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Ei 5,7gg'5'-X513 Wm N W Eawvivviw Ftikfwfwiv-5+ Q J Burl mm A 1 07215 - - . A I 1 , -W V 1 QQ, .,.Lf'..T',f X: . ,. ' Ml,- 'X " 5' A A .Y - - r , uh cv .--A I I ,M 1 - ,- U-X .4 5.m.,,-.. LJ Zflw will www 5? Zflwdillllege ciffiglr giflliflilfl MM Fx F54 rg X li XX fx -4 ' 1. KXXJ V K 1 6 p S AX X E9X' 5L!IDiQl! Y . V 2 WJ Alma ,MAH I-H37 A K 4,Ar,- F T ,f K I 1 I I km Y ,. ' 5 qxffaill .v, - ' V X ' ,6-'I ' ,L 1 I 4 , Q. 'Y 4 Y , .fx A 5 - r ' , 1 ' ' , M' - 29 707, K0?f9QeJ:'9 XV X Y 1 ff Nfw 4 V 'gj V - X ' " .13 ,f - " "', Q' In . 1 ,Q lr ' an L? Af, YwV' ' ,591 4Vf -' 5WW4I',fEQww a8,,hd Q xg 1: ' f' ,4 -, 55. ,- A -- .1 - 1J'Y"1:...-3 ' -' ,, ,,iJy'9gFi'3-v f x -' " it , - ' ' in-14: lgda' L ', , ' , ,, Y ff, - W ,., ,, . , -H 'Z T5'lz'i'l1 "ST" "YH-lf! 'if fifkv - ' 'A--., '. - H? grin ' H, " A fx-rw: 1' - 'f iw- ' fu., ff -A V A 'A' mu ! a....,--- -f ,zzgwfl -rm., gnu V,-,1 fa N .. 3- al --f -gef- I -' 1 q5f,,,iliL1 v Fig-.ll la-xllf '-'Q . M :f df g: ,4"' W A, , N r'iW?'Wf'W2TfT'F?xfW 'f'53iMQ9JLmf- 'Qfiinsnim '11 -- 55 ' T-+fei,g.4'1:-A If ::E::::iiiE ii: '2 5: ::: :sr ' fhiliuvffizf - EgLiia2E21f'1 We A :::::f 5 415555 'ii 555 T32 Einiiaeezar fi 25512235 i, 4 - -i-- . fi " ""' 'FL - - . -uw, f ' ' ' ' e, ,- xv - v- - lx----: ' Y id. 6 In , h,g:. ' digg, 1 G llllluunv qu, A - V, . -un. e- - --'. ........l..l,,4, . ,...u.,g . 4.-x. H ""'----.- ., Y -V , we ..-. J. w r.. , v - f x V 231 .f fr:-,eeawfs-M -V A A '- 2" -sm-.. 1.1-N ..,,j1,--Q-Q-, -v - .. :N AN-bl ,437 esqghx. "'f- -.' ..-A -.,.- A .A A 'ffwrfh 9-.Q lm Here is the scene of the student's labozs, and pleasures. Here have they learned English, Math, French, etc.--but that is not all. Here, too, have they worked on extracurricular activities, formed laetihg friendships, the memories of whlth will be bright for :zany years. e icq ion Q' xiii ' 4 M X . -an ,Q Q- U5 O, v W Because of his unfalling help, and interest in ourselves, our work, our school, our progress and our futnve, we fondly dedi- cate our yearbook, ECHOES, to our principal, Mr. L. S. Mcihnali. L mivsis xx tion - ' I if PT'frnfz-il.. Mr. L. M:Lfonf.lfLg :Qc-retarf, Tvs. Wi Hash Deaf ?'7w1ie:.'i, 'iw me f' be N? 'ffr' L'r,9".1L-1 -m +312 intereft from have showx 'ku NNT 1 . - me " il:-L yrobimvforl 0" fhis yearbo-rf.. TI-t+ 1 '15 x A fl' Qflifi-its cf' thf "Schema", 'f'-IC-3lAL'iL'. Q ' - "9 , ' 'S he-1,4-'Je' ,red to make a better book. I c-is 'mm-'?t'21'iFtiCS C' your work: an: Qongr.atf11 A 1 If. jf-311' " X 'i lf "!'1':'L-Tzf. "or, and in turn, much to be resgfrrsikle ' ,. 'fcur Qi 'tn' , g :',:Qerf if My iff V 'J " 2 , ,, 1, To ,flrfivw :A X'-inf?--:'. 'f f li f ljf ln:1deq1:aCi'ef ami? to Flaws are a Perf in vowr Q-1'-1lg'e'Ni'n. 'T :H T im ri N-'a . tc' T1 W "1 r 'z , 'N Ki ' ' :W -'j JI.-1"i'F't?f1li yer'- Sfi.-:wm are fha 1wf.Q-,IVS jmww TQHV1 To :wash lfavpljw "or ?a' if K1 . ..-is-' ' LJ T fu se"- viqe- ff j.'cu1'PXl , jr 5 ' f- LT f-Cry unify. I charge you with these rf'-5gQ1,f1L Lli'ief. Tm yx wiv +5, 1.an1pg Q1-f-. this holy x-HW be P. 611' P-'x ' 0 'wmgz' 2-rxfmurifif hallk' did? arm' fi' lg-:Jing ZJVI.-E-kip. Tb 'f 1" N11 li-we 24 milerfoxw in jniuz' g1v'ffrw' " " "U" "" lwsf wi ZPGS sw- with you ill. Sim,-:fi wrierci yriru Q7 Y fx I '7 .gf A It -'x.C.',4,.1,.,4' fn , nf, N N o If M' M? 1 gf!! 'N ya qcu w: gr -'SQ V WL Q. A 2. 5 4' ' J ca ' J f, f ' 7 ll f Eze' Avi. 15' F LI ami. 4,11 X". 4, - ... . -I I ll ' NA . Il! H I K Miss Estelle Brown I-'r. Wilkes Lowe I-11s.PregLVo'.'f"r. Englishzlfrench Hfsszlthwistoryg Q?rC1if1hg1"i'?tb V 1' f Social Studies Mrs. N, W. Hook , A 'YQ V -N Vis? Iffmy 111 Q P?-Tlh " ,. , 'ta VOM H Icornwi' NYM Y I YW! ' n J A Him-LC gifs' L I vi gig, 5 7 ' I .A W fs- yu .ig L 1 3 X P". xi? E' . " wx- Q 1 'K 11 0 ,gk Q ,,. 1 ' rf ,,. Q X, 55:15, " V' xggfz I ' J IVF. Bill Boruff bv , 5,59 Fw y 1, Pluysicsgixthletic , -' "A ' 11-1 -5A Coach uf X -' A .V ' -:SI 7 ' 1 5 Q f ,X ,,- M, , " Q" Physw J J' K 3. W , X js -,ix 'lx ' iffy " U X -.N . Q 5 A VK V s My ,xwq A, I ir 5- 6 1 1 1 1 F E i I ? LAST WILL AND TESTAM NT We, the Senior Class of Elon High School, being of feeble mind and disposing dispositiong and being on the verge of abandoning these stately halls of learning, do make this our last will and testa- ment hereby declaring null and void all other wills or promises extracted from us under pressure. ARTICLE I To our dearly beloved faculty we leave our splendid grades and good behavior to the end that we are living examples of all that may be good and studious, held up by them to inspire the oncoming class to reach the goal that we have attained. ARTICLE II To the Junior Class we leave all our Senior privileges, our Senior dignity and the pleasure of getting out the annual. The first will be gained by bestowal, the second by acquisition, the third by perspiration. To the Sophomores because of their dire need, we leave our brilliancy and Upepn, with sincere hopes that they may use them both in Literary and Athletic fields. To the class of '52 we bequeath all our science and English note- books to relieve them of the customary weeping and gnashing of teeth caused by such necessary evils. ARTICLE III Dail Kimrey bequeaths to Eugene Curtis his height as the said legatee needs just this amount to make him of average size. To Fay Tickle, Jean Simmons generously leaves her pleasing smiles and