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 - Class of 1958

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ff' jf' y, 1 r , fv 4 N, -'jf' .g,,f'r , W , ,,V, , Ili 55--Q V nf' M f J Q W ff f 2 'S U ' , f ff fr-ff! fi?" nffif f' "'?"jCA6L' . Q' W K 'V' 'A I f' A J 'Q ' f 5 fi' " fig l ,, - A' " , ,ff f 67' 67' .aflif XL f ffi,f W ff' . f,ff' f!,.f,,,,0V LL., K VWL Q iff?" fzy. ,1g.4', fl 9' fl S f 'jf ff, VV,b 'VN 7, , . , , 5 L fx' L kg' rw I My 1 Q19 Y nf W E W W A .L My in x fm ' ' M x frlf ' jwz 'Q ' ff 'l U k A X MCM J i4 W Q? 2 x , A ' U X -Q Y 2 'N " x A ' C-iaggx k if ' In ,J ,I C' X X. Xqx V, we W , " fx f L x '3 ' in V' I ,I fi K M v, Q HQLV 'BET RQ vt , B. if L fling-J 5 , f ,gi , ,At X . all ,W ,fa ! Ll I V ,ai -rK'x 'xx I Q , ,ff it W N. ' cb: w. . k F' 2 2 k . , jf X X . , A E K A .K 1- ,J fpf' v'fff!j"J A 47. 'Q X -..D I , .51 ill. -1 xi . . QM 57,0 ,I V 1k9y.-L.f-fff- K Vqkb A vw . Q ig L07 ILQLM ,V xgggffjf-LJL,j:f,, QfA ' 4 Q- - f f " 3 -4- Of 1,1 N 'Akk Nm swan Q rm ps ' 4 iw, C-' Y ' x Aj' 59 Q V VU! Q-42-1056221 2fj'ff' ff" Q 5 ' f"W WVWW if wwf? T5 QW M M ZWW ff My Q5 wfy U!" fslfglw MW QW M if W M W aygyglfw djffff? JJIZJPWQY ...THE SCROLL 1958 . .. . . EDITORS A KI k J y z g Ed Grounds AI N 'I L T FF ADVISOR GI D u g . . . ELMWOOD PARK HIGH SCHOOL . . . ELMWOOD PARK, ILLINOIS . RAYMOND R. LIBNER .mevkcafion We dedicate the Scroll to Raymond R. Libner. Our Dean of Boys and Administrative Assistant knows and understands the problems of our school and is a vital part of our system. His leadership and warm personality make him well liked by all. We, the editors of Scroll, are proud to have this year's book dedicated to him. .xdclminidfrafion Our school has come far in the last years, We owe a hearty mfhank Youw to our administration. Because of their in- terest in our school system. we have a fine staff. and wonderful plans for the future. The sincerity in their work made our school possihle. and will continue to improve as years go on. Through the ef- forts of our Deans, our problems have heen straightened out. and with Mr. Smith opening the door to further edu- cation. llm sure our years at Elmwood Park Community High School will he memorable ones. A911 mr. gerafrl Snlifd, .giulaerinfenolenf Jean 7lnJerwoocL mean of gif!! Baan! of giclucafion Ron' 1: R. Englund, R. Kraahel, H. Hawkins. Row 2: F. Ecker, J. Rossetter, C. Smith. J. B. Carroll. Not 1,iL'l1lfl'!12 Lois M. Venture. ff , I , fwflfi' ,f av 4 'fa J' :Ma .M , ,nv f f if . ,Q 3 I WHVQIWQI H F Aj BRIQ 'Yr ,xl .J .. V... , ..1. " - ' 5 si -544 s sl w. 1. . ww , i, f - Q3 Z sm - sb? vw-1 ,,',k, 5 I 2 K-ii s f :sg ff sssm nsw fiwfw if 5 1 K ,,-f , was 'hw' 131 as 1 3. iw- , . in , .. , I . f xy gi g", i - K K , - 2 ,-, , -., . ,ff ,,1-,f y my 5 , - , , kk,,.: g I ,.-, -- g- - . Q71 ff , s . A "f -. if -- . - ni aes in FAC U LTY ,VAL llbqmfmmf Mr. Allen Mr. Sini Miss Gregg Miss Stone Miss Hinton Miss Ryan Mrs. Harman A t t .S 0,0 epal' l'l'lel'l Mr. Ellis Mrs. Janzow L N- Mr- Malmberg ' x. N ii ik i .J ." f g ' X A X X 'ik is A xl i X K Miss Scanlon Mr. Winter cience elnarfmenf Mr. Armer Mr. Buikema Mr. Grady Mr. Hall Miss Kalm Mr. Cawell WafAemafic5 eloarfmenf Mr. Clarno Miss Landrigan Mr. Lynch Mr. McNulty Miss Saigh Mr. J. Smith udinedri !9Lg6ica! giclucafion udic 8 2l06ll"fl'l'lellt Miss Bodendein Mr. Glad Mr. Magnesen Miss Schutte Miss Steffans Mr. August 21064, l'tl'l'leI'l f Mr. Carter Miss Christie Miss Jameson Miss Mitchell elaarfmenf Miss Hansen Mr. Miechi 'Car ,ff Clnguage 2l0dl'il'l'l0l'lf Mrs. Armer Mr. Berti Mr. Capponi Mr. Grothen Jwbgfofg lbepaffmenf Miss Dallagiacomo Mr. Erickson Mr. Lundvall l - cl QU Andie, fftf Xi l CN Mr. Roche gg Q if 1 Mr. Severson Mr. Trebbe 1.x4rf Ieparfmenf Mr. Jensen Miss Hansen 0n'le conomicd epaftnlent Mrs. Remley e5earcA Qepaftfnenf Mr. Payette O52 Pdf? Miss Ring Mrs. Patterson urzie Mrs. Olson Cakferia Row l: H. llerner. Nl. Saclilerk lf. Hanson. Xl. Haas. NI. Renieri Row 2: M. Tilton. V. Rodgerc L. Mollan. .l. NlvElwee. M. John- son. 5. Corlle. A. Kramer. Omg swf M. Herman. D. Murphy. A. And- erson. E. Cilxnun. IQ 3 J4. ZZWJ Hrs. liullivunt. itreasfl. A. Clad. frecording seal. Mrs. Roos. lpres.l. Mr. Hoehannner. lvi1"-- pres.l. Mrs. SlaIer.'1sec'.l. .l. Unrlerwooml. R. Lilmner. 11 .4 vz ...M 5 x HSMWQO 12Qx,sf?f ,fs ?'2-Qfsf as x 5 Q s 3 , x . , Q ,, 4 1 S 4 1 t 1- Y, 2 ,X a Qs n 1 4. . . K f .' ' - , Q fm f 1. 1. ,H fl 1 elf! avi! ' ' . ,afltl If ', 1 V- 7, n" A Q. fr ,kv 1, C'-.Q ' .J f 'fi' . - f,' if 5' min ', ', fi 'L 9 F .41-' .M I 5 J , ,f'm.' If W K Zh. 1. his A 'FS -A .Q F s 5, 2 f 1 f- wwgv, .- I up FALL ADVANCES , CLUBS il II 'pl: Q, Qifgfiijgy Q ' nr w 'S , x k j lx lust! x 1 ff . L ' DE AT IOWA UNIVERSITY S1-16 43 C X Q, PM SQ 'v 'Sb FOUN D O Row 1: J. Ogle. A. Starfwik. J. Murbauh. J. Levinson. N. Wolfe. S. Pieroni. I. Stegen an M. Harden, C. Sutter. Row 2: J. Duran. H. Norsworthy, T. Kirts, J. Slaulcup. S, Samifnr. K. Knsusnik, A ' Bertolani. C. Chard. I. Pryjma. ' Row 3: J. Trungale. U. Klein. J. Todd. B. Clinnick. E. Hnehamer. D. Johnson, ll unlof ollfflfl Walters- xsauclenf Counci .grefikman an Row 1: N. Wennerstranh. J. Sandro, K. Navlatil, J. Clllipala, K. Cundersen. K. Jepson. M. Willlls, B. Lang. S. Stewart. Row 2: P. Onni, J. Diliernardino, F. Brusa, J. Stancl,'M. Ranieri. J. Bistolas. D. S A 1 Halleman, C. Blank. A. Kuhesh. Op omore ouncz Row 3: B Mcllown, K. Kallas. J. Ciallomhardo, E. Robb, B. Yeiser. 'err 3:19 QP? n,'v all rarianri Row 1: J. Taylor, N. Stirmell, G. Schumann, V. Terese. Row 2: B. Hoffman, B. Rams- den, B. Solberg. ,ffl The Library assistants are students interested in helping with the load of work in the library. Miss Eva Ring is the overseer of these students. She has taught them all she could about the library. When you want to take out a book, no doubt a librar- ian is there to help you. We thank these students. From ten to eight in the morning until ten after eight, these students give their time to serve you in the book store. All your necessities for school are found there. After school, they also give up their time to help you. Surely, without them, it would be more difficult to obtain your school supplies. 'Yi 14 T727 50045 t0l"e aaiafancea W"- Row 1: S. Nelson, M. Hanson, K. Navratil, M. Holly. roiecfionidfri Row 1: J. Maloney, M. Gaimari, D. Sparacino, W. Keefer, E. Robb, P. Onni, H. Halverson, A. Bennett Row 2: B. Solberg, B. Raneden, B. Hoffman, B. Youhn, T. Bergon- zinn, D. Ash, T. Sims, H. Lobe, Krus, M. Sorensen, C. Marcucci, P. Leuczyk, B. Meldahl, B. Malone, T. Mascari. Row 1: M. Hoehammer, P. Hawk- ins, J. Staulcup, fhead usherettel, J. Zangri, A. Ognibene, A. Faydash. Row 2: A. Peterman, J. Kubick, M. Bartose, J. Hanson, V. Terese, C. Sutter, L. Winje, J. Lyman, G. Shields. L. Pudlek, A. Russell. Row 3: J. Prazuch. fhead usherl, G. Wegman, A. Nuti, B. Cook. M5 em CM The projectionists are students who help the teachers with special class- rooms aids, such as the movies or slides. This group is taught in special classes in the library by Miss Ring. The seats are most always reserved at the events sponsored by the school. Because of this, it is necessary that we have a group of people to see to it that each person attending is escorted to the proper seat. Thus, the ushers club was created. Even though the club is more or less a service for the school, it is entirely voluntary and is enjoyed by each and every usher and usherette. Sponsor - Miss Landrigan, V.-Presl and Treas. - ,l. Arlia, Pres. - D. Chard, Sec. --- P. Tarsitano. Cheerleaders Varsity: Jeanne Arlia, joan Pieper, Grace Creco, Linda Reder. Lynne Winje. Cheerleaders Frosh.-Soph.: Joanne Sandro, Roberta Heurlin, Carol lieth Hoehammer. ,loan Schuch, Carol Stein. ep cm With the guidance of the cheerleaders the pep club has increased school spirit and has created a wider interest in sports events. The pep assemblies have aided in the importance of helping to support and encourage our school teams. Through their eagerness to show good sportsmanship we have a better and more effective cheering section. Q .-S Q I Q - - . 1 9? . 1 ..,,, 5 55:12 1 x Uardifg 6AeerAacJerd 51..,,f.-5z,,.t 64 QQFLUJQFJ -um! - 4 Q i l l 5 , . s -'W' ,m-3 Ru 0 Ai 1 if 'c.:.'r 4: ,v 3 J. Arlia, J. Pieper, C. Green. L. Roller, I.. Yvinje. The cheering squads have clone mueh to pronwte gmul spurtsnmln- ship and school spirit. They have stimulated the enthusiasm of thc- crowds at football and basketball games. Through their erlenurzige- ment the teams have been giving a better performance. lnvulxvml in 4lu- ing this ujob well donew was a lot of time and hard work. B. Heurlin, J. Schuvh. J. Sandro. C. Hoehammer. C Stein. .41 .,-,A . A OCLI' Row 1: P. Soldman, Treas., A. Collins. Sec., L. Evans, V. Pres.. R. Coviello, Pres. Row 2: B. Pacelli, S. Carmachel, P. Meerse, C. Englund, M. Cook. Row 3: A. Faydash. B. Youhn, A. Oswalt, F.. Wilms, L. Struben, D. Rajchel, M. Hansen D. Michalsen, C. Wahlstrom. Row 4: D. Dworsack, M. Squire, D. Halleman, M. Harden, B. Pedersen. D. Wearin The Girls Athletic Association strives to provide enjoyable experiences and to promote interest in girls, athletics, sportsmanship, and scholarship. Fun and new friends are gained from participating in these after school sports. Records are kept of points and if a girl has the qualifying number she can receive an award. The club has had an active and enjoyable time throughout the year. h A , i x. .. 