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BOARD OF GOVERNORS Elmwood School is a non-profit organization accountable to a Board of Governors. This Board is responsi ble for setting the academic and administrative policies of the school, which are administered by the Head mistress and the Vice Principal, with the assistance of the Bursar. Mr. C.A. Fournier (Chairman) Mrs. B. Brodie Mrs. K. Callan-Jones Mrs. A.W. Carrothers Mr. M. Connolly Mr. G. Coulter Mrs. J. Davies Mr. P.S. Deacon Mr. N. Ediger Mrs. S. Grossmann-Hensel Mr. J. Haydon (Secretary) Dr. C.J. Maule Mr. E.B. McDougall Ms. S. McKee Mr. D. Montgomery Mrs. R. Nelson Mrs. F.J. Sellers (Dr.) Mr. R.H. Sumner Mr. J. Thompson (Vice Chairman) grads 7 one day in the life ..................17 undergrads .......33 grade 12 34 grade 11 36 grade 10 38 grade 9 40 grade 8 44 grade 7 46 grade 6 47 grade 5 6 50 grade 4 51 grade 3 52 grade 1 2 53 Staff 55 student life 67 sports .......79 clubs organizations 93 art lit 113 epilogue 123 dedication 144 3 HEADMISTRESS ' REPORT When you pick up this edition of Sannara in years to come, the pictures and reports will, I hope bring back with great clarity a year in which the school has gone through a wide range of experiences. We shared the death of a dear friend, colleague and teacher, Eliza Davis. The news of Mrs. Chance ' s retirennent brought about a good deal of sadness fronn the students, parents and teachers who have been fortunate enough to have been exposed to her unique blend of kindness, humour, good sense and absolute integrity! Her wisdom has helped so many be proud of Elmwood and themselves. We have also watched together as the new gym and classrooms have taken shape behind the school. Thanks to the continuing commitment and hard work of countless people we now have the facilities that our sports program richly deserves. Beyond these changes, the school has con- tinued to offer trips, exchange programs, sports and academic competitions, clubs and social ser- vice activities that have enriched your lives and have given you a place to develop your strengths and skills. I hope you remember this year with affection, and with pride. MRS. CHANCE ' S GOODBYE PARTY The Samara Committee has made its annual request for a few words of greeting, but it is hard to find even a few quiet moments to write. For these are very special times at Elmwood. Running a school around a construction site takes much more energy. You may think the image this statement brings to mind is fun- ny, but it seems accurate enough to me! Today the cement was being poured for the new gym floor. Even I find it hard, imagine that this feat could be accomplished by equipment inside the construction fences. For the first time IB exams are being written " off campus " as the school does not have the necessary space. That is why I suddenly find myself in a quiet hall; about a kilometre from Elmwood, supervising the last twenty-five minutes of the History exams. The scripts being written this afternoon are to be mailed to Nova Scotia and England for marking. We will be mailing scripts to three other provinces (British Columbia, Alberta and Quebec) and eight other countries (Austria, India, Jordan, Luxembourg, Scotland, Singapore, England and Switzerland). With scripts being marked in India, Jordan and Singapore, I have decided that Biology is the most inter- national subject in 1988. The exam is over and the few quiet moments have passed. It is time to drive back to Elmwood, the long awaited construc- tion; the activities associated with the closing of the 1987-88 academic year and the plans for the 1988-89 year. Morag Gundy. Vice Principal How do I say goodbye to all the people and the Institution that have been so much a part of me for sixteen years? - Only by realizing that you and Elmwood will continue to be part of me always. I have been greatly blessed In my association with this school: in the fine foundation It has given to our daughters, Jennifer and Judith; In the close friendships I have founded with other staff members; and In the many young people I have been privileged to know and love. I feel I leave a strong school, offering moral leadership and academic excellence. Our new facilities offer exciting new possibilities, but our greatest assets are always our teachers and our students, and their Interaction. My love, my thanks and my blessings to you all, my Elmwood family. Nancy Chance. Head of Junior School Samantha Black born June 27 70; at Elmwood: grade 9 13 Sammy was dropped off on this planet June 27, 1970 and has honoured Elmwood with her presence in grade 9 and again in grade 13. Every morning Miss Black can be seen walking to school to meet the 8;25 bell. Always clowning around, Sam is an all around party animal who never stops talking. Even so, she still managed to get to class first. James Dean is her 1 man! She can often be heard saying " I don ' t know! " . . . but she really does! Our Scottish friend will never forget Ski Day and her experience with cross country skiis. Next time she plans to be totally waterproof. In final note most of us will be thankful to Sam because of her homework which was shared by all. P.S.: Don ' t be so DAFT! and best of luck always, we love ya, I., H. Ellen Bruce born Sept. 23 69; at Elmwood: grade 6 to 13 I am Ookapik - Hear me roar. Hey baby, know what I drive? Have some spaghetti, just a little. Life is a cabaret. Too bad you ' re not a guitar. Pick maybe a motorcycle part? Guess not. A least when we hit CC we ' re not BOBA ' S baby. Let ' s face it music and coffee got us through. Shoulders and soup, 1 call your name. So what do a Thumper really mean? Is your homegroup dead or are they communicating through telepathy. Remember methods of staying awake. We should really write a book. Do you want to try the regular size? No, use the other fork. Chlorophyll gum and C ' est L ' Amour. Should we mention Shnookie, no, we ' ll leave him out of this QUEHERl! Derek Hot Shot, no problem. Eeeya. React to what? There ' s nothing to react to. Nice jacket, ooo baby I ' m your Venus please, 1 would like to talk to you after dinner for a moment, if you will Fedele pancakes to all. I ' m a big fat muffin. Yoo-hoo. Ellen, Where are you? No more chading after eh? Remember T.O., Jason Patric ' s mouth. Taiga the mutt, Kingston where did everyone go anyway? Choir - well enough ' s been said about choir. Read-on baby. Farewell Betsy and take care you wonderfully weird woman. Love, Carol, Anja, Mich and Viv. Kerstin Bruchhaeuser born Jan. 15 69; at Elmwood: grades 10 to 13 She came to us after Ctiristmas in grade ten and now in grade ttiirteen, she is the Head of Wilson. She brings spirit into her House because she has that enthusiasm and spunl to encourage others. Well, Kerst, remember the good times and forget the bad no matter what. Mal e sure you remember us, especially out in Germany. What would life have been without all your beans (T.J. M.S. M.JP. T,P.)? What about Pap Joe ' s and the Big Card out in lulontreal with Ha! Ha! Ha! written across that massive Thing! Remember Laser ' s and that extremely vulgar song you ever heard along with the Kooleo song and cruising in Norm ' s gorgeous (Vlaxima - SUNROOF! Remember that volleyball weel end in Toronto? I bet you ' ll never take your coat off on a moving bus again, or speak about your ex-boyfriends ' lips again. Also, remember Halloween? Sitting in front of Le Bop and The Bistro watching all the men in costumes go by. We should have gone to the party. You Zincod, you Hull-bunny! " Oh! I ' m so tired. My voice is gone too! " " Hi! We lost a button here. " - Let ' s be spontaneous now. Wow! What an embarrassing situation. Victoria Day weekend - our perfect weekend but SURPRISE!! Hours long phone calls. Talk ' til we drop right? 15 minutes left, that ' s 15 minutes loo many. Chris Felzmann! What a gorgeous dude! Kerst, you ' ve been a great friend, consoling and caring. Don ' t forget to write (seriously) and remember, I ' m missing you everyday Love you always, you know. Katie Chao born April 17 69; at Elmwood: grades 11 to 13 Katie has been at Elmwood for three years. Now head of ' Fruitful Fry ' she is second best to none, and also a not yet discovered NBA player. Having been to New York only twice, it is surprising that most of her friends live there, as well as in Michigan and Ohio, and are regularly flown in as grad dates and admirers. Remember our Montreal parties? I don ' t think I ' ll ever be able to hear " Truly " again without laughing. Lasers! Bruce call dauce first as well as CC. " 1 really miss him, Kerstin " Sounds familiar? All those marriage proposals . . . Serge ' s tape . . . dinner at MacDonald ' s. Burger King . . . Joe ' s cast. The BIG CARD. Ha, ha. another joke. " Nice nuk- ing you, meat. " Don ' t forget to return your tongue. DIRTY HOUR. On the floor with Pitta. I hope you ' ll be a Tae Kwon Do champion soon. You ' re a great friend. " Love you always. " K M. I Fiona Doetsch born June 29 70; at Elmwood: grades 7 to 13 Well Fifi, you ' ve really done it this time! It ' s been so long since you bounced into that 7S classroom, and yet you ' ve made it through all those years, with a tew breaks in between. Fiona ' s 1 quote on Berlin, B-cards, losing shoes . . . rowing, chem. nerd glasses, those accurate experiments, Wednesdays, Bubbles. Do I look like her? ID anyone? M.O.T.W. (J,M,M.J, J,E,C,G,M), Expert table cleaner . . . " Fiona, put that bottle back! " , your great aptitude at rose presentation . . . don ' t quit your day job! You ' re actually getting good at writing letters . . . " Aw man, my life is so complicated. " Apple juice, or a Sweet Marie? Skiing . . . the beach party - nice pants, the French and German we slaved through. Carleton crews, " Let ' s crew together. " Don ' t fly too high, signs on bathroom doors, black tie din- ners, " Arctic Dream. " Only You " . . . Love always, Vicky Chasey Trixabelle. my favourite food at Elmwood, we actually survived all those science classes together in the front row so much for being able to concentrate by sitting next to you. Thanks for all the good times - water pistols, stomping on loafers, D.C. burping contests, ruined chem. experiements and always being so early for classes just 5 minutes more! Thanks for everything this year, I forgive you for that bus ride but I ' m afraid I can ' t hang around with you anymore - a certain person thinks you ' re a terrible influence! Best of Luck in the future wench: Love Floo. Charlotte Eider born Nov. 26 69; at Elmw ood: grades 11 to 13 Coffeebreaks in the mornig, afternoon, night with Little Kriter. Working at Wim ' s. Fooflevel. La Chevelure. The guy with the shoe! Breakup with N C about convertible P. Demonstrations by ConR at SG. More? N thinks so. Extremes. D V ' s (the oasis) Defan (no direction here.) Stalking the wild asparagus Cescapes to SA, exit left, leaving little Kriter with electronic surveillors. See you in Paris. NJJ. remember Rage, rage against the dying of the light! Anne-Marie Fournier born Nov. 21 70; at Elmwood: grades 7 to 13 Getting in trouble . . . trouble ad infinitum! Quebec City - Monday - 3 hour d.t. First date fiasco - I ' m so embarrassed . . . foreigners, always foreigners. Speak English or die. Never go out with a guy who ' s prettier than you could ever hope to be. Bubba. It ' s been a mama bad day. Hangin ' out with the guys. Where ' d you get that bruise? Vit-vit-vit-voom. Dizzy blond, Ben George ' s. Watch that wig- gle. Gordie Brown -dancin ' in the dark - Yer name Tracy? Classics book - nice nylons. What a rough Saturday - was that a fire drill, nah? Dance Committee announcements - Respect?!! Oi spazmo! You goomba scuttle butt! Best buddies - Cindy Heidi, let ' s grow old together. Spain - hey cosin - 1 love you! Holy Alaskans . . . geek. Manuel, J. G., Oh Danny boy?! The Bagel Bagel encounter! I love you wench! Bogus maan. I live in the park. Yuk-Yuk ' s- Cindy calm down ' . Righteous dude . . . hey laddio, what up duck? And all the while I think of you . . . Higher and higher . . . that ' s what love is made of . . . t Jothin ' like the great outdoors, nature, smogs. Blondey, legs. Grizzly Adams. IF. Joyous man. Cruising!! Brass monkey - GIRLS - you look great!!! Vat else can ve sa y dawling . . . ve luv u more than vords can say! LOVE 4 eternity Laddy 2 and 3. Later Elmwood, right ... Vicky Grossman-Hensel born July 11 69; at Elmwood: grades 4 to 13 So Goldilocks, after, is it really eight years, you ' re off to see the real world. Princeton, eh! Better get rid of that gullibleness. Hopefully those great knees are finally sorted out - a little poking never hurt anybody - maybe you ' ll be able to ski better without ripping your ski jacket (just joking). How about some apple juice. Sweet Marie, or maybe some V-8? It ' s ten o ' clock, do you know where your daughter is? Has anything happened yet? Sam died! Did you see what ' s happening with Lisa and Vicky? . . . Last minute advice - are you sure I can say that? Debating the greater issues of the world. Trips, T O., " that waiters bold ' . . . " Wake up, turn the TV off, I ' m not getting up. " Crashing after beach parlies. Chasing racers around. Bikers going up and down the street. Where are you Fiona? Crashing black tie dinners in pursuit of Candide. Sweet Dreams! Keep laughing, and the best of luck. Luv ya, Fiona. Well Vickums, it ' s my turn. Which page of the Yearbook has the Citizen article of the somewhat special family on it . . . catty, huh. Keep up the tennis skills, I ' ll see you in the geriatric tournaments (next year!) Best of luck with the " Prince " next year . . . don ' t get too collegiate on me! We ' ll get you " giggly " yet GOLDILOCKS! Don ' t forget us greenies! YTD 9 Chase Harris born May 14 70; at Elmwood: grades 7 to 13 Chastity Harris, have I ever told you )ust how fat and ugly you are and that you have no friends ' Chase is one of the few representatives of super jockdom in grade 13, During her seven bnef years at Elmwood she has excelled on almost every team in existence: soccer, Softball, basketball, track, tennis and especially volleyball, I can ' t believe that you ' re just missing that anxiously awaited gym. During her final year as a ditzy blonde Senior Prefect, Chasey has shown much spirit and certainly, self control when asked such questions as " can we still bring in pennies ' " and " when are the rugby shirts coming in? " Sincere curses for all the IVlcDuck ' s, DQ and donut runs. At least at our exercise routine balanced it all out (oh hoh hoh hoh!) I don ' t know how I ' ll survive science labs without you. Never forget our classic moves - red solution all over your white sweater, test tubes rebounding from the floor, precision techniques and legitimate results. Some serious 1987-1988 moments - Chase can ' t walk, Chase can ' t see . . .; giggle attacks in the Y.T.D. mobile: S,Y.E,P; surprise B.D. parties, gate vessel weekends (you lucky wench); your weekends in general and Ivlonday morning recoveries; counting pennies and broken male hearts; D.C. burping contests; big feet; Pongo buses and ice fights in T.O,; and your Lucretia tendencies. Thanks for a lot of fun both at Elmwood and at Carleton, you ' ve been a great friend even if you do arrange my life a bit too much . . , more, more. Best of luck in everything you do love, Pristine. Cindy Hartman born Dec. 6 69; at Elmwood: grade 13 Goomba, Blurp, Laddy 2, fanatic Pat O ' Reilly. We love you, even in a black mood ' . Grey, white, Neon, yellow! Where ' s a guy ' s brain! OBNOXIOUS!! Scuttle man ' . The Laddy ' s cruising in the Volvo with baseball caps - he Beasties!!! Don ' t drink the water ' . No more foreigners! Underdeveloped Mex- icans. Gary ' s Couriers-delivery? 1 1 :30 pm? No problem! Bit of a temper, Patty? probable destination- paratrooper in the Israeli army! What a night! Not strong, Max? ' . We ' ll see!!! Buddies!! ' Till death do us part. You Hull bunny you (sarcasm). Get it? Part of the family!! Clown!! Blorp! I love you! Her one true love? BEN! (D, M, R, R, R) Could you set your standards a little higher?! She ' s a country girl at heart. Let ' s bring them camping and leave them on an island. Bye boys ' !. All men are little boys at heart. I ' d be pleased to leave, sir, thank you! Wicked driver. Rick A. Van Halen. Hot night fer cruisin ' eh dude? Yuk-Yuks-quiet down Cindy! You ' re embarrassing us! What would you do if I sang out of key? We ' d still love you. love, Laddies 1 and 3 Holly Hilborn born April 8 69; at Elmwood: grade 13 Holly, or Heidi as you ' ve been known by some people, will be remembered by many for having ' Super Cool ' before absolutely everything, for begging to have Barni for just one day (and you really do look alike), that large green car, more commonly known as ' the boat ' , and for helping seemingly losing tug-of-war teams pull their way to victory. You haven ' t been at Elmwood long but I don ' t think you ' ll be forgotten in a hurry. I ' m sure you won ' t forget being up at 5:15 am to go rowing. We ' ll prob- ably see you next in the Winter Olympics skating towards gold, or maybe some other colour. I haven ' t known you long but you ' ve been a good friend and I wish you luck in the future. Oh, and by the way I ' m Scottish not Irish, don ' t forget. Love Sam. Carol Hodgson born Feb. 8 70; at Elmwood: grades 8 to 13 Just a dancing fool. No, no, you don ' t understand. Guess where I ' m going today? If one more per- son mentions university I ' m going to explode. Brain the size of aggy. Breakfast of idiots. Ookpik. What year is it? It ' s 1957, small town America. Watch it, or you ' ll gain access to the Tiffany room, Ack. Icky, Icky, Icky, Icky Rtang. Tattoo you. Little ol ' ladies from Passedena, they ' ll never be the same. Don ' t be on Elgin late at night. Insanity rules. Why bother saying it when you can imply it. Hey Winston Paul Lennon I. Wow it ' s been a long time, thank you Gill Lorimer. I remember when that cheese bun Carol! I still have the MeP tape don ' t I? Am I still immortalized on your wall? I drive a hitchin ' Lincoln Con- tinental (hold up the handle). Too many years in Stratford, baby. If peach fuzz doesn ' t bring the pic- tures we might not go in for a whole day. Let ' s kill the blonde kid. Meet me there in September and February and WEAR THE HAT (and the Grad dress). Don ' t forget Soup and Spaghetti and Dynasty - I ' ll have a front door key made for you. You ' re always welcome. Love Munch. David Thomas I presume. Meet me the cry and die, I ' ll be the one wearing a scarf and banging the floor. 