Elmwood Park High School - Scroll Yearbook (Elmwood Park, IL)

 - Class of 1957

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Elmwood Park High School - Scroll Yearbook (Elmwood Park, IL) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 104 of the 1957 volume:

- V. - , ,- .,-,J--.,.,L.h . -s'f. Y- Y--ff ,,.,.4n,gf 1,-W... I- Y , V - g3:f:s.:,,45:-'fg.':35g.1r::v--,'f.f:2f'-L-?,.-'?'Q1'!S.f- bqlqf , Y.4:g2.gn.mi.E51f3J-:11--1-am.-'Ei'-G.-2,2-5-a'L'A-1,-E 1 'lx " 1 'J' -ff", if 111'- 'ffvimf li ' . ?wsfTF?'ffi f':ii21'+ xi 'ra -, ' X1 - - - Q. -fr - my ,, ,-,L,,,n , J H., A -- --'A'--.N r- , V -v M. x ri ,- .- , t M- W --.Nu :U 32: Q- .:--- -ww , ,f L 4 '-iz-"-,K-fd -Nurs' gmgy f Vx' ffrgffz- ' av 1 ' 'fs--:flu JJ- - V -.5.g,.f--, :Q fa, -1' 5 ,QL ,I4w1'.13a.vi5Fl fr-.zfaqf .fQ..1ifgvi f x zff eff-. Qi 55 ...- au- kjiff-, , ,. .f - V .- f 1 1 +1'.'4fffff4' " 's' " 1 . "' 45 - ,lg ff ' ff'f1'- Lf Tr-if -5:f 'H r-Q. 1" V- A , f , ,., 53:55. f 'E ,. k4f555Q3frfq- P' 1 1--f-:L 65' , 3 if l " , wwffflw N- S A '-1" 7' w 11 "1 ' '12 -, 71: ,-X K , M .--, K :GSL , '.:,15,n 'ini 3 ' Q 34 .-L-,gl ,.A,-:sa 5,1 -, .1 in vrgl f fp- -,X A ,. Ti-L. 1 ji 3, 3: 'V U: an Q V A , t ,l vw ' ' " 3AZ,j"i ' Mp rf 5 ren.. Q ffl' M 'sv' 1 . X b ' -' fa '55-guif., X . N ,q?" 3 1 f - . x . , - . I '- ' ' - f 5 u '4 ' . ff f 1 If YQ Q' . + V l - 4' . ' W 5. 4 Vt , ' ' - 4 , y f '.l A, ,L I 'i A60 . 'SIX wi ' fx. MX Qxfgffyyf fm! -fo 43 9MW fbzcw id ' MM lzfwfy Ms X Q? W' My wf K :PQ p ... pf JWFW v V A , ffl il QWYXWJ THE SCROLL 1957 5 Q 5' .1 3 ,111- Y-, ED ITORS 41 ozmne Kcdrok Carolyn Dorko Margie Nctzingcr Richurcl Buyer joseph Mulzmy oycc Gallery J OS Cph Planta ADV ISOR Gloria Dullngi ZICUIHO l .,1-1 -Q .111- ELMWOOD SCHOOL HIGH Elmwood park I llinoi5 FJ ff' 4 gr . ,i A ,,, fzz' HI!f.IIli '-m- Q, 1 :Y 31 if 4: 'W---...,hm h :1T LM fm Erik? rn ' www! i gf, 'TTY --....... K.. is x i 3 fl "" fu is ' s I . r"""'-M-w-w,..,,...,.W The SCRULL Presents EPM O!!! 3400! This school, like this book, reflects new ideas and events throughout one year. These thoughts began from a dream, and this past year they became a reality. Although our school is still growing, this past year shows a lively school spirit, exciting activities and a well rounded school programg but most of all this past year leads the way to- ward bigger and better ideas and events to develop in the future. The 1IllIH1l'kS srfrzfcrl us fl IFIIIIIUVIII'-Y school while lilmzuoofl Paris Hlgll Srlmal runs being rmlsirurlffl. iii' - f I E f V i' D? ' f 1 : we 5'--151 ,f - SQ if-Q , i' ' -' fi '-1' VVE DEDIC TE THE SCROLL TO Gerald VV. Smlth ii Our superintendent is honored and appreciated by all for his faith- ful and hard-working attitude toward the progress of our school. This at- titude has encouraged the students and the faculty alike in giving them incentive and guidance to keep them on the right path. His cheerful and friendly personality also gave us strength to go on when our troubles seemed unending, and now due to his tireless efforts of leadership, a growing school spirit has developed, and a smoothly run school is now in operation. Therefore, we ol' the Scroll Staff gratefully dedicate to Mr. Smith this hook in hopes of showing our deep gratitude for all that he has done in the past three years for Elmwood Park High School. OUR ADIVIINISTR TIG The Deans W:,, ,,A., , KX 'L ES' Sw i , 1 R 3 f -1 ----- X .swi9P?ff- Q Mr. R2ly'Ill1JllCl R. Lilmvr' Miss M. 'lean Underwood Dean of Girls ! The Board of Education Ifrnnl Ruzv: R. lingluncl. R, Rrzulhcl. H. Hawkins -- linrl: Row: lf. l'.l'RL'I'. QI. G. Slllilh, EI. B. Czlrroll. Not piclllrccli Louis NI. Vcnlurc. 1112011 of Iimm' Russel lvl , f Vi'f.!L:s52:sliii3i : ,Z 4 4' i 6 au. .4 .mir viral' nl lin' 7ll.LQ.Lff'll Izrnmrlu ix jlirlunffl rzhmw. Uur Temporary School I'h1' l1u1mr'l:.s from u frmzl wirvw .xlumns Ihr' uulsirlz' of Il fYl1iI'Hl mmf: E a . English ni' -X X11 n Kcr it . . 1 C Speeflz, Ilmnzfltins Olivia Greco Alargcjligc Rzzuig YL! Hila A. Stone Music Bernice N. Hanson Department Mary A. Armor Latin Gif-4 N ancy Hin ton -I o-seph W. Sini journalism jean Underwood 1+ Department John Hrymak I Mathematics Clarence Clarno Alcyone Dowling Michael E. Lynch Science Vaughn E. Armer james T. Grady oys' Athletics A +1 Department Mary Helen Cox Mary E. Landri an fwgpma 1+ gg james E. Smith Boys' Athletics Department Kent Buikema Mary Anne Kahn H isto ry loria Dallagiacomo 60.144,-oalirwzf I+-12 Howard Lundvall Elmer Severson A English 3 PA! Business Marian Bodcndcin Helen Izickson Department Ralph D. Erickson James H. Roche John Trebbc t EfF2L'?k,z1W if ncafwwwffve- Mmfwi s AX1'tl Lad WW "L Vernon 4 l1 9 X Eileen Scltulu' S'l'!'I'l'f!I?'Illl l'rru'l1'r'f' 961. Liopebfu,-,Q I H IIC Inn Shop Department I I C 11:1 C I Xl l Img Homemaking Department Xl I I Icy Language Department Clfll I'r'znru'cs XVLIVIIUI' I ' 'V XX C LII Art Department XVQIIIL-1' P. qlcnscn HAI X The Nurse Aileen Olson Girls' Physical Education Department Xlwry Lhristic lc-:ln .Xml Rittc-1' 4w'tw"i,5f" Mfd WWF! 9' D K C Xl ll l'I' ft ,tv lr JJJJAJ l ti Slilrlcy 4l2llIlCSfy PM A fd -3+ Boys' Physical Education Department Irwin ,Xllglhl 196s-06'-L-+3 Library Department 1' R' lf " X 7 5 f c?- il g' fu zanrzlnr' zzui? ,gli 'V' gif -4' fc"-s 1 ff-4, A Z A., QT- - .L -- 5 akmlk. K D: A ' v -y 1 , F A V fr'--4- ' r--' n x - if "Win-. Q I J UH, lr!! 'IU l-'lgfrli Xliu' XIIVINIIII. Ilcmlm Xlullmlu. Hllllllllll link. lnrllal Rm o Imml Huw: Nl. Szulilck. I-. Xlmmix. S, imulc. Nl. Rnniuri. limi: llrmt NI. lil 8 nm. ml. Xlclilwvm-. I",.l,lnm1xk,X'. lzwgm. R, xmll-Nm, lc, elm-ling, lc. rmlfnil, X, lulumm. - ' fl w X' ix 'Qs K I W' 3 ' 3, y .fy J! X . 'I L , 5 ki 95 X. 4 IQL 1 JW F F 45 355, ' 55 . X 5,3 - ,sw wi: xg' SEQ X, 2,5 6 W H 5 ' W ,.. Q I -x,kx . ,,, xiii I . 'bk fl I " 'E 1 ,fr A '6 Q f A 5 Q . : 3 35 w 2 , ' - . A. me ,V ,L.L LN 1 I f usb ,,-f - ,W ,- hU.Qi'3f,, H W 2, gf 'if , ' ' - A S ' ' 14 .. .- 1' - A . W f ., . ,nk K , ,ff H . af- 1 Q ,, , - -, , -af, xii d X L11 1 1, gafxs, . I - A 2 2, flu' l'.l. I, IX fllrlmul H1 ull! ' Our Parent- Teachers Organization I lu: IHIIIIIIHI' QIVVII ll x mlrrr s . I,. . f X I I I rnlfrlnm lln' l.l..-I, rx xlmzru. nll"""""' LAM.,- Nwk 4, 8 3 rg, A K ytq 'fum' . W . M , V . -f 'TMTL 4-K M 2 , 5 I 4 . 1 ' -' - .. W- .. f 5, f '- ' f- M .f - , 22- N:--31", - Q" 4 -" " M A" 'W " M 4 ff' A.. W Tr' 4 'Q Qi' 4 xv '-4,:f" L, .- if f "HV ', Q V' a . W warn' " fl " 'M' 4 9+ mi'5y:'?gm A faux f A .3 U I N 5- ,..V V 4, i . A Q rdf- j ,. ff . - ,-' 'V f -H 5454 . A ., 3' .fn A ,mn V 'A in ' M u' V I .4 xg-w-'uu7vs:M 'slfrf ' , V ,J'w...grf"'a",--45" 1 ff 'f-W f Lvzhrv - ' ky, 1 M. A 'rf +A +4 . ' ev- 1, M L, 1 - -. ' L' ' f, - Q 'A ., LJ M bf I A. - ,.- , : 5 "5"Z " 14-A f 1 M4 M M Q f f J' . ' ' 'Q I F, If v ga -, ,!?aIiM . "?g, y . .. , ,nf 5 J gr' ,v Ak!" A A , X4 V 7' 'iii .,j f If-AR, W W Q , . ff f M U Jw. .wf.sw , 5 . '.J'ffP,4 Q J 4 , ff ar, fm ,gt . 'M ,, ,,, ,vw .M , A K A-lg., ' N, - A . wi .. S, ' Iv - q, f M M 7, ,Q 1' V A . ww W., FLALQQQ " L J, fx Ky: 1, I4 ,, V , ig , 'V A j.',l . I s .-. W-t uv. I 3 , 44 V. K fi A A . N , e' I " 11.1 . - - ,V K V A A, 544 A " 7 . K, x 5 3, 5 " W ,,, 'f- 47 H .Q " . 'W ,V Q 1 'Q all G? 4 .. an xg, 3g"", g"3s'Q..'1'B5ir7T1 1-2: ip, f 1' 'W 'fm X yn -.na-,ak5, A. f.-.J ff ' in Q J' Hg' . ' vw- rv, . Q". n .. V 5 'lf' gat .,. aff, ' .v,Q,',4 'f i ' 'fa 'HCV' F' ,-,.Q-is-1 Mfrs-Y' 'Q-,ry "F Q' P 7. ,,fj"4 ,cp 5 , ff' Y 9,135.4 V, ' !f U 24,71 ff V A I ,mtg f ..x.f' " 'J , nam.: In Yfqkyyffx, A Y - w , K ,H . 5,3-vfgpy-,,. cis' rf, Tr vm Y an bk -A 3 1 f V . as ,jpg P ,- J. ,Q in V g' k '?gw.-.....,..t,L vis ,iff ff w'le 414.5 : A "jn f-'W' NA .. ',gg1ii,.,, . ff ' if "'4-- Wg,-f '5 'z fr 1 J y," - J' " ',1,f if ' - - H- M .., in 2 af" - K... Q' g4'?4-Q., N , f , ,, ' f h J up 4 V -. V ,. -. , 5 . - - ,H ""f f - 'H : ,,,, . ff' f ,P -ff .,,, , -" M ,wi-Mf W. . , A 3' 1, - - ' 1 1 I Q 1 ' x - ' -' A- V wa- ' - ,. - fTfL'L.f' 1 A K 5 v ff- ' wg 1 "L: 1, N an W fi' W" 4 W pf gf'-'H M sr. , Sf, , fa, ff' -gf ,ff J- . 4, W, f A :W-. 