoi-e. . . . Tiik ' nit it easy on a hizfi afternoon. . . . We wonder wliat Elon would be like without Bo NlcC ' otter ' s momentary cheerfulness or Chink Spivey ' s eternal friendliness. ' ' . . . Elon-C ataxvba bas- ketball game — it speaks far itself. . . . Spring ushered in an array of ])icnics — and every- one soon lost his appetite for hot dogs. . . . Our drum majorettes gad strut aeross the campus. . . . Everyone agrees the food is much better this year . . . but tliere are exceptions to all rules — (uid our Sundat night supper bears this out . . . and with that, we leave you. . . . 57 J- It C c c II a I C Edward Potter, President of the Student Badi The Senate is the goveriiino ' hcxly of the men on the cann)u.s. It is composed of Dwight Gentry, president, repre- sentatives from the four chisses, and representatives from each of the boys ' dormitories. The Senate, succeeded only by the Administration in autliority, reviews offenders of college rules, determines ])unishment and imposes fines. MEMBERS D WIGHT Gentiiv, President Jack Foiishee Wallace Kt-rnodlc Harold Powell Charlie Doiiato Ed Shaw Ron-er Inman Louis Adair Curry Brvaii James Bellinger Preston Towns Miller Basniglit Hubbard Lawes 68 J-ll C K II It CI i Tlic Council is the governing l}ody iuv tlic women of the campus. Like tlic Senate, it is conijiosed of its president, representatives from the four classes, and repi ' esentativcs from the girls ' dormitoi ' ies. All misconduct on the part of the girls is tried before the Council and |)unishment ad- ministered likewise. MEMBERS Mauv Clavtoh, Prfxiili-iil (ilady.s Wrii-ht Jewel Kerns Edna Barrier Elizabeth Arnifieli! Hazel Dobl.s Majicnta Roiuitree Minnie Belle Frye Lucille Somers Betty Hoyt Aiiii ' ie Henry Mars artt Carroll JO m M dIhiiiiiiiiii lllliyiiii 1 7L- IQUI I I p A iC L I The Phipsicli, the yearbook of Elon College, i.s published uiuler the direction of the Senior Class. This year the stafi ' had as its general theme — student life at Elon. Contrary to former editions, this edition contains much space devoted exclusively to student jjictures in the hojjc that they will serve as a constant reminder of tlie life as lived here in 1941. 60 I LV A I C I I C ' " A DoKOTHV Edwauds Editur Edward Shaw . Biisine.ss Manager Editorial Staff ,fuiif Murpliy Marnartt Peiiniiigto Seymour Ciolilliluiii John Wt-stmorelaiid Bettv Bell BrsiNEss Staff H. M. Austin Huirli Wooten Tennela Ahiier (ieorge Bullard Racliael Crowell Marcella Rawls Rachael Crowell Typists Professor .John A. Barney Faciilti .l(h iser I i at C t a II d j C X Don Born, Kditor Maujoiue Hunter, Co-eclitur The Maroon and Gold is tlic liiweekly iicw.sjnipci- of Elon College. The staff, both editoritil and husincss, is conijJosL ' d of members of Dr. Collins ' Journalism Class and the editor is elected from the Senior Class by the student ImxIv. Kloii may well ije ])roud of its newspajjer in that all work, except linotyping, is done on the campus by the students. The newspaper coyers all phases of stu- dent life tlu-ough editorials, feature articles, news stoi-ies, records of athletic and academic contests, and such regular coknnns as Rambling, Snip and Snooj), Incjuiring Ke})orter, and nursic, library, and moyie ])reyiews. The Maroon and Gold has ])ioneered in many new adyentui ' es this year, noteworthy among which ' was the Homecoming Parade held with much success in October. 62 L I. ' (. U d c . The ColoniKidcs is the literary i)ulilifa- tioii of the Modern Utcratui ' c Class j)ub- hshed once each semester. Any cani|)us student lias the ])rivileoc of contributing- worthy original conijiositions to the maga- zine. It includes essays, poetry, short stories, and plays which have been accepted as worthy of publication. Dr. Fletcher Collins, instructor of the class, acts as Faculty Adviser to tiie grouj). d t II li C n t ( h t I A L I il 1 1 ,r— f A A C C I ii 1 1 C It SENIOR CABINET The S.C.A. Cabinet has as its function the mainte- nance of Christian living on the campus. Throughout the year it conducts regular Morning Watch and Sun- day night Vespers, plans socials for the students, and sponsors special services at holidays. Officers of the Senior Cabinet are: Mary Walker, President; Kenneth Utt. Vice President; and Ruth Martin, Secretary- Treasurer. FRESHMAN CABINET The Freshman Cabinet is chosen by the Senior Cabinet from the outstanding mem- bers of the Freshman Class to serve on various commit- tees. It acts as an auxiliary to the Senior Cabinet. Of- ficers of t h e Freshman Cabinet are: Elliot Schmidt, President; C h a r 1 o t t e Husted, Vice President ; and Helen Margaret Messick, Secretary-Treasurer. I t II I .i i c " c I ii I cz -i- .i A i} L lull I. ' Tlic Ministerial Aissociation is c-oiiiposud of students who plan to do religious woi ' k — either as clergymen, educators, or mission- aries. The ])ur|)ose of the association is two fold — to promote interest in religious woi-k, and to bring in closer relationship the students sjiei ' iahzuig in this Held. The organization meets once a wfek at which time a visiting cleigvnian oi ' educator speaks to the gi-ou|). Many of its mem- bers hold positions as regular pastoi-s for country churches in iiearl)V connnunities. This (lives them excellent training ' and a wortlnvlule foundation for their later work. Kenneth Register is president of the group, James McDade, ice president, and Joel Scott seci ' etary and treasurer. The members include Krnest Hrickhouse, Stan- ley Burgess, I ' ' ,llis Clark. James Cox, Robert Cox, (). I). : Ioore, Martin (iris- soni. James Lightbourne, Tom Sniythe, Ir iii Soiiiers, Isaac Terrell, Johnson (Ti-ittin, Loiinie Johnson, AVeldon Madren, Kd Robertson, Holt Ross, Ray Day, . B. Ilarrell. Shannon .Morgan, John Reese, and Clayton JV ' m])leton. 