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i THE PHIPSICLI DELOS M. ELDER, JR. £dilor-in-Chief LEVI P. WILKINS ' Business Manager (9 PHIPSICLI 19 — 3 N Sstelle (Walker) Harper For 25 years T r. and - Irs. W . oA, Harper have been one in their devo- tion to Slon College. The ' l hipsicli Staff is honored in being privileged to dedicate tfiis annual to T)r. and Irs. Harper. In the history of our College we have known no one more sincere in their devotion to €lon. frs. Harper has brought honor to her oAlnta Matcr because of the positions she has field and honor given fier by musical organizations throughout the country. yfm -g, William oAllcn Harper T r. Harper, as an editor, author, speaker, and far-seeing college president, has done a great work. He has hiiilded a mighty temple nith brick and mortar, a risible temple. Qod only knows the mighty and beautiful tem- ples he has builded in the hearts and souls of men. His work cannot per- ish. In recognition of the unselfish part they hare played in the making of eion, we, the f asf of 1930, dedicate this the sixteenth rolume of the Vhipsicli. m, FOREWORD We have tried to show you in these pages a vivid picture of Elon College life. The 1930 Phipsicli must speak for itself. Nothing which we, the staff, might say can save it from the flames, if to the flames it must go. Nor can we assure it a permanent place of honor on the bookshelves of the homes into which it goes. Our sincere hope in our labor upon it is that in future years, as you turn through its pages, you may be reminded of the happy days spent at " Dear Old Elon. " — The Editor. - ' ' jmtcJM CONTENTS Book One . . . T Ke College Book Two . . . TKe Classes Book Three AtKleticS Book Four Features Book Five . . . Organizations ■ ' ( ' 7 : A).. yf y .-VA). ' (-V A YAAAA-h. ' (7 7 A A% LILLWN UNDERWOOD SOCIAL EDITOR M RY MWL6 J0WE6 A6SOOIATI: EDITOR C i 4 DELO6 ELDER ED TOR IH CH EF ALBERTO P0BERT6 A66OGWTE EDITOR. f f LEVI WILKIN S 3UalNE S5 MANAQ€t{ ED MSPHER60N 16. 0CWTE EDITOR EVA PARKER EU0DW6 KNIGHT RLUGEOUS EDITOR ATHLETIC EDITOR, WAUTELLE LAMBETH AHT EDITOf ELIZABETH 6HARPE TYPIST THE PHIPSICLl STAFF ook One The College ' " w NORTH ENTRANCE ALAMANCE HALL FRONT CAMPUS WEST DORMITORY EAST CAMPUS SOUTH CAMPUS EAST COLON ADES THE PHIPSICLI , 1930 William oAllcu Harper ' President THE PHI PSICLI , 1930 Ai.oxzo LoHR Hook Drati of M.n: Profissnr of Physm A.B., M.A., Elon ColleRc; M.S., Cornell Uni ver ity; graduate student Johns Hopkins Uni- versity. LoLisii Savage Dian of H ' oniiii; Lihraiian B.S., Uinversily of ' irginia. THE PHIPSICLI , 1930 )HN L RQUHART NeWMAN Professnr of Gr,,k and Bihllcat Litcralure Litt.D., Ph.D.: graduate student. Vale University; University of Cliicago; Northlield BilJle Scliool. Thomas C. j mick Businrss Manager ; Professor of Matliemailes 1,1., l ' lli -,■|■sitv III ' X.i hvillr; Clr.H 1 r. ' ;ibiiiU I ' 1111, m. for T. .11 h. !-., I ' h.l I I ' ,1111:11 riiiviT- J. W. Barney Professor of English Ni-.i5 Falcett Br.wxock Professor of Chemistry . B.. M..- .. Klon rn1!oKe; I.itt.l).. L-houl L ' li Culuniljii student and visiting prof. University of Nortli C arolina: mem1 er of American Cliemical Association. Sl.MOX A. Hi:XXFTT Professor of Christian Llieralure and Methods P ' uf essor of Christ an Literature |()Hx A. Clark and Methods; A.B. Union Chris- Latin and German College; A.B., University of Illin ois; M.A., Univ ersity of Chi- iiinii.l.n-Siilii.y; M.A.. Uni- cage ; graduate stt dent, Univer- .1 .11 I ' l.ii. -■. r Latin sity of Ch cago. 1 11, 111 1 ' Ill III .Modern m- ,11 II, ir loii-.Sidncy . . limvuu roUvBc, Greens- illcKc; Univer.sity of South a and Davidson College. THE PHIPSICLI Ross EXS.MIXGER M. V. Ht)OK J. Al,l.i;X Hi XTER Projfssor of Rrligious Educatinii I ' rofissur of Mallnmaiici iiml A.B. and M.A., Pennsylvania -state College; Ph.D.. Kansas City Enginrrring University; Professor of French; A.B.. Carleton College; B.U., Un- studied at Yale, Columbia, Clark ion Theological Seminary; Yale A B.. Elon Callese: giaduate stu- University and a student at the Divinity School. dent. Vale University; Alabama University of Grenoble. France; Polytechnic Institute; first presi- taught at Duke University, Penn- dent of Bethlehem College, Wart- sylvania State College. Pennsyl- ley, Ala.; graduate student. Uni- vania Normal School and Bethany versity of North Carolina. College. Ai,FRi;ii W. Hirst Dr. V M. J V Pastor A.n., llefiance ( olh.ge: M.A., Ohio A.H., lieriance Cnl ' ege; M.A. and B.li., University of Chicago; Col- lege pastor and Prores.sor nf Bible and Religious Education. State rniversi lege; frraduate University, Univ Columbia ; n.n.. Klon Col- student, Chicago erslty of Virginia, University. (). V. joHXsroN Professor of Ediicalion A.B., Klon College; M.A.. Univer- sity of Virginia; Professor of Ed- ucration summer school, App.ilach- ian State Normal. Koone, N. C: graduate student, Penbody Col- lege; instructor, Peabody College. THE PHIPSICLI , 1930 L. I). .Martix Professor of History A.B.. Elon College: M.A., Univer- sity of Nortli Carolina: graduate student of Yale. University of Chicago. LiL.A Newman Instructor of Fine Arts Sl I R.MNE llousfholJ Arts Gr.ACH H.M.L RfsHELnAFFER 1 ' oicc and Theory Orndiinte nf New Enghinrl Con- servatory and a special student of Oscar Saenger and " ailmon: laught in New York City. Pitts- Ijurg. Palm Beaeh, Fla.. and the State Normal School at Indiana. Pa. Thomas E. Powell, Jr. Professor of Biology and Geol- ogy AT!.. Elun College: M.A., Univer- sity of North Carolina: graduate student of Cornell University. University of Chicago, and Duke University. Sar. Gla.nltte Stol ' t Expression and Education B.O.. Kings Expression College; Candidate for A.B.. Elon College: student. University of Pittsburg; student. University of North Carolina. THE PH I PSICLI , 1930 A. R. Vaxcleave l ' rofi:so of P i losophy and So- cial Science Stuil lege ; M.A. Jate fo r .n.. IndK Ph.D. at 1 versity. R.ALPH B. Tower Department of Business Admin- istration and Economics c. j . ' ..Mcs Velie D.r ctor of Music ■estei ertifle ; B n U ate. M., niverslty: Te Chk-ago Mil Palmer Cull Elon Collo V Yoi-k ( Franklin Rudolph vinne and ge; private .s ity and Chi Cannon, llov Rennter, J. Rudolph Gan Zenith HirstVeme Piano and Voice B.M.. Palmer CrilleBe: sppel-i| no mal work with Lois Carulhe and Gertrude Kinseella; pupil Raymond Wilson. Eastman Scho of Musle: Northwestern Unlve sity; Syraeuso University. I). C. Wai.ki R Couth A.n., Vanderhllt University: pro- fe.sslonal haseball. Uoehester. N. Y.. International LeaBUo: Wil.son. N. C... VirKlnia League; Coaeh Co- lumbia College, Lake City, Fla.: Coaeh, Atlantic Christian College; profe.sslonal l.aselmll, York, Pa. Tho.m AS K. White Professor of Spanish A.P... Klun CdlleKe: e. -mi.s. ' iio-nai . to Porto Rieo; graduate studeni r. University of North Carolina. THE PH I PSICLI , 1930 G. D. Coi.CLOUGH .Issistaul Business Manaijcr A.B., 1:1011 College; graduate University of Noi ' tli ' lina. AIrs. Frances J. Rise, Siif ' rintinJint of Grounds C. M. Cannon Registrar Registrar; Graduate Manager of Athletics; A.B., Blon College; graduate student University of North Carolina. Mrs. Ai.ici: CoRnt) ' " Matron, ImiUcs ' Hall Mrs. C. C. Johnson Assistant Librarian Ph.B., Elon CHlIegp; graduate s dent. Coluniliia Univer,»ity. Miss Minnie Edwards Matron of Girls ' Dormitory Voyage of the Class of ' 30 f ' iRST Cruise |N the thirty-first day of August, nineteen hundred and twenty-six, the ship of ' 30 commenced its long and tedious journey. Nearly two hundred young and innocent boys and girls embarked ready and eager for the journey with no thought of whether the sea would be smooth or rough. It proved none too smooth when the wise Sophomores got the upper hand and played innumerable pranks and made us do unheard-of and impossible things. All this was quickly forgotten, however, in the great excitement on Tuesday, November 2, the red letter day for the Freshman Class of ' 30. This was the day we elected Freshmen officers and on account of his executive and oratorical ability we chose " Jake " Messer- smith as our captain. On the same day we chose as our motto " The raps of today will ring the bells of tomorrow. " Our captain proved to be a capable leader and under his guidance we went through a most successful year. In athletics we were well represented on the varsity football, basketball and baseball teams. The cruise ended in May, ' 27. All passengers reported a wonderful time and promised to be ready for the second cruise in September, ' 27. Second Cruise September! Rack on the ship and ready to launch forth on the open sea again, confident that no ill could befall us, for we were sage Sophomores. What was there that we did not know and what problem could we not solve? Our passenger list had diminished somewhat and we missed our comrades of the first cruise. Still our steps did not falter and we pressed on toward our goal. " Lefty " Briggs was our captain. Staunch and true he carried us through suc- cessfully. This year we won the inter-cla.ss basketball championship and were again repre- sented on the varsity football and basketball and baseball teams. The close of this year brought us to the prime of our college career and we found that the sea was not so rough after all. Third Cruise " Cammie " Weightman was our captain for the tliird cruise. Reliable ami de- pendable always he quickly showed us that he could stem the ship through most any difficulty. THE PHIPSICLI , This year we entertained the Senior Class and all the aversion we as Freshmen felt for that class was swept away by the rising tide of good fellowship and comrade- ship displayed. Despite a raging storm our banquet was a success. Our rings were ordered and wearing this emblem of our accomplishments we felt amply repaid for the many weary hours of work — proud to be able to wear the ring of ' 30. In the spring semester the class excelled in oratory. Faculty and student alike sat spell bound listening to words of wisdom from the mouth of the Junior. Athletics were not forgotten. We were represented in all. Lefty Rriggs was captain of the varsity basketball team and " Pap " Eure was head cheer leader. Paul Magee received a Certificate in Piano, Ella Keyset Ciarrett a Certificate in Voice and Wautel Lambeth a Certificate in Fine Arts. ALiy was at hand. The third cruise was over. FoL RTH Criisf Seniors! It is hardly belie able. The four years have been all too swift, but our coveted goal is near at hand. Ovir