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lony I03Q I ' nh ish,;! 1,1 FRANK X. DONOVAN Editor-in-Chief LOUIS E. HUBBARD, ,In. Business Manager Art work by Albert Mastrobattisto s i edica Eloii College, in her comparatively short liistory, lias been favored by many loyal sons ; several of wlioni have gone out into the world to become leaders in whatever field they pursued. None, however, has attained greater heights than the man who was a student in her first class in 1889, and who is still with her in 1939, not as a student but as a jjrofessor. He is Dr. Walton Crump Wicker. Dr. Wicker has been an ini))ortant part of Elon College in every one of her forty-nine years, and his influence will be a definite part of Elon for the remainder of her history. He will be remembered not only as a professor, but as a scholar and a christian gentleman. May he live many more years so hundreds of future students will have the benefit of his teachings and personality, as have thousands of others whom he has already inspired. lh Wulinn fwiimp Wic iPr ' enfs Mim TWO r: cissrs mUili WME Athlttivs mn)h Fmm Avtmtws Wifi i F Vf ffntmrs ' face Tliis, the ] )3i) edition of the I ' lii-Psi-Ci.i wliicii we offer voii is the twenty-fourth volume. In it we Iiave strived to present in modern temjjo the most outstanding events in tliis. the forty-nintli, year of Elon College. Maj- this humhle effort prove a tangible instrument to helj) us reeall loving memories we will never forget. This year, the gates of Elon will close hehind many of us for the last time. We, the 1939 staff. lioi)e this will act as the key to reopen those gates in our .-ig.-iin ye;irs. This thouglit li;is jinivided tlir iris|)ir.-iti(ni, without whii ' h we t ' ould not ii.-ne iiidured. BOOK I ADMINISTRATION DR. LEON EDGAR SMITH President Elon College is |iroiid of its student body. Beginning with an enrollment of 231 in 1932, we boast today of a total enrollment not including summer school of 625. Not only have we made gratifying progress from the standpoint of enrollment, but our achievements in the field of education have been superior. In competition with other colleges in the state, we won first prize in play composition. In competition with other colleges and other musical organizations within the state, we won first honors in musical composition. In competition with other colleges, Elon won the oratorical Inter- collegiate Peace Award. In competition with the graduates of other institutions of higher learning, our graduates usually stand seholastically with the first ten. Elon ' s record in the field of teaching and other profes- sions is unquestioned. Here on the campus we are not only acquiring information, but we are learning to relate profitably the facts of the past to the solutions of the problems of today and tomorrow. We proceed on the theory that we learn effectively by doing acceptably. The administration wisiies to express its appreciation of the fine type of student enrollment in the college today, of the desire on the part of the students to help govern themselves and to cooperate with the college in attaining the high ideals promoted by the institution. ELON COLLEGE To the Class of imO, My kiiiiltst tlioughts and best wi.slns to vou as a class and indixiduallv. Julia Mae Oxfoud, Draii (if lV(i7iicti. Seniors, Wc came licrc to,s;ctlK-r. Now you arc liciiiu ' iiraduatcd and I. your contemporary, am not sufficiently brilliant, but am to carry on. You must not for ;et us, but return often and think of us continually. I shall continue to treasure you in my memory and shall delight in your success. Whatever you elect to do, do that with all the potentialities at your command. Remember that Godliness is great gain, and in all your acquirements, may your Creator be the great inspiration of vour life. If I can ever assist you command me. Fraternally yours. J. D. Messick, Dean of Men. J. I). .MKSSICK Dean of Men ,JL LIA MAE OXFORD Dean of Women FACULTY OF J. W. Barney CJEORtiE Beecher M. F. Brannock D. J. Boh ' den .1. A. Clarke G. D. CoLCLOrUH Fletcher Collins L. C. Dickinson Thomas Edwards Merton French H. L. Gravett H. J. Hendrickson Mrs. H. J. Hendrickson Eighteen ELON COLLEGE V. W. Howell Mks. W. W. Howell .Mhs. O. U. Johnson Robert Morgan I.IDA MrsE J. U. Newman LiLA Newman Thomas Power MaRV J. Rl ' SSELL J. H. Stewart M. K. White W. ( ' . Wicker Nineteen 3n iHemoriam DR. J. E. RAWLS, leading alumnus and one of the most prominent of all Elon sons, died in Oetober. Dr. Rawls was eliairniaii of the Elon Board of Trustees, President of Elon College Alunnii Connnittee, and a famous physieian in the Eakeview Hospital. Suffolk, Virginia. Dr. Rawls w,-is outstanding in his work for the growth and progress of Elon and so it is with great sorrow tliat we reflect u)ion the passing away of one of the College ' s most belo ed sons. Ticenfy 1939 SENIOR CLASS (7ff.v,v Officers JESSE harrin(;ton ' Prr ' idrni AN X ETA SMITH Si ' crciary HEN RY SATTERFIELD lice President BE ATT IE MASH 15 URN Trcaxiirrr Twenty-tico ELON COLLEGE Mavert ArNOI.I) Fuquay Springs, N. C. A quiet lad, but xi ' ifli tlir qiiietnens of still water riiiinitui deep. The surface hetrai s mt hidden secret of his soul, liul rcithni, his true character and dif nilii cannot he hidden. Edith Ruth Branxock Elon College, N. C. T Z Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, +; Student Christian Associa- tion 1, 2, 3, i; Day Students Association 1-+. . dir nified. winioliire lirain trust. Dink is wideli rrsjiecled and admired bji teachers and students alike. One would think, .iudfiinfi from her hir h scholastic record, that she had time onli for stud iinr . However, if he had ei ' er tasted ani of her re- viarkahle cakes he would realize that everiithinr this little ladi does is done well. Ticenty-three 1939 SENIORS Thuhjia.v Fostek 1?(i vi;iis Box 93, Greensboro, X. C. [ |■O0ll and OnUI Staflt; Min- isterial Association. 7 big wan. our Thtirnian. " .v htri e of heart as of utalnri ' , J[i will be niisxed, both hinixelf and his beloved auto that teas everi - body ' s taxi to Oreenshoro. Thurman is conclusive proof that the good minister is no long-faced, cold individual hiil a ' living, aniiahle fellow icho )».v wet life, anil wet il with a I rarlii hand-.-ihalr. C ' l.KVF.LAND Campbell 202 N. Main Street Danville, Va. S I B Transfer from X. C. State College; President Freshman Class; Intramural Sports; S.C.A. 7V) sail that C ' leve was less lliiin r.ilraordindrii would do him i ross injnslici ' . Finishing llie rei nired mark half a gear earlier than the rest, he took adililioual historg (via eor- resiionilenee). and further got the .iuniii on us hg acquiring a wife and fai ' iilg. Success we ■wish uoii. Cleve. and full mca. ' )- ure of it. Twenty-four ELON COLLEGE Ui ' Tii Faiji: Cr.AUK 70(1 Gr;tli;iin St. Raleigh, X. C ' . A T K Pi Gamma Mu; Secretary Freshman Class; Choir 1; S.C.A.; Senior Cabinet 4; Stu- dent Counci l i; Dramatic Club 4; Honor Roll 2, 3; Chapel Monitor 3; Vesjiers Committee i; Secretary Pi (lamina Mu; May Day 3. llir I ' Vi ' ii iiirsDniiliti nnd nuiui disposition first, attracted Its to n. ' . Since then her er- eelleiil character and ijeneroiis manner haz ' e icon far tier ntanii trne friends. SInilenIs and faeiillii nieni- liers alike have sho ' un their ad- miration 1,11 seleetiiif, her far Mildred Craven Ramseur, N. C. ROB Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; Dramatic Club 1, 2, ; Festival Chorus I, 2. 3, 4; Maroon and Gold Staff 1, 2: Girls ' Athletic As- sociation 2; May Day Festival 1. 2. Yon can ' t fool ns. Craven! We know that l)Iond head and efficacious f rin hide a firain as eapalile of anati zini; difficult situaliiins as it is of producinri Hour ,ncn inimilahle brand of humor. Carefree, and hapi,,, as the doji is lonil. iiou have aiven to fdl some pari of „ " nr jao that oaikis life more xcorth the llv- it,le ' it I, est,. nil i( nal honor Tiicntij-fioe 19 3 9 SENIORS Helex Daii.ky 306 Tarpley St. Burlington, N. C. T Z I Band 3, +, Secretary 4; Cliiiir 3, 4, Secretary 4; Pni-Psi-Ci,i Staff 3; Pan-Hellenic Council + ; Student Christian Associa- tion 3, 4; Commencement Marshal 3. Ihlci, is ilijiriHlahlr lmc ' ii to her fill. I, lit Ihiri ' (tcpiiiilii- hililii sliip.i. for one vever Iniiitc.i chiif those frisky toes II rr II pi III (In next. They may III ' niiiiiiiiii some serious errand, kii pinii lime to some hnml silirliiiii iir happily dancimi iiriiiiiiil ill silver slippers. FuANK X. Donovan 50 Pansy Ave. Floral Park, N. Y. Editor-in-Chief Phi-Psi-Cli ; Sjiorts Editor Maroon and Gold 2, 3, 4; Intramural Bas- liethall 1; Intramural Basehall I, 2, 3, 4; Delegate X.C.C.P.A. 3, 4; Honor Roll. Hail - fellow, to e 1 1 - in e t. rhariirteristieally d e sc r i h e s Frank, i ' rculiar habits, " Rani- hlinii. " mill a i iinkee hroi ne dis- tiniiiiish him. lie rntrrid jinir- nalism in ii hiii -u-iiy his frishmiin year, and his ability has led him directly to rankinij piisiliiins in both Phi-Psi-Cli and ' ' Maroon and Gold. " A toast to Frank: a printer deserriiiy the tiest loe can jirint. Ticenty-six ELON COLLEGE Thomas Si f;xcER Eaki- Milton, X. C. K ' I ' X Dr. Joliiison ' s Literary So- ciety 2, 3; Debating Team 3: Intramural Sports 3, 4; Honor Uoll 2. y .»,»,, ' .v 1,1 isnn nil!i is a IKiiiilid routriidirtimi t,i hlx flamhii red huir. .In even lemprr nnd nn iir refahle out- look on life are hla rather than the fieri temperamental one wight expect. Yet he ' s not a pansive soul — juxt poke one of his pet prejudices and see him rise, ready for whatever comes. Walter Fonvii.i.e Burlington, X. C. :: ! B Delta Psi Omega 2, 3, , President 4; Football 3; Intra- mural Basketball, Football, and Softball 1, 2, 3, i; Dr. .fohnson ' s Literary Socety 1, 2, 3, 4: Pres- ident Student Body 4. Cherri . smilinf . icillinq. he- liuilin,j. ' that ' s U ' allii. lie de- scended upon Eton and im- uiediatclji proceeded to ( ather in some of the most coveted ofjiccs. lie has made a name for himself as president of Delta Psi Omeria and the Eton .Student liodit. Hut the liest thin; aliout Il ' r . is Hint he ' s everi hodi ' s pal. Tiventy-seven 19 3 9 SENIORS Tom Furmess, Jk. 2 Terrace Drive Canton, N. C. K 4 ' N College Band 2, 3; Glee Club; Niiroon and Gold Staff; Intra- mural Basketball and Football ; Dramatic Club. Transfer from Lee ' s McRae Junior College. Here ' s to Tom, the nearest Eton has to silent sophistica- tion! Tom ' s primarily interest- ed ill iiliihisdidiii. sor!iilii( ii. and -a rrrliiiii oi,,.