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A V L ELMWOOD SCHOOL 261 BUENA VISTA RD. OTTAWA, ONTARIO K1M0V9 I MRS. WHITE ' S REPORT Although enrolment this year is at a record high of 355, Elmwood remains in spirit a small school, where teachers and students can maintain close relationships. We still all know one another by name. The addition of a grade one class means that we now offer a full primary program in the Junior School. A welcome benefit of our expansion at this grade level has been an increase in opportunities for senior students to assume a wider variety of leadership roles both under the guidance of teachers in the primary classrooms, and within the Houses. In the senior school, our increased numbers have enabled students and staff to develop more extra-curricular clubs and interest groups. Students have frequently surprised themselves this year, discovering hitherto unknown talents in Pottery, Photography and Dressmaking. They have perfected skills in Classics, Math, Drama, Debating and Science clubs, Band and Choir and have exercised on Rowing, Volleyball and Basketball squads. All these groups have fostered friendships and developed skills beyond the classroom and have encouraged students to grow in confidence and competence. Programs of social outreach have continued to grow, both within the House System and from academic courses. The houses have introduced speakers, raised funds, and lent practical support to a variety of projects. Keller ' s Guide Dog Project, Nightingale ' s work for Ronald MacDonald House, the Elizabeth Fry Society and the Wilson " Match " project have all been organised on student initiative. Awareness of Canada ' s role in the world has been enhanced by programs initiated by social studies projects throughout the school, such as the grade 5 6 Twinning project in Jamaica, the Cansave Valentine Tree, the Commonwealth Conference and the International Student Exchange program. It is our firm belief that participation in and observation of these programs heightens social awareness and provides opportunities for students to acquire valuable organization, leadership and public speaking skills. If it is true that nothing worth learning can be taught, then I hope that Elmwood has provided every student with ample op- portunities to learn by participating actively in academic pursuits, in social and athletic activities and in service. Vice Principal It is a glorious, warm day and the lilacs are just about ready to bloom once again. It is just the right type of day to sit outside, in the sunshine, enjoying Elmwood ' s grounds. As spring rushes into summer, dates are met, activities pass and the academic year rushes to its end. More and more time is spent planning 1986-87, while one hears of arrangements for Closing and the formal. The examination timetable assumes a growing importance in some lives. What has been important or special to you about 1985-86? The Samara Committee has worked conscientiously to provide us with a special synopsis of this academic year. However, when we get our copy of the 1985-86 Samara each of us will write a unique concluding paragraph on the year we have shared. With the addition of a grade one class this year, the junior school has almost 200 pupils from grades one to eight. The boys and girls in grades one to four form a unit within the junior school where some exciting activity is always going on. These " junior juniors " prepared a delightful Christmas concert for their families and took a most active part in Junior Entertainment. This year they will have their own afternoon closing ceremonies at the school. Mrs. Prescott, who took over from Judy duPlessis, has filled her role most capably and guided several young scientists through a Science Fair at Elmwood and on to places in the Regional Science Fair. Our recorder group brought us honour by winning three firsts in the Music Festival and being asked to play in the Music Festival Highlights Concert. Students from grades three to eight participated in a program of public speaking. Grades five and six have been " twinned " with a school in Jamaica; this has added greatly to their interest in the social studies program. At the time of writing the junior school s eems quiet, as forty grade eights are in Quebec City. Next week the two grade seven classes are off to the Foley Mountain Conservation Area, Kingston, and Upper Canada Village. Grade six went winter camping at Brown Lake and grade five is looking forward to a day in Montreal. Can all this, and more, have taken place in one school year? It has been a year packed with new experiences in learning, and fun. My thanks to our accomplished and supportive teachers, and to all the fine students who make up the junior school - happy holidays! Head of Junior School BOARD OF GOVERNORS Elmwood School is a non-profit organization accountable to a Board of Governors. This Board is responsible for setting the academic and administrative policies of the school, which are administered by the Headmistress and the Vice Principal, with the assistance of the Bursar. Mr. C.A. Fournier, Chairman Mrs. S. Grossmann-Hensel, Vice-Chairman Mrs. A.E.H. Campbell Mrs. M.J. Carrothers Mrs. J. Davies Mr. P.S. Deacon, Co-Chairman, Fund Raising Mr. D.A. Dodge Mr. N.M. Ediger, Co-Chairman, Fund Raising Mr. J. Haydon Mr. S.F. Hughes Mr. R.E. Kiggins, Chairman, Finance Dr. C.J. Maule, Past Chairman Mr. E.B. McDougall Mr. D. Montgomery Dr. R.S. Preston Mrs. F.J. Sellers, Chairman, Education Mrs. B. Shoemaker Mr. J. Thompson TABLE OF CONTENTS c Li 1 1 u c 1 D K N 1 L A A A A U U F D F F s R S R A D S PC. 7-14 15-26 27-48 49-64 f - ft 4 4 s A s A U K n r n u C T o s 1 R A T L S L 1 T PC. 65-78 79-96 97-1 20 1 21 -1 44 8 Mrs. Gerspacher, Grade 3-4 Teacher, Junior Phvs. Ed. Mrs. Hoy, 1 1 H Homeroom, Senior English, Debating, IB. Mrs. Heacocic, 12H Homeroom, Senior and Junior Art, Clay Club. fr Mrs. Hackett 8 D H Homeroom, Senior and Junior Math. Ms. Johnston, lOJ Homeroom, Senior History and Economics, IB. Mrs. Knowlton, Senior and Junior French, IB. Ski Days and Ski Team. Mrs. Knap, Senior and Junior Tennis In- structor, Tennis Team. Mrs. Lloyd, Grade 1-2 Teacher, Junior Phys. Ed. Mr. M. McCabe, W 1 Geography and Phys. Ed., Junior, History and World Politics, Senior, Samara, Senior Volleyball, Student Commonwealth Con- ference. Mrs. S. McCabe, Sewing (Juniors), Art History (Seniors). Mr. K. MacDonald, Senior Philosophy Mrs. G. Mandica, Secretary. Mrs. J. Gillan, IIG Homeroom, ft ' Senior Math, Computer Studies. Mrs. K. Mayes, Grade 4 Class, Junior Entertainment. Mrs. L. McGregor, 8M Homeroom, Senior Math, Accounting. Mrs. B. Millington, 13M Homeroom, Deutsch, Franfais (Seniors), Duke of Edinburgh. 10 11 CLASS OF ELMW G R A D S ANNE-MARIE ANTHONY: September 1982: " HI, my name ' s Anne-Marie, call me Am. " I knew I was in for it! Five years a student of Elm- wood, she can out party anyone! Who else could carry part of her car up- stairs? T hen she really learned how to drive - as if the road wasn ' t enough, she had to sample the ditch. Being the oldest in grade 13 she has definitely shown us the ropes: R C, blue, dancing till dawn, men . . . What else do you need? Moving to Toronto? Then there ' s Mont Ste. Marie, Jamaica, surprise birthday parties. By the way do you remember E.C. ' s party in grade II? Me neither. Bowling against Mrs. White ' s, " I think this cork screw belongs to you! " You ' ve been a great part of us Am. Good luck in the Future. " When the world is running down You make the best of what ' s still around " - the Police JANE BASINSKI: Janina has attended Elmwood since grade nine. Anxious to join the party of university, Janina skipped grade twelve and went on to become a fearless grade thirteen. Janina has left her mark by being a valued member of the basketball team, soccer team, Elmwood theatre company, and Provincial Debating Tournament. She will always be remembered as a loyal, loving friend always willing to help, laugh, and cry along respectively. " A single gentle rain makes the grass many shades greener. So our prospects brighten on the influx of better thoughts. We should be blessed if we live in the present always, and took advantage of enery accident that befell us, like the grass which confesses the influence of the slightest dew that falls on it. " ELISA CAMPBELL: Alias Elisa, Allah and yes, the dreaded Elisza. When not playing soccer, softball, volleyball or tennis, Elzebub can be found avidly studying func- tions, n ' est-ce pas? A future world reknown architect, and currently the co-president of Emmeci-Wolfe International, travel-minded Elisa may have plans to revisit the world, sights to see include the Taj M ahal, the island of Rhodes, king Tut ' s tomb and Dallas, flying on a concord, of course, and closer to home, Barr-Haven! Remember parties and more parties. Art IB notebook, Le Goeland, fantasies, M St. M, Bohemian waiters, concerts, Bahamas, San Francisco, Toronto, Montreal, Tufa the price of one, " Turning 18 and watching the sunrise " . . . watch out McGill! " But whatever their future, at the dawn of their lives, men see a noble vision of man ' s nature and of life ' s potential " - Ayn Rand TASHA CARROTHERS: An; inspiring debator, most stunningi suburbanite, and inimitable! historian, Tasha holds standards of punctuality and order that ' remain unparallelled. Between! letters to Michele and extensive renal research are the favourTte ! discussion topics: Irish im-| migration to Korea; Vancouver, j Vancouver (it rains, and she is [ there.) Mummy Hoy and hardian symbolism - Austen IS tolerated, upon occasion. Succinct lessons are dispensed at the foot of her necessarily extended locker: long line-ups for the popular " Surf ' s Up " , and How to Do Things in a proper manner. With her stay memories of Truman Doctrine, les gouffres tenebreux qui ne I ' af- fligent point, historical Anguish fidele a Fidel). The ab- of long-distance phone and sugarcone quarks. Through her self-discipline shine always the voluptuous player of W.A.M. ' s Concerto in A, The Tashaness, the loving blithe spirit; (our very own very special Tasha). (And He will raise you up on eagles ' wings. Bear you on the breath of dawn. Make you to shine like the sun, And hold you in the palm of His hand.) - PSALMS (rester surdity calls. ALEX CATTERILL: Four years ago, a somewhat shy, reserved girl arrived at the doorstep of Elm- wood, only to be taken under the wing of that unforgettable lOJ class! " 1 can ' t believe she phoned me last night! " In her years here Alex alias " Opal, " Big Al, Boo etc. has made a conscientious effort to get involved -- head cheerleader for the volleyball team -- and private consoles to injured Softball team!! - her other . . . include the drama guild: ' what are we doing here anyway! ' and the social committee: ' Another meeting?!? ' and Samara: Work, You didn ' t come here to do work - did you? When Alex is not avidly studying Calculus we can find her lurking about the . . ., or taking short walks around the block - Rockcliffe will miss us Al! Other memories include; coffee, tea or trick, PSYCHO. ' 82 baby blue . . ., brief affairs, ' walking into walls! ' IVl.S.M. — you don ' t mind do you?. BAHA1V1AS -- the original mama, itchy noses, in- fatuation, keep trying Al!! Guss Goombays, Pina Coladas -- the list could go on forever -- there are just so many good times shared, thanks for being there Al - we love ya! " Do not ask of tomorrow what it may hold: more in the black each day you are granted by Chance: you are young, no sneering at loving and dancing " - Horcco " May the love and the spirit keep dancing And the candle never be put out " - Anonymous DONNA DESPREY: Thuh nite was dark as it yoozhly iz. Feel noogy. Jo hapeeful. Ah c Ape- IVlan. Heez weeird. Jo hapeefulnes. Been wisline fer wile ' n ' dint notis. Ah c Brad to. Hee dont tawk inglish. An then thares Florboi. Heez kyoot. IVIahlolegs eko. Ah c Sumsqurils ' n ' givim foop. Gotta wash mahans. Thares Julia ' n ' Kim buhind thustor talking tuh rabbits. Think al ' ll go to thug brige witha lites. Turn on thuh raydeeo " After about three tayks, it falls off. " Went to uh do it wauz boring so ah went ' n ' left. Ah picked up wut the doc cald stutrin wilgback but it stopt wen ah dropt french. Ran o ' er sum horses th ' other day. Bigg sez, " Well, that wuz bri-i-ite! " DIANE DROUIN: Diane, our head girl, has been with the school for five years. Many today know her simply as Dzi, named by a famous ' French-speaking ' his- torian. The first thing that many people notice about Dzi is her height, 5 ' 3 " (seven cases by Mont- Ste. -Marie standards). Dzi has been known to outjump the tallest volleyball players and is most famous for being the record holder at Jack and Brenda ' s. Dzi aiso managed to show her awesome ' backboarding ' skills at the cot- tage. Mont Ste. Marie will remain in the memories of many Grade 13 ' s. For Dzi, it holds many recollections of good times: . . . chewy granola bars, the chair lift, tobogganing into the fence, caps, and her ability to quieten the walls (shshsh . . . excuse me . . . shshsh . . . excuse me . . . shshsh). What will it be next year? To the Bahamian acquaintances she is better known as " DIANE BY DAY . . . DENISE BY NIGHT " . Dzi experienced many new ad- ventures such as avoiding collisions, handling a Bahama Mama, sunsets and being a little wet behind the ears. Well, ' graduate me ' , Dzi, if you don ' t get accepted into Queens ' phys-ed and all else fails, you can always start a business, ' Carmicheal ' s Peticures ' . Between you and me two words we will always remember (and picture) are ' tiny- winy ' . Thanks for all the great times and the support (especially X-mas). Maybe next year, between Guelph and Kingston, I ' ll meet you in the middle. MONIQUE DULL: Let me not to the marriage of true minds Admit impediments. Love is not love Which alters when it alteration finds, Or bends with the remover to remove: O, no! it is an ever-fixed mark. That looks on tempests and is never shaken; It is the star to every wandering bark, Those worth ' s unknown, although his height be taken. Love ' s no time ' s fool, through rosy lips and cheeks Within his bending sickle ' s compass come. Love alters not with his brief hours and weeks. If this be error, and upon me prov ' d, I never writ, nor no man ever lov ' d. W. Shakespeare Saint Joseph ' s; Bever- weerd, Elmwood. Raymond K. at all. The Nature of Love in Shakespeare ' s Sonnets. Concerts bouw orchest. Amsterdam. The Tea Party: Bashing ankels on bicycle pedals. History Higher (or is it Lower?) Franfais Plus Haut (Tout m ' afflige et me nuit, et conspire a me nuire,) Physics (vanilla flavoured quarks). Math, Philosophy. Endless nights (of work), champagne. University, College, University. " I ' d rather learn from one bird how to sing than teach ten thousand stars how not to dance, ee. cummings LEILANl FARHA: Why? 1 think. The book sits looking at the wall. Goodbye. Endless hope. I was swallowed one time deep in the dark and came out alive after all. In a rush she slid. I looked and pondered. To help this lady would mean all of that fake sentimentality. To leave her on the road would make her more of what she was in comparison to her fellow citizen. It would allow my conscience to be free from the horrid thought of superficial affection. I went down and picked the woman up. She sighed in relief, I then released her and put her back in the puddle on the street. In fair Verona where we lay our scene. Lait. P.S. Where would I be without: Haly . . . Boho . . . Boyel . . . Greece . . . Valvos and Tettus . . . Stornoway . . . Birks . . . Greece . . . Black Roots . . . Vallarta . . . red seaters . . . skating . . . Toronto . . . Harriet, Jodie, Nadia and Fiona and Elisa more than she ' ll ever know. " A child said ' What is the gray ' fetching it to me with full hands; how could I answer the child? I do not know what it is anymore than he " . . . " The heavy burden of the growing son perplexes and offends more, day by day; the prim of living and the drug of dreams " - Willy Won- derland wouldn ' t un- derstand " but not the hell little archy not the hell - cheerio my deario " please Lord let me live through this absolute pain. Ciao, Love and Pride. NICOLA GRAINGER: Nicola is " another brave member of our class who joined the ranks in the seventh grade. She held a perfect at- tendance record for all the Rockcliffe events - including dances, barbeques, science fairs, and baseball games. Nicola is known for her extensive use of rainbows and her incredible tanning ability of which we are all jealous. As a senior, Nicola became the main mode of com- munication between Elmwood and Ashbury. Her orange Volvo became her trademark. Her participation and help in school activities has been much ap- preciated including her duties as Chapel monitor and her work with the Juniors. Nicola ' s enjoyment of aerobics has been the envy of us all. Let ' s hope that Trent will tak- advantage of Nicola ' s enthusiasm for all aspects of school life. SANDRA HALLADJIAN: " Marching to the promised land Where the honey flows and takes you by the hand. Pulls you down on you knees. While you ' re down a pool appears. The face in the water looks ups. And she shakes her head as if to say That its the last time you ' ll look like today. Sailaway, away. Ripples never come back. Gone to the other side. Sailaway, away. " - Genesis CHRISTINE JODOIN: Oneof the Bahamas Mamas, not-so-shy-and- quiet Chris has been an Elmwood inmate since the Greased- lightening days of grade six. Over the years, Chris has left us in awe over her earings, the length of her fingernails, and her ever-changing hair. Wearing a wild wig and dodging TV cameras! Unknown to many, Chris has often been near the roof of various troubles. Rapelle-toi Barbara, qui a lance les bas? Party time all de time! Foreign languages! Nostrils! 1 hate my hair! Kaputchkapulonious! Will Chris ' next vacation be in Martinique? Sipping Jamaican punch and goombays in the gazebo . . . We only tease you because we love you! Keep laughing! You ' re not watching TV, are you? Pals always. Oh yeah . . . JENNY JOHNSTON: Jenny remembers her high school years from a series of massive study hours, which got her merits in grades 11 12 to weekends of dance with a certain mysterious flower man in a dark black Fiero. This closet Honeymoon Suite and Rush fan (good bass!) enjoyed quite a few concerts from The Spoons (nice boots!) to the Platniums, to Level 42. Try not to SHAKE too much! Her book states: " Calculus the easy way " ; Jenny finds the hard blueberries. New Year ' s Eve was quite the awakening, but does she remember the time change? Or Easter weekend at 4 am with lots of Easter bunny caps? Jenny plans to go to Queen ' s for Commerce next Year! Good luck! You will do well; but remember - the doctor can help! quote: " Like wow, wipe-out! " SARAH LAFOREST: Blonde, blue-eyed, seventeen-year-old girl wishes to meet an older man with similar interests. Hobbies include screaming in elevators, being an accomplice in physically lifting cars, composing great pieces of literature in every class except English, promoting Eau de Biere Rurfum, practicing transcendental meditation in the bathroom, a Cutlas promoting Du IVIaurier a la Don Johnston, combining con- versation with REM and, waking the dead at toll booths. Enjoys listening to Prince and IVIarvin Gaye as well as normal music like IVlotley Crue, Ozzie Osbourne and Culture Club. Fantasy evening of dancing at Discus, going home with a gorgeous guy (appearing only on a WASP album) and having a flashlight dinner of cold pizza and frozen hot dogs. Ap- plicants must be mature. No weirdos, please. LAILA LALANl: Chuck L-a, L- a, no L-a Lalani has been among us for five years now. Back in grade nine she was known as the quiet, timid, studious one of the group, but those good old days were quickly left behind. Laila has since been involved in every school activity . . . from sports ... to social events ... to all-round school life. Our senior prefect is better known for Extra chews, never ending muffins. Diet Coke, her love for gymnastics, lots of bags, funny ways of putting on shoes when walking sunny beaches, bumping into the wrong people, all night movies, cravings for D.J. , tapes and more tapes, McBarff runs, convincing phone calls, surprise parties, " the Lady ' s psycho " , but most of all for her generosity and dedication to Elmwood, the common room and the Class of ' 86. We did it partner, and the quarters are flowing out of my pocket! The best of luck for the future and thank you . . from all your campers! " The pressure gets tougher, and all of a sudden the things that worked so smoothly before are screwed up, and you don ' t keep a sense of humour in this life, pal, they carry you away. Hey man I ' m telling you I still like to party! " - D.J. JULIE LAROUCHE: This " West-End Girl " has graced Elmwood ' s halls since grade 9. Eager to get to McGill to major in Anatomy (Yes, Julie!?) Julie decided to boycott Grade 12 and go straight into Grade 13. " Juwel " w ill always be remembered for her snap psychiatry sessions in times of crisis (before Physics tests, Calculus tests!) and her encouragement and con- fidence " Of course you know what you ' re doing! " Her bounce flamboyance and ability