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2QA ByEF p IPISTp SR, Editors ' Rote When you look at a yearbook, you are seeing the finished product of many hours of thought and effort. Perhaps it is hard to comprehend the extent of work necessary to produce a year- book unless you have been directly involved. Every page demands planning and care, one " simple " page, for example, may look like: Not many people realize the responsibilities of being co-editors of Samara (neither did we) but thanks to the support of our committees however, we managed to survive the ups and downs (ins and outs) of producing a yearbook. As is quite apparent, there have been many changes, a few of which are the colour and the addition of new sections which, we hope, add a more personal approach to the book. For this we owe our thanks to Carina, whose help was invaluable, and also to Andrea and Alison who faced the challenge of the advertising world for us. A special thanks must be ex- tended to all staff members for their patience and co-operation. We wish the best of luck to next year ' s committee. (jl vr Ar» A Staff 6tpm Glasses Sports . flGUv ifes ' . . (Dps. Wfefkwill As always, we owe a tremendous amount of thanks to Mrs. Aldous; for her ability to organize, co-ordinate and oversee the many facets of Elmwood life, as well as teaching Art History to seven grades! Samara especially owes her thanks for her amazing knowledge of all the students ' names - without her help, we could never have com- pleted all the lists under the photographs in this book!! The Samara staff have asked me to say a few words as has been done in previous years, for this edition of Samara. The year has been an ex- traordinarily busy one with the increased enrolment. Every room has been used to capacity and the offi.ces and staff room have hummed with activity. As you go through these pages you will see the record of all that has been done. Do take note of the sports pages and see how we have branched out into new areas. Entertainment by both junior and senior schools have given everybody much pleasure and will be long remembered. Thank you and good luck to all the Samara staff with their clicking cameras and busy typewriters, their search for sponsors and their efforts to prod the dilatory contributor. Mrs. Whitwill (Headmistress) 4 Marie is Elmwood ' s resident gourmet cook. She makes soup for all the lunches and, when supplied with the ingredients, can whip up terrific lunches for Sports Day and the Christmas Party. Merci, Marie! STANDING: Mrs. J. Green, Mrs. J. Sigmund. SEATED: Mrs. D. Brandejs. We wish to thank all the administrative staff for their patience and continued help throughout the school year. Ask anyone in the school what it is Jan does and the answer will be ' everything. ' It seems that whenever anything needs doing, Jan is there to do it, and the next time you turn around, it ' s done! Thank you Jan for your continued help! 5 6 7 8 c 3 Pre feci £ This year we ' ve been faced with the predictable duties and tribulations of prefecthood: organizing Spirit week, counting house points, and of course, trying our best to ignore " broken rules! " However, it is not only the prefect body that has sup- ported this year ' s activities; the rest of Grade 13 must be equally thanked and appreciated for their contribution. ScLnduL i Back Row: Zoe Sakellaropoulo, Sarah Martin, Sandi Zagerman, Pam Houwing, Candy Warren. Front Row: Beth Swift, Jill Reid, Patzi Montero, Michelle Hall, Sue Steele. 10 RACHEL GOTLIEB Under the popular misconception that she actually had some brains, Rachel promoted herself to Grade 13 (not without some bribery and general connivance) . . . However, Rachel has been somew hat of an amusement with her tattered mink and her ridiculous hat collection. History class has not been the same. She manages to wake everyone up with her frequent interjections of " Kill the Monster! " From what we can gather this girl is the Rona Barrett of the future. She is never without some little tit-bit of general information and has a finger in every pie. Her tact however, is phenomenal. Our little go-go girl who paints herself purple for parties tends to leave a lasting impression on people and other valuables. Don ' t forget her name, Rachel is on her way to fame. " Yet who would have thought the old man had so much blood in him. " Shakespeare. MICHELLE HALL Every so often, we all come to know a very special type of person; one who can see beauty in the ugly and importance in the trivial, and from these select few, we can learn a lot. Michelle is one of these people; she loves donut runs, Ashbury hockey games, counting calories in carrots, fluorescent green leotards and . . . no, no, no! Arriving at Elmwood in Grade nine, Michelle has spent five " short " years studiously preparing for med-school while at the same time running a " between-classes " clinic at her house, and yet being a consistently terrific prefect. Good luck next year! " In the midst of winter I finally learned that there was in me, an invincible summer. " Albert Camus 11 Pam is not like other people; she gets up at five o ' clock sharp to do her homework, in between milking the chickens and feeding the horses and various other mild affairs (you can tell that seven years of Elmwood life have gotten to her!) in her palatial Quebec estate. And, on the subject of wild life; our little Carmalita Poop is no longer a shrinking violet! - she started to swear in Grade 12 - and has been moseying on down to the vet ' s office, and it ' s not to get a check-up! Unfortunately, Pam has not been able to speak ever since Bubblicious hit the market. Scooting around the g . market to pick up bags of Ritchie ' s feed and seed, Pam ' s fli determined little face, under the influence of a Bubblicious hit, is known throughout the town. HEATHER KELLY Is it because it ' s springtime that Heather wears her rubber boots and yellow raincoat? No No No! Heather is just trotting over to Ashbury to see Ducky! Her peanut- butter-and-chocolate-chip creations will live on; we think it is all part of a massive plot (and we mean massive) to whom everyone owes a few pounds. When not studiously working (ha! ha!) Heather manages to fit in regular sessions of Dallas, Hercules, Another World and long sessions on the phone. Usually to be found hopping to the bop at the Coffee Houses, Heather did have a rather intriguing date for the semi-formal. Heather ' s taste in food includes milk and ginger ale, hot chocolate in whipped cream, tea in sugar and dry salt water crackers (but not all at once). Heather ' s CORRECT uniform, to which Mrs. Harwood-Jones can cheerfully attest, sets an example to us all. Plagued by the severe and contagious fakeritis, cured only by large doses of party-going, one of Heather ' s redeeming qualities is her ability to sing and dance AND know all the words at the same time. 12 When an Ecuadorian princess monkeyed her way into Elmwood, we thought she was God ' s gift from South America. Her bubbling sense of humour and terrific outlook on life has kept us going all year. Patzi ' s plans are: to join her parents in Germany and do even better in her studies than she did here - a million dollar brain! She will leave us with fond memories of a girl who is, and always will be, truly sincere. To Patzi we say; Buena suerte y esperamos que tu regreses. Besos y abrazos, La Clase del 80. SARAH MARTIN Sarah is amongst five of us who has been at Elmwood for seven years. The list of Sarah ' s accomplishments is endless . . . her ability to keep us smiling with her incredible laugh, her record breaking time in returning the " Wagon " to Peter at Ashbury, her skiing, being head of Nightingale house and especially her serving the 3:1 ratio in her ' 79 Spanish class - ircecuerdas Sarah ' s plans are uncertain at the moment but we wish her all the best of luck for the future. " There are places I ' ll remember All my life though some have changed Some forever not for better Some have gone and some remain All these places had their moments. " Lennon and McCartney MOJGAN RASULl This is Mojgan ' s second year at Elmwood and though we originally thought of her as one of the more quiet members of the class we now know better (after seeing her firmly initiated into the " ways of the west, " not to mention a rowdy birthday party at the Hayloft). Once again she has done the unbelievable, three maths. Despite her frequent " oh you guys, I failed " we know she has nothing to worry We ' re sure she has a great future ahead of her fh) wherever she goes, and whatever she does. Good luck in K Canada, We ' ll miss you Mojgan! about JILL RE1D Jilly Bungle Beans has been skating and bouncing around our beloved Elmwood for seven L-O-N-G years. She may appear to be a conformed Elmwoodian, but behind the scenes, holey bloomers and cut-up tights galore! This girl ' s addiction to coffee is monumental - watch out for the Jekyll-Hyde syndrome each morning!! Never the wall flower, Jill hosted one of her semi-orgies last year and, despite the blackflies, everyone had a memorable time! Thanks for the pancakes and coffee! Jill Reid ' s moves on the dance floor would rival Gene Kelly or at least Raffi! Perhaps Jill ' s first words were: Oh God! - give me the gossip(!) but we can ' t be certain. Jill ' s mad fling in Paris hasn ' t given her a taste for Art History which, if she manages to escape Elmwood ' s clutches, she will probably take at Queens. That is, if she ever finds her way - she has great navigating powers - right Pam! Words of Advice: Don ' t follow your nose! 14 ZOE SAKELLAROPOULO Zoe ' plie-ed ' her way into Elmwood after three wild years at Lisgar - she claims that the change of schools was the last effort in her reformation. However, the original Granola Girl has introduced to us life ' s other side: purple, henna, and New Wave! When she ' s not leaping around the top floor, she ' s working at the Pigeon Bleu for her year-long trip around the world. After that, Zoe plans to move to Europe and major in Art History - as well as the art of living! Adieu tout le monde, a bientot peut-etre! SUE STEELE Grade thirteen has been known for its craziness and one of our most ardent crazies is Sue. Since dropping in at the beginning of grade ten, she ' s tried to change the face of Elmwood single-handedly. Sue ' s curly top (natural or unnatural that is the question) has somehow managed to keep order in prayers: who could believe that booming voice came from little " hue " . Sue manages to fill her time well; from the officer ' s mess to her private terror - " Math tutoring " , not to mention being a " perfect prefect " . Sue ' s much appreciated talent for singing and songwriting will undoubtedly carry her to great heights. So don ' t forget us when you ' re rich and famous Sue. " First you must say to yourself what you would be and then do what you have to do. " Epicteteus 15 v CAROLINE THAMER Caroline joined our ranks in Grade Eleven just in time to become one of the many quiet rebels of the renowed " Terrible Twelves " of ' 79. Since then she has been an ardent supporter of everything from Fry House Meetings to our massive Grade Thirteen Bake Sales. " Are there really Smarties in those cookies? " Caroline can always be found in the COMMON ROOM corner madly studying History and Economics oblivious to the weird and wonderful antics of those around her. Her plans in the future include university at Queen ' s or Carleton. Best of luck in the future Caroline and keep smiling. " As for the future, Your task is not to forsee, But to enable it. " BETH SWIFT Beth arrived at Elmwood just before Christmas in Grade Ten and during her three and a half years here our American import has managed to learn and contribute to the devious ways of the class of ' 80 as well as being a terrific Senior Pref ect. She sympathizes greatly with this year ' s Samara editors as she nostalgically recalls the classic question - " You want it by WHEN, Mrs. Davies?!?!! " Although she frequently forgets lunch duty (Thank God for Patzi)!!! and breaks all school uniform rules with her psychedelic sweaters, her innocent smiles ( 100 % foolproof) gets her out of trouble everytime. Although she claims to have no definite future in front of her, we can all see her ing off into the sunset with Frank. We love you Beth with a story like this, you ' ll have to live happily ever i 6 SHIREEN TRAINER Our frizzy-haired blond bombshell from Venezuela is the heart-throb of Carleton and Ashbury. During her short visit, she managed to develop her numerous talents and assets, and has left many a girl envious. Often known for her forthright opinions, Shireen does not hold much back - we sometimes wonder if the Venezuelan sun affected her particular attitudes! Her weekend biology field trips are a constant source of interest to all on Monday mornings studying the plants hard, Shireen? However, her discretion is part of her charm and attraction. We wish you the best of r luck wherever you go, whatever you do. Buenos Suerte K Or Wan CANDY WARREN One of the oldie goldies (and we do mean goldie, Miss Warren - or Warrenburger, Warrino or la Warrenette, as she is variously known) joined Elmwood in Grade 5 at the young and impressionable age of nine. For seven years she burned the midnight oil and managed to collect a slew of prizes, merits, and other academic miscellanea. In grade 12, as co-editors of Samara, she and Beth devoted countless hours to the school yearbook throughout the year and into the summer months. However, Candy also discovered New Wave, which resulted in a changed outlook, a change in hair color and slightly bizarre dancing at the Ash- bury Elmwood social functions. A frequent shrieker at the ' Broken Arms ' for Davey, Kit and the drummer, along with others, she found fame and the bright lights in the CBC studio this summer. She also hit the boards (literally) as the scarecrow in this year ' s production of The Wizard of Oz (who knows what will come of that)? Her plans are somewhat vague but she hopes to attend university in Canada or England soon and possibly to go to France. 