10 Nicole Jackson born March 27 69; at Elmwood: grades 8 to 13 Meetings in the park. D V ' s (the oasis). The guy with the shoe! It ' s the Seine, really. Taxi drivers in Hull! Holidays, Kaspar the friendly ghost (?). What was that Russian guy ' s name? Food. Oregano ' s. Drinks. Granny Smith coffeebreaks, morning, afternoon, night. Dylan, (no direction home) Stalking the wild asparagus. What an attitude? That hole was there when we arrived, really! Little Kriter! Volvo maniac. Who ' s Lonie? Vienna: year 2000. W flies with K V B. See you in Paris CLE and remember: Rage, rage against the dying of the light! Nicole Knowlton born Sept. 27 69; at Elmwood: grades 11 to 13 Well denang me Nicole if we haven ' t made it through the year to graduation ' Secadm ' joined the ' Elmwood Com- munity ' in gr. 11. During her 3 years, Nicole has contributed to many activities including rowing, the ski team, choir and band (Play that funky music, hopalong) and could always be counted on to enthusiastically support school social events. As our head girl, Nikki has continuously impressed us throughout the long year with her hardwork, organization and dedication to Elmwood and Students. She even managed to keep her sense of humour through it all. Who else could roll 150 000 pennies on a Saturday and still be smiling at the end. Knickers has become known for her zinger comments that never cease to amaze us - " Jiggle your eyes, your head is stuck " and statements in crowded movie theatres " Oh ... I like him. " Always remember fondly math classes for after all " we do have other courses you know. " I get to keep our math brain and may you never have to erase another blackboard in your life. Keep in your Elmwood Memory Box - a certain fluorescent Ontario Ski team jacket, bathroom advertising cam- paigns, the Smother ' s Brothers penny rap, Sam, Incredible detention giving skills; Sam, lost brain cells from too many diet creamsodas, sesame snaps and R C ' s, all those graveyard shifts, C.B. boogernuggets. and ' can you give this to your Mother? " Thanks for such a memorable time at Elmwood and for your friendship and support. We wish you the best of luck m the future. You ' ll always be the sexiest Hershey kiss I ' ve ever met and when will you ever learn to cook a hamburger? Love C. Ingrid Kujala born Nov. 16 68; at Elmwood: grades 12 to 13 Ingrid made her way to Elmwood in Grade 1 2. As a rower during that year, she will remember gain- ing experience (as well as a few blisters) in Regattas that lasted for hours. She still hates the thought of rowing on the " clean " waters of the Ottawa River, but it was worth it. She can say that downhill ski- ing Friday night was great although many of us were half asleep on the bus getting back to school even though it wasn ' t ten o ' clock yet. She is thankful that her locker Isn ' t situated in the common room. Do we have to wonder why? She still can ' t figure out how all the girls could ever breathe in there. " Hey You in the green! " " Oh no we have less than five minutes to catch the bus! " Along with those who had and knew Mrs. Davis, Ingrid will always have the fondest memories of her. Someday Ingrid will sail to Australia or at least fly there and windsurf down under. " Nila! Again you parked crooked! " To the Class of ' 88: A journey of a thousand miles begins with the First step! - Best of luck and happiness in the future. Kristen Lawr born Jan. 29 69; at Elmwood: grades 11 to 13 Well ugly, it ' s been quite the 3 years, starting with the memorable grade 1 1 TV glow Gordie. Then on to the big grade 12 and those amazing gym classes trekking on the coldest night of the year " it behooves me . . . " " if I asked you a question, what would you say? " Easter weekends and Pink Lake Bert baby Wrestlemania Hudson and initiation people watching - does that lady know her dress is caught up in her nylons? study break! Care for a game of frisbee? Pete Marty ' s part time resident of 2455 Rosewood " You have to use matrix " (140 proof) Last Dance, and lest we forget . . . washing the moonraker. Then it was on to grade 13 . . . Yahoo! It all started with Hallowe ' en nite and All Saint ' s Day and from that point, we knew it would never end! On to revealing Hull ' s Secrets to " is the tax included? " It was quite the year but - it wasn ' t over ' til we hit Cuba! Alexi all night laughin you are so beautiful shopping in Cuba (large family, Kristen?) more ' s Voya, Voya Zum, zum, zum, sante! Lady in Red Papaya Meeting friends all over the world . . . Sue Alfredio Super Especiale ChicaBoom Guantanaimera 3 letters in one day. Kris thanks for making the past 3 years a riot, and not to mention bearable Love you always because you are sappier than I am, Eileen " You won ' t forget me because I rememb er you. " EGB Heidi Lawrie born April 30 71; at Elmwood: grade 13 Timothy O ' Connell, Goomba, Blarp, Laddy 3, Spazmo. Sine ' s got legs. Daddy long legs! " Do you drive? " Oh yeah! " 01 " !! Heidi - man. Hair woosh!! How ' d you burn your leg?! How ' s Larry-baby? Marky- baby? Cathy baby? If you ' d just lean over this table I ' ll saw you in half! OK! Too sweet for words! Scholar . . . fer sher! Aren ' t we all? Like, bogus man . . . bonus surfers! Don ' t these bugles taste good? Why are they so good? Shrie! Ayoh Machong Jigi-jigi ' . Wondrous! Too trusting. I ' ll miss my mammy . . . and my daddy and my brudders ' . Heidi-man ' s in trouble?! You ' re kidding! Detention anyone? Fer sher, like O, will take one. Essay??? . . . three months later - I ' m almost finished! How, do I get involved with these people? I got in a fight in Hull last weekend . . . " that ' s nice! " Open your mouth - real wide. Modelling. Psycho-manager! What am I gonna do?! Group hug. I have money - let ' s spend it. At Danny ' s . . . where else? We love you! Laddy 1 and Laddy 2 Eileen MacPhee born Nov. 1 69; at Elmwood; grades 11 to 13 Well, you made it, three years at the Big E and still kicl ing • barely (mono child). Grade 11 was so long ago , . " Oh gross, who did that? " . ■ ' Wal ey, Wakey it ' s now grade 12! Did I hear you correctly? Oh. that ' s a banana in my ear. Is that a leaf blower or the fire drill? " Classics, including A M P ' s locker climbing techniques D R . Synchro swimming, playing James Bond, " I didn ' t hear you, I was sleeping " and " Altitude doesn ' t help Louise. " Evenings: The Last Dance, sleeping on coffee tables, " Who moved my house?, HA. " A l nack for bringing people back to their childhoods do daggers " , Mr, Politics Afternoons: " people watching , . does that lady know that she is caught up in her nylons? " , c o Treats Summer: " What ' s your sign? " , working at Oregano ' s with Mr Magoo, " Brain Dip " , jeeps and motorcycles . watch out the Indy 500! Birthdays: All-Saints Day - what a joke!?! Halloween. " Help me officer I ' ve been shot " , dropping in on old friends. " Thanks Lou. I needed that! " and K ' s b-day . . " Hey buddy, can you spare $10? " Cuba- cold, marble bathroom floors, " Pena is my life for longtime! " - yeah we know! - " Let ' s greet his wife at the airporl ' " , sunglass fiasco, " Come on, I dare ya, I dare ya! " Alfredo Super especial . . Freddie!!! Mazda RX7: going down one way streets, the WRONG WAY! - " How many people will fit? " - St. F.X. Weekends! " Not only the Devil has fun! " Dr. J.E. MacPhee Thanks Eilan, I needed ya, but who else would ' ve been there. Love ya, Kris. " Thai ' s all there is, there isn ' t anymore. " Barrymore Christine McGregor born May 27 69; at Elmwood: grades 11 to 13 Well Pristine, you made it through three years in the hallowed halls of Elmwood. You came to us as ' Mrs. McGregor ' s daughter ' and leave us as a SUPERPSYCHOTIC WOMAN ON THE RAMPAGE. What happened? How about those hieroglyphic F C sections that we " didn ' t quite grasp " , the little twerps screaming for their pizza (have the bite marks on your arm disappeared yet?) and super-accurate labs. I think the real root of the problem was the summer of ' 87. Without you, Chris, we would have lost so many good times: semi-formal, ship ' s company Dinner Dance, penny counting, waterbomb ducking (at highly inconvenient times, I must add . . .), McDuck ' s runs and treats of the week, DQs, " I bought it, he ' s mine " , big feet, freckles in the dark, me-ne-me-ne, electric jello, ballerina, etc. You name it, she ' s done it . , . Pristine, you amaze us all with your total all-roundness and perfection: athletic, intelligent, beautifully blonde, and with one heck of a boyfriend. We ' ll miss you. Our only comfort will be in knowing that you will be successful, happy and perfect wherever you go. Party hearty (remember the weekend starts Tuesday and that Wednesday to Fridays are just bad mornings!) We love you! C, N F Michelle McLaughlin born Jan. 14 69; at Elmwood: grades 9 to 10 then 13 Having been at Elmwood for grades 9 10, Michele left for New York, then Denmark, returning to Elmwood for grade 13. She is now known for her addiction to Tuborg, which was actually to be found at On Tap!!! Michele has come a long way since answering the phone in St. Donat. During her athletic career at Elmwood she has contributed to the Basketball, Volleyball and Soccer teams and sprained her ankle how many times? (Oh no, I ' m so embarrassed). Michele loves to eat, especially junk food and lunch with Stefig. Remember our " collection " ? " Riding on a chuckwagon . . . Ted, oh Ted, you are so . . . " Talking about which it ' s DIRTY-HOUR! and, of course, three days later . . . Hey, Michele. what are you doing this weekend? Wanna go to Hull and dance on the speakers at Zinc, or stand in the line at the Bistro ... the good old days. Ditto, right? Tying Nila and Dil together with Nile ' s special haircut! If we put OUR heads together . . . Freddie Eddie. ' I don ' t want the bill. Give t he bill to Bill. " Weak and Running D.C. It ' s been great knowing you. Love, K. C. Kimberley Meyerman born Oct. 18 69; at Elmwood: grades 12 to 13 Kim-my that Pretty Smart was a doozy. PIG OUT - want some bagels? Oh p-lease! Monster child. Why can ' t I cut your hair? Ski bunny - here I come. That ' s H-U-A-T-A-M-A-L-A, and I ' ve been there. Ada, shut up! Yup, I live in ELMER, uh huh. Hey, been to ' Les Galeries ' lately? You ' re so smart I ' m glad I ' m your friend. Why would anyone hang out at the Corner Club? I ' m a bad influence. Mi y mi Amiga are from M-E-H-l-C-0 . . . love that Revolution. See ya - Mich. The Chinese typewriters. My sister is a sweetie. Where ' s everybody going? My eyelid is twitching again. Even Dave hates that old bat-let ' s lose her! Don ' t know much about History . . . love that tunic! This place, CR, is a dump. I don ' t need the credit! I can ' t go my ride is coming. My parents still have that illusion. I speak fluent German. No, Mrs. Knowlton I ' m not sleeping . . . the key to education is keeping in the teacher ' s good books. I ' m not as good as you think I am. I can be rowdy when I want to be. Is Elmwood really my Alma Mater? Anja Miller born Feb. 21 70; at Elmwood: grades 7 to 13 Ann-ia: Well, it ' s been a long time. I have old memories of you with purple hair and cracked glasses, bopping aroun in the mesh top to ' Lucky Star ' . . . (mesh is a recurring theme). I guess you ' ll always be taller than me. You don ' t live in Rockcliffe anymore so I can ' t rush over to save you. Dom in the evening, but now I stock your cup- boards, so . . . (eat properly). You are the Tuna Queen, hands down. Don ' t leave the house in a skirt dear, it was safer at my house. fOly mom still wants you back over for stir fry. I will never forget the long procession of JH clones which still continues, nor the SCC (which ate my brain) which provided you with two of them (bet you love concrete; is the Mack truck still parked in your driveway?) HULL PATROL, here ' s to the Queen. You were really effective, Anja. I ' ll never forget your 18th birthday, nor will the coatcheck girl at Le Bistro. Anjalinka, I never thought I ' d see you in pink and purple but hey, the spotter things you ' re cute. Wear it to a diplomatic formal. Looking forward to Kenya, we ' ll have a blast. It ' s been a great seven years (most of it) . . . lots of love. Thumper PS . . . the Mission of Destruction is a tad ironical since it did the opposite to our friendship. I never knew all of your possessions could fit into the trunk of my car. Hey spit-sister we ' ve come a long way! Man did we ever get along in grade 11 . . . extreme sarcasm. Carleton look out - crazy women on the loose! Our future is going to be full of more amazing adventures - AH WIMOWEH! Love Vivian. Michelle Morrison born June 19 70; at Elmwood: grades 9 to 13 Fun, Fun, Fun and Dance, Dance, Dance. Look Martha! It ' s all too beautiful. Select a Prime Minister. We ' re not trying to pretend we ' re men, or actors, or in a play, or anything. Lucky, STOP BREATHING! Could we have two fleshburgers? bleeding. Ooh baby baby. The year is 1957, and we ' re hitch-hiking across America. Live irony. Well well, Jean-Michel, what a year (actually fire) Vastly differing hair lengths (I still want yours); bike scams; Graeme John (It would have saved so much time if they ' d chosen the right ones at the start . . . remember under the table at the gristle banquet?); and of coarse Woolworths pictures with Zandra and Mmmuffins and tub of ice cream after school (I still feel sick) I ' m sure you ' ll find a triathlon in OUEBEC. Remember the first time you met Joce? Proceed to PLAN " B " And stop it with Trussardi. Our names will go down in T.D ' s history (seeing as we were residents for a while) It behooves me to say I ' ll miss you tons cruising. illo es no putana, sandman trapicola Miami vice shirt and chains. Teach me how to dance like that, NO HODAS, papaya chocolate gelato moviathon, the ocean it ' s beautiful, I am so a lifeguard. 1st night Delphines, just say NO! et tu passa nada, speghetti, pizza. I saw all of cuba tonight Tara Morrison born July 11 70; at Elmwood: grades 7 to 13 Tara joined the Elmwood gang seven years ago as a little junior in a Roman tunic (Preparing for the Latin I.B. early, huh?) Since then, Tara has taken on the wildest schedule of us all - Math, Math, Math, Science, Science, Parlez-vous Franglais?!? " Yo! " Knitting reading in Algebra again? You ' re a cruel code-setter, T-MOOSE, or is that T-MORSE? Well Algebrite, that Descartes workshop turned out to be worth it after all!!! Here commences Tara ' s very own soap opera of Mrs.J, Bus buddy Is that Mr. Colonel sitting over there? Ooops! HEY, let ' s spend that phone money. Yes, it took us four hours to get to school, really it did! Oh p-lease. What do we have first this morning, ooh, who cares - have a great one - Michelle Julie. Inka Pauls born Sept. 9 69; at Elmwood: grades 10 to 13 Inka is part of the German connection of Elmwood and is known for her devotion to Allan (too bad, S . . .) as well as her dedication to her job as a lifeguard (all those poolparties ' .) Being a Le Club groupie, Inka sometimes wears nylons with loafers and her uniform (although she does deny it) and is famous for her tuna dip and those banana cofresi in the Dominican Republic. If you go to Rosal ' s Bay at noon you can see everyone skinny and dipping. And I thought you hadn ' t had a bath in months? Inka can be heard saying, " Can I ask a stupid question? " and " Your body moves in ways mine hasn ' t discovered yet " , " It ' s okay, he was being paid? " and " I ' m so hot ' , " and aren ' t we glad to sleep that extra half hour! ' Bright eyes ' ... I ' m married. Prince Vince, Grade 12 pizza lunches and making Yukie sleep in the bath tub, huh? Stratford carrots, " Inka, Inka, turn around " (Jester of Arms), growing fruitflies in the bathroom, cafe in St. Agathe (no more . . . Mrs. C), what was that weird situa- tion at the semi-formal? All night knee slapping, " Uh, sorry Inka! " Best of luck in the future from your friends. Kirstin Podeschwik born Aug. 15 68; at Elmwood; grades 10 to 13 Kirstin, also known as K.P., has been an enthusiastic supporter of Elmwood for four years. She is known for her discussions on whether dogs have I.Q. ' s (yes, we know, Zumsel does), and her numerous gelato runs. Grande with hazelnut chocolate, right? On many movie marathon weekends, " Dirty Dancing " was actually considered a cult film, but Westley is still unsurpassed and those long nights in Hull. " I can smell your friends, Bouncie will be there. " What about that amazing summer with Annette? Kirstin has come a long way since Helium changed its name. Now it ' s ZINC! And remember how we discovered the Bistro. Houg with Pink Lakes and " apples anyone? " But it ' s only 7a.m.! Although Kirstin is a good cook, her apple pancakes don ' t always turn out even if there ' s a volleyball game scheduled at tVlooney ' s Bay. Shorts with holes and a quote from the bouncer, " Don ' t push, XXX " His english is improving. Thanks for being a great friend. Debbie Soroczan born tVlarch 26 68; at Elmwood; grade 13 Debbie enjoyed her first and only year at Elmwood and will fondly remember last minute dashes in the a.m. from the corner of Springfield and Maple with her bus buddies; all-you-can-eat pasta; Caesar soup; haircuts at strange places; muffin stops; English classes; being an Elmwood Old-Girl before graduating, and knowing all the lovely sorts she met at Elmwood. See ya later alligator. □ 14 Julie Waterhouse born Oct. 17 69; at Elmwood: grades 7 to 13 Julie came to Elmwood as a little junior In grade 7. Wearing a tunic, you ' d never think she ' d become the Head of Keller. But as a grade 13, Julie has been associated with the Queen ot the Purple Gang, Quiz Kid, Bernardo (aka Ben), Fun In the Sun, and dogs for the blind - " Here horsey, horsey, horsey! " So, Jules, sleep in bath tubs much (Stratford)? There ' s someone in the bathroom! That snake we never found; " Why not take the tablecloth too " ; " Eat nachos much? " . . . made that trip . . . well. Interesting. Surely, you ' re capable of doing much better things since skiing into a ski class isn ' t very healthy! Jamie I, II. Ill, IV ... or Is it IV ' :? Whirlpool; Giggles and Odie . . . beats me; those exam good luck pennies . . . you must have a million; Tom (need we say more)?; how will I pay for my riding lessons? How about the pasta shop at the corner? Morning comedy team on the bus. Are you going to marry a guy you meet at the Sugar Bush? Only time will tell. How about on the bus? Nope. Remember Beaker and Enrlque-mega weirdos ... I hope they don ' t see this or else It might be embarrassing to . . . We ' ll Buff or Waterbug or Watternotter, or Watterhole, or Waterhorse, or Waterfly, or Waterloo . . . Radio Shack and H2Q . . . Need we say much more about Jules-Buff. We wish you only the best and watch out for those men! Have a great time at Waloo but I ' m going to U of Gul so . . . Loads of Love! Vivian Yu born Nov. 21 69; at Elmwood; grades 11 to 13 Rawbert, look, I got new cycling shorts. Have you ever noticed every guy does this? Don ' tcha hate it when . . . Hi Viv, I ' m at your place having dinner with your parents. Such a healthy boy, my, my. Is he cute. Homera, homera. Cruise Control. So this is what G.H.S. looks like, gee, sorry I never went there. Love Michelle. Bright and early every morning - let ' s not go! He called morning chatter, money pooling, my mom ' s french inhal- ing! K ' s concert. We ' re late again. Taxi service, U.N., My arm hurts, leg, my head, my throat . . . " We crashed your car! " Baseball. " 1 didn ' t see the ball. " Vaulting champ, nice landing Dairy Queen. Thanks for helping me out. Love Kris. VIv baby, where would the Elmwood music scene be without the dancemobile (Oh Giorgio!) I ' ll be returning for friend mice in my surrogate home. Bib. Remember Stratford, Kingston (look for the Jeep Cherokee), T.O., (the ROM, Oris, you me for choir and of course Rosedale.) Shakespeare was appropriate this year. Cleo. All those trips to Dan- ny ' s - we must continue the tradition. Here ' s to the end of a dry year for both of us . . . You ' re the best sicko and I ' ll always remember you for making me discover the Far East (Orleans) Love Ellen. Margaret Goodman born Dec. 12 70; at Elmwood; grades 7 to 13 What a year we ' ve had at the Green Palace. Sometimes we ' ve even had fun outside school, such as the Tuesday night parties and " This much better than school " charades. But Maggie ' s wierdness helped the year pass more quickly, no doubt! That evil tatoo! " What ' s up Steve? There ' s no Physics! Throw all your money into the flame. Let ' s go to my house for lunch. Cindy ate the . . . are you going to Guido? Does Margaret work here? In the Sprint Bush. Our album - the tights in the Park. Flamingo. Welcome to our smoke-free home. The P. P.M. We ' ll never forget swimming in the pool, the tennis courts, and root beer parties. Winter, spring, summer or fall, All you ' ve got to do is call. And I ' ll be there, Oh, yes I will. ZOWF TO THE BLUES! Your friends always, Louise, Jen, Steph and Nancy. PREFECTS (Bottom) Nicole Knowlton; Headgirl. (Top) Fiona Doetsch, Chase House heads Harris; Head Prefects (Front Row) Kerstin Bruchhaeuser, Wilson; Julie Waterhouse, Keller (Back Row) Katie Chao, Fry; Vicky Grossmann-Hensel, Nightingale. Prefects at large. (Left to Right) Christine McGregor, Vivian Yu, Anja Miller. Junior School Prefects. (Left to Right) Michelle Morrison, Anne-Marie Fournier. ONE DAY IN THE LIFE . . . a. ox. 0 i «8E»a3-i-. ... 