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Text from Pages 1 - 152 of the 1987 volume:

Another busy and eventful year has flown by, as these pages will attest. The strength of an Idependent School like Elmwood depends on the col- lective efforts and goodwill of innumerable groups and individuals. The in- teraction between the Board of Governors, administration and faculty, parents, students. Old Girls, the Ministry of Education and the community at large, make for an exciting and lively atmosphere in which to plan and implement educational policy. This has been a very exciting year and each of these groups has worked hard to ensure Elmwood ' s continuing growth. Our campaign to complete the Development Plan started in 1983 is well under way and we are all excited at the prospect of changing our dreams of a gymnasium and new teaching facilities into reality. You the students have contributed most generously through the Penny Campaign, and various fundraisers, and your pride and commitment are remarkable. This is your school and it is gratifying to see you taking an active role in its future. I hope your year was a happy one, in which you set and attained some personal goals that you will remember when you turn to these pages some years hence. Once again, the lilacs are blooming at Elmwood and the members of the Samara Committee sense that the end of their task is approaching. As before, the Committee has asked me (but twice this year) to write a few words for this edition of the yearbook. I wonder if the members of any other Elmwood committee learn as much about other people, managing and delegating. It would be much simpler I am sure, for them to just write the material they require themselves. Hopefully, at least, some of the school was co-operative. Elmwood is completing another busy and suc- cessful year. This yearbook deals with exactly what we did and when we did it. It is a testimonial to the fact that we played with the zeal and excellence with which we have always approached academic life. This yearbook also represents one year in your life and will bring back happy memories, next year and for many years after that. 3. iUh aJxiuL After fifteen years as head of the Junior School, what can I find to tell you that is different from the other years? . . . continued growth, continued striv- ing to make Elmwood the place where each stu- dent may discover that learning is an exciting, life- long occupation . . . Mrs. Kry ' s recorder group was rewarded for its dedication and excellence with a trip to Toronto to perform for five Toronto schools and to have lunch at the CN Tower. In an exchange of students Valerie FRANCO and Stephanie COLOMBO from Nancy, France visited Melanie Quevillon and Meredith Nelson for six weeks and attended our grade eight classes. In mid-May Melanie and Meredith flew to France with their guests to enjoy a six week French experience. Each year brings new challenges and new students. Perhaps the greatest joy of the ac- cumulated years of teaching is the thrill of seeing young students, who come into the school as hesti- tant fledglings, develop into poised and confident young girls and women. We are indeed proud of you, and so happy to see you return to tell us of your accomplishments. I hope that you will feel that Elmwood has had some part in helping you set worthwhile goals and to realize them. SAMARA EDITORS AND COMMITTEE What you are holding in your hands right now is the book of memories for 1986-87 (sniff!). To summarize everything which the Samara Committee has done, would take us sixty pages so we ' ll just give you the EDITED highlights. As the year commenced we were faced with the unfortunate task of sorting out oranges and grapefruits so that we could afford to produce this high-quality yearbook. We now have the sexiest biceps ever to be found in Rockcliffe Park. Not only were we hit with this great responsibility of selling fruit, but we also had to keep track of the multitudinous magazine subscriptions that you helped us sell. We would like to thank all those staff and students who supported our fundraising campaigns. When we finally reached the job of actually creating this yearbook we didn ' t realize how long it would take to draw up one hundred and forty-four, we repeat, orje hundred and forty-four (144) pages. Try it, next year, it ' s a blast! But seriously, now . . . every Wednesday the Samara-ites pulled their constructive minds together to produce what we think is the best, yearbook in existence in the free-world today! We would like to thank all our faithful " Samara-ites " and especially, Mr. McCabe for all his dedication, hard work, support, gentle reminders and, of course, his typing. We would also like to thank all of the staff and students whom we asked to submit endless amounts of write-ups and pictures for their unending cooperation. And, before you start snoring we just have one more thought to share . . . Enjoy your yearbook, we enjoyed producing it . . . Love, % The two and only, , BOARD OF GOVERNORS Elmwood School is a non-profit organization accountable to a Board of Governors. This Board is responsible for setting the academic and adminstrative policies of the school, which are ad- ministered by the Headmistress and the Vice Principal, with the assistance of the Bursar. Mr. C.A. Fournier, Chairman Mrs. S. Grossmann-Hensel, Vice-Chairman Mrs. B. Brodie Mrs. C. Callan-Jones Mrs. A.W. Carrothers, Chairman, Education Mrs. J. Davies ' Mr. P.S. Deacon Mr. N. Ediger ' Mr. J.H. Haydon Mr. S.F. Hughes Mr. R.E. Kiggins, Chairman, Finance Dr. C.J. Maule, Past Chairman Mr. E.B. McDougall Ms. S. McKee Mr. D. Montgomery Mrs. F.S. Sellers Mrs. B.N. Shoemaker Mr. J. Thompson, Chairman, Fund Raising Mrs. A. Bellamy, 10B Homeform, Junior Senior English Dr. R. Callstro, Senior Philosophy Mrs. M. Doetsch, Grade 13 Homeform, Latin, Classics and Classics Club Mrs. B. Muggins, Senior Phys. Ed., Library and Senior Library Club Mrs. A. Lougheed, Music, Senior Junior Mr. M. McCabe, 9M Homeform, Junior Geography, History and Phys. Ed.; Senior History; Student Com- monwealth Con- ference, Senior Volleyball and Samara Mrs. Knowlton, Sr. Jr. French Ski Days Ski Team Mrs. J. O ' Brien, . 6 O ' B Homeform, Junior Phys. Ed., and English; Junior Soccer and Volleyball; Senior Choir Grade 9 marked Steph ' s arrival at Elmwood and what an entrance it was. This quiet, polite and immaculately dressed girt soon broke loose to perform her Madonna Dancing and solo walzing through the halls. Her fanatical organization has subjected her to hours of teasing, yet her minute by minute timetable of daily routine has allow- ed us to recognize the Super-Sexy Steph Stockings, " wash-my-hair-days " , those famous fruity lunches that have been scheduled in months ahead, and of course 4:00 hillarity hour when her heavy drinking goes public - TEA that is. This is when one hears chatter at it ' s best, in Spanish, French, English and all at once. Over the years Nana, F.C. Leif, Bart, even Hamlet have made names for Steph. As Head Girl she has managed to keep her sense of humour and SEEMINGLY calm efficiency under pressure. Her ever cheerful acceptance of responsibility have been assets to her friends and the school. As for the future? Steph ' s heart leans toward T.O. while her poten- tial as a World Rafting Champion may keep her here. But for now, " Super-Steph Away! " to McGill. STEPHANIE BARTLETT - Head Girl, Photography Club ' Drea has been our German Connection since gr. 11. She has come a long way from the days of Geo. 3A with its trip to Y ' s mom. Since then she has collected a Lakefield foot- ball jersey, some Black Jamaican Rum and lots of clothes. Cars have also played a part of Andrea ' s adventures - especially that of the old faithful German Golf, " unique " Italian convertables and even rusty junk from Montreal. This party animal has now become a permanent asset at Helium or " Zap Dance Bar " and is known for partying through the night (then sleeping in uncomfortable cars) and NYE parties on the lake. We cannot forget those classic phrases Andrea has been constantly teased for - " Elmwood is in heat " , " Spaghettiholders " , and " Organ- izing your kleenex " . When Andrea was not in Hull, tan- ning, or treating her infectious leg, one could easily find her studying for I.B. ' s (we ' ll not mention Chemistry). Her hard work and dedication has been rewarded with those consistant high grades. Well, math buddy, we never did decide when us " perfect people " will go to Europe - there are still weddings at least! Best of Luck, ' Lena ANDREA BRUCHHAUESER - Basketball Jobe arrived in and became a founding member of Zun Zaia Bun Society, Kermiteer and Ban Corey Club. Apart from making short stories long, this Calc drop-out made hersey famous by pushing a certain red FIAT down Bank Street. Well, maybe you can ' t Joy Ride, kill the M.G. or prove that Canadians have Morals - but you can give driv- ing, or crashing lessons to Reddi Chef in the Ouest for Wedgie Fries. Buckwheat says " O-Tay " to selling Mr. Big bars for a profit in the Common Room, but couldn ' t you have sold Tank for more than $.75!??? Don ' t forget Fuzzy Navel Christmas ' s, D-Days, Operation S.D ' s. and your new job as a Can Can Waitress at the Raceway - Good Luck, and may your " Raft " never sink!! Jo, you Wham Rapped perfectly to your position as Jr. Prefect, and I ' m " most definately " positive you ' ll be remembered for your humour, cheerfulness and spirit. Thankyou Rajiv for the party times, and I ' ll meet you at the next A. A. meeting, that is, if you aren ' t too busy bartending at Tokyo Joes!! JOANN DANIELS - Prefect, Junior School Liason Hi Shell, Well this is it, the time has come. We don ' t have to tell people that we are in high school. Let us reflect; HULL, Bio 3A 5A; panicking about the final. Miss Blair (please come back). V.J., J.T., J.S., S.S., S.M., R.D., X from Asbury with brown skin; Paul or is it Mark? Damon Allen. Drunkeness is not a excuse. The Return of the lady in Mile, magazine. Sunday night and night before test talks. Very interesting and productive New Year ' s Eve nights. " I can ' t go to Chez, there are so many people I have to avoid there " . " I ' m an Indian girl you know " . Cruising at Ottawa U. and studying the male anatomy at the gym, the Unicentre and the In- dian corner of the library. Bacon, Double Cheeseburgers at Burger King. Go see the Doctor. PRINCE. I never could have enjoyed Elmwood without you and it ' s probably the best thing I got from it besides an education. Can I please have a job in Shelly ' s Drug Mart when I ' m unemployed. LOVE, RESA. SHELLEY DATTANI Well Deac, your 8 years at Elmwood have come to an end and you ' ve left your mark on the school, but it " most definitely " has left its mark on you. You started out as a Junior library piano star, laughed your way out of Mrs. M. ' s math classes, and who will forget breakfasts with " Zombie " at the Y?! You then moved on to becoming a Panama Jo ' s regular - how DO you get your bangs to grow down? Must be due to the head on with Merv ' s missile - the thought of it just makes me WILD! How about the D.R. and the man? Better yet, how about cruising in the " Hair mobile " (where ' s the road?). In all seriousness Jen, as head of Keller, your never ending organization, efficiency, good humour and friendship were an asset to the school and prefect body as a whole. What ' s next? Perhaps art history? Where? U. of T., Queen ' s, McGill or preferably Hull (?). Regardless I ' ll wait with anticipation for the hair Henna-ing party that you promised - do you really think that we can get your hair to look like " Bun woman " - 1 really hope so! JENNIFER DEACON - Prefect: Head of Keller, Samara, Photography, Formal Oh Anne! how long has it been since you were in- troduced to the Elmwood life? 8 years! How could you ever forget breaking a certain teacher ' s toe? It seems that you can break toes, fail dictees(0%), be extremely gullible, run after balls (tennis that is) and hold parties better than you can sail on Christie Lake, do Math and consume Spanish flies in coffee at Stratford. Did " Daddy ' s car " take you to Chippendales, or was it a taxi cab, the citizen or a wild boat ride? At a girl Anne, was that Chuck O ' B or Waffa who said that? San Antonio Rose, Hallowe ' en, Hull, and the big T.O. have made Anne a T.V. celebrity. Never forget the Brown Velour suits, and the exciting bonfire on the island with your mother flashing morse code from the cottage so we could find our way back to the dock. Well Anne thanx for the " Forever " in the game box, Vicks marshmallows, and a hundred laughs and you never know maybe in a few years I ' ll flip on the pay T.V. and see you on Nude News - if you aren ' t doing archealogical digs in a remote sandbox somewhere. Good Luck, R. ANNE deMERCADO " Francis the Talking Mule " was recruted from her Glebe to Elmwood In Grade 12. Tuesday early mor- ning classes would always see Michelle speeding in on her red scooter 10 min. late. It was times like this that the mornings caught up with her and left her in one of those moods. But can we blame her for being tired - it ' s exhausting juggling two at a time. But Michelle managed to keep her grace and good humour throughout. No, Michelle we didn ' t forget you at lunch time handouts. She never seemed to have her own, or enough with her own. Meeting up with Jen in the D.R. it was agreed that Dave does have a nice tush. Well, best of luck in whatever you decide to do. - Class of ' 87 MICHELLE FRANCIS DJULIAH GANI Djuliah joined the looney bin only this year. Break- ing down the language barrier was no problem, but understanding the bizare habits of the common room took a little longer. Djuliah ' s year has been filled with long Algebra classes, big bags of O ' Grady ' s, constant waiting for her brother, letters to Indonesia, not pushing herself on OAC Hoy, fun extra tests, " CLOWNING " around, helping elec- trocute physics teachers, false civie alarms, sup- plying mathematical equipment and late night fire alarms. Even though Elmwoods way of life was new, she could always be counted on for a friendly smile, a cheerful word and her spirited participa- tion. As we all go our separate ways, we wish you the best of luck and happiness in the future. KRISTA GRAY - Formal Committee Kleesta Gray managed to survive four years at Elmwood; lived through Classics, and Geography 5A. Letting us in on her secret way of keeping her socks up - by not shaving her legs. Trips to Strat- ford, skiing in Switzerland with Ashbury, the Dominican Republic, Toronto (city T.V. - AHEM!) The Netherlands, and this summer she and Barb are off to discover Europe. Even though she is busy with school, her job (Tiggy Winkles) and Pro- fessor Brennan, she still found time to be an active member of the Formal Committee. But Krista was never too busy for the " girls night out " !!! Hull, Gatineau, the Market, Pub, taxicabs (The Citizen) movies, Nachos, lunch from 1 1 :30-3:05, the " Fiat " overheating in the parking lot . . . Best wishes for the future! U .1 Charu joined Elmwood in Gr. 12 as a somewhat reserved girl, and soon made herself known as an expert in Math, Chemistry, and Physics. She soon Introduced us to Indian food, vanilla milk shakes, her Vancouver friends, and eye make-up fit for Elmwood. She is known for her trips all over the world, as well as night trips to the beach where she herself tripped! Charu, also known as CH-A-RU or Charuliluli has been involved in every science competition. Math Club and extra I.B. work - Math, Math and more Math! Also studying in car with all those tapes, and of course collecting all the prizes imaginable (you could have left at least one for me!) We ' ll remember not getting into Astrolight and St. Huberts and dancing with Carlos (hey babe, I ' ll never forget that!). Charu will be remembered as a loyal friend who never refused to give 5 min. Calc. classes before tests. Hey partner we did it! Good luck - Love Andrea CHARU GUPTA Paula, or should I say Powla, joined us in Grade 1 1 . From her first day she has been teased about her SHORT height - trying to compensate with 3 inch heals she was still short (just joshing). This Bananarama bounced her way through Geo. 3A to the I.B. years of 12 and 13. I.B.I. B.I. B. She ' s an ex- pert in skiing and of course rowing - we ' ll not men- tion her little rowing outfits, i have never met and don ' t think I ' ll ever meet someone who has prefected the art of making a short story very very long as well as Paula has. Nobody understands how she can chatter away at one topic for such a long time. If you ask Paula a short answer question on South Africa set aside a couple of hours because she knows her stuff! Best of luck for the future - Class of ' 87 PAULA JARDINE - Prefect, Junior School Liason, Rowing, Skiing You-dink-a-Large Prefect - Be very very quiet I ' m hunting bandanas!! Giving it all up to become a bag lady, a cashier at Lablaw ' s or a guru in Nepal. A bike ' s a woman ' s best friend. A pit-stop in pearls at the little gas station outside Montreal. Up the river in my little raft and back down. Pubs and clubs. Freddie Flossie. What I did for money. The night of the seven swingapore sings. 