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©@@iK ©iifiu@Ba(iB ©: MA 4)., m fFTA Y T l IS (CoLTjWiciCf fi PHlPSIGLl 1 VOLUME XII 1926 PuhlishcJ Su The Senior Class of Elon College Elon College, N. C. ' Pbipsicli Sponsor F0REW0RD ye is ivcll paid that is well satisfied ' " y - HUS it is in presenting this, the twelfth volume of the PHIPSICLI, to you, the § ) reader of this copy, that we, the members of the 1926 Phipsicli Management. are well paid in the measure that you are well satisfied; and likewise are we well satisfied to the degree that you are well paid in perusing its pages. If, after having carefully turned the leaves of our book with a hand unswerving and unprejudiced in Its course of action, and when you have viewed the contents with clear-visioned eyes from a mmd broad and sympathetic, you are pleased with our product, then to thai extent will our labors not have been in vain. We assure you that it has been our purpose in compiling these pages to give to our classmates, fellow students, friends, and alumni of Alma Mater a memory book wholly representative of one college year on the " Hill. " We have tried to give to this isaue that personal touch which we feel could be secured only throu h the efforts of local talents. We have sought to be economical. In our attempt to do these things we have been made to realize, as never before, just what is involved in the process of producing a college annual. We, too, have had experiences, yet untold, which for years to come will bear their fruits. We have toiled from day to day " with hearts for any fate; still achieving, still pursuing, learninn lo labor and to wait. " Now before you is our book. May you judge, criticise, and censure — -but. we hope, not too harshly. To those who have given us inspiration, aid. or help in any manner, we now express our deep appreciation. The Editor. Dedication XI N loving memory of all the parents of all lands, who have visioned high- ' er, richer, fuller lives for their children, and of our own dear fathers and mothers, whose faith in us has never wavered, whose cour- age has been our stay and whose loving interest and self-sacrifice has been our inspiration, we lovingly dedicate this, the twelfth volume of the Phipsicli. Colleges and Leadersliip The class of ' 26 has done its Ahiia Mater a signal service in producing the twelfth volume of the Phipsicli. I wish to voice to them the grateful appreciation of faculty and students and Alumni for their labors. Our appreciation would be deeper, did we realize fully the extent of these labors. And this thought leads me to say that our modern colleges need to devise some method or generate some spirit by which the work necessary to carry on the college activities should be more generally distributed and also more generally appreciated. The activities of a college are the agencies of leadership training. They are the intellectual and social, not to say also the spiritual, gymnasium of college life. The class-room instruction and the laboratories of research are the seminary of ideas, but the college activities are the opportunities for testing manhood and womanhood in terms of leadership. It is therefore obligatory on colleges to provide that the responsi- bilities necessitated by the conduct of these agencies should be very generally distrib- uted throughout the student body. Unless a college does this, it will fail in many cases to give its Alumni that training in leadership which it is their right to expect from the college experience. There is equal reason for saying that colleges should generate a spirit of interest and responsibility for the campus activities on the part of all students. The price of democracy in eternal viligance on the part of its citizens. Students are citizens of the college community and should exercise a genuine interest in every enterprise of their community ' s life, an interest so genuine that it will lead each student to feel personally responsible for the success of these enterprises. Our liberties shall become but scraps of paper unless each citizen by his lively interest in the government his suffrage helps to create makes that government truly responsive to the people ' s will. Colleges .should generate a spirit of personal responsibility for the general welfare on the part of their students. This spirit carried over into active life will insure the perpetuity of our democratic state. Theodore Roosevelt felt keenly the need for such universal interest in and feeling of personal responsibility for our government. Only in such a situation he repeatedly said, to borrow Wilson ' s phrase, is democracy safe? He coineo a fine phrase himself, " the strenuous life. " But what did he conceive the strenuous life to be? The life of the man who gives himself honestly and consecratedly to his work, whatever it be, and provides in his leisure hours for an intelligent interest in the conduct of his government. Politics should be every man ' s avocation, he insisted, and not merely the profession of a few. Such intelligent general interest in the public welfare would end bossism and render political corruption and graft impossible. Is there not a responsibility laid on those college students who are born leaders to see to it that their less endowed fellow-students should be strategically forced into positions of responsibility and leadership training? I think that is. And the finest thing about this situation is that those who are able to pass responsibility on to others and so train them for leadership are getting at the same time for themselves a splendid skill in a higher form of leadership, leadership of the executive type. It may require more work on a leader ' s part to get ten others to work than to do the work himself, but the executive who sets others to work, blesses them and even more blesses himself. It is good for us, therefore, in college, too, to practice the principle of being brother ' s keeper. Wisdom lies in the direction of the practical out-working of human brotherhood. Page eight |f.%w- l .. r T -r r .T. rT. p « -« R£i?2 . ■«-. ' ■, m%m ' ' Book One THE COLLEGE Book Two THE CLASSES Book Three ATHLETICS Book Four ORGANIZATIONS Book Tive MISCELLANEOUS Pnyr nine 3 Pa f It ' ll ALAMANCE HALL WHITLEY MEMORIAL AUDITORU ' M (sol in FMRAXCE f l .0 . (looking from colonnade, west end ALAMANCE HALL) NURIH l)URM110R (LOOKING SOUTH FROM HIGHWAY) SENIOR OAK kk j ■ bygxi-i r . ' ri ... ■■j-j ' i.,: ' -. r- . I ' ii e iix-rnly-onr WILLIAM ALLEN HARPER, A.M., Lrn.D., LL.D. Our President Page liveiily-t ' wo PHIPSIC ,4.aj?4 V ' I Q 2, B 7 Aloxzo Lohr Hook D.an nf Mm: Profissnr of Physia A.B., M.A., Elon College; Graduate Student, Johns Hopkins University and of Cornell University. Louisr. Savagr Dean of Wuimn: Librarian Student of Raiulnlph-Macon Woman ' s College; University of N ' irgiiiia. I ' aijr liLTiily ' -llirrr John Urqlhart Newman Professor of Greek and Biblical Walter P. Lawrence Professor of English Literature Literature Ph.B.. Elon College; M.A., Yale: A.B., A.M., Litt.D., Ph.D. D.D, ; Litt.D., Deflanca College; Gradu- Graduate Student, Univer sity of ate Student. Univer.sity of North North Carolina; Tale Unt ersity; Carolina; Oxford Univer.sity; Uni- rniverslty o( Chicago; No rthflold versity of Chicago Bible School. Ned Faucette Brannock Professor of Chemistry A.B., M.A.. Elon College; I itt.D.. Defiance College; Graduate Stu- dent. Johns Hopkins University; M.S., in Chemistry. Columbia Uni- versity; Assistant Instructor in Organic Chemistry, Summer School, Columbia University. Thomas E. Powell, Jr. Thoislas Cicero Amick Professor of Geoloijy and Biology A.B.. Elon College; M.A.. Univer- sity of North Carolina: Graduate Student, Cornell University. Business Manager; Professor of Mathematics L.I.. University of Nashville, George Peabody College for Teachers: Ph.D., Central Univer- sity; Student University of North ' arolina: State Normal College, Troy. Ala.; Graduate Student, University of Virginia; University of Chicago; Professor of Mathe- matics, Summer School, State Col- lege of Agriculture and Engineer- ing, Raleigh, N. C Warner S. Alexander College Pastor; Professor of Bible and Philosophy A.B.. Union Christian College; D.D.. linion Christian College; Ex-Prcsidcnt, Union Christian Col- lege; Wyr ' l(i- ' 20. Page twenty-four Florexck Fisher roice and Piano Pupil of Gt-rtruiU- Franklin Salis- bury. Boston; Pupil of Mnif. Bertha Kagen ana Arthur J. Hub- bard. LiL.A Cl.aire Newman Instructor of Fine Arts Ph.B.. EInn College; Gradual Student. Columbia University Mi.ss Mason ' s . ' Jchool ot Chlni Deloris Holt Morrow Household Arts .B.. Elon College; Diploma ii -fousebold Art. Elon College 5peeial Student. Household Arl Ne L.AWREXCE M. Caxxox Commercial Department B.S.. Elon College; Graduate r Rochester Business Instituti Graduate Student. Columbia t ' n versity. Leo D. Martix Professor of History and Social Science A.B.. Elon College; M A.. ITniver- slty of North Carolina; Crailuair Student ot Yale; University i j Chicago. Thomas K. W hite Professor of Spanish and German R . F;ion Colli-ge; U.v-llissi.ina Pacje lixenty-five Simon A. Bennett Carlton Professor of Christian Literature and Methods O. W. JOHNSON Professor of Education A.B.. I ' nion Christla 1 rollpge; Universitj A.B.. I •nivers itv of Illi nois; M.A.. Unlver sity ot Chicago Grnduate Appalach Stud en t. Uni ■erslty of Chicago. Elon Coliege; M.A.. f Virgrinla: Professor in. Summer School. loHX Willis Barney Professor of English A, 3.. Elon College; Ptudent. Columbia Gi-aduatf Student, Ui Wisconsin. AI ARSiiAi.L V ' . Hook Professor of Matheinalin and Engineering A.B.. Elon College; C.raduatc Student, Yale University; Ala- bama Polytechnic Institute; Fir.st President of Bethlehem Co.Uge. Wad ley, Alabama. Frank B. CoRHO ' i ' Coach A.B., Muhlet iburg Cc liege, Stu dent. Unlver sity of Pittsburgl Cniversity o Toulou se, Franc ' i Coach, P. R. R. Apprentic Sehoc 1, Alto ona. Pa ; Athlel Office r, loath Infantry 2Sth Dlv .sion. A. E. I .; Coach Universit of Tt ulouse; Graduate Student r Univc rsity of Illinois. W.M. Jefferson Cotton .Assistant Professor of Latin and French .A.B . M.A.. Elon College; Gradu- ate Student. University of Clii- Page t wenly-ux PHIPSICL Mary E. Scully Expression and Physical Train- ing for H omen Graduate. King ' s School of Ora- tory: Post-graduate. Klng ' .s School Hattih E. Browx Assistant Professor of Englisli, Education and Latin Helex R. Stearxs Methods for Teachers of Chil- dren in Rrliyious Education A.B.. Elou College; M.A.. Univer- A.B., Mount llolyoke ■olleg sity of Virginia; Principal of Cradu ate Stud In Religio as Ed Fries Junior High School, •20--21; cation Boston L■.iiversit Teacher of English and History. Sclma High School (N. C). ' ZZ- ■23; Principal of High School De- partment. Averett College, ' 23- •24; Teacher of English and His- tory, r.adford State Teachers ' College (Va.). •24--25, Pal LIN t Shuupl Violin and Piano C. James V ' elie Director of Music Zi:xnii II iRST V ' elii Piano and t ' oiee Skilled Musician; Studen in the Memher of Amerlc.-in Guild of B.M.. Palmer Collegi ; S Peabody Conservatory o f Baltl- Organists; Teacher ' s Certificate. Normal Work with lulla Chicago Musical College; B.M.. Palmer f:ollege; Private Study In New York City and Chicago wUh Caruthers and Gertrude Pupil of Ramond VI man School of Alusic. Klnt Franklin Cannon. Howard Wells. Kudolph Router. Joseph I.hevlnno and Rudolph Oenz; Soloist and Accompanist on tour with such artists an Grace Hall Rlheldaffer, Herbert Gould of the Chicago Civ- ic Opera, and Jessie Christian. .So- prano of the Paris Opera Comitiue. v, PHIPSICLI Ti Jj I r T l ri tj p ,.J f . Mrs. Jaxkt Kirrlan ' d Dietitian, ll ' isl Dormitory Mrs. Alice Corrov Matron, LnJirs ' Hall Mrs. Frances J. Ring Resilient Nurse and Matron lecturp:rs MART •X SUMMERBEI.L Ph.D., D.n., I.I..D. Cliureh History A.MES Oscar Atkinson A.M., D.D. Mrs. Alvina Underhili, Cliaperonc R. Howard Gunn Assistant Business Manager R. M. Rothgeb Superintendent, Power Plant Page twenty-eight »i PHIPSICLI. gi|j|i|, 1} yrtc r tliirly-one - Tf ■} ri rj p Frrslnnan D. L. Harrell, Jr. Revle De Nos Presidexts Hoplmmon ' C. C. White Junior C. W. Gordon Srmnr W. A. LiNDLEV Senior Class History Volume I On September 6, 1922, Elon station vas filled with one hundred twenty-five strangers having a slightly bewildered air. And who were they? The freshmen, of course. Although the pre- dominating color was green, we managed to pass successfully through the mysteries of matricula- tion; and, after years of dreaming, working, and planning, we were really launched on our college career. Events followed thick and fast. On September 9 we tried our wings as social butterflies at the faculty reception. What fond memories we have of that occasion! The follow- ing week our wings were singed by attending several parties held in our honor by the S(;)pho- mores. Undaunted, we rose, to try again. On September 11, Alma Smith and Adelia Jones began reducing exercises. November i, 1922, we met in the chapel of the old Administration Building and organized our class, choosing Lemuel Harrell as president, " Shorty " Jones as vice-president, Nellie Hamilton as treasurer, and Lois Hartman as secretary. At the same time we chose Professor T. E. Powell as sponsor. December 15, 1922. Our class, which had been held in disdain by upperclassmen, suddenly rose to heights of glory. We won the class basketball championship. December 17, 1922. We had our first examinations and went home. We returned on Janu- ary 5, 1923, and our color was no longer green. January 6, 1923. Alma Smith has lost two pounds during the holidays. A few of our mem- bers have fallen by the wayside. January 18, 1923. The Administration Building burned early this morning. Our hearts were filled with sorrow, but not a freshman deserted our college. We consider it a privilege to have been a part of both the old and new Elon. March 20, 1925. Represented bv Alma Smith, Ferry Lee Gibbs and Chapman White, we won the Freshman-Sophomore Debate. The same night a ' 26 was painted on the tank. May 31, 1923. Our first year was finished. Gone ere we realized it. Volume II On September 5, 1923, we returned as Sophomores with Chapman White as our leader. There were only sixty-three of us that year. We were delighted to welcome into our ranks a famous musician, Mr. Gordon Prince Crymes, of Willlamston, S. C. We also royally welcomed the freshmen. Alamance Hall, though not entirely completed, was used for classes. November 7, 1923. It seems we had lost our " rabbit ' s foot, " at least we lost the basketball championship. Alma Smith and . ' delia Jones lost three pounds each, worrying over it. Piifir thirly-lii ' n ,4a l . January, 1924. The " Two More Orchestra " entertained — the girls by serenading under the windows at night. April 18, 1924. We lost the inter-class debate to the freshmen. Although it seemed we were on the losing side this year, our class was ably represented on varsity teams by Harrell, Sides, and Brown in football, and by Braxton, Lindley, Sides, Gilliam, and Underwood in baseball. May 30, 1924. Said adieu to classmates for another three months. Volume III September 4, 1924. Back on the hill as Juniors with C. W. Gordon as president, and our number diminished to thirty-nine; but remembering our motto, " VVe Can, We Will, " we started hopefully on another year. Kitsie McLamb, after a year of rest and sleep, joined us again, but was as slow as ever. Matrimony had claimed some of our most loyal members, among them Rose Fulghum, who is now Mrs. Maurice Biggs. October 20, 1924. Junior girls swelled the ranks of the " bobbed hair club. " December 22, 1924. We all passed our examinations. January 6, 1925. Ruth Crawford and Annie Simpson were campused and probated a month. It was expected of others, but never of them. February 2, 1925. Our luck returned and " Pussyfoot " ran away with the basketball cham- pionship, while Crymes divinely played " In a Little Red School House. " March 13, 1925. e entertained the Seniors. April II, 1925. Alma Smith, having reduced enough to appear on the stage, gave an expres- sion recital. .- pril 30, 1925. After months of worry and delay, during which time Clyde Gordon made numerous trips to CJreensboro — on business and otherwise — our Senior rings came. The same night Alma Smith starred as Hermia in " Midsummer Night ' s Dream. " Some day we expect to see our " Titian Blond " a famous actress. " Maroon and Gold, " under the direction of Milton Wicker, managing editor, enjoyed a pros- perous year. May I, 1925. We met and elected W. A. Lindley president for our Senior year. Other im- portant officers elected at that time were: Annie Simpson, president of the Student Council; . A. Lindley, president of the Student Senate; G. C. White, editor of the PhipsicU; Alma Smith president of Y. W. C. A.; and F. D. Ballard, president of Y. M. C. A. May 28, 1925. Said good-by for vacation. ' oLLME IV ' September 3, 1925. We were really Seniors, but didn ' t feel so high and mighty as we thought we should when we were freshmen. Joined by Elwood Parkerson, Earl Beattie, Gordon Kirk- land, Lawrence Hiatt, Lasater McLeod, George Colclough, and Lillie Pace, ve had twenty-one boys and thirteen girls who stood for |uality not quantity. .•Mma Smith, who spent manv wearv hours hiking over mountain trails during vacation, finally had her heart ' s desire, a beautiful sylph- like figure. W. L. McLeod took over the leadership of the Y. M. C. A. since Mr. Ballard was forced by heavy duties to give it up. October, 1925. " Lem " Harrell, " Chubby " Kirkland, and Lawrence Hiatt starred in football. December 22, 1925. How quickly the time flew. Examinations and Christmas holidavs rushed upon us and passed, leaving us a little older and wiser. January 6, 1926. We paid our last matriculation fee to Elon. February 20, 1926. We ran the freshmen a mighty close second for basketball honors this year. March 15, 1926. Senior essays and orations were completed and we recognized, as never be- fore, the literary sharks of our class. March 17, 1926. Junior-Senior banquet. The Juniors seemed to have entirelv forgotten the days when we were Sophomores and they were freshmen. March 20, 1926. Alma Smith and Lillie Home gave diploma reiilals in Expression. April I, 1926. Sophomore Day. The Seniors had a glorious return to the day of Sophomore- dom and paddled all the freshmen. .April 8, 1926. Ruth Klapp gave a certificate recital in Expression. May 22, 1926. The Senior Picnic. The class of ' 26 will never forget that outing together. May 25, 1926. As the culmination of our work and play, joys and sorrows together, first in the old .Administration Building, then during the chaos of the re-building program which fol- I ' lwed the fire of 1923, and finally in the " Bigger, Better Elon, " we receive our diplomas and hid a fond farewell to friends, classmates and Alma Mater. Class Hisiori.w. Pn( r tlilrly-llirrr )enior Class Po em To Alma Mater high praise we give From hearts both loyal and staunch and true. We ' ve sought justly to do; nobly to live; And ever sought thy will to do. Now that from thee we are going, We leave with hearts overflowing, Striving earnestly thy dear name To plac. high in the hall of fame. We will ever keep thy teachings As we sail over life ' s deep sea. And our lives by thy many blessings Will nobler and happier be. Hardships have come in these four years, Sorrows, too, have come with their tears; But these have made us more ready To serve w ith will strong and steady. Now that these dear days are over. Each one sadly must say adieu. Good-bye, Alma Mater, forever — Good-bye to our friends strong and true. Life sends its clear challenge ringing, To our hearts new purpose bringing. Not one of us dare shirk, but all Gladly go to answer the call. Class Poet. Page t ilrty-fnur Senior Class William A:mick. Lixdi.kv, A.B. Class President SAXAPAHAW, N. C. », ' 26; Phjlologian Marshal, 5- ' 26; Student Senate. " 24- President Student Senate, " Diligent at work and at play. " Kappa Psi Ku; PhiloloKian; Varsity Baseball. ' 23. ' 24. ' 2; •24; Commencement Marshal. 