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I Class 37 r. " . E LIBRIS COPYRIGHT B. T. HOLDEN, II Editor-in-Chief A R, Williams Business Manager Vol. XX f --. ■ .1 iiitfiifaaii IP - v » :: 19 3 5 PHIP5ICL Published by the SENIOR CLASS OF ELON COLLEGE, Elon College, N. C. DEDICATION Mrs. Leon Edgar Smith who for the past four years has done her best to help Elon College in every way possible. It is to her ineffable charm, her pleasing personality that we wish to pay tribute. May she live long and continue always in her work for Elon College. And it is to her that we, the Phipsicli Staff, respectfully dedicate this twentieth volume of the Phipsicli, in grateful appreciation of her services to Elon College MRS. LEON EDGAR SMITH FOREWORD " Oj till sad words of toiigiw or pen, The saddest are these, ' It niii ht have been ' . " HTHIS book is incomplete. It has many faults and those who are responsible for them realize this more than those who read it. " It might have been " much better if — many " ifs. " But under the circumstances it is the best we could do. We do not hope for praise, however, we only ask that you be lenient with your censure. Even if you do not appreciate it now, we shall feel that our modest efforts have not been wast- ed, if, at some day in the future, when we have scattered apart, this book will be the cause of pleasant reminiscences of happy days spent at Elon. CONTENTS BOOK I THE COLLEGE BOOK II T HE CLASSES B O O K I I I ATHLETICS BOOK IV SPONSORS B () () K V ORGANIZATIONS 3n jWemoriam BILL HORTON Kappa Psi Nu 1914-1935 THE FINEST FELLOW A FELLOW EVER KNEW f V ' ' ' ' - ' V u o u o o o CD WHITLEY MEMORIAL AUDITORIUM WEST DORMITORY SOUTH GATE -=.- «» • ' " ' ;A-X EAST COLLONADES WEST COLLONADE ARCH CARLTON LIBRARY. ALAMANCE D U I L D 1 N G OKELLY MONUM EN T ■m " fS-. V- - " Cm r A " y i ? ADMINISTRATION P H I P S I C L I 19 3 5 Dr. Leon Edgar Smith »[ 20 }« 19 3 5 P H I P S I C L I Alonzo Lohr Hook Dean, Professor of Physics A.B., M.A., M.S. French H.wnes Dean of W ' oMeii. Assistant Professor of English A.D., M.A., Ph.D. John Urquart Newman Professor of Biblical Lani iia ' ei and Literature Ph.D., Lit.D., D.D. Granville T. Prior Professor of History A.B., M.A. John A. Clarke Professor of Latin, German and French A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Cazlin G. Bookhout Professor of Geology and Biology A.B., M.A., Ph.D. LiLA Clare Newman Department of Fine Arts Ph.B. Helen Valentine Chamblee Voice and Theory A.B. Alfred Apple Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds »[ 21 ]« P H I P S I C L I 19 3 5 Henry L. Snuggs Auociate Professor of English A.B., M.A. LiNm;N S. DoDSON ' ra lessor of Religions Education M.R.E., B.D., Ph.D. Mrs. O.ma Utle ' i ' Johnson Librarian A.B. Mrs. Waithrs W. Howell C(n)iniercial Branches A.B., M.A. Mrs. Nettie McLean slant Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds Ethiline Re ' iNOLDS Dietician Hinton Rountree As usiant Registrar and Business Man- ager A.B. DwiCHT M. Steere Director oj Music, Professor of Piano, Organ, and Theory A.B., M.A., A.A.G.O. »[ 22 ]« y Ky u o I— o o CD SENIORS P H I P S I C L I 19 3 5 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Louise Layton V ce-PiesiJent IsABELLE Dunn Secretary Margaret Kelbaugh Treasurer [26] 1935 :: PHIPSICLI TO ELON by Louise Lavton We love her liuul ' itioiu. her ry cLut walls. Her long-cherished honors and her sacred halls — Our aim for our dear alma mater so strong, Is truth, knowledge, service, and victory o ' er wrong. Long, long ihall we lahoi her fame to uphold. Holding high to the world Maroon and Old Gold. Carrying on her tradition! and making her proud. Of the class ' 3 5 and the rest of the cioird. We ' ve made honors, won friends, and all these we prize. We ' ve set our life ' s sails and we ' ve made the rise. With hearts that are eager and fir n. u th ste.idy stride We ' ll march upiiard, still upw.ird, our goal — the skies. »[27}, P H I P S I C L I 19 3 5 Donald Glenn Auman rest End, M. C. Football 1, 2, , 4; Baseball 3. jENNin Belle Abernathy Mehane, N. C. President Y.W.C.A., 4; Choir 3, 4; Honor Roll 2, 3. William Jacob Andes Hjm oiihNr . ' a. Kappa Psi Nu President Student Body 4; Transfer Kent State College 3; Choir 1, 2, 3, -i ; Debating 2 ; College Band 4. .[28]« 19 3 5 P H I P S I C L I Eugenia Anne Boyd Henderson, S. C. Delta Upsilon Kappa Vice-President Freshman Class; Class Historian 4; Student Council 2, 3, 4; Pan-Hellenic Council 4; Commencement Marshall 1, 2, 3. Scott Boyd Henderson, N. C. Class Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. Virginia Dare Black Hun plon, Va. Tau Zeta Phi Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Council LM A [2y] P H I P S I C L I 19 3 5 William Overby Cox Eloi! College, N. C. Sigma Phi Bkta Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 3; Basketball 1, 2; Class Basketball 3, I : Pi fiamin.T Mu 4 Helen Valentine Chamblee Red Oaks, N. C. Transfer from New England Con- servatory of Music 3 ; Wallace Goodrich Chorus 1,2; Elon Choir 3, 4; Instructor of Voice 3, 4. Frances Isabei le Dunn Star, N. C. Delta Upsilon Kappa President