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• 4 ..A»w 5 J ,,., .he ]r?iternet Archive )09 With funding from )f North QarQlina at Chapel " imiig j iiiSQg MilMSi ipsicii J- . ' T U i. - v. i»(te - « W. L. REGISTER £ditor-in-Cliief |1 1 ' E. A. GUNN ' ' Business lanager The 1931 PHIPSICLI ' i 1)1 i ' ' Published oAnnually by the Senior Class of Eloe College Slon College, ' orth Q olina ■ Vj S- -TXT-s-ii ■ To live a happy life over again is indeed a romantic experi- ence. This is why the seventeenth volume of the T ' hipsicli comes to you. iMay it recall the sacred traditions of a lovely past. tSMay it be a true chronicle of your happy days spent at 6lon, reviewing ' ' life on the hill " from its every angle. cAnd if, in the years to come, when memories have faded away and friendships have grown cold, it can bring home to you your happy stay at £lon, the joy of service will have been ours. Editor. J Contents ' ' Book One i ook Two r ook Three ' ook your f ' Book, yire • Vs s.» ' 7 T- " = 4 - The Qollege The Q lasses i oAthleixcs i features Organizations 1 C. JAMES ' VELIE Dedication Vii = r rT = :aii ' - cy To ames %)elie ' Dean of SMiisic Whom rv ' c admire as a man, trust as a friend, and lore as a father. cA distinct artist, a true C " ' ' " tian, a promoter and a leader, one whose services cannot be measured. cA character whose influ- ence lives in the hearts of the students and alumni of this college, in whose heart they dwell — for there ' s room there. Kind when you meet him, ten- der when you know him, loving when you leave him, jolly when you see him. To one so richly en- dowed, we the C ass of ' SI wish to show our sin- cere appreciation by dedicating this the seventeenth volume of the THIPSICLI. Lfnm OLLiL BuRhESS A5S0C EDITOR WYATT HIGHSMITH ATHELETIC E ITOJ fi lt VIOLA W0R5LEY ASSOC EDITOR ( 0 Ma3ul COGHILL TYPIST r 4P € R L.A.GUNN BUSINESS MANAQER himmWLSxJONES ASSOC. EDin JACK RC HANDLER nmocmEHic editor 1! ' ■PHIPSICLI STAFF THE COLLEQE William Allen Harper President Alonzo Lohr Hook I), an iif M,„; I ' rnfrssor of I ' liysirs A.H.. M.A.. r.l„„ College; M.S., Ciirnt-ll rniver..ity. Mrs. G. W. Diehl Drun of Ifomni I ' liipssor of hJimenlary Uducalinn . .n., (ciiirord State Teachers ' College; M.A., Stnilh College. (;. I). (ii.( i.oi (ill. A. 11. l-|,lil S.irelnr.v MRS. . 1.ICE COIJBOV Mulriin. I.nilii ' s ' liiill MKS. KOV l». con IKK Str» unless, Viiime Mrn ' s Club O. n. .lOIINSON, A. It.. M.A. l " n.riK „r iif KillK ' iltion .1. Ai.i.KN iir Ti:i{ A.I!.. M.. ., Ph.D. Professor of Krencli .VI.IKKII . HI KS| ' . . .1{.. M.A.. It i . I ' ilsl.ir. rr(ifi- snr of Bible mill Ki ' liKioiis Ktliicatioii MIO. . C. .lOHNSON. I ' ll. 11. . ssistnnt I ilintriatl I,. I . M. KTIN. . .ll.. M.. . I ' rofcssur i.f llisloo ' .JOHN ii{((i«Ai:r .skwma.s rh.n., D.ii. Priifosor »l (.rri ' k nilil liil li ' iil l.ltirntiire I. II. A NKWMAN. I ' li.H. Illslniclor i.f I I lie .Arts lUszs. ■rll ) l. s K. I ' OWKl.l.. .JH. A.B.. :M.. .. I ' ll. I). rriilessiir ol lliiilut;) i £ % . IISS. FKANC ' ES J. RING iipiriiiteiiileiit t f Oroiinds an l Biiililiiig: I ' AI I. J. SIAII ' SOX Trai ' k Cuuili and Assistant Inlramural Spurts A. K. ANCI.KW K. A I!.. M.A. I ' r.irfssur of IMi.l......phj :im I (. .iAMi;s vKi.ii:. H .M., a.h. .kmih hiksi ' m.;i,ik, b.m. v.. W. VICKERS Siiiierintrndi-nt of Power Plant I . r. tVALKF.H, A.B. Cnaeh THOMAS K. M HITK, A.B. Professor of .Spnnisli mi;- u l I HONKV. A. II. . ,-.,i,Uinl D.iiii of H.imeii und Uk ' tiliiui I,. (.. HKVN ii:i,SSON. M.A.B. I ' nifpsMir nf ltiisine N . iliiiiiii ' Iraliiin HILTON .IOM:s. H.O.. M.A. Kxiir.Bsi.iii lUHl KdiKiition .IBANXKITi: MKI KRI.AM KK (JKOKl.K l{. SWAN N. M.A.. Ph.D. " • ' " - I ' roffscor .If KiiKlisli Voile anil Tiieory iAi3 • i HAI.MR I. SIIKAKF.R Pli.B.. M.A. Librarian A. T. WKST, A.B. Bursar IKKNK KKIBKIt. A.B. Secretary lo Priv-iilent anil In »«trurt ir in Shorthand THE CLASSES ' i Senior Oak - zssssr. PRESIDENTS jAMis S. Fnwii-K Frfslimau I.. ( ' . W ' li r JAMS S( l liiimorr W. I.. Rkcistir Junior E. Frank Johnson Sinior Class History It appears like ancient history now, on a certain day in September four years ago, when everything seemed fresh and green, a group of prospective students of the same verdant appearance, first trod these walks and entered these halls which have now found a sacred place in our hearts. All was new ami interesting, but, oh how insig- nificant we felt as the impertinent-looking people, who we later learned were upper classmen, gave us the " once over. " After the mystery of matriculation, still slightly bewildered, we followed our guides to the chapel, where the first shots were fired at us in the form of a series of lectures. Here we received our first baptism of " don ' ts " and College regulations. Then came the facult reception when we tried our wings as social butterflies (not to mention the numerous receptions given by all-too-willing Sophomores, where wings would have been most desirable). Next came the fateful day when classes started. However attentive we were to our classes, there came a day when such nonsense was forgotten in the attempt to solve a problem several sizes larger. Noise, laughter, rivalry, balloting. What ' s a Jonquil? No, a daffodil? What is the meaning of blue, red ? Amid just such confusion our class officers were elected. Capable and popular was our class president, jimmie Fowler; vivid and inspiring was our colors, strong and courageous our motto, " To make the better best. " Undaunted by our inexperience and with a desire to rise prompted by determina- tion, though we did not rise to stardom in all college activities so new to us, we en- gaged in them with sportsmanship and vim. We took our share of the lickings bravely, and showed that we could share equalh ' in victory by winning the Freshman-Sopho- more debate. Thus a host of pleasant memories vere stampeil ami sealed in a treas- ured ear. Happy and proud to be enterinf; into a year of work which wculd clas . us as typical and wise Sophs, we were willing; and ready to start on the second ear of our journey. Appreciating the kind welcome f;i cn us tlie previous year b those whose lilacc we had taken, we felt it a privilege as well as a ilut to fireet the Fre iinien and thus start the ear off in the right wav. Having agreed that we would gladly follow the call of our presiilent, L. C Vil- liam.s, we started cutting our wi.sdom teeth and became wiser, better students, always in step with our college. In this year, Wyatt High.smith, L. C. Williams. K. B. Hook and J. Howard Smith brought honor to our class by their outstanding ability in debate. Another year gone, and in our hearts a song of excelsior. Light-hearted and gay, we again assembled in search of knowledge. . nd with I ester Register as oiu ' guide our progress seemed surer and steadier than ever before. Realizing that everything must change, and desiring ours to be in accordance with our chosen motto, we settled down to sincere work in an effort " to make the better best. " It was in this ear that we had the |)ri ilege of entertaining the seniors at a Junior- Senior banquet. Shall we ever forget it? No, nor regret it. Then we got our Col- lege rings which shall always be a binding symbol of unit . We cam? out victorious in ous debating this year, and George Kelly, a member of our cla.ss, proved to be a most capable varsity Basketball captain. AVith frank Johnson leading the march, we assumed our long-coveted dignit , for we are seniors. Our College days will soon be history, and the future appears as a mirage luring us on to new adventures and success. All of our battles have not been pleasant ones, neither have they been victorious; yet we can truly say that they have been fought in such a way that their scars are worn as medals, and their memories kept as trusts. The green, so jested about when we were new, was onh a covering to protect from knocks and bruises the tender plants which have now blossomed pre- paratory to bringing the fruit of service. We have learned many lessons though not from books alo ie. The members of our class have been, through peace and rivalry, victory and defeat, bovmd by a chain of friendships, and have ever been working for the posterity and success of our grouj) and our College, ' ith proud and loyal hearts we have watched her rapid strides .and achievements, gloried in her successes, and mourned over her losses. We go from here to speak her praise, " to make the better best. " Cl.ARA Sh ARl ' . CVrt.f.f I lisl ' trillll. Senior Class Poem We dreamed a dream in the freshman days Of honors boldly won. We pictured life in many ways When life was just begun. Our hearts were light in the soph ' morc days: The freshman days were done. We prayed only as a soph ' more prays For the glories of thirty-one. Our junior days were days of toil — No time for trivial fun. Too busy for freshman-soph ' more broil, We dreamed of thirty-one. And now they are come and almost gone — The glories of thirty-one. Now, strange! we long for the college dawn And the fresh-man-soph ' more fun. We ' ll dream our dreams in the school of life Of honors boldly won. We ' ll struggle and juggle ' mid the toil and strife For the freshman-soph ' more fun. Wyatt Highsmith, Class Poei Senior Class Officers E. Frank Johnsox Presulcnt ' l()l. I,. W ' oKsLi; ' ' J ' iir-Prcsiilcnt El ' GEXIA CiRKE.V Secretary Mary Rawls Jones Treasurer Olliu Mattie Burgess RAMSEUR, NORTH CAROLINA A.B. Pi Kappa Tau; President Sunday School Class, ' 30; V. V. C. A. Cabinet, ' 31 ; Secretary Pan-Hellenic Coun- cil, ' 31 ; French Club, ' 31 ; ■Phipsicli " Staff, ' 31 ; Inter-Class Basketball, ' 30. " Ill her tniiijuc is the laic of kindness. " EvAXGELiXE McIntyre Carr BROADWAY, NORTH CAROLINA A.B. Psiphelian. ' This tihfivr all, to Ihinr own srif hf true. " Madeline Gates BURLINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA A.B. Pi Kappa Tau; Class Poet, ' 30. . «. ; (■, my friend, is iv ial itv mute it. ' Mrs. CjE(jrge D. Colclough elon college, north carolina A.B. Beta Omicron Beta ; Student Council, ' 29. " To knoiv her is to love her. " 1 19 THE PHIPSICLI 31 rg.c:gre eayc jg«r 8i£jg«g; cg .g?i5?: Semior Class Leo Jackson Colclough MORRISVILLE, XORTH CAROLINA A.B. Alpha Pi Delta; Clio; Clio Marshall, ' it); Student Senate, ' 29, ' 30. " . man is no (jriatir than In- ' with. " Elmer Etheridge Copeland suffolk, virglsia A.H. Clio. ' T ie deed I in end is i real, but as yet I kno-v.