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SAMARA, 1984 ELMWOOD SCHOOL 261 BUENA VISTA ROAD OTTAWA, ONTARIO KIM0V9 HEADMISTRESS ' S NOTE This was the year some of you will remember being interviewed on a building site, by a Head- mistress and Vice-Principal wearing hard hats and construction boots. I can only hope that as the year unfolded for you, life at Elmwood was quieter and cleaner than your first impressions! This was, above all else, a year of development for the school. In June 1983, the last kilted figure had scarcely wheeled her bicycle out of the old parking lot when the bulldozers moved in an d con- struction began on the largest expansion project Elmwood has seen since the school was founded. Residents of Rockcliffe Park watched all summer with bated breath to see if we would be ready to open in September - and we almost made it. Grades 7 8 spent two weeks at St. Columba ' s Church were the staff showed great inventiveness and initiative in running their programme out of what became known as " the branch office " . We were all very happy to be reunited, and to share the pleasures of new labs, libraries and classrooms. Almost a year later, we can hardly remember how cramped we were before the renovations were completed. For those of us who have been involved throughout the planning and implementation stages of the construction, the most satisfying aspect has been the reaction from many past and present Elmwood students and parents. " It ' s as if it has always been here. " Margaret White MRS. GUNDY ■ MRS. CHANCE Space - glorious space! With three beautiful bright, new, classrooms and a splendid new science laboratory, the junior school, like spring, is " bustin ' out all over. " And to celebrate, in February grade seven demonstrated their skills in a science fair, judged by four outside scientists and enjoyed by students and parents. Grade six had a three day outdoor education experience at Brown Lake in February. In May grade seven will investigate nature at Foley Mountain, and history in Kingston. Quebec City is once more on the itinerary for grade eight. Please don ' t think that the " junior Juniors " are neglected - their outings, though day trips only, have been numerous. With the additional grade six, the junior school is made up of nine bustling classrooms. It has been a most productive year. Being Vice-Principal at Elmwood involves having one foot planted firmly in the past, another planted firmly in the present and the third foot planted firmly in the future. This requires, and at the same time, illustrates the basic nature of the position - co-ordination. Since co-ordination is to a rather large extent a biological phenomenon, it is probably just as well that I spend a good deal of my energy maintaining the momentum of the two lively Biology courses at the upper end of the Senior School. That done, much of the remaining time is spent in co- ordinating the maintenance of the academic records, the requirements of the Elmwood Board and the Ontario Ministry of Education. On a day to day basis, attendance and the building must be monitored. Some students may require advice, assistance with options, or need some help in obtaining further guidance. As well there is the ongoing task of co-ordinating Elm- wood ' s growing participation in the International Baccalaureate programme. Students may require assistance with university applications, or letters from an academic referee. Timetables for, and the administration of, examination sessions must be dealt with. The course booklet, the timetable and the use of the facilities in the next academic year, all take up a portion of my " future " time. Fortunately, much of the above involves co- ordinating the co-operative efforts of Elmwood ' s staff and students. Having three hands as well as three feet helps! 5 TEACHING STAFF 6 Mrs. Gerspacher Mrs. Bellamy Mrs. Parker 7 8 GRADE 2 3 (Left to Right) Back Row: David Dawood, Sliauna Fortier, Sara Frederking, Alexis Madore, Jimmy Hodges, Zsolt Mazanji, Mrs. Gerspacher. Front Row: Stephen Gundy, Kate White, Jessica Adams, Christopher Mahony, Arthur Masters. Absent: Mayada Bahubeshi, Amanda Sumner, Arm Vejjajiva Arthur: My club is the T.D.K. - Tough, Destroying, Kids. Chris: I thinl Mrs. G. is cute. My mom is a real estate. Sara: My hamster ' s name is C.J., which stands for Christmas Joy. David: I am beautiful because everyone calls me a cute little boy. Mayada: I would like to have a small kitten. Jessica: Everybody thinks I ' m cute. Alexis: I had a dog, but it died. It ' s name was Maude. Zsolt: My favourite hobby is to catch a frog. Kate: I have a dog called " Scruffy " , the name suits her very well. Shauna: I think my cat, dog, and hamster are my favourite things. Stephen: I like candy, almost all kinds. GRADE 3 4 (Left to Right) Back Row: Georges Dawood, Chris Stefanski, Stephanie Hyde, Catriona Stuart-Bell, Julia Ediger, Nyree Schreiber, Jennifer Aronson, Akua Otupiri, Francois Drouin, Delf King, Mrs. Scott. Front Row: Marty Mazanji, Alison Whitehead, Leslie Crate, Charles Finlay, Oswald Bentinck, Sharan Singh, Johan Bentinck, Leonard Erb. Absent: Joshua Cundill, Natasha Mozes, Jessica Adams. Francois: My Favourite food is my mom ' s hotdogs. Johnny: My Favourite place is " Harvey ' s " . Julia: My Favourite colour is blue because it is soft and cute in some ways. Georges: My Favourite person is Mr. T. Sharan: My " Fravourite " T.V. show is everything. Joshua: My Favourite place is anywhere out of school. Nyree: My Favourite sport is basketball. Delf: My Favourite T.V. show is " Saturday Night Video " . Catriona: My Favourite people are my dog Misty and my family. Stephanie: My Favourite book is " Mrs. Mind Your Own Business " . ° Chris: My Favourite foods are butterscotch and " Whoppers " . Leslie: My Favourite thing is eating fishsticks after I play baseball. Akua: My Favourite person is Leslie Crate. Natasha: My Favourite sports are tennis and skiing. Oswald: My Favourite person is Sting from the Police. Allison: My Favourite games are video games. Marty: My Favourite breakfast is pancakes. Charles: My Favourite things are " Airwolf " and Disney World. Jennifer: My Favourite place is Israel. GRADE 5S Back Row: (Left to Right) Albertine Van Aerssen, Hadeel Shaikh, Amanda Dunn, Marika Farrell, Mary Gilbertson, Susan Camp- bell, Catriona Hardie, Alia Al-Zand, Emily Sender, Mrs. Schmidt. Middle Row: (Left to Right) Stephanie Dryden-Cripton, Samantha Mason, Caroline Greenwood, Vanessa Cronk, Stephanie McKnight, Josephine Yang, Kathleen Scott, Patricia Harewood. Front Row: (Left to Right) Katy Devlin, Erika Westman Rebecca Keen. Absent: Robin Sheiner, Tammy Brown. Alia, who loves to run with the wind. Susan, whose favourite subject is break. Vanessa, who enjoys music at home and at school. Katy, who might one day be a reporter. Stephanie, who dreams of riding a horse to the Rideau Centre. Amanda, who enjoys her time with her friends. Marika, who is always so full of energy. Mary, whose favourite pastime is riding Pushkin. Caroline who leads the Cabbage Patch craze. Catriona, whose smile is so cherry. Patricia, who one day would like to be an Olympic Star. Rebecca, who likes visiting the Governor General Samantha, who dogsits to have money to spend shopping. Stephanie M, who dreams about horses during math, dear me! Kathleen, who is looking forward to swimming this summer. Emily, who adores to go to parties after school. Hadeel, who likes to talk on the phone. Robin, likes to play with her new friends. Albertine, who loves eating popcorn. Erica, who is a Michael Jackson fan. Josephine, who actually said that she likes school! Good Morning Mrs. Schmidt! GRADE 60 (Left to Right) Back Row: Mrs. O ' Brien, Libby Edmison, Camay Cogiiian, Catharina Lewin, Vanessa Riddeli, Christine Dawood, Lori Hillary. Front Row: Zoe Pettengel, Nicola Hankey, Linda Barr, Hester Grodde, Nina Esrock, Mai Vejjajiva, Molly Finlay, Samantha Ambridge. Samantha: " Sammy Dave. " Good things come in small packages. " Linda: " Butch. " Sorry, Sorry! Camay: " Maycay. " Wahaha, Libby. Christine: " Chris " Bien oui, okay? Libby: " Libs " Nice try, Bubba Joe. Nina: " Nin Bin. " No I don ' t! Molly " Mol. " Oh, ma gosh! Hester: " Hess " Vanessse . . . Nicola: " Nick " I ' m SO depressed Lori: " Hill Junior " Fine. Don ' t say Hi. Zoe " Ziggy " Guess what? Vanessa: " Vanesse " Hessse . . . Mai: " Mi " My average is going down! Mrs. O ' Brien: " Mrs. O ' .B. " Oh, for crying in the sink. 13 GRADE 6W Back Row: (Left to Right) Josee Roy, Esther Maser, Patricia Reilly, Stephanie Price, Heather Alyea, Andrea Hoffenberg, Mrs. Leslie Wires. Front Row: (Left to Right) Sara Walicer, Savannah Ladouceur, Catherine Addison, Manal Bahubeshi, Michelle Riff, Kathleen Macauley, Genevieve Leblanc, Rosemary Fincham. In the years to come we will remember our year in Grade 6 by these special events. Catherine ' s performance of Mary with a cabbage patch kid, " baby Jesus. " Heather playing recorder at the U.S. Ambassador ' s Party. Manal learning to skate. Rosemary making a birthday cake for Mrs. Wires. Andrea practising recorder almost every break. Savannah hobbling on crutches. Genevieve poring over horse books. Kathleen ' s artistic writing on invitations to our Roots Day Celebration. Esther organizing a celebration for Mile. Stratford ' s wedding. Stephanie ' s diving performance at the R.C.M.P. pool. Patricia ' s speed skating on the rink by our classroom. Michelle ' s story of Hannukah in prayers Josee with her markers adding colour to a snow dragon - incroyable! Sara smiling and revealing her new braces. Oh, the special friendships, the laughter and tears, the excitement of Brown Lake, we ' ll remember for years. GRADE 7B 4 ! CI Back Row: (Left to Right) Catherine Jeanjean, Camilla Bouchard, Erin McConomy, Caroline Haider, Julie Henderson, Christina Jaeger, Heidi Staseson, Stephanie McLeod, Mrs. Bellamy Front Row: (Left to Right) Shannon Robinson, Genevieve Cimon, Lisa Roberts, Heather McGuffin, Jill Hogg, Sophia Southam, Melanie Cronk, Laita LeMaguer. Absent: Morven Black, Erin O ' Brien. Class 7B Catherine: Kit Kat Jean-Jean, " Ooh! Thats so nice " . Camille: Carma Camillian, " That ' s cool! " Caroline: Carrot, " I forgot what I was going to say! " Julie: Jules or Jerm, " Pink-Stylish. " Chistina: Chris, " No way, Bubba Jo! " Heidi: Heids, " No, no, no, no,! " Stephanie: Stephers, " Don ' t ask me! " Shannon: Shanny " That sucks! " Genevieve: " What was for homework? What was for homework? I am not hysterical! " Lisa: Weezer, " aw come on you guys! " Heather: Fuzzy McMuffin, " You ' re weird! " Jill: Jilly bean, " Oh No! " Sophia: Morse, " Nothing ' s gonna happen! " , Melanie: Melon, " I do not! " Liata: Liasha Le mugger. Mrs. Bellamy: " That ' s a Smartie word! " Erin: " Don ' t be a nerd! GRADE 7M (Left to Right) Back Row: Mrs. McGregor, Alison MacFarlane, Laura Schmidt, Pamela Price, Tynan Thacker, Dilshad Lalani, Suzan Al-Dairi, Genevieve Zander. Front Row: Elizabeth Cundill, Sarah Young, Sophie Rioux, Alysia Davies, Katrina Carroll- Foster, Margaret Grodde, Alexa Holmes, Lourdes Rodero. Absent: Holly Ann Burkhart. Suzan; Friendly, helpful and pretty; wants to be a doctor. Holly: Kind, pretty and nice all in one. She wants to find a cure for cancer. Katrina: A smart girl who wants to be a lawyer. She loves Chinese food. Elizabeth: " When is this period going to end? " Wants to be a dentist. Alysia: Best reader in the class. She could be a model and loves Frank Veteres. Margaret: Last minute cramming! " Guys, they think we ' re computers or something. " Alexa: Our favourite brown eyed Alexa, smart and cute. Wants to be a lawyer. Dilshad: Our fantastic mathmatician and official page finder. Allison: " Good grief I give up! " She wants to be a librarian and has never been seen without a book. Pamela: Wants to be a computer technician, but will probably be a video game ace. Quiet but always t Sophie: Our pretty, bright brunette destined to be a famous actress, get her autograph now! Lourdes: " Oh look that squirrel is SO cute! " Our yearbook rep is cute herself! Laura: " Get real! " 7M ' s future entymologist. A friend to all. Tyran: " I knew that. " Wants to be a psychiatrist for orangutans and likes eating fried frog fritters! Sarah: " Should I call Bruce? " Our dance rep. loves her job. Genevieve: " I ' m superb, wonderful, kind macho, modest . . . " Our future pro-skier Mrs. McGegor: " O.K. girls, spread out and let ' s gooo!! " 16 GRADE 8D (• 1 ■ t II 1 ■ H Back Row: (Left to Right) Nicky Cole, Melinda Hamlyn, Dilsheesii Purewal, Elaine Stalter, Julie-Anne Rickerd, Kyna Rigal, Tegan Schioler, Helen Gilber tson, Elanor Brodie, Shawn Belton, Mrs. du Plessis. Front Row: (Left to Right) Andrea Lanctot, Sheila Barber, Alex Stevens, Martha Finn, Stefanie Pecher, Jackie Morphy, Lynn LaPlante, Nadine Tremblay. Absent: Nila Varen. Melinda: Milly, Milly, why are you so dilly? Dilsheesh; is always nice and neat - her desk looks a treat. Elaine: Elaine keeps us all sane. Julie: when you brush your hair you make us sigh with despair. Kyna: my good friend Kyna always laughs like a hyena. Tegan: Twiggy, Twiggy always loving Ziggy. Helen: Helen, Helen full of cheer - you really are a dear. Elanor: When Elanor tows the line she always says it ' s fine. Shawn: Shawny how we love you, dear old Shawny Nicky: Nicky, oh Nicky, you ' re so persnickety Andrea: Andrea under your calm smile, there ' s quite a lot of guile. Sheila: Sheila is a very nice girl who likes to wear a necklace of pearl. Alex: Alex ' s hair is so fair, it makes us want to stand and stare. Martha: when sports are in, there ' s Martha Finn. Stefanie: when Stefanie leaves for Ashburry she ' s always in a hurry. Jacky: Jackie, Jackie with clothes so wacky Nadine: Nadine, Nadine how you love the Queen. Nila: Nila has a ready smile, her good advice will go a mile. Lynn: Lynn we look with delight when on your face a smile alights. GRADE 8M L ' ' if (Left to Right) Back Row: Jennifer Blais, Shena Riff, Paula Tomlin, Shelby Edison, Devi Ferri, Tina Jacquot, Lisa Hillary, Tania Turner, Sandra Delvoie, Mrs. MacDonald. Middle Row: Siobhan Donaghue, Katie Lafferty, Diane Burgess, Nicole Jaques, Judy Marshall, Margaret Goodman, Susan Evans, Alexa Dodge, Tara Morrison. Front Row: Eva Minnies, Fiona Adams. 17 WAYS TO DISPOSE OF THE TUNIC AFTER LEAVING GR. 8 - lining for a birdcage. - a noose for a murdered teacher, (or a coffin lining) - send it as a death wish to your ex — . - shred it and clean shoes. - typewriter cover - maternity gown for a pregnant peguin. - fire starters. - a bath or shower curtain, (or a bath mat.) - send it to Landsdowne park for Astroturf. - cut it into strips and use it as a Christmas tree. - sew the bottom and use as a garbage bag. - attach to a piece of wood and use as a cat scratcher. - stuff and use as a scarecrow. - hunting camouflage. - hang on door and use as a burglar alarm. - use it to clean chimneys. - use it for a tent with sky lights. 18 re you absolutely sure this works better than licupuncture . . . No, but it is cheaper. 19 ii GRADE 9E (Left to Right) Back Row: Miss Eamen, Tina Koutsavasilis, Raquel Brown, Michele McLaughlin, Julie Waterhouse, Claudia Fer- nandini, Julie Kang. Front Row: Jackie Likins, Ellen Bruce, Jennifer Cohen, Caro Molson, Nicole Jackson, Pat Roberts, Kim Ling. Absent: Ashwina Bijoor, Samantha Black, Lee Anne Burkhart, Eliza James, Gillian Lorimer. 9E: Pot Pourri Ashwina: Zesty, enthusiastic, wry humour, " That ' s real dry! " Raquel: Flamingo pink, " The Police " schizophrenic, St. Donat fling. Ellen: Duranorama, Tigger, Giraffa, " No comment " goldfish, Eurthmics. Jennifer: Might Miget, Pokie, " oh my God! " franglais, I ' m throwing away the key " (to Mrs. Peat) Claudia: LyceeClaudel, Serge, " Vamos a la playa " , sleepyhead, Gollywog. Nicole: Fred, Ziggy with glasses, bumpy back trails and broken glasses. Eliza: " corporate queen " J.E. " Don ' t talk to me about Latin! " Remington! Julie: purple, shady character. Pierce Brosnan, " Dallas " , shrink. Tina: " Zeus " sunny smile, People, my words are important! " Patiki Gumba Jackie: Preppie, flurries, G.S. bequilles, 99 Luftballoons, Cameron, pizza Kim: " Gumby, " tardy, taciturn, Y,M.O. " chipmunk " Gillian: Boy George, blue. Goldilocks, " row your-boat " walkman repairer Michele: blue, David Bowie, Mish-Mash, " I ' m going on a man hunt. " Caro " Acorn - Bottlecap, " Kermet, Men at Work, Volvox, slides. Pat: " Farid " G.S. " That ' s vile! " , squid-hater, head trail Julie: purple, " Gugie " Rob, Odie, Karma Khameleon, Waterhose humour. Samantha: Edinburgh, bashful, I still haven ' t learned Cnd. Geog. good girl 21 GRADE 9S (Left to Right) Back Row: Anja Miller, Zandra Brown, Vicky Grossmann-Hensel, Chase Harris, Saree Ghosh, Anne Marie Fournier, Carol Hodgson, Gillian Hewitt, Mme. Seguin. Front Row: Michelle Hearn, Matilde Hahn, Fiona Doetsch, Jane Lougheed, Roxane Proulx, Michelle Morrison, Pilar Rodero. Absent: Britta Dunwald. Zandra: I did do my German homework. Fiona: You are stupid, lazy and unorganized, from your jealous class mates. Britta: Ashbury boys are so . . . so . . . !? ? Anne Marie: " Cause it ' s a THRILLER! " Saree: My ponytail is growing see? Vicky: Educated guess Mathide: But I ' m not sloppy Chase: I met this guy in Mexico, he was sooo gorgeous, what a bod! Michelle: You won ' t believe who called me last night! Gillian: S.A.P. (students against prayers) Carol: I read the books on my farm. Jane: Kicks the volleyball. Anja: Drama is my life and my life is drama. Roxane: Would Duran Duran like me? Pili: I failed that test! Michelle: Thank God I didn ' t see Conehead the Ashburian today! Lee Anne: Those wild Californians! 