1) GOOD MORNING . . . good grief!!! 2) . . and now the truth from Down Under 3) . . . the grade 9 10 Common Room. 4) NO, I won ' t marry you. 1) He said SMILE not SLEEP ... 2) Another job skill offered ONLY at Elmwood . . . 3) A man ' s (snow) home is his castle . . . 4) That ' s the third time this week I forgot my dessert 5) Yes, mother, I do have a headache and no I ' m not trying to get out of a test . . . 6) It ' s true, I saved it from our dissection lab . . . 7) Becky, do you remember which way the school is . . . 8) Miss Clairol advertisement take one . . . 9) Winter ' s musketeers . . . 20 EXCHANGE STUDENTS TOGETHER I am here for you, Whenever. When you need me I ' ll be there to laugh, to cry or just to talk because, I am your friend and I do care. Together we can ' t be beaten Together we act as one Together we are something special Together for eternity. A day may come when you find someone else. However, We will be together forever, as a memory. Nicky Carpenter 11S drawings by EVE CASTELL 32 34 35 GRADE 11L ELMWOOD IS A PENITENTIARY . . Julie Coulson: 0007: skiing down a bobsled run . . . Morven Black: 9999: illegal alien from Scotland . . . Meghan Dunn: 2695: my mother sent me Yuki Inaba: 7777: " I like it here . . . yeah, that ' s the ticket Dilshad Lalani: 2613: kidnap- ping the Pillsbury Dough Boy . . . Erin O ' Brien: 0014: pseudo- dating . . . Shannon Robinson: 6079 thought crime Vivienne Edwards: 7972: Bible Thumping in a public place Cathy Hanbury: 0001: uncon- trollable desire for Garf . . . Lisa Tang: 8888: transfer- red from a jail in Hong Kong . . . Caitlin Wells: 3276: previously the scourge of SDG . . . Katrina Carroll- Foster: 1117: impersonating Paddington . . . Stacey Gibbs: 3498: driving in the gym . . . Allison MacFarlane: 2061: blowing up my old school . . . Habiba Thawer: 4859: not going to House Games . . . ir 36 GRADE 11 S . . WHY ARE WE HERE Camille Beaufort: 1043: went on a ram- page and murdered four teachers (with karate) Stephanie Bousquet 7551: cause she ' s a Geek Sue Cameron 1331: An uncon- trollable desire for KAS. Nicky Carpenter: 6f4i STRETCH and to many speed ing tickets. Alysia Davies 0009: Public nuisance (undergoing psychological testing for soap opera addiction) Dana Gellman 0249: they pro- mised me a good after life. Belinda Guy 3187: the scissors slipped (bangs) Jill Hogg 0013: hijacked a plane to Bermuda and kidnapped Robert Redford. I Dee Shipley 9999: She always was the highest of the high. Alison Lewis 2506: She stole a Jaguar! Catherine Jeanjean 0016: TRESPASSING - she wouldn ' t leave the stage during a BON JOVI concert. Hilary Kemball 0017: Too many " Hilary Holi- days " L Stephanie McLoed: 1718: another murder - someone call- ed her " frog " and croaked. Lisa Rambert 4441 : an in- satisfiable thirst for knowledge (they paid me!) Tracey Solomon B v 0666: An over- y T whelming thirst HI B L. for J I B Bk men . . . ■ V Pr and uniforms. S BL An Violetta Yu I K 0690: Rehabilitation K% purposes. . IK ' i 37 w GRADE 10B Savannah Beattie: (Savannah Banana) " Got a problem with short people. " Claudia Beltran: (Ciau) I have too nnuch hair. Farah Akhtar: What do you mean skiing is fun? Claire iP T Beaubien: That colour ji looks better on Jennifer Conway: (Jennie) " I ' ve got to talk to you! " Christine Dawood: (Chris) " I don ' t give an f-18 about what you say " Paula Fowler: " Aaaoowhl I ' m a good girl, I am. " Sarah May wood: That ' s not the Christian way. Zoe Pettengell: Ich liebe dich! zoom-Zoom! Gillian Siebrasse: (Giligan) " What if he likes me " Valerie Ventureyra: " Free loading Val " - Nadine Venouska in Switzerland. Deanna Waterman: (Dee) " I resent that " 38 GRADE 10J Bishakha Basuroy (Bish) " What are you, stunned?!? " Karena Bellaar Spruyt (KBS) " I got a Michelle Riff (Chica) " Aloha! I had the weirdest dream 39 GRADE 9E MARCH BREAK WILL BE iir ' ' PROLONGED DUE TO THE. Sonal Acharya: (Billy Zak Veillyorailia) So what ' s you ' re point. Lisa Baylin: (Yeddie) Excuse me! Someone is on the other line. gs Caroline Mm •» Brisson: (Caro) S| Alyssa Delicate My dream has tRPl (Alys) Oh my finally come Gosh!!! il Christine Doyle: (Days) Tell me it ' s true. ■f 1 Marika Farrell: fw • • i M (Midge) Who A| JL Amelia Green: (Amy) Will we be coming back to Elmwood?!?! ■1 Patricia Harewood: (Patrick) No way . . . Are you serious? Julie Keller: A " Samantha B ! M (Bender) 1 can ' t ■ Mason: (Sam) ft ' . K believe it! i No comment Claire Millington: Yeaaah. Kim Ross: Oh gee, 1 guess we won ' t be having school for a while. Barbara Savage: (Barb) Well . . . How enlightening. ■if. f Nimrose f Molly Tepper: S ' SSl Kf ' mk supposed to ■t ' M Wk come back. H Bk. Am mm Josephine Yang: (Joe) Mom, do we have any marshmellows? w 4tv GRADE 9M . . . unfortunate burning down of the west wing. Alia Al-Zand: (Miss Clarol) Really? . . . Hold on! MOM! Amy Baele: (Amster) Party on!!! Christie Callan- Jones: (Ug) What ... Oh? Shelby Derouin: (Mitch) Wicked, I did a good job. Catriona Hardie: (Len!) What? Not the whole thing. Rebecca Keen: (Frau Keen) Any how, what else is new! Margie Kramer: You ' ve got to be kidding. Andrea Kucey: (Medusa) So what ' s you ' re point? Jill Pearse: (Jilly bean) So, what do you want me to do. Roxane Vezina: (Bubbles) Why couldn ' t the guy burn down the other half. Stephanie McKnight: (Dol- ly) There is no west wing the school isn ' t big enough. Terri-Lyn Ross: (HeartBreaker) Yah! that ' s righ t, I wish. Meredith Nelson: (Uncor) I already knew, heard the fire engines last night. Megan Pound: (Eddie) So, what do you want, DONATIONS? Michelle Zwirek (Mikey) Why? Do enquiring minds want to know? 41 43 8McR ACADEMY Anne-Marie Baribeau: Best song - " Pump up the voice Box. " Katie Horton: Most knowl- edgeable gossip. Clare Morrison: tied for Best smile. Catriona Stuart- Bell: Shrieker of the Year. Rebecca Esrock: Best facial expres- sion. Wen-Lee Liew: Most faithful movie buff. Kristen Saunders: Best Seal impersona- tion Odelia Culley: Best dancer. Alexandra Howard: Creative disorganisation. Samanth a Ouimet: Best Babbler Alessandra Trabalza: Most Violent Basket- ball player Kathryn Ages: Best giggler. Shannon Fox: Biggest Pinker- ton fan. Andrea Lobo: Most organised. Lee-Anne Smith: Best Skater Julia Ediger: Award for creative thinking. Monika Kirchhoff: Longest record for no detentions. Mary Raths: Best Bread baker Adrienne Wong: Best uncontrol- led skier Yoko Asakai: Best body language. Anne Gildenhuys: Miss Gumby. Marty Mazanji: Most violent volleyball serve Sarah Storey: Best Debater AWARDS Katie Breen: Best Note Writer Natasha Corrin: Best Musician Annette Faynwachs; Best Curls Sarah Lavigne: Best Ringette Player Jenny Peters: Best Excuses Angela Seshadri: Best Bookworm Julia Tarnowski: Best Actress Sandi Chao: Best Artist and Musician Margaret Floyd: Best Hair Washer Kristina Sakus: Best Posture Amanda Tomlin: Best Laughter Suzanne Beaubien: Best Blusher Caroline Boushey: Best Smile Atoshi Chatterjee: Best Traveller Kim Coulter: Leslie Crate: Best Volunteer Best Imagina- and Fundraiser tion Stephanie Hyde: Best Soc- cer Player Joey Lee: Best Athlete Running to the bus Jeanne Mehta: Best Last Minute worker 1 Tina Saryeddine: Best Vocalist Zoe Stikeman: Best Dumb Question Asker 4 Lin Tan: Best Shopper Allison Whitney: Best Far Side Fan 45 7C WHAT HAPPENED TO Tara Chauhan: My dad did the laundry and it is now small enough to fit an ant. 0S Tina Hill; Mrs. Chapman used it for an experi- ment and the acid ate it. Justine Eyre: The locker pulverized it. Mariah Norell: My locker disposed of it. Marie-Laure Sauvageau: My dog slobbered all over it. Anna Cole: My dog ate it! Jane Lee: Well, Mrs. Chapman wanted it for an egg warmer. Kim Schryburt: It got mixed up with my lunch and I ate it. m Charlotte Truelsen: Anne- Sophie took it and now it is all wet. Cameron Blott: The Board of Health condem- med them. Jackie Clarke: It ' s here somewhere! Christina Gandilo: I can- not tell a lie, I lost it. Akua Otupiri: Last time I saw it, it was driving away in your car! Marcia Taggart: It escaped and was last seen crossing the American border. Jennifer Cripps: It shrunk in the dryer. Amy McLachlan: Mrs. Chapman borrowed it for the Science Fair. Bonnie Seshadri: For February Fools Day Tara threw it away. IW - — Shannon Wires: My mom used it on the . . . Mi Christina Haritos: My cat ate it. Nicole Rocheleau: My brother is play- ing wild elephant with it. Kim Tremblay: It found another sockette. 46 YOUR OTHER GYM SOCK Jasmine Bernstein: My cat used it as a tail warmer. Seifali Patel: It looked at the other sock and ran away. Jennifer Scrimger: My cat ' s asleep in it. Kathleen Terroux: It was ammunition in a snowball fight. Tanya Burke: The washing machine ate it. Alison Russell: My dad used it as a golf club warmer. Julie Slow: My dog mistook it for a bone. Elizabeth Bousquet: It burned a hole through my locker. Gillian Price: My brother borrow- ed it. It will never be the same again. Sariya Sharp: I couldn ' t find my tie. Kate White: My hamster used it as bedding. Stephanie Addison: I gave it to my mom as a pot holder. Shaghig Maiek: I used it to start a fire. Mary Jane Nguyen: I thought it was mold because it was green. Jenny Roessler: My sister used it as a teether. Ines Scepanovic: My little brother put it in the food processor. Nyree Schreiber: My parakeet used it as a nest. Jocelynne St. Jacques: It fell in the barn and . . . Monica Singhal: It melted in the dryer. GRADE 6 Caroline Ashekian: " Please tell me " . Catherine Callary: Crash Callary Melanie Lazare " The whistler " Hannah Riding: " I ' m not hungry. " Elizabeth Capper: " Come on, guys. " Amanda Sumner: " Put on a hap- py face. " Anne Harewood: don ' t believe Deena El-Sawy: " Yakkity Yak " Tanya Methiwalla: forgot my glasses - again " Isabelle Kim: Saint Isabelle Aine Rock: " 1 didn ' t do my grammar. " Tamara Taub: " I ' m all out of love. " Catherine Clark: " Come on, guys. " Sarah Bezanson: " I missed you. Natalie Gandilo: " Well . . . " Stephanie Hazen: " Don ' t touch my hair. " Alice Lafferty: " Ah - man " Sarah Paynter: " What? " No Photo Available Sylvia Smellie: " Gaston ' s pick- ing me up. " Jamie Wisniowski: " Don ' t ask me. I don ' t know. " 49 GRADE 5 6 MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT Alexandra Bade: When Mrs. Chapman heard me say that I hated science But I don ' t. w Juliette Gundy: When the ham- ster went to the bathroom on my hand. I Susanne Picozzi: When I spilled coffee on my dad in the restaurant. Hilary Thompson: While I was listening to a speech I fell off my chair. Melanie Capper: When my brother pulled the fire alarm at school. n Vicky Kellett: When I lost my skirt in the mid- dle of the shop- ping mall. Katharine Sandiford: When I acciden- tally tripped a waitress and she spilled all the wine. Emily Bell: When my brother pushed me into a public pool and I screamed. 19 Suzan Hill: When a two year old boy asked me to marry him. Stephanie Russell: When my sister yelled in the restaurant and everyone looked at us. Shana Lee Wallace: When I backed my dad ' s car into my Grampa ' s fence. Monica Agarwal: When I was telling a gross joke and Mrs, Heacock said, " Too much talking " Sarah-Jane Arnold: When my little sister decided to join me on stage during a school play. Johanna Bon: Walking into the boys bathroom. Caroline Dawes When my Mom mixed my gym kit with my brother ' s. Hannah Griller: When Mile. Cummings read my french mark out loud. I Hilary Leftick: When I threw up on my best friend. Carolyn Saunders: When our seven hamsters got out of their cage when we had company. Indre Sakus: When the whole school laughed at my error in prayers. Samantha Tapping: When I spilled my drink on some- one on the plane. Sarah Zollinger: When we were changing from gym and the fire alarm went off. GRADE 4 Jessica Clapperton: Oh, Phhewwwieee! Daniel Suh; Haw! I kill me!! Colleen Mcmanus; Hey, come to think of it, I ' d like to go back to Hawaii again. Nilanjan Banerjee: Honkie - Ponko Sally Crate: " People I ' m not funny I ' m weird " Tara Huckvale: You ' re right, it ' s not funny it ' s hilarious. Marquel Lasserre: Put that in your pipe and smoke it! Amy Marett: If at first you don ' t succeed, try, try again. Robin Wilkinson: Oh! ho, ho, ho, . . . Emily Morris: No! No! way! You supposed to be charming to me not grouchy. Elspeth Day: Holy Cow! Ariane in Alyaa De Hoog: Man . . . look, I ' m on number fifty-six! 1 El Abbadi: You could always erase it, 1 mean it ' s no problem! ii Jaime Kowal: Hey Bud, Ok, Ok! Dude. Duncan Mccansh: Hey, what are you staring at? Jimmy Yang: I ' ll be charming for the rest of my life. Mary Bousquet: " Oh freaky! " Ross Hendin: That should be on the Bill of Rights. Christopher Lobo: Lawyer Lobo at your service! Karen Morrison: I ' m not staying here for the rest of my life! GRADE 3 WOULD LIKE TO BE Staisery Divorski: I would like to be Pirmin Zubriggen because he ex- cels in skiing and has won many nnedals. Amar Jolly: I would like to be Leonardo da Vinci because I would be a famous Artist and Inventer. Chrissie Nelms: I want to be a drum because I could be noisy, go bunp, and play in an orchestra. Alexandra Eyre: I would like to be Elizabeth Blackwell because she was the first woman doctor of America. 1 Anjali Mishra: I would like to be a deer with soft velvety fur and a love for nature. Nicholas Seppala: I would like to be Wayne Gretzky because he is a famous hockey player. 4S| Fiona Eden-Walker: I would like to be Pluto because it is the coldest planet in our solar system. Matthew Brigham: I would like to be an airplane inventor. Chantal Fisher: I would like to be the fastest runner in the world. Andrew Johnston: I would like to be a wrestler called the black mark because he is strong and brave. Una Roessler: I would like to be Marie Curie because she discovered radium in pitch- blend. Christopher Mitchell: I would wish to be the sun because I would be warm and never cold. Angela Singhal: I want to be a cello because I would be nice and tall and I ' m short right now. Jordan Sweetnam: I would like to be Queen Elizabeth, so I could knight famous soldiers. Renee Edwards: I would like to be an Olympic skater because it is a great sen- sation to be famous. Alexis Mintsioulis: I would like to be one of the Bionic Six Because I could be a super hero. Jordana Segal: 1 would like to be a t.v. star because I could make lots of money and travel alot. Miranda Young: I would like to be Leonardo da Vinci because he is a good painter and I love painting. Frederique Delapr e: I would like to be Jules Verne because he was a very famous writer. Misha Gellman: I would like to be Sir Lancelot because he was one of the knights of the Round Table. P HI Joseph Mouaikel: I would be an organ because it is easy to play if you learn the piano. Kevin Sullivan: I would like to be Mats Naslund because he is the fifth best hockey player in the world. GRADE 1 2 WHAT COLOUR WOULD I BE Julian De Hoog: I ' d like to be yellow because it ' s my favorite colour. Alice Johnston: I ' d choose to be orange because it ' s the colour of my house. Gregory Seppala: I ' d like to be blue because I could camouflage in the water. Charlotte Tobiassen: I ' d like light pink because it ' s the colour of my birthday dress. Kirsten Weld: I would be laven- der because it looks sort of a light purple and I love purple. Jeremy Ditz: I ' d like beige because it ' s the colour of a cougar. Melissa-Anne Murphy: I ' d like yellow because it glows in the dark. Marsha Taichman: I ' d choose to be florescent green so I could camouflage into lots of things. Leila Wright: I ' d like to be gold because it shines in the dark. Kimberly Baldwin: I ' d choose yellow because it looks like the sun. Trenton Baumgarten: I ' d like blue be- cause it looks like the sky. Young Fan: I ' d like orange because I like oranges. Becce Merkley: I ' d like tur- quoise, it ' s a bright colour. Joy Rank: I ' d like pink be- cause it is rosy. Andrew Watt would be orange because it looks like it stands out. Marc Mouaikel: I ' d like to be green, because it ' s the colour of the grass. Courtney Rank: I ' d like to choose pink because roses are that colour. Dylan Tisdall: I ' d be red, because I think it ' s a bright, cherry colour. Christopher Ruddy: I ' d choose white because it ' s like the clouds and the snow. 54 56 57 59 60 Mrs. Parker Guidance Counsellor Mrs. Stanley Jr. Sr. English Mrs. Parsons Primary Teacher ' s Aide Mme Sabourin EspaTTol Sr. Frangais Formal Committee Mrs. Suthren Sr. Science Mrs. Wires 8W Homeform Social Studies Jr. History Jr. Computer Studies Mrs. Schmidt 5 6 Homeform Jr. Library Jr. Library Committee Mr. Yates Jr. Sr. Geography Jr. Basketball Mme Seguin IIS Homeform Jr. Sr. French Montfort Hospital Program 61 OFFICE STAFF (Foreground - Left to Right) Miss L. Hong - Western University to Right) Mrs. M. Sigmund - Bursar; Miss A. MacLeod - Secretary; Co-op Student; Mrs. P. Monteith - Secretary; (Back Row - Left Mrs. S. Carter - Administrative Assistant Dr. Elizabeth Davis, a member of the English staff at Elmwood, died last December. She was on- ly forty-two. There are two hard facts which are still difficult to accept, especially for those of us that worked closely with her. On January 28th we gave our memorial at the school in her honour. It is significant that we relied on words from great writers and poets whom she had loved and taught rather than attempt to ex- press our personal feelings, believing that literature alone can give expression to the mute pains and joys of life. Ironically no one knew this better than Eliza. When we asked students whom she had taught which passages they remembered from books studied with her, the memories were testaments in themselves to her extreme sensitivity and high in- telligence. That these choices were not obvious ones for young people is a reflection of how much of Eliza ' s perception had been relayed to her students. In the passages from Greaf Expectations we are made to suffer with Pip in his new-found con- sciousness of how inferior he is to the haughty Estella; the words of the Song of Solomon express more than anything ever written the joy, goodness and beauty of love; Kubia Khan stands for all vi- sionary experience; the passage from the first chapter of The Great Gatsby when the billowing white curtains and dresses are stilled by the slam- ming of the door symbolizes the unending fight be- tween good and evil; in Travels with my Aunt Henry, under the tutelage of his incredible aunt, learns to love and live in late middle age and lastly Emily Bronte ' s poetry expresses her experience of the human spirit unconfined by time and space. Eliza, Emily Bronte was right. You are with us to- day in spirit, remembered with appreciation and fondness. We are privileged to have known such a rare person. IJ Who ' s going to the store?!? ELMNOODI SCHOOL resents a CHEZ m from ! until K Qclmi55ion UJ LL LU Q CO Australian Exchange Students Arrive NOVEMBER No School Art Fair DECEMBER 9 EXAMS BEGIN!!! Reagan Gorbachev sign Missile Treaty 12 Last possible Saturday Detention of 1987 10 School Photo Day 2 second try 15 John Cougar Mellencamp Concert 23 Last Day for handing in Exams (to be typed) Rehearsal for Alice in Wonderland 11 Remem- brance Day Service 19 Alice in Wonderland Production 27 Oranges and Grapefruits arrive at Elmw ood Parent Teacher terviews Grade 7-13 n- Career Day Art Fair No School 13 First Junior Dance 20 Alice in Wonderland Production 30 New Year- book Cover off to Jostens . . . 