17 SIAN WARWICK LIZ WATSON Liz has been faithfully going to Ashbury for Music classes through the years and her performances in the band have been at least inspirational. She has made quite a name for herself, or pointedly her driving abilities, on numerous trips to Baskin and Robins. Her domestic front hides numerous behind-the-scences romances. She cooks and bakes and eats and sleeps and well . . . you know . . . she ' s sane and normal. She loves children and plans to become a child psychologist . . . Well, we all have our problems! Good luck Liz! What can be said about the multi-faceted Miss Warwick? To begir at the beginning, Sian entered Elmwood at the slightly-less-than-innocent age of 11 in grade 7. However, having reached the mature heights of grade 13, she can now look back on her " high school career " with more than a little laughter. During the seven or so years, she has been involved in two plays (not type cast as some would argue) as Grumpy in " Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, " as the Wizard in the " Wizard of Oz. " Peripherally involved in academia, she manages to combine studying and working with hysteria-filled dancing sessions in the common room. She is also a current member of the Hen Party, having produced some interesting results after her bouts with the henna - to the continuous amazement of the English E class. All in all, she has been a fairly vocal member of the school, again both in and out of the classroom. Her plans for the future include the Univ ersity of Toronto next fall lo study languages or Political Science or Journalism or . . . " Do not go gentle into the good night, Rage, rage against the dying of the light. " Dylan Thomas 18 SAND1 ZAGERMAN Alias " Ziggy " is one of Elmvvood ' s oldies but goldies. After eight years at Elmwood and surviving the task of head girl she ' s finally prepared to face the outside world. Sandi is known for her great spirits even when the going gets rough. People will remember her for her oxfords, imitations, nails, amazing hair but most of all her sincerity which helped many of us through the year. Sandi has struggled through many hardships such as formals, driving tests (thrice) and Spanish tests. Next year Sandi hopes to pursue a study in nursing science at Queen ' s or up in the air - " Good evening-Welcome aboard! " Good luck to you Sandi. " Every man has a space In his heart there ' s a place And the world can ' t erase his fantasy. " Earth, Wind and Fire SUSIE HRNCHIAK Susie ' Twig ' has been with us for two years. If she ' s not rushing a yonder to Politics, Business or Religions . . she can be found filling up the kettle for her cup o ' coffee . . . or out the back. Although often very quiet, at other times she can be seen in the midst of Elmwood girls entertaining them with her ' stories ' . . . " Well girls, " O.K. then, Jo! . . . up the line on New Year ' s Eve ... a clandestine meeting with Pierre . . . Lesgate . . . ' Joe ' . " Susie ' s extremely unpredictable laugh never fails to put a smile on even the most depressed of us. If anyone holds the record for the fastest walker up and down the Springfield it ' s Susie! As soon as that bell goes she ' s out the door and down the hill to buy her doughnuts. Next year Susie plans to attend Algonquin College for Secretarial Studies. Good luck Susie and don ' t take any wooden nickels! Famous last words: Studying has been a necessary evil . . . More evil than necessary! 19 Back Row: Mrs. Harwood-Joncs, Chun Donna Ling, Beatriz Padilla, Clare Butler, Sabine Jurgens, Liz Seward, Mary Jane Pigott, Lily Lee-, Gladys Abankwa, Catherine Smith, Susan Isaac, Andrea Korda. Front Row: Amanda Lovatt, Carina van Heyst, Heidi Hobday, Susie Hrnchiar, Chris Assad, Joanna Fraync, Lise Paradis, Alison Lee, Heidi Blair, Sue Warren. Absent: Rosaline Ngan. Gladys: Sports Captain: " Gladys! Who won the game last night? . . . " " Was there one? " Chris: " Laadies! Butt-time! " Heidi B.: Hi Hie! " How ' s Harry? " Clare: " Where ' s Clare? " Joanna: Joanna ' s Pet Peeve: " Lunchbag letdown! " Heidi H.: Must be she ' s got a crush on the Doc. Baby blue. Susie (Twig): " Going out Chris? " Coffee, tea and Pierre. Susan: " Who was that guy . . . Susan? " Sabine: Keep on running, but not loo far from us! Andrea: " Who was on the bus this morning? " Alison: " I need morcs-x practice. " Lily: Absent again, must be Chinese New Year again! Donna: Please! Let me be on your team . . . ! Amanda (Spidey): " 1 don ' t know what to think? " " Susie, help me! " Rosaline: Be careful, she knows Kung Fu! Lisc (Kermit): You have 10 kiss a lot of frogs before you meet a handsome prince. Beatriz: Ay . . . yay! (Chairman of the Club. She resigned several times but never failed to come back!) Mary Jane (Miss Piggy): AAH! RAWS. + cheap wine . . . heaven ... 23 lates! Lizzy: " Keep me away from the cookies, I musn ' l eat! " Lizzy ' s Boarding House now open. Cathy: What? A Pignic in March?! Carina: " 1 made my eye contact! " Sue (Purple Power): The six-handed pianist. 22 Back Row: Thea Reed, Carolann Swift, Elizabeth Ashworth, Tove Ghent, Alison Robey, Sue Bell Claudia Fuerst. Front Row: Sheena Troop, Debbie Seropian, Kathy Suh, Fiona Gale, Olga Kanellakos Shannon Jaegar, Farangis Bakhtiar, Lilia Rosada, Laurie Denison. Absent: Gillian Slader, Mrs. Peat. Dear Diary, Today was my first day at Elmwood and 1 walked in on the daily routine of bums- up eyes-down check! Then I was brutally forced down to prayers. After prayers, the class skipped English and once again Mrs. Davies didn ' t notice!! Soon came break and as I came to the door 1 saw Sue Bell - Champion Woman Wrestler. Was I to be her next victim? As I moved across the room I noticed Alison was burning the Communist flag and Shannon was putting her customary flower on her cheek. From the back of the room came an aroma of mint and alcohol but 1 didn ' t have to turn around - it was Fiona eating her polos and drinking punch. Then suddenly I heard a crunch, it was Laurie attacking a carrot. While Laurie was fighiing with her carrot she bumped into Claudia who then proceeded to take revenge using a cup of water. Well, the water missed Laurie but hit Tove who was busily combing her hair. Tove also decided to take revenge. She ran to the bathroom - tripping over Kathy, Debbie and Carolann who were gambling at backgammon (naughty girls). Soon the classroom became a puddle of water and Olga, who didn ' t know how to swim, started to drown. Thea, thinking it was an Ashbury guy drowning, came to the rescue, but was disappointed. Meanwhile Sue Harris who was sitting on the window sill started to laugh heavily and fell off. What a joke. Then there was Sheena quietly sitting at her desk observing the whole situation. Farangis was babbling on in Persian (was she swearing?) and Liz and Gill were arguing and fist fighting over who had the best jokes but the joke was on them and the rest of the class when Mrs. Peat swam in delivering Saturdays. Phew what a day! Back Row: Danielle Thompson, Mary White, Rosemary Clyde, Sue Wurtele, Shelley Donaldson. Front Row: Lisa Stilborn, Jennifer Cheney, Janieta Eyre, Joanna Pocock, Victoria Mallett, Gillian Baker. Abs.: Diana Fromow, Mrs. Turkington. What should we do for Samara? I don ' t know - let ' s write a poem! Ummm . . . Ha (thinks Lisa) Hi D.J. That stinks I don ' t want to put that in Samara Do you know how stupid that looks? Let ' s do that . . . Favorite Phrases: Jenny Cheney - mm . . . Okay . . . Does the Pope really wear little red shoes under his gown? Diana Fromow - Oh ya? fuzzysnotmay too! Jill Baker - Sure, Okay, why not? Janieta Eyre - Oh my God! Lisa Stilborn - Frappe la rue. Right on . . ? Rosie Clyde - Oh my God, I haven ' t done my homework, I didn ' t know we had to do that! Danielle Thompson - That ' s dumb! Vicky Mallett - That ' s hilarious! Joanna Pocock - Never mind. Mary White - 1 love it (sarcastically). Back Row: Miss Gwilym, Ann Raby, Fiona McLeod, Sandra Titus, Andrea Cardinal, Zhila Kashani-Nia, Ann Tessier. Front Row: Sonia Dilawri, Liz Sellers, Chantelle Jenkins, Marina Folk, Caroline Martin, Lesley Banner, Martha Gall, Tina Reilly, Jenni Leslie. IF 9T WERE MUGGED, THEY WOULD YELL . . . Mrs. Tilson - Shoo, Shoo! Maureen Assaly - Oh! Linda Booker - Cool me out! Elise Braithwaite - I know Judo, Karate and all those oriental words! Paula Gilbert - OK, let ' s talk this out rationally! Janet Ingram - Gee Whiz! Susan Jones - Just get off my back! Chris Kelly - Leave me alone, it ' s too early in the morning! Alison Lawford - Help, Superman, Help! Sarah Peat - Are you feeling OK? Sheila Reid - What do I do now? Anne Rogers - Bite my head off! Heather Rogers - I ' ll sick my elephants on you! Jessica Rudy - I ' ll call you tonight! 26 Back Row: Christine McCartney, Rosemary Todd, Lisa Mierins, Mrs. Outerbridge, Marion Jones, Lisa Ostiguy, Amanda Gosewich. Front Row: Nuray Bamanie, Elizabeth Westley, Lisa Kelly, Vanessa Thomas, Jane Lawson, Alix Cooper, Sarah Thorpe, Kathy Dick, Kalli Varaklis. Abs.: Adria Bow, Cathy Love. Alix with an " X, " 5.M.D.T.T.W.E., Gucci, " You Animals, " Vanessa ' s map, " The Zoo - by Lisa O, " tinkled, puffter, " Can I borrow a quarter? " , knob, Get stoned - drink wet cement, " M.J. " , 1, 2, or 3, Ring my bell - that DARN bell!, Howdy Doodie Time, like terms, weave, One Tin Soldier, Slimathon, Grandma, " Oh my hair, " ties and shoes, powder puffs, highland fling, Ozymandies, " much, " " I clean up okay, " Mr. Bill, Hari Krishna, Mark with a " K, " Marc with a " C, " Jimmy, the guy from Lasalle, Reality - what a concept!, Zepplin lives, Chaquita, " Mr. Bush, I can ' t seem to find your bleep, " Bill, David, Joe . . . , Monitors, " Oh my God, " prayer books, SATURDAY, Lisa M., breaks the clock - oops, Kramer, co-ordination by Lisa O., history pre-test, Eraser Head, sidetracking, Maggie Muggins vs. Pierre Cardin, Science Exam, Liz the clock, Rose - sports, Nuray ' s sudden sickness, " You can ' t hear without your glasses, nor can you see without your glasses - so put them on, " " my knee, " " I ' m just joking, " Greece, pretty colours, and last but not least - MARGARET A SARNICKII LOVES YOU! 27 Trying out for the choir, Lizzy? Time for roll call. 29 Back Row: Heather Stoltz, Jennifer Chorlton, Gina Pezoulas, Mrs. MacDonald, Daralyn Durie, Karen Looye. Front Row: Charro Violante, Sherry Bradley, Glynis Marcus, Lorraine Edmonds, Stephanie Greenberg, Caroline Garwood, Sabine Burchard, Maureen Murphy, Ruby Eggarhos. Christina - Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday. Maureen - What is, is the was of what shall be. Glynis - How do you like school? Closed! ! ! Steffi - NOTICE: School closed owing to illn ess. We ' re sick of working! Caroline - Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. Heather - When asked: How do you like children? She replied: Medium Rare. Gina - Do unto others - then split! Lorraine - A smile can last but a moment but a friendship can last forever. Ruby - Lord, I want patience, and I WANT IT NOW! ! Jennie - Some people break their necks to study but others break their study to neck. Daralyn - When I ' m reading I wish you ' d act like a banana and split! Charro - Coochie-Coochie! Anne - 1 can ' t wait to see my aunt Cheryl Tiegs and my seven brothers and sisters! Karen - The Professor of the Magnitude that ocular devices can enlarge their state too! Sherry - Last night I phoned - Peter, Bill, John, Chuck, Frank, Herman, Joe, Archie . . Sabine - Jennie, you ' re such a KARTOFFEL KOPF! ! e Back Row: Jennifer McClenahan, Elizabeth Preston, Lucy White, Lisa Powell, Elizabeth Trusdale, Giselle Campeau, Mrs. Chance, Kim Kirby. Front Row: Marie-Jose Lopez, Chantal Ma ur, Susannah • Steers, Phillipa Sheppard, Jenni Cooper, Sarah Noyes-Roberts, Niquette Ruddock, Kathy Young, Michelle Friend. Giselle Campeau - Do we have to? Jenny Cooper - I ' m a little rotifer! Michelle Friend - Is it mental or physical? Maria Lopez - Whaat? ... In Espagne. Chantal Mazur - Pen-pal anyone? Bissy - Mrs. Chance, would you please repeat the last two pages. Sarah Noyes - Tee Hee Heee! Lisa Powell - Mediterranean! ! ! Liz Preston - D ' ya know what, d ' ya know what? Nicky Ruddock - Reeeally. Philly Sheppard - A kiss is just a kiss. Sue Steers - Dolphins forever. Liz Trusdale - Just a rappin ' to the beat. Lucy White - Oh God! What a snob! Katherine Young - That would have been a perfect trick! Mrs. Chance - Buck up, life isn ' t fair! ! ! 31 Back Row: Alii Martin, Fiona Murray, Jennifer McConnery, Jennifer LeBlanc. Front Row: Marie Violante, Annabel Mandy, Krista Wedekamm, Anne Thurgood, Leilana Farha, Anna Sherwood, Peggy Staruch. Absent: Mrs. Looye. THREE CHEERS FOR 7L Fiona: Who has the smallest classroom? All: 7L. Who else? Alii: No wonder! It ' s just a walk-through: a corridor from the staff room. Leilani: Yes! But who has TWO doors, THREE windows, THREE cupboards and TWO blackboards? All: 7L! Krista: Wow! We are FULL! Peggy: Come visit our wall-to-wall zoo! Annabelle: We even have a baby desk for the teachers. Anna: Just think: in case of fire, we are the first ones out! Anne: But as a group we are great . . . and so is the noise! Maria: We are an international group: TEN Canadians and ONE Mexican. Jennifer L.: We provide musical entertainment three times a day. Jennifer Mc: And what a sporty class we are! We play volleyball with a surgical glove, throw tin foil balls. Annabelle: We have a personal airline: Fly at your own risk. Peggy: Coffee, tea or milk? - NO DRINK in the classroom, Mrs. L.! Leilani: And, alas, we have the only cheer that ' s been booed off the court. 32 Back Row: Mrs. McRae, Julie Anne Brunet, Cynthia Rhodes, Chantelle Brown, Susan Westley, Lisa Hopkyns, Nicola Grainger. Front Row: Nadia Jacquot, Margaret Purdie, Meera Johri, Nicola Maule, Rebecca Gwyn, Holley Knaus, Nerrin Bamanie, Christine Jodoin. Amb.: Ambition. P.D.: Probable Destination. N.N.: Nickname. Mrs. McRae: Rebecca: Julie Anne: Nicola: Holley: Nadia: Chantelle: Amb.: Opera star. Cindy: Amb. P.D.: Singing the national anthem at a P.D.: hockey game. Nicola M.: Amb. Amb.: To live in Paris. P.D.: P.D.: Mrs. Kermit, The Frog. fancl N.N.: Reb. Margaret: Amb Amb.: Ballerina. P.D. P. D.: Bird cage cleaner. N.N. N.N.:Jab. Chris: Amb Amb.: Doctor. P.D. P.D.: Patient. Nerrin: Amb Amb.: Marry a Senator and have four P.D.: dogs. N.N.: P.D.: Marry a garbage man and have Madeleine: Amb. four kids. P.D.: N.N.: Frenchy. Lisa: Amb. Amb.: Model. P.D.: P.D.: Mannequin. Sue: Amb. N.N.:Jacky. P.D.: Amb.: To rule the world. Meera: Amb. P.D.: 2nd Ayatollah Khomeinie. P.D.: N.N.:Austy. N.N.: : Famous horseback rider. Managing a merry-go-round. : Gold Medalist. President of the Bruce Jenner ub. : Actress. ' A gong show contestant. Maggie. : Journalist. Papergirl. : Diplomat. Saudi Arabian spy. Spumoni. : Archeologist. Mummy. : Lawyer. Criminal. : Scientist. Guinea pig. : Astronaut. Spaced-out. Joe. 33 m Grade 6 Back Row: Robyn Tavel, Alison Schmidt, Lucy Jones, Roberta Bouchard, Jennifer Deacon, Zilda Kisaka, Rachel Soar, Milena Sigmund. Front Row: Lara Wilson, Anne de Mercado, Tassie Cameron, Kara Munro, Bettina von Arnim, S.uzette Argo, Pippa Bannister, Mrs. O ' Brien. Suzette: Generous and thoughtful. Lives in a world of her own. Pippa: Super form captain who is always on the go with a smile. Roberta: Imagination and full of life. Tassie: Full of fun and conscientious actress. Jennifer: Quiet and good sense of humour. Watch out if she ever lets herself go! Lucy: Bright and hard working. Funny and loves sports. Zilda: Generous, always laughing and willing to do anything. Kara: Cute, quiet, good sense of humour and questions a lot. Alison: Bouncy, smiles a lot, good leader and likes to borrow. Milena: Thoughtful, fast learner, good sense of humour and blushes easily. Rachel: Kind, very giggly and likes ponytails. Robyn: Sweet vice form captain, eager to learn and somewhat allergenic. Bettina: Trilingual, polite and always laughing. Lara: Outgoing, eager to learn and very athletic. Anne: Kind and thoughtful - takes life with a grain of salt. Mrs. O ' Brien: An energetic leader of the pack with original ideas and a fair temper. 