2 ■2.=j; Commenrement Orator. ' 25 ■25- ' 2li; Class President. •25- ' 26. " Bill " has made a good record in our many college activities. He has been faithful as a student and popular as an athlete. He is a true pal; a friend to all. As President of the Student Senate he lias been a success. Likewise he has proved himself to bo a leader while acting in the capacity of Class President. He is not large of stature, nor is he a man of many words, but — have you not heard it said that ' still water runs deep " ? The class of ' 26 Is proud of this man and wishes for him the best that can be had in the future. M.ARGARET JoE BaLLEXTIXH, A.B. Class Vice-President FUQUAY SPRINGS, K. C. " IC irnrvrr you ' re in trouhte. U ' ienever you ' re in doubt, Take tliem all to Margaret Joe, She ivill help you out. " Beta Omieron Beta; Psiphellan; Charter Men Class Historian, ' 24; y. W. C. A. Cabinet. ' 24. ' 2 Commencement Marshal. ' 25; Chapel Monitor. ' 2 ' 25- ' 26; Vice-President. Class. ' 35- ' 2G; Diploma Margaret Joe is an excellent student. A pei ' son who never says no to ( an earnest hard worker, always optimistic and happy. .She is a co energetic. " Whether In the presence of the most dignified faculty member humblest freshman she is ready and willing to engage in a conversat is industrious, and delights As a member of the Class of ' 26 Margaret .Joe has keenly felt and her friendship has been of the invalun best wishes of her class In all her future undertaking!- r P-sykaleon Society; Pageant, ' 23; Ps.vkaleon Entertainment, ' 24, ' 25; 6; President Sunday School Class, Home Economics. ' 26. (ver says no to a friend ' s request. She is ■ersationallst. able and ir in company with the But alas! Is that all? I.,ook out. Sidney! I loyal and true. Her influence has been -tlnd that time strengthens. She has the Sen ior Class Thomas V. Hle " ! ' , A.B. Class Treasurer WEDOWEE, ALA. " Charms strike llic sight, hut merits Alplia Pi Delta; philologiiin ; Class Basktthall. ■■1-1- sity BaskiHball Squad, •23- ' 24: V ' arsitv Basketball Team ment. ■23- ' 34; Chief Marshal. Pliilologian Entertainni Council. •23- ' 24, •24- ' 25: President Student Athletic i Hellenic Council, ■24- ' 25, •25- ' 26; Assistant Circulation ' 24- " 25: Treasurer, Senior Class. Here, reader, is a rare combination of real manliood. hone uey may be poured burdens of sorrow and from his hear mra ement. Tom came all the way from Alabama in quest of a diploma IS been the victim of Cupid ' s arrows more than once he has V ined a high standard of scholarship. In addition to this he ayer. We believe that some day the whole world will lot uin the soul. ' •24- ' 2. ' i; Philolog ■J2- ' 23: Var- 1 Entertain- er. Athletic ember Pan- and Gold. ' Tiding the fact that he his task and has main- 1 ' - of a good basketball ul say, " What a piece hwiA M.AE BiNGH.X.M, A.B. Class Secretary FARMER, N. C. ' A smile for alt she meets ; a charm lo make each memory sweet. ' rh Monitor. ' 25, Psiphelian. Member Student Council. ' 25- ' 2G; 24- ' 25 ' . Secretary. Senior Class; Pan-Helle Member Girl ' s Glee Club. •25- ' 26; Certi lident Psiphelii Certiflcate in Domestic Art; Class Giftorian; Diplo President Sunday School Class; Psiphelian Entertai ; ' ry laugh, a winning smile, that ' s Lyde. One who is h! I friend the glad hand. She possesses the biggest ;i never hesitate to go to her with our joys or sorr . v 1 attractiveness combined, has built for her a lr i d what she undertakes to do she does with her wh.. ctor, translating French, helping with the Religious dear, sweet girl. One We all love. We predict for Physical Cultur Typewriting; Senior CI ass ■c;k: Flovi) I)i:, n ' .s ' Ballard, A.B. class Chaplain WALIERS, VA. l ii- iiorlJ llic bi-sl you liuvi- and llic hrsl li.ill tomr Imi k lo you. " ■hapl;ii l-l ' l Kalipii Ps] Nu; l. ' lio. .StuiU-iil S.-uaU-, •2:- ' 2li Ministerial Associalion, ' 25- ' z6. •■Baiiiey. the man with a smile. " is a man who willingly sivts the best ho has to e undertakes to do. whether it be his class work, college activities outside of his regular or his active pastoral work. He entered Elon with the class of ' 19 After spending t the ' Hill. " he heard and heeded the call of " Uncle Sam " to enter the army to fight for After his many experiences he returned in the fall of ' 24 to join the cla.ss of 1926. Ht the ministry as his life profession and the class of ' 2r,. knowing of his ability and w work, predicts for him a great career. M. K RL Hhattii:. Ph.B. i;ki:i: vu.lk, fksn. " IS (• miihl llial makrs ihr man. Our mgor is our immortal soul. " This young man cai a stranger among us. soon taken into our at his first years of colic degree with the class student, and in additi .school of our village season. thl. sir ugh. for onl ' , ., .- - college life. He wai i-ork there ere comin ' 26. During his sta the pursuance of 1 1 coached the IMl-Ii ni the distant state. Pennsylvania, cau.se he showed himself friendly s a student of Thiel College, having to complete his course and to rec midst Seattle has proved himself ' n the college, he has taught in the :iskcthall tc.-im thr.iUu-h ii very .• " Haije l iirly-seven Senior Class Elbert Carl Brady. A.B. Class Draughtsman of Will BENNErr, N. c. " Broadmindid, couraycous and true: These three li-ill carry you Ihrniigh. " Olio; Oratorical Contest, ' 22; Clio Improvi-mc-in Mi ' dal. ■22; Class Track, ' 23; Seci-e- tary Clio Oratorical Contest, ' 25; Vice-President Sunday School Class. •24- ' 25; Inter- collegiate Debater, ' 25; Secretary Ministerial Association, ■25- ' 26; Tcstorian. ' 26. In " E. C. " we have a sturdy, quiet •■married man. " He came to us from Bennett, and since th us he has proved himself to be a real student. He has chosen the ministry for real gentleman possessing ability, a spirit of friendliness and a willingnes It he will bo one of the leading pastors of his day. has been life work work, we pred Cr George Dewey Colclough, A.B. Class Prophet DURHAM, N. C. " None but himself can he his parallel. " Kappa Psi Nu; Clio; I ' lio Oratorical Contest. ' 21; Class Baseball. ' 21; Student Senate. ; Clio Oratorical Medal, ' 23; Clio Representative Medal. ' 23; Chief Marshal Clio tertainment, ' 23; Junior-Senior Debate, ' 23; Toastmaster Junior-Senior Banquet, ' 23; t Pageant, ' 23; College Usher, ' 25- ' 26; Monitor, ' 25- ' 26; Associate Editor " Phipsicll, " George Dewey we ftnd an unus to us from the class of ' 24. nstrated the " never-say-die " s r. a writer, and in general is . s. he has come out victorious in the end al personality. He is not originally a member of our There has never been a harder worker nor anyone irit more than has George. He has attained hon literary genius. Although he has worked under r We feel that there Is notWng but succes Page thirty-eiffhl PHIPSICLI Senior Ch Ola King Covmxg, A.B. CARTHAGE, K. C. " T ie lieart whose softness harmonized the luhole — And, Oh, tliat eye was in itself a soul! " Tau Zeta Phi; Psiphelian; riass S.-iretary. ■24--25: Vice-Presi li nt. Student C ' ouiuil ' 24- ' 25: Psiphelian Essayist, ' 25; Marshal Des Moines-Elon Debate. ' 24- ' 25- Treasurer Religious Activities Association, ■25--26: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, ■25- ' 26; Church Monitor •25- ' 26; Psiphelian Entertainment, ' 26. Whatever Ola King undertakes to do she does it well, from presiding over her literary society to yelling for the football team — (in which, by the way, she is especially Interested). She is an excellent student; a friend to all, generous, loving and kind; a true and loyal sorority sister Her eyes ' They are deep brown and — but who can describe " the light that lies in woman ' s eves " ? " Kink, " however, has one weakness. She is fond of a peculiar specimen — a " Boll Weevil. " But then " it " is a human sort of fellow, so we forgive her and wish her luck. Ruth Merritt Crawford, A.B. MEBANE, y. C. " The reason firm, the temperate zvill, Endurance, foresitjlil, strenijlh and skill; .1 perfect ivoman, nobly planned. To luarn, to comfort and command. " Beta Omicron Beta; Psiphelian, ' 2:); Charter Member Psykaleon, " 23: Class His- torian. 23; Council Representative, ' 24; Psykaleon Kiitertainmcnt ' 24 ' 25 ' 26 • Vice- President Sunday School Class, ' 25; Christian Kndeavor Cabinet. •26; " Phlp ' slcll " Staff ■26; Church Monitor. ' 26; Certificate in Domestic Art, ' 26. «. " ' i ' , " ' . ' . " " " ■ most conscientious, dependable workers in the Senior Class. Her time has been profitably divided among literary subjects, art and domestic art. Her record in these courses is one to be proud of, but— yes, she has preferred " math " above all to teach. Quite naturally she fi.= !„.„ .!.„ -„ ia| life on the campus and we have rea.son to believe, elsewhere particularly. Her ong her friends, because of her sweet, earnest manner and ■r conscientiousness, earnestness and her friendliness have acquaintan( thoughtful endeared h tit themselv lideration of otherf the studr.nt body. cu He ' sry Ervin Crutchfiei.i), A.B. KERNERSVILLE, N. C. " Success is sure to he to one so failliful as he. " ha Pi Dr-lta: Philologian: Treasurer Junior class, ■24- ' 25 ation, ' 2-l- ' 25; Philologian Orator. ' 25; Philologian Rep ,■ Baseball, ■2n--26: Class Basketball, ■25; Vice-President ' ■Success is sure to be to one so faithful as h idling away his time. He is always busy a surer Ministerial live Medal. ' 25; t Senate. •25- ' 26. ertainly be true of " Crutch. " tor o the baseball diamo lie feels at home, because it s there that he has shown in excellent fielder. But it a not as an, athlete that Miosen the ministry as his lii e work and as a minister Jrutchfield, are ever for you in your work of so noble up athle He nost " H. vy hitte E., " for he Our best wi himself to studying (lORiK)X Prince Crvimes, Ph.l?. VVll.LIAMSTON, S. C. " I.ifr i. a jest, and all lliinijs s ioiv il; I thutiijlil so once, hut now I know it. " Philologian: Church Choir, ■23- ' 24, ■24- ' 25, •25- ' 2il: Tenor Soloist in Church Choir, - ' 24; Two-More Orchestra; Philologian Entertainment. ' 24- ' 25: President Boys e Club; Director of Boosters ' Club Orchestra, ' 25- ' 26; Sunday School Song Leader, ■ ' 26; Boosters ' Club, ' 24- ' 2r ; ' 25- ' 2(i. a Furman University. South Carolina, In his Sophomore year. I making life pleasant for those ' " ery phase of life tl iiuslcian vlth lili al! iiges his Soph ng with hi; ;o take the that futu e of great artists holds rich treas- Page foi y Ch Jamhs I riah F()Gli:.ma -, A.B. LIBERTV, X. C. " •mould he pure, for there are those who trust me. " Pliilologian: Baseball. ' 22. 23. ' 25, ' 26; Class Chaplain. ' 23; Memlier Ministerial Association. ■23- ' 24. ' 24- ' 25; President Ministerial Association. •■2i- ' iS. •■Jimmie " is sincere in worU and in plav. giving his l)est in thought and in action. He is enthusiastic ministerial student who thought it necessary to seek after knowledge and truth preparing for this great calling. He is also an athlete, having proved himself a worthy asset tha baseball team as a pitcher whom everyone enjoys seeing play, for he plays fair and alws wears a smile, regardless of the score. He lias won the admiration not only of his class, hut the other classes as well. So it is with thi. admiration that we wish lor liini success in the future. Ho.MKR I . Fos ' rrcR. A.R. SNOW C. MI ' , N ' . C. " Let me Hire in a house hy tlie side of the road, .Ind be a friend to man. " Philologian; Member Boys ' Glee Club, •J5--2C. It was not until the fall of ' 24 that this brilliant young man was added t we have found him to be the most original of us all and, inde. to us from Wake Forest College, and soon won the ndmlrntk present smile and friendllnes.-s, n ' , i. ,1 ili:,i i iimr : -i:- he class of ' 26, 1 an asset to our ranks. He ca of the class, because of his e ' irrit ,.f M, h hii;h ralihre will hi edit to hi: Air Ma Pitffe forty-one Ch Clyde W. Gordon, A.B. BROWS SUMMIT, N ' . C. " Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow you may die. " Kappa Psi N ' u: Philolotcian: Philologian : shal Commencement, ' 24; Toastmaster Junior Mantle, ' aS; Pie.sldent Class, ■24- ' 25: Busines College Usher, •25- ' 26: Advertising Manager :ntertainment Marshal. ' 24; Chief Mar- Senior Banquet, ' 25; Receiver of Senior 1 Manager " Maroon and Gold. " ' 24- ' 25: " Phlpsicli. " ' 25- ' 26. We doubt if any statement is more expressive of Gordon than " Eat. drink, and be merry, for to- morrow you may die. " for he is of a jolly good nature and seeks to get the best there is in the present. He is most always laughing and quite frequently is found trying to get a joke on the other fellow. He never appears serious, yet works hard and passes his work with a creditable grade. When you want something done just call en Clyde and he will not disappoint you. He is the kind of fellow that believes in gettlngi more out of college life than Just book learning. This is shown by the way he mingles with students — making friends with every one. We can predict nothing but success for a man so big-hearted, sensible, and courageous. " T ierr ' re men t int . nJ such IS he— Sigma Phi Beta; Clio; Class President. Squad. ' 23; Manager Class Basketball, Clio Aimual Entertainment. ' 23; Con Hellenic Council, ' 24, ' 25; Church Ushe D.wiD Lemuel H.arrell, Jr., A.B. SUFFOLK, ■ . siimchov: just e rip your eyes and hold ihem like a spelt : Cli I Ent ' 24. , „ Men ' s Club. 24; Cli, sentative Medal, ' 24; Secretary Student Senate, ■ing his first year in college " Lem " led us as cla he has characterized himself on the campus j , cheerful, courteous, and consequently popular 1 reflect honor on his Alma Mater and the class 1 and on the gridiron, by fighting hai ' d and cb be overcome by obstacles, but must in the end n itball Tient Marshal. ' 23; ' 2.5: Manager Class Oratorical Medal. ' . ' 25; Athletic Edit liepre- " Phipsicli president. As a Sophomore, Junior, and being always dependable, hard-working. We are confident that in future years )f ' 20. for just as he has excelled in his 1. so will he excel in life. Such spirit PHIPSICLI tT,.! ' " fAti- ,j m t u,f ,m r-f 19 " 5 6 - Senior Ch James Lawrence Hiatt. Ph.R. HIGH POINT, N ' . C. " at; ' ;c yu V , diliijtnt, kind, and yrnerous, and some day opporlunity ivill comr my zvay. ' Iota Tau Kappa; Philologian; Marshal Philologian Entertainment, ' 22; Varsltv Football, ■23. ' 25. Lawrence came to us from the thrifty little city. High Point. He entered the institution wlii-n preparatory work was given and having completed that work he diligently pursued his college course and this year receives his Ph.B. degree with the class of ' 20. It is not often that vou find a man like Hiatt. He is very quiet, yet full of fun; harmless and always willing to help; gentle and kind of spirit. He has developed into a football player of no mean standing and during the past season has been very beneficial to his team. Combined with all of these qualities, Lawrence posses-ses that which makes a successful business man and we wish for him a great career in the business world. LiLLIE HORXE, A.B. Class Port BURLIXGTOy, N. C. " Leaping liitjiirr, hiylirr, liigher, With a desperate desire. And a resolute endeai ' or A ' oof — noiu to sit, or nei-er, By tlie side of tlie pale-fared Moon. " Pslphellan Literary Society; Certiiicate in Stenogiaphv. ' 23; Pagiant. •2.1; Alamance Club, -23, ■24. ' 25, ' 26: Dramatic Club, •2-) ; .Shakespeare Play, ' 25; Winner Pslphellan Es.saylst Medal, •25; Y. W, C. A. Cabinet. ' 25; Delegate Blue Ridge, ' 25; Pslphellan Entertainment. ' 25, ' 26; President Christian Endeavor, ' 26; Secretary Student Gov- ernment, 26; Class Poet, 26; ••Phlpslcif Staff. 20; Religious Activities Organization. •26; Diploma in Expression. ' 26; Diploma in Physical Education, •26; Life Recruit Band, ' 26; Glee Club, ' 26; Choral Club. ' 20; Delegate C. E. Convention, ' 26. It is needless to say that everyone knows Lillie is ambitious. She has planned great things, ami ■we are hoping she will succeed in her undertakings; thereby adding more laurels to " Dear Ole Elon. " Ve find Lillie capable of filling more than one position, which will be advantageous to her when she embarks upon her career. During the four years she has spent with the class of ' 26, she has won the friendhsip of the student body as well as the most worthy regards of the faculty. •Those who know Llllle ' s fine scholastic standing know that when she leaves Elon, her going wi:i be Elon s loss. Senior Ch Marvin M. Johnson, A.B. fuquay springs, n. c. " A most agreeable companion ; a true friend. " Alpha Pi Delta; Philologian: Marshal Freshman-Sophomore Debate, ' 23; Marshal Philologian Entertainment, " 24: Marshal Philologian Oratorical Contest. " 24: Class Basketball, ' 24, ' 25, ' 26-, Varsity Tennis, ' 24, ' 25: Advertising Manager " Maroon and Gold, " ' 24- ' 25;; College I ' sher, ' 25- ' 26; Chief Commencement Marshal, ' 25; Humor- ■Phipsicii, " ' 25- ' 26. Editor " Pussyfoot " is one of ' 26 ' s most loyal membe but in his fine and generous spirit. He is knov distance water throwing and for his ability to room he had no trouble in proving to Dr, " Puck " Pussyfoot " is truly a rare being, a littl acquainted with hi the sands of time. be ■s. He stands above the class not only in height, n by all on the campus for his accuracy in long " dribble " on the basketball floor. In the class- ' that he could juggle his geometrical figures with hard to understand at times, but those intimately of high ideals ill le Adeli.a Rebecca Jones, A.B. HOLLAND, VA. " Laughing diierfulness lliroius sunbeams on all the pallis of life. " Delta Upsilon Kappa; Psiphelian Literary Society, ' 23; Charter Member Psvkaleon Literary Society: Virginia Club, ' 23, ' 24, ' 25. ' 26; College Choir, ' 24, ' 25, ' 26; Class Vice-President, ' 24- ' 25; Head Proctor West Dormitory, ' 24- ' 25; Psykaleon Entertain- ment, ' 25; Glee Club, ' 25- ' 26; Marshal Graduate Recital, ' 25; Member Pan-Hellenic Council, ■25- ' 26; " Phipsicli " Staff, ' 26; Chief Marshal Society Entertainment, ' 26. Just take a look into the laughing blue eyes of Adelia and you will fall a vlctln of one of the sweetest girls of the class of ' 26. A truer friend cannot be found is called a reflector of sunshine and is happiest when she is making others happy. Her popularity may be equalled, but not excelled by anyone. She is always ready wi and a .loke for all her friends. The only thing that will take away her smile is the th she will no longer enjoy the pleasures of co-education. to the Page forty-four Senior Class Gordon ' A. Kirki.and, Ph.B. ELON ' COLLEGE, K. C. " Be slov; to jail into jriendsliip, But when thou art in continue firm and constant. " Iota Tau Kappa: Phililogian Literary Society Vaisttv Baseball. ' 23. ' 24; Class Basketball. ' 22. ' 23. Marshal. " 22; Marshal Class Debate. ' 22; Treasurer Class, Gordon comes to us from Durham. N ' . C. During his four years on the campus himself a warm i)lace in the hearta oC menibers of the faculty and student body Varsity Football. ' 21. ' 2 ' - ' , ' 23. ' 25: 12. ' 23. ' 24. ' 26: Commencement Baseball. ' 24. Capta he has made his teammate " Chubby " ; fellow, yet n studies, sirls. may think. " ; s reputat o victory. s little, but mea r going to the ( d parlicii)atinp ; rue frrend and a the athletic field. Often tin s that little. Always ready to xtreme. We may say that h r college fun. Yet wc may a likable pal. Ruth Kl.app, Ph.B. ELON ' COLLEGE, S " . C. " is the sontjs she sings And the smiles she ivears, That make the sunshine everywhere. " Psiphelian Literary Society: Glee Club. ' 23- ' 24, ' 24- ' 25. ' 25- ' 2G: Dramatic Club. ■24- ' 25. ' 25- ' 26: Psiphelian Annual Entertainment, ' 25. ' 26: Commencement Choral Society, ' 24, ' 26; Diploma in Physical Education. ' 25; Certificate in Expression. ' 26. Ruth is a real girl. It doesn ' t make any difrrrcnce where she is placed, she never seems at a los as to what to do or what to . !av. Perha ' )s. if we could fathom the depths of her " Elon Days, we would And that Ruth is the kind that accomplishes everything which she determines in spit of dl.scouragement. Elon shall miss her. but everyone will join in our expression of good wishe for her life work and happiness. We know her happy disposition and ways of swe.