3:15 21 Alice in Wonderland Production 22 INXS Concert f . Annual Board of Governors Meeting BED Last day for term tests 17 Last Day of School Christmas Concert Advent Carol Service 21 Last Box of Oranges Grapefruit is picked up Senior Dance 24 CHRISTMAS EVE 25 CHRISTMAS DAY 26 BOXING DAY 27 Old Girls ' Luncheon I CBN ' TPOIBiSl I DON ' T I U)OM ' T,, t WHRDO DOTRiSl THIS I 31 NEW YEAR ' S EVE REAGAN AND GORBACHEV SIGN MISSILE TRt AND VOW TO WORK FOR GREATER REDVCl JANUARY School re- opened 8:25 am 11 Grade Six off to Camp Cameron 18 Martin Luther King Jr. Day NEW YEAR ' S DAY 21 Mrs. Chap- man ' s Special Day Holidays end today 23 BSS Volleyball Tournament 24 St. Donat Trip leaves 26 Australian Exchange students on their way Home. J 27 St. Donat trip returns 28 Mrs. Davis Memorial Service FEBRUARY 9 10 11 Airbands Competition begins Crazy Tie Day Crazy Socks Day Civies Day Senior Dance with Grade 8s invited 19 22 1 Open House Choir Trip to Toronto Choir returns 1 from Toronto 1 26 27 1 Last Friday night skiing Katarina 1 Witt, Debbie 1 Thomas 1 Liz Manley 1 shine ... 1 12 Ski Day CANCELLED Major snow- storm closes Elmwood after V2 day 13 Semi-Formal Winter Olym- pics begin Ski Competition 17 Parent - Teacher Interviews 23 Elmwood Science Fair 28 Olympics End Half Term Holiday Beginning of Spirit Week 18 Junior Speech Day 29 Ski Day at Camp Fortune V ' - 4 7 8 9 10 Grade 8 Quebec trip Duke of Ed practice expedition independent School ' s P.D. Davs 13 14 15 18 19 Softball tour- nament in T.O. Last dance nil rar o National Capital iVldl dll J 1 Grade 7 ' s in Kingston Civies Day Rock Hamlet MAP 1 20 21 23 Kingston Rowing Regatta i Sports Day Duke of Ed weekend Victoria Day No School 26 28 30 Sports Banquet Oilers win Stanley Cup Dog Day Prefect Elections JUNE 9 10 Exams begin Mrs Chance ' s Party Mrs Chap- man ' s Birthday 13 Def Leppard Concert 17 Senior closing Exam Schedule posted Recs come out 16 Junior closing 18 Formal il ■ ■■■■• ■■■■■ ■ lllll— w lllaar 19 Economic Summit begins 20 Final Deadline for yearbook OTHELLO: Scott Wentworth, Colm Feore, Howard Rollins, Wenna Shaw, Goldie Semple, Derek Boyes Shortly after school started in September, Mrs. Bellamy, Mrs. Stanley and Mrs. Faguy accompanied thirty-nine girls to Stratford. There they saw two plays - Othello and Intimate Admiration as well as the musical Cabaret. Shakespeare ' s works, with their insight into human nature and understanding of power, are applicable to anytime and Stratford seems to like to show this by bringing out the shiny boots, medals and uniforms of Second World War officers. Intimate Admiration explored the loving relationship between Tchekov and the woman who became his wife. Most of the Elmwood girls thought it was good, but the play ' s subtle brilliance was really overshadowed by the fantastic musical Cabaret. Cabaret, the last performance for Elmwood was the perfect send-off: Othello might have been too heavy. The minute I mentioned Cabaret there was a unanimous reaction: fantastic, amazing . . . Brent Carver! The pineapple scene! In- novative performance! Super! Mind-shattering! Charismatic! Beautiful! The comments demonstrate the impact Cabaret and Brent Carver had on the Grade 13s, and I ' m sure Brent Carver noticed us also as we stood up and cheered at the end of the performance when he came up on stage. The grade 13 assess- ment of the Stratford trip and the plays we saw in 1987 can be summed up as follows: " Overall it was the best year yet! " INTIMATE ADMIRATION: John Neville, Lucy Peacock CABARET: Sheila McCarthy, Brent Carver 73 ST. DONAT 88 The object of St. Donat, or " The French Ex- perience " was to help us improve our French, while we were doing something we all enjoy: downhill skiing and socializing. As well as improving our French we also learnt a new language: the St. Donat slang. New collo- quialisms such as: " Oki-doo " , " Bye-bye ski " , " Wacky-tabacie " and " Hey-hooo " . The first thing that should be said is that Elmwood impressed everyone there, students and ' moniteurs ' alike. Elmwood had the best spirit of all the schools and tied for first place in the improvisational sketches. What surprised everyone the most was that Elmwood WON the tug-of-war contest against Hillcrest, J.S. Woodsworth, St. Marks and Nepean. All the teams were co-ed except ours! Does that tell you something about our ' strength ' ? Congratulations should go to Molly Tepper who placed second in the beginner ' s racing competition. Everyone from Elmwood made many " special " friends from the other schools, especially from J.S. Woodsworth. Will anyone ever forget " Mr. Ef- feminate " , " Rock-I ' instructeur de ski " , or the hot tub? I can also still hear " New Order " which was always playing when we were in our room. We would like to thank Mme Millington and Mile Eaman for accompanying us, and our parents for allowing us to go. I think everyone had an amazing time and some of us have already reserved spots for next year. QUEBEC CITY This year ' s trip to Quebec City was both educational and recreational. Visits to the Citadel, St. Anne de Beaupre, the Old City of Quebec, le parlennent will be remembered by all who participated. Our evening ' s entertainment ranged from the program organizers rendition of the musical, Charlie to a period costume cabaret. There was even a night of rollerskating! These were just a few of the highlights of a delightful experience and we would all like to thank our guides, Mrs. McRae, Mrs. Wires, Miss Cummings as well as the ever faithful Luc. CAMP CAMERON On January 11th the Grade 6 class left singing for a 3 day outdoor education experience at Camp Cameron. Soon after unloading, settling into our cabins and lunching, we set off in search of beaver dams, animal tracks and other interesting features not found in the city. It was an educational hike which included details on outdoor survival. The girls learned lots about the habits and habitat of the beaver. After supper despite initial reluctance to venture out in the dark, we had a wonderful hike, lit a bon- fire, sang songs and roasted marshmallows. Tuesday 6:00 a.m. - the girls are wide awake. After breakfast they split into two groups, one for orienteering and the other for a snow study. The final day started out raining but it cleared up and we set out with knapsacks on our backs. Despite the successful lesson on firelighting the previous day, the cold wind and wet wood manag- ed to extinguish many fires. We were very grateful for the cheerful help and support given by Mrs. Sumner and Mrs. Thomp- son, the two mothers who accompanied us on this three day adventure. Their chef ' s hats and coffee mugs we hope will always give them fond memories of the Camp Cameron experience. FOLEY MOUNTAIN May 17, 18, and 1 9 are full of fond memories for this year ' s grade sevens. Mile Eaman, Mrs. Hackett and Mrs. Chapman. We spent one day at Foley Mountain Conservation Area orienteering and studying pond life, another in Kingston visiting Fort Henry and the third at Upper Canada Village. Highlights for some will be the gruesome stories at Barry McQauy about leeches or water beetle larvae. For others, the officer ' s inspection at Fort Henry, a first ever dive at the YWCA pool, writing with a quill pen or dressing up in 1820 ' s attire at Upper Canada Village will be lasting memories. Our busy schedule was packed with learning, good times and good friends. We wish the same for next year ' s class. 5 6 TORONTO TRIP At the end of April, many students in grade 5, 6 7, played hostess to 43 grade 6 girls from Havergal College in Toronto. This in turn provided an opportunity for our grade 5 6 to travel to Toronto on May 25-27 for the second year in a row. Mrs. Heacock and Mrs. Schmidt acting as chaperones and tour guides, roamed the 1 8th and 1 9th century homes of ear- ly Torontonians at The Grange, Black Creek Pioneer Village and Casa Loma. We zoomed down the water run at Ontario Place and soared high over the Grand Canyon too! Our Havergal friends treated us to dinner and entertained us all royally. Barring the long wait for the train in Toronto, we had a super, fantastic trip and returned home fatigued but full of stories to tell. UPPER CANADA VILLAGE SPAIN Elmwood Travellers March 1988 Claire Beaubien Stephanie Bousquet Elanor Brodie Julie Coulson Nicole Edwards Anne-Marie Fournier Dana Gellman Zahava Kardash Sarah Maywood Stephanie McKnight Stephanie McLeod Erin O ' Brien Michelle Riff Suzie Shillington Gabriela Van Der Stoel Roxane Vezina Josephine Yang Mrs. Diane Edwards Mrs. Jody O ' Brien, Trip Co-ordinator Mrs. Judith Sabourin, Trip Co-ordinator " If it is Tuesday it must be Toledo! " We arrived in Spain and were im- mediately introduced to our tour director, Juan Andrea, all 5 1 2 feet of him. We were paired with a group from Alaska which in- creased our numbers to 26 girls and 1 guy We spent the first days of our trip in Madrid seeing all the cultural sights in- cluding the Royal Palace and the Prado Art Museum. We began to wonder about the Spanish diet because our guide for Madrid was all of 4 ft 7 inches. Julio ' s favourite word was " Vamos " which we would hear any time we stopped for a breath. Besides the cultural insights we did take in some nightlife, visiting the discos of Madrithhh! After Madrid, we headed south to Seville hoping to be treated to some SUN. We visited the gravesite of Christopher Colum- bus and fed the pigeons. We were impress- ed with the foods of Seville and our tour guide, Pedro, who stood 5 ft 11 inches. We had an evening at a flamenco show which was rather noisy but enjoyable. The last part of the trip was spent at Tor- remollinos and sightseeing and shopping were the order of the day. A planned trip to Tangiers could not be arranged so we set- tled for the beach or went back to the shops. Some interesting notes about the hotels: you either had to choose between hot water or water pressure, you could not get both; Spanish towels are just not big enough to go around " normal " - sized Canadian bodies; Spanish food is " dif- ferent " ; gypsies are neat; the Sangria and beer flows like water . . . We all increased our jewelry collection and had an absolutely wonderful time. Thanks very much to Mrs. Edwards, Mrs. O ' Brien and Mme Sabourin for the genuine care and concern that was shown to each of us throughout the trip. E. Brodie, Spanish 4A It ' s not whether you win or lose, it ' s how you look on the court. courts resm ed to m m I memberships and k U bg purchased from, office o tennis attire must be worn ease lock gate upon leaving SPORTS CAPTAINS Sports Captains: Eileen MacPhee, Sheila Barber, Katie Bell, Tracey Solomon, Dilsheesh Purewal, Mrs. Neale Not Pictured: Paula Tomlin R - " Holy Athletics Batman! Have you heard the news? " B - " No Robin, what is it? " R - " The Elmwood girls have amazed us all and have had their best year ever in sports! " Hi Sportsfans: As you are well aware, no doubt, the Athletic program throughout the school has produced consistently excellent results in all areas of the athletic curriculum. The Elmwood girls, in anticipation of their new and improved sport facility, went out onto the courts of the Ottawa Board and won a significant number of games and tournaments. We will most likely miss the heckling and name-calling as we enter or leave foreign gyms as we will have an equal number of home games where our fans can CHEER US ON!!! What a thrill that will be, actually having someone to cheer, not jeer, us on. Not only did we succeed in- terscholastically but the intramural sports were very well supported. I would like to extend my thanks to everyone in the school for making House Games and Sports Day a success as well as a bunch of fun for everyone. Special thanks to the House Sports Captains: Sheila Barber, Katie Bell, Paula Tomlin, Dilsheesh Purewall and Tracey Solomon as well as to Mrs. Neale, our mentor. Also, thanks to the Grade 13s for always being helpful and spirited . . . Love, Eileen (that ' s all folks!) ROWING Fall and Spring Crew Coach (Standing): Mrs. Chapman Bow to Stern (Left to Right) Bow: Annette Jardine Two Seat: Cindy Hartman Three Seat: Holly Hilborn Four Seat: Jenny Mirsky Five Seat: Fiona Doetsch Six Seat: Margaret Goodman Seven Seat: Katie Bell Stroke Seat: Nicole Knowlton Cox: Melanie Quevillon Novice Spring Crew Stern to Bow (Left to Right) Stroke: Barbara Savage Seven Seat: Holly Hilborn Six Seat: Terri-Lyn Ross Five Seat: Gwyneth Norman Four Seat: Amy Baele Three Seat: Mary Capello Two Seat: Alia Al-Zand Bow: Julia Norman Cox: (not pictured) Annette Jardine Absent: Paula Fowler Elmwood had two crews this season. The experienced eight rowed four days a week at 6:15 a.m. while the novice eight trained three days a week at 4:45 p.m. With fitter girls - thanks to winter training and effective recruitment - we had better quality practices. They sought their reward in the highlight of our season, a tight race with Lisgar on the Ottawa River at the Ottawa-Carleton Invitational Rowing School Regatta. We rowed better and more aggressively than the other crews but the steering tactics baffled us and we came second. We ' ll be back . . . 81 TENNIS TEAM (Top Row Left to Right) Mrs. Knap, Josephine Yang, Michelle Riff, Lisa Baylin, Strachan McCarthy, Lucy McLachlan (Bot- tom Row Left to Right) Alyson Johnston, Julie Coulson, Chase Harris, Vicky Grossmann-Hensel, Belinda Guy, Alison Lewis Once again, the Elmwood Girls Tennis Team, coached by Mrs. Barbara Knap, combined with the Ashbury Tennis Team to participate in the city league. The girls practiced up to three times a week, honing their skills by playing singles, doubles and mixed doubles. All of this practise paid off as the Elmwood-Ashbury team made it to the playoffs at Sporteque in October. Elmwood-Ashbury placed fifth overall in the ' B ' division with the mixed doubles team of Julie Coulson and John Mercer (Ashbury) placing first. The members of the " A " team were up against some stiff competition yet they still placed 4th overall. Congratulations to the girls on a great season. SWIM TEAM f Top Row Left to Right Lisa Rambert, Samantha Mason, Shawn Belton, Katrina Carrol-Foster, Mary Capello, Julie Coulson (Middle Row Left to Right) Christie Callan-Jones, Dee Shipley, Megan Pound, Andrea Kucey (Bottom Row Left to Right) Cathy Hanbury, Marika Farrell, Amelia Green, Deanna Waterman (Pictured Separately) Meredith Nel- son, Tegan Schioler, Paula Tomlin (Absent) Alyson Johnston, Nancy Sutterlin. Coach Mrs. Muggins The Elmwood Swim Team has enjoyed its busiest and most successful season yet. Tryouts and practices were held at the St. Laurent Pool from mid-September on. To prepare for the season there were 3 mini-meets with stiff competition from the Big Ottawa Schools. In one meet the girls combin- ed with the Hillcrest Boys Team resulting in many 1st place finishes. Hard work paid off at the City Championships where everyone qualified for the finals. In the consolation finals: Deanna Waterman (1st - jr. girls 50m back), Marika Farrell (1st - jr. girls 100m free), Megan Pound (2nd - jr. girls 100 free), and Andrea Kucey (3rd - jr. girls 50m breast). In the city finals the following results: Marika Farrell (silver medal - jr. girls 50m free), Shawn Belton (silver medal sr. girls 50m breast), and Mary Capello (bronze medal - jr. girls 50m free). Congratulations to all swimmers. JR. VOLLEYBALL (Top Row Left to Right) Mrs. O ' Brien, Alexandra Howard, Kathryn Ages, Katie Breen, Adrienne Wong, Sarah Storey (Bottom Row Left to Right) t arcia Taggart, Annette Faynwachs, Rebecca Esrock, Amy McLachlan, Anne-Marie Baribeau, Anne Guilden- huys, Claire Morrison, Alessandra Trabalza This has been a very successful season for the junior team. Following a relatively short but intense training period, the team participated in the Glashan Girls ' Invitational Volleyball Tournament on January 22nd and 23rd. The girls lost their two games to Glashan and went on to win their next 6 games, beating Pauline Vanier, Vincent Massey, and York. On the 23rd, the girls beat Gowling in the quarters and Featherstone in the semis. They came up against Glashan in the finals and lost 15-13, 15-13, to be awarded the silver medals (2nd out of 15 teams) In the O.B.E. Tournament on January 25th 27th, the girls placed extremely well and lost the one medal - awarded to Featherstone, 15-13 16-14. Jody O ' Brien, the team ' s coach would like to thank the girls for their great sportsmanship, spirit, and display of competent volleyball skills. They were Elmwood representatives to be proud of. A special thank you to Mrs. Peter Howard, a very loyal fan. JR. SR. VOLLEYBALL (Front Row: Left to Right) Strachan McCarthy, Kathleen Macauley, Rosemary Fincham (Middle Row: Left to Right) Lucy McLachlan, Michelle Riff, Patricia Harewood, Terri-Lyn Ross, Mrs. Neale (Back Row: Left to Right) Jenny Mirsky, Habiba Thawer, Lisa Rambert, Alia Al-Zand, Leiko Marr Elmwood ' s Jr Sr Volleyball Team had its best season this year! For the first time the team made the playoffs after an exciting, incredible season! We started off with a loss (we only had 2 losses) after an exciting match against DeLaSalle - 3 games to 2. We also defeated Immaculata 3 games straight, then 3 games to 1 , Notre Dame 3-1 and Champlain 3-1 . When we met DeLaSalle for the second time, after a terrifically exciting, well played match, we emerged victorious 3 games to 2! Most of our games had many exciting rallies, with terrific spiking, digs and returns. All players, fans and Mrs. Neale could hardly contain themselves, or watch the excitement! We met Laurentian in the playoffs and unfortunately bowed 3 games to 1. But, we ' ll get them next year! Overall it was a fun season with great memories of endless practices, lines, powerful serves, sore arms and great satisfaction knowing we had won 5 matches or 20 games. Congratulations to our 12 team members, and especially our captains Lisa Rambert and Habiba Thawer. JR. BASKETBALL (Back Row - Left to Right) Alexandra Howard, Yoko Asakai, Rebecca Esrock, Katie Breen, Anne-Marie Baribeau, Katie Mor- ton, Sarah Lavigne, Odelia Culley, Mr. Yates (Front Row - Left to Right) Kristina Sakus, Anne Gildenhuys, Clare Morrison, An- nette Faynwachs, Adrienne Wong, Stephanie Hyde, Jenn ie Peters, Jenny Cripps This year, for the first time, Elmwood ' s junior school entered a team in the Ottawa area basket- ball tournament. With a minimal amount of prepara- tion, all of which was done out of doors, the team was bussed to Sir John A. Macdonald High School for the one day event. Holding nothing back all fifteen girls put out a max- imum effort and came out with a very respectable third place finish. This year, because of too few players, the senior school was unable to enter a team in the Inter-School League. However, with the enthusiasm shown in the junior school this year ... 