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-X 4411-4 ,K-Z7 2" ,lf Z' -X I'-va. Q 'T:'Z" vp! g. vw-' - . - 1 'x J Ax- J A Q .0 wq', Xvwxv ,ex SIS! Ill! ..., ill! ill' '. I sf: 1 .nz s-n , x Nw-as-N-N-...,,.,,.,,,,,,: llll li 'na' ml mr nn ..., ..., . ..., K un nu 1 ml llll nm nu ......x...,...... ...lm ev. PH' EAR tlll xl!! .-sum 'A Sk '---W 'lfzgljlm Q 'YF' NK -1-3513 ws. :tr XM? 1 .X 9.-an-v ww.,-A vu- x x Hi I I Q wm.,,,.x fiilniky MAYMEN1 me LIBRA 342 S. ' ,nrmu Street -v Burlington, NQ. -. - ,L wr 1-Y J' 53 Ecumis f ID .Ck xi 73' , 4 . ' Vg... ,....,- ..-.. ..,..-. ' .:.zg','-, ,Z ,, .. g,H,., A., N A -x N' Emi Join us now in listening to the echoes of our school days. From the classroom to the basketball court you will hear echoes of unforgettable hours filled with hard work, faithful friends, and thrilling experiences. As your guide for this tour through our school life, we have chosen a prominent member of the graduating class, E.Lon- ny Elf. He will introduce you to everyone and answer any questions you have. We hope your acquaintance with him will be as enjoyable as ours. Tl-LE ECI-IOES STAFF L 1.1 U v 4, ru , Q I I 2 g. n J in 4. f"I vp Q . .QQ aww: ,tgw , . 41295 411 .S we I gnu u n 1' Q ,Q x S N To the graduating classes of yesterday, today, and tomorrow, we dEd1C3te the 1953 ECI-IOES 1'-'Qi 23 ,-1 4 4 Nw'-14 Qi- A -3: -CQQ 1 2 . TWT? I 'r .-:+ A 4, 'A -'ff' ,. if A Principal Salma! l5'aard JAMES W. HILL A. L. HOOK T. A. BOLAND Chairman uv , 'R F f il' I' 'Q P" 1 R. PAUL EVERETTE J. MARK MCADAMS L. J. WHITESELL ' u 5, f"a.a-"- m Q ish ll, 3 High np.. F"" ' chan! Zzculty . ' Lg-it 3 3 X ' ,R in' WA A , .N -I ' - '-'N f., 3 I, 'FF I Sur fi mf A A . ti Q.. 'Q . N, W. E. LOWE, JR, MRS BETTY BOWMAN MRS. FRANCES LONGEST MRS. LUCY EVERETTE Social Sciences English KL French Typing B1 English Science, Biology, Home Economics Oh ar- 'W W ' ' , 1 is X 4,,., N . T' qv' l l A XX JAMES F. ROBERTS MRS. MINNIE HOOK MRS. JEAN HARRELL MRS. JEAN HAWKINS Physical Education Mathematics, Public School Music Secretary Coach Librarian SENIURS miars VIRGINIA FRANCES BLACK "Ginny" Basketball l, Z, 3, 4, Co-Captain 45 Softball l, 2, Home EC. Club lg 4-I-I Club Z., 3, President 2, Vice-President 3, Jr. Play, Popularity Contest, Superlative. MARGARET ANNE BOLAND "Maggie" B2 Club l,Z, 3, 4, Treasurer 33 Glee Club Z, 3, 4, Home Ec.C1ub lpWaitress Jr. -Sr. Banquet1Po- pularity Contest 3g Jr, Play, May Court 35 May Queen 4g Manager Girls' Basketball Team 3, 4, Annual Staff 3, 4, Feature Editor 3, 45 Class Treasurer 43 Citizenship Club Z5 Superlative. , , x THOMAS JESSE BRAMMER "Tommy" Student Council lg Class Secretary lg Jr. Playg Basketball Manager 3, 4, Baseball Manager 3,4g Superlative. JG ANN BRANNOCK "JO" Waitress Jr. -Sr. Banquet lg Marshal 1, Glue Club 31 Class Secretary Z, Home llc. Club lg Superlatxvff. PATSY ANNE BARBER "Patsy" C102 Club 1,45 Home EC. Club l. NANCY PEARL BARNHARDT Hpeggyn Home Ec. Club lg Superlative. ' 1 V: Q w EWELL JACK BOUTCHYARD Hjacky. Baseball 3. LAWRENCE CYRIL BRAMMER "Larry" Basketball 3, 45 May Court 13 Superlative LELAND MELVIN CHRISMON "Melvin" Basketball 3, 4, Co-Captain 45Student Council 1, Z, 3, 4, Class Vice-President 1, 4, Class Presi- dent Z, 3: 4-H Club 1,Z, 3, 4, President 3, Citi- zenship Award Z, Bus Driver 3, 4, May Court Z, 3, 45 Superlative. LUCY RI-IEA EVERETTE "Bobbie" Class Vice-President Z, Secretary 45 Student Council Z3 Home Ec. Club 13 Waitress Jr-Sr. Banquet 13 Marshal 35 Glee Club Z, 3,4, Pregi- dent 3, Vice-President 4g BZ Club Z, 3, May Court 1, Historian, Superlative. Q, t DONALD LEE I-IAWKINS "Donald" Superlative . MARY ANN HODGE .VAMIH Home Ec. Club 15 Popularity Contest 2, Glee Club 3, 45 May Court 4, Superlative. ff? cuiars , f , ,igQf91f'1'f' '41 4 ner, REBECCA JEANETTE FOSTER "Nette" Softball lg Home EC. Club 1, Glee Club Z, 3, Cheerleader Z, 3, 4, Jr. Play, Science Club, Superlative. DAVID ELMORE HAITH "David" 4-H Club 1, Z, 35 Basketball Manager Z, May Court 45 Superlative. CHARLES ROBERT HOLT "Mousie" 4-H Club 1, 3, Science Club lg Superlative. BERTHA JANE KEISLING "Jane" Glee Club 1,23 Home EC. Club 1, 4-H Club. Seniors .,, Q6 KAREN ELIZABETH MARTIN "Karen" BZ Club 1,Z, 3, 4, Secretary 3, President 45 Home EC. Club lg Annual Staff 2, 3,4, Art Editor Z, 3, Editor-in-Chief 4g Glee Club 2, 3, 4, President 49 Student Council 3, Secretary 33 Basketball Mgr. 4, Waitress Jr.-Sr. Banquet 1, Citizenship Award 39 Superlative. LONA GRACE MASSEY "Loney" Class President lg Student Council 15 Home Ec. Club lg Waitress Jr. -Sr. Banquet lg May Court 1,25 Softball 1, Glee Club 3, Vice-President 3g Usher at Jr. Play 35 Annual Staff 4, Business Manager 4, Ty-pist 49 Basketball Team 1,Z, 3, 4, Co-Captain 3, 4, Giftoriang Superlative. .J ,. .. - wsu,- 11441 EDITH ANN KINCH ..Ann.. Student Council lgHome Ee. Club 1gC1a55 Vice- President 15 Glee Club Z, 3, 4, Superlative, GRACE ELIZABETH LYNCH HI-libvv 4-H Club 1, Glee: Club 3, 43 Home Ec. Club lg Class Poet 4. KATHLEEN RAE MCDONALD "Kathleen" Basketball 1, Z, 3, 43 B2 Club l, Z, 3, 45 Home EC. Club lg Glee Club 35 Jr. -Sr. Waitress lg Annual Staff 3,4, Typist 3, Assistant Editor 4, Testatorg Superlative. BONNIE FAYE MCINTYRE uvpatn Class Secretary S1 Treasurer 1, Vice-President Z2 Student Council lg Home Ec. Club lg Waitress Jr.-Sr. Banquet lgSoftball l,ZgMgr.Girls' Bas- ketball Team Zg Marshal Zg May Court 3,45 Glee Club 3, Treasurer 3, Annual Staff 45 Typist 4, Supe rlative . 