to light up even a double math period will always be cherished. " Though nothing can bring back the hour Of splendour in the grass, of glay in the flower. We will grieve not, rather find Strength in what remains behind. " CATHY LOUGHEED: " Many years have I still to burn, detained Like a candle flame on this body; but I enclose Blue shadow within me, a presence which lives contained In my flame of living, the invisible heart of the role. So through these days, while I burn on the fuel of life. What matter the stuff I lick up in my daily flame; Seeing the core is a shadow inviolate, A darkness that dreams my dreams for me, ever the same " - DH Lawrence Katie will surely and hopefully continue to fill lives with a serenity little known by most. May luck and happiness always be your shadows. ANNABELLE MANDY: The inscription on the Head of Nightingale ' s grave reads: " In memory of those who died while waiting for the bell to ring " . R.I. P. 1976-1986. Corporal Smith has been hearing the bells of Elmwood since grade four - " Can you tell me why? " She has Doug her niche on the soccer field, at the Commonwealth Conference, in Samara meetings, in social planning, and as a wardrobe consultant, June 14th finder, ad- director, calculus star . . . We can Bragg about Ms. Wolfe as a Cure to all Commotions, and a support in pundering life ' s thierrys. Often seen scooting around town, the common room ' s resident music expert ' s past hangouts include CFUO, the Royal Bank, upstairs at Britton ' s the drill hall, the Ritz, the Rowing Club - and anywhere else she might have lost her keys. Here ' s to surprise parties, boxer- short p.j. ' s, discovering Montreal, unfinished haircuts, Lakefield, Bahamas Mamas ' 86 Cup ' a Soups, Boho waiters, flat tires, concerts, skiing and everything else that has gotten us high on life. Most of all, though, here ' s to the road ahead of us, to the beauty of freedom, and to everlasting friendship. Love you Emmeci. " How can anyone know me when I don ' t even know myself. " The The " What counts is not the best living but the most living. " CAMUS NICOLA MAULE: Nicola has been at Elmwood . . . well, let ' s say from the time she wanted to be a Gold Medalist. Now, she leaves the " hallowed halls " of this school as an ' 86 Prefect. Over the years, Nic ' s avid, blue eyes have kept us on key about gossip, school work, and of course soaps, but mostly, those innocent-looking blue eyes have kept Nicola out of trouble. We know better! Here ' s to: chocolate-mint pudding, " all talk no action " , Supertan, " woopy- boung-boung " ; the cult, the guiding light, Niagara Falls, dieting, " comment fa va? " , " oh ya, for sure " , " Nobody ever tells me anything! " , McGill ... no Queens, Goombay, Smashes, but most of all " Party all the time " . . . and . . . " Feeling hot, hot, hot! " KIM MONTERO: Kim is destined to become a biologist specializing in the study of clams breathing habits. She goes on a weekly pilgrimage to a strange land in the middle of nowwhere. This time is used very productively as she spends it receiving spiritual guidance from her guru " sol " she also frequently visits a place where small creatures lurk in the shadows watching her contemplate her " walkie " . Kim spends her other leisure time reading the Bible and pondering the concepts of the book of Genesis hoping to acquire some form of divine inspiration. Kim is such a dedicated student and enjoys school so much that she has even been known to sleep there. One of her two private chauffeurs is really a KGB agent. TARA MOONJE: Mooner! Commonly called Tar - tar or Mother Tarasa, Tara has gained a reputation for her " Moonje - fesis " , seek connections, losing her glasses, keys and bus passes, and getting along well with Hull taxi drivers. At school Tara can be inevitably heard asking: " What are we doing this weekend? " , " Does anyone want to buy a pub ticket? " , " Can 1 borrow some paper? " . What ' s the date today? " and " So Maria, when are we writing the physics make-up? " . How ever many secret admirers and romances Tara has gone through, one love that will always remain steadfast is her passion for chocolate donuts, kraft dinner at 4.00 am, french fries. Cinnamon Trident and pizza in her sleep. We will always remember Tara for passing out on her egg rolls, cracking her bones, sleeping at Jane ' s feet and her many needed ventures to the Camp Fortune bathrooms. Tara ' s enthusiasm and encouragement as Head of Wilson kept the spirit of Elmwood " alive and kicking " . Tara plans to major in medicine and minor in men at Mac. next year. But if all else fails, she can pursue a career as a kraft dinner chef. We love you, Jane, Maria and Valerie JODIE PULLEN: There was me, that is Lei, and my three droogs, that is Pete, Georgie, and Dim, Dim being really Dim ... If emotions were silent I would be without works, but the expression of emotions is often silent, yet 1 speak. " Life is no brief candle to me. It is a sort of splendid torch which I have got hold of for the moment. I want to make it burn as brightly as possible " Shaw. There is a fine line between Love Hate; The sane and insanity ... If " Steurogin ' believes, he does not think he believes. If he does not believe, he does not think he does not believe. The possessed. And here are trees and I know their guarded surface, water and I feel its taste. These scents of grass and stars at night, certain evenings when the heart relaxes - Yet all the knowledge on earth will five me nothing to assure me that this world is mine. Alamus. Your soul is bright. Ciao Love CHANTAL RICHARDSON: Chantal joined the commonroom this year with a bust of energy. She starts off eating her breakfast every morning while discussing different soaps. Chantal has enlightened us on many new ex- pressions: get a real . . ., ickness, Francene is . . ., my three legged gerbil . . ., cry me a river, Jimmy, and I can ' t believe she make us do that in gym today. Her sarcasm and wit about everybody: everything has always entertained and humoured many. Best of luck next year! Teach ' em good! HARRIET RICHARDSON: Ratsky, my little commie friend; Ratura, my little scan- dulous friend; Ratola, my little division of pepsi-cola; Ratskiev, my little solemn friend; Ratortion, my little RYE friend - need I say more? Nitty Gritty - Hey, what are you doing at school today? Future Primitive - it ' s a Sims . . . No one beats the Hawk . . . Agent Orange aren ' t they from California? I saw them in Ham - tubular - wind surfing - It ' s fate I ' m never to go out with a blonde - matching band- aids - nicest upper body - no lower body - when can I have my jeans back? - functions 5a much? - I wanna be a stock boy - Don ' t do that - food girl - ONCE!! 8 years is too long - I love you Ratskiola and all that cal. Horrowshow. Lait. P.S. Fligti - Beamer - Peugotti . . . B.T. much-no! . . . I ' m getting old . . . Fiorucci lives longer. HEATHER SCOTT: Mable, Ther, Head, Hez arrived at Elmwood four short but amazing years ago. Her easy-going manner, wit, charm, freckled face and loud voice have made a lasting impact on us all - " I said BOOM CHICKA BOOM! " Being the " prefect " grade 13 student she has contributed much to Elmwood, specifically the junior school. " Get that make-up off Julia! " But her greatest devotion of all is to school work, right? Garbage collecting you say? No! Sanitary engineering! Back there with your Bahamian connection - " c ' mon baby, let ' s fresh. " Ow, itchy nose! But wait, there ' s more: Nineteen eighty-two baby blue Subary. We ' re flying. Sunrise by Rockliffe Lake. Skating. Christening and champagne. What goes with lime fanta? Hot tide. You sleep on the floor! Telephones. Sting. South Carolina and Mr. Gorgeous. Gee, you must be one of the eight. " One year — one year - one little year. And so much gone! And yet the even flow of life Moves calmly on. " - H.B. Stowe The end is upon us but at least we ' ve laughed, cried and partied till the end! No . . . really . . . really, we love you. Thanks Heath. " This is it, That ' s the end of the joke. " - Psychedelic Furs ANDREA SHERDIAN: Andrea arrived rather unobtrusively at Elmwood at the beginning of Grade 10. By the end of Grade 1 1 , associations with questionable individuals like PUMPKIN, SLIME, SUEBEE and JAN- NYBUM, led to a veritable ex- plosion of previously undiscovered character. Since then, all have discovered endured her fixation for anything British, notabley for Battenburgh cake, Silk Cut, Smash hits. Bono, Rupert, Bowness, the HMV shops, and, oh yes, a minor expert, she and her trusty VCR have also been relied upon at all times to keep us informed of the world at large. Do you have the car? walkies. Peter Puc, who? Want a medal? The Stage. How many days until we leave? Deep fried zuchinni, banana cream pie and fruit cheese cake. Metres and metres of celluloid. Heaven knows I ' m miserable now. Once in a lifetime. Nervous? Take care, Andy Pandy. ANNA SHERWOOD: Anna Banana and her canary and her hobby horse first enrolled at Elmwood seven years ago. A trauma was set in our midst with Anna constantly misplacing her glasses, frantically searching for liquid paper and wearing the carpet to mere threads with her pacing. On occasion, we have observed a red bomb skiing down Slalom (or was that Allen ' s Alley?) at negative speeds. No one will forget the now famous Windemere vacations - we ' re expecting a best- seller, Anna! Mrs. Peat and the rest of us will remember Anna ' s passion for Bowie, which she first exposed us to at Stratford - was it Changes One, Anna? Best of luck, Anna - we ' re sure you ' ll create the same effect on others as you have on us! " I ' ve never done good things I ' ve never done bad things I never did anything out of the blue. " - D.B. PEGGY STARUCH: After four years absence, for some unknown reason, Peggy had to come back to her favourite school Elmwood, even though her heart remains in Sir John A.. Peggy, known to some as Pooks, Peggie or Dr. Peg will never forget Dusty (RRR!) and his Captain Kirk flips and Mr. Spoon with a certain silver Prelude during a Friday afternoon history class (love that history notebook! Bulwer Street???) Peggy con- tributed to drama (opera?) and the ski-team as well as many common- room discussions of all her men. Oh, MAN! Next year our ski-bum and faithful Fig Newton fan club member (right names? SPUDS?) hopes to relax with her blueberries and Study Journalism at Carleton, but spend as much time in T.O. town in Romantic Traffic. " The world is a stage (. . . going through.) " " Because time can ' t stand still. And nor can she. She hates to leave such sadness But she yearns just to be free. And a day may yet come When she may really stay And learn to love another. But that is not today. " I ' m i VALERIE SUMNER: Valerie, Valera, Valera ha ha ha. Yes, Valerie ' s laugh will never be forgotten echoing through the halls of Elmwood. The definition of Valerie is: unique facial ex- pressions, complimentary hand gestures and an impeccable coiffure. " Valerie hair number 86 is out of place. " Valerie can be heard saying " Are you going to do this homework? " , " Who ' s going to McDonalds? " , " grab me a chocolate bar " , " do you have a problem with that? " Valerie is the only person on earth capable of falling up the stairs, occasionally needing help to get dressed, driv ing the Parkway in 6 minutes during rush hour, falling asleep . . . almost asleep ... at the height of a Mont. ste. Marie party, flashing local construction workers and having deep conversations in a bathtub. During her time at Elmwood, Valerie has managed to establish a first name basis with the teachers -- Fran, Marg, Brenda (but they don ' t know it!) As the Fry house head and an awesome prefect, Valerie has left her mark on the volleyball courts, soccer and Softball fields, and Reach for the top. Good luck next year studying law (the legal side). Love ya. JANE UYGUR: Alias Janers, Weegs, Jene and sometimes Madonna. As one of the awesome foursome, Jane has shown great aptitude for screwing up. Who else would break their wrist a week before the Softball tournament, stumble into a functions test five minutes late, hold a birthday party for Jennifer 3 months too early, drive on the wrong side of the road and wipe out in the middle of the Rideau Centre. Over the last 2 years Jane has revealed to us another side to her sane and angelic personality: the truth only comes out when she ' s moaning and talking in her sleep. Jane holds fond memories of the Mont. Ste. Marie Chairlifts, Chews and Chunks, coffee-flavoured Haagen Daas, the Quebec side of the river and Florida. Jane ' s plans for the future are to attend Queens ' s Med. school, but if that doesn ' t work she could make it as an advice columnist, a hair-dresser, a ski instructor (with her awesome ski equipment) or a seamstress. As a jock and senior sports captain, Jane has been a real asset to the school and a great friend to all. JANET WALKER H i wait for just a second more I know i ' ll forget what i came here for My head was so full of things to say But as i open my lips all my words slip away. Alison Moyet-Yaz yours forever D. always. J. KRISTA WEDEKAMM: Krista has spent her Elmwood years undergoing a most interesting meta- morphosis. She transfixed herself into an orange- haired screaming rockstar who had fits in garbage cans and she perfected her Madonna impersonation! Krista became rebellious and wrote with pink pens on purple lined paper - she even skipped school to go skiing (shh) - but the bluebomber spent her day hiding at tantalizing TONY and his T-bar. Krista then became a pro at im- provising: sitting on the floor of a bus is fun - especially on route to Lakefield, yes, you can dance in a car, but of most value " Cheap flowers - Oh go to Hulse and Playfair " she said candidly. Don ' t forget those " lunch bag let downs " , formal traumas and Krista who was the " Distraught Youth " . . . Corey? Good luck in Toronto. SUSAN WESTLEY: Since her arrival seven years ago, Captain Highliner has commuted just over 106,400 km to and from school (not including numerous Creamsicle and M M ' s runs). Susan ' s interior decorating included a collection of men for the Common Room walls to be appreciated by all (although she did insist the Perry Ellis man was hers!) and a Vogue library for our leisure hours. The scarey cleaning binges were a ritualistic necessity which terrified us all - " Who owns this mouldy thermos? " . Fa- mous for her ' voluminous ' hair and ruff, the inexhaustible Ralph Lauren collection and Appolonia originals, we often observed Susan conferring with Anna on 101 ways to encounter Bowie. The search for " Greek gods " continues while skiing, windsurfing or even at concerts! Thanks for a ' groovy ' seven years and remember, " Life ' s a Beach! " . . iVIARIA ZOUBEK: How do you solve a problem like Maria? You don ' t but we ' ve been trying, for the past year. New to Elmwood, Maria has settled in quickly with the rest of the lunatics in grade 13. Maria will be remembered best for her photogenic pout, falling off chairs while on video, guarding bathroom doors and her super spectacular skiing skills. She can often be heard saying: " Tara, do you really feel like skiing? " , " Ah ... 1 was wondering if 1 could ask you something? " Maria will never be forgotten not only by her friends but by Camp Fortune, the YMCA, the Dominican Republic and the Chip Wagon down the street. Maria ' s plans for the future? To continue her man-hunt at Mac and to become president of the Calculus For Fun Club. Lots of love from Jane, Valerie and Tara P.S. Locks go on the OUTSIDE of locks, Maria. Mi p PREFECTS ' 86: BACK ROW - LEFT TO RIGHT - Jane Uygur, Diane Drouin, Laila Lalani, Annabelle Mandy, Nicola Maule MIDDLE ROW - LEFT TO RIGHT - Jodie PuUen, Heather Scott, Elisa Campbell FRONT ROW - LEFT TO RIGHT - Tara Moonje, Tahsa Carrothers, Valerie Sumner. Relax, don ' t do it ' Tara, your derriere is crooi ed ' ' Your the meaning in my life Stephanie Bartlett Andrea Bruchhauser JoAnn Daniels Shelley Dattani Jennifer Deacon Paula Jardine Judy Korecky ABSENT: Patricia Loo Barbara Toth Susan Walker •ning Stephanie: " No I cannot; we don ' t stand here for fun, you know . . . " Andrea: " I must say, can I have a little bit? We really are twins. " JoAnn: " Memories of GREEN . . . and the whole bit; we don ' t stand here for fun, you know ... " Shelley: " Hey Mon, what . . . Coke and French Fries . . . Toronto and Kennie. " Jennifer: " SWP, 3-way collisions, 101, Stevie Baby and we ' re not talking about Stevie Wonder, eh Jen. " Anne: " Caught after 7 years! Add just a little bit more Judy. Open the windows! Who me, 1 really was listening IVIrs. Doetsch. " Julia: " Red Hot . . . 666 . . . Dec. 12, 1985 at 10:15 PM. " Michele: " Asthma, woody, OK Smokers, this is it . . . don ' t do anything 1 wouldn ' t do! " Krista: " Professeur Brenan, KG AB, History NOTES " Charu: " Vancouver then India; another 100% test . . . just lucky, huh. " Paula: " Shut off the funky music! Don ' t get me wrong I like it but isn ' t there anything else? Bring me a soya burger. " Judy: " Flossie at the Raftsman; Forget cabfare I ' m sleeping here or maybe in Cuba! " Lynne: " You maroon Jordan; the semi-formal and Virginia ' s nails; Greece and Italy; sun or shopping what a choice! " Indi: " I hate kids! Gertrude, let ' s go play together. Shelley give me a bite of THE cookie. " Wendy: " Oh really, Greg, Dave, Rick - Pete ' n IVI ' s . . . Rachel and her $50 B-Day! Stratford and the party next door. " Deedee: " McDick ' s, another piece of cake Cake, Deedee???!!! Don ' t you just love Florida? " Alison: " It ' s not sexy, it ' s animal. " BEEF ROUNDUP; Stratford and the party next door; A bit pushy aren ' t we - sec - Milena: " Of course we ' re twins; just mixing a little pleasure with work So organized today?!? Rachel: " Tiger Stripes; SRB Joe, Karl the Cowboy, Piggy 1 and the Raftsman; Stratford and the party next door! " Resa: " Michel ' s Baquette, Montreal, OmiGod . , . Montreal . . . Montreal; Ski Day and Calypso Hits " Barb: " Boo-Bee, Party all the time! Cuba ... Of course, je compris, Mme Seguin. " Elizabeth: " Freddie at the Raftsman with Judy; I ' m getting us home ... I have my pride. " Eiman: " The baclava and weekends in Paris. " xt ■■ V H Lynn McKenzie ■ Bj • I H Indra Maini Hj M Wendy Mitchell HgHPl Dee Dee Murphy IMF ! " ' Alison Schmidt 12H Milena Sigmund Rachel Soar Resa Solomon Elizabeth Whilaw 9821 Chase Harris 6252 Zandra Brown 1010 Kristen Lawr 2170 Anne-Marie Fournier 1653 Vivien Yu 3737 Eileen MacPhee 214D Julie Kang 1470 Fiona Doetsch 5321 Vicky Grossmann-Hensel 4000 Nicole Knowlton WHY ARE WE ALL IN JAIL? ! 3737 - 214D 1470- 5321 - 4000- 9821 - 6252- 1010- 2170 - 1563 - 9328- PRPL 0729- 0666 5000 911T 2001 5861 Jib icSurers out of business. She drank them faster than they could For putting the Diet Coke manufa produce them. ■ Indecent exposure - She designed a dress that fell apart For impersonating Isabella Rosselini. For embarrassing the gates in the middle of a ski race. For blinding us with her skis. For skipping third term. She knew too much. Public hazard. A robbery in Mexico. For indecent belly button exposure. For selling top secret information to German spies. - For takin g pictures of peoples ' earlobes and selling them on the black market. For skipping church. For breaking the Benedictine Rule. The Grand Audi Theft. For getting lost in Amsterdam airport For eloping with Mark Knopfler. (Mrs. Hoy) Wendy! 9328 Kerstin Bruchhaueser PRPL Julie Waterhouse 0729 Roxane Proulx No Photo Available 0666 Carol Hodgson 5000 Tina Koutsavasilis 91 IT Anja Miller 2001 JoAnna Cassie 11H LeeAnne Burkhart Monique Hanrath Saree Ghosh Gillian Hewitt Jane Lougheed i 1 1 Si 2fe mm Charlotte Elder Suzanne Smith Ashwina Bijoor Ellen Bruce Nicole Jackson Kirstin - " But that ' s not how its done in Germany! " Inka - " But how do we convince them that our way is better? " Michelle - Carol ' s supplier of boyfriends. Katie - a true classic. Christine - " I ' m adjusting from Gloucester and recovering from March Break!