22 I GRADE lOH (Left to Right) Back Row: Rachel Soar, Milena Sigmund, JoAnn Daniels, Alison Schmidt, Nisreen Al-Dairi, Waffa Istephan, Anne deMercado, Mrs. Hoy. Front Row: Julie Larouche, Stephanie Bartlett, Sandra Halladjian, Susan Liddle, Napa Vejjajiva, Catherine Lougheed, .Ana Maria Rodero. Mrs. Hoy: Who ' s Michael Jackson? The Fall Guy. Anne: Aw, You guys! Kinkee! MRS. D. FYFE. Waffa: Sweet and sassy. The library is my home from home. Any which way but loose. (Where ' s the bra) Nisreen: Try for the Olympics! Where are the cookies, Nisreen. 10 or grade 4 . . . Really! AHson: Oh Anne! Turn around Alison! Joanne: Jo-balls, Danyuck, Harlequin writer of 10-H. MRS. STEELE. Milena: How much of tonight ' s homework can I finish at lunch. Rachel: (alias Billie Jean) Wenceslas, MRS. M. JACKSON. 5 more minutes Mrs. MacDonald Julie: More or less plus ou moins! Say! Say!. Yelp (dog) Stephanie: Super sexy steph stockings -- MRS. M. JACKSON II? 3 ... 2 ... 1 ... 0. Sandy: Tester of the Cruise Missile. If we don ' t do all the " Right Moves " , we ' ll be in " Risky Business " . Susan: Only 105% on a Spelling Test? English pet. Napa: Napa, napa, napsack. Trendy teenager. Cathy: Rapunzul. The uptown girl. Anamari: Locking Miss Straford out of the class! Qui moi? GRADE 10 J (Left to Right) Back Row: Virginia Robinson, Julia Fournier, Jennifer Deacon, Judy Korecky, Wendy Mitchell, Meredith Wright, Barbara Toth, Mrs. James. Front Row: Paula Rogers, Lynne McKenzie, Jane Basinski, Mary-Ann Fulga, Krista Gray, Satsuki Okada. MEMORIES " I ' m getting glasses, really Mrs. Peat. Snafu. I need gum! I love the drumsticks. Who-lee-o, we have to . . . About the size of your wrist. I don ' t shave my legs ' cause it keeps my socks up. Room 818 . . . Room 2024 . . . Room 43. Craig . . . Ohio on the beach . . I ' m not wearing any make-up! Murphy-Jeeze, I ' m not impressed. Is that hard enough? Uh, what does that mean? Quasi, Gavin, it ' s my birthday! Mrs. James . . . " Girls, what ' s in the desk drawer? " Baracading the class door, ORANGES, slumber parties at the green- house, and stale doughnuts the morning after. " Beat it " . . . music always, party always. Pappy, pappy. Keith and the boys, D V ' s. Class Motto: S F M. 24 GRADE 1 1 J Back Row: (Left to Right) Gloria Ancona, Janet Walker, Susan Westley, Krista Wedekamm, Yasuko Shimizu, Anna Sherwood, Chris Jodoin, Diane Drouin, Chanteile Brown, Ms. Johnston. Front Row: (Left to Right) Andrea Sheridan, Keliianne Folk-Parish, EHsa Campbell Nicola Maule. Sarah Molson, Annabelle Mandy, Maria Mak, Alexandra Carrothers, Melodie Guilbeault. Career Residence Husband Kids Chanteile: sex therapist " Javanna " killed in action only boys Chris: soap columnist London Boy George with George? Diane: Basketball star Buckingham Palace owner: Di ' s Eats born in gym Krista: nuclear physicist PHD Oxford lab rat mice Janet: hair graphicanalyst Saudi Arabia Ricardo are you kidding? Anna: orator Lake Geneva her one and only runny-nosed Sarah: birdwatcher Old Chelsea boyscout greg-arious Maria: " dealer " not known yellow toothed 0 Yasuko: translator Tokyo Sumo wrestler volleyball team Tasha: English professor Vancouver Monty Python well-brought-up Nicola: business woman Rockcliffe civil servant 2.7 Elisa: travel agent The Bronx car dealer minus Gloria: tutu saleswoman backstage Baryshnikov nooo! Melodie: PrimeMinistress Aylmer the man called Sam hyperactive Andrea Le Bon ' s dietien Liverpool tailor carrots Susan: taxi-driver one step closer Ralph Lauren polo ponies Annabelle: black belt Vanier Stiv Bators pun-ished Keliianne: exotic dancer Las Vegas Which? chorus line Ms. Johnston: suffragette Parliament Hill househusband liberal 25 GRADE 1 1 S (Left to Right) Back Row: Viviana Gentile, Yvonne Tron, Monica Gonzalez, Brigitte Ghonima, Fiona Murray, Nadia Jacquot, Jodie Pullen, Donna Desprey, Mile. Stratford. Front Row: Nicola Grainger, Jenny Johnston, Cindy Rhodes, Anne-Marie Anthony, Alexandra Catterill, Heather Scott, Amy Bodkin. Absent: Sarah Drover, Laila Lalani, Anna Weltman. Donna: There is less oxygen in high places. Nicola: The most talkative person in class. Jodie: She ' s a maniac! Brigitte: Long live the Civvies Day! Laila: Money, please! Anne-Marie: The Mad Driver who shops on bridges for A. Heather: How is your essay. Heather? Fiona: Reggie Reject, the Ashbury prefect. Cindy: The only person who can make a jeep go around a corner on two wheels. Nadia: The Green Sock Lady! Where did you get that sexy dress? Sarah: So, what seems to be keeping you away from school, eh? Anna: The second most talkative person in class. Alex: What were you doing on the couch? Tony? Bis? Amy: 30 dozen dough nuts, wow! Jenny: Second baby, huh? Viviana: How are the guys in Nova Scotia? Monica, Yvonne: The Mexican Connection. GRADE 12H (Left to Right) Back: Lucy White, EHsabeth Preston, Susan Brewer, Carolyn Laws, Ruth Martin, Middle: Mrs. Heacock, Noel Ikeda, Anne Melick, Kirsten Kearsley, Karen Looye, Quentin Woloschuk, Susan Evans, Louisa Taylor, Sara Montgomery, Elizabeth McClenahan. Front: Rocio Montero, Michele Friend, Pui Jayanama, Philippa Sheppard, Adrienne MacLeod. Absent: Beth Atkinson. " Good Morrow . . . are you Vivian Leigh? No entiendo. Puism. Bierkrug — empty or full? " Ici la f . . . soup! " FIND ME. It ' s finally over, girls. Sleu . . . now I can go home and sleep. Who stole my hot chocolate? RM . . . Oooo Toronto! SM2 . . . let ' s party, fer sure. Noey . . . can I use my dictionary? It ' s about time for another bakesale . . . not another blooming barely bear! worldbarf . . . can Elizabeth come to the phone? Boy Sue . . . Bethrums - I sleep with my volleyball. Louila: sounds and signs. Hawaii . . . googly eyes. Plain Jane works out. Notice how we ' re always at school? Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. Tipping at the Bohemian, after a night on the Towne. Dizzy Miss Lizzie. It ' s merely a question of semantics. To sleep, perchance to dream . . . stoned Angel. This will go in Samara. " After all, tomorrow is another day. " 4 27 MAUREEN ASSALY Maureen can easily be referred to as the veteran Elmwoodian of Grade Thirteen as she came to our hallowed halls in Grade Two! She is well known for her punctuality - you can always count on an 8:40 arrival or maybe even an exact 8:45 squeaker. Also, with every lunch bag a surprise of sliced carrots and cucumbers. The clarinet was played effortlessly by Maureen for the school band, the tennis team was her favourite activity but we must not forget her participation in the " Knots Landing " discussion group within the Grade Thirteen Common Room. Often after the March Break a noticeable tan returns with Maureen as a reminder of Casablanca, Jamaica or Brazil. This year you could see Moe driving off into the sunset in her blue Saab. Throughout her many years at Elmwood Maureen was always friendly and ready to listen. Take care and best of luck in your studies with Early Childhood Education at Algonquin. TERESA BASINSKI Teresa joined the Elmwood Gang in grade ten. For the first while Teresa " seemed " quite studious and reserved with a passion for " Romance " novels. However, that was soon to change so that by grade eleven Teresa had been totally converted into the craziriess that is distinctly Elmwood ' s. Teresa will be remembered for her concern, for her solidarity, her addiction to TAB, her valiant effort as a chapel monitor and her love for Perrier or is it Perry, eh? As Elmwood ' s resident history buff, Teresa was a member of our Reach for the Top and Student Commonwealth Conference teams. Her incredible knowledge of dates and world affairs helped Elmwood make credible showings in both instances. Teresa was asked to be a representative of the Ottawa All-Star team that represented the region against a team from Lahr, West Germany. When not correcting History Textbooks Teresa was actively involved in Drama for three years. It is not often one meets someone like Teresa, she ' s a real friend, we ' ll miss you, GOOD LUCK in whatever you do. ELISE BRAITHWAITE Elise has been at Elmwood since Grade Eight and has survived all the way through to Grade Thirteen. Known for her great running ability she has been a longstanding and successful member of the Elmwood Track Team and has also competed individually with great results. A member of the infamous 10-J she actively took part in kilt-snatching, water fights and the great TALENT SHOW. In grade twelve she was a member of the pound committee (better known as the " anyone seen the key " club). Elise will always be remembered for her " Somewhere over the rainbow " and lunchtime assessments, " Chicken Soup? Yuck, its full of monosodium glutomate " Her ease with languages, " I know judo. Karate and all those oriental words. " and " I ' m a student from St. Donut. " We ' ll never forget you Elise, so Good Luck in the future and we may someday see an Elm- wood alumnus on the Olympic podium. 30 CAROLYN CLENDENNING " Fish " can frequently be found standing at the top of Cote Vavier waiting for a " friend " . . . Zowie isn ' t it? One of this " Welch " girl ' s other exotic hobbies includes a certain male of recent German descent, though it is still to be seen whether HIS hobbies begin with the letter " C " OR " L " ! In any case, Carolyn would like to thank Mrs. Heacock, Mrs. Doetsch, and especially Ms. Johnston for all their help. We hope that C.H. takes care, and that we can catch her in the Louvre in the future. With much love, and best don ' t-beat-me-up wishes, Helene ( " Hen " ) and Janie. JENNIFER CONNOLLY " Jenni " arrived in a dizzy whirlwind in the middle of Grade 12 - keen and eager to learn. Back then, nothing could quench her thirst for knowledge, not even her rendez-vous at Pinto. Since then Jen-Jen has enjoyed a wild and varied life-style. She can often be seen pulling up to school on Saturday (with band-aids on finger-tips) or jogging to Philosophy for a deep discussion on rabbits, shrews, and other party animals. She hopes to continue her studies as a connoisseur of fine Spanish wines. When Jennifer is not in church, she can be found in the kitchen baking brownies for or- phans. GOOD LUCK BOOMBIE! SHEILA CONNOLLY Sheila came to Elmwood in September. We haven ' t seen her since but she has promised an appearance at the formal. Sheila will be remembered most for her less than conservative hairstyle and her drumming talent at Elm- wood ' s best dance. If Sheila can ' t be seen at school, try looking for her in Carp, fast asleep, " waiting for Jennifer to warm up the car. " Sheila ' s " with it " hairstyle has caused a sensation among the Elmwood juniors. She has earned their admiration through wearing leather, having a " neat " haircut and becoming a member of the " Delf and Charles " Fan Club. The juniors and seniors will miss you, and so wilj the teachers. 31 KATIE DICK Katie first appeared at Elmwood, fully freckled, in grade seven. Since then, though no less freckled, she has never let us forget her presence through smiles, tears and laughter: quiet but deadly. Katie always excelled at academic and social studies and this year surprised everyone, including herself, by joining the athletic rowing team. She contributed largely to the school yearbook in grade twelve as Advertising Editor, and soon helped to assume the roles of co-ordinator, co-editor, and co-coffee maker. A conscientious prefect, she assumed her duties with characteristic good humour and good jokes. Katie, have you driven a Ford lately? Next year Katie plans to study at McGill, and hopes to pursue law, happiness, her key and law students. You ' ve come a long way, baby. Congratulations Desperado. " Though it ' s past now, And the words start to fade, All the memories I have. Still remain. " PAULA GILBERT Paula has been extremely active in all aspects of School Life and was always willing to help anyone with any " little " problem. Ever since her arrival at Elmwood in Grade Seven, she has been a sports fanatic and a member of every sports team with the exception of rowing which clashed with two other sports. We have all winced at her lack of concern for. her personal safety, " It ' s a bird . . . it ' s a plane ... no it ' s Paula diving for the ball!! " After school she could be seen clad in an Elmwood track suit and running shoes, ready to " hit " the streets of Rockcliffe Park for the greater glory of Elmwood. In her years at Elmwood Paula has been the school ' s Sports Captain, the Sports Editor for Samara, Head of the Sui Sang Club, and now the Prefect in charge of Nightingale. She plans to go on in Physical Education and Psychology at Ottawa University. Is that where Chris de Burgh is studying, Paula?! CYNTHIA HUGHES Cynthia came to us ' BOMP BOMP PSH PSHV(in her preppy way from Toranta in grade 12.) Since then the school has benefited from her humor, her academic achievements and her sports " presence " . Her superior talents as an overall athlete made an impact on all the games she participated in. Her natural ways and quiet leadership abilities, as demonstrated by her election as Senior Prefect, have brought her both immediate popularity and lifelong friendships. Her love for " MENALONI " and GUITO SCELIZZI drove her to " twisting by the pool " , but Coca-Cola will always be NUMERO UNO with her. She will always be remembered for her " moving " mess in the corner. We saw the true Cynth come out at St. Donat when WE GOT THE BEAT in broomball and dieting. Best of luck in your future lives ... the one commodity you will probably never need. MARION JONES Marion has been terrorizing Elmwood since Grade Five (nine long years!) and is one of the few survivors to make it to Grade Thirteen. Marion is notorious for her recent globetrotting with or without horses. Contrary to popular belief, Marion is not really a science person, and has been known to blow up the lab on more than one occasion. Through the years, Marion has made her mark with the Drama Club, the Commonwealth Conference and various sports clubs. As any victim of Grade Thirteen " Fizzyx " could testify, her sudden outbursts of Monty Python ' s ANNE Elk, managed to bring us out of our comas. Marion plans to move up in the world and study Commerce at Trinity next year. JANE LAWSON A note from Chris Fiona: Janie has returned! When asked why, she replied; " Wooky-fine, with a ' w ' " . Zoot (saxophone enthusiast), wishes to major in Huggology at Queen ' s (to avoid fracturing ribs) Janie ' s patent of the ' monosodium glutamate soup glove ' will soon be as popular as the commonroom ghettoblaster. A note from Janie: Bissy: Tahiti to ya! Fiona: Special thanks for one-way streets, 40C meals and skillful vacuuming! Cool runnings dreadlocks . . . More time Fi ' ! Following a visit, one is obliged to write a " bread and butter " letter. It says: Thank you for the nice stay, nice hospitality, and nice company. If one has REALLY enjoyed their visit, one might say: You have a nice home. Dear Elmwood, Thank you for the nice stay, nice hospitality, and nice company. Sincerely, Janie Lawson P.S. You have a nice home. Domini pax vobiscum. CHRISTINE KELLY Chris enjoys her daily intake of sunflower seeds and she has been SO en- thusiastic about becoming a " slave to her body " that she ' s rarely seen in the common room. (Rain or shine) Her journeys to the big T.O. have brought us memorable moments (the language teacher . . .) the never-ending repititions of " wanna go for a coffee? " " Oh, don ' t worry I have money, " have inspired us to create the perfect " Irish " coffee. Chris ' s faithful devotion to Functions and the Losers ' Club, has impressed all who dropped the course. SPEECH! SPEECH! Well, what can I say. H.R. and S.W. Remember the ducks, only when feeling down, of course. F.S. - Spuds forever! H.L.: thanks for keeping my sanity, can I have it back now? J.L.: I ' ll meet you when " I ' m old and wise " . Most of all to my friends, just remember " It ' s a matter of life and death " . Love you - the Crisco Kid. " When I can look life in the eye grown calm and coldly wise, life will have given me the truth, and taken in exchange my youth. " Teasdale 33 SUSAN LEGGET Susan joined Elmwood in grade II from New Brunswick. She will always remember being locked in the chapel at Ashbury with Yurie and Eldita. She was an original member of Wilson, and in grade twelve she was never seen without a camera in her trivial pursuits for the greater glory of Samara. We ' ll always remember her sleepy smile and ironic comments. Music, Math (a la James), Computer Science, and History are among the courses she ' ll never forget. Next year, Susan will continue her education with that unique flair that we ' ll sorely miss. Later, Sue! HELEN LEBLANC On the eve of February 19, 1964 a strange noise was heard in Kingston General Hospital: midway between a hiccup and a wheeze it wouldn ' t stop. It still hasn ' t stopped and after seven months with Helene we ' re just beginning to get used to her so-called " laugh " . Her sense of humour in functions, economics, art, and english has helped make this year a little more bearable. Next year it ' s to Trent for a major in " cute guys " , parties and more. Fish and the Crisco Kid plan to join her there. Watch out Trent! Lots of love and best wishes from Fiona Begonia, Laurel, Fish, the Crisco Kid, Anthony, Anna Banana and Janietor-in-a-drum. P.S. Helene, you are officially dubbed Squid (remember it ' s a delicacy in some societies). HEATHER MCCORMACK Heather started this year by being voted head of Wilson House, of which she was an original member. Those of us who have attended Heather ' s parties can testify to her great leadership qualities. An honorary citizen of Bancroft, she spends her free time there, that is, when she ' s not attacking hockey players. Heather has made Elmwood history by dropping and taking chemistry at the same time. A definite asset to the Grade 13 common room, she never (?) goes " beyond the limit " . Good luck in your future, healing the sick. May you always enjoy the scenery. 