61. JANET FAYE METCALF .V-Janet.. Home Ec. Club lg Journalism Club 1, Waitress Jr. -Sr. Banquet lg Superlative. WILLIAM WILEY NANCE rvwueyvv tif mio rs JAMES BRANDFORD OWEN uBiuyuv Basketball 45 Baseball 3,45 Bus Driver 45 Jr. Play. BETTY JO PHILLIPS IIJOII Glee Club 1, Z5 Home Ec. Club 15 4-H Club. RONALD VERNETT SHARPE IIRDHDYII Basketball l, Z, 3,4, Co-Captain 45 B2 Club 1, Z, 3,45 Student Council 1, 3,4, Treasurer 35 May Court l, 35 May King 45 Marshal 15 Glee Club Z, 35 Class President 1, Treasurer 3, President 45 Citizenship Club 2.5 Assistant Bus Driver 3,45 4-H Club 1, Z5 Superlative. HASKELL w11.L1AM sM1TH, JR. w." Basketball 1, Z, 35 Baseball l, 2, Mgr. Baseball Team I5 4-H Club 1, 25B-2 Club 1.2, 35Glee Club 35 Superlative. 1. JE. Q KATHRYN LEE POPE "Kat" BZ Club 1, Z, 3, 45 Class Treasurer Z5 Glee Club 45 Home Ec. Club 1. THOMAS EDWARD POWELL v!EdIv Basketball 3, 45 Science Club 15 BZ Club 1, Z, 3, 45 Glee Club 35 Jr. Play: Safety Patrol, Co-Captain Z5 Annual Staff 35 Class Vice-President 35 Stu- dent Council 3,4, Vice-President 3, President 45 Superlative. ROBERT LARENZO SUTTON "R. L. " Transferred 25 Baseball Z,35 Marshal 35 Bus Driver 2, 3, 45 Jr. Playg Superlative. DANIEL WILLIAM WAGONER nDanu Bus Driver 3,45 Science Club 15 4-H Club 1,25 Glee Club l, Superlatwe. Scuiars 1 r A NANCY ELIZABETH WHITESELL "Lib" Home Ec. Club 15 Glee Club 1,Z, 3,4, Secretary 45 Student Council 3,4, Secretary 45 Class Se- cretary Z, 35 Popularity Contest 25132 Club Z, 3, 4, Secretary 4g 4-H Club 1, Z, 3, Secretary 35.11-. Play5Softball Zg Cheerleader Z, 45 Annual Staff 35 Circulation Mgr. 35 Class Prophet5 Superlative. BETTY SUE WILLIAMS "Betty" Home EC. Club 15 Superlative. . J X' ,Mascots JEANETTE OAKES DAVID SHARPE DORIS INEZ WARD "Nez" Softball l, Z , 35 4-H Club l,Z, 35 Home Ec. Club 15 Science Club 15 Student Council 15 Glee Club 1, Z, 35 Cheerleader 1, Z, 3, 4, Head 45 Jr. Play, Se- cretary of Class lg Superlative. JACK JUNIUS WHITESELL I1JaCkyVY Science Club l, Z5 Manager Baseball Z5 Jr. Play, Bus Driver 45 Annual Staff 3,4, Assistant Editor 45 BZ Club Z, 3,4. ,"?- 5?-S ' 1 fu:- .a fun ,vb , 1 'lf LOIS JEAN WILSON "Jean" Glee Club 1,25 Home EC. Club lg Softball lg 4-H Club 15 May Court Z. EGBERT LONGINUS ELF, Esquire "E, l..onny" Transfer from The Land of Make Believe 45 Bas- ketball 45 Supreme Captain and Secret Weapon 45 Honorary Member of B2 Club 45Glee Club 45Con- cert Soloist 45 Assistant Principal, Librarian and Teacher 45 Guardian Angel for Safety Patrol 45 Superlative. 1 ,. ' ' I it 1 J, 4' . 4 ' I livin-.L 4' .gi , W -A ,,,zff.., .. -f al . I '-5 .' ig if a .-L Q Q' ss .tt n nl'-' 'llf 'Nl -Anon - . - "ff fl' ' . C? , Al- ,Marshals CLASS COLORS: Green and White CLASS FLOWER: Lily of the Valley CLASS MOTTO: Create great men, the rest follows. C T x ,., J el 1 K 1 l i x y.,- Cflass Poem Our high school days are over, But we should not despair, For now before us opens A future bright and fair. But in our hearts there's sorrow, And in our eyes there are tearsg We know we now must say goodby, To our happy high school years. The Sadness does not linger, The tears are quickly dried, With cheerful hearts we look ahead With joy and with pride. Our love for you, our dear old school Mere words can never tell, So now to you, dear Elon High, We bid a fond farewell. With steps that never falter, With dreams that never die: We'll ever strive to reach our goal, With hope held bravely high. For nothing is won by wishing, Unless we add our might, So in the game of life we seek, For Honor, Truth, and Right. By Grace Lynch gflI.S'S History On September 7, 1949, fifty-three bewildered and innocent Freshmen began their first year in Elon College High School. Mrs. R. V. Hendren and Miss M. E. Ridge were our home room tea- chers. Class officers in Mrs. Hendren's room were: President, Ronny Sharpe, Vice-President, Ann Kinchg Secretary, Tommy Brammerg Treasurer, Doris Ward. The officers in Miss Ridge's home room were: President, Grace MasseygVice -President, Mel- , Bonnie Mclntyre. During vin ChrisrnongSecretary and Treasurer this year we had several weiner roasts and hay rides at Miss Ridge' s house. Being Sophomores gave us more confidence and assurance. Again, Mrs. Hendren and Miss Ridge were our home room tea- chers. Our class officers in Mrs. Hendren's room were: Presi dent, Peggie Robertsong Vice-President, Lucy Everetteg Secre tary, Nancy Whitesellg Treasurer, Kathryn Pope. The officers i Miss Ridge's room were: President,Melvin ChrismongVice-Presi- de nt , Bonnie Mclntyre, Secretary and Treasurer, Jo Ann Bran- nock. Several parties were held in the Home Economics Depart- ment. I1 Juniors! Under the supervision of Mr. W. H. Struhs, Jr., our home room teacher, we selected our class rings, presented our very successful play, "Aaron Slick from Pumpkin Crick"g and planned our Junior-Senior Banquet at the Alamance Hotel, with music by Jimmy Perkins and his orchestra. Our class officers were: President, Melvin Chrismong Vic e -P r e sid e nt Edward Powellg Secretary, Nancy Whitesellg Treasurer, Ronny Sharpe. Finally came our last and most important year - Senior! Our home room teacher was Mr. W. E. Lowe,Jr., and our class officers were: President, Ronny Sharpe, Vice-President, Melvin Chrismong Secretary, Lucy Everetteg Treasurer, Margaret Bo- land. We sponsored several dances as well as selling Christmas cards and magazines to raise money for our eagerly awaited trip to Washington. We looked forward to the Junior -Senior Banquet, and, last but not least, Graduation. We have come a long way and have had fun with it all. We're graduating, but I'm sure we won't forget our last four years of school. Although we may never have a place in history books, it will hold its place in the heart of each graduating senior. Lucy Everette Historian em- r . ,, -, ' ,. N ' --.ph 'L 1 ' ' . 