-tn.ss wil win her a high position in her future life. Page forty-five )enior CI ass Arline Caraway Lindsay, A.B. Class Historian LEXINGTON, N. C. " Discovrring the things to do is the first move, But doing them is getting home from third. " Psiphelian: rias Staff. ' 25; Psipheli: Concert Course, •21 tainment, ' 26. Though very restless in her nature. Arline has won the name of being one of Elon ' s most e librarians, whlrh means that she has scored one. We are happy to have had her stay w during these four years of our college career and believe that she did wisely in returning class room aisles instead of forsaking them for church ai-sles and " third finger " rings. Debater. ' S-l; Psiphelian Bntertainment, ' 24; ' n Essayist Medal, ' 25; Marshal State Peace Co Chapel Monitor, ' 25- ' 26; Class Historian, ' 26; Id Gold- Marshal n Enter- James Leoxard Lynch, A.B. WHITE PLAINS, VA. " To those ivho knotxi thee not, no luords can paint! And those who know thee, know alt words are faint! " Kappa Psi Nu; Clio; Clio Entertainment, ' 23; Virginia Club, ' 23. ' 24. ' 2! urer Sophomore Class, ' 23- ' 24; Treasure! Cross Country, •23- ' 24, •24- ' 25, ' 25- ' 20 Endeavor Cabinet, ' 25- ' 26; Certificate in Leonard came to us four years ago as a m boisterous, unkempt lad. but rather as a quiet, and with a desire to become, some day, a lead! this end he has striven with untiring labor. friends, for he has made many during the.se years spent at Elon, who now wish hi his futui-e undertakings. Then, in short, one may characterize " Lynch gentle and good. For you. Leonard, we foresee success. As for us — we are glad to class ot ' 26. tit, ' 23; Virginia Club, ' 23. ' 24, ■2,1, ' 26; Treas- Vlrginia Club, ' 23--24; Track Team, ' 22- ' 23: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, ' 24- ' 25; Christian Chemistry, 26. ■re youth — a mere youth in years, I say. Not as unassuming young man with an ambition to lear »g figure in the educational world as a teacher. ' However, he has not done this at the expense Godspeed years spent at El student, dep nd, loyal; PHIPSICL Senior Class ¥o Matlock. A.B. ELON " COLLEGE, . C. " S ie is very conscienlioui and lulien there is nxork Just call on Foy, she will see it through. " Psiphflian Literary Society; Alainanee Club. ■2.5. ' 26; Marslial Psiphelian Entertainment, ' 25. G. C. W. lost a wontlerful character and Elon Kained one. when Foy leave that institution and come here. By her genteel spirit and her college activity she has won a warm place in the hearts of her clas. .inates dependable, capable and energetic is Foy. The.se qualities coupled w nation will surely mean success for her. to do. ecided tw o years ago to lllmgness to aid in any Very att active, friendly. V ILL ' M Las.ater McLeod, Ph.R. BROADWAY, V. C. Be still, sad heart and cease repining ; Behind the clouds is the sun still shining. " Alpha Pi Delta; Clio: Cla.ss Baseball. •J2- ' J3; Commencement .Marshal. ■;;3; Stu.lem Senator. ' 23- ' 24; President Sunday Class. •23- ' 24. ■25- ' 26; Ministerial Association Sec- retary. ■23- ' 24; Secretary Y. M. C. A., •23- ' 24; President Y. M. C. A.. ■25- ' 26. Can any good thing come out of Broadway? Well, wo are inclined to thing so when we have seen and reallv known " Mack. " So far as beauty Is concerned (.iudglng by a woman ' s standard). he is not especially charming, but he does pos.sess all those qualities that make for a Christian gentleman. He is a ministerial student and is ab.solutely unwilling to be content with anj-thlng but the best. Hence, he .struggles for long hours over his Greek and Hcligious Education. They can not baffle him. His aim is to brighten the halls of some large university where hi.s latent imwers may come to fruition and that posterity may thereby know him as Dr. McLeod. Page forty-se ' ven PHIP . A 11 A4- Senior Ch LiLLiE Mae Pace, A.B. MEBAN ' E, N. C. " A quiet river runs deeply. " In its significancp this applies to LiUie. Her calmiu-ss does not betray liei opinions. Her interest lie3 in Ijooks and despite her faithfulness to them she upon to be where she is needed and to rise to whatever occasion may de well as good-natured, and is always ready to do anything to help another, w oning on a hike or helping ta solve some difticult problem. Lijlie stayed out of .sihooi for two years, but once an " Blonite " always an ' welcome you. Llllie. to the dear " ole " cla.ss of ■26. We wish for you alway and happiness. strong convictions and i-an always be counted and. She is jolly as whether it is chaper- Mar - Elsie Price, A.B. MON ' ROE, N. C. " Here is a ' Price ' tliat ' s very dear, That ' s why ive always ivant lirr near. She ' s the sweetest, dearest and best, IVe knoiu ivell hy a jour years ' test. " Pi Kappa Tau: Psiphelian; charter Member Psykaleon; Delegate Y. W. C. A. Con- vention. ' 23; Pageant, ' 23; Vice-President Y. V. C. A. Cabinet. ' 24- ' 25; Dramatic Club, •24- ' 25; " Maroon and Gold Staff, " ■24- ' 25; Secretary Sunday School Class. ' 24; Shakespearian Plav. •25; Mar.shal Psykaleon Entertainment. ' 25; Glee Club, ' 25- ' 26; Chapel Monitor, ' 25- ' 26; Senior Representative Student Council, ' 25- ' 26; Psykaleon Play, ' 26; Diploma in Physical Culture. ' 26. y is one of those girls who can combine hard work with good times and the Joy of life; for one of our finest girls, and everything she does is of the ' best, whether it is writing poetry. Me she i! doing Y. W. work, socializing, or Just are .simply bursting over with Joy, Mary you are. She is popular. Just ask anyone on the Clayton. She is an ideal roommate. Jus happy In future yeai-s as you have made i ill good friend. nake yc feel Page forty-eight PHIPSICLI Senior Ch Elwood Parkersox, A.B. NORFOLK, VA. " O sleep, O gentle sleep, Nature ' s soft nurse, how have I sliijliled thee! Iota Tau Kappa: Clio; Varsity Football. ' " E " Men ' s Club, ' 24, ' 25, ■26; Clio Entertainm " 1926 Phipsicli. " Here Is a real man — student, athlete, scientist, and gentleman! His motto is. " Be fair, be deter- mined, play hard. " Elwood is an all ' round athlete. His success in this field has clearly demoff- .■itrated the fact that ha plays fair and hard. His success as a student and as a " ladies ' man " also proves that Elwood has been determined that his four years in college would not be spent The nd of I sful college ( ile-pos along the vhich his motto points out. M.ARV Alm.a Smith, A.B. MIDDLESEX, N ' . C. " Loyal-heart rtl, strong of mind; A truer friend noivhere you ' ll find. " Phlphelian; Charter Member Psykalcon; Class Debater. " 23; Dramatic Club. ' 24 Vice-President Class, ' 24; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. ' 25; Secretary Student Council, ' 25 Shakespearian Play. ' 25; Certificate In Expression, ' 25; Delegate to Blue Uidge ' 25; Class Historian. C. A.. ' 26; Religious Coach Psykaleon Play. Psvkaleon Commencement Essayist, tlvitles Organization Cabinet. ' 26; " 6; Diploma In Expression, ' 26. know her. Alma needs no eulogy. It has been a pleas ind as a friend. Possibly the greatest virtue anyone an be a friend to all is hard to And. but " Sunshine " the quality of friendliness impresses everyone. Who Ima could have made the " new girls " fe.l at home at " Dcs Sunshine. " in your si irit of sincerity and good will to all we 1 that ire to be associated with he -an have Is true friendlines Is certainly that person. C but she as Y. W. Presidei r Old Elon " when Urst the :now the best of life is your Par e forty-nine Senior Clc and q Somt ' t shall : Anxie Ola Simpsox, A.B. GREENSBORO, V. C. " Capable of hand and generous of heart. " Beta Omicron Beta: Psiphelian; Charter Member Psykaleon : Pageant, ' 23; Psykaleon Entertainment, ' 24. ' 25; T. W. C. A. Cabinet, ' 25; Class Poet, ' 25; Pan-Hellenic Council. ' 25; Shakespearian Play, ' 25; Psykaleon Commencement Essayist, ' 25: President Student Council, ' 2G; " Phipsicli " Staff, ' 26; President Psykaleon Entertain- ment, ' 26. lie has securely established her place among the student body of Elon. With a heart la 1 to be interested in the welfare of many, and hands that cheerfully and steadily serve ; Ined the friendship and respect of the students and faculty. Her even disposition, sinceri lickness to forgive have aided her in- serving as an efficient President of the Student Coun mes we wonder if she is ever happier than when she has a needle in her hand. Indeed iiiss her when she goes out to serve in a larger sphere with her same winning manner. George Chapmax White, A.B. WAVERLV, VA. " ( ' ' who ivould behold tlie beauty of tlie mountains Let him climb its loftiest peaks. " Kappa Psi Nu; Clio; Freshman-Sophomore Debate, ' 23: Commencement Pageant, ' 23; Virginia Club. ' 23. ' 24, ' 25, ' 26; President Sophomore Class. ' 23- ' 24; Clio Orator ' s Medal, ' 24; President Sunday School Class. ' 23- ' 24; Clio Entertainment, ' 24. ' 25. Vice-President Y. M. C. A., ' 24- ' 25; President Freshman-Sophomore Debate. " Maroon and Gold " Staff, ' 24- ' 25; College tTsher. ' 24- ' 25; Chief College Usher, ■25- ' 26: Clio Commencement Orator. ' 25: Assistant Superintendent College Sunday School, ' 24- ' 25: Religious Activities Organization Cabinet, ' 24- ' 25, ■25- ' 26; Pan-Hellenic Couti- eil. ' 24- ' 25, ' 25- ' 26; Superintendent College Sunday School, ' 25- ' 20; Editor " 1926 Phipsicli. " lan to whom failure is not known; to whom the best that can be attained In life is none toi Onward and upward has been his goal in the strife. When we hear the name " White, ' Is said. Par e fifty r. i Z-l p R P H T -- Senior Clc Milton tjLGH ' icki;r, A. 15. GREENSBORO, N " . C. " I.tfi- is vain, lifr is folly. If I am not jolly — oli, ll ' Jiat I ifill miss! " Kappa Psl N ' u: Philologian ; President Sunday Scliool Class. •22- ' 23; " Maroon and Gold ' ' Staff. ■22- ' 23; I ' las.-! Debater. ■23- ' 2 ' l; Vice-Pre.sident Y. M. C. A., ■23- ' 24; Philologian Entertainment. ■23- ' 21; " Two More " Orchestra; College Band, ' 23. ' 24, ■25; Tennis Team, ' 23. ' 24, ' 25, ' 26; Track Team, ' 23, ' 24, ' 25, ■20; Managing: Editor " Maroon and Gold, ' ■24- ' 25; Religious Activities Organization Cabinet. 24-25; Gym- nasium Team, ' 24, 25, 26; Boosters Club, 25, ' 26; Chief Cheer Leadei-, ■25, ■26. ■nsboro has produced and given to Elon many good men. Among them Milton stands ample. His talent in making string music is admired by all music lover. !. He wa in the famous Elon Boosters ith a, broad smile and His ijhiloso can predict aking string re ' Orchestra, which has always greet.s str ctly — ■■Let s fll dead pa.s of Miltnn ' , dead. and ability. D.AX Bridger Wicker, A. 15. II.OV COLLEGE, y. C. " T if first i-lrmenl nf success is determination to succeed. " Sigma Phi Beta; Philologian; Phllologlan Entertainment. ■21, ' 23. 25; A.ssistant Business Manager ■Maroon and Gold. ' ■il- ' S; Kootball .Squad. " 24. 25; Philologian ertincatc in Chemistry, ■21): Business Manager ■■phipsirli, ' ' 26, Orator s Medal, The youngest, smallest, and biainlest nie of the cL-iss of ' 26 is none other than Dan. lie pos- i likeable young man. Hn has won for him. ielf a large circle of friends who wish him well in his future undertakings, and wo believe that Ihey will not be disappointed. As a participant in the Philologian Oratorical Contest of ' 25 he proved him- self to be a winner and was awarded the orator ' s medal. When it came time for the election of the .staff for the " 1926 Phlpslcll. ' - he was chosen to be the Business Manager. These tacts go to prove that Dan is a man of ability and that It is recognized by his college mates. After leaving college he expects lo I ' nter the Held of IndustrrMl Chemistry. In this field %ve expect him make tor hin !e|f ill b. Air M:i ?i.v™ J ' HIPSICLI Ji ' ' ' ' — . r-gf i ' ir Pitfie fifty-tiju 11,1, l . nixto graph naorlal -men commervd — u)or cj can coan+ roa | a ariend? ' fdU. ' rti i- fifly-three r M-fS ' n n N PI pj p Senior Class Propkecy 1926 On the night of January twenty-sixth, nineteen hundred and twenty-six, I dreamed that I was living in the year nineteen hundred and seventy-six. Why I dreamed such a strange dream I cannot tell, but it is true. It was concerning my class, so I arose and wrote it down for fear that I would forget it. The substance of that which I wrote, I now relate to you. In the year nineteen hundred and seventy-six I was traveling in New ork City. While there I suffered a stroke of paralysis, but thanks be to the attending physicians, who were none other than " Lem " Harrell and Elwood Parkerson. I soon recovered. It was about the sixth day after the stroke that I began to talk and was very gay when " Lem " and Elwood came in on their morning visit. In our conversation that pro- ceeded from our greetings we spoke of our college days, and I learned that " Lem " had just made an investigation of the doings of the Class of ' 26, which were as follows: " Lem " and Elwood started practicing medicine in New York on January first, nineteen hundred and forty. It sounded good to hear of the many discoveries they had made in the field of medicine. Mary Price taught school for a few years and then married Mr. Latham, just as we expected. Ola King decided that she would not marry, so she went to Africa as a missionary and died of fever in nineteen hundred and sixty-eight. " G. C. " did as we expected — married Judith and proved to the world that there is not as much difference in " Black " and " White " as some think. He is at the present time writing the International Sunday School lessons. Mr. Ballard, better known as " Frog, " began evangelistic work in nineteen hundred and thirty-five, with Crymes as his choir director. Thousands of souls have been shown the Way of Salvation and Light by these two gentlemen. Annie Simpson, who was President of the Student Council while we were at Elon, has become a judge in the Courts of Glen Raven. " Tom " Huey married during the summer of nineteen hundred and twenty-six. He was a basketball coach for several years, but died from overwork in nineteen hundred and sixty-three. W. L. McLeod studied at Yale and is at present time pastor of the First Pres- byterian Church in Philadelphia. Ruth Crawford is teaching, even though she is more than three score and ten. She has been married twice, but both husbands died of disappointment. Foy Matlock has been and is today an old maid. However, no one has ever mus- tered nerve enough to tell her about it. Margaret Joe married in nineteen hundred and twenty-eight. Her husband, poor thing, is " superhenpecked. " He hasn ' t attempted to express a thought since the first six months after the wedding. Beattie served as coach at Pittsburgh University for several years. He is at the present in the real estate business. H. L. Foster taught for several years. In nineteen hundred and thirty-seven he, " Bill " Lindley, Lawrence Hiatt, and Marvin Johnson (the latter better known as " Pussyfoot " ), went into the hardware business. Their firm is worth more than ninety million dollars now. Pafff fifly-foiir 5ij VKt:.i.KJii Crutchfield married soon after he graduated. He has had a wonderful career as a preacher, and is at the present time pastor of the First Christian Church in Raleigh, North Carolina. Dan Wicker continued his study of Chemistry and is today America ' s greatest chemical engineer. Lillie Home, poor thing, spent her life tr ing to decide what she wanted to do. Lillie Pace and Lyde Bingham served as teachers until their deaths. Lyde wrote much in the field of poetry. Cjordon Kirkland has been a successful banker. He has massed a great fortune. It is said that he is worth over a hundred million dollars. Milton Wicker lived to be one of America ' s leading architects. He died at an early age, however, being only forty-six. J. L. Lynch has made many discoveries in Chemistry, but has not yet been able to capture a little " Wrenn. " Arline Lindsay is teaching in the University of California. She has been there for forty-four years. " Jimmie " Fogleman died while young. However, he left twenty-three children to carry on his work. Ruth Klapp and Alma Smith established a school of dramatics in the western part of North Carolina. They now have over six hundred students. Clyde Gordon is part owner of the Sir W ilter Raleigh Hotel, Raleigh, North Carolina. He has been before the court three times for loud laughing. The first reprimand was for causing a mule to r un away. The second summons was for caus- ing a lady to faint, and the third offense, I was told, was that of causing an injury to a young lady ' s ear drum as the result of his loud laughing on the street of the aforesaid city. Brady preached many great sermons during his life, having finished drying up in the year of nineteen hundred and fifty-six. The thought of Brady drying up must have awakened