34 LISA OSTIGUY Lisa first appeared " out " of uniform in grade nine. Since then the variations have been endless. This epitome of the " perfect prefect " (?) has been a source of constant amusement in the grade thirteen common room. Her rambunctious enthusiasm has been somewhat infectious and her ex- citement is always contagious (a tad more pleasant than the common cold) She will always be remembered for her participation in anything and everything, includ ing basketball, cross country running, gymnastics, (we said participation), track, music (radio city music hall here she comes) . . . the list goes on. Most of all, Lisa has been appreciated for her EX- TREEMLY vocal support of Elmwood over the years. We musn ' t forget menalon, the love of Brian (and others), 10-J form room, kilt snatching, guppie power and " kiss " . Best of luck next year in your pursuit of recreology and LEISURELY studies. SHEILA REID Sheila has graced Elmwood with her presence since grade five, a long nine years. Although once known for her mini-skirts, Sheila has now adopted a decidedly prepped-out style. A long-time member of the track team, she can be seen running at various school meets. Sheila (or Squeak, as some may know her) has had a rather hectic year, as head of the Formal Committee. A generally calm (?!) person. Sheila has been known to succumb to fits of hysteria when trying to organize these social events. She has spent many hours in the art room developing her talents, and was the only person insane enough to attempt LB. Art! Sheila plans to study Psychology at Queen ' s next year. Best of luck in the future! SARAH PEAT Jelli-BeUi has been a spirited active member of the Elmwood community for five years. She will be remembered for years to come for her ac- complishments in cross country running, earning her the name of " Fleet Feet Peat ' ' ! Sarah ' s involvement in Drama has definitely been a great bonus to the " Elmwood Theatre Co. " Sarah delivered memorable performances as Hazel and Edward. She can usually be spotted chasing Duran Duran, Bruce, Rebel Rebel, and other celebrated personalities into their hotel rooms. However, if you can ' t find her there, she ' s sure to be in Mrs. White ' s office with the other prefects or stealing brownies from orphans. By the way, Iggy ' s only 5 foot 2! ANNE ROGERS Anne joined the Elmwood crew for the first time from grades 7 through 10. After three adventurous years in a pubhc high school, she decided to come back to Elmwood for grade 13. Being a talented girl, she contributed greatly to the rowing and cross-country teams. Rapidly she became well-known among our " blond peers " down the street! With some " special help " she managed to forfeit her position as chairperson of the Functions and Calculus " Loser ' s Club " ! Her future promises many surprises, as she is planning to study Business and " Men " agement at Queen ' s next fall! Hasta la Vista, Anne. HEATHER ROGERS Heather has successfully rebelled her way from grade 8 right through to graduation in her own uniquely radical fashion. Wowing students at Elmwood and Ashbury alike with her f lashy smile and infinite source of cheer and energy. Never will such a " bouncy " house head be able to equal Heather ' s enthusiasm. If she is not faithfully chanting " Fry rules " or " Everyday is Fry day " she can be seen setting up guppy farms or cutting the grass. Heather boasts many talents: singing, acting, sports, sports and sports . . . and of course academics. Here ' s to a truly outstanding Elm- woodian, we all wish you the best of luck for the future! Theme song: " Poker blur " by Prefects and " The checkered table cloth " FIONA SABISTON Fiona Begonia being of mixed heritage, hails from none other than Ar- veeda, the land of the dreadlocks and the pubs in spudland! (Quebec, Jamaica, Ireland) This explains to the " common man " her profound tales of a certain Nigel-brain haired letter-writer. Heere ' s Fiona: My unexpected year at Elmwood has been an EXPERIENCE! Sue otherwise known as " BESTEST ESTEST ROOMIE OF THE YEAR " - I doubt I shall forget our discussions of Arvida days and the people, the complaints after a hard day ' s work (Ha) and of course, your famous sayings: " What would you do without me? " , " Isn ' t he gorgeous? " (Bowie), " Is there any food in this house? " , and " Party people of the world unite! " Sue - here ' s to Quebec next year - McGill or Concordia - RIGHT ON SCOOB! LORI SCHROEDER The " Bag Lady " can be seen periodically dragging bags of books in one hand and clutching a kiwi in the other. We all hope that (for the benefit of future Elmwoodians), Lori-Pori will re-design the Elmwood uniform, when she makes it big in New York. Forseen amendments include the stand-up collar and the addition of tartan scarves! In addition, we do hope that she lowers the price of yougurt at the Almonte IGA from 2 88C to 2 66C. Best of luck, and as your " stride " towards future endeavours, be sure not to trip over " walk " man extention cords. With love from, Janie, Helene, and Elise. P.S. Sorry for not " knowing you " . JKL SARAH THORPE Sarah came to Elmwood in grade nine and was an immediate member of the " A " team. When one first meets Sarah, one thinks of her as being quiet and reserved - but spending a year in the common room with her you learn so very differently. Sarah is a math wiz and one might say that she ' s " good with figures " . Sarah will be remembered for her love of Remington Steele, Scarecrow and Paul Young. Sarah ' s brilliance helped the Reach for the Top team and she placed well for Elmwood in many math contests. Besides her scholastic ability, Sarah is a real friend, and adds a lot to the common room atmosphere. We ' ll miss you. Best of Luck in your future years. ROSEMARY TODD Head Girl, Sports Captain, team leadership along with the perpetual en- thusiasm and school spirit are but a few of Rosemary ' s more noticeable achievements. Princess Rose is famous for her orange Lada, her love of Coke, her howling, her honorary memberships in the Kiss and Grease Fan Clubs, her " off-white " jokes, her parlering fran ais, her interpretation of the Functions course, and her emotion. Here ' s to Burger King, Menalon ' s, extended lunch hours and the joys of jockettehood. Rosemary has con- tributed to all aspects of Elmwoodian life since her arrival way back in Grade Nine. Everyone will agree that Rosemary has left her mark all over the school. Good luck and may your passion for sports never cease even at 42. Maybe someday we ' ll get that gym - Princess. 37 LUCI T OUSIGNANT Luci arrived on our doorstep this year from a booming metropolis of Hawkesbury! She was a friendly, boysterous, and very welcome addition to our class. Her infectious smile and contagious laughter immediately made her a very popular disease. Though a new girl, she threw herself into school involvement by joining the rowing team, hostessing the drama festival, and being an avid supporter of every social function. This year was marked by diets. Desserts, sunny days in the park, PP, and getting her hands on Reese ' s pieces! Next year Luci plans to study International Relations at McGill. She ' s so french! Bonne chance, ma belle! KALLI VARAKLIS Kal appeared miraculously in our midst in Grade 8, much to her displeasure but definately to our delight! Despite initial reservations, KaUi has easily endured six years at Elmwood, and has always demonstrated unending spirit and participation. She formed the Greek minority, was a member of Drama, editor of Samara, and Head of Keller House. She teaches piano and played each morning in prayers, winning our admiration. Kal will be remembered as Aunt Jemima, and for unforgettable, colourful and often profound sayings. She will always remember 19 red balloons, a Costa Rican, Danny ' s, Al, A2 and singing sessions. Kalli will study Anatomy and Histology at McGill, and is looking forward to having a key to her own place. We like you Tim! " There ' s a lot of people leaving town now, leaving their friends, their homes. At night they walk that dark and dusty highway all alone. So say goodbye, it ' s Independence Day. " ELIZABETH WESTLEY Liz has impressed us over the years with her studious habits and brilliant results, culminating this year when she received the Governor General ' s Award for Academic Excellence. She was a vital part of the Formal Committee in keeping us sane by being her efficient and organized self. We know you ' ll succeed in whatever you do, good luck - we ' ll see you when you receive your Nobel Prize for Science! ! ! SUSAN WIGGINS " Suzette " , the French Connection, landed in Elmwood three years ago, a quiet country girl from Shoe-coo-too-mee. Within months she had mastered the English language. Sue is known for her sense of humour, rosy cheeks and her frequent hair appointments (right Simon?). Sue has been an active member of The Elmwood Theatre Company - " let there be light " . We ' re sure you ' ll miss the good times - the Hinnell ' s, Dave Birk, Bob and the Burns, and above all, your Bowie corner at the Browns. Sue hopes to continue her musical studies majoring in Tuba tooting. Good luck in your studies Sue, remember us, FF - let me tell you . . . TATJANA WODRICH Tatjana long-jumped her way from Germany to join Elmwood ' s student body in Grade 1 1 . She was a member of Nightingale and the track and field team. In track, she ran the 800m, 200m, and the long jump. Many people will miss Tatjana ' s reserved, sophisticated manner. I ' m sure she ' ll never forget History 5A and Math 4G. Next year, Tatjana plans to return to Germany and go into the airline business. ANNA YUEN Anna joined us this year for the first time. Why she left her boyfriend in Hong Kong, we may never know! No one has ever seen her angry or sad, in fact we don ' t think she is ever without her smile. We want to thank Anna Banana for teaching us fancy Chinese signatures and for showing us that Chinese music can be snapped-to in four-glove harmony! Being the eldest and most experienced common-roomie, she is the one we turned to for sanity. Best wishes to you, with sincere thanks for sharing your year with us, on behalf of Grade 13, love from: Woolly-Man (alias Squid) Lorell, Fiona, and Janitor-in-a-drum. ELISABETH PRESTON " From this window I ' ve seen the whole world pass. From dawn to dusk I ' ve heard the last laugh laughed; I ' ve seen enough tears to wash away the streets. I ' ve heard wedding bells chime and a funeral march When, as one life finishes another one starts. " Both the good moments and the bad: Waves splashing against old wood. QUENTIN WOLUSCHUK " What is real? . . . Does it happen all at once or bit by bit? " " It doesn ' t happen all at once " , said the Skin Horse. " You become. It takes a long time. That ' s why it doesn ' t often happen to people who break easily, or have sharp edges, or who have to be carefully kept. Generally, by the time you are Real, most of your hair has been loved off, and your eyes drop out, and you get loose in the joints and very shabby. But these things don ' t matter at all, because once you are Real you can ' t be ugly, except to people who don ' t understand, and you can ' t become unreal again. It lasts for always. " " . . . to see and hear and touch and feel as I have never before used these senses, to create something with my own hands without demanding perfection ... to learn to respect my own creative encounters and to have faith that they will get me somewhere soon . . . the mystery of childhood ' s end. " FRY (Left to Right, and Back to Frotit) First Row: Alexa Dodge, Nila Veran, Holly Ann Burkhart, Siobhan Donoghue, Amy Bodkin, Sheila Reid, Elise Braithwaite, Tina Jacquot, Martha Finn, Devi Ferri, Tara Morrison, Allison MacFarlane. Second Row: Nadia Jacquot, Beth Atkinson, Philippa Sheppard, Keliianne Folk-Parish, Alexandra Carrothers, Ruth Martin, Fiona Murray, Chantelle Brown, Cindy Rhodes, Jenny Johnston, Noel Ikeda, Third Row: Vanessa Ridell, Milena Sigmund, Krista Gray, Julia Fournier, Barbara Toth, Judy Korecky, Fiona Doetsch, Claudia Fernandini, Gillian Lorimer, Jennifer Cohen, Anne-Marie Fournier, Michelle Morrison, Rachel Brown, Catherine JeanJean, Tynan Thacker, Maureen Assaly, Sarah Peat, Susan Wiggins, Fourth Row: Libby Edmison, Chase Harris, Catriona Hardy, Virginia Robinson, Satsuki Okada, Ashweena Bijoor, Albertine Van Aerseen, Alexa Holmes, Elizabeth Cundill, Lordes Rodero, Genevieve Cimon, Caroline Haider, Cathleen MacCauLey, Erin O ' Brien, Leslie Crate. Fifth Row: Rebecca Keen, Erica Westman, Marty Mazanji, Arthur Masters, Sara Frederking, Mayada Bahubeshi, Heather Rogers, Fiona Adams, Amanda Sumner, Sharan Sing, Alison Whitehead, Johan Bentinck. Hi Fry, This year has been fantastic! Your turn-out to games was amazing, your efforts on Spirit Day incredible and your friendliness overwhelmed me. It ' s great to see a House so spirited even without breakfast (tee hee) Thanks to you all for your continual support, especially to Philippa Sheppard, Nadia Jacquot, Tina Jacquot, and Fiona Adams for their help and patience. For all the Frydays which have gone before, and all the Frydays yet to come, remember, FRY RULES! Love, Heather KELLER (Left to Right and Back to Front) First Row: Hllen Bruce, Christine Jodoin, Nicola Maule, Jennifer Connolly, Jane Lawson, Luci Tousignant, Louisa Taylor, Ann Rogers, Sheila Connolly, Quentin Wolusckuk, Kirsten Kearsly, Jennifer Deacon, Jane Basinski, Meredith Wright, Janet Walker, Susan Westley, Nicola Grainger. Second Row: Patricia Roberts, Anna Weltman, Andrea Sheridan, Third Row: Jackie Likins, Kim Ling, Stephanie Bartleit, Anna Sherwood, Diane Drouin, Alexandra Catterill, Jodi PuUen, Shelby Edison, Dilsheeh Purewall, Elaine Stalter, Jennifer Blais, Sandra Delvoie, Shawn Belton, Lisa Hillary, Delf King, Stephanie Hyde, Catriona Stuart-Bell, Elizabeth McClenahan, Pamela Price. Forth Row: Julie Waterhouse, Gilliam Hewitt, Susan Liddle, Waffa Istephan, Rachel Soar, Nadine Tremblay, Christina Jaeger, Molly Finlay, Alysia Davies, Camay Coghlan, Samantha Ambridge, Hester Grodde, Kyna Rigal, Laita LaMaguer, JuUie Henderson, Margaret Grodde. Fifth Row: Caroline Greenwood, Samantha Mason, Alia Al-Zand, Lisa Ostiguy, Zandra Brown, Nyreen Shreiber, Georges Dawood, Kallie Varaklis, Francois Drouin, Charles Finlay, Oswald Bentink, Alexis Madore, Rosemary Todd, Kellianne Folk-Parish, Hadeel ' Shaikh, Stephanie Dryden-Cripten, Susan Al-Dairi. Dear Keller, This year was a great year for Kellerites. We finally won not only Spirit Day, but also the Intramural Sports! However, more important than the sports, the spirit and enthusiasm of our house was unprecedented, especially on Spirit Day and on Sports Day. Not only did we have great spirit, but we also exemplified our house motto, Fair Play! . Keep up the great effort, Keller. Thank you for being a great house! Best wishes, and good luck Kirsten. Love, Kalli 43 ■ NIGHTINGALE (Left to Right and Back to Front) First Row: Elisabeth Preston, Lucy White. Second Row: Mrs. Schmidt, Anja Miller, Donna Desprey, Michelle McLaughlin, Ana Marie Rodero, Jane Lougheed, Pilar Rodero, Annabelle Mandy, Sara Montgomery, Chantelle Brown, Tina Jacquot, Julia Fournier, Judy Korecky, Barbara Toth, Anne de Mercado. Third Row: Rocio Montero, Michelle Hearn, Matilde Hahn, Victoria Grossmann-Hensel, Alison Schmidt, Nisreen Al-Dairi, Pui Jayanama, Carolyn Laws, Susan Brewer, Michele Friend, Kellianne Folk, Fiona Murray, Stephanie MacLeod, Lisa Roberts, Dilshed Lalani, Jill Hogg, Shannon Robinson. Fourth Row: Gloria Ancona, Eliza James, Tegan Schioler, Nicole Jacques, Melinda Hamlyn, Nicola Cole, Paula Tomlin, Julie-Ann Rickerd, Emily Sender, Sandy Halladjian, Akua Otupiri, Julia Ediger. Fifth Row: David Dawood, Teresa Basinski, Katherine Dick, Stephen Gundy, Heather Alyea, Michelle Riff, Savannah Ladouceur, Nina Esrock, Paula Gilbert, Nicola Hanky, Catherina Lewin, Amanda Dunn, Stephanie McKnight, Katy Devlin, Robin Sheinen, Jennifer Aronson, Mrs. Hoy. Dear Nightingale, In the seven years that I have been a part of NIGHTINGALE, I have always felt that this house excels in SPIRIT, GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP and FAIR PLAY! These qualities make our house Number One! I would like to thank Lis Preston (Senior Sports Captain), Katie Dick (Vice Head), Nicole Jaques and Melinda Hamlyn (Junior Sports Captains), and Camille Bouchard (Junior Head). Thanks to all the regulars - those who came unfailingly to every House Event. It really made a difference. To the team captains: thank you so much for the great job you did on both Spirit Day and Sports Day. Best wishes to next year ' s House Head, Michele Friend, and to Nightingale in the years to come! Love, Paula. WILSON (Left to Right and Back to Front) First Row: Maryann Fulga, Tina Koutsavasilis, Patricia Roberts, Mrs. James, Cynthia Hughes, Louisa Taylor, Susan Evans, Laila Lalani, Sara Molson, Sarah Drover, Krista Wedekamm, Brigitte Ghonima, Britta Dunwald, Mrs. Milhngton, Laura Schmidt, Lori Hillary. Second Row: Christine Dawood, Saree