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THIS IS NOT ELMWOOD IT IS NOT AT 261 BUENA VISTA ROAD. IT IS NOT IN OTTAWA, ONTARIO. IT ' S POSTAL CODE IS NOT KIM 0V9. EDITOR ' S NOTE The time has finally come when I can no longer procrastinate writing my editor ' s note. This is a time when I ' m allowed to describe the hard work we did and thank everyone who helped us. I worry that no one reads the editor ' s note, but thanks has to be given, because the production would have stopped in mid-November if it weren ' t for a lot of people. Because this yearbook will be different in many ways from former Samaras, I would like to try to explain why we did certain things. Throughout the production of this yearbook we tried to keep in mind that Elmwood was -changing drastically - at least physically. We tried to reflect those changes in our yearbook, and although you may find many superficial changes, if you look carefully - the feeling and the spirit of Elmwood ' s Samara has not changed. Last year we were told that producing the Samara was a lot of work. We didn ' t believe it. We should have. Too often the production of the Samara is assumed, and until you have waded through hundreds of over- developed pictures, sobbing into your copy sheets you won ' t believe it ' s hard work. It is. But there are many rewards. One weekend we spent over twenty hours at Elmwood unloading, loading, sorting and handing out oranges and grapefruits. The outcome of that night was sore bodies, and the financial means to pay for the yearbook with the money that we raised. Working on Samara while listening to Chez - 106 and relishing a pizza from Dino ' s provides the perfect atmosphere for some inspirational moments. To Mr. McCabe, saying thank-you doesn ' t seem to be adequate enough. I thank him for his work, on behalf of the committee, and I personally must thank him for the support he gave me and the advice that didn ' t solve problems, but helped me solve them myself. Doing the Samara taught us, the committee a lot. We learned a great deal about the producing of a yearbook; copy sheets, 3-R planners, picas, and many other things we never want to hear about. We learned that making hundreds of lists won ' t get anything done, and that a little organization goes a long way. But most importantly, we learned about human relationships. We all juggled with each other ' s feelings and egoes with a variable amount of tact, but remained friends. My thanks to the com- mittee, especially Katie, Julianna and Elizabeth for their incredible help and support. I thank my family, who put up with messes, phone calls, wails and tedious descriptions of what we were going to do, and still offered to help me; especially my mother who kept me sane at the cost of her own sanity, and Maria whose help and wisecrack jokes kept me going when I really wanted to stop. Lastly, we would like to thank Elmwood staff, students and families, for their contributions and support. To next year ' s editor: Best of luck, if you make it to the end - you ' ve done a great job. HEADMISTRESS ' MESSAGE The Elmwood motto, Summa Summarum has represented a committment to all-round excellence in education since the school was founded in 1915. The school has always sought to help each student develop the self-confidence to realize her own potential and to become a tolerant, involved member of the community. Beyond providing sound academic training, the school offers the opportunity for each girl to learn by active participation beyond the narrow confines of a classroom. There is more than ajinicism behind Oscar Wilde ' s apparently facile remark that nothing worth learning can be taught. The lessons of co-operation, tact, generosity, tolerance and respect are the most difficult to teach and the most valuable to learn. And they are learned by action and involvement. Our responsibility to provide an environment in which these values are cherished is greater today than ever before. This fast changing world demands that we prepare students to face technological and scientific changes of a magnitude once dreamed of by past generations. We have to give pupils access to technological expertise, but within a strong framework of values and deals if we are to prepare them to face the implications of their changing future. As the student population has grown at Elmwood, so too has the role the school is to play in the education of young women. Our need for an ex- tension to our facilities has grown enormously over recent years. The new buildings, which are the first phase of our Development Plan, exist because past generations of students, parents and staff have been quick to recognize this need, and have responded to it with alacricity. It is the generousity and dedication of these friends that has resulted in this exciting new building. I count myself very fortunate to have been in- volved in such an important stage in the development of the school. The new building is the result of endless gifts of time and energy, and of course money from every branch of the Elmwood family. It will be thrilling for us to work together to fill the new building with the happy atmosphere and sense of purpose that prevade the rest of our corridors and classrooms. MRS. GUNDY Notorious for her ability to solve the most seemingly difficult problems with ease and practicality, is Mrs. Gundy, our vice-principal. Mrs. Gundy is always around to help solve not only the problems of day to day school life, but is willing to offer invaluable advice about post-secondary schooling. Thank- you for your cheerful help, Mrs. Gundy. In the past few years the junior school has grown in every direction - downward to grade two; outward to include two portable classrooms and the addition of boys in grades two to four; and upward to two classes in each of grades seven and eight. In the autumn we look forward excitedly to moving into our classrooms in the new addition. But - most importantly - we intend to retain the same feeling of sharing and caring that marks the junior school. Mrs. Chance Mrs. Sigmund, who is not only Elmwood ' s resident burser, is also in the game of " Trivial Pursuit, " an- swering questions such as, " Who was the form captain of 8D in the second term? " On behalf of everyone, we would like to finally thank Mrs. Sigmund for all her patient help during the year. " Good morning, Elmwood school. May I help you? " And helping is one of the many things the ladies in the office have been doing all year. Thank-you for all your contributions and best wishes to Mrs. Richie in her future endeavors. Jan, Elmwood ' s maintenance man, is a great help around the school, shoveling snow off steps, fixing loose ends, and supplying a clean atmosphere for us to learn in. And let ' s not forget Mark Whitwill, who also does a fine job managing our school. Thank- you both for your hard work and devotion over the years. delicious lunches we have on special occasions. Thank- you Mrs. McClelland and remember, not all great cooks are men! 8 JILL BAKER Jill entered this den we call inequity at the tender age of eleven following a sojourn at The Study in Montreal. Being no stranger to private schools, she soon knew all the school ' s idiosyncracies, such as uniforms, inside out, though she has never been given to wearing it that way. Over the years, Jill has, like the majority of her classmates, grown up. A resident " mermaid " , also known as " the blond with the car " , will be remembered for her irreverent comments and finely tuned wit. Her final year has been marked by such wonderous phenomena as Diet Coke, MacDonald ' s sundaes, smoked salmon, and discussions " en ce qui concerne " Roman Catholicism. Jill, herself, plans to study Science at Queens in the fall, where we are sure she will find time for a little Anglo Saxon on the side. Goodbye and good luck. JENNIFER BINDMAN Jenn Bindman was head of Keller House this year and did a fine job. Jenn will be remembered for her unique laugh and cheerful personality. She never lost energy or the desire to have fun, even if it meant breaking a rule or two (Remember those detentions in Grade eleven, Jenn?). Good luck with your future. JENNIFER CHENEY Jenn arrived at Elmwood fresh from Moscow. Accustomed to foreign postings, she has spent much of her six years at Elmwood wondering when she will be moving again. Like many of us, Jenn leaves a legacy behind which, albeit rich, is coloured with certain . . . ahem . . . forgettable experiences. Oh well " fruit a loop! " In recent years Jenn has dabbled her feet in such extra curriculae as Tennis and Choir. Grade thirteen she will remember as the year of LB., Brian Brown, Yum Chow, and the Formal Committee ( " What do you mean ' the seating capacity is only . . . ' ? " ), Jenn suffers from academic physiophrenia; a dual inclination towards Fine Arts and Sciences. She will pursue principally the latter at Trent University next fall. Best of luck, Jenn. 10 JANIETA EYRE After so many years at Elmwood she no longer dares to count them, is leaving to Victoria, Toronto and then a few years later to England, for graduate studies. Once in Europe she intends to pursue young artists, but while still in Canada she will behave and study Literature. She hopes to write both prose and poetry but as her unforgettable classmates reminded her last year; she will probably be more successful writing jingles for Hallmark cards. MARINA FOLK Marina entered our hallowed halls in grade nine, and has somehow managed to last through till grade thirteen. She will always be remembered for her worrying and wondering who she will go out with tonight. What a complicated life . . . poor girl. She was often heard in the common room saying " God, I could go for a chocolate bar! " , or screeching into the parking lot in order to avoid being late for her favourite class - Chemistry - " But honestly, Mrs. Peat, I tried to be on time! " . But seriously, believe it or not, Marina does have a serious side. After taking a year off to go out west, she plans to attend the University of Victoria, where she will major in Music or Languages. Good luck, Marina! DARYA FARHA The January 8th issue of " The Sunday Times " has remained a constant source of fascination for Darya this year. Her dedication to the preservation of jade trees remains a controversial issue, as well as her protests to save the harp seal and her work with young pandas. She wishes to live in her favourite city, Florence, where she will live. Darya is always 1st to pin up a hem, or sew on a button for anyone in the common room. Among her many goals in life is to carry to fruition her un- derlying, deep-seated interest in English, at the University of Toronto next year. Bye Bye Blackbird We ' ll be chirping when the worm comes home RACHEL GRAY " Where I ' m going, anything may happen. Nothing may happen. I may become, in time, slightly more eccentric all the time. I may begin to wear outlandish hats ... I will be straight and light as any feather. The wind will bear me, and I will drift and settle, and drift and settle. Anything may happen where I am going. I will be different, I will remain the- same. I will be lonely, almost certainly. I will be afraid. Sometimes I will feel light-hearted, sometimes light- headed. I may sing aloud, even in the dark. I will ask myself if I am going mad, but if I do, I won ' t know it. " (Margaret Lawrence). There are many memories hidden deeply in the third floor; diets, ice cream, John McEnroe, the brown tank, the love, and cer- tainly the frustrating closeness between us. To Ms. Johnson and Mrs. Faguey, sincere thanks and deep respect as well to Mrs. Whitwill who has tremen- dously inspired me, and of course to my classmates. MARTHA GALL Passing up the tradition of Dickie Dee and that Farmer ' s tan, Atram is romping through the wilds of Scotland, in an effort to retrieve her family dignity in Aberdeen. Ah but duty calls, and Marth is off in the fall to inject some life into the virtually comatose Queens University. Your mission, shall you choose to accept it, will include such roles as a demented prostitute turned scientist trying to save the world from an invasion of Halls and cinnamon hearts. Don ' t worry Marth, " you ' re going out there a chorus girl and coming out a star " . Space. The final frontier. The Five Year mission of the starship Enterprise: To seek out new worlds. To boldly go where no man has gone before. Like Marth we ' re really, really going to miss you CINDY HAYES Cindy came to us two years ago from Grand-Mere Quebec. She will be remembered for her blue eyes, winning smile, her ability to have fun, and her seemingly constant optimism. Sitting in the park, Greece, and Mrs. Outerbridge ' s Math classes will be among the fond (?) memories Cindy will take with her on leaving the school. Success in whatever you do, Cindy. CHRISTIANA IEONG This beautiful little Chinese doll came to us all the way from Macau for her last two years of high school. She will be remembered for her outstanding abilities in math which came in handy to us all throughout the year; her charming manner and her faithful spirit. Best wishes for successful future Chris! KATJA HULLEY Katja came to us in grade twelve, and somehow managed to stay until the end of grade thirteen. Although sometimes Katja would have liked to stay out of the classrooms, she enjoyed Mrs. Heacock ' s art classes, where she could use her great artistic talent to its fullest. Katja will be remembered for her great love of nature. She enjoyed all outdoor ac- tivities, especially white water canoeing. Best of luck in all your future endeavors, and don ' t give up the philosophy talks. JENNY LESLIE Along with Rachel and Marth, J. Jane is one of the original Trebies, although you wouldn ' t know it from her impersonation of Scottie. We missed Jen this year, she was at home for most of the year drowning her sorrow in TAB and G.T ' s. Be vewy quiet ... we are hunting wabbits ... As a Fry house head, Jen tried to overdose the school on ice cream, but she ended up using the surplus as bribery, to get her into England without a passport. FIONA MCLEOD Fiona Anne McLeod came to us in grade ten. She managed to survive to the end of grade thirteen. Though her final year was tougher than most of her classmates, she did well and received a place at Queen ' s. During the past two years she saw more of the world than any of us can boast. She saw China, Korea and Russia. She had a whale of a time, and boasted of her amourous affairs with Russian dancers. A big thanks to the Fi Fi for the effort and support she gave for the various fund-raising ac- tivities, talent show and Spirit Week. Before she is off to Queen ' s, she spends the summer in the south of France, enjoying herself and making money. We wish the best in the years to come. LINDA NADOLNY L.N. has left her mark (noise!) after five years at Elmwood. At the top of the list of memories may be Stratford, detentions, occasional laughter, the Tree, the unsuccessful selling of her receiver, diets, and TAB. Linda ' s cheerful presence will occupy a per- manent place in all of our hearts. Good luck at York, Linda. CATHERINE MERKLINGER CM. has only been at Elmwood for two years for which she says she is thankful. She greatly misses the Parisian men, and finally, unable to bear it any longer is returning to France. She intends to study violin there and confides in us that if she ever plays at the N.A.C. she will definitely dress better than Ida Handel. ANITA POON Here is a cute Hong Kong duck that joined us for grade thirteen. She very bravely came to us and managed, with considerable difficulty, but suc- cessfully, to master English and coping with seven courses as well. It was a long road, Anita, but you made it and we were very glad to have you with us last year. Your determination is to be admired! Greatest of luck in your future. JOANNA POCOCK " Many substances are not easily vaporized and thus do not lend themselves readily to vapor density measurements. " Foundations of Chemistry Joanna will be remembered for her resemblance to Maria Callas and the decals on her T-shirts: " I ' m with her! " Mimes top her list as does veal scallopini in the sun. Gratitude forever must go to Joanna for her countless trips down to the store on her skateboard, her hair flying in the wind (before she grew it long). A true Taurean, Joanna plans to go to a university where she will study. Roughly speaking fine arts are her cup of tea. Good Luck - Buona Fortuna, we ' ll miss you Joanna, CIAO! ANN RABY Ann came to Elmwood in grade nine. Though shy at the beginning, we soon discovered what a fantastic person she was, and still is. She danced for a while, but soon gave that up to pursue an exciting curling career. She practised so much that she won the silver for Quebec in the 1980 provincials. Ann could always be relied on to give good advice and set you straight. We will all be eternally grateful to Ann for taking us to McDonald ' s, when we had purposely forgotten our wholesome lunches, and needed a break. All the best at Ottawa University in pursuing your business career. Keep on curling, and you will make it to the nationals some day, and win a gold for Canada. 