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G a. yuyL [duyZ A {J C -Q- y - Class Book " COVlEGf u, ELON COLLEGE, N. C Harold Hilburn L ditoi ' -in - ( - A ief Copyright 19 5 8 Albert MastrobattistQ, James Brooks vSiisincii ll ' lanacivt uu V v (i c- c ,jji 33 v LV v To jou, the reader of tills, tlic twenty- tliird volume of the thiPsiCm, wc l)re.sent the 1938 edition. | We have endeavored ito shake the kaleidoscojiic experience of our col- legiate year into a design vhich time will enrichcn and enhance. As we leave Elon wth reluctance, may we never renounce ohr claim to tlie memories which Ave, the lS|- ' 38 staff, have attempted to embody wiljiin the covers of this book. i v v v Book Dne ( eae f Book Two C a63e:i Book Three tkietics Book Four Activities Book Five a M A ' d First (, ' firisficiii f ' mrrfi Elon College is a child of the Christian Congregational Church. It is a jjroduct of the dreams, aspirations, an d clf ' oi-ts of devout Christian ministers. The college is the pride of the Congrega- tional Christians, and they niay well be proud of their achievement. We, the members of the graduating class of 19 ' 38, consider it our pleasure and ])rivilege to dedicate tiiis edition of the PhiFsiCli to those cinirchcs and ministers who liave made their dream of Elon College come true. Tlie Ltii ' rtesf VAmnh Today A Short History of tliE Ctiristiao Cliorcli Tlie Christian Church was organized in August 1794, at Old I.ohanon, Surry County, Va. In the December previous James O ' Kelly and thirty others witiidrew from the Methodist conference because of the autocratic Episcopal attitude of IJishop Francis AsIhut. At this meeting at Manakintown in 179:3, despairing of any concessions from the bishop, they organized, and called themselves " Republican ] Iethodists. " At the meeti ng tlie following year they discarded this name and decided to simply be called " Christians. " At the time of O ' Kelly ' s revolt from the Methodist Ciuirch he was a presiding elder in that church. About twenty of his ministers and one thousand members followed him into the new church. The first Christian Church was organized by O ' Kelly and his followers in 179-i near Chapel Hill, N. C, and was called O ' Kelly ' s Chapel. The new ciiurch grew very rapidly, for O ' Kelly was very popular in those reoions. He and his followers traveled over parts of North Carolina, Virginia, Kentucky, and as far south as Alabama and Georgia, holding revivals and preaching sermons. The first college founded by the Christians was Antioch College at Yellow Springs, Ohio, in 1853, with Hon. Horace IVIann as its first pres- ident. Among the numerous other colleges it has founded is Elon College. .- ' 5:n ' i;j,:(:fiTj: ; ' ,.Ci» ' Vii ' Ji|., Tlic beautiful Christian Temple lield its first worship service Sun- day, March 16, 1924. Rev. Leon Kdgar Smith, D.D., was the first j)astor and Rev. J. (). Atkinson, D.D., delivered the first sermon. The church is the largest one in the conference. It consolidated tlie Memorial Christian Temple, the Third Christian Church, and the Old Pr() idencc Ciu-istian Church. RK . II. S. IIAHDCASTLK, D.I). I ' astor THE COLLEGE • ••x ' I ' ll rough the Arcades ' -•»; - " , -itm ■ ■:, ' «K :.% vt; ' ' ' ,. t .■Si» Co-cd Walk DR. LEON P:DGAR SMITH President Across J. I). MESSICK Dean of Men JULIA MAE OXFORD Dean of Women The CdiiipiiH FACULTY J. W. BARNEY N. F. BRAN NOCK D. J. BOWDEN HELEN CHAMBLEE J. A. CLARKE G. I). COLCLOldH FLETCHER COLLINS L. C. DICKINSON MERTON FRENCH H. L. (iRAVETT A. L. HOOK LAURA HOWARD FACULTY V. W. HOWEI.L : IRS. W. W. HOWKLL H. J. HKNDUIC ' KSON MRS. (). r. JOIIXSOX J. (;. McAllister, jr. J. G. McAllister, jr. (Mrs.) FLETCHER MOORE J. E. NEWMAN LILA NEWMAN S. (i. PRATT J. E. STEWART : I. E. WHITE Fiflt-en FACULTY Lkon Kih;ar Smith. Pfi ' : Uli ' til A.B., Elon College; M.A., Princeton University; D.D., Klon College. J. D. Messick. Dean, Head nf Department of Edvrntioii rh.B., Elon College; University of North Carolina; Ph.D., New York University. Ji ' i-iA Mae Oxford, Dean of Women A.B., Bessie Tift College; M.A., University o£ Georgia; Adililinnal Graihiiile Work. Duke University. Fm:tcher Collins. Head of Enffliah Department Ph.B. and Ph.D., Yale University. John Willis Barney, Professor of Enr lish A.B.. Elon College; Graduate Work, Columbia University, University of Virginia, University of North Carolina. John A. Cijirke. Professor of Modern Lanffutii es A.B., Hampden-Sydney ; M.A., University of Virginia; Ph.D.. Columbia University. Lester C. Dickinson, Professor of Histori A.B., M.A., George Washington University; Additional Graduate Wmk. Columbia Univer.sity. ,IoiiN Urquart Newman. Professor of Biblical Lanffvnrie and Lilerrifiire A.B., University of North Carolina; Ph.D., Chicago University; Ijitt.D., La Grande: D.D., Union Col ' .ege. D. .( Rowden, Professor of Relif;ion and Philosophji B.S., Virginia Polytechnic Institute; Ph.D., Yale University. Merton French, Professor of Relifiion and Modern Lniiyiin(irs A.B., Washburn College; M.A., Ph.D., Brown University. Alonzo Lour Hook, Rei iitrar, Professor of Phi sirs A.B., M.A., Elon College; M.S., Cornell University; Additional Graduate Work, .Tohns Hopkins Uni- versity, University of Chicago, Duke University. Ned Faucette Brannock, Professor of Chemistril A.B., M.A., Elon College; M.S., Columbia University; Litt.D., Defiance College; Additional Graduate Work, Johns Hopkins University, and University of North Carolina. J. Gray McAllister, Jr., Professor of Mathemntirs B.S.. Hampden-.Sydney College; M.A., Duke University; Additional ( of North Carolina. Howard L. Ghavett, Professor of Biolojiti A.B., .James Millikin University; M.A., University of Illinois; Artdiliona versify of Illinois. George Beecheh, Professor of Education and Science A.B., Y ale University; Graduate Work, Y ' ale University, University of Louii Stuart Pratt, Head of Department of Music A.B., Hartwick College; Mus.B., Philadelphia Musical Academy ditional Graduate Work, Student of Marta Siebold, Walter Schar Helen V. Chamblee, Professor of Voice A.B., Elon College; Graduate New England Conservatory; Graduate Work. Columbia t School of Music. Fletcher Moore, Professor of Piano and Organ A.B., Elon College; M.A., Columbia University, Juilliard School of Music. I.ai ' ra Howard, Head of Home Economics Department B.S., Woman ' s College of University of North Carolina; M.A., Columbia University. V. W. Howell. Actinii Head. Department of Business Administration A.B., Elon College; Additional Graduate Work, University of North Carolina. Sue Craft Howell, Head of Commercial Department A.B., La Grange College; M.S., North Carolina State College. James E. Stewart, Professor of Business Administration A.B., Transylvania College; M.A., University of Kentucky. LiLA Clare Newman. Head of Department of Art Ph.B., Elon College; Graduate Work, Columbia University, and Harvard Universit; Walton Crump Wicker. Head of Department of Mathematics A.B., M.A., Elon College; A.B., University of North Carolina; M.A., Columbia U LeGrande; D.D., Union College. CJeorge L. Carrington, Professor of Health and H njiene A.B., University of North Carolina; M.A., Duke University; 11. D.. Johns Hopkins Horace Hendricks in. fliod Coach and Ph isical Educational Dircrlnr A.B., Duke University. Thomas Power. AssislonI Coach and Director of Infroiiniral Sports A.B., Duke University. Rose Goodwin McAllister. Director of Phi sical Education for dirls A.B., Woman ' s College of The University of North Carolina. Oma U, Johnson, Librarian A.B., Elon College; B.S., Columbia University. George D. Colclough, Field Ar ent and Financial Secretarii A.B., E:on College. WiLt.iAM B. Terrell, Principol Teacher Trainini A.B., Elon College; Graduate Work, University of North Carolina. James Oscar Atkinson. Leclnrer on Christian Missions A.B., Wake Forest College; M.A., Harvard University; D.D., Elon College. Alton M ' est, Business Manager A.B., Washington and Lee University. raduate Work, Un aduate Work, tin 77 r Little Cluipd Eighteen Tliis three-room log liouse marks tlie exact spot on which the Rev. James O ' Kelly lioine stootl, jjrior to tlic time it was burned. The tree to tlie left is an elm whicli doubtless was a large tree even in Mr. O ' Kellv ' s day. CLASSES •••• SENIOR AVHO ' S WHO Hatch Ki! Stokv President Stiulriif Bod j Lawkkntk Camkkon President Student Senate nnd Senior Class IvOFTox Hakhis, ' I ' momas Vii,i,iams Treasurer and Vice President Senior Class President Student Conned Director of College Band Business Manager of PhiPsiCi,] Captain of Footlxdl ( ' ((plain of B((skethall Editor of PhiPsiCi.i C((pt((in of B((seb(dl Beathkh Wii.kins Landox Walker Jamks BiiooKs Joe Caheso Hae Brauley Harold Hiehehx John A ' ax Barrow Thfi SRninr Class Ofjhcrs: (ii:()iu:i: Lawkk ncf. C ' a.mi:iu)x, Jh. John Z. M( Bhavku Vhc President Senate Prexident ]}i:A-i-iiKi-. VlI,KIX.S Secreiitrji liOFTOX Harhis Treasurer Not Photographed Thomas H. Williams Viee President CAMICRON P H I P 1938 James Abbitt Roxboro, N. C. I T K John Lewis Reaver China (Irovf, X. C. Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 3. i; " E " Football 3, +; Baseball 3, 4.; " E " Men ' s Club Men ' s Club; Student Senate; Intramural 3, 4; Intramural Basketball 3, 4; S.C.A.; Basketball 1, 2. Transfer from Wingate College 3. Tzcenty-two S I C L I CLASS CJEOHliE 13aK. VELI, John Va.x Barrow Mfbaiif, X. C. s„o-ic inn, . c. Tra vk: " R " Men ' s Club. I T K Baseball Club. 1, 2. ;i. 4, Captain +; " V ' , " Men ' s Tu-enlji-three Rov Inhuam IJovi) I ' .iJ 15iii«(ll Ave. llr„,l,-r.u,„. .V. C. I ! ' N liilr.MiiiiuMl r. iskrlh.ill , ' !, 1. P H I P 193B EtoEXK Hal ]5iiai)i.kv I.illhif I„ii. .V. ( ' . 