4"f ,. , 4 ,. if V 'N u w an I ,K igf.dV,:kk M , ,w .A jk ,fri l'Jt',,-Q Igwkvtmkfh- 4 3,4 ,xlg V Nqr ' 4 A . ' ' vf. ,sgf 'i .' W' -em W P" , f- . ,, , ' J ,Mt If Ufmmwr lilly? fu id... N , A W 1, "' V u , x 4 W TQA, - -i-SNIA-3.2, vb f , - :P A aff.-V g ,fr 1 ,F H,-"'-' ' ', 9, f 'M W - ,, v - wi f if H v U. . . I , zu 1. . , A , U ' 4 , "' 1 ' rf my I F5 'W M ,r A J r ," 'fi' ' ...Z V' ,J -v I P'.,v,rw SF"fi+g Q ' . -.4 Qi' 'wg is 9, A t E A X A KM,-095' 4 - ,.Axm?,.vw,,fl ,vii A jf , Q z ,?l.'iJ,k ? J siyrublki twff MM , xg? 4 2, "' "xlib av ""l',4,.M I S 8 - lg, .b .V 105' J., A AN Q, 1 i A ,gps K y I . , pf X L 1 i 1 V f j t,wy., ""'v 3,3 Q 1 an . Y ww M5 V Q ,ff A Q I Wa aww , Nw"f'1E7 Q wg, A , vw fl- ,4 ,H K" I J K My . Y . ' elf - I - My . A, A, A my U F M 8 In M -1376 , ab? :Mp M E UVAK V, 3. qw . M vi A 74 1 A Q K , ,W uf,-fwMM,.i,,1,.,M -f W ' " ' " 1 ',"iF21i -1' Ps ,,,, 'VI-fzifi Y i M nh . , 'I ,- H A. K-.. e My ,,,s,Rj,-3.-."fA"7" A -- f ,L is- ... -N' F '-Y, 91'-Q' mf 11 -sa.,-QQQNZ, v1.i,',-511 -A "-Wf' if! s -1' ' ,,Z3"', vw" we fzuvwr-. :auf 1 .Vw-1 PL, ,2- V Qrdt Wvhv .f yn. I qi ,, hwtf l'sR,f,uJ'wf :nd-' . - H fx A '. -,Q 3 is K 1, .-A ""'i d-w'S5xii.x: 3r,',g:q3g .t,ghg,3tlg-. A . W , fy. , X M . ,. rf i.- 'z,,,,f .. , I- :W A K OWN" ' ' , ans.. 4 li"'5"'-. He' 4 L' ti i X 'A ,iw ... - . V W "1" Pioneers of 1957 .Ks our periuzuient school was being ron structed and completed, our students and faculty had many handicaps to overlook such :is luck ol equipment and facilities. But we, the pioneers, enjoyed every minute ol' watch- ing and :riding the progress ol our school. ' Jin v , 'N A ' 'ws 't 2 Q ' -' " 'Qt -fe, A V ' x s 1 , . , , . I '- mi., ,aw 4' I A I "V" ,xi ,airy Q3 , W V 15 . e. .:- ,YQ-4 V i,.' ' M in-psf, it 'gg.ins..':At:T-F 34' ii 1 fliv' 'Uf ur X' 51:-t V i' W3 "V :- Q- i .f t X. -' "' .. t V N L , ,M ,Y :V ' ns' 5' V' .A .wtf W run, K Y . v R. -4 is .Y S. A QQ' '5,,Qf5s-i?i'1,'.!2.A gg' W 1 'fan-at W 5 A .4 L- A . , ' A ' A A 1" , , V i' '-.T 'I 1 " , .4-yy" f pr Y pvffif if" "' 7 r"f'..,y'I1 ' ' gx1lnp"'?l'.."'ff"f-T"5ft' "ELM ,- ' M he aj. f 'Q 'Q .Pl ' Q ffl t e ' 'mfkqw im- fk' 7. 'gf-. .- nf: JM? ' F- 1 sv I +1 ,t V , , , '7'l-f,.,...J'aT-'gif M, Q I R or n,..4 ' ,X :sw v,'.'di'! 'iwzfy' mf I H- " Ax ' r .W 2 . -f it l .. e.. Q K an ,, L o, , ,U - 'Ji 'A' "Q " A x sp L., A ,Hx : ANY.: !,'i7,t,? N dt A nv M , . I ,s W .3.. A ff' ,. M.-,'1a .,,, , in , 35 W 'E W ' ,,, 0 ' ' K ', Q f V 1 .Q f' ,,' 1 F .V . My , V y . 7 .aw " - ' 'iff K , ' mitttwff J' 0 g Q s . eww' ,gs is , if L. J A JY 1, Q . , A V Q, f"J.-Y, , 'W - L 4 for ' ' Y 4 . .. WM Amiuki-.J,,.,,,.ot,uf,,,,gi 126 Q, 1' WW 4:25 Senior Class liarbznrzx VVCIlS1lUl0lliS C lass P1'eside'nf Swv? Officers of 1957 Agnes Fricrmo Roberta Bloom Class Vire-Presirlfvll Class SP!'T?lflT37 -james Falduto Class TrPns1u'e'1' ul' .SZIQLOP 641,55 Kermlt A. Allen Sponsor Harold Grothen Sponsor .Iudith Abadi Girls' Club 4. Karlyn Anderson Latin Club 3: Prom Committee 3: Future Nurses' Club 4 qVice-Presiclentyg Gi rls' Club 4: Play Committee 4: Scienre Club 4. Elaine Andrtsen Epic Staff 3 Cliclitor-In-Clmiefjg Cheerlezul D er 3: Latin Club 3,4 fl resident 35: 4-H Club 3 Wresidcntj. Jacquelyn Aumcnt Prom Coimnitte C 3: Girls' Club 4. Wayne Bandoi Intramurals 3.4 Q Zoyuncil Officer -U: Yearbook Staff 4, I9 Donald Barbour German Club 3.4 !I'residen 3: Science Club 4, t 3,2 Epic Staff Anthony Benante D Football 3,43 Wrestling 3: Epic Staff 3: Letter- men's Club 3,4. 556171463 Martha Bertolani F.T.A. 33 Prom Committee 3: Epic Staff 4. Sara Stephen Biesiacla Baseball gl Varsity Clulm 3.43 Prom Clonnnittee 3: Intramurals 3. Robei ta Bloom Stutluit Ciounul 3.4, Latin Club 3, Class Otlicu 4 qSecretaryQ: Science Club 4 tllxecutive lloamclj 3 Yearbook Staff 43 Future Nurses Clulm 4. tlix- ccutixe Boartljg Girls' Clulw 4: Prom Committee Ronald Host lntiamurals 4. Allyn Buric German Clulm 3.4, lntr.nnut.tIs .l.l. Bette Busch EPIC Staff 3,4 q5oual Lditor 3, lztlitor ln Lind 453 Curtain Call 3,4 lSeciretary 3,453 G.A.A. 3.41 Play Committee 3,4 fhlake-up Chairman 35. Richard Buyer Epic Staff 3,4 CResearcli liclitor 433 Photography Clnlm 3,43 Tennis 33 Christmas Pageant Cast 4: Ycarlmok Staff 4 fPhot0graphy litlitorjg Let- termen's Club 4: Homeroom Representative 4. Carol Canisius Prom Committee 3, Cfnls Llulm 4, Pep C.lul1 4 fRClll'CSClll2lllN'C5Q lipit' Staff 4, john Cecala Ifloat Committee 3,4 qfihairmanjg Christmas Pageant Cast 33 Prom Committee 33 Play Com- mittee 4: F.'l'..'X. 4: .Xrchery 3. -4,43 'loanne Leragloli A tllcpresent ttnej, C ir s u w Wayne Chaplin Football 53 Wrestling 33 Baseball 3g Intramurals 33 Varsity Club 3,4: Prom Committee 3. Ioyce Chum Epic Staff 5,4 CSpeu.1l Features lnchtor 45, t..A..X. llixeeutivc Boz1rdj3 Play Commi tee 3.4: istmas Pageant Cast 4. 0 Robert Cougill Fnir' Staff 34 f'Yews lftlitor 3 Photo r'1 why . . . . .. i . . .. g tl 4 My Etlitor 453 Play Committee 3,4 fCo-chairman I ot Ligillillgyl Curtain Call 3.43 Tennis 3.43 Chess Club 3,43 Science Club 43 Photography Club 3.4: Yearbook Staff 4. fjE4zx.-3 Mary Craigo F.'Ii.A. 3.43 Epic Staff 3 qlyping litlitorQ3 4-H Club 3.4 4President 4j3 Girls' Club 4: junior Sextet 3. LaVerne Cutrara C.A.4X. 31 Girls' Club 43 lipit' Staff 4. Anthony Delorto Football 3,4 fCaptain 4j3 Wrestling 3.43 Varsity Club 3,4 fPresiclent Epic Staff 3.4. Barbara Denecke Spanish Club 33 Girls' Club -13 Cirls' Clee Club 4. Marilyn DeOrio Girls' Club 43 BOWiillg,'iQ Pep Club 43 Future Nurses' Club. Carolyn Dorko GAA. 3.4 QExeeutive Boardl: Prom Committee 3.4 Qflhairman 353 F.'l'.A. 3,43 4-H Club 33 Pep Club 33 Yearbook Staff 4 CLayout Etlitorjg Science Club 43 Girls' Club 43 Curtain Call 43 Play Committee 43 Diving Team 4. Kenneth Drogemuller Student Council 3 fl,I'CSiliCHl,Q Football 3,43 Wrestling 3.43 Track 3,43 Lettermen's Club 3.4. Robert Duda C 3 Epic Staff 3.4, Intramurals rl, Suenc,c'Club 3. Noclra Dyson Curtain Call 43 Play Committee 45 "Our Town" Play Cast 45 Christmas Pageant Cast 4: Life Saving 4: Synchronized Swimming 4. Dora Eberheart CAA. 3.4 flixerutive Boarmlj. Sylvia Eckbardt Girls' Club 45 Cirls lrlu l. Charlotte Eneborg Choir 3: Girls' Sextel 3.4: C..X..X. 1: Cirls' Club 4. Marlene Faby Choir 4. james Falduto Class Officer 3.4 f'l'reasurerl: lllll'2llllllI'11lS 4L Science Club 4. -loycc Fedro Bowling 3,4 lilaplain 3355 Cirls' Club 4: Nurses' Club 4 Theresa Fiorentino Cirls' Club 45 Pep Club 4: lfulure Nurses' Club 4. Mary Ellen Flavin Cirls' Club 45 Cirls' Trio 45 Pep Club 45 Future Nurses' Club 45 Clce Club 4. Darlene Forsell Future Nurses' Club 43 Girls' 'l'rio 45 Cirls' Clubg Clce Clubi45 Pep Club 4. Alacquclyn Fox Chorus 3.4 f'I'reasurer 41: Girls' Sextet 3.4: Student Council 4: Girls' Club 4 lScfretaryj: Future Nurses' Clulm 4. Victor Franz Agnes Fricano Epic Staff 3.4 fSocial Editor 453 F,'I'.,X. 3,4: G..-LA. 3.43 Class Officer 4 KVice-l'residentj: Float Committee 3.4. , , , , 'Q Lcc Gaimarig flJ,lQ!LfS,4l4ff f ci Bowling Team 3.4 lilaptain -lj: G.i4.A. 4: Girls! Club, .loycc Gallery GAA. 3.4 CSccrrctary 453 Girls' Sextet 3,45 Choir 3: lipic' Staff fl: Ycarlmook Staff 4 fArt X: Picture 1-iflimry. .522-cog Mfilliam Garth Camera Clulm 3.4: Intramurals 4 rkcpresenln- liicl. ,.a Ron Gatta Sandra Gcmignani G.A.A. 3.4: Girls' Clulr 4. Mary Giannotti Girls' Cluh. -Gloria Giovanazzi Italian Club 3: GA-.'X. fir Arthur Girard . V ,Quo ob lmemll 44 C -f'-' .Iohn Graziaclei XYrcstling 3.4: I.CllCTHlCll'S Club 3.4. Annette Greenstein Girls' SCXICI 3,43 Chorus Ei.-lg Girls' Club I ICIz1ss Reprcsentativcj. joseph Guretz Intramurals 3. ' 45.,.,.,Q. Robert Gustafson Darlene Hahn 5503 Gregory Halverson Football 3. Gloria Hanson Girls' Club -1. Mary Healy Girls' Club 43 Pep Club -l. Barbara Helgensen 5'5f0l'3- Float Committee 3,45 G.A.A, 4. I Student Council 3,41 F.T.A. 3,4 QSecretary 4jg A Nancy Hcllstrom Michele Ann Herman Girls' Club 4. Ardyce H0lH1bClg NIZIFCIH Horne joseph Iacovelh Intramurals 33 Football 4. Ahce lnnocenunt CAA. 3.4, Gtrls Club -l. Iohn Jeater Football 3,41 I'rack 3: Varslty Llub 3.4. A4: 1'-'I f. Ralph Ingro Tony Iovmelh Baseball 3. fmgw. 3 Beverly Jensen GAA. 3,4. clCO1'gl2lHI1 johnson l'lUlI1CY00lT1 RCI7lxCSCI1l2lllY'C' Lmda Iohnson Ioannc Kccltok Stutluxt Couuul 34. C...X.A, 5.1 lSou.1l X .. . 