'isra- i M,,..,,,, 1 ....- , A f n. .Nw '--- K I.. Av ' . ,.,,,..,,uhh. - ,, A-A1 " t 'wt lf - ' r, 'ilu' . VM. .-...T - vu.. , f .,- -vmyf' ' 'f-n...,LB-M, ,' M' " 1 5.5 ,, , .. ME ' J ,f'.,'4.j 3, .,.,y,,,-,.,V ' ' 'f"ffg,f, 31f.4..--2....w tmwjl 6ll15S Praphccy At Home June l, 1963 Dear Diary, I surely am glad I decided to spend my first million by making a tour of the United States. I not only enjoyed the different states, but I also found out what all my classmates of 1953 are doing. First I went to New York and found that EDWARD POWELL is President of Columbia University. He told me that KATHLEEN MCDONALD is a French professor there. I went to see her and I found that she makes a fine one - al- most as good as her mother. She told me that MARGARET BOLAND and RON- NY SHARPE are married, but there aren't any little Ronnys yet. Margaret is teaching school in the Julliard School of Music, and Ronny is designing another Empire State Building. I stopped in Texas and was quite surprised to find that CHARLES HOLT has struck oil. It wasn't hard to find him, because there is a huge building in the center of Houston which reads, "HOLT'S OIL COMPANY". I went to see him, and he gave me a whole quart of oil for my Cadillac, he always was ge- nerous, you know. He told me that DAVID HAITI-l, WILEY NANCE and DON- ALD HAWKINS are donned in blue and white, serving their country faithfully. As I was driving on, I noticed a brightly lighted neon sign, HBRAMMER BROTHERS' NIGHT CLUB". I knew the name was familiar, so I stopped. I was quite amazed to find that TOMMY BRAMMER and LARRY BRAMMER real- ly are partners in the place, they never did get along in school together very well. Who do you suppose was dancing when I walked in? None other than VIRGINIA BLACK. I could hardly wait for the show to be over so I could talk with her. She told me that ANN KINCH, DORIS WARD, and JEANETTE FOS- TER are quite a pretty trio of nurses at a large Naval Hospital in Washington. I bet Jeanette likes this! Larry told me that JACK BOUTCHYARD owns a car factory in Chicago. It seems that MELVIN CI-IRISMON is in business with him. I went on my way and stopped in a drug store. Whom do you suppose I saw? H. W. SMITH, who is the owner. JANET METCALF was his head soda jerk, along with MARY ANN HODGE and BETTY PHILLIPS. H. W, told me that JACKY WHITESELL is a contractor, making about 5100, OOO a year. DAN- NY WAGONER and R. L. SUTTON are working with him. Betty said that LOIS WILSON and Thomas are married. Lois is just being a good old housewife. I decided to go back to Elon and Burlington to see if I could round up the others. On my way down to North Carolina, I stopped in Virginia, where I found that KAREN MARTIN is a famous artist. She and her sister have an art studio there. After I arrived in Elon, the first person I saw was LUCY EVERETTE. What do you suppose she is doing? Teaching school at good old E. H. 5. - like mother, like daughter. She told me that BONNIE MCINTYRE is a private secretary for the Mayor of Burlington. Lucy told me that GRACE MASSEY and Harrell Brown's case really was serious. They own a radio shop in Bur- lington. Grace is handling all the secretarial work, well, she always was a good ty-pist. PEGGY BARNHARDT and BETTY WILLIAMS are secretaries at a large insurance company in Greensboro. While I was talking with Lucy, GRACE LYNCH appeared. She is teach- ing music at E. H. S. Her name has been changed to Mrs. William Holt, Jr She told me that PATSY BARBER and .IO ANN BRANNOCK Own a very fashion- able dress shop in Burlington. KATHRYN POPE is BILLY OWEN's secretary. Billy is a big stockholder in the Jefferson Standard Life Insurance Company. It seems I have told you rather well about my classmates of 1953 except for one person who, I think, was one of the most helpful persons in the class. She is none other than BERTHA KEISLING, who is working as a duplicator operator at Western Electric in Burlington. Well, Diary, it's about time to plan supper. My husband will be expec- ting a big one, because today is our fourth anniversary. Oh my! There's the telephone. You'll have to excuse me a moment. My husband just called to tell me that he is going to take me out to the Stork Club tonight to celebrate our anniversary, so I'll say goodby for now. Nancy Whitesell Class Prophet F:- 51" nfs We 'n f!HfM01'7 ff 'Q 016,165+ qjawwlzlllkjacjvna qflnn "Nah Ll! 7 1-7l!!.65 vt f,,.,,q7 gm Jf ff Mew can eff fable! 