34 Back Row: Alexandra Merklinger, Gillian Hewitt, Mrs. Schmidt, Betsy Gall, Theodora Van Royen. Front Row: Kim Ling, Samantha Gatti, Ashwina Bijoor, Jennifer Hopkyns, Eliza James, Victoria Grossmann-Hansel. Absent: Gillian Lewis. These are a few of our favourite things: Ashwina: In the summer, eating ice cream in the pool. Betsy: Dreaming of a large, blue hang-glider! Samantha: Being glued to the seat of roller coaster. Victoria: Eating fluffy, pink, cotton candy. Gillian: Begging my parents for a white sting-ray! Jennifer: Jumping, running, hopping and skipping around the soccer field! Eliza: Cutting figure eights on the ice. Gillian L.: Racing over green meadows on a black steed. Kim: Feeding my white rabbit lucious lettuce. Alexandra: Whizzing through the whirling snow on my cross-country skies. Theodora: Never saying neigh to a horse. Mrs. Schmidt: Eating chocolate covered frozen bananas. 35 Back Row: (Left to Right): Tina Gellie, Elizabeth Davies, Adrian Harewood, Chad Yolkouskie, Andrew Maule, Britt Christen sen, Kevin McAuley, Robbie Butler, Sarah Kenny, Julie Ann Rickerd, Elanor Brodie. Front Row: Laura Schmidt, Sarah Young, Alison Brotman, Adam Matthews, Paul Grodde, Murray Forrester, Andrew Preston, Micheal Cripton, Robert Chinfen, Vanessa Smith, Mrs. Scott. Kevin McAuley - Smurf collector supreme. Julie Anne Rickerd - Hamburger freak. Lizzie Davies - Orange ice-cream lover. Adam Matthews - " Beeweast " ankle biter. Murray Forrester - The Snoring Gorilla " Mindbath. " Sarah Kenny - The TV kid. Elanor Brodie - " Monkey Brodie. " Vanessa Smith - Emulates apes often. Andrew Maule - The Mule-headed man. Paul Grodde - the " Grod " egghead. Mike Cripton - Do not read this! If you have got this far, please inform your nearest Police Station! Chris Hartin - Spook Swimmer. Robert Chinfen - Sleepyhead, popsickle freak! Brit Christensen - Stamp and stone grabber! Tina Gellie - Tina Weena, the builder. Laura Schmidt - Chocolate Cake Monster. Sarah Young - The World ' s Great Teddy Bear Lover. Adrian Harewood - Curly! Put a cork in it! Andrew Preston - The world will end to- morrow. If you saw this notice yesterday, please disregard it! Robbie Butler - The Ultimate Card Collector - over 4000. The Beauty Around Me Beauty is all around me When I walk in the park at noon. Robins singing in the trees, And a thousand flowers in June. A golden sun shines in the daytime, A silvery moon at night. New green buds that appear in May, They ' re all a beautiful sight. The flowers, the trees, the lakes and the seas, Beauty is all around me. Lucy Jones Down in the valley where The old man lived. Was a sparkling little stream Where for gold he sieved. One day " Eureka " he cried As gold he discovered there, And young men came and beat him up And vultures picked his bones bare. S.I. and C.B. 40 Oh dragon of a thousand tongues of fire, Wielder of an energy and might that will never tire, Guardian of the golden fleece of old Who was slain by the steel of England ' s bold. Inspired by the face with so evil a leer, Tales have told of death and fear, Of the horror that life did on thou bestow, As the myth of thy being doth continue to grow. Anonymous The Rainbow At the end of the rainbow I can see Fairies dancing joyfully. And on their backs, multicoloured wings are shimmering while the Fairy Queen sings. But by the shimmering pot of gold come the poor - both young and old. They come by plane, taxi or car, They come from many countries afar. The Fairies give to good not bad and also to Atlas (he ' s their Dad) So when you look for the pot of gold, make sure it ' s at dawn and make sure you ' re old. Suzette Argo I should like to go up into the sky where the rainbows gather and the Angels dance. Where everything is fresh and clean. Where waters are blue and everything is shining with promise. I have seen this world many a time in slumber but only once in the real life. I was flying on- an airbird during the golden days we cleared the gates of heaven and entered the Lord ' s world. This world is truely mine, I know, for I am the only one the Lord has accepted to enter. When I was in total peace, I ventured into this world and ever since I have been in it. Pippa Banister Saga of a Scalawag and So On The silly scalawag sauntered slowly on Saturday into Sally ' s Saloon. " S ' cuse me, " said Simon (the silly scalawag) " Send me some of Sally ' s sensational sherbet so I can savour it. " " Shut up! " scoffed Sam, a saucy scoundrel " Or I ' ll scatter your senses into seventy scraps around the saloon! " " No you shan ' t! Surely you wouldn ' t shoot a significant scalawag . . . ' specially Simon Smith! " said Simon (the silly scalawag). Sally skipped into her Saloon with a shining smile. She was secretly a shy sieve. The sight was sexy. Sally wore a silky, scarlet see-through sash and skimpy, skin tight slacks. Her socks were silver-striped. She was slim and sleek. Superbly satisfying! Surprisingly, Sally was sober and she sipped soda-pop. Sometimes Sally was side-splitting. She was of a special and specific species of sympathetic spinsters. Simon and Sam surrendered to each other and stepped out of Sally ' s Saloon simultaneously. Annabelle Mandy 44 Your Soul It is impossible to have no true understanding of love for love itself formed your limbs and your heart. But your soul is wandering awareness that comes and goes subconsciously. It searches for deeper meaning and only it, can enter the fathoms of your personality and explore the height of your integrity, and only it has enough to survive. Janieta Eyre The morning mist retreats from a sentinel of needs, its vapour obscures the distant shore, blending together sky and water. The dawn has been consumed, the sun is but an eerie glow from which silver clouds radiate. The breath of morning ripples the once perfect reflections, and draws back heaven ' s veil and the soldiers at last bow. Jill Baker 45 Blackberry Criminals During that summer, When blackberries were illegally stolen, When arms of a lengthy length Were a necessity to get a good mouthful, We became blackberry criminals. Creeping our ways across the fields, We darted into the patches, Squirming like Indians, We wriggled through the patches Reaching, grabbing as we went. Oh, and when we ' d hauled our loot Out of the law ' s good reaching, We ate and ate Till not one piece of evidence remained. Anna Sherwood The Forest The smell of rotting leaves. The wind making the majestic pine trees rub their needles in enjoyment. Little flowers peeking through the undergrowth. The faint scamper of a chipmunk. A little fawn just born, sees what a wonderful home he has. And the sun desperately trying to creep through this great green glob. For it is very curious too, to see what wonderful things happen under the towering trees of the forest. Paula Gilbert Before the rain when the world is tense and expectant when the sky is a sullen, expressionless blank and when the Good Humour Man honks sadly into his bright blue handkerchief. Julie Ann Brunei V J Peeasus ' Flight The stars above were clear and cold the land below was dim The horse his w ings did softly unfold As I flew with him. The moon shone down upon the snow But brighter than the snow were we. The wind did fiercely blow, Tossing whitecaps onto the sea. We flew the whole world o ' er From Canada to China to the Seine. Above all cares we soared And never shall I be the same. Susan Isaac The Butterfly The Butterfly A small mirage of colours, She flutters, From flower to flower, Then rests on a tip of long silky grass. She gently sways, Then once more she lifts to the blue, blue sky. Soaring through the air, like an airplane-glider, until she hits an up-draft, Then comes down again. Butterfly you must go now, The sun has gone, And it ' s getting dark But I ' ll see you tomorrow, And 1 shall watch you once again. Cindy Rhodes The Gentle Man Glory shone around him, He wielded his sword with lire, The erown of England shone round his head Although their trouble was dire. " We shall never retreat! " he cried With spirit unquenched and unmarred, But the enemies continued to attack And from his horse he was barred. He was murdered that day on Bosworth Field, Stripped of his garments and pride He was dragged around for a sadist ' s pleasure And his niece was to be the sadist ' s bride. Richard was mourned as was his due, The town of York said foully murdered was he. Yet today he ' s remembered as the despot of all time Though it was Henry who the murderous king would be. A tribute to Richard the Third 1 cry, Yet no one can understand That though history says he ' s a tyrant, He himself was a true and gentle man. Susan Isaac Time Time is indifferent; I would have it stand still, And yet at another moment It seems to stand of its own will. When the sun shines crystalline In the open sky, Time seems to skip by Laughing spitefully at my efforts To hold it back. When desperation is at heart, Pain of internal torture; Then time seems to punish, Like the one who inflicts pain Just until tears run. Time and Fate are alike: Fate is the cause And yet - time was not right; Was it not time who changed Its course just to persuade The course of fate? I am crazy, going on insanity Baby I ' m just naive People who meet me, kick me and beat me and rapidly I get creamed. I want someone mentally stronger Able to dominate me I have to be put in my place or I ' d be very brainy. Frigid and shy and scared am I To face a world of gays I ' m not (hat kind of girl you know Bui it ' s the latest craze. ( Sung to the tune of: I am 16, going on 17) Mary White coast deodorant soap wakes me up I gulp down my red rose tea . . . pity! struggling into my Levi ' s, I realize my ban roll-on is all used up. Don ' t panic, use my secret, strong enough for a man, but made for a woman I flash my ultra-brite smile while.brushing my dandruff-free head and shoulders hair. Has anyone seen my lip gloss? Ah, my shirt is so april fresh and free of static cling, that I ' m ready to face my class in how to be the natural woman. T.G. DATA READOUT " As We Are " is a new section in Samara - one it has been impossible to have in the past because of the tremendous cost of colour. In it, we have attempted to generalize Elmwood life and the people. It is never possible to include all phases of Elmwood and its society nor is it possible to include all the people, but we hope to have succeeded in presenting images that will recall the memories we all have of the year 1979 1980. ¥€ G a ge for h e kgiier? w cfgar ge Since 1915 the green tunic has been as much a part of the school as the walls themselves. In those days they were worn as long as possible and the girls complained how old fashioned they were. Some sixty years later and six inches shorter the tunics were still a familiar sight around Rockcliffe. The wearers were commonly called Girl Guides, Greenies or even Martians. The students complained and complained until finally something was done. The uniform has been slightly updated! Much to the disappointment of our Ashbury neighbours the new kilts now cover the legs of the Seniors. Voices can be heard ex- claiming, " Oh for those comfortable tunics . . . these kilts are so itchy ... I can ' t tan my legs anymore . . . no more bloomers ... " you can ' t win can you? 1? 54 In November a photo contest was announced. The object being for the student to create the most original pose. Un- fortunately our response was disappointing and only three entries were recieved, all of which deserve recognition . . . 55 Elmwood, it seems, is indeed a school of many nationalities. Although forty-two percent of the students were born in Ottawa, the other fifty-eight percent hail from all corners of the earth; from as far north as lnuvik, to ' Down Under ' in Sydney Australia. This map is to serve as an indication of the origins of Elmwood students as well as illustrating the distinct cultural mosaic that is so much a part of the school. Trail Calgary Edmonton Saskatoon Winnipeg 10. La Sarre 11. Ottawa 12. Montreal 13. Toronto and area 14. Kingston 15. St. John 16. Halifax 17. New Haven 18. New York 19. Philadelphia 20. Washington 21. Chicago 22. Topeka 23. Norman 24. San Francisco 25. Los Angeles 26. Central Florida 27. Mexico City 28. Veracruz 29. Montego Bay 30. Caracas 3 1 . Buenos Aires 32. Liverpool and area 33. London, Cambridge and area 34. Madrid 35. Paris, Troyes 36. Geneva, Bern, Zurich 37. West Germany 38. Hamburg 39. Ceske Budejovice 40. Rome 41 . Accra 42. Nairobi 43. Cyprus 44. Tehran 45. Hong Kong 46. Manila 47. Djakarta 48. Sydney On October 24, 1979, Elmwood en- thusiastically celebrated the International Year of the Child with an array of colourful national costumes. The junior students succeeded in creating a splendid display of international curios, as well as providing the school with a bake sale to end all bake sales! Fourth Row: Kalli Varaklis, Jenni Leslie, Sue Wurtele, Debbie Seropian, Liz Seward, Sue Warren, Sonia Dilawri, Lucy White. Third Row: Amanda Lovatt, Mary Jane Pigott, Shelly Donaldson, Fiona Gale, Sandi Zagerman, Beth Swift, Heather Kelly, Caroline Thamer, Christine Assad. Second Row: Anne Thurgood, Niquette Ruddock, Annabel Mandy, Tassie Cameron. First Row: Daralyn Durie, Nadia Jacquot, Chris Kelly, Roberta Bouchard. Dear Elmwood, The Students ' Council is made up of two representatives from each class, grades seven through thirteen. Meetings occur every Friday morning during Prayers, when subjects including raffles, bake sales, minor complaints and accolades are brought up for discussion. The report, if valid, is then brought to Mrs. Whitwill for further discussion. The Council is an important aspect of Elmwood, since the students make some input into the school ' s affairs. Thank you very much for your concern and support. Sahara L to R: Carina van Heyst (Art and Literature), Alison Lee (Advertising), Andrea Korda (Ad- vertising), Sue Warren (Co-editor), Amanda Lovatt (Co-editor), Marion Jones, Adda Bow, Olga Kanellakos, Tove Ghent, Gill Slader. This year our committee produced some new and interesting ideas which we tried to use throughout the book. To help cover the cost of colour we sold drinks and had numerous bake sales. We also made an amazing amount from the patron sheets. We would like to say a special thank you to those who helped with write-ups, photos, Art and Literature and to Mrs. Davies for her constant co- operation. Good luck to next year ' s committee and one word of advice: start early! Love Amanda and Sue The Library Committee has had a great deal of work to do this year owing to the large number of new books that have had to be stamped, covered, carded and shelved. The need to tidy the shelves and trace books is constant and awaiting us at the end of the year is the heavy task of taking stock and putting the Library in order for next year. Back Row: Mrs. Tilson, Shelly Donaldson, Alison Robey. Front Row: Liz Sellers, Jenni Leslie. 