me, for that was the end of my dream. Class Prophet. Patje fifty-five PHIPSICLI SpL JarJ iv, Last Will and Testament of tke Class of 1926 Section I Slatg of North Carolina County of Alamance Ei.oN College We, the class of Nineteen Hundred and Twenty-Six, of Elon College, do hereby make, publish, and declare to all whom it may concern that this is our Last Will and Testament. Since we safely and so recently have passed our fall semester examinations we are made to feel by that stress and strain that we might, when our spring semester examinations arc drawing near, be driven to a physical state approaching rheumatic decrepitude and to a mental state bordering on senile decay. Therefore, believing in sagacity, we hasten, yet not surreptitiously or precipitately, but pragmatically, to bestow our valuable belongings while reasonable soundness of mind and body are ours. Section II — To the Totvn To the mayor of the town of Elon College we hereby give and bequeath a modern theatre and an up-to-date drug store, same to be used as a rendezvous for college students. The only condition is that freshmen be given the same privilege that all the other students now have. To the town we leave the sum of t venty-five cents, as a restitution in full for .nil bonfire materials used during our entire college career. Section III — To the Faculty To " Mother " Ring we will as clean a campus, and dormitories, and as healthx a studeiu bodv as is possible under the existing circumstances. To Professor Velie we bequeath a Glee Club which will come to practice on time and be capable of rendering any production on sight. To Professor Johnson we give our splendid ability to teach an Education class. We hereby present Miss Savage with a new Student Council. Upon Professor Martin we gladly bestow our combined voices so that he may be able ' to speak in audible terms, and that those in his classes who are somewhat deaf may get the benefit of his lectures. To Dean Hook we will a new and modern " Red Book. " To Dr. Lawrence we bequeath means whereby he may take another trip to England. (His other one was interesting.) Dr. Brannock is the recipient of our left-over " gas. " We believe he can convert it into com- bustible form and use it in his laboratory work. Section IV — To the Classes We will to the Junior Class all our Senior ability and our sublime prerogative of being a model class, an example to under classmen, and a delight and inspiration to every one, including the faculty. The Junior Class also becomes the donee of the duty of holding high the banner and standards of our Alma Mater, and of exercising lordship, even as well as we have done, over the institution. To the Sophomores we will all our old wisdom teeth that they, too, may become wise, thereby better fitting themselves for supervising the college administration. We give to the Freshmen the assurance that, if they fall not by the wayside, they will some day be " Dignified Seniors. " To them we also grant that persevering spirit which would not let us be numbered with those who did not return. In addition to nil of this, the Class of ' 29 hereby inherits our supererogative Philology with the hope that it will become infused gradually, and thereby cause the class to awake from its lethargic superincumbency. Section V — To the Students " Bill " Lindley leaves his position as President of the Student Senate to " Sister " Sexton. D. L. Harrell bestows his honor as all-South Atlantic " fullback " on " Handsome " Hook. Clyde Gordon wills his fluency in speaking before an audience (of one) to David Harrell. Milton Wicker grants J. V. Burgess his melodious baritone voice, hoping that it may improve with use. Paffc-ffty-six Lyde Bingham bestows her broad smiles and jolly disposition on Annie June Hornaday. G. C. White wills his ability as an editor to R. M. Hook. His studious disposition to Dan Long Newman. Lillie Home gives, grants, bestows, endows, and leaves her love for Miss Savage to Ruth Home — her sister. " Tom " Huey bestows his ability to play basketball to Coach Corboy. " Colt " Wicker bequeaths his tendency towards the Business Managership of a college publica- tion to R. L. Cobb. J. L. Hiatt grants to Earl Vickers all points he made over eight (on Education). Margaret Joe Ballentine endows Jennie Lee Braxton with her wonderful store of knowledge of household science and art. (Certificate and diploma in each to be given.) James Uriah Fogleman hereby grants his orderly conduct and religious attitude to Perry Smith. The receiver to use same with precaution. George D. Colclough ( " Maroon Top " ) bequeaths his vast knowledge of French to " Chubby " Walker. His oratorical ability is willed to Paul McNeill. .VI. Earl Bcattie wills his high self-esteem and his northern brogue to H. R. Lee. Ruth Crawford endows Cilad vs Simpson with her copious collection of superfluous words. These will aid her in her English course here. " Annie Lee " Cowing gives her bright, sunny disposition, which has made many days bright and cheerv and caused many black clouds to reveal their silver linings, to " President " Coggins. Elwood Parkerson endows Wesley Williams with his ability to hold up both ends of the Senior class. Mr. Williams may request aid, if necessary. W. Lasater McLeod leaves his knowledge of Homer, Crito, Plato, Heroditus, Demosthenes and Thucvdides to " Flossy " as the former no longer needs it. Arline Lindsay bestows her sweet and sacred memories of social hours to Julia Woodson. " Baby " Lynch bequeaths his musical ability, sweet-toned voice, and his knack of fooling " I ' ncle Ned " to Phalti Lawrence. " Pussvfoot " Johnson, Sr., endows " Pussyfoot, " Jr., with his accuracy of hitting his schoolmates with water. (It is reported that he never tossed a bag without hitting his mark.) H. L. Foster bestows his superfluous fat upon " High Pocket " Thompson and " Chorister " Under- bill. Same to be divided equally between them. H. E. Crutchfield wills his number eleven shoes to " Shorty " Smith. He wills his girl to— nobody. " lake " Jones leaves her spy glass, used in aiding her to always keep sight of the boys, to " Tom " Strader. G. P. Crymes leaves his coat tail to Josephine Farmer and Mildred Forbis that they may continue to hang thereon. " Frog " Ballard grants both his " Gospel Wagon " and his place on the Student Senate to anyone who will have them, (. ' pply at once.) " Chubbv " Kirkland bequeaths his stalwart and striking physique to Harold Barney. Fov Matlock, the flower of the flock, wills her common sense and winning ways with her male associates to Fleda Summers. Ruth Klapp gives her grace and ease of style in making English reports to " Soc " Rainey. Lillie Pace leaves her hair curlers and pianistic aptitude to Emily Midyette. Mary Price bequeaths her Senior hat and her pride to her sister, Sarah Price. It breaks her heart to part with them. " Sister " Simpson wills her peculiar laugh and keen observation of the opposite sex to Madge Woods. " Sunshine " Smith used to aim for marks, not men. Having attained the marks she wills them to " Mail Man " Woodie. (She now aims at men.) E. C. Brady, having found it necessary to keep peace in his house, has already bequeathed all personal and private belongings to his wife. But to all others he leaves his good will. Class Draughtsman of Will, 1926. Witnesses: Jake Blake Andv Gump • Elon College, N. C. Mr. Jigcs I ' aijr fifly-seven • I C) Q. B - Page fifty-ci(jht PHiPSiCLi. ;g,,Kai :;? f 1.9 6 - ' « 7 fifly-nine Junior Class History N THE fall of 1923 Dean Savage and one hundred and six freshmen were deposited upon the Hill. We were very intel- lectual and wise — although we seemed to be by ourselves in believing this. The mysteries of matriculation were waded through and we were launched upon our college career. The faculty reception was a great event in our young lives. We met all our fellow students and instructors and indulged in " punch " and " socializing. " Soon after this the Sophomores awoke to the important fact that we were on the hill and acted immediately. They gave us several receptions and we have no reason to complain of their lack of " warmth " and " feeling. " The details are too painful to relate. We organized our class on November the first, electing Howard Rich- ardson as president. We were represented in every line of sport and won the interclass championship in basketball. We also won the Freshman- Sophomore Debate. And great was the rejoicing thereof, for " revenge is sweet. " We returned to the Hill the next fall as all-wise Sophomores and looked down upon the Freshmen from our high pinnacle. Robert Hook was chosen as our leader for this year. Again we were well represented in sports and to our great joy again won the Freshman-Sophomore Debate. Now we are Juniors with E. W. Auman as president. This year we have had a very exceptional honor. One of our members is the editor of our college paper, the " Maroon and Gold. " We are fewer in number, but greater in spirit. Behind us we have blazed a record of which we are proud. The path has not been smooth the entire way, but climbing over the rough places has bound us closer together in fellowship and spirit, and soon we shall reach the goal toward which we are striving — our Seniority. Class Historian. Page sixty IC) ' 2, B 7- Junior Class Poem When the dnicn breaks o ' er the hills, If ' ith the yro nise of a golden day ; When the sun in the azure sky Moves sloiL ' ly on its iciiy; If hen the colors flame in the ivest With the end of a perfect day; Our thoughts ahi ' ays turn hack To the place ice love to stay. When the spring ivilh life annv Comes to us all once more; If hen the summer so gay and bright ff ' ith all it has in store; If ' hen the fall so colorful and gay, And the ivinter so crisp and cold Bring us messages of good cheer Our thoughts return as of old. To Elon, yes, dear old El on To the place ive love so dear, No matter the iimCj no matter the clii, To you we ' ll alivays feel ?iear. Our paths may lead us afar. And days may sometimes be drear, But to you, our dear old Elon, ff ' e ' ll ahvays sing good cheer! Class Poet. Page i ' lxly-one Junior Class Euclid W. Auman Class President SEAGROVE, NORTH CAROLINA ' Tlie vocation of every man and inomnn is to serve other people. " Kappa Psi Nu; Philologian. Morgan G. Stanley Class Vice-President DOBSOM, NORTH CAROLINA " Fair and softly goes far. " Iota Tau Kappa : Philoloylan. Kathleen Paschall Class Secretary MANSON, NORTH CAROLINA ' Graceful and useful in all she does, hlessinij and blessed where ' er she r oes. " Psiphelian. J. Allen Walker Class Treasurer ALTAMAHAW, NORTH CAROLINA " . few true words are better than a thousand untrue. " Kappa Psi Nu; Philolot ' ian. Clarice Albright SEAGROVE, NORTH CAROLINA " music be the song of love, play on. " Alice Frances Baldwin HOFFMAN, NORTH CAROLINA ' " .V ffood, true friend and jolly pal, luhimsical, witty and wise; .1 loveahle, playful, active girl, makes good in all she tries. " Psykaleon. Fernando J. Bello 39 SAN VICENTE ST. MATANZAS, CUBA " Energetic, kind and true, These lead to sovereign power. " Clio. Judith Sinclair Black Class Historian PHOEBUS, VIRGINIA " When Silence speaks for Love she has much lo say. " Tau Zeta Phi; Psykaleon. Bruce Bowlin LAUREL SPRINGS, NORTH CAROLINA " count life but as a staff To try one ' s soul ' s strength on. " Plillologian. Page sixty-two Junior Class Vaughn Uuwlix laurel springs, north carolina " Encnjy and persistenie conquer all things. " Philologian. Paul Braxton SNOW CAMP, NORTH CAROLINA " Anything for a quiet life. " Sife-ma Phi Beta; Philologian. Robert C. Brown ELON COLLEGE KORTH CAROLINA " is a poor sport who viill not fitjht for his Sign colors. " Phi Beta; Philologi: Lawrence A. Bruton ELON COLLEGE, NORTH CAROLINA ■Three liijhls—the sun, then the moon and last himself. " Lois Calhoun WEDOVVEE, ALABAMA ' iXol too serious, not too gay, but a yood sport when it comes to play. " Psiphelian. R. LiNGLE Cobb GIBSONVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA ' Study and prepare yourself. Some day your chance will come. " Bessie Culpepper POR ISMOL ' TH, VIRGINIA " Rest and he thankful. " Nannie Sue Dunn PACES, VIRGINIA " Love did her reason blind, and love ' s tlic noblest frailty of the mind. " Pi Kappa Tau; Psiphelian. Walter Herman Edge BUFFALO, ALABAMA " (• is cheerful, hopeful and helpful toward all humans, and successful. " I ' hilologian. Page sixty-three PHIPSICLI f • ig) ' 2. B - - Junior Class A. Brown Fogleman BURLINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA " To set the cause above renov:n, To love the game above the prize. " Sigma Phi Beta; Philologian. Jaaies Donald Gorrell MONROE, VIRGINIA " Tivo souls luilh hut a sini lr thoui lit. Tix;o hearts that beat as one. " Kappa Psi Nu; Clio. Britt L. Green ELON COLLEGE, NORTH CAROLINA " Slraii ht is the line of Duty, Curved is the line of Beauty, Follow the straight tine, thou shall see The curved line ever follow thee. " Alpha Pi Delta; Philologian. James M. Green elon college, north carolina ' II ' ell-limed silence has more eloquence than speech. " Alpha Pi Delta; PhiloloKlan. Margaret Grissoai HENDERSON, NORTH CAROLINA kind, loving and giving. ■Sensible The lif, that she lives s lucll worth living. " P.slphelian. Robert M. Hook WINCHESTER, VIRGINIA 7 .! heart as far from fraud as Heaven from earth. " PhiloTogian. Ruth Horne nuRLINCTON, NORTH CAROLINA " things are in common among friends. " Psiphelian. Mary Tome Hughes GRAHAM, NORTH CAROLINA " It is good to live and learn. " Psiphelian. Sallie K.ate Ingram INGRAM, VIRGINIA " . fare where honor shines, There sense and sweetness move, hid angel innocence finds The tenderness of love. " Pi Kappa Tau; Psiphelian. Page sixty-four «IPSICLlt TT I g -2 e 7- Junior Class Atkin Hi rxett Johxsox ilquav springs, north carolina 7 «m ffsol-vrJ to ijrov; fal and look youtiij iinlil forty. " Plitlologian. Dardex W. Joxes holland, virginla " I in I not a man and a lirolln-r? " Allene McAdams elon college, north carolina " For a girl more able, capable and fine. You may seareli the world o ' er, but you tainly will not find. " Psiphclian. Marv Elizabeth McColm m summerfield, north carolina " Consistency, thou art a jewel. " Tai Phi; Pslphcli: EnwARi) P. McLeoi) LEMON SPRINGS, NORTH CAROLINA " Cannon-balls may aid the truth. But thoui ht ' s a weapon stronijer. " ioUi Tau Kappa. Malcolm A. McLeod. Jr. BROADWAY-, NORTH CAROLINA " The women simply adore him, His lips were like Cupid ' s bow; But he never ventured to use Ihem, .Ind so they voted him stow. " ' ■li.i. E.MiLv MlKixn ' i Mlll ktti; 1453 VVESTOVKR AVE., NORFOLK, VIRGINIA ' IFisdom of many and the wit of one. ' A. K. Moore Physirai Education LENOIR, NORTH CAROLINA " . tittle work, a little play To keep us ijniny — and so ijood-diiy. " Charlks E. Newman virgii.ina, virginia ' ITine and women, that ' s what I crave. Leave the women out, and I ' ll 1 0 to my cjravt Kappa Psi Nu; Pliilologian . Page sixty-five Junior Class Marie Nobles AVDEN ' , NORTH CAROLIN ' A " Love is a hrautiful dream. " Psiplielian. Gwendolyn Patton fil.ON COLLEGE, NORTH CAROLINA " liuTe no other but a ixioman ' s reason; I tliink him so, because I think him so. " I ilta L ' psilon Kappa; Psiiihelian. Henry Anderson Peel ELON COLLEGE, NORTH CAROLINA hnlil the icorlj but as the luorld ; .1 slaije ' ix ' hrre every man must play his pari. ' Pliilolot ' iaii. I-RKDERiCK Clyde Rainey LITTLETON " , NORTH CAROLINA " Fur e ' en tliougli vanquished, lie (ould argue stilt. " Clio. Helen Rhodes RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA " l.ove look up her harp of life, .hid smole on all the chords ivilh might. " Howard Richardson lio N. BROAO ST., SUFFOLK, VIRGINIA " am not the rose, lUit I have lived near tlir rose. " Kappa Psi Nu; I ' lio. Warford M. Sexton DENTON, NORTH CAROLINA " I ' ure in heart; humble in spirit, lie seeks kno -ledge and truth. " I ' li.j. DWIGHT M. Sl ' ENCE LILLINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA ' His soul is Strong, for it trusts in goodness .hid shows clearly thai it may be trusted. " Philologian. Mary Letha Stout SANFORD, NORTH CAROLINA " Happiness is cheaper than sorrow, iriiy pay the liigher pricef " Hi-ta Omicron Beta; P.s.vkakon. Page sixty-six „ ,v „.. Junior Class AVii,K Doris Stolt SANFORn, NORTH CAROLINA II ' hat is yours is mine, and all mine is yours. " Bfta Omicron Beta; Psykalcuii. Mary Herbert Watkixs WINDSOR, VIRGINIA " . smili ' for all she meets, .4 charm to make each memory siveet. " Delta riisili.n KalJpa: Psykalfon. Mary Addie White SAXFORD, NORTH CAROLINA " Great thoughts come from the heart. " Beta Omi.ron Beta; Psiuheliali. Spexcer D. Woodie FURCHES, NORTH CAROLINA " Sincerity is a true mark in life. " Philologian Madge Shaw Woods 310 ARD.VIORE PLACE WILMINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA " like the lauijhler that opens ihe lips and the heart That shoiL-s at the same time pearls and the soul. " Tau Zeta Phi; Psykaleon. Gladys Harrell Yates Class Poet 452 W. WASHINGTON ST., SUFFOLK, VA. " Cod ' s rarest hlessint is, after all, a ijood luoman. " Tau Zeta Phi; Psykaleon. Page sixty-seven PHIPSICLI VT Kf -ij !J. Pai f sixly-rlrjht m I Q 2 B - Page s ' lxly-mne Sophomore Class History HE fall of 1924 found a class of Freshmen on the Hill resolved to enter into the college activities with interest and enthusiasm. Of course, we wanted our fun at first ; but we soon found that the Sophomores wanted theirs also, and, to our great sorrow, at our expense. We had just set- tled down to work when the momentous class election was held. This was a red letter day for us! After several stirring speeches on behalf of various candidates, E. W. McCauley was elected as leader of the Class of ' 28. In athletics we played an important role during our first year. Most of the men on our varsity basketball team came from our ranks. Nor were we missing when the roll was called in football, for many of our class did their bit and their best in this feature of college life. Another memorable event of this year was the Freshman-Sophomore Debate. It is true that we lost to the Sophomores, but we went down with colors flying. As Sophomores now we face the Class of ' aq with a renewed determination to win the victory this year. Sophomores! Oh, what a world of meaning in the word! We entered upon the first semester of ' 25- ' 26 determined more than ever to be a class that would not be forgotten soon, but one whose record would stand out among classes yet to come. Under the leadership of our president, Paul Walker, we, the class of ' 28, are struggling up th ■ ladder of fame and striving for the best. We determined to capture our share of honors, and our determination has not been in vain. When it comes to athletics our stars are shining bright. Our ex-president, E. W. McCauley, is captain of the 1926 football squad, which will include several other men of the Class of ' 28. Another fellow classmate, Dan Long Newman, " Hawk- eye, " is captain of the varsity basketball team, which has already shown its athletic