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 - Class of 1962

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f 7, ' , pf N 1 C N. 5 15532 4 5, 5 A L .-517 ,., f QKY'YE' Af .1 ?N. , ,nr ff :- ,?' "' ff X, is 5-32 F5 ,N- is X if -:Q fer: 2 ,L if E1 +2 La JE' ff gg 1 ! , A s i . gm. 4--9 , V: H1 2:1 +v3r I 1 "' "' "1 41' 'A i?Q'?'2'q.', ' ,f's u 5'a sv A U Lg' fl ,,'1" , -5, -, "' ' '4 " - 1- li. ,li - V' F! 35,11 fi r .,-1,1 . - , 1 ,Q 1,x-vxxx 1' Y 1' .YL-1 ' " ' "' 'rgzglg-:Ziff A, . 4J'1',A ,, ,. . 1' A 1,1 3 OC 1.a3'J"7'.,.'1'?i?rfV'3'5f ' " r'..+'gf' .' 'J 3' 'Q ' c 6 Q ,K I , . 4' . 0 1 1 -14' ' - -1- . ,.. 6.1 ,A , 1 . . 'jf 4 1--" ,5 A ' . , . , " , l ,hm-g.x2 Ax.. .-A Q. -. - .,:,f.E.',Q1:1 ' 1,15 1 "-, 1 .,,,,H. L J ' L , ff- ' 1 1 'i - x Q1 ' ,4 . - N . . . ' , I f- "f x 1 ' an 1 psi' ' 1 '- 1 . ',4 1 . Y ' n ,' ' ,. , 1' 1 1 -' V : . 1 s . , ! , .,,., 'Na 'x 'W , 1 ' s 111: 3 n 4.1 M. I 1 "ww L 1 4 1 1 A, 5? - I .. '11 ,. 1 . ,A Y, . , 1 I1 " 4 ' 7 A 1 '11 i1 1 ',L'1 1:4 N K 1 3 ' T' ' K 2' 1 L E lr Nr , 5' r 7 , 'L 1 111 11 aa 1 .1 ,W , .,.. -- . QQ' .QQ .f. .Kfmx V. h 74,24 K ,. , ,, 3., , 1 1 'mlb ,V-Q 5 . M Al,,,g,..11,,2 - ,,,,M,,,,., Arm-W -W: v11,:- ,.'f?5Tf":7l.1 MVT?" I fa. Q W I , 'H' 04' ' ' fr ' ' 1 if Y 4 59- ' . f, 1 4 , ,' l . ' ' g LE, Q - lf- f 'V ' z' r V ff' fm 5 f KU f", 1' , , 'H 'ff f 1 , , ii? 9 ' 1 Q K ,A 7' ' K 1 I I , X1 , v 3 F w Y JET 'ff 51:-E A l 5 3 5 ' I 4 'T' 4 A X L ' " ' E Q rg f a Ju Q A: 1 ' W 'R uf 2 ' Q t . 3 if 1 1 1 1 Z 3 f 5 7 s M J f , 1 1 1 T x ' Q r fi E k 1 4 i .J A l l l -7 0 aww 'J- 1 l -'E PUBLISHED BY THE ANNUAL STAFF OF l ELON COLLEGE HIGH SCHOGL Z 1 Elon College, North Carolina lj l H NINETEEN HUNDRED AND SIXTY-TWO ffl 1 lf' l 512' 55 5, '-i- 91 " 5 I Ff 'Mff v 'k'1x9.39.m.g'3531.'b' 75521 7 4 QV 7. T A-1 ,INT 3?,g'?3L4 . ',E A gi s ' Q af!-Q-fa.. ' H Y f , ' K 4 V D A . i 12 i 5 ' ' . , V 1 . 'I A Yiwu ' 1, 4 ' gr .---- -A "' H A' 'Q 1 J 'AM Aa- H ,M ' l 47 I -n Q, , ' '. M is . 51 T at 5 5 X 125, i ' 4- 4 HIGH SCHOOL Q, I I. ,r 0' Q' :TJ- , 1 I CONTE T Dedication Faculty School Board Student Body Activities Athletics 1 I I WU -.. 'Fa u , - s '7 L ..,,,n.., Q, N. -We i 4 -ef? Q-eu. A9- .ir-4 , . -x X Qi- ' .A-,Z f - -5 .La i i 45 l .bf xi 'X -fs, . N v.-.1 'Q f. 409 L Wx :' Z. X1-f .T 4 -....-..Y. ,Y . - I:-Sf' ,.,. -.-1-v"f"'. 1 ' 181 ' J 5Q 5 . ., 3 V ik' wig- ., . Y. ..,, 8. , .....: ,e.,gfr:'wf'ff1'-'f-f-I' Q x ' ,- ,, . - -4 D Q - 'II' HISTORY OF ELON COLLEGE In College long atcd In rhrcc In ter-:fit lcd, und an PUBLIC SCHOOL the year 1398, the first public school building to scrvc the pupils ofthe Elon uomrnunity was erected. This building was a onc-room frame building and was near thc sitcofthc present high school building. Later this building was uulargud reruns. Pictured above is a part of this building, pupils, and rcachurs. lfllil, a fcw hundred fuct from the Lhruc-room building, u brivlc building was This nuw building f'OIll3il'lCd six classrbolnsg four moms downstairs, Iwb moms auditorium upstairs. Eziuh uf rhcst' rooms und thc zuidimriuan wcrtr IICHIUJ by stoves until many years later when a central heating system was installed. After the completion of this building, the three-room frame building was dismantled and the building materials were used to erect a dwelling house on what was then the Elon College farm on highway 100. Prior to 1920, pupils completing the elementary school work at the Elon College Public School had to go elsewhere for high school work. Since Elon College operated a preparatory school, many of the students enrolled at the College. In 1920, the Elon College Public School was approved for high school work. In the middle nineteen-twenties, asecond brick building containing eight classrooms, offices, etc. was constructed. This is generally known as the high school building and faces on Haggard Avenue. In 1931, the Shallowford School Districtand the St. Marks School Districk fl-lighlandl, with one teacher each, voted to consolidate with the Elon College School District. Following the consolidation of these three school districts, the Elon College Public School grew rapidly. This necessitated additional building. In the middle nineteen- thirties, additional classrooms and an auditorium were added to the school plant. From this period, at various intervals, more classrooms and a gymnasium were added, Culmi- nating in the construction of a Primary Building across the highway from the high school building. This building was first used in 1956 and houses the first four grades and two fifth grades. In sixty-four years, the Elon College Public School has grown from its humble be- ginning of one room to a group of modern buildings that has placed Elon College School among the larger schools in the Alamance County system. After forty-two years, 1920 to 1962, the history of the Elon College High School willcome to a close with the completion of this school year. Elon College High School will consolidate with two other Alamance County high schools to form the new Western High School. 7 1 DEDICATIO l ,K .l .5S.f"f: . if I3 l Q.. sv-N '...7."?1' ,L 'L --. A. - X 'ZQ'-c- ,,,- J-is Thisfinal year of Elon College High School, we, the annual staff, would l1ke to dedrcate thrs yearbook to the place where we worked and studied for many years, our school When we say that we dedicate this yearbook to the school, we don t mean Just the bulldrng but the ones who havetaught, guided, and passed through its doors to ga1n a l1tt1e of the knowledge one needs to go through life. May we always remember our school, Elon College High. 8 PRINCIPAL 'S MESSAGE These are historic days in the life of Elon College High School. Tonight, December 31, 1961, while world peoples are ushering in the New Year, the editors of our Annual will "put to bed" the final edition of ECHOES. The completion of thisannual marks the beginning of a long series of " lasts" for our beloved Elon College Highg the last back-to- school party, the last ball game, the last prom, the last Washington trip, the last assembly program, the last club meeting, the last test, the last exam, the last day, the last tender goodbyes. Every activity of our school must come to a close this school year. Next year Elon will join Altamahaw-Ossipee and Pleasant Grove in establishing the great consolidated school, Western High. Tonight, the annual staff will happily put aside the problems of the annual