1 1 Mauagu 453 Curtain Call 3.4: l'lax Committee 3,43 Year- book Staff 4 flitlitor-lu'-Clhicfj1 Clas fl CVic'c-l'rcsi4lcntj, s Offifvx' Llovcr Kcllu -l lima 4 Kfiaptaiuy. -lack Knopf Intramurals 33 l-Ipit' Staff 53.4, Kenneth Konajeskl Nancy KOCL'llCl Cross-Country 33 Basketball 55,43 Baseball EH: l.ettcrman's Club 3.4 fSccrctary-Trcasurcrj3 Latin Club' Football 4' Choir 4' Hi-Fi's Ouartcl tlclly Konetzlu Play Committee 4 Howard Koss V l f I ' l1YUC 44'7'l'f' x 4,434 fl Clruss-Country 33 Basketball 3,43 Baseball 3.43 l,c1tcrmeu's Club 3,43 Football 4. Karen Kraabel Qwrul G.A.A. 3,4 Qlixcculivc Bllilflljl Girls' Club 43 A Hockey Manager 4. Barbara Kronvold Epic Staff 3 fl hotography Editorjg F.'l'.A. 3.4: C..X.A. 3,4 fblxecutive Board 4j3 Bowling 3.4 ff"lIJI'llll 35 Rudy Krueger ' Football 3.4 lilo-Captain 453 Hlrestling 3.4: lfpic gl'lff 4' Ietlermenk Club 'H Nancy K1 utx U.A..X. 3.43 fblxeciltixe Board 4jg Girls' 4 llixeculive Bozmljg Float Connnittee 4 Arlene Kulling Llub C.A..X. 3.43 Girls' Club 4: lllozll Committee -l. Donald Kurucz Intramurals 3,4. Virginia Lacey Cirls' Club 4. ii?g'5fJf" .f t?:6i:1 sc11f5wJ 'Qivffl l.cttermen's Club 3.4: l'ron1 Committee 3: Cross- Cionntry 43 Ilziskctbzlll 43 Baseball 4. ' ' 1 - 5, 4 Judith Lee Choir 3,4g Girls' Scxtet 45 Girls' Club 4. Phyllis Levinson james Liesendahl Football 34 Basketball 34 Track 3 Letter mens Club 3,4. Otto Lueth Intramurals 3. Bill Luga Intramurals 33 lVrcstIing tl. Richard Luzietti Basketball 3,4 fCz1ptainj Vllfilfli 33 Intramurals 3,4 fCouncil Prcsitlenljg I.ettermen's Club 3,43 lipic Slilffl Yearbook Stutf3 Photography Club 3.4. Frances Macchione J Student Council 3,43 Class Officer 3, QSecretaryj3 Prom Committee 3: GAA. 3. Thomas Maniatis Cross-Country 3,43 Wrestling 3,43 Lettermen's Club 3,43 Intramurals 3.43 German Club 3. Joan Marks G.A.A. 33 Epic Staff 43 F.T.A. 43 Girls' Club 4. David McCall Thomas Mc Killip Intramurals 3. Bbw, SL . Q , 'Q I I ' ' ,., vc 5 lx. .' 3, lu Marcia Melchert 4 """""" ' Girls' Club 4. Margie Metzinger Student Council 3,43 French Club 3 QPresidentj3 Epic Staff 3g Yearbook Statf 4 QLiterary liclitorjg Sychronized Swimming 43 Christmas Pageant Cast 43 F.T.A. 43 Curtain Call3 Play Committee 43 Girls' Club. Llwood Miller Eileen Moeller G.A.A. 3.4. Joe Mulay ' flixecuti-ve Bozircljg Basketball 3,43 Baseball 33 I.ettermen's Club 3.43 Intramurals 3.4 fCouncil Officerj: Yearbook Staff 4 IBusiness liclitory. Class Officer 3 flhesicleulj: Student Council 3' I Larry Mylm Track 33 Intra 1 z s 4. Edward Napravnik Kenneth Netzel f - , - , r I . V ,A df fjlc--all 3 Dlanne Niberg ' 1- ' L' if ' Class Representative 45 Clee Club 4 QSecretaryj3 Girls' Club. Harold Nicholson Intramurals 3.4. ' SGAJ joseph Nowacki Intramurals 3,45 Bowling 3,4 QCaptainj5 Basket- ball 3g Baseball. Carolyn O'Brien Yearbook Committee 4. Mariejean Pankonin C.,-X..-X. 3,4 flreasurer 4jg Student Leader 3,41 Bowling Team 3,4 fCaptain 45: Girls' Club 43 Yearbook Staff 4. Nancy Pearson -5544? GAA. 3.4 fTrcasurer 3, Vice-llresident 4jg Choir 3.4: Orchestra 3: Band 43 Yearbook Staff 4. 6c Dorothy Peterson CAA. 3.43 Clixecutive Boardj: lipic Staff 4. Kenneth Pietz .losePh Platta Lettcrmen's Club 3.4 f'lll'CZlSll1'CY 353 Football 3,43 Basketball 3.43 Baseball 33 Yearbook Staff 4 fSports liditorj. Richard Prusinski 0 I 1 ,VV Providence Pusateri ' "'i 'TM' IA" K Horseback Riding 31 Bowling 41 Girls' Club 4. 2 Paula Ranieri CAA. 33 Clee Club 4 fVice-Presidcntj: Girls' Club 4. Mary Reed Girls' Club 4 f'l4I'C2lSllfC1'J. joe Reilly Football 3,45 Varsity Club 3,4 qSergeant-At- Armsj 3 ,Epic Staff 4 QSports Editorj. ff 7-WM e Q an Him Carol Rushton Bowling 4. George Sabey Yvonne Sandberg Epic Staff 3,4 QTyping litlitor 455 G.A.A. 3,4 fSocial Chairman 3, Sports Managerjg Baton Twirlerg Yearbook Staff: Christmas Pageant Cast: Curtain Call 43 Girls' Club 4. Barbara Sande Girls' Club 4. Charles Sehenecker VVrestling 3,4 QCaptain 4j: Football 3,45 Letter- men's Club 3.4. Beverly Schiffman Future Nurses' Club 4 fSecretaryj: Homcroom Representative 43 Girls' Club 4. Peter Schwartz Play Committee 3,4 QCO-Chairman 3jg Intra- murals 3 fCouncil Representativej: Swimming Team 4: Lighting Crew: F.T.A. Float. George 'Schweizer Gloria Senko Cheerleader 3: Curtain Call 33 Play Committee 3: Girls' Club 4. Severt Severson Baseball 3,4. Michael Scybcrt llzlskclbull fl llxlilllilglffpl "Our Town" Plzii Cust 4: lflozu fiOlllllllllCC 4. lfzirbarzi Slizilfcrb C...X.A. 3.4 lluxcuntnw lluzmllz Spmusli Club .S Clwiuultiilj, f2Cl,l!,Q,0 B2ll'lJi1l'2l Sides 2 j.u1u.iry llmu ll.iy Cust .l, llu f.llllUll Szluigcn Play fl lSlunlcnl Dircflorj: Play Com- niillcc 3.4 flVlzikc-lip Cllizlirinzui IU: Cllfllllll Czlll 3.43 Cliristnizis Pa cunt Cust 3.4: lflozll COIN- nutlu. 3.4, Our loun ll.1y Cust 4, Sluclcut Crlllllfll 4. f J Alanct Simpson 2 Slurlcut Council 3.4: SL-xlcl fl.4: lL..X..X. 41 Girls' Club 4. Llydc SOICIISCH Patricia Spufk GA..-X. 3.4 fl'YCSlLlCIllD1 llzuul Il: Yczxrlmok Stull 4 , kloyct Stun lipic Stuff 3,4 ffllI'l'lll1lllUll liclitoi' -lj: CA.A..X. 55.4 flixcculivc llozircl 45: F.'l'..'X. fl,-4: Bowling qgwtl-Jiffhf'-7422 l Baseball 5,45 Football 251 Wrestling 15.43 Pmui Committee 3: I,cItermcu's Club 3.4. 3.4 fflziptziinj. Russell Strazala Lynne Syc Mary Tamburrino Future Nurses' Club 4. Lloyd Taylorrfbff- ,, dull 3 thou 4 l f'1'0swC'n1ll1lrv 95' Bw-' " ' '- Hope I LL Roy TIUKOII Truck fl: l11lrzl111urz1Is fl.-4 rRcprcsc11lzllivc flj. Ronald Tintorif P Ioscph Tornaso Carol Tonncsvn f f 3+ Alcan Ullcng 0l'C'llC9lf'I fl' lfulurc Nurses' flulm l Mary Unlty I-lout K-UHIIHIIICC 4. 11111 Utaskl Student Counul 54 Ql'res1clL11t 4 Swnmmmg nn 54 J 1 1 ll lpn Sllff 3 lun 34 11 Igttumcn s C 111 3.4: l'lo:1l f1lllIllIIllICl'. loc Vazzano RlCh3fd Vehrs Football 3 -1111111 Vcmcclku 1-'pic' 411111 '1' Sllll1Cl1l f1llll1l'11 1' S1vi11111111w 711100110110 1V:1ltc1' 81151111 1V:11'111- w' I 5l1L C...X..'X. 5.4 1l',x1'11111x1' 151111111 111 111 Ci' 111111511111 11Ll1b111110111h Hclun 11 1'1'111'11 Olllllll 51: fllnss Ofliccr 4 1I'1'csi1lc111j: 8111111-111 11111111111 .X111-11 1V11iL1' I 1 Rc11'csc11l'1li11' 4' Yc'11'111111L S1111 s1Ncl11111 1Yi1'c-I'l'csi111'11l 111 1111111 f1UlIll1l1llCC T13 llruss 4111111111 1 N.1111x x11117L1 111111 K 011111111111-1: EU: 1-Ipic 51211-1 F5 1Xs4111i:1lc 1.111l111'j: F1 1 154 1111--'x - ' ' 1' -- - 7 1 , .I .111111111l1Lc 1, 1 111111 gllll1L'Il1 101111101 fi. john Wxlson D1111g111s Wllsflll 1111111112111 51.-13 112lh1xl'l1l2l11 5.4: 1l'2lL1x 55 1.111111 4 f11l'C91K1L1'lD' 1CllCflllL1l'S C1ll1l 34 Nur c:111l-.-X1- AlAl1lS4Q. 111 A1111 Wm Billllfulf Sam? Play Committee 3,4 qChairman -of lightingjg Photography Club 3: Swimming Team 4: Sci- ence Club 4. - 4' Dava Lee Epstein Epic Staff 2.4 fl'roductiou riditor 2. News Editor 4jg GAA. 2.4. fVice-President 2. Ex- ecutive Board 2.41: Pep Club 2 lSecretaryjg Latin Club 2: Curtain Call 2.4 fTreasurer 45: Biology Club 2. Bob Olson Play Committee 3.4 !l'ublicity Chairmaujg Span- ish Club 3,4: Usher Club 3.4: Class Representa- tive 4. Judy Kratschmer - Thomas Fanella John Giannoules eniora 0 f 956 The last year seniors - lngerborg Bader, Fred Belastro, Ronald Briscoe, Jack Devine, Lou Ann Epstein, Viola Erickson, Thomas Fanel- la, John Giannoules, Kenneth Gundersen, Allan Koepke, and Vin- cent Lombardo - chose to finish their last year of high school at Elmwood Park High, and their presence surely added to the liveliness of the school. ' Lrfl In right - Rom Our: 'l'. Akers,j Mnanti. J. Andersen, A. Andersen. B Xndreasen. l'. Baldwin, il. Baratta, T. llarbour. NI. llasso. B. Bednarz. Rim' Two: B. llcll. NI. Rename. F. Berendt li. llernardi. I.. Bertolani. XV. Brenn wald. R. llrisroe. H, Brown. X. Bnlxicl iff! to riglli - Row One: I". Car- bonara. B. Carlsen. QI. Castaldo, C. Cliamblin, C. Chard. A, Chclz. C, Christensen. M. Christiansen. A. Col- lins, ll. Collins. Ron' Tivo: ll. Cook. Cooper. B. Coyelli, R. Coviello. li Craigo, ll. llamen, E. Damlnann. Il llanmre. ll. l1eSalx'o. l'. Dillin. M llisller. 