10J. Fences. Lakefield. Why us? Why Pickering? Reconaissance missions to Pinto! Always on the look-out for the RED RABBIT. Bio nightmares that never end. SNIFF and other attempts at High Society. Attacking the PM ' s residence. The Elmwood coffee-pot. The 48 hr. morning after the night before. Come here pussy-cat. Watch out for the sharks with legs. -AH-REALLY!! Jul - the night she went all out, stayed home and came out anyways! Sunny and all the rest! Performing live at Massey Hall, Ray Thomson did the Raceway. — and out went the suitcase. Elvis in the elevator. You told her WHAT?! Remember - A ship in har- bour is safe, but that is not what ships are built for - always S, F, M. JUDY KORECKY - Prefect at large, Choir In Jane ' s six years at Elmwood she has commuted over 100,000 km to and from school. Jane also decided to log on a few more miles when she travelled to Germany for three months. Jane chose to keep a low profile at the school. She was evi- dent in the famous Elmwood band (playing an in- strument twice her size). Otherwise her presence was felt through the numerous notes left on her friends lockers. Jane will also be remembered as a great " gift giver " . Her presents were almost original and very welcome. Jane is looking forward to queens. She has already made plans to purple all her friends. Good luck Jane - You ' re going to be a great doctor. Remember: Fuzzy navels and Christmas concerts don ' t mix! JANE LOUGHEED - Band LYNNE MCKENZIE - Prefect at lange, Volleyball Ennyl joined the boisterous Elmwood gang way back in gr. 9. Throughout these 5 years she has mastered Rafting, nasty boys, computers and hangman. Oy Vey! Being clubbed to death in Greece and Italy must have been tough for a large Prefect who looks like a Bagel, but Murphy Jees, it most definitely prepared you for B.J. and opera- tion S.D. ' s. What do you mean it ' s a guy? Ah Bain, Ah Bain, let me tell ya, if I see another crutch I ' m gonna croak!! Don ' t forget that Dr. Ralph Rules, and the Indian Connection was an inspiration in my life! By the way, have you ever considered do- ing school work? - Oh yeah, I just remembered - You don ' t do school. May your D-Days and Strat- ford Laughing Attack memories be forever dear to you - snicker, snicker, at Sawyer School - ooh low blow, eh? Don ' t worry, I ' ll see you there, we ' ll do T.V. commercials together, ' ' Call 1-800-SAWYER " . Good luck, like a volleyball, will be blown over the net for you - although you pro- bably won ' t need it - you haven ' t yet! Keep smiling and party hearty! - computer buddy Indra, Inde, Indira, Indiana Jones, Indiana 500, In- dian - otherwise known as Inde. Vienna is to you what Montreal is to me. Well, Ind, we had a very DRY season at Elmwood, I hope it picks up next year in the big world of Post-secondary education - Algonquin College. Just Joshin. I mean university. But what about a grad date? There ' s P. from Ashbury, T. from H.F. or maybe anyone in pants from Trinity. You know, I don ' t know anyone that can sketch as well and as fast as you do. There are the things that will always make me remember you: liquid eyeliner, American Superstar football players, rhythm (or lack of it), Dr. Ralph, Vienna, Vogue magazine, sucking in your lips while you put on makeup, the word CUTE, SAAB ' s . . . Well Inde, I hope that I get a discount when I buy your fashions after you get your own label. No matter what happens, we ' lfalways be astrologically com- patible. So take care, yeah we ' re leaving high school and I ' ll see you at York. Love, Reese V . , c INDRA MAINI - Rowing L Porc-Epic: this is your grade 7 guide speaking: would you stop sniffing to the top 40 countdown! You quickly quit Pathfinders, over Hill and Dun - how many times? You should make a career of stu- dying llfeforms on the no. 16 bus! - if only your ski injury doesn ' t get in the way! Pete and Marty ' s (Rick), Tramps, Stratford and Zap (feel like a glowworm?) are common hangouts for Sniff- Along. Throw a rock in Old Faithful while touring Wyoming this summer! While sipping long bland Ice Tea ' s, we pondered the color of Platinum Punk ' s hair; tne Runaway Rabbit ( " hit the breaks! " ); the grossest flavour of popcorn (Dai- quiri); whether your hair was blue or red at Anne ' s party; Talks with Mommy Hoy; and what species of fly used to inhabit your ear. Lakefield boys, Kingston men and Tip Top have all been sources of amusement - remember " Lend a hand " ! Have you heard the story of Quasi and her housemates? At times like this - Rafting and Cancanning at the Raceway are musts! Remember; take a compass to your archeological dig in T.O. - we wouldn ' t want you to get lost in a sandbox! - Love Roach WENDY MITCHEL - Classics Club How long has it been 7, 8, no 9 years since AM ck came to Elmwood as a wee, wee tweenie in grade 5. Destined to become a Nightingale house head and a " Beef Round Up " hostess. Well a cowgirl you may not be, but a " Guarded with Security " saver you are. The wacky world of Economics conferences, St. An- drew, England, Rafting, Windsurfing, ahem, well . . ., almost windsurfing, Operation S.D. ' s, guys in kilts, Stratford and the party next door, Goncers, Hand signals, and B.B.Q. week will follow you around and we ' ll never let you forget them. Whose house is a loser and no your hair does not look gross - What are you talking about - shaving it off??!! Being a great supported of D-Days, Vanier shoppers, and mental institutions, has pulled this year through for you, and you must admit it ' s flown by. I wish you busloads of luck for your future at Devry - (just joking of course!) and may your McCain drinking boxes thaw out before you graduate!! Party Hearty and please don ' t shave your head! Tigger P.S. Canadians have no morals ALISON SCHMIDT - Prefect, Head of Nightingale Milena, Milly (-Billy?), ' Lena, Doris, and Daryl has survived Elmwood for nine years. She is known for her contageous laughter, those pink and blue suits, grapefruit crash- diets, . . . Wafa . . ., hmm . . ., winning medals and awards, and can be heard singing " Dans la Prison de Londre Dele Dele Dele " . Doris contributed to the B-Ball V-Ball teams, Samara and all-round school organization, as well as 3-men geo. algebra classes, NYE Parjies, and endless common room gabs. Your laughter always enlightened everybody . . . Despite her love for Stephan and devotion to her friends, she found enough time to be a top student and a great head of Wilson (you could teach other househeads about fund raising, babe). I will never forget " you sleep at my house, I sleep at your house " night, Edmonton Oilers, us perfect Europeans that never went on their trip to Europe, Philosophy naps, lunches spent with I.B. Math - Math, Math, Math . . ., and " mild tempered " strangulation of 12 yr. olds outside the Astrolight she couldn ' t get into! Thanks for introducing me to big cheese and yougurt lunches, the Bay and se- cond hand tans! You ' re a great friend! Good luck. Love Andrea MILENA SIGMUND - Prefect, Head of Wilson, B-Ball, Volle yball, Bus. Comp. RACHEL SOAR Volleyball Senior Prefect, Tigger; when you started your long journey through Elmwood neither you nor anyone else knew what was in store. There are a multitude of things that you will be remembered by. However boring a list is it ' s the only way to include everything: Roch Poach; Mrs. M. Jaclcson; " Oh Anne " ; Big Bertha; Alain; Eyesbrow; Musically in- clined; fuzzy navels; " How old do you think we are? " CMAC; Lipstick at Tokyo Joe ' s; Volleyball; common room grad discussions; A. A.; The Raft- smen; 71370537; Lakefield; Operation S.D.; Strat- ford; She ' s a MEAN MEAN WOMAN; $50 at the Raceway; Hallowe ' en; that laugh; scooter adven- tures; windsurfing; Thatcher; The Mother ' s Guild at Quad ' s; The man in the red bathing suit; The fiat ride on Bank St.; St. Andrews; Senior Prefect; The French Connection; Squeezing 101 oranges with Steve; the aftergrad; Excerise room frenzy; Neil Young at the Skyline; C ' est la vie at Chez Henri etc. . . . Well, it certainly was a blast. Go Forth and Multiply, remember " PARTY HEARTY " and " FIGHT FOR THE RIGHT! " - Ali kl Dear Resa, You have been quite an interesting addition to Elmwood for the past three years that you have been here, popular for your love of Montreal, your extreme hyperactivity before exams, and your unending quest to L.H.P.II Maybe this summer!! You are known for your late-night Sunday phone calls with S.D. and that memorable 5 hour gripe with K.M.,L.A., CP. etc. You are a West In- dian Girl!!! B ' s and P ' s, Biology 5A, Moodie Drive, Ottawa U M.H. ' s and the big R.C.M.H. which is only now starting to progress? Thank you for introducing me to McChicken ' sll Thanks for supporting me and reminding me of the wrongness of vanity and insecurity (our mutual problem). You have joined every sports team Elmwood has ever had, even those unofficial ones especially D.R.I! Resa, as head of Fry you were well-loved even though you left all the Fundraising to the last minute! Ten years from now, you ' ll probably be giving yourself professional psychiatric counselling or making lots of money in the national limbo-dance company of T T. We have been through so much these past three years. Despite your various flaws, you are a special and unique person. You are a good friend. Love, Shelly. Thanks to my family and Kath, Trace, Shel, Nich, Anje, Mil, Ind, Bru, Chu. RESA SOLOMON - Prefect: Head of Fry, Basketball, Volleyball We first took notice when Barb ' s initials went public down at Art ' s next to D.C. - and her life ' s harlequin style stories soon became the hot grade 8 ossip. But life didn ' t really start until grade 10 ... or was It Sat. May 26?! We will never forget those Embassy Parties in the greenhouse or the late night debates " Should I stay or should I go " ? Barb ' s love for fast moving vehicles began on the back of a motorcycle then the famous FIAT . . . still in search of that green tie?! " Happy Talking " all the way to Montreal the stop for GAS on the way home. Beaches In Bali and Cuba have experienced Barb friends. The Introduction to Rick ' s braced us for Rafting better yet the Butler Motel the Raceway - WHERE did you get that sweater? The Hub was O.K. but " hiding " in our room was fourrier. Eggroll cravings, counting the steps home last AND the largest, PHIL! This year she has worked hard as the voice of the formal committee, but in future, who knows? Her two talents lie in cosmetology yet she hopes to pursue business at McGill. We send her off with these public war- nings: keep your cat out of range and NEVER say " party naked " ! BARBARA TOTH - Formal Committee, Choir IT ' S a bird, it ' s a plane, NO! It ' s SUPER EV! She has come to save us from evil school regulations. " Way to go EV! " But seriously, why has she really come? Was it to get 80 ' s in all her classes, or to torment teachers until they all end up in mental in- stitutions? Who knows? Who cares? Eveline is just fun to be around. Her passions include Dave, Dave and you guessed it, more Dave. And when Eveline is not spending her time either thinking about, talking about, or being with Dave, or trying to find her lost brother who forgot to find his socks, you can find her either studying, laughing or swearing loudly. But that ' s O.K. because she ' s the only one with the guts to speak her mind. What a year! Thanks EV. EVELINE VAN BUNGE Julie came to Elmwood four years ago. Almost since her first day at Elmwood we became aware of her great artistic talents. After four years of refining her talents in Elmwood ' s art lab., Julie made the decision that fashion designing would be her future career. Julie, next year we will all miss you. Have a great time at Parson ' s School of Design in New York City. We wish you all the suc- cess in the world and hope to soon see your designs being shown in Paris alongside Valentino and Chanel. Love Grade 12. P.S. Don ' t buy too many clothes in the Big Apple! JULIE KANG - Samara co-editor, Duke of Ed., Pottery, Rowing, Cosmetol- ogy, Math Club, Tae Kwon Do, Stu- dent ' s Council, Drama Club. Gillian is an old " Fogette " . She has been at Elmwood for 9 interesting years. During those years she has accumulated many merit pins which are now in the 360° circle. In her senior year she has been flexing her biceps in crew and has racked her brains as co-editor for this yearbook. We will miss Gill ' s sudden little comments and her sexy black and white minis during Civies ' days. Good luck at the University of Pennsylvania, you Ivy leaguer. We do not know what Gill ' s career will be, but we suspect it has something to do with the physics of egg mobiles. P.S. Remember, it ' s Chanel not Channel, and if you start wearing argyle vests and socks we will come and strangle you! GILLIAN HEWITT - Samara co-editor, Duke of Edinburgh, Pottery, Rowing, Cosmetology, Piano, Tae Kwon Do GRADE 12 Zandra Brown - " Pato " , " Woman " , " Hap- py Birthday " Ellen Bruce - " Pato " perma- nent sick room resident Carol Hodgson Nice hat! Chase Harris - " Chasey! Yours to Discover " • 1 Julie Kang - Gucci Twin 1 Fiona Doetsch Almighty little rower . . . Gillian Hewitt - Gucci Twin 2 Nicole Knowlton - " Secadm " Hopalong . . . Kerstin Bruchhaeuser - " have you seen AnneMarie Fournier - " Hey would you like to stop and have a smoke? " Charlotte Elder - " Smirnoff! " It ' s not easy being green in English class. Nicole Jackson - Pigeon Bait? Elmwood ' s sock trendsetter? " No, Mrs. Heacock, there ' s a puppy in f here. " Katie Chao " Smirnoff " Vicki Grossmann- Hensel - VIckums, Herr Direktor . . . 30 Kimberly Meyermann - " Anybody going to Daniels? " Inka Pauls - She ' s living a splash of a life! Anja Miller - David Bowie; Red Lips; Thespian Tina Koutsavasilis - " She " drives like a maniac, but she still loves me! Kirstin Podeschwik - " You guys still can ' t spell my first name! " Eileen MacPhee - " A girl ' s gotta have some secrets. " ; Dominican Republic ... I lost a lot of things in the D.R.; No Probs . . . Party Place ' 87; " Waa- Waa " Michelle Morrison - " John " ; " . . . go- ing to T.O. will travel ... " Louise Shearman - In Dominican Republic like a fish, oops I didn ' t see that yellow thing. Vivian Yu - WOMAN, she ' s very international; " Howdy, Howdy " Kristen Lawr - 7 is Heaven; B.M. Home sweet home . . . which one? Christine McGregor - Scrapes, bruises, tumbles, IGA, jog ' ging past Univer- sity dorms . . . Roxanne Proulx - Colour co- ordinated math whiz Julie Waterhouse - Abluh, bluh, blah, blaa! GRADE 11 Sheila Barber (Shelagh) - Remind me to tell you what happen- ed last night. Shawn Belton (Shawncie) - Hey dude! Jennifer Blais (Jen) - Like a banana . . . like a cherry. Eve Castell (Evila) - Dream on chicken finger! Katie Bell (Katreen) - You ' re such a woman! Elanor Brodie (Egg) - But, I don ' t understand! Nicky Cole (Nik) My, my . . . Stephanie Cutis (Fred) - You know . . . Devi Ferri (S.D.) - Ya Mom, we ' ll be fine. Gung, gung. Sienna Filleul (Sienna Wenna) - You ' re such a beast. Margaret Goodman (Mike) Ont va faire un Scavenger Unt. Louise Hayes (Lewis) - What about me?! Suzanne HIggins (Queen Nefertiti) - In France . . . Annette Jardine (Nanette) - No, I work on Yonge Street. Susanna Kong (Shu) - What does this mean? 32 Jacquie Manchevsky (Smack) - Not so loud please. I have a headache. Tara Morrison (?)- I ' ve never had a nickname. Alison Morrow (Alie) - I ' m sorry, could you please repeat the question. Tegan Schioler (Teg) - Sign out for me too. Dilsheesh Purewal (Dilly) - You ' re such a gomer!!! Suzie Shillington (The Original Babycakes) - Easy to carry, handle. Julie Anne Rickerd (Jules) - Listen . . . listen to me . . . Elaine Stalter (Lainie) - Copasectic man. Beth Steacy (Beef) - Look Devi, you can see pictures in the fire. Nancy Sutterlin (Nance) - I ' ve been watching you! Paula Tomlin (Tomlin) - He ' ll smoke fire and jello at me!!! Tania Turner (Tan) - Mrs. Hoy, that ' s not nice. Nila Varan (Neel) - The next thing you know . . . The next . . . " What Neel? " I forgot. 33 GRADE 10 Stephanie Bousquet: " Is my hair longer? " Nicky Carpenter: " Guess what . . . more news! Check this out! " Julie Coulson: ski-dance, hot tub party, special child Camille Beaufort: piano, recorder club, Karate, Ricky, New York, " Teach me Latin " Sue Cameron: " Mike . . . guess who called ... we talked. " Katrina Carroll- Foster: " Thingo . . . oh . . . you know his name Alysia Davies: long-lasting record. Megan Dunn: " I forgot my homework . . . really did it! " but t Stacey Gibbs: dedicated student, " We have school, today . . . " Vivienne Edwards: " Don ' t insult my gospel music . . . hey, chick. " u Dana Gellman: " Want a bite of my tofu egg salad sandwich? " Belinda Guy: beautician or what Cathy Hanbury: the nails, okay. Dragon Lady, " I don t know this! " Julie Henderson: geek, always late for the early morn- ing class Jill Hogg: " Dill, help me! ' . . . Math homework Alexa Holmes: Friday and Satur- day nights, OJ, sleepovers ' till 5:30 AM Catherine Jeanjean: pessimism is a learned artform . . . 34 Dilshad Lalani: " I got ALL the math homework! " Alison Lewis: " I never shop at Polo. " Allison MacFarlane: " I hate being run down by shrimps! " Stephanie McLeod: " Don ' t call me frogger! " Nadya McElligott: chicken pusher, watch out in the Lab . . . Jillian Napier: geek, " Yeah, right! " , volleyball player!!! Erin O ' Brien: " What is math??? " , singing and tennis, yeah Pam Price: " What homework . . . you ' re kidding!!! " Lisa Rambert: wild cherry lip balm . . . hey bud . . . Shannon Robinson: " Help this! +? locker is stuck, AGAIN " Kenne Ryan: accomplice in pyromania . . . Rita Sakus: " Not another one of those strange birds . . . " Dee Shipley: 7 down, 42 to go! OJ forever . . . II a Tracey Solomon: Bathsheba, jock, amnesia, marshal!, muffins . . . Anne Stacey: " Don ' t ask about the swimming parties! " Lisa Tang: Hong Kong trendie Habiba Thawer: " When I was 6 I ran away from home . . , they haven ' t let me back in yet . . . " 35 GRADE 9 Samantha Am- bridge - " I saw the Best looking guy this morning. " Karena Bellaar- Spruyt - " Evil eyes ... I do not! " Christine Dawood ■ " saw this gorgeous intern today. " Nina Esrocl - " Nine . . . wait for me. " Karin Frederl ing - ' Oxford . . . Lester B. " Elizabetti Haydon - " Lizard . . . nice lid hunl " Lisa Kanigsberg - " She ' s scaring me Bishal lia Basuroy " Shakha . . . Ya, Ya, sure. " Elizabeth Drent ■ " That ' s so immature! " Manya Greenberg - " Maun . . . hair up . . . or . . . down? " Joelle Allen - " C ' est la vie Claudia Beltran - " Are you eating something? " Nicole Edwards - " I ' m going to Bar- bados tomorrow. " Claire Beaubien - " I ' m in a deep blue funk. " Libby Edmison - " Lib . . . come here often? " Hester Grodde " Puffa Lump . , Bishops!!! " .