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D1 Buena yfctta IXoab, J ockcliffe parti, ttatoja, knlario J 1M p)i$toty of (Jflmiuoob Elmwood School was founded by Mrs. Hamley S. Philpot in 1915, only then it was known as Rockcliffe Preparatory School. Just as today, little boys attended the school. In 1917. an old barn was moved next to the orginal, old house, in order to form an Assembly Hall and three classrooms. In 1923, the name of the school was changed to Elmwood School for Girls. It was in 1923 that the school ' s first yearbook was published - Samara. It had only sixteen pages - a far cry from what it is today, but it was good. The school motto officially came into being - " Suc- cess is naught, endeavour ' s all. " As well, the school song was composed. In 1925, the old house was demolished, and a three storey one was built to accomodate boar- ders. There were three dorms, the names of which can still be seen - Wynken. Blynken and Nod. Classrooms also had names - Honey Bear, for example. In 1930, the barn was demolished, and an Assembly Hall was erected. Three years later, the headmistress ' residence was built. Some fifty years later, changes are still occuring at Elmwood, almost constantly - both in the building and the uniform. A few years ago, we saw the kilt emerge, and this year, new prefect sweaters came into being. In the coming year, new ties will be introduced to go with the green and white kilts. They will be solid green; presently, the ties are green with yellow stripes. As well as uniforms changes, there are changes in the building. This year was the one that had the highest enrolment ever at Elmwood - somewhere around ' 220 students. Next year, looking to the future, there are going to be quite a few more students. Grades Three and Four will be separated; thus there is a need for additional teaching space. Fifty years ago, no one would have even thought of having machines to add and subtract large numbers with; but the computer age has hit Elmwood. The school has purchased three PET computers, and, as a result of this, will soon be starting a course in computer science. This should be a very successful course, and the computers will, no doubt, prove to be very worthwhile (especially for Mathematics! !). Doubtless, Elmwood will continue to grow and change with the times. But despite all these changes, and all the modernization that the school is going through, it still has a great history. There ' s a lot of tradition in Elmwood which will, no matter how modern and computerized the rest of the world gets, never be lost. 2 Parts of this appear courtesy of Kalli Varaklis. C entente jfbrmtf @ommittw iDireciorp This year was Mrs. Gundy ' s first year as vice- headmistress; she replaced Mrs. Aldous in Sep- tember. Despite this fact, and also owing to the fact that she was often seen in the office last year, Mrs. Gundy did very well, and was also very helpful to the Samara Committee. As well as offering us her assistance, she would produce, from the depths of her office, mysterious packages and letters that were of special importance to the editors. Tha nk you, Mrs. Gundy, for all that you have done, for Samara and for the rest of the school. Well, dear Editors, you will be pleased to have accomplished your task, and soon we shall see the end result of your labours. I hope you will judge it a good experience. As you hound your reluctant, or merely dilatory contributors, you must sometimes be tempted to think it would be easier to write the whole thing yourselves. Yet actually, of course, the most valuable thing you learn is the management of other people and how to delegate responsibility I hope you have experienced at least some of the co-operation you deserve. It is a cliche to say that it has been a busy year, and it is a cliche I will be using at Closing in any case. Anyway, you will have all the real happenings chronicled on other pages, the drama productions, the games we won and lost, the successes at this and that. What we generally do not talk about is the ongoing, ordinary work and study that goes on. Each year we learn a little, even the oldest of us. Somehow you, the students, progress from learning to read to reading to learn. The books you carry to and from school get larger and heavier. " Sums " become Calculus and Algebra. One page " stories " become extended essays for the International Bac- calaureate. Mrs. Scott ' s demons become Mrs. White ' s young ladies. The staff learn just how much enthusiasm to expect from a class at three o ' clock on a Friday afternoon, and just how much of Grade Ten ' s History course is remembered in Grade Twelve. Everyone should treasure the Samaras of their school years. Hang on to this one. That was YOU, four or forty years back. Mrs. Whitwill 4 Left to Right: Allison Lee. Sue Warren, Chris Assad, Liz Seward, Lise Paradis, Amanda Lovatt. Sabine Jurgens. Absent: Andrea Korda. HTl)ank pott. ... for all the wonderful things you have done for Elmwood this past year - not only the prefects, but the entire Grade Thirteen class. Who will ever forget you trying to keep things quiet before prayers, the fantastic Spirit Week that you organized, the Spice Sale . . . The Class of ' 81 has left behind a lot of memories that won ' t soon be forgotten, and the upcoming years will have a hard act to follow! ! Best of luck, Grade Thirteen, in your future endeavors. Thanks a lot, for all that you ' ve done for the school. 6 Mrs. O ' Brien Mrs. Outerbridge Mrs Peat Mme. Sabourin II If.; Mrs. Schmidt Mrs. Scott Mme. Seguin Mrs.Tilson Mrs. Turkington Mme. White Mr. Yates Absent: Mrs. Davies, Mrs. Grimes, Mrs. Hoy, Mrs. MacDonald. 7 8 9 to mintetratration The entire school owes its thanks to those hard working people in the front offices - Mrs. McFadyen. Mrs. Sigmund. and Nicola Templeton - for keeping the school running so smoothly. Without them, who would we ask to get band-aids, chalk, money (for school purposes, that is), and permission to use the telephones 7 Thank you very much, all of you. Standing: Mrs. McFadyen. Seated: Mrs. Sigmund. Absent: jfatt anb Marie Jan and Mane have been around the school for a long time, and it ' s a good thing! ! Marie is our resident cook, and makes the soup for Junior and Senior lunches. As well, she occasionally has to put up with groups of students who invade her kitchen. Jan always seems to be around at the right time, to fix whatever needs to be fixed - from the most complex items, to the simple requests of students. Thanks, Jan and Marie! 1 1 Clockwise from Top: Carolann Swift (Advertising), Elizabeth Ashworth (Head of Advertising). Kathy Suh (Co-Editor), Shannon Jaeger (Co-Editor). After many long hours of thought, hard work and disagreements, pizzas, cream cheese and lettuce sandwiches, and an unimaginable number of cookies, we have finally reached our goal of completing our yearbook (more or less on time!). We did this with much help, and we would like to take this opportunity to thank those people who dedicated their time and effort to help make this edition of Samara a success: first, to the staff - Mrs. Whitwil), Mrs. Gundy, and the rest of the teachers - for their co- operation, encouragement, and offers of assistance; to Elizabeth Ashworth and Carolann Swift, who looked after our financial status, raising money and getting advertisements; to Mark Whitwill (whose picture we included on page 58, since he is so much a part of the school), for his photographic skills; to Lisa Stilborn, Rosemary Clyde, and Christina Camp- bell, for taking pictures, and giving up part of their summer holidays in order to help out with the yearbook; to Grade Twelve, simply for putting up with us throughout the year; and to the rest of the school, for its support and contributions. Without any of them, this Samara wouldn ' t be what it is (although we aren ' t exactly sure just WHAT it is!). We hope you enjoy this year ' s yearbook; although many major changes may not be visible, we HAVE thought of some new ideas - our theme (and the cover), which was rather original, an enlarged art and literature section, and our " Faces " page, to name a few. It ' s taken a lot of effort to produce this; we ' re proud of our accomplishment, and we hope you feel the same way. It ' s your yearbook, and the memories that are in it will last forever. Good luck to next year ' s editors, Lisa Stilborn and Rosemary Clyde. We ' ve already given them some advice - the exact same words that we heard - START EARLY! ! Remember, Elmwood, it ' s your Samara, so support your Samara Committee! t Shannon CHRISTINE ASSAD Seven years ago, Christine c ame to Elmwood from her school in Gatineau, feeling shy and a little awkward - but that was all soon to change. As soon as she picked up a few more crucial English " mots, " her true, lovable, outgoing nature burst forth. Although a famed Ottawa celebrity known for her hostessing abilities ( " The Brockeridge " ). Christine did not put her talents to rest there. Always an active member of the school, she did a great job this year as Head of Nightingale, and " her tree " stands on our grounds in recognition of her contributions. We will all remain indebted to Christine for her recipes for Chocolate Chow Mein Clumps and Pita and Roast Beef Sandwiches! Keep up those great spirits and have fun always - we know you will! HEIDI BLAIR Heidi joined us in Grade Ten from Lisgar. Ever since she came to Elmwood, Heidi has contributed much to the music programme at Ashbury, with her silver flute. She also has her athletic side; she surprised us with her short-lived interest in track and field a few years ago. In her last year at Elmwood, Heidi developed an interest for the fostered children, as a result of being the head of Sui-Sang. Throughout her years with us, Heidi has maintained her unique sense of humor. Bonne chance! " Time to stop this dreaming, Must rejoin the real world As revealed by orange lights And a smoky atmosphere. " Genesis 14 CLARE BUTLER Ever since Clare arrived at Elmwood for Grade Nine, on her trusty blue Peugeot, life has never been the same. Clare spends a lot of time reading in the most unsuspected places, thus appearing to be an innocent( 7 ) member of Grade Thirteen. But few people actually know Clare ' s other side. She ' s been known to push people off T-bars (OSCAR sandwiches?!), coach people on how to do " spread eagles " (right. Clare 7 ), and run red lights in her red Volvo wagon. What unfortunate people will ever forget those mad dashes to and from soccer games and cross-country runs? Her unmistakable laugh and great sense of humor have helped to keep us going this year. Clare plans to attend Queen ' s University next year; wherever she goes, whatever she does, we all wish her the best of luck! SORAYA FARHA Don ' t be blown away by Soraya ' s charm, wit, beauty and intelligence; underneath it all, she ' s just an ordinary charming, witty, beautiful, intelligent person. Con- sequently, she has achieved amazing grades and has become an important part of the soccer team. If she is not found in the Common Room doing an English " E " essay, Soraya is having her breakfast at Bagel Bagel, or lunch at the Bohemian There ' s something about Mad Fried chicken that makes her wild!! Soraya is known for her beige Volvo and her multi-colored top-siders. She will excel in all colors. We ' re happy you came back, Soraya! 15 HEIDI HOBDAY " Two roads diverged in a wood, and I - I took the one less travelled by. And that has made all the difference. " - Robert Frost Heidi ' s (alias Hobdarino) love of languages is surpassed only by her desire to talk. Endlessly. Catty remarks, brilliant repartee, winning German contests and em- barrassing questions are just a few components of her vast repertoire, along with tinkling those old black and whites and singing soprano. Heidi ' s dancing (which she does with vehemence when she ' s not studying) can only be described as . . . AVANT GARDE? Yes, let ' s leave it at that. She spends a lot of time at Ashbury (but not v ' sitmg her little brother), and she rushes headfirst into things such as Miss Teen Greater Ottawa Contests, where one ' s head is the LAST thing the judges want to see. She has been " seen " this year with a sinister Marlboro- man, a boy who never fitz, and a Clockwork Orange pal. Heidi is known for her luscious glory and her ability to razz-rezz anything she comes in contact with. She will excel if she goes into translating, although we ' re not sure if there ' s a great demand for people who speak nadsat. Darlmk . . . i luff . . you ... A. JOANNA FRAYNE Joanna joined the ranks of our " West End " bus riders in Grade Eleven. This includes Mic ' s for breakfast. " Late AGAIN, Jo! " , and doughnuts and smokes before 4:30. Among her interesting characteristics. Joanna ' s most famous is probably the unique way in which she eats. The lunch room has been kept very entertained. We can never forget her developing techniques or perhaps not the techniques, but WHAT (or who) she develops. We ' ll never tell, Jo! Her trips down the hill for the necessities of life are also dubious. The Class of ' 81 will remember her for such things as Burger King for breakfast, lunch and dinner. " I have a doctor ' s appointment, " going to " Eco " today, and opening umbrellas in the common room. Behind the easygoing exterior is one of the most honest and un- predictable people Elmwood has ever encountered. Joanna ' s actions are sometimes a little out of the ordinary, but her sense of humour keeps us all laughing, even at the hardest times. Next year, Joanna is going to Algonquin for Social Work. Good luck, Jo, and it was a pleasure knowing someone as sincere as you. SUSAN ISAAC Susan came to Elmwood in 1976. and ever since then, she has had an everlasting affair with, what else . . . Harlequin Romances. Her interests did not stop there, however, for if she did not have her nose buried in the latest Harlequin, she could be found writing poetry or short stories, or off on a trip to South America. This is most probably what sparked her interest in the Spanish language and " Julio, " although we think Mme. Sabourin also had something to do with it! Susan ' s love for English and the Art courses in general made her decide, after Grade Eleven, never to open one of those " hateful " Math or Science books again. Susan plans to take journalism at Carleton; following that, she has hopes of reporting to us on the doings of the South Americans ... in both English and Spanish?!! We wish you all the best, and keep up the Schtroumph collection 1 SABINE JURGENS Perhaps at one time, when she came to us in Grade Eleven, Sabine ' s quiet, ladylike mannerisms, enhanced by her long hair and glasses, may have been partially genuine. Her image was destined to change. Nowadays, her hair is basically " short and sassy. " No more glasses, no more ladylike facade. She ' s definitely made a sporty conversion. It seems Sabine is always engaged in some sort of physical activity, although we don ' t always know what. At times, she ' s hard to catch, but we ' ve discovered the magic words: " Wanna cup of coffee, Sabine? " That ' ll get her every time. Sabine is one of those people who is good in all aspects of school life, and her friendliness can be confirmed by anyone. She ' s one of those people we will remember for years to come, but for what other reason than her Dutch name? After all, it ' s not every day that you meet someone named " Sabine. " Honestly, though, we ' ll miss you. Take care of yourself, kiddo. Be sure to look for happiness, whether it be at Ottawa U or anywhere else. 17 ALISON LEE Al came to Elmwood in Grade Seven, and her record speaks for itself; she is Head Girl this year. For several years, Alison ' s singing voice has put the rest of the school to shame; this year it has kept quiet. Among Ali ' s other accomplishments (other than those that go with her position) are acting, modelling, pianoing, organ playing at Ashbury, soccering, and Jim. Although you might expect her to be hard working, Alison is actually very amusing. She is the one person everyone can talk to. Alison has also made life easier for us all, in English in particular, with her imaginative but religious analysis. Mind you, it would be even better, Al, if you would speak at less than two hun- dred words a minute; that way our notes would be less discombobulated. But to know Al is to know a well rounded human being. Best of all, her lack of bad temper has made her a great joke taker, someone we can all have fun with. (Sorry, Jim, don ' t get jealous!). Best of luck, Alison, wherever you go. ANDREA KORDA Andrea came to Elmwood halfway through Grade Six, and still managed to get her Merit; since then, she has dazzled all newcomers with her rows upon rows of Merit pins. She is one of the few girls with so many extracurricular ac- tivities that we can ' t keep track of them . . . basketball, first aid, swimming, horseback riding, the hairdressers ' . . . And not to mention that she was on the advertising section of Samara and was Head of Keller this year. Although quite quiet at times, her laughter br eaks through and we know she is there. Andrea has always been a Science interestee. and wants to go on and study Medicine at Queen ' s. Leave all those patients alone, Andrea, and good luck! . . . Who was on the bus this morning? 