ability in several hard fought battles, fighting for team, class, and college. Our class is also well represented in the literary societies, and we feel sure that the world of literature will some day number among its honored sons and daughters some of the Class of ' 28. During our happy days we have learned to sympathize with our fellow-man and to lose the love for " self. " We have tried to seek what is best for the good of the group, rather than of the individual. We have enjoyed perfect harmony and have received much valuable experience. Our members have proved loyal to each other, to their class athletic teams, to our sister classes, to the faculty, and to the college. Suffice it to say that we feel sure that the Class of ' 28 will in the near future accom- plish much greater things than this brief sketch would indicate. The prospect is good for great honor, advancement and brilliant attainments. Though reduced in number from the original group, we, believing in the survival of the fittest, look forward to two more pleasant and profitable years under the foster- ing care of our Alma Mater. Pat r sfirnty PHIPSICLI Soph omore CI ass ' oem Two milestones passed and two to go; But duty bids us on, Although the years creep, oh, so slow, And the miles seem very long. Yet well we know it is the best, That we should tread this path, Nor stop in the rugged way for rest Till the goal we reach at last. And thus for ev ' ry task prepared. Our fellow men to serve. We ' ll do whatever may be dared ; From the right we ' ll never swerve. So then shall we pursue ovir aim. Our efforts ne ' er abate. Because our purpose is the same: (The class of twenty-eight). Class Poet. Pat e seventy-one PHIPSICLIJ 3 Sopn phomore Clc Paul Curtis Walker I ' lass Pii-sidint GREENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA Iota Tau Kappa; Philologian. Dan Long Newman Class Vice-Presidont ELON COLLEGE, NORTH CAROLINA Iota Tau Kappa: PllilcloKian. Hannah Claire Newman, Class Secretary VIRCILINA, VIRGINIA Psykaleon. Si siE Elizabeth Elder Class Tieasui. ' i COLUMBUS, GEORGIA Psykaleon. Frank H. Alexander ei on college, north carolina Alpha Pi Delta: Clio. Harold S. Alexander b ' jrlington, north carolina Mabel Esther Alexander ELON COLLEGE, NORTH CAROLINA Psykaleon. Minnie Alberta Atkinson Class Poet ELON COLLEGE, NORTH CAROLINA Llelta Upsilon Kappa; Psykaleon. Harold L. Barney elon college, north carolina MAR ' i Belle Boone ILORENCE, SOUTH CAROLINA Mrs. Ora Forkner Brady bennett, north carolina Annie Lou Brannock elon college, north carolina Page sevenly-lii. ' O Sophomore Class Jennie Lea Braxton snow camp, carolina Richie Edwin Brittle dendron " , virginia Martha Esther Brookshire RANDLEMAN, NORTH CAROLINA Pi Kappa Tau; Psiphelian. Robert Broadhurst Byrd MT. OLIVE, NORTH CAROLINA Iota Tau Kappa; Philoloyian. Margaret Mae Cheek burlington, north carolina Carl Clapp BLRLINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA Harold Allen Clark. NELSON, VIRGINIA Sigma Phi Beta; Clio. J I. LI A Lois Clem LANTZ MILLS, VIRGINIA Delta Upsilon Kappa. Ralph Samuel Cr.awford HILLSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA PhiloIoBian. T. Sam Crutch field MONCURE, NORTH CAROLINA Lucy Virginia Dick mcleansville, north carolina Tau, Zeta Phi. Mildred Corinna Forris GIBSONVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA tCy — -A Paije scvcv.iy-three PHIPSICLI f ' A -.—J r ( " fl n Tj p TF — -j- r,pp Q, B - Sophomore Class James Lee Foster, Jr. KLON COLLEGE, NORTH CAROLINA Sigma Phi Beta; Clio. WiLsox Rebecca Gatewood PELHAM, NORTH CAROLINA Beta On Beta; Psykale Nannie J. D. Graham BURLINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA Tau Zeta Phi; Psiphelian. Arthur Nathaniel Greene NORFOLK, VIRGINIA Sigma Phi Beta; Clio. Bernice Pauline Hartman SALISBURY, NORTH CAROLINA Delta ri silon Kappa; Psykaleon. Arnold L. Holt BURLINGTON ' , NORTH CAROLINA Myrtle Holt BURLINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA Paul G. Hook. WINCHESTER, VIRGINIA Alpha Pi Delta; Phllologlaii. Annie June Hornad.ay ELON- COLLEGE, NORTH CAROLINA Tau Zeta Phi; Psiphelian. Nettie M ■RTLE Islev BURLINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA Minnie Johnston ELON ' COLLEGE, NORTH CAROLINA Psiphelian. C.ARRIE ESTELLE KeLLY SANFORD, NORTH CAROLINA Beta Omiel ' on Beta; Psiphelian. Page scvenly-four Sophc Ch Charles L. Ki.mbai.i, maxson " , north carolina Sigma Phi Beta; Clio. Rosebud Kimball manson, north carolina Delta Upsilon Kappa; Psykaleon. Ruth Hayden Kimball Class Historian MANSOK, NORTH CAROLINA Delta Upsilon Kappa; Psykaleon. Norma Ethe l Matlock ELON COLLEGE, NORTH CAROLINA Psiphelian. EVERETTE W. McCaU LEV- UNION RIDGE, NORTH CAROLINA Iota Tau Kappa; Philologian. John Paul McNeill NEDERLAND, TEXAS Kappa Psi Nu; Philulogian. Mabel Michael MCLEANSVILLE, north CAROLINA Pi Kappa Tau; Psiphelian. Rose Kittrell Paschall RIDGEWAV, NORTH CAROLINA P.siphelian. Caroline Egerton Powell WARREN plains, NORTH CAROLIN.A Tau Zeta Phi; Psiphelian. Erwin Millard Qualls BURLINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA Alpha Pi D.lta. J. Forrest Qualls BURLINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA Alpha Pi Delta. Annie Graham Rowland 315 N. EDGEWORTH ST. GREENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA Delta Up.silon Kappa; Psiphelian. Paije seventy-five PHIPSICLI ' - TU ] Soph phomore Ch Thomas Robert Ruston dover, delaware Margaret Eoline Shaw BURLINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA John Duncan Shaw LUMBER BRIDGE, NORTH CAROLINA Ramah Shoffner BURLINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA Clarence H. Slaughter BURLINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA Iota Tau KapDa; Phllologlan. Julian P. Smith HENDERSON, NORTH CAROLINA Phllologlan. Perry Maurice Smith HENDERSON, NORTH CAROLINA Phllologlan. Bessie Beatrice Southard STOKESDALE, NORTH CAROLINA Cassie Levala Southard STOKESDALE, NORTH CAROLINA Hai.lie Stanfield BURLINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA Tau Zi ' ta Phi; Psykaleon. Frances Grayce Sterrett niagara falls, new york Beta OmliTon Beta; Psiphelian. Fleda Estelle Summers RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA Psykaleon. Pat e seienty-six PHiPSiCLLfr ;-! ' Sophomore Class Clarence P. Thompson- graham, NORTH CAROLINA Philologian. Uavid E. Turner, Jr. mooresville, north carolina Sigma Phi Beta: Clio. James B. Utley MONCURE, NORTH CAROLINA Kappa Psi Nu; Philologian. Earl W. Vickers A.MBROSE, GEORGIA Philologian. Ch.arles a. Walker, Jr. BURLINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA Philologian. John Robert Walker BURLINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA Philologian. J. Mack Was ham davidso.v, north carolina Jennings Vanhurm Womble MONCURE, NORTH CAROLINA JuLi. ' Elizabeth Woodson BURLINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA Pl Kappa Tau; Psiphi-lian. Thyra Varrick Wright ASHBORO, NORTH CAROLINA Pi Kappa Tan; P.sykaU-on. Clarence Jack.son Crltchfielu MONCURE, NORTH CAROLINA Page sevenly-seven PHIPSICLI v r ' i; r " n ra p Jjjj j Page sevcnly-ci jlil n- l itfl rf l jT I q -2, e - fa f seventy-nine Freskman Class History ARLY in the month of September, 1925, one hundred and ninety-four young men and women, constituting the largest, best prepared, and, ac- cording to some, the most intelligent class ever to enroll in Elon College, entered the doors of this institution with the purpose of carving their names in the halls of the collegiate world. We were shown the various points of historic inter- est in the neighborhood, as the water tank, depot, drug store. Comer Field, East Dormi- tory, President Harper ' s residence, and the sixty silver maples. Our early reception was sufficiently warm to warrant the paying of enormous sums in " radiator fees. " From these experiences came our early impressions of Elon life. Our first official act of organization came on November 4, when Ralph Coggins was chosen as our leader by the largest plurality ever given at Elon to a class president, ( ur other officers were elected on that and the following days. At that time we changed from a leaderless group to an active, aggressive organization. The part that this organization has played in the different phases of college life has been a large one. We were well represented on the football team. In addition to plac- ing several men on the varsity basketball squad, we have put forth a winning class team in this sport. Our debaters, both class and varsity, will make their opponents look well to their laurels. We have taken an active part in the literary, religious, social and business life of the college. Thus the Class of ' 29 goes on, hoping and striving for better things. Historian. Poem of tne Class of 29 I No head is so high and no brain seems so full As freshman ' s, I warrant, who starts with a pull. So great was his " rep " in the days of his youth, He .scarcely has time to consider the truth. II To college he comes, with a masterful air, To glance at his books and control the affair; But much in amazement he finds soon enough That fame lies beyond where the way is more rough. Ill He finds this new world unconcerned with the past, And waiting for one who reflects it " en masse; " For one who is willing to do for the world What he for himself would make haste to imfurl. IV He hastens to change his impressions of life, Preparing to meet the inevitable strife. May such be your narrative, " Twenty and Nine, " Resolv ' d to strive nobly, may all fall in line. Class Poet. Page elglity PHIPSICLLriJ{ |4 . y 1 9 - e 7 ' reshma n Ch Ralph Coggins, Class I ' lisiJinl SANFORD, NORTH CAROLINA PhiloloKian Claude White Kipka, Class I ' m-Pn-sulinl MOORESVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA Philolot ' ian. Beulah Belle Johnson, Class Srcrrtary SAXAPAHAW, NORTH CAROLINA Psiphelian. Gladys Patterson Simpson, Class Tri-asum- GREENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA Psykaleon. Robert Wvcoff Andrew sedalia, north carolina SiRnia Phi Beta; Philologian. I. ' iMAN E. Angel STOKESDALE, NORTH CAROLINA Pauline Mae Ausband high poinl, north carolina LUCV CilLL AVSCL E William Alton Barber biscoe, north carolina Lacv Ci. Bavnes WENIVVORIH, NORTH CAROLINA OOROIHY Mervvne Belvin WILMINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA Katie Blackwood chapel hill, north carolina Howard A. Boland 609 S. BROAD ST., BURLINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA Ruth Lee Boi.am) burlington, north carolina Lucy Ione Boone burlington, north carolina Page eighty-one PHIPSICLI Freshman Class Mary Brannock elon college, north carolina Thomas P. Braknock BURLIKCrON, NORTH CAROLINA Benjamin Thomas Browder GERMANTON, north CAROLINA Luther Tate Browder germanton, north carolina James B. Brown elon college, north carolina Mrs. James B. Brown ELON college, NORTH CAROLINA Charles Robert Bryant greensboro, north carolina Doxme Madeline Bi ' rkhart thomasville, north carolina Virginia Grace Burrows ashboro, north carolina Charles Wesley Cannon ELON college, NORTH CAROLINA Anme Carter WEXTWORTH, NORTH CAROLINA Harrietie Elizabeth Cates burlington, north carolina Lucille Cecil lexington, north carolina Annie Reaner Clapp brown summit, north carolina F.viMA Ida Cline KANAPOLIS, NORTH CAROLINA Vaije eiij ily-livo PHIPSICLI hman Ch rresnma Tom Savage Corbitt sunbury, north carolina Philologian. Cecil A. Cox RAMSEUR, NORTH CAROLINA Philologian. Edna Mae Cox denton ' , north carolina Psykalfon. Macon Adams Cox spring garden, virginia Carrie Vandelia Cranford ashboro, north carolina RoMiE George Davis STEEDS, NORTH CAROLINA Clio. Ollie Wade Deaton biscoe, north carolina Clio. Sara Ger trude Deaton mooresville, north carolina Psykaleon. Irene DeLancey reidsville, north carolina Svnkler Dowdy route no. i, lynchburg, virginia Clio. Mildred Marie Dozier elizabeth cits ' , north carolina P.siphplian. HOYLE T. Efird ALBEMARLE, NORTH CAROLINA Philologian. Lillian Foust graham, north carolina WiLLiFRED Marion Karris BESSE.VIER CITY, NORTH CAROLINA Philologian. SiTHA Ellis KENLY, NORTH CAROLINA Page e ' tghly-three PHIPSICLI IQ ' 2,e - hman Ch rreshma J. Penn Friddle stokesdale, north carolina Mary Elizabeth Gatewood pelham, north carolina Psiphellan. AwiE Elizabeth Green MORRISVII.LE, NORTH CAROLINA I ' .sykal.-on. Madge Cole Green ELON college, NORTH CAROLINA William Charles Griffin 410 3+th st., norfolk, virginia Albekt Noble Harrell gibsonvii.le, north carolina Edna Elizabeth Harrelson RUFFIN, north CAROLINA Psiphelian. Beulah May Hodges hickory, virginia Psiphelian. Bonnie Lee Holt graham, north CAROLINA Margaret Christine Hornaday ELON college, NORTH CAROLINA P. ' iiphc-lian. Howard Lee Hughes greensboro, north carolina Philologian. Ronald Ipock NEW BERN, north CAROLINA Patty Elizabeth Hurley biscoe, north carolina Psiphelian. CoRA Annie James hillsboro, north carolina Alice Johnson sanford, north carolina Page e ' tghly-four PHIPSICLI f JO ' S, B - J in Ch DoROTHV Louise Johnson- ashf.ville, north carolina James L. Johnson washington, north carolina Philologian. Lindsay F. Johnson, Jr. carversville, pennsylvania Philologian. Margaret Sue Johnston elon college, north carolina Dace Willett Jones burlington, north carolina Lucy Jordan ELON college, NORTH CAROLINA HiLDAH Elizabeth Keck burlington, north carolina Edward Eugene Kipka mooresville, north carolina Philologian. Di.xiE Pauline Lamm LUCAMA, NORTH CAROLINA PsyUaleon. Lizzie Lawrence SEACROVE, NORTH CAROLINA P.siphellan. Lucille Willard Lawrence enfield, north carolina P.sykaleon. Walter Phalti Lawrence, Jr.. Class tlislorian ELON COLLEGE, NORTH CAROLINA PhiloloKian. Thomas Carl Lemons stokesdale, .north carolina Edith Margaret Lockev newport, north carolina David Bell Long GRAHAM, north CAROLINA Philologian. Piif r rl jlity-five PHIPSICLI T ZWm ' reshma n Ch Silas E. Madren route i, elon " college, north carolina Della Maness biscoe, north carolina Psiphelian. Alice V. Mason NEWPORT, NORTH CAROLINA Lucv Frances McCarco REIDSVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA Psiphelian. Logan Theodore McClolid 1701 collev ave., norfolk, virginia Hattie McKinney elon college, north carolina Edwin Albright McPherson burlington, north carolina John Colon Monroe LUMBER bridge, NORTH CAROLINA James Lewis Moore MOORESVILLE, north CAROLINA Beulah Morton burlington, north carolina Emma Lucille Mulholland durham, north carolina Psiphelian, Marion Donnell Nalle SANFORD, north CAROLINA Margaret Thomas Neblette scotland neck, north carolina Psykaleon. Marion Arnold Nethery brown summit, north CAROLINA Ellen Elizabeth Oakley MEBANE, north CAROLINA Psiphelian. Paffe eiglity-six PHIPSICLI a . 3tr3 ' ' - ' ■ ' lair . 1 r- I Q) ' 2 S) ' ' in Ch Emma Eari.i-f.av Orrei.l stokesdale, north carolina Margaret Berxice Parks lexixctov, north carolina Lelia Ann Peed moriah, north carolina Maude Meta Parish stokesdale, north carolina Cora Colleen Pennington burlington, north carolina Walter Eugene Pennington burlington, north carolina Gladys Virginia Pvatt GLEENWOOD, north CAROLINA Evan R. Rav moncure, north carolina Giles Everett Ring EDINBURC, VIRGINIA Clio. Pearle McQueen Rivenbark norlina, north carolina Margaret Charlotte Roberts windsor, virginia rsykaleon. Tyre McCuli.och Roberis mcleansville, north carolina Alma Louise Rountree norfolk, virginia Psykalton. Howard Braxion Rointrke. Class Port 414 LONDON ST., PORTSMOUTH, VIRGINIA Birdie Mary Rowland greensboro, north carolina Psiphellan. Page eighty-seven PHIPSICL1 1 fj " , MAJUb .I aJ Mi Fresnman Class Percy Byron Sawyer battery park, virginia Jessie Lee Scholz macon, north carolina Psykaleon. John Blair Secrest MONROE, north CAROLINA Early Edward Sexton denton, north carolina J. R. Sexton blrlincion, north carolina David Winfield Shepherd elon college, north carolina Phllologian. Hurley Sidney Shepherd elon college, north carolina Phllologian. Marvin Macon Shepherd burlington, north carolina Philologian. Pauline Shoffner gibsonville, north carolina Paul James Simpson burlington, north carolina Robert Earl Sims greensboro, north carolina PhiloloBLnn. Ei.wool) McCarley Smith brown summit, north carolina Lloyd Thomas Smith greensboro, north carolina Myrtle Smith kemps mills, north carolina I ' siphelian. Wayne Edward Snow mcleansville, north carolina I ' ai r eiijlity-ritjht «IPSICL1 1 ' reshma n Ch Gladys Irrne Spook kimesville, north carolina Daphne Irene Sprait marion, north carolina Callie Holmes Spruill pinetown, north carolina Gladvs Allene Sprlill pinetown, north carolina Edna Ray Stout sanford, north carolina Sarah Janette Stout Tom Strader greensboro, north carolina Psil.hflian. Margaret Elizabeth Surratt 408 webb ave., burlington, north carolina Eva Mae Sykes kinston, north carolina Bessie Tate Tarpley salisbury, north carolina Psiplulian. Mary Oliva Tate marion, north carolina Psykaleon. RuTH Lee Teague BURLINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA Clifton Junious Thomas ashboro, north carolina . Clio. Carlton Leonard Thomas ASHBORO, north CAROLINA Margaret Deane Thomas burlington, north carolina Psykaleon. Page eirjlily-nine phipsicllvZ f; ' resnma n Ch Eugene Herbert Thompson liberty, north carolina Annie Russel Troxler brown summit, north carolina Jewel Vester Truitt glen RAVEN, NORTH CAROLINA Gardner Dinkixs Inderhill albany, new york Clara Winston Underwood youngsville, north carolina Psykaleon. Beatrice Wagoner route i, elon college, north carolina Lillian Loztin Walker route 3, burlington, north carolina PsipheliiUl. Ruth Moore Walker burlington, north carolina Mildred Irene Walters burlington, north carolina Psykaleon. Ila Mae Ward gleenwood, north carolina Sue Ella Watts peachland, north carolina Mary Edith Way sanford, north carolina Martha Ceceilia White waverly, virginia Psykaleon. Florence E. Whitelock huntington, indiana Psykaleon. L. Banks Whitted BURLINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA Page ninety PHIPSICLLf r||j resnma n Clc Willie Belle Wicker saxford, korth carolina Robert Weslev Williams GOnWlN ' , NORTH CAROLINA W. Alexander Wilson LOLTSBURG, NORTH CAROLINA Philolofiall. William Rov Windham burlington, north carolina Glenn Farrell Womble moncure, north carolina Emma Louise Wrenn waverlv, virginia Presslev B. Brawley mooresville, north carolina Page ninety-one PHIPSICL1 1 | r r ■■ riPj H •» I r [ " TrTT " - p p Piii r tiinrly-livn m = h X WM " «( (• ninrly-llirre PHIPSICLI. fj % C. James Vei.ir . . . Miss Florence Fisher Music Department Diiiilor of Miisii Miss Pauline Shoope . . I ' uino and I ' liuf Mrs. C. James ' elie . Violin and Piano Piano and I ' oiie Alexander, Mabel Atkinson, Alberta Atwater, Luther Barney, Elizabeth Barney, Harold Barney, Helen Barney, Winifred Browne, Eleanor Cantrell, Elizabeth Gates, Bruce Gates, Harriette Carter, Mr. T. C. Ghandler, Frances Chandler, George Clem, Julia Devinnev, Frances Elder, Susie Stu Garner, Mrs. S. J. Gatewood, Elizabeth Harden, Annie Ruth Harden, Elizabeth Harrell, D. B. Herman, Ida Hook, Sarah Virginia Holmes, Ma.xine Holt, Edith HoRNE, Lillie Huffines, Ruby JuDD, Acnes Kimball, Rosebud King, Helen Klapp, Ruth Lambeth, Maedell Lawrence, Lucille DENTS LocKEv, Edith McAdams, Lois McIntosh, Eugenia McLeod, M. a., Jr. Nobles, Marie Patton, Gwendolyn Paschall, Kathleen Prescott, F. H. Rich, Ethel Rothceb, Mrs. R. M. Ruston, T. R. Se.vton, W. M. Shaw, Eoline Shepherd, Hurley Shoffner, Pauline Smith, Alyse Stanfield, Hallie Stearns, Helen Steele, Sadie Stout, Mary Strader, Tom Surratt, Margaret Tate, Mary Tapscott, Grace Tapscott, Pollyann ' a Thompson, Mrs. J. T. Truitt, Jewel I ' nderhill, G. D. Walker, Lillian Walters, Mildred Ward, Frances White, Mary Addie Whitesell, Mary Yates, Gladys Pa jr ninrly-four ' " Girls Glee Club C James ' ki.ie, Dindor Jli.ia Woodsox Marv Price Gladys Yates Pauline Ausband LiLLiE Horse Dixie Lamm Margaret TiioMAa Acnes Judd Madge Woods Susie Elder Members Ruth Klapp Mary Boone Ruth Teague Lvde Bingham Hallie Stanfielu Sara Deaton Gladys Simpson Jewel Truitt Lucille Lawrence Alma Rountree Ruth Kimball Clara Underwood Lizzie Lawrence Lucy McCargo Edna Harrelson Lucy Ayscue Frances Sterrett Mary Addie White Estelle Kelly Bessie Southard Lillian Walker Cassie Southard Eva Sykes Charlotte Roberts Page titnety-fi ' ve Certmcate and Diploma Students Special Departments Alma Smith .... l)i loii:ii in Ex inssion Ruth Ki..app . . . Certificate in Expression Lii.i.iE HoRNE . . . Diploma in Expression Frances Sterrett . . Diploma in Expression Gwendolyn Pation, C.erlifiiale in Expression EoLiNE Shaw .... Certificate in I ' iano Marv SrnuT Certificate in Piano J. L. Lynch . . . Certificate in Chemistry D. L. Harrei.l, Jr. . Certificate in Chemistry n. H. Wicker . . Certificate in Chemistry liRLCE Caies Diploma in I ' iano Y. H. Prescott .... Diploma in Piano Paije ninety-six . r -. •■.. ig) ' 2 e • ' SPCfeldLS Page ninety-seven Fine Arts Class Miss Lila Newman Iristruclor SUEMOLL AlCOM Margaret J. Ballextine Mrs. W. W. Corbitt Annie Lou Brannock Julia Clem Ruth Crawford Graham Rowland Adelia Jones Mrs. W. C. Brown P. B. Saw ' er Elsie Jones Lucille Lawrence G. W. Tate Fern Lashley Marv Herbert Watkins Paffe nliii ' ty-eiijlit PHIPSICL Domestic Art Class Miss Clarice Albright Slemoll Alco Alice Baldwin Annie Lgu Branxock Marv Bran nock jENNic !.