- hut h, finds time to join in siniie of the fun, manuginy, hinccver. to keep that well groomed look — come what may. TOMMIE Ci.WI.OKn Jamesville, N. C. I T K Pi Gamma Mu; Baseliall ' .i, 1-; S.C.A.; Dr. Jobnson ' s Literary Society; Pan-Hellenic Council t; Manager Football 4; ifaroou ,ind Gold Staff 4; Intramural Football 3, 4; Intramural Bas- ketball 3, 4; May Day Festival 3; Cheer Leader 3; Dr. Mes- sick ' s Educational Society 3, 4; S.C.A. Transfer from Camp- hell College. Bolihinii along like ii cork on a lake, with cares and worries tucked out of sight, smiles polished and put out where all may see, jolly thoughts e.v- pressed on all occnsinns, good- will radiated like the xiiii ■ iimi ' ve guessed it! ' I ' liid ' s Tommy! Tiventy-eiijhl ELON COLLEGE jA:Mrs W. ( " iir.r Haw River, X. C. 2 B S.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Intramural Football i; Intramural Basket- ball 1, 2, 3, 4; Intramural Soft- ball 1, 2, 3, 4; Football 3; President Day Students 2; Business Club 2, 3, 4. " There ' s somethiny aboutJEIon that ' s irresistible, " sails he. " And .Jimmy, too. " lee add. We are glad yon found it convenient to visit ns often after conipiet- ing your academic icork. for 7ce like yon much too much lo hax ' e yon. stay awny. Choir 1, 2; Glee Club 2; Intramural Sports I, 3, 4; Pres- ident Senior Class; Senate 4; Honor Roll 2, 3. His likahle manni:- iind un- obtrusive personulity have xvon many a friend for Jesse. He is a hard " worker and milling to do any task, big or small. Js president of our Senior Class, he has led us lhrou, h u ' ilh ft u- iu,i colors. Ticenly-nine 1939 SENIORS ClIARLKS HaMRICK Boiling Springs, N. C. K ' I ' X S.C.A. 3, 4; Delta Psi Omega 4; Dramatic Clul) 8, -t; Cluiir 3, i; Band Director 4.. Transfer from Shenandoah College. Lonff after the shadow of his tzcirliiiff lifiton has vanished and the echo of his nuisir has ceased. fharlieS fame icill liiiacr al Eloii. Ills su ' iii,, hand made hislorii and his versalile per- sonalitii hronr hf forth admira- lion from all xcho had III, phas nre of knoicin;, him. A. W. Haynes 701 South Summit Ave. Charlotte, X. C. Z ! B Choir 1 ; Intramural Football 3, 4; Intramural Baseball 2, 3, 4; Intramural Basketball 3, 4; S.C.A. To essai) eharaeleriuition of A. 11 ' . -would be to describe " I ' niidi " in one sentence, for he iCill not he fitted into one eate- iiorii. Some of evertilhinii net dl of no one thinp — Hint ' s A. W.. and therein lies his Thirl II ELON COLLEGE .1. Pakks IIackni:y Siler City, N. C. Ministerial Association; Christian Association; Dr. Johnson ' s Literary Society. Thh l)!ri fellow tc ' ill be re- wrinhrr,,! 1,11 iiK all tuit for lux (Hitstanilhin nrhlivi minis-, hut fur his .H,a,l,i. xcll-niannired personalUy. 01 ' Bill Shakcs- peare n ave Parker his chance to shine in several local proiliie- tions. Kmma iit Mi DC] III in Holland, ' a Ministerial Assoiiitum 1, J, 3, 4, President +, I)i Jolm- son ' s Literar Societ 1, 2, S, +; Debating ' learn 3, +, Intra- mural Basketball 2, 3. Jlrihirhelli. o II r aspirinii iioinii iiratiir. has for tico i riirs hilil an iniporhinl poslliiin on the (leliatillii liaw. Hirilitlii he has hern hiis i imiintainliiii order In thai aiiimsl assi nilil i. the Sill, I, III Miiilslirliil .Is- sociatioii. Hiiliil -lops- 1,11 nil. he icill ever he one of Eton ' s favorite sons. Thirty-one 19 39 SENIORS Harris L. Hendricks 213 McRew St. Laurinburg, N. C. AHA S.C.A. Cabinet 3, t; Intra- mural Tennis, Football, Basket- ball; Physics Laboratory In- structor ■!•. ! aii want it dour rii ht, spc Harris, for his is that rare ahilitfi to achieve near perfec- tifni without fitss or eoiifusion, anil, hai ' iiifi aehieved it, take iir life .;».s7 where he left off Wilhoii loss of a sir ) ,r thiimihl ill it (ill. Gkorgi; T. Hoi.mf.s Snow Hill, N. C. Honor Roll 2, 3. the less one sat s he a true indication of how much he knows, Oeorge is a veritable en- ei clopedia, for he never says much — that is, not to the r eneral public. But he must have done some lull talkiiifi at one time or another to i il him- self as far alonri as he is. Thirl i-tiro ELON COLLEGE CiinisTiNi: HoiT Kdute 1 Pi Gamma Mu 3, i; S.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Treasurer Pi Gam- ma Mu +; Debating Team 2; Library Staff 3. 4. The deterniiiud icnii in xchii-h nhe attacks everii oiy.itnrti ' . anil, ■we niir ht add, easilji . ' ciirmtnint.i them, reveals a character stronii enrnKjh to withstand the knocks that come, i et jiliahle eninuih to lend readii aid to those less strona than she. Intramural Basketball, Soft- ball and Football; Dr. Johnson ' s Literary Society; S.C.A. Lester is another of those rare individuals who put sfnili first, foremost and fiualli . .hist how he miinai ed to niiike so mnnji friends while st iiiliiiini so diliijentlii. we -wonder, hut evidence cannot he denied, and there arc those scattered over the camiais to l,ear witness that he has Wilde true and liistino friends. Thirt It-Ill rce 1939 SENIORS ..J - ' ' ' i m 2 ' m m -, ! MaXINE HlTXilXS 838 W. 34.tli St. Norfolk, Va. B O I) Delta Psi Omega; Dramatic Club 3, 4; S.C.A.; Commence- ment Play 3; Transfer Chowan College 3. In the brief two years thitt she has been one of its, Maxiiie has acquired the position of No. 1 actress. No matter the role or the play; " straight " or character, modern farce, Shakes- perian rdiiiidy or Greek tragedy. xIk ' .i linn . mid there xeith III! Iiilirprrliiliini tchich In-liiiis .uhiiinilii.ii and a ' ll r i,l.i a,,,,la„sc fra,u hrr aadirnre. l r.ovn CJi:oncii: HirFi-iNi:s Elon College, N. C. I T K S.C.A. Cahhlrr and i s arrei, Fard ai-r a.. ,„„rh a pari af Elon as H ' lv liormilory or llic J ' niy. Personally, he i.s a lypiral .H,i- dent. lakina fan ahmii icilh drudgery and langhhr along tcilh life. 1 ' hirty-foiir ELON COLLEGE GiiAHAM Hunt Oxford, X. C. AHA S.C.A. ; Intramural Sports; Senate -l-; Pan-Hellenic Council 4; Wrestling 3. one didn ' t look, he ' d iirrcr know Graham ichs ahoiil — hf ' s that itna»itnmln(i and quiet. Bnt he U there; rchen thhiffs jireio: hard and the ski .teems lore. Graham ■will pujih both vp a bit and then r o his waij, never wait- iiiff for praise. Alien n: Ishai:i, 11.5 Park ' I ' erract Waterlnirv, Comi Pi Gamma Mu 3, 4, President 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain; Honor Roll 3, 4; Intramural Basketball, Baseball. What can tee sai of him k ih holds high place in everi bodii ' . ' ' heart. ' Not half as much as we ' d like, but let it suffice to saji that his capable leadership has advanced his fame in scholastic as well as athletic circles, and that we give him as he leaves vs sincere wishes for continued success in all that he does. 1 Thirlii-fivc 1939 SENIORS Melvin Eugenia .Tajiks Haw River, N. C. A T K Dramatic- Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2; Home Economics Club I, 2, 3, +, Secretary 2, 3, 4; Englisb Club 1; Pan-Hellenic Council 1, i; Delta Psi Omega; Commencement Play 1, 2, 3; Commencement Marsbal 3; Honor Koll 1, 2, 3; Expression Ccrtiticate Recital 3; Ciirls Literary Society 4. Si)iH!iir . fricndlji. ciiiiiilih ' Mclviii—lio-cc U ' f a I likr hn-! Jiiih iiii from hi-r miitiii tirtivi- tii-s kIk ' h i.s succi-.tsfull ' i illvhiiil her lime hdiccin cmilUui in,l„ : ni,l ,m,kin„ a plan- far hrr.rlf h, rrrr,;l„Hl,i-,- ,.-lr,m. Wii.i.iAM T. Jones Holland, Va. I T K Treasurer Freshman Class; President Freshman Sunday School; Y.M.C.A. Cabin et 1, 2, 3; Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; President Junior Class; Intramural Softball 1, 2, 3, 4; Intramural Football 2, 3, 4; Biology Laboratory Instructor 3, 4. Jim bviirs lh„t fniiimi.i iKini, ' . ■■.I,,,,, ' ...- „n,l If ,„,„ irn„l,l kr. ' p ii i ' ,cilll lliis imrtiriiliir .Iniitx. pn i„n; In In,,;-, , fnr Hill niovr,- icilh alanjiiiiii xp, ' ,(l h, niii.il III arnniiplixJi „ll Ihtll h, ilocs ill Ihi- xliiirl span nf tim, ' wr call a daii. The . »»r»,.v have an iiiviahl,- rrpnialian al Elan— Bill has nul ,,nl,i i,iii,il d it. hnl pn.ihiil il a hil hialiir. Thirtii-six ELON COLLEGE ViXCEXT Kazlow 171-t Boulevard Ave. Cumbola, Peiin. I T K Football 1. 2, 3, +; Baseball 2. 3; S.C.A. +; Dramatic Club 1; Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 4; " E " Men ' s Club 2, 3, I-; Honor Roll. Apte.it of phrases to spread hh fame, ■we choose for VInre th!s: " True to his xcord. his work and his friend — iii all, a perfect gentleman. " S.C.A. Moore wrote, " When hearts are true few words will do " — Ro i took it literallji. A calm countenance anil n soft, infre- i nent voice supplement rather than detract from his intercsl- inii pi rsonalifji. Thirl y-acven 193 9 SENIORS Ei,i ,abi:tii M auk ham Route 4 Durliain, X. C. T Z I ' Home Economics Club; S.C.A.; PMucation Club; Dra- matic Club. Lib is conspicuous for her quietude; however, her favorite extrri-riirriciilnr arfivitlex friul lincvinl the ilraiiiiitii- field ichicli in aiti lhiiin tint ijiiiet. Just lilt her started on this snhjeet unit you ' U soon change your opiniim as to her silent nature. A LBKIIT M ASTKOliATl ' ISTO 103 Divinity Street Bristol, Conn. Delta Psi Omega; Football 1, 2, :i, 4; Orchestra; Glee Club; Art Club; Intramural Base- ball and Basketball; Piii-P.si- Ci.i Staff 2, 3. t; " R " Men ' s Clul , Vice iircsident. Ihi littlr Ilahteest selected a!! his iiiiitto. ■•Nothinii is im- pnssihlr , ' inid pronipthi set ahiuit pruvini it. From the col- lective results won ' t iimi niine that, for one with the iiliilllu and persevereiice iif llii Iliili- teest. -Xiithiii! is impossible " ? Thirty-eight ELON COLLEGE Beatrice Mashbuux Star, N. C. BOB Choir 1. 2. 