cheerful disposition. Bbbbie Abernathy leaves the echoes of her giggles and hearty laughs to the resounding halls of the school building. Joanne Martin wills her record of straight nA'sn to Glenn McDonald in hopes that they will lighten his pathway during the dark and gloomy days ahead. Bill Morton leaves the copyright of his latest manuscript nShiek and Ye Shall F1nd,H to Douglas Turner that Doug may be as success- ful as he was along this line. Grace Hedegepeth wills her supply of jokes and miscellaneous news to Carol Loman. The legatee will find this useful for causing the teachers temporarily, or even permanently, to forget Monday morning written lessons. Claire Cox wills her compact and all other beauty accessories to Sara Jean Burge. Janice Goodman bequeaths Adrian Wilson to nTinkn Hill with the request that she keep his mouth closed on windy days. Bobby Whitesell wills his gavel to Richard Sneed in hopes that he doesn't have to pound as hard as he did. To C. A. Reagan Joe Hill leaves his football and hopes he gets a big nkicku out of it. Tommy Salmons wills his red ghgg1,corduroy that is, to Cooper Walker to lighten up the halls on gloomy days. I 1 I E u 1 K I Jimmy McLoud wills his brain and all his knowledge of science to Ray Hook. To Mildred Whitesell Dorothy West leaves her quiet manner and unassuming ways with the request that she put them to use in the near future. Christine Oakley leaves her dignity as a Senior to Betty Lou Curtis Betty Wagoner bequeaths all her poems to the school library to be used by the students while idling away the hours. Buddy Fogleman wills his grease paint and important rolls in forth- coming productions to Bill Batten. Louise Currin bequeaths all her cooking knowledge to Miss Ridge because she's such a good neggn. Ann Buckner leaves her ability on the dance floor at the teen- age parties to Martha Dowdy. Carolyn Braxton receives from her sister, Peggy, her soprano voice and her ability to reach high MCU. Betty Lou Rudd leaves her good sportsmanship to Nell Somers and hopes she will live up to it in every way. Doris Black bequeaths her Athletic title to Norma Robertson and her job as manager to Peggy Longest and promises she will always be with the team cheering in spirit from the side lines. In testimony whereof, we hereby appoint as executor of this, our last will and testament, Mr. L. S. McDonald, with assurance that anyone failing to abide by any of the provisions of said document will be severly penalized. we do hereby subscribe our names and affix our seal this the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and forty nine. June 7 Class of '49 Doris Black Testator Witnesses: Miss Estelle Brown Miss Frances Land ! 1 5 m 'J I eniov Cflqss 11 1 4' icevs A -0 N, .0 xr g CLASS OFFICERS Claire Cox, Secretaryg Bobby whitesell, Presidentg Bobbie Abernathy, Vice Presidentg Jean Simmons, Treasurer Class Colors: Blue and White Class Flower: Red Rose Motto: Find A Way Or Make One Though the years fly Swiftly past, Occasions come But do not last. Take what fate To you doth give, To be, to hope, To work, to live. In forty-five, We took our place ln high school ranks To set a pace That in the coming Years would prove A goal to those who Try to move ahead and succeed In things that fill The human need. Class Poem As forty-seven Came in view, We were then Juniors With plenty to do. In forty-eight with Brown ln lead we picked our need, For loyalty hope and trust For those below-- who come after us. This is the end, Our school days are o'er As we pass through That open door. May the world outside, Prove ever to be-- A joy and success, For you and me. --Betty Rudd 1 r J n 0 V 1 'H ' 1 , x I J- fy! 1 i I fi .aw up f Y gg ,. , L- AQEQ2? fi? . -J fy' film to 1 J J' 1 J' C. , I-ga A-4 ,j5, 9 Bobbie LaVerne Abernathy HBobbieH Basketball l,2,3,U Cap- tain 3, Glee club 1,2,3,4 President 1, V.Pres. 3 Sec. Student Council H, Softball l,2, Dramatics 2,3, Journalism Club 3,k, Business Mgr. ECHOES M, Business Mgr. HI-LIGHT 3, Cheerleader 3, French Clu 4, Jr. Play Elizabeth Ann Buckner HAH-nil Journalism Club 1, Glee Club 2, Dramatics 1, Superlative, Jr. Flay, Sr. Play b Doris Lee Black HD. B.u Basketball l,2,3,H, Co- Captain 3, Mgr. 4, Glee Club l,2,3,H, V. Pres. l,2, Softball l,2,3, Dramatics 2,3, Journalism Club 3,b, V. Pres. H, Asst. Ed. HI-LIGHT 3,k, Sports Ed. ECHOES H, French Club H, Jr. Plav, Sr. Play, Cheerleader H, Superlatlve Claire Craven Cox UClaireH Glee Club l,2,3,U, Band l, Dramatlcs l,2, Journa- lism 3,M, Student Council H, Sec. Homeroom N, Super lative, French Club M Margaret E. Bryn J uPeggYu Band l, Basketball 2,3,N, Glee Club 1. 3,M, Softball l,7,3 Journalism Jlxb M, Publlclny Mgr. ECE! N, Publlcifv Mgt. H1-LIGHT 5, PYMRTH Club 4, Supeflafive Jr. Play, Sr. Fil? Dramatic Club 1 Eliz. Louise 141 MLOUH Clee Jllb l,j, B Club 3, Hime hr. Club T,3, Jr. .la Sr. Play, Fren.n Club U, Superlef J , f H f f 'Y A ,, 1 rf C 11-I ' F" 1 N ,X Nw 'nrt I- 2, 5 4 Z Q . fukihfh y.'f ' N1 'h - n ' v.1 ,- ba.?5uH gg l ' -' 4.,5? ,Q g.J bw J 1 f,f 1' '-14' . - L l- ' . 'R.'wf .. . - N H, . nfgg- wf m uy',-' M. . 1 Zi? Xu. tw. u Efwfmwwiiix wil U ' MQLF v',, Ji-1L.W fgKigPif."Afw' New qw .-4 X 10 V .N W, U Q awe mil,-Qlx lawrence E. Fogleman - Il dy!! Basketball l,2,N, Foot- ball l,2, Baseball l,2, M, Glee Club l, Dramatic Club 3, Superlative, Sr. Play, French Club M, Jr. Play Joseph Rudolph Hill llljoell Football 3,N, Co- Cap. 4, Jr. Play, Sr. Play, f Superlatlve Q Q' U avi. wt - , 4 Sy' ' ' as ,Q , L-- ' 7 W 5 JU ply! Wm - l J D D . 