- not lihat. " W ' ooDRow WiLsox Cox ELON COLLEGE, NORTH CAROLINA A.B. Iota Tau Kappa. In this life nn ' .hinij is ijitined i ithoul (jreat labor. " Moyde Alridge Fite CHARLOTIE, NORTH CAROLINA A.B. Beta Omirron Beta; French Club, ' 31 ; . V. C. . ' . Cabinet, ' 29, ' 30; Class Historian, ' 28, ' 29; Choral Club. ' 28, ' 29 ; V ' ice-President Junior Sunday School Class. " merry heart goes fwice the way that tires a sad one. " 19 THE PHIPSICLI 31 D m jsmor (C Eugenia Dare Green RAMSEUR, NORTH CAROLINA A.B. Pi Kappa I ' au; Class Secretary, ' 31; Student Council ' 31 ; V. W. C. A. Cabinet, ' 31. " Lei fools the studious despair; There ' s nothing lost in being ivise. " Edwin A. Gunn REinSVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA A.B. Alpha Pi Delta; Clio; " Maroon and Gold " Staff, ' 29 ' 30; Track Team, ' 30; Class Basketball, ' 30, ' 31 Church Csher, ' 29, ' 30, ' 31 ; Clio Entertainment, ' 29 Pan-Hellenic Council, ' 31 ; Business Manager " Phipsicli " , ' 31. " Ur u-ho miomplishes most makes hast noise. " Sadie Gunter SAN FORD, NORTH CAROLINA A.B. Psiphelian. " Life is too short for mean anxieties. " Annie Ruth Harden GRAHAM, NORTH CAROLINA A.B. " She is happy and filled v-ilh the joy of living. ' 19 THE PHIPSICLI 31 Senior Class RiTH Henderson HRAHAM, NORTH CAROLINA A.B. Beta Omicron Beta. " Her jail- In-loki-ns alt l iiniis i ooj and dear. " Wyatt Richardson Highsmith GRKKNVII.I.E, NORTH CAROLINA A.B. Alpha Pi Delta; Clio; Choral Club, ' 28, ' 29, ' 30, ' 31 Glee Club, ' 30, ' 31; Fre hmaii-Sophomore Debater, ' 29 Inter-Society Debater, ' 29; ' ice-President Junior Class Commencement Orator, ' 30; " Phipsicli " Staff, ' 31 ; Student Senate, ' 30, ' 31. " For man is man. and master of his fate. " Hexry Collins Milliard NORLINA, NORTH CAROLINA A.B. Philnlogian ; Superintendent of Sunday School, ' 31 ; I ' rcasurer Ministerial .Association, ' 31. ' • l iat li-ill enter into Paradise must have a good key. " Kenneth Boyd Hook. WINCHESTER, VIRGINIA A.B. Alpha Pi Delta; Philolonian ; " .Maroon and CJold " Staff, ' 28, ' 29, ' 30; Secretary of College Sunday School, ' 29; Treasurer of Religious . " Activities Organization, ' 30; Inter-Collegiate Debater, ' 30; Commencement Orator, ' 30. " Tliiiucih I am al ' u.ays in haste, I am nei ' ir in a hurry. " 19 THE PHIPSICLI 31 m Senior Class E. Frank Johnson HINTON, WEST VIRGIMIA A.B. Class President, ' 31; Coach in Intra-Miiral Sports Instructor of Physical Education for Men. ■7 am not bound lo iviii, but I am bound to be true. Idei.l Jones SUNBtlRV, NORTH CAROLINA A.B. Beta Omicron Beta; Psykaleon Debater, ' 28, ' 30; Com- mencement Marshal, ' 30; Essayist Medal, ' 30; Glee Club, ' 28, ' 29, ' 30, ' 31 ; College Choir, ' 28, ' 29, ' 30, ' 31 ; Choral Club, ' 28, ' 29, ' 30, ' 31 ; Secretary of Junior Sun- day School Class; President of Mathematics Club, ' 31. " Duties fulfilled are pleasures in her memories. " M.ARY R.AWLs Jones HOLLAND, VIRGINIA A.B. Delta ( psilon Kappa; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, ' 30; Presi- dent of Junior Sunday School Class; " Phipsicli " Staff, ' 30, ' 31; ' irginia Club, ' 28, ' 29, ' 30, ' 31; Secretary of Pan-Hellenic Council, ' 30; President Christian En- deavor, ' 31 ; Inter-Class Basketball, ' 30. " . peaeh ii:itli the sunny side turned up. " George Delmore Kelly DURHAM, NORTH CAROLINA A.B. lota Tau Kappa; Football, ' 27, ' 29, ' 30, ' 31; Basketball, ' 27, ' 29, ' 30; Captain of Basketball, ' 27, ' 29; President of Student Body, ' 31 ; Pan-Hellenic Council, ' 29. " Shalt I, wasting in despair, Die because a luoman ' s fair. " m 19 THE PHIPSICLI 31 Senior Class Margaret Lixeberger CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA A.B. Tau Zeta Phi; Psiphelian; Glee Cluh, ' 29. ' 30, ' 31; Choral Club, ' 29, ' 30, ' 31; ' icc-President French Club, ' 29; Secretary French Club, ' 31 ; Secretary V. V. C. A.. ' 29: Cnmmcncement Marshal, ' 29; Chapel Monitor, ' 31. " Jon ' t think much of a man ixi io is not ivist ' r today than he was yesterday. " John M. Lowr ' s PEACHLANI), NORTH CAROLINA A.B. Kappa Pvi u ; Instructor in Commercial Subjects, ' 29; ' 30, ' 31 ; Class Basketball, ' 29, ' 30, " 31 ; Cross-Country, ' 30. " Be uf -to-Jate in your opinions, but ahead of the times in your ideals. " Hallie Marie Loy BURLINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA A.B. " T ie faitliful are certain of their reiisard. " Clara Lois McAdams ELON COLI.EGK, NORTH CAROLINA A.B. Delta L ' psilon Kappa ; V. V. C. A. Cabinet, ' 29. " . ' iKoman ' wlio ' will he a friend forever, " 19 THE PHIPSICLI 31 D Senior Class s Bernice Holbart McCarn ELON COLLEGE, NORTH CAROLINA A.B. Philologian; Philologian Entertainment, ' 20; Band, ' 20, ' 21 ; " Maroon and Gold " Staff, ' 21. " Silence is golden. " Lannie Doris McIntvre CREENSnORO, NORTH CAROLINA A.B. Pi Kappa Tan; Psiphelian. " Honor lies in lionest toil. " Lillian Gladys McIntvre Al lAMAIIAW, NORTH CAROLINA A.B. " Feiv lliinijs are mueli more useful tlian a clear conscience. " Beryl McPherson snow camp, north carolina A.B. " You ivill he nxihat you ivill he. " 19 ' THE PHIP SICLI 31 Senior Class 4 Martha Nethery BROWN SUMMITT, NORTH CAROLINA A.B. Tau Zcta Phi; P iphelian; Vice-President Freshman Sunday School Class; Class Dehater, ' 28; Society Debater, ' 29; Student Council, ' 29; Oratory Contest, ' 30; President Student Council, ' 31. " . hig hfart always wishing to be friends •u.ith ei ' eryboJy. " Madeline Nicholson GRAHAM, NORTH CAROLINA A.B. " Second llioughts, they say, are best. " Benjaivhn Paul Rakestraw WEXTWORTH, NORTH CAROLINA A.B. Iota Tau Kappa; Clio; President Ministerial Asso- ciation, ' 31; Student Senate, ' 31. " To ilimb slee ' bills requires sloii; paec at first. " AxN Pretlow Rawls SUFFOLK, VIRGINIA A.B. Delta t ' psilon Kappa; Treasurer Junior Cla " sbi ' be there, there is happiness, too. " 19 THE PHIPSICLI 31 1 Senior Class William Lester Register SANFORD, NORTH CAROLINA A.B. Kappa Psi Nu; Philologian; Student Senate, ' 28, ' 29, ' 30; Vice-President Class, ' 29; President Junior Class; Business Manager " Maroon and Gold, " ' 30; Vice- President Pan-Hellenic Council, ' 31; Editor of " Phipsicli, " ' 31. " If ' liatevcr lie did -ivas done luith so much ease In him ' liais nalural to please. " Gertie Alma Rudd BURI.INXTON, NORTH CAROLINA A.B. " Speech is great, hut silence is yreater. " Clara Mabel Sharp KI.ON COLLEGE, NORTH CAROLINA A.B. Delta Upsilon Kappa; Psykaleon ; Class Historian, ' 31 ; Cheer Leader, ' 30, ' 31 ; Secretary Junior Class; Freshman Class Favorite. " A ijirl ivlw is ijay and sv-eet and clever. " Paul James Simpson BURLINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA A.B. Philologian; Cross-Country Captain, ' 25; Tra ' 27; Track Coach, ' 30, ' 31. " Press on; a better fate awaits thee. " Q 19 THE PHIPSICLI 31 Senior Class JOHN Howard Smith NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA A.B. Clio; Clio Orator ' s Medal, ' 30; Prcsiilcnt Ministerial Association, ' 29; President Religious Activities Organ- ization, ' 31 ; Inter-Collegiate Debater, ' 30; " Maroon and Oold " Staff, ' 29; Editor " Maroon and Cjold, " ' 31. " lie kno-it:! l ie true -value of time: no idleness, no la-iniss : no procrastination. " Cathrinh Ei.isE S■I■()R ■ GIBSONVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA A.B. Sophomore- Freshman Debater, ' 29; Inter-Class Basket- ball, ' 30; Domestic Science Club, ' 30; French Club, ' 29. " Il ' r may be as ijooJ as ive please, if lir please to be good. " Edna T son Bl KlIXGiON, NORTH CAROLINA A.B. Student Council, ' 31. " .Metsures not men, have always been my liork. " John F. Wagoner ELON COLLEGE, NORTH CAROLINA A.B. " .Iscending the hill of life for a vieiu from the summit. " 19 THE PHIPSICLI 31 B k Senior Class Margaret ]5kai.I ' : West SUri-OLK, VIRGINIA A.B. Delta I ' psilon Kappa. . (lucijul dispnsilioii is a fund of ready capilal. ' S iM Hi RROS AV ' II.SON llnl.IV Sl ' RlN ' CS, OKIH CAROLINA A.B. Clio. " II ' lilt is Ihc kiynole of siutcss. " ' li)l,A Loi IS1-: WoRSl.EY SOUTH HUC LID, OHIO A.B. Helta rp iliiii Kappa; Pm kaleon ; Cilei- Chili, ' 28, ' 29, ' 30, ' 31 ; Choral Cliih, ' 28, ' 29, ' 30, ' 31 ; College Choir, ' 28, ' 29, ' 30, ' 31; Secretarv Sophomore Class; Student Council, ' 30; Life Recruit Baml, ' 28, ' jij ; ' . W. C. A. Cabinet, ' 29, ' 30; ' ice-Presi leiit Senini Class; " Maroon and Gold " Staff, ' 31; ■■Phipsicli " Staff, ' 31; President . w. c. A., ' 31. " Eailh SI cms more sivict lo live upon, more full of love because of her. " Th ra Varrick Wright ASHEBOROj NORTH CAROLINA A.B. Pi Kappa Tau; Psykaleon; Sophomore Debater, ' 26; Student Council, ' 27; " Maroon and Ciold " Staff, ' 27. " Let ' s smile lultat smiles wc can today. " B 19 THE PHIPSICLI 31 Junior Class Poem Climb, though the rocks be rugged. Wave our colors, silver and rose. We Juniors, the Class of ' 32, Are helpmates to all of those Who know the tods and struggles That