{1 Andrea Hoffenberg - " I ' ve redone my hair already 8 times today " f Savannah Ladouceur " Purina . . Fnear! " you Genevieve LeBlanc ■ " Have Hash and Sheila broken up yet? " Heather Alyea - " Heff . . I ' ve got tension. " Mary Capello - " Are you serious . . . really! NO PROBLEM! " Rosemary Fincham - " Rose, Bambi . . . is my hair O.K.? " Miranda Holbrook " Mandy ... I finished my book! ' Sarah Maywood - " There are so many chemicals in that . . . " Virginia Murray - " Gin . . . are you really serious? " Gillian Siebrasse - " I can do whatever I want. " Kathleen Macauley - " Ropen . . . O- tay! Fine! Dandy! " Teena Mehta - " Tiny . . . seriously, I ' m not kidding. " Trish Reilly - " Rye . . . does it look like I did my homework? " Strachan McCarthy - " stunted . . . Stop . . . NO? " Mary Niles - " I ' m confused . . . honest??? " Rebecca Ticl le - " Gee . . . that was funny. " Una Wallace - " Goppertop . . . what happened on Saturday? " Leiko Marr - " Lake ... do I get a hug? " Samara Mimesh - " Sammy . . . the yearbook has MY name! " Michelle Riff - " Punky ... If you don ' t stop I ' ll hit you. " Valerie Ventureyra - " I don ' t know??? " Lucy McLachlan - " That ' s my chair Zoe Pettengell - " I ' m so depressed Elena Trabalza - " Elly . . . giagle, giggle, giggfe! " Deanna Waterman - " Snort, snort . . . giggle, giggle . . . Esther Maser - " I ' m in the BEST mood today. " Jenny Mirsky - " I want to be ' forever . . . young ' . " Melanie Rupprecht - " These are the days to remember. " Alexa von Wendt - " Oh no, not again! " GRADE 8 Caroline Brisson: I was tortured by my alarm clock. Alia Al-Zand: my private jet broke down. Lucy Castell: my mother threw it out. Alyssa Delicate: my nose got stuck in my book. Amanda Dunn: I had to drop my bag because a man was chasing me. Kaileigh Fletcher: my hamster got stuck in the radiator. Mary Gilbertson: I cannot tell a lie I didn ' t do it. Catriona Hardie: I thought the teachers were on strike. Christie Callan-Jones: Finnigan turned 50. Maya Chaly: last night when I was sleepwalking I ate it. Stephanie Dryden-Cripton: my mother stole it. Marika Farrell: I was being held hostage in my bedroom. Alexia Forrester: my teeth were itchy and my feet hurt. Amelia Green: my puppy confused my homework which was on the floor with his newspaper ... I did it though. Pat Harewood: my allergies were acting up . . . again. Lisa Baylin: I got lost. I couldn ' t find the school. Susan Campbell: I was walking along minding my own business when a complete stranger leapt out of the bushes, grabbed all my work and ran. Renee Fay: I lost my glasses so I couldn ' t see the questions. Caroline Greenwood: my mother forced me to eat brussel sprouts and I went into a sixteen hour coma. Nazlin Hirji: I did it but by the time I got to school it had just disappeared. 40 Samantha Mason: my dog had a serious case of depression and I had to console her all night. Jill Pearse: I forgot! Ricarda Rudolph: I fell down the stairs and broke my leg just as I was about the start the homework assignment. f Erika Westman: my dad took it to a conference with him by mistake. Rebecca Keen: I can ' t find it. Meredith Nelson: I was grounded and my punishment was to not do my homework. Catherine Richardson: I did it but my sister lined her par- rot ' s cage with it. Kathleen Scott: it was a really windy day and it blew into a tree and by the time I got out the ladder it was gone reportedly taken by a young squirrel to line it ' s nest. Claire Millington: I have a severe allergy to homework and have been advised to stay away from it. Megan Pound: all of my pens ran out of ink and all of my pencils were eaten by a family of beavers that were staying with us. Barbara Savage: I had better things to do. Susan Wooles: my dad ' s dentures were stuck in my ballet shoes. Andrea Kucey: I got a hostile anonymous phone call and they would not let me hang up. El Gwyneth Norman: I got lost on the ski trail. Kim Ross: a UFO landed in my backyard and I threw things at it to make it go away, unfortunately, one of the things I threw at it was my homework sheets. Molly Tepper: my mother put it through the washer. Julie Napier: I had to babysit my fish and they kept me from concen- trating on my homework. Melanie Ouevillon: it is against my religion to do homework on cer- tain days and last night was just one of those days. Tory Shoemaker: I couldn ' t find anything to wear. Josephine Yang: my braces got stuck to my toothbrush. Stephanie McKnight: while I was walking the dog someone mugged me and only took my homework. Jen O ' Neill: I was stricken with a rare and sudden tropical disease. Terri-Lyn Ross: the cookie monster ate it. Roxane Vezina: I was kept away from it by a ferocious 7 inch Pekinese terrier. GRADE 7 Caroline Boushey: did you watch " Growing Pains " last night? Atoshi Chatter jee: excuse me, Mrs. Bellamy. Leslie Crate: uh, um, wait, I know that! 4 3 Rebecca Esrock: do I have to??? Monica Kirclilioff: what did you get on that test? Katherine Ages: I luv yu Kafie! Katie Breen: I luv vu Kafuin! Natasha Corrin: oh, come on you guys . . . Odelia Culley. nooo . . . Margaret Floyd: I ' ll call you tonight. Anne Gildenhuys: Where ' s my brush??? Alexandra Howard: does anybody have a brush? Suzanne Beaubien: hi! Clegg! Sandi Chao: Chandi Soo . Kimberly Coulter: oh no, I am going to fail this test . . . Julia Ediger: Holy Cow! f Shannon Fox: I ' m sorry! Katie Norton: ya, but the thing is f Stephanie Hyde: you guys . . . Sarah Lavigne: I like that song. l en-Lee Liew: mousy . . . 42 Andrea Lobo: really!?! Marty Mazanji: eeh! Jeanne Mehta: that ' s good. Claire Morrison: hi, Sig! Alia Naffouj: I knew that monkey on the vault. Samantha Ouimet: that is corny. i Jennifer Peters: we ' ll see you . , Tina Saryeddine: I ' m not worried!!! Leanne Smith: what do we have for homework? Mary Raths: don ' t ask me. Kristen Saunder: nooo problem . . Zoe Stikeman: you guys, I ' m serious! Catriona Stuart-Bell: oh Lord, I ' m bored. Amanda Tomlin: I feel sick, again Allison Whitney: stupiiiddd!!! Kristina Sakus: hi guys, what ' s new? Angela Seshadri: you have to come up to the class- room. Sarah Storey: we ' re only having a LOUD discussion! Lin Tan: how ' s my hair? Alessandra Trabalza: help me, I ' m going to fail this test! Mary Young: don ' t call me Marie! GRADE 6 Tara Chauhan NO! Catherine Menard O come on you guys. Jennifer Scrimger ■ Get lost. Jane Lee - Giddyup Nightly. Marie-Laure Sauvageau - Don ' t do that you fool. Julie Slow - I dids not - Yick! Angela van den Ham - Take a pill. Jasmine Bernstein - Ya, ya! That ' s what they all say. Elizabeth Bousquet - If you ' re smart, then pigs fly. Davina Given - I don ' t know anybody by that name. Christine McKay - Awesome-wicked- Charlotte Truelsen That ' s not right. Shannon Wires - Well, excuuuse me! 5 Laura Woolsey - So he was her brother and that makes me her se- cond cousin . . . GRADE 5 6 Catherine Clark . . . ' Parking Lot ' ; " Oh, freaky . . . " Christine Gandilo . . . ' Teen ' ; " That test was S-0-0-0 easy! " Christina Hill . . . ' Christine ' " Oh, my goodness! " Alexandra Bade . . . ' Alex ' ; " I ' m not THAT dumb! " Vicky Kellet . . . ' Wicket ' ; " How ' s the weather up there, Alii? " Hannah Griller . . . ' Hannah- Banana ' ; " Yuck- Puck " Elizabeth Capper . . . ' Libby ' ; " You ' re so revolting! " Alice Lafferty . . . ' Alli-Balli ' ; " Nobody ' s perfect! " 45 GRADE 4 Melanie Capper I would like to be a UFO because I like scaring people out of their wits. Alex Ladouceur I would love to be a cat because they can lie around all day and they don ' t have to go to school. Christian Dymond I would like to be Rob Boyd because he is an excellent shier. Jonathan Moore I would like to be Jim Henson, the puppet master, because I think the Muppets are neat. Guilio Colonna I would like to be Phileas Fogg because he has so many adventures. Vram Maiek I want to be Donald Duck because he is a blabbermouth Carolyn Saunders I want to be Jim Davis because he draws such good cartoons and I LOVE to draw and paint. Bobby Yazdi I want to be a famous hockey player because they have fun and they win medals and trophies. Emily Bell I would like to be a flower queen so I could wear fancy dresses and jewelry. Juliette Gundy I am not sure what I would like to be just yet as I don ' t know what my hob- bies will be when I grow up. Matthew Parkinson I want to be a dog because they are so friendly and fun to be with. Sjur Tobiassen I would like to be Garfield because I love lasagna just as much as he does. Caroline Dawes I would like to be the queen because she is very smart and famous. Matthew Merkley I would like to be a famous soccer player. Joshua Scuby I would like to be Grant Fuhr because he ' s the best goalie in the world. Sarah Zollinger I would like to be myself because I like myself and I like to live with my family. Johanna Bon I would like to be a queen since they get so much atten- tion, jewels and a handsome husband. Suzan Hill I would like to be Corey Hart because he is such a good singer. Michael Pilkington I would like to be MATS NASLUND of the Montreal Canadiens because he tries so hard and scores lots of goals. Lauren Vierhaus I want to be the lead singer of the Miami Sound Machine becaus e I love their music. GRADE 2 3 Mary Bousquet ... I would like to be a grape because they are sweet, tasty and good for you. Jaime Kowal ... I would choose to be a juicy, sweet, plump peach. A peach is always taken on picnics and eaten in the fresh air. Duncan McCansh ... I would choose to be a pineapple because it is sweet and juicy. Scott Ventureyra ... I would like to be an apple so I could be the teacher ' s pet. Renee Edwards . , . would like to be a grapefruit because it is bright and sour and has lots of vitamins. Christopher Lobo ... I want to be a Japanese pear because all the others would not be able to speak to Karen Morrison ... I would choose to be a nectarine as it tastes so sweet and smooth. Jessica Clapperton ... I would like to be a mango because it is a very sweet fruit. I Masquel Lasserre ... I would like to be a spiky pineap- ple so that I would only be picked up by those who really wanted me. Colleen McManus ... I would like to be a pear because it is very juicy. Robin Wilkinson ... I would choose to be a pineapple because I would be able to live in high trees. Nilanjan Banerjee ... I would like to be a pineapple because if some- one attacked me I could poke them with my spikes. Alexandra Eyre ... I would be a lime since it is very bitter and some people like bitter fruits. Amy Marett ... I want to be a strawberry because the leaves are pricky and nobody could see me in the bush. Joseph Mouaikel ... I would want to be a coconut because it is full of sweet milk and good white meat. Tova Bonn .1 would like to be a carrot because carrots are good for children. Sally Crate . . . 1 would like to be a zucchini because most peo- ple don ' t like zuc- chini and I wouldn ' t be eaten. Emily Morris ... I would like to be a peach because my favourite colours are peach and pink. Nicholas Seppala ... I would choose to be a potato because with my many eyes I would be able to see everything. Jimmy Yang ... I would like to be a coconut because I would be living in a very warm and sunny place. GRADE 1 2 A FUN DAY WOULD BE: Frederique Delapree - going to outer space with Marc Garneau. Matthew Keevil-McKirdy - going to Africa to catch alligators. Alexis Mintsioulis - being with Mrs. Lloyd. Melissa-Anne Mur- phy - Mrs. Lloyd br- inging Kelli to school. Angela Singhal - staying at home all day. Trenton Baumgarten - making a fort with Jordan, Christopher, and Matthew S. Staisey Divorski ■ going to the Art Gallery. Etienne Menard going animal track- ing with snowshoes on. Anjali Mishra - my brother going away for the day. Chrissie Nelms - coming to school to see Mrs. Lloyd. Jordan Sweetnam - downhill skiing. Anne-Marie Bissada - going to Florida. Catriona Given - going tobogganing Becce Merkley - having a birthday everyday. Christopher Mitchell - going skating on the canal. Matthew Scuby - taking a trip around the world. Marsha Taichman gardening in the garden. Ingeborg Tobaissen - going home with Mrs. Lloyd. 49 SPORTS CAPTAINS (Top to Bottom) Kerstin Bruchhaueser (Wilson), Vicky Grossmann-IHensel (Nightingale), Chase Harris (School Sports Captain), Nicole Knowlton (Keller) Absent - Nila Varan (Fry) Well, once again this year, Elmwood teams have dazzled their opposition throughout their interscholastic endeavours, not only in spirit, but also in sheer talent. We ' ve had two sports ' days this year which served as a great introduction to the new year and a grand finale to full and satisfying (!!!) year to one and all. Thanks go out to the prefects, Grade 13s and teachers who gave it their all to make these days special for everyone. Congratulations should go out to all of our teams, for their hard work, dedication and excellent results. Special mention for the Ski Team which ad- vanced to the Provincial Finals representing the Ottawa region, the Tennis Team which advanced to the City Finals, to our Tae Kwon Do girls who form- ed the first all-girls club in Canada and the Senior Volleyball Team who represented Elmwood in the City Playoffs, the Bishop Strachan Invitational Tournament and our continuing exhibition series with Ashbury. With the skills, enthusiasm and boisterous spirit all of Elmwood can be proud. Thanks to everyone who came out to House Games, especially the faithful ones - and you know who you are! My special thanks go to the house sports ' captains: Nicole Knowlton, Vicky Grossmann-Hensel, Nila Varan, and Kerstin Bruchhaueser. Also to Mrs. Neale whose help and support made this year a great one. Just think, sports fans, if we can do this well now, who ' s gonna stop us when we have a GYM!!!? love, Chase ROWING (Top Row - Left to Right) Mrs. Chapman (Standing), Fiona Doetsch, Julie Kang, Nicole Knowlton, Julie Henderson, Ingrid Kujala (Middle Row - Sitting - Left to Right) Kenne Ryan, Liz Haydon, Rebecca Tickle, Alexa Von Wendt, Gillian Hewitt, Sheila Barber, Katie Bell (Bottom Row - Left to Right) Jillian Napier, Lucy McLachlan, Gillian Siebrasse, Annette Jardine, Stephanie Cutts, Margaret Goodman, (Absent) Paula Jardine The Elmwood Crew consisted of two eights this year, and practised five days a week in rain, sleet, or sunshine. They competed against local high schools in two regattas: a head race on the Rideau Canal and a 1500 metre sprint on the Ottawa River. Highlighting the season was the third place finish of both fours in the sprint and the determination of the eight to hold off Glebe on the final turn of the canal race. Congratulations on a superb team effort throughout the year. JR-SR VOLLEYBALL (Top Row - Left to Right) Jenny Mirsky, Virginia IVIurray, Leiko Marr, Julie Henderson, Habiba Thawer, Margaret Goodman and IVIrs. Neale. (Bottom Row - Left to Right) Lisa Rambert, Gillian Napier, Tracey Solomon, Belinda Guy, Sue Cameron. Elmwood ' s Jr-Sr. volleyball team had one of its busiest and best seasons this past year. Practices began in early November - two times a week at the Boys and Girls Club (a real gym!). In January we entered a tournament at Samuel Genest H.S. in which we made it to the finals. Many of our games were exciting, well played and often went into overtime. In the finals of the tournament the match went into overtime and we did lose 3 games to 2 - therefore placing 2nd overall! In our regular season play in February we had 2 wins - we defeated Andre Laurendeau 3-0, and Charlebois 3-1 . Many of our other games were exciting and very close - we lost 4 matches by a score of 3-2. The team improved greatly this year - in skill and in spirit. Team members include our rookie grade 9 ' s Virginia Murray, Leiko Marr, Jenny Mirsky, Trish Reilly plus Strachan McCarthy who would have to be our " rookie of the year " . Strachan worked her way up from a beginner to a first string player. Grade 10 " first time players " in- clude Habiba Thawer, Belinda Guy, Margaret Goodman and Julie Henderson (who consistent- ly lead the team in spirit and encouragement.) Our veteran team players include Lisa Rambert, Sue Camerson, captain Tracey Solomon, and Jillian Napier (whose unreturnable bullet-like serve brought our team many points). Congratulations to all for a very successful and fun-filled season. Coach: Mrs. Neale 54 SR VOLLEYBALL (Top Row - Left to Right) Rachel Soar - Captain, Chase Harris, Christine McGregor (Middle Row - Left to Right) Kerstin Bruchhaueser, Milena Sigmund, Eileen MacPhee, Lynne McKenzle, Resa Solomon - on slide (Bottom Row - Left to Right) Vivian Yu, Paula Tomlln and Mr. McCabe The Senior Volleyball team enjoyed a very satisfying year making the city playoffs for the first time in recent memory. There was a fine balance of talent on the team that led to exciting play throughout the regular season as well as in our exhibition and tournament matches. Our season record was 4 wins and 6 losses although a few of those losses were close enough so that a supportive crowd in an Elmwood gym would have made the