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..JLiniiiHIi 92 SB 9 (% Mris 6VS ' It ' rroi ' " - - ' T hipsicli 1929 H. T. EFIRD Editor G. E. RING Business Manager PHIPSICLI Uolwnc XTJ 1929 Wisdom is the principal thing : therefore get ■tfisdom .... So that thou incline thine car unto wisdom, and apply thine heart to under. standing— Proverbs, 14:7; 2:2. Tublished cAnnually hy the Senior Class of Elon College Slon CoUcge, M.orth Curolina 4 f ' DEDICATION " So ' Tleasant Joseph Qarltoru Captain of hulnstry, ' iorustee of his cAlma e9t[ater and her ' benefactor, whose gener- osity stands unmatched in magnitude and in its spirit of lofty devotion, in all things the sincere Christian. ' he Class of 1929 IDedicates this the fifteenth volume of the T iipsicIi ' Tkasant Joseph ( arlton In the fifteenth ruhime of the Thipiic i, u ' c wish to present to our fellow students, alumni and friends a bi ief reinelu of the days spent at 6lon aiui the many happy hours they brought to us. It has been our endeavor to publish, not a book of present value, but a memorial, so that We in fu- ture years may turn the pages of this hook and recall the associations, happy hours, activities, and proud achievements of the students and " Dear Old Slon. ' ■ he Editor. CONTENTS " ooli One ' he College ' • he (glasses ' 00 li " hree c thletics features ' ook ive Or anizMions V ci WfLlOitV. OttUERl Bi ' ROlEMfiNft m ft I iLPiifl)3oiiN]ON G.ERIng-. WPywtHCf lyiM-AxwN h JlFHtf P- MSW THE rilU ' SlCLl STAIF s Giitnvay to the pdlh lluil li i ls to knoti ' lcili c. -. .: lOK HO: Wbcrnn iiiny always he found the Divine Comedy, but The Plastic Age never. ' ;-■ ' ■• " ' » ' .TK»4 ». ■» J (Still tic rapture for rutin or maid — tiiiil ulutt yr ii u ill fur intiti nr maid. DuLc BiiUdiiifj , ilIuic the uhvioiis is i cdiscovcrc l. Iiitrrsrrlion of ColniuuuliS. Noted place for iiiiilnir lil iniilint s. I iihiinl u ' ith knoivlcdyc . siinoiiiitlrtl uitli hraiity. Suiiiiner ' s yrand finale hijon- the dirij,- oj U ' i i tr ((jiiies, hisperuig silence, where pcnetratiiiy notes oecasiottally fill the air. William Allen Harper, A.M., Litt.D., LI..D. Presidcjtt Aloxzo Lohr Hook Dean of Men: Professor of Physics A.B., M.A. Elon College; M.S. Cornell t ' niver- sitv; Graduate Student Johns Hopkins Univer- sity. LoiisE Savage Ihan of Women: Librarian Student at Randolph-Maion Women ' s College and Cniversity of Nirginia. JXO. UrQLHART Nl-WAIAN Professor of Greek and liiblual Literature Litt.D.. j,-railuati- sturttnt. V:iR- University; Ph.D.. D.r .. Univer- sity of Chicago; Northfield Bilile School. Ned Faucett Braxxjck Professor of Chemistry A.B., M.A.. Elon Colleee; Litt.H., Ueftanee College; graduate stu- dent. Johns Hopkins University; M.S. in Chemistry, Columbia Uni- versity; Assistant Instructor in Organic Chemistry, summer school Columbia University; graduate student and visiting Thomas E. White Professor of Spanish A.B., Elon College; ex-missionary to Porto Rico; graduate student of University of North Carolina. Un sity Carolina Cheniica Ralph H. Tower Department of Business .Idmin- istration and Eeonomics IMS. A., lum laude. Bo.ston Uni- versity; College of Business Ad- ministration, M.B.A.. University of Boston; graduate student. Cor- nell University; Candidate for Ph.D., Duke Univeislty. Thomas C. Amick Business Manai rr; P rofessor of Matliematics I..I.. University of Nashville; Georxc Pealiody College for Teachers; Ph.D., Cenlral Univor- .sity: graduate student. University ut Virginia; University of Chi- cago. Dr. W. M. Jay A.B.. Defiance; M.A.. Ohio Stale Univer.sity; D.D., Elon; graduate student, Chicago University; Uni- versity of Viiginia: Columljia University. (). W. JOHNSON ' I ' rofi ' ssor of Ediiialiiin A.B., Elon CoUegi-; M.A.. Univir- .sily of Virginia; Piofessoi- of Eflu- c-ation, summer sr;liool, Appaia- uhian State Normai. Boone. N. ( ' . ; graduate student. Peabody C» - icge; instructor, Peabody College. H.ATTIH E. BkoW X .Issisliuil I ' mlis.nr nf Eni lis i and l.iilin A.B.. Elon Colleg.-: M.A., Univer- j. V. Harnkv rrofrssor « luu lis i A.B., Klon folU-Ke; graduate stu dent. Columbia University; grad- uate student. University of Wis- eonsin; graduate studi ' nt of Uni- vensity of Virginia. TllO.M.XS K. I ' oW 1. 1. 1.. JK. Professor of Hiolni y and Gcoioijy A.n.. Elon College; M.A., Univer- sity uf North Carolina; graduate student of Cornell University; graduate student of University of Ciiieago; graduate student, Dul e University, I,. I), .Mariix Professor of History A.B., Elon College; M.A,, Univei sity of North Carolina; gradual student of Yale; University ( Chicago. M. W. Hook Professor of Mal iemriliis and En jmeer ' tnij A.B., Elon College; graduate stu- dent. Yale University; Alabama Polytechnic Institute; first presi- dent of Bethlehem College, Wad- lev, Ala.; graduate student. Uni- versity of North Carolina. Sl.MON " A. BlXMilT I ' rojrssor of Cliristian Ltliraliirc and Methods A.B.. Union Christian Collesi-; A.B.. University of lilinois; M.A., University of Chicago; graduate student of University of Chicago. C. (iL1L1,1;t Professor of French Victoria Univers ity; B.A.. Ph.D. Claris University; student at Har vard; student at Johns HopI ins student at Columbia; studic-i abroad eighteen months. A. R. ' . ci, i: vi; Professor of Philosofihy and So- cial Science Studii-.l at Union Chiistian Col- lege; A.B., Indiana University; M.A., Chicago University; Candi- date for Ph.D. at Indiana Univer- sity. Sue R.mnI ' D. C. Walker Household Arts Coach Harrisonburg State Teach - A.B. . Vanderbilt University; pro- ■olUge; M.A., ColumI lia Uni- re. " i.si onal baseball. Hochester. N. versify. Y.. International League; Coach Colu nibia College; Lake City. Fla. ; coach at -A.tlantlc Christian Colli ' ge; professional baseliall. S. R. Geanette Stui t Expression and Education B.O.. King ' s Expression College; Candidate for A.B., Elon College; student. University of Pittsburg: .student. University of North Car- Vak i;r S. Ai.e. ani)i;r Russ Ensmingi-r Cotteiji- Pastor; Profissor uf Hi- I ' rohssor of Rdiijious Ediualmn hie and Rfligious Education ,, larleton College; B.l ., Vn- . . .. ,. ,, inn Thi oloKi.al Seminary; Y:U.- A.B.. Union clinstian college; D.D.. Union Christian College; ex- president of Union Christian Col- lege; superintendent of niissions in WyominK. ■l(i--20; graduate student c,r University of Chi. ago. I.II. Ni: MA Insliiiiloi of finr Arts C. j AMKS VhI.H; Din-tlor of Music Northwestern University; teach- er ' s certificate. Chicago Musical college; B.M.. Palmer College; A.B., Elon College; private study In New York City and Chicago with Franklin Cannon. Howard Wells, liu.lolj.h R.ut.r. .T..sepli I.h.vlnne. Iludolpli Cariz. Zf.xith Hlrst V ' F.i.ir: piano and I ' oiir B.M.. Palmer College; special nor- mal work with Julia I-ois ( ' ur- ruthers and Gertrude Kinscella; pupil of Raymond Wilson. East- man School of Music; Northwest- ern University; Syracuse Univer- sity. MAR ' i Ann Bexx Puhlir Sr iool Music and Voice G. D. CoI.CLOUGH Assistant liusitirss Manatfrr A.B.. Elon College; graduate sti dent. University of North Cari Una. Mrs. Frances J. Rixc, Suftiiiiiti-7idint of Ginunds E. F. Rhodes I ' inlin and Hand Insli umcnis Eiduate. Slienaniloah tory of Musie. Mrs. Alice Corboy Matron, Ladies ' Hall Mrs. C. C. Johnson Assistant Librarian Ph.B.. Elon College; graduate stu- dent of Columbia University. Miss Ann Watson Matron of Girls ' Dormitory if ' -i PRESIDENTS Ralph Cogcivs Dace W. Jonrs R. E. Sims, Jr. W. P. Lawrence, JK. I ' lishinan Sop iomore Junior Senior History of Class of 1929 VOLUME I ( M September i, 1925, the largest and best prepared class ever to enter the halls of learning at Elon College matriculated as freshmen. We were determined to make the figure so dear to us — ' 29 — shine on more places than the water tank. After pa - ing our radiator fees to various sophomores, barking at the tank, running errands, such as to Dr. Amick ' s home late at night for " pivot oil " and the Maroon and Gold " staff " and to Coach Corboy ' s home for the " scrimmage line, " we settled down to business. Kor our president we selected Ralph Coggins, a very able ami efficient man. In athletics, the class of ' 29 was especially outstanding. A large part of the bas- ketball team, ba.seball and football team came from our number. In tlie inter-class basketball tournament all three upper classes were swept from their feet, and we ran away with the championship. VOLUME II Early in September, 1926, we came back, a little less in numbers, but undaunted in spirit. " Red " Jones was elected as pilot to guide our destinies for another year. The majority of us were now outstanding members in literary and social organiza- tions. Two-thirds of the total football scores were made by ' 29. Again we stalked off winners of the inter-class basketball tournament, having won eight out of nine games played. VOLUME III AV ith " Squire " Sims as leader in our Junior year, we made great progress. We had begun to learn what college life was like — we knew it was work. And, too, we no longer poured copious tears over letters from an old sweetheart back home, or wept bitterly when we heard the strains of " Home, Sweet Home. " We ordered our rings and settled down to the grand and glorious thoughts of being dignified Seniors. VOLUME IV The realization of a long dream has come to pass. Seniors, with Phalti Lawrence holding the scepter, and guiding our destinies toward the last coveted goal — diplomas. We were formally entertained by the Juniors. For a day we threw away our robes of dignity and seniority, and became sophomores again ; of course, we spanked all the freshmen. In May we presented the results of many weary hours of labor, in the form of thesis, to the faculty. It was a great relief to us when they were accepted. May 19 we entered