%s; Nicole - Elmwood ' s snow bunny. Charlotte - a Silhouette subscriber. Monique LeeAnne - " Let ' s hide the cookies from you know who! " Ashwina Gillian - Creeds ' shoppers addicted to husbands such as T. Boone Pickens Jr . , Andy Warhol lol and Mr. White . . . Ellen - addicted to M Ms. Jane - our entry in the Berlin Film Festival. Suzie - or Blue Eyes. Jacquie - Saturday Night Fever. Saree - Fat Albert ' s lover??? Micheline - future wife of Lee lacocca. Mrs. Gillan - " Oh gee, golly gee ... " Kirstin Podeschwik Christine McGregor Michelle Morrison JH Katie Bell KATIEBELL Well, in Lima . . . Shawn Belton SHAWNCIE You smell like Ralph! Eve Castell EVILA Dil! Dil! Dil! . . . Help Me! Nicky Cole NIKEE Can I borrow . . .? Jennie Coleman (Soon to be discovered) Ahh . . . You ' re such a riot ! Alexa Dodge A-LEX Sorry I ' m late, I missed the bus! Pamela Home PAUMLA Guys, I don ' t know this! I can ' t remember! Rosanne Rang PADDINGTON Get with it Child! Tara Morrison IBBLE Can we sleep? Dilsheesh Purewal DILLY BILLY Okay . . . You are so dumb Eve! Julie Rickard JULE Yes, I CAN be serious! ! Shena Riff RIFFKY Guess who called me last night! Nancy Sutterlin FANNY COW Ah, excuse me . . . but, ah. No! Jessica Tickle JAY I had an amazing time at my Lodge! ! Tania Turner TINKER BELL Julie! Calm down! Nila Varan NILE Okay, who stol e my Granola Bar?! Josee Descarreaux HOSE What ' s the word for that funny smell? Nila Varan Katie Bell Pamela Home Dilsheesh Purewal Eve Castell Tara Morrison Julie-Anne Rickerd Nancy Sutterlin Sheila Barber % Jennifer Blais Elanor Brodie 1 Sheila B. - Oh Sheila - Jennifer B. - Jen - Elanor B. -Egg- Devi F. - Deve - Margaret G. - Maggot - Louise H. - Lewis - Suzanne W. - Woofle-snuff - Annette J. -Net- Susanna K. - Shoe - Judy M. - Jude - Stefanie P. - Stefalina - Tegan S. -Squig- Elaine S. - Baino - BethS. - Boeuf - Alex S. - Ally- Paula T. - Tomelina - Devi Ferri Margaret Goodman Louise Hayes Suzanne Higgins Annette Jardine Susanna Kong Fudge 1 am not Strawberry Shortcake. Oeuf; Huevo; El; Agg . . . Does anybody have a cough drop? Black, grey, purple, pink and blue they ' re my favourite You have eyes like Alex ' s dog. Don ' t you ever mention Dan or Paul or . . . AGAIN! You have FDE mixed up with QLP. My name really is Shoe! Let ' s get serious about him, I mean about this??? C ' mon you guys it ' s off to Benettons. Honest, my school shoes are at home in the dryer! Shhh! We ' re in sckewal. There ' s a BIG party in Kanata this weekend. Let ' s go fall over a cliff. That ' s bad and scarrv news. colour! Stefana Pecher Tegan Schioler Judy Marshall 10R Elaine Stalter Beth Steacy Alex Stevens Paula Tomlin AMBITION CAREER HUSBAND Holly Party Animal Beach Person One of the Beach Boys Nicky Auctioneer Street Cleaner Tall, dark and mysterious Katrina Micro-biologist A Science Teacher Rich Betsy Scientist Bug Collector A hunk Alysia Don ' t ask Ghost Buster A Goola Monster Meghan Famous writer Avid reader Gowan Dana Plastic Surgeon Taxidermist Wild and crazy Jill Herpatologist Zoo cleaner Indiana Jones Dilshad Mechanical Advice columnist Don Johnson Engineer for the Citizen Allison Math Teacher An Elmwood Ghost Tall with red hair Stephanie Accountant Keeper of the Kermit the Frog Pink Gorilla Lisa Rich and Famous Seeking out the Rob or Chad Lowe rich and famous Ingrid Sidewalk Artist Penny pinching Bob Barker millionairess Dee Professional To be eternally Someone that is party-goer young and rest- completely off less the wall Leigh Seeking out Mel Finding Herb at Ronald Gibson McDonalds Habiba Neuro-Surgeon Scissor factory Conan the employee Barbarian Anne Movie Star Avon Saleslady Don Johnson Catherine Jeanjean Erin O ' Brien Peggy Kry Pamela Price Tracey Van Allen Kenne Ryan Julie Henderson Stacey Gibbs Camilie Beaufort Tracey Solomon Nadya McEUigott Alexa Holmes Camilie B. - " Hi guys! I spent 2 hours on geography, again. " Stephanie B. - ' That ' s cool but I still feel ill. " Sue C. - " You should have seen my serve. " Genevieve C. - " Oh dear me, I just know I ' m going to fail this! " Vivienne E. - " Slick, hey Dude, just out of curiosity Stacey G. - " I can ' t I ' m grounded until next year! " Julie H - " Hi . . . nervous smile . . . what French? " Alexa H. - " AUright, I mean, well, you know what I mean ... " Cathy H. - " Holy cow, I fancy himmm! " Peggy K. - " I don ' t know I just don ' t know ... " Catherine J. - " Platinum Blonde! I want that picture. " Nadya Mc. - " No! It ' s an orange, not a banana, sticker on my nose. " Erin O ' B. - " Peachy! George Michael . . . future husband. " Pamela P. - " I swear, my dad lost my kilt! " Shannon R. - " George Michael wears pink fuzzy slippers to bed. " Tracey S. - " Stop looking at me with those seductive eyes. " Tracey Van A. - " Do I have to sit there, can ' t I just hide, oops, I meant sit back here? " Kenne R. - " How are you today, and please stop calling me preppy. " Susanna Cameron Genevieve Cimon Catherine Addison Amy Cameron Libby Edmison Nina Esroci Lee-Ann Harwood Leiko Marr Lucy McLachlan Samara Mimesh Jenny Mirsicy Virginia Murray AMBITION DESTINY Catherine Starting my own cosmetics SelHng cosmetics company before I ' m 30. door to door. Amy Dancer Taking my children to ballet lessons. Libby To own a Porsche Cabriolet. To be stuck with a Porsche 944. Nina Psychiatrist Psycho Lee-Ann An Actress Sitting in the first row of the local cinema. Laurie A singer A secretary Miranda A veternarian A librarian Helena An advertising executive A horseback rider Leiko An international inter- A jet setter preter Samara A famous doctor An infamous nurse Jenny An infamous doctor A horsewoman Virginia An NHL goalie A spectator Lucy A marine biologist A fishmonger Stephanie Teacher Student-eternally Katherine Professional swimmer Fisherwoman Michelle A criminal lawyer A criminal Alexa A ski instructor A cook in a ski lodge Stephanie Price Katharine Ratcliffe Michelle Riff Alexa Von Wendt Elizabeth Haydon Patricia Reiliy Vanessa Riddell Genevieve LeBlanc Jennifer Atack Heather . . Samantha . Jennifer . . Manal . . . Linda . . Claudia . Karin . . Nicola . . Elizabeth il ndrea . Sting!!! . " You guys don ' t have a sense of humour. " , . When there ' s something worth doing, its worth doing well " Aw, come on guys! " " But it ' s not my erfe! " . " Ask me a question? " Awesomenating . . . wickednating! ! ! " Test, what test? " . . " My nail just broke . . . " . " There ' s white on my nail and I ' ve got a headache! " Lisa . . . " Johnny, we ' re sorry, won ' t you come home? " Genevieve . . . " But Mr. Yates . . . " Jenny M. . . . " Niff! How long until lunch? " Zoe . . . " Im staticty again. " Jenny P. . . . " I can ' t wait until tomorrow! " Trish . . . " Today is the worst day of my life! ' Vanessa . . . " Well, um, you know what I mean Melanie . . . " What are you talking about? " Martha . . . " That ' s wrong!!! What are you talking about??? " ne nome; 3.n . 5ssW«B9 Samantha Ambridge Manal Bahubeshi Jenny Molson Jenny Pope Zoe Pettengell Lisa Kanigsberg Melanie Rupprecht Karin Frederking Claudia Beltran 8D Rebecca Tickle Manya Greenberg Elizabeth Drent Strachan McCarthy Holly Wilson Una Wallace Anik Egan Claire - (Beau) - " Well, okay. " Christine - (Chris) - " Hey you guys, stop that. " " Elizabeth - (Lizzy) - " Are you serious? " Anik - (Anick) - " Who do you like at Ashbury? " " Rosemary - (Rose) - ' ' Ah, oh yes ! ' ' Manya - (Mahn) - " Put me in a good mood. " Hester (Hess) - " Let ' s have a test today. ' ' Savannah - (Purina) - " Ah . . . you guys! " Kathleen - (Kathy) - " Mega! " Esther - (Est) - " Esther not Hester! " Strachan - (Skyscraper) - " Give it back! " Teena - (Tiny) - " Don ' t do that! " Mary - (Mother Mary) - " darnation! " Josee - (Jo) - " Yuk, yuk, yuk ... " Gillian - (Gill) - " You know ... " Rebecca - (Reebock) - " Y ' know! " Una - (Youna) - " There WAS geography homework! " ' Holly - (Holl) - " Forget it! " Esther Maser Savannah Ladouceur Rosemary Fincham Hester Grodde Teena Mehta 8M Gillian Siebrasse Kathleen Macauley Christine Dawood Mary Niles Stephanie McKnight Stephanie Dryden-Cripton Mary Giibertson Connie Jarrett Roxane Vezina Merdeith Nelson Barbara Savage Carohne Brisson Ricarda Rudolph Amanda Dunn Erika Westman Catherine Richardson Katy Devlin Molly Tepper Kim Ross Lisa B. - " Let ' s not but say we did. " Caroline B. - " I ' m getting a headache just thinking about all the homework we already have. " ■ Stephanie D.-C. - " I ' m related to Superman. " Amanda D. - " I love Madonna. " Katy D. - " I ' m going to miss all you guys! " Alexia F. - " Did you do your homework? " Renee F. - " Oh help Cathy . . . why me? " Mary G. - " That ' s favouritism! " Patricia H. - " Can we have more homework? " Nazlin H. - " Get away from me . . . " Connie J. - " Well . . . Well . . . Well . . . " Stephanie McK. - " I knew that, I was just testing you. " Meredith N. - " I ' m serious. " Melanie Q. - " Vous etes weird! " Catherine R. - " Oh goodness gracious great balls of fire! " Kim R. - " Weill, you see I sort of forgot my books ... " Ricarda R. - " Wait for meee ... " ■ ■ ■ Barbara S. - " Did you miss me??? " Molly T. - " No, actually I think . . . " Roxane V. - " I just wanted to say . . . " Erika W. - " Hey dudes! " Renee Foy Melanie Quevillon Patricia Harewood Alexia Forrester Nazlin Hirji Lisa Baylin 7M Alia Al-Zand Caroline Greenwood Tory Shoemaker Susan Campbell Christie Callan-Jones Lucy Castell Marika Farrell Kathleen Scott Andrea Kucey Josephine Yang Alia - " Nepean has a high crime rate so the Glebe is the hp :t " Alia - " Nepean has a high crime rate so the Glebe is the best. " Christie - " I ' ve read that book. " Susan - " My nails. " Lucy - " Life ' s a beach! " Maya - " Get yourself together! " Marika - " LUNCH TIME ... " Caroline - " I love those tough guys! " Catriona - " That ' s pathetic! " % Rebecca - " Are you sure? " Andrea - " It was Jennifer! " Samantha - " Don ' t tickle me! " Claire - " I couldn ' t, I shouldn ' t, oh well Jennifer - " It ' s Andrea! " Jill - " What do you mean? " Megan - " Gimme your history book, I didn ' t finish my ... " Kathleen - " Horseys ... " Robin - " Yum, yum, I wonder ... " Josephine - " 1 know I failed that test! " Susan - " No doy ... " Susan Wooles Maya Chaly 7W Claire Millington Samantha Mason Megan Pound Jill Pearse Jennifer Aronson Suzanne Beaubien Caroline Bousfiey Sandi Chao Natasha Corrin Marty Mazanji Jeane Mehta Samantha Ouimet Vicky Rowlands Tina Saryeddine Jennifer - Jen - " I don ' t understand! " Suzanne - Sue - " Absolutely nothing! " Caroline - Carol - " That ' s not funny . . . " Sandi - Chopsticks - " Clean up this room! " Natasha - Nats - " Oooou, Alex? " Leslie - Les - " Freaky. " Odelia - OD - " Gimme a break. " Julia - Ju - " 1 know! " Stephanie - Steph - " Wicked! " Monica - Mon - " What did you get on your test? " Marty - Mart - " Oh boy! " Jeane - Jeanie - " Put the homework on the board. " Samantha - Sam - " My hair is a mess. " Vicky - Vick - " I told you! " Tina - Sardine - " What do we have next? " Jacqui - Jack - " Sure! " Zee - ZO - " Oh come on you guys. " Catriona - Cat - " That ' s sooo cool! " Lin - Lin Tin Tin - " I ' m going to be a Miss Universe! ' Allison - .W - " Leave town? " Mary - Mare - " Don ' t you dare! " Leanne - Leel - " Have you done that French? " Mlisoii " vV iiiinev Mary vuing Lcaiuu ' Mii:th Jacqui Spence Zoe Stikeman Catriona Stuart-Bell Lin Tan 60 jjj Bfaiiii B! ■■jjjjjj H Jane Lee Christina Hill 1 J Kate White Ai ua Otupiri Shaghig Malek Davina Given Charlotte Harrison Angela Van Den Ham Marie-Laure Sauvageau Ines Scepanovic Charlotte Truelsen Nyree Schreiber Christine Gandilo Sara Frederking Our grade 5 mentors are here addressed, we hope that you will be impressed Nyree wants to dance like Karen Kain. Kathleen would like to be Laurie Graham. Charlotte T. would like to skate like Dorothy Hamel. Shaghig would like to be a gymnast like Mary-Lou Retton. Akua wants to dance like Veronica Tennant. Elizabeth would like to be a horseback rider like Ian Miller, Ines wants to be a spy like James Bond. Jasmine wants to sing like Madonna. Tina wants to heal the sick like Frederick Banting. Marie-Laure wants to make people laugh like Angela Lansberry. Christina wants to play the piano like Liberace. Charlotte H. would like to ski like Nancy Greene. Angela wants to be a model like Brooke Shields. Kate wants to be an actress like Debbie Allen. Stephanie wants to be a gymnast like Nadia Komenech? Sara wants to be an Olympic runner like Elise Braithewaite. Davina would like to be a top retailer like Timothy Eaton. Jane would like to be an artist like Emily Carr. Jasmine Bernstein Kathleen Terroux Elizabeth Bousquet Stephanie Addison • Alexandra Bade Mayada Bahubeshi David Dawood Shauna Fortier Erica Heath imp Nicholas Kellett Vicky Kellett Andre Kirchhoff Alice Lafferty Elias Mageto esn ' t now. " Alexandra looks like Shirley Temple when she curls her hair. Mayada is going to make a good teacher. David is a gourmet but his favourite food is pencils??? Shauna always screams when someone puts on cologne. Ben likes turkey on his bread at lunch. He says it used to go, " Gobble, gobb " Erica is always getting hurt on the swing so that she carries an ice bag with her. Nick makes nice jokes and makes everyone laugh. Vicky is very observant and nice to everyone also. Andre is a very good student. He gets good marks but when he gets mad he sees red. Alice says, " Ten out of ten - oh boy! " jj ' S " ' ' Elias is a young man who likes to wear cologne. " ' Mike is the giraffe of the class who wears beautiful suits. ' Chris is always looking for his jacket. Antoinne says " AHHH " when he doesn ' t want to do something. Zsolt is always saying " SO ... " We all like his snazzy hairdo. Stephen says, " Hi! Have you ever read ten encyclopedias and watched eighteen hours of news? Neither have 1! " Megan ' s favourite words are Awesome and Cool. Sylvia is good at whatever she does especially tests. Amanda can never sit still on her chair. t Samantha is our inspector - she ' s always looking for dust. ' " Haakon tries to talk Mrs. Mayes " head off. Robbie is the fellow with the nicest sense of humour. a ii Samantha Tapping Haakon Tobiassen Benjamin Hamilton Mikola Mahiga Christopher Mahony Antoine Mandy Zsolt Mazanji Stephen Mintsioulis Megan Ross Sylvia Smellie Amanda Sumner Robert McGregor Gavin Bieber George Bousquet Juliette Gundy Jamie Gillan Suzan Hil Michael Pilkington Raju Ruparelia Maureen Scott Joshua Scuby Anthony Skinner Gavin ' s favorite pet is the swooping Peregrine Falcon. George loves to ride his two horses Hussar and Daisy McGee. Juhette loves to listen to Corey Hart, Bryan Adams and Madonna. Jamie likes to watch cats and mice play together. Suzan loves sleek and silky Persian cats. Alex likes his cat because it is such nice company. Sarah makes things for her hamster to play with in its cage. Kim loves to listen to Born in the USA by Bruce Springsteen. Melanie ' s kitten, Fluff, sleeps at the end of the bed. Vram ' s goldfish Herby is fascinating to watch. Jonathan loves to write stories and eat chocolate cake. Michael wants to win the Stanley Cup like Wayne Gretzky did. Raju ' s 14 year old African grey parrot can talk and mimic. Maureen ' s favorite pet is her dog which she grew up with. Joshua ' s favorite group is Motley Crue. Anthony sent us postcards from Egypt. Hilary and her friends, Ingvild and Melanie, are always together. Sjur hkes to skateboard while holding his pet cat. Lauren loves to write stories while listening to classical music. Ingvild ' s dream horse, Beauty, is all white with blue eyes. 3 4 Hilary Thompson Sjur Tobiassen Lauren Vierhaus Ingvild Stabrun Staisey Divorski Jessica Clapperton Jaime Kowa Since all of the students in Grades One and Two are new to the school this year, I thought it might be interesting to find out just what they think of " Elmwood " . The exact words of the children are recorded below. Elmwood is . . . - VERY, VERY fun (Jaime Kowal) - to learn interesting things (Frederique Delapree) - for working (Christopher Mitchell) - to like your teacher (Anjali Mishra) - the best school in the world! (Emily Morris) - to learn how to read (Duncan McCansh) - to learn how to write (Staisey Divorski) - great! (Chrissie Nelms) - fun when Mrs. Lloyd shows us some experiments (Colleen McManus) - friends (Matthew Scuby) - fun when Mrs. Lloyd brings us to the gym (Amy Marett) - the BEST school I ever went to (Mary Bousquet) - going to school (Alexis Mintsioulis) - very big (Robin Wilkinson) - VERY, VERY nice (Jessica Clapperton) - very nice teachers (Masquel Lasserre) Amy Marett Chrissie Nelms Duncan McCansh 1 2 c L U B S FRY Friendship to All What a year this has been!!! Our fundraising projects for the Ehzabeth Fry Society Half-Way Houses were a great success and the letter writing for the amnesty of prisoners of conscience is also progressing well. Our final project for the year was the canned food drive for the needy of Ottawa. In virtually ALL House Games the House with the most participants has been Fry which is not surprising considering our renowned House Spirit. Many thanks to Resa and Tracey Solomon, Jenny Johnston, Tasha Carrothers, Ms. Johnston and Mrs. McGregor for their faithful support and enthusiasm. Thanks to all House members for making this a fantastic year! Remember ... FRY RULES FOREVER Love, Valerie. BACK ROW (7TH) - Jenny Johnston, Allison MacFarlane, Christine McGregor, Kim Montero, Tara Morrison, Genevieve Cimon, Andrea Bruchhaeuser, Katherine Jeanjean, Vanessa Riddell, Monique Hanrath, Alexa Dodge, Jessica Tickle. SIXTH ROW (6TH) - Judy Korecky, Barb Toth (?), Krista Gray, Jenny Pope, Elizabeth Haydon, Nadya McEUigott, Peggy Kry, Beth Steacey, Tracey Solomon, Nila Varan, Dana Gellman, Josee Roy, Rebecca Tickle, Katie Chao, Chantal Richardson, Louise Hayes. FIFTH ROW (5TH) - Unknown, Michelle Morrison, Erin O ' Brien, Jacquie Manchevsky, Devi Ferri, Fiona Doetsch, Leilani Farha, Harriet Richards, Susan Campbell, LeAnne Smith, Tasha Carrothers, FOURTH ROW (4TH) - Susanna Kong, Elizabeth Drent, Andrea Hoffenberg, Betsy Chaly, Paula Jardine, Josephine Yang, Kalrina Hardie, Kathleen Macauley, Annette Jardine, Alexa Holmes, Manya Greenberg, Ashwina Bijoor, Connie Jarrett. THIRD ROW (3RD) - Melanie Quevillon, Raju Ruparelia, Stephen Mintsioulis, Vram Malek, Christine Gandilo, Maureen Scott, Mary Bousquet, Jane Lee, Sarah Lyons, Michael Pilkington, Benjamin Hamilton, Kim Ross. SECOND ROW (2ND) - Alice Lafferty, Amanda Sumner, Mayada Bahubeshi, Frederique Delapree, Charlotte Truelsen, Angela Van Den Ham, Shaghig Malek, Lisa Baylin, Elias Mageto. FIRST ROW (1ST) - Marty Mazanji, Samaniha Ouimet, Leslie Crate, Chase Harris, Valerie Sumner, Natasha Corrin, Zoe Stikeman, Amy Marett. 50 KELLER Fair Play This has been a good year for Keller what with our constant drive to fundraise in the hopes of purchasing a puppy for the " Canadian Guide Dog ' s For The Blind " as well as collecting cans of food for the needy of Ot- tawa. On a more casual note there has been appreciable gains made by Keller House Supporters in the weekly House Games. Special thanks to Stephanie Bartlett, our Sports Captain, who encouraged our attendance. Thanks to Nicola Maule, Nicola Grainger, Jennifer Deacon and Julie Henderson who helped co-ordiante the Guide Dog Gala and Presentation (as well as ALL those Grade 13s for their generous support). Best of luck to ALL next year . . . Love, Jodie. BACK ROW (7TH) - Susan Westley, Charlotte Elder, Nicola Maule, Lucy McLachlan, Jennie Coleman, Shawn Belton, Josee Descarreaux, Nancy Sutterlin, Alex Catterill, Christine Jodoin, Janet Walker, Jane Basinski. SIXTH ROW (6TH) - Ellen Bruce, Zandra Brown, Inka Pauls, Julie Waterhouse, Miranda Holbrook, Unknown, Cathy Hanbury, Virginia Murray, Gillian Hewitt, Shena Riff, Martha Solomon, Linda Barr, Michele Francis. FIFTH ROW (5TH) - Alysia Davies, Dee Shipley, Shelly Dattani, Ricarda Rudolph, Stephanie Dryden- Cripton, Manal Bahubeshi, Nicole Knowlton, Megan Pound, Jennifer Blais, Unknown, Stephanie Bartlett. FOURTH ROW (4TH) - Catriona Stuart-Bell, Nicola Carpenter, Renee Foy, Samantha Mason, Genevieve LeBlanc, Samantha Ambridge, Stephanie McKnight, Hester Grodde, Roxane Vezina, Stephanie Hyde. THIRD ROW (3RD) - Dilsheesh Purewal, Elaine Stalter, Nicholas Kellett, Melanie Lazare, Vicky Kellett, Staisey Divorski, Jessica Clapperton, Masquel Lasserre, Suzan Hill, Ingvild Stabrun, Duncan McCansh, Jennifer Deacon. SECOND ROW (2ND) - Alia Al-Zand, Ines Scepanovic, Gillian Siebrasse, Susan Wooles, Nyree Schreiber, Alison Whitney, Vicky Rowlands, Strachan McCarthy, Alexia Forrester. FIRST ROW (1ST) - Andrea Kucey, Kim Lardner, Sjur Tobiassen, Sara Frederking, Rachel Soar, Jodie PuUen, Sylvia Smellie, Elizabeth Bousquet, Erika Westman, Haakon Tobiassen. 