9V pWB k3 b d fmk A m UP jh i9 KT ' jL I ft„, S| m 1 ' TrT Qj KjjK, « ' V nfl ' ! K ' W L " V l ' ' ■ 1 SB B Professor Stuart Phatt Howard Brown CL-;. The Klon College Singers is one of the most active groups on the campus. Under the direction of Professor Stuart Pratt, Head of the INIusic Department, the choir gives special concerts at holidays, furnishes music for church and chapel services, and annually makes a concert tour. Noteworthy among its activities this year was the rendition of Handel ' s " IMessiah " at Christmas and Verdi ' s " Requiem " at Commencement. The Choir is accomj)anied by Professor Fletcher Moore at the piano and Helen Boone at tlie piano. Soloists for the grouj) include Pro- fessor Gardiner, Ruth INIcPherson, James Holton, and Kenneth Utt. a n ti The Tjlon College Band, directed by Howard Brown, student director, plays for athletic contests, various cam- pus events, and regularly scheduled concerts. The march- ing band is under the leadership of Ed Robertson, Head Drum JVIajor, assisted by Drum Majorettes, Millicent Brittain and Carolyn McClenny. c=UJt. i ' h n AC n A J— it c tutu c c i c i ii First row: Mansfield, Sellers, Cooper, Smytlie, Jones. Second row: Scott, Hilllard, Utt, Adair, Gentry. Third row: Maxwell, Mc- Dade, Walker, Wise, Bass. Foiirth row: Cobb, Collier, Cook, Elder, Goslen. Fifth row: Nash, Ollis, Bas- nigbt, Bullock, Day. Sii ' th row: Hoojier, Hender- son, Reese, Teniiileton. OFFICERS Kov Maxsfiki.d President Kmohy Skllehs J ' icc President Nathan Cooper Corresponding Secretarij Tom Smvthe Recording Secreiari Charles Jone.s Treasurer Au.sTiN Sprague Sponsor ) 2ki il I ' I c J— 1 1 ct atif c L I el i 1 Ch 5 4 o FirsI rozf: Holim-s, D()l)l),s Cochrane, H o 1 m e s, Rountree. .ScroHf rozc ' : Huntfr, Powell, Somers, P e ii n i n }f t o n. V rig-lit. rhh;l r,nc: Xewton, C.pe- laiul, p ' lt()n. Miirpliy, Kerns, Pnurth row: Overton, Coble, Harrier, Barfield, (uiode. Fifth row: Frazier, Shook. .S u m m e . W o r s 1 e y Walker. SlHh row: Crowell. Fallin, Kelly, Earp, Blaloek. Sfveiifh row: Cannon, Bell, Rice. OFFICERS Hazkl Doiiiis Firxt Sfmestcr Pri-xidctit Evelyn Holmes Second Seme.sier President I ' lfAXCKS CocllHANK I ' iee President LrvENE Holmes Secretari Magenta Rotxtree Treasurer Maimohik Hr.vTKii Reporter cr- CtenUllLlL ' S L I U P The Elon College Aeronautics C ' hil) is a local clia])tcr of tile National Intercollegiate Flying C ' lul). The puipose of the ehil) is to interest students and former students of l lon ( " ohege in tlie science of aeronautics and to promote college flying generally at Elon. The cluh is affiliated with Huffman Field in Burlington which serves as its hase airport. Head- ing the grou]) is C. A. Hughes, President; John liarney, Vice President; and Royal Spence, Secreiarii-Treiisnrer. I ' rofessor A. ! . Hook acts as adviser to tlie cluh. Tlic Houscliokl Arts C ' lul) is composed of members drawn from tlie Home Kconomics majors and any other students interested in the tyjjc of wori it promotes. The jjurjjose of tlie Chil) is to (h ' scuss pr()l)lems in tlie field of Home Eco- nomics and to promote interest in tliis suljject. Amoiii;- its many functions are j hanning and serving liancjuets for various college organizations, sending contestants to the annual fashion show held at State College, Raleigh, X. C, and entertaining the IJoard of Trustees at the sjjring meet- ing of the IJoai ' d. In addition this year tlie clui) knitted sweatei-s for the Burlington Chapter of tlie Red Cross. Officers of the grou]) are: Elmer Williams, President; Mildred Shook, Vice President; I.uvene Holmes, Secretary- Treasurer; ]Miss Lida ] Iusc, Fiic iltij Sponsor. Other mem- bers are: Lucille Blalock, Nelle Breeze, Helen Clodfelter, Ruth Coble, Nancy Cojdey, Sara Corbitt, INIinnie Belle Frye, Bess Gilliam, Charlotte Husted, Geraldinc Kelly, Jewel Kerns, Louvinia Kerns, Hazel Mclntyre, Pansy Miller, Elizabeth Muir, Sarah Rice, Nora Sunnney, pAinice Winbon, and Mary Lee Danieron. ,:: - - i a J I ' 11 i} I d th C nl 71 C i? c tc I a I Mary Rith McDade Prrslilct Magenta Rotxthee T ' ice Pri ' sideni Dorothy Chapman Si ' crcfari Rl ' SSELI, C ' aMPRELL Treasurer iviAN Overton Ixcporti ' r 72 Ll.d Tlie Commercial Cluli is one of the most acti t ' (ie|)artmciitnl elulis on the campus. Bimonthlv meeting ' s are liekl at wliich time ])roi;rams. re- lating to business fields and others, are gi eii. Several events are spon- sored l)y tlie elul) each year. During the spring tiie clui) visits business offices in nearby cities to receive training in office manage- ment a n d secretarial practice. In addition to tins, a numl)cr of motion pictures relating to busi- ness are shown, and visit- ing s]jeakei " s are i)rought to the campus to address the club. C t C It t ' J 1 u Under the leadersliip of Jiniinie Hunirick aiul known as the " C ' OLI EGIATES " the orchestra is a eooperative group of young musicians wlio are interested in music in the pojjular idiom. The " C " ()LLK(iIATES " play for many social functions through- out this section of the state and they are known for tlieir dis- tinctive music in tiie truly modern maimer. The " C ' OLLEGIATES " are