18 AMANDA LOVATT SDidey-legs Lovatt has enthralled everyone with her continuous eating since Grade Nine, rising to pre-eminence in Grade Thirteen as Senior Prefect. Another one of those Sciency people. Amanda tries to dazzle us with her knowledge of music as well; these Senior Prefects - what else can you expect? On the whole, Amanda is a stable character, saving her rowdy outbursts for the weekends Not just another dumb blonde who only likes to party. Amanda enjoys working hard(?!) on her studies, teaching piano " chez her " after school, taking candid shots of others, and tipping her sailboat in Britannia. Mandy enjoys rural life as well. She worked on a farm during the past summer, and captured everyone ' s attention with heavenly smells when she returned. Amanda hopes to go to Waterloo next year, to study Math. (We tried to enlighten her, but she wouldn ' t listen). As Waterloo is on the co-op system, Ottawans will be seeing her at odd times of the year, when she comes home for a work break. Good luck, Amanda, you poor, misguided Math freak! ROSALINE NGAN " When you find yourself in hot water, take a bath. " This Math whiz came to us in Grade Twelve from a foreign country. It was an easy transition for Ros, coming from another girls ' school; but she also travels extensively, and has experienced much. Ros enjoys it here because it is a wild and crazy place, and to her, wild means savage and crazy means insane. She leaves to you a little thought: " When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. " Best of luck in your further studies, Ros! 19 ANGELIKA ORFANOS Angelika arrived at Elmwood last September in full uniform for the first and last time. She has shown amazing imagination in her outfit creations. The green atoms in her socks turn instantly white as she puts them on . . . did you learn that in Physics class, Angelika? Often she ' ll whip out of the Common Room in those purple sweatpants, her feet a blue and yellow blur in flashy " Free Spirit " Bauers. She ' s always the first one ready for a Rockcliffe " Depletion Run " - hair flying back, a toothy grin on her face. Other pastimes include ballroom dancing ( " cha cha cha! " ), Greek Easter celebrations and rating our teeth and haircuts. Well, you ' ve sure made our day many a time, and you ' re going to " Angelikalize " many more! Seriously, we ' re fortunate to have known you this past year. Take care and best of luck in whatever you do! LISE PARADIS Lise is the first French Canadian that we know who has learned to live with it and laugh about it! She has a renowned ability to change the lyrics of hymns and give them her own special meanings. Lise enjoys running and has taken part in many road races, including the National Capital Marathon. She will be remembered for her horse laugh . . . borrowing . . . bus tickets . . . hitting her friends for no reason . . . those dates . . . Grade Twelve Formal . . . and last but certainly not least, her misconceived vanity. Lise ' s love of children has been aptly shown in her various activities, which include being a camp counsellor, a patient teacher of 3 4 gym, and Junior School Prefect. With this experience, it is not surprising that she plans to work with children in Nursing or the Physical Education profession. Well, Froggy, whatever you do, keep hopping along! 20 EVA RASTER Otherwise known as Eva Rooster, she calls herself a " Gift from God. " Eva waltzed Into Grade Thirteen in October, late as she usually is for her classes. She has many hidden talents, which did not come to light until the second and third terms: her pigouts at Ashbury tuck shop, and her suntannmg from the Grade Thirteen balcony to the park. She complained about the lack of night life in Ottawa and decided to do something about it and find her own " Mm- sky ' s " in hope of finding some fun! Eva is not the quiet girl that she seems to be; you have to watch out for her ' cause she ' s a wild blonde from Chicago. She hopes to go to Carleton next year (we all wonder why, eh Jim?) and dazzle everyone with her language abilities. Who knows, she might even become a translator for the U.N.! Watch out Ottawa, ' cause Eva ' s staying in town. Don ' t be good - you can ' t have any fun that way! Ml ANDREA ROBERTSON This capricious young Celt is certainly not your average dour Highland Scot. If at any time a frown does cross her face, it is quickly replaced by her infectious smile and irrepressible laughter. She has an inane sense of humour and often gives the impression that she is light-headed. She is also wonderful to have around because she ' s filled with incredible energy and enthusiasm, which inspires everyone. Whether she is dancing madly at parties, singing boisterously at parties, or simply running madly AFTER parties, Andrea is as outgoing as it is possible to be. Mind you, she is equally enthusiastic about Art and Art History classes, although she hates to be classified as " Artsy. " Her love of art is only surpassed by her love of nature, Jeffie ' s little doggies, and generally having a wild time. She often is very theatrical, and therefore should make a great actress. Doubtless, her unmistakable voice will carry to the back of many theatres in the future. Who knows, maybe there will be that ominous blue-black Beaumont waiting for her at the backstage door after every stunning performance. Dance, then, wherever and with me; we are the lords of the dance says me. From one who flings you many kisses, Hobdarino. 21 ELIZABETH SEWARD Lizzy-Miss-Dizzy came to our class in Grade Ten, and since then the class has been different. For the first year. Liz was pretty quiet (unheard of!), concentrating on her marks. But Grade Eleven came in with a bang, and Liz showed everyone her ability to have fun, in and out of school. Last year, we all benefitted from Liz ' s hostessing. Her culinary efforts are something to see; she uses everything from corn starch to ketchup to thicken her beef stroganoff. But Liz is a many-faceted person, and although she enjoys herself in her own time, she still keeps the brains in working order. Last year, she won the Lieutenant Governor ' s Medal. This year, she has been accepted into McGill University for a Science program. The uproar in poor Montreal will be heard by those who are going to Queen ' s! Good luck, Lizzy, and see you around. CATHERINE SMITH Catherine joined us in Grade Ten, and since then, she ' s become an integral part of the class. She ' s well liked by everyone, and is one of the few who can commiserate with both the " Artsies " over all those horrific essays, or the high-browed scientists over such learned problems as how fast the level of a martini is rising when half an olive is submerged in a martini glass. However, all in all, she is regarded as a cool, calm and collected member of the form. With such a reputation, it seems a bit strange that you find her in some of the weirdest situations. Who can imagine Catherine, of all people, going wild at that pignic lunch in Grade Twelve? That was one definitely large lunch, but the only effect that this orgy of eating seemed to have on Cathy ' s cool front was the fact that she had to let out her kilt a few feet. Cathy ' s cool should help her get through life at the University of Toronto, and the weird situations she has encountered here will most definitely prepare her for the social life. Good luck, Cathy! 22 CARINA VAN HEYST Not known to be timid. Carina seldom refrains from voicing her opinions, whether in direct contrast to those of our distinguished professor, or acting the conscience of her friends. Never does she miss the chance to show her great spirit, whether at the dances, being a D.J., doing her " thing " in the talent show, or tearing up the soccer field. Carina has truly left her mark on the school - in blue, green, orange, yellow and red. Our stripe is something that won ' t easily be removed! She has also demonstrated her powers of organization in her two valley-wide television ap- pearances on " Reach. " and her infallible planning of the best Elmwood Graduation Dance ever. Here ' s to sen- timentality. Carina: remember " In Praise of Older Women! " How about those eggrolls, and the trips to the store for Smarties?! Well, kid, you only graduate from high school once, and if you ' re going to do it. do it well, and with style - as you did. " Partir, c ' est mourir un peu. " A SUE WARREN A real veteran of Elmwood, everyone will agree that Sue has left her mark on the school - in a rainbow of colors. As a House Head this year, she had " nothing to say " (to quote her), probably having talked herself out with Samara last year. Sue is a very energetic member of the class; who else could dance for four hours straight? In fact, Sue enjoyed the dances and coffee houses so much that she decided to D.J. two coffee houses with her cohorts, proving to all that " anything they can do, we can do better! " Our little purple princess has some rather amazing abilities; she can play the piano with six hands, and influence certain tall, dark and handsome men(!) by " flashing a brilliant smile. " The high point of her year was her trip to Great Britain, and since she enjoyed it so much, we hope she ' ll get back there again. Well, Sue, it ' s been an amazing seven years (except for the brief trip to Australia) and you ' ve put a lot into Elmwood. We know you ' ll put everything you ' ve got into Queen ' s next year (and anything you do), and when the going gets rough, get a Spanish coffee! 23 LOLATSE Lola joined Grade Twelve this year, from Hong Kong. Although she was very quiet at the beginning of the year, she soon loosened up and got into the swing of things, joining her crazy classmates in their crazy doings. Often the only member present for Physics (where was the rest of the class?), Lola has worked very har d this year, and has improved her English a lot. Everyone recognizes Lola for her mathematical ability, on account of her teet marks. (No more bribing the teachers, Lola!!). With her, Lola has brought a lot of new things to the rest of the class, and has given us many happy and memorable experiences. Lola plans to attend university in Canada next year. Our thoughts will be with you always, Lola. Good luck! STELLA YEUNG Stella arrived at Elmwood last fall, and good old " Shuf- flefoot " has survived the year with us all. She would walk in the Common Room each morning, Adidas bag slung over one shoulder, saying " Mornin " ' to everyone. A good judge of character, Stella kept sizing us up • and chuckling all year long!! We hope you ' ve enjoyed your time at Elmwood - it ' s been nice seeing you here. Best of luck next year in Computer Science at Waterloo. 24 iarles Pic!is a Brida A Podborski wins his third straigh t World Cup race v - i Terry Fox He wouldn 1 admit defes I THE SHOOTING r v- i mbti 1 1 R C ij olhjssan Banisadr • Hnilil I SUM II j I.. 11 Always Be a Pffepj ; r ll - l ll l M l L ii Rule Breaking at Elmwood While most of us begin at Elmwood as law-abiding young girls, something happens to us along the way, as inevitably most of us try to break rules in one way or another. In order to break rules effectively and safely, there are two prerequisites. First of all, you must have mastered the " Who, me? " look, which, when done effectively, is foolproof. Secondly, you must learn to be quiet, even discreet, about rule breaking, in order not to be caught. One of the most frequently broken rules is " no food in the classroom. " This rule, broken at least once a week by every student, has a sound reason behind it - the administration does not want to have to deal with small, furry-legged creatures lurking in the classrooms. Because students often bake cakes for members of the form on their birthday, the rule is all but ignored. When a teacher enters the class to teach, students are usually still in the midst of eating, and so a piece of cake is offered as a means of appeasement. This is particularly effective if the cake contains copious quantities of rum or sherry, as many girls are given to substitute these ingredients for milk or water. A second rule commonly broken is " no chewing gum in uniform. " Some of us joke, trying to figure out why anyone would have chewing gum in their uniform. The secret is not to chew bubble gum, which actually gives off an aroma, detectable from a distance of up to twelve feet. Another drawback is that most people cannot resist the temptation to blow a bubble, usually in front of a teacher. The gum should be a small piece - easy to swallow, or conceal under the tongue, or on the roof of the mouth. When in sight of teachers, it should be chewed discreetly. Try not to draw attention to your mouth by placing your hand over it, or by leaning your head on your hand, because you head moves up and down, making you misdemeanor more obvious. Yet another rule commonly broken is the one " that students below Grade Twelve shall not use the front stairs. " Although this is a priviledge, it never ceased to annoy students, as it is much quicker to use these stairs rather than the back ones. By Grade Eleven, students get very lax about this rule, and many of us use the stairs regularly. The secret to this procedure is to stand at the top of the stairs, and peer down to see who is in the office. If there are no teachers, the student should proceed. If the student encounters a teacher on the stairs, she should look as confident as possible, and proceed. Turning around and going back up just makes the act more obvious. Rules about jewelry often become victimized by students. Bracelets are often dismissed by the wearer, with the excuse " It ' s for my arthritis " or " I can ' t take it off. " The clever student who wears illegal rings turns the stones over while in the presence of a teacher or a prefect. One sometimes has the feeling that Elmwood has been swept by a religious crusade, by the number of crosses donned by students. It is these same students who always forget their prayer books, and who sleep in every Sunday. While make-up is supposedly a " non-entity, " there is a surprising amount of it around Elm- wood. It strikes some people as funny that some students feel compelled to beautify themselves in order to spend an entire day around members of the same sex. The excuses are always en- tertaining. One student, when asked why she was wearing blush, replied, " That isn ' t blush; I pinch my cheeks! " or " That isn ' t mascara - 1 dyed my eyelashes! " There is always the inevitable excuse that " I forgot to take it off. You see, I was out last night. " The student then proceeds to tell her life story in five hundred words or less. After all, rules are made to be broken! Lisa Stilborn Back Row, Left to Right: Mrs. Scott, Dominic Miller, Alasdair Bell, Megan Kenny, Vanessa Riddell, Heidi Staseson, Susanne Gossage, Lori Hillary, Laura Schmidt, Tina Gellie, Brit Christensen, Vanessa Smith. Front Row: Murray Forrester, Leonard Abraham, Ian Brodie, Stephanie Golden, Erin McConomy, Sarah Young, Margaret Grodde, Ian Ahamad, David Clark, Andrew Worby, Lisa Roberts. Leonard Abraham: (Gorilla). Tree climber, Boogie Shoes, road runner - Speedy Gonzales. Ian Ahamad: (Little Ham). Soccer smasher, how and whyer, an everything eater. Alasdair Bell: (Beanbag). Horsing arounder, swimming fish, a gourmet (and?!). Ian Brodie: (Banana Face). Freckle fancier, walking dictionary, beach boy bum. Brit Christensen: (Bitsy). Britty Baby, Norway nose, fish freak. David Clark: (Shortstop). Star Wars lover, chatterbox, star streaker, abominable eater. Murray Forrester: (Mudlark). The growler, Laura annoya, Furry Murray. Tina Gellie: (Bunny). Smart cookie, giggling gal, Tina Weena, the hugger. Stephanie Golden: (The Duck). Pickle eater, fun person, cat collector. Susanne Gossage: (Bobozo). Spaghetti swallower, slim and smitey. Margaret Grodde: (Muggs). Mischief maker, book bug, Egghead. Lori Hillary: (Toad). Tetherball turkey, boy crazy, skier supreme. Megan Kenny: (Slow Coach). Megan Molasses, Merry Megan, boy basher. Erin McConomy: (Brace Face). Jolly gymnast, fuzzball sister. Dominic Miller: (Sheephead). Blondy, Banana Bunny, Long Ranger. Vanessa Riddell: (Nosey Vaness). Excellent artist, super swimmer. Lisa Roberts: (Pizza, Eater Tweeter). Wiggler, short stuff, happy helper. Laura Schmidt: (Flubby). Cartwheel caperer, choir quacker, telephone talker. Vanessa Smith: (Sasa). Project person, quiet caperer, Pencil pal. Heidi Staseson: (Dookee Bird). Heidi Joe, water ski lover. Andrew Worby: (Weatherman, The Worm). Mischief maker, bothersome bum, two time hearer. Sarah Young: (Grover). A sometimes sausage, guinea-pig lover, fruity tooty face, chocolate pudding face. Back Row, Left to Right: Michelle Munro, Diane Burgess, Julie Anne Rickerd, Mrs. Schmidt, Sarah Kenny, Elaine Stalter, Lisa Hillary. Front Row: Melmda Hamlyn, Elizabeth Davies, Adrianna Watkins, Tamsyn Bulmer. Elanor Brodie. Absent: Allison MacFarlane. Our hopes would rise up to the sky If we could reach these heights on high! If chocolate chips were big as pies, In ice cream eating, Elanor would win first prize. If on a donkey Diane could ride, That had long ears and a spotted side! If Elizabeth could glide o ' er the foaming white waves, In her hovercraft ' til she was all in a daze. If Melmda and Gilbert could meet on the porch Of Green Gables at twilight, in the light of a torch! If off into space our Lisa could fly, To gather up Stardust as she would speed by. If on Sparks Street Mall our Sarah would ride On the back of her gerbil instead of inside! And if only Michelle could achieve her aim, To be blonde with straight teeth and no pounds gained. If high on a pedestal Julie-Anne could reside As champion of tetherball, we would decide. If Elaine could roller-skate the whole world over, From Vancouver Island to the white cliffs of Dover. If Adrianna could dance her way to the N.A.C., We ' re sure that the audience would clap with glee. If Allison could own a dozen hound dogs, That would be quiet and still as old, decayed logs. And if Mrs. Schmidt could reach dear Michelle ' s aim in life, T ' would certainly cause her less pain and less strife! Back Row, Left to Right: Mrs. O ' Brien, Jirina Vlk, Paige Kemball, Karyn Simpson, Maria Ansari, Vicky Grossmann-Hensel, Betsy Gall, Theodora van Royen. Front Row: Penny Worby, Samantha Gatti, Kim Ling. Jennifer Hopkyns, Ashwina Bijoor, Eliza James, Ellen Bruce, Gillian Hewitt. Absent: Alexandra Merklinger. Anne Turner. Running Through Mrs. O ' Brien ' s Gauntlet Ashwina Bijoor: " The Manager. " Ellen Bruce: " The Wizard. " Betsy Gall: " I ' ve GOT to borrow your brush! " Samantha Gatti: " I don ' t get it. " Vicky Grossmann Hensel: " Get off my desk. " Gillian Hewitt: " What if . . . " Jennifer Hopkyns: " Sporty. " Eliza James: " Kiss me, Scarlett - just this once. " Paige Kemball: " Dramatic. " Kim Ling: " Speak up! " Alexandra Merklinger: " Rush, rush, rush. " Karyn Simpson: " Oh, Pierre! " Anne Turner: " My goodness! " Theodora van Royen: " Annie. " Penny Worby: " Tea time! " 32 4 mrabe 7m l Back Row, Left to Right: Wendy Mitchell, Kathy Stewart, Mary Golden, Kate Butler, Lucy Jones. Judy Korecky, Jennifer Deacon, Rachel Soar, Joanna Beck, Mrs. McRae. Front Row: Maria Ansari, Suzette Argo, Susan Liddle, Ruby Patrickson, Tassie Cameron, Pippa Banister, Catherine Lougheed. The Swingm ' Singin ' 7M ' s in " It ' s Not Easy Being Green " Maria - How do You Solve a Problem Like Maria? Suzette • We Don ' t Need No Education. Pippa - I ' ve Got Drugs in My Pocket. Joanna ■ Shut Upa Your Face. Kate - Smurf Sing Along. Tassie • There ' s No Business Like Show Business. Jennifer - Wake Up Sleepy Jean. Mary - A Spoonful of Sugar. Lucy - Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. Judy - Hey Jude. Susan • Inchworm. Catherine - Muppet Show Theme. Wendy - Meow Mix Theme. Ruby - Willoby Wolloby Wooby, An Elephant Sat on Ruby. Rachel • The Bare Necessities. Kathy - Brush Your Teeth. Mrs. McRae - Have You Ever Been Mellow? 