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vgx ,... I 4 F- I xv X -1 I 1 I 1 A 1 I I 4 J ix X .4 K ' Ns X. fx 5 -1 5.,-. 'i.- 35 po- l M-. .Y- . N a Y Y- ,,,-..---..--..,- 'vwx -Y TA., - -Y ,7 -..f7...,,.,.' U T- 'E f'1 I w . W... M.-. .. .4 Q., :.c N V ' , . . I , I. V-A ,N-, .L- -IL ng- M., .- - +--- x , ..x,.,..---"..'.f'A 9, . ' ' 4 ,N- -' sxii ' ' I f 1 1 , f K , ,,,,.......- ' .SNR fs , .- . 1-P ll . -3, . ,qs " :li -+- iw 1 1 5 ,, any W fIQ?Yl?'L't1s LTL. iigat' Mg 'if 1 I w 4 I wi 1 ,t I M +5 -- -- sl it. llll f"'1 'Z.5Q'3' by , ' gi? ' G. q Ram Q71 ,I 1 . N ,' .. ,... V, X A lg Q ' an QQ... 'A 1+ 5 fi' ' . .1 A l tl 1 tk. .J .. 3 ' . 5 1 - . -...-. --4-lnsnqny... 8, 1 .14 any H it MAY MEMGRIAL LIBRAFJU 342 S, Spring Street Burimgron, rec 27215 Y. . - 4? ..- W I ,, .Q ' 'V n I , 'AO 9 ff EQWWM3 Y f pfnefsfenieg? Cgofiege gajfzf 1 10 , fm Q 19021 'm,.,,,fQTfi.m34Z1ef,,, ,ifgzfslifggifgi L,4 5E '3pffea, f .,,f QA U' O I Inu rn. ECI-IDES '50 piesenfeb 115, flue gfuaenfs 06 glow college High gclwol glow Gollege, fnofzflf. eafzolin . vw - 2 f. .5 I V. , ' 5 'X . . T ,:-3 , ' e icafion W. E. "Woody" LOWE To Mr. Wilkes E. Lowe, Jr., whose kindness, generous assistance, and pat- ience have endeared hi.m to all of us, we, the members of the annual staff, fondly dedicate this book The Echoes of 1950. K VZ ZWIOQIQW1 MRS. MAUDE HATLEY The annual staff, on behalf of the school would like to dedicate a portion of our annual, in memory of Mrs. Maude I-latley, who served faithfully on the cafe- teria staff for five years. She was liked by everyone because of her pleasing smile and cheerful disposition. Her death on January 12, l950 was a great shock. She will always be remembered by all who knew her. PEGGY ANN SMITH Peggy Anne Smith, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.H. W. Smith, was a member' ofthe junior class before her death on November 23, 1949. The annual staff wishes to pay this tribute to Peggy Anne and recognize her many friendly acts and courageous spirit. The Elon student body is much richer because she was a fellow-member. -4 N., V1 -, 1,3 U N 54' 'Q'-, g ' ' N - CV , hmY-,,.f- .. YY.. --'-if X -S -if --if-' S 9-. ., Q- Q -c.. x 4- - 1" '--MMT' ' if--M.--1 Il Ji - . ',5 '5 55-P' x- i..- I V Ag. - -TLT Z l- xx, ' '------ -- ' . xi. I Vu , f'. lik' S- . it-' Yh.L"'j.'l4- "PZ T- 1- . 5: V J Q: i ., X f JHHQ ' A Q " --i -. 1---fv ----Q 'If ,L tm- I' Y' v - "' 0 x kia f X aff X A W ff 5 J -- T.. I K E 1 :iw 5 M. 15 1 . EQ: - - i Lb xx r its 9 N h--.L f- , N 5 N .J Jf .u ' 4- "' 7 ' K 1 N -,fl K X I Ill E "-:--x. JU' 1 ' M 1' l ' X ' RN V ZW-1':5,. SEMI. X I1 15, ,bfi K'-f 1l "' V f ,--1-E:,4Q, ,u it ' I, ' , - -gi-A "9"" 4 - - ' ' --me . --fi--r""'-F if-"'? T-T. ...1-.av-+ 1.1: ,.. - J , MISS ESTELLE BROWN MR. W. E. LOWE CZCLLII 1' 1: ff. Q1-5 ' X . 11141 -V I , in ug, v iii tif. DR. JAMES W. HILL. Principal . R ' 70 5: f V .,. , I-:Lf gb. , A fi l .." Ngiu 5 lf if-it W 5 9? - .'.' Q i3J11,'l'Y,s'xK-1' f'-H 5, French and English History Mathematics Senior Advisor Junior Advisor Sophomore Advisor JE? Fix i . sf 'A A 'nn' ' CK if-,M it , , fi' f -.1 NLISS MARY ELIZA- MR. FRANK ROBERTS BETH RIDGE Physica1Education Home Economics Coach M 4 Freshman Advisor . x . , . MRS. VELRONA DANIELEY Typing and English JDM -1 MRS. M. W. HOOK MRS. GLADYS I-IENDREN Science Freshman Advisor .: -gh. I f. . Q i my 44 MRS. ERNESTINE KING Secretary Glass Ofgfceis JUNIOR President .......... ..... B uddy Matkirms SENIOR Vice-President ..... ...... J esse Greeson President .......................... Betty Peeler Secretary ---------- ---'-- B Obby Kinch Vice-President ..... ............ B etty Curtis Treasurer ----- ---' E ugene Curtis Secretary .... ..... ..... E. v a Mae Brannock Treasurer .... ........ D an Dagenhart SOP!-IOMORE. FREZSHMAN President ........... ........ J amet Beers Mrs. Hendren's Room Miss Ridge'sRo0 Vice-President ...... ..... A llen Gerringer President ...... Ronnie Sharpe ...... Grace Massey Secretary ........... ........ A nnie Ridge Vice-Pres ..... Ann Kinch ........... Melvin Chrismor Treasurer.. ....Haro1d Edwards Seci'ctary......'1'ornrny Brnmmer 'I'reasurcr,....Doris Ward........ .Bonnie Mrlnty rc FP' CLASSL-.Q Jffxfj Q" I xxx Qf Q eniofz Glass 1950 -- ROY MURRAY ALDERMAN - "Roy" Baseball 15 Football 1. DANIEL FRANKLIN DACENHART - "Dan" Football 35 Class Treasurer -15 Journalism Club 35 Clee Club 35 Jr. Play 35 Cheerleader Z5 Bus Driver 45 Superlative. EVA MAE BRANNOCK - "Dee Dee" Dramatic Club l5 BZ Club lg Journalism Club 3, 45 Business Manager of "Echoes" 45 Class Treasurer -I5 Student Council l, 45 Vice- President of Student Council 45 Superlative5 Historian. MARTHA ELIZABETH DOWDEY - "Marty' BZ Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Dramatic Club l, Z5 Clee Club l, Z5 Home Economics Club lg Jr. Play 35 Superlative. JEAN CATHERINE CRABTREE - "Cat" Class Treasurer Z5 Student Council Z5 BZ Club l, Z, 3, 45 Home Economics Club Z5 President of Home Economics Club 25 Jr. Playg French Club 3, 45 Marshal Z5 Gift- orian. CLARA JEANETTE FLYNN - "Susie" Dramatic Club 15 Home Economics Club Z, 3, 45 Clee Club l, Z, 35 Basketball Z. BETTY LOU CURTIS - "Doodle" Dramatic Club 15 BZ Club 15 Journalism Club 3, 45 Superlative5 Assistant Circulation Mana- ger of"Echoes"-15 Class Vice-President -15 Student Council -I5 Cheerleader 35 Popularity Contest 4. RALPH O'NEIL FOSTER - "Pro" BZ Club 1, Z, 3, -15 Football l, Z, 35 Class President Z5 Dramatic Club Z5 Baseball Z, 3, -15 Student Council 25 Manager Boys' Basketball Z, 45 Secretary BZ Club 35 Jour- nalism Club 3, -I5 Editor "Hi-Lights" 35 Editor "Echoes" -15 Jr. Play 35 Science Club President -15 Superlative. llc fi 'PX 8 ri ,Q-in MARION REE FOUST - "Foust" Glee Club l, Z3 Basketball l, Z, 3, -lg Captain -lg Softball l, 2, 3, -lg Volleyball 1, Z3 Class Vice-President 39 French Club 3, 43 Jr. Play 3g 4-H Club 13 Song Leader l, Z, 43 Superlative. ELSIEI DOLORES I-IUTCHINS - "Dee" Superlativeg Cvlee Club lg Home Econo- mics Club Z3 BZ Club 3, 45 French Club 3. PAUL RONALD CERRINCER - "Birddog" Basketball 2, 3, 43 Journalism Club 45 Sports Editor "Echoes" 45 Glee Club 35 Class Vice-President lg Superlative. CAROL BLANCHE LOMAN - "Mo" Treasurer of Home Economics Club lg -1-I-I Club l, Z, 35 Clee Club 1, Z5 Home Economics Club 1, Z3 Secretary and Treasurer of 4-H Club 33 French Club 3, 43 Jr. Play 3, Manager Girls' Bas- ketball -lg Superlative. ANN HASSELTINE HILL - "Tink" Dramatic Club lg Home Economics Club Z5 Cvlee Club l, Z, 35 Journalism Club 3, 45 Assistant Editor "Echoes" -lg French Club 3,-lg Cheerleader 35 Jr. Play Marshal 35 Testator. ELIZABETH ANN MATKINS - "Red" BZ Club l, Z, 3, 43 Treasurer of BZ Club 4, Dramatic Club l, Z5 Student Council 33 Class Secretary 3, Superlativeg French Club 3. BAYARD HOVDESVEN Supcrlativeg Basketball 3, -lg Baseball 3, 4. .IULIA DARE MAY - "Judy" Druiurmtic Club l, Z5 B2 Club l, Z, Horne Econornirs Club lg Glcc Club lg French Club 5, -l-H Club lg Basl-ielball Z, 5, -4. eniofz 1 0 'UN -V 6 C31 ass I Q SO if J, mx, I 'Nv..,... CLENN NLALCOLM MCDONALD - "Boots" Football Z, ig Superlativeg Manager Boys' Basketball 5g BZ Club Zg French Club 3. MARGARET GELRALDINE PH11.,L1Ps - "June" Superlativeg French Club 3g Class Secretary lg Popularity Contest l. ELLEN REE OWEN - "Ree" BZ Club 1, Zg Home Econorriics Club l, Zg Superlativeg Jr. Play Iv1arshal3g Clee Club lg -1-I-l Club l. CHARLIE ANDERSON RAGAN, JR. - "C. A. Baseball l, Z., 3, -lgF'ootball 1, Z, 3g Jr. Play 3g Co-Captain of Football 3g Co-Captain of Baseball 3. CARRIE LEE PARKER - "Carrie" Home Economics Club lg BZ Club l, Zg Class Treasurer 33 Student Council 3g Class Poet. NORMA GLENN ROBERTSON - "Frona" Basketball 1, 2, 3, -lg Captain 3, -lg Clee Club l, Zg Drarnatic Club lg Softball Z, 3g Superlativeg Business Manager of "Echoes" 3g Sports Ed. of "Echoes" -lg Journalism Club 3, -1. BETTY SUE PEELER - "Bet" Class President l, -lg Class Secretary Zg Student Council l, 2, -lg Treasurer of Student Council 4g President of B2 Club -lg Secretary of B2 Club Z2 Cheerleader lg Home Econo- mics Club lg Dramatic Club l, Zg Superlativeg Popularity Contest lg French Club 3g B2 Club l, Z, 3, 4. RICHARD CLYDE SNEED - "Dick" Basketball Z, 3, -lg Co-Captain 3, -lg Foot- ball 3, 55132 Club Zg Class President 3g Student Council 3, -lg Vice-President of Student Council 3g President of Student Council -lg Jr. Play 3g Marshal 3g Class Prophet: Superlative. Nr X le 's 1. a. nv- 'W' N Q Q Ju-. I-'N T ,Q .,4 :Qs VIRGINIA CAROLINA SMITH - "Bebop" Home Economics Club 1, Z, 3, 45 4-I-I Club l, Z, 3, 45 Cvlee Club l, 2, 35 Jr. Play5 Jour- nalism Club 45 Circulation Manager of "Echoes" 45 Superlative5 Vice-President of Home Economics Club l, 45 President of 4-H Club l, 2, 3. RAY ANDREW WI-IITESELL - "Ray" Superlative5 Bus Driver 3, 4. NELLIE. GRAY SOMERS - "Nell" Home Economics Club 2, 3. ADRIAN MARSHALL WILSON - "Worrny" Superlative . FAYE TICKLE - "Pug" BZ Club l, Z, 35 Home Economics Club l, 25 Vice President of Home Economics Club 2, 35 Secretary and Treasurer of Home Eco- nomics Club 35 Marshal 35 Superlativeg Class Secretary l5 Popularity Contest 3. WILLIAM LEA WILSON - "Bill" Superlativeg Basketball Z, 3, 45 Baseball Z, 3, 45 Class Vice-President 35 Co-Cap- tain Basketball 35 Student Council 35 Foot- ball 35 Glee Club 3. HARVEY COOPER WALKER - "Red" Baseball 1, Z, 3, 45 Basketball Z, 3, 45 Foot- ball l, Z, 35 Dramatic Club Z5 BZ Club Z, 35 Journalism Club 45 Art Editor of "Echoes" 45 Student Council 15 Jr. Play5 Athletic Club Z5 Class Treasurer and Secretary 15 Super- lative5 French Club 3. eniofz ,pfv- 1- I qv- nv-Qfy., nr- I tk ix , if Giass I9 50 ascofs Class Flower.... ................ Daisy Class Colors ........... Blue and White Class Motto ..... .. "Not at the top, but climbing." DLANNE. TILLNLAN SKIPPY DINEEN Glass Gem .isten to the rhythmic beat If eager, steady marching feet, 'ramping down time's corridor That leads to lifeg schooldays are o'er ! The blare of trumpet, beat of drum, S music sweet. See them come! i stirring march by youth is played, Jineteen fifty's class is on parade. Phe drummers beat a swift tattoo, Poretelling things the class will do. Phe trumpets sound so sweet and long, Phe last echo of schooldays' song. -Iear the trombones and the clarinetsl See the pirouetting majorettesl In perfect step they swiftly pass, Slon's nineteen fifty senior class. Nith heads erect and minus fears, They march into the future years. "Aloha" sings their trilling fife, 'Coodby to school--Hello to lifel " Written by: Carrie Parker Q - :Q afzslmls N is X, , Y x Q-, X ., 1 , 4 'V lf.-.f S7"?PF.5lf'f?if4 ' X an 'G . Q - , Vx, Q 1 ' ,. I 5 V V, g 2 W .. Q... . , -5.5, 5 'V N1 ,Q H .iw Y . ' f 'T I P -- Ea '-1-1' EN? , ' 'LE . -' . -x 1 xg- iq , A- 1 PEGGY SUE HUFFINES, Chief l .TOANN BRANNOCK EUGENE CURTIS JEAN BURGE ALLEN GERRINGER RONNIE SHARP I WOO I BILL WILSON az NORIVIA ROBERTSON ANN IVIATKINS an DAN DAGENHART IVIOSII Athletic Best Dressed Best Dancer Most Original eniofz CAROL. LOMAN 81 ADRIAN WILSON Wittiest Friendliest 1 A 14 I I ' 4 HONALD OERRINGEIR Eu VIRGINIA SIw1l'I'H MARION FOUSI' K: COOPER WALKER Best All Iffmnrl n H1-fw1Sym1'1 Biggest Flirt fx'1uaI Drggngnrifxhlf- Ix1us1 Nllmirnl Ixf1u5t 'I'f1lr:ntu1l Ncn1l3:l '.1.."-was ' ii T94 hu I , 1 7 GLENN MCDONALD 81 FAYE TICKLE DOLORES HUTCHENS 81 RAY WHITESELL Best Looking Sweetest Quietest Biggest Baby Most Deoendable gupefzlaffves RICHARD SNEED, EVA MAE BRANNOCK, MARTHA DOWDEY, ELLEN OWEN, .TERRIE PHILLIPS Most Popular Friendliest Most Musical Best Looking Neatest LOUGEST Best Dancer L r BETTY PEELER 81 RALPH FOSTER BETTY CURTIS B1 BAYARD HOVDESVEN Most Intellectual Sz Most Likely to Cutest Succeed Most Popular Most Original Most Talented Glass Histofui In September lf?-16, thirty-eight green, wide-eyed, curious, and innocent Freshmen started on the last lap of their school years. The boys and girls were separated in the home rooms. The girls had as their teacher Mrs. Frank Mc- Cauley and their class officers were as follows: President Betty Peeler, Vice- President Ann Matkins, Secretary Faye Tickle, and Treasurer Eva Mae Bran- nock. The boys had Mrs. Juanita Albright as their home room teacher and their class officers were President Bobby Lester, Vice-President Ronald Cferringer, Secretary and Treasurer Cooper Walker. During the year, the girls had a fashion show, hayride, and a play, "The Bird on Nellie's Hat". The boys had a swimming party on the last day of school. The next year as Sophomores we were really getting in step with every- thing. Mrs. M. W. Hook was our homeroom teacher and our class officers were President Ralph Foster, Vice-President Ronald Cverringer, Secretary Betty Peeler, and Treasurer Catherine Crabtree. This year a few of our classmates had dropped out but a few new ones came in too. This year our class gave another play, "Mildred Is My Name". We also went to the Burlington Fair one night. The next year we really felt important. There was lots more to do. We went to the State Fair and spent the day. That was a trip we all enjoyed. Then we gave our play "Here Come Charlie", which was a big success. Last but not least we gave the Seniors their banquet. It was lots of work and lots of fun. Mr. W. E.. Lowe was our homeroom teacher and a good one through it all. This year the class officers were President Richard Sneed, Vice-President Bill Wil- son, Secretary Ann Matkins, and Treasurer Carrie Parker. Now comes our last and most irnportant year. We really felt our irnportance last September when we were full pledged Seniors. Our teacher this year is Miss Estelle Brown and our class officers are as follows: President Betty Peel- er, Vice-President Betty Curtis, Secretary Eva Mae Brannock, and Treasurer Dan Dagenhart. The name of our play is "Mama's Baby Boy". This year we did a little bit of everything trying to raise enough money to go to Washington. We're looking forward to the Junior-Senior Banquet and