entirely a student organization and claim no connection whatsoever witii the i-egular nmsic de- ])artment of the college. IIoWAIiD 15nOWN Sii.i- (111(1 Cltiriiii ' t ]5iLLv White Sax (Old Clarincf SkVMOIH (ioLDliUM HdldM a Sax (JKOIUiK HrM.AlU) P ' laiio .llMNUE HAMinrK ' J ' ninipct (iiid Leader Vic C ' lkinman T rum pet ' I ' oM Woodson TromliDiie John Pollard Bass Fiddle Boh Tin.iTi- 7 ;, ■« » ■ C Icil C C 1 1 C cl C llHaiiCtA The l ' l()ii Collei ' o Phivcrs arc tlie draiiiatists of tlu ' i-ampus. ' riirounliout the year they prothiec ai-i()us ] hi s, either original or otherwise. In adihtion to their work on the eanijms the mcm- hers i-ci) ' ulai-l - isit Chapel Hill to see the draniatie prothietlons of that oi ' on|i. This year the club lias started sonietiiiiiii ' new in that they exchang ' c |)lays witli yarious other scliools, tliereliy H ' ixiiio- uaeh school an ()])])oi-tunity to see the work lieing done in di ' ainatics tlirouo-hout the state. Officei-s of the elul) are : l ' " Ji ,ahetli Ai-infield, PrcHidcni ; Ed Shaw, Vice President; and Judy Hollo- man, Sccrcidrii-Tramnnr. Dr. Fletcher Collins is Fdciilt j Ad- ' I ' ixiT of tile group. Dlt. l ' ' l.KTriIKI! ( ' ()LLIX Dirrctor c jHca a J, Ja(k Hooxk OFFICERS Prexidoit Bkrnie Daher . . . Jamks RiMLEV Si ' cretarij-TrcHsiu lr,if ' V w " K " Nlcn ' s C ' lul) is coniposcd of tlic iitlilftic Ictternieii of the fRinpus. This yoar the c ' hil) liad as their major ciiter])riso the sale of (h ' inks and refreshments at all athletic contests held on the eampus. AVith the money derived from these sales, they presented to the seniors of their n ' rou)) white sweaters with a liloek " Iv " The elul) en jo ■ed a erv sueccssful yeai-. i| ; 1 i i f 1 i i ' PIR ' i ■=rUJ u 11 L II Xc II i L- t y a II I 7 a 1 1 C II Wallace Kkrxodle President Fred Lowe J ' ice Preslilciit Tlic l) i ' Student Oi-nani .iition was or- ganized for the purpose of proinotini), ' friendh ' feeliii r l)et eeii the c;uii|ivis and day students. Any rei;idai- or s|)ecial stu- dent wlio resides off the eollei e campus is ehgiljle for nieniljership in tliis organiza- tion. Durinii ' the school year the Day Stu- IRGINIA Crawford Sicretary-Trea-iiirer Mr. George D. CoLCLoruii Sponxor dents sponsored xarious social functions ainoiio- which were the Day Student Party held 111 IJurhng ' toii. and the Spring I ' lciiic. In ad(htion their most noteworth ' acti it ' was the sponsoring of a Day Student Col- lege Day for the seniors in all tlie higli schools throuiihout Alamance County. j c t a II i II b Marcella Rawls Margaret Nash. Prc.iidciil Billy Johnson Sccretari ' (■(■ Prrsidfttl John Hall Treasurer Dii. Hans IIirsch Faculti Spoimar :z te II L It L U i) Charles Parker President I ' rances Frazhor Secretary Jean Cannon Vice President Marjorie Copelanh Treasurer Miss Wilsie Bussell Faculti Sponsor JIdW Altl) H 79 ' ii II . --H- c 1 1 c n I L ( i. ' n n L I L Wallace Kkhnodlk, Prcsidetit , i t B Mahv Clavtou, a Y K Cepiius Hook, K I N Todd Tavlok, 1 T K Maky Walkeh, T Z I Edna Bariiier, BOB Roger Inman, A II A Angie Henry, TI K T 3 1 u HI a yli I iP c t a ■ Organized 1918 SENIORS Wallace Kernodle Fred Lowe John Henry Poarce Wellina ' ton Saecker Jack Wilkinson H. M. Austin Earl Bell Jack Boone Curry Bryan Steve Castura Bill Clavtor JUNIORS Joe Hopkins Bill Loonev Bill O ' Connor Bill Palantonio Edward Shaw Charles Walters Charles Donato SOPHOMORES Severin Connninaki Kent Dennan James Ferris Billy Johnson Amos Phillips Tom Snivthe S ' ponsor Dr. D. J. BowDEN L B First row: Kernodle, Thompson, Lowe, Pearce. Second row: Saecker, Wilkinson, Reid, O ' Connor. Third row: Boone, Hopkins, Bryan, Bell. Fourth row: Donato, Shaw, Palantonio, Castura. Fifth row: Allison, . ustin, Walters, Claytor. Sixth r nc: Dennan, Johnson, Coniminaki, Ferris. Seveiilh row: Smythe, Pritehctt. = ' C I I il i L 7Ai I if I ii V V li 11 ' I ' l Oiyauizcd 1! 1H SENIORS Mju ' v C ' lavtor I)()ri)tliv l dward.s Evelyn Holmes Helen Schwob JUNIORS Margaret Carroll June Murphy Mary Ruth McDade Mareella Rawls Hazel Melntyrc l.ila Rudd Stephens Nell Tinii ' en SOPHOMORES Marjorie C ' opeland Pco ' Ciallowav Edith McDade Aenes AValkcr FRESHMEN Sally Avery Helen Margaret Icssiek Sponsor Miis. HoRACF. Hendricksox A Y K Firsl era ' .- Cliiytor, Holmes. Kdwjirds Si ' roiid ro ' w: Sclnvdli, Miir]iliy, HmwIs Thlnl rinc: Tinfren, Stcpliciis, Ciirnill rnnrlh rare: M -Iiit re, McDade. M. K., (o|„.|m,uI. riflh nnc: M.-HMdc. F... Walker, Callo- wav. SirUi )■()«•.■ Averv, Messick. Av dny a s I y V a Organhcd 19£0 Howard liiown Nathan Cooper Clayton Fulcher James Hanirick SENIORS Cyplius Hook Kenneth Register Robert Truitt Jolni Walker Fred Gilhani Toad Morgan JUNIORS John Pohard Royall Spence Kenneth Utt George Bulhud James Darden SOPH OMORES Robert Lee Rhxnchard Watts Ed Watts Miller Basnight Jimmie Dillard FRESHMEN Robbie Jolmson Lewis Nance Gavle Pollard Sj) OILS or Dk. L. C. Dickinson m:-::s K T N ■ ' o7 roic: Brown, Tniitt, Cilliatji. Secnnd row. Cooper, Powell, Ketiister. Third row: Fulclier, Hook, Walker. Fourth row: Morgan, I ' tt, 15ullar l. Fifth rirw: Hamrick, Pollard, J.. Watts. Siu-th row: Spence, Darilen, I ' ollaril, G. Sei ' enth row: John.son, Nance. 87 i 1 Hi ail el a C ' Orfjcinhcd 1920 SENIORS I Helen Boone C ' liristine Eaves Bess Gillam Irene Hook Roberta IMartin INIargaret Nash Elizabeth Newton Helen Pace Margaret Pennington IMarv Walker JIXIOKS Maroai-ct Felton Jewel Kerns Ren a Black Helen Clodfelter SOPHOMORES Luvene Holmes Betsy Russell Lucille Blalock Jeanne Cannon Ollie Fallin Nancy Fowlkes FRESHMEN Charlotte Hiistcd allie Johnson (yeralfliiie Kelley Sai ' ah Lou AVarren Sponsor Mrs. Oma Johxsox 1 T Z $ • ' -.v nnc; V:illi.