34 i(Brabc 7 % Back Row, Left to Right: Mme Seguin, Milena Sigmund, Ann Richards, Barbara Toth, Roberta Bouchard, Lara Wilson, Robyn Tavel. Front Row: Jo-Anne Goneau, Alison Schmidt, Anne de Mercado, Bettina von Ar- nim. Amb.: Ambition; P.D.: Probable Destination; F.P.: Favorite Pastime N.N.: Nickname; F.S.: Favorite Saying Roberta: Amb.: World Cup skier. P.D.: Nancy Green ' s coach. F.P.: Goofin ' off. N.N.: Bert. F.S.: " Just shut up, will ya?! " Jo-Anne: Amb.: Airline stewardess. P.D.: Jailbird. F.P.: Chasing boys. N.N.: Jo-Jo. F.S.: " Oh, Roger! " Anne: Amb.: President of Jamaica. P.D.: President of McDonald ' s. F.P.: Outdoor fun. N.N.: Annie. F.S.: " Quit it! " Ann: Amb.: Flight attendant. P D.: In a mental institution. F.P.: Imitating people. N.N.: Wink. F.S.: " Bug off, you guys! " Alison: Amb.: Movie star. P.D.: Doing dog food commercials. F.P.: Reading. N.N.: Alii. F.S.: " SHUT UP! " Robyn: Amb.: Billionaire. P.D.: 7 ? F.P.: Playing with friends. N.N.: Rabbi. F.S.: " Get lost!! " Barbara: Amb.: Working on the Love Boat. P.D.: Building toy boats. F.P.: Chasing boys. N.N.: Big Barb. F.S.: " Shut up. you guys ' " Bettina: Amb.: Criminal lawyer. P.D.: Criminal. F.P.: Breaking teachers ' toes. N.N.: Butsy. F.S.: " Ah, fooey, you fruitcake! " Lara: Amb.: World Cup swimmer. P.D.: Drowning. F.P.: Playing " Kick the Can. " N.N.: - F.S.: " No way! " Karen: Amb.: Deaf interpreter P.D.: Turning a deaf ear. F.P.: Playing with friends. N.N.: Peanut. F.S.: " Stop it! " 35 8rabe $ Back Row, Left to Right: Cheryl Carson, Meera John, Chr istine Onyango, Nicola Grainger, Susan Westley, Chantelle Brown, Jennifer McConnery, Alexandra Martin, Mrs. Chance. Front Row: Annabel Mandy, Margaret Purdie. Jillian Cohen, Nicola Maule, Anne Thurgood, Rebecca Gwyn, Chris Jodom. Absent: Sarah Molson, Janet Walker. First Girl To. . Chantelle Brown: be seen swinging and singing from a tree. Cheryl Carson: be voted Miss Rainbow Head of the year. Jill Cohen: challenge Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer to a job with Santa. Nicola Grainger: whisper " Help " in an emergency. Rebecca Gwyn: be the first girl boarder at Ashbury. Meera Johri: drown in lip gloss. Chris Jodoin: be the only girl in 8C to be silent in two languages. Nicola Maule: be bottled and set on a teacher ' s mantle. Annabelle Mandy: have a crush on every THING at Ashbury. Alii Martin: be mistaken for a giraffe. Jennifer McConnery: be mistaken for Sasquatch. Sarah Molson: hand in all last term ' s assignments in one night ( a year late). Christine Onyango: " . . . " (fill in your own - anything will do). Margaret Purdie: be mistaken for an alien space being. Anne Thurgood: turn into centaur. Janet Walker: be mistaken for a poodle. Susan Westley: use an Elmwood teacher in one of her experiments. The last experiment resulted in an earthquake under Elmwood. Back Row, Left to Right: Holley Knaus, Fiona Murray, Ida di Menza, Jodie Pullen, Lisa Hopkyns, Cindy Rhodes, Mrs. MacDonald, Julie Anne Brunet. Front Row: Teri Haakonson, Nadia Jacquot, Anna Sherwood, Leilani Farha, Krista Wedekamm. Absent: Madeleine Alexander, Jennifer LeBlanc, Peggy Staruch. Back Row. Left to Right: Heather Stoltz, Philippa Sheppard, Chantal Mazur, Sarah Noyes-Roberts, Gina Pezoulas, Janet Onyango. Elizabeth McClenahan. Joscelyn Baker. Front Row: Christina Campbell, Esperanza Pintos, Caroline Garwood, Jennifer Cooper, Michelle Friend, Gemma Devine, Niquette Ruddock. Absent: Elisabeth Preston. Quentin Woloschuk. How many more days of school? Oh Gawd, you ' re joking! What a drag. Where is the bell? She ' s on time again. So is the teacher. Stand up, stupid. Oh-oh, did we have any homework? Ha ha! I CANNOT take this any longer - I am losing my mind. What page are we on? Excuse me - we all forgot to do our homework, heh heh. Psst. Can I copy your essay quickly? Oh, please. Look, here comes Miles. I wonder what we ' ve done this time - not as bad as last week. Wanna hear the latest Tarzan joke? Who invented Math? . . . he she should be hanged for a criminal offence - confusing poor Grade Nines out of spite. History - what chapter did you say we should finish? I think I will presently commit suicide. Yes, I agree. I was born to be buried ... my funeral is my success story ... We fail united but stand we don ' t. 9 -Why? ■ (Brabc I0j« Back Row, Left to Right: Sarah Onyango, Maureen Assaly, Sarah Peat, Rosemary Todd, Rebecca Pike, Lisa Ostiguy, Debbie Gibson. Front Row: Heather Rogers, Heather McCormack, Teresa Basinski. Jessica Rudy. Paula Gilbert, Elise Braithwaite. Absent: Debbie Brown. 10J Wanted... Maureen Assaly: for corrupting postal services. Teresa Basinski: for rape . . . (Perry). Elise Bratihwaite: for bullying larger members of the class. Debbie Brown: just wanted . . (by many) Debbie Gibson: for having ruffles under her skirt. Paula Gilbert: for wearing out track pants and impersonating Batman on the soccer field. Heather McCormack: for wanting to molest an unknown hockey team (67 ' s). Sarah Onyango: for being over-vocabularized. Sarah Peat: for passing smelling salts during class. Lisa Ostiguy: for attacking school radiators. Becky Pike: for being late because she was attacked by wild caterpillars. Heather Rogers: for escaping from the Royal Ottawa. Jessica Rudy: for losing her bloomers in the park. Rose Todd: for incapability to comprehend scholastic vocabulary. Mrs. James: for impersonating a teacher. Famous Quotes " Exam today?! You ' re kidding! " " Has anyone seen my kilt? " " Purple Elephant Day " " Don ' t we have TALENT! " " Four down, ten to go! " " Alison and Adria sure must be sick! " " Shut the door!! " Back Row. Left to Right: Lisa Mienns. Christine McCartney. Kathy Dick, Linda Booker, Kalli Varaklis, Lisa Kelly. Heidi McLaughlin, Marion Jones. Front Row: Shiela Reid, Yurie Yushita, Christine Kelly, Sarah Thorpe, Elizabeth Westley. Juliana Farha. Absent: Alix Cooper. Name - Song - Philosophy Linda Booker: Wildthing - Nothing matters but the weekend from a Tuesday point of view. Alix Cooper: Oh Lord, It ' s Hard to be Humble - Marks are hard to come by, and in my case I deserve every one of them. Katy Dick: When I ' m Out on the Street, I Walk the Way I Want to Walk (Springsteen) - These things that are pleasing me will hurt me somehow. Juliana Farha: Help! - Those of you who think you know everything are very annoying to those of us who do. Marion Jones: With a Little Help From My Friends - We ' ll get along just fine as soon as you realize I ' m God. Chris Kelly: Don ' t Try Suicide - To feel fear is to be human; if you feel no fear, you are either dead or you are afraid of feeling fear. Lisa Kelly: Freebird • Just make sure you got it all set to go before you come for my piano (Jackson Browne). Chris McCartney: Wasted Time - Sometimes, to keep it together, you ' ve got to leave it alone. Heidi McLaughlin: Let the Good Times Roll! - I ' m not hard to please, as long as I have things done my way. Lisa Mierins: Stairway to Heaven - Time waits for no one and it won ' t wait for me. Sheila Reid: Undercover Angel - Thank God for weekends! Sarah Thorpe: You May Be Right - Lunacy is the only thing that keeps me from going insane. Kalli Varaklis: Sex and Drugs and Rock ' n Roll - Don ' t sweat the small stuff. Elizabeth Westley: Even in the Quietest Moments - I must stop putting things off . . . starting first thing tomorrow. Mrs. Tilson: The Ashgrove - Just when I ' m able to make ends meet, somebody moves the ends. Back Row, Left to Right: Jill Baker, Danielle Thompson, Janieta Eyre, Mrs. Outerbndge, Sue Wurtele. Jenny Leslie, Judy Sterner. Middle Row: Shelly Donaldson, Jenny Cheney, Liz Sellers. Front Row: Milena Connidis. Lisa Stilborn, Rosemary Clyde. Absent: Joanna Pocock. Murder on the Outer Express JENNIFER LESLIE dies. Coroner ' s inquest states blood content 96: PROOF. The accused Shelly Donaldson pleads not guilty. " It was only a birthday cake, " she was heard to cry. SHELLY DONALDSON was found DROWNED in an empty swimming pool . . . suspicion falls on Liz Sellers. Motive - jealous of athletic ability? ELIZABETH SELLERS, while EGG ROLLING, had a mishap with a hit and run car. Suspect Jennifer Cheney, the driver, was found asleep in the back seat, also under the influence of birthday cake. The accused MISS CHENEY was found dead on the Elmwood TENNIS COURTS. Frustrated Lisa Stilborn states: " Couldn ' t be me: I haven ' t hit a thing in years. " MISS STILBORN was discovered deceased. Joanna Pocock was arrested. Murder weapon: Miss Stilborn ' s own PENCIL. Miss Pocock was found insane due to Lisa Stilborn ' s incessant SCRATCHING. Evidence, however, is completely circumstantial. While out on bail, MISS POCOCK, in the midst of dancing Swan Lake, was shot with a .22 through her TUTU. Rival dancer Janieta Eyre is prima suspecta. While reciting POETRY on a balance beam, MISS EYRE suffered a fatal fall. Rosemary Clyde was seen leaving the scene. Danielle Thompson was formally charged today with the murder of ROSEMARY CLYDE. Miss Clyde was blown to SEPARATE PEACES by AN EXPLODING BLITZBALL. Ms. Thompson pleaded innocent to the charge of " SOMETHING IGNORANT IN THE HUMAN HEART. " The afore mentioned MS. THOMPSON was found locked in the POUND cupboard ... no matter how hard SHE POUNDED on the door, no one let her out. Major clue found - a pack of cigarettes clutched in Ms. Thompson ' s hand, belonging to Miss Judith Sterner The culprit? MISS JUDITH STEINER was later found dead, with a FLUTE IN HER SNOOT. Suspected is Miss Melina Connidis. Probable cause - her calculator was playing off key. MELINA CONNIDIS was found silenced today with a bullet hole through her heart. Neighbours report " NO NOISE " : silencer used. Motive: she was too loud for her own good. Double agent Susan Wurtele suspected. Before charges could be laid against MS. WURTELE, she was found dead. Miss Jillian Baker is suspect. A certain influential person said: " We all know Miss Baker considered MS. WURTELE A DESERTER. " The influential JILL BAKER was found B.F. ED to death today. Fran Outerbridge is suspect. Charges will be laid later today. NEWS FLASH FRAN OUTERBRIDGE committed suicide, throwing herself off her name. She left a thuithide note explaining the " MATH " murder she conthtructed. What a thad, thad thtate! 42 Back Row, Left to Right: Ann Raby. Anne Tessier, Martha Gall, Lynda Nadolny, Tory Benitz, Caroline Martin, Sandra Titus. Front Row: Tara Bell, Chantelle Jenkins, Fiona MacLeod, Darya Farha, Barbara Paczynski. Tina Reilly. Absent: Jennifer Bmdman. Maria Elana deCorcuera, Soma Dilawri. Marina Folk. 43 Back Row, Left to Right: Claudia Fuerst, Shannon Jaeger, Elizabeth Ashworth, Leslie Saunders, Carolann Swift, Lynn Robertson, Sue Bell, Hilda Paparoni. Front Row: Rotex Chan, Fiona Gale, Mary Simpson, Andrea Johns, Debbie Seropian, Kathy Suh, Dorise Sweetnam. Absent: Lola Tse. Hello ... IS Dorise here yet? I doubt it; she has a spare first period . . . One of these days, I ' d like to hear " All Present " in prayers . . . Chairs AGAIN?? . . . What ' s going on? . . . DON ' T RIP THE SHEETS, GUYS!! . . . What do we have now? MAATTHH! ! ... I don ' t belong here - I should be sleeping ... Do you think I could get out of Physics? . . . Anyone for tea? ... 23 more days until . . Life ' s a drag . . . " Hot Dang! " . . . What kind of soup is it today? ... Oh, Fruitcakes! . . . Hey, Debbie, what ' s for lunch? . . . Have you done your English " E " seminar yet? . . . AARGHM . . . There ' s no such word as PLEBE, it ' s PLEB (right, Lynn?) ... Oh, ALL RIGHT, leave me alone! . . . Hey, man, when are you splitting? . . . Have you seen Lola? . . . SAMARA?? (shock) - Oh yes, we have a deadline in a couple of weeks (heh, heh) . . . DOUBLE CHEMISTRY (groan) . . . Who ' s taking the bus? . . . Whoever ' s on clean-up, make sure it ' s done RIGHT! . . . Elizabeth, would you happen to be heading downtown 7 ? . . . See you tomorrow . . . Good-bye! Fifth Row, Left to Right: Maureen Assaly, Marion Jones, Jennifer LeBlanc, Lisa Hopkyns, Cindy Rhodes, Heather Stoltz, Chantal Mazur, Heather Rogers. Jenny Leslie. Martha Gall, Sue Bell. Judy Sterner, Hilda Paparoni. Danielle Thompson. Fourth Row: Linda Booker. Elizabeth Westley. Philippa Sheppard, Nadia Jacquot, Holley Knaus, Krista Wedekamm, Lei la n i Farha, Elise Braithwaite. Anne Richards, Fiona Gale, Tory Benitz. Third Row: Janet Onyango, Christina Campbell. Paige Kemball. Jirina Vlk, Judy Korecky, Mary Golden, Wendy Mitchell, Melina Sigmund, Robyn Tavel. Betsy Gall. Suzette Argo, Diane Burgess, Sarah Peat, Tina Reilly, Jill Baker. Second Row: Lola Tse. Laura Sch- midt, Lori Hillary, Michelle Munro, Adnanna Watkins, Ashwma Bijoor, Jennifer Hopkyns, Alexandra Merklinger, Rebecca Gwyn, Meera Johri, Shiela Reid, Christine Kelly, Shannon Jaeger, Kathy Suh. Front Row: Heidi Blair. Heidi Hobday, Joanna Frayne. Elizabeth Ashworth, Sue Warren (House Head). Stella Yeung, Soraya Farha, Ian Ahamad, Angelika Orfanos. Absent: Joscelyn Baker, Sarah Molson. Sarah Onyango. I could begin this as I start most of my house meetings - " Well, guys, I don ' t have anything to talk about today! " • but that wouldn ' t be true. I actually have something to say! Although our money-making schemes were not very numerous (we only had one!), our Pink ' n Purple dress-up day was a huge success. This set us up for further successes during the year: intramural games were terrific and I know that everyone who came to our lunch-hour games had a lot of fun I ' m sure those dedicated souls who came to the volleyball sessions on Wednesday afternoons will never forget those great games! Anyway, what more can I possibly say about this House which succeeds at everything, whether it wins or not - except soccer - baseball 1 I would actually like to say that I can take the credit for our success this year, but that would be a little too modest - okay, okay, so it ' s a horrible exaggeration!! Seriously, however, I want to thank all you Fry members for your help, co-operation and fantastic spirit - we ' re still the best House 1 Dear Fry, Love. teller Fifth Row, Left to Right: Joanna Pocock. Barbara Paczynski, Lynda Nadolny, Tara Bell, Lisa Stilborn, Rosemary Clyde, Debbie Gibson, Kalli Varaklis, Elizabeth McClenahan, Sarah Thorpe, Rosemary Todd, Lisa Ostiguay, Heather McCormack, Dorise Sweetnam. Fourth Row: Margaret Purdie, Jennifer McConnery, Anne Thurgood, Nicola Maule, Jo-Anne Goneau, Chris Jodoin, Barbara Toth, Susan Westley, Nicola Grainger, Penelope Worby, Debbie Seropian, Andrea Johns, Claudia Fuerst. Third Row: Anne Tessier, Maria Ansan, Theodora van Royen, Kim Ling, Jenny Cooper, Sarah Noyes-Roberts, Quentin Woloschuk, Niquette Ruddock, Gemma Devine, Anna Sherwood, Madeleine Alexander, Roberta Bouchard, Lucy Jones. Ida di Menza, Vanessa Riddell, Leslie Saunders. Second Row: Alasdair Bell, Ian Brodie. Tamsyn Bulmer, Lisa Hillary, Elaine Stalter, Elizabeth Davies, Gillian Hewitt, Tassie Cameron, Sarah Young, Tina Gel lie. Suzanne Gossage, Margaret Grodde, Lisa Roberts, Ellen Bruce. Front Row: Juliana Farha. Lisa Mierins, Lise Paradis, Sabine Jurgens, Andrea Korda (House Head), Amanda Lovatt. Andrea Robertson, Carina van Heyst. Absent: Jennifer Bindman, Rotex Chan, Maria Elana de Corcuera, Janieta Eyre, Lisa Kelly, Sue Wurtele. Dear Keller, This year has passed very quickly, and if I haven ' t had time before, I would like to thank my " Kellerites " for their support. A special thanks must go to my vice-head, Amanda Lovatt, and Sports Captain Sue Wurtele in the Senior School for all their efforts, and also to my vice-head Nicola Maule and Sports Captain Lucy Jones in the Junior School. Although we did not win the Athletic Award of the Year, or the Baking Prize, we managed to hold a good position in our sports, and raise the required amount of money. The House spirit was the greatest during Spirit Week, when we participated as a team, seniors and juniors together. Finally, I would like to say to you all that you certainly lived up to the House motto of " Fair Play. " All my love, 47 Fifth Row, Left to Right: Alix Cooper, Paula Gilbert, Julie Anne Brunet, Gina Pezoulas, Fiona Murray, Chris McCartney, Kathy Dick, Teri Haakonson, Jenny Cheney, Darya Farha, Fiona MacLeod, Sandra Titus, Caroline Martin, Chantelle Jenkins, Ann Raby, Heidi McLaughlin. Fourth Row: Jessica Rudy. Jillian