1 T K Fii.illi.ill 1, 2. :{. I; B.isliclli.ill 1, -J, H, I : " F, Men ' s Clul) 1, 2. :i, I; .S.-ii;il - H ; Snlllial :i. 1. Twiiilii-fdiir S I C L I CLASS ' khn )X ]5|!AXT()X James Hhook; Siiir,c ( ' nrnj), X. ( ' . Na.rlu,r ,), .Y. K S V ' ] ' 1! Fr.iU-niily I!.isUcni:ill. .S..rib.ill ; .S.C.A.; Cliciir 2; i)r .Jdliiisoii ' s l.iltrary Society 1, 2, :J; Treasurer ' .i; C ' lieiiiistrv I ..ili-lnstriictor ; Three Year Student. r.usiiicss M.nianer I ' ml ' siCii : Assislaiil Kcicithall Manaji-er 2, ManaKer :{; S.C.A. 1; " K " .Men.s Chil) :{. 1; Kepreseiitative X. C. Collepiate I ' ress Cdin eiitioii 4-: Suiniiier Sehool 2. ' .i; Iiitraiininil Fnntli.ill 1. Tu ' citii-fn ' r P H I P Margaret Ethkl Brown 203 Tilnu-r St. Burlington, N. C. n K T Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Day Stu- dents 1, 2, 3, 4. 1938 Bennett William Bullock Fuquai) Springs, N. C. :i B Football 2, 4; Baseball 3, -1; All Conference Baseball; Boxing 2; Intramural Basketball 2, 3; " E " Men ' s Club 2, 3, 4.; S.C.A.; Transfer from Louisburg College 3. Tieent!i-s!.r S I C L I CLASS Nancy Lou Butner Carthage, X. C. T Z $ Home Economics Club 2, 3, 4; Student Council; S.C.A.; Social Committee 2; Sun- day School Social Committee. George Lawrence Camerox, Jr. Olivia, . C. K X Fraternity Baslvetljall (•; S.C.A.; Choir I, 2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Dr. Johnson Lit- erary Society, Pres. 3, N ' ice Pres. 2; Glee Club 3; Senate 1, 3. President 4; President Class 4; S.C.A. Cabinet 3, 4; Business Administrators. Twinlii-seven P H I P 193B Joseph Cartso .■?• ' ) Kcssiitli St. Jirrrrs},!,-. .Y. . . I T K, II r iM Fodtball 1, 2, :i, I., C-iiiliiiii I.; 15,i.s 0)m11 1; " E " Men ' s Club 1, 2, 3, +; Pan-Hellenic foiin- cil 2, 3; Student Senate 1, 2, Vice President 1; Intramural Basketball 1, 2. 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Treasurer Sunday School 1; S.C ' .A.; All-conference Football. SoiLE Calvin Ciiandleu IVrilcji-fu-UI. S. V. I ' -doiball 3. 1; Ti-.-inslVr fr I.onisbur Collcfiv; Prcsidoil Shidcnl ISodv 2. Txcniiii-i ' iijhl S I C L I CLASS James Mii.ton Ciikmuuk H.IM). Nn. 1 Saiiford, .V. C. I T K Iniraniural Football, Softball; Dr. Jolinsoii I.itrrary Society, President :{, : President { ' lass 3; S.C.A. representative; Pan-Hellenic Council I. Lai iiA ' iii(;iNiA (onvks Crotoii Dam Road Osxiniiif , .V. y. A Y K. II I ' M N ' icc President Pi (iainma Mu 3, t; Council + ; Proctor +; Choir I, 2, 3; Festival Chorus 1, 2; Dramatic Club 1, 2, 4; S.C.A. ; Sponsor Davi.s-Klkins Football Game 4; May Day Festival 2; Mnroiiii ' ' " hi Staff 3; Beauty Contest 2, 3. Twciihi-iiivi ' P H I P 193B James Coma Day Wooihdalc, N. C. I T K FDothall 1, 2, :}. 4; Wrestliiif; 2, i, 4; S.C.A.; Senate 4-; Proctor North Dormitory 4; Intra- mural Basketball 1, 2, , ' 5, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; All-conference Football; Secretary " E " Men ' s Club. Lloyd Franklin Early Box 112(5 Raleigh, N. C. Football :i; Choir; Baseball 4; TranstV from Louisburg College. Thirty S I C L I CLASS Margaret Jones Kahp Paces, Fa. S.C.A.; Dramatics Club 2, 3, 4; President Freshmen Girls Sunday School Class; Ves- pers Committee; " Y " Cabinet i; Summer School Lab. Instructor 3. Mary Nell Eaves Route No. 1 Henderson, N. C. II r M •y Cabinet 4. Thirt;i-one P H I P 193B (JAIiLA.NI) Lawukxc ' ic Fahhell Atu-rdr,-„, y. C. I T K S.C.A.; YMCA; Dr. .loliiison ' s I.itcrarv Society 2, 3, +; Pri-sidi-nt Busim-ss Cluli l; Student Senate -I; Proctor Kast Dorinitorv t; Chapel Monitor i; Intramural Foothail I; Softball S, +; PiiiPsiCi.i Staff 3, 4; Mai-Don A ' Gold Staff 3; Junior Deacon College Church; Lab. In.structor Mechanical Drawing; Representative N. C. Collegiate Press Convention 3. KoiiKiiT IIi(;iii:s I ' owLKit Siio ' iC Camp, X. ( ' . I T K eball l etb; !•; S , 1 ' 0( 11 2, hulcn tball. , Capt; i ' MC. ; ■ ate 3; Fi rn 3; Ma ■K " Men ' s ■atcrnitv 15, nagcr Club iLsket- Thirly-txco S I C L I CLASS AriiKLIA Ft TIIKLL Uicli S(iuarc, X. C. A ' K (■(iiimK-iK-fiiifiit Play 1; Choir 1, i : Dra- matic Cluli 1, 2, Secretary 2; Englisli Club 2; Fine Arts Club 1, 2, 3, -t; Secretary 1, President 2, 3, 4; Maroou eV Oohl Staff 2. 3; Commencement Marshal 3; Sunday Scbiiol Teacher 3. Margaret JIaske (;ali,oway 614 Spring St. Hamlet, N. C. A K Choir 1, 2, 3; Commencement Marshal 3; Dramatic Club 1, 2; Council t; Cheer Leader i; PinPsiCi.i Staff 1; Pan-Hellenic Council t; Festival Chorus 1, 2, 3, I. Thirlii-llirte P H I P 193B Arthik Allex CiREENWALD Cold Spriiii;s Road Hiintingfon, X. Y. I T K, II r M Varsity Tennis 1, 2, 3, i; Intraimiral I!;i ball and Football; " E " Mcn Chili; nuitic Club I, 2. Lofton Howell Harris Route No. 3 Siler CHy, N. C. A II A Fraternity Football +; S.C.A.; Dr. Johnson ' s Literary Society 1, 2, 3, 4; Science Club 1; Vice President Class 3, Treasurer 4; S.C.A. Cabinet 4; Assistant Math Instructor 3, 4; Chapel Monitor 4; Honor Roll 2, 3, 4. Thirly-fniir S I C L I CLASS William Bkrnice Hester Eojhoro, N. C. AHA Dr. .Jci1iii,som ' .s Literary Society 1, 2, 3. 1; Science Club 1; Biology Assistant I; Intra- mural Tennis: Basketball, Softball. H. ROLD Holmes Hilbirn 819 Branson St. Fayettevillc, X. C. K N, II r M IJr:niiatir Club 3; Commencement Play 3; ( bciir I, 2, 3, t; Hand 1, 2, 3, 4; Drum Major 3, +; Orchestra 1, 2; Symphony 2, 4; PiiiPsiCi-i Staff 3; Editor-in-Chief 4; Dr. .Iobnson " s Literary Society 1; S.C.A.; Busi- ness Club 4; President Pi Gamma Mu 4; Commencement Marsha] 3; Maroon - Gold Staff 4; Delegate N. C. Collegiate Press Association 3, 4; Varsity Show Director 4; Publications Board. Thirl ;i- five P H I P 1938 Joseph Lawrenck Hiloreen 100 Lane Ave. Caldwell, N. J. 5 B Varsity Basketball 1 ; Intramural Basket- ball 2 3, -t; Baseball 3; Intramural Football •t; Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3; Glee Club 3, i; History Club 2; Dramatic Club, Treasurer 2; Cbe ' er Leader 3, -t; Marvoti cj Oold Staff 2, 3. John Horton Ellinr ton, N. Y. K N Clioir 1, 2. i; C;iee Club 3, i; Senate -I; Biology Lab. Assistant 2, 3; Honor Roll 2, 3. S I C L I CLASS Daniel Pixkxev Joxes N. Mebaiie St. Burlington, N. C. 5 8 HoWAlil) W. JoXES Routt- Xo. 3 Jf ' aelcslxird, X .( ' . K N Varsity Tennis 1-, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 2, StmUnt SitimIc 1; Dramatic Club 1. 2, 3; Manager i; President Dramatic Clul) 2; President Freslniian Sunday ScIkkiI (lass 1. C;iee Club 3, 4; Transfer University of Xortli Ciirolina 2. P H I P CiTAULEs Edward Kernodle Route No. 2 EJon CoUecje, N. C. i B, rr r m Intramural I5aski-tliMll, Softball 1, 2, 4; Tennis; Y.M.t ' .A.; I)ii - Students Organiza- tion 1, 2, ' i, 4; CiiMuneneenient Marshal 3. 193B S.C.A.; III! Seliool 2, ;i. V iRoiNiA Kerns Ether, N. C. T Z I inc l ' ' .i ' (Mi()Tiiirs Clnh, Thirty-eiyhl S I C L I CLASS Baxter Hi(;h Latta Route No. 1 Ililhboro. .V. C. Intramural Hasketball S, +; Iiitraimiral Footliall +; Manafier of Hasebali S; . hn;„„i - OiM Staff 2; " K " Men ' s Club. Bernard Lillien 1073 Springfield Ave. Irvinf tiin, X. . . 1 ' 1 ' K Publications Board; I an-IIi-llonic Council, Vice President; Kditor- in-Cbief Miirooti l Gold 3; Football 1; Basketball 1, 2, 4; In- tramural Basketball, Football, Softball; Dr. ■Johnson ' s Literary Society. riiirlii-iniic P H I P 1938 Nell Frances Loy Route No. 1 Hurl ill fit, ,11. .V. ( ' . IJ () li Dramatic Club 2, 3; flioir 2; S.C.A. Hellenic Council l; May Queen i. Leslie Stephen Manchester IG Judd St. lirixtol, ( ' (iini. Assistant Football iManayer 1; Field Manager 2, 3; Y.M.C.A.; Business Club 4.; History Assistant 4; Junior Deacon of the Church 4. Fnrhi S I C L I CLASS William Holt Maness Yancri villi ' , X. C. :• I B Assistant Football Managt-r 1. Manager 2, 3, 4, ' J ' rainer i; S.C.A.; Dr. Johnson ' s Literary Society 3; " E " Men ' s Club 2, 3, -l; Dramatic Club 4; Commencement Play 3; Commencement Marshal 3; Heiiresentative X. C. Collegiate Press Convention 3; Busi- ness Administrators 4; Pan-Hellenic Coun- cil 3; PiiiPsiCi.i Staff 3, 4; Summer School 3; Intramural 15asketl)all and Football. RiCHAHD HaVWARD MaTTHEWS Candor, X. C. K X Tennis 3, 4; Intramural Basketliall 2, 3, 4; Dr. Messick ' s Kducational Society 4; Clee Club 3, 4; Clidir 2. I. F(irt, -r iir P H I P 193B John Z. McBkaver Moaresboro, N. C. I T K ' ioe President Semite; Biiskethall 3; Tiase- hall 3, 4; Intraiuiiral Kciothall, Hasketball 1.; Proctor PuhlisliinK House t; Transfer Boilin;; Slirinjis . Junior (oliefje. Marshall Woodrow MtC ' RAw Route No. 1 Gaffnei , S. C. 5 B Hasehall 3, !•; Fraternity Footliail, 1!asl et- ball; Dr. Johnson ' s Literary .Sueiety 3, t; Senate i. 7=r ' ifiiii FnrUj-lw S I C L I James L. McfiALLiAiti) Sa.mi-el Foiii) Mill EI! Route No. 1 M„i,,il .lirii. X. C. Morfjaritoii, X. ( ' . A 11 A A 11 A Football 3; Intrfiiminil Hask.-tball 3, t; Wrt-stling 3, 4-; Dr. .loliiisoir.s Literary So- ciety 3, +; Treasurer +; Ministerial Associa- tion 3, 4; S.C.A.; ' transfer from Kiitherford Junior College. Forlji-three P H I P 1938 Clarence LeGrande Moodv, Jii. 700 E. Main St. Dillon, S. C. K N Football 3; Dr. ,Tolin,son " s Literary Society 3, 4, President 4; Ministerial Association 3, +; S.C.A., President 4; Pan-Hellenic Council President +; Transfer Furinan University. Henry Speck Morgan Prospect Hill, N. C. Dr. .Tolnisdirs Literary Society 1, 3, +; Com- nicii-ial Clnh 2; Cliiiir 3; Secretary Business Adniiiii.slrati jn Ciuli k Forhi-fiiur S I C L I CLASS James ' Ic•roH Mriicmsox Route No. 2 Liberty, A . C. Literary Suciety; Choir; Dramatics Clul); President of Ministerial Association; S.C.A. Joe Haute Padgett Route Xo. 1 Shdhn, .V. C. K X Vice President S.C.A. 4; Sunday School Su- lierinteiident I: Honor Roll 3; Transfer I ' loilinf;- Sprinfis .Innicir College. Forhi-livi P H I P 1938 Carl Turner Pritchett Route No. 1 Eton College, N. C. AHA Isaiah Israel Sears Gihsonville, N. C. Dr. Johnson ' s Literary Society 1, 2, 3, +, President 1, 2, Publicity Director I; Min- isterial Association 1, 2, 3, 4., Vice President 3; t ' lioir •!