graduation. We have 31 Seniors this year, which is the largest number to graduate here in quite a few years. We're proud of this. This ends the history of the '50 class. We've come a long way and had lots of fun with it all. Although we're graduating soon I'm sure we won't forget our last four years of school. Historian Eva Mae Brannock Glass pfzopitecxi Burlington, North Carolina April 15, l96O Dear Miss Brown, Eva and I received your nice letter and we want you to know that we're very happy over the arrival of our fifth child too. Yes, I've heard from all the members of the '50 class. When Eva Mae last heard from Ann, she was designing clothes in New York, and still look- ing for an eligible bachelor. You guessed about Catherine--she is married to Harris, and they have a Harris, Jr. two months old. This I know will knock you down! Betty Peeler is teaching typing at Elon High School and Glenn is principal--you know, like father-like son. I'll bet that school's a mess with both of them in it. We saw them together at the Casablanca a few nights ago when Eva Mae and I were celebrating our ninth wedding anniversary. Martha has taken up where her father left off--managing Lacy Hall, world heavyweight champion. All of us knew that Ralph would go places but never did we think that he would be president of Elon College. Bill hasn't changed a bit, except for a few gray hairs put there by the young girls he runs after--and I do mean run. Between rounds he looks after "Wilson's Teen-Age Hangout". Marion and Carol carried out their plans. They are both nurses in Greensboro, but they come home every week-end to check the boys' North Dorm. Most of us knew that "Birddog" and Norma "had up a case" but no one thought it so serious. At last count, there were ten little bird puppies--two legged ones, that is, running around the house. Norma told Eva that "Daddy had them sleeping with basketballs now". Ibet that Elon has a good team before long. Have you read Carrie's latest book of poetry? She sent us a copy and it's really good. She certain- ly is a big success. C. A. and I went hunting the other day. He sure does have a nice dog ken- nel. He has 500 acres of land in which he trains the dogs that he sells to wealthy people. Tink's success was long coming. It took her quite a while to get out of business college--the teacher's fault. Now we hear she's secretary to some big shot. We see Adrian every Sunday. Who would have thought he would be pastor of St. Mark's Church? Oh yes, I almost forgot, but Virginia changed her plans. She's now teaching in high school--succeedihg'Mrs. Hook. Yesterday I stopped at "Hovdesven's Hangout". Bayard is really successful with his pool room. We see "Doodle" every Saturday night going to square dances. She's going alone now, because due to circumstances Mrs. Gerringer had to give them up. "Doodle" is still working on the same counter at Rose's. I guess you read in the paper about Dan and .Tean's wedding. They're in California on their honeymoon. Dan is a big success, he has a chain of filling stations all over the state, but he's still driving his beat-up Ford. I suppose you've read about Cooper being in the fighting business--wiping Lacy Hall's face and bringing him water in between rounds. In his spare time he draws cartoons and designs ships for the Navy. We don't see Roy much any more. He's still chasing Jeanette, and does she give him a run for his money! It seems that Nell's plan for trapping Roy didn't work, so she now owns a skating rink. Maybe you've heard ofWhitesell'sTrucking Company. That's none other than our Ray Whitesell. The last we heard he was really coming up in his business. In every class there's a girl that makes a big catch. Who would have ever thought that it would be Dolores Hutchins, who is the quietest girl in the class, who would marry a millionaire from up North? This is about the biggest sur- prise of ally .Iulia May is married and Faye is part owner of Belk-Beck Company. I know you won't be surprised at this, because Jerrie had her ring before graduation, but she's married and is very happy. When we were talking to Marion and Carol a few weeks ago, they told us that Ellen was head nurse at Sternburg Hospital in Greensboro. I think that takes care of everyone and besides number five is causing quite a disturbance, so I'll have to close this time. Sincerely yours, Dick and Eva Sneed fast and We, the Senior Class of Elon High School, being of sound mind and noble dis- position, who are about to leave these stately halls to go out and seek our for- tunes, do hereby take and solemnly declare these last will and testaments in the presence of