Cohen, Alii Martin, Chantelle Brown, Annabelle Mandy, Cheryl Carson. Third Row: Liz Sellers. Lara Wilson, Vicky Grossmann-Hensel, Samantha Gatti, Anne de Mercado, Bettina von Arnim, Eliza James, Karyn Simpson, Susan Liddle, Pippa Banister, Catherine Lougheed, Alison Schmidt, Kate Butler, Peggy Staruch, Joanne Beck, Teresa Basinski, Caroline Garwood, Esperanza Pintos. Second Row: Melinda Hamlyn, Elanor Brodie, Sarah Kenny, Julie Anne Rickerd, Erin McConomy, Stephanie Golden, Ruby Patrickson, Murray Forrester, David Clark, Dominic Miller, Andrew Worby. Leonard Abraham, Brit Christensen, Megan Kenny, Heidi Staseson, Vanessa Smith, Michelle Friend. Front Row: Rebecca Pike, Mary Simpson, Lynn Robertson, Carolann Swift, Rosaline Ngan, Liz Seward, Chris Assad (House Head), Mary Jane Pigott, Catherine Smith, Susan Isaac. Absent: Sonia Dilawri. Shelly Donaldson, Marina Folk, Elisabeth Preston, Anne Turner. Dear Nightingale, I would like to express my thanks to the best House. For the first time since I have been at Elmwood. we have won the Sports ' Cup. This was a special award, which we won because of YOUR enthusiasm. There are several people I would like to thank for their constant participation: Paula Gilbert, Gina Pezoulas, Sonia Dilawri, Lynn Robertson and Mary Simpson. These people gave their all for the House. Liz Sellers was also a great help when came the time for the House points. Best of luck to next year ' s House Head. Support her as you have me. Thank you. All my love, 48 Back Row: Leilam Farha. Bettina von Arnim, Mary Golden Holley Knaus. Middle Row: Eliza James, Jessica Rudy, Heather Rogers, Lisa Stilborn, Heidi McLaughlin, Lisa Ostiguay, Ashwma Bijoor. Front Row: Jenny Leslie, Lise Paradis, Lynn Robertson, Carolann Swift. Sitting Front: Alison Lee. To whom it may concern: We started out the year with a case of mass confusion, adding to it with Mary-Jane ' s leaving and Jenny taking over in the position of V.P. Things got even more hectic with the candy cane sale in December: there were, however, the on-going cookie raids to make it all worthwhile. Then came Spirit Week, something else to make us tear our hair out - those tight pig-tails didn ' t help either. The coffe house later that night was a tremendous success with everyone!! Then there was Spirit Day on the Friday, which took a lot of time and thought as well as many cases of soaked jeans, tons of water filled balloons and Vaseline, the red and orange jel lo - who knows how much of it was eaten, and how much of it went in the hair, and finally Alison ' s attempt for attention with the whistle. The day, however, went smoothly - thanks to students and staff alike. We ended the week with rousing games of ice hockey and tackle football at Ashbury, and the Valentine ' s dance in the streamer laden Elmwood gym. Next came the horrendous, horrifying, terrifying, fun-filled Spice Sale, along with Rick O ' C. This sale was an example of co-operative production and could only have been completed with energy provided from more stolen cookies and cinnamon in our coffee. That was a week the third floor residents will never forget. Sports ' Day ended the year on the same note that we started on - HECTIC!! Food was misplaced (i.e. 15 dozen buns), drinks were forgotten . . . Thank God for MacDonald ' s . . . and in the end, 230 people were served in a gourmet manner - cold dogs, hot ice cream, luke warm drinks - and it was all eaten (575 hot dogs, 20 gallons of orange drink, 300 ice creams!). It was a great way to end the year, and we ' d like to say thanks to all who heiped, participated and put up with our many activities and madnesses. We hope the spirit shown on these special occasions continues throughout the whole of next year. We couldn ' t have done it without you. Love V. and V P. A.K. Lee, J.J.L. J r. library Despite its manifold functions as meeting place, lunch room, study hall, film studio and classroom, the Senior Library manages remarkably well to maintain its character as a place where quiet studies and researches can be pursued. In many respects, it has improved: it is better organized, thanks to the work of the Library Committee; the reference section, with all its recent, up to date additions, is far more adequate, and there is now a quite respectable Science section, housed in yet more new shelves. There is, moreover, a marked increase in Library borrowing, and a very pleasing decrease in losses. We are extremely grateful to all who have so generously donated books to the Library. Our thanks are particularly due. of course, to the members of the Mothers ' Guild, whose work for the Garage Sale raised the money that enables us to buy new books. Thanks to them, we can further improve our small but worthy Library. Soma G. Tilson Back Row, Left to Right: Jenny Leslie, Lisa Stilbom, Marion Jones. Front Row: Elizabeth Westley, Jennifer Cheney, Mrs. Tilson. The Junior Library has been a very busy place this year Not only have the girls and boys spent many hours listening to stories, reading quietly, or participating in lively discussions, but the teachers, too, have found many books that have been of value to them in assisting them in their various subject areas. Our Hallowe ' en party always helps to fill up our shelves with new paperbacks, and several people have sent in good used books as well as a set of en- cyclopedias. We now have five magazine subscriptions and a new filing cabinet. The support given by the Mothers ' Guild has always been appreciated. This year, books were purchased in the French, Science, History, Geography and Sports areas. On behalf of the Junior School. I would like to thank the Mothers ' Guild for their continuing support. W.C. Schmidt Librarian Jfr. Hibrart 50 Sui Sang is the school committee which raises money to support our two foster children - Ayhan, of Turkey, and Warisan, of Indonesia. The name Sui Sang originates from Elmwood ' s first foster child. This year, we were able to send post- cards and letters regularly, and raise money to continue our sup- port. Keep up the good work. Elmwood! At Right: Heidi Blair. Chantelle Jenkins. -1 A K ■ aS m fir pi Si i I » Pound is the school ' s lost and found. Many interesting articles gather in the Pound cupboard, which is kept locked in the Grade Twelve classroom. As in previous years, the Pound Committee have, no doubt, found themselves lost in a sea of bloomers. But this year, there was something else that they got buried in - track suits. The committee have been very helpful, and although they didn ' t make a huge profit, in was all worthwhile! AboveJanieta Eyre, Jill Baker, Danielle Thompson. This year ' s bell ringer was Christina Campbell; the Junior School bell ringer, for the first part of the year, was Alii Martin. We must thank these two for their accurate time-keeping, refusals to accept bribes, and all the other things that the bell ringers are required to do. Without them, classes would not end on time, lunch hours would be shortened (or lengthened!!), and numerous other normal, everyday school activities would be out of kilter. Thank you very much; good luck to next year ' s bell ringers! eac} for fyt op The first thing the veteran team members had to do was find themselves a new coach. With Mrs. Harwood-Jones ' help, we proceeded with the search for two willing and able girls to fill the openings that had been created when half of last year ' s team left. This would not be an easy thing to do, but Lisa Stilborn and Shannon Jaeger effectively filled that void. Because of the success of last year ' s team, we were spared the " pleasure " of having to go through the qualifying round. So, our first (and only) showing was against Sir John A. MacDonald. Elmwood gave an in- telligent performance, but did not come out as victors. However, Lisa ' s public speaking earned us full marks on the judge ' s question; Shannon, meanwhile, displayed her knowledge of the natural world. Carina proved that she had no specialty, and Kathy showed supreme confidence because this was her third time out. We showed the rest of the city that Elmwood girls are just like anyone else, but better through our other representatives - our coach, who was described as a " proponent of the flat earth theory, " and our Head Girl, who discussed our " mingling with the boys dow the street. " Finally, we must thank our numerous staff and student supporters - they were a great help - and we must wish a sincere " Good luck " to next year ' s team. Just don ' t get embarrassed - after all, it ' s only everyone in the city watching you! Carina van Heyst Back: Shannon Jaeger, Lisa Stilborn Front: Kathy Suh. Carina van Heyst. 52 This year has seen a notable performance in the history of Elmwood ' s Dance Committees. With much appreciated help, we have been able to provide students with a social calender hard to forget, for many reasons - ranging from a dance with rather negative overtones (i.e. black and white) to a coffee house with an original 60 ' s theme, to the old standby - a Valentine ' s dance, whose telltale streamers are still streaming in various corners of the gym. with the wind up being a live band - totally anonymous but nonetheless liked. Special thanks must go to the teachers, for sacrificing their sanity; to the prefects for showing up so gallantly, and to those who gave their time so freely to work at the door, and especially to all of you who came and supported us in our efforts. For us. the Dance Committee, this year has been an educational experience, not soon forgotten. Thank you. Jenny Leslie Lynn Robertson Liz Sellers The Formal Committee suffered several staff arrangements during the First Term, until it turned out that it would be a committee of one (any votes have been unanimous). With the help of Andrea Robertson and Clare Butler, I found a band in February. With the help of the Grade Thirteen class, I was able to make some money in the Third Term. All of this culminated in a pleasant evening for all, under the stars on June 5. I would like to extend my thanks to everyone who helped at one time or another - in particular, with my money making efforts; especially Mrs. White, for her continued encouragement. More than anything else, the Grad would not have bee possible without the Mothers ' Guild, to whom I am indebted. Without Mrs. Butler and Mrs. Baker, it would not have run as smoothly as it did. I hope that next year ' s committee is as successful, and has the kind of support that I was given. Thank you all 1 Carina 53 Back Row, Left to Right: Sue Wurtele, Liz Sellers, Chantelle Brown, Martha Gall. Anne Tessier. Judy Korecky, Marion Jones, Jo-Anne Goneau, Christina Campbell, Rosemary Clyde, Kate Butler, Ten Haakonson, Mrs. O ' Brien. Middle Row: Anne Richards, Lucy Jones, Kathy Stewart, Karen Molson, Vicky Grossmann-Hensel, Penny Worby, Chris Jodoin, Nadia Jacquot, Rebecca Gwyn. Fiona Murray. Cindy Rhodes, Margaret Purdie, Alison Schmidt, Krista Wedekamm, Niquette Ruddock, Caroline Garwood. Theodora van Royen, Betsy Gall. Front Row: Suzette Argo, Susan Liddle, Diane Burgess. Brit Christensen, Adrianna Watkins, Samantha Gatti, Jennifer Hopkyns, Eliza James, Ashwina Bijoor. Ellen Bruce. Roberta Bouchard. Barbara Toth, Laura Schmidt, Pippa Banister, Tassie Cameron. The Elmwood Choir deserves a good deal of praise for the time and effort that went into the production of " Joseph " for Junior Entertainment Night. As a result of this outstanding performance, the choir has made a professional tape of " Joseph ' s Amazing Technicolor Dream-coat, " as well as a collection of other songs. I would like you to know how much pleasure and satisfaction I have had in working with you this year. Mrs. O ' Brien Cl)apci -Monitor Carolann Swift has been our reliable (?) chapel monitor this year. In performing her duties, Carolann had the pleasure (and we know you just loved it) of organizing prayers each morning. Who will ever forget her famous words: " Chairs, guys, " and " DON ' T RIP THE SHEETS!! " Well, Carolann, WE certainly won ' t forget you. Best of luck to next year ' s chapel monitor - enjoy yourself! Back Row, Left to Right: Todd Overtveld, Anne Tessier, Jenny Leslie, Mrs. Scott, Mrs. Peat, Mrs. O ' Brien. Shannon Jaeger, David Power. Middle Row: Janieta Eyre, Rosemary. Clyde. Lisa Stilborn. Darya Farha. Front Row: Danielle Thompson, Sonia Dilawn, Sandra Titus, Chantelle Jenkins. George Gritziotis, Martha Gall, Sue Wurtele. The Elmwood Theatre Company, nicknamed " Etcetera, " was born in January, when Mrs. Scott decided to put together a spring play with the Grade ll ' s. However, a few extra people were added on. one from Grade 12, three from Ash bury and two from the depths of the Elmwood staff room, to create a production worthy of a morning assembly, an evening performance, and the Annual In- dependant Schools ' Drama Festival in Port Hope. The play was " Tom Jones, " the director was Mrs. Scott, the make- upper was Mrs. Peat, and the assistant to all three was Mrs. O ' Brien. In Port Hope. Chantelle Jenkins won the award for Best Supporting Role. Hopefully, with all of Elmwood ' s talent at hand, E.T.C. will continue to grow and prosper. Best of luck for next year. Shannon E.H. Jaeger — Citizen photo Elmwood School Grade 9 class pose with ministry of health plaque; Heather Stoltz, stand- ing left, Janet Onyango, Philippa Sheppard, Elizabeth McClenahan, teacher Pat Butler, Elizabeth Preston, Gina Pezoulas, Caroline Garwood (sitting left), Sarah Noyes Roberts, Christina Campbell and Michele Friend. Rockcliffe Students win $1,000 nutrition prize The Grade 9 class at Elmwcod School conducted lunch snoops and kidnapped bake sale goodies to promote nutrition awareness among their fellow students. " We got the point across, but sometimes I guess we ' d embar- rass the other girls into eating right, " said class spokesman Phil- ippa Sheppard. The 15 girls were rewarded for their three-month campaign to wipe out junk food by winning a $1,000 prize in the Ontario ministry of health ' s second-annual " Food for Health " contest. A total of 48 schools participated with 20 schools receiving prizes. All Ontario secondary schools offering grades 9-13 were eligible to enter. Under the ministry ' s guidelines, schools were required to pro- mote good eating habits and increase the availability of nutriti- ous foods on the premises. With no cafeteria at Elmwood School, the girls were per- plexed at first with how to fulfill the ministry ' s requirements, said physical and health education teacher Pat Butler. But she said the problem was quick ly surmounted by the group ' s energetic ingenuity. Notes marked " secret " and " confidential " were scattered over the school grounds. Inquisitive students who couldn ' t resist tak- ing a peek inside discovered a question and answer on nutrition. Posters with slogans such as " Be nice to bananas " were plas- tered along hallway walls and students found themselves hum- ming a ditty composed by the Grade 9 class to promote good eating habits — sung to the tune of That ' s Entertainment. During morning assemblies, the class entertained the student body with skits including a spoof on The Dating Game in which Guy Healthy was confronted with three different dates repre- senting various lifestyles and food preferences. The $1,000 prize will be used to supplement the health text books in the school ' s library and to buy track and field equip- ment. Courtesy of t he Ottawa Citizen 60 Did they come out of nowhere? Who knows? There they stayed Far, far away in a land where Houses were like mushrooms shaped. They are tiny blue people called Smurfs; They are friendly, loyal, kind and fun And always looking for new friends - Wouldn ' t you like to be their chum? They are good listeners, great companions, Energetic playmates and bright associates. Step into the wonderful world of Smurfs; You will have many good, new friends. Milena Sigmund 62 I. T 0u s hjoultnot mis cicases ) tcukc the ujkoU dcuj off ! x, T ov should rto piLshint ' hcLlh} kriypiv is ecLsie.r ' . 3, T otr Q%clI V° K ouj jOcuptror cKall in class j boo K arc higher ( VJOLi% -for- iea cTter 6. " Thou- sVioX no b £ ear o uyr-££e on. feepe rboofcs; biu n, Ike, - arvcL cies ot HtC evidence! 1, S iaZ-?