■; Intercollegiate Debating 3, 4; Dramatics Club 4; S.C.A. Cabinet 3; English Club 1, 2; Maroon S( Gold Staff 1. 2, 3, 4; PhiPsiCli Staff 2, 3, 4; Summer School 3; Elon CoUoiuides Staff 3, 4; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4; Social Science Club 2; Y.M.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Honors Header 4. Forty-six S I C L I CLASS Hklkx Cathehixe Scales Route No. 5 Greensboro, X. C. Dramatics Club 1, 2; Y.W.C.A. 1; S.C.A. Skating Club i.. Margaret Smith KipJing, X . C. T Z I Ciiuncil 3, t; Clirls S.C.A.; Y.W.C.A. . tliletic .Association 3; Forty-ncven P H I P 193B Hatcher P. Story Coiirtlanil, J ' a. :i ' ! B. A + Q President Student Hody i- Intnunural Bas- ketball and Football; Secretary Junior Class 3; Treasurer Sopbomore Class 2; President Freshman Class 1 ; President S.C.A. 3; Pan-Hellenic Council 2; Treasurer Dr. Johnson ' s Literary Society 3; Assistant Chief Commencement Marshal 3; Smith Oratorical Contest I, 2; S.C.A. Cabinet 2, 3; Commencement Play 1; Dramatics Club 1, 2, 3, i, Vice President 2, 3. D. N ' iEi, Barrett Simmers Route No. 1 Eloti College, N. C. Fortii-eiiiht S I C L I CLASS Clare Thomas Emanuel D. Tulschinskv Route No. 1 389 Leslie St. BroadiCai), A ' . C. yncarh, S. J. T.iiiiis 2, 3; S.f.A. Forhj-nine P H I P 1938 Maybelle Tutor Route No. 1 Fuquay Springs, N. C. T Z I Landon Davis Walker 1218 Dil worth Road Charlotte, N. C. K N Treasurer Stiideiit (. ' (uineil I; C ' dMiincnee- Direehir of Band 1, 2, 3, I; ( ' lioir 1, 2, 3, -t, nient Marshal 3; Transfer from Caniphell President 3, t; Intramural Tennis 2, 3; College 3. Direetor Men ' s Glee Club 3, 4. Fifty S I C L I CLASS Jessie Marshall Walker Enfield, N. C. AHA Ministerial Association. James Lewis Wilbikn LilUngton, N. C. Intramural Basketball; Wrestling 2, 3, 4; " E " Men ' s Club 3, i; Science Club 2; Choir 1: Honor Roll 3. Fifty-one Bessie Beatrice Wilkins Haxi. ' River, A ' . C. T Z , n r M, A U President Girls ' Athletic Association 3; Sec- retiiry Student Council 2, 3, President t; Choir 1, 2, 3, 1; Dramatics Club 1, 2, 3, -I, President 4; Maroon Sf Gold Staff 3; Piii- PsiCi.i Staff 3, 4-; Commencement Marshal 3; Commencement Play 3; Ves])er Commit- tee Chairman 3; S.C.A. Cabinet 4; Class Secretary 4; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3; Expression Ccrtifiiate Recital 3. Thomas Hexshidk William JVa.shingtoii , A ' . ( ' . 5 B ' I ' raiisft Cmopl " Fifln-lu ' i The Juniur Class Officers AVIT,I.TA r Joxi ' .s Gai.i.owav Wai.kku Prisidiiit ] " uc President AXXETA S.MI ' Serreftir .Jl)lil 0 Sl.OAX Trcdsii rcr r:fi, -iin First row: Edith Bhannock, T Z $, Elon College, S. ( ' .; Horace Brannon, Mill Springs, N. C; Cleveland Campbell, 2 J B, 202 N. Main St.. Danville, J ' a.; Ruth Pacse Clark, T Z , 11 T M, 700 Graham St., Raleigh, N. C. Second row: Mildred Craven, liamseur, N. C; Richard Cromlish, I T K, 819 East End Ave., Wilkinshury, Pa.; Helen Dailey, T Z 4 , 306 Tarpley St., Burlington, X. ( ' .; Geraldine Deaver, B O B, Mooreshoro, N. C. Third row: Mervin Dollar, A IT A, Malone, Ala.; Frank Donavan, .50 Pansy Ave., Floral Park, N. Y.; Thomas Earp, K N, Milton, A ' . C; Orville Elmore, Fancy Gap, J ' a. Fifty-four First rinc : Walter Foxville, 5 8. Route 5. Burlhigton, .V. ( ' .; Thomas Fiuxess, Jr., K 4 ' X, 2 Terrace Drive, Canton, A ' . C; Thomas Gavi.ord, I T K. Jnnii-xvillc, ,V. ( ' .; James Gillispie, 2 $ B, Haxc River, X. C. Second rote: George Guiterrez, K X. Jovellar No. 12, Havana, Cuba; Charles R. Ham- hick, K X, BoiUng Springs, X. C; Andrew W. Haynes, 2 B, 701 Summit St., Charlotte, X. ( ' .; Emmaniel Hedgebeth, Holland, J ' a. Third rtiif.- Harris Hendricks, A II A, 109 Churdi St., Lanriiihiirg, X. ( ' .; (;E()R(iE Thomas Holmes, A 11 A, Sn07c Hill, X. C.j Chrlstine Holt, II V .M. Routr 1. (iraluim, X. C; Lester Howard, A II A, Hallison, X. C. Fifty-five First ro c: Loitis Hubhahd, Jr., 107 Tliird St., Variitville, J ' a.; Maxink Hudgins, B O B, 838 Tliirty-fourtli St., Norfolk, J ' a.j Lloyd Himfines, I T K. Elon Collcgi-, N. C; John T. Hunt, " a n A, Route 5, Oa ford, K. C. Second rotv: Archie Israel, IT T M, 206 Plaza Ave., Wati-rhurij, Conn.; Melvin James, A Y K, A n, Haw River, N. C; William T. Jones, 1 T K, Holland, Fa.; Vincent A. Kazlow, I T K, 1714 Boulevard, Ave., Cumhola, Pa. Third rotv: Roy Linton Kidd, Hemp, N. C; Beatrice Masiiiutrn, BOB. Star, N. C; Albert C. Mastrobattisto, A I !J. 10;i Divinity St.. Bristol, Conn.; Mauijaret Miller, A Y K, liidgeway, S. C. F ' fl. ' l- First row: NATHAXif:L Noell, .1 onexlxini, ,V. ( ' .; I ' kaul I ' kkstox Paris, Grccnsharo, ,V. ( ' .; James W. Parker, A 11 A, 1530 B;irron St., Parixmuuth, J ' a.; Lonsi-; Pexdkh, T Z " t, Gil Maple Ave.. Burlington, A ' . C . Sfcond roxc: ThomasPerry, Jiiiicshoro, X. C; Etueline Reynolds, T ' I ' . Lcnmnn, A ' . ( ' .; Emeks o.x Sanderson, Xeu ' marhct, Ont.; Henry Satterfield, A 11 A. Prospect Hill, A ' . C. Third row: Jordon Sloan, A 11 A, Route 2, Sanforil, X. ( ' .; Ver.von So.meus, Route 2. Elon Colli-f e, X. C; Ona Mary Stephens, A " K. (i( Market St.. Ilcrlfonl, X. C; W. Sidney Taylor, I T K, II P M, .Ihcrrlo-n, X. C. J ' ifljl-xtl ' f ' ll First ruic: RouKHT Thompson, Bostic, N. C; Gwendolvne Tillmann.s, A Y K, A I Q, 3009 Park Ave., Bridgeport, Conn.; Samuel Underwood, A II A. Yanci ' t ville, N. C; Mary Francis Walker, 605 Fountain Place, Burlington, A ' . C. Second row: Galloway Walker, I T K, Eton College, N. C.j Allen Watson, K N, Morven, N. C; Juanita Waugh, T Z •I ' , 105 S. Mebane St., Burlington, N. C; George Webster, K N, Eton College, N. C. Third row: Floyd West, 2 B, Enfield, N. C.j James White, K N. 25 Cullen St.. East Taunton, Mass.; Woodrow Wilson, I T K, Mebane, N. C; Lucy Mae Wrkhit, B O B, Star, N. C; Edward Hunt, Ojcford, N. C. Piftji-elffhl The Snphomnre Class Offircrs Jack Nef.se J. D. Odoji P reside?! t Vice President L. W. l If Fahlaxd Exda Fitch Secretar j Treiisiircr NEESE ODOM McFAKI.AXD PITCH Fiftii-nine Firxi roxc: Arnold Anschelewitz, iS Inlet Terrace. Bclmar, X. , .; Lila Apple, BOB, J-:i )n College, X. C; Allen Askew, " B, Eiirr, X. C; Jack Basnioht, A II A. Stuhes, X. ( ' .; Jonix A. Baynes, Jr., -iO? X. Main St.. Burlington, X. C. SeeontI roic: Frances Bean, 80.3 Third St., Spencer, N. C; Nelson Blue, Route • ' !. Ctirth- age, X. C; Edith Bryant, BOB, Elan College, X. C; Henry Capillary, Freeport, I ' a.; Gordon Clarke, Route 3, Greenville, X. C. Third rare: Clifton Coble, Route 1, Julian, X. C; ' ance Coble, lOH Antliony . ' t.. Burlington, X. C.j Beverly Congleton, Stoke.i, X. C; Walter I . Cooper, J I !• W. Ruffin St., Burlington, X. C; Cjilbert Davis, Route 1, Gibxonville, X. C. Fourth row: Richard DIV :Rs, Stuart, J ' a.; Elizabeth Dixon, Graham, X. C; Isaac 1 ' ' es- MiFtE, 1 l()(i Battleground Ave.. riV(( ' H.v )oro, A C; Edna Fitch, T Z I , 00.5 S. Melianr St.. liiirlinglon. X. C; Kduin Bruce Florv, K I ' X. 1!) Bireliwood Ave. Dai ton, Ohio. Sh-ly Fir.st roic: Uhsila I- ' ociLK.MAX, 15 O B. Route 2. Llhrrli , A. ( ' .; J)eKov I ' Oxville, 1 1 .3 X. Main St., Burlington, X. C.j Sam Foushee, A II A, Eton College, K. ( ' .; James Fhii ' ts, S. Main St.. Lexington, N. C; Andrew Fullkh, I T K. AVtc Bern, X. C. Second ro ' ic: Jake Gariax, ]I A, 2i)()() W. Corv St.. liichmond , J ' a.; Ralph (jarner, Netc- port, .V. ( ' .; Jerrv Haggard, Cnrhhad, X. M.; Mihia.m Harrell, Burgau, N. C; Helex IlARRiNciTo.v, Sanford, N. C. Y ' AnY ;r u; .Mahv Loi- Haves, T Z I ' . .-((iiy Brooks Ave. Cincinnati, Ohio; .(. W. Hii.i., rirgilin i. J ' a.; Griffin Holland, A II A. Shelby, X. ( ' .; Kenneth IlrFEixios, rHon Col- lege, .V. ( " .; Catherine James, Rtvcrly St.. Stiinnton, In. Fourth rinc: Charles H. Johnsto.v, Jr., 7 «;i: ' ii ' hcr. A ' . T.; Cirtis Jones, . W A. Hurdle Millx, .V. ( ' .; Thomas .Jones, K I ' .N, Holland, I ' a.; Katherine Lawson, lioiigemont , A ' . ( ' .; .Vrtiur Lea, High Point, A ' . C. Sirl l-on, First rote: Pete S. Lea, A n A, Elon College, N. C; June Leath, 4.16 Spring St., Bur- lington, N. C; H. FiNLEY Lea, I T K, Bolton, N. C; Eugene Malbon, I T K, 524 Queen St., Portsmouth, Va.; Charles McCauley, 401 Church St., Burlington, N. C. 5ecorarf roK ' .- L. W. McFauland, 2 B, 131.3 Suramitt Ave., Greensboro, N. C; G. C. Mitchell, Jr., 30.5 Ruffin St., Burlington, N. C; Bonnie Moore, Graham, N. C; Jack Neese, K N, A O, Bo. 136, Reidsville, N. C; Martin Noon, 45 Spruice Ave., Floral Park, N. Y. Third ro-cc: J. D. Odom, A II A, Main St., Red Springs, N. C; Stafford Peebles, AHA, Route 4, Oxford, N. ( ' .; Mattie Pickett, T Z , Route 1, Burlington, N. C; Ida Mae Piland, ' a K, Route 3, Suffolk, Va.; John Puglisi, I T K, 56 Uewey Ave., Hunting- ton, N. Y. Fourth row: Louise Quackenbush, Graham, N. C; Florine Ray, T Z , Elon College, N. C, Amos Shelton, 705 Railroad Ave., Greensboro, N. C; Jack Shoffner, Liberty, N. C; Anneta Smith, Brown Summit, N. C. Sixty-two First roxc: Azaiuaii Thompson, 2 B, licidsvUlc, N. ( ' .; Freddy Tvsou, 2 4 B, Grpfiixixiro, X. C; DuANE VoRE, K " I N. A n, 4H N. Miami St., JVcst Milton, Ohio; Rith Walters, 220 Union Ave., Burlington, X. C., Dorothy Mae Warren, A ' K, Slalci , X. C. Second roxc-: Lloyd Whitley, I T K, 611 Coble St., High Point, X. ( ' .; Ellen Womble, Sanford, X. ( ' .; Carl Jones, Bolton, X. C. Sixtii-lhrce W;iitiii.n- .