45, 3-l.iDQnQQya5 'lm OL 731662, Wann S v :W 1465-71 4,9-vi 'wb Zig!! lIfwZ2s! Ealrdffe 'Mlfuf WQMS Marc! 2265! kggoffs K CAB! 4!Af'-'Q-Se ff -M466 flfass g f , I M05'!!VH5l?Q! !7q'4f4l' if gakhj Zaufff ffcu 216' Zin ff Q46 f .fgnne fgfanna fldefvfn f'7"5""""' ydmjfgs! . A ., ,. ' A 'QA 5fvf2f6 Qjdsf A 0 0,5127 ' ffff5Qefa Qmqlol fnefwb K 61-fzsm ofv ak Aiczf glial? M4071 O f A07 Elmer Ofvlvsl bJmh,,,.11e 10777 W 3560 'fd Bm? 4,9-mf X asv! f UJ5 3 gf ' mad J, Zarrfhawl M Aff-We I2 ff U fUMmW6 05 - x x Y -f- Uvffhlh Zfaek " M4547 rginv QWFZ fa ,I Jafij' Kijiji Mar lgflarfflf -Z2 fzeceeff' ,N cffa.ff1,rff eww! far Jo MM 'firamrwe' f 5 in ,N I 'E 'm 'Q 1 Mas! 3, J 13,1 4500 fQ 6446-,K QQX -aff' 1 fu last Will and Zeslamenl Elon College Alamance County North Carolina We, the Senior Class of Nineteen Hundred a.nd Fifty -three of Elon College High School, being of fee- ble mind and disposing disposition, and realizing we are soon to depart this school life, do make this our Last Will and Testament, hereby declaring null and void all other wills or promises extracted from us un- der pressure. ARTICLE I To our beloved faculty we leave our splendid grades and good behavior as examples to be held up by them to inspire the oncoming classes to reach the goal that we have attained. ARTICLE ll To the Junior Class we leave all our Senior privileges, our Senior dignity, and our Senior problems. To the Sophomores, because of their dire need, we leave our brilliancy and "pep", with sincere hopes that they may use them both in literary and athletic fields. To the Freshmen we bequeath all the notes we have taken during our four years of classes. We hope they find some arnong them concerning the classes attended. ARTICLE Ill I, Jacky Whitesell, will my position as handy man to Bill Michael. I Doris Ward, leave my sore throat and position as head cheerleader to someone with good lungs. I I-I. W. Smith, will my Ford to anyone who will buy it. I, Bertha Keisling, will my salesmanship to the rising Seniors. I, Billy Owen, entrust Bus 42 to David Weaver. I, Ann Kinch, leave my happy-go-lucky attitude to haunt the halls during future exams. I, Melvin Chrismon, bestow upon Ronald Thomas my wavy hair and hope it doesn't make him seasick. I Janet Metcalf, leave my title as "Biggest Baby" to my sister, Nancy. I, Betty Williams, leave my typewriter to Mary Batten. I Donald Hawkins, leave the memory of my quietness to the teachers to soothe them when the clamor of exuberant youth tries their patience to the breaking point. l, Grace Lynch, will my ability to get a gang of girls together to go to the movies to Margaret Brown. I David I-Iaith, leave my ability to be seen and not heard to Charles Wright. I, Jeanette Foster, will my roving eyes to Margaret Sternberg. y i 1 I, R. L. Sutton, leave my lost year at Burlington High to Willard King. I, Jack Boutchyard, bequeath my blue eyes to Elwood Peele in the hope that they will make him more successful with girls. I, Margaret Boland, will my May Queen crown to a rising Senior girl and hope it will make her as happy as it did me. I, Tommy Brammer, leave my position as Coach's right -hand man to Max Hyatt. I. Patsy Barber, leave my driving ability to Geraldine Loy. I, Bonnie McIntyre, bestow upon Tommie Leigh my long, blond hair. I, Nancy Whitesell, leave my spelling ability t0Jerry Pitts, who needs it desperately. I, Kathryn Pope, bequeath my position as library as- sistant to Emma Wagoner. I, Mary Ann Hodge, leave my sweetness to Rachael Brammer. I, Edward Powell, leave my diligent studying to Doug Bowden. I, Grace Massey, will my bruises acquired in basket- ball to Butch Turner. I, Ronny Sharpe, entrust Billy Blanchard with my bas- ketball suit and hope he will soon grow into it. I, Virginia Black, leave my laughter to echo through the halls forever. I, Kathleen McDonald, bestow upon Annie Mae Wright my habit of trying to do a half dozen things at once. We, Betty Phillips and Lois Jean Wilson, leave our interest in the Navy to Nancy Humphrey and Shirley Cardwell. I, Peggy Barnhardt, will my typewriter to Virgie Per- kins. I, Lucy Everette, bestow upon Jean Loy my ability to wear something different each day. I, Karen Martin, will my position as Editor of the "Echoes" to anyone who will undertake it fthe poor innocent creaturej. I, Joanne Brannock, leave my ambition to look down on someone's head to Janet Brammer. I, Larry Brammer, leave the road to the orphanage open to Darryl Burge. I, Danny Wagoner, bestow upon Charles Rumbley my ability to be heard from one end of the hall to the other. I, Wiley Nance, leave my innocent looks to George Horner. I, Charles Holt, just leave. We do hereby subscribe our names and affix our seal this, the year of our Lord, One Thousand Nine Hundred and Fifty -three. Kathleen McDonald Witnesses: Testatrix Dr. J. W. Hill Mr. Wilkes E. Lowe. Jr. January 1 Mrs. M. Frances Longest Class of '53 ,Av 11 UNDERCLASSMEN TQ? . I 4 s I1 a- ,, I - Shirley Crouse Louise Greeson Evelyn Guinn Susan Harmon A-a .L-N F-f yuuiars Patsy Allen Mary Batten Douglas Bowden Rachel Brammer Margaret Brown Eugene Bustard 6- Becky Hawkins Otis I-Iopson George Horner Nancy Humphrey James Isley Jerry King 351 if 'cr 6 S 91 out ,Yuma IHS' Doris Leigh Betty Love Helen McNeil Nancy Metcalf Bill Michael Vergie Perkins .f -ft vw- in 1:25 S 'C' 3 ,- -- A Y' x Jerry Pitts Jimmy Robertson Virgil Stadler Ronald Thomas Eudora Thompson Emma Wagoner David Weaver Larry Whitesell Annie Mae Wright Charles Wright K? Jr F me Jimmy Collins Jeanie Cook Jean Daughtery Peggy Dempsey Brona Foster Betty Rae Franks W. D. Harwood Max Hyatt Shzrley Johnson Willard King Geraldine Loy Saphama res Ar .5 it L Carol Allred i AA Hugh Black if Q' Janet Brammer 6 ti 1 It . l x 4 1 .rf Q 'N ' 3 A ,lo-Q is , A.- uh . f.. 'Lx - Glenda Burke Kaye Cable Shirley Cardwell 41305 Q YP GC 'I' ,.r .p.. in-1-J I , x Q2 L- ' - Q- aphamorcs Martha Lee May Virginia Overman Doris Pope Jackie Ray Wesley Reynolds Joann Robertson Sf QL gl -ww? :H fw- 5 'TV' Qs, 'Y Charle 5 Rumbly -cg.-.- N... ?"' .J YW'-ef Charles Sharpe Bobby Smith Shirley Smith Bill Thomas Earl Troxler Troy Turney Jesse Weaver Shelby Wheeler Yvonne Wyrick Not Pictured: Vernon Salmons SN.