1 1X4 Q. l+""l Row 1: B. Covielli, T. Barbour. E. Grounds, fpres.J Row 2: J. Freop, D. Janis, G. Pflug, L. Kula, M. Coniglio, F. Gordon, A. Tarsitano. Row 3: B. Potter, C. Woods, B. Shusha, D. Ciovanzzi, R. Dorr, R. Mariani. C. Scott, B. Haliel. D. Torkelson, R. Luzietti. Row 4: J. Wallace, R. Boettger, B. Rich, N. Bonaparte, J. Prazuch. The Intramural Sports Council is an organization which offers sports to boys who aren't in interscholastic sports. Those who participate earn points for letters. The boys also have sweaters on which they put the black letters they re- ceive. They work for good sportsmanship and skill. The Council also founded the Wayne Fosdale Memorial Trophy. The boy who qualifies as the best referee for the year has his name engraved on the trophy. S 5. .L .. A,-' R s ,K ,if -:ix ? S., f. w M am 'fl' fi .jg 1 Uaraifg CAA AXP: 'I J Row 1: L. Giuliano, J. Gialomlmardo, J. Krauser, T. Barbour, M. Nardulli, E. Grounds, f. Utaski. E. Rueter. Row 2: N. Skehan, J. Dolorto, B. Scheurnian, G. Schrom, Pm. Habel, R. Skaluba, B. Norsworthy, B. llednarz, D. Walters. Row 3: B. Nyshay, B. Michales, D. Anderson, J. Prasyk, ll. Girard, H. Holter, B. Warner, K. MacKenzie, ll. Parker. Row 4: D. Torkelson, K. Shaffer, li. Potter. B. Shevkler. T. Paluck. H. Holter, J. Kvistad, R. Lira. Row 5: J. Staulcup, J. Trungale, D. Luse. B. liernardi, B. Warner, P. Shields. The Varsity Club, the Boy's Athletic Club for upperclassmen, for the second time presented awards to deserving athletes in each field or sport this past year. Also, the cluh sponsored the school's only Variety Show with much success. The objectives of the club are to promote good sportsmanship and fellowship among its numerous avid members throughout the year. We hope they continue their good work. eI'I'l'lClll CM For the past two years, Mr. Grothen has successfully guided and supervised the activities of the German Club. In the past years, the German Club members have gone out on an annual German dinner, which it could be added, brings on the pounds! The German Club pushes on for a further understanding of the cus- toms, the language, and the people. One example is the German foreign exchange student, Ina Stegen. , as 'T' Row 1: I. Stegan, T. Barbour. D. Johnson, A. Klink, J. Lundin. T. Kirts, E. Dammann, W. Keefer. Row 2: D. Domeny, P. Onni, A. Oswalt, L. Schwab, B. Brembach, D. Michaelis, J. Bistolas R. Boettger, R. Littmann, J. Ditz. Row 3: D. Schneider, R. Katz, G. Kageli, J. Schraeder. D. Hass. R. Meldahl, D. Melnick D. Goldeking, E. Larson, D. Kangleitner, E. Ewiklin, R. Mellema. Row 4: D. Foulkes, B. Michaels, J. Mack. T. Sullivan, M. Abrath, K. Elsoos, L. Bahns J. Dyson, Bob Roos, D. Moll, R. Hackleutner, B. Kahle. Row 5: J. Fiorentino, T. Schetter. R. Vitek, D. Koepke, T. Ilein, P. Luczyk, A. Chomacke R. Ciangi, B. Peterson, R. Wendler, J. Wojkowski, R. Yarema. J. Tomaino. Row 6: W. Leland, H. Halverson, R. Scalzo, R. Dorr, D. Tolman, K. Marks. v v v v 25 Jlafin CM The Latin Club still lives on, though Caesar has fallen! But, letis come back to reality: for it is only at the traditional Roman Banquet each year, that Caesar appears. The members certainly enjoy this highlight of the year, and it is one of the important undertakings of the club. The club is under the direction of Mrs. Armer. who guides the members in various undertakings. The Latin Club recent- ly made a float for our homecoming parade. One thing is sure, the members are forever striving to further their interest and the interest of others. in Latin. I I X 1 Row l: E. Robb, R. Narski, R. Heurlin, 1treas.J, S. Carmachel, lpresj, C. Hoehammer, fsecj, F. Caliendo, 1V. Pres.J, T. Rosinski. tparlj, B. Yeiser. Row 2: J. Smith, H. Desmond, J. Chlipala, D. Rajchel, J. Schuch, C. Sabol, P. Hawkins, F. Rooney, S. Nelson, D. Fowler. Row 3: Stewart, J. Paulsen, M. Passarelli, J. Jakoubek. M. Sorensen, D. Halleman, K. Jepson, L. Struben, P. Depaolo, M. Brennwald, D. Haddon. Row 4: M. Anderson, P. Matteson, I. Stegen, J. DiBernardino, S. Zwijacz, C. Waters, T Farnsworth, J. Bartkowicz, D. Klein, L. Tarsitano, J. Koos, D. Byer. Row 5: R. Carlson, R. Logiodice, K. Navratil, B. Braley, K. Oberg, C. Marcucci, W. Linz, M. Niro, G. Clemons, B. Proksa, C. Craigo, C. Blank. Row 6: C. Obrenoff, B. McCoron, W. Legutki. The Italian Club has tried to relate to its members a better understanding of the language and of those who speak it. The Italian Club is again under the guidance of Mr. Capponi. It plans many interesting excursions and meetings. Along their theme, speakers and movies are included in the program. An Italian outdoor dinner is planned for this coming Spring. Row 1: J. Ciancio, J. Bafaro E. Currieri, M. Ponzi, J. Nomel lini, Pres., J. Freda. Vice-Pres. M. Assarell, C. Fricano. Row 2: A. Malatia. D. Del Boccio. M. Parla. D. Ciancio. C Nuccio, J. Sandro. J. DePaul, B Bruno. J. Nuzzo, R. Ragnini, A Schultz. Row 3: C. Constantino. B. Crot- tola, A. Giovanazzi, V. Damen, D. Padavano. B. Melone, T. De- Florio, R. DelBoccio. PQIZCA The French Club is also guided by Mr. Grothen. This club is not only recreational, but also educational as all of our clubs are. Many films dealing with his- torical happenings are seen at a meeting of the French Club. Row 1: V. Terese. J. Hammond. B. Horve, D. Petritis, D. Kay. S. Switall. A. Russell. J. Goetz. J. Herman. Row 2: B. Zarob. D. Koos. J Wudi, B. Kloss, S. Peterson. W. Doyle. K. Paluck, K. Kare. Row 3: J. LaBelle, H. Holter B. Zimstein, B. Warner, R. Janis N. Golberg. .l. Herman. s paniAL CIW CM Chess Club has been in exist- ence for two years. It is headed by Mr. Roche. The purpose of the club is to allow any students who are interested in chess to get together and enjoy the game and further their techniques. Row 1: R. Jurkowski, J. Fiorenlino J. 0'I.eksy, M. Eichwald, I. Pxyjma K. Kallas. Row 2: A. Petersen, D. Mell, W Zumstein, J. Cooper, F. Cardulla, K. Johnson, W. Keinz. Row 1: A. Collins, Pres., J. Staulcup, V.-Pres., J. Hanson, Treas. Row 2: R. Walters, C. Kizmlin, N. Wennerstrandb, P. Orikel, S. Sandfor, R. Perzan D. Arroyo, D. Bernhardt. Row 3: K. Long, J. Boch, S. Parlow. M. Kowell, S. Kopky, M. Fulscher. The organization Senores y Senoritas is counseled by Senor Berti. This club learns of their amigos across the sea by listening to guest speakers. They also see many films of different colorful parts in Spain. Mexico and the ex- citing bullfights are another highlight of the meetings of the Spanish Club. It is also a recreational gathering together of friends to discuss their own problems. jill The Future Teachers of America has pro- gressed far in the past year. Through movies, speakers, trips to colleges, substituting, and conferences, the members have gained more interest and knowledge of the teaching world. The Future Nurses of America have had a good year, also. The Annual Tea and Bake Sale, speakers, and film strips have guided the girls to a better understanding of the nursing profession. H. PY Row 1: J. Staulcup, M. Harden, fSec.J, K. Miller, KV.-Presb, A. Klink, fPres.J, M. Kowell, fTreas.J, J. Hanson. Row 2: A. Malatia, C. Miller, M. Sullivan, F. Rooney, S. Pieroni, P. Koep- pel, J. Hurkmans, P. Hawkins. Row 1: D. Halleman, P. Hawkins, C. Hoehamer, Treas., K. Jepson, L. Schwab, V.-Pres., S. Keil, Sec., Mrs. Olson, J. Sherwood, B. Romano. Row 2: J. Jakoubek, J. Paulsen, B. Addante, P. Tonhaiser, C. Johnson, L. Sandy, J. Dchlipala, M. Niro, B. Sutter, M. Bartose, M. Sorensen, S. Petersen. lg, Q ? Y. f f 5 . fk . if ' 5 1 I ' X PWS it 4' ' 1 XXX? 2 Q I T ' y J f 1 I Y f A F -n Sgnckronize wimming dence CM Englund. L. Kiemle, L. Struben. den. The synchronized swimming group, headed hy Miss Jameson. is a newly lormed cluh in our school. ln the fall. they put on a sell-out water show. and we are sure they will continue to give us a variety of activities. The Science Club is an organization of people interested in some phase of science. They work on projects that will he presented at the end of the year at the District Fair. The Science teachers are available to help the students who may need their aid. Elmwood Park had a pre-science fair at our school this year. The purpose of this is to give the students practice on presenting their Work and to select the hest project that is to go to the District Fair. Those who qualify then will go to the fair held down state. 'CMR It nllfi 'E L Row 1: C. Voss. C. Englund. ,I. Lyman. L. Winje. S. Peterson. J. Row 2: C, johnson, N. Masciola. D. Anderson, ll. Michalsen. ll, Schild. P. Norman. K. Leigher, B. Lange, Row 3: M. Ponzer, J. Hurkmans, A. Anderson. D. Travers. M. Hora W 1 Cfdknien If you have an interest in making things with your hands and have a creative spirit, the craftsmens, club is just the thing for you. With old hands getting to- gether, no one knows what may turn up next. But on the other hand, if your interest lies in helping others, the Junior Red Cross is your answer. Among other things the Junior Red Cross tries to instill the im- portance of Red Cross aid in the home and the out- side world. unior lg 606.4 i Row 1: M. Hausman, C. Horn, lvice-presidentl, A. Nuti, fpresi dentl, E. Craigo, ttreasurerl, R. Brisco, 0. Zasadney, lsecre taryl. Row 2: L. Schneider, H. Lobe, B. Solberg, B. Bernardi, B. Ma lone, B. Michaels, B. Hooper, freporterl. Row 3: P. Lane, K. Johnson. J. Miller, M. Christiansen, Miss Bodendein, C. Borys .fl iiilfii 'V' i t ,. Row 1: S. Nelson. ftreasurerl. L Struben, fvice-presidentl, E. Dam mann, fpresidentl, E. Peternian fsecretaryl . Row 2: C. Hoehammer, R. Simons, K. Jepson. R. Coviello, Miss Under- wood, D. Dworsack, P. Koeppel, C. Englund, .l. Englund. ir!! , gui 6 ,sf f we it s is it -'-'5ff'fJf-',-f"1T jg, K ' I I I L' --krffrfe 6' The Girls' Club is open to all girls of the school. Consequently, it is one of the largest groups which has been formed. The club has been in existence for two years, offering activities that are of interest to girls of high school age. 4 'l Yi , Y - Q lil Row l: J. Arlia, J. Slaulcup. M. Becker. B. Cami, ll. Crams. Row 2: C. Borys, J. DePaul. A. Ognibene, C. Sutter, J. Pacllyn. .l. Hansen, 'l' Litturi, A. Walters. K. O'Conner. Row 3: A Klink. J. Zangri. .l. Trungale. D. Luse. F. Cardulla, B. Covelli. L. Taff. Quill and Scroll is an award reserved for those outstanding publica- tion staff members. The members must be at least juniors. they must be in the upper third of their Class, they must have done superior work in some phase of journalistic or literary endeavor. they must be recommended by the adviser, and they must be approved by the executive secretary. The people who become members of Quill and Scroll must work long hours on the publications of our school. oy J WMM The music department of our school has a relatively new group in it. The Boy's Ensemble has come a long way. It started 'H ' out as a small group and since p J, has grown to include over twen- X 1 K ty boys. vw' 0. V+ i Row 1: R. Wenrller, J. Greco. ,I. Hanson, H. Perik. H. Eberhart, K Trapp. .l. Sholmerg. Row 2: N. Skehan, T. Stack. .l Doran, E. Larson, T. Bergonzini. ,I Michaelis, R. Wilkens. Row 3: C. Reynerdson, A. Alwin H. Norling, B. Carleson. E. Crounmls. D. Koepke. J. Peteck. Row 4: D. Anderson, B. Crottole. .l. Piekus. R. Beisada. H. Liebich, R. Henningsen, J. Todd. M. Mavi- gliano. P. Wiemerslage. ,,..