difference. As it turns out the season was just an appetizer for our tournament play. The Bishop Strachan Tournament was an opportunity to test ourselves against teams from other private schools. After a round robin record of 4 wins and 1 loss we entered the playoffs on a natural high but met with a mixture of physical exhaustion and determined opposition. The result was a final game loss by 2 points (14-16). Although not the fairy tale ending we would have liked everything else about the weekend was memorable from the slippery excitement of the 401 to the delectable delicacies of Mr. Greenjeans. Our playoff opponent was Immaculta who h ad not lost a single game in regular season or exhibition play. Our hopes were modest as we just wanted to be competitive. After the initial jitters were dealt with the team settled into some truly excellent play with super blocks and ex- tended rallies. An annual highlight is the continuing series of exhibitions with our sister team from Ashbury. Playing in their new gym with a new coach they again provided us with credible opposition as we just managed to win the series 3-1 . Ashbury also hosted a tournament with a mix of 3 private and 3 public schools which provided fierce competition and friendly com- radeship. We managed a first place finish after the round robin but did eventually lose to an Ottawa Board school. Thanks, to everyone involved with the team this year. I enjoyed myself, I hope you did. TENNIS (Top Row - Left to Right) Mrs. Muggins, Julie Coulson, Chase Harris, Sienna Filleul (Bottom Row - Left to Right) Valerie Ventureyra, Belinda Guy, Sue Cameron, Kimberley Meyerman (Raised), Una Wallace, Vicky Grossmann- Hensel, Nina Esrock The tennis team had a very successful season this year. We teamed up with Ashbury and Mr. Conrad ' s boy ' s team which helped mould the team into a powerhouse allowing vic- tories in several matches. The team played six regular season matches against such Ottawa Board schools as Glebe Collegiate, De La Salle and Andre Laurendeau. On the strength of the team ' s second place finish in their division, they qualified for the City Finals at the Sporttech in Hull. The girls played well against some very tough opposition. Thanks to Mrs. Knap for her fine coaching and constant support of the team. JUNIOR SOCCER The Junior School Soccer team practiced twice a week, taking advan- tage of the regulation-sized Rockliffe School soccer field. The team attend- ed a one-day tournament at J.H. Put- man School and tied for second place. The girls displayed a combina- tion of excellent soccer skills, deter- mination and good sportsmanship. Mrs. O ' Brien, the coach, along with the entire school took pride in their accomplishment. Special thanks go to Paula Gilbert for her expertise and to Mr. Yates for his help at the Top Row, L to R: Jill Pearse, Alia Al-Zand, Katie Horton, Megan Pound, Julie Napier, Patricia Harewood, Rebecca Esrock Bottom Row, L to R: Catriona Stuart-Bell, Alia Naftouj, Katie Breen, Alexandra Howard, Stephanie Hyde, Sarah Lavigne, Andrea Lobo, Mrs. O ' Brien - Coach. 56 JUNIOR VOLLEYBALL (Top Row - Left to Right) Jill Pearse, Julie Napier, Susan Campbell, Amanda Dunn, Lucy Castell, Lisa Baylin, Renee Foy , Alia Al-Zand (Bottom Row - Left to Right) Alexandra Howard, Katie Breen, Anne Gildenhuys, Kathryn Ages, Alia Naffouj, Mrs. O ' Brien - Coach The team showed great enthusiasm and dedication throughout the season. A number of the girls enjoyed the benefits of a one-day volley clinic at Hopewell School run by Dugal Mar- tin. Thank you girls for your participation. SKI TEAM (Standing) Nicole Knowlton (Left), Libby Edmison (Right) (Sitting - Left to Right) Julie Coulson, Andrea Hoffenburg, Suzie Shillington (Kneeling - Left to Right) Fiona Doetsch, Liz Haydon, Kenne Ryan, Nicole Jackson Absent - Mrs. Knowlton, Coach 1987 was a banner year for the skiing Eagles. Victory followed success, culminating in an exciting trip to the Provincial Championships near Coll- ingwood. Competing against the best skiers in Ontario our girls were impressive. Thirty-one teams competed, eighteen of which were in our Division. Elmwood placed twelvth overall and were SILVER MEDALLISTS in the Closed Category Com- petition. To all a well-deserved BRAVO!! Our " B " team joined with Ashbury again this year to compete in the O.B.E. Co-Ed Novice Competition. Despite jitters and trepidation, the girls skied well enough for the team to place seventh. Congratulations to all. 57 SR. BASKETBALL Determination, staying power, spirit, and good sportsmanship are just a few characteristics which describe the quality of the team members of this year ' s edition of the Elmwood Eagles Basketball team. Ever anticipating our new gym keeps spirits high on a team which suffers a serious dis- advantage in having to practice outside on asphalt, and never having scheduled home games. This year players imported from Germany and Spain did not improve our record over the previous year but certainly improved our performance on the court. Our single victory over Andre Laurendeau was our largest margin of victory ever. However, our best performance came against Rideau, the eventual champions, in a game at Ashbury College. For the first time ever the girls felt what it is to have the crowd on your side. They played a tremendous game losing by twelve points . . . the first game we played against Rideau we lost by about fifty points! Needless to say the basketball team, as well as all other school teams, can hardly wait until the new facilities are in use. Special mention has to be made regarding the outstanding performances of Sinke Aust, an exchange student from Germany. She received several All-Star votes and was an excellent addition to this year ' s team. Can we improve our record for next year? Time will tell . . . TRACK AND FIELD Top Row (L to R) - Karin Frederking, Deanna Waterman Middle Row (Kneeling L to R) - Mrs. Muggins, Lisa Rambert Bottom Row (L to R) - Nicole Jackson, Susanna Kong, Nila Varan Even though weather didn ' t always agree with us, the team managed to fit in practices during lunch and after school. The track meet wasn ' t as successful as we had hoped, but the team worked hard and is already gearing up for next year. Thank-you Mrs. Hug- gins for your time, support, and dedication. SR. SOCCER It was quite a short season this year but we played our best, against the best the Ottawa Board had to offer. Even though we had some tough losses we had moments of sweet victory such as the 5-1 drubbing of Ashbury. Mrs. Neale coached us through some amazingly close games such as the ties against St. Pat ' s and Lycee Claudel. Special thanks go out to Paula Gilbert who was always there to help us with our skills and our spirits. It also was an amusing season, at times, as we played through the mud game after game which never did help us reach our potential. Thanks to all our supporters, especially to Savannah Ladouceur who came out to all our games and was our linesman assuring us the fairest of calls. (Standing - L to R) Sheila Barber, Cathy Hanbury, Sue Cameron, Shannon Robinson, Louise Hayes, Shawn Belton, Nicky Cole, Julie Coulson, Tracey Solomon (Kneeling - Middle Right) Kathleen Macauley, Savannah Ladouceur (Lying Down - L to R) Carol Hodgson, Eileen MacPhee, Chase Har- ris, Habiba Thawer, Tegan Schioler, Jacquie Manchevsky Absent - Resa Solomon (Captain), Suzie Shillington, Jillian Napier, Alexa Holmes 59 SWIM TEAM (Top Row - Left to Right) Katrina Carroll-Foster, Nadya McElligott, Rita Sakus, Cathy Hanbury, Alexa von Wendt, Deanna Waterman and Mrs. Muggins (Bottom Row - Left to Right) Anne Stacey, Kenne Ryan, Shawn Belton, Mary Capello, Nancy Sutterlin The first ever Elmwood Swim Team had a very successful season. Practices began the second week in September and were held on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the St. Laurent pool. During the course of the season, the team competed in two mini-meets, a qualifying meet for the City Championship and the City Championship itself. The mini-meets proved to be good preparation for the City Championships allowing the girls to " scout " their competi- tion. We competed against Glebe Collegiate, Lisgar, Hillcrest, and De La Salle in those meets. Hard work resulted in every team member qualifying for the City Championship which was held at the Carleton University Swimming Complex. Congratulations to Mary Capello who was the Junior Girls ' Champion in the 50 metre Freestyle consolation and to Shawn Belton who placed first in the Senior Girls ' 50 Metre Freestyle consolation. In the finals, Cathy Hanbury placed third in the Junior Girls ' 50 Metre Freestyle and Nancy Sutterlin plac- ed third in the Senior Girls ' 100 Metre Freestyle. Well done girls! FRY FRY HOUSE VHPP (Top Row - Left to Right) Alice Lafferty, Christine McGregor, Katie Chao, Pfdna Doetsch. Libby Edmison, Liz Haydon, Rebecca Tickle, Mary Niles, Tracey Solomon, Chase Harris, Eileen MacPhee, Jacquie Manchevsl y, Devi Ferri, Michelle Morrison, Beth Steacy, Julie Coulson, Andrea Bruchhaeuser, Krista Gray, Tara Morrison (Second Row - Left to Right) Hannah Griller, Allison MacFarlane, Lisa Tang, Suzie Shillington, Andrea Hoffenburg, Catherine Jeanjean, Rebecca Keen, Josephine Yang, Susanna Kong, Annette Jardine, Kathleen Macauley, Claire Beaubien, Liz Drent, Judy Korecl y, Paula Jardine (Third Row - Left to Right) Mrs. Gerspacher. Melanie Quevillon, Terri-Lyn Ross, Lisa Baylin, Susan Campbell, Alia Naffouj, Michael Pilkington, Jaime Kowal, Caroline Dawes, Amy Marett, Jane Lee, Leslie Crate, Natasha Corrin, Charlotte Truelsen, Dana Gellman, Kaileigh Fletcher, Zoe Stikeman, Kim Ross (Fourth Row - Left to Right) Manya Greenberg (Standing), Maureen Scott. Frederique Delapree, Christine Gandilo, Atoshi Chatterjee, Marty Mazanji, Margaret Floyd, Angela Seshadri. Angela Van Den Ham, Shaghig Maiek, Seifali Patel, Anne Gildenhuys, LeeAnn Smith, Nadya McElligott, Amanda Sumner (Bottom Row - Left to Right) Becce Merkley, Matthew Merkley, Emily Bell, Vram MaIek, Salty Crate, Mary Bousquet, Resa Solomon, Nicolas Seppala, Jimmy Yang, Nilanjan Banerjee, Christopher Dymond, fOlarsha Taichman, Anne-Marie Bissada To my Friends in Fry, First of ail, I would lil e you to know that I am very proud to have been the head of Fry. To me. Fry is a House that represents a lot of fun, spirit, togetherness and, thanks to me, at times disorganization! But in the end, we were successful. Our project, to help support Shelters for Juvenile Delinquents is very exciting and I hope that it will become a tradition with Fry. As usual, we have given all the other Houses a run for their money in House Games because FRY RULES! Thanks to all the juniors and the seniors especially Eileen MacPhee, Nila Varan, Chase Harris, Judy Korecky, Josephine Kang and Tracey Solomon. Good luck next year and remember . . . FRIENDSHIP TO ALL. Love Always, Resa KELLER KELLER HOUSE (Top Row - Left to Right) Joelle Allen, Inka Pauls, Esther Maser, Renee Foy, Stephanie McKnight, Genevieve LeBlanc, Stephanie Hyde, Kim Coulter, Susan Wooles, Nyree Schreiber, Julie Slow, Alison Whitney, Mary Paths, Ines Scepanovic, Samantha Mason, Roxane Vezina, Hester Grodde, Andrea Kucey, Jenny Peters (Second Row - Left to Right) Kristen Saunders, Unknown, Leiko Marr, Alysia Davies, Stephanie Cutts, Lisa Rambert, Dee Shipley, Sienna Filleul, Dilsheesh Purewal, Nicky Carpenter, Belinda Guy, Lucy McLachlan, Gillian Siebrasse, Virginia Mur- ray, Zandra Brown, Inghd Kujala, Megan Pound, Samantha Ambridge (Third Row - Left to Right) Miranda Holbrook and Julie Waterhouse (Standing), Cathy Hanbury, Julie Henderson, Nicole Knowlton, Catriona Stuart-Bell, Alexan- dra Howard, Kathryn Ages, Shawn Belton, Elaine Stalter, Nancy Sutterlin, Anne Stacey, Alexia Forrester, Rachel Soar, Michelle Francis, with Gillian Hewitt and Ricarda Rudolph standing (Fourth Row - Left to Right) Jenny Roessler, Elizabeth Bousquet, Duncan McCansh, Sylvia Smellie, Melanie Lazare, Alexandra Bade, Caroline Saunders, Sjur Tobiassen, Jennifer Scrimger, Alia Al-Zand (Bottom Row - Left to Right) Vicky Kellett, Masquel Lasserre, Tova Bonn, Jordan Sweetnam, Angela Singhal, Jennifer Deacon, Ingeborg (Charlotte) Tobiassen, Staisey Divorski, Johanna Bon, Jessica Clapperton, Suzan Hill This year Keller has continued to support the Canadian Guide Dogs for tlie Blind Program. With increasing enthusiasm from the House membership and support throughout the school we have endeavoured to raise $500 to buy a second Keller House puppy for the Guide Dog Training Centre run by Mr. Bill Thornton and his wife. This spring we hosted a Patron ' s Reception at Elmwood, in addition to the Garden Party at which people from the Elmwood community as well as the general public learned more about the Guide Dog Training Pro- gram and the Puppy Walking Project sponsored by Mr. Thornton ' s group. A great big thank you goes out to all those faithful Kellerites, particularly in the Junior School who were always willing to participate in all our House activities. Special thanks to Nicole Knowlton our ever-cheerful Sports Captain, and to Rachel Soar, our vice-head. This has been a super year thanks to all of you. Good Luck and continued success next year! Love, Jen NIGHTINGALE NIGHTINGALE HOUSE (Top Row - Left to Right) Kirsten Podeschwik, Vivienne Edwards, Stephanie MacLeod, Alison Lewis, Shannon Robinson, Rita Sakus, Elanor Brodie, Nicky Cole, Tegan Schioler, Margaret Goodman, Eve Castell, Alexa von Wendt, Jenny Mirsky, Paula Tomlin, Anja Miller (Second Row - Left to Right) Lucy Casteli, Christie Callan-Jones, Caroline Boushey, Rebecca Esrock, Kristina Sakus, Katie Breen, Amanda Tomlin, Lin Tan, Katie Norton, Jill Hogg, Dilshad Lalani, Vivian Yu, Jane Lougheed (Third Row - Left to Right - Sitting) Tina Hill, Indre Sakus, Amanda Dunn, Shannon Wires, Jasmine Bernstein, Catherine Richardson, Alyssa Delicate, Barbara Savage, Karin Frederking, Claudia Beltran, Michelle Riff, Sarah Maywood, Vicky Grossmann-Hensel, Julia Ediger (Fourth Row - Left to Right - Standing) C laire Millington, Maya Chaly, Andrea Lobo, Nina Esrock, Heather Alyea, Savannah Ladouceur, Teena Mehta, Juliette Gundy, Molly Tepper, Mrs. Schmidt (Fifth Row - Left to Right) Davina Given, Justine Eyre, Akua Otupiri, Catherine Clark, Alison Schmidt, JoAnn Daniels, Christopher Lobo, Robin Wilkinson, Jonathan Moore, Alex Ladouceur (Bottom Row - Left to Right) Christine McKay, Laura Woolsey, Catriona Given, Alexis Mintsioulis, Chrissie Nelms, Matthew Keevil-McKirdy, Karen Morrison, Alexandra Eyre, Joshua Scuby, Bobby Yazdi Dear Nightingale, In the nine years I ' ve been a part of Nightingale house, I ' ve seen a nnultitude of changes take place. Every year we live up to our nnotto of " Not for ourselves Alone " . This year we had a most successful Easter Egg Campaign in April. Thanks to everyone who supported the endeavour. The funds raised went to the Children ' s Hospital of Eastern Ontario. I would like to thank JoAnn Daniels (Vice Head), Vicky Grossmann-Hensel (Senior Sports Captain), Barbara Savage (Junior Sports Captain), Paula Tomlin, Vivian Yu and Vivienne Edwards for their assistance and spirit in our house activities this year. To the juniors who offered suggestions and maintained a happy yet concerned outlook at our meetings, keep smiling. Your support made a difference. Best Wishes to next year ' s House Head. Love, Alison. WILSON WILSON HOUSE (Top Row - Left to Right) Alison Morrow, Kenne Ryan, Pamela Home, Lisa Kanigsberg, Mary Capello, Una Wallace, Rosemary Fincham, Elena Trabalza, Valerie Ventureyra, Nicole Edwards, Barb Toth, Eveline Van Bunge (Second Row - Left to Right) Julie Kang, Nicole Jackson, Alessandra Trabalza, Christine Dawood, Stephanie Dryden- Cripton, Marika Farreli, Tory Shoemaker, Meredith Nelson, Jennifer O ' Neill, Julie Napier, Nazlin Hirji, Patricia Harewood, Bishakha Basuroy, Habiba Thawer, Deanna Waterman (Third Row - Left to Right) Wendy Mitchell (Stan- ding), Kathleen Terroux, Monica Kirchhoff, Jeanne Mehta, Shannon Fox, Sandi Chao, Sarah Lavigne, Jill Rearse, Roxane Proulx, Suzanne Higgins, Sheila Barber, Katie Bell, Tania Turner, Camille Beaufort, Alexa Holmes, Katrina Carroll-Foster, Carol Hodgson, Lisa Rambert, Matthew Parkinson (Fourth Row - Left to Right) Hilary Thompson, Kate White, Wen-Lee Liew, Kimberley Meyerman, Odelia Culley, Marie-Laure Sauvageau, Catherine Menard, Monica Singhal, Jillian Napier, Stephanie Bousquet, Stacey Gibbs, Zoe Pettengell, Elizabeth Capper, Melanie Cap- per, Lauren Vierhaus, Sarah Zollinger, Melanie Rupprecht (Fifth Row - Left to Right) Mary Young, Claire Morrison, Kerstin Bruchhaueser, Milena Sigmund, Charu Gupta, Kim Tremblay, Tamara Taub, Tina Saryeddine (Bottom Row - Left to Right) Trenton Baumgarten, Matthew Scuby, Etienne Menard, Melissa-Anne Murphy, Emily Bell, Renee Edwards, Guilio Colonna, Anjali Mishra, Christopher Lobo, Joseph Mouaikel Dear Wilson, This year has been the greatest! Wilson has again excelled in its strong spirit and sports- nnanship, that ' s why we ' re NUMBER ONE! Wilson ' s social project was to raise money for the Ottawa Treatment Centre. This is a cen- tre where the crippled children of Ottawa can develop their social and academic skills in a caring and comfortable setting. It is not financially aided by any hospital or support group so that they are always in need of funds to purchase their necessary specialized equipment. This expensive material is absolutely necessary and we have been able to purchase an adapted tricycle and a Kaye car valued at $400. Because of your work during the candy cane and bake sale the children at the Treatment Centre can now enjoy this very helpful equipment. I would like to thank Kerstin Bruchhaeuser and everyone else who helped me so much. Best wishes for next year. Love, Milena P.S. Sayl, 2, 3, 4, 5 Wilson ain ' t gonna take no jive Say 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 Wilson ' s gonna do it again! I JUNIOR CHOIR The choir has had a very busy and successful year. It began with an invitation to sing at the opening concert of the Ottawa West Music Club in November, at which the girls sang beautifully. Our Christmas concerts at the school and at Parliament Hill were also well received. The second and third term saw the choir preparing for the musical, " It ' s Cool in the Furnace " , presented at Junior Entertainment. This year concluded with the choir ' s performance at Closing. (Top Row - Left to Right) Jenny Roessler, Catherine Menard, Akua Otupiri, Ines Scepanovic, Kate White, Elizabeth Capper, Jasmine Bernstein (Second Row - Left to Right) Alice Lafferty, Patricia Harewood, Katie Norton, Katie Breen, Zoe Stikeman, Claire Morrison, Shannon Wires (Third Row - Left to Right) Mrs. Kry, Jill Pearse, Hilary Thompson, Jenny Peters, Alexandra Howard, Allison Whitney, Mary Raths, An- drea Lobo, Mary Young, Amanda Sumner (Bottom Row - Left to Right) Maureen Scott, Kathleen Terroux, Justine Eyre, Shaghig Maiek, Susan Wooles, Josephine Yang, Sylvia Smellie, Charlotte Truelson, Tamara Taub, Catherine Clark, Vicky Kellet I SENIOR BAND (Top Row - Left to Right - Kneeling) Miranda Holbrook, Shannon Robinson, Beth Steacy, Elaine Stalter, Virginia Murray, Sienna Filleul (Bottom Row - Left to Right - Standing) Jane Lougheed, Alysia Davies, Deanna Waterman, Nicole Knowlton, Kristen Lawr, Paula Tomlin, Alexa von Wendt and Mrs. Lougheed Our senior school band consisted of seventeen enthusiastic instrumentalists. They enjoyed a successful year performing a variety of works on several occasions to appreciative audiences. From the larger group a woodwind ensemble of flutes, oboe, and clarinets was formed. They pro- duced some very fine playing of many com- plex pieces. (Top Row - Left to Right) Patricia Harewood, Susan Wooles, Catherine Richardson, Camille Beaufort and Mrs. Kry (Bottom Row - Left to Right) Zoe Stikeman, Sylvia Smellie, Natasha Corrin, Monica Kirchhoff This group is made up of students from Grades 5 to 10, and all are proficient players. Besides playing at school func- tions and at Parliament Hill, they went on tour in February, playing concerts at four Toronto private schools where they were received with praise and enthusiasm. 