our witnesses. ARTICLE I To Miss Brown we leave our wonderful standard of trying to act like ladies and gentlemen so as to set a good example for the rest of the school and hope that the up-coming senior class will try to do the same. ARTICLE II To our principal, Doctor Hill, we leave the memories of our pleasant high school days. ARTICLE III To the Junior Class we leave our dignity as Seniors, our ability, our high scholarship, our Senior privileges, and our good behavior, hoping they will make the best of them. ARTICLE IV Norma Robertson leaves her athletic ability to Carolyn Braxton knowing she will do her best. C. A. Ragan leaves his hunting ability to Johnny Gentry. Ralph Foster wills his knowledge of "knowing something about everything and everything about something" to Pete Truitt. To Mildred Whitesell, Dolores Hutchins leaves her quietness, hoping Mil- dred will take the hint. Eva Mae Brannock wills her friendly ways to Grace Massey. Glenn McDonald leaves his "manly" ways to Jerry Fowler. Jerrie Phillips leaves her love affairs to Mary Lou Horner hoping she won't break the record of someone's getting a diamond every year in the Senior Class as has been for the past few years. Faye Tickle leaves her sweet disposition to Peggy Sue I-Iuffines. Ray Whitesell wills his job as bus driver to Moose. Dan Dagenhart leaves his short haircuts to Dick Porter. Because Ronald Gerringer is always having to go somewhere for someone, he leaves his "taxi" to Ed Collins, hoping Ed will keep up the job next year. Carrie Parker leaves the writing of the Class Poem to one of the Juniors who will do it next year, and she wishes them luck. Betty Peeler wills her knowledge to Clara Lee Kivette. Testament Julia May leaves her deceiving stack of books to Ann Kinch. Roy Alderman leaves his way with the girls to Tommy Holt. Jeanette Flynn leaves her ability of waving and combing boys' hair to Mary Terrell. Nell Somers leaves her way of loafing and getting by with it to some of the Sophomores. Bayard Hovdesven wills his title of being the cutestboy in the class to one of the up-coming Sophomore boys. Martha Dowdey wills her way with the cadets to Annie Ridge. Bill Wilson leaves his way with the seventh grade girls to H. W. Smith with the hope that H. W. does a better job with them. Virginia Smith wills her good sportsmanship to .Toy Belle Smithy hoping she will live up to it. Adrian Wilson leaves his witty sayings to Frankie Smith, hoping he'll continue them so classeswon't get too boring. Ellen Owen leaves the things that won her the title of best-looking to Kath- leen McDonald. Marion Foust wills her title as biggest flirt to Becky Robertson. Carol Loman leaves her giggles to anyone in high school who is crazy e- nough to take them. Richard Sneed leaves his leadership as a Senior to an up-coming Senior Boy. Catherine Crabtree leaves her job of ringing bells to Jeanette Foster who is taller. Now the box on which "Cat" has to stand on can be eliminated. Cooper Walker leaves his flirting ways to the high school boys. Betty Curtis and Tink Hill leave their mid-morning store which sells any- thing from a pencil to a box of cracker-jacks to Doug Turner and anyone who is willing to help hind. In testirnony whereof, we hereby appoint as executor of this, our last will and testament, Mr. W. E. Lowe, with assurance that anyone failing to abide by any of the provisions of said document will be severely penalized. We do hereby subscribe our names and affix our seal this the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and fifty. May Z6 Tink Hill Class of '50 Witnesses. Testator Miss Estelle Brown Miss Mary E. Ridge unfofz K - " 'I T7 -is 3 gs ,,' 'GT - ,NT ,Y Q - "' ' ' K v Hg. ,..,,' f E ' 9 Q bali: :L+ :lj A 5 ,-Rfb. 1, 1 :ln r-6 "7 .- V-, 13 v ' Y 1 63 GD fv , - 2. if s f " - 5. is , 9 7 Q N ' 1 ,. 0 -A Q QA 4' AWK . fv 'V 'Rm hz! ,,. ""' .xfxt V- X, ' 1 Q fs' I Z ko' NJ Firstdrow, left-to-'Hg-h1:U'NealBearxS'Carolynr,1L1xtonfQIim Burge5s,"Doris Chrismorff Mary Sue Colclough. , K , , Second rowfb Ed Co11Lns,WEugene Curtisggetsy Glos5onQjhDorothy GI'CEDJj!3C55E Grcsson. ,V X , lu .fa ul, H xp Thlrd row: Helen Hodge, Thomas Ho1t,1-lay Hook, Mary' 1,fJk1HOTD9l', Peggy Sue Huffincs. , A17 M5 Fourth row:WBobby Kinch, Clara Lee Kivctte,'Arlin Lewis. V9 Glass .I 5-N A' V' Q27 '- ,,., o 53 rr gf 3 -' . Y' . v ,- 'R 5, "' ,-L -v-. f A M :Fly 3. . N - 5' -qui? I, , A - uQf3?Sii5'q1 it " , ', "'Q"-Klip i , . Ml ig M X X . . .fx A lu . ' wil H A l ' H ,I E A :M I lilfvla A - A -1-' "' 5. in Y W L1 -N . ,j 'VT' . N' '1 vm i 4 T X .- six' . 'X ' - xi i K ' ,: uf,-A Q H, will . o JQFUTFQ .1 2-X 4 Z 'ffm' HSLMQ5 , ' , ' if r -4 f I wx, M -5, ,2 'LIN ' A, Q K Ll-Y f . 