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ELMWOOD SCHOOL 261 BUENA VISTA ROAD OTTAWA, ONTARIO K1M0V9 ELMWOOD MRS WHITE ' S REPORT This has been an exciting year, since it has brought about an im- portant step in the development of the House System. Each House is now responsible for organizing a program of social service. In its first year, this experiment has proved very promising and students have been involved in a variety of activities. Fry is developing a program of support for the Elizabeth Fry Society, Keller is involved in promoting Canadian Guide Dogs for the Bhnd, Nightingale has helped run Can Drives for the Ottawa Food Bank, Fry collected books for Ronald MacDonald House, and Wilson ran a series of hunger lunches to raise funds for famine relief in Africa. In addition, a hospital visiting program has been organized, and 25 girls regularly work at the St. Louis de Montfort Hospital. While it is gratifying to observe the noisy manifestation of House Spirit on occasions such as Sports Day, it is even more satisfying to see students in both senior and junior schools working together to develop a sense of social responsibility and service. We look forward to watching the students develop these programs in the future, for, while the students receive plenty of support and help from staff advisors, it is our aim to encourage the students to take the main responsibility for organizing these programs. Mrs. White Headmistress It is February, and the snow is deep outside Elmwood, yet it is also time to write best wishes to Elmwood 1984-85 and to the Samara Committee who will chronicle this special year in the life of the school. Many tasks now are reminders that the end of the year is approaching and that soon good-byes will be said. Good- byes, however, are not always sad. For many of you 1984-85 will have been a special year in your school life. Perhaps it was a year in which you reached a goal, mastered a long practiced skill, recognized your own existence, or decided to take responsibility for your own learning. We may say good-bye to 1984-85 but our best wishes go with you. Mrs. Gundy Vice Principal Senfor Ubrary Elmv ood School 261 B.jQns Visia Roaif Ottawa, Ontario K1M0V9 Not until it has almost ended, and you look back, can you see the over-all pattern of the school year. This has been an exciting year for the junior school - a record number of students, each one taking part in the new computer studies programme. A rollicking production of " Toad of Toad Hall ' filled the gym- nasium for three performances at the end of January. Our innovative and highly successful ski programme launched in the second term took juniors and seniors to camp Fortune every Friday. Grades two, three and four have had their own swimming programme in the spring term. Juniors have figured prominently among the prize winners at the science fair and the music festival; the junior choir gave a number of concerts at Christmas time and were an important feature of Junior Entertainment. Students in grades seven and eight from Ashbury and Elm- wood had several dances - the grade eight students from both schools will be honoured with a dinner and dance arranged by the grade 8 mothers in June. Trips away from the city were organized for grade fives to Montreal, grade sixes to Brown Lake to study winter life - for grade sevens to Foley Mountain Conservation Area and Kingston, and for grade eights to Quebec City. Where do we go from here? Well, next year we will be welcoming grade one students, making the academic spectrum complete! ! All these activities represent the careful planning and enthusiastic participation of the members of the staff of the junior school. To each of them, my most sincere gratitude and affection. Mrs. Chance Head of Junior School 3 Mm il Ottawa rough rol TICKET OFFICE 46-80 82-1 04 II (B s p o R T 1 06-1 26 TRIVIAL (TEACHER) 1. How many staff members had children at- tending Elmwood in 1984-85 2. Who is the youngest teacher? 3 . What ' s the name of Mrs. White ' s dog? 4. What does Mrs. Chances middle initial stand for (N.I. O? 5. How many teachers ride their bikes to school? 6. How tall is Mr. Yates? 7. Who was born on February 7th? 8. Why didn ' t Mrs. McCabe dress up on Rock Star day? 9. How many teachers are there at Elmwood? 10. Who thinks they are a touching, tremendous, talkative, tough, tall, talented, terrific teacher? ANSWERS PAGE - 74 Mrs. Heacock: Art, Art history " Girls, the sketch books were due last week!! " Mrs. Mayes: Grade 4 ' s " You ' re not going to believe this but I kid you not. " Mrs. Gillan: Math, " What! Oh, that ' s o.k. " Mrs. Sabourin: Spanish, French, Ty- ping, histoire. Formal committee, " Do you know what happened to me yesterday? " Mr. McCabe: History, Phys. Ed., Geography, Reach for the Top, Volleyball, Samara, " That just came off your term mark!!! " Mrs. McGregor: Math, Business studies, " You know, I ' m really not sure; let me check up on that. " Mrs. O ' Brien: Phys. Ed., Choir, Soccer, Jr. Vol- ball, Jane Fonda Workout, " Play your position for crying in the sink! " Mrs. Boyd: Science, " Come on girls, pay attention. " SUE BREWER - Senior prefect (alias Brew, Brewski . . . ) has graced and paced the hails of Elmwood school for four years. Sue is known for her interesting and sometimes strange perception of life ' s everyday happenings. Sue ' s position as chapel monitor in grade 12 has lead her to seek a new and in- teresting position at the Vatican, in Rome. She hopes to become the " Senior Chapel Monitor " . Her service as Senior Prefect has helped her to comply with the pressure she will meet at the top!?!? When Sue is not studying, she can be found and is considered an avid supporter of " BREWER ' S RETAIL " . - " Honest you guys, we own Brewer ' s Retail . . . you don ' t believe me? " All fun aside, we wish Sue B. all the best in her studies and career as a nurse. " May the smell of bedpans ALWAYS irritate your nostrils! " RUBY EGGARHOS " A teaser? Teasers are usually rich kids with nothing to do. They cruise around looking for planets which haven ' t made interstellar contact yet and buzz them. " " Buzz them? " " Yeah, they find some isolated spot with very few people around, then land right by some poor unsuspecting soul whom no one ' s going to believe and then strut up and down in front of him wearing silly antennae on their heads and make ' beep beep ' noises. " D.A. The " GREEK " pretends to be a normal well developed emotionally stable adolescent. HAH! We all know the truth! Ruby is in reality the Phantom Zonko Cabbage thief, arch enemy of Capt. Bob. What ' s Left? MARILLION! Life ambition: To be the Girl From Ipanema. (Before my sister gets there!) SUSAN EVANS Sue Evans is one of our newer additions, having come to us in grade twelve from picturesque and memorable Kingston. She is presently one of our Junior Liason officers, having proved her qualifications last year (when she was in grade six also). Unknown to most people she has a fetish for parking lots (where are we going to go?), hairy eyeballs (she collects them), and whipping people with wet spaghetti. Our mellow element is very fond of sleeping through anything and almost anywhere (except school of course). She is known for her " incredible " ex- periences in cars (postal trucks should be locked up). 16 MICHELE FRIEND Michele ' s deep love and concern for physics, philosophy, needle- point and other realities of life (or lack thereof) has resulted in en- dless sleepless nights for this l.B. survivor. And, though she did not quite make it through Algebra, I am confident (convinced) that Michele will one day discover the true nature of the 4th dimension. Michele will no doubt be remembered for her sudden profound statements regarding this concept, among other things - the unending influx of her rare and valuable mathematical books, consecutive WEEKnights on the town, and her cold stare which one can expect if one dares to continue writing a test beyond the shrill sound of the bell . . . (not to mention weekend philosophy meetings and of course, Peter). 1 wish you happiness in all that you do and yes, Michele, you may ask Calculus questions during Functions. PUI JAYANAMA Who in grade thirteen knows every song that ever hit the charts and a veritable biography of every band, group and lead singer? Who dresses with incredible personal flair and produces REAL art for the common room walls that puts the Bowie posters to shame? The answer, of course, is Pui. Pui came to us three years ago straight from Bangkok and the artistic taste of our class has improved steadily since her arrival. She is one of those amazing people who VOLUNTEER to help at school functions - the prefects are ever grateful to you, Pui! Pui has been an enthusiastic supporter of school dances and last year ' s Samara. Don ' t forget us when you ' re back in Bangkok because we certainly won ' t forget you! KIRSTEN KEARSLEY Due to popular demand Kirsten Kearsley has been cancelled. Seriously folks, Ingrid ' s presence has contaminated Elmwood like for quatro years (has it been that long?). Being the head of Keller this year, she has also managed to keep us in the dark about her love life. Hah! (Shall we list them off, or shall you?). Girls, have you always had trouble keeping off the weight? Do they call you thunder thighs at school? Well let us in- troduce to you the KIRSTEN KEARSLEY DIET; 1 bag of Corn Puffs plus 1 bag of Hickory Sticks and chug down a half a litre of chocolate milk (you know the stuff you get from a cow), and you ' ll be bound to stay slim for the rest of your life. ( ' It works for me ' she says.). Sure, sure. She probably goes out after midnight and jogs 27 miles. The " Nerd ' s " love for acting has led her to run the " Elmwood Theatre Co. " After years of total devotion. Hey kid we luv ya! P.S. Never stop " She boppin ' " " I thought that when love for you died, I should die. Alone, most strangely, 1 live on. " 17 JENNIFER KINGDON Jen came to us just this year and has managed to fit in, even if she has had problems coming to terms with being seen in the uniform in public. The common room benefited from a widened range of music when Jen and Ruby moved in, but the other inhabitants managed to weed out most of the hard rock by the end of the year. Among other activities this year, Jen classiced and fluted her way through grade thirteen. The best way to go! Good Luck next year and forever and ever. " Now ' tis the hour for wine, now without check To trip it gaily, now with feasts sublime Worthy a Salian board, ' twas time Each deity ' s place to deck! " Horace, Ode 37. CAROLYN LAWS A rare disease forces Carolyn to eat a raw potato for lunch each day. Diseases such as this biochemical abnormality, pictures of red blood cells, logical problems and fundamentalism (!) are some of the colourful topics of con- versation brought up by this homo-sapien. Going back in time, words hke BOG and BEIM come to mind. The LB. has also been a subject of great concern - she has been desperately serving, joining clubs, becoming cultured at the NAC - " FOR LB. PURPOSES " of course. " O.K. so - you ' ve got two vectors - this is Algebra by the way - and one is heading N30°E, the other is heading W5°S, both having a value of 23.9. What ' s the combined cross and dot product of the two? No! NOT TWO-NESS. " No one else has been able to stand up to the rigors of Algebra. J ' te souhaite beaucoup d ' chance dans le futur . . . Tsu peut tout faire si tu le veux ma vieille. JENNIFER LEBLANC Jennifer first came to Elmwood in grade 7. She livened up our class with her wild stories, her punk costume and her amazing card playing talents both in poker and " spit " . After leaving us for Ed- monton in grade 8, she missed us so much that she returned this year to graduate one year ahead. This year " Dolly " amazed us with the vast quantity of socks and slips she managed to fill her costume with. In the Chemistry lab, Jennifer " designed " a new, versatile piece of scientific equipment - a retort stand with a crucible attached to it. Those of us in Chemistry are fortunate enough to have Jennifer as a tutor because she has " already done everything before " . Best of luck! ELIZABETH MCCLENAHAN " Lc Biss " has. been here lor seven years . seven long years. Bissy entered Elmwood with a " Bang " in grade seven. Her energetic and somewhat crazy character made her feel comfortable with the rest of the lunatics in 7T. In sports she participated in the track team, as well as being a very vocal member of the choir. Her contributions to the Friday ski days first term (1985) will not be over looked. There is no mistaking Bissy ' s blond hair and Amazon-like physique which will make her number one with university men . . . which we ' re sure she is looking forward to. No one can tell you more about going to Elmwood than Biss; she has seen it all. It is her energetic, ambitious, radiant (Oh. gag me!) personality which made her a popular leader of the students and an active member of the school. These qualities are what made her a super Head Girl. She has maintained the position as a fine example for all, displaying qualities of dedication and spirit. Biss is a well rounded Elmwoodian and a great friend! The grade thirteens have been through at least ten heart attacks with Bissy this year. IMost of all we will miss the entertainment provided by Bissy at lunch. " Lionel Richie " will never be the same without Bissy singing into an old Coke can. Aurevoir Elmwood P.S. Remember Biss only the good die young. ANNEMELICK Anne has been at Elmwood for four years, but there is little to say about her . . . she wasn ' t around much. (oxyMORON - like single bunk beds!). After ditching her kilt for her GREEN army shorts, Anne might be found selling hardware - if she graduates from the meat counter at Robinson ' s General Store (the best in the whole world!!) If, and the emphasis is on if, she gets lucky, she could end up boarding with a marsupial and her blond " sasquatch " , DOWN UNDER. " Let your soul and spirit fly into the music ... " S.E. SARA MONTGOMERY Sara came to Elmwood in the middle of grade 11, late as usual. Since then she has not changed much except for the growth(?) in maturity - though not much anywhere else. One thing that definitely has not changed is her hail, it ' s curls never lose their curl despite hours with the hairdryer. On humid days, it ' s volume has been known to double (or is that " dee V by dee T " according to calculus methods). Good luck fair bubble! " Tis well to be merry and wise, Tis well to be honest and true Tis well to be off with the old love, Before you are on with the new. " C.R. Maturin " A woman ' s whole life is a history of the affections. " Washington Irving 19 PHILIPPA SHEPPARD Philippa has been at Elmwood for 7 years; a dedicated " Fry-ite " to the end, she was an energetic and enthusiastic Head of Fry as well she participated in choir, drama, and Reach For The Top. Last year Philly edited Samara into one of the best yearbooks Elm- wood has seen. Declaring herself useless with numbers, Roget has become the literary element of our class - who can forget all the Poldarks? Tho ' sometimes she gets dagger looks for her unhealthy habit of playing music VERY loud, we think her lunches will kill her before her eardrums burst. Among the PMS specialties we ' ll miss will be: her wisdom before a common room brawl, her suggestive pencil case microphone, her skill or lack thereof at joketelling, her faith, and above all, her unfailing honesty and kindness to all. U of T ' s gain is Elmwood ' s loss! Best of luck, Sheppard (milk?) " Just the place to bury a crock of gold, I should like to bury something precious in every place where I ' ve been happy and then, when I was old and ugly and miserable, 1 could come back and dig it up and remember. " BridesHead Rivisited LOUISA TAYLOR Some think Louisa is one of the sanest, fairest people you are likely to meet, however we know the truth; she too has had her fits of frenzy and common room cat- fights to keep life interesting. In her three years at Elmwood, Louisa has been; a thief (Kristen ' s kilt), an author ( " Ode to Ms. Stratford ' s Briad " ), a pig (homo and S V), and a friend. We will all remember with great fondness her stories, punctuated with truly Louisa bubble gestures and sound effects; who can forget Sophie or the infamous eunuch? The other houses grudgingly acknowledge that Louisa as " Head " put Wilson House on the map with Hunger Week. A captain of the volleyball team, Louisa cherishes graduating on a winning note. Best of luck to our logical bubble-wench! " I am a part of all that I have met; Yet all experience is an arch where though Gleams that untravelled world, whose margin fades For ever and ever when I move. " " Ulysses " by Tennyson LUCY WHITE Grades five to eight weren ' t enough for Lucy - she had to come back for more! Grades twelve and thirteen were graced by her return after three years absence. Almost everything about Luke has remained pretty consistent . . . " Oh my God! Is it art? I was sure I had a spare! " . Lucy ' s con- tributions to drama, sports teams and classroom discussions will be sorrowfully missed. A junior school liason officer and one heck of a prefect, Lucy has developed new organizational skills . . . " Call the CAA; my keys are locked in the car! " Lucy has been noted for the many men in her life - " No I ' m not obsessed - you are - at least I ' ve been relieved! " . Her fits of laughter accompanied by her squinting eyes and beautiful smiles will be missed. Miranda once asked her, " Do you love me? " - Well now it ' s your turn to answer Lucy: " O heaven, O earth bearing witness to this sound, And crown what we profess with kind event If we speak true! If hollowly, invert What best is boded us to mischief! We, Beyond all limit of what else i ' th ' world. Do love, prize, honor you. YOU ARE ALL TRUE AMBASSADORS OF ELMWOOD 20 GRADE 12 GRADUATES NICHELE DANIEL SARAH DROVER JACQUELINE YASUKO SHIMIZU SALERNO These four grade twelves are graduating from our school this year. These adjectives come to mind . . . Nichele: funny, bouncy, moody, athletic, thin, outspoken, bold, practical joker. Sarah: " Drover " , quiet, a debater, a musician, intellectual, softball player, non-procrastinator, Jackie: foreign, photogenic, stylish, thin, wild sense of humour, friendly, gets lots of mail, " I Love New York " ! Yasuko: " Yas " , flute player, voUeybaUist par excellence, charicaturist, fun, a " Yoi " person, " I left my heart in San Francisco " . 