-. as. Row l: J. Anderson. K. Michaelis, J. Pachyn, D. Chard, L. Stockwell, H. Cotrell M. Ponzer, S. Slatter. Row 2: S. Sandfor, C. Chard, H. Hommersand, L. Winge, H. Morris, L. Evans K. Kosusnik. Row 3: B. Bernardi, D. Mole, A. Nuti, D. Doworsak, B. Simpson, J. Pierson, L Sande, l. Stegen. SPEAKER'S STAND - P. Rimas. Curfain Through Curtain Call's many performances in the past three years, the members have gained a real insight into the acting field. They have enjoyed pleasing their audiences and working together under the direction of Mr. Allen. The club members attend a formal banquet as a climax to the year's program. P Q' ,xiii 'b1.Il2d POOMHIIH .IOJ U1 F? S33 FP FD O c : -H FD "1 FD IJ O FD V2 Q3 :s m fi 2 SIIHSQJ SLIH 9AI2li SAE' C0 UD "1 -. FP FD Sf' H r CD X4 DJ - U2 O PUQS 1e1u9s91d91 QA 01s .-4. f-v T' FD CI U2 E :v- D' O C P-1 43u0s looqos SUO lp 1 1g9q A21 do C? cr E. an :s ca. cr D3 CII r FD FV' :- EL - U1 FD co ill Q 5 E" FP 'J' cn 4 13919915 alxeq U19 5-'EQ' 2.-f: :-12.5 was C cn--w:s,, D-1"1-4,... :-g: 'Y'g,-,UQ E032 Ogg O Sgqqg Q. 12 W Egg-U 55332 gg:-'Q.O 1:9520- -A255 :- gc 31:1 f'D::-E 15,533 73-1 wma? ggwg "1"1 -Ho-o 2:50 720.5 7552712 QQIQ Q SFSQS F?-154259 ' va- PQQPUQFJ O . C' 9552: :S Q HQBFEE' iw H m-Qmm ggn' IJ s'52?'i P3255 L..7q7"E-F' ' cz as QEPLP' g52?n Xs'5H-15 fC5"R5 'om-W 'U - no 95955 wiiw pfiihfui fd-UFFUDE Cdggwgfiv EEgi5' EF-fir ECP' C 95 5 ED 2 22 y wp ' U T Q' ra 35 ? 2. f'?U C Q 5 I-' I5 9 TQ 71 o 'U P5 Q E FS' Ii 5 "1 1-0 m 7 in O '1 Q- 3 Q7 1: 5 Q "1 nv no :1 2 1 U2 ro fa 77' -Q ffl -'If C17 E. r U CFD "1 nw IT' an I3 - O P1 : we ... 1: I5 9' ,. .. ..w4:ffw qw 2 sw xy.-' 'ii' s si Q. sg .A 'T-?Fi-XzQi'z5'Y 'Q n " mm 5M cg A f M K K X254-:Mick K, K K f-f- gwfx: -W ' A v ,-13' pray,-,W W 5 Y- f.'2jW1g,g1,, we xszng-W: gg., My wif V sf - 1: Lg gi Q5 ,Mgr as 4' x 1 -ii'1i2g:24i:A- 'fi i -fiiiiflf wffswx, ,L 1 . -1-W . . ul 'QSQASSKQ'-iNi"S saggy ,ik n M - - 'fum K ff, gum? L Q ,.,:,5,,:., 0 s v u 4 W 3 , z s u n Q s Kvqv 5 1- , Q 1: ,' a ,H K' ' if , n , 1 xr' Q . 4 e 1 as t in , Q 1. c Q ' a u - m a 1 n . s . v 1 a n A ' vwfkgd ' M1 2 'ix - fam . W 3 W Q 'W Af Q , ,- 1 - J 5 . ,,.. 'W V S 'X . f-fww:Q+,.uw,iw 1 V. t 4 ...wqg,y,.... 4 m :fwsigs-eel-Qa1w112J1'-K , - , Q ' X , ,x . X 1,413 .K . N . t if ?5c V .- S X - K. -. H wfw- ,tigw in ' , -' 5 f,-.u:f.e gf ' gan A f 4 R 9' V K L .Li if X -if , md L ln X' if K jhg3gygIEQ'1I'1t,gg3Q . . . Lk KAW: W In :A KJ, .QMS I ' P V gi ..5.:-S-EMR QR X, , 1 , 5 ? 5 es. g V V' g!, ..:,fQ,w,:nl 'L . . mwhffa , -M- ., mw,,.,,. ,f H' , 4 ' if ' 7-'L Ml W . 'ow- , ,- -fQf'ff3'2-ii:j.Qf1Q!gR-Q-Qff,if -f 1 " ' 'Q ,-,, Y Q , ,V W , ' ' ,, - K , L, w,.W, K , k , L. ,. bn.. W . W' L,,, W ., . 1 5:5 , ,. in ,P . ' h L... .. , ,yry . 1 ,mL., L QLQ., A F E2 5 ,m,,,,, N. "WNwffff"lL , , N 1 ia, ,,V, ,m., , iw Q was -qw-, 55,1 -'A- www, 3' Qty ..,. . V . -d w -www.. - W' ' A if A K f' ' .V " ' K ' it ' 1v1,,ikL'fL:QzfJ'i" L 3 m 'W W5 W f f ' A 3' Wf,:3mm,m-kW'f .. ,::f:"'W'? - L z A 5, V. , , 'W' l ,LLL , f ,ALW,M,, 1-5 . mmm li, V 4' H li V li . k,i,,,w,, N,A,.,v, ,,,,,,,,, , W Q ' M ,f - Nm, ,, ,,,,: ,, . . ,.QWa..ww- .wwfmv Jzaiiilfgwf f f m ff,,,W,,.M,.,,K.v,,,,,,,.q..,...'-'sig , W , ,. ML. www l L -ff yvf, A,-, ,W ..,,,,iA H . ..,, . . '- A fm fi ww- V ,Q 7- W-Vilwr, 9 ,D 'Q-:sf w my , Q, ,g, .f fit wg ,. ,uw ik' ' f .S 2 Q ,B .L . Q .Xgfllffllflfle 9 LPA CA orud jI"e5Al'l'l6l,l'l 7 QQ... CA 0l"lfl5 Row 1: J. Miller, S. Pedersen, P. Doyle, K. Pundersen, A. Mandile, C. Hoehamer, R. Herulin, B. Matthew, C. Shields, G. Pokorny, B. Addante, G. Dodge, D. Rak, M. Hansen, G. Wahlstrom M. Urzendowske. Row 2 M. Christiansen. M. Sullivan. A. Russell, M. Svarc, D. Tomaso. J. Viverito, B. Zappia. C. Johnson, 1 Baldacci, J. Schuch, E Rogers S. Ryan. J. Buckley, M. Economos. All of the girls in these clubs receive a lot of enjoyment and fun throughout the year, even though they must work hard. A better understanding and appreciation of music is the reward. All freshmen girls in music must go into the freshmen chorus. When they are sophomores they may-try out for the A,Cappella Choir or go into the Advanced Cirls Clee Club. Row l: J. Tintori, L. Tintori, S. Petersen, A. Arra, J. Sherwood. H. Carl, T. Johnson. K Holmes, H. Freeman, K. Paluck, M. Passarelli, J. Caluska, R. Simons. M. Ponzi, R. Prax. D Di Pasguale, C. Fricano, L. Koecker, P. Sparacino, L. Prosperi, N. Holtzman, A. lfalnino, K Long, P. Priebe, M. Congola. J. Jakouhek, K. Oherg, M. Larry. Row 2: J. Hammond, S. Whitehurst, J. Karwoski, R. Florio, Y. Giampaoli, J. Manzella. S Liberman, L. Mackin, C. Jahnsen, B. Proksa, D. Schild, C. Miller, J. Sandro, P. Alhano. J. Goetz Row 3: D. Zemke, A. Thompson, C. Voss, C. Sebastian, C. Marion, Fl. Lincoln, B. Knopf. I. Olliger, B. La Moncia, M. Bruder. C. Clemons, M. Niro, K. Olsen, J. Blandi. we SPO gabiora Louis Taff, fphotography editorlq Ed 'H' Grounds lBusiness Editorl, Al Nuti fLiterary Editorl, Joyce Zangri fLay- out Editorl. Anne Klink fEditor-in- Chiefl. 'luis lx!!! an 'A 'T f6S2'P'.. ,-Vs., ' A N.. ff' A -- Sf" , m ""ws.w:?':'3i-."r?iA. 0 A 'g .' The Scroll in its second year under the di- '. ' rection of Miss Dallagiacomo, has a wonder- " ful outlook for the years ahead. Our school ,' with its many activities provide many inter- -? esting topics which the Scroll can record. The ,' staff works hard to bring you the events of the past year in an interesting yearbook. With m 9 our school growing so quickly, we are confi- dent our Scroll will grow and develop with it. l Scroll Masthead Miss Dallagiacomo Row 1: J. Arlia, K. 0'Connor, A. Larson, P. Koeppel, D. Andersen, A. Walters. Row 2: W. Legutki, C. Borys, D. Richter, S. Parlow, B. Grams, J. DePaul, H. Holter. Row 3: D. Luse, M. Harden. J. Hurkmans. S. Pieroni, K. Miller, N. Klaser, B. Peder- S t son. J. Trungale. Cro Cl A5 QV A., WI l p if fb 7Ae ,nic gcblor-.4 Row 1: Judy Hansen, Editor-in-chiefg C Sutter. Special Featuresg J. Pachyn, So v cials Editor. Ognibene. Columns Editorg B. Gantt, Girl Covellig Boy's Sports Editor. The Epic, under the direction of Mr. Sini, is put out by an organization that pub lishes student opinions, daily events, and gives us a bi-weekly account of school acti- vities. It is the direct link between the students, teachers, and the administration Everyone on the staff has two main goals: one, to report as best they can and second to obtain a membership in the Quill and Scroll society. EPIC Masthead Mr Sim Row 1: A. Posdal. G. Kortas. Row 2: K. Leigber, C. Unverzagt, E. Lincoln, E. Oleander A. Bukiet, S. Nelson, N. Holtz ITl3l'l S Roui 3: A. Bennett. M. Becker, D. Petritis, B. Sutter, N. Massiola, N. Wolff, B. Horve PLC f N. Michaelis. 'CD Yi? Row 2: F. Cardulla. Research Editor: A Sportsg .l. Staulcup, Circulation Editorg R -ffm Q. - 1? 7 l if-, Q , , LI: .A.-- ?..f9kE:v , Yu fm.. v gglwjf ,VQf.,.,, ,,,, A ,, Qgrflfm' ggiiwfww fix 1 5. Z i xc . r f if ., M ' m v 1' i :V :E 'ss- L if f ix 3 a fi' Kd xi5xF 1 nga Q , " 3 m-ff . 'L , :J X ,sv if 1 f f "e 'Q U.-K., f . -qlllfi ' 25 3 2 , si Q 8 h "X in 7 Q F' W .WA a gp- W' 3' v ,wrwf xx, ' IX!! ' 2 Xvflii, "'-if k,SH W kg' ' N :A xx f WINTER UNCHANGED . . . 43 enior Cfadri .jfhzifory The Senior class of Elmwood Park is the veteran class of our high school system. This class is the first to complete a four year high school course at this school. The class started at the uportablesv, having little room for classes, they doubled up - often sharing the teachers and rooms of the grammar schools. When the high school was ready for entry, they moved again but this time to a new modern building. There was plenty of room available now, in the still unfinished building, and this class grew with the new school. With the seniors, help, traditions and ideas for the future have been established. Their deeds will have a lasting impression on our school. The future is bright for our seniors, for many will start on a career and others will go to college. Wherever they go. whatever they do, we are confident they will do their best. enior Cfadd O keen! George Chard, President Dick Klein, Vice President Hilda-Anne Morris, Secretary A1 Nuti, Treasure, Senior Class Sponsors Marian Bodendein Walter Jensen lzcdaml .xdicdek jderon .fdlem Cross-country 3. ioaeladine .xdmanfi Choir I,2,3g Student Council I ftreasurerlg Italian Club 2, G.A.A. 2,33 Mardi Gras ffloats comrnitteel lg Varsity Variety Show 3g Altern- ate Cheerleader 1. JUG!! .JJHJEFJBH Newspaper lg Drama Club 3,43 G.A.A. 2,3,4 fsocial chairman 435 Float Committee 1,2,3,4g Girls Club 3,45 Prom Committee 34 Triple Trio 2,33 Mardi Gras 4. Jdrzzen .AHJZFJOH Student Council 3,4-g Choir 1,2,3,4g Spanish Club I,2. gonnie .fgnalreaden Business Club 3g Drama 4. 'E 6417225 gafdud. Football 23 Intramurals 3,4. jA0l'YldJ KCLFAOMI' Football I,2,3,4g Track Ig Wrestling 2,3,4g Latin Club 2 fpresidentlg German Club 3,43 Science Club 3,43 Lettermens 2,3,4 fpresident 41. War? 61,014 EDU550 Italian Club 23 Modern Dance 3g Variety Show 3: C.A.A. 2. Qolerf gedllafz Basketball Ig Golf 2g Christmas Pageant Cast 4: Craftsmen Ig Cross Country 2.3.43 Intramurals 3.4g Lat- in Club 1,23 Track I,3,4g Varsity Club 2,3,4. 5.44, M Intramurals 2,3,4g International Re- lations Club 4 fpresident 41. Waureen gmanfe 45 jranL gerendf Intramurals 2,3,4g Soccer 4. gum? gernarcli Swimming Team 2,35 Craftmen 1,2, 3,4g Curtain Call 2,3,4g Varsity Club 3,43 Water Show 4. ofozlene gerfofani Cheerleading 1,33 Modern Dance 3, Variety Show. 6!arice gory Junior Red Cross l,2,3,4 fpresident of council 25g Epic l,2,3 fcolumn editor 31 g Yearbook 4g "Dino" Cast 3g Reporter to Montclare-Lyden Herald 1,2,3,4g Quill and Scroll 4. lachfrcl Efiacoe Basketball lg Baseball lg Tennis 2, Intramurals 23.4-g Craftmen Club 1, 2,3,4. .jwlaywarol gown Junior Red Cross 2 fvice president 29: International Relations Club 4. 