93 ifle 'Away .ut NJ'-, t- A KAN ' A ,gf 1 EfE'l 'QP4 'if fille ,:. , . Ml: - Janice Blaine Goodman "Duck" French Club 4, Dramatic Club l,2,32 Glee club l,2,3,H, B Club 2,3,H, I 0 '-r' 1 I I 1 Grace Eliz. Hedegepe ll Baby!! Dramatic Club l,2, Class Prophet 4, Jr. Play, Sr. Play, Jgurnalism Club N, Pres. Superlative B Club N, Treag Dramatic Club 2, Trea. B Club 3, Softball 2, V. Pres. Glee Club H, Superlative Harold Dail Kimery Joanne Martin III-'ar-diy!! IIJOII Basketball l,2,3,k Journalism Club 3,M, Pges. H, Reaorter 3,k D, E-Club 2,3, , French f , Club U, V. Pres. 4, J Superlative, Vale- A P dictorian X flax if M J A 7 Di .J gk J HJ f . x I '86 1 'g' il ' 1 ,N ,, V .yy Q 1 A C ' , .ff 'X ' 3 1 L,- - ef,,!Y X ai' AJ l ' ,fir V 4 lr its -J: dH:: 1 Q' , ,., , C, Cx C James Thad McL0ud Henry Lester Moore William Vlcnaol Mi HProfessoru HLackU HBillH Dramatic Club l,2,3, Glee Club l,?, Journalism Bashetbwll L,7, ir. Glee Club 1,2, Journa- Club 3,M, Basketball l,?, Play, ur. llavl lism Club H, Superlative 3,U, Baseball l,2,3,H, Journalism .lpr T Football 2,3, Jr. Play, Sports Ed. H's ' Doris Christine Oakley uChrisn Glee Club 1,2,3,M, Sec. M, Home Bc. Club 2, Basketball 2,3,M, Co- Captain N, Student Cguncil 2,3,k, Pres. 4, B Club 2,3,M, V. Pres. 3, Pres. Homeroom 2, V. Pres. Homeroom M, Journalism Club 3,4, Bus. Mgr. ECHOES 3, Ed. BCHOES Q, Trea. Journa- lism Club H, Marshall 2, French Club 4, Softball 2,3 'I Sr. Play, Superlative Betty Lou Rudd nBettyn vf,.V1l A nil lr. Qlub, Tommy bf: II Glee Club 1,2,3,H, Dramatic Trea. Homercnm 3, Jr Club l,2, Journalism Club Play, Sr. Play 3,H, Basketball 3,U, Cla s Poet, Superlatlve, Frenvh Club H :W , L., Saver 1 'ef Sala-R. 1' av m1ny" K . e r I x Barbara J. Simmons HJeanieU Glea Club l,2,3,M, Dramatic Glu? l,2, 3, Sec. 3, B Club 3,'+, V. Pres. L+, French Club M, Basketball l,2,3,M Softball 2, Treas. Home Room I+, Trees. Glee Club M Studer Council M, gr. Play Supbrlative ' SR li! A TIL JF? 'W' l at .JI , x I, M l l .1 -w,, rf" m Dorothy Gray West IlDOtll 1 . ,ff ,gl 6 ' 0 . B'LClub 2,3, Glee 1 'rw . lf"-M" Club l,2,3, Journa- . R, lism Club 1, French 5 ' Club 3 Sec. Home Q if 1518 Room 1: Home Bc. 1 T H - F Club 1, Student .5 -r' Council 1 Super- Y - lf-UL ive , fl Y-ij t " A 'fr Q '34- 4 A ' i fr. h1iZabQih HugwLQ "ui-:x,1" Ggee Club l,2,3, B Club l,2,3, Home Bc. Club 3, Dramatic Qluh l,2 Stage Mgr. Jr. Play, Basketball 1, Softball 2,E, G1ftOr1an K Robert Wnitesell ll Bobbyn Prer. Home Room M, Jr. Play, Superlatlve, Student Council M 53 .A MASCOT5r Glbrla Sinclair and Jghnny Elgqk I' 4 i The American Embassy Peiping, China December 31, 1959 Dear Diary The winters are cold and dismal here in North China, the icy winds and snows close one in and leave little else to do except to look back over the past years and remember. I always injoy this because it allows me to go back to the last of the forties and re- spend my days at E. H. S. Our ole' class of 'l+'9 did pretty m-'ell for itself. I heard from Bobby Whitesell at the first of the month. He let me have all the latest goings-on of the class, but being the modest dear that he is, he didn't even mention that he is now the vice-president of the Continental Insurance Company. He always was some what a leader of men. Bobby passed on some happy items about those people with whom I spent so many happy years. It seems that Jimmy McLoud finally decided to put his knack for blue print draw- ing into good use. He is now a well known architect and interior decorator with the able assistance of Bill Morton. Good ole' Bill, I bet he gives a Perry Como record with every plan he draws. Tommy Salmons is no longer a cheerful dray boy, but now owns his own ultra modern super market. And Diary, do you remember how Joe Hill used to say he'd just be an educated bum??? I should have known better, but I wasn't at all surprised to find that he is now a full back for Norte Dame. Of course, he had to change his name a little. I think he is now known by the monicer Joseppi Hillstorivichll Oh well, Joe always would go to any limits to get to play football. I heard from Joanne Martin, too. Her letters are few and far between, but so interesting I hate to put them down. She and Claire Cox did all right for themselves. They are listed in the Elon College nPhipsicleN 1959, as associate and assistant professors resfectively of art. Claire is still the confirmed bachelor girl, but I hear that Joanne has Nprosrectsnl 1 Joanne tells me she bumped into HChrisH and the twins iseems Wayne chased her until she caught him? on the Carolina Trailways bus recently. I'll bet they both were surprised to find that their driver was Lester Moore. They probably had a regular class re-union on the company's time. Dail Kimery now has his own Uhash housen, but 1t's under the neon name of nKimery's Korneru and serves the best ice cream dishes in all of New York. Of course, Madison Avenue isn't a bag location. I'll bet Dail has the prettiest electric signs in town, he used to be pretty good with electrical gadgets. Doris Black, Louise Currin and Janice Goodman are the prettiest trio of nurses at the Cedars of Lebenon Hospital. Well, Betty Rudd certainly fooled me! Instead of turn- ing into a champion basketball player-which she could