passenger list has changed greatly since the first cruise. Many have dropped out; a few added, but we kept pushing forward. Fred Caddell is our captain. He has proven himself worthy of the responsibility. We furnished varsity men for all the major sports. " Lefty " Briggs was captain of the baseball team and Palmer Barrett was head cheer leader. W ' e were royally entertained by the Juniors. Then came the day that we delivered our robes of seniority to the Sophomores and we became " Sopho " again, feeling much wiser as Sophomores than Seniors. This feeling could not last. The next day we were Seniors again. Senior theses! Manv hours of toil were spent in writing the book that was to show the extent of our knowledge. The awful suspense was finally broken b the good news that they were accepted. Senior exams over. We were kids again and indulged ourselves by having a joyous picnic. Alay 27, 1930. Our day of days. Never will we forget the exultant feeling of receiving our prize — diplomas. With the feeling of conquerors we launch out into the sea of life lietermined to make a successful voyage and thus honor our loved institution. - will strive ever onward to a higher and more noble goal for " the raps of toda) nnist ring the bells of tomorrow. " CLASS HISTORIAN. THE PHIPSICLI, 1930 Senior Class Poem Four nutiiinns lidvt ilcniitl lis lonijir sitiy Jf ' ithin your lull I in u id iviills of Invc ami tiulh. Four springs have kissiil us on our joyful iriiy — " (• noiv give place to other CJiristiiin youth. Upon life ' s trouhhil sea ice hoist our sail. The liiiiil is right ; our flag must he unfurled. Amid sueh huiiinn needs. Kc eiinnot fail To make our voyage a blessing to the ivorld. If e hid a sad good-hye to you. FJon — File hirthplaee of our dreams, our hopes, our friends. Hut in our lii ' es your stiindards shall live on; Upon your groivth our happiness depends. Fareii ' ell. O sacred portals firm and hold — JVe see a vision of a greater life. Fareivell, O banner of JMaroon and (lold — To you iL ' e pledge ourselves in peace or strife. O precious Alma Mater, mother kind. You lift us far above this earthly scd : O Christlike nourisher of heart and mind. You blend in perfect hannnny leith (!od. T. R. Benton. THE PHI PSI CLI , 1930 feeler Offichrs Fred Silver Cadell Prrsidini Mary Lillian IsDKRwoon J ' hc-Pr,s ' uli)il Wautelle CjRACe Lamberth Sccrcliiry John Carroll Clark Treasurer Alma Eaton Kimball Historian Theodore Roosevelt Benton Port V ti ' c ' W Senior Class Ruth Irene Alexander 2712 Foster Avenue BROOKLYN, N. Y. Drgrrc of Course A.B. BOB " Siuijtly, siviflly, sailed the ship, yd she sailed calmly tuu. " Doris Virginia Apple BURLINGTON, N. C. Degree of Course A.B. n K T Greensboro College. ' 26. ' 27. " for slow and sln-w this ship will go and reach its destination. " Ruth Elizabeth Bain HAW RIVER, N. C. Degree of Course . . ?. ' The sullen waters swell towards the moon, and all tides set seaward. " Senior Class ik r David Palmkr Barrett, Jr. POKCE, PORTO RICO Degree of Course A.B. K X Track, " 27; Class Treasurer, ' 27 ; Philologian I.ttrr.uy So- ciety; Philologian Entertainment, ' 28, ■29; Presi.lent Pan- Htllonir Council; Business Manager " Maroon and Gold, " ■29; Treasurer Religious Activities. ' 29; Class Basketball, ■29; Asaistant Cheer Leader, ' L ' O; rhccr Leader, " 30. " Oh, t iie me the flashing brine, The spray, and the tempest ' s roar. " THEfiDORK Roosevelt Benton CERRO GORDO, N. C. Degree of Course A.B. AHA Clio. " But ivhy drives on Ihiil ship so fiisl, IVtthout or wave or iLind " ill ' Daniel Clifton Boone SUFFOLK, VA. ' Degree of Course A.B. Cll.,. " There are ships that still need captains. " . Vj F Robert W. Bom) HENDERSON ' , N. C. Di ' ijne of Course A.H li " .Is idle as a (tainted ship I ' pun a painted oeean. " Charles Vernon BrigTJS GREENSBORO, N. C. Deijrec of Course .LB. V 2 I T K FM-fsid. lit Soiihumore Class; Baseball, ' 27, ' 28, ' 29. ' " 0; BaskLtliall, ' u " . ' 28, ' 29. ' 30; Captain Basketball Ti-am, ' 2S; Captain Baseball Team, ' 29. " ' Tis the set of the sail l uit deeides the goal .Ind not the ealm or the strife. " Ifliiii Virginia Mae Rro vn HEMP, N. C. Degree of Course A.B. HOB ' .V ivoman •u.-ilh ivhom a man might sail into the haven with pride. " jimior ' iUi.ass SB Fred Sii.vhr Caduell ELON cni.LEni;, N. c. Dcgrrc of Cnursr A.B. I T K Baspl.all. ' 29; Prt-siil.-nt S.iiior Class; Bask, lliall. ' 29. C " Tlu- ' u. ' ni ' rs }ii-sidc him danced, but he OulJid llii- spiiri-liitf r L-it-vis In glre. " Paul Caddell ELON COLLEGE, N. C. Degree nj Course AM. I T K Tlnskctliall. •28. " .hij ihc stalely ships qo on Tu Iheii- haven ntuh-r the hill: ' iU Charles Arnold Gates H I K IIAU KIVER, ' . C. f Deijree o Course .l.H. " For my soul icill loUoiv sea ' wards like a f ull. ' Senior Class Arthur Lee Combs BURLINGTON, N. C. Degree of Course A.B. K -i- i r ' lin: nil) Entertainment. " •u:ant a ship that ' s •u:est iuard bound, to flougli th rolling sea. " Irene DeLancey REIDSVILLE, V. C. Degree of Course A.Ii. T Z •! " One ship goes east, another goes viest, By the self-same zvinds that bln w. ' Tis the set of the sail, and not the gale, That determines the ivay they go. " r Charf-ie Carl Dollar LANETT; ALA. Degree of Course .LB. A n A terial Association. " .Ind tile ship can have my blessing And the Lord can have my life. " nior Uiass LLiAM Haley Di ncan Degree of Cniirsc A.B. l;isK Haskitliall. an loaves, t ial, lu ieresne ' er ye roll, Yield hnmage only to elerncil laws. " DeLOS MoNTGOiVIERV ElDER. Jr. BURLINGTON, N. C. Deijree of Course .1.11. " SSSP. " ll ' nulJst thou " — so the helmsman answered — " Learn tlie seeret of the sea? Only those wlio brave its dangers Comprehend its mystery. ' " Alima Margaret Faucetti; BROWN SUMMIT, N " . C. Degree of Course .I.B Psiiilulian. . ;. so beside the silent sea I wait the muffled oar; No harm from Him ran tome lo On oiean or on shore. " 9 Senior Class S-iRATI T II r I X ' T I ' v; ' l " Ha GRAHAM, N. C. ElKiKif r ' Degree of CoiifSt ' . . ?. rsiphclinn. t ic trembling maiden lield her hrealli the tales of that aii;ful, pitiless sea. " Ella Ke slr G. RRinT ELON COLLEGE, N. C. Degree of Cnurse .LB. n K T DiDloma in Vol. . ; I ' sii.l u-lian. " Asleep or awake, by nite or Jay, The friends I seek are seeking me; No luind can drive my barque astray Nor change the tide of destiny. " 0Sim i R MasI LN " (iRLLN ■-■ EKOWN SLMMIT, N. C. 1 Degree of Course A .11. 1 1 K N K Member ot student Sen;ttr. ' 28, ' 29. ' 30; Viee-PresiUt Christian Endeavor. ( 1 " Hail llo! f I Sail! llo! Sail far o ' er the fabulous main! .1 nd if I ixere a sailor I ' d sail with you Tliough I never sailed bai k again. " Julius Carl Gresham BEULOVILLE, N. C. Degree of Course A.B. I T K Clio; Student at Wake Foiest. " ir ien courage I seek, and for conflict irould steady my soul for the luorst, I mine when tltc sea leaps high In its limitless ' wrath to the sky. " Margaret Clarice Gl nn reidsville, n. c. Degree of Course A.B. Sniilint Couneil. ' I ' S, ' 30; Secn tary Religii Activities, ' 29; President, ' SO, " Oil! luliat " visions haunt me As I gaze upon the sea. " Elizabeth Harden GRAHAM, N ' . C. Degree of Course A.B. " The endless stretch of the moving sea The rounding cur-ve of the bending sky, .Ire mysteries all in their breadth to me As the shapeless space where the sea gulls i Annie Laurie Holland SUFFOLK, VA. Degree of Course .I.B. Jk T K " Roll on, thou dark blue ocean, roll! " Mary Horne BURl.INCrON, N. C. Deyrre of Course .I.B. II K T " long for a iiiijlit by the sea ivil i its silence and •wa ves .hid lis stars in the lambent blue: Just these — and a thought of you — To ease the human unrest of a soul that craves. " t Edward Frank Isley BURLINGTON, N. C. Degree of Course .1.11. A A " Oh, ihe brine is calling me, and I inusi go lyhere Ihe white-winged sea gulls fly. " Senior Class Sii)N ' h - Francis Jackson WASHINGTON, N. C. Degree of Course J.B. 2 P B ■29, ' 30; Vlce-Pri ulent Senate, 28 rer. ' 29; Pan- Hell nt Pan-Helleni StuduiU Budy " T ie silip is aneliored safe and sound, lis voya)jc closed and done; From fearful trip Ihe victor sliip Comes in luil i object ' won. " Alma Eaton Kimball MANSON, N. C. Deyree of Course AM. A T K Psykaleon; Clas; Vic- -Pi-esidi elation Trtasunr, ' 2S; Sec reta Endeavor, ' 29; Psykaleon Deliiiter, inient Representative. ' 29; Winner MoM ilal. " l . Chief Marshal Commencement. ' 29; Pi lu Muii.ir Fraternity, ' 29; Psykaleon Entertainer, L ' o-ed Editor of " Maroon and Gold. " ' 30; Class •39; President Y. W. C. A.. ' SO; Secretary and Pi Ganuiiii Mu. ' 30; Palette and Brush Cluh, J| ' 29. ' 30. " My soul is full of longinej For the secret of the sea, .Ind the heart of the great ocean Sends a thrilling pulse lliXSMSfi Edward Eugene Kipk MOOKESVILLE, N. C. Degree of Course LB. 1 T K " And 1 have loved thee, ocean! .hid My joy of youthful sports ivas on thy hi east, to h Borne, like thy bubbles, onnva ' d. ' " Elodias Falcon- Knight STOKHSDALE, N. C. Dci r e of Course . . ?. A n A 27, ' 2S, ' 29; Philulosiaii; Pliiloluy .„, -iS; Church Usher. ' 29, 30; P Young Men ' s Christian Association, ' 30; Comnu-i orator, ' 29; Philosiaii Oratoriml Mprl;il. ' 29: . ' Medal ' 29: Sports Editor " Phipsiili, " ' 30; Jolce " Maroon and Gold. " ' 30. " Sail forlfi into the sea of life, U tjenlle, lovina, trusting ship; .Ind safe from all aJvnsily V pun the bosom uf the sea Thy coming and thy going be. " Wautel Grace La.mri-th ELON COLLEGI!, N. C. Degree of Course -LB. A T K Society. ' 30; Isykaleon Enterainment, ' 2 , -9 ; Palette and Brush Clulj. ' 29, ' 30; Diploma in Tine Aits. ' 30; " Phi] ' Birli " Ptnfr, ' 30; Secretary of Class, Cold " Sta, ' :!0. " Maroon aijain, to the lovely l mu.U ijii d ' t-.