Ghosh, Roxane Proulx, Mrs. Doetsch, Wendy Mitchell, Lynn McKenzie, Julie Larouche, Nicole Jackson, Care Molson, Mrs. Faguy, Morven Black, Heidi Staseson, Sarah Young, Heather McGuffin, Katrina Carroll-Foster, Mary Gilbertson, Vanessa Cronk, Third Row: Mr. Yates and Jessica Adams, Genevieve Zander, Erin McConomy, Kate White, Melanie Cronk, Heather Scott, Alexandra Catterill, Elisa Campbell, Yasuko Shimizu, Carol Hodgson, Mai Vejjajiva, Zoe Pettengell, Catherine Addison, Rosemary Fincham. Fourth Row: Shauna Fortier, Natasha Mozes, Susan Legett, Heather McCormack, Marika Farell, Joshua Cundill, Christopher Stefanski, Christopher Mohony, Patricia Harewood. Dear Wilson House-members This year Wilson excelled in spirit and sportsmanship. Our spirit was such that we not only won a pizza lunch, but also won Spirit Day and Sport ' s Day. I want to thank Mr. Yates and Mrs. Faguy whose constant support was always felt and welcome. Thanks also goes to the loyal supporters whose voices and abilities were greatly appreciated. This year was altogether a tremendous success. I could not have done it without you, the housemembers and many of my grade 13 ' s . . . Cynthia Hughes, Sara Thorpe, and Sue Leggett, many thanks! Much luck next year to Louisa Taylor. Love, Heather P.S. Wah Wah Wilson! I I 45 STUDENT ' S COUNCIL (Left to Right and Back to Front) First Row: Heather McCormack, Paula Gilbert, Helen Gilbertson, Jackie Morphy, Lori Hillary, Jenny Johnston, Laila Lalani. Second Row: Heather Rogers, Elise Braithwaite, Lisa Ostiguy, Cynthia Hughes, Rosemary Todd, Sandra Halladjian, Julie Larouche, Julia Fournier, Judy Korecky, Barbara Toth, Patricia Riley. Third Row: Elisabeth Preston, Quentin Woluschuk, Margaret Grodde, Heather McGuffin, Heidi Staseson, Fiona Doetsch, Jennifer Cohen, Jackie Likins, Judy Marshal, Alexa Holmes, Erika Westman, Alia Al-Zand, Anna Sherwood. Student ' s Council was comprised of students from grades five to grade thirteen, with a representative from each class. Our new library, where the meetings were held, proved to be a great inspiration to the ideas for- mulated by the Council, such as a tuck shop, a ski day, compulsory sports, ventilation for room 12, and locks on the bathroom doors. Some of the more memorable activities supported by Student ' s Council were the Junior Halloween Party, the Junior Picnic, Spirit Week, the Video Dance, Sport ' s Day, the House-Spirit Pizza-lunch. During the summer, we will be trying to purchase a flag pole for the school on behalf of the Student ' s Council. Thanks for your support! Rose and Cynth CHOIR (Lett to Right and Back to Front) First Row: Philippa Sheppard, Marion Jones, Amy Bodkin, Sandra Devoie, Elizabeth Mc- Cienahan, Alison Schmidt, Ellen Bruce, Sarah Peat, Janis Lawson, Diane Burgess, Tara Morrison. Second Row: Eliza James, Victoria Grossmann-Hensel, Carol Hodgson, Fiona Doetsch, Alexandra Carrothers, Fiona Murray, Krista Wedekamm, Kellianne Folk-Parish, Sarah Drover, Julia Fournier, Anja Miller, Kim Ling, Roxane Proulx, Michele McLaughlin. Third Row: Laura Schmidt, Erin McConomy, Mai Vejjajiva, Barbara Toth, Judy Korecky, Heidi Staseson, Sarah Young, Heather McGuffin, Alisia Davies, Jill Hogg, Christina Jaeger, Libby Edmison, Allison MacFarlane, Susan Liddle, Genevieve Zander, Fourth Row: Marika Farrell, Alexa Holmes, Vanessa Ridell, Hester Grodde, Rosemary Fincham, Andrea Hoffenberg, Patricia Reilly, Josee Roy, Camay Coghlan, Fifth Row: Patricia Harwood, Hadeel Shaik, Rebecca Keen, Vanessa Cronk, Stephanie McKnight, Stephanie Dryden- Cripton, Catherine Addison, Kathleen MacCauley, Melanie Cronk, Caroline Haider, Zoe Pettengel, Linda Barr, Mrs. O ' Brien. The Elmwood Choir has increased both in size and prestige. Our numbers were so great that it was necessary to divide the choir for performing purposes. We gave an audience of parents and poHticians an angehc repetition of carols at the Rotunda of the Parhament Buildings in December. We also performed at two of the Mulroney ' s Christmas parties. In January, we performed at the American Ambassador ' s Residence and were considered a great success by all. During the year, we gave peformances at the Mackay iji United Church and others. At the Bicentennial Celebrations, a small group of us, accompanied by a guitar, ' I sang folk songs under a tree. At closing, the choir sang " The Ash Grove " , " Early One Morning " and " The Rose " . All in all, it was a tremendously successful year. Thanks goes to Mrs. Staseson for playing the piano, and of course, Mrs. O ' Brien, for her inspired direction and devotion. , III 47 i JUNIOR DANCE Grades 7 and 8 enjoyed four dances this year. They were held in the Elmwood gym and the adjoining atrium, and the Ashbury boys were invited to participate. The turnout to the four dances was amazingly good (it cer- tainly beat the senior school turnouts) and were considered a success by all. The dances were efficiently organized by Fiona Adams, Nicola Cole, Helen Gilbertson, and Lisa Hillary. Many thanks to Mrs Chance, Mrs. O ' Brien, and Mr. Sherwood. Good luck to next year ' s Committee! 48 FORMAL The Formal was held at Hotel Plaza de la Chaudiere in Hull. The hotel had a very glamorous dining room with crystal chandeliers, and we were served a f our course meal, beginning with shrimp cocktail, followed by crepe soup, then a chicken dish accompanied by French beans, ending with Peach Melba. It was a clear and beautiful night, perfect for dancing inside and outside. Everyone was sparklingly attired, the girls in taffetas and silks, with cascading ruffles, the boys in elegant dinner jackets. Formats are really sumptuous affairs, and this one was particularly well-organized by the committee. Thank you Madame Sabourin, Sheila, Liz and Carolyn for a lovely evening! c o M M I T T E E t to Right) Carolyn Clendenning, Madame Durin, Sheila Reid, Elizabeth Westley. DANCE COMMITTEE The Elmwood Senior Dance Committee organized seven dances to liven up the academic year. Although the turnout was not always what one would have desired the committee had prepared everything so well, including decorating the gym and atrium, and thinking up imaginative themes for the dances (remember the Beach Bash?) that the sociable people who were there had a great time! Thank you so much Sarah and Committee for all your hard work! (Left to Right) Mrs. Hoy, Ruth Martin, Sara Montgomery, Susan Brewer, Elizabeth Preston 49 (Lett to Right) Mrs. Hoy, Kellianne Folk-Parish, Philippa Sheppard, Kirsten Kearsley, EHsabeth Preston, Michele Friend, Mrs James, Sarah Drover, Alexandra Carrothers. The Philosophy Club was created this year, and showed a great deal of promise. There was a good turn out and many stimulating discussions centring on various writers especially Kafka. We talked about many moral and social problems. Next year we hope to have some guest speakers. (Left to Right) Kirsten Kearsley, Michele Friend, Elisabeth Preston, Sarah Drover, Karen Looye, Alexandra Corrothers, Anne Melick, Philippa Sheppard. The Elmwood Uterpes Poetry Club was formed so that those with an interest in poetry, or a dramatic flair (we read aloud) or creative genius, could share their tastes and opinions. This year we explored some Catullus, T.S. Eliot, A. A. Milne, Tennyson, Roland Leighton and others. We did not meet as regularly as we would have liked due to overloaded schedules. Let ' s hope next year the Club continue with renewed interest and enthusiasm. 50 Tryouts for the 1983 edition of the Reach for the Top team were held in early October and we were deluged with a mix of eager, eccentric and energetic etudiantes. We spent several weeks choosing the team, defining its strengths and eliminating its weaknesses. Ready or not we ventured forth on the last Thursday of October and the constant drilling during numerous lunch hours paid a handsome dividend as Elmwood emerged with a well-deserved 330-200 victory. We had two weeks to prepare for our next match against perennially powerful North Grenville and District High School. The large number of Elmwood ' s loud and lenient supporters set a positive tone for the critical contest. The aggressive attitude and rapid reaction of the North Grenville team to the quizmaster ' s questions shocked Elmwood into a state of suppressed animation. The final tally was disappointing but we had fun and we can beat anyone at Trivial Pursuit. RECORDER CLUB (Left to Right) Molly Finlay, Patricia Reilly, Heather Alyea, Diane Burgess, Margaret Goodman, Alysia Davies, Mrs. Kry. These capable students play everything from Renaissance music to folk tunes of today. They have performed this year at several functions, including the American Embassy party and " Fling 200 " . They also won five prizes at the Ottawa Music Festival for duets, trios, and quartets. CHAPEL Sue and Anne, our faithful chapel monitors, were seen nearly every day hassling classes to " put up " chairs, chasing teachers in order to discover exactly which hymn was to be sung, and handing out hymn- books and various bits of frayed sheets of paper. Interesting to note is the fact that twelfth grade were called to " do chairs " not more than once this entire year - a new school record of participation. Thanks again, and good luck to next years monitors. M O N I T O R (Left to Right) Susan Brewer, Anne Mclick. The Junior Library found a new home this year, in the room that is fondly refered to as the " fishbowl " . Walls were knocked down, and shelving replaced the blackboards. Over the course of the year, many people have contributed to the library in a variety of ways. Special thanks must go to the Mother ' s Guild who have continued to give us financial support, and to the volunteers from grades seven and eight. Mrs. Schmidt SENIOR LIBRARY Students and staff alike have enjoyed the spacious surroundings of the new Senior Library. Its large windows overlooking the Atrium ensure bright working conditions on even the dullest days. The extensive new shelving is now almost entirely full, our existing collection of books having been augmented during the year by new books purchased with the generous donation made by the Mother ' s Guild; the staff have welcomed in particular the opportunity to purchase library books on subjects recently added to the Senior School curriculum, such as Computer Studies, German, Economics, Music, and Philosophy. In addition, generous gifts of books have been made by individual parents, including a large number of National Geographic magazines, which extend our collection back to 1951 and have enabled a duplicate collection to be put in the Geography Room. Library monitors from each of the Grade 9 and 10 forms have worked faithfully to tidy the library at the end of each day and keep it in smooth running order. Mrs. Bellamy COMMONWEALTH CONFERENCE (Left to Right) Annabelle Mandy, Karen Looye, Elisa Campbell. UNITED NATIONS CONFERENCE (Left to Right) Michele Friend, Philippa Sheppard SAMARA (Left to Right) Michele Friend, Pui Jayanama, Philippa Sheppard, Kirsten Kearsley, Elisabeth Preston, Karen Looye. 54 SUI SANG Michele Friend was in charge of Sui Sang this year and so she had occasion to explain to many new girls what the strange term means. Sui Sang was the name of Elmwood ' s first foster-child, and was subsequently used to name the committee that took care of raising $500, and replying to any correspondence concerning the foster- child. Michele ran a " tuck shop " for two weeks to earn the necessary funds. Good luck to Sui Sang next year! JUNIOR DRAMA (Left to Right) Front Row: Savannah Ladouceur, Amanda Dunn, Mary Gilbertson, Josephine Yang, Vanessa Cronk, Nina Esrock. Middle Row: Hadeel Shaikh, Stephanie Cripton-Dryden, Kathleen Macauley, Samantha Ambridge, Patricia Harewood, Mai Vejjajiva, Genevieve Le Blanc, Samantha Mason, Molly Finlay. Back Row: Vanessa Riddle, Catherine Addison, Zoe Pettengel, Camay Coghlan, Lori Hillary, Patricia Reilly, Catherina Lewin, Heather Alyea, Albertine Van Aerssen. The Junior Drama Group, under the direction of Mrs. Sheppard, put on a shortened version of OLIVER TWIST on the afternoon of May 15th. They presented with their love in honour of Mrs. Chance. It was performed in front of the parents and the Junior School. Mrs. Peat, as always, did the make-up superbly. Great help was given by Mrs. Wires and Miss Stratford throughout, and Susan Brewer, Sandra Delvoie and Philippa Sheppard gave much help on the day of the performance. It was a most enjoyable afternoon, and all the Junior actresses shone in their parts. ELMWOOD THEATRE CO. (Left to Right) Back Row: Jennifer Johnston, Mrs. Scott, Sarah Molson, Anne-Marie An- thony, Chantelle Brown, Elisabeth Preston, Lucy White, Marion Jones, Alexandra Catterill, Annabelle Mandy, Fiona Murray, Mrs. O ' Brien, Teresa Basinski, Philippa Sheppard, Middle Row: Mrs. Peat, Kellianne Folk-Parish, Susan Brewer, Kirsten Kearsley, Sarah Peat, Elisa Campbell, Heather Scott, Christine Kelly, Amy Bodkin, Front Row: Pui Jayanama, Andrea Sheridan, Alexandra Carrothers, Michele Friend, Nadia Jaquot, Anna Weltman, Jodie Pullen, Diane Drouin, Nicola Maule, Christine Jodoin. So many thoughts and emotions come to mind when one tries to write about the Elmwood Theatre Company, yet there is such small space in which to write. Reflections on both the wonderful and the frustrating moments linger forming lasting memories, memories which bind E.T.C. members together with a unique spirit of comraderie. Through the years E.T.C. has expanded to take on increasingly more demanding scripts and production schemes. This year, the play " Find Me " was perhaps the most ambitious play Mrs. Scott, our illustrious director, has ever chosen. This elaborate production required little in the way of set or props. Instead it relied on the acting talent of eleven students who alternated roles, thus every actress developed an understanding of each individual character, lending an overall feeling of unity to the play. The subject of the play was an emotional and often disturbing one, based on the true story of Verity Taylor. Of course, all of the love and admiration in the world to Mrs. Scott, Mrs. Peat, Mrs. O ' Brien and the rest of the crew, without whom E.T.C. would not exist. E.S.P. (Left to Right) Amy Bodkin, Susan Brewer, Sarah Peat, Michele Friend, Anne-Marie Anthony, Kellianne Folk- Parish, Chantelle Brown, Alexandra Carrothers, Lucy White, Kirsten Kearsley, Elisabeth Preston. THE DRAMA FESTIVAL Spirits ran high the weekend of the festival. Finally, at 7:05, E.T.C. played to a full house, who had waited patiently to see ' ' Find Me " . Because of the high standards exhibited, the adjudicator had difficuhies determining who he felt should win the prize in each category. After much delib- eration, he awarded Best Play to Pickering College for a burlesque farce, and to Elmwood he gave the prize for Technical Merit, an award he felt we deserved for our overall excellence in acting, staging and presentation. The drama weekend was a tremendous success. 57 ACADEMICS A SURVEY OF SOME COURSES OFFERED AT ELMWOOD 58 classics 5a LITERATURE ART HISTORY EXPLOITS OF HOMERS S ODYSSEUS THE TRAGEDY OF SOPHOCLES ' OEDIPUS THE SYME?OLIC JOURNEY OF VIRGIL ' S AENEAS CONE DIES OF PLAU ' HJS AND ARISTOPHANES All of these are inciu.ded in the Classics SA Cour- ' e whxcn is also bauairb at the I ,. 