college years impose. We ' ve mounted three rounds of the ladder And there ' s one more yet to go. Each step that has been accomplished Now seems like a dream; and so We are waiting to see the awakening Which will surely come, though slow. Far into the heart of some city Or town or country space We ' ll go from dear Alma Mater To find for ourselves a place Where we can still be helpmates To others in life ' s stern race. Jewell Presnell, Clam Poet Junior Class Officers Hi:r.m . Trl ITT I ' raidcnt V. ) . P Ri) Richardson- Viri-Prcsidint Jiwii.i. Mai, I ' rismi.i Sirnltiry Lois " i;rm:i,i, .MtlAKi.AM) Ti((isiir r 41 Junior Class . I. Rv Elizabeth Barxwhi.i MEBANE, NORTH CAR3LIXA Tau Z. ' t;i Phi. EuxicE Jalxita Boxey ROSE HILL, NORTH CAROLINA PsjUnlcon. Dorothy Lol ise Bowdex BURLINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA Waltox E. Brili. HOOKS MILLS, WfiSI VIR(7IN1A Moses Dixox Caudell elon college, noriii carolina NoRMW HiNTox Ca.mi:rox JONESDORO, NORTH CAROLINA Alpha Pi Delta; Philologian. Jack Ri efix Chaxdi.er VIRGILINA, VIRGINIA Kappa I ' .si Nu; Clio. Beulah Di:i.oris Cori.e burlingion, nokiii carolina Psipliulian. Mabel Huxter Coghill HENDERSON, NORTH CAROLINA Delta L ' Dsilon Kappa; Psykaleon. Ja.MES W ' lElJA.M CoRBETT SHELBY, NORTH CAROLINA Kappa Psi Nu. 42 Junior Class Roy Col ltrr ELON COLLEGE, NORTH CAROLINA Philologian. Rose Elizabeth Davis CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA Benjamin Franklin DeLoatch elon college, north carolina Philologian. Alta Louise Dick greensboro, north carolina Pi Kappa Tau; Psiplielian. Kenzie Barrett DoFFI.E n•ER ELKTON, VIRGINIA Iota Tau Kappa. Xlma Randle F " ranks RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA A pha Pi Delta; Clio. Raymond Thomas CjRisso.m henderson. north carolina Zeb Strickland Harri.vgton mon ' cure, north carolina Iota Tau Kappa. Bellah Hensley burlington, north carolina Flossie Holt graham, north carolina Jmiinior Class (jRovER Earl Holt GRAHAM, NORTH CAROLINA Elizabeth Dale Horner BURLINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA Beta Omicron Beta. Clingman Woodari) Howell UAV BOOK, NORlll CAROLINA Elijah Newman Jones hoi. land, virginia Iota Tau Kappa; Clio. Walter (]lenn Lewis ALIAMAMAW. NORIH CAROLINA Al|ilia Pi Delta; I ' liilc. Indian. Rodman G. Lilly VAVKRL •, VIRGINIA K;uipa r.si Nu; Clio. Garland Olander ALann KIPLING, NORTH CAROLINA l ' liil. losian. DoRoTin CxRDoN IVLarlow BllRI.IN(;rON, NORTH CAROLINA Di ' Ua Lp.silon Kaiipa. Lois V ernell McEarland GREENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA Hi nr Erank Mitchell, Jr. BCRLINtnoK, NORlll CAROLINA Sigma Phi Beta. Junior Class Rom RT WlI.SOX AIoRI ' HIS Kl ll)S 11 IK. SIlKlll tAKCII.ISA Si nui I ' hi B,ui. Virginia Ora Morton BURLINGION, NORTH CAROLINA Tau Zrta Phi. Earl Rrid Nrhol.s PIKIIA.M. SOKlll CAROLINA K Pl.:. I ' si . u; c-].,,. Helen Ini, a ( )i.i kr ckdar grove, nor 111 carolina |. Rankin Parks, Jr. GKKKNSBORO. NORIll CAROLINA Kal.pa Psi Nu. Jewell M. i: Presnhll IlASFORl), H.ORIDA Tau Ztta I ' hi. J. ,ME.s W. Rich GRAM . 1, MIR I II CAROLINA Siyiiia I ' lii Ui la. E KL N ] R ) Rk II ARDSO.N WAVKRLV, MRC;lMA Psipli. ' liall. Charles Neii.i. Roberts ALLAN I A, GKORGIA I. .la Tall Kappa. .M K. I ' ll Mil I II RiKM-RS HI RI.IM.ION, NOKIll CAROLINA ri Kappa Tau. Ro - Elgene Rollins KANNAPOLIS, NORTH CAR0L1! ;A Iota Tail Kappa. Mary Anne Rl;dd BROWN SUMMIT, NORTH CAROIIKA rsykak ' on. Hexr - Harris Sasnett JACKSONVTM.E, FLORIDA Bessie Mae Sellers BLIRLIKCTOV, NORTH CAROLINA Fred Alstix Smith IllI.I.SBORO, NORTH CAROLINA Ii.ta Tan Kappa. Harriso.v Ohrine Smith BROWN SUMMIT. NORTH CAROLINA Alpha Pi Delta: Pliilol.jsian. Richard Ruth Smith SILER CITY, NORTH CAROLINA William Gladstone Smith BROWN SUMMIT, NORTH CAROLINA Alpha Pi Delta; Philologian. James Ellington Stewart GREENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA Sigma Phi Beta. Thomas Jack Stokes DENTON, NORTH CAROLINA Iota Tau Kappa. 46 f- Junior Class Hermax Newtox Trlitt GLEN RAVEK, NORTH CAROIINA Alpha Pi Delta: Pliilnlogian. Helex Gertrude Tl rxer ROCKV MOUNTj NORTH CAROMNA Tau Zeta Phi. VlLLlA l Redd Ti rxer columbus, georgia Jexxie Fraxces W ' alters BURLINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA Delta Upsilon Kappa. Er.ma Jean W ' hitaker FUQUAV SPRINGS, NORTH CAROLINA Psykaleon. Sam L ' EL L. V ' hitele- GKKENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA Hexr- - T. Willlams west point, georgia lota Tau Kappa. Grace Marie Wright ASHEBORO, NORTH CAROLINA Pi Kappa Tau. A iA Virginia Britt HOLLAND., VIRGINIA Delta I ' p.sllon Kappa; P.s.vl aleon. Kov A. Ric ' hardsox SUFFOLK, VIRGINIA Kappa PsI Nu; Clio. % k 8HBB±£ ;u. I ' ll ' ' -%in. ' dL i X (P ZslX )) 48 Sophomore Class Poem Of all classes here, ' 33 is most dear To every Sophomore ' s heart. For it we have worked, and never have shirked, Each striving to do his part. To a great cause we ' ve plighted, in spirit united We ' ll press bravely on to the test. Not for personal fame, but for old Elans name We ' ll boost and we ' ll give of our best. Each new rising sun, as the day is begun. Brings many new tasks to do; And though they be hard, our pleasure ' s not marred, For we cherish our duties too. In the years yet ahead, when the last lessoji ' s done, We will think of our dear college days. May we ne ' er have to sigh, and ask ourselves why We have failed in so many ways. Still skies will be fair as long as we share Our burdens, our joys, and our fun. And we ' ll know at the last, when the years shall have passed That the goal we have aimed at is won. Elizabeth Barney, Class Poet. V3 1%. Sophomore Class Officers Joe Duster I ' miilnit Don StEEO I ' iic-l ' risiiUnt Mary Sue Rawi.S Secretary Sel.ma Walters Treasurer Sophomore Class RuFus Henry Abernathy BYNUM, NORTH CAROLINA Harvey Mebane Allen lUiKI.INCrON, NORTH CAROLINA George Willlam Amos CASCADE, VIRGINL William Thoivlas Arthir WHAI.KVVILLK, VIRGINIA Elizabeth Esther Harney- EI.ON COLLEGE, NORTH CAROLINA Psykaleon. Robert Walter Boyles CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA Ed.ml Ni) Wallace Braswell smm muki.i), north cakiilisa Pail ]}ra i.i: - mt. ui.la, north carolina Dorothy Bright RURI.INGTON, NORIII CAROLINA Iavv Katiifrine Cadih li. n.ON COLI.KGE, NORIII CAROLINA D.IL ' I ri.sil.in Kmim. i. Michael Sexto Cai ' o MATANZAS, CUBA Mildred Eugenia Carr BROADWAY, NORTH CAROLINA Sophomore Class Annie Ruth Chandler BURLINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA Norman Clark SNOW CAMP, NORTH CAROLINA Robert Fletcher Corbett SUNBURV, NORTH CAROLINA J. Ray Dickens HOLLY SPRINCrS, NORTH CAROLINA Margaret Iris Dorsett burlington, north carolina Beta Omicron B ta. Joe Franklin Doster WAXHAVV, NORTH CAROLINA Theo Glinnen Edwards cibsonville, north carolina Psiphelian. WiSTER Harold Ford BLAIRS, VIRGINIA Alpha PI Uclta; FhilologLTn. Margaret Louise Hines mcleansville, north carolina Margaret Kathleen Hinshaw blrlingion, north carolina I ' i Kappa Tau. Helen Horner burlington, north carolina Bfta Omicron Beta, Charles Cook Howell, |r, jacksonville, h.orida Sigma Pill B ta. m « f ' Wf . 4 ; A C v f n: 4 « i«« - 9 4k d Ir ff o Sophomore Class Dorothy Dean Humble LIBERTY, NORTH CAROLINA Psiphriian. Dorothy Frances Huntkr ELON COLLEGE, NORTH CAROLINA T:iu Z.tM Plii; I ' sylialemi. Rena Maude Isley burlinci ' on, north carolina Paiphelian. Charles David Johnson, Jr. i:l.f) COl.LHGE, NORIll CAROLINA I l.A •D Karl Johnson ELO.V COl.LEnii, NORIll CAROLINA Leffie Jones GLEN RAVEN, NORTH CAROLINA E. i. L Jam-: Kendrick rAI.I.SrON, NORIll CAROLINA .■ Sophomore Class Wlp f Gladys Lewis B " f OASTOXIA, ORTH CAROLINA m .w Psiphplian. • w Wilkes Estes Lowe r r EI.OK COLLEGE, XORTH CAROMKA JoIIX ' ||.LL M MaTI.OCK j i:Lf] COI-I.KGi:. SOKIll CAROLINA Swmm Carlm.f Ti rner McCloid UP NORFOLK, VIROINLA Robert L. McLalrin favetteville, north carolina SiKlii.-i Phi Betii. E. L. Moffitt. Jr. ASHEBORO, NORTH CAROLINA i J .Sigma Phi Beta. P; Anna Fave Nichols j DURHAM, NORTH CAROLINA fp .,» (jFRTRl l)i; f ' l.IZABETH PaSCIIAI.I, mansov, norih carolina High I ' .hwix Piopi.es SILLR cll , NOR IN CAROLINA Mary Edna Phillips ALTAMAIIAW, NORTH CAROLINA Katii: I ' liiRcR SlINRLR ' , NORIH CAROLINA (iioRc.i; Ransom Poll ri) : ' PRIXCKION, NORIH CAROLINA Philolosiari. Mary Sue Rawls 4 K SUFFOLK, VIRGINIA Helta Uii.sllon Kappa. 