15 LISA STILBORN JUDI STEINER Judi came to Elmwood in grade eleven from Ridgemont. She brought with her an assortment of colourful sayings and amusing descriptions of riotous happenings. In grade thirteen, Judi was a prefect in association with the junior school. She enjoyed working with the juniors and did an excellent job. Along with shortening her long locks, Judi also quit smoking in grade thirteen in an effort to improve her health. The last three years were sometimes rough, but Judi made it. Best of luck, Judi, in all future endeavors. Born at an early age, Lisa arrived on Elmwood ' s doorstep some years ago with deep reservations about the school. In spite of these, she somehow managed to endure five years. From the beginning, Lisa was always glad to render forth upon any subject; from the sublime to the ridiculous. She put these energies to good use in such ardent pursuits as debating and drama. Incidentally, her friends believe that the part of the raunchy Squire Western in " Tom Jones " was no challenge as it came naturally to her. Her final year at Elmwood has carried with it the predictable duties of Head Girl, plus " a whole lot more. " The year has been punctuated by such things as Tab, ice cream raids, prolonged panic sessions on the phone, the Drama Festival - " Jill, follow that bus " , and finally " meaningful ambiguity, uh? " Lisa will graciously concede the dramatic stage to Meryl Streep in favour of Political Science and English at the University of Toronto next fall, where we wish her well. PATRICIA SHIH Pat came to Elmwood this year for grade twelve, yet the grade twelves did not get to enjoy her company, for before long Patricia moved up into grade thir- teen. Despite the fact that Patricia ' s first language is not English, she did extremely well in her studies - especially since Patricia enjoyed being a whiz in math and science. Patricia enjoyed gym class and learned many new sports she had never learned before - and did very well in them! Best of luck Patricia in your future. DANIELLE THOMPSON Danielle came to Elmwood in grade eight, and some how miraculously survived until the end of grade thirteen. Danielle will always be remembered for her unchanging good temperament. She was very friendly, and rarely if ever lost her good spirit. Danielle was always extremely dependable and could always be relied upon. Danielle was also famous-or infamous-for her delicious chocolate-chip cookies. Danielle became a prefect in grade thirteen and was, true to her nature, very reliable. Best of luck Danielle in nursing school. ANNE TESSIER Anne somehow survived the 10 years at Elmwood and topped it off with being the first head of Wilson House. She says she could not have done so well with her House if it had not been for the love and support she received from the school. In her 10 years at Elmwood she saw many changes: a new Head- mistress, new teachers, new students, a skating rink, a new parking lot, and finally, a new school. She wishes Mrs. O ' Brien ' s choir all the success and hopes to see them perform at the Royal Thompson Hall. She thanks Mrs. Scott who taught her that creativity is essential to the survival of a free spirit and she sends a big thanks to all her teachers who helped her survive. All the best at the University of Toronto, Anne, and keep rowing! SANDRA TITUS Some of the things that remind us of Sandra when she ' s not around are muffins, Carlos, McDonald ' s, and her white Zephyr. She has been in our midst since Grade Nine and is off to York University next fall to study Arts. She will carry with her fond memories of Mrs. Millington ' s French class, sunny days in the park, and a fantastic trip to Greece in March. Good Luck, Sandy. 17 SO LING WONG So Ling came to Elmwood from Hong Kong at the beginning of Grade 12 not being able to speak English. She didn ' t talk much in Grade 12 but was fluent in Grade 13. Not only did she talk a lot this year, but she also sang. She talked the most in gym classes and she loves floor hockey and baseball even though she had never played before. She will be remembered fondly as So Ling Gretzky and So Ling Carter. Best of luck at Carleton next fall. GLADYS WONG Gladys, or Choi Fung, came to Elmwood this year from Hong Kong for grade thirteen. Although Gladys ' first language was not English, she did exceptionally well in her studies. She struggled with velocities and light waves in physics and often could be heard mumbling Chinese mathematics to herself. She also enjoyed gym class very much while she learned many new sports, and some extremely fun dances - (She does a really spiffy Charleston!). Gladys will be remembered for her friendliness and her smile. Best of luck, Gladys, wherever you go. VALEDICTORY ADDRES: Mme. Chairman, Headmistress, Staff, Students and friends of Elmwood. The mystique that we frequently attach to long awaited events result not only from the excitement of the event itself but from a slight inability to believe that it is actually taking place. Graduation is one such event, and even to those of us who have expected, even ardently wished it for a long time, it comes tonight as something of a shock. If you look very carefully at us you will notice that our faces show mixed emotions, as we are drawn irresistably toward reflection on the years we have spent at Elmwood. Each year carries with it it ' s own special memories. Elmwood is a learning in- stitution, and it is here, over a number of years, that we have grown and learned. Many of our memories have little to do with the academic side of life at Elmwood. Instead they are connected with the times we have spent as a class or with other students and staff on the school trips, sport teams, committees, plays, choirs, or simply just sitting around together. Our final year stands distinctly apart from those which preceded it. It has been a difficult year, and a time for much sober reflection. It has caused us to make decisions about our future which in many cases force us to adjust our goals to suit our abilities, and not the opposite. Our common anxieties and difficulties ultimately drew us closer together as we became better acquainted with each other. Grade 13 of next year, you have a hard year ahead of you, but it will not be long before you assume our places here on the stage. Among you are the student leaders of the school, whose job it will be to serve and represent the interests of all Elmwood students. To you, Martha, the house prefects and the other prefects, I owe a great debt of gratitude. To you Rose, it is my wish that you be blessed with as conscientious and caring a group of prefects as I have been. To the other grade thirteens and the grade twelves who helped us this year, you lightened the load, and we are grateful to you. This has been something of a banner year in the way of change, yet these changes have not, and will not diminish Elmwood ' s greatest strength: its people, staff and students alike. Our sincere thanks to all of you who have helped to make our years here special, including our parents. I think that the graduating class share in my hope that the friendships we have made here will endure in the years to come. To those of you who will be returning in the fall, enjoy your time here, because it will pass very quickly. The valedictory is a speech of farewell, because though many of us will be back at some time or another, a part of us will be left here; a part which can never be regained. Tonight we take the necessary step of leaving that protected environment that is high school, and go our seperate ways. As it is said in THE PROPHET: The noontide is upon us and our half-waking has turned to fuller day, and we must part. Goodbye and thank you PREFECTS Left to Right: Lisa Stillborn, Jennifer Bindman, Rachel Gray, Martha Gall, Jennifer Leslie, Danielle Thompson, Judi Steiner, Anne Tessier, Darya Farha. 2) Senior Lias i £ s 12 HEACOCK Left to Right; Back Row: Maureen Assaly, Heather Rogers, Debbie Gibson, Sarah Peat, Juliana Farha, Marion Jones, Sue Leggett, Mrs. Heacock, Front Row: Vivian Sheng, Sarah Onyango, Sue Wiggins, Teresa Basinski, Mimi Wong, Sarah Thorpe, Heather McCormack, Paula Gilbert. THE 12-H FRIDAY NIGHT FANTASIES . . . (NOT THE X-RATED ONES.) Maureen: to play it again in Casablanca Teresa: to get stranded in Kingston Juliana: to win a years supply of " TAB " Debbie: to win a Grammy Paula: to be serenaded by Chris de Burgh Marion: a knight at Trinity Sue L: to go cruising with Sir Mike Heather Mc: to take a hike in the mountains of California Sarah O.: to get stuck in an elevator with three " Police " -men Sarah P.: to take a voyage with Jon-Erik Heather R.: to explore the depths of Inner Mongolia with Christopher Robin Vivian: to sleep, perchance to dream Sarah T. : to solve a case of Steele Sue W.: there are none under this category Mimi: to join the Harlem Globetrotters Mrs. Heacock: Mums the word. 12-MCCABE Left to Right, Back Row; Mr. McCabe, Tatjana Wodrich, Cynthia Hughes, Sheila Reid, Elise Braithwaite, Rosemary Todd, Katie Dick, Kalli Varaklis, Lisa Ostiguy. Front Row: Elizabeth Westley, Yurie Yushita, Lisa Howard, Ana Waddington, Jessica Rudy, Patricia Shih, Carolyn Clendenning, Absent: Jennifer Connolly. 25 GRADE 11 Left to Right: Back Row: Mrs. Harwood- Jones, Elizabeth McClenahan, Quentin Woloschuk, Lis Preston, Fiona Childe, Charo Violante, Niquette Ruddock, Philippa Shepard, Sue Brewer, Anne Melick, Chantal Mazur, Louisa Taylor, Front Row: Carolyn Laws, Janet Onyango, Isabel Casas, Caroline Purkhart, Michelle Friend, Christina Campbell, Heather Stoltz, Kirsten Kearsley, Adrienne MacLeod, Nancy Hulley, Absent: Evelyn Contreras, Gemma Devine, Pui Jayanama, Sara Mont- gomery. Is it Frietag? No it ' s only Monday. Did you take it? Who me, Kirsten ' s kilt? Read the poem yet? Are there any SYM- BOLISMS? I just can ' t get into this poetry rubbish! Did you study for the four History tests we have this week? Non mon chou, c ' est vraiment tragique. Who cares - we ' ll just fail! FASHION WOMEN! Another of Ralph ' s creations?? Lost again?? Me estoy murienda de amor. We must zero into it! That essay wasn ' t due today, was it? I stayed up ' til two writing the one due four weeks ago! Sink me, I guess I ' ll do the other one at break! Oh Bog! Physics time people!! Time for the fifty metre dash - I ' ll run all the way this time. Did you do homework last night? No - 1 just watched Starsky and pow pow he was mort. Did you know that one step could kill so much? Oil est le chien, la? II " a mourru " de faim? Do you want cafe, te, cafe, te, ou moi? No, BEIM wants to know if kids are kids. It ' s true!! - To Mrs. Harwood-Jones, our irreplaceable Greek goddess: We won ' t say good-bye. Instead, we will don our togas, lie back on our sofas, gorge upon succulent grapes (and other delicacies) and say - AVE ATQUE VALE, MAGISTRA! ! Thanks for everything! 10-HOY Left to Right: Back Row: Mrs. Hoy, Kellianne Folk, Sue Westley, Maria Violante, Elisa Campbell, Krista Wedekamm, Annabel Mandy, Dominique Fraikin, Alii Martin, Front Row: Janet Walker, Andrea Sheridan, Yasuko Shimuzu, Christine Onyango, Diane Drouin, Anna Sherwood, Jill Cohen, Chris Jodoin, Ida di Menza, Absent: Sarah Molson, Chantal Brown. Hey, are you O.K? . . . Hey woman . . . Like totally, grodie to the max ... I kid you not ... I really don ' t know, I ' ll have to check up on that . . . Let ' s zero in . . . petals and kidlets . . . That ' s ridic . . . SAD . . . Oh no, prayers . . . move away from the wall . . . guys on the walls ... I seee . . . G.Q. . . . thanks mom . . . um . . . Halloween dance . . . Sheldon ' s party . . . The frog with the BIG MOUTH . . . We wish you a merry Christmas . . . Tess . . . The fashion show - to be or not to be . . . Byron - love that smile, body, eyes etc . . . Oh, Oh Sergio . . . 300 sleeping bags . . . S.R.B., the telephone lines are in motion . . . comparitively speaking . . . Let me give you some advice . . . Oh, Guy . . . Social butterflies . . . H.S.S. . . . excuse me . . . chingchong . . . Brillpad . . . T.D. . . . Voyager bye-bye . . . Party time all de time . . . Body Contact . . . Wanna Shot? Yes why not . . . Spirit week . . . Kellianne the stripper . . . Dzi . . . the morning after the night before . . . Hyenas in the stone corridor ... we gotta split - onions . . . donut sales " THOUGH NOTHING CAN BRING BACK THE HOUR OF SPLENDOUR IN THE GRASS, OF GLORY IN THE FLOWER; WE WILL GRIEVE NOT, RATHER FIND STRENGTH IN WHAT REMAINS BEHIND " W. Wordsworth 10-JAMES Left to Right; Back Row: Mrs. James, Donna Duprey, Alex Catteral, Nicola Grainger, Sonyette Hyman, Heather Scott, Cindy Rhodes, Sabrina Wodrich, Front Row: Fiona Murry, Rachel Kaplan, Nadia Jacquot, Leilani Farha, Nicole Maule, Jodie Pullen, Jenny Johnston, Absent: Anne-Marie Anthony, Joanne Diktakis, Laila Lalani. 9-SEGUIN Back Row: Mme. Sequin, JoAnn Daniels, Wendy Mitchell, Roberta Bouchard, Meredith Wright, Kimberly Hall, Judy Korecky, Lucy Jones. Front Row: Sandy Halladjian, Jane Basinski, Julie Larouche, Catherine Lougheed, Susan Liddle, Stephanie Bartlett, Napa Vejjajiva, Paula Rogers. Mme. Seguin: " What did you do to your hair " ? Susan: " Drat " " I ' m hungry " " Susna and Paulum " Napaulium. Cathy: " Good Heavens " I love Math! And Science! And FOOD! Napa: " Oh . . . well . . . uh - could you repeat the question, Mr. McCabe. " Paula: " They seek him here ... " " Paul Mc. " " Archibald " Writing on the board. Kim: " Let ' s see " Cascades Cuties. Checking out those Southern Guys Joann: Mischievous Gnome. Juana. Steph: SUPER STEPH - AWAY! ! He comes from a land down under . . . ! Sandy: Garfield. A.J. Simon. Seventeen Steven! Julie: E.T. " Black " Gnay, Gnay. Chunkie Junkie. Judy: Sweet and innocent!!!??? What a conversationalist! Hot peppers are putrid! Jane: Hysterics in Latin. Mr. McCord. I love Irish men. Wendy: Hyperventilating. Comments on Ashbury football players - " What broad shoulders! " Lucy: Johnney Slash Disease. Slash shades. " Your tape recorder is dying " Mere: " Mere, anywhere " - DOGS - Mrs. White - " I ' ll see you after prayers " Bert: Pre-jumps and perfume " School 2 " I don ' t go to school, " the Penquin " 9-EAMAN Back Row: Miss Eaman, Alison Schmidt, Julia Fournier., Ann de Mercado, Barbara Toth, Eline Gigantes, Katherine Stewart, Ghada Ahmad Haddad, Milena Sigmund, Rachel Soar. Front Row: Tassie Cameron, Lynne McKenzie, Anamari Rodero, Karen Getzinger, Waffa Istephan, Nisreen Aldari, Indra Maini, Pippa Banister. Kathy: I don ' t have orange hair, schm-ck. You don ' t say! Alison: What? Put a cork in it guys. I hate . . . Pippa: Oh no I didn ' t study. Three Little Maids from school. Tassie: Only 89%, really Tassie? Starsky, Moose, Miller. Waffa: Waffer. Waffi. But I studied sooo hard! Indi: O.K. O.K. Baboonieswaz, cupboard sleeper. Lynne: I did my homework but it ' s at home. Sure Lynne! Kevin. Eleni: The Who. I ' m not going to one of Elmwood ' s dumb dances. I ' m going to Gloucester! Ghada: Huh? A big grin, so quiet. Karen: Anybody wanna learn sign language? Karen spare us from the harmonica bit! Karry please! Milena: I know I failed that test. The Leaning Tower of Pisa. Rachel: Roach Poach. What a laugh! Jennifer: I know I have a lot of homework to catch up on. Julia: Where are the form notes Julia? Cool your Jets! Anamari: Hola! You ' re late. Such organization. Nisreen: I don ' t understand. We are viscious today Nisreen! Anne: Hello people. Don ' t be ridiculous Anne. Barb: OOpsie. What Geographic homework? Moose! Moose! Moose! Miss Eamen: Bonjour les filles. Stand up girls. Oh la la! Junior Claim 8- DUPLESSIS Back Row: Caroline Chescoe, Mrs. Duplessis, Anja Miller, Jackie Likins, Victoria Grossman- Hensel, Tina Koutsovasilis, Mathilda Hahn, Kim Boselli, Eliza James, Anne Marie Fournier, Denise Treich, Front: Michele Byrne, Julie Waterhouse, Roxanne Proulx, Raquel Brown, Fiona Doetsch, Nora Gorman, Ellen Bruce, Jennifer Steers, Jennifer Cohen, Susan Osier. There is tall, slim Kim, who never ceases to be after him. Rachel talks very well and she is also very swell. With Ellen there ' s no tellin ' what she will be doing musically. As Caroline walks in the door, everyone stares: she is so chic, she is quite unique Jennifer Cohen, as confused as you are, you really are a star. Fiona is a well known dame who has a big, impressive brain. Anne-Marie is quiet and fun, and strikes a chord with everyone. Nora is very sweet and she is also neat. Vicky is very wise and you can tell by her deep brown eyes. Oh, Matild, and the drama that had us killed. She who gains the education is Eliza James at her station. Tina, there is nobody keener, her notebooks are the best under the Elmwood crest. I have a wackie friend named Jackie - she always gets her laces caught up in her braces. Anja is our friend, always laughing till the end. Oh, Suzy, you ' re so choosy with your friend but always right in the end. There ' s nobody more foxy than 8D ' s Roxy. Who is more dear than Jenny Steers? Denise has a very nice smile; you can see it mile after mile. Julie you are a brain but tell me, are you really sane? Mrs. Duplessis, our teacher, is our form ' s best feature 8 - MACDONALD Back: Mrs. MacDonald, Betsy Gall, Michelle Hearn, Paige Kemball, Carol Hodgson, Gillian Hewitt, Patricia Roberts, Karyn Simpson, Chase Harris, Samantha Gatti, Saree Ghosh. Front: Claudia Fernandini, Melissa Kelly, Pilar Rodero, Ashwina Bijoor, Caro Molson, Jane Lougheed, Kim Ling, Gillian Lorimer, Britta Dunwald. REINCARNATIONS FOR 8-M: Ashwina Bijoor - Cleopatra Britta Dunwald - A police ' s convict Claudia Fernandini - Prince Andrew ' s weekend interviewer Betsy Gall - Harrison Ford ' s toothbrush Samantha Gatti - A good ship lollipop Saree Ghosh - The hair on Ghandi ' s head Chase Harris - Tylo ' s chick Michelle Hearn - Steve Collins ' private telephone Gillian Hewitt but I don ' t believe in reincarnation . . . " Carol Hodgson - " I don ' t see the point of this " Melissa Kelly - Charlie Chaplin Gill Lorimer - Marilyn Monroe Caro Molson - The tallest person in the world Pili Rodero - A Spanish princess in distress Karyn Simpson - Mick Jagger ' s lips Jane Lougheed - The world ' s best Latin teacher Patricia Roberts - Sting ' s string Paige Kemball - A very high-strung mare Kim Ling - Every boy ' s golden nugget Mrs. MacDonald - Prince Andrews latest 7 -BELLAMY Here are the girls of 7-B, Elmwood ' s pride and joy are we,, standing before you smiling you see the wizz- kids of 7-B. Back Row, Left to Right, first Diane B., then Lisa, Elanor and Nila V., Shawn, Tania, Tegan and next Katie, all good girls are we. Judy and Nicole complete the row, now Front Row, Left to Right, here we go, Susan and Sandra and Helen G., Kyna and Stefanie, Tara and Tina and Jordana B., and last but not least we see Devi. Over on the left there ' s Mrs. Bellamy, with her darlings in 7-B, Elmwood ' s Top Twenty unquestionably. Smiling, good-natured, and full of glee, hurrah for 7-B! Diane Burgess - Didanus, I see. Lisa Hillary - Hilroy, Does my hair look okay? Elanor Brodie - Brod, E. B. phone home. Nila Varan - Neil, Keep on smiling. Shawn Belton - Shauwny, My brace broke. Tania Turner - Tannie, Hey you guys. Tegan Schioler - Teggie, Want a punch? Katie Lafferty - K-tel, Oh my gosh! Judy Marshall - Pussy, Dooo ' t. Nicole Jaques - Nic, Fine, don ' t say Hi. Susan