- Q gh. tv 3. l Lv L A X L- 'vs Betty Jean Carter Patricia Clark Harold Daniels Betty Foster Vivian Franks Barbara Hopf Kay Hughes Claire Johnson Eddie Jones Peggy Jones Shirley Kelley Betty Leigh A vs ""x ,rx Q N X Freeman Batten Charles Bean Roy Black Billy Blanchard Tommie Boland Mary Lou Booth Darryl Burge .Timmy Burgess Jean Burke Sfreshmeu L. S QQ GT 3 er : V ff if . A 6:1 6' ' 5. J 39 N N iN Sfrcshmcu Jean Loy Viola McNeil Edith Nance Elwood Peele Alvis Perry Jimmy Powell John Powell Marcell Randleman Rachel Rudd E Ax 1 iv 1'-if S f-s Oi or 5' "' A ' 17 -.1 jf S L' x 'jf ft' , Om ,. I cv "N ve-'- Q-' 69515 fb-5 Ruby Shambley Mary Sneecl Jerry Steele Margaret Sternberg Lurleane Taylor Shirley Turner Shirley Wagoner Betty Ward Wesley Weaver Deneece Whitesell Ruby York Peggy Zimmerman Not Pictured: John Burgess 00 5 Q-"NS :u S 'nv F 93 S v P9 4 Q ,i E l -A A ., avr? 1 I 5 . 4 - "- A 'N -7 v -A Q ,sg M. 5 gig X + -V 3 by 'Q Ak, - . - F. u. f . . . . A , e . fi -of s W I ,Q . , Y "' f.. . YWK. L- X- 4, SL ' 1 ww x w ,- 41 iv?" NH, .1 Dal lt X : rr A A Q 11 V1 N Vs? '?'f"' ' " ' A kai '1- ftx .7' fi 1gi1,, ? , 351-i ! 1 ' if' Mi' ' 1 -' -:GQ Q-.E fhfffi ' 'b?:"A'l:w I E' 'N' i'2ff-if 1 Q. 5' I A fsg gb, Q Q l , .. 0: 4., 1x 'Q'-1 ' '13 Mfzzr-, no f ':l'9'5 - P QT' REQ-. F 0 15Qffy 5f,:-r F5125 rl ' , f -1, A 'f 1' , x e f ,. fy., 1 4 E E 5 Q' '14 wa Fd I L V ' r f if Q xfEN 9'1s3f QS SEIQJQT .N N?.'+I' 'VSQXQ K S , ,A X, a fin ' PH S 50 12551 - Bnmsm-f: - f f '9 , First Row, left to right: Mary Batten, Treasurerg Nancy White sell, Secretaryg Edward Powell, Presidentg Virgil Stadler, Vice- Presidentg Mr. W. E. Lowe, Advisor. Second Row: Sue Harmon Jean Loy, Jerry King, Ronny Sharpe, Jimmy Powell, Melvin Chris mon, Geraldine Loy, Yvonne Wyrick. EDWARD POWELL President Student Gjauncil To create better school spirit, better co- operation between students and teachers, and re- spect for the school and its property is the pur- pose of the Student Council. This is achieved through various school activities, such as pep rallies, chapel programs by the council, and meetings with student councils of other schools. The officers are elected bythe student body, and the presidents ard vice-presidents of the classes are the delegates to the council. W. E. LOWE Advisor 'll w-1 -ff fo.. First Row, left to right: Douglas Bowden, Virgil Stadler, Vice- President, Nancy Whitesell, Secretary, Karen Martin, President, Jerry King, Treasurer, Mrs. M. W. I-look, Advisorg Sue Harmon. Second Row: Lucy Everette, Margaret Boland, Kathryn Pope, Mel- vin Chrismon, Ronny Sharpe, Edward Powell, Jacky Whitesell, Kathleen McDonald, Larry Whitesell, Emma Wagoner, Mary Batten. KAREN MARTIN President I-fouar Saciciy The Honor Society, which we call the B2 Club, was organized to create an enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render ser- vice, to promote worthy leadership, and to en- courage the development of character in the stu- dents of our school. Our purpose is most appro- priately expressed in the club pledge: I pledge to uphold friendship, honor, service, and scholar- ship in the Elon College Public School. MRS. M. W. HOOK Advisor K . gf-fQS'?JW"'V 1 -K ,, ,f .. -'Q 77-an 5 1 -fra . X, IQ vi! WW . ,W Wi' A 5 S gm A 'Q,., .lg 1' X XJ i 3 H5 , . J- ., 5' 4, . ' --T' E. 4. ' -. ,. . . 1' 1 . , ,. --,f.4:1-festrgg-4 if .-.Q f ' 4 4.-Y --W X ,TV W .1 Y V- .f--1.1-141-Q-Q5-. " ', ' 5, M4, sf - 4 ' l 5 .11 1 7 ' 54 ' ' ' if . , ' iwfff ' - ' f i . Y vi 9 Q 3 , ' - lv . J V x-. ' , ' f , 1 L 1 b . , F Y P ' ' ' v v 1 5 W , Y I l Y E l A 45 '33 4? "" ,A , - DT T aw ' Qi." First Row, left to right: Harmon, D. Whitesell, Hughes, Loy, Boland, Greeson, Perkins, Brown, Wright, Love. Second Row: Batten, B. Franks, N. Whitesell, Booth, May, Sneed, V.Franks Third Row: Metcalf, Hawkins, J. Brammer, Allred, Johnson Burke, Zimmerman, R. Brammer, Carter, Turner, Hodge. n SUSAN HARMON Pianist Glas 67116 Composed of forty-four high school stu- dents, the Glee Club enriches the school with its musical presentations. Under the direction of Mrs. D. B. Harrell, Jr., the Glee Club per- forms at many school functions - Parent-Tea- chers' meetings, chapel programs, and gradua- tion exercises. They also give numerous radio programs. This year, attired in red and white, they began the holiday season by participating in the annual Christmas program presented by cho- ruses from the entire school. MRS. D. B. HARRELLJR.. Director I 1 ?' ' .. ,, Q :Mr Q' 1 9 J . 'rs 5. E Q l' 1' H 3 , 1 I Q Q N Y A if -Q F 9 V ' , In A i I -I by W AN 4 ,, ' Q'qh"Ww 5-ni 53 3- ,MI Jlf, uxxxl, I 'qi' NN Q WE' fx WU' x V f . X ' V'l5': 'SVQW X16 - jf nv W - w'. I up YL! .- f V ll a Q xy! " IJ I - if 'X - 1 A-'G VX Mg A , . ii Es: T EEE 5 X ,,, qv' -1 wklff' E .Zh 'ff 4 K X, .., xl I I T x, f j E A, :r f? 1. , l ' 1' -- xq 8 'i f F Y vghl H 4 I h An y Y 4 x '- ' E Q n F ' First Row, left to rmg t: nie Mae Agh Doris Ward, Sue Harmon. Second Row: M' g S bergpleanet F ' r,Virg1nia Overman, Nancy Wh' - '111. ,J 4 I L 6 pm e K f I 1 1 Q , x V I 5 I . . - 2 x l 1 1 , Ka. H51 v Q 41 fi -in fffy Cacwz .Xi n 9 a n J Qu een Margaret Anne Boland and Ronny Sharpe .xdllenelanfj SENIOR ATTENDANTS Mary Ann Hodge and Melvin Chrismon Bonnie Mclntyre and David I-iaith JUNIOR ATTENDANTS Vergie Perkins and Jerry King Susan Harmon and George Horner SOPHOMORE ATTENDANTS Virginia Overman and Charles Rumbley FRESHMAN ATTENDANTS Shirley Turner and Jimmy Powell 5 Q.. 2118 W. y 5 , QNX Y- ' ' l fx--'-Q-gg., ' 3, ,gg-s" -' si-. ,wagar-1-9 s x - LA. 1 -' hX' 4'- , f. 5 J',' Y An. ..f' EK T , J ! 