and will join the New Years revelers in throwing confetti, raising toasts, wearing odd hats and singing Auld Lang Syne. It is appropriate that we pay final respects to our dear old Alma Mater. We should do this with reverence. However, the passing of the old will inauguratea new era in the lives of the high school students of Elon. A new challenge is presented us and it is in- cumbent upon us to face the challenge and to accept its implications. The world crys for bright young well-educated men and women. The Seniors must strive to acquire all the training and the kind of training needed to achieve their goals. They must be brave five minutes longer than the adversary. They must rise one hour ahead of their neighbors. They must prefer to be right than king. Their faith must be such as to re- move mou.ntains. Their love mustgrow as nearly as possible to the stature of that described in 13th Corinthians. The underclassmen must determine now to use all the facilities of Western High School to enhance their education. The people of North Carolina and the people of Alamance County did not take on the burden for better education simply to have the students do less work. The future of our community, state and nation is in the hands of youth. To fail to accept the challenge is to fail humanity The students and parents of Elon will not fail. 'mi PRINCIPAL MI. A. lvl. Primm ELEMENTARY PRINCIPAL Mrs. Betty Bowman ,el 1 x 2' la- 4 in Q ' ' X f . L E", x '3 --W - H 'Hrs Y i fry .. -V if e if - 'F-'V' Vg, , '-,gi .. Q., .ik '1 ... L v N 1,3 ,JS v L.. ,W Mis. Gerald Allen Mr. W. D. Hoelscher Mrs. Minnie Hook Mr. Eddie Hughes, Jr Home Economics Math Library Science, Physical Ed ' and Boys' and Girls X Basketball L ' Q. K Q' 7 A C i Q 'K' 1- o f 6- X , g- l 4' , J fx J J N. Mrs. Leslie Johnston Public School Music FACULTY fjxw jj ,M x J 1 Mr. W. E. Lowe Social Studies and Driver Training M1-5, Berry Rae Reynolds Mrs. Barbara Roark Biology, Chemistry, Science BUSUISSS 4 l u "S, '- r. l Q" 8 X in 1 'g Liv, 'I f E M l N- ,xx . x J - B Mrs. Doris Steele Mrs. W. B. Terrell Mrs. Helen Wells Secretary English and French English A SCHOOL BOARD 'S- NRM -qv .gl 'I Mr I W Whlte ,. . . X E ix , ,, Nah .. x , .V if gr Tlx ' ' N X, . Mr L I Whnesell ""-'- " ' E . xx X , ,.4gx,.,y ' , , li Mr. T. A. Boland A Mr. J. Mark McAdams Chairman N I ,,,, any qryv U! O dk, A, , O N Mrs. A. G, Thompson, Jr QXWWW M ' a .vg 14 ' L N - t V - 'z'-5E "":.:-, -. ,1L::: Sggtg-:jjj ,I Q 3+--as I ai M- ffssifgf. ., x-.:f-'--- ':2211. -N.-E,-sigrr l,-Q. 11 -32-f:. Hu..-15 Efzr.-3 -?V5g:f, 'f-,433-1, 2:-4:21 -rss? -. ".'--:A--,l .,,x-1, 1,3 :ilu inf " 5? Syl--'. 'twin 'u,"ll'z"'i Ffq""N"?""' lullrull-1 , -fff'Q,w"luV'x, iq' 'v.,"J' 1""'5v""'Y' .. My H . xo Wx Ng. fa .qv and aww u :211.l:..' ,1' .'-'Im-. Y' 'W ,nu ,wrvxv-l..if,'u.'L'-X 'fu 1 N" 'P f-.'f'.'- a.',.Mf's. 1019009 f - Gary Michael Loy 1944-1961 The students of Elon High School suffered a loss greater than we thought imaginable in the untimely death of our classmate, Mike Loy. Although Mike lived a comparatively short while, his life made such an impression on all of us that he will be in our memories always. 1 ,QTTLY ,il 'ee-?'vpgx5.::.m- Q.-, - 1... 5 "Nw 'A v 5' X vc , , 1- . ,, ,-m,,y X. V. x xwu. - 1 ' Q Q-........ .,,. 1 4 P X ,. 7:1 , . -'-ff-v., . ff" I'- -.-' .. J :13'.:'.vc:E':... 3 X1-,--.1----.'.,4h . K. ju- 'e.....,,,,.-rg: .. " f21.-:"I"51'w":"- H .. . ,, . - .5.gfq'.' . --.33-5.-if af Q. , jf:-vA,.q LL W -- f -- 4' N -x ,.?qt:XXQ:v.:igN, we U .9 U 5' .4 . X ,-:PQ,ff'i'"I'.f-Y3'.1.,--'- . , ,. .,-.- vx-.ui-s -,: p - ix-7? SJ? S7l52i'Y.'K::'. 5 ,.' - "' fin 155,-1 X 7 fxlrif-,ffz-1" - ' ' , 'W " .":f+S'9fx'Z1i '3'-'fi k:'.i'l14S:z1N: 311. - . '-fzsmxwsf. .fs-4'-1' - f -1 A xi -.':i:+-'lx-f-"-4-13. - X . -rg - 2-.mQ,E.5,1:'?. . "fm 21: - 5 Q4 x,.::...,g4,,. 1,,.'5 '-'-::-.,'- P -- .+V . ,, . jgxeg-J.: NJ. w 1 'N ,V -. zwwar. A-N 1 vw--f 272 J Qigagif ,,.TQfff ,..n..,,. Ax ,,, ., Q, N ' N , . .za :SW 'E '- X -" H qN,,?,?e3!:.Q , f 'f:f?P.if.?YT+ : ..-'-153 9. fr 1,:7..g.jn.,-. 5,X:-53,-,.-W-. ' -, lf -- N- W: . . . , ' .,.,,:h ., ,- ug ' J A .. . I -T , Jr... M . -- A -- '53 WI? if- -- ' Aw'- s OT... - - ibwfsu A 67B 4 Q J . . 'U w irtifelk je" , ' -sl U1 ' Q, "5 I 'Q La' A K r 7' ,Q -Nu l " ww ., Q 1 , 2,1 . Q,-,, . ,.i.x ix , , t: SP - ,' YA' .Q x .E P 5 lrigb -" FR.: N 1 - 1- Lt- ' ' Q. 11 ' 1 . ,X f ,-,.".- - 5 ' 'v 'A "W" Q I. .X-'51 m, t s Q-'-Q. -fi 5 V E "' ' ' ill -gg, at ' S" ' W . A ' 'i11'r'fi4"' 5' Q vu.. . Q Q. 's xr 1. W 'mm H 'I A IYK M, 5 Us EL- ...X N it Ss RANDY BOYD ADKINS "Randy" "Men of few words are the best men." I. V. Basketball lg Drivers Training 2. JOHN SIDNEY BOONE, IR. "Sid" "One thing is forever good5 that one thing is success." ClassPresident25 HomeroomPresident 2g A n n u al S t aff 2,3,4g Co-circulation Manager 35 Student of the Week 3g National Honor Society 2,3,45 President 45 Rad io Debate25 Offic e Worker 4g Escort Miss Elon Contest 45 Superlatives. BRENDA KAAREN BROWN "Kasey" "To mourn a mischief that is past and gone is the next way to draw new mis- chief on." C1a55'I'rea5u,1-er l,3,4g Homeroom Treas- urer l,2,3,4g Basketball lg F.H.A. 1,25 Glee Club lp Jr.-Sr. Waitress lg Tri-Hi- Y 3g Honor Society 2,3,4g Newspaper 35 45 Assist. Editor 35 Chief Marshal 35 StudentCouncil 3,45 Chaplain 45 County S. C.-Chaplain 45 Annual Staff 45 History Award 35 Driver's Training 35 Bookkeep- ing Award 3g Library Worker 3g Superla- tive. 15 is ,rn SHIRLEY JANE BLANCHARD "Shirley" "Elegant as simplicity, and warm as ecstasy." F.H.A. l,2,3gGleeClub lg Office Worker 25 F.T.A. 35 Tri-Hi-Y 45 Superlatives. ALTA FAYE BROWN "Faye" "She is aspure, as good, and as beautiful as an angel. Sec. ofl-Iomeroom lg F.H.A. 1,25 F.T.A. l,2,3,45 Softball 1,25 Treas. of Home- room 25 Vice-Pres. of Homeroom 3,4g Basketball l,2,3g Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4p Glee Club 2,35 Office Worker 35 Monogram Club 45 Waitress Ir.-Sr. lg Miss Elon 45 Superlative. I L. . in I f A rt., ,Q an .,, ki, .TUDITH WILLETT CLAPP ..Judy.. "Common sense is the knack of seeing things as they are, and doing things as they ought to be done. Driver's Training 2g F.H.A. l. DAPHNE LOUISE COUNCIL "Daphne" "Let us all be happy, and live within our means, even if we have to borrow the money to do it with." Student CoLu'1cil.l,2,4g Annual Staff 4g Basketball lg Softball lg Jr.