21 Chris Jodoin of " Tongue Waggers " Andrea Sheridan of " PubahoHc " Annabelle Mandy of " Brewski Beat " Diane Drouin of " The Growing Inches " Susan Westley of " Apollonia Shu " Yasuko Shimizu of " The Bus Bouncers " Krista Wedekamm of " Tony ' s Girl " Janet Walker of " The Neverending Saga " Nichele Daniel of " Bench Screamers " Tara Moonje of " Paranoids " Elisa Campbell of " Tripplanners " Anna Sherwood of " The Pacing Wrecks " Melodic Guilbeault of " Gone from Sight " Tasha Carrothers of " The Kazooing Eds " Jane Uygur of " Alvin and the Turkeys " Jennifer McQuinn of " Sneezy Waters " Nicola Maule of the " Fence Breakers " Mrs. Doetsch of " Roman Holiday " 12H AMBITION DESTINY Anne-Marie Anthony Dentist Spitbowl Holder Amy Bodkin Famous Singer Forever making Big Macs Alex Catterill Doctor Head Chef at the hospital Cafeteria Donna Desprey To be short Cleaning fourth floor windows without a ladder Sarah Drover Political Scientist Guerilla in Cuba Brigitte Ghonima Interpreter Teacher of French at Elmwood Nicola Grainger Kindergarten teacher Headmistress of Elmwood Jenny Johnston Fashion designer Designing Elmwood uniforms Laila Lalani Bond Salesperson Broke Kim Montero Fly the Space Shuttle Driving the Bumper Cars at the Ottawa Ex Julia Palmer Original Trendy Jacqueline Salerno Pilot To be eternally high Heather Scott Breaking her leg skiing Wrong ski patrol rescuing her Valerie Sumner Police Officer Criminal Marina Mulyk Own a sheep station in Australia Have a kid farm Mrs. Heacock Come back from the Hereafter and teach math Return to teach pre-schoolers to finger paint Jennifer Deacon Anne de Mercado Julia Fournier Krista Gray Sandra Halladjian Lynne McKenzie Wendy Mitchell Anamari Rodero Alison Schmidt Milena Sigmund Stephanie Bartlett Jane Basinski Andrea Bruchhaeuser JoAnn Daniels Shelly Dattani Paula Jardine Judy Korecky Julie Larouche Patricia Loo Catherine Lougheed Resa Solomon Barbara Toth Stephanie-F.C. Bartlett . . . " It ' s a Minkman " . . . Nana Mouskouri Jane-Kingston, " It ' s much to late for goodbye ' s " , " Ed Grimley " JoAnn-. . . " It ' s a Minkman " , I love Teddy Bears, " careless " , P.N.L. Shelly-Kermit, " What do you think " , the young liberal Jennifer- " Hey Deac " T.J. ' s, Ta Tung, S.S. lessons, " Hopper " Anne-Pull-Out bed in Stratford, " Elmwood Band-ha ha " Julia-Pudgy Knees, The Chairs, rockin ' an ' a rollin ' , Boo-Boo Krista-Kleesta Glady, do, my laugh, twin sister, Sandra-It could be symbolic, No Jacket Required, Baby Jamie Paula-Stage Struck, 4 inch heels; 4 ' 9 " is the truth Judy-SKOR, Climbing Fences, JuHe-Belgian Princess, African Queen Patricia-Joy and Garden parties Cathy-Bruce, Wham!, Memorable Lunches, " Windy " weather Lynne-ennyl, computer buddy, " ha, ha; very funny M.F. " , oy vay! Wendy-Michael, Pete n ' Marty ' s, Servile Positions, Erin Anamari-Geography . . . Favorite Subject??? . . . " say cheese " Alison-cold hands, 24+16 Candles, The Peppermill Milena- " Eureka " , " Huh? " , Laughter hke Hquid sunshine. Oilers Rachel-Tokyo Joe ' s, GUARDed with SECURITY, G-G ' s, Tigger Resa-Moodie Drive forever, " Don ' t be so violent " , Calvin Barbara - " Lambchops " , Boo-bee, Road stop - " get out! " , 6:30 am Andrea-out of the blue, " I got a letter " , football shirt Ms. Johnston-Cyndi Lauper with X-country skis r | J To KIM Mrs. Hoy says, " I see YOU by the door. " I J I I MICHELE says, " I won ' t be form captain anymore! " TINA is helping JENNIFER with History. And ELLEN goes with Craig to buy Jaclcson ' s " Victory " . LEE ANNE asks why Romeo would never want ropes. In love with John Taylor, ROXANNE has high hopes. ASHWINA insists that bake sales are boring While all of 10 H are pathetically snoring. INKA meets Blinka, Pinka and Clyde While MONIQUE screams, " Fiona! It ' s LEE ANNE! Let ' s hide! " " Who says we must run? " says big KIRSTEN P. " It ' s not broken! " gently insists KERSTEN B. While trying not to commit hari kari in gim While trying to commit hari kari in gym CAROL tries (ribit) not to sink (think) of him. " How I love Tuesdays " says CHASE with a sigh. Says SAREE ' s " mum " , " My daughter ' s not here! Can you tell me why? Zandra: I didn ' t like any of the form comments about me so I burned them all. Jennifer: A. P.; MaybeUine Queen; Bobbsey Twin 1 Fiona: " Oh, I ' m so disorganized!!! " Anne-Marie: Mamma, bubba! Libby: C.S.B.F. GiUian Hewitt: Supportive ... in spirit! Nicole: Ravioli; Down-Under Syndrome. Julie Kang; She can ' t cope without her Soap! Gillian Lorimer: Goodbye Elmwood, hello WORLD??? Jane: Do we have to do this, Mrs. Neale? " Michele: " Are you kidding? " FREEDOM!!! Anja: Rob Lowe? Madonna? Wrally, Jeff and Ray. PiU: " I ' m gonna fail this test! " Julie Waterhouse: giggles, purple, sugar bush! Tina Koutsavasihs: honourary member of 10-Y; Bobbsey Twin 2 Carrie: LITTLE ONE; " I ' m Carrie! That ' s Kelly! " Sheila: Eela; " Holy Dina! " Jennifer: Jennifer; " All right, POUND is NOT open today! " Nicky: NICOLA; " C.B. . . are my eyebrows even? " Sandra: SANDY; " Well, there ' s this guy at the hospital . . . " Siobhan: SIO; " Going skiing this weekend? Hee-hee-hee! " Devi: " Forget it, I ' m grounded until next month . . . " Margaret: WEASAL; " Oh yeah . . .! " Pamela; PAM; " Now, do you understand the movie??? " Rosanne: TEDDY BEAR; " Aah, come on you guys . . . stop it! " Tara: TAFFY; " Rob who? " Dilsheesh; SHEESHDIL; " It ' s time to use the naily side! " Shena: RENA SHIFF; " Hey Pecher . . . Purewal . . . it ' s INCREDIBLE!!! " Suzanne: SUZIE Q; " My goal is to shatter glass when I sing. " Beth: BETTY; " Grab a brain, guys! " Alex: ALLEY; " God that guy is cute! " Paula: TOM; Charlie Chaplin in drag . . . Nila; NO-NAME BRAND; " Black is cool . . . burp . . . oops . . . Sorrreee! " Shawn Belton Elanor Brodie Kelly Cook Alexa Dodge Elaine Stalter Nancy Sutterlin Tania Turner Shawn: SHAWNY; " I love you Maxime Faille! " Elanor; EGG; " Are you still in the fridge? " Kelly: KELLY KETTLECREEK; " I ' m Kelly! That ' s Carrie! " Alexa: ALEX; " What ' s going on? " Martha: EARTH A; " What homework? " Stephanie G: STEPH; " I ' ll give you $35 for anything on Billy. " Louise: WEEZ; " I ' ve been here since 8:20, honest! " Andrea: ANNIE B.: " I love you, Oliver Niquet! " Judy: FUZZ; " Good try . . . " Stefanie P: PECH; " Kill the janitors, ROAR!!! " Julie: JULES; " Do I look okay? " Elaine: ALANE; " BOWIE RULES!!! " Nancy: NAN; " Dave was on the bus today ... " Tania: TAN; " Don ' t tie my hands ... I can ' t talk!!! " team because they ' re dressed nicely Travel, see the world! " Illegal coats? Us? " 31 Debbie-so shy and quiet; outside class she ' s such a riot. Camille-she ' s the one with plenty of ski fun. Stephanie-what a lass is Steph Bousquet, she always laughs and says " OK " Holly-she ' s always so jolly, ' cuz she ' s a Cahfornian dolly. Betsy-she who came so late, caught up fast and now goes full spate Meg-Meghan is okay, she always finds a way to save the day. Margaret-She passes notes every day and gets through classes in a mixed up way. Carohne-she has earned SOME detentions, hopefully she will also learn her declentions. Julie-a smile so bright, with blue eyes that shine just right. Alexa-in this her second year, we found her laughter always here. Catherine-her cheery face is light, always making the day so bright. Jennifer-her joking is so contagious, it always sounds outrageous. Erin-her habits seem nefarious, but she says to Tynan, " I ' m serious! " Heather-such an ace at sports that she never seems out of sorts. Sophie-a cheeky smile that ' s always full of fun and guile. Shannon-a big smile that will make you laugh in a little while. Lourdes-sweet and polite as can be-no detentions will she see. Laura-such a dear who always comes out for the team cheer. Dee-always has a smile on her face, to brighten up the day; that ' s always the case, her class mates say. Tynan-such a funny girl, she leaves our heads in a whirl. 8D Camille: Cantaloupe. " Well you see Mrs. Kry, I sort of CAN ' T because . . ., well basically . . . " Sue: Suey. " John Taylor is SO-O-O-O gorgeous!! " Katrina: Kiwi. " Oh Fudgeballs! " Genevieve: G-G. " Well I remember when . . . " Dana: Doughnut. " I ' m going to fail this! " Jill: Jilly-Bean. " Pickle, Pickle, Pickle! " Dilshad: Pickle. " Come ON you guys! " Laita: Quasi. " Okey Doke! " Alison: Al. " WHAT did you say our homework was? " Stephanie: Froggie. " That ' s really dumb! " Erin: Pooter. " I hate Mrs. . . . so-o-o-o much. " Pam: Prune. " Don ' t look at me! " Lisa: Wheezer. " Aw, you guys! " Heidi: Stacey Heideson. " It ' s true! I swear! " Alysia: Apple. " Well, humph! " Sophia: Mouse. " You have got to be kidding! " Sarah: Egg Fou Young. " Shut up Heidi!!! Gen: Zander. " BOWIE RULES!!! Well David . . . " Melanie: Melon. " I am NOT being cute!!! " Catherine Addison Heather Alyea Tracy Assad Claudia Beltran Christine Dawood Elizabeth Drent Libby Edmison Heidi Erb Nina Esrock Rosemary Flncham Lucy McLachlan Jennifer Mlrsky Virginia Murray Jennifer Pope Patricia Reilly Catherine: Cath; " Just kidding " ; to be Nick Rhodes married lady. Heather: Heff; " Scarlet Dancer is the Best " ; horse vet. Tracy: Snoopy; " oh gosh, we had homework? " ; gymnast. Claudia: Claow; " Ohhh! " ; Olympic diver. Christine: Chris; " Stop it you guys! " ; goahe for the Nordiques. Elizabeth Drent: Lizzy; " Help, Panic, Panic! " ; the first woman Prime Minister of Canada. Libby: Johnny; " Kinky " ; to pass from grade seven? Heidi: Heida; " Giggle, giggle, giggle " ; pediatrician. Nina: Nymph; " Guess what? " ; President of a Children ' s Rights Group. Rosemary: Rose; " Well, like, " ; own a zoo with pretty animals. Nicola: Nick; " Good grief " ; interior decorator. Elizabeth Haydon: Pony boy; " I love Tommy Howell! " ; to be Tommy Howell ' s wife. Andrea: Soda pop; " G.P. " ; to be Rob Lowe ' s wife. Miranda: Randy; " Well excuuuse me!!! " ; vet. Strachan: Monkey; " Veato! " ; Ambition . . . ask me in five years. Lucy: Lucifer; " Freakless " ; engineer. Jenny Mirsky: Jen; " Do you mind? " ; nurse. Virginia: Jinn; " Hello, Flyer " ; Olympic runner. Jenny Pope: Ynnej; " Hey " ; vet. Patricia: Trishka; " Party " ; to get a MERIT PIN!!! Michelle: Michou; " Mimi ' s the Best " ; SUPERCAT. Gillian: Jill; " . . . and my middle name is Cleopatra " ; a marine biologist. Mrs. Bellamy: Mrs. B; " Settle down 7B! " , to get through the year in ONE PIECE!!! Samantha A.: Dave. " Oh my gosh, look at that Ashbury guy! " Manal B.: " You guys please be quiet. " Linda B.: " Come on . . . what! " Amy C: Amsiepoo " Look at the gorgeous guy! " Anik E.: " Little do hickey. " Manya G.: Babe. " Oh my hair! " Hester G.: " When I ' m married to a New Zealand farmer . . . " LeeAnn H.: " It ' s pathetic! " Lori H.: " Spare me! " Lisa K.: Contact. " I don ' t know. " Savannah L.: Cat Face. " How do I know? " Genevieve L.: Angel. " Horses, horses, horses. " Kathleen M.: Toad. " Scientific grapefruit. " Esther M.: Est. " Listen, listen, listen. " Jenny M.: " Hey Man! " Zoe P.: " Zo " " The book is about . . . " Stephanie P.: Priceless. " Hey yoo . . . space. " Katherine R.: " Well, that ' s hfe! " Vanessa R.: " Well . . . well . . . you know what I mean. " Josee R.: " Josiiie " " That ' s gross! " Martha S.: Mart. " Forget it!!! " Una W.: The Durracel battery with the copper top. Mrs. McGregor: " Ladies. " " For goodness sakes, girls! " Caroline Brisson Susan Campbell Maya Chaly Katy Devlin Stephanie Dryden-Cripton Amanda Dunn Marika Farrell Alexia Forrester Mary Gilbertson Catriona Hardie Ricarda Rudolph Kathleen Scott Robin Shiener Molly Tepper Chelsea Throop Roxanne Vezina Caroline Brisson - Sorry, but I don ' t understand. Susan Campbell - Being so mature and serious, I think . . . Maya Chaly - Our quiet musician. Katy Devlin - 1 want some respect. Stephanie Dryden-Cripton - What did you say? I didn ' t hear you. Amanda Dunn - Amanda, phone home. Marika Farrell - Our shoeless space cadet. Mary Gilbertson - You ' re such a sweetie. Catriona Hardie - I ' m normal - REALLY. NazHn Hirji - It ' s not my FAULT. Rebecca Keen - Cabbage Patch addict. Samantha Mason - My dog. Muffin . . . Claire Millington - Homework? What homework? Melanie Quevillon - Are you FEELING O.K.? Ricarda Rudolph - Vhat? I don ' t understand. Kathleen Scott - Sooorrryyy! Robin Sheiner - I ' m NOT a bird. Molly Tepper - A walking dictionary. Chelsea Throop - Fighting is bad for your health. Roxane Vezina - Hey, foxy Roxy! Mrs. O ' Brien - Clean up this mess! Stephen: My favourite place is anywhere out of school. Jacob: I really like to tease girls. Elizabeth: My best friend is Cleo Johnson. Nyree: My favourite foods are: spaghetti, macaroni and pizza. Antoine: I like my sister ' s mushy baloney sandwiches. Leonard: I love my computer games because I made them all. Akua: My best friends are: Megan Simmonds, Kate White, Jasmine Bernstein and Shaghig Malek. Kate: I love dogs and horses, they are adorable. Allison: I love horses, the are so magestic! Frangois: I like to eat any kind of food! I love eating! Colin: I love going to Toronto to visit my family. Karim: My favourite food is . . . everything! I love to eat! Shaghig: I am going to have a Golden Retreiver and a kitten. My best friend is Jimena! Jasmine: My name is Jasmine Bernstein and I love cats and dogs. Nicholas: My favorite recess activity is sliding. Jordan: The best dinner that my mother makes is potato latkes. Laure: I have 4 dogs whose names are: Baba, Olga, Talon and Gonass. I like them very much. Sara: I have 6 hamsters but I can ' t tell you their names yet. Stephanie: Hi, my name is Stephanie Addison. I like Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran and Rob Prouse of the Spoons. Arthur: My favourite place is anywhere as long as there is NO SCHOOL WITHIN TWENTY KILOMETRES! Jessica Adams Mayada Bahubeshi George Bousquet David Dawood Shauna Fortier Juliette Gundy Benjamin Hamilton Suzan Hi Jimmy Hodges Andre Kirchoff A f Alexander Ladouceur Kim Lardner Christopher Mahony Vram Malek Zsolt Mazanji Erica McArthur Diego Rodero Amanda Sumner Samantha Tapping Hilary Thompson Philip van Aerssen 2 3 WHAT I WOULD DO WITH $1000 Jimmy: Take my family to Hawaii and buy some Cocker Spaniels. Erica: To sponsor myself as a Rock Star. Vram: I would put the money towards a 2nd-hand, fast Jaguar. George: I would put a downpayment on a horse farm. Kim: I would buy some Samoi dogs and a hamster. Juliette: Buy one kitten and one hundred Cabbage Patch dolls. Jessica: See my Grandparents in England and buy a present for my best friend. Amanda: Buy a pony and a dog. Suzan: Buy a 2nd-hand, red Tempo car for my mummy. Diego: Buy 20 little turtles, a big acquarium and some food. PhiHp: Buy an above ground pool from Canadian Tire. Zsolt: Buy 20 parrots to talk to all day. Chris: Give $100 to my father, send $100 to my three brothers in south Africa, buy a ghetto blaster and a proper laboratory microscope. The rest I would donate for the GYM! Shauna: Buy a glidder and fly off into the sky. Benjamin: Buy a 2nd-hand Sherman tank. Andre: Buy a 2nd-hand, antique Mustang motor car. Samantha: Buy an antique chair for my mother so she can sit at her antique desk and calculate the bills. May: I would donate $500 to Ethiopia and the rest would be spent on a vacation to California. David: I would buy a BMW motorcycle. I would ride it with my ghetto blaster on the back. Alex: Buy a diamond for my girlfriend and a diamond necklace for my friend May. Hilary: Buy a kitten and hold him and kiss him all day. Mrs. Gerspacher: A new Parker fountain pen with her initials on it. A 5 year supply of good vellum writing paper. Back Row: Stephanie Bousquet, Erin McConomy, Genevieve Zander, Roxanne Proulx, Mrs. Mayes, Tina Koutsavasilis, Saree Ghosh, Juhe Kang, Nicole Jackson, Sarah Drover, Heather Scott, Krista Wedekamm, LeeAnne Burkhart, Amy Cameron, Lori Hillary, Lisa Kanigsberg, Stephanie Price; Fourth Row: Marina Mulyk, Julia Palmer, Brigitte Ghonima, Yasuko Shimizu, Laila Lalani, Anne-Marie Anthony, Elisa Campbell, Tara Moonje, Holly Burkhart, Tracey Assad, Laura Schmidt, Carol Hodgson; Third Row: Melanie Cronk, Christine Dawood, Stephanie Addison, Monica Kirchhoff, Roxanne Kang, Kelly-Anne Cook, Sheila Barber, Alex Stevens, Judy Marshall, Camille Beaufort, Katrina Caroll-Foster, Heather McGuffin, Julie Larouche, Barb Toth, Milena Sigmund, Lynne McKenzie, Andrea Lanctot, Sophie Riaux; Second Row; Patricia Harewood, Caroline Brisson, Nazlin Hirji, Marika Farrell, Tynan Thacker, Sarah Young, Heidi Staseson, Catherine Addison, Una Wallace, Debbie Bleeks, Mrs. Doetsch, Miss Blair; Front Row: Hilary Thompson, Andre Kirchhoff, George Bousquet, Antoine Mandy, Jacob Kronick, Chris Mahoney, Louisa Taylor, Rebecca Keen, Jessica Adams, Erica McArthur, Kate White, Marie-Laure Sauvageau. Wilson may be the youngest house, but we are by NO means over-shadowed by our elder rivals! This year Wilson proved that we ' re a house to contend with. As I write, Wilson is ahead in the Senior School House Games ranking by almost 20 points! Our success goes beyond sports, however. For our Social Services Project, we ran Hunger Week and raised $500, for CanSave. No one can deny that Wilson has GOT THE SPIRIT!! Our energy is evident not only in the hard core Grade 12 supporters, but also in the invaluable 2-3 ' s and our courageous faculty members. Many thanks to Laila, who kept us all in line for House Games! Thank-you WILSON HOUSE for making ' 84 ' 85 a SUPER year!!! Remember: WILSON IS THE BEST! Love, Louisa. 