3. I: Ciium-il 3. +; S.C.A. 3, 4; Cirls Athletic Association 2. Those who have kiwwn her longest love her best. This is the secret of Beaty ' s charm: she herame more interesting, more likable and a more invaluable friend as time moved on. She deserves much of the richness of life, and her friends are con- fident that she will have it. N. W. McInnis M ' est End, N. C. S.C.A. ; Education Club. [iist joii he ahvajis in doing? y. ir. seems to be a shining example that little effort can bring great joj). Everyone may not be able to see it so, but this yonng man believes it and gives his approval by a cheery smile. Thirty-nine 1939 SENIORS Jack Harhki.i. Neese 13 Montgomery Street Reidsville, N. C. K -I ' N Delta Psi Omega; Secretary Freshman Sunday School; Freshman Class President; Sophomore Class President ; Dr. Johnson ' s Literary So- ciety 1, 2, 3, 4; S.C.A. Cabinet 1, 2, 3, 4.; President S.C.A. +; Senate 4-; Piii-Psi-Cli Staff 1, 2, 3; Member State Executive Board of Y.M.C.A. and Y. W.C.A. ' s; Vice President Senate 4. Thi ikiilil " (1 cerfdi 1 brli. rhival roii.i fril, tc. Jack Nees II III- II nil ri III f 11 her him niovii iihinil the rl,i .1 rill) III. shnkil the h rln.-.:ii Kllf ' S. r lit ir hi.i f ■enhliii ' 1, wi l,irk flhiii III. t •I ' ii lhtji r esiiiiiis hllllir 1 fix Ihr Student Chn linn .1 ■miri( fion presiden t. Shii ill II hi inci fate itnthou t siipe .ililiiii . he n ' n fnd.i plefi.iii James Wesley Pakkeh 1530 Barron Street Portsmouth, Va. AHA Pi Gamma Mu; Honor Roll 1, 3, 4; Manager Tennis 2; S.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Treasurer S.C.A. 2; Dr. Johnson ' s Literary Society 1, 2, 3, 4; Vice President Dr. Johnson ' s Literary Society 2; vStudent Senate 2; Orchestra 1, 3. 4; Band 2, 3, 4; Glee Club 2, 3; Secretar.v Sunday School 2; Intramural Baseball 2, 3, 4; Intramural Basketball 4; Intramural Football 3, 4; Com- mencement Marshal 3; " E " ■Men ' s Club, Secretary 4; Busi- ness Administration Club 3, 4; Kducation Club. Jiiiiies Parker. Eliiii ' s m«.s I III riietie .lenior. is ea. n! njiiit- 1 111 III! hifi j) rtjrf coaf. ' i and jiiiniti tien. He nrnteil him- .lelf into the hitrriirii Siieietii. .■.■ iiirtril hiiu.ielf into the - F ' Men ' s dull, hiniin-eil hilii.ielf until the fliinor . ' o . .-uiiil him- self into the ( III Cliil,. mil manaped In he the miinaiier nf the Tennin Team all in four nhort year.i Folly EL ON COLLEGE IjOnsE Plndku 6U Ma|)le Avenue Burlington, X. C. T Z Day Student Association; I ' ransfer Campbell follepe 3. As,nriu,i to he a frmUiUu ' IHiifinifs. Lou i or.i iiirtii-.itl ij nil her search for truth, liriht. iind finntl in ei ' erii Ihhiji. One looks fit h,r jiUo.ied ' rouiifc- lonirr. aiul oiir laiou:i that .•■■he is liiiiliiii in r ondin iiieiisure I hot for whlrh she seeks. HoKACi; Pkxx Uiehland, Georg:ia Transfer High Point College +. S.C.A. Dramatic Cluli. Jlornre hn.i been with us oiilii one i eiir. lint one month xcos inourih to learn to like him anil rearet that II!i h Point, anil not Eton, elainiiil him for herself for three nears. Forty-one 19 39 SENIORS Delta Psi Omega; Mdnmii and Gold 3, 4; Editor Mnroui, and Gold 4; Spring football " 35; Dr. Johnson ' s Literary Society 1, 2, 3, 4; President Dr. John- son ' s Literary Society 4; S.C.A. Cabinet ' 4. Wlui ix Unit illll.osnui Innkhui timllrmrni U ' h,i .■•■Inits ah„iil icith a iKirtfaJid iniilir his anii. ' XolHidji I, lit till iilitar i,f ■■Miirooii mill (lulil " n.iilil iiiiihi- tiiUi .iiirh nil nil- iif hiiiiorliiiirr. Girh- s-hiilii pup fnnii liiliiiiil nil rnniirs nl luiii. xrlinsr simrhliiiii I III ' .-- mill I ' histirliilil iiiinnii ' r imikr him ivi riilmil ii ' k fiiviiritr. John Pugi.isi 5G Dewey Avenue Huntington, Long Lsland, N. Y. I T K Honi r Koll. Silirr nrhiiiil is n pinci- In Irnni mid r rndrs nrr nil liiilirnlioll iif linriiiiiii. nrint pynisi ' should he ill sto ' i-r ' fur .liihiiiiic K ' Ao hns hrii-id Ihniiii h Ehiii. nrqiiir- iiiif II si rill, I of .IS II ml ,1 rrpii- Intinii for rrilinrkidilr pliil- usijphirnl iilillilil. Ill caiipirs with this rimiirkiil.il rirnrd n plrnsiiiii pi rsiiiinlil II mid slii humor. Forty-two ELON COLLEGE RrBV Ethelixe Reynolds Leaman, X. C. T Z I Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3; S.C.A. 1. 2. 3. In yerirs la rome icr jiridicf fnr Ethiliii, u-Ulrxiininl fame for her fihilif) to krep fi root hiail in aiii sittmtioii, ti feat reserved for few. But don ' t think she ' s solemn: those lu ' in- klini lilne eiies liehinil her sjieeks heiie ttni sneh ' assnmp- fion. E. J. Sandersox Xewmarket, Ontario, Canada Ministerial Association 1, 2, 2, 4: Debate Team 2, 3, +; X. C. State Oratory Trophy 3; Pi Claninia Mu; Dramatic Club 4. in neid of ifords for any orrosiun. see Snndi — he hris thini in boundless quantiti . .Ind they ' re good words, too — iiood enour h to luring home blue rihimns. medals, money, and silver loviny rups. Forty-three 19 39 SENIORS Hi;nrv David Satteriiiu.d Prospect Kill, N. C. AHA S.C.A. 1, 2, 3, -t; Assistant Business Department 2, 3, 4; Glee Club 3; Dr. Johnson ' s Literary Society 1, 2, 3; Vice President Senior Class. The itiiln ' f- ' ifinpf lions intniiicr would never lead one to atisiicct that Red is a level-head rd busi- ness man and a crackiiiii-iiood jitterbug, hut he does list these am ng other eijiiallii unsus- pected accomplishmrnts. If he roiild oiili cook! Amos Shelton 70.5 Railroad Street Greensboro, X. C. I T K E Men ' s Club 1, 2, 3, 4.; Foot- ball I, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; S.C.A. 4; Manajter of Wrestling; 1; Intramural Bas- Uetliall 1, 2, ,3. 4. For four ierirs .linos hiis had a shore in ' eIou ' s iilorii. One li ' onders if that hajijiii riinli nli ' d look ronld be the prize he merits for xcorklnfi lonff and hunt for an .lima Mater who prondhi names him as a favorite son. Forty-four ELON COLLEGE .loBDAX A. Sl.OAX Route 2 Sanford, X. C. ADA Dr. Johnson ' s Literary So- ciety; Vice President Class 2; Class Treasurer 3; Senate 3; Pan-Hellenic Council 3; Mem- ber S.C.A. 2, 3, 4; S.C.A. Cabi- net 3, 4; President Sunday School Class. A debate viiyht well he .itai id as to whether Jordan ' s name belongs with the facnltfi or with the Seniors for he so frequently assumes the role of math in- strurlor. He is a (jood teacher, for he has as his prize possession the ahllitii to make people w n-k ,ni l III.,- il. . nxkta Smith Broun Summit, X. C. Home Economics Club 2, 3, 4-; Vice President 4; Dramatic Club 3; Athletic Association 1, 2; Vice President 2; S.C.A. Poise and good humor are characteristics of Anneta. The upturned corners of her mouth express her knowledge of some- thing about something, namely, people. A perfect Uuhi. alwai s; that ' s .hnula: Forty-five 1939 SENIORS Vernon L. Somers Elon College, X. C. ] ' (irL!iir on the (is.iKmiilioit Hint it (hifsii ' t matter hou ' iiini ,l„ it just s„ ifs ilalir ICrll. l-rniun in-orrrils to icork ijiiiillil mill qiiiiklii. tiiniiiiii lip lit till riiihl time icith tin rii lit Ihiiin iliiiir list riiilit. Chaton Stephens (i6 Market Street Hertford, N. C. I T K Iiitraimiral Sports; S.C.A. Till ' iliipper manner and siilitle humor sported by Cra- tnii lire his ways of slwwinp thill he is pleased with his friends, his hick, and the world in i eneral. There is for him a rosii iilinc on all that he siir- vei ' is. mill fur his friends a re- leeliiin of the same here. ELON COLLEGE OxA Makv Stki ' iikxs (JG Market Street Hertford, X. C. A T K Choir 1; Festival Chorus 1, 2; Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3; Sec- retary Student Council +; May Day Festival 1, 2. Vhen rce saij " Polly " we al- ■wai s want to suffii ' anna, " for her helpful and cheery, de- merniiir reminds us constantli of that little miss of fniri tales who nuide eferiixchere she went sunnier ami eferiione she Viet hapjiier. W ' lLKY SiDXKY ' rAVI.OU Aberdeen, X. C. I T K Pi Gamma Mu; S.C.A.; Band 1, 2, 3, 4-; Senate 4; Business Administration Club 3, 4; President 3; Vice President Pi Gamma Mu 4; Dr. Johnson ' s Literary Society 3, 4; Proctor Club House 4; Intramural Football and Softball. Fond parents had an idea that their son would be called Wikji Sidneji Tai hir. but his friends decided different!! . Just •■Sid " suits the droll little fellow much better than the stilted ap- pellation. Known for his abilllii to entertain, he is at his best at sloni-lrllina. Fortjj-scvcn 193 9 SENIORS L « ' — H , 1 " j B ' GWKNDOLYNE PaULA TiLI.MANNS 3035 Park Avenue Bridgeport, Conn. A T K Transfer Sniitli College 2; Delta Psi Omega; Vice Presi- dent Girls ' Literary Society 4; Y Cabinet 3, -1; Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4, President 3, 4; Vice President Council 3, President 4; S.C.A. 2, 3, 4; Co-editor Maroon and Gold 4; Elon CoJonimdes Staff 2, 3, 4; Com- mencement Marshal 3; Com- mencement Play 3. From thf dnt Gzaen hniiii up hi r hat al Elon she has hmi Jodkiil )iiiiin as the iioiinn lialji •ccliii liars ivornthhifi: and she. ili.is it rimarkablii xcfU. laa. Frii ni lii. illiilowallr. and riirr- ailir. shi has hi in ml Idial inisidinl uf Ihr Shiilill Callll- ril. UuFus Underwood Yanceyville, N. C. ADA Dramatic Club 2, 4; Dr. Johnson ' s Literary Society 3; Senate 4; Intramural Sports 3, 4. Thoiiiih his salrwn fare and jiarf iif liis name icaiild have null think Riifns is under some- thin; iir the other, he is literally nil lap iif the world. For some m isliriiiiis reason, things al- icaiis liini out just right for him. Ill iinist have a secret, hilt hr -icon ' t tell. Forty-eight ELON COLLEGE Mary Frances AVai.ker 605 Fountain Place Burlington, N. C. BOB Day Student Association I, 2. 3, 4.; S.C.A. 3, 4; Maroon and Gold 3, i. Business Manager i. Interests in Biirl ' nKjton nc- cup! a larye purl of Marj Frances ' time, and we see her seldom. But present or not, she has snrcessftilly manaflrd the business department of the " Maroon and Gold. " and im- pressed vs with her iiliililn to do her job (jiiirkUi. ijiiii tlii. and efficientUi. Galloway ' ai.ki:r Elon College, X. C. I T K Senate 2; Vice President of Junior Class 3; Cheer Leader + ; Intramural Basketball, Foot- hall and Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Pi Gamma Mu. Gall, ncai , I ' ll ■ virin ■e of a dt. ,sti) pink com plexi ion and h, ■i ht bine eyes. is presented as one of ElonS mo: ■ t hand- so me. Mor ein-er. he ' s a hard li ' i irkimi nm H and has snccess- fn lljl tarki, ■d Ih, ' ■ d. 11 ties as he ad ; c ' dili y ■ and rhr 1 rieader. 