35 students trying out for the 15 positions . . . the future looks very good for basketball at Elmwood in the years to come. Bring on the new gymnasium ... no more rained out practices at this school. We look forward to even more success in our team events now that HOME GAMES will become a reality SENIOR VOLLEYBALL (Front Row - Left to Right) Vivian Yu, Eileen MacPhee, Chase Harris, Chris- tine McGregor (Back Row - Left to Right) Alyson Johnston, Shawn Belton, Kerstin Bruchhaeuser, Mr. McCabe, Michele McLaughlin, Belinda Guy, Sue Camer- on, Tracey Soolomon. The Senior School Senior Volleyball team (the Over 16s) met with mixed results this season. There were moments of deserved success along with the inevitable setbacks. The team itself was made up of 5 returning veterans (Kerstin, Chase, Chris, Eileen and Vivian), 3 Junior team graduates (Sue, Belinda and Tracey), and 3 new recruits (Shawn, Alyson and Michele). The varying skills and personalities developed into a very effective group that supported each other both on and off the court. Our results this year continued to show improve- ment which is a credit to the Junior School team guided by Mrs. O ' Brien, the Senior School Junior team (the Under 16s) developed by Mrs. Neale as well as the continuing dedication of the girls themselves. There were FIVE regular season vic- tories against only three losses. In exhibition play within our league we had ONE victory and one loss. The Bishop Strachen Tournament saw us record THREE victories and two losses. The playoffs were a disappointment as a season-ending Friday Night Ski- ing injury coupled with a Choir Trip that absorbed two players and the flu bug which sent one player to bed and forced another three to play with reduced skills allowed an opponent we had defeated during the season to slip by us into the semi-finals, maybe next year . . . It was an enjoyable year from my vantage point, watching, ( f rfnfr ) and coaxing from the sidelines, as I saw great team play, individual improvement, a supportive atmosphere within the team and, of course, an increasing number of victories. My thanks to everyone involved with the team including our legion of fans and a fond farewell to our graduating players who have developed this winning spirit . . . thanks. 85 DOWNHILL SKIING (Left to Right) Andrea Kucey, Catriona Hardie, Stephanie McKnight, Fiona Doetsch, Meredith Nelson, Mary Capello, Julie Coulson, Nicole Knowlton, Karena Bellaar-Spruyt, Lisa Baylin. Absent: Suzy Shillington. (Below) Mrs. Knowlton - coach, Christie Callan-Jones - invalid The 1988 Ski season was as unpredictable as the weather. It all began with such promise on a gloriously sunny January day when our twelve member team was chosen from amongst the survivors of the frozen, jagged moguls. We then began preparing for the Big Boards . . . The competitive team (Julie Coulson, Suzie Shillington, Lisa Baylin, Catriona Hardie, Nicole Knowlton) placed well in the Anne Heggtveit Invita- tional, a fifth overall ... in the 1st run but the gremlins took over in the 2nd run. However we still managed to place in the upper V2 of the field just miss- ing the Valley Invitational by one spot! The recreational team was primed for their best effort ever but the gremlins showed up in the guise of a major snowstorm causing a re- scheduling to March 4th .. . after the start of our March Break. Oh well maybe next year the weather gods will be kinder to us . . . SKI DAY Ski Day - February 12, 1988 To be or not to be - that is the question. Whether ' tis nobler in the school to suffer the snow and sleet of outraged Nature or to take to skis amidst a sea of snowflakes - and by schussing, conquer? The decision was taken - we stayed at home. Yet Ski Day did not die - only slept. Near the end of term, all Elmwoodians set out for the hills of Camp Fortune. And a glorious day it was! Warm, soft flakes cushioning falls and cries of delight; muscles strain- ing in the unaccustomed powder. A race and obstacle course provided an added challenge, then a Bar-B-Q at Lockeberg replenished spent energy. Everyone had a wonderful, energetic, healthful day commun- ing with Mother Nature who will un- doubtedly smile even more kindly on us next year! CROSS COUNTRY RUNNING Congratulations to our three connpetitors this year. Michelle Morrison and Julia Norman com- peted in both the Ottawa Cross Country Meet (and placed 19th and 3rd respectively), and in the Na- tional Capital Meet (where Julia again placed 3rd). Julia then travelled to OFSSA - the Ontario Cham- pionship in Toronto on November 7th where she competed representing Elmwood and the Ottawa Valley. In this meet Julia placed 17th out of over 200 runners. Congratulations Julia! (Left to Right) Debbie Soroczan, Julia Norman, Michelle Morrison CROSS COUNTRY SKIING Elmwood ' s first ever Cross Ctountry Ski Team got off to a terrific start this year. November saw the girls training indoors and out waiting patiently for snow. Mrs. Chapman ' s rowers joined us on a recreational basis to keep their fitness level up. Once the snow did fall, the girls could be seen blazing trails behind the school and doing circuits down at the Lookout. The competitive skiers took part in two meets. The first was the Independent Schools Cross Country Meet at Sedburgh School near Montebello, Quebec. Julia Norman placed first in the Senior Girl ' s 5 Km. Gwyneth Norman placed first in the Junior Girl ' s 2.8 Km. while Catherine Richardson was pleas- ed with her results in the Junior Race as it was her very first competitive result. Then the three girls raced in the Senior Girls Relay and placed first. At the National Capital Cross Country Ski Championships held at Camp Fortune, Julia placed 2nd while Paula Tomlin placed well in her debut race over the same 5 Km. course for Senior Girls. Gwyneth placed 6th while Catherine continued to improve recording a personal best in the Junior Girls ' 2.5 Km. Congratulations on a super season! S. Cummings. (Front Row - Left to Right) Catherine Richardson, Gwyneth Norman, Paula Tomlin (Back Row - Left to Right) Julia Norman, Miss Cummings 87 SOFTBALL (Back Row - Left to Right) Mrs. Muggins, Habiba Thawer, Belinda Guy, Sue Cameron, Nimrose Thawer, Michelle Zwirek, Lisa Baylin (Front Row - Left to Right) Chase Harris, Alyson Johnston, Julie Coulson Absent: Amy Baele, Tracy Solomon The Softball team had a short but memorable season. Practices started in April for the May 14th Raggedy Ann Tournament at Havergal. Saturday, May 14 was a beautiful day in Toronto and the team was ready to play Softball and hopefully get a tan as a bonus. We played 7 games against opposition from all the major private schools. Although we got off to a slow start we did end up with a respectable 4-3 record good enough for 4th place in the 8 team competition. Saturday evening the team visited the Scarborough Bluffs before heading downtown for dinner at Mr. Greenjeans. The highlight of the trip was the recording of the team song, Great Balls of Fire, in a mini-studio in the Eaton Centre. The girls represented Elmwood very well. Congratulations to all members of the team for their effort and enthusiasm. » -, SR. SOCCER Top Row (Left to Right) Coach: Mrs. Neale, Sue Cameron, Kerry Ozard, Sheila Barber, Tegan Schioler, Michele McLaughlan, Chase Harris, Juhe Coulson, Alia Al-Zand, Catrlona Hardie, Patricia Harewood Bottom Row (Lett to Right) Cathy Hanbury, Suzy Shillington. Habiba Thawer, Shawn Belton, Kathleen Macauley, Strachan McCarlhy, Savannah Beattie. Senior soccer had one of its best teams ever this year, but we did not have one of our more successful seasons. We met some tough competition and were able to provide excellent competition. Against our sister school, Ashbury, we played two superb matches which ended in satisfac- tory 3-3 and 1-1 draws. Our defence was solid, our halfbacks were fast, and our forwards simply scintillating. The team was aggressive, solid and determined all of which was combined with enthusiastic, good sportsman- ship. Thanks to everyone for a terrific season. With most of the team returning next year (plus the fact that we can start practices in the new gym before the snow melts), we should be a real threat to all the other teams and will hopefully have our best season ever!! A special thanks to Mr. Hanbury and Mr. Hayes for be- ing our most faithful fans, your support and encourage- ment were very special and meant a great deal to us all. ' WOOD 1 Tf Junior School Soccer Despite the lack of a regulation size gym and the small enrolment compared to Public Schools, Elmwood girls con- tinue to excel in athletics. On October 27, the girls beat out many other schools to win the OBE In- termediate School Tournament. The girls displayed a commendable com- bination of skill and sportsmanship and were rewarded after a long day with the Championship and the accompanying medals. Special thanks to Rockcliffe Public for the use of their field, and to Paula Gilbert ( ' 84) for her help and encouragement. Jody O ' Brien, Coach, would also like to thank the second team who came out to all the practices and played an impor- tant part in getting the first team ready. JR. SOCCER (Top Row - Left to Right) tvlrs O ' Brien (Coach), Margaret Floyd, Odelia Culley, Jenny Peters, Alexandra Howard, Katie Breen. Shaghig Malek. Shannon Wires, Jenny Roessler, Catriona Stuart-Bell. Sarah Storey (Bottom Row • Left to Right) Rebecca Esrocl , Nicole Rocheleau, Jen- nifer Scrimqer, Sarah Lavigne, Stephanie Hyde, Amy McLachlan, Anne Gildenhuys, Clare Morrison, Anne-Marie Baribeau, Alessandra Trabalza 89 FRY FRIENDSHIP FOR ALL (First Row - Sitting on the Floor - Left to Right) Caroline Dawes, Frederique Delapree, Susanne Picozzi, Shana Lee Wallace, Emily Bell, Elspeth Day, Anne Gildenhuys, Christina Gandilo, Sally Crate, Sarah Paynter, Mary Bousquet, Tara Huckvale, Marsha Taichman (Second Row - Left to Right) Mrs. Sabourin, Becce Merkley, Kim Baldwin, Jordanna Segal, Caroline Ashekian, Charlotte Truelsen, Leslie Crate, Jocelynne St. Jacques, Nila Varan, Katie Chao, Jaime-Maria Wisniowski, Mary Jane Nguyen, Jaime Kowal, Amy Marett, Misha Gellman, Gregory Seppala, Young Fan, Mrs. O ' Brien (Third Row - Left to Right) Amy McLachlan, Jackie Clarke, Samantha Ouimet, Hannah Griller, Jane Lee, Tracey Solomon, Amanda Sumner, Bonnie Seshadri, Nilanjan Banerjee, Jimmy Yang (Fourth Row - Left to Right) Stephanie Hazen, Kathleen Macauley, Paul Fowler, Alice Lafferty, Dana Gellman, Kim Ross, Christine Doyle, Melanie Quevillon, Rebecca Keen, Josephine Yang, Samara Mimesh (Fifth Row - Left to Right) Leanne Smith, Kana Saigusa, Cheung Yi Leung, Lisa Tang, Adrienne Wong, Marty Mazanji, Natasha Corrin, Susanna Kong, Seifali Patel, Shaghig Maiek, Tara Morrison, Margie Kramer, Atoshi Chatterjee, Claire Beaubien, Zoe Stikeman (Sixth Row - Left to Right) Margaret Floyd, Leiko Marr, Julie Coulson, Louise Hayes, Annette Jardine, Suzy Shillington, Devi Ferri, Chase Harris, Christine McGregor, Michelle Morrison, Fiona Doetsch, Eileen MacPhee, Anne-Marie Fournier, Allison MacFarlane, Catriona Hardie, Lisa Baylin, Terri-Lyn Ross Hey Fry! What an amazing year! Fry House of 1988 has succeeded in projecting a new image. Not only has the spirit at House Games been enthusiastic but the support for our project, Save the Children ' s Fund, has been definitely overwhelming. Between the Eggroll sale and Fruitful Fry, we have been able to support a whole community in Jamaica. Thanks to all you Fries and especially Nila Varan, Tracey Solomon, Anne Gildenhuys, and the grade eights, we have truly had a great year. Loads of luck next year! As always, FRY RULES FOREVER! Love, Katie Chao 94 KELLER FAIR PLAY (First Row - Sitting on the Step - Left to Right) Duncan McCansh, Suzan Hill, Vicky Kellett, Stephanie Russell, Lina Roessler, Masquel Lasserre, Staisey Divorski, Daniel Suh, Jessica Clapperton, Tanya Methiwalla, Joy Rank, Courtney Rank (Second Row - Left to Right) Jennifer Scrimger, Carolyn Saunders, Catherine Callary, Samantha Tapping, Sylvia Smellie, Alexandra Bade, Melanie Lazare, Nicole Rocheleau, Angela Singhal, Charlotte Tobiassen, Dylan Tisdall, Jeremy Ditz (Third Row - Left to Right) Johanna Bon, Allison Whitney, Allison Russell, Liz Bousquet, Dilsheesh Purewal, Julie Waterhouse, Stephanie Hyde, Jenny Roessler, Kathryn Ages, Suzanne Beau- bien, Chantal Fisher, Susan Kes (Fourth Row - Left to Right) Jenny Peters, Annette Faynwachs, Alia Al-Zand, Julie Slow (below), Rox- ane Vezina, Kim Coulter (below), Jennifer Blais, Stephanie Cutts, Shawn Belton, Stephanie McKnight, Shelby Derouin, Andrea Kucey, Amelia Green, Samantha Mason, Jenny Cripps, Samantha Ambridge, Esther Maser, Julie Keller, Karena Bellaar-Spruyt, Gillian Siebrasse (Fifth Row - Left to Right) Gillian Price, Nyree Schreiber, Alexandra Howard, Ricarda Rudolph, Hilary Kemball, Catherine Jeanjean, Alysia Davies, Kristen Saunders, Holly Hilborn, Inka Pauls, Ellen Bruce, Lucy McLachlan, IVIiranda Holbrook, Megan Pound, Mary Raths, Belinda Guy, Cathy Hanbury It ' s been a terrific year Keller! We did extremely well with our fundraising (although I think it will be a long time before I can look squarely at another McDonald ' s hamburger!) and we were once again able to donate a puppy to the Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind. I know that everyone hopes that this puppy, Thomson, will match the successes of Keller, who is now an official guide dog in Winnipeg, and of Sullivan, who is still working hard in his puppy-walking home. We had a great finish to the year Keller! Our efforts were well rewarded by " Dog Day Afternoon " (held jointly by Keller and Wilson) which proved to be a most successful and enjoyable event. Many thanks to all those faithful Kellerites who always came to House games and to those who helped out at all our fundraisers, but especially to Holly, Inka, Dilsheesh and Stephanie for all your support! Best of luck to next year ' s house head. Love, Julie 95 NIGHTINGALE NOT FOR OURSELVES ALONE (First Row - Sitting) Alexis Mintsioulis, Fiona Eden-Walker, Alexandra Eyre, Kirsten Weld, Christopher Ruddy, Leila Wright, Alice Johnston, Chrissie Nelms, Natalie Gandilo, Catherine Clark, Deena El-Sawy, Monica Agarwal, Sarah-Jane Arnold (Second Row - Left to Right) Jordan Sweetnam, Christopher Mitchell, Juliette Gundy; Indre Sakus; Hannah Riding, Tanya Burke, Anna Cole, Cameron Blott, Akua Otupiri, Jasmine Bernstein, Katherine Sandiford, Karen Morrison, Miss Cummings (Third Row - Left to Right) Christopher Lobo, Robin Wilkinson, Ross Hendin, Shannon Wires, Katie Horton, Sarah Storey, Christie Callan-Jones, Anja Miller, Vicky Grossmann-Hensel, Vivian Yu, Kristina Sakus, Lin Tan, Caroline Boushey, Savannah Beattie (Fourth Row - Left to Right) Katie Breen, Yoko Asakai, Julia Ediger, Marcia Taggart, Michelle Riff, Anne-Marie Baribeau, Rebecca Esrock, Michelle Zwirek, Amy Baele, Gwyneth Norman, Alyssa Delicate, Stephanie McLeod, Justine Eyre, Vivienne Edwards, Sue Cameron (Fifth Row - Left to Right) Andrea Lobo, Eve Castell, Julie Anne Rickerd, Meghan Dunn, Sarah Maywood, Jennifer Conway, Barbara Savage, Catherine Richardson, Heidi Lawrie, Margaret Good- man, Jill Hogg, Molly Tepper, Jenny Mirsky, Claire Millington, Alison Lewis Dear Nightingale, This has been an awesome year for the coolest House. We set records for Senior House Games atten- dance (Fry, eat your heart out, we did have 36 people there that time). We raised, at least, $400 for the Youth Clinic at the Children ' s Hospital, thanks to all you Easter Creme Egg and Donut addicts. After so many years of being cheerless, we even came up with a House Cheer. Remember?! . . . Nightingale is the Best We are better than all the rest We ' ve got spirit We have fun Nightingale is Number One. " Thank you all for your support and enthusiasm - You are the Best!! Love, J Vicky. 96 WILSON TO GIVE OURSELVES AND NEVER COUNT THE COST FOR OTHERS GREATER NEED (First Row - Kneeling) Joseph Mouaikel, Trenton Baumgarten, Marc Mouaikel, Melissa-Anne Murphy, Amar Jolly, Julian De Hoog, Mat- thew Brigham (Second Row - Left to Right) Andrew Watt, Sarah Zollinger, -Emily Morris, Colleen McManus, Kerstin Bruchhaeuser, Kim Meyerman, Miranda Young, Anjali Mishra, Renee Edwards, Isabelle Kim, Marie-Laure Sauvageau, Hilary Thompson (Third Row - Left Side - Left to Right) Alyaa El-Abbadi, Tamara Taub, Hilary Leftick (Third Row - Right Side - Left to Right) Ariane De Hoog, Sariya Sharp, Monica Singhal Fourth Row - Left to Right) Stephanie Addison, Sonal Acharya, Habiba Thawer, Clare Morrison, Kim Schryburt, Nimrose Thawer, Jeanne Mehta, Sandi Chao, Sarah Bezanson, Kate White, Anne Harewood, Pat Harewood, Caroline Brisson, Alessandra Trabalza, Tara Chauhan, Kathleen Terroux, Wen-Lee Liew, Stacey Gibbs, Tina Saryeddine (Top Row - Left to Right) Mary Capello, Rosemary Fincham, Marika Farrell, Stephanie Bousquet, Bishakha Basuroy, Nicole Edwards, Meredith Nelson, Samantha Black, Sheila Barber, Katie Bell, Alyson Johnston, Kerry Ozard, Jill Pearse, Deanna Waterman, Zoe Pettengell, Sarah Lavigne, Elena Trabalza, Valerie Ventureyra Dear Wilson, An amazing year has gone by and Wilson House has never had so nnuch spirit before. On Sports Days and other activities the top teams for spirit were Wilson teams and we truly excelled in all House Games. This year our project was to raise money for the Humane society of Ottawa-Carleton, which seems to be overflowing with dogs and kittens but really needs funding to provide food and shelter for all the animals. Tagging the thousand and six hundred candy canes (1600!) at Christmas certainly was a major amount of work but we raised a couple of hundred dollars for the Humane society, so it was worth it. Thanks to Katie and Sheila for being such great Sports Captains; to Alyson, Habiba, Kim, Nimrose and everyone else who supported Wilson this year, good luck to everyone. Love, Kerstin. 