46 NIGHTINGALE Back Row: Jane Uygur, Paula Tomlin, Donna Desprey, Kirsten Podeschwik, JoAnn Daniels, Sandra Halladjian, Patricia Loo, Jane Lougheed, Anja Miller; Fourth Row: Anamari Rodero, Sue Brewer, Sarah Montgomery, Caroline Laws, Pui Jayanama, Lucy White, Annabelle Mandy, Jennifer McQuinn, Catherine Lougheed; Third Row: Lisa Roberts, Susanna Cameron, Shannon Robinson, Dilshad Lalani, Jill Hogg, Stephanie McLeod, Robin Sheiner, Katie Devlin, Stephen Gundy, David Dawood, Jimmy Hodges, Alex Ladouceur, Samantha Tapping, Juliette Gundy, Meghan Dunn, Sophia Southam; Second Row: Julia Ediger, Lin Tan, Vanessa Cronk, Amanda Dunn, Tina Saryeddine, Claire Millington, Maya Chaley, Molly Tepper, Savanna Ladouceur, Akua Otupiri, Jasmine Bernstein, Nicky Cole, Tegan Schioler, Mrs. Wires, Front Row: Zsolt Manzanji, Jenny Molson, Claudia Beltran, Nicola Hankey, Michelle Riff, Michele Friend, David Lougheed, Colin McArthur, Camille Bouchard. Wunderbar Nightingale, what a truly awesome year it has been for us. We took Elmwood by storm and have reestablished our unchallengeable reputation. Courage, stamina, skill and an undauting will to succeed has surfaced once again and we have shown our mettle to the lesser houses. The enthusiasm in games, in the can drive, and in other activities was rewarded with success. Together, united, we have risen to dizzying heights, blazing the path for the future Nightingale. We still have to fight both to maintain our reputation and to leave the others farther behind on the road to perfection as best house. Occasionaly we showed our benevolence in allowing the other houses to win in games. We cannot prove to be tyrants, can we? I would like to thank in particular the grade 2, 3, 4 ' s for their spirit, and all the others who showed ' umph ' in house activities. Thanks are particularly due to Nina Esrock, Lucy White and Jane Uygar. Perserve Nightingale, and succeed! Love, Michele 47 FRY Back Row: Eunice Scrubb, Julia Fournier, Anne Melick, Judy Korecky, Jenny Johnston, Nichele Daniel, Kim Montero, Resa Solomon, Tasha Carrothers, Nila Varan, Louise Hayes; Fourth Row: Valerie Sumner, Paula Jardine, Martha Finn, Devi Ferri, Ashwina Bijoor, Siobahn Donoghue, Jennifer Cohen, Monique Hanrath, Chase Harris; Third Row: Andrea Hoffenberg, Manya Greenberg, Josee Roy, Patricia Reilly, Krista Gray, Jennifer Pope, Catriona Hardie, Susan Campbell, Catherine JeanJean, Dana Gellman, Betsy Chaly, Caroline Haider, Genevieve Cimon, Jennifer Little, Kathleen Macauley, Allison MacFarlane, Vanessa Riddell; Second Row: Elizabeth Haydon, Libby Edmison, Mrs. Gerspacher, Marty Mazanji, Natasha Corrin, Chelsea Throop, Melanie Quevillon, Josephine Yang, Fiona Doetsch, Albertine van Aersson, Mme. Seguin, Mr. McCabe, Mrs. O ' Brien; Front Row: Amanda Sumner, Mayada Bahubeshi, Philippa Sheppard, Sara Frederking, Shahgig Malek, Vram Malek, Arthur Masters, Benjamin Hamilton, Philip van Aersson. Dear Fry, This has been a frantic year! What with the letters for the amnesty of prisoners of concience, the book drive for Ronald McDonald House and raising money for the EHsabeth Fry Society Half-Way houses, we have had plenty going on. The turn-up to Games improved considerably as the year progressed as did the enthusiasm in House meetings. Special thanks to Julia Fournier as vice-head, Leslie Crate, Alexa Dodge, Ruby Eggerhos, Chase Harris for their especially high house spirit. Some are born great, some achieve greatness, some have greatness thrust upon them, and some, like Fry, have all three! FRY RULES FOREVER. Tons of love and good luck for next year, Philippa. P.S. Yabba dabba doo! 48 KELLER Back Row: Diane Drouin, Jodie PuUen, Alex Catterill, Nicola Maule, Christine Jodoin, Shelly Dattani, Zandra Brown, Stephanie Bartlett, Jane Basinski, Andrea Bruchhauser, Kirsten Bruchhauser, Inka Pauls, Susan Westley, Andrea Sheridan, Nicola Grainger; Third Row: Margaret Grodde, Dee Shipley, Julie Henderson, Suzanne Scott, Shena Riff, Jennifer Blais, Carrie Arbuckle, Sandra Delvoie, Dilsheesh Purewal, Elaine Stalter, Nancy Sutterlin, Julie Waterhouse, Janet Walker, Alexia Forrester, Caroline Greenberg, Elizabeth McClenahan; Second Row: Allison Whitney, Elizabeth Bousquet, Nyree Schreiber, Rachel Soar, Jennifer Deacon, Stephanie Dryden-Cripton, Samantha Mason, Kim Lardner, Alysia Davies, Debbie Bleeks, Lourdes Rodero, Alia Al-Zand; Front Row: Gillian Hewitt, Ellen Bruce, Frangois Drouin, Karim Ladouceur, Catriona Stuart-Bell, Stephanie McKnight, Stephanie Hyde, Jennifer Aronson, Ricarda Rudolph, Roxanne Vezina, Diego Rodero, Pamela Price. House head: Kirsten Kearsley (missing) I ' d like to thank all my faithful Kellers for their great enthusiasm and energy. Although we ' ve only won a few House Games, we ' ve always had lots of fun running back and fourth and screaming. Next term lies ahead with volunteer work for the blind and I hope the girls will be as energetic with this as they are with everything else. Good luck to next year ' s House Head. Love, Kirsten. RECORDER CLUB Left to Right: Mrs. Kry, Christine Dawood, Michelle Riff, Rebecca Keen, Marika Farrell, Alysia Davies, Camille Beaufort, Ricarda Rudolph. This group consists of the more advanced Junior School recorder players. The fall term saw them preparing for a performance in the foyer of the National Arts Centre, at the invitation of NAC director Donald McSween. This performance was filmed by CBC-TV. Second term was spent preparing for the Ottawa Music Festival, where Elmwood recorder players won 3 first and 2 second prizes in the 5 classes they entered. A great year! STUDENrS COUNCIL i Back Row, Left to Right: Chase Harris, Laila Lalani, Anne Marie Fournier, Heather Scott, Shelly 50 Datani, Stephanie Bartlett, Louisa Taylor, Bissy McClenahan, Caroline Laws, Shawn Belton, Andrea Lanctot, Shena Riff, Rosanne Kang; Front Row: Carol Hodgson, Libby Edmison, Claudia Beltran, Manya Greenberg, Patricia Harewood, Lin Tan, Chelsea Throop, Allison MacFarlane, Holly Burkhart, Elisa Campbell, Annabelle Mandy. SENIOR CHOIR Back Row (Left to Right): Tara Morrison, Kim Ling, Barbara Toth. Anamarie Rodero, Julia Fournier, Paula Jardine, Philippa Sheppard, Carol Hodgson, Judy Korecky, Alison Schmidt. Front Row (Lett to Right): Pilar Rodero, Shelly Dattani, •N Roxane Proulx, Fiona Doetsch, Suzanne Scott, Elizabeth McClenahan. All together now . . . Back Row, Left to Right: Laura Schmidt, Erin McConomy, Lori Hillary, Shannon Robinson, Jenny Mirsky, Stephanie McLeod, Josee Roy, Amy Cameron, Stephanie Bousquet, Holly Burkhart, Dee Shipley, Jennifer Little, Heather McGuffin, Susanna Cameron, Camille Bouchard, Meghan Dunn, Allison MacFarlane; Third Row: Alysia Davies, Genevieve Cimon, Virginia Murray, Esther Maser,, Manya Greenberg, Christine Dawood, Nazlin Hirji, Stephanie Price, Lisa Kanigsberg, Jennifer Pope, Catherine Jeanjean; Second Row: Katrina Carroll-Foster, Maya Chaly, Michelle Riff, Rosemary Fincham, Kathleen Macauley, Tynan Thacker, Sarah Young, Heidi Staseson, Elizabeth Drent, Martha Solomon, Camille Beaufort, Mrs. Kry; Front Row: Savana Ladouceur, Nina Esrock, Gillian Siebrasse, Stephanie McKnight, Monica Kirchhoff, Tina Saryeddine, Una Wallace, Strachan McCarthy, Lin Tan, Patricia Harewood, Josephine Yang, Melanie Quevillon, Alia Al-Zand. For the first time this year Elmwood has had two choirs. Our junior school choir has had a fine first year, performing at ParHament Hill, " High Horizons " , Ashbury College, and of course Junior Entertainment. They were taped by the CBC at Christmas and heard across Canada on " The House " . It will be a challenge to keep up the high standard set by this year ' s Junior Choir. JUNIOR LIBRARY COMMITTEE Back Row, Left to Right: Allison MacFarlane, Laura Schmidt, Kathleen Macauley, Manal Bahubeshi, Martha Solomon, Una Wallace, Mrs. Schmidt; Front Row, Left to Right: Vanessa Riddell, Josee Roy, Hester Grodde, Virginia Murray, Melanie Cronk, Catherine Jeanjean. Once again this year the Mothers ' Guild has provided the Junior Library with funds to purchase more books. In addition to this, the birthday club was initiated this year. The members of this club purchased non-fiction books to commemorate their birthday and these were added to the still small reference section of our library. This proved to be a very worthwhile endevour. In addition to this, a library committee was organized to look after the daily operating duties required to keep the library running smoothly. Four volunteer mothers, Mrs. Hodges, Mrs. Lardner, Mrs. Mahoney and Mrs. Malek, spent many hours in the library, cataloguing over 400 books in preparation for putting the Junior Library into a properly Functioning library using the Dewey Decimal System of Cataloguing books. My sincere thanks is expressed to all these people for their hours of unselfish work and good humour. C. Schmidt Librarian JUNIOR CHAPEL MONITORS The Junior Chapel Monitors, affectionately known as the Angels of the Morning, fly about their appointed rounds gathering all the eager, young children into morning prayers. Their warm, cheerful smiles and melodious en- treaties, " Would you be so kind as to follow me to the Assembly Hall? " , were the perfect beginning to many otherwise trying days. Thanks to Camille Bouchard and Heather McGuffin. Back: Heather McGuffin Front: Camille Bouchard SENIOR LIBRARY COMMITTEE Top to Bottom: Julie Larouche Allison Schmidt Carrie Arbuckle Tara Morrison Kelly-Ann Cook Anamari Rodero Stefanie Pecher Patricia Loo After an intense campaign to tag the senior library books, the students of Elmwood can be enthused by the amount of organization and dedication provided by the senior library committee. I would like to name each monitor, but due to the exorbitant number, I am unable to. A special thank-you goes to Mrs. Wires without whom the library would not be. I would be remiss in my duties if I did not mention Alison Schmidt, for without her help the committee would have been non-existant. Julie Larouche SENIOR CHAPEL MONITORS Nicola and Jodie, our faithful chapel monitors, were seen nearly every day, hasshng classes to " Put up the chairs! " Frantically trying to find out what hymn was to be sung, and racing to get hymn books to everybody, well, almost everybody. In regards to last years record of participation, it should be noted that this years ' grade twelves managed to spend two full terms putting up chairs! Try to beat that girls! Thanks again, and good luck. " This year Elmwood, next year the Vatican! " Standing - Jodie PuUen Sitting - Nicola Grainger Back Row: Susanna Cameron, Patricia Reilly, Lori Hillary, Amy Cameron, Camille Bouchard, Stephanie Bousquet; Front Row: Laita Le Maguer, Andrea Hoffenberg, Erin McConomy, Tynan Thacker, Sarah Young, Heidi Staseson As always, both Junior dances were a great success. One was held at Ashbury and one was held at Elmwood. There was a good turnout for both. The dance committee proved to be very capable and the organization was commendable. The 7 ' s and 8 ' s are looking forward to a thirl dance sometime in May. The 8 ' s are angling for a " Grad " dance as well. We ' ll see . . . POUND Well you could say we had an avalanche of a year (and of books, and clothes and . . .). We were always mobbed by people with the same questions, " When ' s pound open? " or " Have you seen my . . .? " and " Can you give me change for this $20? " . . . and we have only one thing to say after our year as guardians of your lost treasures, " Finders keepers, losers weepers AND PAYERS! " Jennifer Blais and Elaine Stalter Jennifer Blais, Elaine Stalter 55 FORMAL COMMITTEE Left to Right: Mme Sabourin, Anne Melick, Sara Montgomery This year the Elmwood- Ashbury formal will be held at the ballroom in the Chateau Laurier. The tables will have chocolates, flowers, wine to go with the hors d ' oeuvres, salad selection, chicken, cham- pagne and kiwi bombs. This year we will also have a classical band during dinner and a swing band for dancing after. DANCE COMMITTEE 5 The Dance Committee organized several events this year, including the Elmwood- Ashbury da nces, trips (usually day trips) to Lakefield College School, and a wonderful dinner for the Lakefield Band when they came to visit. The success of the events grew as the year progressed and we hope next year ' s crew will carry on dancing. Good luck. Left to Right: Alex Catterill, Heather Scott, Elisa Campbell, Mrs. Hoy, Annabelle Mandy REACH FOR THE TOP Left to Right: Mr. McCabe, Philippa Sheppard, Tara Morrison, Valerie Sumner, Julie Larouche. Absent: Mileria Siamund. The 1984-85 edition of the Reach for the Top team was difficult to choose not because we were deluged with large numbers trying out for the five positions BUT because of the great quality of the talented few who did come forward. By late October the team was defined and spent the next weeks refining their already apparent skills. Our worthy opponents, A.Y. Jackson, proved to be a little quicker on the buzzers so that they had more opportunities to exhibit their knowledge of academic and extraneous trivia but the contest was fiercely fought right down to the last, sneaky " snapper " . THANKS to everyone involved right down to our mascot, Pinky. EVES Sandra Delvoie and Shena Riff started wortcing at the Hospital Louis de Montfort two years ago and later were joined by Aiexa Dodge and Nila Varan. They thoroughly enjoy every aspect of their week there. They, along with other volunteers, have become experts in many fields; these include: making beds (the hospital way, please!), feeding patients, answering questions at the information desk; shredding papers, serving drinks, taking patients to physiotherapy, working with microfilms or in the lab . . . But most of all as Sister Jeannette pointed out to me, they became experts in listening. To our volunteers three hours a month may seem like a small gift but to the lonely and the sick ones a few minutes of their cheerful con- versation and youthful presence represents a great deal: this gift makes it possible for the patients to go through the endless monotony of the days, and to forget their pain for a little while. 57 COMMONWEALTH Sara Drover, Wendy Mitchell and Alison Schmidt ventured to the thirteenth student Commonwealth Conference from May 5- May 10, along with 110 other students from across Canada and 46 members of the planning committee. We represented the island of Mauritius. Wendy and Alison were asked to take billets from Northwest Territories, Pembroke and New Brunswick respectively - Alison taking two and Wendy one. We spent our days mostly at Carleton University but also at Ottawa University and the Parliament Buildings. We took part in various games, discussions, debates, workshops, meetings and ceremonies. We rarely had free time and by the time Friday rolled around we were very tired. However, we did have a huge social on Friday night which was the closing of the Conference. Everyone had a great time and the three of us thank Annabelle Mandy, Elisa Campbell and especially Mr. McCabe for their help. ASA GUATEMALA (CASA CANADA) Centre Nutricional y Hogar Permanente 7a Calle " A " 4-55, Zona 10 Telefono: 62172 - 62282 Guatemala, C.A. After hearing about the Casa Guatemala, IIJ generously donated $100 from their funds towards the cause. Dear Mrs. Gundy and the Elmwood Girls: What a wonderful gift of $100.60 for the children of Casa Guatemala. I received the check from Heather Nesbitt upon her return from Canada. I would like to tell you how much your con- tribution and others like it mean to us. We subsist from day to day counting on the generosity of people such as yourselves. Without these contributions, the children would have no where to go. You should feel proud, knowing that these little children will be helped by you to stay open. Thank you for choosing the Casa as a " good cause " . 