-n Id the and the sky; .hid all I ask is a lull ship and a star to steer her by. " Ai roN Parker I. i: vi.s . LT. MAHAW, N. C. Degree of Course .1.11. A II A " .Ind may there he no moaning of the bar When I put out to sea. " «r Rhed Paul Magee NEW HAMPTON, MO. Dfyrce of Course A.B. AHA Philologian; Edito Alpha Pi Delta. ' 3 L ' lub ALCunipan " Maroon and Gold Church Pianist. ' 29. ■29, ■■ill; Diplo ma " Iiave listened to the sea in its moaning. And ivery tone was full of liuman grief. I ha ' ve listened to the sea in its wrath, And in its voire luas the anger of God. " Edwin Albright McPhrrson BURLINGTON, N. C. Degree of Course A.Il. I T K Track: ■•Plilpsirli " Staff, : ' .0. ' lluild me straight, O worthy Master, Slaunth and strong, a goodly vessel That shall laugh at each disaster And with wave and whirlwind wrestle. " AIargarht LtJULSE McPherson SNIIVV CAMP, N. C. Degree of Course A.B. n K T ;-e Clul ■28. ' 29, ■30; Virp-Prp. ' sldpnt Sundav 9 School Class, ■28. ■ " If ' e shall sail securely and safely reach The Fortunate Isle, on whose shining beach The sights we see and the sounds we hear If ' ill he those of joy and not of lear. " s l (zJl W Senior Class Addie Eva Parker SUKBURV, N " . C. Degree of Course .I.B. T Z •30; Munib. " ir iit ier, thou turbid luavef If hither, luit i so much haste, As if a thief ii-ert thnu? " Fred Nash Parker elon college, n. c. Degree of Course A.B. S ' I ' B riass Bask.tball. ' 2 •30; Clii -Cla " This narrow isthmus tviixt Tuo boundless seas, The past, the future — tiJUO elertiitii Emma Ai.herta Roberts VLMi;OK, VA. Degree of Course .I.B. BOB Ps.vkalenn Uterary Society; Psykalcnn Secretary. Choral Club. ' SS, ' 29; Virginia Cluli. ' 27. ' 28. ' 29. ■Vice-President Virttinia Club. ' 29: Ynung Woman ' s Ch llan Association Cabinet, ' SS, ' 29; Vice-Plcsi Jent Y. C. A., ' 29: fomm.-ncement Orator, 29; " Maroon Gold " Staff, 29; • rlii|..si.n ' .=!taff, •29, ' 30. " Ere long •u.-c ivilt launch A vessel as goodly and strung and stauneli As ever lueatliered a ivintry sea. " Senior Class Samuhl Vance Simpson MlIB BURLINGTON, N. C. Degree of Course AM. " The ocean oLi, Centuries old. Strong as youth and as uncontrollfd, I ' atis restlessly to and fro. " Lillian Mary Thomas HAW RIVER, N. C. Degree of Course .l.B. ' .hid. like the ivings of sea birds, Flash the white caps of the sea. " EuGiiNE Herbert Thomi ' son LIBKRTV, N. C. Degree of Course Assistant Superintendeiit of Sunday School. ' 29: Sopho- more Class Debater; Choral Club, ' 29, ' 30; Vke-PreslUeut KeliElous Activities Cabinet, ' 30. " .hid the great ships sail outward and return, llendinr and bowing o ' er the billowy swells. " p Sen ior Class t Worth Lane Thompson- ORAHAM, N ' . C. Dcijrie nf Course . .«. " Sail on, sail on, yc stalely sJiips, And iijilli your jhating bridge the ocean s[ nii Mary Lillian UxDHRWoon lOLINCSVlLLE, N. C. Degree of Course .1.11. A T K Psj-kalcon; Youm; Woman ' s Christian Association. ' iS; riass Vicc-Piesid.nt. ' 30; Palette and Biusli iMuli. ' 29. ■3ij; President Cliristian Endeavor, ' 30; So. iaj E lilor of " Phipsiili. " ' 30. " My heart and the sea and the heaven .Ire melting aivay icilh lo ' vr. " jP Zac Taylor Walk FR K ENSLEY, ALA. f Degree of Course .1.11. W Knotlinll. -L ' T, ' JS, ' 29; Bask. tl..-ill. ' 27. ' SS. f " Oh, the heart is a free and fetterless thing .1 v-ave of the oiean, a bird on the iiing. " Senior Class Willie Belle Wicker sandford, n. c. Degree of Course A.B. Football. ' 30; Palettf aiul Biush Club. ' 30. Tlie smallest effort is not lost; Each ' wavelet on the ocean tossed Aids in the rhh tide or the floiw. " Eva Christian Wicker SANDFORD, N. C. Dee ree of Course AM. A T K (Ter the glad waters of the dark blue sea Our thoughts are boundless and our souls are free. " Levi Peel Wilkins BURLINGTON " , N. C. Degree of Course AJl. I T K " The sea, unmated creature, Heed and lone Makes on its desolate sands eternal moan. " Ssimior Class I t I i Nellie Mehrhof White ELON " COLLEGE, . C. Degree of Course A.B. BOB Psiphelian; Psiphelian Entertainer. " Tile rude sea ijre w civil a! her song, InJ certain stars shot madly from their sphe To liear the sea maids ' music. " A ' iTCH Guy ' orr STANLEY, X. C. Degree of Course A.B. AHA Class BasketLall. ' 26, ' 27, ' 28; Secretary Sumlriv School Class. ■2-1, ' 28, ' 29, ' 30: Basketball Squad, ' 28, 29; Philo- lOBlan Litcrnrv Society: Society Marshal, ' 28; Pi Gamma Mu Fraternity. " I ' ll praise the ocean, hul slay nn the land. " EvERETT Eugene Goebel Route 4 ASHEVILLE, N. C. — Degree of Course A.B. " And soon, too soon, ire part ixith pain. To sail the silent seas ui ain. " ' Eiit.reil l;ist .feniestcr. ' EncJianli rss of the slormy sras, I ' riislrss of tiiijhl ' s liiijli myslrrirs. ass Alma Roi ' ntreh NORFOLK, VA. Dcffn-e of Course, A.B. A T K Itou Entertainer; MnfTit Essayest Medal; Recruit Band; Member of Palet and C. A. Cabinet Member; Student Coun- cil Represen (alive. Clyde C. Foushee sanfori), n. c. Degree of Course, A.B. A II A o; President Ministerial Assm-ialion. ■ late li ' -bater, •27- ' 2S; Clio Eutrrn.nn o Improviini ' nt Medal ■2S; Supciinh y School of KeliK-ion ■2f.--Z: : U.in.s.ri Conference at Duk. fniv.r.sil , ■; M. C. A. Prot-ram Commitirc. jn -J ' ' ; •■Maiuun iuul Uold " , ' 27- ' 2S; Edito Gold " , ' 28. ' She is mine oivn ,i Autl I tun rich in haviuii .uu h a jeivel H As livenly seas, if all the stiiiJ were pearl, H The iviiler neilar nil,! the rnrhs pure tjold. " S THE PHIPSICLI, 1930 ; 321 • f ly vki THE PHIPSICLI , 193 0 ii - ,?TY ADVISOR PREsmHT C.E. ro ? p f ? FACULTY AU ' " — - r ? 0t GOLD £ v P R K E R Pfis Jf ' P aL QgV AROO PRE5.6TUDENT COUNCIL " ' Z? 15J THE PHIPSICLI, 1930 yiinior ( d55 ' oem Dear ones, as now we sing our song. It brings the thought to mind, The happiness we ' ve know here We nowhere else shall find. We love our chosen color — blue — Which speaks of Truth and Right. The gold shines forth in Purity, To us, a beacon light. Oh, thou red rose, which greets the dawn. Your fragrance gives us joy. We hold thee queen of all the flowers, A gem without alloy. We ' ll labor till our work is done. With friends both tried and true, Till conies the great year U; And then we ' ll say adieu. Then on we ' ll go with courage strong To meet the tests of life. Our emblem fair of blue and gold Held high throughout the strife. Madeline Cates, Class Port. THE PHIPSICLI , 1930 wr- ' ' Or - 1! r Junior Class Officers W. L. Register President W. R. HiGHSMlTH I ' ici-Prcsuicnt Clara Sharpe Secretary Ann Rawls Treasurer THE PHI PSICLl , 1930 Junior Class Mrs. Georgk D. Colclough ELO.M COLLEGE, N. C. Leo Jackson Colclough MORRISVILLE, N. C. Alpha Pi Delta; Clio. E. Marvin Chandler BURLINGTON, K. C. Elmer Etheridge Copeland SUFFOLK, VA. WooDRow Wilson Cox ELON COLLEGE, N. C. MoYDE Aldredge Fite CHARLOITE, K. C. Beta Omicron Beta; Psykalean. Eugenia Dare Green RAMSEUR, N. C. Pi Kappa Tau. Sadie Euzelia Gunter SANBFORD, . C. Psiphuliall. Edwin Gunn REIDSVILLE, N. C. Alpha Pi Delta; Clio. Annie Ruth Harden GRAHAM, N. C. THE PHIPSICLI , 1930 Jiwiior Class Zeb Strickland Harrington moncure, k. c. luta Tail Kappa. WvATT Richardson Highsaiith GREENSVILLE, N. C. Alpha ri Delta: Clio. Henr Collins Hilliard xorlina, n. c. Philologian. Graves Earl Holt CR.AH. .V1, N " . C. Kenneth Bovd Hook WINCHESTER, VA. Alpha Pi Delta; Philolugian. M. R ' Rawls Jon ' es HOLLA M), VA. Delta Upsilon Kappa. Idell Jones SUNBLRV, .v. C. Beta Omieion Beta; P.sykaleon. Georcj; Kellv DUKIIA.M, . . L ' . Iota Tail Kappa. John AI. I,(l R I ' LACIII.AM), .V. L. Kappa I ' sl . u. H.M.Lii; Marie Loy blklin[;tox, n. c. : . i jL fci THE PHIPSICLI, 1930 V| b- " . n Clara Lois McAdams elon college, n. c. Delta Upsilon Kaiipa. Lillian Gladys McIntyre ALTAMAHAW, N. C. Beryl McPherson snow camp, n. c. Martha E. Nhthery BROWN ' SUMMIT, N. C. Tail Zeta Plii; Psiphullan. Myde Helen- Newsom LA GRANGE, N. C. Benjamin Paul Rakestraw wentworth, n. c. Ann Rawls SUFFOLK, VA. Delta Upsilon Kapp: W. L. Register SANDFORD, N. C. Kappa PsI Nu: Philolofe-ian. Gertie Rudd burlington, n. c. V ERA Annette Sap: DOUGLAS, GA. Psykaleon. E. E. Sexton DENTON ' , N. C. THE PHIPSICLI , 1930 Johnnie Clara Shari ' e tl.OX COLLEGE, K. C. D.lla UlJSiloii Kapiia; Psylialcon Pa I I. James Simpson ELO COLLEGE, K. C. rhilolnsiall. John Howard Smith newport news, va. Roland S.xuTii KAIRFIELI), ALA. C. Elsie STOR ■ CIBSOWILLE, N. e. Edna Tyson BURLINGTON ' , N. C. L. C. Williams EAGLE SPRINGS, N. C. Iota Tau Kappa; Pliilolnyian. Sam H. Wilson IIOLLV SPRINGS, N. C. Viola Worsley ELIZABETH, N. J. Dtlta Upsilon Kappa; Psykalu. Sara Edith Wright ASHEBORO, N. C. Ha se Wood GRAHAM, N. C. THE PHIPSICLI , 1930 THE PHIPSICLI, 1930 S ophomore Class Poem As Freshmen ice entered Eton (Ujllegc, On the ship of Thlrty-tico, To set sail on the sea of knoivledge, Determined to dare and do. If ith courage strong and hopes so high. To our Sophomore year ice ' ve eome. And tire proud to see on our pennant The sneecsses ive have icon. May ivc sail on with purpose true Until ice reaeh our high endeavor. Alay " Excelsior " he our icateliicord As ice press oniciird. ever. IVe are on a great adventure. There are vast seas yet to sail. And though adverse icinds at times may hloic, We are determined not to fail. There is no royal road to hioic ledge. Nor is icisdom easy to attain. And ive must strive if ice icould icin And our high objective gain. There are always depths that tee may sound, And fairer countries to explore, Richer treasiins to he found. If e could sail on forevermore. tVilh high ideals Elon-inspired, To ever greater heights icc ' ll seek. Not satisfied with aught acquired Until we ' ve gained the highest peaks. As one icho sailed the seas of old. And through great difficulties icon. We ' ll keep on our course with counu e hold. Undaunted still, sail on and on. Katherine John-son, Class Poet. THE PHIPSICLI , 1930 more Officers Roy Rollins Moses Dickersok Caddell Markl Cochill . . Alta Dick . Pnsi.lrnt . . . I ' icc-Prfs ' hiint . Si-crrlary Triasurir THE PHIPSICLI, 1930 M.ARv NiNx Alcorn RUFFIN, N. C. Francis Irene Aldridge UN ' IOX RIOGK, N. C. Alrerta Francis Aiman SEACROVE, N. C. Mar Elizabeth Auman SEACROVE, N. C. M r Elizabeth Barnwell MEBANE, N. C. Tau Zeta Phi. LaRue Virginia Brann BROWN SUMMITT, N. C. Psiphi-lian. Walton Earl Brill HOOK MILLS, W. VA. AxxA Virginia Britt HOLLAND, VA. Psykalenn; Delta Upsilon Kappa, Strol D Robert Brooks BONLEE, . C. Rlth Elizabeth Bateson SAN ' FERNANDO, CAL. AoNA Lane Briton WADEVILLE, N. C. Psykal.-on. THE PHIPSICLI , 1930 Sopliomore Class Ollik Mattie Bl rgess RAMSEUR, N. C. Moses Dixiox Caodell ELOX COLLEGE, . C. N ' oRM W HlXTOX CaTvIEROV JONESBORO, V. C. Alpha n Delta. RiTH Patricia Carter MT. OLIVE, . C. Jack Ri ffix Chaxdler VIRGILIXA, . C. Kappa Psi Nu : Clio. Bei i.AH Dei.orise Coble BLRLIXGTOV, . C. Mabel Huxter Coghill HENDERSON-, . C. Delta Cp.silon Ka] ])a: Psykalenn. Ja.mes Wil lia.m Corbett GRAHAM, N " . C. Kappa P.si Nu. Tom Savage Corbett SUN ' BURV, . C. Elizabeth Davis CHARLOTTE, N. C. Alta I )risK Dick GREENSBORO, N. C. PI Kaopa Tau; ISiplnlian. THE PHIPSICLI, 1930 Sophomorie Class Kexzih Harrittti; Dofflemvhr EI.KTOX, VA. Iiit.