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■■:, - ' - • r:j ' : ' %:.. f- J, ' " Hi " ■ ' ■■■■ r? ■. .. 1 ■■J S : ' f ' : : ' i. ' ' 1. ' • , " i ' - ' . ;; ' ., ■ - ' ' y ' A :.V ; t, ' ' " . Hi ' : ;: r ' ; ' (■v ' ;;r " ' ' - ' ' .v ' ' : ' K,0 ■ ■1, ' ■:H-S: . , " , " ' - ■ ■ . . ' . ' u it- ■ ' ' ' , ' ' ■■i ' -v ' - ' v. ' ' ' Mi " OATB. «V]F -iK liW =z=y COPYRIGHT 19 3 3 By E. L. MOFFITT, JR. Editor-in-Chief P. I. BRAWLEY Business Manager The PHIPSICLI 19 3 3 PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS OF ELON COLLEGE ELON COLLEGE, N. C. VOL. XVIII FOREWORD It is the hope of the man- agement of this, the eighteenth volume of the Phipsicli, that you will find this book the stimulation to many happy recollections of your stu- dent days at Elon. If, in the years to come, it mirrors for you the scenes of your un- dergraduate days, recalls warm friendships, and affords you happy memories of Elon, our efforts will have been re- warded. CONTENTS • THE COLLEGE CLASSES ATHLETICS BEAUTY ORGANIZATIONS INTERLUDES 6 Q B DEDICATION To Dr. Leon Edgar Smith, an esteemed scholar, a true Christian, and a capable ex- ecutive on whom we base our hopes For the (uture greatness of Elon, this volume of the Phipsicli is respect- fully dedicated. IS ' 4 Du. I.Ko.N F.DGAK Smith, A.J5.. M.A.. D.I). 3n iMemoriam IN the death of Dr. Staley, the hand of Providence has removed from our midst one of the most striking and potential personali- ties of our generation. Rarely, if ever, do you find one man with so many gifts and such rare accomplishments. He was a friend of the poor and rich alike — a man with a generous hand, a loving heart and a magnanimous soul — a brilliant writer, a great preacher, and a faithful pastor. Dr. Staley was one of the moving spirits in the organization and founding of Elon College. He was a member of the original Board of Trustees, and remained on the Board until his death. So far as the records show, he never missed a single meeting of the Board during his tenure of service, which extended for nearly one-half century. He served the College as President for twelve years without salary. He was generous in his gifts to the College and greatly in- fluenced his friends everywhere to support it. He was Pastor of the Suffolk Church for more than forty years. Under his ministry, the Church grew to one of the outstanding re- ligious organizations of the country. Dr. Staley was a humble follower of the humble Christ and a faithful expositor of the glorious Gospel. The Christian Church will miss him as it would miss none other from its membership. His memory will live as long as the College stands and the Church endures. L. E. Smith, President. " In which the reader is al lowed to I ' isit those structures of brick and stone, and to see the beauties of that campus in the li?nits of which the things this chapter at- tempts to show him had their development , and to know those who are directing our college ' s progress. " ADMINISTRATION PHIPSICLI Dr. Leon Edgar Smith, Prc.sidriii Alonzo L. Hook, Dean of Men Madik L. Walkku, Dealt of J ' o7nen 1935 Trventi PHIPSICLI rr ' r ' - - 4 M tit, p M Jonx Willis Bauxey Professor of Kncil ' isli B.A.. M.A. ' Hknry Lawrence Snuggs Associate Professor of English B.A.. M.A. Leo D. L HT| ■ Professor of Histiiri B.A.. M.A. Woirrn ( ' . Wicker Professor of Education ntid Philosoph 1 B.A.. B.A.. M.A.. M.A.. D.D. Litt.l). John U. N ' eh.max Coricilh Professor of Bililical Langiiac es ami Literature Ph.D.. Litt.n.. D.D. CoLEM. X C. GrLLEY Professor of Business Administration B.A.. M.A. Joii.v A. Clarke Professor of Latin and Spanish B.A.. M.A.. Ph.D. TiioMA.s E. Powell, Jr. Professor of Geologij and Biologi B.A., ALA.. Ph.D. L W. Hook Professor of Mathematics B.A.. M.A. DwKiHT SteERK Ihini of Music Instruction B.A.. NLA.. A.A.(;.0. -Mrs. C. C. .(oiixs in- I.ilirariau Ph. 15. ' lIt(:l.NIA I ' lTZin(iIl Professor of Expression and Dramatic Arts B.A. 1955 Txcenty-one PHIPSICLI .1. Allen Hunter Professor of German and Kdncatlon B.A.. M.A., Ph.D. Ned Faucette Bhannock Professor of Chem ' istri) B.A.. M.A., M.S.. Litt.b. LiLA ClAIHE NeWiMAN Director in Art Ph.B. Helen Chamblee Instructor in Voice Culture Graduate of Boston Conservatory Miis. Alice C ' orboy Assistant Dietitian Mrs. Thyra Swint Assistant Librarian C. M. Cannon Business Manager B.A. Erma Lloyd College Nurse Alfred Apple Supt. of Buildings and Grounds Earl Vickers Supt. of Power Plant A. L. Hook Professor of Phijsics B.A.. M.A., M.S. Naomi C. Brady Professor of Home Economics Dietitian 1933 Twentij-txco " In -iciiicli the rrcitlcr ' .« iiitriiduced to the mt ' inbcrs of tin- various cla.txes, or is re- miiidrd of his school iiiatrs, and of the things u ' Jiiclt male each himself and one from ic ' honi the others ' tcill hate to he parted. " -w SENIORS PHIPSICLI Senior Class History IN Septemher, 1929, Elon tlircw open her gates to receive nearly one hundred and twenty-five oreen Freshmen. Wide-eyed and unconscious we roamed about the campus getting our first and Listing impressions of Klon. The first week ' s experi- ences made us feel like " kings and queens. " Soon, liowever. the rule book, en- forced by the upper classmen, made its way into our college life. We soon learned that " kings and queens " could also be slaves. Freshman class election was held the first week in November. C. C. Howell, ,Ir., of Jacksonville, Florida, being elected President. In athletics and also literary work our class was duly honored. Under President Howell ' s leadership our class had an unusually successful year. September, 1930 — No longer green slave-driven Freshmen — we were upper class- men and knew it all. Nothing could hinder our progress now. The much talked- of depression had taken severe toll in our ranks, but tiiose of us who returned were readv to show to the Freshmen and to the world that we meant business. Joe Doster, of Waxhaw. N. C, was elected to lead us through our Sophomore year. He proved to be a very capable leader, and under his guidance we maintained the enviable record that we had started the year before. In this year we won the inter- class track meet and were again well represented in varsity athletics. September, 1931 — Harold Ford, of Blairs, Virginia, was elected class President in our .Junior year. In this period of our college course we had the Junior-Senior banquet to sponsor and our college rings to select. President Ford was very efficient in handling both of these matters. In the second semester our number was en- larged by several transfer students from Atlantic University. These students reached our campus in time to ])articipate in the Junior orations. Our athletes con- tinued to ii)hold their previous records and personal achievements. When exams were over, we could hardly picture