58 JUNIOR DRAMA TOAD OF TOAD HALL Working for one week on the set of Toad of Toad Hall gave me a chance to see what effort and talent went into this amazing, energetic and spectacular production. The ac- ting, the directing, the costumes, the sets, the casting all were perfect and highly professional. The acting was of the highest calibre. Special mention should go to the leads, played by Kathleen Macauley as Toad, Heidi Staseson as Badger, Lisa Roberts as Rat and Zee Pettengell as Mole. With help from Mrs. Chance and many other teachers, Mrs. Sheppard wowed Elmwood for three performances. Mrs. Sheppard moves to Toronto this year, and with her go our love and best wishes. VOICES Back Row, Left to Right: Lisa Kanigsberg, Nicola Hankey , Samantha Ambridge, Tina Reilly, Katy Devlin, Tynan Thacker, Genevieve Leblanc, Savannah Ladouceur, Betsy Chaly, Heather McGuffin, Maya Chaly, Susan Campbell, Nazlin Hirji, Alexia Forrester, Molly Tepper; Middle Row: Manya Green- berg, Amy Cameron, Stephanie Dryden- Cripton, Mary Gilbertson, Erin Mc- Conomy, Julie Hen- derson, Margaret Grodde, Michelle Riff, Rebecca Keen, Leslie Crate, Sophia Southam, Ricarda Rudolph, Julia Ediger, Caroline Brisson, Catriona Stuart-Bell, Alia Al- Zand, Melanie Quevillon, Una Wallace; Front Row: Meghan Dunn, Albertine Van Aerssen, Allison MacFarlane, Gillian Siebrasse, Anik Egan, Kathleen Macauley, Shannon Robinson, Laura Schmidt, Laita LeMaguer, Heidi Staseson, Lisa Roberts. Five intrepid girls got together to produce, act and direct this years school play. When Mrs. Scott left, there was no one on the staff with the time and energy to try to fill her place and so this very difficult job was taken on by Kirsten Kearsley. She chose the play VOICES which briefly is about five women trying to come to terms with who they are in the context of today ' s society. It was performed by Kirsten Kearsley as Maya, Jennifer Leblanc as Grace, Stephanie Bartlett as Roseland, Jane Basinski as Kate, and Wendy Mitchell as Erin. The girls started rehearsals in January and performed on the twentieth of May to an appreciative house. An animated discussion about the play, lead by Mrs. Barbara Leblanc, followed. Special thanks to Mr. Kearsley, who helped direct and encourage the girls. It was wonderful. 59 B CRocK rr 1 1 PAMc£ AT ASHBUtY lb FOtOOA DA 13 C ANCt I? 3 FIRST SNOW CHu " e AT JR. CHOIR AT CLfAiA OCD AT P R.U WteNT| 1: LGAV -25 II AT N.A.C CWOlflAT 12 €ims START eiDGAU ao HOLIDA 35 -MAS, 18 3KI DANCE SCWOC L STACTS PAiaiAM NTl HILL a5 «5Ce» TOAP OF rOAP HALL r WILSON 5 " WORLD AFFAIRS mf cu 1 ELrv WOC io ROMAN 1 . i 1 13 1 NS -RIP B ' o II SACK ' S SCHOOL. PLAV (SA ANC A A ' 1 ihon 30 UZ SHOUT ST 5bHN ' s AiM5ULANC 13 20 SAUL ■1:5- W I n. 2S LAKCPiao AT PAuci:: 15 TD sc. TO A 2fl LAkCC i 1 SONife) AlPHaviulC APRIL 11 1 EXAVSA 1 MAY AT COH. PAY 15 VlCTC( lA " CRA-ZY 1 VOO " 1 l AooN i | r ■ PAY BD kT 1 CI UlSlT PART 1 CWALK 1% Y mm mimw% ROMAN BANQUET ELMWOOD STYLE The Pontifex Maximus (High Priest) examined the sacrificial lamb. Fear spread across faces: the signs did not foretell a successful event. A sigh of relief ensued . . . the animal was the wrong way round! Elmwood ' s first annual Roman banquet was after all to be favoured by the gods! On March 6th, Elmwood ' s " gym " was transformed into a Roman " triclinium " (dining- room), as one hundred and fifty students and staff members reclined on the floor to dine Roman fashion. First came the slave auction. Our slave-dealer, Juditha Sabourina, lured large numbers of denarii (a lot of money!) from prospective buyers as she auctioned various slave groups con- sisting of teachers and students. Deirdra Lacrimans and her cohorts tried to escape, only to be cruelly dragged back to the auctioneer ' s block. Competition was high for Mikus Hibernius McCabus and his friends. The wheeling and dealing continued even after they were bought as Ashbury boys handed over many denarii to the grade eleven buyers who had purchased the McCabus lot - those grade eleven students never miss an opportunity ... for making money! " Porcellus et minutal ex praecoquia " (pork with apricots), " pullus et ius candidum " (chicken in white walnut sauce), and cannelloni were some of the ancient and modern delights served to the diners. Grapes, of course, were everywhere, squashed and otherwise! Superb acrobats, an incredibly varied fashion show including punk togas, a very amusing ballet of gladiators and that marvellous, new-fangled invention of the future, the piano, offered en- tertainment during dinner. After dinner, the film, " A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum " , based on the comedies of Plautus, a playwright of the third century B.C. provided intellectual interest. There were those, of course, who found Ashbury students more entertaining. At 11:00 p.m., the " triclinium " once more became a " gym " , with flattened grapes and broken laurel leaves as the only reminders of the banquet. It has been suggested that next year, we should forget the grapes! 68 On September 13 a group of English students from Grades 10 through 13, accompanied by Mrs. Bellamy, Mrs. Heacock and Mrs. Hoy, left for an extended trip to Stratford, Kleinburg and Kitchener. They were fortunate to see three very good plays in Stratford - " Romeo and Juliet " , " The Merchant of Venice " and " A Streetcar Named Desire " . A different but equally enjoyable part of the trip was a visit to the renowned Kitchener Market. At Kleinburg the students toured the McMichael Collection of paintings by the Group of Seven. The weekend was thoroughly enjoyed by all the doubtless a request trip next year is being eagerly an- ticipated. KLEINBURG STRAT F ShaHes p ca r can (5 1 f t Sl o p LAKEFIELD llkU At 4:00 p.m. on October 13, 1984 we boarded the BLUE and WHITE SCHOOL BUS heading to Lakefield College School. At approximately 6:30 p.m., after not being able to stop for refreshments (food and restrooms), we were surrounded by a thick, thick fog. Yet with our reliable driver, we arrived at Lakefield College at 9:00. Our spirits were not dampened and despite the fact that it was zero vision, we managed to meet Price Felipe de Borbon. The evening was just starting though. Oh! No! " We cannot drive back to Ottawa in the fog. " Luckily our Head Girl ' s brothers, David and Robert, were super kind and welcoming and had us stay overnight in their living room, den, kitchen, recreation room, and . . . bathtub. After more tribulations and many stories told late into the night, we made our way back to Ottawa and arrived without further incidents nine hours after our expected arrival time. So much for tight working timetables . . . BROWN Brown Lake 85 with the greatest of fun, Even though we hardly saw the sun. We hiked through the snow, With our cheeks all aglow. And were sad to depart when the trip was all done. Huguette and Natalie, Mr. Gilbertson too Gave talks and games and so our knowledge grew. All food arrangements were made by Mrs. Wires Who kept our clothes dry by many fires. Our thanks go to all mothers Who gave cookies, squares and others. Together with three kinds of delicious stews. Mrs. Van Aerssen and Yang served our food piping hot And for all their help we thank them a lot. ST. DONAT For the third year, HHHELMWOOD, was a participant in the In- terface program in the village of St. Donat. Some fondly refer to it as St. Donut ... do nut ask why. Three days of non-stop skiing, History lessons, Geography, jaunts to the village, refills on " croustilles " and chocolates, Coca-Cola and Seven- Up . . . and back to the Carnaval, talent shows . . . copious dining and sub-zero settings. We shone in every area. Anne-Marie Fournier even won the Talent Competition. There were no dislodged knee-caps, no broken bones, no tree- encounters, no frozen toes, no lumps or bumps, no utterly embarassing linguistic faux pas. No, everything went off without a hitch. At last count, many 25C pieces have been left behind the candy dispensers at the Auberge. All those calories were certainly well spent since every ounce of energy was needed to keep up with the hectic pace set for us by Interface. Our trip home was uneventful except that we had the occasion of meeting a group of Lakefield boys who had been in the same program, at another inn in St. Donat. We all enjoyed meeting this crew. Our students in St. Donat represented their school extremely well, all the while enjoying not only a few days away from regular classes but a different form of learning. Need we say more? We certainly could. It was a super excursion. Thanks to the whole crew. This trip is now but a memory, however, one that we will treasure for a long time. Thanks to Mrs. Millington, who very efficiently made it all possible, we undertook an enjoyable educational tour of France. March 10th we landed in Paris and spent the afternoon walking down the Champs Elysees and visiting the Grand Palais with its extraordinary exhibition of French Impressionists. Next day we rode in the bus towards the Loire Valley and discovered some of the jewels of Renaissance architecture. Then back to Paris for a hectic week of sightseeing and shopping. Finally our five days in Gascony. Le Gers, Auch - these names now have a special ring for all 23 members of the group. March 23rd - After a delicious " last supper " in Toulouse we bade farewell to one of our hosts, took the night train to Paris and later boarded the plane back to Mirabel. If you ask the girls, they will tell you it was SUPER! Our students really co-operated to make it a big success. KINGSTON FOLEYMT In May, Grade 7 went on a 3 day excursion to Foley mountain and Kingston. At Foley Mountain the students carried out science field work. Whilst in Kingston the group visited various places of historical interest. The expedition was great fun and the students produced the best talent show ever! LATIN CHALK RIVER Chalk River takes approximatly 3 hours to reach by school bus. However, for the grade 11, 12, and 13 students who went to the Nuclear Power Plant on a day trip, it was worth the wait. We first looked at a few displays and then attended a powerful lecture on nuclear energy by Frank Finley. By the way, God ' s a nuke. We then were put into groups of 10 and given a tour of the plant, which includes a hospital, 32 buses (in the event of evacuation) 5 generators (4 of which work and 3 of which we saw), libraries, a cafeteria and more! The tour was wonderful, as the guild was able to communicate with both scientific idiots and geniuses. It was a great trip and will hopefully be repeated. Thanks to Miss Blair and Mrs. Boyd who took us. On May 4th Pamela Horne, Stefanie Pecher, Fiona Doetsch, Monique Hanrath and Cathy Lougheed, parti- cipated in a Classics Con- ference held in Alliston. More than four hundred students from Ontario attended the event. During the day, students were involved in dif- ferent types of academic, creative and athletic competitions, whilst in the evening, there was a banquet and dance. The small but mighty contingent of Elmwood students won six prizes. Next year, we intend to sweep the board clean! c o N F E R E N C E ji QUEBEC CITY On May 27, thirty-six grade eight students, two staff members and a volunteer mother boarded a Voyageur bus for, what turned out to be, a most interesting history lesson. With our ever present, always witty tour guide, Michael, we changed the course of history by reliving the battle on the Plains of Abraham (the French won this time), visiting such historic sites as La Citadelle, L ' Assemblee Nationale, La Promenade des Gouveneur, Le Couvent des Cr- sulines, Haute-Ville et Basse-Ville, where we walked and walked and walked and . . . (did you know that all the hills in Quebec City only run one way — UP?) We dined at some interesting spots, both in Quebec City and on rile d ' Orleans. We danced the night away on a boat in the St. Lawrence and roller skated to " Madonna " . We had many laughs, some of them were a real " pane " ! Who could ever forget that one? I think everyone would agree when I say that our 4 days in Quebec City were filled with a wide variety of exciting, interesting and enlightening events and a good way to say good-bye! M O N T R E A L While everyone else at Elmwood was hard at work writing examinations, the grade five six class was off to Montreal for a tour of the old city and an hour at the planetarium. We left very early on June 7 on the train. We took the subway over to the old city and visited such sights as the Chateau Ramezny, BouSecours Church, Notre Dame and the Dow Planetarium. Our traditional tea at the Queen Elizabeth ended our day and we arrived back in Ottawa at 7:45 p.m. The second term at Elmwood saw the inauguration of a Friday ski programme. Everyone in grades 5 through 13 was invited to join in the eight week experience which included an hour-long lesson as well as free-skiing time. 90 girls took up the challenge to acquire new skills or perfect old ones. So, every Friday evening, Camp Fortune hills came alive with the sound of giggles. Junior School students got a head-start - leaving Elmwood at 2:30 p.m. to be ready for a lesson at 3:30 p.m. Seniors had to wait a bit longer, leaving school at 3:00 p.m. to meet their instructors at 4:30 p.m. Teachers learning alongside their students became a familiar sight. The staff at Camp Fortune expressed their admiration for the enthusiasm, spirit and ability of the Elmwood contingent. By 7:00 p.m. Junior School students were back in the bus, ready for the ride back to school and awaiting parents. At 9:00 p.m. the Senior School group would leave the mountain, appropriately exhausted. What a wonderful way to end the week - a guaranteed good night ' s sleep! ANSWERS TO TRIVIAL (TEACHERS) 1) Mrs. White, Mrs. Doetsch, Mrs. Gundy, Mrs. James, Mrs. Lougheed, Mrs. Millington, Mrs. Schmidt, Mrs. Sigmund. 2) Miss. Roy 3) Scruffy 4) Information Restricted 5) 5 6) Tall enough 7) Krista Lynn Neale 8) Someone had to look normal. 9) 44 10) Mr. McCabe k 0 1 2 r. 74 Ma©l)®]MIL® 1 ( m j " Mrs. Macdonald, alias " Buiiiy " , was born m «hai is now a siorical landmark! Mrs. MacDonaid ' s inside and out ol scliooi acD nics had lo be nsored b ihe editors and are nol asailabie lor publication, owevcr. we did find out liial she has a great adniiialion lot Dr. nss, Liberace and his mother. Mrs Macdonald believes thai women should have more rights 111 men. and she owns a pel rock named " Herbie " . " Mrs. Macdonald (Ellie) retires this year from teaching Math at Elmwood for 19 years. Born and raised in England, Mrs. Macdonald inherited a double component of strong character from a sea-captain father and a mother who much of the time had to cope single-handedly with a large family. During World War II Mrs. Macdonald was in the Services when she met her Canadian husband-to-be, Barry. Though she still maintains an indelible English quality, she wholeheartedly has taken up being married to a Canadian, living here and bringing up a family of four sons and a daughter. Anne, her daughter, is now married and living in Colorado. She recently had a baby girl. From Grade 10 to Grade 13 she attended Elmwood. The Macdonald tradition is being carried on at Elmwood by her son, Keith, who ably stepped in mid-year to teach philosophy when Mrs. James went to England. How is it possible to describe the qualities of one who is so solidly and steadfastly part of an environment that it is difficult to see her in isolation, for this is truly the case with Mrs. Macdonald: she actually IS part of Elmwood. It is to be wondered how many struggling Math students of the past and present have been quietly and lovingly helped out of class time, made to see a light in the incomprehensible maze of Mathematics but also a much brighter light in terms of character and commitment. How many members of staff have been helped by her unerring sense of when to be sympathetic, when firm and when commonsensical and when humorous. How many times have class parties or staff parties cluttered up her house and gathered round her swimming pool. We thank you, Ellie, for being your own unique blend of moral strength, fairness, wisdom and humour. Men can be divided into two general classes: the givers and the takers. To add another platitude, " All give and no take is no good " . Mrs. Macdonald, Ellie, we all thank you for what you have given us of yourself and ask you to give a little to yourself now. Selfishly we still hope that you will visit us and we hope to visit you. " Ce n ' est qu ' un au revoir " because we all refuse to say goodbye. Samara 197s SPIRIT WEEK - FRIDAY Boy George Bruce? ROCK STAR DAY! Friday was " Rock Star " day at Elmwood, the final conclusion to Spirit Week. The school hosted a variety of personalities from the music industry . . . All in all it was a great way to end a terrific week! (Below) Nana, Annie and Dolly Annabelle Mandy 12D Step In Time . . . - Ode To Modern Man The fire flickers Flames of time Embracing the Past. Music of modern Pounds of hardness Of today in Vulnerable Ears. A mind screams with Images of yesterday, today; The contrast, similarities Presenting evolution ' s Agony. No escape, now, for Lonely sinners Lost in a constant World of Self Incomprehensible. Daily activity Treads in platonic Love affair With standard; Passionate desire is Forbidden amongst The march of Equanimity, Of living. The fierce wind Blows stagnation Around, Making fire flicker Under burdening Sensation: A putrid squall Alight with disillusion Kindling sparks In the