- 7Zo£ cLr-ivc ZhtleoLolfcrs v their graces; JU-S% Supply tkc QCLG ! ?. Thj VL sWit no£ u is oer 2u class; e lltng Oir r-CLcts more culrtenJtion ! io. hou. shjoLVbnpt fecit in. Ttcuej I fear for the existence of the world; Concern consumes my heart, devours my soul. A frenzied place is that which we control, But at last, its secret shall be unfurled. Selfish and greedy creatures inhabit the land; Man - one who does not see, or protect, Blind to all that has been given; he neglects, Deaf to the one universal command. Towering metallic structures reach for the sky, Deep holes penetrate the earth ' s core Searching for a substance to store, Each adding to man ' s needs to fortify. Each adding to his universal lie; His destruction of life - his defiance! Carolann Swift A Sonnet to Spring The light it stoops on a tender green hill, And the purple coloured heather it smiles As steadily the snow it cries and then the valleys fill, And no longer does the lacy white draw ice upon the stiles. Then gently do the flowers bloom; The rain enticing redness upon the yellow roses. While the rainbow spreads her colours that embrace the purple moon As the sky, dressed in robes of blue, the wintry gloom supposes. The daffodils they colour to the brilliance of the sun, Their bobbing bells of happiness ringing in the hills, While the whitened winter children, full of summer fun. Dance with the leprechauns upon last season ' s tills. And the stealing arms of Mother Earth ripped from wicked white; Hold no children stolen by the winter in its spite. Janieta Eyre The Uniform The uniform is as much a part of Elmwood as is the building itself. Although most students complain about it when they first arrive at Elmwood, it soon becomes accepted, as it solves the problem of " What am I going to put on this morning? " The purpose of my essay is to take parts of the uniform and discuss them. The kilt is the main part of the senior school uniform, and while many people forget their tie. it is much more difficult to forget a kilt. On a school morning, the Elmwoodian needs only to stumble over to her closet and pick up her kilt off the floor. It must be pointed out that the kilt is not always on the floor of the closet; other favorite locations are backs of desk chairs, closet shelves, and dresser drawers. The kilt is rarely hung on a hanger, and this accounts for the dismal state of its pleats which are never straight. The kilt provides an indication of how long the student has attended Elmwood. The more worn looking ones belong to veterans, while newcomers own neater, brighter looking ones. This gage is not always dependable though. Occasionally a veteran will take a deep plunge into extravagance and purchase a second kilt. The Elmwood tie catches most people ' s attention, mainly because it does not match the kilt. The tie is probably the most amusing part of the uniform, principally because one in every two students cannot tie it properly. The student may tie it in such a way that the thin end is six inches longer than the wide end, a state which the student will try to remedy by tucking the longer end into the kilt, or by putting on a V-neck sweater to hide the disaster completely. The student may also tie it so that the wide end is indeed longer than the thin end, but it bobs somewhere around her knees. In this case, the Elmwoodian will also tuck the tie into the kilt, but this simply accentuates the fact that the tie does not match the kilt. Aside from the tie ' s aesthetic quality, (or lack thereof), it also provides an indication of what the student has eaten over a period of time. Ties have been known to bear milk, vegetable soup, yogurt and mustard stains. According to regulations, the Elmwoodian is to wear a white tailored shirt as part of her uniform. Careful examination reveals that there are many variations on this theme. Some shirts have rounded collars, some are missing buttons, some have messages written on them with pencil or ink, and some have their cuffs fastened with safety pins. Many simply appear too large for their wearer, owing to the fact that the student ran out of shirts and is wearing one of her father ' s. Although Elmwood bloomers are phasing out among kilt wearers, it would be inexcusable to write a piece on the uniform without including some mention of them. Upon hearing the word " bloomers, " most people conjure up an image of a white frilly garment; however, much to the relief of her students, Elmwood bloomers are far from that. The school ' s bloomer starts out as being dark green. Bloomers are appreciated greatly as a source of warmth in the winter. They are also appreciated, though, as a source of protection, allowing even the inhibited Elmwoodian to put her feet up on her desk, unafraid of Ashbury ' s furtive glances. Eventually the bloomers are discarded, because of holes or torn elastics, and many are simply thrown in the garbage, the owner unaware of the bloomer ' s additional uses. They make excellent rags, and do a marvelous job of polishing the family car. Like the bloomers, Elmwood socks are dark green. Specifically, regulations call for " hunter green knee socks " which may be purchased at Gerald Preston ' s. These socks are easily distinguished from non regulation socks; they are the ones that slump around the wearer ' s ankle, and whose colour comes out in the first wash. Non regulation socks are of a much higher quality; they stay up, and have a longer life. This probably accounts for the fact that very few people buy their green socks at Gerald Preston ' s. Some people choose to escape the sock problem during the winter months, and wear tights instead. While these tights do not tend to lose their colour, they don ' t stay up either. The uniform has its disadvantages, namely a lack of variety, and it does detract from a person ' s individuality. However, it eliminates competition for the nicest clothing, a phenomenon which is only witnessed at Elmwood on dress-up days, and at social functions. Most of us, after witnessing one dress-up day, are just as glad that we don ' t have to face it every morning. Lisa Stilborn 67 Gerbils Mice I think mice are nice, Even if some of them have parasites All women scream with fright When seeing a mouse at night; But in the day it ' s even worse If they find them in their purse. 1 don ' t know why they make such a fuss, Because mice are really just like us. • They are just looking for something to feed on, And after they do, they will be gone. Mice may be a nuisance once in a while, But that doesn ' t mean they have to be put in the " nuisance " file. When you scream, for them it ' s awfully frightening, And you see why they run like lightning; But if you hide your fright, and be kind, Then you will find That mice are really nice. Milena Sigmund babies brown, white small, fragile, cute looking at their new world growing up quickly much bigger grown Alison Schmidt The Ride Moist, warm breath Soft, brown eyes, Velvet nose Head butt. Flicking ears, here, there . . . Her eye meets mine, Knowing, wise, conspiratorial Hup! Suddenly we are together, The ground disappears, Advances, Away! The ears are down, her mane mingles with mine. Power, surge, power surge, Glory, sun, purpose, Wind, pound, wind pound . . . Hup, now, hup, thump, clip! Steam, sweet sweat on soft, hard flank. Shudder, swish, snort, toss, Swish. Anonymous An Actress I saw her there, With glamour boys clustered round - Titania and her forest fungi. How tawdry and cheap she is! Feeding on flirtation and mnuendos, Her eyes piercing and perusing, hidden Behind compassion, they say, but I know better - how shallow she is! The way they like her. as she is Kind and helpful - ignorant fools! I know better - how easy she is! Her habits and attitudes seemingly Refined and polite, smiling brightly. Oh, so thoughtful and sweet - Syrupy and suffocating ooze. I don ' t know why the pretty boys Bother with her - 1 could tell them What she really is, an actress! If given the chance, I would surely Win them over. But she knows my Power and jealousy guards her boys. I know she is jealous of me • by The way her polite chattermgs are veiled, With hate and passion. She is afraid of me. But I don ' t want her beaux and Their cheap admiraton. Nor do I Wish to be her - with sluttish ways And deceiving manner. I know her for what she is, An actress! - But why do they cluster so? Chantelle Jenkins humane 5 ocielj K dp Content Back Row: Ann Richards, Diane Burgess, Theodora van Royen, Anne Turner, Melinda Hamlyn, Adrianna Watkins, Jennifer Deacon. Front Row: Tassie Cameron, Anna Sherwood, Kate Butler. As with previous years, the Junior School students have entered the Humane Society ' s Essay Contest. This year, Elmwood did very well; several girls were awarded books as prizes, and Anna Sherwood won first prize in Grade Eight - the Catherine Smith Trophy. Congratulations to all those students who submitted their essays, and to the prize winners of the 1981 contest. Hungry Accusations I stared at the brightly polished fingers Clin ging to the chair; The bile-green, vinyl seat Pierced by nervous, red nails. I wondered, What am I doing here? I looked down at the feet, Half-wrapped, uncertain, Around the legs of the chair. I was uncomfortable In the waiting room. I looked at the pasty face Across from me, Staring accusingly at me. What have I done? I wondered. Guilt swept over me. The nurses walked by, Sending me half-glares From glass eyes. I clutched my white robe, Afraid to reveal something: Prey for their hungry accusations. I felt I had to do something, Escape the evil thoughts of others, Their nasty, cutting gossip: " I hear she ' s not been herself lately. " " Put in a hospital apparently. " Disgust and anger welled up inside me, Lasting several short seconds Of self-assurance, To be replaced with reality. The reality of my condition, The reality of the nurses Feeding me useless pills. I didn ' t need them; I wasn ' t as crazy as they thought. It was not my fault anyway; It was their skeptical looks Of distrust that made me The way I am. It was all THEIR fault. I wanted revenge, to show them all I wasn ' t crazy; I pictured the headlines: " Girl Dies Jumping From Hospital Window " " Girl Stabs Herself in Asylum Cupboard " Then these vengeful thoughts escaped And more thoughts crawled, squirmed Inside my brain like snakes. My courage left as I noticed the knowing Look of my mother, peering through the glass, Unable to touch my writhing brain. Anonymous 71 Spanning over streams shadowing the light water helping all to cross. Jennifer Leslie The moonlight softly cries as snow from upward skies gently kills the rose. Janieta Eyre Jagged fingers reach up to claw the sky, daggers of wood against grey. Chantelle Jenkins Satm toe shoes knock the ground, tearing at the sore feet of pamfuJ grace. ■ Spring Spring has arrived, and you are here, To follow my shadow And deaden my pace, To smother my rainbow And stiffen my grace. Spring has arrived, and you have come To trample the garden And wither the flower To silence the robin And darken the hour. The season will change. The weather will clear, But the sun will not shine Because you are here. Lisa Stilborn A Memory When I think of you I have to smile. The rose is still so fresh; The morning wraps in whispering veils And gentle happiness. When your hand takes mine, I hold on tight. The rose is soft in bloom; The night, it falls in gentle folds That silhouette the room. Time, it ebbs; Your hand takes leave And suddenly I am left In the wind of a lonely night, With a crumpled rose And a lingering scent. Janieta Eyre 74 Les Saisons L ' automne, c ' est les belles couleurs de feuillage L ' automne. c ' est le vent qui est tres sauvage, L ' automne, c ' est la (oyeuse rentree a I ' ecole, C ' est aussi quand tu n ' es pas toute seule! L ' hiver, c ' est la neige sur les toits L ' hiver, c ' est une chemmee pour le bois, L ' hiver. c ' est une grande tasse de chocolat C ' est un diner de Noel sur mon plat! Le printemps, c ' est les horribles petits moustiq ues, Le printemps, c ' est de violents orages terribles. Le printemps, c ' est les bebes qui n ' ont pas peur, C ' est les vives couleurs de toutes les belles fleurs! L ' ete, c ' est le soleil magmfique. L ' ete, c ' est les pares fantastiques, L ' ete, c ' est tous les beaux garcons C ' est surement la plus belle des saisons! Wendy Mitchell L ' ete L ' ete c ' est quand tu peux relaxer. L ' ete c ' est faire de la nage. L ' ete c ' est quand tu peux aller Dans le soleil et jouer sur la plage. En ete, tu peux seulement lire un livre. Comfortable, dedans, quand il pleut Et avec ton ami de I ' ecole tu vas rire Et griller des guimauves dans le feu. L ' ete c ' est quand tu es assis Regarder le beau ciel bleu. C ' est parler avec un tres bon ami De l ' ete, cet ete glorieux! Tassie Cameron Chocolate Bars chocolate, delicious, sticky, smooth, hard, munchy. caramel, peanuts, sugar, cocoa, wafers, sweet, crunchy, candy, tear, eat, cavities! ! Bettina von Armm I am full of Kool-Aid and Munchos, Twinkies and Dr. Pepper. I love junk. I love candy, cakes and such; I love chocolate very much. I love munching, snacking and nibbling too I just plain love eating - don ' t you? The True Artist And this is the studio. Oh heavens - you musn ' t touch her easel She would never forgive you See how the revered easel stands dramatically in the shadows. (Strategically placed, don ' t you think?) Mine sits in a dingy corner. She always has a stream of admirers passing by her, oohmg, and aahing over her shoulder, and I can see the flush of pleasure creep up her neck. And her hair is always so carelessly tousled that she must spend hours in front of the mirror. Not much to her art, but then there can ' t be - she is so unimaginative. She has never been creative. Oh come now - you disagree with me? Surely you don ' t think all of her masterpieces take years to complete because she is so full of incredible ideas that she can ' t put them down on canvas fast enough? No - I ' ve watched her, you see. Panic in her face, than a light dawns, she grabs her palette, and is finished within a day, leaving early for a dinner date. Leaving me to lock the studio. I pity her Having to sit all day, trying to act the suffering ar- tiste. I am forever plagued by her. She and her followers, her magazine reviews, her newspaper interviews. She will not leave me in peace. Martha Gall 77 A Midget ' s Meal The label on the bottle said " Shrinking Powder, " but who would have believed it? I did later; it was April Fool ' s Day, so I thought I would try it out on my father. I emptied the powder into the sugar bowl and waited for my father to come down for breakfast. Of course he was late, but I had to see what happened. Half an hour later, he came down and sat at the table. He poured his Corn Flakes into a bowl. I couldn ' t help giggling as he reached for the sugar bowl. As I drank my tea, I noticed that he was getting smaller. My mother asked if he was feeling all right. " Fine, " he an- swered, as he put another spoonful of Corn Flakes into his mouth. I burst out laughing, and pointed to where he was sitting. " Oh! " screamed my mother; " Where has he gone? He must have slipped under the table!! " We both looked under the table and there he was, lying under a Corn Flake, looking angry, worried, and squashed, all at the same time. He was yelling at us in a squeaky voice; it sounded like " Help me! I ' ll die under here! " By now, my mother was hysterical and I was screaming with laughter. " April Fool ' s! " I yelled. Fortunately the powder wore off in fifteen minutes, and my father left for work, feeling rather shaken up. I left for school, thinking about what fun I was going to have, telling my friends about what had happened. Rachel Soar The Copier It happened many years ago, but I still remember it vividly. She was a plump, enormous, blond haired girl, who kept on taking the homework I worked so hard on, and copying it. How I hated the way she walked down the corridor to class, with her nose high in the air, of course, where she would later be praised and worshipped by the teachers. The teachers, of course, thought the homework she had copied from me was absolutely marvelous. As for mine, they never gave it a second thought. Once I caught her with my spelling, and almost punched her in the nose, had it not been for the fact that she was bigger and stronger than I. She was worshipped by the students as well as the teachers, for all my classmates were scared of disagreeing with her. So in the end, no one liked me, because I didn ' t like her. All this went to such an extreme that I became hysterical every time I heard her name, until that one day I remember so well. She had taken all of my homework and was busily copying it, not expecting a teacher to walk into the room. Suddenly, to her misfortune, the principal walked in. Since she was busy copying my homework, she didn ' t realize this. The rest of the class stood up, alert and attentive, except her. When the principal saw here sitting there, writing away, she turned red with anger, and marched over to her desk. When she saw all my books lying over her desk, she knew the whole story right away, for she had heard all my complaints. She picked her up by the collar, although it was difficult because of her size, and marched her off to her office. What happened to her then, I don ' t know, but there was a lot of shouting going on. When she came out of the principal ' s office, she apologized, unwillingly, of course, and never bothered me again. But now, five years later, I imagine her writing at her desk, copying another poor girl ' s homework, of course. Ruby Patrickson Silenced Voices Sir How dare you - How dare you sir V Speak so of them In your callous, nasal Drone - they once lived To create those times Which you, in under Ten words, so summarize - 1 will not sit down. Sir That king had voice And thought - he cared And cried, and bruised His knees -and all you Care, all you know, Is when he died and What he signed and What he means to you - not me - 1 will not sit down. Sir It is for souls whose age It was to choose if 1 should know Their names and deeds Which you in chalk immortalize - It could all be lies With which you feed me - lies From malign, slanderous texts - Silenced voices alone will tell. Sir - You will now sit down. Jill Baker Produced in the Cartographic Division The World. There it is upon the wall. Lots of blue. Not a ship in sight. Did the Incas know their country was coloured purple? Greenland, white, frigid (ice thickness, 11,190 feet). The Sudan, orange (no word of how thin the ice is there). Carribean Sea, Jamaica, Captain Kidd, Blackbeard. Their bones? Their gold? I ' ll find no clues on this chart. Tuamontu, Archipelago, Henderson Island. I wonder if there was a Mrs. Henderson? The Orient, China, huge, yellow. (Yellow? Not, in my opinion, a good choice). Angola, Algeria, Arabia, Australia, Brazil, Bolivia, Burma, Belgium, Canada, Columbia . . . The World. I must go there some day. Caroline Garwood 83 I purge my soul with this song. My head sings. lean I can I can I This, here, where, what I sate being with consciousness Disassimilating thoughts Cankerous scab - brain. I scream a silent anxiety and smother it in illusionary fog. Salvation how - not me, person as I am person of many with many. Per-son. No, No, No, not my head - This is a study of exodus. Shannon Jaeger The First Snow The first snow, you know, is a very special event, for it is meant to tell us that