ourselves as the sophisticated Seniors of the coming year. September, 1932 — Seniors at last. The goal which we had striven for since our entrance in college was at last within the realm of realization. Wilkes Lowe, of Elon College, N. C, was elected to guide us through our last year. Reliable and dependable he displayed marked ability for leadership. Paul Brawley was captain of the football team, and Rufus Abernathy was captain of the baseball team, both of these Seniors leading their respective teams with honor. We were the guests of the Juniors at a most delightful banquet. Senior theses were presented, and many new subjects were opened for cx))lanation and exploitation. Exams were finally over, and we were relieved to know tli.it we had met the college requirements satis- factorily. Our number had diminished from one hundred and twenty-five to forty- one, and there were several new ones with us at commencement time who did not start with us in 1929. The much coveted and diligently sought diplomas were graciously and gratefully received by each Senior. Now our ways must part, with each fellow student pursuing his chosen vocation, but nevn- forgetting his happy vears at dear ole ' Elon. 1953 Twenty-six PHIPSICLI Senior Class Officers Wilkes E. Lowe Prrsidcnt Rtirs H. AiiEiiNATny T ' icc-l ' rcsident Licv Caudkll , Secretary and Treasurer 1955 Tweni ij-sfven PHIPSICLI RUFUS HENRY ABERNATHY PiTTSBORO, X. C. . . ?. Hist„rii I T K I ' resiilfiit Sliicli ' iil Si-riMlt ' ; nasc-ljall, 1, 2, 3. 4; Captain Hasi hall. 1; Kiiitcr-iii-Cliief M«rn,„i niitl ' . ' " . , I. " Xoiic hut li ' niixrlf run ht ' his ptiralltl . " HARVEY MEBANE ALLEN HuilI.INGTON, N. C. . . ?. I ' hi slc. ' ,- " Rather ii.sr than fame. " WILfJAM THOMAS AH ' l ' HL ' R VV ' HAI.KVVII.LK, ' a. A.B. Business K W N I ' le ' iidcril . M. c. A.; I ' lesi.lciit Clio-rsykaleon l,il ■rar SinU-ty. " . jollii iiii.se fish persoiialiti is the f reaf- est qifl n( all. " 1953 Twenty-eight PHIPSICLI ELIZABETH ESTHER BARNEY Elox College, X. C. .LB. English n KT ClioPsykaleon. 1. :!. X. t; Girls ' r.ieo Club. Pianist. 2. 3. 1; Clioral Clul). 1. ■ . 3. I: Pianist for fliiiral Choir. 1. L ' . :i; Coiinneinenient Orattn-. :i. " And still flu- C()iidrr r r i-iCs, thai uiir siiKill head can carrij all she Inlaws. " Wn.l.lS (.REV BOI.AM) Rri!Li. (;To.N , X. C. .l.Ii. English ITK Glee Club. 1. 2. 3. 4: . .s.sociate Editor PhipsicU: Choral Club. 3. I; Transfer from Lenoir-Rhyne, 1. 2; Vice-President Freshman Class. 1 : Hall Cominis- siini. L ' ; X ' arsily I)ask,-ll)all, 2: X ' arsity Ti-iinis. 1. " A true friend is a great asset, hut a ladi friend is a shaki priiposition. " PALI. BRAWLEY .Mr. I i.LA, X. C. AAi. llisturi ITK Captain Konlli.iM. 1: Kootball. I. 2. 3. 4: Track. 1. 2; { ' a|)t;iin Track. 2; Business Manager I ' lnii.iirli, i. " Loi al hearted, strong nf mind; a nolilri fellinc i oii ' ll never lind. " 1955 ' Ticmiti nine PHIPSICLI DOROTHY A. BRIGHT Burlington, N. C. A.B. T Z -I ' She is true to lier word, u ' ork, and her friends. " LUCY K. C ' ADDELL Elon C ' OLLEUE A.B. AYK , N. C. p sykaleon Litoia ry Soriety; Class, 3. Secretary Ji anior n ecollec lion 1! s the „nl paradise from which xce c luniiit lie turned out . " MH-DRED EUGENIA CARR Broadway, N. C. A.B. History Secretary Junior Sunday Scliool Class. " Merit is worthier than fame. " 1935 Thirty PHIPSICLI -MKIilULL LOUISE CAVINESS PoRTSMOt ' TIl, Va. A.B. ' True worth is in hriiir , not si ' i ' ming. ' ANNIE RUTH CHANDLER Ha« RivKu, N. C. A.B. n KT student Ci Ullril. I: Instructor Biolofry l.ah.irat ory; I ' siplielia ri Literary Society. " Her tr, il is am hitiiin, her f oal , snecess. " BARRARA lUUNETT CHASE Ri .Mioiii), R. I. A.n. T Z -f- Glee Cliih. •1. .-1. l; I ' sykalcdii l.ilerary Snci.-ly. L . 3 : Cliiiir ■i. :i. 1; V. V. C. A. Iresid.-iil, 1. " Charac er is III e iliaiiiotid that scratt hes all , tlier stones. " i: 1953 Tliirt if-onc PHIPSICLI NORMAN HALL CLARK Sxow Camp, N. C. .I.Ii. English ITK Baseball, 1. L ' . :i, I; Maiiagor Kdothall, i: Manager Basketball, i. " Xdt hid ficrioiix, not too (jaif, hit a riirc fclhnc ' whcii It coiiirs tii plaij. " REBECCA EVANS CONSTABLE Elkton, Md. A.B. ATK Tiarisfer fniin Hdlliiis College. " ffir voirr -,ciix ever soft, f rntlr, and hn In I ' .icclli-nt thing in woman. " J. HAY DICKENS ' aiiina, N. C. A.B. Vice-President Sunday Scliool Class; Clio Debater, 1: Track. 1; Secretary Ministerial Association. 2: Presi- dent Ministerial Association, .3: ,Junior Orator, 3; Hclisious Activities President, I; Ministerial Asso- ciation, 1. 2, ;i. I. " As a man thiiiLcth, so is hi " 1933 ' Thirty-two PHIPSICU C77 Ci 5 ' ,:r : ; c MAHfiARF.T I HIS DORSETT Hi HI. IM. ION, N. ( ' . A.H. Kuglish WOW ' Talhiiuj, sill- Liii-iC not ichi , nor cared not icliiit. " WISTf R HAROLD VOWn Hlaiks, Va. .;. ) ' . I list or II A 11 A Minooii (Old Until Staff. 2; I ' liiloloKian Society. 3; rrcsiilcnt Junior Class: Student Senate. 3. 4; Secre- tary Student Senate. 3; Vice-President Student Senate, 4: I ' re.sident Playinakers of Elon College. 4: President Student Body. I. " lA ' t fools, till ' studious despise. There ' s iintliiuf lost in being ivise. " MAR(;ARKT K.VIHLKKX HINSHAW 15rni,iN(rr )X, N. C. . . . ' . Math II K r •• imi s In adorn one ' s self 7cith a nolAe cruxcn. " 1933 Tliirt i ' three PHIPSICLI MARJORIE E. JAMMANEAU Irvington, N. J. A.B. n KT I ' liilologiaii, i: Chdir. i; StiuliMit Coiiiicil, 4; Glee riul), i: Dmiiiatic riub, k " She i.s prctti to K-nJk icith, and rcittij to talk icith. And pleasant too, to think on. " LEFFIE JONES Glen Raven, N. C. A.B. English lYK. A I ' Q Dmrnatii- Clul). " Plnij lip, plui lip and plai the game. " CARL R. KEY Hemp, N. C. A.B. AHA IiiliTiDllcKiati ' Debate, 2. 3, I: Tiaek. 1, 2; Cross (■.luiitiy, 1. 2; Ministerial Association, 2. 3, 1; Mnrmm nnd Gold Staff, 1, 2, t; Clioral Club, 3, 4; I ' hildloKian Oratorial Medal, :i. " A man of hope and forward looling mind. " 1935 Thirt ij-four PHIMICLI m CHARLES ANCJUS LEACH Stai!, N ' . C. A.B. TiMck, 3: l.alHinitcirv Iiwtiucliir, I. ' For mail is man and master (if Ji ' is fate. " GLADYS HYDE LEWIS East Gastonia, N. C. A.B. ' I kiinrc iiancfht safe friends and duty. WILKES E. LOWE, JR. Elon College, N. C. A.B. IJistfiry S«I)B CliDir, I: I ' l-i ' sidiTit Senior Class. ' True xcorth is in lieing, not seeming. ' 1933 Thirty-five PHIPSICLI CARLVLE TURNER McCLOUD Norfolk, Va. . . ' . Cliciiii.strii K ir N PariHencnic Coiiruil. :t ; BoxinK. 2; Laboratory Instructor. :i. t. " Yiiu can ' t jii(l( c till- depth of a well hi the leiufth of the pump handle. " E. L. MOFFITT. JR. Elon College, N. C. A.B. English 2$B Eilitor rhiiisirVi. i; Student Senate, 1; Glee Club, 1. -1. 