55 wsms m O- Tn. ' hU- JV- ? T u Freshman Class Poem With hearts as fresh as dew of gilded morn And hopes alive with captivating dreams. We brace our backs with truth ' s eternal beams To parry with grim failure ' s thrusts of scorn. We will not wince at tales of terror born. Nor partner with the " ' cant ' s " in quitters ' schemes; We ' ll follow right as right to us beseems, Though often right may be to us a thorn. Thus stands the dauntless class of thirty-four, Prepared to walk, the corridor of time. We follow in the tracks of heroes bold To grasp the worth old Elon holds in store. Like them we ' ll share the roses and the grime, And take of life the leaden and the gold. C. Ramsey S»ain, Class Poet Freshainaii Class Officers Fri;i) Kite Prrsulent HlRT Tati; I ' ue-President Marietta Moore Scnetary Mildred Steed Treasurer Freshman Class S Hii, C. Alexander EI.IZABKllI CUT, NORTH CAROLINA I ' sykHlron. Pauline Inez Alphine EI.ON COLLEGE, NORTH CAROLINA Mrs. George W. A ros CASCADE, VIRGINIA Sara Allen Andrews mt. gilkaf), north carolina Psiph. ' liali. WiLLLwi Henry Arnette VASS, NORIH CAROLINA Francis Baldwin burlington, north carolina Alsie Mae Barham SLIMMERHELI1, NORTH CAROLINA P.siphelian. George Shelby Barnwell CORBETT, NORTH CAROLINA Ida l ERTHA Bell CLRRIF:, nor Ml CAROLINA Sdi ' Hil-: 1ri;ne Benton M.U BERN, NORIII CAROLINA Doris Elizabeth Bivins IIILLSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA Lavona Black GRAHAM, NORTH CAROLINA Helen Blalock MT. GILEAD, NORTH CAROLINA Ri ELS Thomas Blanch ard BURLINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA ,: s ss£Si- s Freshman Class Margarkt King Boland burlington, norih carolina Russell Wicker Bran nock erwin, north carolina Miriam Christine Hi i-i.a burlington, norih carolina Oi ' AL Elren BrsicK BROWN SUMMIT, NORIH CAROLINA U() (hi.hkrt Cameron OVERHILLS, NORIU CAROLINA TVRELL CaUDILI, ALI.REDS, NORllI CAROLINA Francis Chandler vircilina, virginia Psykuleon. George Ruefix Chandler virgilina, virginia Barbara Blrnett Ch.ase rumford, rhode island rsyl ;il ' on. J. T. Chai ' I ' ell, Jr. CANDOR, NORTH CAROLINA niiloL ' Ki ni. Annie Mae Clav kuitkli), norih carolina P.sil.h.linlK Helen Navilla Clinedinst edinburg, virginia Esthi;r Cole durham, north carolina I ' sykal. .,11. Marguerite Adillne Cooper sanford, north carolina Freshmam Class Ruth Covington ELON COLLEGE, NORTH CAROLINA Psykaleon. Clarence Willard DeWitt ellerbe, north carolina Carl Summerbell Dofflemyer elkton, virginia Margaret Estelle Edwards HENDERSON, NORTH CAROLINA Fred Fite cmarloite, north carolina Clara Del Fogleman SNOW CAMP, NORTH CAROLINA Charles Brantley Foushee LIBERFV, NORTH CAROLINA Philologian. Vera Louise Gerringer BROWN SUMMIT, NORTH CAROLINA Psiphiltan. Virginia Juanita (Jilliam elon college, north carolina Staley Gordon brows summit, north carolina Della Mae CjRaves SEACROVE, NORTH CAROLINA Curtis George Griffin SUFFOLK, VIRGINIA 6+ Marvin Linwood Gunn REIIXSVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA Geneva Harrington BROADWAY, NORTH CAROLINA Fresliman Class Marguerite Egerton Harris macon, north carolina Psykaleon. Holt Henderson GRAHAM, NORTH CAROLINA Stedman Holt Hikes mcleansville, north carolina Florence Patricia Holden louisburc, north carolina Kenneth Hughes elon college, north carolina William Henry Jackson CAMBRIDGE, OHIO Virginia Louise Jay holland, virginia David Rhodes Johnson ELON COLLEGE, NORTH CAROLINA John Perry Jones BURLINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA Maysie Azile Joyce NORWOOD, NORTH CAROLINA Psiph.-lian. JoHy Urban Kennedy BISCOE, NORTH CAROLINA Lanell Kennedy- CLAXTON, GEORGIA Psykaleon. Robert Morris Kimball MANSON, NORTH CAROLINA riiilohiKlari. Oi.iN Hhnjamin Lager I.ANSHIRI), PENNSYLVANIA A, iM9 ©J f r f ' -y i 4PM 1 ' ) O 4P K ' ' ,1 a-»- ' r »!- «. Freshman Class Dorothy Bell Lamreth moscure, north carolina Makdell Linda Lambeth f.i.on- college, north carolina Rai.i ' h CoRN ' ELii s Love Ill ' RI.IVCION, NORIII CAROLINA AxME ALaoeline Lowe LIBERT ' , NORIH CAROLINA Lillian Elizabeth Lowe ELON COLLEGE, NORTH CAROLINA K A Relle L xf h WHITE PLAINS, VIRGINIA Psiijlu-li.-in. James Herman Maness RAMSELIR, NORTH CAROLINA OsciE ALatlock EI.ON COLLEGE, NORIH CAROLINA Walter Ki gene IVIeacham MORIIEN, NORTH CAROLINA FrI ' I) H ELBERT ALl.LER F.LKTON, VIRGINIA Philologian. ALarietta Moore CHICK T1. CK, VIRGINIA TiiiiLALV Morris in KE, VIRGINIA Luther Nall ELON COLLEGE, NORTH CAROLINA Frank Orva Perkins FAVEITEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA Philologian. isl Freshmam Class Frank Lfo Peters WKST Minni.ESEX. PENNSYLVANIA WiLMA Price oni.risrnN, nokth Carolina Cl.Al l)E (llLMER RaSCOE LNION RIDGE, NdRIH CAROLINA Willie Nathaniel Reid AMAMAHAVV, NOR IH CAROLINA Rita Maxixe Scott Rl RI.INOTON, NOR] 11 CAROLINA Ci RRii- Otis Smith GRAHAM, NORIII CAROLINA James H. Smith RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA Preston Smith faveitevii.le, north Carolina Mildred [,ei; Steed CAMIOK, MIRIll I K(]1 IN A Naomi Lol ise Steed candor, north carolina VVaoe Theodore Stout RAMSEUR, north CAROLINA Charlie Ramsey Swain IlIl.I.SRORO, NORIH CAROLINA riliI..|ogi:,n. Cora Dei.i. S kes KINSTON, NORTH CAROLINA Paii heliaii. Bert David Tate WEST MIDDLESEX, PENNSVI.VANIA P. o 67 ey. jrresJnmae ' L.iass i;: Paul Richard Taylor £; GASTONIA, NORTH CAROLINA Cr PhiloloKian. Nixa Flora Thompson c% ORAHAM, NORTH CAROLINA - w Helen Elizabeth Vincent i fj BURLINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA ' CuRRiE Edwin Walker a GRAHAM, NORTH CAROLINA pa Euna Lea Walker , X SEAGROVE, North Carolina NoR.MAX Brown Waters tj ft washington, north carolina ■ Annie Pal- line Way ) m S SANKORI), NORTH CAROLINA , 1 Bennett Allen Weldon ; o e LOUISBURG. NORTH CAROLINA [ Lee Dolglas Wellons J 2 ' Jr MICRO, NORTH CAROLINA ' | j 4r V • Frances Louise Wilson i i fallston, north carolina -j ■ i Nancy Jewel Wilson — [j £) O fa FALLSTON, NORTH CAROLINA i !• Aubrey Odell Winecoff tjj w KANNAPOLIS, NORTH CAROLINA ( p f- James Carson Womble " :! 4. € PinSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA .tj Jane Christine Yarborough ' j •! BURLINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA ' •) ISiSSS ssfo-L, . ii i .a-a iJwsys j ' SiVK ATHLETICS Elijah Jones Manager A " vi(le-a»akc " manager who helped to pilot our foot- ball team over the top. Jones gave willingly of his time and efforts to coach and to the team. Without him the s(|iiad wou ' d have no inspira- tion. Here ' s to Jones, an ef- ficient manager, one who served well from start to fin- ish. James Corbitt Manager Another to breeze out from Ihe intellectual halls and aid in the extra-curriculars. Cor- bitt is an asset to coach and the teams. He enjoys the work of a manager, which makes it pleasant for all. He pats the boys on the back vhether they win or lose. A manager worthy of much ad- miration. CM. CANON GRAOtJATE MANA06R. C. M. Cannon Graduate Manager of Athletics Mr. Cannon has served in this capacity for five years. His schedules for the boys have been very satisfactory. Dur- ing the three major seasons they have been given trips to va- rious places of interest, ranging north as far as Ohio and south to Miami Beach. D. C. Walker (Coach) DuriiiK Coach ' s four Micccsful seasons of coachiiif; here he has won tlie hearts of all the Ehm students. His wonderful strategy in coaihinK the teams has been a great asset in producing teams which brins honors to their Alma Mater, lie has taught his teams to win a victory in morals if they can ' t always win one in score.. He has truly put across the idea that athletics should develop the mind, spirit, aiul bndv eipiallv. Coach ' s ability to pilot athletics to success has been shown by the fact that during the past vear his teams have won two North State Championships: one in ba ' .eball, and oi e in football. Sh- ' - S We are proud of the record which the Eloii football team, led by " Pete " Williams, has made this year. Captain Williams believes in clean football ; and his team, following up the record which he has made for himself during the past three years, has, under his leadership, set a standard of clean playing which is a challenge to any football team. But not only are we here proud of our team ' s record; we are proud of its captain as an individual. Three years ago, when Captain Williams first dressed himself in Maroon and Gold uniform, he did it simply as " Pete " Williams, never dreaming that he was destined to become captain of his team. But ability vill always reveal itself; and there came a glorious day for Elori team when " Pete " made a line plunge which left both teammates and opponents aghast. These plunges grew more frequent as time went on. and it became qulle natural to let " Pete " carry the ball. This year our team needed a captain. Who shouUl it be? In the grouji of prospective ieatlers there was one more daring than ail the rest. " Pete " ' illiains, because of his ability to crash a line, and iH-cansr of his ama ing alii!it to keep a level head, was chosm to lead his team. .Ml the students here at I ' .lon are proud of their foolball team, and of its reputation for clean play. Hut ni I all we are prouil of " Pete " Wi! iajns, the captain and balteriiM.;-rain ol the K.lon Team. WILLIA{ (STO?S - 8IANT FULLBACK LOOP SCORERS iFl ON RATTT FS scores twice in HO JUSTICE Tiun whe cut. tksir certainly 41d VUttnu Pete Williams Shows Wav As Elon Defeats Lenoir -Uhyne, 20-7 SCORES LAIU. " 1 Christians Stage Greatest ' FiflM of Career (o Turn ; J Back Guiiiord Quak ' ers i FOR BIG CLASH] T:;-K-i -i ?5g»S : " Pete Williams Will Lead Chris nans Against Strong Gusi- ' ord Forward Wail FOOTBALL i l Captain Henry T. Williams, Fullback ■COUNTRY " " B ? AW LEY " ' " SHRl P " BERT " The end of the 1930 football season brought to Elon the close of a successful year. Because of the hard fighting of the team, the crown of the North State Championship was granted Elon. Openmg the 1930 season at Davidson, Elon went down under the steady driving power of the Wildcats, 38-0. However, the next game saw the Christians overwhelm A. C. C. by the score of 45-0. Into the Virginia the next week-end Elon lost to Emory-Henry, 20-6, Rollins scoring the lone touchdown. Wilmington Light In- fantry was " white-washed, " 33-0. Then Catawba rolled over Elon, 38-0, before a record-breaking crowd at Salisbury. " DOFFY " " KELLY " " MOODY " " PEOPLES " " ZEB " The annual Elon-Guilford game was played in Greensboro under the floodlights. Elon won in a fourth quarter rally, 12-9. Wil- liams, Brawley, Lewis, Smith, and Caddell were the stars. High Point was defeated, 20-6, on Comer Field in the first home game of the season. Then the Maroon and Gold warriors made their second pilgrimage into Virginia and brought back a 42-0 vic- tory over the Naval Apprentices. Against Lenoir-Rhyne, Thanksgiving Day, Captain " Pete " Wil Hams ran back the opening kick-off for a touchdown and passed to Rollins for two more to take the long end of a 20-7 score and to write finish to the most successful football season in Elon history. " H U M t D CHARLEY " " INECOFF ' " COOKY " WATcKS " ■ i JKSj far ji H if - North State Champions Football Slason, lyjo 1). C. Walker Cixuh Henry T. Williams Captain E. N. Jones Managrr Eloii Elon Elon Elon Elon Elon Elon Elon Elon Football Rlsults . o; Davidson jS . 