1 H n K Miss 81011 High GERAL INE LOY ' I1 Slemeutary School 9 ,r -as ' N Z I Y' X g'i A '3 5 4.' a ' - T 5' Qaculiy RAYMOND F. EDWARDS Eighth Grade SAMUEL B. NEESE Seventh 81 Eighth Grades MRS. HILDA RUDD Seventh Grade MRS. CHARLOTTE BOWDEN MRS. MRS. Fifth Grade JANE ROSHELLI Fifth Grade LRMA F. BOLAND Fifth Grade MISS ADELAIDE MORROW MRS. MRS. MISS MRS . Fourth Grade CLARA S. NOAH Third Grade PAT TIE T . WALL Second Grade GEORGIA MOORE First Grade GLADYS HUGHES First Grade . MRS. RUBY WYRICK First Grade MISS RUTH COFFEY Fourth Grade MRS. SOPHIA J. MAYO MISS MRS MRS. MRS MISS MRS Third Grade Not Pictured: LIZZIE LEWIS. Sixth Grade LEFFIE LOWE, Fifth Grade ANN MARTIN, Fourth Grade HELEN COLLEY, Third Grade NANNIE D, REITZEL,Second Grade VIRGIL TRUITT, Second Grade 5igI1!l1 Grade A -, 1 A Q g re, N FA ll ' L 'Q T .g""x sit ,filsxxwlf -,JMX X, i ta I . T R i 'ii' A vc N '25, . ,P-, an xv I ml! my P ' -. 1. i Q-1... .gn 'Z-w. 9 4? X' 31" 2:1 3. x l -uw ' Xjtx :,, -t ,.. M- x ,qv-Au 4 . S sy, , L.,- -.f Q- , ,... , '....,, , . A X -5- , Q9 Mr. Edwards, Teacher F-F ,:., aw :an 1 54 ' 'L' 1:4 ml. 2 Sy 5 5. A ' S' 5' E- ,sy 1 .V 5 - f 1 tv M "'R.,.K -A . .w HM V ' Mild' V 3 wi N s -Yr , '23 -C' - ' vrx- X5 Jw If .J 'Q' X 55 I 10 T 2 he f Qi . First Row: Shirley Baize, John Brammer, Jo Arm Church, H. W. Curl, Iris Garrison, Rachel Gil- liam, Betty Green, Woodrow Haith, Judy Horrell. Second Row: Bobby Harris, Donald Harris, Max I-la es, Tommy Humphrey, Rachel Lockemy, Rachel Loy, Jimmy Mabr , Carol McLoud, Jeanette l Y Y YU Meeks. Third Row: Douglas Perry, Linda Petty, Rachel Pope, Bradford Reynolds, Myrtle Richard- 'son, Johnny Rivers, Tommy Sneed, Carolyn Steele, Carlton Terrell. Fourth Row: Villa Ward, Joan Whitesell, Shirley Wicker, Betty Lou Wilson, Doris Woods, Wilbur Wright. Not Pictured: Marie Workman, Harvey Michael, Nina Matlock, Martha Hill, Marie Blanchard. Swahili and Siglzth Grade llkd va X We 1 gm xi ' ' , 5. ' . f x-:gy 4 ,. Mr. Neese, Teacher L . 42' vs' , L- ' ' . X v 2 V - ' s 2' ,' ' T7 T r xii ,i e lfxisffkli '39 .1 f x , 3 w ' I iKws.,W1,2 g fix HV 'i if ,L ,.-, 7, W T 12 , . P Sli ' A T First Row: Ben Black, Charles Bowden, Marlyn Brammer, Peggy Brannock, Jerry Cardwell, Shirley Cardwell, Gloria Cox, Everette Gerringer, Larry Greeson. Second Row: Donald Harris, W. C. Har- vell, Bobby Hughes, Tommy Humphrey, Ray Kinch, Nina Matlock, Jean May, Patricia Medley, Har- vey Michael. Third Row: Mary Ann Mitchell, Marjorie Oakes, Eugene Perkins, Harold Pritchett, Robert Ray, Johnny Rivers, Janet Turney, Frank Wagoner. KUKIIIII Grade M... Md, Tm... 1 :X 'TV' 1 ii '- an 4. 9- I "" ' A -vi 4-' ' " '3- -? ' 1, -'Z'-1' -f L, 3' 59, E . ,A N xxx' 1, if x Wig, 4 ,lex f i - Qi e.. y . ' X, .1 ., "M f xx jx' ,il " LZMQ. 'a if 3, K S Q. J: uf- -A 5, . if-'sg 55 5, 'z-nv 11 " G -2 'E El ' i flx I 'X 'x s X W W, Zi' :- 95 bfi W :. I gi I ' Q fy J if S f-'J at .,sl . , . X it ' W 5 . Hlteuif, X ' rl ' ws 'J i I1 I .Xi N 'K .f vw JL if2?1:i.'f9i'uiZi .J . si A 'La Q, 2 , 9' 'Z' Cr. I' C 5 N l li, .zip . i' - eel . A ,' Exim in First Row: Beth Brarnmer, Deanna Braxton, Naomi Carson, Betty Gay Coleman, Walter Dickens, Paul Everette, Kenneth Foster, James Hall, Jimmy Hawkins. Second Row: J. G. Hewitt, Donald Hill, Wil- da Humphrey, Janette Inge, Marie Layton, Jimmy Long, Lois Lowe, Jerry Loy, Jack Lynch, Third Row: Phillip Mabry, Katie Jo McAdams, Rachel McNeil, Jo Ann Perry, Leonard Perry, Wade Porter, Jimmy Richardson, Larry Rowland, Jeanette Smith. Fourth Row: Della Marie Vickers, Oscar Wag- ner, Wilma Wilson, Clifford Wood. Not Pictured: James Barnhardt, Grace Gentry, Tommy Kelly, Geneva Marr, Tommy Rudd. , Miss Lewis, Teacher 3. -:lf AK., 5- I. ' Y f ' f 1 ,VN fly b ,I , 4 .5 H ., ix IX , J J, .r s. J, 1 , ig, 6 all ki r Liifroai- ix . it f F " " 1 J 'J ' T x n ' . y 5 3 ' . . , iq: 4 'Y i i . X , . H ' 1 W i -L VY , 5- ' A - 5, 5- .. Cu T T , V X . ' 'A 4- J Q I l K ' N 5 ., , . "5 W' , . Wi 'Qi-L l'1.".m K First Row: Judith Cable, J. C. Davidson, Robert Ellis, Mvron Garrison, Judith Gosnell, Camellia Gregory, Raymond Harvell, Judy Hawkins, Mary Holt. Second Rowi Barbara Humphrey, Larry Isley, Larry Kelly, Wayne Knight, Jerry Leonard, Walter Lee McDaries, Judy May, Peter May, Frances Medley, Mattie O'Neil. Third Row: Gary Pike, John Portcrfield, Rainey Qualls, Joann Rowland, Gene Swift, Rebecca Turner, Clyde Ward, Jr., Joyce Whitaker, Patsy Woods, Autrey Wicker. Not Pic- tured: Jo Ellen Cox, Donald Handy, Grover Hopkins, Marie Proctor, Elizabeth Smith, Larry Smith, Herman Wade, Leroy Walker, Layfoy Walker. Mrs. Bowden, Teacher 1 W x'k' I , - o .. Q Q Lqxgigyg, J t TC N fy X I in r 2 lhhh V .41 f 1 lk I 'Eli' ' if L " - ,,L' 211 X A , ww l l A . xlob 'l 15 ff. iw. vxf, 'G fn ov, -vw 1- 3 up v 'PN 5' Mn t' 5, 'K' as li , -2 . ez 1+ fi . lu.. ,fe fax, . A., 'LI' 'g'l"l If V 'l A-tw W' 'F' 'L be " 1-AJ . B ff .gli V ' YQ., A .5 'T' 'T rw? J I - M- Af' 'H .' ll-" '- Wm A X f Ll. ' if WST: , , SNS ., Kmgmy as f 'i -ff. , -1 Y ,fav 1-lifes 'W LV 'J , First Row: Richard Bryan, Hubert Cooke, Robert Crouse, Ardella Foster, Ella Haith, Linda Harris, Thomas Harwood, Garner Hilliard, Doris Holyfield, Joseph Huffines. Second Row: Donald Jenkins, Nancy Kelly, James Lackey, Janet Loy, A. C. May, Jack May, James McAdams, Laura McAdams, Ju- dith Melton, Marie Nance. Third Row: Peggy Overman, Lewis Parrish, Elmer Porter, Betty Proctor, Peggy Rowland, Everette Rumley, Linda Steele, Judith Terrell, Harold Wade, Edward Wagoner. Fourth Row: Nancy Watkins, Eugene Whitt, Donald Willett, Jeffrey Wright. Not Pictured: Mary Truitt, Larry Isley. Mrs. Roshelli, Teacher A Q ,, 7 .W V , , p A A 5, Y- M Y A W .. I ..' .1 2- I TL s M- 'ze' cfm f I-as r Y' ' - 'Z' xii' - 'S T' ' U I 'sr ,- . its fx. l . 