3; Choir, i; Maroon and Gold StafT, 3: Elec- toral, I. " Besides he teas a shrewd philosopher. " ANNA FAYE NICHOLS Di ' miAM, N. C. A.R. A VK student fouin-il, ;) ; Clioir, :i, I; Cliornl Club. 3, 4. " Nothing great rcas ei er achieved ivithoul enlliiisia.ini. " 1953 Thirt ij-six PHIPSICLI HU(;H EDWIN PEOPI-ES SiLEH CiTV, X. C. A.B. Uistorii Football. 2. 3. : StuiU ' iit Senate. I ' roseeutiiis At- torne ' . t. " All fjretit men arc (li ' mg, I don ' t feel icell m i srlf. " MARY EDNA PHILLIPS Alt. ' vmah.wv, N. C. A.B. Math ' To I ' lvr in heart. ' , 7Cr leave liehinrt .v not to die. " KATIE PIERCE SuNBUIiV, N. C. A.B. Englinh TZ-T- Vice-Presiclciit Fresliiiinii Cla s; I ' re iiileiil I ' aii Hellenic Counoil. 4: Glee Cliili. I. -1. :i, I; Co eil I ' .ditor Miir ,n,i „„,l r:,,l,l. I. " .I mini frecjiienll 1 ailiiiit. ' i hi ' t ' (;.v in the UTong, .1 woman never, she 7£ ' ».v onli mistaken. " 1935 Thirty-seven PHIPSICLI SAMUEL GILMORE RAMSEY, JR. Norfolk, Va. A.B. Histori riniisirli SlMir. t: Min- M,i mid ' VriW Staff. 4; Elec- hiral Hiiard. 1; Transfer friilii A. U., 3. " Tlii-i xai flicre arc more ahle men, but I ' ll Inivf to get 1111 r lii.ixes. " MARY SUE RAWLS Sl ' FFOLK, Va. A.B. ATK President Student Council. 4; Secret.ary Fresliman Class, I : Secretary Soplioniore Class, 2 ; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, 1: Pan-Hellenic Council. 4; A.ssistant Cheer l.cacIiT, 3; Cheer Leader. I. " Brtiiiti i. i it ' . oxen rexcard far l eing. " JAMES G. RISING Norfolk, Va. A.B. Math K TX Dramatics Club; I ' layniakcrs of Ehiu College; Trans- fer from Atlantic U. " Built to iciii, xcitlioiit, xeithin. " ' 1 9 33 s j ' J ' hirt t ' right PHIPSICU ,K)HN HINTON KOLNTREE NoHFOLK, ' a. A.B. Cheer Leader, 1. 2. :i ; Tennis Team. 1. 3. 4. Cap- tain, 3; Manager Football. 3: Basketball S(|ua l. 3; Student Senate, t. " A lion among the ladies is a terrible hing. " PEGGY SECHRIEST TnOM. SVILLE, X. C. A.B. English n KT student Council, 2, I: Vice-President Student Coun- cil. 1: Pan-Hellenic Council, 3. t; ilimion and Gold Staff, 3. 4. " This is a world of startling possibilities. " CLARA LOUISE THOMPSON H. w RivKR, N. C. A.B. BOB " Rare eoni pound of (jualiti , noble and true. Jl ' illi jilrnt If of sense and good humor, too. " 1955 ' Thirt i nine PHIPSICLI ANNIE TYNER GULK, N. C. A.B. English n KT " Her xcai s arc zcat s of pleasantness. " NELLIE FLOSSIE WHITE Norfolk, Va. A.B. T Z Art Editor Manmii mi, I t;„lrl Staff, 4. ' One good friend is not to be xceighea against the jc ' u ' rls of the earth. " GUS MAY WOMBLE Sanfoud, N. C. A.B. Science KTN Track. 2; Boxins, 2: TraTisfer from U. of N. C, 3. " Not finished, l ut Itegun. " 1935 Forttj PHIPSICLI I ' ETER MARTIN WYRICK Elox College, X. C. A.B. Chemistry AHA Messiali Choir. 2, 4: Elon Singers. 4. " .1 quiet, unohtrusive fellotc, but a friend to all. " Senior A ' o Rcpn ' scuicd h Picture Robert Lewis Armacost Nokfolk, Va. Transfer friini Atlantic University; Managing Editor Manin,! niitl (inlil, I. 1953 ' Forty-one PHIPSICLI Senior Poem The (lass of ' So Across the span of coming years With spirit bold and free, I see them marching proudly on. The class of ' 33. Where duty, truth, or honor calls, Whate ' er the cost may be. They ' ll gladly answer, one and all. The class of ' 33. When other shrink before life ' s tasks And from them fain would flee, You ' ll find them there with courage strong — The class of ' 33. Write large on honor ' s golden scroll, Where all with pride may see. Among the brightest will be found The class of ' 33. Where proudly waves Maroon and Gold, Be it on land or sea. ' Tis there you ' ll find with loyal hearts, The class of ' 33. Alma Mater, Elon dear, We sing our praise of thee. To thee we pledge our service true, The class of ' 33. — Elizabeth Barney, ' 33. 1933 ' Fort i -fic ' 0 JUNIORS PHIPSICLI Junior Class History NE day in September, 1930, the campus became alive with a ■- group of rather insignificant-looking folk who were promptly labeled " PVeshmen. " Activities were started immediately to show us to our rooms and to acquaint us with the buildings and campus in general. Soon the upper-classmen arrived and we began our climl) up the ladder of our college career, with visions of many delightful experiences ahead. Fred Fite. of Charlotte, N. C, was chosen as our president, and served cajjably in tiiat capacity. In September, 1931, we returned to Elon. Not all of us who had started the year before were present, but the majority were back and " rearing to go. " We were wise Sophs, and repaid the Freshmen for the indignities we had had to suffer when we were as lowly as they. Kenneth Hughes, of Elon College, N. C, was elected president. VVe are Juniors now — forty-one strong, and we are proud of our position. We are already looking forward to next year, however, when we will have attained the peak of our college career. Walter Latham, of Washington, N. C, piloted us efficiently through the year ' s work. The evening of our day as a Junior is her e. We are ready to face exams, and then, our professors willing, we will return after vacation to settle down to the quiet dignity of college Seniors. — ViRoiNiA Jay, ' 34. 1933 Forty-four PHIPSICLI " ' S5i Junior Class Officers Walter Latham Bradshaw Holland Frances Chandler President -...Vice-President .-Secretary and Treasurer 1953 Forty-five PHIPSICLI IRIS AI-BRKJHT Elon Collk«e, N. C. TZ I) MARTHA E. ANDERSON Halifax, Va. ATK MARdARET BAILEY LvXNIlAVKN, Va. T z | ALSIE MAE BARHAM SUMMERFIELD, N. C. Psiphelian M I R I AM C • H R I STI N E BULLA Bll!LIN(iTON, N. C. T ' RKLL IU)J5ERT CAUDELL Alliieds, N. C. 1953 Forfy-six PHIPSICU FRANCES CHANDLER ' IRGILI •A, ' a. AYK GEORGE CHANDLER VlIUilLINA, Va. MAHGARET E. CHANDLER ' lIiGII.INA, Va. J. T. CHAPPELL, JR. Candou, N. C. .MAH(iLERETE COOPER Sanfoud, N. C. VERA LOULSE (;ERRINGER Brown Summit, N. C. Psiphrlian 1933 Forty-seven PHIPSICLI CURTIS GEORGE GRIFFIN Windsor, Va. Clio CYRUS DELMONT CiRIFFlX Rocky Mount, N. C. S I B MARGUERITE E. HARRIS Macon, N. C. TZ$ Psifkaleon FLORENCE P. HOLDEN LOUISBURG, N. C. BOB KENNETH HUGHES Elon College, N. C. ITK VIRGINIA LOUISE JAY Holland, Va. TZ$ 1953 Forty-cir ht PHIPSICLI MAR.IORIF. V. JONES WoODLEUill, N. C. n KT Psiphdian ROBERT M. KIMBALL Manson, N. C. I ' I) B Phil„l,„vau WALTER LATHAM Washington, N. C. BESSIE McKIXxNEY Burlington, N. C. FRED II. MILLER Elkton, Va. S I)B TIIELMA AVIS MORRIS DVKK, ' a. Puiplu ' liaii 1953 Porty-nini PHIPSICLI ALMA AMELIA SMITH Norfolk, V a. T Z I ' Psjlkatcon NAOMI stkf;d Candor, N. C. AYK ALICE E. STEVENS Hertford, N. C. Psiphclian CHARLES RAMSEY SWAIN Hurdle Mills, N. C. AHA Philolog ' ian PAUL RICHARD TAYLOR Newton, N. C. KTN Philolor iaii JANE C. YARBOROUGH Burlington, N. C. ATK 1933 ' Fifty PHIPSICU G7 ' - " Q5 ' AUBREY O. WINECOFF Kannapolis, N. C. ITK FRANK OR A PERKINS FayettevillEj N. C. AHA IN MEMORIAM H. Allan Branner Middleton. Del. . Inii ' fririid, a (jciitlciiuni , tiiid (I pIcaxiiKj CDiii jiaiiidii. 