97 STUDENTS ' COUNCIL Thursday morning, twenty times at 0830 hr., what does the 0 stand for ? Oh my Gosh it ' s early!! Action items: malfunctioning water fountains, smel- ly locker rooms, boxer shorts, summer uniform, golf t-shirts, ice machines ... to name only a few. A big thank you to all those who helped out with refreshments at various functions throughout the year. Special thanks to the Queen for donating her face to every coin we collected during the Second Annual Penny Campaign. That makes 146,250 times ($1462.50). Thanks for some scintillating comments, suggestions and questions, Tom, Dick and Bubbles (Nick, Chasey and Fifi) MONFORT HOSPITAL (EVES) No medals, no applause, just the feeling of hav- ing done a good deed. All the students who willing- ly give their time, one afternoon a month, do so in answer to Soeur Jeannette ' s call for needed volunteers to help with varied tasks at the hospital. I do congratulate the EVES who have worked very diligently and regularly this year, especially those who have given up some of their free days during the holidays. I also take this opportunity to inform you that Soeur Jeannette has left the Montfort Hospital. She is a good example of humility and dedication that the girls will remember throughout their own careers. D. Seguin. Front Row - Left to Right: Monica Singhal, Hannah Riding, Chase Harris, Nicole Knowlton, Fiona Doetsch, Isabelle Kim, Vicky Kellett, Mary Capello Second Row - Left to Right: Nimrose Thawer, Carolyn Saunders, Eve Castell, Susanna Kong, Katie Horton, Anne-Marie Baribeau, Claire Beaubien, Claudia Beltran, Kathleen Macauley Third Row - Left to Right: Stacey Gibbs, Catriona Hardie, Shannon Wires, Margaret Floyd (Front Row: Left to Right - Kneeling) Leanne Smith, Marty Mazanji, Tina Saryeddine, Josephine Yang, Rebecca Keen, Claire Millington (Middle Row: Left to Right - Sitting) Mrs. Seguin, Sarah Storey, Katie Horton, Zoe Stikeman, Michelle Zwirek, Roxane Vezina. Patricia Harewood (Back Row: Left to Right - Standing) Shannon Fox, Katie Breen, Alexandra Howard, Anne-Marie Baribeau. Jenny Peters, Samantha Ouimet, Angela Seshadri SCHOOL OFFICERS SENIOR CHAPEL JUNIOR CHAPEL (Left to Right) Sheila Barber, Shawn Belton (Top Row - Left to Right) Zoe Stikeman, Catriona Stuart-Bell (Bottom Row ■ Left to Right) Monica Kirchhoff, Kim Coulter SENIOR CHOIR (Top Row Left to Right) Allison MacFarlane, Zoe Pettengell, Hilary Kemball, Lisa Rambert, Katrina Carroll-Foster, Tracey Solomon, Claire Beaubien, Sarah Maywood, Jennifer Conway, Deanna Waterman, Julie Coulson, Kristen Lawr, Anne-Marie Fournier (Bottom Row Left to Right) Vivian Yu, Ellen Bruce, Kana Saigusa, Camille Beaufort, Gillian Siebrasse, Yioletta Yu, Mrs. O ' Brien, Fiona Doetsch Senior Choir The senior choir went on Friday, February 19th to par- ticipate in the Independent School ' s Music Festival in Toronto. The girls had 3 lengthy rehearsals culminating in a final performance in Roy Thomson Hall on Sunday, February 21st at 7:30p.m. The girls worked very hard on their four selections and anticipated a most rewarding experience. A thank you to Mrs. Annette Bellamy for her will- ingness to accompany us. Jody O ' Brien, Choir Director. JUNIOR CHOIR Bottom Row - Left to Right: Natalie Gandilo, Isabelle Kim, Monica Agar- wal, Alexandra Bade. Melanie Lazare, Marie-Laure Sauvageau, Sariya Sharp, Jamie Wisniowski, Sarah Bezanson, Caroline Askekian, Sarah- Jane Arnold. Sarah Zollinger Second Row - Left to Right: Nyree Schreiber, Caroline Dawes, Juliette Gundy. Sylvia Smellie. Deena El- Sawy, Tamara Taub, Hannah Riding, Tara Chauhan. Julia Tarnowski, Shannon Wires. Kim Schryburt. Mrs. Kry Third Row - Left to Right: Akua Otupiri. Christina Haritos, Anne Harewood, Tanya Burke, Shaghig Malek. Kim Tremblay, Bonnie Seshadri, Tina Saryeddine, Marcia Taggart. Julie Slow, Seifali Patel. Allison Whitney. Mary Raths, Samantha Tapping Fourth Row - Left to Right - Middle of Picture: Anne-Marie Baribeau, Alice Lafferty, Elizabeth Capper. Catriona Stuart-Bell, Zoe Stikeman Fifth Row - Left to Right: Gillian Price. Alexandra Howard, Amanda Sumner, Kathleen Terroux. Anna Cole. Stephanie Addison. Amanda Tomlin, Monica Kirchhoff. Alessandra Trabalza, Margaret Floyd, Katie Breen, Jenny Roessler, Jasmine Bernstein, Sarah Storey, Jenny Peters, Charlotte Truelsen Choir Director: Mrs. Kry. JUNIOR SCHOOL CHOIR The choir made its first appearance this year at the Remembrance Day service, singing " In Flanders Fields " . At Christmas they sang in the Rotunda at Parliament Hill and at our Christmas concert. The " Mini Choir " also spent an evening carolling door to door around the school area, followed by cocoa and food at Elmwood. In the spring a concert was given at McKay St. United Church for the members of the High Horizons han- dicapped group. For Closing the choir sang four Canadian folk Songs arranged by Howard Cable. DRAMA . . . The Drama Festival . . . The (Sweet) Girl Graduate? . . . " Pompous " . . . " 123456789 ... 10, good " . . . " John has HAIR now! " . . . " Anyone for vegetarian pizza? " . . . " Let ' s play tag! " . . . " Frown! Smile! Frown! " . . . " 123 . . . Mrs. Crowder, my head doesn ' t vibrate! " . . . " Dee, why didn ' t you tell me you were allergic to cats? " . . . " If they touch me, I ' ll scream! AAAGHHH! " . . . " Oops, hello, UCC Soccer Team " You ' re not going to scream like that for the actual perfor- mance, are you? " . . . " SHUT UP!!! " ... " I think I ' ll get my nose pierced for the grad " . . . " What am I wearing to the grad? " . . . " You ' re looking at it! " . . . " I love cows! " . . . " Yup, your brother sure is big, Michelle! " . . . " Yes, we know, Meghan " . . . Keeno I . . . Uh, oh, Keeno II . . . " But this stage is so small! " . . . " The adjudicator is just going to hate our play " . . . " How pretentious " . . . " What was that play about anyways " . . . " It ' s my hat " . . . " I ' m a big fat muffin that loves to eat " . . . " Work with it! " . . . " Where is Conrad? . . . Conrad . . . Conrad! " . . . " No, that ' s not pompous this time, that ' s arrogant " . . . " Saying that all cows are stupid is like saying that all people are intelligent " . . . " she ' s just too weird! " . . . " What ' s with all the masculine gestures? " . . . " I ' m so nervous! " . . . " Why is my skirt around my ankles??? and my straps are showing " . . . " Break a leg . . . Good Luck " . . . " WE DID IT!!! " . . . etc . . . Amen, Thank goodness for Mrs. Crowder. Pray Heaven It did not cost her that much. Thanks for all the help, advice, and encouragement, the laughs and the friendship. It was a lot of work and a lot of fun. Now hands all round, ' til the next play! Shannon Robinson Dee Shipley RECORDER (Back Row; Left to Right - Kneeling) Gwy- netii Norman, Patricia Harewood, Camilla Beaufort (Middle Row: Left to Rigfit - Sitting) Kathleen Terroux, Nyree Schreiber, Jenny Roessler, Akua Otupiri, Mrs. Kry (Front Row: Left to Right - Kneeling) Sylvia Smellie, Anna Cole, Charlotte Truelsen, Hannah Riding RECORDER ENSEMBLE In the first term, practise time was devoted to preparation for the Art Fair performance. Gwyneth Norman, Natasha Corrin, Camille Beaufort, Patricia Harewood (and Mrs. Kry) provided the bacl ground music for the Art Fair ' s opening night, playing music of the Renaissance as well as arrangements of Mozart, and folk tunes. The group was expanded to include Junior members and performed at the Christmas concert and also at the High Horizons meeting in April. BAND This year has been an especially satisfying and successful one for the Elmwood Band. All senior music students are expected to participate in a variety of presenta- tions to the Elmwood community which occur at regular intervals throughout the school year. Dili- gent, consistent practice allowed the band members to gradually gain the skills and confidence necessary to fulfill all my ex- pectations. Thank you to all the girls who so faithfully worked on improving their play as individuals and as members of the band ensemble. (Left to Right - Sitting on Stairs) Samantha Ouimet, Jenny Mirsky, Mrs. Lougheed. Strachan McCarthy, Annette Faynwachs (Left to Right - Sitting on Stage) Amanda Tomlin, Sarah Storey, Savannah Beattie, Margaret Floyd, Katie Breen. Alexandra Howard, Tina Saryeddine, Anne-Marie Baribeau, Gwyneth Norman, Rebecca Esrock. Kristen Saunders, Jenny Peters, Katie Horton (Left to Right - Standing on Stage) Paula Tomlin, Alysia Davies, Deanna Waterman, Karena Bellaar-Spruyt, Miranda Holbrook, Amelia Green, Sarah Lavigne, Nimrose Thawer, Catriona Stuart-Bell. Sandi Chao, Anne Gildenhuys, Zoe Stikeman, Clare Morrison CLASSICS CLUB (Front Row: Left to Right - Sitting) Andrea Kucey, Savannah Beattie, Megan Pound, Gillian Siebrasse, Melanie Quevillon, Meredith Nelson, Julie Keller, Amelia Green, Terri-Lyn Ross (Second Row: Left to Right - Sitting) Shannon Robinson, Alyssa Delicate, Alia Al-Zand, Stephanie McKnight, Catherine Richardson (Third Row: Left to Right - Standing Floor) Mrs. Doetsch, Christie Callan-Jones, Allison MacFarlane, Strachan McCarthy, Catherine Jeanjean, Alysia Davies, Jill Pearse, Claire Millington, Caroline Brisson, Rebecca Keen, Meghan Dunn, Josephine Yang (Fourth Row: Left to Right - Standing Bench) Zoe Pet- tengell, Barbara Savage, Samantha Mason, Ricarda Rudolph, Patricia Harewood, Rosemary Fincham, Michelle Riff This year, the membership of the Classics Club was higher than it has ever been with over thirty participants. Could this be due to the trip to the Toronto area?! Whatever, the girls had a very ac- tive year, putting on an excellent Roman Banquet at the beginning of March and preparing for the An- nual Ontario Classics Conference for Students ig- which was held at Barrie North Collegiate Institute in May. This year, we were even more adven- turous, taking a skit and a fashion show to the com- petition. Elmwood students put on a super perfor- mance, placing third out of seventeen schools in the academic events and fourth overall (in academ- ic, creative and athletic contests) a fantastic achievement. We also brought back the trophy for oral reading. Next, year, the event will be held at Queen ' s University. We are already looking for- ward to this occasion! COMMONWEALTH CONFERENCE m m H ill , n »iv (Left to Right) Lisa Rambert, Alison Lewis, Katrina Carroll-Foster " Do we have a proposal? " How would you like a week of heated debates, formal banquets, socializing with students fronn around Ottawa and across Canada, lunching at Carleton U ' s luxurious and well appointed cafeteria, and all the fun you could cram into a week? Read on! " Do we have a consensus? " Aaaah ... the dreaded " C " word!!! The Stu- dent Commonwealth Conference is a wonderful way to meet like-minded people, learn about yourself and others that you are living (billeting) and working with, as well as developing an understanding of the workings of the Common- wealth. With a lot of originality, a little sleep, and some helpful I.D. the Conference was a painless learning experience. Thanks to Mr. McCabe, Mr. Bell (for the ab- solutely essential afternoon at the External Affairs ' Library), and Katie for all your help and en- couragement. Thanks to you we enjoyed the " best " week of our school year. DUKE OF EDINBURGH Front Row: Josephine Yang, Caroline Brisson, Kim Ross, Amelia Greene. Back Row: Jill Pearce, Claire Millington, Ricarda Rudolf, Mile Eaman, Paula Gilbert, Annette Jar- dine, Pamela Home. Once again, an intrepid group of Elmwood students completed their training in First Aid, camp skills, orienteer- ing, food and safety planning, and set off for the woods of Gatineau Park on a two day hiking and camping ex- pedition. After dire forecasts of rain and cold for the long week-end in May, the weather turned out to be hot and humid which was a perfect setting for hordes of blackflies and a muskoil-based tan. The girls hiked 30 kilometres along hilly,: buggy: trails, crossing numerous swamps and beaver dams, and enjoying snack and wildlife breaks along the way. Water bottles were incressantly refilled and emp- tied, as dehydrated hikers assuage their thirst at regular intervals. Despite the arduous challenge, many laughs were enjoyed by all and the participants are to be recommended for their determination, co-operation and good humour within the group. Two Grade 12 students, Pamela Home and Annette Jar- dine, also took part in the expedition, carrying fully loaded packs in preparation for their silver level expedition in the fall - a major feat in the heat, during their many IB and Samara deadlines. They are to be highly praised for their constant cheerfulness, stamina and general helpfulness. A very special thank you to our; Old Girl; Paula Gilbert for her unfaltering assistance, expertise and humour throughout the year. DANCE COMMITTEES SENIOR The Senior Dance Committee organized four dances this year, dances which had unusually large turnouts. One of the highlights was a Video Dance sponsored by Chez 106. Thank you to all those who came out and had a great time. The success of these dances enabled the Com- mittee to donate $200.00 to the Elmwood Development Fund. Good Luck to next year ' s Committee, we hope your year will be as enjoyable as ours was. Thanks, Sheila Barber Katie Bell (Front Row: Left to Right) Alyson Johnston, Sheila Barber, Katie Bell, M rs. Stanley (Back Row: Left to Right) Margaret Goodman, Louise Hayes JUNIOR (Back Row: Left to Right) Mrs. O ' Brien, Akua Otupiri, Ines Scepanovic, Katie Breen, Kathryn Ages, Sarah Storey (Front Row: Left to Right) Alexandra Howard, Sandi Chao, Sannantha Ouimet, Liz Bousquet, Jenny Peters At the beginning of the year one of the first and most persistent questions in the junior school was, " When will we elect the Dance Committee Reps? " Our teachers patiently replied, " Soon! " Finally the lucky few were chosen and they went on to create some fun evenings. At the beginning of second term one of the first questions once again was, " When will we elect the NEW Dance Committee Reps? " Our teachers calmly replied, " HOLD YOUR HORSES! " Once again a lucky few were chosen only to have serious problems with the young Ashburians. But ... at long last the second dance was organized and it WAS a great success!!! We would like to thank all the teachers who helped us organize and chaperone the dances. Hot news flash . . . some Elmwood teachers are very talented dancers. SENIOR LIBRARY COMMITTEE (Front Row; Left to Right - Sitting) Christine Doyle, Mrs. Muggins (Second Row: Left to Right - Standing) Camille Beaufort, Alysia Davies, Catherine Jeanjean, Meghan Dunn, Kim Ross (Third Row: Left to Right - Kneeling) Allison Mac- Farlane, Susanna Kong, Lisa Tang (Fourth Row: Left to Right) Habiba Thawer, Nimrose Thawer The transformation of the senior library continues with the cataloguing of one-third of the non-fiction collection. With the continuing financial support of the Mother ' s Guild, we have made several major purchases. Three large banks of shelving were added to increase space for new texts including the McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science and Technology and the two volume reference set, History of Classical Literature. Several volumes of Canadian fic- tion, 20th century literature, an encyclopedia of mythology and analytical texts on the Second World War have ex- panded the library ' s representation of the school ' s various departments greatly. Members of the library committee have been updating the vertical files, keeping the displays in the library interesting and relevant, as well as organizing a time capsule placed within the walls of the new addition. The Committee looks forward to the continued growth of library facilities and the challenge of meeting the needs of the students. Thank you to the library committee for their hard work and to the Mother ' s Guild for tfieir continued financial support. Mrs. B. Huggins JUNIOR LIBRARY COMMITTEE (Back Row: Left to Right) Angela Seshadri, Kathleen Terroux, Ines Scepanovic, Kim Schryburt, Kate White, Julia Ediger (Front Row: Left to Right) Bonnie Seshadri, Tina Hill, Christina Gandilo, Charlotte Truelsen, Seifali Patel, Mrs. Schmidt Once again a busy year has come and gone but not without vast changes in the Junior Library. A new bookstack has been moved down from the Senior Library that has helped alleviate the overcrowding on our shelves. This created a space shortage on the floor, so that we had to move one worktable out of the library. Many new books came into our posses- sion from the Birthday Club to help fill the new bookstack. What do we still need? More books of every type will be needed to fill all the new floor space that will be available to us in the new library set for competition in the fall. The existing facility has served both students and staff well, but the need for a new home is evident. It is with some sadness we will leave our present home but we are excited about the new facility and what it will allow us to accomplish. Thank you to everyone who has helped make this dream a reality. BUSINESS CLUB (Back Row: Left to Right) Julie Waterhouse, Stephanie McLeod, Catherine Richardson, Elanor Brodie (Front Row: Left to Right) Alyssa Delicate, Vivienne Edwards, Alison Lewis, Hilary Kemball, Mrs. McGregor Two teams were entered this year in the Carleton University Business Competition. Each team made business decisions on a weel ly basis concerning their company ' s production, marketing and research and development. An initial four week practice was run in November with the actual twelve week competition held from January to March. Both teams participated with great enthusiasm and while the final results did not send us to the playoff game at Carleton it was another interesting, successful year. MATH CLUB (Back Row: Left to Right) Mrs. Outer- bridge, Habiba Thawer, Stephanie McLeod, Dilshad Lalani, Susanna Kong (Front Row: Left to Right) Allison Mac- Farlane, Camille Beaufort, Tara Morrison, Nimrose Thawer Mrs. Outerbridge, Tara, Steph, Shu, Pickle, Mim, Hab, Cam and Al all gather between 3:30 and 4:30 pm on Thursday. During this hour, we prepare for Math competitions, have parties, and do lots of interesting things. We have come to understand the Trachenberg system of multiplication and such things, but most of all, we have fun. As the finishing touches are being put to this year ' s book we, the co-editors, are putting together what is left of our frazzled brains through heat, humidity, late nights, early