'I ' ' ' . Nxllltilixlzblrldilll . V. v ko ,fs . X X ,f sl v. J -5 , , 6 t 1 5 Q -t Q '- r nw. ot 6,3 .9 L Y ,V X- ' . I . I f 2, t. , M t I f-W ' N , VK, X ue , f . ' , .ln 'Y ' 'H , Th W 1 3, t",'yfr 'Y 'k N' Ulf' ' I. L31 ,fi , .- 1 " X L- Y , A Q , A N E I 3 o-b V A , B j 'R -vu u- ., F . i' 'I' i 'Q' L" 31 ' nl' FIM ' .s 1, - . ff , , C- ... ' V x, 'wr S' 1 ' f 1 ,A ' l' X , 1 I 5' :LX ' r N L xv xg C -X .J X ,.L '. . - L- . X ' girXl..i'.I I I V ni . Y ,il 4' fi First Row: Thurman Arnold, Joanne Black, Barbara Bryan, Peggy Cardwell, Billy Crane, Nannie L. Edwards, Yvonne Greeson, James Hicks, Priscilla I-Io f, Betty Isle . Second Row: Pe Jones, Wil- 1' I P I Y ESV iam Jones, Bobby Keel, Louise Lee, Talton Lockemy, Lois May, Bobby McLoud, Irene Moorefield Joyce Nichols, L. B. Parrish, Betty Pike. Third Row? Louvetta Poole, Tommy Pritchett, Patsy Ro- bertson, Betty Salmons, Rosa Marie Smith, Janet Speakrnan, Linda Tickle, Albert Turner, Bobby Vance, Leon Wood, Dean Yoder. Not Picturedg Carl Sykes. n f E 5 I Y I Q Mrs. Lowe, Teacher , Q ,x ,, Q R ' ' A 'N 7 1 1, 4 l. N -. li i T Nxt l E - .. , I 6- 9, 3 5 Y V 9-J ' R-' 9. - x I .I ,Q A , x ' .. : 'V , ' ' X x Xl 4 6 X , A in Ni W . l L J.sM.ZQlEf:i'J L' K 1 S . D? . ,L , rw K - -, s. V S h s 1 I A ' . 1 , v ' N ,. 'i . 'i'l'.L-,-i4'. l l ' g Q1 U! Si S S., ,x g ' I ' 5'- X X' First Row: Jo Ann Arnold, Priscilla Baize, Billy Burgess, Bobby Burgess, John Crumpler, Sylvia Crutchfield, Nancy Dixon, James Fender, Dean Gentry, Angelee Haith. Second Row: Jean Harris, Margie Hayes, Jean Hill, Sue Humphrey, Pamela McDaniel, Boyd McNeill, Fredrick May, Sandra May, Thomas Parker, Danny Pennington. Third Row: Edward Pierce, Carolyn Ray, Colon Roberts, Rebecca Rumbley, Billy Skenes, Barbara Smithey, Jimmy Smithey, Sammy Smithey, Grady Tickle, Helen Watkins. Fourth Row: Celia Wilson, George Wilson. Not Pictured: Johnny Eastwood. ai N . ' 'Q ? 'N bb " :' ,wt,""' :.. -'i -Q , f , Q- f: .1 . jul . i ' js, H-f, 5 r, 9 X 4 ' V kill lmlzx for in sa - f l.,.M. fs N .i x E In I W , V 1 4 ' ' ' l km: 'sn als ll ' 'M Q... Gb, ' -nv '- , 1 '- A -- 4 Z7 -3, 34 "U ' A-P it rw F f J fa fco' ' 1 -, Xyxyli 'N' 9 f-M ' F - .wif x . Min. sr - Q , . . ' xai 'I ' elf as P if -a' ,Q if 1 ff? l- 4 1 pi M . .. 1 . F, S, 1-f c, 2 Q1 " QQ, 1. S' , I V 5' ffl . Ju. or ll st, X155 x First Row: Shirley Allred, Jimmy Blythe, Woody Brammer, Donald Burge, Loretta Carson, Priscilla Colman, Mark Crouch, William Daniels, Carl Dowdey, N. R. Franks. Second Row: Brenda Gregory, Ann Hughes, Jean Lankforcl, Barbara Mathias, Ronald May, Shirley Nall, Al Noah, Jane Patton, Lar- ry Paul, Raymond Perry. Third Row: Nellie Pitts, Laraine Pope, Roy Propet, Bobby Ray, Glenda Rudd, Alice Schmidt, Eleanor Smith, Darrell Terrell, Maxine Vance, Patricia Weddle. Fourth Row: ' ' ' 1 l d T her Barbara Wells, Douglas Wilborn, James Wood, lhyliss Yoder. Mrs, Bo an , eac Miss Coffey, Teacher - ff li ll , Q T! V ' -nl p A , STA 'T 9 V Niagagg, f' ' as Qi W W W -u-,. fd-0 First Row: Billie Brown, Hal Brown, Jackie Caldwell, Linda Daniels, Timothy Dineen, Joe Gosnell, Bing Greeson, Lenville Hayes, Janice Hensle Howard Isl . S d y, ey econ Row: Judy Kelley, Faye Leigh, Donald Loy, Daisy May, Wesley May, Faye Mitchell, Ronald Phillips, Betsy Qualls, Frances Row- land, Ann Scott. Third Row: Aubrey Smith, Judy Smith, Judy Steele, Harvey Thompson, Norvella Thompson, Rebecca Turner, Billy Wade, C. A. Ward, Michael Watson, Lewis Wilborne. Fourth Row: Brenda Wright, Jimmy Yoder. Not Pictured: Shelby Medley, Ruby Oakes. , N., , V - ' " "" . X I. N1 ALS ,A AL- . LJ C4 24 'SJ r li ,. , 1 V? ,T F ,ga 1 ' Q 'I -, Q ' f s . I , la A lux.:--' lil! Q .. N I ' . N f Q, ,, , aa ,W -, S-M' 4- ,A ' :L l-- Q w -T Kg, i u rr v V NA ,C ,4 ki, fi - M me- fs 1 f A izcghfvlls I R KY " , ' C Qxhi. ., li,-5.0, V r i V' :X-I y T D .e ,A . -' a , 5 , L. X "V N-,il ul, i 3 I X " ' A , ff b 1 Q ' 3, f, " 27 J W n ' gig 1 lite- X- ' - ,ini ' ... ' , X , V Xi" JAAXRQRQ 'alfa Emu 'l l -H 1- 'B 3' v V , 'l N 9- as 3. l if vi, ' - f Q. A " . '.. X X .fk 5, k Y .f!:-af, 1' vllhll . W - -..-ui 3 First Row: Richard Bridges, Sue Burge, Norman Carson, Donna Gale Clark Shirley Crouse Bar bara Delp, Ben Elder, Bobby Green. Second Row: Bessie Holt, Bill Hughes, Ann Isley, Joan La ton, Y Mike L0max,Harr1et McLoud, Dennis Oakley, Terry Pope. Third Row: John Rudd, Dennis Rumley, Joann Schmidt, Charles Spicer, Gail Smith, Jerry Thomas, David Thompson, Edward Touchstone F h - ' ' ' ourt Row. Donald Wagoner, Ernest Wheeler, Danny Whitaker, Anita White, David White, Lois Whitt, Not Pictured: Charles Huffman, Billy Mitchell, Kenneth Porterfield, Freda Setzer. Mrs. Martin, T eacher 1. N Miss Morrow, Teacher if I Q: AV S.. li ' ,sf 21' , - -2 - - 9 "' S f' Ng, i. Q- if Y 'X AJ R X I , 1 ' 1 I .1 ' 4 ' xl F L2 Q -- -9 at 4 i -1 al- - l 5 G, V Y, A.. , cr .. L- v '-'S' x . ,,N' ,X Q- 1 'x . il Q Z X 'X 1 x has lt. X hX! li XZ ri "' 1' ine-. S- . uv Y 5'7" L' 5' HCI, ,G ,, rl 5, ,, J, Q - Nix 1 P S4 , ki A Xl , , L' rl f l F J i -. ' ' . F5 J. 1 :Z X ' f I .g Q i L i Q ' :fm .gf First Row: Wesley Alvin Batten, Pamela Sue Boone, Nancy Carol Cable, Homer Cardwell, Linda Crane, Linda Daniels, Douglas Evans, Kenneth Farrell, Glenn AuStin,Goss, Roy Harwood. Second Row: Melba Kaye Hensley, Agnes L. Isley, Betty Jane Johnson, David Vernon Lassiter, Bonnie Roe Longest, Joe Ellis Loy, Douglas McAdams, Richard McAdams, Jimmy Michael, George Morningstar. Third Row: Joe David Perkins, Douglas Petty, Robert Pitts, Philip Sharpe, Carolyn Smith, Mary Smith, Jerry Thomas, Rena Gale Tickle, David Wagoner, Samuel Webster. Fourth Row: Rachel Wil- kins, Faye Woods, Jesse Carl Wright, Raymond Younts, Jr. C G Mrs. Colley, Teacher I 'S' J , .Q f a 4 0' 'i ' ' -v, , L. , 5. i- 3 -N - aw, w e i ., 5 .T s X , ,d . . 