£A Braxton DOVMiE Bl RKHART Mrs. E. C. Bradv MARGARl;r J. Ballentine LvDE Bingham Mary Boone Annie Clapp ■ Mrs. C. M. Cannon Ruth Crawforo Bessie Culpepper Annie Carter Nannie Sue Dunn Lucy Dick Mildred Forbis Margaret Grissom Wilson Gatewood Nannie Graham Christine Hornaday Dei.oris Morrow, Inslnulvr i.illie horne Mary Tome Hughes Ruth Horne Myrtle Isley Elsie Jones Beulah Johnson Minnie Johnston Agnes Judd Rosebud Kimball Estelle Kelly Dixie Lamm Alice Mason Norma Matlock FoY Matlock Beulah Morton Marion Nalle Marie Nobles LiLLiE Pace Kathleen Pasciiai.l Rosa Paschall Caroline Powell Mary Price Gladys Pyatt Helen Rhodes Gladys Simpson Alma Smith Bessie Southard Cassie Southard Janette Stout Edna Stout Wiley Stout Tom Strader Fleda Summers Annie Simpson Myrtle Smith Margaret Thomas Annie Troxler Clara Tnderwood Ruth Walker Belle Wicker Marceil White Emma Wrenn Thyra Wright Madge Woods Ila Mae Ward I ' ar r ninrly-nhie PHiPSiCLi.f r;7K ' ' D omestic Ch Miss Dkloris Morrow, Instrucim Margaret J. Ballentixe Mary Brannock Esther Brookshire Mrs. J. B. Browx Bernice Hartman Annie June Hornadav Christine HoRNAnAV Beulah Hodges Annie Simpson WiLEV Stout Mary Tate Annie Troxler Clara Uxderwooo Marceil White Belle Wicker Emma Wrenn Aoelia Jones Acnes Juud Dixie Lamm Arline Lindsay Mabel Michael Hattie McKinney Hannah Claire Newman Sarah Price Par e one iiiinhrJ PHIPSICL r ,.f... riri p n ■ -- .- ■ igo B - • Commercial Department J. L. Moore G. A. KiRKLAND Daruex Jones " Tom " Strader G. V. Bock Paul Walker Alice JoHsfO.v Marv liooxE Alle.ve McAdams Gladys Slmpjon- DOXNIE Burkhart L. E. AXGEL RoMiE Davis Pall McNeill ■ T. P. Bransock Edna Cox Edna Stout Dorothy Belviv Elizabeth Oakli.y L. M. Cannon, Instnulor Maude Parrisii Mildred Dozier Katie Blackwood Pauline Ausband Callie Spruill Sitha Ellis Ruth Teacue Hildah Keck Mary Tate Gladys Spruill Della Maness Lucille Cecil Patty Hurley Bonnie Lee Holt Maroaret Parks Mary Edith Way Gladys Pyatt Daphne Spratt I LA Mae Ward Myrtle Smith Carrie Cranford ViRoiNiA Burrows T. S. Corbitt Perry Smith M. A. Cox E. E. Sexton C. A. Walker, Jr. J. Penn Friddle T. C. Lemons W. C. Griffin C. L. Kimball D. E. Turner, Jr. A. N. Greene J. D. Gorrell H. A. Clark C. W. KiPKA E. W. ViCKERS K. W. Baker D. B. Long Luther Browder Thomas Browder Carlton Thomas Page one linndred one PHIPSICLI m. J , - 1 f-i ' •w ' ' i " ' " ; ja p I -• " -ij ; 19 ■-£ 5 fe ■? ■ — Q HJ (J V4 +j in u -C CJ u I) ■DC •7-. U !- r 1 EJ U s U ■ s O I PS 3 rfl ;? one hundred li:o iiiiiiiiii ATHLETICS SPONSOR f Frank B. Corboy When we think of Coach we thin k of a man with many talents. For six years he has served Elon well, laboring with the material that was entrusted to him. and has had good success in developing representative teams for a small institution. His patience and friend- liness have won the good will of all; and we feel that he will be famous wherever he casts his lot in the fu- ture. He takes with him the best wishes of his many friends among the students and alumni. J. W. Barney Ciituluati ' -Miiniu tr For the past two years Professor Barney has served as graduate-manager of athletics at Elon. In this ca- pacity he has served with an eagerness to do his best for athletics. His deep interest and willingness to serve ha e made him an excellent man for this position. The service he has rendered and the good relationships he has established with the institutions in this state and other states go to prove the ability and worth of Pro- fessor Barney as Graduate-Manager. „:i7: 7c? ?r j .,T;, ,.JV V -;VT:? JaTj? :?i Payc one liiiiulrcd six PH IPS I C LI J lr ,S» vji ' ■ - ' ' rt( f one huiiJnui seven PHIPSICLI til r -i, J , 1 , . . Sj o« - IP 3 t- J z x .■?K c KWc ' k T ' -.n ■C S2 l£o " U c -a " S i;3: = 12 ? 3 • 5- = £ ' jss ► ai c our liundiid eight t. if The Varsity E. W. " Mack " McCauley Center and Guard " Mack " will lead the " Fighting Christians " next year. A better man could not have been chosen. With all the experience of an " old timer " he plays his positions at ease and in big style. Here ' s luck to you and your team next season, " Mack. " D. L. " Lem " Harrell, Back With determination and force " Lem " has proved his football ability. His influence and po«er were felt when he was in action, and he could be depended upon to lead his team suc- cessfully through the worst of handicaps. His work stands out as a monument to the glory of good football. . V. " DusTv " Ralb, Back " Dusty " was late getting in from Pennsyl- vania, but he soon made his presence known. He is, perhaps, the flashiest back that has ever represented Elon. Quiet and easy going, but a hard scrapper. George D. Kelly, Back George is a " clever head " with the " pigskin " and appreciates what " interference " does for him on an end run. He shows his appreciation by clipping off long gains when duty calls. He is " little but loud, " and we hope that he will " repeat. " G.ARXETT W. Bock, Quarterback With a cool head, speed and " grit, " Bock won for himself a regular position. He runs a team with much skill and ease. We are looking for- ward to coming seasons with this little fellow still going good. G. A. " Chubry " KirklaxI), (Juarterhack Among the football heroes at Elon, " Chubby " is surely to be long remembered. With a pow- erful " drive " and skill in directing a team, he has, during his four years of varsity football, done his bit in making football history at Elon. Pai e one liundrrd nine PHIPSICLI CTjr ' : Tne Varsity R. C. " Bor " Brown, End " Bob, " our star of previous years, was back with us this season and shawed what he was capable of doing. With a reputation for re- ceiving passes and turning the enemy aside, he stands out as a hero in the realm of football at Elon. C. R. " Chari.ik " Brvaxt, End " Charlie " entered Elon without ever having played football of any class. He developed rap- idly and, when called upon, demonstrated that he had football ability. Three more seasons yet, " Charlie! " Enter them with that same old con- quering spirit and you will win. P. B. " Crip " Brawley, Tackle Here is a man who came to Elon with a good hit of football experience. " Crip " was expected to do a lot — he did. He is a great lover of that old personal contact, a hard fighter and a good man. H. " Tixv " RicHARosox, Back Fighting under the handicap of size, " Tiny " has placed himself on the varsity for the third time. He is high spirited, has plenty of grit, and is a natural leader. J. H. " Hamp " Bvfria ' , End " Hamp " really did shine when it came to fighting off interference and getting his man. He was at home on the end position and dem- onstrated that he could play stellar football. j. Lawrexce Hiatt, End There was no exhibition of " grit " that sur- passed the work of Lawrence. His fearlessness and dependability made him an ever valuable man to work the flank position. Pagr nm- liiiiulii l Irii Tne Varsity J. L. " Jimmie " Foster, Guard Here is another of Elon ' s promising lads. He has all the necessary requirennents of a real foot- ball player. It vas his toe that sem the " pig- skin " into the air when the regular p ' lnter was out. " Jimmie " is a good scrapper. R. " Boll Veevil " Cogcixs, Bnik From Sanford ' s Eastern Carolina champion- ship team, we were fortunate in getting " Boll Weevil. " He doesn ' t have much to say, but sure- ly makes his actions speak. He hits the line like a " pile driver " and is a powerful defensive in.in. H. S. " Moxk " Alexaxdfr, Tackle " Monk " enjoys playing football and puts the best that he has into the game. With muscles like iron, this scrappv little tackle has fought- - and taken his beatings — like a man. D.ACE W. " Red " Jones, Guard " Red " numbers among our lads whose best days are before them. He played the game in a ci ed- itable manner and gained the experience that will develop hizn into a famous linesman. F.lon shines through men like " Red. " W. A. " Alex " Wilsox, Tackle Though inexperienced, " Alex " was big, fast, courageous, and willing to scrap. He showed stellar football ability and good spirit. A great future can be expected for him. We do well In praise his past. A. . " Jimmie " Greexe, Guard " Jimmie " stepped up this season from the past year ' s " Bear Cat " team. Although not a regu- lar, he portrayed a commendable fighting spirit, both in games and in practice. All that he ac- complished was through hard, earnest work. Page one hundred eleven The Varsity H. B. " RouNNiF, " RouNTREE, Center " Rounnie " came to us from Portsmouth ' s East- ern Virginia championship team. He has all the qualities of a real football player — fighting hard whether winning or losing; always willing, highly determined, and cool headed. Dardex W. " PuDnix ' Head " Joxes Gu lrtl This was " Puddin ' head ' s " second year on the varsity. While a good offensive man, his defen- sive work deserves special mention. He handled his position in a cool manner, and always played his opponents fair and square. P " raxk H. Alexaxder, Tackle It was discovered that Frank was a linesman to perfection, as well as a notable back. He proved to be just the man needed for a tackle. He controlled the job like a veteran and still has a brilliant career ahead. D. L. " Havvkeye " Newmax, Back " Hawkeye " gained experience last year and came back this year with determination. In addi- tion to this characteristic he possessed courage, spirit and ability that made him felt at all times while in the frav. M. A. " Tuhry " Cox, Tackle " Tubby, " a new man on the campus, was a surprise. He showed a knack for defensive work. His size and agility were to his advantage and his spirit of determination is worthy of remem- brance. Elwooi) L. Parkersox. Ciuanl EKvood began his football career as a " back. " He held this position creditably, but this season Coach changed him to the position of guard. He gave his best and played his position like an " ole timer. " I ' aijf one liunclrcii tiuelve A Summary of tke 1925 Football Season In taking a retrospective view of the 1925 football season we are confronted with the following facts which we have recorded in brief form. Just prior to the beginning of the season all indications pointed to a very strong assemblage of candidates. Several veterans from previous years ' teams were expected to return. At the beginning of practice, however, most of these men, among them Captain Braxton, failed to report. This disappointment was somewhat offset, though, by the arrival of several new men with good records. After the squad had been rounded into shape it presented the appearance of a smooth running machine. It never reached this stage, however, until the latter part of the season. The team as a unit lacked experience, being composed largely of first year men. The " old heads " xvcre not numerous enough to overco me this evident and unavoidable defect. Due to the earnest and faithful work of Coach Corboy the team accomplished what it did. Considering the teams with which we competed and the experience of our team, one cannot help but realize that our season was a difhcult one. F.lon opened the state season with Davidson. Although losing by a 31 to o score, Elon was not beaten in spirit. In this game Davidson suffered a great loss in the injury of their clever quarterback, Sappcnfield. To him and the Davidson team, as a whole, we wish to express our sincere regrets. The next game of the season was with King College. Elon seemed to have settled down in this game and allowed the strong mountaineers only one touchdown. Guilford then suffered defeat at the hands of the " Fighting Christians " by a small margin of six points. We were able to gain consistently on open field, but seemed to have lacked the final punch necessary to score more often. The game with Duke was fought in a sea of mud. It was anybody ' s game throughout, with Duke coming out victor by a 6 to o Score. Elon ' s light hackfield, disadvantaged by a slippery field, was unable to gain through the heavy Duke line. Elon was defeated by Concord State, West Virginia, 31 to o. We were unable either to stop their consistent charges or to penetrate their defense. The following week Elon again suffered defeat by a small score at Hampden-Sidney ' s hands. It was in the game with Lvtichburg that Elon displayed her real fighting spirit. This game was the making of several individuals and demonstrated what our team could do. Lynchburg, however, with odds falling her way, came out victorious, 12 to o. Then came the Emory-Henry game at Elon which marked another victory for us. Our team was at its height. The flashy running of Raub, powerful plunging of Kirkland, and good team work as a whole accounted for the turn of the tide and gave us the game by the score of 14 to o. In the last game of the season Wake Forest took the lead in the early stages and held it throughout the entire game. In games won and lost our football season was not a success. We did not, however, think it so much a failure as the scores inay indicate, in that to completely beat a team it is necessary to conquer its spirit. We are proud to say that we were not beaten in spirit. The spirit of the " Fighting Christians " shall never die! Page one hundred thirteen PHIPSICL " E " Men ' s Club Officers Gordon ' A. Kirkland I ' rr Howard Richardsov J ' icc-Pn-suinil William A. Limh.kv Srcrrlary and Treasurer ' diril Robert Bvrd M. A. Cox James Foster W. A. LlNDLEY C. R. Bryant Members T. S. Crutchfield £. L. Parkerson P. B. Brawley Ralph Cocgixs Lawrence Hiatt D. L. Harrell, Jr. Dan Long Newman Frank Alexander H. Richardson J. U. Fogleman Paul Walker A. N. Greene Harold Alexander E. W. McCauley George Kelly H. E. Crutchfield G. A. KiRKLAND Darden W. Jones Braxton Rountree C. H. Slaughter Paul McNeill Garnett Bock Pagr one liundred fourteen i.-S ' SK " " r ' ' p ri p p Page one liundred fifteen UAX LONG NEWMAN Captain Dan Long Newman, Forward Dan, cnmmonly knnwn as " Hawkeve, " hy his accuracy in goal shooting and his consistent floor Avork last year, won for himself the captaincy of this year ' s team, although he was then only a first year man on the varsity squad. He has led his team this year in a masterful way through a creditahle season. All that we could say about a great player and gallant general should be said here, but we summarize the whole bv saving that he was the pride of his .Mma Mater. Paye one hundred sixteen PHIPSICLI -- 1 g ' 2. e Basketball Squad hirst Roio George Kellv Dav Loxg Newmax Clarence Crltchheld Robert Byrd Garsett BncK Sicnnd Rniu Charles Bryant Early Edward Sextom Robert Sims WiLLLAM WOMBLE Kenneth Baker Coach F. B. Corbov Pa )e one hundred seventeen PHIPSICLI 1T ' ? | i „ ' . ! f„.f ff - | Basketball, 1926 GaRXETT V 1?0CK, foni inl We expected much from Bock thi season and he not only fulfilled our expectations, but also came through as highest scorer. His flash and cleverness were a source of joy to our hearts and we are pleased when we think that he has three years ahead in which to add to Elon ' s glory and fame both at home and abroad. George D. KELL ■, Cumd Kelly came to us with a record hard to beat, and he more than proved his ability as a bas- keteer. His superior floor work and dependability made him almost indispensable. In fact, the success of the team as a whole seemed to depend upon his presence and support. We predict a brilliant future and high place for Cjeorge in the basketball world, and Innk forward to fresh laurels for Elon from his athletic skill. Paijr onr niihtrrj I ' jiilili ' i ' il PHIPSICLIJ I, p - I g -2 e - Basketball 1926 R()Iu;kt H. 1) RI), (iiuinl " Bnb, " as a letter man, was ever in the limelight as a resnlt of his sift in loeatinK the basliet and co-operating with the team in its passing game. His steailiness and assumed indifference during crises gave confidence to both the team and its supporters. " Bob " is yet capable of more than he has shown; and we await his future accomplishment with pleasant anticipation. Nk. L V. Rauh, I- ' jriiiinl " Dustv " is a favorite with individual hero worshipers; for his previous experience gave him that agilitv and style that puts him in a class by himself. We that know him best see in him a combination of what ll take- to thrill a crowd, inspire a team, and win the high esteem of basketball critics. Here ' s to " nu-tv. " Watch his smoke next car. Clari:xli-: j. Crutchfii;ij), ( ' .mtir A bulwark of defense, a detertnined spirit, a conscientious trair might well describe " Tobe. " With this, his second year, he shows greater promise. We do not think of " Tohc " as a h( one man alone, we would be inclined to nominate him as tl s trainer, humble, yet aggressive, -till in the prime of his career and i; but if the gante were pla ed by man to represent us. Paije one hundrid tiiitrlrrn 1926 Varsity Basketball SckeJule and Results NON-COLLEGIATE GAMES Elon Durham Y. M. C. A. at Durham 38 Proximity Y. M. C. A. at Elon 29 Erlanger Y. M. C. A. at Lexington 25 Gibsonville Athletic Association at Elon 50 Durham " ' . L C. A. at Elon 22 COLLEGL ' TE GAMES Elon January 15 — Wofford at Elon 18 January 18 — Hampden-Sidney at Elon 20 January 2c) — Guilford at Elon 16 January 26 — N. C. State at Raleigh 25 January 27 — Carolina at Chapel Hill 25 January 30 — Wake Forest at Wake Forest 20 February 4 — Lynchburg at Elon 17 February 10 — Lenoir-Rhyne at Elon 26 February 13 — Guilford at Guilford 17 February 23 — N. C. State at Elon 18 February 24 — Wake Forest at Elon 15 SUMMARY Number of games played 16 Number of games won 8 Total Points Elon . 