51 I ■ IH I H J R S R P O U N D Pamela Price, Camille Beaufort, Claire Millington, Chrissie Callan-Jones Dear Elmwood Students; As spokesperson for the " Pounds " I would like to comment on the interesting JUNK that has accumulated over the year. There were plastic horses, volleyballs, mismatched tennis shoes, enough track tops and bottoms to outfit entire classes as well as too numerous-to-count " texts " . I would like to thank Pam Price for " digging " me out from under these treasures during inventories. GOOD LUCK to next year ' s pound monitors . . . Camille Beaufort. ■■ ■■■■■■wi JR SR CHAPEL MONITORS Josephine Yang, Roxanne Vezina JoAnn Daniels, Stephanie Bartlett 60 JUNIOR LIBRARY BACK ROW - Mrs. Schmidt, Barbara Savage, Meredith Nelson, NazHn Hirji, Josee Roy. FRONT ROW - Zoe Pettengell, Kathleen Macaulay, Molly Tepper, Claire Millington, Alia Al- Zand, Melanie Quevillon, Patricia Harewood, Connie Jarret, Manal Bahubeshi, Elizabeth Drent, Maya Chaly. This year the Junior Library has grown, not only in its acquisition of new books but also in circulation, the volunteer program and additions of new furniture. We have been fortunate enough to have the assistance of Mrs. Wendy Ross, a grade 7 mother and librarian who has worked diligently in the preparation of our current and new collection as we change the classification and shelving of the books from the " Schmidt " system to the " Dewey Decimal " system. Many thanks to Jan who made a new doublefaced shelf for our easy reading and picture book collection. Now that we have a grade one class, this book shelf became a necessity. We are presently purchasing books to fill this special section of ou r library. Lastly, a special thank you to all my Library Committee, who have kept the circulation up to date, written letters, sold pencils, notepads and scribblers and contributed greatly to the upkeep of the Junior Library. SENIOR LIBRARY f BACK ROW - Mrs. Wires, Katherine Jeanjean, Tara ! Morrison, Allison MacFarlane. FRONT ROW - Stephanie McLeod, Camille Beaufort, Habiba Thawer, Stephanie Price. Once upon a time there were 9 Elmwood girls who signed up for a Hbrary committee. Little did they know that Mrs. Wires was in charge. They were immediately put to work with the jobs of stamping, labelling, and reshelving. There was, however, a reward for these gruelling jobs: PIZZA although we must mention that the girls had to pay for said PIZZA but still . . . The library committee does have an arch- enemy. No names but with the initials N.C. (no it is not Mrs. Chance) it should not take long to work out. Another problem is the disappearance of books. If you happen to see any reference books or expensive-looking texts lying around with the Elmwood stamp gracing their pages, please return them to the Library. We hope to see all the WANDERING texts returned so that next year ' s library committee can have the pleasure of labelling and reshelving them. Many thanks from Mrs. Wires to the Library Committee for faithfully attacking a thankless job. 61 BACK ROW - Katherine Jcanjcan, Allison MacFarlane, Jill Hogg, Meghan Dunn, Anja Miller, Mrs. Doetsch. FRONT ROW - Jane Lougheed, Roxane Proulx, Dee Shipley, Camille Beaufort, Alexa Holmes, Shannon Robinson, Erin O ' Brien, Kim Montero, Genevieve Cimon. CLASSICS Chariot-making, Roman Banquet, Classics Conference, Saturnalia Party - these were some of the highlights of the Classics Club during 1985-86. We are now the proud owners of a racing-chariot which actually works and wins! With its purple Medusa ' s head, snakes and dragons, our chariot was an object of fear as it sped down the race track at a Classics Conference at Havergal College to come in a close third. In spring, about three hundred students from Elmwood and Ashbury attended the Roman Banquet. The slave auction was even more popular this year, judging from the excellent prices paid for the slaves. In May, the Classics Club, along with a few extras, went to Toronto to take part in a Classics Conference held at Havergal, an event consisting of various academic, athletic and artistic competitions, and attended by four hundred and fifty students representing twenty-two schools. Elmwood won many laurels. We were especially thrilled with the trophy we were awarded. The social side of the Conference was also lots of fun. The Classics Club has also had parties during the year - a Saturnalia (Christmias) party as well as an end of year gathering. Pizza, of course, featured high on the menu! Anyone is most welcome to join the Classics Club - the only prerequisite is the ability to handle a paint brush, hammer . . . D R A M A What involves a talking Hedge, wabbly opera, Ted Nugent, a flame Mirower and a greedy hardware store sales woman? Why, the senior school play HEDGES, of course. A brilliant production directed by Eleanor Crowder, HEDGES wowed ' em at Elmwood for a packed performance on April 25, 1986. Two days later the entrepid cast and crew were on stage at 10:30 AM in Toronto, participating in the Ontario Independent Schools Drama Festival. We didn ' t win anything, but we had a great weekend. HEDGES is a comic morality play about the arms race. The rehearsals since mid-January really payed off when the writer of the play, David Carby came to see us perform in Toronto. He liked the production so much that he is rewriting the script to include the special two dimensional props made by Andrea Sheridan. On the whole. HEDGES was a success, and the cast and crew had a great time participating. 54 JR. AND SR. DANCE a ' BACK ROW - LEFT TO RIGHT - Mrs. Hoy, Andrea LEFT TO RIGHT Bruchhaeuser, Resa Solomon, Jennifer Deacon FRONT Patricia Reilly ROW - LEFT TO RIGHT - Stephanie Bartlett, Paula Jardine, Shelley Dattani, Lynne McKenzie. Lori Hillary, Mary Gilberton, Susan Campbell, FORMAL LEFT TO RIGHT: Krista Wede- kamm, Madame Sabourin, Susan Westley The weekend of the year finally arrived! Closing, picnics and parties! But we suppose the formal at the Chateau Laurier was the highlight of a busy, busy social team. It was certainly evident on the evening of June 14th 1986 in the Bell room of the Chateau Laurier. On behalf of Krista Wedekam and Susan Westley, we thank the graduates for their support. 55 JUNIOR CHOIR The Junior choir includes: Jasmine Bern- stein, Sara Frederking, Shaghig Malek, Akua Otupiri, Kathleen Terroux, Kate White, OdeUa Culley, Vicky Rowlands, Tina Saryeddine, Alison Whitney, Mary Young, Lisa Baylin, Caroline Brisson, Amanda Dunn, Renee Foy, Patricia Harewood, Nazlin Hirji, Connie Jarrett, Stephanie McKnight, Meredith Nelson, Ricarda Rudolph, Erika Westman, Susan Campbell, Rebecca Keen, Jill Pearse, Josephine Yang, Susan Wooles, Zoe Pettengell, Jenny Pope, Patricia Reilly, Melanie Rupprecht, Amy Cameron, Nina Esrock, Lee-Ann Harwood, Michelle Riff, Christine Dawood, Elizabeth Drent, Rosemary Fincham, Manya Greenberg, Strachan McCarthy, Gillian Sieberasse. The Junior Choir ' s performing season began with Christmas concerts at High Horizons, Parliament Hill and Elmwood ' s Christmas concert. We also became video stars when the Independent Satellite Network made a film of us which was shown on many Canadian stations Christmas Eve. In the Spring Term we had a visit and a performance from Hillfield-Strathallan College and the highhghts of your year were the contributions we made to Junior Entertainment and to Closing. RECORDER ENSEMBLE The Elmwood Recorder Ensemble has had a very successful year. With the Junior School Choir, they performed at High Horizons and Parliament Hill as well as at the Christmas concert at Elmwood. The Spring Term was spent preparing for the Ottawa Music Festival where Elmwood won three (3) FIRSTS and one (1) SECOND prize in recorder. Their performance in the large ensemble class was responsible for their being chosen for the Highlights of the Music Festival gala performance. BOTTOM LEFT TO RIGHT: Monica Kirchhoff, Natasha Corrin, Melanic Quevillon, Lin Tan, Betsy Chaley TOP LEFT TO RIGHT: Patricia Harewood, Ricarda Rudolph, Marika Farrell, Mrs. Kry. 56 SENIOR CHOIR BACK ROW - Vivienne Yu, Julia Fournier, Barbara Toth, Shena Riff, Alex Stevens, Stacey Gibbs, Anne-Marie Fournier, Rosanne Kang. FRONT ROW - Dana Gellman, Lisa Rambert, Dee Shipley, Tracey Solomon, Kristen Lawr. The Senior Choir made a special contribution to the Christmas season this year with the following engagements. Ashbury College Irish Embassy Juliana Hall Elmwood Parliament Hill (Rotunda) Sussex Club Rideau Club Sussex Club Sunday, December 1st Monday, December 16th, 6:30 p.m. Monday, December 16th, 7:00 p.m. Monday, December 16th, 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, December 18th, Noon Wednesday, December 18th, 3:00 p.m. Wednesday, December 18th, 8:30 p.m. Friday, December 20th, Noon From April 19th to the 22nd, the girls participated in the Independent Schools ' Music Festival in Toronto. They were part of 1200 singing in Roy Thomson Hall. Both their musical ability and deportment were highly commendable. The choir ' s final performance of this school year is at Closing. Mrs. O ' Brien would like to thank the girls for a super year. Congratulations girls! Your dedication sets a good example for everyone. 57 DUKE OF EDINBURGH ' S AWARD Senechal, Ellen Bruce, Susan Westley, Margaret Goodman, Anja Miller. MIDDLE ROW - Monique Hanrath, Krista Wedekamm, Pamela Horne, Saree Ghosh, Eileen MacPhee, Resa Solomon, Nicole Jackson, Holly Burkhart, Leigh Thacker, LeeAnne Burkhart. FRONT ROW - Tina Kout- sovasilis, Jane Lougheed, Carole Hodgson, Michelle Morrison, Paula Jardine, Ashwina Bijoor, Fiona Doetsch, Julie Kang, Gillian Hewitt. The Duke of Edinburgh ' s Award programme, launched at Elmwood in September attracted the interest of a large group of students who saw the Award as an opportunity to move into new areas of personal challenge, service and leadership while continuing to develop already established interests and abilities. The Award gives recognition to the " all-round " individual and is based on the principle that " growing up in today ' s world is more than a matter of just gaining academic and technical qualifications. It introduces the concept that voluntary service to the community is just as rewarding as earning a living; that physical fitness is just as important as mental fitness and that the ex- perience of a demanding and adventurous spirit is just as valuable as passing an examination. " The program linked up well with the new Clubs, the Montfort Volunteer program and with the sports already offered at Elmwood. Special sessions were held for the " Expeditions " requirement on Wednesday afternoons. Many girls have already spent more than the required time in volunteer and training programs. Several girls also helped with a Leaders ' Conference which Elmwood hosted in February and more recently with a fund-raising evening presented by " Plus Six in Song " at which $850 was raised. Many thanks to all those girls who willingly gave of their time and especially to Miss Eaman who is organizing the Expedition part of the program. To all those enrolled in the program remember - work at your own pace - have fun. This is not just another exam to be passed and you do have until you are 25 to complete it all! Best of luck to all of you. B. Millington. s E W I N C Despite the warnings of the teaching staff who have taught sewing in the past, Mrs. White began a Sewing Club in September which met on Tuesdays during the fall and winter terms. Perhaps because the students were there by choice rather than by coercion they proved to be astonishingly adept needlewomen and produced some beautifully made and sharp outfits. Very few projects still languish unfinished, and next year we aim for a 100% completion rate! 58 SCIENCE CLUB Mrs. Prescott, Josephine Yang, Alia Al-Zand, Molly Tepper, Maya Chaly, Jill Pearse (BACK), Melanie Quevillon (FRONT), Patricia Harewood, Cathy Richardson (BACK), Susan Wooles (FRONT) Mary Gilbertson, Betsy Chaly, Mrs. McRae. This year a Science Club was formed to help interested juniors and seniors plan and carry out investigations as well as prepare projects for the Elmwood Science Fair and the Ottawa Regional Science Fair. Advice and ideas were ex- changed and a gr eat variety of projects resulted from our Tuesday afternoon get-togethers. At various times we had flashing lights and ringing bells, an egg-beater washing machine removing ketchup stains, and unidentified multi-legged creatures floating in anti-freeze. The winners of the Elmwood Science Fair were: 1st prize, Mary Gilbertson and Alia Al-Zand, 2nd prize, Maya and Betsy Chaly, and 3rd prize, Josephine Yang. At the Regional Science Fair, Catherine Richardson and Melanie Quevillon won both Honourable Mention in the Junior Life Sciences category AND the Ottawa Field Naturalists Prize. The Ottawa Crippled Children ' s Parents Association Award was given to Maya and Betsy Chaly for the portable pulley and ramp they designed to help the disabled. BACK ROW: Mrs. Outerbridge, Christine McGregor, Vivienne Ed- wards, Vicky Grossmann-Hensel, Allison MacFarlane FRONT ROW: Shelley Dattani, Resa Solomon, Inka Pauls, Julie Waterhouse, Roxane Proulx, Ashwina Bijoor, Gillian Hewitt, Charu Gupta, Carol Hodgson, Katie Chao Dana na na da na na na You are now entering the MATH ZONE The story today is situated on the Flatland where it is sunny and beautiful, but it is not one of our regular days. It is Thursday, three- fifteen p.m. and the Elmwood crowd is at the baseball diamond. The teams of today ' s game are the Two-Dimensions versus the Polyhedras. This is an exciting game! We are now down the the ninth inning and the score is zip-zip. Fermat is out in left field. The bases are loaded with Chism on first base, Room Ten on second, Euclid on third and Descartes is up to bat. Descartes steps on the square with Mrs. Outerbridge as umpire. Descartes looks preoccupied but once the sphere is thrown concentration returns and he hits it. The Elmwood crowd is going wild. Is it going to be a home run? Yes!!! Descartes slides home leaving parallel lines on the base path and the Polyhedras win!!! What an amazing game . . . jump into your shape mobile and join our team next season. Has this all been an optical illusion or have you entered the MATH ZONE Dana na na da na na na. 59 NIGHTINGALE Not for Ourselves Alone Nightingale ' s goal this year was to sponsor two families staying at the Ronald McDonald House. Florence Nightingale devoted much of her life to improving conditions in hospitals, so by supporting families with a child receiving care from the Children ' s Hospital, we hoped to carry on a bit of that Nightingale spirit. We fundraised with a car wash by the grade 13s, a civvies day, and a super Valentine ' s Day Bake Sale that, of course, turned out to be the best bake sale of the whole year! We presented the cheque in person and had a tour of the Ronald McDonald House. Thank you to everyone who climbed those stairs to House meetings every other Tuesday, and all of you who participated in junior and senior House games, where Nightingale cleaned up on several oc- casions. You ' re the Best! Good Luck next year. Annabelle. BACK ROW (7TH) - Donna Desprey, Kirstin Podeschwik, LeeAnne Burkhart, Vivienne Edwards, Peggy Staruch, Margaret Goodman, Vicky Grossmann-Hensel, Anja Miller, Monique Dull. SIXTH ROW (6TH) - Micheline MacFarlane, Suzie Smith, JoAnne Cassia, Jane Lougheed, Sarah LaForest, Anne de Mercado, Jill Hogg, Holly Burkhart, Dilshad Lalani, Meghan Dunn, Sandra Halladjian, JoAnn Daniels, Alison Schmidt, Jenny Mirsky, Helena Lindquist. FIFTH ROW (5TH) - Julie Anne Rickerd, Tegan Schioler, Elanor Brodie, Anne Stabrun, Shannon Robinson, Barbara Savage, Heather Alyea, Tracey Van Allen, Stephanie McLeod, Eve Castell, Nicky Cole. FOURTH ROW (4TH) - Maya Chaly, Karin Frederking, Caroline Boushey, Catherine Lougheed, Nina Esrock, Michelle Riff, Nicola Hankey, Teena Mehta, Molly Tepper, Catherine Richardson, Jenny Molson. THIRD ROW (3RD) - Mikola Mahiga, Paula Tomlin, Robin Wilkinson, Jonathan Moore, Alex Ladouceur, Chrissie Nelms, Matthew Scuby, Alexis Mintsioulis, Joshua Scuby, Jamie Gillan, Megan Ross, Samantha Tapping, David Dawood. SECOND ROW (2ND) - Amanda Dunn, Anik Egan, Claire Millington, Lucy Castell, Julia Ediger, Robin Sheiner, Charlotte Harrison, Savannah Ladouceur, Claudia Beltran. FIRST ROW (1ST) - Lin Tan, Jasmine Bernstein, Christie Callan-Jones, Davina Given, Jane Uygur, Annabelle Mandy, Juliette Gundy, Zsolt Mazanji, Christina Hill, Akua Otupiri. 52 WILSON To Give Ourselves and Never Count the Cost for Others Greater Need It ' s been a great year Wilson filled with lots of memories. From the seniors ' " close-call " games to the juniors ' perpetual victories, Wilson has always come out on top! Aside from sports, Wilson has adopted a new house project. Our successful bake sale raised money for Match, a non-governmental organization that matches the needs of women in underdeveloped countries according to the funds available and I hope that our association with Match becomes an annual occurence. Thanks to the grade 9s and 10s for their Faithful attendance at all House Games. Special thanks to Habiba for her awesome skills as goalie, Lynne for her extraordinary skill at rounding everyone up even on warm, suntanny days and Maria for her energy and enthusiasm especially when we were playing scooter ball! WHEN YOU ' VE GOT THE SPIRIT WILSON IS THE BEST! ! ! love Tara. BACK ROW (7TH) - Lori Hillary, Heather Scott, Krista Wedekamm, Julie Kang, Jill Pearse, Elisa Campbell, Stephanie Price, Carol Hodgson, Anne-Marie Anthony, Maria Zoubeck, Charu Gupta, Elizabeth Whitla, SIXTH ROW (6TH) - Milena Sigmund, Ingrid Senechal, Kerstin Bruchhaeuser, Pamela Home, Lisa Rambert, Christine Dawood, Lisa Kanigsberg, Katie Bell, Lynne McKenzie, Unknown, Julia Fournier, Tina Koutsovasilis, Saree Ghosh, Kristen Lawr, Judy Marshall. FIFTH ROW (5TH) - Mary Young, Sheila Barber, Alex Stevens, Stacey Gibbs, Julie Henderson, Unknown, Leigh Thacker, Kenne Ryan, Mary Gilbertson, Caroline Brisson, Tania Turner. FOURTH ROW (4TH) - Jeane Mehta, Amy Cameron, Zoe Pettengell, Meredith Nelson, Unknown, Stephanie Bousquet, Katrina Carroll-Foster, Nicole Jackson, Patricia Harewood, Tory Shoemaker, Nazlin Hirji, Odelia Culley. THIRD ROW (3RD) - Sandi Chao, Marie Laure Sauvageau, Anthony Skinner, Hilary Thompson, Colleen McManus, Matthew Scuby, Anjali Mishra, Emily Morris, Erica Heath, Andre Kirchhoff, Monica Kirchhoff, Tina Saryeddine. SECOND ROW (2ND) - Una Wallace, Habiba Thawer, Marika Farrell, Catherine Addison, Jennifer O ' Neil, Kathleen Scott, Kate White, Camille Beaufort, Roxane Proulx, Rosanne Kang. FIRST ROW (1ST) - George Bousquet, Antoine Mandy, Shauna Fortier, Christopher Mahony, Tara Moonje, Wendy Mitchell, Gavin Bieber, Lauren Vierhaus, Stephanie Addison, Kathleen Terroux. 53 DEBATING CLUB BACK ROW - Resa Solomon, Saree Ghosh, Fiona Doetsch, Jessica Tickle, Eileen MacPhee, Alexa Dodge, Vicky Grossmann-Hensel. FRONT ROW - Jane Basinski, Paula Jardine, Tasha Carrothers, Shelley Datani, Nicole Jackson, Charu Gupta The Elmwood Flat Earth and Debating Society started the year with great turnout, one atlas and little knowledge of how to argue properly. With many photocopies from Mrs. Hoy, our ever helpful and always busy advisor, we learned how to read a map, memorize the rules of parliamentary debate, and plunged into a whil of debates. Since those first fateful days we have lost 70% of our members, changed the meeting time from 8 am to 3:15 pm, learned how to speak slowly and come to the conclusion that the world is a sphere. We have experienced mixed success - when we ' re prepared, we ' re devastating. Our greatest achievement came at a debate at the University of Ottawa where one member placed in the finals and the other in the top ten. Both therefore made it to the Ontario Provincial Debating Tournament. The most appropriate thing to say is " You ' ve come a long way, Baby " . COMMONWEALTH CONFERENCE LEFT TO RIGHT: Ellen Bruce, Nicole Knowlton, Vicky Grossmann-Hensel ABSENT: Alison Schmidt Ellen Bruce, Vicky Grossmann-Hensel and Nicole Knowlton were Elmwood ' s three delegates at the Fourteenth Student Commonwealth Conference. We represented Malaysia, and by the end, became real specialists on its water, cultural and population problems. We had a great time participating in simulation games, discussions, workshops, listening to speeches, Heads of Government meetings. Third World and Parliament Hill dinners . . . The conference was held mainly at Carleton University, but we also went to the Tunney ' s Pasture government complex and Parliament Hill. Nicole and Vicky each had two billets, from Vancouver, Victoria and P.E.I, while Ellen ' s billet came from New Brunswick. It was a terrific experience for us all, we made lots of friends and learned so much. Special thanks to Alison Schmidt who helped us organize ourselves both at Elmwood and throughout the week at Carleton and, of course, to Mr. McCabe. STUDENT ' S COUNCIL BACK ROW - LEFT TO RIGHT - Laila Lalani, Shelley Dattani, Roxane Proulx, Michelle Morrison, Nicole Knowlton, Andrea Bruchhaeuser, Diane Drouin MIDDLE ROW - LEFT TO RIGHT - Gillian Hewitt, Shena Riff, Nadya McElligott, Tracey Solomon, Lisa Kanigsberg, Linda Barr, Jenny Mirsky, Martha Shipley, Dilshad Lalani, Beth Steacy, Elaine Stalter, Rosanne Kang FRONT ROW - LEFT TO RIGHT - Amy Cameron, Nazlin Hirji, Chrissie Callan- Jones, Melanie Quevillon, Akua Otupiri, Kale White, Natasha Corrin, Sandi Chao, Catriona Hardie, Elizabeth Drent, Rebecca Tickle. Student ' s Council this year consisted of two groups. The junior section met in the Junior Library while those responsible for the senior school had their rendez-vous in the Senior Library. Many suggestions were made and believe it or not there were few complaints from either section. Together we brought forth a good number of ideas for the benefit of the students and the school as a whole. We had a good many laughs at some of the more unusual ideas but all were discussed at length. Thank you to all the Homeroom representatives for their attendance and enthusiastic input. The best of luck to the incoming Council, have a good time. Keep Smiling, Elisa, Heather, Laila and Diane CLAY CLUB BACK ROW - Donna Desprey, Ingrid Senechal, Zandra Brown, Anne-Marie Anthony, Mrs. Heacock. FRONT ROW - Kim Montero, Julie Waterhouse, Gillian Hewitt, Jennifer Blais, Nicola Carpenter, Ashwina Bijoor, Beth Steacy, July Kang, Saree Ghosh. ABSENT - Kathleen Macaulay and Martha Solomon. Fifteen members of the Clay Club have met weekly, since Christmas, to transform wet clay into pots of various shapes and sizes. Most were complete beginners but several had worked with clay in the school Art programme. The lively enthusiasm of the group added to the atmosphere and the interesting pieces produced were put on display April 25lh in conjunction with the Senior School Drama production of Hedges. 