68 I % SCIENCE FAIR (Top Row - Left to Right) Mrs. Chapman, Kristen Saunders, Atoshi Chatterjee, Julia Ediger, LeeAnn Smith, Marty Mazanji, Shannon Fox, Jennifer Scrimger, Mary Young, Katie Breen, Kathryn Ages, Andrea Lobo (Second Row - Left to Right) Catriona Stuart-Bell, Monica Kirch- hoff, Allison Whitney, Kim Coulter, Sarah Lavigne, Kristina Sakus, Angela Seshadri, Rebecca Esrock, Zoe Stikeman, and Katie Norton (Seated) (Third Row - Left to Right) Jill Pearse (Seated), Molly Tepper, Margaret Floyd, Odelia Culley, Tara Chauhan, Mary Raths, Patricia Harewood, Claire Morrison (Bottom Row - Left to Right) Natasha Corrin, Samantha Quimet, Alexandra Howard, Tina Saryeddine, Jennifer Peters, Leslie Crate, Susan Wooles, Josephine Yang, Anne Gildenhuys March 6 was a proud day for the forty students who entered the Junior Science Fair. Dr. Millman, an astro-physicist, and an alum- nae, commended the girls on their hard work and fine projects, many of which were the best he had seen from students at this level. Biology Winners 1 . Rebecca Esrock 2. Julia Ediger 3. Patricia Harewood Physics Winners 1. Jill Pearse 2. Tina Saryeddine Chemistry Winner 1 . Molly Tepper 2. Allison Whitney 3. Tara Chauhan and Jennifer Scrimger Applied Science Winners 1. Kim Coulter 2. Claire Morrison and Anne Gildenhuys MATH CLUB Matrices, functions, and similar kind, And puzzles galore - Thought by some to be a chore Helps to free the mind, When chosen from our select store. " What is the last digit in 71000? " answer: 1 (Left to Right) Allison MacFarlane, Tara Morrison, Susanna Kong, Mrs. Outerbridge, Dilshad Lalani, Stephanie MacLeod m (Top Row - Left to Right) Allison MacFarlane, Tara Morrison, Vivienne Edwards, Jill Hogg, Camille Beaufort, Shannon Robinson, IVleghan Dunn, Alysia Davies, Catherine Jeanjean (Middle Row - Left to Right) Julie Coulson, Joelle Allen, Melanie Rupprecht, Gillian Siebrasse, Michelle Riff, Nina Esrock, Rosemary Fincham, Zoe Pettengell, Elizabeth Drent, Claudia Beltran and Mrs. Doetsch (Bottom Row - Left to Right) Lisa Rambert, Alexa Holmes, Dee Shipley, Katrina Carroll- Foster, Nadya McElligott, Dana Gellman, Tracey Solomon, Teena Mehta, Savannah Ladouceur CLASSICS CLUB The Roman Banquet, Classics Conference, bake sale and parties kept the Classics Club busy during 1986-87. In March, at the end of the winter term, about two hundred students from Elmwood and Ashbury had a very Roman " cena " of pizza, vegetable sticks, doughnuts and canned drinks, as they watched a gymnastic display, and two plays, one of them, " The Haunted House " , written by Plautus almost two thousand years ago, the other, concerned with the antics of a " macho " Roman soldier. The highlight of the evening was, of course, the dance which ended the festivities. The month of May saw twenty-four members of the club trekking down to Brantford to attend the annual Classics Conference organized by a group of enthusiastic teachers from the Toronto area. Once again, this event was attended by more than four hundred students who tried their luck in various academic, artistic and athletic competitions. To our delight, Elmwood students ex- celled, placing third in the academic category and fourth overall, out of eighteen schools. We also won a trophy for our Latin reading. This year, eight students participated in the archaeological dig and had lots of fun excavating an " ancient site " and attempting to identify and date the objects that they found. Anyone may join the Classics Club - Latin is not a prerequisite. For this 1 987-88 year, however, you need to be a carpenter and a painter - we are going to rebuild our chariot - but that ' s another story. SR LIBRARY (Top Row - Left to Right) Meghan Dunn, Mrs. Wires, Pamela Price (Bottom Row - Left to Right) Catherine Jeanjean, Camille Beaufort, Habiba Thawer, Bishakha Basuroy This year we said " Goodbye " to Mrs. Wires and " Hello " to Mrs. Muggins. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Mrs. Wires for all her help in upgrading our library services over the past number of years. The Senior Library is undergoing dramatic changes. The biggest of these changes is the cataloguing of the library by Mrs. Ross. We purchased a bookshelf for our periodical magazines and in the near future they will be catalogued as well. The reference sec- tion has been expanded to include the three volumes of the Canadian En- cyclopedia and the Library Club members have been working hard (!!!) to improve the vertical files as well as developing interesting and informative bulletin boards. We are pleased that the library is beginning to take shape and we look forward to a time when it func- tions as a library should. By this time next year we hope to be SHELF SUFFICIENT. JR LIBRARY The long-awaited card catalogue is now in operation! It has been a dream of Mrs. Schmidt ' s for several years and now it ' s here! The students throughout the junior school have been instructed in its use either in- dividually or in a class situation. Gradually the many books that lay un- touched on the shelves are now being located as more and more students go to the card catalogue for help. Many thanks to the Mothers ' Guild for their continued financial support and to the members of the Library Committee who had more books to shelve this year and a new system to master before the actual shelving could be done. Lastly, thanks to the students who used the library, return- ed their books on time and made con- tributions to our Birthday Club. It certainly has been an exciting year for those of us who have long awaited this new system. (Top Row - Left to Right) Kim Ross, Patricia Harewood, Alia Naffouj, Stephanie Hyde, Catriona Stuart-Bell, Shannon Fox, Alia Al-Zand and Mrs. Schmidt (Bottom Row - Left to Right) Molly Tepper, Julia Ediger, Allison Whitney, Leslie Crate, Natasha Corrin, Angela Seshadri, Claire Millington DANCE SR (Top Row - Left to Right) Anne-Marie Fournier, Inka Pauls, Roxane Proulx, Michelle Morrison (Bottom Row - Left to Right) Mrs. Hoy, Nicole Knowlton, Eileen MacPhee, Kristen Lawr I (Top Row - Left to Right) Patricia Harewood, Eril a Westman, Susan Campbell, Amanda Dunn, Lucy Castell, Jennifer O ' Neill, Christie Callan-Jones (Bottom Row - Left to Right) Katie Breen, Kathryn Ages, Katie Norton, Lin Tan. This year ' s dances were very successful. We had two dances. One at Ashbury and one at Elmwood, The dances basically started out with the boys claiming one end of the gym and the girls the o ther until one brave soul went to ask someone to dance. Then they got into motion. We would like to thank Mrs, O ' Brien for all her patience and all the teachers who chaperoned. Dances this year went extremely well with unusually large turnouts. The giant video dance was especially popular. Many thanks to the dance committee and the volunteers for their hard work and support throughout the year. DUKE OF EDINBURGH (Top Row - Left to Right) Mrs. Millington, Pamela Home, Kimberley Meyerman, Chase Harris, Miss Eaman (Bottom Row - Left to Right) Gillian Hewitt, Annette Jardine, Julie Kang The Duke of Edinburgh initiated this program in the 1950 ' s to encourage young people aged 14 to 25, to accept a variety of challenges beyond their everyday home and school ex- periences. In order to earn an award, the stu- dent must set and achieve certain goals in the areas of physical fitness, social service, new skills and complete an expedition or adven- turous project. There are three levels of par- ticipation, upon completion of which a Bronze, Silver or Gold Award is presented. Although adult supervision is required, the emphasis of the Duke of Edinburgh ' s award program is an individual initiative and achievement. Six girls are currently working to complete their qualifications for the Bronze level award this year. Upon completion of training in First Aid, orienteering and camping skills, we will undertake two hiking expeditions this spring - a fun reward for all their work and preparation prior to departure. Best of luck completing your Bronze, girls ' . 72 IL (Top Row - Left to Right) Allison MacFarlane (Sitting), Nicole Knowlton, Elizabeth Drent, Lisa Rambert, Joelle Allen, Melanie Rupprecht, Julie Coulson, Deanna Waterman, Sarah Maywood, Mrs. O ' Brien (Middle Row - Left to Right) Anja Miller (Flautist), Hester Grodde, Zoe Pettengell, Fiona Doetsch, Judy Korecky, Kristen Lawr, Barb Toth (Bottom Row - Left to Right) Vivian Yu, Gillian Siebrasse, Annette Jardine, Tracey Solomon, Dee Shipley, Alexa Holmes, Jillian Napier Absentees - Anne-Marie Fournier, Ellen Bruce The Senior Choir worked hard from September to December on a Christmas repertoire which was performed at the Elmwood Christmas Concert, Parliament Hill and the Rideau Club. From January to March, the girls worked on four SATB pieces for the Independent Schools ' Music Festival in Toronto - April 3rd-6th. The Choir was invited to sing in Winnipeg, but had to decline because of timing and cost. All members of the Choir have shown a strong feeling of commitment to the group as well as to the calibre of each performance. Thank-you, girls, for being such a pleasure to work with. Jody O ' Brien Choir Director. A very special thanks to our pianist, Rosalind Weeks, for her expertise and her constant encouragement. BUSINESS COMPETITION (Top Row - Left to Right) Milena Sigmund, Gillian Hewitt, Julie Waterhouse, Vivienne Edwards, Mrs. McGregor (Bottom Row - Left to Right) Tracey Solomon, Lisa Rambert, Dee Shipley, Alexa Holmes Carleton University and the Ottawa Citizen spon- sored a business competition for Ottawa High School students this year for the first time. Sixty-five teams entered including two teams from Elmwood. Team 1 consisted of Alexa Holmes, Lisa Rambert, Dee Shipley and Tracey Solomon while team 2 was made up of Gillian Hewitt, Milena Sigmund, Julie Waterhouse and Vivienne Edwards. Both teams did very well in an introductory practice round played before Christmas. In the final round, there were twelve quarters and in each quarter, the girls were re- quired to run their own companies. They had to sub- mit weekly decisions for the price of their product, marketing strategies, plant investment, as well as the ongoing costs for production, research and development. Team 2 performed exceptionally well placing within the top four finishers within their industry. Although they did not win within their industry, they are to be commended for their efforts and achievements. Both teams have been invited to Carleton University for a luncheon, a tour of the campus and an opportunity to meet professors from the faculty of Business. MONTFORT HOSPITAL VOLUNTEERS VOLI Sister Jeannette is particular- ly pleased with the group of Grade Eight students who are helping her this year. She has emphasized the fact that they are trying hard to speak French at all times and that they are ac- cepting gracefully the tasks alloted to them. All the girls who have participated regularly in the programme (some have even donated a few of their holidays to this programme) are presented with a certificate after completing thirty hours of work. Our EVES deserve a most sincere thank you! (Top Row - Left to Right) Erlka Westman, Claire Millington, Alia Al-Zand, Tory Shoemaker, Andrea Kucey, Jill Pearse, Maya Chaly, Patricia Harewood, Susan Campbell (Bottom Row - Left to Right) Mrs. Seguin, Roxane Vezina, Amanda Dunn, Jennifer O ' Neill, Lucy Casteli, Chnstie Callan-Jones, Rebecca Keen, Melanie Quevillon BABEL RAP On April 23-26 the Elmwood Theatre Company participated in the Independent School ' s Drama Festival held at Upper Canada College in Toronto. The play called Babel Rap was presented to both the Junior and Senior Schools as test audiences before the final production was viewed by the critics at Upper Canada College. Our producer and main support was Eleanor Crowder who drew out of us some superior work according to some viewers. The awards component was dropped from this year ' s festival to be replaced by a series of workshops. The absence of the stress of competi- tion helped to mould the true spirit of a drama festival. In all this experience was both worthwhile and enjoyable. We would especially like to thank Mrs. Crowder and her husband for the time and effort that they put into guiding us with all the com- plicated elements of this play. TOP PHOTO (L to R) Zandra Brown Michelle Morrison BOT- TOM PHOTO (Top Bottom) Paula Tomlin Anne-Marie Fournier FORMAL With a determined goal to make the ' 87 Formal the best ever, the Formal Committee and the graduates succeeded in making June 13th the event of the year. Our ambitious fund-raising efforts and our small numbers allowed us to enjoy an exclusive night at the Rideau Club, dancing past mid- night to the tunes of ' FIZZ ' . Homemade chocolates, gorgeous flowers and champagne put on the finishing touches and the club was an elegant backdrop for the photographs featured in " The Ot- tawa Citizen " . A fabulous time was had by all, and we would like to thank all parents, staff and the grads for their support throughout the year. The Formal Committee Standing - Left to Right - Jennifer Deacon, Barb Toth, Krista Gray Sitting - Mrs. Sabourin 75 (Top Row - Left to Right) Lisa Rambert, Katrina Carroll-Foster, Lisa Baylin, Tory Shoemaker, Leiko Marr, Kathleen Macauley, Gillian Siebrasse, Claudia Beltran, Unknown, Elaine Stalter (Middle Row - Left to Right) Alexa Holmes, Megan Pound, Katie Bell, Sheila Barber, Claire Millington, Inka Pauls, Nicole Jackson, Sienna Filleul (Bottom Row) - Left to Right) Fiona Doetsch, Natasha Corrin, Claire Morrison, Stephanie Bartlett, Rachel Soar, Kate White, Kim Tremblay, Zoe Stikeman Every second Thursday morning this past year, two representatives from each homeroom met in the senior library to make suggestions and complaints - all of course to benefit the school (anything ranging from a lack of toilet paper to the installation of microwave ovens!) Many projects were accomplished this year with the most important one being the " Save the Penny Campaign " for the school ' s development fund. Thanks go to all the representatives who faithfully attended the meetings and helped the various projects materialize and succeed. All ideas and co-operation were very much appreciated. Thank you, Stephanie and Rachel This year, Elmwood students had the opportunity to begin learning the Korean martial art of Tae Kwon Do. The aims of Tae Kwon Do are: to develop self- discipline, physical fitness and self defense. The girls practised once a week, working to develop the techniques of patterns, sparr- ing and the flying side-kick, at the white belt (beginner) level. On Saturday, March 14, three girls participated in the Inter- school Friendship Tournament at the McNabb Community Centre. Leslie Crate and Allison Whitney tied for fourth place in the mixed Juniors while Katie Chao won the Silver medal in the Senior women ' s patterns ' competition, the Bronze medal in the sparring match and qualified for the finals in the flying side-kick. A remarkable performance after only 10 weeks of lessons. The Elmwood team is now of- ficially registered as the Elmwood Women ' s Tae Kwon Do School - the first totally female Tae Kwon Do club in Canada. There is to be a second