11 ' .V . " st as iiiiirh fun to ,1,11. hr mai III aim 1. as i, 1 is lo earrit Ih ( liri: 11. Forty-nine 1939 SENIORS Allkn Watson Morven, N. C. K N Dr. Johnson ' s Literary So- ciety; Transfer High Point Col- lege 3; Intramural Sports. Another one of High Points- Konit arrived here hin Junior year and became one of us, xvhich in adequate ijroof that he in an e.reellenf mixer and palhmak,r. . rHV " i uiet de- jlendaliililii iy notireatilji out- utandinii. JrANiTA Azii.i; Wauoii 10.5 Soutli Mehane Street Burlington, X, C. T Z Tran.sfer Mars Hill 3. Stu- dent Council 4; Commencement Marshal 3; Secretary of Day Students 3; Delta Psi OmegM 3. 4; Cabinet +. " Nita, " to us, is a synoni m fur sineeritij. She takes an ae- rurate interest in dramatics, her sororitu, and ' someone ,lse.- Mux ' siurerrlii she ad- mits she lil.,s la shidu. Finu ELON COLLEGE George Daxiel Webster Elon College, X. C. K Pan-Hellenic Council; Chem- istry Lab. Assistant 4; Day Student Association, 1, 2, 3, i. Georftc h, hi a X ' erif rompJi- mentarii sense, Eton ' s Jack-of- all-trades. If you ran ' t do it yourself let George do it. for he can ■with little niiiuirent effort. Floyd West Enfield, N. C. President Student Govern- ment; Football 3, 4; Baseball 3, 4; S.C.A.; " E " Men ' s Club; Pan-Hellenic Council 3; Pi Gamma Mu; Senate 3. Trans- fer from Louisburg College. Fleet-footed Floyd. This West is a swift -worker, al- ways lending a hand where needed, and a jolly good fellow. As president of the Senate he holds down capably and easily a job that lesser men could not. Maybe that engaging lautth has something to do with it. Fifty-one 1939 SENIORS I icv Mai: Wiugiit Star, N. C. BOB Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, President 4; Secretary of Girls Athletic Association 2; Choir 1; Student Council 4; Proctor 4; B.C. A. 1, 2, 3, 4. No one knows better than the .sick-(i-bi ' ds just what Lncii »(« ■ ' . « liltiny " g ' mornin, " as she brings in her tray, can mean. Somehow aches aren ' t so bad, and pains disappear as she enters and starts her all- too-short morninii chat. The Lnrii .Vr ,-.v „ • the xcorld are in niinitrihi. I nl llii ii fill a major place In life. Dr. ciety. Mo. qniel don ' t him then,: ev,dn sfr tin Myuon Wright 1201 M Street N. V. Wasliington. D. C. I T K Johnson ' s Literary So- t people think Mi ron is a nhji fellow — bnt the just know. ,Tust approach iin the second law of ■I djinamics or creative lion and you ' ll get some (ven bombastic at ninns. lliil let ' s not rsh: he l„v,s beaut, . Fifty-two ELON COLLEGE K. V. ' ' ARBitorr.ii Dunn, X. C. Physics Assistant 3; ilurnon and Gukl Staff i; Phi-Psi-Cli Staff 3; Dr. Johnson ' s Literary Society 1. WnlUr. onr of „in- m!l(l- nitnnnrid fririuls. tii„:tii ' l f ' Xftrtli htiprcnit one as beinff of hur e g!f n!firanrp. But don ' t let hU quiet unnKxnmini nature fool you, for he is one of Eton ' s outstandtni students of science. Sam B. Foi ' suKK, Jr. FJon College, X. C. A IT A Intramural Football 2, 3, 4; Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 4; Intramural Softball 2, 3, 4; S.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Secretary- Treasurer Education Club 4; Vice President Business Ad- ministration Club 3. Sam B. ajipires to a busitiess career sometime in the near future. We predict a rapid ri.T III hiiijhts in any field. Wtiiti he makes no (jreat dis- pliiji of his tasks, they are al- ways done well. You ' ll nivrr find him ai ' oidinn fun. hut you ' ll find he enjoys it k ' Vc i . Fifty-three 1939 JUNIOR CLASS r7«.v.v OlJiccn DUANE VORE President MARY LOU HAYES Treasurer FLOREXE RAY J ' iee Pres ' nieiit EDNA FITCH Secretary Fifh,-fn,n- ELON COLLEGE t. i Nsi ni:i.]: iTz, All HclniMr. . .1, ASKIW, Al.I.KN Ktk KikIuco, N. C. Hasmc.iit. .Iaik IIciMI StnUcs, N. C. Bean, Fkaxces Spencer, N. C. Bi.i ' r:. HrBKHT Ni;i.sf)x Cartilage, X. C. BlCVNXON. HoUACi: Mill Spriiijis, X. C. (ai ' ii.i.ahv. Henry Fr -eiH)rt, Pa. CiiAsoN, Mary Helen Lumber ]?ri(lpe, N. C. ( ' iim.i:, Ci.iiTox Worth Julian, X. C. ( ' c)nr.i:. Aw C ' l.iNi ' : .luliaii, X. C. C ' liNci.ETo.N, James Beveiu.y Stokes, N. C. I)ivi:]is. liu iiMili Maiiti; Stuarl. m. Fifty- five 19 39 JUNIORS Edwahds. .Tf)iix Stantonsburg ' , N. C. Fksjiire. Isaac " IvHN Greenshoro, N. C. FiTcii, Ri NA MriiiKi BurlinptoM, N. ( ' , Fitzgerald, Fern Whiteville, X. C. Fleminc, Arciiii; Grimeslaiul N. C. Florv. Edwix HurcE Georfretiiwn, Oliici FONVILLE, DeH(IV HaNS(IM Burlington, X. C. Fritts, James Lexington, N. C. Fuller. Andrew Wade New Bern, X. C. Gakian, Jake KielnnomI, Va. Garner, Hali ' ii Pre X ewjiort, X. C. Hall, Joseph William Mount Ulla, N. C. Fifty-six ELON COLLEGE Cri-ciiNlicirci. N. f. HAKiuxtn ' ox, Hi;i.i:x Hi.ack Sanford, X. C. Hayks, Mauy Lou Cincinnati, Oliici I Idl ' l- ,MA N. ' l()I.i; ' r (iuAIIAM Hiirlinstnn, N. C. Hoi. I, AND. (imi ' iix .Iami: Sli.-lln-, X. C. Hoi.iANi). Vi:si.i:v C. Trenton, X ' . C. II , Dkhhv C. .M. ' i)Mm-, X. C. U ritiiAiti). I, oris I ' jnvAiiii. .Ik, Faniivillc, -m. H I ' l riNi:s. Ki:.N xktii Klon Collcur, X. C. .Ia.iii:s. ( ' ATiiiaiiNi; {. ' aminii: Slaiintoii. ' a. Jori.ssox. HomaiT Si: rttN l ' " iiquay Siirinns. X. ( ' . .IoNr:s, ( ' ritiis lii-(;iii:s Hurillc Mills, X. C. Fifly-xeven 1939 JUNIORS Jones, Oscar Caul Bolton, N. C. KlNC. W ' ll.IJAM UAI.MUill Giites, N. C. Lkatii. Jl ' NI: FltAXCIS IJurlinKtoii. N. C. Lee, Wai.teu Fini.ey Kocky Mount, N. C. MaI.BON, ErOENE UoitERl Portsmouth, V;t. McCauley. Charles L. Burlington, N. C. McFaRLAXD. I.EKillTON WiLSOX, .Til. Greensboro, X. C. McPhersox, William Steadman Burlington, N. C. Noon. Mautin G. Floral I ' :irk, X. Y. Parker. .Ta.mi:s I.inwooii PortsinouHi, Vm. Peebles, Handoli ' ii Stafford Oxford, N. C. Pilaxu. Ida Mae Suffolk, Va. Ui iii Fifty-e ' Kjht ELON COLLEGE Uav. Hki.kn Florixe KloTi (■(illefic, X. C. Hi;i].. Wii.i.iAM Lynhniok, . Y, i» - ii £,jtm KliiM C ' dllege, N. C. Stdwaut. Wii.maji .M. Dcrit.i, X. C. ■| ' |](..M1 ' SIIN, A .AlllAll Cha Kriiisvillc, X. C. ' ' i[(iMvsiis , tu:iiiuiiA, Mrs F.lun C ' i ncfiV, X. C. Tyscui, FRi:rn)v Xatma (rrffiisljori), X. C. N ' liiii;, Dc ' A.Ni ' : Xattian I ' .Ihm ColleMf, X. C. AI.KDH. XlvSTKK (Jl.llXX Brown Sumiiiit, N. C. Vaiuii:n, DoRciTiiv .St;ilcy, X. f. ' inTi.i:v, I.i.dvii l ' ' .i..ii llif;li Point. . C, S inlnnl, X. C. Fifty-iiiiic -|r)::jQ SOPHOMORE CLASS r «.v.v Officers JOHN HENRY PEARCE President MARY WALKER Sec ret a ry-Treas u rer DOT EDWARDS I ' ice President ELON COLLEGE I MlXi;V. WlNIKIlHl) F.Uin C-ollegp, X. C. KaIK.MI IIT, Il.MlUV (liniSTIK HiclKfWCI.Kl, . .1. BlVINS. Mauv Hillshoro, X. C. lilANKS. .Ini: y„IN(M:ll, .In. Ku.xl.oro, X. C. ISdONE, HkLEN Burlington, N . C. BriTTo.Ms, Hknry Baxter Margarettsville, N. C. BiUNX. WlI.I.IA.M Cl.AJ ' DE Ht-rtford, X. C. liiioOKS, Wesley Hai,l Roxboro, X. C. ]5r(] ' n. Howaki) (Irii:!! C ' li irlottr. X. ( ■. BrsicK. Hi ' .ssem. Farei: Brown Summit, X. C. Caruso, Silvio Wilsox Riverside, X. J. Causey. William (Iarlaxd High Point, X. C. Clarke. Ellis Xi ' some Waverly, ' a. Ci.AVTOR. Mary Boriano HillslKiro, X. C. Coble. Albert ' er, on Burlington, X. C. ( IXil ' ER. XaTIIAX .IosERII Valdese, X. C. Crutciifielu, Moses Greensboro, X. C. Damerox. .Jullv ' uneeyville, X. C. Day. .Ioei. Lee Woodsdale, X. C. DoRN, CiEOROE KnWARI) Winsted, Conn. Eaves. Christine Daniel Henderson, X . C. E] HARi)s. Dorothy Elizabeth Portsmontli, Va. f!irti -n) r 1939 SOPHOMORES Fagan. Ivan Forest City, X. C. Foi ' ST, .Iamks a. (iraliam, N. C. FnAvi,Ki:s, JoriN ' i:si,i:v VaiuTyvillc, . C. Fifi:r:i.ANi). KsTi:i,Lr: Efiaiul, N. C. FiTi.ciiKH, Clayton, .Ih. Atlantic, N. C. Ctarian. Ciiari.ms Ric ' iimonti, Xii. (tarxer. Harry C(»i,i.ins Reidsville, X. C. Gentry, Dwiciiit Lonnie Roxhoro, X. C. CiOonES. Marion ' Hurliiiftton, X. C. CioRnON, DiJRIS Brown Summit, X. ( ' . Hamilton, Rohert Gastonia, N. C, Harden, Ciiaui.es Hevniiiii Graham, X. C. Heatwole, Hi ' rert irki.e Burlington, X. C. Hoi.MES, Evelyn Creednioor, X. C. Hook, Cephts CIarvix Ca])on Hriilgf, W, ' Hook. Jessie Irene Elon College, X, C. Howard, Rohert Lee Hallison, X, C. H(]VI.EMAV. XaNIV Clifton Fortiv, Va. Hurst, Ione Pittsboro, X. C. Inman. Koc.er Winkree. .1 Mount Airy, X. C. Inman, Thomas Grayson Mount Airy, X. C. IsELEY, Allen Alford Burlinfiton. X. C. i.rly-l icrt EL ON COLLEGE .Ia.M1:s. Al.HlvKI ' PoRllAM Koxbori). X. f. .1(111 SSdN, Kssli: WiiulsDi-. Va. Jim NsroN . .Ia.-mks Lek Haw liiv.-r, X. C. .I( [[ NSTDN, .IaMT.S ' aHI) VaiH-eyvilk ' , X. C. Kiirnodm;, Georui: Waliaci: Elon College, N. C. KlVKTTE, CaMILLE Cihsonvllle, N. C. KivE ' rrK. Edxa Biirllngton, X. C. Latghan. Walter Portsmouth, Va. Lawrence, Ci-aude Hayxes Mount Airv, N ' . C. I.AWSdX. (Ji.EXN M (E PortsiiicHitli, Va. I,1:E, FhA.VCES .Jd.NES Virgiliiia, ' a, Lrrc ' iiFiEEi), .Joiix Stuckiiard Aurora, X. C. Lowe. Ear ly Fred. .Ir. Elon C ' ollefie, X. C. Maxoi ' m, AL kii: Hurlintrtiiii, X. C Maxx. Hex William Kii)liiif!:, X. C Ma.x.sfiei.d, Hoy Sanford, X. C. Martix. Houerta Pearle Eagle Hock, X. C Mav. .Ioiin Allen. Jk. Creenslxiro, X. C. McCailiy. I.ox Biu-liiiKtoii. X. C. MfC ' oTTEH. .Joseph CAKs.MitRi: Suffolk, Va. McDade, .Iimmie Pass Hillshoro, X. C. Mc ' DrH ' IE. . lUERT CiLEX.N West End, X. C. f i.rlii-lhrnc 1939 SOPHOMORES Mi;aciii ' M, James Roukiit Morven, X. C. MlKlRI:, Osc ' Aii Daui.tiix Bui-liiigton, X. C. iMiimiA.N ' iiu,T Kbitz CiihsdTiville. X. C. Xash. Mahc.aret Klciii College, X. C. NnwTON. Elizahktii Lyon Jupiter, Fla. Pack, Helen Elizadetit Burlington, X. C. I AUK ' i:it. C ' llAUEIE Portsmouth, Vii. Peahce, John Henrv Suffolk, Va. Pennington. Margauet Teagi ' X ' ew London, X. ( ' . o ' r ' rER. KnwAitn Hei(ufort, X. C. PovvEi.L, Harold Lloyd Morganton, X. C. Piiwi:ll. Si!irli:y ' Madeline Xorfolli, Va. Pi{rri ' iM:TTE. Mary Elizabeth Elon College, X. C. Qi ' Ackenbusii, Joy- Belle Graham, X " . C. Rawls, Charles Holland Suffolk, Va. Ki:cnpii, J(JS]:] ' ]|, Ju. N ' akie.se, X. C. Register, Kenneth Sanford, X. C. Richardsox, Allan H(» rd Silver Springs, Md. RiERsoN, Mary Gib.sonville, X. C. RiGNEY, ViNEY SliE Elon College, X. C. Rogers, James Franklin Mebane, X. C. RoiINTREE, LlLLIE (iibsonville, X. C. Siify-foiir ELON COLLEGE Hi 1)1), HrRi,i;v ' l iiu-cyville, X. C. KiMi.iv. .Tajiks Kli.M folU-gi-, X. V. UlSSKI.I.. WlI.SDN- Dotr.i.AS Hoxbiir.). X. C. Mll lli. r;l I.INCTDN MlII I ' ortMiiDiith. Va. SiauiisT. Paii. Difxel, X. C. Smith, Edward Haw liiver, X. C. 1.11 H. Koss I.KA BurKiifiton, X ' . C. SrKPHKNSON UoBFRT HuC.II Severn, N. C. SxrwAiiT, David CARi.ro SiiiiiiiuTfifId, X. C. Stdkks, Martha Carolina l.fxiiif. ' t(iii, X. C. Taviok Eari.i: C. Harrisburg, X. C. ' Ikiitt, HoiiKKT Vi:si,i:v Cr.