63 PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB BACK ROW - Mr. Yates, Jessica Tickle, Jennifer Deacon, Alexa Dodge (who came sometimes). Donna Desprey. FRONT ROW - Chase Harris, Sheila Barber, Zandra Brown, Louise Hayes, Julie Rickerd (a one-time member), Ellen Bruce, Eileen MacPhee. Slowly but surely the Photography Club has moved from f-stops, film speed and picture composition to developer, enlarger and picture development. With the Dark Room now operational the full cycle has been completed and regular displays will adorn the halls and Samara for years to come. Thank you to the students who BEGAN AND STAYED with the club throughout the year. EVES The Montfort Volunteers, the Eves, has been a great success again in this its second year. There has been a notable increase on participants over last year. There are four groups of girls going to the Montfort rotating each Wednesday afternoon. Special thanks to Mrs. Seguin for her help in arranging the visits, and to Soeur Jeannette for allowing us to help. BACK ROW - Mrs. Seguin, Elanor Brodie, Josee Descarreaux, Katie Bell, Sheila Barber, Nila Varan, Shena Riff. MIDDLE ROW - Elizabeth Drent, Pamela Home, Alex Stevens, Rosanne Kang. FRONT ROW - Rosemary Fincham, Gillian Siebrasse, Josee Roy, Esther Maser, Manya Greenberg, Anik Egan. 64 SEPTEMBER Gr. 13 starts school All-Saints Day 13 Columbia volcano (23,000 people die) Gr. 6 go to Brown Lake 19 Hot dog sale Gr. 6 returns 20 Reagan Gorbachev Summit ends 22 Junior Dance (gr. 7-9) Careers Day (gr. 9-13) NOVEMBER Civvies Day Half- term holiday Art Fair begins 21 Howard Jones concert Art Fair ends 27 Halley ' s Comet 92.9 million miles from Elmwood Remem- brance Day Exams start (gr. 5-6) 16 X-mas concert 12 Exams finish (gr. 5-8) J 8 Sr. Choir at Parliament Hill and Rid- eau Club PHE 4A and 5A go bow- ling 3 Jr. Choir and Rec- order Club at McKay United Church 13 Exams finish (gr. 9-12) 19 Carol Service Last day of Term I 25 X-mas Exams start (gr. 1-13) 14 Exams finish (gr. 13) 22 December Solstice (winter begins) 26 Rome and Vienna air- ports attacked DECEMBER 27 Hanukkah 29 Luncheon for graduates 1975-1985 30 Thompson Twins concert JANUARY 29 Gr. 9-11 return from St. Donat 30 Gr. 5-6 go to National Art Gallery Term II begins 24 Sr. basketball team goes to Montreal New Year ' s Day 13 George Burns turns 90 25 Video dance (gr. 9-13) Deng Xioping named " Time " Man of the Year (1985) 20 Elmwood vs Lisgar in volley- ball (Lisgar wins) 26 Gr. 9-11 go to St. Donat Last day of skiing! 23 Gr. 8 go to Citizen Parent teacher interviews (gr. 13) 27 American Video Awards 28 Gr. 11-13 see " Macbeth " at Towne Cinema FEBRUARY Civvies Day Phillipine Elections 11 Spirit Week begins 14 Ski-day at Camp Fortune (gr. 5-13) St Valen- tine ' s Day Semi- formal (gr. 12-13) 9 Chinese New Year (4684 - Year of the Tiger) 12 Slave auction 17 Open house Ground- hog Day Boy George on " A Team ' 1 Ralphie brings out new " weath- ered " polo shirts Roman Banquet (gr. 7-13) Last day of Term II Civvies Day 1st day of Freedom MARCH School trip to Greece and Italy 17 St. Patrick ' s Day 18 Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson announce their enga- gement Sr. Softball tournament in Toronto 5 Student Commonwealth Conference and Mini Enrichment courses (gr. 11) begin JUNE SIN Physics contest (gr. 13) Gr. 11 Physics contest Mother ' s Day Gr. 8 goes to Quebec City 22 Gr. 7 returns IB exams start 14 Gr. 8 returns 26 Sports Day Expo ' 86 opened by Prince and Prin- cess of Wales Chemistry contest (gr. 13) Junior entertain- ment 16 Civvies Day Simple Minds concert 27 Prefect elections Junior entertain- ment 19 Half- term holiday Victoria Day 29 Piano recital f Gr. 5 go to Montreal 13 Closing (gr. 5-13) 15 Father ' s Day Perry Ellis dies of AIDS 14 Elmvk ' ood Ashbury formal (gr. 13) Prefects and sports awards announced 10 Prefect ' s tea 19 Last Samara meeting (phew!) Classics Conference Commonwealth Conference and Mini Enri- chment courses end 20 Gr. 7 goes to Foley Mt. and Kingston 30 Fry pizza lunch Exams begin (gr. 5-13) 12 Closing (gr. 1-4) exams finish (Gr. 5-13) r aossipclub Teen Aciiess; ,1 Molly Ruig i ' young gun goes for it •J that jlSTobscj PRI N Kl NG GASOLIKE - z a VISIT TO STRATFORD KITCHENER On September 12, a group of students from grades eleven to thirteen, accompanied by Mrs. Bellamy, Mrs. Heacock and Mrs. Hoy left for the annual trip to Stratford and Kitchener. This year the girls were fortunate to see Inspector and the Glass Menagerie. From all accounts they enjoyed all plays. The trip to Kitchener Market was also very enjoyable and provided an opportunity to sample and buy some very interesting ethnic foods. o w ■ to 2 ' J I z 2: Ja|B|H|BHiig Stratford UPPER CANADA VILLAGE Upper Canada Village will never be the same. Why? you ask? Because grade 3-4 visited the area. Apparently it was a super cultural experience. .-1— ' ' rt T: ' .i-jw:- ' srstt iin ' tt ' » C ' i sih o 24, ii ' i. i ONtv on tha date " ' fc:at;ths hour spacHtsd; ' 3tt!fS. $4 SO df«n, stutients, iorcfssjrsns; $3 J|8yiUA» AfifiamttAs OTA«fiiZ ! ' A 1 r RAMSES AND PICASSO EXHIBITIONS On Tuesday, September 24th, 83 students and four teachers from grades eight to thirteen, set out for a day in Montreal. We were going to view the Ramses Exhibit and an exhibition of Picasso ' s paintings. We set off in high spirits. By the time we reached Montreal Island it had started to rain, but the beauty of the exhibits soon made us forget the weather. By the late afternoon we were at the Picasso exhibit - although it was not a truly representational collection of his life works none of the students could remain in- different to Picasso ' s masterpieces. t. 72 BROWN LAKE 1986 The fall trip to Brown Lake was full of fall activities - a detailed beaver study, a woodland habitat exploration, the sight of a beaver disappearing in the woods. Mrs. Young and Mrs. Spense kept the kitchen in order and produced delicious hot meals. This trip gave the Grade Six class greater admiration for Mrs. du Plessis. She is greatly missed by all of her students and fellow staff members. " ST. DONOUGHT " Wanna know where to get the sexiest ski bunnies this side of the river? Not on the slopes - in the St. Donat lodge, darlings. They come out at night, sporting black designer outfits - a shimmer of gold, usually fashionably late. Heads turn. No don ' t take them to the piano lounge, that ' s were Julien Kay (the " king of hearts " according to grade tens) hangs out. Take them dancing. " Bain oui, non? " 1 I ?f , 73 QUEBEC CITY TRIP On a beautiful Sunday morning in May forty grade eight students, Mrs. Schmidt, Mme. Sabourin and and Mrs. McGregor boarded for Quebec City. During our four days away we visited many historic sites such as La Citadelle and the Plains of Abraham in Quebec City and other sites such as St. Anne de Beaupre in the countryside. It was a fantastic trip! Id OK GRADE FIVE TO MONTREAL The lure of Montreal once again called to grade five for their annual trip south on June 6, 1986. Our walking tour in the Old City included visits to such places as the Centre d ' histoire de Montreal, Chateau de Ramezay and Notre Dame, (our cameras constantly clicking). We arrived home, after an exhausting but stimulating day, at 7:46 pm. 1 1 1 ill -Op-—--. . KINGSTON FOLEY MOUNTAIN May 20, the Grade sevens embarked on a three-day science trip to Kingston and Foley Mountain. We left our marks at Old Fort Henry, Upper Canada Village, the YWCA and the high- light of the trip, the shopping centre. This trip was great fun and enlightening, thanks to our " serious " teachers - Mrs. Mc Rae, Mrs. Prescott and Mrs. Wires. 74 ADVENTURES IN GREECE AND ITALY We had such a superb trip - not overly warm but extremely in- teresting. All the names and places that were strictly " things " to be memorized from academic textbooks came to life - the Parthenon, the catacombs, Crete . . . Greece proved to be the general favourite. Everyone was awestruck by the grandeur of the classical sites - the Acropolis, Delphi, Epidauros, Knossos, Mycenae ... - brought to life by our excellent guide, Aphrodite! The breathtaking scenery also over-whelmed us. In addition, there was shopping in the Plaka district of Athens where bargaining, at which we all became experts, was mandatory. We also experienced a Greek disco where video-watching and listening to a live band were preferred to actual dancing. Finally, there was the pre- Lenten custom of revellers in the street hitting people in jest with rubber baseball bats! Some students have tales to tell of this custom as they attempted to reach a taverna for an evening of Greek en- tertainment! In southern Italy, Sorrento was our base for visiting Pompeii and Herculaneum. We loved Sorrento with its charming narrow streets and inlaid woodwork, whilst Pompeii and Herculaneum were an endless source of fascination, with their details of Roman life. In Rome, we were impressed by the Forum, the Coloseum, Hadrian ' s Villa and the Villa d ' Este ... we marvelled at the beauty of St. Peter ' s while climbing to the top of the dome which gave a breathtaking panorama of the city of Rome itself. Shopping, of course, was an essential component of every day just as it had been in Greece. We packed so much into two weeks. Everybody held up well despite some very early morning wake-up calls - would you believe 4:30 AM??? Returning to Ottawa after such a surfeit of enjoyment was extremely difficult . . . especially after we saw the snow. We all look forward to going back to both countries (to ensure our return to Rome, we threw our coins into the Trevi Fountain), but especially to Greece. f 4. ' 4 L I T u by Sjur Tobiassen and Raju Ruparelia, Grade 3 4 ON " THE ADORATION OF THE SHEPHERDS " Peasant man, go home and tell Your world of the newborn Radiance That has but softness in its knell. From behind your pillar see The virgin light of maternity; The awakening of Infinity. Keep in the shadows of your gaze This lowly sign of change today: Lux fulgebit hodie. Peasant man, go home and tell Your world of the newborn Radiance That has but softness in its knell. By Monique Dull Grade 13 DE LATINE VA MCMLXXXVI magistra nostra Doetscha es. nos docet linguam Latinam. sed semper dicit, " eheu puellae non intellegitis. mea classa septima hoc facere potest. " lb approprinquat. sescentim versus facite hac nocte. tibi multas grarias agimus. Latina VA JOURNEY TO THE CENTRE OF A GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICH How much is the sky a part of me? Is my soul made of grass? Are my eye-balls squid? I can feel my screams being munched. I feel myself going up a hill. A giant ant bit my nose. My toe nails falls off I miss them. I must send them a wedding invitation. My ears are surrounded by Camembert. I seized my bunion. Cataracts enveloped my eyes. I put tobasco on my chest. And sit on the perfection of the wind. Am I special? Anonymous by Kathleen Terroux, Grade 5 MY OLD WOUNDS It still hurts me I don ' t know why Things buried and forgotten do not always die Their significance forgotten The pain still remaining Inexplicable even to myself By Zandra Brown Grade 1 1 80 THE WITCH ' S SPELL Double double toil and trouble Fire burn in cauldron bubble A foot of a rat The tail of a cat An eye of a dog and a piece of log A horn of a cow and cats show A head of a frog and a jumping dog A sHmy snake and a big rake Ink of a pen and a crowing hen A big shark and a piece of bark A lions ear and a bottle of beer Double double toil and trouble Fire burn in cauldron bubble - Alexandra Bade Grade 4 Nicky Cole Grade lOJ I MY GOLDFISH Once upon a time, there was a goldfish that had wings. She flew out of the aquarium. Rene and Marc, my friends, tried to catch it. So did I. " How are we going to get her? " said Rene. " I don ' t know, " said Marc. " We better get her, " I said. " But how? " , said Marc. " Wait " , said Rene, " We lost it. " My mom and dad are out, so I have to look after Ainsley, " I said. " We ' ll look for it " Rene said. " O.K.!!! " I said. " I ' ve got a plan " , said Marc. " Do you have a hundred dollars? " " Yes " said Marc. " Get a piece of paper. Yes. Good. Write this down. " If you catch a flying fish you can have $100. " " How ' s it going? " asked Marc. " Great, put it up in the city " . A lady a few weeks later saw the goldfish, caught it and gave it to them. By Jaime Kowal Grade 2 Sinking down into the back of the chair Rivets creaking as weight shifts the molds Shoulders slumping, back bending Eyebrows bunching up in little folds Mouth open wide as a double chin develops Ears moving up and down Cheeks, their fullness blossoming Limpness in the wrists, pen falls to floor Gums exposed, teeth blinding white Lungs exhahng softly, lashes blinking Straighten back Excuse me Didn ' t get much sleep at all he says. - Suzanne Higgins Grade lOR Leslie Crate Grade 6 82 Sitting in a lovely vase Ever so quiet His majesty the cat Doing whatever he wants Chasing mice around. By Christina Gandilo 83 LET ' S BE YOUNG FOR ONE DAY MORE ME This is a picture of me. I am a boy. My name is Matthew Scuby. My school is Elmwood. I have blue eyes and blond hair. I am six years old. I am happy. Matthew Scuby Grade 1 MY FUTURE AS A PARENT If I were a parent and my father was a child I would have rules like this. If he would talk back, I would smack his bottom or he could not watch T.V. as punishment. But most of the time I would try to be the best parent that I could. I would give my son a nice cozy home, good food, toys, interesting books, clean clothes and lots of love. Everyday I would give my child many hugs and kisses. I would try to spend some time with him everyday. We would play hockey, tennis and lots of other sports. I would help him get organized to do his homework. I would try to teach my child the difference between good and bad and right and wrong. I would show him how to be polite and use good manners. I would like to be like my Dad. As children we met Crashing bike wheels Slopping ice cream Over our books. You almost sixteen And I just over fourteen. A summer course of Wildflowers And Coloured ice cream. We raced with the sun At its strongest So sure we could outrun Those lengthening shadows. Tonight I called And found the child Out Or - Gone away. Even Abondoned. In thirty days You have majored in becoming Adult. Apartments, jobs, amid your Physics And History of the Earth. Taking over the job Of the ones who gave you Life. I called tonight And found you old. Let ' s be young For one day More. by Anja Miller 11 H 84 MY HEART IN WINTER Winter, ' tis not a time, ' tis not a place, ' tis a world, a world of wonder, a world of wind, a world of snow, a world of driving blizzards! The wind is a bird, a bird of light, a bird with wings of snowflakes, glistening in the sun. The snow is made of summer stars, now retired and have come to earth, but they still twinkle with all their beauty. But a driving blizzard is a charging soldier, defending its world. Winter is not my time, it is not my place, winter is my world. By Allison Whitney, WHAT FUN! One day a giant came to our school. He ate our uniforms. After that he ate Mrs. Lloyd. Then he ate my desk and ripped our math. Then he scribbled on the black board and it was white. Then he ate our Easter eggs. Now, for his name, " Dracula " Everybody said " Yaiiiks! " , but the giant stayed here. The next day he was gone and we lived happily after again. Frederique Delapree 5 years old, grade 1 After its prey it has to run Like a bullet from a gun What power, what speed Swift, beautiful, sleek Running, wild with the wind. Marty Mazanji, 60 SPRINGTIME by Christine McGregor, grade 1 1 WAR CHILDREN The train arrives Their faces are gray. There is no laughter, or a time for play. They know not where they are. Or whence they go. In safety or in danger Who they are, They do not know. For they were taken away, Long ago. Away from peace and tranquility. Love and security They are children dispossessed By Julie Henderson Grade 9 In the morning at the playground, The flowers, opening, nodding. Nature awakened. Wind-tossed trees, squirrel scampered. Alarmed robins chattering. Soggy grass, new grass. Squishing underfoot. The boys. Muddy shoes flying, Running, shouting. Wind in their faces. Girls; laughing, skipping Screaming, swinging. At the same time. The seniors lie. Looking like big green lizards. Silent, Basking. by Samantha Tapping, Grade 4 ADMIRERS Silently, patiently, she eyes her prey Lying amongst the tall yellow grasses. She will lie there night and day. She will wait till the moon passes. The time has come, she perks her ears One graceful sweep sends her through the air. The victim falls, with the setting sun. Then she sets homeward to her liar. This beautiful creature has more grace than all. Her golden, black-spotted fur renders her invisible. Her sleekness, skill, agility and beauty Makes her in all ways, undefeatable. Qualities such as these are rare on their own. Twice I have seen this treasure unknown. Once in the jungle in the midst of her flight. Once on a woman ' s back . . . she had no right. By Lisa Rambert, Grade 9 by Milena Sigmund, grade 12 86 MY FUTURE FAMILY I am living in the future. I am a space engineer who helped repair the U.S.S. Enterprise. My name is Johnathan. I have two children, a boy and a girl. The boy is ten years of age and goes to Space Cadets School. The girl is seven years of age and goes to Space Rollers. I would take them to McMooney ' s for noon burgers and lake fries, for a special treat I would take them to the Milky Way Parlour for ice cream and milkshakes. I would have some rules such as: go to bed at nine pm and up at seven am, etc. . . Jonathan H. Moore Shawn Belton Grade lOJ DETENTION I will not drink and eat in the library I will not eat a nd drink in the library I will NOT drink and eat in the library I, Carol, will not drink and eat in the hbrary In the library I will not eat and drink Thou shalt not eat nor drink in the library Shall I not eat or drink in the library? Non bibo aut consumo in bibliotheca Je ne mange ou boit pas dans la bibliotheque I WILL NOT EAT OR DRINK IN THE LIBRARY 9229 1 2 12 14 15 20 51 20 15 184 189 14 11 914 20 85 12 9 2 13 11 8 25 I LLIW TON TAE RO KNIRD NI EHT YRARBIL AE (I will not . . .) I certainly won ' t drink and eat in the library Drink and eat in the library? Not me. I will not eat and drink. Stefana Pecher Grade lOR 87 How fickle they are! Just a few months ago many would have given every penny in their pockets to see me. Now they spit upon me and curse my name I sometimes wonder if I am more hated than Satan himself! My rise to fame was labelled as " meteoric " by the press. That must be the most over- used and abused phrase in the English language. Unfortunately, it is also a death sentence, for whatever makes a " meteoric " rise must inevitably make a " meteoric " descent. That is precisely what happened to my popularity; it plummeted. I began with small audiences of ten and twelve people. In a sense they really couldn ' t be called audiences, since most of them were my relatives and close friends. They had to be bullied and cajoled even to attend, much less listen and absorb. Soon, however, local people began to take notice and I had audiences of 50 to 60 people. Then they blossomed to 100. Soon, even my relatives came voluntarily. I felt elated and confident. I also felt powerful - so very powerful! These people flocked to hear my words! MY WORDS!! Oh how they worshipped me! Like a god! Then that all-powerful medium, the press, began attending. I was on T.V. from coast to coast. Thousands came to hear me! Then tens of thousands, then hundred of thousands. I felt Hke a king. Nothing could stop me! Not ME, the man whose voice rang across this nation, then around the world! I was invincible! Seas of people hung onto my every word. Hundreds of thousands of letters, ADORING letters poured in each and every day. But then it happened. Slowly, so very slowly. At first it was so small I ignored it. But then the backlash grew. I couldn ' t stop it. This faceless enemy. I couldn ' t see him, I couldn ' t find him, I couldn ' t purge him. He grew so big he crushed me. I felt hke a small David facing this huge Goliath, only God was not on my side. The audiences began to melt away before my eyes. It was as though they were running from a fatal disease. I consoled myself by thinking I would still have a few faithful followers. Some out there would still want to listen to me. What a fool I was! Nobody wanted me, not even my family. Now I am alone. All alone. I have no power, no friends, nothing. But I refuse to regret what has happened. " It is better to have loved and lost then never to have loved at all. " I refuse to eke out the rest of my life as a leper. I still have control of my own Hfe. Tomorrow I will kill myself. by Gillian Hewitt IIG TERROR As the seal made its way along, Following the cries of its babe. Shuffling about. On the icy ground. She looked into the black doleful eyes, Its gaze showed fear and terror. Suddenly over her, A club appeared. Eyes filled with terror gazed, As the hunter dragged the seals away. By Stephanie McLeod, 9E KNOWLEDGE Oh you with all your knowledge, Please give some to me! You ' ve been to many places, Filled with adventure and with glee And you ' ve many stories to tell me What ' s beyond the sea? Open your covers. Bend your spine, Reveal all your secrets For today 1 pine To know what you know And