easily have been-she is now one of the prettiest young matrons you'll see. I tuned in on Arthur Godfreys talent scout the other night and who should I hear but my old pal Anne Buckner, who used to make my study halls such a riot. Vera Vague had better cling to her laurels 'cause Annie has all the makings of a great little commedian Dorothy west donned white, too, and is now at Hillsdale Sanitorium in Tacoma, Washington. I'll bet her calm and easy manner is soothing balm to the frayed nerves of its patients. I've always heard that silence was golden and it certainly paid off for Dot. At long last I got the much-promised letter from Bettie Wagoner, my ole' sidekick, bosom pal, shadow, right arm, etc. for the past fifteen years. She finally got that trip to Hdeah meddy old Englandu. Jean Simmons is her travling companion. The two are making their merry way across the globe to see yours truly. Boy, I hope they hurry as its been so dull with no Bettie to argue with. Besides, this nnew look a la 59N has me in a pickle, and I hear Jean is quite the girl with a needle. Golly, how some of the class used to razz me about wanting to come to China. They always said if I had to learn to eat with a chop sticks I'd starve. Well, I guess I showed them--I can wield those chop sticks like a veteran. Being the private secretary to a Brigadier General at the American Embassy is plenty 0. K. I got a postal from Peggy Braxton and Bobbie Abernathy this morning. They are doing fine with their rose covered cott- ages and stuff. Peggy played professional basketball for a couple of years--was plenty good, toog but not so Bobbie. She gets married to some lucky guy the second year after she finished at ole' E. H. S. Well, there it is, Diary, the goals achieved by the class of '49, We really didn't do so badly, did we? We caused a lot of gray hairs to be added to the noble heads of the faculty, but we meant well with all our noise and wise cracks. We were Qa happy lot and still are. We could always find something at which to laugh. As long as one can do that, one pretty much has the world by the tail already. This page marks the end of a decade, ten years of golden memories. Looking ahead is always a good motto,and looking back is always a good moral. I remember that as graduation night grew near, I suspected that many of us would have complaints about the futureg but by now as I thumb through your well- remembered pages, I feel that we can only have a deep feeling of contentment for the success that has come to us. It hasn't been easy. We had many good opportunities, but they usually came disguised as hard work. Goodnight Diary, Grace Hedegepeth A. D. December 31, 1959 i 7 up cf Jogfiv e S rung-uf fn: ' ' 5-we L Prettiest Claire Cox Regt Sports Ee Eflbbf -,11 M, Frienn.1f1i bby Nnitegell Most Original glaiyg w,L Buddy Foglpman ::,. -c1... Vf. Jawice Sandman Jimmy Mqlvud ,ul?'fT , ' mai N :z Higy nfzt Peggy Eraxtou LF r A Most Musical Bill Mofton Peggy Bretton T31-1. ga N Most Likely to Succeed Toanne Nartin Cutest Robby Whitesell gi:TieMggiud Ann Buckner Bobby Whitesell w r Best All-Round Most Talented Bobby Whitesell Christine Oakley Clairg Cox Best Dressed Best Looking Joanne Martin Jimmy McLoud Bill Morton Most Athletic Joe Hill Doris Black Lost Dependable Mittiest Sweetest Bobby Whitesell Christine Oakley Grate Hedegepeth Louise Curr f r I ' 1 .1 ' CLASS HISTORY On September 7, 1946, forty-six carefree and green fresh- men boarded the High School Ship for the far-away port of knowledge. We had had as yet few very trying experiences on the Sea of Learning. It did not take us long to realize that there were seamen on our ship who were more experienced than we--the Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors they called them- selves. We organized our class and chose as president, Bobbie Abernathy. Other aarsmen who were chosen to help guide our vessel over the rough Sea of Learning were, Vice President- Doris Black, Secretary-Margaret Bayliff, and Treasurer- Nellie Overman. During the first part of our voyage on board the High School Ship, a social party was given for us by the parents of one of our classmates. When the summons was heard a few months later, a large number of girls and boys entered athletics, but we saved our letters and stars for another trip. Under the very efficient leadership of Mrs. M. W. Hook and other members of the faculty, we entered on June 2, l947,the port of Freshmen Vacation, a happier and a wiser crew. After three months of much-needed rest, we were eager to get on board our ship again. we had our same captain, Mrs. M. W. Hook. Our crew numbered thirty-nine, and we organized again under the following leadership: President- Doris Black, Secretary-Harold Robertson, and Treasurer- J. B. Seymour and Tommy Sammons. This was a glorious year. we made the other classes realize that we were capable of hard work and of taking a leading part in real sport. One of the high school cheerleaders, Margaret Bayliff, was from D 11 . our class. Prominence did not by any means stop here, for we took a very decided lead in scholarship. when we had crossed the waters that lie between the port of Freshman Vacation and Sophomore Vacation, we hailed into the latter for the purpose of taking on food and fuel. After our ship had remained three months in the port of Sophomore Vacation, we began our voyage again with a crew