morn- ings, and material shortages, to write these few words. We would like to thank our committee, especially Megan and Meredith who came out dutifully even after the end of school and of course Mr. McCabe for grudgingly calling adver- tisers, putting aside finishing his reports and tests in order to type the mountains of body copy, caption copy, names and write ups. Through all the sweat, blood and tears we have, in our opinion, manages to produce the best yearbook yet. Good luck to next Year ' s editors and enjoy your yearbook because we enjoyed producing it. co-editors ELMWOOD SCIENTISTS SCIENCE CLUB Bottom Row - Left to Right: Christine Gandilo, Jane Lee, Nicole Rocheleau, Mariah Norell, Christina Haritos, Jocelynne St. Jacques, Stephanie Addison, Mary Jane Nguyen Middle Row - Left to Right: Marcia Taggart, Julie Slow, Akua Otupirl, Jenny Roessler, Justine Eyre, Jennifer Scrimger, Nyree Schreiber, Shaghig Maiek Top Row - Left to Right: Cameron Blott, Bonnie Seshadri, Anna Cole, Amy McLachlan, Kim Tremblay, Monica Singhal, Jasmine Bern- stein, Elizabeth Bousquet SCIENCE FAIR Bottom Row - Left to Right: Tanya Burke, Marie-Laure Sauvageau, Sariya Sharp, Allison Russell, Tamara Taub, Sylvia Smellie, Alexan- dra Bade, Middle Row - Left to Right: Mrs. Chapman, Kim Schryburt, Gillian Price, Shan- non Wires, Ines Scepanovic, Alice Lafferty, Tara Chauhan Top Row - Left to Right: Jackie Clarke, Kathleen Terroux, Seifall Patel, Kate White, Tina Hill In the 1987 88 Science Fair the grade seven students im- pressed the judges with their original topics and creative ways of testing their theories. Winners in tlie Life Science Division 1. Seifall Patel 2. Alice Lafferty Alexandra Bade 3. Kate White Ines Scepanovic Winners in the Physical Sciences Division 1 . Kathleen Terroux 2. Tara Chauhan 3. Shannon Wires Jackie Clarke The Overall Winner at Elmwood Kathleen Terroux Honourable Mentions: Marie-Laure Sauvageau. Charlotte Truelsen, Allison Russell Sariya Sharp, Tanya Burke Gillian Price, Kim Schryburt Tina Hill, Tamara Taub Sylvia Smellie The winners from Elmwood competed at the Ottawa- Carleton Regional Science Fair at the Museum of Science and Technology on April 15th. Tough questioning and fierce competition did not stop Kate White, Ines Scepanovic and Kathleen Terroux from taking home second prize in their respective divisions. Congratulations! CLAY CLUB (Back Row: Left to Right - Standing) Samara Mimesh, Farah Al htar, Mary Ratlis, Julia Ediger, Kristina Sakus, Leslie Crate, Kim Ross, Mrs. Hea- cock, Barbara Savage, Rebecca Keen, Josephine Yang (Front Row: Left to Right - Sitting) Elena Trabalza, Bishakha Basuroy, Susan- na Kong Once again from January to March seventeen enthusiastic devotees of the Elmwood Clay Club met every Wednesday after school. The results were sometimes very good - sometimes just ' interesting ' . A variety of objets d ' art were made ranging from elaborate chess sets to mugs and vases. Whatever the end result everyone had a good time ending the term with a pizza lunch. S. Heacock. Yoko Asakai Kana Saigusa Yi Chung Leung, Mrs. Johnston There were three students in ESL this year. Yoko Asakai and Kana Saigusa COL. from Japan, and Yi Chung Leung from Hong Kong. Yoko had lived in Canada for a year, while both Kana and Yi had just arrived in September when we began classes. As well as doing reading comprehension and grammar, the students have shared their experiences in both conversational discussions and oral delivery of written papers. Yi is a gifted writer and we all enjoyed reading her weekly journal entries . Kana and Yoko produced albums about themselves and their families that they presented to their homerooms. We also had fun acting out a one-act play called " The Pen of my Aunt " . 2-DoH ' T mjX Em l-DOM " r CHAT OR LDok OUT 3- DOM T VAU)N - V- DON ' T SiHEf IN CUSS 1 THE WIKDDUJ IN CiASS IN CLASS ! TAE KWON DO Front Row (Left to Right) Jane Lee, Katie Chao, Allison Whitney, Kimberly Coulter Back Row (Left to Right) Akwa Otupiri, Tara Chauhan, Elena Trabalza, Miranda Holbrook, Leslie Crate Tae-Kwon-Do is an art of self-defence which aims at a noble moral rearma- ment, high degree of intellectual achievement, graceful techniques, formidable power and beauty of physical form. It can be considered a part of one ' s daily life, just as breathing and thinking are. Since all students of Tae-Kwon-Do are subject to the same rules of conduct and judged according to the same criteria regardless of their stations in life, their origins, and their religious convictions, they demonstrate to the world the essential equality and brotherhood of man. Students should follow the tenets of Tae-Kwon-Do; Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-control, Indomitable spirit to serve as a guide in building their noble character and helping them in their training. i ' Meghan Dunn 1 1L A truth once spoken Is a premise for belief A trust once shattered Must be rebuilt, piece by piece Faith endures no compromise It is undying or it is dead Security is a crystal Doubt consists of lead. If you shatter the precious crystal And if you fire the solid lead Then the prized possession of your body Is a discredit, not a head. M. Dee Shipley 11S BONFIRE Leaping, flickering, Dancing, Thousands of clowns at play All in red and yellow trousers. Two are climbing up a red-hot branch, Now dimming, Now brightening. More come tumbling, Engulfing a piece of newspaper, Painting it black. With orange paintbrushes. Gently crackling To each other. More and more quietly, ' Till all is still. And steaming. Samantha Tapping Grade 5 6 MY PET DOG My dog likes to dig in the snow in winter. He is a super cute creature. He sounds like this: grrruffruff. He is a nice pet to live with in a big house like mine. He likes cheese and dog food and also bread and cookies. He is three years old and will be four in June. He likes to cha se monsters but never catches any as he only does it for fun. He likes to party but truly hates cats. Nilanjan Banerjee Grade 4 HAIKU POEMS FROM CALIFORNIA Redwood trees so tall, Reaching up into the sky. Oldest living things. Christmas with no snow. Picking oranges outside, Sunshine delightful. Touch and feel the fish, Monterey Aquarium, But leave the sharks alone. Sarah-Jane Arnold Grade 5 6 114 The Flame I sit in the dark night, on the ground, holding a candle, carefully with two hands. I look into the flame, into the dancing colours, thinking back, to old times. I see you there, and I give a smile; you smile back and wave to me. All the good times are kept in the flame. They come out again, when I look in. All the friends, I wish I could be with again, and I am there. In mind, not body. The wax drips down the candle, like a tear from my eye. It will remember these times, and so will I. ; f • i Katie Chao 13D Marika Farrell 9E Marica Singhal 7H Shannon Wires 7C Searching for a Dream Searching for the time between the ticks and the tocks, the picture of colours in a blind man ' s mind, the sight of life in the deepest sea and the highest of skies the knowledge of words between the lines the colour between black and white. Searching for dreams in a land with no roads In a place with no names Where dragons and Martians and fairies can live. Where blue speckled giraffes and striped chimps can graze in a vast bottomless field. Where time is but between a blink then it ' s gone As soon, as it came. Cathy Hanbury 11L The Figure Skater The moment arrives, The crowd falls silent, Catching their breath. She stands motionless as. Music fills the air. She starts her programme. With glides and turns and spins. The crowd cheers, She soars into a jump. Feeling free as she flies. She settles gently, And with elation and pride. Stretching to take the flowers. And skates off with a smile. HOU) MOT TO ( EJ A whtN you " TOUCH A METAL DooR I VOUR « -v FR ENW ' Kana Saigusa 10J Looney There once was a looney. Who flew to the mooney, To spy on Mulrooney. THEN YoO m AMTi-STAnc A Drop of Kindness . . . A drop of kindness forms A puddle of smiles that trickles into A brook of laughter which forms A river of sharing that leads to A lake of respect Then a seaway of happiness flows into an ocean of friendship. Hilary Kemball IIS Barbara Savage 9E Sandi Chao 8W CHRISTMAS Christmas is a happy day, When children always love to play, Singing carols that you know, And kissing under mistletoe. It is a time when Christ was born, Early on a Christmas morn. Three wise men brought lovely things. Like frankincense and myrrh and rings. Outside, outside see it ' s snowing, Inside, inside, warm fire ' s glowing. Indre Sakus (5 6) Animals of the Forest Moose and deer and caribou. Hares and foxes and birds, too, Living in the trees, Some on or in the ground. And that includes the bees. Here and there the rabbits bound. Swiftly by the woodpecker flies, Streaking through the blue sky. Strolling on a woodland path. The Robin begins to take his bath. Emily Bell, Grade 5 6 Jennifer Conway 10B 117 HOMESICKNESS The time goes quickly. I realize I have been here almost half a year and it is March. Soon it will be April and the time of the Chinese Ching Ming Festival. Last year at that time I was in Hong Kong with my family and we went to the cemetery to visit my grandparents. The scene is still in my mind. Now I ' m far away from my coun- try and I cannot stand in front of the gravesite to present my flowers and good wishes this year. All I can do is write down a poem in which the author expresses his feelings on the day of Ching Ming: Translated into English this means It always drizzles during Ching Ming and never seems to stop. The rain makes the traveller gloomy and dishearted. The Traveller asks " Where can I find a tavern? " A shepherd boy points to a distant village. During Ching Ming in the area south of the Yangtse River it is always rainy. This rain in the poem also sym- bolises the sadness of the traveller. The traveller is forlorn because he is away from home on a holiday when traditionally, the family gathers together. They climb hills to fly kites or go to the cemetery to visit their ancestors. The traveller has hurried but has not managed to reach home in time for Ching Ming. He wants to be there but it is impossible. The drizzling rain never seems to stop making him wet and even gloomier. He asks a shepherd boy the way to the nearest tavern where he can eat and drink and dry himself, and escape his sadness a little. by Chung Yi Leung (12H) 118 Witches ' Chant Candle black and pumpkin green, A fallen star and a demon ' s spleen, A murderer ' s iron bar, bloodstained, Foxgloves and a driving rain. Maggots and lice and a writhing snake, A shadowed sun and a burning stake, A locket with a picture of a dead man ' s face, Nightmares of an eternal race, A shattered mirror, coffin wood, Monkey ' s brains and a spirit ' s hood, A dead cat ' s unclosed blazing eyes, Fading light and a bad surprise. Spiders that have thirteen legs, Unknown fears and society ' s dregs. Pins and needles in a small wax doll, A broken cross and a graveyard knoll, A screaming voice that nothing can quel l, A frozen hourglass and a vision of hell. Alysia Davies IIS Fear What was that? My heart starts to thump. What was that? My blood starts to pump. In the dark I start to feel. That these things are really real. Not just my clothes in a clump! Allison Russell 7H Elmwood Elmwood is a caring school. They know just how to treat you. And if you obey to this one rule, This statement will come true. Be nice to others and they ' ll be to you, As friendly as possible and helpful too. The teachers are to remember. They each make up one member, Of this great big family. In which we take pride happily. And if you are new here, 1 must give you some advice. You will always keep so dear, A place that is so nice. Well, I must say. That if you stay, You ' ll be content. And won ' t relent. Elmwood is the best. It shines above the rest, When we leave we " BOOO! " ' Cause we know these words are true. Julia Tarnowski 8W Meghan Dunn 11L Si j ' etais un chien Si j ' etais un chien Je ne ferais rien. Pendant tout le jour. Qui est tres court, Je dormirais au soleil Et regarderais toutes les abeilles. Le chien d ' a cote viendrait jouer; Et quand mon maitre reviendrait, Je rentrerais a la maison. Pour manger quelque chose de bon. Catherine McTeer-Clark 60 Allison Whitney 8W Jennifer Scrimger 7H New Gym What, what ' s that you say? Our new gym is on its way? With spacious rooms for games and fun. Lots of place for everyone! Locker rooms are what we need. But Mrs. White has done that deed! Bathrooms, change rooms, walking space, I think I ' m going to like this place! Marcia Taggart 7C Brunhilda ' s Baked Bat Wings Blend V2 c. snake venom, 3 tbs. spider web, and 1 c. mice feet in a medium-sized cauldron over low fire, while carefully adding c. toe mould. Watch not to spill any mould, for it spreads very easily. Mix until lumpy, and then add 2 c. hair grease (may substitute sweat) and 3 c. furry bat wings. By now the mixture should be purple in colour and a little sticky. Place mixture in a 9 " by 10 " dissect- ing pan, and place in a devil ' s oven preheated to 350 de- grees. Bake until mixture turns a pale green colour. Cut into squares and serve warm, drizzled with melted frog. A delicious hors d ' oeuvre. Makes two dozen. Sue Cameron 11s 119 A TALL TALE One day as I was sitting at the kitchen table eating Red River cereal, my Mom asked me, " Why aren ' t you wearing your slippers? " " Can ' t find them! " I replied. " Then go upstairs and look for them, " Mom said. So I marched up the stairs and looked in the hall closet. They weren ' t there. I walked to my bedroom door and heard a strange noise coming from my bedroom. So I opened the door and peered into my bedroom and " Ah!!! " there was no bedroom there. There was an enormous hole instead. As I stepped in I started falling into a black hole. I couldn ' t stop! I tried to grab on to the wall but 1 got sucked into the mid- dle of the black hole! I continued to fall and when I called my Mom for help she didn ' t answer me. As I was falling I felt a light spray of water on my face and I heard a hissing sound. And then I felt something soft and furry wrap around my neck! I felt very scared and started to cry. As I was crying and trying to find a way to get out of the black hole, I heard a terrible growling, snoring sound and suddenly I fell over a hairy and bony body. But finally I had some good luck! When I fell my hands ended up on sometfiing soft and familiar. My slippers!!! As I put my slippers on I suddenly realized that I wasn ' t falling down a black hole after all - I was really in my messy bedroom with the light turned off!!! This hissing sound and the spray of water were coming from my BIONAIRE humidifier. The soft and furry thing wrapping itself around my neck was my black cat, Harvey. And the hairy and bony body that was making a growling, snoring noise was my dog Nauset, sleeping under my quilt. So once I had my slippers on, I went back downstairs and showed my Mom and then finished eating my Red River cereal. By Emily Morris, Gr. 4 Lit. Runner-Up, Gr. 1-6 Eve Castell 12H A Strange Similarity Tania Turner 12H Their jobs were tedious, But their purpose was strong, To ensure the safety of their queen, To whom all were vassals. They began by building mounds, Taking slaves, Fighting wars. Building cities, And tearing them down. They are architects, soldiers and farmers. They outnumber man, They come to picnics, They are ants. Allison Whitney 8W Literature Prize, Grades 7-10 Jennifer Scrimger 7H Wliat I Wouldn ' t Do What I wouldn ' t do To have a glimpse of inspiration now. Not much - a little idea. Something small, to start me writing. Just to get past this blank wall, and I ' m Home free. A sentence - a phrase! and I could build On that. But what to write about? What ' s interesting, and isn ' t yet a cliche. A chair isn ' t; Perhaps " A day in the life of an eraser. " Writer ' s block, biter ' s rock I don ' t believe in that JUNK! Something WILL come - now! Ha. By Allison MacFarlane 11L Literature Prize, Grades 11-13 Allison Macfarlane 11L 120 Night It ' s midnight The clock strikes twelve as I stand at my window Watching The tide Sleeplessly Washing over the rocks as The murky Green water Bubbles and cries While a small little stick Rolls swiftly along Towards The gurgling steam The shadows pass along The rocks while I soundlessly Tiptoe Along to bed The light Begins to fade As night Settles in The shadows creep Along the walls I quietly Tiptoe Up the stairs Towards My bedroom I look out my window And see a canoe Silently paddling Across the lake as Mist begins to rise As the lone paddler Seems to be Swallowed up By the mist and Disappears from sight I quietly slip to bed As the clock strikes twelve By Vicky Kellett 5 6 Literature Prize, Grades 1-6 WRITE THIS WHILE FAR AWAY I recoil into my mind like a snake and huddle in dark shadows alone in my imaginary world with little women scurrying through our stunted street and hurry into tiny holes and shut their minds to all things (happening all over the world), all over the world. Everywhere I go, I am pursued by some thoughts of you that I try to leave behind, lose in crowds, unpack in new settings that are returned to me in the wind. By Erin O ' Brien 11 L Lit. Runner-Up, Grades 11-13 Sally Crate Grade 4 Sariya Sharp 7H Meghan Dunn 11L Allison MacFarlane 11L The Princess and The Frog Once upon a time there was a King and Queen and a Princess, and they loved each other dearly. One day the Queen fell ill and died, and the whole town was sad until the King found another wife. When the Princess grew up and turned eighteen, the new Queen made her work like a servant. So the Princess ran away to the forest. There in the forest she found a Prince. It was love at first sight. They kissed, and the Prince turned into a frog. The Princess screamed and ran further into the forest. There she met a pretty lady who said, " I ' m a fairy. What would you like me to do for you? " " Well, I ' d like my frog to turn back into a Prince, " said the Princess. " You shall have your Prince if you do these four things. You have to find a monster and fight it. You have to pick a white flower from the top of a mountain, and you have to ride a unicorn to the land of GUMMY, and get some gum. " And so the Princess set off. " She found the monster in front of the mountain. She fought the monster and won. Then she climbed the mountain; she picked a white flower and it turned into a unicorn. She got on and rode to the land of GUM- MY. She picked some gum up and went back to the forest. She fed the gum to the frog and the frog blew a humongous bubble and turned back in- to a Prince. He swept the Princess up onto the unicorn and they rode off happily into the sunset. Unfortunately, all the Prince could say was " RibbitI " , because he couldn ' t speak English!! But the Princess didn ' t mind! By Sarah-Jane Arnold 5 6 Are you really there? Standing, thinking pondering about you -- your love. Do you really care? What if I break down? Who will pick up the pieces? Would you? see empty rooms, an