to go where you go So please, little book. Place your knowledge in me. Long ago, lived a young story teller named Dremus. He travelled around the country telling stories to anyone who would listen, for a small price. The stories he told were fictional and made everyone laugh their way home. Everything went well for him until one day when he was asked to perform for the King. Dremus was determined to impress the King so he prepared a story that he was sure would be to the King ' s Hking. It took him quite a while, though, to prepare it. This was because the story was based on fact. He secretly found out some information about the King ' s life and wrote the story about the King ' s future. The King was a very old fashioned man and he did not believe in the future, only the past and present. Many of the people under his rule felt the same way. He didn ' t like the idea of writing a story about him or his future so he was furious at Dremus. As he was a harsh ruler, he ordered Dremus to be executed. Dremus was upset and mad at the King, more for not believing in the future than for hating his story. That night, at midnight, he was killed and his soul ventured to the sky. In heaven Dremus came up with a plan of revenge. Every night, from that night on, Dremus filled the minds of all who disbelieved in the future with horrible exaggerated visions of their future. Though he did this, Dremus was not all that mean or unfair. To those that believed in the future, he gave visions of a bright future and beautiful things. He called these visions " DREAMS " . Betsy Chaly Grade 9E KNIGHT CRUSADER My name is Phillip. I am the son of the Earl of Sussex. When I was seven, I was sent to the neighbouring castle of Aubigny. There I learned to shoot and load a crossbow. I also learned to sing, dance, guard and learn manners. Life went on 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13. Just when I was beginning to like being a page, at fourteen years, I was told to my surprise that I was a squire. " What is a squire? " , I said. The lord of the castle told me I would have my own knight to serve, I would wrestle, practice fighting and I might go to war. I was to serve his cousin - Sir Richard, who was eighteen. He had been a knight for only one week. The days passed slowly. ' Then one day, I heard a great clamour outside. Looking out, I saw messengers in the castle. Many men-at-arms were running about. Just then, the door opened and Robert D ' Aubgny (the castle lord) came in. " Better put on your armour " , he said. " We ' re going off to the Middle East. The Turks have captured Jerusalem and we must fight them, " So that was how I came to the Holy Land. We stayed at Krak, the castle home of the Hospitallers. In the next few months a lot happened. We joined some more knights, a force of about twelve hundred. The next day we marched for the pool of Siloam. Suddenly, Turks started streaming down the hills in large numbers. " Wedge formation. " Twelve hundred shields closed together, each overlapping the other, causing a loud noise. " Charge " , the knights roared forward. I watched fascinated as Sir Richard hit his target. The man wrenched forward and hit the ground with a thud. Three more Turks advanced toward him. He killed one with a sword stroke. One of the others knocked him off his horse and they were going to kill him. Without thinking, I grabbed a sword and two spears. I threw the spears. One landed in the ground a foot away from them but the other punched into a Turk ' s back. He went down gagging blood. The other stopped, amazed. Then I was upon him. He lashed out viciously and caught me upon my left shoulder. With a cry of pain, I slashed back. I got him where the neck joins the head. It was all over in a matter of seconds. I helped Sir Richard to his feet. Crusaders swept down upon them. Sir Richard could not have been more pleased had I killed Daladin. He knighted me at once. I knelt before him. He touched me with his sword on first one arm, then the other. " Rise Sir Phillip. " The war ended two years later, I came home, and, as was the custom, my father gave me a grant of land. In the future I hope to become an Earl, like my father. I also hope to go on more adventures, for who knows what may happen? by Nicholas Kellett Grade 4 REGRETS Here she sits Old and helpless She waits for her time to come Recalling her past. Helpless in the present She clings to life as it used to be Joyous, gay, and full of new beginnings And surprises There is little to look forward to now She finds herself regretting; She regrets those unpursued crushes as a girl, Not marrying, the wasted hours. But mostly letting herself get lonely. She is full of wisdom and charm. Rare is younger women, Yet if we care, we may listen And share in her wisdom If she could like everyone She would change many things in The many years that have passed But what causes her the most pain Is that here she sits. Old and helpless And all alone. by Julia Fournier, Grade 12 91 THE METAL CHAIR My grandmother Sitting in her metal chair, Looking out the window is Watching the children play On the grounds of the hospital. The metal chair Turns to face me As I enter the room. Her blue eyes look up at me Saddened by the past and present. Many long years my grandmother Has been unable to leave this chair; Sitting there helplessly lost in the past. As I sit beside her I see her quiver and slump. The chair, like a prison, Once holding my grandmother Has released her soul From its confinement To a place of eternal rest. - Alison Schmidt Grade 12 Lee Anne Burkhart Grade 1 1 G Julie Kang Grade 11 H LES ROIS MAGES L ' etoile brille Nous la suivons Des miles et des miles Vers elle no us marchons Pour se donner a nous Comme unique cadeau. By Roxane Proulx Grade 1 1 Nicola Grainger Grade 1 3D 93 ■ ' V v. SPORTS CAPTAINS BACK ROW - Stephanie Bartlett (Keller), Chase Harris (Fry). FRONT ROW Jane Uygur (School Sports ' Captain), Lynne McKenzie (Wilson). Alison Schmidt (Nightingale), 5? It has often been said that Elmwood teams always work hard at competing, playing fair and most of all having fun. Well, it looks Hke we ' ve done just that again this year. The basketball, senior-junior volleyball, senior volleyball and softball teams all competed in tournaments outside of Ottawa against other private schools resulting in TWO second place final standings for Elmwood. Congratulations also to the junior school volleyball and soccer (a disputed first-second place finish in their tournament) teams as well as the senior school cross country, soccer, rowing and tennis (a gold medal in singles and a silver in doubles) teams which all had exciting seasons. The spirit of the Elmwood students could once again be seen and heard in the boisterious cheers and the blood curdling screams at House Games. Thanks to Stephanie, Lynne, Alison and Chase (a special thanks to Eileen who stepped in for Chase during third term) for ALL their support throughout the year. Unending thanks to Mrs. Neale for her continuous encouragement and advice. It ' s been a great year Elmwood, thanks for making it such a joy ! Our spirit Hves on . . . Jane Uygur, CROSSCOUNTRY LEFT TO RIGHT Mrs. Neale. Lisa Rambert, Chase Harris, Michelle Morrison, Fiona Doetsch, Saree Ghosh, Our cross country team has once again been pounding the pavement in Rock- cHffe and climbing the hills at Mooney ' s Bay. The team entered two meets: the Sportshoe Invitational and the Ottawa City Cham- pionships. Despite rain, cold, injuries, mud and more rain all the runners did well, with Fiona Doetsch and Saree Ghosh finishing 31st and 33rd respectively out of a field of well over 50 runners. Other members of the team include Chase Harris, Michelle Morrison and Lisa Rambert. TRACK AND FIELD On May 14th and 15th the Track and Field team competed in the Ottawa High Schools ' Athletic Association Competition. The team had only one month to prepare for the meet and the girls ' hard work brought gratifying results. Lisa Rambert placed FIRST in her 100m heat and went on to place sixth in the final. This fine result qualified her for the Ottawa Valley Track Meet. The midget girls ' relay team of Dee Shipley, Alexa Dodge, Lisa Rambert and Alexa Holmes finished SECOND in their heat and narrowly missed qualifying for the Ottawa Valley Meet with a fourth place finish in the finals. In the junior girls ' javelin Katie Chao qualified in the TOP EIGHT after the first round of throws. All of the Elmwood athletes were competitive with the 20 other participating schools, most of which have a much larger student population and much more extensive training facilities. Congratulations on a fine showing. BACK ROW - Jessica Tickle, Alexa Dodge. THIRD ROW - Mrs. Huggins. SECOND ROW - Lisa Rambert (KNEELING), Dee Shipley. FRONT ROW - Katie Chao, Susanna Kong, Tracey Solomon, Alexa Holmes, Nadya McEUigott. 99 BACK ROW - Milena Sigmund, Donna Desprey, Jessica Tickle, Andrea Bruchhaeuser, Tracey Solomon, Mr. Yates. MIDDLE ROW - Saree Ghosh, Kerstin Bruchhaeuser, Jane Basinski, Rachel Soar. FRONT ROW - Josee Descarreaux, Alison Schmidt, Diane Drouin, Jane Uygur, Laila Lalani, Peggy Kry. ABSENT - Resa Solomon, Eileen MacPhee. Injuries! Slow us down?! Never!! The Eagles had their most successful season ever winning TWO of ten games against the larger city schools. It has been a long time coming! The highlight of the season came with the trip to Montreal to play in a tournament against other private schools. As is the case with drama, music, volleyball, softball and academic competitions when we compete against schools with similar characteristics (size and facilities) we can and do extremely well. Not having practiced for two months we played in the tournament against teams in the middle of their (Quebec) season. We lost the first two games by a total of THREE points, and the last game to the eventual champions. It was a tremendous show of effort and team spirit. With the bulk of players returning we can put ourselves out on a limb by saying we will do even better next year. BACK ROW - Miss Eaman, Julie Henderson, Leigh Thacker, Kenne Ryan, Paula Jardine, Alex Stevens, Paula Tomlin. FRONT ROW - Charlotte Elder, Katie Bell, Harriet Richardson, Nicole Knowlton, Nicola Carpenter, Rosanne Kang, Shena Riff, Tasha Carrothers, Holly Burkhart. The Elmwood Rowing crew has had a busy and eventful year. Three afternoons a week, in the fall and spring terms, an intrepid group of 18 girls trained on the Ottawa River, braving the vagaries of wind, weather and river currents, to master the complex art of rowing. The season ' s workout culminated in Elmwood ' s participation in two races: the Head-of-the Rideau and the Ottawa Carleton School ' s Association Regatta, where the girls won a first, second and third place in their races. An excellent year! ■ JUNIOR SOCCER I BACK ROW - Amy Cameron, Josee Roy, Megan Pound, Marika Farrell, Patricia Harewood, Jill Pearse, Trish Reilly, Libby Ed- mison, Mrs. O ' Brien. FRONT ROW - Andrea Hoffenberg, Savannah Ladouceur, Catriona Hardie, Kathleen Scott, Strachan Mc- Carthy, Alia Al-Zand, Kathleen Macaulay, Hester Grodde, Virginia Murray, Heather Alyea. ABSENT - Stephanie Price. The Junior School Soccer team practiced very hard three days per week in preparation for a one-day tournament at the end of October. The team did extremely well and, according to the original rules, WON the Division Championship. The girls displayed a combination of excellent soccer skills, determination and good sportsmanship. Mrs. O ' Brien, the coach, along with the entire school is very proud of them. A special thank you is due to Paula Gilbert and to Mr. McCabe for accompanying the girls to tournament, refereeing and giving the girls the benefit of their expert advice. JUNIOR VOLLEYBALL i BACK ROW - Jenny Mirsky, Lucy McLachlan, Virginia Murray, Andrea Hoffenberg, Josee Roy. FRONT ROW - Helena Lindquist, Leiko Marr, Strachan McCarthy, Lucy Castell, Lisa Baylin, Trish Reilly ABSENT - Stephanie Price. The girls showed their usual dedication and enthusiasm over their weeks of preparation for our one day tournament. They did extremely well against Hopewell School considering our lack of practice in a regulation-sized gym. Thank you girls. SR SOCCER BACK ROW - Nicky Cole, Jacquie Manchevsky, Stefana Pecher, Shawn Belton, Kenne Ryan, Cathy Hanbury, Sheila Barber, Jane Uygur. FRONT ROW - Carole Hodgson, Tracey Solomon, Louise Hayes, Diane Drouin, Elisa Campbell, Alexa Dodge, Eileen MacPhee, Mrs. Neale. ABSENT - Jane Basinski, Leilani Farha, Tegan Schioler, Resa Solomon, Jessica Tickle. The senior school soccer team had a very busy season once again with practices starting in mid-April and the six game schedule in early May. We had some well fought matches with particularly close games against Rideau, Andre Laurendeau, Philemon Wright and Brookfield. Although the final scores were not in our favour, we could and should have won a few of these matches. Maybe next year! The team is now becoming much more aggressive, more confident and more knowledgeable about the game. We will certainly miss our graduating players - Diane Drouin, Elisa Campbell, Leilani Farha, Jane Uygur and Jane Basinski - who have been a great asset to the team over the years. SOFTBALL BACK ROW - Mrs. Neale (Coach), Eileen MacPhee (Right Field), Elisa Campbell (1st Base), Leilani Farha (Centre Field), Cathy Hanbury (2nd Base), Resa Solomon (3rd Base), Sue Cameron (2nd Base), Jane Uygur (Designated Runner), Valerie Sumner (Shortstop). KNEELING - Elizabeth Whitlaw (3rd Base), Laila Lalani (Left Field), Diane Drouin (Pitcher), Heather Scott (Catcher). Taking Picture - Mr. Neale. Elmwood ' s senior Softball team, a.k.a. the Bad News Bears, had a super year and season! Training started in early April with infield and batting practices continuing on Saturday mornings. On May 2nd we piled into a ' cosy ' yellow van and headed to the Havergal College Tournament. We had six games in a row on the Saturday and we won 5 out of 6 games!! We defeated Branksome(ll-7); Rosseau (14-1); St. Mildred ' s (18-5); Hillfield (29-1); Trafalgar (14-7) but fell to Havergal (3-6). We had some great hits: Valerie (HR); Leilani (HR); and Diane (a grand slam home run). It was an exciting day, spirits were high, the cheers were loud, and everyone had fun. Our team played extremely well and that evening we feasted at Mr. Greenjeans. The results again prove that Elmwood can hold its own and do well when competing with other private schools. BACK ROW - Nancy Sutterlin, Louise Hayes, Lisa Rambert, Tracey Solomon. MIDDLE ROW - Josee Descarreaux, Elaine Stalter, Rosanne Kang, Nila Varan, Alexa Dodge, Sue Cameron. FRONT ROW - Shawn Belton, Jessica Tickle, Chase Harris, Eillen MacPhee, Stefana Pecher, Mrs. Neale. The " senior- junior " volleyball team completed a long, eventful season in March. Training and practices started in November, with 2 practices a week at the Boys and Girls Club. Our season consisted of 8 matches (all best 3 of 5 games), of which we won approximately 5 games. Most matches were close, and if we met again, the outcome would perhaps be different especially at Canterbury, Rideau and Philemon Wright. We all had a lot of fun at practices (all those lines and net jumps), the tournament at Albert College (from which we are still recovering), and the games (where Stef Pecher was our constant source of noise and cheers). Mention should go to Chase Harris, our captain, who in one game served 15 straight, powerful overhead serves to lead us to victory! SR-JR VOLLEYBALL BACK ROW - Rachel Soar, Julia Fournier, Mr. McCabe, Christine McGregor, Kerstin Bruchhaeuser. MIDDLE ROW - Lynne McKenzie, Chris Jodoin, Diane Drouin, Laila Lalani, Leilani Farha, Resa Solomon. FRONT ROW - Jane Uygur, Valerie Sumner. ABSENT - Elisa Campbell. SENIOR VOLLEYBALL " I said, A BOOM CHICA BOOM!!! " Yes, this year, after getting off to a bit of a slow start, we had a SMASHING (as in Rachel ' s spikes) season. Our success in achieving a second place finish at the Albert College Tournament can only be topped by the incredible spirit (in the face of great odds) throughout the long season. Not only did we return with sore muscles and scraped knees but NO voices! Being on such a high we came back to our last series of games and beat Andre Laurendeau TWICE with the indirect aid of a REAL REF! ! They weren ' t the only ones to fall to the screaming skill of the Elmwood Eagles ... we defeated Ashbury (guys in- cluded) in a challenge match during French Week celebrations. Thanks to Dzi, our captain, and a special thanks to Mr. McCabe who coached us through all the ups and downs. IE I P. TENNIS LEFT TO RIGHT - Vicky Grossmann- Hensel, Chase Harris, Monique Hanrath, Diane Drouin, Nicola Maule, Mrs. Neale. The tennis team had a very successful season this year. Two girls from the team, Nicola Maule and Diane Drouin made it to the City Finals held at Sport Tech In Hull at the end of October. Nicola who played mixed doubles, lost only one match all season to Glebe. In the finals they met again and, after a close match, we lost by a single point. It had gone 5-5 in games and to deuce but then Glebe managed to win that last point. Diane who played singles was undefeated during the regular season defeating teams from de la Salle, Commerce, Glebe and Ashbury along the way. In the quarter finals Diane crushed Nepean 6-0; in the semi finals she defeated Glebe 8-1; and in the finals against Hillcrest she won 8 games to 4!!! So, Diane is the Ottawa Board Singles Champion for 1985-86 for which she received a gold medal. A special thanks to Mrs. Barb Knap for her coaching and support of the team, as well as to the other members of the team which include Vicky Grossmann-Hensel, Chase Harris and Monique Hanrath. SKI BACK ROW - Diane Drouin, Kenne Ryan. MIDDLE ROW - Nicole Knowlton, Harriet Richardson, Fiona Doetsch. FRONT ROW - Vicky Grossmann-Hensel, Nicole Jackson. ABSENT - Peggy Staruch, Paula Jardine, Monique Hanrath. EAGLES BECOME SNOWBIRDS Showing a desire to descend, a need for speed and a whim to win, the newborn Elmwood Ski Team baffled the big " Boards " by placing 5 th overall in their first downhill competition. Mem- bers of this fledgling powerhouse were: Fiona Doetsch, Diane Drouin, Monique Hanrath, Vicky Grossmann-Hensel, Nicole Jackson, Paula Jardine, Nicole Knowlton, Harriet Richardson, Kenne Ryan and Peggy Staruch. 106 I ' M FINALLY MOVING UP IN THIS WORLD! Mr. Chairman, Members of the Board, Mrs. White, Staff, Students, and Dear Friends: Another academic year has come to a close, and it is our turn, as the graduating class, to leave Elmwood and prepare for the future. This special day has arrived, and although it has been long awaited, we find ourselves saddened by the thought of having to say good-bye. As I take a few minutes to look back upon this eventful school year, I can recall many activities, some being crazy incidents, while others were accomplishments in themselves. The first term, seniors danced for Unicef, raising over seven hundred dollars for this worthy cause. Meanwhile, a few prefects did not leave a Canadian Club luncheon unnoticed, after having argued over a parking space with the honoured guest, now the mayor of Ottawa. And I ' m sure no one will ever forget Mountain Dew! In the second term, everyone demonstrated their talent on the slopes, reserving their Friday nights for Camp Fortune. Spirit Week was filled with activities from a Limbo Dance Contest to a Tug-of-War against Ashbury. Juniors enjoyed a dance at Ashbury while seniors danced to videos on a giant screen at Elmwood. During third term, Elmwood hosted a party for the Seeing Eye Dog Society of Ottawa. Juniors enjoyed field trips to Kingston, Quebec City and Montreal. Sports Day was a tremendous success once again. The list goes on and on . . . The Elmwood tendency for good fun, kind support, and ever-lasting spirit made all the events possible. As prefects and grade thirteen students, we knew this year would consist of many responsibilities and duties, some unforeseen such as, our faces being used as targets for sponges, or our bodies being dressed up to look like ridiculous slaves. One of us even had to wear a loud cow bell, disturbing the whole school for a day. Together however, as a group, we overcame the bad times, made the good times special, and accomplished everything we set out to do to make this a memorable year for all. It has been an unforgettable year, and I have these thirty-three graduates behind me to thank for that. A wise friend once said to me: " When you ' ve got the best, why give it up, better could never be found. " These people are the best, each one having so much to offer. Sharing my five years at Elmwood with them is something I could never give up, and certainly never replace. I am honoured and very proud to be on stage with you tonight As we all slowly slip away from the school, we will always remember our common room men, cases of fun, and for me, roll call. My best wishes to all of you for the future, and here ' s to year 2000. To the prefects, you have the deepest gratitude of everyone in the school. You were always there to get the job done, and done well. It was a privilege to work with you. Your dedication and willingness were commendable, and made this year a great success. To Laila, our senior prefect, to you my special thanks and my greatest admiration for a year of hard work, and a partnership that will last us a lifetime. To next year ' s Head Girl, Stephanie, the prefects, and the grade thirteens, may we wish you the best of luck. You have a great year ahead of you, and the work sometimes seems endless, but the support and enthusiasm of the school will be your reward. Every year Elmwood faces new changes, and many a dditions, including a growing number of students. This year we had the pleasure of welcoming the grade 1-2 ' s into the school. In the years to come these students will be ready to partake in academics and sport- related ac- tivities. Elmwood ' s teams see improvement every year, this one being no exception, with near victories on the fields, on the courts, and in the gymnasiums. As our gift to the school, I would like to present to Mrs. White, on behalf of the graduating class of 1986, a cheque for $500.00 to help build our own gymnasium, and to make those near victories glorious first place wins. Often we take too much for granted, and forget to count our blessings. I have been surrounded by the best, including my parents, family, and friends, but most of all by memories of the people in a school that goes the distance for you. C ' est avec tristesse qu ' il faut dire au revoir, mais nous savons tous que les souvenirs de ces precieuses annees seront toujours avec nous. So from all of us, to all of you. Thank you, and good night. CLOSING JUNE13TH THE FORMAL JUNE14TH Morning breath strikes again! Caught red-handed I ' m NOT wearing make-up, it ' s natural! These 8 o ' clock classes have got to go! That hat is really you, Mrs. Schmidt I heard Mel Gibson is coming to enroll his daughter! 