the class rooms to begin the final grind. We were taking our last examinations ! May 27, 1928. It is a date to be long remembered. With our diplomas in our hands we now stand face to face with the world. Upward and onward is our infinite goal. Our Alma Mater has cared for us in many trials and tribulations. Now it is our aim to go out into the world and reflect credit on her. Elon College, the class of ' 29 leaves you but lo es you still. Class Historian-. Senior Class Poem IJ Inn iL ' c ivcrc " jrcshus " icc bid Eloii to try lis; 11 c (iiniviitd tt ' cry cli ilhiiffc to our will; .Inil tlioiii h tlic siliiit iiioiintiiins should d ly m. II I tiitd to iiKiki till III siihjiit to our skill. lie kept our driiiiiis and folhivcd lilurc tlicy led us; If I took lift lis II jest, decided liiuyliter tins Inst. U hen ICC iverc " sofifis " nr asked no odds of disliineej He learned to icork and ivalk in honor ' s iviiys : II e ivent to meet and master stronu resistanee, 11 e could settle every problem ' uhiih tin mind of man could raisi If e tried to bear our burden aallantly. and iver If e souyht the task ivhieh called for full endeavor. Noiv we ' re Juniors with no thoiiyht of failure lurking Beyond totnorroiv ' s daan to fright our soul: Let failure strike — ' st ' dl will find us ivorking ff ' ith faith that ice shall ne.xt year reach our i oal. PFe ' re being helpful to all icho need us. winning what joys ice can Writitig in triumph to the end our record as a man. Il ' hile ice are Seniors, icith its hrilliiii iiri e: ffe ' ll seek the best, strive to stand the test: Pressing onuard. head high, and eager surge; Never old. nii ' cr iccak, never cheated: They shall nam us not icith the defeated — The Spirit of f ' .loti and ' 2g! Senior Class Or. j. V. Newman, Sponsor Colors: liruwii and Gold Flower: Brown-eyed Su aij Mollo: " Not at the top Inii still climbing " Officers Walter Piiaiti Lawrence, Jr Prrsidml Hakoi.d George Robertson I ' ice-l ' rrsulml Birdie Mary Rowland Secrclary Clara Winston Underwood Treasurer Fern Laslev Poet RoMiE George Davis Historian Senior Class TwiMAN Glenn ' Andrews SILER cm ' , N. C. AH.; Pliilolngian Kritcrtainmeiit, ' 2S ; Foot- ball Squad, ' 29; Alpha Pi Delta. Ora Viola Brady BENNEl r, N. C. Llcy Ione Boone BURLINGTON, N. C. A.B. ; Glee Cluli, ' 26, ' 37, ' 28; Alamance dull, ' 25, ' 26, ' 27, ' 28; Choral Society, ' 27, ' 28 ; Diploma in ' oice, ' 28 ; Pi Kappa Tau. Senior Class Florexce Ellex Browx ELON ' COLLEGE, . C. A.H.; Vice-President of Juninr Class ; 1 ' Kappa Tail. .M R K.MMA Br. W;)CK ELON " COLLEGE, N C. A.H. ; Circulating Manager ot " Maronn ami Ciiild " ; Beta Omicron Beta. J AMKS HrADFORI) BroWM i;r.ns- colle(;k, . c. AH.; Haseball S niad, ' ly; Alpha I ' i Delta. Senior Ch Margaret Jeannette Bri ton- mann ' s harbor, n. c. A.B. ; Psiphelian; Alamance Cluh, ' 25, ' 27; Tau Zeta Phi. Carl Homer Clapp BURLINGTON, N. C. A.B. L. Russell C.ather WINCHESTER, VA. .■ .B. ; Philologiaii ; Freshman-Sophomore De- bater, ' 18; President of Y. M. C. A., ' 19; Footliall, ' 19. Senior Ch Cecil A. Cox RAMSEUK, N. C. A.B.; Philologiaii; Philologian Entertain- ment, ' 26; Chief Marshal, Philologian Enter- tainment, ' 27; " Maroon and Gold " Staff, ' 27, ' 28; Phipsicli Staff, ' 28- ' 29; Vice-Presi- dent of V. M. C. A. ; Track Team, ' 26- ' 27 ; Class Basketball, ' 27- ' 28; Varsity Baseball, ' 27- ' 28; Church I ' sher, •28- ' 29; Alpha Pi Delta. Oil. 11: Wade Deatox IIISCOE, . C. A.H.; Clio; Marshal Clio Entertainment; Track, ' 26- ' 27; Baseball Squad, ' 26- ' 27; Football Squad, ' 27; Alpha Pi Delta. Ro.MiE CiEORCi; D.wis STEEnS, . c A.B.; Clio; Clio Marshal, ' 26; College Ish- er, ' 26- ' 27; Reporters Club, ' 27, ' 28, ' 29; Student Senate, ' 28- ' 29 ; Vice-President of Pan-Hellenic Council, ' 28- ' 29; Class Histo- rian, ' 28- ' 29; ' ice-President of Religious Ac- tivities Organization, ' 28- ' 29; Alpha Pi Delta. Ch H. T. Efird ALBEMARLE, N. C. A.B.; Philologian; Pre i(lent of Economics Club; Chief Marshal at Freshman-Sopho- more Debate; Editor-in-Chief of " Phipsicli " ; E Men ' s Club; Football, ' 25, ' 26, ' 27, ' 28; Basketball, ' 26; Certificate in Physical Edu- cation; Iota Tau Kappa. J. L. Foster, Jr. ELON COLLEGE, N. C. A.B.; Pan-Hellenic Representative, ' 26- ' 27 ; ■Maroon and Gold " Staff, ' 25- ' 26; Football, ' 24, ' 25, ' 26, ' 27; Varsity Basketball, ' 24; Class Basketball, ' 25, ' 26, ' 27; Baseball, ' 25. Ri ' TH Floyd CHIPLEY, CA. A.B. ; Secretary of Class, ' 25- ' 26; Bethlehem College; Secretary of Glee Club, ' 26- ' 27; Bethlehem College. Senior Class Madge Gjle CiReex Ettie Harvey ELOX COLLEGE, X. C. LYNCHBURG, VA. A.B. ; Pi Kappa Tau. A.B.; Pi Kappa Tau. Robert Raymond 2109 Avenue F. EXSLEV, ALA. Hari ) A.B.; E Men ' s Team, i Club; Captain ot ' 29; Football, ' 28- ' 2 Football 9- Senior Ch Margaret Christixh Hurxaixw t.los college, n. c. A.B. ; Psiphelian; Psipheliaii Entertainment, ' 27; Commencement Es ayist, ' 28; Tail Zeta Phi. Margarht Si 1: Johxstox elon college, x. c. A.B. ; Certificate in Religious Education; Di- ploma in Religious Ediication ; Certificate in Stenography; T pi ' -t fur " Phipsicli " . Rl B ■ IXEZ Hi FFINH.S GlBSnSVlLLE, N. C. A.H. ; Mar hal at Student Recital, ' 2(,; Tau Zeta Phi. Ch Dace W. Jones BURLINGTON ' , N. C. A.K.; President of Sophomore Class; Cap- tain of Football Team, ' 27; Played, ' 25, ' 26; Tennis Tc.Tm, ' 25, ' 26, ' 27; Iota Tau Kappa. Claude White Kipka MOORESVILLE, N. C. A.H. ; ' ice-Presidcnt, ' 25; Student Senate, ' 2 ' - ' 27; Managing Editor of " Maroon and (iold " , ' 28; President of Pan-Hellenic Coun- cil, ' S; Editor of " Maroon and Cold " , ' 29; lota Tau Kappa. AXMI; MlLDKhli jdllXSON I.LMIiKK EKnK.i:, s. c. A.li.; Psiphclian; Psiplielian Essayist Con lest, ' 28; Psiphelian E ' ntertainment, ' 2S Vice-President of Psiphclian Society; Inter Society Debate; Vice-President of Cliiiviiui Endeavor; Chapel Monitor; Choral Cluli Hinnorous Editor of " Phipsidi " Stnlf; lai Zcia Phi. ri Senior Class EvEL ' ix Ferx Lasley BURLINGTON, N. C. A.B.; Class Poet, ' 26, ' 27, ' 28; Delta I ' psilon Kappa. Margaret N. Lawrence 4S98 Fort Avenue LYNCHBURG, VA. A.B.; Associate Editor of " Phipsicli " ; Pi Kappa Tau. Walter Phalti Lawrence, Jr. elon college, n. c. A.B. ; Philologiaii ; Philologian Commence- ment Orator, ' 28; Philologian Inter-Society Debate, ' 28; Philologian Annual Entertain- ment, ' 28; Class Historian, ' 26, ' 27, ' 28; Class President, ' 29 ; President of Christian En- deavor, ' 29; President of Pan-Hellenic Coun- cil, ' 29; Advertising Manager of " Maroon and Gold " . ' 28; Assistant Business Matiager of " Phipsicli " ; Kappa Psi Nu. cu Allen Wilson Laxton COLLETTSVILLE, X. C. A.B. ; Clio; Clio Entertainment, ' 28; Glee Club, ' 28- ' 29; College Quartet, ' 29; Choral Club, ' 28- ' 29; College Choir, ' 28- ' 29 ; Orches- tra, ' 28- ' 29; Band, ' 29; Alpha Pi Delta. Silas E. Madren ELOK COLLEGE, N. C. Philologian; Alamance Club; Minis terial Association. Edith Margaret Lockev NEWPORT, N-. c. A.B. ; Psiphelian Society; Treasurer of Psi- phelian Society; Choral Member, ' 26, ' 27, ' 28, ' 29; Member of Music Lovers Club, ' 29: Diploma in Piano, ' 29. Senior Class Hattie McKixn ' i: ' El.nS ' COI.LEOK, X. C. A.B.; Certificate in Religious Education; Di- ploma in Religious Education; Certificate in Stenography. M RI W DoXN ' KLI, XaI.LE SANFORn, X. C. A.B.; President of Student Council; Junior Student Council Representative; Choral Club, ' 26- ' 27; Secretary of Sophomore Class; Class Favorite. ' 28; Beta Omicron Beta. Marion Arnold Ni:therv BROWX SUMMIT, N. C. A.B. ; Philologian; Philologian Entertain- ment, ' 27; President of Junior Boys ' Sunday School Class, ' 27- ' 28 ; Alpha Pi Delta. Senior Class D.w Long XnwM.w u.ns coi.i.ECK, V. c. A.H.; Vice-Prcvideiit nf Christian Endeavor; ' ice-Pre5ident nf Sophomore and Junior Class; Alamance Club; E Men ' s Club; Has- ketball, ' 25, ' 26, ' 27. ' 28; Football, ' 25, ' 26, ' 27, ' 28; Iota Tau Kappa. Ei.HKRT Fraxki.iv Rhodrs nWTOS " , VA. A.B. ; Philologian; Philologian ETitcrtain- ment, ' 28; Glee Club, ' 27- ' 28; College Choir, ' 27- ' 28; Choral Club, ' 27- ' 28; Director of Band and Orchestra; ' irginia Club; Kappa Psi Nu. Jj.l Tro-i RiiGAN LUMBEKKIV, N " . C. A.H.; Rankin-Wilson Literary Society; Pi- rector of (Jym; Captain of Basketball Team, ' 26- ' 27. Senior Ch G. EvERETTE Ring EDINBURC, VA. A.B. ; Clio; Clio Entertainment, ' 26- ' 27; Church Usher, ' 26, ' 27, ' 28; Virginia Club; Class Treasurer, ' 27; Class Basketball, ' 26, ' 27, ' 28; Student Manager of Athletics, ' 28- ' 29; " E " Men ' s Club, ' 28- ' 29 ; Business Man- ager of " Maroon and Gold " , ' 28; Business Manager of 1929 " Phipsicli " ; Iota Tau Kappa. Haroi.i) George Robertson 34 Meiimo Avenu MANTON, R. I. A.B. ; Clio; Clio Entertainment; Class De- bater, ' 27; Intercollegiate Debater, ' 28; Yan- kee Club; Ministerial Association; Kappa Psi Nu. Margaret Charlotte Roberts windsor, va. A.B. ; Psykaleon ; Society Chaplain, ' 26; As- sistant Secretary of Society, ' 27; Treasurer of Society, ' 28 ; Psykaleon Entertainment, ' 27- ' 28; President of Psykaleon Society, ' 28; Es- sayist Contest, ' 26; Choral Club, ' 26, ' 27, ' 28; Virginia Club, ' 26, ' 27, ' 28, ' 29; Senior Rep- resentative of Student Council ; Beta Omicron Beta. Ch Birdie Mary RowlaxdI a GREENSBORO, X. C. A.B. ; Psiphelian; Psiphelian Dehater, ' 28- ' 29; Class Secretary, ' zj- ' zi, ' 28- ' 29; Presi- dent of Religious Activities Orsaiiization, ' 28- ' 29; Student Council, ' 25- ' 26; Y. V. C. A. Cabinet, ' 27- ' 28 ; Pan-Hellenic Represent- ative, ' 28- ' 29; Secretary-Treasurer Pan-Hel- lenic, ' 28- ' 29; Social Editor nf " Phipsicli " , ' 28- ' 29; Delta Upsilon Kappa. I 1 Lexa Rlssell A.B. ; Psiphelian; Secretary of Psiphelian Essayist Contest; Randolph Club; Economics Club; Chapel Monitor; Pi