46 .Quay all-hw 'K .xdrgne guicief Choir 2,3g Epic Staff 4, G.A.A. 3,4-Q Play Committee 4. pafricia grant Cardonara jfdlll gdfdllffd Intramurals 2,3,4-3 Chess Club 3,4 fvice president 3, publicity chair- man 4Jg Epic 3,4 firesearch editor 41g Quill and Scroll 4. gerf gargien anice Cadfafolo Girls Club 3,45 Italian Club 2g C.A.A. 2,33 Variety Show 33 Make up Committee 2. gall!! CAGIIILAII g20l'92 CAGFJ Class Officer 2,3,4 ftreasurer 2, vice president 3, president 411 Stu- dent Council 1,4 Cexecutive board 413 Swimming 33 Intramurals 2,33 "January Thaw" Castg "Dino" Cast3 "Mr, Angel" Castg Drama Club 4: Epic 1. .f4lltL0lly Caro! Cdridfenaen Cheerleading 13 C.A.A. 23 Choir 13 Mardi Gras Committee 13 Triple Trio l,2. mary one GA:-idlianaen ,4..,1,e, coma, Epic 13 Christmas Pageant li Mardi Gras ffloat committee 1,2,3,4-13 Girls Club 3,43 G.A.A. 2,3,4 fsecre- tary 41g Spanish Club 2,3,4 fpresi- dent 3,413 Business Club 3,4 Cvice president 3,41Q Projectionists' Club 33 Prom Committee 3. wfkd-ln. Cool Football 13 Basketball 1,22 Baseball' 13 Cross Country 2g Intramurals 2,33 4g Soccer 43 Ushers Club 3,4. JULIE COOPBI' Epic Staff 13 Tennis 2,3Q Spanish Sub 2,33 Chess Club 4 fpresident gleft eouefh Epic Staff 4 fsports editor 413 In- tramurals Council 3,4 fsecretary 3, 413 "Mr. Angel" Cast3'Quill and Scroll 4. poxunne 6ouie!A Epic Staff 13 G.A.A. 2,3,4 fpresidenj 41 3 "The Curious Savage" Castg Pep Club 2,3 fpresident 21: F.N.A. 23 "Dino" Castg Girls Club fvice presi- tdziengg Make-up Committeeg Drama u . 6-n ie Gaigo Saint Mels High School lg Golf Team 23 Intramurals 2,3,43 Football 23 Craftman Club 2,3,4 Kpresident 3, treasurer 41. Qoaemary magoafo 47 gdfgdfa maine!! Epic Staff 13 Jr. Red Cross 13 Ital- ian Club 23 Student Council 23 C.A.A. Bowling Team 33 Modern Dance 33 Variety Show 33 Prom Committee 3. millnlflblllll Student Council 13 G.A.A. 2,3,4 lboard 213 Epic 1,2 fspecial fea- tures editor 213 Sophomore Class Secretary3 Girl's Club 3,4 fpresi- dent 3,413 German Club 3,4 Ctreas- urer 2, secretary 313 Sextet 13 Triple Trio 2. 06111110 QGIHOPB Student Council 2,33 Italian Club 23 Pep Club 3 lsecretary 313 Cheer- leader 33 Variety Showg Modern Dance 33 Business Club 33 G.A.A. . 2.4. marie me 354610 lgafriciu .Iimn Choir 1,2,3,43 Sophomore Quartetg Senior Trio3 Hi-C Club 2.3.4 lveep 2, president 41 3 Spanish Club I,23 Red Crofs 2g Student Council 43 Girls' Clu J 3. Warifyn ibialgr G.A.A. 2,3,43 Hi-C Club 2,3,4 tsec retary 319 Epic 13 Red Cross 1,2 Spanish Club 13 Four-H Club 2,3. 48 Diane lworaacl Epic 1,23 G.A.A. 2,3,4 fsport man- ager 413 F.T.A. 33 Girl's Club 3.4 fsenior representative 413 Latin Club 2 fsecretary 213 French Club 43 Drama Club 2,3,4 fhistorian 41: Mardi Gras 43 Make-up Committee 2,3,43 Properties Committee 2. marie gconomod Banda EUHR! G.A.A. 1,2,3,4 fvice president 413 Curtain Call 2,3,4 fsecretary 413 Cirl's Club 3,42 Pep Club 2,31 Mar- di Cras 1,2,33 Prom Committee 33 Tennis Team 4. .uarllfll EUBHJEH Intramurals 2,3,4: Craftsmens Club I. WCAIZBK jallefftl .f4uJl'2y gdyJClJA. C.A.A. 2,3,4 fboard member 3,433 Ushers Club 2,3,4: Drama Club 3: Girl's Club 3,43 Business Club 43 Mardi Gras 45 Prom Decoration Committee 3, International Rela- tions Club 4g Prom Refreshments Committee 33 Red Cross 2,3,4g F.T.A. 3,4, Bowling 2,3,4. payment! jergien Basketball 13 Intramurals 2,3,4g Craftmen Club 1. given jincA Drama Club 2,3,4g Choir 33 Intra- murals 3g Clee Club 2. 02 QCCXXOFYLLCCPJO Football 1,2,3,4g Basketball lg Base- ball 1,4g Wrestling 2,3,4 fcaptain 41 5 Track Ig Golf 2,35 Varsity Club 2,3,4 tsergeant-at-arms 4?. poderf gi:-arc! Foobtall 1,2,3,4g Track 1,33 Wrest- ling 2,4g Varsity Club 2,3,4. Irwin! goealeting Osceola High School Kissimmee, Florida 1,25 Band 3g Intramurals 3, 45 German Club 3.45 Baseball 4. oadhe gfaldlh Band 2,3,4g Orchestra 4: Latin Club 2.33 Basketball 43 "Curious Savage" Cast: "Our Town" Cast: "ML An- gel" Cast, Drama Club 3,4. g7JulC4l'El GFOIUIL Football 1,2,3,4 fco-captain 4Dg Bas- ketball 3g Wrestling 23 Varsity Club 2,3,4 ipresident 433 Intramurals 3, 4 fvice president 3, president 4-lg Choir 1,2,3,4 fpresident 413 Boy's Ensemble 1,2,3,4g Year Book Staff 3,4 fbusiness editor 4lg "Curious Savage" Cast. Waria giufianeffi French Club 2. pogerfa .yuni5A Choir lg Clee Club 2,3. Judy .NGIIJUII Newspaper 1,2,3,4 Ceditor-in-chief 413 Spanish Club 2,3 lvice presi- dent 313 Girls' Glee Club 2,3g G.A.A. 2,3g F .T.A. 43 Ushers' Club 45 Quill and Scroll 3,45 Jr. Red Cross 1,2. 49 Waurice .jvlauama n Industrial Arts Club.1,2,3,43 Intra- murals 1,2,3. payment! .jvlenningden Football 1, Baseball 1, Track 2,4, Basketball 43 Choir 43 Craftman 1, lloy's Ensemble 4. anef .jvlerman French Club 3,43 C.A.A. 3,43 Busi- ness Club lsenior representativelg Cirl's Club 3.4. Carl!! ay06l0:f5y Choir 1,2,3,4-3 Newspaper 13 C.A.A. 13 Triple Trio 23 Float Committeeg Senior Sextet 43 Variety Show 3,4. CACWA5 JON! Baseball 13 Swimming 2g Golf 33 Craftsman Club 2,3,4 fvice president 2,43 3 Spanish Club 1,23 Intramurals 1,2,3,4. SAHFOII .yuglllall Epic Staff 13 Girl's Club 3,43 Prom Committee 33 Senior Sextet 4. 50 Caro! JOAIIJOH G.A.A. 2,3,4Q Cirl's Club 3,41 Syn- cronized Swimming 3,4-. .gbennia Jolnaon Student Council 1,2,3,4 fchairman 1, vice president 2,313 Drama Club 2,3,4 f vice president 3l3 Latin Club 1,23 German Club 3,43 Varsity Club 3,43 Basketball 1,2,33 Track 1,23 Cross Country 2,33 "January Thaw" Cast3 "Curious Savage" Castg "Our Town" Castg "Mister Angel" Cast. .Ant JOAIIJOIL Epic Staff 1 fproduction editorlg Coll 33 Basketball 13 Spanish Club 2,3 fvice president 2, treasurer 313 Zhess Club 43 Baseball 1,43 Cross Country 23 Craftman Club 43 Track 23 Intramurals 2,3,4. Andrea jofgen-Jell Business Club 3,43 G.A.A. 2,3,4. Oalllle .MIJUCA G.A.A. 2,3,43 Business Club 3,43 Cirl's Club 43 4-H Club 2g Hi-C Club 2,3. Gerd .jczdla Chess Club: Intramurals 4g Soccerg Tennis. pafricl .jcfghar Jouiae .jcemd Sextet 13 Choir 1,2,3,43 Triple Trio 2g Trio 3,43 Synchronized Swim- ming 3,41 Mardi Gras ftalent13 Hi- C 2,43 Girls' Club 43 Pep Club 134. jam .Mrk Football 1,2,3,43 Basketball 1,2,33 Baseball 1,2,3,43 Varsity Club 2,3,43 Latin Club 23 German Club 3,4- iveep 413 Class Officer 23 fpresi- dent1 Cast of 'January Thaw" 23 Band 1,2,3,4 fpresident 213 Science Club 4g Student Council 2,3,4 ipresident 41. mcdaral ..KAin Senior Class Vice Presg Junior Class Treasurer3 Student Council 43 Band 1,2,3,43 Trumpet Trio 1,43 Boys' Ensemble 1,2,33 Mixed Choir 1,2,33 Hi-Y 1,23 Intramurals 2,3,4. Wane? .Mug Modern Dance 33 Variety Show 3. Annemarie Student Council 2,33 Jr. Red Cross 1,2 Cpres. 11 3 F.T.A. 3,4 fpres. 41: Yearbook 3,4 feditor-in-chief 41: German Club 2,334 itreasurer 31: Science Club 33 Girls Tennis Team 43 Choir 3,43 Girls Quartet 2,33 Quill and Scroll 43 International Relations Club 4. Elf? Jcauder . Modem Dance 33 Variety Show 33 G.A.A. 2,3. ameri ..j6'au5er Football lg Baseball 1,2,3,4Q Basket- ball 1,2,3,43 Track 1,23 Varsity Club 2,3,4 fsec. 41. Juni, .JCLLICL Choir 1,2,3,43 Ushers' Club 43 Trio 3,4-. lou ia .jcafa Intramurals 334. 51 pa,ln0ll.J -KAL Eoderf .1644 lzcbarol .1644 JUAN. .jcfiafazl Varsity Club 2,3,4-3 Intramurals 2,35 Variety Show 33 Football 4g 'Basket- ball 23 Tennis 2. OZQCIYIOJ Intramural Bowling and Baseball3 Student Council 1. pubic! ollane Band 1,2,3,43 Orchestra 3,43 Dixie- land Bandg Dance Band3 Craftman Club 4g Intramurals 3,4. 52 Elly Jang, Tennis Team 43 Synchronized Swim- ming 4g G.A.A. 2,3.43 Triple Trio 2.33 Pep Club 3,43 Newspaper 1,23 Girls' Club 3,43 Drama Club 4. 6401145 Jiang? Band 1,2,3,4Q Prom Committee 33 Intramurals 1,23 Christmas Concert 1,2,3,4. SMJHH OZIMPJOII. Latin Club 23 Prom Refreshment Committee 33 Girls' Club 4. .jcafby Ligier Junior Red Cross 1,2 fsecretaryh G.A.A. 23 Girls' Club 3,43 Business Club 43 Synchronized Swimming 43 Water Show 43 Epic Staff 4. KOIUZKJ LFG Football 1,23 Basketball 1,33 Base- ball 1,43 Track 1,2. .fdnfkoni oliffuri Quill and Scroll 3,43 Epic Staff 3,43 Drama Club 334 ftreasurer 41. pole!! Juzieffi .jcznnifA Wacknzie Football 1,2,43 Varsity Club 3,43 Intramurals 2,3,43 Science Club 3,4. jlomaa Waclin Baseball 13 Craftsman Club 1,23 Spanish Club 1,2,3Q Hi-C Clubg In- tramurals. mary .fdllll !0lI,ey Newspaper 13 Spanish Club 1,25 Girls' Club 3,43 Prom Decorations Committee 3. .fdnflony Wanhze Sandy marforefh Spanish Club 1,22 Business Club 3. Wane? maaciofa Choir 3,43 Newspaper 1,43 Girls' Club 33 Synchronized Swimming 43 G.A.A. 23 Spanish Club 2. .lvlekn Wadbal Iunior Red Cross 33 Girls' Club 3,43 4-H Club 3,4. QFD! Waaaofb Girls' Club 3,43 Prom Committee as Triple Trio3 Chorusg Red Cross. amen mguoy Football 13 Intramurals 2,3. 53 Baseball 1,2,3,43 Basketball 1,43 Hanna Weinerf Track 13 Spanish Club. 00l'g2 fZgEI' Basketball 1,3,43 Baseball 1,23 Latin Club 23 Craftsman lg Hi-Y 2. .jczren Wichaefb G.A.A. 1,2,3,43 Sextet 13 Triple Trio 2,33 Girl's Ensemble 43 Girl's Ad- vanced Glee Club 4 fpresident 413 Curtain Call 3,43 Girls' Club 3,41 Pep Club 2,3 iexecutive board 2,31 3 Student Council 33 Mardi Gras 1,2, 3,4 fstudent chairman 3, student recorder 45 . olinzla Wieae Latin Club 2g Pep Club 33 Girls' Club 3,43 Drama Club 23 Prom Decoration 3. Judith Wimr Junior Red Cross Kleaderlg Girls' Club. Wargaref Wifdr Spanish Club 1,23 G.A.A. 2,3,43 Girls' Club 3,43 Choir 1,2,3,4. 54 Warifyn Wimr G.A.A. 2,3,43 F.T.A. 3,43 Girls' Club 3,43 Spanish Club 1,23 Choir 1,3,4. 'lflifham WML, Craftsman 1,23 Swimming 3,43 Ger- man Club 2,33 Varsity Club 3,41 German Band 3,43 Band 1. lgonafal Wbiora Football 1,33 Intramurals 3,4. .!cnnefL Wonfe Bowling 1,23 Craftsman l,2,3,4 ltreasurer 23 3 Intramural Club 2. -.Anne Worrb Cheerleader lg Newspaper 1,21 Dra- ma Club 2,3,43 "January Thaw" Castg "Our Town" istudent direc- IOIJQ Choir Accompanist 2,3,4-3 Class Secretary 43 Latin Club l,2. JOWIB WMPLKLCA, Student Council l,2,3,4- ftreasurer 2,353 G.A.A. 2,3,4 fexecutive board 335 Business Club 2,3 fpresident 3, 4-J, Spanish Club 2 fsecretary 213 Class Officer fvice president 27: Float Committee 2,3,4. glvlwurcf Wmnagi jdereau Wardeff Girls' Club 3. Wiclaef Wardufh Football l,2,3,4 fco-captain 4-J g Var- sity Club 2,3,4 ivice president 41, Basketball lg Track 1. Waurali! Junior Red Cross 4-5 Girls' Club 3,4g 4-H Club 2,3 fsecretary 2, vice presi- dent 315 C.A.A. 2. allouid ncofera Art Club 49 Morton High School 1,2. grew,--kg-,.gg 11.