gloom Of Hfe ' s Night. Sarah Drover 12H Devastation. Buildings crushed by a hammer from the sky. A skyscraper stands in its crumbHng greatness. Broken bridges hang suspended over watery canyons. Cars dented and smashed lie over- turned on the streets. A hum of silence hangs in the deserted streets. Large-scale panic, As masses of people had screamed And ran bhndly to unknown destinations - Gone. People unknown lay strewn in the dust. School is out forever - A child ' s dream gone mad. The birds have gone, Gone with rational thinking and hope. An eternity of uselessness in which to live a hfe Which no longer holds purpose. Stretches out before me. It is so unreal. So hard to believe, So hard to understand. Why such an intelligent being as man. Would destroy such greatness. Andrea Sheridan 12D TRAGEDY Two minutes to go The crowd breathless with anticipation Would they score? Suddenly a loud roar emerged from the right Side of the grandstand Had they missed something? Had someone scored a goal? They say in disbelief as flames lept up This grandstand had been there for 77 years Nothing would change. People began to run. Clothes alight. Policemen doing their best to save them. The heat was becoming unbearable 4 minutes later it was all over. Everything razed Those who remained were left to count the Dead and Injured And still no one believed. Shannon Robinson 8D Paula Jardine 1 IJ Annebelle Mandy 12D 85 NIGHT When darkness fills the air at night, A thick, dark cloak covers the sky, A silver moon floats on high. And tiny, golden stars twinkle and shine. A wary owl flies across a field. Toads and frogs croak in the trees, The grasses move back and forth With the sweet, thin breeze. Small mice run through the grass. Crunching old, dry leaves. The trees ' branches swing with the wind. And loons dive into the lake ' s deep waters. In the high and distant hills A wolf howls with sadness. Pointing towards the full, bright moon, Hoping to rejoin his pack. Lourdes Rodero 8D Pui Jayanama 13M IN MY LANE I used to walk on it, through the years, and its seasons; Watching a bronzed leaf drift slowly downwards. Running on mounds of crunching snow. Or dancing between dribbling rain drops. In my lane. A leisurely walk where time fell behind. No rush or bustle, of the fast living world. The deep green of a thistle between the gravel, Left alone, to do as it pleases. In my lane. The lane, though short, was my own. I could walk on the worn, grey gravel Watching a squirrel pause to sniff. No cars, or people, but quiet happiness In my lane. One day, under a gleaming blue sky, Cars and children filled the air, angry buyers, A black parking lot, a radio A tree chopped down, a dead squirrel. In my lane. Margaret Grodde 8D THE BLACK CAT The black cat Slithers in the night, You see her once And then she ' s out of sight! She is fast And careful, You better watch out, Her name is trouble. She ' ll knock over your garbage And shred your screen door, She ' ll beat up your guard dog And then look for more. When day light comes She ' ll be let in. While her owner Has no idea where she ' s been. Savannah Ladoucer 7M Cats by Jennifer Deacon 11 J POEMON APET(l) Sleepy Cat yawns Rolls over Blinks a bored eye And sleeps. Toys silent Cat sleeps The balls of wool He plays with On the rug Still. Fire crackles Ears twitch Cat dreams Silently . . . Oh so silently . . . Elizabeth Drent 7B POEM ON A PET(2) The puppy, frisky, frolicky Cheerily jumping round One ear up and one ear down, Ball in his mouth " I want to play! " He seems to say. A little flick Of his tiny tail, He licks your face With worried eyes " Are you alright? " He seems to say. And then he yawns A puppy yawn Curls up at your feet And dozes off . . . " What a long day! " He seems to say. Elizabeth Drent 7B 87 THE KING AND THE JESTER " What is life? " said the king to the jester. " Life is living, living is life " , he replied quickly. The king peered down from his heights, " What do you mean by this riddle? I ask you a simple question, I expect a forward answer. " The jester skipped round and round the king, bantering and singing, " It ' s not my answer that is the question, but your question. " " Jester, you tease. Stop dancing around me. " " Sire, I demonstrate: life is a circle. " " A circle? Do not be a simpleton. " " Simplicity of a circle? It is you who taunts " , answered the servant. " But such is life: jesters jesting jesters - the humanity of living; the circulous cashe of searchers hiding their quest. " " Ha! I hide nothing. You make me laugh. " " Laugh, my king, for it is a bridge of survival. " " A bridge of survival? What do you talk of now? " " I speak of faltering footsteps, forward treading, to reach those of another. " " Footsteps reaching . . . What else will you tell me? " , muttered the king. " The polarized steps finally juxtapose at the center, circling it with humanity " , was the answer. " I am already at the center, of my life and my kingdom " , he reminded. " To find the center of life is to find a balance, but to claim it found is to lose equilbrium " , the jester responded. " You talk round and round, in too many circles! " " As I have told you, that is life. Its circumference grows as you search for the balance, the center of the circle. " " Surely you mock me, for I understand little. " " I mock not, I search to explain. My quest gives me growth, I un- derstand, then I can give love. You are a fellow jester. We must love. " " Love. You are becoming sentimental, foolish. " scorned the king. " Love is the enemy of folly. Emotion, sentiment are its tools. I ir ■ 1| ' Only a fool denies the workshop of Hfe. " ' ' " If you made logic, I would not be confused! " " Life is illogical. Therein lies a mysterious beauty. The black hole of confusion carves a well for understanding. Thus you already have the foundation for living. " " Can that be true? " asked the king. " Take on the responsibility for searching and life will bear her gifts; love, seek, hurt, cry and then discover - In this way a jester becomes a king . Sarah Drover 12H ' j - Annabelle Mandy 12D 88 t Milena Sigmund 1 1 J TYPING, BEGINNERS Within the haze Present last summer I banged blank Keys To play the word Interstices, ABRIDGE OVER TROUBLED NOVELS When you ' re weary, feeling small, When tons of boring pages are before your eyes, I will condense them all, I ' m on your side. Oh, When times get rough. And the last chapter just can ' t be found, CHORUS: Like " abridge " over troubled novels, I will cut these down (2X) When you ' re down and in, When you ' d kill to be out on the streets, When lit. piles up so high, I will comfort you, I ' ll take your part, Oh, When classics heaps, And high-brow lingo is all around. CHORUS REPEAT (2X) Amy Bodkin 12H Anja Miller lOY ELMWOOD Smiling faces that jostle me in the corridor faces that I ' ve seen many times before faces that I ' ll see again Bound together, like a tightly knit scarf By the uniformity of their garb An ancient, rambling, slightly dilapidated building that gives something of itself every time I pass though its open doors Towering trees in small fields surround it They are engulfed by vine-covered fences SPRING IS COMING Spring is coming, It ' s in the air. The sweet smell of spring, It is everywhere. Mountains of snow, Melt into seas of water. The birds are back. From where it ' s warmer. The heart in every squirrel. Is filled with joy. As in the heart. Of every girl and boy. The cats are out, So birds beware. The dogs are out. So both take care. The flowers are blooming. The kids are having fun, Winter is gone, And spring has come! Savannah Ladoucer 7M They make me come back, again, and again. Allison MacFarlane 8M THE WOLF ' S FOREST The water laps quietly at the rocky shore the tall grass rustles in the cool wind, trees at the forest ' s edge wave gently, Birds twitter as dawn breaks. A fox barks in the distance. A red squirrel chirks as it comes out of its hole and pops back inside when it sees me. The wind blows the fur on my back as I trot silently down my trails I belong to the forest It belongs to me. Allison MacFarlane 8M Meghan Dunn 8D THE OWL Flying free on the wind Soaring, gliding in the dark. My great, silent wings not making a sound As they carry me down to my prey. My talons sink in. Scratching, tearing apart my prey I am the hunter of the night The Owl. Allison MacFarlane 8M Julie Kang lOY TO THE SQUIRREL It ' s the last I ' ll see of you, my furry friend. Autumn has finally come to an end. So swiftly you scamper. So furitively you leap Across the land where the willows weep. You ' re the master of acorns. Cheeks bulging wide. Could there possibly be a few nuts inside? Somehow, by sight, or by smell, or by sound. You ' re able to find every nut on the ground But where do you take them? Where do you go? ' Ere the first blast of winter comes with the snow. Heidi Staseson 8M 91 THE MIRACLE ' Come on, we will go roller-skating ' called John. ' No, I like to work in my garden ' said Ann. She had started to enjoy planting little seeds and seeing them grow. All of a sudden, Ann noticed an old lady leaning at the fence watching her. She looked weird, in grey clothing, white hair and with a big nose. She almost looks Hke a witch, Ann thought. ' You are really busy ' she called to Ann. ' Come, here are some seeds. Plant them, and soon you will see a miracle, ' and off she went. ' What did the old lady want? ' John asked. ' Oh, she gave me seed and said I would experience a miracle ' . ' Those are regular apple seeds ' said John and left laughing. ' Some miracle ' . Ann planted them and watered them. The next morning she woke up to find a fully grown apple-tree in the garden. ' That is funny alright ' said John, ' but I imagine a miracle to be something different. Some miracle ' . Soon apples grew, and they grew faster than those on other trees. The tree had such big branches low down that it was a perfect tree to climb around in and play hide-and-go-seek. John liked the tree very much, but he still didn ' t consider it a miracle. Eventually Dad said: ' It ' s time to harvest ' . They all gathered baskets and picked apples. It took a long time to pick them all. Practically the whole house was full of apples. They had never seen so many apples in their lives. But, more importantly, the apples were juicier and sweeter than anything they had ever tasted. John said: ' Yes, they are better than any other apples I tasted, but it still doesn ' t add up to a miracle. Some miracle ' . Winter came, and they hung a bird-feeder on the tree. The children watched all the birds enjoying themselves on the tree. They had never before had so many birds in their backyard. ' It ' s pretty neat ' , John said, ' but I don ' t call that a miracle ' . Spring came with lots of rain, and soon the tree was full of lovely smelling flowers. The children were back playing in the tree. Dad even hung a swing on it. John loved every minute of it, but he still didn ' t admit that it was a miracle-tree. But they couldn ' t imagine life without that tree anymore. To Ann it really was a miracle. Monica Kirchhoff Grade 5 6 THE MAGIC OF THE LOON Swishing through the clear, still water, Dusk descending upon you like a grey veil. You pause, and hear it. A lonely haunting cry, Echoing through the foothills around you. You see, floating motionless on the water. Staring at you with piercing black eyes, A loon, Your mind no longer in control of your body, You paddle towards it. Its eyes never leaving yours. Suddenly, as you near it, it rises With an ear-splitting scream. Its great wings thunder about your head, With an immense crash, your canoe tips. And you splash into the icy water. With the loon ' s black eyes still piercing You sink, helpless, into the obscure darkness Of death. Heather McGuffin 8D JENNIFER DEACON IIJ ' THE FORGOTTEN DOLL Lost and forgotten Captured in the strands of endless time. Old, decayed, fragile. Covered in damp and stringy cobwebs. What was once carefully woven lace is now nothing. Never to be used. Never to be seen. Never to be touched. Never to be loved. Once bright and cheerful. Now faded and dull. Dead. Caroline Haider 8D J CAROLINE HAIDER 8D MELANIE CRONK 8M 93 THE DANCE He came alone, She stood watching, Staring, hoping. Praying That no one would Join him. She found out His name And repeated it In her mind It was music To her ears, And he stood alone. he just didn ' t notice ji hi no one went pVer to talk to him Male or female, He was lonely, He asked no one to danc Aiid no one asked hini. -• ■■ ' She didn ' t want to notice. He left early. She had been watching His every move But she didn ' t have the courage To talk to him. Instead, he left. Went away without a trace. And he hadn ' t had A good time. Only then did the girl realize . . . Neither had she. Pui Jayanama 13M Laura Schmidt 8D 94 MAPLE TRANSPO Every year, in June My Mother Pulls a red maple From the young forest At Meech Lake, P.Q., Pots it in dark and springy loam And attempts to Transport this cornelian Jewel to the arbutus Shores of British Columbia By car. Mid way Via a Saskatchewan sky In a space near Summerberry, A warm Prairie wind Unfailingly appears Travelling Immigrant Pirates the moisture From stalks and leaf And then blows by. Undaunted, my Mother Journeys on Ferrying a shrivelled twig memorial For burial amid the shinning kelp From an Island in the Gulf Stream Near Salt Spring, B.C. This year, maybe. It will be different. Anja Miller lOY ACCIDENT the fat man on the bus squishes me as he leans over to my window a magpie spying jewels attracted to flashing lights he watches eagerly as we slowly pass by the accident beady eyes gawking. Annabelle Mandy I2D 95 Jennifer Deacon 1 1 J AFTER A MOVIE (1907) We leave at dawn while The city collapses behind. See the trail Marked by ruts And great gross wedges Cutting the wheels of Fortune To a new birth To a new beginning, A new birth In the black Virgin earth of the land. I listen The slow dance of rippUng oxen Trundhng the months Of a verdant Spring, Hauling the wagon To a sort of place Far up the trail of the blurry Future. My city grows young in my dreams I cry silently, mourning The passing of my Young and Glamorous Life Why do we go? A fuzzy dream of a new outline A new land Somewhere beyond this Safety. Was it only yesterday? Hard Months away We search For a steel stake Which marks the receipt of our Dollars. Ten! Proof of purchase. 160 acres of flat Treeless land. I watch him, Reverent as if in church, Joyous before his bounty While I attend the funeral Of my future. Such work Not fit for city hands Or fashion from the past. Our neighbors From another land, across the ocean Pause to greet and Chatter with us. Help to build A sod hut with Blocks of dirt and call it Home. My dream grows fainter The city fades in coloured shadows Babies come And grow like prairie seed Beside our crops Surprised by talents to To magnify our own. The one, a genius with the new machines, the other A master with the soil And the harvest The pride . . . the joy Of harvests! And suddenly Suddenly there is no Rain The sky a cloudless Jewell of blue perfection For months - for years This unkind cover Masquerading as an Opal gem Denying us her clouds Brings human tears to shed Unnoticed on the blowing Dust, mirage-like Clouds across a barren land. THE30 ' S Our kin, The one A genius with machinery Exits for the city And paying work And disappears within the technicolour dream To reappear in dreams Of nightmare! Our neighbors vanish, Stealthily They slip into Another dream but we remain with ours. Dark clouds form of tension Worn out dreams That need the summer rains To prosper Days and months of desperate watching Fade to years of Almost ten! A decade dies And then he dies His dream unconquered. Yet the earth gives back its own The rain tears stream The lightening shrieks And the prairie Flowers, as jewels around the The City. Anja Miller lOY Milena Sigmund 1 IJ •1 97 THE DREAM CHILDREN It was night-time, of course, that was when I dreamed. In my dreaming I was the lord of my land. I created at will and banished the same, and supreme power was mine. Fair princes begged me to deliver them from their evils; they had undoubtedly been trying to save some damsel-in-distress when they had come under these spells and, I always freed them after a short lecture on the infidelity of distressed damsels. Sometimes the things I had created escaped my control and even threatened me. Fortunately they could not stand against the passing moment between dreaming and waking when my power was at its peak; then nought could stand against me. Only once did I ever meet with something not of my own creation. It was an eagle and he said he had come to speak to me. I greeted him with civility and offered him a place to rest, and tea with pastries. He declined my place of rest, explaining that he found a rock much more comfortable and suited to his build, then thanked me for the pastries, commending me for my manners. We were sitting on a stretch of road, one that continually appeared in my dreams. There was a bank, of about three feet, to the right, heavily bordered with trees. To the left was a sharp incline and apparently limitless flat plains. The eagle sipped his tea graciously, then carefully placed the cup on a pink and blue checkered table that had appeared from out of