Kappa Tau. I Thomas Robert Rlstin DOVER, DEL. A.B. ; Society Entertainments; Church Choir; Choral Club; Quartet; Orchestra; Band; Certificate in Physical Training; Expression Department Plays; Gym ' X ' cam; Track Team. Senior Class David Shephrrd ELON COLLEGE, N " . C. A.B. ; Philologian ; Philologi.in Commence- ment Orator; President of Y. M. C. A.. ' 29; President of Student Council, ' 29; Intercol- legiate Debater, ' 28; Varsity Baseliall. ' z ' l. ' 27, ' 28, ' 29; Alpha Pi Helta. HlRLEY SlDXHV ShKI ' HERI) ELON COLLEGE, N. C. A.B.; Phiologian; Philologian P ' ntertainmem, ' 27. ' 28, ' 29; Superintendent of Sunday School, ' 28- ' 29; " Maroon and Cold " Staff, ' 28- ' 29; " Phipsicli " Staff, ' 29; Varsity Base- ball, ' 2(;- ' 27; Alpha Pi Helta. R. K. Sims. Jk. 1117 .Suiiiiiiil Av,-, GREEKSBORO, K. C. A.B. ; President of Junior Class; President of •■E " Men ' s Club, ' 29; " E " Men ' s Club; Vice- President of Economics Club; Pan-Hellenic Council; Athletic Council, ' 26; Football Squad, ' 28; Basketball, ' 27, ' 28, ' 29; Captain of Basketball Team. ' 28; Varsity Baseball, ' 26, ' 27, ' 28, ' 29; Captain of Baseball l am, ' 29; Iota Tau Kappa. Senior Class Ki.wooi) McCarlev Smith BKOWX SUMMIT, N " . C. A.B.; Philolonian; Kascball Team, ' lyzh; Football Team, ' 2y ' 2f . AiiRA.M Ci,kmi;nts StHI ' HKXSON SKV ' KRV, S " . C. A.B. ; Si ;ma Phi Beta. Gladys iRnxi; Spoon ELON COLLEGI:, X. C. A.B.; IMphelian; IMplieliari I saiist ( ' .in- fest, ' 28; Marshal Psipheliaii F.iitertainrnenl, ' 28; . larnaii.e Clul), ' 26. ' 27, ' 28; laii Zeta Phi. Clc C. p. Thoimpsox GRAHAM, N. C. A.B.; Philologian; Philologian Entertain- ment, ' 27; Student Senate, ' 25- ' 26, ' 28- ' 29 ; Commencement Marshal, ' 28 ; Church Usher, ' 28- ' 29; Circulation Manager of " Maroon and Gold " , ' 27- ' 28 ; Basketball Squad, ' 25; Track Team, ' 25- ' 26; Kappa Psi Nu. Clifton J. Thomas ASHEBORO, N. C. A.B. ; Clio; Student Senate, ' 27- ' 28; Vice- President of Student Senate, ' 28- ' 29; Student Manager of Baseball, ' 28- ' 29; Iota Tau Kappa. Eva Mae Svkes KINSTON, N. C. A.B.; Psiphelian; Psiphelian Entertainment, ' 27; Psiphelian Debater, ' 28; Life Recruit Band ; Secretary and Treasurer of Life Re- cruit Band, ' 27; President of Life Recruit Band, ' 28- ' 29; Student Volunteer Delegate to Duke, ' 27; Member of Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, ' 27; Secretary to Student Council, ' 28- ' 29; Member of R. O. Cabinet, ' 28; Member of " Maroon and Gold " Staff, ' 28. Ch Jewel Vester Tri itt GLEK RAVEN, X. C. A.B.; Psiphelian; Psiphelian Commencement Essayist, ' 28 ; Psiphelian Entertainment, ' 27- ' 28; President of Life Recruit Band, ' 28; Vice-President of Y. W. C. A., ' 28 ; President of Y. W. C. A., ' 29; Y. W. C. A. Delegate to Blue Ridge Conference, ' 27; Delegate to Student Volunteer Conference at Detroit, ' 28; Secretary of College Sunday School, ' 28; So- cial Editor of " Maroon and Gold " , ' 28- ' 29 ; Religious Editor of " Phipsicli " , ' 29. Ci.ARA Winston- Underwood YOUNGSVILLE, N. C. A.B.; Psykaleon; Psykaleon Entertainment; Psykaleon Essayist Representative; Chief Marshal at Entertainment; Treasurer of Senior Class; College Choir, ' 25, ' 26, ' 27, ' 28, ' 29; Delta Tpsilon Kappa. Cjardner D. Underhii.i. albany, n. y. A.B. ; Clio; Clio Entertainment, ' 27; Mar- shal Clio Entertainment, ' 28; Clio Commence- ment Orator. ' 28; Clio Oratorical Medal, ' 28; Clio Inter-Society Debater; President of Sun- day School Class, ' 26- ' 27; Choral Club, ' 26, ' 27, ' 28, ' 29; Choir, ' 26, ' 27, ' 28, ' 29; (;ice Club, ' 28- ' 2q. Ch JoMX William N ' axhook KnXBORO, V. c. A.H.; Philolngian; Philologian Entertain- ment, ' 25- ' 27; Secretary of Sunday School Class, ' 25- ' 27; Commenceraent Marshal, ' 25; Economics Club, ' 28- ' 29; Spanish Club, ' 29; Athletic Committee, ' 25; lota Tau Kappa. Charles A. Walkkr. Jr. BURLINGTON, N. C. A.B.; Philologian, ' 2 - ' z6; Member of Board of Directors of Economics Club; Athletic Edi- tor of " Phipsicli " , ' 29; Football Squad, ' 2+- ' 25. RlTH Daxiiu. W ICKIR (;r. il m, n ' . c. A.H.; Student at N. C. C. V., ' if,- ' 2T, Cer- tificate in Organ ; Psykaleon. Senior Ch Glenn Farrei.l Womrle MONCURK, N " . C. AM.; President of Sunday School Class, ' 27; Choral Club, ' 28- ' 29 ; CJlce Club, ' 27- " 28 ; Certificate in Chemistry ; Certificate in Phys- ical Training; Boosters Club and Gym Team, ' 26- ' 27; Assistant Circulation Manager of " Maroon and Gold " , ' 27- ' 28 ; Tennis, ' 26- ' 27; Track, ' 27; Kappa Psi Nu. Junior Class Miss Lii.a Newman, Spotisor Colors: Purple ami GmUI Ftov.-Lr: Vellciw Rose Mnlln: " Hiiiltl tor character, not for fame. " Officers R. C. WiGHTMAN-, Jr PrrsiJcnt Ella Marie Kevser I ' lci-I ' nsiilinl Virginia Brovvv Srcrrlary Sidney F. Jacksov Tnasurn- 56 Junior Class Ruth Irkxe Alexander ELON COLLEGE, N. C. Beta Omicron Beta ; Psykaleon. Doris Virginia Apple burlington, n. c. David Palmer Barrett, Jr. poxce, porto rico Kappa Psi Nu; Philologian. Robert W. Bovd HENDERSON, N. C. Sigma Phi Beta; Clio. C. V. Brigcs. Jr. GREENSBORO, N. C. Iota Tau Kappa. E. E. Black BURLINGTON, N. C. Virginia Mae Brown HEMP, N. C. Beta Omicron Beta. Fred S. Caddell ELON COLLEGE, N. C. Iota Tau Kappa. Pall Caddell ELON COLLEGE, N. C. Iota Tau Kappa Merrill Louise Caviness portsmouth, va. Psykaleon. John Carroll Clark SNOW CAMP, N. C. Iota Tau Kappa ; Philologian. Junior CI ass William Hale Duncan SILVER CITY, N. C. Philologian. Delos 1. Elder burlington, n. c. Clio. T. D. EuRE CATESVILLE, N. C. Iota Taij Kappa; Clio. William H. Ellis 1640 pike AVE., BIRMINGHAM, ALA. Iota Tau Kappa. Clyde C. Foushee SANFORD, N. C. Alpha Pi Delta; Clio. Ro - M. (jREEN BROWN SUMMIT, N. C. Kappa Psi Nu. Margaret Clarice Gunn reidsville, n. c. Psykaleon. Elizabeth Harden GRAHAM, N. C. W. R. HiNTON, Jr. ELON COLLEGE, N. C. Sigma Phi Beta. Ann ' ie Laurie Holland SUFFOLK, VA. Delta Upsilon Kappa. Mary Horxe BURLINGTON, N. C. Pi Kappa Tau. Junior Class SiDXEY F. Jackson WASHINGTON, K. C. Sigma Phi Beta. G. D. Kelly DURHAM, N. C. Iota Tau Kappa. Ella Marie Keyser elon college, n. c. Pi Kappa Tau; Psiphelian. .-Xlma Eaton Kimball MANSON, N. C. Delta I ' psilon Kappa; Psykalenn. Edward Elgexe Kipka mooresville, n. c. Iota Tau Kappa; Philologian EUODLAS F. KxiGHT STOKESDALE, N. C. Alpha Pi Deha; Philolngian. W MTEL Grace Lambeth ELON COLLEGE, . C. Delta Tpsilon Kappa; Psykaleon. Altox Parker Lewls altmahaw, n. c. Alpha Pi Delta; Philologian. Thomas E. Lovvery PEACHLAND, N. C. Kappa Psi Nu ; Philologian. Pall Reed Magee NEW HAMPTON, MO. Alpha Pi Delta. Er)Wix Albright McPherson BURLINGTON, N. C. Iota Tau Kappa. Junior Class Eva Addie Parker corapeake, n. c. Tau Zeta Phi. Margaret Curtis Reitzel LIBERTS " , N. C. Em [a Alberta Roberts windsor, va. Beta Omicron Beta ; Psykaleon. Worth Lane Thompson graham, n. c. ] Iar ' Lillian Underwood youkgsville, n. c. Delta Upsilon Kappa. Nellie M. White EI.ON COLLEGE, N. C. Beta Omicron Beta; Psiphelian. Willie Belle Wicker SAN FORD, N. C. Delta Upsilon Kappa. Christine Wicker sanford, n. c. Delta Upsilon Kappa. Robert Cameron Wightman EDINBURG, VA. Iota Tau Kappa. Levi Peel Wilkins burlington, n. c. Iota Tau Kappa. Guv Aytch York STALEY, N. C. Alpha Pi Delta ; Philologian. Sophomore Class Dr. N. F. Bran nock, Sponsor Colors: Blue and Gold Flowrr: Red Rose Molln: " To make the lietter best. " Officers L. C. Williams President William Lester Register riie-PresiJenl Viola L. Worslev . . . Secretary Virginia Harden . . Treasurer Sopnomore Class Uettv Joi: Amick LIBERTY ' , N. C. William Thomas Beaty MATTHEWS, N. C. Iota Tau Kappa; Philologiaii. Jaivies Ellon- Brady ELOX COLLEGE, X. C. Howard Briggs greensboro, x. c. lota Tau Kappa. Elizabeth Axnie Carper ROWLAXD, X. c. Psykaleon. Edith Clark CHARLOTTE, N. C. Psiphelian. Leo J. Colclolgh MORRISVILLE, X. C. Alpha Pi Delta; Clio. V yzelle Denson PORTSMOUTH, VA. Clarice Dickersox DUXX, X. c. Psykalenn. A. A. Doffle.myek ELKTOX, va. Kappa Psi Nu ; Philnlogiaii. Sophomore Class K. ]?. DoFFLEiMVER elkton, va. Leonard G. Doster WAXHAW, N. c. Kappa Psi Nu. ] IovD Aldridge Fite CHARLOTTE, N. C. Psykaleon. Eugenia Dare Green ELON COLLEGE, N. C. Pi Kappa Tau. Eugenia Catherine Grubb greensboro, n. c. Edwin Gunn REIDSVILLE, N. C. Alpha Pi Delta; Clio. Sadie Engelica Gunter REIDSVILLE, N. C. Psiphelian. V irginia Harden ELON ' COLLEGE, N. C. Beta Omicron Beta. VVATT R. HiGHSMITH GREENVILLE, N. C. Clio. Eugenia Gray Milliard elon college, n. c. 64 Sophomore Class H. C. HiLLIARI) NORLINA, N. C. Philologian. M. T. HixsON SANFORD, N. C. K. B. Hook WINCHESTER, VA. Alpha Pi Delta; Philologian. MatTII; HlDSON DUNN, N. C. R. H. Johnson DUNN, N. C. Clio. Annie Idell Jones SUNBURY, N. C. Beta Omicron Beta; Psykaleon. Mary Rawls Jones HOLLAND, VA. Delta Upsilon Kappa. Margaret Emma Lineberger CHARLOTTE, N. C. Tail Zeta Phi; Psipheliaii. Mary Ervin Lineberger charlotte, n. c. Psiphelian. Paul Loessi dover, ohio Sopnomore Class D. R. Long GRAHAM, N. C. Sigma Phi Beta. John Lowery PEACHLAND, N. C. Kappa Psi Nu. Clara Lois McAdams ELON COLLEGE, N. C. Delta Upsilon Kappa. Lillian McIntyre ALTAMAHAW, N. C. HnRVL McPherson SNOW CAMP, N. C. ALarjorie Moore DOVER, DEL. Beta Omicron Beta. T. E. Moser BURLINGTON, N. C. Vei.ma Reid O ' Connell JONESBORO, N. C. PsipheliaD, B. P. Rakestraw WENTWORTH, N. C. Clio. Ann Pretlow Rawls SUFFOLK, VA. Delta Upsilon Kappa. 66 Sophomore Class LrsTKR W. Register SAN FORD, N. C. Kappa Psi Nil; Philolrigian. A. A. RdDRIOl EZ HAVANA, CUBA. Kappa Psi Nu ; Clio. JoUX HlNTON Roi XTREE NORFOLK, VA. Sigma Phi Beta. Gertie Alma Rudd BURLINGTON, N. C. Clara Mabel Sharp ELON COLLEGE, N. C. Delta I ' pMloii Kappa; Psykaleon. John Howard Smith NEWPORT NEWS, VA. Clio. Louise Springs CHARLOTTE, N. C. Psiphelian. A. M. Stephenson SEVERN, N. C. Sigma Phi Beta Robert Eugene Tally CARBONTON, N. C. Rebecca Malvina Taylor AMANTHE, N. C. Psykaleon. 