Evans - The Doctor, Zeafodbeatle box. Sandra Delvoie- Sandy, Phoeeey. Helen Gilbertson - Micki, Waka-waka. Kyna Rigal - Kar, Sooo. Stefanie Pecher- Stef, Shnoook. Tara Morrison - Garfield, Oh Garfield, Oh! Tina Jacquot - T. J., Please don ' t mark me down. Jordanna Binstock - Jord, I won ' t waste my breath. Devi Ferri - Hicki, Nana-Na-Na. 7-MCGREGOR Back Row: Mrs. McGregor, Siobhan Donohue, Julie-Anne Rickerd, Nicky Cole, Elaine Stalter, Paula Tomlin, Dilsheesh Purewell, Melinda Hamlyn. Front: Margaret Goodman, Jennifer Blais, Martha Finn, Shena Riff, Fiona Adams, Monica Ghosh, Alexandra Stevens, Sheila Barber, Lynn LaPlante. Fiona Adams - " Fiona Fry " All things small and great. Sheila Barber - " guess what " A smile always ready. Jennifer Blais - The early bird that always catches the worm. Nicky Cole - A rainbow is a smile upside down. Siobian Donahue- " Honestly! " Martha Finn - Super at sports; only appears quiet. Monica Ghosh - " mon " - Mrs. Ummm. Margeret Goodman - Absent again; must be speed-skating. Melinda Hamlin - " Milly " - Hey, d ' ya hear that song? Lynn Laplante - Always seen doing her homework before class. Dilshesh Purewall - " shesh " - Gees! Always has something to say. Julie-Anne Rickard - " I can ' t believe it! " Shena Riff - Being brainy has its advantages. Elaine Stalter - " Ely " ; favorite word " LIKE " . Alexander Stevens - " Allycat " or should we say Beatle Bug. Paula Tomlin - " wally " For heaven ' s sakes tie up those shoes! GRADE 6 H I 1 I if I I i r Back Row: Mrs. O ' Brien, Allison MacFarlane, Erin McConomy, Caroline Haider, Vanessa Smith, Shannon Robinson, Julia Henderson, Laura Schmidt, Heidi Staseson. Front Row: Lisa Roberts, Melanie Cronk, Lourdes Rodero, Laita LeMaguer, Margaret Grodde, Elizabeth Cundill, Betsy Chaly, Michelle Richards, Sarah Young. BETSY - Betsy, O Betsy, you ' ve always a joke, unfortunately most of them go up in smoke. MELANIE - Our resident giggling unicorn-lover, over cakes and candies she will hover. ELIZABETH - Talking about our pinball wizard, jumping around like a leaping lizard. MARGARET - Tiptoeing curiously with her magnifying glass, solving the mysteries of the grade 6 class. CAROLINE - Caroline, Caroline with a smile so fair, won ' t you please let down your golden hair. JULIE - With her creaking joints and her penguin pal, she still remains a cheerful gal. LAITA - O, like, um you know that conservative cuss, she ' s now become just as crazy as us. ALLISON - Look at Allison, our giggling brain, additional merit pins are what she shall gain. ERIN - Erin is our gymnastic ace, her daring stunts earned her a brace. LISA - Lisa is our sentimental friend, helping others ' feelings mend. SHANNON - Our bright, bashful, blushing blonde, of whom we are very fond. LOURDES - Our little Lourdes who once was so shy, now blossoms forth with a twinkle in her eye. MICHELLE - Skipping along with open arms, our dancing queen has many charms. LAURA - Hail, hail, the glassy-eyed leader, always wanting someone to feed her. VANESSA - With your puppy-face and socks to the floor, day by day we love you even more. HEIDI - Our attractive aspiring musical star, we know for sure her career will go far. SARAH - But, but, but, Sarah tries to explain, I really didn ' t mean to inflict all that pain. MRS. O ' BRIEN - Mrs. O ' Brien with her pretty red hair, " Watch the nylons " , she screams in despair. GRADE 5 Back Row: Mrs. Schmidt, Lori Hillary, Patricia Reilly, Heather Alyae, Andrea Hoffenberg, Catharina Lewin, Vanessa Riddell. Front Row: Zoe Pettengel, Molly Finlay, Nina Eslock, Kathleen Macaulay, Samantha Ambridge, Michelle Riff, Mai Vejjajiva, Genevieve LeBlanc, Hester Grodde, Catherine Addison, Absent: Manal Bahubeshi. In years to come we ' ll laugh at the fun we had in grade five . . . We ' ll remember the days when Catherine LOVED math, surely she ' s on the numerical path. And Heather whose weekends were spent riding her pony with content. Samantha got braces which she finds a bore, it ' s hard to eat fruit from a core. Manal was our newest classmate this year, we ' re happy she came so give her a cheer. Nina had fun at home playing with Fluffy, so she ' s not alone. We hope to see Molly on stage at the N.A.C., when she ' s of age. A philatelic find Hester desires, one rare stamp is all she requires. To Lori ' s delight she was chosen to be King on stage (though not on T.V.) Genevieve guides her King o ' er the jump. We hope she won ' t fall with a thump. Catherine sat quietly in the back row her smile sparkled and eyes aglow. Kathleen was a bouncy girl we found who like to see humour in all around. Zoe worked on each kind off raction, juggling her answers with great satisfaction. Patricia likes baseball and we ' d like to see her make homers as a great Expo. Andrea said that her joy in life is found in eating a steak that ' s juicy and round. Vanessa painted pictures with glorious designs, we were impressed by the wonderful lines. Michelle ' s desk was surrounded by things, she loves collections - stickers and things. Mai took us by film to her home, in Thailand we ' d all like to roam. And now we look at the year gone, we ' ll remember Frau Schmidt and our school song. GRADE 4 Back Row: Mrs. Scott, Elizabeth Hall, Emily Sender, Hadeel Shaikh, Stephanie McKnight, Felicitas Doff-Sotta, Amanda Dunn, Mark Zawidzski, Albertine Van Aerssen. Front: Barnaby James, Rodrigo Rodero, Sharon Halman, Tammy Brown, Kathleen Scott, Vanessa Cronk, Erica Westman, Andrew Whitehead, David Clark, Stephanie Dryden-Cripton, Mary Gilbertson. GRADE FOUR ' S AMBITIONS Mary Gilbertson - Wants to be a horse-rider. Barnaby James - Wants to produce Atari games. Kathleen Scott - She secretly eats fried caterpillar legs. David Clark - Wants to be a rock star. Sharon Holman - Wants to be a movie star. Emily Sender - Wants to be a scientist. Mark Zawidski - Wants to own a circus. Elizabeth Hall - A singer for Kiss, and a disco dancer. Tammy Brown - Wants to be an inventor of flower-making machines. Stephanie McKnight - Wants to be a horse-rider. Andrew Whitehead - Wants to be a duck-faced alligator. Felicitas Doff-Sotta - Wants to be a movie star. Erika Westman - Erika ' s ambition is to be an alligator. Amanda Dunn - Wants to be a horseback riding movie star. Albertine van Aerssen - Wants to be the CN Tower. Hadeel Shaikh - Wants to be a nursery teacher, or babysitter. Rodrigo Rodero - Wants to be a bubble-blasting bomb. Vanessa Cronk - Wants to be a small, fat, hairy horse. Stephanie Dryden-Crypton - Wants to be a punk rock. GRADES 2 AND 3 Back Row: Mrs. Gerspacher, Catrione Stuart-Bell, Patricia Harewood, Oswald Bentinck, Kate White, Johan Bentinck, Julia Ediger, Front Row: Leslie Louise Crate, LinMarie Lategar, Allison Whitehead, Marissa Binstock, Antoine Ledoux, Charles Findlay, Stephen Gundy, Nyree Schreiber. Absent: Sharan Singh, Mayado Bahubeshi, Joshua Cundill. SHARON likes the colors red, blue, and yellow. Her hobby is planes and she likes to play with her brother. KATE likes to play with Marissa. She likes helping her Mom and her hobby is collecting rocks. JULIA likes furry cats. Her Mom ' s name is Mom and her Dad ' s name is Dad. MARISSA likes to collect stamps, rocks, and stickers. Her favourite colors are red and green. She likes school and to read. MAYADA likes the colors violet and blue, her favorite animal is a horse. She likes her father to collect her. OSWALD was born on October 14, in 1974. His best friend is Stephen Gundy, and his favorite period is spelling. CATRIONA was born in 1974, and likes to play with her friend Julia. ANTOINE likes to fight with other people. His favorite animal is a cougar; his favorite dish is pasta. JOHNNY likes school. His favorite animal is a cougar. He reads a lot, but his favorite is poetry. CHARLES likes lunch. His favorite color is blue, and his hobby is getting in trouble. NYREE hopes by the time she is finished her education she will be a better person. PATRICIA would like to be a teacher like her Dad. STEPHEN ' S favorite food is marshmellows and he loves Karate. LESLIE loves to draw and write poetry. " They call me a miniature ' blue stocking. ' What ' s a blue stocking? " JOSHUA loves to play with his new baby brother. ALLISON says, " They say I ' m a born model. I wonder why? " . 39 Don ' t worry, I ' ll get you to school! That little itch could be telling you something. 40 NIGHTINGALE Back Row: Left to Right: Carolyn Laws, Fiona Childe, Nancy Hulley, Charo Violante, JoAnn Daniels, Alison Schmidt, Susan Brewer, Paula Gilbert, Marina Folk-Parish, Alii Martin, Kellianne Folk-Parish, Fiona Murray, Chantelle Brown, Annabelle Mandy, Tatjana Woodrich, Dominique Fraikin, Donna Desprey, Jessica Rudy, Katie Dick, Pui Jayan Ama, Nisreen Aldair. Third Row: Karyn Simpson, Denise Treich, Elisabeth Preston, Sarah Montgomery, Teresa Basinski, Anne DeMercado, Melinda Hamlyn, Julie-Anne Rickerd, Michelle Friend, Jillian Cohen, Mimi Wong, Tegan Schioler, Nicole Cole. Second Row: Samantha Gatti, Catherine Lougheed, Anamari Rodero, Napa Vejjajiva, Paula Rogers, Sandra Halladjian, Stephanie Pecher, Nicole Jaques, Susan Evans, Elenor Brodie, Michelle Hearn, Nina Esrock, Matilde Hahn, Vicky Grossmann-Hensel, Anja Miller, Caroline Chescoe. First Row: Pilar Rodero, Jane Lougheed, Alison Mac- Fatlane, Vanessa Smith, Shannon Robinson, Stephen Gundy, Darya Farha (Househead), Stephanie McKnight, Michelle Riff, Catharina Lewin, Fiona Adams, Margaret Goodman. Dear Nightingale, Perhaps our greatest achievement this year was changing our reputation, so that we are no longer considered weaklings in the gym and on the field and even, when we did not have the skill and timing necessary for victory, we had the numbers that brought in a lot of house points. I would also classify the fact that we managed to raise the required money as another major achievement, as I soon realized that money-making schemes do not always go as planned! The juniors deserve special thanks for coming up with many imaginative suggestions and for volunteering to help, as well as for always making it to house meetings. It is time to thank Niki Cole, Marina Folk-Parish, Mathilda Hahn, and especially Paula Gilbert for taking jobs within the house. I think I have learned a lot as house head, including the importance of list making, running a greasy balloon race, finding news to tell at house meetings when there is none, and the art of remembering names. I thought that by the year ' s end I would have mastered LOUD cheering, but no such luck. To next year ' s head, good luck. Love Darya WILSON Back Row: Left to Right: Carol Hodgson, Saree Ghosh, Gladys Wong, Patricia Shih, Louisa Taylor, Sarah Molson, Yasuko Shimizu, Elisa Campbell, Krista Wedekamm, Lisa Howard, Ana Waddington, Sue Leggett, Heather McCormick, Julie Larouche, Cynthia Hughes, Debbi Gibson, Juliana Farha. Third Row: Anne Raby, Fiona McCleod, Jennifer Cheney, Lucy Jones, Wendy Mitchell, Roberta Bouchard, Suzy Osier, Lori Hillary, Heidi Staseson, Laura Schmidt, Sheila Barber, Alexandra Stevens, Tanya Turner, Roxanne Proulx, Tina Koutsovasili, Lynne Laplante, Kim Hall, Sarah Thorpe. Second Row: Catherine Addison, Sarah Young, Melanie Cronk, Erin McConomy, Zoe Pettengell, Mai Vejjajiva, Monica Ghosh, Helen Gilbertson, Patricia Harewood, Sharon Holmar, Diane Burgess, Judy Marshall, Katie Lafferty, Caro Molson, Britta Dunwald, Jennifer Steers. First Row: Antoine Ledoux, Joshua Cundill, Vanessa Cronk, Anne Tessier (House head), Rachel Gray, Mary Gilbertson, Tammy Brown, Marissa Binstock, Kate White, Kathleen Scott. Dear Fellow House Members; In September we gave the school a new challenge. We all enthusiastically united together to face our first year of exciting, stupendous house games and creative fund raising activities. We placed a fantastic second on Spirit Day, and kept together as one throughout the whole year. I was very honoured to be the first head of Wilson House, but I could not have done it without my loyal friend Rachel. I wish the utmost success to next years House Head. A special thanks to my Senior Head, Juliana; Senior Sports Captain, Cynthia; Junior Head, Britta; and Junior Sports Captain, Helen. Thank you for all of your support and may Wilson live on to achieve great success! Sincerely Yours, and much love, Anne P.S. Wah, Wah, Wilson! FRY Back Row: Left to Right; Danielle Thompson, Judy Steiner, Jill Baker, Katja Hulley, Martha Gall, Milena Sigmund, Julia Fournier, Kathy Stewart, Judy Korecky, Eleni Gigantes, SoLing Wong, Vivian Sheng, Marion Jones, Heather Rogers, Sarah Peat, Maureen Assaly, Sue Wiggins, Sheila Reid, Liz Westley, Elise Braithwaite, Maria Violante, Sabrina Woodrich, Joanne Diktakis, Jenny Johnston, Nadia Jacquot, Janet Onyango, Cindy Rhodes, Phillipa Sheppard, Third Row: Betsy Gall, Martha Finn, Anne Marie Fournier, Paige Kemball, Chase Harris, Gillian Lorimer, Claudia Fernandini, Raquel Brown, Jennifer Cohen, Nila Varan, Siobhan Donahue, Elizabeth Cundill, Betsy Chaly, Caroline Haider, Manal Bahubeshi, Albertine VanAerssen. Second Row: Fiona Adams, Tara Morrison, Vanessa Smith, Fiona Doetsch, Ashwina Bijoor, Tina Jacquot, Devi Ferri, Patricia Reilly, Andrea Hoffenburg, Elizabeth Hall. Front Row: Charles Findley, Barnaby James, David Clark, Sharan Singh, Jenny Leslie (Househead), Alison Whitehead, Leslie Crate, Amanda Dunn, Emily Westman, Lourdes Rodero, Kathleen MacAuley. Fellow Friers: Yes I do refer to the fated, fatening, Fry sale on Fryday (not the new spelling.) This year has seen Fry at our usual best and the Juniors have been in top form while the Seniors have been not far behind. The growth of the house has made organization nearly impossible, but that ' s half the fun! We are still looking for a new house cheer . . . maybe next year. My thanks must go to my supportive sports captains, who forced us all to turn out for games, and to the ever-present Vice-Head, whose relative stability makes up for my definite lack of sanity, and to everyone else for putting up with my standing on dining room tables. Much love and best of luck next year, and remember, " Friendship to all! " Jennifer Jane Leslie. KELLER Back Row - Left to Right: Kalli Varaklis, Stephanie Bartlett, Susan Liddle, Sarah Onyango, Carolyn Clendenning, Bissy McClenahan, Andrea Sheraton, Anna Sherwood, Jodie Pullen, Kirsten Kearsley, Niquette Ruddock, Indra Maini. Third Row: Ghanda Ahmed, Lisa Stillborn, Rosemary Todd, Quentin Woluschuck, Lisalin Ostiguy, Nicola Maule, Christine Onyango, Janet Walker, Jane Basinski, Meridith Wright, Waffa Istephan, Jennifer Deacon. Second Row: Pat Roberts, Alex Catterhill, Karen Getzinger, Chris Jodoin, Lisa Hillary, Diane Drouin, Julie Waterhouse, Gillian Hewitt, Sandra Delvoie, Nicola Grainger, Susan Westley, Jennifer Blais, Kim Ling, Michelle Richards, Jackie Likins, Nora Gorman, Julie Henderson. Bottom Row: Nyree Schreiber, Melissa Kelly, Ellen Bruce, Molly Finlay, Hester Grodde, Samantha Am- bridge, Catrione Stuart-Bell, Jenny Bindman, Oswald Bentinck, Margret Grodde, Shawn Belton, Elaine Stalter, Dilsheesh Purewall, Felicitas Doff-Sotta. Dear Keller Although we did not win on Spirit day, I feel that my house excelled in spirit and sportsmanship - the two main purposes of the day. This spirit and support for each other has prevailed throughout the year and my hope is that third term will bring us more victories and rewards. Keep up the good work Keller; we can still win. Best Wishes and Thank you. Jennifer Bindman 45 CHOIR Fourth Row; (Left to Right): Betsy Gall, Janieta Eyre, Karyn Simpson, Chase Harris, Ann-Marie Fournier, Tara Morrison, Diane Burgess, Caroline Purkhart, Anamari Rodero, Lori Hillary, Rachel Gray, Lisa Hillary, Nicole Jacques, Krista Wedekamm, Elise Campbell, Elizabeth McClenahan, Pippa Banister, Tassie Cameron, Victoria Grossman-Hensel. Third Row: Patricia Roberts, Saree Ghosh, Julia Fournier, Susan Liddle, Vanessa Riddell, Melanie Cronk, Sarah Young, Vanessa Smith, Nora Gorman, Fiona Doetsch, Carol Hodgson, Siobhan Donoghue, Elaine Stalter. Second Row: Anne Tessier, Kathy Stewart, Janet Onyango, Nila Varan, Katie Lafferty, Kyna Rigal, Tina Jacquot, Roxanne Proulx, Erin McConomy, Ellen Bruce, Heidi Staseson, Susan Evans, Nicole Cole, Sandra Delvoie, Melissa Kelly, Barbara Toth, Samantha Gatti, Alison Schmidt, Suzy Osier. First Row: Marion Jones, Sarah Peat, Pilar Rodero, Kim Ling, Caroline Haider, Laita LeMaguer, Mai Vejjajiva, Lourdes Rodero, Fiona Adams, Hester Grodde, Philippa Sheppard, Sue Leggett. The Elmwood Choir, under the splendid guidance of Mrs. O ' Brien had another successful and busy year. As last year, they sang at Parliament at Christmas time, and also staged a delightful presentation of Gilbert and Sullivans ' " The Mikado " . For the Choir whose prowess constantly raises the expectations of the school, con- tinued success seems inevitable. BELLRINGER Lucy Jones, Elmwood ' s senior " Ding-a- ling " kept everyone prompt for their classes. Lucy can be found between classes in the hall ringing her bell. Students wait eagerly to hear Lucy, every 45 minutes. Thanks Lucy for your constant promptness at ringing the bell. Thanks also to the junior bell ringers. STUDENT ' S COUNCIL Back: Elizabeth Preston, Lucy Jones, Kathy Stewart, Claudia Fernandini, Julia Henderson. Middle: Marion Jones, Alison Schmidt, Nora Gormon, Jennifer Cohen, Fiona MacLeod, Janet Onyango, Juliana Farha. Front: Laura Schmidt, Erin Mc- Conomy, Caro Molson, Carol Hodgson, Martha Gall, Lisa Stilborn, Sheila Barber, Monica Gosh, Michelle Byrne, Molly Finlay. The Elmwood Student ' s Council indeed ranks high among the seven wonders of the world. Filled with representatives who range in age from 10 to 19, it might properly be called a " Forum for discussion " , however I soon learned to think of it by a more apt name - " zoo " . A zoo it may have been, but a strongly cooperative and productive one. Above and beyond the routine matters and complaints that ran through our ears (there is no soap in the bathroom; can we have some paper cups?), we occasionally raised ourselves above oblivion to do something for the school. Pizza sales, sub lunches, sweat shirts, hot dog lunches (where do we get buns?), ice cream and Spirit Day. Spirit Day will be remembered as modicums of inefficiency and disaster. Much to our