-r-, Xasli, ll.MirK-, lie Sicdiid rinc: Mnrtiii, V:h-k-. P.-iiiiiiitiloi Xt-wton. Third nnc: Kiives. Cillain, K.-nis. Kelt. Fiiiirth ro-cc: Black, Clodfelter, Kus Holmes. Fifth roic: Kcllm , CaruKui, Hush I.ittli-. Nu i nnc: Falliii, Fowlkcs. Warr HIal.icU. c:? t " a a ii a n n a Organized 19-27 Silvio Caruso Garland Causey SENIORS Donald Born Roland Tjouffcst Bill Archer John Barney Tal Bean JUNIORS Bcrnie Daher Harold (iarber W. L. Hohson Preston Towns SOPHOMORES Bernic Askin Kenneth Bcanian Rinaldo D ' Antonio James Dellin rcr Seymour (Joldljluni " Fodd Taylor Beverly Rogers Stanley Yankowski Charles Perkins FRESHMEN John Sanders Sponsor Phof. James Stkwart Mi A A I T K Fbut row: Longest, Caruso, Rorii. Second rnu-: Causey, Bean, Hobson. Third r(nc: Harney, Daher, D ' Antonio. Fourth rtixc: Hofrers, Towns, Dellinjier. Fifth rinc-: Golcil)lnni, Askin, Sanders. .S ' ( r nv: tiarher, ' I ' aylor, Arelier. O eta ' ni L cxo ti iL cta Organized 19,20 SENIORS Fi ' ancc ' s ( " ocliranc Estcllc Frccland Elizaljcth Arnifield Kdna liarricr Dcdic Dixon Hazel 1) )I)1)S JUNIORS Betty Hoyt Judy Holonuvn Marjoric Hunter Marv Frances Staniev SOPHOMORES Jolea Holt Ann Newman Mary Mcndenliall Maj enta Rountrce Ruth INIcPhersoii Mildred Troxler Lillian White Rachael ( ' rowel FRESHMEN Cora Elizabeth Worslcy h . Sponsor " " ■1 Miss Lknoua Davis ftf m w 1 iV 4 ffr ' ■ 92 k! y k BOB h ir.it rmc : Ci)clirane, Freeland, Annticld. S,r„i,il nnc: Barrii-r. Dclibs. Iloyt. Ihlnl r,nc: Hcilomaii. Huntc-r. Stanu-y. I ,,irth raic: Newman. Mfiuk-nliall. TroxliT. r;flh roK ' ; lioiintrtH-, Whiti-. Unit. Sirlh nnc: Dixon, Mi-Plicrson, Cniwcll. Sivciilh i;nc: Wnrslm ' . Ivliu pi clla Organized 19 ' 2G Moses Crutchfield Jack Foushec (irrcavsoii Iiunan SENIORS Roger Ininaii Sidney Krukiii Claude T«nvi ' C!ice ( " liarles Parker JUNIORS Boyd Clapp Maurice Craft .Jack Gardner Hubliard Laws I)()u rlas Moss I)ou ' las Powers ' IMionias Wolfc Richard Staten Clark Toole SOPHOMORES Robert Wingard Thomas Wiiite Richard David FRESHMEN Alfred Hunt Sponsor Dr. Hans Hirsh ADA Firxl riiw: Ljiwrenct-. (riitclifield, Fousliee. Si ' ciiikI rare ' : IiiiiKiii, li., Inniiin, Ci.. Kriikiii. Tlilnl i;nc: Parker, C ' la])]), fraft. Foiirtli raw: Gardner, Moss, I.awes. FifH, ro-cc: Winjiard, Powers, Toole. .S ' i rmc: Smith, Stateii, Hunt. Sf ' Vt ' tith ir,K ' .- David. ® " 1 -tt:- ' •a.u ' -.y rzzy tje ,-:!-: Or; nil bed lH£Jf SENIORS Shii-lev Powell Lucille Soiners -lov Quackciiliusli Inez Tri])lett (Jladvs Wrioht Jl ' NIORS Sara C ' orMtt Dorothy Mc(ioui aii Frances Frazier Pansy Miller Aiigie Henry ' elnia Triplett l ' " JnR ' r Williams SOPHO.MOHFS oNIary Dcane Hrown ' irginia Oakley Anieritli Niciiols Helen Ti-uitt Keroii Walker Rcttv Bell FRESHMEN Nancy Copley Sponsor Miss Lida Mtsf, n K T •Vr.v ru2c: qiKikciiliiisli. Wrifrht. Sunicr.s S,r, 1,1(1 nnc: Powell, Henry, Miller. riiird i-n:,-: William ' ,, (. ' nrliitt, llrowne. r,,nr li nnc: Frazicr. re(; iupin, Nielidls riflh rmc: Oakley, Truitt, Walker, K. Sivlh rule: IJell, Copley. s r a a 0 t I ItJ. « . = ' C lwutl Sponsored by Editor Phipsicli y Sponsored l) y President Senior Class y Sponsored by Captain Football Team Sijonsoied by President Junior Class jj --H-uniidh ,-H-cbln ,7 S|)()ns()i-( ' (1 l) - lousiness ] Iana ) ' er Maroon and (iold V V ' HT. i ' ■yl f k .sgi .U) f. k?C.»f Saeckf-r, ( J; Cjuiscy. farklc : Wilkin.scin, fciilcr; Pearce, end: Palantonio, (iiianl; Hryaii, •( ,• Doiiato, larhic: Ho])kin: THE FOOTBALL SEASON With a record of five victories, two defeats. and one tie, the 1940-41 football team showed a gratifying improvement over last year ' s record. It was especially pleasing because the loss of eiglit lettermen made prospects rather bleak when Coaches Hendrickson and Brunansky called tiie first ])ractiee two weeks before school opened. However, under their tutelage, and led by Ca])- tain Wellington Saecker, the 12 returning letter- men, plus an extremely promising crop of fresii- men were welded into a team that lost but one conference game. Dame Fortune frowned on the Christian foot- ballers, for again this year, injuries to key men prevented the Cainionade from ever veaciiing its full strengtii. Tlie season ' s highlights were the 7-0 defeat of AlJpalachian, in which game tiie Christians prob- ably reached their peak, defensively, and clicked for one jjcrfect offensive thrust. The 8-G Homecoming victorv over Lenoir Rhyne was also a higli spot, as was the generally excellent play of the line, featuring Saecker, Causey, Palontonio and Donato. The greatest disappointment of the season, how- ever, will long be remembered. This was the heart- breaking loss to Catawba. The Cannonade out- played the Indians in every department of the game, save passing, and then saw tough breaks, and two 102 plavs takf tlic C ' oiitVrciKT (•li,ini|)i(iiislii|) .nv.iv from tiK-iii. While it ' s liard to siiii lr out iiulividtial stars, irrtaiiily four liovs tlt-st-rve special mention. Tile team is proml of Captain Saeeker. Causey, Palontonio. ,uiil ]5oone. tlie four who were voted all conference honors. Jack Boone was definitely the offensive star of the Christian campaign. He was undoubtedly the top back of the Conference, and one of the best in the state. Chosen to