-eiisliori), X. C. I ' vsDN. . rcmii: Reid Stokfs, X. C. ' ani i:hiord. Mabii: Hurlinpton, X. C. Wai.kih, W. T. H row 11 Suiniiiit, X ' . C. Vai.ici:ii, Mahv I.icwis Mrown Summit, X ' . C. Wai.kku, X ' anxik Viroixia Elon College, N. C. Vai,ti:rs. Ciiari.es Maniiv, .Ik. BiirliiiKtoii, X. C. W ' iSTMORKI.ANI), .loilX SoMEH.S Cibsonville, X. C. Wii.KiNsox, Jack HiiOAni ' s I ' ortsmoutb, Va. Wii I lA.MSox. James . riiiik liaeford, X. C. W ' kioht. Cii.ADVS 1{i:e star, X. C. Sixty-lire 1939 FRESHMAN CLASS (Vfl.V.V Offic, STEVE ALLISON LIB ARMFIELD President Secretary CHARLES DONATO JACK BOONE Vice President Treasiirer ELON COLLEGE Aliernetliy, Taliiiiuljie, Mfliaiir, X. C. Alirur, Hazi-I, liurliiiflton, X. C. Allisdii, Mclviii Leslie, Hillsboro, N. C. Aiulerson, Frances, Haw River, N. C. Anderson, James, Burlinjjton, X. C. Anderson, Uutli, MeLeansville, N. C. Apple, Pauline, Klon Collefie, X. C. Apple, Kipton DixDn, Jr., Clreensboro, X. C. Archer, John William, Greensboro, X. ( ' . Armfield, Klizabeth Grace, Leaksville, N. C. Austin, Henry Marshal, Jr., Albemarle, X. C. Avent, Jenie Douglas, Burlington, X. C. Ayscue, Perry Lee, Henderson, N. C. Hagley, Joseph Henry, Jr., Suffolk, Va. Barney, John Willis. Klon College, X. C. Baynes, Byrdean. Heidsville, X. C. Bell, Earl Edward, Portsmouth, Va. Bell, Edna Mae, Burlington, X. C. Hell, .lohn Hrnce, Warrenton, X. C. Best. Mildred. Knlield. X. C. Black. .loyci- Kdith. Burlington. X. ( ' . H(jone, Hobert I .ee, Portsmouth, Va. Kradlcy, Charles Davis, Lillington, X. ( ' . Hradsliaw, Floyd Ben.iamin, Suffolk, Va. Brav, Dorotiu Louise. Xorfolk. ' a. 1939 FRESHMEN Urijigs, William Holt, Greensboro, N. C. Brown, Anderenii, Klon Collefte, NT. C. Hryan, Celeste, Hurlington, N. C. liry.in, C ' nrry K., Jr., Charleston, S. C. linncli, Jolni Sevier, Arlington, ' a. Uurton, I), v.. Jr., Keidsville, N. C. Burwell, J. V., ,Ir., Rural Hall, N. C. llyruin, John Krskin. Jr.. Charlotte, X. C. Carroll, Margaret .fuanita, Keidsville, X. C. Casey, John Stewart, Clifton Forge, Va. Chase, Dorothy, Fremont, X. C. Cla]!]), John Boyd, Clreenshoro, X. C. Clarke, John Vernon, Snow Camp, X. C. Clayton, Julius I.ee, Danville, ' a. Coble, Jo.sei)h Holliday, Snow Camp, X. C. Cohle, Worth Dewey, Jr., Burlington, X. C. Comer, Claude Valentine, Keidsville, X. C. Conehy, Alma, Washington, D. C. Cooper, James Roy, Sanford, X. C. Coi ' liii, James Elbert, Burlington, X. C. Corbitt, Sara Margaret, Sunbury, X ' . C. Corey, David A., Jamesville, X. C. Cox, Kdna, Sanford, X. C. Craft, Maurice Montague, Jr., Xorfolk, Va. Daher, Bernard George, Bridgeport, Pa. Davis, Frances, Klon College, X. C. Sixty-eUiht ELON COLLEGE Day, Dorothy Mocile, RurliiiKton, N. C. Dealt " , Ru)Hrt Edward, Aurora, N. C. Dean, Mildred, Wendell, X. C. Dixon, Margaret Dedie, Clraliani. X. f ' . Dolibs, Hazel White, Slienandoah, :i Donate, Charles, Waterbury, Conn. Eshelman, Anne Marie, Everett, Pa. Evans, Katliryn, Hurlinjiton, X ' . C. Fann, Wilmer, Elon College, X. C. Faulk, Pattie Belle, Mount Olive. X. C. Felton, Margaret Edith, Irvington, X ' . J. Fleming, Sylvester, Grimesland, X. C. Flythe, I.okie Milton. Conway, X. C. Folger, Robert Cleve, Dobson, X. C. Fonville, Doris Lee, Burlington, N. C. Ford. Glenwood Colbert, Portsmouth, ' a. P ' orehand, John Thomas, Portsmouth, ' a. Forlines, Sara Elizabeth, Virgilina, Va. Foushee, Jack, Elon College, X ' . C. Fowler, X ' ancy, Mebane, N. C. Fowler, Virginia Mae, Burlington, X. C. Franklin, Minnie Mae, Stem, X. C. Franks, .laek William, Elon College, X ' . C. Krazier, Frances Margaret, . shelioro, X. C. Freeman. Xolle ■irginia. Charlotte. X. C. Friedman, Sanford, Greensboro, X. C. Sixlij-iiiiic 1939 FRESHMEN Fulcher, Edna Leone, Norfolk, Va. Garber, Harold Hawthorne, Clifton Forge, Vii. Gardner, .lack, Portsniovitli, Ohio Gilliam, Frederick Kcene, Elon College, X. C. Goode, Grace, Virgilina, Va. Hamm, Alvln, Henderson, N. C. Harper, .Joseph John, Koute 1, Whitakers, X. C. Harrington, Cornelius Mildred, Merry Oak, N. C. Hatfield, Maxine, Shenandoah, Va. Hawkins, Betty, Burlington, N. C. Hayden, Vernon B., Portsmouth, Va. Hayes, James W ' illiard, Godwin, N. C. Hayworth, Mary Sue, Asheboro, N. C. Henry, Angle, Portsmouth, Va. Herritage, .lames William, Trenton, X. C. Heritage, Thomas Price, Burlington, X. C. Hiatt, Mary, Burlington, X. C. Hilliard, Williani Xathaniel, Cary, X. C. Hobljy, .lulian, Hurlington, N. C. Hobson, W. I,., Jr., Ramseur, X. C. Holden, John Staley, I.ouishurg, X. C. Hopkins, Josepli Howard, Arlington, ' m. Hopkins, Margaret, Hampton, ' a. Houston, Margaret, Kenansville, X. C. Hoyt, Betty, Walpole, Mass. Huffstetler, William Harvey, Haw River, X. C ELON COLLEGE J j Humble, Vifla, I.ilierty, X. C. Hunter, Marjorie Hose, Kloii College, X. C. Ir. ' bnul. Kloise, Kluii College. X. C. .leiikiiis, Herbert. Maiden, X. C. .Icnnette, Mary, Calypso, X. ( ' . .lolmson, Henry Harden, .1 r.. Mount Airy, X. C. .Lines, Charles I... Jr., Creensboro, X " . C. .lones, .Idlni, Klon College. N. C. Kearns, Mozelle, Asbeboro, X ' . C. Kearns, Jewell Klizabetb, Asbeboro, X. C. King, Mahlon Haynes, Asbeboro, X ' . C. King, Paul, Klon College, X. C. Kravit ., Isidore, l!.-lniar, X. J. I.aekey, Iniogene, .Shelby, X. C. I„ius, Hubbard, Hillsh(.ro, X. C. I.eifer, Martin. Xew York, X. Y. I.ightbonrne, .lames Horn, Jr., Burlington, X. C. I.iles, Tliomas. Charlotte. X. C. I.illey. Kvelyn. Williamston. X. C. L.Mig. Helen. Klon College, X. C. Koo)u-y, William, Roeky Mount, X. C. Mallo.v, Cormae .Joseph, l ' hiladel))hi,i. I ' a. Martin. Carl, linrlington. X. C. M.Lxwell, Harold F... Kaleon. X. C. .M.iynin-. V. ().. .Ir.. .Ml. (lilead. N. C. .McDadc, . Iar Kuth. Hillsboro. N. C. Scvoit y-uiw 1939 FRESHMEN McDade, Millard, Burlington, N. C. Mctiee, William Hardin, Germanton, N. C. Mc-Gimgan, Dcirutliy, Lumber Bridfic, N. C. Mclntj re. Hazel Anne, Greensboro, N. C. McPherson, Grace, Snow Camp, N. C. McPherson, Sarah, Liberty, N. C. Mebane, Katherine, Yanceyville, N. C. Milvin, George, Portsmouth, Va. Messiek, Turner Paul, Burlington, . C. Michael, Graham, Kernersville, X. C. Milbury, Wilmot A., Frenehtown, X. .1. Miller, Pansy Maude, Mount Airy, X. C. Morgan, Ogburn Lee, ?:ion College, X. C. Morton, John, Altamahaw, X. C. Murphy, June Paige, Suffolk, Va. Xeal, Virginia Lee, Winston-Salem, X. C. Norris, William Henry, Burlington, X. C. Owens, Spencer, Portsimnith, Va. Paniplin, Douglas H., Clifton Forge, Va. Petrie, Clarence Wesley, Lenoir, X. C. Phillips, Claire, Burlington, X. C. Pliillips. Marvin. Aslielioro, . C. Piberg, Millard, Klizalielh. . .1. Poerschke, Paul, I ' ittshurg. Pa. Pollard, John Franeis, .Ir., ( Irccnslioro. X. C. Price, Paul, Kllenhoro, X. C. Hevvnly-iwo ELON COLLEGE Pritcliett, .Fames, Elon Collefte, N. C. I ' rogar, Albert Joseph, Springdalc, Pa. Hascoe, Emma, Heidsville. X. ( ' . Hascoe, Marian, lieid.sville. X. C. liiiutli. William, Arlington, Va. Hawls, Marcella, Suffolk, Va. Uawls, ' I ' ra is Murray. .Jr., W ' rona, X. C. Hliyne, Brice. -Mcxaiider, ' a. Rich, .Juditli Parker, Xewport Xews. Va Hoaeli, Julia, Snow Camp, X, C. Hochellf, Talmadnc Vernon, AslH-h iro. X. C. KollinK-s, J. S., Jr., Suffolk. Va. Sauer. Edward, Bellevue, Pa. Sehwoh, Helen, Orlando, P ' ia. Seymour, Franee.s, Alamance, X. C Shar)), H. Warrinjiton, Portsmouth, X. C. Shaw, Edward, Rosemont, Pa. .Sigmon, James V.. Xewton, X. ( ' . Slaughter, Frances, Ciraham, . ' . C. .Smith. .Mary Eliza, Rockingham, X. C " . Snead, . nn, Burlington, X ' . C Soniers, Lester Irvin, Burlin;;li n. X. ( ' . Somers, Lucille, Elon College. X. C. Spenee, Royall Herman. .Ir.. Burlington. X. C. Spcncc. William David, .1 r.. Trenton, X. C. Siirinkle. li.iy, . rlington, ' a. Seventijtiiree 1939 FRESHMEN Stallings, David. Durliain, X. C. Steinitz, Frank, Irvinfitoii, . J. Stephens, Lila lUidil, Hertford, N. C. Steverson, EnDcli Benjamin, Portsmouth, ' ii Straughn, Arline, Slier C ' it -, X. C. Sutton. Millard, liurlington, X. C. Thomas, Charles Cecil, Joneshoro, X. C. Thompson, Polly, Suffolk, Va. Thorburn, Walter Bruce, High Point, X. C. Tingen, X ' ell, Burlington, N ' . C. Troxler, Irvin, Burlington, X. C. Utt, Claude Kenneth, Winston-Salem, X. C. Van Lear, Charles, Clifton Forge, Va. Wagoner, Mont Claire, Brown Summit, X. C. Walker, John, Burlington, X. C. Ward, Floyd, Clifton Forge, Va. Weant, William, Salisbury, X. C. Webster, Elsie Mae. Burlington, X. C. White, Harold, Burlington, X. C. Wickline, Cecil, Clifton Forge, ' a. Wilkins, Luther, Suffolk, Va. Willard, Paul, Forestville, Conn. Williams, F.hner, Kichmond, ' a. Wilson, Louise, Lemon Sjirings, X . C. Wise, Henry B., Xew])ort Xews, Va. Wyrick, Hosea, Burlington, X. C. fteventy-four Mary Bivins Emil SiKIWll IV W End Gaki.anij Caisdv Bi:.v IIukst Tarkle Tiirkh Jamks Khitts Ciiaiii.ii : Do.vATi Guard Tc rklc Jack- Booni: Jhilf Bach FOOT The 1938 football season for Eloii will not f o down as the most snccessful in history, but it will go on record as one of the most thrilling and one which will long be remembered. The Cannonade once again soared to the top of the North State Conference, a position it had relinquished but once in eight years. The spotlight this time was, however, shared with Catawba; and although a post season game was sought to play off the tie, none was played. The gridiron campaign was also featured by four non-conference games, one of which was an inter-sectional encounter that carried the Christians above the Mason-Dixon line to Philadelphia. The record of five wins, three over conference foes, and two over non-conference; and three losses only, one of which was to a conference team, is one of which any school might well be proud. Coaches Hendrickson