nowhere. He leaned forward to look me in the eye and said very distinctl y, " You are special. " . I was slightly taken aback, but he had not finished. He went on to explain that I had a gift, a gift of supreme control over all that was not of my native world. " You are of the kind that we call the Dream Children and I would like to offer you a life in another world, a better world, where your powers will be recognized ... " Here I interrupted him, asking if it was true, that I did have supreme power, then why did I have no power over him? He looked at me a second, then shrugged, his feathers rustling, " I am of your world, " he said and, for a moment, a tall English gentleman was sitting where the eagle had perched. I gaped, not believing my eyes. He asked me rather plaintively, " Will you come with me? " I thought about it - about never seeing my mother again, no father, friends, grandparents, teachers - no real reaction to the loss of these realities but then . . . " No, " I said quite firmly, " No, I cannot come with you. We are going to McDonalds tomorrow and I have to be there for that. " I still remember, to this day, seeing him flying away sadly shaking his feathered head, remarking distraughtly, " McDonald ' s, McDonald ' s, I simply cannot believe it, a destiny thrown away for McDonald ' s . . . Why do they send me on these cases? " Meghan Dunn 8D 98 SEASONS A COLD DAY Spring. The sky is gold and gray. A breeze ruffles the daffodils, Blowing my hair. Light and cloud. Chaos. Summer. The lake is blue, the sky is blue. The sunlight creeps over the moutain, Like a golden ribbon. The green mountains surround me. Stillness. Autumn. The sky is azure, sharp, clear. Lying among red leaves, I see my friend lean over me. Laughing at me. Leaf fights ensue. Contentment. Winter. The sky is a frozen pearl. The snow reflects the sky. Night as light as day. Iron trees, silent snowflakes. Unreality. Another year has gone. Alysia Davies 8M As the dawning sun rises o ' er the field. The snow sparkles in the light. The cream-capped trees Groan in the chill morning air, And bow down painfully in their plight. Skiiers upon Suicide Hill stand frozen Taking in gasps of the chill morning air. And bobsled racers with Their crafts at the ready. Then over the frozen crust they tear. The afternoon breeze stings the nostrils ears The scent of burnt wood fills the air. And music is played from the house on the hill The children ' s laughter rings out loud and sharp And the whole world shivers as supper draws nigh. The frigid earth shudders as the sun sinks low The snow turns red, from the sun ' s bright glow The crust gives way as the people trudge home Weary and icy from their day-long romp, Heads bent to fend off the white blowing snow Laura Schmidt 8D Paula Tomlin 9E A SICK?! Mom? I feel sick. Pardon? No, I ' m not trying to get out of school; but the way I feel now I don ' t think I ' ll be able to manage a full day. No! I don ' t have any tests today. And yes I ' ve done all my homework. How do I feel sick? Well I really can ' t describe it but . . . I don ' t look sick? Well I think it may be an inside sickness. I hear there ' s one going around. What? No I said an inside sickness is going around; my head is fine. It ' s not going around yet; but I think I feel it starting to. I CAN STAY HOME!!! I mean I can stay home? Well I really don ' t want to miss anything like school work, but . . ., if you insist, I will. WHAT? Go to bed? But I . . . How much longer ' till school starts? Twenty minutes? I think bed may be a good idea; for at least twenty-five minutes. Oh, one more thing. May I watch T.V.? No? Well it was just a suggestion ' cause Tommy Curtis had this inside sickness and his mom let him watch T.V. for the whole day and it made him feel a lot better. I still can ' t watch T.V.? Well, I think I ' ll go to bed. Oh; do you mind if I read? Okay, thank you, I think it may help me to feel better. Pardon? I can do anything I want as long as it doesn ' t bother you and doesn ' t include the T.V.? Okay, you won ' t even know I ' m here. You know, I ' m starting to feel a bit better! Catch up on my school work? I ' m not feeling THAT much better Mom, you can ' t rush these things. How long has school been going on just out of curiosity? Ten minutes!!! What? How can I jump around and still not feel too good? I think it ' s this inside sickness; it ' s really weird. . . . You know mom? I like staying home with you; it ' s just too bad I happen to be sick. Paula Tomlin 9E 100 SECRET SPOTS Do you have a place? A place you go to hide A place of peace and quiet, A place with love inside? I had such a place In the middle of a field. It held my deepest secrets And never did it yield. This place of sweetness, It loved me, in a way. A way of loving softness. It made me want to stay My field was free and proud, Then man took it away. The field was sold for houses; the beauty ' s gone today. I can cry and no one knows They sell my secret spots. LeeAnne Burkhart lOH 101 LIGHT IN THE DARK The coming event is awaited, The expected happiness draws nigh, Bringing poignancy of pain and pleasure, Shown up in a strange light. Pain seeks depth unexpected. An understanding unwanted, Fragments are dispelled extrovertly. Shrapnel to the mind and soul. Beauty is seen paradoxically. It ' s delicate fragihty alight, A special beauty transcends. With the glorious growth of sight. Light, darkness curiously bound. In mirrored reflections of mystery, Life in complex patterns coloured, A multi shaded portrait is painted. Pui Jayanama 13M Sarah Drover 12H Jennifer Deacon IIJ 4 HAIKUS Raindrops from the sky Makes me and you want to cry Softly falling drops. A bridge in the sky Between the rain and sunshine A magic rainbow. Snows falls in the air No more places that are bare Snow is in my hair. When all the leaves fall There is a lot to pick up Until it ' s all white. Antoine Mandy 4 THE EMPEROR PENGUIN Waddling along the frozen ground, On a remote island, Huddling together, silently watching, The cold water at their feet. Standing with heads held high, Knowing they are above all penguins. The yellow of their necks like a shiny wreath. The first penguin slides into the water. Then the rest follow reluctantly. They gUde over the icy water, Some floating and some plumbing The dark depths of the ocean to find food, As the sun sets they swim To the other side of the island To find shelter in their once forgotten cave. They clamber up the icy shores, Once more they have reached their destination. They stand in the cave soundlessly huddled together, Waiting patiently for the sun to rise again. And begin a new day of sun and sea. Sarah Young 8M Annabelle Mandy 12D Milena Sigmund 11 J 103 Pui Jayanama 13 M Thanksgiving must be one of the best holidays of the year, along with Christmas, March break, summer vacations and any other holiday that gives you time off school. But Thanksgiving can be viewed from many different perspectives. You may go home this week-end and congratulate yourself for having finished a full month of school, or you may just think about it, take two aspirins and go to bed. You may, if you are of the younger party, be wondering what to be for Halloween, and some of us may be thinking of ways to make the next 8 to 9 months more challenging, while some may just go and get another two aspirins and go into solitary confinement until Monday just when the subject is brought up. But to me. Thanksgiving means food and family because that is who I spend most of my weekend with. My Mom and Aunt and Grandmother, and anyone else who gets stuck with it, start preparing the food two days in advance. They spend the first day preparing it and the second day cooking it. My Mom is still used to having 25 to 26 people for dinner, but now that a lot of my older cousins have grown up and moved away, our numbers have slimmed down to 17 to 18, but she still cooks the same amount which means we are still usually having turkey for dinner at Halloween, which by that time means we never want to see another turkey again. Then, after everything. Thanksgiving dinner finally arrives. The adults and everyone who can hold his or her fork properly and refrain from burping during grace sit at the ' big table ' as we call it, while the rest of us are put at the rickety old card table with the uneven leg. Let me just say that sitting at the card table is an experience to remember. The big table has a lace cloth, candles with designs on them, and separate little lace mats for the food. The card table has a green garbage bag carpet and a mangled candle in the middle. Why I am still at the card table I do not know. I learned to eat with a fork a couple of years ago. Last year I almost had a chance to join the adults, but my Aunt got married and my older cousin brought her boy friend, which makes the seat at the card table mine again. I asked my dad when I would graduate to the more ' senior ' table, and he said that I would have to wait until my milk spilling average was at least 2 to 1 , which meant that I would be sitting at that table until I turned grey. So I turned around, sighed, and carved my name in the table to make the best of it, which made matters worse when everyone found out. I said grace wrong and ate the rest of my dinner in the crawl space. The next day our guests all depart until Christmas, when the festivities begin again. Paula Tomlin 9E 104 SPORTS CAPTAIN S NOTE This past year has not been an exception to the rule that the talent and potential of Elmwood teams is formidable. We may not always win, but the spirit and enthusiasm shown by all our teams is enough to make us 1 champs! The basketball team showed great skill on the court throughout the season, and the same can be said for the tennis team, and both senior and junior volleyball teams. Our senior soccer team showed great improvement by reaching the quarter finals in their division. Also, special mention must be made of our cross country running team, softball team, junior soccer team and rowing team. Congratulations to all our athletes and the best of luck next year! With the help of the fantastic weather, which we had. Sports Day this year was a true success. Congratulations to all four houses. You were all winners! I would like to express my special thanks to JuHa, Rachel, Jane, and Laila for all their help with house games. Finally, a very sincere thank you to the Phys. Ed. staff, the Prefects, and especially to Mrs. Neale, who made my job so much easier and so very enjoyable. - Diane Drouin 106 CROSS COUNTRY TEAM This year ' s Cross-country team consisted of (L to R) Chase Harris, Nicole Jackson, Paula Jardine, Elisa Campbell, Susan Westley, Monique Hanrath, and Fiona Doetsch. Together, under the faithful coaching of Mrs. Neale, we faced the frigid mornings, endless miles and treacherous hills of the two city meets. We would never have survived without the presence of Fat Alberts! Our Nikes hang waiting for next year . . . Left to Right, Back Row: Laila Lalani, Paula Jardine, Carol Hodgson, Chase Harris, Diane Drouin, Monique Hanrath, Fiona Doetsch, Mrs. Neale, Mark Whitwill, Front Row: Mr. McCabe, Elisa Campbell, Hester Grodde, Margaret Grodde, Susan Westley One fine Saturaday morning in the middle (end?, beginning?) of September, Elmwood joined in with other Ottawa schools to run in the annual United Way Fun Run. Some of us walked (a looong way!), some of us crawled (right, Dzi!), some of us watched and some of us actually jogged. But we all contributed something to the event (even if it was only " pigging-out " on subs) to support the United Way. 108 Left to Right: Back Row - Rachel Soar, Chase Harris, Saree Ghosh, Jane Uygur, Alexa Dodge, Michele McLaughHn, Milena Sigmund. Front Row - Laila Lalani, Martha Finn, Stefanie Pecher, Diane Drouin, Sarah Drover, Resa Solomon. Absent: Alison Schmidt These pictures are NOT indicative of the togetherness or the imagination of this year ' s basketball team ... we really don ' t mind having our pictures taken together! ! ! This year saw another winless season pass us by, but as always our performance improved steadily. If you glance at the pictures you will note that many, if not all of the players are potential members of next years team. After a long summer of constant practice we GUARANTEE some wins next year. 4 A u 4 J 4 SENIOR VOLLEYBALL As the picture shows, our major accompHshment this season was learning how to be a team. That doesn ' t necessarily mean being able to win, but we certainly learned how to laugh - and infuriate Mr. McCabe! Through all the pain of broken wrists, two point losses, bruised knees and frequent disappointments, we still came out on top. We finished the season with a bang, with a long awaited and much deserved victory over Champlain. Many thanks to all our cheering squad, and most especially to the ever faithful Mr. McCabe. Left to Right, Top: Diane Drouin, 2nd Row: Resa Solomon, Nichele Daniel, 3rd Row: Chris Jodoin, Yasuko Shimizu, Valerie Sumner, 4th Row: Louisa Taylor, Laila Lalani, Elisa Campbell, Jane Uygur, Susan Brewer, Front: Mr. McCabe SENIOR-JUNIOR VOLLEYBALL Left to Right: Back Row: Milena Sigmund, Gillian Lorimer, Michele McLaughlin, Lynne McKenzie, Rachel Soar, Soibhan Donaghue, Julia Foamier, Mrs. Neale, Front Row: Chase Harris, Alexa Dodge, Louise Hayes, Stefanie Pecher, Jennifer Cohen, Martha Finn, Shawn Belton Throughout their season, which comprised of six full games, the Senior Junior Volleyball team improved steadily. Their teamwork and confidence led them to a clean sweep win of 15-1, 15-3, 15-0 against the surprised Champain high school. The season ended with a dinner at I. P. Looneys for the two coaches Ms. Mclntyre and Mrs. Neale. Many thanks go to Ms. Mclntyre and to the support of Mrs. Neale while she was having her baby. JUNIOR VOLLEYBALL Left to Right: Back Row: Lori Hillary, Debbie Bleeks, Josee Roy, Holly Burkhart, Laura Schmidt, Susanna Cameron, Mrs. O ' Brien, Front Row: Sophie Rioux, Elizabeth Haydon, Camille Bouchard, Strachan McCarthy, Betsy Chaly, Stephanie Price The Junior volleyball team displayed an unequalled degree of eagerness to play and to improve their skills. Unfortunately, the team missed the tournament because of our producation of Toad and Toad Hall. Thank you for your dedication girls. JUNIOR SOCCER Left to Right, Back Row: Allison MacFarlane, Lori Hillary, Josee Roy, Laura Schmidt, Heather McGuf- fin, Stephanie Price, Front Row: Patricia Reilly, Andrea Hoffenberg, Sophia Southam, Camille Bouchard, Stachan Mc- Carthy, Libby Edmison The Junior soccer team had a hard-working and successful season culminating in a tournament at Brewer Park in October. The team displayed excellent skill development as well as a commendable combination of spirit and sports- manship. Well done, girls! 112 O C c R This year ' s senior soccer team has a very interesting season. We started off well with a win against Philemon Wright! The score was 2-0 with Diane Drouin and Carol Hodgson scoring our goals. We did not win any of the remaining 5 games; however, we did hold Lisgar (the best team in the league) to a 2-0 win. Throughout the season our team numbers dwindled from 18 to 10 as the team got riddled with injuries. We had to cope with pulled thigh muscles, back injuries, wrist injuries, cleat marks (Jane ' s leg may never by the same) and 4 sprained ankles. Thanks to Jane Basinski and Chase Harris who joined our team when our numbers were down. Team members include: Captains Diane Drouin and Elisa Campbell, Jane Uygur (our diving goalie), Annabelle Mandy, Valerie Sumner, Resa Solomon, Carol Hodgson, Jennifer Cohen, Michele McLaughlin, Anne-Marie Fournier, Stefanie Pecher, Shawn Belton, Louise Hayes, Nicky Cole, Suzanne Scott, Tegan Schioler, Siobhan Donoghue and Alex Stevens. ROWING CLUB On Tuesday and Thursday afternoons during the fall and spring, a dozen intrepid Elmwoodians could be seen testing their nautical skills against the vagaries of wind, weather and river current at the Ottawa Rowing Club. Under the expert guidance of Barb Clark, a competitive womens high-weight rower, and the watchful eye of Miss Eaman in the coach-and-rescue boat, the girls worked at mastering the difficult art of balancing a " four " or an " eight " , coming up the slides and following the cox ' s orders - preferably in unison! On days of ex- cessive wind or inclement weather, skills were developed on the ergometer (rowing machine) and the oar positions on the dock. Miss Eaman hopes that some of the " regulars " (girls rowing since last year) will be ready to form a competitive team to participate in school races next year. See you on the river . . . ! ! 