ca])tain the All-Conference team, an unusual honor for ;i junior, he was select- ed by a unanimous vote, the only pl.iyer thus chosen. Stan Yonkoski, though missing first team honors by one vote, was the leading Elon scorer with :M ])oints. If the draft doesn ' t interfere too heavily, next year ' s prospects look fairly good. Four mainstays. Saeeker, Causey. Wilkinson, and Pearce are lost by graduation, but this year ' s freshman croj) should till the sizable gap their departure leaves. .lack Boone, and Bernie Daher will co-captain next vear ' s eleven. A brief summary of each game follows: ELOX, 42 ; WESTERN CAROLINA, On Saturday 19 H football September 21, Elon opened its ' ason with a 12-0 victorv over Western Carolina Teachers College, in ,i g.inie which was ])layed at Cnllowliee. Stanley Yonkoski took the starring )),irt in the massacre of the badly outmanned Catamounts. He tallied four touchdowns, all of which came on beautiful bits of hipper dipper running. Jack Boone aiul Joe Tomanchek also aided in the scoring, as did Bernie Askin. The day was hot. but no hotter than Klon ' s play. The Christians gained 287 yards rushing compared with 1.5 for the Catamounts. Capt. Saeeker, Causey, and Palantonio turned in well played line games for Elon. The only blight of the day was .-m ankle injury suffered bv Bernie Daher. ELON, 6; NEWBERRY, 6 Elon fought to keep a set of powerful running b.icks at hay in this contest played in South Carolina. Extra points which were missed brought the game to a 6 to 6 tie, the first such since Horace Hendrickson became coach. Don Collangelo, Newberry ' s Little Ail-American halfback, and Jimmy Power gained consistently, but the Christians held every time but one when their goal line was threatened. Power slipped over guard from the six for Newberry ' s touch- down in the first half. Hnoiu-. I,„rl.-: Mji-MMtla. I.,i,l, : Yonkosl i. Imrk : .Shoufetv. i ,ian : Cli-nn. ■( ; Toinaiiehek, hark: Shaw, cud: Zurlis, Inrklc 103 HORACK HlCXDKICKSON Hctid Codcli Joe BiiiNANSKY A.s.sistdiif Coach .Ta:mf.s Humlky Mil lilt (jcr Daher, back; Laws, center; Ca.stura, hack; Askin, back; Staten, hack: ] ' .i!licii.sky, buck: Agresta, ijiiani; Sliumar, back 111 the second half Elon engineered a drive with Joe Tomancliek leading tlie way, and finally scoring from the two yard line. Offensively the Christians failed to click during file first lialf. However, after tlie intermission, the Cannonade swung into high, reeling off cliunks of yardage, but when close to touchdown territory, tjiey stalled. ELON, 7; APPALACHIAN, On October 5, at Boone, an injury-ridden Elon team defeated the Appalachian ele en 7-0. Paced by little Ail-American center Ted Reitzle, and featuring the powerhouse running of Safrit and Baker, the Mountaineers were lieavy favorites. However, the rugged Elon line played the Aj is to a standstill, keeping them outside the I ' O all afternoon. Strictly a defensive game, the sole scoring play was a beautiful 67 yard run by Stan Yonkoski. On a delavcd reverse, lie raced wide around his own left end. and down tiic si(h-liiie witlioiit being touched. " Yonk ' s " run was made possible only by beautiful blocking, particularly by " Reb " Sliaw and Jack Wilkinson. The entire line played great ball, and Yonkoski ' s running, and Boone ' s running, and ([uiek kii ' king featured the Elon victory. KLON, 8; LENOIR RHYNE, 6 Homecoming Day was celebrated in bang up fashion by tlie Christians, when they licked Lenoir Rhyne 8-6. It was a most unusual game in that all li points were scored by linemen. In tlie first quarter, Bill Palontonio blockid .i Bear jiuiit, and recovered for a touchdown. How- ever, thr(nigliout the rest of the half, tlie smaller Eenoir Rhyne line more than held its own. In the third quarter. Mabry passed to Morgan for the tying touchdown. Tlien. late in the Uli qviarter, after Askin ' s touchdown liad liren called back, Eino Showfety blocked a pinit wliieli ' the ]5ears recovered for an Elon safetv. Boone broke loose for two runs of over tO yards. and Yonkoski Iiad one. luit extelknt line play featured tins vietory. MIAMI, 31; ELOX, 7 Old man heat, injuries and lack of reserve power proved too nuieli for the Christians of Elon when they tangled with the Hurricanes of Miami Uni- versity in the famed Orange Bowl. The outmanned Ciiristians started well, when 4 plays from the kiekoff, Boone ' s beautiful coffin corner punt placed the Hurricanes on their own 2. Miami emerged unscored on, as the lone Elon tally came in tiie third quarter on a pass from Steve Castura to " Rebel " Shaw. Late in the final quarter, fresh substitutes pushed over two touchdowns, making the final score 31-7. Boone, Yonkoski and Askiu ' s running, plus Castura ' s passes added offensive punch ; wliile de- fensively, Saecker, Causey and Wilkinson barred the Hurricanes ' way. ELOX, 18; HIGH POIXT, On a field knee deep in mud. and midst a driving rain that at times hid tiie players, Elon rolled over High Point 18-0. Not a truly played game, due to really terrible conditions, tlie Christians neverthe- less showed a clear superiority over the Panthers. The three Elon scores were all made by straight off tackle plays, as the sli])pery ball and treacher- ous footing made more open play impossible. Yonkoski, Stateii. and Bohensky tallied for the Cannonade. The game ' s highlight was the 3 punts tliat Elon linemen blocked, and recovered. Though Elon ' s of- fense failed to produce any long runs, they ground