and Powers had at the beginning of the season only six regulars around whom they were to build their team. They were: Captain Archie Israel at center; Horace " Goat " Brannon, guard; Ben Hurst, tackle; Art Lea, end; Amos Shelton, quarterback; and Joe CJolembek, full- back. As time for the first game rolled around " Jaybird " Fritts, guard; CJarland Causey, tackle; and Wellington Saecktr, end: had won the other starting berths on the line. ' iiice Kazlow and Leroy Pones copped the two open positions in the backfield. Other linemen who performed well during the season were : ends, Emil Showf ety, John Henry Pearce, Jack Gardner, Charles Van Lear, Bill McGee, Bill Weant, and Lloyd Whitley; tackles, " Bird eggs " Palantonio, " Rebel " Shaw, and Charlie Donato; guards, Curry Bryan, Joe Bagley, Archie Israel Captain Seventy-six BALL Jot- }51aiik.s. Rol)trt Dullinatr. Glt-ii I ;nv.soii. Douu ' Pampliii, Millard Pilierg. Al Progar. and Douglas Rvisst-ll; centers. Jack Wilkerson. Hubbard Laws, and Floyd Ward. Backfield replacements were: .Jack Boone, Charlie Pittman, Beriiie Daher. Steve Allison, .John Casey, " Squat " Garner, Walter Lauglin. Wilmoiit Millniry, John Bunch, Ed Sauer. Roy Sprinkle, Bruce Thorhurn, and Floyd West. The season did not start off as well as was hoped. The Keydets of ' irginia Military Institute proved too strong for the Cannonade and hung a stinging 33 to 7 defeat ujjon them. Dismayed not the slightest by this setback, the Maroon and Ciold eleven came back the following week with a 40 to d victory over the High Point Panthers. October 1 saw Elon colors flving over Philadelphia, where the second defeat was suffered; this time at the hands of Lasalle Explorers, to tin tune of 13 to nothing. After a week ' s rest, the Christians started out anew and garnered a 14 to (i win over the Lenoir- Rhyne Bears. Playing under the arc lights in the beautiful Greensboro Memorial Stadium. Elon avenged its lone defeat of the previous season by eking out a 7 to 6 decision over the Appalachian Mountaineers in the most thrilling game of many a season. It was up in the Tidewater section of Virginia that the Cannonade played its best br and of ball all year and walked off the field with a 1 9 to nothing victory, this time at the expense of the Naval Apprentice Shipbuilders. The most crushing disapjjointment was received the following week when for the first time in ten years the Catawba Indians were the victors in a gridiron contest witii Klon. The final score IliniACi: " HoRsi; " HKsniiuKsox II ■ ,(! Coiirh ■i ' d.M " Mc, " I ' inviiH .lssl.sl„,ll C,„irh Fi.civn Vi:sT fiiAKi.ii: Pittman llnlf Hark Half limk ViXCK Kazi.ow Hokack Bka.snon Full Ihirk diiiird Amos Shkitox Art 1.i:a QiNirtir ll,irk liiiil Lkrov FoXKf Half Hack Serriit] :irprn FOOT McdKtt c was 20 to 6 ill favor of Catawba. Playing in a veritable sea of mud, the Davis- Elkins Senators were virtually drowned by a 6 to notliing score in a game which will never be forgotten by anyone who sat through the torrents and witnessed it. The season was brought to a close with the annual Turkey day classic with Guilford. Elon again bad tlic advantage and wound uyi a very brilliant season with a 19 to nothing victory. Post season awards were aplenty, so far as Elon was concerned. For the second year in a row. the Cannonade dominated the voting for tlie all-conference team and four wearers of tlie Maroon and Gold were placed on this mythical team. Archie Israel recognized for not only bis playing ability, but his leadership qualities, too, was for the second successive year chosen to center this team. Art Lea, a Staiuliii, . It ft to riiilil : .lack 11, ...nr Slielton, and Lee Fones. Kiici ' Uiui: Wellington Saei-Uir, (iarljiiul ( ' :uise Hrannon, Archie Israel, C ' urr ' liryaiit. ami -Art Le Ciiileinhek, Viiice K Ben Hurst, II( Hevpnty-riciht BALL sterling end for two years, was elected a flank positimi. 15rii Hurst, who jjlayetl three years of brilliant football, held down a tackle bertii. Big Joe (jolembek re- ceived the fullback position, and was the onlj ' sophomore on this all-star aggrega- tion. James Fritts and Garland Causey, two men who will he counted on heavily next year, received guard and tackle positions of the second all-conference team; as did Vince Kazlow in the backfield. After a state-wide vote conducted by the Greensboro Daily Sexes, final tabulations saw Joe Golembek winning the fullback post on the all-state eleven. There are two factors which make this achievement very remarkable. Joe was the lone sophomore on the team, and the only member of a North State aggregation to gain such an honor. Archie Israel trailed Duke ' s all-American center, Hill, and jiolled second honors for the pivot job. A most splendid way to conclude a brilliant four yiar football career. In true Elon tradition, the annual football banquet sounded the official finals to an extra fine season. Highlights of this auspicious occasion were tlie awarding of gold footballs to the graduating members of the grid squad, and the election of Art Lea of High Point as captain of the 1939 team. ,53 ,. 88 ,, 61 - , 84 ,.70 « , 63 56 88 , 34 A i .S(,)t-AI) ffcvenlji-iiini BASKET David " Shorty " Cokey Frank Stf.ixitz Lincoln Manzi w. l. horsox " Moose " Kravitz S. Claude Lawrence Homer Sprinkle Basketball eiitliusiasts were jjrovided with a liijilily interesting- season ilnriiii;- 19:58 and 1939. The cannonading Christians wound up their campaign with an enviable record of nineteen wins against six defeats. Two of the defeats, liowever, were suffered at the hands of the High Point Panthers who garnered the championship from the L ' roon and (iold quintet. Captain Ike Fesinire led the locals throughout the entire season, and was very ably assisted by sophomore John Henry Pierce and three freshmen: Lincoln L-inzi, .lack (iardner. and L x BALL " Iab " AllMl ' IKI.D .John Henry Pierce " Fibbek " McGee LocKiE Flythe Jack Gardxer DoiG Moss Max Zivith Zivith. Lloyd Whitley who was counted on to carry the brunt of tlic Elon attack was out for the greater part of the season due to illness. Others who performed very well, show sjrcat ])roniise for future years. They are: Hobson, Flythe, Moss, Causey, Kravitz, Mc(ne, .Sprinkle, Lawrence, Deale, and Steinitz. Post season awards were received bv .Jack Gardner, a freshin.an fn;ni Portsnioutii. Oliio. wlio. besides being |)laced on tlie niytliie.-il all-coiiferencr team, was tlie rrei|)irnt of tlie annual I ' ix award. BASKET a lioaiitiful white sweater with a large block " E " wliieli is given eacli year to the plaver voted the squad ' s most outstanding jjerfornier. Leading scorers for the season were Jack Gardner witli 201 points. Ike Fesniire. 163. and ,Tolin Henry Pierce, 135. BASKETBALL SCHKOULE 1939 Elon 50 McCrary 40 Elon 38 Morris-Harvey 42 Eton 27 Apprentice 32 Elon 47 Randolph-Macon 41 Elon 3.5 Catholic Univ. 32 Elon 42 McCreary 34 Elon 33 Roanoke 4() Elon 40 E.C.T.C. 20 Elon 41 I enoir-Rhyne 36 Elon 22 Appalachian 47 Elon (il Guilford 17 Elon 41 , . Lenoir-Rliyne 20 ]ji-f1 til liiiht : Link Maiizi, .lack t;ar ln(T, .loliii Henry Pierce, !J e Fesniire, and Lloyd Wliitley EUihhj-hro BALL Ike Fesmire Captain Joe Hardison BASKETBALL SCHEDULE- 1939 -Coiiliniiid Elon 50 W.C.T.C. 30 Elon 47... Catawba 34 Elon 34. High Point 47 Elon 39 A.C.C. 24 Elon 38 E.C.T.C. 31 Elon 40 A.C.C. 19 Elon 42 Catawba 21 Elon J8 Appalachian 38 Elon 76 Guilford 24 Elon 30 , . High Point 45 Elon 32 W.C.T.C. 28 Ellon 45 W.C.T.C. 41 rnTTT n fX a r- — ri (- r). . (H A!) F illliljl-lhr BASE Steve Castura rhhd Base ,(()c Hardison Rhlhl F!,l l Jack Gardner First Base Kii Siuu-r Left FieUl Kinil Showfety Venter Field Diamond doiiifis this Vfar promised to be ultra fine. Early season workouts unearthed one of the best balaneed outfits this institution has seen in many a year. It boasts a mound department headed by Captain Andrew " I)oi)ey " Fuller, one of the leading college pitchers in this section. Herbie Jenkins, R. 1). Ap])le, and Bob Hamilton were also expected to share the hill duties. The infield was tentatively set with Jack Gardner at first, Lee Fones at second, Ed Sauer at third, Kenny Beaman at short, and Homer Sprinkle utility. The outer garden spots were going to be patrolled bv such famous fence busters as Emil Showfety, F ' rank Steinitz, Freddy Tysor, Joe Hardison and Hobson. Amos Shelton, playing for his fourth straight year, was going to handle the major portion of the catching. Al Progar and Steve Castura, a freshman, expected to see plenty of action behind the plate. Others vying for positions were pitchers: Abernathy, King, Zivith. and Craft; infielders : Bernic Askins; outfielders; Allison, and Daher. l-- " ««--» ' " • s- SQUAD Eiuh Ill-four BALL 9 1 1 1 1 j E nl i ■ W - IK »f ' " » Travis Rawls .U ' ;K. „-r W. I,. Iliihson .s7; " - Slop Andrrw " DoiH-y " Fuller Maurice Craft r;i,tni„ I ' itrhrr BASEBALL — 1939 Elon — Colby Elon — Duke Frank Steinitz Center Field Elon — Ohio Elon— Guilford Elon — Michigan f lon — Guilford Elon— High Point Klon— Atlantic Christian E ' .on— High Point Klon— Hizh Point Elon — Lenoir-Rhvne Klon — Lenoir-Rhvne Elon — Guilford Klon — Lenoir-Rhvne Malildii King: Klon — Lenoir-Rhvne I ' ilrhi r Klon — Hish Point Klon — Catawba Klon — Catawba Elon — Atlantic Christian AllH-rt Profi-ar Elon— Atlantic Christian Cnlrhir Klon — Western Carolina Elon— Catawba El..n— Catawba R. D. Ai i)le I.etty Alicrnatliy B.ih HaMiilt.m I ' llrlur I ' ilchir I ' iltlur Eiilhtji-five TE] IS C ' lun-lic PittiiKiii Tlif Kloii Ttiiiiis tc.