competition at Ottawa University on June 27th and we wish them the best of luck. SEWING CLUB To be an active member of the Sewing Club, you must liave the ability to read, and then follow instructions as well as having your own pair of scissors and a strong sense of humour. A small band of students met weekly during the fall term and produced some very presentable clothes without too much agony. Next year, we will all splurge, and buy our ery own scissors and pins . . . (Top Row - Left to Right) Pamela Home, Mrs. White, Elanor Brodie (Bottom Row - Left to Right) Sarah Maywood, Elizabeth Drent, Claire Beaubien CLAY CLUB This term twelve Clay Club en- thusiasts, from grades 8-13, have been meeting weekly to make pots of various shapes and sizes whilst learning more about clay. They were joined by Mme Seguin and many were happy to find that teachers can also have problems with their clay. " Thank you Mrs. Heacock for the most relaxing time I had while learning about pottery. I could not believe it, here I was, at my first lesson, and already experiencing the joy of making a pot (a simple one mind you) with my very own hands! " ... an unsolicited com- mentary from a " potty " enthusiast. (Top Row - Left to Right) Julie Kang. Claire Millington, Kim Ross, Melanie Quevillon, Julie Waterhouse and Mrs. Heacock (Bottom Row - Left to Right) Roxane Vezina, Rebecca Keen, Maya Chaly, Barbara Savage, Zandra Brown, Susanna Kong. Mrs. Seguin SR. CHAPEL MONITERS (Left to Right) Nicole Jackson, Katie Chao When we first tieard the word " chapel monitering " we thought about: 1) converting the school (including the young inno- cent grade ones) 2) The Vienna Choir Boys 3) Uniforms: leather, glasses, jeans, and bandanas 4) Zillions of red hymn books in front of us 5) " Would grade ... do chairs this week? " These all came true, and it has been an exciting year. JR. CHAPEL Left to Right - Samantha Mason, Rebecca Keen It was a fun year, we had a great time keeping track of all the deliberately misplaced hymn books. Good luck to next year ' s crew we ' ll be watching you from the SENIOR SCHOOL!!! SR. POUND Teena Mehta - pound monitor. It ' s amazing to see what can be found in a tiny place called Pound. You ' d think the girls Were one armed or one legged Judging from single boots and gloves collected If you were to count the combs, lipsticks and mirrors You ' d swear the school is but a beauty parlour But most amazing of all Is that even though they can claim any article for a 25 cent piece They don ' t often bother to even come to have a peek! Thank you Teena for keeping the pound room clean and tidy. JR. POUND Tory Shoemaker Thousand of miscella- neous pieces of debris clutter in never ending numbers in Room 18. If it was not for the heavy, metal lock the room would be overflowing with hunter green articles and a ques- tionable odour. Many eager, sobbing Elmwood students shuffle to my cup- board in search of a favourite Elmwood article. Whether it ' s a teddy bear or a pair of bloomers they have to PAY for their forgetfulness. Tory Nha . is Red? A rose of deepened richness, The cherries on a cake, The flame of all eternity. Red The corpse of a nnurdered nnan, The blood staining his clothes, The plumes of a Bird of Paradise, Red The planet Mars, The twinkling Stars, The comets of the Sky, Red The shiny apple, full of seeds The autumn trees in the wind. Red Allison Whitney 7H Susanna Kong 1 1S Love Love is special but don ' t get married. Because soon under snow you will be buried, Love is special so don ' t abuse it, Because very soon you ' ll need to use it. Bells will ring at your marriage. And soon you ' ll be pushing a baby carriage. This is a poem all about love Remember it when along comes the dove. Anonymous Andrea Bruchhaeuser 13D Karin Frederking 9M Meghan Dunn 10J If I could choose I would like to be a kiwi Because they are hard to peel. Although this means People often eat kiwi with little Pieces of peel sticking to the flesh. This doesn ' t taste good. I would also look special Sliced the right way On top of a cheese cake. Scott Ventureyra 2 3 Winter ' s Coming Animals scamper Leaves fall off the naked trees soon everything dies. Kate White 5 6 Wisliful Winter When February comes and we ' ve had all that we can stand of snow and rain and sleet and ice. Wouldn ' t it be nice If we could just wrap up Winter and toss it into the sea and watch it slowly Dissolve until summer Waves at you and me? Tory Shoemaker 8McR Jill Pearse 8McR 85 She Who Suffers On the verge of tears she tried, in vain To stop the hurt, to ease the pain But it never stopped, it went on and on It just kept singing the same old song Her pain was like a bottomless hole Mirroring the walls of her weakened soul. When she finally cried out indefeat Admitting to all that she had been beat. She couldn ' t go back, it was just too late All she could do was live with fate. Tracey Solomon 10B Allison Morrow IIS Winter The wind blows, softly, softly. The bitterness of the cold, bites. The sun comes out for only a small while. The wind blows, faster, faster. Then, suddenly dies. Christine McKay 6 O ' B Shaghig Maiek 60 ' B 86 Eve Castell 1 1 H THE DIARY Stains of tears shed long ago live on the amber pages of the precious book. The pages crumbling with age, the print illegible, significant to lives before and lives to come. Untouched, and as pure as that of a lamb, the book sits alone. The new and beautiful gleam in the owner ' s eye does not waver. The two sound so similar, but are actually so far apart. The book is within reach of the other world and will soon be there. Old memories, and ones to come fill the pages. As the owner reminesces, he realizes that they were all lies. The lines and lines of the seemingly endless book were all of lies. Suddenly the fire leaps high and hell embraces the deserving diary. Tears of grief are shed, and old memories die. Patricia Harewood 8McR Possibility of Love Will love save us? The people no one knows Sitting alone Behind closed doors. As the rain falls down across the window pane? Neglect cannot end it It ' s much too late To want to save, As the tears fall down across the window? Pain. Will love save us? The people no one knows Sitting alone. Behind locked doors As the pain tumbles down across our hearts. Anonymous hair bov Cotton Ginng bag Hovarth ' s kilt Bass p nny loafers Care, but not to excess. Love, but let go. Allow mistakes, they ' re human. I ' m human . . . Respect, as an individual. Consideration, as an equal. Courtesy, for a friend. Mistakes, they happen to all Even me . . . I ' m human, JLD LIFE I always thought life was a dream, and I could do what I wanted then when I was ten I was pulled out of that lovely dream and my soul was ripped with reality. Catherine Richardson 8McG Anonymous SIMILE OF LIFE Grey skies, Rull apart Forming gateposts to an entrance. The sun peeks out it ' s golden head; Radiating out towards darkness. With glorious life it warms the earth, and smiles to trees to flowers. Always they return, those formidable clouds engulfing that fiery ball. Like life, we are engulfed by sorrow, always there yet always changing. Alexa Holmes 10B Alison Morrow 1 1S 88 89 It was a dark and gloomy night with the rain coming down in torrents. Jasmine glanced up. The sky was dark and threatening. She pulled her shawl over her shoulders and continued walking. The road stretched ahead of her, giving abrupt twists and turns. Jasmine turned off the road and con- tinued across the meadow. The cool wet grass swished about her ankles as the hum of the crickets reached her ears. All of a sudden ... a cold, slimy hand grasped her, while an evil chuckle rang in her ears. Jasmine gasped with fear, and quickly turned around. There grinning evily at her was a strange form. All of a sudden she found herself in a hamster ' s cage. There in the food bin was a small piece of paper with homework on it, and a small pencil. The strange form arrived and told Jasmine she had to do the work on the piece of paper or else she would get a detention. Then the strange form vanish- ed. Jasmine wept with frustration and fear. All of a sudden she heard a noise behind her. She quick- ly spun around. There perched on the Hamster ' s wheel was Mrs. Maze. She was smiling an almost sad smile as the wheel spun around. Jasmine called out to her. But Mrs. Maze just frowned and said, " Finish your homework or else you will get a detention. " With that she disappeared. Out of the corner of her eye. Jasmine saw a small, red button. She pushed it and hoped for the best. All of a sudden Mrs. White appeared. " Oh no! Not more detentions, " cried out Jasmine. Mrs. White carried her home. The next day at school Jasmine told all her friends to beware of hamster cages. Anonymous CREATe youR Nancy Sutterlin 11H 91 Once in a faraway land there lived a pig, his name was Grunt. Grunt was the type of pig who liked to impress the sows. Anyway, Grunt lived in a puddle of mud. One day he decided to take a walk down Snort Avenue. On his way he met a sow named Butter, short for Buttermilk. Grunt introduced himself while making flattering comments to Butter. This is what he said, " Hello, your name is very stunning. I am a first rate pig and I work at Snort Hospital. What do you do Butter? " With a huff and a puff Butter waddled away. You can imagine how humiliated Grunt was at losing such a beautiful sow so quickly. Grunt was not really a pig-surgeon, he had just wanted to impress Butter. Grunt then decided to try a new approach to impress the sows, he would live in a mud mansion, get a mustache, dress like Don Juan and wear an earring. After taking care of ail these needs he took another walk along Snort Avenue looking for another sow. His sharp eyes quickly spotted another likely looker. Her name was Pet, short for Petunia. Casually Grunt strolled up to Pet, looked her straight in the eye and said, " Hi, my name is Duke Filthbath and I ' m a pediasnortion, what ' s your name and game. Ha! Hal Ha! She im- mediately replied, " First my name is none of your pigwax and my game is kicking any loser can smoothtalk me, Duke! " " Not again, " squealed Grunt, " I must be losing my filth appeal. " Grunt was determined to try again and came up with a new move that was sure to wash the slime off all the sows in town. When Grunt showed himself again everything was different, the mud mansion was gone, the mustache was gone, the Don Juan sport clothes were gone, even the earring was gone. As he strolled down the avenue he noticed an even more stunning sow than all the others he had desired. She seemed so lovely and alluring but how would he talk to such a sow. He gathered up all his courage and went up to this pig and before he could say anything she had grabbed him and was hugging and kissing him. The moral of this story is that you just have to wait for the right 0A7e at the right time. 92 Cat in the window silent sits Watching us engage in battles of wits In which he plays no part, Like a near still work of art Cat ' s tail twitches to and fro, As if telling us we should go, and let be his private, carefree world as he sits on the window sill, snug and curled. Anonymous Claire Morrison 7H Maureen: Oh, Quel oiseau! Bonjour Oiseau! bird: Bonjour stupide! Maureen: Moron . . . mon nom est Maureen. Peux-tu dire ga? MAUREEN bird: Dire ga . . . Dire ga Maureen: Non, dumbo, c ' est Maureen bird: Dumbo Maureen . . . Dumbo Maureen Maureen: Non . . . c ' est seulment Maureen bird: Seulment Maureen . . . seulment Maureen Maureen: Tu es une diande! bird: Diande . . . diande . . . diande . . . Maureen diande Maureen: Arrete! bird: Arrete . . . arrete Maureen: J ' abondone! Anonymous A VIE N FROM MV WINDOW It varies as the seasons pass Each day, month and year. The summer brings bright butterflies And flowers that disappear. Then fall with harvest and with leaves Of russet, gold and green With children going back to school And the coming of Hallowe ' en. And then the bitter winter comes White snowflakes softly fALL, The birds, they migrate far away When will the robin call? Spring fully blossoms into May And then the seasons melt away How quickly seasons pass. Patricia Harewood 8McR Alexander Bade Gr.5 Death suffering in pain in agony and distress hearbeat slowly stops. Angela van den Ham 60 ' B Carol Hodgson 12M 94 The School . . . The School . . . To break the golden rule. Turf the teachers Prayers from the preachers Won ' t save the golden rule Summon several students Cats for cause and cadence Prick the pious permanence And throw it in the pool To break the golden rule To blemish every jewel To walk right out of school And see who is the fool. Anonymous DAUGHTERS THREE There was a time When I was young, The land was new to me. I built my house With my own two hands, And there my daughters three Grew tall and beautiful. They sought life through Storm and blizzard, And sheltered me from the sky. My daughters three Grew tall and strong Until that dreadful night. The endless rain. The shattering thunder. And then the moment came. Out through the sky It shot like a dagger, And was gone as fast as it came. My daughters three, No longer three. Stood like ghosts against the sky. The one stranger and most beautiful Was not against the sky but Upon the cold, wet ground. Now, as I look back. On that cold, and blustery night. I sit under my granddaughter Where, many years ago My beautiful daughter stood. A few years before that, I came To this now-old land And planted my daughters three. But they are not My daughters three. Barbara Savage 8McR Anonymous Joanne Daniels 13D Tina Hil 5 6 A Perfect Chanukah Chanukah is full of things that are bright. Like candles that are always alight, The chocolate money is really funny. The present opening is fine. While we drink wine. We never fight. What a delight, Now you know why I wrote this rhyme. Because chanukah is my favourite Time. by Alice Lafferty Hannah Griller 5 6 Allison MacFarlane 10B FIRE A log shifted And I lifed My eyes from sleep And tool a peep At the fire long asleep. The thunder crashed The wind lashed The lightning flashed Then no more light In the night. Down my head goes On the salt pillows My sleepy eyes close I fall asleep In the silence. Marty Mazanji 7H The Window When I look out the window, I see the falling rain When I look out the window I can ' t see through the pane. When I look out the window there is no window to see. When I look out the window, the window is me. I can ' t see the window or the children who play. I can ' t see the window in the night or the day. But the window is there in the morning and night But other people look for the window when it ' s nowhere in sight. Libby Edmison 9McC Vram Maiek 4 Eve Castell 11H 97 IN THE DARK OF DEATH In the dark of death, I creep downstairs So loud is my breath, I bump all the chairs. The kitchen is nigh, And I approach the door. And through it I spy. The re-frid-ge-ra-tor! Hee Hee Hee! Here I go- Come on, Conscience- They ' ll never know! Look at all this food- And without waking my sis! I ' m such a cool dude To have thought of this! Wow Cookies and cakes galore! Now why did I never do this before? Oh, no-there ' s Cooch! Oh, what ' ll I do? Now, come on, pooch- I never hurt you! But he thinks I ' m not allowed to take A midnight snack or coffee break! I grab half the wares And don ' t wait for my doom. For he barks and scares Me up to my room. Jennifer Scrimger 60 ' Jennifer Scrimger Nlla Varan 11 H CONTRAST The big black dog, Lies dead on the white snow, And rots under the sun. Newspaper blankets pretend, to warm, though in reality, shroud evil and steal souls. The lace-torn and destroyed, Thrust close to the bloody pen-knife, In the corner of the closet. The rat ' s eyes, nnirrors of evil, Squirms for his torture, and escapes. The black sky smells, And falls on the black dog, in the white snow. Is it worth saving? Caroline Greenwood 8McG. FREEDOM The waves crashed on the sandy shore. The sky was a mysticle blue; The clouds were of a virgin white. And above the seagulls flew. They glided along slowly, As free as they could be; They had freedom on ly wished for By all the world and me. Their boundaries had not limit. The sky was their domain; They were free from all the world ' s harshness And all of the world ' s pain. They never had to stop, And even when they died; They would be prisoners to nothing And would always have the sky. Mary Niles 9E ALONE ON A QUIET AFTERNOON Thick and sensual, Lazy and lustful! on a rainy day. It drifts dreamily through circular corridors, pausing occasionally at intersections before continuing on it ' s journey. Genderless, it had a persona of it ' s own. It feels only one feeling - rage. It waits quietly though, never knowing more than the corridors. It is a crimson of hate and desire, a royal, majestic parade. A mad parade, the cause of plots and nightmares. Then, it hears the tentative tearing, razor nervously sliding across flesh, and it joyfully huVries to the surface. Rewarded, it gloats that it has finally lured it ' s victim by it ' s mysterious suggestion. It must be subtle though, never let the prey know her decision was not made by free will The first drop hits the floor, the gaping, fang-like tatters of the constructing skin are pushed aside. The drop spreads out quickly to cover more of the clean, pure floor. Suddenly, in a desperate roar, gushing now. It grows quiet again and content, creating a slick, rapidly-congealing covering of war paint across the pale, prostrate corpse. The last drop of blood hangs quivering in the air before smacking the floor with a final, satisfied dive. Erin O ' Brien 10B 5! n Claire Beaubien 9E Crutch One foot in front of the other. Progressing slowly. Getting stronger, building