45 ; A. C. C o 6; Emory- HciiiA ' 20 . 3. ; Vilnlinu;toll Li; ht lnt;iiiti ' o o; Catawba 38 , 12; Guilford g . 20; High Point 6 42 ; Apprentice School Newport News . . . O , 20; Lenoir-Rhyne 7 76 { : The two scenes shown on this page are familiar sights to those who saw the Lenoir-Rhyne game Thanksgiving. The above picture shows the starting of a 4()-yard run by Smith. " Pete " Williams has taken out the defensive end to perfection. Dofflemyer is seen smashing the left tackle " in. " Smith is swinging wide to allow his " buddie " to " mop-up " the secondary for him. I This picture shows Rollins being brought down by a Lenoir-Rhyne man after he had received a pass from Captain Williams to bring to a close the driv« started by the man shown in the picture at the top of |)age. This was the third touchdown in the first quarter. BASKETBALL 3S Captain " Country " Rollins Guard " CiKirnry " provtd a tower of stieiiKtli throiit;luiut the entire season, and his cool, deliberate style of play furnished an excellent example for his teammates. His greatest value lay in his ability to hit the basket. He led the team in scoring with a total of 145 points. He was picked by officials for all-Conference guard. Fred Fite FonxarJ Although a Freshman, Fred won a berth on the squad by his hard and ear- nest efforts to make good. He saw serv- ice in ten games this year, and each time called upon performed in a pleasing man- ner. Much is expected from this young- ster. Kenneth Hughes Guard Hughes is a Freshman who received his earl training at Elon High. He dis- played his wares in no less than half of the games, and with three years before him should become a valuable member of the Maroon and Gold five. VaI,TER " FlRI ' o " L.ATH.AM Guard " Firpo " is a hard worker and deserves plenty of credit for his loyalty to the squad. Although seeing very little serv- ice in games, he never missed a practice, and in this way did his share toward helping the team have a successful sea- son. Latham is a three-dimension kid. Joe Doster For ' u.ard Joe is only a Sophomore and should go a long way before he finally writes ' Finis " to his career at Elon. He showed no little promise this past season although used only in a few games. Watch W m go next season. David Johnson Foriuard -Another Freshman from whom much is expected next year and his remaining years at Elon. David, while yet a young- ster, displayed all the earmarks of a com- ing cage artist. VARSITY SOL.M) Basketball Season, 1931 C. Walker Cnadi Rov E. Rollins ■. Cn luin James Corbeit Manayir Basketball Results Elon 38; High Point V ,4. Elon 40; Cireensbord ■ i(i Elon 50; (ireerishoro ' 12 Elon 32; Ratidolph-Macon 35, Elon 20; HIkH Point 33 -i- Elon 35; A. C. C 32- Elon 37; Guilford 23 Elon 38; Lenoir-Rhyne 43 Elon 30; Davidson 39 v Elon 38: Bridgewater 35 Elon 26; George Washington University 25 Elon 31 ; St. Johns 35 Elon 20; American University 26 Elon 23 ; Randolph-Macon 42 Elon 39; High Point 41 t Elon 33; A. C. C zt M- Elon Elon Elon Elon Elon 25; Wake Forest 35 18; Guilford 24 i 33 ; Wake Forest 46 44; Lenoir-Rhyne 18 ' - ' 19; Guilford 22 L BASEBALL Zeb Harrington 1931 Captain During the three years that Zeb has been at Elon he has made quite a record in base- ball. His batting average ranges around 350, and fluctuates very little. He features both in the infield and at bat. His unusual ability to place his hits, which arc quite frequently over the fence, has brought him rapidly to the top. Captain Harrington will play with the St. I.ouis Cardinals after he leaves EInn. Here ' s hoping that he makes good with them, and we arc looking forward to his best season here to write finish to his college baseball career. ' l y- f 3 . m. ft ' Jex ' ' " Ch,nk " «( — .•••V E. E. Sexton Pitcher Another of Elon ' s Hvirlers who showed up well last season. Sexton helped to win many games at the bat as well as on the mound. He laid one down for Roberts to squeeze home on to take the Catawba game by a score of 8 to 7. Norman Clark Left Field " Little Cap " following in the footsteps of his big buddy put in most of his time as pinch-hitter. He also did some good playing i[i left field. He is looking good for the coming season. He has begun to absorb some of Coach ' s instructions and is expected to give someone a race for a position on the ' 31 team. " Dick " Caddell Rig it Field " Dick " made most of his efforts good when sent to the plate, and he also showed up well out in right field. He did not get in all of the games last season, but he is expected to be seen on the Maroon and Ciold nine this time. Dick is a three-letter man and one that Elon is proud to own. " Lefty " Briggs f li)iO Captain) Pitcher " Lefty " is one of the best sports that has ever been to Elon. Because of his unusual modesty he is admired by all the students and his teammates. He is the same " Lefty " win or lose, however he did not have to experience many defeats. He lost only one home game during the four vears that he was here. Last summer " Lefty " played with the Raleigh Caps in the Piedmont League. He ranked third in the league of about 30 to 40 pitchers. He was referred to as " Lefty Briggs, former Elon star. " He has served his Alma Mater well. Carroll Clark Right Field Such players as Clark are the cause of people remarking, " Can ' t those Elon fel- lows hit though . " " Captain " can well be called the " home run King, " for when he slugged at a ball it took wings, and another would be handed to the pitcher. His absence from the ' 31 team will be keenly felt. Carroll was a real lover of sports. He played for what the game of- fered. 84 RuFLs Abernathy Outfield " Abbey " as he is called, has th e ear- marks ot a real baseball player. He broke the ice for his start at Elon by un- loading the ba es with a three-bagger, as pinch-hitter at a time that runs were much needed. He has done equally well since several times. We are looking forward to his showing up well on the 1931 team. Ch.arlie Roberts Center Field Charlie hails from . ' tlanta where he received his early training in baseball. His second ear at Elon finds him pla ing center field, and playing it well. Charlie is a magician. He reaches into the air and brings down horse hides. He is alo very clever running bases. He stole home on a squeeze play to take an eleven-inning game from Catawba last year, which re- sulted in the Championship crown. " Pete " Willi.ams First Base Williams had a big hand in winning another Championship Crown. He is wideh ' known as " smiling Pete, " and plays for the game it elf. His hard hit- ting netted many runs for the home team. He ' s so full of pep that he helps the others to " snap out of it " and play a fast game with him. " Pete " is nothing less than a Clean Athlete. One of Elon ' s most valued. G.ARLAN ' u Manx Pitcher " .Ambition " certainly feels at home when he wraps his fingers around a base- ball and steps into the pitcher ' s box. He was given a severe test however last sea- son when playing Catawba. He was forced to stay on the mound for eleven in- nings, but holding his own he came out victorious. Much is expected of Mann this and next season, for he can be relied upon. He is the same in every game, win or lose. Archie FoGLEArAX Third Hase This old smiling heavyweight surely knew his baseball. He has played the game from the cradle up. " There ' s no better sport, " says Archie. " Let me have my basebalt, and I ' ll be happy. " Cheers come from the grandstand when Fogleman goes to bat, for he has a reputation of swatting the old pill over the outer walls. " Jew " ' bfce " -imm f jVefe- .it o Q ft " Puo- " Ai-chie " .M ' Frei) Caddeli., Second Base " Monk " Holi, Catclur These two players are not shown on these pages but serve much eredit for the su eessful season that the ho best infteia men that has evci played for Elon. He also Holt performed well in ke eping guard over the " honr t he misfortune to break his 1 ' g in the last game of last time. His presence will be g eatly missed in the 1931 li vere two of the 1930 varsity team, and dc- is had last year. CaddcU was one of the had a very high batting average, le plate " and also at the bat. Monk had season, and will not be on the squad this Championship Cup Baseball Mesults,, 1930 Elon— L . Elon — L . f:ion— W . Elon— W . I.:ion— W . Elon— W . Elon— W . Elon— W . Elon— W . Elon — ■ L . Elon — L . Elon— W . Elon — L . Elon — L . Elon— W . Elon— L . Elon— W . Total . W ' on lo Springfieltl 6 Davidson g Catawba 7 V. P. 1 2 Emoiy-Henry 4 (luiltord 2 High Point 7 Vakc- Eoifst 3 High Point 5 Wake Forest g Piedmont 8 Lenoir-Rhyne 2 Catawba 6 Lenoir-Rhyne 5 (jiiilford 5 Piedmont 6 Piedmont 6 Total g2 Lost 7 STOK£S y N- , ' LEWI3 WO BL£ Track Coach Paul " Hardrock " Simpson In the spring of 1930, Coach Simpson, the South ' s greatest professional runner, took charge of a bunch of " green " boys, most of them being unfamiliar with the track in any form. He put out a team that ranked high in the North State Conference, and beat Guilford — our old rival — by a score of 62 to 64. Considering the fact that the team was the first at Elon for several years, that no weights were available for the men at the beginning of the season, that he had no practice field, and that he received no financial backing from the college, his team was indeed remarkable. Captain Paul Brawley Captain Hrawley was the star of the Elon