surprise, most were successful. Just a few words of thanks to those students who regularly graced the honorable conclave with their presence; a special thank you to all of the many grade 12 ' s and 13 ' s who lent both moral and physical support to the year ' s activities. It was much ap- preciated. Martha and Lisa 47 JUNIOR DANCE The Junior Dance commitee has worked hard, long hours to ensure their dances are a big success. The dance first term was enjoyed immensly by all grade seven and eight students. The tunes rocked the gym as the juniors boogied. The music was fantastic, thanks to a great disc jockey. We would like to thank Mrs. Chance and Judy Steiner for making our dances so Back Row: Lisa Hillary, Shaun Belton, Julie Anne Rickard, Alex Stevens, Matilda Hahn, enjoyable. Chase Harris, Jenny Steers. Front Row: Ashwina Bijoor, Michelle Hearn, Elanor Brodie. Well, the one thing that can be said for this years Dance Committee is that they ' ve had their share of ups and downs! The year started out with a wonderful success with a Hallowe ' en dance attended by many ghosts, goblins and Ashburians. However, as everyone must accept the good with the bad - we had a Fiesta Night (referred to now as " Siesta Night " ), and we ' d just like to thank the 20 people who showed up to support us! But, no matter how rushed for time, disappointing or tense the situation got, the committee always came through with spirit and good cheer. Who will forget pizza, Marco, jelly beans and carnations? Good luck and lots of patience to next year ' s committee and thanks for your unfailing support. SENIOR DANCE Sarah Top: Susan Wiggans, Heather Rogers, Sheila Reid. Bottom: Marian Jones, Sarah Peat, Jessica Rudy. 48 SENIOR LIBRARY Our Library Committee, under the careful direction of Mrs. Heacock, is responsible for keeping the library organized. They put books away, file reference cards and are always available to cheerfully help anyone in search of an obscure book. Thank you for keeping our library useful for reference and enjoyment. Left to Right: Andrea Sheriden, Susan Westley, Krista Wedekamm. Seated: Christine Onyango. JUNIOR LIBRARY The library committee, under the supervision of Mrs. Schmidt has kept the junior library in fine condition. Last Halloween, our library received many new paper back books. Thank you for keeping our library such an enjoyable place. Back Row: Nila Varan, Mrs. Schmidt, Jennifer Cohen, Saree Gosh, Middle Row: Allison MacFarlane, Shena Piff, Front Row: Stephanie Drydon-Cripton, Amanda Dunn, Charles Findlay. SENIOR POUND Left to Right: Heather Rogers, Elise Braithwaite, Susan Wiggins. Amongst the avalanches of clothes, books, shoes, lunch boxes, games and just about anything else that isn ' t nailed down or tied around someone ' s neck. You can often hear three pleading voices . . . " Have you seen the key? " " Key? What key? " " Oh no, not again! " However, despite popular misconception, Pound was quite organized this year. Thank you to all you forgetful Elmwoodians for . .. " Hey! Has anyone seen the rest of this write-up? " JUNIOR POUND Standing: Stephanie Pecher, Diane Burgess, Tara Morrison, Seated: Michelle Hearn. Junior Pound performs in the same fashion as Senior Pound. They too are victims of hoards of lost articles. Yes, it ' s true, Juniors can also be scat- terbrains! However, by some obscure miracle, their pound committee manages to control the lost and found in a most efficient manner. The Chapel Monitors have the sometimes tedious task of passing out and collecting three hundred odd hymn books every morning before prayers. They help to ensure that our three hundred sweet voices may be heard through the halls of Elmwood. Thank you for your help in keeping us organized. Left to Right : Elizabeth Westley, Gillian Hewitt, Denise Treich, Teresa Basinski. DEBATING CLUB Left to Right: Elizabeth Preston, Kathy Stewart, Judy Korecky, Philippa Sheppard, Kirsten Kearsly, Elisa Campbell, Christina Campbell, Michelle Friend, Jane Basinski. Inspired by Mrs. Hoy, a handful of eager and verbose Elmwoodians established their own debating club. For much of the year, their activities were clandestine: lunchtime meetings, trial debates and discussions. However, the debator ' s natural inclination to show off in public was finally fulfilled. This took the form of an Ashbury-Elmwood debate held on a Tuesday afternoon in late February. The topics, " Superman is ob- scene " and " The Dead govern the Living " , offered plenty of opportunity for wit and humor. The audience was very much on Elmwood ' s side; however, our opponents battled nobly in the face of these adversaries. In any case, it was enjoyed by all. Next yea r, the group is looking forward to bigger and better things; with a little luck, Elmwood ' s eager orators will head on the provincial debating circuit. Look for us in the headlines, Lisa Stillborn POETRY CLUB We who have a definite partiality for romance and poetic verse have, since September, gathered every Friday at 12:45 in one of the empty rooms on the third floor, to nibble at the remnants of our lunches and read poems to each other. We pick the subject or poet each week and have done: War, Love, Horror, Cats, and Christmas. We have dabbled in T.S. Elliot, Rupert Brooke. Dylan Thomas, S.T. Coleridge, Shelley and Wilfred Owen. Though our numbers have not increased, they have remained constant. I heartily thank them for their enthusiasm and their devotion to poetry. I hope to see all the dreamers and poets next year. " Lest you think that verse shall die Which sound the silver Thames along, Taught on the wings of truth to fly Above the reach of vulgar song. " Left to Right: Mrs. Faguy, Philippa Sheppard, Quentin Woloschuk, Elizabeth Preston, Christina Campell, Kirsten Kearsley. 51 Left to Right: Sue Leggett, Paula Gilbert, Elizabeth Katie Dick, Heather Rogers, Mr. McCabe. Westley, Marion Jones, Juliana Farha, Kalli Varaklis, Lisa Ostiguy, Debbie Gibson, The 1982 Reach for the Top made their debut on a cold Saturday morning in mid-October. We faced still com- petition from Glebe High School, but wrestled valiantly. The team spent the better part of the previous month ' s lunch hours drilling each other with questions. During this time we realized that our knowledge in certain areas was far exceeded by our ignorance in others. The team had fun enough, and in spite of these factors; we particularly enjoyed writing our short biographies, which unfortunately the Co-host Bob Knapp saw fit to alter considerably. That was quite alright though, because our fantastic hobbies (harness racing, sumo wrestling and the like), and our secret ambitions (we ' re off to join the armed forces) will remain only between us! Many thanks to Mr. McCabe, our Coach and our biggest supporter. REACH FOR THE TOP Standing: Lisa Stillborn, Mr. McCabe, Christina Campbell; Seated: Jill Baker, Sarah Peat, Juliana Farha, Rachel Gray. Left to Right: Elizabeth Westley, Paula Gilbert, Sheila Reid. SUI SANG The Sui Sang Committee was formed about 18 years ago with the adoption of Elm- wood ' s first foster child, Sui Sang. The money which we raise has a tremendous effect on the lives of two children, one of which lives in Turkey, and the other in Indonesia. The cost of supporting two foster children is ap- proximately $600 per year. In our standards this might not seem very much, however, these unfortunate families are struggling to survive and to obtain enough money to support themselves. The money that we give can be used to buy badly needed food, medical treatment, shelter and schoolirig. These families are very grateful for our support and now are given an opportunity to progress towards a better life and perhaps a chance to survive. Our fund raises were a great success. We are certain that you all remember our doughnut sales, even if it was through an added pound or two. Thank you for your support. Paula, Elizabeth and Sheila FORMAL Top to Bottom: Fiona McCloud, Jennifer Cheney, Mme. Sabourin, Ann Raby, Janieta Eyre. ELMWOOD THEATRE COMPANY From Top of Stairs: Sarah Peat, Teresa Basinski, Christina Campbell, Michele Friend, Marion Jones, Danielle Thompson, Mrs. Scott, Rachel Gray. Standing, from Left to Right: Mrs. O ' Brien, Martha Gall, Gemma Devine, Lisa Howard, Jenny Leslie, Sarah Onyango, Elisabeth Preston, Mrs. Peat, Susan Wiggins, Lisa Stilborn, Philippa Sheppard. Absent: Kirsten Kearsley, Susan Brewer, Mrs. Heacock. The Elmwood Theatre Company played host to the Independent Schools of Ontario Annual One- Act Drama Festival on Friday, April 22 and Saturday, April 23, 1983. In the process, with its presentation of the play " Dreamgirls " by Janis Rapaport, the Company carried off the First Prize silver cup for the second year in a row. Playing before an enthusiastic audience of more than 750 in the auditorium of Ecole Secondaire de la Salle, the Elmwood company, directed by Mrs. P. Scott assisted by Mrs. F. Peat, was the proud recipient of the Donald Davis Award for Best Play. The award was presented on the basis of overall professionalism in all phases of theatrical effort including acting, directing, lighting, stage management, organization and special effects. JUNIOR DRAMA Top Row: (Left to Right) Patricia Reilly, Erin McConomy, Laura Schmidt, Vanessa Smith, Lisa Roberts, Heather Alyea. Second Row: Zoe Pettengell, Margaret Grodde, Genevieve LeBlanc, Mary Gilbertson. Top Row: (Left to Right) Anja Miller, Diane Burgess, Melinda Hamlyn, Lisa Hillary, Victoria Grossman-Hensel, Gillian Hewitt, Anne-Marie Fournier, Mathilde Hahn, Paige Kemball. Second Row: Eleanor Brodie, Tara Morrison, Julie-Anne Rickerd, Nila Varan, Nicola Cole. Third Row: Fiona Adams, Jane Lougheed, Fiona Doetsch. You ' re stepping on my foot. FALL SEPTEMBER 9 School Opens 27 Basketball win against Belcourt OCTOBER 7 First Civvies Day 15 Cross-country Running Meet 15 Regional Tennis Finals 17-19 Grade 7 Trip to Camp Cameron 24 United Nations Day 29 Junior School Hallowe ' en Party 29 Hallowe ' en Dance at Elm wood DECEMBER 2 Grade 10 Trip to Parliament Hill 7 Choir Sings in the Rotunda at Parliament Hill 17 Carol Service 20 Last Day of Exams NOVEMBER 10 Biology 3 A Field Trip to the Sugar Bush 12 Parent Teachers Interviews 16 Careers Day 17 Biology 5 A Field Trip to the Civic Hospital WINTER JANUARY 18 Insight Theatre Group at Elmwood 20 Grade 13 Parent Teacher Interviews 21 Mexican Fiesta Night at Elmwood 30 French Ski Trip to St. Donat FEBRUARY 8-11 Spirit Week 1 1 Valentines Day Dance at Elmwood 16-18 Grade 6 Camping Trip to Browns Lake 21 Mrs. Butler and the Girls from St. Mildred ' s at Elmwood MARCH 15 Junior Entertainment Night 16 Grade 5 Trip to the Sugar Bush SPRING APRIL 16 Scholarship Exams 20 Euclid and Descartes Mathematics Contests 22-23 Elmwood Hosts the Ontario Independent School Drama Festival 30 Super Sale MAY 1-6 Student Commonwealth Conference 9-13 Carleton University Mini Course 19 The Mikado 24 Student Elections 26 Piano Recital at Elmwood JUNE 5 Grade 8 Trip to Quebec City 10 Closing 59 60 61 hi iL VISIT osc raise 62 Hitlers JPianes (0 0) L " 5 Q) a ARMS TALKS LU CQ frinc t rdc ? f ids 63 MRS. HARWOOD-JONES Mrs. Lorna Harwood-Jones, or Mrs. H. J., as she is affectionately known, retired from teaching this year, after 17 years at Elmwood. In that time she has taught music, Latin and classics. Mrs. H.J. was born in the West Indies (and not on Mount Helicon as she may have led some to believe). Mrs. H.J. attended Havergal in Toronto and then studied classics at Victoria College, University of Toronto. Then it was on to McGill for an Associateship in Music. Mrs. H.J. married, and raised five children. One daughter, Mrs. McRae, was a former junior school teacher at Elmwood. She moved to Cuba two years ago. Another daughter, Dawn, attended Elmwood. Mrs. H.J. also has a number of grandchildren. While living in Montreal, Mrs. H.J. was a church organist. At Elmwood she played the piano daily during morning prayers. She will always be remembered for her unfaltering playing even when our voices waned and we lost our places. Every junior will certainly remember Mrs. H.J. ' s wicked witch outfit on Halloween, complete with a kilt pin through the cheek. Even if we don ' t quite believe that the world is flat and that Mrs. H.J. is in the range of 432 years old, no one will dispute her knowledge of Latin. Mrs. H.J. plans to begin her retirement with a trip to the Maritimes. She also intends to do more travelling in the future. To Mrs. H. J., we wish the best of health and happiness in the years to come. NTHE BEGINNING " I had been told to look for an old, rambling building. Well, I did; but it was even more old and rambling than I had anticipated. I had great difficulty in finding any kind of a door, on account of the snow and, on top of that, the front door was at the back, that is on the North side. Inside there were just two classrooms and up some very creaky stairs, two other very small rooms were found with lean-to walls. That was the sole schoolroom accomodation. " Mrs. Buck, 1923 1927 saw the creation of three houses; Fry, Keller, and Nightingale. From then Elmwood became three waring factions, all sense of comraderie was lost and the girls were like cut-throat hooligans, thirsting with the desire not only to compete, but to WIN at all costs. So much for the refinement of young ladies! Riotous circumstances posed the need for a " well trained " squad to restore law and order to the halls of Elmwood. Thus, prefecthood was born. • 1 1 -4 » I — 0 • m 0 A 4 ' 4 I J — 4 0 " Life lies ■ - • - before our feet until omise fair; 0 « » 0 0 y m • 0 mi Tread - i»s A« 1 J If 1 If if upward path ex- —ullantly we cry ± • U 0A f I - 0— L. J - I 0 m 0 1 0 ' — J h- H Bright flovi ' r. of Youth c ind I lope grow ai ' -y there 0 f — 1 0 v w ■ 1 ► 0 ■ : - 9- ft j t t ■ $■ - - H r • 0— |« L 9 » 9— -0- 0 9 - ♦ — » S s. 0 — • »— t - d Rpugh n fountain ■0 paths above us eeply rise • 0—+ ♦ ■ • i • — • 1 ■ 9 — f- 1 9- ,0 0 0 m 9 0 • 0 0 u h WV journey blttli cly on Kith - jo. vfu ♦ ♦ eyes -0- 1 • • — — • 0- 0- — Y 9 0 s Sum - ma Sun; ma - rum 1 P I- 1 Highest of the Hivk 1 -0 The Rockliffe Preparatory School was founded by Mrs. Hamly S. Philpot in 1915. In 1923 the name was changed to Elmwood School for Girls. The motto, " Success is Naught, Endeavor is All, " became Elmwood ' s motto, and the school hymn was composed by Miss Tipple and Miss Thwaite. This inspirational song set a high standard for Elmwood girls to strive to achieve. It has been modified over the years, and now we sing our school song with one verse, instead of the original five. Treading the upward path, exultantly we cry " Summa Summaritm! Highest of the high! " For kingly service we are all enrolled; Wide floats our banner, green and royal gold. Hope ' s lovely hue; Devotion s cleansing fires; Faith holding fast the truth of brave desires. 1 Chorus) Courage and Hope to bring to all oppressed; Comfort and Tenderness to those distressed. Love ' s radiant light to shed where shadows lurk, This is our task in Life, our glorious work. (Chorus) So when the evening comes, and night is here. Gleaming above our path, the siais shine clear; Still climb we slowly up those slat lit heights, Whose summit shall reveal the Light of lights. Treading the upward path, exultantly we cry " Summa Summarum! Highest of the High! " 68 Until 1966, Elmwood was a boarding school. It was divided into three dormitories called Winken, Blinken, and Nod. Each of these dormitories were further divided into individual rooms which also had names. The remnants of this system are still visible throughout the school, where strange words are to be found on various classroom doors. This year saw the addition of a fourth house, Wilson House. Cairine Wilson became Canada ' s first Woman Senator, in 1930. She was a humanitarian, who cared for Europe ' s homeless and threatened children during World War Two. She made oppressed people, especially children, welcome in Canada. Senator Wilson also headed a group of prominent Canadians, who sought for and secured the release of religious and political refugees from Nazi Germany. Cairine Wilson cared deeply about our school. Six of her children attended Elmwood. Her influence is carried on today by her daughters Cairine, an honorary member of the Board of Governors, and Norma Davies, who is the present Chairman of the Board. Part of the recent increase in the size of the school body was due to the introduction (or at least, re- introduction) of boys into the youngest grades of the school. In the first year the boys were outnumbered 191 to 9, but the gap began closing the next year when their numbers reached an outstanding 10! Good luck, boys, and maybe by 2100 . . . In the process of expanding, we decided that we might as well go all out - " Why not open the doors to Grade Two, also? " This is exactly what was done and the younger students quickly blended into the Elmwood senario. THE 13S8 ' S BROUGHT THE INTRODUCTION OF COMPUTERS TO ELMWOOD. THIS VERR LAUNCHED., NOT ONLV A COMPUTER STUDIES COURSE., BUT ALSO COURSES IN BUS I NESS ., ECONOM I CS ., PHILOSOPHY., GERMAN AND MUSIC „ STAFF BATHROOM TAc Sc ooC rezu (tad[j revo (2nd Grew 77 7 8 TREADING THE UPWARD PATH Because of continuous growth in the size of the school community, Elmwood has found it necessary to expand its facilities. Therefore, the school has embarked on a several-phase plan to accomodate this need. Following the completion of Phase 1 of this project, a new gymnasium will be built. Of course, none of this contruction will detract from the present surroundings and the beauty of the school ' s situation. 