confidence, MOVE TOO QUICKLY Come crashing down, Hopes shattered. The crutch stands unbroken, Always ready for another try. Life Kenne Ryan 10J Zandra Brown 12M There once were three girls from Art and Lit Who while making selections took a fit because there were so many. So many submissions were amazing That they kept the editors gazing because there was so much to choose from They would like to say thankyou to all Hope to see the outcome by fall because the students worked so hard. Paula Tomlin IIS The Lion Who Lost His Tail One day the King of the Jungle, Arthur the Lion, was sitting dangling his tail in the River Nile, thinking to himself, " What great and gallant thing can I do today . . . " , when suddenly a servant of the evil Llystra tore the tail from his body. The thieving creature was green and slimy. " Arg " , cried Arthur in agony. He spun around and glared into its mindless, red eyes. The loathsome thing smiled to itself and scampered off. " The Llystra will pay for this, " vowed Arthur. He feared the Llystra, a demi-god that was banished from the heavens. Arthur also fears its Lair, a hufe temple full of traps but his fury was so great that he overlooked this fear and stalked off towards the Lair of the Llystra. It was a short distance through the forest but Arthur was looking for his best friend, Solomon the Rat. He finally found Solly and explained his dilemma. " You are going to the Lair of the Llystra and you want me, solomon E. Rat, to come with you! You are off your rocker! Your noodle needs a check-up! " " Aw Solly, PLEASE! begged Arthur, " I don ' t want to go alone and he ' s got my tail! Be a sport! " " Well all right, " replied Solly, " but if I die my mom will sue you. " " Whew, " thought Arthur, " thanks Solly, Let ' s go. " They came to a clearing and the Lair loomed up before them. It was a glossy black and orchid purple monstrosity. The front looked like a horrible fanged face. Five spires rose from it. It was strangely beautiful and nothing less than a temple. As they approached the gate, the doors opened and a horrible, musty odour seeped from inside. " It smells of death, " whispered Solly. They entered slowly and the doors swung shut behind them. An ear-splitting roar erupted from the darkness. They proceeded very slowly. Suddenly, a voice, loud and menac- ing cried . . . " Thirty white horses upon a red hill Now they stamp, now they tramp and now they stand still " A blood-curdling cackle exploded around them. Suddenly a red liquid splashed around their ankles. A roaring assaulted their . . . ears and thirty horses with glittering eyes galloped past. They kicked and nipped. Arthur ran as he had never ran before. As they went along Solomon said, " Oh oh, I think I hear something, " and they looked over their shoulders and they saw, to their horror, a boulder thundering towards them. They screeched and ran even faster until they found themselves in front of . . . the Llystra. He was enormous. His body was blue, his limbs were pink, his neck was green and his head was orange. He had beautiful purple wings and his tail was a fiery reddish orange. But this mixture of colours did not make the two adventurers shrink back, nor was it his size ... it was just that while his right side was beautiful, his left side was hideously deformed and burnt. It was discoloured. The Llystra grimaced and said, " Well Arthur, I see you have come for your tail, " his voice was a harsh whisper, " You can have it! You can see what it has done to me! Take it and begone! " Arthur could not believe his ears. " But why did you take my tail? " enquired Arthur. " Simply because I craved power, " answered the Llystra, " I found, after much study, that your tail would give me more power but, alas, when I laid my hands on it, it burnt me! It destroyed my beauty! Now take the cursed thing and begone! " He raised his hand and thunder clapped, lightning flashed and the winds whistled. The floor gave out and the two friends felt themselves falling, falling, falling . . . When they awakened the tail was back where it belonged and only the memory of their adventure remained. " Say Arthur, " asked Solly, " Let ' s go down to the river and dangle our tails in it and see what happens. " " Uh, no thanks Solly, not today! " by Leslie Crate 7H TRRR CHRUHRN 103 SEPTEMBER Labour Day Grand- parents Day Failed Attack on Chile ' s President Pinochet 16 Fire kills 175 miners in South Africa 18 Stratford trip leaves 22 Les Fouberies de Scapin at NAC 25 Meet the Teacher Night Grade 13 Return 21 4 Grade 1-12 return Airplane hijacking in Karachi Pakistan 6 Islanfiic New Year Attack on Istanbul Synagogue Stratford Trip returns 23 September Equinox (Autumn begins) 26 Sports Day 1 ♦ 29 Nicolas Daniloff released Iceland 30 summit announced Gannady Zakarov condition- ally released OCTOBER John Fraser elected speaker Parliament resumes Civies Day Thanks- 10 giving Holiday Earthquake in San Salvador 11 Summit in Iceland begins 17 AHA concert Elmwood Dance 12 Summit Ends Dr. Callistro gets married 20 GM pulls out of South Africa Solar eclipse (72% of sun covered) 13 Yom Kippur Thanks- giving long weekend 21 PSAT ' s IBM pulls out of South Africa Jewish New Year (5747) 15 Grenade attack at Wailing Wall 24 Hamlet Film UK severs relations with Syria Rowing Regatta 16 Mozambique President killed in plane crash 25 Rowing Regatta Rick Hansen arrives in Ottawa NOVEIvIdER 1 All Saints Day Ashbury Car Rally 5 Parent- Teacher Interviews gCivies Day Swiss Chemical Leak into Rhine Long 7 weekend Art Fair Antique Fair Book Fair begin 9 Art Fair Antique Fair Book Fair end 10 Long weekend ends 11 Remem- brance Day 12 Careers Day 13 First Day of Snow Reagan admits arms sales to Iran Honeymoon Suite Concert Cansave Gala Ashbury Dance 22 Elmwood Chez 106 Video Dance 23 Corazon Aquino fires entire cabinet 24 Peter Gabriel New Order Concert 26 Fowl Shooting Party for exchange students 27 Mrs. Hoy remarries Liberal Party Convention begins 28 Midnight madness sale at Rideau Centre 29 Cary Grant dies 30 First Advent Hamilton wins Grey Cup DECEMBER f ft 1 Senior Choir at Parliament Hill 2 Canadian Philip Engs arrested on spying charges i 1 4Christmas concert Student riots in France begin 5 Oranges and Grapefruits arrive 6 Student riots in France force with- drawal of educational bill 8 Sinke Aust wins fowl shooting 9 Christmas trees go up 10 Exams begin 13 Billy Joel concert 14 Voyageur starts flight around world 15 Canada eliminated from America ' s Cup 18 Christmas Concert Last Day of School 22 December Solstice (winter begins) j,-Voyageur arrives home Zellers in Montreal bombed by FLQ 24 25 Christmas Day 26 27 31 New Year ' s Eve 1 1 J 1 ' V ' ' Christmas Eve Iraqi plane hijacked bombed in Saudi Arabia Boxing Day Hanukkah 96 die in Puerto Rican hotel fire JANUARY 8 Dow Jones above 2000 for first time 10 Triumph Concert 12 AIDS virus killed 1 1 1 New Year ' s 1 Day . Canadian Team disqua- lified at World Jr. Hockey Champion- ships after brawl School 5 returns Margaret Lawrence dies Jack Rabbit Johannsen dies at 1 11 6 Canal Opens 13 Deep Freeze in Europe 16 Friday Skiing begins 19 Martin Luther King Jr. Day 20 Terry Wait t iHnanr oH 1 rXIU 1 laJJJJcU 1 in Lebanon 21 George Bush and James Baker visit Ottawa 22 Elmwood beats Ashbury Volleyball 23 Snowstorm causes school to close at 2:30 24 New York Giants win Superbowl 29 President Aquino ends coup attempt 30 Volleyball team goes to Toronto ' 25 St. Donat trip leaves 26 American video awards 28 Human League concert St. Donat trip returns FEBRUARY 1 Volleyball Team returns 2 Groundhog Day Representa- tive from Guide Dogs for the Blind 3 U.S. wins America ' s Cup Challenge 4 Liberace dies of AIDS Airbands 5 Elmwood Dance 6 Winterlude begins Half Term Holiday Robert 9 McFarlane tries to commit suicide Spirit week begins 10 Slave Day Al I? ■U 1 11 Change of Uniform Day 12 Ski Day 14 Valentine ' s Day 15 End of Winter- lude 19 Federal Budget Day f -iti I . j ' i ' ' ■■ ■ 20 Open House 21 Science Olympics at Carleton 22 Andy Warhol Dies 24Grammy Awards Paul Young concert 27 U.S. Secretary of State Don Regan Fired MARCH Shrove Tuesday Ash Wednesday Volleyball Tournament 11 12 13 14 17 Roman R o n 1 lai Ddl lL]Ucl Last Day of School March Break ■ begins First Day of Freedom St. Patrick ' s Day 18 19 21 Genie Awards Bruce Willis ' Birthday March Equinox (Spring begins) 25 Avalanche in B.C. kills heliskiers 30 Oscar Awards School starts again 31 Maria von Trapp dies April Fools Day Postal Rates go up 1 i a 9 Sugarbush gr. 9-13 17 Good Friday 18 Tamils kill over 120 people in bus explosions 19 Easter 21 Penny Drive ends Designer Willi Smith dies of AIDS 23 Jim Bakker declares •■Holy War " on Jerry Falwell and PTL Half Day - 24Gr. 12 and Gr. 7 Drama Festival Weekend in Toronto starts 12 Palm Sunday Miss Eaman loses skirt in Prayers 13 George Schuiz visits USSR. President Reagan comes to Ottawa 14 Passover 4 miners killed in Sudbury President Reagan leaves 16 Attempted military revolt in Argentina STRATFORD TRIP On Friday, 19 September, forty-three senior students from Grades 11-13 set off from Elmwood on the annual trip to Stratford, accompanied by Mrs. Davies, Mrs. Heacock, Mrs. Hoy and Mrs. Bellamy. We made an early start and broke our journey at Kleinburg, where we were given an informative guid- ed tour of the McMichael Collection of Canadian Art. The landscape views from the huge picture windows provided an additional commentary on the works of the Group of Seven, though cloudy weather prevented us from seeing the autumn colours at their best. Students enjoyed seeing the Indian and Inuit paintings and carvings, and were lucky to have the opportunity of viewing the special exhibition of paint- ings by Prudence Heward. After checking in at our hotel in Kitchener, we went on to Stratford to see Hamlet, presented somewhat enigmatically in turn-of-the century costume. The following morning we enjoyed the sights, smells and sounds of Kitchener Market, then returned to Strat- ford for the afternoon performance of A Man For All Seasons, an absorbing play about the last years of Sir Thomas More. COMMONWEALTH CONFERENCE Anja Miller and Katie Bell were sent as Elmwood ' s delegates to the Fif- teenth Student Commonwealth Conference. They represented the coun- try of Swaziland in discussions on World Hunger and the methods on Dismantling Apartheid. The rest of the week was spent in informal debates, forums, workshops, simulation games and social events. Most of the week was spent at Carleton University, but delegates were also to be found at Tunney ' s Pasture, The Four Seasons Hotel and Skit Row. Delegates came from all over Canada bringing new opinions on such diverse topics as Capital Punishment, Aids, Youth Unemployment and Indian Rights. The discussions were both interesting and heated throughout. Katie had a billet from Kingston while Anja did not have this particular experience. On balance the entire week was, simply put, incredible. Special thanks go to Alison Schmidt who made sure we were adequately prepared and put so much work into the success of this conference. Ob- vious congratulations to Mr. McCabe for, again, picking the right delegates, thanks. 112 113 SKI - SKI - SKI - SKI - SKI - SKI - SKI - SKI SKI TEAM Time: February, 1987 Place: Osier Bluff Ski Club, Collingwood, Ontario Event: OFSSAA -Ontario Ski Championships Dispatch: - Elmwood Eagles participate for the first time - Eventful trip with fellow National Capital Area Champions from Colonel By, Confederation and Lisgar - Weather: Sunny Conditions: Perfect Competitors: 30 + Schools 157 girls 1 60 boys - RCMP Trophy Competition: 18 schools - Results: Elmwood - 12th Overall 2nd in RCMP Competition - CONGRATULATIONS!!! ST. DONAT: It seems like yesterday when the Elmwood girls first went up to the Laurentians to ski . . . and ski . . . and follow conferences on the History and the Geography of the St. Donat area. Well! - it has actually been five years since Mrs. Millington encouraged us to sign up ... to go up to the mountain. And the girls who are lucky enough to be able to participate in the program run by the INTERFACE group are always happy to come home because they have had such a busy, eventful time. Every year, the Elmwood girls inevitably im- press with their enthusiasm and positive spirit, even in the keenest of competition. This year ' s group was no different and they did a splendid job. From the minute we arrived in St. Donat Village on Sunday, January 25th we were aces both on the hills as well as at the Carnival activities. Our students won the sled competition as members of MONTCALM HOUSE and won individual accolades as well . . . Rita Sakus, Julie Coulson, Esther Maser and Tracey Solomon all won medals in their ski races. Elmwood was very well represented on the podium and we appreciate very much their individual achievements in the name of their school. Three cheers to all. There were also many activities to join in while at the Manoir des Laurentides, that everyone came back to Ottawa and to school just exhausted but pleased with their stay in St. Donat with INTERFACE. We wish that we could list the many activities and tell ail the funny anecdotes, but time and space does not permit. I ' m sure that all the memorable moments have become part of Elmwood ' s oral folklore by this time at any rate . . . SKI - SKI - SKI - SKI - SKI - SKI - SKI - SKI 114 GRADE 6 TRIP TO CAMP CAMERON The time has come As Monica has said, To tell you all of camp. Where Nyree, Justine And the rest of the sixes, Last Wednesday at ten did tramp. After our hike On snowshoes of course, We tested our agility. Ines crawled twice, And Kim tugged hard. True Inuit they well might be. The sky was clear, The stars just right. For a lesson on astronomy. Tina liked the fire. Until the squeeze, Too tight, " Oh glory be " . Next day at lunch With only one match, Some groups did light their fires. Jasmine baked apples along with Kate. " More wood please Mrs. Wires. " Not a trace was left By Tara and Jane Shaghig, Seifali and Shannon. They covered their cinders And flung their logs Till all was spick and spankin ' . The hike back to camp On snowshoes was pleasant. Except for poor ol ' Jane. She and Akua Carried huge sacks And were probably walking in pain. Catherine was ready For afternoon fun She ' d be a herbivore Fleeing from foxes Not unlike Kathleen, No time allowed to snore. Davina and Julie Were assigned to hunt With a grenade and with a gun. But during a visit The grenade fell through. And the animals thought they ' d won. Grenade down the John, And the herbivores dead. Carnivores like Tina and her wife, Realized how lucky They were indeed. In the survival game of life. With songs from Christina, Angle and Charlotte, Skit night was far from a bore. Kathleen played the teacher, Jennifer danced well, Leaving cries of more, please more. We must thank Shaghig For her baklava. And Charlotte for her cake. With Mrs. Wires In charge of meals " We ate like kings, " said Kate. The winking game Miss Wedekamm We thank for teaching us. Christine and Jenny For all their help Cleaning and packing again. Kim for being So cheerful, Even with a bleeding nose. And Angle For so willingly. Cleaning the John without a hose. Tara and Laura Made good actresses. With toothpaste on their lips, And Liz Who looked so funny. In snow up to her hips, So all in all, A super time Was had by one and all. In fact We ' d better warn you now. Next year w ' re staying ' til Fall. Mrs. Wires Mrs. Chapman. 