67 Sopnomore Class Eugene Herbert Thompson LIBERTY, N. C. Edna Tyson burlington, n. c. Edna Marie Ward libert! ' , n. c. Psykaleon. Truman Elis Ward burlington, n. c. Sue Ella Watts peachland, n. c. Beta Omicron Beta. Gladys Irene White danville, va. Tau Zeta Phi; Psiphelian. Sam LoLis Whiteley CREEN ' SBORO, N. C. Dorothy Virginia Williams FRANKLIN, VA. Beta Omicron Beta. ESTELLE ErMA WiLLIAMS BAILEY, N. C. Delta Upsilon Kappa; Psykaleon. Grace Marie Wright ASHBORO, N. C. Pi Kappa Tau. HtS rla.stet ' s Voice 69 Freshman Class A. R. VanCi.i;ave, Sponsor Colors: Silver-Rose Flou-rr: American Beauty Rose Mol n: ■■Climli, thruiKli the Rocks lie Rukkc ' I- " Officers Fred I. Dickerson Prrs ' uii ' nl Ural W. Watson I ' icr-l ' rrsiJriil MABEf. Barrett Scrrrlciry Frances Ring Trnuun-r Freshman Class Fraxcis Irene Aluridge UNION ' RIDGE, N. C. Al.IiERTA FrAXCEXA AtM AX SEAGROVE, X. C. Marv Elizabeth Barxwell MEBAXE, X. C. Tail Zcta Phi. Mahei, Barrett POXCE, PORTO RICO. Delta I ' psilon Kappa. Rlth Elizabeth Batesox SAXFERXANDO, CAL. Larue V irginia Braxx BROWX SUMMIT, X. C. Psiphelian. Margaret Lorexa Briggs greensboro, x. c. Tau Zeta Phi ; Psiphelian. AxxA ViRGixiA Britt HOLLAXD, VA. Psvkaleon. AuxA Laxe Britox WADEVILLE, X. C. Psvkaleon. Dick Caddell EI.OX COLLEGE, X. C. Lewis Cagle ether, X. c. Clio. Freshman Class Norman Hinton Cameron JONESBORO, N. C. Alpha Pi Delta. HoRTENSE TaBITHA CaNTRELL burlington, n. c. Mabel Hinter Coghill HENDERSON, N. C. Delta I ' psilon Kappa; Psykaleon. Peter Davis Coghill HENDERSON, N. C. James ILL AM Corbett GRAHAM, N. C. Kappa Psi Nil. Alberta Brewer Covington EVERGREEN, N. C. Alta Louise Dick GREENSBORO, N. C. Pi Kappa Tau. Fred Irvix Dickerson REIDSVILLE, N. C. Sigma Phi Beta; Clio. Edgar McIver Duncan GREENSBORO, N. C. Sally Crystabelle Elder BURLINGTON, N. C. Beta Omicron Beta; Psykaleon. Harrison Goodman burlington, n. c. Freshman Class Martha Ellen Graves SEAGROVE, N. C. Vada VINl)ALE IE Graves SEAGROVE, N. C. Melba Grogan REIDSVILLE, N. C. Psiphelian. George Rrant Hackett GREENSBORO, N. C. Harold Waldo Hartley HOMESTEAD, PA. Sigma Phi Beta. Bellah Hexsley BURLINGTON, N. C. Mary Lolise Hough highland fall, n. y. Margaret Winefred Hoyle newton, n. c. DoLPHINE AleATHEA IrBY ENFIELD, N. C. Psiphelian. Charles Leov Joxes BURLINGTON, N. C. Sigma Phi Beta. Elijah Newaian Joxes HOLLAND, VA. Iota Tau Kappa; Clio. Freshman Class Sara Kate Jones wadesboro, n. c. Elms Hart Jones WADESBORO, N. C. Clrvie May Keith XORTHSIDE, N. c. Dennis F. Knight stokesdale, x. c. Pllilolngiail. Walter C. Latham BATH, N. C. Sigma Phi Beta. Mai ' le Spencer Lawrence seagrove, n. c. Catherine Elizabeth Lemmond SANFORD, N. C. Psiphelian. Walter Glenn Lewis ALTAMAHAW, N. C. Alpha Pi Delta; Philologian. RoDAiAN Grizzard Lillv WAVERLY, VA. Clio. Virginia Howard Lineberger charlotte, n. c. W. Ct. Lockhart ROCk ' POINI, . C. Alpha Pi l ' )clla; flio. Freshman Class Garland Olaxoer Mavn HOLLY SPRINGS, N. C. Philologian. John William Matlock ELON College, n. c. Lois Vernell McFarlaxd greensboro, n. c. Beta Omicron Beta. Robert McLeoh bartow, fla. Lan ' xie Doris McIxt re greensboro , n. c. Psiphelian. Hexrv Fraxk Mitchell burlington, n. c. Sigma Phi Beta. Robert Vilsox Morphis reidsville, n. c. Sigma Phi Beta; Clio. Richard Keath Moore BURLINGTON, N. C. Marvix Lewis Moseley la cross, va. Kappa Psi Nu; Clio. Odell Moser GRAHAM, N. C. Myde Newsome LA GRANGE, N. C. Fresnman Class Lfr. Mabeline Nicholson GRAHAM, N. C. Psiphclian. Helen Iola Oliver cedar grove, n. c. Annie Rle Pace snow camp, n. c. Lucy Mae Painter PROSPECT HILL, N. C. J. Rankin Parks, Jr. GREENSBORO, N. C. Kappa Psi Nu; Clio. Gertrude Elizabeth Paschall ridceway, n. c. Grace Wilkins Paschal ALTAMAHAW, N. C. Hugh Edwin Peoples SIl.ER CITV, N. C. Jewell Mae Presnell hasford, fla. Evelyn Bvrd Richardson waverlv, va. Psykaleon. Ro-i ' A. Richardson SUFFOLK, VA. Kappa Psi Nu; Clio. Freshman Class Frances Wilsox Ring EDINBLRG, VA. Delta rpsiliiii Kappa; Psykaleon. Mary Ann Rudd BROWN SUMMIT, N. C. El-IZABHTH RVRD Sl.ACK HEMP, N " . C. Fred A. Smith HILLSBORO, K. C. Iota Tan Kappa; Philolngian. Ruth Roland Smith siler city, n. c. Wm. Gladstone Smith brown summit, n. c. Alpha Pi Delta; Philologian. Wayne Basil Spoon burlington ' , n ' . c. Louis Skinner Stanfield CREEDMOOR, N. C. Baxter Franklin Stokes denton, n. c. Nann ' ie Kathleen Stout SANFORD, N. C. Beta Omicron Beta. Ethelyne E. Strickland WADE, N. c. Fresliman Class Beulah Sutton AI.TMAHAW, N. C. Edwin Wilson Thompson MILTON, N. c. Clio. Elizabeth Cornelia Troxler RFIDSVILI.E, N. C. Psiphelian. Helen Gertrlde Turner ROCKY MOUNT, N. C. Tau Zcta Phi. Ural Warren Watson SULLIVAN, IND. Alpha Pi Delta; Clio. Cecil Watts PEACHLAND, N. C. Kappa Psi Nu. H. T. Williams EAGLES SPRINGS, N. C. Philologian. Evelyn Yates suffolk. va. Beta Omicron Beta. Margaret Ethel Brown burlington, n. c. Mary Auman seagrove, n. c. 78 - D. C. Walkf.r Coach Walker has been with us for the past two seasons. During his stay he has become popular witli the students and holds their respect and friendship. His teams may not come out witli the best record at the close of each season, but one can always count on seeing a good game and a well- coached team. G. Everett Ring Student Manatjcr of Athletics " Crusty " has served in this capacity of Stu- dent Manager and has done his woric well. His ser iccs have meant much to Coach Walivcr and the teams. C. M. Caxxox (iiiuluate Maniu er of Athleties " C. M. " has served in this role for the past three years. He is ever planning for good sched- ules and for the success of all the teams. C:m " Canoni " V RAOUATf MANAOER FOOTBALL Caitaix R. R. HIaki) Ccnirr Tlioiich handicapped h injiirii-s a majority ot the past season, Cap- tain Hard ' s generalship and fighting spirit have meant much to the team ' s success this ear. lie was ever a tower of strength in the line, being our pivot man. He lia earned his spins due to his hard work and his clean sportsmanship. 83 Football KAN I, )N(; NKMJIAN — Ihillbiuk — " ll bust of thum and his Kit-handed ponpnts. A. M. STEPHENSON — Guard — Although handicapped by injuries, " Sper " made hii5 letter this fall. Big things are expected of " Spec " in his remaining years at Elon. I,Ol ' IE P. ZEIGI.KK — End — Too much can ' t be said for " Louie. " His nat- ural aliility for snagging passes played an imponant part in the team ' s suc- ci-.ss for the past two seasons. I ' KAL WATSON — (iiiHrd — Watson, who hails from the " Hoosier " State, was new to the game but his natural ability and fighting spirit helped him to make his letter. L. C. MBRIUTT — (iuard — " Sug " broke in this vear at guaril and plaved consi.stently and reliably. " Sug " has two more years of football and much is expected of him. ipt to play football KJOl ' liALL SgUAU Review of the Season Elon ' s football season from a won and lost standpoint was not a suc- cess, but looking from another angle we consider it a success. Playing games with much larger institutions under adverse condi- tions the record of the team is commendable. Although the team was young and inexperienced almost to a man, they gave a good account of themselves in every game played. After losing to N. C. State, Davidson and other like teams, the team staged a come-back when they journeyed to Florida, where they defeated the University of Miami at Coral Gables, 23-19. Then on Thanks- giving Day the Lenoir-Rhyne Mountain Bears were overwhelmed by the rejuvenated " Fighting Christians, " 32-6. BAS KETBALL Captain C. V. Briggs, Jr. t rjI ' lVdld (aplairi l5riKgN Kave a good aicnmil of liiiiiM-lt. I ' he strong piiints of llie Chrisliaii cage leader ' s game is his play under the basket, and many a missed goal hy his mates has been con- verted into two points by effective use of his superior height. His ability to break into the opposition ' s offense and capture the ball time and again featured every battle he participated in. He likewise sank many goals into ilie hoops u lu-n thcv were most needed. He has one more year to perform on the floor at Eloii. Basketball Gf.orgk D. Kei.lv Guard Kelly, small in stature, proved the spirit of the team. He was literally everywhere, mix- ing in every play, and his contribution toward advancing the ball cannot be over-esti- mated. . s a shot, he proved to be only fair, but at critical moments he came through and saved several games. R. E. " Squire " Sims, Jr. Center " Squire " was a bright light on the quintet of last season. This veteran pivot man con- tinued to shine this year despite an injured ankle which gave him trouble throughout the season. He is an accurate passer and one of the best floor workers on the S(|uad. Z.AC T. Walker Forivard Zac was bowling along at a fast clip in his second season when overtaken by a wrenched knee that laid him low for the best part of the schedule. Zac is the most elusive man of the works, good dribbler, nice shot, and is great on the passing game. The niftiest passer and the best ball faker on the floor will be back next vear. Paii. Caddki.i. Gun I ' ll " Pill " was one of thc e fellows that could lie called upon at an tiuie, to till in aii oiie ' place. He was a good shot. His best work was on the defensive end, always there break- ing up shots when it seemed impossible. Nash Parker Forwanl Nash stepped in the breach left by the injuries of Walker and performed in veteran-like style. Nash dropped in shots from all an«le-. ot the court. lie was in there fij;htint; from the beginning until the end, alwa s gi ing his best. P RKi) Caddki.i. ClKllJ Serving hi- lirM year on the varsity, Fred di-pla cd all the earmarks o) a (irM-class cage artist. Rather lo on his feel, he made up for this defect b po e.ving n keen e e for the basket. Fred i- only a Junior and has another year, which should sec him liecome a mine valuable man of the Christian Five. Walter Latham Foriiiard " Walt " lnok like a million dollars on the court. And who knows what he would do with a little experience and a little less competition? At any rate " Walt " is in there mixing things up, and when called upon he is " ready. " U. W. Watson Guard Although not a regular this ear, Watson always proved a valuable substitute. He plays a neat floor game and puts up a good defensive game. He has three more years to perform for the Maroon and Gold five. With another year of experience, he will cause many opposing forwards much worry. Roy Rollins For ' ward Plaving his first year on the varsity, " Sleepy-Hollow " displayed promise of developing into one of the best basketeers. " Sleepy-Hollow " had an eagle eye for the basket, and, given a fraction of a second to set himself, could be depended upon to send the leather swishing through the hoops. J. Stokes C. Roberts V. Smith resnman F. DlCKERSON J. Parker B. Hackett B. Stokes Basketball Team H. DUNCAX H. Peoples (;. Mann F. Brooks E. Thompson M. Capo Eli Regan, Coach 1929 Schedule and Results Dec. Dec. Dec. Jan. (an. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. 6— Elon High . . 8 — Erwin High . II — Summer High I 5 — Sophomnre Team 17 — Junior Team . 18 — Senior Team . . 21 — Burlington High 26 — Sophomores . 30 — Juniors .... 31— Rci.lsvillc High 9 — Gibsonvillc High II — Cjibsonville High 16 — Cihsonville High 19— E. M. Iloh High 26— Reidsville High Ot ' t ' omnls ■ 8; . 13; • i+; ■ 10 ; 9; • 32; • 2; 32; ■ 2+; • 25; • 11; 16; 19; . 19; . VARSITY ' SOI . I Basketball Schedule ELON COLLEGE Season, 1929 Jatniary lo — Krskink Eloii January 12 — CjUII.iori) Elori January 14 — Lenoir-Rm v K Elon January 15 — Emorv am) Hkxr There Januaiy 16— V. P. I There January 17 — ' . M. I There January 18 — Briogewatkr There January 26 — Wake Forest There January 29 — Wofeord There January 30 — Davidson .... There February i — Defiance Elnn February 2 — Defiance Elon February 9 — CATAwnA . . Elon February 16 — High Poini There February 19 — Lenoir-Rhvne There February 20 — Catawra There February 26 — Hinii Poisr Elon February 28 — (iili.iORi) There BASEBALL Captaix R. K. Sims, Jr. Sims has plavod a biV role in the many victories Kloii ' s powerful team has chalked up tiuriiig his four years on the team. He not only made good hits across the diamond and to the far corners of tiie lot. hut he made a hit with his fellow students ami team mates. He is a gentleman and a true sportsman. j8P» r -1 ' m L. T. Smith Tliird Baseman " Red " has been a great as:.et to the team. He hits well, leading the club in 1928. He also plays the third base position with marked ability. " Red " is only a Sophomore and much is expected from him for the remainder of his college ca- reer. " Zkk " H.ARRIXGTON " Zeb " hails from Chatam County, that is known lor its abundant supply of rabbits. " Zeb " plays vhnrt-stop with accuracy, hits well and runs the bases like a scared rabbit. David Shepherd old Reliable " Dave finishes his college career this year. He will always be reinembered for his steady and untiring efforts. As a catcher, Have is there. His graduation will give some lUlh high lark til and fill his posltimi. JloW.ARU BrIGGS lliiward i the second baseman. Oidy a Sopho- iniire, but a veteran at second. His field work is clever and he hits with regularity. A. F. Fowler. Jr. ' l)adil liiwler " is one of our mainstays in the bii . lie has plent on the ball and a gfiod head til appl the ps cholog - vhen needetl. " Lefty, " the boy with a " Salary Arm. " " Lefty " has been another one of our consistent pitchers. Me has won his share of the games each year. It was at the end of his Sophomore year that our friend Charlie ( arroll saw that Lefty had future baseball in him and signed hitn for the CJreensboro Patriots CUib. At the end of the season Carroll sold Lefty to the Detroit .Ameri- cans. We are confident that Lefty " Hucky " Harris a good man. Luck to you, Hriggs! j. Carrdi.i. Ci. rk Better known as " Cap. " " Cap " had a hard time of breaking into the line-up in his first year of college baseball, but once he got in there he was a regular. His hitting was outstanding. " Cap " has another year on the team and his presence will be felt by opposing pitchers as well a ' - his Vi)()i)i.ii;i-, Cd.x axd CoRHii t Although never having won a letter, these hoys are not to be sneered at. Woodliet did his bit of relief in helping the condition of the bat- ting strength. Cox pitched several collegiate games this year, did good re ' ief work and has been a valuable man to have on the squad. Cor- bitt, general utility man, came to the rescue of the team in mai Baseball Sclieciule 1929 March 29 — Catawba There April I — High Point Greensboro April 4 — Briiigewater There April 5— V. P. I There April 6 — Emory and Henry There April 10 — Wake Forest Elon April 13 — Wofford Elon April 1 S — Wake Forest There April 1 9 — Lenoir-Rhyne Elon April 22 — Davidson There April 23 — Lenoir-Rhyne There April 24 — Wofford There April 25 — Erskine There April 27 — Guilford There April 3() — Catawba Elon May 4 — Piedmont Elon May 10 — Erskine Elon May II — Guilford Elon i;a.si;i!. i.i, mji ah BASEBALL Klon has had a remarkable baseball team for the last several years. Last year was a bright spot in Elon ' s record, playing eighteen games and winning sixteen, being turned back by the Winston-Salem twins, winner of the Piedmont League, and by Wake P ' orest. Some of the big games marked on the winning card were the Greensboro Patriots, runner-up for the Peidmont. Others to fall before this fence busting aggregation were the University of Richmond, V. AL I., Pennsylvania State, David- son and many other colleges. E Men ' s Club Officers R. E. Sims, Jr President D. W. Shepherd Vice-President J. Carroll Clark Secretary Zeb Harrington Treasurer H. T. Efird Roland Smith Lefty Briggs L. T. Smith Pete Williams A. M. Stephenson Foster Hughes G. E. Ring Members Paul Caddell Walter Latham Dan Long Newman J. L. Foster, Jr. Zac Walker II. S. Shepherd Howard Briggs Louie Zeigler Ural Watson R. R. Hardy T. D. Eure Fred Caddell Roy Rollins George Kelly R. H. Johnson J. B. Brown Oh, My Luve ;5 Like a Red, Red Rose Oh. my lui ' c is like a ml. nd rase I hat s ncicly spruiii in J line; Oh. my liivc is like a imlodic That ' s sivcctly played in tunc. As fair art thou, my hannie lass. So deep in luve am I ; And I will luve thee still, my dear. Till a ' the seas gang dry. Till a ' seas gang dry, my dear, And the rocks melt ici ' the sun : I uill luve the still, my dear. While the sands o ' life shall run. And fare thee weel, my only luve. And fare thee weel awhile, And I ivill come again, my love, Tho ' it ivere ten thousand mile. Burns Miss Lillian IXDERWooi), PlupsicU Sponsor Mrs. G. M. KwkA. Sponsor oj Maroon and Gold Miss Maky Graham Lawrence, Senior Class Sponsor Mrs. R. C. WiGHTMAX, Sr., Junior Class Sponsor Miss Helen Horner, Sophomore Class Sponsor Miss JuAXITA MiTLHIJ.I,, Frcshviau Class sponsor Miss MlI.DRliD Ar[.1:1x:l:, Football Sponsor Mrs. C. v. BkllUiS, Sr., Baskctlvill Sponsor " B()i;i! " LkRuV SADI.KR, Baseball Sponsor I ' lllLOLUGIAN LITERARY SOCIETY Pnilologian Roster T. G. Andrews D. P. Barreit W. T. Beaty J. C. Clark C. A. Cox L. R. Cather A. A. Dofflemver V. H. Duncan ' II. T. Efird K. B. Hook H. C. Milliard C. V. KiPKA E. E. KiPKA E. F. Kniciit D. F. Knight W. P. Lawrence. A. P. Lewis V. G. Lewis T. E. LowRv S. E. Madren R. N. Moses D. F. Maness G. O. Makn M. A. Netiiery L. V. Register E. F. Rhodes D. W. Shepherd H. S. Shepherd Elwood Smith F. A. Smith C. P. Thompson J. P. ' ickers L. C. Williams H. T. Williams Avtch York PHILOLOGIAN LITERARY SOCIETY ' ENTERTAINERS Annual Entertainment OF Tin; Pkilologian Literary Society WiiiTi.Hv Ai DiToRii M, Ki.dx Ci)i,i.i:(;i; , X. C. ' riunsday Evening, November 29, 1928 8 :( ' 0 p. 111. PROGRAM Welcome AJd, ess V. 1 ' . L.u Kl.xci;. Jr. Reading: " The Landing of the Pilgrims " L. C. Willi.ams Oration: " The First Thanksgiving " W. T. Beatty Song Washington on Thanksgiving T. G. Andrews Violin Solo E. F. Rhodes Lincoln on Thanksgivhig K. B. HcoK Song The Spirit of .Modem Thanksgiving I). W. Shepherd {Sinirs—D. V. liARRHir, A. A. Dorn.RMVER, E. F. Knight, Gi.exn- Lrvvis, I.. V. Rkgister, AND Fred Smith.) Ilislnriuil: ■• ' Ihe earliest harvest Thai.kssivinn in America uas kept by the PiJKrim Fathers at Plymouth in 1621, and «as repeated many times during that and the ensuing century; Con- gress recommended days of Thanksgiving annually during the Revolution and in 1784 for the return of peace as did President Madison in 181 5. Washington appointed such a day in 1789 after the adoption of the Constitution and in 1795 for the general benefits and welfare of the nation. " President Lincoln issued in 1863 a proclamation appointing the last Thursday in Novem- ber as Thankv.giving Day; and this uas the first of an unbroken series of similar proclamations which have made Thanksgiving Day an American Institution. Exterta:x. ie t Co.mahttee E. F. Rhodes, C iair?nan Cecil Cox Rav N. Moses H. S. Shepherd Tom Lowerv IVIarsh.als C. P. Thompson, C iief Carroi I. (YARK Dennis Knight Alton Lewis A icii ■nRK CLIO LITERARY SOCIETY Clio Roster T. R. Benton Daniel Boone Robert Boyd W. E. Brill l. j. colclouch Miguel Capo Louis Cagle Jack Chandler RoMiE Davis Ollie Deaton Fred Dickerson Delos Elder T. D. EuRE C. C. FOUSHEE E. A. GuNN WVATT HlGHSMlTH Elijah Jones R. H. Johnson A. W. Laxton W. G. LOCKHART R. C. Lilly Robert Morphis Lewis Mosley E. R. Nichols F. N. Parker VV. J. Parker J. R. Parks B. P. Rakestravv G. E. Ring H. G. Robertson A. A. Rodriguez C. N. Roberts Roy Richardson Howard Smith James Stewart C. J. Thomas Edwin Thompson CjArdner Underhh.l U. W. Watson Cecil Watts CI.IO LITERARY SOCIKTY ENTERTAINHRS Annual Entertain ifnt