381 — Opponents .371 Opponents 3i 19 21 20 23 Opponents 15 21 15 29 40 35 .15 16 22 27 I ' ai c one iinJie,! Iii-enly w. " r r r-i K jM3 j( c 07((- hundred lix-enly-onc r V " ri tj p £ -■1 j- -4 , -T; , ,,-a,: " :s.„ ' rti i ' one hunJrrd lixnity-tiuo Baseball Letter Men. 1925 Pall Braxton ' , Clarenxe Slaughter, Paul Walker, Gordon Kirklanu. 1926 Baseball Outlook At the close of the basketball season Coach Corboy immediately sounded the call for his " diamond stars. " Fortv men answered this call and on March ist baseball practice was begun on Comer Field. Mr. Corboy is well pleased with the first showing of his material, though, of course, it is too earlv, as these lines go to press, to make any predictions, since the men have not yet had time to work off the initial soreness. Eight men from the varsity and reserves have returned for this year ' s practice. These include two pitchers, Fogleman, the veteran southpaw, and C. J. Crutchfield of the reserves. D ' ndley and Slaughter are infield men, and Walker, Kirkland, H. E. Crutchfield, and Paul Braxton are outfield meiL Braxton and Kirkland returned after a year ' s absence from school and were not in last year ' s lineup, but were on the team the former year. The greatest loss to the team from vacancies other than graduation is occasioned by the absence of Captain Gilliam, who did not return to college. This leaves the team without a captain, though, no doubt. Coach Corboy will soon appoint an acting captain until another election shall occur. There is an abundance of materia! among the new men, especially in the pitching department. Those who are showing up well for mound positions are Bryant, H. Shepherd, Cox, Andrews, J. B. Brown, Deaton, and Lemons. Three men are showing promises as catchers, D. Shepherd, Welker, and Baker. There is also keen competition among the new men for other infield positions as well as for outfield berths. We expect a winning team this season. Paffc one Iiundred livrnty-three phipsiclH n Ti p k r -ui Baseball Letter Men, 1925 H. E. CRLTciiFitLi), " Jimmie " Foglkman ' , C. J. Crutchfikld, William Linoley. Schedule for 1926 March 19 . . • I. S. Marines at Burlington March 30 N. C. State at Raleigh March 31 • . ■ nutic University at Durham April 3 . ■ ■ Wake Forest at Wake Forest April 6 Wake Forest at Elon April 7 . . . . Hampdcn-Sidney at H.-S. April 8 . . . . Lynchburg at Lynchburg April 9 ' . P. I. at Blacksburg April 10 V. P. . at Blacksburg April 13 Guilford at Elon April 15 N. C. State at Elon April 19 Lenoir-Rhyne at Elon April 21 ... . Carolina at Chapel Hill April 23 Fort Bragg at Elon April 24 Guilford at Guilford April 27 Lynchburg at Elon May 5 Davidson at Davidson May 6 . . . . Lenoir-Rhyne at Hickory Pa ,- otic liundnJ tivcnty-four Pa ir one hundred t ti:rnty- i ' Ve rr " tP .i r vi - Pf . i . i i i ■ . iii " ? i :n. i ' - ' T PHIPSICLIJ .,,|r ,. Tennis Squad G. E. Ring Fernando J. Bello W. E. Snow M. E. Beattie M. M. Johnson G. L. Holland Pai c one InindriJ liventy-six ULw-J PHIPSICLI ig- e Special Gymnasium Team Cl.KW W ' OMBI.E P. M. Smith J. F. Qlam.s T. R. RusTov E. A. .McPiiersov JuLiAx Smith Pagr on,- hundrcl lv;tnty-u ' vrn Inter-Class Basketball Ckampionskip Series Date January January January January January January January January January February February February February February February February February February February Team Seniors SCHEDULE AND RESULTS 1926 Team Score Team II Seniors 13 Juniors . . 13 Sophomores ... 10 Freshmen . 15 Seniors 15 Sophomores 19 Juniors 7 Freshmen , 20 Seniors 21 Sophomores 22 Seniors 9 Freshmen . 25 Juniors 13 Sophomores 27 Juniors 14 Freshmen . 29 Seniors 13 Juniors . . I Sophomores ... g Freshmen . 3 Seniors 12 Freshmen . 4 Juniors 2 Sophomores 5 Seniors 8 Freshmen . 8 Juniors 7 Sophomores 10 Seniors 8 Juniors . . 12 Sophomores ... 8 Freshmen . 15 Seniors 16 Sophomores 17 Juniors 13 Freshmen . 18 Seniors 17 Sophomores SUMMARY Ciuiirs I ' liiyed Games ICoii Juniors 9 3 Sophomores 10 3 Freshmen 9 8 132 93 97 148 Paffe one hundred tixenty-eiflht ■■■■ Page one liunJred thirty-one •UI Miv W r ,, ?. ; , ,.,y £ ,..„- ,... l Trti o«f liuiuircd lliirty-tiuo Pkilologian Roster AxnREvv, R. W. Crawford, R. S. Green " , J. M. AuMAN, E. W. Crvmes, G. p. Greev, B. L. HowLix, Vaughn- Crltchheld, H. E. Hook, R. M. BowLiK, Bruce Edge, W. H. Hook, P. G. Braxton, Paul Efird, H. T. Huey, T. V. Brown-, R. C. Farris, W. M. Hughes, H. L. BvRD, R. B. Foster, H. L. Johnson, M. M. CoGGiNs, Ralph Foglemak, A. B. Johnson, A. B. Colby, W. C. Fogleman, J. U. Johnson, L. F., Jr. Cox, Cecil Frazier, R. L. Johnson, J. L. CoRBiiT, T. S. GoRnoN, C. V. Kipka, C. W. Peei Kipka, E. E. Kirkland, Gordon- Lawrence, V. P., Jr Lindley, W. a. Long, D. B. McCauley, E. W. McNeill, Paul McPherson, J. V. Newman, Charles Newman, Dan Long Henkv Shepherd, H. S. Shepherd, D. V. Shepherd, M. M. Sims, R. E. Slaughter, Ci.arenck Smith, Perry Smith, Julian Spence, D. M. Stanley, M. G. Thompson, C. P. VlCKERS, E. W. Walker, Paul Walker, J. R. Walker, Allen Walker, Charles A., Jk. WOODIE, S. D. Wilson, W. A. Wicker, M. G. Wicker, Dan B. Paffc one liuitJrcd ifiirly-l iree ig ' 2,e - - ' M M ' M A , PHILOLOGIAN EXTERTAIXKRS Page one hundred thirty-jour iM.. f ' :i Annual Entertainment OF THE Pkilologian Literary Society November 2 ' i, 1925 PROGRAM ircUome Address D. li. Wicker A rlarriage of Convenience Comidy ill lour .i( ls hy .llrxandir Dumas Cast of Characters Le Comir dr Candalr L. F. JOHXSO.v, Jr. La Comlesse, his llifi- M. G. Stanley Le Chevalier de Valclos J. Paul McNeill Le General, Vncle to Comie P. C. Walker Marlon C. E. Newman Jasmin R. M. HoOK A Footman P. M. Smith A Suisse J. M. Green An Offirer P. G. Hook Scene: Boudoir in Paris Mansion of Le Comte. Piano Quartette Piano Quartelie Act I. Late afternoon. .Act IH. Next morning. Piann Quartette Piano Quartette Act II. Next evening. Act I ' . Next morning. EXTERT.MXMEXT COMMITTEE W. . . lA u ' ..y , Chairman R. M. Hook J. P. McNeill M. RSHALS Paul Bra.xton, Chief E. W. Vickers D. L. Newman A. B. Fogleman D. B. Long Quartette Mrs. Pauline Everette Mr. J. G. McAdams Miss Pauline L. Siioope I ' kot. C. James Velie Paije one liundred thirty-five r T " -I r n ' V Paffr nrir liiituhiJ l iirly-six i4 w- ., ' Jrl- -Ll!: ' !!?! f- ;Ar ' ' ■ :| .Lai24fe,f;k ■ Psykaleon Roster Alexander, Mabel Atkinson, Alberta AvscuE, Lucy Ballentine, Margaret J. Baldwin, Alice Black, Judith Cox, Edna Mae Coleman, Ann Crawford, Ruth Deaton, Sara Elder, Susie CJatewood, Wilson CJreen, Elizabeth Hartman, Bernice Jones, Adelia Kimball, Ruth Roberts, Charlotte Siout, Mary RouNTREE, Alma Siout, Wiley RuDD, ToRA Stout, Janette ScHOLTZ, Jessie Summers, Fleda Simpson, Annie Tate, Mary Simpson, Gladys Teacue, Ruth Smith, Alma Thomas, Maroaret Stanfield, IIallie I ' nderwood, Clara Walters, Mildred Watkins, Mary Herbert White, Marceil Whitelock, Florence Woods, Madge Wrenn, Emma Wright, Tfiyra ■ ' ates, Gladys Kimball, Rosebud Lamm, Dixie Lawrence, Lucille Midyette, Emily McCoLLUM, Elizabeth Nebleit, Margaret Newman, Hannah Price, Mary Paiir onr Iiundrrd t nrty-srvcn v Paije one liuiidnd lliirly-niiht Annual Entertainment OF THE Psykaleon Literary Society January 1 8, 1926 progra: i The whole Town s Talking .1 Fan, ' in Thrrr .Ids Bv John Emerso.v and Aniia Loos ilinmr Annie Simpson Cast of Characters riinry Simmons Ai.BERTA Atkinson Harriet Simmons Gladys Yates El irl Simmons Hannah Newman C uster Binney Judith Black Lrtly Lythe Mary Herbert Watkins Donald Swift Mary Price Roffer Shields Rosebud Kimball Lila Wilson Ruth Crawford Sally Otis Wiley Stout ■Innir Ruth Kimball Sadie Bloom Bernice Hartman Taxi-Driver SusiE Elder Alma Smith, Dramali Coatli Emu.i ' Midvktte, Sla ie Manamr Music Colonial Chorus I ' ncal Solo, Madce ' oods Marshals Adelia Jones, C iirf Elizabeth McCoi.lum Mary Stout Alice Baldwin Mildred Walters Alma Rountree Mabel Alexander Paffc one hundred lliirty-nirif r " ri fj p ftif c one iiiiuinJ jnrty PHIPSICLI Alexander, F. H. Ballard, F. D. Barxev, H. L. Bello, Fernando J. Brady, E. C. Brittle, R. F. Burgess, J. ' . Clio Roster Clark, H. A. COLCLOUCH, Geo. D. Davis, Romie Deatox, Ollie Dowdv, Syxkler Foster, J. L., Jr. Greene, A. X. gorrell, j. d. Griffin, V. C. Hancock, Romie Harrell, D. B. Harrell, D. L., Jr. FIolland, Gordon Jones, Darden V. Ki.mball, C. L. Lee, Hubert Lynch, J. L. McCloud, L. T. McLeod, W. L. McLeod, M. a., Jr. Parkerson, E. L. Rainev, F. C. Richardson, H. Ring, G. E. Rountree, H. B. RusTON, T. R. Sawyer, P. B. Se.xton, W. M. Thomas, Carlton Thomas, Clifton Turner, D. E., Jr. Underhill, G. n. White, G. C. Williams, Wesley Page one hundred forly-one CLIO ENTERTAINERS Piigr utif hiiiitlriii jorly-l-wo PHIPSICLI 1 4, 1 r r ,r 5!.. ' •• ' .- r ' r; r- K ' y r ' -rrr-T- . r-J " f i4Ui .fi-.f :?! ' - ' ■■.■ i. iQ ' 2,e .m i ( Annual Entertainment OF THE Clio Literary Society Fcliniary 22, 1926 PROGRAM Tke Dust of the Earth A IJrama in liiur .lets BV K.MHARINE K.WANALGH Jl ' fhome George D. Colclolch Cast of Characters David Moore G- C. White Susan Moore D. W. Jones Elizahelh W. C. Griffin- j,rry R- ' - Williams Rev. Dr. Trmplrlon W. L. McLeoo Miss .Arabella M. A. McLeod, Jr. Jo in Ryder T. R. Rustok iranderinn Tom J- D. Gorrell Old Morse F- C. Rainey Sell I The Ditsl of llie Earth) H- Richarbson ' Staoe Mana jrr. F. F . Ballard Property Manatjer. O. L. Harrell. Jr. Music Rhodes ' Orchestra Violin Solo. Miss Pauline Shoope Marsh. ls G. L. Holland, Chief L. T. McCloui) D. E. Turner, Jr. C. L. Kimball G. E. Ring Pai e one hundred forty-three T T r h T " " f P 11, b1 X, ' ig) ' 2, B 7 Pa c one niiuliicl forly-fniir PHIPSICLl5 " .k II J) I f Psipnelian Rostei Alcon ' , Suemoll Bin gham, Lyde Brookshire, Esther Calhoun ' , Lois Cowing, Ola King Dozier, Mildred Dunn, Nannie Sue Klapp, Ruth Lawrence, Lizzie LiNDSAV, Arline Maness, Della Matlock, Foy Matlock, Norma Michael, Mabel Mulholland, Lucille Gatewood, Elizabeth Graham, Nannie Grissom, Margaret HORNE, LiLLlE HoRNE, Ruth HoRNADAY, Christine HoRNADAY, Annie June Harrelson, Edna Hodges, Beulah Hurley, Patty Ingram, Sallie Kate Johnson, Beulah Johnston, Minnie Kelly, Estelle McAdams, Allene McCargo, Lucy Nobles, Marie Oakley, Elizabeth Paschall, Kathleen Paschall, Rosa Patton, Gwendolyn Pow ' ell, Caroline Rowland, Graham Rowland, Birdie Smith, Myrtle Strader, Tom Sterrett, Frances Tarpley ' , Bessie Walker, Lillian Woodson, Julia White, Maky Addie Par r nnr InuulrcJ jnrty-fii ' e ' 11 ■fc — " ' - I g ' 2, e 7 PSIPH ELIAN EXTERTAIXERS Pai e nnr Innulrrd jorty-s ' tx ' i Annual Entertainment OF -| HH Psipnelian Literary Society April 3, 1926 PROGRAM Ola King Cowing The Neia Poor .1 Farti: in Tlircr Acts Bv Cosmo Hamilton- Cast OF Characters Grand Duke Rum Klapp Count I ' van Lillian Walker Prince Vladimis Birdie Rowland Princess Irina Lii.lie Horne Amos Ifellby Marie Nobles Miller C. Gullrridi e EsTELLE Kellv Mrs. Ifellby LvDE Bingham Alice Ifellby Julia Woodson Constance Ifellby Tom Strader Betty Ifellby Esther Brookshire Mary Maudsley Marv Addie White Kirk O ' Farrell Arline Lindsay Dramatic C.narli, Frances Sterrett Stai e Manui rr. (JwENDOLVN Paiton Ml SIC fiolin Solo. Miss Pailine Shoope On an and Piano Duct. Professor and Mrs. C. James ' ei.ie Marshals For Matlock, Chief Sallie Kate Ingram Rl hi Horne Mabel Michael Beli.ah Hodges Graham Rowland Page one hundred forty-seven PHIPSICLI ' ig) ' 2 e -7= Philologian Commencement Orators R. IVI. Hook Subject: " The Challenge. " D. M. Spen-ce Subject: " Opportunity. " Ptii r one huinircd foily-e ' ujlit PHIPSICLI ' - ■S . Psykaleon Commencement Essayists Ji DiTH Black Subject: " Dreams. " Alice Baldwin ' Subject: " Glimpses of I- ' aii viand. " Pa je one InindrcJ forly-nine C II ' - -Ji— I ' . i . l.r. i t . .ii . | raV ■ Clio Commencement Orators J. D. GORRELL Suhiect: " Mother. " Howard Richardson Siihjftl: " Armageddon ' s Hero. " Page one Inindrrd fifty tip- " !] Psiphehan Commencement Essayists Kathleen Paschai.l Su )ji ' it: " The Silver Coril. " Marie Nobles Subject: " The Flapping AViiigs. " Paijr imf hundrrd fifly-nne M.ARoox AND Gold Sponsor PHIPSICLI f iilaioon aiiii (Soli) Maroon and Gold Weekly Publicatii)ii hy the Stiuleiits of F.lnii College Editorial Staff Howard Richardson, Editor A. B. Johnson Manatjimj Editor A. B. Foci.F.MAN . . . Advertisintj Managir D. W. Jones . .Issistanl .-Idverlisinij Manatjer S. D. WooDiK, .Issistant Circulatin t Manaijer Wll.nv SrOL ' l, .Issislnnl Cirnitalinn Man it cr J. D. GoRREi.i Businrss Manaijir C. E. Newman . . .Isst. Businrss Manaijrr E. W. AuMAN .... Circulation Manat er Pali. Braxton . Asst. Circulation Manager Salme Kate Incram . .hst. Circulation Mt r. Pac r one liundrcd fifty-t iree iQ ' e 7 Query Freshman-SopKomore Debate April i, 1926 Resolved, That the Work of Every College and Universit ' Should Be Organized on the Quarter Rather Than on the Semester Basis. FRESHMEN Affirmnt ' we Janette Stout Braxton Rountree W. M. Farris SOPHOMORES Negative Thyra Wright Paul McNeill Julia Woodson Lucille Mulhollaxd A. N. Greene Page one Inindrcil fifly-jnur PHIPSICLLfT ;.; }f n.fh f lCi-2 6 - Freshman Intercollegiate Debate ELON vs. MILLIGAN Query: Rcso1vl-(1, That There Should Re a Feiieral Department of Education W ' itli a Secretary in the President ' s Cabinet. ELON Affirmative (at Elon) Alma Rountree Lucy McCargo ELON Negative (at Milligan) Sara G. Deaton Lucille Mulholland Page one hundred fifty-five PHIPSICLI € Intercollegiate Debate ELOX vs. MILLIGAN Query: Resolved, That the Federal Goveninicnt Should Control and Operate the Coal Mines. Affirmative (Elon) Speakers George D. Colclough R. M. Hook Page one Iiundred fifty-six M i " PHI PS I c Lij ; s , insa4Sia ' ,«s ' --- vv; ;---■- ,.,jr .jr ;-- - , v , ..,; »i.ii " --g J DiraQgnu n iras Pai r one liundrrd fijly-seven Ministerial Association Officers J. U. FocLEMAN I ' ri-sidcnl F. D. Ballaki) J ' icc-Prrs ' ulcint E. Cari. ]5kai v Secretary R. E. Hriitle Treasurer Members Frank Alexanker h. E. Crutchfield V. L. McLeoi) F. D. Ballard Svkkler Dowdy W. E. Pennington E. Carl Bradv R. L. Frazier David Shepherd R. E. Brittle J. U. Focleman- D. M. Spence R. S. Crawford F. L. Gibbs O. D. Underhill Lewis Holt T. R. Jarrett H. R. Lee Silas E. Madren Page one Iiuiuired fifly-e ' ujlit kw ' Y- IQ ' 2. B - • Religious Activities Organization Cabinet F. L. GiEBS, i ' rcsidenl H. L. Foster Marv Stout Vice-President Seerctary Ai.MA Smith I.ii.ijk IIornf. President of Y. It ' . C. .1. President of Chrislian liudeavor J. r. FOGLEMAS- Ol.A KiNC COVVING President of Ministerial Ass ' n Treasurer W. I.. McI.EOi) (;. C. WlllTK President of Y. M. C. .1. SuferintendenI of Sunday Selinol Faculty Advisers Dr. W. S. Alexander Professor T. E. White Miss IIelev Stearns Professor S. A. Hennett Page one hundred fifty-nine PHIPSICLI .,« - - Young Women ' s Christian Association Cabinet Alma Smith Prrsidrnl Judith Black Vicc-Prrsidnil Mary Price Secretary Ruth Kimball Treasurer Ruth Horne, Vnderijrnduate Represenlalive Rosebud Kimball .Social Frances Sterrett Publicity Ola King Cowing Social Service Estelle Kelly Recreation Margaret Joe Ballentine . . . Reporter Committee Chairmen Mary Addie White ReVujious Lucy McCarco Publicity Emily ' Midyette Membership (jLadys Yates Finance Kathleen Paschall . . World Fellowship Mary Stout Pianist Madge Woods Chorister Page one hundred sixty m -- . PHIPSICLI i IWt ■ (A! r 6Uj , ' ' I J I ' ll . T L tiJ " l • ,jSrl .S . Young Men s Christian Association Cabinet W. L. McLeod Presuinil R. M. Hook P. B. Sawyer I ' ice-l ' rislAint Secretary Page one lutiilrrd sixly-one Christian Endeavor Cabinet LiLLIE HORNE D. L. Harrell, Jr. President J. L. Lynch Treasurer Vice-President UTH Crawford Marie Nobles Secretary Pianist Page one Iiundred sixty-tnuo PHIPSICLI.rT iMlEi ' 1- ' - i - t Life Recruit Band First Row: Lucv AvscuE, Ai.ma Roumree, Helen " Siearns, Lillie Horne, Julia Woodson Second Row. Or. W. A. Harper, Margaret Nebleit, Graham Rowland, Susie Elder, Fleda Summers. Third Row. Kathleen Paschall, Gladys Yates, Jewel Truiit, Lois Calhoun. I ' a je one hundred sixty-three PHiPsicLiT7::i, ' l]iii;Li ' ■niKcUGH THE OPEN DOOR I ' lif e nnc Jiundied sixly-four M.v «. i ws i ' j aiSisir r , . Ki-n rj p ig-s e 7 c5rLfDOTG0V£ Mt r . Page one hundred sixty-five V. A. LiNDl.hV . . . D. L. Harrell, Jr. . , F. D. Ballard C. P. Thompson Piis ' utiiit II. E. Crutch FIELD .... rin-l ' irsidinl Secrrlary E. P. McI.eod Treasurer A. B. FoGLEMAN 11. Richardson M. f. Shepherd C. H. Slaughter Page one hundred sixly-six «IPSICLIJ .,,. - r - i :- r? ' .TT iQ ' S e- AsME Simpson- President WiLEV Stout V ' lcc-Pris ' uiint Lii.i.ik Hornk Srrrflary Fl,EnA Summers Mary Price Triasurvr Mabv Addie White Alice Baldwin- I ' Loi.iixcE Whitelock Mabel Michael Page one hundred sixly-seven Pan-Hellenic Council Adelia Jones Delta Upsilon Kappa Lyde Bingham Pi Kappa Tau M. G. Stanley Iota Tau Kappa T. V. HuEV Alp ia Fi Delia Mary Stout Beta Omlcron Beta Judith Black Tait Zeta Phi D. L. Harrell, Jr. Sigma Phi Beta G. C. White Kappa Psi Nil Page one liunJred sixty-eight AviSti An, Patff onr hunJrrd sixty-nine Kappa Psi Nu E. W. AUMAN F. D. Ballard George D. Colclough W. M. Farris J. D. Gorrell C. W. Gordon Fratres in Collegio R. H. GuNN L. F. Johnson, Jr. W. P. Lawrence, Jr. W. A. Lindlev J. L. Lynch J. P. McNeill C. E. Newman, Jr. H. Richardson J. B. Utley J. A. Walker J. R. Walker G. C. White M. G. Wicker C. M. Cannon S. H. Abell H. C. Amick J. T. Banks J. D. Barber A. L. Brinkley R. D. Clements A. L. Combs D. H. Dofflemeyer J. N. Denton J. H. Dollar L. B. EZELL B. W. EVERETTE J. M. Farmer J. W. Fix J. L. Floyd W. M. Garrison Fratres IN ' Facultate L. M. Cannon- Fratres ex Collegio T. E. Hanner I. O. Hauser F. H. Hunter c. W Hook L. L Ingle (dec.) 0. C. Johnson W . B Lambeth P. E. LiNDLEY H. M Lynch S. M. Lynam w . E Moon K. R. MacCalman R. F. Morton T. M. McAdams T. E. McCauley G C Mann J. B. Newman M. W. Hook M L. Patrick M Z. Rhodes E. H. Rainev R. S. Rainey P. D. RUDD H. L. Scott W T. Scott H. G. Self L. R. Sides W B. Terrell R. W. Utley L. V. Watson T. E. Watts C. L. Walker E. C. White M J. W. White, JR j n Pa e one hundred seventy s f-f. |?Ju Jl . PHIPSICLI iJ feF ' M j ' Ijl- ' 1. , ' ' , ' 1 %iU ' Jgg i--„ i iii.ji ' iiij ! KAPPA PSI NC ' «; ' on - liuihlrrd srvnily-nne Tau Zeta Phi sorores ix collegio Judith Black Nannie Graham Ola King Cowing Sara Deatov Lucv Dick Annie June Hornaday Elizabeth McCollum Margaret Neblett Caroline Powell Hallie Stanfield Margaret Thomas Madge Woods Gladys Yates SoRORES EX CoLLEGIO Nannie Aldridge Lucy Austin Mrs. Lane Atkinson Marjorie Burton Lucille Cardwell Ann Coleman Bessie Martin Nell Orr Ruby Rowland Myrtle Vickers Mabel Wright Mrs. J. H. Dollar Fannie Glenn Elder Annie Lee Floyd Mrs. M. W. Hook Ruth Lyerly Mamie Moore Vaije one liundrcd sevenly-lirr) i»ifm Wm fT 19 ? e ' •- . ' -Ai. ,: -■.