34 we junior Cfazki The juniors, as influential upperelassmen, gain many new opportunities. They begin to assume leadership in school al'- fairs by organizing the Junior-Senior Prom and by purchasing Class rings. Also, they start specializing in various subjects as secretarial or engineering courses. Thus, as juniors, they become a signifigant part of our student body. 5 66155 OMCQPJ Mild Sponaora Left lo 'right - Row One: George Chard QViee-Presidentj. Paulette Rinias QSeeretaryj, Dick Klein flreznsurerj. Row Two: john Lundin Ql'residcntj, Mrs. Xvarncr qSponsorj, Mr. Jensen QSponsorj . lr! I lu nigh! - Ron' Our: ll, -johnson. l firuhzun. Ci. Ilmlussy, R. llzmish. R dw, I'. Hylcr. S. flllfflllllll, B. lisch Cl EI. Hofmann. .X. I-'z1yqIusI1. Run' 'l'n'n: IJ fQHl'lll'killg. fl. livclxscll, R, Ifcrgicn. R Hcnningscn. l-1. fQI'OlllltIS. E. fa - lmnlm.mln. Nl. Hnusmzm. ll. Cnrzml. C.. rrn, CZ. jnhnsmx. - .,:.w-.W - I.r'll lu Jiglll - Huw Ulm: K. john son. D. AlUl'gCllN0ll. Knrsfh, D. KCI 1 Ichcr. I.. Kim-mic. 'l'. Kirts. R. Klein. N Klcnk. .L Klink. Run' 'l'zvn: ll. Krall Sc-r. QI. KI'1lllSCI'. ul. Kllhick, CI. Kuhns l.. Kula. R. Rus. ul, Kvislaul, A. I.:mms S. l.:n'srm. Imfl In riqlll - Ram' Una: R. Lllzicl- li. CZ. l.ynQun. NV. Huck. K. NTZICKCIIHL' T. Nluckin. NI. Maloney, S. xI2ll'lOTCHi N. xI1lSL'iUl2l. R. Nlcincrl, KL. Metzger Ron' 'l'11'n: K. Nlichuclis, I.. Miclkc NI. Miller, M. Mlllvr. U. Nllllcr, R Misiorzl. Ii. Mlynski. K, Nlonlc. l,r'1l lu figlll - lfnzr' flllff R. l,lllIL'l I. l'mmc'I1. fi. Ray. R. Rczulcr. l'. Rcsluino. li. Router. l'. Rinciuli. Ricrll, l'. Rill11lS. li. Rogers. limi' 'I'n'fn: IS. Rmnzmo, Rusinski, I.. Rlulm. Nl. Sm-mrs. R. Sl'llCllCl'llllIIl, S. Sflliffflllilll ll. Smllmzxclur. Cl. Schrmn. R. Su-lmzxckcl. XY. Shccklcr. T. Slmrlck. Non' 'I'lln'1': X, Skvlmn. DI. Smith. NI. Squire. lm!! lu :ight - Hou' f,HI'I ml. Slllllilx S. slllllgililix IE, Stock. NI. Slmlmcrg, Nl. Sllllhllll, li. S7ylIl2ll1i1lk. lf. Tcfllmzm. Cf. Tllics, F. 'I'l1m1ms. Ron' 'I'u'0: CL l'lNL'I'l2lgl. I., Xuhl. Xngl. R. Xrzls- liuk. M. XYugc1'. D. Walters. R. Warner li. Wcgnlun. Ibm' Tlumf: M. Wilsnn N. XYulff. filllgfi. 0. f2lS2ltll1Cf. U fClI1l4L'. I, "if'l1l In lr!! - Nun' Hur: . Xlc linux PI x f H. NIUITIS. D. Nlusl. sl. Mllrlmcll, M Yllffllllli. 'I'. Nzlrclcll H. Nurling. B Y0lkSH'Ol'lllf, l'. Nzlxrallil. Ram' 'l4u'n. .X Nllli. l.. Nylzlmlcr. .X. Olson, . 01' I . Lumlu. R. NlCl5Cll. R. Owcn, I. I'nll1ck I. l'aulmu1'. IJ. l'z11'Lc'l'. lf. l'ic1'sm1. Ifnn 'l'lnr'r': I. I,iL'lJCl'. CL. l'L'lcl'm11. l', Vcrik 53 555 Y? 33. W! 342 SOIQAOMOFQ Cfadri As Sophomores, many new ideas and impressions begin to form and take hold in connection with the school and 'its ac' tivities. They find themselves feeling a part of the scho-ol while participating in more activities. ln elzisses or at clubs, they find that they gain more freedom and rights, but above all they be- gin to plan lor bigger and better things for their class in the future. CA455 Ofvifer-A ana! .S7,aon:ior.4 lmfl In litglzl e Hun' Une: Daniel Luxe fVic'e-l'resideulj. hlllfy llzlrden fSet'rel:iryj, Roger Duslmerger Wresitlenlj. Run' 'I'zm: Miss Stone fSponsorj. Jim Nlzuk 4'l'reusurerj. Miss l,2lIlllI'lg'1lll fSponsorj. H' ' ' Lvjl In liglli - Nun' One: Ll. .Xb- lllllllllll. K. Alton. A. Alwin. J. Aman- ti, D. .Xnderson, D. Anderson, J. Arliu. D. Arroyo, XV. Allllltlll. D. Ash. Ron' Two: M. Bzlrtose, A. Busso, J. Bnsso. M. Becker, K. Beeckiek. A. Bertolzlni, R. Bevan. R. Bevan. J. Beyster. Row Three: A. Bianco, J. Bobikewiez, M. Boubek, D. Bowden, F. Bracken, J. Bell. Left to right - Row 0ne:4K. Brausam, J. Brueuto, J. Bruggemun, B. Buick, P. Campbell, J. Campion. D. Chard, D. Cianeio. J. Cianeio. lion' Two: R. Clinnick, C. Coglianese, M. Colucei M. Cook, H. Cottrell, G. Duleerro, L. D'Amieo, R. Dein, R. Delflonte, DePaul. Row Three: S. DeTrana, E. DeVitto, L. Divincenzo, V. Dodge, J. Doran. A. Dorko, K. Doyle, A. Dunos. , Left to right - Row One: E. Gustaf- son, D. Haddon, J. Hangleitner, j Hanson, M. Hansen. M. Harden. R. Hearley, F. Heick. R. Heuscr. Hcl genlyerg. Ron' Tzuo: E. Hoehammer. H Holter. H. Holter. H. Hommersanml R. Hooper. KI, Huber. Diane Huse. V Hyler. Al. Hylcr. NI. Infusino. A. Isch- inger. Lefl In rigllf - Ron' One: M. Irvine. S. Isaacs. -I. jakuhcc, S. Jefferies. Cl. johnson. R. hlurkowski. QI. Kahlc. Ron' Two: XV. Kcniz. li. Kelley. R. Kenil- zierski, A. Kmiccik, Knoll. L, Knut- son. D. Koepke. Run' 7illP'l'l'S l'. Koep' pel. R. Koss. Nl. Kowell. l'. Krcclich. S. Krueger. H. Kumlin. 38 Left to right - Row One: R. Dus hexger, J. Edwards, M. Eichwald, G Eierman, C. Englund. R. Eppinga, S Feclereglli, P. Feret, R. Fowler. Ron Two: M. Fulscher, D. Gabriel. M Gaimari. M. Giampaoli. M. Giulianel li. L. Giuliano, N. Glaser. N. Gold lyerg. Hou' Tlurf: Gralmrifk. ll Grams. AI. Grcganli. WMA-' ' ' . . 'Ei .2iN""'f7' V 'f"'Z1? Q Lvl! In liglll - Ron' Orw: R. Liclmich J. Lcvinscm. A, Lcpic. XV, Lcgulki, -I I.z1vm'inc. R. Lash, .L Larson, J. La Pcnnn. N. Lzlmckn. Ron' 'fzuoz ll. Mart in, CQ. Mzmizllis. T. Mzminlis. Muck ul. Lyman. R. l.u7iclli, D. Lusc, Y I.oml11u'd0. D. l.olJC. Ron' Tl1r1'f'3 l' lllccrsc. H. xl2lSll'0. D. Mclllick. 1.z'fl tu riglll - Run' Ulm: R. Michaels D. Michnlson, J. Miller, S. Nlillcr, K Miller, K. Miller. l'. Miller, ll. Moll R. Michcll. Row Two: R. Mnnscn, F lxllllllllllll, I. Mclntvrc. l'. McKillip I.-Nast. Nelson, Mi. Nilmcrg, F. Nick- clson, j. Nilsen. AI. Nmncllini. Run Thrr'1': P. Norman, XV. Nyclmy, G Nylzmdcr, K. 0'CIonncr, j. Ogle, I7 Olnfson. 0'Leksy. M, Olafsmi. lmjl In nigh! - Run' Our: M. Onl- mzm. B. Paolinclli. S. l'2lP2lCll0ll, G. Pezlrsmi. ll. l'cclcrsun, J. Pclikan. G. I I D lcrlun. li. lcterman, A. lclcrsrm, -I. i l'icnsL'llkc. lion' Two: S. Picroni. I". , Pinzinc. R. Pittnmn. ll. l'lz1cl1e,-I. Poli. T. Pomcllal. M. l'onlcr. 'll l'm'tcllo, I.. E Pucllck. CI. Rxmicri. If!! In righl - Hou' Our: Ii. Sum R. Sclmstiznl. M. Scclhzlck. CL. Scylmcrl Ix. hlmilcr, IS. SIIIIUIICHI, R. hkullllm. S. Smith. Nam' 'l'zun: R. SUYCIISCII, Spcrling. ll. Spcrling. .L Slzlrosfik. Sl:lsim1wsIq..l. Slzllllcllp, A. Stcinllzlucr Hou' 'I'l111'r: N. Sli1'ncII.,l.. Slockwcll CI. Slolzlrf. VI. Slrzlllmlzlnn. R. Slmh- nn-wr. I.. Ia1II. I'. Inrsllzlno, R. lcv Qzlmlu. Ham' lfruu: Ii. 'I'ingImL-rg. D. iulnaim, 'l'mIcI. I.r'jl fo riglzl 3 lion' Our: ll. 'I'm'kcI son. C. 'l4I'l'2ll, D. 'IVTCIIIIJCII 'l'. l'lz1ski I'. Mm. C.. Hnhlslrmn. I.. NNIIIICII A XV11Ilcrs. Run' Tzvn: W. Warner. IJ x'VC2ll'Illg'. XVcisIn'o1Il, XVICIllCl'Sl2lgC: I.. WVinjc. IB, Youhn. R. Ynulm, CZ. Zinmmcrmzmn, II. Zumslcin. Ifjl lu liglll A Hun' Our: I'. Rzlnicri ll. RZIIIIIUIHI. I.. Rcnlcr. IS. Rcclcr. Il RCCII. S. Rail. Reno, .L Rcv1mIds.R Rifrclli. Run' 'I'zur1: li. Ross, ll. Richter R. Rin-mIcI. IJ. Ruzck. I'. Ryan, K Qunclcrs, S. SumIfm', I.. Sumly. Run 7'lII'!'I'I S. SZIIIHIVSICTC, li. Sclmmlck, ll Schauflcr. Schmidt, S. Sclllllmlcllcl' , ,,.. ., - ...... ., .,,.. . ,,., M.: ..,, ,. , ,, .---. - s w ,s,,W.s..1 -.,,-wwM.-mMs,agM..awmz:q- je gl"e6Al'l'lCl,l'l KKCL65 The Freshmen experience many exciting and confusing times during the heginning of the year. They spend fleet- ing minutes trying to find elusive classrooms and some tense moments getting acquainted with their classmates. But as time goes on the strangeness of school begins to fade and a new attitude develops. Then, by the second semester, the Freshmen begin to appear as a promising class that will go far in their future high school years. C4445 Ofirerd an! .g,90l'l50I'J 1.1111 In righl - Ron' One: Bill Yciser fl'residcntj. Miss Greco CSponsorj. Bill Breitrke f'l'reasnrerj. Ifmu Two: Sandra Nelson fSec'reIaryj. Mr. Smilh fSponsorj, Dolores Rajrhel lVic'e-l'resi- denlj. MB"W5" , -l4 -N 42 I ll YI Um H111 II1 L slum Hum I1 1111 R lI111I1l411l1 H11e11111me1 I HIIIIIIICICT N1 HUI 1 111 N lm JNLII s L N111 c1l111sc111 U IINUII UI INS I IN N X071 Ill Lllllll 1 1 lx R1 lfjl In Il ll! 'fill Um I Ixmg R Ix11I1I1k S luqmukx K IXIIXSLIIIIR I IXllIllIllSIxl 1 IXIIILI I Inlkllu I Ixlfcv I. I.'1111:111l1'1. 1111111 lu 11 B I.'ll1f,,. If.. I.:11's1111. R. I.:11'sc111, NI. I..1 S'lIIL' I.. I.cwis, R. I.IIllll1lllH, I.11cI1 R. I.ugic11IiCC. .L NI'1l'1li'1. R011 'l'llrr'1' NI'1Ic11c' R MHTI'lllI I NI'111111111c I -I.. . 