115 GRADE NINE GEOGRAPHY FIELD TRIP Once again the geography class has taken a successful and informative tour of the city of Ottawa, and in particular to the Department of Energy, Mines and Resources. It was successful in that we are privileged in being allowed as a Grade Nine class to take the tour (it is usually restricted to grade 11-13 classes from the public schools). It was infor- mative thanks to the efforts of Mr. W. Winges who saw that all aspects of topographic map making were clearly demonstrated and explained to the students. The trip goes hand in hand with a very detailed in-class study of the Ottawa area and " hands on " use of topographic maps of the area. When the students ' assignments came in it proved the positive worth of such field trips. G. Yates and L. Eaman. REGIONAL SCIENCE FAIR On April 11, twelve students represented Elmwood at the Regional Science Fair. Com- peting against the top grade seven and eight students from the Ottawa-Carleton area, Rebecca Esrock placed second in the Life Science Division. Anne Gildenhuys and Claire Morrison won third prize for their engineering project entitled, " The Race Is On. " Congratula- tions to our winners and our other fine contestants: Molly Tepper, Jill Pearse, Patricia Harewood, Susan Wooles, Josephine Yang, Julia Edigar, Allison Whitney, Tina Saryeddine and Kim Coulter. I ISMF ' 87 INDEPENDENT SCHOOLS ' MUSIC FESTIVAL The seventeen girls, along with Mrs. Bellamy and myself, travelled by train to Toronto on Friday, April 3rd and arrived just in time to check in at the Holiday Inn and make it to UCC for our first four hour rehearsal. That evening there was a banquet held at the Holiday Inn for all the senior participants. It proved to be a success in that the girls were able to meet and interact with students from other schools. This is the first year that a banquet has been held and I feel that it will continue as it was well received. A dance following the banquet would have made the evening complete. Saturday morning was spent rehearsing and the afternoon was free for shopping and sight-seeing. Saturday evening dinner was at a choice of area restaurants. Sunday was another rehearsal (at Thomson Hall), a dinner break and the final performance at 7:30 PM. We returned by train on the Monday evening. The girls ' general deportment and appearance were commented on by many and greatly appreciated by me. Thank you girls for making the trip so pleasurable and many thanks to Mrs. Bellamy for giving up four days of her life to be with us. Our final performance was at Closing and it was very special for me, as it was the final performance with two Grade 13s, Barb Toth and Judy Korecky, who had been with me for eight years. Their love of music and dedication to the Choir throughout those years was joy to me and what I feel teaching is all about. Jody O ' Brien, Director. The Elmwood Recorder Ensemble travelled to Toronto in February and spent three days performing and seeing the sights. They gave concerts of Renaissance to 20th Century recorder music at Bishop Strachan, York Montessori, St. Clement ' s, and Havergal. The audiences were very enthusiastic and we were flattered to receive several appreciative letters on our return to Ottawa. To quote: " The quality of their music was excellent and they provided a real inspiration for the girls. " Miss J. Huston, St. Clement ' s, " They are to be commended for their high level of performance, and indeed, they sound most professional. " Miss Alison Pearce, Bishop Strachan. Besides giving concerts, the girls visited the Toronto Metro Zoo, and had lunch at the CN Tower. All in all it was a successful and enjoyable trip. Deidre Kry, Director. PRIZES Proficiency standing: 80% and over, up to and including Grade 10 Grade 5 6 - Alexandra Bade, Christina Gandilo, Hannah Griller, Christina Hill, Vicky Kellett, Akua Otupiri, Ines Scepanovic, Sylvia Smellie, Indre Sakus, Samantha Tapping, Hilary Thompson, Kathleen Terroux Grade 6 - Jasmine Bernstein, Tara Chauhan, Davina Given, Catherine Menard, Jenny Roessler, Marie-Laure Sauvageau, Julie Slow, Kim Tremblay, Charlotte Truelsen, Shannon Wires Grade 7H - Suzanne Beaubien, Natasha Corrin, Margaret Floyd, Shannon Fox, Anne Gildenhuys, Marty Mazanji, Claire Morrison, Tina Saryeddine, Kristina Sakus, Angela Seshadri, Lin Tan, Allison Whitney Grade 7W - Kathryn Ages, Kathryn Breen, Sandi Chao, Atoshi Chatterjee, Julia Ediger, Rebecca Esrock, Monica Kirchhoff, Andrea Lobo, Mary Paths, Leanne Smith, Zoe Stikeman, Sarah Storey Grade 8McG - Maya Chaly, Renee Foy, Caroline Greenwood, Nazlin Hirji, Andrea Kucey, Claire Millington, Julie Napier, Meredith Nelson, Melanie Quevillon, Catherine Richardson Grade SMcR - Caroline Brisson, Christie Callan-Jones, Alyssa Delicate, Patricia Harewood, Jill Pearse, Ricarda Rudolph, Victoria Shoemaker, Susan Wooles, Josephine Yang Grade 9E - Claudia Beltran, Elizabeth Drent, Nicole Edwards, Mary Niles, Zoe Pettengell, Gillian Siebrasse, Valerie Ventureyra Grade 9McC - Bishakha Basuroy, Rosemary Fincham, Hester Grodde, Savannah Ladouceur, Samara Mimesh, Strachan McCarthy, Te ena Mehta, Michelle Riff Grade 10B - Julie Coulson, Jill Hogg, Alexa Holmes, Dilshad Lalani, Alison Lewis, Allison MacFarlane, Stephanie McLeod, Jillian Napier, Shannon Robinson, Tracey Solomon Grade 10J - Alysia Davies, Vivienne Edwards, Dana Gellman, Catherine Jeanjean, Lisa Rambert Proficiency standing: 75% and over, up to and including Grade 13 Grade 11H - Katie Bell, Eve Castell, Sienna Filleul, Tara Morrison, Dilsheesh Purewal Grade IIS - Elanor Brodie, Stephanie Cutts, Suzanne Higgins, Pamela Home, Annette Jardine, Susanna Kong Grade 12H - Ellen Bruce, Charlotte Elder, Gillian Hewitt, Nicole Jackson, Christine McGregor, Inka Pauls, Kirsten Podeschwik, Louise Shearman, Vivian Yu Grade 12M - Kerstin Bruchhaeuser, Fiona Doetsch, Vicky Grossmann-Hensel, Chase Harris, Carol Hodgson, Julie Kang, Nicole Knowlton, Kimberley Meyerman, Anja Miller, Julie Waterhouse Grade 13- Stephanie Bartlett, Andrea Bruchhaeuser, Jennifer Deacon, Charu Gupta, Judy Korecky, Jane Lougheed, Wendy Mitchell, Milena Sigmund, Rachel Soar, Eveline Van Bunge Creative English Creativity Drama Music Art Math and Computer Science MacDonald Cup for Mathematics Effort and Progress Science Social Sciences Etudes Sociales French Grade 5-6 Grade 7-8 Latin Schultz Prize For Effort Junior Choir Prize LAIDLER CUP SOUTHAM CUP Jennifer Scrimger Leslie Crate Julie Slow and Alice Lafferty Natasha Corrin Mary Raths Susan Wooles Katie Breen Rebecca Esrock Josephine Yang Caroline Brisson Catherine Menard Claire Millington Catherine Richardson and Jill Pearse Kim Coulter Allison Whitney Melanie Quevillon Patricia Harewood SPORTS AWARDS Fauquier Junior Cup for Sportsmanship Crowdy-Weir Bantam Sports Cup Dunlop Intermediate Sports Cup Wilson Senior Sports Cup Green Form Drill Cup Outstanding Athletic Performance Physical Education Gold Medal Maynard Sportsmanship Cup Inter House Sports Day Cup INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL 9-10 Rothwell Prize for English Intermediate Art French Math Geography History Science Latin Grades 9-12 Renee Foy Anne Gildenhuys Jillian Napier Eileen MacPhee Grade Twelve Jillian Napier Milena Sigmund Habiba Thawer Fry Alexa Holmes Nadya McElligott Claudia Beltran Bishakha Basuroy Savannah Ladouceur Shannon Robinson Alison Lewis Alysia Davies Typing Prize - Sarah Maywood Choir Prize Grades 9-13 - Judy Korecky and Barbara Toth Outstanding Progress - Samara Mimesh F nnlich 1 l llol 1 - P.harlnttp FIdpr 3ii IC7I II IC ijv ai IJOctl 1 Frpnrh liilip Wptprhni i ip Qn ial Qti iHioc - Fllpn Rriipp lldl LJI UI C? Math OUocll II Ici r ui 1 Music - Mnjd iviiiicr Art Mil Olcpildlllt? wUUo Business - Jill Hogg Computer Studies - Vicky Grossmann-Hensel German Grades 9-12 - Vicky Grossmann-Hensel Spanish Grades 9-12 - Elanor Brodie iVIIlL ' ilcn 1 IKJilldo r 1 r dUld 1 Ul 1 III 1 1 1 IFIITFMAMT nnVFRMOR ' MFDAI FDR HIf HF T APHIFVFMFMT IM t RADFIP li ilip A atPrhrM icp UUIIC VVdlCl 1 ILfUOC f RAHF 1 ' VJI nr L 1 1 o P ni i 1 i c h Q 1 ly Moi 1 - idUid OdiUiiic 1 1 CI IL I 1 Ctonhanio Rartlott OLc|Jlldlllc Ddl lie 11 Math Oharii r iinta Oi Idl u JlU|Jld Phomictn f raHoc l .l In La Pa 1 lie Phwciirc ( rarlpQ 11-1 ' . r ha n 1 r i ir ta a nH 1 1 1 Mp A atprhni iqp wiidiu JU|Jid diiu uuiic vvdidiiuUoc Diuiuy y 1 dUcro 1 IIO f hrictino o r r V l II lolll Ic iviuv i cyui OULfldl OlUUiCo r illion 1— lo A itt v lllidil ntJWill 1 atin Tora h rric n - (did IVIUiMoUM Harwnnfi- Innp ( iin for f lacicif c - A pnH Mitphpll vvciiuy iviiiv, iicii Ocl 1 lUi IVI UolO 1 1 - INILUic lAilUWIlUM ' Foo Pino Arte Oiin IVH l CC 1 IMC Ml lo 1 1 ilio l a nn vjuiic ixdi ly Whitwill History Prize - Paula Jardine Univ. of Toronto Bool Prize - Charu Gupta PlicoRraith A aito holarchir CMbc DidllllWdllc OCrlUidi ollip hacA Warric - wlldofc? ndll ' b laH A ino Pacincl i Artc vJdUWiyc Ddoil lOr r l l f llart Rri t a ' Cllcll DlUUc laH A iria PacincL i ion o JdUWiyc DdoliloM OolcilUc f- ir n a P Qtc h - rlUild L UfcJlbCll nOVFRNOR GFNFRAL MFDAL FOR THF HlfiHFST PRDFICIFNOY r harii r iir ta Oi Idl U JlufJld Old Girls House Motto Prize-Keller - Zandra Brown House Heads Awards Fry - Resa Solomon Wpilpr Uci 1 1 1 1 1 Cl L Cdl UI 1 Minhtinnalo 1 J ly 1 1 LI 1 ty die Alicr n QphmiHt - MlloUl 1 OUI II 1 IIUl Wilson - Milena Sigmund Graham Form Trophy - Grade - Ines Scepanivic Headmistress ' Prize - JoAnn Daniels and Lynne McKenzie All-Round Contribution to School Life - Milena Sigmund Ewing Cup for Character - Paula Jardine PHILPOT TOKEN - Jennifer Deacon and Rachel Soar SUMMA SUMf ARUM - Stephanie Bartlett 119 GRADUATION JUNE 12TH f Mr. Chairman, Members of the Board of Governors, Mrs. White, Staff, Students and Friends of Elmwood. On this evening, I feel very honoured to stand here as the representative of the graduating class. . Let us begin with a brief survey of the year ' s events and believe me, I promise to keep it brief! The September Sports Day was a new idea. I think it successfully initiated new students and generated a feeling of togetherness from the beginning of the year. Other fun, spirited events were the Hallowe ' en party, Spirit Week, and IttP lay Sports Day. In all of them, staff involvement, or should I say staff willingness to look ridiculous, acted as an in- spiration. For amazing success and originality, Mrs. McGregor ' s Penny Drive was the highlight. How many an- cient hoardes of pennies found their way to Elmwood we don ' t know but the final sum raised proved the cliche k ' that pennies gather to form many dollars ' and, in this case, $2,134.50 to be exact. Our graduating class, on their lown, has again shown that their forte is fund-raising. I have great pleasure on their behalf to present to you, Mr White a cheque for $2565.50 towards the development fund. This added to the Penny Campaign produces grand total of $4700.00 from the student body. ' - The time has come to bid farewell to Elmwood. In Gabrielle Roy ' s, " La Petite Poule D ' Eau " , Nick says, " Comme des oiseaux, I ' ame humaine, avait besoin %d ' air, de liberte et de ses semblables. " (Like birds, we must leave our nests where we have been nurtured and " trained to the point that we are now ready to go into new worlds) At this point I will quote Nick again as we feel like spreading our wings, " En cage, elle ne pouvait que deperir. Des ses pauvres ailes, elle battait les barreaux, s ' epuisait a rejoindre ses compagnes en liberte. " He speaks of a caged bird and, at this point, this is how we feel. Just to be free, just fly away! It will only be later that we will fully realise how much the nurturing at Elmwood and at home meant to us and that without it we would ... not have had the strength to do that flying away. To next year ' s head girl, Nicole Knowlton, and to the Grade 1 3 Prefects, I wish you the best of years. It will sure- ly be the fastest year of your liv ; Please do not forget to enjoy It! Remember that no one person can do everything, but that co-operation is the key. Finally, that brings me to this year ' s graduating class. When 1 think of Elmwood, the first image in my mind will,, be of this class. 1 wish all of you success and happiness in anything that you may undertake. However, on this evening, I would especially like to thank you, in particular the Prefects who kept everything running smoothly and devoted much of their time to the school. To you, Rachel, our Senior Prefect, 1 owe a great debt of gratitude for your never-ending organization and support. Lastly, 1 would like to thank our parents and teachers for giving us what Elmwood has to offer — THE VERY BEST! Thank you Merci PATRONS Anonymous, S.C. Mrs. George Aldous Mr. and Mrs. Robert Alyea Dr. and Mrs. P. Blais Mr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Bon M. Boushey Bernard and Jo Brodie Zandra K.D. Brown D ' Arcy and Ann Coulson Mr. and Mrs. P.S. Deacon Mrs. Mona Lamy Dominic de Wolfe Nicholas M. Ediger John H. Haydon Mr. S. Grossmann-Hensel Mr. and Mrs. N.S. Hewitt Dr. C. Yong Kang Peter and Suzanne Knowlton Elizabeth M. Lloyd Mr. J.A. MacFarlane Giovanna Mandica Mr. and Mrs. E. Maser Michael and Sarah McCabe AMB. David M. Miller (Retired) Mrs. Beryl Millington Penny Montieth H.E. Thomas M.J. Niles and Mrs. Niles Mrs. Jody O ' Brien E.H. and G.S. Pauls Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Rickerd Dr. and Mrs. Dwight Saunders Mr. and Mrs. A.C. Schmidt Jan and Milena Sigmund Ann Smith Dr. and Mrs. G.C. Taichman Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Turner Neil and Margaret Waterhouse Mrs. J.C. Whitwill Dr. and Mrs. William H. Yang. Morven Zollinger «3 ToaorxjTb Tripes? » , ROYAL LfPflGEl — = Josephine (Jo) Brodie Sales Represeniaiive Hesidenlial Real Estate Services 1335 Carling Avenue Suile 200 Ottawa. Oniano KtZ 3N8 Ollice 1613) 725-1171 Res 16131234-2653 On May 27 , 1987 , the girls from Mrs. £zr..T.id- ' . class boarded the train for a three day visit t-: Ontario ' s capital. Limited space praver.t s us from elaborating on all the memorable aspects o: our adventure. Sufficient to say that aducatior went hand-in-hand with fun as we visited the Royal Ontario Museum and the Scia.nce Centre. made other stops at the Toronto Zoo, Or. rio Place, and the CM Tower. The students at Havergal College offered thai, homes and hospitality treating us royally the entire time. Many lasting friendships -.-era mad: during the shared activities. An exhausted but educated group of st-iants returned by train on the night of May 25. We were late (thanks CM), Tired (thanks Toronto) and sad to see the fun end but qlad to ba home. Suppl ier of School Uniforms Toronto. Ontario (416) 593-5900 M«K:A3rraT ltd. 2571 Lancaster Rd , Ottawa. Ontario K18 4L5 Telephone: (613) 33-800 (Ehr I into Skating Club YE. R ROUND ICE Rick Burt P C Box 741 Brockville. Ontario K6V 5V8 (613J 923-5447 Quality Service Programs, Inc STOCX CUSTOM DESIGNS J I J SOFTBALLS JSchoOl OoUl i I 3 I lirmmmL I SVnLATIRa I I JACKETS I I 8p.idi.., I 1 I Unfform T SNru i Srtara SCHOOL SHIRTS BASEBALLS »80O01 FOOTBALLS iKf.L. i C.F Ul SOCCERBALLS RUQBY COMPLETE SWIM TEAM SUPPLIERS CAPS llATS GOGCiES .»n0S " (0 15 Rt«BC " . VI. Q. jflTASPORT UNIFORM rr -I BOSS HUGO OSS THE SOCIETY SHOP 112 Sparks Street Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1P5B6 Tel. (613) 235-4371 128 CouUer FREE PARKING MORTGAGES INVESTMENTS Head Office 310 Somerset St.W. Ottawa, Ontario K2P0J9 (613) 236-9716 When you talk money, talk with someone you trust. SUNSWEET ALLEN FOUBERT FOR ALL YOUR FUND RAISING NEEDS! Box 290 Munster Hamlet Ontario, KOA 3P0 ARTS SMOKE SHOP Variety Store - Open Nights - Sundays 27 Beechwood Ave. 749-9844 Ottawa KIM 1M2 K M CAPITAL DENTAL LABORATORIES LTD. 794 Bronson Ave. Ottawa, Ont. Tel. 232-4856 129 1 " -it ' C 4?, JANE MITCHELL ANTIQUES • 90 SPARKS STREET 230-6901 • APPRAISERS • PURCHASERS • CONSULTANTS • GUARDIAN DRUGS New Edinburgh Pharmacy Limited 33 Beechwood Avenue Ottawa, Ontario K1M 1M1 (613) 746-4684 frank P. lonon. b.6c.Phm. F-I N E GR O C ER S ' 23 Beechwood Ave. Free Delivery 749-5967 HELVELLYN INTERNATIONAL FINANCING LTD Innovative Solutions to Project Financing in Developing Countries. Petroleum Product Traders. Phone (613) 726-0076 300 - 301 Moodie Drive, Nepean, Ont K2H 9C4 132 Nepean, Ontario K2H 8R6 (613)829 8888 COMPLIMENTS OF: BEECHWOOD I.G.A. 50 Beechwood Ave. Vanier 745-2151 MAJESTIC KEY Construction Ltd. General Contractors and Construction Managers 415 Rideau St. Ottawa, Ont. KIN 5Y9 (613)236-8917 DANIEL ' S RESTAURANT 5 SPRINGFIELD ST. 745-4141 745-4142 MEMBER HOSPITAL AAHA lAMERKAN ANIMAL HOSPITAL I ASSOCIATION ® BLAIR ANIMAL HOSPITAL 746-2443 4 136 ELMWOOD GUILD PURPOSE To assist the school wherever possible and to raise funds for the general benefit of the students and the school. Over the past year, the Guild has donated over $1 5,000, allocated to all departments of the school ' s academic and sports programmes. Included among the purchases, are visual and teaching aids for the social sciences, physical sciences, mathematics and languages. Computer software, elec- tronic equipment, sports uniforms and equipment, and musical instruments have all been bought for the students to use. The Guild also provided the runner-up prize for the Grade 9 Entrance Scho larship and the merit pins and spoons for academic achievement. This year, the supporting staff in the janitorial and kitchen areas have been allotted funds to upgrade their respective equipment. Major fund raising, such as for the Building Project is left in the capable hands of the Board of Gover- nors and the Development Officer. MEMBERSHIP Any relative of an Elmwood student may be a member of the Guild with an annual payment of $10 which helps to defray the expenses of the social occasions. There are 19 positions available on the Executive which is chosen at the annual general meeting held in May. ACTIVITIES The Super Sale and Raffle is the major fund raiser of the year. In April, 1986, we raised $12,000 from donated clothing, " treasures " , plants, books and baked goods, all donated by the Elmwood communi- ty. Thank you to everyone who helped us at the event, and with donations. The Uniform Shop offers their services to the students every Tuesday afternoon from 3-5 pm during the school year, and has sales of available new and used uniform items at the end of the school year and in early September. Coats, kilts, tunics and blazers are accepted for sale on a consignment basis. New gym wear and most used uniform items are available (when the shipments arrive as requested). All profits from the Uniform shop are used by the Guild for the benefit of the students. SOCIAL EVENTS The Fall Welcoming Party for parents of new students included Wine and Cheese tasting this year. The " Winter Feast " was cancelled this year, but the Guild expects to make a go of it next year at a date later in the year. SINCERE THANKS At the time of writing of this page, the people and firms who donated to the raffle have not yet been finalized. Every year we are grateful to those who so generously provide prizes. 137 HOWARTHS (OTTAWA) SPECIALIZING IN SCHOOL OUTFITS FOR PRIVATE AND PUBLIC SCHOOLS Howarth Inc. is a Canadian tradition. They have dressed generations of families beginning with school uniforms for private and public schools, both English and French, through to custom made suits and shirts. The sort of oufit that always looks right. Under one roof you can outfit the whole family. (POLO— RALPH LAUREN FOR CHILDREN— SIZES 8 TO 20) HOWARTHS (OTTAWA) Head Office: Branch: Branch: 1444 St. Catherine St. W. 89 O ' Connor Street Tor-Dommion Centre Montreal, Quebec Ottawa, Ontario Toronto, Ontario Tel: 861-9242-3-4 Tel: 2J2-0724 Tel: J63-0362 MOST MAJOR CREDIT CARDS HONOURED " The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persits in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man. "

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