of thirty three. For this third part of our voyage, the follow- ing officers rendered us their efficient services: President- Margaret Bayliff, Vice Presidents-Stephen Wolfe and Christine Oakley, Secretary-Nellie Overman, and Treasurer-Tommy Salmons. We were welcomed by a new captain, Mrs. Helen Miller. Our class was still tops in basketball. Also we showed interest in other activities, Glee Club, Journalism, Dramatics and B2 Club. We had our play, uGood Gracious, Grandma,n the receipts of which went toward the Junior-Senior banquet and Washington trip. In order to entertain the Seniors while on the third part of our voyage, we gave them an NApri1 Showersn banquet on April 28 on board our ship. We paid the bill-of-fare value plus compound interest when we should become seniors. After the next stop had been made, we entered upon the last part of our voyage. We were nothing less than High and Mighty Seniors. Early in the year our class organized with the following officers in charge of steering our vessel: President Bobby Whitesell, Vice President-Bobbie Abernathy, Secretary- Claire Cox, and Treasurer-Jean Simmons. We organized with twenty-four members. Upon us dropped the responsibility of editing the annual, of setting an example for the lower class- men, and of becoming recipients of Senior privileges. We met another new captain this year--and a very good one--Miss Estelle Brown. I 1 r 1 if R During the happiest and most fruitful year of our voyage Cfor we had begun to reap what we had sownl the Junior Class entertained us at a banquet. Under the direction of our teacher we gave a play. We mastered the circumference of Amo, the declension of an isosceles triangle, and the conjugation of the French verb, n1'ecole.U We struggled with Math, History, English, French, and Typing courses until it seemed as if we should have nervous prostrationg but, behold! Just in front of us-- our reward! The faculty found great pleasure in accompanying the class of 1949 over the rough waters of the Sea of Learning. Their greatest delight was to give us npopu tests. These tests were both as unexpected and as disastrous as the Culex mosquiti in the Sahara desert. The little green grade books of our teachers testified to this statement. Our trip to Washington was wonderful. Oh! I almost for- got about our trip to see Shakespeare's nMacbethT Although we knew wwery little about it at the time, we thoroughly enjoyed it. On June 7, 1949, we completed our voyage through one port of the Sea of Learning and received as spoils of the adventure our high school diplomas. Since history records the work of the great, this docu- ment may well be called a history. For were we not illus- trious, seafaring students, struggling as many others have struggled before us? Certainly one will grant.that every task.assigned to us was performed as faithfully as could have been expected from a class of boys and girls who were equally interested in class work, sports, and every form of diversion. Historian Bobbie Abernathy I , 1 uniov 6Iqs s icevs CLASS OFFICERS Standing: Ann Matkins, Secretaryg Carrie Parker Treasurer Seated: Bill Wilson, Vice Presidentg Richard Sneea, President Class Colors: Blue and White Class Flower: Daisy Motto: Not at the top, but climbing .NJ O15 7170 sugcqf-5 ,W or X M sesi ' f 'X ' I 9 ,IU 1 , if AWN F' XM N U Y 4 g X, ! fm x , f H - . ,K 6, 471' f,5a57,PW,,-JE-g-.,K.,.. f?fYFw1w?lEFlnAY Q5 - Zi 'vu ? 'F 5 'Y rf! WV g 3 2 dm A 1-A PQ A I "fy A A Alvin Allred va Erannock Dan Dagenhardt Martha Dowdy Marion Foust Ronald Gerringer Julia May .Glenn McDonald 5 ' os. .L A -4 if' K -1 :yy 1 .gr F , ii? ,,, rl a Q" - T ' J 1 ,- , -- ..m . , N r ' - . Q- "," X fy- .f,nw..ff"i 1,3 f . V N: 52 Tv M ts' P1 , x ?tty Lou Curfls TA ',f , .eanette Flynn Ralph Foster Hasseltine Hill Ann Matklns Ellen Owen Carrie Park pk I f K P' j w JL j U, LX KV Hg 1 F -r , A 'S f ' -v 5- ,- 1 : J: ,- , '-1' ,, it h Q 1, Q, Q' 1, R v 4 W -1 'QN 1 , R -5 ' in ' -.. ' V' A .7 - , 1 ,. fe x X X' 1 f' l Q. Q! f Qwwl W z' f' f 4, X w at ffm ,,, X bv - 'V f E l V 'l Lotty Peeler Norma Robertson Cooper Walker X V! Vv.. V A li Jerrie ?h1llipS Virginia Smith Hay dhlteseli ,ll EEE' II ff' AEE' 4 :. J f f 5 QED ff Q ff U1 I Jesse Hay Richard Saeed Adrian Wllsvn fe " A Y 'Ib Ji? .X ,- .S K r' is X! WK fr sg . 515:-:Ex.'EfS?.S'w: 'P' :if lf C. A. Reagan Faye Tickle Bill Wilson Wm-, - M, Neff XFN X56 A 9 M V GTX! X M W if f N""'J X-L V ff N k !-x " E v S w' fyx' jf' H I, J' Vi, A Q1 ,fy 0 ,fxd X X J fy ff y " glib. Vik sy' ,P Lf KK! 'AS ,fy X' 11 in Ji, K J 'J B ug 'W . 5ykk UW If ri 3 W Ax MA ,Q :J y ff W yr M N ,J ww My ,Qi SW!! X-My ,lj 4 NINE. Cf Q U" Y Xw Af , ,HJ ' ,iff . Y A J fn ff f Y N L ' Q- .LMWN JE -'Aff 3, X1 iw Bk ra, A f H ,ij ,B A 'K W Q ' ? 3 2 . 1 . Hxel is Q J J, . VJ .- xl 'VJ-5 K' . U 50 l7omore 51985 fl:!CQYS li ,. CLASS OFFICERS Mary Sue Colclough, Vice Presidentg Dick Porter, Sec Eugene Curtis, Treasurerg Luzy Batten, President Class Colors: Black and Gold Class Flower: Yellow Hose Motto: Climbing the tue rocks may be rugged xr A V , 'i.:1.f2,7 HALF s WAY X NV Xfgydacig :Q KN , rv Y 1. ,P 'IJ I a V Pc, ff f"'V ' - Uwfwfi 'J g 7! QYHM, . A W5 M ,W,?'J 5 QM! 'JWJNF 'kiqfeqgtz L J f X W'Qf l if 2964 mi 1 Q59 W' 1 Gy ff 0 ,J 51.4004 '-" My I ., 4' f Q J pf' , W M 9 M MM 4p,,UT,yM,J4Q j W ,1Qvv7' ' A dy Q -Q, 13 Www b50+A""' ,f f 4 r N Zgfmh Vi- WU Lk fit 3 7:--,io . ZW. Zfwi-Aff Q w WM iw 'Gm Eff?