OF Tur Clio Literary Society Whiti.ia Mi-mciriai. Ai DiTORiiM. Ij.ox C()i.i.i;nR. N. C. February 22, 1929 S :oo p. m. Welcome Address • A. A. Rodriglez Ensemble SocinTV Oration C. C. Foi sheu Quartette . . (]. D. I Nnr.RHiLi.. A. W. Laxtox, T. R. Rextox axd J. E. Stewart Violin Solo A. W. Laxtox Poem F. N. Parker Oration • - Lockhart Reading T- H- Ei re Dramatic Reading H. C. Rohertsox Quartette . . . G. D. Lxni rhiee, A. V. Laxtox, T. R. Hextux. j. K. Stewart Oxford Dkbatf Query Cliaiiman nf Drhtili ' : C. C. Fousiif.e Jffirmativf Negative Dei.os Emif.r Lewis CAcr.F WvAiT IIiGHSMrrii Rov Richarhsos- Ushers Oli.ie Deatos ' , Chili J. R. Parks B. P. Rakestraw I.eo J. Coi.ci.ounii I ' kfi) L. Dickerson Decoratiox Committee RoEiERF Hovi), Cliairman W. E. Hrii.i. J. 11. Smiiii PSYKALEON LITERARY SOCIETY Annual Entf.rtainmf.nt ir Tiir Psykaleon Literary Society Vhiti.i;v MnMoRi.xL Aiditorii ,m, Ki.ox Cdi.i.f.gi:, N. C. Friday Evening, January iS, 1929 8 :oo p. m. Welcome Cl.ar.a Un-df.rwood (Jll ' jriis ' ioi.. WoKSi.RV, Fkances Rise, M.ARV RuLD, EiizACEiH Carper, Alma Kimball, Ruth Stearns, Clara Vnderwooi), Mable Coghill, Adna Lane Bruton, Sally Elder, Alberta Roberts, Anna Virginia Britt, Rlth Bateson, Movi) Fite. CnARinriE Roberts, Clarice Dickerson. January, Past and Present InELL JoNES Monolccue ESTELLE WlLLI. MS Review ot Lite and Works of Ellen (jlasgovv Wautell L,ambeth Musical Reading Merrill Caviness Essay Rebecca Taylor Chorus Program Committee Alma Kimball, Chairman Ruth Alexander Clarice Gunn Movd Fite Marshals Ruth Ale.xander, Cliirj Clara Siiarpe Ruth Vickers Marie Ward Clarice Gunn PSIPHIvI.IAX I.ITl ' RARV SOCIETY Psipkelian Roster I. A Rue Bkanv Margaret Briggs Margaret Bruton Edith Clark Alta Dick Lillian ' Foust Melba Grogan Sadie Gunter Christine Hornaday DoLPHiM-: Iri.ev Mildred Johvsox Ella Keyser Catherine Lemmond Margaret Lineberger Mary Lineberger Edith Log key LoNNUE McIntyre Nellie White V ' elma O ' Cons ' ELI. Evelyn Richardson- Birdie Rowland Lena Russell Glady ' s Spoon Louise Springs Eva Sykes Cornelia Troxler Jewel Truitt C;ladvs White Annual Entertainment OK Tilt Psiphelian Literary Society WinTLirv Mn.MoRiAi, Al ditoriu.m, Ki.ox Collegi:, N. C. Mniulay KNi-ning, April i, 1929 8 :ou p. m. PROGRAM Wi-lconie Li ' N ' A Rlssei.i. History of Psiphelian Literary Society Gladys Spoon Chorus Psiphelian Girls Humorous Reading Gladys White Essay Evelyn Richardson Solo Ella Marie Keyser Reading Alta Dick Psiphelian Song Psiphelian Girls Program Committee Eva Svkes, Cliairman Mar Linebercer Christine Hornadav i illaiaon mh (@olb fiflu wins mum, , — , i: . iUiFJIlO 111 DW OW Editorial Staff C. W. KiPKA Edilor-in-C iirf C. C. Foushfk . . G. D. Coi.ci.ouCH Alumni Eiiilni Blsin ' ess Staff D. P. Barrkti-, Jr. . . Ilusitnss Mantit i T. D. Elrk . RoRiKi Bovi) . .hsislani liusinrss Manar cr Dki.os Ei dkr . . . CiRCLLATiox Staff T. E. I.ovvRV, Manager L. V. RiiGisTKR Elizabktii Cari ' hr Cecil Waits Rfi ' orthrs ' Cli b K. B. IIooK, llrad Rrporirr R. G. Davis Eva Svkes Virginia Linhbercjkr T R. Benton H. S. Shepherd Estelle Williams Rebecca Taylor J. W. Barney, Farully .Idinser 127 Maiuuiint l.dilnr . IJviiiisinf Mana i r .hsislani .Llv. Manai rr ' ei,ma O ' Connell A. A. Rodriquez Howard Smith Intercollegiate Debaters Ki.ox vs. Kmorv-Hkxrv Query: Resolve that a substitute tor trial by jur should be adopted. AffiriMAtive at El roR ■-Hl■ ' RV H. G. RoDERTSON R. N. Moses Negative at Elox C. C. FousiiEE D. W. Shepherd Ministerial Association Oi-FicnRS Ray N. Moses PresUeni Damel Boone Vice-Pri-sulml A. A. DoFFLEMYER ... . Secretary J. H. Smith . Treasurer Mr.MBHRS Carl Klapp E. E. Kipka W. E. Hrill H. C. Hilliard C. C. FOUSHEE S. E. Madren R. H. Johnson B. P. Rakestraw II. C;. Robertson D. W. Shepherd F. A. Smith G. D. Underhill S. B. Wilson L. A. Nall r:{- Young Women ' s Christian Association Officers Jewell Truitt I ' rrsulcnt Alberta Roberts ' icr-I ' muiint Margaret Linebercer ■ • • Sicretary Marv Rawls Jones Tnasurcr Young Men ' s Christian Association OlFICIiRS n. W. Shepherd I ' r,si,li- ii C. A. Cox rife-l ' r,iiJ,iil L. W. Register . ... Si-crelary- ' IriHsurir Cliristian Endeavor Ol ' FICi ' RS FlIALlI I.WVKESXK I ' lrsiilfltl MiMiRKi) Johnson- ' . lice-l ' iisidnit Al.MA KiMBAl.L Si-di-liiry Religious Activities Cabinet Officers JiRDiE Rowland President ROMIE G. Davis I ' ice-PresUenl Clarice Gun Secretary D. P. Harrett, Jr Treasurer Student Senate I). W. SlIKPIlHKI) I ' lis ' ulllll C. J. Thomas I ' ice-Piis ' ulcitl S. S. Jackson ' Srcrrlary L. W. Register Trrasuii-r Members R. C. Davis C. P. Thompson ■ A. P. Lewis R. M. Green Walter Latham 136 Student Council Makion " Nai.i.k I ' n ' .fiilriil Eva Svkks Siurilary CuAKi.oriE Roberts Tr,iuiii,r .Mi; ih::rs Clarice Cuxv Rva I ' arker Sik I ' .i.i.a Wati ' s Ai.viA KiMBAi.r, N ' iKciMA Hrowxe Marei, CoGiini, •37 1929 PKipsicli Assistants Offickrs R. E. Sims, Jr Issociale EdUor Delos Elder Idvcrlhing W. H. Ellis Idverluing and Art L. VV. Register Bookkeeper This volume of the Phipsicli would not be complete without giving credit to the above gentlemen. The suc- cess of the annual is, to a great degree, due to their un- tiring efforts, and we are sure that those that will return next year will be a great asset to the new staff. Editor 41 ir IOTA TAU KAPPA C. V. Bricgs V. T. BEArn ' Howard Briggs Fred Caddell Paul Caddell J. C. Clark H. T. Efird Wm. H. Ellis Dr. V. a. Harper Iota Tau Kappa Brothers ix College " T. D. EuRE Dace W. Jones Elijah Jones G. D. Kelly C. V. KiPKA E. E. KiPKA Ed McPherson D. L. Newman ' l:loxoR. R ' Memukrs Prof. J. V. Barney Dian A. L. Hook G. E. Ring R. E. Sims Fred Smith C. J. Thomas J. W. Van Hook L. P. WlLKINS L. C. Williams R. C. Wrightman, Jr Ok. N. F. Bran nock Prof. Ralph B. Tower Brothers Out of College F. J. Alston J. M. Fix, Jr.. K. V. Pation T. H. Andrew E. F. Gilliam C. E. Sides W. J. Apple J. L. Hiatt C. H. Slaughter H. A. Branner a. L. Holt E. E. Snotherly J R. Barker B. D. Jones A. J. Struih, Jr. G. W. Bock Darden Jones M. G. Stanley R. B. Byrd G. a. Kirkland N. V. Raub M. W. Carrow J. C. Latham P. C. Walker Ralph Coggins Jonnie Lankford G. I.. Williams Conrad Donnell E. W. McCauley W. L. Woodie W. C. Elder E. P. McLeod W. W. Woodie D. E. EuRE G. R. Miller S. D. Woodie E. L. Parkerson •Deceased J- A. Parks ALPHA PI DELTA Alpha Pi Delta Rom IE G. Davis James B. Brown D. W. Shepherd C. C. FOUSHEE H. S. Shepherd OlLIE W. D EATON- G. AvTCH York A. W. Laxton Brothers ix College T. G. Andrews E. P. ISLEY K. B. HOOK M. A. Netherv A. P. Lewis T. R. Benton- C. A. Fox Pall Macee l. j. colcloucii Herman Truitt E. F. Knight Norman Cameron w. g. lockhart W. G. Lewis W. G. Smith Edwin A. Gunn LTral Watson Honor. R - Memrhrs Prof. T. E. Powkll Prof. A. R. Vaxcleave J. Forest Qualls V. L. McLeod E. Milliard Qualls D. York Branxock Ferry Lee Gibbs Thomas V. Huey Marvin M. Johnson Brothers Out of College Robert M. Hook H. E. Crutch field M. A. McLeod A. B. Johnson L. E. Angel V. R. Maxwell Luther Browder B. L. Green Frank H. Alexander P. c;. Hook Richard E. Brittle C. Carl Dollar Dewey R. Mast S. Guy Alexander S. Percy Hudson J. M. Green KAFPA PSI NU Kappa Psi Nu Brothhrs IX CoLLHCn D. p. Barrett, Jk. G. F. WOMBLE W. P. Lawrence, Jr. H. G. Robertson ' Elbert Rhodes Masten Green- C. P. Thompson- L. C. DOSTER J. D. Lee, Jr. r. E. LovvRV A. A. DOFFLEMVER A. A. RORREQUEZ L. V. Register Rov Richardson J. R. Parks, Jr. 1. C. A ' atts J. M. LOWRY E. R. Nichols Jack Chandler Jack Moslev J. W. CoRBEir RroTHFRS IX F.ACL LT - C. M. Cannon George D. Colclough M. W. Hook Davii) 15R0WN Harrei.l C. James Velie ]5r:)Thi:rs Olt of CoLi.ncE s. H. Abell J. L. Floyd M. L. Patrick R. F. Morton E. V. AUMAN 1. M. Farmer E. H. Rainey J. B. Newman H. C. Amick W . M. Garrison R. S. Rainey R. H. GuNN E. Abeli, C. W. Gordon M. Z. Rhodes J. E. Watts F. D. Ballad 1. D. Gorreli. P. D. Rudd b. 0. Saunders J. T. Banks L O. Hadser H. L. Scott G. F. Womble J. D. Barber C. W. Hook V . T. ScoiT J. Allen Walker A. L. Brinklev F. H. Hunter H. G. Self J. P. McNeil L. M. Cannon L. F. Johnson R. R. Sides 11. Richardson A. L. Combs O. C. Johnson W . B. Terrell C. E. Newman C. J. Crutchfield U ' ' . D. Lambeth R. V. iTLEY Melvin Wyrick R. D. Clements p. E. LlNDLEY L. y. Watson J. v. Womble T. S. Crltchfield W ' . A. LiNDLEY G. C. White E. W. ViCKERS J. N. Denton s. M. Lymann M. , J. W. White T. B. Hammerick J. H. Dollar J. L. Finch C. L. Walker Daniel Northcuit D. H. Dofflemyer J. M. McAda.ms M. , G. Wicker J. B. Utley L . p.. EZELL K, , R. McCalman T. E. Hanner J. R. Walker B. W. EVERETTE J. E. McCaliley H. M. Lynch C. James Velie W ■. M. Ferris G, . C. Mann E. C. White David Brown Harkkll J. W. Fix w ■. E. Moon G. D. COLCI.Ol ' GII I4S SIC.MA I ' Hl BliTA 146 Sigma Pni Beta Robert Boyd Fred I. Dickerson I. L. Foster, Jr. " w. R. HixTON, Jr. H. V. IlARTI.KV Broth HRs ix Cdli-EGH Sidney F. J.