-. y ,fyf-'fmggag-ggw.Matissenga,-55s:sgMf'y1fS ygff.-Z ' , -5. W 4 Tk . L' V . ,. V- Eggs is ' ' Zz-:,, "mt, g titt ' sew ' N MH ?" - ,,,, ,... .,:. , - ---. S ..t. F 1 tgseuvi' i X s- , vs, H155 F . -l ,V , , .. as WS .. DU, . ...-l.l '--. .. :.::-:. sa-fs-.tier s. f Y? ffm '- X . " :E2eff::.'::a::Es Q 'a :i arf f i " f I 5 me i s -. if Ronny Wiezien Intramurals, Bowling 3,4. AHIT!! WOIAII-g Swimming Team 2,33 Craftsman Club 3,4g Tiger Gym Club 3,4g ln- tramurals 3. am Worworfd g Craftsmans' Club lg Swimming Team 2,3,4' fmost valuable player 353 Golf 2,34 Science Club 3,45 Varsity Club 2,3,4g Student Coun- ci 4. ,Meri 7714: Scroll 4 fliterary editor 4-lg Senior Class Treasurer, Craftmen l,2,3,4 fsecretary 1,2, treasurer 3, president 4lg Band 1,2,3,4 fsergeant-at-arms 43 3 Intramurals 2,3,4-3 Basketball 33 Track 35 Ushers 3,4g Dance Band 3, Dixieland' Band 4, German Band 2,3,4-3 Latin Club 1,2g Boy's En- semble 1,2,3g Drama Club 33 Boys' Quartet 35 "Dino" 3. ogre 77y!analer Craftmen Club lg Football 25 Swim- ming 2,35 Science Club 3,4 ivice president 313 Varsity Club 3,4. 55 Jann Ognilene Choir l,2,3,45 Jr, Red Cross 1,25 Quill and Scroll 45 Epic Staff 2,3,4 fspecial columns editor 415 Ushers' Club 2,3,45 Girls' Club 35 Library Assistant 25 Drama Club 2,35 Busi- ness Club 3,4 ltreasurer 3,455 C.A.A. 45 Tri-Hi-Y 35 Mardi Gras 2,45 Prom Decoration Committee 35 Nurse's Assistant 45 Pep Club 3. ,Mm OEM Hi-Y 1,25 Football Manager 15 Choir 15 Industrial Arts Club 1,25 Intramurals 1,2,3,45 Track 2,3,4-5 Tiger Gym Club 2,3. JOAN Orff!-IIJO Student Council 45 Basketball 35 Craftman 1,2,3,45 Italian Club 15 Intramurals 25 Ushers' Club 35 Christmas Pageant 4. MCLGPJ Owen Fenwick High School, Oak Park l, 25 Football 35 Intramurals 35 Wrest- ling 4. unid pacLyn Epic Staff 2,3,4 lsocial editor 435 G.A.A. 2,3,45 Drama Club 3,45 Latin Club 25 Mardi Gras Committee Member 3,45 Prom Committee 35 Quill and Scroll 4. Oall pdfhlel' Spanish Club 1,25 Newspaper 15 G.A.A. 2,35 Girls' Club 3,45 Jr. Red Cross 1,2. 55 jlomaa pafucl Football 15 Band 1,2,35 Golf 3,45 Latin Club 1,25 Intramurals 1,2,3,45 Intramurals Representative 2,35 Var- sity Club 3,45 "Our Town" Cast 35 Dance Band 2,3. gbougfaa parler Latin Club 25 Swimming 35 Varsity Club 3,4. umed nappi Football 15 Basketball 15 Baseball 15 Drama Club 3,4. niaciffa pai! C.A.A. 25 Girls' Club 3,45 Prom Committee 3. gforia Qf2I'50ll G.A.A. 25 Girls' Club 3,45 Prom Committee 3. Joan QZPBI' Cheerleader 1,2,3,4 fcaptain 31, Student Council 1,2,3g Ushers' Club 3,43 C.A.A. 25 Pep Club 2,3,4g Christmas Pageant 4. jrealel-ic! neraon Football lg Baseball lg Tennis 25 Latin Club 2g Intramurals 1,2,3,4. p05Jaf Newspaper 1,2,3,4 fproduction edi- tor 3J3 Student Council 35 Mardi gras 3, Latin Club 2,3 fsecretary 3 . poderl poffer Baseball lg Football 1,3,4g Spanish Club lg Intramurals 2,3,4g Varsity Club 45 Craftsman 1,23 Intramural Sports Council 4. jo4elnA ,Q-azuck Varsity Club 2,3,4-3 Drama Club 2,3, 43 Baseball 1,2,3g Ushers' Club 2,3, 45 Latin Club 2,3 ftreasurer 31 3 In- tramurals 2,3,4 lsports council rep- resentative 3,4-D. gerafzline pay Italian Club 2 g Modern Dance 3. QOIIJJ madel' palricia mafaino Business Club 3,4 fsecretary 415 Bowling 3,4g Epic Staff 13 Book- store Assistant 2. glolwin peufer Football lg Basketball 15 Track 1,2g Swimming 2,3,4-3 Cross Country 25 Varsity Club 2,3,4g Science Club 3,4 fvice president 4-lg Student Council 3. pbffya Hcciufi Choir l,2,3,4g Italian Club 2.3: Girls' Club 3,4g C.A.A. 2,3. pauclte M7115 Curtain Call 2,3,4 Cpresident 433 Class Secretary 35 Pep Club 2,3 lpresident 33 3 Cheerleader 1,2 fcap- tain 27 9 Choir 2,33 "January Thaw" Cast 23 "Our Town" Cast 33 Stu- dent Council 2g Latin Club 1,23 Epic Staff lg Mardi Gras 1,2g Prom Decoration Committee 3 ichairman 31. 57 64211. p0g2l'5 Girls' Club 3,43 Business Club 4g G.A.A. 2,33 Bowling Team 2,39 Adv. Girls' Clee Club 4 fvice presidenti. Eafgdfa KOIMGHO Red Cross 1,2,3,4 Cvice presidentlg Spanish Club l,2,3g Newspaper lg Future Teachers of America 2,3,4 lvice president 3, historian 413 Fu- ture Nurses of America 43 Prom Committee 3, G.A.A. 2. , oann lgodinali G.A.A. 2,43 Business Club 3,4. Graff, mdk? Craftsmen Club 1 lsecretary 17: Basketball l. WMP? 3aPl0I'2 Italian Club 2g Modern Dance 3, Variety Show 3. RcAarcl .sleedacder Intramurals 3,4. it -we N J' r a S M L D 1.3 Stats .,ff-.law W.: I iw-.15-A. ' .Q sg.. '- V, LAh,, M. ,h., , ., , ,A, ,E . f - Si. E4 I ' 54 ' f-,gi ' ., i I T , -. jj -K, 1 . - It .-,,- E L, ,.,,,,,,3, snag waff2n SABCLAP Football 1,2,3,4g Baseball lg Wrest- ling lg Varsity Club 2,3,4. Qlgeff Sckeuerman Football l,2,3,4g Basketball l,2,3g Track 1,2,3,4g Varsity Club 2,3,4. .sgewarf .S7cAi!!man Football 1,23 Baseball lg Latin Club 2, Science Club 3,4 fprogram com- mittee chairman 4J g Swimming 2,3, 43 Golf 2,3,4g Varsity Club 2,3,4g Intramurals l,2,3,4 lsports council 33 g Craftsmen Club l,2,3,4-g Band 33 Boys Ensemble 2. ell 2 .Sz.'Al'0ll- Football l,2g Baseball lg Latin Clubg Science Club 3,4g Swimming 2,3,4g Golf 2,3,4g Varsity Club 2,3,4g In- tramurals l,2,3,4g Craftman l,2,3,4g Band 3g Boys' Ensemble 2. pefer Skiem Varsity Club 2,3,4g Basketball lg Baseball 1,43 Track 2g Cross Coun- try 2,4 fmost valuable playerlg Band 1,2,3,4-g Orchestra 2g Choir 3g Boys' Ensemble l,2,3g Clarinet Quar- tet 15 Intramurals 3,4. garlara .szimpdon Band 25 Curtain Call 2,3,4 fvice president 40. Worlerf Slelan 3J Sterzel gamer! Smifl Craftsman Club 2. Zominicl .Spnzracino Projectionists 43 Intramurals 4. marianne .sguire G.A.A. 1,2,3,4 fexecutive board 4Jg Spanish Club 1,2,3g Girls' Club 3,43 Epic Staff 3, Tennis Team 4. Jael .ganifa Epic Staff 1 ieditor-in-chief D3 Craftsman Club 1,2,3,4 fpresident 273 Projectionists 1,43 Band lg In- tramurals 3. Dull ggduzi 14,7 Epic Staff 1,2,3,4 Ccirculation editor 43 3 Ushers' Club 2,3,4 Qhead usher- ette 413 Spanish Club 3,4 Qvice president 41g Mardi Gras 2,4g G.A.A. 3, Girls' Glee Club 2,33 F.T.A. 2,3,4-g Pep Club 23 Jr. Red Cross lg Quill and Scroll 4. 4911-tl 5929211 G.A.A. 4g Student Council 4g Cur- tain Call 49 Latin Club 45 German Club 4. Wyflld -QPOLBIV G.A.A. 2,3g Girls' Club 3,43 Pep Club 2,33 Business Club 33 Ushers' Club 3. mural? gszllfhlldll G.A.A. 3,4g F.T.A. 2,3,4-g Girls' Club 3,43 Spanish Club 2,33 Advanced Girls' Glee Club 4: Curtain Call 4g Water Show 4g Christmas Pageant 4. Cmfyn Suffer G.A.A. 2,3,4g Newspaper 1,2,3,4 fspecial features editor 45 g Ushers' Club 2,3,4g Drama Club 3g Girls' Club 35 Business Club 43 Library Assistant 25 Student Council 45 Mardi Gras 2,4g Prom Decoration Committee 3g Quill and Scroll 4g International Relations Club 4. 67611 .ggymanialb Girl's Club 3,43 Choir 2,3,4g Senior Sextet 45 Prom Decorations 3. gran! .jezlfman Caro! jdiea C.A.A. 2,3,4g 4-H 2,3 ftreasurer 2, 37 . jforence woman Newspaper lg Choir l,2,3,4g Girls' Club 3,45 Pep Club 2,3. Clara! 60 feta 1..- gforia Unverzagf Girl's Club 3,43 Newspaper 4g Sen- ior Sextet 4. Ollllda G.A.A. 2,33 Girl's Club 3,4-g Pep Club 2,33 Business Club 3. yuuhm uuerifo Glee Club 4, Girl's Club 4. picdarzl uaafial Football Manager lg Basketball Manager lg Track Manager lg Craftsmen 1 ipresident IJ, Student Council 1,2,3. Wicdaef mzger Newspaper 13 Intramurals 2,34 Ten- nis 2. Ellugfdd mgefd Football lg Track 1,2,3,4g Band 1,2, 3,4 fpresident 453 Student Council 43 Dance Band 2,33 German Band 2,3,4g Dixieland Band 4g Cross Country 25 Varsity Club 2,3,4g In- tramurals 2,3,4g Latin Club 1,2,3g Boys Ensemble 1,2,3g Boys Quartet Ig Stage Manager 4: Orchestra 1,2. gil? wdfnef Baseball 2,3,4g Varsity Clul. 2,3,4g Dixieland Band 45 German Club 2, 3g German Band 2,3,4g Dance Band 2,3g Boys Ensemble 2,33 Band 3,4 lvice president 49g Choir 2,33 Or- chestra 2. 20I'?2 mgman Ushers 2,3,4g Intramurals 2,3,4g Cratfsman 1,23 Basketball 1. Wedin Mon Basketball lg Baseball 1,23 Intra- murals 2,3,4. Wallfy Student Council 1,2,3,4 fexecutive board 2,3,4, secretary 2,41 g Epic 1,2, 45 Mardi Gras 2,3,4g Curtain Call 35 Usherette 25 "Curious Savage" 2: "Dino" 3. ogre Zangri G.A.A. 3, Girl's Club 3.43 Ushers Club 3,43 Yearbook Staff 3,43 flay- out editor 41: Prom Decorations Committee 33 International Rela- tions Club 4. OFE5! Zaaadney Orchestra lg Tennis 2.5 Latin Club 23 Intramurals 2,3,4g Craftsman Club 3,4 fsecretary 43, Science Club 3,4-. gfalfe Zin-L2 Spanish Club 25 'G.A.A. 2,4g Busi- ness Club 3,4g Girl's Club 3,4. The Senior Class of 1958 would like to pay an affectionate tribute to the memory of our classmate who dice' during his high school years. Not here to graduate with us, but present in our thoughts is Dick Kubiniek. We honor the memory of this classmate in this Scroll, our Yearbook-and his. we junior Cfadd unior CAM Oficem The junior class of E.P.C.H.S. will be the first class to attend school in the new building for four years. The seniors of our school look to the juniors to carry on a tradition of strong spirit and determination -- in the class- room and in any of the school sponsored projects. J. Trungale fpresident5, T. Utaski fVice Presidentb, S. Sandfor iSecre- taryb, D. Torkelson fTreasurerD. 'T s Row 1: T. Borek, J. Ciancio, C. Ab- binanti, K. Alton, J. Amanti, D. An- derson, J. Bell, K. Brausam, D. Ash, J. Brucato. Row 2: W. Aument, M. Bartose, A. Basso, M. Becker, J. Anderson, A. Bertolani. R. Bevan, B. Bevan, D. Ciancio. Row 3: M. Boubek, J. Beyster. Row 4: J. Basso, T. Bianco, J. Brug- geman, D. Arroyo, P. Campbell, M. Campo, D. Bowden, F. Bracken, B. Bruno. Row 1: B. Catalano, J. Doran, M. Caimari, J. Edwards, C. Englund, M. Ciampoli. Row 2: V. Dodge, A. Dunos, M. Eichwald. Row 3: R. Dutzi, D. Fowler, L. D'Amico, M. Colucci, P. Feret, S. De Trana. Row 4: T. Dorko, K. Ericksen, B. Cataldo, R. Del Conti, S. Federichi, L. Divincenzo, H. Cottrell, E. De Vitto, M. Cook. Row 5: R. Eppinga, C. Eierman, B. Dein, R. Dusberger, M. Fulscher, D. Gabriel, B. Clinnick, K. Doyle. . N ww- Row 1: V. Lombardo, M. Irvine, W Legutki. Row 2: B. Le Monier, A. Lepic, R Jurkowski, J. Knoll, N. Lameka. Row 3: S. Lowe, D. Lobe, D Koepke. Row 4: T. Kmiecik, C. Johnson, J Levinson, M. Kowell, S. Isaacs, H. Ir an H Kumlin S Jefferies g g, . , . . Row 5: J. Lavorini, T. Kolodzinski, S. Krueger, P. Kredich, T. Luciani, R. Lash, J. Kahle, R. Koos, W. Keinz, R. Liebich, E. Kelley. 