-K 'ix W N L "pp l,XM,J ' i, C1 R1 3 Ugg V IU X p Min, X5 . 'gel W'?5wz' wp ff 32 MJ gy ffiklwp' JQWZQJJ DJ W,,fv+J Xi X ' lbw "' W DN gb-'J . W W ,ww Q X xx F. Vlxyd -wry! 'fell gy! fx J 5 N 4 W ! x L NJ X 'K NY Y y sf 2 lNN +'Q fo Qxgx L K fx, ,vm W 21, js RQ 4? fx "f 'K N N 439 Q9 W 5 Wd vt A Mig? VN -Ther' PM by 5 -'DJ TE", x U 3 A lx? ,T :S :N 9U ,tin ,gl -"fi ' W ' l , sn, A 3-.1 "fm" w Z , 7-,fr J x , A' fuk if V , ..... ,N 7 I - 4- , f. , ni- ,, . A e 1 H e x A. ,ff 'A li'-., r' .. ' L It I !'. ' I L if t if V ,-4 X ' - ,.Q' ' , ' 'X' " ' Q V "rm-. N - J ,ENE 'X ., V3 X 9 1 Ee' ' , R' GA WH 7' fi 2 KC x Aj 1 f , . - ,. 'Y jx 'rr rw, Y D ' ...of N I ' f ,ff I' 5 E 55. -X x 'W cn. V -fr I: P ,-' x-+A ' "3" f Q i - A 464' . .1' ' A kK,wf. H-,Ji i B111 Earnhardt Bill Batten Lucy Batten Jim Burgess June Campbell Doris Chrismon Johnny Gentry Betsy Gleason Dorothy Green Ray Hook Peggy Huffines Bobby hinch Arlin Lewis Peggy Longest Junier Loy f" f 'T We , H V - . .3 'K ' in X A f X A Neal Bean Carolvn Sue Colclonz' Eugen I! .QV 1 LH nm L 7 Jegse ureesou Helen dnFfe Clara Kivette Jackie Le 1 Buddy Matkins Difls ncgnfyr -1 PLD' 5 M Ml I JJ 7' JWQ if ' 1 l f Ly' f J" J, 4 wwf ' rv 2 L'V, Af 1 J ,W J 7 ,E M95 fi!- . ix "E: A , -1 L j ' R E W X X-, X if X, 'L 6 X,-i, T Q 14 fx R, Q-X, C S 5 X , jk ,ff . L 1 Vt KW! 'wp -X ' ' uf-fl: 3.9! R x ,WCJX 9 0 X gy! ,- Qsmxai aw xo K hm xf f90'd N ff ' 016 Q 47 Mow? A of if Q9 , Q '67 V, MLAAMICI Q .Q In KX W2 U 5. AA Q-Q-ffvdfg? W A V59 Wk in 0' NM 6222 X V" is ry T Ggigxb x . My if U , api VW v ' U Q JM? L ' ff? ibn! , n vs? ,rf xy!! xy , HX. X By vb ly wi we W7 I -'AA' Q Q. Q- I, av- ., r .4-v A iQ , ' - S, ' 17' S f if " RS J g Moll I f n n In Q , ,z S., aa- Q , s - H' S 1 Y ',r ca' ' I x . - ' , , X A -1,5 3. f I1 - 2- . S 01' .I 1 Bobby Nance Dick Porter Sylvia Putnam Jimmy Scott Jeff' Simmons Mildred Whitesell Douglas Turner Doris Willoughby I Those not pictured: 'ab' ' Joe Crouse J Raeford Spoon 43 554 A Franklin Whitesell 59 A . J . 'V' 'V Q ' V ' "VW . '-5 'V Y Q X X K I if X x X W in Benny Harwood X X, , Q ' Mary Terrell Q . . L. 1 fl x Q 1 ax ng -" A , 1 -S i. I Q I X - 5 24,1 ko 41 K ,, ,.. ..- N I 1 x t . 4 Q19 'res men Clqss wears l uw - - 1 CLASS OFFICERS Robert Chrismon, President-Miss Land's home roomy Faye Russell, President-Miss Ridge's home roomg Harrell Brown, Vice President, Miss H1dge's home roomy Janet Beers, Secretary and Trees.-Miss Hidge's home roomg Christine Church, Sec. and TreaS.- Miss Land home roomy Bucky Goodman, Vice President-Miss Land's home room. Class Colors: Purple and white Class Flower: Pansy Motto: We're greehg we're freshg but we're climbing. - X Z ijt- lie? NA .9,fwj -E TCW r , f' -Er, 67 ijql o - Ah .' h ' x et, - EB m ,L L 'S-e,.L. 2? -ef' 's fi ' flfif' If . 4 1 C' , J!! 5 W 3 S Y I 1'1-YK Q Y , , M fi , 2' Wx V 1, ,, V ix. ,1 A JN. f ' 'T' 1 1' I .Mx X, N '-1 A. ,r, V , 1 f , SW ff WW .1 ,Jn , q 5: 5-A -,7 I 7 , PX. AW f ' Y' K ,af 'F I Q' ,,, Al nr A li: 'dv Jr ' , 1, -54 I tp, 'U' . 1- Q E tr .. 4 -,L h -j i", K ' ,-'ff5.A1'.1i, 1 fn 3 3 1. Q A 9 ,N ,, lg Y xg, r---Ei if N-' ' 'fk 'MK ,,Hj, Q ,SJ ' ' , -1-n. 4 'W ' ,fb x .5 A . 1, mglf V I 4lWl AAF' W 1-H-, ...,--fa.. nee ' Jhwfg. ' ' . , , yi - in QEL Ai Ah 19' -J' -7. -gif Jeanette Appl? Erma Barker Janet Beers Harrelg Erowm Jean Eu-9 JODEIL uhrismon Chris Church Shirley Cox Clara iwqr Harold Ld Claire Everette Jerry Fowler Emma Geyrinyvv Bucky Qorjman Eillg Jr Corky Humphrey Hubert Lowe Elmer McNQ1l Eillv Millet Ehir1evAwU Doris Parker Marie Perkins Connie Pitts Weldfn Putfnr Avril fif,Q w I v f- , 4 'N f 1 X 4 x 'H 1 y uk, ,f 'uv 'r u ' A V ,. y u , L f . or fun 4 ,1 .fx , nv H 'j NC7" K P ff Y f . 11,15 ,Q " 0 ,,, 1 is Beckie Robertson Joyce Talbert MaXinQ wright .-, E ,f nn ,o "' ,Q 'v 1 'V ' Hzzn' -. ,, , 1 1 A S ,V f 1 ' Q Faye Russell 1 1113 Spoon Rachel Tickle E 'qfHQ - Lcra Nagoner ' "s wk , . 1 f' Q'n g f Q ,fs i P 's 5 , , w T ' 1' ' 53 1 N ,. '. :QfX ,r y , 4 fx fv,q I 9 N4 M - , 5 - '11, Scott Joy Belle Smithey E. W, Vickers Eleanor dheeley Allen Earrings? Rufus Wright Thos wit pictured: Carroll iroure Q1ydQ Zefkrj HQCWGE lmgHlu ?ef:j hivQLiG .larr NOOP? FraL ie im th T. Jhve -y nlfYcG Nfighi Helen Leigh 5613 Hwy Uewev Lea Nw I s 1 n O w ,w', W 'U 1 a f 5. SEVENTH GRADE Allen, P., Allen, R., Bowman, Brown, Bryan, Cassidy, Cox, Crouse, Crouch, Dean, Greeson, Hopson, Hawkins, Harmon, Hopkins, D., Humphrey, Kelly, King, Love, May, D. May, M., Napier, Owen, Perry, Perkins, Pitts, Ray, Sternbury, Smith, Sutton, Thompson, Tickle, Bustard, Wright, A., Wright, Wagoner, Watkins, Weaver L, .l Immun 1 NE-.,, My - --' ,Q Af Eighth Grade Earnhardt, Banger, Brammer, L. Brammer, T., Brannock, Chrisman, Cook, Everette, Ferguson, Foster, Gerringer, E., Gerringer, R., Haith, Handy, Hawkins, Hendly, Huffines, Humphrey, Hutchins, Mclntyre, Jones, Kelsling, Kimrey, Kinch, Nance, Owen, Massey, Phillips, Pike, Putnam, Rivers, Robertson, Simmons, Tuck, Wagoner, D., Ward, Whitaker, Wilson, Wimbush, Wright, A., Wright, C. Barber, Black, Boland, Christman, Hughes, Horner Lynch, Martin, Wetrelf, McDonald, Pope, Rice, Robertson, Powell, Sharp, gmith, Whitesell, J., Whitesell, N. , 1 ' 5 . x Q i 4 3 C s 1 N nigeria Mrs. Arch Co Q W 'Wa4'1Lf-'M ,,-,,1 ie Eraxtong Mr S. ' X 5... V A -.' 