- ckson ' Leok Jokes Walter C. Latham Robert W. Morphis F. H. Mitchell F. N. Parker Hinton " Rountree J. W. RiCHE A. C. Stephenso.v A. M. Stephenson J. F,. Stewart R. C. Watson- Honorary Memhitrs f. b. cokboy c. c. fonville Professor L. D. Martin M. L. Gray " Dr. CiLMRR Holland Brothers Olt of College R. W. Andrews F. W. Alexander H. S. Alexander J. O. Atkinson, Jr. DwicHT Beougher A. I. Braxton Paul Braxton L. J. Bray A. H. Brown R. C. Brown G. A. Brown P. B Brawley- H. A. Clark W. S. Cardwell Roy Cather J. E. Corbitt T. S. Corbitt L. E. Fesmire C. P. Flynn A. B. Fogleman E. S. Johnson L. J. Perry F. K. Garvev H. H. Johnson E. G. Pursell D. E. Turner, Jr. C. L. iCl.MBALL J. F. Raper H. L. Trotman, Jr. 0. B. Long C. R. Reavis H. B. ROUNTREE W . E . Marlette C. R. Read G. D. rNDERWOOn D. D, , Martin (). T. Robertson J- B. Gay " , Jr. C. P. MAC ' ALLE • E. E. Sechriest ' . F. Greenwood K. B. Meadows J. J. SiMILEE W . F. Godwin D; VVID Miller I. W. Simpson o. B. Gorman J. F. ' OLIVER I. E. Smith A. . Green J. C. Whitesell n. D. Snipes W . C. Griffin P. J. Whitesell W. G. Stoner D. L. TIarrell C. M. , Miller R. V. Stuart O. H. Henderson s. R. Moffitt Forrest Swanson T. B. Henderson R. V. Morris W. R. Thomas W . D. Henderson L. T. McCloud H E. White C. Humphreys Dr. N ' . G. Newman W. W. Walker { ' . R. Hutchinson T. B. Parks Worth B. Wicker B. B. Johnson l " ) N n. Wicker Delta Upsilon Kappa Sisters ix Cot. lege Mabel Barrett Mabel Cochill Mary Rawls Jones An ' me Laura Holland LiLA Newman Rlby Atkinson Alberta Atkinson Minnie Atkinson Mrs. John Barnwell Olvn Barrett Mrs. L. J. Bray Mrs. Legette Blythe Julia Clem Louise Cooke Ann Curtis Freda Demmick Mrs. W.m. Dixon Lalah Durham Mrs. Robert Etherioce Mrs. Jack Edwards Mary Lee Foster Mrs. Paul Fulton Janice Fulcum Mrs. Mills Green Mrs. J. B. Gay, Jr. Lillian Harrell .A LMA Kimball Wautell Lambeth Fern Lasley Lois Mc.Adams Ann Rawls Frances Ring Birdie Rowland Clara Sharpe Clara Underwood Lillian Underwood EsTELLE Williams Belle Wicker Christine Wicker Honorary Me.mbers Pauline Shoope Sisters Out of College Ruth Kimball Rosebud Kimball Mrs. Aubrey Kei.ley Clarice Lincoln Mrs. E. R. Lane .Allene May Margaret Moffitt Mrs. Mark Mc. ' Vdams Eunice Morrow Emma Morcon Mrs. L. D. Martin Mrs. p. G. Middi.eton Mrs. E. p. McLeod Hannah Newman (Gwendolyn Patton Anna Phillips Gladys Peace Mrs. George Parkerson Mrs. W. S. Person Kathleen Parks . ' nita Parks Alma Rountree Graham Rowland Catherine Bellis Margaret Rowland Mrs. Smith Robertson Mrs. Mills Riddick Hazel Rosemond Mrs. p. D. Rudd Mrs. H. C. Ross Mrs. LoNNiE Sides Dorothy Shortridce Mary Stradep. Mrs. Herbert Sholtz Mrs. J. H. Truitt Placyde Thompson Pearle Tetee Essie M. Truitt Mrs. G. D. Underwood Mary Lee Williams Ida Wilkins Mrs. Lyman Wilkins Mrs. J. E. Whitesell Florence Whitelock Louise Watkins TAU ZETA PHI Tau Zeta Pki Marv Barn ' well Margaret Briggs Margaret Bruton Annie June Hornaday Sisters in College Christine Hornadav rubv huffines Mildred Johnson Margaret Lixeberger Virginia Morton Ruth Morton Eva Parker Gladys Spoon Helen Turner Gladys White HoxoRARV Members Mrs. Fra nces J. Ring Mrs. C. James Velie Nannie Aldridge Mildred Arledge Lucy Austin Mrs. Lane Atkinson Marjorie Bruton Judith Black LuciLE Cardwell Anne Coleman Ola King Cowing Mrs. J. H. Dollar Sara Deaton Lucy Dick Sisters Out of College Mary- Dick Mrs. Herman Edge Fannie Glenn Elder Annie Lee Floyd Mrs. H. G. Floyd Nannie Graham Mrs. M. V. Hook Mrs. H. O. Horne Myrtle Islev Mrs. Otis King Bertha Little Ruth Lyerly Mamie Moore HuELAH Morton Mrs. G. G. Miller Bessie Martin Elizabeth McCollum Mildred McPherson Margaret Neblette Nell Orr Caroline Powell RuBY Rowland Myrtle Vickers Madge Woods Gladys Woods BETA OMICRON lU I A isa Beta Omicron Beta Ruth Alexander Alberta Roberts Virginia Browx InELL JON ' ES Sue Ella Watts Miss Florence Fisher ' icTORiA Adams Dorothy Belvin Effie Bowden Mrs. Malrine Bricgs Mrs. C. M. Cannon Mrs. L. M. Cannon Lois Corbett Pattie Coghill Carmen Collier Essie Cotten Grace Crockett Ruth Crawford Bessie Dale Mrs. Robert Ernst Wilson Gatewood Sisters in College Marjorie Moore Nellie White Virginia Harden- Marv Brannock Nannie Stout Lois McFarland Honorary Me.mbers Mrs. W. a. Harper Sisters Out of College Mrs. H. S. Hardcastle Mrs. Marvin Holt Malva Hight Maude Hendrick Elsie Jones Katherine Johnson Estelle Kelly Mrs. S. L. Lane Mrs. G. M. Lupo Mrs. T. E. Powell Mrs. Eunice R. Powell Helen Rhodes Pearl Reynolds Annie Simpson Gladys Simpson NovviE Smith Callie Spruill Sally Elder Evelyn Yates Marion Nalle Dolly Williams Charlotte Roberts Jeaneite Stout Gladys Spruill Frances Sterreit Grace Stout Edna Stout Mary Stout Wiley Stout Mary Hall Stryker Margaret Terry Mrs. Dennis Tuttle Frances Turner Kate Wheeler Ruth Walker Mary Addie White Marguerite Youmans Mary Graham Lawrence Pi K appa Tau Lucy Boome Florence Alta Dick EucExiA Green ' Members ix College Madge Green Mary Horne EiTiE Harvey Ella Keyser Louise McPherson Margaret Robertson Lena Russell Grace Wright HoxoRAR-i Members Mrs. R. B. Towxsley Miss Hattie E. Brown Mrs. B. W. Everette Miss Emily Johnston Miss Ollie Stadler Clarice Albright Mabel Alexander Esther Brookshire Lois Adamson Mabel Holt Mabel Michael Hazel Auman Lyde Bingham Mrs Grady Brown Mrs. Harry Buchanan TiNSLEY Bryant Cl. rice Carpenter Members C lt oe College .• nnie Carter Mrs. Claude Cheek Mrs. Hazel Cook Mildred Dozikr Nannie Sue Dunn Mrs. J. N. Farlow Mrs. L. C. Hooper Jewel Hughes Patti ' Hurley Sallie Kate Ingram Lucy McCarco Marie Nobles Sallie Mae Oliver ' erdie Phillips Mary Price Sara Price tora rudd Elsie Teague Ruth Voncannon Bess Walker Lillian Walker Alice Weber Mrs. E. Wheeler Tyra Wright Louise Homewood Cc uncil ()l FICHRS lent Kappn Psi Xii ,t -llpha Pi Delta tary-Treasurer . . Delta U psiloii Kappa Iota Tail Kappa Pi Kappa Tau Gladys White Tau Zeta Phi Sidney F. Jackson Sigma Phi Beta MarjORIE Moore Beta Omieron Beta W. p. LawrenC; , Jr., RoMiE G. Davis, Vi Pi Birdie Mary Rowland, R. E. Sims, Jr Margaret Robertson . 156 r jgxf , . 4m - -5=-— - COTTON f C I C- --; ' ?Jilfl !-fe=-=£sr mciBT Awimm -conomics Club FtiU Sfinestrr H. T. Efiri) Prrsidrnt R. E. Sims J ' tcf-Prrsidcnl Marjorie Moore . . Srcn-lary and Treasurrr W. L. Register . . .hsislant Sec. and Trras. Sl ' iiiiy Semester V ' . T. Beatty President W. L. Register I ' ice-Presidenl Lena Russem, . . ■ Setrrlary and Treasurer Marjorie Moore . AssislanI See. and Treas. Ralph B. Tower Professor of Eeonomies and Business .Id ministration Eunice Aman E. E. Black Robert Boyd C. V. Briggs Frank Brooks Stroud Brooks Norman H. Cameron R. C. Davis L. C. Doster W. M. Duncan D. M. Elder W. H. Ellis Harrison Goodman Roy M. Green E. G. Gregg Eugenia Grubb Edwin Gunn Zeb Harrington Mn.MBRRS Ettie Harvey Grover E. Holt G. T. Hunter C. L. Jones D. W. Jokes W. V. Jones C. W. Kipka W. L. Lockhart Paul Loessi David Long John Lowry J. W. Matlock Frank Mitchell R. K. Moore Jewell Presnell j. W. Rich Roy a. Richardson A. A. Rodriguez Roy Rollins J. V. Simpson R. L. Shoffner Elwood Smith Roland Smith A. C. Stephenson B. Spoon Nannie Stout Bessie Mae Stilley R. E. Talley Cornelia Troxler H. W. Truitt J. W. VanHook G. P. ViCKERS C. A. Walker Z. T. Walker R. P. Watson Eliza Mae Durham 158 French Club Officers Fern Laslev T. C;. A i)KEVVS . . . Rebecca Taylor I ' lesiiii-nt ■ . . . l ' ' ice-Prrsidcnt Sicrelary- Treasurer Louise McPherson Beitv Amick Ruth Stephents Louise Springs Dalphixe Irbey CuRviK Keith Helen Turner T. R. Benton O. V. Deaton E. F. ISLEY Membfrs Evelyn Richardson Mary Lineberger Ruth Gregory Elsie Story Nellie White Roy RicHARnsoN C ecil Waits Margaret Linberger loELL Jones Frances Ring Rodman Lilley Catherine Lemmond Waldo Hartley Taft Williams TwiMAN Andrews Elbert Rhodes V ' lOLA WORSLEY Ella Marie Keyser Elizabeth Harden Adna Lane Bruton Domestic Art Ch Miss Sue Raine, Irislnnlor Members Frances Alridge Doris Apple Alberta Auman Mary Barnwell Florence Browne Clarice Dickerson Maple Lawrence Lucy Mae Painter Edna Tyson Florence Brown Rachel Johnston Myde Newson Domestic Science Class Miss Slk Raini:, Instructor Memhrrs Marv Alc orn Margaret Brown Elizabeth Carper Sallie Elder Ruth Gregory Elcenia Milliard Louise Hough Dalphine Irbey r.AwiE McIntvke Annie Rue Pace Mary Ann Rudd Elizabeth Slack Helen Turner Sue Ella Waits Doris Apple Margaret Bruton Myde Newson Clara Sharpe Willie Belle Wicker Mary Brannock Florence Brown Elizabeth Story Clara Underwood Ora Bradv Music Department Prof. C. James Velif. Director of Musi Miss Mary Aw Bens- Piano and Voice Prof. Davio Brown Harrei.i Piano and Voice Mrs. V. James Veme Piano and Voice Prof. Elbert Rhodes Band Instruments Students Elizabeth Barney Eitie Harvey J. E. Napier VViNiFRiED Barney Erma Lou Hocan Madeline Nicholson Helen Barney Irene Hook Lala Patterson Mabel Barrett Sara Virginia Hook Jewell Presnell Rlth B.i teson Mary Nell J Frances Ring Larae Bennett Virginia Jay James Stewart Lucy Boone Idell Jones Ruth Smith Dorothy Bradley Ella Keyser Margaret Styers Anna Virginia Briit Helen King Rebecca Taylor Lois Corbitt Agnes King Cornelia Tro.xler Merrii. Caviness Allen La.xton Mrs. M. C. Terrell Elmer Copeland Maedelle Lambeth Gardener rNDERHii.L Frances Chandler Rodman Lilly Doll Underwood Nancy Caddell Josie Loy Frances Ward Tom Gates Edith Lockey Eugenia Ward Vyzelle Denson Paul Magee Nellie White Frances Devinney Rebecca Matlock Ruth Wicker I:)olphine Irby Margaret Moore Viola Worsley Marie Graf Fletcher Moore . Dorothy Williams Cleo Guilliam TuANiTA MoRGON Bernice Whitesell Elizabeth Harden S. E. Madren Glenn Womble. Bessie McKinney Lois McAdams 162 Fine Arts Class OnicTRs EsiEi.i.fi Williams Merrill Caviskss Riiii Alrxa iu:r . , . WaL IKLL I-AMRKIll I ' rrsUfnl . . . I-ici ' -i;,shinU Sifii ' liiry Triasurcr .Mi;.Mi!i:Rs Mrs. J. L. Foster Margarei- Walker Ruth Alexander Levi Wilkins Wautell Lambeth Mrs. Alma Dixov F.stelle Williams Fern Laslev Christine Wicker Alma Kimball . u: I.Ai RA Hor.LAvn Merrill ( " aviness Annie Lou Hrannock Kdwari) McPherson F. Williams i£3 Virginia Club Ol FICKRS C E. RiN ' O President Ai.BF.RTA ROBRRTS I ' ke-Presidettl K. B. HriOK Seerelary-Treasurer Members Ettie K. Harvev Charlotte Roberts Anna Va. Britt J. H. Rountree Mary R. Jones M. L. Mosely R. G. Lilly n. C. Boone Evelyn Yates Margaret L. Robertson R. C. WiGHTMAN Annie L. Holland J. H. Smith Frances Ring Evelyn Richardson Ann p. Rawles L. R. Gather a. a. dofflemyer Lucille Greene E. F. Rhodes Merrill Caviness E. E. Copeland R. A. Richardson Elijah Jones J. R. Chandler Dorothy Williams Vyzelle Denson Gladys White 164 Certificate and Diploma Students Pali, R. Macee Ccrlificalr in I ' iano Ella Marie Kevser Certificate in I ' oice Edith Lockev Diploma in Piano Lucy Boone Diploma in I ' nice 165 TO THE STUDENT BODY OF ELON COLLEGE AND HER ALUM- NI: THE VARIOUS PUBLICATIONS OF THIS COLLEGE WISH TO EN- COURAGE THE STUDENTS AND THEIR FRIENDS TO READ AND PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS. REMEMBER THEY ARE RESPONSI- BLE TO NO SMALL DEGREE FOR THE SUCCESS OF OUR COLLEGE PUBLICATIONS. Editor. COMPLIMENTS OF J. S. WHITE DRUG CO. ELON COLLEGE. N. C. A WISE MAN GROWN OLD A wise young mjn looks into the future nnd plans for the " Old Man " he will be some day. The plan many wise young men are using to " finance " the Old Man they will be is old age Endowment life insurance. Ask a Pilot agent about our Endowment plan for young men. Perhaps the Old Man will have reason to be glad that the Young Man invested. PILOT LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY Greensboro. N. C. W£ SERVE We crave no higher privilege than to furnish the servant for the modern home. It does the cooking, refrigerating, sweep- ing, washing. ironing and many other tasks. ELECTRICITY The Servant in the Home NORTH CAROLINA PUBLIC SERVICE COMPANY Burlington. N. C. Carolina ' s Largest Photograph Concern SIDDELL STUDIO Raleigh, N. C. Official Photographers for 1929 Phipsicli Dress Well and Succeed Apparel proclaims the man. To be finished m the fine arts is essential to success. To proclaim your fitness, the fashions in the assortment at the Vanstory Store are clesistned for that dutv. Jefferson Standard Building Greensboro, N. C. Alamance Laundry and Dry Cleaners WE DO IT BETTER Phone 560. 