-i Tau Kappa. Edgar McIvrr Dl xcax GKEENSnORn, . c. rliilolucian. Sally Crvstabelle Elder Rl ' RI.lN ' CTOX, . C. Beta Omi.Tan ]!i-ta; rsykalpnn. Thoalas Avera Fowler DUNN, N. C. Iota Tail Kappa. Lrota Lula Frazier JULIAN, N. c. Mahel RiTH (Gregory ANCIER, N. C. Hellah Hensley burlington, n. c. Elizameth Horner BURLINGTON, N. C. Beta omi.rmi Bi ta. M. T. HiNsoN san fori), n. c. Flossie Holt graham, n. c. ( LiNGMAX Woodard Howell OAV BOOK, N. C. THE PHIPSICLI , 1930 Sopliomore Class Doi.i ' HiN ' E Aleathea Irh ' ENFIELD, X. C. Tau Zeta Phi; Psiphelian. Kathhrine Roberta Johxsuv DOVER, DEL. Beta Omicron Beta. Elijah Newman Jones HOLLAND, VA. Iota Tau Kappa; Clio. Maple Spencer Lawrence SEACROVE, X. C. Walton Glenn Lewis altamahaw, n. c. Alpha Pi Delta; I ' liilolnsian. Rodman Grizzard Ln.i. WAVERLY, VA. Cho; Kappa Psi Nu. ' William Gilbert Lockhart se. grovr, n. c. . ll.ha Pi Delta; Clio. Garla.nd Olander Mann holly springs, k. c. PhiloloKian. Henrv Frank Mitchell, Jr. BLiRLINCTON, .V. C. Sigma Phi Beta. Virginia Ora Morton BI RI.INGIOV, N. C. T.UI Zet;, Phi. Rohfrt Wilson Morphis reidsville, n. c. Sigma Phi Beta: Clio. THE PHI PSICLI . 19 30 tut fiat - ' ■• w. . ' ! ' ' :rr ■ T ' liiT Lanxie Doris IMcIvtvre greensboro, n. c. Pi Kappa Tau; Psiphelian. Lois V ' ernell McFarlani. greensboro, n. c. Beta Omicion Beta. Earl Reid Nichols nURHAM, N. C. Kappa I ' si Xu; riio. LeRA IVI ADELINE NlCHOLSON GRAHAM, N. C. Psi|)h. ' lian. Helen- Iola Oliver cedar grove, n. c. J. Rankin Parks. Jr. GREENSBORO, N. C. Kappa Psi Nu; Clio. Jewell Mae Presnell hasfori), fla. Evelyn Bvrd Richardson WAVERI.V, VA. P.slplulian. Roy a. Richardson SUFFOLK, VA. ICaiilia P.si Nu; r.Wo. Frances Wilson Ring EiJINBURG, VA. Uelta Upsilnii KalU ' a-, Psylialeon. THE PHI PSICLI , 1930 Sophomore Class Charles Neil Roberts atlanta, ga. Intn Tau Kappn; riio. Mar ' Elizabeth Rogers burlington ' , n. c. Phi Kappa Tan. Roy Eugene Rollings KAN ' NOPLIS, k. c. Iota Tan Kappa. M.xRv Anne Ri dd BROWX SUMMITT, X. C. Psykali-on. Elizabeth B rd Slack HEMP, N. c. P.siphplian. Fred Austin S.mith HILLSBORO, N ' . C. Iota Tau Kappa; PhilnUmlaii. Harrison Oblrine S.mith brown summitt, n. c. Alpha Pi Dflta. William Gladstone S.mith brown summitt, n. c. Alpha Pi Di-lla; PhilrilivKian. Richarii Ruth S.mith SIl.KR city, W C. Ja.mes Pj.lington Stewart GRF.F.NSIiORO, N. C. SlKnia Phi Beta: Clio. THE PHIPSICLI , 1930 SophoMiore Class Thomas Jacksox Stok.es BEXTON ' , K. C. Elizabeth Cornelia Troxler MIl.TON " , N. C. rsiphelian LitiTary Society. Hermax Newtox Trlitt GLEN RAVEN ' , N. C. Alph.T Pi Di-It.i; Philologi.Tli. Hrlex Gertrude Turner rocky mount, n. c. Tail Z.ta Phi. Jexxie Frances Walters BURLINGTON, N. C. Lii-lta Ulisilnii Kappa. Ural W. rrex W.atson SULLIVAN, INn. Alpha Pi Delta: tTio. Erxa Estelle Williams EAILEV, N. C. Howard T. Williams EAGLE SPRINGS, N. C. Philol.isian. Hrxrv Thom.as AVilliams WEST POINT, CA. Iota Tail Kappa. Evelyn Yates SUFFOLK, VA. Bi ' ta Omicron Beta. THE PHIPSICLI , 1930 THE PH IPSICLI , 1930 If: (.| :k hm mt THE PHIPSICLI , 1930 salm of Freshman (Apologies to Henry W. Longfellow) Tell ine not in motirr ful numbers School is but an empty dream, For the student flunks who slumbers, Lessons are not what they seem. Toil it is, and tod in earnest, Though results do oft provoke, " Thou flunkest math, to math returnest, " Was not spoken as a joke. Themes are long, and brains are lacking And we Rats so dull and green. Still with yellow slips are tracking, Scared and trembling to be seen. Lives of Seniors all remind us, We can win diplomas, too, And departing leaves behind us Proofs of what We Rats can do. THE PHIPSICLl , 1930 Freshman Class Officers C. V, IIOWELL Prist Jllll Joe Dorster r ' ue-Presidrnl Mary Sue Rawles Secretary Katie Pierce Treasurer THE PHIPSICLI . 1930 J - ' m RuFus Henrv Abernathy BVNUM, N. C. Iris Uldeen Albright elon college, n. c. Annie Aldridge altamauaw, v. c. Harvey M. Allen BURLINGTON, N. C. William T. Arthur WHALEVVII.I.E, N. C. Eugenia Annie Atwater TEER, . C. Gladys Barber burlington, n. c. Psiphflian Elizabeth Barney ELON COLLEGE, N. C. Psykaleon Allie Bryant Blue carthage, n. c. Mary Elizabeth Bovven MERRY HILL, N. C. Delta L ' i ' silon Kappa Edmund Wallace Braswell SMITHHELn, N. C. Philogiiin John Casi ' er Branner ROVER, DEL. Paul Irven Brawly MT. ULLA, . C. I)e Temeal Axpe havana, cuba THE PH I PSICLI , 1930 Fresliman Class Dorothy Alice Bright BURLINGTON-, X. C. Charlie Robert Hrowx HILLSBORO, N. C. Pauline Brown burlin ' gtok, n. c. Ralph Emerson tson slllivan, ind. Clio Robert W. Bovles CHARLOrrE, X. c. Lucy Katherine Caudell EI.ON COLLEGE, N. C. Delta Upsilon Kappa • Annie Ruth Chandler BURLINGTON, N. C. PiNKNEY Allen Carpenter STANFIELD, N. C. LoNNiE L. Cates BURLINGTON, N. C. Nortvian Clark SNOW CAMP, N. C. John Lewis Colcolgh MORRISVILLE, N. C. Edith Corbett CURRIE, N. C. Pi Kappa Tau Ko ' i Dhrrill Coulter Air.ANTA, GA. Clio Miciiai:l Lexto Capo matanzas, cuba THE PHIPSICLI, 1930 Freshman Class Edrie Belle Cross RUFFIN, N. C. M.AiMiE Alice Cross RLFFI.V, N. C. Kate Duffy Clrle currie, n. c. Fletcher Corrett SUNBURV, N. C. J. Ray Dickens HOLLY SPRINGS, N. C. Clio Ruth Marie Doggett summerfield, n. c. Psykaleon Joe Fraxklix Do ' ster WAXHAW, N. C. Margaret Iris Dorsett BURLINGTON, N. C. Beta Omicron Beta Edward Lacey Dunn MT. GILEAl), N. C. Philoglan Theo CjLixner Edwards GREENSBORO, N. C. RlTH LUNETTE FaUCETTE BROWN SUMMIT, N. C. J. Archie Fogleman SNOW CAMP, N. C. WisTOR Harold Ford DLAIRS, VA. Philogian Nester Herminic Gomez MATANZAS, CUBA THE PHIPSICLI , 1930 Margaret Ethel Browx burlington ' , n. c. Maxie Lindsay Forrest EFLANn, N. C. XiM A Raxdle Franks RAl.FICH, N. C. Charles Thoivlas Gaddv WADSBORO, N. C. Lettie Godfrey SNOW CAMP, N. C. Ruby Anne Gorik)n brown summit, n. c. John Chester CjRiffin, Jr. SNOW CAMP, N. C. WiLALA Louis Griffin snow camp, n. c. Joshua Bertran Harrell SLITOLK, VA. Thomas Hayes Harrington MONCURE, N. C. George R. Harris richfield, n. c. Largaret Kathleen Hinshaw BURLINGTON, N. C. Pi K.ippa Tau Fdward Corhett Homes m.NN, N. c. Clio Peter ALartin W rick REIDSVM.I.E, N. C. ' fl THE PHIPSICLI , 19 30 Helen Geneva Horner BURLINGTON, N. C. Beta Omicron Beta Dempsey Delrut Horton whai.esvu.le, va. Charles Cook Howell, Jr. JACKSONVILLE, FLA. Sigma Phi Beta Clio Dorothy Deane Humble LIBERH ' , N. C. Dorothy Frances Hi nter ELOX COLLEGE, N. C. Psyl aleon Rena Maude Islev burlington, n. c. Charles David Johnson, Jr. elon college, n. c. R land Earl Johnson elon college, n. c. Leffie Myrtle Jones GLEN RAVEN, N. C. Emma Jane Kendrick FALLSTOy, N. C. Carl Rollin Kfv HEMP, N. c. Philogian E. G. KiLGORE, Jr. GREENSBORO, N. C. Philogian John Aij.en Ki niAi.L MANSOS, N. C. Logan Nyal Womble PmSBORO, N. c. THE PHIPSICLI , 1930 Freslimaii Class Ralph Wallace King raleigh, n. c. Kappa Psi Nu Clio Charles Axgi s Leach STAR, N ' . C. Gladys Hyde Lewis GASTONIA, V. C. PsiphPlian Wilkes Ester Lowe ELOX COLLEGE, X. C. Robert Clee L BR • staxfield, x. c. Grace Rebecca Laxn ' JOXFSRORO, X. C. Grace ALarlette SAXAPAHAW, N. C. Psiphelian Lacy Grimes Larlette SAXAPAHAW, X. C. ALargaret W. ALatkins reidsville, n. c. Tau Zeta Phi Psiphelian Eln ' a Gordon- ALarshall phtsboro, x. c. John William ALatlock EI.OX COLLEGE, . C. Carslyle Ti rner McClold XnKlOI.K, VA. John William McIxtosh SAXDKJRU, X. C. Gus ALa - Womrle SANFORI), X. c. Sk ' y THE PHI PSICLI , 1930 Freshman Class Robert Lacy McLaurin FAVETTEVILLE, N. C. Sigma Phi Beta Emmett L. IVIoffitt, Jr. ASHEBORO, N. C. Sigma Phi Beta. Clio William Freeman Moore AI.TAMAHAW, N. C. Anna Faye Nichols nURHAM, N. C. Hazel Amerith Nichols [lURHAM, N ' . C. Clm k Philip Page V ANL VIII.K, N " . C. Mary Edna Phillips altamahaw, . c. Elizareth Katie Pierce SINBURV, . C. Tau Zeta Phi George Ranson Pollard PRINCETON ' , N. C. Mary Sue Rawls SUFFOLK, VA. Delta Upsilon Kappa Irene Graham Ring EDINBURG, VA. Delta Upsilon Kappa Psykaleon Elizabeth Sharpe waverlv, va. Tau Zeta Phi Psiphelian Maggie Lee Sechriest THOMASVILLE, N " . C. Pi Kappa Tau Bennett Allen Weldon i.nuisnuRr:, n. c. LARGARET Agnes Johnson DUNN, N. C. Psiphelian THE PHIPSICLI , 1930 Freslhmaiii Class Velma Rni ' .KccA Shfrron DURHAM, V. C. Pauline Sloan JONESBORO, N. C. Psipli.lian Kermot Elizarhth Smith ALBEMARLE, N. C. Mary Irene Snipes BVNUM, N ' . C. Don Page Steed CANDOR, N. C. Sigma Phi Beta Alice Elizabeth Stephens HERTFORD, N. C. Psiphflian Margaret Elizabeth Stokes GRAHAM, K. C. Beta Omicron Beta Martha I oi ise Stroi d nVNUM, K. c. Annie Christine Tedder mt. gilead, n. c. Psiplielian Annie Mae Tvner GULF, N ' . C. Elsie Tvner GULF, . C. Sei.iMa Thomas Walters ni RI-I G10 ' , N. c. Margaret Si rratt BIRI.INGTOV, N. C. John Carl Spivev san ' dford, v. c. I ' lliloKlall Licv E. Foist GRAHAM, N. C. THE PHIPSICLI , 1930 THE PHIPSICLI, 1930 D. C. Walker (Coach) This is Coach Walker ' s third season at Elcin. In the past season he has proven to be of high efficiency in practical coaching of the three major sports. He has just passed through the most suc- cessful season of his career here. He has placed Eion on the football and basketball map, and has held her high standing in baseball. Walker knows these three sports, and he is capable and able to put into practice all that he knows. PHIPSICLI, 1930 Clifton J. Thomas Aliiritu rr " Thomas " has made a very efficient man- ager for the 1929 baseball team. His serv- ices to the coach and visiting teams have been invaluable. Levi P. Wilkins Manaijrr Levi has been an asset to the coach, tiie team and to Elon College because of his won- derful, efficient management of his own team and in taking care of the visiting teams. He is to be recommended for the courtesy he has shown to all the teams and the splendid atti- tude he has taken toward his work. THE PHIPSICLI, 1930 FOO TBALL ill m I ' M ' m Re )WLAND Smith (Captain) " Smitty " has led his tram to many victories this season — the best record the FiglitinK Christians have ever made. " Smitty ' ' knows foot ' oall and he has proved it by his val- iant leadership and his hard fighting spirit he has dis- played throughout the season. " Smitty " was a tackle who had for his policy " get your man. " He also displayed great ability m forcing the offensive with his punts. THE PHIPSICLI, 1930 K. B. DOFFI-KMYRE " Doffy " is good on line plays because of his hai ' d daring dr man for :xt UICK CAODKLL eloped fast on account Dick has developed fast on account of his sp.ed and his ability to get his man. He tackles hard and does not mind his opponents falling hard. I ' KAI, WATSON Watson is a hard fighter; quick to act, and guards close. He had the misfortune of breaking his hand in the early part of the