3 „ level . Art Historv explores the maqnif icent art and achitecture of Greek and Reman civilizations,, In Classics SA, von read m travis 1 at ion works composed as ea;: lv as the eiqrtt ' " : centLirv ' B.Cu, almost 3QD0 vsars aqo„ which ever since have influenced the iitei-ature of Western civilisation. You see the qrandeur of art anci architecture which remains unpara 1 1 e 1 1 ed in its toeaut ,. Ij-A WORLD POLITICS " The objective of this course is to develop a better understanding of the complex, interdisciplinary machinations of the world in which the student lives and functions. The debate of long-standing controversies and current issues will foster an increased awareness of her ability to assume a role in the various levels of the decision-making processes. " 4 World Politics is an analysis of the political, social, and economic capabilities of Capitalism, Communism, Free Enterprise, Marxism, Organized Labour, Organized Religion, Socialism. . . World Politics is a discussion of the morality and reality of the Americans in Central America, the British in Northern Ireland, the Israelis in Lebanon, the Libyans in Chad, the Russians in Afghanistan. . . World Politics is student seminars on Acid Rain, the Berlin Wall, the psychological effects of Nuclear Deterrence, the politics of the Olympic Games, the legitimacy of Terrorism... LATIN GONE MODERN! Micky Mouse with a toqa and a Latin name? Yes! His antics have recently b e Ei Ti t r a vi s 1 a t e d i n t a La 1 1 n i n ELiL-Dpe, Latin comic books are all ■ he raqe we ' re lookinq for ours M i c h a e i M u s c u 1 li s Used under Permission from Walt Disney Productions. THE CAMBRIDGE LATIN COURSE Comedy, -cragedy, mystery, all are found in " The C a m b 7 i d g e a t i. n Course " , the 198Q ' s app roach to Latin, with its i. n t e r e t i. n g t h e iv, e s Q n t h e c; u 1 1 u r e a n d 1 X t e I- a t u r e o f t |-i e R o ni a ri s , w I " ; i c:; ! ' i f c:) v m the basis of our own civilization:. THE LATIN CONNECTION ■■■i V. o •i- .v ODE TO LATIN Latin is a language. As vital as can be, F i V B t i t h e 1 p e d t i ' l e R o ? i i a )■ i s And now it ' s heloinq me„ ( Varia t i o n c f a n c I d r h y m e.) 60 UNE ANNEE MEMORABLE Dans le domaine des langues, les cours se sont vus propulses dans des espaces quasi-sideraux cette annee!!! Oui! A partir du moment ou nous assistames a la premiere canadienne de BONHEUR D ' OCCASION (le chef d ' oeuvre de Gabrielle Roy porte a I ' ecran par le cineaste, Claude Fournier) au Centre National des Arts en octobre, en passant par les voyages — un de ski a St. Donat dans les Laurentides, 1 ' autre culturel dans la vieille capitale, tous les deux d ' une duree de quatre jours — jusqu ' a notre presence au theatre frangais du CNA pour la mise en scene de pieces aussi varices en theme que LES BELLES SOEURS de Michel Tremblay et de NICKEL, production du Theatre du Nouvel Ontario, le fait frangais se fait toujours sentir dans notre ecole. Jouissant du fait que plusieurs de nos eleves sont bilingues et s ' interessent aux deux langues et cultures of- ficielles du Canada, et du fait aussi que nous sommes dans le milieu reve pour profiter de ces manifestations cuhurelles, nous invitons nos eleves a aller voir les meilleurs films des capitales europeenes. Qu ' ils soient en allemand avec sous-titres frangais ne posent pas de problemes. Au contraire, c ' est drolement plus fascinant et cosmopolite!!! Ainsi nous avons eu la chance de voir DIVA, un suspens nouvelle vague, et MARIA CHAP- DELAINE, histoire d ' amour ... a la canadienne. Et j ' en laisse passer . . . Nous esperons qu ' avec I ' avenement du lecteur de video-cassettes, nous pourrons nous permettre d ' ajouter a nos activites para-scolaires en projetant regulierement plusieurs autres films susceptibles de plaire a la gente etudiante. Cette annee deja, nous avons fait la projection repetee de I ' oeuvre de Anna Mnouchkine et Moliere. Toute une epopee! Et nous pourrions continuer . . . Mais laissons ici . . . et permettons de nous retrouver en septembre avec de nouveaux projets a ajouter aux " bons vieux de la vieille " . Geograpl y The study of space ship EARTH -Its or igi n use, and pos sible. • • • destruction 0 GRADE 9 - Basic Geo- graphical technique learned through a cross-country study of Canada. Si ho GRADE 10 - Geographical techniques expanded and applied to the study of Europe and Asia. GRADE 11 - Physical Geography . . . including cartography, orienteering, geology, geomorphology , climatology, and astronomy ... material which can be used in a practical fashion in day to day living. GRADE 12 - Geography of Mankind . . . Where did mankind originate? A study which impresses upon the student knowledge and understanding of the cultural diversity of our world. Urban geography . . . Where and how has mankind settled? GRADE 13 - World issues ... A serious course for mature individuals who are interested in the problems mankind has created on earth and mankind ' s hopes for survival I The Biology programme in the Senior School has been enjoying the facilities of the new laboratory and ex- panding its horizons into the newly available space. Biology 3A appreciated the beautiful autumn weather as the class participated in the longitudinal study of a maple sugar bush. Data was gathered on both abiotic and biotic factors and litter collected for further analysis and study in the lab. Biology 5 A made the trip, on a sunny Saturday morning, to the campus of the University of Ottawa. In the Biology building we examined the exhibits, manned by both students and professors, of the laboratory work carried out by the University of Ottawa undergraduate students. On a wintry November af- ternoon Biology 5A travelled to the Careers Exhibit hosted by the Civic Hospital. This event provided the students with the opportunity to talk and learn about the sophisticated testing used by hospitals such as elec- trophorhesis and how to identify unknown bacteria - extensions of much of the theory and techniques learned in class. During Winter term, Biology 5A had the opportunity to visit the Carleton University campus. A wintry Saturday morning was spent learning from projects prepared by undergraduate and graduate students, admiring the bats, observing the scanning electron microscope in operation and studying the plant physiology demon- strations. Plans included finishing the winter term with a display of the experimental portion of a year-long project planned and carried out by every biology student - until the " flu " invasion intervened. So - we started the Spring term by filling the atrium with displays of experimental results and demonstrations of experimental procedures, materials and equipment. Later this Spring term, the students who have been preparing themselves for IB Biology will be writing both Higher and Subsidiary papers. 63 ART HISTORY TEST What famous ceiling did Michelangelo paint? The Sixteenth Chapel ceiling. Is this column in the Doric or Ionic order? What ' s an " order " ? Who was Gabriel? An angle. Why was Rembrandt so important? I didn ' t know there was a " d " in Rembrandt. Name an athletic painter. j.ncent Van Golf. V 0 l5 " TH E O i -ot q T PicAj " D t O Studio ?r OPTION 64 c A L E N D A R FALL SEPTEMBER 8 School Opens 19 Grades 7 and 8 back from St. Columbus 28 Meet the Teacher Night OCTOBER 7 ' Thanksgiving 14 Junior Dance at Ashbury 19 Grades 11-13 Trafford Tanzi 28 Junior Halloween Party Dance for Seniors NOVEMBER 7 Half Term Holiday 1 1 Remembrance Day Service 12 P.D.Day 15 Careers Day 30 N.A.C. ' Orestia ' 12 and 13 DECEMBER 7 Choir at Rotunda 15 Grades 7 and 8 N.A.C. French Grade 5 MacDonald ' s 16 Exams end Carol Service 18 Choir at Stornaway 66 WINTER JANUARY 13 Junior School Dance 16 Parent Teacher Interviews 18 Grades 2, 3 and 4 go to Currency Museum 19 Grade 13 Parent Teacher In- terviews 24 Grade 9 goes to the Museum of Man 27 St. Donat for three days Grade eight orientation day 30 Grades 12 and 13 Physical Education day FEBRUARY 2 Grade 5 and 6 to concert at National Art Center Ashbury Elmwood Dance 3 Spirit Day 6 Holiday 8 Talent Show Coffee House Grade 7 to Museum of Man Brown Lake trip for grade 7 Coffee House Science Fair - Grade 7 Waterloo Math Contest Senior School to the Art Center for a movie 10 15 17 20 22 29 APRIL 3 5 6 13 14 19 28 Grades 2, 3, 4 to the Sugarbush Grades 5 and 6 to the Sugarbush Grades 5 and 6 to the National Gallery Grade 7 to the Regional Science Fair Entrance and Scholarship exams Semi-Formal DRAMA FESTIVAL Grade 8 St. John Ambulance course Model United Nations Assembly Super Sale SUMMER MAY 5 Video Dance 7 Commonwealth Conference 8 MoliereFilm 14 Grade 8 to Quebec Mini-enrichment course at Carleton 15 Junior Drama - " Oliver Twist " Participation Day 17 Grade 7 to Foly Mountain and Kingston 26 Internal Scholarship exam 30 Save the Children Garden Walk JUNE 2 Rockcliffe Bicentennial 7 Grade 5 to Montreal 8 Barbeque at Ashbury Closing Ceremonies 9 Graduation Formal 68 SAMAK O0I7I How many Juniors does it take to fill one photograph? The enterprising spirit starts young at Elmwood. At Elmwood we sing for our supper. 69 ART AND LITERATURE Jennifer Deacon Grade 10 Winner of Art and Literature Contest 72 HOLIDAY I crouch on a tide-thrown log. Lost from it ' s boom somewhere Out there on Lake Superior, Watching my brothers Watching the waves Crescent over the Pre-Cambrian Shield The one, sixteen, Furled like a picture poet, Torn jeans, hair curling Over his faded cotton shirt. Painting words with a black pen On a white loose-leaf page As the light tumbles Before him. The other, younger. Wild-daisy hair, tanned Feet planted in pink sand Listening to the laps that whisper Coded songs for recording later. Eyes and ears are gifts to my brothers I observe my gift; loneliness, Watching my brothers being poets, As I improvise with a Charred stick on granite sand, Sitting on a lone log Absent from its brothers Feeling Sad. Anja Miller Grade 9 Winner of the Art and Literature Contest Chantelle Brown Grade 1 1 IN MY MIND I SEE . . . Turquoise blue crystal lake SILENCE! Electric blue precise laser beam ZAP! Royal blue gin bulldog ATTENTION! Gun metal blue hate hurt WAR! Kathleen Macauley Grade 6 AN EXCERPT FROM A SPY STORY: Mandy sat back on the sofa, kicked off her shoes, and rested her feet on the coffee table. The reporters on the television were tearing about giving " exclusive up-to-date reports " in high- pitched voices, thick with tension. Mandy lit up a cigarette, and concentrated on blowing perfect smoke rings. She was actually surprised at how calm and at ease she felt. She had waited for this moment for literally years. As insane as he was, he was nevertheless brilliant, and, more importantly, determined. Hauffer was in control. She knew it, and she also knew that everyone else in the world had better realize it . . . very soon. He was in there right now, with up to a hundred expertly trained men. This was no hotch-potch operation. Hauffer ' s mission had penetrated the inner-most circles of the Super Power ' s govern- ments. Let the ridiculous bureaucrats bail out now that the ball was in motion. Hauffer had counted on having most of them out of the way. From now on only their people were needed would be tolerated. Anna Sherwood Grade 11 74 AN ODE TO SPAGHETTI Spaghetti, Spaghetti On the hot Serengetti Now I ' m on my way to the moon.j A HAMSTER Squeek, Squeek, Squeek, I have no beak, only some ears. I like noodles on oodles of poodles. Do you love Zoodles? Nina Esrock Grade 6 FALCON Flying free is the falcon. Not hunted, but hunting. Swooping down upon an unsuspecting rodent, One swallow and it is gone. He is the majestic bird perched in the old pine. Regarding the world with an air of superiority. His powerful talons clutching a gnarled branch The wind brings an unknown signal to him. One flap of his wings and he is gone. Gracefully soaring high with the wind. He flies into the distance until I can see him no longer. Jennifer Blais: Grade 8 MY MOTHER ' S HAIR Afraid to say Mother ' s hair is gray And I think its going to stay! No matter what shampoos That she will use Calling it black The issue does confuse! What can I say Truth is her hair is gray! Genevieve Cimon: Grade 7 3C b -caK iV c unicorns oj- JVm? uioHib One ibc of ma r-iani uLil Anja Miller Grade 9 Answer: A Coral Reef 77 LA LIBERTE La liberte t ' a appele, Sans regarder tu as couru, Sans regarder tu m ' as laissee, C ' est en elle que tu as cru. La liberte t ' avait - on dit " Tu pourras voler aux plus hauls nuages ' Cela on te I ' avait promis. Mais la suite discretement omise. L ' oiseau s ' envola les yeux fermes. Vers le ciel il est monte, Toujours plus haut il montait Toujours plus loin il volait. La, tres tres haut dans le ciel Ses poumons n ' en purent plus L ' aventure etait " fautue " Sa descente fut tres rapide Vers la mers clair et limpide. I am the father of all, yet the sun and the earth control me. I cause every- thing to be, and all turns to dust because of me. Sand and glass hold me. Carol Hodgson Grade 9 Answer: Time C ' est a ce moment que je suis arrivee Je savais que tu tomberais Car la vraie liberte ne peut etre gagnee Par des illusions achetees. L ' oiseau blesse s ' eveille Autour de lui il regarde Pres de son lit blanc veille la garde II a compris et dit merci pour sa vie. Brigitte Ghonima Grade 1 1 mm}km tmmmw m I TIME My mind is blanlc, It awaits a word of confidence, Yet all words have been spoken too late. Syllables with no set patterns. They, are the emotionless noises. Take one to speak and befriend it with one of its kind. Molecules are formed this way. As is my past. Although my room is bare, It is not empty. Cup the hand around the ear. Echoes are free? No. They take a lifetime to pay. All was worth the while. Live on. Kellianne Folk-Parish Grade 1 1 There are times When a passionate love Fills my whole And leaves me trembling. What it is I never know. It makes me grab My sunny-haired Little brother And embrace him, So hard he runs away Then I run Swift as a storm To the twilight park. I stand very still And listen to The call of white birds That rings high And clear Over the grassy pond. But I tremble still. Touch the wind I swing harder Faster Passionately swinging Till I ' m weak. Off the swing, I tremble still. I ' m full of sun Electric and soft Burning and tender Yearning . . . There are times When the voices Are glorious And the sky is true And a passionate love Fills my whole. P. M.S. I am on the swing Swift and high My sandy toes MY BEAUTIFUL CHILD Come to me my beautiful child You are the light of the world Close your eyes And imagine That love is real He loves you so life is bearable Don ' t fear the end For with faith it will never come And love nor life will ever end Smile And let me wipe away your tears My beautiful child Don ' t cry It makes you look so naive You are not naive Just pure And innocent My beautiful child Don ' t grow up Stay by my side And hold my hand Be my friend forever Maybe you should cry It would show you will always be My beautiful child Kirsten Kearsley, Grade 12. Andrea Sheridan Grade 1 1 82 Nicola Grainger Grade 1 1 SONG OF THE SEA Where mermaids play and all fish glide, The sea, the sea my home and pride, Oh the starfish and the coral white, Flourescent plants that glow at night, The multi colored aquean plants, Sway to and fro in rhythmic dance, Where soft waters join talcum sand, Come gently to caress the land, I ' ll gaze out on these waters still; I feel my heart with wonder fill. This sunset tells the day to close. My lids grow heavy and I doze. Amy Bodkin Grade 1 1 THE STORM The wind Shrieks past the houses And down the street. It stops suddenly, Without warning. Stillness. A bright flash of lightning Darts across the darkening sky Illuminating a tense, still world. Silence. A clap of thunder Splits through the stillness With a loud, long roar And stops. Tenseness. Rain begins to fall. Catherine Jeanjean Grade? DANCE The brilliant colours of the dancer swish and swirl in a blur. Her feet barely touch the ground. With swift movements she flies through the air. Swirling with great facility. Falling with the silent sound of snow. She flutters like birds in your window. She isn ' t anything else but herself. The out- standing, extra-ordinary dancer belongs to her fascinating world of dance. As she swishes and swirls in a blur. Dance Vanessa Riddell Grade 6 SUMMER HOLIDAYS School is fun, When it is done, We run from school, To the pool, We like lemonade, If its homemade. From our mothers, Who dust with feathers. But dad is sad, Because the boss at work, Is always mad. Rebecca Keen Grade 5 LEMON N.H. CORRIDORS Corridors, corridors of time Many for the future, some for the present, yet little of the past remains. By crest, motto, song and spirit we are linked with past, A link that shall always remain. As we walk in these halls. Which many have trod before us. And many after us, yet few will return again. Allison MacFarlane Grade 7 yellow plump juicy soft glowing glazy sour bitter laughing has a top hat mocking shiny lazy rosy. Nina Esrock Grade 6 85 THEM Above me hangs the cross of Jesus wearing thorns; Below me burns the devil with sharp translucent horns. A drop of Jesus ' blood would help to save from all, And yet I call on Lucifer to help me build a wall. They ' re fighting o ' re my body: one to save my soul, The other to destroy me, that would be his goal. And though it ' s good and evil versus me; oh silent me. Repentance would be sin to claim my useless destiny. Me Jodie Pullen Grade 1 1 Beneath the gleaming sun, two lovers thoughts entwined, A passion understood. The complexity of emotion surpassed only by this understanding, The tranquillity of entangled souls. Elisabeth Preston Grade 12 86 ON THE WAY TO EARTH It seemed like hours, even eons, the last fifteen minutes of the red alert. Twenty light years away, the most lethal missile ever built, Annihilator Supreme, was hurtling toward the planet Earth, from the Orion System over fifteen-hundred light years away in space. The year was 2259 A.D. Already, three missiles had rocked Earth ' s surface. The first had reduced Oceania to atoms; the second and third had destroyed the two magnetic poles. Now, the fourth was bearing down, directly on course from the heavens to further reduce the whole planet, such as it was. Most of the planet had been transformed into wasteland. Huge upheavals had changed the Earth ' s soils and atmosphere so that nothing could live except in the few Bubble Cities - ten, to be precise. In the Central Control Bubble City of NASA, no one but the Space-Workers knew of the impending disaster. One of these, a telepath named I-c ' nc- ' all was a brilliant man confined to a wheelchair, but everyone knew that this disability did not mean that his mental processes were reduced. Now he was sitting idly, feeling that he had done everything within his power, and reflecting in depth on what wou ld happen when the missile struck. The radiation would heat the Earth to the point where lead would turn to vapour and . . . NO! He mustn ' t think of that! It was much too horrible and, unfortunately, too true. He sensed a tingling in the back of his skull, but he tried to dismiss it from his thoughts. As it gradually grew, to seemingly fill his whole mind and body, he felt a curious lightness and freedom that seemed to lift him from his wheelchair. Suddenly, his earthbound form writhed in pain and shock. He cried out in agony against the instantaneous launching of his telepathic mind deep into space. All work in the room ceased. All eyes were riveted on the small figure seated by the Central Com- Tracking ' Puter. l-c ' nc- ' all was now telepathically grappling with the missile deep in space as it continued its sinister flight through the vacuum. The missile was now slowly, being diverted