561 ROSEN BLOOM ' S YOUXC MEN ' S SHOP Your Charge Acco unl Invited al THE JEWEL BOX, NC. I!iirlini;t..ri, lii ; His,, ,111.1 t(. .M X • ■lUs Prof. Johnson ' s Little Girl; " Father, play blind man with me? " Prof.: " No, my dear; that is how I met vour mother. " DR J. B. NEWMAN Dc-ndsl i -i LI.XUTO.N. N, I-. iiffl ■e I n the Fonville BliU. " B. V. MAY " Sox AND Stockings MAYS HOSIERY MILLS Incorporated Burlington. N. C. The CKas. H, Elliott Co. The Largest College Engraving House ii the World Commencement Invitations Class Dav Programs Class Pins and Rings Dance Programs and Invitations Menus Dance Favors and Novelties Fraternity Stationery Calling Cards Seventeenth Street anil Lehigh Avenue PhilaJelphia JOHN SHOPFNER. President C. E. FOGLEMAN, Vlce-Presirtfnt W. C. ELDER, SecTftary and Treasurer Perfection Hosiery Mills, Inc. Manufac lurers FINE SEAMLESS HOSIERY | iir);i,iNc;T N ' . N. !■- A D. Pate Co. Book and Commercial Printing Telephone 2 1 6 Corner Davis and Wort]! BURLINGTON, N. C Sts. R. O. Browning, General Agent Pilot Life Insurance Co. Sellars Sons Style Center For Men ' s and Women ' s Wear SINCE 1876 Burlington. N. C. EFIRD ' S Department Store Ladies ' Readv-to-Weak Men ' s Clothing and Furnishings -Quality aith Price " Burlington, N. C. C. A. LEA TAXI AND U-DRIVE-IT Prompt Service Welcome Elon Students RAINBOW CAFE Greensboro, N. C. John Lowcry: " That swcll- looking Presnell gii 1 is dead from In-r neck up. " Hill Van Hook: ' WVII, .she can huiy lu-r head in m arms anv time. " Do Your Shopping At BELK STEVENS CO. Durlinglon ' s Shopping Center i M;uii aTl.l Davis I ' li..ii.. GRAND THEATER BURLINGTON. N. C. FOR HEALTH ' S SAKE Buy Fresh Fruits and Vegetables from the best equipped cold storage produce house in the South. W. I. Anderson 5? Co. GRI.ENSBORO. N. C MEMORY BOOKS What memories are sweeter than those of school days? Keep a record, that the joy may hve long after the days are past. Wr have many beautiful designs at very at- tractive prices. WILLS BOOK AND STATIONERY CO. GRF.MNSBORO. N. C. The Velvet Kind ICE CREAM Cream of the Soiilh Imolon. N. C. Phone 46 10% Discount (o Elon Sludenh JIRRYS SPORT SHOPPE Mebane Shoe Company " The RdlabU Shoe Slore " o Main St. Burlmglon. N. C. ACME CLEANERS Dyers and Hatters " You Mml Be Pleased " Guaranteed Dry Cleaning Hats Blocked and Cleaned, 75c PHONE 145-W Burlington, N. C. H. W. PETERS CO., Inc. nnstnn, Mass. I irFU:i. L, JEWELERS Jlass Rings. Pins. Emblems, Favoi- Invitations J. H. Miller. District Manager District Office. Durham, N. C. Belle: " Do vou th Ilk Mui ' ll he doing anything tonight? " Roland: " No. " Belle: " I ' hcn don ' t come over. " » Dostei- (shvlv): ' I tan read oiir thoughts, Alberta. " .Alberta (covlv) : ' Then what tnakcs von sit so far away Fraternity, College and Class Jewelry Commencement Announcements Favors L. G. Balfour Co. Maniijaclurmg Jewelers and Stationers Attleboro, Mass. Official cttc crs to Pi Kappa Tau. Beta Omlcrnn Bela, Tau Zela Phi. Delta Upsilon Kappa. Sigma Phi Bela. Iota Tau Kappa, and Alpha Pi Delia. Elon College on CO-EDUCATIONAL One of the Many Elon College Buildings Elon College offers superior cducjtional advantages. The buildings are new. equipment new and of the very best tvpe. laboratorv facilities equal to anv college in th; South: member of the Southern Association of Colleges, strong Christian lacultv. and fine Christian atmosphere prevailing on the campus. Special courses in ieligious education and Christian work are offered to train laymen and ministers in the work of our deniiriiination. Fall term opens September 5. 1929. For Catalogue and View-Books, address C. M. CANNON. Registrar ELON COLLEGE. - - - NORTH CAROLINA " Christian Character First and Always at Elon College " f- ' . ■ 7 " " 7 The MAROON « GOLD The Voice of the Student Body Help Boost the Circulation by Sending a Copy Home Each Week Those Who Advertise in Our College Weekly Should Be Given Preference When Shopping Motorist: " I ' m verv so rrv I ran o er vour hen. Will a (1 .liar make it right? " Farmer: ' Waal, now, better make it two. ■ ' see one o ' m roo sters w as mighty font o ' that hen an ' the she ck mought kill him ton. " T errell s Lunck " The Slude, ii Shop " Hot Ir. Lun •h..s. Sandw ch.-.s. Coki Drinks t.s a]i.l Tnha. First Stenog. : " Dearie, how sh.Ul should my skirt be? " Second Stenog.: " Let your chas -is be your guide. " MEET YOUR FRIENDS AT A Place With a Friendly Atmosphere UNITED DOLLAR STORE ' Elon Sludenh Alyvays IVelcomc ' A GOOD DRUG STORE IN A GOOD TOWN Burlington Drug Company Opposite Carolina Theatre Main St. Burlington, N. C. Latham " I hear th at Coach called you a bloc ihead. " Rollins: " No, it a n ' t that b ad. " Latham " What did he really ay? " Rollins: " ' Put o 1 your hat here conies a w oodpecker " sioiti: (II- . i,i 1 1 J. I)r D. L. B. WHITTED CO. Incorporated Goods and Notions. Gents ' Furnisli- ing Goods, Shoes, Hals. Ladi.s ' Ready-to-Wear, Kt.-. BURL INGTON, N. 1 1 Rubber : " Wl at is vour line -,,, Hootlegger: " I ' m game. " Rubber: " How ' s in the that? " publ c utility Hootlegger: ' public lit up. " Oh , I help to keep the Mrs. Harper think I ' ll ever with my voice ? Prof. Velie: ' handv in case o le W f a ' Professor, able to do ell, it might shipwreck. " do you inything coine in » • Crusty: Efird: the other " Spring ' Well, it seasons e is the ti s not sn ither. " me f bac ir love. " during STUDENTS ACTIVITY BUDGET For the Students, By the Students Advantages of the Budget 1. Puts all Publications ana Activities on sound financial basis. 2. Saves Money for Eacb Student. 3. Every student gets a Maroon and Gold and an Annual. 4. Insures tbe publishing of tbe Maroon and Gold, Phi sjch, and tbe backing of other activities. 5. Builds college spirit. Students, tKis is purely a student prop- osition. As individuals, let s make tne Budget System a success. Can You Imagine — Bill Vanhodk, makiiif; a passing grade on Inisiiicss law? Doll Underwood, being still for one hour? Jiin Brown, being President of Elon ? " Chubby " Walker, ever telling a clean joke? C. P. Thompson, hugging a girl? Mrs. George Robertson, wielding a rolling pin? Eva Sykes, raking straw ? C. V. Kipka, President of University of Chile? Birddie Rowland, ever being fat? R. E. Sims, ever being serious? Florence Brown, being first lady of Elon? Phalti Lawrence, being a horse trader? Romie Davis, director of music at Elon? OIlie Deaton, being in a hurry? Fern Lasley, being with the Salvation Army? Marion Nalle, giving lessons in smiling? Jimmie Foster, teaching Spanish? Ora Brady, vamping the boys? Hurley Shepherd, giving dancing lessons? Cecil Cox, falling in love? Allen Laxton, cutting a freshman ' s hair? Ramond Hardy, being a sheik? David Sheperd, using profanity? Eli Regan, being told anything about basketball? Lucy Boone, not having a " Hook " on her arm? Mary Brannock, being as large as Dean Savage? Margaret Bruton, being bashful? Edith I.ockey, cutting classes? Twiman Andrews, being Dr. Amich ' s chauffeur? L. R. Gather, teaching aesthetic dancing? Carl Clapp, robbing banks? Ruth Floyd, speaking above a whisper? Madge Green, courting Standtield? Ettie Harvey, growing taller? Margaret Hornaday, having her social privileges removed? Ruby Huffines, being a movie actress? Margaret Johnston, being in love with Dan Boone? Dace Jones, winning a baby prize? Silas Madren, being a bootlegger? Marion Nethery, selling ice cream to Eskimos? Dan Newman, training for basketball? E. F. Rhodes, striking a tune on a violin? G. E. Ring, doing anything besides collecting? Charlotte Roberts, being a circus wire-walker? Bob Ruston, selling buggy whips in Detroit? Lena Russell, flunking French? El wood Smith, joking? Gladys Spoon, being in love with " Bodie Clark " ? A. C. Stephenson, socializing at the gate? C. J. Thomas, saying " Lll be dog " ? Jewel Truitte, going on the stage? Gardener Underbill, ha ving cigarettes? Ruth Wicker, being a missionary? C;. F. Womble, being a heart-breaker? H. T. Efird, being editor of this book? H Fpremos t MegeSliinual n|rdyci ' s;: THIS BOOK PRINTED BY BENSON LARGEST COLLEGE ANNUAL PUBLISHERS IN THE WORLD HIGHEST QUALITY WORKMANSHIP SUPERIOR EXTENSIVE SERVICE ensonI iPRINTINGCO NASHVILLE JENN COLLEGE ANNUAL HEADQUARTERS AutograpKs •V;.-,;i, .::vu» % % m % IM ' ! ; ' ' W ■ •--■

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