-Sr. Waitress lg Glee Club lg Driver's Training 2g Honor Society 3,4g F.H.A. l,2,3g F.T.A. lg Tri-Hi-Y 3,4g Pep Club 4g Bus Driver, Sub.g Bookkeeping Award 3g Reporter to County Newspaper. JAMES ALMOND CRUMPLER "James" " Bait the hook wellg this fish will bite." J. V. Basketball lg Baseball l,2,3,4g Basketball 2 , 3 , 4g Track 3g Monogram Club 2,3,4g Treas. 4g Bus Driver 4g Glee Club 4g Industrial School 4g Escort in Miss Elon Contest 4. I6 FRANCES MARIE COGGINS "Frances" "A lovely lady garmented in light from her own beauty." Glee Club lg F.H.A. lg Class Sec. 2g Homeroom treas. 3g Jr. Attendant Jr.-Sr. Banquetg Library Worker 35 Student Council 4g Contestant for Miss Elon 4. KENNETH CROUSE "Bones" 'Silence is golden" Basketball 1,2. l 'M 'N I 'G' lx ,gf ' .- fi 5 A u?'x'f W' ll V , Q lf KE 4 . ' i at .ff I I . ,H V 5 fl r V: lr H SIDNEY TAYLOR JOHNSON H "sid" PV' When the liquors out, why clink the I cannikin?" fSGlee Club 4g Industrial School 4. m F r 1 i l 4 l GLENN LEE 5: "Glenn" V" The dust and silence of the upper shelf." glDriver's Training lg Homeroom President EL3. SANDRA MATKINS HENSLEY "Sandy" " Wiv es are young men's mistressesg companions for middle ageg and old men's nurses," Homeroom Vice-Pres. l,3gF.T.A'. lg Ir.- Sr. Waitress lg Glee Club lg Homeroom Pres. 2g Homeroom Secretary 4g Typing Award 2g Honor Society 2,3g Student Council 3g F.H.A. l,2g Typist News- paper 2g Tri-Hi-Y 3g Basketball l,2,3g Softball 1,23 Library Worker 3g Super- lative. SANDRA MARIE KERNODLE "Marie" "Did you ever have the measles, and if so, how many?" F . H. A 1,25 F . T . A . l,2,3g Treas. 35 Stud ent Council 2g Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4g Basketball 1, 2, 3g Glee Club lg Office Worker l,2g Jr.-Sr. Waitress 1. l 3 , LIC' X 5 , NW g. jg, 1 l F I JO'ANN LIQWE Jo Ann V, N, "A merry heart doth good like a medi- Qv eine." i -..., p F.H.A. 1,25 Office Workers 45 Tri-Hi-Y . 4. V X-. ,I 3 4 gl if I 7 I '22 .w""N 'UN fixi- aff! 'S ,IP sg- inf l'5,. 0 Q rg. ,N ,- Q DOUGLAS STEWART MCADAMS "Doug" "The mildest manners and the gentlest heart." Drivers Training lg Industrial Arts 1,2g I-li-Y Club lp Superlative 4gGleeC1ub 4g Minstrel 2: Library Worker l. AUBREY LEE MCDONALD "Aubrey" "One nice thing about a one-way street is that you can only be bumped in the rear." Bus Driver 4g Baseball 4g Track 25 Glee Club 4. BILLY LEE MAY "Bill" "A woman would run through fire and water for such a kind heart." GleeC1ubg Bus Driverg Vice-President of Sr. Classg Escort in Miss Elon Contest 4. I8 5" wc... 90 Ns.- L. ,,.. RICHARD MICHEAL MCADAMS "Rick" "God made him, and therefore let him pass for a man." , Driver Roadeo 2,3,4g Industrial Art lg A Superlativeg Glee Club 3,4g Hi-Y lg . Track 45 Bus Driver 35 Bus Driver Award 3g Mi.nstre12g Industrial School 45 Office Boy 2,35 Basketball l. 1 ,TERRY LEE MICHAEL "Jerry" 1 "Good at a fight, but better at a playg . Godlike in giving, but the devil to pay." Debating Team 2g Pep Club 45 Dance w Review 1. fa-FS f' , I 5 Q t in K.. Q -PDQ 1 v r 1 LINDA MORICLE ALFORD "Linda" ll Then she will talk--good gods! how she Q vill talk! l'.l-l.A. 1,2,3,45 Pres. 3,45 F.T.A. 3,45 Tri- tli-Y 3,45 Monogram Club 45 Girls Basket- v mall Mgr. 3,45 Glee Club Award 35 Bus ,Driver 45 Library Worker 25 Jr.-Sr. Wait- f fess 1. 4 0 MARY ANNE NIX , "Mary Anne" 5 "Full of life and full of wit." wtudent Council 45 Glee Club lg Tr1-Hi- ,Q 3,45 President 45 F.H.A. l,2,35 Bus ilriver 3,45 Basketball l,2,45 Softball 1,25 3'uperlative5 Miss Merry Christmas 35 Bus Award 35Ir.-Sr. Waitress 15 Driver's ALMA JACKSON PARKER "Jackie" "There's a woman like a dew-drop, she's so purer than the purest." Vice-President of Class 25 N.H.S. 2,3,45 Secretary 45 Miss Elon 35 Annual Staff 1, 2,3,45 F.H.A. 1,25 Glee Club 1,45 Jr.-sr. Waitress 15Newspaper Typist 3,45 Marshal 25 Superlative. CARRIE JUNE PARKER "June" "The readiness of doing doth express, No other but the doer's willingness." Ir.-Sr. Waitress lg F.H.A. 1,25 Glee Club l,3,45 Student Council 1,2,3,45 Chaplain lg Secretary 25 Vice-President 35 Pres. Alamance County Student Council Con- gress 45 Basketball 1,25 N.H.S. 2,3,45 Newspaper Typist 3,45 Senior Class Secre- tary 45 Superlative 45 Contestant for Miss Elon 1,3,4. JIMMY CARROLL PARKER "Jimmy" "Words are easy, like the wind5 Faithful friends are hard to find. Marshal 1,35 Escort 1,3, MissElon5 Baseball l,2,3,45 Basketball 1,25 Monogram Club 2,35 Secretary 45 Secretary Home Room 45 Industrial Arts 15 Track 25 Glee Club 45 Superlative. 'T"." sl ,X 'Pin . if W-4. si, 4 s. JOE DAVID PERKINS ,fi " David" 'V' 91 " Time is but the stream I go a-fishing in." Bus Driver 35 Minstrel 25 Glee Club 4g Industrial School 4g Industrial Arts 1, A U ' FREDRIC HUBERT PENLAND "Hubert" "As good-natured a soul as e'er mod on '95, shoe of leather." 5 - Trade School 45-BUS Driver 35 Library ' Worker 2. "fa- EY' . .Vp-Q L1 5 -rx I if' J fl 1 HENRY JOHN PETERSEN III "Pete" "That men are merriest away from home." Class P resident 35 Monogram Club 45 President 45 Annual Staff 3,45 Editor 45 National Honor Society 3,45 Basketball Manager 2,35 Sc or ek eep er 45 Baseball Manager 2,535 Scorekeeper 45 Science Club 25 Newspaper Reporter 13,45 Superlative. DO 11" DONALD NEIL PETTY ..DOn.. "I never like being hit without striking back." Baseball l,3,45 Track 2,45 Basketball 15 Industrial School 45 Superlative. ROBERT OLIN PITTS "Robert" "Never do to-day what you can put off till to- morrow." Bus Driver 2,3,45 Bus Driver's Award 35 Drivers Training l5Indusr.rial Arts 1,25 Hi- Y Club lg Glee Club 45 Baseball 2,3,45 Minstrel25Office Worker 45 Basketball 15 Track 4. A 5 '- wfk Vi fi -" i 1 4 -3 -...., A! . . , Y un. " y , I . 'I l l i RHONALD GLENN PRICE 3 "Rhonnie" ,t"Lord! I wonder what fool it was that ,first invented kissing." ,Trade School 3,45 Vice-President of Home wRoom 45 Office worker 45 Transfer 3. l ll W ,N I LAURA ANN RICH N .. Ann.. Though she be but little, she is fierce." ,i 'E .I 1"""'fY xi-"NNN fr KATHY GAYLE SELF "Kathy" "She's all my fancy painted her5 She's lovely, she's divine." Transfer 15 Waitress Jr.-Sr. lg Dance Review 15F.T.A. 3,45 Glee Club 15 Runner- up Miss Elon 35 F . H. A. 1,3,45 Vice- President 45 Cheerleader 3,45 Pep Club Sponsor 45 Monogram Club 45 Homeroom President 45 Superlative. PHILIP MALCOLM SHARPE "Phil" "An experienced, industrious, ambitious, and often quite picturesque liar." Bus Driver 3,45 Bus Drivers Award 3. JUNIE MARIE SIMPSON "Junie" ' 'A wit with dunces." Secretaryof Class lg F.H.A. 1,2,35 F.T.A. 15 Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,45 Office Worker 35 Glee Club 1,25 Pep Club 45 Bus Driver 3,45 Wait- ress at Jr.