Track Team of 1931 ' . Although he came from the " sticks " near Mooresville, and had never seen a track meet until his entrance in college, through hard work and natural ability he developed to be the high scorer on the team. Also, he was the most outstanding track man in the North State Conference. Track Squad Review of Season On March 27th we met Wake Forest, a veteran team, at Wake Forest for the first track meet Elon had participated in for three years. We lost this meet 106 to 20. The second meet, held on April 4th at High Point, we lost by the close score of 65 to 57. Elon was improving each week, and on April i8th Guilford was met and defeated, 64 to 62. Another set-back occurred wht-ii the Duke Freshmen defeated Elon, 93 to 33, May 20th. In the North State Conference Meet, May Tst, Elon was third with 28 2 points. Hrawley set a new time record in the low hurdles, placed second in the high hurdles, and third in the icx)-yard dash. Rollins tied for first place on the high juni|i and set a new record. He also placed fourth in the high hurdles and broad jump. In tin- State Meet, Elon won third in the football rela , with Hra vk- -, Hrown. Smith, and Rollins composing the team. On the trip to Bridgevvater, and Emory Si Henry, Elon lost by scores of 73 to 53 and 78 to 48, respectively. The team was weakened due to the fact that three varsity men were left at home. f i Varsity Tennis Sqmad iick " Jnnssnv Cotuli ( ' . n. JoiissON, Jk Cti tliiin CiiAKrn- Ilduiii ' . Manat ir Okva I ' ikkiss llAKKl ' in Smijh K. Fka k Joii son- Pavii) |{)H so Chaki.ii llcivvii.i. Tennis JRevie H C. n. Jnn s(i , Jr. W ' li iiAM Smuii .it: ' tandiii;; ii s :i miiiiir sp - HnsiiiiriKcr, E ' Kils lit Elon ' s athletic history, iiiaMnuch as tennis re- II the athletic roster of the college, rnder the capable placetl a hard fighting hvit inexperienced scjiiad in it tnumps u ship niali ' he swept til tlu- High Po t CreensI,, lals, laliiii iillege and Oanvilie .Athletic C ' hih, entered There the p(i %ertul donbles cnrnhinatinn s til the i-hainpiiinship pair fnini leniiir- Thc year 1930 was gained its rightful place tutelage of Priifessur Ru the held, and li virtue 1 the Little Six Champiiin lit fohnsiin ami Parker sv Rhyne. M this u riling little i the capable l-licker Johns players of ability to select from as Perkins, Smith, D. Johnson, and l.ily, great things are ex- pected during the current season from the Maroon and CJold raccjueteers. Numerous matches have been scheduled with members of the North State Conference, and entries filed for the North State rhampionship Matches in Cireensboro, and the State Championship meet at Chapel Hill. iimceniing the iiv;i lach, C. I). Johnson editi f Klim ' s teru ai-.d C. C. Howell as ,d, but s, and a a -,J ' iMJ ' iJ iJHJ ' S ifS»i»£ ii ' JfJi Girls ' Tennis Squad JeAMITK NlKnF.RI.ANDF.R Cnacli JOHNNIK Sharph Captain Ai TA Hick Munaijer JOHNMI-; SlIAKIT Ai.TA Dick Marguf.ritk Coopfr DoROTHv Lambeih MaROARET EnWARDS Marv Barnweu. PoLi.v Walters We are hoping this year to arouse new interest in girls ' tennis by having some inter-collegiate match games. The prospects are good for the coming season. Last year five of fmr team went to Greensboro for " play ilay, " at X. C. C. W., an annnal affair tiiere. The tennis matches wi-rc the iiut ran(iiiig esents of the (lay. It was there that we discovered that we iia e some real material for a good team. Our girls played one match each, winning all { . Johnnie Sliarpe, Captain, played two and won both. These matches were won from six different colleges. As the saying goes, our girls " had everything " that day and brought home the honors. The fact that these games were not competitive ones does not detract from the ability of our players. Already, preparations are under way for a very promising season for the Elon girls. ISSSSSS ' : Robert Kimball Freshman Basketball Sqmad (J lass (jlin npioNS Stalev GoRnoN, Captain Carl Dofflemever Roy Cameron Fred Miller Bill Atkins Curtis Griffin Class Games Freshmt-ii 19; Seniors 15 ; Juniors 32 ; Freshmen 31; Sophomores 18; Seniors 33 ; Freshman 28 ; Freshmen 3 Seniors Juniors Sophomores Juniors 14 Sophomores 12 Sophomores 11 Seniors 12 Freshmen 14 Juniors II Seniors 20 W. I.. Per. 1 750 2 500 2 333 2 333 .c4 FEATURES F,()i rsF Si, I.LARS . . I ' liipyi( i Sponsor i . . . Mehane, N. C. Fit wcFs M.ARii: K( )Hi.i;r Maroon itnd (lold Sponsor i .... Atlanta, Cla. Lois Dai.i: Ram.ia Stn ' ior Class Sponsor ■f Parkeisbiufr, W. Va. " Ciixgkr " Mortox Junior Class Sponso ' - ■f . . Burlington, N. C. . . HiUsbom, N. C. Soplionion (Hiisi Sponsor i . . Charlotte, N. C. I ' rrshinan Class Sponsor i . . Charlotte, N. C. Voothall Sponsor ■f IllTTN Rol.l.lXS I)l RR ami: liask.lhall Sponsor i . . . Savannah, Cia. . . Asheboro. N. C. Buschall Sponsor sj la ( P 7 ' « 5P i K ' filM sa .- .-:-:.r JS» »y ■ ' Lois ' Dale ' ■Bailey • p . iSMoyde Fife Qrace Wright ORGANIZATIONS 6 - €S ft JUU y U -ieAJL ' M i a kKU i H A liP ) - M ' I n ,0 ' ! r. iP P o .-? ' 4 O il € f ' - M ' fi ( f ) ' i €v C P " " Phii.oi.ociav Liti;r. r - Society Pall Simpson- Roy Coulter r. f. corbett E. W. Braswell Norman Cameron W. Harold Ford H. C. HiLLLARD K. B. Hook Carl Key E. G. Ku.coRE W. c;. Lewis W. L. Register W. G. Smith H. O. Smith J. C. Spivey H. N. Truitt Robert Kimball J. T. Ciiappell, Jr. Ransom Pollard Fred Miller Charles Foushee Paul Taylor F. O. Perkins Ramsey Swain B. H. McCarn B. F. DeLoatch G. O. Mann r (7 f 7 bf e ( ( H 1 a % % i ' W 4 ( PsiPHELi.w Literary- Society- Psipheliae Moster Sar. Andkkws Eva Lynch HuLAH Coble Rkna Maudf- Islkv Hai.lif. I.ov Theo Edwards Mavsie Jovce Alsie Mae Bakiiam Gladys Lewis Sadie Gunter Evangeline Cark Margaret Linebercer Dorothy Humble Annie May Clay Coka Dell Sykes Vera Gerringer Elizabeth Stephens Evelyn Richardson Lannie McLntyre Martha Nethery Alt A Dick Pauline Sloan r: f - - ,V ), 4i j f.i ' € C ' r r €► c l. j. N - . o €r Clio Literary Society J iXiJU iifi . V. E. Brill E. E. COPELAND J. Rav Dickens E. A. Gtxx W. R. HiGHSMlTH Elizah Jokes E. R. Nichols B. Paul Rakestraw J. Howard Smith Sam B. Wilson R. (;. Lilly Jack Chandler Leo Colclough Wallace King T. R. Caldill Marvin CjUNX O. B. Lager W. A. Atkins H. H. Sasnett George Chandler N. R. Franks I V % r» f fy n rt ( v ; f r 1 )fl PsYKALKox Literary Society ' ' Psykaleoe Moster IllKl.l, JnSKS ( " l.AKA SmARI ' X ' iOI.A ' 0K?[,HV Mak Rldd Ki 1 Mil: I II Bakm-.v nosoniv Hlsikk StLMA Walters Thvra Wright Mabel Cochill Jkan Wiimiakkr Frances Chandler Eunice Boxev Laxell Kennkdv Esther Cole Barbara Chase Sybil Alexander Marguerite Harris Ruth Covington Inter Collegiate Debaters Affirmativr H. N. Tkiht C. R. Key Nkgativi; W. HiCHSMlTH C. Spivev Alterxatives C. R. Swain- E. G. KiLCORE Qiury: Rfs(.l e.i, That the Nations should adopt a policy of Free Trade. Schedule, 1931 March 2nd Waynesboro At March 12th Lenoir-Khyne Dual D [ . , . High Point . . . ] April Sth i • ■ • Appalachian . ■ ■ 1 . . . . Boone .... J Klon • hull . T riant II l ir lii zatf Imter Socicty Debaters " I ' HII.OLOGI AN ' S " irinnirs of llir liinual Clio-l ' nlolrji ian Dihalf. Query: Ri-soKed. Tliat tht- Nations should adopt a policy of Free Trade. Ai riRMATni; Clio W ' wrv IliGusMrni (). H. I.AGKR Em I AH JON ' ES Negative ' Philolngian II. N. Truiit Paul Simpso.v E. c;. Kii.noRR ■JggWggJKi »i ' :. -aois lAtwvjK ' 31 jKaroon anb (g olb ' 3| Social Cliilo A.I.I Ni ' » M nr l. lc Ki»l ' I,,- (II Ml I ,-.l lu I Dua. ' ln I.. Mm:: On N..r, ,1 I M. II. I.. I Mill L,aroon and Gold Stall JOHN ClIAKI K. B. llowAKi) S: II. Ror.KKis Dill I I 1 Ml , II. Camkrov V. c:. liwis Al.lA Makv Hick Rldi) Eiiiliir- ' tn-Chii ' f Marki. Cochii.i Saiutl lulilar . Maiiiu iiiti lulilor R. V. MoKPlii ' , V .r ;7,t luliloi Issl. Uin,i in,i l-.dilnr C. R. Kn " ' l:,liloi Rl III Smiiii Co-rJ luiilor . Hum ins M. lAl ' l Hlsinrss Stait Miiiiaiier II. N. ' riuuii I,l-v,nisiiii Miinii, V. i:. Hun I . hsislaiil Muh hsislitnl .l,l-viili..ini Maiiiii r Circulation Staii-- Manao ' i F. E. Coi.i:lam ' . Rlil ' ORTERS ' Cl.l H V ' lOl.A WoRSi.i: , fliiiJ Kr inrlir Mll.DRKI) StKKI) ClIARl.KS IIOWIM Patricia liniDfiv I. R. Parks J. V. Harnk , I ' liiiilly Uvisir .Isshtitiil Miiruii i ' J. R. DiCKKXS Krkd Mii.i.kr .- Ministerial Associaitiom (Officers B. Pa II. RakisikAvv . Pirsulinl Nl.via R. Kkanks I ' icr-Prcs ' .Jinl J. Rav DlCKKNS S, r,laiy Hknrv C. IImmari) Tiidsiiiii Members WAi.ins ' E. Brii.i, William II. AK i;ni; Ro 1). CoLi ii;r L. a. Nall J. ll(iwAKi) Smiih H. H. SASSNK ' IT Sam H. ' M,sn Rov (i. ( amiron Caki. Krv O. 15. I.ACi R W ' m. Kiiiii I ' l RNKR T. v. KsiciiT RaVMOSD (jKISSOM Meligiouis Activities Cabimct j. I low Rli SmiIII I ' nsi liilt Kl.lJ All JDM s rii(-Pnsi,l,iil Mar Rl 1)1) Secretary Pali.im: Si.u. n Treasurer " 3 w Leu s ' L iirisitiae Association Paul Simpson President Roy Rollins Vice-President Charles Howeli Secretary Youeg Wom6]ni ' ' s Christian Association V ' lOLA VV()RSLE - President Axx Rawls I ' ici-Prisidnit Eugenia Green Secretary MoYDE FiTE Treasurer Christian Endeavor M.ARV Rawi.ks Jones President W. L. RliniSTKR Virr-Prcsidcnt Ri TH Smith Sim ary Student Coiuncil Ofi-icers Martha Nethekv I ' risiJr Edna Tvson l ' i(i-Prisut,:nl Eugenia CjREEN Sc rrtary Helen Turner Triasur,r Mn.MHI-RS Marv Barnwhi l I50R01IIV Humble Peggy Sechriest Clara Dell Fogleman Pajm Hellenic Council Officers V. A. Smihi, pkesidem ' Ini,i I ' mi Kii ii Lksikr Registkr, vice-prksii)i: r J ii ' ' a I ' si i u Ollii; Burgess, secretakv ' Kaft ' ii Tan C ' l.ARA Sharpe Ddlu I psilnn Siip - i Edwin Gunn ■ ;« ' ; I), lid Katie Pierce Tau ,lii I ' ii Idell Jones Hiln Omicron licla Robert Morphis S ' uimu I ' ii llilu ■ I. " ' - yvg « - ' 1 - 1 h f% " JK| 40 4 4 K l ' l ' I ' si L Kappa Psi Nil Active Members Jack Chaxdler Rodman Lilly W. L. Register James Corbitt John Lowry Paul Taylor Staley Gordon Garland Mann Cecil Watts Wallace Kikg Earl Nichols E. W. Vickers O. B. Lager J. Rankin Parks, Jr. Gus Womble Hdxorarv Members C. M. Cannon G. B. Harrell (;. D. CoLCLOL ' CH M. W. Hook C. James Velie I r. n €r f» €t C Q «r f iJ «• i €r p- fT € Ai.rii I ' l I)i:i.TA Alpha Pi Delta N. II. C, MKKO - I.i:n J. Coi.cr.ounii IlAKOl.l) FOKU Nlma Franks E. A. Glnn- W. R. lli(;iisMHH Active Mi .mhrrs K. B. IlnnK C Kl. Kh w. c;. lhwis F. O. Perkins II. Sasnett Pail Simpsox II. O. Smith VV. G. Smith J. C. Spivkv Ramsey Swai ' II. N. TRirrr Honor. Rv Members Prof. T. K. Powell Prof. A. R. Van Cleave Iota Tal Kaim ' a 136 : .