3 Row 1: G. Greco, T. Giordano E. Gian- noules, J. Greganti, J. Hyler, G. Hahn, .l. Hilgenberg, B. Hopp. Row 2: D. Haddon, R. Hearley, H. Hol- ter, V. Hydel, L. Giuliano, J. Huber, J. Crabrick, J. Hangleitner, C. Halbrook. Row 3: R. Hooper, J. Hansen, R. Heu- ser, M. Infusino, J. Granata, R. Habel, S. Heerling, E. Gustafson, N. Goldberg. lJi !'1ikQf1 W I , . H... .oar N.. .......,M.-..... -........ W... M, .M W, M45 ,M WM..- N.. Row 1: H. Mastro, T. Maniatis, J. Mc- Intyre, J. Nominelli, J. Ogle, S. Miller J. Lyman, J. Miller, K. Miller. Row 2: R. Melnick, J. Nehlsen, G. Maniatis, J. Nelsen, P. Norman, M. Ni berg, B. Martin, G. Oberg, P. Meerse P. Miller, D. Olafson, D. Moll, J. Mack. Row 3: R. Luziette, F. Nickelson, G Nylander, R. Melone, F. Montana, Ri Michaels, P. McKillip, R. Mitchell. 63 v Row 1: J. Sperling, C. Sperling, G Seebert, L. Sande, A. Johnson. Row 2: P. Ryan, A. Staroserk, D. Rucek, S. Rell, Sanders, J. Han- sen, T. Schaufler, J. Schmidt. Row 3: R. Riccetti, R. Sebastian, A. Reynolds, J. Sorce, R. Skaluba, K. Schaffer, B. Roos, B. Stasinowsky, C. Scott, E. Schaudek, B. Sorensen Row 1: A. Peterman, L. Reder, C. Peterman, J. O'Leksy, M. Olofson, J. Pearson, S. Papalliou. Row 2: L. Peterson, J. Pearson, F. Pinzine, P. Ranieri, L. Pudlek, N. Padauano, T. Portello, C. Ranieri. B. Paolinelli. Row 3: M. Ordman, J. Pryjma, B. Reder, G. Perzan, R. Pittman, J. Poli, J. Quentere, T. Pomella, J. Piensche, C. Parcarro. Row 1: J. Wiemerslage. I.. Winje D. Tomaso, C. Stolarz. J. Strath mann, D. Wearing, N. Stirmell. C Wahlstrom, L. Stockwell. L. Walter P. Tarsitano, J. Weislmrofit. C. Wes ter, R. Walthers, B. Youlln. Row 2: R. Tessarolo, B. Youhn, A Steinhauer. B. Zumstein. B. Warner C. Utes, D. Tremper. ll. Wallauer H. Vogt, T. Utaski, P. Voss. J. Via nola, D. Torkelson. I X SOFA OH! 011' f M cn... ofa... Ron' I: ll. llrusa. ll. .-Xrrovo. A. .Ml- T uino, ll. lriasvo. Ll. .'X4lamik. A. lllair. lf. llalientlo. Roll' lf: 17. llrusa. l.. llaltlavri. .l. lluvkly. ff. .-Kimi. .l. lloosel. L. lllake .l. llongiorno. ll. llurger. Ron' III: .l, llottoroff. E. Anderson ll. lil't'llIllilI'il. S. Aikens. ,l. Allan. R llarsanl i. R. lioettger. Ron' llvz R. Anno. Nl. llertolozzi. M. Amlerst-n. .l, lleranivh. Cf. lieninati. T. lletlnarn. W. llreilxke. Ron' I: T. Curry. R. fliangi. P. Dal bis. .l. llelorlo. H. Carlson. Ron' ll: S. lfarmaellal. Nl. llomlmevk. K. tlaxallo. ll. lli Reima. ff. llel Hom- vio. ll. Ui Vitto. P. Doyle. J. Erick son. Nl. llovimo. Nl. llunos. Hou' Ill: K. Fossel. R. llel llowio l., llelflaro. K. Czaehowski. A. Ui l.f-o. fl. Engel. H. Desmond. L. Fon tana. ll, Fvker. Yeiser tPresidentl Arroyo lViCe President! Healey lSec'reIaryl Ciangi lrfreasurerl we sS70l0A0Wl 0l"8 guild The Sophomore Class of Elmwood Park is an up and coming group. They have very outstand- ing leaders. We have seen this in the uumher of Sophomores that have participated in our schoolis musicals. dramatic presentations. and sports programs. The Sophomores have proven themselves to have tremendous ability in carrying out all tasks put helore them. From their past performances we are confident they will carry our school to an even higher level. I A-QL Row 1: B. Addante, S. Herman, C Gentile, l. Ciannotti, D. Cruszka, R Heurlin, J. Hanson. Row II: C. Hollmeier, D. Foulkes, P Hawkins, S. Hides, A. Gatta, H Fulk, C. Frymark, M, Healy, R Hangleitner. S Giuffre. Row III: N. Gemignani, K. Glenn R. Cuarino, R. Hochleutmer, D Hamilton, R. Glenn, H. Halverson, H. Hellstrom. Row I: M. Matthis, K. Jepson, M Holly, K. Johnson, R. Koblik. Row II: M, Jacobsen, D. Kay, J. La- cey, C. Kapust, J. Johnson, J. Jonas- sen. Row III: R. Kula, J. Kulpinski, G Krawchuck, J. Kuzel, D. Kinder, R Johnson. Row IV: J. Keller, S. Kopecky, D Iden, R. Janis, J. Kalis, T. King, K King, B. Kennedy. s Row I: P. Orihel. A. Oswalt. R. Pa- velli. S. Pitzele. J. Perri, K. Part rirlge. E. Olenzler, A. Potempa. Pisano. Row ll: P. Onni. C. Peterson, Parla. C. Rasillfvi. J. Pusateri. Parenti. J. O'Leksy, R. Peterson Prus. R. Phillips. Row Ill: J. Papaelion, R. Pfister, Peclmle. C. Pokurny. A. Nowak, Pedersen. ll. Przyliyla, J. Peteck, Portuese. R010 1: D. Rajvliel. F. Rooney, Salml. A. Russell. J. Sadilek. Rusinski, P. Sapata. Row ll: C. Reynertson. B. Rich, Roland. C. Rangers, K. Savino, Ross. E. Robb. Row III: D. Rice. C. Salmados, Saviano, T. Ray. R. M. B J R Q i C T. C D. R. Row I: P. Miller, J. Maraviglia, I Minarik, P. Matthew. P, Nlaluszew- ski. Row II: J. Nusek. A. Nelson. C Martinelli, V. Nivkels. Row 111: K. Navratil. P. Nlylinski, V. Nlearns. A. Malalia. Row IV: R. Lugimlive. J. Maloney L. Lewis. M. LaSalle. R. Nlariani Ron' V: R. Nlavk. R. Mnlity. R. Lark sun. R. Nlylin. Raw VI: J. lllozal. R. Mancini. K Marks. .l. lxlivliuelis. Row VH: J. Loelm. R. Littmann. J Marzullu. R. Narske. Row I: D. Sobie, L. Schwab, C. Shields, J. Schuch, L. Struhen, P. Soldmann, M. Sim- onelli, M. Segredo. Row II.: D. Selvaggio, J. Schiffman, A. Smith. T. Sullivan, T. Stack, B. Schwab, A. Strachan, G. Simanski, A. Sevcik. Row III: R. Spaccapaniccia, W. Scott, R. Scalzo, D. Schneider, J. Smith, B. Schmidt Row I: M. Svarc, V. Timm, M. Wilms, S. Vahl, E. Wilms, S. Switall, M. Zelencik, R. Virruso, J. Wallace. Row II: R. Yarema, D, Tolman, K. Tegtmeyer, J. Tomaino, R. Wendler, J. Sychowski. C. Zimmerman, B. Yeiser, J. Toale. Row III: J. Wudi, J. Taylor, B. Zappia, M. Urzenclowski, H. Tagli, R. Vitek, C. Zu- ber, J. Wallace. J. Sutter. jfeifgfll Clll cn... om.... Row 1: P. Albano, A. Bosi. A. Arra, L. Bahns. C. Blank. J. Bafaro, J Bock. N. Bowden, J. Benville. Row II: B. Braley, M. Belcastro, M Anno. T. Bergonzini, R. llrayman B. Basso. J. Berntsen. B. Brayman B. Bertolozzi, M. Abrath. Row Ill: P. Bauer. J. Bartkowicz J. Borek. R. Bloom, J. Blank, R Biesiada, C. Barbour. R. Bieschke. Rau' 1: J. Cheop. L. Deluca, C. De- Florio. J. Deflrazia. E. Cwiklin. Row ll: L. DeRosa, C. Colletti, P. Desalvo. M. Coniglio. P. DePaolo, M. Cutrara. Canisius. C. Craigo. J. Cassano. C. Clemons, D. DeCoste. Row III: M. Brennwald, M. DePaul P. Costello. E. Danz, M. Bruder. Row IV: R. Carlson, J. Hullivant, F. Campise. J. Dechow. J. Brom. V. Dalnen, D. Buyer, G. Constantine. R. Curren. 1 v D. Byer fllresidentl, J. Greenwald tVice President? , B. Sutter CSecretaryJ , K. Wolke fTreasurerJ. we jl"e5Alfl'lQI'l CKCL45 The Freshmen class has proven itself an ac- tive group this past year. They have participated in many of the school's activities. A large num- ber of the freshmen boys have taken a great interest in the schoolis sports. and the girls have helped build up this interest by attending the games. We certainly hope that the freshmen class continues its high spirit for its remaining years at E.P.C.H.S. t l. t Agaakf.. ..- Q wx 91 J Y' VW i. x Ron' I: K. llolmcf. ,l. fliallomlrurmlo ll. lilflllfll. 5. Grill. ll. llillwr. Hou! ll! J. Goetz. S. Turovclli. A. Lioxzxrizixzl. J. l.re4'o. lf. frllFl'l6I'l. .l. llc-mlrixson. Ron' Ill: Ni, Congola. li. llorve. IJ llumilton. F. Green. C. Hagcle. T. Tloll. Row IV: IJ. Haddon. Nl. lzulovinu K. llliltllllilll. A. Ure-renstein. Y Ciumpaoli. Roni V: .l. Hainmonfl. M. lovinelli. IJ. llusa. .l. flrcenwell. Row I: J. Caliislia. C. Eqw. S. De Qimleralo. R. Fralto. Row ll: R. Florin, W- Doyle. D Domolfrnv. C. Fricano. T. Feflro. R014' 111: .l. Dyson. ,l. Difftl. .l. Erick son. ,l, Cnlimo T. l7iorPv1fi"f'-. Row IV: S. Donner, J. DiCi0ia, R Dorr. P. Ellis. Row V: R. Dorko, J. Dzierlzir. D Fllefsen. T. Farnsworth. .l. Diliern ardino. K. Fgun. D. DiP2lSllllillC, .I Engluncl. A. Falmiano. li Q ,yi A rl ff X f K '- .4 T 4 Row 1: K. Kate. T. Johnson. J. Kar- woski. K. Kelly, L- Knoll. H. Karl. M. Kinder. B. Klnss. Row II: D. Koos, C. Jahnsen, K. Jor- gensen, J. Jakoubek. L. Koecher. B. Knopf. L. Johnson. D. Josel. Row III: B. Jamro. B. Kahle. R. Katz, F. Kendzior, D. Klein, P, Jen- sen, T. King. Row IV: R. Jurkowski, T. Janis, T. Klein. Row I: C. Liberman, C. Kumllin, S. Liebich, M. Mistnik. J. Manzella, R. Prex. N. Lenz. Row II: P. Lewandowski, S. Kreitzer, K. Krus, L. Mackin, B. Larson, B. LaMoniL'a. K. Lemke, K. Long, J. Logiodice. Row III: R. Licko, K. Kronvold, J. Licko, P. Maraviglia, P. Luczyk, J. Palerno, H. Lube, W. Leland, B. Lohrey. Row I: M. Niro, C. Nuccio, C. Marion, D. Padovano, T. Masvari. D. Paknvku, J. Novak. Row II: L. Olliger, R. Meldano, T. Mateer, C. Motycka. C. Nirosia, P.-Matteson. J. Nuzzo, R. Merryman. Ronzw 111: K. Olsen, R. Mellema, A. Moore, K. Miller, B. Margita, B. Melnne, C. Obrenoff, C. l liller. sg f Row I: M. Ranieri. J. Paulsen. M. Ponzi. K. Paluck, R. Ranieri. Row II: M. Pasearelli. P. Piedmont, S. Petersen, K. Pedersen, S. Peterson, B. Proska, M. Pino. P. Priehe. Row III: M. Pedone. C. Porcaro, L. Parlow, L. Prosperi, E. Ramm, J. Raftis, R. Ragnini, J. Pizzolalo. R. Perik. Row IV: J. Piekos. C. Scharfenorth, C. Pflug. E. Pankonin, R. Plantz. R. Parisi, B. Princen 13. Ransden. Rauf I: L. Siegel. S. Sherman. J. Riess. C. Romano, C. Schneider. Row II: J. Sherwood, J. Sealabroni, K. Serpico, S. Rogers, C, Schumann, D. Schild. J. San dro. ll. Sandfor. Row III: R. Sarlilek. C. Sebaelian, D. Shusha, J. Svardina. J. Shoherg. J. Roucka. Raw IV: J. Schroeder, J. Roos, L. Schneider, A. Schimpf, T. Schetter, B. Shoemaker. Row I: l. Tente, L. Tintori, J. Tininri. T. Sims, T. Yvilhelm. Row II: R. Sorce, P. Sparacino, R. Washchenko, B. Squire, V. Springer, C, Tarquiny, P Szilagyi, D. Tessarolo, J. VanDolun. Row III: M. Sorensen, R. Simons, M. Stolarz, J. Switall, S. Stewart, A. Thompson, J. Stir mell. Row IV: N. Simpson, A. Simon, T. Sproviero, B. Solberg, K. Trapp, D. Smetak, A. Tarsi tano, B. Stolpe. Row I: R. Wiggins, B. Zarob, D. Vogt, N. Wennerstrand, P. Zmich. Row ll: J. Wojkowski, P. Tomaso, B. Tompkins, D. Travers, K. Walter, K. Vvolke, J. Walsh, S. Zwijacz. Row III: R. Vandergriff, S. Waitehurst, P. Tonhaiser, G. Voss, G. Vercillo, D. Zenke, E. Trilling. Row IV: C. Waters, C. Woods, D. Weinrauch, P. Wiemerslage, B. Walsh, G. Wilson, J. Urbanski, E. Wollenberg, G. Vallas, F. Waindl. ff? an N A-as .., 5 n Na., ,gall Y -an . ,, ...,A.,.