season, but expect him to be back strong next season. ZACK WALKER Zack, the Q. B.. has been a live wire running the right plays and in calling football and has gained much ground for this he has gained ground as a student. GBORGE KBLLEY Kelley is small but he is loud when he is asked to gaii He is very clever in side-stepping and dodging, awake and is always attempting his duty. J. WAGGONER " Jatio " knew football and he proved it by g ground on the " cross-buck " play. He was the runner of the eleven. FOSTER HUGHES 3 cl ver with his hands in placing his opponent out m. His devilish look had its effect, but back of his hard drive to execute his looks. ROY ROLLINS has made an efficient end because of liis ability on punts; to stop plays from coming around his ability to act when he would. ng the tear Zack knovi and back ( stays Hughe of commi face was " Country " to go down end and his THE PHIPSICLI ■•Boll Weaver ' is ball because he never gives in. He is a stc; does his bit with the old football spirit. E. COBBIT HOLMES " Don. " left tackle, is known for his hard, steady fighting without any complaint. He had the misfortune of breaking his ankle in the last part of the season, but nevertheless we expect him back with a double portion of his old fighting spirit. HENRY T. HII.I.IA ' .MS, Captain-Elect " Pete. " the smiling, hard fighting, hard driving fullback, has won himself a name in the football world because of his ability to break through the line and stop plays. " Pete " led the state in scoring for a greater part of the football season. " Pete " has won the hearts of the student body and also his teammates and he has been chosen to lead his teammates through many lines and across many goal lines this next season. ARflUE FOGI.KMAN mat ' .rial, ' but with his hard fighting to back an outstanding man. K. W. MOKPIIIS " Shrimp " is small, but he is worth his weight in gold as far s the position of center is concerned. His passing is quirk and ccurate. Small, neverthele.ss he has been successful in lilork- ig the center against his opponents. PAUL WAGGONEK " Hans " is quick to act — clever in . ' .nagging passes out of the ir. and in side-stepping and stiff-arming. He was one of the ' trungcst units of tlie ' leven. JOHN C. CLARK " Body " has shown excellent ability in excorial ent by his close guarding. " Body " has speed to back It. He has been a strong unit i ' 2» record. KEB HARRINGTON " Zeb " has made a good end because in .snagging jind In breaking up jiasse; his oppo- plenty of laking the he stays awake PHIPSICLI, 19 30 - . .: lfLX i ■ 1 Ik- past football season has been the most outstanding season in the history of Eion. Coach Walker drilled and trained his men to the highest efSciency any Elon football team has ever reached. Some of the men and the games made this season the greatest. " Pet ' s " lianl tackling on defense and his terrific driving on offense gave Elon the honor of being the first " little six " team to ever cross David- son ' s goal line. Elon again upset the Dope Bucket by defeating Emory-Henry, 19-15. This was accomplished by Jabo ' s snappy broken field running; Paul Wagoner snatching passes from the air; Zack Walker ' s end runs; Don Holme ' s hard tackling; Shrimp ' s perfect passing; Roulaiul ' s 71)- yard dash and the high-spirited fight of the remainder of the team being backed by a high-spirited student body made this game a glorious vic- tory. Palmer, Barrett, Jr., with his high-spirited cheer leading lield the student body in high spirit through the football season. THE PHIPSICLI BASKETBALL George Kelley (Captain) Kclle has led liis teammates through the most successful season in history. Kelley is a good sport, but with it he is a hard fighter. He is quick on his feet ; speedy with passing and receiving passes. He is impossible to guard without fouling him, because he is so clever in handling the ball, and of a size that is hard to guard. (Jeorge has done much toward bringing Klon her victories. PHIPSICLI . 1930 K .- O " Lefty " Briggs demonstrateil hia ability to place the ball structure. He is tall and with his long ii dead sure for the basket was changed. Coa ■■Lefty " fights hard anil always fair to hii ilefense. He has played cent .vhere he desires it. On dele rm.s and big hands th e cours ■h Walker said that Briggs vv opponent-s. He has never bi thiy tid he e ■■L,-fty ' is a towering of many balls that was the best sport he knew. 1 know n to question the as " Lefty ' s " last season. Nash Parker that This season Nash has proven to Ijoth the coach and the fans by his blazing demonstrat he knows practical basketball. Tp until the last few games of the past sea.-ion .N ' nsh did not have a showing, but when his opportunity came he broke aloose in flying colors. I think I speak public sentiment when I say that he has been Elon ' s outstanding man and offenser. His quick, accurate shooting, .splendid passing and his great teamwork has won him a name that will not leave the heart of the students. E. Jones .Tones, has been working hard to ball next season by the rapid progret earn basketball. We ar s he has made. Dick Caddell • expecting him to play good basket- Dick is a man we are looking for himself well, fair on defense, and on vard to be a leading mai offense he is fair in pas for the coming season, sing and clever in shoot Dick carried ng. He is a good sport, but with it he is a hard flghto THE PHIPSICLI, 1930 Roy Rollins " Country is a man who is good in .aiy position you plate liim. on olTi-nsi- he is clever in pass- ing and shootinK. Hi- is with the team and not self. On defi nse he is strong because of his height. His ai-ms are long and he too is good in breaking up passes and turning balls from their season but we expect him to come back with Hying colors next season. Fred Caddell " Bay " is strong on defense and shows good teamwork on offense. He guards hard and clos His policy is to stick to your man like a leach does you, and this policy is practiced while on tt lloor. Fred has worked hard and accomplished much in learning and piaying basketbal. Zack Walker Zack i.s fast on his feet and is good in working the entire lloor. He is what vou call lucky with his shoots and fair on defense. He is a hard worker who never gives up until the last whisile his blown. Back of his ability as an athlete he is a student. PHIPSICLI 1929 1930 Basketball Schedule and Score Elon j(, ; High Point Y i8 Elon 41 ; (niilford ig Elon 2S ; A. C. C 23 Elon 26; Wake Forest 29 Elc Elon Elon Elon Elon Elon Elon Elon Elon Elon Elcn Elon Elon Elon Elon Elon 23; High Point 30 2(S; Guilford 21 31 ; Emorv-Henrv 30 30; V. P. ' I. . ; 21 31 ; Bridgevvater 24 26; American Unixersitv 29 26; IVIt. St. Mary ' s . ' . 30 34; Randolph-Macon 31 31 ; Richmond Hliies 30 35 ; A. C. C 20 29; High Point 30 24 ; Lenoir-Rhyne 28 30; Davison 44 35; Catawaba 31 31 ; Lenoir-Rhyne ; 24; Catawaba 14 THE BASEBALL C. V. Briggs, Jr. (Captain) " Lefty, " the long-armed " southpaw, " reported for practice at the Elon baseball field in the spring of ' 27. " Lefty " has always played the game for all that he was worth, yet with it he has been a sport at all times. Out of his twenty-eight games he has lost only four. This has won him the name of the easy-deliver- ing, cool-headed " Lefty. " He knows baseball; has great ability, and puts into practice both. He has shown that he can master the team, as well as himself, in tight places. He has won the confidence and hearts of both the students and his teammates. He is a gentleman in every respect. THE PHIPSICLI, 1930 15? flOt G. O. AIanx Old " AmhitioM, " a relief pitcher, is prom- i iiiR material for the future team. He has much natural ability, and if he vill master baseball and will make use of his ability he vill make a record that will place Elon, as well as himself, on the map. Louie P. Zeic.ler " Wing-fnnt, " the fastest man of Elon eleven, has filled the position of centerfielder ith plenty of speed and accuracy. He hurt his ankle in the early part of the season, but that did not keep him from playing efficient baseball through the season. D.WID W. ShEI ' HERI) David, " O ' l Reliable, " has been the stead- iest man that ever caught for any team. He has been an inspiration to the men who have pitched to him — to the team as a whole and to the student body because he had that fight- ing, driving spirit that could never be rattled, or ever give up. Back of this he was a stu- iltTU and a sport through and through. Walter Latham " Firpo " has an exceptional record for a Freshman. His position as a relief pitcher proved a great success. His regular position was first base, where he played the game ith " head-up. " We are expecting him to be an outstanding man the coming season. John: C. Ceark " Cap, " the home ru[i king, has maje a smashing record for the past three seasons, and is expected to surpass his records in the opening season. His position is right field and he has filled this position as only a sport with great baseball ability could have. PHIPSICLI Richard K. Moore " Sparkie ' was a new man, but filled the position of first base ver etficiently. The rapidity of his development was outstanding, and by the close of the season he was play- ing " wide-awake " baseball. Howard Hriggs " Otncy " has been a shining light for the Elon eleven. He is one of the strongest units of the team both in fielding and in slugging the apple, flis first season he played second base with high efficiency. The last season he was shifted to shortstop and here he proved even a greater success. Fred S. Caddell " Babe, " after a year layout, returned for practice last season and filled the position of second base. He has developed rapidlv and before the season was far gone he was play- ing efficient baseball. He will be a strong unit in holding Elon in her high rank. Loyd Smith " Reil, " the red hot third baseman, has made a great record, both in fielding and in the " varsity drag. " He led the team in abil- ity and the use of his ability to make his sacrfices good. He has to his credit several victories won by using the " varsity drag. " Hlrlev S. Shepherd Hurley, " Hambone, " has done his bit as a relief pitcher toward making the Elon team have high records for the past four years. He has brought to Elon and himself several victories by his hard, faithful wi:rk until the end. PH I PSICLI , 1930 Baseball Mesuks, 1929 Elon 4; Springfield j- Eloii 11; High Point 5 Elon Elon Elon Elon Elon Elon Elon Elon Elon Elon Elon 2; WofFord i Elon 8; Cuilford 2 Elon I ; Catawba 4 Elon 19; Bridgewater o Elon 10; Guilford .... 