- jT ir ' J ' SWSSliSSSi : Iota Tail Kappa Bill Atkixs Russell Braxxock Moses Caddell W. W. Cox k. b. dofflemver Fred Fite Active AIi;.mri;rs Zkh Harrixctox - C. W. Howell Kkwkiii Hughes Elijah Joxes Ceorge Kellv H. P. Rakestraw Charlie Rorhrts rov rollixs Fred Smith Jack Stokes JoHx Waccoxer H. T. Williams Hdnorari Members Dr. V. a. Harper . Okw A. 1.. Hook Prof. J. V. BarxeV Dr. N. F. Braxxock Prof. Ralph B. Tower Sigma Phi Beta C. C. HnwEi.L, Jk. nAvii) Johnson R. E. Johnson Robert Kimball Walter Latham Wilkes Lowe Active Mrmbers Robert McLaurin H. F. Mitchell, Jr. E. L. Mofutt, Jr. Robert Morphis Ransom Pollard James Rich James Ross Don Steed James Stewart Norman W.aters Ralph Thompson Honorary Memishrs Prof. L. D. Martin C. C. Fowh.le F. C. CoRBOv M. L. Grav Dr. Gilmer Holland -:,;J.0o Tau Zeta Phi Active Members Mar Karnwell Dorothy Bright Dorothy Hunter Margaret Lineberger Virginia Morton Martha Nethery Katie Pierce Jewell Presnell Helen Turner HoxoRARY Members Mrs. C. James V ' elie Mrs. Frances Ring i ' in ( ( w V ; ' - C 1 p f i Delta Upsilon Kappa 142 Mabel Barrett Margaret Boland Eunice Bonev Anna ' irc;ixia Britt Lici Caddell Mabei, Cochill Active Mh.mbers Mary Rawls Jones Lois McAoams Dorothy Marlow Ann Rawls Mary Sue Rawls Mary Runn Clara Sharpe Mildred Steed Naomi Steed Jennie Frances Walters Selma Walters Margaret West ' I0LA WoRSLEY Honor. R ' Members LiLA Newman Pauline Shoop Catherine Bellis Jeannette Niederlander C ] .- - ' - Clarice Albrighi Elizabeth Barnrv Bertha Bell Ollie Burgess Madeline Gates Esther Cole Active Mhmbers Eugenia Green Margaret Hinshaw Emma Jane Kenorick Lannie McInt re Bervl McPiierson Gertrude Paschall Honorary Members Evelyn Richardson Elizabeth Rogers Peggy Sechriest Pauline Sloan Grace Wright Thvra Wright Mrs. R. B. Townslev Mrs. B. W. Everette Miss Hattie Brown Miss P " mh. Johnsion Miss Oi.lie Sirader Mrs. Alice Corbov 11 1 ' ■ i 1 1+5 1 • ' I Beta Omicron Beta 146 ►eta OiMicroe Beta Active Members Dorothy Bowdex Mrs. Geo. D. Colclolgh Iris Dorsett MOYDE FiTE Ruth Henoersox Pairicia Holdex Elizabeth Horxer Helex Horxer Idell Joxes Lois McFarland HONOR.ARV ME.MRER.S Mrs. W. a. Harper Miss Florence Fisher jTv ,! ;© ' ?, ?, m 1 ' p f . ? ' © $ © Fremclh Clulb Officers E FlTE Prrsidrtit OixiE Burgess lice-Prisutent Margaret Lixebercer Secrriary Helen Turner Treasurn- Members Elizabeth Davis Margaret Lineberger Elizabeth Rogers Lois McAdams Gertie Rudd Hallie Loy Lillian McIntvre Movd Fite Evelyn Richardson Helen Turner Flossie Holt Madeline Gates Om.ie Burgess Bessie May Sellers Eunice Boney Mrs. G. D. Colclough Thyra Wright Dorothy Bowden Ann Rawls Elise Story Sadie Gunter Virginia Morton Dorothy Hunter 148 irginia Club Officers MAR ' S Rawls Joxes K. B. Hook Vice-Pr,sidnit Mariette Moore Secretary President Members Helen CLisEDissr TiiELMA Morris Fred Miller Eva Lvnch Ann Rawls Mary Sue Rawls Virginia Jav Rodman Lilly V. G. Griffin Rebecca Constable Gecr; K. B. Hook e. e. copeland Harold Ford Frances Chandler Elijah Jones Mary Rawls Jones K. B. Dofflemyer Mariette Moore Roy Richardson Margaret West ;e Chandler SSSiFWS Lee Chatham Club Officers Hugh Peoples President Sadie Gunter Vice-President Dorothy Lambeth Secretary Pauline Wave Treasurer Members Gus WoMBLE Lester Register Sadie Gunter Annie Tvner RuFus Abernathy Ruth Smith Marguerite Cooper Carl Spivey Hugh Peoples Pauline Wave Dorothy Lambeth Faculty Elon Music JLover ' s Clulb Officers ( ' . Jamks Velie I ' ns ' uli- R. R. Van Cleave ria-Pn ' si ' j,nl jEANErrE Niederlanuer Recording Sctirlary Irene Rieber Treaiurer Mrs. C. J. Velie Ju-vrnilr Dindor Mrs. J. L. Foster Iiininr Sufierinlnidnii Roster of Membkrs Dr. T. C. . mick Mrs. T. C. A.mick Prof. J. W. Barney Mrs. J. P. Barreti Mrs. S. a. Bennetp Mr. Harvey Bonev Mrs. Harvey Bo.tEY Prof. I. G. Brvncei.son Mrs. G. W. Diehl Mr. C. M. Cannon Mrs. C. M. Cannon Dr. J. A. Clarke Mrs. J. L. Foster Miss Lois Cable Dr. L. M. Foushee Mr. G. D. Colclough Mrs. L. M. Foushee Mrs. G. D. Colclough Dr. V. A. Harper Rev. A. P. Hurst Mrs. W. A. Harper Mr. Clinton F.unv Mrs. S. C. Hiendei. Miss Josephine Fosmer Prof. A. L. Hook Mrs. a. L. Hook Dr. J. A. Hunter Mrs. C. C. .Johnson- Miss Hilton Jones Miss Jeanette Nieuerlander Mrs. J. W. Patton Miss Lucia Payne .Miss Ire.ne Reiber Mrs. a. L. Rich Mrs. Frances J. Ring Miss Hallie O. Shearer Mr. S. C. Hiendel Dr. G. R. Swann Mrs. G. R. Swann Prof. W. B. Terrell Mrs. W. B. Terrell Prof. A. R. Van Cleave Miss Vera Van Cleave Prof. C. James Velie Mrs. J. B. Velie Mr. Earl ' ickers Mrs. J. A. Hunter Mrs. a. p. Hurst Rev. a. W. Hurst Mrs. a. W. Hurst Mr. D. C. Walker Mrs. D. C. Walker Miss Margaret Walker Mr. a. T. West Mrs. a. T. West Dr. J. S. White Mrs. J. S. White Prof. ' 1 " . E. White Mrs. T. E. White Glee Club (1930) Officers Frki) Smith President N. H. Cameron I ' ue-PresiJenl Elijah Jones • • . . Setrelary and Treasurer Paul Magee Pianist Wallace King Pianist Fletcher Moore . Pianist C. J. VelIE Direetor Memdhrs E. L. MoFFiTT Norman Cameron Wallace King Charles Howell Fred Smith Edwin McPherson Rooman Lilly Wvatt Hichsmith Elwood Dunn Paul Magee Jimmie Stewart Levi Wilkins Aytch York Gordon Marshall Rvland Johnson Elijah Jones Rukus Aeernathv Theo. Benton C. C. Dollar Ir: £ .- (Girls ' Glee Cl« ( FFICHRS jKWFi.i. Prrsm:i.i I ' risiJ Katie Pikrck Vici ' -PrcsUnit RufH Smiiii Si-cri-liiry and Tnasitrrr C J. ' i;i.ii; Dindnr Elizabktu Karnev Pianist Members HiRTllA ISELL Harhaka Chase Esther Cole Ci.ARA Deli. Foci,ema - Margaret Mines ' irci ia Jav Idem. Jovfs llOKOlin I.AMRIllI Viola Worslev Katie Pierce Jewell Presnei.l WiLMA Price Elizabeth Rooers Certik Riinu Mary Rudd Ai.vsi- Smiih Rrrii SvniH Sybil Ai.f.xandrr Harvey Allen- Thomas Arthur Sophie Benton Michael Capo George Chandler Mabel Cochill Rebecca Constable Marclierite Cooper Coloeial Tea On Wednesday afternoon between the hours of five and six o ' clock, members of the Elon College Community are cordially invited to attend the tea which is served in the simply but beautifully decorated reception room of West Dormitory. At times these teas are modifned and made to correspond with the season, as the Colonial Tea given February iQth, in honor of George Washington ' s birthday. ' E " Men Club Officers RnBFRT MORPHIS (iAK[.AM) Mann CiiAKi.iR Roberts . . . Archie Focleman I ' ifs ' ulnil riii-l ' tisitlitil in 1 1 lary -.■ I Carl Key k. b. dofflemyer W. G. Lewis Charlie Roberts Robert Morphis RuFus Arernathv Chari.es Leach Walter Latham Don Steed Members Jack Stokes Garland Mann Charles Howell Roy E. Rollins Zkb Harrington (Jeorge Kelly Paul Simpson Paul Brawley Norman Waters " Pete " Williams William Jackson Bert Tate Elijah Jones Marvin CJunn Archie Focleman Dick Caddell James Smith 156 . r { , ■-• -v •■ • ■ r fSlC Whxiam Rkdo TLKNhR, Promoter Members M. S. Capo Jack Chandler Frri) Miller Gus WnviBLE Clarence Devviit Reod Tlrner Stalev Gordon Rov Cameron Thiou h the interest ami initiative ot Redd Turner, a wrestlinj: team has been organized this year at Elon. Redd has aroused a great deal of interest in this club as he is an exponent of the art of Jui-Jitsi. He is interested chieHy in teaching the boys some of the art in defen- sive Jui-Jitsi, in order that they may protect themselves in case of neces- sity. His pupils have been quite surprised at the possibilities of this art and enthusiasm is quite keen. •57 Boxing Cluib Front Roiv ■■Jake " Walker 135 Ihs. •Tmckek " Johnson (Coach) " Spider " McCloud . . . . ■ . 115 lbs. ' " Jack ' Siokes 125 lbs. " Greenpea " DeWitt 145 lbs. Back Row ' Hardrock " Harden ..... Unlimited " Kid " Miller 175 lbs. ' Percev " Nichols 155 lbs. " K. O. " Waters Unlimited " Tech " Peoples . 165 lbs. Bo.xing was introduced for the first time at Elon this year, though not as a collegiate sport, but in the form of a club which was organized through the efforts of Flick Johnson, who also acted in the capacity of Coach. Quite an interest was aroused on the part of the boys in the manly art of self defense and active training was begun in the spe- cially constructed gym in the basement of the Alumni Building, with all necessary equipment available. Under the careful tutorship of Coach Johnson a formidable team has been developed which with a little more experience should be able to enter into inter-collegiate competition with other schools next year. 158 (yr ' iu- ' V J -- ' . -T -t t. tf 7 joZ - ' 2..,e K2 ' = ( - ; - £--rv -«C QyA JU y ,, , :. i j ' — « Z -« ' i- 2--A- ! 32. (r, 7 ' CHL7 -uL C ri T- T» .e. ,Asr«x x-T-ri- -77 . 