-Sr. lg Treasurer of Tri-Hi-Y 45 Contestant for Miss Elon 2,45 Superlative. I ll 21 I ,f r 10' X life' .X is 3 .x We fin A' if , K xg 5 .,. . QQ 5.5 CHARLES JACKSON SMITH, IR. 'vx 'N i "Chicken" "Do unto the other feller the way he'd 5 1. . like to do unto you an' do it first." 5- Glee Club 45 Pep Club 4. " ' 'X J pi gs - LARRY ROSS SPOON 2 IU 'Q' "Larry" "Here is a dear and True industrious , friend." ff Gieeciub 1,2,45 Football lg Taiem show 5 , -- Winner 1. ik' s. 4- , . I' . JAMES MICHAEL STUTTS "Jimmy" 'Blushing is the color of virtue." I X ,I Homeroom Vice-President 25 N.H. S. 2,3,45 YQ --s' v- Biology Award 25 Office Worker 25 News- paper 2,3,45 Homeroom Vice-president 35 Class Secretary 35 Citizenship Award 35 M' Co-Editor of Newspaper 45 Vice-President , is f- - ofN.l-I.S. 45ClassPresident 45 Pep Club 45 vi Superlatives. lv 22 as-. 'Ti VICTORIA ANN SWIFT "Vickie" "Iris not wealth, nor ancestry, but honor- able conduct and a noble disposition that makes people great." Homeroom Pres. 1,35 Class Pres. 15 Class Vice-President 35 F.T.A. 1,25 Secretary 25F.H.A. 1,25T1'i-Hi-Y 35 Student Council l,3,4g Chaplain 35 President 45 Glee Club 15Girls Basketball 1,2,3,45 Tri-Captain 45 N.H.S. 2,3,45 Girls Sports editor 35 Marshal 15 Ir.-Sr. Waitress 15 Superlativeg Mono- gram Club 4. RICHARD .TERRY THOMAS "Jerry" "Born with the gift of laughter and a sense that the world is mad." Transfer45G1eeClub 45 Homeroom Treas. 45 Bus Driver 4. V 1 li Q1 gp-vu.- JERRY THOMAS TICKLE ' "Thomas" r."A good name is rather to be chosen than tgreat riches." Industrial Arts l. A 1 r J u 1 J U JAMES RALPH TURNER y "Dog" 'IThere's light enough for what I've got to llo " industrial School 4. 'Sansa Q s .1 if DENNY ELWOOD WAGONER "Denny" "Not by years but by disposition is wisdom acquired." Basketball 1,2,3,4g Baseball 3,45 Track 2g N.H.S. 2,3,4g Glee Club 45 Monogram Club 2,3,4g Treasurer of N.H.S. 4g Co- editor of Newspaper 4g Winner of Essay Contest 3g Vice-President of Monogram Club 4. DONALD KNIGHT WAGONER "Crow" 'Believe a woman or an epitaph, Or any other thing that's false." Indusuial Arts l,2g Glee Club 4g Drivers Training lg Minstrel 23 Indusnial School 4g Treasurer of Homeroom lg Office Worker lg Basketball lg Track 3. WADE DOUGLAS WAGONER .. Dough "I was gratified to be able to answer promptly, and I did. I saidl didn't know." B a sk e t b all l,3,4g Baseball 45 Track 2g Monogram Club 4g President Homeroom 45 Superlatlveg Glee Club 3,4g President 4g bus driver 4. 23 914' ,v-Q YTD WY x sq. X I U sr N K fmfgr be - 1 YJ. . " X, ""' , I nv- Cl Debating Team 25 Science Fair 2,3,4g Pep Club 4g Escort in Miss Elon Contest 4. 'o y KATRINKA DIANE wYRrcK W " Diane" P, LESLIE WERTZ. WAGONER, IR. "Leslie" "It can be done" is good, but "it's done" is better." W "A sound so fine, there's nothing lies 'twixt it and silence." Home Ec. l,2,3g Superlative, Miss Merry Christmas 4. Rex Wolfe I0 Ellen Hartman wwf-Qefwf 4950- X967 QGGQGQWI if' ,A 4" 'f' Ns J ggi i'fSl'fS 5 CLASS HISTORY We, the Seniors of Elon College High School, entered our Freshman year in September of 1958. As puzzled fresh- men, we seemed to get along thanks to the exceptional guidance of Mrs. Reynolds and Mr. Griffin. We soon began to learn the "sour" ways of high school teachers. Throughout the year, we, the freshmen, watched and observed, taking notes of every little move our classmates made, Uying to find the clue to their apparent ease. As we became more familiar with this new bustling place, we chose the following class officers: President- Vickie Swiftg Vice-President - Lonnie Smith, Secretary - Junie Simpson, Treasurer - Kaaren Brown. We entered in September, 1959, eager to re-enter the now familiar ways of a high school Sophomore, and to taunt the first bewildered freshmen. This year we began to realize the importance of high school, the passport to Knowledge and Success. We chose the following as our class officers: President - Sidney Booneg Vice President - Jackie Parker, Secretary - Frances Coggins, 'Treasurer - Gene Rhew. We owe our growing maturity to our homeroom teachers, Mrs. Reynolds and Mr. Griffin. The fall of 1960--our Junior year--was a time of recognition, advancement, honor, privileges, decisions, and-- maturity. We had two car washes, abrunswick stew sale, and a bake sale to earn money for our Junior-Senior -- a night of wonderment! This year's juniors did all these things, and more, carrying on the tradition of being the class that creates through working together. Class officers for this year were: President - Pete Petersen, Vice-President - Vickie Swift, Secretary - Jimmy Stuttsg Treasurer - Kaaren Brown. Our thanks for our very successful year go to Mrs. Everette and Mr. Lowe. September 1961! We began plans for our final Senior trip to New York days. This year we chose as Treasurer - Kaaren Brown. are on the Home Stretch. We entered eagerly. Seniors ---- confident of our position. We year. This year we had a magazine sale which brought our treasury up tremendously. Our and Washington, D.C. will remain as one of the wonderful memories of our high school class officers: President - Jimmy Stuttsg Vice-President - Bill Mayg Secretary - JunePar'kerg Our most gracious thanks go to Mrs. Allen and Mr. Lowe for their guidance and under- standing. Yes, we entered eagerly in September. We shall leave hesitantly ---- realizing that our carefree days are finished. The Class of 1962 has set an example for othersg now, for us, it is all over. We have gracefully accepted the responsi- bilities of leadership and have made our decisions for our own individual futures. This year, our last in high school, will leave us gravely sad as we are handed our diplomas on graduation night. Tears of joy, tears of sadness, willre- main with us in the years to come, only to find that one day we shall have children who will share the same joy and sadness that we once knew years and years ago. Asthe last Senior Class of Elon College High, our love for this school will remain dear to each of us in the years to come. We tearfully say, 'Good-bye, Elon High, Goodbye." 