Student Council 4 ; Secre- tary of Senior Class ; Student Coun- cil 3, 4; C hoir 1. » [ 30 ] « 19 3 5 P H I P S I C L I John Chester Griffin S 170 II ' Cjiiip, jV. C. Iota Tau Kappa President of Student Senate 4; Football 2; Class Basketball 3, 4; Baseball 2, 3, 4; Captain Baseball 4; E Men ' s Club 4. John E. Gipson Park.toii. iV. C. I(jTA Tau Kappa Commencement Marshall 1 ; Presi- dent of Sunday School Class 1, 2; Choir 1,4; Ministerial Association 1, 2, 3, 4; President of Ministerial Association 3 ; President of North Carolina Student Ministerial Asso- ciation; Student Senate 1, 2, 3, 4. Marvin Linnx ' ood Gunn Reidsville, N. C. Kappa Psi Nu Pi Gamma Mu 4; Track 1. »[ 31 ]« P H I P S I C L I 19 3 5 Margaret Kelbaugh Norfolk, Va. Delta Upsilon Kappa Transfer from Marysville College 3 ; Treasurer of Senior Class. Benjamin Thomas Holden, II Loiiisbiirg, N. C. Iota Tau Kappa Editor-in-Chief Phipsicli 4 ; Trans- fer from Louisburg College 3; Ten- nis 1, 2, 3, 4; Captain Tennis 4; Pan-Hellenic Council 4; Debating 1. 2; Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Pi Gam- ma Mu 4. William Henry Horton Ellhigtoii, N. Y. Kappa Psi Nu President of Pan-Hellenic Council I; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4; Chemistry Lab Instructor 3, 4, .[32}« 19 3 5 P H I P S I C L I Louise Leigh Lavton rraiikliiitoii, N. C. Delta Upsilon Kappa Vice-President of Senior Class; Secretary -Treasurer 2, 3; Orator 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Secretary of Freshman Class. John Robhrt Ki rnoui i; B !iTnii liJii, N. C. SiGNfA Phi Beta Commencement Marshall 3, ErMA EtlZABIiTH LiOYD Alehane, A ' . C. Tau Zeta Phi President of Sunday School CJass 1. »[33] PHIPSICLI 19 3 5 Robert Mann Bt rlingto)), N. C. Transfer from Wheaton College 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1, 3; Choir 3; Debating 1, 2, 3, 4; Treas- urer of Freshman Class. Japeth Edwards Rawls, Jr. S ffolk, Va. Sigma Phi Bkta Football 1; Tennis 1; Senate 2; Manager of Football 3; Dramatic Club 1. 2; E Men ' s Club i. Robert Chase Rollins Ka i rapolis, N. C. Iota Tau Kappa Basketball 1, 2; Football 2; Class Basketball i ; Senate 4 ; Secretary of Freshman Class. .C34]« 19 3 5 P H I P S I C L I Della Sorrf.li. B iiiiiigton, N. C. Tau Zeta Phi President of Day-Students 4. Arthur Donald Steere Elon College, N. C. Kappa Psi Nu Transfer from Kent State College 3; Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; Debating 2; College Band 4; Pi Gamma Mu 4. Clive H. Shoffner Snow Camp, N. C. [35}« PHIPSICLI 19 3 5 Wilbur Hamilton Tuck Vhgil iht, I ' d. Baseball 1; Basketball 2; President ot Senior Class ; Class Basketball 3, 4; Biology Lab Instructor 3, 4; Vice-President Sophomore Class ; Vice-President Junior Class; Choir 1. Alton Rlu Williams Hillsbon,. K. C. Sigma Phi Buta business Manager Phipsicli 4; Sen- ate 3; Class Basketball 3. Kathryn Whitakhr Franklinton, N. C. Tau Zeta Phi Choir 2, Festival Chorus. .[36]« 19 3 5 P H I P S I C L I Bessie McKinney Burliiif lon, N. C. Telephone Operator 1. 2, 3, 4. William Frank Burton Bii u lis Sininiiit, N. C. Pan-Hellenic Council 4; Instructor Physics Lab 3. [37} PHIPSICLI :: 19 3 5 CLASS H I S T O R ■ I N THIS occasion, Father Time has granted us permission to turn back the pages of history, and to Hve again in our under-graduate years. The first page which we turn contains the pictures of sweet, innocent children, who in 1932 were termed Freshmen. " Their pictures are etched in green — the traditional Freshman color — and their faces are expectant, hopeful, and bright. The lordly Sophomores quickly changed these happy expressions to ones of meekness and obedience. The larger pictures on the page represent the Freshmen officers: Leander Mauldin, President; Eugenia Boyd, Vice-President; Robert Rollins, Secretary; William Horton, Treasurer. We turn another page and we see the wise Sophomores of 1933 in all their glory. Can these learned, sophisticated students be the baby Freshmen of only a year ago. ' Yes, it is they, and their have done well to elect for their leader William Horton; for their Vice-President, Wilbur Tuck; for their Secretary, Ruth Gamble; for their Treasurer, Louise Layton. The following page portrays the Juniors of 1934. A bit older and a bit wiser, not quite so sure that they " know it all ' , but sure that some day they will. These Juniors are still as jolly and as full cf fun as they were back in their Freshman days. Mike York led them through this year, with Wilbur Tuck and Louise Layton filling the offices of Vice-President and Secretary-Treasurer. We turn the last page and behold — the Seniors of 1935. Four years have taken their toll, and only one-half of the original class stands to receive degrees. From this group Wilbur Tuck was elected President; Louise Layton, Vice-President; Isabelle Dunn, Secretary ; Margaret Kelbaugh, Treasurer. This year represents real history, for it was after the Junior-Senior dinner that Elon allowed its students to have an informal dance in the Society Hall. The Seniors are justly proud of those of their members who have been outstanding in student government work, in academic work, and on the athletic field. They have done their part to help Elon win the North State Championship in three major sports for two consecutive years. Father Time turns the pages of history, and we stand before you today as the Senior Class of 1935. We pledge ourselves to bring honor and glory to this school of our choice — Elon College. .