3 L - --xx ,- kid A 1 , -.1 ixk- ,... , fd 1 9' L33 , F 5 , ,Q . --N, First row, left to right: Peggy Longes1,BuddS Matkins, Dick Porier, Douglas Turner, Frankie Whitesell. Second row: Junior Loy, Bobby Nleel-15, Sylvia Putnani, Albert Vvaterg. Ixlil- dred Whitesell. Third row: Doris Ivlclntyre, Colin Metcalf, .liinniy Scott, Robert Waters, Doris W illougliby. Fourth row: Bobby Nance, ,Teif Sirnmons. 9 in Bur Har First row, left to right: Erma Barker, Janet Beers, Harold Brown, Jean ge. Second row: Christine Church, Shirley Cox, Helen Crider, Carroll Crouse, old Edwards. Third row: Claire Everette,Iv1ickey Fesperman, Jerry Fowler, Allen Cer- ringer, Emma Jean Cerringer. Fourth row: Bucky Goodman, Corky Humphrey, Hubert Lowe, Billy Miller. -gti fin Q Q ij 4 'NJ goplmomofze fx 1 , ,f I in . x 1 ' .. 1 2 ar . 2- 2-K CT -. Q Q, -. f, ,, I 1 . iv ws fu- A, fix! V! 1 1 C J + 'N J ': 1' Y,-za 3-'tl -D . 3 -, L' -' ' u 'H V 1 . 'X---"' Jw'-ia . 1... , . X f , - ,-. ,X fl: - , , .., , , '- I. xro Ne ,C - J- ,Q 'gh Second Lois Scotl, First roxx,lel11o riglil: Clara Ix4oore, Elmer McNeill, Dewey lien Owen. P l Annie Rid e, Bcclay Rulferteun, ron: Shirley Gwen, Doris arcer, g Third rowg Frankie Snxitll, ,Ivy Belle Smitlxcy, Ivlary Terrell, Rafliel Tirlvle Pete Truitt Fourlli Glass og row: El. W. Vickers., Tonun5 Wlieeley, Maxine Wright, Huluh W r ,SG e f V I iglil. xl .1 is 'S.,.X DA x X F:k7"a I if-"vm, . I . QQ.. .K x ' - A ,lpn f 5 " wx vw- 11 Y " - , . "' -1 LQ .Je ,I . Wx " ui if F x it 1 , A i " S4-gf -Q .al -ns. 13, f 'T A :ue K Q 141. , All 1,14 i X gp Y' Vxxw J' sit! ., ,,,,- g ' 'WX , 1 x X , .,:9 11' . l , .. , s Va. -- l ' , - QL 1950 'fieshman Glass 1-IFF! if A g A1614 .I ' "-yi - , jr y If I I A 'Ps A I- r 31-'Sv 5 IV ' 4? A E A I . " S ! Y , 1 I -'QE - -vi' -:fin AE' J-Avg Q: K!Z,-'?.g.z , W I if I ,LZ FE Ima' . 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SMITH DANNY WAGONER DORIS WARD JACKIE WHITESELL NANCY WHITESELL BETTY WILLIAMS LOIS JEAN WILSON ARNOLD WRIGHT X ACTIVITIES Q E I G 'G igggwe 4 Hgcfwesn gfahg 1 ip, 4 rm wx X , if Q I Era: - .ft l N 'X ' 7 ""' Y. ,K W . ' fi 1- W Q g E + 5 x f fcntl! A ' 'A V f -ive' Editor-in-Chief .... Assistant Editor... Business Manager... Sports Editors ...... Art Editors ..... Ralph Foster . .............. Tink Hill . Eva Mae Brannock ...Norma Robertson Ronald Cerringer Cooper Walker Frankie Smith .....Virginia Smith Circulation Mana ger ................ Assistant Circulation Manager ............ Betty Curtis Snapshot Editor .............,........... Mary Lou Horner Advisors ......... ..... M rs. Verona Danieley Miss Estelle Brown oufmalism Xfv- - - ..,. . N . ,A y , ll K ---- QC-14- wfmg' --"-A-- W- --f----'--- -- ---- -------- t . :..ff'-in Ln. I lff- ,gi P . 'tt' f A " - ' - ,, t. I 1- . 1 tiki' 1 ,. . 35111 1' Q lV,. , " f n i i - ' A f 'M President .................... .... ...... . . .Betty Curtis Vice-President .... .......... N orma Robertson Secretary ......... ..... E mma Jean Gerringer Sara Jean Burge ....Mrs. Verona Danieley Miss Estelle Brown Treasurer.. Advisors.... gfudenf Gounci Ek- 5-1 f- 'F FI" FQ.. . ..L,i .nr LL :- President .......... ............., R ichard Sneed Vice-President .... .. ..Eva Mae Brannock Secretary ........ .......... J anet Beers Treasurer ..... ....... B etty Peeler Advisor ....... .... M r. W. E, Lowe gl President .......... ....... B etty Peeler Vice-President ..... .. ...Clara Kivette Secretary ........ ........ S hirlcy Cox 'Treasurer ..... ........ A nn Matkins Advisor ..,., .... M rs. M. W. Hook ?'zenci4 1 President ....................................... Clara Kivette Vice-President ..... .............. D ick Porter Secretary ........ ...... M ary Sue Colclough Treasurer ..... ....... M ary Lou Horner Advisor .... .... M iss Estelle Brown ome conomics President ........... .... C lara Kivette Vice-President ..... .,..... V irginia Smith Secretary ........... ...... ......... C l aire Elverette Treasurer ..... .......................... S hirley Cox Advisor ....... ...,.. M iss Mary Elizabeth Ridge clence President ................................... Ralph Foster Vice-President ..... ........ D ick Porter Secretary .......... ........... P eggy Longest Treasurer... .............. Doris McIntyre Advisor ..... ..... M rs. Gladys Hendren eniofz Lf-H President ...........................,.......... Joe Crouse Vice-President, .... ...... R achel Tickle Secretary ........... ..... B ohby Harvey uniofz Q President ..................................... Peggy Dean Vice-President ..... .... M eredith Griswold Secretary ..,........ ...... I.. arry Whitesell gafefxl patio! 'll 5 K ..... 1 :-: rw S w First row, left to right: Elmer McNeill, Susan Harmon, Annie Mae Wright, Helen McNeill, George Horner. Second row: Ted Wimbish, Emma Wagoner, Edward Powell, Assistant Chief, Robert Waters, Chief, Eugene Bustard. mis' gaslzeflvall Team First row, left to right: Richard Sneed, Ronald Gerringer, Co-Captains. Second row: Cooper Walker, Allen Gerringer, Eugene Curtis. Third row: Ralph Foster, Manager, Bayard I-lovdesven, Arlin Lewis, Buddy Matkins, .lim Burgess, Harrell Brown, Frank Roberts, Coach. qifzlsy gaslzefliail Team First rum, left lo right: Marion Foust, Nornia Robertson, Co-Captains. Seronfl row: Carolyn Braxton, Mildred Whilcsell, Grace Massey. Thirrl row: Virginia Black, Miflfey Fcsperrrian, Doris Nlclnlyrc, Kathleen McDonalfl, Janet Beers, Christine Church, Helen Hughes, Frank Roberts, Coach. Gheezleabefzs W-5.1-1-3' akmg1Bxs. -1 f- -H-w-,zo ,....... Doris Willoughby, Mary Terrell, Annie Ridge, Doris Ward, Becky Robertson gvs Diivefzs , gg Y SCHQQL, aus f y 4 ' 1: , - V- X .a . x ' uc j El 'si , ', 5 rr.: ,Q-.Q-...N-f ,',, Q X-M.-. ,A ,,....::--.x -...-, ......!. :c-31:1 4 FR 1 Wifi? Fb: ' 'a f . ' :5 N 3 b 1 f" E ii 1' " : ' ,. e if ' ' " ' I -f R ' . r 1' e - S f, 'W' ' ,fl 5 H -' 4 N . f 1 f5f:v- " um' 'EWTNYZ E A Y 1 , I ifQ4'xf:' 1' :lt -f Joe Crouse, Carroll Crouse, Douglas Turner, Ray Whitesell. Not Pictured: Dan Dagenhart ffm MGQIZS Q ll X VI nu 1 -a 't .42 A 'Lf"'f' wmyp 1 . ELON COLLEGE ALUMNI - CHRISTIAN ORPHANAGE MEMORIAL GYMNASIUM 'GLX . ST. IVLARK'S . lk. ' EVANGELICAL '12 'NYJ' AND 5 REFORMED CHURCH xx . -as s Q- ,,,.. 1' L! N VVI-LSI' WING, IGIXJN COI,I,.I41l2I'L NEW EAST WINL3, ELON COLLEGE HIr,H SCHOOL, HIGH SCHOOL rjvf are ,1 ' ,, 4- vr . " ' A. ,. K , ,A..,. 4. ,, . R . A , Vs! 4 , X . NA 5' 'bs of .pd w i rf ' x .. fa. fi-J' fav? 5' i'-b ,b 5f3 x :SX 5 Wi' Y'!V .v .7'f- ,X '.e ' w 1 JMRTC5. . , 6. "WM, L 1. 3:-'-al-.. 'usa ' -..e , f if"f fb f l"- .X - W 1' EM 4.1"-,-.XQ, -.5 .N '4 QpL.'f"" ' QF'-' -f: -:"!.,',-'.1'?fJt 5- -. 4 Q gf 4.3 2.19,-gig A 44 uq v hi 1- . 5. Q s " " " I . 5 fy pq' : ' if :Th - wp F iii! gn X v. A' .kv ' ,Ja 1 'w N h3.:4fIff'4:!i:.ff 6-L 2 ,f A-, .1 'Q A QQ ii Q' A ii an a. ' 5 gf Wff-1 1-. -' 4. ........,4.. ft'-X., . ww E. A 'gi 7 9 H , f 'J 1'n -A x 5? mE If '4 W! fu , ods' 'Xl -gzwmv' 3 ti , ,. u W, 1 ,1 ,Q .,. ,Z Hs. I K . :za fl rl ,Hp .44 ' 4 t jk Mm F fa: M li .E,, E:' g9 v 4 Mfr, I b M M564 S P s ., K' , I! 1 , -., 1 N gn .r. .J--x 14' fi? 1 , A , . -' 'w ' ' ,iz-' ,- - my Q,-. gfifwggsj V ' -. ' . ' -Hg, ' 45.5. 45.2-ilk ' , ,, -:ar :J Q-W, In . . , , f""gVg"'! , , , - . rf - ' w I -Y , Y... .S -4 .3 n-Us XLMM ,X 15, 13 'A 'gf 'QB' 'I-L1 . 1343 X r , A1 4 " P .7'f:"A' ,Q -V3 N 'IV . I , N V , ,ni ' if U ' , ,. . , X i ' ,Q n 1 ' J A A L, -A-.n.- 5 i--L, 7 4- ik ' 5 'Q .g r if f. .X ML, gif-mu ve'-, me . FQ S !'I bp! u N 4. ,VV f'w1, - , -.Y- -...i .4 'Q If P' L , H. Y ' 'fc :I w , 'ea Q " , V. WU """"r -'fe D ,? R , an , , 'f an X , 1 Qin T' -up 1 1 ff, f 14. uw' t,. ' alm- 1 U0 13 . 3,1 Q. if' Y' Nb n ?Af' r. ! . .0 HJ' N "".,- , ,x ,A , y 9 , FEQDVERTISIN G P1 XS 1 I t gg 3 X E-JQQLVVE 3 'Vt UN 657 K 952- Q N X 7 5 5- Z -Q L1-M 55 'J DN .Tl iw if Qi F? V lf, X -71 , ,, fb E f 1 if 1 X ,-,f I 9 S S VW' .3 Burlington ills l A Short Course in Success u ,T I , ,V ,I 1-, i I Back in I9Z3 flue lwenlies were iusl beginning Io roar , .. folks were singing "Barney Google", "Ain'I Goin' Rain No l I Mo' and "Yes, We Hove No Bananas" . . . ian music was 11 fhe new sensalion and a dance called llue Cluarlesfon was lu sweeping Ihe nalion . . . Ilue ladies were slriving for a boyish ,- I g lip figure and lhe Ziegleld Girls were Ilue Ioas? of Broadway Il l . . . over in Germany a scrawny Iillle Nazi named Adolp , F, Hiller was lhrown in lhe clinlc for fomenling a beer-hall II I rebellion, II was quile a year. l Y Tha? same year in Burlinglon, Norllu Carolina, workmen were clearing a nearby cornlield Io build a small lexlile , mill. Some local businessmen were risking llueir money in a , bedspread manufacluring venlure. Tha? was lhe beginning I ol Burlinglon MiIIs, a company deslinecl lo play a leading role in lhe rise of man-made yarn from obscurily lo a place u - ol maior imporfance in Iexliles. Y Y During Ihe pasl 25 years Burlinglon Mills has grown from , 1 one small mill al Burlinglon inlo one of lhe worId's largesl , producers of rayon Iabrics. If now has 74 planls in six slales and four foreign counlries employing over 27,000 people. Y l Teamwork belween managemenl and skilled, loyal em- u ployees made Burlinglon Mills a lexlile leader. Teamwork ' 1 ll 'N also produced