1 5 . , .l N1'11'111Ilc1, B. NI'1tll11-w. I11111 I-71111: V NI1':11'11s. Xlialncliw. X. NIic'l1'1clis. na I 1 un Io lx Ins l IXIII 1071 I' IJ l gn 11111 1 gm I 1 lNlIxl I IIIIQILIN4. ll N Ill lllk 1 I lm!! In Hgh! - Il :1 01111: R. ilmcr Il2lI'tI. ll. I'IK'IQCl', G. lingcl, lC'ic'k- . lCx3111m111. I.. 1' lllilllll.-V '. f :sol ul. lfr -1111, A. l1'1'c1l1-1'i1'Ls, ll. lf" ark I' 1 'l'11: H. Ifllk. .X. Cizllln. N fLc111ijz111i. CZ. Clcnlilc. I. iii. ctli li. f1Il'lIll. R. fIIL'IlH. li. C11'r1lloI11, I. Cic111K1111. HIFI' 'lIlllI'I'I IJ. f1I'1lIl2lIll. Il Un. 1. R. Ciu:11'im1. R. G IJ. I'I1lIIC!ll2lll. H. IIz1I1c1'.'1111. D. Ilnmil t 1. ll. II: 1111. l.1'1 In rilqlrl 4 I'1 1 ': l'. 1 1Li11s. NI. Hcz 1. II. H'll.' , ll. 1' 21. R. Il: 'Ii11. S. Himlcs. . ' 2 ICT. IS. Ia 1 I. ' , . . - I1, I'1-1 111111: Il, Idcn. .I. .Ia 1 Ip- . U. -lguxix. R. ul-1.1 . ll. .I .' , K. 'I1 ' . il. I1.'.'L'l , Kal". CI. Kup- ll.l, R. Rall. I' 1 'l'l1 H: D. Kay. W. K- -ll. EI. KL-llc'. '. "ng, l.rjI In righl 4 Run' Unr: 'lf Nmvzl I. lxllllllflli, Al. Nlnml. W. Nlylin. N2lI'SkLT, K. Nzlvzlrlll. X. Nelson. S. Nelf sun. V. Nirkuls. Run' 'l'1l'l1I 0'l.el4:ly. li. Olemler. P. Omni. I'. Orilmel. IH Uswull. ll. I'zu'elli. S, l'3ll2llHll'l. I'l lmeliou. IS. l'zu'enli. K. l':n'lrimlge. S Pemlerseu. R, I'eslm1e. Ifrm' 'llfI7I'l'I I Perri, Peleck. K., I'elersmm. ll. l,Cll'1I- . , , ,.. , , . IIS. H. Ielersrm. R. lllslel. XX. llul- Ixps R PISIINI . . . . . ii! F1 5 R. If!! In ligfll - Hun' Une: .X, NIUXUII 9, I'il1ele. CI. I'okm'n5, Il. l'ur1usse, il l'rus. D. l'r1yI1yIn, l'usnleri,C1. Reg g'llu'i. ll. Ril'il'llCl, 'lf Ray, D, Remy Hun' 'I'zm: CL. Reynertsnn, D. Rice lf. Rioux. KZ. Rogers. Cl. Rolznml. F Rooney. M. Ruppo. Rosinski, ll Ross. I'. Russ. lime 'I'l1rr'f': A. Russell 9. Ryan, C. Szllmmlus. CI. Szllml, G Salmlilek. I'. Sllllillll. R. Szuiallm. l.r'jl In riglzl 4 Run' Our: K. S1lYllHl. .L Scnlellzl. R. Sczllm, ll. Sflllflllllllll. B. sfllllllill. ll. Sclmeicler. Al. Scl1ueI1. B. sfllwllll. I.. Sellwzllr. .X. Sevcik. Ron' 'I'z1'o: G. Shields. W. Scott, M. Segre- clo, Nl. Sllllflllillll. .X. Slllllll, C.. Sllllllll' ski. il. Smith. ll. Sallie. I.. Spzuh. Run' 'I'lnw: D. Selvznggio. 'l'. Starck. ll. Stuck. n X S lm S I CI. Slei .... 'lrilc am. l.. flru men. 'l'. Sullium. .ll l.1'jl In Hgh! - llmr Our: Sllllvl M, SXLIIT. Syclmwmki. ll, lzugli. I ' V'l'glIllCfClI Y, 'Iimm. r XI Izlxlur, lx. I 'l'uulc, 11. lulmam, ltllllilllll. . ll'lClllltlH'5ki. lion' 'l'u'u: S. Yzllml. R YiI'l'lliU. R. Yilck, XX'z1llz1u'. Wall C. R. XX'cmlIL:1'. lf.. XYilms. Nl. XXVHIIIS HI. Wumli. R. Yaucmal. Run' 'I'l1:w': I5 X!'i5L'l'. IH. fllllllill. NI. lclcncik. ,gd x 1 Q A Lf'- Q A ' ' ' 'QILOQT , A M M. if A w i ,,,, Q WE' S aww! '7'fYll'l7H'K 4 N L. 'K MW ak' '-I' SH isis wx vw! Y is nf Q ,ff .24 l"8CLl'l'l Olffle PUB Q f all 3 I lilm. ' F an NHS in 6 'K 2hX fxg mzkk KVM'A f , igfijaf. JOSEPH HENNEHY M ,f , bfi W, 537-51 ' 'iw A ,N 'WM ,, M M we X lmjl lu liglrl - Hun' 01146 H. Hullt-13 R, HI1111111, ,l. xllllilllfk lliI'l'lINllIR'!n. lrliliki 1l'1'i-si- tlcntj. Nliss 81111113 fSpo11sr11'j. H11 .xl'lllCl' 1S1m11su1'j. ll. !tll1llNOIl tYicc-l'1'csicl1'11lj. I'. R11lml11'i11 fSL'iI'L'lRll'Xj. R. XY:1Ill1v.'1's. S. sllllliitllf lfux, limi' 'lirnz X. I5Cl'lUl2llli. X. XXUIII. N. XYill1t'1', S. l4't'1lG1'cgl1i. li. f,lk'lllil'l'. nl, filliillllltl. ID. Sniwic. ll. Sirius. NI. llr1pp11.Al, Kr-iliuk. limi' 'I'll1r'1': IS. IICIQCNCII. R. l!11sI1t'1'gv1'. .X. .XlHil'!'iflll, Ilikxllflf l,2lIlllll'l'. ID, Hz1IlL'111t'11. K. Jcpscn, Iii-it-11so11. S. I,iCl'lblli. bl. Silllllillll. il. Int-I1. limi' fum: ll. Yuwlkzl. vlilblllllilllb. F. Rclllcll B. filillllilk. l.1l11rli11. 'lr11!4l. lf. XI1111l:111z1. X. Iili11k,Ii. Nlicl1:1clis.NI. Kmvcll. NI, x1Cllil!gL'l'. .szwlenf Cgounci 48 Student clflllllfil, with Nliss Stunt' 211111 Nl1'. ,'X1'111c1' als its advisors, C011- sists ovf Il l'CIJI'CSCI1lZlliYC group ol' stiiclcnts cl1osc11 by thcir i11clivid11:1l 1101110- rooms. This council acts :ns 21 l'z1c'11lty-st11clc11t link i11 gOYL'lAllil1g' thc student body and is c'o11siclc1'cd 01111 ol' tl1v most ilIlIlOl'I2Il1i o1'g:111if:1tio11s i11 tl1c school. CAQJJHQGR CAL lfll ln llgfll -- R. Lougill. Xl. Ordmzru. Xlr, Rmlre. li. Reed. R. Roos. l.r'1l In riglll - Hun' Une: Xl. SlIlllXiIll. C. llorlm. .X. l"2IXll2lSll. Cl. Sutter. Ham' 'I'zen: Nl. Oliofsmi, ul. llansnlr. Rice. l'. Koeppel flreas- urerj. N. ltillmer fl'resideuIj. Miss Dallagiaumm. li. Romano fYice- l'residm-nll. li. llelgesen CSecre- llllfb. ll. Krmnold. Stein. l'. llzurlxins. Nl. Kiraigo. Hua' 'I'l1rn': ll Ol lmlcn S D NU I rc-rom lx xllllll X Nlnlrlrr Xl Koixell, ll. Dworsaek, Marks, Cl. lqman, KI. Keller. .L lfricano, I C.ec'nla. jufure .Zac em 0 America The newly organized Chessman Club, sponsored by Mr. Roche, spent many all-absorbing afternoons this year playing chess. During this time, many new techniques were shown to the members which enabled them to play a more interesting and invigorating game of chess. """'7 The Future Teachers of America was organiled lor students who were interested in the field of education. This organization, under the direction ol' Miss Dallagiacomo, featured some excel- lent guest speakers during the year and showed movies pertain- ing to career teaching which were enjoyed by all. 3. Curfain Ca! Curtain Call, which is sponsored by Mr. Allen, did many things to further dramaties at E.P.H.S. During the past two years, this club has presented three hit plays and two inspiring Christmas Pageants. Also, besides presenting plays the drama club members have attended one l-Oflllfll Banquet and have seen the hilarious play "No Time For Ser- geantsn which was enjoyed by everyone. Gm 414,-U-Nu CQ wif sjfwyv Jaw we f L , 17LJ CO 1,414-9 W mm, Jew 50 Left to Tight - Row One: Kedrok fHistorianj, D. Epstein fVIlI'S2iSlll'Cl'y, Il. Busch fSecretaryj, D. Johnson QVice-Presidenlj, Lundin, fPrcsidentj, Mr. Allen. Ron Two: K. Alton, Anderson, B. Bernardi, D. Chard, H. Coltnell, R. Cougill, D. Dwor- sach, L. Evans, A. Faydash. B. Finch. Row Tlmfffz M. Harden, H. Hommersand, K. Kosusnik, M. Kowell, H. Morris, Pachyn, Pearson, G. Pearson, A. Peterman, J. Prazuch. Row Four: P. Rimas, S. Sandfor, B. Sides, B. Simpson, C. Slater, J. Staulcup, C. Sutter, L. Winje. Sb i 3 9 A KQXQQJF , ,img-f pq s-fm . wing -S . - W.. afjk gif: 11 is :Q wx-x1,x,,:,Af,,4 X www' - ,.rMm:sgg,. Al X Xi sz Qs ff: 1 . A 'Aww v - wx gg S3555 .X x I In rig!!! - XY. Legulki R. Lulmielli, B. C-urlll, Mr. Arm er B. Ciougill. D. Buyer. I. l.nff. The photogrziphy Club, directed by Mr. Armer, is very much ol' an A asset to E.P.H.S. This club not only offers boys ll recreationzul hobby, but Ofogralo g it provides our school publications, such as the lipie :md the Scroll, with I'llll1lCl'0llS IJICUIFCS. 'mg-1 - lSlN!l1MN'l High! lu lwfl - Rini' One: Mr. Cusenlu. .L Nuli lvl'l'C2lSllN.'!il. li. Lruign Wresitlentj, C. Horn IYit'efPresitlentj. l., Knutson lSl'il'i'l2ll'll. li. llonper ille- purlerj. Nlr. xl2lllllllCl'g, Ram' Txru: ll. l,Q'illllDllll. O. lzlszttl- nesx. ll, Isetnzmli, K. Xlzu' Ken- fie. IR. Stlmmt. Orlztntlo. ll. Sntensun. Hun' 'llIII'I'l'f K. Xlun- le. Il. Xnrling. slkllllli Rietll. The clfillillllllll Club :incl Science Club :ne both new orgztnizzttions ns nl' this year. The filllliilllllll Club with Nlr. Cosenza and Nlr. Mithn- berg :ts its s Jonsurs tleztls with tlillerent shox Jrofects that interest its C f A nteiitbers. Oil the other llllllil, the Science Clluli nticler the direction ol' ra! nflan u Miss Kuhn, Nlr. Grady, :mtl Mr. .Miner works on cliflerent experiments :Intl pronieets that eoulkl be used in the Coming Science lixibit. 1.111 lo ziglll 4 lfnzt' line: Nlr. .Xrtnety ll. Sehneitler. R. Sculln. .X, Cltutitztcke. 'lf Rusinl ski. IJ. .-Xrmyog Hanson. .L ll'ztllet's, l.ueb, Slilllll. ll. Voss, l". Rnnney. Nliss U L Kuhn. limi' 'I'n'u: ll, ,Xrt-om. 'l'. llnrku. S. Krueger, W. l-'t'erlerit'ks, S. Cht-t'inel, C. ' Selirutn. K. Mau' KL'lllll'. R. Vilelx. Nl. l"u!st'lier. X. Klink. M. Hzlnlen, ll. Cutlgill, 'l. Ctence u XX':tllet's. C. llurkn, Him' 'IllIP'I'l'I ll. lumstein, 0. lztsaulney, 'l'. llztrbntxr. ll. Killilllllllgll. l.lllJlClll. H. Koss, Il. Wilson. l,. lztlf. .gfadan Cf A 1.11 , el"l'I7,CLl'l ' - ' Il 'I . , C' acl... . '. . 