1955 ] ' " t(l Ij ' OVC PHIPSICLI Juniors Not Represented h Pictures GLENN DONALD AUMAN West End, N. C. STEDMAN HINES McLeansville, N. C. MABEL BARRETT Ponce, Porto Rico BRADSHAW HOLLAND Norfolk, Va. CHARLES B. FOUSHEE Liberty, N. C. fAYSIE AZn.E JOYCE Norwood, N. C. JACK HARRINGTON PoLKTON, N. C. CHARLES FLETCHER MOORE Burlington, N. C. NORMAN BROWN WATERS Washington, N. C. 1933 ' Fifty-two SOPHOMORES PHIPSICLI Sophomore Class History WITH till- coiiiiii " ;: of St|)tinil)ir 12. 1931, dawned registi ' ation day for till- Krtsliiiun. Anyone could have recognized these eiglity-four new, brilliantly-green Freshmen, who timidly, yet eagerly, wandered about the camjjus. seeing for the first time its buildings and beauty spots, asking old students the familiar questions, " Where is the Dean ' s office? Where do I register? How do I get my trunk? " This day is one that the class of ' 35 will never forget. We fell from tile tievated plane of dignified and all-mighty high school Seniors to meek Freshmen, and with the fall came also the disappearance of our previous dignity, self-esteem, and privileges. Through all our years of grammar school and high school, we were busy gathering material and laying the foundation for our " Building of Knowledge. " Since tlie materials and foundation determine the durability of a structure, we endeavored to find the best materials and to construct the firmest foundation possible. The Class of ' 35 had its first official meeting November 3. 1931. TIh following officers were elected: Leander Mauldin, President; F.iigciii.i Boyd, Mcc-l ' residcnt ; Robert Rollins. Secretary; William Horton, Treasurer: Kilith Bowden, Histori.in; and Professor Van Cleave, cliiss advisor. " Serva Magis Quam Servani " was adopted as the el.-iss motto. After tlirrt- months ' vacation we came back to Elon. The class was orgaiii .i-d anew, witli the name " .Sophomore. " Even though some of (iiir classmates did not return, we were glad to welcome new meni- liers to our number. The following officers were elected: William Horton. President; Wilbur Tuck, Vice-President: Ruth (ianible. Sec- retary; Louise Layton. Treasurer. Very soon the members of the class of ' 35 take another rest of three months, anticipating the joy of our return when we shall enter upon our .lunior year, and eontiinie the building of our structure. — Kdith Bowden, ' 35. 1953 yifti foii I PHIPSICLI Sophomore Class Officers William Horton President WiLBi ' R Tick Vice-President Ruth Gamble „ Secretary LoiisE Layton Treasurer 1955 Fifty-jive PHIPSICLI VIRGINIA DARE BLACK Hampton, Va. TZ4) Psi kalron EDITH MAE BOWDEN Bl ' RLlNOTON, N. C. BOB EUGENIA ANNE BOYD Henderson, N. C. A T K I ' s i l:iilron WILLIAM F. BURTON Brown Summit, N. C. A n A Philolog ' ian TURLA LOUISE COBLE Haw River, X. C. ESTHER MADELINE COLE Durham, N. C. n KT I ' si k-alcon ANNIE M. COVINGTON Elon College, N. C. ATK WILI.LVM OS WIN COX Elon College, N. C. S B 1953 ' Fifty-six PHIP5ICLI MINNIE B. DOFFLEMYEU Elkton, Va. Psiphelian LILLIE RUTH GAMBLE Davidson, N. C. ri K T I ' .s ' iphclian MAiniN LINWOOn (;UNN Reidsvillk, N. C. MARY FRANCES HINSHAW BlRLIXCiTON, X. C. ERWIX HYDE Hamptox, ' a. WILLIAM HENRY HORTON Ellix(;t()X, N. C. K 1 ' X Clio lH(.n: FRANCES ISLEY ]ilHI.IX(;TON, N. C. CONSTANCE L. .JONES Skhufm;, Fla. A r K 1933 Fifty-seven PHIPSICLI AdM FANNIE RUSH KNOX IIlMTKHSVILLE, N. C. II K T I ' s ' iphdian KH.MA ELIZABETH LLOYD Mebaxe, N. C. LOl ' ISE LEIGH LAYTON I ' HAN ' KLINTON, N. C. Ps ' iphrlun, M. (JRAHAM MILLER SllKLBY, N. C. NLVHTHA BELLE NEESE Hl ' RLINOTON, N. C. TERRILL M. SHOFFNER BlliLINOTON, N. C. DELLA SORRELL HlIiLINGTON, N. C. BOB WILBUR HAMILTON TUCK ViRGILINA, Va. 1953 Fift jic ' ight PHIPSICLISffiE MARY EDITH WOODY Gkaham, N. C. BOB MIKE WILLIAM YORK Staley, X. C. A II A ROBERT CHASE ROLLINS Kaxxapolis, N ' . C. ITK CLIVE H. SHOFFNER Snow Camp, N. C. AHA 1953 Fifty-nine PHIPSICLI Sophdinorcs Not Bcprcscnicd I) Pictures ' OTHO LEE BENNETT Elon College, N. C. HOLT HENDERSON Graham, N. C. ETHEL GRETCHEN BOOKER Moi ' NT Airy, N. C. EARL S. HOLLAND Windsor, Va. SCOTT BOYD Henderson, X. C. CICERO TILTON HOLT Burlington, N. C. OTIS THOMAS BRAY Norfolk, Va. E. IRWIN LeKITES Chincoteague, Va. PATTIE GUNTER DIMMETTE STEPHEN LEANDER MAULDIN Hillsboro, N. C. Salisbury ' , N. C. FRANCES ISABELLE DUNN Star, N. C. OLA V. WALKER GiBSONVILLE, N. C. FRANCES DuRANT BuRLIN(iT0N, N. C. JAMES PERRY WHITFIELD HiLLSIiOUO, N. C. JOHN E. GIPSON Parkton, N. C. BALDY WILLIAMS 0. F0HD, N. C. JOHN CHESTER (HilFFIN Snow Camp, N. C. ALTON REID WILLIAMS HiLLSRORO, N. C. 1933 Sixty FRESHMEN PHIPSICLI Freshman Class History I.1ROM Sfptciiilur to ,[iiiu our Freshman year at Elon is complete. A As a varied group, we liave endeavored to weld ourselves into an organization, an organization on which our college may depend. But we could not accomplish this without an able leader. As President, we chose one whom we considered capable, Richard Freese, of Pitts- burgli. Pa.; our ' ice-President was .James Box Conner; our Secretary, Marion .Jones; and our Treasurer. Blair Burke. We. as a class, owe what progress we h.nc attained to the erticirney of these officers. .Seholastically. wi- jxrhaps did not excel, but we iiave been sincere in our efforts. Soei.illy we widened our interests, and delved anew into the wealth of human contacts. In athletics, we again gave our best. Toward thi religious activities of the school we contributed much. Sever.il of us devoted our interests to tlie programs of tlie liter- ary societies. .So. in .lII, we entered into every phase of college life. But this is not .-ill. An intangible quality inserted itself into our lives. Perhaps we beg.m to attain the art of associating with people. Perhaps we began to learn to adjust ourselves to circumstances. Perhaps we began to concentrate. Whatever it may be, we have caught the swing of college life. Another year will bear the fruits of this. Another year will witness, not a class of " freshies, " but a class of typical Elon men ;ind women. — Rebecca Smith, ' .36. ' 1 9 53 is; Sixti -lwo PHIPSICLI 9 ' d Freshman Class Officers Richard Freese Preside ni James Conner — — Vice-President Marion Jones -— -Secretary 1955 ,Sixt i -three PHIPSICLI ERNEST EDWARD ASKEW EURE, N. C. HELEN LOUISE BARNEY Elon College, N. C. B (J B LUTHER CARLTON BOYD Henderson, N. C. DELLA MARGARET BUDD SiLER CiTV, N. C. STANLEY CLYDE BURGESS COURTLAND, Va. D.LACY BLAIR BURKE (ilBSONVILLE, N. C. DRURY B. CHANDLER DCRHAM, N. C. JAMES FLOYD COBLE BURLI.VGTON, N. C. JAMES BOX CONNER Vernon, Ala. S ' tB IRENE JOYNER CORBITT SUNBURY, N. C. ATK Sixty-four PHIPSICLI :- ' - WILLIAM L. COOI ' KR. JR. XOKFOLK, ' a. ELEANOR V. DAVIDSON Franklixvillk, N. C. FRANCES B. DEVINEV EloX CoLLEtlE, N. C. SARA LOUISE DUKE