-it the ,i;ati; Mr. Catawba N ' arious ri ' K ' s ami friciiil S!., ' l! -f,j„r The Freshman Class Oificcrs ' A • StoXE X I.W.MAX Tj!a i.s Rawi.s Prcs ' idcni Vice Pns ' uJcnt LlLLIAX Browx Sccrctary-T rcasunr Sh-f,i-f!v( Firxt row: Wm. R. ARMSTHON(i, ynrfnll,-, J ' a.; Leonk Uai.laiu), Sprai , X. ( ; Winifred Barney, Elon College, N. ( ' .; IlAitnv Bauknecht, Ridqewood, N. J.; Jouhdon Bivins, Hillsboro, N. C. Second roxv: Mary Bivins, Uillxboro, N. C; Helen Boone, Burlington, N. C; Evelyn BoYETTE, Toccoa, Ga.j Joseph Brennan, Luzerne, Pa.; Roger Brooks, Haw River, N. C. Third rote: Hall Brooks, Roj-horo, N. C.j Howard Brown, K N, Charlotte, N. C; Lillian Brown, Winston-Salem, N. C; Russell Buswick, Brotcn Sumynit, N. ( ' .; Claudia Butler, Reidsville, N. C. Fourth row: Nelson Carrawav, Sno7C Hill, N. C; Silvio Caruso, Riverside, N. J.; Garland Causey, High Point, N. C.j Richard Chadwick, Beaufort, N. C; Mary Claytor, a Y K, Hillsboro, N. C. Fifth row: Elizabeth Cobb, Burlington, N. C; Albert Coble, Burlington, N. C; T. F. CoGGiNs, Lillingfon, N. C; I.ee Cooper, Sanford, N. C; Nathan Cooper, J ' aldese, N.C. Si -fil- Firxf ro ' iC-: NIosks CiUTcin-iKi.i), A II A. (iniiistiiini, .V. ( ' .; Mahv I,i:e Damehox, Yancrtj- vHlc, X. C; Thomas 1)ami:iu)X, Yaiicci villf, X. ( ' .; .Iokl Day, JVoodsdah-, .V. ( ' .; CrEoiUiE Donx, Winsiead, Conn. Second roxc : Christine Eaves, T Z ' h. Ilrnd crsan, X. ( ' .; v.r-s cv. Eaves, Ilrndirson, X. ( ' .; Alma Edwards, Hrndcr.soM. .V. ( ' .; Dohothv Edwauus, A Y K, Portsmouth, J ' a.; Ida Mae E.duards, Ilrndcrson, X. C. Third row: Cakolyx Eelaxd, H O !i. Kiland, X. ( ' .; Ivax Fagax, Forrxt ( ' it; , X. C; Katherixe Fitzgerald, Burlington, X. ( ' .; RruY Lee Foster, liurlinfjton, X. ( ' .; Joux FoHLKEs, Yancpi viilc, X. ( ' . Fourth ro-.i-: Estelle Fkeelaxd, R O B, Efland, X. ( ' .; Clavtox ] ' ' rLCHEH, K l ' X, At- lantic, X. ( ' .; Hahry Garxeh, Hi-idxvillc, X. ( ' .; W. J. (Iatlix, Jr., Bridgcton, X. C; Betty (jeh.m, Mchanc, X. ( ' . Fifth rou: LossiK QiK THY, liojlioro, X. ( ' .; J : c i Gii.i.iam, Forest Citi , X. ( ' .; Donis (ioRDOx, Broxcn Summit, X. ( ' .; Elizaiseth (hiev, Knfirld, X. ( ' .; Roheut CJray, Snoii. ' Hill, X. C. Sij-tii-fevfn First i-oic: Thomas Gurganu.s, J ' cniiici, y. ( ' .; Riodon (iiUNDMAN, (Irecn.slxiro, X. C; RoBKRT Hamilton, 2 $ B, Gastonia, N. C. Edwin Hankoud, Burlington, N. C ; Ruth Hahhis, Candor, N. C. Second rorv: Hubert Heatwole, Burlington, N. C; VjolktHovvman, Burlington, N. C; Wesley Holland, Trrnton, li . ( ' .; Evelvn Holmes, Crrcdmoor, N. C; Irene Hook, T Z I . Eton Colh-gc, A ' . C. Third ro ' ic: Cephas Hook, Capon Bridge, Jf. J ' a.; Robert Howard, Hallison, N. C; Mary Louis Huff, FAon College, N. C; Leroy Hughes, Elan College, N. C; Roger Inman, Mt. Airy, N. C. Fourth ro ' ic: Grayson Inman, A IT A, Mt. Airi , N. C; Virginia Israel, Lumberton, N. C; A. P. James, Ro.rlwro, N. C; Warren Jeffreys, Eton College, N. C; Essie Johnson, A Y K, Zuni, J ' a. Fifth row: James Johnson, Hate River, N. C; James Johnston, Yanceyville, N. C; George Kernodle, Elon College, N. C; Camille Kivette, Gihsonville , N. C; Ernest KouRY, Burlington, N. C. Sl.rlii-( ' i!iht First row: George Lamm, Lucama, N. C; Eunice Lasley, A Y K, Mehane, N. C; Walter Laughan, 2 B. Portsmouth, J ' a.; Claude Lawrence, .Vf. .i( y. A ' . C; Joseph Lawrence, Portsmouth, J ' a. Second roxc : Frances Lek, A Y K. I ' irgil ' nui,, J ' a.; James Lewis, IVtst End, N. C; Rebecca Ligiitbourne, liur intfldii , X. ( ' .; , onx Litchiield, Aurora, N. ( ' .; Stanley ' Lowe, liurlingtoti, X. ( ' . Third ro ' cc: 1 ' rki) Lowe, Klori College, X. C.j Xevdelle Lvnch, Spencer, X. ( ' .; Charles L NEss, YanceyviUe, X. I ' .; Marie Mangum, Burlington, X. ( ' .; Rex Mann, Kipling, N. C. Fourth rocc: Roy L-vnsfield, Sanford, X. C; Roberta Martin, T Z . F.aglerock, X. ( ' .; John Allen r Y, Greensboro, X. ( ' .; James Robert Meacham, Morvcn, X. ( ' ., Jimmie McDade, mUsboro, X. C. Fifth roxc: Harold McDiarmid, liaeford, X. ( ' .; Ima McIver, A Y K. Burlington, X. C. RlTTH Miller, F.lon C dlege, X. ( ' .; Kvanelle Mooue, F.lon College, X. ( ' .; Ruth Moore, Burlington. X. ( ' . Su ' tif-nhie First rote: Margaret Nash, Elan College, N. C; Van Stone Newman, Cary, N. C; Elizabeth Newton, Jupiter, Fla.; Frederick Norfleet, Suffolk, J ' a.; Helen Pace, Burlington, N. C. Second roxc: Becky Paisley, Porlnmouth, Va.; Chahles Parker, Portsmouth, J ' a.; James L. Parker, 2 I B, Portsmouth, J ' a.; Hyram Paitl, Aurora, N. ( ' .; Mahoaret Penning- ton, T Z 1 Neic London, N. C. Third roxc: Jesse Pittard, Enfield, N. C; Carl Pointer, Blanche, N. ( ' .; Clarence Powell, SuffoUi, J ' a.; Harold Powell, M organton, N. C; Francis Price, Greensboro, N. C. Fourth roic: Mary PRiTcmiT, Eloii College, N. C; DeWitt Priden, Suffolk, J ' a.; Joy Belle Quackenri ' sh, (Iraham, N. C; Charles Rawls, 2 I H, Suffolk, J ' a.; Travis Rawls, J ' erona, N. C. Fifth roxv: Joseph Rector, J ' aldese, N. C; Howard Richardson, Silver Springs, Md.; Mary E. Rierson, Gibsonville, N. C; Viney Rigney, Fancy Gap, J ' a.; Nell Riley, Burlington, N. C. First row: Lillie Mae Rounthee, Gibsoiiville, X. C; Thomas Rudd, Yanceyv ' ille, N. C; James Rumley, Elon College, N. C; Douglas Russell, Roseboro, N. C; Paul Sechest, Drexel, N. C. Second rote: ' eba Self, Burlington, X. C; Rov Siioaf, Salixhnry, X. ( ' .; William Simp- sox, Greenslioro, X. ( ' .; Edwahd Smith, Iln-,c River, X. ( ' .; Sigman Smith, (irem.thoro, X. c. Third ro-ic: John M. Smith, Chatham, I ' a.; Ulaxchk Somers, Burlington, X. ( ' .; Luci lle Somers, Elon Collrgr, .V. ( ' .; David Stuaiii ' , Snninii-rfnlil , X. ( ' .; William Stewart, Derita, X. C. Fourth row: Dorsey Stimsox, T Z 1 . Le-u-i.siyllr, X. C; Mahtha Stokes, Le.tingt in, N. C; Earl Tavlou, Ilarrixhurg, . ( ' .; Joiix 15. Tavi.oii, Semora, X. C; Madue Thompson, Elon College, X. C. Fifth row: Annie Lee Thompson, Elon College, X. C; ]- ' hank Troxleii, Elon College, X. C.; Robert S. Troxler, Burlington, X. ( ' .; Roheut W. Truitt, K vJ X, Greens- boro, X. ( ' .; Archie Reid Tvsox, Stokes, X. C. First rorc: Mable Vandehford, Burlington, N. C; Mary Walker, T Z $, Brown Summit, N. C; Virginia Walker, Elon College, N. C; William T. Walker, Brown Summit, N. C; Charles Walters, Jr., Burlington, N. C. Second row: Nellie Mae Webster, Haw River, N. C; Nathan Henry Wells, Prince- ton, N. C.J John Westbhook, Elon College, N. C; John S. Westmoreland, Gihson- ville, N. C; Jack Wilkinson, is ' B, Portsmouth, J ' a. Third roiv: Gladys Rae Wright, Star, N. C; Frances Wright, Star, N. C; Lawson Paul Wynne, Gihsonville, N. C; John Rigdon Wyrick, Gihsonville, N. C; James M. Yorke, Jr., Mehane, N. C. Seventy-two This church was founded in 1861 by tiic Rev. William B. Wellons, who was the first ])astor. In 189«-93 the old lniildin r was replaced by a new one. In 1926- 28 fifty-two i-oonis were added. Dr. W. W. Staley was pastor from November 1882 until his death. Rev. John G. Truitt has been the pastor since 1933. The Suffolk Church has a colorful history and is one of the strong churches of the Southern Conference. l{i: . JOHN (i. ' i ' RlITT Pastor ATHLETICS xy FDDTBALL Coach Horace (Horse) Hendrickson made his coaching debut at Eloii this year after having played four years and acting as assistant coach three years under Wallace Wade at Duke University. His athletic ability while with the Blue Devils gained for him a wide reputation and he is still often referred to as the " immortal Horse Hendrickson. " His success continued when he came to Elon, botli on tlie athletic field and on the campus. Coach Hendrickson is producing winning teams for Klon, and in turn, is winning a iiost of friends and admirers. Assistant Coach Powers also hails from Duke where he jjlayed undir tlic famed Wallace Wade. He is also director of intramural sports, and is well liked on the campus. The Christian Cannonade — a fine name for a fine team, who not only met tin- foe but conquered tlitm. The CaiHionade was focused on eight strong forces with seven of these being torn ahnost to shreds, the eighth turning the tables on the Ciiristians — and this was no disgrace. The defeat at the hands of the A])palachi,ni Mountaineers caused the Christians to lose possession of the coveted Nortli State Conference chani|)ion- ship which they had held for the past six years. September 1 showed many new faces and clianges adorning Comer Field; not only among the squad, but the coaching staff was entirely rearranged. Coaches Horace " Horse " Hendrickson and Tom Powers took up where the former coaches left off, contiruiing the winning spirit and fine attitude among the boys. Passing, kicking, and running were the main issues witli ])lenty of blocking and tackling being the funda- mentals stressed on considerably. Two drills a day were held until the l)ombers were well-rounded into shape, and the offensive power was smoothly ironed out as well as the tactics used for the defense. The season jjroved to be more interesting and exciting as it progressed. Capt. Joe Caruso led the Can- Lrlt ti, itilliL: (1) Jl.u, Bka Albert Mastro, Guard, Four yi Tackle: (5) Vincent Kazlow, Ba V, End. ThiL ' L. yuurs All-CuilferL-iKe, lIoiioi-aMc llc-iitiuii AU-Statf, ; All-Cuuference Blocking Trophy; (3) Ben HURST, yncWe, Third All - (6) James Fbitts, Guard; (7) Amos Shelton, Back, Third AU-Confei-ence il T.ittk ' All-Ameiicnn; (2 inference; (4) J.4MES Hauselt Scventji-fovr FDDTBALL Joseph Cakvso, Cu iluin Seennd All-Conferrnrr Tenm Archik IsRAEI,. Ctiiilinu-Klect Ml-Cnnfrienrr T.iim iioiKide to tlirilliiio; victories over such teams as V.M.I., Emory and Henry, Davis and Elkins, Naval Apprentice, .111(1 Catawba, heinp; tlie highlights of the successful season. In