empty life, my empty heart. I ' m reaching out for you. Help me! I ' m sinking deeper, deeper Solitude reaches up to envelop me. Where are you? Somebody shake me Wake me up so I can escape from this prison of stark, bitter emptiness Does no one care? No one? Not even you? Catherine Jeanjean 11S THIRTY-NINE SCHOOL DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS Thirty-nine school days till Christmas, how long! Thirty-nine days for things to go wrong. Thirty-nine nights in detention; Twenty-eight basketball games to get benched in. Thirty-nine long nights of homework ahead - Thirty-eight I ' ll probably watch T.V. instead. Thirty-nine stale lunches; Oh yes, did I mention? Three more chances for a Saturday detention! Three hundred and ninety excuses to invent; A kick in the fanny I ' m just trying to prevent. Two hundred more classes to be on time for; They don ' t fall for that " Samara Meeting " bit any more. Eight long exams to pretend that I ' m writing; Fifty-nine teachers my future enlightening. So please, Santa Claus, after reading this letter. Send Christmas along, the sooner, the better!! Paula Tomlin 12H Mary Jane Nguyen 7H SAMARA Superbe Amusant Merveilleux Artistique Rare Appreciable Hannah Riding 60 Jennifer Scrimger 7H Anonymous When thoughts are crowded with stinging tears Memories banished by present torment Images swirling, enhancing fears Your oasis sweeps the storm away. Energy surrounds me, mind is racing Bursting inwardly with warmer thoughts Presently content, desiring nothing You join my passion to maintain Spitting, jumbled combinations Wit embodied in vicious phrase Senses instrument to inflicting pain You restore my equilibrium Nowhere in my closed existence Do I find such a pacifying element As the pervading power and understanding That your friendship has for me. M. Dee Shipley 118 JUNIOR CLOSING JUNE 16TH, 1988 SENIOR CLOSING JUNE 17, 1988 PRIZE LIST 1988 Proficiency Standing: 80% and over, up to and including Grade 10 Grade 5 6 Grade 6 - Grade 7C - Grade 7H - Grade 8McR - Grade 8W - Grade 9E - Grade 9McC - Grade 10B - Grade 10J - Alexandra Bade, Emily Bell, Hannah Griller, Vicky Kellett, Indre Sakus, Katharine Sandiford, Saman- tha Tapping, Hilary Thompson Sarah Bezanson, Catherine Callary, Natalie Gandllo, Anne Harewood, Isabella Kim, Alice Lafferty, Tanya Methiwalla, Sylvia Smellie, Jamie Wisniowski Cameron Blott, Tara Chauhan, Christina Gandilo, Christina Hill, Akua Otupiri, Marie-Laure Sauvageau, Kim Tremblay, Shannon Wires Jasmine Bernstein, Seifali Patel, Jenny Roessler, Allison Russell, Ines Scepanovic, Jennifer Scrimger, Sariya Sharp, Julie Slow, Kathleen Terroux, Kate White Kathryn Ages, Anne-Marie Baribeau, Julia Ediger, Rebecca Esrock, Anne Gildenhuys, Monica Kirch- hoff, Andrea Lobo, Clare Morrison, Mary Raths, Sarah Storey, Alessandra Trabalza, Adrienne Wong Katie Breen, Sand i Chao, Atoshi Chatterjee, Natasha Corrin, Margaret Floyd, Joey Lee, Kristina Sakus, Tina Saryeddine, Angela Seshadri, Zoe Stikeman, Julia Tarnowski, Allison Whitney Caroline Brisson, Alyssa Delicate, Claire Millington, Catherine Richardson, Josephine Yang Christie Callan-Jones, Andrea Kucey, Meredith Nelson, Jill Pearse, Melanie Quevillon, Ricarda Rudolph, Michelle Zwirek Farah Akhtar, Savannah Beattie, Claudia Beltran, Jennifer Conway, Paula Fowler, Sarah Mayweed, Samara Mimesh, Zoe Pettengell, Valerie Ventureyra Bishakha Basuroy, Nicole Edwards, Rosemary Fincham, Strachan McCarthy, Michelle Riff Proficiency Standing: 75% and over, up to and including Grade 13 Grade 11L- Katrina Carroll-Foster, Julie Coulson, Vivienne Edwards, Yuki Inaba, Dilshad Lalani, Allison Mac- Farlane, Shannon Robinson, Lisa Tang, Habiba Thawer Grade 11S - Camille Beaufort, Sue Cameron, Nicola Carpenter, Alysia Davies, Dana Gellman, Belinda Guy, Jill ' Hogg, Catherine Jeanjean, Alison Lewis, Stephanie McLeod, Lisa Rambert, Tracey Solomon, Violetta Yu Grade 12H - Katie Bell, Eve Castell, Pamela Home, Annette Jardine, Susanna Kong, Chung Yi Leung, Dilsheesh Purewal Grade 13D - Ellen Bruce, Katie Chao, Charlotte Elder, Vicky Grossmann-Hensel, Carol Hodgson, Nicole Knowlton, Anja Miller, Kirstin Podeschwik, Debbie Soroczan Grade 13M - Kerstin Bruchhaueser, Fiona Doetsch, Chase Harris, Nicole Jackson, Christine McGregor, Kimberley Meyerman, Tara Morrison, Inka Pauls, Julie Waterhouse JUNIOR SCHOOL 5-8 Creative English Grade 5-6 Grade 7-8 Creativity Creative Writing Music Art Maths Computer Science MacDonald Cup for Mathematics for Effort and Progress Science Social Studies (Geography Grade 7) Etudes Sociales (Histoire Grade 8) French Grade 5-6 Grade 7-8 Latin Schultz Prize For Effort Junior Choir Prize LAIDLER CUP SOUTHAM CUP SPORTS AWARDS Fauquier Junior Cup for Sportsmanship Crowdy-Weir Bantam Sports Cup Dunlop Intermediate Sports Cup Wilson Senior Sports Cup Green Form Drill Cup 10B Outstanding Athletic Performance Physical Education Gold Medal Emily Bell Julia Ediger Leslie Crate Samantha Tapping Charlotte Truelson Shannon Wires Natasha Corrin Alexandra Bade Amanda Sumner Kathleen Terroux Kate White Angela Sashadri Isabelle Kim Marie-Laure Sauvageau Joey Lee Stephanie Hyde Mary Raths Kathryn Ages Katie Breen Anne-Marie Baribeau Anne Gildenhuys Anne Gildenhuys Anne-Marie Baribeau Strachan McCarthy Chase Harris Rosemary Fincham Claudia Beltran Chase Harris Maynard Sportsmanship Cup Inter House Sports Day Cup (Wilson) Tracey Solomon Kerstin Bruchhaueser INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL GRADES 9-10 Rothwell Prize for English Intermediate Art French Maths Geography History Science Latin Grades 9-12 Keyboarding Typewriter Computer Choir Prize Grades 9-13 Prize for Progress GRADES 11-12 English Elizabeth Davis Prize for Poetry French History Maths Art Business Computer Studies German Grades 9-12 Spanish Grades 9-12 Mitchell Thomas Prize LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR ' S MEDAL FOR HIGHEST ACHIEVEMENT IN GRADE 12 AWARDED TO GRADE 13 Elizabeth Davis Prize for English French Maths Chemistry Grades 12-13 Physics Grades 11-13 Biology Grades 11-13 Social Studies Latin Harwood-Jones Cup for Classics McFee Fine Arts Cup Whitwill History Prize Elise Braithwaite Scholarship Jadwige Basinski (Science) GOVERNOR GENERAL ' S MEDAL FOR HIGHEST ACHIEVEMENT IN GRADE 13 AWARDED TO Old Girls House Motto Prize to Nightingale House Head Awards - Fry - Keller - Nightingale - Wilson Graham Form Trophy Headmistress ' s Prize for Independent Endeavour Headmistress ' s Prize ALL-ROUND CONTRIBUTION TO SCHOOL LIFE EWING CUP FOR CHARACTER PHILPOT TOKEN SUMMA SUMMARUM Jill Pearse Caitlin Wells Meredith Nelson Farah Akhtar Ricarda Rudolph Valerie Ventureyra Savannah Beattie Catherine Richardson Christie Callan-Jones Natasha Corrin Kristen Lawr Catriona Hardie Shannon Robinson Allison MacFarlane Lisa Rambert Anne tte Jardine Susanna Kong Eve Castell Jill Hogg Samara Mimesh Nicole Edwards Tracey Solomon Molly Tepper Chung Yi Leung Charlotte Elder Vicky Grossmann-Hensel Julie Waterhouse Fiona Doetsch Tara Morrison Kerstin Bruchhaueser Ellen Bruce Alysia Davies Katie Bell Holly Hilborn Vicky Grossmann-Hensel Shawn Belton Pamela Home Vicky Grossmann-Hensel Elanor Brodie Katie Chao Julie Waterhouse Vicky Grossmann-Hensel Kerstin Bruchhaueser GRADE 8 Meghan Dunn Katie Chao Anja Miller Fiona Doetsch Julie Waterhouse Vicky Grossmann-Hensel Nicole Knowlton FORMAL 1988 A most able Formal Committee, made up of Kirstin Podeschwik, MIchele McLaughlin and Inka Pauls planned a wonderful formal dance and dinner for the graduates, their guests, their parents and their teachers. It was held this year in the Provinces Ballroom of the Westin Hotel in Ottawa on the evening of June 18th. The Ottawa summer weather, warm and sunny, made a perfect setting for this fabulous eve- ning. The hosts, the menu, the flowers, the ballroom, the band-FIZZ, even the addition of the GRADUATE AWARDS all blended together very successfully. A warm thank you goes out to the Committee who organized so efficiently right down to the last detail so that the Elmwood Formal was such an enjoyable event. We would be remiss if we did not send a special thank you to Mme. Sabourin for her patience and guidance throughout the year. Your help was essential to the success of this memorable evening. 129 THE KNOWLTONS Nicole Knowlton ' s Valedictory Address Mr. Cliairman, Members of tine Board of Governors, Mrs. White, Staff, Students and Friends of Elmwood. Representing the views of this graduating class is no snnall task. Questions filled nny nnind . . . what to say, how to say it and would anyone listen. I had to keep reminding myself to " be brief " remembering that " the human mind can absorb only what the human seat can endure. " I hope that you are all comfortable. At the beginning of this school year we were told that as Grade Thirteens, we were to put our " noses to the grindstone. " When, at last, we looked up, we found ourselves here, at the end of high school, and noticed that our noses were quite a bit shorter. Even in this awkward position, however, we did manage to organize and participate in all the activities that together make Elmwood. We all remember, with varying reactions, the Sports Day in September where we all got better aquainted, especially with the new girls, the famous Halloween party when Mrs. Chance and Mrs. O ' Brien finally won a prize, and last but certainly not least in our memories — the drenched enthusiasm of May ' s Sports Day. This is a short list, which does not include Spirit Week, Ski Day, Alice in Wonderland, Alumni Events, Special Assemblies, and the first Sports Banquet which was a tremendous success. The list of a year ' s activities at Elmwood could fill a large annual report. And no such report would be com- plete without the financial picture. One could hardly ignore the building that is presently being constructed which promises a much- enlarged, indoor gym. But walls alone do not make a gym. Equipment is the next priority, and this year the students made a large contribution to help purchase some of what is needed. Students ' Council held the Second Elmwood Penny and Loose Change Campaign, raising approximately $1500 for new sports equip- ment, as well as contributing a sum of $1200 to the Development Fund from the student body. Still with our noses to the grindstone, we led the Houses to one of their most successful years. And now, we hand the responsibilities, the challenges and the fun to the new Grade Thirteens, and wish them luck. And they will know next year, as we do now, and as classes before us have known, that thanks to the ex- periences, achievements, teachers and friends that have surrounded us throughout our years here at Elmwood, our feelings of self-worth and confidence have steadily grown. Thanks to the devotion of the teachers, we have become people who understand who we are: confident in- dividuals with strengths that will help us achieve our goals in the future. So we leave, prepared to meet the new challenges that await us outside Elmwood ' s halls, with memories of the spirit, and the closeness that we experienced as part of the Elmwood family, WORLD HERE WE COME!!! 130 As You Like It All Quiet On The Western Front Anthony Cleopatra Apprenticeship Of Duddy Dravitz Anne Of The Thousand Days Anne Of The Green Gables A Passage To India A Room With A View Autobiography Of Miss Jane Pittman Becket Birdman Of Alcatraz Christmas Carol, A Clockwork Orange Cyrano de Bergerac Dolls House, A David Copperfield Dr. Jekyll Mr. Hyde Farewell To Arms, A Great Expectations FISHER GLEN VIDEO 50 Viewmount Drive (at Chesterton) Open Daily 11 :00a.m. -9:00p.m. Great Gatsby, The Good Earth Grapes Of Wrath Henry V Importance Of Being Earnest In The Heat Of The Night Ivanhoe Judgement At Nuremberg Joan Of Arc King Lear Knights Of Round Table Lord Of The Flies Lion In Winter Long Days Journey Into Night Lost Horizon MacBeth Man For All Seasons, A Midsummer Night ' s Dream Moby Dick Oliver Twist FISHER GLEN VIDEO 50 Viewmount Drive (at Chesterton) Open Daily 1 1 :00a.m. -9:00p.m. Pickwick Papers Pride Prejudice Prisoner Of Zenda, The Rachel, Rachel Rebecca Romeo Juliet Richard III Sounder Something Of Value To Kill A Mocking Bird Tale Of Two Cities, A Three Penny Opera Tess Under The Volcano Who Has Seen The Wind Don ' t Shoot The Teacher Wuthering Heights 1984 FISHER GLEN VIDEO 350 Viewmount Drive (at Chesterton) Open Daily 1 1 :00a.m.-9:00p.m. 226-1255 226-1255 226-1255 PATRONS Mrs. George Aldous Anonymous Michael R. Bell John and Annette Bellanny Caroline Boushey Jane Breen Dr. F.S. Brisson Jo and Bernard Brodie The Coulson Family Mr. and Mrs. Otto Ditz Dr. and Mrs. K.H. Doetsch J.R. Gundy Mrs. J. Nancy Hazen Faith Johnston Peter and Suzanne Knowlton Don and Susan Kowal Marion Letts Elizabeth Lloyd Michael and Sarah McCabe Mrs. Beryl Millington Penny Monteith James Moir Mrs. Jody O ' Brien (Mrs.) F. Outerbridge Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Rickerd Steven and Carin Roessler Dr. and Mrs. Terry Ruddy Mrs. Daniele Seguin Jan and Milena Sigmund Dr. Susan Smith Tony and Beth Stikeman Natalie Sutterlin Inger and Svein Tobiassen Dr. and Mrs. B.W. Tomlin Mme. Denise Vezina Suzanne Weld W.R. and M. White Patricia Whitney Dr. and Mrs. William H. Yang ELMWOOD GUILD PARENTS HELPING STUDENTS AND THEIR SCHOOL PROJECTS • scholarship assistance, merit pins, and academic awards • financial support for visual and teaching aids, sports equipment and school beautification • sponsorship of Guild Lecture Series for parents and students • administration of school uniform shop MEMBERSHIP • all parents and other relatives of Elmwood students are encouraged to join the Guild Fund-raising activities include the Guild uniform shop and annual Supersale 133 HOWARTHS (OTTAWA) SPECIALIZING IN SCHOOL OUTFITS FOR PRIVATE AND PUBLIC SCHOOLS Houarth Inc. is a Canadian tradition. Thev have dressed generations of families beginning with school uniforms for private and public schools, both English and French, through to custom made suits and shirts. The sort of oufit that alwavs looks right. Under one roof you can outfit the whole familv. (POLO— RALPH LAUREN FOR CHILDREN— SIZES 8 TO 20) HOWARTHS (OTTAWA) Head Office: Branch: Branch: 1444 St. Catherine St. W. 89 O ' Connor Street Tor-Dommion Centre Montreal, Quebec Ottawa, Ontario Toronto, Ontario Tel: 861-9242-3-4 Tel: 232-0724 Tel: 363-0362 MOST MAJOR CREDIT CARDS HONOURED 134 BUILDING FOR YOUR FUTURE 14 GRENFELL CRESCENT NEPEAN, ONTARIO K2G 0G2 (613)226-1325 6 WaterLife for a Better Life! 99 We invite those of you of d seeming palates and good taste to join the WaterLife Family. Our p)roducts offer you the choice of distilled, carbonated, and salt-free spring water. Choose from our selection of standard, counter top or deluxe coolers with refrigerator. WaterLife coolers come with hot, cold or room temperature taps; as well as our popular hot and cold combination models. You can rent or own with the option of ordering a designer model suited to your decor. 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General Contractors and Construction Managers 415 Rideau St Ottawa, Ont KIN 5Y9 (613) 236-8917 s CHILDREN ' S BOUTIQUE EXCLUSIVE EUROPEAN DESIGNS SIZES 0-16 160 George St. Near Cumberland St. 563-3101 SUNSWEET ALLEN FOUBERT FOR ALL YOUR FUND RAISING NEEDS! Box 290 Munster Hamlet Ontario. KOA 3P0 FINE G R O C E r o 23 Beechwood Ave. Free Delivery 749-5967 Josephine (Jo) Brodie Sales Representative Residential Real Estate Services 1335 Carling Avenue Suite 200 Ottawa, Ontario K1Z 8N8 Office (613) 725-1171 Res. (613) 234-2653 A DIVISION OF ROYAL LtPAGE REAL ESTATE SERVICES LTD REALTOR 137 ■l E RuNGE PkESS Limited- YOUR PARTNER IN QUALITY PRINTING AND TYPESETTING 138 BOSS HUGO BOSS THE ' SOCIETY SHOP 112 Sparks Street Ottawa, Ontario, Canada KIP 5B6 Tel, (613) 235-4371 139 DANIEL ' S RESTAURANT 5 SPRINGFIELD ST. 745-4141-2 Open Monday to Sunday Deliveries Monday to Saturday starting at 11:00 a.m. SPECIAL One Large or One Medium get One Mini Pizza or 26 oz. Coke Plus Deposit FREE HOURS Monday to Saturday — 6:00 a.m. to 12 Midnight Sunday — 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. FREE DELIVERY $5 OVER 140 DIVISION OF WAYNE J. LEPINE Rug Upholstery Cleaning HEAD OFFICE - KANATA Janitorial Contractors Steam Cleaners Landscape Maintenance 839-5807 593-0003 Fully Bonded and Insured PROPERTY MAINTENANCE CONSULTANTS Mark Glawdecki Enterprises Ltd. m.g. natasport: 14360 Gouin Blvd. W., Pierrefonds, Quebec, Canada H9H 1B1 Telephone: (514) 620-8700 SOCCER SPECIALISTS SWIM SHOP JOGGERS ' SHOP SPEEDO ARENA SPEED PLUS HINDWELLS CUSTOM TEAM EQUIPMENT K-WAY BARBARIAN TEASE ACTIVE KNIT ATHLETIC KNIT Majorette Uniforms Ctieerleader Supplies Pennants Medallions Ribbons Awards Crests Wilson Cooper Rawlings Oued Jayfro Worth Riddell Bike Jelenek Custom Trophies Caps Hats Tuques Scarves Sweaters Sox Visors Shirts Towels Team Bags Contact Silk Screen Printing T Shirt Service Fast Clean Printing Harvey Woods Penmans Russel Athletic Ocean Pacific Helmets Uniforms Tracksuils Jackets 794 Bronson Ave Ottawa. Ont Tel 232-4866 K M CAPITAL DENTAL LABORATORIES LTD. i.ans U{.irckkoff CAPEllO AUDIO ElECTROaiCS IIMITEO Sound and Communications Specialists 306 Rideau Street Ottawa, Ontario 237-3690 141 Here is Edward Bear, coming downstairs now. bump, bump, bump, on the back of his head, behind Christopher Robin. It is. as far as he knows, the only way of coming downstairs, but sometimes he feels that there really is another way. if only he could stop bumping for a moment and think of it. A. A. Milne Stefan Hensel: Designed Development Incorporated The Junior School at Elmwood has grown in recent years, largely due to the vision of Nancy Chance. When Nancy became Head in 1972, there were about 60 children in four classes. Today we have ten full classes and close to 200 students. i The news of Nancy ' s retirement has been greeted with great sadness amongst all those students, parents and teachers who have had the good fortune to know her. When people think of the Elmwood Junior School, they think first of Nancy Chance, and for good reason. Her respect and affection for children and for childhood is expressed in a desire to encourage each young person to be and to do their very best. Her affection is never expressed in indulgences or in letting them get away with the second rate, whether it be in academic work, or in their relationships with one another, Nancy ' s own firm and uncompromising strength of character has enabled countless students to develop confidence and pride in their accomplishments. Her boundless enthusiasm and energy are qualities she v shares with children, and she sets a wonderful example of someone who embraces new experiences joyfully and openly. She has set the tone in a Junior School of which we can be proud, and we will miss her wisdom and love. I know that Mrs. McGregor will do a wonderful job of maintaining the fine traditions that Mrs. Chance has established, and I know she is looking forward to getting to know the students and parents in this very impor- tant part of the school. 144

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