113 Did you hear about the party? . PRIZES Grade 5 Grade 5 Grade 7M Grade 7W Grade 8D Grade 8B Grade 8M Grade 9E Grade 9S Grade lOJ Proficiency standing: 80% and over, up to and including Grade 10 Christina Gandilo, Davina Given, Charlotte Harrison, Christina Hill, Akua Otupiri, Ines Scepanovic, Kate White - Suzanne Beaubien, Sandi Chao, Natasha Corrin, Julia Ediger, Monica Kirchhoff, Marty Mazanji, Tina Saryeddine, Zoe Stikeman, Lin Tan, Allison Whitney, Mary Young Caroline Brisson, Patricia Harewood, Nazlin Hirji, Meredith Nelson, Melanie Quevillon, Catherine Richardson, Ricarda Rudolph Christine Callan-Jones, Maya Chaly, Caroline Greenwood, Andrea Kucey, Claire Millington, Jill Pearse, ' Josephine Yang Claudia Beltran, Genevieve Le Blanc, Zoe Pettengell, Martha Solomon - Amy Cameron, Katharine Ratcliffe, Michele Riff - Elizabeth Drent, Rosemary Fincham, Hester Grodde, Savannah Ladoucer, Teena Mehta, Strachan McCarthy, Mary Niles, Gillian Siebrasse Betsy Chaly, Alysia Davies, Dana Gellman, Jill Hogg, Dilshad Lalani, Lisa Rambert - Genevieve Cimon, Vivienne Edwards, Alexa Holmes, Catherine Jeanjean, Shannon Robinson, Tracey Solomon Katie Bell, Eve Castell, Jennie Coleman, Pamela Home, Rosanne Kang, Tara Morrison, Dilsheesh Purewall, Shena Riff Grade lOR - Annette Jardine, Susanna Kong, Stephana Pecher Proficiency Standing: 75°7o and over, up to and including Grade 13 Grade IIG - Ashwina Bijoor, Ellen Bruce, LeeAnne Burkhart, Katie Chao, Charlotte Elder, Christine McGregor, Monique Hanrath, Gillian Hewitt, Nicole Jackson, Inka Pauls, Kirsten Podeschwik Grade 11 H - Kirsten Bruchhaeuser, Fiona Doetsch, Vicky Grossmann-Hensel, Chase Harris, Carol Hodgson, Nicole Knowlton, Roxane Proulx, Julie Waterhouse, Vivienne Yu, Julie Kang, Anja Miller Gradel2 - Stephanie Bartlett, Andrea Bruchhaeuser, JoAnn Daniels, Shelly Dattani, Charu Gupta, Paula Jardine, Judy Korecky, Milena Sigmund, Resa Solomon Grade 13D - Leilani Farha, Nicola Grainger, Sandra Halladjian, Valerie Sumner Grade 13M - Jane Basinski, Elisa Campbell, Tasha Carrothers, Diane Drouin, Monique Dull, Christine Jodoin, Julie Larouche, Catherine Lougheed, Annabelle Mandy, Nicola Maule, Tara Moonje, Andrea Sheridan, Anna Sherwood, Jane Uygur, Janet Walker, Krista Wedekamm, Susan Westley, Maria Zoubek JUNIOR SCHOOL 5-8 English - Elizabeth Drent Creativity - Alison Whitney Bernadette Sheppard Prixe for Drama - Ines Scepanovic Music - Patricia Harewood Art - Barbara Savage Math and Computer Science - Catherine Richardson MacDonald Cup for Math for Effort and Progress - Charlotte Truelson Science - Jill Pearse Social Sciences - Gillian Siebrasse Etudes Sociales - Monica Kirchhoff French Grade 5-6 - Zoe Stikeman Grade 7-8 - Maya Chaly Latin - Strachan McCarthv Schultz Prize for Effort - Molly Tepper Prize for Progress - Catriona Stuart Bell Junior Choir Prize - Rene Foy LAIDLER CUP - Josee Roy SOUTHAM CUP - Strachan McCarthy SPORTS AWARDS Fauquier Junior Cup for Sportsmanship - Patricia Reilly Crowdy-Weir Bantam Sports Cup - Strachan McCarthy Dunlop Intermediate Sports Cup - S hawn Belton Wilson Senior Sports Cup - Diane Drouin Green Form Drill Cup -Grade 13 Outstanding Athletic Performance - Diane Drouin 114 Physical Education Gold Medal - Valerie Sumner Maynard Sportsmanship Cup - Jane Uygur Inter House Sports Day Cup - Fry INI bKMbUlA 1 1 SCHOOL - OKAUbb 9 10 Rothwell Prize tor English - Alysia Davies French - Lisa Rambert Math - Susannah Kong Geography - Alexa Holmes History - Tara Morrison Science - Dilsheesh Purewal Latin Grade 9-12 - Shannon Robinson Typing Prize - Hester Grodde Choir Prize (9-13) - Tracey Solomon GRADES 11-12 English - Julie Waterhouse Fiona Doetsch Carolyn Strauss Cup for Poetry - Anja Miller French - Stephanie Bartlett Social Studies (World Politics History) - Vicky Grossmann-Hensel Art - Saree Ghosh Math - Charu Gupta Music - Nicole Knowlton Business - Ashwina Bijoor Computer Studies - Pamela Horne German (9-12) - Fiona Doetsch Spanish (9-12) - Stephanie Bartlett Harvard Book Prize - Paula Jardine LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR ' S MEDAL FOR HIGHEST ACHIEVEMENT IN GRADE 12 - Charu Gupta GRADE 13 English - Monique Dull French - A. Mandy Julie Larouche Math - Janet Walker Chemistry(12-13) - Jane Uygur Physics (1 1-13) - Monique Dull Biology(ll-13) - Catherine Lougheed Ottawa Women ' s Canadian Club Prize for Science - Susan Westley Social Studies - Anna Sherwood (special mention Andrea Sheridan) Latin - Julie Waterhouse Harwood-Jones Cup for Classics - Leilani Farha McKee Fine Arts Cup - Jodie Pullen Whittwill History Prize - Janet Walker Headmistress ' s Prize - Krista Wedekamm Tasha Carrothers Homer Thomas Prize - Nicola Grainger Elise Braithwaite Scholarship - Rachel Soar Jadwiga Basinski (Arts) - Paula Jardine Jadwiga Basinski (Science) - Charu Gupta GOVERNOR GENERAL ' S MEDAL FOR THE HIGHEST PROFICIENCY IN GRADE 13 - Janet Walker Old Girls House Motto Prize - Keller - Nicole Knowlton House Heads Awards Fry - Valerie Sumner Keller - Jodie Pullen Nightingale - Annabelle Mandy Wilson - Tara Moonje Graham Form Trophy - Grade 8M - Teena Mehta All-Round Contribution to School Life - Laila Lalani Headmis tress ' Prize for Independent Endeavour - Nila Varan Ewing Cup for Character - Monique Dull PHILPOT TOKEN - Jane Uygur SUMMA SUMMARUM - Diane Drniiin 115 DIRECTORY INAIVlt. Addison, Catherine Q o 007 1QQ 1 Addison, Stephanie c J o3 -4iSy4 Alghamdi, Eiman Ali Z3o-j J J J Alyea, Heather Q O 1 in (53Z-13UJ Al-Zand, Alia 1 jD3-Uo4 Ambridge, Samantha Q 77Q AO ll Zo-0Z4 J Anthony, Anne Marie 1 T 13 CQ7 1 one Aronson, Jennifer c O 3 1 -o3Uo Atack, Jennifer Q O 7 7 7 1 CO Zj -Zl o? Bade, Alexandra A 4 7-37 lirc7 3 -40j Bahubeshi, Manal Q O CQ7 QriQ7 Bahubeshi, Mayada A CQ7 QAQ7 Barber, Sheila 1 C lU 070 3071 Barr, Linda Q O 711 c 3 1 -01 JO Bartlett, Stephanie 1 0 CQ7 CQ07 Basinski, Jane 1 " 3 070 Q-3 ;i oZiS-y301 Baylin, Lisa 1 4o-3330 Beaubien, Claire Q o Z34-4j3 1 Beaubien, Suzanne o Z34-4j3 i Beaufort, Camille Q y 3 l-Zoyl dcii, Katie 44-OOoU Belton, Shawn 1 ( 7 lA AAOn 40-OOZU oeiirdn, iauuia Q O Bernstein, Jasmine c J 711 71 HA 1 J V- 1 i uo OlCUCi , wdVlil -I J 7A4 S07S DlJUUI, .rtbliWIllCl 1 74 ;-89fifi HU OZOU Dlald, JCIIIUICI 1 0 770 QAQQ Zo-oOoo Bodkin, Amy 1 " 3 770 C0 7 Boushey, Caroline O C7Z ' 1 Q7C jZO- J 0 o BousQuet, Elizabeth c J 711 07C Z33-0ZOJ BousQuet, George A 4 711 C70 BousQuet, Mary z 711 C7C Z33-8ZOJ BousQuet, Stephanie Q 711 C70 Z33-OZOJ Brisson, Caroline 7 77A ifnf . Brodie, Elanor 71 7A 1 Z34-Z0j3 Brown, Zandra 1 1 1 1 lA 1 nno 1 4 1 -UUZ 1 Bruce, Ellen 1 1 1 1 717 77 ;c Z3Z- ZOj Bruchhaueser, Andrea 1 1 711 OnO Bruchhaueser, Kirstin 1 1 I 1 711 sono ourKnari, rioiiy 0 44-uuuo Burkhart, Lee Ann 1 1 1 1 lAA nnnfi Callan-Jones, Christine 1 7 lQ A71 1 4y-0Z3 1 Cameron, Amy Q O 7 1 A A1 40-4 II Cameron, Susanna o 77 ; Cf 1 ZZo-jUI J Campbell, Elisa 1 1 nAlL 11AQ 4o-33yy Campbell, Susan 1 oZ4-4joo Carpenter, Nicola Q y 070 177c oZo-1 Zj Carroll-Foster, Katrina Q 711 4 ; 10 J 1 - ' +0 J y Carrothers, Tasha 7in 4 ' 34.S Cassie, Joanna 1 1 77A 7C7C ZZO-ZoZtS Castell, Eve IvJ 7 1 7 7n 4j-Zj U Castell, Lucy 7 ic 7C7n 4j-Zj U Catterill, Alexandra 1 3 1 D ' in 174 ZjU-1 Chaly, Betsy Q 07 1 Q On Chaly, Maya iSZ4-iSJ7U L nao, Kane 1 1 1 1 7 1 1 711 Chao, Sandi 0 7 lid 711 Cimon, Genevieve Q y 711 41 Cf. V Iappcl LUIl, J Cooled 7 Z JO " 1 J J 7 Cole, Nicola 1 u Coleman, Jennifer 1 n lU 01 1 701 ft Zj4- y I 0 Corrin, Natasha 0 71 C Qfi7C V UUl Ull, JUllC Q y t J J Z U J Crate, Leslie 6 235-8100 Culley, Odelia 6 824-8152 Daniels, JoAnn 12 521-3775 Datlani, Shelita 12 726-1392 Davies, Alysia 9 232-4636 Dawood, Christine 8 744-7120 ADDRESS 66 Centrepark Dr., Glouc, KIB 3C1 66 Centrepark Dr., Glouc, KIB 3C1 99 Bank St., Ottawa, KIP 6B9 R.R. 1, Dunrobin, KOA ITO 28 Sunset Blvd., Ottawa, KIS 3G9 81 MacFarlane Ave., Ottawa, KlY 1M6 50 Rutherford Way, Kanata, K2K 1N4 15 Royal Hunt Crt., Ottawa, Kl V 9L9 R.R. 3, Almonte, KOA lAO 1292 Chattaway Ave., Ottawa, KIH 7S4 8 Curran St., Kanata, K2L 2R1 8 Curran St., Kanata, K2L 2R1 14 Parkfield Cres., Nepean, K2G 0R8 804 Colson Ave., Ottawa, KIG 1R7 56 Nanook Court, Kanata, K2L 2B1 25 Whitburn Cres., Nepean, K2H 5K5 218 Coltrin Rd., Ottawa, KIM 0A6 3 Bower St., Ottawa, KIS 0J9 3 Bower St., Ottawa, K1S0J9 633 Bathurst Ave., Ottawa, KIG 0X7 809 Eastbourne Ave., Ottawa, KIK 0H8 2002 Glenfern Ave., Glouc, Kl J 6G8 53 Amberly Place, Glouc, Kl J 7J9 1 Boone Cres., Ottawa, KIV 9N5 17 Lambton Rd., Ottawa, KIM 0Z6 15 Swans Way, Glouc, Kl J 8W7 496 Westminster Ave., Ott., K2A 2V1 2087 Knightsbridge Rd., Ott., K2A ORl 1874 Camborne Cres., Ott., KIH 7B7 259 Clemow Ave., Ott., KIS 2B5 259 Clemow Ave., Ott., KIS 2B5 259 Clemow Ave., Ott., KIS 2B5 259 Clemow Ave., Ott., KIS 2B5 337 Riel Blvd., Hull, Que., J8Z IBl 22 - 290 Cathcart Lane, Ott., KIN 5C4 720 Carson ' s Rd., Ott., KIK 2H3 178 Fourth Ave., Ott., KIS 2L6 107 Gillespie Cr., Ottawa, KIV OMl 107 Gillespie Cr., Ottawa, KIV OMl 334 Acacia Avenue, Ottawa, K1M0L9 334 Acacia Avenue, Ottawa, K1M0L9 1935 Mulberry Cres., Ott., Kl J 8J8 393 Maple Lane, Ottawa, KIM 1H7 39 Amberwood Cr. , Nepean, K2E 7C1 39 Amberley Place, Ottawa, Kl J 7J9 13 Burndale Rd., Glouc, KIB 3Y4 43 Riverbrook Rd., Nepean, K2H 7W7 123 Dorothea Dr., Ottawa, KIV 7C6 864 Echo Dr., Ottawa, KIS 5C5 17 Suffolk St., Ottawa, K2G 3P5 615 Gaines Dr., Glouc, Kl J 7W7 615 Gaines Dr., Glouc, Kl J 7W7 290 St. Patrick St., Ottawa, KIN 5K5 6329 Friargate, Orleans, KIC 1B3 6329 Friargate, Orleans, KIC 1B3 1307 Cedarcroft Cr., Glouc, KIB 5G9 1307 Cedarcroft Cr., Glouc, KIB 5G9 233 Fourth Ave., Ottawa, KIS 2L7 R.R. 2, Almonte, KOA 1 AO 39 Pineland Dr., Nepean, K2G 0E6 364 Third Ave., Ottawa, KIS 2K5 27 Powell Ave., Ottawa, KIS 1Z9 R.R. 1, Luskville, P.Q., JOX 2G0 64 Willard St., Ottawa, KIS 1T8 591 Apollo Way, Navan, K4A lAl 1317 Fontenay Cr. , Ottawa, K 1 V 7K5 17 Burnbrook Cr., Nepean, K2H 9A6 61 Second Ave., Ottawa, KIS 2H4 38 Davidson Cr., Glouc, Kl J 6M3 Information printed here for the convenience of the Elmwood community, and is not to be used for commercial purposes. Dawood, David 4 744-7120 Deacon, Jennifer 12 746-7316 Delapree, Frederique 1 237-2007 de Mercado, Anne 12 232-6564 Descarreaux, Josee 10 732-8943 Desprey, Donna 13 729-8530 Devlin, Katy 7 596-1806 Divorski, Staisey 1 523-5132 Dodge, Alexa 10 235-9427 Doetsch, Fiona 11 224-1470 Drent, Elizabeth 8 745-9893 Drouin, Diane 13 986-5067 Dryden-Cripton, Stephanie 7 741-0563 Dull, Monique 13 781-1892 Dunn, Amanda 7 770-9364 Dunn, Meghan 9 234-0259 Ediger, Julia 6 741-1223 Edmison, Libby 8 744-1310 Edwards, Vivienne 9 226-7972 Egan, Anik 8 748-3591 Elder, Charlotte 11 596-1274 Esrock, Nina 8 234-3011 Farha, Leilani 13 820-7809 Farrell, Marika 7 521-5317 Ferri, Devi 10 728-5545 Fincham, Rosemary 8 521-1317 Forrester, Alexia 7 745-4698 Fortier, Shauna 4 746-8602 Fournier, Anne Marie 1 1 741-4452 Fournier, Julia 12 741-4452 Foy, Renee 7 226-7865 Francis, Michelle 12 236-1712 Frederking, Karin 8 749-5815 Frederking, Sara 5 749-5815 Gandilo, Christina 5 226-5081 Gellman, Dana 9 729-0108 Ghonima, Brigitte 13 733-2846 Ghosh, Saree 1 1 829-7015 Gibbs, Stacey 9 722-4089 Gilbertson, Mary 7 741-1548 Gillan, Jamie 3 235-321 1 Given, Davina 4 749-6565 Goodman, Margaret 10 233-1797 Grainger, Nicola 13 741-1079 Gray, Krista 12 729-6569 Greenberg, Manya 8 770-2275 Greenwood, Caroline 7 731-1036 Grodde, Hester 8 744-1841 Grossmann-Hensel, Vicky 1 1 741-7343 Gundy, Juliette 3 741-6146 Gupta, Charu 12 230-7094 Halladjian, Sandra 13 825-0660 Hamilton, Benjamin 4 744-5401 Hanbury, Cathy 9 727-9836 Hankey, Nicola 8 235-0150 Hanrath, Monique 11 749-2275 Hardie, Catriona 7 225-8864 Harewood, Patricia 7 224-0527 Harris, Chase 1 1 839-3334 Harrison, Charlotte 5 231-6627 Harwood, Lee Ann 8 746-9316 Haydon, Elizabeth 8 226-5240 Hayes, Louise 10 825-4679 Heath, Erica 4 746-7388 Henderson, Julie 9 745-0610 Hewitt, Gillian 11 749-4538 Higgins, Suzanne 10 592-1007 Hill, Christina 5 234-2496 Hill, Suzan 3 741-8090 Hillary, Lori 8 737-9808 Hirji, Nazlin 7 746-4641 Hodges, Jimmy 4 833-2013 Hodgson, Carol 11 445-5605 38 Davidson Cr., Glouc, Kl J 6 M3 1 1 2 Acacia Ave. , Ottawa, K 1 M 0P9 1911 -420 Glouc, Ottawa, K1R7T7 165 LaurierE., Apt. 1, Ott., KIN 6N8 602 Rue des Pins, Amos, Que., J9T 3K4 432 Mansfield Ave., Ott., K2A 2S7 14 Stinson Ave., Nepean, K2H 6M9 2273 Prospect Ave., Ottawa, KIH 7G2 3 Monkland Ave., Ottawa, KIS 1 Y7 1610 Apeldoorn Ave., Ottawa, K2C 1V5 41 Dunvegan Rd., Ottawa, KIK 3G1 579 David St., Buckingham, J8L 2A8 227 Springfield Rd., Ottawa, KIM OLl 71 Glen Park Ave., Toronto, M6B 2C3 42 Acadie, Aylmer, Que., J9J 1H7 693B King Edward, Ottawa, KIN 7N9 20Crichton St., Ottawa, KIM 1V4 28 Belvedere Cres., Ott., KIM 2G4 5 Abitibi Cres., Nepean, K2G 4J7 25 Rockcliffe Way, Ottawa, K 1 M 1 B3 66 Bradford St., Ottawa, K2B 5Y8 209 Fourth Ave., Ottawa, KIS 2L7 2419 Rosewood Ave., Ottawa, K2B 7L3 1301 Pebble Rd., Ottawa, KIV 7R9 605 Parkdale Ave., Ottawa, KlY IJl 503 - 251 Bank St., Ottawa, K2P 1X3 389 Roxborough Ave., Ott., KIM 0R7 18 Middleton Dr., Ottawa, KIM 1B7 790 Dunloe Ave., Ottawa, KIK 0K4 790 Dunloe Ave. , Ottawa, K 1 K 0K4 109 Chartwell Ave., Nepean, K2G 4C6 347 Second Avenue, Ottawa, K 1 S 2 J 1 2030 Woodglen Cres. , Ottawa, K 1 J 6G4 2030 Woodglen Cres., Ottawa, Kl J 6G4 14 Tunbridge Crt., Nepean, K2E 7J8 476 Melbourne Ave. , Ottawa, K2A 1W3 2 Gavin St., Ottawa, KIV 9X4 995F Morrison Dr., Ottawa, K2H 7L1 310 Fairmont Ave., Ottawa, KlY 1Y8 6 Middleton Dr., Ottawa, KIM 1B8 33 Fifth Avenue, Ottawa, KIS 2M3 20Rideau Terrace, Ott., KIM 1Z9 92 Range Road, Ottawa, KIN 8J5 1962 Marquis Ave., Glouc, Kl J 8J4 2161 Lenester Ave., Ottawa, K2A 1L3 12 Algonquin, Aylmer, Que., J9J 1 A7 3331 Clearwater Cres., Ott., KIV 7S4 18 Maple Lane, Ottawa, KIM 1G7 40 MacNabb PL, Ottawa, KIL 8J4 12 Elmdale Ave., Ottawa, KIM 1 A4 404 McLeod St., Ottawa, K2P 1A6 47 Burnett ' s Grove Circle, Ott., K2J 1 R8 160 Blenaheim Dr., Ott., KIL 5B5 1 140 Field St., Ottawa, K2C 2P7 60 Queen Elizabeth Dr., Ott., K2P 1E3 150 Lakeway Dr., Ottawa, KIL 5B3 86 Beaver Ridge, Nepean, K2E 6E4 75 Birchview Rd., Nepean, K2G 3G3 22 Pineridge, Carp, KOA ILO 1857 Rideau Graden Dr., Ott., KIS 1G5 91 lA Elmsmere Rd., Glouc, Kl J 8G4 13 Deerlane Ave., Nepean, K2E 6W7 28 Phylis St., Nepean, K2J 1V2 1 6 Elmdale A ve. , Ottawa, K 1 M 1 A2 333 Manor Ave., Ottawa, K1M0H6 387 Blair Road, Glouc, Kl J 7M2 19RiopelleCrt., Kanata, K2K 1J2 47 Gilmour St., Ottawa, K2P ONI 641 Clancy St., Ottawa, Kl J 7V1 30 The Masters Drive, Ott. , K 1 V 9Y4 1 12 Montreal Rd., Ottawa, KIL 6E6 1375 Turner Cr., Orleans, KIE 2Y5 R.R. 3, Russell, KOA 3B0 Information printed here for the convenience of the Elmwood community, and is not to be used for commercial purposes. T T CC 1 A 1 Hoffenberg, Andrea 8 828-6992 Hogg, Jill 9 836-5959 Holbrook, Miranda 8 729-3000 Holmes, Alexa 9 746-5583 Home, Pamela 10 745-2004 Hyde, Stephanie 6 746-6398 Jackson, Nicole 1 1 523-8488 Jardine, Annette 10 596-0790 Jardine, Paula 12 596-0790 Jarrett, Connie 7 829-7253 Jeanjean, Catherine 9 738-0623 Jodoin, Christine 13 238-6629 Johnston, Jenny 13 225-7626 Kang, Julie 1 1 746-1625 Kang, Rosanne 10 746-1625 Kanigsberg, Lisa 8 746-6122 Keen, Rebecca 7 Kellett, Nicholas 4 225-5918 Kellett, Vicky 4 225-5918 Kirchhofi, Andre 4 225-2694 Kirchhoff, Monica 6 225-2694 Knowlton, Nicole 1 1 746-5006 Kong, Susanna 10 236-8773 Korecky, Judy 12 731-0925 Koutsovasilis, Tina 1 1 224-9986 Kowal, Jaime 2 731-6419 Kry, Peggy 9 729-0713 Kucey, Andrea 7 820-5109 Ladouceur, Alexander 3 235-1203 Ladouceur, Savannah 8 235-1203 Ladouceur, Tanya 10 627-3591 Lafferty, Alice 4 745-1688 Laforest, Sarah 13 744-6970 Lalani, Dilshad 9 737-1 124 Lalani, Laila 13 124 Lardner, Kim 3 837-7743 Larouche, Julie 13 829-9666 Lasserre, Masquel 2 Lawr, Kristen 1 1 A A A 744-6470 Lazare, Melanie 4 A A A rt 744-4022 Leblanc, Genevieve 8 n AIL 1 TAI 746-1701 Lee, Jane 5 233-8531 Lindquist, Helena 8 O O C C 1 828-5512 Loo, Patricia 12 521-4036 Loo, Sandra 6 521-4036 Lougheed, Catherine 13 o3y-565o Lougheed, Jane 1 1 o39-565o Lyons, Sarah 4 741-8781 Macauley, Kathleen 8 233-5825 MacFarlane, Allison 9 731-2o22 MacPhee, Eileen 1 1 820-7921 Mageto, Elias 4 41-5145 Mahiga, Mikola 4 830-0721 Mahony, Christopher 4 737-4000 Maini, Indra 12 744-6844 Malek, bhaghig 5 778-8508 Malek, Vram 3 828-1305 Manchevsky, Jacqueline 11 230-5583 Mandy, Annabelle 13 746-3186 Mandy, Antoine 4 746-3186 Marett, Amy 2 824-5279 Marr, Leiko 8 745-0168 Marshall, Judy 10 224-2823 Maser, Esther 8 729-0612 Mason Samantha 1 233-2236 Maule, Nicola 1 " 3 Vi 41-2923 Mazanji, Marty 6 488-2520 Mazanji, Zsolt 4 .100 OA 488-2520 Mehta, Jeane 6 825-4392 Mehta, Teena 8 825-4392 Miller, Anja 1 1 40-Ujo1 Millington, Claire 7 776-3774 Mimesh, Samara 8 727-0819 13 Glendenning Dr., Nepean, K2H 7Z1 R.R. 3,Carp, KOAILO 116 Byron Ave., Ottawa, KlY 3J2 26 Belvedere Cres., Ottawa, KIM 2G4 19 Mark Avenue, Ottawa, KIL 6A6 102 Park Road, Ottawa, KIH 0C2 339 Mountbatten Ave., Ott. KIH 5W2 14-C Arnold Dr., Nepean, K2H 6V9 14-C Arnold Drive, Nepean, K2H 6V9 936 Winnington Ave., Ott., K2B 5C7 447 Crestview Rd., Ottawa, KIH 5G7 302 - 373 Laurier Ave., Ott. KIN 8X6 2097 Navaho Dr., Ott., K2C 0V3 4 Swans Way, Glouc, Kl J 6J1 4 Swans Way, Glouc. , K 1 J 6J 1 252 McClellan Rd., Nepean, K2H 7W9 70 Melville Dr., Nepean, K2J 2E1 311 KintyrePriv.,Ott.,K2C 3M6 3 1 1 Kintyre Priv. , Ott. , K2C 3M6 1 144 Castle Hill Cres., Ott., K2C 2A8 1 144 Castle Hill Cres., Ott., K2C 2A8 20 Maple Lane, Ottawa, KIM 1G8 415 Rideau St., Ott., KIN 5Y9 439 Crestview Rd., Ottawa, KIH 5G7 1640 Ortona Ave., Ottawa, K2C 1W5 3101 Quesnel Dr., Ottawa, KIV 7E7 1 45 Northwestern Ave. , Ott. , K 1 Y OM 1 45 Aleutian Rd., Nepean, K2H 7C7 258 Clemow Ave., Ottawa, KIS 2B6 258 Clemow Ave., Ottawa, KIS 286 88 Ketchen St., Temiscaming,JOZ 3R0 72 Buena Vista Rd., Ott., KIM 0V3 170 Minto Place, Ott., KIM 0B7 24 Bennett St., Ottawa, KIV 9L2 24 Bennett St., Ottawa, KIV 9L2 52 Beechmont Cres., Glouc, KIB 4A8 13 Maplehurst, Ottawa, K2H 5 A3 35 - 3205 Uplands Dr., Ottawa, KIV 9T4 176 - 21 1 1 Montreal Rd., Ott., Kl J 8M8 70 Pond St., Ottawa, KIL 8J3 34 Union St., Ottawa, KIM 1R4 232 Queen EHzabeth Dr., Ott., KIS 3M4 14 Glenbrook Way, Nepean, K2G 0V2 2326 Wyndale Cres., Ottawa, KIH 7A6 2326 Wyndale Cres., Ottawa, KIH 7A6 R.R. 1, Kanata, K2K 1X7 R.R. 1, Kanata, K2K 1X7 30 Birch Ave., Ottawa, KIK 3G6 206 Blemont Ave., Ott., KIS OWl 2467 Wyndale Cres., Ott., KIH 8J3 2455 Rosewood Ave. , Ott. , K2B 7LS 321 Lakeway Dr., Ott., KIL 5A9 6275 Sundown Cr., Orleans, KIC 1C6 200 - 38 Owl Dr., Ottawa, Kl V 9P7 636 Glenhurst Cres., Ott., Kl J 7B7 29 Athol Doune, Aylmer, Que., 9J9 1B2 29 Athol Doune, Aylmer, Que., 9J9 1B2 54 Par k Ave., Ottawa, K2P 1B2 665 Bathgate Dr., Ott., KIK 3Y4 665 Bathgate Dr., Ott., KIK 3Y4 60 Beechmont Cres., Ott., KIB 4A8 1706 - 641 Bathgate Dr., Ott., KIK 3Y3 4 Elmbank Cres., Ottawa, K2G 3P6 601 Westview Ave., Ottawa, KIZ 6E2 259 First Ave., Ottawa, KIS 2G5 14 Bedford Cres., Ottawa, KIK 0E4 R.R. 1, Hammond, KOA 2A0 R.R. 1, Hammond, KOA 2A0 1487 Cyrville Rd., Glouc, KIB 3L7 1487 Cyrville Rd., Glouc, KIB 3L7 100 Carleton St., Ott., KIM 0G7 10 Saguenay Dr., Aylmer, Que., J9J 1 A5 57 Farmgate, Nepean, K2E 7N3 Information printed here for the convenience of the Elmwood community, and is not to be used for commercial purposes. Mintsioulis, Alexis 1 745-7005 Mintsioulis, Stephen 4 745-7005 Mirsky, Jenny 8 741-8967 Mishra, Anjali 1 59 4-0108 Mitchell, Christopher 1 749-8048 Mitchell, Wendy 12 722-8151 Molson, Jenny 8 731-0141 Montero, Kim 13 224-3846 Moonje, Tara 13 230-8312 Moore, Jonathan 3 731-5947 Morris, Emily 2 741-9686 Morrison, Michelle 11 778-1972 Morrison, Tara 10 UNLISTED Murphy, Deedee 12 233-3867 Murray, Virginia 