steadily away to accumulate 2.50 yards. Defen- sively they were invulnerable, as High Point failed to threaten seriouslv at anv time. CATAWBA, 13; ELOX, On what was a sad, sad night, the Christians, victims of tough breaks, and two perfect plays, bowed before Catawba 13-0. Defeat was made even worse, because the Indians thus took the Conference championship. Though outgaining Catawba throughout the game. Elon choked u] when close to the promised land. Throughout the night, the fates frowned at the valiant Christians. Twice Jack Boone, hampered by an injured hip was hauled down from behind. But the crowning blow occurred in the ith quarter, when Bernie Daher hobbled into the game, and passed to Pearcc for a touclidown, only to have it recalled. The entire line played superbly, and Jack Boone ' s courageous attempts will long be remem- bered. This game clinched All-Conference honors for Saecker. Causey, Palontonio. and Boone — but it was still a sad. sad night. ELOX, 28; GUILFORD, This, the traditional Turkey Day clash marked the end of the trail for four Elon mainstays. Saecker Causey, Wilkinson, and Pearee all distinguished themselves in some way during this contest. Guilford started festivities with a bang, march- ing to the Elon .5 where they were held for downs. I ' om then on, the enraged Cannonade held the Quakers safely outside the Christian 20. The Christian offense was spearheaded by Jack Boone, brilliant back who clima.xed an outstanding season by consistently ripping the Guilford line to shreds. Francis Bohensky, and little Ernie Davis also played bang up games, portending great things for tlie future. Save for the first five minutes it was a typical Elon-( juilford clash. Everj- Elon player saw ac- tion, and generally sjieaking, the Elon ' s called their shots, and M ' alkcd awav with a 28-0 victorv. WL-llington .Sat-ckiT Criplain Hill Clayl.ir Manai er SQUAD BASKETBALL A higli scoring quintet that averaged 53.5 points per game, while holding opposition to but 35.4, compiled the enviable record of 20 victories as against 4 defeats during the 1940-41 basketball season. The Elon College hoopsters tlius continued the excellent record estab- lished by Hendrickson coached fives, as they gained recognition as one of North Carolina ' s outstanding cage clubs. Leading this high geared scoring machine was forward Jack Gardner, a Portsmouth, Ohio lad. Jack broke the North State Con- ference scoring mark when he netted 342 points during the regular season for an average of 14.9 ])oints per game. At tlie other forward position was W. L. Hobson, a Ramseur, N. C. boy. Max Zyvith, right guard, scored 168 points, and was second high scorer. Ed Potter capably lield down the other guard position ; while at center, Captain John Henry Pearce did the jumping and rebounding, and was understudied l)y Preston Towns, 6 feet, 7 inch junior. John Henry Pearce Captain 106 BASKETBALL Otliers wlio saw action, and won varsity Iftters were " Yock " Mallov, Tal Bean, Johnnv Clayton, Ray Cessna. Douo- Moss, and Warren Burns. Of tlie first seven contests, Eloii won six and lost l)ut one. The opening of the Con- ference race brought Western Carolina here for a two game scries, in which they were defeated quite easily. The Cannonade tlicn rolled over Lenior Rhyne TT- ' 34. Tiicn came tragedy. A team of big, sharp-shooting ]Mountaineers came out of tile hills of Boone and hcked the Chris- tians ;39-27. The hoys from Appalachian were hot that night and Elon, on the other iiand was badly off and had one of her few bad nights. Catawlja was then entertained, and led 1)V (iardncr and Zyvith, was defeated quite handilv, 54-21. Then came Guilford and a 79-i o massaci ' e. A two game series with Atlantic Clu-istian proved little more than workouts for Klon. Again Catawlia. and ;uiotlier scal])ing. 77-48. After tiiis lopsided triunq)ii, the Hendrickson men tackled Hanes Hosiery. And Hanes, taking advantage of a decided let down downed the Maroon and (iold Chil), ;39-:34. Tlien at Higii Point, Kion ' s greatest coui ' t rival, tiie Christians suffered theii- fourtii defeat. The Pur})le Panthers out- hustled the Elon combination, and desjjite Gardner ' s heroic efforts and 25 points, the Christians bowed 54-42. A return game witii McCrary was trulv sensational, for with only 9 seconds to play, Warren Burns potted a field goal giving Elon another victory 46-45. Tal Ahkhnai ' hv Mdiuigcr High Point then isitetl the Christians who took advantage of their ojq)ortunity. Max Zyvith bagged 14 points, and Captain John Henry Pearce ' s 10 jjoints and suj)erb floor game led tiie way ;is tiie improved team won their 17th victory, 37-35. Led Hobson, the Elon five subdued Lenoir Rhync 62-41. (iuil- ford then invaded the Christian sanctuary, and the second team, led by Wan-en Burns, ronq)ed over the Quakers ' team 62-26. In the last game of the season, the Cannonade invaded the mountain fastnesses of Appalachian. Passes, Hoorwork, offense and defense were all clicking, as the Cannonade probably reached the peak when defeating the Mountaineers 54-49. Here, too, Elon avenged a previous setl)ack, to end tiie regular season by defeating e ery team that it liad lost to. Elon, with its 13-2 Conference record, was ranked first at tiie inaugural Conferenc e basketball tournament. Consecjuently it played the most difficult schedule. Lenoir Rhyne was defeated 42-38. Then came tlic inevitalile letdown after a liard season ' s jilay, and Apjialachian i)eat the Christians 41-34. At tiie conclusion of the season. -Jack Gardner was presented tiie Fix Sweater, an award presented annually to the team ' s most valual)le player. 