- ¥ TAU ZrT. I ' ll! I ' ll ,- on,- hunJrid si-vcnly-lln PHIPSICLI f C3 Sigma Ptii Beta pRATRES IN COLLEGIO R. W. Andrew H. S. Alexander Paul Braxton A. N. Greene W. C. Griffin D. L. Harrell, Jr P. B. Brawleyi R. C. Browne H. A. Clark : T. S. CORBITT J. L. Foster, Jr. A. B. Fogleman C. L. Kimball D. B. Long L. T. McCloud F. W. Alexander J. O. Atkinson, Jr. D. L. Beouchek A. I. Braxton L. J. Bray v A. Browne G. A. Brown - W. S. Caruvvell Roy Cather - J. E. Corbitt ■ L. E. Fesmire C. P. Flynn - F. K. Garvey J. B. Gay M. L. Gray W. F. CJREENWOOD W. F. Godwin O. B. Gorman H. Braxton Rountree D. E. Turner, Jr. R. P. Watson D. B. Wicker Fratres ex Collegio O. H. Henderson T. G. Henderson W. D. Henderson C. Humphries C. R. Hutchinson B. B. Johnson E. S. Johnson H. W. Johnson W. E. Marleite D. D. Martin C. P. McNally David Miller C. M. Miller S. R. MOFFIIT R. V. Morris v N. G. Newman, Jr. T. B. Parks L. J. Perry V E. G. PURCELL J. F. Paper G. R. Reavis C. R. Reed v O. T. Robertson E. E. Sechriest J. J. Simele J. W. Simpson J. E. Smith ' - B. B. Snipes W. G. Stoner R. V. Surratt W. R. Thomas H. L. Trotman, Jr. G. D. Underwood v J. F. V ' oliver H. E. White T. C. Whitesell V. B. Wicker . m Page ntir liuiiilred srvrnly-four ig e i rill i;! I Page one hundred seventy-five PHIPSICLI .-.IT r-, . . - - % IQ, ' 2. 3 - ■ m- . 3 D elta u psilon Kappa Alberta Atki.vso.v Julia Clem Berxice Hartman Adella Joves Rosebud Klmball sorores ix collegio Ruth Klmball Hannah Newman- Gwendolyn Patton tjRAHAM Rowland Birdie Rowland " Tom " Strader " Doll " Underwood Mary Herbert Watkins Florence Whitelock Belle Wicker SoRORES IX FaCULTATE LiLA Newman Pauline Shoope Deloris Morrow Minnie Atkinson Ruby Atkinson Olyn Barrett Louise Cook Margaret Corbitt Freda Dimmick Mrs. Jack Edwards Mrs. Robert Etheredge Olia Wise Everett Esther Farmer Mary Lee Foster Janice Fulcham Mrs. Paul Futon Sorores ex Collegio Irene Goff Jennie Gunter Lois Hartman Lillian Harrell Mary Nelle Holland Clarence Lincoln Mrs. p. C. Middleton Madge Moffitt Emma Morgan Mrs. J. D. Morton Eunice Morrow Gladys Peace Anna Phillips Mrs. Smith Robertson Hazel Rosemond Mrs. H. Clay Ross Margaret Rowland Mrs. p. D. Rudd Dorothy Shortridge Mrs. Lonnie Sides Kate Strader Pearl Teter Essie Mae Truitt Clara Tuck Nettie Tuck Eva Underwood Mrs. G. D. Underwood Louise Watkins Ida Wilkins Mrs. Lvnum Wilkins Mary Lee Williams Paffe one hundred seventy-six »J 3». m . y - " PHIPSICLI if-I.TA Ll ' SII.OX KAI ' I ' A Page Iko liundnJ scvtnly-scvfn Iota Tau Kappa Robert Bvrd Garnett Bock Ralph Coggins HoYLE T. Efird Fratres in Collegio Lawrence Hiatt Arnold L. Holt Darden V. Jones Dace W. E. W. McCallev Dan Long Newman E. L. Parkerson Neal Raub C. W. KiPKA George Kelly Gordon A. Kirkland Jones E. P. McLeod M. G. Stanley C. H. Slaughter R. E. Sims Paul Walker Fratres ex Collegio F. J. Allston W. J. Apple J. R. Barber Conrad Donnell W. C. Elder J. M. Fix A. F. Fowler E. H. Gilliam R. L. Hill J. C. Latham Johnnie Lankford G. L. Miller J. P. Rogers E. E. Snotherly A. J. Strum C. E. Sides J. W. Vanhook W. W. Woody C. L. Williams Patjr Inindrrd srvriily-rifl il MF:- 3 B 7- lUTA TAL KAl ' l ' A Par r nnr liundrrd srvnily-riinc B eta o micron BeU SoRORES IX COLLEGIO Margaret J. Hallentine Dorothy Belvin Mary Brannock Ruth Crawford Helex Rhodes Annie Simpson Gladys Simpso Callie Spruill Wilson Gatewood Elsie Jones Estelle Kelly Marion Nalle (Gladys Spruill Frances Sterrett Edna Stout lAXEiTE Stout Mary Stout Wiley Stout Ruth Walker Sue Ella Watts Mary Addie White SoRORES EX CoLLEGIO Victoria Adams Helen Battley Mrs. M. a. Biggs Effie Bowden Mrs. C. M. Cannon Mrs. L. M. Cannon Pattie Coghill Essie Cotten Della Cotten Mrs. R. C. Ernst Mrs. H. S. Hardcastle Maude Kendrick Mary G. Lawrence Mrs. T. E. Powell Pearl Reynolds Eunice Rich Novie Smith Margaret Terry Mary Hall Stryker Frances Turner Mrs. N. T. Tuttle Kate Wheeler Marguerite Youmans Honorary Members Prof. E. M. Betts Miss Florence Fisher Miss Ethel Hill Pnffr one uthhrJ cii lity HMA OMICROX K1-.I. Page one liuiulred eighty-one HIPSICLI Alpka Pki Delta FrATRES in COLLEGIU Frank Alexander James B. Brown H. E. Crutchfield RoMiE Davis J. M. Green B. L. Green F. L. GiBBS P. G. Hook T. V. HUEY M. M. Johnson W. L. McLeod E. M. Qualls J. F. Qualls Fratres ex Collegio DuRant York Brannock Paijc one hundred eujIity-tiKO , .w--J , — ' r,-M . sidM? i. l3X T -- PHIPSICLIJ- ;;|X ■-!,;- - 1.9 a e - ALl ' HA I ' l Dl-I.TA Par e one hundred eirjiity-tliree 1 4.w PHIPSICLI i Pi K appa au SuRORES IX CuLLEGlO LVDE BlVCHAM Esther Brookshire Annie Carter Mary Price Sarah Price Annie Troxler Mildred Dozier Nannie Sue Dunn Sallie Kate Ingram Lizzie Lawre.nce Mabel Michael Lucy McCargo Lillian Walker Julia Woodson Thy ' ra Wright SoRORES EX CoLLEGIO Nannie Lou Aldriuge Clarice Carpenter Mrs. Claude Cheek Hazel Auman Mabel Cheek Louise Homewood Jewel Hughes Sallie Mae Oliver Hazel Knott Tora Rudd Annie Mae Lackey Lena Russell Thelvia Taylor Elsie Teague Ruth Von Cannon Alice Weber Julia Yarborough Pa ;e one Inindred eifflily-four PHIPSICL fefSSi :%T i G ' 1- I p - M :,. ,4S M ' .1 fe., .X PI KAPPA TAU Parji ' mil- liundn-d ri(ilily-five PHIPSICLI J s, ig) ' 2, B - - Virginia Club Cluh Flo ' u.rr: " iT in : Creeper Cliih Sniuj: " Carry Me Back to Ole Virginia. " Officers Jui.iA Clem Prntdnil Gladys Vates ricf-l ' rrsiJcnt Bellaii HoncES Seiritary-Trriuuicr Members Hubert I ee H. Richardson P. G. Hook G. C. White Hannah Newman D. W. Jones F. D. Ballard Adelia Jones J. L. Lynch Braxton Rountree Alma Rountree D. B. Harrell D. L. Harrell, Jr. Sallie Kate Ingram J. D. Gorrell G. E. Ring Judith Sinclair Biack M. A. Cox Julia Clem W. C. Griffin H. A. Clark Marceil White Mary H. Watkins G. L. Holland Emma Wrenn L. T. McCloud R. M. Hook Nannie Sue Dunn Emily Midyette CjLadys Yates F. C. Rainey Beulah Hodges R. E. Brittle P. B. Sawyer Piu r nne liuinliiil ii i y-slx . . . i ■ r.i-- . ' ' g . Pa c o«f hundred eighty-seven PHIPSICLLf aTF! Paijc one hundred dtilily-citjht p™5SS ,ph ---. Zl- J 1 I g 2. B - • CLOfI PL 1YMflKeRS I ' tir r one liunilrrA ninrly-one COMPLIMENTS OF J. S. WHITE DRUG CO. Elon s Complete Drug Store ELON COLLEGE. NORTH CAROLINA JOHNSON-FORBIS- SIMMONS CO. Furniture and House Furnishings Green and Gaston Streets Greensboro. N. C. We furnish your home with best qual- ity, best prices, easiest terms, or biggest discounts for cash. Try us and be convinced. CHAMPION GROCERY COMPANY Main Street Phone No. 7(53 UURLNGTON, N. C. " If the room gets too warm, open the win- dow and see the fire escape. " " If you are fond of athletics, and like good jumping, lift the mattress and see the bed spring. " " If the lights go out, take a feather out of the pillow; that is light enough for anyone. " " Don ' t worry about paying your board ; the college is supported by its foundation. " " Those desiring especially fine board may apply to the janitor for sawdust. " " If you want your meals brought to your room, ring a towel. " " If you get hungry during the night, take a roll in bed and smear it with the jam of the door. " " If you want to write to your girl, just take a sheet off the bed. " Dress Well And Succeed Apparel proclaims the man! To be finished in the fine arts is essential to success. To proclaim your fitness, the fashions in the Collegiate Corner, at the Vanstory Store, are designed for that duty. VANSTORY Clothing Company Jeff. Stan. Bldg. Greensboro, N. C. It is dangcriiiis to drive with one h.Tiul. More than one fellow has run into a church doing it. " What is the hardest thing about skating when you are learning? " asked Ola King. " The sidewalk, " answered Madge. MOTHERS ONLY COMPETITOR THE COFFEE SHOP your patronage appreciated Burlington, N. C. Standard Grocery Company Incorporated WHOLESALE GROCERS and Manufacturers ' Agents Burlington, N. C. W. V. HUFFINES W BrO. We Arc Always Glad to Sec You Why Pay More. When You Can Riiy Star Hrand Shues for Less Money? Elon College. N. C. Morris Company 11 1 South Davie St. Greensboro. N. C. Supreme Food Products ELON STUDENTS When in Greensboro Make Your Headquarters at ELM CAFE All American Home Cooking Quick Service OPPOSITE POST OFFICE FULLY EQUIPPED FOR ENGRAVING Visiting Cards Wedding Invitations Letterheads School Invitations, Etc. CAROLINA ENGRAVING COMPANY " There ' s No Substitute for Quality " 214 North Elm Street Greensboro. N. C. SOX AND STOCKINGS MAY ' S HOSIERY MILLS Incorporated Burlington. N. C. Morrison-Necse Furniture Company GREENSBORO. N. C. " The Kind of Furniture That Make; House a Home " Elon Students ' Rendezvous MID CITY CAFE Burlington. N. C. ALAMANCE HOTEL Burlington, N. C. FIREPROOF BUILDING Carolina Theater FOR MOVIES NATIONAL FOR VAUDEVILLE BURLINGTON. N. C. H. D. LAMBETH GENERAL MERCHANDISE ELON COLLEGE. N. C. PHIPSICLI ' ii .i J p a- -. «■ ' ' ' ' ' l % " ii- p X - " ■ i ' " " - r ■ ' V r---U.J.:- - - -.: College Organizations l hy West. yuiii ' tfme " 1 u (|ymud mii ? ToK? piaiio and be n he man. ■ fill mtnivTioK- I ' jLKenneyla V« aA DIPARTMINT STORBt This Store is a Member of a National Institution of 676 Stores BURLINGTON. N. C. KIRK-HOLT HARDWARE COMPANY The Oldest and Largest Hard- ware House in Alamance County Sells Quality Hardware Quality and Quanti ' i) Phone No. 2 Burlington, N. C. FOR CONFECTIONERIES and COLLEGE SUPPLIES 5ee the COLLEGE STORE BILL DING ( Himself 1 Bill Ding Sez: " When you want an education, you don ' t go to a livery stable, you go to a high grade college. " Moral: When you want millwork. go to Home Builders Supply Co. They are experts in the manufacture of high grade millwork. All millwork used on the construction of " Greater Elon " was made in our plant in Burlington — inspect it. HOME BUILDERS SUPPLY CO. BURLINGTON. N. C. T. K. CAUSEY Wholesale Dealer in All Kinds of Native Meats Telephone lO-lT 211 S. Davie GREENSBORO, N. C. CITY DRUG COMPANY ON THE CORNER BURLINGTON. N. C. OUR SLOGAN , Better Goods for Less Money More Goods for Same Money J. D. « L. B. Whitted Company Burlington, N. C. We Make Photographs That Please An.l Frames That Make Your Picture Look Better THE FLYNT STUDIO GREENSBORO. N. C. Taxi Service — 7-Passenger Hudson and Cadillac CLINTON LEA Prompt Service Phoni BURLINGTON, N. C. Burlington Dry Cleaning Company Dyeing, Cleaning, Press-ng and Alter NEAR PAS.SENGER STATION BURLINGTON. N. C. " Let ' s go to the library. " " Sorry! I gotta study. " Co-Ed: " John ' s moustache makes me laugh. " Second Ditto: " Vcs, it tickles me, too. " PHIP8ICLI ELON COLLEGE BUILDINGS LADIES ' HALL Co-operative Boarding Department for Young Ladies POWER HOUSE Central Heating and Lighting Station ALUMNI BUILDING Gymnasium and Dormitory for Young Men WEST DORMITORY Contains 54 Dormitory Rooms for Young Lady Students and Teachers EAST DORMITORY Dormitory Capacity for Seventy Men CARLTON LIBRARY 200.000-Volume Capacity Library, with Seminar Rooms and Professors ' Studies DUKE SCIENCE HALL Equipped With Standard Laboratories for All the Sciences ALAMANCE BUILDING 30 Class Rooms and Special Departments. Seven Offices. Given bv the Citizens of Alamance County WHITLEY AUDITORIUM Seating Capacity of 1.000 in Auditorium, with 28 Music Studies and Practice Rooms CHRISTIAN EDUCATION BUILDING Cares for All Student Activities. Both Religious and Social. Labor- atory for the Department of Christian Education. No Other Building of Like Character on any College Campus in the World Write C. M. CANNON. Elon College. N. C. FOR PARTICULARS PHIPSICLI. IrL s a ' - r- ,nr t ' -ff ' fcrr ri ' ..|i " ' ' i.tr They Qrow and Yield The Home Bakery Bread, Cakes, Pies, Pastry Phone 950 Front Strett Burlington, N. C. MaUTBoxP This better book of Wood ' s, about seeds and crops, that has helped thousands of farmers to belter their yields. John Wade Bondurant. of the famuns Lanier Farms. Kays: " I do not know of ther that Kives so much valuable and ily accessible information as you fWe in your splendid catalog. " Free Flower Seed Collections Page 4 of catalog tells how you may have them. Write now for catalog, and you will find it in your box in a few days. T.WWOOD SONS Seedsmen Since 1878 55 S. Uth St. Richmond, Va. Prof. Cotten : " What student v.is so rude as to laugh out loud. ' " Freshman: " I laughed up my sleeve, but there ' s a hole in the elbow. " « Mrs. Kirkland speaking: Most everyone shows respect to old age when it comes to an egg. Gunn ' s thoughts seem to be centered on one great object. C. M. MANN AND CO, WHOLESALE CANDIES, PEANUTS, CONFECTIONERIES Home Office: BURLINGTON. N. C. PHONE 3 94 Branch Office: DUNN, N. C. PHIPSICLI ■,L W. K. Holt. President JESSIE S. CooK, Secretary S. C. HUFFINE. Treasurer Alamance Insurance Real Estate Co. Incorporated 190 6 INSURANCE. LOANS. REAL ESTATE Capital and Surplus, $450,000.00 W. E. SHARPE. Manager BURLINGTON. N. C. " Listen to the elei ' tricit in my hair. " " Well, you ought to have a plenty. It ' s at- tached to a dry cell. " " Vou Seniors can ' t complain that the pictures in this annual make you look like monkeys. You ought to have thought about that before you had them taken. " Dr. l rainiock: " Charles, was Al in class to- day? " Charles (puzzled at strange name) : " Al who ? " Lynch (in with the Prof, on joke): " .Alco- hol, of course. Kerosene him ami he ain ' t ben- zine siiH ' e. " MEMORY BOOKS What memories arc sweeter than those of school days. ' Keep a record, that the joy may live long .nfter the days are past. We have many beau- tiful designs at very attractive prices. Let Us Serve You WILLS BOOK AND STATIONERY CO. GREENSBORO, N. C. Show people you are a li won ' t step on you. ire and the Don ' t brood over your troubles, they arc liable to hatch. " What you arc speaks so loud that I cannot hear what vou sav. " — Emerson. A. D. PATE « CO. BOOK AND COMMERCIAL PRINTERS Telephone 1 1 6 Burlington. N. C. REAL GOOD SPORTING GOODS When it ' s Sporting Goods — real good Sporting Goods — come to this Store BUY AT ODELL S WHERE QUALITY TELLS GREENSBORO. N. C. " The Carolinas ' Greatest Hardware House " Superior Service at Your Command REAL ESTATE INSURANCE BUILDING MATERIAL Consult Us for Anything in These Lines Standard Realty Security Co. D. R. FONVILLE C. C. FONVILI E Managers Burlington, N. C. STUDENTS TEA SHOP We serve Sandwiches that arc as good as the best and better | than the rest. Elon College, N. C. m ro ' i slim ty (f-( ucur)u. tlnfi of- PHIPSICLIJ WALTER F. WINN President FLOYD TRAYNHAM Vice President G. BLASINGAME, Secretary -Treasurer R. BRUBACKER. Manager COLLEGE ANNUAL DEPARTMENT WINN ' S ATLANTA Portraits Panoramas Weddings Banquets Action Photos Home Portraits Moving Pictures Commercial Photos The Individual Photo- graphs and View Section in this issue of the " Phi- psidi " we submit as our products. We solicit the Annual photograph work of Colleges in the South- ern States and arc prepared to make prompt delivery. no matter how large the contract. Address All Communications to WINN ' S, Incorporated 38 K2 WHITEHALL STREET ATLANTA. GEORGIA 3 %M I I ' T 1 O - THIS BOOK PRINTED BY BENSON " ;;7ii;(;;; X •r 4 LARGEST COLLEGE ANNUAL PUBLISHERS IN THE WORLD HIGHEST QUALITY WORKMANSHIP SUPERIOR EXTENSIVE SERVICE COLLEGE ANNUAL HEADQUARTERS DEVIINUTIAE ASSOCIATION Purpose: Mutual protection. MEMBKKS Motto: " Let No One Call Us Runt. " Tiny Richardson Tiny Kelly Flower: Budding giant. Little Kelly Master Howard Color: Transparent. Little Richardson Master George Esprit de Corp: Petit y sonorus. PKOSPECTS OFFICIALS Ti,„,„o . 1, i L T u ., riionias Amick Tome Hughes George Runt Kelly President Maggie Woods Little Louise H. Puny Richardson Vice-President Tubbv Cox .Sonorus P Brannoclc George PeeWee Kellv Secretary H. Runt Richardson Treasurer SPONSOR M4SrOTS Ktout Underwood -ii.i»tui» (Editor ' s note: With apologies to the club Goslings and Lambkins section.) THK 1926 PHIPSICLI FROM AN ECONOMICAL STANDPOINT COMPILATION OF EXPENSE ITEMS HY DAN B. WICKEK, I$usine! s Manager G. C. WHITE, Kilitor Audited b.v HAL, tlie Janitor Benson Printing Company .... j gg Capitol Engraving Company !.. ' !!..!!!. ' !!!!!!!!!!.! " ! 137 Winn ' s, Incorporated, photography 218 Art Work ::.::.;::;::::::::::::::: 5:47 Drinking — water for staff 375 qq Taxicabs for staff to and from Post Othce (wheelbarrow special) 25o!oo Candy for staff ' s inspiration 10000 Hair tonic for Editor ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . 15083 Box seats at all plays in the radius of CO miles (including only Editor ' s and Business Man- ager ' s expenses at these entertainments) 425.00 Correspondence ' 17 Rent of U-Drlve-It Ford (Editor ' s Joy rides) ................ ' !.. ' !!! ' !! 5o!oo Repairs on U-Drive-It Ford (accidental expenses) looioo Telling it to the judge by Business Manager . ' ., ' . ' , ' , ' . ' . 75!oo Cost of Editor ' s expense during trial of Business Manager ] ' ' lio ' oo Saying it with flowers ' ,,[ is ig Cosmetics for associate editors, et cetera 12.03 Renewal of friendships by staff (apologies in print) ' " 9800 Use of staff ' s mind (less discount of $l(i9.67) . ' . 33o!33 Total J2. 101.52 Total income from all sources $2,222.22 Balance to be used for educational tour of Alamance County by the " 1927 Phipsicli " Editor and Business Manager. BY THE HAY Ln annual ' s a great inventio The school gets all the far ■he printer gets all the moi And the staff gets all of t And when it rains, it rains alike Upon the just and the unjust fellah. But more upon the just, because The unjust steals the just ' s umbrella. Patronize our advertisers in their respective places, hut say wliat you have to say to us in tlio space below : . gain. | re?-s Us in an.v wa.y aided lours for k LAST WORD ' lusion, tlte staff nishes to ex- appreriation to those who have in the production of this hook. success and happiness. The Editor. PHIPSICLI vM !Sri . ' «r.P m-. M i ' Z ' • ' — AutograpKs PHIPSICL1 1 1 9 ' e •nr- ,- .... . y - ; .. , i -?- i . .. . II . ' ■iff. , , I -I. . ... .tS -tJ 5HfT YO ' fYK — %slook Page tivo Inuuirrd six M A f ' CV, !A k ). ' V . ' I i «► . ' ' Ti. ?. M ' . '

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Elon University - Phi Psi Cli Yearbook (Elon, NC) online yearbook collection, 1923 Edition, Page 1


Elon University - Phi Psi Cli Yearbook (Elon, NC) online yearbook collection, 1924 Edition, Page 1


Elon University - Phi Psi Cli Yearbook (Elon, NC) online yearbook collection, 1925 Edition, Page 1


Elon University - Phi Psi Cli Yearbook (Elon, NC) online yearbook collection, 1927 Edition, Page 1


Elon University - Phi Psi Cli Yearbook (Elon, NC) online yearbook collection, 1928 Edition, Page 1


Elon University - Phi Psi Cli Yearbook (Elon, NC) online yearbook collection, 1929 Edition, Page 1


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