67 Bell Rifiqer Sui Sang is responsible for our foster children - raising money and writing letters. To raise money we sold soft drinks at the Valentine ' s Dance and on Spirit Day. We would like to say a special thank you to the grade 12 ' s for the money from some of their bake sales. Thank you Elmwood for your continuing support. Chris Assad Heidi Blair Carolann Swift This year ' s bell ringer was Kalli Varaklis. Thanks to her, our classes were rung in on time. Since the timetable was changed this year, with a first and second bell for each class, she had her work cut out for her, even though we had two fewer classes in the day. Thank you, Kalli, for a job well done and good luck to next year ' s bell ringer. Back Row (L. to R.): Liz Seward, Sue Bell, Joanna Frayne, Susie Hrnchiar. Front: Mary Jane Pigott. The Elmwood Graduation Dance which was held on June 7th was a great success. Our thanks go to the committee and the Mothers ' Guild for making this occasion such a happy one. Left to Right: Shireen Trainor, Heather Kelly, Sarah Martin. This year the Dance Committee held two exciting dances. Although we were not allowed to have our first term dance we made up for it later on. You can bet on that! Our Valentine ' s Day Dance was very decorative with streamers and balloons and of course hearts and cupids were pinned up all over the place. I ' m sure that everybody enjoyed themselves on this night for lovers! Our third term dance was also a great deal of fun. We tried out something new by having a costume dance which was a partial success and a lot of fun. We ' d like to thank " the boys from Ashbury " for supplying us with the music and lights and not to mention their company. We ' d also like to thank the teachers for staying up and putting up with that " dreadful noise " on their Friday evenings when they could have been home marking essays. Thanks! Pound is the committee set up, ideally, to collect lost articles and " sell " them back to their owners. Although this seldom works as it is supposed to, we still owe the committee our thanks for their valiant effort. Clockwise from Top: Vanessa Thomas, Marion Jones, Heather Rogers. P. The Junior Dance Committee is responsible for organizing the dances for Grades 7 and 8. Left to Right: Leilani Farha, Nadia Jacquot, Jenni Chorlton, Elizabeth Preston, Kathy Young. Since it turns out that Chapel Monitor is a thankless job, it is here, if nowhere else, we must thank Kathy Suh for her continued organization of the little things that must be done to achieve a smooth-running Prayers; hymn sheets and " chairs " to mention just two of them. Although Prayers was only on three mor- nings of the week, this was still a post which requires work and Kathy has not let us down this year. Thanks, Kathy! 70 Back Row: Patzi Montero (House Head), Shireen Trainer, Kathy Suh, Fiona Gale, Olga Kanellakos, Sue Bell, Mary White, Jenni Leslie, Tina Reilly, Donna Chun Ling, Joanna Frayne, Gladys Abankwa, Zhila Kashani-Nia, Sye Warren, Danielle Thompson. Third Row: Liz Ashworth, Marion Jones, Michelle Hall, Gillian Lewis, Phillipa Shep- pard, Nicola Maule, Daralyn Durie, Milena Sigmund, Martha Gall, Jennifer McConnery, Andrea Cardinal, Sarah Peat, Shannon Jaeger, Susan Jones, Sheila Reid, Linda Booker, Vanessa Thomas, Maureen Assaly, Heidi Hobday, Caroline Thamer. Second Row: Andrew Preston, Suzette Argo, Sherry Bradley, Robyn Tavel, Cindy Rhodes, Lisa Hopkyns, Nadia Jacquot, Rebecca Gwyn, Ruby Eggarhos, Elise Braithwaite, Heather Stoltz, Chris Kelly, Heather Rogers, Anne van Royen, Gill Baker, Susan Westley. Front Row: Alex Merklinger, Holley Knaus, Krista Wedekam, Leilani Farha, Jennifer Deacon, Kara Munro, Laura Schmidt, Jennifer Hopkyns, Lorraine Edmonds, Betsy Gall, Liz Trusdale, Kevin McAuley, Adrian Harewood, Robert Chinfen. Dear Fry, The end of the school year is almost here and I have to say " good-bye, " but before doing so I want to thank you and tell you what Fry has done with your help this year. It seemed that, at the start, we weren ' t doing as well as we usually do in sports, but then we pulled up and had a successful volleyball round. There are still possibilities for us to do even better since the year hasn ' t finished yet, but the important thing is not to win but to participate with spir it. I would like to thank our Senior and Junior Vice-heads, Sue Warren and Lisa Hopkyns, and our Senior and Junior Sports Captains, Sue Bell and Leilani Farha, and of course all the members of Fry. Luckily, we have raised enough money with our not-too-successful Book Sale, one Bake Sale, two Doughnut Sales and the Dress-Up Day. have this term. Well, the sad moment has come. I wish the new House Head and all of you the best of luck next year. Remember, Fry is " Friendship to all. " A big kiss, love, Fifth Row: Sian Warwick, Pam Houwing, Amanda Lovatt, Lise Paradis, Carina van Heyst, Candy Warren, Elizabeth McClenahan, Rosemary Todd, Jennifer Chorlton, Karen Looye, Lisa Mierins, Claudia Fuerst, Laura Denison, Lisa Ostiguay, Kim Kirby. Fourth Row: Sandi Zagerman, Andrea Korda, Suzie Hrnchiar, Ann Tessier, Sue Wurtele, Lesley Banner, Cathy Love, Kalli Vara klis, Jane Lawson, Sheena Troop, Rosemary Clyde, Alison Lee, Sabine Jurgens. Third Row: Marie-Jose Lopez, Charro Violante, Elizabeth Westley, Sarah Thorpe, Janet Ingram, Anne Rogers, Lisa Kelly, Adria Bow, Janieta Eyre, Lisa Stilborn, Joanna Pocock, Debbie Seropian, Farangis Bakhtiar. Second Row: Sarah Noyes Roberts, Glynis Marcus, Niquette Ruddock, Sue Steers, Jenni Cooper, Roberta Bouchard, Lucy Jones, Rachel Soar, Margaret Purdie, Chris Jodoin, Nerrin Bamanie, Nicola Grainger, Mojgan Rasuli, Anna Sherwood. First Row: Sarah Kenny, Sarah Young, Brit Christensen, Kim Ling, Paul Grodde, Andrew Maule, Jill Reid, Heather Kelly, Chad Yolkouskie, Tassie Cameron, Nicola Maule, Gillian Hewitt, Anne Thurgood, Theodora Van Royen. My year as your House Head is closing and I have to say " good-bye. " Keller has been a great team this year and has lived up to her house motto of " Fair Play. " House spirit picked up as the year progressed and was shown in all areas: intramurals, earning extra house points during Spirit Week, and by raising over our quota for Sui Sang through various activities (e.g. a Bake Sale, a Dress up Day and the Keller Bear Raffle). All of you have supported Keller in your own way, but a special " thank you " goes to Pam, my Senior reps. - Heather Kelly and Andrea Korda, and my Junior reps. - Jenny Chorlton and Niquette Ruddock. Good luck to you all next year and especially next year ' s House Head. Never forget, Keller is No. 1 ! ! ! 72 Stairs: Catherine Smith, Susan Isaac, Beatriz Padilla, Clare Butler, Rosaline Ngan, Liz Seward, Lilly Lee, Alison Robey, Carolann Swift, Gill Slader, Thea Reed, Liz Watson, Rachel Gotlieb, Fiona McLeod, Sonia Dilawri. Back Row: Liz Sellers, Jennifer Cheney, Sandra Titus, Vicki Mallett, Chantelle Jenkins, Caroline Martin, Mandy Gosewich, Marina Folk, Ann Raby, Lucy White, Giselle Campeau, Gina Pezoulas, Kathy Young, Sabine Burchard, Annabel Mandy, Chantelle Brown, Alex Martin, Fiona Murray, Marie Violante, Julie Anne Brunet, Peggy Staruch, Caroline Garwood, Stephanie Greenberg, Maureen Murphy, Michelle Friend, Nuray Bamanie, Liz Preston, Paula Gilbert, Chris McCartney, Kathy Dick, Jessica Rudy, Alison Lawford, Alix Cooper. Second Row: Mary Jane Pigott, Beth Swift, Sarah Martin (House Head), Zoe Sakellaropoulo, Sue Steele, Chris Assad, Elanor Brodie, Vanessa Smith, Adam Matthews, Julie Ann Rickerd, Sarah Kenny, Samantha Gatti, Alison Schmidt. Front Row: Eliza James, Bettina von Arnim, Andrew Maule, Ann de Mercado, Robbie Butler, Zilda Kisaka. Dear Nightingale, I would like to express my thanks to the members of this house for their support this year. Though we seemed to have a slow start our fund raising efforts were rewarded and we made the required sum during the first two terms. There are several people in Nightingale whom I could not have managed without: all those who participated regularly in sports and especially Mary Jane Pigott - our Vice House Head; Anabelle Mandy - Junior House Head; Chris Assad - Senior Sports Captain; and Lucy White - Junior House Sports Captain. Although Nightingale this year was not filled with great athletes nor with people of great baking ability, I do feel that Nightingale had the people in it who were most capable of living up to our motto - " Not for ourselves alone. " I wish the best of luck to next year ' s house head and best of luck to all of Nightingale in their endevours. Love, 73 T e Wizard CAST Dorothy Aunt Em Uncle Henry Toto Sorceress of the North Munchkin Mayor Wicked Witch of the West Scarecrow Tin Man Cowardly Lion Witch 1 Witch 2 Tibia Oz Lady Tassie Cameron Vanessa Thomas Sian Warwick Pippa Bannister Heidi Hobday Chris Kelly Olga Kanellakos Candy Warren Heather Kelly Heather Rodgers Gillian Slader Julie-Ann Brunet Martha Gall Vanessa Thomas Guards of Emerald City Alexandra Martin Fiona Murray Wizard of Oz Sian Warwick MUNCHK1NS Ashwina Bijoor, Caroline Garwood, Samantha Gatti, Rebecca Gwyn, Jennifer Hopkyns, Lisa Hopkyns, Nadia Jacquot, Holley Knaus, Alexandra Martin, Nicola Maule, Fiona Murray, Margaret Purdie, Niquette Ruddock, Marguerite Staruch, Theodora Van Royen, Lara Wilson, and Krista Wedekamm. SNOWFLAKES Chantelle Jenkins, Andrea Korda, Vicky Mallett, Joanna Pocock, Jill Reid, and Zoe Sakellaropoulo. MONKEYS Leilani Farha and Chantelle Brown. TREES Lesley Banner, Rosemary Clyde, Lisa Powell, and Ann Rodgers. CHORUS Suzette Argo, Lesley Banner, Roberta Bouchard, Chantelle Brown, Rosemary Clyde, Martha Gall, Lisa Hopkyns, Chris Jodoin, Gillian Lewis, Fiona Murray, Margaret Purdie, Sheila Reid, Cindy Rhodes, Anne Rodgers, Liz Sellers, Anne Tessier, and Vanessa Thomas. PIANIST MUSIC DIRECTOR CHOREOGRAPHY RODUCED BY Alison Lee Jody O ' Brien Marnie Edwards Nicky Davies ©f 78 ELM WOOD STUDENTS AND CHOIRS: April 30, 1980 PERFORMERS Paul Grodde Jennifer Deacon Sabine Burchard Robert Chinfen Vanessa Smith Alison Schmidt Sarah Kenny Laura Schmidt Eliza James Elizabeth Sellers Megan Kenny Maureen Assaly Susannah Steers Julie-Anne Rickerd Ruby Eggarhos Kathy Suh Lara Wilson Milena Sigmund Adrian Harewood Gina Pezoulas Kathy Suh Jane Lawson Giselle Campeau Sheila Reid Paula Gilbert Kalli Varaklis Heidi Hobday Kalli Varaklis WORKS Marching Trumpets Mist March of the Goblins Chinese Grace Bear Dance Clouds Autumn Wind Elevator Fantasie Oranges and Lemons Irish Bells Caprice Popcorn Spooks Enraptured I Gaze (Clarinet - Amanda Lovatt and Sabine J urgens) Trick March Barney and Katie Celtic Jug Eibhlin A. Ruin Butterflies She ' s Like the Swallow (Maritime Folk) Yellow Emperor Temple Bells Invention No. 13 Sonata No. 10 in G (1st Movement) Moment Musical Little Frogs in a Frolicking Mood Le Petit Rien Sonatina Reverie Song The Three Pirates Aria Greek Dances In the Chapel Three in Blue Pierrot Grandmother ' s Favourite Christmas Song Drei Lillien (sung by Heidi Hobday) Loch Lomond (sung by Heidi Hobday) Prelude No. 2 Daar was Een Sneeuwit Natalie Listens to the Radio The Strange Man Etude Allegro Song: Du Holde Kunst (Acc. Alison Lee) Waltz: To Madame E. Baring-Gould Eviaria Friska Macedonian Mountain Dance COMPOSERS Boris Berlin Clifford Poole Boris Berlin Folk Traditional David Duke David Duke Sarah Dittenhauer L. Kohler G. F. Telemann Folk-Arr, Boris Berlin Sarah Kenny Diane Stevenson William Lea Clifford Poole F. Hopkinson Robert Fleming Irish Folk Song Diane Stevenson Irish Folk Song David Duke Arr. - David Duke Jean Coulthard Ralph de Coursey J.S. Bach F.J. Haydn F. Schubert A. Melecci F. Couperin S. Coupal Czech. Trad. Folk E.R. Gulley C. Peerson Trad. Arr. - Diane Stevenson de Severac A. Southam H. B. Green Arr. - J. Coulthard German Folk Song Scottish Folk Song I. Click Dutch Folk Song M. Dubois G. Wuensch R. Schumann Y. Nakada R. Schubert J. Papineau-Couture K. Varaklis Elliott A. Hovanhess 79 Junior Entertainment Night this year was held on two nights - May 21 and 22. We ' d like to say thank you to all who were involved in the production, especially Mrs. Scott and Mrs. Sheppard who gave up so much of her time to coach the drama groups. Thank you also to Mrs. Heacock ' s ' prop ' production teams, and to the members of staff and students who en- thusiastically helped with sewing, lighting and make-up. It was well worth the effort! Back Row: Mary White, Ann Tessier, Sue Wurtele, Heather Rogers, Marion Jones, Rosemary Clyde. Front Row: Liz Sellers, Sheila Reid, Heidi Hobday, Martha Gall, Vanessa Thomas, Lesley Banner, Candy Warren, Mrs. O ' Brien. Back Row: (L - R): Chantelle Brown, Lisa Hopkyns, Cynthia Rhodes, Margaret Purdie, Roberta Bouchard, Rebecca Gwyn, Marie Violante, Chris Jodoin, Nerrin Bamanie, Sarah Noyes-Roberts, Charro Violante, Philippa Sheppard, Christina Campbell, Fiona Murray, Glynis Marcus, Niquette Ruddock, Mrs. O ' Brien. Front Row: (L - R): Suzette Argo, Laura Schmidt, Samantha Gatti, Ashwina Bijoor, Kim Ling, Jennifer Hopkyns, Tassie Cameron, Pippa Bannister, Alison Schmidt, Theodora van Royen, Krista Wedekamm, Caroline Garwood. 