8 729-8149 McCansh, Duncan 2 824-8521 McCarthy, Strachan 8 745-6828 McElligott, Nadya 9 746-663 1 McFarlane, Micheline 11 727-5022 McGregor, Christine 11 741-5324 McGregor, Robert 4 741-5324 McKenzie, Lynne 12 745-3839 McKnight, Stephanie 7 729-3739 McLachlan, Lucy 8 749-2538 McLeod, Stephanie 9 749-4346 McManus, Colleen 2 822-0274 Nelms, Christine 1 722-0361 Nelson, Meredith 7 741-1632 Niles, Mary 8 238-5335 O ' Brien, Erin 9 UNLISTED O ' Neill, Jennifer 7 830-5704 Otupiri, Akua 5 825-0285 Ouimet, Samantha 6 825-5226 Pauls, Inka 11 521-7506 Pearse, Jill 7 835-2460 Pecher, Stefana 10 741-5090 Pettengell, Zoe 8 824-8286 Pilkington, Michael 3 821-2625 Podeschwik, Kirstin 11 837-4492 Pope, Jennifer 8 521-7307 Pound, Megan 7 749-4023 Price, Pamela 9 745-2982 Price, Stephanie 8 745-2982 Proulx, Roxane 11 UNLISTED Pullen, Jodie 13 224-4174 Purewal, Dilsheesh 10 748-7450 Quevillon, Melanie 7 824-0805 Rambert, Lisa 9 749-9712 Ratcliffe, Katharine 8 746-3285 Reilly, Patricia 8 741-4857 Richardson, Catherine 7 824-3599 Richardson, Chantal 13 592-1628 Richardson, Harriet 13 748-1109 Rickerd, Julie 10 749-3619 Riddell, Vanessa 8 746-3768 Riff, Michelle 8 744-2042 Riff, Shena 10 744-2042 Robinson, Shannon 9 521-4402 Ross, Kimberly 7 746-0358 Ross, Megan 4 722-8912 Rowlands, Vicky 6 729-5558 Roy, Josee 8 748-7881 Rudolph, Ricarda 7 830-3652 Ruparelia, Raju 4 692-3630 Rupprecht, Melanie 8 744-6172 Ryan, Kenne 9 746-0174 Saryeddine, Tina 6 521-1216 Sauvageau, Marie-Laure 5 827-1721 Savage, Barbara 7 225-5457 Scepanovic, Ines 5 745-5729 Schioler, Tegan 10 746-223 1 Schmidt, Alison 12 741-1324 Schreiber, Nyree 5 731-1083 344 Manor Ave., Ottawa, KIM 0H8 344 Manor Ave., Ottawa, KIM 0H8 38 Crichton St., Ottawa, KIM 1V4 1 1 - 60 Greenfield Ave., Ott., KIS 0X7 16 Scova Cres., Nepean, V2J 1K3 404 - 2019 Carling Ave., Ott., K2A 4A2 429 Billings Ave., Ott., KIH 5L5 1905 Garfield Ave., Ott., K2C 0W6 91-B Fourth Ave., Ott., KIS 2L1 1534 Weyburn St., Ott., KIG OY5 lOElmdale Ave., Ott., KIM 1A4 79 Brouage, Aylmer, Que., J9J 1 J5 21 St. Malo, Aylmer, Que., J9J 1J6 1-211 Florence St., Ottawa, KIR 5N5 369 Athlone Ave., Ottawa, KIZ 5M3 1050 Chateau Cres., Orleans, KIC 2E1 753 Lonsdale, Ottawa, KIK 0J9 66 Rothwell Dr., Glouc, KIJ 7G6 1957 Highway 16, Ottawa, K2C 3J7 1842 Burfield Ave., Ottawa, KIJ 6T1 1842 Burfield Ave., Ottawa, KIJ 6T1 2022 Kingsgrove Cres., Glouc, Kl J 7Z1 214 Beech St., Ottawa, KlY 3T5 642 Gaines Dr., Glouc, KIJ 7W6 2 Burrows Road, Glouc, KIJ 6E6 R.R. 1, Carslbad Springs, KOA IKO 280 Sherwood Dr., Ottawa, KlY 3W4 280 Park Road, Ottawa, KIM OEl 100 Wellington St., Ottawa, KIP 5T1 286 Bruyere St., Ottawa, KIN 5E6 1614 Proulx Dr., Navan, K4A 1B2 21 Spring Cress Dr., Nepean, K2H 7V2 47 Teevens Dr., Nepean, K2J 2E3 18 Pattermead Cr., Ottawa, Kl V 0G2 R.R. 3, Navan, KOA 2S0 27 Amberley Place, Glouc, KIJ 7J9 64 Bearbrook Rd., Glouc, KIB 3E2 R.R, 2, Greely, KOA IZO 1 5 Wedgewood Cres. , Glouc. , K 1 B 4B5 2158 Beaumont Rd., Ottawa, KIH 5V3 1 RockcliffeWay, Ottawa, KIM 1B2 30 Westward Way, Ottawa, KIL 5A7 30 Westward Way, Ottawa, KIL 5A7 312 - 641 Bathgate Dr., Ottawa, KIK 3Y3 42 Parkglen Dr., Nepean, K2G 3G8 25 Blue Heron Crt., Ottawa, KIL 8J7 6162 Voyageur Dr., Orleans, KIC 2W3 24 Robin Cres., Glouc, Kl J 6J4 2032 Glenfern Ave., Glouc, Kl J 6G8 54 Crichton St., Ottawa, KIM 1 V7 891 Beauclaire Dr., Glouc, KIC 2J5 272 Equestrian Dr., Kanata, K2M 1C5 495 Lansdowne Rd. N., Ott., KIM OYl 594 Duff Cres., Glouc, K1J7C5 45 Noel St., Ottawa, KIM 2A4 40 Davidson Dr., Glouc, KIJ 8V5 40 Davidson Dr., Glouc, Kl J 8V5 1324 Fernwood Dr., Ottawa, Kl V 7J9 1946 Naskapi Dr., Glouc, KIJ 8K3 146 Sherwood Dr., Ottawa, KlY 3U4 204 Latchford Rd., Ottawa, KIZ 5W2 2 - 307 Montfort St., Vanier, KIL 5N7 69 Beechmont Cr., Glouc, KIB 4A7 Box 682, Manotick, KOA 2N0 115 Lansdowne Rd. S., Ott., KIM 0N5 407 Wood Avenue, Ottawa, KIM 1 J8 34 Pattermead Cres., Ott., KIV 0G2 Chemin Prudhomme, Cantley, JOX ILO 147 McGillivray St., Ottawa, KIS 1K5 230 Romulus, Ottawa, KIK 3Y2 9-125 Springfield Rd., Ott., KIM 1C5 633 Gaines Dr., Glouc, KIJ 7W7 2391 Jefferson St., Ottawa, KIH 7A2 Information printed here for the convenience of the Elmwood community, and is not to be used for commercial purposes. Scott, Heather 13 226-5061 Scott, Kathleen 7 729-5395 Scott, Maureen 4 749-9294 Scott, Suzanne 10 744-1139 Scuby, Joshua 3 821-3209 Scuby, Matthew 1 821-3209 Senechal, Ingrid 9 829-0381 Sheiner, Robin 7 594-3759 Sheridan, Andrea 13 822-2807 Sherwood, Anna 13 741-6707 Shipley, Martha 9 594-0824 Shoemaker, Victoria 7 749-3369 Siebrasse, Gillian 8 232-0734 Sigmund, Milena 12 737-4433 Skinner, Anthony 3 827-3385 Smellie, Sylvia 4 741-2396 Smith, Leanne 6 731-9993 Smith, Suzy 11 283-5161 Soar, Rachel 12 729-3458 Solomon, Martha 8 235-5315 Solomon, Resa 12 225-9020 Solomon, Tracey 9 225-9020 Spence, Jacqueline 6 230-1257 Stabrun, Anne 9 748-0478 Stabrun, Ingvild 3 748-0478 Stalter, Elaine 10 226-3920 Staruch, Peggy 13 828-8790 Steacy, Elizabeth 10 592-0963 Stevens, Alexandra 10 746-1670 Stikeman, Zoe 6 749-2702 Stuart-Bell, Catrione 6 746-3712 Sumner, Amanda 4 728-5026 Sumner, Valerie 13 820-4546 Suttlerlin, Nancy 10 727-1106 Tan, Lin 6 594-0079 Tapping, Samantha 4 UNLISTED Tepper, Molly 7 225-8076 Terroux, Kathleen 5 238-4895 Thacker, Leigh 9 741-4200 Thawer, Habiba 9 741-6260 Thompson, Hillary 3 744-4268 Tickle, Jessica 10 744-4005 Tickle, Rebecca 8 744-4005 Tobiassen, Haakon 4 722-9704 Tobiassen, Sjur 3 722-9704 Tomlin, Paula 10 237-1481 Toth, Barbara 12 745-9372 Truelsen, Charlotte 5 741-5544 Turner, Tania 10 684-5170 Uygur, Jane 13 592-6592 Van Allen, Tracey 9 749-4339 Van Den Ham, Angela 5 833-2047 Varan, Nila 10 741-1607 Vezina, Roxane 7 744-3626 Vierhaus, Lauren 3 744-0798 Von Wendt, Alexa 8 827-1101 Walker, Janet 13 748-0005 Walker, Susan 12 684-4850 Wallace, Una 8 733-8211 Warmington, Dana 13 836-5161 Waterhouse, Julie 11 UNLISTED Westley, Susan 13 832-2378 Westman, Erika 7 824-3866 White, Katherine 5 746-0826 Whitla, Elizabeth 12 737-4216 Whitney, Allison 6 256-2081 Wilkinson, Robin 2 741-9508 Wilson, Holly 8 233-3598 Wooles, Susan 7 723-0853 Yang, Josephine 7 733-8260 Young, Mary 6 745-9976 Yu, Vivian 11 830-4466 Zoubek, Maria 13 232-9703 19 Lacewood Crt., Nepean, K2E 7E2 481 Island Park Dr., Ottawa, KlY 0B2 42 Farnham Cres., Ottawa, KIK 0G2 243 Tudor Place, Vanier, KIL 7Y1 6568 Princiotta St. , Osgoode, KOA 2W0 6568 Princiotta St., Osgoode, KOA 2W0 44 Grady Cres., Ottawa, K2H 5S1 355B Elgin St., Ottawa, K2P 1M7 48 Ryeburn Dr., Glouc, KIG 3N3 48 Kilbarry Cres., Ott., KIK OHl 26 - 30 Montcalm St., Ott., KIS 0A3 61 Kilbarry Cres., Ott., KIK OH2 200 Powell Ave., Ott., KIS 2A5 1819 Arizona Ave. , Ott. , K 1 H 6Z4 138 Edgewood, Aylmer, Que., K9H 5E1 786 Dunloe Ave., Ott., KIK 0K4 2056 Chalmers Rd., Ottawa KIH 6K5 65 Chambers St., Smiths Falls, K7A 2Y5 208 - 727 Richmond Rd., Ott., K2A 0G6 1 17 St. Andrew St., Ott., KIN 5G1 120 Nestow Dr., Nepean, K2G 4L8 120 Nestow Dr., Nepean, K2G 4L8 64 Glebe Ave. , Ottawa, K 1 S 2C3 54 Park Rd., Ottawa, KIM 0B9 54 Park Rd., Ottawa, KIM 0B9 523 East Orkney Priv., Ott., K2C 3M7 2729 Baylin Ave., Ottawa, K2H 6Y7 19 Selye Cres., Kanata, K2K 1C8 193 McKay St., Ottawa, KIM 2B5 10 Kilbarry Cres., Ottawa, KIK 0G7 137 Howick St., Ottawa, KIM 0G9 303 Island Park Dr., Ott., KlY 0A6 2 Aleutian Rd., Nepean, K2H 7C8 21 Avonlea Rd., Nepean, K2G 0J4 16 - 1 10 Havelock St., Ott., KIS 5L3 61 Oval Dr., Aylmer, Que., J9H 1V4 36 Inverness St., Nepean, K2E 6N7 15 Linden Terr., Ott., KIS IZl 14 - 39 Putman Ave., Ott., KIM IZl 319 Rideau St., Ottawa, KIN 5Y4 415 Wood Ave., Ottawa, KIM 1 J8 21 1 Acacia Ave., Ottawa, KIM 0L8 21 1 Acacia Ave., Ottawa, KIM 0L8 142 Sherwood Drive, Ottawa, KlY 3V4 142 Sherwood Drive, Ottawa, KlY 3V4 11 Monkland Ave., Ottawa, KIS 1Y7 275 Mariposa Ave., Ottawa, K1M0T4 175 Juliana Rd., Ottawa, KIM 1 J2 107 Anna St., Aylmer, Que., J9H 2N9 29 Banting Way, Kanata, K2K 1P7 397 Spartan Ave., Ottawa, KIK 1 J6 R.R. 1, Cumberland, KOA ISO 26 DeLong Drive, Glouc, Kl J 8H4 737 Manor Ave. , Ottawa, K 1 M 0E4 15 Sussex Dr., Ottawa, KIM IM8 R.R. 1, Cantley, Que., JOX ILO 601 - 200 Rideau Terrace, Ott., KIM 0Z3 62 Lake St., Aylmer, Que., J9H 4B5 1845 Camborne Cres., Ott., KIH 7B6 81 Melanie Cres., Kanata, K2L 2E4 41 Cortleigh Dr., Nepean, K2C 3H1 R.R. 1, Dunrobin, KOA ITO 16 Parklane Crt., Ott., KIB 3H2 231 Buena Vista Rd., Ott., KIM 0V8 1730 Rhodes Cres., Ott., KIH 5T2 R.R. 2, Carp, KOA ILO 4771 Massey Lane, Glouc, KIJ 8W8 539 Besserer St., Ottawa, Kl V 6C6 5 Denewood Cres., Nepean, K2E 7G4 94 Country Club Dr., Ott., Kl V 9Y7 386 Ashbury Rd., Ott., KIM 0R8 6075 Meadowglen Dr., Glouc, KIC 3N5 374 Second Ave., Ottawa, KIS 2J4 Information printed here is for the convenience of the Elmwood community, and is not to be used for commercial purposes. res were simulated by the students and should be only taken as such. PATRONS A.C. SHIRLEY CARTER MR. MRS. PAUL DEACON DR. MRS. K. H. DOETSCH MRS. M.S. GUNDY SHEILA M. HEACOCK MRS. HEWITT PETER SUZANNE KNOWLTON ELIZABETH M. LLOYD MRS. ELLIE MACDONALD MRS. G. MANDICA MICHAEL SARAH MCCABE VERNA McClelland PENNY MONTEITH M. etMME DENIS SABOURIN JAN MILENASIGMUND MARK WHITWILL MOTHERS ' GUILD NAME CHANGE The Elmwood Guild has changed its name from the Mothers ' Guild in order to encourage participation in Guild activities by all relatives of Elmwood students. PURPOSE To assist the school wherever possible and to raise funds for the general benefit of the students and the school. Over the past year, the Guild has donated over $15,000, allocated to all departments of the school ' s academic and sports programmes. Included among the purchases, are visual and teaching aids for the social sciences, physical sciences, mathematics and languages. Computer software, electronic equipment, sports uniforms and equipment, and musical instruments have all been bought for the students to use. The Guild also provided the runner-up prize for the Grade 9 Entrance Scholarship and the merit pins and spoons for academic achievement. Major fund raising, such as for the Building Project is left in the capable hands of the Board of Governors and the Development Officer. MEMBERSHIP Any relative of an Elmwood student may be a member of the Guild with an annual payment of $10 which helps to defray the expenses of the social occasions. There are 19 positions available on the Executive which is chosen at the annual general meeting held in May. ACTIVITIES The Super Sale and Raffle is the major fund raiser of the year. In April, 1986, we raised $11,000 from donated clothing, " treasures " plants, books and baked goods, all donated by the Elmwood community. Thank you to everyone who helped us at the event, and with donations. The Uniform Shop offers their services to the students every Tuesday afternoon from 3-5pm during the school year, and has sales of available new and used uniform items at the end of the school year and in early September. Coats, kilts, tunics and blazers are accepted for sale on a consignment basis. New gym wear and most used uniform items are available (when the shipments arrive as requested). All profits from the Uniform shop are used by the Guild for the benefit of the students. SOCIAL EVENTS The Fall Welcoming Party for parents of new students included Wine and Cheese tasting this year. Upcoming events for the 1986-87 should include an International Buffet for all parents and a Fun Day with games for the students. SINCERE THANKS The following names donated prizes for the Raffle this year: Dr. and Mrs. C. Maule, Dante Interiors, Mrs. R. H. Sumner, Mimi Cabri, Wallacks Art Supplies, O ' Toole ' s Roadhouse, Mrs. M. Mills, the New Zealand High Commission, Earl Bullis, Ltd., Granny ' s Trunk and Gift Shop, Silken Blossoms, Mrs. P. Robinson, and Air Canada. 123 EDITOR ' S NOTE The time has come when I can no longer put off writing my editorial. The boxes are set as the last page is finally ready to be sent out. It is now time to try to convey the hard work of this " history " book and to thank all those that made it possible (without any nervous breakdowns). " Samara " - now the most common household word in my family - has become part of me. How could a job and responsibility that took so much of our time, patience and creative " sweat " not? Samara meetings every Tuesday, Thursday and frequent Sundays have certainly become part of us all. Samara should be a yearbook that captures moments which have made the year unique. We hope we have successfully saved those moments, so that years from now Samara ' 86 will help you to recollect your personal experiences at Elm- wood. Too often the production of Samara is taken for granted. It is not until you make that dedicated decision to join the committee that one realizes the great amount of work, patience, and time required just in the production of a single page. Sorting through 3-R lay-out sheets, copy sheets, pica margins, copy keys, rapid copies and many other materials is enough to cause mass-hysteria to the com- mittee. After two years of experience these forms have for me become a mother tongue that provoke more emotion than any other words in the English language. This year ' s book has come out with several changes. We have pursued the undergrad section with a new approach, and added a " SOCIAL " section to emphasize Elmwood ' s extensive activities in Ottawa and out of the city. Elmwood is constantly changing and we found it important to keep up with a changing Samara. This being the first year where there was no financial assistance asked from the classes, it became more difficult to balance our budget. But once again, we took on the " back-aching " frustrations of oranges and grapefruits and in addition little Christmas ornaments. This was a great boost to our bank account which also provided 8 full colour pages and a hard cover. Special thanks to all of you who supported us through the selling and purchasing of fruit and ornaments. Many thanks also to the Mother ' s Guild, Alumnae, other advertisers and patrons who helped us raise the money for this costly venture. Many thanks go to my committee and mainly Paula who has loyally " stuck with it " for two years now. A particularly special thanks to Jennifer - our record holder of 15 candids per page - for her incredible devotion and willingness to help out at any time. And of course to Mr. McCabe for his patience, advice, help and support. Thanks to photographers and the office staff for loaning supplies and helping with identification without a word of complaint. Very grateful thanks to my family for sacrificing a dining table for numerous weekends to hold my " organized " mess. Good luck to next year ' s editor and committee. The work may seem endless but looking back at it when it ' s finally being all sent off you will realize that it is one of the most rewarding and learning experiences you have encountered. Milena Sigmund I c fi Editor njLvv ' t,.- .d| Supplier of School Uniforms Toronto, Ontario (416) 593-6900 ii«€Airrinr Em Mark Glawdecki Enterprises Ltd. m.g. natasport 14360 Gouin Blvd. W., Pierrefonds, Quebec. Canada H9H 1B1 Telephone: (514) 620 8700 ,» Contact Silk Screen TShirt Printing Service Fast, Clean Awards Prinltnq Crests Harvey Woods Custom Penmans Trophies Russel Athletic Ocean Pacific Team Bags CUSTOM 6t TEAM EQUIPMENT KWAY BARBARIAN TEASE ACTIVE KNIT ATHLETIC KNIT Majorette Uniforms Cheerleader Supplies Pennants Medallions Ribbons Wilson Cooper Rawlings Qued Jaytro Worth Riddell Bike - Jelenek Caps Hats Tuques Scarves Sweaters Sox Visors Shirts Towels SOCCER SPECIALISTS SWIM SHOP JOGGERS ' SHOP SPEEDO ARENA SPEED PLUS HINDWELLS )f the Retail Fur Council of Canada JANE MITCHELL ANTIQUES Royal Bank Building 90 Sparks St. Ottawa 230-6901 127 Mm ■or your su joryc -to dmUd PAIRONS " to OUT friends who 5umorl U5 in our Ordm s djidi GrOpcjridi jundrdidino campdijii -to sldff and siudails who support -with Ihtir submissiojis , criiidsTn dndLprdiso -ft Design interlocking : r cki wooden dec ks fer»ces 5oc(d na free est mato iVi 128 ■The Runge PkEss Limited- YOUR PARTNER IN QUALITY PRINTING AND TYPESETTING 129 J.C. THOMPSON J.M. BRULE, R.M. HARRIS R.E. KIGGINS, J.E. LIBBEY G.W. SCOTT, J.D. WRIGHT D.A. ZALINGER, S.P.G. ANDREW, R.W. ATKINSON BEST WISHES FOR FUTURE SUCCESSES. lE] PEAT 2lM 1 lour, lower li. MARWICK (Jlljuj, Oniarui KiP 51 ' : (613) :.i7.:i;o Ml 132 Rug Upholstery Cleaning Janitorial Contractors Steam Cleaners Landscape Maintenance DIVISION OF WAYNE J. LEPINE HEAD OFFICE - KANATA 592-2507 592-4647 PAGER: 593-0003 Fully Bonded and Insured PROPERTY MAINTENANCE CONSULTANTS Come Home To A Real MeaP ' ' 1984 MOTHER S RESTAURAmS LWrTED 745 Montreal Rd. Ottav a 744-0121 Hours of Operaiion Mon-Thurs - II AM- 1AM Fri Sat - 11 AM-2 AM Sundays - 12 Noon-1 AM zmmr CONTACT 1 ATHLETIC LTD, RICK TYLOR 534 Meloche, Dorval Quebec H9P 2T2 Bus. (514) 631-21 10 ELMWOOD COATS NOW IN STOCK AT THE YELLOW BALLOON 300 ELGIN STREET OTTAWA AVOID THE RUSH AT " BACK-TO-SCHOOL " TIME CHOOSE YOUR COAT SIZE EARLY A DEPOSIT WILL HOLD IT UNTIL FALL ALTERATIONS ARE AVAILABLE AT THE YELLOW BALLOON The Yellow Ballooa Children ' s Clothing Toy Lid. 300 Elgin Street, Ottawa, Ont. K2P 1M3 232-9477 133 HOWARTHS (OTTAWA) SPECIALIZING IN SCHOOL OUTFITS FOR PRIVATE AND PUBLIC SCHOOLS Howarth Inc. is a Canadian tradition. They have dressed generations of famihes beginning with school uniforms for private and public schools, both English and French, through to custom made suits and shirts. The sort of outfit that always looks right. Under one roof you can outfit the whole family. POLO-RALPH LAUREN, ESPRIT, LACOSTE FOR YOUNG LADIES AND MEN -SIZES 14-20 HOWARTHS (OTTAWA) Head Office: Branch: Branch: 1444 St. Catherine St. W. 89 O ' Connor Street Tor-Dominion Centre Montreal, Quebec Ottawa, Ontario Toronto, Ontario Tel: 861-9242-3-4 Tel: 236-4613 Tel: J63-0362 MOST MAJOR CREDIT CARDS HONOURED 136 XEROX Xerox Canada Inc. Carling Square II 785 Carling Avenue Ottawa, Ontario KIS 5H4 (613) 237-1731 151 sparks st Ottawa ont contact lenses glasses 563-1805 For Your Catering Needs Contact CAPITAL CATERING 729-6114 830 Campbell Ave., Ottawa, Ont. K2A 2C2 mmm K.E. Mitchell Manager The Bank of Nova Scotia 125 Sparks Street Ottawa, Ontario KIP 5T2 Tel: 566-2210 137 ALUMNAE NEWS Membership in the Elmwood Alumnae Association is open to all former students, teachers and friends of the school. The alumnae office and other events. The purpose of the associations is two fold to help Elmwoodians keep in touch after leaving the school, and to raise funds for the school as needed for special projects. 1985-86 was a busy year in the alumnae office. Jane (Blyth) O ' Briean retired from her position as development officer so as to be able to spend more time with her two young children. In November of 1985, Martha Scott ( ' 70) took over as development officer. Many alumnae as well as parents and current students participated in the Elmwood Art Fair. This exhibition and sale of the work of local artists was timed to coincide with the annual Rockcliffe Book Fair and the Ashbury Antique Show. The hardworking committee are to be congratulated as this first effort was extremely successful both in artistic and financial terms. At Christmas time, alumnae from 1975-1985 were invited back by the class of 1986 for a festive holiday lunch. The current students did a superb job of catering for this event as well as helping out in all facets of the organization and planning. About 40 students and teachers from the past decade enhoued the chance to catch up with one another and chat to the graduating class about their future plans. This year the alumnae association responded to a request from the Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C., for an old Elmwood Uniform (circa 1950) for their collection. After a notice in our newsletter, several ex-Elmwood students volunteered bits and pieces of their uniform to be donated to the museum. All of the events that the alumnae association are help primarily to help people with a connection to the school to keep in touch, and to help make current members of the school community aware of the rich heritage that Elmwood students share. However, the association also tries to contribute to the future of the school as well. At present, we are involved in a fundraising drive so that construction can begin soon on phase II of the building projet. The atrium and new rooms have been a terrific success. We now are looking forward to breaking ground on a second project to include classrooms and multi- purpose facilities for drama and gym as well. The current Elmwood building would not exist if it were I 140 i. i ' not for the financial support of a group of people who nearly 50 years ago purchased the building, land and equipment. Now that more space is needed it is important that later generations also do their share. Fund-raising is going well and we are optimistic that the building project will start again soon. The alumnae office urges every student to give us your address when you leave the school so that we can keep you informed on all alumnae events, and news of the alumnae through the newsletter. 141 SUNSWEET ALLEN FOUBERT FOR ALL YOUR FUND RAISING NEEDS! Box 290 Munster Hamlet Ontario, KOA 3P0 Published by: 144 OS TENS NA TIONA L SCHOOL SER VICES L T. Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada " ' SI

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