Ei.oN Colle(;e, N. C. HAZEL BERNICE FARMER Norwood, N. C RICHARD G. FREESE Craktox-Pittsbi ' rgh, Pexx. RICHARD (lALLOWAY Hamlkt, N. C. HOWARD SCOTT CORDON HllOHN SlMMlr. . C. K T N ARMOR L. GRANGER. JR. Norfolk, y. . CHARLES W. HOL.Ml.S Caldwell, N. J. 1953 Sixty-five PHIPSICLI hms h ESTHER S. HOPPENSTEDT Briarclifkk Manor, N. Y. TZ I) JOHN STEPHENS HORTON Ellington, N. Y. KTN CHESTER A. HUGHES, JR. Elon College, N. C. LLOYD A. JOHNSON Norfolk, Va. MARION JONES Sebring, Fla. TZ JOHN ROBERT KERNODLE Burlington, N. C. LILLIE M. KIMBALL Manson, N. C. WILLIAM W. KIMBALL Manson, N. C. JOHN TALBERT KING Burlington, N. C. EUGENE S. LANKFORD Biirlington, N. C. 1933 Si J ' ty -six PHIPSICLl HAZEL ANNIE MARTIN Elkin ' , N. C. ATK DORIS lONE MILKS AsHKBORO, N. C. ALERED WILLIAM NELSON Bris, Va. ITK RALPH BAIN NEWMAN ' iiu;iLiNA, Va. RHETTA E. NEWMAN WoODLEIGH, N. C. LESLIE NICHOLSON CiliAIIAM, N. C. JAY IVAN NUCKELS WllITSETT, N. C. FANNIE MARIE PEOPLES SiLER City, N. C. BOB .1. EDWARD RAWLS. JR. . " IFFOI.K, ' . l ' i; ELM IN A C. RHODES Windsor, Va. A T K 1955 Sixty-seven PHIPSICLI ISAAC RH0DF:S ROBINSON SoUTHPOHT, N. C. REBECCA SMITH EloN CoLI.l-HiK, N. C. A T K GEORGE CA LVIN TAYLOR Newton, N. C. KTN AUBREY CLAYTON TODD Norfolk, Va. ETHEL MAK TKUITT Glen Raven, N. C. SAMUEL McnKIi WATSON Sanford, N. C. kathryn a. whitaker Franklinton, N. C. DAN W. MATTHEWS Mt. Olive, N. C. Freshmen Not Represented hi Pictures Patsy Jane Allen William Elton Glover HmvARn Clarence Neese .IiMMTE Berry Russell C. Griffin Jamks Everf.ttf. Neese Wiinrn Kknist Unm-.s Petk R. Hardin Whbi K KllMM FWSOME IlllI ' M NNI Hi II, .1 ss Jay C. Harviel (-, ■ 1 (1 nil,- I ' krry (lllM IM. UmIM ■■ 11 , IliNRY Garner Hillurd IVI1IIS HlIT riMiui. Sill l-MIIII, lliiiN,.: Gat.ky Mavnard Hinshaw 1IM Kll V ,Sl MIIRD I ' M 1 1 1 Mil 1 III 1 K f ' oi T 11 l( Inlin J Ai .ill Ki i-ii II Sharp llni II III 1 ( 1 i,,n Isaac I.kxm- Iim.im |,:i MM Sni.ii R , ' 11,11 M IM.MI M,..,N III l.iiATrH Almon (11 nil 1 - |l IM H I.vmii M 1 II llCK ChMIIIx .InllN III KMVM. .1 R , EllWARD KlKl MllMIIAN ARcini II 11. IN Walker IMS KllLTK KaRP Bynum Martin Neese Virginia May Woodard Chaklrs Kav Ei ' Hlano, Jr. Margaret Krancelia Wynne 1953 Sixiy-eight . " III ichich is g ' wen the reader an oppor- tiiiiitii io see our games and sports, and III meet those who have proven themselves hfst ill these contests, and those ivho have iiiadf these events what tliei are. " ' W PHIPSICLI i .■, COACH " Pfahead " W.ilki r taint- to Eloii in I!I27. and since tliat time he has clearly demonstrated that it was a fortunate day for Elon when he was elected director of athletics. He has proved that he is capable of producing winning teams even when they were made up of raw material ; for this past season his teams included quite a few Freshmen. Coach Walker is recognized as the most outstanding coach in the North State Conference, and with the vigor and thoroughness which In displays in his t.isk. we are sure we shall continue to hav»- winning teams. 1953 Seventy-one PHIPSICU lom- M t ; X ; r:; fs ,o " Rawls Clncr lAadvrs RorXTHEE C 11 AND I, EH •■A ' " Mo, Club 1955 Sevenli -lu ' o FOOTBALL PHIPSICLI CH Latham, Fullback Neu-some, HalfU Walkkr, Qiinifcrback WlNECoFF, Halfback " Firpo " is a fast runner and a brainy player. Webb works liard and is determined to excel. Archie is one of the best. Speedy and persistent. Bob is never discouraged, and is a valuable man. Paul made a good Captain, an excellent player. " Tech " fights hard and plays squarely at all times. " Muddy " can be counted on to carry out a play any time. Manldin is s])cedy and c()m])etent, jolly .-nul willing. Captain Brawley, End Peoi ' les. GiinnI U viiiis. Tackle Mauldin, Center 1953 Seventy-four PHIPSICLI LiNDLEY, Tackle Ike tries hard and always does his part. Dick has the spirit that it takes to win. Bill may be small but his efforts are bi " -. Ephland can cover ground — and carry the ball witii liiiii. " Butch " is willing to try and determined to suceeed. Hughes is one of Elon ' s good prospects for next year. " Runt " always worked for Elon and stimulated his teaunnate Tuck is fast on offense and powerful on defense. MiLMGAN. End llLGHEs, Halfback Branner, Eittl 1933 ' Seventy- five PHIPSICLI Hiilfback VMS, Halfback AuMAN, Guard " Simp " likes a scrap and sliares his part. Lof ' tis plays persistently and shows niueh promise. Williams is going to be a ' mainstay ' in a year or two. Auman can effectively plunge and block. Clayton is determined and capable. Clyde knows football and tries hard. " Bing " does his part and never loses his temper. Whitfield left before he demonstrated all he can do. Clayton, Tarklf V. .IdKDAN. f Dlff Mir.LKii, Tni-klr Whitkiei.0, End 1933 Seventy-six PHIPSICLI Brigc.s. EnrI JoniUN. Criltr CiiNNKR. Halfback John can " take it " and " give it. " Briggs has tlie desire and the ability. Jordan shows promise and should ))rove valualile. Conner is determined, fast, and capable. Martin is out to make good. Perry will stick to it and show results. Cheek can be counted on for next year ' s varsity. " Chink " made a good manager and a willing worker. RiTT, Half jack miiv. FuUhark (HEFK, Halfbark Clark, Manager 1953 Seventy-seven PHIPSICU Football Season ig 2 D. C. Walkeb P. I. Brawxet F.lon n VArm n Finn F.inn n Finn Fl in n F.lm. i« Klon EI HI 7 = ' : K Coach .Capt-ain Manager Dnke Emorr and Henry Roanoke Randolph-Macon Langley Field High Point Newport News Apprentices Lenoir-Rhvne Guilford -45 12 -19 -20 - 6 - 6 - 6 -12 -26 Seventy-eight BASKETBALL PHIPSICLI A f r . % , Captain HrtiHES. Gliiiid Smith. Forward Captain Hughes usls liis kn()wlcdi e of the game effectively. " Cubie " wa.s good this year and shows promise for next. " Simp " displayed some excellent ability and spirit. " Smitty " has what it takes to play basketball. " Obie " used his 67 " to Elon ' s advantage on the court. Senter tries hard and should show up well next year. Rollins is determined and fast. Lawrence plays a steady game and shows much jironiise. Johnson, Center Sentkr, ForiranI Kni.uNs. Forward L. Tuck, Forward ' 1 9 33 is;sj Eighty PHIPSICLI - c. C. Grikki.v, Criifer Curtis knows basketball and can be counted on. John works hard and co-operates with his teammates. Earnest sI;ould show good results next year. Bill is determined to win — and will. Scott is fast and accurate. Wilbur will be a strong threat in a yc.ir or two. Delmont has the sjiirit to make good. Rciuntnc is ;i com])i-tent Mi;inager and ;in ;igrct:il)lc ;is? W. TccK, r nrniil KoLNTHKK, Maufif er 1933 Eight ij ' Otii ' PHIPSICLI I Em- w- ■ I ' ilMH Basketball Season 1933 D. C. Walker Coach Kenneth Hughes Captain HiNTON Rot ' NTREE I Manager Kloli 38 Elon 12 Elon . 49 Klon .20 Elon 20 32 Elon 21 Elon M Elon 13 EInn 38 Elon .35 Elon 16 Elon 26 28 Elon 49 Elon .