80 SPORTS CAPTAINS Top: Lisa Ostiguy (Keller), Rosemary Todd (School S.C.). Bottom: Cynthia Hughes (Wilson), Paula Gilbert (Nightingale). Absent: Elise Braithwaite (Fry). Another year of sports has passed us by with the exception that this year was bounding with success (minor and major). The basketball team brought a bus load of school spectators which in turn brought school spirit of which I have never seen before. The volleyball team had enough support and enthusiasm from the students that there was both a senior and a junior volleyball team. Our soccer team made it to the semi- finals and almost tied first in a tournament at South Carleton. Much thanks and ap- preciation go to Mr. Yates, Mr. McCabe, and Mrs. Neale. In house games there was still more success in the first year of Wilson house. Congratulations should go to Anne Tessier in doing such a super job as house head of this new house. The year started off with the most enthusiastic bunch I have ever seen. Track and field had the biggest success in Elmwood ' s history. The junior girls placed 5th and the senior girls placed 8th in the overall standings. Elise Braithwaite went all the way to OFSAA where she placed second and third positions. Sports day was a huge hit with the students thanks to the efforts of Mr. Yates and his assistants. Thank you, sports captains, and I would like to give a special thanks to Mrs. Neale and her patience with me through house games and Spirit Day. Rosemary Todd BASKETBALL Top Row: (L. to R.) Kim Hall. Second Row: Alii Martin, Ana Waddington, Lisa Ostiguy, Mr. Yates, Elizabeth Preston, Heather Rodgers, Dominique Fraikin, Paula Gilbert. First Row: Cynthia Hughes, Rosemary Todd, Roberta Bouchard, Mimi Wong. Absent: Leila Lalani, Quentin Woloschuk, Leilani Farha. Elmwood ' s basketball team had a commendable season and continuously displayed good sportsmanship and enthusiasm during each game and practice. Elmwood won the opening game against Belcourt the news of which reached the sports section of the ' Citizen ' ! Even though the team ' s members were knocked about by their towering opponents, they emerged from each game with a higher score. Many thanks to: Mr. Yates, our loyal coach: our loyal supporters: Mrs. Rogers, Mrs. Fraikin, Mrs. Preston and Dr. Todd, and to the many staff and students who invaded Sir Wilfred Laurier ' s gym and cheered the team on with all their hearts. Paula Gilbert 85 THE UNITED WAY RUN In the Fall Juniors and Seniors ran in the United Way Fun Run. After everyone had completed the run, the team enjoyed the Fat Albert Subs offered and listened to the Reggae Band. It was nice to see such a large team entered in the run, supporting the United Way. Thanks go to Mrs. O ' Brien and Mrs. Neale who coached and also ran in the race. Paula Gilbert Third Row: (L. to R.) Cynthia Hughes, Sheila Reid, Paula Gilbert. Second Row: Rosemary Todd, Elise Braithwaite, Lisa Howard, Mrs. Neale. First Row: Shawn Belton, Diane Burgess, Gillian Lorimer, Fiona Doetsch, Matilde Hahn, Tara Morrison. Absent: Claudia Fernandini, Carol Hodgson, Vicky Grossman-Hensel, Nicole Jaques, Mrs. O ' Brien. 86 CROSS-COUNTRY Back Row: Niquette Ruddock, Sheila Reid. Front Row: Paula Gilbert, Philippa Sheppard, Lisa Ostuguy, Cynthia Hughes. Absent: Elise Braithwaite, Christina Campbell, Lisa Howard, Elizabeth McClenahan, Elisa Campbell, Elizabeth Preston. During September and October the Elmwood Cross-Country Team took to running the streets and hills around Rockcliffe. The girls participated in two meets - a preliminary meet, then the city finals. Runners included Elise Braithwaite, Niquette Ruddock, Sheila Reid, Cynthia Hughes, Christina Campbell, Philippa Sheppard and Lisa Howard. At the city meet Elise and Niquette came 4th and 6th respectively thus qualifying them for the Ottawa Valley Meet in which they placed 11th and 14th! A very good season despite hills, mud, snow and extreme cold! Mrs. Neale 87 TERRY FOX RELAY Top: (from Left to Right) Cynthia Hughes, Sheila Reid. Middle Row: Matilde Hahn, Paula Gilbert, Niquette Ruddock, Mrs. Neale. Bottom Row: Shawn Belton, Nicole Jacques, Fiona Adams. Absent: Elise Braithwaite. On Friday, April 27, the Terry Fox Relay Race was held on the Ottawa Parkway. Thirty-two teams, consisting of ten runners each (five girls and five boys) participated. Elmwood joined with Ashbury for the ten kilometer run. The Junior team placed twelfth and the Senior team placed 11th in the field of 32 schools. Mrs. Neale TERRY FOX 10 KM Third Row: (L. to R.) Cynthia Hughes, Sheila Reid, Paula Gilbert. Second Row: Rosemary Todd, Lisa Ostiguy, Elise Braithwaite, Lisa Howard, Mrs. Neale. First Row: Shawn Belton, Diane Burgess, Gillian Lorimer, Fiona Doetsch, Matilde Hahn, Tara Morrison. Absent: Janet Walker, Elisa Campbell, Philippa Sheppard, Sarah Molson, Susan Westley, Teresa Basinski, Jane Basinski, Caro Molson, Leilani Farha, Krista Wedekamm, Lisa Hillary, Claudia Fernandini. The annual " Terry Fox Run " was held on a beautiful Sunday morning on the Western Parkway. Some members of Elmwood ' s massive team ran, others walked and two even rollerskated the 10 km distance. There was a constant atmosphere of unity and determination among the thousands of people who came - their goal - trying to fight cancer and also to keep Terry ' s dream alive!! Paula Gilbert 89 TRACK AND FIELD Standing: Mr. Yates, Mrs. Neale. Third Row (L. to R.): Rosemary Todd, Lisa Ostiguy, Heather Rogers, Sheila Reid, Lisa Howard. Second Row: Cynthia Hughes, Elise Braithwaite, Alii Martin, Louisa Taylor, Elisa Campbell, Carolyn Laws. First Row: Fiona Murray, Niquette Ruddocock, Diane Drouin, Chris Jodoin, Paula Gilbert, Debbie Gibson. Absent: Sarah Onyango, Tatjana Wodrich, Elizabeth McClenahan, Michelle Friend. The track and field team had a very good season this year despite lack of practice time due to inclement weather and the fact that most of the team also belonged to the soccer team! The Ottawa City Meet was held May 12 and 13 and Elmwood entered twenty athletes. At this meet our junior girls placed 5th out of 20 teams, senior girls came 8th out of 20 teams, and overall Elmwood came 8th out of 20 Ottawa teams! Six girls further qualified for the Ottawa Valley meet - Louisa Taylor on the 200m, the 80m and 400m hurdles; Elise Braithwaite in the 400m and the 800m; Sheila Reid in the 200m and the 400m, Cynthia Hughes in the high jump and long jump, Tatjana Wodrich in the long jump; and Lisa Ostiguy in the 3000m. At this Valley meet held May 19th, Elise placed 1st in both the 400m and the 800m, and set a new track record in the 800m. She went on to the Eastern Ontario meet in Oshawa on May 28th and placed second in both the 400 and 800m events, which further qualified her for the all Ontario meet (OFSAA). On June 2, Elise travelled to Kitchener for the two day meet and came 2nd in the 800m and 3rd in the 400m! She had her best times ever in this meet. An excellent season for all, especially Elise of whom we are all very proud! Mrs. Neale Thank you, Mrs. Neale and Mr. Yates, for coaching. SOCCER Third Row: (L. to R.) Dominique Fraikin, Fiona Murray, Alii Martin, Christina Campbell, Sheila Reid, Michelle Friend. Second Row: Rosemary Todd, Elizabeth Preston, Ida Di Menza, Elisa Campbell, Diane Drouin, Cindy Rhodes, Mrs. Neale. First Row: Cynthia Hughes, Paula Gilbert, Ana Wad- dington, Roberta Bouchard, Judy Korecky, Leilani Farha. Absent: Chantelle Brown, Annabel Mandy, Sabrina Wodrich. The Elmwood soccer team had a very good season. They made it to the playoffs in which they lost 1-0 to Immaculata. During the 6 game season Elmwood won one and lost four games. The team also entered the South Carleton All Day Tournament where it played very well, winning one game, tying South Carleton (a feat in itself) and losing one game. I don ' t think anyone will forget all that MUD caked all over each team member, even soccer ball prints on the white sweatshirts! Once again the team displayed good sportsmanship and spirit. Special credit should go to Ana W. who was the backbone of the defence, Cynthia H. for her excellent goal-keeping, Rosemary T. our top goal scorer and Paula G. for sacrificing her body, and her amazing ball control. Many thanks, Mrs. Neale for your support and coaching. Paula Gilbert 92 JUNIOR SOCCER Third Row: Nicola Cole, Julie Waterhouse, Shawn Belton. Second Row: Fiona Adams, Helen Gilbertson, Martha Finn. First Row: Gillian Lorimer, Denise Treich, Mathilde Hahn, Chase Harris. Absent: Mrs. O ' Brien, Patricia Roberts, Karyn Simpson, Anne Turner, Tegan Schoiler, Lisa Hillary, Siobhan Donoghue. The Junior Soccer Team did extremely well in the tournament this year. The team made it to the " A " division in the semi-finals but unfortunately lost by a score of 2-0. The girls demonstrated a good knowledge of skills and a healthy sports- manship that gained the respect of the other teams. Mrs. O ' Brien 93 JUNIOR VOLLEYBALL Back Row: Lisa Hillary,. Martha Finn, Samantha Gatti, Shawn Belton, Gillian Lorimer, Jennifer Cohen. Front Row: Mathilde Hahn, Denise Treich, Chase Harris. Absent: Kim Boselli, Mrs. O ' Brien. The Junior Volleyball Team participated in an interesting tournament which proved to be a very valuable learning experience for the girls. It was followed up another day at one of the schools for a most enjoyable afternoon of volleyball. Con- gratulations to all the girls for their effort and good sportsmanship. Mrs. O ' Brien TENNIS During regular season play against four other regional high schools, the Elmwood team won four of their six matches. Representing the A Singles were Paula Gilbert and Christina Campbell, B singles - Elisa Campbell, A Doubles - Nicola Maule and Diane Drouin, and B Doubles - Sarah Peat and Marion Jones. Some members continued in the City and Regional Finals on October 15 and 22. Thanks go to Mrs. Knap for her patient coaching. On the Sundial: (L. to R.) Marion Jones, Elizabeth Preston, Niquette Ruddock, Christina Campbell, Nicola Maule, Diane Drouin, Jill Cohen. Standing: Mrs. Knap, Elisa Campbell, Paula Gilbert. Absent: Sarah Peat. GYMNASTICS Our sister combination of Christine and Janet Onyango entered 2 gym- nastics meets this year. Practicing 1-2 times per week at 730 am. and even Saturday mornings paid off, for the girls placed 5th and 6th in floor in the Ottawa City meet held March 28th. The two also competed in the Ottawa Valley meet held April 14th at South Carleton High School. Mrs. Neale L. to R.: Christine Onyango, Mrs. Neale, Janet Onyango. JR. SENIOR VOLLEYBALL Back Row: (L. to R.) Milena Sigmund, Rachel Soar, Lucy Jones, Sabrina Wodrich, Mrs. Neale. Front Row: Julia Fournier, Lynne Mackenzie, Chris. Jodoin, Judy Korecky. Absent: Napa Vejajjiva, Leila Lalani, Leilani Farha, Fiona Childe. For the first time Elmwood has had both a junior and senior volleyball team in the senior school. The junior team coached by Mrs. Neale comprised mainly of grade 9 and 10 girls. This first year allowed the team to gain much experience and a chance for many students to compete and have fun. The team gradually got used to the higher nets and larger gyms, and as the season progressed, the team improved and matured greatly. Our season consisted of 10 matches, of which we won 5 games. Our best victory was over Belcourt whom we defeated 3 games to 1! Next season looks very promising! Mrs. Neale SENIOR VOLLEYBALL Back Row: (L. to R.) Marion Jones, Fiona Murray, Katja Hulley, Mr. McCabe, Alii Martin, Rosemary Todd. Front Row: Paula Gilbert, Yasuko Shimuzu, Nancy Hulley, Debbie Gibson, Cynthia Hughes. Absent: Mimi Wong, Jenny Bindman, Louisa Taylor, Heather Rogers The Senior Volleyball team had a good season and with higher final scores. Some games were extremely close and quite exciting! The team celebrated its progress at the " Keg " for an enjoyable dinner and had the pleasure of dining with the McCabe foursome. Thank you, Mr. McCabe, for coaching, the cakes, and beautiful roses. OTTAWA INT. INDOOR GAMES SENIOR TEAM On January 8 Elmwood was represented in the Ottawa International Indoor Games. The team of Elise Braithwaite, Sheila Reid, Louisa Taylor and Paula Gilbert had a very good race in the 4x125m. relay in which we came 16th and qualified for the semi-finals. Niquette Ruddock also had a good showing in the 800m. Mrs. Neale Left to Right: Mrs. Neale, Cynthia Hughes, Sheila Reid, Louisa Taylor, Niquette Ruddock, Paula Gilbert. Absent: Elise Braithwaite. JUNIOR TEAM The Junior relay team represented Elmwood in the usual manner of ability and fine sportsmanship. Fiona Doetsch performed admirable in the 800 m. Left to Right: Jennifer Cohen, Matilde Hahn, Shawn Belton, Nicole Jaque. Absent: Fiona Adams, Fiona Doetsch, Mrs. O ' Brien. TEACHERS VS. STUDENTS 100 SPORTS DAY Despite slight showers throughout the day, Elmwood ' s enthusiasm was not dampened. During the morning, instead of the usual inter- class competition, each house was divided into teams. Each team went to the various stations competing against other teams from other Houses. This produced much more team and House spirit, enough to make oneself hoarse. There were some interesting new events such as the Donkey Kick (how very strange it seemed), The Frisbee Throw, Egg-Throwing, The Obstacle Course, and Wheelbarrow Racing with real wheelbarrows instead of people. A great deal of thanks go to all the staff and assistants, especially Mr. Yates, Mrs. Neale and Mrs. O ' Brien for their effort and organization which led to an enjoyable day. Paula Gilbert SPORTS DAY 102 SPORTS DAY 103 104 MY DEAR CHESHIRE CAT I thought I heard the breathing of a metal cyclist in the air. But it was only the strange sound of my imagination, that made you seem so near. She awaits you. Dinner lies untouched upon the table. It is a large, round pine table with four softly swelling legs. Between each pair of legs nestles the broad seat of a chair. And on one chair she now sits. Reading. But she does not read. Perhaps you will not come. She must go upstairs now. Adjust her hair. She can ' t wait like this. She can ' t expect. This silver mirror. She wants to smash it. The one that laughs at her. In the morning. When she is creased with sleep. She imagines it. " The Funeral March of the Mirror " . And her broken image. Lying within it. Someone is here. You are here. Or someone like you. Looking through the window pane. She hates you. Hates you for arriving. But a heave of relief makes her shudder. And she is reminded. She had wanted you to come. Your chin has a tendency to slip into your neck. It annoys her. She always associated weak jawlines with stupidity. But she will not allow you to be stupid. For you are all she ' s got. You smile. And she realizes she has been standing there. Staring at you. She smiles too. And opens the glass door. You have rested your bicycle against the gate. It is a nice bicycle. And she knows you are proud of it. You kiss her. Briefly. And she is relieved to see you look slightly handsome. With your head bent forward a bit. It gives your face, some shape. She bustles about the kitchen. The little actress. She is no bustler. She is instead graceful. With a careful step. But she must adjust. To you. You must not admit your stupidity. Not to her. She is denying it. Can ' t you see she has forgiven you already? You must know. She needs you. She giggles. And sausages sizzle in the frying pan. The music, relieves her. The organ falling over octaves of clear piping sound. It is definite, the sound of each note. It does not waver, like the tremulous sound of her voice. You ask. Whether she really listens to that. With the sweet sounding foreigner in the background. Commenting. She is startled. She had forgotten the music. She is betrayed. Into bewilderment. No. She never listens to it. Would you like to change channels? You would. And suddenly she envisions you. Drowned. In a pool of Bach. Vivaldi. No sustenance. And she drinks. This odd melody. She is flustered. She must remember. And you touch her arm. She can ' t forget it is you, who is here. The sausages are ready. And must accompany the rest of the quiet dinner, that is scattered across the table. You don ' t pull out a chair for her. You just scramble to the table and sit there. Grinning. My dear Cheshire cat. I ' d like to hit you with a baseball bat. She smiles. She is learning. She must protect this sense of humour. It seems to be very useful. You eat. Carefully. Perhaps you know you are watched. By the feline who has maintained a hunger strike, since you have arrived. It refuses to be impressed. Even though you do not slurp your drink. There is a salad bowl on the table. Full of lettuce leaves. Ones she took the care to annoint. And you refuse their presence on your piste. The moist cheeks of tomato are disappointed. You eat very slowly. With deliberation. And when you are finished she is jovial. With a boisterous swipe she tears away your plate. And asks. Whether you like ice cream. You do. You love ice cream. And the plate wriggles under your passion. Eating ice cream suits you. She should have given you a smaller spoon. A teaspoon. So you might savour every mouthful. You are dainty. Taking your spoon to the head of the pink cream. And stroking it. Soothing it. You are gratified. She gave you ice cream. With a smile. Janieta Eyre 13 Y 107 THE SKY The Sky . . . Makes you wonder why . . . The stars can fall out of sight, And why the moon is just a sliver of light. On a night so dark and peaceful, You might wonder . . . Why God has given you the sight, Of a sky so full, So full of pin points of light . . . Jennifer Blais COME BACK! She ' s sleeping on those rusty cans No where to hide from the weird old vet, Snowy, Snowy, where are you? Oh do come back where you ' re supposed to be. Watch out where ever you are There ' s a dog around the corner, He ' s going to pounce so I know you ' re near A bird flew away ' cause you just walked past Pit Pat, Pit Pat, Oh there you are. Stephanie Dryden-Cripton 4 Air ascending Rain descending Counter-clockwise Harry-carry Whirling winds From the Northern Pacific Spiraling in towards Low pressure gusts Plotting together As they twirl around Wreck the buildings Destroy the ground An eye so calm It never blinks Would swallow you up without a second wink For this is a typoon A hex, a jinx! And for an underestimated typoon, The sky ' s the limit Eliza James 8-D 108 HOW TO TELL A MOUSE INVASION Listen for squeaks, late at night, watch out for missing cheese, check out your basement, your kitchen and attic, remember to leave -- your room closed. Check it again and again and again, put out more traps, and buy lots of cheese, get a good cat and see if they ' re found. Check in the garden, turn every leaf, look in the holes and spray poisin around. If you still haven ' t found them, you know where they are, check in your former old room. Under the bed and along the walls, in the closet, by the door, and if you find