we must get ready. For it ' s coming our way and it ' s going to stay for a long time, for a long time. Sarah Noyes Roberts Nature ' s Cycle The world came to life. The flowers boldly showed their faces, The animals busied themselves with their young; The streams exploded forth from their hidden homes, And the world was green. The world still had life. The cumulous clouds rolled across the sky, The trees spread their bows, majestic and free; The streams laughed as they proceeded on their ways, And the world was still green. The world had had its life, The animals busied themselves with the coming of winter, The leaves departed from the trees; The fruits blossomed abundantly, And the world wasn ' t green. The world has lost its life. The animals contentedly and soundly sleep. The trees are naked and bare; The streams are shrinking back once more, And the world is white. Rosemary Clyde 84 The night was so cold That even the trees were shimmered in frost The North Wind bit through my skin As the mist floated over the cliff Janet Onyango Autumn Splendour The warmth of summer is past And the coolness of autumn surrounds us. Summer ' s golden sun is fading, Autumn leaves are rustling, Mother Nature has done her work. Red, orange, yellow and brown, It is the advent of winter; Luscious harvest fruit, A time for thanks, A small brown squirrel In search of a home. Better hurry! Autumn says farewell, Hello to winter. Gina Pezoulas m The Invitation It seemed Alicia had been writing a long time when the bell rang to mark afternoon recess. She closed her book, put her pen in her case, and slid them in her desk. She then followed her peers down the hall from the classroom, and down the flight of stairs which led to the locker room. She hated the location of her locker, though. She was beside the most popular girls in her class; they all said, acted and did things in the manner that pleased them, thought Alicia, but at times this did not stop her from wanting to be their friend. Every recess they would do the same thing; they would sit down in front of their lockers, eat their snacks, and talk about other people. Alicia opened her locker, aware of their presence. They would sit, pretending not to notice her, but she knew they were looking at her every move. Carefully out of her schoolcase she took something to eat - two sugar cookies. She did this in such a way as to hide her schoolcase from the girls who were sitting beside her. It was not that there was anything wrong with it; it was just that she didn ' t have a knapsack like all the other girls, and they would probably notice it, and make some comment. Alicia stood by her locker, looking at these fine girls. The closest to her was Erika, a short girl wearing overalls who had her wavy auburn hair pulled back in a pony tail with a navy blue ribbon. She also had a great deal of freckles. Erika sat holding an apple, twisting it around and around to break off the stem; a minute later she would begin to devour it. Beside her sat an obnoxious, dark-haired girl, who but for her long hair closely resembled a boy. The three other girls beside them got up and left to go outside. All who remained were Alicia, Erika, and her obnoxious friend. Alicia knew the pattern; every recess and lunch hour it was the same thing - the girls would disperse into tiny groups. She had finished her sugar cookies and went to throw out the waxed paper wrapper in the garbage can behind her. It was as if the two girls beside her had suddenly been reminded of her presence. " You going to Erika ' s today? " the obnoxious one asked Alicia. " No, " replied Alicia. " Why, what ' s going on? " " It ' s her birthday; she ' s having a part ... " At that moment, Erika cut off her friend, and whispered to her that Alicia was not invited. Alicia heard everything that they said. Calmly, she turned around and walked down the hall until she was out of their sight, and then ran out the door, and outside into the dusty schoolyard. She had forgotten her coat; it was late fall and the frosts were just beginning, but she didn ' t care. She ran over to the bars that she had done flips over as a smaller child, and sat on the cold, black metal, rocking herself back and forth and forcing to keep her balance. The words of those two girls stabbed her like a knife; ruthlessly striking at old wounds, Alicia sat there for a few minutes. She wanted to cry but couldn ' t; the bell would ring soon to mark the end of recess, and she musn ' t go in looking upset. It would make things worse. She jumped off the bar, took a deep breath, and followed the other students inside when the bell rang to end recess. The rest of the day Alicia passed in a sort of daze. She did not want to listen to what people said; she wanted to shut out all the awful hurt. She just sat in the class room at her desk, avoiding glancing at Erika and her friends, who sat in the row in front of her. When the bell rang, all the girls huddled together excitedly to discuss what they had gotten Erika for her birthday. It seemed to Alicia that everyone was invited - except her. Having herself nothing to look forward to on the weekend, she just put up the chair on her desk and left the institution. She walked home from school, as she did every day. The leaves had been raked, and the owners had put them in orderly piles out beside their properties to be picked up. Alicia didn ' t care; she walked her way through them, kicking and stamping them as she went. She reached home, and let herself in by the back door, which was always unlocked. In as cheerful a voice as she could manage, she said hello to her mother, who was probably sitting in the den. She took off her coat and hung it on a chair in the hall, and went to the kitchen to get something to eat. Eating always made her feel better anyway. She took some cookies and a glass of milk into the den and sat in a grey rocker, facing her mother. " How was your day? " her mother asked. " " It was okay, " said Alicia. She said it in such a manner that would provoke further questioning from her mother. She hated to volunteer information. Her mother would have to drag today ' s problem out of her. Her mother knew this. " What happened? " her mother persisted gently. The tears began to flow as Alicia related the story to her mother, who sat listening sympathetically. When her daughter had finished, she did not know what to say. She thought she could call Erika ' s mother, but she thought that would probably make matters worse. She saw the awful vulnerability and transparency of her daughter, and wished there was something she could do about it, some way she could make her daughter stronger. She looked at her, eating a cookie and drinking her milk; the tears had closed, but had left huge stains on her face. She did not know what to do for Alicia. Alicia sat looking at her mother, at her ash blonde hair and her softly wrinkled face. She looked at her like the patient who looked at her doctor, expecting a miraculous cure, a magnificent solution to end all hurt. It was not for many years that Alicia would realize that the healing must come from within herself. Her mother tried to cheer her up, and said that she would make her favorite food for supper. This brightened up her daughter a little, and they began to talk of what they could have. It was an hour later when the phone rang. Alicia ' s mother got up from the red sofa she was sitting on, and went to the kitchen to answer it. It was Erika ' s mother. " I ' m so sorry about what happened, " Erika ' s mother said in an extremely apologetic and embarassed voice. " Oh, I see, " responded Alicia ' s mother coolly. " You see, your daughter was invited to Erika ' s party, " insisted Erika ' s mother. " But why did she never get an invitation? " Alicia ' s mother was confused. " What happened to it? " " I ' m so sorry, but you see, Erika ripped it up. " Lisa Stilborn Why Do They Think I ' m Naughty? Bright and early I wake, Ready to have some fun. What could be so improper, For a new day h as just begun! Over the field, off to school My brother, Chris, goes. And over the floor, the milk From my cereal flows. Around the kitchen, On my tricycle I tear. And out the door I go, For only so much can my mother bear. Why do they think I ' m naughty? What have I done so wrong? To God I ' m only one small, lonely note In one big happy song. Rosemary Clyde On the afternoon of Friday, September 19, most of the Grade ll ' s, along with a few Grade 9 ' s and 10 ' s, departed by bus to the Stratford Festival. The group spent a very enjoyable three days there, seeing t wo Shakespearean plays - Twelfth Night and King Lear, We had a chance to see Stratford, and browse through some of the shops. The Stratford trip holds many in- teresting memories . . . who could forget the 8 a.m. breakfasts at MacDonald ' s? Many thanks to Mrs. Hoy, Mrs. Tilson, and Mrs. White, who accompanied us and helped to make the trip a success. Lisa Stilborn In October, the Biology 3A class went on a field trip to Moodie Drive. Equipped with everything from soil sample kits to lunches, these brave nature lovers set forth into the wilderness in the name of Science. This first trip enthused the group so much that they persuaded Mrs. Gundy to take them again in May. 93 What ' s everyone ' s favorite time of year? That week in December . . . exam time, of course! And, just to keep those fond memories fresh in your minds, we ' ve decided to devote a page to them. The moment you looked at that Math exam, you knew you were doomed for failure. And who could ever forget those late nights studying over cups of coffee, or the times when everyone was frantically rushing around, comparing notes with fellow classmates? No doubt, exams will never be forgotten, but just to make sure, we ' ve included this page. rrbite Christmas; piap 97 r SEPTEMBER 4 • School reopens 4 - School opens 13 ■ Coffee House (Ashbury) 14-Avon20K - 19 ■ Grade 11 to Stratford 20 - Coffee House (Elmwood) 27 - United Way Fun Run 3 -.Chi Rho Harvest Hop 4-6 • Labatt ' s Toronto Marathon 5 ■ Chi Rho Eucharist and Lunch 10 - Ottawa Board Cross Country Race 10-13 - Thanksgiving holiday 12 - Sri Chinmoy 17 - Leadership con- ference 17 - Athletic conference 18 - Dance (Ashbury) 28 - Sr. School Cross Country Race 31 - Jr. School Hallowe ' en Party. Bake Sale JANUARY 5 - School re-opens 10 - Snowflake Ball 15 - Bake Sale 16 - Coffee House (Elmwood) 31 - Reach for the lop 31 - Ottawa Citizen Indoor Games 31 - Dance (Ashbury) FEBRUARY 9 - Half term holiday 10-14 -Spirit Week 1 1 - Coffee House (Ashbury) 14 - Valentine ' s Dance (Elmwood) 27 - Tom Jones - prayers MARCH 13 - March Break begins 30 - School re-opens APRIL I - Terry Fox Relay 3 - City Gymnastics Meet - Lisgar 3 - Coffee House (Elmwood) 8 - Ottawa Valley Gymnastics Meet -Sir John A. MacDonald II - Laurentain Road Race 20 - Long weekend 21 - Soccer against Rideau 22 - Tom Jones evening performance 24 - Soccer against Laurentain 25 -Super Sale 27 - Soccer against Immaculata 25 - Tom Jones cast to Port Hope, Ontario 27 - Soccer against Immaculata 29 - Jr. School Drama Group performance MAY 1 - Ottawa Board Soccer Tournament I - Fashion Show 3 -Bonne Bell 10K 4 - Soccer against Lisgar 5 - Soccer against Glebe 7 - Soccer against Brookfield 8- 15 -LB. Exams 9 - Carleton Board Soccer Tournament 9- Ashbury Formal 10 - National Capital Marathon I I - Socceragainst Commerce 13 - Ottawa Board Track Meet 14 - Ottawa Board Track Meet 14 - Soccer against Commerce (Sudden Death) 15 - Ottawa Board Track Meet 18 - Long weekend 19 - Soccer against Ridgemont (Playoffs) 21 - Ottawa Valley Track Meet 21-22 - Junior Entertainment Night 22 - Ottawa Valley Track Meet 23 - Dance(Elmwood) JUNE 1 - Sports Day 3 - Exams begin 5 - Elmwood Grad Dance 10 - Exams end 12 -Closing Spirit Week occurs every February at Elmwood. It generally en- compasses a conglomerate of wearing, tearing, but fun activities. This year ' s Spirit Week featured Mix ' n Match Day, Staff vs. Students Volleyball, Jello Eating Contests, Long Ski Races, Greased Balloon Relays, Pillow Fights on the Beam, and House Tug-o ' -Wars - Whew! ! 101 m bn z CAST Partridge Martha Gall Bridget Allworthy George Gritziotis Squire Allworthy Todd Overtveld Captain Blifil Janieta Eyre Blifil Shannon Jaeger Deborah Anne Tessier Tom Jones Susan Wurtele Square Sandra Titus Thwackum Darya Farha Western Lisa Stilborn Sophia Western Chantelle Jenkins Miss Western " David Power Honour Jenny Leslie Jenny Jones Rosemary Clyde Justice Dowling Danielle Thompson Doctor Sonia Dilawri Sometime in the swirling snows of January, twelve Grade 1 1 students, one Grade 12 student, three Ashbury fellas of varying gradations (and degradations), an artsy Science teacher (Mrs. Peat), and a highly talented English teacher with an idea (Mrs. Scott) got together to present a play. On March 6, the dream became a reality, and " Tom Jones " was played at morning assembly. It was such a roaring success that this unlikely group (!) decided to put on an evening performance on April 22, and entered the Independent School Drama Competition, held at Trinity College School, Port Hope, on April 25. Everyone performed extremely well - to the school ' s immense surprise, not to mention the cast ' s, Elmwood captured one of the three festival awards. Congratulations to Chantelle Jenkins, who was named Best Supporting Actress. 102 3ttnior ( nttr laintneiit ■ 1 ■ 1 1 Junior Entertainment Nights - May 21 and 22 - provided much enjoyment for the many people who attended. " Joseph, " numerous plays and skits and other acts were all part of these memorable evenings. Thanks must be extended to all who participated, and especially to the teachers, for giving up their valuable time in order to produce such a work of art. 105 port Captam Standing: Sabine Jurgens. Back : Fiona Murray (Jr. Nightingale), Holley Knaus (Jr. Fry), Lucy Jones (Jr. Keller). Front: Kathy Suh (Sr. Fry), Liz Sellers (Sr. Nightingale), Sue Wurtele (Sr. Keller). Dear Elmwood, This year got off to a great start back in the fall, when those green Elmwood track suits became part of the gym uniform. Having House games during lunch periods turned out to be a good idea. Every Thursday, Keller, Fry and Nightingale would sweat it out playing soccer, Germanball, volleyball or basketball. Those sure were fun (occasionally violent) times! In October we had an inter-House cross-country run through Rockcliffe Park for the Senior School, which was won by Keller. There were two race courses and the top runners in each received ribbons and McDonald ' s gift cer- tificates. During the winter months we had an inter-House volleyball tournament, which took place every Wednesday night at Queen Juliana Hall. Fry ended up winning, with Keller second and Nightingale a close third. Many thanks to the three House Sports Captains - Kathy Suh, Sue Wurtele and Elizabeth Sellers - for their organization and spirit. Elmwood has had several school teams competing against other schools in Ottawa and the Valley. Each one brought experiences that I ' m sure the participants will always remember! The first team out was a twelve member. Elm- wood Ashbury running team in September, for the United Way Fun Run, where Mrs. Butler placed third in the female teachers ' division. The next was an Ottawa Citizen Indoor Games team whose relay won their heat. Elmwood sent a 13 member relay team to the City Championship and the Ottawa Valley Gymnastics meets. Eleven runners competed in the Laurentian High School Invitational Raod Race - A 5K course where each girl ran a personal best. The soccer team played in two day long tournaments, two exhibition games, six regular season games, and even made it into the playoffs! Way to go, team . . . lots of fun, exercise and lessons in sportsmanship!! The track and field team went to three meets in mid-May and competed in relay, track, field and long distance events, with some girls qualifying for the Valley Meet. In addition to the interscholastic teams, Elmwoodians have run in road races this year, of distances from six to 26 miles. These races include the Avon 20K, Sri Chinmoy Marathon, Kanata 10 Mile Race, Bonne Bell 10K, and the National Capital Marathon, and also an out-of towner, the Labatt ' s Toronto Marathon. These races were really tests of endurance and determination. Congratulations to all of you! I hope everyone will continue to participate in the sports aspect of Elmwood next year, or will try it out, whether on a school team, House team, or a fun workout after school. The success of this year ' s program is to be credited to Mrs. Butler, who refereed every House game, race and tournament, coached every team, and inspired us by running in each of the road races. Her energy, enthusiasm and spirit are limitless. We thank you for your support and encouragement. I ' ve really enjoyed being Sports Captain this past year . . . best of luck to next year ' s! ! Sabine 108 b trj pronto J la ration And so it was off to Toronto for our first " out-of-towner " on Saturday morning (October 4). We arrived in Toronto, left our bags in our suite, and took off for the Eaton Centre before it closed. Our psyche-up for the race was going to see " The Changeling " that night. The next day, at the marathon, we ran 20K (right, guys?!), pacing Bill Rodgers. The rest of Sunday was spent going up the CN Tower, seeing " Airplane, " and en- countering some typical Torontonians in a certain Colonel Saunders restaurant. But everything has its end - we packed up and left Monday morning, after three of the gang (the wierd ones) went for a 6 a.m. run in Queen ' s Park, while the other two (the lazy ones) slept in. Altogether, it was a really memorable time for all of us. Sabine Jurgens Back Row: Liz Sellers, Sabine Jurgens, Mrs. Butler. Front: Kathy Suh. Paula Gilbert. J Urafl)on Above: Sabine Jurgens, Paula Gilbert, Mrs. Butler. The Sri Chinmoy Marathon was run on October 12. Three eager runners - Sabine Jurgens, Paula Gilbert, and Mrs. Butler - entered the race. Each ran two thirds of the marathon (18 miles), which was the farthest distance every run by Paula. Well done! Above: Lise Paradis, Sabine Jurgens, Mrs Butler. Three runners participated in this year ' s National Capital Marathon - Sabine Jurgens, Lise Paradis and Mrs. Butler. Sabine and Mrs. Butler each ran a half marathon, while Lise did an additional three miles and ran 16. 