'A' ', C. 'mm1zmn. "1 urs. 'nk. Im' ' 'ru . . 'Q 'll lc 1. .' cr inf. ', l 'zuxsz I. Spcrling. .X. Oswull. B. HIRCIII lmalfk. I.. Srllwulm, N. Nlifhzlclis. Rm: I'lmfr': R. Cizmgi. l'. Onni. il. Salu- I I I-on One I ll ll L DL ' Ill 0 ns mn I um 1 lrx R ll nn ll! ' mm ll 1:14 R nnmml M Sag cclo HNILIL K lmlifm -md cvQ1'lll' 1 ' .N ' - hc Vic t furlhp' '1 bcttcr - "St'lI1lliIlQ of thg It'1li'm ' ul f'Clklll' 1 ' 0 'U " r It'1li'm Club un the supcrxision ol' Hr. C'lIJlJ0lli l1'1s Ind umm iIlKCIkCSlill0' mcctinvs m 1ich includul ffunst spcxkcrs 'md mmigs. Tlm C Cl'I1l'lIl Club on the OIIILI' hand VIS Jccn muSy this rust ' 'Wu ".' U ' ' 2 ' " I -' ' 'IS GLrm'm Dimmu' umlur tlm cli1'cc'lim1 ol' Mr. Crmlxcn. 1 1 lllllll. ll. Rll'lllCl'. NI. IIZIIINOII. ruins. B. Himks, il. Sclmiiimzm. IS Iclcrsun. Ibm' lfuur: B. Nlichzlcls R. Sll'U,lll1C,L'l'. Sllllllfllll. nl. Nlzlck. B. XVzu'ncr, ID. Hzmglcitncr. R Iiptmzum. -I. Micllzlclis. Row lfiwz R. Sfzllm. li. I.1n's0n. K. YYQINIICI' R. Y0l'L'lllZl. D. Moll. Bislolzls. IH octtgcr. 'l'. SllHiY2ll1,L R. Yilck. ll Ikmlkcs. Ifmv Six: Nlr, Umllncn. CQ Lngcl. .X. Cllrnnzlflxc. ll. Mvlnick. I 1 KznI1lc,If. Rioux, If. llciclm. k NI I ilfki. 1. liUl'hll'lllHCIA, H. Hzllvcw- Il. 54 ZF' ,RIN 4WYWU2'6?Li.4i , hi' Y N, T mifxil Wm 'THJNMSI '359XYi 17Q4K:".Li?g!?Z6'JW'Yf?3TU,2l2"?' 1 'asf lrjl In llgllf - Hun' Our: Nl. l'ulsrher, l'. Sfllillllllll. li. Laing. lk. l':uelll. UI. l'.XllllNUIl. lx. .Xumlersou, S. Peclerseu. l'. Orihel. Nl. l'r1eumlowski. Nlrs. xYlll'llCl'. Hun' 'I'u'r1: IS. Bl'l'llllM'. llauisou. CZ. Sleiu. ll. Olsou. A. Clollius. -I. .xl'll1l. S. Szuullor. nl, Weislu'o4ll.'.I. Nehl- . seu. Hun' 'Iill1'r'r': H. Kopetlq. K. iICglIIll'fL'l'. Xl. Slllllff. NI. SlIlllX2Ill. llglusou, Rice. panlj A M l'. Koeppcl, NI. Hzutleu. Ll. Sllilllllllllllll. The lfreueh :uul Spziuish Clluhs :ire reereiuiouzil :uid ecluezitiouzil organi- mtious thru help the stucleuts get hetu-r :iquniutecl with these l2lllgll1lgL'S. lhe l'l'l'llC'll Lluh, uumler Nlr. C,rotheu's tlirecliou, see lfreueh historical movies llllll put ou skits :it their meetings. The Spziuish Cluh zlt their luue- lious, which :ire supervised hy Xlrs. XX'zu'uer, hezu' zihout Spziiu ziucl Nlexieo lroul guest speakers :md hy seeing lihus. l.1'fI lo riglll - Ron' Une: M. Gllitlixllletlcli. ll. llouuuerszuicl lllil'l'2lilll'CI'b. X. Niherg fViee-I'resimleulj. B. Clliuuieli ll'resi1leulj. R. -lzuiis. Hou' 'l'n'o: NI. Cook. .X. l'il'L'lll'l'li'lsS. l fenc M, D. Kay, HCl'IllilH. l.. Pucllek. l.. Recler. -I. Ogle. Hun' 'l'ln1ff': Nlr. fiI'UlllCl1. ll. Holler, l H. Holler, S. Aikeus, ij. llerzuiieh. W W JS L if? QNNW- gm 2 cm xecufiue gowns! Lefl In rigln' - Rmu One: B. Peder- scn. R. tluvicllo fVice-Prcsidcntl, NI. Reed f'l'rensurcrj. li. Dam- niznnn fl,liCSillCIl0. I. Fox fSecre- tznwb. CZ. Pclerinzm. Ron' 'l'n'o: Miss I'mlerwooml. D. IJWVOTSZICR. C. Hoe- hznnnner. N. Krutl. II. Meyer. S Nelson. Jafin lffl In right - Row One: M. And ersun. S. fl2ll'lll2lC'ilCl. R. Czrrlscm. I' R. lippingzl. CI, Gentile. IJ. Hzllle nnln. I'. Hawkins. Run' 'l'u'u: R Heurlin. CI, Hrvehzunlner, K. lep son. ul. Knoll. D, Kremlicli. W. Leg llllal. lneb. S. Nelson, I'. Nzirslse K. Nznrulil. Nl. Ormlinzin. Run 'l'!n1'1': II. l,l'l0l'lll2lll. A. Peterinzni ul. i'l'2lllIl'll. I.. Kiruhznn. I. Pryniski R. Rimcelli. I". Rmniex. ll. Roos, QHIIICI. I..Sll'lllJCl1..I.Slll1lllflCli. Run Ifuuit Nlrs. .Xrinei1 I. 9-nivh. H lugli. D. XYuIlers. I.. XK'inje. 0 lziszulney. II. l'okm'ney. Among our nuinerorus clubs, Latin and Girls' Clubs hold ccnisicleixnlmle interest among the students. Latin Club, sponsored by Mrs. ,Xl'lllCl', puts on a trziditionzil Roinzin Banquet each year, and throughout the yezu' this club sponsors other worth-while events which help further peoples interest in Latin. The Girls' Club, an orgztnizzition directed by Miss Unclerwo-od, deals with different topics that revolve around a girl's life. Cannpbell, ml. llnrzni. R. llnsberger Ir!! ln ugh! Hun' Our: C, Dorkn. I.. Winjc. ul. Lsinun. A. flush. X. l'l'll'Jlll4l. C.. Lxmzin, Nl. llzlrlosc, Run' Tivo: IS. Cook, .L li1lH'lxlllS, HI. Nlgnlw, .-K. Olson, IH. . Rvclm. ul. l'l'2IlIItll, jblfblfe LLPJQJ of America Iwfl to righl - Rum' 01112 Y. Lonl, lmuwlo. K. lhzillsallli, lk. Scliiffmzin. lx. .Xmlcrson. Mrs. Olson, Kcml- iok. R. Bloom. R. Hcurlin, C. Hov- linnnicr. limi' Two: l'. Hawkins. ID. 'l'mn:iso, Pczlrson. I.. Szuuly. 9 Rvil. ll. Slizillcr, CI. linclmorg, Al. lox. Xl, Nnclcrson. EI. l'll'cug. M5 em 2 l 1lgllll'UlllU, .X. f,Q,'llllK'll1.', .L l'i1lY- 1. cr. SICIII. K.. llocliznnlncr. l'. Tlu- llsluirs' zuul lfulurc Nurscm ol' i"Xl1lCl'lC'2l Clubs are both worth- wliilc' 0l'gllIlll2lllOllS. 'I'l1c Ilsllcrs' Club, sponsorvcl by Miss lj2lll2lg'l2lCOlll0, is foniposccl ol' sluclcnls who usllcl' :it plays or otlicr school lunctions. Thr' l"uun'c- Nurscs ol' ,Xnicricu is :in 0l'g2ll1llZlllOIl that zulcmpts lo l'ui'llu'i' :I sluclL'nL's lu1owlc'clgc ol' nursing uncl to lmcuci' IJl'CIJ2ll'C students going into llic nursing c'zu'ccr. R 'hr' 'MX CXV. Paic Iffl 111 Il lfl I1111 0111 XI1 5llll IS H11 lg ' 1' 'Z . 1 .' '. . wh fifliilfil'-ill-CiiliL'ij. 111111111 fSpc1iz1l I1 llllIt'N l',1lil11lj..l. 5ll'iIl 1C.ir111I111i1111 li1Iil111' . X. lfriu 1 Q 1111 481 lung 1I1l1111g lzclllmj. HZIIINUII rCLi1'I's Spurls Iidilurj, Riu' flluliulins lC1lilm'j lr11l'111lRL' i K . 1' : H. -illx ISIJHIIN I'.1I1l111'j. l5.CI1111gilIq I'I111l11g1'11l1I1y lislilorj. R. lillxcl' flick xi Iltilrj ll D1 . . nlu, IS. llulfl, I-.C1a11d11IIz1.-I. NIz11'ks,kl. I'z11I1y11. N. Nlimllziclis. Ifrmr' 'l'llr1'1" I 1.111 111 C' Sllll ' A . ,. . ur, .X. f,gIlliN'IlC, il. Slzllllfllp, Iiricksull. ll. C-zmll. Nl. BL'l'k1'I', l1I1':1Iix. l.11.1 Iwm. Nl, II111'1lc-11. Il. l'L'll'!NUll. l'. Ilziwkim. S. Xclsrm. glue Epic Illc lzpic, our school 111-11'sp:1pc'1', pmvimlcs thc Sllliil'l1lS with up liilll 111101111 lllflll 111clc11lc1L1111111U llllllllli Tlml ll S " ' ' 2 ' 2 ' ' 5 1 T32 . 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L liliulx, lion' 14111111 IB, .Xxulvx'wu. ll. Crullzllal. G. fI2Il'l9L'lI. H. Nm'liug'. K.. RCIIICIINUII. I.. Spgulm. ll. llrllslrmu. ll. Illfllllili. QI. Imuulun, ll. I'llItll. I. .AJUUHCQJ QI' 5 Le CM l.rfl In riglll - Row Our: XViclucr- Slzugc. l'. IX'zlQrruc1'. I.. Rcrlvr. Oqlc . . .1 . I . . Ll. I . .yuh hm' Hr' : 1. ' orrio. . ' sou. AI. flftgilllll, IJ. Xilwrg, lb. Rule' '. .'zuuc1's, K. . i cr. . 'A '. Dcucclw. Il. Ifuwccl. Rim' 'l'fllr'1'I IIZIIISUII. K, Xlillcr. f,NllI2llI. SIIIIIII- rup. I.. Stockwell, l'. Ramicri. M. Ni- lmc1'g'.Cl, Al l'l'ill. Nl. LIIIIIISUII. Hun' Ifumz fi. ILCIIINITUIII, S. Sl2lllg1lIIIS. Nl. liro urnugw. IJ. llusc. C. .Xlllriuuilnz Cf. 'l'11cslL'r, S. lsszum, HI, Wcislmrmll. SPQJAWQCLH QA Le CM lfll In ligllf - lfrm' Unv: M. I'lxlClI' mluwski, M. ,Xmlcrwu. IS. Xlaullmw, K. if .Ig-qmail, Iiriclwmm. .L Russell. S. O'Il1-ru, CZ. Cculilc. Nl, Svzxrf. l.. Stru- lruu, II. II5lll'IklCI'. .L Oswull. Run' Tzuu: Hcurlum. 5. l'ulcx'wu, Ia. .Xmlc1'sm1. C.. 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Q 2 E Q.. C T' 'E xi N 5 7? N -. F A sr 2 7 -n A v I 'L' .f 3 E' n f ..- -f A 'T' I rr fa LT' Z 3 - .. A U? R Q W 5 if? g 55 ,mf MMM ,N V m L .::s-:iz-. .: f z' K 'SD X A r QM! ff S U 1 F 5 F ,, N ,, v 4 'U yy, -v 11. -Ffa' W 11777 ou. 1 3 - Q , K ..- Z jeff 5 .ww .1 .2 rf-f ' ' 22if EN' Qty? 'l k i ii ge m ::: :., H W 1 L, IWZ A f ff .1 6' 7 7 U" w 4 fm, . S ww img? 'S QQ! ,X W 24 , PN V9 M v 2 A , I s Q. :w' 451 1 iS X ix ?i'5i1e3"'3L ' illi- K wr ggi K K 4 iw 5 ,, x w in WL 1, A ' wa 1 XK M7 ' si. vw , 91 ii 'H :.. ,.,z:! 1 2: . 5:2 5' K 551. ' Q K1 ,, "1 -"C 66 i - Y.-,Q W- 'a"1Fvf-w-r'w-f-- - vw - 1 ' ' wr w . 4 ,v A U , C. U1-1 ,V-I-Vg:-rg"-vwfLu:pvg-.,.,3-r:"x .SFQOIJJ 5S?0eCtaClft!al' This past year included many dif- ferent sport's activities which helped to increase the entertainment and pro- gress of our school. Many tense mom- ents were spent anxiously awaiting results of exciting football or basket- ball games, but the awaited results of these games always proved to be en- couraging and challenging to the stu- dent body. Left to right - Row One: M. Nardulli, R. Krueger, J. Todd, T. Barbour, C. Schen- eker, T. DeLorto. B. Scheuerman, W. Scheckler, J. Platta. Row Two: T. Benante, N. , L K Skehan, K. Shaffer, T. Kirts, J. Giallombardo, D. Kubiniec. Row Three: Mr. Trehhe afiufy oof aa J. Jeater, B. Girard, H. Koss, R. Misiora, J. Reilly, K. Dlrogemuller, K. Konajeski R. Potter, Wilson, Liesendahl, E. Grounds, Mr. Buikema. 