36 Historian Kathy Self CLASS POEM We began in the year '58, Though we were only freshmen With our sponsors as a mother hen We looked forward to this final date. The next year of '59, We were still working toward our aim Which was still the same, To be in the graduating line. Then in the year of '60, We were the Flighty Juniors. Who entertained the Seniors: While waiting with greater expectancy. Finally in the year of '61, We reached our goal, So help my soul! We were almost done! Four long years have gone and past, For we, the Seniors of Elon High, And now we begin to sigh, For this is our last. Class Poet Sid Boone sow 4, .Sf-Xsgs M MM " " 445157 size? '5':.-5? effi'f",15- 9 iffvgl shswgx If are ,fm , W he 6 fx 2552 is-Pa-N 4558? M! -3 - as -N .5 SFWN ff i who A me st ,J 5 QQXYAF-sf? ' Eff' 7 It 27 CLASS FLOWER Chrysanthemum CLASS COLORS Blue and Pearl CLASS MOTTO Not at the heights, but climbing. LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT Elon College Alamance County North Carolina We, the graduating class of Elon College High School, in the year of our Lord, nineteen hundred and sixty-two, do hereby give and bequeath all our treasured possessions and worldly goods as seemeth proper and fitting to the best of our judgement in this our Last Will and Testament. ARTICLE I To our school, we leave our appreciation for the things we have accomplished and our sincere good wishes for the future. ARTICLE II To Mrs. Gerald Allen and Mr. W. E. Lowe, we wish to express our many thanks for the interest and leadership they have shown us during our senior year. ARTICLE III To our principal and teachers, we leave our deepest appreciation for their efforts toward increasing our wisdom. ARTICLE IV To the present Junior Class we entrust our Senior Privileges, dignity, and responsibility. We also entrust to this same Junior Class our most cherished ability of getting out of classes. ARTICLE V To the Student Body, we leave our undying love for Elon College High School. ARTICLE VI I, Randy Adkins, leave my title as quietest to my sister Helen. I, Shirley Blanchard, leave my failing chemistry grades to anyone stupid enough to take it in the first place. 1, Sidney Boone, leave my title as most dependable to any Westerner who works to make Western a unified school. l, Faye Brown, would like just to leave quietly, but instead will leave my shorthand class to anyone that takes it. I, Kaaren Brown, leave my love for the A-O gang to Carol Lewis. Watch 'eml ! I, Frances Coggins, leave my position as a member of the Student Council to Connie Perry who has the grades and the ability to do a good job. I, Daphne Council, leave about th.ree unwanted inches of my height to Margaret Johnson. I, James Crumpler, leave my startling ability to get along with teachers to anyone who can stand it. I, Sandra Hensley, leave my thanks to all the people who have been so nice to me. I, Sidney Johnson, leave my ability to get along with Mrs. Wells to some lucky Junior. I, Marie Kernodle, leave my typewriter to anyone who can tell it more than I already have. I, Joann Lowe, leave my ability to tell jokes to Carl Moricle. "Watch 'emi' I, Doug McAdams, leave my love for chevys to Mr. Lowe. I, Richard McAdams, leave my ability to make love in the halls to Doug Humphrey. I, Bill May, leave Elon High hoping to return for Dare. I, Jerry Michael, leave my desk in Chemistry to anyone crazy enough to take it. I, Linda Moricle, leave all my love to Jerry and all my memories and friends, with a heavy heart. I, Mary Ann Nix, leave my title as "biggest flirt" to any girl who enjoys being around boys as much as I do. I, Jackie Parker, leave my good times in high school to every lucky high school student. I, Jimmy Parker, will my title as sweetest to any sweet Junior. l, June Parker, do will my love for singing and those wonderful times in Glee Club to all Glee Club members. I, Hubert Penland, leave my love for cars to my brother Harold. I, David Perkins, leave my Study Hall to anyone who can use it better thanl did. I, Pete Petersen, leave my red socks to anyone who will wear them. I Don Petty, leave my title of Best Dancer to anyone who has the feet for lt. Robert Pitts, hoping everyone is happy, just leave. I, Rhonnle Price, leave my title as biggest Flirt to Doug Moore. 1, Kathy Self, leave for Lexington. I, Charlie Smith, leave my title as 'Chicken' to my brother. I, Junie Simpson, leave my bus driving experience to anyone who is able to miss parked cars. I, Jimmy Stutts, leave my title as "Most Likely to Succeed' to my brother, Roger, and hope he will take a hint. I, Vickie Swift, leave my position as President of the Student Council to some lucky and hard-working Junior. I, Thomas Tickle, leave everything with pleasure to Roger Stutts. I, Jimmy Turner, leave my intelligence to John David Wicker. 11 I, Denny Wagoner, leave my love of athletics to anyone who is willing to work for it. f I, Don Wagoner, leave my ability to get out of any work to Bobby Greene. I, Doug Wagoner, leave my deepest appreciation to my parents for making a happy home and supplying all my needs I, Leslie Wagoner, do bequeath my jovial personality and my ability to get out of English homework to cousin Pat. I, Dianne Wyrick, leave my title of Quietest to Ruth Schmidt in hope that she will use it during Study Hall. January 1, 1962 Witnesses: Sponsors Mrs. Gerald Allen President Jimmy Stutts Mr. W. E. Lowe, Jr. Testatrix CLASS PROPHECY Last weeklreceived a telegram at my office at Wake Forest College where I am a math professor. The telegram wasfrom JUNE PARKER, who isa medical technician at Watts Hospital. She was reminding me to come to our class reunion. Prof. DENNY WAGONER, from the math department at Elon College, was in my office at the time. He told me thatJune's sister, JACKIE PARKER, isanurse now and is working in the maternity ward at Alamance Memorial Hospital. He also told me that KAAREN BROWN, an old friend of mine, is now teaching business education at Western High School. Three days later, I attended the reunion and I saw all of my former classmates. After ten years, all of them have settled down and are working. That is, all but DON WAGONER! He is a supervisor at a rocking chair manufacturing company. JIMMY STUTTS owns a large contracting business and ANN RICH is his secretary. PETE PETERSEN is North Carolina's leading architect. He is married to a 5'8" model. SID BOONE is manager of Boone's Furniture Store. He and his father have recently opened a new store in the growing city of Elon College. FRANCES COGGINS is a nurse at Cone Memorial Hospital in