109 Well The Bonne Bell 10K is a ten kilometre race that was run on a scenic course through Rockclitfe Park. This year, the " short " distance attracted a few more runners, although two of them were unable to run, due to illness and injury. For those that did compete, however, the experience and enjoyment that came with running the race will be something that will never be forgotten. Back Row: Sabine Jurgens, Liz Sellers, Paula Gilbert, Mrs. Butler, Shiela Reid. Front Row: Lise Paradis, Christina Campbell, Elisabeth Preston, Kathy Suh. lauretitian $oab Eace This year ' s Laurentian Invitational Road Race was held on a Saturday, resulting in the absence of our defending champion for the Senior category, Sabine Jurgens. The entire group ran in the Senior category; everyone ran a personal best for the three mile course. As well, Niquette Ruddock captured third place, and Rosemary Clyde came in sixth. Back Row: Elizabeth McClenahan, Lynn Robertson, Elisabeth Preston, Mrs. Butler, Rosemary Clyde, Paula Gilbert, Lise Paradis. Front Row: Lisa Ostiguay, Christina Campbell, Shiela Reid, Kathy Suh. 110 The Ottawa Citizen Indoor Games were held on Saturday. January 31. Two teams competed - a Senior and Junior relay team. The Senior team came first in their heat, but failed to qualify. The Junior team was third in their heat. As well, Sabine Jurgens ran the Senior 800 metres, clocking a very good time. Back Row: Niquette Ruddock, Sheila Reid, Elise Braithwaite, Paula Gilbert. Mrs. Butler, Kathy Suh, Sabine Jurgens. Front Row: Mrs. O ' Brien, Lucy Jones, Le ' ilani Farha, Cindy Rhodes, Rebecca Gwyn. Absent: Madeleine Alexander. erry fox Helap All participants in the Terry Fox Relay were required to run 800 metres. The Senior team, after overcoming a minor crisis (a misplaced person), finished the race in a fairly good time. The Juniors, who got caught in the rain, were very swift, and finished in the middle of their heat. Back Row, Left to Right: Carina van Heyst, Liz Sellers, Christina Campbell. Kathy Suh, Mrs. Butler, Elisabeth Preston, Angelika Orfanos, Shiela Reid. Niquette Ruddock, Elise Braithwaite, Rosemary Clyde, Paula Gilbert, Sabine Jurgens. Front Row: Mrs. O ' Brien, Fiona Murray, Krista Wedekamm, Sarah Molson, Rebecca Gwyn, Lara Wilson, Alii Martin, Leilani Farha, Holley Knaus, Anne Thurgood, Jo-Anne Goneau, Tassie Cameron, Lucy Jones. H2 Back Row: Elizabeth McClenahan, Elisabeth Preston, Lise Paradis, Sarah Peat, Sheila Reid, Christina Campbell, Carina van Heyst, Paula Gilbert. Front Row: Niquette Ruddock, Lisa Ostiguay, Heather Rogers, Sabine Jurgens, Sue Warren, Kathy Suh. Absent: Mrs. Butler, Clare Butler, Angelika Organos, Liz Sellers. Many people took part in Track and Field this year. Our first meet was the Ottawa Board meet at Charlebois (relays), Laurentian (field), and Charlebois and Ridge- mont (track). Several people qualified for the Valley meet, where our best performance was by Elise Braithwaite, who was fifth in the 400 metres. However, everyone did really well. Next year, perhaps we ' ll get even farther - who knows? Back Row, Left to Right: Sabine Jurgens, Soraya Farha, Elizabeth Ashworth, Elizabeth Mc- Clenahan, Rebecca Pike, Marion Jones, Mrs. Butler (Coach), Elisabeth Preston, Sue Wurtele, Rosemary Todd, Kathy Suh. Middle Row: Paula Gilbert, Sheila Reid, Heather Rogers, Sarah Onyango, Lisa Ostiguay. Front Row: Elise Braithwaite, Caroline Garwood, Michelle Friend, Chirstina Campbell. 113 %v. Soccer Back Row, Left to Right: Clare Butler, Soraya Farha, Chris Assad, Mrs. Butler (Coach), Liz Sellers, Alison Lee, Lise Paradis, Carina van Heyst. Front Row: Rosemary Todd, Paula Gilbert, Sabine Jurgens, Mary Simpson, Christina Campbell, Michelle Friend, Kathy Suh. Absent: Claudia Fuerst, Fiona Gale, Andrea Korda, Caroline Martin, Liz Seward, Sue Warren. Back Row, Left to Right: Mrs. O ' Brien (Coach), Judy Korecky, Lucy Jones, Roberta Bouchard, Lara Wilson, Cindy Rhodes. Rebecca Gwyn, Alii Martin. Lisa Hopkins. Front Row: Jo-Anne Goneau, Anne Thurgood, Leilani Farha, Fiona Murray, Holley Knaus, Nadia Jacquot, Nicola Maule. Absent: Madeleine Alexander. 115 The tennis team did quite well this year, under the direction of Mrs. Knap. As usual, the team took part in the Ottawa Board High School Tournament. After all the matches, Elmwood had finished with quite a high standing. Well done! Back Row, Left to Right: Paula Gilbert, Liz Sellers, Marion Jones, Kathy Suh. Front Row: Jennifer Cheney, Jessica Rudy, Heather Rogers, Niquette Ruddock, Maureen Assaly. Absent: Alix Cooper, Caroline Martin, Lise Paradis. (£ vmm tic$ As in previous years, Elmwood has had a gymnastics team. Devoted members were often seen in the gym in the early morning (8 a.m.) practises. But all their hard work paid off, and everyone performed very well in her specialty in the meets they attended. Many thanks to Mrs. Butler, for her patience and her devotion. Back Row, Left to Right: Sabine Jurgens, Christina Campbell, Teresa Basmski, Mrs. Butler (Coach). Front Row: Mary Simpson, Liz Sellers, Heather Rogers, Sarah Onyango. 116 Senior intramurals (House games) were held at lunch hours this year. Although there was no fixed schedule, a volleyball tournament was held during the Second Term; Fry ended up winning. Other games included soccer, German ball, floor hockey (once), soccer-baseball, and co-operative games. Many thanks to Mrs. Butler and Sabine Jurgens for their super organization. Jr. Merform ame Back Row: Mrs. O ' Brien, Betsy Gall, Vicky Grossmann-Hensel, Eliza James, Karyn Simpson, Paige Kemball. Front Row: Ellen Bruce, Ashwina Bijoor, Penny Worby, Alex Merklinger, Samantha Gatti, Jennifer Hopkyns, Ann Truner, Theodora van Royen, Gillian Hewitt. Soccer Back Row: Mrs. O ' Brien. Holley Knaus, Fiona Murray, Julie Anne Brunet, Lisa Hopkyns. Cindy Rhodes, Ida di Menza. Front Row: Teri Haakonson, Leilani Farha. Nadia Jacquot. Jodie Pullen, Krista Wedekamm. floor Back Row: Margaret Purdie, Sarah Molson, Mrs. O ' Brien, Chantelle Brown, Jennifer McConnery, Susan Westley, Alii Martin, Cheryl Carson, Nicola Grainger. Front Row: Janet Walker, Janet Onyango, Jill Cohen, Anne Thurgood, Rebecca Gwyn, Nicola Maule, Chris Jodoin, Annabel Mandy. 118 Sports Day was held on June 1 this year, and the weather, unlike last year, was very co-operative. With not a cloud in the sky, the entire school was outside, participating in numerous track and field and other events. Thank you. Mrs. Butler and Mrs. O ' Brien, for organizing such a won- derful day. Avowry jrormal mbt 15 Mzvnovkx It all began with strip poker . . .spin the bottle . . . watermelon party in the park . . . What ' s wrong with Andrea? . . . Chi Rho . . . the pictures . . . Ken and Barbie . . Weanie Beanie Roast . . . R.U. Givener . . painting the rainbow . . . the Underwear Flag . . . the joke ' s on us! . . . Templeton Youth Conference . . . what a weekend 0 Canada (what are the words?) . . . grapefruit . . . Health Day . . . Our delicious lunches . . . the talent filled Talent Show . . . Let There be Sex on Earth . . . Alison in a " Hayes " . . . Lise ' s lyrics . . . who wants coffee and who ' ll share a teabag? . . . not Rejects meeting AGAIN? . . . Prefects, Rejects or Defects? . . . Chrissie ' s rainbow balloons . . . frisbee in the park . . . Bagel Bagel . . Burger King . . . Baskm ' s 25 t day . . . suntanning on the fire escape . . . those grad write-ups . . . " Return to Sender " . . . Hen Parties ... or is it Henna Parties 7 . . . Barbeques. Formals, garden parties, pool parties . . and Summer! ! Ceremonies Closing was once again held in the Mont St. Joseph gymnasium, this year on June 12. The procession was generally the same - the arrival of the official party, speeches, and, of course, the prize giving. Unfortunately, it was raining this year, so everyone had to go into the school; however, everything went very smoothly. Everyone enjoyed both the ceremony and the reception afterwards, so it was a very nice end to the school year. Mr. Vice-Chairman, Mrs. Whitwill, Ladies and Gentlemen, Staff and Fellow Students: We have come to the end of a busy, rewarding, intersting, but not always easy year. It was a different atmosphere that we came back to last fall - Mrs. Aldous was no longer with us. Then, during the course of the First Term, Mrs. Davies and Miss Gwilym left. We were extremely fortunate to their replacements, however; Mrs. Gundy replaced Mrs. Aldous. Mrs. White became the new administrative assistant, and Mrs. McCabe, Mrs. Davis, and our only male teacher, Mr. Yates, joined the Elmwood staff. We all learned to pull together as we settled in to our various jobs, so Elmwood was able to have the usual bake sales, dances, coffee houses, Spirit Week, Sports Day, and something the Students ' Council will never forget - the famous Spice Sale, from which we raised approximately $800 for the Students ' Council. The Grade Thirteens will remember the sale with particular fondness, as the spices were all stored in our classroom! Neither will we soon forget Spirit Week, with the greased balloon race, the cardboard race, the Jello eating contest, and, last but definitely not least, the talent filled Talent Show. This may make it sound as if Elmwood is fun and games - I know my father is nodding his head to that - but such is not really the case. Elmwood has vitality and is a growing concern and more and more we are expanding our various activities - for example, sports and drama. This year, for the first time, the Elmwood soccer team made it to the city playoffs. Track and field is more than holding its own, as is the gymnastics team. Our Grade Nine class entered a city wide competition to promote better nutrition in the schools, and for their efforts, won one of the twenty prizes worth a thousand dollars each. In drama, our Elmwood Theatre Company competed against nine other schools, and Chantelle Jenkins won the award for Best Supporting Actress. Anyone who attended the Junior Entertainment Nights a couple of weeks-ago will appreciate all the talent we have here at Elmwood. Special thanks are due to Mrs. Butler for her hard work and dedication to the sports programs, and to Mrs. Peat, Mrs. Scott, Mrs. O ' Brien and all the others who assisted with drama. As well, Liz Sellers in Grade Eleven has been accepted into the International School of Wales this year - the Atlantic College. She will be one more Elmwood delegate going out into the world. Congratulations and good luck, Liz. Not only have we come to the end of a good year, but for us graduates, it is also the end of a rewarding period of our lives. A period in which almost without noticing the change, we have not only been given the basic subjects required for a modern education, but we have also been taught and encouraged to develop the personal skills which will be so necessary as we leave Elmwood and take our places out in the world. And it is in this very area where Elmwood provides that little extra something to its graduates. It is an area frequently overlooked, as it is not rewarded by prizes, scholarships or other such visible expressions, but where success is seen in the maturity of the individual, the ability to think for one ' s self, the discipline and self confidence to lead as well as to follow. We in the graduating class are all going on to the mixed and various careers of our choices: some to Medicine, some to English, Music, the Sciences or the Arts. Elmwood ' s success as a school is demonstrated by the fact that we are now ready to leave the security and safe atmosphere of the school. Not only ready to leave, but eagerly looking forward to the next step in our life ' s journey. Where this journey will lead us, we do not know, but it seems to me that there are obligations for us to fulfill - first, an obligation to ourselves to live up to our motto " Summa Summarum " - " Highest of the High " ; second, an obligation to our families and to all who have helped and taught us; and third, an obligation to our countries - countries because we have girls here at Elmwood who are from so many different lanes - to become worthy and useful citizens and to play an active part in the affairs of our respective communities. To Liz, next year ' s Head Girl, to her prefects, and to the class: our best wi shes. Do not be afraid of problems; they do go away, even though it does not always seem like it. And all of you, just hang in there together, because then you will have one of the best years of your time here at Elmwood. And to my class, I would like to thank you all for your support and friendship to me and to each other. It was a great year; it had its downs, but they made the ups all the better. And to Amanda and the rest of the prefects, you made a great team and you were fantastic. Thank you. Finally, on behalf of all the 1981 graduating class, I would like to say a sincere thank you to Mrs. Whitwill and all the teaching staff, both of Elmwood and Ashbury. You have all been marvellous and unbelievably patient with us. We are truly grateful and will look back on our time at Elmwood with great pleasure. Thank you all so much. Alison Lee Head Girl 125 JUNIOR FORM PRIZES FOR THE HIGHEST AVERAGE OF THE YEAR: Grade 3 Ian Brodie Grade 4 Margaret Grodde Grade 5 Diane Burgess Grade 6 Gillian Hewitt Grade 7M Tassie Cameron Grade 7S Milena Sigmund Grade 8C Meera Johri Grade 8M Holley Knaus PROFICIENCY STANDING: 80% and over, up to and including Grade 10 75% and over, in Grades 11,12 and 13 Grade 4 Brit Christensen, Heidi Staseson Grade 5 . . . Diane Burgess Grade 6 Ashwina Bijoor, Ellen Bruce, Vicky Grossmann-Hensel. Gillian Hewitt, Eliza James, Anne Turner. Grade 7M Maria Ansari, Tassie Cameron, Lucy Jones. Judy Korecky, Catherine Lougheed. Grade 7S . Milena Sigmund Grade 8C Chantelle Brown, Jillian Cohen, Christine Jodoin. Meera John. Annabel Mandy, Alexandra Martin, Nicola Maule, Christine Onyango, Margaret Purdie, Anne Thurgood. Janet Walker, Susan Westley. Grade 8M Holley Knaus, Ida di Menza, Anna Sherwood, Krista Wedekamm. Grade 9 Christina Campbell, Caroline Garwood, Chantal Mazur, Sarah Noyes-Roberts, Janet Onyango, Elisabeth Preston. Niquette Ruddock, Philippa Sheppard, Quentin Woloschuk. Grade 10J Sarah Onyango, Sarah Peat Grade 10T Kathy Dick, Juliana Farha, Marion Jones, Sarah Thorpe, Kalli Varaklis, Elizabeth Westley. Grade 110 Jillian Baker, Jennifer Cheney, Rosemary Clyde, Shelly Donaldson, Janieta Eyre, Joanna Pocock, Elizabeth Sellers. Lisa Stilborn, Susan Wurtele. Grade IIP Darya Farha, Chantelle Jenkins, Barbara Paczynski, Ann Raby Anne Tessier, Sandra Titus. Grade 12 Claudia Fuerst, Fiona Gale, Lynn Robertson, Debbie Seropian. Kathy Suh. JUNIOR SCHOOL CREATIVE WRITING Margaret Grodde, Heidi Staseson, Theodora van Royen. JUNIOR BOOK LOVERS PRIZE Betsy Gall, Margaret Grodde. Melmda Hamlyn, Andrew Worby JUNIOR SCHOOL POETRY Ida di Menza JUNIOR SCHOOL FRENCH Nicola Maule ( ' G ' Level), Brit Christensen ( ' A ' Level). Annabel Mandy ( ' E ' Level) BERNADETTE SHEPPARD PRIZES FOR JUNIOR DRAMA . Nadia Jacquot, Paige Kemball. Theodora van Royen JUNIOR ART Michelle Munro, Sarah Molson JUNIOR SCHOOL MATHEMATICS (GRADE 8) Susan Westley GAUSS MATHEMATICS CONTEST (Set up by the University of Waterloo) Highest mark at Elmwood Anne Thurgood Highest mark in Grade 7 Judy Korecky JUNIOR SCIENCE PRIZE Margaret Purdie FRENCH IMMERSION HISTORY Judy Korecky (Grades 7 and 8), Gillian Hewitt. Vicky Grossmann- Hensel (Grades 5 and 6). SCHULTZ PRIZE FOR EFFORT Murray Forrester, Cindy Rhodes PRIZE FOR SUSTAINED EFFORT Vanessa Smith JUNIOR PRIZE FOR PROGRESS Anne Turner LAIDLER CUP: Awarded to the girl who, not necessarily the highest in the form in studies or sports, has made her mark on the Junior School by her good character and dependability. It is given to a girl who can be relied upon at any time, and is always helpful and thoughtful of others. Awarded to Susan Westley SOUTHAM CUP FOR JUNIOR ENDEAVOUR: Awarded for the highest endeavour in all phases of school life in the Junior School. It is the equivalent of the Summa Summarum in the Senior School. It is given to the girl who best lives up to the ideals of Elmwood, who shows leadership, friendliness and help- fulness to others in the school. Awarded to Ida di Menza SPORTS AWARDS JUNIOR INTERFORM SOCCER 8M(Leilani Farha) JUNIOR INTERFORM FLOOR HOCKEY 8C (Cheryl Carson) JUNIOR INTERFORM VOLLEYBALL 6 (Eliza James) FAUQUIER JUNIOR CUP FOR SPORTSMANSHIP Lucy Jones CROWDY-WEIR BANTAM SPORTS CUP Dominic Miller JUNIOR TENNISSINGLES Holley Knaus SOUTHAM INTERMEDIATE TENNIS DOUBLES Marion Jones, Elizabeth Sellers INTERMEDIATE TENNISSINGLES Elizabeth Sellers SENIOR TENNIS SINGLES Elizabeth Sellers WILSON GORDON TENNIS DOUBLES Elizabeth Sellers. Kathy Suh DUNLOP INTERMEDIATE SPORTS CUP Paula Gilbert WILSON SENIOR SPORTS CUP Elizabeth Sellers SENIOR INTER-HOUSE VOLLEYBALL Fry GREEN FORM DRILL CUP Grade 9 MOST VALUABLE PLAYERS Mary Simpson. Rosemary Todd PHYSICAL EDUCATION GOLD MEDAL Sabine Jurgens MAYNARD SPORTSMANSHIP CUP Christina Campbell INTER-HOUSE SPORTS CUP Nightingale (Chris Assad) ROTHWELL GRADE 9 ENGLISH PRIZE Christina Campbell. Philippa Sheppard INTERMEDIATE ENGLISH (GRADE 10) Sarah Peat INTERMEDIATE ENGLISH (GRADE 11) Lisa Stilborn INTERMEDIATE FRENCH Lisa Stilborn, Philippa Sheppard INTERMEDIATE SPANISH Christina Campbell INTERMEDIATE GEOGRAPHY Elizabeth Westley INTERMEDIATE FRENCH IMMERSION