113 SOFTBALL This year Elmwood ' s Softball Team made it to th e Havergal " Raggedy Anne " tournament. Good weather prevailed as we left Ottawa slipping out of the Elmwood parking lot and down the 401 to Toronto. Game day was filled with brilliant sunshine, enjoyable company and plain good fun as the girls from Elmwood showed that we have more to be proud of than just our spirit. Playing six games in eight hours proved exhausting for all teams but we managed to more than hold our own. Our record of three wins and three losses tied us for third best record of the seven teams entered. We lost to the eventual champions by one run, a homer in the last inning. This effort and result certainly shows that Elmwood teams are capable of competing and succeeding against schools of similar size and numbers. Congratulations girls on an outstanding effort and result! We ' ll see you next year at the " Raggedy Anne " tournament. TENNIS Elmwood ' s future Navratilovas and Evert-Lloyds hit the scene in September to star in the Ottawa Interscholastic tennis season. We had a great time tossing balls and not hitting them! Seriously, the team did really well considering the clash with basketball! Many thanks to (L. to R.) Mrs. Neale, Monique Hanrath, Chase Harris, Jane Uygur, Diane Drouin (a.k.a. Di ' s taxi service), Jennifer Cohen, JuHa Fournier, Barbara Toth and Elisa Campbell. Special thanks to Mrs. Knapp for always being there. 114 Students and friends of Elnriwood: Ion " lime, it mar ks the end of a vcrv ally, fhree grade U ' owards certificates. This was a big succo- -, irleens have coniplcied except for the fact ih ir. Cijairman, Mernber.s of the Board of Governors, Mrs, White, Siaf This night is one that the graduating class and I have been awaiting ibc nnporiant stage in our hves. As member o ' the class, I am honoured to be its representative tonight to tell you a hit about our times af Elmv :•■ ' ■ you farewell. j i: -. cry successful both academically and requ ■ i . F . diplomas, and others have worL ip held a Hallowe ' en party for the ju -ver to be found - from the scavenger . . : iot of fun for every one. I think all students particularly hked being able lo change their L omc way or another; as we had a theme for each day. We shall new forget " Rock Star Day " when : and Julio Iglesias came to share their talents with us. mm .. . . , ,ome senior girls, under the direction of Kirsten Kearsley, one of Sm graduates tonialii, jiic cntcd a play called " Voices " . This was entirely a student production and demonstrated what hard work can do May ended with Sports Day, after which so many students thanked us; making all the work worth while. Despite all the fun times I have just mentioned, work does enter the picture! Hmwood ' s focus is that of gi ing each student the best education possible. This is good, because a good educJlbn cnabic-, t i; [ ■ i;n;. .!h( ;:i conditions all over the world! ! ! R Seriously - Elmwood ' s relatively small size and caring staff promote good lesRing habits. There is a saying that for every person willing to teach, there are thirty not wanting to be lauaiii . 1 do not believe this to be the case at Elmwood, for the teachers show the students how lo learn and tiow lo organize themselves, thus making it a lot easier to concentrate on the essence of what is being taught. While Elmwood has physically changed over the years, her spirit has always continued t.. :. ; -i through this spirit of love and enthusiasm that new students are so easily able to feel welcome. As this night is to celebrate graduation, it would not be right to go on w it|)fiMl describing some f!i ■ I . cclingS that grade thirteen students have during their final year at school. Hb Our stomachs often churned as we wondered whether or not the univerlmwwould acc(.ir a - ■.. iJ; r,- ! ?h.ree maths, a physics, a chemistry, and five languages! I have written to several universitites - so far the one with the best rating has 2500 boys to 132 girls! Although my class has changed somewhat over the years - people have come and gone - it has aK ' v a , . . u:. ...a one formed by strong individuals. Dear classmates: I am so very grateful fwalbthe support you have given me this year and for all the friendship and laughs we shared in the past. CongratiJ ons! - You are ALL " True Ambassadors of Elmwood " . To the prefects; my heartfelt thanks. You made my final year at Elmwood a very happy one, and you calmed me down when life got hectic. To next year ' s Head Girl, Diane Drouin, and to next year ' s prefects, I wisk||fflfta wonderful year. Diane, you are a super person, and I am sure everything will go smootl |p|fr you. Just remember to v ork together always - not just when thine et desperate - but from the start. That way, the hardest times bcconi..- c On behalf of the girls graduaJh tonight, I would like to thank all the teacpHE " With c or pi i ilcgc. tlierc is a responsibility to ourselves ' iVe have had the privilege of attending a school with teachers such as yoursehcs. and it is our responsibility t urselves and to our school to do the best we can in the future. I would like to give Sj ial thanks to Mrs. White, Mrs. Gundy, and Mrs. Sigmund for all their guidance and help throughout th ar. Finally to all of Elmwood, as Lord Tennyson wrote: 4 i " I am a part of all that 1 have met; Yet all exDyience is an arch wherethro Gleams tlflHKraveird world, whose margin fi For ever a H ever when I move ' ' . .1 .Thank you and God Bless. PRIZES Proficiency Standing: 80% and over, up to and including Grade 10 Grade 2 3 - Jessica Adams, Benjamin Hamilton, Andre Kirchhoff, Christopher Mahoney, Erica McArthur, Hilary Thompson, Philip van Aerssen Grade 4 - Francois Drouin, Nicholas Hamilton, Karim Ladouceur, Akua Otupiri, Allison Whitney Grade 5 6 - Alia Al-Zand, Natasha Corrin, Vanessa Cronk, Caroline Greenwood, Patricia Harewood, Monica Kirchhoff, Albertine van Aerssen, Josephine Yang Grade 6 - Caroline Brisson, Maya Chaly, Nazlin Hirji, Rebecca Keen, Claire Millington, Melanie Quevillon, Ricarda Rudolph Grade 7B - Claudia Beltran, Elizabeth Drent, Rosemary Fincham, Strachan McCarthy, Jan- nifer Pope, Michele Riff, Gillian Siebrasse Grade 7M - Manal Bahubeshi, Amy Cameron, Hester Grodde, Lee Ann Harwood, Genevieve Leblanc, Zoe Pettengell, Katharine Ratcliffe, Martha Solomon Grade 8D - Margaret Grodde, Alexa Holmes, Catherine Jeanjean, Jennifer Little, Shannon Robinson, Lourdes Rodero Grade 8M - Katrina CaroU-Foster, Genevieve Cimon, Alysia Davies, Dana Gellman, Jill Hogg, Dilshad Lalani, Laita LeMageur, Lisa Roberts, Sophia Southam, Heidi Staseson Grade 9E - Jennifer Blais, Pamela Home, Rosanne Kang, Tara Morrison, Dilsheesh Purewal, Shena Riff, Suzanne Scott Grade 9S - Kelly-Ann Cook, Stephana Pecher Grade lOH - Ashwina Bijoor, Ellen Bruce, Kerstin Bruchhaeuser, Monique Hanrath, Chase Harris, Carol Hodgson, Inka Pauls, Kirstin Podeschwik, Roxane Proulx Grade lOY - Fiona Doetsch, Gillian Hewitt, Julie Kang, Anja Miller, Jane Lougheed, Julie Waterhouse, Nicole Jackson Proficiency Standing: 75% and over, up to and including Grade 13 Grade 11 J - Stephanie Bartlett, Jane Basinski, Andrea Bruchhaeuser, Shelley Dattani, Sandra Halladjian, Paula Jardine, Judy Korecky, Julie Larouche, Catherine Lougheed, Wendy Mitchell, Anamari Rodero, Alison Schmidt, Milena Sigmund, Rachel Soar, Resa Solomon, Grade 12D - Elisa Campbell, Nichele Daniel, Diane Drouin, Chris Jodoin, Annabelle Mandy, Nicola Maule, Tara Moonje, Andrea Sheridan, Anna Sherwood, Yasuko Shimizu, Jane Uygur, Janet Walker, Krista Wedekamm, Susan Westley Grade 12H - Amy Bodkin, Sarah Drover, Nicola Grainger, Jenny Johnston, Laila Lalani, Valerie Sumner Grade 13 - Pui Jayanama, Kirsten Kearsley, Carolyn Laws, Jennifer Leblanc, Philippa Sheppard, Louisa Taylor, Lucy White PRIMARY SCHOOL 2-4 English - Samantha Tapping Math Computer Studies - Francois Drouin, Karim Ladouceur Science - Allison Whitney Art - Andre Kirchhoff, Vram Malek French - Diego Rodero JUNIOR SCHOOL 5-8 English Creativity Bernadette Sheppard Prize for Drama Music Art Math MacDonald Cup for Math for Effort Science Social Sciences Etudes Sociales French Grade 5-6 Grade 7-8 Latin Schultz Prize for Effort Junior Choir Prize LAIDLERCUP SOUTHAM CUP - Alysia Davies Genevieve Cimon - Kathleen Macauley - Camille Beauford Julia Ediger - Elizabeth Drent - Ricarda Rudolph - Samantha Mason - Shannon Robinson - Claudia Beltran - Caroline Brisson - Gillian Siebrasse Alexa Holmes - Dana Gellman - Christine Dawood - Laura Schmidt, Lisa Roberts - Lourdes Rodero SPORTS AWARDS Fauquier Junior Cup for Sportsmanship - Camille Bouchard Crowdy-Weir Bantam Sports Cup - Strachan McCarthy Dunlop Intermediate Sports Cup - Chase Harris 124 Wilson Senior Sports Cup Green Form Drill Cup Outstanding Athletic Performance Physical Education Gold Medal Maynard Sportsmanship Cup Inter House Sports Day Cup Diane Drouin Grade 12 Yasuko Shimizu Diane Drouin Resa Solomon Fry INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL 9 10 Rothwell Prize for English Intermediate Art French German (9-12) Math Gr. 9 Geography (for Geographie) History Gr. 10-12 Geography Science Latin Gr.9-12 Typing Prize Choir Prize (9-13) Carol Hodgson Jennifer Little Fiona Doetsch Fiona Doetsch Tara Morrison Pamela Home Gillian Hewitt Ellen Bruce Julie Waterhouse Julie Waterhouse Shena Riff Tara Morrison GRADES 11-12 English French Social Studies (History) Art Math Music Business Computer Studies Spanish (9-12) Chemistry (12-13) Physics(ll-13) Eileen Thomas Prize LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR ' S MEDAL FOR HIGHEST ACHIEVEMENT IN GRADE 12 Amy Bodkin Julie Larouche (tie Stephanie Bartlett) Anamari Rodero Elisa Campbell Yasuko Shimizu Yasuko Shimizu Ashwina Bijoor Jane Lougheed Annabelle Mandy Jane Uygur Milena Sigmund Nicola Grainger AWARDED TO Janet Walker GRADE 13 English French Math Biology (11-13) Social Studies (Economics) Harwood-Jones Cup for Classics McKee Fine Arts Cup Whitwill History Prize Elise Braithwaite Scholarship Jadwiga Basinski (Arts) Jadwiga Basinski (Sciences) GOVERNOR GENERAL ' S MEDAL FOR THE HIGHEST PROFICIENCY IN GRADE 13 Old Girls House Motto Prize - Fry House Head Awards: Fry Keller Nightingale Wilson Graham Form Trophy - Grade 6 All-Round Contribution to School Life Headmistress ' Prize for Independent Endeavour Ewing Cup for Character PHILPOT TOKEN SUMMASUMMARUM Philippa Sheppard Philippa Sheppard Carolyn Laws Carolyn Laws - Susan Westley (with honorable mention to Nicola Maule, Janet Walker) Anna Sherwood Andrea Sheridan Louisa Taylor (with honorable mention to Philippa Sheppard, Amy Bodkin, Annabelle Mandy, Anna Sherwood, Chris Jodoin, Sarah Drover, Jane Uygur) Diane Drouin Annabelle Mandy - Janet Walker Philippa Sheppard Chase Harris Philippa Sheppard - Kirsten Kearsley - Michele Friend Louisa Taylor Susan Campbell Philippa Sheppard Sandra Delvoie Pui Jayanama Louisa Taylor Elizabeth McClenahan I VsArom I HENRY W. CARRICK (IN MEMORY) J.R. GUNDY DR AND MRS. K.H. DOETSCH MR. AND MRS. T. D ' ARCY FINN DR. ANDMRS. C.J.MAULE JAN AND MILENA SIGMUND DIANE HILLARY ANONYMOUS DR. AND MRS. A.W.R. CARROTHERS THEMCCABES MRS. PEGGY MULYK DR. AND MRS. JEAN QUEVILLON DR. AND MRS. JEFFREY I. BERNSTEIN DR. PAULE BRISSON H. AND E. KIRCHHOFF MR. AND MRS. N.S. HEWITT MR. ANDMRS. ROBERTC. RICKERD OTTAWA STEREO HI-FI CENTRE Mrs. George Aldous Neil and Margaret Waterhouse Lucy McLauchlan Anonymous Flor A. De Salerno Mr. and Mrs. C. Koutsovasilis Shirley Carter F. Johnston Dr. and Mrs. Nordau Kanigsberg Mr. and Mrs. B.W. Tomlin Muriel and Steve Barber Jody O ' Brien Mr. and Mrs. R.G. McCienalian 126 RUG UPHOLSTERY CLEANING JANITORIAL CONTRACTORS STEAM CLEANERS LANDSCAPE MAINTENANCE DIVISION OF WAYNE J. LEPINE HEAD OFFICE - KANATA 592-2507 592-4647 PAGER: 593-0003 Fully Bonded and Insured PROPERTY MAINTENANCE CONSULTANTS EU1W00D COATS How IN STOCK AT THE YELLOW BALLOON 300 Elgin Street Ottawa Avoid the rush at ' back-to-school ' time CHOOSE your coat size early A deposit will HOLD IT UNTIL FaLL Alterations are available at The Yellow Balloon The Yellow Balloon Children ' s Clothing Toy Ltd. 300 Elrin Street. Otuw«. Ont K2P 1M3 232-9477 Come Home To A Real MeaP c 1984 MOTHER S RESTAURANTS LIMITED " 4 Montmil Rd. ( )tt;iwa 744-0121 HOURS OF OPERATION MON-THURS - 1 1 AM-1 AM FRISAT-ll AM-2AM SUNDAYS- 12 NOON-1 AM Re»ervatlont Recommended 225-8770 Mailing Addreu P 0 BOK 5440. Slstion OtUwa. Ont K2C 3J1 1107 Prince ot Wftles Dnve (al Hflfoni OlUwa Ontario K. E. Mitchell Man«(»r The Bank of Nova Scotia 129 SDarha Straat Ottawa, Ontario KIP 9T2 T«li Se6-2210 128 Congratulations IMKIMERIE ECO3 585 James St., Buckingham, Que. J8L 2R7 OTTAWA-HULL GATINEAU 663-0131 BUCKINGHAM 986-3322 Jean Drouin, Manager CONTACT 1 ATHLETIC LTD. RICK TYLOR 934 MELOCHC. DORVAL QUEBEC H9P 2T2 Bu«. (5 14) 63 1-2 1 10 Jo Brodic Sales R«fKeMf iiiive ntf9ii)er l jl Real Eslale Se ' v I JJ5 Cjiling Ave... re Suite 200 Onawa Oniar.o Hl 8Na 0 " iCe I61J1 ' 2S 1171 He! (613) 234 2653 THE PepPeR PqT 41 1 3Willi«fnSt. OtUM. Onl. KIN 629 T.I : 234-8689 130 XEROX Xerox Canada Inc. Carling Square II 785 Carling Avenue Ottawa, Ontario K1S 5H4 (613) 237-1731 ART ' S SMOKE SHOP Stationary - Gifts Artist ' s Supplies Post Office STUDENT LANDSCAPE DESIGN " Professional Work without the Professional Price. " 131 SUNSWEET ALLEN FOUBERT FOR ALL YOUR FUND RAISING NEEDS! Box 290 Munster Hamlet Ontario, KOA 3P0 HOWARTHS (OTTAWA) SPECIALIZING IN SCHOOL OUTFITS FOR PRIVATE AND PUBLIC SCHOOLS Howarth Inc. is a Canadian tradition. Thev have dressed generations of families beginning with school uniforms for private and public schools, both English and French, through to custom made suits and shirts. The sort of oufit that always looks right. Under one roof you can outfit the whole family. POLO-RALPH LAUREN, ESPRIT, LACOSTE FOR YOUNG LADIES AND MEN -SIZES 14-20 HOWARTHS (OTTAWA) Head Office: Branch: Branch: 1444 St. Catherine St. W. 89 O ' Connor Street Tor-Dominion Centre Montreal, Quebec Ottawa, Ontario Toronto, Ontario Tel: 861-9242-3-4 Tel: 236-4613 Tel: 363-0362 MOST MAJOR CREDIT CARDS HONOURED BEST WISHES FOR FUTURE J. C. THOMPSON, J. M. BRULE, R. M. HARRIS, R. E. KIGGINS, J. E. LIBBEY, G. W. SCOTT, J. D. WRIGHT raprAT 2 1 si Floor. Tow. erB. ■ LAAl Place de Villc. JAOlA l iy 112 Kcnl Street MARWICK Ottawa. Ontarid KIP .SP2 (61. ) 2. 7-2120 Ad 2418 Ian Roberts Inc. 6V2 " X 4V2 " PC-456, April 1985 We can knock your block of f. HARRIS COMPUTER SYSTEMS ' 6 Crc-Oit uriion Way Nepean Ontario K7H 3R6 829-8888 136 tradition . and a fut A lure lor AT BISHOPS IrVfVf KEPT THE BEST OF THE OLD WAYS AND INCORPORATED THE MOST PROMISING AND EXCITING OP THE NEW If you ' d like to know more about Bishop ' s University, contact: THE EDUCATIONAL LIAISON OFFICE. Bishoo ' s University Lennoxville. Quebec JIM 1Z7 Telephone: Toll ff— 1 800 667 2792 For your catering needs contact CAPITAL CATERING ® 72 en, 830 CAMPBtLL AVE . OTTAWA. ONT K2A 2C2 IS! spaiksst Ottawa ort contact lenses 563B05 NEW EDINBURGH BOOKS 3 BMchwood Ave. OHawa KIM 1M2 WE BUY AND SELL USED BOOKS D. Bethune 746-S282 QUINCAILLERie 7«9-5959 MARCWAPE JOLICOEUR 19 BEECHWOOD AVE . OTTAW . ONT K M 1M2 f- " «f 1 rtK Horn. ' jccfs-c " - ' , . 1 II 1 H.ird».irt- . 137 MOTHERS ' GUILD PURPOSE To assist the school wherever possible and to raise funds for the general benefit of the students and the school. Over the past year the Mothers ' Guild has donated $14,351 .00 to the school, allocated to the Junior and Senior Libraries towards the cost of the Junior School Climbing Frame, Montessori Mathematical Equipment, more Computer Hardware, a Camera and equipment for Samara and the Camera Club, China for use on social occasions, the Grade 9 Entrance Scholarship Runner Up and Merit Pins presented at the Closing Ceremonies. MEMBERSHIP Every Elmwood Mother is a member of the Mothers Guild, with an Executive of 15 to 17 members con- sisting of the President, Vice President, Past President (our Representative on the Board of Governors), Secretary, Treasurer, Clothing Shop Convenor and Members at Large. Major Fund Raising as for the Building Project is not part of the Mothers ' Guild mandate. ACTIVITIES The Super Sale And Raffle Held every April, this is our main fund raiser. YOUR SPRING CLEANING IS OUR SPRING SALE. In April 1985 we raised $11,000 from " junk " , " treasures " , plants, books and baked goods, all donated by you and from the sale of Raffle Tickets. We take this opportunity to thank everyone in the Elmwood Community for their help in 1985 and look forward to your help for and with future Super Sales. The Clothing Shop The hours are 3.00pm until 5.00pm each Tuesday during term (the Shop is located by Mrs. Chance ' s of- fice) and at other times during the year of which you will be given advance notice. Used uniforms (in ex- cellent condition) are sold on consignment but the majority of items are new and cover a wide range from socks to kilts. All profits from the Shop are put back into the school by the Mothers ' Guild. New items are sold only as a service to the school. No profit is made from them. SOCIAL EVENTS The Fall Welcoming Coffee and Dessert party for Mothers of new students, is sponsored by the Mothers ' Guild but we are in attendance at all functions, lending support, catering, pouring tea and generally being of help. SINCERE THANKS For donating the Raffle prizes for the Super Sale go to: NORDAIR, CN HOTELS, Michael Bedford Photography, Carriage Industries, Mrs. Holmes, Mrs. Ans Smith, Mrs. Margaret Laws, Donna Kearns Antiques and Textiles, Country Clover Craft Shop, Zip International, Mcintosh and Watts, Paradis Restaurant Supply, Mrs. Carolyn Adams. DIRECTORY NAME GRADE PHONE ADDRESS Adams, Jessica 2 3 741-8781 30 Birch Ave., Ottawa, KIK 3G6 Addison, Catherine 7 837-4894 66 Centrepark Dr., Ottawa, K1B3C1 Addison, Stephanie 4 837-4894 66 Centrepark Dr., Ottawa, KIB 3C1 Alyea, Heather 7 832-1305 R.R.I Dunrobin, Ontario, KOA ITO Al-Zand, Alia 5 6 563-0647 28 Sunset Blvd., Ottawa, KIS 3G9 Ambridge, Samantha 7 728-6243 81 McFarlane