-iin for till ' Sjiriiig ' st-ason of ' . ' 59 is lookiiiii forward to a rt-al season of tennis with a most (iifficult seliedule ahead of tlieni. Under tlie e;ii)ahle leader.sliip of Charlie Pittman as student eoaeli and Vincent Kazlow as manager the team is rapidly getting in sliajje. The personnel of the team as it now stands appears to he Bruee Flory at the No. 1 position with Kiigene Malhon No. 2, Charlie Pittman No. . ' 5. Jimmie Light- Left to ririht: Uruce Flory, CMuirlie Pittman, Gene Malhon, .lohn liar Mcy, Lloyd Whitley, and Vince Kazlow. Eighty-six TEAM Gene Mallion John Barney Llovd Whitley Bruce Flory bourm- No. t, I.loyd ' hitl ■y No. .5. and John ]5arnfy No. ( . In the Doubles Conil)ina- tion.s are Pittnian and .Mallioii at No. 1 and I ' lory and Lii ' litboiirni at No. 2. Tilt ' team is lookinn ' forward to a tri)) Soutii durinn ' tilt- S])rins; ' holidays wlu-ii they will meet .some of the outstanding schools and unixersities and goini; as far South as Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida. The team has also scheduled such ))rominent schools as American U. from ' ashi i ■- ton. L ' niversity of Newark from Newark, New Jersey, and Colby College from Maine. The N(U ' th State Conference Chanipionslii]) which the FJon Tennis team has mono))- olized for the last four years will be at stake this year, and the team is concentrating its efforts on the threatening teams of (iuilforil and Lenoir Rhyue. I ' Dr the p.ast five years FIoii has been undefeated in the confereiu ' i- and in the i)ast three years, out of a total sched- ule the team has lost 1- ' out of 80 matches played. Eii hh ' ncvcn Girls Athletic Association EvKi.vN Holmes Makgaret Cabrol Allele Henry, Virginia Neal, Whitey Dobbs, Emma Ilascoe, Mildred Har- rington, Hutli Anderson, Berdine Bavnes, and Doris Farmer. ■I ' lic " lirs t nine " and a few more ready to l asli off a fe ' .V innii ngs ol baseball. Eighty-eicjUt MO .ELLE KkARNS VlHGIXIA FrEEMAX Sarah Froi.ixes Frances Lee Minnie .Mae Fkankiin June Murphy Mary Bivixs Marcella Rawls Arlix ' e Sthaughx Lib Armfield ICiyhlij-fiiiie The Girls Athletic Assoeiation. under the .sui er isioii nf Mrs. Leiie Heiidrickson, promotes the healthful atiiletic recreational activities of the campus girls liv partici- pating in various intramural sports, gym classes, and May Day exercise. The sports offered are: volleyball, shuffle-board. i)ing-pong. basketball, archer} , tennis, horseshoes, baseball, badminton, and folk-dancing. A keen interest has been shown by all and there has been good entertainment and wholesome exercise. Mrs. Hendriekson was very ably assisted by Miss Evelyn Holmes throughout the year. Ninety ' r A i STUDENT GOVERNMENT Walter Fonville, President of Studeiii Ilixli Ninety-two Student Government Officers SENATE Flovu West Jack Neesk Prrxidfiii T fc Prcs ' idcut Curtis Joxes Moses CRrTCHKiELi) Secretary Treasurer Graham Hunt Charles Donato Walter Fonville Mahlon King Charles Walters Sidney Taylor Jessie Harrington Rufus Underwood COUN ' CIL f; VEXDOLVXE TlLLMAXXS BEATRICE MASinURX Prrsideiit Vice President OxA Marv Stephens Mary Walker Secretary Treasurer Ruth Page Clark Mary Ruth McDade Mary Claytor Dorothy Warren Roberta M.-irtiii Juanita Waiiuli I.uev Mae Wriniit Ninety-three Senior Cabinet of S. G. A. Jack Neese President James W. Parker Christine Eaves Dot Edwards Evelyn Holmes Ruth Page Clark .Tunc Leath Florine Rav Secretary-Treasurer Nathan Cooper Helen Boone Roberta Martin Irene Hook Sam B. Fouchee Edith Brannock Hall Brooks James L. Parker Vice President James Rogers Jimmy McDade Tom Perry Clwen Tillmanns Mary Walker Juanlta Waugli Junior Cabinet Kenneth Utt President Tal Rochell Vice President Mary Ruth McDade Sara Forlines Frances Fraizer Minnie Mae Franklin Secretary-Treasurer Henry Wise Margaret Felton Cecil Thomas Marian Phillips Mahlon King Susie Hayworth Lib Armfield Ninetji-four The Band Charles Hamrick was this year ' s student-director of the Elon College band. This organization played an important part in many of the college ' s function. Led by drum major Evelyn Lilley, the Maroon and Gold clad musicians made a striking picture during the halves of football games. They also performed at the basketball and baseliall games, and gave several special concerts during the year. The Orchestra Something entirely new made a very favorable impression on the Elon campus this year. This was the college orchestra under the leadershi]) of Charlie Hamrick. The boys achieved the tiling tliat tiny all were striving for — that is. a good dance band. They i layed for tiic fraternity and sorority ))arties besides fnltilling many outside engagements. The personnel includes: Howard Brown. Louie Huliliaril, Tonnny Heritage, .lummy Parker, Ben Steverson, .Jinnuy Lightbourne, Huddy Haydtii. (Iiarlie Ham- rick, Bob Truitt, John Pollard, Al Mastro, and Fred Oilliam. Ninety-five ' C Dr. Johnson ' s Literary Society Tom Perrv J. P. Hackxkv Prrnidf-iit Sccrptari Natliaii Cnoper Dwight Gentry Henry B. Wise Carl Martin Roy Mansfield Jinimie Rogers James L. Parker Jimmie McDade Jack Neese Wesley Holland E. Hedpebeth Tal Rochelle James W. Parker Jack May Kenneth Utt Clifton Michael Henry Capillary Horace Brannon Charles Thomas Sil Cruso Julius Sheiiherd Robert Meacluini Horace Pcnn Bill Hillard W. F( )nvi lie .Y ) ' „,, foil, ■aphnl Hall I?rn„ks V. T. Walker Vincty-xiT NaNCV I.IK IldLYMAN KsSIK I.Itll.I.K .lollXSOX .MaHY KrilKNIA BlVINS -Maeui; .Manchm Prc.ihliiit 1 ' lrc Prcuhlint Secrelarii Treasurer Commercial Club ROLL Hazel Rutli Abner. Dorothy May Anderson. Margaret Frances Anderson, Ruth Virginia Anderson. Dorothy Pauline Apiile, Byrdean Baynes, MiMred Elizabeth Best, Reporter; Anderena Brown. Celeste Bryan, Dorothy Chase, Alma Pauline Coneby, Edna Lucy Cox, Lillie Frances Davis, Mildred Bernice Dean. Annie Dare Dixon. Xannie Fowler, Grace Wilkins Goode. Marion Edith Goodes, Alvin Ray Hamm, Elizabeth Hawkins, Ralph Julian Hobby, Margaret Virginia Hopkins, Elizabeth Hoyt, Vida Humble.Iris Eloise Ireland. Harvey Augustus .Jeffrey, Jr., Essie Lncille Johnson, John C. Jones, Mozelle Kearns. Edna JIurray Kivette, Imogene Laura Lackey, Evelyn Lilley, John Everette Morton. Claire Laurenline Phillips, Paul " Weaver Price, Emma Rachel Rascoe. Marion Gray Rascoe. .Judith Parker Rich. Julia Anne Roache, Helen Elizabeth Schwob, Mary Elizabeth Smith, Annie Ruth Sneed, Aline Straughn, Margaret Elizabeth Thompson. Sara Frances TroHinger, Irven Troxler. Mabel Vanderford. Luther Woodrow Wilkins. .Jane Louise Wilson. SECO D-YEAR COMMF.RCIAL Mary Eugenia Bivins, Xancy Lee Holyman. Marie Mansu AH Mant Krrrflnr i : Li ' .lie Xeal Rountree, Mrs. W. W. IIowk Elizab. ' tli Rier yinety-nnven Tlie aim iif this chili is to establish a chisci- ri-latidiisir]) hetwet-n lis iiorsuiHu-1 aiul tht business workl. ' I ' ci accomplish this end tlie curli sjionsors: (1) Inspection trips to business offices, (2) Talks by active business executives, and (S) Actual ofticc jiarticiiiation in Klon Burlington, and (jreenshoro oftices. Through tliese contacts chili members learn sonietbinjj of the demands of the business world. Nhietjj-cifilit ill 4 Ai- Choir Prof. Stii.irt I ' r.itt. Director; Robert Morfjaii. Accom])aiii.st ; Prof. Tlioinas Edwards. .lames Wliite, Duaiie V ' ore, Helen Daily, and Henry Wise, Soloists. If I . v,rfi Day Students ' Association Charlie W-.lt.rs. Pnsident: Wallaei- Kernodle. Vice President; Edna I ' iteli. Secretary; and Marie Manjinni, Treasurer. The Day Students ' Association was organized to promote friendly feeling between day students and cani))us students. The Day Students are active throughout the year sponsoring intramural teams for all events, and are quite prominent on the campus. They jiromote numerous social functions, most notable of which are the si)ring and fall danee.s. Xjiirl] -niiie ■m Home Economics Club The otticur.s of the Home Economics Club are Lucy ISIae Wright, President; Aiineta Smitli, Vice President; Melvin James, Secretary-Treasurer; Edith Branuock. Ciiair- man Program Committee; Miss Lida Muse, Faculty Adviser. The club is composed of all students who have had as much as tiircc hours of Home Economics. Meetings are held once each month, at which time a program related to some phase of Home Economics is presented, and a social is held afterwards. The club has twenty active members this year. It is the purjjose of this club to furtlier the study of Home Economics outside the classroom, and to give special attention to tlie phases in which the girls are especially interested. 0?ie Iiinnlrrd Phi Psi Cli Fraxk X. Donovan Kditor-iii-Chicf Loris E. HiBiiAiu). .In. Biisinrxx Mniiaf cr Jiiiiiar luliforx Ji . K Lkath. Diane X ' ore, Bruce FLoin .l lvi-rti. iiig Jul if or Maiitix (i. Noon Art Editor Albert Mastro Photograph Editor Vernon Hayden 7i«.s(HP.s ' .s- Staff Alma Conebv Elizabeth Hoyt Charles Parker Facidt Adviser Dr. Fletcher Collins One Hundred One Maroon and Gold Tom Perry Editor GwEN TiLLMANNS Co-Editor Editorial Staff Frank Iloiiovan ' I ' diiiiiiy (iaylord Viiice Kazlow Louis Huiiliard 6 . r .s- Editor J.-.:-.-isla,il J .-■si. ' .- taut liailia Editor Tom Funifss .Idvcrtixiii i Manancr li„.i,u ' »H Staff Dr. Fli-tflu-r Collins Fariiitt, Adviser Wesley Holland Production Maimyer James Heritage Assistant Production Staff Frank Donovan Assistant Manager Colininiisis Franlv Donovan Louis Hulihard Wesley Holland June Leatli Associates Allen Askew, Vincent Kazlow, Lloyd Huffines, Beverly Congleton, Tommy Gaylord, Walter Yarbrough, Emmanuel Hedgehetli, Ike Fesmire, June Murpliey, Marjorie Hunter, Evelyn Lilly, Roy Mansfield, Stanley Lowe. One Hundred Two The Ministerial Association Tlie Association this yi-ar has a larjjcr nu-inhership than usual. Tlic roll shows 25, four of whom are young ladit-s. Officers for the year are: President, Emmanuel Hedti,ebeth ; Vice President, Duane ' ore; Secretary-Treasurer, E. J. Sanderson. During the year, ministers visitini; the campus have brought interesting and inspirational messages to well- attended meetings. The experience of older ministers is valuable as a guide for those in training. Members of the group have delivered " practice " sermons for constructive criticism. Our social activities consist of two annual events: the oyster stew in the Y.W. and tile fish frv at " Sandv ' s. " One Huiitlrcd Three " E " Men ' s Club Tiiis year tlif " E " Men ' s was rt- oroaiiized fur tlic fourtli tiiiif. It is an ori; iiiization of all men who havt- farned " Blocks " in tin- niajor sports. Tin- ))urpost.