GEOGRAPHY .... Elizabeth McClenahan INTERMEDIATE HISTORY Lisa Stilborn INTERMEDIATE ART Niquette Ruddock INTERMEDIATE MATHEMATICS Elizabeth Westley INTERMEDIATE SCIENCE Jillian Baker ELIZABETH TANCZYK SCIENCE PRIZE Philippa Sheppard FOR INTEREST SPECIAL PRIZE FOR ALL ROUND ACADEMIC Jillian Baker EXCELLENCE BELL RINGER ' S PRIZE Christina Campbell CHOIR PRIZE Anne Tessier GREENBLATT GRADE 12 ENGLISH PRIZE Lynn Robertson JUNIOR MATRICULATION FRENCH Kathy Suh FIRESTONE JUNIOR MATRICULATION Kalli Varaklis LATIN PRIZE COYNE GRADE 12 HISTORY PRIZE Lynn Robertson JUNIOR MATRICULATION GEOGRAPHY Claudia Fuerst JUNIOR MATRICULATION MATHEMATICS Kathy Suh SENIOR MATRICULATION ENGLISH Soraya Farha SENIOR MATRICULATION FRENCH Soraya Farha SENIOR MATRICULATION SPANISH Susan Isaac, Debora Seropian SENIOR MATRICULATION CLASSICS Susannah Warren SENIOR MATRICULATION GEOGRAPHY Susannah Warren SENIOR MATRICULATION HISTORY Andrew Johnson SENIOR MATRICULATION ART Jeff Mierms SENIOR DRAMA Shannon Jaeger SENIOR MATRICULATION MATHEMATICS Rosaline Ngan SENIOR MATRICULATION PHYSICS AND Elizabeth Seward CHEMISTRY SENIOR MATRICULATION BIOLOGY Sabine Jurgens OLD GIRLS ' HOUSE MOTTO PRIZE (THREE GIRLS ELIGIBLE) FRY: Elizabeth Ashworth KELLER: Sabine Jurgens NIGHTINGALE: Elizabeth Sellers WINNER: Elizabeth Ashworth HEADMISTRESS ' PRIZE Alison Lee HOUSE HEAD AWARDS Sue Warren (Fry), Andrea Korda (Keller), Chris Assad (Nightingale). GRAHAM FORM TROPHY Grade 13 THOMAS PRIZE: A gift of books for Grade 3 to be given in the name of a senior girl who has helped with the programme in that area of the school. Awarded to Lise Paradis ALL ROUND CONTRIBUTION TO SCHOOL LIFE Jennifer Leslie EWING CUP FOR CHARACTER Maria Elana de Corcuera LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR ' S MEDAL FOR HIGHEST Kathy Suh ACHIEVEMENT IN GRADE TWELVE THE PHILPOT TOKEN: For cheerful help, loyal support and effective leadership throughout the school body this year. Awarded to Amanda Lovatt SUMMASUMMARUM Awarded to the Senior girl who has tried most faithfully to live up to the ideals and best traditions of the School, and who possesses the qualities of integrity, trustworthiness, the spirit of comradeship and the capacity to achieve. The winner ' s name to be added to the illustrious list on the plaque in the hail. Awarded to. Alison Lee GOVERNOR GENERAL ' S MEDAL FOR HIGHEST Soraya Farha PROFICIENCY IN GRADE 13 127 MR. MRS. E. ASHWORTH MR. MRS. L.G. ASSALY MR. MRS. BEN BAKER DR. JOSEPH BASINSKI DR. SUNANDA BIJOOR MRS. PAT BUTLER MR. MRS. D.H.CHENEY MR. MRS. M.A. COHEN ANDREW AND LILLA CONNIDIS PAUL F. DEACON DR. MRS. JOHN DE MERCADO HYLDA GEORGE DICK MR. MRS. D.G. DONALDSON FRED CONSTANCE GRODDE MR. MRS. GROSSMANN-HENSEL J. R. GUNDY DR. HARV HAAKONSON JUDGE MRS. P.D. HAMLYN MRS. HARWOOD-JONES N.S. HEWITT DIANE HILLARY MR. MRS. JACKI JACQUOT MR. MRS. D.J. JAMES CONSTANCE M. JONES DONALD BEVERLY KELLY MR. ROBERT KELLY PETER R. NANCY KEMBALL DR. DAVID J. KENNY MRS. E.M.D. LESLIE MR. MRS. FRANK LING MR. MRS. R.A. MacLEOD dr. mrs. c.j. maule mr. mrs. w.l. mazur mr. mrs. r.b. McCartney mr. mrs. r.g. mcclenahan MR. MRS. R.J. McCORMACK MRS. J. O ' BRIEN H.E. FRANCISCO PAPARONI CARLOS P. PATRICKSON GEORGE PIKE LAWRENCE RABY MR. MRS. W.J. REILLY MR. MRS. R.C. RICKERD MRS. G. RIDDELL GEORGE MARGARET ROBERTSON MRS. GERALD S. SAUNDERS PENELOPE J. SCOTT DR. MRS. FRANK J. SELLERS MR. MRS. J. SIGMUND JUDY STEINER MR. MRS. KEITH STILBORN MR. MRS. C. STOLTZ DR. MRS. M. SUH MR. MRS. JOHN I.TAVEL DR. MRS. V. VON ARNIM WILLIAM R. MARGARET WHITE MRS. J.C.WHITWILL MICHAEL H.WILSON B.Z. WOLOSCHUK THE EDITORS 130 MOTORS dilciwri CHEVROLET OLDSMOBILE LTO. Our Sales Keep People Coming 11 Dependable Parts and Service Keep People Smiling Amberdawn Ford AMBERDAWN FORD SALES LTD 132 Guildline Instruments BEST WISHES to the STAFF AND STUDENTS of ELMWOOD Guildline Instruments Ltd. 21 Gilroy Street Smiths Falls, Ontario Canada, K7A 4S9 Telephone (613) 283-3000 Telex 053-3028 Compliments of ELMWOOD ' S DANCE COMMITTEE 1980-1981 19 - 21 Beechwood JOLICOEUR LTD. QUINCAILLE 749 5959 HARDWARE Home Hardware CLEAVER-BROOKS OF CANADA LTD. Tel: 729-3161 JOHN M JOHN M. SCHERMERHORN )RN LTD. 827 Churchill Ave. Ottawa, Ont. K1Z 5G9 Compliments of STUDENTS COUNCIL 1980-1981 134 Compliments of MR. AND MRS. FRANK ASHWORTH Toronto D.D. LISTER ASHBURY COLLEGE 362 MARIPOSA OTTAWA, ONTARIO Telephone K1M0T3 (613)749-2178 135 seven new library display posters 18. WESTERNS A lariat forms the border of this illustration of a cowhand about to rope a steer The lettering is in a style of the old west. Bilingual Yellow and brown on cinnamon paper Design • Gordon Keith 16 " x 22 " PARENTINC EDUCATION FAMILIALE 15. PARENTING EDUCATION FAMILIALE The poster draws attention to the many excellent books providing advice and guidance in the raising of children Bilingual Brown on sauterne 16 " x22 " Design • Gregory Prosser SUPER BOOKS FOR YOU DES LIVRES SUPERBES POURTOI A children ' s poster combining fantasy and characters from classics of children ' s literature. Bilingual Blue and sandstone on yellow 16 " x 22 " Design • Steve Walker j© owns Mi MSHB , JSLJSL ItimttMIClMSHeiK FOR ALL AGES -ttyonr public library Swing int o Jltet . " Entrant dans Ujeur tOrtB 20. SPORTS SWING INTO ACTION! ENTRONS DANS LE JEU! Sixteen different sports are illustrated in a bold, graphic style Bilingual Dark blue and red on light blue 16 " x 22 " Design • Gordon Keith -tvotre blbliothiqne pnbliqoe POUR TOUSLES AGES 16 CRAFTS AND HOBBIES ARTISANATET PASSE- TEMPS JUST PICK A BOOK 1 ' RENEZ UN LIVRE! This poster features twelve crafts and hobbie s, from candlemaking to stamp- collecting The tools and finished product of each craft are illustrated centred around a sun design. Bilingual Bright orange on antique gold 16 " x 22 " Design • Gordon Keith 17 A) FOR ALL AGES POUR TOUSLES AGES AT YOUR PUBLIC LIBRARY AVOTRE BIBLIOTHEQUE PUBLIQUE Promotes the idea of library as resource centre For the entire fmaily Each room illustrates a different service available in libraries Bilingual Dark blue on yellow 16 " x22 " Design • Gordon Keith 17. B) The same poster as 17 (A) but without the world public publique More useful to school libraries. Bilingual earlier posters available 1. GARDENING 8 BOOKS ABOUT THE MOVIES 2. BOOKS FOR TRAVEL 9 BOOKS FOR WOMEN 3. WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE 10 DETECTIVE 4. ONLY YESTERDAY 11 NORTH AMERICAN INDIANS 5. GHOSTLY GOODIES AND AND ESKIMOS DREADFUL DRAGONS 12 COOKING 6. ANTIQUES 13 MYSTERY AND ADVENTURE 7. FRIENDLY ANIMALS 14 PHOTOGRAPHY PRICE PER POSTER $2.50 TOLL FREE . Qrf 0 from anywhere 1 a OUU B 207 H 3002 in Canada (in B.C. dial 112-800-267-3622) Place Edge of Photo Here Box 8707 - OTTAWA - K1G 3M4 L7 P CO INC TELEX 053-4402 136 RobertsonNickerson Limited CONSULTING ENGINEERS MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS INDUSTRIAL MARKETING AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT 75 ALBERT STREET, OTTAWA KIP 5E7 (613)238-4625 BRANCH OFFICES: HALIFAX, N.S. SASKATOON, SASK. V ) 137 This drawing, called " Decision 80 " was done by a third year student in the School of Architecture here at Carleton University One thing we like about the drawing is that every- one who sees it gets a different impression of what it says about life and making decisions, and the future » It you ' re leaving high school this . year, one " Decision " that you have to make is where, or even whether, to get a university education And if you ' re seriously considering going into university, we ' d like you to think a little about Carleton FRANK P TONON B 3c PHM Manager 33 BEFCHWOOD AVE ICORNER MACKAY) OTTAWA, ONTARIO KIM 1M1 NE W EDINB UR GH PHARMACY (FORMERLY HARTS) (6131 746 4684 The Samara Committee of 1980-1981 Would Like to Express Their Appreciation for the Support of the Patrons the Advertiser ' s and the Students without Whom This Yearbook Would Not Have Been Possible 138 Customer Parking at all Convenient Lots 139 i£ cf)ool Btrectorp NAME GR. ADDRESS PHONE Abraham, Leonard 3 17 Oriole Drive, Ottawa Kl J 7E8 746-9600 Ahamad, Ian 4 17 Chesswood Court, Nepean K2E 7E3 226-2710 Alexander, Madeleine 8 129 Rideau Terrace, Ottawa KIM 0Y9 741-8661 Ansari, Maria 6 751 Parkdale Ave., Apt. 406, Ottawa K1G 0Y9 728-6805 Argo, Suzette 7 Chelsea, Quebec JOX 1N0 827-1843 Asnworth, Elizabeth 12 P.O. Box 1094, Smiths Falls, Ontario K7A 5B4 1-283-5819 Assad, Christine 13 400 Notre Dame, Gatineau, Quebec 663-7454 Assaly, Maureen 10 290 Faircrest Road, Ottawa K1H 5E3 733-9640 Baker, Jillian 11 605 Duff Crescent, Ottawa Kl J 7C6 746-081 1 Baker, Joscelyn 9 148B Woodridge Crescent, Nepean K2B 7T1 828-5099 Banister, Pippa 7 33 RockcliffeWay, Ottawa KIM 1B3 746-1053 Basinski, Teresa 10 25 Whitburn Crescent, Nepean K2H 5K5 828-9361 Beck, Joanne 7 R.R. 2, Steeple Hill Cr., Richmond, Ontario KOA 2Z0 838-5968 Bell, Susan 12 26 Wick Crescent, Ottawa K1J 7H2 741-5093 Bell, Tara 11 500 Kenwood Avenue, Ottawa K2A0L3 729-8639 Benitz, Victoria 11 420 Wood Avenue, Ottawa KIM 1J9 741-8100 Bindman, Jennifer 11 223 Crocus Avenue, Ottawa K1H 6E7 521-0238 Bijoor, Ashwina 6 7 Woodview Crescent, Ottawa K1B 3B1 824-1517 Blair, Heidi 13 189 Glebe Avenue, Ottawa K1S 2C5 234-5537 Booker, Linda 10 250 Springfield Road, Ottawa KIM 0K9 741-6018 Bouchard, Roberta 7 27 RockcliffeWay, Ottawa KIM 1B3 745-9911 Braithwaite, Elise 10 723 Ludgate Court, Ottawa K1J 8K8 741-5542 Brodie, Elanor 5 205 Daly Avenue, Ottawa K1N6G1 234-2653 Brodie, Ian 3 205 Daly Avenue, Ottawa K1N6G1 234-2653 Brown, Chantelle 8 404 474 Wilbrod Street, Ottawa KIN 6M9 235-2483 Brown, Debbie 10 39 Mohawk Crescent, Nepean K2H 7G7 829-1723 Bruce, Ellen 6 178 Fourth Avenue, Ottawa K1S 2L6 232-7265 Brunet, Julie Ann 8 118 Springfield Road, Ottawa KIM 1C6 749-6677 Bulmer, Tamsyn 5 272 Stewart Street, Ottawa KIN 6K4 234-5239 Burgess, Diane 5 1955 Cardinal Court, Ottawa K1J 8J7 741-1060 Butler, Clare 13 Government House, Rideau Cottage, Ottawa Kl A 0A1 749-8572 Butler, Katherine 7 43 Dunvegan Road, Ottawa K1K 3G1 746-3535 Cameron, Tassie 7 124 Keefer Street, Ottawa KIM 1T5 746-4711 Campbell, Christina 9 39 Amberly Place, Ottawa Kl J 7J9 746-3399 Carson, Cheryl 8 203 Penfield Drive, Kanata K2K 1M8 592-3311 Chan Shuk Yin, Rotex 12 1971 St. Laurent Blvd., Apt. 1106, Ottawa KlG 3P8 733-5456 Cheney, Jennifer 11 588 Duff Crescent, Ottawa K1J 7C5 746-7306 Christensen, Brit 4 320 Cloverdale Road, Ottawa KIM 0X3 741-0572 Clark, David 3 66 Stanley Avenue, Ottawa KIM 1P6 745-3930 Clyde, Rosemary 11 2138 Dutton Crescent, Ottawa K1J 6K4 749-2387 Cohen, Jillian 8 25 Davidson Drive, Ottawa Kl J 6L7 749-9167 Cooper, Alexander 10 838 Nicholson Avenue, Ottawa K1V 6N5 731-9115 Cooper, Jennifer 9 838 Nicholson Avenue, Ottawa KlV 6N5 731-9115 Davies, Elizabeth 5 120 Landsdowne Road, Ottawa KIM ON4 749-3393 Deacon, Jennifer 7 112 Acacia Avenue, Ottawa KIM 0P9 746-7316 de Corcuera, Maria 11 69 Longeuil St., Box 183, Cantley, Quebec JOX 1L0 827-0797 de Mercado, Anne 7 15 Juliana Road, Ottawa KIM 1K2 741-7016 Devine, Gemma 9 238 Greenway Avenue, Vanier K1L 7V4 741-7860 Dick, Kathryn 10 P.O. Box 2889, Postal Station D, Ottawa KIP 5W9 1-658-2130 Dilawri, Sonia 11 R.R. 1, Carp. Ontario KOA 1L0 839-3087 di Menza, Ida 8 331 Elmwood Avenue, Ottawa KIM 0C5 744-2174 Donaldson, Shelly 11 1951 Marquis Avenue, Ottawa Kl J 8J3 741-0973 Eyre, Janieta 11 468 Manor Avenue, Ottawa K1M0H9 746-0782 Farha, Darya 11 2419 Rosewood Avenue, Ottawa K2B 7L3 820-7809 Farha, Leilani 8 2419 Rosewood Avenue, Ottawa K2B 7L3 820-7809 Farha, Juliana 10 2419 Rosewood Avenue, Ottawa K2B 7L3 820-7809 Farha, Soraya 13 2419 Rosewood Avenue, Ottawa K2B 7L3 820-7809 Folk, Marina 11 62 Maple Grove, Alymer, Quebec J9H 2E2 Forrester, Murray 4 389 Roxborough Avenue, Ottawa KIN 0R7 745-4698 Frayne, Joanna 13 80 Grenfell Crescent, Ottawa K2G 0G4 226-4468 Friend, Michelle 9 103 Gilmour Street, Ottawa K2P 0N5 232-5698 Fuerst, Claudia 12 25 Wren Road, Ottawa K1J 7H5 746-2040 Gale, Fiona 12 80 Clyde Street, Almonte, Ontario KOA 1A0 1-256-1041 Gall, Betsy 6 280 Park Road, Ottawa KIM 0E1 745-1917 Gall, Martha 11 280 Park Road, Ottawa KIM 0E1 745-1917 Garwood, Caroline 9 420 Lochaber Avenue, Ottawa K2A 0A6 729-2852 Gatti, Samantha 6 1688 Grasmere Crescent, Ottawa KlV 7V2 Gellie, Tina 4 1966 Naskapi Drive, Ottawa K1J 8K3 745-2463 Gibson, Deborah 10 2337 Wyndale Crescent, Ottawa K1H 7A5 523-0208 Gilbert, Paula 10 1330 Henry Farm Drive, Ottawa K2C 2E4 225-0079 Golden, Mary 7 Windwhistle House, R.R. 1, Inkerman, Ontario KOE 1 JO 744-2821 140 Golden, Stephsnie 4 Windwhistle House, R.R. 1. Inkerman, Ontario K0E UO 744-2821 Gort63u, Jo-Anne 7 15 Costello Avenue, Nepean K2H 7C3 828-0641 U(-U UUT 1 f n ppp u nnp 4 84 Union Street, Ottawa KIM 1S1 745-01 56 8 1962 Marquis Avenue, Ottawa Kl J 8J4 741-1079 J i UuUC I via i 5 ■ 4 18 Maple Lane. Ottawa KIM 1G7 744-1841 f rn m nn - Hpn pl Vtrkv 6 50 Bplvedere Crescent Ottawa KIM 2G4 741-7357 wvn Rphprra j wyii, i sz. kj t c , o 8 92 Lisgar Road, Ottawa KIM 2G5 749-7374 H tUnnQon Tpn 8 P.O. Box 749, Station B., Ottawa KIP 5P8 521-1379 H mlun Mplinrt 1 1 Cll llljrl i, 1 V 1 CT 1 1 1 I cJ J 5 737 Mooney ' s Bay Place, Ottawa K1V 8W4 731-6617 OX J J X Hpwitt Ciillian 6 387 Blair Road, Ottawa K1J 7M2 749-4538 fill io i y • Lioa 5 4 Sellers Court, Nepean K2H 7Y7 829-1643 r i u io i y . lui i 3 4 Sellers Court! Nepean K2H 7Y7 829-1643 Hnhd v Hpidi 1 I J U U O V , 1 I C I vJ I 13 780 Island Park Drive, Ottawa KlY 0C2 722-4891 Hnnkvn Ipnnifpr I HJ i y 1 1 o . JCI II IMCI 6 550 Mmto Place, Ottawa KIM 0A8 741-0637 nu[jf yiio. i— oa 8 550 Minto Place! Ottawa KIM 0A8 741-0637 1 OO uL . JU jO t I 13 41 Downsview Crescent, Nepean K2G 0A4 224-6814 Jgl ' l-IUUl, i taLiia 8 2 Davidson Crescent, Ottawa K1J 6M2 746-9972 JuCgC • OHCIIIIHJii 12 20 Westpark Drive, Ottawa K1B 3E5 824-3495 j a 1 1 1 j . co 6 56 Chimo Drive, Kanata K2L 1Y9 592-3899 Ipnkin Phantpllp 11 300 Sandridge Road, Ottawa Kl L 5A3 593-7331 tridnin Ohn tinp J UUUI 1 1 , V III ICIH ic 8 302 373 Launer Avenue East, Ottawa KIN 8X6 238-6629 Inhn AndrPA J VJ 1 1 1 1 o , r 1 Li 1 CO 12 16 310 Cathcart Street, Ottawa KIN 5C4 827-1487 Inhri Mppt JUI 1 1 ' , IVICCI o 8 46 Amberly Place, Ottawa Kl J 8A1 746-1620 InnPQ 1 nrv JUMC J, LULy 7 1314 Fontenay Crescent, Ottawa K1V 7K9 521-4778 lnnp i M nnn j k, i i cr , iviai luii 10 1910 Haig Drive, Ottawa K1G 2K1 733-2705 lnrppn hinp JUIgCUj, JaUH IC 13 3590 Revelstoke Drive Ottawa K1V 7C1 731-3429 KpIIu Phri ;tinp r ci iy , v iii ioumc 10 25 Wilton Crpsrpnt Ottawa K1S2T4 233-0975 C J J J Z) 1 o KpIIv 1 i 3 i c 1 1 y . L i 3a 10 Ridpau Vallpv Drivp RR 3 Manntirk KOA 2ND 692-4664 Kpmhpll PaiPP f c 1 1 1 UO 1 1 - r a igv 6 3 MacKinnon Road Ottawa Kl M DG4 O IVICHyi IIIIIUII 1 UQ J , J LLuVVu ■ X IVI UVJ Kpnnv Mppan 3 711 Island Park Drive Ottawa Kl YOBS XX 1 Jl u M U 1 CJ 1 r N ]— 1 IVV| v L L CI V V Cl l X 1 J 1 — " J 728-0673 Kpnnv arah 5 711 Island Park Drive Ottawa Kl Y 0B8 XX 1 Jl U 1 IU I CJ 1 r l— 1 1 V V LVCIVVCI l X I V- WC • 728-0673 C J J 1 J KnaiK Hnllpv 8 631 Hemlock Road, Ottawa KIM 2E9 749-9729 K nrda And rp i ( fi via. i v j i c u 13 1 69 Withrow Avenup NpDPan K2G 2J6 X J -J If HI II VH n VLI IUU. 1 IU JUU 1 1 i — A L— J - 252-5647 KrtfprWv ludv 7 439 Crestview Road, Ottawa K1H 5G7 731-0925 1 pRIanr Ipnnifpr 8 236 Rideau Terrace, Ottawa KIM 0Z2 741-1852 1 pp Alison lcc ni iowi i 13 1204 665 Bathgate Drive, Ottawa K1K 3Y4 749-7538 L6sli6 J©nnif6r 11 20 Lakeview Avenue, Ottawa KIM 0T1 746-4977 1 iddlp Su sn 7 253 Blair Road, Ottawa Kl J 7L9 746-4060 Ling, Kim 6 334 Acacia Avenue, Ottawa KIM 0L9 746-1955 LougheGd, Cstherine 7 R.R. 1, Kanata 839-5658 1 nvatt Amanda 13 78 Aero Drive, Nepean K2H 5E4 828-8867 Macleod. Fiona 11 3 Beaver Ridge. Nepean K2E 6C6 224-2519 Manrlv Annahpl 8 508 665 Bathgate Drive, Ottawa K1K 3Y4 746-3186 Martin Alpxandra 1 V ICJ 1 L 1 1 1 i i l C A a 1 1 l 1 c 8 P.O. Box 861, Station B, Ottawa 771-5279 Martin Oarnlinp 1VIC1 1 till Ct 1 V l l l 1 11 P.O. Box 86l! Station B., Ottawa 771-5279 Manip Nicola 8 14 Bedford Crescent, Ottawa K1K 0E4 741-2923 Ma7iir Phantp! 9 616 La Verendrye Drive, Ottawa K1J 7C4 MrOartnpv Ohri tinp ivicwui iiicy, uni iiii ic 10 10 Chase Court, Ottawa K1V 9Y6 523-6028 MrClpnahan Fli7ahpth 9 2078 Thistle Crescent, Ottawa K1H 5P4 733-2447 MrPnnnprv Ipnnifpr IVI LLUI II IC V JCI 1 " 1 I t 8 13 Appleford Street, Ottawa Kl J 6V1 745-4155 MrCnnnmv Frin IVI c oui i Ji I iy , l— i ill 4 68 Lillico Drive Ottawa 523-5781 McPormark Hpathpr IVI W— ' 1 1 1 1 CJ L— i , 1 Li 1 1 1 10 77 Stillwater Drive, Nepean K2H 5K3 828-8777 Mrl auphlin Hpitii If IL L.QUg Mill, 1 ItlUi 10 10 Pender Street, Nepean K2G 1 J8 225-5613 Mprklinppr Alpxandra If Id imii ice | n i c cii I J I cj 6 470 Acacia Avenue, Ottawa KIM 0M2 744-0836 Miprin 1 i a IfllCrl II Ij, LIOQ 10 250 Araria Avenue Ottawa K1M0Z7 746-0146 Millpr Dominic IVIIIICI . 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OU JOI II lul 1 13 7 Flp nnr Drivp Fast Npnpan K?F 6A- 1 1 U CI 1 1 U 1 U 1 1 V U 1 — CIOL, 1 1UUUUI 1 1 x 1 — U ' J 224-9171 Wat k ins AH r ia n na v » ci i r 1 1 id, nu i i ci i 1 1 1 ci 5 377 Daly Avenue, Ottawa KIN 6G8 233-9434 Wprlpk mm K rista vv cucr ai i ii ii, i i i oiu 8 19 Ridgefield Crescent, Nepean K2H 6R8 828-4709 Westley, Elizabeth 10 R.R. 1. Dunrobm K0A 1T0 832-2378 Westley, Susan 8 R.R. 1, Dunrobm K0A 1T0 832-2378 Wilson, Lara 7 408 Buena Vista Road, Ottawa KIM 0W3 744-3360 Woloschuk, Quentin 9 P.O. Box 11203, Postal Station B, Nepean K2H 7T9 829-8289 Worby, Andrew 3 1578 Featherston Drive. Ottawa KlH 6P2 523-2946 Worby, Penelope 6 1578 Featherston Drive, Ottawa KlH 6P2 523-2946 Wurtele, Susan 11 16 Lambton Road, Ottawa K1M0Z5 745-6097 Yeung, Stella 13 1104 1525 Alta Vista Drive, Ottawa KlG 0G1 731-0143 Young, Sarah 4 96 Marlowe Crescent, Ottawa KlS 1 Jl 232-6751 42 Published by Josten s National School Services Ltd. Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. national

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