[38]« JUNIORS P H I P S I C L I 19 3 5 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Ernest Askew Vice-President Elmina Rhodes Secretary . [ 40 ] « 19 3 5 P H I P S I C L I Ernest Edward Askew Eure, N. C. Helen Louise Barney Elon College, N. C. Tan Zeta Pht Curtis Ebersten Berry Boston, Mass. Sigma Phi Beta Luther Carlton Boyd Henderson, N. C. Stgma Phi Beta Drury B. Chandler Durham, N. C. jEssiii Margaret Cobb Parkton, N. C. Delia U psilnii Kappa William Lloyd (Cooper Norfolk, N. (;. SigDia Phi Beta Hazel Bernice Farmer Norwood, N. C. ,[41 } PH I P S i C L I 1 9 3 5 Armor Lanson Granger, Jr. Norfolk, Va. Charles W. Holmes Caldwell, N. J. Sigma Phi Beta Waitus Woodard Howell Goldsboro, N. C. Kappa Psi Nu Chester Arthur Hughes Elon College, N. C. lo a Tan Kappa William W. Kimball, Jr. Manson, N. C. Sigma Phi Beta Melvin Mullen Lilley Eure, N. C. Sigma Phi Beta Allan A. Loyd Hillsboro, N. C. Dan Wkker Mathews Mount Olive, N. C. »[42] 19 3 5 P H I P S I C L I Martha Neese Burlington, N. C. Ralph Bain Newman Virgilina, Va. Kappa Psi Nu Rhetta E. Newman Woodleigh, N. C. WiLBURN Ernest Newsome Salisbury, N. C. Iota Tan Kappa Thomas Robert Rosser Jonesboro, N. C. Terrell M. Shofener Burlington, N. C. Howard Conway Smith Kipling, N. C. Wyall M. Stevens Roanoke, Ala. Kappa Psi Nu .[43]« P H I P S I C L I 19 3 5 Georgi! Calvin Taylor Newton, N. C. Kappa Psi Nit AuBRFY Clayton Todd Norfolk, Va. John Emilil Troppoli Neptune, N. J. S i i hi Phi Beta Ethel Mae Truitt Glen Raven, N. C. Lawrence Overby Tuck Virgilina, Va. Siii iiia Phi Beta Margaret O ' Kelley Walker Brown Summit, N. C. Tan Zela Phi Samuel Mc ' ver Watson Sanford, N. C. Kappa Psi Kn Robert Allwynn Whitten, Jr. Portsmouth, Va. Kappa P si Nu »[44]« 19 3 5 P H I P S I C L I Oliver George Cook Norfolk, Va. Kappd Pst Nu Ollie Watts DeMoss Burlington, N. C. Esther Smith Hoppenstedt BriarciifFe Manor, N. Y. Tan Zi ' ld Phi Eugene Stephenson Lankforo Elon College, N. C. Elva Gordon Marshall Pittsboro, N. C. Hazel Anne Martin Elkin, N. C. Dell.1 UpMloii Kappa Alfred William Nelson Bris, Va. Irila Ta i Kappa Elmina Catherine Rhodes Windsor, Va. Delia Upsiloii Kappa »[45 } P H I P S I C L I 19 3 5 Cheerleaders ! Carrying the male. (He has to be carried!) Two silent people. The Thinker! The darker side of life. The night after. (And what a night it was.) About to leave town. (Thank goodness!) iA6 SOPHOMORES P H I P S I C L I 19 3 5 OFFICERS OF THE SOPHOMORE CLASS John Cameron Vice-President Nancy Caddkll , Secretary »[48 }« 19 3 5 P H I P S I C L I Marcella Pearl Ackenhousen Cincinnati, Ohio Delta Upsiloii Kappa Dorothea Berry Boston, N. C. Louise Brendler In-ington, N. J. Tail Zeta Phi Evelyn Ray Boone Burlington, N. C. Tail Zela Phi Fields Pall Briggs Greensboro, N. C. Thomas Holland Britt Suffolk, Va. Sigma Phi Beta Stanley Burgess Courtland, Va. Nancy Margaret Caddell Elon College, N. C. Delta U psiloii Kappa John L. Cameron Jonesboro, N. C. Sigma Phi Beta Arthur Cappa Neptune, N. J. »[49]« P H I P S I C L I 19 3 5 Margaret Chason Lumber Bridge, N. C. James Allen Edwards Henderson, N. C. Edvthe Elizabeth Ernst Cincinnati, Ohio Delta Up silo II Kappa Charles Thomas Evans Charlottesville, Va. Sigma Phi Beta Odessa Sue Galloway Hamlet, N. C. Delia Upiiloi! Kappa Solomon Silas Gilmore Sanford, N. C. Rebecca Joy Grigsby Elon College, N. C. Tan Zeia Phi Mary Harrington Sanford, N. C. Hilda Lee Heatwole Burlington, N. C. Tan Zela Phi Janie Esther Hite Gibsonvillc, N. C. .[ 50]« 19 3 5 P H I P S I C L I Marv Eloise Holland Holland. Va. Sara Virginia Hook; Elon College, N. C. T iu Zela Phi Cathlrine Darden Jolley Holland, Va. William C. Jones Charlottesville, Va. John Thomas Kelley Fayetteville, N. C. Willie Haywood Kimball Manson, N. C. Delia Upsiloii Kiippu Francis Bushman Lambeth Brown Summit, N. C. Bruce Eastman Ledden Sanford, N. C. lola Tail Kappa William C. Loy Shelby, N, C. Leslie Stephen Manchester Bristol, Conn. .[51 ] P H I P S I C L I 19 3 5 Verna Estelle McGougan Lumber Bridge, N. C. Neil Woodrow McInnis West End, N. C. Hugh McLean Broadway, N. C. William Cobb Moss Wilson, N. C. Simula Phi Beta William Junius Neese Graham, N. C. I Ola Tail Kappa Sara Kaufman Neese Burlington, N. C. Leon Stagg Newman Virgilina, Va. Sigma Phi Bela Pauline Margaret Oliver Cedar Grove, N. C. Clarence Poe Parker Garysburg, N. C. Kappa P i Nti -Woodrow Wilson Piland Suffolk, Va. »[52} 19 3 5 P H I P S I C L I Luke Walter Query, Jr. Charlotte, N. C Sig nia Phi Bela Clyde Wesley Rudd Elcn College, N. C. lola Tau Kappa Glad ' i ' s Sandlin Burlington, N. C. Charles ED x■ARD Saunders Kenbridge, Va, Clara Mae SHf)FFNER Burlington. N. C. Leon Edgar Smith, Jr. Elon College, N. C. Sigma Phi Bela Martha Craven Sutton Lillington, N. C. Delta U pi Hon Kappa Garland Moses Talton Oxford, N. C. S i;ii a Phi