defeating V.M.I., ]2-(). the Christians gained national recognition for scoring the first major upset througliout the nation. Of course, it wasn ' t considered an upset by the close followers of tiie Elon team. Although the first downs were against the Cannonade in the Emory and Henry game, the score appeared to be an easy win for the bombers as it ended 24-0. The following Saturday showed the home town folks a great game when the Cannonade put on the pressure in the final quarter to turn back a powerful Davis and Elkins team, 13-6. Lenoir-Rliyne next proved to be easy gunning for the bombers as they ran rough-shod over the Bears 27-(i. Probably, the greatest upset in the state was scored when Appalachian turned the Christians .31-0. Weather conditions — snow, which some of the Elon players bad never seen, along with the player ' s mental stat ' , thinking tliat the game had been called off were two factors which caused the Elon Cannonade to backfire. Coach Hendrickson ' s squad found it easy to make yardage against the Xaval Apprentice school, but had difficulty in putting the ball across the goal line. The bombers kept shooting until they made two hits, one touchdown aiul one extra ponit for a 7-0 win. The team was probably at its zenith when they blocked and tackled viciously to overwhelm the Catawba Indians in Salisbury, 22-2. The students also showed power in a fracas held at the half, with the exception of a few who were thrown for a terrific loss. Still going at a great stride, the Cannonade blasted a courageous Cniilford team out of the Memorial Stadium in Greensboro. .39-0, with Hal Bradley doing some brilliant p.iss c.itciiing for three of the six touchdowns and converting three extra points. With the closing of tlie season honors were bestowed on many of the players wliicli brought plenty of recognition to the scliool. Placed on the mvtliical North State Conference team were Abbitt. back; Bradley, " i,:il,l : II) RI..1...N dm .M.MAN. Eii.l. 1 1; ) .1a.mi,s Day. J.n-I.l,. AnC.nli- Beavek, (Jiiard- {:,) . RTlli K I.KA. Etui. .Sfciijid .MlCmifun-iiic; (G) llriliArK Hra.v •: i:i) lilC.N.NKTT lUl.F.iM K. Cuaid: (4) ,li . Glllird: (7) ClIAKl.KS I ' lTT.MAN, llnrk. Sevfnty-five end; Day, tackle; Mastro, guard; and Israel, center, with Abhitt and Mastro being unanimous choices and Abbitt being selected captain of the team. Caruso and Golom- bek were named on the second team, with Caruso being the only back to be placed on any of tiie three teams mentioned. Shelton, Lea, and Hurst were also lionored. being named to the tiiird team. The Associated Press Little Ail-American team siiowed two of the Elon grid players, Abbitt and Bradley, getting honorable mention. These same two players were also good enough to be mentioned with the All-State team. Mastro gained recognition for himself when he was presented with the trophy for being the best blocker in the North State Conference. With the closing of the season a banquet was given by the alumni, Laurence Leonard, sports editor of the Greensboro Daily iVeir , being tlie ])rineipal speaker. A most enjoyable time was had by all connected with the affair, with the following seniors being presented with gold footballs: Abbitt, Beaver, Bradley, Bullock, Capt. Caruso, Day, Mastro, and Manager Maness. The banquet closed with the election of captain for the 1939 Christian Cannonade. This honor was bestowed upon Archie Israel, center and outstanding lineman of the Elon team for the past two seasons. V. M. I. Opening the season as the underdogs, against a highly touted V.M.I, team, the Cannonade turned loose a barrage of bombs that are still resounding out of tlie hills of V ' irginia. " Jack Rabbitt " Abbitt started a great season off by scoring botli touch- downs for the Elon gunners and booting the ball 70 yards on two different occasions, punt from scrimmage. The V.M.I. Keydets were outplayed in almost every depart- ment, with the Cannonade working in a machine-like manner. A penalty against tlie Christians in the second quarter gave V.M.I, the ball on the five yard line where they scored on an off ' tackle play. It was a great victory for the Cannonade whicii probably gained them more fame than has any victory in the history of the school. William Maness Manager averaging Emory Henry Into the hills of Virginia the Christian Cannonade again turned on the power to turn back a sup- posedly superior Emory and Henry team by the score of 2-i-O. Repeating his previous activities, Abbitt was again outstanding not only for his running, but for the two long soaring passes thrown to Grundman for touchdowns. Elon ' s hard-hitting freshman back, Joe Golombek, was also outstanding on the offensive, scoring two touchdowns. Elon ' s forward walls were imi)regnable as they threw the Wasp backs for consistent losses. It was at this ])oint that the followers of tlie Elon team were sure that a great season and a great team were to be had this year. Davis Elkins The following Saturday night showed beautiful weather, a colorful crowd and a perfect game in the Memorial Stadium in Greensboro as the Cannonade turned on the pressure in the final quarter to down a ..■,(7 III ri.ilil : (1) f KANCis Priie. Ilallhdi-k: (2) Ohari.es Hamrick, Tai-kle: (3) Richarii Chadwhk, Cetiler; (4) June Couuins End; (i) Walter LAiiiiiAN, Bark; (fi) .Iack Gilliam, (liiiird (7) W. Seacker, £nd. Seventy-six Iiinhlv touted Davis and Elkins team I3-(). The team from West ' irgiiiia sliowcd power and precision in the first three quarters outplaying the Christians decisively, having a 6-0 lead going into the final quarter. Amos Shelton. playing in his own hack- yard, threw two passes to Saecker and Abbitt for touchdowns bringing the game out of the fire, again putting the Elon fans at ease. Because of an operation Bradley missed playing his first game in four years. LenDir-Rhyne Usually a hard team to beat, the Bears of Lenoir-Rhyne were put back in an easy manner when the Cannonade ran up a score of 27-6. Hard blocking and tackling were the main features of the game as it was so highly noticeable by the fans. Again the fleet-footed Abbitt scored twice with Golombek, also, going over for two six- pointers. The Lenoir-Rhyne team had difficulty in scoring and had to wait ' till the closing minutes of the game in order to do so. The Elon reserves played almost half of this game: there is no telling what the score would have been had the first stringers ))layed the full (JO minutes. It was anotlier great night for the bombers who fly the colors of the Maroon Gold. Appalachian This was a bad day for the Elon Cannonade. Between the downpour of rain and snow and the fast stepping of Angel and Hudson. Elon was unable to really show their power as they were accustomed to doing in their previous games. Three of Elon ' s outstanding linemen. Bradley. Hurst, and Mastro were unable to play due to injuries. Ciolombek again proved himself as being Elon ' s sensational freshman by breaking througli the line for good yardage. The score was 31-0 in favor of the Mountainers. .Tames Abbitt hiiHUnrk All-Conffr Honorary Mention A Ameriran Greennhan Daihi Record All-Slate First lean IVaval Apprentice It is a known fact that no athletic team of the Naval Apjirentiee school has ever beaten an Elon team nor h.ive the Christians ever lost a game to the Tidewater dist rict of Virginia, and the squad was determined to up- hold this record. The Cannonade had little trouble in making yardage but when it came to pushing the pigskin across the last white stripe the Apprentice team would hold their own. Elon was fortunate to put the ball across when Abbitt, who made an 80 yard punt, threw Saecker a beautiful pass for the only score. Particular notice was taken of the way in which Laughan. an Elon freshman, returned punts. Catawba Ready, willing, and able were the bombers from Elon when they met their old rivals, tlie Catawba Indians on the latter ' s liome field on a bright November day. The Christians truly jiroved to be at their best from the very beginning, completely outplaying the Blues and Whites until they were dizzy. The line of the Cannonade was in top form since the Indians got their one and only first down in the last few minutes of the game. Abbitt. Shelton. Caruso. Kazlow and Golombek were just like dynamite when they carried the ball. Clark and Pritchard stood out for the Indians. This was probably the best game Hendrickson ' s boys Left to rinht: (1) .Jack Wii.kins Joe Bla.vk.s. End; (6) G. Gar.ver, X. End; (2) JoHK Henrv Peabc-E, End; (3) Garla.nd Causey, Tackle; (4) Axel Lawson, End; (5) Back; (7) Hai, Watts, End. Seventy-seven played late in the season as the score ended 22-2. Trouble ensued at the lialf when the Elon students burnt an Indian effigy at the stake, arousing the ire of the Catawba students. From all appearances and indications the Elon students couldn ' t be stopped as outside lulp was brouglit in to subdue several of the Elonites. It was a great day for all v ho had traveled to Salisbury. Guilford That old traditional rivalry has almost disajipeared between the Christians and Quakers, probably be- cause of the too powerful Elon teams in the different sports. The Christian Cannonade scored at will against the boys of the Red and Gray, trouncing them by a score of 39-0. Hal Bradley was the outstanding player on the field this Thanksgiving day. when he caught three passes and converted three extra points for a total of twenty-one jjoints, these being tlie most points scored by any player in any one game. Abbitt ' s ruiming was as usual the talk of the fans as he made nine yards per try on the average and also his kicking was one of the outstanding