4 I ; Bridgewater 4 3; ' irginia Polytechnic In titute 6 ri ; Emor y-Henry 6 10; Catawha 8 5 ; Wofford o 1 3 ; Wake Forest 5 3 ; I.encir-Rhyne 5 4; Winston-Salem Twins 7 ' 4 ; Davidson i 5 ; Lenoir-Rhyne S Baseball Schedule Se.ason 1030 March 25 — Springfield Elon March 28-— Davidson Elon April I — Catawba Elon April 3— V. P. I There April 4— V. P. 1 There April 5 — Emory-Henry There April 8— Guilford Elon April II — High Point There April I S— Wake Forest . . Elon April 21 — High Point .... Greensboro April 24 — Piedmont , Elon April 26 — Lcnoir-Rh ' . tic Elon April 29 — Catawba . . There April 3c — Lenoir-Rhyne There May 3— Guilford There May 6 — Davids-n . . There May 8 — Piedmont ... There Mav 9 — Piedmont . . There Home G.vmf.s Called at 3:00 P.M. D. C. Walker Co,,, Admission 50 Cents C. M. Cannon Gtneral Mannyn C. . Bkiccs THE PH I PSICLI , 1930 A — - u •- ' 1929 RASBALL SQIAD Baseball Tlu ' past season has been an exceptional liigli point in the history of baseball. The team has worked hard to , make this season a great success. Coach Walker ' s hard drilling and his strategy in handling men, organized a team that has demonstrated some of the greatest team- work that has been shown for several years. The team has worked as a unit to win honor to Elon, and not to self. THE PHIPSICLI , 1930 E Men ' s Officers jEORCE Kellv Prrsidfnl J. C. Clark Vue-PrrsiJinl C. ' . Brigos Si ' cretary-Treasunr MCMI ' .FP.S Z. S. HARRIN ' mOX Ralph Cocgins k. b. dofflemyre E. A. McPherson Ralph Johnson Robert Marphis Pete Willl ms CoRBETT Holmes Archie Foglfman Foster Hughs John Branner Levi VVii.kins, Fred CAiinFLL Dick Caddell Paul Caduell Zac Walker Rocland Smith Roy Rollins Nash Parker Earl Watson Paul Simpson G. O. Mann Everett Goebel Manager THE PHIPSICLI, 1930 TRACK J K P.M L SiMPSOV Ccach m . E. A. McPhkrsox (]apt(nn PHIPSICLI, 1930 Track Squad Paul Simpson, C.nacli Members Charlie Roberts J. Rav Dickens Palmer Barreit Charles Leach Dan Steed Carl Key Elmer Copelaxd Clvoe Pace Earl Nickols (;. O. Mann IsMEAS De Axpe V. E. Brill Numa Franks Edwin (Junn Robert Bovles Elvvood Dunn Paul Brawlv G. E. KlLGORE Sam B. Wilson J. Howard Smith Paul Rakestraw Lacy Marlette C. W. Howell E. H. Broswell Miguel Capo Jack Siokes ISS WILLA WALKER fhipsicli Sponsor SMRS. %. W. SMAGEE SMaroon and Qold Sponsor SMISS QRACE SMANN sponsor of cAlhletics SMISS WILLIE liELL WICKER Football Sponsor SMISS I OLL UNDERWOOD liaskethall Sponsor miss qALTA ' DICK Baseball Sponsor SMISS SMARTHA LOUISE SCOTT Senior C Z55 Sponsor SMRS. J. H. REGISTER junior C " " Sponsor SMISS OLLIE BURGESS Sophomore C ' " Sponsor ISS SMARY SUE %AWLES Freshman C " " Sponsor THE PHIPSICLI , 1930 4 Ci o r o C ' c " , - p. Z-J - ' " - c CLIO LITERARY SOCIETY THE PHIPSICLI Theobore R. Hf.ntok Daniel C. Boone Robert W. Boyd Leo J. CoLCLOUGH Delos M. Eider Edwin A. Gunn WVATT R. HiCHSMITH Ralph H. Johnson Fred Nash Parker B. Paul Rakestraw J. Howard Smith J. Rankin Parks, Jr. Rl) A. RlCllARDSON James E. Stewart Walton E. Brill William G. Lockhart Earl R. Nichols Ural W. Watson Charles N. Roberts Elijah N. Jones Jack R. Chandler Robert W. Morphis Rodman G. Lilly Elmer E. Copelakd Sam B. Wilson Julius C. Gresham Charles T. Gaddv Charles C. Howei.i R. Wallace King Maxie L. Forrest NuMA R. Franks GUS M. WOMBLE J. Ray Dickens John W. McLntosii Paul L Brawley Eugene F. Walker Ralph E. Watson Emmet L. Moffitt, Jk E. Corbet Holmes Jr. THE PHIPSICLI , 1930 C ff •n- Clio Debaters Annual Debate j. C. Gresham R() Richardson Is Aij ' H Johnson THE PHIPSICLI , 1930 Hii story of Clio Literary Society HE Clio Literary Society was organized in the spring of 1888-9 in the Graham Normal College. It contin- ueii there about two years, until the buildings were ccnipleted at Elon. Then the school was moved to its present site. The name of the society was gi en to the societ ' by Ur. George T. inston, i resi.lent of the I ' niversity of North Carolina. The students felt that if the - could have two societies on the campus this would create competition among the societies and they would accompli.sh better work toward advancing the |irogress of both societies. Since the societ ' has been organized, it has been foiuid that progress has been made in both societies. The special pin ' pose of the society was to create a better and more enthusiastic interest in speaking, debating and practice in Parliamentar ' Law. Among some cf the charter members were J. AL Roberts, Hrock Jones, Livvie Crockell, B. F. Long, and S. E. Everett. Among the outstanding members are Dr. Newman, honorary member of both societies; Dr. W. A. Harper, president of Elon College; Hon. J. A. Long; Dr. J. C Atkinson, secretary cf For- eign Missions; Hon. C. C. Howell, Dr. L W. Johnson, Rev. H. S. Hardcastle, Lieutenant-Governor Long, and D. P. Harrett, who is a foreign missionary in Porto Rico. Since the society has been organized it has turneil out some out- standing men, and the society still plays a ' ery important part on tlie campus towanl moulding young men for their future career. THE PHIPSICLI, 1930 PHILOLOGIAN LITHRARV SOCIETY THE PHIPSICLI , 1930 dan Moster D. P. Barrktt, Jr. H. C. Milliard J. C. Clark K. B. Hook Roy Coulter Carl Key Ralph Cogcixs E. G. Kilcore R. F. CoRnEn E. E. Kipka E. H. Braswell E. F. Knight Norman Cameron A. P. Lewis C. C. Dollar W. G. Lewis V. H. Dl-ncan G. O. Mann K. B. Dofflemyer Paul Magee Elwood Dunn W. L. Register W. H. Ford W. G. Smith H. O. Smith F. A. Smith J. C. Spivey Charlie Talbert E. H. Thompson H. N. Truitt Ralph Weston L. C. Williams H. T. Williams Aytch York Paul Simpson THE PHIPSICLI, 1930 I ' HILOLOGIAN ENTERTAINERS THE PHIPSICLI , 1930 ANNUAL ENTERTAINMENT ilogiae Literary Society Whitley Auditorium, Elox Collegk, N. C. Thuis( l;i v Evening, November 28, 1929 8:o i P.M. PROtiRAM Welcome Address C. C. Dollar Organ Solo, " Jubihit Deo " (Silver) Paul Magee Oration E. F. Knight Debate — R s(jIvciI: " That Fiction Is of Greater Educational Value Than Poetry. " Jffiriiifilivc Negative F. . . SMnir H. N. Trlht Roy { " oui.tkr W. G. Lewis Sketch Charlks Talbkkt V. L. Recistkr Norman Cameron Piiilologian song Society Entertainment Committee n. P. Harreit, Jr., Cluiii man E. E. KiPKA W. L. Recisiek . vtch ork K. B. Hook ( " . V. Dollar . ' . P. Lewis Marshals V. H. DUNCAN ' , Clm-f C O. Mann W. IL Iord K. 15. liOOK J. C. SlMVEV 129 THE PHIPSICLI , 1930 PSVKALEON LITERARY SOCIETY THE PHIPSICLI , Psykaleoe Program January 18, 1930 The Gypsy Trail (Galloway-Warhuist) Song by Society Welcome (by retiring president) Clarice Gunn Solo, " Where My Caravan Has Rested " Frances Ring Oration Anna Virginia Britt Poem, " Roofs " (Joyce Kilniar) Irene Ring Solo, " A Romany Spring Song " Idell Jones Fortune-telling Adna Lane Bruton Group song Society Marshals Irene DelancVj C iicf Sally Eluer Rl ' TH Alexaxder Program Committee Viola Worsley, Chairman Ruth Alexander Alma Kimball Frances Ring Clara Siiarpe THE PHIPSICLI , 1930 i ' sii ' Hi:i.i, . i,iti:r. ry society THE PHI PSICLI , 1930 Psipheliain Gladys Barber LaRue Brann Alta Dick Alma Fauceite Mary Steel Farmer Lillian Foust Leota Frazier Roster Ella Kevser Garreti DoLPHiNE Irbv Acnes Johnsom Gladys Lewis Grace Marleite Margaret Matkins Lannie McLvtyre Martha Netheky Evelyn Richardson Elizabeth Sharpe Elizabeth Slack Pauline Sloan Elizabeth Stephens Annie Christine Tedder Nellie White Eduh ' kight PHIPSICLI , 1930 History ©f the Psipheliae Literary w;.|1NE of the oldest organizations on the Elon College campus is the Psiphelian Literary Society. This society was estab- lished in 1890, three years after the college was established. Dr. J. O. Atkinson gave the society its Greek name and the meaning attached to this name. He also helped establish the so- ciety. The Psiphelians had no regular jilace of meeting when tlie society was first organized and met in one of the members ' rooms or at the home of one of the faculty. The society soon became such a strong and efficient organization, however, that a definite meeting place was es- tablished. The fire which destroyed almost all of Elon destroyed also the meeting place of the Psiphelian Literary Society. After Elon was erected the Psiphelians continued to " carry on. " In the beginning the society did not ha e a large number of mem- bers and the number has varied on down through the years since Psiphe- lian was first organized, but the members have always been faithful and true to " Psiphelian. " The " red letter " day for the society has always been Easter Monday, which is known as " Psiphelian Day. " Since the .society was first or- ganized the members have entertained the public on that day with a program that demonstrates their literary ability. The Psiphelian Literary Society has been a shining light on the Elon College campus since iSgo. IVLiy it continue on through the ages as such. THE PHIPSICLI, 1930 itlaroon aitb (§olb CHRISTIANS VANQUISH BEARS IN THEIR FINAL TILT tn.i.w.E p.woH niiuii.iM.iiV. t K .st T vahikii i ' hih.r u tuHU Tinnir.. iin tu:NTS Editorial Staff Paul Magf.e Edilor-in-Cliicf c;. D. Colclouch Uumni Editor Wautell Lambeth Irt Editor Charles Roberts ..... Sports Editor L. C. Williams .... Manaijing Editor Alma Kimbai.i Co-Ed Editor J. II. Smith . IssistanI Editor Rlth S.mith Social Editor E. F. K.vicht Joki- Editor Adxa Lane Bkuton . . . Ilitid Ri-pnrtrr HLSIXES.S Staff V. L. Recistkr .... Iliisiniss Manatjer G. . . Guw . .hsisliuil Ihisinrss Mamujer . H. Olncan Idvcrlisinij Maniiiirr Circulation ' Clir K. n. IIooK, Cirmhiliuii Mnna jcr THE PHIPSICLI, 1930 LA6T COiOmADE RHObODEHDHOH ■1 I - nrstfif L 1 F 1 mJb j kM JUi ' m 1 vas ' Ks a g v H AUDITORIUM (yf T PHIPSICLI, 1930 Ministerial Association Officers J. Howard Smith Pnsidinl Rov Coulter Vice-Presidcnl W. E. Brill Snrilary B. P. Rakestkaw Triiisuiir Members Daniel C. Boone Ralph Johnson Robert Boyles Edward E. Kipka Walton E. Brill Robert Mabry Roy D. Coulter jOrdon Marshall J. Roy Dickens Clyde P. Pace C. Carl Dollar B. Paul Rakestraw Charles Gaddy Fred Smith H. C. HiLLiARD Glen Weston NuMA Franks A. H. Weston Robert Forbis Sam B. Wilson 138 THE PHIPSICLI , 1930 [eligious Activities Cabiest ClAKRE GVSK . . E. II. Thompson . Officers . . PresUent Marv Rldd . . I ' i(i--Prrsiclenl Kenneth Hook . Secretary Treasurer THE PHIPSICLI , 1930 meg W omee s l Jiristiam ifflition Officers Alma Kimball President Frances Ring Secretary V ' lOLA WoRSLEY t ' iee-President Jewell Presnell Treasurer THE PHIPSICLI, 1930 m ¥ r Youing Men ' s Christiae Association EUODAIS KXIGHT Officfrs President Hai.e Duncan yice-Prrsidrni THE PHIPSICLI , 1930 ' 4a Mia -. - 2 ' " ::. i J ristiae Jtedeavor Officers Lillian Un-derwood Prcsidrnt Masten Green Mabel Cochu.l .... Sccri ' lary-Trrasii ria--PnsiJi-nt THE PHIPSICLI , 19 30 WXnAeniy THE PHIPSICLI, 1930 THE PHIPSICLI, 1930 Pan Hellemic Council Officers D. P. Barret, Jr., Presidcnl Ka l a I ' si Nu Sidney F. Jackson, Vice-Prcsidinl Siijina I ' hi liela Mary Rawls Jones, Si-crrlary Delia rpsilmi Kh ' hi C. Carl Dollar ■ « ' Dili,: George D. Kelly loui Tan Kapl a Eva Parker Tau ,iia Phi Alta Dick ' ; Kal ' pn Tau Lois McFarlaxd Hi la Ominon liela THE PH I PSICLI , 1930 THE PHIPSICLI. 