Greensboro. MARIE KERNODLE is married to Buddy Thornton, and she is a private secretary to the mayor of Burlington. SANDY HENSLEY and Ronnie have added two girls to their family. Sandy is a full-time homemaker. JAMES CRUMPLER and JIMMY PARKER are playing professional baseball for the "Yankees", KENNETH CROUSE and GLENN LEE are co-ownersof an auto-partscompany in Burlington. Their biggest customer is AUBREY MCDONALD, who isarace driver. PHIL Sl-IARPE and ROBERT PITTS arehis"pit crew". JERRY MICHAEL is assistant manager of Carolina Biological Supply Company. RICKY McADAMS is owner of McAdarn's Esso Station in Gibsonville. BILL MAY and JERRY THOMAS are still driving school buses. Theyjust couldn't stand to leave good ole 114 and 59. DOUG McADAMS and HUBERT PENLAND have bought out Byrd's Food Stores. They have added three more stores to the chain. RHONNIE PRICE is the owner of Price's Modeling Agency. MARY ANNE NIX is his highest paid model. KATHY SELF is a member of the "Rockettes" in New York City. JUNIE SIMPSON and DON PETTY are married. Don drives the hottest '72 Chevy in town. DAVID PERKINS is the manager of a reducing salon. He has gained 75 pounds in the last year. THOMAS TICKLE is head of the Boy Scouts in North Carolina. LARRY SPOON is the leader of a nationally known combo. LINDA MORICLE and Jerry are happily married. They have a huge mansion in Texas - big enough for them and their eight children. LESLIE WAGONER is a mortlcian in Chicago. You know, "More peopleg more business." CHARLIE SMITH holds the title " World's Fastest Tire Changer" ! He takes only three minutes! FAYE BROWN is " Mrs. America of 19'72". She and Frankie are happily married. SHIRLEY BLANCHARD teaches Art at Williams High School. JIMMY TURNER is the sales manager for Ford Motor Company. He really sells those '72 Fords! VICKIE SWIFT and her husband Barry Hodge have moved to New York City where she is a piano teacher at Columbia University. JUDY CLAPP and F. A. have two beautiful children now. They are attending Elon Elementary School. DOUG WAGONER is the only millionaire plumber in the world. He builds go-carts for a hobby. SID JOHNSON is the manager of Alamance County's ABC Store. Never touches the stuff himself. DIANNE WYRICK and JO ANN LOWE are happily married to good-looking football heroes. RANDY ADKINS is a world-famous "silent" comedian. He never says a word. The next morning, on my way home, I decided to repay Prof. Wagoner's visit. When I reached his office, I found him and Coach Miller in deep discussion on basketball plays. Denny received an appoint- ment as assistant coach. He had resigned as math professor. This is the way the lives of the 47 members of the Class of 1962 of Elon College High School have turned out. Kaaren Brown Daphne Council Class Prophetess Blanchard, Shirley Coggins, Frances -3 I -I' i. 7. .wx KN. A pi'-f ' 4 1 y L Boone, Sidney Brown' F aye Council. DHPTLHC Crouse, Kenneth McAdams, Doug Parker, Jackie f - ij' BABY PICTURES LCS, 5161111 Lowe, Jo Ann Michael, Jerry Moricle, Linda 5-4 Parker, Jimmy Parker, June .th 515 uk ,za . K ' 4 Brown, Kaaren If rl .ky , ll 'f ' X i '-4 ' . P If s' Hensley, Sandra A3 ww 's' an A. 5-9- N. Nix, Mary Anne A P enland, Hubert 1 veg, Perkins, David Petersen, Pete Pitts, Robert Price, Rhonnie my I V A U re.: v x . 1 A , K .am ,'- -as , - -agfvlgf 4 -'r .s -'- 41-1 ' 4 N- . .. .f - V5 ' Y 1 - 1 -' fix ,f f C V xi VL V .. .. h vt .e .1',-P' ' N X . . Q yin if A 'Q rx L , 11 ,3 I 1 i M , ,L . Rich, Ann Self, Kathy Sharpe, Phil Simpson, Junie BABY PICTURES Smith, Charlie Stutts Jimmy Swift, Vickie Thomas, Jerry Tl-LH'161'. .Timmy Wagoner, Denny .L f ' , K 'Q' I X ' l Q my Vagoner, Don Wagoner, Doug Wagoner, Leslie Wyrick, Dianne T . ,i .se- Nw., .ph p XL ll 4 -N' Most Dependable Best Dancers ' June Parker - Sidney Boone Junie Simpson - Don Petty SUPERLATIVES Most Popular Viekie Swift - Pete Petersen , gg-nw ,.,, Most Athletic Vickie Swift - James Crumpler 'Q 1 aa:-.li-EN 'Fixx' -n--"A .s- ,,,...::-if-f"" 4, L' 'v"N"' ,,,'!"' -v 'vi f'1"f'i .,L 'BG"f , 'Q ' 7 ff 1 1, ,U ?-H - 5, r.. D -.-7.1 : ff-. . ,1-,, :. - -1 if , ,V X-' -1,3 :.,., Vf-In yi -5"!f"t ,aa lv . 1 1 :qw Q J Q -f--1 "'--1, any , na: r I 'un I I 'Wi R . , nj H .. N ,I I .,f' ' we Q .xii ' 1 ' I sl lQ..rAf lufua 5' W 'aw ,,, ' 1. tl X-. . A , 1 I'-r T ' Riff Most Talented Best Looking Shirley Blanchard - Pete Petersen Fa B - B SUPERLATIVES ye rown ill May PH, Most Intellectual Daphne Council - Sidney Boone T AN sean Most L1kely to Succeed Jlmmy Stutts Daphne Councll P159 0 Betty Bamhardt Chief Nu. 4 Mary Lou Perkins Larry Crumpler MARSHALS A. .411- .. 'Dx Aram Parker " Darren Nix Jerel Boone as s , v R14 4nvw,v,Q-hen I K , ,- ,.,,,..... ...-- - I I ,A-.- ,. fl' 'f 1 L' 9 g,A"- -, 991' ' iv. -1 ng! - ejw QM u. X, r 4 1 M6 sq I N xy ,Q 9 . i nv' Ann Anderson ii Jerel Boone 6' . :sl Susan Dixon Richard Franks V-5 f A. '- AL -1 ., Betty Barnhart t,. N Louise Blanchard Diane Burge , l l W 1 .LSA ' A in Charlene Crutchfield 'x sandra Fel-ren H Milf, . iv' , . f- :. ' N Y L -V X. 'JA EH X V If mf. ' we , Jean Fogleman W 'ul Priscilla Gerringer AGN- : '-x. , N Linda Huffman Dare Hughes in .rx 6 ve-, Faye Inge S x M Doug Humphrey Q I f Q- Q wx . .vi-1 X , Sandra Jeffreys ,v '- '-. 'S- Geraldine McAdams f , fr gy, 4 jr, fir? Barbara McCrickard rp '-K 'lg 4 QL Q r Deanie Longest 1' Yi K- Lawrance McBa.ne ,. x ls 1 . ,. Janie Mc Daries ' X I . Q X5-'1 Cari Moricle S , i 5. Panricia Isley 'T if I K. Brenda Loy Mary Alice McBride .R+- 4- Q. Donnie Miles Mary Odell nqf 4, x Ruth Schmidt ,- , N Jessie Spicer Mary Ida Sutton Connie Perry Wayne Smith W 'fi ti.. Jerry Stainback . sv L Billy Turner E Stanley Wyrick Ann Roberts .0 'V L. H Dorothy Spicer .ir Ray Steelman um' John David Wicker Watch that bubble Sister! The "Rat Gang" ' 0 .O f v ...J ' . 1 45' ,J--' X Hi Ho Silver! Away! Sleepy time Galsl 9 S Aye, Aye, Captain' They're auditioning for a Mx Clean commercial? 42 QQ ,i .4 . X A X X X, 'xiii - 3i:'J:.i5i' M ' KSA.. N. .:,,.gt x Q ff. . K N., tb 71N X, Q . X . Mx ,fl :Nw fi x3 . 1- . . Y Mlm .7 ,- .F Q. - . Q ' . 'W' - 1 F. 4 1 1. X .5 2- . 1 . 21 I RU2 puuauld A .gr-41" .Jr TMJ 31' r-f""' ,gun aw Jw '19 CV' 07 ,..- 11: mf ww ' j' f fl !'3Y ,J 'V 'img ' W 3' inf is r f 4 us? 7 'Wim .5 cg ,, , 1 1 1 5, u n K. .'?"h4,1 .L.., U A K 1 r' . 'AJS N ':Q1'f-- '. .3 Q 'A I A, 4 14 9 h V W . C.. . - 1 .N 4 . I I 1' U glfi1:3k1f'lI! ffl" v,.