Ihe highesl qualify lexlile producls al flue li '- lowesl possible cosl. H, This successful Iormula was possible because American Iree enlerprise permilled conslanl improvemenls in male- .' rials and machinery, developmenl of our human resources, I belfer melhocls of produclion, and an incenlive for progress ,N and growlh. The formula broughl beller qualify fabrics lo lhe consumer, II broughl beller jobs, higher pay, increased benelils, and excellenl worliing condilions lo employees. lg A Y And so, 25 years afler, Eurlinglon Mills wears a badge of li success. Ils mullilude of producls are Iruly "Woven lnia flue Life of America". A r 1 , ,H V Sales Offices, New York. N Y. I -. Executive Offices Lgli I Greensboro. N. C. li y uuuuui E - 'f u'u' ' - ' u I 1:5 ,I ui ll I all l' ,,,, , ,." Ill l ll ll 'll , r el, ,E ' ,... ..,. s .I if u , gli u S uu Il u.,', 'r ful Q ll I mufsn or women S -04 f'-0" 101 l 'cesacgc gl Burliuuglouu Mills Hllfiwen :nm fue LM .sffrm ffff H" i S UIJTERWEAR AND UNDERWEAR FABRICS 0 MEN'S WEAR FABRICS 1 DECORATIVE FABRICS h CAMED STOCKING5 COTTON PIECE GOODS AND VARNS I RIBBONS n INDUSTRIAL AND TRANSPORTATION FABRICS 1, -20-'0Y0'f0Y-0'0"s0'0u 40'-' Y 9 9 9 it tl Compliments Of f Compliments Of if it 5 BAXTER COUNTRY CLUB APPLIANCE CO. COMMUNITY f CENTER 5 300 West Front St. 51 9 :N W, W' Burlington, N. C. if GROCERY , j A l 1' . .- . lg Q ,N bi- "Come In To See US" 5 if Compliments Congratulations 4: Of To The Class Of '50 5 5 5 OAK GROVE CAFE BURLINGTON SPORTING GOODSS it Burlington N. C. 423 worth street , Burlington, N. C. 3 9 P "Good Food" Phone - 66634 t At Reasonable Prices W 9 H 5 For Better Style, Compliments Of X And 1 12 Quality Shop At Q 2 f VICTORS CLOTHING co. r 3 "MY HAT SHOP" 1 "Clothes To Wear 3: 122 East Front Street For Those Who Care" su r Burlington, N. C. , Lww MMMWW , ,7,V,V NNW Yrr, MMV, VYV, Af7AA A AVKVK H ,,,,,, 0'040-'-0'0-'-0"'0'- '0-'-0l0H0-'0'0l0-1010"-ON0' '0"' 'J'0"01'0K0'1-0'-0-'-0" -'-01 0' '09 W lllllll l llll l llllll lllll llll A l l lllllll l l A ll V W t llllll l V l ll llll ' V l llll ' l "Reach For Compliments Of gt t SUNBEAM BREAD GENTRY'S GRQCERY ff tt 1 3 5 lf Meats Sz Vegetables if QQ "Hours Fresher" if 9 S Elon couege. N. c. li 1 it 5 Bamby Bakers - Burlington, N. C 5 E 5 9 l 5 5 :E 2 KEN HUGHES MOTOR COMPANY Oiuthorized Sales8Service 217 W. FRONT ST. ELEPHO 2927 ,Q f w 9 Q BURLINGTON. N. C. 5 Y 5 3' "For Those Who Want The Best" Bowl fm' Health and 32 ' A Pleasure 3 5 1 5 McNEILL'S FURNITURE ALAMANCE N' REpA1R 5H0p BOWLING CENTER Elon College, North Carolina 9 Q ig lg Burlington, N. C. ,D1al. Off1ce 3691 Res1dence 4361 i 2 ............... . . .......,....... .... . ............... . ............... . M ........... ,......................... ....................... ..,.,............. Q 1 9 Compliments li Of G HOOD s 5 Q SPORTING GOODS Q 9 Q Goldsmith at Spalding Equipment Special Prices 9 To 5 Schools Sz Teams HUEY 8z LOY Groceries Meats Feeds Oil Gas Elon - Ossippee Highway Intersection 5 3 The Seniors Of '50 SEE Mau na me Nfw Leading lg Jesse Qajfrmm--ff-W. M k 9 if CAMPUS SODA SHOP F ,G -Aft 0 es f 'ren O gg U In 1? Elon College, N. C. pig! 'J' "'9'0" 55-N N' f i lfi' North 'Drop Inn I Carolina 9 lg C. S. ELLISMUSIC CO. 3: Compliments BOTTLING i Of ' COMPANY G 3 9 MOORIQFIELDS FLORIST Burlington, N. C. il g 'Gmail' ,lf :psf MQ, OF til ,lg BURLINGTON 'i O. "lv C' ' Highway NO. 70 Burlington, N. Dial 6 1273 46 l l l l l 5 40Y0'9" 404' -'Ol' 0'0'0'-40-'OH-0-'01 l0 '0I '-OKWH-0'0"10"0 Compliments Of S. W. M ATLOCK GROCERY Elon College N. C. Don't Spill Any That's Melville Milk rg ,'i"3 - -ef: 1 , FQ: L . Q.Q-?, lVlEl.VIl.l,E DAIRY Burlington N. C Coke Cavs .-Hung I In llumliv Pivnim' Cooler Compllments 6 Of EN - .i ' 0lLCl'?9T'V7 M X .fswri ffaif if , j3j..gg,S ' ELON GRILL ---, Pfijg ,', .--Q5 link ' U '1 n-sff'l-'- if .,.- Q- f 1-:ion College N. C We Grow By Helping Others Grow u X R COPE? pouci5.. ., Quality Leader of the South ! . 1 h -.- S V sh 1 1 'N .f" X 'R-7.25 .AX - .-,,,. ,-bf . 7,4 -' "' X 1 S A ..-1-nf ' "Y , 'W' ? ' + A1---f ' 1 4 ,, lf-sfmi..- f , 1 , L 4 ,, ' l 4 4 41 M A " it ' ,.,.. --, ' ' Q A , ' + 'v"'r - A 3 .L-'-1 HGLI' 45' ,, , , 1...,..- 1 A 'T 1 f i -333 A Tff 4.4, L4 ' ' H'4T'AATF'x 'I 2 Q? , " 'T' if I , ' . , 7 1 4 f I2 ' A A 'Q QM f T-'7755' . ,A I 2 1A'4'f ' 4 x.n? -it ' ' ' A -- - A . , . 1' - ' ff A'- f-ff L E r"1'+f f f W2 +-fi ' 'Q 1 .IA - if- L4 ' h . g 5,3 3 'gig V :ti V L A Av gg -2 -7. TI. Q 1 V' -' 4: 1"lL: -f A ' I if '4f1?'1"' if' A E A 5 A ff25?QQ'3Q. , ' A' ' ' ' F E- Z 1 i ii Y .i'l,'LhS -'4 0 - ' f ' A .Y J, ,f. . ,

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