-.v-"' ,ku Q 233 , - una E ring ' ' Sanrio ., 67 K X 3 Q ffl. M bil 3 FS, uk K x-.ah I aux: f 9 , T232 N, K Q52 X J, f f 'Xi Q 71 K k X329 f Q99 . f' ll I I 2? Q F A "' 6 Q f. c W Q Eg SD 76 6 105 M. Front B Cook I Tomlano Row I K Tre tmeyer J Palllon P Bertolozzl B Sandfor P Zmiclr R Dorr H Ma tm B Eclxer Rozkll T Che new C Fn el M Laqalle W Meyer P Boett er D Wlelnlck D lfuullw G rawchuk l Prvjma occer eanll Row III B Roos J Peteclx F Berenbnet B Mylm A Strachan B Phillip D Bowden D Kaska A Petersen M Ordman B Fpem a tlnana erl K Kurowslu Our Soccer Team is new in our school. Under the leadership of Mr. August, they have begun to master the skills and tactics of the game. As a new team the experiences they have will be tremend- ously valuable to them next season. The school is proud of the attempts they have made in furthering our interschol- astic sports. We are confident our team will emerge on top in the future. ,MAH GUIJ X055 l'2l'0I'6! EP. 0 Morton 9 EP. 0 Morton 4 E.P. 0 Uni High 4- E.P. 2 Oak Park 4 E.P. 0 Oak Park 8 Total 2 29 Kal am ardify Row I: J. Source, K. McKenzie, J. Kvistad, D. Anderson, A. Bertiloni, L. Guiliano, B. Bruno R. Skalulxa, D. Torkelson. Row Il: B. Potter, B. Habel, J. Staulcup, T. Kirts, E. Grounds, W. Scheckler, J. Todd, B Sheurman, M. Nardulli, B. Michaels. Row lll: Mr. Trehbe, B. Stromeyer, D. Klein, W. Nychay, K. Shaffer, T. Barbour, J. Cial lombardo, J. Lavorini, G. Nylander, B. Melone, P. Kredich, T. Utaski, C. Scott, H. Kumlin Mr. Buikema. Our varsity team has greatly improved in the past year. With the help and guidance of the coaches, our team has worked hard at mastering the skills of the game. Their work has not been lost as the experiences they have gained milf! Elmwood Elmwood Elmwood Elmwood Elmwood Elmwood Elmwood Elmwood Elmwood Park Park Park Park Park Park Park Park Park while playing this season will give them greater skill for the followlng years Varsity Scores 0 Most Valuable Player Wheaton Academy 2o Ken Shaffer Lake Park 21 North Chicago 55 Lmding Smrw Glenbrook 4,3 Ken Shaffer 33' points Fenton 20 Leading Yard Cainer Palatine 20 Ken Shaffer 511 yards Morgan Park Acad. 2 Captains ' ' Ed Grounds Marmlon M11. Acad. 14 Mike Nardum Belvidere 12 ...li D S A Row I: B. Pfister, T. Ray, F. Brusa, R. Narski, R, Hochleitner, J. Marzullo. R. Ciangi, J. O'Lesky, T. Sullivan, T. King, T. Bednarz, R. Saviano, F. Caliendo, Mr. Smith. op Omore Row II: Mr. Ellis, G. Sabados, E. Robb, H. Desmond, C. Bennitti, A. Smith, B, Schwab, R. Logiodice, J. Delorto, R. Carlson, H. Tagli, J. Bistolas, R. Vitek. D. Tolman, D. lden. D. g00f6l1! Elmwood Elmwood Elmwood Elmwood Elmwood Elmwood Elmwood Elmwood Elmwood Park Park Park Park Park Park Park Park Park Sophomore Scores 26 Mooseheart l,3 14- Lake Park 0 27 North Chicago 6 26 Palatine 6 33 Fenton l3 28 Glenbrook 7 38 Morgan Pk. Mil. 0 33 Marmion Mil. 13 7 Belvidere 144 Hamilton, R. DelBoccio, J. Kuzal. With the help of lVlr. Smith and Mr. Ellis, our sophomore team has established a fine record. They have worked hard to master the fundamental skills of the game. Their experi- ence will be an advantage in the future years. We are all looking forward to our next football season with these boys. gI"05Al'l'lCLl'l goofdaf Our freshman team is off to a good start with the instruction of lVlr. Grady and lVlr. Glad. ln the freshman year the boys learn the fundamen- tals of the game -- training which makes the future varsity teams. The freshman team is im- portant to the future of our school. Elmwood Park Elmwood Park Elmwood Park Elmwood Park Elmwood Park Elmwood Park Elmwood Park Freshman Scores 6 0 14 7 7 3 7 B Mooseheart 7 Oak Park 12 Lake Park 0 N. Chicago Palatine 7 Fenton 0 Glenbrook 14 Row 1: P. Millfesorl. R. Perik, P. DeSalvo. T. Fedro. R. Ragrnini. J. Dillernardino. K. Kron vold, J. Greco, P. Ellis. S. lcovelli, P. Jensen. R. Wilson. R. Shusha. D. Weinranch, U. Hamilton. J. Ciallmnlrarmln. R, Plante 1Mg1r.l. Row Ill: Mr. Clad 4Ass't Coachl. V. Damen. P. Maraviglia. A. llennett. A. Creenstein. R Arquilla, R. Hoffman, D. Krutz, C. Haegele, B. lllargila, R. Curren, T, King. R. Biesamla Mr. Grady ffloachl. Row 11: C. Woods, J. Pizzolato, R. Katz. J. Scarmlina, S. Grill. li. Xlcllown. E. Wollenberg Uardify mat., l"f1rs1'fy Wrestling Bremen 40 EP North Chicago 38 E P Niles 35 BP. Proviso 33 EP l,ake Park 27 E.P. Glenbrook 39 EP. WCHIDKJH Community 31 EP Leyden 45 EP Riverside-Brookfield 17 E P Wheaton Academy 18 EP. 2 l"05A",S70l0A mat., 1 A 3 1 -fav H ' X 1 .Pri Row 1: l'. llertoloxzi. I.. Giuliano. H. Holter. H. Holter, C. Perzan. D. Torkelson. T. Utaski. Row 11: ll. Cirarcl. J. Todd. T. llarbour. Mr. Grady, J. Cialomhardo, ll. Michaels. The Wrestling teams, supervised by 1Vlr. Grady and Mr. Magneson, worked very hard this year studying the various positions and holds. The boys kept their weight right and came to practices faithfully. We are sure that their strength will carry us through. Fenton 22 EP Proviso 23 E.P Oak Park 25 EP Glenbrook 24 E.P Palatine 36 HP. Weaton Community 22 EP Carl Sandburg 44 E.P Leyden 46 E.P . Riverside-Brookfield 21 EP Frosh.-Soph. Wrestling Bensenville 16 E.P Bremen 38 EP Oak Park 14 E.P North Chicago 23 EP Palatine 28 E.P Niles 41 EP. 15 Carl Sandburg 39 E.P. 15 Lake Park 18 E.P. 38 Row I: R. Vlfeufller, .l. Houca. ll. Sandfor, T. Sims, A. Schultz, R. Perik. P. Matteson, M. 2311116111: H. Lobe. T. King, R. Ciangi, R. Salviano, P, Monte, R. Boettger. F. llrusa, J. Urlransji. Row Ill: ll. Mylin. .l. Peteck. W. Smit. ll. Schwab. Mr. Magneson. 13, Solberg, J. Schiff- man. T. Sullivan, R. Narske. L ,, aa aa Q, 'Wi A 1 fs . it ' el X sQ 5 f , mvm,,f,,1f ' W Y K V S as . i l 3 M vii. . 5 I Q 1 3 D WWW 5, v , .55 3 if 1,,SE,,,,D L 1 f 1' win 7 1 L if - .. f - . - 1 -Q ..... A f - .. .L . 1 V H --S X if ww if is M fm N sQifmS-,N ,.Ww:waw,, iw' fi , We sxsvfwxiwswswvsxffa ,EWS A A as k xxx K K W gigs? 9' 'I 1 ,,Qw!T?5E:f?s1s? , ., ' . an Q-'- -X A Q S12 . A-fi m i' 3' L 'L it - L M 1 f 5 L, Qi Eg. A X f WL K is . fm Q ' . -41 , - K li1?I:' 75 in j 1 - K ,. -- fp "fn-fi - 2l'iy'1? Q , Q , 1 , Q ff' ' .,., LK K Q 2 . A 1 X. x if. ' ' 'L V X iff? Q QL - A 5 nz 'F " , . 3 'C 'N N4 ss, a x X 4? , ,vii ink --6... 1 W -wr Y A - A-+615 Q.,x,u.-X .mg - Q wQ wma ni 1 x Uardify Z?a4LefLaf Elmwood Park 97 7 Row I: E. Schawdek, R. Plache, G, Metzger, J. Krauser, J. Trungale, J. Hansen, B. Dein, P. Wiemerslage fManagerJ. Row II: Mr. Smith, J. McEvoy, P. Kredich, F. Montana, K. Schaffer. J. Staulcup. F Nickelson, C. Scott. Our Varsity Basketball team worked hard practicing their shots and positions every night after school to become prominent teams among our conference. Mr. Smith infused a fighting, yet a sportsmanlike spirit in the young tigers. Their games were played with a thrilling vigor only acquainted with a fighting team. Games Won Games Lost vs. Evergreen Park 76-68Elmwood Park North Chicago 77-56 vs. Wheaton Academy 65-59 H Marmion 61-33 vs. Mooseheart 78-61 " Lake Park 68-67 vs. Lake Park 51-48 ' lmac. Conception 66-59 vs. Fenton 60-60 Belvidere 60-57 vs. Fenton 70-55 GlCI1bf00k 66-61 vs. Palatine 72-70 Marmion 63-59 vs. M. P. M. A. 75-60 Lake Park 63-51 VS, Belvidgre 60-52 North Chicago 33-52 vs. Glenbrook 60-45 Palatine 7471 ' Fenton fo.t.J 55-51 Proviso 77-40 .Q as ' , iff .-awp 1 GRI., Yeung S 'VQNQ' 1' iff? 2 . . 'ipsum - 1 ts Q ' as .. igislglzf vw- -Q W 1 rf, m " I . 3 if ,-.' 3 -i.mQg,-k.L,,wih Wf1,sifevfgXE . YV A, :.,ff.x-1, Q fi -Nf-,,. Q w. nw L.-.- - - A ,A-.w ,, F a N' f M fa? 'H HQ, H1 fi? iff L31 ti i fs.. B' 533 K 1 351- 5 ff g in ffm ,Am 5 fly gf E5 4 I W 'N-ar.. .I E If if Q 1 l Nou' I: lf. Slllillllltfk. I". Nlunlunu. K. Svhuffc-l'. .l. SHIIIIVIIIT. R. Deira. . U of Ram' ll: Hr, ffurlvr. .l. U1-Hxuy. I'. Krvclivll. F. Nivhelwn. C. Sunil. P. XXRPIIICFSIHQC Lffllor' afffl y lAlilllilgl"I'f. Ewkefgaff .Si7l0AOI'lfl0l"8 Run' I: 'lf I:1'lIIlllI'Z. E. Rnlmlv. .I. llislolzxx. Rau' ll: T. Ray. ,I. llelurlu. fl. K!'ilNN'f'lll1Ix. H. Tillman. .l. Hunrlullv. F. ffalienrlu. A Run' Ill: Nlr. lllzul. ll. llumillml. li. Yilek. N. Smith. l3. Peterson. R. l"iQ1er. A. Slfilfhllll ad e Cl lNIu11z1g1r-rl. s . QQUD i Qigong ,QQUDQY 45 ,543?1 Quan Quang, E SQQUD -av 'S' Q U47 12 G' 7 AW' -8091740 4000 XP 180009 ll 2 l -H9000 5 -1000.0 5 'EP' 53' 4410039 lj, .gg .QQQUD 2 34 4 3 A p . Row I: E. Wollenlmerg. D. Buyer. B. McCoun, J. Giallombardo. T. King. fed l'l'LCl,l'1, Row II: K. Kronvold, T. Fedro, W.. Ireland. T. Klein. P. Jensen. Row III: E. Pankonin. A. Giavanazzi. D. Krutz, R. Plantz. B. Kahle. gaahefbaf Junior Varsity Basketball The junior varsity team consists of juniors and seniors. This team does not belong to any set conference, but plays several different schools. The boys make up a team of spunk and determination. The Sophomores Scores Elmwood Park 68 46 58 57 48 45 49 53 53 53 47 39 50 77 48 55 59 52 68 Opponent Evergreen Park North Chicago Wheaton Academy lVlarmion Mooseheart Lake Park Immaculate Conception Belvidere Fenton Glenbrook Palatine Marmion Lake Park Morgan Park North Chicago Palatine Belvidere Fenton Glenbrook Score 41 36 50 54 36 35 52 38 55 44 48 41 48 38 46 46 29 60 66 Sophomore Basketball The sophomore team plays the same nights as the var- sity team and they are also members of the Tri-County Con- ference. Each year we find our sophomore team getting bet- ter and better. With their constant striving and practicing, they have become one of our best teams. Freshman Basketball The freshman basketball team has had a good season, due to the boys' eagerness and determination to win. This team is indeed a credit to our school. We can be sure that as varsity players they will lead on to victory. Freshman Scores Games W on Lake Park 44-20 E.P. vs. E.P. vs. Bensenville 36-34 E.P. vs. Mooseheart 49-36 E.P. vs. Mooseheart 