■11 Elon 11 Elon 32 mM: S)i , . C. C. W loimats Lyiicliburg X. C. C. " W Tomcats Catawba Lynchburg Bridgewater George Washington St. Johns . American Uni ersit High Point Catawba ... Davidson . Lenoir-Rhyne Wake Forest Guilford ■ ith: ill ' . Eightif-txvo BASEBALL f! PHIPSICLI Caddei.1., Third Bus Ciii ' li ' iii Wi Scciiiid Bus Dick (-.•m li.iiullc the li.ill on the diamond and at tin- hat. Pete made a eapahle and likable Captain; a good jjlayer. " Abbie " can always be counted on for a needed hit. " I ' ui; " pitclied stellar ball and Elon misses him. " Muddy. " the i)itcher who can hit as well as pitch. " Chink " ))lays a steady game and always dors his |)art. Mann, Pitcher WATiiRs, ntchc Clark, Uight Field 1933 Eighty-four PHIPSICLI " " Roberts, Center Field Reiblr. Short HicHEs. Le t Field Charlie pla ved good liall and could really hit. John pitched some good games and is missed this 3-ear. Hughes knew the meaning of " team work " and i)layi ' d hard. George played well and still has two more years. Bill took the game seriously and showed results. " Doffie " was a capable and willing manager. 0 ' 1 M Chandlkr, Catrher Jacksiin, Left Field DoFFLt-MVMK. Manage I935( Eight I - jive PHIPSICLI it mr North State Champions Baseball Season ig 2 D. C. Walker Coach Henry T. Williams Captain K. B. DoFKLEMYER .-.Manager Elon Elon Elon Elon Elon Elon Elon Elon Elon Elon Elon Elon Elon Elon Elon Elijii Davidson — .. Catawba Duke Washington an l I . V. M. I. , Catawba Lcnoir-Kliyne Lenoir-Rhyne Guilford ...- Lenoir-Rhyne Atlantic Christi: Gnilfiiril 1955 Eic ht ii- i MINOR SPORTS PHIPSICU Varsity Tennis Squad HiNTON Roi-NTREE Cuuch (111(1 MaiKtcjer Delmont Griffin Jimmy Rising I-EANDER MaI ' LDIN MiKK York Willis Holand Jape Rawls Paul Taylor John Kernodle Eugene Lankeord George Taylor Tennis TlHE j ' ear 1932 was a successful one in Elon ' s athletic history as far as tennis is concerned. It is beginning to find its rightful place as a minor s))ort in the ath- letic roster of tiie college. Tlie team was third in the conference rating and had the honor of having one. C. D. Johnston, Jr., to go to tlie finals in the annual con- ference tournament. The doul)les combination of Jolinston and C ' ai)t.iin Rountree did not lose a match, and lost only one match each in their singles competition in the entire season ' s play. This year Johnston is not hack, hut with such men as Captain Rountree, Griffin, Rising, Mauldin, and York, the team should have a successful season. Not only is Rountree playing a good hraiul of tennis, hut he is also coaching and managing the team. He is quite a coin))etent coach, and with the co-operation of the rest of tlie players a winning team should he the result. 1955 Ki( hti -eiglit PHIPSICLI FroHf Kiiw: ■HrxK ' (HiNn SccoIH ?»«•; " PllEACHER " Bacfc foMj; " FiRi ' C Smith. ' Dick " Frkf.se. " Fi t;HT ' " New.ma Boxing and Wrestling THE gym work iiK-liick-s c.-ilistlK-iiifS. i)ll( l)all. indoor h.isthall. l..isk(th.ill. box- ing, wrestling, and otlicr indoor games. All these are under the suj)ervision of the gym instruetor who not only helps with the games but joins in the play with the f,-l](. VS. Tliis pictiin- does not represent all tlu- gym class but only those who took ]);irt mainly in boxing and wrestling. Some of the boys were jin tty goo l. .iiid though there were no intercollegiate meets, they showed u]) well in the local bouts, " (i.is- house " Ncwsome was probably the toughest one of the boxers, wliib- •■Hutch " Milli- g.-m w:is a fair wrestler. Most of tliesc fellows .-ire cx-footb;ill men. and tlu ' y .all like to " iiiix it. " ' I ' liis gyiu work proved to b - ;i good tiling. ,iiul with the co-o])cr:ition of the stu- dents, tlic colli gr c.in go a long w.av in giving every ui;de studilit .it I ' .lon a ch. ' ince for ])hysic;il diviloprncnt. Kifjiil i nine PHIPSICU .IrNioH Class Team Walter Latham George Chandler Robert Kimball Buadshaw Holland Al ' BREY WiNECOI ' F Delmont Grikfin Junior Basketball EACH year a tournaiiunt is lu-ld during tlie haskt ' tball scasdii in order to give men not out for tlie varsity a elianee to play the gaiiu-. This year the Fresli- man class team of Ritt, Clayton, Briggs. and L. Boyd, sliould liavr won the class championship, but they were defeated by the strong Junior team in their first game; and as the Junior team did not lose a game, the Freshmen were never able to get another chance. The Juniors heat the P ' reshman, Sophomore and Senior class teams as named. All were easy victories except the first game with the Freshmen. Mueli enthusiasm and class spirit was shown during these gauirs. and they were carried otf in good styh-. Robert Kimball was the big scoring threat for the Juniors, and with the help of the other members of the team, the -Juniors " went Soutfli. " These class games are a p.irt of the regidar gymnasium work sponsored by the college under direction of tin- gvui instructor. 1933 Ninetij PHIPSICLI III vv cliann " ■allant liicli the ri ' adcr is iiitrodui ' ed to tliosr of .su|)crlativf fciiiiiiiiic and licautv vvlio liavc cndeart ' d tluinselvcs to certain of our Miss Mildrkd Lee Ciilliam, of Bkoxwu.le, N. Y. Prefientccl hi E. L. Moffitt, Jr. Miss Frances Chandler, of Virgilina, Va. Presented hi P. I. Braxclei Miss Lity Caddell, of Elox CoLLE(iE, N. C. Presented Itii Kenneth Iliu hes Miss Charlotte Matthews, of Portsmouth, Va. Presented by George Chandler Miss Leffie Jones, of Glen Raven, N. C. Presented hi U ' dkes E. Lowe, Jr. Miss Margaret Boland, of Btrlington, N. C. Presented hy Otis T. Brai Miss Kathryn E. Burg, Pittsbuh(;h, Pa. Presented hi lliehard Freese Miss Marv Sue Rawls, ok Suffolk, V a. Presented hi Student Bodi 1953 Ninety-two Frances CJiaiidlcr I- ' iici Ciiddcll Li ' llic Jones 3Iar{ arct liolaiid y Knllirjiii K. liiir; 1 -fi V ' .1. ' ' ' M(tr!i Sue liaxcls . " In which xve attempt to show the reader those factors, outside of the classroom, zvhich make an institution what it is, her writers, her orators, her organized pro- fessional men, her student executives, her musicians, and her social life. " ' W PHIPSICLI Student OJfficers Hahoi.i) 1 ' ' ori) Mary Stk Rawls - RuFi-s Abkhnathv l ' rrsid,-til StiidrnI Bodi) I ' rr side lit Student CdiiiicH I ' n-xidrnt Student Senate 1955 One Hundred Three PHIPSICLI JP " 4 ' Jfe Student Senate R. H. AiiKiiNATiiY Setiior p. I. 15 HAW I. FY Senior 1). 