them, Please don ' t scream!, fainting ' s more efficient. Call in a friend, somebody else, leave them to deal with the dears, just let them move in, as long as they want! while you spend the night away. After a year, or maybe two, if the house is still there, and your friend is still alive, and there ' s no squeaking in the night, and the cheese is not - consumed, you can safely assume, that the mice are taking a break. Claudia Fernandini 8 fe rr j j fff m RUSH HOUR Holding the sky in your hand, Putting it close to your face, It ' s hard to know what you like. There are more ways than none to decide. " What you need is commitment. What you need Maybe if you started to dig. You know, churning up the earth, seeing the worms, seeing the insects? ' ' You must have some idea - " Renaissance faces, glowing before a canvas, each stroke is a line of direction. When each day is filled with only books, glowing faces, it ' s hard to know what you like. Reading a novel, the characters tear you up. They whisper in you ear, and taunt you to join them. Watching the children, their knees bending, bending, bending, only makes you sad. Washing your face with White fluffy stuff, until your eyes are green; it ' s hard. Then you are alert your mouth is firm, your nose is fine your eyes are bright your hair shines, you are smartly dressed and OH! - Dig. If you ' d just watch those ants, carrying their loads, to and fro ' back and forth, up and down, hither thither. They are successful. You can ' t avoid it. Keep digging, because once you ' re home, you ' ll know it. A matter of destination! It ' s no good bending over candles, shadows flickering on the curtains, voices very low. putting on some music, a little of this, a little of that, a murky mood, your eyes are closing you are drifting off to sleep. The house shakes, and crumbles, as your name slips from sigh to sigh, saddened by potential. Your eyes dart in fear, heart pounds at the terror of a song, a popular song, blaring on the radio. Darya Farha 13-Y 1 10 THURSDAY ' S CHILD All the ceilings are low, And the floors are too high! I cannot feel the good earth, Or touch the free sky! The ribboning road which Runs far and runs near, Makes me impassioned to leave The old sites I hold dear! " Old " is the sentence of death And the knell will be rung, For all gaiety and laughter Are gone from the young! The world is so wide! I ' ve seen nothing at all! Sand slipping away . . . There is no time to stall! Anywhere, anyplace, As long as it ' s young, And wild as the cougar, With a song still unsung. There ' s a ship in the harbour, It sets sail at midday, In Egypt in April And China in May I cannot leave tomorrow And voyage far and wide; Still the floors are underneath, Still the walls, beside My soul is a tree, Stuck in a pot, Cornered by a small, Narrow, little lot And my pipe-dreams Are staining The ceiling Philippa Sheppard 1 IS The violet blossomed in the Spring and withstood the April showers. The summer came and it basked in the warm sun. The flower had flourished but weakened with the Fall and began to wilt. It died as the leaves fell from the trees and it shied away from a cold and lonely winter. The following Spring it somehow couldn ' t find the strength for rebirth, though it tried. The life it had once known had been drained from deep within it. It seemed it had disappeared forever. Anonymous AN EARTHQUAKE To feel a rumble beneath your feet, to experience jaunty double vision and to see the shaking of the porcelain on the It could only be warning, wall. To hear glass a break in the distance and a woman ' s scream, It could only be warning, and if you see the road Look outside cracking up like a moist brownie in your hands, you can panic, Grab your cat, dog, guinea pigs, gerbils, and everything else you love and lives, put them in boxes on wheels Then head for the nearest steel surfaced ground far away from water, You ' ll know when it ' s safe because the houses on your street will look like the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. Betsy Gall 8M 112 114 GALUMPHORA A CENTIPEDE Galumphora was a tribulous centipede As she had so many coughedy feet to heed She would tie humungous bows on her toes And ecrivate Galumphora all over her clothes She had as many catipals as she could possibly want But instead she would jagumble her mother ' s green plant Poor educationater was Galumphora ' s mother She had to feed six children, her husband, and his brother So Galumphora ' s paledy father hired a tutor She thought she had never seen anything cuter He wore quadrimillions of bow ties and carried ten glute noly pork pies Which would disappear undulatingly right under his eyes So as you can deducesee Galumphora was a caterblee With such playtiful fun to foresee She could no longer be workadee Fiona Doetsch 8-D METAMORPHOSIS Once there was a girl - a little bit shy - who like to chase butterflies through the molten fields of her childhood She captured green frogs in a yellow, plastic pail and found chestnut chameleons beneath damp autumn leaves Now there is a young woman - still shy, perhaps - who studies the sunset with an artist ' s eye, And putting brush to canvas, sits down to paint herself, as a child chasing butterflies Caroline Purkhart 11-S 116 Eve ' s wrinkled tree-bark Flesh Is left of the ancient Garden grace. Her breasts buried in Stones of cities mime A time of the young sun, When sleepy lizards Dreamt of fun. Green sandy leaves Of hair are shaves of Pleasures seen and passed; But time still sings on Her humming string To the last Blood pained gasp. Joanna Pocock 13-Y I BLUE JAY Blue Jay Blue Jay Blue like the sea He comes to the window And I give him food He comes in the morning And he goes at night He sleeps in his nest Like the clouds in the sky. Rodrigo Rodero 4 1 17 THE TRAMP 118 He limped on like an old ship Entering the breaker ' s yards, He staggers along gaunt and ragged Looking like a fox As he pulls his body across the horizon, A bent bushy tree. No man knows where he goes To the unknown lands across sheer cliffs Which bar all men from their dreams. He will be broken to pieces, And crumble in his grave. Elisa Campbell 10H the grin of a million Cheshire cats haunts the man until even the groceries are his enemy. A cancer screams in him a fear so near to death - but not quite. A feline dream of warmliness enchants him, but not enough. Until at odds with how to shop or wear one mit without the hat, he finds a home in his violin with a cat for the welcome mat. Winner: Lit. Contest Joanna Pocock a .6 s ' C J? c r to ; j£ J? r . 3 a £ 0 a V ) 1 ff ucnd PTvjuuuOW i S tijOT X T " 6 if w C u f. 8 07 8 in r a ? o THE GREAT FLAG She bit into the year old scar of her work, And tears bled from her eyes her humiliation that the teeth would not sink Her lips were crumpled with dead skin but yet she licked them, like a wounded cat coiled and recoiled she feigned a smooth voice of purrs and when they took down the great flag the shreds of her dress were blue streaked with red and lined with pure white flesh Janieta Eyre 13 Y AND GALLANT MEN-OF-WAR, MAYBE I ' ll paint a beehive With colours unseen While laughing with birds at untold stories. A stone will spring On which I ' ll lean Until it gives my head a crown, and places a shimmering sceptre in my hand. Then, and only then my tomb, my friend will find me sleeping with whispers of kisses, honey and laughter on cold lips Joanna Pocock 13-Y There once was a dog called Rufus, Who once turned into a gufus, He was so fat, He sat on a mat, And it went all the way to Regina One day he met a cocker spaniel Its name was Jack Daniel. Jack said, " Thin is in. " But Rufus said, " Fat is where it ' s at. " Barnaby James 4 THE BOY His mother told me that every night before he slept, She told him he was beautiful I watched him as he slept, heavy eyelids and blood red cheeks flickering bathed in warm candle light. I made distortions of his face spread them in orange across huge canvases His first lover A pretty woman, had empty black eyes and spacious mirrors of his face. I watched him kill her. For he could not bear it when she slept. He did not know himself. I wove him a wreath of red roses, which he wore then in mourning The thorns lay dark tears on his brow, he could not see anymore and I was her by Janieta Eyre 13Y FOR CLAUDIA Those grey stained women standing in the sun By the railroad tracks. Their image frozen to the Globe and Mail ' s Front Page For us to nod at, make wise noises Over our hot chocolate, And shed dry tears for it is not Our disaster. Those women, who stand waiting For the volcano God to strike Again, as they search for the Buried limbs of their children, In rubble that would make a Giant ' s Cave Tremble, Wait for the high silence to Descend to tell them all is well. And my volcano now so far behind Leaves its heart floating on the calm of Willows Beach. Tidal waves form To rock the little boats Of dreams. Anja Miller 8D Junior winner in Art and Lit. Contest EDNA Edna sat with her elbows on the shiny kitchen counter, her chin cupped in her hands. She watched in admiration as her mother cut up the raw potatoes. Each slice was identical, thin and straight. Then the tomato, cut into neat half-moons. The bright red of the tomatoes on the pale cutting board pleased Edna. Red was her favourite colour. Everything she liked best was red: her Raggedy Ann ' s hair, her red shiny shoes with two buckles on them, her pyjamas with the feet and the zipper in the back, and the fingernails of her mother. She loved to look at them as they cut all the vegetables so quickly. They caught the sunlight as they moved and looked redder than ever. " Mummy, I ' m going upstairs now, okay? " , said Edna as she slid off the stool. The doorbell rang and Edna yelled, " I ' ll get it! " as she headed for the door, her eyes fixed on the dark handle It was Grandma. " My Edna sweety, you ' re turning into a real little lady; so pretty! " , she said kissing the top of her head. " Edna, what do you say? " , asked Mummy Edna ' s cheeks were burning now, " Thank you Grandma " , she said looking up at her mother as she said it, her eyebrows raised. Mummy asked Grandma in and got out the teacups. They counted nine cups and lined them up on the dining room table. Mummy went up closer to the cups again and said, " You know, I really ought to buy more tea cups " Edna listened happily to Mummy ' s clear voice. " I really ought to buy more tea cups. " She repeated the sentence in her head, stressing " ought " , like Mummy had just done. Soon ladies started arriving. Edna sat on the top stair and watched as they came in. They weren ' t very old ladies. Two of them were carrying tennis raquets and two were wearing fur coats. The coats were big and thick and made the ladies look like bears. Edna wanted to be a bear too. When the ladies had gone inside she put the heavy coat on her shoulders, then slipped her arms through the sleeves. She felt like a bear. The coat dragged on the floor behind her as she walked in small circles in the hall, her teeth barred, he throat emitting a low growl. Edna the big bear, roaming through the forest - " Edna! Edna dear, come and meet the ladies! " The heavey coat fell to the floor as Edna headed for the livingroom, looking back only briefly at the bear. " Edna, this is Mrs. Filamund. Say hello to Mrs. Filamund now. " Edna did not like Mrs. Filamund. She did not like those small distorted eyes that stared at her through the yellowy glasses. Mummy didn ' t like Mrs. Filamund either because she was " a pest " . Now Mrs. Filamund had her eyes so close to Edna ' s face that Edna had to look up and down, and side to side. She smiled, and nervously started digging a hole in the carpet with the toe of her shoe. She forced herself to look at those small misted eyes. " Hello Mrs. Filamund. " Edna went around the room, meeting all the ladies. None were as pretty as her mother It was dark out. Edna waited outside on the front step for her father. All the ladies had gone by now: even the bear, even Mrs. Filamund. When she was leaving she took Edna ' s wrists, brought her close to her, forcing her to look past the funny glasses to her eyes. She said, " Edna, you are the spitting image of your mother, you know. Such a beauty! " At this Edna sm iled, covering her face with her hand, her chin digging into her chest A big car heaved into the laneway. Edna rose and ran to the car door. " Daddy. " She hugged his legs. They went inside. Mummy handed Daddy a drink. Edna watched the bright nails on the glass. " How was work? " Rubbing his hair with his hands, her father said, " Lousy. Carver demanded huge changes in the contract, with the deadline being this Friday, and I just discovered that my secretary can ' t take dictation, and - " He fell against the back of the chair, sighing heavily. Edna creeped up the stairway. Daddy was mad and she hated it. His face would get red, and his voice loud and he would fling his arms when he talked. When Edna would ask what was wrong with P Daddy, why he was so mad, Mummy would say, " Nothing dear. He is just very, very sad. " Edna looked down at her dinner plate. Everything looked so nice. The meat was very brown and the french fries were all the same size. The salad was decorated with those wonderful splashes of red. Edna wanted to be able to make dinner just like her mother. She was a good cook. Daddy had once even called her cooking ' mediocre ' . Edna liked the sound of that word. It reminded her of red. Now Edna was sitting under the livingroom window, the afternoon light filling the space above her head to the ceiling. Edna didn ' t like the afternoons because she was alone with the cleaning lady. Today however, she squeezed her eyes shut, thinking happily of this morning when Mummy had come to visit her kindergarten teacher, Miss Pfeifferm. She had wanted to know how Edna was doing. Clasping her hands tightly together, she remembered when Miss Pfeiffer had said when Mummy had gone. " What a pretty mother you have. You resemble her very much. " All the other boys and girls had turned and looked at her. She was happy because she was going to be just like her mother. Still, everyone had kept staring at her and she remembered how hot her face got, she had blushed. Then she realized it didn ' t matter: red was her favourite colour. Mummy came home carrying two big shopping bags. " Miss Pfeiffer told me very nice things about you Edna, " Mummy said, handing Edna a glass of milk and two cookies. " She said you look like me, " a white lipped Edna said. Then the telephone rang. It was Daddy. She called her mother to the phone and went upstairs. She got up on her tip toes in her parents bedroom and looked at all the things on the dresser. There were so many bottles and little jars. Edna stretched across and grabbed the red bottle of nail polish. Sitting cross-legged on the carpet, she opened the lid and peered inside. Oh so red and creamy! Edna took the small brush and began to paint her nails. The red was bright and Edna gasped in delight as she transformed each nail. It didn ' t matter that some of the red got on her fingers, and a little on her leg. " It ' s beautiful. " she thought. " Just like Mummy ' s. " Edna held the red fingers up to the window and mar- veled at their colour - Suddenly the door burst open. Her mother eaced across the room and angrily grabbed the bottle away, shouting, " Edna, look at this mess! " Edna pulled away, but Mummy was already taking off the shiny red cream with a big white, wet tissue. Later, when Edna was going to bed, she looked at her plain nails and cried. " It was beautiful, " she whispered, her voice low and hoarse. " It was so beautiful. " By Darya Farha 124 Hands Oor , I can frcy a r m 1V« arfc c closed) a Ad un tit V«tp near th ft qitt ut« ■ n n o«n desk hands orn ing rctp ov tf en» out cm 5i s lowly r fl nothing. n m my room- ing htoT cr by th ov they art in hto. tKtm s poo «n , a n d Close —-What do t«cy v» an ? TVuy looK throa 9 Kmy kookcaS and in via eba ket . .what Go they want? have ich WoaU intemt them - 0 V n usV - (or bWcy pp fcriathtn 3 becomes fercc 4 - tticm ttm 9 nearer -NoW they arc cm my bed o t r my qa» 1 -on m 7 feci an4 , , t ( tnCvy Slowly lighten around my neck and n y world vH(tnAy tA«tcne fio tnv ' ncj dio il The man with the grey eyes returns. He walks alone and hears the rustling of leaves behind him a sudden turn a crash of arms and he welcomes his lost lover, but only the wind returns, such a passionate embrace. Your smiles are like lace they cut finely Tears bloom within me capturing a queer blue light yet my quiet face must evade you; and yet must fear your evasion; see the mirror cool and calm see the storm run and qualm; when the voice no longer answers and a heart no longer dances. AT NIGHT Clowns covered in the cigarette of Women dancing the streets: A mingle of jingling noise Conceals the hush, And a crack of eyes hears Tiny tears drip-drop Joanna Pocock 13-Y 126 SNAKE He slithers and slides maybe even slinks. Crawling up from his crumbling home. He quackered a little as seemingly his long body crawled onto the cool night rock. Slipping down the rough terrain he found his favourite warm spot. A warm wooden dock. After curling his long body in a tight little circle. Then he slipped away into a light sleep. THE CLEARING The distant murmur of cars rumbling over hard asphalt. How isolated the clearing is - it ' s powdery snow sprayed upon the dormant ground. The placid white horizon stretching to eternity. Wisps of wind whip through brittle trees, their snarled branches now posing sullen and alone. The crimson sphere of gold slowly descends until the dark shield of night preserves this sight Paula Gilbert 12H 127 Great sap and tundra proud, and the great white bird who calls aloud to anyone who cares to hear or watch his flight and life draw near. His shadow ripples over snow. His cries echo through trees below; until the shot rings red and black and the great white bird in one last flap slices past cracking branches to a grave of stained whiteness. Joanna Pocock 13Y PRIZE LIST Proficiency Standing: SO o and over, upto and including Grade Ten Grade 4 - Vanessa Cronck, Stephanie McKnight Grade 5 - Genevieve LeBlanc, Molly Finlay Grade 6 - Margaret Grodde, Caroline Haider, Allison MacFarlane, Laita LeMaguer, Erin McConomy, Lisa Roberts, Shannon Robinson, Lourdes Rodero, Michelle Richards, Laura Schmidt, Vanessa Smith, Heidi Staseson, Sarah Young Grade 7M - Jennifer Blais, Dilsheesh Purewal, Shena Riff Grade 7B - Diane Burgess, Katie Lafferty, Tara Morrison Grade SMac - Ashwina Bijoor, Britta Dunwald, Claudia Fernandini, Gillian Hewitt, Carol Hodgson, Jane Lougheed, Caro Molson Grade 8du - Fiona Doetsch, Nora Gorman, Vicky Grossmann-Hensel, Matilde Hahn, Eliza James, Suzy Osier, Denise Treich, Julie Waterhouse Grade 9E - Pippa Bannister, Tassie Cameron, AnaMaria Rodero, Milena Sigmund Grade 9S - Jane Basinski, Kimberly Hall, Judy Korecky, Julie Larouche, Susan Liddle, Catherine Lougheed Grade 10J - Leilana Farha, Nadia Jacquot, Laila Lalani, Nicola Maule, Sabrina Wodrich Grade 10H - Chantelle Brown, Elisa Campbell, Jillian Cohen, Ida di Menza, Dominique Fraikin, Chris Jodoin, Annabel Mandy, Alexandra Martin, Christine Ontango, Anna Sherwood, Janet Walker, Susan Westley, Krista Wedekamm Proficiency Standing: 75% and over, upto and including Grade Thirteen Grade 11HJ - Christina Campbell, Giselle Campeau, Fiona Childe, Michelle Friend, Nareudee Jayanama, Kirsten Kearsley, Carolyn Laws, Chantal Mazur, Adrienne MacLeod Grade 1 IS - Janet Onyango, Elizabeth Preston, Niquette Ruddock, Philippa Sheppard, Heather Stoltz Grade 12H - Juliana Farha, Marion Jones, Sarah Onyango, Sarah Peat, Vivien Sheng, Sarah Thorpe Grade 12McC- Cynthia Hughes, Kalli Varaklis, Ana Waddington, Elizabeth Westley Grade 13Y - Jillian Baker, Jennifer Cheney, Janieta Eyre, Darya Farha, Rachel Gray, Christiana Ieong, Joanna Pocock, Gladys Wong Grade 13M - Lisa Stilborn, Anne Tessier JUNIOR SCHOOL Junior School Creative Writing - Leslie Crate, Shannon Robinson, Jenny Steers Junior Book Lover Prize - Michelle Richards, Erika Westman Junior School Poetry - Anja Miller, Heidi Staseson Bernadette Sheppard Prize for Junior Drama - Raquel Brown, Zoe Pettengel, Laura Schmidt Junior English Grade 8 - Eliza James Junior Music - Ellen Bruce, Margaret Grodde Junior Art - Julia Ediger, Elizabeth Gall, Kathleen Macauley, Rodrigo Rodero JuniorSchool Math Prize Grade 6 - Erin McConomy Grade 7 - Diane Burgess, Tara Morrison Grade 8 - Eliza James, Julie Waterhouse Junior Science Prize for Outstanding Interest - Mary Gilbertson, Lourdes Rodero Junior School Social Studies - Shannon Robinson, Lisa Roberts Junior School History and Geography Grade 7 - Dilsheesh Purewal, Nila Varan Grade 8 - Gillian Hewitt, Jane Lougheed Junior School French Prizes Grades 2 3 4 - Albertine Van Aerssen, Patricia Harewood Grades 5 6 - Catherina Lewin, Laita LeMaguer Grade 7 - Eleanor Brodie Grade 8 - Jane Lougheed, Nora Gorman Schultz Prizes for Effort - Manal Bahubeshi, Mark Zawidski LAIDLER CUP: Awarded to the girl who, while not necessarily the highest in the form in studies or sports, has made her rnark on the Junior School by her good character and dependability. It is given to a girl who can be relied upon at any time, and is always helpful and thoughtful of others Awarded to Denise Treich SOUTHAM CUP FOR JUNIOR ENDEAVOUR: Awarded for the highest endeavour in all phases of alife in the Junior School. It is the equivalent of the Summa Summarum in the Senior School. It is given to the girl who best lives up to the ideals of Elmwood, who shows leadership, friendliness, and helpfulness to others in the school Awarded to Ashwina Bijoor and Victoria Grossman-Hensel SPORTS AWARDS Junior Interhouse Soccer 1 . (7 8) - Fry - Siobhan Donoghue 2. (5 6) - Nightingale - Heather Alyea Junior Interhouse Floor-Hockey 1. (7 8) - Wilson - Helen Gilbertson Junior Interhouse Floor-Hockey 2. (5 6) - Fry - Elizabeth Cundill Fauquier Junior Cup for Sportsmanship - Matilde Hahn Crowdy-Weir Bantam Sports Cup - Patricia Harewood Outstanding Athletic Performance - Junior School - Shawn Belton, Martha Finn 129 Dunlop Intermediate Sports Cup - Alii Martin Southam Intermediate Tennis Doubles - Junior - Chase Harris, Gillian Lorimer Senior - Nicola Maule, Niquette Ruddock Intermediate Tennis Singles - Eliza Campbell Wilson Senior Sports Cup - Paula Gilbert Senior Interhouse Volleyball - Fry - Jennifer Leslie Green Form Drill Cup - 12 McC - Sheila Reid Outstanding Athletic Performance - Senior School - Elise Braithwaite Physical Education Gold Medal - Cynthia Hughes Maynard Sportsmanship Cup - Leilani Farba Interhouse Sports Day Cup - Nightingale - Darya Farha INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL Rothwell Grade Nine English Prize - Tassie Cameron Intermediate English Grade Ten - Elisa Campbell Intermediate English Grade Eleven - Philippa Sheppard Intermediate Mathematics Grade Nine - Judy Korecky Intermediate Mathematics Grade Ten - Yasuko Shimuzu Intermediate Mathematics Grade Eleven - Carloyn Laws Intermediate French Grade Nine - Julie Larouche Intermediate French Grade Ten - Dominique Fraikin Intermediate French Grade Eleven - Caroline Prkhart Intermediate Geography - Janet Walker French Immersion Geographie - Stephanie Bartlett Intermediate Science Grade Nine - Kimberly Hall Intermediate Science Grade Ten - Dominique Fraikin, Janet Walker Elizabeth Tanczyk Science Prize for Interest - Fiona Childe Intermediate Spanish Grade Ten - Ida di Menza, Sabrina Wodrich Intermediate Spanish Grade Eleven - Juliana Farha Intermediate German - Anna Sherwood Intermediate Art - Jennifer Deacon, Milena Sigmund Intermediate Typing - AnaMaria Rodero Intermediate Drama - Waffa Istephan Prize for Sustained Effort - Karen Getzinger Choir Prize - Elizabeth McClenahan Greenblatt Grade Twelve English Prize - Juliana Farha Junior Matriculation French - Sarah Onyango Junior Matriculation History - Philippa Sheppard Coyne Grade Twelve History Prize - Teresa Basinski Junior Matriculation Geography - Elizabeth Westley Junior Matriculation Mathematics - Sarah Thorpe Junior Matriculation Computer Science - Marion Jones Junior Matriculation Music - Heather Rogers SENIOR SCHOOL Senior Matriculation English - Lisa Stilborn Senior Matriculation Mathematics - Jill Baker Senior Science Prize (Biology Chemistry) - Elizabeth Westley Senior Matriculation French - Darya Farha Firestone Senior Matriculation Latin Prize - Elisabeth Preston Senior Matriculation Classics - Darya Farha Senior Matriculation History - Lisa Stilborn Senior Matriculation Economics - Marion Jones Senior Matriculation Art - Jennifer Cheney Senior Matriculation Philosophy - Darya Farha Senior Drama - Jennifer Leslie Jadwige Basinski Memorial Scholarship for Science - Marion Jones Jadwige Basinski Memorial Scholarship for Arts - Cynthia Hughes Old Girls ' House Motto Prize - Fry - Philippa Sheppard Headmistress ' Prize - Ann Raby, Jennifer Cheney House Head Awards - Fry - Jennifer Leslie Keller - Jennifer Bindman Nightingale - Darya Farha Wilson - Anne Tessier Graham Form Trophy - Grade Six - Caroline Haider All Round Contribution to School Life - Marion Jones Ewing Cup for Character - Sarah Peat Lieutenant Governor Generals Medal for Highest Proficiency in Grade Twelve - Elizabeth Westley The Philpot Token - Anne Tessier Summa Summarum - Lisa Stilborn Governor General ' s Medal for Highest Proficiency in Grade Thirteen - Jill Baker 130 ads patrons and acknowledgments HOWARTHS (ottawa) SPECIALIZING IN SCHOOL OUTFITS FOR PRIVATE AND PUBLIC SCHOOLS Howarth Inc. is a Canadian tradition. They have dressed generations of families beginning with school uniforms for private and public schools, both English and French, through to custom made suits and shirts. The sort of oufit that always looks right. Under one roof you can outfit the whole family. (POLO— RALPH LAUREN FOR CHILDREN— SIZES 8 TO 20) HOWARTHS (ottawa) Head Office: Branch: Branch: 1444 St. Catherine St. W. 89 O ' Connor Street Tor-Dominion Centre Montreal, Quebec Ottawa, Ontario Toronto, Ontario Tel: 861-9242-3-4 Tel: 232-0724 Tel: 363-0362 MOST MAJOR CREDIT CARDS HONOURED VIOLIN AND BOW MAKER ANTIQUE AND MODERN STRINGED INSTRUMENTS BOWS Sales Repairs Restorations Student instruments and accessories 1 (violins workshop adjusted) 200 MacLaren Street Telephone 232 5510 business hours Mon.-Fri. 9-5 Saturday 9-1 = 2 ■— o «.-° f, CO £ 3 JD c O o orlo brewer president insurance surety . o o it CM M CM 0 — w " cm g-3 1 ° oS o e in o n a " I ELMWOOD DANCE COMMITTEE MURRAY MURRAY; GRIFFITHS RANKIN Architects Planning Consultants Patrick J. Murray 541 Sussex Drive Ottawa, Ontario Canada (613)237-5215 JOLICOEURLTD. 19 - 21 BEECHWOOD AVE. OTTAWA, ONTARIO 749-5959 133 Elmwood Mothers ' Gu i Id ACTIVITIES The Super Sale - when we all contribute our " junk " and sell it to others to make a large sum of money which is used for the benefit of the School and the Students. It is held each year in late April. The Clothing Shop - in which used but still usable uniform garments are sold on consignment from parents and students, and in which new items are sold as a service. All profits from the Clothing Shop are used for the School. Shop hours are from 3-00 to 5-00 p.m. on Tuesdays throughout termtime, and at other times as announced. Social Events In the Fall, the Guild sponsors a welcoming party for the mothers of new students. We help with catering, etc., at many events during the year. PURPOSE The main purpose of the Mothers ' Guild is to raise funds for the general benefit of the School and all the Students. In the past year, gifts to the School have included computer equipment, tape decks, sports apparatus and books and magazines for both the Senior and Junior Libraries. We are looking forward to helping to complete the furnishing and equipping of the new parts of the school building. Major Fund Raising, as for the Building Fund, is not part of the mandate of the Mothers ' Guild. Our sincere thanks are extended to the following who donated prizes for the Raffle, held in connection with the Super Sale in 1983. Pilgrim Airlines Mr. R. Alyea - Alyea ' s Jewellers Mrs. Ans Smith Mr. and Mrs. G. Boselli - Mamma Teresa ' s Restaurant Mrs. Joy Grainger - Joygraphics Mr. B. Hillary - Hillary ' s Cleaners ELMWOOD STUDENT ' S COUNCIL 1 982-1 983 Wishes the Best of Luck to the Graduating Class BEST OF LUCK TO NEXT YEAR ' S COMMITTEE SAMARA 1 982-1 983 135 patrons MR. MRS. L.C. ASSALY DR. MRS. JOSEPH BASINSKI JENNIFER BINDMAN MR. MRS. W.B. BINDMAN BERNARD JO BRODIE I. CAMPEAU MR. MRS. CAMPBELL SHIRLEY CARTER CAPTAIN MRS. JOHN G. DANIELS PAUL S. DEACON MR. MRS. G. DICK DR. MRS. K.H. DOETSCH BRYAN CAROL FINLAY MR. MRS. T. D ' AR CY FINN MR. MRS. FRED GRODDE J.R. GUNDY MR. MRS. HARRIS MR. MRS. M.C. JOHNSTON MR. MRS. JONES MR. MRS. P.D. LAFFERTY DR. MRS. KEITH J. LAIDLER DR. J.E. LAWS DR. MRS. CHRISTOPHER MAULE MR. MRS. W.L. MAZUR MR. MRS. OSTIGUY MR. MRS. ROBERT C. RICKERD MR. MRS. S. ROGERS ELIZABETH SELLERS MR. MRS. SHEPPARD JAN MILENA SIGMUND MR. MRS. T. VARAKLIS G. VIOLANTE NEIL MARGARET WATERHOUSE MR. MRS. WESTLEY WILLIAM R. MARGARET WHITE PETER JOYCE WIGGINS H. YUSHITA THE EDITORS 136 acknowledgments This page is dedicated to the people who helped us get this yearbook together. It is the least we can offer to those who put in time and energy, and who cared enough to help. First we must thank Mark Whitwill and Mr. Yates who took pictures for us on very short notice, and at very awkward times. Thank-you also Mr. Yates for your help with the oranges. Also many thanks to the Westley family, the White family, Mrs. Jones, and Steve and Dennis Mercer for their help in the orange ordeal. Thanks must go to our student adviser, Lisa Stillborn, who gave us advice and consoled us to the very end. Also to the office staff and especially Mrs. Sigmund who answered endless questions without once getting tired of us. Thanks goes to Yurie Yushita for drawing some of our divisional pages, to Leilani Farha, Sarah Peat, Sue Wiggins, and Lisa Kelly for helping us type endless copy sheets. Thanks must go to Darya Farha and Joanna Pocock for their creative suggestions and hard work. A special thanks goes to a non-Elmwoodian, Gord Smith, who devoted many hours helping us, and who drove at 160 km hr. one afternoon in the winter to get us to the post office to make our most important deadline before it closed. We received alot of support from students and friends. Your support was needed and much appreciated, and we now take the time to say thank-you. The Samara Committee DIRECTORY NAME GRADE PHONE Adams, Fiona 7 745-4887 Addison, Catherine 5 837-4894 Ahmed Hamid, Ghada 9 749-7893 AlDairi, Nisreen 9 741-3938 Alyea, Heather 5 832-1305 Ambridge, Samantha 5 728-6243 Anthony, Anne-Marie 10 592-1895 Assaly, Maureen 12 733-9640 Baker, Jillian 13 746-0811 Bannister, Phillippa 9 746-1053 Barber, Sheila 7 828-3971 Bartlett, Stephanie 9 592-5887 Basinski, Jane 9 828-9361 Basinski, Teresa 12 828-9361 Belton, Shawn 7 746-6620 Bentinck, Johan 2 746-4149 Bentinck, Oswald 3 746-4149 Bijoor, Ashwina 8 746-8286 Bindman, Jennifer 13 521-0238 Binstock, Jordana 7 741-6643 Binstock, Marissa 3 741-6643 Blais, Jennifer 7 729-8688 Boselli, Kim 8 833-0324 Bouchard, Roberta 9 745-9911 Braithwaite, Elise 12 741-5542 Brewer, Susan 11 731-9868 Brodie, Eleanor 7 234-2653 Brown, Chantelle 10 235-2483 Brown, Raquel 8 692-3839 Brown, Tammy 4 729-6855 Bruce, Ellen 8 232-7265 Burgess, Diane 7 741-1060 Byrne, Michele 8 234-0627 Cameron, Tassie 9 746-4711 Campbell, Christina 11 746-3399 Campbell, Elisa 10 746-3399 Campeau, Giselle 11 832-2916 Casas, Isabel 11 746-4591 Catterill, Alexandra 10 230-1745 Chaly, Betsy 6 824-8590 Cheney, Jennifer 13 746-7306 Chescoe, Caroline 8 523-7197 Childe, Fiona 11 820-9469 Clark, David 4 745-3930 Clendenning, Carolyn 12 737-5665 Clyde, Rosemary 13 749-2387 Cohen, Jennifer 8 749-9167 Cohen, Jillian 10 ' ' 49-9167 Cole, Nicola 7 Unlisted Connolly, Jennifer 12 839-2921 Contreras, Evelyn 11 741-6641 Crate, Leslie 3 235-8100 Cronk, Melanie 6 825-1253 Cronk, Vanessa 4 825-1253 Cundill, Elizabeth 6 744-3353 ADDRESS 185 Stanley Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario KIM 1P2 66 Centrepark Drive, Gloucester, Ontario Kl B 3C1 Embassy of Iraq, 215 McLeod Street, Ottawa, Ontario K2P 0Z8 Embassy of Iraq, 215 McLeod Street, Ottawa, Ontario K2P 0Z8 R.R. 1, Dunrobin, Ontario K0A 1T0 81 MacFarlane Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario K1Y 1M6 50 Rutherford Way, Kanata, Ontario K2K 1N4 290 Faircrest Road, Ottawa, Ontario K1H 5E3 605 Duff Crescent, Gloucester, Ontario Kl J 7C6 33 Rockliffe Way, Ottawa, Ontario KIM 1B3 14 Parkfield Crescent, Nepean, Ontario K2G 0R8 56 Nanook Court, Kanata, Ontario K2L 2B1 25 Whitburn Crescent, Nepean, Ontario K2H 5K5 25 Whitburn Crescent, Nepean, Ontario K2H 5K5 2002 Glenfern Avenue, Gloucester, Ontario Kl J 6G8 150 Lakeway Drive, Ottawa, Ontario K1L 5B3 150 Lakeway Drive, Ottawa, Ontario K1L 5B3 15 Swans Way, Ottawa, Ontario Kl J 8W7 223 Crocus Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario K1H 6E7 5 Swans Way North, Gloucester, Ontario Kl J 6J1 5 Swans Way North, Gloucester, Ontario Kl J 6J1 496 Westminster Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario K2A 2V1 29 Burndale Road, Ottawa, Ontario K1B 3Y4 27 Rockliffe Way, Ottawa, Ontario KIM 1B3 723 Ludgate Court, Ottawa, Ontario Kl J 8K8 335 Frost Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario K1H 5J1 22 - 290 Cathcart Lane, Ottawa, Ontario KIN 5C4 404 474 Wilbrod Street, Ottawa, Ontario K1N6M9 Rideau Road, R.R. 1 , Manotick, Ontario K0A 2N0 72 Spadina Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario Kl Y 2C1 178 Fourth Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario K1S 2L6 1955 Cardinal Court, Gloucester, Ontario Kl J 8J7 420 Gloucester St. 1 1 1 IN, Ottawa, Ontario Kl R 7T7 124 Keefer Street, Ottawa, Ontario KIM 1T5 39 Amberley Place, Ottawa, Ontario Kl J 7J9 39 Amberley Place, Ottawa, Ontario Kl J 7J9 Stone Ayr, R.R. 1, Dunrobin, Ontario K0A 1T0 622 Glenhurst Crescent, Gloucester, Ontario Kl J 7B7 290 Cathcart Lane, 24, Ottawa, Ontario KIN 5C4 6329 Friar Gate, Orleans, Ontario K1C 1B3 588 Duff Crescent, Gloucester, Ontario Kl J 7C5 2175 Audrey Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario Kl G 1 LI 59 Meadowbank Drive, Nepean, Ontario K2G 0P1 66 Stanley Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario KIM 1P6 1934 Camborne Crescent, Ottawa, Ontario Kl H 7B7 2138 Dutton Crescent, Ottawa, Ontario Kl J 6K4 25 Davidson Drive, Ottawa, Ontario Kl J 6L7 25 Davidson Drive, Ottawa, Ontario Kl J 6L7 39 Pineland Drive, Nepean, Ontario K2G 0E6 74 Pineridge Road, Carp, Ontario K0A 1 L0 2038 Woodglen Crescent, Gloucester, Ontario Kl J 6G4 231 Echo Drive, Ottawa, Ontario K1S 1N2 14 Bajan Street, Nepean, Ontario K2J 2E6 14 Bajan Street , Nepean, Ontario K2J 2E6 87 MacKay Street, Ottawa, Ontario KIM 2E4 138 Cundill, Joshua 3 744-3353 Daniels, JoAnn 9 521-3775 Deacon, Jennifer 9 746-7316 Delvoie, Sandra 7 741-2712 deMercado, Anne 9 232-1252 Desprey, Donna 10 729-8530 Devine, Gemma 1 1 741-7680 Dick, Kathryn 12 658-2130 Dictakis, Joanne 10 Unlisted di Menza, Ida 10 744-2174 Doetsch, Fiona 8 224-1470 Doff-Sotta, Felicitas 4 226-5137 Donoghue, Siobhan 7 741-4890 Drouin, Diane 10 986-5067 Dryden-Cripton, Stephanie 4 749-0246 Dunn, Amanda 4 837-1394 Duenwald, Britta 8 746-5808 Ediger, Julia 3 741-1223 Esrock, Nina 5 234-301 1 Evans, Susan 7 ZZ4-83Z8 Eyre, Janieta 13 746-0782 Farha, Darya 13 820-7809 Farha, Juliana 12 820-7809 Farha, Leilani 10 820-7809 Fernandini, Claudia 8 722-6042 Ferri, Devi 7 728-5545 Findlay, Charles 2 746-2477 Findlay, Molly 5 746-2477 Finn, Martha 7 731-8960 Folk, Kellianne 10 Unlisted Folk, Marina 13 Unlisted Fournier, Anne-Marie 8 824-5401 Fournier, Julia 9 824-5401 Friend, Michele 1 1 232-5698 Fraikin, Dominique 10 232-1426 Gall, Betsy 8 745-1917 Gall, Martha 13 745-1917 Gatti, Samantha 8 235-3607 Getzinger, Karen 9 235-2693 Ghosh, Monica 7 745-3270 Ghosh, Saree o 6 829- U1j Gibson, Deborah 12 523-0208 Gigantes, Eleni 9 H A £. A 1 O 1 746-9184 Oiiuert, t ' aula Iz 7 A C C A A 40-944Z Gilbertson, Helen 7 741-1548 Gilbertson, Mary 4 741-1548 Goodman, Margaret 7 233-1797 Gorman, Nora 8 225-8722 Grainger, Nicola 10 741-1079 Gray, Rachel 13 234-4954 Grodde, Hester c J 44-1841 Grodde, Margaret O 1 A A 1 O A 1 44-1841 Grossman Hensel, Victoria o o 1- j J Gundy, Stephen 2 741-6146 Hahn, Mathilde 8 749-4678 Haider, Caroline 6 731-9469 