160 -■ ' aa agtaB sftgsivii ai. ' Carolina s Largest Pnotograpn Concern SIDDELL STUDIO RALEIGH, N. C. Official Photographers for 1931 PHIPSICLI C. M. HAWN 210 Watson Building GREENSBORO, N. C. Creative Artist to 1931 Phipsicli EFIRDS DEPARTMENT STORE Ladies ' Ready-to-Wear Men ' s Clothing and Furnishings " Quality Willi Price " BURLINGTON, N. C. SIX CHAIRS CAROLINA BATHS Bt4 rl ' mgtons Newest and Mo Date Barber Shop it Up-to- SPECIALISTS IN LADIES ' HAIR CUTTING Wa ters Building F ront Street Everything You Need in College Sup- plies May Be Obtained From Our Complete Stock Wills Book G? " Stationery Company 107 So. Greene St. GREENSBORO, N. C. A. D. PATE CO. Book and Commercial PRINTING Telephone 216 Corner Davis and Worth Streets BURLINGTON, N. C. COMPLIMENTS OF BELK-ST EVENS COMPANY ' ' ' Burlington ' s Predominating Department Store " Davis Street BURLINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA Your Charge Account Inrilcd at THE JEWEL BOX, Inc. Burlington, N. C. ;0 ' v Dhcount to All Eton Sludcnts T. N. BOONE The Tailor BURLINGTON, N. C. George Washington Life Insurance Company Charleston, West Virgir ia L. M. CANNON, Rcpreset tatiri Burlingtc n, N. C. Te lepho nc ?8I Visit Our Store for Better Values UNITED $ STORES BURLINGTON, N. C. BURLINGTON DRUG COMPANY Front Street Walters Building BURLINGTON, N. C. Phone 244 Parker Pens, Conklin Pens Nunnally s Candy Alamance Laundry and Dry Cleaners WE DO IT BETTER Phone 560, 561 WE SERVE We crave no higher privilege than to fu-nish the servant for the modern home. It does the cooking, refrig- erating, sweeping, washing, ironing, and many other tasks. ELECTRICITY The Servant hi the Home North Carolina Public Service Co. BURLINGTON, N. C. Donated by a Friend DR. J. B. NEWMAN Dentist Office in Walters Building Burlington. N. C. C. A. LEA TAXI AND U-DRIVE-IT ' rom i tS ervice Phone 777 BURLINGTON. N. C. Maintaining Its Prestige as Style Center Since 1876 Our store is better prepared toddy to serve your wants in the best in every- thing in Men ' s and Women ' s Wear. SELLARS AND SONS BURLINGTN, N. C. THE VELVET KIND ICE CREAM Cream of Ihc South Bi rlington N. C. Phone 46 " B V. MAY Sox and Stockings May ' s Hosiery Mills Incorporated BURLINGTON, N. C. PUBLIX SAENGER THEATRES OF NORTH CAROLINA A Trade Mark of Quality, Courtesy, Service OPERATORS OF PARAMOUNT AND CAROLINA BURLINGTON, N. C. COMPLIMENTS OF THE J c . PENNEY CO. Econ with amy " Ye center for stylish Ready-to- Wear ol ' time " College pep and snap VISIT PENNEY ' S WHEN IN | BURLINGTON Your Education Will Not Be Complete With- out a Life Insurance Policy R. O. BROWNING, General Agent Pilot Life Insurance Co. Our Coal IS Burned at Elon College Hundreds of schools and manufacturers in ihe South have long been satisfied with our prod- ucts. For five years e ' ery Go ' ernmcnt Build- ing in Washington has used it. There must be something to warrant such patronage. 15 Mines on 3 Railways Supplying Good Quality Smokeless Coals Sare the Difference With Us Raleigh Smokeless Fuel Co. NORFOLK BECKLY, W. VA. CHICAGO THE Chas. H. Elliott Co. The Largest College Engraving House in the World Commencement Invitations Class Day Programs Class Pins and Rings Danc e Programs and Invitations Menus Dance Favors and Novelties Fraternity Stationery Calling Cards Seventeenth Street and Lehigh Avenue PHILADELPHIA -J Joe Newman presented an Easter corsage to Ann Rawls. Ann: " Oh, how lovely! How beautiful! They are so fresh I believe there ' s some dew on them. " Joe: " Yes, my dear — two dollars and fifty cents. " Moyde Kite to Pete W ' illiams: " Lo, I am with vou alwavs, lest I cannot find you. " Salesman: " Selling your car? What ' s the matter? Brill : " ' hen I bought it you said it was good on the pick up. " Salesman: " Well, what ' s the matter? " Hrill: " I ' ve had it two months and have only picked up two old maids. " i i X: " I see that Zeb is a full-time waiter now. " : " I knew that he worked in the dining hall. " - ' ' ( : " I ' m talking about his ' waiting ' in West dorm reception room. " Customer: " This food is terrible. Where is the proprietor of this cafe? " Waiter: " He ' s out to lunch. " i -f Negro (visiting hospital): " Doctor, how is my wife? " Interne: " Fine; she ' s convalescing now. " Negro: " Well, I ' d like to see her when she gets through. " i i A traffic light Means " Stop " when red; But lips that are Mean " Go Ahead. " i Soph: " What ' s a definition for a college pro- fessor? " Junior: " A man who is paid to study sleeping conditions among students. " Prof. Powell: " Shall I take this road to Dur- ham ? " Farmer: " ' Tain ' t necessary! They already have some there. " " Arc you Hungary? " " Yes. Siam. " " Well, Russia ' long and I ' ll Fiji. " Mother: " Ideli, did you let him kiss you when he left? " Idell: " Let him! ' I should say not! I had to help him ! " " Was your daughter ' s musical education a suc- cess? " " Yes! I bought the houses on either side of us at half their value. " Newspaper account of auto smash-up: " 1 he accident hurt her somewhat and brinsed her otherwise. " Dad (sternly) : " Where were you last night? " Son : " Oh, just riding around with some of the boys. " Dad: " Well, tell them not to leave their hair- pins in the car next time. " Johnnie: " How ' s your matrimonial race com- ig? " Mary Sue: " I was on my fifth lap last night. " Prof. Bennet (in Bible class) : " Copcland, tell us something about the Israelites. " Copeland : " I don ' t know anything about them. We have electric lights in our dormitory. " Policeman: " Mr. Moffitt, what relation are you to that woman which will justify your stay- ing with her so much? " E. L. : " I ' m her step-husband; when her hus- band steps in, I step out. " i Prof. VanCleave: " What ' s the difference be- tween a hill and a pill? " Steed: " A hill is hard to get up, and a pill is hard to get down. " • A despondent husband threatened to take his life if wifey would go and get the gun. She immediately secured the said weapon. Papa hollered: " Sell the gun, Willie; Mama ' s getting too obliging. " i -f Wafers: " What ' s the best thing in the world ? " Shrimp: " I don ' t know; but I know what is next to the best thing in the world. " Waters: " What? " Shrimp: " Lipstick. " JOKES Joe: " Last night I (licaiiu-ii 1 was nianicil to the most heautiful fiirl in the worUi. " Doris: " Oh, joe, were we happy? " George: " How iniuli do i)u wei h .• ' ' Mary Sue: " A hundred and (itt ii()und , " George: " " I ' ou must ha e heen eit;hed w itli your coat on. " Mary Sue: " You ' re cra .y ! 1 held it on my arm. " Jack: " Do you know Bill? " Elijah: " Yes. I used to sleep with him. " Jack: " Roommates? " Elijah: " No. Classmates. " lake Parks: " Well, Dad, 1 just ran up to say heflo. " Eather: " Ton late, son. " ' our mother ran up to say good-hy and got all the change. " Some people reduce by exercising; Others eat in the college dining hall. 1 i Clerk: " 1 his hook will ilo halt your work. " Chailie Roherts: " ( innme two — quick! " 1 1 " They say College Students shoidd have eight hours of sleep a day. " Red Copeland : " Trui ' , hut who wants to take eight classes? " , Helen, Katie and Johnson were each waiting tor a haircut. The barber said: " Who next? " Johnson said: " Katie, sir. " Katie: " ' ou ' re a big .story teller; 1 tion ' t. " i 1 Truth: " Love is a great lite if you don ' t waken. " " I call my girl grapefruit: I gotta good reason wh -. Tried to .squeeze her the other night, And got socked in the eye. " Daughter: " Papa, what is your birthstone? " Father of Seven: " .My dear, I ' m not quite sure, but I think it ' s a grindstone. " Flossie (to ticket agent): " Give me a ticket, please. " Ticket Agent: " Where to? " Flossie: " It ' s none of your business. " Prof. Barney asked one of his students to write a brief. The student wrote it and when he got it back it had this on it: " Too brief — D. " Professors are queer beings. Lager: " May 1 see you tonight? " Fay (very politely) : " No. " Lager: " NV ' hy, you are as full of airs as a hand organ ! " Fay: " Lube 1 am; but 1 do not go with ;i crank. " i i " Let ' s go to the Library. " " Sorry! 1 gotta study! " Dr. Swann : " I seem to have forgotten my roll book, so I ' ll just ask those who are absent to give mc their names after class. " Prof. Martin: " There ' s someone in this class who ' s making a jackass of himself. When he ' s through, I ' ll commence. " ■ ■ Barber Nail: " Sorry I cut through your cheek. " Jack Chandler: " Don ' t mention it. Luckily, I had my tongue in the other side of my mouth. " 1 i Prof. Martin: " What lo you think being ' air minded ' means, .Mr. Parks? " Jake: " A person with wind on his brain. " i 1 Kenneth Hook: " Why is it dithcult for me to find my ideal ? " -Margarite Harriss: " Because women are look- ing for their ideal also. " i Prof. Martin: " Miss Moore, how much tea was destroyed at the Boston Tea Party? " .Miss .Mooic: " 1 don ' t know; but I think it wa about twi-l c pitcherfuls. " Mother Ring: " Did the doctor call to see you yesterday? " George Kelly: " No. It doesn ' t take a doctor to tell me my trouble. " Mother Ring: " What is your tiouhle? " Cieorge: " It is clearly a case of high blond pressure. " ' ff. racers OUR SUPREMACY IN THE SOUTHERN YEAR BOOK FIELD IS THE RESULT OF PERSONAL SERVICE THE CAPITOL ENQRAVINQ COMPANY Hd5 haj more tkan twJenty ears of successful experience in Year -Book Designing and Engratfing, Thej? are recognized as the leaders in the creation and production of the better class of annuals. TKeir experience, equipment, corps of artists, designers and engraiJers are entirely ftt your disposal Capitol Enqravinq FOURTH AVENUE, NASHVILLE TENN. ' - " ' ' " -- " ' THIS BOOK PRINTED BV. The world ' s LARGEST PUBLISHERS OF CO LLEG E ANNUALS EN SON iPRINTING CO NASHVILLE t TENN COLLEGE ANS13AL HEADOtCARTERS SHiQ ie ' ilQaa th hhil ' ma nnin JiweKot Q xfen is).ii -J!ca.s)ac(i. ' 3AemoiYs (Memoirs 378.114 31979 E 68 V. 17 Elon College Senior Class PhiPsiCli, 1931 378.11i E 68 V. 17 31979 DOES NOT CIRCULATE

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