features. Golonibek and Pittman, who had been out most of the season with injuries, were also good at carrying the pigskin. The reserves played quite a bit of the game and a courtesy was given Manager Bill Maness when he was put in the last few minutes. Leit to riqht : (1) Walter Fonville. Halfback: (2) W. T. Walker. EiuI,- Henry Capiliary, End; (4) Joe Brennan, Center: (5) Ivan Faoan, End: (6) Douolas Russel, Guard ; (7) ,Ioel Day, End. Seveiitii-eight BASKETBALL Horace Henduicksox Coach Hal Bradley Cnplniii " Risty " Jones Manager Boniani Lilian. Lloyd Whitli ' V. Isaac Ffsniire. Richard C ' roinlisli. James Alihitt, Garland Caiiscv. J. . I ' carcc, Claude I,aiirciici ' , Robert Hainilton. w r " 9 ' 3 n 18 - m. A 6 , 7 . J NOIilll STATK COXFKHKXCK CI lAM I ' M ) S 1938 Seveiity-iiine Hal " Hi ' nk " Braolky Captain This season Elon fans witnessed one of the strongest and most successful teams the Christians have ever had. Credit for this is due to the fine training of Coach Horace Hendrickson, the leadership of Captain Hal Bradley, and the ability of the players. With the exception of the two games lost and the two witli High Point College, the opi)onents were beaten with comparative ease. On the northern trip they were very successful with five victories and one loss. They defeated such strong teams as Washington and Lee. ' .M.I., Xaval Apprentice, St. Johns, and Randolph Maeon. Only the powerful team of George Washington could stop tiieni. The Elon Cannonaders won the North State Conference Championship, placed three men on the All- Conference team, Lloyd Whitley, Hal Bradley, and Richard Cromlish, and was rated by many to be the strongest team in the state. The season ' s score leaders were Lloyd Wiiitley with 172 points, Hal Bradley 1(57, and Ike Fesmire 120. James Abbitt and Ben Lillien also played a com:nendable game tiiroughout the season. LLdYD WHITI.EY Fnrwnnl JAMES ABBITT ISAAC FESMIRE Forward RICHARD CROJILISH Guard Eighty 1938 BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Elon. El on. F.loii . .50 Greensboro Y IS Haines Mills Mi MeC ' r.n-v . . . . Kliin ■ ' !• ' asllinl ton and Lee. Eton :H •.M.I Elon 3.5 Nav.il Apprentice . . . Elon L ' l St. .loims Elon 2!) (ieoriic W ' .isliinn ' ton . . Elon 3-2 R,inilol|)ii M;ie ni . . . . Elon Elon Elon Elon 38 3() 15 25 20 29 18 IC) 28 65 Guilford 15 52 Catawba 27 35 Uiiih Point 33 H A.C.C. 30 Elon 36 Ajipalacbian 23 Elon 47 A.C.C. 27 Elon 32 Hi;;li Point 31 Elon 58 Guilford 20 Elon 51 CataM ' ba 30 Elon 29 Lenoir-Rli yne 26 Elon 17 Ajipalaehian 32 Elon 36 Lenoir-RIi yne -10 Denotes .North State Cmiference s. ' imes. Daxiki. (RiisTv) Jones Manager Eighty-one BASEBALL John A ax Barrow Captain Althoiigli l)a.sci)all prospects tor Eloii this year were not any too oi)tiniistic, the openini;; games did sliow evidence that the season would be successful. Coach Hendrickson had four good pitchers to build his team around, Tommy Williams, " Dopey " Fuller, Roland Longest and Herbert Jenkins. James Abbitt was placed on first base, while Amos Shelton took over the catcher ' s job. The other positions were as follows : " Wimpy " Fowler, second base; " Jiggs " Roaeli, third base; Marshall McCraw, short stop; John Van Barrow, right field; Walter Laughon, left field; Freddy Tysor and Eugene Wrenn, center field. ROBERT rOWLER MARSHALL McCRAW Second Base Short Stop Eighty-two lO- ' JS BASEBALL SCHEDULE Marcli il. Spriiiiifitlil College Elon A|)ril 7. Coriull University Burliiiji ' ton .March 22, Si)ringfield College Elon Ajjril «. High I ' oiiit College Elon March 2(). Mojnd Mills Greensboro A))ril 12, Atlantic Christian College Elon March :»), Haverford College Burlington April i:!, (luilforil College Burlington Ajiril 2. Duke University Burlington Ajiril 15, Catawba College Elon April k (iuilford College (iuilford College Ajiril liS, Guilford, Easter Moiulay . . . . (ireensboro . liril li. Atlantic Christian College Wilson Ai)ril lit. High Point College High I ' oint April 20, Dayton Ducks (ireensboro April 22, Catawba College Salisbury . |)ril 2.i. Catawba College Salisbury April 2 ), Lenoir-Rhyne College Elon April 27, Lenoir-Rhyne College Elon April 30, Guilford College Elon May (5, Lenoir-Rliyne College Hickory Mav 7, Lcnoir-Rhvne Colles ;e Hickory Eiyhly-three THE 1938 SQUAD Horace Hkndrickson Coach John Van Barrow Captain WooDROw Wilson Maiiaqcr i Eight y-f on MIIVDR SPORTS Thomas Powkhs Dinctor iif Miliar Spiirtx Hal Watts Ix.sixttnit Dircctar (if I iitnuiiiiral Spiiris Mrs. J. C;. McAllister, Jr Women ' s Athlct ' ic Director Daxiel Jones Tennis Coach Evelyn Holmes President dirls ' Atliletic Association Eighty- jive TE ms Daniel Jones Coach Bruce Flory Matiager Elon ' s tennis team of last year completed the finest record ever to be achieved by any team of the past. Out of twenty-four matches they lost only four. The team took three successful trips. The first was to Florida which resulted in the defeat of Rollins, Stetson, and U. of S. C. The University of Florida was tluir only unsuccessful attempt on this trip. Their next trip took them as far north as Pennsylvania. On this trip they easily won over Washinjjton and Lee, Western Maryland, Villonova College, Allbright College, and American University. The only match they lost was to the University of Pennsylvania. A three day trip to Virginia resulted in victories over William and Mary, Lynch- burg College, and a loss to the University of Virginia. The team had no difliculty in winning the North State Conference Championship for which they have held the title for three consecutive years. The team has not lost a match in the conference for the past three years. The 1937 team line-up is as follows: No. 1, " Rusty " Jones; No. 2, Fred Perkins; No. 3, Gordon Crahel ; No. I. Artiuir (Jreenwald ; No. .5, L. E. Smith; No. 6, Eugene Malbon. Eiiihty-six ELON TENNIS SCHEDULE, 1938 Marcli 24, Duke University Durham April ' -i. High Point College High Point March 26. University of S. C Columbia, S. C. April 15, Davidson College Davidson March 27, The Citadel Columbia, S. C. April 19, George Washington Elon Ajjril i. Ai |)alachian College Elon Ajiril 20, Wake Forest Elon April 5. A.C.C Wilson April 21, Wake Forest Wake Forest April 9. University of X. C Chapel Hill April 23, High Point College Elon April 11, Catawba College Salisbury A))ril 2(), Lenoir-Rhyne Hickorv April 28, A.C.C Wilson April 30, Catawba College Elon May 2, Washington and Lee Lexington, Va. May 3, Lynchburg College Lynchburg, Va. May 4, V.P.I Blacksburg, Va. May 9, Lenoir-Rhyne College Elon Liy 10, Guilford College Guilford EUihlji-aiven WRESTLING Back row: Coach Powers, John Fowike row: Wesley Holland, John LitchfieUI, Aza Uanaufr Robert Truitt. THE TEAM Graham Hunt, Willis ah Thomiison, Caiitiih, THE IIVTRAMURAL SPORTS In the Fall a great deal of interest wa.s shown in the intramural touch football. Each of tlie boys ' dormitories, fraternities, and tlie Day Students had a team. The I T K proved to have the strongest team. With tlie approacli of the basketball season tlie interest was turned to the keen competition of the various campus clubs. The final tournament resulted in the awarding of tropliies to the I T K team and the Sigma Phi Beta team. The rivalry developed in basketball was continued in the sjiring with soft ball. Many games were scheduled between the clubs and a few with the faculty, which always gives the students a " kick. " The intramurals successfully offered the campus boys good entertainment and wholesome exercise. The program was directed by Assistant Coach Powers and Hal Watts. Eiyhty-eic ht GIRLS ATHLETIC ASSDCIATIDIV The Girls ' Athk-tic Association proiiiotts the hfalthfiil athktic rccrrational activ- ities of the campus girls by participating in varous intramural sports and gym classes. The sports offered under the supervision of Mrs. McAllister are soccer, volley ball, tennis, archery, baseball, and hiking. The archery classes created much interest. The Association also added valuable assistance to the May Day exercises. Mary Bivins was President of the Associatioji for tlie fall semester, and Evelyn Holmes the spring semester. Eiyhty-nhie I ' ilot " Act " McBraver Xc.oii and Nfll . " ■ Cliapcl ' s out Iiitrainural liaskrthall chanips Whafs tlic trouble, girls? Ix ' g sliow Sic cm, Kloii ! Kiiiij and Queen, ' 37 Mur|)liy Sla])-lia|)) y? Kill!; ' and (Jue NiiiPtii The Holland Church is one of the more pi-o ressive churches in the South and has a vei ' v colorfid history. The cluii ' ch is particularly interested in educational advances. " riie present active })astoi- is the Rev. Carl Key. IIEV. CARL KKY I ' astor ACTIVITIES rxxxr STUDEOT GDVEMMEIVT Hatcher Story President Student Body George Lawrence Cameron, Jr. President Student Senate Beatrice Wilkins President Student Council The students of EIoii C ' ollc.ne are aioverned by two hodies. tlie Student Senate for the men and tlie Student Council for the wonun. Although the Government is run by the students themselves, the system lias proven to be very efficient. The members of both the Council and the Senate are elected from the Student body, by the students for their ability as leaders and their trustworthy characters. The Senate and Council members are to be commended for the splendid work they have done towards promoting cooperation on tlie campus this year. Ninety-two STUDENT SENATE Lawrence Fan-ell, .hi Alibilt, Moses CrutchfieUl, STUDENT COUNCIL Bcatrire Wilkins. Preiti,!,,, : Miiylielle Tutor. Owc ndolvn Tillmanns, Margarel (iailowav, .Tune Leath, Margaret Smith, Nane.v Hlllner, Ursula FriL ' lernaii, VirKini;i Conyes, Beatrice Mashburn, Mary Claytor. Ifhietii-lhree SENIOR " Y " CABINET LeGrande Moody, Prexiilent : Jordon Cameron, Margai-et Eaip, Harris Hendi Lea, Beatrice Wilkiiis, Joe Padgett, Mar Sloan, Lofton Har ieks, Dorsey Stinis( JUNIOR " Y " CABINET .Jack May. I ' lesidrnl Robert Martin, .Jack Neese, Marv Bivins. Georse Dorn, Marv Clavtor, Cliarle Maness, Helen Pace, Howard Brown, Doris Gordon, Dorothy Edwards, Jame.s L. Parker. Ninetii-four THE XOLE SINCiERS THE ELON SIN ' CiERS I ' l-rif. Slii;iil I ' nitt. Uin;-I„r: Fli.tcllcr Moorp, Acrnm intiiM : Miss Helen Cliamlile Kiirl.v, James Wliiie, Nathaniel Noel, .Soloists. V.n-e. Lloy.l yinfty-five THE BAIVD Tlie Eloii Collect ' 15aii(l is comluctcd bv student-director Laiidoii Walker. Under his capable leadership the band performs at the football and basketball games. Behind their drum-major, Harold Hilburn. the band makes a neat marching unit between lialves on the football field. Several tri))s are made each season with the football team. Concerts are given freijuently by the band. The outstanding concert of the season was rendered on the program of the PhiPsiCli ' s Annual ' arsity Show. Ninety-six THE MimSTERIA L ASSDCIATIDIV Witli fourtt ' L-n vomif); men i)rf|);irin!i ' for tluir |)roffs.si()ii as niiiiisttrs. tin- ))ro- granis of tiie year Iiave Iktii of unusual inttTcst. At tlicir first liiisiucss mectiiij;- ' ictor Murcliison was i-lectcd I ' rcsidtnt, and Tliurniaii Bowers, Secretary-Treasurer. Every menilier preaclied at least onee during the year to the Association. Outside lecturers, from the active ministry, and otlier walks in life, brought interesting talks to this grou)). (irou]) discussions, held at arious times throughout the year, gave memhers the o])|)ortunity to discover viewjioints of otiicrs aiul com- pare them with their own. Tile Ministerial Association had charge of the college Vesper services one Sunday in each month. These services were inspirational as well as interesting to the student body. hi THE HOME EEOIVDMIES ELUB At tlitii- tirst iiKctiiiij,- tin- fliili chose Edith ]5r;iiMi(H ' k as tlicir President, Mar- garet Brown, Vice President, and Melvin James. .Secretary and Treasurer. Miss Laura Howard is tlieir faculty sjionsor. The clul) endeavors to ijive the Home Economics students an opportunity to put into j)ractice their knovviedi;c throui;ii social ccnitaets. They oH ' er their ser ices at teas, banquets, and receptions. Nill(lll-li: lll Baxter Hdltij Euiiinucl IIcclscbL ' lh. Li-liraruli- .Miiocly, Th Karp, Dr. French, THE DEBATIIVG TEAM The debating team entered the Dixie Practice Tournament at Winthrop College, Rock Hill, S. C, where they came out with good ranking. At the South Atlantic Tournament in High Point they won four decision ' s out of twelve. Tliey also held a practice dehate with Higli Point College. The query of the dihate was, Resolved, that Congress should he empowered xcith the authoritij to arliitrate labor disputes. The success of the team was due to the untiring ellcn ' ts of its mcnil)ers and the cajtable supervision of Dr. I ' rench. yiiulji-niin COMMERCIAL CLUB Officers Elizabeth Gray President Marie Mangi ' m Treasurer Nancy Lee Hoylman. . J ' ice President Betty CJehm Reporter Rl ' BY Lee P " oster Secretary Mrs. W. W. Howell Idviser To establish a closer relatioiisliip between its personnel and the business world is the purpose of the Commercial Club. With this ideal well in mind the Club is constantly devising new methods of better training its members to meet the demands of the business world. Lecturers and demonstrations by competent business authori- ties are a part of the program. The students also visit modern and well equipped business offices to observe the manner in whicli the efficient office is run. n this manner the students gain a clear insight into the ways and means of the colorful l)anorama of business life. Practical experience prepares them to meet the demands and problems which will later confront them. The Club strives to inculcate into its members such inestimable qualities as tact, ethics, and competence which will be of inestimable value to them when they have taken their place in the world of business. On, l,in„lrr,l ifl . mm I . mi ' - .-w bKs S MK J dI •i- ■ .- - 1 % - « f »( Iniiiilrid PAH-HELLEIVIC CDUIVCIL The iiienibers of the Pan-rifllinic Couiu ' il avf representatives from each of the social clubs of the eaniijus. It is their duty to handle all matters dealing with inter- fraternal relationships. Eaeli clul) has equal rejiresentation. The council acts as liost to an interf raternal social each semester. The members of the council are: LeGrande Moody, K Y N; Nell Loy, BOB; Jordon Sloan, AHA, Margaret Galloway, A Y K; Hatelier Story, 2 I ' B; Beatrice Wilkins, T Z $. One hundred two DELTA PSI OMEGA AdHoniil Dranidllc F ratiniit i) Gwendolync Tillmanns, Secretary and Treasurer; Dr. Fletcher tdllins, 15eatrie ' Wilkins, President; Jack Xeese, Melvin James, Walter Fnnville, Albert Mastro. Xot represented by pietures: Ilateber Stiiry. Jiuinita Wau b, Duane Vore. Vice President. PI GAMMA ML .v. r. Alphit Chfi lifer Xational Social Science Honor Society Harold Hilburn, President; ' irKinia t ' onye.s, ' icc President; Heatrice Wilkins, Secre- tary; Mary N -ll F.aves, Treasurer; Prof. A, I,. Hook, Faculty Adviser; Cleorfje CoIcIoukIi, Arthur (ii-eenwald, Charles Kernodle, Christine Younp, Dr. I,. C. Dickinson, Dr. D. J. Howden, Joseph Caruso, .lames W. Parker, Sidney Taylor, Archie Israel, Until l ' a ■e Clark, Dr. Merton French, IIaKOLI) HlLHIliX Ed ' dnr-in-Ch ' uf Jamks Brooks lius ' nicnH MdiKiiU ' r THE PHIPSICLI STAFF June Leath Associate Editor Howard Brown Bruce Flory Dorothy Edwards Jack Neese EDITORIAL STAFF Du. Fletcher Collins Faculty Adviser Gweiidolyne Tilhnaiins Lilian Brown Beatrice Wilkins BUSINESS STAFF Hatcher Story Joe Hilereen Albert Mastro Art Editor Griffin Holland Mary Walker Dorothy Warren Helen Dailev LsAiAU Seak.s, Gwexdolyxe, Tillmanxs, John- Hohtox, MAiuiARET Eaup Dr. Fletcheh Collins, Advixcr Um CDLDIVMDES FAon Cnlontiatlcs, tlie literary iiiagaziiu-. is written and printed by the students. It offers an oportiniity for the students to dis})hiy the best of tiieir literary aehieveuients. Thoma.s Ii hxess, I)|(. Collins, .Idv .sir, Wesley Holland, 1 ' hank Donovan, GVVENDOLYNE TiLLMANNS, TllO.MAS PeHHV. THE MARDDIV MD GOLD The Maroon ami (Sold is puhlished hi-weekly l)y the nieniliers of the journalism class. Tile paper is always interesting with its iteiiLs of news and its iditnrials. FIIVE ARTS DEPARTMEIVT Miss Xewmax, ) Officers AuRELiA P ' uTRELL Pres ' uleat Dorothy Warren Secretary Margaret Miller Vice President Mary Lewls Walker Treasurer Ain-flia Fiitrell Margaret Miller Dorotliv Warren Van Newman Mary Hannah WalUi Mrs. " Ethel Cheek .Inanita Morgan Mrs. Burwell Nolan Mrs. Meiha Gates Mrs. Jerry Strader Mewhers Mrs. Foy Williams Mrs. Mamie Fuller Beatrice Wilkins Thelma Thompson Mrs. Marg ' ureta Jones Mrs. Bronna Philips Mrs. A. J. Ellino-ton Alhert Mastro Lillie Mae Rountree Christine Crutehfield : Irs. Alice White Mrs. Louis Allen Mary Lewis Walker Beulaii Murray Mrs. O. T. M " cCormick Matilda Nelson Coy R. Mabe ' aniiie Sizemore Mrs. Myrtle Wilson Jeane Hook Helen Messick Carolyn I ' ousliee JUNIOR ART CLASS Dorothy Warren, Assisia Ruby Meacliam RosJ Messick Billy Terrell Boyd Sharpe Elizabeth Al)ple Bruce Tapseott One li II ml rid DAY STUDEOT GIRLS ' ASSDCIATIDIVf June Leath President and Council Representative Elizabeth Cobb Maria Maxgum J ' ice President Treasurer JiAxiTA Wai(;ii Miss Lila N ' ewmax Secretary Sponsor The Day Student Ciirl ' s Association was organized to promote friendly relations between day students and tudents who live on the eani|)us. They entertain at various soeial funetions througlunit the year, most notahle of which are the spring and autumn dances. One huiiilrcd xtvi ii LeGrande Moody Laurence Cameron Hanihl Hilhurn George Gutierrez Thomas Earp Tliomas Jones Jirucf Florv Howard Brown MPPA PSI M SENIORS Landon Walker Roy Boyd ' ernon Braxton Hicliard Matthews JUNIORS George Wehster James White Charles Hamriek SOPHOMORES Duane Wire FRESHMEN Robert Truitt Howard Jones Joseph Padgett John Horton Thomas Furness Allan Watson .Jaek Neese Hal Watts Clayton Fuleher I . C. Dickinson Spunsur I 1 One luiiHlred eiiihl lf.grande moody lawrence camerox harold hilbtrx laxdon walker ROY BOYD VERNON BRAXTON RICHARD MATTHEWS HOWARD JONES JOE PADGETT JOHN HORTON GEORGE GTTIERREZ THOMAS EARP GEORGE WEBSTER JAMES WHITE THOMAS JONES BKUCE FLORY DUANE YORE JACK XEESE HOWARD BROWN ClIAKLKS HAMRICK CLAYTON l-TLCHER THOMAS FURNESS ROBERT TRUITT ALLAN WATSON Nul iilinlo ' .-raplu-il: HAL WATTS Our Innulnil iilni SIGMA PHI BETA BfiiiH ' tt Biillofk Tlioni.