Hall, Elizabeth 4 234-6972 Hall, Kimberely 9 692-3206 Halladjian, Sandra 9 225-3392 Hamlyn, Melinda 7 258-2113 Harewood, Patricia 3 224-0527 87 MacKay Street, Ottawa, Ontario KIM 2E4 1317 Fontenay Crescent, Ottawa Kl V 7K5 112 Acacia Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario KIM 0P9 59Kilbarry Crescent, Ottawa, Ontario K1K 0H2 165 LaurierEast, 1, Ottawa, Ontario KIN 6N8 432 Mansfield Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario K2A 2S7 238 Greenway Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario Kl L 7V4 Postal Station " D " , Box 2889, Ottawa, Ontario KIP 5W9 460 Lewis Street, Ottawa, Ontario K2P 0T3 331 Elmwood Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario KIM 0C5 1610 Apeldoorn Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario K2C 1 V5 75 Amberwood Crescent, Nepean, Ontario K2E 7C2 351 Springfield Road, Ottawa, Ontario KIM 0K6 579 David Street, Buckingham, Quebec J8L 2A8 25 Rockliffe Way, Ottawa, Ontario KIM 1B3 7 Parklane Court, Gloucester, Ontario Kl B 3H3 1 Waverley Street, Ottawa, Ontario K2P 0T8 20 Crichton Street, Ottawa, Ontario KIM 1 V4 209 Fourth Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario K1S 2L7 44 Chippewa Avenue, Nepean, Ontario K2G 1X9 468 Manor Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario KIM 0H9 2419 Rosewood Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario K2B 7L3 2419 Rosewood Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario K2B 7L3 2419 Rosewood Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario K2B 7L3 539 Island Park Drive, Ottawa, Ontario Kl Y 0B6 605 Parkdale Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario K1Y 1J1 429 Lansdowne Road N, Ottawa, Ontario KIM 0X8 429 Lansdowne Road N, Ottawa, Ontario KIM 0X8 1284 Parkhill Circle, Ottawa, Ontario K1H 6K3 R.R. 1, Farmers Way, Carlsbad Spring, Ontario K0A 1K0 R.R. 1 , Farmers Way, Carlsbad Spring, Ontario K0A 1 K0 15 Northpark Drive, Ottawa, Ontario K1B 3R7 15 Northpark Drive, Ottawa, Ontario K1B 3R7 103 Gilmour Street, Ottawa, Ontario K2P 0N5 35 Woodlawn Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario K1S 2S8 171 Stanley Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario KIM 1P2 171 Stanley Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario KIM 1P2 71 Glen Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario K1S 2Z8 10 Mt. Pleasant Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario K1S 0L8 53 Rebecca Crescent, Gloucester, Ontario Kl J 6C2 995F Morrison Drive, Ottawa, Ontario K2H 7L1 2337 Wyndale Crescent, Ottawa, Ontario K1H 7A5 1888 Elmridge Drive, Gloucester, Ontario Kl J 6R7 200 Rideau Terrace 201 , Ottawa KIM 0Z3 2014 Gatineau View Crescent, Gloucester, Ontario Kl J 7X1 2014 Gatineau View Crescent, Gloucester, Ontario Kl J 7X1 92 Range Road, Ottawa, Ontario KIN 8J5 1204 Lampman Crescent, Ottawa, Ontario K2C 1P8 1962 Marquis Avenue, Gloucester, Ontario Kl J 8J4 132 McLeod Street, Ottawa, Ontario K2P 0Z7 18 Maple Lane, Ottawa, Ontario KIM 1G7 18 Maple Lane, Ottawa, Ontario KIM 1G7 50 Belvedere Crescent, Ottawa, Ontario KIM 2G4 12 Elmdale Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario KIM 1A4 28 Rideau Terrace, Ottawa, Ontario KIM 2A1 418 Smythe Road, Ottawa, Ontario K1H 5A4 55 Grosvenor Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario Kl S 4S1 83 Marina Drive, Box 147, R.R. 3, Manotick, Ont. K0A 2N0 12 Moorside, Nepean, Ontario K2C 3PH R.R. 4, Kempville, Ontario K0G 1 JO 75 Birchview Road, Nepean, Ontario K2G 3G3 Harris, Chase Q CO 1 1 zzo-jy4l Hayes, Cynthia 1 J cio 7AA 1 J JO-ZOO 1 Hearn, Michelle o 0 7AA 77 1 A f 10- Z 1 1 HpnHprcAn T 1 1 1 1 p f. u Hpu itt fiillian 8 749-4538 Willarv I r»ri 1 1 1 II tl J , I . V ' 1 1 5 731-5421 Hillarv I isa 7 731-5421 nuugsun, v ai Ji 9 o T-Tnffpnhpro AnHrpa 5 iiUllllall, . Ji idl Jl 1 4 741 - ' Ifi? ' ? Howard, Lisa 1 " 1 z Hughes, Cynthia i 1 Z 74ft HAH A Ho-UOUO I-Jnllpv l atia 1 1 l j 237-2475 HiiIIpv Nancv 1 J 237-2475 Hyman, Sonyet 10 824-8152 Ioeng, Christiana 13 236-4218 IV 71. 1 u Istephan, Waffa 9 563-0363 JaQues, Nicole 7 233-7666 Tarn not Tina J avuuui, i met 7 232-7665 £f J - J J J JacQuot, Nadia 10 232-7665 lamps Rarnahv 4 749-7359 James, Eliza o 0 " 7 AC HI CO Jayanama, Nareudee 1 1 Jodoin, Christine i c 10 zjo-oozy Johnston, Jenny i n 77 . 7A7A ZZj- OZO Tnnpc I iipv j who, LiULj 9 521-4778 JUlltO, XVlal lull 12 Iranian R amipl IVClJJlu.il , l d LJ Utl 10 741-5472 Kearsley, Kirsten 11 523-7071 ICpIIv 4plissa 8 728-0123 Kemball, Paige g 749-0325 Korecky, Judy 9 731-0925 W fin tsnva sili s Tina 8 224-6674 LallCliy, rvallC 7 IAS 16RR 1 Doo L-dldlll, ILalJd in jZj-jjOj LaPlante, Lynn 7 Zj j-4oVj Lategan, LinMarie 5 4o-14Zz Larouche, Julie Q Zj-yzy4 Laws, Carolyn 1 1 Zj- 1 zu LeBlanc, Genevieve 17A1 Ledoux, Antoine z O ' JO 1 11C ZjZ-lDJJ Leggett, Susan 1Z I p iQ(yiiPr I Qito O 741 78 S . T pclip Ipnnv 13 T InlictpH 1111 a LCU LLW11I, v dlllal Hid 74S-S4S4 T J 0 T J T I lH(Hlp Ciiron o y lAf. AC f.( Likins, Jaccjueline 0 o 741 son? Llllb;, IV 11 11 a +D- 1 7JJ I nrimpr (Gillian l UI llllvl , V) 11 Hull 8 827-3340 Lougheed, Catherine 9 839-5658 Lougheed, Jane 8 839-5658 5 MacFarlane, Allison 6 731-2822 MacLeod, Adrienne 11 731-5424 MacLeod, Fiona 13 224-2519 Maini, Indra 9 741-4740 Mandy, Annabelle 10 746-3186 Marshall, Judy 7 224-2823 Martin, Alexandra 10 771-5279 Maule, Nicola 10 741-2923 Mazur, Chantel 11 746-5623 50 Amberwood Crescent, Nepean, Ontario K2E 7C2 795 17th Street, Grand Mere, Quebec G9T 3T1 1 10 Stanley Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario K1V 1N9 333 Manor Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario KIM 0H6 387 Blair Road, Gloucester, Ontario Kl J 7M2 30 The Masters Drive, Ottawa, Ontario Kl V 9Y4 30 The Masters Drive, Ottawa, Ontario Kl V 9Y4 1303 Birchmont Drive, Ottawa, Ontario K1B 5H3 13 Glendenning Drive, Nepean, Ontario K2H 7Z1 90 Buena Vista Road, Ottawa, Ontario Kl M 0V3 41 MacDonald Street, Ottawa, Ontario K2P 1H3 1 86 Acacia Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario KIM 0L5 40 Lakeside Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario Kl S 3H2 40 Lakeside Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario K1S 3H2 1 152 Sauterne Park, Orleans, Ontario K1C 2H3 195 Arlington Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario KIR 5S8 31 Rosebery Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario K1S 1W1 18 Renfrew Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario K1S 1Z3 119Strathcona Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario K1S 1X5 1 19 Strathcona Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario Kl S 1 X5 457 Oakhill Road, Ottawa, Ontario KIM 1 J5 457 Oakhill Road, Ottawa, Ontario KIM 1J5 489 Acacia Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario KIM 0M3 373 Laurier Avenue East, 302, Ottawa, Ontario KIN 8X6 2097 Navaho Drive, Ottawa, Ontario K2C 0V3 1314 Fontenay Crescent, Ottawa, Ontario K1V7K9 1910 Haig Drive, Ottawa, Ontario K1G 2K1 344 Manor Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario KIM 0H8 49 Sample Road, Ottawa, Ontario Kl V 9T9 210 Sherwood Drive, Ottawa, Ontario Kl Y 3V8 3 MacKinnon Road, Ottawa, Ontario KIM 0G4 439 Crestview Road, Ottawa, Ontario K1H 5G7 1640 Ortona Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario K2C 1 W5 72 Buena Vista Road, Ottawa, Ontario KIM OV3 2826A Sandalwood Drive, Ottawa, Ontario Kl V 7P5 221 Springfield Road, Ottawa, Ontario KIM 0K8 550 Fairview Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario KIM 0X5 1 126 Byron Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario K2B 6T3 332 Fairmont Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario Kl Y 1 Y8 34 Union Street, Ottawa, Ontario Kl M 1 R4 53 Renfrew Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario K1S 1Z4 25 Crofton Road, Nepean, Ontario K2G 0N1 185 Crichton Street, Ottawa, Ontario KIM 1W1 20 Lakeview Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario KIM 0T1 40 Westward Way Ottawa, Ontario K1L 5A7 1083 Elmlea Drive, Gloucester, Ontario Kl J 6W3 6 - 66 Rideau Terrace, Ottawa, Ontario KIM 2A1 334 Acacia Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario KIM 0L9 Old Chelsea, Quebec J0X 2N0 R.R. 1, Kanata, Ontario K2K 1X7 R.R. 1 , Kanata, Ontario K2K 1X7 206 Belmont Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario K1S 0W1 2467 Wyndale Crescent, Ottawa, Ontario Kl H 8J3 2054 Baffin Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario Kl H 5X3 3 Beaver Ridge, Ottawa, Ontario K2E 6C6 636 Glenhurst Crescent, Ottawa, Ontario Kl J 7B7 665 Bathgate Dr., 508, Ottawa, Ontario K1K 3Y4 4 Elmbank Crescent, Nepean, Ontario K2G 3P6 Box 861 , Station B, Ottawa, Ontario 14 Bedford Crescent, Ottawa, Ontario K1K 0E4 616 LaVerendrye Drive, Gloucester, Ontario Kl J 7C4 Melick, Anne 11 523-2545 Merklinger, Catherine 13 744-0836 McClenahan, Elizabeth 11 733-2447 MeConomy, Erin 6 748-3111 McCormack, Heather 12 828-8777 McKenzie, Lynne 9 745-3839 McKnight, Stephanie 4 729-3739 Miller, Anja 8 746-0581 Mitchell, Wendy 9 733-0618 Molson, Caro 8 731-0141 Molson, Sarah 10 731-0141 Montgomery, Sarah 11 748-3588 Morrison, Tara 7 746-7236 Murray, Fiona 10 749-8932 Nadolny, Lynda 13 728-0459 Onyango, Christine 10 741-4791 Onyango, Janet 11 741-4791 Onyango, Sarah 12 741-4791 Osier, Susan 8 741-1015 Ostiguy, Lisa 12 521-0549 Peat, Sarah 12 745-0639 Pecher, Stefana 7 741-5090 Pettengell, Zoe 5 824-8286 Pocock, Joanna 13 733-5084 Poon Ching, Anita 13 236-4218 Preston, Elisabeth 11 Unlisted Proulx, Roxane 8 745-8631 Pullen, Jodie 10 224-4174 Purewal, Dilsheesh 7 226-5435 Purkhart, Caroline 11 741-2455 Raby, Ann 13 986-6975 Reid, Sheila 12 749-9482 Reilly, Patricia 5 741-4857 Rhodes, Cindy 10 746-9965 Richards, Michelle 6 230-3381 Rickerd, Julie-Anne 7 749-3619 Riddell, Vanessa 5 746-3768 Riff, Michelle 5 744-2042 Riff, Shena 7 744-2042 Rigal, Kyna 7 744-0074 Roberts, Lisa 6 749-2680 Roberts, Patricia 8 749-7106 Robinson, Shannon 6 521-4402 Rodero, Ana Maria 9 741-7399 Rodero, Lourdes 6 741-7399 Rodero, Pilar 8 741-7399 Rodero, Rodrigo 4 741-7399 Rogers, Heather 12 692-3802 Rogers, Paula 9 746-6955 Ruddock, Niquette 11 741-8169 Rudy, Jessica 12 731-8244 Schioler, Tegan 7 235-1222 Schmidt, Alison 9 741-1324 Schmidt, Laura 6 741-1324 Schreiber, Nyree 2 731-1083 Scott, Heather 10 226-5061 Scott, Kathleen 4 729-5395 Sender, Emily 4 234-1640 Shaikh, Hadeel 4 744-2345 Sheng, Vivian 12 523-8563 Sheppard, Phillippa 11 237-2060 397 Crestview Road, Ottawa, Ontario K1H 5G7 470 Acacia Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario Kl M 0M2 2078 Thistle Crescent, Ottawa, Ontario K1H 5P5 25 Lakeview Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario KIM 2G8 77 Stillwater Drive, Ottawa, Ontario K2H 5K3 2022 Kingsgrove Crescent, Ottawa, Ontario Kl J 7Z1 214 Beech Street, Ottawa, Ontario K1Y 3T5 100 Carleton Street, Ottawa, Ontario KIM 0G7 23 Pentry Lane, Ottawa, Ontario K1S0X1 429 Billings Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario K1H 5L5 429 Billings Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario K1H 5L5 137 Avon Lane, Ottawa KIM 1 V2 2387 Ogilvie Road, Ottawa, Ontario Kl J 7N4 285 Acacia Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario KIM 0L8 2209 Arch Street, Ottawa, Ontario K1G 2H5 19 Mark Avenue, Vanier, Ontario K1L 6A6 19 Mark Avenue, Vanier, Ontario K1L 6A6 19 Mark Avenue, Vanier, Ontario Kl L 6A6 522 Mariposa Crescent, Ottawa, Ontario KIM 0S6 1 39 Leopolds Drive, Ottawa, Ontario Kl V 7E2 7 Jeffrey Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario Kl K 0E1 27 Amberley Place, Gloucester, Ontario Kl J 7 J9 64 Bearbrook Road, Blackburn Hamlet, Ontario K1B 3E2 460 Crestview Road, Ottawa, Ontario K1H 5G9 195 Arlington Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario Kl R 5S8 2016 Hollybrook Crescent, Ottawa, Ontario Kl J 7Y6 2106 Radford Court, Beacon Hill North, Ont. Kl J 8K1 42 Parkglen Drive, Nepean, Ontario K2G 3G8 26 Yewfield Court, Nepean, Ontario K2E 7H7 2032 Gatineau View Cres., Gloucester, Ont. Kl J 7XJ P.O. Box 100, Buckingham, Quebec J8L 2X1 741 Lonsdale Road, Ottawa, Ontario K1K0J9 1947 Mulberry Crescent, Ottawa, Ontario K1J 8J8 540 Fairview Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario KIM 0X5 500 Laurier Ave. W. 1905, Ottawa, Ontario KIR 5E1 594 Duff Crescent, Gloucester, Ontario Kl J 7C5 45 Noel Street, Ottawa, Ontario KIM 2A4 40 Davidson Drive, Gloucester, Ontario Kl J 8V5 40 Davidson Drive, Gloucester, Ontario Kl J 8V5 44 Belvedere Crescent, Ottawa, Ontario KIM 2G4 1008 Adley Road, Ottawa, Ontario Kl J 8B9 74 Rothwell Drive, Gloucester, Ontario Kl J 7G6 1324 Fernwood Drive, Ottawa, Ontario Kl V 7J9 26 Belvedere Crescent, Ottawa, Ontario KIM 2G4 26 Belvedere Crescent, Ottawa, Ontario KIM 2G4 26 Belvedere Crescent, Ottawa, Ontario KIM 2G4 26 Belvedere Crescent, Ottawa, Ontario KIM 2G4 54 South River Drive, Box 218, Manotick, Ont. K0A 2N0 61 MacKay Street, Ottawa, Ontario KIM 2B3 47 Birch Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario KIN 5C4 365 Roger Road, Ottawa, Ontario K1H 5C1 16-310 Cath cart Mews, Ottawa, Ontario KIN 5C4 633 Gaines Drive, Gloucester, Ontario Kl J 7W7 633 Gaines Drive, Gloucester, Ontario Kl J 7W7 2391 Jefferson Street, Ottawa, Ontario K1H 7A2 19 Lacewood Court, Nepean, Ontario K2E 7E2 48 1 Island Park Drive, Ottawa, Ontario Kl Y 0B2 416 McLeod Street, Ottawa, Ontario K2P 1 A6 2 Davidson Crescent, Ottawa, Ontario Kl J 6L7 979 Wiseman Crescent, Ottawa, Ontario Kl V 8J3 32 Imperial Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario K1S 3E1 Sheridan, Andrea 10 822-2807 48 Reyburn Drive, Box 719, R.R. 5, Ottawa, Ontario K1G3N3 Sherwood, Anna 10 741-6707 48 Kilbarry Crescent, Ottawa, Ontario K1K OH1 Shih, Patricia 12 745-0925 89 Placel Road, Ottawa, Ontario K1L 5B9 Shimizu, Yasuko 10 824-9235 1046 Chablis Park, Gloucester, Ontario K1C 2T4 Sigmund, Milena 9 737-4433 1819 Arizona Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario Kl H 6Z4 Simpson, Karyn 8 746-5075 50 Delong Drive, Ottawa, Ontario Kl J 8H4 Smith, Vanessa 6 744-1246 383 Mariposa Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario KIM 0S7 Soar, Rachel 9 729-3458 21 1 Melrose Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario Kl Y 1 V3 Stalter, Elaine 7 224-6675 1118 Normandy Crescent, Nepean, Ontario K2E 5A4 Staseson, Heidi 6 741-6407 3 Putman Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario KIM 1Y8 Steers, Jennifer 8 745-4622 34 Rebecca Crescent, Gloucester, Ontario Kl J 6B6 Steiner, Judy 13 731-5094 2336 Tampa Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario Kl H 7K3 Stevens, Alexandra 7 746-1670 193 McKay Street, Ottawa, Ontario KIM 2B5 Stewart, Katherine 9 526-0235 2040 Thistle Crescent, Ottawa, Ontario Kl H 5P5 Stilborn, Lisa 13 236-8765 151 Bay Street 901 , Ottawa, Ontario Kl R 7T2 Stoltz, Heather 11 Unlisted 1030 Plante Drive, Ottawa, Ontario Kl V 9E6 Stuart-Bell, Catrione 3 746-3712 1 37 Howick Street, Ottawa, Ontario KIM 0G9 Taylor, Louisa 11 745-4350 33 Rothwell Drive, Gloucester, Ontario Kl J 7G5 Tessier, Anne 13 643-3094 59 Ruskin Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario Kl Y 4A8 Thompson, Danielle 13 233-1812 119 Mason Terrace, Ottawa, Ontario K1S0L2 Thorpe, Sarah 12 224-5330 37 Indian Road, Nepean, Ontario K2G 1P1 Titus, Sandra 13 824-5368 32 High Park Crescent, Gloucester, Ontario K1B 3G8 Todd, Rosemary 12 733-7208 3756 Revelstoke Drive, Ottawa, Ontario Kl V 7C4 Tomlin, Paula 7 825-4477 4 Ettrick Crescent, Nepean, Ontario K2J 1G1 Toth, Barbara 9 745-9372 275 Mariposa Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario KIM 0T4 Treich, Denise 8 Unlisted 7 Nelson Road, Aylmer, Quebec J9H 1G7 Turner, Tania 7 684-5170 107 Anna Street, Aylmer, Quebec J9H 2N9 VanAerssen, Albertine • 4 741-1455 50 Buena Vista Road, Ottawa, Ontario KIM 0V2 Varaklis, Kalli 12 828-9710 13 Myrle Avenue, Nepean, Ontario K2H 8E5 Varan, Nila 7 741-1607 26 Delong Drive, Gloucester, Ontario Kl J 8H4 Vejjajiva, Napa 9 749-5008 489 Acacia Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario KIM 0M3 Vejjajiva, Mai 5 749-5008 489 Acacia Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario KIM 0M3 Violante, Charo 11 741-2242 500 Roxborough Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario KIM 0L4 Violante, Maria 10 741-2242 500 Roxborough Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario Kl M 0L4 Waddington, Ana 12 224-4139 3 Millbrook Crescent, Nepean, Ontario K2E 5B6 Walker, Janet 10 748-3287 1 57 MacKay Street 2, Ottawa, Ontario Kl M 2B5 Waterhouse, Julie 8 825-5066 41 Cortleigh Drive, Box 1279, R.R. 2, Nepean K2C 3H1 Wedekamm, Krista 10 828-4709 19 Ridgefield Crescent, Nepean, Ontario K2H 6R8 Westley, Elizabeth 12 832-2378 R.R. 1, Barlow Crescent, Dunrobin, Ontario K0A 1T0 Westley, Susan 10 832-2378 R.R. 1, Barlow Crescent, Dunrobin, Ontario K0A 1T0 Westman, Erika .4 824-3866 16 Parklane Court, Ottawa, Ontario Kl B 3H2 White, Katherine 2 746-0826 231 Buena Vista Road, Ottawa, Ontario KIM 0V8 Whitehead, Allison 3 824-3315 1729 Stoneboat Crescent, Orleans, Ontario K1C 1W7 Whitehead, Andrew 4 824-3315 1729 Stoneboat Crescent, Orleans, Ontario K1C 1W7 Wiggins, Susan 12 548-6010 895 Ampere, Arvida, Quebec G7S 3L3 Wodrich, Tatjana 12 746-5103 20 Crescent Road, Ottawa, Ontario KIM 0N3 Wodrich, Sabrina 10 746-5103 20 Crescent Road, Ottawa, Ontario Kl M 0N3 Woloschuk, Quentin 11 829-8289 Box 1 1203, Station H, Nepean, Ontario K2H 7T9 Wong, Gladys 13 771-5803 234 Montcalm St., Hull, Quebec J8Y 6K9 Wong, So Ling 13 744-1643 4582 Carrington St., Gloucester, Ontario Kl B 4P7 Wong, Sui Man (Mimi) 12 523-8563 979 Wiseman Crescent, Ottawa, Ontario Kl V 8J3 Wright, Meredith 9 523-0035 2599 Flannery Drive, Ottawa, Ontario Kl V 8M4 Young, Susan 6 232-6751 96 Marlowe Crescent, Ottawa, Ontario KIM 0N1 Yushita, Yurie 12 741-1863 1 Crescent Road, Ottawa, Ontario Kl M 0N1 Zawidzki, Mark 4 749-3574 542 Buchanan Crescent, Gloucester, Ontario Kl J 7V4 J u f oq TO p hs . • • Js rjV ® obrorrosX . . flirts I A, I ' 143 XT A} Published by V Jostens National School Services Ltd. 1 Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. national

Suggestions in the Elmwood School - Samara Yearbook (Ottawa, Ontario Canada) collection:

Elmwood School - Samara Yearbook (Ottawa, Ontario Canada) online yearbook collection, 1980 Edition, Page 1


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