-- 1,,"' fg:"LJ55 I -' fr V I . :A I1 Y V . . J 1 1 . 4 1 f ...Y -- 1 - ' 1 11 -1 1 4 1 ,, ,. , -' " 2 f. -1 5 K. ' 2 1 ,.,,,1f-. 1 ' ' W S U ..vv, , .- 1 "' .V 1 1 , . ,. 1 .1 X v '-'..z. .. www: ,nw 4211 ,L J. wi.. A ..,--'- ,V '1- .-' .- -1 g . av "5 5' ' ,,pw' 4 7. , Q ,- 'P fi I .A N, i,j3r.f:k I I , t,.'If,lA1 4' . Lu, .QlJ1Z,','.j:5 5, . 3 I I ,1','.W7,1-...Ig . JIM: 151-..,,,.,- JL' ' . - ..""fi.tv'L -.1 '4'f'l vwtkfsi " ' r"f. -H' n -" ,.- ' ' ' HQ .14 ,W 1 1- 11 'V 731: ,,1 ' 'C ' . -1-. 1, .1 .73-'?h " Qy""'r14- , , 1 Q.. -vf ,. 1--'s I, '- ' ' 5" n . GNL . V I ' 51 R ' 4 .:"' . '--,, A , .gif IL. ' -' ,sf 1 '.'1, , ,' 'N J . 1'1kf',:,L nfl-' A. 1 - ' Y .44 4 ,mf , ' .Q f' 'zip " fl if '11 ' 1' -' ' ' 1 .,' 4 ' uv' 3 , Xl if ' ,1 '1 'K . . 1 .4 -..' I E 11 1 gf- 1 , '."""fm 1 1,- 4" ' 1- , Q SSH' yi r ' 'NSRE XXQ . N-:Toki ' 'ff "5 ITT:-,. :J " Z xy - x x X' "LkEQ.i.i. " Jean Crouse Brenda Crumpler Jimmy Crutchfield Anne C unningha m rata ""A " x M V 5, . g....' -- .x X NY -4" l.-.:', r. XX ar .y c rv 'Y Pat Dineen Eddie Driver Peggy Eanes Pat Edwards .., 3 Ar 45 Helen Adkins Q. Wayne Barker . Doris Barnes Jean Brown b Betty Engle gb, Sandra Epperson Q ' 'H Louis Frix Mike Gabriel Gayle Greene Bobby Greene Brenda Greene Janice Handy Judy Lineberry Frances Litten Wanda Mansfield Anna Rose Marino nws LL vv-v Charles Harris Billy Hawkins Bonnie Hensley Helen Johnson Ray Jolmson Marsha Lankford :vw 64 Ls faq, Q, I in vs L. I 1-Ir' a'T."' gf! L- 1. ,..., 1. . Richard Hilliard Steve Hughes Mike Hudson Janie Hyatt rv' ox' A di r , 6 5 46 Q, Q 1:- Kid -, si , X f 'V' " KPN 1- - . ,Q av- , Us I Q V l 1 ' 4, . I. xi Q G A- u. f -. v F' fv os 'A we .- X 'C c. L wa, X". An 194, IV 1, .fx R: VU.. Arv- no L' .4x Li!-l' ' IL -'mr , , , , as , , Mary Lou Perkins Frances Pitts Carolyn Pyles Carolyn Robertson Q- rw-." 'PLL ' Eddie Mitchell Doug Parker Marie Parrish Ronald Rudd Sandra Schmidt Sherian Sharpe ga,- Jim Mankms Kay May Russell May Laverne Mecimore Estelle Sherien Lila Ann Smith Linda Smith Max Taylor Sylvia Taylor 'AL - Brenda Terrell "' " Doris Tickle gg. Joe Tickle V lj 64. : F ' I Sylvia Tickle ,-,. e Carolyn Turner Pat Wagoner A+' "2" Q YQ Don Westbrook xi I XL' , Paula Whitesell 3 fl 4 Emily Wllborn w ' Harold Williamson ' n . 'R ' . Q ' " Carol Winstead -1, QQ , :Ah Mike Wise Ervin Whitt Tony Whitt Sandra Wood jim ww, 51 1 X ' . . .. -R , ,Q QS:f,'Q5NzxQ 'ik' X ri . fa' . Q-.Q -brat? -N x, gp- XX Yr--' Q 1'f.lf": 'NP 441.0 fi Q , 6:1 img 4 X I 4 'Q-, W X f Ng- ,. . 'N xi Ian I I K . I . . .4 ,L .-11 .av - ' ffgiiifj. , A- :s ' sl? 3 -9 if? Q 9 ji. X4 1.2- 4 'FUR 55? ci :SQ Jimmy Baize Howard Barnhardt Ann Bowman Dare Bowman Janis Boyles Melvin Bramer Nelda Brown Mike Cable Pat Cable Bobby Cameron Vickie 'ooley Donnie Council Gale Crutchfield Roger Dellinger Shirley Fogleman Mike Foust Susan Garner Vicki Greene Richard Griffin Rita Griswold Roger Hewitt Joe Holt Linda Howard Barret I-luffines Linda Huffines Viola lnskip William Isley Joyce Johnston Margaret Johnston Jerry Joyce Susan Kelly Clyde Koon Jimmy Lamm Betty Lawrence Edna Layne Carol Lewis Wilkes Lowe Judy Lynch Linda McCrickard Curt Martin Emanual May Bobby Mitchell Doug Moore Janet Newsom Darrell Nix Stroud Noah C. H. Oakley Ardith Parker Betty Parrish Kenneth Paylor 'rv , 4 A-X i Q. Q-. 6 x v-4 r Y? '- ny 5' H Sa... '-E-r .N ,X rr nf ...a tp'- L.- R qs- is 5", fy 1 f x ' VIE? al. f. Yr' , iii A 4: 52,5 "auf 'N 1 w ,- A af- 5 ww , . 1 ' if 243 4 N A s , "" T. X 'Yr'- X H . 'W 4 -.. X3 fir f. -fu fn 5 x. Harold Penland Brenda Petersen Arnold Poole Jimmy Porter Marlene Privett Janice Purcell Io Lene Robertson Sherry Ruth Charles Seay Roger Setzer Linda Spoon Roger Stutts Ronnie Stultz Susan Terrell Donna Thompson Ricky Tickle Tommy Tickle Mick Wagoner Treva Wagoner Dee Wall Barbara Waugh Shirley Weaver Betty Westbrook Richard White Theron White Linda Whitesell Mike Wilburn Carol Wolf Linda Wyrick Sue Wyrick V A 5011001 daze! Don't let the sun get in your eyes! A-1 f afjrj- 'lr 2 ,J- in :i5QI4 " 5 7 I U. You should have seen Reach, P31-dngr! the one that got away! , I O ,,-f"X ll. Ixlpv Old Reliable? A11 in a days work! ,-. ae 1 1 'QPR .Y K-Nr. 1.- l'Uf3 U T.-5 KA 'Urn EDITOR ASSOCIATE EDITOR Pete Petersen Begty Lou Bamhardt Aw G jiluffvp , Us yi A -091. AFSXGQ 1 15 , ' L 19 N 'H Q - CO-CIRCULATION MANAGERS BUSINESS MANAGER SPONSOR Linda Smith Frances Litten Carl Moricle Mrs. Roark ..HmIlX!nn1lITQ!fx f I '4-l":J an -4- .X ,.. , . 1 my ,I V U N it y. . l J I 1 I .xl v,"""' "T: SNAPSHOT EDITORS ADVERTISING EDITOR Joe Holt - Dee Wall Sid Boone ,S X H, X. is , 4 .-f S TYPISTS FEATURE EDITOR Jackie Parker - Daphne Council Kaaren Brown SP ORTS EDITORS Carolyn Robertson - Dick Hilliard ART EDITORS Patricia Isley - Ann Roberts ,E 'Z 3. ,I .fm-Kf"I,' f 11-n.L,,g iii' ff' L-"1""' NATIONAL HO OR SOCIETY OFFICERS Sidney Boone President Jimmy Srurrs Vice-President Jackie Parker Secretary Denny Wagoner Treasurer Mrs, Hook Sponsor STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS Vickie Swift President I I an J, 1112193 I erel Boone Vice-President Pat Wagoner Secretary Daphney Council Treasurer Mrs. Terrell Sponsor 'X I 'Ili an N . L B GLEE CLUB OFFICERS Doug Wagoner President Bill May Vice-President Linda Huffman Secretary Mrs. Johnston Director TRI-HI-Y OFFICERS Mary Ann Nix President Deanie Longest Vice-President Ann Roberts Secretary Junie Simpson Treasurer Mrs. Roark Sponsor C? .cg FUTURE HO EMAKERS F A ERICA OFFICERS Linda Moricle President Kathy Self Vice-President Susan Dixon Treasurer Dianne Burge Secretary Sandra Ferrell Reporter Carol Winstead Parllamentarian Charlotte Crutchfield Song Leader Paula Whnrvscll Historian Mrs, Allen Splonsor FUTURE TEACHER OF AMERICA OFFICERS Sandra Jeffreys President Deanie Longest Vice-President Ann Roberts Secretary Brenda Greene Treasurer Mrs. Reynolds Sponsor Pat Wagoner, Gayle Greene, Sylvia Taylor, Linda Wyrick, Betty Westbrook, Steve Hardy, Peggy Eanes, Emily Wilborn, Bonnie Hensley, Mrs. Hook, Paula Whitesell, Treva Wagoner, Anne Cunningham, Sherian Sharpe, LIBRARY WORKERS OFFICE ORKERS Diane Burge Jean Fogleman Marie Kernodle Robert Pitts Rhonnie Price Clyde Coon , , , , , , Doris Barnes, Peggy Eanes, Aubrey McDonald, Sid Boone, Jo Ann Lowe, Doug Parker. no Wlrie- x 'M' will P, we S. ,J by - Wkvffbz WM EMM Q , ffm.. ,' -f. 17, I, V. 