15. C ' handleu Frrxh man J. T. t ' HAPPELL .Junior Harold Ford Senior William Horton Sophomore Robert Kimhall Junior Fred Miller Junior Hugh Peoples Senior .J. H. Rountree Seiiior John (jipson Sophomore 1953 ' One IlundrrJ Four PHIP5ICLI Student Council Eugenia Boyd ., An-nik Ritii Ciian ' dlku Senior Margi " ei!etk Cooper Junior ESTHEK HOPPENSTEDT Freshman Marjorie Jammaneau Senior Mahv Sie Rawls Senior M a U i a I! ET S E CURIE ST Senior Marei, ]}arrett Junior MAR(iAHEiTE IIahhis Junior IsABEM.E DrXX Sophomore 1933 One Hundred Five PHIPSICLI Dramatic Club Miss Virginia Fitzhugii, Director Martha Anderson Thomas Arthur Helen Chamblee Frances Chandler Marguerete Cooper Frances Deviney Iris Dorsett Harold Ford Richard Galloway Delmont Griffin Patricia Holden Esther Hoppenstedt Virginia Jay Leffie Jones Constance Jones Marion Jones Marjorie Jammaneau Walter Latham Hazel Martin Thelma Morris Doris Milks Japeth Rawls Samuel Ramsey Elmina Rhodes James Rising Elizabeth Stevens Naomi Steed Rebecca Smith Paul Taylor r n tM ■ .JP W¥ ■ m 1953 ' One Tlundrcd Six PHIPSICLI Elon College Singers Martha Anderson Mabel Barrett Virginia Dare Black Willis Boland Helen Chamblee Barbara Chase William Cooper Maxine Covington Frances Devinev Frances DuRant Hazel Farmer Esther Hoppenstedt John Horton William Horton Marjorie Jammaneau Llovd Johnson Virginia Jay Constance Jones Marion Jones Carl Key Jose Monal Fletcher Moore Fred Perkins Katie Pierce Alma Smith Rebecca Smith Ramsey Swain Peter Wyrick 1955 One Hundred Seven PHIPSICLI Philologiaii Literary Society Frank Bi rton Carl Key DUFRV ClIAN ' DLKl! Fred Miller Harold Foud Ramsey Swain RUIIARI) (iALLOWAY Paul Taylor Lanson ' Grangeii Aubrey Todd Dklmont Gru ' 1 KI N 1933 One ITunilred Eiyht PHIPSICLI Clio-Psykaleon Literary Society Tii OM A AUTIUR Cl ■RTIS (; niv KIN El .IZAIlKTll BaHXKV w ii.i • lAM H )RT ). Hklex Barnky 1{ AM I ' ll Xl ■; VMAN ' iu(iixiA Dahk Bl ACK S; Mf i:l W ATSON Eugenia Bovu K ATIIERINi; iin AKKR 15 AltliAHA f IIASI A ;i-Ji 1933 ' OiK ' II iiiu ri-ii Nine PHIPSICLI Phipsicli Staff E. L. MOKFITT, J|{. Willis ]5olani) Paul Bkawley Anna Fave Nithols Patricia Holdkn ... . William Kimball Ediior-in-Chief Issociate Kditar Business Manager Co-ed Editor Compiler .--Compiler Samuel Ramsey Compiler HiNTON RouNTREE Athletic Editor Christine Yarborouoh Compiler One Hundred Ten PHIPSICLI Maroon and Qold Staff R. H. Abkuxatiiv .- Editor- ' ni-Chief Carl Key Associate Editor Ramsey Swain - ....Editorial Writer J. T. Chappell Business Manager Margaret Bailey Office Secretari Nellie White Xetcs Peggy Sechriest - News Fred Miller Sports Editor Alfred Nelson .— ...Sports Charles Holmes Sports Katie Pierce - — Feature Barbara Chase Feature Martha Anderson . Featu re Sam Ramsey Feature Bill Horton Feature Ester Cole Typist Doris Milks Typist R. L. Armacost Managing Editor Alma Smith Stenographer Otis Bray Nexvs Editor ¥. O. Perkins Feature Editor Dor LkKites - -— Feature MARfiiK.RiTE Hahhis Feature e c if A ii,i i 1953 One Hundred Eleven pmpsicLi Fine Arts Club LiLA NkWMAX Nellik Whiti-: Reukcca Con.staiilk Louise Thompson Director I ' rv side lit . J ' icr-Prrxidciit Sicritar ii-T rfci.surcr Naomi 15hai)V I.r V ( ' addki.i, MkHHILI. t ' AVINESS Frances Diirant Miis. Pail Evehetts Mrs. C. H. (iiN(;iii.:ii Rei!a Hinsdai.l Hi Til HORNK !MVRTLE IsLEY Eekie Keck Lois McAdams AL E l ON Mrs. Norman Hiddlk Mils. Marv Rouse Mrs. Arthur Saitndei Lfs. T. L. Saunders Louise Thomrson Nina Thomrson ll!(,INI W ' OODARI) 1 9 53 is j One Hundred Tzvelve PHIPSICLI Ministerial Association Robert Kimball President J. Ray Dickens ... lice-President Ai ' BHKV Todd Secretari Cakl Key . . ...Treasurer Stanley Burgess Robert Kimball J. Ray Dickens Aubrey Todd Lanson Granger Terrill Shokfner KltUIN IIvDK Ramsey Swain Cahi, Kkv Leander Maildin I,. A. Nall John (xIPson E verett N EESE 1935 One llundrcd Thirteen PHIPSICLI Pan Hellenic Council AbERNATHY, I T K FoHD, a n A HOLDKN, B B McLoUD, K W N MOFFITT, S |) B I ' iKRCE, TZ i SeCHRIKST, 11 K T BaRRETT, A T K 1953 One Ilinulrcd Fourteen SOCIAL CLUBS PHIPSICLI Delta Upsilon Kappa Martha Anderson Mabel Barrett Jean Boyd Lucy Caddell Frances Chandler Rebecca Constable Irene Corbitt Maxine Covington Isabelle Dunn Constance Jones Leffie Jones Hazel Martin Faye Nichols Elmina Rhodes Mary Sue Rawls Naomi Steed Rebecca Smith Christine Yarborough () II II ni r ji Mc III he rs LiLA Newman Pauline Shoop Naomi Brady Jeanette Neiderlander 1953 One Hundred Sixteen PHIPSICLI Q-yz: Beta Omicron Beta Helen Barney Edith Bowden Iris Dorsett Patricia Holden IT II 1)1 a r fi M (■ III hrr.s M fS. G . 1). (now iM ss l ' ' LOnEN(K I ' lSIIF.!! M ss V RfilXIA I ' lT mcni M 1-. w . A. Hmu-i:i( Fannie Peoples Della Sorrell Louise Thompson Mary Edith Woody 1933 Oh,- iliindrrd Si-vriilccn PHIPSICLI Tau Zeta Phi Iris Albright Margaret Bailky Virginia Dare Black Dorothy Bright Barbara Chase Margiterite Harris Esther Hoppenstedt Marion Jones Virginia Jay Katie Pierce Alma Smith Nellie White IF nimrar Members Mrs. Snuggs Mrs. Steere Mrs. Gully Mrs. Hunter 1933 Our llinulrcl Ku,hti;;i PHIPSICLI ' ' Pi Kappa Tan Elizabeth Barney Annie Ruth Chandler Esther Cole Ruth Gamble Margaret Hinshaw Annie Tvnkk Maiijorie Jammaneau Marjorie Jones Fannie Knox Retta Newman Pegoy Sechriest H I) iKirar 1 Mem hcr.s Mus. J. W. Harney Mrs. Ai.k f Corhoy 1953 One Hiinilrrd Xineteen PHIPSICLI Luther Boyd J. T. Chappell James Conner Bill Cooper Bill Cox Charles Foushee Delmont Griffin Sigma Phi Beta Charles Holmes Ryland Johnson Robert Kimball W. W. Kimball Walter Latham Wilkes Lowe Fred Miller E. L. Moffitt, Jr. Sam Ramsey Jape Rawls Martin Ritt Hinton Rountree Range Simpson Norman Waters 1 ' ifrf ' T- II Olid r (I r M iiii])Ci s Dr. W. C. Wicker I ' liDF. L. 1). ALVRTIN F. B. Corboy 1935 One Hundred Twenty PHIPSICLI (77 ' Thomas Arthur Jack Chandler Howard Gordox Bradshaw Holland Earl Holland Kappa Psi Nu John Horton William Horton Carlyle McLeod Fletcher Moore I. BANDER MaULDIN James Rising George Taylor Paul Taylor Sam Watson Gus Womble H o n o r a r i 3 c m h c r .v Prof. Stekhe Phof. Snucjgs Earl ' ickers 1935 One Hundred Tzcenty-one PHIPSICU Iota Tan Kappa RuFus Abernathy Willis Boland Pai L Bi{A« I, :Y V. E. BuKi.is Norman Clark Kenneth Hughes Alfred Nelson Robert Rollins Aubrey Winecoff II oiiordr !i M ( in hers Prof. J. W. Barney Dr. N. F. Brannock Dean A. L. Hook Hi:v. .1. W, 1 ' atto 1933 One Hundred Tu ' rnti -tivo PHIPSICLI Alpha Pi Delta (). L. Bennett Frank Bi ' hton VV. Harold Ford Edwin A. Gunn Carl. Kky F. O. I ' eukins Howard Shoffner Henry Stone Ra:msay Swain I ' ktku M. Wviiu k MlIvE VoHK II (I II (I r (I r If M cinJic r .s- Dll. T, K. I ' OWKLL Ut; . Ai.i in:]) W. Uriisi ' I ' miF. A. no ' s- ' an Ci.iwi 1953 OiK ' Ilinidn-il Turiiti three PHIPSICLI Delta Psi Omega N at io n a I I) r a m a tic F r a t e r n i t y Mrs. C. M. Cannon Miss Virhinia Fitzhuoii Delmont Ghifi-in Mahgakette Haiuus Virginia Jay Leffie Jones Samuel Ramsey James Rising Paul Taylor 1953 ' One Hundred Twenty-four PHIPSICLI Pi Qaintna Mu N a t i I) n a I II o it o r F r (i t c r n i t L. D. Martin - , President Jewel Truitt Secretary A. I.. Hook Governor of Xortli Carolina Province T. C. AmICK Alil.lXK LiXDSKV J. O. Atkinson L. D. Mahtix