Ave., Ottawa, Kl Y 1M6 Andrew, Roshene 13 737-3325 3273 Southgate Rd, Ottawa, Kl V 7Y4 Anthony, Anne Marie 12 592-1895 50 Rutherford Way, Kanata, K2K 1N4 Arbuci le, Carrie 9 -692-3690 R.R.I River Rd., Manotick, KOA 2N0 Aronson, Jennifer 5 6 731-6306 15 Royal Hunt Court, Kl V 9L9 Assad, Tracy 7 746-4866 128 Acacia Ave., Ottawa, KIM ORl Bahubeshi, Manal 7 592-9097 8 Curran St., Ottawa, K2L 2R1 Bahubeshi, Mayada 2 3 592-9097 8 Curran St., Ottawa, K2L 2R1 Barber, Sheila 9 828-3971 14 Parkfield Cr, Nepean, K2G OR8 Barr, Linda 7 592-5887 904 Colson Ave., Ottawa, KIG 1R7 Bartlett, Stephanie 1 1 592-5887 56 Nanook Court, Kanata, K2L 2B1 Basinski, Jane 1 1 828-9361 25 Whitburn Cr., Nepean, K2H 5K5 Beaufort, Camille 8 731-2891 633 Bathurst Ave., Ottawa, KIG 0X7 Belton, Shawn 9 746-6620 2002 Glenfern Ave., Glouc, Kl J 6G8 Beltran, Claudia 7 749-5880 53 Amberly Place, Glouc, Kl J 7J9 Bernstein, Jasmine 4 731-7106 1 Boone Cr. , Ottawa, K 1 V 9N5 Bijoor, Ashwina 10 746-8286 15 Swans Way, Glouc, Kl J 8W7 Blais, Jennifer 9 728-8688 496 Westminster Ave., K2A 2V1 Bleeks, Debbie 8 729-9170 2063 Killarney Dr., Ottawa, K2A 2V1 Bodkin, Amy 12 729-8957 2087 Knightsbridge Rd., K2A ORl Bouchard, Camille 8 745-991 1 27 Rockcliffe Way, KIM 1B3 Bousquet, Elizabeth 4 233-8285 259 Clemow Ave. , Ottawa, K 1 S 2B5 Bousquet, George 2 3 233-8285 259 Clemow Ave., Ottawa, K1S2B5 Bousquet, Stephanie 8 233-8285 259 Clemow Ave., Ottawa, KIS 2B5 Brewer, Susan 13 731-9868 335 Frost Ave., Ottawa, KIH 5J1 Brisson, Caroline 6 776-2676 337 Riel Blvd., Hull, P.Q., J8Z IBl Brodie, Elanor 9 234-2653 22-290 Cathcart Lane, KIN 5C4 Brown, Zandra 10 741-0021 720 Carsons Rd., Ottawa, KIK 2H2 Bruce, Ellen 10 232-7265 178 Fourth Ave., Ottawa, KIS 2L6 Bruchhaueser, Andrea 11 731-5909 107 Gillespie Cres., Ottawa, Kl V OMl Bruchhaueser, Kirstin 10 731-5909 107 Gillespie Cres., Ottawa, Kl V OMl Burkhart, Holly 8 744-0008 334 Acacia Ave., Ottawa, KIM 0L9 Burkhart, Lee Ann 10 744-0008 334 Acacia Ave., Ottawa, KIM 0L9 Cameron, Amy 7 746-47 1 1 393 Maple Lane, Ottawa, KIM 1H7 Cameron, Susanna 8 226-5015 39 Amberwood Cr., Nepean, K2E 7C1 Campbell, Elisa 12 746-3399 39 Amberley PI., Glouc, Kl J 7J9 Campbell, Susan 6 824-4586 13 Burndale Rd., Glouc, KIB 3Y4 Carroll-Foster, Katrina 8 731-4619 123 Dorothea Dr., Ottawa, KIV 7C6 Carrothers, Tasha 12 230-4345 864 Echo Drive, Ottawa, KIS 5C5 Catterill, Alexandra 12 230-1745 290 St. Patrick St., KIN 5K5 Chaly, Betsy 8 824-8590 6329 Friargate, Orleans, KIC 1B3 Chaly, Maya 6 824-8590 6329 Friargate, Orleans, KIC 1B3 Chick, John 4 237-7370 104 Patterson Ave., KIS 1Y3 Cimon, Genevieve 8 233-4156 223 Fourth Ave, Ottawa, KIS 2L7 Cohen, Jennifer 10 749-9167 25 Davidson Dr., Glouc, Kl J 6L7 Cole, Nicola 9 Unlisted 39 Pineland Dr., Nepean, K2G 0E6 Cook, Kelly Ann 9 543-2456 Box 1 165, 76 Lakeshore, Morrisburg Corrin, Natasha O ' JA OC7Q vy oeiiwooa Ave., wttawa, kio loo Crate, Leslie 5 6 235-8100 64 Willard St., Ottawa, KIS 1T8 Cronk, Melanie 8 825-1253 14 Bajan St., Ottawa, K2J 2E6 Cronk, Vanessa 5 6 825-1253 14 Bajan St., Ottawa, K2J 2E6 Daniel, Nichele 12 824-9890 2710 Stone Cres., Ottawa, K2H 6Z1 Daniels, JoAnn 11 521-3755 1317 Fontenay Cr., Ottawa, KIV 7K5 Dattani, Shelita 11 726-1392 17 Burnbrook Cr., Nepean, K2H 9A6 Davies, Alysia 8 232-4636 61 Second Ave., Ottawa, KIS 2H4 Dawood, Christine 7 744-3728 2021 Quincy Ave., Glouc, Kl J 6B4 140 Dawood, David 2 3 744-3728 2021 Quincy Ave., Glouc, KIJ 684 Deacon, Jennifer 11 746-7316 1 1 2 Acacia A ve. , Ottawa, K 1 M 0P9 Delvoie, Sandra 9 741-2712 59 KilbarryCr., Ottawa, K1K0H2 deMercado, Anne 11 232-1252 165 Laurier Ave. E., Ottawa, K1N6N8 Desprey, Donna 12 729-8530 432 Mansfield Ave., Ottawa, K2A 2S7 Devlin, Katy 6 596-1806 14 Stinson Ave., Nepean, K2H 6M9 Dodge, Alexa 6 235-9427 3 Monkland Ave., Ottawa, KIS 1Y7 Doetch, Fiona 10 224-1470 1610 Apeldoorn Ave., Ottawa, K2C 1V5 Donoghue, Siobhan 9 741-4890 351 Springfield Rd., Ottawa, KIM 0K6 Drent, Elizabeth 6 745-9893 41 Dunvegan Rd., Ottawa, KIK 3G1 Drouin, Diane 12 986-5067 579 David St., Buckingham, J8L 2A8 Drouin, Francois 4 526-0345 4Garand Place, Ottawa, KIH 8M1 Drover, Sarah 12 745-8534 1882 Western Parkway, Vane, B.C. Dryde-Cripton, Stephanie 6 746-9191 P.O. Box 2453, St. D, Ottawa, KIP 5W5 Dunn, Amanda 6 684-9356 7494 Avenue Du Musee, Montreal, P.Q. Dunn, Meghan 8 234-0259 395 Daly Ave., Ottawa, K1N6H1 Ediger, Julia 5 6 741-1223 20 Crichton St, Ottawa, KIM 1V4 Edmison, Libby 7 744-1310 28 Belvedere Cross, Ottawa, K 1 M 2G4 Egan, Anik 7 746-7481 25 Rockcliffe Way, Ottawa, K 1 M 1 83 Eggarhos, Ruby 13 225-8521 9 Elmband Cr., Ottawa, K2G 3P8 Erb, Heidi 7 226-1041 1 1 1 Woodfield Dr., Nepean, K2G OAl Erb, Leonard 4 833-2625 1275 R.R.2 Cumberland, KOA ISO Esrock, Nina 7 234-3011 209 Fourth Ave., Ottawa, KIS 2L7 Evans, Susan 13 741-5736 1036 Riviera Dr., Ottawa, K1K0N8 Farrell, Marika 6 521-5317 1301 Pebble Rd., Ottawa, KIV 7R9 Ferri, Devi 9 728-5545 605 Parkdale Ave. , Ottawa, K 1 Y 1 J 1 Fincham, Rosemary 7 521-1317 503-251 Bank St., Ottawa, K2P 1X3 Finn, Martha 9 731-8960 1284 Parkhill Circle, Ottawa, K1H6K3 Forrester, Alexia 6 745-4698 389 Roxborough Ave., Ottawa, KIM OR7 Fortier, Shauna 2 3 746-8602 18 Middleton Dr., Ottawa, KIM 1B7 Fournier, Anne Marie 10 741-4452 790 Dunloe Ave., Ottawa, KIK0K4 Fournier, Julia 11 741-4452 790 Dunloe Ave., Ottawa, KIK 0K4 Frederking, Sara 4 749-5815 2030 Woodglen Cr., Glouc, Kl J 6G4 Friend, Michele 13 232-5698 103 Gilmour St., Ottawa, K2P 0N5 Gellman, Dana 8 729-0108 476 Melbourne Ave., Ottawa, K2A 1W3 Ghonima, Brigitte 12 733-2846 2 Gavin St., Ottawa, KIV 9.X3 Ghosh, Saree 10 829-7015 995F Morrison Dr., Ottawa, K2H 7L1 Gilbertson, Mary 6 741-1548 6 Middleton Dr, Ottawa, KIM 188 Goodman, Margaret 9 233-1797 92 Range Rd., Ottawa, KIN 8J5 Goracz, Stephanie 9 731-6895 1646 AmberdaleCr., Ottawa, KIH 7B3 Grainger, Nicola 12 741-1079 1962 Marquis Ave., Glouc, KIJ 8J4 Gray, Krista 11 725-0553 339 Sherwood Dr., Ottawa, KIV 3X2 Gray, Libby 10 741-0270 20 Juliana Rd., Ottawa, KIM IK3 Greenberg, Manya 7 770-2275 12 Algonquin, Aylmer, P.Q., J9J 1 A7 Greenwood, Caroline 5 6 731-1036 3331 Clearwater Cr., Ottawa, KIV 7S4 Grodde, Hester 744-1841 18 Maple Lane, Ottawa, KIM IG7 Grodde, Margaret 8 744-1841 18 Maple Lane, Ottawa, KIM IG7 Guilbeault, Melodic 12 778-0659 74Emond, Hull, P.Q., J8X 5S1 Gundy, Juliette 2 3 741-6146 12 Elmdale Ave., Ottawa, KIM 1 A4 Gundy, Stephen 4 741-6146 12 Elmdale Ave., Ottawa, KIM 1 A4 Haider, Caroline 8 731-9469 418 Smythe Rd., Ottawa, KIH 5A4 Halladjian, Sandra 11 239-2946 47 Burnett ' s Grove, Barhaven, K2J 1R8 Hamilton, Benjamin 3 820-0847 262 McClellan Rd., Nepean, K2H 8N8 Hamilton, Nicholas 4 820-0847 262 McClellan Rd., Nepean, K2H 8N8 Hankey, Nicola 10 235-0150 60 Queen Elizabeth Driveway, K2P 1E3 Hanrath, Monique 10 749-2275 150 Lakeway Dr., Ottawa, KIL 5B3 Hardie, Catriona 6 225-8864 86 Beaver Ridge, Nepean, K2E 6E4 Harewood, Patricia 5 6 224-0527 75 Birchview Rd., Nepean, K2G 3G3 Harris, Chase 10 839-3334 R.R.3, 22 Pineridge, Carp. KOA 1 LO Harwood, Lee Ann 7 746-9316 91 1 A Elmsmere Rd., Glouc, KIJ 8G4 Haydon, Elizabeth 7 226-5240 13 Deerlane Ave., Nepean, K2E6W7 Hayes, Louise 9 825-4679 28 PhylisSt., Nepean, K2J 1V2 141 Henderson, Julie 8 745-0610 Hewitt, Gillian 10 749-4538 Hill, Suzan 2 A t 0 C f 741-0890 Hillary, Lori 7 731-5421 Hirji, Nazlin -7 4d-4d41 Hodges, Jimmy 2 3 830-4635 Hodgson, Carol 10 445-5605 I I CC 1 A 1 Hoiienberg, Andrea 7 828-6992 I I Till Hogg, Jul Q 0 o3o-39jy Holbrook, Miranda 7 729-3000 Holmes, Alexa 8 746-5583 Horne, Pamela n y 745- U04 Hyde, Stephanie 5 0 4o-o398 Jackson, Nicole lu O " 3 O I O 0 James, Eliza 1 U 7 10 " 7 1 4y- J jy Jardine, Paula 1 1 Jayanama, Pui I i " 7 11 1 C I O 41-I540 Jeanjean, Catherine Q 8 7 TO AA ' )! Jo-UoZj Jodoin, Christine 1 Z Johnston, Jenny 1 0 1 Z LLj- oZO Kang, Julie HO- 1 DZr J Kang, Rosanne o y 7 1 A 1 A7 Kanigsberg, Lisa 7 on i i7r oZU- 14 U Kearsley, Kirsten 1 J CTT 7n7 1 Keen, Rebecca o oZj-Jo91 Kingdon, Jennifer 1 i j9z-44oU Kirchoff, Andrea i zZj-Z094 Kirchoff, Monica e J ZZj-Z0V4 Korecky, Judy 1 1 73 1-0925 Koutsovasilis, Tina 10 224-6674 Kronick, Jacob 4 727-0492 Ladoucer, Alexander z 235-1203 Ladoucer, Karim 4 1 C 1 AT 235-1203 Ladoucer, Savannah 7 C 1 AT 235-1203 Lalani, Dilshad 0 5Zj-j5o5 Lalani, Laila 12 523-3585 Lanctot, Andrea 9 824-5856 Lardner, Kim 2 O " A CO C £1 824-5856 Larouche, Julie 1 1 725-9294 Laws, Carolyn 1 i T Z 1 " VTA Leblanc, Genevieve 1 n Afi 1 7A1 LeBlanc, Jennifer 13 T1A AIAA 230-9300 LeMaguer, Laita 8 741-7855 Ling, Kim 10 746-1955 Little, Jennifer 8 523-8060 Loo, Patricia 1 1 521-4036 Lorimer, Gillian 10 234-8309 Lougheed, Catherine 1 1 839-5658 Lougheed, David 4 839-5658 Lougheed, Jane 10 839-5658 Macauley, Kathleen 1 Zj3-joZ5 MacFarlane, Allison o 0 11 1 TOT J l-z8zz Mahony, Christopher 2 3 in I AAA 737-4000 Malek, Shaghig A ' 4- 778 s ns Malek, Vram 2 778-8508 Mandy, Annabel 12 746-3186 Mandy, Antoine 4 746-3186 Marshall, Judy 9 224-2823 Maser, Esther 7 729-0612 Mason, Samantha 6 233-2236 Masters, Arthur 4 235-7568 Maule, Nicola 12 741-2923 333 Manor Ave., Ottawa, K1M0H6 387 Blair Rd., Glouc, Kl J 7M2 641 Clancy St., Ottawa, Kl J 7V1 30 The Masters Way, Ottawa, Kl V 9Y4 112 Montreal Rd., Ottawa, K1L6E6 1375 Turner Cr., Ottawa, K1E2Y5 R.R.3, Russell, Ontario, KOA 380 13 Glendenning Dr., Nepean, K2H 7Z1 R.R.3, Carp, Ontario, KOA ILO 116 Byron Ave., Ottawa, Kl Y 3J2 26 Belvedere Cr., Ottawa, KIM 2G4 551 Fairview Ave., Ottawa, KIM 0X4 102 Park Rd., Ottawa, KIM 0C2 339 Mountbatten Ave., Ottawa, KIH 5W2 457 Oakhill Rd., Ottawa, KIM 1 J5 14-C Arnold Dr., Nepean, K2H 6V9 6 Middleton Dr., Ottawa, KIM 1B8 447 Crestview Rd., Ottawa, Kl H 5G7 373 Laurier Ave. E., 302, KIN 8X6 2097 Navaho Dr., Ottawa, K2C 0V3 4 Swans Way N., Glouc, Kl J 6J1 4 Swans Way N., Glouc, Kl J 6J1 252 McClellan Rd., Nepean, K2H 7W9 49 Sample Rd., Ottawa, Kl V 9T9 70 Melville Dr., Nepean, K2J 2E1 7 Trotting Way, Kanata, K2M 1B3 1 144 Castle Hill Cr., Ottawa, K2C 2A8 1 144 Castle Hill Cr., Ottawa, K2C 2A8 439 Crestview Rd., Ottawa, KIH 5G7 1640 Ortona Ave., Ottawa, K2C 1 W5 2-84 Glebe Ave., Ottawa, KIS 2C3 258 Clemow Ave. , Ottawa, K 1 S 2B6 258 Clemow Ave. , Ottawa, K 1 S 2B6 258 Clemow Ave., Ottawa, KIS 2B6 24 Bennett St., Ottawa, Kl V 9L2 24 Bennett St., Ottawa, Kl V 9L2 1791 Bonaventure Terrace, Orleans 52 Beechmont Cr., Glouc, Kl B 4A8 13 Maplehurst, Ottawa, K2H 5A3 332 Fairmont Ave., Ottawa, Kl Y 1Y8 34 Union St., Ottawa, KIM 1R4 60 McLeod St. , 1005, KIM 1R4 761 Acacia Lane, Ottawa, KIM 0M9 571 Manor Ave., Ottawa, KIM OJl 10 Royal Hunt Crt., Ottawa, Kl V 9M1 2326 Wyndale Cr. , Ottawa, K 1 H 7 A6 188 Drimmond St., Ottawa, KIS 1K4 R.R. 1, Kanata, Ontario, K2K 1X7 R.R. 1, Kanata, Ontario, K2K 1X7 R.R. 1, Kanata, Ontario, K2K 1X7 206 Belmont Ave., Ottawa, KIS OWl 2467 Wyndale Cr., Ottawa, KIH 8J3 200 38 Owl Dr, Ottawa, Kl V 9P7 29 Athol Downe, Aylmer, P.Q., J9J 1B2 29 Athol Downe, Aylmer, P.Q., J9J 1B2 665 Bathgate Dr., 508, K1K3Y4 665 Bathgate Dr., 508, KIK 3Y4 4 Elmbank Cr., Ottawa, K2G 3P6 601 Westview Ave., Ottawa, KIZ 6E2 259 First Ave., Ottawa, KIS 2G5 65 Rosedale Ave., Ottawa, K1S4T4 14 Bedford Cr., Ottawa, KIK 0E4 Mazanji, Marty 5 6 448-2520 Mazanji, Zsolt 2 3 448-2520 Melick, Anne 13 523-2545 Miller, Anja 10 746-0581 Millington, Claire 6 776-3774 Mirsky, Jenny 7 741-8967 Mitchell, Wendy 11 733-0618 Molson, Jenny 7 731-0141 Montero, Kim 12 224-3846 Montgomery, Sara 13 748-3588 Moonje, Tara 12 230-6686 Morrison, Michelle 10 778-1972 Morrison, Tara 9 Unlisted Mulyk, Marina 12 733-1467 Murray, Virginia 7 729-8149 McArthur, Colin 4 749-4756 McArthur, Erica 2 749-4756 McCarthy, Strachan 7 733-2447 McClenahan, Elizabeth 13 733-2447 McConomy, Erin 8 748-3111 McGuffin, Heather 8 749-5042 McKenzie, Lynne 11 745-3839 McKnight, Stephanie 5 6 729-3729 McLachlan, Lucy 7 749-2538 McLaughlin, Michelle 10 523-0374 McLeod, Stephanie 8 749-4346 McQuinn, Jennifer 12 746-5015 Nodelman, Jordan 4 230-4116 O ' Brien, Erin 8 Unlisted Otupiri, Akua 4 825-0285 Palmer, Julia 12 594-9216 Pauls, Inka 10 521-7506 Pecher, Stephana 9 741-5090 Pettengeil, Zoe 7 824-8286 Podeschwik, Kirstin 10 837-4492 Pope, Jennifer 7 521-7307 Price, Stephanie 7 745-2982 Price, Pamela 8 745-2982 Proul.x, Roxane 10 PuUen, Jodie 12 224-4174 Purewal, Dilsheesh 9 748-7450 Quevillon, Melanie 6 824-0805 Ratcliffe, Katherine 7 746-3285 Reilly, Patricia 7 741-4857 Rickerd, Julie Anne 9 749-3619 Riddeli, Vanessa 7 746-3768 Riff, Michelle 7 744-2042 Riff, Shena 9 744-2042 Rioux, Sophie 8 722-0966 Roberts, Lisa 8 749-2680 Robinson, Shannon 8 521-4402 Rodero, Ana Maria 11 741-7399 Rodero, Diego 2 3 741-7399 Rodero, Lourdes 8 741-7399 Rodero, Pilar 10 741-7399 Roy, Josee 7 748-7881 Rudolph, Ricarda 6 830-3652 Salerno, Jacqueline 12 521-8157 Saryeddine, Tina 5 521-1216 Sauvageau, Marie Laure 4 827-1721 Schioler, Tegan 9 746-2231 Schmidt, Alison 11 741-1324 R.R.I, Hammond, Ontario, KOA 2A0 R.R.I, Hammond, Ontario, KOA 2A0 397 Crestview Rd, Ottawa, KIH 5G7 100 Carleton St, Ottawa, KIM 0G7 10 Saguenay Dr., Aylmer, P.Q., J9J 1 A5 38 Crichton St., Ottawa, KIM 1V4 23 Pentry Ln, Ottawa, KIS 0X1 429 Billings Ave., Ottawa, Kl H 5L5 1905 Garfield Ave., Ottawa, K2C 0W6 137 Avon Lane, Ottawa, KIM 1V2 208 Holmwood Ave, Ottawa, KIS 2P7 79 Brouage, Aylmer, P.Q., J9J 1 J5 21 St.Malo, Aylmer, P.Q., J9J 1J6 3203 Riverside Dr., Ottawa, KIV 8N8 369 Athlone Ave., Ottawa, KIZ 5M3 231 Park Rd., Ottawa, K1M0C9 231 Park Rd., Ottawa, K1M0C9 14 Birch Ave, Ottawa, KIK 3G6 2078 Thistle Cr., Ottawa, KIH 5P5 25 Lakeview Ave, Ottawa, KIM 2G8 240 Mariposa Ave., Ottawa, KIM 0T5 2022 Kingsgrove Cr., Glouc, Kl J 7Z1 214 Beech St., Ottawa, KlY 3T5 642 Gaines Dr., Glouc, Kl J 7W6 2334 Orlando Ave., Ottawa, KIH 7K1 2 Burrows Rd., Glouc, Kl J 6E6 624 Clancy St, Glouc, Kl J 7T9 96 Glebe Ave., Ottawa, KIS 2C3 286 BruyereSt., Ottawa, KIN 5E6 21 Spring Cress Dr., R.R.7, Nepean 139 Mason Terrace, Ottawa, KIS 0L2 18 Pattermead Cr., Ottawa, Kl V 0G2 27 Amberley Place, Glouc, Kl J 7J9 64 Bearbrook Rd., Glouc, KIB 3E2 15 Wedgewood Cr., Glouc, K1B4B5 2158 Beaumont Rd., Ottawa, KIH 5V3 30 Westward Way, Ottawa, Kl L 5 A7 30 Westward Way, Ottawa, Kl L 5 A7 641 Bathgate Dr., Apt. 312, KIK 3Y3 42 Parkgeln Dr., Nepean, K2G 3G8 25 Blue Heron Cr. , Ottawa, Kl L 8J7 6162 Voyageur Dr., Orleans, KIC 2W3 2032 Glenfern Ave., Glouc, Kl J 6G8 54 Crichton St., Ottawa, KIM 1V7 594 Duff Cr., Glouc, KIJ 7C5 45 Noel St., Ottawa, KIM 2A4 40 Davidson Dr., Glouc, KIJ 8V5 40 Davidson Dr., Glouc, Kl J 8V5 322 Lyon St., Ottawa, K1R5W6 1008 Adley Rd., Ottawa, Kl J 8B9 324 Fernwood Dr., Ottawa, KIV 7J9 211 Northcote Pic, Ottawa, KIM 0C7 211 Northcote Pic, Ottawa, KIM 0C7 211 Northcote Pic, Ottawa, KIM 0C7 21 1 Northcote Pic, Ottawa, KIM 0C7 307 Montfort St., 2, Vanier, KIL 5N7 60 Beechmont Cr., Glouc, K1B4A7 1599 Featherston Dr., Ottawa, KIH 6N9 34 Pattermead Cr. , Ottawa, K 1 V 0G2 Chemin Prud ' homme, Cantley, JOX ILO 19-39 Putnam Ave., Ottawa, KIM IZl 633 Gaines Dr., Glouc, KIJ 7W7 Schmidt, Laura 8 741-1324 633 Gaines Dr., Glouc, Kl J 7W7 Schreiber, Nyree 4 731-1083 2391 Jefferson St., Ottawa, KIH 7A2 Scott, Heather 12 226-5061 19 Lacewood Cr., Ottawa, KIH 7A2 Scott, Kathleen 7 729-5395 481 Island Park Dr., Ottawa, KlY 0B2 Scott, Suzanne 9 744-1139 243 Tudor Pic, Vanier, KIL 7Y1 Sheiner, Robin 6 594-3759 355B Elgin St., Ottawa, K2P 1M7 Sheppard, Philippa 13 237-2060 32 Imperial Ave., Ottawa, KIS 3E1 Sheridan, Andrea 12 822-2807 48 Ryeburn Dr., Box 719, R.R.5, KIG 3N3 Sherwood, Anna 12 741-6707 48 Kilbarry Cr., Ottawa, KIK OHl Shimuzu, Yasuko 12 824-9235 1046 Chablis Prk., Glouc, K1C2T4 Shipley, Martha 8 722-0896 618 Sherbourne Rd., Ottawa, K2A 3H1 Siebrasse, Gillian 7 232-0734 200 Powell Ave., Ottawa, KIS 2A5 Sigmund, Milena 1 1 737-4433 1819 Arizona Ave., 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Thacker, Tynan 8 741-4200 14-39 Putman Ave., Ottawa, KIM IZl Thompson, Hillary 2 27 l-l lQi 415 Wood Ave., Ottawa, KIM 1 J8 Throop, Chelsea 6 825-3139 38 Ettrick Cr., Ottawa, K2C IGl Tomlin, Paula 9 825-4477 4 Ettrick Cr., Nepean, I2J IGl Toth, Barbara 11 745-9372 275 Mariposa Ave., Ottawa, K1M0T4 Turner, Tania 9 684-5170 107 Anna St., Aylmer, P.Q., J9H 2N9 Uygur, Jane 12 592-6592 1 16 Penfield Dr., Kanata, K2K 1M3 Van Aerssen, Albertine 5 6 741-1455 50 Buena Vista Rd., Ottawa, KIM 0V2 Van Aerssen, Philip 2 3 741-1455 50 Buena Vista Rd., Ottawa, KIM 0V2 Varan, Nila 9 741-1607 26 Delong Dr., Glouc, Kl J 8N4 Vezina, Roxane 6 744-3626 737 Manor Ave., Ottawa, KIM 0E4 Walker, Janet 12 748-0005 19 Elmdale Ave., Ottawa, KIM 1 A3 Wallace, Una 7 733-821 1 1845 Camborne Cr., Ottawa, KIH 7B6 Waterhouse, Julie 10 Unlisted 41 Cortleigh Dr, R.R.2, Nepean, K2C 3H1 Wedekamm, Krista iz ly KiQgetieia ur., iNepean, is.zri oKo Westley, Susan 12 832-2378 R.R.I Barlow Cr., Dunrobin, KOA ITO White, Katherine 4 746-0826 231 Buena Vista Rd., Ottawa, KIM 0V8 White, Lucy 13 745-2746 38 Rothwell Dr., Glouc, Kl J 7G4 Whitehead, Allison 5 6 824-3315 6093 Forestglen Cr., Glouc, KIC 3L9 Whitney, Allison 4 256-2081 R.R.2, Swythamley Farm, Carp, KOA ILO Yang, Josephine 5 6 733-8260 94 Country Club Dr. , Ottawa, Kl V 9Y7 Young, Sarah 8 232-6751 104 Lewis St., Ottawa, K2P 0S7 Zander, Genevieve 8 226-5041 22 Silverwood Rd., Nepean, K2E 6Y3 144 Published by: JOSTENS NATIONAL SCHOOL SERVICES LTD. Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada II II I i i ■ i i i ii i 1 1 1 i| ■ I M i vi Hi I ■ ■ ' 1 1] j , i

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