'E I H b in r- M Maid La Verne Covington parm V5 LA- tx- N. ISI' 'N X SN SN K4 mr-:L INN!! E I Janitor John Johnson Hatleyg Mrs. Moodyg Mrs. Brannock ww ET HXN- - s V Z In memory of Uncle Pete who served the school so faith fully befove his death. 1 I 1 I x l f IL, . H l 5 1 I 4 L 9 f xxx K go " i Q. 3 9 Q 1 Q XX I O I s Q ' 9 If l', i . bsg' s. E1 if "' L I X14 ' NY xl -7 2 A' , Q QCQT ' ' up V .524 WW g A Q! w am 1. ,W E W Af Y A 1 W 1 ' xx ,zffi-Q 7 i i 1 2 n , , M ,: ! a 5 ay ifnff Peggy Braxton, Publicity Mgr., Claire Cox, Assistant Editorg Doris Black, Sports Ed., Christine Oakley, Editor, Bobbie Abernathy, Bus. Mgr.5 Janice Goodman, Photography Ed., Jimmy McLoud, Ass't. Pnotorr gby Ed., Joanne Martin, Art Ed. C516 -a55l7ffSfQff 1751 N Jean Burge, Beckie Robertson, Business Mgrs.g Claire Cox, Art Ed.g Doris Black, Ass't Ed, Ralph Foster, Ed.3 Lester Moore, Club Reporter, Janice Goodman, Photography Ed., Peggy Braxton, Publicity Mgr., Douglas Turner, Boys Sports Ed.g Not pictured-Peggy Longest, Girls Sports Ed. l l 1 A . I o E oumo, Gsm Chili Ml, -,V Burge, Dagenhardt, Martin, Foster, Braxton, Robertson, Turner, Scott, Cox, Rudd, Chrismon, Brannock, Black, Curtis, Mclntyre, Hill, Good- man, Abernathy, Oakley, McLoud, Misses Land and Brown, advisors om-'my ism Cylult FECQYS X 51 Jlaire Cox, Secretary, Doris Black, V. President, Christine Oakley, Treasurer, Joanne Martin, President J U I I r ' 1 2, 9 'S fubenf' Ounci Standing: Curtis, Sneed, Porter, Wilson, Simmons, Edwards, Nhitesell Seated: Batten, Matkins, Parker, Colclough, Mr. Loweiadvisork Oakle Russell, Church, Beers, Gfodvrn, Cox , y Sfuae nf omxci peers Richard Sneed, Vice Presidentg Mary Sue Colclmugh, Treasurer Bobby Abernathy Secretaryg Christin' Uakl v Pres , e e,, 1.Tident J I 1 M ,. , ? F 3 1 i y cm, Goodman, Kivette, Dowdy, Matkins, Foster, Campbell, Colclough, Matkins, Oakley, Batten, Bean, Tickle, West, Hook, Lemons, Crabtree, Peeler, Mrs. Hookfadvisorl, Porter, Martin, Kinch, Simmons, Walker, Braxton glflul, fl? QQY5 Mary Sue Colclough, Treasurer, Jean Simmons, V. President Janice Goodman, President, Ralph Foster, Secretary I I I II AI, I I I I II I I I 7 ome eonomks 'ulv Miss Ridge, Advisor, Scott, Gerringer, Flynn, Hodge, Kivette, Green Wagoner, Tickle, Lemons, Glosson, Huffines, Everette, Cox e f--- 1 h xi 7-we - - f X mlnnnlnv- ,J 4 T 'Q ', X Q' V Sai? g ,ef OFFICERS Jackie Lemons, Vice Pres., Clara Lee Kivette, President, Fay Tickl Sec., Treas. I l r l 1 5 1 i i 1 5 YQVIC 6 ML 4 Z A :IE l Abernathy, Black, Braxton, Cox, Currin, Crabtree, Dowdy, Foust, Goodman, Hill, Hutchins, Loman, Martin, Matkins, May, McDonald, Morton, Oakley, Peeler, Phillips, Rudd, Simmons, Tickle, West, Walker venciy cm, ofgcm i Claire Cox, President, Joanne Martin, Vice Presidentg Sec. and Treas Faye Tickle I 1, I I H1 I I x f 'I I. 1, . I t , I I A I QQ ELL 'eff W N7 Barker, Batten, Braxton, C., Braxton, P., Brown, Bucknor, Burae, Chrismon, Colclough, Sox, C., Cox, S., Everette, Flynn, Gerringer, Glosson Goodman Hill Hook Natkins McLoud Oakley Owen 7 7 U 7 9 7 7 Y Putnam, Rudd, Scott, Simmons, Smith, Tickle, Turner, Wagoner, Nest, Nhitesell, Robertson, Mrs. Russell-advisor -TV, MQ: x Juyice Goodnnn, Yiie rresldentg Jean C, W , , . , V . 4 . , oonivns, rww:.: uialre -ox, rresident' uh,iwt+ne UHLlv , roQ'f'oTy 1 l A I i n . 'S I A I , 1 I 7 ACCYS of 4- Jr. Loy, President, Virginia Smith, Vice President, Carol Loman, Sec. and Treasg Helen Leigh, Song Leader, Miss Mitchell and Mr. Goble advisors 4-I-I C7., 7 Q4 X 0+ Eatte --1 r, n, Brown, Chrismon, E., Chrismon, M., Cissey. Cook, arouse, Qurtis, Gerringer, B, Gerringer, R., Haith, Harvey, Hensley, Hutchins, Jones, Kimrey, Leigh, Loman, Loy, Nance, Phillips, Putnam Sharpe smith, F., smith, H. w., smith, v., spoon, R., spoon, N.,'T1Q1f1e,' Tuck, Ward, Whitaker, Whitesell O 1 ! i I . I pst, 4 Y i I 4 I mg, S I-s., 'yy Ar'-"-Ein ,wg 1 .nigga 1.4.-Self Lf . '-' V' Y' H J 45 jdmifff Janet Beers, Bucky Goodman, Mary Sue Colcloughg Faye Tickle, Richard Sneed, Chiefs . us vivQ1-s Kg EZ. W Ray Whiteeell, Bill Earnhardt, Lester Moore, Cooper walker, Tommy Salmons, Bill V0PfOn, Jesse Hay . . .,,,- Y Y I 4 2 i 71 1 'j Try- f xv' fhf 129- "-'1 +1 4:2-5 , fb iE?g5-it S f eg KN if I I n Q Z -affix 4' 1' f. f ,-' f X 'R 1 I I Xl, I 1 'i 1 X 5 Z 7 if 41 I . ' 'N U iff?" X I -'77 -f. M ,1 Y Q ffffcjl'-'iQ'l ' W 1 . ' I 4, , ,g ,T , L-L-ji .. ,I Q -fjlrk-RY Z' 1 Q E - ' fig i ' '- If XIV! ,K f 'S X W fi x N7 ff X Q ff xxkzfwfw qw 4 ff A! H L33 I X 9 'A 'b x ' 1 Q ' '23 L -X ? nfs-42 'fl kffx Wgv gx ,. X 1 fr E Z' N v c I 5 gpg! IZ 5. Vxiv? fl il .-7,-f ,Fi " "' T Y r v 4 1 , 1 .4 1, u f" ' 1 31 4 ! 1 ' 1 1 5 4. 5 CIGQSLJLQII Co-'captains PNf,'fQI19 Oakley Norma F1-3b+9rt-:Nm elini-bww VL, , Y 1 5271115 -n be 5 1 , Y 1 1 I i 1 I , , s w I Y 1 , L l 1 x . 150175 EXFQSIX Qtliqi ,Q ' A ,X 3 I 1' QXQ ll Sq La, J Coa ck ,1 if ,-qg f I Q--apfaivs Richard Saeed 'iii TQ V,-.'Z A waf ,,1n ',.,,'k E,+ U, -. X St H lw,N4, h,.1M, Lrw n, J1l?w1, HJvJesven n rfwz !err" U 1 17 , vP. U:?P . N +Svn Himrwy, Foqlemam Pl ' Var fhilwmum. Goodman. Eufewws .fi Bo gif V , , Y , 4 r v P, ,,., .Ir 1 . ,,. I .L.f'L. U,:'y, naimwh Z 5s I I E 7 1 4 nv i . 1 I 2 ,I I Cgoovueq cvs 1 Left to ri ht-Time Hill Jesse Ray Betty lfurigls T ,.X1'i,s I-Zzzlntjfre g 7 7 7 E.KSl'LETF.J.L :w,ur.L.J Boys' Scnre Ulrlf ' . Elin-25 my-sock-30 Elm, 13. El an-23 Whitney-51 iuliz' L 1 Elon-16 Mebane-21 pl if meta". Elon-ll Graham-33 Libr. . , l Elon-29 A. Wilson-15 uhm-I. .lying W, Elon-22V Sylvan-32 QlLf'Y. 1. 