107 BASKETBALL tiAi(ii,vi;ii, F 1940-41 BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Elon Opponents U) High Point Y 37 54 Greensboro Y 29 m High Point Y 54 5:3 Whiskered Wizards 33 47 Hanes Hosiery 36 50 W.C.T.C. 28 54 W.C.T.C. 21 i 1 Lenoir Khyne 34 51 McCrary 35 27 AppaUichian 39 54 C ' atawlja 21 79 Guilford 25 Zyvith, ,111, •,■,}: I ' uttc-r, inmnl: Hohson, f„nc,ii;l: Tdwiis, riiilir: IJiirnv, f„nc„nl Cessna, ceiilir; Miilloy, f,inc;in : V,r:,n. ,,„i,r,l: Moss. (ii,(,,;l: ClMyton, f„ncaril 1 ' )4()-41 BASKKTH. VLL SCIH ' 1)1 LK Klon Ol iponcnt 79 Atlantic Christian 21 7;5 Atlan tic Christian 35 77 Cata ■ba 48 !}4 Hancs Hosiei-y 39 4 High Point 54 4() McC ' i ary 45 ' )7 High Point 35 (j i Lenoi r Rhync 41 (iy (Tiiilford 26 54 Appa ' i ' ouri lachian lament 49 109 f ;. t m BASEBALL A l)a.sL ' l);ill team tliat seeini ' d ceitaiii to win the Nortli State Conference t ' hani|)i()nslii|) for tlie second siiccessixe year, i-epresented Elon durini) ' the s|)rin - of 19J?1. At the time tlie Phip.sici.i deadhne forced tliis article to be written, the team liad won 12 i anie.s, lost but one and tied one. Altliough five letternien ha e de{)artcd, their loss hasn ' t weakened the team. The ni;iny scouts and fans who fol- lowed the Cliristians diamond doings claim that tliis year ' s club certainly ranks witii the best in the state. Eleven of tiie twelve games won were Conference clashes. ' I ' hat one outside game was a thrilling victory over Wake Forest, champions of the Big Five. The Demon Deacons came here determined to avenge last year ' s 18-9 massacre. However, behind tlie brilliant 6 hit twirling of Tal Abernathy, and aided by a three run, eight inning, the Cliristians set them down -i-ti. The only defeat suffered by the Caiuionade to date, was tiie fi-1 loss to Duke. The boys in Maroon and (iold just had " one of those days. " Their hitting was off " , and their fielding was very spotty, as they gave the Blue Devils four unearned runs. Lo ' ( KST, Ca plain (JARDNEIt AlSUHNATHEV Daher BASEBALL So c ' ffiTtivL ' lv lia Klon tlirottlol all op- position, that to (late the closest coiii|)eti- tion a conference foe could furnish was a 5-5 tie with Catawba. This game, for sheer drama was tops for tlie season ; for with one out in the last of the seventh, Elon scored the tying run just as i-ain cani ' j pouring do n. ending the game. Lenoir Rhvne, last c-hani|ii()n to reign before the Eloii domination began was beaten four times. The Christians have scored 95 runs while holding their Con- ference opposition to i)ut 38. The .secret of this success lies in a coml)i- nation of fine pitcliing and batting power. The pitching staff consists of three regulars : Captain " Gourd " I.,()ngcst, Tal Abernathy and " .Molly " Craft, with Bev Rogers and K. 1). Ap))le in reserve. Longest has won three, and lost none. Southpaw Abernathy has compiled a tine record of six wins and one loss; while Craft, like Longest, has Avon three and lost none. The catching chores have been divided between Ed Potter and Steve Castura, botii veterans. At first base Joe Tomanchek and R. I). A])])le have alternated. Herin ' e Askin has seen action both catching and at first, and has a fine batting average. Another excellent average i)elongs to Hub Law.s, who is ])inch-hitting .fiOO. At second base W. L. Hobson is a main- stay of the team with his MM) iiatting mark. Little Johnny Clayton, acclaimed as a find last year, has im])rovcd this season. The hard-hitting shortstop is ])acing the team with his .-HO average, and as always, his fielding is nearly perfect. Though Rernic -n Clayton, Craft, Potter, ' roiiiancliek. Laws, . skin Hobson, Masse, Yonkoski, Castura, Rogers, Burns Elon Opjii ■IIK ' li 3 lAiioir Rliyiic 2 12 Hi h Point 2 11 Lenoir Rliyiie 2 1 Wake Forest 3 5 Catawba 3 5 Catawlja 5 1 Duke G 10 (niilford 7 (! A|i] alaehian - ' 1 1 A])]ialaeliian - ' 10 Guilford 1 5 T.enoir Rliviie 1. i:! I.ciKiir Rliyne 3 ;! (iuilfovil 2 BASEBALL Dnhcr ' .s hutting ' has (lro])pL ' l some, his lono- hits have made him second in the I ' uns batted in column. In tlie outfield, Charley Masse, right fielder, and the only newcomer to the squad, is showing the way M-ith a .360 batting average, and is leading the team in runs batted in. Centerfielder Jack (iardncr ' s defensive work is still a feature of the team, although his batting has dj ' opped a bit from his sensational .-150 average of last year. Completing tlic outer garden is Stan Yonkoski who jjatrols left field. " Yonk " is batting at about a .300 clip, and still fieldino ' brilliantly. I.iglithourne Cessna W. Joliivstoii Barney TENNIS Tlie 1941 tenuis team lias sliown con- siderable improvement over last year ' s squad. The Elon netters to date have won eight matches and lost but five. Outside competition, generally speaking, has been too tough for the Cannonade to handle. But within the conference ranks the Christians have won four and lost but one, and arc still very much in the cham- j)ionship race as this issue goes to press. Captain Jimmy Lightbourne handled the No. 1 s])ot, Ray Cessna was No. 2 man, William Johnston No. 3, John Barney played No. 4, and Robert Johnston No. 5. Lightboui-ne and William Johnston pla ' ed No. 1 doubles, and Cessna and Barney were tlic Xo. 2 doubles team. JlAFArV LlGHTBOI-RXE " ReBEl " S: Captain Managa IJHl ' J ' K.WIS SQIAD Lti [ cr tliietl c The Girls ' Athletic Association is under tlie capable sujiervision of IMrs. Horace Hendrickson, General Director, and Miss Evelyn Holmes, Student Coach. Through- out the year the girls participated in volley ball, Softball, basketball, tennis, archery, hiking, folk and rhythm dancing, and regular calisthenics. The outstanding event for the girls in these classes was the j ' l ' Ofl ' icfi " ' ! " f " Cinderella " for the INIav Day celcbi-ation. The i-egular classes made costumes and ])artici])ated in the dance choruses while the advanced students arranged and di- iccted the dance routines, designed cos- tumes and scenei-y, and arranged the pageantry of the jjrogram. The classes deserve credit for this jiroduction inasnuich as it was wholly ])i ' 0(luced bv the girls in this dejjai ' tment. y-AAacLaiL C f€ 115 The National Bank of Burlington Member Federal Reserve System and Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Statement of Condition at Close of Business December 31, 1940 ASSETS Cash on Hand and Due from Federal Reserve and Member Banks $1,449,484.22 United States Government Bonds 442,912.50 State of North Carolina Bonds 202,176.27 Municipal, County, and Other Bonds 76,000.00 Stock in Federol Reserve Bank 9,000.00 Loans 1,110,795.19 Bank Building 33,748.36 Furniture and Fixtures 13,498.05 Other Assets — Interest Accrued on Bonds not due, etc 7,053.50 Total $3,344,668.09 LIABILITIES Capitol Stock $ 100,000.00 Surplus 200,000.00 Undivided Profits and Reserves for Contingencies, etc 45,294.33 Deposits and Other Liabilities 2,999,373.76 Total $3,344,668.09 Correct: Everett. Zaiie Muse. Certified Puhlic Accounlaiil INFORMATION Present market value of all jonils. mi. re than the figures .sliciwn ahove. DEPO.sns IN.SIRED IP TO S.S.OOU Foil EACH ACCOl .NT •01 It POLICY— .SAFETY ElRSl " Officers 1.. .1. BLAKEY, President and Trust Officer C. . .SELLER.S, Vice President C. V. LONG, Cashier and Asst. Trust Officer B. S. STACK, Assistant Cashier G. H. GIBSON, Assistant Cashier Directors L. J. BLAKEY R. A. COBLE . S. COULTER C. V. LONG E. M. LONG G. D. MOORE C. V. SELLERS W. W. SELLERS CLAIBORNE YOUNG We solicit your business based ujidn ihe strong financial condilion shown. W ' l ' render eve service possible commensurate Mlh the pulicies of safe bankinj;. YOurs very trul ' . L. .1. BLAKEY. Prcsi.lejii an. I TrusI Offi.er. CO] GRATULATIOI S rimf Thunk You! ELOI STUDENTS! In the above picture, Elon students are shown with their purchases from Sellers. It has been our pleasure to serve Elon students since the college was founded in 1889. We anticipate the happy privilege of serving in the years to come students who will be privileged to attend this renowned and worthy college. We are confident that your training at Elon will enable you to i-nold your lives for the better and finer things of life. We wish for you much happiness and success in your future undertakings. B. A. SEI LARS SONS, INC. BURLINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA BUS TAXI Compliments C. A. LEA TRANSPORTATION COMPANY PHONE 777 BLALOCK ' S TAI LORI NG SHOPS Cleaning and Pressing Service BURLINGTON, N. C. Compliments of JERRY ' S TOGGERY BILL CLAYTOR Student Representative . . . Contpliments of . . . PARAMOUNT THEATRE " Showpltiee of AUtmtinve County ' ' First Run Pictures of Every Major Studio. Popular Prices! YEAR -ROUIVD AIR-COI DITIOI ED CAROLINA THEATRE First Runs and Stage Shoivs at Popular Prices ALAMANCE THEATRE " We Briny the Best Ones Buck HERE ELON MEETS BURLITSGTON Compliments of ALAMANCE LAUNDRY and DRY CLEANING " We Do it Better ' PHONES 560 - 561 - 740 BURLINGTON, N. C. Comfilimrnts From MORTON-MILLER, INC. Ladies ' Hosiery, Dress Accessories, Sportswear, Household Linens, Curtains, Draperies, Small House Furnishings and Novelties Maple Avenue — Opposite Alamance Hotel BURLINGTON, N. C. K. A. COBLE HARDWABE CO. Builders Supplies : Farm Machinery BURLINGTON, N. C. WURLITZER PIANOS f ' More Sold Than | pMSfl Any Other ° ' ■ jP 1 BASON BASON Ladies ' Ready-to-Wear and Accessories 113 East Davis Street BURLINGTON, N. C. Moke C. B. Ellis Music Compan For Fifty Years in Burlington, N. C. y THE BURLIISGTON COCA-COLA BOTTLIISG COMPANY Compliments of Liberty TiUNCH Compliments of BETTY LOU SHOP BURLINGTON, N. C. BURLINGTON, N. C. McADAMS GROCERY STORE We Aim To Satisfy All in QUALITY and SERVICE T. v. BOON E €(ft oIi» f ' .s- Lending Tailor Burlington, North Carolina % m ■ ' 4 lA w i ..w 4 f9 »■ K ;»!«rf ' ' ' StS " ELON SODA STTOP WHERE ALL FRIENDS MEET TO GAB AND EAT LEROY HUGHES, Manager Compliments of ROSE ' S Burlington, N. C. Compliments of Goldman ' s ' Shoes They Talk About! ' Burlington, N. C. PATRON IZE OUR ADVERTISERS Compliments of McLellan ' s Burlington, N. C. TROLLINGER ' S FLORIST FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS Main Street Burlington, N. C. na (i a , C , Jo L c=:H-utcya ' caY n ..

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Elon University - Phi Psi Cli Yearbook (Elon, NC) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 1


Elon University - Phi Psi Cli Yearbook (Elon, NC) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


Elon University - Phi Psi Cli Yearbook (Elon, NC) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


Elon University - Phi Psi Cli Yearbook (Elon, NC) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


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