- of the chili is to promote fellowship among the athletes, and to regulate sucli matters as awarding of letters. Since its reorganization it has been functioning well, and promises to be a leading- group on the cani])us. The " E " Men cliosc .lolm Henry Pearcj. president; Lloyd Whitley, vice president; and James W. Parker, secretary and treasurer. One Hundred Four H HJH P 1 ' " i 2 3 4 ' S 1 7 8 9 10 12 H 1 l IS 16 17 e 19 H 1 212223 2526 H 1 E ' ' » ' « mi Mim»l Mttt t K t ' ' P ' l ■j l iJM SSIRHQflsi 1 1 ■■ ■IHJI Pan-Hellenic Council The I ' aii-Hflk-nic C ' lumcil is c()ni))Osf(l of rfprf.sfiitativi-s from t-acli of tlit- sot-ial clubs OH tlie campus. Tlicir duty is to regulate all matters dtaliin " ' with iiitcr- fraternal relationships. Each semester, the council acts as host to an interfratcrual social. The niemhers of the couiu ' il are: Hi:i.i;n Daii.kv Tau (-ta I ' lii Sorority TuO-MAS S. P ' .AIll ' Kajijia Psi Nil Fraternit.v Iki: Fi;s.Mn{i; lotM ■I ' mii Ka]ii)a Frat.TMity XaNCV Hdl.VMAX HctM Oinicrdii Beta Sorcirity (OIAIIAM Ill-NT .Mplia Pi Delta Fraternity Mi:i.viN- .Tami:s Delta Uiisiion Ka] ])a Sorority ( ' iiAiii,i:s K. Pn-r.MAN Slfrina Plii Beta Fraternity Out ' lIiiiKlrrrl Five Kappa Psi Nii Seniors Horace Brannan Jack Neese Tommy Earp Horace Penn Cliarles Hamrick Allen Watson George Webster Juniors Bruce Flory Dewy Hooper DeRoy Fonvillc Duane Vore Sophomores Howard Brown Ceplius Hook Claytor Fulcher Ken Register Boh Truitt Freshmen Frederick Gilliam Royal Spence James Heritage Kenneth Utt John Pollard Thomas l ' ' iirness Xot Photographed James Wliitc L. C. DiCKINSOP Sponsor One Hundred Six ' fl •1 r - f , f f ' C. C: C? O t. ' fj O iT:. ,( J Kapiia I ' si Nil iirlil its .■iiinual liaiH|ii(t at tlic King Cotton IIot fVfiiinj;-. A| ril 22. liKii). Satnrilav One Hundred Seven Sigma Phi Beta St ' iiiorx Walter FonvillL- Fli)V(l West L. W. McFarlaiid Raleigh King James L. Parker Bill Reid " Azzie " Tliompson Freddv Tvsor Sopho7norc)i H(il) Ilaniiltoii John H. Pearee Wallace Kernodle Charles Rawls Fred Lowe Wellington Saecker Jack Wilkinson Freshmen Jack Boone C ' liarlie Donato Curry Bryant Bill I ooney Xof Photograjiheil A. W. Haynes Charlie Pittnian Allen Askew Hall Brooks Ben Stevenson 1). J. BoUDKN Sponsor One Hundred Eight Tlif SigniM I ' lii l?cta f ' r. ' itrriiity lii ' ld its anmi:il li,iii((iirt at thu Masdiiic Tfiiiplc- oil Saturday cifiiiiiu-. Ai)ril 8, 1939. Onp Hundrcfl Nine Sam Fousliee Harris Hendricks Thomas Holmes Alpha Pi Delta Seniorn Lester Howard Graliam Hunt James Parker J un ' ior.t Henry Satterfield Jordan Sloan Rufiis Underwood Jack 15asni)rlit Jake fjarian (irirtin Holland Curtis Jones Harry Baukneelit Moses Crutehtield Stafford Peehit Sophomores Jaek Fousliee Ciravson Inniai Roger Innian Claude Lawrence ' res Inn ell Boyd Cla])]) Luirice Craft Jack (iardner I)ou " lass Moss Xot Photographed A. P. James Thomas Power Sponsor One IluniU-ed Ten f- ' ' ff O ,P Tlif Ali)li,i I ' i D.lt.i fr.itirnity iklil its annual l)aii(|iR-t at tlic Ollnirv Hotel on Saturday cvcninfi ' . April 15. Ii):i9. One Hundrrrl Eleven Tommy Gaylord Jesse Harriiifitdii Lloyd HuttiiRs William Jones Andrew Fuller Joe Hardison Iota Tail Kappa Seniors Vincent Kazlow Tom Perry John Pufflisi Juniors Kenneth Huffines Finlev Lea Sidney Taylor Craton Stejihens Galloway Walke Mvron Wright Amos Slielton Lloyd Wliitlcv Sophomores Silvio Caruso Joel Day Herbert Jenkins Freshmen W. L. Hob; W. O. Mavnor Xot Photographed Ike Fesmire Roland Longest Eugene Malbon J. H. Stewaht Sponsor One Hundred Ticelve . : " A ' . C- ' r, o r- ' P ' r v ' - ' Till- Iiita Tail K.i))) ,i frati-riiity luld its annual haiKiuct at tlic O ' Hunry Iloti ' l oi Saturday cVL-iiiiiit. April 22. Ii).i9. One Iliinilicil Thirteen Tail Zeta Phi Seniors Edith ]5r;iiiiioc ' k I,oui.so Pfiult-r Elizaluth Markliaii Etlu-liiu ' Reynolds Jiianita Waiiiih Juniors- Mary Iltltii C ' liason Mary I, on Hayes Edna I ' itili Florine Ray Sophomores Helen Boone Roberta Martin Klizalutli Xfwt(Hi Christine Eaves Margaret Nasli Hcltii Pace Irene Hook Margaret Penningtoi Freshmen Jovee Blac-k Margaret Eelton Pa ' ttie Belle Faulk Minnie Mae Franklin Not Photographed Helen Dailey Mary Jeannette Mary Walker Frances Seymour Miis. Oma ' . Johnson Sponsor One Hundred Fourteen Tlif T,iu Zcta Plii sorority liclil its ;iiiiiii;il haiujuct at the .JcllVrson Roof (iardcii, Satiirdav (• i-iiiiii -. April 2i(. lil. ' iil. 0)ie HiiiifJrerl Fifteen Delta Upsilon Kappa S,-iilor.s Ruth P.iiir Clark Oiia Mary Stri)lu-n.s Mflviii , lames ( iwiiuliilyiif Tillinaiiiis J iinii)rs June Leatli Ida Mae Piland Dorothy Warren Sophomores Mary Claytor Evelyn Holnus Dorothy Edwards Essie Johnson Frances Lee Freshinen Margaret Carroll Virfiiiiia Fowler Mareella Rawls Kathryn Evans Mary Ruth McDade Eila 15udd Stephens Sara Forlines June Murphy Nell Tingen Not Photographed Margaret Milhr Mrs. W. W. Howkll Spoil nor One llnn(lrc(t (Sixteen Tlif Delta L ' l sil()ii Ka|i|),i sorority I DM Saturday t (iiini;. A])ril 29. ISKif). il its annual l.anciuc t at tin- O ' Hciiry Hotc ' l (hic Hunrlrcrl Seventeen Beta Omicron Beta Seniors A[il ln Maxiii ■(1 Craven e Hudsjins " Lucy Mac Wi Beatrice Mary F rijilit Masliluirn ranees Walker Sophomore s Estelle Freeland Doris Gordon Nancy Hoylman Marie Manjjum Martlia Stokes Mahlc ' andcrford Freshmen Hazfl Dobhs Maxinc H; itfi Virsiinia eld " P ' reenian Miss Mary Soc Rtssell Sponsor One Hundred Eighteen Till- licta Oniicrdii I5rta sorority liild its ainiu.-il liaiuiiut at tin- .Ji-ttVrsoii Roof (jardfiis oil Saturday f tiiiiii;. Mav (i, Itl. ' ii). One Hundred Nineteen Dr. Fletcher Collins Walter Fonville Charles Hamrick Maxine Hudgins Catherine James Melvin James f ' ♦!• Delta Psi Omega Albert Mastro Jack Neese ' I ' homas Perry Cwendolyne Tillmanns Duane ' ore Juanita Waugh e )0 Q f ' i?! Archie Israel Christine Holt President RiTH Page Ci.aric Pi Gamma Mu Treasurer Sidney Taylor Secretary liee President James W. Parker Floyd E. West Emerson J. Sanderson June Francis Leath Elizabeth Markham CJriffin Holland Jesse W. Harrington J(,rdan Sloan Violet Graham Hoffman Thomas Spence Ear]i Melvin James Edna Muriel Fitch Edith Brannock Sam Foushee Calloway Walker Prof. W. W. Howell Dr. D. J. Bowden Cieorge Colclough Dr. M. B. French Dr. L. C. Dickson One Hundred Tirenly MRS. W. FONVILLE Spoiixor of Student Body MISS PEGGY JOYCE Sponsor of Maroon and Gold MISS ADELAIDE LOVE Sponsor of Football Team One Hundred Tiventy-two Phi Psi Cli Sponsors MRS. L. E. HUBBARU MISS NITA M. DONOVAN MISS MARIK WATERS One Hundred Twenty-three NELL FRANCES LOY May Queen 1938 Oiif Uiiiiihcil Ticcnlji-four THE NATIONAL BANK OF BURLINGTON, N. C. MEMBER OF FEDEEAL RESERVE SYSTEM AND FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Statement of Condition at Close of Business December 31, 1938 ASSETS Cash on Hand and due from Federal Reserve iiii.l M.inlier Banks $1 002 I United States Government Bonds ami Hmiie I,i an honds. guaranteed by U. S. Government ;J49 ; State o£ North Carolina Bonds 2Sl! Municipal and County Bonds 140 ■ Stock in Federal Reserve Bank 7. ' .- I oans 1,146.1 Bank Building 33, " Furniture and Fixtures 12 Other Assets — Interest Accrued on Bonds not due. etc 1(1.: TOTAL $2,99a.539..54 LIABILITIES Capital Stock $ 100. nil Surplus 1.,,,. M Undivided Profits and Keserves for Contingencies, etc fi!) :i7i. n,, Deposits and Other Liabilities 2,674.1G:i.4;) TOTAL $2,993,539.54 Correct: p;v,rett. Znne and Miis.-, ( ' erfili..il Pul.lir- . ,-,-()iintants. INFORMATION t market value of all bonds uore than the cost figures shown above. ■OUR POLICY — SAFETY FIRST ' OFFICERS J. BLAKEY, President V. SELLARS, Vice President V. LONG. Cashier S. STACK, Assistant Cashier H. GIBSON. Assistant Cashier DIRECTORS L. J. BLAKEY R. A. COBLE W. S. COULTER C. V. LONG E. M. LONG G. D. MOORE C. V. SELLARS W. W. SELLARS CLAIBORNE YOUNG We solicit your business based upon the strong financial condition shown. We render every service possible commensurate with the policies of safe banking. Yours very truly, L. J. BLAKEY, President and Trust officer. BELKS CONGRATULATES ELON For Their FACULTY - SPORTS - SCHOLARSHIP - CAMPUS and STUDENT BODY — We ore complete outfitters for students — STUDENTS WHO SERVE YOU: Vincent Kazlow, ' 39 Jack Neex, ' 39 Sfafford Peebles, ' 40 George Webster, ' 39 Jordon Sloan, ' 39 BELK- BECK COMPANY BURLINGTON, N. C. Bill Maness, ' 38 Audrey Albright Hall Watts Men ' s Dept. Hosiery Shoe Dept. Students ' Headquarters ELON BOOK STORE Alanianci ' Biiililing Where Friends Meet Books - Paper - Pens Stationery Drinks - Sandwiches and Candy BILL STEWART J. S. ROLLINS ELON COLLEGE. N. C. PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS Compliments of JERRY ' S TOGGERY H. CAPILLARY Student Representotive Extending our appreciation to the faculty and student body of Elon College for their splendid cooperation in helping us to produce the photo- graphic work in this annual. DUNBAR AND DANIEL STUDIO RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA Meet Your Friends at . . . SHAW ' S SODA GRILL Here you can enjuy a tasty lunch iir crisp butter toasted sandwich with your favorite drink. Next to Paramount Theatre I ' llO.NE 1588 T. N. BOONE Carolina ' s Leading Tailor ({urlington. Ninth Carolina Compliments of ALAMANCE LAUNDRY and DRY CLEANING " WE DO IT BETTER " Phones 560-561-740 WELCOME STUDENTS ELON GROCERY J C Mc ADAMS, Elon College, N C BURLINGTON, N. C. Compliments of MAY HOSIERY MILL MATLOCK ' S STORE TEXACO GAS AND OIL Elon College, N. C. COMI ' LIMEMS or K. K. HUGHES ELON SODA SHOP Trollinger ' s Florist Flowers For All Occasions Main Street BURLINGTON. N. ( . ELON COLLEGE - - -p AJ M ' A f9 Htt ' ' ' iiii -— " One of the five new and modern administrative buildings on the Elon Campus. " An Educational Privilege and Financial Opportunity for Alamance County Students " Address DR. L E. SMITH, Pres. ELON COLLEGE, N. C. ATTENTION : Learn more about your local institution of Higher Education before you make your plans for College. CAROLI NA THEATRE First Runs and Stage Shows at Popular Prices ALAMANCE THEATRE " We Bring The Best Ones Bock " Where Elon Meets Burlington . . . Compliments of . . . PARAMOUNT THEATRE " SHOWPLACE OF ALAMANCE COUNTY " First Run Pictures of Every Mam Studio Popular Prices! YEAR ' ROUND AIR-CONDITIONED AUTOGRAPHS i -:i t -- A j ji )(; ; ::rW .Viv i-

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