-is Williams John Beaver James Brooks riovcl West Clevclaiitl Campliell Azariah Thompson L. W. McFarland Walter Lauglian Charles Rawls SENIORS Daniel Jones William Maness Joe Hilarreen J l MORS Walter I ' oiivilk SOPHOMORES Freddy Tvsor FRESHMEN Robert Hamilton Jack Wilkinson Charles Kernodle Howard Smith Hatcher Story INIarshall McGraw A. W. Hayncs James (iillispie James L. Parker Allen Askew John Henry Pierce J. Wellington Seacker D. J. BoWDEN Sponsor One hundred ten WB Oil, hinuli ' ,1 , ' lc BEXNETT BULLOCK JAMES BROOKS JOE llll.CKIOKX HATCHER ST0I;Y THO.MAS WILLIAMS DANIEL JONES CHARLES KERXODLE MARSHALL MoGRAW JOHN BEAVER FLOY 11 WEST CLEA ' ELAND CAMPBELL WALTER FOXVILLE FREDDY TYSOR A. W. IIAYNES JAMES (ilLLISPlE AZARIAH THOMPSON L. V. McFARLAND ROBERT HAJIILTON JAMES PARKER CHARLES RAWLS JACK WILKINSON WALTER LAUGHAN ALLEN ASKEW Nr.l i,li„tc,s:rii|,li.d: WILLIAM MANESS. JOHN HENRY PIERCE. J. WELLINGTON SEACKEU Ej h fl!ii ALPHA PI DELTA Lofton Harris Bcrnice Hester David Satterficld Rufus Underwood Tliomas Holmes Pete I.ea Curtiss Jones SENIORS Carl Pritchette Marshall Walker JUNIORS Graham Hunt Harris Hendricks Lester Howard .Jordan Sloan SOPHOMORES Griffin Holland Stafford Peebles J. D. Odom Ford Miller James McGalliard Satn B. Foushce Melvin Dollar James W. Parker Jack BasnifTJit Jake Garian FRESHMEN Moses Crute hfield Gravson Inmaii HowAUD L. Gravett Sponsor One luindrcd twelve LOFTON ' HARRIS BKRNK ' K HESTKR CARL I ' RITI ' IIKTT (H ' RTIS JONKS . L RS1L LI, WALKKR DAVIII SATTKHFIKM) RIFl ' S I ' XIIKRWOOIl FORI) .MILI.KR TH() L S HOLMKS (iRIFFIN HOLLAND STAFFORD PKEBLES 1L RRIS ]lKXDRirKS J. J). ODO.M (I RAH AM HI ' NT LESTER HOWARD JORDON Sr.OAN SAM B. FOUSHEE GRAYSON IN ' MAN JAMES McliALLLVRD MOSES rRCTCH FIELD MELVJN ])OLLAR JACK BASNIGHT JAKE GARIAX Not i.li(,l„iri,|,lu.il: .lAMES W. PARKER, PETE LEA. Our hiiiiilnil Ihirli lUTA TAU KAPPA .loi)ii Z. M. ' Hr,-iyi-i Milton C ' licshirc .Fumes Day Lawrence Farnll Woodrow M ' ilsoii William .Jones (jallowav Walker Eugene Mallion .folin Puglisi SENIORS .lames Abbitt Robert Fowler .losepli Caruso JUNIORS Tlionias (iavlord Eloyd Ilutfines SOPHOMORES Andrew I ' uller Bernard Lilien Artluir (ireenwald Hal Bradley John Van Barrow Sidney Taylor Rieliard Cromlisii Vineent Kazlow Finbv Fee Llovii Whitle J. E. Stewart S poiixor On, lnn, ln,l fniirlr RICHARD CROMLISH JOHN Z. lIcBEAYER MILTON CHESHIRE JAMES DAY LAWRENCE EARKELL JAMES ABBTTT RUBEKT FOWLER JOSEPH CAKUSO BERXARIl LILTEN AHTHl ' R OKEEXLAXD HAL BRADLEV LLdVD WHlTIjEY WILLLVM JdXES SIDNEY TAYLIIU INCKNT K A 7. LOW JOHN VAN BARROW JOHN rUGLISI EUGENE MALBON ANDREW FULLER EINLEY LKE LLOYD HUFFINES GALLOWAY WALKER THOMAS GAYLORD WOODROW WILSON Oik IiiiikIi-kI ifldii BeatriiT Wilkins Nancy BiitiRr Ju.niita Wau " li Kdiia l ' " iti ' li Doi ' .si ' v StiiiisDu TAU ZETA PHI SENIORS Maybelle Tutor Margaret Smith JUNIORS Htlen Dailey Ktlieline Reynolds SOPHOMORES Florine Rav Mary Walker Margurtt Ptiiniiiijton FRESHMEN Irene Hook Miss Laiha Howaiid Honorari Sponsor Virginia Kerns Gladys Sandlin Edith Hraiin(H-k Mary Lou Hayes Mattie Pickett Roberta Martin (iiristine Eayes Miis. Oma U. Johnson Spoil nor One hundred sixteen BEATRICE WILKINS NANCY BUTNER MAYBELLE TUTOR MARCAKKT SMITH VIRGINIA KERNS Jl ' ANITA WAUGH HELEN DAILEY IXJRSEY STIMSOX lI.lllilNE RAY EDNA FITCH ETHKIJNE REYNOLDS iLVKY LOT HAYES MATTIE PICKETT EDITH BRANNOCK IRENL HOOK l;oBERTA MARTTN MARY WALKER -M A R( i A li ET PE V [ (.TON CHRISTINE J W Ls DELTA UPSILDM MPPA SENIORS Margaret Gallowaj ' Virninia Conyes JUNIORS Gwendolyiie Tillniaiins Rutli Page Clark Ona Mary Stephens Dorotliy Warren Mary Clavtor SOPHOMORES Ima Mclver Ida Mae Pilanil FRESHMEN Dorotliy Edwards Essie Johnson Melvin James Margaret Miller Eunice Laslev Frances Lee Mrs. W. W. Howell Sponsor One hiiiidred fii hlriii MARGARET GALLOWAY VIRGINIA COXTERS GWEXnOLYN- TILLJIAXXS OXA MARY STEPHEXS RUTH PAGE CLARK MELVIX JAMES EI ' XIC ' E LASLEY DOROTHY WARREX niA MiIVER IDA MAE PILAXD MARY CLAYTOR DOROTHY EDWARDS ESSIE JOHNSON FRANCES LEE Xot pholngraiiheil : AURELIA FUTIiELL. MARGAUET MII.r.KK On, hi,ii:li;-,l ninrh BETA DMICRDM BETA Geraldiiie Deaver Ursula Fonleinaii SENIORS Nell Loy JUNIORS Maxine Hudgiiis Beatrice Masliburu SOPHOMORES Carolyn Efland Eiilu Apple FRESHMEN Estelle Freeland Eiicy Mae Wright Edith Bryant Miss Hki.en C ' hamblee Sponsor Out ' hiindrctl hofiifi NELL LOY LUCY MAE WRIGHT BEATRICE MASHBURN LULU APPLE TTRSULA FOGLEMAN CAROLYN EFLANI) EDITH BRYANT ESTELLE FREELAND VIUGINIA WALKER MARY FRANCES WALKER One hiiiKlred lu-rnl ti- " iu MAY OUEEN Blanche Wagiiner One liKiidrcd Iwiiilii-fXi TIic Eloi! College Community church is held in the iieautiful cha})cl of the college, the Whitlev Memorial Auditorium. Dr. I eon Kdgar Smitli is the pastor. Tlie church also invites many guest sjieakeivs to its ] ul|)it. Students, townspeople, and isitors are made to feel welcome by the pastor, and Ins sermons, the excellent nnisic, and the warm cordiality that exists amonsi ' the members. DR. LKOX ED(;AK SMITH Pastor FEATURES • -••• Mrs. F. P. Hilhurn Sponsor Of [ " ' liipsicil C aitc (hir hinulrvil txcint i-foiif Miss Louise Bayiies J pon.ior oj l- nipsicti iSusineSS rf anucjc One hiindrc ' il lu ' (iil;i-l!v( Miss Myrtle Teague Our llilllill-ril lu ' i ' llll -Kij: Miss Marftjie Crumpler S poiisor of j- i KJainma n Oik humlral ticnilii-srvrn Miss Dnrnthy PnllDck S poll So r ot laroon an a Ljo One hundred twenty-eight Mrs. B. D. Jones -Sponsor of junior ( la One hundred tiventii-nine Mrs. W. J. Story J ponior of tud-ent iSodu One hundred thirty Mrs. G. L. CamerDn J poii.ior oj S tuaent J enate ana -Senior CmJ.) Oh( hiindnd Ihirtji-iine MRS. J. L NEESE Sponsor of S opnomore C iaJj Oni hundred thirtii-tn One }iiu,ilr,il Ihirl ii-lhri-r One huiidnd thirtit-foiir , ' % One humlrid Ihlrtji-five THE NATIONAL BANK OF BURLINGTON, N. C MEMBEK OF FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM and FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSIRANCE CORPORATION Statement of Condition at Close of Business December 31, 1937 ASSETS Cash on hand and due from Federal Reserve and Member Banks $ 844,051.03 LInited States Government Bimds and Home Loan Bonds, guaranteed by U. S. Government 405,800.00 State of North Carolina Bonds 1%,000.00 City of Burlington and Alamance County Bonds (and other stocks $1) 75,301.00 Stock in Federal Reserve Bank 6,750.00 Loans 1,134,164.02 Bank Building 33,748.36 Furniture and Fixtures 11,109.01 Other Assets — Interest Accrued on Bonds not due, etc 7,794.75 TOTAL $2,714,718.22 LIABILITIES Capital Stock $ 100,000.00 Surplus 125,000.00 Undivided Protfits and Reserves for Contingencies, etc 76,729.03 Deposits and Other Liabilities 2,412,989.19 TOTAL $2,714,718.22 Correct: EVERETT, ZANE AND MUSE. Certified Public Accountants. INFORMATION Present market value of all bonds. mo re than the cost figures | shoi n above. DEPOSITS INSURED UP TO $5,000 FOR EACH ACCOUNT " OUR POLICY— SAFETY FIRST " OFFICERS L. J. Blakey, President C. V. Sellers, Vice President C. V. Long, Cashier B. S. Stack, Assistant Cashier G. H. Gibson, Assistant Cashier DIRECTORS L. J. Blakey R. A. Coble W. S. Coulter C. V. Long E. M. Long G. D. M.Miiii C. V. Si I I 1 n W. W. M 1,1 II Claiborne Young We solicit your business based upon the strong financial condition shown. Wi render every service possible commensurate with the policies of safe banking. Yours very truly, L. J. BLAKEY, President and Trust Officer. WELCOME STUDENTS ELON GROCERY J. C. McAdams ELON COLLEGE, N. C MATLOCK ' S STORE Texaco Gas and Oil ELON COLLEGE, N C. WASHINGTON CAFE Large Private Dining Rooms For Private Parties and Banquets BURLINGTON, N. C Alamance Hot Weiner Lunch NO SCARE— ■■Ycjii are right alMnit that " Hot D " SS 5c Hamlnirgrrs 5c MISS THURSTON ' S SHOPPE " E clii. irc Ladifi ' Re ul -to-lf ear " 1U2 Maple Ave.. 0pp. Alamance Hote liurllngton, N. C. Trollinger ' s Florist FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS Main Street BURLINGTON, N. C. CAROLINA BARBER SHOP If e Appreciate Your Patronage East Front Street in Basement Biirlingtiin. Niirth Carnlina GUERNEY MESIMER Suits Made to Measure BELKS CONGRATULATES ELON FOR THEIR Faculty — Sports — Scholarship — Campus AND STUDENT BODY WE ARE COMPLETE OUTFITTERS FOR STUDENTS STUDENTS WHO SERVE YOU Vincent Kazlow, 39 Jordon Sloan, ' 39 Hal Watts " ? " Stafford Peebles, ' 40 Herman Watkins, ' 40 George Webster, ' 39 Jack Neese, ' 40 BELK-BECK COMPANY BURLINGTON, N. C. BILL MANESS ' 38 - " Help the Alumni to help ELON " ...Compliments of... PARAMOUNT THEATRE " Showploce of Alamance County " First Run Pictures of Every Major Studio ' Popular Prices ' YEAR ' ROUND AIR-CONDITIONED CAROLINA TH EAT RE First Runs and Stage Shows at Popular Prices ALAMA NC E TH EATRE " We Bring the Best Ones Back " Where Elon Meets Burlington ' ELON COLLEGE The following facts oomnieiifl and invite yon to ELON COLLEGE Religiously Sound Vocationally Guided Highly Recommended TSationally Recognized Fully Approved Officially Accredited Economically Desirable Ideally Located Splendidly Equipped Educationally Th orougli Scli()lastically High Athletically Excelling Socially Commendable Morally Inspiring Christian Education Building Professional Training for Business, Teachers, and Religious Workers a Specialty. Thorough Foundational f ork for Other Professions. LEON EDGAR SMITH, President Elon College, North Carolina WE CAN CONVERT YOUR LAND INTO REAL MONEY THE AUCTION WAY Liquidating Estates a Specialty CAROLINA LAND- AUCTION COMPANY Hickory, N. C. Representing Walter Gurley Auction Company Kinston, N. C. H. E. Fritts H. F. Waters Representative Representative Hickory, N. C. Kinston, N. C. Compliments of ALAMANCE LAUNDRY and DRY CLEANING " We Do It Better " Phones 560—561—740 BURLINGTON. N. C. Extending our appreciation to the faculty and student body of Elon College for their splendid cooperation in helping us to produce the photographic work in this annual. (•5 DUNBAR AND DANIEL STUDIO RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA GEO. W. KANE Students ' Headquarters ELON BOOK STORE General Alamance Building Contractor WHERE FRIENDS MEET BOOKS - PAPER - PENS Offices STATIONERY DRINKS - SANDWICHES at and CANDY ROXBORO DURHAM and H.Story J. W. Hill GREENSBORO ELON COLLEGE, N. C. EFIRD ' S DEPARTMENT STORE T. N. BOONE East Davis Street Carolina ' s Leading Tailor Burlington. North Carolina Burlington. North Carolina Meet Your Friends at . . . SHAW ' S SODA GRILL HERE YOU CAN ENJOY A TASTY LUNCH OR A CRISP BUTTER TOASTED SANDWICH WITH YOUR FAVORITE DRINK Next to Paramount Theatre Phone 1588

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