Bela Rl ' ssell Thomas Thompson Burlington, N. C. lola Tan Kappa Henry Rudolph W alser Salisbur) ' , N. C. Sii ina Phi Bela »[ 53 ]« FRESHMEN P H I P S I C L I 19 3 5 FRESHMEN CLASS OFFICERS Joseph Caruso Vice-President Merli-: Ravhi-rn Secretary Ruth Black Treasurer »[56]« 19 3 5 P H I P S I C L I J. ALEXANDER ALBRIGHT Ekm College. N. C. LONNIE MAVERT ARNOLD Fuquay Springs, N. C. KATHERYN BAKER Holly Springs, N. C. JOHN VAN BARROW Snow Hill, N. C. ANNIE LOUISE BAYNES Burlington, N. C. RUTH OLIVER BLACK Hampton, Virginia ROY INGRAM BOYD Henderson, N. C. Kappa Pi! Nu HAL EUGENE BRADLEY Varina, N. C. JACQUE BROTHERS Suffolk, Va. Delia Upsilon Kappa BILLIE MOZELOUS BROWN Gates, N. C. NANCY LOU BUTNER Charthage, N. C. GEORGE LAWRENCE CAMERON, JR Olivia, N. C. Kappa Psi Nu RAYMOND GERARD CANNON, JR. Bellerose, N. Y. lo a Tail Kappa JOSEPH CARUSO Riverside, N. J. lota Tau Kappa RALPH LEMEUEL CASKEY Moorcsville, N. C. Kappa P i Nu JAMES MILTON CHESHIRE Sanford, N. C. WORTH McKAY CLONINGER Charlotte, N. C. »[ 57 ]« P H I P S I C L I 19 3 5 JAMES FLOYD COBLE Burlington, N. C. LAURA VIRGINIA CONYES Ossining, N. Y. Delta Upsilon Kapp.i CARL COLNIM COOPER Sanford, N. C. JOSEPH WILLIAM COX Elon College, N. C. TRUITT ARMFIELD COX Ramseur, N. C. K.ipp.i Ps N t HARRY BENNET CROW Waxhaw, N. C lo .i Tail K.ipp.i GORDON HOLMES CRABII. L Washington, N. C. MARGARET WILLIAMS DAIL Snow Hill, N. C. IRA LEONARD DOWDEE Raleigh, N. C. JESSIE RUTH DUKE Elon College, N. C. ALLIE GARNETT EDWARDS Vass, N. C GARLAND LAWRENCE FARRELL Aberdeen, N. C. ALLEN FRANKLIN FAUCETTE Brown Summit, N. C. ISAAC LEN FESMIRE Greensboro, N. C. SARA ELIZABETH FOWI.KES Y.mceyville, N. C. ROBERT HUGHES FOWLER Snow Camp, N. C. lota Tan Kappa AURELIA FUTRELL Rich Square, N. C. [58} 19 3 5 P H I P S I C L I MARGARET MASKE GALLOWAY Hamlet, N. C. Delta Upsilon Kappa ALAN TOBIAS GARRISON Burlington. N. C. LAWRENCE GILMORE GORDON Brown Summit, N. C. DORIS VIRGINIA GRAHAM Burlmgton, N. C. Tan Zeta Phi ANNIE LEE GREENE Raleigh, N. C. ARTHLR ALLAN GREENWALD Huntington, N. J. lota Tail Kappa JUNE GRIFFEY Lancaster, Ohio ANNIE MAUDE HARRELL Gatesville, N. C. JESSE WELDON HARRINGTON Merry Oaks, N. C. LOUISE AUGUSTINE HARRINGTON Holly Springs, N. C. LOFTON HOWELL HARRIS Siler City, N. C. WINGATE WOOLEY HARRIS Candor, N. C. ELOISE HAY Burlington, N. C. BERNICE WILLIAM HESTER Roxboro, N. C. RANDOLPH THOMPSON HESTER Roxboro, N. C. ROBERT ALLAN HESTER Hurdle Mills, N. C. HAROLD HOLMES HILBURN Fayetteville, N. C. .[59]« P H I P S I C L I 19 3 5 JOSEPH LAWRENCE HILGREEN Caldwell, N. J. EUGENE WILTON HODGES Charlotte, N. C. LAURA MAE HOLT Graham, N. C. MARGARET WHITNEY HOOPER Akron, Ohio r.iii Zei.i Phi MIRIAM WILLIS HOXIE LlnionviUe, Conn. Tail Zil.i Phi THOMAS MARCELLOUS HUGHES Farmville, N. C. Sigiiui Phi Be j HOWARD HUNTER Newell, N. C. MARY ALNER ISELEY Elon College, N. C. EDWIN GRAY JONES Wadesboro, N. C. Kappa Psi Nu EARL MYERS JONES Wadesboro, N. C. HOWARD WILSON JONES Wadesboro, N. C. K.ippa Psi Nu MAR ' ELOISE JONES Woodleigh, N. C. MARGARET ELAINE JOYCE Norwood, N. C. DOROTHY ANN KIMBALL Townsville, N. C. VIRGINIA KIRKLAND Burlington, N. C. RICHARD WAGGONER LACHMAN Norfolk, Va. Kappa Psi Nn LEON DAVID LASSER Caldwell, N. J. .[60] 19 3 5 P H I P S I C L I WILBUR CHAPMAN LANKFORD Elon College, N. C. BAXTER HUGH LATTA Hillsbnrn, N. C. MARY ELIZABETH LILLEY Waverly, Va. BERNARD LILIEN Irvingtcin, N. J. 1 01. 1 T.I I Klip p. I LUTHER ALEXANDER LINEBERGER Charlotte, N. C. RUSSEL FRANCIS LITTEN Burlington, N. C. WADE MAXWELL LITTEN Gibsonville, N. C. MARY WARD LOY Shelby, N. C. NELL FRANCES LOY Burlington, N. C. HAZEL MANN Kipling, N. C. WILLIAM HOLT MANESS Snow Hill, N. C. GERALDINE MANGUM Burlington, N. C. RICHARD MATHEWS Candor, N. C. ERNEST MICHAEL MONEFALCO Shelton, Conn. tola Tail Klip p J ROBBIE JUANITA MORGAN Elon College, N. C. Tau Zelu Phi VICTOR JAMES MURCHISON Liberty, N. C. JOHN McKENZIE McLEAN Broadway, N. C. »[61] P H I P S I C L I 19 3 5 WAYNE DANIEL McLEAN Lillington, N. C. ELIZABETH MAE NICHOLS Durham, N. C. JAMES DANIEL PARHAM Charlotte, N. C. WALTER M. PATTERSON Burlington, N. C. THOMAS MARSHALL PERRY, JR. Junesboro, N. C. ETHYL PETTY Sanfcird, N. C. LEWIS MARSHALL PHELPS Cedar Grove, N. C. JOHN JOSEPH POINTER Samoia, N. C. EMMALINE HOLLAND RAWI.S Suffolk. Va. MERLE JUNE RAYBURN Briarclitle Manor, N. Y. RUBY ETHELINE REYNOLDS Leatnan, N. C. HORACE SCOTT RHINEHART High Point, N. C. EDNA RIVES Broadway, N. C. GEORGE CARRAWAY ROGERS Graham, N. C. FRANCES ROUNTREE Norfolk, Va. DtlLi Up I Hon K ppa PAUL AUBREY ROYE Chattanooga, Tenn. NELL JANE RUDU Brown Summit, N. C. »[62 J 19 3 5 P H I P S I C L I HELEN CATHERINE SCALES Greenshiirii, N. C. ISIAH SEARS Gibsonville, N. C. MARY ALICE SLOAN Charlotte, N. C. CHARLES PRICE SLOAN, JR. Charlotte, N. C. MARGARET REID SMITH Kipling, N. C. NANNIE SNIPES Varina, N. C. CRATON GILMER STEVENS Hertford, N. C. MAR1 ' ALMA STACKHOUSE Burlingt(m, N. C. HATCHER P. STORY Courtland, Va. Sigma Phi Beta DANIEL BARRETT SUMMERS Elon College, N. C. JESSIE PEARL TART Dunn, N. C. CLARA MAE THOMAS Broadway, N. C, CI.ARANCE REID VUNCANNON Troy, N. C. BLANCHE WAGONER Brown Summit, N. C. ANNIE