from its final devastating encounter. I-c ' nc- ' all was trans- ferring all his strength and willpower to save his planet and possibly the Milky Way. His initial contact had forced him to scream in sheer mental agony, but now he was in complete control. Eventually the missile was far enough off course to avoid any contact with the Milky Way. I-c ' nc- ' all returned to himself, emotionally battered and bruised. Someone took his gaze from the cripple long enough to note that the missile was no longer in radar scan range. It was then that the medics arrived with the life-suppport cradle. As they bundled him into the cradle, a last waking thought clamoured weakly for his attention. No one else realized that even though the missile had been deflected, it was now circling Earth in an erratic, fragile orbit. No one could ever calculate, for certain, if some freak mishap would send the missile crashing down to the surface. Tara Morrison Grade 8 87 A PICNIC TO REMEMBER Harold and Mildred decided to go On a picnic one day in July. The weather was fine, the temperature warm And no clouds appeared in the sky. Well, Mildred suggested that they take their picnic To a little place down by the sea. With their ham and their salad, their tarts and their cakes And a little brown pot full of tea, They spread out their blanket, set up their umbrella To keep the sun from their eyes. But one thing they did not happen to see Was the sea which had started to rise. Just then they noticed the rising sea Which was covering up most of the sand. So they flipped up the umbrella, tied on the blanket And sailed to a far-away land. At an island they set up their picnic again And poured out two cups of tea. And made a toast to the wonderful voyage They had crossing the gleaming blue sea. So Harold and Mildred had a memorable picnic At a little place down by the sea. With their ham and their salad, their tarts and their cakes And a little brown pot full of tea. Rachel Brown Grade 9 WHO WOULD THE BEST MARKS SEE Who would the best marks see, let her come closer: To Elmwood girls like me, in kilts and loafers She ' ll find discouragement and many times relent, At last she ' ll vow intent, to be a student. Teachers beset her round With odd assignments Do weekend plans confound This is her lament. So passing is in sight She ' ll labour long at night, To finish homework ' s plight To be a student. Since Lord, thou dost defend She who will study She knows that in the end With IB ' s for buddies; Then she may fly away, Ne ' er to return I pray But to visit one day No more a student. Amy Bodkin: Grade 1 1 Drawing by: Chantelle Brown Grade 1 1 SPRING Birds chirp and chatter into Hfe Blossoms hide in the trees Waiting to jump out! Puddle happy! Snow water flows free. Puddle madness Bulbs burst in excitement Insects smile in the sun Squirrels scamper Across the deep sky blue. Scary, sleepy ground hog Dazed; munching grass. Bears growl in sunlight Hungrily stretched and scratch Deer prance joyfully Seeds waiting underground feel The touch of Spring. SOMETIMES I NEED A QUIET PLACE Sometimes I need a quiet place Away from life with its fast pace, Sometimes I need to be alone; To think and dream in a place of my own. It ' s there that I talk with my dolls and play Read books sometimes on a rainy day, Write to myself and sometimes pray, Till my good friends come to call me away Genevieve Cimon: Grade 7 Marty Mazanji Grade 3 4 ON TRENDS AND FADS (. . . SOCIAL CLOTHING) - I really don ' t think shooting the alligator will get rid of them. They tend to swarm, don ' t they? Travel in group(ies) -- or hover. - Sometimes it ' s rather difficult to tell them apart, they all insist on seas of green and pink, (a kind of uniform). - Do you think half a head of hair is meant to protest something or just stand out? (or up). Do you think that they sleep with their combat boots on or off? - I wonder if they ' ve memorized their handbook, or whether they simply refer to it every time they want to do something? - Perhaps if we suggested individuality?. - Too risky. Anna Sherwood Grade 11 CAT Wake up, black cat, be quick, fast, darting Be awake . . . stalking midnight; Ssh . . . Not a sound . . . Don ' t give a thought, I ' ve got thick bouncv pads For that. Still . . . Stop Quiet. MoUv Finlay Grade 6 CINDERELMWOOD Once upon a time in the land of Rockcliffe there lived a wicked headmistress and her ten beautiful prefects and Cinderelmwood. One day in prayers it was announced that there would be a ball at the fairy kingdom of Ashbury. It w rumoured that the fairy king was to pick his queen at the ball. The days passed slowly as the prefects waited anxiously for the ball. Then the day finally arrived. The prefects wore their sparkling white rayon sweaters. They put on their favourite leotards and had polished their penny loafers. They wore their hair in green barettes and ribbons. I There was a knock on the door. The prefects didn ' t hear it because they were listening to the music of the common room ghetto blaster. i teJlGi Ki. Then there was a second knock which disrupted their listening pleasure. a M lrt od. " What do you want, " cackled the prefects. " I came to use the mirror to fix my make-up for the ball. " The prefects were at once silent. They looked at each other. Then the prefects told Cinderelmwood that she could not go to the ball at the Kingdom of Ashbury. " Oh please you can ' t do this to me, now I ' ll never meet my fairy prince, " cried Cinderelmwood. " Well " said the prefects " if you clean the common room you can go to the ball. " Cinderelmwood looked around in despair. " I ' ll never get this clean " cried Cinderelmwood. " Get the bugs to help you, " replied the heartless prefects. She began to work on it right away. Hours passed and she was still cleaning. But then there was ancnOTTon the door, and in came her fairy Gundymother. " Why are you not at the ball? " she exclaimed. " The prefects told me I couldn ' t go until I cleaned the common room. " " Well, I think you have done enough you are free to go, " said the fairy Gundymother. Cinderelmwood was ecstatic but then she realized that she had lost her penny loafers in the mess of the common room. The fairy Gundymother turned a pair of sneakers into a pair of shiny black leather pumps for Cinderelmwood. " How will I get to the Kingdom of Ashbury? I ' ll break my neck walking in these pumps. " The fairy Gundymother then turned four juniors on detention into four radial all-season tires and a cup of tomato soup into a red TR7. " Thanks, " cried Cinderelmwood. " You must return the sports car by midnight, don ' t forget by midnight, or you ' ll have to drink the soup. " vas a Knock c fair Prince fell in love at once. He rushed over and asked her to dance to that Air Supply favorite " ' Lost in Lo e " . Cinderelmwood was having a marvelous time but then someone said " It ' s almost midnight let ' s head o er to Tobasco ' s. " Cinderelmwood had one minute to get back to Elmwood. She said a quick " Good-bye " . , I She looked at her pumps and realized that she could not run in thetn. She took them off and left them behind. The Prince ran after her but she sped off in the red sports car. The next day, the fairy Prince drove over to Elmwood and parked in the parking lot - in a registered parking space of course. He came inside and went straight to the office to sign in. Reason - to find his one true love. He had almost made it to the common room when he was apprehended by the guard on duty, Colonel Millington. She bellowed, " Where do you think you are going? " The fairy Prince cringed in fear. " I ' m looking for the babe that fits this pump. " " I don ' t wear pumps " , .she exclaimed " but if you care to check the staff room, it ' s down and to your left. " The prince tried desperately to explain that he was looking for Cinderelmwood, his true love. " Ask the prefects " , said Colonel Millington, " They are in the common room " . Yet another knock at the door. " Who is it? " they cried in unison. " It ' s the fairy prince " . A herd of prefects trampled Cinderelmwood to get to the door. " I ' ve come to find the foot that fits this pump. " " Try me " , they cried in unison, eagerly throwing their loafers out the window. For half an hour they tried to cram their plump, and stockinged feet into the pumps. Suddenly there came a faint cry from the corner and there was slight movement under the clutter. " Oh, the bugs! " shouted the prefects. " No " , said the pile, " it ' s me, Cinderelmwood. " HBl We ' 11 leave the rest to you, but they lived happily ever after in the land of Rockcliffe. IHj Lisa Ostiguy and Sarah Peat: Grade 13 95 96 cm in Ihe r lie. 98 99 iciigci ucxupie; t and 50c for ; i on board. T 101 102 WATCHING YOU! 106 HERITAGE DAY A DAY IN THE LIFE OF MISS ELMWOOD 110 Miss Elmwood starts her day battling tlie enemy of the morning, her alarm clock. Fast asleep, after a long night of homework, the clamouring knell ex- plodes into her ear and she rises only long enough to hurl the offending hunk of machinery to the ground. After ten, stolen moments of extra sleep she is prodded awake by Mother with some cheerful cliche like " Rise and Shine " or " Up and at ' em Sunshine. " Then she knows her fate is sealed and she must get up. Miss Elmwood throws on her kilt, (somewhat rumpled by its night on the floor), blouse, tie, tights and bloomers (to hold up the tights, you must un- derstand), and then spends an hour doing her hair. She gulps down a cup of coffee, destroys a Mars bar and off she goes . . . The bus ride constitutes a major part of Miss Elmwood ' s social life. There she can chat with her friends from " down the road " and catch up on the latest news. The socializing peaks at the Pinto where she picks up a TAB and a bag of HOSTESS. The journey up Springfield mountain is arduous for Miss Elmwood as she must drag her Adidas bag full of books, binders and other " useful " artifacts all the way up to 261 in all kinds of weather. At last she arrives in the warm refuge of the front hall and joins the lengthy line to sign the late book. On to prayers and a few minutes of natter. The old brass bell signals the " all quiet, " as the Headmistress, black cloak billowing out behind her (Darth Vader), passes the silent regiments of green girls, closely followed by our Miss Elmwood who has just found out she ' s " doing prayers " . Miss Elmwood is desperately thinking of all manner of facetious things she can say about just discovering that she was to do prayers. She survives, barely. On to first class where Miss Elmwood en- thusiastically answers every question, so much so that the teacher can ' t get in a word edgewise. Sur- prising what one can do on the spur of the moment, isn ' t it? Her second class is a spare (oh joy, oh bliss) which is spent discussing the " wild " party she went to Saturday night and the problems she ' s having with the latest boyfriend. All the while the teacher on duty threatens Miss Elmwood with detentions and the studious girls add their murderous looks; Miss Elmwood is oblivious to all. Now it is break. Miss Elmwood bounds joyously into her classroom, takes out the TAB (without which the morning would not be complete), her Sony Walkman (playing Marvin Gaye) and her Munchies that help feed the mice that lurk around the school waiting for such op- portunities. Lunch is much the same as break, spent in the classroom so as to avoid cleaning the tables. After further strenuous afternoon activities Miss Elmwood collapses on the desk in her last class. She is revived, just in time, for her rendezvous at the park. SPORT ' S CAPTAIN ' S NOTE This past year has witnessed many achievements in sports. These achievements were partly due to the tremendous support, hard work and enthusiasm of both students and staff in all our sporting activities. Again, we had a basketball team, a soccer team, as well as a senior and a junior volleyball team. And, as usual, all these teams showed excellent spirit and encouraging progress. Wait until next year! This year Elmwood was able to have its first softball and rowing teams. The interest shown in joining each of these two teams exceeded by far that shown in joining any of the previously existing teams. As usual, the track and field team high-lighted Elmwood ' s sports scene (no bias evident here, I hope!). Both Cynthia Hughes and Elise Braithwaite advanced to the Ottawa Valley meet, where Cynthia placed sixth in the shot put and Elise placed first in both the 400m and 800m races. Elise then advanced to the Eastern Regional meet and later to the Ontario Federation of School Athletic Association meet in Toronto. Elise took first place in the 800m with a time of 2:05:94. This time broke the existing OFSSA senior age class record (2:09:73) AND the Canadian Interscholastic record (2:09:27). Sports Day was a tremendous success. Many thanks to Mr. Yates, the staff and students who helped to make this year ' s activities a day we ' ll all remember. Many thanks and much appreciation also goes out to Miss Eaman, Mr. McCabe, Mrs. Neale and Mr. Yates for their assistance with the various teams. Finally, thanks to the house sports captains, whose support and help made my job as sports captain all that much easier. And, a very special thanks to Mrs. Neale for whose guidance I am greatly indebted. Without her, success in organizing house games and Spirit Day would have been impossible. Elise Braithwaite 114 CITIZEN INDOOR GAMES (Left to Right) Back Row: Elise Braithwaite, Heather Rogers, Ann Rogers. Front Row: Mrs. Neale, Sheila Reid, Louisa Taylor, Paula Gilbert. " We went with hope in our hearts, and wings on our heels. " Andrew Lyndsey " And where does the power come from to see the race to it ' s end? From within. " Eric Liddell " They shall mount up with wings as eagles; They shall run, and not be weary; And they shall walk, and not faint. " Isiah 40 115 CROSS COUNTRY RUNNING (Left to Right) Back Row: Sarah Molson, GiHian Lorimer, Mrs. Neale, Sheila Reid, Paula Gilbert, Elise Braithwaite. Front Row: Matilde Hahn, Fiona Doetsch, Elizabeth Westley, Elisa Campbell, Nicole Jackson. During October and November the Elmwood Cross-Country team participated in two meets - a preliminary competition and then on to the city finals. The runners included: Sarah Molson, Gillian Lorimer, Sheila Reid, Paula Gilbert, Elise Braithwaite, Matilde Hahn, Fiona Doestch, Susan Westley, Elisa Campbell, and Nicole Jackson. From the city finals Elise Braithwaite advanced to the regional meet, where she placed third. Elise then moved on to the provincial meet where she came twelfth. An exceptional season due to the consistent, hard work of everyone involved. Their dilligence paid off when they had to face the steep hills, mud, snow and extreme cold! 117 By MIKE HAYES Staff Writer Some run for fun. Others run on doctor ' s orders. Then there are those blessed with the abihty and inner-drive who run to win. Elise Braithwaite is one young woman who epitomizes the latter. Braithwaite, 17, has just returned from the Ontario Federation of Secondary School Ath- letics (OFFSA) track and field championships in Etobicoke where she shattered all existing records for the 800-metre run. Although she was eligible to run as a junior, Braithwaite ran in the senior division to encounter stiffer com- petition. " In junior, she was winning races by half-a- lap and more, " said Brenda Neale, Braith- waite ' s phys-ed teacher and coach at the Elm- wood School For Girls. " We hoped that by running against seniors, Elise might be pushed just a l ittle. " Pushed she was, and when Braithwaite flash- ed across the finish line, her winning time of 2:05.94 was almost four seconds faster than both the Ontario and Canadian interscholastic records. The win and records capped a fantastic year of running for the af- fable Braithwaite. She had previously set meet records in both the 400-and 800-metre events at the Ottawa, Ottawa Valley and Eastern Ontario championships before advancing to the provincial finals. Several weeks prior to the finals, Braithwaite decided to drop the 400- metres and concentrate on the 800. Both her and Neale agreed the 800- metre was her strongest event. The rest, as they say, is history. Now that the school year is over, Braithwaite is training with the Ottawa Kinsmen Har- riers, a track club she has been a member of for two years. Her next big meet is the junior national championship in Ed- monton in July. A good showing there would give Braithwaite the op- portunity to compete for Canada at the Pan- American Junior Games in Nassau, Bahamas, in August. And if she continues to run and run well, Braithwaite will be a candidate for a spot on the 1988 Canadian Olympic team competing in Seoul, Korea. " The Olympics would be wonderful, " said Braithwaite. " But that ' s really a long way off. My biggest concern now is the nationals and the Pan- Am Games and then my continuing education. " Braithwaite has just graduated from Elm- wood where she was a member of the student council and an in- tramural sports captain. She plans to attend university in the fall and major in phys-ed with a minor in business ad- ministration. Braithwaite has been offered a full scholarship to attend the University of Nebraska, but she is leaning towards either Ottawa, Toronto or Western universities. " But it ' s a long way from home and I think I ' d miss my family too much. " Whatever she decides to do, Braithwaite will likely do it well. Her positive outlook extends beyond the track to everything she does and her enthusiasm is in- fectious when she says, " I love running and meeting people and life in general. " Elise Braithwaite of CHARIOT OF FIRE BRAITHWAITE SETS CANADIAN MARK IN 800M Ottawa ' s Elmwood School also set a Canadian interscholastic record, shaving over three seconds off Camille Cato ' s 800- metre mark of 2:09.27 in winning the senior girls ' 800 metres in 2:05:94. At 17, Braithwaite is young enough to run as a junior but decided to enter the senior division, " because I thought I ' d stand a better chance of breaking the record, " and she ' s only been running the 800 metres for two years. Braithwaite ' s coach. Bill Arnold of Ottawa Kinsmen, felt she was ready to break a record. " We were going for 2:08 today, 2:05.94 is fantastic, " he said. If Braithwaite equals her time in the upcoming Pan-American Junior Games in August, she should be a medal threat. TRACK AND FIELD (Left to Right) From Front to Back: First Row: Mr. Yates, Amy Bodkin. Second Row: Gillian Lorimer, Paula Gilbert, Heather Rogers, Sheila Reid, Annabelle Mandy, Susan Brewer. Third Row: Claudia Fernandini, Chase Harris, Rosemary Todd, Elise Braithwaite, Cynthia Hughes, Lisa Ostiguy. Fourth Row: Mathilde Hahn, Ruth Martin, Diane Drouin, Jennifer Johnston, Caro Molson, Fiona Doetsch, Laila Lalani, Saree Ghosh SOFTBALL (Left to Right) Back Row: Diane Drouin, Laila Lalani, Lisa Ostiguy, Elisa Campbell, Susan Brewer. Front Row: Ruth Martin, Cynthia Hughes, Rosemary Todd, Heather Rogers, Paula Gilbert, Mrs. Neale. This year the Bad New Bears didn ' t go into " breaking Training " nor did they go to China. In fact, this year they came to Elmwood in the form of our Softball team. I ' m not saying that the team was bad, actually, we were pretty good. If it were not for that TELEPHONE CALL, we would have been able to show all the teams in Toronto how good we were. We would like to thank both Mr. and Mrs. Neale (none of this would have hap- pened had we not had those Saturday morning practises) and the juniors who cheered and supported our team against the " E.T. ' S " . Don ' t ever forget (not that anybody will) the dune buggy, " Peter and Paul " , the water bed, and the NEVER-ENDING CHILI! 