1930 C , c ' IOTA TAU KAPPA THE PHIPSICLI , 1930 K. B. DOFFLF.MVER H. T. Williams Z. S. Harrington C. N. Roberts R7 E. Rollins J. C. Gresham Hrothfrs IX Collegia C. ' Briggs, Jr. P. E. Caodell L. P. WiLKINS E. A. McPherson L. A. Williams T. S. Caddell J. C. Clark G. D. Kei.lv E. N. Jones E. E. KiPKA F. A., Smith T. A. TowLER R. C. COGCINS Honorary Me,mhhr.s Dr. W. A. Harper Deax A. I.. Hook Prof. J. W. BARNE V)«.. N. F. Brannock Prof. Ralph H. Tower W. T. Beatv Howard Briggs H. T. Efiri) Wm. H. Ellis T. D. Eure Dace W. Jqnes C. W. KiPKA D. L. Newman G. E. Ring R. E. Sims C. J. Thomas J. W. Van H(k)K R. C. Wightman, Jr. F. J. Alston T. H. Andrew W. J. Apple H. a. Branner Hrothfrs Out of Collhge J. R. Barker G. W. Bock R. B. BvRD M. W. Cakrow Ralph Coggins Co.vrad Donnell W. C. Elder D. E. Eure J. M. Fix, Jr. Arthur Fowler E. F. Gilliam J. L. Hiatt A. L. Holt B. D. Jones Harden Jones G. A. Kirkland J. C. Latham Johnnie Lankford E. W. McCAUI.F E. P. McLeod G. R. Miller E. I,. Parkerson J. A. Parks K. W. PAnoN C. E. Sides C. H. Slaughter E. E. Snotherly A. J. Strum, Jr. M. G. Stranlev N. V. Raub P. C. Walker G. L. Williams W. L. WOODIE W. W. WOODIE S. n. ' oni)iE THE PHI PSICLI , 1930 4 % KAPPA PSI NU THE PHIPSICLI , 1930 Palmer Barreit, Jr. Jack Chandler James Corbett A. L. Combs C. M. Cannon C;. D. COLCLOUCH Kappa Psi Nu Brothers ix Coi.lhgk Ma SIGN Green Wallace King Rodman Lilly John Lovverv Brothers in P ' acl lt- - D. B. Harrell M. V. Hook Earl Nichols J. Rankin Parks, Ik Lester Register Roy Richardson C. James ' ei,ie E. W. V ' ICKERS S. H. Abell E. W. Auman H. C. Amick E. Abell F. D. Ballard J. G. Banks J. I). Banks A. L. Brinkley L. M. Cannon C. J. Crutchfield J. N. Denton J. H. Dollar J. H. DOFFLEM ER L. R. EZELL W. M. Ferris B. W. Everette J. W. Fix J. L. Floyd J. M. Farmer W. M. Garrison C. V. (iORDON J. D. GORREI.L I. (). IIalser C. W. Hook F. G. Hunter L. F. Johnson O. C. Johnson W. D. Lambert P. E. LlNDLEY Brothers Out of Collkgk V. A. LiNDLE Y S. M. Lymann J. L. Finch J. M. McAdams K. R. Mc olman J. E. McCaui.ey C;. C. Mann V. E. Moon M. L. Patrick E. H. Rainy R. S. Rainy M. Z. Rhodes P. D. Rldd H. L. Scott W. D. Scott H. G. Self R. R. Sides VV. B. Terrell R. W. I ' TLEY L. ' . Watson G. C. White M. J. -. White ( ' . L. Walker M. G. Wicker G. E. Hanner H. M. Lynch E. C. White R. F. Morton J. B. Newman R. H. GuNN J. E. Watts D. O. Saunders G. F. WoMni.E J. A. Walker J. P. McNeil H. Richardson C. E. Newman Melvin Wyrick J. V. WOMBAI.fi E. W. ViCKERS G. B. Ham.vierick Dan Northcutt J. B. Utley J. R. Walker G. D. COLCI.OUGII D. B. Harrell ' C5. F. WOMBLE W. P. Lawrknce H. G. Robertson Elbert Rhodes C. P. Thompson L. C. DOSIER J. n. Lee, Jr. Jack Mosei.ey a. a. dofflemyer J. C. Watts A. A. RnnREQuEz THE PHIPSICLI, 1930 ALPHA PI DELTA THE PHIPSICLI, C. Carl Dollar G. Aytch York T. Roosevelt Benton Paul R. Magee Elodhs F. Night . G. Lewis EnwiN A. Gl n Alpha Fi Delta ])RllTHHRS IN CoLI.nCE Leo J. Coi.ci.ouGH Nl ' ma R. Franks Kenneth B. Hook W. Harold Ford Edward F. Isely Clyde C. Foshee Alton P. Lewis Herman N. Truitt Norman H. Cameron W. G. Smith IIral W. Watson Wyatt R. Highsmith Harrison O. Smihi J. Carl Spivey Honorary or Associath ME? iRrRs Rev. a. W. Hurst Proe. T. E. Powell Prof. A. R. Wwcleave 1?R()THKRS Out of College J. Forrest Qualls W. L. McLeod E. Milliard Qualls D. YouK Brannock Ferry Lee Gibbs Thomas V. Huey Marvin M. Johnson Robert M. Hook H. E. Crutchfield M. A. McLeod A. Burnett Johnson Lyman E. Angel W. R. Maxwell Luther Browder Britt L. Green James M. Green Paul G. Hook Richie E. Britile S. Gay Alexander S. Percy Hudson Frank H. Alexander Dewey Mast RoMiE G. Davis James B. Brown Twiman G. Andrews Hurley S. Shepherd Alien W. Laxton Om.ie V. Deaton David W. Shepherd Marion A. Nethery Cecil A. Cox W. G. Lockhart THE PHIPSICLI , 1930 SIGMA PHI BETA THE PHIPSICLI, 1930 M H Robert Boyd J. E. Stewart Robert Morphis DOV SiKEI) L. D. Martin F. C. CoRiiOV R. W. Andrews 1 " . W. Alexander H. S. Alexander J. O. Atkinson, Jr. Dwicht Heoegher A. I. Braxton Paul Braxton L. J. Bray A. H. Brown R. C. Brown G. A. Brown P. B. Brawley H. A. Clark W. S. Cardwell Roy Gather j. e. corbitt T. S. CORBITT L. E. Fesmier C. P. Flyxn A. B. FOGLEMAN F. K. Garvey I). E. Tlrner, Jk. II. I,. Trotman II. ] ' ,. Roi NTREE (;. H. tVDEKWOOD J. B. Gay, Jr. W. !■ ' . GoiivviK Sigma Phi Beta Hr()thi:r.s in College RORERT McLaURIN E. L. MoFFiT, Jr. Charles Howeli. IIlCKEY MncllKLL Honorary AIkmishrs C. C. FONVILLE Hrothers Out of College V. F. Greenwood O. B. Gorman A. N. Green W. C. Griffin D. L. Harrell O. H. Henderson T. B. Henderson W. D. Henderson C. Humphreys C. R. Hutchinson B. B. Johnson E. S. Johnson H. H. Johnson C. L. Kimball I). B. Long V. E. Marlette D. D. Martin C. P. MacNalley K. B. Meadows David Miller J. F. ' 0LIVER J. C. WniTKSII.L P. J. ' iiiii:si:i,i. C. M. Miller S. R. Moffitt R. V. Morris R. T. McCloud Dr. N. G. Newman AjAx Rich Nash Parker Tom Corbitt Sidney Jackson M. I.. c;ray Dr. Gilmer Holland T. B. Parks L. J. Perry E. G. Pursell J. F. Paper . C. R. Reavts C. R. Read O. T. Robertson E. E. Sechriest J. J. SiMILEE J. W. Simpson J. E. Smith W. G. Stoner I R. ' . Stuart Forrest Swanson W. R. Thomas H. E. White Worth B. Wicker Dan D. Wicker Fred I. Dickerson J. I.. Foster, Jr. W. R. IIinton, Jr. II. W. II AR I LEY W. C. I.AIIIAM HiNlON ROUNTREE A. C. Stephenson A. M. SlEPlIENSON R. P. Watson THE PH I PSICLI , 1930 BETA OMICRON BETA THE PHIPSICLI, 1930 ©t,a Onnicroii Beta Sisters in Com.rgf, Mrs. Geo O. Colclough Katherixf. Johnson EvEi.VN Yates MAVDE FlTE Idell Jones Lois McFari.axd Ruth Alexander Sally Elder Alberta Roberts Virginia Brown Helen Horner Nellie White Elizabeth Horner Iris Dorsett Margaret Stokes Jeaneite Stout Honorary Mkmbhrs Mrs. V. a. Harper Miss Florence Fisurk Marjorie Moore Virginia Harden Mary Brannock Nannie Stout Marion Nalle Dolly Williams Charix)tte Roberts Vicrotk Adams Dorothy Belvin Effie Bowder Mrs. Maurine Brioos Mrs. C. M. Cannon Mrs. E. M. Cannon Lois Corbeti Pattie Cochili, Carmen Collier Essie Coiten Grace Crockeit SisTKRS Oi T OF College Ruth Crawford Bessie Dale Mrs. Robert Ernst Wilson Gatewood Mrs. H. S. Hardcastle Mrs. Marvin Holt Mai.va Hight Maude Hendrick Elsie Jones Katherine Johnson Estelle Kelly Mrs. S. L. Lane Mrs. G. M. Lupo Mrs. T. E. Powell Mrs. Eunice R Powell Helen Rhodes Pearl Reynolds Annie Simpson Glad s Simpson Novvie Smith Callie Spruill Gladys Spruill Frances Sterrett Grace Stout Edna Stout Mary Stout WiLLEY Stout Mary Hall Stryker Margaret Terry Mrs. Dennis Tuttle Frances Turner Kate Wheeler Ruth Walker Mary Addie White Marguerite Youmans Mary Graham Lawrence THE PHIPSICLl , 1930 DELTA UPSILOX KAPPA THE PHIPSICLI, Delta Upsilon Kappa SlSTl-.RS IX Akna Virginia Kritt Mable Coghill Elizabeth Bowen- Lucv Cadell Frances Ring ' Irene Ring Alma Kimball Annie Laura Holland Alma. Rountree Ann Rawls College Mary Sue Rawles Jennie Frances Walters Viola Worslev ChristIne Wicker Bell ' Wicker Lillian Unoerwooo Clara Sharp Lois McAdams Waltell Lambeth M Kv Rawls Jones Mable Barrett Fern Lashley Birdie Rowland Clara Underwood Esteli.e Williams Ruby Atkinson Ai.nKKiA Atkinson Minnie Atkinson Mrs. John Barnwell Olyn Barreit Mrs. L. J. Bray Mrs. Legette Blythe Julia Clem Louise Cooke Ann Curtis Rosebud Kimball Ruth Kimball Graham Rowland Margaret Rowland Margaret Moffiit Mrs. W. S. Person Mrs. p. C. Middi.eton Honor. Rv .Mh.mber LiLA Newman Sisters Out of College Mrs. E. p. McLeond Hannah Newman Gwendolyn Patton Anna Phillips Gladys Pierce Mrs. George Parkerson Kathleen Parks Mrs. Smith Robertson Mrs. Mills Riddick Hazel Rosemond Mrs. P. D. Rudd Mrs. H. C. Ross Mrs. Lannie Sides Dorothy Shortridce GoEM Strader Mrs. Herbert Siialty Mrs. J. H. Truitt Placvde Thompson Pearle CJetee Essie Mae Truiti- Mary Lee Williams Ida Wilkins Mrs. Lyman Wilkins Mrs. J. E. Whitsell Florence Whitelock Louise Walkins Mrs. G. D. .Anderwood Freda Denmick Mrs. Wm. Dixon Lai.ar Durham Mrs. Robert Eihekidgk Mrs. Jack Edwards Mary Lee Foster Mrs. Paul Fulton Janice Fulgum Mrs. Mills Careen Mrs. J. B. Gay, Jr. Mrs. Aubrey Kelly Clarine Lincoln Mrs. E. R. Lane Alleenk Mary Mrs. Mark Mc.Aiiam Mrs. L. D. Martin Eunice Marrow Emma Morgan THE PHIPSICLI, 1930 TAU ZETA PHI THE PHIPSICLI Eva Parker Helen Turner Katie Pierce Martha Nethery Tan Zeta PM Sisters ix Col lege Irene DeLancv Virginia Morton Margaret Matkins Elizabeth Sharpe Marv Barnwell DOLPHINE Irbv Alma Fal-ceiu Ht x()RAR Meairers Mrs. C James ' eile Mrs. Frances J. Ring Sisters Olt of College Margaret Briggs Margaret Bruton Christine Harnadav Ruby Huffines Mildred Johnson Margaret Lineberger Ruth Morton Gladys Spoon Gladys White Nannie Aldridge Mildred Arledce Lucy Austin Mrs. Lane Atkinson Marjorie Bruion Mrs. Chapmon White Lucille Cardwell Annie Caleman Ola King Cavvonc Mrs. J. H. Dollar Sara Deaton Lucy Dick Mary Dick Mrs. Herman Edge Fannie Glenn Elder Annie Lee Floyd Mrs. H. G. Floyd Nannie Grailvm Mrs. M. W. Hook Mrs. H. O. Horne Myrtle Isley Mrs. Otis King Bertha Liitle Ruth Lyerlv Ma.mie Moore BuELAH Morion Mrs. G. G. Miller Elizabeth McCollum Mildred McPiierson Margaret Neblette Nell Orr Caroline Powell Ruby Rowland Myrtle Vickers Madge ' oods Gladys Woods THE PHIPSICLI, 1930 V- A PI KAPPA TAU THE PHIPSICLI Pi Kappa Tain Doris Apple Margaret Brown Pauline Brown Ollie Brugess Madalixe Gates Sisters ix College Edith Corbeit — Alta Dick Eugenia Green Ella Keyser (Garret Mary Horne Peggy Hinsiiaw Louise McPiierso:j Lann ' IE McInitre Peggy Sechrist HOXORAR ' S ' Me.mhers Mrs. R. B. Townsley ' Mrs. B. V. Everette Miss Haitie Brown Miss Emily Johnsios Miss Ollie Stradler Mrs. Alice Corboy Me.mrers Out of College Lois Adamson Clarice Albright Mabel Alexander Lucy Boone Mrs. J. B. Brown Esther Brookshire Madge Green Mabel Holt EiTiE Harvey Hazel Auman Mabel Micheal Mrs. E. C. Auman