HURDLE WALKER Burlington, N. C. LANDON WALKER Charlotte. N. C. JESSE MARSHALL WALKER Burlington, N. C. .t63] P H I P S I C L I 19 3 5 BESSIE BEATRICE WILKINS Haw River, N. C. Tau Zeta Phi EVELYN ELIZABETH WILLIAMS Raleigh. N C. WILLIAM HENRY WOMACK Spencer, N. C. WALTER YARBOROUGH Dunn, N. C. NANCY BURWELL BARRETT Dendrun, Va. IVA RUTH BUCKNER Graham, N. C. CRAIG HARRINGTON Moncure, N. C. ARTHUR LEE HARTSELL Jackson Springs, N. C, PURVIS LESTER HOWARD Hallison, N. C. BERTHA DELORES LAMM Burlington, N. C. HAZEL MANN Kipling, N. C HENRY SPECK MORGAN Prospect Hill, N. C. CONRADE LaVERNE PORTERFIELD Haw River, N. C. TERRY E. ROBBINS Burlington, N. C. EDWARD DRATON WHITE Charlotte, N. C. Kjpf i Pm Nu JAMES WILBORN Varina, N. C. DAVID ELBERT YARBOROUGH Jonesboro, N. C, ,[64] O O 00 U. i.. W.;L1,; l; S ' ii BASEBALL 19 3 5 Paul " Lefty " Cheek " Lefty, " first baseman, and captain- elect of the team, is the most brilliant fielder in the conference. Who knows but that some day he might be a ma- jor leaguer. John Griffin Captain of this team, and third baseman, he has been called the most dangerous of the entire team at the bat. Web Newsome Second baseman, and the best bat- ter in the " Little Six " last year, had but a fair season. Better luck pitching next year, Web. " Mike " Briggs Star pitcher for Elon, who beat Guilford twice, is slated for an even better year next year. Talmadge Jobe Right-handed pitcher, is a rarity, a pitcher who can hit. And how he cm hit. " Polly " Aijman Catcher, who made up for his in- experience behind the plate, by his ability to hit. " Sally " Newman Left-fielder, known for his ability to hit, and his ability to pick a guitar. 19 3 5 Lawrence Tuck Centerfielder, and the league ' s best batter, he is noted, not for his hitting, but for his wonderful abilit} ' to field. May next year be as successful as this year ' s was. ■RuDv " Val.ser The team ' s manager. And what a mouth. " Rudy " won as many games for Elon as the rest of the team. And he could certainly manage the team, by giving them his best imitation of " Peahead " . " Baldv " VC ' illiams Here we have a good catcher but a weak hitter. But that ' s what we needed. And he handled the pitchers like a major leaguer. ■MuDD " ! ' " Waiers The league ' s leading pitcher, last year, and the right-fielder this year. Such is life. Ralph Neai. A left-handed pitching experiment of ' Peaheads " that turned out better than expected. He could hit, and he could field. What more could you ask of a pitcher. He could even pitch. Howard Smith Shortstop. The fastest man on the field. When a ball was hit, there was Smitty. Come back next year, and hold down the shortstop, as well as you have done this year. PHIPSICLI :: 19 3 5 BASEBALL SEASON (T F THIS season, there is at present, no record. Due to carelessness on the part of ye edditer, and others, the records of the baseball season are gone. However, this we can say, that Elon in Baseball, as in all other sports, came out victorious. The record for this year is one of greatness. Starting off with the loss of a second baseman and a catcher, and with no reserve strength, Elon again won the Conference, losing only two conference games. Led by " Mike " Briggs and Talmadge Jobe in the box, " Lefty " Cheek, " Smitty " , and Tuck in the field, and Tuck, Griffin, and Newman in the batter ' s box, the team came through a season, which included wins over Wake Forest, Lhiiversity of Dela- ware, and Springfield University. For next year, prospects look even better. Only one man will be lost to the team, " Muddy " Waters, the man who pitched Elon to a 1-0 win over Carolina, in the spring of ' 33. So, to the baseball team of ' 33, the Phipsicli wishes the best of luck, and hopes the editor can keep up with the scores. »[ 70 ]« FOOTBALL P H I P S I C L I 19 3 5 Day Tackle Br.iJkv Etiii 7 .nkle HugliL-s Center " lA ' HEN all the liquor and pop had been downed, signifying the end of another football season, it is with pardonable pride that we look back on the season and say, " Well done. Pea- head. " The team started off slowly, even badly by losing to Davidson by the lop- sided score of 33 to 6. Here Elon met her strongest opponent, at a time when she was least prepared to do so. With four new men in the line-up, there was not enough time to get the players used to playing with each other. After losing this game, the team came back to Elon, and got to work. And from then on we find no games that reflect harshly on Elon. The next week-end the team trav- elled to Emory, Va., where they held Emory and Henry to a six to nothing win. Now Elon began to play football as it should be played, and from then to tiie entire end of the season the records show nothing but victory after victory. First on the list came Langley Field in Virginia. Outplaying the Airmen in every part of the game, yet they won only by a score of 7 to 0. Newsome ' s passes in this game were simply per- fect, and " Trop ' s " work at end was a sight for delight by Elon and a sight for despair for Langley Field. Next, Elon played her hardest con- ference match — one with Catawba. Here Elon played a team which