82 ft the numbers that turned out and general performance, soccer, which was played in the fall, proved to be the most popular sport. Keller came first with Fry and Nightingale in second and third respectively. Though house support greatly declined in the second term, those who did participate in intramurals had enough enthusiasm to make it worth while. Fry walked away with the volleyball title and Keller won basketball. In the third term game time was switched from after school to break time, in an attempt to encourage a better turn out. Very special thanks are extended to Mrs. Butler without whom success in organizing the games would have been virtually impossible. Good luck to next year ' s sports captain! Love Gladys 84 85 Back Row: Adam Matthews, Andrew Preston, Robert Chinfen, Michael Cripton, Chad Yolkouskie. Front Row: Robbie Butler, Kevin McAuley, Paul Grodde, Adrian Harewood, Murray Forrester, Andrew Maule. ®GGQV On Ashbury ' s field, October 16, the grade 3 4 Elmwood boys played Sedbergh 5 6 and won 3-0. The team was cheered on by the 3 4 girls. Two goals were scored by Adrian Harewood and one by Andrew Preston. The Sedbergh forwards were not able to get past the Elmwood defence or score on our goalie - Robbie Butler. Sedbergh challenged Elmwood to another game which Elmwood un- fortunately lost. Three more games were played against Rockcliffe Park School and Elmwood won one and tied two. 86 Back Row: Sue Wurtele, Jenni Leslie, Caroline Martin, Lesley Banner, Martha Gall, Cathy Smith, Andrea Korda, Marion Jones, Paula Gilbert, Rosemary Todd, Sue Harris, Mary White, Vicky Mallett. Front Row: Liz Sellers, Clare Butler, Liz Seward, Sue Warren, Carina van Heyst, Andrea Cardinal, Rosemary Clyde, Sabine Jurgens, Jill Baker, Fiona Gale, Joanne Frayne. Absent: Gladys Abankwa, Chantelle Jenkins, Kathy Suh, Claudia Fuerst, Sue Bell. The soccer team this year had a total of twenty-eight players. In all, we played seven games. We won our first game against Rideau with a score of 3-2, but un- fortunately this was only an exhibition game. We had a couple of very close games and all showed great im- provement at the end of the seventh game! (If, we could play them all again, we ' d win for sure, right)?! For all the fun and good times we had, we must thank Mrs. Butler for her great coaching and endless patience and, of course, Miss Gwilym, our substitute coach. Just wait until next year, Glebe! ! ! 87 This year, under the direction of Mrs. Butler, Illmwood started a running " club. " They began training in and around Rockcliffe following sometimes treacherous routes. In the fall, the original members ran two races: the Sri Chinmoy and the Avon. Inspired by their results, they were joined in the spring by eight equally enthusiastic runners who participated in the Bonne Bell. Two of the runners even went on to join Mrs. Butler in the National Capital Marathon. All girls showe d an amazing aptitude for running and the proof is in the fact that all thirteen who entered the Bonne Bell finished it. Although their reasons for running differed, they all found enjoyment in decking themselves out in track suits and running shoes to brave the elements during a spare, lunch hour or even after school. We hope that this enthusiasm will create a good base so that next year Elmwood can field an equally successful running team. Many thanks to Mrs. Butler for her enthusiasm and guidance. Back Row: Paula Gilbert, Sabine Jurgens, Liz Sellers. Front Row: Lucy White, Mary White. BoFiFje Bel! 10K Front Row: Sabine Jurgens, Liz Sellers, Paula Gilbert, Lise Paradis, Mary White, Rosemary Clyde, Carina van Heyst. Back Row: Sue Warren, Andrea Korda, Vicky Mallett, Ann Rogers, Jenni Leslie, Sheila Reid. 88 The National Capital Marathon was a race in the Ottawa region on May 11th. Mrs. Butler, Sabine Jurgens and Liz Sellers started off at Carleton University at 9 a.m. in the pouring rain. The race was 26 miles and Mrs. Butler and Sabine completed the whole course! Liz Sellers also did extremely well. Thank you to all those who came out and sup- ported the team and congratulations to the team for their incredible perseverance. Above: Liz Sellers and Sabine Jurgens. Reaef Race " You know how teachers are human and how humans make mistakes? " These were Mrs. Butlers words just before she broke the news to the team that that the race was 5k. instead of 3k. This was a few minutes before race time! In spite of this all the girls completed the course and Sabine Jurgens won the Senior Girls Championship. Left to Right: (Back): Liz Sellers, Sabine Jurgens, Rosemary Clyde. (Front): Sue Warren, Paul Gilbert, Alison Lawford, Lise Paradis. Absent: Tove Ghent, Kathy Suh. Relay The Chimnoy Marathon was Elmwood ' s first step into the running world. There were ten days to prepare for this relay race but four enthusiastic runners - Elizabeth Sellers, Paula Gilbert, Sabine Jurgens and Kathy Suh each completed their 6.5 miles and Mrs. Butler and Mary each ran 13 miles! Paula Gilbert Left to Right: Mary White, Sabine Jurgens, Liz Sellers, Paula Gilbert. Absent: Kathy Suh. 89 This year tennis in particular was a very successful venture. Although our matches did not resemble those of Wimbledon and Forest Hills, the Elmwood tennis team provided some stiff competition for the other schools. Each of the girls smashed, lobbed and volleyed their way to some strong victories. The outcome was an eighth place in the city finals. With our experience this year, we will be able to place even better next year. Our thanks goes to Mrs. Knap for all her time and to the rest of the team for their efforts. Thank you also to Amos who was our team mascot. Caroline Martin Left to Right: (Back): Maureen Assaly, Paula Gilbert, Kathy Suh, Sheena Troop. (Front): Marion Jones, Liz Sellers, Mary White, Jessica Rudy, Caroline Martin. This was Elmwood ' s first year entering a ski team. We like to give a special thanks to Caroline Martin, Liz Sellers and Lise Paradis who not only were our gate keepers but encouraging supporters. The team would like to express their appreciation to Mrs. Knap who was our faithful chauffeur and coach. The race was held the first week of February at Edelweiss with eight other schools competing. Elmwood qualified for the Valleys which would have led us to the provincial competition at Collingwood but unfortunately we ended up in fifth place. Hopefully, next year with most of the team members returning and of course the new girls entering, Elmwood will excel and perhaps establish some new records in this great sport. Sarah Martin Left to Right (Back to Front): Mary White, Liz Sellers, Temporary Member, Sarah Martin, Andrea Cardinal, Caroline Martin. Absent: Sue Bell. 90 ]M Ieybal I This year ' s volleyball team put up quite a show. Even though we were not very suc- cessful at first, we showed definite signs of improvement by the end of the season. Although we didn ' t hit the headlines with our playing we got recognition for our looks, expecially noticeable were the Mexican legs in tight shorts. We would like to thank our two coaches Mrs. Butler and Miss Gwilym who often sacrificed themselves (by placing their bodies in front of the balls a little off course)! to keep this team together. Among our other merits, Elmwood will be pleased to know that we had the most polite team in the league. Good work! Liz Seward (Manager) Left to Right: Joanna Frayne, Beatriz Padilla, Liz Seward, Lise Paradis, Danielle Thompson, Liz Sellers, Sue Warren, Fiona Gale, Miss Gwilym, Sabine Jurgens, Zhila Kashaminia, Carine van Heyst, Jenni Leslie. Absent: Claudia Fuerst, Sue Bell. 91 (Lmzefy Games ' In this year ' s event Elmwood entered both a senior and junior team. Despite the fact that the senior team was put together at the last moment, we fared quite well. The 4x100 relay team which was made up of Elise Braithwaite, Kalli Varakalis, Lisa Stilborn, Kathy Love and Rosemary Todd, ran very well and managed to qualify for the semifinals. Liz Sellers and Sabine Jurgens both ran the 800M race and stood up well to stiff competition - both clocking the distance in under three minutes. The Junior team won a 4x1 00M relay and missed qualifying by only a few seconds. For all it was an enjoyable experience (who could forget the picture in the Citizen), and many thanks go to Mrs. Butler and Mrs. O ' Brien for their support and encouragement. Lisa Stilborn Left to Right: Kalli Varaklis, Elise Braithwaite, Lisa Stilborn, Liz Sellers, Sabine Jurgens, Kathy Love. Absent: Rosemary Todd. Left to Right: Mrs. O ' Brien, Anne VanRoyen, Ruby Eggarhos, Niquette Ruddock, Leilani Farha, Lara Wilson. Absent: Lisa Powell. 93 Back Row: Sue Wurtele, Cathy Smith, Liz Sellers, Marion Jones, Liz Ashworth, Sheila Reid, Ann Rogers, Alison Lawford, Lise Paradis, Mary White. Front Row: Lisa Stilborn, Joanne Frayne, Rosemary Clyde, Paula Gilbert, Sue Warren, Carina van Hayst, Elise Braithwaite, Jenni Leslie, Andrea Korda, Sabine Jurgens. The Track and Field team this year was larger than it has ever been before - quite a marked increase in interest! All the girls were successful and some even went on to compete in the Vallev meet. L. to R.: Sue Harris, L.i Sellers, Sabine Jurgens. Kathj Love, Janieta Eyre, Heather Rogers. The Gymnastic team got off 10 a rolling start this year. The team, coached by Mrs. Butler and Sue Harris, started practice in early March. At the end of March we competed in the Lisgar Invitational meet. From here we went on to compete in the Ottawa High School Athletic Assoc. meet, and finally to the Ottawa Valley meet. The team did surprisingly well and next year we hope to expand the team and compete in more events. Heather Rogers 94 95 Junior Ii PQr uFak The intramurals were run on a class participation basis this year and were very successful. Each of the two Grade Sevens and two Grade Eights won a championship. Although the Grade Six class did not manage to win a final, the girls put up a good fight and displayed excellent sportsmanship. Back Row: Mrs. O ' Brien, Liz Trusdale, Giselle Campeau, Liz Preston, Chantal Mazur, Kathy Young, Phillipa Sheppard. Front Row: Marie- Jose Lopez, Liz McClenahan, Niquette Ruddock, Sue Steers, Lucy White, Michelle Friend, Lisa Powell, Sarah Noyes- Roberts. Back Row: Karen Looye, Daralyn Durie, Christina Campbell, Heather Stoltz, Charro Violante, Lorraine Edmonds, Jenni Chorlton, Gina Pezoulas, Caroline Garwood. Front Row: Mrs. O ' Brien, Glynis Marcus, Maureen Murphy, Ruby Eggarhos, Sherry Bradley, Stephanie Greenberg, Ann van Royen, Sabine Burchard. 96 97 Sports Day this year was scheduled for Friday June 30, but the weather cut the day short at lunch. It was then resumed the following Monday. As always it was great fun (any school day without work is!) Everything ran smoothly and I think that everyone enjoyed themselves. We owe a great deal of thanks to both Mrs. Butler and Mrs. O ' Brien for making the day the success it was. 99 SEPTEMBER 6 - School opens 15 - Coffee House 27 - Grade 7 trip to Foley Mountain 28 - Ashbury Dance OCTOBER 8 - Thanksgiving Holiday 17 - Grades 5 6 Trip to Middleville 24- Year of the Child Day 27 - Reach for the Top, Elmwood vs. Philemon Wright 31 - Hallowe ' en Party and Bake Sale NOVEMBER 9 - Holiday 10 - Reach for the Top, Elmwood vs. Confederation 12- Holiday 16 - Half day, Parent Teacher Interviews 29 - The Wizard of Oz 30 -The Wizard of Oz MARCH 10 - Ashbury Elmwood Exchange 1 1 - Ashbury Elmwood Exchange 12 - Ashbury Elmwood Exchange - Junior Sock Hop - Last Day of Classes 13 - Ski Day 14- 30 -Spring Holidays 31 - School re-opens APRIL 4 - Good Friday Holiday 7 - Easter Monday Holiday 1 1 - Ashbury Formal 15 - Ashbury Blood Donor Clinic 16 - Humane Society Awards Presented 17 - Tree Presentation by Mrs. Thomas 19 - Ashbury Dance 23 - Laurentian Invitational Race 24 - Soccer against Rideau 26 - Mothers ' Guild Garage Sale 29 - Soccer against De La Salle 30 - Elmwood Canadian Music Concert 102 DECEMBER 1 - The Wizard of Oz 10 - Exams begin 21 - Last exam, Christmas Party, Holidays begin 25 - Christmas Day 27 - Trip to Toronto to King Tut Exhibit MAY 1 - Soccer against Lisgar 3 - Metres for Millions 4 - Bonne Bell 10km Race 6 - Soccer against Glebe - Elmwood ' s Open House 7 - Elmwood ' s Open House 8 - Sock Hop - Soccer against Commerce - Track and Field Meet 9 - Track and Field Meet 10 - Soccer Tournament 13 - Soccer against Immaculata 15 - Valley Track and Field Meet 19 - Victoria Day Holiday 21 - Junior Entertainment Night 22 - Junior Entertainment Night 30 - Sports Day JANUARY 7 - School re-opens 1 1 - Ashbury Dance 14 - Volleyball against Hillcrest 17 - Volleyball against Immaculata 22 - Volleyball against Champlain 26 - Ashbury Coffee House 29 - Volleyball against Nepean FEBRUARY 5 - Volleyball against Sir Wilfred Laurier - Ski Competition 7 - Volleyball against Brookfield 8 - Dress-Up Day 1 1 - Holiday 12 - Talent Show - Ashbury Coffee House 13 - SPIRIT DAY 14 - Sticky Tape Race 15 - Elmwood Valentine ' s Day Dance 16 -Car Rally 18 - Volleyball against Canterbury 21 - Volleyball against Glebe 22 - Dress-Up Day 29 - Junior School Public Speaking - Ashbury Coffee House JUNE 1 - Osaga 10km Race 2 - Completion of Sports Day - Last day of classes 3 - Exams begin 7 - Graduation Dance 1 1 - Rehearsal for Closing 13 - Closing 103 f er This year, the team made sure that they wouldn ' t be caught out by the CBC; they had been having weekly practice sessions since January ' 79 (usually culminating in discussions about Noel Coward). All this practice paid off as they handily won their first game against Philemon Wright with a score of 325 to 160, in which they were never behind. Unfortunately, this victory was not televised so thai the team could not win instant fame and fortune. Their second game was televised, albeit three months after it was taped, and here the tables were turned. They did not win but, true to Elmwood traditions, lost gracefully despite cold symptoms running the gamut from runny noses to laryngitis, and were im- peccably dressed. Thus it came to be that the green-and-gold was on television suffering a defeat to Confederation High School. The team is now on a sabbatical, so to speak, and will return in Sep- tember to start afresh with a search for new members as half the team is leaving the school. Many (hanks goes to Mrs. Davies for her continued and continuous drilling and good luck to next year ' s team - may your make-up never run under the hot lights and may you not all get colds at the same time! The 1980 Junior Mathematics Contest, sponsored by the University of Waterloo, was written by over 26,000 students from across Canada. It was open to any student from Grades nine to eleven. Elmwood entered twelve students - three from Grade nine, six from Grade ten and three from Grade eleven. Alix Cooper, Grade nine had outstanding results. She stood in the upper 5 % of all 26,000 contestants and was the top student at Elm- wood with Thea Reed coming second. All our girls did well and we are very proud of them. Certificates of Merit were awarded for participation in the Contest. Congratulations! E. MacDonald 104 We were especially proud this year of all the entrants of the Humane Society Essay Contest. Both the trophies were won by Elmwood students; Krista Wedekam and Maureen Murphy. Back Row: Ashwina Bijoor, Roberta Bouchard, Eliza James, Betsy Gall, Karen Looye. Front Row: Maureen Murphy (D.P. Cruikshank Trophy), Tassie Cameron, Krista Wedekam (Catherine Smith Trophy), Robyn Tavel. King %t Exk As you may already know, this year ' s Art History students went to Toronto on December 26th to see the King Tut Exhibit. Because we had all been well prepared for it through Mrs. Aldous ' and Mrs. Heacock ' s careful in- struction, we enjoyed it all the more. The bus left Ottawa at 2:30 p.m. and arrived in Toronto at 8:00. Once arrived at the Y.W.C.A., we spent the evening relatively quietly (?!). We arrived at the museum at 8:00 the next morning - the exhibit was fascinating, incredible and well worth the trip. All in all it was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. We must thank Mrs. Aldous who unfortunately couldn ' t come, but who organized the trip and saw us off, and to those members of the staff who came with us: Mrs. Heacock, Mrs. Peat, Mrs. Harwood-Jones and of course, Dawn. Jenni Leslie 105 Last September 7-M and 7-L went camping at Foley Mountain with Mrs. McRae, Mrs. Looye and Mr. and Mrs. Chance. We had a good time and learned to survive without flush toilets and electrical appliances. We made friends with a porcupine, got lost in the woods and ate sandwiches in the pouring rain! The highlight of the trip was on Friday night when we all scared ourselves with ghost stories. Chantelle ' s eerie scream frightened animals for miles around. We all had a good time but were glad to get back to the comforts of home on Saturday night. 