1 1 1 'J . Q9 N X9 68 The Varsity Football Team, under the direction of Mr. Trebbe and Mr. Buikema, worked dilgcntly practicing fundamentals which helped to improve their offensive and defensive tactics, and their efforts were not in vain as their excellent games made us proud to have such a team at Elmwood Park High School. Most Valuable Player Tony DeLorto Leading Scorer Tony Benante Leading Ground Cainer joe Giallombardo Leading Tacklers Mike Nardulli Tony DeLorto Tony Benante Bob Girard E.P.H.S. E.P.H.S E.P.H.S E.P.H.S E.P.H.S E.P.H.S E.P.H.S. E.P.H.S. E.P.H.S. Total SEASON RECORD 0 Wheaton Acadamy 3l 6 19 Mooseheart 14 Reavis I3 6 North Chicago 46 19 Leyden H 0 Belvidere 52 14 Lake Park 2 7 Morgan Park MA. 33 0 Marmion M.A. 31 79 228 5 W 'f 3 ' in , .,,..:g-, Illlllflwilllulflwg : iii. snziiiiifg V 12553 4 l , I I - xx M, 5-Y 6 ,M " 78' f' rsh V SN ' X Vw lu -Q.-av-v. . ii A A x I 'A N 'Ni , w , , 4 4- ' ' J ,fs f "--.M 5 x M . x N K 1. ' K -vm A aw Y 4 W-1"4 """" L V -V , m W'-mv, L f A . , , .,., ft ' V , .S70l0L0l'l'l0l'e joofgaf Our school's Sophomore Football Team had numerous dis- advantages to overcome such as losing many players to the Varsity Team and playing against many experienced and well-known teamsg but the team with the help of its coaches, Mr. Ellis and Mr. Glad, didn't let these minor difficulties stop them from becom- ing a hard-working successful team. SEASON RECORD E.P.H.S. 0 Proviso E.P.H.S. 0 Argo E.P.H.S. I4 Reavis E.P.H.S. 6 North Chicago E.P.H.S. 6 Belvidere E.P.H.S. 21 Lake Park E.P.H.S. 0 Barrington E.P.H.S. 20 Morgan Park E.P.H.S. 0 Marmion Left to right - Row One: F. Montana, H. Irgang, J. Lavorini, J. Huhir, G. Ny- lander, G. Poli, D. Anderson, J. Bruggeman, A. Bertoloni, H. Kumlin, P. Kredich, Row Two: Mr. Glad, T. Dorko, J. Anderson, P. Tuelp, R. Strohmeyer, H. Holter, D. Torkleson, B. Habel, B. Nyshay, J. Staulcup,,JJ Trungalefg. T. Utaski, J. Mack, H. Holter, B. Dein, Mr. Ellis. 1 ' Left to Right - Row One: W. Aument, T. Ray, B. Pfister, J. Kuzel, C. Beninati, R Narske, A. Scaletta, J. Margullo, T. King, J. Delortn. T. Sullivan. R Cianqi. Y. O'Leskv A 2 I F. Caliendo, J. Bistalis. Row Two: Mr. Grady, H. Tagli, D. Iden, T. Bednarz, B F25 Wlan 00 a Grattolo, T. Damos, B. Schwab, F. Brusa, R. Saviano, R. lflochleutner, A. DiLeo, lx King, E. Robb, B. Mylin, R. Glenn. G. Sabados, A. Smith, D. Tolman, J. Loeb, Mr Smith. The Freshman Football Team, which surprisingly enough had the best season's record, claimed great honors for the school as this team won all games except one. This amazing record was due in part to Mr. Smith's and Mr. Grady's encouragement and guidance, but most of the credit should be given to the team for its industrious work and never-ending efforts. R E.P.H.S. E.P.H.S. E.P.H.S E.P.H.S E.P.H.S E.P.H.S E.P.H.S. E.P.H.S. SEASON RECORD Oak Park Mooseheart North Chicago Hinsdale Belvidere Oak Park Glenbrook Morton - nlH!If53?.5SN3E.3ifRRW.Ei?m?h355.fQ3bk?W5bSiMNWf??Rk.?d ii1 H WB! 7 Ki Nfffii. NV .lilifxxi -S MI: .' Jr-1 fees x. 4 gi QQ . Q Q 20 , U, , ff ? is WM 5.4 K? ,ix 4 , , n A 5 . .. wp w w utrdify Z?aaLel5af Most Valuable Player Richard Luzietti Leading Scorer Richard Luzietti Leading Free- Throw Shooter Joe Mulay Leading Rebounder Allan White Left to Right - Row One: D. Anderson, I. Krauser, R. Luzietti, A. White J. Mulay, L Trungale, N. Skehan. Row Two: Mr. Buikema, J. Wilson, H. Koss, K. Konajeslii, J. Lisendahl, D. Luse, B. Plache, B. Scheuerman, T. Kirts, j. Larson Mr. Smith. The Varsity Basketball Team, under the direction of Mr. Smith and Mr. Buikema, played thrilling, successful games. These determined Tigers practiced their shots and their tactics steadily in order to become an outstanding team, and their fighting spirit and determination will always stand out in people's minds. SEASON RECORD E.P.H.S. E.P.H.S E.P.H.S E.P.H.S E.P.H.S E.P.H.S E.P.H.S E.P.H.S E.P.H.S E.P.H,S E.P.H.S. E.P.H.'S. E.P.H.S. E.P.H.S. E.P.H.S. 60,77 80,71 46,50 28,43 69 57 49,78,62 56 41 52,45 56 54,55 62 46 48 Bremen Evergreen Park North Chicago Marmion St. Charles Mooseheart Lake Park Fenton Immaculate Belvidere Wheaton Academy Round Lake Morgan Park Bensenville Proviso 67,83 86,82 95,76 36,57 77 74 43,70,49 61 33 80,60 65 48,56 50 54 58 unior lljarziify 13444-ef5af 5 1 Left to Righi - Ron' One: Mr. Buike- ma, N. Skehan. Ron' Two: E. Grounds. 2 T. Kirts, C. Metzger, B. Schenerman. E A. Nuti, R. Lira. 1 1 l JUNIOR VARSITY'S SEASON RECORD 1 E.P.H.S 47,40 Reavis 42,38 E.P.H.S 53,59 Oak Park 75,54 E.P.H.S 46 Riverside- E.P.H.S 52,49 Brookfield 42 E.P.H.S 33 Fenton 25,28 E.P.H.S. 48,57 Leyden 56 66 lXlooseheart 54,47 E.P.H.S. 46,44 Evergreen E.P.H.S. 46,51 Park 61 Proviso 71,75 Notre Dame 50,44 .S70l0A0l'l'l0l"e Left to Right - Row One: E. Schaudek, R. I-label, R Strohmeyer, K. Shaffer, R. Heuser, P. Kredich, T. Pomella D. Lobe. Row Two: Mr. Glad, R. Dein, j. Staulcup J. Todd, R. Plache, R. Clinnick, D. Tremper, D. Luse: J. Knoll, J. Hansen, F. Montana, D. Koepke. E, E E.P.H.S E.P.H.S E.P.H.S E.P.H.S E.P.H.S E.P.H.S E.P.H.S E.P.H.S. E.P.H.S. E.P.H.S E.P.H.S. E.P.H.S. E.P.H.S. E.P.H.S. E.P.H.S. ,819 U17 SOPHOMORE'S SEASON RECORD 45,42 36,48 40 39 63,54 36 52,58 53 54 52 49,68 62 45,53 68 42 Bremen Evergreen Park North Chicago St. Charles Marmion Mooseheart Lake Park Wauconda Fenton Immaculate Conception Belvidere Wheaton Academy Round Lake Morgan Park Bensenville 43,63 37,33 43 48 64,59 34 32,34 26 39 31 46,58 37 29,32 49 40 3 jj in ,gy , quill? fl to Right Row One: D. Foulkes, R. Littmann, L. DelGaro, Bistolcs, arzullo B lhillips, A. Scaletta, R. Glenn, F. Caliendo, R. Logiodice. Rm Two Mr Cosenza, A. Smith, D. Tolman, R. Vitek, R. Hochleulncr, C. Bcninau B Pflster T Bcdnarz, J. Schiffman, T. Ray. E.P.H.S. E.P.H.S. E.P.H.S. E.P.H.S. E.P.H.S. E.P.H.S. E.P.H.S. E.P.H.S. E.P.H.S. 41 65 59 45 27 45 18 50 35 ""'a"" "I, - K .L -,N Q S x . Niiqasi ' 1-f I ,1- Left to Rzght Row One R Logiodice R. Littman, E. Larson, A. Stein- hauer L Del Garo F Rioux P Campbell Row Two: R. Janis, W. Yeiser, H. Desmond T Akers D Hamilton R Luzietti, D. Koepke, R. Koss. Row P005 Ounify Three K johnson D Fremper R Betlnarz, J. Knoll, A. White, D. Luse, The Cross-Country Teams' suc- cess this year can be attributed mainly to its depth and balance. This racing team, under the di- rection of Mr. Armer, won many two mile races this season and we are sure that this promising team will continue its fine work in fut- ure years. 77 H RSA 'Q 3. E' ui i . fa' fm A. X, ., , ,, Ui, Q .. ,K 531, , '- -fi L az, WX , . .nik ,-,'. ,K was ff A- ml .p.-ws! gr ,M ,V . ,x Vg MQ :KV Q36 im!! M- V . 'E Q ww ,ziggy M 1 f , H., wr Lg Mywflfa ,x:.f:gQfQr', ey' .nf :K Q, 1 ff J 3 5121? A - f- we 52 Q ..g Q f M w . aw., Q gc g?g k g,i'f ' - ,qt 3 7 QQ ., f X Vw . fzgfei z. , , I A fi , 2 1' -M " . X 55921 ,, W - .. Q, w 4 v 3 L A SK' 1 ww an 'YI M if ww, G". Y Q. ,Am 1 N, fmmQ ,- ff fi ,fx . bf- , .F HIM 'EITHER WWW M if-W.. x 6.91 X wx x fl: 1 '25 k, Vg. , 11, 34,-if 9422515 N? xv w,:5,4 an w?vr ff A . Z ,M K mfs ,K ' g ' H - , . I , ,, gain-, g . f ,- ff , f'fi gk f ifiiifg--, mf ,X f. .fr ,tj A -Q1 ..--,Ami ,, .. f X 'L .f WH 'wexfls H:-zzw, fy' A-. wmv . , . . . , .1 2 .. ,. , f 4 "if U 7+ .ww sz" if ' MS Wifi f' ,QQ ,Q ws. .A Ma. 5 M., . wif- ' ' ' , 'i :A I ,g . .. fi ' " . ,,, f .f ML Q f 1 'gen .sh fi: .Q qi ,T W M 15,11 .. .r .,M,-,in 64 . 5- uf Q 134 5 Sf? ..i'Nf'?i - 1 ,Jw k HSYVYZW ' f'f,:.z? wg, 1 F Ass, N9 Swv x Xi M 'C ' . 'HQ ' W y if V . ' ...., ' Q V 'j. ,M , .... . E 465523 ' M' aglwfilz WE '- :ewJf' , , ff? 14 fuzz' fi 'vis ww' fu A . 1 ff,-11, 1' ., .