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GARR.ISON'S , y Where students eat and meet Everything for men. SChOOl Supplies , Beauty and First ,Aid Supplies , Ca-6-3038 1 I i , , ' 4 I in I 7 I Y A ' SWIFT CLEANERS " The best in dry cleaning You'll feel swell if you eat at TOOT' 8a TELL , y 1 l CHICKEN HOUSE Shirts, Wash, -and Dry Laundry See SERVICE FURNITURE C . O BASON Sa BASON CA-6-2920 where-you will find a complete 18 O4 S. Church Street hue of ladies apparel Burlington, North Carolina Compliments of SU ANNE RESTAURANT OSCAR'S COUNTRY KITCHEN SL SNACK BARS CA-60175 2103 West Webb Ave. 710 West Harden Street 2114 Maine Avenue Graham, North Carolina GLEN RAVEN FABRIC SHOP ALAMANCE PRINTING COMPANY Commercial Printing Burlington Engraving and Photo-Offset I CA-6- 188 1 Elon H1'WaY Burlington, North Carolina , Fashion is the word at Compliments of DANIELS' GROCERY ASI-IION S P JU 4-4592 MOON F HO Burlington Road Graham, North Carolina GENERAL TIRE SUPPLY INCORPORATED BLALOCK'S Tuxedo Rentals 301 N. Main 220 East Front St. Burlington, N.C. Burlington, N.C. CA-6-6951 or CA-7-2002 Compliments of Compliments of CURRIN 85 HAY INC. ANDREW'S DRUG COMPANY Men's, Ladies' Se Student's Wear 138 Maple Ave. Burlington, N.C. Burlington, North Carolina , 1 74 I 3" L' L4 i T f 1 l 3 , - , K I . , r ff . , 1,-'rf ffcl lf xyit Tv f flu. ' ' ' A ,, , W 'r 7 4 V 1 Af ' 1 'Q 1 A ' 6 Tflolce Tn-L, f QLPU' A! ' -ffiffvl f r Y 7 W. f , f X,-' r : f 1 1 ' fir! , f 1 gc I 114254, t4.U,q,17f?,,,, if IL Yi W X I ri! .ff 10 , ' S , W f ,L , Best Vyshes ' U3 . . :N MOOREF , D Fbonrsr Tj L yd f X 1 jf , Viv Two doors' from Paramont Theater MCPHERSON HARDWARE ci Q'oQ3D?'N',SmRPuYC' f1Lo.,Lc X 7 241' T509 7 fgf-if 1! ' - C T THE DAILY TIMES NEWM KU! LYNCH OIL CO- or Clif 3 I l Wlholesale Dealer- Esso Products "A1amg:Qffifi:45y' o i Dany ewsp V if' VJ ' 1609 W. Webb Ave. f N' W , CA-8-8311 BURLING AR IN -Q' I f Burlin ton, No h Carolina n N. 651 S J Y' EL' G 01' ' Uaf' f 70 , J N Lf!! WML' J 34"Com ments of ' , f l - AM GLASGOW'S GROCERY - Groceries, Meats, Texaco Products, Feeds, Seeds, Fertilitzers CA-8-9128 Hwy. 70-A TELEVISION COMPANY OF BURLINGTON 1761 West Webb Ave. CA-7-2946 . ANCE OLQO' Compliments of ' ' CURRIN 8: HAY, INC. K Highway 70-A Mews and Boys Wear I lj JU 4-7391 Burlington, N rth Carolina wy X X X Compliments of Ml fy! STUBBINS FURNITURE COMPANY 325-327 Trollinger St. ' - Burlington, N.C. ' QW1 5 226-9349 .B No I 56. V7 . UJLI Eg, r . , 9 ' Q r N 'O h N J,,'.:,,o O Q20 my., C p' en 0 'I' ' 2 1 .guxqlk a 1 .1 . I D0 Jaya 019' E s urge? - 'eers I! g g . u gf.-Dy Q" ,bp if . 1 I , J A . IM- 517 url ,gs X get , ' ,xx BX F 2 I? SUPER,fMART'wx, K wg jg I 3 IL or, -- Y sw f -eee ff 1' 2 . 7 E LX !x ,Q .lv I CN " ' , L9 q I . , CA-7-7435 1604 Wes: Webb Q-f def ff' E F30 4, 6 'R L t 1 Graham - Haw River Road Groceries, Produce, and novelties 0 X ,I X px, ff ,ff 14' ' v' Lf ,j N " KU CTR fx!! 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'L' Phone JU-4-7671 'Q' j 'A V Ib? , 1 ' , r L X. .L EX fp 'v f l f 'lf Q, LL L LX 3 NL N ' 'N' 'L ,LL ' , ,L L ll- L Q I LLL' A 1 'LJ R L1 V 4 L. fl l Ai E l LJ y ly A my N. ., A, A - W 'LV WDM Complimentsoojf' W V P' 'Vx . 1 Y, if A ' ' 31 l ' , 1 ix - , L, T I R AJ . N 'VX , LCV' ' 1 We 41 YGLBSONVILLE DRUG COMPANY ,wh JL .LVL f LT ' . ,J L, l T H V if ik' X Dfw! A rf- E l L' L L r '1-L I 1. 73 1 V, qv? f'5Txj"fJLg!L A- li 1 gi L11 if 6 e U , 'N if ,QV W- Compliments of W ,JJ f, fn 7 nl ' L , L-' I 1 L: - DL, - lv b pf' I 1- ' L fl ' 7 L 9' fl rl ' 1 "V W' ,gy ELI' .E E in l LL V J V RENTAL TOWEL SERVICE l G5 ML Nfl? fl W 5- L' J fp 1 I L . L . A , .X 1 ,f'. if fp 'E fp, ' x ,lglfff R , L wif VW W-J I 93" 701 jj My H ,fompliments of 'I ,Vu wily fx 5 ' 'X Q 'L LJ if K? ' 5' V ' M 'NL- W il? rdf, fl J fbi W- -- 1 .241 rv X r I lf ATKINSON DAIRIESINC. - v 1 V , r X , N A gil W L ie , . fl' LU - L 'L I S lr r D ' P d r '11 'J ' J 1 if PJ! ea es a1rY ro uc s xv 77 X IAM , Burlington, N.C. 4 ' ,X ' K 5 Pl X gi , L .2 1 YV 1 is, f Fx I I L L 'v '. ',!! I 1 X A X' ' , r ' 'N HOME APPLIANCE STORE, INC. Z Namebrand appliances - Service beyond the sale- - One year free service and labor on all televisions ixTwo years free service and labor on allappliances NW L. X I V, J S. W. Court Square . f y jx 106 w. Eim sr. M l If , nj 'lj Graham, N.C. Al' 561: ' I , CA-7-4086 Q E f ' ' ' ,mv . vw' Q- , I f ' I if rf V NP 1 f 4 , r Nfipwr lg my V ,WFWW fl l if I ,II lar,-lil' 5:41, , II , ffl 43 If ,f I NWA JUL L 2 , VJ ff , 'V I IW I of ll I W Wap if If I If V, I HL J I I ' - I' ' I I f I Q ' ' A-I I I I I . I 'I - Compliments o n QUBAR YWIMRDTS SALAD COMPANY r I AM-, I 7 l ffjf I of I 'I Wayvlfwby WWI! W f pc I IJ MW I I' AI 1 YJ ffl' IJ I 1 r. ' .rv I, , I I ' K .ZX I Start a Savings Account now with First Federal and add to it regularly for your college education FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN AUSSOCIIA ON UQ ,S , I +A It I - JJ - I gf LXLJJ L V East Davis at Lexingto J' f X ' K K1 f Wy -by I Burlington, North Carolinau , Q A XJ '- fir A IV K tu, , E ,vw , ima a S, in I f I H of ff, iff V! P Guy: f bbw J 'I -J it ,mg My if Vg Wig, ALAMAhmCAMEgA'8SPHI2Ttg1 Iw I ,GLM . Ju I C R gjj' I .Q ' ,tw ' I I 51,1 I fl! ' LIL I 'XV I ' ' LV , IvJgIuIANcHARo's GULF sERvlcE Ipayxfi I WL I 'J CA-6-9308f QUJ 0 K ,J 251 E. Front suieeg ff q Burlington, North Carolina LL f' l'fQ7f"N lQld6.j.ijLY V1 'fi' J f3'I-Agra 4,Lfv'Al-LILJL if 'KLLY ye! LLC! ldlfyflesi 'WTSQIIZQ if fllili' A 1, Compliments of WJMCCLUETUNERAL SERVICE I 2.-Cha ' JUL'-efWLeff'O ' S fi Q f Ig ,ff A Cr MArLocK's CA-7-7498 'lxglwizmd X ,gewiagcl I Burlington W Graham! L ' I A Leif QL . Elon College, North Carolina QNX - XX -'-N X , 1 1 A 4 ,- 1 I u x N v " 1 1 x X x N CDcVmurK, W ..,. .. fadlif fQ9 X .fffm j!?Zfvz2Lz6zyf4f24kjy :Laffy ff' A , Af 4 K1 V-fy-v-ff, L4 O6 A 'B 'iff ,, X , L-L,' J I rj? 9-,Lil of K cla,fgL-'fiai 2.1 nf 0- Ejifpff' - 49+ ' L1fC,2,cC,,1.,c'x,. xg X '-XSQQSX 'X x K . XX , K Y 'Xxx , J--li Wx XX fxxbxx x ark-,x 5 Y X X I +1x 1-- :K 'Nl X-.- -Q -. x fx ,,-1 Y. - ' N k . W wx FQ, ,Ili 1 , X BX, . t , 54 , LLLrwc'2 we-fw . , f I jg M,A.,.,k-1, . +V-Sf-w I 1 - - - , L :N-317.-if I 5 l,.,1xAQcf r7 ff I Llfl ' 6 N Q9- I N It in E J Ky. I' -1 w X, fc if 11,15 N 1 if XMLQ' ray 'L ,r x Nt f . w 'ffm I 1 X , 1 T' ' ' " '-'Y w 1 Y 1 H L X ' X.. x p X N w I E, N 1 f f :H I I f -f 49 X. f ' f w Q 1 75 I J f, 1 r 1 f ,. .1 1M , 4, ,V ,,f,,A.1, "1 f w ,' ,I 1 , V ', V 4, gl 1, ' 1 f4f5'Q . 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