106 Spirit Week got off to a flying start with one of Elmwood ' s famous bake sales, followed by the Talent Show. This featured some very original acts by Ashbury, Elmwood and certain outsiders including " Sax " ! On Wednesday " Spirit Day " the school gathered in the gym for a breakfast of hot chocolate and scones. The traditional scavenger hunt took place for most of the morning and was won by Grade 12. The themes of the day were: Fry-Music, Keller-Comedy, Nightingale- Horror and there was an interesting array of costumes. The winners were clowns from Keller. There was lunch for all in the gym and afterwards tugs-of-war between houses and volleyball against the teachers. In the evening there was a skating party on the canal. The week continued with a sticky tape race won by Keller, a hair-raising car rally with Ashbury and everyone found the man of their dreams at Elmwood ' s Valentine ' s Dance Friday night. 108 109 TV Tree This year, Mrs. Homer Thomas, mother of former students Margaret and Barbara, very kindly donated a young tree in honour of the girl awarded the prize for all round contribution to school life. The Junior Choir, under the direction of Mrs. O ' Brien, sang " Let there be Peace on Earth. " 113 115 This year, Closing once again changed its residence. It was held in the Mont St. Joseph Gymnasium on Friday, June 13, 1980, at 7:30 p.m. The Official Party which consisted of Mrs. Whitwill, Mrs. Aldous, Mr. Alan P. Warren (Chairman of the Board of Governors of Elmwood), Mrs. B.O. Baker (President of the Mothers ' Guild), Mrs. J. K. Swift (mother of our Senior Prefect), Mr. H.S. Zagerman (father of our Head Girl), and the Reverend E.E. Green, was led up onto the stage by Sandi Zagerman (Head Girl) and Beth Swift (Senior Prefect). Mrs. O ' Brien directed the choir in " Sing Farewell. " Following Closing, there was a reception held at Elmwood. All in all, a good finish to a good year. The Official Party, led in by Sandi Zagerman and Beth Swift. Candy Warren, winner of the Governor General ' s Medal for highest proficiency in Grade 13. Lieutenant Governor ' s Medal for highest proficiency in Grade 12 was won by Elizabeth Seward. The choir sings " Sing Farewell " under the expert direction of Mrs. O ' Brien. 116 Mr. Warren, Mrs. Whitwill, Honoured guests, members of the staff, students, parents, and friends of Elmwood: As I stand here before you on the threshol d of the next phase of my life, I cannot help but reflect on the past eight years. Elmwood has helped me to grow both emotionally and scholastically. The small classes have made me aware of the give and take among my peers. The individual attention AND understanding that we have received will be truly beneficial in the future. Whether it was a personal or scholastic problem, there was always someone there to guide us. I f the choice would be to further our education, or, to go directly into the work force, we have this school to thank for a good basic grounding. Bittersweet times at Elmwood are the friendships with girls from different countries. Their closeness with us and their marvelous insight into their different customs and cultures have aided us in gaining a better understanding of the world in which we live. We miss them when they must leave us all too soon. Preps., if this all sounds frightening, hang in there. The past year has been quite diverse. Oh, yes, our extremely high level of maturity has lead us from the old-fashioned water fights to the successful methods of decorating cars . . . with shaving cream! Back to more serious matters, our well-received, sold-out, standing room only, production of " The Wizard of OZ " , ably produced by Mrs. Davies, was something that will long be remembered. Sarah Martin, Patzi Montero, and Jill Reid, our Heads of House, raised funds for their respective houses through bake sales, Dress Up days, raffles and other similar projects. February started off with a bang with our fun-filled Spirit Week. Many of the activities included: skating on the Canal, a Coffee House, a scavenger hunt within the Village, tugs- of-war, and finally the culmination of which was our Valentine ' s Dance. Once again, our sincere thanks to the Mothers ' Guild. The proceeds of their very successful Garage Sale will further the Gym Building Fund among other things. Their tireless work made our Grad Dance an outstanding memory of school life. Thanks Moms and Dads too. This year we were privileged to have Mrs. Butler as our gym teacher. Along with the help of others, she introduced innovative ideas to her athletic programs which have brought excellent results to the Ski, Track and Intramural teams. Thank you, Beth Swift, our Senior Prefect, the Prefect Body AND class for putting up with my nervous habits and giving me fantastic support. Elmwood can be as proud of us as we are of her. Her mark on us in our formative years has prepared us to go forth to take our place in society. Congratulaions, Alison Lee, next year ' s Head Girl and all the Prefects. We wish you the best of luck, and remember, when the going gets tough, the tough get going! Thank you, Sandy Zagerman (Head Girl) Left - Right: Sandi Zagerman (Head Girl), Beth Swift (Senior Prefect). 117 FORM PRIZES AWARDED FOR THE HIGHEST AVERAGE OF THE YEAR: Grade 3 Vanessa Smith Grade 4 Andrew Preston Grade 5 Eliza James Grade 6 Lucy Jones Grade 7M Meera Johri Grade 7L AnneThurgood Grade 8C Kathy Young Grade 8M Karen Looye PROFICIENCY STANDING: 80 and over, up lo and including Grade 10 75 and over in Grades 1 1 , 12 and 13 Grade 4 Paul Grodde, Andrew Preston. Grade 5 Victoria Grossman-Hensel, Gillian Hewitt. Grade 6 Tassie Cameron, Kara Munro, Milcna Sigmund. Grade 7 Holley Knaus, Margaret Purdie, Susan Westley, Annabcllc Mandy, Peggy Stamen, Krista Wedekamm. Grade 8 Christina Campbell, Jennifer Chorlton, Daralyn Durie, Caroline Garwood, Marie-Jose Lopez, Michelle Friend, Chantel Mazur, Lisa Powell, Philippa Sheppard, Susannah Steers. Grade 9 . . . Laurie Denison, Claudia Fuerst, Tove Ghent, Shannon Jaeger, Alison Robey, Deborah Grade 10 . Seropian, Kathy Suh. Gladys Abankwa, Sue Hrnchiar, Susan Isaac, Sabine Jurgens, Andrea Korda, Alison Grade II Lee, Amanda Lovatt, Rosaline Ngan, Beatriz Padilla, Elizabeth Seward, Catherine Smith, Carina Van Heyst, Sue Warren. Grade 12 Gladys Abankwa, Sue Hrnchiar, Susan Isaac, Sabine Jurgens, Andrea Korda, Alison Lee, Amanda Lovatt, Rosaline Ngan, Beatriz Padilla, Elizabeth Seward, Catherine Smith, Carina Van Heyst, Sue Warren. JUNIOR SCHOOL GRADE 8 MATHEMATICS. . Kathy Young JUNIOR FRENCH PRIZE (grades 3-6) Vicki Grossman-Henzel JUNIOR FRENCH PRIZE GRADES 7 AND 8 . . . Margaret Purdie GAUSS MATHEMATICS CONTEST 1980 Meera Johri (a contest set by the University of Waterloo - open to grades 7 and 8 - highest mark at Elmwood) JUNIOR PRIZES FOR OUTSTANDING PROGRESS Adam Matthews, Kara Munro, Sabine Burchard JUNIOR ART Charo Violante JUNIOR DRAMA Caroline Garwood JUNIOR ART HISTORY Lucy White JUNIOR SCIENCE FOR ACHIEVEMENT AND INTEREST . Karen Looye CHOIR PRIZE Philippa Sheppard FRENCH IMMERSION Kalli Varaklis INTERMEDIATE ENGLISH Jillian Baker INTERMEDIATE MATHEMATICS Elizabeth Westley INTERMEDIATE SCIENCE Jillian Baker INTERMEDIATE FRENCH Lisa Kelly INTERMEDIATE GEOGRAPHY Elizabeth Westley INTERMEDIATE HISTORY. Lisa Stilborn INTERMEDIATE ART Joanna Pocock ROTHWELL GRADE 9 ENGLISH PRIZE Kalli Varaklis BELL RINGER Kalli Varaklis LA1DLER CUP: Awarded to the girl who has made her mark on the Junior School by her good character and dependability. It is given to a girl who can be relied upon at any time, and is always helpful and thoughtful of others. Katherine Young SOUTHAM CUP FOR JUNIOR ENDEAVOUR: Awarded for the highest endeavour in all phases of school life in the Junior School. It is the equivalent of the Summa Summarum in the Senior School. It is given to the girl who best lives up lo (he ideals of Elmwood, who shows leadership, friendliness and helpfulness to others in the school. Christina Campbell SPORTS AWARDS JUNIOR INTRAMURAL FLOOR HOCKEY CHAMPIONS 7L - Maria Violante JUNIOR SCHOOL INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL 8M - Maureen Murphv JUNIOR SCHOOL INTRAMURAL SOCCER 7M - Nicola Maule 118 J ufi® -13 , 1980 JUNIOR SCHOOL INTRAMURAL VOLLEYBALL 8C - Sue Steers SENIOR HOUSE VOLLEYBALL Fry - Pat Montero SOUTHAM INTERMEDIATE TENNIS DOUBLES Mary and Lucy White INTERMEDIATE TENNIS SINGLES Lucy White WILSON GORDON TENNIS DOUBLES Elizabeth Sellers, Kathryn Suh SENIOR TENNIS SINGLES Elizabeth Sellers SPORTS DAY HOUSE CHAMPIONS Fry - Pat Montero INTER-HOUSE SPORTS CUP Keller-Jill Reid GREEN FORM DRILL CUP Gr. 12-Lise Paradis CROWDY WEIR BANTAM SPORTS CUP Andrew Preston FAUQUIER JUNIOR SPORTS CUP Holley Knaus DUNLOP INTERMEDIATE SPORTS CUP Elizabeth Sellers WILSON SENIOR SPORTS CUP Susannah Warren PHYSICAL EDUCATION GOLD MEDAL Sabine Jurgens M AYNARD SPORTSMANSHIP CUP Paula Gilbert HOUSE HEAD AWARDS: FRY Patricia Montero Keller Jill Reid Nightingale Sarah Martin SENIOR DRAMA Candy Warren and Tassie Cameron WORLD RELIGIONS PRIZE Susan Hrnchiar Presented by Christ Church Cathedral JUNIOR MATRICULATIONS ENGLISH Alison Robey JUNIOR MATRICULATION FRENCH Alison Robey JUNIOR MATRICULATION SPANISH Marek Przednowek JUNIOR MATRICULATION GEOGRAPHY Susannah Warren JUNIOR MATRICULATION MATHEMATICS Rosalyn Ngan FIRESTONE JUNIOR MATRICULATION LATIN PRIZE Kathy Suh COYNE GRADE 12 PRIZE FOR HISTORY Alison Lee THE ELIZABETH TANCZYK SCIENCE PRIZE FOR INTEREST Beatriz Padilla GREENBLATT GRADE 12 ENGLISH Susan Isaacs SENIOR MATRICULATION FRENCH Candy Warren SENIOR MATRICULATION MATHEMATICS Mojgan Rasuli SENIOR MATRICULATION CLASSICS Zoe Sakellaropoulo SENIOR M ATRICULATION ENGLISH ENRICHED Candy Warren, Lauchlan Munro SENIOR MATRICULATION ENGLISH Candy Warren SENIOR MATRICULATION HISTORY Caroline Thamer SENIOR MATRICULATION LATIN Fabrice Cadieux SENIOR MATRICULATION BIOLOGY Elizabeth Seward MCKEE FINE ARTS CUP John.Kirkwood HEADMISTRESS ' PRIZE Jennie Leslie OLD GIRLS ' HOUSE MOTTO PRIZE (THREE GIRLS ELIGIBLE) FRY: " Friendship to All " Sue Warren KELLER: " Fair Play " Sabine Jurgens NIGHTINGALE: " Not for Ourselves Alone " Zoe Sakellaropoulo WINNER Sabine Jurgens GRAHAM FORM TROPHY 10-T Form Captain Jillian Baker ALL-ROUND CONTRIBUTION TO SCHOOL LIFE Christine Assad EWING CUP FOR CHARACTER Susan Steele FORMMISTRESS ' AWARD -GRADE 13 Caroline Thamer LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR ' S MEDAL FOR HIGHEST PROFICIENCY IN GRADE 12 Elizabeth Seward THE PHILPOTT TOKEN: To our Senior Prefect for cheerful help in the past and for loyal support, and for effective leadership and authority with monitors and school body this year. AWARDED TO: Elizabeth Swift SUMMA SUMMARUM: Awarded to the Senior Girls who has tried most faithfully to live up to the ideals and best traditions of the School and who possesses the qualities of integrity, trustworthiness, the spirit of comradeship and the capacity to achieve. The winner ' s name to be added to the illustrious list on the plaque in the hall. AWARDED TO: Sandra Zagerman GOVERNOR GENERAL ' S MEDAL FOR HIGHEST PROFICIENCY IN GRADE 13 Candy Warren 119 r pay ops This year, as always, a number of prayers have been taken by the student body. In the first term, the Grade Thirteens, most notably the prefects, graced the lectern to speak about the Houses and the people who they are named after and then who can forget Sue Steele ' s rousing interpretations of school life?! T he second term saw prayers being taken by every class in turn - quite an interesting display of talent! As is the tradition in the third term, the Grade Twelves, divided into groups of three or four, introduced themselves to the school with interesting and sometimes quite lively displays of public speaking! In this term we also saw Thea Reed speak about IALAC signs (I am lovable and capable) and we heard from Kalli Varaklis about the history of Elmwood (included on pages 128 and 129). Here we would just like to give you two short examples of two of the prayers done by grade twelve. The first was about spring - who can forget it! - and was done by Joanna Frayne Beatriz Padilla and Amanda Lovatt. The second is a short but amusing fairy tale by Carina van Heyst, Sue Warren and Rosaline Ngan. Spring means different things to different people: for young children, it ' s the time to put away skates and skis and get out baseballs and running shoes. For those in early teens, it ' s time to put away bulky winter clothes and find the latest in T-shirts and shorts. For older girls, it ' s a time to ponder over the future, or to lie in the sun and dream. For teachers, it means the last term, winding up the school year, and hoping that some kernels of knowledge have found fertile soil. Spring is a time of planting, of faith, of renewal - when everything is fresh and clean, golden and bursting with new life. And spring is the time when God smiles on this green and pleasant land. Spring is a time to rejoice. 