Mrs. (Jrad y Brown Mrs. Harry Buchanan TiNSLEY Bryant Clarice Carpenter Annie Carter Mrs. Claude Cheek Mrs. Hazel Cook Maldren Dozier Mrs. E. H. .Abei.l Grace Mrs. J. N. Far low — Louise Homewood Mrs. L. C. Hooper Jewel Hughes Patty Hurley Sallie Kate Ingram Lucy McCargo Marie Nobles Sallie Mae Oliver Verdie Phillips Mary Price Sarah Price Lora Rudd Mrs. George Robertsos Elsie Teacue Ruth Voncannon Bess Walker Lillian Walker Alice Weber Mrs. ¥.. Wheeler TinRA Wright Wright THE PHIPSICLI , 1930 Square and Master Mason MEMBERS A. L. Combs j. U. Smith W. G. LocKHEART I). M. Elder, Jr. E. W. ViCKHRS 11 mkik ' M feaN H ri K SPECIALS THE PH I PSICLI , 1930 Virgimia Me.mbkrs Anna Virginia Hriit Frances Ring ELIZABEfH SlIARPE Evelyn Richardson Evelyn Yates Harold Ford Mary Sue Rawles Annie Laura Holland Ann Rawles Thomas Auihor J. Howard Smith k. b. dofflemyer Rodman Lilly K. B. Hook Elmer Copeland E. N. Jones THE PH I PSICLI , 1930 Gladys Barrer Foster Huces Elizabeth Harde.v Margaret Stokes Members Pegcv Hin ' shaw Pal LINE Brown Nellie White Sallie Elder Polly Walters C. D. Johnson-, Jr. Wilkes Lowe Harvey Allen Ed McPherson Ryland Johnson John Griffin, Jr Hale Duncan Lacy Marleiie A. I.. Combs Dick Caddei.l Fkei) Caddei.l Nash Parker Warih Rick J. C. Clark Levi Peel Wilkins Delos Elder, Jr. THE PHIPSICLI , 1930 Mary Sue Ravvles Edrie Cross Marcaret Bkowk Members Mrs. G. D. Colclouch Sai.i.v Elder Mary Harnwrll Elsie Tvner Lankie McIntyre Eiirrn CoRBiTT MARGARFr Matkins Elizabeth Siory Elsie Story Jewell Presnell I.illlw Foust Marv Edxa Phillips Leitie Godrey Elizabeth Stephens Mary Anne Rudd Mary Horne Ruth Gregory I DELL Jones Elizabeth Slack THE PHIPSICLI Fine Arts Class ( )rFicn:RS Ln.A Nkwmav, lluniiniry Mrnilnr Wautell Lambeth I ' risuiint EsTELLE Williams iic-l ' rcsidinl Alma Kimbali Srcrftary Levi Wilkins Tnnsiinr Class Roll Wautell Lambeth Mrs. Ross Ensmincer Anna N ' ircima Hritt Alma Kimball Mrs. Spenxer Love Mrs. Estelle Kramer AxNiE Laurie IloLLAxn Levi Wilkixs Mvde Newsom Belle Wicker ELv oon Dunn Lake Allen ' Christine Wicker Sallv Elder Helex Turner Mrs. J. L. Foster Estelle Williams Mrs. T. L. Saunders Mrs, Clenn Holt Mrs. Walker Mrs. W. W. Sei.i.ars Mrs. W. H. Terrell Francis Walters Edwin McPherson Marv Aunman Polly Walters Marcaret Walker Lii.i.ina Lndervvood E. E.Vl.MA Wll.l.LXMS PH I PSICLI , 1930 Is It Possi]ble= Palmer Barrett not making campaign speeches. Theodore Benton getting the advantage of windy weather. Daniel Boone not talking in the dining hall. Robert Boyd being in a hurry. " Lefty " Briggs pitching a baseball game with his right hand. Virginia Brown weighing ninety-eight pounds. Fred Caddell being campaign manager for Al Smith. Paul Cadell having dates on Sunday afternoons. Charles Gates not smoking a pipe. " Boll Weevil " Coggins failing to attend social hour. W. C. Coley being governor of New York. Irene OeLancy having curly hair. C. C. Hollar not complaining to Dean Hock about some matter. Eva Parker singing a solo on Sunda " nights. Delos Elder not starting an argument. " Cap " Clark being professor of religious education. S. V. Simpson not cutting classes. J. C. Cresham being told anything about baseball. Paul Magee not being a star pupil in English. Nash Parker ever telling a clean joke. Maston Green falling in love. Nellie White being as large as Dean Savage. Lillie Thomas vamping the boys. Lillian Underwood not being true to Efird. W irth Thompson ever ans vering a philosophy question. Arthur Combs being a woman-hater. Elizabeth Harden not taking notes on class. Clarice Gunn being a circus rope-walker. Alma Faucette not being a sister to Clarice Gunn. Lillian Foust composing jazz music. Christine Wicker coaching athletics. Elizabeth Story not trxing to flirt. Mary Home losing her dignified ways. Ruth Bain trying to attract attention. Levi Wilkins being a senator. Ed McPherson teaching school. " Zac " Walker passing West Dormitory without whistling a certain tur.e. Guy Aytch York being football coach at North Carolina State College. E. E. Kipka having inferiority complex. Euodias Knight being (5reta CSarbo ' s publicity manager. Wautel Lambeth ' s paintings being hung in the Louvre. Alma Kimball losing her ambition. Alberta Roberts teaching aesthetic dancing. E. H. Thompson being a sheik. Sidney Jackson not being dignified. Ruth Alexander being with the Salvation Army. Alma Rountree having her social privileges removed. Louise McPherson socializing at the gate. THE PHIPSICLI, 1930 COMPLIMENTS OF J. S, White Drug Company ELON COLLEGE, N. C. THE PHI PSICLI , 1930 COMPLIMENTS OF BELK STEVENS COMPANY " Burlington s Predominating Store Davis Street BURLINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA Viiir Charge Account hirited at THE JEWEL BOX, Inc. H.; anil sli.- had just linish. d ;i r eolf. " What do you think of my Bolf? ■ und 1)1 • ask. (I ••Why, I haven ' t seen you play ye lie. ••Why. I have Just played eishtee with you!- t. ' ' said n holes BURLINGTON DRUG COMPANY Maine Street BURLINGTON, N. C. Phone 244 PARKER PENS, CONKLIN PENS NUNNALLY ' S CANDY V.Hinu Kliuihle; ■ I ant t.i MKl rrv MMir dau Khter. " Practical Father; ' Iv e reques ted all the other l.itlv. " applicants to submit sea led J. D. L. B. WHITTF.D CO. Ineorporated iry Cooils and Notions, Gents ' Furnis! ing Goods. Shoes. Hats, Ladies ' Ready-to-Wear, Etc. Briil-INGTON. N. C. Al amance i aundry AND Dry Cleaners WE DO IT BETTER Phone 560, 561 THE PHIPSICLI , 19 30 WE SERVE We crave no higher privilege than to furnish the servant for the modern home. It does the cooking, refrig- erating, sweeping, washing, ironing, and many other tasks. ELECTRICITY The Servant in the Home Nortn Carolina PudIic Service Co. BURLINGTON, N. C. C. A. LEA TAXI AND U-DRIVE-IT Prompt Service Pho no 777 Buiiiiifc-tnn. X. c " Prof. " Harell: " What in the vorlil are those little shiny coin-like thiny-. on Mrs. Harpers Spanish shawl? " " Walice " King: " Easy, boy, can ' t oii tell thev are matriculation fees? " EFIRD ' S Department Store LADIES ' READY-TO-WEAR MENS CLOTHING AND FURNISHINGS " Quality With Price " Burlington, North Carolina Perfection Hosiery Mills, Inc. Manufacturers FINE SEAMLESS AND FULL FASHION HOSIERY BURLINGTON, N. C. A. D. Pate y Co. Book and Commercial Printing Telephone 216 Corner Davis and Worth Streets BURLINGTON, N. C. THE V ELVET KIND ICE CREAM Cream of the South Burlington, N. C. Pho 0 JCi WHERE OUAUTY TELLS Archie: " What " ould you do if a young salesman waited on you to sell you a pair of hose? " Berta: " I think I would have a fit. " DR. J. B. NEWMAN Dentist BURLINGTON. N. C. r)fTic. ' ill til. ' FoMv nil ' BMk. THE PHI PSICLI , 1930 Carolina s Largest Pnotogra njc Concern SIDDELL STUDIO RALEIGH, N. C. Official Photographers for 1930 PHIPSICLI Sellars So ns Style Center for Men ' s and Women ' s Wear Since 1876 BURLINGTON, N. C. MEMORY BOOKS What memories are sweeter than those of school days? Keep a record, that the joy may live long after the days are past. We have many beautiful designs at very attractive prices. WILLS BOOK AND STATIONERY CO. GREENSBORO, N. C. BilRLJNGTON K.C. " Lett •• H rigRs ( a s he went home 1th • Zeb " one " eek-end) : •Zeb, hat k nd o a cat s this I see run- II r)!i around here? " Zeb: •Whv , that is a car penter cat. " Leftv • carpenter cat ? Wl at is h s dut cs? " J ' Zeh: hs an " Oh, un l he jus the hous (loev little odd T. N. BOONE The Tailor BURLINGTON, N. C. Sapp: " I know I m «( inu tc 1 ke those real silk hose ou S( Id me " D ' Elder: • I hop e the come up to your expectatic ns. " " B. V. MAY " Sox and Stockings MAY ' S HOSIERY MILLS Incorporated BURLINGTON, N. C. THE PHIPSICLI, 1930 The Chas. H, Elliott Co. Ttie Largest College Engraving House in the World Commencement Invitations Class Day Programs Class Pins and Rings Dance Programs and Invitations Menus Dance Favors and Novelties Fraternity Stationery Calling Cards Seventeenth Street and Lehigh Ave. Philadelphia Captain of the Student Cruise Ship: " All hands ( n deck, the ship is leak- ing! " Voice fron the Steerape: " Aw , put a pan under it and go to bed. " R. O. Browning, General Agent Pilot Life Insurance Co. COMPLIMENTS OF J. C. Penney Co. World ' s Largest Chain Department Stores Mrs. ' A ' was to answe the phone and recei ve the message for her daugh- ter ' s datf is her daughter was dress- 1 UK- Caller Hell.., this is T( lies. ' Mrs. • A. ' : " Oh, so this s El jah! " The L. G. Balfour Company ATTLEBORO, MASS. Manufacturers of Badges, Rings, Favors, Programs, Sta- tionery, Fraternity Jewelry, Memo- rial Tablets, Emblem Insignia, Ath- letic Figures, Door Plates, Medals, Cups, Trophies, Medallions, Plaques. " Known Wherever There Arc Schools and Colleges " THE PHIPSICLI, 1930 THE MAROON AND GOLD The Voice of the Student Body Help Boost the Circulation By Sending a Copy Home Each Week Those Who Advertise in Our College Weekly Should Be Given Preference When Shopping ENTRANCE GATES OF NORTH CAMPUS Elon College offers superior educational advantages. The buildings are new, equipment new and of the very best type, laboratory facilities equal to any col- lege in the South; member of the Southern Association of Colleges, strong Chris- tian faculty, and fine Christian atmosphere prevailing on the campus. Special courses in religious education and Christian work are offered to train laymen and ministers in the work of our denomination. Fall Term Opens September 5, 1930. ELON COLLEGE For Catalogue and View Books address C. M. CANNON, Registrar NORTH CAROLINA " Christlati Character First and Always at Elon College ' THE PHIPSICLI , 1930 Jahii Oilier gam foLl E are America ' s largest school annual designers and engravers because we render satisfaction on more than 400 books each year. Intelligent co-operation, highest quality workmanship and on-time deliveries created our reputation for dependability. JAHN OLLIER ENGRAVING CO. Thotographers, Artists and Makers of Fine Printing Plates for Black or Colors. 817 W. Washington Boulevard - Chicago Telephone MONROE 7080 Vi ' e do not sub-let any art or engraving THIS BOOK PRINTED By...... ■I HpP ' , |r WORLD ' S IPVflr A LARGEST E 7 M PUBLISHERS m 1 OF w W l COLLEGE HP «jMhHHb ' ' I ANNUALS 1 L IPRINTING C0.| r M NASHVILLE COLLEGE ANNUAL H EAOaUARTERS yell OX (9xre i:iiOe -f OicOy IH] ..., J THE PHIPSICLI, 1930 grapiis ? I Sffl 378.11; i E 68 V. 16 17319 j7b.lU 16 Elon CoUeg i! PhiPsiCU O — -: rrr ' I rrfromthe library not be taken r° " ' , == DOES NOT CIRCULATE « ,

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