every newspaper in the state picked to beat us. Instead the result was a scoreless tie, which incidentally should have been won by Elon, but which was lost »[ 72 ]« 19 3 5 P H I P S I C L I chlitter End Jones B.ick Herington End by sloppy play at the goal line. Ab- bott, freshman fullback, made possible many attacks on Catawba ' s goal line by his punting, one of which went over 85 yards. However, this was a moral victory, if the team had any morals, for the Ca- tawba team had been selected to beat Elon, by at least two touchdowns. Following this moral victory, Elon then went to Ashland, Va., to play Randolph-Macon. Here the team played their best game of the season. They won from Randolph-Macon by the score of 32 to 0. While it is the back- field men who get the credit for these touchdowns, we would like to pay trib- ute to the gallant line, who held back the hard-charging line of Randolph- Macon, when on defense, and who open- ed the holes for the backfield men of Abhitt Back T.ivl..i Tjcile Elon, when on offense. One of the back- field players that day said, " Anybody could make a touch-down that day, the way that line was opening those holes. " The next week-end found the team again on the road, with Newport News as the destination, and Naval Appren- tices as the victims. Here Elon again showed the world what she could do in the way of a football team. Newsome starred in the game until a couple of his ribs were broken. Then Bill Jones went ahead to show the spectators that when the team lost a passer, she gained a great open-field runner. Another star in this game, as in all others that he played in, was Jack Stallings, ten- second man from Reidsville, and later chosen All-Conference Halfback; Wal- ser, who was able to repeat his All- Conference rating this year; Caruso, Minette Bjck »[ 73 ]« P H I P S I C L I 19 3 5 Rawls Caruso Bad W.iKcr Center Newsome (Capt.) Buck. Trcippiili End who has been called the sweetest block- ing halfback in the conference; and many others. None was outstanding, and it was as a team that they were able to perform so well and not as in- dividuals. Next, Elon played the strong Lenoir- Rhyne team. This was known as Homecoming Day, and the alumni came out in large numbers. This game started out rather slowly, due chiefly to the coolness of the day and the fact that it was raining. In the beginnmg of the second period, however, Elon, led by Bill Jones, substitution for Web Newsome, pushed over a touchdown and added the extra point. Then to show that the first touch- down was no accident, the trick was re- peated with Stallings carrying the ball across for the touchdown, and then making the extra point good. Lenior-Rhyne, however, fought back hard and scored a touchdown, the first, incidentally since the Emory and Henry game. She failed to make the extra point good and the game ended with the score 13 to 6. After this hard game with Lenoir- Rhyne, came a game with Western Car- olina Teachers College. Here Elon met a lighter, a less-experienced team, but a team which did not know the meaning of quit, and who fought to the last minute of play. The score 37 to 6. Now Elon had but one more game to play, and that with Guilford. Coach Walker was heard often on the field making sarcastic remarks about the 74 ]« 19 3 5 P H I P S I C L I Neal Back Cox Cromlish Wcmack Hartsell Mastro ' ' ackle End Giuni Guard Tackle playing ability of the first string men, but one could tell that he was proud of the way that the team was working. Finally, on Thanksgiving Day, Elon turned out to see the battle of the year — one with Guilford. There was little to be thankful for, however, on both sides. It was cold, with a strong wind, the held was sloshy, because of the heavy rain for the past two days, and it rained all during the game. In spite of this handicap, Elon clear- ly demonstrated to Cniiiford the reason why Elon was tied for first place in the conference, by outplaying Guilford in every way. The score was only 12 to 0, but it is safe to say that had the field been dry, Elon would have doubled the score at least. Bill Jones, proved himself the man of the hour by scoring both touch- downs himself, one on an ofitackle plunge, and the other on a wide end sweep. While Elon was winning from Guil- ford, Lenoir-Rhyne was playing Ca- tawba to a scoreless tie, thereby giving Elon undisputed possession of the North State Championship in Football. After the game, John Troppoli was chosen captain of the team for next year. This win, incidentally, marked the third straight year that Elon has won the Championship in football. And in conclusion, may we say to the team of this year, " Great Work. " May next year be as successful as this one was. »[ 75 ]« PHIPSICLI :: 1935 F O O T 1! A L L RESULTS Sept. 22 — Davidson 33 Elon 6 Sept. 28 — Emory Henry 6 Elon Oct. 6— Langley Field Elon 7 Oct. 1 3— Catawba Elon Oct. 20 — Randolph-Macon Elon 32 Oct. 26 — Naval Apprentice Elon 26 Nov. 10 — Lenoir-Rhyne 6 Elon 13 Nov. 17— W. C. T. C 6 Elon 37 Nov. 29— Guilford Elon 12 »[76}« mrm ' mmmmmm, BASKETBALL P H I P S I C L I 19 3 5 Tuck Cheek Roy Bradley Briggs Smith Forward Guard