1 122 Twice upon a time, Cinderella sat twoderina about her two and only Prince Charming. Suddenly she turned to the fivest from whence her prince emerged. " How fivethreenine I am three find you here in this fivest. " he said, then " Are you three be anelevending my fi vernal ball on Threesday? " " No five I have been fivebidden to go! " wept Cin- derella. " But you must come, five many fiveners will be there from across the eight seas and from the five corners of the earth! " So anyway, he talked her into it and she went to the ball. (Wearing her fivemal dress and, of course, her oxfivds)! At dinner, while fivecing an elevenderloin down her throat with her fivk, she was relieved to hear the musicians stike up a merry threen. Suddenly her Prince appeared befive her and took her hand. He led her towards the floor to dance and then outside. " My dear, " he whispered elevenderly, " You have three of the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen. " Cinderella stopped him and said: " Befive you do anything, are your ineleventions honourable? " " Of course, my love, five you are my two and only and I will never fiveget you and will love you five ever and ever! " So they were married and lived fiveever after in happiness. If you understood this story, well congratulations - you are very good at increasing your vocabulary. If you did not understand - read it again, subtracting one from every number you see included in word. MS. THTGE AMERICAN Ssjfr HOSTAGES CO g2J i monk only V G Rape ' s HdKgfrt cd i St. Helen ' s It images Retrospect Elmwood. What docs thai mean to you? Is ii jusi a place that you are forced to go 10 every weekday, or is ii a school thai you ' ll stand up lor among other jean-clad students and say, " I ' m from Elmwood, and I ' m proud of it! " Elmwood has meant many different things to many different people. We ' ve had some notable people graduate from Elmwood, for example, Senator Cairine Wilson, among other distinguished citizens. We ' ve had seven different headmistresses during Elmwood ' s 65 years. Elmwood ' s second headmistress Mrs. H.C. Buck, wrote a letter in the 1932 edition of Samara telling us how Elmwood was when she first came in 1923: " I had been told to look for an old, rambling building. Well, I did; but it was even more and old and rambling than I had anticipated. I had great difficulty in finding any kind of a door, on account of the snow and, on top of that, the real front door was at the back, that is, on the North side. Inside there were just two classrooms and up some very creaky stairs, two other very small rooms were found with lean-to walls. That was the sole school room accommodations. " Rockcliffe Preparatory School was founded by Mrs. Hamley S. Philpot in 1915 in what had been originally an old homestead with four very young pupils. In 1917 an old barn was moved next to the house to make an Assembly Hall and three classrooms. In the 1919, the property was deeded to the Philpots on the condition that none of it is to be sold. In 1923, the name was changed to Elmwood School for Girls. Before that, there were little boys enrolled in Rockcliffe Preparatory School. Unfortunately, the Elm trees were killed by Dutch Elm Disease, but we now have a sole Elm tree gracing the West side of the school. The first yearbook was published that year, called Samara. It had 16 pages. The motto, " Success is naught, endeavor is all, " became Elmwood ' s motto, and the school song was composed by Miss Tipple and Miss Thwaite. In 1925, the old house was demolished and a three-story house was erected to accommodate the twelve boarders. The boarding house was divided into three dormitories; Wynken, Blynken and Nod, and the individual rooms also had names. For example, the Grade 9-C room was called Honey Bear. In 1927, Lady Willingdon, Countess of Bessborough, agreed to be Elmwood ' s patroness and was so for many years until her death. In 1930, the barn was demolished and the Assembly Hall was erected. It had six classrooms above the stage, and below the stage, which had a plaid curtain, was a small study room, a dressing and property room and a music room with a baby grand piano. In 1933, Mrs. Whitwill ' s house was built. It is the house in which all the headmistresses have lived in and will live in while they are headmistress at Elmwood. The Municipal Review of Canada, in November, 1931, printed an article on Elmwood. It said: A famous school has been created from which goes an in- fluence that year by year adds its contribution to the happiness and welfare of the country. " Elmwood has not always been as it is today. The green carpet in the front hall has just been purchased in the last ten years; before, the floor was of wood with a persian carpet in the middle, topped off with the same table that sits in our hall today. It was slightly less battered and had two benches instead of the one. The lamp-post on our stairs has been there since 1931, and so have the stairs. Even the two chairs that guard Mrs. Aldous ' office have been there since 1931, but have been reupholstered at least once since. What was the Elmwood uniform like? Well, lake the uniform as is, and replace the kilt and shirt with a plain dress with hand-knitted cuffs and collars. Take off the green socks and put on beige stockings at- tached to the bloomers with garter belts. Lengthen the sweater and put yellow stripes around the collar because yellow and green used to be Elmwood ' s colors. Then, put on a pale green tunic, tied at the back with a sash, brown oxfords, a thin rectangular tie, a green cap and you ' ll be just like the girls in 1934. 28 What was school life like? In the mornings, every morning, the Head Girl would carry the Headmistress ' books into Prayers and call the role. In the 1950 ' s. the grades were called by different names, there were more of them and they were smaller. It started with kin- dergarten, that Mrs. Aldous once taught, and all the grades, called " forms, " up to Grade Five were called " preparatory. " Grade Six was 4c, Seven was 4b and Eight was 4a. In high school, Grade Nine was 5c, Ten was 5b and Eleven 5a. Grade Twelve was called 6 Matric and Thirteen was called 6 Upper, and none of these classes were co-ed! Mrs. Lawson, who went to Elmwood in the 1950 ' s, when Mrs. Buck was Headmistress, remembers all the girls calling her " Eddie B. " behind her back. She was very strict and made the poor boarders go on a " crocodile " walk every morning to the park and back before breakfast. You could never say, " Hi, Mrs. Buck. " You had to say, " Oh, Good Morning, Mrs. Buck, " and wait to see if she had anything to ask you. If not, you ' d just slip by and go on your merry way. The girls started doing helpful things for other people. For example, they knitted for the refugees during World War II. They saved war- saving stamps and bought sweets for the children in bombed areas of England. They also supported the Nasic Cot in India and started the Sui Sang Committee in 1964. The lending library was started in 1923, but it grew so much that in 1941. a Junior Library was formed and the real differences between Seniors and Juniors began. In 1956, the Mothers ' Guild was going full force and it ' s the first time that green kneesoeks appeared. We also had a new Headmistress and it was the first time that we had an official choir. They wore, as the Ashbury Choir wears, a white semi-surplice. In 1962, Elmwood made its first television debut, advertising for students and it ' s also the first time that the Prefects wore white blazers. In 1963-64, when Mrs. Blythe was Headmistress, our famous bell was donated by that year ' s graduating class. In 1969, our own Headmistress came and although she missed the boarders who had their last year in 1966, she has seen Elmwood through many changes herself. Even in 1979-80, changes have oc- curred, not only has the school been enlarged again, but the uniform underwent and is still undergoing a major change. As you know, the Senior School wears kilts now instead of the traditional tunic. We now have 217 students, that ' s more than 50 times the original enrollment, and now have gone back to accepting little boys as we did in 1915. There is a map in the 9-0 classroom that shows where every Elm- woodian lives. However it does not show the people who live in Smith ' s falls, Chelsea, Quebec, Dunrobin, Kanata, Spencer City, Carp, North Gower, Monatick, Abitibi and Buckingham (Quebec). Many of our traditions today, come from long ago. For example, our Prefect system goes back to 1952 when they received the authority they have now, as a step towards self-government. The Merits started then, and the Head Girl pin that Sandi wears dates back to 1932. In 1933, the Philpot Token was started, named after our founder. In 1927, the Houses were founded, Keller, Nightingale and Fry, and the initials of the Houses were put on different shaped pins: Keller on a diamond, Nightingal on a triangle, and Fry on a hexagon, as they are today. Keller recejved an autographed picture of Helen Keller herself. Our school is full of traditions, it ' s warm and something to be proud of. It stands out among other schools for academic excellence and for being the only girls ' school in the Ottawa area. The first Samara was named after the tiny winged fruit of the Elm tree. After the yearbook was named Samara, the word took on a new position and stood as a symbol of endeavor. The spirit of this school is an ideal based on true friendship, the working together of all for the common good, rather than for individual honor, aiming towards a rightful endeavor . . . which is Samara . . . which is Elmwood . . . Researched and Written by Kalli Varaklis 129 Farangis and Fiona. 130 I ' ve had it, I ' m leaving! 131 Every year, it seems as if Elmwood receives more and more attention in the news. This year we had a colour picture of the Citizen Games contestant on the first page of the Sports section (this can be seen on page 92) and we also had a colour picture of the uniform on the first page of the Tempo secion. A picture of Candy Warren as the Governor General ' s Award winner also appeared in the Citizen. Elmwood has also appeared on television - the Reach for the Top team, plus a short history of the school was shown on March eleventh. We ' ve even been on the radio - a five minute program on CBC radio on Elmwood and the advantages of a private school. Finally, something we should all be proud of as students of Elmwood - the Samara from last year was judged third out of forty-four in the Citizen High School Yearbook Awards contest. The picture below appeared in the newspaper. The praise was very high of the cover, layout and complete effect - the third best overall yearbook in Ottawa! Co-Editors, Beth Swift and Candy Warren, with their award. Every year, there are events that we will remember for decades to come; things that the school year 1979-80 will recall to our memories: SPIRIT DAY! - the treasure hunt and dressing up, the Talent (?) Show - Herbie . . . the six-handed pianist . . . Miss Elmwood Contest . . . The Wizard of Oz . . . rehearsals . . . ho, those snowflakes! ! . . . How about the Senior Dance that was cancelled because of missing pages! Who ' s the thief?!?! . . . Camping trips . . . the Mock Election . . . School outings . . . those great dances . . . Sports Day . . . Lunches (there ' s no one to blame - you made it yourself) . . . Thanks everyone for a great year! ! ! P fx jj DcsQROyED the PapERS. J aCK the RiPPER 134 Although we have mentioned the people on the committee who have given their time for Samara this year, we haven ' t really thanked those others who have helped make the job of producing a yearbook much easier with their co-operation and aid. The first person we must thank is Mrs. Davies. She has helped us organize our- selves and has gathered literature and many other needed supplies for us. Her ex- perience in dealing with professional people, such as our National School Services representative and our photographer has been invaluable. She has given her help in sorting out more difficult problems, but has allowed us to develop the book as we wished. Secondly, we must thank Mark Whitwill for all his photography, especially in extracurricular activities we cou ld not get to, such as: " The Wizard of Oz " , Junior Entertainment Night, and sundry athletic events, including the Bonne Bell and Osaga 10km races. He also supplied us with pictures of both halves of Sports Day, not to mention his excellent Grad photos. We must also give our thanks to Mrs. Butler for her listing of the sports teams which made that section of the book so much easier to do, to Kalli Varaklis for allowing us to use her Prayers as a complete history of the school (see pgs. 128-129), and to all the staff for their help (like allowing themselves to be photographed), particularly the English teachers for obtaining literature, and Mrs.Heacock for getting us our much needed art. A big thanks must go to Mrs. Whitwill for engaging Mark, for her splendid opening letter, and for her help in countless other circumstances. Mrs. Aldous also deserves our gratitude since she contacted the Citizen whenever we needed it (a thing we ' d rather not do ourselves) and for always knowing the name of every student in the school, among other things. We cannot begin to thank the office staff for their tolerance of us, particularly Mrs. Sigmund for putting up with our state of near poverty (she knew how much money we did have - or didn ' t have - better than we did), and Lynne Houwing in the last term of school (and even after that) for helping us in anyway imaginable. But most of all it is that student body who receives the most thanks, for they were always there with something when we needed it. You have supplied us with typists, photographers, writers - particularly poets - and artists. Many of the classes have raised a great amount of money an act which has been greatly appreciated. Thank you all, this is your yearbook, and you should be proud of it. The Samara Staff 135 MR. MRS. GEORGE ALDOUS MR. MRS. ARNIM MRS. LAUREEN ASSALY MR. MRS. BEN BAKER MR. OMAR AHMED BAMANIE MRS. ELIZABETH REINE BELL MR. MRS. R.S. BIJOOR MR. MRS. B. BRODIE MR. MRS. J.E. BRUNET MRS. FREIDA BURCHARD MRS. PAT BUTLER MR. MRS. R.A. CAMPEAU MR. MRS. K.H. CHRISTENSEN MR. MRS. R.W. CHORLTON MRS. E.T. DAVIES MRS. N.R. DAVIES MR. MRS. P.S. DEACON DR. J. DeMERCADO MRS. T. DICK MR. MRS. O.G. DONALDSON MR. R.W. DURIE MR. MRS. J.D. EDMONDS MR. F.L.R. FARHA MRS. H. FRIEND MR. MRS. L. GREENBERG MR. MRS. S. GROSSMAN-HENSEL MR. J.F. HOUWING DR. MRS. A. HRNCHIAR MRS. S. ISAAC MRS. G. JAQUOT MR. B.D. JODOIN MRS. H. JOHRI MRS. C. JONES MR. KELLY dr. mrs. david kenny mrs. j.k. knaus mr. mrs. j.s. korda mr. mrs. a.r. lee dr. j.e. lillycrop mr. mrs. r. macleod mr. mrs. b. McCartney mr. matthews dr. mrs. e.j. maule mr. mrs. w. mazur mr. mrs. g. pazoulas