1 .1. Elon-35 Anderzon-L7 ..I .111 , , Elfm-Z5 Alt-Gssipe-2-Tl Li ff'-1- ALE Elon-25 E. M. Holt-33 alarm-Q-+ Elfm-2.5 Eli NExitr1f'.-j,'-QED nlff' . Elon--S Gih3J2TVi1-LIE-1 in Lal-ure-LH Qui. Elon-jfn Iviebfiiw-34 r' In H. li Alon-1? Grahrlm-2'9 L1"'.' ., Elon-21+ A . r.-12' , ,--w ..ir1A,w. :Blow-L2 Sj,'lvfr'1-L+51 J 1 X. Elon-30 Alt-Os:1ig'2gawf'Z ELM:-1? fjfl Ellm-39 I-. Er'OvcvfLl'V LL,"-A -J Llon-31 13. N. Holt-gf. fivrzm A . Elon-35 wfent w-.rrth-1'Q+ nl, f. 11- -' Q Elon-3-+1 Haw River-575 b-Luv 11 Both boys 'md girl -. vxvrw f N' 1"'. wifi. 1 1 ' this year. girls as L, 1 ' ri: mm them second 5,1211-e ug. I 'LJ' t' ' List 13. The girlii' 7' 71 players this 5-auf: hfi-wen' Vf x' 1 - v Y - Y I I i 4 r 2 , I F . J 4. -K ,Q .'. ,, I . 3 . W a UZJLQII Q 'fu ' ? 1 1 i ?':iv-llajnthlrns of JM C. A. Reagan 3 15 J 1 513 1 F qi SUM?-L1 HY Linn 2 Pittsboro jg VIOT1 O Vlot 'fi Bun 12 Lexington Z5 Elon 15 Curry 36 Alon 16 He-rnersville 31 'lon 10 Cobb Edgmorial 4 ELDH 19 Curry 43 'sl' ' Q H0161 S f K ? , fj oglff Jn 4 ' -J W1 Df'DN'T RAf'SE MY Bow' T0 35,4 FOOTBAL-L." wf 5' lt ' 1 7 I I 4 S I I , 9. 1 i eq fmves I ! 'x N A 11" Q. ' ,, l. 'M lx r nv ,f X. u H . ' 4 f r A 1 F2 qmvcen qvuioq X,-ff? Q 1553? C, , -L ' M155 mmm L Y' , X X 1, t I K . V, ag 5 1, Q ' ,Q , ., ,Y I nk-S yy If Y -', fff' C L L x 5 '-:"-- q,15w ' Q ' 1 5 s ' ku J Q ha J I , Christine Oakley, - ' N K ' ' Bill Iviorton-iisrort f S A 1 xx, ' L LITTLE MISS JUYflQ'I'L MIL. , X .V N . .X yr X XXL: X 2 1 K" X Lp A3 Q5 In li hX n v L' X 0 6 V33 L i Y L 5 E 'N L E""j 1124: 1' 54-QA: v . 'FX ' x fy W ' Mary Sue Humphrey Og- X ,EX Q 1 uf, op C o-K XXX I r . 0 LL pk XJ , 3 Ayxl TEX QR I I fi . x' X' x CT , J .1 5 5 I A ' A K fi , X' 3 Cf XTC A . f X Ifflf - is C -. c N f , X , W x ,.-. 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Burlington Mills is proud to be a part of this progress . . . proud of the fact that this Com- pany has invested millions of dollars in the future of the South. By ever- expanding its own production, Burling ton is contributing to the rapid increase in business activity-- the yearstick of prosperity. For economic stability, Burlington main- tains a program of financial sound- ness, reflected in its net worth of over 3100,000,000. Through this extensive program for economic progress, Burlington Mills' 83 plants have been able to produce the best possible products at the lowest possible prices. These quality fabrics are truly uwoven in- to the life of America.N That's why over 28,000 employees are going forward with Burlington Mills. ALAMANCE COUNTY PLANTS Units of B 1' Mtn ur 11'1g'non 1,8 "Worm: illl0 Iflt' LU? 0fAn1vrnu ' Executive Gffices . GREENSBORO, N. C Maker of Women's Wear Fabr1cs.Men's Wear Fabrics.Decorative Fabrics. Cotton Piece Goods and Yarns.Hosiery.Ribbons i 4 O. I a YA 7 X I , X I -'n I f 5 1 'x 4 I T if 59 E Q complimenis of QEHTFUS qrocerq meuis 6, veqefubles elon colleqe, nc. COMPUMENTS OF ELON GV-ELL ELON COLLEGE, NC. A, . -x 6 ,J it , ' U ,jf,..r f V ,V i COmDz.1memTS Qfmawlgwgnffa fO'lfG5fRV'CgW,0,. Ggfom CULLEGEQHC1 .Qmmzfzz wwf mG"'M'O'E to MS am Amie, N Q BURLIHGTOHSUURTIHG oooosconumnfa nf M HMI, 3iiS1Tl21fY'iiU 1 ml ,-j 'X 7 664 Q , 0 i , A. I L 5. 'tl 1. J I ,qj '. ru 1 U gia 1 54 fx , !V'n ,Q '1 I D I f , A . 15.lrW.m,fl4.:.,.S,5g.,,, TTAT COW JMENTScW -it 'V ww f g L A "T qfa'9?' A "ni ' . -L-V W GAOCEAIES Q L GAS A ELON-OSSWPEE QLAA, If Hrs A TERSEC ro BURLINGTQN, ' C0lTllJlilIN3lltS of HUODS Comrm of SP URTING GOODS 206 West F.-out SI. h -4797 Quvlin5fon, MACGITLGSFEIQ 6 GOLDSMITH SPALDING REAC H ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT SCHOO SWEATERS JACKETS f 1 T I r 1 v. 3 x 1 ,lt ug! 1 I1 1, 2 ,i ' Q . 'I ? 4 - , i 1 if . A N I . . 'll Q. .I ,J ,ff 1 1 1 rv P 'A c0m,2f,,,mf JVlfJMg Sm EVM CCHA CQWPUWEUTS OP J H1 UIHTLOU4 BROKERS! ELOH COLLEGE, HC I I X , - J I 5 1 I A 1. V 'r EL ff fs F 1 as 5 1 'L 11 . ,I V, 'O I I , A .. fi DAV-SON CORK BACK S BULLETIN BOARDS If ji if ' ii- I: W" I. We I. I If I I1 DAV-SON cork back and changeable letter bulletin boards are constructed In with light walnut finish frames. The cork posting surface consists of Wt inch it cork mounted on 'lt inch 3- I veneer. The chan eable letter insert is of P Y 9 .A grooved wood felt covered. These bulletins are made to endure as only the 1' finest of materials are used in their construction. V Bulletin board with two Set FOR USE iN Bulletin board with two set , , SCHOOLS in glass doors. One side cork . ln glass doors' Bolh Sldes CHURCHES the other changeable letter cork. ' FACTORIES me"- . STYLE: TWO SETIN GLASS ILetters are not lncludecll :-Jonas" ,. .,,,, ,,.,. s 3o.oo " ., . so eos' 3250 STORES 23-4.23 ,,,, ,, L, 33.23 gg gg A S CLUBS is ss I L if 2332 ALL PRICESLUIIA CHICAGB SPEC'AL ASSORTMENT OF eoo' ANDI INCH LETTERS 512.00 THESE BULLETIN BOARDS ARE FITTED WITH A LOCK AND KEY TO INSURE NO UNAUTHORIZED CHANGE OR ANNOUNCEMENTS. 1 DISTRIBUTORS. DHU.50n 4925 GLENDALE m- KANSAS CITY 4. MISSOURI Wt HRVLII IIHIINIIEIIIIIE IEIIEII IIII IJIIIIIIMIIIIILEIIN IIIII E'V,EIIY,IIlIIJ-IIIINSIIAII US " .IT ' , 4 , r n 4 4 4 4 1 L n' WH 1 3 E x I I '11 k. A, fi i 1 1 A I Y I . 45 o o 51'-n Compliment Your Letter WITH cifafionazy Your Deoler Hos lt! 2295355533 1 W ' f , BIIIQIMJNR, H889 mmm 27215

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