Guard Center Manager Forward npHIS year ' s team has been called one of the greatest in the history of Elon College. Starting with four mem- bers of last year ' s team, one of which later dropped out, " Peahead " built a team which lost but one conference game and five non-conference games. The team lost to such teams as Caro- lina, George Washington, Davidson, and Saint Johns. After winning the conference cham- pionship handily, the team entered the Tri-State Tournament, which was held at Charlotte, N. C. In this Elon again » [ 78 ] « P H I P S I C L I 19 3 5 s Cameron Guard Askew Foruurd Lilien Forward Fesmire Center Cromlish Guard came out victorious, winning from such teams as Erskine, Lynchburg, High Point and others. At the close of this extremely suc- cessful season, Ernest Askew, a for- ward, and a junior this year was chosen to lead Elon ' s team through, what we hope will be as big if not bigger than this year, next year ' s successes. Ernest is aptly fitted for the position, and we wish him many successes in his work as captain next year. » [ 79 ] « PHIPSICLI :: 193 5 BASKETBALL 3 — Elon 21 Carolina University 34 an. 9 Elon 40 Roanoke 22 an. lO Elon 27 Randolph-Macon 28 an. 1 1— Elon 33 George Washington U 34 an. 12 — Elon 25 Saint Johns 35 ' an. 1 5— Elon 43 Roanoke 20 an. 24— Elon .35 W. C. T. C 44 ' ' - an. 26— Elon 43 High Point 21 an. 29 — Elon 49 Guilford 26 Feb. 2— Elon 33 High Point 25 Feb. 7 Elon 43 Catawba 32 Feb. 8— Elon 39 Lenoir Rhyne 25 Feb. 9 — Elon 43 Davidson . . . . ' 46 Feb. 12— Elon 66 A. C. C 17 Feb. 16— Elon 38 Guilford 21 Feb. 19— Elon 42 Catawba 27 Feb. 21 — Elon 37 Lenoir Rhyne 23 Feb. 23— Elon 58 A. C. C 24 Feb. 24— Elon 49 E. C. T. C 18 .[80 ]« TENNIS P H I P S I C L I 19 3 5 TENNIS SQUAD Daniel Jones Coach James Parham Manager Daniel Jones Gordon Crabill Ben T. Holden, II L. E. Smith, Jr. Gene Langford Jimmie Parham " Murphy " Tulchainsky Arthur Greenwald George Taylor " Doc " White Landon Walker npENNIS prospects for this year are exceedingly good. For the first time, in several - " - years, Elon has gotten several good tennis players. " Rusty " Jones, " Butch " Crabill, and " Artie " Greenwald, freshmen, are Nos. 1, 2, and 3 respectively. And we have three varsity members of last year ' s team back. In the first match, played with State College, Elon won. Jones, Crabill, Greenwald, and Holden won in singles. May this team continue in its success. »[82] y C Ckl KJ o o CD W 19 3 5 P H I P S I C L I V Miss Behtie Far n worth Sponsor " T jjps iii and Tenuis .[85 ] P H I P S I C L I 19 3 5 Miss Nanc ' ( addhll Spo isor Senior £lciss » [ 86 ] « 19 3 5 P H I P S I C L I Miss Jessie C ' obb " MISS ELON " Sponsor Football .[87} P H I P S I C L I 19 3 5 Chint Liu: (Isn ' t he anemic.) " Fuzz " Tuck (Down but not out. Here ' s to you.) Capiain Askew (Substitute forward.) Ray " for Cannon. He passed a course. Three of a kind! Married ? You guess. Old Lady. The mighty Jones in action ! Tight (?) rope walker. " Smitty " and Laverne. The College Bartender! Two great characters! Ye edditer in pusson ! Sophomore class president. »[88]« m o M o o o m 19 3 5 P H I P S I C L I STUD E N T O F F I C K R S William Andfs Presidenl SlnJent Body John C. Griffin Pie ideiit Studaiii Senate IsABi-LLL Dunn Pre.udenl Sliideiil Co u l »[91 ]« P H I P S I C L I 19 3 5 STUD E X T S K N A T E Ralph Ni-al Sophomore Bill Horton Senior Lawrence Tuck ]iinwr John Gipson Senior Robert Rollins Senior William Cooper . ' Junior LAWRrNc:E Cami:ron - Fre hin.vi Ernest Askew ■ -j ' nioi John Griffin Senior Paul Cheek Sophomore » [ 92 ] « 19 3 5 P H I P S I C L I STUDENT COUNCIL Elmina Rhodes Junior Louisi- Layton Sen or MARf.ARHT ChaSON So phoninre VrRoiNiA Darh Black Senior Jean Boyd Senior ISABELLE Dunn Senior Edith Ernst Sophomore Hazel Martin junior Merle Rayburn Freshman Margaret Kelbaugh Senior [93] P H I P S I C L I 19 3 5 EL ON COLLEGE BAND Landon Walker Director Margaret Joyce A! o Horn Worth Cloinger Bass Drum Raymond Cannon Snare Drum Harold Hilbern Cornet LuKH Query Cornet BiLi LoY Cornet Alfred Nelson Cornet James White Cornet William Andes Bass Horn Bill Horton Trombone Gradon Whith Saxophone Alex Lineberger Saxophone Eugene Lankford Trombone Oliver Cook Bass Horn »[94]« 19 3 5 P H I P S I C L I JB w f It it EL ON sin(;ers DwiGHT Steere Director Helen Chamblee, Instrmlor of Voice Martha Sutton Edna Rives EloISE Hf)LLAND Sara Virginia Hook Oliver Cook IssAC Fesmire Ben T. Holden, II James Wilbu Virginia Dare Black Esther Hopfenstedi Catherine Jolly June Griffey Arthur Steerl Ralph Caskey Billy Andes SOPRANOS Elizabeth Fowlkls Emma Woodson Rebecca Smith Virginia Conyes Annie Lee Green TENORS John MacLean Solomon Gilmore John Gipson Pauline Oliver Frances Deviney Kathryn Whitaktr Aurelia Futrell Leonard Dowdee Walter Phelps Victor Murchison Lawrence Cameron ALTOS Burwell Barrett Margaret Kelbaugh Sue Galloway Maxine Covington BASSES Ryland Johnson Bill Horton L. E. Smith, Jr. Landon Walker Ruth Black Margaret Hooper Mary Lilley EvEL ' i ' N Williams Jesse Herington Thomas Britt Harold Hilbern »[95 }« P H I P S I C L I 19 3 5 D K A M A T I C CLUB DoROTH " ! ' Kimball Charles Holmes Dick Klmball Thomas Britt Merle Ra " iburn Louise Brendler Billy Cobb Moss Virginia Conves Bill Loy Daniel Jones AURELIA FUTRFLL Rebecca Smith Clyde Rudd Beatrice Wilkins L. E. Smith Marcella Ackenhausen i;96}« 19 3 5 P H I P S I C L I W I MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION Lanson Granger Pie li Jem John E. Gipson Vne-Preiideul Clarench Poi; Parker Secretary Millard Sievens John Kelly Terrell Shoffner Roberi Mann Robert Whitthn Stanley Burgess Richard Lachman Russell Thompson Junius Neese William Andes »[97 ]« P H I P S I C L I 19 3 5 PHIPSICLI STAFF Ben T. Holden, II Eilitoy-in-Chief Alton Williams Bus i?ess Manager Robert Whitten Associate Edilnr Millard Stevens Advertishig Manager Mary Lo ' Typist Dick Kimball Compiler Margaret Galloway Class Editor Ernest Montefalco Athletic Editor Jessie Cobb Typist [ 98 ] « SOCIAL CLUBS P H I P S I C L I 19 3 5 »[ 100 }« 1935 :: PHIPSICLI IOTA TAU KAPPA SENIORS John Chester Griffin Bkn T. Holdin, II John E. Gipson Robert Chase Rollins JUNIORS Wii.bi ' rn Newsome C. A. Hughes, Jr. Alfred Nelson SOPHOMORES Junius Neese Clyde Rudd Bruce Ledden Russell Thompson FRESHMEN Robert Fowllk Ernest Montefalco Arthur Greenwald Ben Lilien Raymond Cannon Joe Caruso Harry Crow »[ 101 }« P H I P S I C L I 19 3 5 »[ 102 } 19 3 5 P H I P S I C L I SIGMA PHI BETA SENIORS William Oswin Cox Alton Rlid Williams Ryland E. Johnson John Robert Kernodle Japeth Edward Rawls, Jr. Curtis Berry Luther Boyd William Cooper Charles Holmes JUNIORS W. W. Kimball Mullen Lilly John Troppoli Lawrence Tuck y SOPHOMORES Thomas Britt John Cameron Charlie Evans Hunter Herrington William Cobb Moss Leon Newman l Luke Query L. E. Smith, Jr. Garland Talton RuD ' i ' Walser FRESHMEN Thomas Hughes Hatcher Story »[ 103 ]« P H I P S I C L I 19 3 5 1T £ 1 »[ 104 ] 19 3 5 P H I P S I C L I KAPPA PS I NU SENIORS William Jacob Andes Marvin Linwood Gunn William Henry Horton Arthur Donald Steere Oliver Cook W. W. HOWELLS Ralph Newman U N I O R S Sam Watson Millard Stevens George Tailor Robert Whitten Poi; Parker SOPHOMORES Dan Watts FRESHMEN Roy Boyd Lawrence Cameron Ralph Caskey Truitt Cox E. Gray Jones Richard Lachman Henry Morgan Wilbur Tailor Draton White Howard Jones .[105] P H I P S I C L I 19 3 5 »[ 106 ] 1935 :: PHIPSICLI DELTA UPSILON KAPPA SENIORS Eugenia Annk Boyd Isabellh Dunn Ann Maxink Covington Margaret Kelbaugh JUNIORS Jessie Cobb Elm in a Rhodes Hazel Martin Rebecca Smith SOPHOMORES Nancy Caddell Sue Galloway Marcella Ackenhausen Dick Kimball Edith Ernst Martha Sutton Frances Rountree I- R E S H M E N Virginia Conyes Margaret Galloway- Jacque Broihers »[ 107 } P H I P S I C L I 19 3 5 T A U Z K T A 1 ' M 1 S O R O K I T V JUANiTA Morgan Esther Hoppenstedt Hilda Lee Heatwoi.e Helen Barney Della Sorrell Margaret Walker Doris Graham Evelyn Boone Beatrice Wilkins Erma Llo d Sara Virginia Hook Margaret Hooper Virginia Black Emma Woodson Kathrvn Whitaker Louise Brendler Miriam HOXIE . [ 1 08 } 19 3 5 P H I P S I C L I PAN HELLENIC COUNCIL Eugenia Bovd Delia Upsilon Kappa Ben T. Holden, II lota Tau Kappa Esther Hoppenstedt Tau Zeta Phi William Cooper S ' lgrna Phi Beta Wii LiAM Andes Kappa Psi Nu »[ 109 ]« PH I P S I C L I 19 3 5 FINE ARTS CLUB LiLA Clare Newman, Itiuructor Bill Cobb Moss Presidenl Emmaline Rawls • Vice-Preside,,! AURELIA FUTRELL Secrelary-Trecuner MEMBERS Lilly Horne Ethel Truitt Julia Woodson Sophie Powell Frances Rountree Mary Frances Martin Nancy Caddell Beverly Hayes Hazel Martin Aurelia Futrell Billy Herrell, Jr. Emmaline Rawls Edward Shumaker Della Sorrell Margaret Walker Ollie DeMoss Bill Cobb Moss Grace Klapp L. E. Smith, Jr. Elizabeth Apple Myrtle Isley Merritt Fouchee Bronna Walker Harold McCarn »[ 110 }« 19 3 5 P H I P S I C L I IN successfully fulfilling the requirements oF the • modern College Annual Staff we ha.e combined a comprehensive and systematic servicing program with that high standard of quality so essential in the production of fine yearbooks. Lynchburg engraved annuals are built by an organization specializing on school annuals exclusively, there- by assuring each staff of the personal and in- telligent assistance so necessary in the planning and designing of a truly satisfactory book. LYNCHBURG ENGRAVING •COMPANY- LYNCHBURG • VIRGINIA Cf riuidbAA af 0 t±UA G nnuuh »[ 111 }« P H I P S I C L I 19 3 5 Unusual Excellence is Never the Result of Chance In producins school publications, we endeavor to render a helpFul and constructive service directed toward enabling a student staff to issue a represenative and distinctive pub- lication. In connection with our new and modern printing plant we maintain a large Art and Service Department where page balance, typography and complete decorative and illustrative motifs are created and worked out. Queen City Printing Company iA (Complete (Service for (§chooi Publications CHARLOTTE, N. C. Primers of the 193 Phipsicli .[ 112 }« 378.114 227U1 E 68 V, 20 Elon College Senior Class AUTHOR ' PhiPsiCli, 1935 TITLE Must. nn+ Ke +alron f-rnm +.he TlbraJTrl 378. lii E 68 V. 20 227ia DOES NOT CIRCULATE

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