Esther Brookshire Dewev Mast Hattie E. Brown Gwendolyn Patton G. D. CoLCLOUGH Caroline Powell Lrcv Dick T. E. Powell, Jr. Jesse Dollar Mrs. P. B. Rakestraw Betty Ellis Lena B. Rissell R. E. En-sminger Alma B. Sholz F. E. GiBBs H. Shelton Smith Madge Green A. C. Stevenson W. A. Harper Ralph Tower ; Iyrtle Holt Jewel Triitt A. L. Hook T. D. Underiiill C. W. Hook A. R. VanCle.we C. C. Howell C. J. Velie Sidney Jackson W. F. Warren Annie M. Johnson Mary A. White Alma Kimball T. E. White W. P. Lawrence, Jr. Glenn Womble Alton Lewis Gladys Yates A. L. Lincoln G. A. York Annik K. Cha.vdleu ,). Hay Dickens Harold Ford Edwin (jixn ALwsiE Joyce Carl Key Gladys Lewis E. L. MoriiTi ' , .In. L. E. Smith 1953 One Hundred Tiventy-fve PHIPSICLI Alma Mater So Jwrc ' s- in dear olc Klon Fiiilhfiil and Ixdd, Here ' s to licr hanncr Of maroon and gold, And here ' s io men and tvotnen IVho ' ve eonie and f oiie Sin iin i the vieto s song Of old Eton. So here ' s to 1953 One Hundred Ttceiif i -six .A. ' In which the reader i.s permitted — but will soon know better than ice can tell him. " PH IPSICLI 1933 ()Hr Ilundnd ' J ' ltciil i -iiiiir PHIPSICLI 1933 Oik- Iliiiulnd ' J ' liirli PHIPSICLI ( C:u2i M • ' 1933 (Jm- Hundred Thirl ii-iinc PHIPSICLI |Law Class Is To Give Mock Trial " " ' tn IFIRST ANNUAL SENIOR DINNER GIVEN CLASS Hinshaw, lusical P r o g r a m Goes With Dinner For Guests. and Ml- Singers Plf " " ' " «„,, an Extensive Tour Definite ck.lElon SinS ifticial plana be maae wcte. An occasion of unusual signifi- cance at Elon College was the fust annual Senior Dinner, given in tli " Y. W. C. A. hall last Thursday and Mrs, Smith, assembled in the rc- ot West dormito v .cis ° i eVd o " lo ccl ) ■j-Vicin ' - Three Added To Faculty ForComingSummerSchool Basketball Squad Off on New Trip The Elon basketball squad leaves today on a three-day trip ' ■» which they encounter Catawba ■ ' ■. Salisbury. Davidson at Daija- on and L;noir-Rhvne at Hick- ory. Jhc qutij:: is afur rc rn. For the summer session " ning June 12, the fii«uUy " increased beyond that Mention Goes to Seven for Grades Averaging over 90 HOnk M A . M. S., JITIAL PERFORMANCE OF THE PLAYMAKERS OF ELON COLLEGE Tuesday evening, Dec-ember ■ ' ■I ' " 1 - tlio time s,.t for tl, 1953 ' Onr ]I„ii,lr,;l Tliirl ,,-liCO PHIPSICLI Sky Pilots Led By Robert Kimball I The Ministerial As V Robert Kimball, : elation is lieade Varsity Cagers Are Awarded E s For Season Work « eautif,catio„Pi ' ■OiV COLLEGE TO PRESEn Upon recommendation of Coach Walker, the faculty athletic com- mittee approved the following men in basketball: til, R. John- Tuck. E. As- Rountree £iut;ficat,c lurli ' ' J T ' r ' Ston. ' iclud « Elon Ibur Tuck. Rob- Wm. Cox and Sent«r. vJolinson and Ihr rhrvron n, e calj made nAY ' ' ° ' - thp „ sJloit ti " ■ ' ■- " ' •Uer., of Jc, 13 idents iRico ao B.ep t)eno IS TO 0!? nt jdBV i od ' : Gco- " .i.ivid y-i ' • lOU 22s— P XCOM • ' oCicr da He ha ' foin Jei ' s a eapai,;,. Il ' ' - ' ' .ver. Sen of the biff ,„ • " •e ' n make fi„t 7 " ' ' «« • tl-at Play Production Class To Present A Series Of Plays llie FU.v Froductioi) cla::. undo ihc direction of Miss Virginia Kltl-, hupl ' . will, during the next month, l.jresrnt a number of one-act plaj. ' . iThe pljys have been chosen and |. ast by the members of tlie clas; ind will be presented under t;hci |djrert,inn. " IIP ' , of p|a ' Mill hr ■.•ivrii 1953 On, ' lliiiiiirr, Thirl if-three PHIPSICLI Humor Minister: " In closint;-, Brt ' tlinn, kt us jiray. Deacon Bi-own, please lead. ' Deacon Brown (awakening from a nap): " Hain ' t my lead, I dealt. " Frank Burton: " You ' re the first girl I ever kissed. " Retta Newman: " Huh. what do you think I ' m doing? Running a prep school. ' Prof. Snuggs to Paul Taylor: " Mr. Taylor this i ssay on ' My Mother ' is the same as your brother ' s. " Paul: " Yes, sir. We have tlie same motlier. " Elizabeth Barney: " But how can I be sure that you love me? " Jimmy Rising: " Well, I ean seareely sleep at night thinking of you. " Elizabeth: " That doesn ' t prove anything. Papa can scarcely sleep either think- ing of you. " Brawley: " And slie said that I was the nicest boy at Elon. Do you think I should call on her? " Dopey: " No. I,et her keep on thinking so. " Dr. Powell: " Tlie ehinese get opium from their poppies. " Gunn: " Where do their papas get it? " Barbara Chase: ' " I ' ve just come from the beauty jjarlor. " Key: " Too bad they were closed. " Katie: " Waiter, the portions seem to have got a lot smaller latelj ' . " Waiter: " ,lust an optical illusion, Mam. Now that the dining hall is larger they look smaller. That ' s all. " Prof. Barney: " Why should it make you tired when it is your wife who does the exercise? " Dr. Smith: " She exercises her will and 1 do the work. " Ruth Gamble: " That horrid Conductor glared at me as if 1 iiadn ' t paid my fare. " Esther Cole: " Well, what did you do? " Ruth: " Why I glared back as if I had. " Prof: Snuggs: " Now we will run () rr the next lesson. " Ritt: " Honk. Honk. " Prof. Martin: " Sorry, ole man, my hen got loosi ' and scratched up your garden, ' Coach W.ilker: " That ' s all right. My dog ate your hen. " Prof. Martin: " Fine. I just ran over and killed your dog. " Muddy: " The best way to get the most out of life is to fall in love with a great problem — or a beautiful woman. " Bradshaw: " " Whv not choose th. ' latter and « t both? " 1953 ' Oiif IIuikIicI Thiriii four PHIPSICLI ADVERTISEMENTS 1933 PHIPSICLI wcmic D 1933 Oiii- lliindrcil Thirl i ' nix PHIPSICLI Crr:y:r y2t S ' ' Unusual Excellence is Never the Result of Chance ' ' In ])ro(luciiig school ])ublications, we endeavor to render a liel])ful and constructive service directed toward enabling a student staff to issue a representative and distinctive pub- lication. In connection with our new and modern printing plant we maintain a large Art and Service Department where page balance, tyjjography and complete decorative and illustrative motifs are created and worked out. Queen City Printing Company tA Qomplete er-vicefor (§chool Publications CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA T r inters of the 1933 Phipsicli 1953 On, ' Uinulrrd Tlurt -xiTfii PHIPSICLI AUTOGRAPHS 1953 ' Oik- If II ml rr, I Tliirl i cight N -5 -: y;:- -i PHIPSICLI AUTOGRAPHS 1933 One Hundred Tliirlij-nine PHIPSICLI AUTOGRAPHS 1955 One Hundred Forty PHIPSICLI A .0 ' V - AUTOGRAPHS 1955 One Hundred Fort i)-one PHIPSICLI AUTOGRAPHS 1953 Our Iliniilnd F()rli ' t cCO PHIPSICLI ( ■C AUTOGRAPHS 1933 Our Hundred Fort y-three PHIPSICLI AUTOGRAPHS 1953 One Hundred Fortij-four ■ ' . ' r: • (V, ' I ■ ' ■V ' V ,:, ' •: ;,V; ' , V J- ' •. ' •■• ' :JK«1 y( ' ' ■ ' ' ■ ' •■ 1 ;:■ ' ■ ■ ' !■ ' .■■• - y;- :v -, ' ■• " ■;•; ■■• ' ■V; ' ■ ■fir ' Vh Y ' ' ' h: H.

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