MR. L. RABY MR. MRS. R.C. RICKERD MRS. J.B. ROGERS MR. MRS. J. SIGMUND MR. J.M. SMITH DR. MRS. J.A. STEELE MR. MRS. C.F. STOLZ DR. MRS. M. SUH MR. MRS. F.D. THAMER MR. C. TODD MR. MRS. J. VAN HEYST MR. MRS. H. ZAGERMAN i OFFICIAL SCHOOL OUTFITTERS A Division of Howarth ' s OF CMJJU L1MITID ( ontroal) Elmwood Also •Haberdashers •Custom Tailors • Madeto- Measure Clothing •Custom Shirts I 89 O ' CONNOR at Stater Customer Parking at all convarttont tat . y Tat:, U axrriEn ISouHquE 0 ntsxnational jainiari EUROPEAN DESIGNS ' jiLacs. W canada 160 dxjin itxzei 23t - 455 ottawa, canada r This drawing, called " Decision " 79 " was done by a third-year student in the School of Architecture here at Carleton University. Onethingwe like about the drawing is that every- one who sees it gets a different impression of what it says about life, and makingdecisions,and the future. If you ' re leaving high school this year, one " Decision 79 " that you have to make is where, or even whether, to get a university education. And if you ' re seriously considering going to university, we ' d likeyoutothinka littleabout Carleton. zagerman GOLDEN HAND HaVt $tucUcr $pcxM$«f k viDAL SASSOON HAIR CUTTING HAIR DESIGNERS (MET. LIFE BUILDING A BANK) 99 BANK Call. 238-2286 M. ZAGERMAN CO. LIMITED MACHINERY AND MILL SUPPLIES LUMBER AND BUILDING MATERIALS MANUFACTURERS OF ZAGMOR BAR LONGSPAN JOISTS P.O. BOX 9208 OTTAWA MAIN P.O. TERMINAL OTTAWA, ONTARIO K1G 3T9 Lumber Yard: 1630 STAR TOP RD. 741-5990 Office and Warehouses: 1630 STAR TOP RD. 741-5990 J. BARRY TURNER DIRECTOR OF DEVELOPMENT DIRECTEUR DU DEVELOPPEM ENT ASHBURY COLLEGE 362 MARIPOSA OTTAWA, ONTARIO TELEPHONE: KIM OT3 (613) 749-2178 v. 140 J MOBIL Paints Distributor JOLICOEUR LTD. 19-21 Beechwood Hardware 749-5959 (613) 746 4684 Hart ' s Pharmacy BRANTON PHARMACY LIMITED 33 BEECHWOOD AVE (CORNER MACKAY) FRANK P TONON OTTAWA, ONTARIO B Sc PHM Manager KIM 1M1 Leo La Vecchia Custom Tailor - Ladies a Gentlemen Alterations - Men s Furnishings 17 Springfield Rd. Ottawa. Ont. kim ics F R Y Tel. 749-8383 Headquarters for Lumber and Building Materials D. KEMP EDWARDS LIMITED 25 Bayswater Ave. Ottawa Tel. 728-4631 ARTS SMOKE SHOP Variety Store Open Nights Sundays 27 Beechwood Ave. 749-9844 7m Carnival 141 NAME GR. ADDRESSES TEL. Abankwa, Gladys 12 1 Clemow Ave., K1S2A9 234-8362 Argo, Suzette 6 Chelsea, Quebec, J0X 1N0 829-1843 Ashworth, Elizabeth 11 P.O. Box 1094, Smith ' s Falls 238-5819 Assad, Christine 12 400 Notre Dame, Gatineau, Quebec 663-7454 Assaly, Maureen 9 290 Faircrest Rd.,KlH5E3 733-9640 Baker, Gillian 10 605 DuffCresc, K1J7C6 746-0811 Bakhtiar, Farangis 1 1 609 151 Bay St., K1R7T2 236-2347 Bamanie, Nerrin 7 901 99 Bank St., KIP 6B9 563-1054 Bamanie, Nuray 9 901 99 Bank St., K1P6B9 563-i054 Bannister, Pippa 6 33 Rockliffe Way, KIM 1B3 746-1053 Banner, Lesley 10 1819 Prince of Wales Dr. , K2C 1 P2 224-5406 Bell, Susan 11 26 Wick Cresc, K1J7H2 741-5093 Bijoor, Ashwina 5 7 Woodview Cresc, K1B 3BI 824-1517 Blair, Heidi 12 189 Glebe Ave., K1S2G6 234-5537 Booker, Linda 9 250 Springfield Rd., KIM 0K9 741-6018 Bouchard, Roberta 6 27 Rockliffe Way, KIM 1B3 745-9911 Bow, Adria 9 Oxford Station Rd., Kemptville 258-5025 Bradley, Sherry 8 881 Somerset St.W., K1R6R6 Braithwaite, Elise 9 723 LudgateCourtKU 8K8 741-5542 Brodie, Elanor 4 205 Daly Ave., K1N6G1 234-2653 Brotman, Alison 3 12 Leetom Cresc, K2J 1E4 825-3393 Brown, Chantelle 7 404 474 Wilbrod St., KIN 6M9 235-2483 Brunet, Julie Ann 7 118 Springfield Rd., KIM 1C6 749-6677 Burchard, Sabine 8 44 Belvedere Cresc. , K 1 M 2G4 749-3474 Butler, Clare 12 Government House, Rideau Cottage, K 1 A 0A1 749-8572 Butler, Robert 4 4Middleton Dr., KIM 1B8 741-8148 Cameron, Tassie 6 124Keefer St., KIM 1T5 746-4711 Campbell, Christina 8 39AmberleyPl.,KU7J9 746-3399 Campeau, Giselle 8 Stone Ayr, R.R. 1 832-2916 Cardinal, Andrea 10 96 Glebe Ave. K1S2C3 233-4748 Cheney, Jennifer 10 ' 588 DuffCresc. Ott. K1J 7C5 746-7306 Chinfen, Robert 4 58 Pellan Cresc, Kanata K2K 1 J5 592-1641 Christensen, Brit 3 320 Cloverdale Rd. 741-0572 Ciyde, Rosemary 10 2138 Dutton Cresc. K1J6K4 749-2387 Chorlton, Jennifer 8 41 Lyttleton Gdns. K1J 5A4 746-3553 Cooper, Alix 9 838 Nicholson Ave., K1V 6N5 731-9115 Cooper, Jennifer 8 838 Nicholson Ave., K1V6N5 731-9115 Cripton, Michael 4 227 Springfield Rd., KIM 0L1 741-0563 Davies, Elizabeth 4 120 Lansdowne Rd., KIM 0N4 749-3393 Deacon, Jennifer 6 112 Acacia Ave., K1M0P9 746-7316 DeMercado, Anne 6 15 Juliana Rd., KIM 1K2 741-7016 Dennison, Laurie 11 2330 Rembrandt Rd., K2B 7P5 596-1586 Dick, Kathryn 9 Box 2889, Postal Station D, KIP 5W9 1-658-2130 Dilawri, Sonia 10 R.R. 1, Carp, Ontario K0A 1L0 839-3087 Donaldson, Shelly 10 1951 Marquis Ave., K1J 8J3 741-0973 Durie, Daralyn 8 12 Lake view Terrace, K1S 3H4 235-6627 Edmonds, Lorraine 8 210 Acacia Ave., K1M0L7 746-3525 Eggarhos, Ruby 8 lOParkglen Dr., K2G 3G9 225-8521 Eyre, Janieta 10 154 Acacia Ave., K1M0R3 746-0746 Farha, Leilani 7 2419 Rosewood Ave., K2B 7L3 820-7809 Folk, Marina 10 62 Maple Grove, Aylmer P.Q., J9H 2E2 Forrester, Murray 4 389 Roxborough Ave., K1N0R7 745-4698 Frayne, Joanna 12 80Grenfell Cres., K2G 0G4 226-4468 Friend, Michele 8 103 GilmourSt., K2P0N5 232-5698 Fromow, Diana 10 15 West River Dr., Manotick 692-3011 Fuerst, Claudia 11 25 Wren Rd., K1J 7H5 746-2040 Gale, Fiona 11 80 Clyde St., Almonte, Ont. K0A 1A0 1-256-1041 Gall, Betsy 5 280 ParkRd. K1M0E1 745-1917 Gall, Martha 10 280 Park Rd. K1M0E1 745-1917 Garwood, Caroline 8 420 Lochaber Ave. K2A 0A6 729-2852 Gatti, Samantha 5 1 688 Grasmere Cresc. K 1 V 7U2 Gellie. Tina 3 1966 Naskapi Dr. K1J 8K3 745-2463 Ghent, Tove 11 416 Bay St., K1R6A6 232-6324 Gilbert, Paula 9 1330 Henry Farm Dr., K2C 2E4 225-0079 Gosewich, Amanda 9 625 Westminster Ave., K2A 2V4 722-0867 Gotlieb, Rachel 3 344 Lisgar Rd.,KlM0E9 745-2844 Grainger, Nicola 7 1962 Marquis Ave., Kl J 8J4 741-1079 Greenberg, Stephanie 8 1970 Lenester Ave., K2A 1 J A 728-0981 Grodde, Paul 4 18 Maple Lane, KIM 1G7 744-1841 Grossmann-Hensel, Vicky 5 50 Belvedere Cresc, KIM 2G4 741-7357 Gwyn, Rebecca 7 92 LisgarRd., K1M2G5 749-7374 Hall, Michelle 13 470 Buena Vista Rd., KIM 0W3 746-5106 142 Harewood, Adrian 4 75 Birchview Rd., K2G 3G3 224-0527 Hewitt, Gillian 5 387 Blair Rd., K1J 7M2 749-4538 Hobday, Heidi 12 780 Island Park Dr., Kl Y 0C2 722-4891 Hopkyns, Jennifer 5 102 Lewis St., K2P0S7 233-6081 Hopkyns, Lisa 7 102 Lewis St., K2P 0S7 233-6081 Houwing, Pamela 13 191 Aylmer Rd. Lucerne P.Q. J9H 5T8 777-4065 Hrnchiar, Suzanna 12 18 East Adams St., K2G 0H9 226-4672 Ingram, Janet 9 2 Trimble Cresc, K2H 7M8 828-1459 Isaac, Susan 12 41 Downsview Cresc, K2G 0A4 224-6814 Jacquot, Nadia 7 2 Davidson Cresc, Kl J 6M2 746-9972 Jaeger, Shannon 11 20WestparkDr., K1B3E5 824-3775 James, Eliza 5 56 Chimo Dr. Kanata, Ont. 592-3899 Jenkins, Chantelle 10 300SandridgeAve.,KlL5A3 , 302 373 Laurier Ave. E., KIN 8X6 Jodoin, Christine 7 238-6629 Johri, Meera 7 46 AmberlyPl.,KU8Al 746-1620 Jones, Lucy 6 1314 Fontenay Cresc, K1V 7K9 521-4778 Jones, Marion 9 1910Haig Dr., K1G2K1 733-2705 Jones, Susan 9 124 Manor Ave, KIM 0H2 741-1401 Jurgens, Sabine 12 3590 RevelstokeDr., K1V 7C1 731-3429 Kanellakos, Olga 1 1 1214 Nottinghill Ave., K1V6T7 733-1513 Kashani-Nia, Zhila 10 207 1218 Meadowlands Dr., K2E 6K1 225-0972 Kelly, Christine 9 25 Wilton Cresc, K1S 2T4 233-0975 Kelly, Heather 13 25 Wilton Cresc. , K 1 S 2T4 233-0975 Kelly, Lisa 9 Rideau Valley Dr. R.R. 3, Manotick, Ont., K0A 2N0 692-4664 Kenny, Sarah 4 711 Island Park Dr., K1Y 0B8 728-0673 Kisaka, Zilda 5 141 Laurier Ave. W., KIP 5J3 238-1331 Ext. 1109 Knaus, Holley 7 631 Hemlock Rd., KIM 2E9 749-9729 Korda, Andrea 12 169 Withrow Ave., K2G 2J6 225-5647 Lawford, Alison 9 Perkins Dr. Gen. Delivery, P.O. North Gower, K0A 2T0 1-489-3806 Lawson, Jane 9 1053 Chelsea Dr.,KlK0M7 .746-6907 LeBlanc, Jennifer 7 236 Rideau Terrace, KIM 0Z2 741-1852 Lee, Alison 12 665 Bathgate Dr. 1204 K1K 3Y4 749-7538 Lee, Lilly 12 30Goulburn Ave. K1N8C8 ' 235-2967 Leslie, Jennifer 10 20 Lakeview Ave. KIM 0T1 746-4977 Lewis, Gillian 5 3676 Revelstoke Dr. Kl V 7C3 731-3756 Ling Chun. Donna 12 30Goulburn Ave. K1N8C8 235-2967 Ling, Kim 5 334 Acacia Ave. K1M0L9 746-1955 Looye, Karen 8 88 Delong Dr. K1J 7E1 746-7391 Lopez de Magdalena, Maria-Jose 8 2014 Thistle Cresc. K1H5P5 521-8499 Lovatt, Amanda 12 78 Aero Dr. K2H 5E4 828-8867 Love, Catherine 9 7 Buena Vista Rd. K1M0V4 746-2461 Macleod, Fiona 10 3 Beaver Ridge K2E 6C6 224-2519 Mallett, A. Victoria 10 453 Briar Ave. K1H5H5 737-4383 Mandy, Annabel 7 508 665 Bathgate Dr. K1K 3Y4 746-3186 Marcus, Glynis 8 774 Manitou Dr. K2A 3C7 728-6426 Martin, Alexandra 7 Box 861, Station B 771-5279 Martin, Caroline 10 Box 861, Station B 771-5279 Martin, Sarah 13 Box 861, Station B 771-5279 Matthews, Adam 4 Kingsmere, Old Chelsea, P.Q. J0X 2N0 827-0182 Maule, Andrew 4 14 Bedford Cresc. K1K 0E4 741-2923 Maule, Nicola 7 14 Bedford Cresc. K1K 0E4 741-2923 Mazur, Chantel 8 616 LaVerendrye Dr. Kl J 7C4 Merklinger, Alex. 5 470 Acacia Ave. K 1 M 0M2 744-0836 Mierins, Lisa 9 250 Acacia Ave. KIM 0Z7 746-0146 Montero-Reese, Patzi 13 316 Acacia Ave. K1M0L9 746-6977 Munro, Kara 6 269 Second Ave. K1S 2H8 237-0413 Murphy, Maureen 8 1 133 Ambleside Dr. K2B 8E2 820-4456 Murray, Fiona 7 285 Acacia Ave. K1M0L8 749-8932 McAuley, Kevin 4 4 Treymore Court K2E 7H9 225-5007 McCartney, Chris. 9 26 Clemow Ave. K1S2B2 234-2772 McClenahan, Elizabeth 8 2078 Thistle Cresc. K1H5P4 733-2447 McConnery, Jennifer 7 13 ApplefordSt. K1J6V1 745-4155 Ngan, Rosaline 12 387 Ashbury Rd. K1M0R9 746-6623 Noyes-Roberts, Sarah Q o crescent ko. k.im uini Ostiguy, Lisa 9 139 Leopolds Dr. K1V7E2 521-0549 Padilla, Beatriz 12 Mexican Embassy 130 Albert St. No. 206 KIP 5G1 Padilla, Greta 9 Mexican Embassy 130 Albert St. No. 206 Kl P 5G1 Paradis, Lise 12 P.O. Box 10, LaSarre, Abitibi, P.Q. J9Z 2X4 333-4224 Peat, Sarah 9 7 Jeffery Avc.KlKOEl 745-0639 Pezoulas, Gina 8 2115 Alta Vista Dr.,KlH7L6 733-2931 Pigott, Mary Jane 12 50 Fuller Ave., K1Y3R8 728-1816 Pocock, Joanna 10 460 Crestview Rd., K1H5G9 733-5084 Powell, Lisa 8 41 Dunvegan Rd., K1K3G1 746-0312 143 Preston, Andrew 4 2016 Hollybrook Cresc, Kl J 7Y6 746-8777 Preston, Elizabeth 8 2016 Hollybrook Cresc, Kl J 7Y6 746-8777 Purdie, Margaret 7 35 Belvedere Cresc, KIM 0E5 746-8266 Rabelo-Rosado, Lilia 15 Acacia Ave., KIM 0P3 749-5274 Raby, Ann 10 P.O. Box 100, Buckingham, P.Q. 986-6975 Rasuli, Mojgan 13 151 Bay St. 702, K1R7T2 232-0965 Reed, Thea 1 1 1 60 Clearview A ve. , K 1 Z 6S5 728-6670 Reid, Jill 13 J 1 TA l TS 1 TS A 1 A 741 Lonsdale Rd. K1K 0J9 749-9482 Reid, Sheila 9 " r a 1 ¥ j i r»j ts i ts a in 741 Lonsdale Rd. Kl K 0J9 749-9482 Reilly, Katrina 10 1942 Mulberry Cresc, Kl J 8J9 741-4857 Rhodes, Cynthia 7 540 Fairview Ave. , K 1 M 0X5 746-9965 Rickerd, Julie Anne 4 594 Dufi Cresc. K1J 7C5 1 A A T £ 1 A 749-3619 Robey, Alison 1 1 0 rentiman Ave. Klb ui j ZJtsO Jjo Rogers, Anne 9 41 Okanagan Dr. K2H 7h9 OTO 1 7 A 1 828-1791 Rogers, Heather 9 54 South River Dr., Box 218, Manotick K0A 2N0 692-3802 Ruddock, Niquette 8 T A T — 1 .1 A TS 1 IS IT " " 1 A 763 Eastbourne Ave., K1K 0E4 741-8169 Rudy, Jessica 9 A f r V» J TS 1 T I S 1 365 Roger Rd. K1H 5C1 731-8244 Sakellaropoulo, Zoe 13 90 Victoria St. KIM 1S3 741-0319 Schmidt, Alison 6 n rs ' mj. ts i is nl 58 Kilbarry Cresc, K1K 0H2 a i r " i i a 741-9714 Schmidt, Laura 3 i o i mi i i yy AT I A 58 Kilbarry Cresc, Kl K 0H2 74 1 -97 1 4 Sellers, Elizabeth 10 29 Davidson Dr. Kl J 6L7 745-2289 Seropian, Debora 1 1 844 Edgeworth Ave. K2B 5L4 820-7543 Seward, Elizabeth 12 490 Oakhill Rd. Kl P 1 J6 560-4550 Sheppard, Philippa 8 32 Imperial Ave. K1S 3E1 237-2060 Sherwood, Anna 7 48 Kilbarry Cresc. Kl K 0H1 741-6707 Sigmund, Milena 6 1819 Arizona Ave. K1H 6Z4 737-4433 Slader, Gillian 1 1 60 Lindhurst Cresc. K2G 0T7 828-5277 Smith, Catherine 12 903 200 Rideau Terrace KIM 0Z3 749-4017 Smith, Vanessa 3 383 Mariposa Ave. K1M0S7 744-1246 Soar, Rachel .6 R.R. 2 Kinburn L0A 2H0 839-3151 Staruch, Peggy 7 2729 Baylie Ave. K2H 6Y7 828-9653 Steele, Susan 13 45 Kilbarry Cresc. K1K 0H2 746-6723 Steers, Sue 8 34 Rebecca Cresc. Kl J 6B6 745-4622 Stilb ' orn, Lisa 10 901 151 Bay St. KIR 7T2 236-8765 Stoltz, Heather 8 1030 Plante Dr. Kl V 9E6 Suh, Kathy 1 1 1 r S - IS A TS t TS A 18 Carr Cresc. K2K 1K4 592-2787 Swift, Carolann 1 1 • t | f ' 1 . A. T S 1 X H III 71 Cnghton St. KIM 1 V6 745-8074 Swift, Beth 13 r-i i I " 1 . O i. IS 1 1 T S 71 Cnghton St. KIM 1V6 745-8074 Tavel, Robyn 5 f 1 JS ' 11 .. - S TS " A A 1 T l " l 2021 KillarneyCr. K2A 1P9 — 7 A O t S t S 728-1616 Tessier, Anne 10 59 Ruskin Ave. Kl Y 4A8 663-5629 Thamer, Caroline 13 205 Fenrield Dr. K2K 1M8 cat i on 592-182 Thomas, Vanessa 9 A A 1 „T,L Ml r» J TS 1 if 1 If 447 Oakhill Rd. KIM 1J5 " 7 T A 1 A 746-3029 -1-1 r v ; i i „ Thompson, Danielle 10 1 1 9 Mason l err. K 1 b 0L2 233-1812 Thorpe, Sarah 9 37 Indian Rd. K2G 1P1 224-5330 Thurgood, Anne 7 r S S° AM- A TS i » A 526 Mariposa Ave. KIM 0S4 1 A C A i S t 745-4969 Titus, Sandra 10 32 High Park Cresc. Kl B 3G8 824-5368 Todd, Rosemary 9 3756 Revelstoke Cr. K 1 V 7C4 733-7208 Trainer, Shireen 13 9 Elmdale Ave. K 1 M 1 A3 741-9686 Troop, Sheena 1 1 131 Minto PI. KIM LB6 744-082 3 Trusdale, Elizabeth 8 20 Saginaw Cresc. K2E 5N6 226-3 1 94 VanHeyst, Carina 12 812 124 Springfield Rd. KIM 2C8 745-5614 VanRoyen, Anne 8 150 Lakeway Dr. K1L 5B3 746-4149 VanRoyen, Theodora 5 1 50 Lakeway Dr. Kl L 5B3 746-4149 Varaklis, Kalli 9 13 Myrle Ave. K2H 8E5 828-9710 Violante, Charro 8 203 Clemow Ave. K1S 2B3 234-0913 Violante, Maria 7 203 Clemow Ave. K1S 2B3 234-0913 Von-Arnim, Bettina 6 250 Minto PL. KIM 0B4 741-9526 Warren, Carolyn 13 7 Eleanor Dr. K2E 6A3 224-9171 Warren, Susannah 12 7 Eleanor Dr. K2E6A3 224-9171 Warwick, Sian 13 34 Renfrew Ave. K1S 1Z5 233-4846 Watson, Elizabeth i i 45 Kiversiae Dr. ivianoucK is.ua zrsu OVZ- J 1 LL Wedekamm, Krista 1 19 Ridgefield Cresc. K2H 6R8 828-4709 Westley, Elizabeth 9 R.R. 1, DunrobinKOA 1T0 832-2378 Westley, Susan 7 R.R. 1, DunrobinKOA 1 TO 832-2378 White, Lucy 8 38 Rothwell Dr. K1J7G4 745-2746 White, Mary 10 38 Rothwell Dr. Kl J 7G4 745-2746 Wilson, Lara 6 305 Thorold Rd. KIM OKI Wurtele, Susan 10 16 Lambton Rd. K1M0Z5 745-6097 Yolkouskie, Chad 4 2257 Orient ParkKlB4W3 824-3919 Young, Katharine 8 96 Marlowe Cresc K1S 1J1 232-6751 Young, Sarah 3 96 Marlowe Cresc, K1S 1J1 232-6751 Zagerman, Sandra 13 122 Willington Rd. K1M2G1 741-6551 144 Published by Josten ' s Naiional School Services Ltd. Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. envelopes , ,392 sheets or pa.pt ' , SC. penc i , 7 pens, W Camera films , ? fapevor.-kis , ( S bontlM of o c) peeper t 2 -erasers, Q .LLor 5 of milk. , 3 757 chocolate chf coo : ' «€.s, 3 small fto-chxr , 5 afr ck, twelves Ifltp hours usent irvto H jl production of ih ' » year oook. J — It

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