119 JUNIOR VOLLEYBALL (Left to Right) Back Row: Shawn Belton, Laura Schmidt, Melinda Hamlyn, Siobhan Donoghue, Nicole Jacques, Tania Turner, Nila Varan, Erin Mc- Conomy. Front Row: Helen Gilbertson, Nicky Cole, Alexandra Stevens, Martha Finn. Front: Fiona Adams. The girls participated in a volleyball tournament at an Ottawa Board School. The team played extremely well, displaying good volleyball skills and good sportsmanship. Well done, girls. Mrs. O ' Brien JUNIOR-SENIOR VOLLEYBALL iti (Left to Right) Milena Sigmund, Chase Harris, Judy Korecky, Julia Fournier, Krista Gray, Jennifer Cohen, Diane Drouin, Laila Lalani, Mathilde Hahn, Lynn McKenzie, Rachel Soar, Mrs. Neale. Once again, the Junior-Senior Volleyball team coached by Mrs. Neale, had an active and quite exciting season. We started practising in late November, and the season began in February. We tried to further develop our skills by participating in two volleyball clinics. The season consisted of 6 matches, of which we won 5 games, including a victory against Rideau! Thank you Mrs. Neale, next year looks very promising! 120 SENIOR VOLLEYBALL (Left to Right) Rosemary Todd, Beth Atkinson, Heather Rogers, Cynthia, Hughes, Ruth Martin, Louisa Taylor, Marion Jones, Cynthia Rhodes, Mr. McCabe, Yasui o Shimizu, Paula Gilbert, Noel Ikeda, Fiona Murray. , JUNIOR SOCCER (Left to Right) Back Row: Suzan Al-Dairi, Allison MacFarlane, Alexa Dodge, Lisa Hillary, Fiona Adams, Siobhan, Donoghue, Nicole Jaques, Jennifer Blais. Front Row: Helen Gilbertson, Shawn Belton, Jackie Morphy, Martha Finn, Stephanie Pecher, Nicola Cole, Mrs. O ' Brien. The girls played in a soccer tournament at Brewer Park, accompanied by Mr. McCabe and Paula Gilbert. The skills displayed by the entire team made us all very proud. Congratulations, girls. - Mrs. O ' Brien SENIOR SOCCER (Left to Right) Back Row: Mrs. Neale, Chase Harris, Elisa Campbell, Michele Friend, Ruth Martin, Sheila Reid, Cynthia Rhodes, Carol Hodgson, Mathilde Hahn, Diane Drouin, Lynn Mckenzie, Christine Kelly, Ann Rogers. Front Row: Lisa Ostiguy, Cynthia Hughes, Rosemary Todd, Heather Rogers, Paula Gilbert. This year was good for the soccer team. We started out with an excellent game against Rideau High School, which we won! Unfortunately, this was only an exhibition game. Later that season, we had a few ties and some losses, however, the team has never played so well. Our skill has improved steadily, along with our spirit, determination, and aggression (which has been rather lacking in the past) Unfortunately, we will be losing many of our " star players " , who are going off to University. We will miss them greatly. Thanks to Mrs. Neale, and the graduates, namely, Rosemary Todd, Cynthia Hughes, Paula Gilbert, Christine Kelly, Elisabeth Preston, Ann Rogers, Sheila Reid, Heather Rogers, and a big thank you to Lisa Ostiguy for her constant support. 122 ROWING (Left to Right) Back Row: Susan Brewer, Rosemary Todd, Lisa Ostiguy, Nicola Maule, Elisa Campbell, Annabeiie Mandy, Sara Montgomery. Middle Row: Miss Eaman, Gillian Lormier, Jennifer Cohen, Diane Drouin, Fiona Murray, Nadia Jacquot, Cynthia Rhodes, Jane Basinski, Sarah Molson, Nicola Grainger, Christine Kelly. Front Row: Karen Looye, Milena Sigmund, Rachel Soar, Heather Rogers, Louisa Taylor, Lucy White, Elisabeth Preston, Ann Rogers, Luci Tousignant, Ruth Martin, Quentin Woloschuk. This year, Elmwood discovered that among it ' s midst were some rather talented oarsmen. We soon were out on the river, trying not to tip, endeavoring to keep in time with " stroke " and straining to hear the coxswain ' s plaintive shouts of encouragement. Of course, participation waned in the winter as Miss Fonda ' s workouts seemed less exciting than being on the river. Enthusiasm, of course, was revived as spring approached. Many thanks go to Miss Eaman, for her undying support and devotion. Good luck next year, DON ' T CATCH ANY CRABS. TENNIS The tennis season was somewhat hectic this year, to say the least, we played six games, and were aware that our skills, under the nurturing care of Mrs. Knap, had greatly improved. All of us: Elisa Campbell, Jennifer Cohen, Diane Drouin, Paula Gilbert, Cynthia Hughes, Marion Jones, Nicola Maule, Fiona Murray, Satsuki Okada and Tatjana Wodrich thank Mrs. Knap! 123 BASKETBALL (Top to Bottom) Mr. Yates, Milena Sigmund, Rachel Soar, Lisa Ostiguy, Cynthia Hughes, EHsabeth Preston, Quentin Woluschuic, Rosemary Todd, Heather Rogers, Paula Gilbert, Mary-Ann Fulga, Matilde Hahn, Laila Lalani, Diane Drouin. Athough we did not win any games this season, the " Elmwood Eagles " soared to great heights, and, in doing so, scored more points overall than ever before. Under the strong leadership of Mr. Yates, we practiced, when it did not rain, on the basketball tennis courts, and met our formidable opponents with spirit and determination. Best of luck for next years team and always remember: " It ' s not whether you win or lose ... " FINALE . Chairman, Members of ihe Board, Mrs. White, Members of Staff and Studenis, 1 feel sad tonight, because my farewell after five years. However, a quote for my purposes - " Better to have loved and tost han never to have loved at all " P ' It is only when I confront the idea of leaving the Elmwood atmosphere that certain realizations come to me. Everybody knows each other ' s name and in the mornings I would receive, at least, five " Good Mornings " and four " Grunts " and betw een classes there would be a friendly exchange of jokes and pats on the shoulder from students and teachers alike. I accepted the honour of being Head Girl so that I could repay the friendship and support I have received through the years. Ironically, the more that 1 tried to repay, the more and more the friendship was returned txy, me. Throughout the year the Prefects and I have worked in trying to bring new ideas to please the student body and they have more than thanked us for our efforts by simply saying, " I had a great time. " The students of Elmwood are a great bunch, full of enthusiasm. They have taught me two valuable lessons - that defeat must never be allowed to push anyone from the scene; that those with strong beliefs never fail. Elmwood students and staff have certainly proved this by improving academic endeavours and athletic com- petition beyond all measure. I know that the day Elmwood gets a gym, the school vvill become ' Number One ' , and I have pretty good luck at forecasting performance. To the Grads of ' 84, well I thought I would sing to you . . . but I still want your friendship so I will just have to say it. When I was younger, all 1 wanted out of Grade Thirteen was to graduate with a spirited class who par- ticipated and cared for their school. You - Grads ' 84 - have more than fulfilled that wish. I am honoured and proud to be graduating with a class such as ours. I wish you all the very best of luck in everything that you do - most of all. I wish you much happiness. Each of you has so much to offer. 1 hope you all get a chance to show it. To Bissy McClenahan, next year ' s Head Girl, our congratulations and we wish you the best of luck. It is too bad that the two words, THANK YOU, are used so much that they lose the true value of their in- tention. But these are the two words I feel sum up everything best, to all of you who have made my years at Elmwood happy and positive, a very sincere THANK YOU . THANK YOU ELMWOOD AND GOOD-BYE. PRIZE LIST Proficiency Standing: 80% and over, up to and including Grade 10 Grade 3 4 - Julia Ediger, Natasha Mozes, Akua Otupiri. Grade 5 - Vanessa Cronk, Caroline Greenwood, Patricia Harewood, Stephanie McKnight, Erika Westman. Grade 6 O ' B - Samantha Ambridge, Molly Finlay, Hester Grodde, Catherina Lewin, Zoe Pettengell, Mai Vejjajiva. Grade 6W - Manal Bahubeshi, Rosemary Fincham, Genevieve LeBlanc, Michelle Riff. Grade 7B - Melanie Cronk, Jill Hogg, Laita Lemaguer, Erin McConomy, Lisa Roberts, Shannon Robinson, Sophia Southam, Heidi Siaseson. Grade 7M - Elizabeth Cundill, Alysia Davies, Margaret Grodde, Alexa Holmes, Allison MacFarlane, Lourdes Rodero, Sarah Young. Grade 8M- Jennifer Blais, Diane Burgess, Susan Evans, Katie Lafferty, Tara Morrison, Stephanie Pecher, Dilsheesh Purewal, Sheena Riff. Grade 9E - Ashwina Bijoor, Claudia Fernandini, Nicole Jackson, Eliza James, Caro Molson, Julie Waterhouse. Grade 9S - Fiona Doetsch, Britta Dunwald, Victoria Grossman- Flensel, Chase Harris, Mathilde Hahn, Gillian Hewitt, Carol Hodgson, Anja Miller, Jane Lougheed. Grade lOH - Waffa Istephan, Julie Larouche, Susan Liddle, Catherine Lougheed, Ana Marie Rodero, Alison Schmidt, Milena Sigmund. Grade lOJ - Jane Basinski. Proficiency Standing - 75% and over, up to and including Grade 13 Grade IIJ - Gloria Ancona, Chantelle Brown, Elisa Campbell, Diane Drouin, Christine Jodoin, Annabelle Mandy, Nicola Maule, Sarah Molson, Andrea Sheridan, Anna Sherwood, Yasuko Shimizu, Janet Walker, Krista Wedekamm, Susan Westley. Grade 1 1 S - Amy Bodkin, Sarah Drover, Nadia Jacquot, Jenny Johnston, Laila Lalani, Anna Weltman. Grade 12 - Beth Atkinson, Michele Friend, Noel Ikeda, Pui Jayanama, Kirsten Kearsley, Carolyn Laws, Karen Looye, Adrienne MacLeod, Elizabeth McClenahan, Elisabeth Preston, Philippa Sheppard, Louisa Taylor. Grade 1 3F - Teresa Basinski, Marion Jones, Helene LeBlanc, Sarah Peat, Sarah Thorpe. Grade 13M - Katie Dick, Cynthia Hughes, Janie Lawson, Lori Schroeder, Kalli Varaklis, Elizabeth Westley, Tatiana Wodrich, Anna Yuen. JUNIOR SCHOOL Junior School Creative Writing - Stephanie Dryden-Cripton, Hadeel Shaik, Nina Esrock. Junior Book-Lover Prize - Susan Campbell, Mary Gilbertson, Genevieve LeBlanc, Natasha Mozes. Junior School Poetry - Melanie Cronk, Caroline Haider, Heidi Staseson. Bernadette Sheppard Prizes for Junior Drama - Vanessa Cronk, Molly Finlay, Kathleen Macauley. Junior English - Tegan Schioler Junior Music - Heather Alyea, Alysia Davies, Patricia Reilly. Junior Art - Julia Ediger, Margaret Goodman, Jimmy Hodges, Sophia Southarrt, Josephine Yang. Junior Sewing - Christine Dawood Junior Mathematics - Albertine Van Aerssen Gauss Math Contest: Highest Marks at Elmwood: Susan Evans, Allison MacFarlane. Junior Science Prize for Interest and Progress - Georges Dawood. Junior Science Prize tor Outstanding Interest - Linda Barr Junior School Social Studies - Molly Finlay, Catherine Addison. French Immersion History Grades 7 8 - Sandra Delvoie, Lisa Roberts. Junior School History - Katie Lafferty, Alexa Holmes. Junior School French Prizes: Grade 2-4 Kate White, Francois Drouin. 5 Zoe Pettengell 6 Christine Dawood, Josee Roy. 7 Julie Henderson, Laita Lemaguer 8 Diane Burgess Junior Latin - Shannon Robinson Shultz Prize for Effort - Stephanie Price Prizes for Progress - Joshua Cundill, David Dawood, Libby Edmison, Dilshad Lalani, Christopher Mahoney, Robin Scheiner Laidler Cup - Melinda Hamlyn and Nicole Jacques. SPORTS AWARDS Junior Interhouse Soccer 5 6 Wilson Mary Gilbertson 7 8 Nightingale Nicky Cole Junior Interhouse Floor-Hockey 5 6 Fry Albertine Van Aerssen Junior Interhouse Bordenball 7 8 Nightingale Melinda Hamlyn Junior Interhouse Volleyball 7 8 Nightingale Nicole Jacques Fauquier Junior Cup for Sportsmanship Camille Bouchard Crowdy-Weir Bantam Sports Cup - Sara Frederking Outstanding Athletic Performance - Shawn Belton Dunlop Intermediate Sport ' s Cup - Diane Drouin Wilson Senior Sport ' s Cup - Rosemary Todd Senior Inter-House Volleyball - Keller Kalli Varaklis Green Form Drill Cup - Grade 13 Sheila Reid Outstanding Athletic Performance - Elise Braithwaite Physical Education Gold Medal - Cynthia Hughes Maynard Sportsmanship Cup - Heather Rogers Inter-House Sports Day Cup - Wilson Heather McCormack 130 INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL Grade 9: Prizes for Ail-Round Academic Excellence - Ashwina Bijoor, Fiona Doetsch, Gillian Hewitt, Victoria Grossmann-Hensel, Nicole Jackson, Eliza James, Julie W aterhouse. Intermediate Art - Grade 9: Julie Rang Intermediate French - Grade 9: Caro Molson, Britta Dunwald Intermediate German - Britta Dunwald Intermediate Typing - Pilar Rodero Prize for Outstanding lmpro ement - Carol Hodgson Intermediate English Grade 10 - Jane Basinski Intermediate Drama Grade 10 - Jo Ann Daniels Intermediate French Grade 10 - Stephanie Bartlett Intermediate Latin Grade 10 - Catherine Lougheed Intermediate Math Grade 10 - Milena Sigmund Intermediate Geography Grade 10 - Milena Sigmund Intermediate History Grade 10 - Waffa Istephan Choir Prize - Barbara Toth Intermediate English Grade 1 1 - Anna Sherwood Intermediate Spanish Grade 1 1 - Anna Sherw ood Intermediate French Grade 1 1 - Nadia Jacquot Intermediate History Grade 1 1 - Annabelle Mandy Intermediate Math Grade 1 1 - Yasuko Shimizu Intermediate Art Grade 1 1 - Nicola Grainger Intermediate Science Grade 1 1 - Janet Walker Elizabeth Tanczyk Science Prize for Physics - Susan Westley Intermediate Business Grade 1 1 - Gloria Ancona Intermediate Computer Science - Sarah Molson Prize for Sustained Effort in Grade 1 1 - Jodie Pullen Greenblatt Grade 12 English Prize - Philippa Sheppard Louisa Taylor Lorna Harwood-Jones Cup for Classics - Philippa Sheppard Louisa Taylor Coyne Grade 12 History Prize - Philippa Sheppard Junior Matriculation French Grade 12 - Karen Looye Grade 12 Mathematics Prize - Rirsten Kearsley Junior Matriculation Mathematics - Janet Walker Chapel Monitor ' s Prize - Susan Brewer, Anne Melick Senior Matriculation English - Kalli Varaklis Senior Matriculation French - Carolyn Laws Whitw ill History Prize - Sarah Peat Senior Drama - Sarah Peat Senior Matriculation Art - Anna Yuen Senior Matriculation Music - Janie Lawson Senior Matriculation Mathematics - Elizabeth Westley, Anna Yuen Senior Matriculation Economics - Elisabeth Preston Senior Matriculation Geography - Marion Jones Denton Massey Award for General for General Knowledge - Teresa Basinski Senior Matriculation Science - Karen Looye Senior Matriculation Philosophy - Karen Looye Philippa Sheppard Jadwiga Basinski Memorial Scholarship for Arts - Philippa Sheppard Old Girl ' s House Motto Prize - Wilson: Laila Lalnai Headmistress ' Prizes - Sheila Reid, Katie Dick, Kalli Varaklis Headmistress ' Prize for Independent Endeavour - Susan Liddle HOUSE HEAD AWARDS: Fry - Heather Rogers Keller - Kalli Varaklis Nightingale - Paula Gilbert Wilson - Heather McCormack Graham Form Trophy - Grade 7 Dilshad Lalani and Melanie Cronk Thomas Prize - given in the name of Lisa Ostiguy All Round Contribution to School Life - Lisa Ostiguy Ewing Cup for Character - Philippa Sheppard LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR ' S MEDAL FOR HIGHEST PROFICIENCY IN GRADE 12 - Karen Looye PHILPOT TOKEN - Cynthia Hughes SUMMA SUMMARUM - Rosemary Todd GOVERNOR GENERAL ' S MEDAL FOR THE HIGHEST PROFICIENCY IN GRADE 13 - Elizabeth Westley 131 EDITOR ' S MESSAGE It is surprising what affection an editor has for the last bundle of copy sheets, layout forms, photographs and envelopes that is sent to the publishers; it approaches the maternal. One has seen the editor ' s kit in it ' s embryo stage, piles of untouched and frighteningly new graphs and forms, slowly and painfully changed into a mature yearbook. Painfully is not an exaggeration. The Committee-members and I will remember all the difficult obstacles we had to overcome. At the beginning, we gazed at the bizarre collection of papers in the editor ' s kit - in puzzled horror. (Thank you Karen, for making us acquainted with it ' s contents, and