2 w hifi , SX - 1' - 'i1,.P , ' 7 N. X,,' f., 'U-lxeu as Y Xxx ' LXX lx ..1- ' l I .5 0- v '79 "W .A 0. 43 'J' V- , 3 5' L1 5 ' sr 5. . L 1. , - .eff - 91 1-1 -Y Xl' 1 , x 1 A, - X . T A T X ight A f .J ki Tlinl '- L ' LA Aix fb , -L, . ' ,, ' 1. C- ., ' 1 ' ' " , ' First Row: Faye Brown, Karen Brown, Patsy Culberson, Vertice Eastwood, Lorene Hayes, James Horne, Glen Jones, Homer Lilliken, Diane Loy, Sandra Matkins. Second Row: Bill May, Jerry Mi- chael, Jackie Parker, Pete Peterson, Ray Porter, Elmer Putnam, M. B. Rowland, George Skenes, ' ' ' W. W oner, Gene Wal- Vickie Swift, Janice Terrell. Third Row: Linda Wade, Douglas Wagoner, L. ag ker, Carol Wilson, Ralph Woods, Dianne Wyrick. Not Pictured: June Parker, Frank Parrish. x Y: Mrs. Mayo, Teacher I' I, g, , in 6 T L' I ' Hifi. I -'Q ,Lb , . fp' W 1 - - l - 1 I -7.10 l , " ' l ' ' . i-7"fi3f A - "X J A W 5 , W ', 1 T x ANN I '1 .4"J EEE! it Q , l Q , yppg r. ,mx 1- N , , 'NWI r , . K In-y 5 ' A 9 " 4 0' 3 'P E is x vw 1 vff' ci- X, N r ' K ,g ff- ygg? Hi., H KX' i V i ,alnfftgi 943' ?fS51'W.?92! I U W , 5 - X -'f 6177 it F M 4 .V mx 7 L1 5 X Lfrl A -L wx. N! lr! 'L ,ml 'fiifwll ,lvll it lw, ' V gmfzg ri ,l . ' 0- A S5 if ' ' X V X is' g ,fl , '54 fx' KSN, 7 l 2' Y Q i - 1' , v X '15, L1 ' Boone, Dir 'qv i W Jeanette, N 'X First Row: Barbara Arnold, Shirley Blanchard, Sidney Boone, David Chapman, Kenneth Crouse, Helen Gerringer, Michael Green. Second Row: Bruce Greeson, Bobby Hopf, Susan Huffine s, Joan Lowe, Ly- , Ronne McDaries. Third Row: Laverne Mecimore, Patricia Mitchell, Jim- , Dan Qualls, Vella Mae Scott, Carol Smith. Fourth Row: Lonnie Smith, T ll tha Lutz, Larry McAlister my Parker, Wilma Porter Gaynell Smithey, Charles erre , Nancy Thompson, James Turner, Denny Wagoner, Onza Wood. Not Pictured: John Loy, Lawrence Merritt. Mrs. Noah, Teacher wb' K K ,L 5 lilqn-wana T" v , . ' ,,, F he N, '1 'fp 5 Q " J -. - . ' 'I "',- , ' -, -r 1' Q1 ails f r j f -2 'T 1 f Xa 1, ' -- r, -, N gp o. J - l '. vf I -"Ll - ,J I . Vgb- Wmkx ul a .,-...Q H ff. . f ' S an , X Q ' , g , , . Q- 1' ,. F W , ,- -3 ff- ,- V ,,,, . lr- P- -.- , ."1M ,v r ,, eil , S J J e A l '- S Sp ' '- -I V i: A9 . Hx -N, ' , I -- xg ls a,., y aaarr ln l a Q., 1, f ' ' 3 ff - J ' r tg cf' i 1: ' ' 1 'WA ' . Lt' , N li 1 Q , P 9 First Row: Jimmy Baize, Harold Chrismon, Bonnie Sue Crane, James Crumpler, Mertice Eastwood, Wayne Gerrmger, Maynard Gregory, Nancy Hicks, Glenda Lineberry. Second Row: Johnny Loy, Au- brey McDonald, Charles Marr, Lawrence Merritt, Eugene Porter, Billy Proctor, David Ragan, Char- lie Smith, Junie Simpson. Third Row: Janis Spicer, Billy Thomas, Jean Truitt, Clark Vance, Judith Willett, Lucy Woods, Hazel York. Not Pictured: Bonnie Dix, Grace Hopkins, Mary Ann Nix. Second Grade M... Tm, mba. A fi., PS' Gi ,M I ' ce, -. y- ...S 45 ..,,, L - . - . C... km, g- ' 5 i X-lil-1' if W. l ,- wet 'sl' ly ei C '21 5 K. e .f time his--I J- . .., fa ri ff f -' W ' L, at nr e. V' .L . J. -,:. 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A -AY u First Row: Betty Lou Barnhardt, Sandra Bayer, Bruce Bowden, Bobby Bridges, Judy Conover, Charles ' ' ' ' ' G ' r, Rodney Deleot, Katherine Foglernan,Richard Franks, Joyce Gentry. Second Row. Pricilla erringe Hewitt, John Jackson, Sandra Jeffreys, Charles Johnson, Nadine Longest, Brenda Loy, Sylvia Mans- field, Russel May. Third Row: Janie McDaries, Terry Mitchell, Connie Perry, Eddie Pritchett, Evie A ' ' F th R 1 Brenda Ter- Ann Reese, Betty Rowland, Ruth Schmidt, Kaaren Sorrell, Jessie Spicer. our ow rell, Eugene Touchstone, L.. E. Wagoner, Jr., Linda Walker, Betsy West, Phyliss Wheeley. Miss Reitzel, Teacher f 7' Qvi Y ,Q V gg ' L.. ,L-.51 .ly fgiflm x 'C if Vi C A T i L22 ly 'WW lilx v DXF' fc Dm ix!! 'JJ' X dn ii- ' -ss s- 1 i w ' A-'T N -L , ' 11" Q if - - , jf X, 'hp A N' br, ,V Q- 'hi " -. ,S . 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Lynne Bryan, Deeann Capps, Sue Chapman, Danny Cox, 5'irsl Grade f 1' A C it Q T, 1 lL,l J Mrs. Wvrick, , TSN , ,I Teacher ' ,. 'l fl' ...J . x " X '-H Y S ,f w s ,J lb- sin D I A ' ,K I ts 4 x, I 4, xii X T fx ti I " iw' J L ', f XSS 'tg an X x ..:,:,., M ,Lexi ir SE 'f -ee' early V - . - ' is-if . , lf' ' 9 i i -F 2' t.. - 3. V v V- .L V: ,V . .x x ,- ' X ill .tkfa Z CL 1 l 6 V. 1 arry Cr A, it '-Aw. Ma, First Row: Rickie Amick, Dare Bowman, Claudia BQ, nmer, Jean Brown, Carol Cole, Robert Lee Cooper, Brenda Crumpler, Jimmy Crutchiield. Second Row: Pat Dineen, Mary Lou George, Jackie Gourley, Brenda Greene, Janice Handy, Dick Hilliard, Mike Hudson, Betty Jane Hyatt. Third Row: Susan Kelly, Janice Lockemy, Jeanette Long, Wanda Mansfield, Kay May, Clyde Melton, Eddie Mit- chell, Billy Pike. Fourth Row: Arnold Poole, Carolyn Robertson, Roger Setzer, Linda Smith, Joe Tickle, Patsy Wagoner, Tony Whitt. Not Pictured: Larry Jones, Marsha Lankford, Shirley Leigh. ,- ' A e 2' -tl ,sg I . 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