51-35 E.P. vs. Bensenville 41-38 Won North-eastern Illinois Conference Champion- ship. 7-1 record. Second place in Tri-County Confer- ence. 7-3 record. Won Elmwood Park Sophomore Holiday Tournament. E.P. vs. Lake Park 56-21 E.P. vs. Glenbrook 42-30 Games Lost E.P. vs. Palatine 23-38 E.P. vs. Proviso 34-62 E.P. vs. No. Chicago 37-47 E.P. vs. Oak Park 30-45 E.P. vs. Leyden 39-65 E.P. vs. Glenbrook 17-40 E.P. vs. Palatine 23-38 E.P. vs. Proviso 30-51 E.P. vs. No. Chicago 34-40 E.P. vs. Oak Ridge 32-43 E.P, vs. Riverside-Brookfield 35-50 87 Uaraifg jfac ,, ,K ,.,,. Wi'-. S, Row I: R. Youhn. C. Chard. J. Lavorini. A. Olsen, R. Reclnarz. J. Slaulcup. R. Hennin en H. Kunlin. Row II: J. Huber, J. O'Leksy. T. Curry, P. Campbell. Row III: J. Hansen. B. Habel. B. Melone. J. Todd, D. Luse. D. Tremper. P. Kredich, F. Montana, B. Scheuerman. B. Dein. J. Knoll. The track team of Elmwood Park is a very large group for the size of our school. We look to the squad to lead our conference and lead E.P.H.S. to fame. M3 M l A 1 A l"06A'.SJ0l0A j'Cl,C R, Perili. R. Bieschke. D. Krulz. J Kulpinski. B. Solberg. J. Micaels C. Parllo. D. Kgioia. P. Ciraldi, W Leland. C. Hagele. R. Wiggins. tolozzi. D. Monte. T. Sullivan. H Halverson. R. Wlalsh. R. MCCoWn ardino. R. Hangleitner. H. Tagli. J Van Dolan. D. Arroyo. J. O'Leksy. Row 111: G. Salmados, R. Savianio. J Prus. R. Curren, R. Katz. D. Ellef ilton. W. Scott. B. Yeiser. R. Arquil la, E. Larson, B. Kennedy. R Wendler, T. Curry. Row I: T. Sims. A. Svlmllz. V. Dame. Row II: T. Bergonzini. T. Farns- worth. B. Lohrey. H. Lobe. D. Ber- v J. Bartkowicz, F. Rioux. J. D'Bern- sen. K. Leoni, A. Strachan. D. Ham- M066 Counfry Row I: R. llieschke. R. fiichele. ll. Keiser. H, Liltmainn. .l. llarlkowirz. l'. Campbell ll. Lolne. Row ll: ll. Solberg. R. lillflltlllllttl. I.. l'urlow. Nl. Ranieri. l". llioux. lf. l,arNon. l'. Weinwx' slage. Raw Ill: ll. Kalllc. .l. Nlichaelis. ll. llemlnarx. J. Kahle. ll. illI't'lllIlPl'. .l. Knoll, ll. Km-plge The Cross Country tcamis success this year can he accredited to the boy 's faithful training. Their coach, Mr. Magneson. has helped the hops whenever they needed help. This racing team's constant practice accounts for the rug- ged schedule these boys have kept. Next year we are sure the Cross Country team will bring victory to Elmwood Park Community High School. Row 1: R. Pittman. T. Curry, D. Arroyo, J. Schrom, S. Krueger, E. Reuter, R. Dusbuger, B. Norsworthy. Row Il: P. Voss. B. Warner, D. Moll, M. Fulscher, B. Miller, E. Hoehammer, R. Hooper Under the coaching of Mr. Ralph Erickson, we find that Elmwood Park has quite an upcoming swimming team. The Elmwood Park squad consists of two groups, the Frosh-Soph and the Varsity. It is through their constant practicing and hard work-outs that we find a winning team in the making. Uardify wimmmg oak Park 69 E.P. 17 Highland Park 37 E.P. 19 Niles 67 EP. 17 Thornton 53 EP. 33 Riverside 56 EP. 29 Elgin 47 E.P. 39 Morton 55 EP. 31 Proviso 60 EP. 23 New Trier 62 EP. 24 Maine 76 E.P. Thorton 45 EP. 40 Oak Park 62 E.P. 24 Fenger 68 EP. Morton 53 EP. 33 Notre Dame 40 EP. 46 Leyden 30 EP. 56 Leyden 30 EP. Schu rz 21 E.P. 49 Scores Freshmen Dec. 5,57 Elmwood Park 49 Morton Dec. 13, 57 Elmwood Park 44 Morton Nov. 14, 57 Elmwood Park 36 Oak Park Dec. 12 57 Elmwood Park 33 Oak Park Jan. 15, 58 Elmwood Park 37 Glenbrook Feb. 5 58 Elmwood Park 28 Maine Feb. 18 58 Elmwood Park 34 Glenbrook Sophomores Dec. 7 57 Elmwood Park 44 Niles Dec. 11 57 Elmwood Park 65 NotreDame Dec. 13 57 Elmwood Park 63 Thornton Dec. 17 57 Elmwood Park 59 Leyden Jan. 23, 58 Elmwood Park 42 Leyden Jan. 31, 58 Elmwood Park 50 Thornton Feb. 14 58 Elmwood Park 40 Schurz Feb. 20, 58 Elmwood Park 55 Morton Nov. 26, 57 Elmwood Park 17 Oak Park Dec. 5, 57 Elmwood Park 29 Hiland Pk. Dec. 19, 57 Elmwood Park 39 R.-Bifield Jan. 17, 58 Elmwood Park 39 Morton Jan. 18, 58 Elmwood Park 22 Proviso Jan. 22, 58 Elmwood Park 21 New Trier Jan. 28, 58 Elmwood Park 37 Maine Feb. 6,58 Elmwood Park 42 Oak Park 44 Row I: R. Door, P. Girard, J. Hansen, J, Bullivant, C Matycka, F. Green, D. Arroyo, P. Ponni. B. Burgen. Row II: T. Currg. R. Burenheart, R. Soalzo, J, Nuzzo, R. Goldman, A. Schimpf, K. Leoni, J. Sadilek, K. Kallas Row III: Mr. Erickson, G. Vallas, R. Barsanti, J. Toale. J. Jychowski, J. Stancel, J. Roos, C, Waters, J. Green well. jrood-SOFA Swimming NW 5 F rg i,Lfiff?1 - 5' fm I . N if nnggww 1-is-4.u..n.w,,v.uw..m, ,MAAA xii i Pi 3 ! if if l yh R , a I .,.,5Ww 1 N M .fp , X, .5 1 3 e I 1 si , KY it ' hh... atm. ... MWMWWM. WM ,,,,.,,.,,,...--vw' enniri Someone once said that school is as strong as its spirit. Thatgs holding true for our school. ltis no wonder that with our rising school spirit We find a rising tennis team. Not very many of our students really know the progress that is being made in this sport. Some of the goals of the tennis team are good physical coordination and good sportsmanship. We know they will keep up the good Work. Row I: P. Wiemerslage. K. Teglmeyer. D. lden. D. Buyer. .l. Nlavk. li, Vllarner. Rauf ll: Il. Koepke. R. Dutzi, U. Moll, R. Pittman, C. Waa ters. J. Saflilek Row HI: Mr, Clarno. l. Pryjma. ll. Melnick. R. Roos. J, Slam-I. W. llreilzke. R. llneltger. .l. Sychowski. E. Tolman. rw ik! Row 1: C. Vallas, S. Krueger, P. Ryan, R. Dusherger. P. Voss. Row II: M. Ranieri, P. Ranieri, J. llullivant, R. Dorr, J. Doran, R. Bernhard, C. Schrom. R. Ragnini. Row III: L. Taff, B. Hooper. M. Fulscher. A. Smith, H. Desmond, T. Utaski. T. Paluck. Goff Most people think that golf is an easy sport in which to participate. How wrong they are! lim sure if they were put on a golf course for 18 holes they would quickly change their minds. Golf is a sport that requires more ac- curacy than any other sport. Under the direction of Mr. Ellis we find our school's golf team on the road to success. 'S' K! f w Row I: D. Olafson, P. Shields, H. Holter, J. Vignola, J. Sorce. M. Ordman, B. Cook. Row II: J. Krauser. T. Kolodzinski. J. Poli. R. Strohmeyer, K. Shaffer, C. Scott. Row III: T, Kirts, J. Ciallomhardo, N. Skehan, R. Lira, K. McKenzie, B. Norsworthy. J Trungale. Row IV: J. McEvoy, D. Coedeking. N. Lameka, R. Warner, A. Lund. R. Timm, M. Wilson Mr. Erickson fcoachl. Uaroifg Ewegaf Fast running, strong throwing and good hitting - these are some of the qualifications of a good baseball player, At EPHS you'll find our baseball players just bursting loose with all these energies and characteristics. Our base- ball team, like all the teams at our school, is quickly gaining the practice it needs to become a conference Winning team. 94 pf" as F ft """"N V.-1.11. I l S E 'li Row I: J. Mavzullo, F, Caliendo. T. Ray, R. Hochleuntner, J. Tomaino, R. Littmann. Row Il: R. Logiodice, B. Schwab. J. Delorto, J. Bistolas. F. Brusa, R. Ciangi, P. Daldis op onflafe Row III: Mr. Glad. R. Pisano. J. Toale, T. llednarz, R. Vitek. B. Peterson, M. LaSalle. Smell that fresh spring air all about us. Hey! ltis about time that we all go to a ball game. Cather up your things and let's go. Our frosh-soph baseball teams ,are really knock-outs. The boys are star athletes. and they all love to bring in a home run every lime. Terminology such as blooper. hook. hot corner. clothes line, and leaster is the only accepted language. Witli their lighting spirits. EPHS really never loses. Row I: K. Kronvolrl. T. Pedro. T. Klein. A. Moore. E. Currieri. J. Dietz. P. Luezyk. Row II: J. Giallombardo. E. Wollenberg, L. Schneider. R. Wilkins. D. Weinrauuh, T, King P. Jensen. Row III: D. Oseland, J. Raftis. F. Kenozior, P. Maraviglia. D. Shusha, P. Ellis. Row IV: J. Dziedzic, D. Hamilton, R. Plantz, L, Holt, Mr. Winters. fi'-,ix P fs - 'ms 3 X fi -N" l Q X ,XV x.. X 1 A 4. NK -. J' - CT L,v-CML HY I xAAPQ xi., f E1 'V ii?'fVn'T, ,N 'ig 'E ' ' J: -.-- ., K. H 1' N K CQX, X xxvbgl Z- fx Xi " kj f 1 Y bug "'Q ' f iv f Wm MLS rx , gg, X X X '--., w' 2 x ' ' L.. ,cv , ' ,I f Q Pig f .X 'Q 5,1 Xf- If fl fag F -Q :Ex X f-AXE ' MT15 ix P if SE X32 X4 Jr I F' ,Q - Km! f Q B 755' .Xu W JJ U4-J Ay -. -A Q-xi L K f XII, 2 X Q J - rf" . A , 4' N 659 xy X3 xfgix 1 . ml" Awlxvx WJ 3 L ,L , . A, K KX ' Q 1 W ., XLV' 7 Wil G, W7 LV' gf f.,g.fV , Q ,Ls ff, f Xin A -Z6 ' A J ff .-'A- M WL JV JU!! . if 1 'LQQ Jr "" X J, Ax . , It ' ', .. 0 ,Lf diff N -5 VI t 5, Lrg, T,.f nf 1 np' .1 X , gpg! jf X Jyi- L 4 5 VAX I W X ff X A' j 4 If 'J iz, 'I 2 :I x 'Aj QQ XP." gf ,Av,'A - w MQ! 6 " y 1 E fp Jw 'A M , KJ LY if mm 3, 'Y 4 Y 1 1 ' 1 'V V N! ' JP. DO wbp J U px , f 'L f WKXRS 5' . gg? EW QAM 1 X 2df'i fjjf ziww' 3545 xi . , me 31 atm in 'Sim . . f i, , -Q no N K' 7f5"fLf Q i ' Wggyf mf ,,lQ lf'1,91,l'0N-Lrf-4,f'fff:e,,kg wi l gQ?. 1, QW i 7j52fff MZYG 22,1 4 W fg,fgf5g,,g,Q,,J 255 Q-iw? MSW 1-:4'4AL,AJfrL :NLM-'Z-,-,A -. , - H, f V515 4 WF J J Y ', ' fig. K" Sri! .' V W ff -- "V -L ii , - K ' '7f?T?f2'Z W,14 ' 'iSi 1f,jf,f ?lZ3f7W' f ' ' k j' "' 5 Kfiwim, i ' . Q11hw f Mg L ' ' 4. ,, . ex' Lf I 0 5. I I ' 31 SN yay mgi.. wil W ' ' .... af I I f ff!! uw lf v J ,1 vw 3 .f Nt. A I . i e . s ' v, N u-.4 :.... .' x mu' AVL Nia k IV , j gvwhkgijy yy ' , 'K gf as Hr' N1 2 1 zu 'Y V. J f . ,'f bn A ev ,M,r"' f t.. X ' , I u T N K4 ,FNB fx X' X L N' I 1 , Ny" , V P 1 fb XX X A MJ 1' y ix ni u N ,jv- DL NJ' ,f M w 21 0 I fu 51,1-' fi, ., diff ,XL-TL-"1 ' A ,VDC fu , C A 'dgjb v'L Lt LL I g'ff7'lf I Qt 1 Kxxfugl If jf' 6' 11 'iff 0 'I J, f 7 ff ' X? :3,..J,' f , if'1"V"' , , L' fl ' r U I -. , 1 f 1' f ' If f ,A--' . 1.1" Q V' fx. ax , 'f 5 LVL jfffy I x 1 1.1 A ' ,ff ,ty ,. ff

Suggestions in the Elmwood Park High School - Scroll Yearbook (Elmwood Park, IL) collection:

Elmwood Park High School - Scroll Yearbook (Elmwood Park, IL) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


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Elmwood Park High School - Scroll Yearbook (Elmwood Park, IL) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 34

1958, pg 34

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1958, pg 25

Elmwood Park High School - Scroll Yearbook (Elmwood Park, IL) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 16

1958, pg 16

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