for always " getting on with the job " ) Later on, in trying to raise money, we were forced to ask people things they did not want to be asked; " Please give us your (1) money, (2) time, (3) effort. (Special thanks go to Lis for her work to find advertisers and patrons) Asking people these unpleasant questions isn ' t easy. It involves numerous phone-calls, leaving message after message, and eventually, seeing them in person. Many afternoons after school were spent going from shop to shop to ask for advertising, often to no avail. Samara meetings became part of our lives. In a little room in the Junior School, we would meet on the weekend to wrestle with the in- fernal cropping tool and rummage through the editor ' s kit (known as the Box) to refer to the almighty ladder diagram. Then there were the summer days; one or two of us would sit in the Elmwood dining room, 3-R planners and photographs strewn about the tables. An empty school is an eerie place but well-suited to dreaming up Bergman- style Art and Literature pages. Yet despite the fact that " doing Samara " was time-consuming, nerve-racking, and lots of hard work, we did not regret taking it on ... at least, I know I didn ' t. I learned more in being editor of Samara than I have ever learned before in a single exploit. If I had to do it again . . . yes, if I had to do it again, I would! . Very grateful thanks to the Committee, and above all, Mr. McCabe, for giving us so much of his time, effort, and guidance. Good luck to next year ' s editor and Committee — make the most of it! Philippa Sheppard 132 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS There are so many involved in the production of the yearbook that it would take a whole yearbook to name them all. To finance our yearbook (we had to raise $6000) we held a magazine campaign, and solicited for ad- vertisers and patrons. We achieved our goal and raised all the money needed for this expensive venture. So, many thanks to staff, parents. Mother ' s Guild, patrons, advertisers, and of course, the student body for sup- porting Samara. Special thanks goes to Mr. Yates, Mark Whitwill, Susan Evans, Sheila Connolly, Susan Leggett, and Mathilde Hahn for taking photographs; after all, it ' s the faces that make the yearbook. Thanks to last year ' s Committee for their reassurance, and thanks to Pui Jayanama for designing the division pages. Very grateful thanks to Milena Sigmund who generously devoted two weeks of her summer to Samara. Thanks to Quentin Woloschuk for her inspiration. Many thanks Mrs. Woloschuk, Ruth Martin, Pilar Rodero and Susan Brewer for the endless typing you did. Thank you Mrs. Sigmund, Mrs. Ritchie, Mrs. Buda and Mrs. Carter, for depositing Samara money in the bank, taking messages and looking for envelopes. Thanks to Mrs. Gundy and Mrs. White for useful advice and organizing tips. The Committee would especially like to thank Mr. McCabe for his devoted help, support and counsel. Thank you Elmwood for supporting your yearbook with such spirit! The Samara Committee. Samara and samara and samara . PATRONS LESTER MYRA ARONSON MR. MRS. B. BRODIE DR. MRS. D.E. DAWOOD DR. MRS. K.H. DOETSCH DR. MRS. DROUIN NICOLAS ELIZABETH EDIGER MR. MRS. R.B. ERB MR. MRS. GROSSMANN-HENSEL J.R. GUNDY MR. MRS. N.S. HEWITT MR. .MRS. J. HODGES PETER BEVERLY HYDE MAMA TERESA ' S RESTAURANT MR. FRANK W. MASON MR. MRS. A. MORRISON MS. CP. MORRISON DR. MRS. R.S. PRESTON MR. MRS. ROBERT C. RICKERD MR. MRS. D. RIFF MR. MRS. J. SIGMUND MR. MRS. J.E. SHEPPARD MR. MRS. R.H. SUMNER MR. MRS. WM. WHITE MRS. DAWN WHITEHEAD MR. MALCOLM WHITEHEAD MR. MRS. WOLOSCHUK GOOD LUCK TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1984 THE SAMARA COMMITTEE 135 Elmwood Mothers ' Guild PURPOSE To assist the school wherever possible and to raise funds for the general benefit of the school and students. During the past year the Mother ' s Guild has donated over $15,000 to the school to be allocated to the Grade Nine Entrance Scholarship runner-up, and merit pins etc. to be presented at Closing, the Junior and Senior Libraries, Computer equipment and specific items for the Music, Latin, Art History, Physics, Chemistry, History, Geography, Physical Education and Mathematics Depart- ments. This is our main fund raising function held late in April of each year. In April, 1984 we raised a total of almost $12,000 from ' junk ' and ' treasures ' donated by you. We thank everyone in the Elmwood community for their help in 1984 and look forward to your help in future Super Sales. The hours are from 3 to 5 p.m. each Tuesday during term time at the school and at other times when announced. Used uniform garments are sold on consignment from parents and students and new items are sold as a service. All profits from the Clothing Shop are used for the school. The Fall Welcoming Party for the mothers of the new students is one of the events sponsored by the Guild and we also with catering, etc. at many other events during the year. For donations of prizes for the raffles held in connection with the Super Sale: Mrs. Barr, Mr. D. Cheney, Mr. and Mrs. L Brown (Otta wa Bikeway Company), Mr. T. Whitehead (Westin Hotel), Dr. and Mrs. J.K. Stewart Bell, Ikea (Bells Corners), Mr. and Mrs. L. Burkhart, Mrs. A. Frederking, Mr. and Mrs. Ross Smith, Mr. and Mrs. D. Adams, Mrs. J. Grainger (Joy Graphics), Mr. B. Hillary (Hillary Cleaners) ACTIVITIES The Super Sale The ClothtnQ Shop Social Events SINCERE THANKS 136 HOWARTHS (OTTAWA) SPECIALIZING IN SCHOOL OUTFITS FOR PRIVATE AND PUBLIC SCHOOLS Howarth Inc. is a Canadian tradition. Thcv have dressed generations of families beginning with school uniforms for private and public schools, both English and French, through to custom made suits and shirts. The sort of oufit that always looks right. Under one roof you can outfit the whole family. (POLO— RALPH LAUREN FOR CHILDREN— SIZES 8 TO 20) HOWARTHS (OTTAWA) Head Office: Branch: Branch: 1444 St. Catherine St. W. 89 O ' Connor Street Tor-Dominion Centre Montreal, Quebec Ottawa, Ontario Toronto, Ontario Tel: 861-9242-3-4 Tel: 232-0724 Tel: 363-0362 MOST MAJOR CREDIT CARDS HONOURED 137 775 Bank Street 235-5577 46 Elgin Street 234-5334 OTTAWA HORNE OF PLENTY 732 Bank Street Ottawa, Ontario K1S3V4 Berger Associates Inc. Suite 500, 63 Sparks Street, Ottawa, Ontario KIP 5A6 Public Relations Consultants ENCrLAK n Ho i Prince of effice Kensngfen Viirf» Street 138 DIRECTORY NAME GRADE PHONE ADDRESS Adams, Fiona 8 745-4887 185 Stanley Ave, Ottawa, Ont, KIM 1P2 Adams, Jessica 2 3 741-8781 30 Birch Ave, Ottawa, Ont, KIK 3G6 Addison, Catherine 6 837-4894 66 Centrepark Dr, Gloucester, Ont, KIB 3C1 Al-Dairi, Nisreen 10 741-3938 187 Lansdowne Rd, Ottawa, Ont, K1M0N8 Al-Dairi, Susan 7 741-3938 187 Lansdowne Rd, Ottawa, Ont, KIM 0N8 Alyea, Heather 6 832-1305 R.R. 1, Dunrobin, Ont, KOA ITO Al-Zand, Alia 5 563-0647 28 Sunset Blvd, Ottawa, Ont, KIS 3G9 Ambridge, Samantha 6 728-6243 81 MacFarlane Ave, Ottawa, Ont, KlY 1M6 Anthony, Anne-Marie 11 529-1897 50 Rutherford Way, Kanata, Ont, K2K 1N4 Aronson, Jennifer 4 731-6306 15 Royal Hunt Ct, Ottawa, Ont, K1V9L9 Assaly, Maureen 13 733-9640 290 Faircrest Rd, Ottawa, Ont, Kl H 5E3 Bahubeshi, Manal 6 592-9097 8 Curran St, Kanata, Ont, K2L 2R1 Bahubeshi, Mayada 2 3 592-9097 8 Curran St, Kanata, Ont, K2L 2R1 Barber, Sheila 8 828-3971 14 Parkfield Cres, Ottawa, Ont, K2G 0R8 Barr, Linda 6 731-6156 804 Colson Ave, Ottawa, Ont, KIG 1 R7 Bartlett, Stephanie 10 592-5887 56 Nanook Ct, Kanata, Ont, K2L 2B1 Basinski, Jane 10 828-9361 25 Whitburn Cres, Nepean, Ont, K2H 5K5 Basinski, Teresa 13 828-9361 25 Whitburn Cres, Nepean, Ont, K2H 5K5 Beiton, Shawn 8 746-6620 2002 Glenfern Ave, Gloucester, Ont Kl J 6G8 Bentinck, Johan 3 4 746-4149 150 Lakeway Dr, Ottawa, Ont, K1L6B3 Bentinck, Oswald 3 4 746-4149 150 Lakeway Dr, Ottawa, Ont, KIL 6B3 Bijoor, Ashwina 9 746-8286 15 Swans Way, Gloucester, Ont, Kl J 8W7 Black, Morven 7 741-4478 135 Ivy Cres, -Ottawa, Ont, KIN 1Y2 Blais, Jennifer 8 728-8688 496 Westminster Ave, Ottawa, Ont, K2A 2V1 Bodkin, Amy 11 729-8957 2087 Knightsbridge Rd, Ottawa, Ont, K2A0R1 Bouchard, Camille 7 745-9911 27 Rockliffe Way, Ottawa, Ont, Kl M 183 Braithewaite, Elise 13 741-5542 723 Ludgate Court, Ottawa, Ont, Kl J 8K8 Brewer, Susan 12 731-9868 335 Frost Avenue, Ottawa, Ont, KIH 5J1 Brodie, Elanor 8 234-2653 22-290 Cathcart Lane, Ottawa, Ont, Kl N 5C4 Brown, Zandra 9 741-0021 720 Carson Rd, Ottawa, Ont, KIK 2H3 Brown, Rachel 9 692-3939 Rideau Rd, R.R. 1, Manotick, Ont, KOA 2N0 Bruce, Ellen 9 232-7265 178 Fourth Ave, Ottawa, Ont, KIS 2L6 Burgess, Diane 8 741-1060 1955 Cardinal Ct, Gloucester, Ont, Kl J 8J7 Burkhart, Holly Ann 7 744-0008 334 Acacia Ave, Ottawa, Ont, KIM 0L9 Burkhart, Lee-Anne 9 744-0008 334 Acacia Ave, Ottawa, Ont, KIM 0L9 Campbell, Elisa 11 746-3399 39 Amberley Place, Ottawa, Ont, Kl J 7J9 Campbell, Susan 5 824-4586 13 Burndale Rd, Gloucester, Ont, K1B3Y4 Carroll-Foster, Katrina 7 731-4619 123 Dorothea Dr, Ottawa, Ont, KIV 7C6 Carrothers, Tasha 11 230-4345 864 Echo Dr, Ottawa, Ont, KIS 5C5 Catterill, Alexandra 11 230-1745 290 St. Patrick St, Ottawa, Ont, KIN 5K5 Cimon, Genevieve 7 233-4156 223 Fourth Ave, Ottawa, Ont, KIS 2L7 Clendenning, Carolyn 13 737-5665 1934 Camborne Cres, Ottawa, Ont, Kl H 7B7 Cohen, Jennifer 9 749-9167 25 Davidson Dr, Ottawa, Ont, Kl J 6L7 Coghlan, Camay 6 230-8036 76 First Ave, Ottawa, Ont, Kl A 2G2 Cole, Nicola 8 Unlisted 39 Pineland Dr, Nepean, Ont, K2G 0E6 Collyer, Caroline 9 748-6530 555 Brittany Dr, 608, Ottawa, Ont, K1K4C5 Connolly, Jennifer 13 839-2921 79 Pineridge Rd, Carp, Ont, KOA ILO Connolly, Sheila 13 839-2921 79 Pineridge Rd, Carp, Ont, KOA ILO Crate, Leslie 4 235-8100 64 Willard St, Ottawa, Ont, KIS 1T8 Cronk, Melanie 7 825-1253 14 Bejan St, Nepean, Ont, K2S 2E6 Cronk, Vanessa 5 825-1253 14 Bejan St, Nepean, Ont, K2S 2E6 Cundill, Elizabeth 7 744-3353 87 McKay St, Ottawa, Ont, KIM 2E4 Daniels, Jo Ann 10 521-3775 1317 Fontenay Cres, Ottawa, Ont, K1V7K5 Davies, Alysia 7 232-4636 61 Second Ave, Ottawa, Ont, KIS 2H4 Dawood, Christine 6 744-3728 1933 Marquis Ave, Gloucester, Ont, Kl J 8J1 Dawood, David 2 3 744-3728 1933 Marquis Ave, Gloucester, Ont, Kl J 8J1 139 Oparrtn Tpnnifpr 10 746-7316 741-2712 Hp lprpaHr Annp 10 232-1252 r)p ;nrpv Onnna 1 1 729-8530 Opvlin ICatv 5 596-1806 OipW t afhrvn L lCN, IVdLlllj ' ll 13 698-2130 Onrlop AIpYP 8 235-9427 OnpfQrh Finn;! 9 224-1470 rionnphiip lohhan 8 741-4890 Drouin Oi nc 11 986-5067 Ornilin Pranrni ' i 3 4 526-0345 Drover Ssrsh 1 1 745-8534 OrvHpn( rvnf on Stenhanie 5 238-7399 Oiinn AmanHa U 1 1 1 1 } VlllCtllUCl 5 234-7839 Ediger, Julia 4 741-1223 PHi ;nn Shplhv 8 749-6743 PHmi?r n ' I ihhv 744-1310 Frh T pnnarH 3 833-2625 FcrnpV Nina 5 235-6313 Fvans Sii i3n 12 563-3100 FvanQ nQ3n 8 224-8328 Farrpll N lpriW?i A CXI 1 ii) iVlCll tI Cl 5 521-5317 FprnnnHini ( " " lannia 9 722-6042 Fprri Opvi 8 728-5545 Finrham RnQpmarv 5 521-1317 Finlav ( " " harlps 3 4 746-2477 Finlay, Molly 6 746-2477 Finn, Martha 8 731-8960 Folk-Parish Kellianne 11 Unlisted Fortier Shauna 2 746-8602 Fournier AnneMarie 9 824-5401 Frederking, Sara 3 749-5815 Friend, Michele 12 232-5698 Ghonima, Brigitte 11 230-1591 Ghosh, Saree 9 829-7015 Gilbert Paula 13 746-9442 Gilbertson Helen 8 741-1548 Gilbertson, Mary 5 741-1548 Goodman, Margaret 8 233-1797 Grainger, Nicola 11 741-1079 Gray, Krista 10 725-0553 Greenwood, Caroline 5 731-1036 Grodde, Hester 6 744-1841 Grodde, Margaret 8 744-1841 Grossman-Hensel, Vicky 9 741-7357 Guilbeault, Melodic 11 778-0659 Gundy, Stephen 2 3 741-6146 Hahn, Mathilde 9 749-4678 Haider, Caroline 7 731-9469 Halladjian, Sandra 10 225-3392 Hamlyn, Melinda 8 258-2113 Hankey, Nicola 6 235-0150 Hardie, Catriona 5 225-8864 Harewood, Patricia 4 224-0527 Harris, Chase 9 839-3334 Hearn, Michelle 9 746-7214 Henderson, Julie 7 745-0610 112 Acacia Ave, Ottawa, Ont, KIM 0P9 59 Kilbarry Cres, Ottawa, Ont, K1K0H2 165 Laurier E, Apt 1 , Ottawa, Ont, Kl N 6N8 432 Mansfield Ave, Ottawa, Ont, K2A 2S7 14 Stinson Ave, Nepean, Ont, K2H 6M9 Box 2889, Post Stn D, Ottawa, Ont, KIP 5W9 3 Monkland Ave, Ottawa, Ont, KIS 1Y7 1610 Apeldoorn Ave, Ottawa, Ont, K2C 1 V5 351 Springfield Rd, Ottawa, Ont, KIM 0K6 579 David St, Buckingham, Que, J8H 2A8 4 Garand PI, Ottawa, Ont, KIH 8M1 28 Lambton Rd, Ottawa, Ont, K1M0Z7 227 Springfield Rd, Ottawa, Ont, KIM OLl 27 Grimes Rd, Aylmer, Que, J9J 1H4 20 Crichton St, Ottawa , Ont, KIM 1 V4 540 Lakehurst Rd, Ottawa, Ont, KIM 2C7 275 Springfield Rd, Ottawa, Ont, KIM 0K8 1275 Byrnes Terr, Cumberland, Ont, KOA ISO 209 Fourth Ave, Ottawa, Ont, KIS 2L7 1036 Riviera Dr, Ottawa, Ont, KIK 0N8 44 Chippewa Ave, Nepean, Ont, K2G 1X9 1301 Pebble Rd, Ottawa, Ont, Kl V 7R9 539 Island Park Dr, Ottawa, Ont, Kl Y 0B6 605 Parkdale Ave, Ottawa, Ont, KlY IJl 232 Marilyn Ave, Ottawa, Ont, KIV 7E5 429 Lansdowne Rd, Ottawa, Ont, KIM 0X8 429 Lansdowne Rd, Ottawa, Ont, KIM 0X8 1284 Parkhill Crcl, Ottawa, Ont, KIE 6K3 R.R. 1, Farmers Way, Gloucester, Ont, KOA IKO 2-837 Eastvale Dr, Gloucester, Ont, Kl J 7T5 15 Northpark Dr, Ottawa, Ont, K1B3R7 2030 Woodglen Cres, Gloucester, Ont, KIJ 6G4 103 Gilmour St, Ottawa, Ont, K2P 0N5 507 Wilbrod St, Ottawa, Ont, KIN 5R4 995F Morrison Dr, Ottawa, Ont, K2H 7L1 200 Rideau Terr, Apt 201 , Ottawa, Ont, KIM 0Z3 2014 Gatineau View Cres, Gloucester, Ont, KIJ 7X1 2014 Gatineau View Cres, Gloucester, Ont, KIJ 7X1 92 Range Rd, Ottawa, Ont, KIN 8J5 1962 Marquis Ave, Gloucester, Ont, Kl J 8J4 339 Sherwood Dr, Ottawa, Ont, KlY 3X2 3331 Clearwater Cres, Ottawa, Ont, K1V7S4 18 Maple Lane, Ottawa, Ont, KIM 1G7 18 Maple Lane, Ottawa, Ont, KIM 1G7 50 Belvedere Cres, Ottawa, Ont, KIM 2G4 74 Emond, Hull, Que, J8Y SSI 12 Elmdale Lane, Ottawa, Ont, KIM 1A4 28 Rideau Terr, Ottawa, Ont, KIM 2A1 418 Smythe Rd, Ottawa, Ont, KIH 5A4 12 Moorside, Ottawa, Ont, K2C 3P4 R.R. 4, Kemptville, Ont, KOG ISO 60 Queen Elizabeth Dr, Ottawa, Ont, K2E 1E3 86 Beaver Ridge, Nepean, Ont, K2E6E4 75 Birchview Rd, Nepean, Ont, K2G 3G3 R.R. 3, 22 Pineridge, Carp, Ont, KOA ILO 1 10 Stanley Ave, Ottawa, Ont, Kl V 1 N9 333 Manor Ave, Ottawa, Ont, K1M0H6 Hewitt, Gillian 9 748-4538 387 Blair Rd, Ottawa, Ont, Kl J 7M2 Hillary, Lisa 8 731-5421 30 The Master ' s Dr, Ottawa, Ont, Kl V 9Y4 Hillary, Lori 6 731-5421 30 The Master ' s Dr, Ottawa, Ont, Kl V 9Y4 Hodges, Jimmy 2 833-2013 1092 Dunning Rd, Cumberland, Ont, KOA ISO Hodgson, Carol 9 748-3447 1303 Birchmount Dr, Ottawa, K1B5H3 Hoffenburg, Andrea 6 828-6992 13 Glendenning Dr, Nepean, Ont, K2H 7Z1 Hogg, Jill 7 836-5959 R.R. 3, Carp, Ont, KOA ILO Holmes, Alexa 7 746-5583 26 Belvedere Cres, Ottawa, Ont, KIM 2G4 Hughes, Cynthia 13 748-0606 186 Acacia Ave, Ottawa, Ont, KIM 0L5 Hyde, Stephanie 3 4 746-6398 102 Park Rd, Ottawa, Ont, K1M0C2 Ikeda, Noel 12 741-1863 1 Crescent Rd, Ottawa, Ont, KIM ONI Istephan, W ' affa 10 563-0363 31 Rosebery Ave, Ottawa, Ont, KIS IWl Jackson, Nicole 9 523-8488 339 Mountbatten Ave, Ottawa, Ont, KIH 5W2 Jacquot, Nadia 11 741-4239 70 Pond St, Ottawa, Ont, KIL 8J3 Jacquot, Tina 8 741-4239 70 Pond St, Ottawa, Ont, KIL 8J3 James, Eliza 9 749-7359 457 Oakhill Rd, Ottawa, Ont, KIM 1J5 Jaques, Nicole 8 233-7666 18 Renfrew Ave, Ottawa, Ont, KIS 1Z3 Jayanama, Pu 12 749-5008 489 Acacia Ave, Ottawa, Ont, KIM 0M3 Jeanjean, Catherine 7 235-7405 226 First Ave, Ottawa, Ont, KIS 2G6 Jodoin, Christine 11 238-6629 373 Laurier Ave, 302, Ottawa, Ont, KIN 8X6 Johnston, Jenny 11 225-7626 2097 Navaho Dr, Ottawa, Ont, K2C 0V3 Jones, Marion 13 733-2705 1910 Haig Dr, Ottawa, Ont, KIG 2K1 Kang, Julie 9 746-1625 4 Swans Way, Gloucester, Ont, Kl J 6J1 Kearsley, Kirsten 12 523-7071 49 Sample Rd, Ottawa, Ont, Kl V 9T9 Keen, Rebecca 5 825-3891 70 Melville Rd, Nepean, Ont, K2J 2E1 Kelly, Christine 13 233-0915 25 Wilton Cres, Ottawa, Ont, KIS 2T4 Korecky, Judy 10 731-0925 439 Crestview Rd, Ottawa, Ont, KIH 5G7 Koutsavasilis, Tina 9 224-6674 1640 Ortona Ave, Ottawa, Ont, K2C 1W5 Ladouceur, Sa annah 6 235-1203 258 Clemow Ave, Ottawa, Ont, KIS 2B6 Lalani, Dilshad 7 523-3585 24 Bennett St, Ottawa, Ont, K1V9L2 Lalani, Laila 11 623-3585 24 Bennett St, Ottawa, Ont, Kl V 9L2 Lanctot, Andrea 8 824-0859 1791 BonaventureTerr, Orleans, Ont, KIC 1W6 LaPlant, Lynne 8 748-6312 45 McNabb PI, Ottawa, Ont, KIL 8J5 Larouche, Julie 10 725-9294 1 126 Byron Ave, Ottawa, Ont, K2B 6T3 Laws, 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And once again I ' m at a loss for words. Oh, isn ' t it fine when we are together, Just singing, singing another song. I ' ve always wondered why friends always seem to part, Time and touch become so distant, And we miss each other for so very long. But when we meet again we are singing, singing another song. The friendship that we share is so very strong That distance doesn ' t really matter at all. Sure we grow and sure we know that there will be days When we won ' t be together just singing, singing another song. But now I think I know why friends must part, I do believe He does have a plan afterall. It ' s so that we can share this special time together. Just singing, singing another song. So when you feel like all your friends have left you. And gone to far away lands, just remember that a friendship Like ours will never die, and when we meet again we ' ll be Singing, singing another song. So when you feel like all your friends have left you, And gone to far away lands, just remember that a friendship Like ours lives on and on, and no matter where we are. There ' ll someday be a time like this when we are together again. Just singing, singing, singing another song. copyright Janie Lawson 1984 144 1 Published by Jostens National School Services Ltd, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I

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