-bsfy win L W -W . X, X we 'K Y k V .,,L..,, ,mii , 3 I -'ia 'kfvfvfvlfrfv-waxy,-E g,j1fX:'L,z,q,,xL, IW: tml, f A f ,ww 1--if ,7 . fe X ff-- A Uaraify meafgng The Wrestling Teams, directed by Mr. Grady and Mr. Magnesen, worked diligently practicing holds and wrestling rugged opponents through- out the year. Their efforts were well rewarded as these teams honored our school by taking first place in the Lake-Park Tournament. jl'05Ll'flal'L -30,94 0l'n0l'e WQJ Left to Right - Row One: T. Maniatis, I.. Giuliano, M. Gaimari, H. Holter H. Holter, T. Delorto. Row Two: D. Torkelson, R. Skaluba. B. Luga, T. Danas, Mr. Grady, B. Wallauer, T. Barbour, J. Giallombardo. E.P.H.S.-43,24 Fenton ll,2l E.P.H.S.-3 Niles 43 E.P.H.S.-l8 Carl Sandberg 34 E.P.H.S.-lst Place Lake Park Tournament E.P.H.S.-18,9 Oak Park 30,33 E.P.H.S.-l5 Bremen 33 E.P.H.S.-l3 Proviso 31 E.P.H.S.-10 Leyden 39 E.P.H.S.-26 Evergreen Park 24 E.P.H.S.-16,13 Wheaton Community 36,42 E.P.H.S.-18 Wheaton Academy 28 E.P.H.S.-3rd Place Glenbrook Tournament E.P.H.S.-19 Wauconda 25 E.P.H.S.-8th Place Arlington Tournament Right to Left - Row One: B. Burger, B. Mylin, B. Schwab, F. Brusa, K. Miller, G Perzan, T. Utaski, J. Doran, B. Grohola. Row Two: Mr. Magnesen, R. Ciangi, H. Irgang, Oilesksy, W. Scott, L. Saviano, R. Narske, B. Klenz, B. Michaels, H. Kimlin is W' . ' . a gil! f Q M v fl 4' , , g, s-. 2 ' 1 , 331 N xx '14 , 3 , '1 f U v , X if 4 , fi , Q A .. AA fn: iix .4 if f A Q M rcfiw Xwxl i W' if A , mf h 'lf , A K iw. .., 1.. -mm x Q 2 T?-132 x 'iff . K. ,i ifffkw tim? ,,.f-. A,,, x ,A fvp- f'V7A 5 KLVV 4 mm, 'nu qw: f ' - ' 1 ual Left to Right: T. Bednarz, B. Norsworlhy, J. Utaski, j. Hansen, T. Utaski, j Giallombardo, E. Craigo, G. Schrom, B. Taff, L. Giuliano. A large number of boys in order to become physically fit joined the Ten- nis and Golf Teznns this Spring. These sports helped the boys acquire Z1 skill that was enjoyable and beneficial this '-K was year and which would continue to he a source ol' entertziinnient in future years. .,,,.r. .. enum Left in Right - limi' Ouw: R. lluyer. 0. Zamdney. R. XVzirner. Rim' 'l'wn: Il. Kvislanl. B. Cougill. KI. Riedl. 9 x 'W 1 ,.all"s' .pw- 1' I i l 'T'd5FY5?Ei? 5?EKm!if'?YS!1?2??f?3':L V x ff 4, -V A , gr!! .fdfkdfic .fdririociafion 'enwnffm Left to Right - Ron' 0110: Miss Christie Miss jameson, N. Pearson fVice-Presitlenij P. Ppirk QPresidentj, j. Gallery QSecretaryj M. Pankonin fTreasurerj, Miss Ritter. Run Two: B. Kronvold, -I. Stein. j. Ketlrok, I. Winje, Lyman, A. Faydash, B. Grams, R Coviello. Row Three: B. Shaffer, N. Krutzi Y. Sandberg, L. Epstein, S. Warne, K. Kraabel D. lfetersfm. K. Alton. D. rbcrmrtlt. P. Koepj pei, J. Chum. NI. Murbach. V j I, 0,13 , 0- 1 V 7' n. - - 1 6 fmxeebbroff yew 3. Q25-M! Unity, teamwork and sportsmanship are tops on the list of goals for the Girls' Athletic Association. This club, sponsored by Miss jameson, Miss Rit- ter and Miss Christie, enjoys organ- izing and participating in many sport- ing activities throughout the year, but above all its members enjoy just be- ing together. Ji fini,-21 ti' an f7Ae fagne flmlad 3010 9 This trophy, to be presented by the Intra- mural Council to the bo-y with the highest scor- ing points in Intramural activities each year, was named for Wayne Fosdale because of his outstanding achievements in Intramurals. The Intramural Sport's Council, under the direction of Mr. August, does many worth-while things throughout the year, such as raising money for trophies. Also, this council helps organize and improve sport's events, besides trying to further people's interest in sports at Elmwood Park High School. 1 g , T we-ATM! H ' llc, fzewv Jia!! 6,c,uu.cf .911 tfdlllbtfaf .SQQOIJ6 ounci Left to Right - Row One: E. Grounds QVicc-PresiclenlQ . B. Habel fPublicity Managerj, N. Bandur QOfficer of Officialsj, Mr. August, B. Covelli QSecretaryj, R. Luzietti fPresidentj. Row Two: D. Torkelson, L. Kula, L. Taff, D. Romaine, T. Kmiecik. Row Three: T. Barbour, R. Luzietti, D. Arroyo, G. Garth. Row Four: E. Schauder. J. Papaeliou, D. Dalbis, G. Simanski, R. Mariani, B. Dein. Row Five: j. Irazuch. C.. Engel, R. Boehger, F. Nickel- son, J. Picnschke. "5..Lifs.itHx?.lm-I pi i 'Rlff.lf3.i:iP.U , , . s i v'vYvLita?'atJ5 ,W gm, V377 - 1 Mmm if ww, iger gm CM Left to Right: R. Mclnick, B. Zumstein, j. Sperling, Mr. August, B. Rcder. Arlia B. Carlson, H. Norling, I.. Lewis. The Tiger Gym Club, under the direction of Mr. August, was orgzmized for those students who showed a particular interest in gymnastics and some of its activities included trampoline jumping, tumbling, and rope climbing this past year. Q , - A , i sig sf, - ,V , R , ft 4 53 " BW fu M W 5 in Wil! Q 953 if Q -v, V , K' , f v M' - 455 ,J . . " t :fa .W 1 ,4 . 1 35 Hu. X. . 1 , Tx. Q .V Wff' ' to my , 1 vwiii , 2 3 Li a - Aga? S ,, may Q ' BS -E 47. . I Eg M , . JW zu, I his Left lv Right - B. Hicks. B. Wcnshutonis. nl. Pieper fcuptainj II, Dumore. L. fl! . Bertolanizi. afzilty CL2el'E?aJel':i ' The Varsity and Freshman-Sophomore Cheerleaders spend many hours writing and organizing new cheers to be used at competitive athletic games, and through their efforts our school has a better, more effective cheering section. 3 i ' . X E N "1i VA i f -' i'ts7 Q ff i t t . iis .,.. t s c F t ifri 5 'Q Y 7 t dlti tt . --QY 4tt,. i J V Ii X .1 f s J D. Chard jfedklnefl - CA QQFAG llefif 0I'e lfrnm left In right: II. Arlizi. I.. Recler, 111117. K. Nzivrzitil. ,f f' ity! Left to Right - Row One: E. Grounds, E. Reuter, K. Konajeski fSecretary-Treasurerj , A. NN'hilc fVice-Presidentj, J. Reilly Cl'residentj, J. VVilson fSergcant-at-Armsy, J. Jeater. Mr. Grady. Row Two: R. Luzietti, J. Krauser, A. Holter, T. Benante, T. Delorto, R. Krueger, H. Koss, J. Larson, D. Barbour, J. Todd. Row Three: J. Utaski, G. Schrom, R. Scheckler, J. Plalta. D. Luse. J. Lira, J. Giallombardo, K. Drogemuller, D. Kubiniec, M. Nardull, D. Walters, B. Girard. Row Four: T. Utaski, R. Bednarz, Prazuch, P. Shields, Liesendahl, Grasiadei, R. Buyer. R. WVarner, T. Kirts, B. Warner, S. Scverson, D. Johnson. J. Kvistad. Row Five: L. Giuliano, WV. Norsworthy, R. Scheuerman, J. Mulay, R. Strazala. C. Schcnckcr. J. Doran. T. Maniatis. S. Biesiada, XV. Chaplin. K. Shaffer, N. Skehan. The Boys Athletic Clubs the Numerals Club for underclassmen 1nd the Varsity Club tor upperclassmen, presented awards to deserving athletes this past year Its sponsors Mr. Grady for Varsity Club and Mr. Smith tor Numerals promoted good sportsmanship and fellowship among its many members throughout the year. I eft to Rzqht Row One L Del Caro R Ciangi, F. Caliendo, F. Brusca, J. Bistalis, 'l'. Bednari D Luse J Todd K Shaffer Row Two: E. Hoehamer, R. Hochleutner, R. umera 5 Heuser R Hearly J Hansen D Hamilton, B. Grottola, L. Guiliano, H. Folks, A. De- leo Rou Three R Littman E L1rson J Kuzel, D. Kopeke, T. King, K. King, D. Iden, Oleksy R Narska B Mylm J Mack R Logiodice, J. Loeb. Row Five: T. Sullivan, R. A Strohmeyer A Steinhauer J Staulcup A Smith, R. Skuluba, G. Scott, B. Schwab, A. ll left to Rzght Row One D Foulkes, R. Littmann, L. DelGaro, J. Bistalis, J Sfalette R011 Six D Tremper H Tagli L. Taff. .J ,N -m 1 ivan ., was gs V -'21 'f ' - f 1 . on Q, " :msg N WI l. fg::.1mf:4fs 7' . L41-I qlmu Dfiirvrv 13 G H Egg- 5 meow ,ru 4 . FFT 14 A-7 7, MM U 9 if 1, ,, K Mi, W 'var' WW' Q 1 -ww 1 1 'Z .Y 1 WM KJ jg 'QJILJJ A ll 1 ' N ufograla A A 6, WJ f A VA LW V mv ,AV 1, 'A D .ffl iegqfw L- C- 'VH 67' ,C IV f . 5 M4 f V 'fy f y4Q5zfyuc'2Jv.,0 1 415 7 X , 4 V J, LQ, Lfwff fg 73f:g,.4,5, if-jx J 019 'K ily' -f , I Q Y "7 -X 4 ,xx CJN ,T - Fu LV ' ag . X yi Q :X HQRTN 4ff'5iQ'WAYW ,V ,ff fm' ,Rx TD -7 . if NL - X cr-f"'- X, ' iw M 2 Xa ugip Q ' EMR tp' - QI' ff gif ' 'A X Lf? MX f' A , J .A R' Li! s ' W I, Jvnx-J IO x 'VL swxxx ' 11' XV, 1 'x . -4 ' 1 Y .K . f ' my A - ' 1, ,, D ,Lf mf " ff . Mu A J N ,f-' W R V I R J v W I I X X R J 9' ' , 1 Y' ,W GAVAN K H 9' ,M ,J 'f 1 ' L W W ,fx N, x .V ' . 1 M 1 V. V7-fl F my ' X W 'X Q4 W 5 ,fy N I I V cy J f 'P 'p , I4 A 5 ,, 7 K t I g4V,VL,fX f ' 'Tiff' V fe Urfpofzj Q K' K1 fc MAWQWMW? 'WW CQMU W ' ,4,wfJ'1Md , gf! W 12140 w fu X041 pw!! W jwimo ., ij WZWU 4 X 96 vid" BL nn...n'1L1vEnm "" yyfmqwwx W W WW wif? ff N ' f 'ff -'JI 5 VCV W F D .fffff ff fx 1.A 'IQ y fn: Nb!" . My AJ, .1 f. X' . '4 I F 1 'V ,ff sf .,A, 5 X? , Tj I x Uh' f' ,yu V

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